Why Did Caitlyn Jenner Get A Bravery Award After Her Role In A Fatal Car Accident?

Earlier this year, Bruce-Caitlin Jenner was involved in a fatal car accident, which killed 69-year-old Kim Howe. Facing lawsuits from Howe’s family and at least one of the four others injured, Jenner remains unbelievably reticent about the event. In the meantime, ESPN bestowed an ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Award on her, the quaintly named “Arthur Ashe Award” for courage.

The juxtaposition of the silence over the fatal car crash, where all available evidence points to Jenner being responsible, and the subsequent accolade presented on national television is laughable.

It seems incontrovertible that Jenner’s car hit Howe’s, which then swerved into another vehicle. Video of the incident is here. In a state where during large parts of the 2000s people have been sent to jail for decades over repeated minor offences like shoplifting (the “Three Strikes” law), it is perplexing that the transgender “icon” may only face a misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter. Beyond legal definitions of what happened, who can argue that Jenner is causally responsible for the death of a senior citizen?

Because of her transition, Caitlin Jenner has made millions of dollars. My previous assertion that transitioning would dovetail nicely with massive attention for the usually sidelined TV personality has been vindicated. She also broke the Twitter record for the fastest accumulation of one million followers, only requiring four hours. A longstanding millionaire and former Olympian, it is hard to see how someone like Jenner wasn’t in the most favorable position of all to “come out.”

Supporters will point to her many detractors, but if having detractors is somehow a reason for a bravery award, the far more reviled Floyd Mayweather should have won instead. Or how about a former sportsman who becomes a Congressman and earns a mere $200,000 for their efforts, even as hundreds of thousands of their constituents curse them every day?

Jenner’s economic privilege is on full display

Teenage college basketball player Lauren Hill didn’t get millions of dollars for her brain cancer diagnosis. Rather, she spent her time raising money for the disease in a bid to help people like herself. Whose courage do you prefer, hers or Jenner’s?

It’s amusing how SJWs and others pontificate about “white,” “male,” and “cis” privilege but forget that they themselves and those they praise are routinely the beneficiaries of enormous economic privilege. Though I found her underlying assumptions silly (“you’re a woman if you think you’re one”), Meredith Talusan raises an interesting point about Jenner’s substantial wealth. Many of the ignominies that transgender advocates claim affect the lives of transitioning people, such as employment discrimination, poverty, and violence, clearly do not apply to the former decathlon competitor.

Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner has coincided with the single biggest raise he-she has ever had. If Jenner had seen her income reduced to 5% of what it was before, the SJW argument behind the giving of the award would be “stronger,”, albeit still weak in light of cases like injured soldiers and cancer sufferers involved with sport.

Take Iraq War veteran and double-amputee Noah Galloway, for example, who participates in CrossFit and endurance events after nearly dying whilst serving his country. Many people erroneously claimed that he was the “runner-up” to Jenner for the award. Nonetheless, he did, in a sense, “lose out” because, despite immeasurably greater bravery, he didn’t get the ESPY.

Social reengineering is now infecting sports

What a joke it is that Caitlyn Jenner can “beat” someone like Noah Galloway.

ESPN was undoubtedly obsessed with “making history” in its deplorable decision to elevate Caitlyn Jenner to social sainthood. The problem is, other outlets will now compete to outdo their rivals in the dance of political correctness. We have already seen this regarding non-transgender feminism and the Super Bowl, a male event in which females have no chance of ever competing.

The “Like a Girl” propaganda edict blatantly hid away from the fact that women deliberately avoid challenging men in professional sports. Similar lies and stories of pseudo-victimhood emerged following the NBA’s partnership with self-serving-but-I’ll-still-use-feminism Sheryl Sandberg.

So what’s the result? Manipulating the public’s praise is now largely determined by the categories (female, gay, transgender) to which recipients belong, irrespective of whether the praise is warranted, exaggerated or just plain made up. Caitlyn Jenner wins an award because she’s transgender, not because of any meaningful and critical analysis of how specifically she has exhibited bravery, and how this compares to others who are intrinsically more deserving of such recognition.

What happened to acknowledging true bravery?

Didn’t serve in Iraq, didn’t get cancer, didn’t live in poverty.

Can you imagine a senior NBA or NFL athlete being applauded for “coming out,” not by saying they’re gay or transgender, but by decrying the marginalized state of modern men? This hypothetical sportsman could point to male rates of suicide, the lower criminal sentences women receive for the same crime, the woefully weak threshold for court or college rape convictions, and the blind attitude taken to male victims of violence, who outnumber female victims.

Not only would this athlete lose many or all sponsorships, they would likely be isolated and then kicked off their team. They would sacrifice almost everything in making these realities more appreciated. So what awards would come their way? None, really, aside from the silent or muted agreement of millions of men, the backing of conservative alternative media, and the support of ROK and the manosphere. There would be no golden shower of money, fame and attention à la Caitlyn Jenner.

If you want to read a proper fairytale about a man who transitions to bravery, I suggest you read about the crucifixion of Jesus. Caityln Jenner’s tale is just the real-life equivalent of a trashy pulp novel.

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  1. What a quaint question – “Why Did Caitlyn Jenner Get A Bravery Award After Her Role In A Fatal Car Accident?”
    The simple answer, and to repeat what many authors of this site say: the reason why s/he get’s an award is because the leftist degenerates are mental basket cases and need to make their peer crazies look “good” to the inadvertent looker-on. THAT’S WHY.

  2. It’s incredibly selfish to bring up the mere killing of a human being in an attempt to distract from the incredible bravery it took for Jenner to wear a dress in public.

  3. Okay, hold up, for fuck sake already. Come on ROK! Come on….! Stop calling bruce caitlyn and DO NOT refer to him as a her. By doing so, you already lost because you’ve followed the dictates of these sjws. My main issue with “trans” is that demands that other independent people go along with the delusions of a few ergo calling a man a woman or woman a man. Shit, by complying, as you did above, you’re tacitly supporting the central notion of feminism that sex (male and female) is irrelevant. No one has a “right” to tell you what to do, this happens to the default bedrock position of the “trans” people, by the way. So, if that is the case and we all can live how we want too than that means NOT calling someone what they wished to be called especially when they are not that thing. Look at the “coming out” on “variety” – call me cait…that’s a command! Hey bruce, fuck you, you don’t tell me what to do. You are free to think you’re a woman and play dress up but you have NO authority over me or anyone else so they will call you what they want too. Its called freedom of speech. Now, if you’re so sensitive (real “heroic”) that you can’t handle it – too bad so sad. You do not get to redefine science, biology, humans…for fuck sake reality just to make you feel better about yourself. This situation with the unfortunate death of that poor woman puts the proper perspective on bruce. This happened during the time that he was “coming out”. Normal people would be distraught in grief that they directly or even indirectly were part of a human death. You’d expect to see some remorse – but not even did this thing not take his fame to express regret he didn’t even blink! This man, okay everyone got that, let me say it again, this man, is a self absorbed self centered freak. Why, at 65, he decides to play dress up and make believe is up to bruce, but, rather than guess his thoughts we can observe his actions and this is NO fucking hero. ROK David Garret – please this man deserve no such consideration and, moreover, please join us in protest against political correct tyranny and call bruce bruce and refer to him as him, he as he as he is still a man. And a rather sad and pathetic man to be exact.

      1. I mean enough is enough already. Men and women are different. Its not horrible, its wonderful…its fucking reality!

        1. Yep. Celebrate diversity… unless its a man and a woman in which case any differences must be denied and/or covered up.

        2. At OSU they fired the band director because, “oh mah gawd!” the band had men and women being flirty with each other and that created a “sexualized culture”…of straight consenting adults….which as we all know cannot be tolerated. Meanwhile, newspapers ran glowing articles about gay pride parades where gays tromp around basically naked and simulate sex with each other in front of children.

        3. Ahh ok. After clicking on your name and reading your most recent comments, it’s clear that you’re just an all around asshole.
          YOU sir, are the problem. Not gays, not transgenders, not mentally ill women, YOU and your pathological anger which you courageously direct at these vulnerable groups, is the problem

        4. And after hovering the cursor on your nonexistent profile picture and seeing your comment-to-upvote ratio, it’s clear that you’re just a fat bitch.

