More Americans Are Now Obese Than Overweight

In a development that caught many off guard this year but is thoroughly unsurprising, obese Americans now outnumber overweight Americans. And the situation in 2015 is probably worse, given that the figures compiled by Washington University School of Medicine came from the period 2007-2012. The land of the free and home of the brave is now officially the land of the fries and home of the bovine.

The perilous degradation of American health has not coincided with any real proposed solutions to this weight plague. Prescriptions regularly touted by medical professionals, such as exercise and good nutrition, simply do not appeal to the masses. The methods themselves work, with few exceptions, but people are obviously not taking them up. Instead of wondering why their message isn’t getting out, health bodies and leading physicians simply regurgitate statistics which are almost identical, except for the fact that they keep getting worse.

Roosh is correct and the “experts” have no answers

If Dr. Oz is so correct about how to deal with weight issues, why is his television audience largely comprised of overweight and obese women?

Dr. Oz “politely” attacked Roosh during his groundbreaking appearance on the celebrity physician’s show. Rather than painting his own comprehensive vision for how to ameliorate America’s death by excess pounds, Oz chose to make a contrived “feel-good” video where one of the participants, who also shrilly tried to excoriate Roosh, demanded that people not call her “fat.” If anything, such an approach preaches the denial of severe health risks, not body positivity.

We are at a crossroads and the conventional medical fraternity has failed abysmally to stem the tide. You can argue they are well-intentioned in most cases, yet this cannot offset their do-nothing contribution to the problem. Science is the best it has ever been and medical practitioners are nonetheless clueless as to how to get people to implement the most basic, common sense advice. They are the definition of expert impotence.

Obesity will bankrupt America

Enough is enough, stop a tsunami that will literally kill society.

America already has a rapidly aging population. Birthrates are atrociously low, especially in the indispensable middle classes. Fewer and fewer young and middle-aged people will be available to work to support the system that protects ever growing numbers of current senior citizens and soon to be Baby Boomer retirees. The costs associated with this demographic catastrophe will be gargantuan.

Ridiculously, obesity is now most prevalent in the age group most necessary in keeping society well-oiled: those above 25 but below retirement age. Even if overweight and obese people can keep working, the lost productivity and other problems will only abet the deterioration of both society and the economy that keeps it stable. Health costs which should be primarily centered on senior citizen health will increasingly involve the treatment of obese individuals and then progressively the still unhealthy but “merely” overweight people.

How are YOU setting a good example?

Huell was a great and funny Breaking Bad character but he probably died of diabetes five minutes after Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez left him in the safe house.

The point here is not to have a competition to determine who the most buff and healthy person is. An accountant or lawyer is understandably going to be less “healthy” and strong than a professional athlete. What I am preaching is for people to be within an acceptable range. Perhaps your weight will fluctuate as your commitments and overall life changes. But if you get to 5-8 pounds above a healthy weight, unless you’re a more dense bodybuilder, without correcting it, you’re not only contributing to the problem but advertising and promoting it for others.

People are not solely determined by their weight, of course, but have you not ever noticed that there is correlation with your weight and the weight of some of your closest friends? There, every day, is the power of group psychology for all to see. People consciously but more importantly subconsciously regulate themselves according to those they are closest to. So be the game changer if your social circle is currently unhealthy or, alternatively, ensure through your own example that your current good standard either stays the same or, better, improves. You are a beacon that others will follow.

Our medical and political leaders owe us answers… now

Now is the time to seek to resolve the obesity plague. Not tomorrow, next month or next year. Today. Three decades of expanding waistlines prove that a better, more ruthless approach is necessary. It is amazing that America has pursued the War on Drugs for around 40 years but categorically refuses to engage in a War on Obesity. The calamity of obesity and being overweight now far outstrips any of the health impacts and violence created by the drug trade.

Roosh has thoroughly enlightened the debate on obesity by refusing to give politically correct or crisis-perpetuating answers. Whether you agree with his position on fat-shaming or not, you cannot disagree that the present state of affairs fundamentally helps people deny responsibility for their weight and perceive what is otherwise a potentially fatal disease as not worth addressing.

That needs to change, right now.

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376 thoughts on “More Americans Are Now Obese Than Overweight”

  1. One problem is that doctors and drug companies are often more interested in figuring out ways to make money off the problem than solving the problem.
    Another problem is that US government food guidelines have been influenced by the various food lobbies. When Americans followed the guidelines, they got fatter.
    Most importantly, we are to blame for not being self-disciplined.

    1. “Another problem is that US government food guidelines have been influenced by the various food lobbies. When Americans followed the guidelines, they got fatter”
      I no longer trust any info from the government.

    2. Time to bring back DNP clinics. If some fatties die or get cancer, who cares? At least they’ll be much easier to look at haha. (I’m obviously joking … sort of). I’ve heard good things about Sibutramine but apparently that got banned too. Naturally I’m not saying medication is a replacement for nutrition and exercise, but it could get some fatties started. Afaik there’s nothing good on the market anymore for that really tackles that problem.

        1. I’m not debating that. I use Tylenol cold from time to time to get a boost. But it’s not a good long-term solution because 1. the “burning” quality isn’t that great (definitely weaker than sibutramine), 2. b-adrenergic receptors build tolerance relatively quickly (this can be mitigated by some substances, as far as I remember ketotifen is one of them and thyroid hormones as well) 3. the increased blood pressure and bpm can lead to serious heart problems. Ephedrine works great for appetite suppression, the metabolic boost is, however, relatively weak. DNP actually burns 500 grams of pure FAT (not water!) a day. More research is needed for that area imho (i.e. find an alternative to DNP). Blocking ATP is incredibly effective for fat burning and that’s certainly something not only obese people are interested in, but especially those who want to get into the single digits of bodyfat percent. 4. Using sympathomimetic drugs unfortunately “stresses” the body, thus increasing its production of the stress hormone “cortisol”. Cortisol is correlated to an increase in fat storage and more difficult fat loss. Again, there are drugs available that mitigate that effect, such as phosphatidylserine, Cissus Quadrangularis and 7-keto-DHEA.

    3. First and foremost, it was influenced by one asshole politician. George McGovern defied the medical wisdom of the time when he set up the guidelines that became the USDA guidelines.

    4. I don’t like being self-disciplined; I prefer a blonde dom in black leather and stiletto heels.

  2. Yes, obesity is a problem. It even qualifies as a public-health problem rather than just a personal malady. Yes, we all ought to be more concerned about it. But please, please! No more “wars” on this or that. The awkwardness of the metaphor aside, governments shed all constraints, including moral and financial ones, when allowed the pretext of a “war.” We’ve declared Wars on Poverty, Drugs, Terror, Littering, Ignorance…how much have they cost us and which of them have we “won?”

    1. governments shed all constraints, including moral and financial ones, when allowed the pretext of a “war.”
      A fantastic observation and way of expressing it simply.

    2. Bravo! Pretexts are the key to limiting freedoms.
      Increase taxes on sweets= small companies go out of business
      increase tax on fuel=more people crammed into shitty public transport
      war on this=ban on this
      people have this problem=accept this tax we would never be able to introduce and give us more money

  3. We have anti smoking commercials. Are we going to see commercials saying put down the damn junk food, alter your diet and go the gym? Nah, wouldn’t want to trigger people now would we? It’s better to let people slowly kill themselves to spare their feelings rather than to encourage a healthy lifestyle that may offend some people in the sad world we live in now.

    1. Totally agree but think it’s more to do with the power the big corporations have, they’re in bed with politicians. It’s scary how much power huge corporations have.

    2. I think you’re onto something. Let’s start a contest where people make commercials for why they should lose weight. It can be like the smoking commercials or the classic, “this is your brain…this is your brain on drugs” commercials. The top 3 commercials can then be spread out to various websites as needed.

      1. The problem with that line of reasoning is that if I eat a Twinkie, you don’t gain weight, but if you fire up a lung rocket, everyone around you is forced to share the negative consequences.

        1. That is true. Smoking is pretty much banned in public and government establishments and transportation, but outside it is allowed, so I don’t know where you would be stuck having to inhale someones second hand smoke. Not too much different than everyone driving a car with a gas engine. I’m sure you drive an Tesla, though.

        2. 1. You’re right; there is no public smoking for the very reasons that I mentioned. However, that doesn’t mean the damage from the past mysteriously disappears. Furthermore, some smokers try to sneak a few puffs right outside the doors of establishments instead of waking the few extra steps.
          2. I just use my personal hover belt. Seriously, that’s why there are emissions standards, standards that are getting progressively (no pun intended) tougher. However, they are not yet low enough to ameliorate all of the problems associated with those exhaust fumes.

        3. And my Chevy is exempt, as are all pre emission vehicles, to ride on the road with no restrictions. Same with those ‘rolling coal’ douchebags that love to have smoke stacks coming out of the bed of their pick up. Or OBD1 vehicles with shit emission systems. The standards you speak of are starting to get tight, but lets not forget the decades and decades (maybe century?) that vehicles were produced with little to no standards for emissions. And many of those vehicles are on the road.
          You are free to tell someone to go on the sidewalk and get that shit out of your face if you see something like that happen, although it doesn’t mean they will. That is when you can walk away; it is a public space, after all. It reminds me of the time I visited Italy, where you can have a beer while walking down the street with no issues. No fat pussies or cops to tell you what you can and can’t indulge in public. Within reason, I’m sure.

  4. Google “Wheatbelly” or Paleo. The American public was seriously scammed by the USDA with its advice to reduce dietary fats.

    1. Everything is for sale here.
      The company that made margarine started lobbying the govt back in the 50s in order to make it seem like butter was more deadly than their product.
      Do you know ANYONE who uses margarine anymore?

      1. They still use trans fat in food products. Commercial peanut butter is hydrogenated oil. The nutrition facts says 0g trans fat. FDA allows food companies to claim 0g if it is less than certain amount per serving. All they have to do is reduce the serving size on the label to show less calories, fat, salt, etc. Typically you would eat more than their recommended serving size.

      2. The people who believe that marg is better than butter. Dietitians in the cardiology dept. still counsel patients to use marg instead of butter.

        1. Those dieticians are commiting malfeasance at a minimum, at it is now known that transfats in margarine are far worse for a human than natural fats in butter.
          At worst, they are committing deliberate fraud and should be liable for all the damage they have caused as a result of people following their advice.

      3. “The company that made margarine”? Margarine was invented back in the 1860s, so I doubt there’s “one company”. Margarine’s marketing was mostly based on cost and taste; the supposed superiority over butter was largely from the 70s and 80s as low-fat diets were proposed to combat obesity, which is a lot like banning holsters to prevent gun deaths.

        1. It was mainly marketed as a no cholesterol alternative to butter in the 80’s. Margarine is still a fat.
          But the reality is trans fat is more profitable for food companies. It’s shelf stable and won’t spoil (go rancid) for long periods of time. It is made chiefly from soybean oil which is much cheaper than palm oil or animal fats. Pie crusts flake like you’re using butter or lard and no cholesterol. Packaged pastries can sit in the pantry for months and eaten.
          It was purely for profits. The fact that you get sick from it decades later was something they hid under the rugs.

    2. Agreed. Dairy is a gigantic scam that Americans have bought hook, line and sinker. Anyone past puberty does not need dairy. At all. Spinach and oranges contain more calcium than milk, and many people have dairy allergies that they don’t even know about, but they wonder why they’re running to the bathroom after eating a huge bowl of mac and cheese.
      When having discussions with people about this topic, they usually disagree with me rather fervently. I then ask them, what is cow’s milk used for? They give me a blank stare. Cow’s milk is used to FATTEN UP YOUNG COWS. It’s no wonder that with all the growth hormones and chemical additives, it’s fattening up humans, too.

        1. Smack doesn’t have calories, but I hate the needle marks it leaves behind. I’m very fair-skinned and don’t like the blemishes.

        2. Yeah, you know what else is hard to digest? The fact that these female land whales have the gall to pose naked or semi-naked and call themselves “beautiful.” Maybe if a manatee were looking at her and then I’d suspect that the poor bastard had cataracts or something.

      1. Well…yes and no. The corn and grains do most of the fattening. Heck, they fatten gooses and pigs with the equivalent of cornflakes. Not that I think there’s any dietary issue with leaving dairy behind, mind you.
        Also of interest, lactose intolerance is correlated with gluten intolerance in such a way that, for many, eliminating gluten makes dairy consumable.

      2. “It’s no wonder that with all the growth hormones and chemical additives, it’s fattening up humans, too.”
        It’s worse than that. So first you have GMOs.. that are being fed to cattle.. they eat fucking corn (a cow should eat grass as far as I know..), and then in order to keep them alive until slaughter, they pump them up with antibiotics and who knows what other shit. So all these end up in the bodies of the people who actually don’t care to get informed what’s going on. I blame the Government for allowing this to go on. I blame the government for the food pyramid crap, etc. The government is as guilty as the brainless masses..

        1. Paleo isn’t a scam, sure it’s not a perfect eating program but it’s far a healthier than what your average American chooses to eat. Avoiding wheat, sugar and vegetable oil is just common sense not a scam.

        2. Wheat? What’s wrong with bread? Plenty of cultures have bread as a staple of their diet along with pasta. Paleo is not sustainable in the real world. Balance, moderation and portion size. Obviously piles sugar and oil (any oil) is not good for you. People are confused with ever changing information.

        3. Wheat is incredibly hard for the human body to break down as it’s something our bodies arn’t meant to have in us. The Egyptians were the first race to harvest wheat until then human societies hardly ate it and after they did a lot of health problems started up that weren’t there before. There’s a reason so many humans are gluten intolerant, plus wheat is heavily genetically modefied. I agree there’s endless contradictory information out there but you have to find what’s true rather than just saying every bit of information is a scam.

        4. Wheat is inflammatory. And most grains are. Do you ever get brain fog? Can’t focus, can’t remember stuff, feeling sleepy? That’s brain inflammation and it’s because the wheat and all the other grains you’re eating. Cut them off for a week and pay attention at how you’ll feel.

