Haley Yael Firkser Is Another Champagne Socialist Who Ignores Her Own Privilege

Haley Yael Firkser, one of the chief instigators of the ongoing anti-Roosh Canadian witch hunt, is another peculiar case of a privileged feminist who calls for the destruction of “male privilege.” Throughout her attention-seeking activism, however, she has been very quiet about the considerable financial and employment privilege she enjoys, courtesy of her family’s thriving business.

It is convenient for her (and highly amusing for us here at ROK) that the current patriarch of her family inherited and then greatly expanded the Home Hardware chain in Toronto.

Like Jessica Lelièvre, Firkser believes the patriarchy institutionalizes the position of men over women. But how many women AND men have a father who can appoint them as the “Business Development Director” of one of the wings of their successful enterprise, despite their child having a liberal arts-style Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies (with a Minor in Judaic Studies)?

Firkser has more privilege than 99.5% of men, so how can she make a side career out of being outraged at “patriarchy”? Just as I said about Lelièvre, patriarchal capitalist modes of production have served Firkser’s interests very, very well.

“My dad owns the Home Hardware chain and I’m a Business Development Director because of that, but the patriarchy and male privilege oppress me!”

An interesting aspect of Firkser’s activism is her Jewish ethnicity. Even as far back as 25 years ago, it was recognized that Canadian Jews were four times more likely to earn above $75,000 annually than the rest of the population. In America, a similar jurisdiction to Canada, Jed Rubenfeld and Amy Chua recently outlined in The Triple Package how American Jewish households have roughly twice the median household income compared to Gentiles.

If we want to have a discussion about male privilege and patriarchy, we need to broaden our outlook. Right now, it perfectly suits Firkser and others to maintain a “privilege discourse” based on crude gender politics. It avoids damaging questions about her personal family privilege in particular.

Contrast this with Roosh, whose background is dual Iranian-Armenian. It beggars belief that Firkser, a Jew, has waited until now to go after so-called “misogynists” in such a public fashion, and the one she finally goes after comes from a Middle Eastern Shia Muslim family. Talk about picking your targets!

Because Roosh does not practice his ancestral Islam in a devout sense, Firkser can preach her Islamophobic intolerance in a publicly acceptable fashion. The Return of Kings proprietor’s beliefs are entirely analogous to those of hundreds of millions of traditionally-minded Muslims around the world, including hundreds of thousands in Canada. By attacking Roosh’s heartfelt beliefs, she is cowardly attacking theirs.

Privilege is multidimensional and Haley Yael Firkser has a lot of it

“Does my privilege look big in these glasses?”

Concordia-educated Firkser has had many more opportunities than the average Canadian or American male. From her business-owning grandfather and father, who slaved away for years to build the business that enabled her to get her plum post-graduation job, to her Jewishness, Firkser’s critique of patriarchy is beyond hypocritical. It is ironic that the system she wants to dismantle has effectively put her in the top one or two percent of the population in her early twenties.

Like many Asian-American and Indian-American families, the Jewish emphasis on education, particularly for one’s children, does, in my opinion, provide a generally superior means of social advancement and continued prosperity. Well, at least compared to the relative ham-fistedness of most Gentile households in trying to get their children to be ambitious and work hard.

That said, even if the progeny of these minority families work more diligently and pursue more academic opportunities, they’ve had the privilege of parental guidance and role models. It’s not as if they’ve had to work for that template themselves. It’s been instilled in them.

I myself do not claim to be Jewish. I am a Gentile but one with sizeable Jewish ancestry. Some of the surnames appearing in my family true, and there are a few, are as Jewish as Rosenfeld and Silverberg, possessed by rabbis, Holocaust victims and modern-day, not so well known Israeli musicians.

Consistent religious intermarriage meant that I was born dual Protestant-Catholic. Statistically-speaking, despite the good fortune of my middle-class upbringing, my position would in all likelihood have been better still if I had been born into a Jewish family in America, Canada, Australia or Britain. These are realities that Firkser chooses to ignore.

She thinks “Would you bang?” threads should be criminalized

“As Business Development Director, I always look ahead, but also to the side. Yeah, a side career rallying against the big bad patriarchy would be great.”

Firkser appeared on CBC‘s Daybreak radio program to talk about the “harassment” she has faced. In relation to “Would you bang?” threads on the Roosh V Forum, she said she was flabbergasted that the police hadn’t become involved. The implications are undeniable: talking about whether you would sleep with a woman, a hypothetical situation, should be criminalized according to Firkser.

Are such statements simply her speaking her beliefs, or, more narcissistically, a chance to both express herself and carve out a nice paid career as a SJW?

Not content with the overt hypocrisy of her background as an “anti-patriarchy” activist privileged in the job market because of her family, she wants to ensure a prohibition against men freely and innocuously discussing their sexuality. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Firkser is going around retweeting purely made-up figures like this about sexual assault:

Where would Firkser be without her family privilege and the benefits it brings?

“If I were a rich girl… nah nah nah nah nah nah… oh wait, I am!”

These are Haley Yael Firkser’s course-based “qualifications” for her position as Business Development Director of Home Hardware Pest Control:

  • Communication Technologies & Gender
  • Intermedia II
  • Sound I
  • Film/Video I
  • Youth and Media
  • Media and New Technology
  • Media Criticism
  • Media and Cultural Context
  • Public Relations
  • The Religious Imagination
  • Ancient Judaism
  • Medieval Jewish Thought and Institutions
  • Jewish Identity & Autobiography
  • Sexuality & Public Discourse
  • Women in Israel
  • Religion & The Human Body
  • Canadian Jewish Literature
  • Reception Studies
  • Self/Other: Identity & Ethics
  • Alternative Media
  • Introduction To Culture
  • Hebrew (Ulpan)
  • Responses to the Holocaust
  • Holy War in Judaism, Islam and Christianity
  • Dealing with Stress in Daily Life and in Emergency Situations

In and of themselves, there is nothing wrong with most of these courses, although the relative ambiguity of many of them, combined with left-wing academia, would make the majority highly ideological.

Fundamentally, how this has equipped Firkser for her current job role is beyond me. One can look at her resumé and perform a few internet searches about Home Hardware and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that “the patriarchy” has given her everything she has.

The privilege of every feminist must be looked at

“It’s a hard life…”

It is comical that so many leaders of feminist witch hunts and other SJW projects come from the most privileged elements of society. My theory is that Jessica Lelièvre and Haley Firkser do not like the hard work required of conventional business owners or creators, so they opt for a “perpetual student mode”: the self-aggrandizement that comes with being university politicians and attention-seeking SJW media darlings.

Meanwhile, the legacies of daddy and granddaddy (and great-granddaddy in Lelièvre’s case) can be milked for all their worth. Family jobs a-plenty and other financial privileges follow these sorts of women. But for most of us dastardly men, we have to make our own way in the world. No multimillion-dollar families, just our own efforts and ambitions.

Anyone who attacks any form of privilege with a background like Haley Yael Firkser is nothing but a fraud.

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224 thoughts on “Haley Yael Firkser Is Another Champagne Socialist Who Ignores Her Own Privilege”

      1. Put her on an aircraft carrier, her nose would be perfect to grab the tailhook of landing jets.

  1. Again, another sjw complaining about privilege when she is the very privilege she’s complaining about. And, worse, targeting patriarchy, which if it existed even in her warped delusional perspective, gave her the very privilege she now enjoys. Oh, and with this privilege the time to be a “sjw”. Its sickening. Its not just being smug or arrogant, this was now firmly transitioned into outright ignorance and stupidity. Its like watching static on tv. I’d like to see mizz “I’m oppressed by men” take over her Male founded business and ruin it. Then she’ll know what privilege really is.

  2. Another “chosen” in the social justice scene. Surprised? I’m not. Everything they advocate is detrimental to every society and culture, which is why they don’t practice what they preach. It doesn’t work – Anywhere. They know it. Their ideologies are caustic regardless of race, class culture. The majority of people want to be with their own people, not some bullshit stew of incompatible races and cultures. Only the mentally ill see value in destroying their environment. Only the devious see fit to destroy others.
    Since they know what doesn’t work they in fact could be helpful by being constructive. They aren’t, because they see everyone else as inferior and not “chosen.”
    “Why do they hate us?” Well, because you fucking hate everything about us and go out of your way to destroy even the things we do that benefit you and then call us fucking fools for being so trusting.
    They are behind the scenes telling white people blacks are thugs and subhuman and tell blacks we are trying to dehumanize them, kill and press them. Meanwhile we are attacking each other when someone in the background is pulling strings. They excel at making enemies. Its the only fucking thing they can do consistently.
    “White male patriarchy!”

