Fake Conservative Megyn Kelly Exposes Her Anti-Trump Agenda During Presidential Debate

It’s no surprise to anyone with a critical perspective that Fox news has moved further and further left (thanks to the rising influence of Rupert Murdoch’s progressive seed James) but what has become surprising is the ease and speed in which it’s taking place. From Glenn Beck’s ouster to Bill O’ Reilly’s increasingly progressive pandering nature, it’s clear that Fox should no longer be considered a bastion of conservative philosophy, if indeed it ever was.

This brings me to the recent republican presidential debate, where Fox news closet feminist Megyn Kelly took aim at Donald Trump with “gotcha” style questions that would have been more commonly associated originating on MSNBC.

Here’s how she addressed her remarks to Trump, with a superficial setup no less disingenuous than the “you’re a great guy” breakup speech a man might typically get; which Meg then uses as her launching pad to attack:

Trump’s response is classic, in that he emphasizes how political correctness has become too much of a problem in the US as only he can. He also gave a slight warning to Kelly when he called her on her “war on women” bullshit, which any man watching on the manosphere would have applauded.

One can perceive from Megyn’s sternness and body language that she’s taking the past verbiage by Trump personally. Her response is seething with anger, dripping with feminist condescension (cue an eye roll at the 32 second mark) and loaded with potshots that would knock most men for a loop in a live televised debate.

The fact that Trump didn’t miss a beat is a testament to his chutzpah and his defiance of political correctness. Say what you will about the Donald, but one thing you can’t say about him is that he lacks the backbone to defend his remarks. He truly embodies the confidence the alpha masculine man is supposed to represent at least in regards to an opposition to PC.

Don't tell me to make you  a sandwich, that's what the maid is for!

Don’t tell me to make you a sandwich, that’s what a husband is for!

To be fair, Donald was wrong to state that his remarks were only against Rosie O’Donnell. Regardless, Megyn’s questions were better suited to the context of a one-on-one interview, where these types of “hard hitting” questions would be appropriate. For her to do so on a live debate where a candidate is only given a certain amount of time to respond is sheer bias on her part, possibly with the blessing of her superiors.

The Many Faces Of Megyn Kelly

A lot of people on the right make the assumption Kelly is conservative, when in reality she is far from it. Here’s just a few examples of her CINO (conservative in name only) feminist tendencies, courtesy of Megyn herself.

Despite being a self-described Catholic she nonetheless defies biblical gender roles, most notably in her “what makes me submissive and you dominant?” remark here:

How about this homosexual agenda supporting remark?

This country has a long history of discrimination against certain groups. Eventually we wind up getting it right. Right? Against women, against blacks, the civil rights movement and so on. And in justifying that discrimination when it was in place, some folks turn to the Bible and turn to their religious beliefs and said we have to have slavery because it’s in the Bible. Women have to be second-class citizens because that’s in the Bible. Blacks and whites can’t get married because that’s in the Bible. That wound up in a case. A judge wrote that in an opinion, which the Supreme Court ultimately struck that down, saying that’s not right, judge-the Equal Protection clause says you can’t do that. Why is gay marriage any different?

While i can’t provide video on the previous quote because it’s been scrubbed from the net (interestingly enough), I can provide referenced video of Kelly’s not so subtle support for the homosexual agenda here, where she makes the farcical comparison between interracial marriage and homosexual marriage and tries to excuse it with a “I’m just expressing what they’re feeling” disclaimer:

But before I get back to Richard on that, there was a time in this country in which interracial marriage was not lawful. And the Supreme Court had to step in and say, ‘That’s wrong. Under the U.S. Constitution, under the Equal Protection clause, whites can marry blacks and states are not free to tell them otherwise.’ And those that advocate on behalf of this issue, Maggie, they say this is another, sort of, iteration of that.

She can hide behind the excuse of simply voicing an opinion for those that “advocate on behalf of this issue,” but that only works when you don’t voice an opinion that sounds like support every single time the issue comes up. Nice try Meg.

I can see the blood coming out of her...wherever!

I can see the blood coming out of her…wherever!

For another example: Megyn displays her profound ignorance of our system of law when she arrogantly declares:

“like it or not the SCOTUS has the final say.”

With regard to the recent SCOTUS ruling on homosexual marriage, someone should ask Megyn if she still believes Dredd Scott is law.


Now let’s take a moment to explore Kelly’s personal past. What drew her to the attention of FOX as someone with a marketable appeal? Was it her legal career? Nope.

Her time as an ABC reporter? No.

It was the fact that she has a great pair of assets which Brit Hume became aware of in 2004.

My milkshake brings all the Brit Humes to the yard...

My milkshake brings all the Brit Humes to the yard…

We got more of an understanding of the feminism that Meg secretly supports (and the looks that cover them) in a Dec 2010 GQ spread in which she stated:

“Hmm. I respect women like Gloria Steinem who paved the way. But when you say “feminist” now, there is a message that if you are too sexy and you acknowledge that part of your personality publicly, then it’s somehow an affront to women. And I reject that.”

Notice she never actually rejects the feminist label, she simply rejects what it has come to represent. This is why I consider her a neo-feminist, because her own remarks paint her as a closet lipstick leftist who is skilled in the marketing of her assets, but can’t very well call herself a feminist at a network largely perceived to be conservative. It would be career suicide.

From earlier this year:

 I hate to sound like I’m about 200 but half naked girls, I mean like seriously it’s really in your face everywhere you turn you’re trying to raise a kid in a G rated world and you can’t because the world seems to be R rated everywhere.

Contrast that remark with the R rated image of her earlier…would Gloria Steinem approve?

Couldn't have said it better myself

Couldn’t have said it better myself

Contrast this as well: Her petulant position over Trump’s remarks about women’s looks (Using the words “Hillary Clinton” as her shield) with her 2010 interview with Howard Stern, where she discussed (her) breast and (men’s) penis size while he was busy objectifying her. Does anyone else besides me detect just a whiff of hypocrisy here?


And here’s an interview she had with neo-feminist Christina Hoff Summers, where she proceeded to gush all over her. Take special note where Megyn describes her as “conservative author” while Christina later self describes as a “moderate liberal feminist.” I would recommend a nice face-palm here but it appears Megyn beat us to it.

Megyn’s numerous politically left of center remarks make her at best conservative leaning, nothing more. Take it from someone who used to watch FOX news religiously, not everything that sounds conservative over there actually is…Meg is no exception.

You're fired! Just kidding...but seriously, next time you're fired

You’re fired! Just kidding! But seriously, next time you’re fired

At this point It’s become no surprise that online left wing rags like Salon have been coming to her defense, as they too recognize a feminist in need of support against the “big bad sexist” Donald Trump. I thought women were strong enough to handle themselves.

Given her much-deserved collective ass kicking from Trump and conservative giants like Mark Levin and Michael Savage over the presidential debate fiasco, it would seem rumors of female empowerment have been greatly exaggerated by the disinformation media, especially given Megyn’s sudden coincidental vacation.

Much the same way that the Canadian progressives have declared war on Roosh, so too have a lot of online feminists declared war against Trump using Megyn Kelly as an excuse. Typical. Look for her to divorce and marry for a third time. These “empowered” types can never hold down a marriage for long. You heard it here first. You won’t hear it on FOX, of course.

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256 thoughts on “Fake Conservative Megyn Kelly Exposes Her Anti-Trump Agenda During Presidential Debate”

  1. I couldn’t get too worked up about it since neither Trump nor Kelly are conservative. Trump is a moderate populist and Kelly preaches whatever BS Fox and the RNC tell her to.

  2. What are Trump’s views on fractional reserve banking and the FED?
    He who controls the money supply controls everything.

    1. Trump has publicly posted a comprehensive immigration plan
      He will be posting a comprehensive economic/monetary/SS plan soon
      This is what successful businessmen do. They put forth and develop objectives and then plans to meet those objectives.
      All of this whining about Trump’s wealth smells like envy, which is for manginas. Go ahead and try to develop the balls it takes to build a business empire , manage hotels, apartment complexes, resorts, and casinos, and be successful at it to the tune of 9.7 billion in net worth. Trump inherited 400 million worth of Queens and Brooklyn RE from his
      father, and parlayed it into 10 bil. If you don’t respect his business and management acumen, you are missing the point.
      I like the fact that he is the only person running who has the balls to address illegal aliens and the problem of SJW culture

      1. Mr Man, how on earth did you conclude from my question that I was envious of Trump’s wealth.
        p.s. I’m quite wealthy myself … in the millions.

  3. And let’s not forget whatever payoff or deal Fox made with Judge Andrew P. Napolitano to diminish his vocally libertarian /constitutional presence on the network.
    Great column–Megan Kelly is a fucking airhead whore and Trump trounced her. But Christina Hoff Sommers’ visibility is actually one of the best things to happen in the contemporary culture wars, and the fact that she is considered a feminist is excellent.

    1. Makes me wonder if a woman can ever truly be conservative. I mean, conservatism is based on logical arguments and a lot of tough love (you dig the hole, you climb out of it). This might simply be too harsh of a reality for women to fully accept as their natural instinct is to nurture and care for others….even if it’s to their detriment.
      Hope that makes sense. It does in my mind, but it’s also early and I’m not through my 1st cup of coffee so….

      1. That does make sense I’ve thought the same for ages. Talk to most women about politics, the vast majority will give you an opinion based on feels, logic and cold hard facts upset them.