        5. Wrong. Humans have been around for 4 million years and ate paleo up until around 10,000 years ago with the proliferation of agriculture (grains). We as a species have not yet evolved genetically to consume grains in its raw state. We have no business in eating grains. When we eat stuff that we’re not suppose to eat, we get ill. That’s what’s happening to us now.

        6. Hogwash. Stop eating junk
          Brain inflammation? I swear people are getting stupider by the day

        7. Horse manure. Nothing wrong with starches in moderation. Explain all the skinny old people grabbing the loaves of bread in the grocery.

        8. That is the reason we have diabetes, hypertension, tooth decay, dementia, high cholesterol, and all the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Obesity is just a symptom of metabolic syndrome along with all those others I mentioned.

        9. Wheat is unhealthy, but If you think something is healthy because it says so the pack then keep eating it. I have a friend who is skinny but drinks beer non stop, I suppose you’ll tell me beer is healthy.

        10. Actually, the wheat was crossbred to give it favorable characteristics. Not fully sure about the genetic modification. Corn, soy, and rice were GM’d.

        11. Actually, I can drop a couple of loads before the paramedics have to sprint over with an IV of ringer’s lactate.

        12. As I said before, obesity is only a symptom of a more sinister problem. It’s metabolic syndrome.

        13. Ah k I thought all grains were genetically modified but I’m open to admitting I’m wrong. Still the wheat people eat has been tampered with.

        14. Maybe you haven’t read much about the hybrid wheat that’s been in favor since the late 60’s? And that its gluten content is much higher than wheat that had been used prior to that time. What passes for wheat today is not the wheat our grandparents ate. It’s not the bread the people in ancient times ate.
          Maybe you also don’t know that all wheat in America is sprayed with glyphosphate or Round Up, right before harvest to assist with drying the crop.
          Personally I can do without it. There are plenty of alternatives.

        15. I’m afraid he’s right. In fact humans underwent a marked decline in terms of health and size when they transitioned from hunter gatherers to an agricultural society.
          That’s been well documented.
          The implication from that fact is that humans are better suited to an active lifestyle and eating few carbs.
          As somebody who’s worked out for 30 years in various ways, and somebody who’s always tried to ‘eat right’
          (foolishly followed the LF/HC, worked out like crazy, and wondered why belly fat wouldn’t go away), I can tell you that going low carb high fat, and forgoing wheat almost completely, that I’ve lost that weight, and that I don’t have to do endless cardio anymore just to maintain my weight.
          I feel better, my body fat is lower, my ‘numbers’ are great, and I don’t have to do cardio any more.
          Just because I moderated my carb intake to around 100 gm or less per day.
          Eat like you want, but I’m convinced the low carb diet works by both the evidence and my own experience.

        16. MODERATION. There’s that word again! Do not blame wheat/carbs for land whale problems. It’s EATING TOO MUCH and it’s not veggies and fruit.

        17. Our wheat and grain goes all over the world. How come other countries and cultures don’t have the obesity that we have? Why? Because they don’shovel tons of crap, food and junk in their pieholes. They are too busy just surviving.

      1. A hell of a lot of formerly overweight people say it does.
        Basically, if you avoid wheat, sugars, vegetable oils (except Palm, olive, and Coconut), you solve half the problem. If you reduce the carbs and add on saturated fats, you solve the other half.
        You don’t have to be fully “paleo” to eat a healthy diet.

      2. I am on something similar. I am not fat so it’s not why I’ve got on it… But man, I’ve never felt better in my entire life. So I don’t know if it works or not but my body is telling me it’s good for me.

      3. Yes. For me it did and does still.
        The only way you’ll open your eyes is to give it a try for a month. Make sure you stick with it for the whole month. No cheating. Then you’ll understand. Remember, it’s not some new packaged food product. It’s whole natural food. Unprocessed that you cook. The way it was intended for you to eat.

      4. Once I eliminated wheat and sugar from my diet, I lost all my excess weight and my blood sugar levels and lipids are all normal.

        1. I do enjoy apples as an easy food, but they do contain sugar, but since it is natural is this ok? What about avocado? The oil to heavy? Thanks in advance!

        2. Cool. Are fresh apples ok to eat as well? The sufars in them are natural, but is it too much?

    3. The scam is wheatbelly and paleo. Selling books and scamming people. If diets worked, we would only have to do it once.

      1. Come again? Isn’t a diet the set of foods you consume, and the reasons behind it?
        The whole point of the article is that the modern American diet is ineffective (and dangerous). The solution is to replace that diet with a better one, which eliminates the issues with the problem diet.
        To think otherwise is to court madness.

        1. Yeah, right. Read a little history. When people don’t have bread, they riot. Russia 1917 bread riots.

        2. Because it was cheap sustenance; if you have NOTHING (like the Russian peasants) and your choices are bread or nothing, I’m guessing you’ll take the bread. If you have little meat, dairy, etc., bread will stretch those resources–just like any starch. The Russians had bread, Asians have rice (from which they also make noodles) and the Irish had potatoes. History is littered with starch riots. It doesn’t mean they were optimal dietary choices–they represent what was in the realm of possibility for them.

        3. You’re only taking about less than 100 years ago. I’m talking about 4 million years ago. That’s 4 with six zeroes after it.

        4. Over eating and junk food. Regular bread is no problem. Countries all over the world eat starches.

        5. Paleolithic man didn’t eat bread nor grains. Biologically, humans have no need for carbohydrates. You do require proteins and fats.
          You best do some research before you post or you come off as a fool.

        6. We no longer live in caves. What was the lifespan of paleo man? About 25 years or less?

        7. I used to think like you do, but then I tried something different, totally unorthodox and the weight came off. One of the easiest weight loss ever and I did not feel like I starved myself. Now I know the truth, just like when you take the red pill.

        8. Yeah, because they’re cheap. Which costs more: a pound of wheat, or a pound of beef? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count. Starches gum up cellular mechanisms and exacerbate the aging process. However, starvation will kill you more quickly. Also, wheat, oats, rice, etc. store without refrigeration. That’s a handy trait when considering transportation costs, etc. Starches are common because they’re cheap, not the best. By your logic of common=good, McDonald’s is better than steak.

        9. Modern humans are a couple hundred thousand years old. Go back 4 million and you have some clever monkeys running about, none with the modern title of “homo”.
          When I got more seriously into weight training – but still only three times a week – I followed Joe Weider. My diet was heavy in dairy, meat and fruit. Only one serving of starch/grains at dinner, plus some veg and salad as each meal. I shed fat and gained muscle fairly quickly and was in fantastic shape after three months.

        10. Nonsense. I never implied McSnot’s was better. I am saying this wheat belly nonsense is wrong. Carbs in moderation and avoid the junk. It’s that simple.

        1. Grass fed is healthier, just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it’s automatically fake. I agree that it is expensive so it’s impractical in that respect.

        2. Is that $7/dz. organic eggs out of the ass of happy chickens? I love eggs, but every day?

        3. I think where a lot of Paleo critics get it wrong,(often deliberately) is by comparing some ideal, all organic, super quality diet, to the Standard American diet.
          If you use common sense, remain price conscious and have a minimum of cooking skills you can eat mostly Paleo and probably reduce your food expenses. People waste money on a lot of shit anyway, even people who are poor by western standards.

      2. I changed my diet 5 years ago. I’m not a paleo nazi, but I do moderate my carbs and forgo most grain.
        If I fall off the wagon on vacation, I start gaining it right back
        Not horse manure at all. But the best proof is for you to try it yourself.
        It does take discipline. What it doesn’t require is hours of mindless cardio.

        1. Yeah. Moderating carbs, exactly. Land whales don’t moderate a thing! All I’m saying is wheat is NOT responsible and over consumption is.

    4. Add in statin drugs and attempting to equate high cholesterol with high fat diets and healthy foods like eggs.
      Lying sacks of worthless shit. Everybody won except us. The FDA, the politicians, the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical device industry, the insurance industry…
      No one is held accountable about the cholesterol lie and all the subsequent damage done to millions of people who listened to their bogus ‘diet and nutrition science’.

  5. Roosh needs to get back on the fat-shaming bandwagon. I loved FatGirlJihad for the short time that site was around.
    Do any readers remember which week is Fat Shaming Week? LaidNYC had some of the best fatty-scorching insults I’ve ever seen, god I miss his writing.

  6. I don’t worry because I have 2 kids. Both are athletic, work out regularly, and are proud of the way they look. My son is a High School Freshman. He has talked several of his buddies into signing up at the local gym and they work out together now.
    While they are too polite to publicly insult people, they look at truly fat people with disgust and disdain. I’m a proud Dad.

  7. America is not a country. It is a malfunctioning corporation, ready to break down. The obesity crisis is a symptom of the cultural decline and societal collapse that we have been witnessing for such a long time. While many have made the effort to lose weight and stay in shape, there are still far too many that are continuously choosing to eat junk food and thereby, making the concious decision to remain fat. The obesity crisis is spreading in all directions of society- from the schools feeding crap to the kids, to the gmos and chemical waste found in the processed junk found in your local supermarket.
    So while it is a problem that needs to be tackled, what really makes me sick is when you have the feminised media, trying to brainwash and influence the masses into embracing this nonsense known as “fat acceptance.” If you are fat, then you must take the responsibility to lose that fat. The amount of energy someone puts into putting junk food in their mouth, can instead be diverted into a positive direction, by choosing to work out at your local park and gym.
    The corporations in America indeed, profit and capitalise by feeding and poisoning the minds and bodies of the masses. Honestly, morality has been thrown out the window by all the parties involved in the obesity epidemic which the West is facing. Mark my words, we are not living too far away from the day when it will be considered politically incorrect to even use the word “fat” where you will be labelled a monster who has no heart, even though you are trying to encourage weight loss and promote a healthy lifestyle.

    1. “Mark my words, we are not living too far away from the day when it will be considered politically incorrect to even use the word fat”
      And not be allowed to ask for “fat free…” food because that will too be politically incorrect. And the fat data on the backs of food products will be removed.
      I agree the word “fat” will get banned one day unless something causes america to change course.

      1. Eating fat has nothing to do with being fat. There is good fat and then there is bad fat. You just have to know the difference.. I actually eat a lot of fat but only from grass fed animals… Fat is the perfect fuel for the brain actually. The “fat free” craze is simply stupid and it doesn’t address the problem..

        1. It actually makes it worst. Need to stop using the dumb slogan what you eat is what you are because absolutely not true.

        2. correct. a high-fat diet can actually be very healthy, if it’s the right kind of fat.

        3. Products that are “fat free” tend to have a lot of sugar so they don’t taste like shit. Hell, jellybeans are fat free. On the other hand, nuts, avocado, soy, olives and such are loaded with fat and yet they are very healthy as long as you are active enough to burn those calories.

        4. If people would educate themselves and not blindly put the huge diversity of macromolecular structures in our food into 3 categories and then claim absolute knowledge of the human body, as I see people doing here and everywhere else. Ignorance like this was the main platform fat acceptance was hoisted upon.

        5. I dropped 30 lbs in part from adding more fat and protein to my diet and cutting way back on sugar & carbs. I found that I would eat much smaller portions, had more energy (made workouts easier), and wouldn’t get hunger cravings later in the day.

    2. Hopefully, Trump will be elected into office. Trump seems like he’s a staunch advocate against political correctness. That’s where this social cancer stems from, the abject fear of hurting feelings—–provided they are within a special interest group. This preoccupation with political correctness has made America a laughing stock and probably why these terrorists think we have no balls.

      1. he needs wealthy/popular/powerful supporters who also despise political correctness (or else i fear he’ll fizzle-out).

      2. I like the guy. But no matter how well he does in the polls, or even the primaries, the oxygen thieves who wield the real power will NEVER allow him to be a contender.

        1. Our government is a jew puppet. If it wasn’t, we would let the middle east settle itself like they should.

      3. I doubt it. Hitlery Clinton is going to be our next president and she is going to solidify this fat acceptance

        1. Ironically, those who embrace fat acceptance will also have their arteries solidify.

      4. Trump will continue to take advantage of a system that he’s been taking advantage of for years. Don’t think this guy is on your side. He’ll talk the talk (like all future and former politicians) but in the end he’s in it for himself.
        He’ll probably get in to change the bankruptcy laws so he can file it more often (with no penalties).

        1. No politician is on anyone’s side. Unless they have copious amounts of money and a special interest group that has media priority

        2. Oh look… another bitter peasant that doesn’t understand that a business Chapter 11 is nothing like a Chapter 13 or 7 that is offered to individuals.
          A liberal talking out of his ass about something he heard Jonathan Leibowitz make a joke about? Shocking.

        3. I don’t have a problem with the man using the system (which is what he’s really doing like both GOPers and Democrats do in reality). It’s the people (like you) who are disconnected from seeing it. If he’s “your man” that’s fine, just don’t get your panties twisted when I say something that is true or that you don’t like to hear. The reality is that all of them have been “paid for” and Trump will be no different. He’ll get into office (maybe) and he’ll do what they all do…over promise and under deliver.
          Grow up, boy…that’s how this shit works.

        4. Right. They’ll play sides depending on there interest but not one of them is “for” the people. Anyone who believes otherwise is naive.

      5. The problem is, if Trump somehow becomes President, both the Senate and House will obstruct everything he tries to do, because they’re all hyper-PC.

      6. The far left media, feminists, and looney’s will never let it happen. Honestly, the Repubs should back someone else in my opinion.

    3. part of the problem is that exercise is often touted as the way to lose the fatness (which paradoxically drives-up the appetite in most of these people who already lack any self-discipline/control). the focus should instead be on ceasing the constant consumption of sugar-filled food/drink.

      1. the focus should instead be on ceasing the constant consumption of sugar-filled food/drink
        Absolutely… I am thin so that’s not why I did it. Give up sugar completely.. Sugar is bad bad bad.. For your body, and more importantly for your brain.
        I’ve also gave up, all grains, certain vegetables (tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, and a couple more). These are inflammatory, and yes they do inflame your brain (that’s what it is when you feel you’ve got brain fog, when you forget things, can’t focus etc)
        Gluten, GMOed food.. forget about it..
        I was feeling OK before but ever since I made these changes I am a completely different person.. It’s unbelievable how we actually forget how it feels to be healthy.. Even my personality changed to the better..

