The 12-Step Guide To Becoming A Canadian Feminist

1. Have a pulse and rail against patriarchy


In Canada, if you have a pulse and hate men’s “constant efforts to control your body,” you will be in high demand by the government and state-funded media as a paragon of wisdom and truth. Canadian feminists should contact CBC, CTV or Bell Media immediately to audition and get on the payroll.

Those who don’t make the cut can apply for internships with the ham-jawed mayor of Montreal, Toronto Councillor Norm Kelly, and the Swedish media, who are reportedly taking résumés.

2. Give yourself a worthy title

The more things change...

Although declaring yourself a “feminist” carries much more weight than, say, “neurosurgeon” or “barrister,” it won’t suffice to claim you merely advocate for women. Canadian feminists shouldn’t shortchange themselves by forgoing identity politics. You must adopt a title like “mixed-race, two-spirited*, half-ork, intersectional feminist.” In doing so, your rainbow sprinkling of originality, sedition, and erudition will blind everyone into submission—no matter what.

3. Give infantile speeches


It helps to have an IQ lower than 80 and to lack university education beyond progressive art and gender studies. Because your Twitter activism is so ironclad, you don’t need to worry about rhetoric, speeches, or logic. Any pauses or word salads only demonstrate victimization. There is no bar exam for a Canadian feminist, and there shouldn’t be. After all, the inability to be coherent is persuasive to all free-thinking people, as we see here:

um, I would even go, um, so far as saying, um oppressive to, um cisgender, and reduc-, um, reductive cisgender um, caveman behaviour…. well, yes, um, um he creates stereotypical, and generalized, um, uh, stereotypes, basically, of people….  um, I think it’s problematic because, um,  he basically create – like – um, um, contributes to creating these very rigid g-gender binaries…. feminist art conference and uh, Slut Walk, uh…

–Fannie Gadouas to CBC

“We … have been targeting and abusing individual instead of focusing on the larger issues at hand.”

–Megaphone Girl

“Being a woman doesn’t mean that I have less of a right to respect space or privacy or security…”

–Aurelie Nix to CTV News

“He makes an argument about why men should eat women with eating disorders.”

–Mike Finnerty, CBC interviewer

The translation of any microphone fart or self-incriminating statement will always remain, “REVOLUTION! FUCK THE PATRIARCHY!” Let’s keep our eye on the ball.

4. Go for the low-hanging fruit, even if it’s the wrong type

long hair

Though Canadian feminists and SJWs live in a country ruled by a monarch and led by Stephen Harper—who eats environmentalists for breakfast, has a John Hagee-type fetish for Middle East wars and the Likud Party, pushed through the universally reviled surveillance Bill C 51, builds new prisons at a rate drawing the rebuke of Texas conservatives, repeatedly prorogues parliament, and muzzles scientists and the press—they should only target those for whom the Canadian media will back them and for whom the least effort is required.

Forced marriages, genital mutilations, Sharia law, and gangs of machete-wielding rapists are not the concern of Canadian feminism. Rather, Canadian feminists should focus on men who argue that long hair in women is correlated to beauty and femininity.

5. Use Twitter as your main vehicle of protest


Using Twitter from, say, Vancouver to disrupt speeches in Montreal should never be discounted. The bravery of pursuing wicked men through ineffectively directing armies via Twitter can’t be cast aside. petitions represent actionable views and show the world who really has skin in the game. Feminists who are otherwise unaccomplished can become extremely accomplished through Twitter activism. Social justice + social media = social progress.

6. Oppose freedom of speech


If Canadian feminists can suppress all viewpoints by straight Western men and reach a critical mass of iPhone retweets, this will usher in the next pillar of history, in which all starvation, disease, natural disasters, racism and terrorism will end and our world and the World of Warcraft will be connected by portals. It is very likely.

7. Commit assault in the name of equality, while claiming you are facing death threats


The soundness of this tactic does not need further comment. Canadian feminists should not be insulted by having this explained to them.