        1. Look up the female vote going all the way back to FDR. You’ll find that they’ve voted for the worst presidents as a consistent majority, and only rarely vote for the best presidential prospects available (like Reagan)
          This proves that politically speaking, females tend to occupy both ends of the spectrum…they either vote for the very worst or the very best of candidates, and largely because of aesthetic concerns (charisma, confidence, appearance) while Men tend to vote over the crux of the matter. (the issues that the candidate represents)

        2. You and Rafael make some good points. My wife is fairly right leaning, but even she falls prey to the emotions surrounding some policies.
          I tried to tell her that the age for withdrawing Social Security needs to be bumped up to around 70-73 (in order to accommodate for the increase in life expectancy) and she got super pissed about it…not because we’re anywhere near that age (30 year old), but because it’d screw her parents over. I kept telling her, forget your parents for a bit and look at the actual issue, but she simply can’t.

        3. Ah, social security.. the third rail of politics.
          SS is a giant ponzi scheme, as are all state pension plans, and should be dismantled. I would exempt young people from paying into it and insure payments to those who have already paid into it and gradually phase it out.
          I don’t see fedzilla ever relinquishing that however.

        4. It’s more than a contingency plan that SS and maybe Medicare will be means tested in the near future and reserved for the “truly deserving poor”.

        5. That one and taking taxing (versus actually paying them like we use to in the past).
          The whole taking tax versus paying tax should be a number one concern of many Americans. It’s the one true power that the people had over the politicians (especially in recent years where they couldn’t get along and the government has been broken).
          You don’t have out of control spending (by both parties) if the people have control of the purse strings.

        6. That’s a good example she can’t get past the emotion of how it would affect someone she knows to see the bigger picture. Women think about short term compassion when it comes to issues but can’t grasp long term consequences that may arise from it.

        7. Yup. I would implement a flat or fair tax and be done with it. This, again, would diminish fed power (IRS), so this won’t be done voluntarily.

    2. What exactly did the judge say to get his show cancelled? All I know, is he was axed the day after he said what he said…

      1. “A rumor is going around that he was fired after an anti-Israeli rant in which he said that Israel is more dangerous to the US than Iran because Iran can’t really attack us, while Israel can drag our forces into foreign wars.”
        Can’t imagine anyone getting fired for telling the truth about Israel, though. Can you?

    3. Napolitano was the only decent thing Fox ever did. He had an online only show that they were testing out. It got better ratings than many of their tv aired broadcasts, and yet for some reasons never moved to the airwaves…

        1. Stossle is on the FOX Business Network. I’ve always liked him. Like me, he did a 180 politically.

        2. He was on ABC as I recall. And he was actually given some airtime for a while. ABC also aired Politically Incorrect, so I think they were probably the best of the networks. NBC is owned by GE and/or a weapons conglomerate I know… But I think all major media is owned by the same 5 groups now.

      1. Interesting you bring this up because lately I’ve felt Napolitano has been holding back and reiterating a scripted response. I love the guy’s last name as I too am Italian with a last name ending in …itano

  4. I think I remember reading about her current husband…he is a stay at home writer writing a book about a ‘crusading conservative female jounalist that exposes DC corruption’ … He sounds like a nicely trained beta

    1. Every relationship has a dominant and submissive partner. The dominant partner is stereotypically male, but it doesn’t have to be. Makeup can cover up a lot, but it can’t hide Meg’s man jaw. I’d bet anything she’s a High T female. I’m sure back at the Kelly household every night is “strap-on night.”

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      1. She’s even more masculine in appearance without the makeup.
        Probably has an oversized clitoris, no doubt.

      2. “I’m sure back at the Kelly household every night is “strap-on night.””
        Often wish that gender – was as fluid as femkunts claim.
        Cuz then they all could turn full men – and then who could they blame?

      3. I think deep down she wants a guy that’ll spank her. Not ‘love taps’ on her booty with a feathered-boa, but real brutal put on your gorean-collar stuff.

      4. Absolutely. She’s probabaly packing a pink jolly rancher at a minimum down there. She has that deep voice too.

      5. She uses her strap on to fuck Geraldo and Hannity up the ass. Hannity is such a white knight he makes Alan Combs look like a real man.

        1. Just as fitting. A disappointment to objectivity and an insult to the thinking woman. She is a perpetuation of the air head blonde with a little book-not much.

        2. Not to mention another “i follow my faith except when i don’t” and the always noteworthy “i don’t like all the R rated stuff i see on tv except when i promote it through racy ads.”
          She’s a world class hypocrite and buffoon who thinks she’s more important than she actually is. I was actually rooting for Trump when he deflated the air out of the blonde tit she calls a head.

    2. These people.. a lot of western conservatives don’t seem to know what real rightism sounds like anymore. Time for some change.

  5. The next time any GOP candidate is asked about this crap, he should respond:

    We have an $18 trillion debt that will probably be well over $20 trillion when I take office.
    We have record numbers of people who are not working and who are on food stamps.
    We have illegals who are swarming over our border, overrunning our schools, stealing people’s identities and killing our people with impunity and we have a president who doesn’t want to deport them.
    We have a moribund economy that isn’t producing enough good jobs quickly enough.
    We have a potentially nuclear Iran, and we have ISIS running around Iraq kidnapping Americans, chopping their heads off, and posting videos of the same to YouTube.
    I could go on and on about the serious problems with which we must deal as a country, and you choose to waste the American people’s time on BS like this? Do you really think the average American who doesn’t know if he can make the next rent or mortgage payment really cares about things like my personal life?

    The GOP has to learn to not accept the premise of every question thrown at it.

    1. True, but the GOP is not conservative. They fight the conservatives in their own ranks and fold like a cheap suit when confronting democrats.
      And Fox News sold out a long time ago. Certain parties bought alot of their shares years ago.

    2. he/she, huh?
      And trump basically did say that. If it didn’t have as much rhetorical punch it’s because it was off the cuff and aimed at the american public, not the ROK crowd.

        1. I understand, but prior to the infestation of politically correct grievance mongers, it was considered perfectly correct to use male pronouns when referring to unknown or hypothetical people, even when in specific cases it might refer to a female.

  6. One look at her and I knew she is the usual girl “power” type. Talks a lot and thinks she has actual skills. In the end, she produces absolutely nothing.

    1. I’ve actually liked Megyn as she’s the one and only person on TV I’ve seen bringing attention to the innocent college males who’ve had their lives tossed courtesy of the faux campus “rape culture” BS.
      I did watch the debate and certainly rolled my eyes when she asked the questions to Trump. Frankly, I felt she asked the question to prepare Trump as the (D’s) will undoubtedly work the War on Women meme.
      Nevertheless … have people finally had enough of the bogus War on Women and convenient picking and choosing? Given the backlash Megyn has faced, I think so. I for one am absolutely FED-UP with women proclaiming they’re just as tough as men … but then magically crying “sexism” when a male criticizes them just as they would another male.

      1. I for one am absolutely FED-UP with women proclaiming they’re just as tough as men … but then magically crying “sexism” when a male criticizes them just as they would another male.
        You and me both,brother.

    2. Megyn Kelly is another example of a woman getting ahead because of her tits and ass. She should just own up to it and women should stop pretending they got many of their positions based on merit or job performance (Fox didn’t hire her for any other reason).
      Also, if these women are so ‘strong and independent’ then why do they need support or ‘saving’ all of the time when they take a verbal beating from a man? If we’re all so equal then she should take it like a man, sit down and shut the fuck up.

      1. Its true but its better than looking at rosie the riveteer. I think she believes she is more than she is though when all that superficial crap goes to her head.

  7. I don’t pay for TV, no social media and had no desire to watch anything debates online so this is my first seeing Megyn’s nonsense and Trump’s smackdown. Well done, Donald. I may actually vote this time if he gets the nomination, mainly because I’m sick of lying, spineless pols and Trump is an outsider with a pair.
    Christina Hoff Summers is somewhat reasonable, I’ve seen her before. Megyn Kelly’s personality is so abrasive I had to watch the vids in small doses. Topkek nation? Last, if Kelly’s Catholic her faith must be one of her lowest priorities. When they start talking ‘data’ and ‘studies’ at the expense of moral / natural law and common sense, I tune out.

    1. I heard someone say “Trump will do what’s best for the country. He might not do it for the right reasons, but he’ll still get it done and that’s good enough for me.”
      I’m inclined to agree. Beats the corrupt frauds we have in office now.

      1. I don’t expect he’d usurp congress and abuse power as Obma has. Hilldog aside, could any of the candidates be worse than O?

      2. Eh, hes full of crap too- how many hotels does the guy own? How many of those employees are here illegally? And now he wants to toss em out??
        And if he is legit, he’ll get “Perot’d”…

        1. Yeah, a lot of the stuff he says is weird. Like putting a 35% tax rate on any foreign trade–this guy does business all over the world, I can’t imagine him thinking it’s a good idea to put up trade barriers. It makes sense coming from populists like Bernie Sanders or Huckabee but there is no way Trump believes that, or the immigration stuff (he has been pro-immigration most of his life)

  8. Megyn Kelly’s attack on trump probably did come from the blessing of the higher ups at FOX. They supported Romney in the last election and i would be very much surprised if they didn’t throw their support behind Jeb Bush as well. (i remember reading an article where Jeb had the second largest amount of time devoted to him in the presidential debate behind Trump so there you go.)
    Regardless, this article perfectly highlights the feminist presence at the FOX network, which this particular feminist uses as her means of attacking Men she happens to disagree with. I saw that interview with Huckabee online and she behaved in a very belligerent fashion. (Maybe she was on her period lol)
    I speculate the only reason they keep her on is because she’s a nice piece of eye candy.
    I haven’t seen anywhere near the information collation over MK like this article has presented even from the usual right wing outlets. It’s about time!
    As the article said, too many (conservative) people are under the ignorant impression that everything at Fox is conservative, and Megyn Kelly herself is also conservative.
    Hopefully they will wake up from their ignorant haze and stop giving this bim ratings. The Kelly File is just an excuse for her to wax ignorantly and to do so in a rude fashion, especially when males disagree with her.
    Megyn “Jesus was White” Kelly needs to be exposed for the sciolist feminist she is. This article is a step in the right direction, pun intended.