        5. After hovering over my non-existent profile picture, it’s clear I’m a fat bitch….?
          After reading your comment, it’s clear all biggotes are morons.

        6. The essence of celebrating diversity is not covering up differences, but treating every person fairly regardless of those differences.

        7. That’s how they roll. Corrupt vulnerable children as early as they can, attack the family and erode traditional values; because envy. PC, sjw = PV (Perpetual Victim) and they will never be sated. They want everyone miserable as they are, hence no more comedy on campus. And Bruce Gender, having an Y chromosome, will end as he began. A tat or piercing would’ve been cheaper than fake boobs, he can mutilate his body as he wishes but damn anyone who expects me to celebrate it.

        8. America is the source of equalism, bigotry within America would be a potent force in defeating equality from within its ideological stronghold.

        9. HA!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! . “Celebrating diversity”? Jesus, another “liberal bumper sticker”.
          Perhaps you need to engage in airborne copulation upon a mobile cylindrical pastry…

        10. Oh, you’re a racist, sexist homophobe?
          Pastry…..why a pastry?
          I tell you what, why don’t you be a big man and challenge your step dad who used to beat you up, or your boss who treats you like dirt, or the guy that used to bully you at school rather than transferring your hatred onto vulnerable ( Gesundheit ) minority groups.

        11. The plural of bigot is bigots. Bigotes is a plural of bigote which means mustache or whiskers. Says so in the Spanish dictionary (since it’s not even an English word).

        12. Tolerance works on both sides of every issue, sweetheart. You cannot just wave a magic wand and expect everyone to think just like you.

        13. …your pathological anger which you courageously direct at these vulnerable groups, is the problem

          ^Appeal to Emotion, Appeal to Pity, and Appeal to Consequences fallacies.

        14. Yes bigotes is Spanish for moustaches. I used it as a double pun because the man who originally insulted me a few comments back has one of the most ridiculous bigotes I’ve ever seen. Add into the mix the apparent racism of the other commentator, I thought using a Spanish play on the word bigot would be the ultimate insult.
          I foolishly didn’t allow for lack of intellect and ability to understand the pun though

        15. “The essence of celebrating diversity is not covering up differences…”
          Didn’t you get the memo from your SJW friends? Race and gender are to be treated as “social constructs.” We’re all the same now!

        16. I agree as well; however, tolerance and embracing diversity are not the same thing.

        17. She appears to have stalked me over here. Earlier she was snarking at posts I made a year ago and I dismissed her and she called me an asshole. Which as we all know, heh….
          So yeah, ignore the bint, she’s has nothing of value to contribute.

        18. If a black man and a white man are both involved in a car accident and sustain injuries of the same severity, both are given equally good medical treatment. One is not favoured over the other.

        19. A whole host of logical fallacies and ad hominem. All courtesy of our wonderful anti-logic education system. Best to ignore the poor dear, she’s desperate for attention and would be better served finding it somewhere else where her pitiful attempts at argument, ad hominem and shaming are held in higher esteem.

        20. I’m glad I’ve got to you and made you angry. In fact your narrow minded opinion is the one that’s worthless.
          By all means advise others to ignore me. It’s easier than coming up with an intelligent response.

        21. I’m not desperate for attention. Do you have any insults that aren’t cliches? I wasn’t educated in America.
          My attempts are not pitiful but have achieved their desired effect which is evidenced by your teplied

        22. They are not the same thing. Most people in this country ARE tolerant- pay your taxes, clean up after your dog, dont be a dick, and we are cool with you.
          Why do you care so much about trannies? Less than one percent of the population. Do you care about things that bind us together, like the pending TPP legislation? It will impact all of our lives. Shouldnt we focus on things that bind all Americans together? What, no idea what Im talking about??

        23. So have you changed your opinion on the subject of sleeping with women whilst using a pseudonym as being an acceptable way to behave since your post last year? Is that your defensive?

        24. AKA this woman has outsmarted me and I am too dumb and arrogant to come with an intelligent response. You’re entitled to your way of thinking but you have to accept that it will be chsllenged

        25. I don’t think you understand the word tolerant. What you’ve described is being courteous. I don’t know anything about TTP because I’m not from America. I live in the UK. I think people being treated fairly should be a priority for every country

        26. Okay, you sound young. You need to understand you are walking into an ongoing, fluid conversation on this site. You dont get the prevailing mindset of folks here. We on this site can prioritize, and “embracing diversity” is lowlowlow on our list of things to worry about.
          Below you say you are from the UK- how do you feel about Sarkozy and Merkel saying diversity efforts have been a failure? Surely, you think these two world leaders are smarter than you are…

        27. You’re the one stalking me. You weren’t even involved in this thread. You’ve clearly done the same thing I did, and you’ve just clicked on my name. Stalking, you’re not important to me, but you keep angrily replying to my comments…..it’s like your obsessed with me…..

        28. I’m 29. I do get the mindset of people on here, that’s what I’m objecting to. Why would the leaders of France and Germany saying diversity has failed in their countries make me think that racial equality is not a fair and just thing?

        29. Yeah…this doesn’t really explain why you’re following him around the internet and calling him names. Furthermore, name-calling isn’t “challenging” ideas. Point out, specifically which of his ideas are faulty. Then address them with stronger arguments (read: logic). Otherwise, go play dolls somewhere else.

        30. Lunacy is when you believe people are equal. Even if you merely believe in equal treatment, this is still problematic. Males and majority identities should be more privileged.

        31. I have already pointed out which of his ideas are faulty in previous replies to him. My replies were logical if you care to read them. He was then so perplexed by this that he proved incapable of an intelligent response and instead resorted to childish name calling. I am not following him around the Internet, I commented on two comments he posted which then snowballed into an irrational and highly emotional argument on his part. Some people are happy to dish out criticism, but can’t handle receiving it.

        32. They’re vulnerable, but not in the way you think.
          They are young people who have been conditioned psychologically (standards of society, gender role models & self-image) and physiologically (pre-natal and post-natal exposure to chemicals that upset body chemistry, like pesticides that literally turn male fish into female fish) to come to the conclusion they are not capable of traditional sexuality, and in desperation seek out the easiest alternative (the lgbtq community is the most promiscuous demographic). I’ve had a front row seat to the psychological development of a few different flavors of deviant sexualities in the form of childhood friends.
          I COULD write quite a bit on it, but I do have other things on my plate.
          Kinda wishing I went for a doctorate in psychology now.

        33. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Your hypotheticals remind me of children’s stories. What if one has money and the other does not? I hope you will be waiting at the mechanic shop to fix the broke guy’s car for free.

        34. Your beliefs are born out of Western society’s pathological compassion, not reality. Equality is the disease, and bigotry is the cure.

        35. In my scenario, both people have received equally good medical treatment for equally severe injuries.
          I am financially comfortable. If either the black man or the white man is too poor to pay his medical bills, I will pay them for him.

        36. How is racial equality not a reality. The black man is of equal capability as the white man in all aspects of life.

        37. No two things in nature are equal, there is no reason to believe races are different. Belief to the contrary is based on willful ignorance, used as apologism for tolerance and compassion. Until societies reject equality, social progress cannot be made.

        38. There is reason to belief races of humans are different to the variations in different species of animals – scientific fact.
          All humans have the capacity to do the same things other humans do.
          Please explain how rejecting racial equality would aid social progress. What social progress are you referring to?
          I fail to see how racial discrimination could be useful to mankind.
          You appear to just be reciting mantras, whilst failing to properly answer my questions, I suspect this because you talking utter nonsense that is not based in fact

        39. That’s kind of a different subject to the one we were originally discussing. Originally the discussion revolved around racial equality, now your discussing socio-economic equality. Yes there will always be elites, why does that mean we should treat black people unfairly in comparison to white people.

        40. Reciting mantras is when you insist that people are equal. Having the same capacity is not equal. Species and race are different concepts.
          Social progress is exemplified by increasing inequality, thus producing hierarchies and competition over such, then leading to excellence through supremacy. In order for this to happen, bigotry must be enforced against competing groups so they don’t end up thinking they’re equals. “Being nice to others” is not progress.

        41. Nobody’s being treated unfairly here, unless you think that refusing to feed into a person’s delusions is unfair.

        42. You must be blind, or incapable of scrolling up. I’m arguing with a man who’s saying all races are unequal to to Caucasians….

