Why Does Sweden Take In More Immigrants Than Other Nordic Countries?

The worst refugee crisis since World War II continues. People are entering Europe through Italy and Greece, many of them with the goal of reaching Germany and Sweden. But why Sweden and not the other Nordic countries—Denmark, Finland, and Norway?

Sweden lets far more immigrants get residence permits than its Nordic neighbors. This is because Sweden lacks the kind of traditional nationalism that you can still find in the other countries. It has been replaced by a reverence for equality, which will give Sweden trouble if the flood of immigrants don’t subside.

Differences in solidarity

lofven and merkel

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in agreement with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The newspaper Svenska Dagbladet has done the math. Last year, 34,787 asylum seekers were given residence permits in Sweden. The number of permits given each year has been consistently high compared to the other countries, also if you count per capita.

Denmark has taken in relatively few refugees, between 1,500 and 2,000 per year since the middle of the 00’s. In 2014, on account of the growing pressure caused by the Syrian war, the amount rose to 6,104.

Norway has accepted between 4,000 and 6,000 refugees per year since the beginning of the century. As with Denmark the number has risen lately, to 7,540 last year.

Out of the four countries compared, Finland is the worst from the migrant’s perspective, generally granting 1,000 to 2,000 people asylum every year.

Pushing back

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, are trying their best to convince the other countries in the EU to be more generous toward refugees. The union’s attempts to impose quotas for every country has so far fallen flat.

Denmark, Norway, and Finland are pushing back. They want to limit the influx of refugees as much as possible with restrictive policies. For example, Denmark has cut benefits for asylum seekers by almost half, and they won’t be able to bring their family members to Denmark during their first year.

The result is that more and more migrants are heading for Sweden. Right now they are moving through Denmark, with the permission of Danish authorities, to get to the promised land up north. Syrians, who make up a large portion of the migrants, receive a permanent residence permit in Sweden since 2013.

Three big reasons

So why is there such a difference in migration policy between the Nordic countries? According to Marie Demker, a political science professor, there are three big reasons for why Sweden differs from the rest: lack of classical nationalism, long experience of immigration, and party political consensus.

The Swedish nationalism is not of the same character as in the other countries. We take pride in democracy, equality and civil rights. In for example Denmark and Norway there is a more regular nationalism which refer to the people, the history and the culture.

About the party political consensus on the immigration issue, Marie Demker tells Svenska Dagbladet:

There has never been a fight between the Social Democratic Party and the leading right-wing party. There has been an agreement on these issues. They have agreed on the need for regulation, and the need for immigration.

The road to hell…

Marie Demker is spot on in her description of Sweden and what Swedes hold as the greatest virtues in society. If a classical nationalism was mainstream here at some point in history, it has by now been relegated to the far right.

Today Swedes value democracy, civil rights, and equality. But their country has been formed by nearly a century of socialist politics and propaganda. And in socialism, democracy and civil rights come second to equality.

When socialists and most Swedes talk about equality, they mean equality of outcome. Whatever a person does with his life, he has the right to get as much as every other guy in the end.

While it’s fair that everyone should have the same opportunities from the start, it’s anything but fair that they end up equal. But socialist ideology has made Swedes blind to this obvious fact. They have been taught self-denial and self-hatred.

To give away your hard-earned wealth to someone else means you have to deny yourself—your needs and desires must matter less than the next person’s. And self-denial becomes a lot easier if you hate yourself.

Too many choices


Migrants on their way to Sweden through Denmark.

A great illustration of this point is a column in Svenska Dagbladet (9/12) by Karin Thunberg. The title is, “The latest weeks have changed the perspective.”

She says that the picture of the dead boy washed up on a beach has made people more engaged in the refugee crisis, and want to help in some way.

But close behind creeps the shame over everything that us privileged so easily take for granted. Just to have a home that we don’t risk needing to leave head over heels.

She is ashamed of herself for having more than others, completely disregarding the hard work that her ancestors and she herself did to put her in that “privileged” position. She calls it “absurd” that she has so many alternatives to choose—she can’t even pick from a menu at a fancy restaurant anymore.

Starter, main course and dessert, or main course and dessert—or maybe just main course? […] I haven’t eating anything yet but I’m already tired to death from all of these choices that I neither can enjoy nor exploit because they are—too much.

