Bristol Palin’s Second Pregnancy Proves That The American Dream Has Died

After the birth of her first child, Bristol Palin became a highly remunerated public speaker, especially on motherhood, teens holding off on sex, and pregnancy. Before too long, she was bringing in up to $30,000 a speech. At the time she was otherwise working in a physician’s office, which raises serious doubts as to what experience and expertise audiences were forking out for.

Now everyone’s favorite abstinence raconteur is well into another pregnancy (is a further tilt on Dancing With The Stars on the horizon?). Claims by Palin that the pregnancy was “planned” coincide very nicely with a spirited defense of her actions. She’s made a fortune preaching standards she has no intention of keeping herself, after all.

In the meantime, for most Americans, hard work 1,000 times beyond Bristol Palin’s “efforts” will reap them little more than day-to-day survival for the entirety of their lives. What’s the lesson here? Being an attention whore, particularly when your parent is über-famous, is the new embodiment of the American Dream.

Lean in, girls, Bristol’s talking!

Rewarding someone whose biggest achievement is getting knocked up by letting them on Dancing With The Stars is not really conducive to stopping teen pregnancies.

It humors me, too, as it should you also, that Palin was courted by “women’s groups” to accost rostrums across America. A bizarre proclivity exists, whereby some woman, by virtue of having a vagina and some extremely weird experiences (usually linked to intense family privilege and reckless, self-inflicted consequences that create IQ-depleting headlines), is treated like some sort of super-coach.

One generally wouldn’t pay an ex-crack addict on Main Street to speak to them about substance abuse unless that person had undergone significant and meaningful transformation (because of themselves), so why pay the scion of a very wealthy and connected political attention seeker to talk about pregnancy and motherhood?

As she read out speeches composed of words with more syllables than she’s used to, her older brother was serving in Iraq for a relative pittance. Digging latrine pits somewhere, he was not even close to earning the massive dollar signs that enabled Bristol to buy a home and then sell it for a profit by age 21.

It riles me up to say this, but at least Kim Kardashian is not prone to the level of hypocrisy of a Bristol Palin, who profited immensely (and still does) from a teen pregnancy she then encouraged thousands of other girls not to go through. Her celebrity only blossomed after this turn to “do as I say, not as I do”, which Dancing With the Stars and a treasure trove of other lucrative attention-garnering and financially stupendous exercises show.

Her biggest achievement in life is getting knocked up in a tent

Her womb is both baby-maker and money-maker.

To me, Bristol’s mother, ex-Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, is anathema. That said, the minimum you must say about her in a positive sense is that she built up her own brand, however lobotomized it is. In defiance of this crude but self-made status, Bristol has rather openly suckled at the fame teat of her parent.

Her single most noteworthy action in life is getting knocked up in a tent. Everything else that followed, her appearances on reality television and Dancing With The Stars, plus her speaking career and God knows what else, flowed from her mother’s celebrity and her own coitus meets tent escapade with a guy called Levi. This fantastical series of events has become the financial coup of a lifetime for this otherwise talentless, brain-dead waste of space.

In her 20s now, and no longer the proverbial teen mom, Bristol has endeared herself to the world by shacking up with another baby daddy, a Medal of Honor winner, and then promptly splitting with him. At least with Levi Johnston, her first sperm donor, the relationship didn’t fizzle out completely until after their son was born.

If Bristol Palin had been Bristol Smith or Bristol Taylor or Bristol Noname and gotten pregnant twice to different men, she’d most likely be living in a trailer park and on welfare. The best she could probably hope for would be a turn on some MTV teen motherhood program, albeit only for the first pregnancy.

Want job and financial security? Ask Bristol


Throughout their lifetime, millions of college-educated Americans are almost guaranteed to lose their jobs through outsourcing, hostile corporate takeovers, or automation. In one year, a professional hypocrite like Bristol Palin can earn what an engineer, lawyer, or doctor makes in ten or twenty.

And for doing what? As many categories of highly skilled and competent professionals burn themselves out and clock in the hours to pay off their mortgages and get braces for their kids, people like Bristol Palin (and this time you can add the Kardashians) own personal goldmines, purely by encouraging the regression of society through their examples of how to live and “earn.”

If suffering under the oppressive heat from the bank that’s financing your home (or looking over your shoulder in your work cubicle for the next round of layoffs) counts as the American Dream, then I guess it’s alive and well. Should that not be the case, it’s clear that Bristol Palin knows what the American fantasy is all about.

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196 thoughts on “Bristol Palin’s Second Pregnancy Proves That The American Dream Has Died”

      1. Nah, if she knows she’s a woman, thinks she’s a woman, and acts as a woman, she’s not trash, she knows her role. The trash are sluts, feminists, homewreckers, cheats, prostitutes, gays, bi’s, poly’s, etc. etc. which sadly make up the majority of “women” which is why I used the term loosely. Good, real women are a Godsend and should be treated as such.

      2. Or as a friend of mine once quoted, “Never trust anything that can bleed for five days and not die.”

        1. I didn’t understand your comment until I googled it.
          You are correct. My friend quoted South Park.

      3. Semi disagree. I too have an asshole but it doesn’t define me. I keep it clean and respectable. My asshole is mine and mine alone. It’s for ME ONLY and it’s a one way port, like a turnstyle or diode or zip tie wratchet. Nothing goes in, only out. One way.
        A woman’s pussy is more like the cathedral double doors swinging in front of the temple. Not to pedestalize woman as a temple, but new life, progeny breaks into the world through those doors. It’s up to the woman to use her ‘little head’ on her shoulders to regulate and police her flap doors below. When her brainpower to regulate her hole retreats to the level of a tiny mosquito brain, that’s when the HAMMER OF PATRIARCHY comes to the rescue.
        Modern ho bags regard their pussy like it were an asshole, just another oraface that can be wet wiped clean. The big lie of feminism is that a woman can wipe her twat after being gang banged and suddenly she’s clean and fresh like a brand new virgin. So many poor stupid women have bought into this lie. Things are beginning to turn the other way though.