    1. Fortunately the higher ups don’t see that, for an alpha male, shit tests are an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

      1. Whether it’s Roosh or Trump, any real Man who has been around enough female bullshit will develop a pavlovian wit that will come into play whenever females and manginas try to test them through the shit tests you mentioned.
        The bullshit that does not weaken you, only serves to make you wittier.

    2. Agree. Kelly is approaching the wall (or just a bit past it) and they will look to replace her soon with a younger, hotter blonde.
      I never found her as a conservative. I always found her to be a feminist, first and foremost. She always had this chip on her shoulder when talking with men (especially powerful men). That screams SJWs or feminist right there. I never saw her questions as “gotcha” questions but more of a line of questioning only reserved for men (with a bit of anger behind them).
      I would think daddy issues?

      1. Possibly, but i’m thinking more along the lines of “penis envy.”
        A lot of these ambitious bimbos know deep down that they couldn’t have achieved anywhere near the type of success they’ve accumulated so far were it not for their looks.
        They hate the fact that they were born female, because they feel that if they had been born male they would enjoy even more career accomplishments and goals than they do now.
        I believe this is why cunts like MK tend to smart off or otherwise disrespect Men, especially those who oppose the kind of feminist views she holds. They tend to be far more wealthy (Trump) or far more successful (Cruz) than her, and she takes it rather personally.

  9. anybody think sanders has a shot at the democratic nomination? a series of trump-sanders debates would be more entertaining than monday night football. i’d be a little worried about bread lines and gulags is sanders were to win, though.

    1. I don’t think so. If anything, rumors of obama attempting to circumvent the 22nd amendment so he can run again concern me more.
      His flunkies tried this a couple of years ago, and it may be attempted again this year.
      Of course if all else fails, there’s always executive privilege aka “i’m going to use this privilege to abuse my authority even though it wasn’t meant for that purpose.”

      1. They have said this about the last 3 or 4 presidents. I fell for it in the past (with W). Don’t worry about Ob. getting another term, they won’t do that, they will do what they do every 8 years–just replace him with someone worse.

    2. He has some populist ideas, as does Trump, and I like that he is not a member of either political party. However, I think that video where the 2 black lives matter girls took over his microphone and commandeered his speech in Seattle shows he is weak, and not presidential material.

  10. Fox is establishment. That said, so is Trump. He’s not conservative. He is populist — which means whatever is popular at the time. You can admire his personality, but his ideology is establishment/liberal.

    1. when folks hear me talk politics they call me Republican, I correct them and say no, I am a conservative.

      1. Same here. When I tell them I stopped being a Republican in 2005, they have a blank look on their face.

        1. Most people you will meet have little political, economic or historical depth and simply regurgitate emotive talking points they are exposed too. If you want to be coy, ask them specifically what their beef is using the socratic method of discussion and let them hang themselves on their own replies.
          It can be entertaining, but I mainly use it to expose a person’s lack of understanding in order to be left alone (no one likes being made a fool).

        2. I am very well aware of the lack of political, economic, and historical depth among many people, especially here in Southern California. I am among the minority so I have to tread lightly, particularity at work.
          thanks for suggesting the socratic method. I’ve somewhat learned to do something very similar based on my interactions with those on the far left; they get tangled in their own web.
          Last time I went out on a date with a female we talked politics briefly, she said she didn’t consider FOX as news, however she did Al-Jazeera. you can imagine the look I had on my face.

        3. I am a conservative expat in Europe– I could write a book about my experiences regarding political discourse with the natives.
          I actually left the bed of an Irish chick I was occassionally banging one Saturday morning because some how the conversation steered to Ann Coulter (she asked what I was currently reading). She went on a rant about how evil she was and when I asked if she ever read any of her books or articles she admitted, “no.” She got pissy when I asked how could she know anything about her then. Got dressed and walked.

        4. Nothing kills good wood faster than when a stupid bim opens her mouth.
          The only time the token vagina you’re with pre-bang should open her mouth is when she’s about to give head.

  11. I like Trump and he is no conservative. He has the alpha appeal that the GOP does not have. Unlike the GOP, Trump takes no shit from the people we despise most: spineless male feminists and disgusting feminists whose feminism is nothing but a rationalization for bad behavior and willful ignorance. However, regardless of how “alpha” he may be, neither he nor anyone else cannot change a system that is broken beyond repair. The American state was brought into existence for the purpose of protecting our natural rights (never say “civil” rights again). It no longer does this.
    It was nice to see Trump defeat a phony narrative once again. It’s nice to see confirmation of the fact that SJW concepts have infiltrated the so-called right and rendered them mere agents of Leftist statist doctrine because I know when, where, and of whom to be suspicious. This American state however is toast. Stick a fork in it. Megyn Kelly and anyone else can prattle social justice narratives endlessly and the strong ones among us can effortlessly smack them down but that will not change anything about contemporary America. Trump is adding to the body of evidence of how the system is a complete joke. I’m still pulling for him but only because he is showing the SJWs to be precisely what they are – bullshit.

      1. It’s important to separate the personality of a candidate for any office from what you expect from government. A lot of us are pissed because we cannot find the liberty and freedom we were promised. Government controls our education by making it next to impossible to opt out of the system of public schools. Government taxes the shit out of the people who pay our salaries which, in turn, affects us. Government crashes the economy with ill conceived policies and this ruins people’s lives. We hate the SJWs because they defend this shit with intellectually dishonest arguments. Trump is a nice sideshow in that he fearlessly takes them down a few pegs and is unapologetic. However, Trump’s entertainment value does not change the fact that America has evolved into a state where the interests of the individual are subordinated to the those of the state. It becomes more apparent each day that our only choice is between socialism (the Democrats) or fascism (the GOP). The Democrats want state management of the economy while the GOP wants the actors in the economy to promote the interests of the state.

        1. I can agree with that. Government control and influence has become the norm and so no one sees the alternative; thinking that what is present is what has always been.

    1. Right, Trump is closer to nationalism. Conservatism just doesn’t do the job.

      1. I’m a nationalist then — sorry, I’d rather we shut down all trade with the “Peoples Republic” and bring manufacturing jobs home. So what if prices go up? There was a time when we made things in this country and we somehow survived. I can live without a slave labor produced iPhone…and frankly, so can everyone else.

        1. Lol, what jobs? This isn’t post world war 2 manufacturing Era of manned assembly lines where the US was the only allied country with an infrastructure left.
          There are no jobs to “bring home.”

    2. I can appreciate how Trump is smacking all of them around and showing them it’s all just a charade.
      As far as supporting or voting for him, I can’t see giving him that kind of power. He’ll talk a good talk but Trump has always (only) been about Trump. He’ll get into office, work it to his benefit (like they all do) and at the end of the day he’ll leave the country right where they all do – a broken government in debt.
      It’s the one thing that all of these politicians have in common. It used to be hidden (at least) and under the surface but today they are all the same – look out for number one (fuck the people).

      1. I agree. I saw the beginning of Trump’s Iowa speech and couldn’t sit through it. That little bit I heard confirmed what I had always thought, he appears as yet another politician in the long lineage of others who seek office as a means of promoting a set of interests that have little to do with addressing, in a meaningful way, the problems that adversely affect individuals. He offered vague pronouncements. I saw no evidence of any underlying principles for his policies. Perhaps there was more beyond what I did not see but couldn’t sit through that little bit. I am exactly where I started, supporting Trump only because he unapologetically thumbs the eye of the GOP establishment and the SJWs with their dishonest narratives.
        I do want Trump to prevail because he is the clear and indisputable evidence of a system of national government that is broken beyond repair. This evidence makes it easier for me to be a non-participant in the general election. The last thing I want is someone like Cruz or Paul whose ideas I like. Both can inspire a false hope that things can change and this false hope will only disguise the obvious truth, that our system of national government has run its course.

        1. “The last thing I want is someone like Cruz or Paul whose ideas I like”
          Interesting. Could you elaborate further please?

        2. Our government is irreparably broken and the election of libertarian minded conservatives can lull people into believing that the “ship can be righted”.

        3. Agreed. Libertarians are actually hybrid social liberals who lean conservative on matters of fiscal relevance. Even Ron Paul once said that he and obama’s followers “overlap.”
          Imagine driving a car with only two functional wheels on the right side and you’ll get an idea of where i’m going here.

        4. My ideas on libertarianism are changing. It’s not a change of heart but of how libertarian ideas are applied. I like to argue that communists can exist in a libertarian government but libertarians cannot exist in a communist government. This identifies a central concept: the right of people to enter into voluntary associations and form their own covenants and rules. A group of social conservatives can voluntarily assemble together into a self governing community with laws that forbid any vestiges of a gay lifestyle. They, like other communities within a libertarian central or national authority, would be regional authorities. Neo-Nazis or Black supremacists could assemble together in similar fashion.
          The biggest problem we have with social justice warriors is their tendency to intrude upon groups of people who have voluntarily assembled together and to impose their beliefs upon that group. Applying this type of national government would mean the creation of communities or localities that may and may not be libertarian. Instead of a charter that began “We The People”, the charter would say “We the small republics” or “We the voluntary associations of persons..” In doing this, communities or localities would be free to form a set of laws and mandates that reflected their collectively held values. The core value held by all these voluntary assemblages would be voluntary participation and a respect of the decisions of other voluntary assemblages.