        43. Oh so now you’re talking about Caitlin. In your previous post you were talking about social constructs.
          Yes, I think not agreeing to give Caitlin the same dignity you would others is unfair

        44. Either we’re all the same, in which case fair implies equal – or we’re NOT the same, in which case fair implies unequal. How do you reconcile this with your last two statements?

        45. Well if you look at other countries the majority race does have more power and they aren’t equal.

        46. Fair and equal are two separate things. I’m a nurse who works in the UK. Every year we have to intend equality and diversity training. This is to prevent discrimination against patients who are vulnerable when sick.
          This year, a Muslim man with Phakistani origins taught the lecture. In it, he explained that to treat us all the same is madness because we’re not all the same. But what is important is treating everyone fairly. Fairly essentially means in a manner that is just and right.

        47. Your previous post states “bigotes….it’s plural of bigots” without any mention of word play being used. I don’t believe you knew the meaning of the word before I mentioned it.

        48. Judging by your comments I can only say that you’re one of those princesses who think their way is “the right way” for everyone.

        49. I did know the meaning because my autocorrect didn’t correct it, so like you, I googled it, learnt the meaning and thought hmmm here’s an opportunity for wordplay.
          In addition to critiquing the spelling in my posts, why don’t you also look at the bigger picture which is the fact that you’re defending bigots who have bigotes. That’s kind of the real issue here.

        50. Most of the comments I’ve seen from you aren’t about logic in any way. All I see is comments about feelings, not reasoning.

        51. “Every year we have to intend equality and diversity training.”
          HAHAHAHAHAHA, holy shit. This world is so screwed up.

        52. Have the same capacity to do things is the very definition of equal. Yes race and species are two different things, I was trying to explain that to you in my last post.
          You’re talking absolute bullshit. It sounds like you’re trying to start a fascist revolution. I suggest you arm yourself with better answers if you want to be taken seriously in the political sphere.

        53. No it isn’t. How is me treating all my patients fairly screwed up? Please tell me how you could possibly justify me behaving any differently. Your point of view is screwed up.

        54. No, they’re all about reason and logic. You’re way of thinking is unreasonable which is proven by your inability to intellectually defend it.

        55. You had to go to class where you they tell you that you have to attend everyone? Isn’t that the the sole purpose of being a damn nurse/doctor? You’re taking classes for that? HAHAHAHAH.

        56. I don’t have to defend it against fairytales. Others have already made you look incredibly stupid so I can’t do that. I was just curious.

        57. Ahh so you can’t answer my question.
          Yes believe it or not we have to attend classes each year, which remind us that we’re supposed to attend to all our patients because they found some nurses were discriminating based on factors such as race and leaving black people for days at a time without washing them, changing their bed linen, cleaning and redressing their wounds and just generally neglecting their needs – what a mad world we live in!

        58. Having the same capacity as a group is not the same as being equal across the group, and thus cannot be a measure of equality. Comparing race and species shows that you were attempting to appeal to semantics, a common fallacy among equality apologists. The definitive borders of race is irrelevant because any definition of race still belies inherent differences, ergo inequality.
          I’m trying to incite nationalist revolutions around the world. If it turns fascist on the left, that would be excellent.
          “You’re talking absolute bullshit.” is not an argument, it is an attempt to flee from argument.

        59. And that requires a class? HAHAHAHAHAHA, oh man. What’s next, are veterinarians going to get a class because someone didn’t like Boxers?

        60. No, you’ve just made yourself look stupid by proving you can’t answer my questions because your point of view is not based in reality

        61. No, because that’s stupid. Having classes to protect patients against discrimination is also stupid, I agree. It should be the case that hospital staff treat all patients fairly without the training, but sadly it wasn’t the case.

        62. You’re just rambling on with more and more bullshit. Quite frankly you sound manic and psychotic.
          Explain to me, in nice clear terms, without quoting nazi’s, how a 6ft black man who weighs 180lbs and who can lift twice his own body weight is less capable at weight lifting than a 6ft white man who weighs 180lbs and who can also lift twice his own body weight.
          Capability can be measured across a group of equals to define equal capability.

        63. Most Muslims treat everyone fairly yes. Not all. Most christisns and atheists treat everyone fairly. Not all.

        64. I’m not an entitled brat. I’m a nurse on minimum wage who aims to treat everyone fairly. I’m the polar opposite of an entitled brat.
          What a strange reply you gave. Once again you’ve proven yourself incapable of an intellectual response.

        65. One black man and one white man doesn’t represent their races. Capability across groups show differences, some groups being more likely to perform in certain ways. Ergo, equal capability is not inborn equality, and therefore inequality is the norm. Clinging onto this obvious flaw in logic not once, but three times, puts your capacity for reasoning in serious doubt.
          “Rambling” = Concepts you don’t comprehend
          “Bullshit” = Arguments you can’t refute

        66. Capability across groups shows shows differences = bullshit. Show me the scientific studies that prove this.
          I see since I criticised your intellectual ability, you’ve started using big words. Unfortunately not in a coherent sentence = rambling.
          Again, I ask you how is a black man inferior to a white man. Don’t just make something up like you have been previously

        67. Unless you believe that nature creates exact equals between any two entities, the burden of proof is on your to prove equality. Assumed equality is a left-wing construct and has no place in logical discourse. Begging for proof of the obvious is what equality apologists do when backed into a corner.
          My words are only big to the uneducated. The fact that you think this is incoherent tells us more about your reading comprehension abilities, not me “rambling”.

        68. So in other words no, there is no evidence to suggest that black people are lesser than white people. You just made that up.

        69. Guilty. But then, hey, I rather welcome trolls. Bring them out, nuke them from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

        70. There is no evidence to suggest that any race is equal to any other. The Western world just made that up to satisfy compassion. This needs to be called out.

        71. Race is in fact biological and innate. It is the notion of “equality” that is a social construct. Stop telling me stephen hawking is capable of dunking a basketball and lebron jame is capable of quantum physics. You sound foolish.

        72. Which is why sub-Saharan Africa is a technological wonder and has been since 800 B.C. Or….they haven’t invented the wheel on their own and still can’t exist without disease, poverty, famine or even a written language without the Europeans. You have no actual study of history outside of your socialist mentors do you? No intellectual curiosity whatsoever it appears, or you’d know.

        73. I disagree because I don’t debate when it comes to fairy tales and people living through rose tinted glasses. I was just letting our entitled guest know that life isn’t always fair and it damn sure isn’t going to always be “equal.” People will get favored and people will get better treatment than others in life. That’s just how life works. Anyways, I’m done with Daisy.

        74. There is evidence to suggest there is equality among the races, it’s called medical science.
          You claimed in previous comments that research shows inequality among the races. Where is it?
          It’s comical how, as soon as I ask you for the evidence you claim exists, you turn the question around and claim it is I who has to prove equality.
          You are such a moron! A moron with comical delusions of grandeur.
          I’m going now, because you’re clearly incapable of proving that you’re not talking bullshit.
          Get new idols! It didn’t turn out well for Hitler and Mussolini.

        75. Where are their cities, their cars, their spaceships, developed without European/whites doing it for them? Are there satellites launching from Zimbabwe? Or even affordable housing without vermin in abundance? Where are their *wheels* or written languages, without Europeans guiding them? Equal? Please.

        76. I think I know this troll, she has infested other boards, if it’s the same person. She may be a coincidence in naming, but I would find that odd. The one I knew had IP’s from Israel.

        77. I turned the onus of proof on you because it is you who needs to provide it. Inequality is natural, equality is a social construct. Meaning your position is not as valid as mine. It’s time to cleanse the world of the equality myth, one country at a time.
          Let me fix that for you: You’re going to go now, because clearly you are incapable of defending your position.

        78. Ahh you’re back. I knew you were obsessed with me.
          All that you mentioned above is due to a lack of education which is due to an imbalance of wealth across most African nations.
          Black people are just as capable of the above, when given the fair oppurtunity to an education. They’ve proven this, here in the UK and America. It is lack of opportunity that hinders progress not inequality of intellect between the races

        79. No, she’ll prattle on with a circular argument until you get tired and go to bed. If she’s the Daisy I know.

        80. Seriously, do try a bit harder. You’re not even approaching marginal.

        81. I didn’t tell you Stephen hawking is capable of that….but there are black people who are capable of dunking a basketball and black people who are capable of comprehending quantum physics

        82. Never said I was older.
          But yes, smug has its time and place. Certainly not to be thrown about willy-nilly… although it does have cathartic qualities.