    1. I haven’t the slightest problem saying that on average they are the most intelligent race (hybrid race actually. Their mitochondrial DNA can be traced back to Roman women. And with some interbreeding between them and Europeans over the century, their genome is probably majority European) That is not the issue. If they use that to disadvantage and hurt their host populations, then they have no excuse. I would also add that their higher intelligence can’t account for their dismal record in the arts. In terms of music, sculpting, painting, architecture, the theatre, and yes, even literature they have produced virtually nothing of value ( Mahler, Kafka, and some other exceptions).

      1. The fact Ashkenazim settled in countries in relatively developed countries has much to do with it. What have Sephardim done (except for a few Sephardim in Italy or France) with their exceptional DNA?

        1. Sephardim and Ashkenazim are entirely different groups of people genetically. The religion is pretty much all they have in common, Ashkenazim are much smarter on average.

      2. Ha, ha, yes. Even Rabbinic commentaries admit that. Of the Children of Noah, the one that was the forefather of Europeans, not Jews, (don’t remember the name) were described as an artistic dude, but also a dangerous and somewhat irrational dreamer/idealist.
        Jews are part of the Asian forefather, according to Rabbinic literature.

    2. So as a “chosen” myself, I can’t be your ally because I am “chosen”? Aren’t you doing exactly the same thing you’re criticizing them for doing? I agree many jews are in filthy politics and they need to be dealt with somehow. But pointing the finger at every jew because he is a jew even if he is not an SJW makes you sound hypocritical in the rest of your criticism.

      1. Isaac, more Jews like you need to speak up. Media Jews are destroying every trace of normalcy everywhere they go.

      2. I understand your negative reaction but it seems to me that by implying that most of the SJWs are Jews he doesn’t point ALL the Jews as involved in SJWism

      3. I think we can agree a lot of people are filthy in politics. No one group can claim that. I could say with certainty is isn’t strictly limited to the “chosen.” I agree with you, not all Jews. White people can be quite fucked up without help, as well as anyone.

        1. I am a renegade Jew for Christ. I am not a “Jew for Jesus” or a “Judeo-Christian.” Jews who do not follow King Yeshua, default to being a generation of vipers and the Synagog of Satan. There is no other choice. Judeo-Christian Zionists serve Satan in their unawares.

      4. That’s a rather disingenuous retort to a statement of what is plain to see for anyone looking. It’s like saying “Don’t believe your lying eyes”.
        It’s no hypocrisy to say “every jew”, it’s a reflection of facts.

        1. Not even the author of that statement agrees, he clarified. You’re the one being disingenuous and even stupid if you think “every single jew” thinks and acts fhe same way

        2. To say every Jew is just ridiculous. Some of the very best fighters against SJWs and insane liberalism are Jews.
          Just from the top of my head:
          David Horowitz
          Dennis Prager
          Mark Levin
          Ben Shapiro
          Michael Savage
          Pamela Geller
          Allan Bloom (author of the groundbreaking “The Closing of the American Mind”)
          David Gelernter, author of America-Lite: How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture (and Ushered in the Obamacrats)
          The all-Jews paradigm is untrue and pure Nazi-Rubbish. And I am not a Jew, but an Evangelical Christian.

        3. There may be lots of things going on in how jewish people skew politically to the left or the right (over israel etc) but I imagine one major fact is the degree to which they subscribe to ‘tikkun olam’ – repairing the world. It might be hard to prove but I imagine Jewish progressivism is highly correlated to believing in Tikkun. More traditionally religious jews seek to focus on obedience to God rather than ‘completing his plan’ etc as a form of co-creation

        4. Yes, I have met some really nice liberal Jews and I guess they adhere to ‘tikkun olam’ – repairing the world.
          I have also met some Jews that truly hate the God of the Hebrew Bible and His commands. They seem to be closer to Anton LaVey.
          The reason why we Evangelicals don’t have any problems with Jews, is that we predominantly see Liberal Hollywood Jews as hard-left atheists, and not so much as Jews, as they are for us Jews in name only. As Catholic Mafia members.
          Devout Jews and true believers are for us the authentic Jews, and they are, unlike Islam, in full accordance with us, except regarding Jesus Christ.

        5. I can see that. I’ve started reading some Isaac Bashevis Singer, which in part deals with the historical tensions between orthodox religious jews (who he seems to favour) and those influenced by kabbalah and jewish messianism. Ironically its the messianic stream of jewish thought that seems to have been channelled into secular, conservative (?) and reform judaism, as well as into zionism and progressive tikkun olam types ‘this world’ repair focussed identity. One problem that may have made many jews susceptible to alternative visions may have been the severity and complexity of jewish law – its hard to be good a jew obeying 600 odd tenets which dominate your life, , whereas its a lot easier to believe in (potential) non-observance as with sabbateanism. The strange thing though is that the ‘form of life’, traditions, not halachic (?) observances of the old orthodoxy is often retained even where you have active secularism or atheism. Its a complex religion is judaism, with or without God. Making it even more complex is the different brands of orthodoxy – hassadim seem to be particularly influenced by kabbalah I think (?), which seems to be a stream of religious thought with a quite intimate relationship to the talmud / written torah going very far back depending on who you read

        6. Yes, Judaism is very complex and difficult, since it is so connected to the land of Israel.
          For us Kabbalah is mysticism, and thereby partly involved with occultism, something Christians shall stay far away from. That being said, Hasidic Jews are in many ways close to us with their morality and devotion, but they have a kind of aggression that we don’t have.
          I don’t believe Messianic Jews turn secular, but most of them get kicked out off the Jewish community, so I believe only the secular ones are left and accepted.
          Another thing that makes it easy for Evangelical Christian fundamentalists to deal with Jews is that very many of our greatest spiritual leaders are Messianic Jews. Just some examples:
          TV shows:
          Sid Roth Supernatural
          Zola Levitt Presents
          Jewish voice
          Profound theologians and bestsellers:
          Joel Rosenberg
          Jonathan Cahn
          Joel Richardson
          I am sure there are many more. It is virtually impossible to be an Evangelical Christian and not read a book by a Jewish author. In addition, every devout Christian will look into the Rabbinic commentaries of the Hebrew Bible.

        7. The comparison of fundamentalists (as you self-describe) with hasidism is interesting. There’s an ecstatic side to hasidism isn’t there, although I think some have also studied that in relation to kabbalah – as yet I don’t quite understand that.
          Re. messianic jews turning secular, again I’m groping around somewhat, but there is also a connection here with zionism which I believe had very secular origins (rather than the religious jewish origins people often assume) being founded in the (partly secular) jewish enlightenment. Some odd movements occurred duing the 17th-18th century. Lurianic kabbalah made sabbateanism possible, which in turn, amongst other things, may have influenced the idea of returning to israel etc (zionism) despite the destruction of the second temple. Messianism in this form may be secularised as a fulfilment of historical destiny but nonetheless stripped of any necessary divine / supernatural element just as tikkun olam – the repair of the world can be taken up by secular / progressive jews as a way of bettering (?) the material world without necessarily invoking God in the process.

        8. Sorry… but millions of other Jews have been doing TREMENDOUS damage to the white, western world for many decades. To make a list of a dozen Jews who don’t fit the typical Jewish stereotype of hyper-liberalism isn’t going to accomplish anything here, dude. You are very misguided and naive.

        9. Jews are just like Russians. Fascinating people, but totally impossible to understand. Very complex with lots of dualism.
          French a more easy. You always know how the French thinks, and the Germans etc.
          Why suddenly Zionism after more than 1 000 years outside Israel? I guess there is some kind of organic development as you indicates, by why and how?
          Oh, forgot Ray Comfort, also Messianic Jew. If you are outside the Evangelical culture, this might not say much to you, but for us these are really, really big names. So yeah, Jews all around us, and therefore “all-Jews-are-evil” sounds totally nuts for us.
          Sabbateans are super-strange. Ending up with Islam. Strange indeed.
          One of the reasons why the hard-left hates Israel, is that Israel ditched semi-communist Kibbutz as the main social order, and ditched atheism as well. They will never forget that, nor forgive.