  1. I think we need to detach ourselves From any sense of justice concerning women.
    They have no reason to give a fuck, and men are lining up to service them no matter how depraved they get.
    Live for yourself and don’t expect women to “hit the wall”.

    1. “Live for yourself…”
      More men need to do just that. Women are the gatekeepers of sex, men are the gatekeepers of commitment, both in relationships and more importantly, in society. If enough hardworking men pull their support from a system that uses them as worker drones to maintain the status quo, a magical thing happens. The system breaks down and falls apart. It’s already breaking down on its own (35% of the population is on welfare and a full 50% gets a government check of some type.) Walking off the plantation only speeds up the process.
      At this point, I see this as the only recourse. Bedlam will ensue, but otherwise, it’s full steam ahead into a matriarchal NWO. Which is what may end up happening anyway, unless enough men stand up and become civil disobedients.

      1. “Women are the gatekeepers of sex, men are the gatekeepers of commitment, both in relationships and more importantly, in society.”
        Yes sir.
        And we live in a time where it is encouraged for schmucks to give commitment without the promise of sex (beta bux), and women to give sex to those who she KNOWS deep down won’t commit (alpha fux).

        1. One more thing, however. Men are the gatekeepers of money and wealth, and women are ready willing and able to trade sex for it. Sex is a game of rock paper scissors. Play the right one at the right time and you get what you want.
          And yes, cover your assets. It can be done even in this cesspool of contingent lawyer we call Ameika.

      2. Exactly. Opting out is the only way for things to return to a state of normalcy in gender relations. Western women want their cake and eat it too. The same women that were dumping guys right and left in their early twenties will be the same one’s demanding men to commit to them when they’re 32.
        Men can no longer live with this ridiculous game. Opt out of marriage, and force them to consider that maybe they should limit their hypergamy when they’re 22.
        If a man really wants to marry, go to EE or SEA and find a women there. Still one less beta to pay for her college loans in a useless degree like International Relations.

        1. I agree. The risks of marrying an American woman are extremely high, and the rewards extremely low. The inverse is true elsewhere, where the rewards are high and the risk is low. But, you have to plan on staying in her home culture. Bring her back here into this rotten culture and within 6 months she’ll become a militant feminist and likely, a fatass.

        2. Men are already doing this. Watch some of these stupid reality shows on TV (e.g. Mountian Men) and see that these men would rather live in the middle of BFE Alaska 50 miles from any female than have to put up with with the insanity of modern society. I don’t know that they are geniuses for doing so, or just the type of man that values independence and self-sufficiency — including that of being self-sufficient apart for women. Now, when the SHTF adn society really starts to collapse, women will seek out such men as potential providers, and will plot to give up their sexual favors for a shot at some dried up caribou meat.

        3. Check out “Fat Guys in the Woods” om Weather Ch- its not must see tv, but its on most nights. Fat guys who have lost their way, they know they need to lose weight, etc…watching them catch fish, building a shelter, starting a fire…its wonderful…

        4. Thanks for that tip. It happened to be on tonight, several episodes back to back. I actaully enjoyed it a great deal.
          Unlike the other melodrama shows with FEMALES thrown into the mix, these guys work together and get shit done. They walk away with a grater self esteem from accomplishing difficult tasks and dealing with the lack of food without melting into whining bitches on other survival shows like Naked and Afraid.

      3. A gynocratic NWO oligarchy would be tedious at best. How strongly women could hold their post as whip wielding bitch commandos in fishnets is really a function of how fortified we men have built the lattice, the matrix that the females sieze (or that we fork over to them). We can only hand over the keys and the seat of power if we’re drugged. Isn’t it the female’s favorite modem to use poision to kill and intoxicant to subdue. The hardened ho bag knows how to wield her pussy like a battle axe. The sweaty pussy fumigates and overwhelms the man’s nostrils. It subdues and captivates. Still the women’s hold on power would be uninsured and tedious. Most of the world’s ruling cleptocrats live within an inch of being toppled, hiding out and living as phantom directors. They’re one blown gasket in their private jet from being erased. One infected cut from existing no more. Their price or reward for removal is so high that even their bed fellows and confidants have a price.
        Women in power? The new patriarchy is germinating now and when the horns blow, the power seeking women will flee for cover like the naked improper unnatural clows that the feminist charade has convinced them to become.

      4. Walking off the plantation only speeds up the process.

        Exactly. I hear Marxists trying to tell me they’re THEY are enslaved because they have to go to work and make a living, as if there is a single organism on the planet that doesn’t have to work to survive. Their solution is actually to enslave others via government-sponsored extortion, and have our paychecks garnished and redirected to themselves. A form of feudalism.

    2. Thats exactly we all must do our civic duty and return the graces society has given us. Take everything and give absolutely nothing in return. Do not marry, cheat on your taxes, live for yourself, and give people a shit eating grin and a middle finger when they tell you to quit being selfish.