        1. Thats good info to know.Thanks for sharing. I work in gyms and I eat a high carb diet due to the work I do. I need all those grain carb foods to get by.Ill work on slowly edging out sugary food. Ive always had a level of brain fog and would really like to be super clear headed and sharp.

        2. Just to give you a heads up, sugar is like a narcotic. You be in a miserable mood for a while as you go through withdrawal.
          If you cut all carbs, you’ll feel sluggish for a few days to weeks until your body starts getting accustomed to burning fats and proteins as fuel. Everyone is different. It’s an inevitable phase just like getting muscle soreness when you start lifting when you haven’t done it in a while. It will pass.

        3. That’s just your brain on drugs. You don’t need grains or a high carb diet. You body doesn’t need more than 130 grams of carbs a day and can get by on much less. Your body can only store about 600gms of glycogen and you’ll only use about a sixth of that in an intense work-out.
          Just say no to drugs brother.

        4. As a person who has lost more than ninety pounds over the last two years following this exact same dietary plan, I’ll vouch for it. The fact of the matter is, your diet should sustain you. If you have to exercise to keep your weight down, the problem is what you are eating, not the exercise you are doing.

        5. I’ve always had the same sort of brain fog as well. I’m trying now to ween myself off caffeine, sugar and processed carbs. I’m not against eating up to around 150 grams of carbs a day, but I’m noticing that once you cut out refined carbs, it actually gets to be a bit of a challenge to eat that much, let alone more.
          After about a week of cutting those things out, I feel a bit more steady energy, but still not sure if I feel any sharper.

        6. For real. Lab studies show rats will go for the sugar over cocaine! That’s pretty damn scary.

        7. One thing that can cause that brain fog is hypothyroidism. Its surprising the effect that T3 has on clarity and initiative.

        Remember this daily, tell everyone, post it everywhere.
        Sugar is the single biggest source of lardassery in the world.

      3. Everyday the universe offers you an excellent deal. It says to you, Ok Mr___… In the next 2 hours of your life, you have two choices to make.
        1) You dont lift /run and you age 6 hours faster in your day, your insulin response is thrown off and you store fat like crazy, your brain gets plaque twice as fast, your focus is barely half, your heart sucks, your rate of depression increases 3 fold, you get no respect because people sense your a SLOB, you look lethargic/are lethargic, your half as attractive,, you add 600 calories extra to your body per day which is 4200 a week which is 3500 calories/lb of fat = 62.4 LBS of lard a year so you look terrible in clothes and have an impossible time not getting fat even though your diet is fine, your organs don;t function properly, your out of breath , you get undercut by people who do have energy etc etc,
        ^Sounds like a fucking nightmare to take option 1 right?
        2) You exercise you adopt a health strategy, and you go through life with energy, each minute of exercise adds 7 minutes to life span, this is according to the current mortality statistics
        Are you a dumb sucker?
        If so, you’ll chose option 1
        I take that excellent deal 7 days a week, the best possible investment is right infront of your eyes, common knowledge not hidden everyone knows, yet suckers abound

      4. Sugar used to be a luxury! Now. it’s an assumption. However, people still eat like pigs…and exercise is for the “maniacs.” (that’s what I’m called by my fat buddies…I’m disgusted by the entire, leftist, self-centered, decadent, feminized society.

      5. I agree with you I think obese people are obese because they don’t feel energy. Increasing alkalinity of the body, is the key thing, generally by drinking more alkaline water. If you look at all the blue zones(longest life areas), they all have water PH of about 8.2..not surprisingly the same PH as the ocean from which we evolved.

      1. It is not a dystopia, more so a company That we work for until we die, with no say in the affairs that encompass our lives, while companies plunder and poison our lands—with our elected official approval, being constantly reverse discriminated and told you are the root of all evil if you were born white, I could go on.
        This country isn’t free. It’s a lie we’ve all been told.
        If it has four legs, barks and wags its tail—it might be a dog.
        Look at what I mentioned above, does this look like freedom?

    4. It is ironic that this article (unintentionally) contributes to the misinformation about obesity. Weight is not an objective measure or indicator of your health. Body fat percentage is. We need to stop using words like “healthy weight” and use terms like “healthy levels of body fat”.
      This is an important distinction. I had a morbidly obese nurse tell me I needed to “lose weight” because I have a BMI of over 25. This makes me “over-weight”. But this is nonsense when you consider my measurements and body-fat percentage (around 12%).
      There is no such thing as “over-weight”.
      There is such a thing as obesity and diabetes, especially now in childhood. And you can be a “healthy weight” but still be diabetic and have a heart condition. Focusing on weight can lead you down a dangerous path. But as it happens, we are approaching a point where many children will die before they are able to reproduce. Therein lies the future extinction of the United States.

      1. My doctor pulled the same shit on me during a check-up.
        He put me on the weight measuring apparatus and looked at the numbers.
        He told me that I was overweight and needed to cut down.
        This was right around the time when I reached a 400 pound deadlift at 185 pounds.
        I literally had just biked to his office from my house.
        I walked away completely confused as I had never been more fit at any point in my entire life.

        1. “Your cholesterol is too high Superman. We dont want you having a heart attack while lifting a 747 over your head. Are you getting enough fiber?”

        2. Doctors that use BMI are using an outdated system or being plain lazy
          How are those tall lean basketball players that do hours of cardio overweight? Because of the BMI system.

        3. What an ass. The shit fat and unhealthily skinny people say to rationalize to themselves.

        4. There are 10 page long threads in body building forums on the stupid shit doctors, have said/ prescribed. I mean doctors are one of the few specialists who get paid more if they perform poorly, or not at all.

        5. I’m not surprised at all. In fact that is good to know.
          When I went for that check-up I was literally in the best shape I’d ever been in my life.
          How in the hell could I be “overweight” when I was eating lean, training 4 times a week with heavy weight, and travelling daily by bicycle??? Pretty sure my bodyfat ratio at the time was about 11-12%.
          So what is “healthy” according to a doctor? 8% bodyfat and complete vascularity? 160 pounds for a guy who is 5’11???
          I learned that day not to take doctors so seriously. While I have humble respect for brilliant doctors and scientists, being an MD does not necessarily mean you are society’s best or brightest.

        6. I started researching hard-core into health, and now i have zero respect for them. If I talk to a doctor about any subject its always like “Oh yeah I think we studied that in medical school” As in he learned it for the test and forgot about it 15 years ago. But even what they learned is manipulated by drug companies. The very best example of this is the thyroid hormone T2(3,5). It directly stimulates mitochondria(THE SOURCE OF POWER IN EACH CELL). There are about 10 years of research on this in rat studies in Europe, and body builders have been talking about it and using it for at least 14 years as far as I can tell. Doctors will tell you its not biologically active, meanwhile if you take it(you can buy it over the counter because its not “biologically active”) you can raise your body temperature many degrees and burn fat like mad(when you exercise if everything is right you make massive amounts of it). Its been ignored because one of the most profitable drugs ever was synthetic T4..and they poisoned the well so nothing else ever gets researched or prescribed. If you want to burn more fat by the way you might try a little more alkalinity, Im getting abs now when I never had them exercising 2.5 hours a day in high school. 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water morning and night, or sodium citrate(if you can’t find it mixing sodium bicarb and citric acid will produce it).

        7. Baking soda to balance out ph seems like a simple enough hack. I’ll give it a try thanks for the tip 🙂

      2. This is a critical point. Body composition is the most telling regarding your health. Tracking body fat % is infinitely more valuable than tracking weight

      3. I think its more central obesity. Something is very wrong when you start packing fat around your internal organs. My strong belief that fat is the storage area for toxins you haven’t been able to eliminate through normal means. One particular problem is that the toxins your liver excrete in bile are readily reabsorbed in the intestines. This is why when women take estrogen(which is also broken down in the liver) there is a double spike in their blood levels of estrogen, once when they take it and then the second spike is when it is reabsorbed in the intestine. Insoluble fiber and possibly certain bacteria seem to be natures way of eliminating these lipid based toxins(and possibly diarrhea in extreme cases).

      4. After losing 30 lbs of fat, I gained 15 lbs when I started lifting. But I dropped a pant size. The weight gain was all muscle. I see my nephews about once a year. The eldest asked my wife, “how did uncle HILN get so big?”. My wife was like “you mean fat?”. Nephew: “No! I mean BIG”. Note: I am not that muscular yet… I was just REALLY out of shape previously (bad accident had cut my physically activity to almost zero).
        BMI is bunk. You could be 5’9″ and 215 lbs and be fat per BMI.. even though you can dead lift 400 lbs and have less than 15% body fat.

    5. “Mark my words, we are not living too far away from the day when it will be considered politically incorrect to even use the word “fat” where you will be labelled a monster who has no heart, even though you are trying to encourage weight loss and promote a healthy lifestyle.”
      We’re already there.

    6. Historically, the State of Virginia started out as a corporation. The owners even said so in their charter when they got the land. At least they were more honest than the people who formed states first as an excuse to corporatize the resources.

    7. Agree. In the U.S., it’s all about the dollar, first, and everything else, second. Our “leaders” will gladly poison the population (or allow legislation, regulation, etc…to do it). We’ve seen these leaders sell out the public, time and time again, for a future position with the company or maybe cash and prizes.
      We used to have liquor stores on every corner…, we have drug stores (CVS, Walgreens, etc….). If it’s not a gas station (oil) then it’s drugs.

      1. The big problem was when Allopathic doctors won the monopoly to treat Americans long ago. They’ve been in bed with the drug companies from the beginning. One of the founding fathers actually wanted to make a freedom of medicine. I have a right to defend myself in court, a right to say whatever I think, but I don’t have a right to decide the best what is the best way to treat myself? As any monopoly allopaths charge too much and give extremely poor customer service, just look at how badly cable providers acted until they got competition.

    8. When I come “home” from traveling, the best way to determine where I am is to simply look at the people. If they are enormous and go around talking about their last meal in some trendy restaurant as if it were a religious experience, I know I’m back “home” in the Corporate States of Vagina.

  8. ‘such an approach preaches the denial…’
    we can call the first decade and a half of the 21st century ‘the denial period.’
    fatness, obesity, tattoos, piercings-galore, dyed-hair, pajama-pants (worn 24/7), easy-credit, garbage-food, socialist bullshit, gay-rights, ‘black lives matter,’ gender-rights… all are considered beautiful, enjoyable and/or worthwhile causes. useful idiots abound!
    unfortunately, the brain-dead idiots watching dr. oz (a pandering, sycophantic, ratings-whore) don’t want to hear that they themselves have ‘personal responsibility,’ and the need to exhibit ‘self-control,’ and ‘self-discipline,’ and that the shame they feel when they look in the mirror is their own bodies telling them to shape up.

    1. “dr. oz (a pandering, sycophantic, ratings-whore)”
      And a goddamn Turk, which means he’s a Middle Easterner trying to pretend like he’s European while what really is Europe wants nothing to do with 100,000,000 more Muslims!

    2. Ugh! The pyjama pant people. If they are not fat then they are skinny retard inbreds from the low end of the gene pool.
      Dr. Oz is a snake oil salesman pandering to the vulnerable, weak and stupid.

  9. Obesity is little more than an issue of self control. Something the large (hehe) number of obese people in this country clearly lack.
    They don’t want to talk about a solution because there is only one solution. They are going to have to somehow force these people to stop shoveling four big Macs down their throats every meal

    1. why spend more money on food and precious time cooking it yourself when you can buy the Chilis 8 hotdogs for $8 deal and sit on the couch all night complaining how your office doesn’t have an elevator to the second floor and that a person with a a “glandular” problem is being discriminated against.

  10. It’s cheaper, more convenient, less hassle, to buy a family meal at a fast food chain than it is to buy real food at the supermarket and cook it yourself. People are just lazy.

    1. Convenient, yes. Cheaper, rarely.
      Filling my belly at any fast food chain runs me between $5 and $15. I just made a quick chicken-and-rice dish (about 4 meals worth) for…$5?

      1. really 4 meals worth of chicken for $5..where are you shopping? 4 drum sticks some veggies to steam and rice or potatoes for just me would run about $15 (possibly more if I buy free range non steroid) . If I make enough for lunch the next day im up and around $20. So to feed 4 I’d be up and around 30-35$.

        1. Chicken breasts are something like 11 bucks a kilo so you could get 4 servings for about 5 bucks. . . Canadian.

        2. 1.5 lb Thighs (easily the cheapest part of the bird), probably about two or three cooked cups of rice (I rarely measure anything 🙂 ). Boil the chicken in bouillon or stock for an hour. Let it sit overnight, then in the morning cook in the rice. The result is a classic chicken soup with rice, easily enough for several meals.
          Other simple recipes include sausage and potato soup (those are the ingredients), gravy steak (ground beef cooked in cream gravy, served with potatoes), and broccoli and cheese soup.
          If you want cheap vegetable matter, you can pick up a bundle of kale and some apples for pretty cheap. Makes a decent salad.

  11. One simple way to lose weight appears to be to simply give up dinners, especially large dinners, while keeping breakfast and lunch. (Whereas if you skimp on breakfast and lunch, you’ll want to pig out at dinner, so that’s a bad idea.)

    1. What you mean is Intermittent Fasting to lose weight. I usually have lunch and dinner, no breakfast.

        1. If you’re going to recommend IF, at least explain it? 😀
          Intermittent Fasting/Lean Gains is basically a diet (lifestyle actually) that allows you to eat for 8 hours, which is followed by 16 hours of fasting. The reasoning behind this is that the body (besides calorie reduction) has no reason to burn fat if in a satiated state. Fasting gives the body that reason. Apparently, fasting isn’t as bad as Bodybuilders used to believe. E.g. It actually increases HGH. The main diets following this concept that I know are eat-stop-eat and lean gains.