        83. Ah, you just perfectly described the recent law here in the US aka Obamacare. It is forced upon every citizen to help pay for those that can least afford it.

        84. Yes black people are equal when given the same opportunities white people are. Please see my other reply to you for more detail.
          I’m going now, I know you’re going to miss me but be brave

        85. Whenever a woman posts her age over the Internet, you always have to add about 10 years to get the real number. Notice the 1 year less than 30? For a woman, being 30 or older and single is frightening to her. People start to wonder what’s wrong with her.

        86. That comment was hilarious, you stupid shit.
          No, the alternative lifestyle freaks and the head cases are the problem.
          It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, but tools like you celebrate it because it’s trendy and now.

        87. I wish people would stop entertaining them. Now the first two or three pages of the comments section is filled with her bullshit and the futile attempts to argue with her.
          When you argue with a troll you are arguing with yourself.

        88. All due respect my friend but when you argue with a troll you become one yourself. Don’t give in to the infection. A couple choice comments and leave it alone.

        89. When you argue with a troll you give it exactly what it wants. Mayhem.
          Look at this comments section now. Destroyed.
          Don’t feed them.

        90. Heh, when it comes to catching them in a nuking crossfire, ain’t no place better than ROK!
          Then again, we all get caught in the fallout, and what could have been a reasonable discussion degenerates into nuclear wasteland full of troll corpses.

        91. Yea just waiting for someone to bring black people intothis.. It never fails Its pathetic actually and shows a sense of insecurity when always and I mean always black people are brought up into these debates even when they have nothing to do with it..

        92. All while you are typing on a personal computer as we we know it today with all its functions being developed by Dr. Mark Dean. A black man. How ironic.Blacks had no written language and its whites that gave it to them??? Really? That statement alone shows how dumb you actually are thinking you are smart. I won’t even bother going any further trying to explain. I can already see its useless…

        93. In what nation was he educated, and where did he invent it? Zimbabwe? Liberia? Wait, I know…Sierra Leon…right?
          What written language did Africans (sub-Saharan) have prior to contact with Europeans? I’m all about knowledge and willing to learn something new.

        1. Idk. His body is now mutilated beyond recognition. “It” seems as reasonable to me as “he” does at this point

        2. Would you stick your head up the butcher’s ass, or would you take the cow’s word for it…no wait, its the cow’s ass…

        3. If the bull started wearing dresses and shit and had plans to cut off its dick all for a little bit of attention while simultaneously promoting a noxious tranny loving narrative on an already depraved culture then yeah, id would call it an it.

    1. Thank you, U was going to say the same but say you got there. I feel like everyone should just copy and paste your response to this and post it. The first “her” i read had me so confused. I naturally thought the “her” referred to the poor woman that this disgusting monster killed. Very upset that that got through editing. Pronoun ought to have been “it”

    2. “How now be there men who would women rather be
      And if really such a creature why to ever seek be seen?
      Could it be that man is changing undergoing some great shift?
      Or rather simply foolish and distracted by such shit
      Is there in this world so grand really such a need
      For a man to lie with other men and vainly plant his seed?
      The answer may be more complex but the cause is no great shock:
      It is just because weak women fear the power of the cock.
      And weak women too raise children and wickedly fill their heads
      What else is a child to think except: ‘I’ll freely share my bed?’
      Sons become like daughters and daughters like their mothers
      Soon some will mate with donkeys and others with their brothers
      Thou may ask of all around you, how did this come to be?
      It came from ‘womyn’s’ rising and man’s shrinking dignity
      Gather all ye faithful o’er hill and stone and sea
      Carry tall and proud the banner of true masculinity!
      Else men will be the inmates of a world gone quite mad
      Where thoughts will make them guilty for any feelings ever had
      From birth to grave men will wear chains for simply being born
      And none shall love but all shall lust to feed their needs in scorn
      Whilst on false thrones built by dead Kings of ages sometime past
      Loll corpulent Queens surrounded by their once-men sycophants
      If men would claim their rightful crowns and never to be slaves
      Then all need know what makes men free and learn to say: ‘Behave!’”
      – Me

      1. Ugh! You are so grandiose. Your poem is ridiculous. You lost me at “shit.”
        So you’re blaming women for the behaviour of men. Are men not capable of knowing right from wrong?
        So because women are supposedly now treated more fairly than in previous decades, all men are entitled to have affairs, treat women poorly and generally behave like apes? I don’t understand how you can justify any connection between the two?

    3. Agreed, and while we’re at it, let’s dispense with the idea that “serving” in Iraq is something to be proud of. Being sent around the world to blow up villagers from another time at the behest of the nanny state who will inject you with assorted drugs and vaccines and then abandon you upon your return, fomenting torture, fear, and destruction around the world, and actively working for the government which is destroying society at home and abroad is NOT something to be proud of.

      1. I love this guy, but, he should knock it off, even if its in jest, with the names and pronouns. Also, indeed its satire, but this isn’t a laughing matter. These fucking people are trying to impose this insanity on us. They’re not laughing, these sick freaks are very serious. And they’re so sick they’re doing this to kids. Fucking monsters!

        1. These fucking people are trying to impose this insanity on us.

          Which is why we now have fully grown men (dressed as women) threatening bodily harm to others (on national television) because some of us still believe genders have a basis in biology. This is the left’s bread and butter: Intimidation and corrupting language (i.e. redefining old words) to be used subversively.
          e.g. “Republican” or “Libertarian” means “Imperialist American reactionary.”
          e.g. “stupid,” means “immune to progressive political indoctrination and groupthink.”
          e.g. “bigot” means “‘non-compliant’ with the normative progressive mass media re-programming.”
          e.g. “asshole” means “not in conformity with the views deemed correct”
          The cracks are beginning to show in the left’s facade of “tolerance” as they gain more power and acceptance. In reality, what the political left wants is compliance.

        2. In the vien of Towgunner…please, please, please stop using “gender” to refer to biological sex. Gender is for language. It’s SJW “social scientists” who came up with the hare-brained idea to use a term for the classification of words in Latin languages as a descriptor of the tendencies of human sexes. Normalizing this abuse of language is what leads to the ridiculous 50+ “genders” that some kooks are trying to push.

    4. If it were anyone else maybe…
      These are kardashians we’re talking about. There is no low they won’t stoop to in order to make a buck. Cross-dressing, leaked porn, they’d eat poop on camera and say it was tasty and nutritious if they could earn some money from it.
      If you accept this trash or show acceptance to them you’re just making the world a worse place for everybody.

    5. Oh my!
      I already look down on people that use their delusional pronouns.
      Have you ever seen someone confused about their sexual identity be also sane of mind? (Hint: No).

    6. “Okay, hold up, for fuck sake already. Come on ROK! Come on….! Stop calling bruce caitlyn and DO NOT refer to him as a her”
      You sir took the words right outta my keyboatd. I was thinking the same thing. His name is not Caitlyn Jenner; but rather it is Bruce “circus freak show” Jenner. Do not entertain this man’s mental illness. This country needs an enema!

    7. I call it Caitlyn not because I respect it, but because I refuse to shit on the memory of an Olympic gold medalist. this is not Bruce Jenner, world class athlete and gold medalist, that man is dead , this is but a shadow, a walking corpse of a man long gone.

      1. No, it’s him. Don’t pedasalize anybody, men or women. He’s taking the world for a ride for gain. I can respect that if this is the case, but let’s not give him some kind of poetic ode.

    8. I think they’re doing this so that they can infiltrate mainstream circles. Read up on the Matt Forney guide to ruining someone’s life with google. In this case, the author seems like he’s just trying beat into the heads of people who still can’t seem to grasp that Bruce is not a woman, that he should not get an award because he’s guilty of manslaughter.
      Or something. I couldn’t read the article because referring to Bruce by his fruitbowl tranny name gets my ovens hot and my blood pressure up.
      What do you call something that is like a slave name, but where they try to force you to use it for someone else?

    1. Thank you, not to be a pain by Roosh and David, I suggest re-submitting this article referring to bruce as bruce and the appropriate pronouns.