8. Oppose satire and impose the worst interpretations on others’ writings


Following their withdrawal from Montreal and Mississauga hotels and McDonald’s, some Canadian feminists are considering a Facebook group for those who want to protest at the graves of Swift, Mencken, Voltaire, and Carlin in order to impose retroactive justice on men who in past days might have stirred them from socially diverse gaming, “Slut Walks” and progressive art exhibits.

Remember: Canadian feminists should never have discourse with the enemy. Calling the enemy a rapist or Nazi as soon as possible is best. “He advocates rape!” should be screamed at any male whose brain size exceeds that of the average Montreal feminist. If there’s any ambiguity in what we mean by rape, don’t despair—Fannie G. gives us the best definition of rape culture so far: “when institutions and/or people use their powers and privileges to marginalize others based on race, gender, disabilities and so on.” Translation: We’re all being raped and should all march for justice.

9. Use words like “dehumanize” and “microaggression”


Any negative personal reaction by Canadian feminists to others proves premeditated harassment. This is a quantifiable form of abuse for which they should receive government stipends. Canadian feminists should fill out the required government forms for compensation for their pre- and post-traumatic stress and for their services to end democracy.

Canadians feminists are smart enough to know that democracy is just a plot invented by white men to enslave women and that if a public servant didn’t cut her teeth living on the street, attending Young Socialist meetings, and smuggling LSD inside hollowed-out bibles—like the inspirational Ontario MPP Cheri DiNovo—then we shouldn’t trust anything she says.

10. Dress like a pixie and get a peroxide-blonde pixie cut.


No one, especially not men, would be persuaded by a Canadian feminist who had natural hair and blank skin and looked how the revolting patriarchy calls “respectable.” So-called feminine women who don’t Slut Walk and shout at the top of their lungs that men are beasts will never be listened to and will be trampled on.

Remember: a full sleeve is liberation. Fashion should be influenced by cosplay and World of Warcraft, not cisgender tyrants. Aggressive language and curse words are optimal, because everyone responds better to this.

11. Do nude amateur modelling, run a blog with “My Vagina” in the title, and then claim sexual abuse when your photos are linked to


No one has the right to be made uncomfortable by a Canadian feminist’s nude photos on the Internet and her vulgar, sexualized language. Why? Because she is without shame.

On the contrary, all men in this world are born with shame and therefore bear responsibility for their actions. Canadian feminists like Aurelie Nix shouldn’t hesitate to contact Emma Sulkowicz for auditions in the burgeoning genre of anti-patriarchy art porn (WARNING: RAPE TRIGGER).

12. Go silent, or launch new e-petitions, after it’s clear to the entire world that you’re an idiot and a failure

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91 thoughts on “The 12-Step Guide To Becoming A Canadian Feminist”

  1. i was recently visiting my parents and i took the time to proudly shake my dad’s hand and thank him for moving our family out of canada in the mid-90’s. say what you want about the usa, but it doesn’t suck nearly as much as the pussy-whipped country to the north.

    1. Sad, that’s a kid who desperately needed the red pill. I know teens are a lot more emotional and all, but his friends should never let him get that attached to a girl. No girl is worth your tears, much less offing yourself. I’ve felt depressed over girls in the past but never enough to even consider anything that dramatic.

  2. Forced marriages, genital mutilations, Sharia law, and gangs of machete-wielding rapists are not the concern of Canadian feminism. Rather, Canadian feminists should focus on men who argue that long hair in women is correlated to beauty and femininity.

    LMAO! They’re a group of wealthy urban women with few real social problems or discomforts. They almost certainly live the most comfortable lifestyle in human history, and yet as professional activists they have to desperately search for things to be outraged about.