        10. The names I gave you were not just mere anecdotal, but systematic.
          Up until around 2006, the West had no clue whatsoever about Islam. The mainstream view was that Islam was super-peaceful and packed with a golden age of science and math.
          The main people who fought against this utterly false narrative were either Christians or Jews. With extremely few exceptions.
          Robert Spencer, Walid Shoebat, Brigitte Gabriel, CBN and various Christian missionaries organizations, etc.
          Memri, Bat Ye’Or, Horowitz,Geller, vladtepesblog, barenakedislam, etc
          Now you can mention all the great atheists informing the West, and I don’t count a five minute “fuck Islam” video on YT, but a real contributor of knowledge of Islamic theology, history etc. As I see it, you have Pat Condell (atheist), Wafa Sultan (agnostic), Hirsi Ali (agnostic). However, none of them were vital.
          Jewish Memri, however were vital. Without Memri, Europe and the West would not have waken up.
          The most retarded place on earth is Norway, second only to Sweden, totally ruled by SJWs. But we have only 1 300 Jews. Most of them docs, engineers etc, and only three of them public figures. One a conservative politician, another one a conservative journalist and the third a more traditional intellectual Jew (sexology, labour party member high profile pro-abortion dude).
          I know that within every anti-Western civilization force, you will find Jews all over the place. Like the Frankfurt School. However, as I said the WORST place is Norway with hardly any Jews as at all. It was all done by Norwegians, and the evil force that truly wanted to destroy our culture and heritage was *atheism*. Not Jews.

        11. Of course not “every single one,” but as a group, their subversive and anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-west agitation has been so overt, frequent, and extreme that it’s not even debatable.

        12. some interesting points. Dualism seems to be at the root of the jewish experience in many ways.
          why zionism after so long? Some have suggested it had to do with the peculiar concatenation of circumstances that arose in the early modern period. Lurianic kabbalah + the polish / ukrainian pogroms may have produced a messianic frame of mind, that sabatteans and other millenialist groups exploited. There’s a transgressive side to millenialists which co-exists or opposes the traditionally orthodox jewry. Kaballah had always existed (or at least had existed for a very long time) but Luria changed its character. The journey from there to 19th century zionism seems to involve some strange twists and turns, via the jewish enlightenment amongst other things (Frankism most notoriously?). By the time of its 19th century fruition zionism was largely secular I think, although reform / conservative judaism may complicate this. The question for religious jews comes to be whether a return to israel – the zionist goal – is legitimate.
          The decline in the kibbutzim is fascinating? Why? Did it really just tail off. Its interesting what is happening to Israel. Your explanation with respect to the left’s disillusionment on account of that abandonment makes a lot of sense.

        13. “The question for religious jews comes to be whether a return to israel – the zionist goal – is legitimate.”
          Yes, however, it seems like God has Blessed and protected Israel. Some of the wars can’t be explained in military terms. I talked to one Palestinian and he said that where the Jews came, it started to grow. He meant it was caused by kind of hidden weapon/plan, as it were not connected to more water or something like that. So religious Jews should not, in my opinion, worry too much about that now. For us Christians, Jews coming back to Israel is fulfilling prophecy, so we have zero problem with that, on the contrary. We also have a sharp command not to divide Jerusalem. So it was strange to see Bush talking about that.
          Yep, Israel was the biggest commie state in the whole West, with her kibbutzim as the main organization of the land. But Israel soon ditched it, and when Israel also gave up a true peace with the Palestinians, Israel also ditched multiculturalism and the notion that Islam is a religion of peace.
          This is against everything the European media, academic and political elites stand for. No wonder they hate Israel 😀

        14. “Yes, however, it seems like God has Blessed and protected Israel”
          But one might argue that Israel’s (good) fortune has quite worldy roots. As I pointed out zionism had largely secular origins. You yourself point out the communist connection, which obviously goes back to the origins of the zionist movement with people like Moses Hess, someone who I seem to remember was militantly atheistic and intermittently friends with marx and other studiously atheist revolutionaries. Israel may well have sloughed off that heritage to some degree but has it really done so entirely? There’s communism proper and then there’s communism by other means, and part of that may have less to do with private property, kibbutzim and the working man and rather more to do with the kind of globalism the likes of the Rothschilds – one of the great founding families of the state of Israel – likes to encourage. Both the left and the right is contained in Israel even now surely, which takes us back to the issue of dualism, and the occupation of dual positions potentially even at the same time. Whether Israel is some kind of fulfilment of prophecy or not is something which clearly divides people. I don’t really have that much of an investment in the issue, but with what detachment I have I can see that there are grounds perhaps for disagreement

    3. Stop with the Jew stuff, it’s retarded. Every single negative aspect of Jewishness can be attributed to left wing beliefs. Criticize equality, and uplift non-leftist Jews.

      1. Jews pretty much invented and tirelessly promoted those left wing beliefs, genius.

  3. “Concordia-educated Firkser”
    “Educated” at Concordia, who would have thought?
    Concordia university seems to be like one of those Napola schools (Nationalpolitische Lehranstalt) in Nazi-Germany which had the sole function of indoctrinating German youths and creating zealots out of them, willing to do anything for “the cause”.

  4. White Privilege contains the most insidiously Orwellian, genocidal, parasitic, and totalitarian motives of anything the most envious communist Comintern could have dreamed. Stalin would be proud! It is a term of tacit anti-white hate, meant to disparage a people and cast their accomplishments, history and identity as justified only if it serves others interests.
    There is no ‘White privilege’. There is sacrifice, accomplishment, effort, good fortune, and free choice. There are white people – with
    interests, history and unique characteristics that are not negotiable.
    Anti-racists never complain about Chinese privilege in China, or Japanese privilege in Japan, or Nigerian privilege in Nigeria. “Anti-racists” ONLY complain about White privilege in White countries.

    1. I think if Stalin were around today they would attack him with that politically correct bullshit and he would simply kill the mother fuckers. End of story.

    2. Most anti-White racism begins with Jews. It was the White races who took up the banner of Christ, and the Jews hate Jesus Christ with all the power that Satan can give them to hate with.
      In Kaballah there are rituals for the perpetual murder of Christ.
      Somewhere every day Blessed King Yeshua is murdered in Kabbalistic ritual, for calling them what they were: a generation of vipers, and Synagog of Satan.
      They claim to have a covenant with God, but it looks like a deal with the Devil. Their motives appear wholly destructive and purposively evil.
      Communism, feminism, psychiatry, addiction, and race war, are their tools.
      If not stopped, they will destroy the habitability of the planet, exterminating themselves in the process. So possessed are they by their demons.

    3. That’s because only white people buy into this load of B.S. to the point of altruistic suicide.

    4. That’s an interesting point. But I think this white guilt is aimed for a very specific reason. If you depower the male population, while celebrating every minority and sexual deviant contingent you have a disruption of power balance. The people whon would normally notice the shady and corrupt workings of government are busy dodgingn bullets of crazy white women with delusions of persecution.

    5. This is not true. Anti-racists DO complain about majority privilege in other countries, just not as much. This is exactly why I’ve come to oppose the concept of White privilege, even though I’m not White.
      Don’t complain about their beliefs, refute them with ideological inequality.
      So in this case, White privilege does not have to be denied, but normalized.
      Meaning that White privilege not only exists, it should be upheld, because Whites are the majority in this country.

    1. No it isn’t. There have been do-gooder white gentile girls since the middle ages.
      If it is a Jewish invention, it was spawned in the pathological mindset of white females.

  5. “Champagne Socialist” needs to join the lexicon, with SJW, mangina, etc. I mean in one word you’ve described all of hollywoods politics. Hmm, maybe “Shampain Socialist” adds a little more.