  4. He probably saw an episode of M*A*S*H after the accident and thought he could try to get a Section 8.

  5. Every time I see a picture of Bruce Jenner I cringe. There is a certain sense of revulsion, at a very primal level, that I feel when I see a She-Male, transsexual or similar kind of oddity.
    Some people say that Jews run Hollywood. I cannot speak to the truth of this but it is readily apparent that gays and other similar, flawed human beings run television. These people want you to believe that you have been socialised to experience feelings of disgust when you come across LGBT people, much like you were socialised to want to play war while your sister wore a dress and played with dolls. These types fear and, in my opinion are envious of strong masculine men. And so they are pursuing an agenda through TV to make you ashamed to be macho, to tell you that gay sex is perfectly natural and in fact, if not for “socialisation” we would all naturally be bi-sexual.
    They are envious because we represent a complete man, able to do what a man is supposed to do (have progeny and fight to protect it). Their cause is supported by government because government also fears a strong masculine man who may rise up in opposition to it. So they make laws emasculating men, elevating women, destroying marriage, taking away your ability and natural right to defend yourself and your family.
    This whole business with Bruce Jenner is essentially part of an overall process of propaganda to convince that what you naturally feel and think is wrong. It is tragic that they are using an obviously mentally ill man to do it.

    1. And the shitter is that the dude isn’t even actually transsexual or a she-male. He’s a dude, with a dick, who took some injections in order to say “look at me me me me me!” and nothing else. He’s about as “trans” as a guy that eats too much soy.

        1. You just made me have a bit of a revelation. You are correct. That’s all her is. The revelation is that the left has controlled and manipulated as effectively as they have because they have been allowed to control exactly which words can be used, and therefore effectively stifle the whole discussion by forcing you into their definitions. All he is is a transvestite. Force them to fight you on the very words they are using, it will exhaust them and leave them dribbling on the floor like the idiots they are because they have been forced to fight for what was previously granted.

        2. You still have free speech, the left hasn’t taken that a away at all. You can use any words you like. The only difference now, is people are better educated, more knowledgable and less xenophobic than in previous decades.
          You can still call Caitlyn a transvestite if you want, you can call her whatever you like, but it’s become less socially acceptable to do so. All that means is if you do use a word like transvestite maliciously, you’ll be on the receiving end of criticism from better educated, more knowledgeable and less xenophobic people than yourself.

        3. All righty then, what do you call someone who wears clothing specifically designed for the opposite sex of the original person?

        4. A transvestite. My objection was that people on here were criticising her transgenderism which has nothing to do with her accountability in a car accident.
          We don’t know if she’s pre-op post-op got part of it tangly by a thread, it doesn’t matter. She wants to be called Csitlin and referred to as transgender. She is a person and she should be treated fairly.

        5. We are not criticizing him wanting to be a woman. That’s his business. What we are criticizing here is he is being touted as a hero and getting an award for it which HE does not deserve. Add to the fact he killed someone, though unintentionally.
          You don’t this is sick?

        6. If you want me to call you master, than I will call you master. You’ll look like a grandiose douchebag while I’m doing it, but if it makes you happy.

        7. Yes, I agree that’s sick. What I objected to was that they were discussing Caitlin’s transgenderism as being wrong rather than her lack of accountability for her involvement in the car accident.

        8. What he is trying to do is to draw sympathy from others. He wants people to feel sorry for him that he’s that messed up in the head that he wants to be a woman and point out the disgust society has on trannies. This way, people would go easy on him on that manslaughter charge. He’s trying to pull that victim card because he knows that being a straight white male, the judge would throw the book at him. That is the real criticism here.

        9. That most likely is his intent.
          However, the MSM is trying to push this transgenderism as something normal and we should not frown upon it. We don’t care if someone wants to mutilate himself, just don’t try to push that idea in our minds that it is normal and to poison children’s minds.

        10. His lack of accountability for the car accident is directly linked with establishment’s attempts to impart “hero” status on him for what he did to himself. You can’t separate the two.

        11. You can separate the two. Her courage at changing into Caitlin knowing full well the amount of crap she would get off the public is heroic. Her lack of accountability is not.
          “What he did to himself” he just had an operation, he didn’t go round the back of his garage and lop it off with a chsinsaw

        12. Has he already have it removed and maybe donated it to a woman who wanted to be a man like that Men’s Health magazine cover model finalists?

        13. Ah, now I see why these feminists are so envious of men. It is medically possible to create a vagina for a man if he wants to be the other sex and enjoy sex, but a woman can not be a man and have a new member constructed or attached from a cadaver and enjoy sex. Pity.

    2. What is wrong is right. Up is down, black is white. They twist everything into perversion and become drunk with stupidity.
      Once you know that, you are empowered by the light of a thousand liberals ( about as bright as a 3 watt bulb ) and never have the be responsible for your own actions, because you’re a victim. You can screech and wail about the patriarchy and gender identification and change the meaning of pronouns you find offensive.
      You can delight in the fact your world-view doesn’t land you in the looney farm like it would 50 years ago. In the world of tomorrow the government will take care of you as you expose your breasts and menstruate in public to bring “awareness” to bodily functions. As a male you can wear make up and high heels to show the world you don’t have any semblance of manhood and push your privileged down so illegal aliens can benefit from the world your forefathers built and you just gave it the fuck away to people that will never appreciate your stupid fucking “good intentions.”

    3. Leftism cannot survive without suppressing the normative male population.
      When they say “toxic masculinity”, what they actually mean is “masculinity that intimidates me”.

      1. As well as “male anger”. I’ve noticed that this term started as a term for actual out of control t-driven anger in the 1970’s where a bunch of guys were trying to out macho each other, to a term that now means that if a man so much as whispers “no thank you” to whatever his goddess tells him to do he’s now “angry” with “issues”.

      2. Male feminist manginas are really fond of slinging around the term “toxic masculinity”. I had an epiphany as to why recently. A mentally-ill former friend of mine was on a tear about how expecting men to reign in their emotions was damaging and oppressive. In other words, if he didn’t possess self-control, self-control must not be a virtue.

    4. We are all bisexual in the way that we can fuck whatever we want. Get turned on by whatever we want. We can believe we are women when we have a penis or the other way around. But, we can not fight nature and no matter how much we scream man should fuck women and men have dicks and women have periods. I strongly believe in free choice no matter how weird it is. Naturally we should choose the correct path, but being granted free will we can deviate. Maybe you go to hell for it or something idk, but we shouldn’t be saying its a mental illness or anything. Should society push its gay agenda on us? No fucking way. Should it be encouraged by parents because that’s the tolerant thing to do? Hell no. Is Bruce Jenner a horney pervert who prob loves watching tranny porn while he cums on his stockings? Probably. Is it right? I don’t really give a fuck. He is sick and weird but so am I, he is still a man and the media treats him like something different. Why can’t we be accepting that he is just a weird pervert and leave it at that? It’s not brave or courageous to be a pervert it’s just a lack of will power. Society shouldn’t look down at him but just shrug their shoulders. Instead they are hoisting him on their shoulders and praising his name, worshipping the alter of pornography and pervasive.

      1. Why can’t we be accepting?
        Sorry, hello, did we all go searching for what his life was like after he won the Gold medal, stumbled on this, and are making a big story where all he wants is privacy? Fuck no. He did this. He put his gormless mug on every television show and on the cover of many magazines to shove it in everybody’s face. He begged to be judged, so fuck acceptance, he wants this, now he has it.
        And it is a mental illness. If I scream that I’m a snake and identify as a snake and wish for a doctor to chop off my perfectly functional arms and legs, I’d be locked in a looney bin immediately. This is no different, whatsoever.

        1. I said that. He is being accepted by the media as a woman and being heralded as some sort of icon. My point is that he is a pervert and he has the choice to be a pervert. He shouldn’t be sent to an asylum but he shouldn’t be praised for his antics either. He should be accepted, as a pervert, and we as society should move on. Most of us do, but progressives think this is a great opportunity to hoist this “man” high on their shoulders in praise of sexual debauchery!

    5. Keep in mind that Bruce looks how he does because he has access to significant financial resources. It gets a lot worse. Your rank and file tranny is much worse off, lacking access to expensive surgeries, voice therapy, and teams of makeup artists.
      And therein is my problem with this celebrity tranny fad. It’s setting up these unfortunate Omega males for disappointment and suicide attempts. Unless a prospective tranny has some sort of niche talent in a field where they don’t interact with the public(IE, computer programming) they’re probably going to end up on the dole, prostituting themselves, begging for money on GoFundMe, et cetera.