    1. Because they’re searching for meaning in their little lives and this is the best that they can do. Its pathetic. The antidote is having a family, spawning a child and raising it, being passionate about something (minus the token “career” as that may be for some but most are miserable having fallen for this ruse) etc. Instead, due to their vulnerability, inflated ego and inherent weaknesses they’ve taken the easy way out and sought fulfillment in activism and feminism. The irony of it all is that as they embarked on this journey, provoked by other people who are also looking for meaning but act as enablers (university humanities professors), they found that what they seek to correct or fight has already been corrected and fought for (by men). Now the perversions, literally, start to manifest because after investing so much into this path, for many, they’re either too lazy or in too deep to change. And, of course, they have created reinforcing feedback loops i.e. it being socially desirable in 2015 to be a victim et al. Hence, air conditioning is sexist, birth control should be free, abortion and selling babies plus having sex (homosexually) and dressing provocatively, oh and eating themselves into obesity, are all elevated to the level of spastic crusades, and worse, actually called “civil rights”. Among many other ludicrous “grievances” that only increase with each day. The full picture is incredibly ugly – as you noted these are not only the most comfortable women but the most comfortable human beings to ever fucking exist! And their reaction to this incredible gift says everything. They not only complain they express vehement electric hatred to this “system” ergo to this gift. Ungrateful is to weak of a word in this instance to properly describe these…well, I’ve come to see them as sub-human. After all, a Sub Saharan woman or a woman from 1905 or 1745 would look at the gifts these woman have and rightful shit kick these whinny bitches. Its the ultimate mark of ignorance (of one’s station in history) and of human folly. If there is one absolute, irregardless of one’s feelings towards religion, its the fundamental concept of Christianity that we are all born of sin and not perfect.

    2. Id perfer western feminism to mind its own business and not influence foreign women and culture. Let them sort things out under their rules and values not ours….Otherwise we just make more western nations in a sense.

      1. Dear Sir Mclovin89,
        No sir. We can’t. It’s against our policy and agenda. Much like imperialism, we intend to transform every woman on Earth into a feminist and every man into a manginas. A carbon copy of ourselves in a nutshell. That’s how proud and arrogant we are, sir. We really appreciate your suggestions though. You take care now sir. Have a nice day!
        Modern Western Global Feminism Alliances

        1. Coming soon to a western nation near you!
          -Currency controls
          -exit taxes
          -revocable citizenship
          -emigration control
          -worldwide taxation (US already has it, along with I think Eritrea haha)
          Hope you like it here, because you ain’t goin nowhere else!

      2. Too late for that. The disease of Western feminism is spreading.According to the West, their values, including
        feminism, female empowerment, sexual liberation, etc., are the best, and the world is on a trajectory of progress, and it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world adopts Western values and feminism:
        Mona Eltahawy: Headscarves and Hymens

        Mona Eltahawy: An Arab Sexual Revolution?

        1. oh I remmebr that egytian woman, hopefully she gets swept under the rug. The whole point of this site is send the message around, the more were online or on tv thats less tv time for these people. The spread is happening but its at its grassroots and can be stopped. Killing that plant here is gonna be hella hard

        2. dam, that bright crazy hair, glasses,overweight is totally feminazi style. Even in foreign countries you can spot them. Like what is it this once you finish your liberal arts degree they hand out this “uniform” for you and now go and shame your host countries traditional culture.

      1. Right. Remember, race and gender are social constructs. Unless you need a straight white man to scapegoat.

    3. The point of feminism has always been to hide real and serious issues like rich class vs poor class. You may disagree with Marx but he got that right. While we’re busy fighting for petty things we forget that bankers are raping us and that rich get richer by the day while food stamps are on the rise. Corrupt politicians are so good playing this entertainment game of “social” battle while f******g the people to get their cut.

      1. Rich class versus poor class? There’s always been a status hierarchy and always will be. When the Communists overthrew the Russian czar, they pretended like they were going to erase the social classes. Instead, the party leaders just established themselves as the elite social class.