    3. The fact that people like Bristol Palin, Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner can make $100,000 to several million dollars without actually providing anything of real value entails that:
      1. money in terms of U.S. dollars is less valuable or has a warped value disconnected from real, honest work
      2. perhaps money is weakened as a symbol of power, productivity or creativity, but merely something magically gained through luck.
      3. being an attention-seeking media whore who succeeds in the entertainment business is enough to be worshiped by a corrupt society composed of people with much lower intelligence than what you would expect “average intelligence” would be.
      It would be easy to compare Bristol Palin to a lottery winner and write it off as just a case of luck, but it’s not the full story. A lottery winner wins a large jackpot because there was enough people to buy lottery tickets to make it high. Similarly, Bristol Palin wins the jackpot of making large sums of money because there are lots of stupid people willing to give her attention. She’s on Dancing with the Stars and People magazine because those media outlets understood that the sheep known as average U.S. citizens are dumb enough to tune in or buy the magazines. If we lived in a hyper-intelligent society, people like Palin and the Kardashians would starve. So pointing out that she’s rich from being stupid is really your way of pointing out that she’s rich because she’s operating in a society of mostly stupid people.
      What does that mean for each and every one of us? It means that there’s large sums of MONEY to be made by gaming these millions of stupid, average people out there. You can do it by “building an app” like Instagram or you can do it by pursuing the life of a media attention whore. Either way, if you want millions of dollars, the game is to sell to a wide audience.
      If you want peace and tranquility and a sense of self then it’s best to ignore all this mainstream media bullshit and focus on your own projects.
      Reading shit like this about Palin on RoK is what makes me less inclined to check back to RoK. We’re beating a dead horse here guys. We already know the world is filled with mostly stupid people, slack-jawed fools gawking at people like Palin. So the real question is, WHAT are you going to do about it? Do you want to sit there and complain or do you want to make some REAL cash off these fools? Ask yourself that.

      1. We need to constantly remind ourselves of the degeneracy of our culture and not get sidetracked. It’s easy to get hypnotized back being a Borg.

      2. They are not just providing nothing of value; they are actively propagandizing us with filth and degeneracy.
        Your point on “building an app like Instagram”… the creators of that app made one BILLION dollars. I fully believe there is enough talent and creativity in the ROK community to make the next degenerate app. Even if a thousand of us collaborated on it together, we’d each pick up a cool million. I’ll give some of my free time working on some new slutty narcissist app for that kid of payoff. And then quietly disappear with my passport, never to be heard of again in the west.

        1. Winter semester I’m taking a course on mobile development. If you have a legit idea to prototype give me a shout.

        2. I’ll be thinking about it. I was over at a friend’s the other day and he showed me the new hot app. It’s called periscope and you can view live video feeds streaming from people’s phones. The way it works is you look at a map of the world, and red circles of different sizes denote the number of people live streaming there, You click and zoom in and eventually it shows you individual people.
          These are people who are out in public (I suppose many are just sitting home alone too but I mostly saw outdoors), ostensibly socializing, but they are holding up their smartphones and live streaming everything that is going on to any viewer of this app. The viewer can send the broadcaster text messages. I was able to type things and get them to reply with silly things: “Yes I very much like the food here in this market where I live, it’s typical of traditional Brazilian markets. Oh, yes spicynujac, Go Jets!”
          It allows the typical average person to obtain instant viewers (sort of like youtube LIVE) and feel like a celebrity. It’s also incredibly rude to the other person’s friends who they are supposedly socializing with, but they end up being tuned out so the broadcaster can play with her smartphone. There is a counter showing how many people are watching. We did come across a famous porn star (I think Bree Olson?) and we watched her viewership skyrocket in SECONDS to the thousands as people realized she was online.
          It was actually a really fun app to play with for an hour or so, but of course in the long run utterly useless. You could perhaps learn a thing or two about a foreign country if you viewed there, get a sort of man-on-the-street real world view, but you can’t really make a 1 to 1 connection so it would get old fast… Just something to keep in mind when thinking of new app ideas… I predict it will become wildly popular, and lots of slutty teenagers will get huge viewership.

        3. I remember when the insta deal went down. Around the same time the Volkswagen/Audi group bought Ducati motorcycles for 1 billion as well. I gave up on understanding economy after that.

        4. Yeah, as far as I know Instagram doesn’t even have a way to accept payments, right? No ads, no subscriptions, no income. I ranted to several friends about how this app for sharing photos (pretty easy to create really) was valued at 1/4 the value of a company like Nikon, who researches, engineers, and produces real cameras that can actually take pictures like the ones you can share on instagram, lenses, which must be engineered, computer modeled, tested, and constructed with elaborate precision parts such as tiny fast autofocus motors and stabilization gyroscopes, microscopes used for medical research, imaging products used around the world, and has stores, distribution centers, thousands and thousands of employees and scientists and engineers and researchers and support and repair professionals in dozens of countries around the world, as well as lifetimes worth of knowledge and strong brand name recognition.
          I can’t understand this “new economy” other than equating it to a roulette wheel.

    4. Is this depraved?
      About a wk ago, on my way to work, walk by a cute brunette with a parking ticket in her hand, yammering into the phone. As I walk by, I hear her say “I bet if I blow him, he’ll tear up this ticket.”

      1. The plot of your run of the mill porn clip there 😀 It says a lot when stuff like this ceases to surprise anymore..

    5. I know, with some certainty, that I am detaching myself from anything GOP related. Jesus Christ, have I ever been GOP red-pilled lately. It’s not likely I’m going to turn into a stinkin’ Marxist. But still, I can’t tell who is worse right now, the libs or the cucks.