Here we see the self-denial at work. Although she has every reason and opportunity to enjoy her life, she can’t do it if the options she has aren’t available to everyone else. Her pleasure turns into self-hatred as she’s sipping expensive wine, contemplating how unjust it is that others are sipping salt water at the bottom of the Mediterranean—“the world is still deaply unfair”.

The most decisive thing in a human’s life is not negotiable: Like where in the world we are born. Who we get as parents. If we have a chance to survive even our childhood, reach adulthood.

She thus ends her column by going full socialist: We can’t do anything about our lives. They are fixed from the start, and you can’t change it no matter how hard you work. She hasn’t earned her wealth and prosperity, and poor people never deserve their poverty.

Some are privileged and some are not. Naturally the discrepancy has to be evened out to make the world fair. The rich must therefore give, and the poor have every right to take.


Easing the guilt.

Testing times

To view equality of outcome as the ultimate good becomes a problem when great numbers of poor refugees cross the border into your society.

As immigrants are people too, with the same human value as Swedish citizens, they also have a right to be equal. The logical conclusion is that immigrants must be equally wealthy as Swedes. When more and more refugees are asking for help, Sweden’s altruistic morality, and its economy, is put to the test.

Christ himself would have been astonished by the level of self-sacrifice displayed by the Swedes. But they don’t believe in him anymore. Instead they put their faith in socialism. For the original sin of white privilege, they will never cease to repent.

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  1. No victory without sacrifice. Sweden must be turned loose to the swarthy dogs of Asia, Africa, and Arabia, and their miscegenation frankensteins will be the example that all other white and caucasian nations need to rise up and resist after seeing that this mass immigrant invasion only has been carefully plotted for one reason: to end our people. Through dilution, through disarmament, through disillusionment, the “elephant in the room” elites are carrying out this nefarious plot, all the while counting their fake money.
    Damn them all to hell! Ruined and wretched wastes of life, the lot of them!

      1. Interesting how they changed the ethnic identity of the rapists/murderers to Japanese in order to “protect those who are easily triggered.” The political correctness is out of control.

      2. If the Japanese are in Sweden, it’s because Komatsu-Volvo have partnered to make heavy equipment. Or some other business venture. I highly doubt Japanese men are hunting the streets of Stockholm, looking for women to rape and kill.

        1. Is this where you tell me they are all obnoxious feminist sluts and “fuck them?” Because that’s not true and even if it were true, it wouldn’t be their fault, women are like little dogs and need guidance.

  2. The Danish police actually let the “refugees” through the country without consulting the politicians about it. It was hilarious, freakin libtards whining about how nobody asked them if we wanted to keep poz in our country or not.

  3. The Multiculturalism czars are hellbent in diluting the White gene pool. Unfortunately the white women follow their feminist overlords in slandering the white man, the only species that could ever save them from the hordes of Turd World Subhumans. It’s up to us to train our wife. I made sure my wife waits for me hands and foot after I spend a hard day at work. She takes pride in slaving over the stove to prepare me delicious food. And she is my breeding machine. When men fails as a leader of women, the weaker and irrational sex will Revolt.

    1. It’s been said before; The biggest problem is white males shaming and hating on other white males. Especially politicians who are looking for votes and grew up so blue pill that they might as well be programmed robots. They have so deeply internalized the destructive illogic of females that it is natural to them. I’m never married, post 40 and I once had a new neighbor who was in the midst of being destroyed by divorce. He went gray in about three weeks, no lie. STILL, the dude interacted with me as though I was some kind of total weirdo. I’m pretty sure he warned his kids about me etc. He couldn’t connect the dots. Like, “Dude there’s a reason why I didn’t yoke myself to some ice cream junkie cunt.” He couldn’t understand that. Most married drones don’t understand that either. That’s how thoroughly we’ve been steamrolled by the female imperative; even most men will turn on their white brother. ‘White brother’, ha ha. No such thing.

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        People in general screw each-other over at the opportunity
        It’s “humans vs humans”
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    1. Look at all the wonderful non-racist white libs in Vermont. So not racist! Yet it’s what? 98% white? Ha ha.