      2. There is nothing fundamentally wrong about having a rich and poor class. The concept of economic equality is little more than a utopian pipe dream used for the purpose of envy based politics..
        The rich are not screwing you, they simply make cumulatively better financial decisions than poor people do. The leftists want you to think the rich are screwing you, because that faux envy buys them political power. You will find the marxist subscribing politicians of the world are far more sinister than the bankers…

    4. At the very heart of feminism is privileged white women with no understanding of the world’s hardships. It’s been like this for as long as feminism has existed. The white female must either be subdued or destroyed before actual social progress can be made.

  3. The problem is simply that vast swathes of the West live in a moral vacuum.
    Hence shit like radical feminism seaps in like water through a leaky floorboard
    If the West had coherent value systems of our own, we’d be spared this shit

    1. The amount of elementary / middle school kids I see emulating this shit now is off the charts. Not just the attitudes being passed down, but a castrated father in tow of a fem-cunt-nazi mom, and their mutilated kids… a whole feminized family. Pink, blue, green, purple hair (on elementary school kids in the midwest!), excessive piercings… fake tatts, even real ones on kids now. Some states allow tatts at 14 with a parent present. Now if we could only grow beards on kids we’d have perfect clones.
      Apparently some states don’t have strict guidelines for ink either.

      1. Whole cities and nations are awash with forgotten histories, lapsed morals… and cheap booze

      2. The amount of elementary / middle school kids I see emulating this shit now is off the charts.

        Meanwhile, somewhere in Kazakhstan, a twelve year-old boy is learning how to field-strip and rebuild an AK-47 assault rifle.

        A restoration a Islamic Caliphate doesn’t seem so far-fetched considering that the average Westerner can barely replace a flat tire.

    2. Nietzche made a good point. With the Judeo-Christian underpinnings no longer having any power to sway people, we become vulnerable to ideology- Nazism, Communism, feminism, etc. Creating our own values from scratch though is probably not as feasible as Nietzche hoped. Life is too complex for a purely rational approach – something transcendental is needed – just something less lame than that new age bullshit.

      1. You have to get everybody on board… The strength of Christianity imo is that it had both the philosophical/rational approach through its philosophical writings, and profound iconography through its artistic expressions.
        It was therefore able to persuade both sides of the population… Both those driven by pure reason and those driven by feelings and metaphor.
        ***I have Jung’s rational vs. irrational types in mind here***

      2. Nietzsche made another point… “If you go among women, do not forget the whip !”
        Boy oh boy.. Fred you were right on the dot !

    3. I think what happened is that Christianity lost its credibility in the wake of science. Church couldn’t compete with the internet.
      Virtue and morals went down with the decline in religion. But I believe morals and virtue can exist on their own through reason.

      1. I don’t think Christianity lost it’s credibility, so much as back to back World Wars broke the spirit of Western society. The only issue I see with preserving morals and virtues is who or what will determine what is moral and virtuous?

      2. Yeah I do too
        But it takes more effort than most people have in them
        Hence the spiralling down continues…

      3. If that were the case, feminism and communism would have lost its mojo. Unlike Christianity (which fostered the development of science in the West) the basic tenets of feminism and its father communism run against science, wisdom and common sense…