    1. Quite true. I heard the phrase first in German. In German there is a destinction between champagne from the Champagne in France, which is very expensive and champagne which is not from the Champagne, which can be quite cheap in Germany.
      In German it puts the emphasis that the hole Marxism and its fellow Ideologies are created and maintained by rich spoiled children who hate their father and forefathers becouse their life is just so boring with all that money and privilige.
      There is a say on the New-Right in Germany:
      An Anti-Fa Girl is asked:
      (Anti-Fascist, is a cover up for an ultra left wing quasi paramilitary organisation in Germany, which has strong connections the Left, an Open Socialist party in Parliament in Germany)
      How do you finance yourself if you father knows you are with the Anti-FA?

    2. Snow Haley and the 7 Ds –
      Once upon a time, Snow Haley’s mother sat her down and told her this story:
      “My poor ugly duckling, with your face I’m afraid you’ll need to rely on your mind, but as your head is emptier than I and your father’s marriage, you will need this poison apple we call feminism to corrupt as many comely maidens with as you can. You must turn language and common sense on their ear to bring yourself to the top of the pile of desirability, failing that perhaps money can acquire you a temporary suitor.
      However, that will not be enough you must also exploit these seven things: Despair, Doubt, Disappointment, Desire, Delusion, Dignity, and Disdain.
      If ever you should be questioned sincerely, shout: ‘Misogyny!’ and flee, the white knights will scurry to your aid, but never sleep with any of them lest you lose your power over them.”
      And so Snow Haley went out into the world calling to her mirror: “Mirror, mirror of my soul, who is still pure and needs to go?” She reflected her own inner negativity on all she met, cursing the frail men who lusted for her and never knowing the passion of a King.
      And as her time began to fade, so did her shallow legacy, and she called to her mother, “Mother! What has happened, I feel neither joy nor peace, my life has been wasted.” “Sorry, daughter, you were collateral of my own wrath against your father.”
      The End.
      WB (Would Ban), btw, and that’s not a typo.

      1. GS don’t know what your day job is but you can write, witty and acid satire and wit. 10/10

      2. the side profile pic is pretty bad, but other than that i think she looks pretty good. especially the long-hair pic in the coffee shop. i like the mediterranean look, and i’ve never minded a girl with a bit of a schnaz, lord help me.

    3. In the UK ‘champagne socialists’ is often reflexively associated with the trendy and wealthy Islington, but the actual hard-core communists…quite a few of them actually live in Hampstead – one of the premier addresses in the UK, and a level above the former. Go figure

    4. “Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it?
      If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found, like a maggot in a rotting body, often dazzled by the sudden light”.

  6. How are SJWs unable to see the irony in the fact that they are against what has made them so privileged to begin with?
    They are literally swimming in “male privilege” from the time they wake up in their man made bed in their man made house. Driving their man made Prius to a man made coffee shop. Chatting on their man made computers in an instance of man made facebook.

        1. I think it also boils down to scarcity vs abundance mindset. Screaming “______ privilege!” means you don’t believe there are enough resources in the world to carve your own path and you MUST take from others in order to obtain your desired level of status. The thought of collaborating or simply doing your own thing is completely foreign to them.

        2. I think you’re right often about gaining resources too. I think.more often though Feminists actually believe their own nonsense.

    1. There is no clearer manifestation of privilege than the lifestyle and political beliefs of a white urbanite.

  7. WNB. And that’s why she’s against “Would You Bang” threads, cuz she’d invariably earn “WNB”.
    There is something related to the thread that has got me wondering for a time about jews: Anonymous Conservative dedicates a whole chapter of his book to explain that jews are one of the most K-selected groups in existence. By just looking at the sheer ugliness of their women, Yael here for example, who is so repulsive that not even a dog would mount her, I suspect that AC errs by a wide margin. Ideas?

    1. Pinocchio wouldn’t bang her even if she wore a bag on her head.
      Now Marlon Wayans on the other hand, might, provided he was high on toke and low on expectations, and had a brown bag at the ready 😀

  8. Nice writeup, but since when is Roosh trying to play the Muslim card? Seems like a little satire thrown in there with an otherwise straight piece

  9. Fuck it, I’m not even bothering with this one. It’s just too much.
    P.S David, if you pass the Nuremberg test, you’re fine with me. (That’s a joke btw, the Nuremberg laws suck balls.)

  10. “One in two Canadian women have been sexually assaulted” words from the #RooshV protest in #toronto”
    Wow. Going by those numbers, were half the antiRoosh protestors mass raped while demonstrating?
    Anyone want to post an article stating how many of the protestors were raped?
    And of course, can someone provide me with any articles detailing how rape spiked while Roosh was present? That would certainly help support this disturbing (and completely fabricated) claim.

    1. If sexual assault is so prevalent in any society whereby 50% of women are actually sexually assaulted I think that begs the question about the entirety of women’s liberation. If that is the societal cost of women’s lib then they are either going to have to deal with it as a gender or think about undoing it.

  11. In his book The Anti-Capitalist Mentality, Ludwig von Mises called such anti-capitalist hangers-on of capitalism “the cousins.” Extremely successful men often have such hangers-on, after the pattern of Hank Rearden in Atlas Shrugged. They’re a hazard of great success that nothing can eliminate.

  12. Bottom line is if men were to collectively organize and start their own manufactured outrage machine this would all end in a matter of weeks.

  13. The reasons why so many Jewish women are feminists are because a) they are ugly and b) usually have weak fathers.
    In the 1950’s, the founder of modern feminism had a serious inferiority complex. At parties she would introduce herself: “I’m Betty Friedan — and I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Smith.”
    Friedan’s mother had made her feel inadequate as a female. In her candid autobiography, “My Life So Far” (2000) Friedan (born, Betty Naomi Goldstein) says that no matter what she did, her mother made her feel “messy, clumsy, inadequate, bad, naughty, ugly.”
    Friedan spent years in psychoanalysis “talking endlessly about how I hated my mother and how she had killed my father.”
    “All mothers should be drowned at birth,” she used to say in her 20’s.
    Her mother, Miriam Horowitz Goldstein was the spoiled daughter of a doctor who at 20 made a loveless marriage to “an older Jewish businessman” a jeweler almost twice her age. She was ashamed he had “no formal American education and a heavy Jewish accent.” He could do nothing right either.
    But instead of seeing that her parent’s marriage was the problem, Betty Friedan attributed her mother’s unloving behavior to her lack of a satisfying career. She compensated for a weak father figure by becoming masculine herself and pursuing male glory.
    Ostracized by her classmates for being inept and ugly, Friedan vowed that “they may not like me” but one day “they are going to have to look up to me.”
    In other words, Friedan was a classic Jewish social misfit, the kind that the elite use to undermine society.
    Fame and fortune came her way with her book “The Feminine Mystique,” (1963) which devalued the traditional feminine role and stripped femininity of its “mystique.”
    Husband and children need the love of a gracious young wife or mother. This nurturing feminine charm was a woman’s “mystique.” In her book, Friedan said family-oriented women were parasites who had no identity of their own. She compared a housewife to an inmate in “a comfortable concentration camp.” A psychological stormtroopers, She devalued the countless priceless things a real woman does for her children and husband.
    With the help of the elite media, Friedan convinced women to deny their natural identity as wife and mother and seek it from jobs and employers.
    Rather than recognize that she was bent, Friedan made other women conform to her, at incalculable cost to society.
    – See more at: http://henrymakow.com/001995.html#sthash.CTKVBfQf.dpuf

  14. Hmmm … Firkser …
    That sounds a lot like the onomatopoeia of diarrhea urgently leaving my anal sphincter, preceded by an eruption of highly pressurized ffffffffarts.
    She looks the part too.
    And fuck “Champagne Socialist”. “Golden Shower Socialist” is more appropriate to her.

  15. She’s into power. She was born an elite, but too much power is never enough, This feminist pose is a means of getting more power. Hypocrisy, disingenuousness, fallacious arguments… these are all just tools of her trade. She thinks of herself as very clever, but her greatest weapon is her absolute shamelessness.