      1. Even if you were to study politics and develop a truly informed viewpoint that benefits everybody… your vote still only counts for one.

  2. “Her single most noteworthy action in life is getting knocked up in a tent.”
    “If Bristol Palin had been Bristol Smith or Bristol Taylor or Bristol
    Noname and gotten pregnant twice to different men, she’d most likely be
    living in a trailer park and on welfare.”
    And do you think that the guys above followed the advice below on the left?

    1. This is the list I’d expect from someone who has only failed or non existent relationships (feminists).

      1. Can you imagine the sheer tedium and repulsiveness of “verbal consent:”
        He: can I kiss you?
        Her: yes
        He: tongue ok?
        Her: yes
        He: can I touch you – there?
        Her: yes
        He: how about – there?
        She: No, not yet.
        He: ok
        She: but you can touch me – there – though. Just a little
        he: ok
        She: Not THAT much!
        He: sorry!
        She: wow just wow. I can’t even. Did I say you could touch me THAT MUCH – THERE?!?
        He: sorry sorry sorry sorry…so very sorry
        She: RAPE!

        1. This is just feminists projecting their hatred of themselves onto the world. They have done some mental acrobatics to come to the conclusion that they are not wrong, the entire world is. The easiest way to deal with this level of delusion is to dry them out. They don’t seem to mind being hated by everyone, so the next best thing is to turn them into an example for younger women: feminist = future overweight cat lady.

        2. I don’t think I’d even be able to get it up if I tried to screw a feminist.
          I’ve talked to a few ex-feminists. They were very entertaining in their descriptions of the cattiness within feminist circles. One in particular comes to mind. She could see clearly a future of kitty litter and dildos, and booted herself out of the whole shtick before it was too late.

        3. Ideally we would be able to teach women that freedom is actually not preferable. That it would leave them intellectually shallow, unhappy, purposeless and utterly alone. Our opponent however has been allowed to infiltrate and usurp education, politics and the media. The only thing I can think of more powerful than that force is sexually restricting women who refuse to be feminine. We as men have the power to keep our pants on, while women dissolve into a mess of hormonal madness during intercourse. Despite what I was taught as a child, men actually have more control over relationships. We have been lied to about it.

        4. Majoring in Women Studies is easy because it’s a terrible degree.
          They can’t get a job but a feminist and feminists have to raise up a stink about everything to make money because male female equality has already been done they have to start making up shit to make money.
          Just get rid of women studies so they won’t graduate with it or take a more useful degree.

        5. Just shame them for it. Shame works better than everything. My personal favorite is asking them what their major is, and then interrupting them and saying they majored in bullshit.

  3. Bristol’s cuck behavior was learned from her bitch matriarch mom. The apple never falls far from the tree and Bristol’s cuckery is from the same garden that breeds boss bitches like her dear mom. Both bossy women and politico women shoot down the males around them, with the lower caste of single welfare project skank boss breeding mares who eject all males from the apartment and the higher caste boss politico bitches who keep various tame/broken males about them as elite towel boys or water boys. Female clan/family members associated with the head boss bitches have an experience growing up and freely pursuing the wildest fringes of the female id. The matriarchy boat is a SINKING BOAT. Best exile them all to Alaska or Siberia.

  4. First of all,why name your child Bristol??Why not Detroit or Mombasa, maybe Murmansk. Clue is in the name in the same way Crystal is a stripper’s name.
    Jesus Christ, her son’s name’s Tripp.

    1. The other kids are Track, Trigg, and some other shit. The scourge of ‘unique’ names is such a symptom of decline. All of the Coltons, Bradens, Tanners, Bakers, McKaylas, Jalebs etc are for shit.

      1. This is just getting further away from religion (Christianity). Used to be, parents named their kids under biblical names like John, Michael, Matthew, Mark, Adam, etc.

        1. Good point. I never made the connection that it was that divergence from biblical names. Ties it up well. Throw in the narcissism of “My child will not be like the others,” and next thing you know guys are named Colton or Elkin. I get a kick out of how the most ‘on the screws’ conformists will just come out of nowhere with a spasm of creativity when it comes to their kids’ names.

        2. In my opinion, it started in the black communities with names like Tyrone, Lakesha, Trevon, and so on. They want to stand out and be unique and show their heritage. What the parents fail to recognize is that when a hiring manager sees a name like that, they immediately know what ethnic group that person is without meeting him/her. Would this improve the applicant’s chances of being picked out of hundreds or thousands of resumes received for a position?

        3. Ha ha. I must admit that if I ever become a hiring manager or run my own business, I will shitcan resumes from Tanner, Colton, Aiden, River, Caleb, Tristan, Baker, Brooke, Bailey, Peyton, Dakota, Sierra, Jordan, Braylen etc with extreme prejudice. I will light that shit on fire.

        4. Deep forward thinking thought process is absent. When I worked in the hospital, one piece of white trash wanted to name her kid “Fang”.