  12. It’s true drastic measures need to be made if we want to pull ourselves out of this obesity epidemic.
    I think the drastic change needs to be in the enormous amount of junk food we put in our bodies. That crap they pass as food needs to changed or get rid of completely. I believe if that is taken out completely we will begin to lower our weight.
    The Medical Establishment is not stupid and knows what is going on. They just choose not to address it because their lively hoods are dependent on it. They are afraid of going against that industry as for one if they try to truly fix the problem will cost them a lot of money as they will not be getting the money they need to push the drugs that make them money. The second the food industry has a lot of money and willing Lobbyists and Politicians at the ready to destroy anyone and anything who threatens their money.
    It’s all about money!
    Just like the war on drugs the war of obesity will be a lost war of drastic proportions.
    Also we need to start to teach the younger generation about healthy eating and the dangers of junk food. It is unfortunate that People these days cannot control their impulses and run around and eat crap without even thinking about it.
    It will be a long hard battle to destroy obesity. No drugs or doctors will change this as it will need to be you to want to change for the better. Control your emotions and impulses and you too will begin to lose weight.
    Great post!

    1. “Also we need to start to teach the younger generation about healthy eating and the dangers of junk food”
      I have a sneaking suspicion that one day talk such as this will get one a free one way ticket to a FEMA camp.

    2. ‘I think the drastic change needs to be in the enormous amount of junk food we put in our bodies. That crap they pass as food needs to changed or get rid of completely. I believe if that is taken out completely we will begin to lower our weight.’
      agreed 100%.

    3. It is all about money. Grains are cheap. That’s why they push it to the masses saying it’s healthy but really isn’t. Getting fat and sick is just collateral damage. Medical community needs people to be sick so they keep money flowing in. If you’re healthy, you don’t need to go see a doctor for treatment.
      They will not push nutrition to be healthy. Fitness clubs need that membership to only temporarily get you to lose weight while you buy their sugar laden smoothies as a health drink to make you need to work harder/more fitness classes.
      They will never give you what works because they need you coming back and spend money.

  13. Throw BMI out the window. It’s useless. Gauge every aspect of measurement on body fat percentage, and overall strength & power capabilities.

    1. It’s not useless. Over time it has a great record of predicting longevity if longevity is your goal. You sound like a lifter (I am also) who is trying to equate strength and aesthetic bulk with health. That’s not how it goes though, sadly. NFL linemen drop like flies in their 40’s and 50’s. They were lifters too. Adding 40 pounds of muscle to a lean, healthy physique only adds to your heart’s burden. It’s not nearly as bad as 40 pounds of blubber but it’s deletorious anyway. Eating 5k in calories, burning up your kidney and liver with 4 times the necessary protein and packing on 40 pounds of meat for aesthetics is not healthier. There’s a reason why Japanese woman live longer than anyone. They’re tiny, wiry people who eat only when they’re hungry. I’m not trying to have a go at you here as I am a lifter also. How old are you?

      1. Better live only 40-50 years as a strong guy than live from 50 to 75 years as a shriveled feeble wrinkled old man. Past 50 there really isn’t much to live for.

        1. Why not both? You can be a strong lifelong lifter without going into puff-up, protein shake, stare-in-the-mirror mode. I’m doing it. Granted my strength gains are glacially slow but I feel great and I am not feeble at all. Your take is too extreme.

      2. 41… 6’4″, 230 lbs apx. 10-13% body fat (varies). The reason I say it’s useless for instance (or very vague at best), is I just entered my stats in an online BMI calculator, and it has me 1 point away from being obese !! Shit, I look thin compared to many guys in the gym where I go, as I’m an ectomorph who busted ass for years to put on muscle. But here is the ACTUAL issue. Body type (skeletal shape). If it accounted for being endomorph, mesomorph, or ectomorph, then MBI would be useful, but it does not. For instance, and endomorph with a 23 BMI, would in many cases be bone thin. Healthier? Marginally.

        1. I’m nearly ‘obese’ myself. I think you’re saying that you’re in shape (true) and the BMI doesn’t reflect that (true). But the BMI is not about 100% accurate assessment of everyone, especially outliers like you. It’s an overall, widespread predictor of longevity. In that regard, it’s valuable and that’s why it’s still around. It was invented 200 years ago, I believe. A guy can be 6’0′ 275lbs with 4% bodyfat. This doesn’t mean he’s destined to live long. How many beefy, powerlifting meatheads do you seen in their eighties? Not many. Lean bodies last longer. It doesn’t mean they’re necessarily more fit during the main part of life.

  14. I take anything obesity related with a grain of salt.
    Maybe it’s the fact that I’m constantly bombarded by inconsistent messages – on the one hand, obesity is an epidemic health crisis that must be addressed immediately to avoid apocalypse, but on the other hand, we can’t fat shame people and plus size models should be celebrated – but whatever it is, whenever this topic comes up, my bullshit meter starts to peg off the charts.
    Regarding obesity as an epidemic, we need to consider a few things that aren’t often mentioned:
    First, BMI is now the standard by which obesity is judged, and BMI is a stupid standard. The last time I visited my doctor, she told me I was borderline obese based on my BMI. Most people describe me as muscular, because I have been lifting hard for nearly 25 years. What no one, except this retarded medical professional, have ever described me as is obese. When your definition encompasses people like me who are nowhere near obese, there is a problem with your definition.
    Second, the BMI standards haven’t always been the same, and in fact they change all the time.
    For a short example of the variance just since 1980, check out wikipedia:
    In 1985, a BMI of 27.8 was considered the start of “overweight” for men, but now it’s set at 25. It’s not a surprise that when you lower the standard, more people will fall into the obese category. In 1980 men in the US actually had average BMIs of 25.46, which was well within the range of normal weight at the time. Today these “average” men are all overweight, not because they got fatter, but because some nanny-state bureaucrat shifted the standard.
    Third, you see more fat fucks around, but in my short lifetime, the population of the Earth has nearly doubled. Wrap your mind around what that means in terms of the sheer volume of people you see before you start trying to make judgements about what any particular portion of them being pigs should mean.
    Fourth, do we really even see more fat pigs? There is this popular misconception that obesity was rare or nonexistant in previous times. If you google old pictures, and really look at them, you will notice plenty of people that are carrying extra weight. Sure, you don’t often see “obesity,” but does that mean it wasn’t there, or that it wasn’t viewed as worthy of a photograph? Remember, 100 years ago, we had a president who was so fat that he got stuck in his bathtub. In the 1960’s, data showed that 15% of the population was obese with another 30% overweight. We constantly hear about how today 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight or obese. Had similar messaging been employed in the 1960’s the message would have been “1 in 2 Americans is overweight or obese.” Sure, we’re trending upwards, but see the point about shifting BMI standards above.
    Fifth, there are numerous examples of public policy debates where the science is far from settled, and this is one of them. One study says obesity is a health risk for all kinds of shit, while the next says actually, obese people aren’t at increased risk at all. All of this is built on a foundation of nutrition science, which is also far from reliable or consistent.
    And fundamentally, remember that any call to address the obesity epidemic is an implicit ask for more government control over your daily life. How else are we going to “address” this problem if we’re not allowed to fat shame? If you’re happy having Nanny Bloomberg tell you what size soda you can drink, or having other corporate-purchased elected officials telling you what kind of fat your food can contain, or what size serving is allowed to land on your plate, then yes, buy into the notion that we need to “do something” about obesity. Me, I’m not having it. If you want to be a worthless fat fuck, so be it. Own it. I am not fat, and I think you’re disgusting, but I don’t give a damn if we do something about it. Nature has a way of weeding out the undesirables. That has worked for millions of years. I’ll trust it to keep working in the future before I’ll trust Michelle Obama to design a healthy meal for my kids.
    Bottom line, whenever you hear something about obesity, turn your skepticism meter up to 11.

    1. waist to height ratio is a better gauge of overweight. You can’t fool it like you can BMI. If your waist is more than 50% of your height, it’s probably time to lose weight.

      1. That’s probably pretty accurate. Under that standard, I would be fine.
        I am not exaggerating when I say that I have seen people under this standard who would best be described as “circular.”
        One potential problem would be some of these land whales that carry fat in unusual places, like legs, arms, etc… But that’s probably an easy exception.:
        First, check height to weight ratio.
        Second, if no problem, check for visible fat on the appendages.
        Violation of standard at either step leads to the conclusion that you need to lose weight.

      2. Another good indicator would be to put a bag over her head and see if she passes the boner test.

    2. In the days of yore (>200 years back) the only fat people were aristocrats and nobility. Peasants, smiths and other workers had no opportunity to get fat. Second, as someone else said, waist size is a better indicator. Fat, specially abdominal fat is really serious health issue. The less the better for number of reasons that are elegantly put in this link
      Besides it’s pretty obvious that being fat is a handicap, whether at work (less energy levels normally, greater healthcare costs on average, less respect from your peers), in your sentimental life (you are playing the game in hardcore mode) as well as in your physique (unable to do a pullup to save your life).

      1. “In the days of yore (>200 years back) the only fat people were
        aristocrats and nobility. Peasants, smiths and other workers had no
        opportunity to get fat.”
        Not true.
        Obesity has been widely recognized as a medical disorder for thousands of years. See, for example:
        If it was just the nobility getting fat, it would not have been classified as a disorder, nor would it have been worth of study.
        Moreover, there are countless anecdotal examples of obese peasants and workers throughout history. Hell, the earliest carved representations of women depict obese women!
        Again, I take no issue with the idea that it is desirable to avoid obesity. But I am not going to listen to calls for the government to intervene on this issue. I can think of few areas where government intervention would be more personally offensive than what I put onto my plate. And, as the government has a pretty disastrous record of getting anything right, I am puzzled why so many people who otherwise claim how “conservative” or “libertarian” they are so quickly jump on this particular bandwagon, which is neither conservative, nor libertarian.

        1. Part of me wants to say, “Let the fat fucks die, there will be more room on the subway.” But then I remember that through the current health system, I’m basically paying for the fatties to stay alive through medicine.

        2. True, but again, how’s that getting government involved in fixing people’s personal problems working out?

        3. As always, terribly.
          Like with many of the so called mommy state initiatives it’s an utter failure. Sadly, the ship has sailed until it’s overturned via popular vote but too many people love sucking the government tit

        4. You’re also paying for the smokers’ emphysema and lung cancer, the drunks’ cirrhosis, etc. If you’re going to punish one segment of the population for bad behavior, why not all?

        5. Fat cells are little estrogen factories. As a man it is incredibly undesirable to be fat. Also, as far as I know it is a scientific fact that fat people suffer from increased blood pressure. Other than that I’m not sure whether the health argument withstands scrutiny. Aesthetically it is unsightly.

        6. Actually, in most of the western world and places that have socialist healthcare, tobacco/alcohol is taxed to such an extent that governments actually profit many times over and above what it costs to treat the related diseases. So actually you are wrong, smokers are paying for everyone elses healthcare lol.

        7. The thing you can’t get past is this: smoking and drinking have direct effects upon others who don’t choose to participate in the activity (second hand smoke, stinking rooms, cars, etc. and DUI, DWI, abusive alcoholics, fetal alcohol syndrome, etc.), whereas I am once again obligated to point out that someone having an extra portion of mashed potatoes is far less likely to have a direct, negative physical consequence attached to that activity, so tobacco and alcohol taxes have to pay for things other than just the users’ issues.

        8. Actually, I do agree we should punish all for bad behavior. If they want to consume poison despite the warnings than there shouldn’t be exceptions.

    3. So you’re saying the obesity epidemic is being overstated? Have you ever left your house?
      “If you want to be a worthless fat fuck, so be it. Own it.”
      I wish it were that simple. “To each their own” but the fact is that we are all on the hook for the healthcare of these slobs. They might as well be a family member. You pay for that fat ass’s heart transplant these days. Don’t forget that.

      1. How does getting the government more involved fix the problem created by them being involved in the first place. And yes, I do believe this “epidemic” is bullshit.

        1. If you think the obesity epidemic is bullshit than you either live in the South Bay in LA or you are agoraphobic.

        2. We’ve gotten so soft as a society, even our epidemics are wimpier. Back in 1918, there was the Spanish flu pandemic, which wiped out millions and those who survived were the toughest. Now, we have, what, the Snack Cake Catastrophe of the 2010s? How do we explain our “survival” to our grandchildren? “Well, it was tough for a while; so many fat asses were buying the Hostess brands, we had to settle for generic.”

  15. MSG is the culprit. Ingested MSG causes raised blood levels of glutamic acid and this free glutamic acid increases insulin levels in the body.
    MSG is ‘hidden’ in most processed foods. Many people ingested daily.

  16. This is also the reason that women who aren’t fat have such an inflated sense of self worth. Shooting from the hip, a solid 50-75% of women have brought their SMV to 0 because of fat. That makes the remaining women all that much rarer, increasing their SMV dramatically. And hence, we have the 5 who thinks she’s an 11 strutting around. It’s as if an entire generation (or generations) of women has committed SMV suicide. And we wonder why game and incredible heroics are necessary to find a woman today; so many of them are simply gone from universe of consideration for men.

    1. You sir are 100% correct. On a related but somewhat tangential note, I make it a point to examine the faces of young women who are packing too many pounds. The majority of them would be attractive and certainly bangable if they lost the gut baggage. I’m talking 7-8 faces on 0-2 bodies. It’s disgraceful and an embarrassment to our society, and the overlords wonder why fertility and marriage rates are plummeting. Take
      One look at all the chunks out there and then tell me
      You don’t know why men won’t get married or reproduce.

      1. A lot of women in their early twenties are walking around with way too much jelly in their asses, so they become fully bloated pigs by 30.

        1. It’s earlier than that, imo. I guess it depends on the location. Your comment could have been made in 1995. I’m seeing so many teenagers just overrun with fat.

        2. Even at my 7th grade daughter’s orientation the other night. Over half the girls in her homeroom class were overweight to obese. Hell the teacher, and most of the other parents also fit that description.