      1. Just google a few of these cut-rate (pun intended) botched sex reassignment surgeries that have been done in India.

      2. Let’em. They want evolution, here it is, evolution in action.

      1. I’m guessing they’re betting on the average hipster attention span being too short to get to the verse 2?

  6. Seriously, quit refering to that fucking science project as a her. Its not a he anymore and its certainly not a she so start calling it what it deserves to be called, an it. Nvm that people are praising it for having the “courage” to become a fucking tranny this piece of shit killed innocent people through negligence and got a god damn award for it. It deserves to be knelt down in front of a ditch and have two put in the back of its head.

    1. No, it’s a “he”. He still has a dick, he still has XY chromosomes, he is and will always be a “he”.

      1. Mentally ill is what I would call him. I mean, does what he is doing appear “sane” by any reasonable standard?

        1. It is a mental illness, and has always been considered as such throughout history. For good reason.

        2. I read somewhere that approx. 70% (could be more) of individuals whom make the ‘switch” commit suicide after the fact.

        3. I think it was 70% regret the operation, but yeah, you never hear about that…a helluvah buyer’s remorse!

        4. And most people don’t even realize how this whole thing got started. Dr. John Money, the godfather of this nonsense, experimented on some kid decades ago and went horribly wrong.

      2. Nope, he rejected his masculinity to go attention whore himself with the farce we call the mainstream media. He sold out everything he was, an olympic athlete and a overall god damn man to put on a dress, drive like a woman and inadvertently kill some one, and sell out his own sex to push the tranny loving narrative and get some attention… and he’s still planning to cut his dick off.
        “He’s” an it.

        1. I actually prefer words mean something. He has a dick, he has XY chromosomes, by and and all tests of what it means to be a male, of any species, he’s a male, ergo, a “he”. I despise the man, but he’s still male nevertheless.

  7. Serious question.
    Do “the media” genuinely love people like Bruce/Caitlin to the point where they refuse to criticise them?
    Or are they worried about being labelled “transphobes” and turned on by their consumers (who may disagree, or may conform to disagreement for fear of being labelled a -phobe themselves)?

    1. Neither. I doubt most of them love this man, except the actual gays/trans in their ranks, and THEY are the ones that create the whole “say what we want or we’ll destroy you” meme so they have the power to not destroy themselves. I think they sincerely want to push basically the entirety of the socialist/communist platforms of the last century, and one of those items was to destroy the nuclear family. Destroying sex identity accomplishes that swimmingly well, especially after you “liberate” women from any notions of responsibility for having or raising children.

      1. Ever notice how the media LOVE to focus on sickness and perversity? When Michael Jackson was alive, almost every mention of him was in reference to him molesting children (he was odd, don’t know if he went that far). They love to run stories of a nipple slipping (ok that is not perverse, but they act as if it is) or Miley Cyrus mounting a plastic penis ad nauseum. Same with the Monica story, giving us sick details on where exactly this slut took the money shot and what she did with her clothing afterwards.
        I long for the old days where, ok if Jackson committed a crime, then take care of it privately, but keep this trash out of the limelight. I really think that by talking about it so much they normalize and encourage the behavior. (Incidentally that’s how I feel about homosexuality–no doubt there are some naturally attracted to their own sex. In the past men would lead regular lives, often with wives and kids, and go have sex with other men quietly in secret. The rest of us didn’t have to see or know anything about homos and they got what they wanted too.)
        But it was so sick how during his life, Jackson was constantly referred to as a pervert and was the butt of countless jokes, and then suddenly when he died the same people who shat all over him last week were proclaiming him as this amazing musical genius. I think Jackson would be disgusted if he could have seen it. The media have no love or respect for anyone or any principles, just are attracted to scandal and perversity and sickness.

    1. Because psychology based propaganda works, even against red pill men, if we let it. It’s subtle and you have to watch to ensure that you don’t start employing their memes and word switches at all times. It’s why I refuse to use the word “gender” except when discussing noun-gender in languages where that is still used, instead I use the correct word, which is “sex”.

      1. Perversion of language is the first step towards dominating and controlling people. Totalitarian governments do it, social movements do it, cults do it.
        I am a bit younger, and recently had to research the meanings of gender/sex to know what they meant. The problem is–kids growing up today will grow up with “gender” shoved down their throats and won’t realize how the language is being perverted. They will just think gender is a synonym for sex because that’s how all their teachers, friends, books, media, etc. use it.
        This is a battle I don’t see how we can win versus the PC masses. I mean we can keep the language pure, but unless we’re talking amongst our family or to another redpiller, it won’t even matter because the masses will have literally changed the meaning of the word. Of course, I will continue to avoid using the word “gender” except when discussing foreign languages.

        1. Orwell was onto something big by noting that controlling the language is controlling the politics and thoughts.
          The way to combat it is to mock it, belittle it, laugh at it (all in a nonchalant, good humored way) and then refuse to use it. It’s not like they installed the meme via remote control, they simply slowly started using it and hoped nobody caught on.

        2. Yeah they make it easy to mock, by going to such absurdities. Like, ok the idea that “gender” means you are not either male or female but can fluidly drift between the two is radical and crazy. That’s one thing. But then facebook ramps it up to orders of magnitude of silliness by claiming there are 58 options for your gender, up from the original 2. I can’t imagine any SJW realistically defending 58 different gender options. What an easy target to ridicule.

        3. There’s two things we could do:
          1. Reframe every discussion with nationalist values. This means that left wing values are criticized for their very existence. If someone brings up equality, that person needs to be attacked for espousing an incorrect ideology.
          2. Formulate our own lexicon to describe pathological egalitarian behaviors. This provides a mental shortcut, and thus an easier way to categorize and attack people who act out those behaviors.

        4. I like that plan. Their general strategy is to posit a position as “correct” right out of the gate, and label any questioning at all as some form of “phobia” or “-ist” style of evil. So turn it back around on them.

        5. I don’t use failbook so I can’t check, but is there an option for “none”? That would probably cover most of us, since we have only a sex. Gender is something that only words and crazies have.
          If more people started marking “none” as their “gender” wherever possible for this very reason, things could easily start to backfire on the commieplex.

        6. They have “neither”. (You can google 58 gender options and see them). If I had a failbook I would probably change mine to something silly.

        7. Actually “neither” implies there are only 2 real options: male and female so they failed themselves lol

  8. David Garrett. Great article, we all agree. Can you please refer to bruce as bruce and use his appropriate pronouns. If you wish, call him “it”. But, by calling him caitlyn or her et al you’re in league with the enemy and doing their bidding. Thank you.
    The Manosphere

    1. Exactly. His name is Bruce. He is and always will be a male. Time to put the breaks on the freak show. I still think he is suffering from mental illness.

        1. Yep. The media reported at the time he “came out” with his Caitlyn bullshit that he was still pre-op. I’m *certain* they’d report if he’d cut it off yet, they haven’t, so as far as I know he’s still a dick wielding dork.

        2. I didn’t know this. If he is just wearing make up and a dress then he is just some asshole who is either a wiffenpoof of ready for halloween. In true jackass style, the courage of his convictions ends the moment it becomes painful or inconvenient.

        3. Exactly! if he really felt he was trapped in some “prison” why don’t you commit 100%, cut off your pecker, and be free!

        4. Absolutely! Always will be a man, penis or no penis. But he won’t cut it off because deep down he knows he’ll regret. Like we’ve all been saying, it’s a mental disorder.

        5. That’s the high and low of it, yep. That and putting on girl clothes and makeup, then doing the Silence Of The Lambs junk tuck for fashion magazines. He is a grade A fraud.

        6. He’s just doing it for publicity. When he cuts off his pecker then I’ll re-evaluate my thoughts on this putrid dork.

        7. Really?? I thought that he actually went ahead and mutilated himself.. that still wouldn’t make him a “she”, of course…. but then he is just playing “let’s pretend I’m a girl” and stuffing his ass with estrogen? And people praise him fot that? HAHAHAHA pathetic. As always.

        8. Who knows if he’s even taking estrogen? Maybe the whole thing is bullshit? Who would know? Dude claims he is a woman, who are you to tell him he’s not you misogynist racist homophobe?
          Here’s hoping he’s really gonna come back in a year and say ahh I punked you all, thanks for the millions, now Bruce is gonna go bang one of my daughters friends.