        5. The ‘unique’ and esoteric naming phenomenon is so pervasive that it’s worth more thought. Yeah, it started with blacks, didn’t it? Here’s my take;
          Giving a kid a unique name is more or less a way of titling him at birth. Naturally, entitled blacks would be comfortable with this. They are simply handed so much that it’s right in line with their mentality. So they are comfortable with handing their child a high status at birth. The little bastard is only five minutes old and already he is granted a royal name. He’s not just John, Mike or Bill, he’s Qu’antayshik or what have you. Basically, he is given a title there. Status is that easy. Just hand it to him. Afterall it’s handout USA and this fits perfectly. There’s no sense of the giving having to go out and ‘make his own name’ is there? “Make a name for yourself” is a cliche in our culture for a reason. Now people are handed awesomeness at birth. It should be “Name him Bill and see what he makes of himself. If he wants people to remember his name then he can do something about it.”
          Next up in the stupid name trend is white trash. Also handed a ton of shit for nothing, so handing their child an aura of awesomeness at age 3 minutes is natural.
          College grad female feminists are behind all of the Coltons, Madisons, McJaydens and all those other bullshit names. What did I say about entitlment? Ha ha. The most entitled demographic in world history is the current batch of under 40, Anglo females. Titling their children at birth is a no-brainer for them. Getting status for nothing is all they’ve ever experienced. Red carpet waltz through K-12, on to higher-ed which is a temple of female worship and primacy. Then their sisters in HR hire them with any shred of marketable skill. They quit when things become difficult and mainline beta bux. Of course there isn’t a trace of humility in their mentality and you can see that when they name their little pre-cunt “Kennedy” or “Montana” or “Addison”. A modern day title for their little pre-cunt.
          All in all, there is no humility here at all.

        6. If I was an employer and I saw a resume with a name like DaQuan, DeAndr’ee, Taquisha etc. on it, it would go in the circular file. If it had a normal first name, even if the last name were most likely African-American (e.g. Washington) I might consider the person if the resume was otherwise good.

      2. McKayla… I hear that one a lot, usually they are just kids and 100% of the time I predict they will become trashy sluts.

      1. Just call me Rey!
        As in Reynaldo or Reynold?
        Nope! It’s short for Reykjavik. My folk say that I was named in honour of this ancient guide written by a bearded Armenian who banged chicks, Bang Iceland, if I remember correctly.
        OH, and the “J” is silent.

  5. On the one hand, at least she’s breeding, unlike urban liberal SWPL chicks. On the other hand, her spawn are likely to be as fucked up as their mother.

    1. I completely and utterly reject this “at least a man was able to ejaculate in my slutty hole and I was able to last 9 months without killing it via alcohol poisoning” as a positive thing.
      There are over 7 billion humans on this planet. I have never sat about pondering how desperately I wished there was a useless degenerate #7,000,000,001. Quality over quantity my friend. I’ll take a Switzerland with the population roughly equal to NYC versus an entire nation of fools, spendthrifts, and morally bankrupt drones.
      By this rationale, I guess Ethiopia is going gangbusters, eh?

  6. I’m surprised you mentioned the 30k for a speech instead of the 262k she got being an “abstinence ambassador.” I think that’s a yearly salary. She had been getting it since 2011, and maybe still gets it.
    Conservative, INC is a good explanation for things like this.

    1. Obviously it’s too late for her to be an effective abstinence ambassador, a better choice would be a virgin not a single mother. She already had a track record of sex before marriage. How hard is it for these stupid women to wait until they get married? Now she just looks like a slut. Who wants to marry a 21 year old girl with kids with two different fathers?

      1. There is a reason to marry Bristol.
        You would be marrying into a family business of political power. I think the first father was an idiot for not marrying her. If things had gone differently, he could have been the son in law of the president. Talk about going from an average life potential to being married into a powerful family in politics.

        1. I agree.
          What I find amazing is that even though Sara Palin has not been in office for years, the family is still able to getting all kinds of favors and in kind payoffs, like Bristol’s lecture fees.
          The only explanation I can think of is that they still get things like this is because some people, who want to buy access and influence, still think Sara can make a comeback, so the price of said influence is low right now; with the expectation that Sara will ‘take care’; of anyone who ‘supported’ the family while she was out of office.

        2. If Sara is a typical woman, I wouldn’t be too surprised if she gets the nomination and then just turn her back towards all her supporters (White Knights) and leave them out to dry and feel no remorse. Use them for her own benefit. It’s the entitlement you get for being born with a vagina.

        3. I posted above but there’s an ‘industry’ of rightwing, evangelical and conservative groups tossing money around…3/4 of the current presidential candidates are in the race in hopes of exploiting it after they drop out.

        4. I think Sara Palin’s time in politics has come and gone.
          If she had been on the winning presidential ticket, then the family would be all set, just like the Clinton’s. The problem is that all of Sara’s flaws have come out and the Palin’s did not have enough political power to be able to counteract the stories and keep the stories quiet.
          With the Clinton’s there are reports that if someone is going to put out something negative in the media, that they mobilize a full effort to get the story changed or its effect lessened, with the implication that if you do not help them, they will get back at you later. Sara Palin does not have that kind of support or ability from being out of office too long. Even when in office as governor of Alaska, she only had limited national reach in the United States. They only reason I see Sara Palin retains any ability today to effect thing on a political level is because of the small possibility of another run for national office, either congress or president.

        1. She’s supposed to be an ambassador for abstinence and was paid more money than anyone that has a marketable skill makes in ten years. Yet she still found a way to screw it up. Practicing birth control would defeat the point of abstinence but in retrospect she should have turned down the job and practiced good birth control, since she can’t keep her pants on no matter how much you pay her.

        2. from what I understand, the girls in their 20’s these days prefer the ‘pull out’ method and hate condoms…with guys finishing on their face (something picked up from porn) — the problem is if a guy don’t have the stamina he’ll just bust a nut right into her reproductive system.

