Bisexual Attention Seeker Amber Heard Thinks She’s Above The Law

Three months ago, Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard, an actress more known for promoting her bisexuality than the quality of her films, brought their dogs illegally into Australia, without the requisite paperwork.

Like any sensible First World country, Australia tries to control the importation of animals to prevent disease and other risks. After the canines’ presence was inadvertently publicized on social media, the celebrity owners were given 48 hours to remove the animals or they would be euthanized.

The omission set off a gargantuan scandal and many rushed to ridicule the Australian government’s “heavy-handed” response (it’s actually standard procedure, similar to destroying abandoned luggage). Amber Heard spectacularly threatened to boycott Australia because government officials were looking for “15 minutes of fame” (if so, maybe like her bisexuality marketing?).

She nonetheless came back to Queensland, where Depp is filming another Pirates of the Caribbean film, and was charged by Australian authorities with the unauthorized importation of animals and making a false declaration.

Do as I say, not as I do

Is this the only legal equality Amber Heard actually believes in?

Fundamentally, Heard’s sexuality is her business. And if she wants gay rights, you would expect her to logically support gay marriage. What I find amusing about her “advocacy,” though, is the way that it dovetails nicely with her career.

There’s no better way to market yourself as your working life starts to really take off than revealing you bed other women and support gay rights. If you haven’t already noticed as well, celebrities invariably support those causes that are a) widely popular, or b) won’t lose them financial opportunities.

Fast forward a little while and here we have Heard lambasting the Australian government for having the audacity to investigate why dogs entered Australia without the proper permits. It appears that equality only goes so far with Amber Heard. In the context of being a celebrity who profits from every second of attention, she advocated openly and vociferously for gay marriage equality. Yet as soon as the spotlight of responsibility is turned on her, she thinks she and her entourage are above the rules that govern everyone else.

Can you, for instance, imagine yourself arguing with the TSA in New York or Los Angeles about why two canines weren’t declared and the paperwork was falsified?

Equality under the law includes being investigated like everyone else

Funnily enough, Heard accused the Australian Agriculture Minister of attention seeking!

I will not prejudge whether Heard is guilty or not of smuggling in the dogs and falsifying papers. Who is to blame is for a court to decide. But Heard’s rebuke of the Australian government speaks volumes about her grandiose sense of entitlement. People are accused of crimes, investigated because of that accusation and taken through the legal system to test the evidence all the time. How is Heard so special that she deserves avoiding the treatment the rest of us would face?

Saying that someone thinks they are above the law and not assuming their guilt aren’t mutually exclusive concepts. It’s sadly common amongst the elite that they pontificate a standard for all in one area and afterwards make their own personal standard in another.

When, using just one example, Reese Witherspoon’s husband was pulled over on suspicion of drink driving, she drunkenly asked and perhaps threatened the officer: “Don’t you know who I am?”

Celebrityhood is unabashedly replete with case studies of those who pursue all manner of popular causes (feminism, gay rights, socialism) and then are exposed for elevating themselves ahead of the pack. Heard is just one of the more recent demonstrations of this “I’m above you” culture.

Selectivity is the rule of the game

Life gets a bit melancholic when you’re held to the same standards as everyone else.

What is most disturbing about the Amber Heard incident is the way in which legions of fans (or simply dog lovers) rushed to sign petitions to save her and Depp’s dogs. Forgetting the 500 dogs who will be euthanized by animal control in their own city this month, these keyboard commandos came to save the day. It is a tragic sign of our times that large numbers of people respond to these celebrities as if they are indeed above the law.

SJWs and many celebrities have the distinct ability to project pseudo-morality that is believed. In the meantime, they behave, as far as they can, without the restrictions they try to impose on or preach to others.

Be wary of the Amber Heards of the world. They come in many non-famous shades, too. The girl who says she wants a respectful, two-way relationship with you, but tries to coax out whatever she can financially, emotionally or regarding your time. The co-worker who rants about feminism and “mansplaining” while “asserting herself” in the bitchiest way possible. The forms are numerous.