  16. Not surprised. Every Jewish woman I know could be described as “rabid feminist” and “Israel-firster”.

    1. My experience with jewesses:
      – Most are ugly like Yael here or even worse. Few are in the WB category.
      – Crazy for Bolivian snow, relaxing herbs and happy pills
      – Slutty like hell
      – Rabid israel fetishists
      – Disconcertingly arrogant and uncouth towards strangers (goyim)
      – Pampered, entitled, conceited princesses who are in truth stupid as a pile of bricks
      The men are posers, fags and for the most part conceited cowards who’re also stupid as a pile of bricks. A few are bookish – with these you can speak in ways approximating sanity so long you subcommunicate the frame that they can stick israel and the holocaust in their ass, cuz that’s what they will hit you with first.
      Verdict: Avoid them if at all possible, the cunts even more than the men. Or do you want to have a “friend” who looks like Yael?

      1. Well, when you believe the creator of the universe loves you and ONLY you, how humble could you possibly be?

    2. Actually to be fair I’ve met many Jewish women who were “anti-Zionist”, but unfortunately only because they were leftists who thought Israel was not left wing enough.

    1. The instant I read her name I knew what was going on and didn’t even bother reading the article.. just another privileged jewish chick asking for even more power than she already has… just like Sarah Silvermann and her whole pay gap fiasco.
      My condolences to the red-pill jews everywhere who have their reputation hurt by these “activists”…

    2. The
      late Ben Wattenberg admitted on a regular basis on his TV show “Think Tank”
      that (American) Jews were the county’s most privileged and least persecuted ethnic
      group. He also said
      that while Arabs had oil, Jews had the Electoral College (that explains the
      Iraq War)

  17. Nepotism is rampant in Toronto and always has been. The most sickening part of it is how the Canadians benefit don’t feel any shame casually mentioning how their friends and family members give them a job over someone with actual skills and experience.
    Even down under where I live I met a guy from Toronto who unabashedly mentioned how he landed a six-figure salary job here because his family were executives of a mining company. he was bragging to me and I had to pretend I wasn’t disgusted.

    1. But this is peculiar in that its clearly a case of nepotism but also an example of biting the hand that feeds you. She’s in there because of her Dad and Grand Dad but what will this ideologue do going forward? Continue to with the nepotism? I think that’s a given, but will it be her oppressive old nuclear family? Methinks not, but who knows. Assuming she ditches her family and instead opts to promote fellow sjws it will simply be a grotesque sight. Its like throwing your family out so you can invite your tapeworm friends over.

    1. With the state of most western women though?
      She’s a portland 8. Thin and has family money. Hell just being thing places a girl well above par in this hell hole of a city.

    2. Why does no one call out jewish people on their racism inherent in judaism? Arent you supposed to marry only in your race to be a true jew and make “liberal”* mommy and daddy happy?

  18. How does a rich Jewish girl repent?
    She goes to the Saks 5th Avenue Returns Counter.

  19. If art imitated life, that mug she’s holding with the word “think” on it would be completely empty.

  20. She thinks “would you bang” threads should be criminalized because they all rate her as WNB. No surprising given that she looks like a transvestite muppet.

  21. white feminists might be the richest demographic in the world. all these girls are loaded it seems. they have powerful dads

    1. Well, feminism, as an offshoot of communism, was designed by the elite to tear down families. Never forget that. Once you remember that point, it all makes sense. Rely on governments instead of families and communities. Get the women out working and slaving so they can spend, spend, spend. Women were crazy, they had it so good – they didn’t have to work, their families gave their lives deeper meaning, they were less stressed, happier… 99% of jobs where you work for someone else are demoralising for your soul. Now the cost of living (housing etc) has exploded to reflect a two person income, so even if they wanted to get out they can’t. They are enslaved to corporations and the government for their entire adult lives, no wonder divorce rape sounds more and more appealing to them every day!

    2. Feminism exists precisely because girls are brought up in overly comfortable and safe environments.
      When they become adults they cannot face harsh realities and therefore spend the rest of their lives trying to reclaim the safety and idealism of their youth. Without this mentality, it’s nearly impossible for someone from the majority demographic to see equality as a good thing.

  22. hope she is preaching diversity for all races back at the Greater Supremacist Muslim killing, Palestinian genocidal, land-stealing chosen Khazar Rothschild colony – bringing Europeans communism one law and mass immigration wave at a time
    facepalm – forgot my opinion means nothing – I’m cattle

  23. I think this an incorrect explanation for the disproportionate success rates of these groups: “like many Asian-American and Indian-American families, the Jewish emphasis on education, particularly for one’s children, does, in my opinion, provide a generally superior means of social advancement and continued prosperity.”
    I think there’s something more: These communities stick by and protect each other. There’s “Chinatown”, for example, but few communities labeled “Polishtown” or “Europetown” which the left would try to tear down as racist. Gentile whites are discouraged from setting up communities to help each other and Christians seem to pride themselves upon helping non-Christians and foreigners.
    I’m admittantly pissed at my hyper Christian brother who hung up the phone on me when I asked him for a small loan for a plane ticket for a job interview in Switzerland (they would have given me a check once I submitted an expense report) but then went on multiple Church trips to Haiti to help them build schools for the underprivileged. Christians seem to think that helping their enemies and total strangers above their relatives is noble and Christian but sometimes it’s just plain stupid.
    Education alone doesn’t make someone successful as many poor Christians have discovered why they are saddled with 6 figure student loans and few job prospects. One needs an “in” to get a high paying job and, in the states, non-white race preferences are one of the biggies. Chinese-American special interest groups in California have opposed racist preferences at times when it’s harmed their admission chances but simultaneously demand them from companies for “diversity” supplier goals when it suits them. Never in the history of diversity has a white-male supplier been given preference. Ever. The USA and Europe have enacted reverse Jim Crow where Gentile whites have a big target on their backs.

    1. Most Jews help their own to the detriment of non-Jews, but would literally make a federal case out of gentiles helping gentiles to the detriment of Jews.

    2. All group success is predicated on some degree of tribalistic behavior, whether the group knows it or not. Chinese and Indians succeed because we practice traditional, conservative in-groupism while being nominally liberal.
      The groups that don’t succeed are the ones who’ve bought into white liberal idealism, and therefore waste generations doing nothing that improve their situation.

  24. Is it strange that so many of these sjw-types or j3wish? It’s almost as if the people hoarding the few remaining resources are yelling how unfair the world is. On average, the j3w lives a much more comfortable life than 99% of the planet’s human population. What gives?

    1. Nepotism ,but every close in-group/family does this.They do benefit from being Jewish and that’s why so many just abide. Don’t hate the Jews, hate the seemingly elite Leftist Jewish agenda. They’re Jews that don’t support this crap and fight it. Those Jews shouldn’t be slandered for the crazy Leftist Jews who most of the time are secularists in the first place. I don’t blame my fellow WASPs for the actions of Leftist WASPs.

  25. Home hardware is going to go out of business soon anyways- foresee it happening within the very near future . Canadian economy is in the shitter right now and home hardware simply can’t compete as it is. Her credentials wont take her very far afterwards – all of you who’ve read worthless by Aaron Clarey already know that.

  26. 1st page on Google, great work Roosh! These feminists gotta realize the extent of their actions… She made her bed, now she can sleep in it.
    P.S. WNB

  27. The fact that she is wealthy and privileged and still chooses to sport that nose is just strange. Post-nose Job, I might bang, but I would pass with that parrot beak.

  28. Western women have it easier and are looked after better than any other large group of people in history, hearing them cry oppression especially if they’re from multi million dollar families is farcical. You’re average wimmins studies major doesn’t have a clue what actual oppression is, she’s lives in a female friendly scoiety that feeds their delusion.

    1. That’s the thing Rafael… most feminists are pampered little middle class suburban chicks, who have never suffered any oppression in their entire lives. Without men they would starve to death, but they go to uni, study stupid degrees, and go shuffle papers in an office built by men, never having to worry about anything serious. Then they have the audaciousness to complain about the ‘patriarchy’? Give me a break. These feminists NEVER stick up for women who are getting raped and genetically mutilated in Africa or the middle east, do they?

      1. Exactly right, and their constant hatred of white men I don’t understand. White men built a society that protects them, they should go the The Middle East or Muslim parts of Africa. Women in white countries are treated better than women in any other part of the world yet they complain the most.

  29. Jews wanted their own place and we gave it to them. Why don’t they fucking go there. Guess they would lose all purpose in life without being able to subert the goy’s culture. And yes, it IS always them.