    2. There’s a right wing ‘speech circut’ that enables anyone who can work it the chance to make hundreds of thousands a year giving speeches and doing appearances (not unlike the publically subsidized ‘industry’ of college commencement speeches) — it’s better than welfare if you can get on it….it’s been given as an explanation for why at least 3/4 of the 16 people in the presidential field are running.

  7. “Bristol has rather openly suckled at the fame teat of her parent.”
    Chelsea Clinton, please pick up the curtousy phone in the lounge.

    1. Maybe I don’t follow the right news, but Chelsea never struck me as a fame whore. Nor a fuckup. She quietly plays the role life assigned to her.

        1. “She quietly plays the role life assigned to her.”
          She sits on her parents fake “charity foundations” pulling bank. Her parents will die soon and leave her several hundrend million dollars from their semi-illegal activities.
          I understand now why the bolshiviks killed Nicholas II, his wife and his children.

        2. Never felt pity for the Romanovs. The new regime asked other nations to take them in exile, but they were so toxic no one wanted them. So, to paraphrase Lenin, what was to be done?

      1. “Clinton has worked for McKinsey & Company, Avenue Capital Group, and New York University and serves on several boards, including those of the School of American Ballet, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Common Sense Media, Weill Cornell Medical College and IAC/InterActiveCorp.”
        She didn’t get there through hard work and study Pat.

        1. Hey,she only gets $50K per year plus a restricted stock grant of $250K at one of the companies.

          “Ms. Clinton will receive an annual retainer of $50,000. In addition, she will receive a $250,000 grant of IAC restricted stock.”
          “Paul Lapides, head of the Corporate Governance Center at Kennesaw State
          University in Georgia, says those connections may have helped her.
          “There’s no question that she knows a lot of people,” he said.”
          I thnk people miss what is really going on with people like Chelsea and Bristol getting ‘jobs’ like this. It is out and out right bribery and payments for political influence.
          That is the only reason either of these two people would be getting money like this.

        2. Chelsea is a woman who has been living in mansions with servants since she was born. Look up the background of Chelsea’s husband and his family. She is a true Clinton– dumb and entitled. Just like the Kennedys.

        3. She’s a typical princess, dumb and entitled. But a good princess knows not to embarrass the family name by popping a sprog–let alone 2 sprogs–out of wedlock.

      2. You are correct. Obviously, she is from an elite family, and will never have to work hard a day in her life. But a slut or a fame whore she is not.

    1. Don’t want ROK to turn into a whining circle jerk.
      Plz put up more game related and self-improvement articles.

      1. kinda late for that, been on the manosphere for 3 yrs and always logged in every day and then took some time off then comeback and really started to notice this too.
        Golden posts are rare and come occasionally, rok has to put out some everyday so not everything is gonna be golden. Im willing to wait a month or more for one good one then sub par where its a complaint about everything, itll make us look bad.

      2. Game is so 2013. This is 2015. We’ve grown up a bit. Some of us are thinking about our daughters now. We don’t want them to end up like Bristol Palin.

        1. Grown up more like betaed out why should anyone care about your daughter? That’s your problem doesn’t help me.

    1. What is she going to be? Thinner? Are you one of the immigrants who just got to America?
      “Bigger and fatter”
      No shit.

      1. usually dancers of such competitions and style are usually very lean. Thats what I found unusual otherwise why should she be in competition…..puts a whole new idea of “belly” dancing

        1. true true, but you figure that when comes to physical competition they wouldnt lower the standard on that, like whats next a trophy for everyone

    2. Tsk, tsk. She’s “curvy” dontchaknow. Next on the Agenda: Bristol Palin and her weight loss journey.

    1. Gotta hand it to them: they do an incredible job at it. With women like them, who needs enemies?

  8. Bristol is a shining example of the societal cancer that comes from households where a/the man does not lead. Simple as that.

      1. Despite his money and his manly accomplishments. In nature, he’s a warrior. With women, a complete Beta.

  9. You all realize she was only a week or two away from getting married before they called it off. I don’t know what planet anyone lives on, but on earth it is fairly common for engaged people to have sex. Pretty hard to get upset about that without being hypocritical oneself.

    1. I don’t think anyone here gets upset by her sexual escapades per se. Her life — her choices. However, that someone like her can make a minor fortune from giving advice on sexual matters to young people does not spell well for future generation.

        1. I’d say unless you have a nationally known name, having a kid whilst an unmarried teen spells the end of the American dream for you.

        2. The problem is that most people are dumb and they see people like Miss Palin as the rule and not the exception. They don’t realize that becoming an unwed mother not once, but twice is a 99.9999999% guarantee of a miserable life for herself and the children involved.
          This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened. When “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” were hits on MTV girls were getting pregnant intentionally so they could be on the show.

    2. She was an ambassador for chastity before marriage. She was being paid not to have sex until she is married. Any idiot can do that and she blew it. Also there is speculation that the reason her fiance left her is because he’s not the father. I’d go so far to say that he respected her request to be chaste until marriage, which was easy for her because she was getting dick on the side.

      1. Also there is speculation that the reason her fiance left her is because he’s not the father.

        Sgt. Meyer deserved so much better than to be married to a trashy unwed mother. It was so nice to see that he came to his senses.

      1. I know. I can’t get my head around this. I must be be having a flashback from that acid hit I took in college. That fucker who convinced me to try it said it only lasts 8 to 12 hours. It’s been 20+ years now and…

    3. Most engaged couples have sex before marriage. Most engaged couples have the good sense not to make a baby before marriage. You’d think after her first mistake, Bristol would have wised up? Alas, that was a forlorn hope.