As for now, let’s hope Amber Heard starts to feel the equality she’s always rallying for… in a courtroom.

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110 thoughts on “Bisexual Attention Seeker Amber Heard Thinks She’s Above The Law”

  1. Meh. Would you rather promote Bootlicking then?
    Fuck governments. If that’s the alter you worship at, then you have no business calling yourself masculine or “alpha.” That would mean papa gov is your alpha.
    And yes, being famous and wealthy does put you a bit above the law of common rabble. What’s the point of being rich otherwise?

    1. there is a point in sticking to morals – if they are your own through conviction or if breaking them comes at a price you can not afford. one can imagine that exile may once have been a good reason to not be a total ass.
      in general, i like to have an independent internal compass. if breaking a law would also violate morals of my own, i would not do it. likewise would i not break my morals if the law allowed me to do it.

    2. I understand your sentiment but keep in mind that for a lot of people with “social power” it’s not an issue for them until they get screwed, and then all of a sudden a crusade for them to have it their way, right or wrong.
      Where were they when some unknown bastard was getting fucked over in the same system?
      If these celebs cared so much, they would be crusading already, not waiting until the same tyrannical maw that’s got us all in it has finally gotten to them.
      Most celebs on every other issue that they don’t care about personally they do bootlick.
      Oh well.

      1. I understand that as well, but I don’t care and does not change my stance on state worship. Modern cults are focused around celebrities, brands have become deified. It’s a rare day in hell when the celebrities actually direct the outrage of their followers at a state.
        I understand the sentiment against the haves, I really do. But this entire article is colored by a have not perspective whining about someone of higher socioeconomic status being able to bend rules, rules of which any self respecting man should be railing against in the first place.

        1. The law exists to protect the smart people from the dumb people. I fully support quarantine laws. I don’t want my expensive purebred which I have invested 100’s of hours of training in to die because some irresponsible cunt’s misbehaved mutt brings in a super strain of parvo.

    3. The world population is going to 11 billion by 2050 and not 9 billion,
      Why has lifespan increased? More population, faster computers, advancing scientific understanding of aging and disease processes, and a possible projected 100-200 year minimum lifespan by 2100
      Technology of the future will clean up the environmental mess made in the past, when this world is no longer seen as disposable to people with such short life spans, investment in the future will be made and less requirement for frustrated human animals to be under more and more control

  2. Depp’s career seems to be on some serious decline…he seems to be starring only in shit lately. Let’s see what’s upcoming from Depp:
    Yoga Hosers (2015)
    Two teenage yoga enthusiasts team up with a legendary man-hunter to battle with an ancient evil presence that is threatening their major party plans.
    Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
    When Alice wakes up in Wonderland she must travel through a mysterious new world to retrieve a magical scepter that can stop the evil Lord of Time before he turns forward the clock and turns Wonderland into a barren, lifeless old world.

    1. Wouldn’t call Black Mass a movie he would make when ‘in decline’. And his career has been so long, it has had its ups and downs.

  3. Bisexual women don’t want to bed other women but to be seen as an honorary man. They want to be one of the guys – and then be bed by the most alpha dude possible. Female bisexuality is a shit test not a sexual orientiation. And a sign of modern women’s mental sickness.
    Same reason why they love gay men so much, because there you have the ultimate “equality” – just two men who are buddies and one of them, the female part, taking it up the ass in the bedroom. That’s the ideal of the modern woman who wants a beta slave that turns into Christian Grey in the bedroom and then into feminist beta slave out of the bedroom again.
    What women hate however are bisexual men, because that’s one of the ultimate signs of betaness in a man. If female bisexual would be real you’d see some more couples where both the man and the female are bisexual.