      Yes, if you want to know why the South is much more racist, this map of the distribution of black Americans should clarify it for you. If “diversity” worked, the South should be the most un-racist place in the USA. Wrong. The fastest way to convert a liberal to a conservative is to move the “diversity” they love so much right next door. It’s easy to love someone when you don’t actually see or interact with them.
      All of those “progressive” cities out of the Deep South? They’re the most segregated in the USA. There white liberals don’t even live by minorities and only interact with them superficially. They think “diversity” is having an Arab guy make them a kebab. The most segregated school system in the USA is in NYC.
      White liberals: “Do as I say, not as I do.” They’re always trying to achieve “moral superiority” in order to obtain power for themselves, regardless of how damaging it is, and despite who they have to throw under the bus.

        1. I wouldn’t say it’s familiarity as much as it is competition for resources and instinctual fears related to genocide and genetic extinction. Whites in Vermont do not have to compete against black Americans for jobs or mates. In a “diverse” environment the genetic stakes are much higher. If everyone is genetically similar to yourself, like in Iceland, then your genes will probably live on, regardless. I think this is one reason why genetically homogenous nations are more likely to favor collectivist governments. The larger and more threatening the minority population is, the more likely the host population will embrace individualism.

  5. I would actually welcome these Muslim migrants, simply because they will promote traditional values among women, women that act fucking FEMININE & not manly or masculine like many western women.
    For you guys, the Middle East hosts some of the world’s most feminine women in the world. I hope that these middle eastern men influence the masses on the traditional roles of women in society.
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    1. I don’t think you’d be so welcoming of them once they start destroying your property and acting like barbarians.

      1. The arrogance…the condescension…the ignorance…I knew it. You had to be a Fox News watcher farheed.

        1. No…I dont watch Fox News propaganda bullshit…you shouldnt as well….and chill the fuck out. Watching that junk makes you all edgy.

        2. He doesn’t see the fallacy. Retards like to critice books and movies they have never read or seen.

    2. “I hope that these middle eastern men influence the masses on the traditional roles of women in society.”
      It never seems to occur to anyone that the reason white countries are being invaded by non whites is the same reason feminists are taking over in the first place.
      That the majority of white men are wimps.
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    1. lol dude you’re not far enough down the rabbit hole! you talk as if the voting process means anything. The whole voting scheme completely rigged. meet the new boss same as the old boss.

  6. A thought… Would Sweden act the same if the inflow were let’s say Chinese? A billion Chinese hitting the road would not be a surprise if shit hits the fan over there…

  7. At this point, Sweden can go fuck itself… (literally. They just don’t know what else to do to dig their own grave) I don’t even get surprised by their idiocy anymore… It would actually amaze me to witness a time when that country’s leadership don’t act like complete leftist fucktards.
    I feel sorry for the few ones of their people who disagree with all this madness though..

    1. “At this point, Sweden can go fuck itself”
      Couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t care about them. On the other hand, all respect for Hungary. They protect their own country while sticking the finger to everybody.

  8. We are very lucky to be in a lifeboat. Thus, we have no right to stop anyone from getting into our lifeboat. Yes, we will end up killing each other, and eventually the boat will capsize from overcrowding, but we will die knowing we did the right thing.

    1. Dude, it’s not the Jews who have a problem in Western Europe, it’s the Muslim immigrants, and immigrants overall. Jews have always been a minority in Europe and have lived for generations, thriving in professional and social environments. The simple fact that this woman talks about Jews being harassed or their culture being under threat doesn’t mean they can be remotely compared with the real troublemakers. Don’t be stupid, seriously now. How on earth are the Jews responsible for hoards of Muslims and third-worlders doing what they’re doing in Europe? Just because they want their culture preserved, that’s like comparing apples and q-tips.

      1. How on earth are the Jews responsible for hoards of Muslims and third-worlders doing what they’re doing in Europe?
        Simple – divide and conquer.
        The Jews are more or less in control of the banking system, which is on top of the corporations and the media in the pyramid of the power structure.
        Whatever benefits the big corporations benefits the banking system as they lend money to them. Mass immigration has obvious benefits for the big corporation as it provides cheap labour.
        As China is getting more developed the cost of labour goes up and for that the capital is looking to create new regions with cheap labour to exploit.
        The Jews are in full control of the media and the educational system so they can manipulate the public opinions in order to execute the above plans without much resistance.