        5. I think he’ll put on a good show and maybe do a couple of things in office. But in the long run, he has always been about Trump, first. There is nothing wrong with that (looking out for personal interests) but you can’t sell it to me that you’re in it just to fix America and make it great, again (that’s a politician talking). I’ve heard it from Clinton, Obama, some from the Bush family, Reagan, etc…and in the end it’s a pretty good show. How much real change did we see from Bush to Obama? I haven’t seen anything but a continuation of policies implemented in 2001.
          They all talk a good talk during election cycles, then it’s back to the day to day bullshit of ignoring the people, running up the debt and finger pointing once shit doesn’t get done.

        6. First of all I originally supported Rand Paul until he dropped out now I support Cruz. Both Cruz and Rand Paul have stood up to the DC establishment and won. I like Trump’s attitude toward feminists and other SJW but he favors eminent domain and foreign workers over American workers.

        7. Government goes to those who show up. As a genuine MRA who does lobby his congressman and senators on behalf of men’s issues I can tell you there is change happening but you have to make it happen. Go to my blog and you’ll see: http://mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/

    3. Feminism has two wings: a left liberal one and right conservative one.
      This is a bit off topic but it is something I have noticed: PUA’s have a realistic view of women while MRA’s,myself excluded,have a romantic view of women. I’ve see that a lot of MRA’s get into the same shit with women in relationships over and over again only to be burned over and over again.

  12. bwwahhhh !! Thats funny shit, “Foxnews” being a conservative news outlet.? !! Anyone who was paying attention when Ron Paul was running for president the last election cycle showed just how “conservative” Fox was… what a ducking joke !!. I stopped taking them seriously after 911. Billy boy foul mouthed sexual harasser O’Reilley could not put 2 and 2 together if given a calculator and a pencil. He has become a caricature of himself. News media is entirely owned by left interests. Even Infowars Alex jones is bought and paid for STRATFOR asset..Rush Limbaugh is a hillbilly heroin junkie. listen to mouthpieces with a grain of salt. Those that really know what they are talking about make you think and come at problems with solutions you have never heard of. Trump is another Ross Perot or a trojan horse. “Its a big club and you ain’t in it.”. – George Carlin..

    1. I’d say that Trumps personality makes it seem pretty unlikely that he’d allow himself to be used as a puppet.

    2. His politics have been closer to Bill Clinton’s than any of the current Republicans (pro-immigration, pro-universal health care, pro-choice, anti-vaccine) and so I’m kind of shocked that the GOP is accepting him as a legitimate candidate, but I think most of his appeal is the medium, not the message. I don’t think many people actually believe we’re going to put a Berlin Wall on the Mexican border, they just like how Trump is not a typical politician, shuns PC language, and doesn’t use talking points. But he craves power more than anything. He is not doing this for show.

      1. “but I think most of his appeal is the medium, not the message”
        Exactly. He is appealing to people because of his personality, not for any real message he has.
        He’s a blend between Mitt Romney and Bill Clinton. I always tend to chuckle whenever i see die hard conservatives support Trump. My favorite remark is…”you are aware he is supporting Planned Parenthood right now right?”
        Cricket sounds tend to follow.

      2. I practically agree with his position on all of the issues. the fact that he is non-PC is appeals to me greatly. However, he is hurting other candidates such as Rand Paul if he is just doing this for show.

      3. On the other hand, all seekers of the office of the President are power seekers first and foremost, and have been since at least the turn of the last century, if not earlier (Lincoln comes to mind as the prototype).

    3. Oh come on…ALL politicians are plants.
      The Don is not a “Hillary” plant…he is a Committee of 300 plant as is she.

  13. Attn all ROKers.
    Christina Hoff Summers on whether women should get the same time for the same crime.
    “Well, what is the solution? Harsher sentences for women? No. That is not the way to go. The US is already known as Incarceration Nation. We don’t want more prisoners. That is not the answer.”
    Thats right. CHS said that the reason women should not get the same time as men is because TOO MANY MEN ARE IN JAIL.
    CHS is a man hating bitch and that comes right out of her own mouth.
    Video on link.

    1. What the fuck are you talking about? She clearly seemed to be saying the answer is LIGHTER sentences for men–implying that our justice system is too harsh and we have too many people in jail.”

      1. “She clearly seemed to be saying the answer is LIGHTER sentences for men”
        Oh…lighter sentences than for the men who have ALREADY SERVED THEIR SENTENCES?
        What sort of idiot are you?
        CHS is saying “We do not want woman to suffer the same sentences as men have ALREADY suffered”
        She is NOT talking about lighter sentences for men and she is NOT talking about compensation for men who have already served harsher sentences.
        The ONLY way to have equality before the law is for women to have the SAME SENTENCES men have ALREADY SERVED you idiot.

        1. You’re the fucking idiot, for many reasons. The first being that CHS’s existence is VERY GOOD for men.
          But this takes the cake:
          “The ONLY way to have equality before the law is for women to have the SAME SENTENCES men have ALREADY SERVED you idiot.”
          We can’t move from this point forward? We have to give women long sentences NOW because in the PAST men served long sentences for the same crime? Is this some dipshit form of gender reparations? What the fuck does that accomplish? There should be equal sentencing for men and women now. Where does CHS say this should not be the case? She certainly doesn’t say that in the excerpt you posted.

    2. Well, John, in as much as I appreciate your zeal, she is a feminist and will admit it. But, she’s a rare feminist in that she’s perplexed and flat out disgusted with the direction of feminism. She still routes for team woman, but that’s to be expected. Nonetheless she utterly hates today’s feminism, which has reduced women down to weak little stuffed animals in need of “safe spaces” that include soothing music, stuffed animals, cookies and milk. Meanwhile she’s written and continues to be outspoken about how dangerous and malicious feminism is to males, namely boys. CHS may be a feminist at heart, but, I encourage you to listen to her, she’s very much an advocate of men believe it or not in the same vein that Camilie P. is too.

  14. Fox was never conservative, just anti-Democrat.
    That’s the problem with a 2 party system–it implies that there are only 2 opposing viewpoints or alternative choices, which is never true.
    Fox has created some of the most socially amoral programming on television, Glee, Family Guy, etc. Fox News was mainly a place where rational discussion and information dissimilation could be removed and replaced with screaming, arguing, and pompous assholes bloviating their personal opinions and emotions, and women dressed as porn stars reading a scripted editorial. I have never taken them seriously as a news organization because their anchors are never professional, always petty and bickering and emotional and silly. There is outrage now, mainly because Meghan Kelly is acting this way towards the popular Trump, but this is really how they have always treated their “guests.”

    1. Fox was never “anti-democrat”….it was just false opposition to divide and conquer. The democrats and republicans are owned by the same people.

      1. It’s fairly clear to me that Fox is anti-democrat and MSNBC is anti-republican. That doesn’t mean anything in the end though, as the parties are 95% identical. The same people own the media outlets as well as Candidate A and Candidate B. They don’t care which one you vote for, but they enjoy making money off you buying tickets to watch the rigged fight.

        1. The problem with Paul is that he is his father’s son, and the media and the GOP will treat him like dirt, just like they did his father. Ron Paul was a man of great integrity and was nearly 100% right on everything, but the GOP couldn’t shiv him enough for their own liking, especially the talking head pundits. Rand will get the same treatment, and that seems to be starting up rather quickly this election cycle if the conservative blogs I read are an indicator.

        2. Unfortunately you are correct. I think Rand is the best chance we have right now. But you and I know there is no desire to get the right man for the right reasons in the oval office.

        3. I voted for Ross Perot and for Ron Paul. I would vote for Rand but he has been thoroughly quashed by the Rino machine and corp media.
          Outside of Trump, your choice is a dog and pony show.

        4. Agree. Another one was Ross Perot. I mean, the man brought charts to show the American people how he would fix the economy and they pretty much black balled him the same way.
          It’s pretty bad when you can see through the bullshit and know that a competent leader isn’t required…just a ‘Yes Man’ will do, nicely.

    1. I just caught that off “Jammie Wearing Fools”. There is a little bit of white knighting going on. The comments at your link along with Jammie is something I’ve also seen at National Review and The Federalist. It’s a mixed bag that ranges from “Shame on Trump” to “Trump is giving pay back” to accusing the authors of such articles of being either “manginas” or establishment shills.

      1. Manginas gonna be manginas.
        Females gonna stick up for females.
        The idiot world goes round and round…
        I might go on there to comment if i see too many pro Megyn comments. It’s sickening to live in a world where we have to fight against both female AND male feminists.

    1. It is but it beats all the alternatives hands down. And that’s a very sad statement.

        1. It’s hard to beat Lew Rockwell, many of my so called right wing friends would get thoroughly pissed at me when I’d use LR as a source of information against their beloved Iraq and Afghanistan unconstitutional police acts, they couldn’t fight the logic. I was commenting strictly in regard to MSM, not the new and increasingly more powerful “alternative” media on the Interwebs.