    1. Yep. Just about every batshit crazy bitch I was unfortunate enough to meet claimed some “level of bi” whatever that’s supposed to mean.
      Since women can and will fuck around with each other when they are morally relativistic types (the type you don’t want around) they can claim “bi” with no damage because nobody really cares.
      Now imagine some dude shit-testing a woman with “yeah I’ve sucked some dick in the past”. Yeah that’ll go down well (no pun intended).

      1. Bi has such a strong correlation with crazy, that for my intents and purposes they are synonymous. I have -never- met a bisexual female who wasn’t an incredibly unstable uber-slut. The last one I dared went something like this: 1. Meet 2. Hello 3. The first thing she starts talking about is her dick preferences and previous favorites. Left then and there. As this site has pointed out before- bisexual is just a euphemism for hypersexual.
        For fun, sometimes I space out and try to come up with the worst combination female possible. Bisexual + white + fat (obviously) + “independent”+ wiccan + lawyer is my ‘best’ so far.

        1. I don’t have a problem with a girl who can suck chrome off a bumper..just don’t marry her.

        2. Keep letting crazy women slob your knob and you’ll be enjoying some herpes as well.I don’t mind teaching skills,but if she is too good you might want to ask yourself how many it took to get that good.

        3. You seem unnaturally scared of the world. The blowjobs don’t get better with virgins. Although i did meet a natural once. Once.

        4. No they don’t, that is why you teach them how. I wasn’t advocating going after angels anyways. SO, don’t be corrupting those precious few unless your ready to settle with that particular one. I was merely pointing out that letting prostitutes or town whores with numbers in the 3 digit area and beyond pleasure your rod might not be the safest thing even if it is just a BJ. You might know some you trust, I don’t know any women that experienced that I could trust. the ones I have come in contact with were not either the brightest women and they didn’t actual give me the impression they were being safe when it comes to their sexual lives.

      2. The batshit crazy bitches that you’re talking about aren’t real bisexual women, they’re fake bi girls that use it as a quick and easy tool to get male attention and seem free-thinking/liberal in one fell swoop.
        I identify as bisexual; I’m into masculine men and feminine women. This was something I felt a long time before radical feminism was even a blip on my radar. Nowadays most ‘bisexual’ chicks are just hopping on a bandwagon. Girls don’t grow up the way guys do when it comes to physical contact between the same gender. We share beds, we hold hands, we bathe together up to our teenage years and usually it’s okay and normal. So it’s all too easy to makeout with your girlfriend in front of a screaming crowd at a bar; it’s just one more step.
        Not to mention how with most radical feminists today act like being heterosexual is a crime. Nah, the majority of bisexual girls give themselves that label to make themselves seem quirky and to get the approval of other ‘sexually liberated’ women. They’ve never dated girls or had romantic feelings towards them. Like a lot of what young women do, it’s for attention.
        Now the real batshit ones are girls who call themselves ‘pansexual’.
        The one girl I dated claimed that and it was a nightmare. She wanted me to push her around, humiliate her, be dominate and in essence be the man in the relationship. No thank you. I got out of that right after she cut off all her hair and started calling herself genderfluid.

        1. Damn right, one of my oldest friends is a true Bi lass, and fakes Bi girls are about the only thing that pisses her off.
          though to be fair to the fakes trying to attract that stud at the bar, the behavior has been documented in cows so it may well be a natural thing, rather than socialization.

        2. Jesus fucking Christ , not any woman can respond to anything here according to you ?

        3. The fact that this comment doesn’t have 100+ likes and a shit ton of accolades is beyond me. Well done sir, well done.

        4. I’ve heard that in America boys don’t share beds. In Europe it’s common enough. One of the funniest nights of my life was when me and two friends showed up my poor grandmothers house at 7 in the morning, off our faces, and crawled into a single bed. I don’t think we got a wink of sleep, just sat up, talking, laughing, and sniffing crushed up ecstasy.

        5. Yeah, about that. If you find yourself in your underwear sniffing mdma in a single bed with 2 other guys, you’re gay. Or Hunter S. Thompson, and he is dead, so….