      4. Western liberalism is basically a religion. They just took the deity out so they could infiltrate the government. If you look at the liberal denominations of Christianity, the ones that accept gay priests, women priests, etc.; their beliefs are virtually identical to those of the political Left. The only difference is they talk about Jesus.
        For example, the Christian belief that all souls are equal in the eyes of God is now “all people are equal regardless of gender and race.” Any attempt to sincerely investigate those claims, from a scientific perspective, are often met with disapproval or even hostility.
        In Christianity, people would tithe 10% of their income voluntarily, a portion of which was used for social services. Now the government forces you to tithe much more to social welfare programs, which didn’t exist until FDR. Same thing in practice.
        “The Devil” has been replaced by “the Patriarchy,” which is nothing more than an unfalsifiable conspiracy theory.
        To be clear, modern leftism isn’t Christianity, but a bastardization of it, which has fused in some recent schools of thought, most notably Marxism.
        Throughout history, religions have tried to out-compete and replace each other. Christianity did it to the pagans, tried to do it to Judaism, and Islam to Christianity, with various levels of success depending on the region. Likewise, modern liberalism wants to replace traditional Christianity as the new religious meme. It’s hijacked some areas of “rational” thought to attack Christianity. It tries to pass itself off as scientific, but we know they’re a religion because their own beliefs fail to pass the same standards they hold Christians to.
        The biggest one is that of human equality. There is ZERO evidence for human equality. Zero. In fact, all the evidence points to inequality. However, if you point this out to a liberal they’ll respond the same way a devout Christians does when you tell them there’s no evidence for a god or gods. Either awkward silence or hostility.
        If you look at Richard Dawkins (the atheist) he’s basically just a cultural Christian of the liberal persuasion. He rails against creationists, who are only a very tiny part of the Christian population. The morals and policies that Dawkins endorses are themeselves virtually indistinguishable from modern mainstream Christianity.
        Remember, there’s separation of Church and State. The way you bypass this is by removing the supernatural aspects of your religion, write them into law, then create social taboos against questioning them.
        Read more:

        1. Dawkins doesn’t suggest forcing non-Christian morality down people’s throats; rather, he points out that most people are ethical (moral) without being told to by Christianity.

        2. I prefer the Lockean social contract for establishing morality. It seems to be the most reasonable and one whose explanation can be parsed to even the lowliest of intellects.

        3. The problem with Christianity is that starting in the 90s, people were aware of whose throats the Christians were forcing all kinds of things. Thus, moral authority decayed quickly.

        4. Equality and compassion are the new moral dogmas. It’s proponents only think themselves superior because no “God” is in the mix. Question them, and their reaction is exactly the same as you’d expect from a religion zealot.

        5. Equality is a vague word. There are some principles of equality I agree in, such as the government should treat everyone the same, ie don’t have different tax rates for white people or kids or the elderly, apply the law equally and fairly, you have to provide services everywhere ie police the bad neighborhoods as well as the good, provide an education to both rich and poor (the 14th amendment to the US Constitution provides this as “equal protection under the law”)
          The problem is that by manipulating language, people who believe in the above can be “tricked” into agreeing that performance, education, earning potential, work, etc. will be “equal” among everyone, which of course is silly.
          Here is a good article I read about the power of vague language and how Trump is manipulating this to his advantage (tl;dr: use vague but powerful words which mean different things to different people ie Lets Make America Great Again is a vague platitude, but it can mean “get rid of immigrants” to race purists, “fix the financial sector” to libertarians, “get rid of bloat” to financial conservatives, “bring back Jesus” to religious conservatives, etc. and the speaker never has to claim to fix any of that stuff.

        6. Good point about Trump’s headline… Even I got sucked into it.
          For me I think it meant reward hard work or something along those lines.

        7. Equal protection under the law can mean whatever you want. You haven’t a nice house?? Well your neighbor is obligated to build one for you under imprison threat. You are not well protected, it isn’t?
          Are you more healthy than somebody?? Well the welfare will take your money and give to somebody

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        9. I’m talking about the concept of the law treating everyone anonymously, perhaps the word equality is confusing the issue. What I mean is that for example, if there is a threshold level of welfare, such as anyone earning less than $10,000 per annum is entitled to a certain amount of financial assistance for a set period of time, then that should be applied equally to all citizens, regardless of age, race, sex, location, occupation, etc. That is what the equality clause provides for.

        10. If you are discrimination by whatever cause there isn’t equal protection under the law. If you want to treat everyone equal you have to give 10.000 for everyone.

      5. Considering that the destruction of Christianity was one of the major goals of the Frankfurt School and Saul Alinsky, I think that has had a huge effect on the degradation of western culture.
        I strongly disagree with the God/Science debate, but that is one for another thread, (though the writings of Dr. Stephen Meyer are excellent for those looking to start).
        The ultimate goal has been reached, however, as without God human life has no inherent value that places it above any other life on the planet, thus allowing any behavior to be rationalized away. The essence of whatever feels good being good, regardless of consequences.