        1. Already a reader of lewrockwell actually, and have been nearly since their creation date online, heh.

  15. Trump is our Nigel Farage, or our next Reagan if he can go all the way. We’ve had the same groundswell of discontent in this country, just as the rest of Europe and Britain do, but unlike those countries, we haven’t had a mouthpiece for that electoral rage…until now.
    I think Trump can go all the way, even if he were to go third party. The truth is both parties are extremely weak. The GOP tried to flood the primaries with candidates to split the vote between Trump and an establishment RHINO. Everyone sees this, however, and so does Trump, who is hammering them in the polls. Nobody wants another Bush, just as nobody wants another Clinton. Everybody (even minorities) are sick of Political Correctness and identity politics. Everybody is fed up with Establishment Politicians.
    Trump has already laid out an immigration plan. Next is economic, which I’m sure will go over ESPECIALLY well given what’s going on in China right now.. What NEEDS to happen next is a plan for POLITICAL REFORM. Congressman and Senators need term limits. There needs to be a “right of recall” to fire representatives who don’t actually do their job once elected. This would help eliminate dynastic politics and reduce the effects of lobbyists in the government. There are other methods, I’m sure, but term limits and being able to fire liar politicians would IMMENSELY improve our poorly functioning government.
    Once he was President, I would have the SCOTUS decisions on Roe vs. Wade and Gay Marriage overruled and a mandatory vote be held on both in each state, as was originally intended by our Framers. And that would settle both of those issues once and for all, and legally.
    Either way, people are feeling the squeeze, and people are better connected online now, with smartphones and social media and all that. So the MSM doesn’t control the narrative anymore. We’ve hit a critical mass of the new media emerging in this time of crisis while the old withers on the vine. And regardless of what happens to Trump, there’s no passing the Political Rubicon because of him. People care about immigration, the economy, and our laws being respected and enforced. Given that Trump went UP in the polls after he smacked her down, shows just how fed up people are with PCness in this country, and how of touch the MSM is with the rest of the US. This is going to be a very entertaining election to watch.

    1. I hope you’re right but I think the powers that be will not allow a Trump presidency simply because he does not fit the narrative. Honestly, I’m on the fence as to whether he’d be a great president or not. I do like he’s challenging the PC crowd and is unapologetic.
      I agree there needs to be some major overhauls to how our political system runs. Term limits for all is a great start. These career politicians are a big reason our country such a mess. Also agree on the Roe v Wade and Gay Marriage “rulings”. Those are not for the federal government to decide. Time to give the power back to the states.

      1. I don’t think the “powers that be” can do a whole lot at this point. They’ve been very weak for a while now. All it takes is one man. Trump is the battering ram, and he knows this, and he’s gonna let us use him to blast through the rotten gates and clean the sewage out of our government. The MSM may or may not be clueless in this, but the Political Class is not. They are in panic mode, but there’s nothing they can do. Romney was one of Them. He didn’t excite anybody cuz he was a career politician himself. Trump is not. He’s the embodiment of the American Dream, a dream that is being trampled and denied to the rest of us by our lame politicians.
        I think we’re about to see history repeat itself. Reagan came after the disastrous run of Jimmy Carter. Obama (and of course Bush and Clinton) has been Carter on steroids. Trump could very likely cut across political and ethnic divides like Reagan did and do overwhelmingly well. And like Reagan, the political elites LOATHE Trump. Whatever you think about the guy, when he says “Make America Great Again.”, I think he sincerely means it.

        1. Something few people think ahead about.. The markets are in a melt down, and they will continue into 2016. When it’s all set and done the system will be a shadow of itself. At that point, I don’t think anybody will have time for Clinton and Bush bull shit. I think Trump is catching on the perfect storm.

        2. I don’t doubt that Trump means what he says…I just think too many people are buying into his sales pitch. Trump was only (and only) is in it for the free PR. I like how he makes the others look stupid (because they need it) but in the end he’s only out for one person, himself.
          People shouldn’t get too caught up (emotionally) with him (similar to Obama) and see what is right in front of them or watch a few videos from the past.
          Trumps history has been to take care of number one (himself) first and always. It’s not a bad thing (for personal growth) but not a good thing for what’s needed for this country. Romney made the same mistake: looking out for number one all of these years and then expecting people to buy into him being “for the people” later on (after he’s made millions selling out the country and the people).
          Trump will always look out for himself and if you think he’s going to be in it for the people then I have a bridge in Alaska that I want to sell you.

    2. Yessir, the feminists are going to howl. But, you know what? They already hate us. Might as well make ourselves happy.

  16. How do you think she got there in the first place…yeap sucking up and now she is being told to suck up the party line of feminism and spill it out.No backbone whatsoever, just the typical female opportunism.

    1. I don’t think a female has to be told to support feminism though, more like they are encouraged to support it more prominently.
      Feminism comes easy to females because it’s a philosophy that crosses racial and economic divides that caters to the emotions that they all dabble in frequently. EVERY female, from the top up to the bottom down, will come together on considering Men the “enemy” in order to try and get themselves more special class status, perks, and so forth.

  17. Okay, sorry I had to skim this article, but, credit to JD it was great. The reason – its become too grating to see what this once great country has become. My God the narcissism of these fucking people. How can anyone take this fucktard serious after posing provocatively in a magazine and discussing penis dimensions with howard stern. I despise this piece of filth. Who the fuck endowed you, meg, to speak for other people and deliberate on important issues? And that goes for all these pundits. I’ve long since observed this phenomenon of political pundits; I think its one of the newer institutions that needs to be utterly destroyed. Its so inherently irresponsible, indeed, un-American (in the traditional sense). Its as though, in our disposable society, we just relegate our civic duties to these pundits. Might as well, we’ve got a service and an outsourcing solution for practically everything. Just watch tv and pick the ones you want as though you were shopping. At the core Its the easy fucking way out – what could be more “american” in 2015! But civic duties is one of those persist responsibilities that no matter how modern things get we must embrace otherwise, well, you have today. A dimwit, show-off, unworthy of her position and station in life having the temerity to question a man, a self made man, worth billions – many times her superior.
    Trump is a welcomed solvent to all this shit. I thought his response to kelly was excellent, sure he could have gone further, but he’s savvy and calculated. For him to even mention political correctness was a step in the right direction. Outside of politics, given the new nature of media and communication via the web, social media et al, traditional news (fox or mcnbc) is obsolete and so are these fucking pundits that divorced themselves from most Americans long ago. No matter, take us for instance, my “pundits”, if you will, are Bernard Chafin, Davis Aurini, Roosh, Ben Sharpio, Levin… People are no longer pigeon-held to consume media from this bias progressive cabal.

    1. I want to like Levin but everytime I listen to him on his radio show, he just sits there and rants. There’s no depth or meat to what he’s saying. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with him, but to the casual listener, it sounds like a bitchfest with no substance.

      1. Bitchfests are pretty much the definition of conservative talk radio. I can only stand SO MUCH LOUD OBNOXIOUS YELLING.
        At least some hosts try to make it funny. That’s what draws me in.

        1. I used to like Beck, and think he has a decent prediction power, but his “stand around weeping, singing and praying” method of solving the problems of the country leaves a lot to be desired. Throw in his automatic taking off of the Nice Christian mantel the moment an election cycle rolls on in and he feels an urge to utterly trash and belittle any candidate he likes all the other years then suddenly finds huge fault with (think, for example, the Pauls), and he really leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
          Limbaugh is still entertaining and funny, even when I disagree with him, so I still tune in now and then. Hannity, Levin etc, not so much.

        2. Agreed. Beck is good for some useful insight every now and then but he comes across like a self deprecating beta which turns me off; what with the tears and appeals to emotion. Also, he tows the line for the homosexual agenda. People mistake him for a conservative too when he’s really a libertarian, a mangina libertarian at that.
          I don’t much care for Ron Paul because (by his own words) he once remarked that he and obama’s followers “overlap.” That and his indirect support for abortion and homo rights make him a political turn off to me.
          I can’t tell you how many libertariantards i’ve had to face down back when RP was running for president. They are just as bad as the chronic obama leftists in that (social) regard.
          Limbaugh is good for useful information too, when he’s not busy licking his own backside and inhaling the aroma of his feces.
          Levin tends to go off on a bombast but that’s part of his appeal. Many times i’ve wanted to go off on a tirade about the bullshit that these politicians are spouting; it’s nice to see him to do it for me. The guy is pretty intelligent and he knows his stuff, although I’ve caught him in some errors every now and then. Maybe this is why i prefer Michael Savage more.
          Don’t even get me started on Hannity. That twerp RINO shill only supports candidates that will support the almighty R.

        3. Beck’s opening music on his radio show keeps getting painfully worse. I agree with your assessment. I can’t stand Hannity’s radio show. I’ve got a friend in Seattle who introduced me to Levin. He listens to him every afternoon. Levin is a brilliant constitutional scholar but I can’t stand how he chronically speaks over callers with his faux outrage. Savage is another one who does the same thing. If a caller is a complete idiot, then get ’em off the air. But these guys will also speak over callers trying to make a good point. I’ve no tolerance for that.

        4. I think the problem with talk show hosts (general) is similar to finding a cure for cancer. Once the cure gets out there is no money in the disease any longer. If any of these talk show hosts came out with any solutions then the jig (the show) would be up; nothing to listen to any longer.
          Cancer (or any disease) is great making money because they are always treating the symptoms only and never the cause (or finding the cure). So now it’s tune in tomorrow or next week to hear more bitching about the problems (never a solution). It’s all about the “come back” like a drug dealer.

        5. I think the problem with all of these people is they live off of the system (and it’s been very good to them). They are all well off and make their fortunes off of the system.
          Do any of them really want things to change? Could you imagine if we stopped using oil (as an example) and went all solar, wind, etc….how that would affect Exxon (and it’s share holders)?
          Many of these people display false outrage just for a “show”. They don’t really want things to change because they may lose their fortunes. It’s why you can only take them seriously as entertainers and nothing more. There are no “fixes” really presented and they know that they will never get implemented. It’s a win win situation for many of them…keep the listeners and supporters coming back for more (but no real change).
          It’s why I always laughed when I saw Beck on TV because he was only selling a show (or himself). There was never anything that he was selling that was going to actually change (or was going to be implemented) – and he knows it. He just wants you to come back next week (or day) for the ratings (equals money). It’s false outrage while whistling on their way to the bank.