    4. I’m not sure it really is his baby. I think he “manned up” because he was paid off by Sarah.

  10. This article is full of so much pwnage. But it doesnt point out that she had a 2nd kid with the expectation that it would get her attention and money like the first one.

  11. Christians and Progressives have plenty of common sense about women, it just happens that both are wrong (and RoK is much closer to the truth).
    According to Jim Donald, 18th-century common sense was that females are wantonly lustful and must be guarded 24/7 by male relatives and older women until they can be introduced to suitable husbands. Jeremy Meeks and Skittles Man never got within a furlong of quality pussy under that system.
    19th-century common sense was that females are naturally pure and virtuous unless corrupted by cruel or wicked men. Social movements were created to rescue “fallen” women, which tended to be hilariously unsuccessful. We still see this in the moral panic over “sex trafficking”, when 99.9% of hookers are doing it by choice.
    Cheap portable snapshot cameras destroyed that myth, leading to the 20th-century common sense that anything females do is good ipso facto.

  12. Ahmed the Muslim kid is 14 and built a clock in a pencil case. Bristol Palin is 24 and can’t even open a condom wrapper.
    The Palins are like a dumber Khardashians. Bristol is only good for taking c ock and letting random men shoot their man mustard all over her face!

    1. Ahmed built no clock – he just took a clock apart and arranged it in the case to look like a bomb.

      1. Maybe, maybe not, but since you don’t have strong evidence he did, but think he did, why do you find it surprising that the school thought he had a bomb even if it was highly unlikely.

  13. Bristol comes from a cuck family no doubt. Sarah fu cked Todd’s business partner a few years back before she was governor and also before she was married she humped that n igger b ball player Glenn Rice.

    1. Yet there’s an army of self-styled conservative men and tea-baggers who’d gladly lick Sarah P’s overworked snatch given half a chance. Sad.

  14. This is why I read RoK. Other sites wouldn’t ever put out an article like this.
    I spotted the hypocrisy the first time Sarah P. stood up and yapped about abstinence with her knocked-up teenage daughter standing behind her. It was as if the media and public was struck deaf, dumb and blind.

    1. It is one thing to get knocked up, learn a lesson, man up, confess, and teach others to avoid your mistakes. It is entirely another thing to keep sinning and trying to remove the speck of dirt that is in someone else’s eye.
      If you know you are not free and clear of major habitual repeated willful sin, don’t go into public ministry. Please.

  15. This culture is so obsessed with celebrity, they will accept relationship advice from an unmarried teen mom, diet advice from fat preachers, vote for a community organizer they had never heard of 6 months before for president, and entertainment from some fake yuppies who grew (or bought?) long beards and act like dumb rednecks.
    If it didn’t make my head explode, I would wonder who in their right mind thought Bristol Palin, slutty daughter of an airhead, could provide $30,000 more advice on sex and relationships than, say, me. Seriously, what the hell were they smoking? It would be one thing if she were an attractive, feminine, cultured, educated role model, who came from a distinguished family, and we could be expected to “learn from her mistake”… but no, this is a trashy, average looking, overweight, dumb child from one of the most vapid TV personalities ever seen–Sarah Palin. Was anyone surprised that she slutted it up again? Seriously?
    Of course, if we must THINK OF THE CHILDREN! The worst part about this is that, along with the antics of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, etc. it teaches young girls that slutting it up is viewed positively, and can lead to fame and fortune. In reality, having a baby as a teen is one of THE WORST decisions one can make financially socially, and personally. No one will want you, you will be a drain on financial resources for your entire life, you will only have a 30% chance of earning a GED, you will be alone and unhappy, and you will spend your best years as a woman caring for a baby. When the baby leaves 20 years later, you immediately hit the wall.
    Bristol Palin, if her mother never agreed to do that politically thang on the televisions, would be living in a trailer doing crystal meth.

  16. Bristol Palin matters none. She appears only on the leftist SJW media when she sneezes and they hate her. I am surprised ROK has picked this up.

  17. Miss Palin’s “success” is due to conservatives’ wanting of the kind of media fame that the left has.
    The problem is, the left has no moral code to which it must adhere. So for the left, it is ok if “anything goes.” Conservatives on the other hand, do, and we are supposed to be better than that.
    I don’t hold Miss Palin’s becoming of an unwed mother against her parents, but it has effectively grounded any political future that Gov. Palin may have had.

    1. Conservatives need to get back to insisting that women stay home with their kids instead of warehousing them in communist daycare centers where they are likely to be abused by degenerate public employees.

      1. And that’s on a bad day.
        On a good day, those children are being indoctrinated to be US-hating little Marxists.
        Of course, most conservatives are in denial of such facts. They suffer from a serious case of NASALT, especially their schools. Meanwhile, little Johnny and little Janey go and register as Democrats on their 18th birthdays and the same parents wonder in disbelief what could have gone wrong.

    1. Why kill the child? That’s not justified. Real justice would look more like stoning her to death, along with Josh Duggar. As a Christian, I don’t see why I can’t support stoning. In fact, it seems downright reasonable with these two. I spend all this time proving to people that Christians can be sexually satisfied and virtuous by having a great relationship with my wife and being monogamous (despite the many opportunities to sin) and Duggar/Palin come along to ruin my work. God’s work.