        1. Again, you can’t blame the Jewsual suspects for destroying christianity. This project started in a radical branch of the Enlightenment, centered around a German nobleman named the Baron d’Holbach, who lived in Paris in the mid 18th Century. Refer to A Wicked Company, by Philipp Blom for a popular account of this project.

      6. This is the problem of the Church. It was the Church’s job to update themselves with the times. But Christianity is a way of life open to people through books and the Institution of Church. Times have changed and I believe that in order to ramp up Christianity again it must be reborn into something new. We had masculinity right? It was attacked ergo we created NEO-MASCULINITY. Christianity is being attacked ? What the fuck are we waiting for ?

      7. This is so true. There are 2 problems:
        1) Science has progressed while philosophy has all but disappeared. Philosophy has been important in ALL civilizations throughout history. Not only are there no major philosophers to speak of in the west today, but I’m not even sure what philosophy the west would espouse? Capitalism at all costs? (Basically just greed is good) Democracy? There is a lack of any sort of higher belief system (ie what makes right and wrong). It seems the only thing society believes in in the west is the right to make a lot of money. Under capitalism, whatever creates the highest profits is best, so we are seeing wages driving to the bottom, poor quality products with 1 year warranty at best, and dubious industries such as tobacco and weaponry getting huge rewards. Philosophy and ethics is the only reason we still prohibit things like child pornography, which would generate high profits, and therefore is “good” from the capitalist point of view, but bad from an ethical or philosophical point of view. Once our philosophy is gone, what are we other than eating, shitting, orgasming globs of flesh?
        2) Religion has failed to adapt to scientific progress. Here I will credit the pope, and indeed many Catholics, as they ironically seem to have adapted better than most Christian religions. The Vatican has a large observatory, and a basic understanding of science. I have a lot of Catholics in my family, and the older ones can’t believe the absurd denial of evolution that other sects of Christianity have–they were always taught that God imbued beings with a soul, and the mechanics (ie evolution) were just how the natural world implemented the rules of the universe. There was absolutely no conflict between evolution and religion to them.
        Institutions in general are failing modern society, it’s not just the church and philosophy, but also the political and governmental model appears broken, the medical industry does not provide health in an efficient manner, the education system is costing more and teaching less all the time. The above are merely the 2 institutions which have the biggest effect on the amorality in society today.

        1. I do know ignorant Christians but you’re right that some have adapted.
          I don’t know anything about the Pope but I’m glad he’s at least trying to incorporate the obvious fact that science is a major part of our modern lives. To deny science would be nothing less than absurd.

    4. We live too long using church as a crutch and value systems alone while we lose touch with our nature, our natural DNA programme. Man is dominant by nature of his DNA and competetive by will and patriarchal by the best winning customs that guarantee survival. The losing customs and systems are short lived spats of hypergamy that give inertia to a downfall. Like a fat woman losing her balance, she goes nowhere but down.
      This isn’t the time for men to enjoy or accelarate an eminant decline. Why? Because WE MEN BUILT THAT. Civilization is OUR JEWEL. Only a man asphyxiated with cunt funk on the face would kick his own log cabin or empire down. HE BUILT THAT.
      The scorned bitch plague is airborne and contagious it seems. Step back, take a breather, grab your balls and get a hold of your dick. THEY’RE YOURS, just like everything else you built. Civilization is YOUR PRECIOUS BABY man.

    1. I thought we where in a living hell right now? I mean we are the ones being disregarded and degraded every day by culture and society.

      1. Yup we are living in a hell disguised and designed as if we are living in heaven. There’s must be a mastermind behind this!.

        1. To enjoy life in femtopia you must become shebrained. Without the hebrain, the shedome collapses. The end result is a culling of the population. POPULATION CONTROL.