        9. haha well that could happen. This is why I think he hasn’t gone full retard (genital mutilation) just yet . Dude knows he’s mentally ill and that he can change his mind as quickly as he changes his dresses..

        10. That would be the only possible thing he can do which would positively absolve him of everything going on today. In fact, it would be pretty fucking awesome.

        11. Imagine if he goes to jail for manslaughter. The inmates would be taking numbers for a piece of that. Much closer to a woman than the other fresh fish that comes through the prison walls.

    1. Not even close. He was a star and got his face on the box of “Wheaties”. That was his taste of attention addiction.

  9. HIS name is Bruce. Dont buy into the narrative. He’s nothing more than a cross dresser with silicone tits and a fucking soap box.

  10. It’s not transgender or gay or being different that disgusts me. It’s the level of ghoulish behavior our society permits. I don’t care if you’re gay, but stay the f*ck off of my screen with your little peddling homosexuality to kids.

    1. Exactly. This country gives far too much attention to tiny sexual minorities.
      A healthy society should focus first on the normative, and the majority.

  11. I don’t support ROK playing along with an ill person’s delusion and calling Bruce/caitlyn Jenner “Her” or “She”.
    Words have meaning and sex is a real thing. HIS delusions are betrayed by every cell in HIS body.

  12. Bruce is part of a show that was getting dimmed over time. But show must go on. Hence here is another stunt to keep it alive…

  13. “Caitlyn”
    You may or may not have a good point, I just really couldn’t bother reading past the title.

  14. Western society thinks being an oppressed minority is heroic – a symptom of pathological compassion. Even by that measure, minorities in the West aren’t even oppressed. At this point they’re just making stuff up to satisfy the equality myth.

  15. Please fix the headline and use proper pronouns.
    Persons with XY chromosomes are male, and referred to with words such as “he,” “his,” “him,” etc.

  16. “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and then bid the geldings to be fruitful.” – C.S Lewis, The Abolition of Man

  17. As much as I hate the fact that this travesty is male, it is male. Its name has legally been changed, so I guess in legalese it would be caitlynthing. But please, this is no she.

      1. Yeah plus the old folks get free prescription drugs, free health care, discounts on groceries, restaurants, park admissions, etc. You’ll see billboards with public service announcements targeting the elderly. There are no special benefits targeted towards men. We are the lowest of the low. By the way I’ve heard gays reject trannies.

        1. Relative was in the hospital for a month last year.
          Total cost?
          One million dollars.
          Lotta money to be made off the elderly…

        2. It’s the covert death tax, all brought to us by our corrupt state-private mercantilist economy. Why pass along assets, however meager, when you can feed them to the companies who have countless “connections” in government?

        3. Have they raised the estate tax exemption to a more reasonable level in your neck of the woods? In NY, it was on assets of more than 1 million up until last yr, now its in the 4-5 mil range I think.
          How would you be able to hold onto a family farm? You’d have to sell a chunk, or all of it, to pay an estate tax….

        4. I think I heard just this weekend (coincidence?) that it’s now $6 million a person? I don’t *think* they were talking about the Fed, but don’t quote me on the number.

  18. Reminds me if the soviet union where people were congratulated for their “courage” in supporting Stalin while he was dictator. Supporting a trqnavestite while the whole country follows political correctness is the same thing.

  19. Jenner winning the courage award is the final straw to break the camel’s back.
    It’s officially over. The point of no return has arrived. Do you know how many strings had to be pulled by inside people to let him stand up there for fifteen minutes and talk about courage?!
    Enjoy the decay. Leave the county. Life as we know it is no more.

    1. Indeed, I very much agree with this. However, I think the final straw has broke the camel’s back in terms of what this country can endure. I think we’re all sick and tired of political correctness and that’s probably an understatement. Trump’s rise in the polls reflects this. He has repeatedly and effectively dealt with the pc establishment. With kelly’s ignorant attempt to smear him as anti-woman his response was, imo, excellent. Trump: “We have a problem with political correctness…I have no time for political correctness”. Later it was over anchor babies and he devoured that simpleton from the press. Yes, things have decayed but if jenner says he wants freedom as well as all the other freaks then why are we living in a police state where people look over their shoulder to speak and speak in whispers. Too many of us, myself included, have experienced exactly that and it must stop. If that is what it take to make jenner and the freaks free than there is something extremely wrong here! This is NOT freedom this is making the world, literally, perfect for a small group of freaks that tend, to make it even worse, to be sexually perverse. Why? Because they claim they’re victims and are owed something from the rest of us. What are they owed? Answer: our compliance to their endless and ever changing needs and wants. Among that is to crown these people “kings” or “queens” anointing them to the status of national hero. And with jenner it can’t be more egregious, ironic and disgusting. He killed another woman at exactly the time he was “coming out” and being crowned “hero”, yet this woman’s life means nothing to him as it means nothing to the “compassionate” and ultra “tolerant” progressive. They’re fucking frauds, all of them and I think people are noticing this more than ever.

  20. Bruce Jenner is a complete fraud, I don’t believe his transition to become a ‘woman’ was because of the BS reasons he provided. He like most if not all the members of the Jenner/Kardashian clan are malignant narcissists brought about by childhood trauma. Bruce saw that his wife and daughters had a monopoly in media attention(narcissistic supply) so his pathological envy went into overdrive and he decided to up the ante by becoming a transsexual freak of nature, therefore maximizing his narcissistic supply.

    1. Except he didn’t, you know, go “trans” on the whole “sex” thing. He basically got a few injections, put on a dress and did the dick-tuck thing for the photo shoot. He’s not even a good transsexual (not that there is such a thing), he’s a fraud through and through.

      1. Thanks for correcting me, I’m blissfully ignorant about the Jenners/Kardashian clan as I despise how respulsively narcissistic they are and how the mainstream media seems to be obsessed with them(only God knows why)..I remember watching Keeping up with the Kardashians a while ago with my female cousin and I couldn’t comprehend how millions of people could watch it religiously. A bunch of spoiled brats lacking any semblance of self-respect

  21. This article has already given up to the Gynocentric Empire by calling him->her. You can’t call a fork a knife unless you’re delusional.
    Have you ever seen someone confused about their sexual identity also sane of mind? (Hint: Never!).
    Correct your text, it is unbefitting of Kings.

      1. A spork’s form is both knife/fork. Unless the organism has both a vagina and a penis, you’re point just goes to show how shallow your skull is.

  22. David Garrett, you do no argument no favor by using the term that Jenner wants: “she.”
    This is like writing an article on the inhumane nature of abortion without using the word itself.
    You know better than that dude. When you write an article exposing pc bullshit and use a pc term that the pc fascists prefer, you end up undermining the point of the article itself, unless of course you really do consider Bruce Jenner’s paid medical mutilation the equivalent of “becoming” a female.
    Very disappointing.

    1. Ya know, I wasnt anti-abortion for most of my life(recovering lib), but when I read there have been 56 million- plus abortions since day 1…I dunno, it is a shocking number…

        1. You have a breakout of this? Just curious. I bet this was the case back in the 70s, but now, hey the damage has been done across all ethnic groups who had any history in this country(gotta clean the slate, you know?). A lot of “Im just happy to be here!” -type mofos in the states now…no history…

        2. 80% of all PP centers are located in inner city neighborhoods.
          Margaret Sanger hated Black people, so there’s no real coincidence there.
          I’m not saying Whites or Hispanics don’t frequent it of course, i’m simply saying that Blacks have been especially targeted because of the racist inclinations of their Founder.

  23. I’m beginning to think his whole coming out and cross dressing is just a media diversion from the real issue at hand that he killed someone. Manslaughter. Maybe his lawyers advised him to do it so if he was found guilty, he could get the pussy pass even though he doesn’t own a pussy. Plus the state would not know how to incarcerate him. An institution for men or should it be women? I’d say throw him in with the men, where he belongs.

  24. Not only are gender differences being blurred but what courage really needs is being blurred as well. Jenner commits negligence causing death never really takes responsibility for it. And then changes his identity. I know the two aren’t related but stills sounds the actions of a coward to me.