        6. a women is never straight…she is either bisexual or bicurious….
          there are very few straight women out there.
          – words of wisdom by the great Steve Piccus

        7. Yes, I just realized how bad that sounds. Well, the point was it isn’t uncommon for European boys and men to share a bed. I’d also point out, in no way do I condone drug abuse (anymore). JUST SAY NO!!
          P.S. No one was in their underwear.

        8. I take offence to being called nigga. Not because I’m black, but cuz I’m a … well you know…

        9. This place isn’t for women. They have their own spaces, sites, clubs, etc…where they are allowed to speak. For years, women have torn down places where men gathered due to inequality….and then they proceeded to build “women only” clubs. So, yes, …fuck them…no comments from women here.

        10. BULLSHIT women are a pain to deal with on just friendship level let alone relationship level men love differently and are usually selfless for people they genuinely love I’m completely straight I can’t stand most women’s personalities and don’t find them attractive at all I get it’s hard for a man to understand but big muscles abs and a DEEP authoritative voice are a whole lot sexier than saggy breast cellulite ass and a whiny bitch voice a big reason I find gay men annoying as well

        11. I’d rather read more of the comments here. hilarious to the points of making me cry. never thought they make humor sites like this, besides

        12. (the long arrow is needed to point to the door of the fetish sites that want to know about mental perversions like ‘bisexualism’)

        13. Its not common!, just cause u have homosexual tendencies doesn’t mean all men in Europe do lool

    2. If she is bisexual, she shouldn’t mind having a threesome with her boyfriend and another woman. Another man is out of the question, of course. So let’s see that “bisexuality” in action.

      1. Yea, albeit a shit test as stated, it’s just another wishful attractant to hang over her guy’s head.. alluding at the right times, a 3-some might go down. In fact, 2 girls I’ve dated this year claiming Bi, dangled that prize, which was never to materialize. The bi-sexual claim, should appropriately be interpreted for what it really is…. desperation.

        1. Unless you’re in a totally open relationship (which in itself makes no sense), a 3-some will fuck things up, royally.

      2. I was recently on a date with a girl who mentioned being bi, and how her last BF let her screw around with women on the side when she wanted to. I asked if he was allowed to watch, participate, or at least hook up with other women himself since she got to and she answered emphatically that she forbade him to do anything of the sort. When I asked why, her reply – “it’s too hurtful to share someone you love with someone else”. Uh, hypocrite?
        I know some get excited when they hear a girl is bi-sexual since fantasies of threesomes pop into ones head, but to me it sounds like a selfish excuse for your girl to hook up with other people in a LTR while you get no benefit from it. Maybe it’s different for some, but to me it’s a major, major red flag and something to run from.

        1. I was dating a bi girl and we tried to plan a threesome but she vetoed all my suggested girls (who were better looking than her) and I vetoed all her suggested girls (who were not). Then she did lesbian porn and it all sort of fell apart at that point.
          I’ve dated a few other bi girls but they were not into threesomes or fucking around on the side.
          And what the hell is up with that anyways? It’s either an open relationship or it isn’t.

      3. Many girls who would do a threesome with a girl don’t consider themselves “bi”. Also, girls who like a good spit-roast are not that uncommon.

      4. I’ve had a couple of girls who claimed to be “curious” and down for a threesome with another girl, but it disappears when you actually bring them a girl.