        3. My buddy’s 24 year old girlfriend exploded in the span of 2 years. Now she is unwatchable in a bikini. Sad.

        4. Yeah, at age 24 I was TRYING to gain weight. Eating like a pig (all food welcome), hitting the can 5-7 times a day (not cool) and I couldn’t gain weight. You have to wonder how deeply dedicated they are to consuming what must be extraordinary amounts of sugar while specifically avoiding any physical pastimes, most of which are very fun. But, sorry can’t do it. Can’t hike, can’t swim. Gotta stay at two bills to keep my feminist creds updated.
          I think that on a subconscious level, these beasts have made the connection between “thin woman=happy man” and their feminist tribal war instinct goes into battle mode. In this case meaning “Get fat. Be a good feminist and eat your ice cream and DO NOT give him what he wants.” Since feminists have gotten every single thing they’ve ever asked for (even insane future dystopia rape culture fantasy play) they have moved on to this version of feminism.
          Feminism=making men as unhappy as women are.
          So, ‘nom, nom, nom’ it is then, since thin women=happy men and a happy man is unacceptable to them. If anyone else can do a better job of explaining how 50% of kids (25 and under) can be 30-200 pounds overweight then please feel free to do so. It seems nearly impossible given youth metabolism and the simple fact of not having the money for that amount of food. So they are pulling off something nearly impossible. That’s how dedicated they are. Now factor in the sugar nausea, bloating, constant sugar gas, constant flow of feces, joint soreness, shortness of breath, cutting 20-50 years off their life expectancy. They will undergo all of that to make sure men aren’t happy. Know your enemy.

        5. Dude I’m 28 and only now can I barely maintain weight nevermind get fat.
          It’s an effort of eating for me to keep 190 pounds on my frame…
          I have no sympathy for people who suffer from obesity… Especially at that level… The only way to get fat like that is to constantly eat sugary foods, completely forget about physical activity, and drink lots and lots of beer. Homer Simpson was not supposed to be a role model.

      2. Yup. But it will always be “Man Up!” People almost never make the connection between obesity and men staying single. They will acknowledge the rampant obesity but when it comes to a post 30 single man, it’s all whispers of “What’s wrong with him?” The connection is never made.

    2. “And hence, we have the 5 who thinks she’s an 11 strutting around. It’s as if an entire generation (or generations) of women has committed SMV suicide. And we wonder why game and incredible heroics are necessary to find a woman today; so many of them are simply gone from universe of consideration for men.”
      Spot on, man.

    3. “a solid 50-75% of women have brought their SMV to 0 because of fat.”
      I disagree. Even hambeasts still get attention, not from apex alpha’s, no, but male attention nonetheless. Their SMV isn’t zero, since they still have suitors. There are some incredibly thirsty guys out there, and it makes me sick just to see what some guys are willing to put up with. If you ask me, peak thirst is yet to come.

      1. You couldn’t be more right. I see some incredibly fat and misshapen women who seem to have no problem getting boyfriends or husbands. And some have a very young child or children in tow. So there are actually guys out there that are willing and able to do the wild thing with these chicks. These are women I wouldn’t touch if they were the last one on earth. So wtf is wrong with the guys willing to mate and date with these extreme fatties? It almost goes beyond being simply “desperate.”

        1. Agree, I’d say @ this point, there might be only 10% of the U.S. chick population that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with

        2. Whenever I see an obese mom with a young child, I almost throw up thinking: “Someone actually fucked this landwhale?”

      2. Yeah. I’ve seen absolute planets of fat walking around with thin, silenced neckbeards. The fat girls are always braying loudly and you can tell that the neckbeard must have some kind of real-time sub/dom fetish stuff going on. I think beautfiul female bodies are just things on the internet to them. Like Maserati’s or Bugatti’s. Just things not accessible to normal people, so they forget it. Their attraction sensors have shifted into seeking out fat dominatrixes. Male sexuality will shift if it has to.

        1. Yeah. The older I get the more I see the rationale behind the world’s oldest profession. In Asia, the hottest young tail goes to the 50 and ups who have all the cash. In America, the hottest tail is in high school (pre-fat) and is reserved for 17 year old whiggers pretending to be gangsters. So stupid. So backwards.

      3. The thirst is real man.
        These dudes with very unhealthy and overweight women enjoy the fact that their women are so depressed and unattractive. They know they don’t have to compete with as many alpha guys.

    4. By simply staying thin a woman can increase her market value by a huge amount. The West has become so fat that even a woman in her 40s who is in shape will be able to attract younger guys.

      1. Exactly. If your only choices are a slender, toned, well-maintained 44 year old or her 20 year old obese slob of a daughter, guess who gets picked nearly every time.

        1. That’s the thing women want to be seen as attractive they just don’t want to have to put the work in to do it. With modern cosmetics and so many fat women it’s never been so easy for women to make themselves attractive but most still can’t.

        2. I thought you were schizophrenic here until I noticed the spelling.
          I agree all around. The manosphere often likes to go all ‘neener, neener’ to “Post 40, forgotten cat women”….But not if they are willing to go hiking a few times a week and keep the ice cream consumption down to less than a pound a week. Then they slay their competition and have their pick. I dated a semi-fat (20 pounds overweight, not a lot) girl in the Northwest. I left but kept in touch with her. She was 40 and childless and her rack aged well. She had her pick of men, all the way down into their twenties. She broke some 24 year old dude’s heart so bad
          that she had to contemplate a restraining order. She was 5’7” and about a buck sixty with a nice rack and she owned clubs.

        3. My spelling and grammar is often bad because I hate writing on smart phones and often rush my posts. I agree I know plenty of women in their 40s stringing younger guys along but they actually stay in shape and often have more pleasant personalities.

        4. No I meant the other guy is ‘Raphael’ and you are ‘Rafael’. It took me a second to understand what was happening.

      2. Man, you’re fucking right. I’ve even compared older, fit women to the younger fat ones.

    5. ” so many of them are simply gone from universe of consideration for men.”
      I disagree.. Those cows are still being fucked by the thirsty betas.. A lot of men have actually already been brain washed into thinking that’s not only OK, but commended.

      1. Yes. The sanctimony of men who date planetary-fat women will soon be acknowledged full throttle. Harvard will probably start checking prom photos as part of the hyper competitive admissions. Show up with a fat-planet and your moral supremacy will be lauded. It’s coming.

    6. “It’s as if an entire generation (or generations) of women has committed SMV suicide.”
      Poetry, bruh.

      1. It’s tragic. Not only are they doing it voluntarily, they are also rationalizing why they’re still ‘beautiful’ and trying to force them to accept obese as the new beauty standard.

        1. Hostility is driving it, imo. They know men want long-haired, healthy women. “Well fuck you then,” as they get sheared in the stylist’s chair, double fisting Butterfingers. So, Lena Dunham is like a walking, talking, sugar-farting human version of the middle finger to men. Short hair and a commitment to trucking around 50 pounds of lard.

    7. All you have to do is “disqualify” these types of women. I’ll usually tell them something like they are too young, too short, not my type, etc….it brings them back to earth very quickly.
      It’s even easier on a good looking woman because many of them have self esteem issues from the start. Men, don’t let these women float around thinking they have a choice. Bring them down to earth with a little reality….Hey, you’re too short for me, sweet heart, sorry.
      Just watch the reaction after you disqualify one of them…it’s gold.

  17. Eat right ( lots of fish, meat, veggies and fruit. can the dairy, grains, processed junk, and sugars), lift weights, and every thing will sort itself out. Not everyone can possess the body of a Norse God, but everyone can try. There is no excuse for being a blob today.
    We also have to take it consideration the tons of salts, sugars, preservatives and other poisons pumped into foods by farmers, corporations, and manufacturers with a wink and a nod from our governments. We are a long way off the dream of an ubermensch race at this point. Dear Lord, strike down our treasonous, soulless elites!

    1. Actually, dont eat fish- the ocean is pretty toxic.
      Sardines and anchovies are good(and good for you)- for now.

      1. I think we (in Ireland) have pretty clean waters, and we get a lot of our better fish from the Atlantic. I could never give up my weekly samon and smoked cod.

        1. A lot of fish now is farm-raised in hatcheries as well, unless the package specifies “WILD CAUGHT”. Also @disqus_ELMd03Uvpt:disqus

    2. the ancients created their gods in the image of the perfect man then tried to achieve it themselves to become closer, sadly that desire no longer exists

  18. Honestly, you rarely see a morbidly obese person in the nyc tri-state area- am I living in a non fatty bubble?
    Also- paging Going Sane.
    Your assignment- a poem about high fructose corn syrup.

    1. Maybe not morbidly obese, probably because a lot of people walk all the time, but like at least half the population is still overweight in NYC. Compared to Montreal, for example, NYC is a tsunami of blubber.

      1. oh yeah, sure- plenty of out of shape/fat people, but morbidly obese is rare around here…where do those people live?

    2. Really bad shit, and in every can of crap at the stupormarket. Why? Because the fed-gov subsidizes HFCS. Read government subsidized obesity.

    3. “We are starving for attention
      That one more Facebook mention
      From our friends who only live inside our head
      Though it really isn’t far
      We find we’re breathing hard
      Walking ten feet from the PC to our bed
      Who is to blame? We will find someone
      As we wipe our cheeks of stale crumbs
      Drink a liter Dr. Pepper in one swig
      Got our Pringles by the nightstand
      Got some Pepsi and a canned ham
      Though we’re starting to feel kinship to the pig
      Got an Easter chocolate bunny
      Got Little Debbie (She makes our pee-pee feel funny)
      We’re not fat but our bones have grown too big
      We have words to claim our beauty
      And we shall strive to do our duty
      To eat High Fructose Corn Syrup by the pound
      But we’ll happily perspire
      Just to stack our pancakes higher
      Lumb’ring closer to six feet under ground”

      1. LOL!
        You are, hands down, my favorite new(ish) poster.
        You kick ass via kung fu(or whatever discipline you practice) and these poems…

        1. I appreciate that.
          Way I see it, it’s something I can do to try and draw more views to the site and get the message out, maybe not much, but it’s a start.

  19. Whats more dangerous is the plus size model concept which aims to make overweight the new normal..
    Slowly but surely they are shifting the goal posts. Watch what happens with the next generation of men, I bet they on average will find fatter more attractive than what our generations are willing to tolerate.

    1. Unless they go to another country and see their slim, feminine women. That’s under the assumption that these guys will fit through the door on the airplane.

      1. ” That’s under the assumption that these guys will fit through the door on the airplane.”
        Or under the assumption that men do not get banned from traveling to other countries with slender feminine women.

      2. ” That’s under the assumption that these guys will fit through the door on the airplane.”
        Or under the assumption that men do not get banned from traveling to other countries with slender feminine women.

        1. It’s funny you mention they ban men from leaving the feminists. What ever happened to, “I don’t need no man.”? If that is the case, then why would they care if men leave and travel to another country for cuter women?

        1. Spending time in Cannes at the moment. If you don’t see them at first, you will hear them coming.

  20. The problem with such a critical mass of fat chicks; the chicks that are attractive and a reasonable weight and body composition think they are Goddesses….so we have hundreds, thousands of men chasing after a dozen women. POF is the best example of this….it’s basically 90% fat pigs and 10% passable women…..they get a million hits and inflated egos…they carry those egos into the real world too.
    Both sexes would get along a lot more if people were thin like in the 1950s. I have a visceral hatred for fat chicks due to the scourge called online dating…

  21. Frankly, I’ve always felt, as an American, that if I could somehow get a megaphone and every fatass in the country in one room, I could cure the obesity epidemic in a year’s time.
    But fantasy is of course, just fantasy.

    1. I fantasize about a cheerleader squad tonguing my nuts and you fantasize about . . . this. I guess that shows where our priorities are.

        1. I do, too–it’s just that I care more if they’re hot chicks who wear skimpy clothing and perform a good weenie kiss.

  22. Psychiatric drugs are a large part of the problem.
    Most of them cause weight gain as a side effect,
    and many are very hard to disengage from once begun.
    And most kids today are drugged in school, particularly boys.
    SSRI’s are worst, and are connected with many of the recent mass shooting events.
    I suspect most of the third wave feminists and their ilk are psychiatric patients. Psychiatry > obesity & insanity. Before I would hire or elect someone,
    I would want to know for certain, that they are not taking psychiatric medication.

  23. For me it just makes things easier to determine which female is worthy of my time and effort. If you are overweight or obese you are invisible to me. I don’t even look at you or acknowledge you in public. Many times I have heard fat women say, “Men act like I’m not even there”. Well Cupcake, it’s because you failed the boner test miserably and men have zero interest in you.
    If I look at an extended relationship with a woman I also try to see what mom & dad look like. If the girl in young and attractive but mom is a beast, it is likely she will follow the same path whether it’s by habits or genetics. I know sjw’s and fatties will say that is un-fair and cruel to judge someone that way but hey, it’s my life and I get to choose what I like and don’t like so you can roll your opinion up in a tiny little ball and stick it up your fat ass.
    Also, brings up another observation. Notice how many homilies and fatties dye their hair, have tats, piercings, or dress wacked out? It’s likely because they need attention and they don’t get any attention as a porker.

  24. If someone has a few extra minutes… could you elaborate on why dairy/wheat is bad?
    I’m not disagreeing, just generally curious as I’ve been weight training for ten years now, and plain oatmeal (cooked with 1% milk) and bananas thrown in has been a staple of my diet. I eat at least two bowls a day and it’s never seemed to add any weight. I always assumed with the milk thrown in, it was a great source of fiber/protein.
    Any articles or websites where I could research the topic would be greatly appreciated.

    1. go to dr perlmutter for detailed info on why grain is bad, although the only carbs i eat are oats (but i lift) – or marks daily apple is a good site too

      1. Mark’s Daily Apple, Hyperlipid, and Tom Naughton’s “Fat Head” blog are good online resources.
        If you’ve got a bit of cash, go with “Wheat Belly”, “The Big Fat Surprise”, or “Good Calories, Bad Calories”.
        If you’re deeply interested at a scientific level, “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” is a century old text by an excellent researcher into the field. HEAVY TOME WARNING.

    2. Keep your blood glucose levels steady and not spikes and dips. Carbs causes the peaks and drops in your blood glucose levels. Oatmeal is mostly starch and spikes blood glucose levels which triggers insulin release. Insulin stores fat. Once insulin kicks in, blood glucose drops and you feel hungry. You eat more high carb foods and glucose spikes again and repeat the cycle. That’s how most people get fat.
      Plus, when you feel hungry, you feel tired and don’t want to work out.