        1. Changing the words we use doesn’t change the reality of what something is.

  18. The best thing thing for men to do (and most people) is to turn off the TV. All of this shit will go away once you start to take your time back (and start giving it back to yourself – to improve yourself). Many of these people on these shows are no talent hacks…Palin is no different.
    Too many people tune into this trash, daily, and it’s the only reason why it’s still on TV.

  19. Isn’t Palin’s gig kind of like what Roosh does, though? I mean, he’s a middle-aged balding dude with a wig who creeps on very young women and (in the best light) manipulates the really dumb, really drunk, or desperately poor ones into servicing him, then crows about his activity in self-published books and videos that people buy because they want to be like him, I guess. Hardly sounds like a highly skilled professional job — more like, well, raking in people’s hard-earned money for zero-value “attention-whoring,” doesn’t it? “Look at me! I had sex!” That’s kind of a pathetic career for an aging guy. But maybe all that income goes into his basement lab cancer research between his “bangs,” I don’t know.

    1. He gives legitimate, helpful advice on a subject where he walks the walk as well as talks the talk. That, right there, is a significant difference. Did you really need that explained to you? You did a good job of communicating your opinion that male, heterosexual attraction to attractive females is perverse, deviant behavior. Science says otherwise, but fuck that noise, right?

      1. We can’t hear that noise over the laughter when we play the wig video. Man, that’s comedy gold. Maybe in a couple days?

        1. Your commitment to empty-headed ridicule over anything approaching basic logic is impressive. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

        2. Yeah, I know. (Sometimes after the video we act out Roosh running down the street, whimpering and shrieking in fear with his drowned hamster wig clutched in his fist, pursued by a couple of 100-pound girls until he finally cowers in a darkened locked lobby. That is TOTAL frame! Awesome alphaness! Great Battle of Toronto, dudes!) Yeah, okay, our bad.

        3. Wow, you actually ACT IT OUT? And then you embellish it into total fan fiction? Methinks the “dubious” guest doth protest a little too much. You totally have it bad for Roosh! So cute!

        4. The video I saw showed a group of males who clearly outnumbered Roosh, and were threatening him in an abusive manner while seemingly trying to instigate a fight with him. They were led by some ugly screaming females, who then ducked and cowered behind the group of men, continuing their heckling from a position of safety while hiding behind the males (nothing like equality eh girls). The women involved are quite simply the most pathetic specimens and, speaking as a Canadian myself, I found it highly embarrassing, particularly since it was obvious that not one of them had ever actual read any of his writings except for maybe one or two cherry picked lines chosen for effect. The hate filled mob of feminists, both male and female, were quite frankly pathetic, and I hope they are charged in a court of law for their awful and unruly behaviour. Imo they certainly deserve it.

        5. No more fan fiction than you and your mates’ bromantic fantasies about creepy old toupee-man Roosh leading you into the “Great Battle of Toronto” against a bunch of really scary chicks. Look, dude, there is no way this whole thing can be anything but hilarious, and believe me, anyone who listens to this guy is a really obvious joke too.

        6. You’re soooooo angry, right now. Redfaced and sputtering and making up outright lies. It’s cute that this guy gets such a rise out of you. Did he fuck your mom? He did, didn’t he. AND your sister. That’s rough. Dude.

        7. Nice “basic logic” there, Socrates. You’re mistaking amusement for anger, which probably explains what keeps going wrong with your “pulls.” (Well, that and thinking women are subhuman while still trying to have sex with them. How does that make any “logical” sense at all?) But comedy is tragedy plus time, and if you don’t get away from these morons you’re going to be providing the same comic relief as Roosh is when you’re an old guy like him. And as I got no further use for you and your ilk, cheers and thanks for the word!

        8. You are truly obsessed. To the point of claiming black is white. It’s creepy. I saw the video you speak of–anyone can view it, you know. And the real story is fact, not opinion–a highly privileged spoiled little aristocrat brat got enraged that free speech is actually, like, still a thing. She liked being an internet bully, but she realized that being female made her a piss poor real life bully. So, she stomped her little foot and summoned her eunuch minions to chase Roosh and expel him from her princess kingdom. Emboldened by the cowardly mob she assembled, she threw a beer at Roosh. If he had responded by giving her the slap she deserved, he would have been locked up. A braying mob of male pussies ran after him as he withdrew from the imbecilic scene. Fucking disgusting, and so is your support for such wannabe-fascism.

  20. That People cover gives off the broad impression that being a single mother is a great thing. Everyone will love you and put you on the front cover. The reality is somewhat different but few will notice the somewhat negative but vague tagline, below it.
    But there has been a movement now for perhaps 30 years suggesting that this is acceptable behaviour. It is not. It is selfish and irresponsible. But in a democracy where single parenthood is becoming the norm, who decides what is right and wrong?

  21. She is no different than some 230 pound hair hat baby momma with the multiple dads.
    And the dads are not solid beta guys either. She is a straight up stereo typical slut in behavior and outcome

  22. everyone saw through the Palin machine and its utter hypocrisy. Sara was not the nicest woman out there.. she came across loud and clear.. This is why McCain/Palin did not win the election. In fact the rumor is Gov Palin’s baby was actually Bristol’s. Just more ammo to show young men to wrap it, keep their future their own and disregard any woman until she proves she has her shit together, which with most females out there is gonna be a very very very long time-if ever. Do not make women the focus of your life.

  23. I disagree with every thing on this blog except this article. The girl who rants against birth control and gets paid to advocate abstinence only education has been knocked up twice and makes six digits each year.

  24. She’s a whore, her mother’s a whore, and her entire family is trash. Besides the family connections, she’s cute. That’s why she has what she has.

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