    2. A country’s moral strength (or weakness) is quickly measurable by the street attire and attitude of it’s women, especially it’s young women.
      Look at the state of Western women, young and old. Hardly any moral values are left in them and their spiritual values are nearly destroyed due to their emphasis on material things. Western men tolerate this and in most cases, even adapt to it.

    3. True. But not only in America. It’s happening globally. It’s part of the modern western culture.

    1. That facial gesture is symptomatic of the SJW disease – believing that “feeling something” is equivalent to argumentation. Thus, they scream during debate, stand with their arms crossed and a resting bitch face. They are like children who maintain a tantrum until they get their candy – same strategy, really.
      This is their smokescreen for actually having to formulate a tangent argument with supporting details.

      1. She’s pissed because a kind man’s boot isn’t gracefully putting her back to her place tit feeding and servicing DADDY. A hundered years ago, these SAME women would be busy in labor squeezing out their fifth child. And TWO THOUSAND years ago they’d be doing the same thing, tit feeding and serving, AND their bitchiness would also play a role in determining whether they remained as a wife proper or if they slide DOWN the totem pole to the lot of the concubine.

    2. I’d far rather be in the company of a kind fatty like in the before picture, than a bitchy, entitled skinny slut with zero curves. (I won’t bang fatties but still…)

  4. I noticed you forgot: gain weight, adopt poor oral hygiene and age as poorly as possible. Also, having affluent parents doesn’t hurt either.

  5. > …for those who want to protest at the graves of Swift, Mencken, Voltaire, and Carlin…
    Wait. What?
    What new load of insanity is this? I swear that today’s SJWs will do anything that gives them drama without risk, true commitment, or common sense. Fortunately, if true, it will only achieve the opposite effect in drawing attention to the deceased and not the clown show protesting the very existence of those whose graves they have targeted.

  6. Now guys, pray for us Montrealers. Feminism is only part of the equation. They recently passed a law against “hate” speech, which is a blatant attack against our rights. It all comes in a nice package. Not only the governement thugs are pushing feminism but we also get : pro-gay, pro-trans and anti white policies. I give myself a couple of years before I move from this cultural marxist hell hole.

      1. What’s the ratio per habitant of muslim in Quebec, very low. This is not the issue. I’m more concerned with pro zionist and pro israel propaganda we get all the time. So keen to remind us about the holocaust all year long.

        1. THINGS WOULD BE so much different for the Jews if they didn’t DICKCHOP their men. Jewish men ultimately do the bidding of their princesses. Enter millennia of ‘brain heist’ selective cross breeding with their host country and tribal females that dictate by habit to their equal sized men.
          IT IS THEREFORE no wonder they’re nervous as hell (the typical neurotic Jewish mother stereotype) carving out any niche in a patriarchal society. They would rather just have their little boys in the bedroom shell game it, do the moneychange table, like the place is a big carnival, while culturally keeping an arm’s length distance from their host. It never hurts to retain a little gypsy when you’re a semite (or a carny). When you gotta run, you gotta run. Not the desert though. They’ve been marrying small (size) for too long.
          WANNA KNOW just how crazy things can get? Well just genetally mutilate and dickshame all your men and THEN declare EVERY ONE of your females to be a princess. Do this continually for thousands of years and you will get a glimpse of the unseen edge of the universe of unrestrained female hypergamy.

  7. The SJW army is like a Salvadorean street gang – speak out against them, and they will turn on your quicker than you can chomp a pupusa.
    Friends today, enemies tomorrow. It’s like the politics of menstruation.

    1. No because it isn’t 100% government subsidized through taxes like other heath care.

  8. The picture of Nix with those bottom teeth, those snaggletooth pointed shredders – – ”AIEE-yie-YIE-yie-YIE!!” I wouldn’t DARE sick my dick in there. My dick freaked OUT when I saw the pic and retreated all the way back INSIDE me!! . . shit, NOW I gotta cash my next paycheck, go downtown and find some good watermellon lips to plunger that sucker back outta there. . ”AYEEEEE!” . . ”buh-rump-bump” . .