    3. The current feminist fantasy man on display was Bruce Banner/The Hulk in Avengers 2: Robot Boogaloo.
      by feminazi hearthrob Mark Ruffalo—who also played the lesbians’
      perfect bad boy-baby daddy in the attempt-to-normalize-homosexuality
      movie The Kids are Alright—Banner is even a more
      perfect feminist boyfriend in the Avengers 2:
      As Dr. Bruce
      Banner, he is the wussy, hipstery,asexual,angsty,
      completely-wowed-and-controlled by the slutty tough grrrl Black Widow.
      He’s smart, androgynously handsome, and a complete wuss, doing what she
      wants, and doesn’t hold any of her past skankyness against her.
      however, when tough grrrl is in trouble, she can immediately make
      Banner become the brute, lethal caveman who kicks ass and protects her
      little girlishness—all by just pushing him down a shaft. Then, despite
      his scariness (which turns Black Widow on, as he is the only man who
      can frighten her tough grrrlishness), only Black Widow can calm Hulk back into the meek man she can control again.
      fag director of the Avengers 2 and his feminazi b.s. sprinkled in had
      me laughing at the film. Ignoring those parts, it was good, but the
      feminazi crap really was as laughable as the token
      black-computer-expert-genius-moral-leader figure.

    4. “two men who are buddies and one of them, the female part, taking it up the ass in the bedroom”
      It’s just two men sharin’ the night!
      It might seem wrong but it’s just right!
      It’s just two men sharing’ eachother
      It’s just two men like lovin’ brothers
      One on top and one on bottom
      One inside and one is out
      One is screaming, he’s so happy,
      The other’s screaming a passionate shout;
      It’s the Nightman!

  4. Can you, for instance, imagine yourself arguing with the TSA in New York or Los Angeles about why two canines weren’t declared and the paperwork was falsified?

    yes. i do not have much respect for the law. i dislike paying taxes, i dislike the welfare state and i dislike politicians and i do not consider them worthy of any form of respect in general.

    It’s sadly common amongst the elite that they pontificate a standard for all in one area and afterwards make their own personal standard in another.

    it is also smart in general. the laws i would put up for a country would not necessarily be the rules i live by. how so? simple. laws impose penalties on certain actions, e.g. fees. if something is very undesirable – like murder – it is good to make the price high and, through prison, equal. no one wants to pay that price. but there is smaller stuff like parking in the wrong place. if everybody did it, there would be a mess, but if you do it in rare cases and risk paying the fee – which you can afford – it is cool.
    it is a market. crime / disgression from the rules is a product you have to be able to afford.

    1. The key here is that we have to penalize even the “wrong space” parking problem so that the system (which preserves order) remains intact. Bringing her dogs into the country isn’t really that big of a deal, but she definitely deserves penalties for failing to declare them.

  5. I was always under the impression that Amber Heard was a lesbian, or at the very least bisexual but only dating women. Then a rich, famous alpha like Johnny Depp shows up and she’s all of a sudden willing to marry him. I’ve also heard stories of PUAs picking up gold star lesbians before. Further proof that you can never believe what a woman says.

    1. I know people in LA who ran in her previous circles, and yes, she was a lesbian and only dated women. But Johnny Depp’s net worth is half a billion and she’s a C-list actress at best, so no surprises there. Gold star? More like gold digger.

    2. L.O.L. Did you really just refer to that fudge-packer Johnny Depp as an ALPHA?! Bwahaha, you need a whole bottle of red pills, stat!

      1. 1) Rich
        2) Successful
        3) Movie star
        4) Good looks
        5) Consistently bangs models
        Even if he wears eyeliner and fedoras he’s more alpha than most

      2. of course he does. as if any one of you commentators has any clue what he’s talking about.
        And this site is gayer than any of the guys I fucked in my life. by a wide margin.
        But it’s really funny seeing all you deluded people coming together.
        definitely my new favorite source of entertainment.

    3. “Then a rich, famous alpha like Johnny Depp shows up and she’s all of a sudden willing to marry him… Further proof that you can never believe what a woman says.”
      And…we have a winner!!!