    1. The only “normal” Jews in Israel are the Sephardim and Oriental Jews—and a lot of them refuse to marry Ashkenazim for a variety of reasons.

      1. Because AshkeNazi are not semitic, they are degenerate Europeans.

    2. yep, there were only two people on entire Internet who stood up for Roosh. both of them Jewish women: Cathy Young and Marni Soupcoff. always them. sad eh?

      1. Quit spamming the same shit and trying to convince people. Is Gavin McInnes Jewish too?
        Define “Entire Internet”.

      2. “there were only two people on entire Internet who stood up for Roosh.” Why are you on this site if you clearly don’t know what the fuck you are talking about?

      1. Sometimes, you just got to go with it, but wrap that shit when you do. Don’t rag the thirsty man as we have all been thirsty at some point.

        1. If everyone disliked hooked noses , then I guess there would’t be any. So… I’m sure you aren’t the only one.

  30. She studied ancient Judaism, if that is the same thing as the Old Testament….She must have been very uncomfortable…

  31. If the schnoz didn’t do it for ya that list of classes really drove it home didn’t it?

  32. Pornography – Jewish
    Marxism – Jewish
    Collectivism – Jewish
    Open Borders – Jewish
    Social Justice – Jewish
    Feminism – Jewish
    Faggotry – Jewish
    9/11 – Jewish
    WW I – Jewish
    WW II – Jewish
    Gulf War Jewish
    Iraq War – Jewish
    Afghanistan – Jewish
    Declining Education Jewish
    Global Financial Crisis – Jewish
    Usury and all debt – Jewish
    IMF, World Bank, worldwide privately owned Central Banks Jewish
    Arms flooded into regimes causing genocide and political
    collapse – Jewish
    Media corruption – Jewish
    Legal corruption – Jewish
    Drug epidemic – Jewish
    Organ Trafficking – Jewish
    Genocide by abortion – Jewish
    Psychiatric practice and abuse – Jewish
    Interracial conflict – Jewish
    Bosnia, South Osseta, Crimea, Ukraine – Jewish
    Pollution and habitat loss – Jewish
    Spiraling Health Costs – Jewish
    Spiraling crime, assaults, rape and murder – Jewish
    Collapse of urban centers – Jewish
    Loss of Free Speech – Jewish
    Free trade Agreements – Jewish
    Loss of blue collar jobs across the Western World – Jewish
    Destruction of the Middle Class -Jewish
    What did I miss, must be more?

    1. “Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found a jew, like a maggot in a rotting body, dazzled by the sudden light”

      1. Whoever it was that said that, must have been a brilliant and inspirational person!

    2. A lot of that holds up. You forgot the biggest factor: Hollywood/music/ movie business and the celebrity culture industry like the magazines, networks like BRAVO that are run by the gay liberal elite that have done more to screw women up more than any straight guy could imagine.

    3. Stupid. Replace “Jewish” with “Equality” and it would make more sense.

    4. True. Jews have been a blessing for mankind in the STEM fields, but a disaster in academia outside STEM. And they statistically are, together with the gays, in forefront of every evil, destructive and demonic political/ideological force there is. Many of them truly hate Christians/Christianity and consequently the Western Civilization.
      But just as Germany, you have their enormous contribution to science and art. And you have the enormous destruction they caused Europe.
      As I said to another dude above:
      Some of the very best fighters against SJWs and insane liberalism are Jews.
      Just from the top of my head:
      David Horowitz
      Dennis Prager
      Mark Levin
      Ben Shapiro
      Michael Savage
      Pamela Geller
      Allan Bloom (author of the groundbreaking “The Closing of the American Mind”)
      David Gelernter, author of America-Lite: How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture (and Ushered in the Obamacrats)
      The all-Jews paradigm is untrue and pure Nazi-Rubbish. And I am not a Jew, but an Evangelical Christian.

        1. Thanks, I will look into it. I just read the abstract, and it looks like he is spot on.
          ABSTRACT Political correctness represents the attempt to eliminate the father, often referred to as the patriarch, who is seen as having deprived us of our connection to mother and all of her goodness. But what has really deprived us of our connection to mother’s goodness is not the father, but reality itself. Political correctness therefore represents an attempt to destroy reality. This attempt to destroy the father as the representation of reality represents a different way of constructing meaning than we have in the traditional Oedipal arrangement. But the traditional arrangement made organization possible, whereas anti-paternal psychology undertakes to destroy organization. When organizations give themselves to political correctness they therefore reorganize themselves toward self-destruction. I call that process organizational nihilism.

  33. Ready to vomit? Tune into Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and the other show whose name escapes me by Terry Gross. Jews inviting Jews to talk about Jews/Homos/Blacks.

  34. I try to keep an open mind, but every single Jewish person I have ever met has been stingy, rude, and full of poisonous “intellectual” ideas. I don’t understand why your American Government kowtows to them so much? Fill a foreigner in, somebody?

    1. I find Jewish men to be impressive and brilliant.
      Each one of them says they will never, ever marry a Jewish woman.

    2. there were only two people on entire Internet who stood up for Roosh. both of them Jewish women: Cathy Young and Marni Soupcoff. see my post above for details. try to keep keeping your open mind.

      1. What a load of rubbish. Many people on the internet stood up for Roosh. Define “internet” because you must be seriously narrowing your definition.

        1. obviously i’m talking about Internet sources that are relatively well known and relevant.

        2. But it’s not so obvious because the sources you mentioned are not well known/relevant… at least not outside of wherever it is that you’re from or outside of the source’s target market.
          ROK is a world-wide information outlet and the internet itself is a worldwide platform. To assume that you know every source on the internet and can make such a definitive statement (that you keep spamming) is misleading because it is simply untrue that you can oversee the whole internet to be able to come to that conclusion.
          (I do understand that you may be sticking up for your friends but you can’t discount other people’s common observations)

  35. Haley Yael Firkser a pigs carcass from the Light Upon Nations ! No need to say more.

  36. “In relation to “Would you bang?” threads on the Roosh V Forum, she said she was flabbergasted that the police hadn’t become involved. The implications are undeniable: talking about whether you would sleep with a woman, a hypothetical situation, should be criminalized according to Firkser.”
    If it was so, then every normal guy who is (or was) in high school should be arrested. High schoolers ask the “ya bang or nah” question all the time.
    Nothing really to see here; just another attention-whore pretending she doesn’t have enough when she has more than.

  37. It is comical that so many leaders of feminist witch hunts and other SJW projects come from the most privileged elements of society
    No, it isn’t.
    Their whole lives, they see all of their male relatives (father, uncle, brothers, cousins, brother-in-laws) demonstrate much higher talent than her (especially among Jewish families), while every school she ever was inserted into told her how superior she was.
    That contradiction creates this toxic stew.

  38. I have to say, the ‘Would you Bang’ titles are stupid. Just rate her 1-10. That avoids the easily mis-representable ‘Bang’ term, AND will irritate the feminists much more, since all of them think they are 3-4 points higher than they are.
    Replace ‘Would you Bang’ with ‘Rate 1-10’…

    1. What moron doesn’t know what “Bang” means? It’s has been used as a synonym for “fuck” for a long, long time.
      “Did you bang her?
      “Yeah, I banged her.”
      “Damn. You son of a bitch. I wanted to bang her.”
      “Well, go for it. She likes to bang.”

  39. funny you made a point to emphasize she’s Jewish…
    on the whole Internet, there were basically two people who stood up for Roosh and his right of free speech:
    Cathy Young from Breitbart.com:
    She’s Jewish, anti-feminist, and is critical of campus anti-rape activism:
    Marni Soupcoff from National Post – who’s also Jewish:
    Only two people stood up for Roosh – both of them Jewish women.
    So David Garrett, how come such an objective self-righteous “life observer” like yourself never mentioned it?
    hypocrisy much?

    1. If a Jewish woman says she is fighting against “male privilege” or “white privilege” it is absolutely germane to raise the concept of Jewish privilege. Do you disagree?

      1. huh?
        read my post again.
        plus “Jewish privilege” is the same fantasy as male privilege or Asian privilege or Indian privilege. you’re talking like SJW.