        6. The one thing that disturbs me about Beck (besides his anorchous nature) is his obsessive love for the Founding Fathers. Don’t get me wrong, i appreciate their endeavors and their musings but, Beck takes it to a whole other extreme. I once saw him tell people to “trust in the Founders” while running his hand lovingly over a bust of Washington. That was more than a little disturbing.
          I dare say he invented a new religion: “FoundingFatherism.”

        7. Agreed. His constant interruption of people with valid thoughts is particularly annoying.

        8. I don’t think Rush is really a conservative (hear me out) I think he just likes being in the role of contrarian or Devil’s Advocate vs the Liberal Media/Intelligensia, and that casts in in with the conservatives…but you won’t see him cling to right wing talking points (like say “hey, lets just defund Social Security because when people are hurting nothing helps the Republican brand like defunding one of the few government programs that WORKS”) For this reason I think Rush relishes that Trump’s rise puts the Media-Consultants and professional politicians into a panic.

        9. Hannity is a party shill. All he cares about is Republicans winning even if they do so by betraying the American people.

        10. Limbaugh was great 20-25 years ago. He had a sense of humor (remember the aborted callers, vacuum and all) but once he lost his hearing (due to oxy) and came back from rehab (oxy, again) he became nasty and bitter. Oh, he sounds awful BTW. And his sponsors; they’re right out of Petticoat Junction. It’s amazing they’re able to keep his show on the air.

        11. How can you have no tolerance for the shaming of the stupid? How else are they know to shut the hell up, along with like-minded individuals receiving a much needed dose of reality; there is no other way to ID a mental midget.
          From that moment on, even if the idiot still thinks they are right – they will also know that others do not agree with their viewpoint. And fellow casual listeners, or those who are mired in mental apathy will be forcibly awakened to diametrically opposed viewpoints.
          Most will begin to at least consider what they heard and begin to form an opinion.

        12. Not what I was saying. I said I’ve no tolerance for talk radio hosts who chronically speak over most people. Levin and Savage do this on a regular basis. There’s many times I’ve listened to Levin and a caller is trying to make a good point where Levin talks over them or cuts them off.

        13. I understand. It just irritates me that so many use the “They always talk over people/argue with people” excuse as a way of glossing over their distaste for discourse.
          You are right, Both Levin and Savage do that from time to time, but I can tolerate one or two reasonable callers being spoken over if the next 10 mental midgets are exposed to a strong opposing view for the first time. Much of the supposed common sense that is parroted these days is never challenged. Which just reinforces the idiocracy of our culture.

    2. Trump’s retorts are a breath of fresh air and him sticking it to the media talking heads entertaining, but I have reservations of him being POTUS. He has tapped into rightous anger of the people, but he is a populist and me thinks will put his interests above the countries in the end when it suits him. As he gave cash to both parties, voted Obama in 2008 and supports a number of social issues that run against the grain of alot of people, I would say people may be setting themselves up for a big disappointment.

      1. “I would say people may be setting themselves up for a big disappointment.”
        Not so much – what he would or wouldn’t do for us as POTUS.
        Eroding lib’ral thought? That’s primarily – the focus.

        1. Call me skeptical. Bringing serious issues into the limelight to score political points a year away from an election and actually doing something about it once elected are two different things.

      2. He has value just because he brought topics into the discussion which were completely ignored in the past elections and by the jew media.

        1. Topics he brought into discussion to win him points, but won’t do a thing to change anything once elected. Hope I am wrong.
          PS-Jew media? Could you name names?

        2. “jew media”
          You can express your point without having to inject anti semitism into it.
          Unless of course, you’re purposely trying to paint this site as anti semitic.

        3. Check out “Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon” by Jew Joel Stein in the LA Times. He names all sorts of names.

  18. Megyn Kelly should serve as an example that just because you had a good looking body, it doesn’t mean you are a political anything.
    Remember, she is a woman first and foremost. Her primary objective is to garner the most attention she possibly can irregardless of her political views.

    1. irregardless is not a word, It’s regardless. Just thought I’d correct you so that in some very very rare event you ever came into contact with a better class that you wouldn’t look like a horse’s arse.

  19. She’s the standard libtard blogger given expourse. It’s Fox, it won’t be long until she is replaced with someone younger and more attractive. Then she can bitch about more patriarchal oppression.

    1. Indeed. Kelly is 44, now and that younger, hotter woman is waiting in the wings. It will be sad (and happy) times when they give her notice.
      Just ask Gretchen Carlson (at 49) – another woman who was given a job based on her “assets” – when she was replaced by Elisabeth Hasselback not long ago on Fox and Friends. They moved Carlson to her show at 2pm but that was the network being nice to her (it’s a 2pm show – who the hell watches it).
      These women should see the writing on the wall (and feel the wall when it comes for them). No one wants to watch an old “used to be” Miss America from 1989 – approaching 50.

  20. A bit late, but Trump should’ve just said upfront that there was no such thing as a War on Women and berated her for using a leftist talking point.

  21. You’re an idiot and a sucker if you think Donald Trump has backbone. He has been pampered his entire life. If that clown had to spend one day in the streets without security or staff he would probably piss and shit himself.

    1. Donald Trump is the only serious candidate which seems vaguely conservative. You should support him if you want Western countries to gezt back to their senses some day.

      1. Funny how the self proclaimed masculine men on here can’t see how feminine Trump is. He is a clown of the highest order. If he wasn’t born into wealth he’d probably be a broke, divorced by a land whale, used car salesman.

        1. Not every guy on here is in support of Trump, so your remark there is total bullshit.
          Given that you just created this account and given your histrionics i’m starting to think you’re a troll. Can i get a confirmation?

        2. Ok you didn’t just create the account, but it looks like you are using it to attack us on here. I stand corrected on that. The rest however, still applies.

        3. “Beta” is dodging a question that a Man is asking of you.
          Your hatred of Trump is emo based. Grow a pair. Only females and manginas need to insult someone (using petty invective) neither has ever met simply because he disagrees with their viewpoints.
          Like the other Man told you, cease with the class warfare bs.

        4. Do you always whine like a little bitch when people don’t share your opinion?

        5. This time Trump is the leader of the GOP pack with 22% in polls, winning the polls in a Trump v Clinton race.
          My impressions with the appearances Trump has done, he comes off as sincere and appears to ‘speak from the heart’ and means what he says. Trump also appears to have the unusual ability to react to the crowd and even work things into his speeches that he hears from the crowd at appearances. All of the
          other GOP candidates appear to be weak and milquetoast, mouthing platitudes that none
          of them really seem to believe in. I think every other GOP candidate has a serious problem with Trump running.
          I expect that Trump will win Iowa and New Hampshire without any problems. The next big turning point of the campaign will be when
          the lower candidates start to drop out of the race and where their support goes. If it goes to ‘party line candidates’ like Bush, then Trump is done, but if Trump starts to get enough of those people, then I think he has a chance to
          block the party insiders with the super delegates from preventing him from getting the GOP nomination.
          At this time I am expecting that Trump will run roughshod over the GOP field, up to and including Super Tuesday.

        6. I don’t care about who he is or not. I know what he represents: a way back to traditional masculinity and conservatism.
          If you have another serious conterder for the election who represents this value, I will go for it.
          My friend, it’s easy to spit on others, it’s far harder to come with something on the table.

        7. Bernie Sanders is a much better option if you want to keep good paying men’s jobs in the country, bust the banking cartels, protect the environment, and not start WWIII.

        8. I’m talking about people who have a real chance of getting the republican nomination. Jeff Bush and Donald Trump have clearly an edge in the polls.
          Besides, Trump want to defuse the situation with Russia not start WWIII.

        9. Holy fudge…he’s ACTUALLY calling on support for a damn socialist! This guy is a total moron.
          Hey Nicholas, show me which country has prospered off of socialism please?

        10. haha, I knew I would get a knee jerk reaction out of you with that one. To answer your question though; all of them.

        11. Every nation on Earth has a mixed economy with elements of capitalism and socialism, you dumb son of a bitch.

        12. I asked you to show me a nation that prospered off of socialism and you come back with typical emo inspired hamster banality. lol.
          Are you done trolling here, simp?

        13. I told you, you stupid fuck; ALL OF THEM DO. There is not a single nation on Earth that doesn’t incorporate socialism into its economy.

        14. And i keep asking you, you blithering buffoon, to name me just one so i can call you on your bullshit.
          What’s the matter…too chickenshit to answer? 😀

        15. If you insist on being spoon fed… Take for example the good ole USA with its socialist public schools, its socialist interstate highway system, its socialist military, and its socialist retirement system. All of these things are socialist, and all have contributed to the overall prosperity of the USA.