  6. “There’s no better way to market yourself as your working life starts to really take off than revealing you bed other women and support gay rights”
    As the Miley Cyrus’ of this world jump on the bandwagon and expect to be taken seriously its becoming increasingly impossible to ignore the fundamental role that attention-seeking / narcissism plays in constituting many women’s sexuality / sexual orientation. Bisexuality may also be about power: if you’re main aim in life is to be desired, you want as many people, male and female to want you, and failing to orient yourself accordingly is going to limit your appeal. Women’s fluid sexuality is currently a ponzi-scheme which will continue as long as people keep buying into it. Women buy into it of course because men buy into it. Ultimately the modern phenomenon of female bisexuality and lesbianism is just one more way of trying to maximise SMV. The moment it becomes clear that that strategy has become counter-productive no amount of feminist posturing will be able to stop the collapse. The real ‘coming out’ will happen when women like Heard stand up at the Oscars and say “confession: it was a power thing: I was just trying to get men at the top to notice me”. In the meantime I hate to say it but particularly in a feminist world we must assume female sexuality to be fundamentally deceptive; more often than not just a cheap show designed to create a desired effect

    1. Excellent comment. I’ll wager a few ‘bohemian’, ‘nothing can tame me’ bi-grrrrrrlz will ‘magically’ str8en up and fly right, when (not if) major societal change (eg, wars, economic collapse, famine) occurs in the near future. ‘It was just a gurli phase Mr Manly Hunk, tee hee. Protect meeeeeeee’

  7. Nomen est Omen. Look up what “Depp” means in German.
    And about his bitch (WB): birds of a feather …
    Poon & Boobs Upon Prophet Roosh.

  8. She is very, very pretty. But the bouncing around between sexual orientation is strange.

  9. It’s an AMERICAN thing, not a woman thing, that says, “I’m above the law, make an accommodation for me! I’M A CELEBRITY!!!” 50 Cent, Stallone smuggled controlled substances into the USA…they didn’t get prison time!

  10. WTF is Depp doing married to a fucking bi-loonyball? He can have a fucking perfect 10 Unicorn if he wanted. WTF?
    I have respect for Depp as he’s one of the few well known actors who is not an anti-gun hypocrite. But for fuck’s sake what’s with marrying this bitch?

    1. I think hot young-in blonde compared to his old body says it all. I mean it isn’t like he is Liam Neeson or Sean Connery. He is a former teen heart throb/kids movie star. I like his movies ,but to me he seems on par with the likes of Richard Greco or Scott Baio. Unlike them though,he met and befriended Tim Burton who kind of launched Depp’s transition into actually lasting movie star status.

      1. You make some damn good points, and I can’t say I disagree. However, Depp is worth around $350-$400 million. It doesn’t matter what shape he is in, how much hair he has, or what movies he makes; he can pick his hen. FWIW, he still looks great. I don’t want to know what the rest of Jump Street looks like now.

    2. There is a possibility they’re in the same coven – remember all those years ago when Depp stuck up for a satanist child-murder suspect? He was also present the night of Phoenix’s death and went on the run for a period straight afterwards. Having said that, you tube gossip isn’t always a trustworthy source.

  11. I don’t believe in lesbianism.
    Say this at a bar and make heads spin.
    And all “bisexual” girls are full of shit. It’s a fact.

  12. I can look at a girl and tell if she’s bisexual or not. Above all, they’re guaranteed to be crazy, so if you can spot crazy you can usually spot a bi chick. There’s also a lot of BPD tells that are easy to spot. I discovered this when I was doing online dating and could just look at a girl’s pictures and determine instantly if she was bi or not, and then her “orientation” section would usually confirm my thoughts.

  13. I see this more as a case of a member of the privileged (privileged ignorance that is) so cocooned in their own entitlement that standard health & safety laws & regulations are seen as inconveniences instead of necessities. The world has had these types, male & female, bi & straight throughout history. Willfully ignorant about the little details that keep the civilized world ticking the way it does.