        1. Yeah, man–so is the author of this article. That’s the point. One time Gavin McGinnis wrote an article at Taki’s lecturing Americans about Asian privilege. It was parody, but it made an excellent point. Unfortunately, hordes of Asians who apparently lacked the humor gene bombarded the site with the most laughably out-of-touch comments in history.
          Don’t be the Jewish version of those obtuse clowns.

        2. You can call it whatever you want. If you take issue with the following logic, then address it directly:
          “An interesting aspect of Firkser’s activism is her Jewish ethnicity. Even as far back as 25 years ago, it was recognized that Canadian Jews were four times more likely to earn above $75,000 annually than the rest of the population. In America, a similar jurisdiction to Canada, Jed Rubenfeld and Amy Chua recently outlined in The Triple Package how American Jewish households have roughly twice the median household incomecompared to Gentiles.
          If we want to have a discussion about male privilege and patriarchy, we need to broaden our outlook. Right now, it perfectly suits Firkser and others to maintain a “privilege discourse” based on crude gender politics. It avoids damaging questions about her personal family privilege in particular.”

        1. i looked him up – and it looks like he’s a total moron – who’s also being attacked by his own ilk. it’s too funny how those SJWs get confused in their own incoherent nonsense and are constantly at each other’s throat.
          now what? did you read my post at all?
          what does “example” of Tim Wise prove exactly? that there are Jews that express idiotic ideas?
          omg who could ever guess! and it never happens among other ethnicities?
          for every Tim Wise there’s like thousands of Jews who think that he’s an idiot. your generalizations are pointless.

        2. My point is Tim Wise lectures people about “white privilege” while he himself is a Jew and completely glosses over the discussion on Jewish privilege.
          With that being said, Im sure there are many jews who disagree with Wise and Firkser but that does not mean that one can simply ignore that the astronomically over represented percentage of jews who pop up in this extreme leftist movements, meanwhile many if not all of them do not support these same promotions in Israel.

        3. Yeah, man, is there a more egregious example of Doublethink than the American Jew in academia who rails against “white privilege” but, at the same time, stands wholly with Israel on the Palestinian issue?

        4. Many of the most eloquent anti-Zionist voices in America are Jewish. But the type I mention here is extremely common.

        5. I would rather attribute that to the fact that being Jews, they’ve been browbeaten by the wider Jewish community to get engaged with Israel. Which would cause a few of the more inquisitive ones to ask awkward questions and go off the beaten path.

    2. “on the whole Internet, there were basically two people who stood up for Roosh and his right of free speech:”
      “Only two people stood up for Roosh – both of them Jewish women.”
      Hunh? What kind of ridiculous fallacy is this? Just off the top of my head, here are two Catholics who stood up for Roosh, big time:

      1. I meant Internet sources that are relatively well-known and relevant such as Breitbart and National Post.
        but interestingly, one of the article you listed mentions Laura Rosen Cohen, a Toronto journalist who’s also anti-SJW and anti-left in general:
        which, once again, demonstrates that “jewishness” has nothing to do with anything. by bringing up “jewish” – or any other racial angle – David Garrett only shoots himself – as well as Roosh – in the leg. because the racial angle is absolutely irrelevant, takes the focus away from real issues and makes the article sound convoluted and incoherent.

        1. No, I’m afraid the points in the article are quite clear. You aren’t making much sense , though. You simply seem to be enraged that the author brought up her Jewishness.
          Too bad.

        2. well that’s exactly the problem – that his points on ethnical association are quite clear. and that’s why articles like this only do great disservice to Roosh – as the author brings up certain points that are totally irrelevant.
          plus, for some reason David Garrett doesn’t brings up the Jewishness of people who support Roosh – which makes the author sounds hypocritical just like the very people he criticizes.

        3. I’m sure you’re fully capable of sticking to the subject, but I suspect that you digress and engage in fallacy because your position is simply this:
          “DON’T EVEN GO THERE!”
          Return of Kings is gaining fame and notoriety because it goes wherever it wants to go. Deal with it.
          The author of this article is plainly saying to the SJWs: “You love to spout off about ‘privilege.’ but if you want to open that can of worms, you will be called out on your bullshit and hypocrisy.”
          Nothing in this article is anti-Semitic, and the fact that some Jewish people support Roosh is irrelevent. Garrett also fails to mention that the great Bob Dylan is Jewish, as are/were the Beastie Boys. By the way, lox and bagels is a tasty breakfast. So what?

    3. Don’t forget Ezra Levant, also a Jew.
      That being said, I believe he is right to emphasize that she is Jewish, because much of the hard-left activists are hiding behind their protective group status.
      The homosexuals, ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, Jews, and they can bash and trash us all they want, and we can never really reply to them on the same level, as they are protected and we are not.
      As I see it, this is the strategy behind this and similar articles.

      1. thnx for Ezra Levant info.
        as to the “strategy” i understand it – although i still think it’s faulty and unnecessary. it’s not like Firkser criticized Roosh because he’s Iranian, or claimed that she had a special right to criticize him because of her special ethnicity.
        but regardless – my point is that this “strategy” is always one sided for some reason. i believe that if David Garrett already makes a point to bring up her Jewishness – but fails to mention that the majority of people who defend Roosh in the media are also Jews – then the author sounds hypocritical just like the very people who attack Roosh.

        1. I understand your concern, however, in my view, free speech and the truth is the best protection for Jews in the long term.
          Roosh wrote an article regarding Jewish intellectuals bad influence in the West. I didn’t agree with the article, but it was fair as an intellectual debate, and before that Return of Kings had an article that Jewhaters had no place on Return of Kings.
          Nevertheless, Roosh are now smeared as a vile anti-semite and a hater by the Official Blogs from the Anti-Defamation League.
          People are ranting on about Jews and conspiracy theories on the internet, and when people see that just one article mildly critical of Jews and you are branded for life and thus excluded from civil public life, then all these conspiracy nuts have all the proof they need.
          If you take one of the articles of Sweden (I am Norwegian) and replace the word Swede with Jew in both the article and comment section, you would be horrified. But since it is Swedes, nobody cares. And this is how it should be.
          It was regarded primitive and impolite to publicly discuss Jews as a group in Europe pre WWII, and that was a disaster. A full debate, early on, regarding the insane accusations from the Nazis, would have totally debunked that Jews are Untermenschen, criminal, racial inferiour etc. Instead the debate went underground in the beer halls in Bayern.
          Same thing now. Glenn Beck is super pro-Israel and has a Rabbi dude on his show as one of his main guests, yet he is smeared by Jewish organizations because he criticized left-wing Soros.
          Jews have nothing to hide. Only exceptions would be some haters against Christians and Europe/Europeans, some of them are really vicious. But that’s OK. Let’s have the debate and be done with it.
          Jews did not slaughter German children as “revenge” for holocaust. Nor did they attack German civilians. (Unlike what Palestinian Muslims are doing). So Jews are proven descent people. Jews have nothing to hide and with the economic/academic power in the US, Jews have also no need for a protected status in the US. It is counter-productive, in my view.

        2. You don’t believe in the Holocaust?
          Norway is a very small country. We lost around half of our Jews in the Holocaust. Those that did manage to flee to Sweden came back from the concentration camps with their whole family missing.
          Since Norway is so small, we know pretty much everything about everyone, and it is certain that these Jews did not get secret visits from their families. Nor did these Jews go to secret holidays in Latin America to meet their relatives. The Norwegian state originally confiscated the wealth of the Jews with no surviving members, now given back to the Jewish community after international outcry.
          So, how do you explain this? How was this planned? What was their motivation? And not a single one of them broke down and exposed the lie, visited their family in hiding? Or maybe you think the Jews killed their own family to earn some bucks?

        3. I have to add this, sorry.
          My family helped the Jews to flee to Sweden, as we had contacts in Germany telling what was really going on. Everybody in management level in Germany knew that something was seriously wrong. Millions transported to camps, while next to nothing of food transported into the camps. Suddenly an enormous amount of gold teeth on the market. Etc.
          Main problem for my family and most others in Europe who knew something was wrong, was to convince the remaining Jews that had not left already, that this was really happening. That this was really extermination camps and not labour camps. Unlike what far too many racist and anti-Western/white/Christian Jews in America say, Jews in Europe did not live in a racist hell-hole. These Jews could not believe that a cultural nation of Germany, with all the classic arts, Mozart, Bach, science and philosophers could do something like that. For them it was inconceivable.
          Also, if you don’t believe in the Holocaust, then I know that you don’t speak German. I do.