  9. The problem is that they all live in protected environments where their folly actions have no proper results.Some of them make folly actions in an non protected environment and they end like that Mueller little helper in Syria.Before being killed , she was raped as a sex slave.Being naive and ignorant in Canada is not that much dangerous but doing it outside the West is.I guess in the near future they will value male protection much more than they do now.The cause of all this is of course jewish culture marxist psycke warfare.

  10. The main issue is that it is too easy to get student loans. If these women actually had to get real jobs to help fund their education, instead of “working” at the campus women’s center, they wouldn’t be taking gender studies.

    1. And to go further, academia has been taken over by activists, equalists and other similar scum. This is why I’m all in favor of China-style government control over academia. Oppressive yes, but for good cause.

  11. Between the bishes in the pics of the article, the nonsense which went down in Canada over Roosh’s visit there, Angela Washko’s “work” and other some stuff I’ve been reading, the idea came to me that the genius strike of the evil creatures who prepetrated marxism upon humanity was to normalize mental illness. Specifically, the idea came to me while perusing Angela’s work and the press about it.
    While the concept of mentall illness is controversial, we humans all _know_ when somebody is “off” by merely looking at them, observing them for a couple of seconds.
    A perhaps quaint definition of mental illness is that what that person does endangers the person and endangers society. What complicates a functional and acceptable definition of mental illness is that governments have always used (purported) mental illness to shut down political opponents – see the Soviet Psikushka as an example or the hypertrope system of mental institutions which exists is so many western countries.
    What marxism and it’s ugly daughter feminism do is systematically putting individuals AND society at extreme risk, and actually causing them damage. How is that for mental illness?
    The PC rhetoric put forth by marxists is merely a concerted effort by these less than human creatures against humans paying attention to that spidey feeling we all get when observing to those word-salad spewing freaks: ‘he/she is bonkers, what they talk makes no sense’. PC abuses that tendency we all have to give the other guy the benefit of doubt in clear-cut situations where there is no doubt about the craziness of that other individual.
    When we look at Sara Toulson, Horseface Nix, Angela Washko and their ilk, do we merely see unattractive women or do we see individuals who endanger and harm themselves, the people around them and society at large with their words and actions?

  12. 13. Grow up extremely privileged and have Daddy pay your way, but rebel against Evil Patriarchal Capitalism.

  13. We need a new philosophical reborn in harmony with evolution, science and human nature

  14. This article is perfect. Says it all, and I wish every fucking feminist in North America was forced to read it. Maybe it would actually make at least a few of them reevaluate their antics and attitudes.
    The “woman” pictured under step #2, except for the hair color, looks so much like a lady across the street it just freaks me out.

  15. That Toronto mayor should be the poster boy (and I do mean boy) for fat, soft, beta simps.

  16. This propaganda is proof there is a real anti-male social bias in western society. This is a public service message from the Sussex Police but there also exists to a although slightly lesser extent a anti male bias in the United States. I don’t think our police would specifically target stranger hookups in the interest of “protecting women” because for one thing American cops love hooking up in the clubs, but our television media tends to be very anti-male. All of our TV networks that cater to women’s programming like Lifetime, WE, and many others portray men as either brutal, creepy, psychopaths, that either scam, abuse, rape, or murder women. This creates a environment where women are unjustly suspicious of men and drives us farther apart and men and women. I have never seen this type of propaganda in any non-western or Latin American country. Only in the England (like the propaganda below) or in our Television (like in the U.S.)

  17. that lotus tattoo on that femibiggon in the first photo, as a student of eastern thought really tears me up inside. does that useless Twitter tart even know the first thing about Hinduism besides a 2 minute ekhart tolle vid on youtube!!?? is that not “cultural appropriation” to them because it looks exotic and trendy!!!?? these type of groupthink feminist drones makes me sick.

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