        16. Several points of contention immediately come to mind based on your highly ignorant response.
          1: The US was never designed to be “socialist” in the sense that property or wealth was to be distributed equally among the citizenry at the government’s behest. As TJ said it best “”Our wish… is that… equality of rights [be] maintained, and that state of property, equal or unequal, which results to every man from his own industry or that of his fathers.” –Thomas Jefferson: 2nd Inaugural Address, 1805.”
          2: Your comment ignorantly presumes to cite the “example” of socialism using the paradigm of the US, with specific reference to public schools, highways etc. You seem to forget (or are woefully unaware) that these services are not “socialist” in the conventional understanding of the term, since they are paid for DIRECTLY BY US TO MAINTAIN THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR US IN THE COMMUNITY OF THE STATE. You are aware of “state taxes” aren’t you?
          3: Your remarks about the military are also foolish, since the government doesn’t “own” the military, the Constitution ALLOWS for the raising and maintenance of an army by Congress. Big difference.
          4: With regard to your remark about the “socialist retirement system” please show me where this is actually considered a right to government as vested in them by the Constitution. These retirement programs you are referencing (medicare) are indeed socialist BUT they came about rather recently through LBJ and his “Great Society” programs and they were NEVER the intent of the framers. Using our current rate of Constitutional decay as a means of justifying your remark that we are an example of socialism is like me citing san francisco as an example of how the US has turned totally homo. It’s a disingenuous, specious remark that ignores the truth to the contrary.
          This directly contradicts your earlier remark, where you said “every nation on Earth has a mixed economy with elements of capitalism and socialism” so how can we be an example of a “socialist” country when we still have trace elements of capitalism as even you stated earlier? You’re tripping over yourself bozo, more so when i asked you for a SOCIALIST example and not a quasi socialist one 🙂

        17. 1. Whatever you think the USA was designed for means dick. You asked what is, not what ought to be.
          2. There are many different forms of socialism, just as there are many different forms of capitalism. Stating that public schools and the interstate highway system are not socialist enterprises because they don’t fit within your narrow definition of what you suppose socialism to be is a logical fallacy known as circular reasoning.
          3. That’s just it you idiot. Socialist institutions are not always owned by anyone or anything. They are simply collaborations of people working for what they believe to be the common good. Again bringing up what you think ought to be when we are talking about what is, means DICK.
          4. I don’t give a fuck what you think the government has a right to do or not to do. You asked me what country has prospered off of socialism, and I gave you an answer dumb fuck. The USA as well as every other nation on Earth has prospered or is currently prospering off of socialism. Watching your response devolve into a rant about gays proves how fucking demented you are.

        18. 1: I asked and you dodged, and you’re still dodging. Someone who lacks a dick should not be using the word “dick” since it’s obvious he’s unfamiliar with one that doesn’t originate from outside of his mouth.
          2: Nice red herring you got there. The best way to address it is: Show me where the Framers intended the US to represent socialism as you currently interpret it. Until then, please keep the bullshit to a minimum if you don’t mind.
          3: According to your perception maybe. Again, please show me where the Framers intended for this to be the case. Until then you are just spreading bullshit here as you are probably smearing elsewhere on the net.
          4: I asked you for an example of a country that has prospered off of socialism, and your pathetic response was to give a quasi capitalist/socialist example in the form of the US. You contradicted yourself and you’re too much of a chronic retard to see it, more so since your own words emphasize that this is a quasi capitalist/socialist nation. All you can do is parrot “the USA as well as every other nation on Earth has prospered or is currently prospering off of socialism.” like the puppethead you are, it’s much easier than actually proving it.
          Maybe you should do some actual research into the anemic economy and ergo make yourself slightly less retarded and ignorant than you are now.
          BONUS: saying i went into a “rant about gays” is again more bullshit on your part…apparently you’re too stupid to understand a simple comparison as well 🙂

        19. In this reality we consider the person who posts bullshit on a page the troll, not the people who respond to him/her.
          Get lost, simp.

        20. Nicholas Treklis is a troll, ignore him. Doing so just allows him to sidetrack the comment stream with his inane remarks.

        21. Sanders is a great option if you want a subhuman-worshiping Jew communist representing the US.

    2. Having a backbone doesn’t mean you have to come from a poor blue collar family and grow up doing boxing matches in the alley for a bottle of booze. Rich can have a backbone just like the poor. General George Patton was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and I guarantee you that he could still today kick your arse, despite being dead since the end of World War 2. What is this class warfare thing you have going on?

      1. Trump is a pampered, fake, little bitch. If you can’t see through his bullshit persona you’re a real fucking idiot.

        1. Using logical fallacies and profanity doesn’t make your point, if you have one.
          Your claim is that he has no backbone, and you back that up with the fact that he’s live a pampered aka rich life. That’s not evidence of being without a backbone. I call you on it, you reiterate your initial claim while trying to sound like a tough street punk, and use a logical fallacy to try and get me to agree.
          So far you’re not doing well in this discussion.
          I really don’t care about Trump per se, nor do I care about you. Your need to log onto here and sneer at the commenters is rather passive aggressive and feminine, and perhaps you should reconsider continuing to post.

        2. Femtards always use a male name or pic because they think it gives them credibility. This is either a female or some lower class ignorant loser.

    3. Having to “like” your own comment…ROFL….this guy is section 8 material for sure 🙂

    4. Even at his age he could kick your arse. He was a top semi pro athlete when young. Now buzz off you fucking jew arab slumdog.

  22. If Donald Trump does run on an independent ticket, look for it to be named the “Whig” party.

  23. This truly came as a shock to me, women are usually so trustworthy and respectable. I’m baffled that we’ve managed to find another woman who is both a hypocrite and a feminist, they’re usually so hard to come by…

  24. I used to bang a nurse who looked just like Meghan Kelly. The rougher the sex the more wet she became. When I did her doggy style and pulled her hair she would squirt and leave these big wet puddles on my sheets. She was a really good lay.

  25. And let’s not forget all the Beta boys on the GOP like Jeb bush and John Kasich and milk toast Scott Walker who got all their white armor polished up to white knight for “Strong” Megyn Kelly’s behalf and attack Trump, I guess as long as a Man doesn’t stand up for himself than women are “Strong” but the moment a Man does the default gender roles kick in and the girl cries and the beta boys come to her aide.

  26. Trump would make a fine president. I would vote for him. Just because most women hate him.
    He doesn’t radiate “feminist” family man like Obama. Trump is bitter, hard, rational. All things women don’t find appealing, but what America probably needs.

    1. Nonsense. Females like Trump even negro females. Females go for the Alpha man and don’t pay any attention to anything else. They love the bling esp black females and a white man is like a prize to them, he like a blond god to them.He’s had a few wives and kids so we know he’s not a homo and his dick is working. He’s tall and very athletic when he was young not a pussy looking pipsqueak like Obama, a grandma’s boy like all negroes. Why do you think so many are living at home with mammy at an older age? Negro females hate black men and look down on them.
      Megyn asks Trump these questions and annoys him because she wants his attention. She loves it when he chastises her and gets wet gina tingles.

      1. Still I think that masses of women would vote for Hillary, just because she is a woman. The political correctness is beyond fixable in the Western civilisation. First a negro in the white house, then a woman as President. Long live political correctness. All these liberal idiots already start crying thinking about a female Presidents inauguration. They actually did. White women crying because the president was “finally” a black man.
        It’s not about the message anymore, only about the medium. Trump VS Hillary could be a real men vs women battle. The rational against the emotional. The hard working vs the poor and uneducated easily persuaded. But not perce white vs black.
        I’d rather have a Libertarian as president. But that is impossible in the US now

        1. Hitlery is done. She is hanging on for campagin cash before she bails and she may be facing jail time (not that I see it happening). She doesn’t have her husbands charisma and comes off as a cackling old shrew even amongst women.

        2. That’s good. Because Hillary as president would not have looked out of place in the movie “Idiocracy”. The senate is feminist enough as it is.
          Over here in the Netherlands the women that I did hear speak about Trump only mention that he hates Mexicans and women. The political correctness is huge here, so you can imagine that all positive things about Trump will remain unexposed.

        3. Europeans have been pavlovian conditioned to hate on que. Usually anything that represents disproval by the state or its organs they will apply que words to release the emovite “2 mintue hate.” The last decade the little bell was “Bush”, “Republican”, “cowboy,” etc….brought up in media commentary. 2004 was an especially surreal year.

        4. If there is a problem over here (doesn’t matter which West-European country) people automatically look at the government for answers.
          Hot topic now over here: “School swimming lessons” They did that for decades to be sure children learned to swim. Payed for with tax money. Now a normal parent would pay for lessons. I seriously have to argue with people that giving your children a breakfast or teach them to swim is neither something a school should take care of, neither a government (with tax money). Having children is being able to pay for them, and also actually pay. People go berserk over that opinion. “The government should pay for it” they say. Socialism. It’s sickening.

  27. “what makes me submissive and you dominant?”-Megyn Kelly …..Well, God says that’s the way it should be, and in case an All Powerful Omnipotent God’s Law means nothing to the modern woman’s Massive Ego, then God made Man Smarter and Stronger than woman, emphasis on Smarter because if woman can’t grasp those reasons then their Ignorance is self-evident.

  28. I think the author is way off the mark.
    That debate was designed to install jeb bush as the candidate and next puppet president.
    The elite want jeb or someone they can manipulate to do their bidding, not only did Trump have difficult questions the others had easy ones that made them look good.
    Trump will not play nice with the elite and they know it, and now the people know it, hence his popularity, I think the sheep are finally waking up.
    Kelly being or not being a feminist is irrelevant and has no bearing on what questions she asked, she has orders, she does what she is told.
    If you think feminism or SJW or conservatives had anything to do with the debate you are wrong, it is entirely for the purpose of installing the person they want to be the next president, preferably jeb bush a neo-con puppet.
    and don’t watch Fox news it will severely lower your IQ.

    1. Exactly, and note that some of those candidates had AFFILIATIONS with Fox News, nope, no chance of bias there, nosiree….
      Fortunately, the MSM no longer have a monopoly on information. Most people are sick of their crap as well.

    2. I think you missed the part where the writer said “possibly with the blessing of her superiors.”

  29. Megyn is definitely a bimbo… but a bimbo I would do in a heartbeat if she would keep her mouth shut. If that wasn’t possible, I suppose I’d be content if she would just fetch me a beer and a sammich.
    Feminism notwithstanding, the aforementioned activities are her biological imperative.