        4. Good for you and your family. Holocaust really and sadly happened. It is one of the most despicable things ever happened. It’s the failure of humanity and true definition of genocide. So is what happened in Rwanda, Bangladesh, Bosnia and in Turkey to Armenian. It’s amazing that all these happened in modern ages. Yet what bothers me is that I have to hear about one on daily basis while the rest are almost buried in history while all happened in same century. How can such event turn into propaganda and excuse and privilege while the victims of the other genocides have to bury their grieve to the grave? Who is going to be their voice? Where is the media? I guess it’s not as trendy to trump all genocides, only a particular one.

        5. Nobody has provided any forensic evidence that jews were gassed to death by Germans. Sorry, your fairytale is evil.

    4. Marni stood up for Roosh? You must be kidding.
      Marni: “I’ve decided to defend yet another dreary human being out of the worry that if I don’t, I will allow that dreary person to destroy something
      far too valuable to let go of without a fight.”
      I know what self-entitled Marni is doing.
      We should all be thankful of her because she is the only one defending valuable things…usually in expense of “dreary individuals”!

      1. well that’s the best expression of defense of freedom of speech: she disagrees with Roosh’s opinion and dislikes him – yet supports his right to freedom of speech and criticizes those who want to take right away from Roosh.

        1. That is exactly not the point. At least not my point. Look at the scenario. There is Marni the saviour. There is freedom of speech the valuable, and there is Roosh the dreary individual. How many Hollywood movies can we list here with the same setup?
          Marni does not give a rat’s ass about freedom of speech. She is not defending Roosh’s freedom of speech, which she despise and degrade him in every second line. She wants to appear as the one who has moral high ground, the one who is seldom defender of humanity. At the same time she wants to degenerate, defame and scandalize Roosh. She is killing multiple bird with one stone. And quite honestly my friend, that is the Marni Soupcoff I know.
          And just to be clear I don’t care who is Jew who is not. The point I am making is just about Marni the Marni and her articles…whatever she believes in.

    5. Did you even read the this article? It’s about Haley, not Jews… God damn, you are an idiot!

  40. Follow the link to the Toronto Star article and you have MPP Cheri DiNova saying that Roosh is a criminal. That seems to be pretty clearly defamation. It’s one thing to say someone is a bad person, but to untruthfully say that they are a criminal and have that printed in the largest daily newspaper in the country is another thing altogether.
    Roosh should seriously consider legal action against these harpies.

  41. So, why not organize some boycott campaigns against the family businesses? Money talks. Hit ’em where it hurts.

  42. When technology made their life too easy, bored housewives went into feminism and work. This poor privileged lady does not even need to work, her father already worked for her. So, only feminism remains. Patriarchy sentenced this poor victim to a boring useless life

  43. “The Return of Kings proprietor’s beliefs are entirely analogous to those of hundreds of millions of traditionally-minded Muslims around the world, including hundreds of thousands in Canada. By attacking Roosh’s heartfelt beliefs, she is cowardly attacking theirs.”
    These beliefs are entirely analogous with the traditional Jewish beliefs just as much. These jewish SJW start first of all by destroying their own heritage.

  44. Activism is welfare for white women, as are activist courses in college.
    It is only in Western societies that these things are rewarded. From a global perspective, her background qualifies her for menial labor.

    1. i agree, this is what happen in a society that have tooo much welfare and money.
      people (feminists) were born with this welfare, they didn’t worked for it or suffered to get it.

  45. Firkser: “I’m sick of seeing all this privilege and patriarchy (through my 300$ glasses)”.

  46. “If we want to have a discussion about male privilege and patriarchy, we need to broaden our outlook. Right now, it perfectly suits Firkser and others to maintain a “privilege discourse” based on crude gender politics”
    Patricia Arquette annoys me the most. Arquette is a successful jewish actress who is currently making a side career campaigning against the dominance of men in Hollywood while completely ignoring the fact that jewish people both male and female are just as over-represented compared to the rest of the population. If she was taking on both the gender and ethnic/religious aspect we might at least reason that she was sincere, but since she ignores the fact that she’s in perhaps the most privileged group in the industry how can she be other than a self-serving hypocrite?

    1. She is a self-serving hypocrite. The funniest thing about many (not all) Jewish American women is that they enjoy the true privilege of elites AND AT THE SAME TIME FEEL THAT THEY ARE GREATLY OPPRESSED VICTIMS–and not just because they are women, but because they are Jews. There is NO real oppression of Jews in contemporary America. None. The Jewish experience in America is a near-Utopian state of immense prosperity, power, safety and comfort. And yet, pointing that out is seen as an anti-Semitic statement.

      1. that is strange. Too much historical memory can be bad thing, especially if it perpetuates the kind of insecurity that no degree of success can compensate for. Arquette is a hypocrite but I have no doubt she genuinely believes she’s part of an oppressed group. Unfortunately no-one called her out for that hypocrisy, something that psychologically might actually have done her a world of good

        1. Well, perhaps a barrage of calling people out on their “Jewish privilege” will rally people of influence to deem the whole notion of “privilege” what it is–bullshit.

      2. i never heard any Jews complaining about being “greatly oppressed” in America – or anywhere else in the civilized world. that would be insane. and as to the “near-Utopia”, then it’s no different for Jews than it is for the Irish or Italians.

        1. Well, you’re universalizing your own sanity. Anti-semitism is seen as a huge problem in America by many, and that is laughable. I think the comparisons to the Irish-and Italian- American experiences are apt. The only difference is that many Jews help their own to the detriment of non-Jews, but if gentiles helped their own in any industry and shut Jews out to the point where they were greatly under-represented, they’d literally make a federal case out of it.

    2. She’s really messed up. Raised in a commune, father was an alcoholic who converted from from Catholicism to … Islam … and mother was violently abusive.

      1. didn’t know that. That does sounds messed up. With a violently abusive mother, why isn’t she railing against the matriarchy instead

  47. If she had to work only, and only one day, for her shelter and food during the lifetime of being cute, self entitled, rich daddy’s girl, enlightened-wanna-be, she would have gain a deeper and broader perspective of life. She would have realized that the spectrum of human mind and society is a bit wider than how she would desire it to be.

  48. I thought this will be about SJW hipocrisy but sadly it turned into just another anti-Jewish article. We really don’t need these at RoK. Media already portrays us as neo-Nazi, don’t give them further proof.

    1. Fuck that bullshit. There’s a disproportionate amount of Jews pushing the SJW agenda. They need to be called out for that fact. They’re already going to call us Nazis anyway.

      1. thee’s also “disproportionate amount of Jews” among Roosh supporters in the media – like 99% of them.

    2. Don’t be a cuck. The article is about SJW hypocrisy, and in passing, made mention of the fact that she is jewish. This is relevant because so many SJW fronts and other subversive organizations are usually led or financed by jewish people. Don’t engage in the War on Noticing.

  49. A privileged Jewish girl, railing against the imaginary patriarchy… why is this a trend?

  50. Ugly chick, inside and out. And wow… a Jew acting against the best interests of western civilization! What are the odds??
    BTW, fuck you SPLC anti-humans monitoring this site.

  51. Roosh, why give publicity to unknown people’s? Is this in thanks for them making you more famous?

    1. She would not know what to do with the publicity if it came with a dummy manual and a grade school teacher.

  52. Of course the Montreal trust fund sjw is hotter than the Toronto sjw. And no, not because the Toronto one is Jewish. I’ve met many hot Jewish women in my time.

  53. Don’t go down that desperate road of an argument of Roosh as an Islamic victim, David. You were doing better when sticking to the privilege angle.
    The manosphere doesn’t need any victims.

  54. Another lame-ass accusation of hypocrisy based on a straw man. The lowest form of polemic on the Internet. RoK needs more socio-sexual commentary, less lowbrow attempts at rhetorical gotchas.
    Is there some moral law of the universe that if you have some kind of privilege, you’re not allowed agitate against any kind of privilege whatsoever? Did Firkser ever personally claim to be a net victim of patriarchy, rather than a net beneficiary? Is she doing feminism to advance herself, rather than less privileged women?

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