  14. This above the law sense of entitlement comes naturally to bisexual women. Most lipstick lesbians do it to double their attention by looking really risque to society. The entitlement comes from someone that cant decide one or the other making a commitment means having to do without the other for the sake of the other partner. This selfish mentallity fits perfectly with celebrities who think they can always have it all. Johhny Depp will get tired of this twat soon enough.
    If these SJW’s really gave a fuck about animals ,they’d be trying to find homes for the hundreds of dogs either abandoned or abused by ignorant ghetto fucks. I know because Ive been there EVERY one of those dogs was either a pit bull or a chiguagua. Who do you think gets those dogs and abandons them when they realise these animals require exercise when these fucktards dont even get any exercise?

  15. I dislike celebrity’s so much, when will we shed ourselfs of these dogs. We call them stars but they are not all one must do is act the average person does everyday. we do what they act out and they get paid what you’ll get in a life time for acting what you do. If you have an ounce of brain power don’t purchase anothet movie cut off your cable boycott the Nfl nba dont purchase another album. Like how on Michael Jackson death can a radio station play his music he raped children.

    1. Yes. Go back to novels and try to cull synthetic images from your life as much as possible. TV, movies, internet, cut it as much as you can….too many images is a brain killer and purely desensitizes you. It’s something I’m trying to do. Twenty years ago, a picture of bare breasts would set me heart racing, steamroll my brain for a half hour and fill my trunks with wood. Now, it’s nearly a non-event from a mental standpoint. So weird.
      Get celebrities and Hollywood out of your life. They shit it all up.

  16. She has the classic oneitis bait face that betas fall so hard for. That’s the type of Anglo face that does nothing for me at all anymore. There is too much garbage behind the ‘perfect’ Anglo face. Dull body. WNB Ha ha.

    1. forget her face…she is getting old….
      lotsa younger tighter better looking girls than her are available out there and guess what you don’t even need tight game to fuck those bitches

        1. Not at all. I’m surprised my search engine history hasn’t resulted in the SWAT flying through my Windows.

  17. Actually celebrities should be above the law in some cases like this one. Australia getting a big time celebrity is good for the country (socially and economically) and should therefore grant special favors or priorities to people like her. It’s business, and as any red piller should know, that’s the nature of life.
    Ofc gotta make sure the dog is clean and has no diseases first.

  18. Young Women who really chase after grown men/older men are like white chicks who dig black guys . They only make up a small percentage ,but that percentage really digs what they like. It makes me wonder if Nick Cage got to that before Depp did playing her daddy in ‘Drive Angry’. That would be hilarious.

  19. people should just have a big laugh at her whenever she asks about any kind of special treatment.These celebrities think they are above everything.
    just laugh out in the loudest way…..belittling her.Nothing pisses off them more than not being taken seriously

    1. Actors used to be treated like that until the last two decades or so. Nice to have around ,but no one took their views seriously. Now we take nobodies like Kim and Kanye seriously. What does that say about society?

      1. Kim Kardashian is just a disgrace to american culture….she single handedly has destroyed the feminity in young women.

  20. You know what? As much as I love dogs and I actually value them over people, I would love very much for this bitches dogs to be euthanized with out regret on the part of the Australian Government.
    Hard reality for soft people. Fuck ’em.

  21. What does her bisexuality, or at least the pretense of it have to do with these fairly minor criminal acts? Everyone tries to get out of shit. We all hire lawyers and try as hard as we can to minimize punishment.

  22. Any man with any common sense could see this woman was an attention whore. Her acting “career” and acting sucks (seen it, it’s bad).
    She’s delusional and she’ll be a “has been” (or never was) soon enough. The part where she thinks she is above the law is just bat shit crazy thinking.

  23. …who the fuck is Amber Heard?
    Better (and more serious) question: why should anyone give a shit about these C-List actresses who are making themselves look complete nutjobs?
    Let’s not give them more attention than they deserve (though they deserve none).

    1. Depp is a PC cuck who happened to born with a handsome face that a lot of women want to sit on. I guarantee you this bipolar whore will divorce his ass within 10 years and get her 200 mil.
      What a joke

  24. I don’t get why gay men hang out with women. If you aren’t trying to bang them, what are they good for. In saying that, what are these women thinking hanging out with fruits? I’ve lived with a fair share of fags, and they are the most annoying, degenerate freaks. It’s baffling to say the least.