    3. IT’S THE WHEAT DONTCHA KNOW!! Yes, the demon wheat. It has nothing to do with stuffing your face with hundreds and thousands more calories then you need per day. Also portions are insane.
      Take note that you work out which is why you are in shape. Keep doing what you are doing and ignore the wheat excuse.

      1. Dude, what’s with your love of bread? I HATE bread. Well, wait . . . that’s not entirely true; I have a fondness for hot dog buns. I drop a foot long into one (OK, 7 1/2 inches) as a snack for my girlfriend/escort/masseuse.

    4. In a nutshell, wheat does the following things:
      – spikes your insulin levels, resulting in higher fat storage
      – inhibits your leptin response, making it harder to feel full (thus, more calories)
      – absorbs a portion of the vitamins you intake, so that you crap them out
      – damages your cilia, resulting in gluten intolerance and/or caeliac.
      More importantly, many grains (and sugars) appear to spike your insulin at a ridiculous rate. Insulin triggers the cells to consume fewer calories and store more fat, but there comes a time when the calories are gone and the insulin is still high. This makes you lethargic and hungry, which encourages you to eat more than you physically need.
      Dairy is a bit more ambiguous. Some studies suggest it might cause problems, while others suggest those studies are misleading. Personally, I don’t worry about it. What I will say, though, is you should switch to whole milk, because they add sugars to reduced fat milks to keep them palatable.

  25. Saw an excellent quote regarding obesity the other day.
    “Fat shaming hurts, but fat pride kills.”

  26. I just went to a local B.B.Q joint down the street. Over half the people there were morbidly obese. Thats the case wherever I go to a restaraunt now. Everyone is now obese. I asked myself the question a year ago and i just watched some documentaries and it all fell into place. Theres more money to be made off of addicts than healthy people.Whittle away their self esteem down to nothing and you have a docile, dumb and defeated society and the corporations get away with whatever they want.
    Why else do you think they’re letting illegals come over the border en masse? IF they do get caught by homeland security.They treat these criminals with kid gloves give them some bottled water and process them from bullshit i.d’s only to return again and again till they make into a sanctuary city and they’re in. These workers are taking the place of a deficit in labor that’s been created in concert with the all the branches of government and their sub branches. The F.D.A makes millions off of poisoning its own people with dangerous and deadly drugs.The E.P.A looks the other way when it comes to toxic spills and toxic household products that feminize young boys with estrogen mimikers. The schools dole out obesity in the form of their malnutricous lunch program. Our food has been enginnered to create food addiction to high fructose corn syrup. Big agra corporations like Con Agra ,Monsanto and like epicyte are nothing more than birth control/ birth defects factories.
    If you spend even the smallest amount of time putting the pieces’s perfectly clear that we are being culled. Nothing else can explain this concerted conspiracy against the American people. Look into it and you’ll see.

    1. and don’t forget big pharma selling billions of anti depressants and the psychologist industry etc, its all about money.
      fatness creates docile, compliant, passive sheep.
      motivation drops and you stop taking risks thereby reducing entrepreneurs and increasing the multinationals grip on society.

      1. Passive ignorant sheep.hence open borders and dystopian multiculturalism where everyone consumes and treats the shopping mall like its the place to go on the weekends to buy more useless,poisonous shit. I went to the mall last weekend with my girlfriend .I would have thought it was christmas time considering the parking lot and mall was packed with obese dumb consumers.

    2. If we didn’t have illegals working the plantation, we would pay $20 for a pound of tomatoes… you’re right. It’s a silent understanding going on here.

        1. As long as they’re white. Mestizos are fat and fugly and chinks are fugly looking monkeys.Flippos are even worse and hardly look human, more monkey I’d say.Africans don’t count because they’re not even human and there’s a ban on exotic pets.

      1. If we didn’t have illegals working in construction and other trades, guys who do that wouldn’t still be making teh same or similar hourly wage they made in 1985.
        By the way, it should be noted that $15 back then was roughly equivalent to $40 now. Maybe more like $50.
        Wage destruction, off shoring, out sourcing, H1B programs (incidentally FB founder Zuckerschmuk is lobbying hard for a 3x increase in H1b’s for American Tech jobs — why do you still have a FB account?) have combined to bring down America’s once formidable middle class.
        This process has been guided along by politicians and presidents from both parties since at least LBJ — with his ‘great society’ and new open borders programs -radically changing US immigration laws in 1965.
        The media marches in lock step and attacks anyone who asks why.
        I like Trump’s answer, found right here:
        Key Points:
        1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.
        2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.
        3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.
        And to those I say: FUCK YEAH!

  27. “Huell was a great and funny Breaking Bad character but he probably died of diabetes five minutes after Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez left him in the safe house.”
    “Diabetes” is a useless term. I have type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune condition unrelated to lifestyle, and get frustrated at having to constantly educate people on the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

    1. That shit is what killed a family member of mine. Got diagnosed when he was 13, and lived with it for 30 years, getting all sorts of medical prodding and poking and living in painful misery.

    2. Yes, infantile diabetes.And btw, a sign of diabetes is weight Loss.As a med student 40 years ago type2 wasn’t even taught it was so uncommon and the primary cause is obesity.Even compared to the 1980’s there is 10x more of it today.

  28. Let Darwinism take its course. Want to destroy your life with obesity? Go right ahead. We are overpopulated anyways. We have too many old people alive that shouldn’t be. No couple should have no more than 2 children. Just a typical SJW that needs to worry about themselves.

    1. You want a dog eats dog world? That’s what Darwinism is in short, but don’t worry, something like that is coming soon.

  29. If there is to be a “war on obesity” the obvious first target is any Government subsidies towards HFCS, and/or the sugar producing industry. Farmers will diversify to other crops if they are forced to.

    1. Actually, it’s the subsidies for the corn industry and restrictions on both the sugar industry and sugar imports that’s to blame for HFCS.

      1. No disagreement here. (I know that HFCS is made from corn:)
        However, just going back to subsidising sugar would not solve the problem I think.

      2. And why is fructose harmful? it’s just fruit sugar. Besides, if you don’t like it buy something else, it’s not in everything. In fact, manufacturers know it has a bad reputation regardless of if there’s any scientific reason for it, and are now using regular old cane sugar in products and advertise them as such. What makes you think other sugar is better? The cheap world price sugar is likely beet sugar, cane sugar is better.

    2. I don;t know about you all, but where I live, when you go in a government office, be it local, state, or federal, it looks like a pod of whales alighted in cubes and behind counters.
      70% female, and 90% obese. That’s a government office around here.

  30. I wonder how much the “dying before you retire” savings of obesity will compare to the “extra medical costs of obesity”. If there’s one thing that can save social security, it’s having half of a generation of geezers die on their 65th birthday after paying into the system all their lives.

    1. But medical technology is racing along too, keeping these people stented up, with new hearts, vascular surgeries, 3D printed organs upcoming. All on your dime too.

      1. You owe it to the Boomers ‘the greatest Generation© ‘
        Everything you have today you owe to them. You’re just jealous because you can never equal them, and because you can’t get any pussy and have blue balls.

    2. Did you know that Millenials will have a shorter life expectancy than Boomers? Well, keep your nose to the grindstone and keep paying those SS taxes ‘cos they don’t look like they’re going anywhere soon and will be pretty much emptying the coffers and voted themselves even more stuff like cruises for their health and Japanese massage girls for their old muscles

  31. The answer to curing the obesity epidemic is NOT through autocratic confiscatory measures nor through enabling memes or other self empowerment tropes.
    The answer lies in the self restraint that comes with PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.
    This is the endemic psychological problem for too many US citizens: The belief that someone else or society itself can solve a problem that the individual causes him or herself. This is no different than the victimization mentality, or the belief that someone else or society itself is responsible for a problem that a male or female causes for themselves.
    These fatties (female AND male) are simply waiting for a miracle pill to be approved by the FDA that will help them shed the pounds they want to lose through no serious and sustained effort of their own. This is the end result of pushing for laws, social beliefs and so forth that have as a common denominator a dependency mind-state or entitlement perspective. In layman’s terms, our society has bred a nation of lotophages that prefer to let the hard work that comes with individuality and the critical thinking that comes with informed reason be outsourced to others who would position themselves as their caretakers. When you have people who already look to big government as the source of their rights and the means of their revenge, or big pharma as the means of their well-being, it’s easy to see why some others would also look to the government as the means of their survival itself.
    It’s no coincidence that in a country where free speech is being marginalized having access to weight loss programs that are being paid for by the taxpayer and offered as a substitute to exercise (through obamacare for example) or as a substitute for common sense (birth control through medicaid as another example) is being prioritized. Why would people choose to take their success, their health, their very personal responsibility into their own hands when the government itself offers to do it for you, and uses big pharma to sedate you (through medicaid and obamacare itself) and placate you so you won’t change your mind? To keep you from exercising personal responsibility. A country that has a larger and larger government is a country with a proportionally smaller and smaller freedom base. It’s a zero sum gain.
    Make no mistake, the goal of the progressive movement is to bring canada style oppressive laws here to the US using whatever means possible, including hate crimes against fat shaming. The homosexual/abortion movement has helped them greatly in their fascist endeavors, and pretty soon corpulent americans will join the list of “victim demographics” the more they increase as a statistic. It will be considered a crime to call someone “fat” because of the legal protections they would have. The pc term for it has already come about: SIZEISM aka discriminating against someone bigger than you. (google it) You’ve got a london feminst Dr already calling for laws against fat shaming…which can easily be used to jail guys like Roosh and many others. It’s coming, it’s just a question of when and where first.
    Michael Bloomberg is an example of the government (futilely) trying to regulate the equality of ends by trying to legislate obesity away. He banned soft drinks of a certain size in NY (among other things) and the prog initiative failed miserably to make even a squishy dent in the problem of NY obesity.
    On the individual level you have female fatties (i use the word “female” loosely here) who use these self help memes and beta enabling by male friends as a means of coping with the unhappiness within their lives and the depression it tends to breed. Excessive weight on a female looks unseemly no matter how much cosmetic application is applied in order to camouflage the truth. Even these so called plus sized models who look passable thanks to all the airbrushing, cosmetic touches and so forth tend to feel self revulsion whenever they go home and look at themselves at the mirror as they really are, before or after a shower. They hide their true selves away from the gaze of Men in order to keep the mirage of beauty even if it is artificially maintained, because it’s their means of coping with their unhappiness. This is no less true for regular models as well, since they are also emotionally susceptible females. Google how Jennifer Lopez or Tyra Banks really look without make up and you will come to see why not everything that glitters on a female is actually golden.
    These laws all have the same function of being exceptional tools to be used against political opponents…and recent history shows those opponents tend to be on the right, white, and heterosexually male.

    1. What you say is true for the most part, yes it is the people choosing to eat over and over gain when they are not even hungry. But the foods being served to the people and what is allowed to be sold in the name of greed is almost as guilty.

      1. Problem is even if you decide and want to eat healthy it will cost you. Eating healthy is very expensive. I drop 60-80 bux every time I go to Whole Foods. And I do that at least twice a week. Add the lunches and you get close to maybe 800 dollars a month for one person… Healthy food is expensive and requires preparation effort too.. So it’s a double whammy. The alternative is two Big Mac meals a day, of course wash it down with diet coke… So it’s not that simple, I think…

        1. But in the end you’ll save money. You save on medical bills, prescriptions, maybe even your life.

        2. Actually, now come to think of it, most obese people are on food stamps/welfare so they can only afford cheap junk food. Then they get sick and Obamacare pays their medical bills. So these beasts pay almost nothing. Just their quality of life and their health.

        3. All bullshit.You can eat well with even food stamps. A Professor years ago proved it.

        4. I buy only the high quality food and spend like 300 a month so I find 800 a bit unbelievable. What are you eating? Kobe beef for breakfast? lol
          And scan those receipts for food for the month and post them because I want to see what you’re eating or if you’re just full of shit like the other kids on here are.
          Go ahead, it’s anonymous.

        5. Grass fed rib eye stake comes by the piece at Whole Foods. If you eat anything but organic grass fed and grass finished (do you even know what that last one is?) meat, you’re eating garbage.. The marble fat is/must be yellow, not white.. That’s quality fat..Take a trip to WF and check out what I’m talking about, if you’re curious…This comes in one pound or so, and it’s $25 right there. It’s enough for two dinners. Do your math deep shit. Add fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and everything else that you might need…
          Forgot.. kerrigold grass fed butter (it’s yellow as well, and it’s best quality butter out there).. you blend that with your coffee.. Yes, I blend coffee and butter and I drink that. No sugar. It keeps me level all morning, no crash, no hunger.. Supplements? Protein powder, coconut oil? etc. Ah, the coffee.. If you want mold free coffee (you know all regular coffee contains mold due to how it’s harvested and stored, yes? mold goes to your brain and makes you stupid), it’ll cost you around $30 for same quantity you buy for $8 at Walmart. Should I continue?
          As I explained to your peanut brain, a trip to WF is at least $50 and I do 2/week in average. Is that $400/mo?
          Then add lunch which in average is $12-15 (unless you’re eating a sandwich, but even that runs you $7) that’s what? $240-300, yes? 400+300 = $700.
          Is that too much for you? Then go eat canned food from Aldi.

        6. A Professor proved???? lololol.. fucking communist professor proved how great is to be poor. And you listened to him, huh?
          Seriously, you have no idea what you are talking about kiddo.. I bet you never had a 200 grams stake for $100 in a restaurant in your whole life.
          Yes, people might think they’re eating well on food stamps because they’re feeling full, but they’re actually eating garbage.
          Sugar, preservatives, GMOs, pesticides, dyes and who knows what other chemicals… antibiotics filled cows and chicken that never left the cage and ate their own shit their whole life. I’m not making this last one up, btw. Dyor.
          Yeah, life must be great eating from the government trough. You have no clue what you are talking about. You also have no clue what rich people are eating. I’m not rich, just saying you have no comprehension the kind of quality food money can buy.