  30. 14th amendment this 14th amendment that.
    While we’re at it, should we extend the 14th amendment to recognize marriages between brother and sister, mother and son, father and daughter, people and their pets; and create an Obamacare exchange for car insurance?

  31. Trump got the question because the powers that be want to get rid of a personality that would right the ship they’re so happily destroying.

  32. We don’t need no – emasculation.
    —_– — —_– —
    We don’t need no – mind control.
    —_– — —_– —
    No ‘doctrination – in the closs rooom.
    —_– — —_– —
    Femkunts leave our – kids all awe-oon.
    —-_— — —-_— —
    -_- — — — – _
    All in all your just aye – nutha brick in Trump’s WALL.

  33. Megyn Kelly is a New York-bred, Syracuse-educated liberal feminist. Her failed law career, her deliberate divorce from the doctor husband, her hiding out on Fox News. She is a liberal disguised as a “conservative” on a feminist-driven Fox News. Hopefully, she’ll go the way of Laura Dhue, another liberal (but beautiful) bimbo news reader.
    The problem with Kelly, Dhue, the CNN gang and all the rest of liberal broadcast feminism is, they allow these liberal shrews to go from reading scripted news to spewing forth their attitudes and opinions. Given enough rope, these women, and Kelly is the most obvious of late, they start to think that THEY are part of the story, that THEY, as Kelly said in so many words, “are in the arena”. “Trump is in the arena, *I* am in the arena”, and so she thinks she can trot her feminist outrage out for a test drive against Donald Trump. Bad move. Wanna be “in the arean, Megyn, declare for President. In the meantime, you sit down and shut up. Address issues, not what Donald Trump said YEARS AGO to a slandering member of the View.
    Meanwhile, Trump could make ONE phone call and have her removed in five minutes. Megyn (just look how she spells her name for evidence, her given name is Megan) Kelly exposed herself. Now it’s for Fox News to ease her on out of there. She’s only part of the story because she’s out of control, she broke journalistic protocol. Making yourself a part of the story is cause for firing, not celebration, Megan. Megan. The name is Megan. Not Megyn..

    1. A. I don’t understand what you think the advantage is of megyn over megan?
      B. I agree….look at greta van susteran…..she delivers news and you hardly notice her since she is frumpy, old and calm.

      1. A: She’s trying to make her name more market recognizable.
        B: Greta doesn’t come across like a bitch, even if she does whine at times.

  34. “[I]t’s clear that Fox should no longer be considered a bastion of conservative philosophy, if indeed it ever was.”
    It’s always been a bastion of NEOConservative philosophy. And a treasonous termite mound at that.

  35. This SJW beotch is just slumming over in cucktown. She’d be just another skinny blond liberal bimbo in SJW land. And besides, the POC party isn’t interested in hearing what white wymyn have to say anymore.

  36. Welcome to America! You are now a citizen regardless if you came here legally or otherwise. You can vote, get a drivers license, hold public office, buy and carry a gun and we’ll also pay for everything you need until you get your footing (which in our experience takes a very long time). We’re here for you! There’s not enough jobs for our citizens, we don’t respect or take care of our veterans, we’re on the verge of utter financial ruin but by all means, come in and stay forever! If at any time you feel like you’re being treated unfairly repeat, “white supremacy”, “racist”, “bigot” and/or whatever pejorative terminology our liberal, communist thought police decide is en vogue. The truth is stranger fiction in the 21st century. White guilt has led America down a dark and rocky path.

  37. If Donald Trump has ever called a woman a disgusting animal it’s probably because she deserved it. I’m sure that Trump has said negative things to men as well but our culture is always “Hands off the women” mentality. Screw that !! women need to own their shit just like men have to. This guy will not hold back on giving you the title you deserve. I know men and women alike that act like animals and is time to speak the truth about what they do.

    1. Yeah. I thought Trump’s very best response to Kelly’s nonsense would have been; “If you think that’s bad, you should hear some of the things I’ve said about men.”

    2. Exactly. He wen’t off on Jorge Ramos the other day and he deserved it. Of course the bs media is playing it off as if he is racist against hispanics.

  38. The bimbo had on that illegal immigration supporting hactivist churnalist Jorge Ramos, so she could share a sly moment with him in attacking Trump.
    Look how nice the cunt is to him, and look up vids on how rudely she treated Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and of course, Donald Trump.
    Any moron who supports this feminist bim should stop calling himself a conservative. They are just beta groupies who support her because of her looks

  39. I find it weird this crusade against political correctness. When you think about it rationally, the people who are the first to complain about too much political correctness are the most sensitive whiners who will lash out like nuts if anyone offends them. It seems more like I want others to be politically correct to me but I will say whatever I want to offend them.
    Trump whines about too much political correctness but then whines when a reporter gave him tough questions. You can’t have it both ways. I don’t support Kelly, but Trump there is an issue I have with trump and it is he represent the stereotypical low self esteem whiner. He bad mouths others but can’t take his own medicine. And if Trump can’t answer he questions how is Trump going to answer Clinton or Sanders tough questions.

  40. Megyn… you are indeed a bimbo. With a capital “B.”
    But in a pinch I would still do the wild thing with you.

  41. There is a recent porno clip going around out there with a Trump impersonator getting two black guys to manhandle a Megyn Kelly lookalike. Its hilarious but relevant. What’s stunning is the admiration these two well known black porno stars have for Trump. Ordinarily they would despise anyone close to being a GOP nominee, but I think Trump isn’t seen that way. He’s just a guy with big balls who says what’s on his mind and doesn’t apologize for bitch slapping a woman who had it coming. The electorate has been waiting for someone like him for a while. This should be good.

  42. Isn’t FOX News at fault for hiring her then? And all the other young blonde woman? No blame on Rupert Murdoch?

  43. I turn off Fox when Geraldo or Kelly show their faces. Fox will not get many DemoncRAT viewers,unless they move a LONG WAY left, so James is an asshole to lose conservative viewers,after so many years hard work it took to make Fox number one.
    O.A.N. and newsmax are great, except one old ASSHOLE, who reminds me of a 75 year old Geraldo on newsmax.Larry something,, but O A N. Is fandamtastic especially Graham Ledger.

  44. The only fake conservative you guys should be talking about is Donald Trump. This is a guy that until 2009 was a hardcore liberal. He donated as much as he could to people like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama. He voted for Obama. This guy is no conservative, but I doubt you guys care about that because you guys are just sexist idiots who put down women to fuel your macho egos. I’m no social justice warrior and I hate feminists but you guys are ridiculous. Quit writing sexist hit pieces on hard working people that honestly, nobody really cares about.
    Seriously guys. Get a life.

  45. Donald Trump should do everyone a favor and pay to have all his ignorant supporters educated, that would help.

  46. Her behavior toward Trump at the last debate was obviously intended to trip him up. One setup question after another. And the questions weren’t even very good in terms of trying to make him look bad. It was pretty disgusting spectacle. The debate “moderators” were obviously highly biased against Trump. They lost all credibility after the videos were shown, which apparently were intended to embarrass Trump. She’s fairly good looking, a solid 6 or 7, but those ridiculous fake eyelashes have got to go.

  47. MeGYN is the subtle disser these days of trump isn’t she? Though she is nonwhere near as bad as Beck. She never misses an opportunity to find some flaw with something Trump has said or done. Even with the protesting tonight she somehow alludes to his language as inflammatory but takes reporting of it out of contect with little marco chiming as she spitefully sits back when rubio talks about presidential tone days after he insulted Trump quite freely. The problem is that the protestors would be doing this with any republican candidate as she ought to know and yet she can’t put personals aside. Its all about payback for being put in her place by Trump months ago. The protesters include the thugs and others angry because they are seeing their two “failures for the fall” losing more and more ground each day and it literally is frightening them for fear of losing all their holdings. As for meGYN, she is but the sour grapes pundit that only makes her job look more and more like a pretty face dummy news reporter that she is each and every day.

  48. Liberal, feminist, Roger Ailes friend and pseudo-Christian Megyn Kelly fooled me for a short period of time. It didn’t take long before the true liar came out. Then came the debates and she attacked the republican team just as any liberal would, just trying to show the worst of every one of them. First Cruz hit back and then Trump trashed her and exposed her. She is doing exactly what the democrats had first done many years ago; say you are a republican (or conservative), but in reality they are radical liberals in disguise. That’s why the GOP has people like McCain, McConnell, Boner (I mean Boehner),Paul Ryan and many others. Trump and Cruz know it and they aren’t going to back down to her attacks. Her whole show anymore and (ever since the beginning of the debates) has been to attack Trump (and talk about her she-man, stay at home wife/husband). She is trying to influence and change the voting, but luckily most people now recognize her constant lies and attacks. At one time, she was fairly attractive, but the stress of Trump fighting back is getting to her. She cut her hair, has been doing a poor job of dying it lately, so the gray is exposed and with her manly, aggressive voice she constantly flares her giant nostrils. She looks real bad now that the tide has turned against her, kind of like a little boy with gray hair. FOX won’t fire her because she is buddies with the terrorist that co-owns FOX, Bill Aires, but she may just wash out because it is clear the heat is getting to her. She is the typical liberal a–shole who lies through her teeth and will do anything to carry out the agenda. Trump never put up with her crap and has put her in her place, calling her out on her lies, trashing her, just as someone should have done long ago, and just like she deserves. As I said, I used to like her, but I can’t stand her liberal agenda and constant lying anymore. I have turned her off, only to occasionally see her as I am switching channels. It is time for any conservative or true republican to do the same.

  49. I used to watch her but not after she went after Trump! I figured her right then and I was shocked! I now realize after reading this and watching Fox News that the only real Conservative on Fox is Shawn Hannity!

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