  25. I am definitely getting the feeling that Jenner and the Amtrak crash engineer are getting a free pass from the gov’t and the media because they are LGBT.
    I mean their negligence flat out killed people, and the media refuses to publish even a slightly damning thing about them… but we’re SO quick to call a cop a murderer and a racist as soon as we hear they killed a civilian.

  26. Thankfully, the ratings for his/her show are plummeting like William Howard Taft in a BASE jumping video.

    1. I’ll help you decide. The correct term to refer to this atrocity is “his”. A male to the end.

      1. Don’t you mean a male in HIS end?
        Anyway, I’m not the one who needs help deciding; he’s the one with the half-and-half set up. I’m proudly sporting a trouser snake and a couple of clementines.

  27. OK, so somebody died. So what ! But think of all the transgenders who can now accept themselves !
    Honestly, I do not know why I continue to read this site. Roosh needs to get with the program ! I even wrote a poem to celebrate “the new ways”.
    Queer is here ! And in the face of RooshV
    A BEER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cHEER cheer !!!!!!!!!!!
    tEARS, TEARS !!
    queers,beers, cheers, rears, tears, here’s !!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Remember that episode of the Simpsons where the advertisements come to life and they sing the song “Just dont look, judt dont look”…This needs to be done to the Krapdashians. sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking sick of these people.

  29. Return of Kings, I object to this headline :
    “Why Did Caitlyn Jenner Get A Bravery Award After Her Role In A Fatal Car Accident?”
    It should actually read:
    Why Did Caitlyn Jenner Get A Bravery Award After “it” Role In A Fatal Car Accident?
    Caitlyn Jenner is neither a he or a she Caitlyn Jenner is only an IT !

    1. I’ve concluded that he is just a transvestite trying to act like a girl. If he went through under the knife, he’ll be an amputee transvestite.

  30. Caitlyn – sorry, Bruce, as his XY chromosomes still state that he’s a male – is given this award for “being himself”.
    No. That is disgusting.
    Transgender surgery is disgusting and unnatural. Just because someone wants to be change their sex doesn’t mean they should be given the “privlege” to. Back then a hundred or so years ago, people who cross-dressed, people who acted like the opposite sex were committed into mental asylums (which wasn’t really extreme in those times). Nowadays though, SJWs may argue that our society has “evolved” (I have actually heard this before) and “developed” beyond this, and thus sex changes should be embraced.
    If our society has “developed”, then it’s definitely not intellectually, considering people such as the Kardashians/Jenners are valued more than actual role models such as Noah Galloway. I would find it bizarre if I had a son who had shown signs of heterosexual behavior one day suddenly told me “Daddy I want pink shoes” or “I want a Barbie dollhouse”. And that definitely would not serve as the inclination to take him to a hospital to get him castrated and get a vagina in place.
    This is what our society values, instead of the sacrifices of REAL beacons of courage like Noah Galloway.

    1. “Evolved” and “developed” with tacit approval according to their delusion and arrogance. One thing everone should bear in mind; as many have rightly stated that “Cait” will always be a “he” (xy), there is, strictly speaking, no such thing as a “sex change” under any terms, only the mutilation.

  31. I understand the sentiments of many of you regarding using “Caitlyn” over “Bruce” but this is also about a Google exercise. When you search for “Caitlyn Jenner bravery” or “Caitlyn Jenner award” etc, this article comes up already.
    Don’t panic – ROK is still the same. Sometimes you must read some method into the apparent 10% madness.
    Even if we can’t counter the weight of mainstream outlets celebrating Jenner, while a lady lies dead in the ground, we can stake a place somewhere in the search results for people to read this and find that their views are not isolated.
    Most people are not as red pill as you guys. They are confused about the world they live in. We need to meet them halfway, especially when they will be googling the terms that bring up the article here on ROK.

    1. I think a bigger issue is the sheer number of commenters who couldn’t resist a pointless argument with a committed troll. She achieved her objective: utter mayhem. Perhaps another announcement to remind our fellow commentators not to waste their time enabling these nutjobs.

      1. Yes, and guys forget the rule against engaging them. Perhaps some temporary time out for the violators would help?
        Even though she presented nothing but emotional ad hominem attacks and she was repeatedly debunked, it’s not interesting commentary to read, which is I suspect why it was banned from the start.

        1. Yes before they were threatening permanent bans but I think that is too harsh. A temporary ban would enforce the lesson.
          The sad thing is that about 5 pages in you can actually find some interesting comments instead of the pointless bickering.

    2. Ever since I was born I always felt different. I never felt like I was who I really was. I remember looking at the t.v and wondering why don’t I look like them. I felt like I was born in the wrong body. I remember seeing their flippers and the way they would slide down the snow . I knew that I was always meant to be a penguin. I hated my human body. I was born human but, I identify as penguin and I demand my birth certificate to say I was born penguin.

    3. sure, you cuckservative.
      this is exactly why supposedly conserative institutions like the catholic church and the republican party pander to leftists and support things like feminism and equality politics. Because someone has been saying “we need to meet them halfway. that way more people will donate money to the church/vote for us.”

    1. Hah, that was funny. I’m so sick of everyone having to issue the “public apology” though. If you’re a jerk, own it. (Not saying he was in the wrong in this specific case)
      I don’t think an apology means anything if it’s issued publicly.
      I will apologize privately to anything, because it’s no skin off my back. I pissed you off? Made you cry? Whatever, I’ll say hey, I’m sorry I upset you, and move on. But these generic public apologies about “feelingz” are bullshit. You won’t hear one from Trump!

  32. Frat boys put up banners over balconies of a frat house that read, “Rowdy and fun. Hope your baby girl is read for a good time!”, “Freshman daughter drop off!” and “Go ahead and drop mom off too…” And now Jezebel is crying “RAPE CULTURE!” The banners are in bad taste and a vulger, but it diminishes the severity of actual rape.

        1. That’s just odd, because no college girl I knew wanted anything to do with freshman guys.
          Seniors or guys in their 30s, sure.

  33. I saw the ESPY video and Brucinas voice was just fucking creepy. At least try and sound feminine.
    I regret watching that video.

  34. Liberals have this inner Archie Bunker that they believes is typical of everybody except themselves, their friends, and the leading liberals. Their notions of the inner Archie are stereotyped and rigid, a fake 1950s guy, and their purpose in life is to infuriate the inner Archie. They believe that heroizing Jenner causes millions to rage in helpless — or, better, impotent — fury (instead of yawn in boredom). The inner Archie is used by leading leftists and social destroyers to keep their useful idiots agitating against sanity while giving them the illusion of saving society and harming its enemies.

  35. Jenner is NOT a she. He’s a mentally sick person who opted for a disfiguring optional surgery promoted by greedy doctors who don’t give a fuck about people living normal lives. No difference to those sick people with severe body dysmorphia who have limbs amputated to “reduce their stress.”
    I read some stuff on this whole new “transgender” crap in the news. The gays admit that since they got gay marriage their isn’t anything “exciting about themselves” to talk about now. So they and their cultural hangers-on are now pushing Transgenderism as the next big thing to keep them relevent. Do we as a society want to go along with this? It sure seems so. All the SJW’s who make criticizing gays a social death sentence now make it a crime to call this mental illness out for what it is.
    And about gay marriage, why can’t I marry my dog? Seriously. They say they want it so they can get the money benefits of hetero couples. I want a dog to have puppies, and then declare them as dependents so my taxes will be lower. I think I have have a God damned valid point, now that the courts say you can make up any freakin’ thing to justify what you want.

  36. Jesus, if he existed, was on the cross for nine hours. Childbirth usually takes longer than that. He was dead for three days before going to heaven, where he gets to rule over the whole world. Not exactly brave.

  37. Please stop referring to Bruce Jenner as she. He’s just a man who got fake breasts and slathers on makeup. There is absolutely feminine about this grotesque joke.

  38. I suppose it takes balls (no pun intended) to swap your penis for a vagina. But seriously, one detail not mentioned but is worth mentioning is Bruce Jenner’s neglect of his daughters. While his shenanigans are being considered “bravery”, his daughters are going the way of his Kardashian stepdaughters and their mother. I don’t know if it’s because now he can’t consider if he is supposed to be a father or mother to them. One thing worth mentioning is his older Jenner children refused to appear on the show. Dead giveaway.

  39. This article should be titled “Why did Bruce Jenner get a Bravery Award After his Role in a Fatal Car Accident”

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