        7. Still not $800 a month unless you’re stuffing yourself and then you’ll be fat.
          I’ve been eating the best food and drinking the top wines before you were born, son. I realise that as a newb you think that you know something but this is all old hat to me.
          Oh, you’re including dining out, I see.
          Stop with your Irish Kerrygold nonsense because I’ve had every type of butter made and you can buy the high quality butters made right in the US.
          Coffee? I buy it where the actual green beans come in in sacks and the beans are roasted right there and then ground and sold, or you can grind them yourself.
          I may drink a Hacienda La Esmeralda at a $100 a lb or some Jamaican Blue mtn.Or some Tieguanyin tea at $1500 a lb.

        8. Stop the bullshit sonny. Professors are neither communists or nigtards like yourself. Why is it that you proles who apparently have never gone past community college always so jealous and ready to criticise erudite men?Some ghetto mama and her kids can eat well and like kings on foodstamps.

        9. It’s apparent to me that you are lower class so there’s no need to tell me you’re not rich.I am, as was my father and grandfather and I can always tell when someone is not one of us even when reading on the Net. In person it would take me 2 seconds just by looking at you.
          Every type of food is processed and those ‘free range’ chickens you newbs think are so good aren’t exactly roaming around fields like in Born Free.
          You newbs are so funny. You discovered something new and it’s all so fascinating to you but this is just ordinary to the cognoscenti.You’re even deluded enough to believe it’s healthier. lol

        10. “Oh, you’re including dining out, I see.”
          You’re retarded. Read again deep shit.
          “Coffee? I buy it where the actual green beans come in in sacks and the beans are roasted right there and then ground and sold, or you can grind them yourself.”
          You still don’t understand how mold comes to be, do you? You’re still buying mold by the sack. You can’t see mold.. Or maybe you think it must be the same as the one in your mama’s basement probably. I explained it to you. It’s how coffee is harvested and stored immediately after. It doesn’t matter it’s green. It’s a totally different process if you want mold free coffee. This process is followed in only a couple of places in South America. Your Hacienda is still mold ridden. Even the one at WF has mold in it.. The quality of the beans has nothing to do with what we’re talking about here. You are dumber than I thought.
          And let’s say you do all these things. If you don’t make it in a pour in cup and you’re using a regular coffee maker, you are still throwing money away..

        11. ” never gone past community college ”
          LOL. I forgot more than you will ever know.
          “Some ghetto mama and her kids can eat well and like kings on foodstamps.”
          Are you saying this with a straight face? Oh, man…You must be one of the erudites I envy.. Get the hell outta here.

        12. I am not rich. Compared with others. The high class that is. Meaning, I still work for my money. You are not there either. You’re still counting your pennies at the check out line. Explain to me how you’re buying coffee by the sack, drinking the best wine on a $300 budget, loser. Good wine is over $100. wtf? You either contradict yourself or you live in a different Universe. Stop deluding yourself. Logic must not be your strong trait.
          And fyi.. Do you know how to spot a really rich person? Few people know this: They never have keys on them 😉
          Bet you never knew that.

        13. Invisible mould is destroying with boiling.My high quality beans are also exposed to ionising radiation.I guess that I shouldn’t assume that you prole newbs know anything and just explain from the start. I make the mistake on the Net of thinking I’m dealing with normal men of quality and not the bottom half of society.

        14. I wasn’t including wine which I rarely buy. I’m still trying to drink up the 1200 bottles I have in my cellar before they are too old.Even Latour and Montrachet have limits.
          I don’t carry keys or money or credit cards.If there’s something I want I just tell the clerk to send it to my address with the bill and Jeeves pays them.

        15. “I don’t carry keys or money or credit cards.” After I told you that you come back with this shit.. You’re such a muppet..No more proof is needed.
          Here’s another tip for ya: Rich people never ever say they are rich or how much money they have.
          Dude, you’re not even the sharpest knife in the drawer.. Dementia settling in?

      2. That may be the case but you don’t blame the bullet for reaching its target, you blame the person that fired it.
        Meaning, if people exercised self restraint and discretion with regard to what they ingest, corps who basically market artificially sweetened garbage (aka most cereals) would either go bankrupt or offer healthy-healthier alternatives.
        The free market reacts to the desire of the consumer, both natural and unnatural, which means that if people keep buying crap to eat, corps will keep selling crap for them to eat in order to keep making that profit.

    2. Miracle pill for fat loss got to be kidding me.
      It’s a waste of scientific research, money and resources just like those reports on why homosexuals are born that way which are still all disapproved and unofficial.
      That’s what they mean about progress. Are you kidding me.
      Research should be done on life longevity, health education
      Many of these fat young folk should know when you damage your body beyond control something can break and there will be permananet damage done

  32. Fat people, if the shit hits the fan and food becomes short I’m goin to eat you first. You have been warned!! Get in shape or be a steak!

  33. Sorry, but the data used by the L.A. Times in making this observation:

    A tally by researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis estimated that 67.6 million Americans over the age of 25 were obese as of 2012, and an additional 65.2 million were overweight. Their count was based on data collected between 2007 and 2012 as part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, an ongoing study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    The NHANES data included information on height and weight, which are used to calculate a person’s body mass index. A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered normal. Someone with a BMI in the 25-to-29.9 range is considered overweight, and a BMI over 30 qualifies a person as obese.

    is bunk. BMI is absolute nonsense. Due to the simple fact that I’m an avid weightlifter my BMI is over 30 and, according to this “study”, I’m obese.
    I have less body fat now at 41 and 220 lbs than I did at 19 and 120 lbs. I look better, I’m in better shape and I feel better now than I did just outta high school.

  34. The obesity epidemic sucks, also sucks being lectured to lose weight. Mind your business, ya know. Also, obesity doesn’t lower life expectancy that much, but it may add to expenses later in life.

    1. Health risks or not, it’s a blight upon us. Obese people make me sick, friggin gluttons no longer look human. Sick sick sick, yuck.

    2. As long as you stay in your fat ghetto and I don’t see you you can eat yourself to death.And stay off the Fatmobile because you’ll break it. Those things are meant for the disabled not the lardarses.

  35. What annoys me is the fat acceptance more so than fat people. If people want to live a bad standard of life and kill themselves early because of their lifestyle that’s their choice, but they shouldn’t be praised for it and told they’re a “normal body weight”. Fat people should be told they’re ugly and unhealthy rather be protected by political correctness which is promoting obesity.

    1. I did touch on this before. Fat acceptance is a huge part of the feminine imperative. These pigs have to be fucked. They must be in order for the resource extraction from men to women to be able to continue. It’s all about the woman, as her SMV is all she’s got.. So, men have to be brain washed into believing it’s OK to ride these fat cows. You see? Make fun of a fat guy, and he will be “yeah, OK”. Do that with a woman and she goes batshit crazy. Looking at things through the RP lens makes it easy to understand what’s going on and why.

      1. Make fun of a fat guy and he’ll get pissed and ashamed and he’ll do things to change and improve so he won’t feel embarrassed. That’s the difference.

        1. Yeah, like that jew Jarad. Then after he lost weight and made a little money wanted to shag those 16 year olds he never got when he was that age. Now he’s going to the big house and will get fat again with the junk food from the vending machines lol You see, class and breeding always tells.

  36. I’m lucky to have genetics in my favor, but I find fatties quite gross. I swear to God, if I was fat/obese, I would either diet and exercise like a motherfucker, or I’d kill myself. I have way too much self-respect to be a landwhale. I don’t care if it IS the new normal. I could not reconcile being a tubs.

    1. Problem is this: Children are FAT. I’ve known a kid since he was 5 or so. By the time he was 16-17 he was almost 300lb. Fucking irresponsible parents to be blamed for.. Then the kid was 18-19 yo trying to lose weight, he even got his stomach stapled, starve himself to death, exercise etc.. So poor kid did everything he could because in this instance it was really none of his fault. He did lose some weight but overall he’s still overweight. The body is deformed, big bones, and tons of skin hanging.. Very sad.

    2. All kids your age are slim. Wait a few years until you’re fully developed. You may be taking that gaspipe then lol
      What did your ancestors look like let’s say going back 4-5 generations?

      1. wtf are you talking about, you gutless little punk? I am probably old enough to be your dad. Which you should wish I was. I would have taught you how to be a man instead of a bitch boy.

      2. Whoa… did I hit a nerve, tubby? Go back to your comfort food and leave us real men alone, bitch

  37. Every time I go to McDonald’s, or any fast food restaurant, and I see obese people buying food I want to throw up. These walking Lard buckets are so gross. How on earth did they allow themselves to reach such sizes! They see themselves everyday when they change clothes, and they can not tell themselves, what the hell is wrong with me!

    1. But they’re getting a ton of likes on their Fakebook and Instagrain selfies. What’s wrong with that? LOL!

      1. Watch them file for discrimination on phone and computer companies when they can’t type on the keys with their fat fingers.

      1. Bullshit. The lower classes are just the fuglier classes and that includes having a predisposition to ugly fat.They can probably control this a bit so that perhaps they’d only be semi-fugly with a lot of work but they’re also lazy and undisciplined too.For millennia men with assets have been taking all of the hot slim girls for themselves leaving you slugs at the bottom with Big Bertha. People have always divided themselves into classes and mated with someone within their class so the elites always reproduced with other elites and the slugs and Joe 6 packs got the fuglies . You can always tell what a man is by the wife or female he has.

      2. It’s actually cheaper to prepare your own meals than eating junk food at fast food chains

  38. Just make the decision to change. Check out the ROK article on 10 steps to stop being a fat ass. Make those small changes but be in it for the long game. I’ve cut way back on fast food and now I can readily tell the difference it makes. I feel like crap when I eat that stuff now.

  39. This is yet another example of The Setting West. Modern day Rome; modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Western Europe, North America and every other nation apart of the Progressive/Marxist world will tear themselves apart in due time. Most likely in our own lifetime.

  40. I don’t know about you guys, but if the Western world collapses and goes full mad Max; I’m creating a Tribe; I’ll lead the Cedrychians to lush lands where we will prosper. We’ll build tall walls with archers and burning oil to keep out the rabid hordes of roaming SJW’s and their ilk.
    Now accepting applicants to the great Cedrychian Tribe.

  41. The thing i find infuriating about all the narratives from the health gurus is that they still can’t help but place sentimentalism before health. At the end of the day its mostly about coddling feelings and not holding ones self accountable. It all has more to do with feeling sorry for themselves/making excuses than getting shit done.

  42. When the world turns to shit and america becomes bankrupt, the fatties will probably be used for food.

  43. 75% of Americans gave up long ago. It’s a race to the bottom. Best thing to do as an enlightened man is to make money, get independent and away from all the lemmings, and move somewhere so that you can avoid as much if not all of it as possible.
    Ask yourself why there are a record number of expats in the last few years, with the trend increasing every year. Many of the people I have learned from online in the money making game and the independence game have ALL either found a second home offshore or have pulled out of America for good. Poof, gone, like a thief in the night.

  44. The answer is pretty simple: force women against their will to cook healthy meals for their children and teach them nutrition. When enough of them stopped cooking for their kids, that’s when the obesity epidemic started in the late 80s early 90s.
    Now, that doesn’t mean men shouldn’t do the same thing, but I don’t think that they really need to be forced to. Just tell them it’s one more tool you can use to get laid and they’ll make a point of learning there way around the kitchen.
    One thing that has been impossible for me to ignore for almost 15 years is that France and Italy have bucked the obesity trend surprisingly well (not perfectly) for fully developed countries. I am convinced the reason for this is that one is expected to know how to cook if one is French or Italian. Common, how seriously could you take a Frenchman or Italian if they did now know how to cook well?
    As a result, Madeleine cannot scream “VOUS ETES SEXISTE!” to her parents when they force her to learn how to cook, because Pierre has to as well. That Madeleine will use that skill to cook healthy meals for her future children while Pierre will use it to bang Madeleine’s BFF Internet friend Jennifer from Chicago is not relevant.

  45. See? This is where I prove that I’m WAY smarter than the rest of you: I see the conspiracy that you guys have missed. Obviously, this obesity epidemic is a conspiracy; there are dark forces that have shaped social norms and have channeled these forces into the practice of flooding the American culture with cheap junk food. Don’t believe me? Think about it: not only have Americans been getting fatter, but the SJWs have been promulgating this idea that they should have their tunas tongued by beta males (after they’ve been railed by God knows how many other dudes). The problem is, their fat, pasty, sweaty land whale crotches are inaccessible under all of those folds. So, how do you solve that problem? Snorkeling gear! That way, manginas don’t get smothered in the dank reaches of those ghastly vajayjays! Guys! Open your eyes and take the aluminum foil off your heads! This is a conspiracy by Big Scuba!
    You’re welcome.

    1. Get used to it because those are the females you losers will be having sex with lol

  46. The medical industry is full of corruption and monopoly. Half of studies aren’t published, and about half of the rest are published 4 years later than they are legally allowed(interestingly the FDA doesn’t fine them). With that excellent setup, drug companies can write the results of their studies before they do them. The average doctor lives a shorter life than the average person so why would you go to them for longevity? I started off thinking the doctors were the scientists, and the alternative community were the quacks. I’ve now largely reversed that belief.

    1. That’s because you’re a lower class idiot and know nothing. What did you do? Watch something on Youtube and now think you’re a scientist? Only dopey negroes who have apparently taken over Tweet, Youtube and Wiki believe all of that crap on the Net.The ignorant and uneducated who have all the time in the world because none of them have real normal lives watch these amateur Youtube videos.

      1. I think I’m a scientist because I was recruited to study physics at a University that recently received 3 nobel prizes in Physics and Chemistry. So when I make a statement, like “Much of medicine, is half-assed science”, its because I’ve seen quality science. Here’s a link that gets more into the basic bad behaviors of drug companies in studies: This one gets more into the fraud: . Let me know if any the words are too big for you, and i’ll help you out. Now let me get this straight, you’ve disproven my statements based on the color of my skin and my socioeconomic status? Hmm thats a fine theory, you should become a medical researcher, you’ll do well there.

  47. I discovered that I gain weight when unhappy, but lose it when happy. I think the obesity epidemic reflects the decline in happiness – true happiness –, which in turn is a function of societal and individual balancedness, I suppose. Society and its constituents are out of balance, and it’s getting worse by the hour.