    1. Gay guys hang out with females to live vicariously through the woman. And chics hang out with fruits because they still want affirmation from a man, but can’t handle it being an actual man sexually attracted to them.
      I think it boils down to “misery loves company”.

  25. Now tell me the truth ! Did you expect an ounce of intelligence from that bimbo ??
    No wonder blondes get a bad opinion to their brain power. If she’s the model of them !

  26. Bisexuals are full of shit confused, depressed, attention whores who couldn’t make a decision on anything even if their life depended on it. Men and women are different in every aspect physically and biologically, and if these so called bisexuals stopped and took the time to listen to what their minds and bodies want and react to, they could easily come up with their preference. I think they all lie to themselves about what it is they are attracted to because being firm about anything leaves chance for them to look like hypocrites later should they want to give up on the sex because of entitled differences. All of them have one goal, and that it so find someone to make them feel good about themselves. All of that, “I just fall in love with the person, the body doesn’t matter” bullshit needs to stop. It does matter for happiness.
    Liking a man one second and fucking him because he has money is dramatically different than sexing up a female because she actually gets you wet and you enjoy her mind, body, and soul. In that sense you aren’t a bisexual, you’re a confused, self obsessed, selfish child, and you “go with the flow” because it happens to fit your aimless meandering through life. I wish this planet would stop with all of these new handles to make ourselves feel special. Transgender, cisgender, genderqueer, boi, queer, lesbian, dyke, butch, fag, queen, pillow biter, bear, pansexual, hillbilly chipmunk; we are all human, people. We all eat, shit, fuck, and die. That is all there needs to be known. No one is special.

  27. As an Australian I was very offended by Depp doing this and how some parts of the media tried to make the government, particularly Barnaby Joyce, look stupid on this issue. Who the fuck do these people think they are? Bringing animals into the country illegally?
    Barnaby’s reaction, as a member of the qld government who represents mostly farmers and agriculture was completely justified and his disgust should have been commended.
    I’ve been a fan of Depp but now I see him as an ignorant self entitled Hollywood cunt. Don’t come back, we don’t want or need you here!

  28. Men need to start drawing a line on this female bisexuality, and stop salivating for a bone to end their perpetual dry spell.
    There is nothing more masculine that a woman can do than to go “bi.” Especially since it isn’t real – it’s just another bullshit attention-whoring affectation.

    1. Yes, it’s a disgusting mental perversion. Just ask a ‘bi’ woman straight off ‘so you really like the taste of hot,sweaty vag, as it secretes its discharge into your gullet’, and them getting visibly repulsed.

  29. Don’t understand why there are guys that like lesbians. Lesbians are not attractive like the ones on porn and they aren’t going to give up the ass. It doesn’t make sense when they think I’m gay for not liking lesbians. I don’t get turned on watching lesbians make out, but I do when they’re making love with me which means they’re not lesbians.

  30. Who the fuck would spend time writing such a nonsensical article. It reads as a personal vendetta, by the writer, devoid of proper reasoning and comprised of illogical connections. I feel the writer has personal issues against Amber Heard. The article is far too emotional and takes the condemnation of amber’s action way too seriously. You have to be a fanatic in order to do the mental gymnastics required to rationalize this conspiracy theory out.

  31. This has more to do with American obsession with treating pets as if they were human beings. Don’t get me wrong, I like animals in general, and dogs in particular, but they’re animals. I don’t keep them indoors, save for extreme circumstances, I don’t let them sleep in my bed, I don’t dress them up, I don’t feed them under the table, I don’t let them near my couch, I don’t let them lick my face. And definitely, if I’m going to take pets abroad, assuming I’m that needy to take them in the first place, I can’t expect Customs to let them go through as if they were my babies.
    Fucking Americans.

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