  48. Trans fat is THE DEVIL. Go with cold press olive oil.
    Also avoid industrial refined process vegetable oils. Soy is most common and amounts to over 50% of veg oil produced worldwide (250 mil tons anually). Soy beans are not cold pressed but are solvent treated and heated in vats. The inedible solvent is then fractally distilled out and finally citric acid is added to ‘deodorize’ the final product of any traces of solvent. The final product has indefinate shelf life. It is a light clear liquid that is added to most process foods during production and the oil lubricates interiors of the processing machinery as well. AND it helps you to slide into your grave. Ever dig up an obese person’s grave? The casket is all rotted out except for the bottom which is oily, like it had a dousing in creosote, or actually . . TRANS FAT!
    Stick with natural meat fats and cold press olive oil. You can burn off animal fats but not trans fat. So actually real butter IS better. PARKAY on the other hand IS SHIT and contains hydrogenated trans fats which are impossible to burn off. They won’t burn but biochemically stack up like legos, clogging every organ and vessel. Even your brain becomes littered with residual globules of trans fats. It never leaves your body and the only way to get rid of it is to physically remove it. Product labels list its content in tiny gram amounts, but since it accumulates in your tissues, it really adds up.
    A health guru once described the effects of trans fat as such: If you were to take a brand new Rolex watch, unscrew the back and begin pouring fine powdered sand into the movement, eventually that watch would stop working. That’s exactly what trans fats do to your body. Look at the folks waddling out of KFC or mickey d’s with an ass as big around as a trash can and diabetic socks around ankles that are big around as milk jugs. That’s TRANS FAT you’re looking at. . . ”buh-duh-bum-bum-bump”
    Some people of girth are healthy and some are not. Take a sumo wrestler who consumes between 10-20k calories per day of fish, beef, chicken and pork along with tofu, veggies and rice along with two gallons of Japanese beer at lunchtime (beer provides empty calories for the bulk which is all muscle underneath). Hawaiian sumo Konishiki weighs over 600 lbs. Most sumos are between 400 and 600 lbs. You’re talking beef and burger like this guy:
    That’s meat fat that can be metabolized and burn unlike the deep fried fries and KFC chicken poppers loaded with trans fat. What’ll it be? Burgers or fries? The sumo does fine with his burger and workout regimin. Here below is what the ‘FRIES’ man of similar weight looks like and his days are numbered:

    1. Dang. He can fit through that door to the bathroom? That toilet looks like it would wedge and get stuck in his crack.

    2. Olive oil users beware of the “healthy fat”. It”s still calories and adding gallons to your food increases calories.

  49. One thing to note is that obesity is usually based on BMI. That statistic has a number of weaknesses but the most bogus thing is that the same metric is used for men and for women. A man who is 5’10” and 175 pounds is rather trim but a woman of that size would be a beast. However, both would squeak in as being in the acceptable range. On the other hand, at 180 pounds the man is overweight. In other words, BMI-based statistics overestimate the number of overweight and obese men and underestimate the number of overweight and obese women.

    1. But, but men and women are equal. That’s what the feminists say.
      Equality is a social construct.

  50. We have an obesity problem for sure—– BUT Please, do NOT get the government involved in some ‘WAR on obesity’.
    That is a sure way to make the problem worse, steal more money from taxpayers, and create another parasitic sector of busybodies in the economy.

  51. How can we be surprised? They’re out with fat acceptance and are turning being obese into a civil right.

    1. Well you do have a right to be obese, just that I don’t believe you should get special privileges because you are.

      1. Indeed you do. But today, its just silly. Civil rights, like intrinsic human dignity, speech, association, religion et al, do in fact include eating as much as you like if that’s what you wish. But it takes an especially perverse nation to underscore that “right” with further clarification as we’re doing with “fat acceptance”. Consider its not as though we’re re-affirming in 2015 that freedom of speech is an inherent right, rather, we say that having sex, marrying who and whatever you want, smoking pot and eating excessively are not only rights but very special rights. Meanwhile, to add even more perversity to the situation, we denounce freedom of speech. And one more…these “rights”, that ostensibly we’ve always had, have mutated into “fat acceptance”, which is the forcing of others to see, judge and treat fat people in only a specific way, thus, taking the rights of others away. So, it turns out to not be for “rights” after all.

  52. Anyone who relies on so called “experts” for their own health and well being is an idiot and deserves what they get. If one is not even in touch and in tune with one’s own body than they have nothing really going for them in life even though they may think they are doing well in other areas.

  53. Us alphas and red-pillers have our man-o-sphere. So is it safe to say that these millions of fatties comprise the ham-o-sphere?

  54. guys artifical sugar is poison and not natural sugars like fruit.Read the book the china study and starch solution.I have lost a lot of fat and built muscles last year on high carb and medium to low fat and protein diet.
    You can watch this video of mine

  55. I used to date a gal who had a few extra pounds on her. I didn’t mind that really, since I wasn’t exactly in the best shape myself. She said it was a thyroid problem. I was fine with that until I watched her shovel slices of rich cream pie into her mouth. I wanted to say “here, let me help you with that thyroid problem,” and wanted to take that pie away from her. It’s like she didn’t even try to get in better shape.

    1. One more thing: these days I am working out in a gym and trying to build muscle. I will not date another woman who has even a “few” extra pounds on her. If I can try harder, so can the woman I choose to date.

  56. People often focus on America’s gargantuan debt or outsourcing of production with alarm and worry about America’s place in the futre. I’ve often thought, how can America remain a superpower with an increasingly dumbed down and unhealthy population. Will a population of grossly overweight people who have a steady diet of pop culture continue to lead the world? I think not.

  57. I’m betting most of those obesers are female but if a good portion of men are also obese that spells better for guys that aren’t

    1. I have heard, but not verified, that there are more overweight men than women, but more obese women than obese men.

  58. Stop spreading bullshit, a muscular man is considered “obese”, the same way a fit guys is considered “overweight” by the stupid government funded “researches”.

    1. Spreading bullshit?
      Have you bothered to take a walk around America as of late? I’m surprised it’s taken this long for “experts” to notice this. There were nearly zero fat people when I was growing up in the ’70’s and ’80’s. The ones that were fat were shamed, isolated and made to feel bad for being gluttons daily, by everybody. You knew them by name, and their numbers were statistically negligible. Today you can’t walk down the street without seeing scores of these flab-monsters blubbering around, most of them *way* fatter than the people we called fat back in the day.

      1. I don’t care about your personal experience. The State uses height and weright in order yo consider you “fat” or not, that’s right, they don’t even bother with your fucking FAT PERCENTAGE in order to consider you FAT. Come talk to me about “obesity epidemic” when we have any decent research done.

  59. Love the pic of faggot Dr. Oz angrily leaning forward and probably saying something really stupid, while Roosh is sitting there quite relaxed and making serious eye contact. Roosh 1, Dr. Oz less than zero.

  60. This.
    A primitive society that has a surplus in food will get fat. Body-fat is the most basic form of savings known to mankind.
    You can verify this in every 3rd world country. When people are dirt poor (in the sense of not having enough to eat) they will be nice and slender. When you say marry such a slender babe and bring her back home, she will get fat fast. Why? See above. She has at last got enough food and will eat it all, who knows when the next meal will be?
    An advanced society understands that there are other forms to store wealth besides body fat. Like a savings accounts. Or a storage room. When a society makes the long hard track from primitive bimbo-dom towards space age, people will more and more shift from body fat to bank account. Thus a modern, wealthy society has slender, healthy people with fat bank accounts.
    After reaching the top, a society will – like everything else – complete the circle by degeneration. The fat bank accounts becomes the exception, debt becomes the norm. As people get more and more into debt, the remaining option to store wealth is once again……body fat! And here we are. Since the 1970s the real household income has been in decline. What once was a decent lifestyle with 1 earner is now a struggle to make ends meet with 2 earners. Food is cheap, food is everywhere; body fat here we come.
    If you want to solve the problem with fat people you have first to solve the debt problem. Nobody wants to solve the debt problem so people will keep getting fat and more fat until the bubble bursts.

  61. When we socialized medicine with Medicare, we replaced personal responsibility with government healthcare, and people no longer needed to take care of themselves, because the government told them that it would pay for their healthcare. Look around, you see the old, fat people of abundance in America? I see it among my friends, they’re all overweight and ask me what I’m doing to stay thin. I want to say: “I don’t drink like an asshole EVERY day, nor eat horseshit food, and I work out 4 days a week, because I like to chase women.” WTF? It’s insane. Oh, and I’ve noticed that the nice immigrants we’re allowing to stay here all have the SAME problem. We’re so fucked as a society.

  62. Punishing doctors, who for fat shaming would fear of their jobs is not a good way to solve this problem. The problem is politicians buying influence (and voters) by using special interest groups to control public discourse. Everyone needs to start lifting or doing regular exercise. It takes at most 5 hours a week and you can shame other people while enjoying better perceptions and more success without even saying a word.

  63. Amusing how “Dr” Oz just panders to his literal cashcow, all pun intended, lonely, bored overweight and obese women with emotional banter instead having a real discussion despite the fact he had “50 studies” that “refuted” Roosh. We know nothing about these studies or their content. Who performed and/or paid for them, the sampling methods used, how old they are, how sound the statistical and mathematical methods employed are etc etc. He might as well as have been holding a stack of taco bell napkins. I am also worried by the fact that there wasn’t one study critical of or finding flaw with some aspect of any of those, which is a very common occurrence in real scientific literature. Often these do not refute the conclusion of the study it is criticizing but pointing out error or misinterpretations. These could have been 50 studies that were all conducted almost exactly the same, or on the same population for all we know, so we have no meaningful way to logically judge the merit of the mere existence of these 50 studies that could easily be 1 study repeated 50 times. Very rarely is there never any contradiction or paradox in scientific literature about human behavior, and often that shows we haven’t asked all the right questions yet and obviously need to further explore. Not for nothing, how does one measure and plot this subject as a data point? These “studies” could have been Cosmo articles for all we know, with heavily biased opinion poll questions with shitty sampling techniques. Before one even gets to discussing these points, we should be asking do we even know how to properly measure this at all yet? And then he claims he could not find one study that supported Roosh’s assertion, but again we have no idea how much effort was put into finding these if they do exist (probaby not much since “Dr” Oz has an agenda and a captive audience to herd). All he did was have an impressive number of supposedly flawless and credible but mysterious studies to stack against what was purposefully positioned as one man’s opinion. I do now this, to say fat shaming would effect all people the same is an absurd statement. Some personality types respond completely differently to the same things. As an INTJ, self-improvement is life, and even brutal harsh criticism is welcomed to me. I myself am usually my worst critic as well, but I get that some people have different personalities and experiences shaping how they would respond to fat shaming. The fact that Dr Oz thinks that we’re all the same, all equal, and all beautiful unique snowflakes shows how unscientific this man’s world view is. Now, Roosh may or may not be wrong, possibly depending on the individual, as well as the delivery and the context of fat shaming, but, Roosh seemed more apt to doubt himself than Oz was to doubt himself or consider Roosh could be right. It was the most intellectually dishonest health conversation I have ever witnessed. Even if I had more emotion and was more feeling driven than a rock-solid INTJ, logically I would assume there was more to this debate than a pile of papers and a positive message to comfort this charlatans flock. If his audience wasn’t a bunch of dumb fat women, who knows what flavor of bullshit he’d be selling. This guy has little if any respect within the MD fraternity and is a TV personality, so naturally is full of shit even when he isn’t by chance. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Now, if fat shaming “doesn’t work”, why is there an increase in eating disorders, unhealthy behavior to stay thin, in the West and Westernizing countries? Not that I think women should hurt themselves because they’re emotionally whacked out about their self-image, but that single question destroys Dr Oz’s logic. Too bad it was network TV and Roosh couldn’t ask Dr Oz some personal questions, like do you actually have sex with 300lb women and why not? What is the average weight of the women Oz has sex with? That is a fair question considering half the discussion was just personal attacks on statements made openly by someone who bullshitted around the topic. Fuck TV, that is why America is stupid and most women are fat. Most TV programming and marketing is directed towards them.

    1. I agree with everything, but above all else, it is common sense that tells you that being obese is not what God had planned. In fact God says that gluttony is a sin. If you are an atheist, i am pretty sure that being obese does not fit in with bettering the species.

  64. I prefer the term corpulent.
    Obese people have a genetic advantage in that their ability to store fat is saving thing them from their chronically elevated blood sugar.

  65. Dr. Oz is full of it. He would obviously choose a lean woman over any fat one any day. Should he choose the fat one, he then would have serious mental issues. On another note I would like to add that I sit behind Jabba the Hutt in one of my classes, it’s revolting seeing her back squish out from the openings on the chair.

    1. Oz is a hypocrite. His wife is no spring chicken but it’s clear from the likely boob job and possible tummy tuck he’s invested enough cash in her to keep her looking as good as money can buy.
      His botox addicted ass would NEVER pick a fattie regardless of the “touchy feely” bullshit he hit Roosh with when he came on the show.

  66. Liberals are out to accept any person regardless of how degrading they are to themselves and others, just for the votes. The sad part is this acceptance of obesity leads acceptance of obesity for children who are not mentally developed enough to make the right decision on their own. By allowing children to become obese you are wrecking their future longevity, health, potential partner finding, and happiness. It’s simply horrific what liberalism has ushered in to America. And the worst of all is now they allow people to just brush off the problem by saying they have a glandular or thyroid problem when merely only 2% of obese people can claim this issue. America now uses 62% of the world’s food sources. One country uses over half of the world’s food resources! That’s so fucked up. The country will be half obese by 2020, and that’s just 5 years away. Just a total disgrace that liberals acceptance has ushered in.

  67. Hey guys, great article. As a guy that fluctuates, yet runs a fitness magazine, the real problem is fat acceptance. Tess Munster is a pig and she makes it seem like shes happy about her disgusting body. Yet shes constantly bitching about how “happy” she is with her size. We need to stand up, not sugarcoat this bullshit and lead the way with cutting flour, and adopting healthy fitness programs. We need to encourage our bigger friends to be more active, and STOP BOWING DOWN TO FAT WOMEN>

  68. The pic of the guy in the red shirt looks like Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons, only real.

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