        1. According to your logic, it’s actually Obama and Putin’s fault for what’s happening in Europe, with the migrants.
          Or maybe God and Saint Peter’s
          Or the Big Bang. Or maybe the dinosaurs?? It’s definitely them who is at fault here.
          Corporations and the media might be self-servient and profit-oriented, I am talking about PEOPLE, VOTERS here. Nobody is forcing Swedish constituents to vote for ‘green’, leftist politically correct idiots.
          IF the Jews wanted to ‘divide’ and conquer Europe, they wouldn’t have the media tear up on the fate of poor Muslim immigrants. That just doesn’t make sense, it’s like saying that you have a cold and your ex-kindergarten teacher is at fault, because he’s giving you acid to drink.
          The Jews don’t have to divide or conquer anything. Jewish populations are actually decreasing in Europe, and they are more predominant in the US as well as Israel.
          I’d much rather live in a Jewish state than a Muslim one.

        2. Anything Jewish people like Barbara Spectre endorse for others they do not practice themselves.
          1. Strict Gun Control
          2. Immigration
          3. Diversity
          4. Intermarriage
          5. Closed Borders. Walled territories.
          Name it. They themselves will not practice it because they know it would be destructive to Jewish identity.
          The problem is they have set the narrative they are the arbiters of humanitarian interests because they have “suffered more than others”, they are a simple, gifted and pious people. Nothing could be further from the truth. They cry, they plead they beg and take on the appearance of humility and invoke empathy that is grounded on nothing but eliciting an emotive response.
          Suffered more? If you completely ignore the suffering and mass casualties of others. Look at the casualty reports of WW2. It’s a blip in human history.
          Smarter? Nepotism. They basically created “disciplines” that are abstract, unprovable theorems and in many cases outright plagiarized the efforts of others. The Frankfurt School literally created cultural marxism to destabilize western culture. There is more than enough evidence, from Jewish sources, they desire the destruction of White European culture if not genocide itself. Oddly many Jews are in fact German Ashkenazi, which genetically show they have no direct relation with Semites. Strange that “anti-semitism” takes on another meaning.
          The religion itself seems to be one of “racial superiority” and xenophobia. An archaic tribal religion in a modern age can’t be healthy. It appears they are in fact everything they claim white Caucasians are.
          If white “racism” can be called out, so can Jewish Racism. They should be judged by the very standards they espouse. The people that do so are labeled Anti-Semites even quoting Jewish sources.

        3. Kike false-dichotomy: “I’d much rather live in a Jewish state than a Muslim one.”
          Anyway, of course you would, Shlomo.

        4. Dudinski, you are obviously stoopid. I am not a Jew, i am Christian. But I’ve become too accustomed with Muslim violence and crime. Why shouldn’t I support the Jews?

        5. That ain’t my profile, dumbo. My nickname is KetsuneK, only on this website. I don’t know wtf that is, but it ain’t mine.

        6. Because they killed Jesus, who said they are the children of the devil, and because they promote Muslim invasion now, as they have in the past.

        7. “I’d much rather live in a Jewish state than a Muslim one.”
          I’d much rather send both juden and sand nogs to the showers and live in an Anglo state.

        8. Seriously, because they killed Jesus???
          How old are you, 5?
          You must be aware that Jesus was a Jew???
          Oh lawd!!!!

        9. Ideas don’t come from the ether. Swedes used to be alphas; recall Vikings, Middle ages, etc. Now they are betas and cucks because they’ve been brianwashed by the Jew who runs the universities and the media.

        10. Ketsune: No bother with these people.
          It’s a simple question: Who leftists hate more? Jews or Muslims?

        11. I believe that Jewish state is destroying our Europe we know by sponsoring boats, and the whole trip for not poor Muslims.
          Divided Europe is Jewish victory.

        12. Because they are a race of degenerate Christ killers. They are running hollywood and the sick “music” scene. They have promoted nothing but anti-Christian filth since they got a hold of the reins of the entertainment industry this is not debatable. Do a little research on who is behind all the major movie studios and porn websites and distributors they’re almost all kikes.

        1. This is a hilarious thought.
          So, the Jews are giving Europe as a ‘gift’ to Muslims, so that in future, they use the European weapons against the Jews themselves?

        2. No. But they are relentless in trying to weaken their host.
          And do not always foresee the consequences of their manipulation. For the time being they are terribly busy playing the victim, but we all know they have cooperated with islam on many occasion in earlier times.

        3. yes, but I wouldn’t call it a gift. Its a destruction, trouble, disaster
          In Poland we already know that it is an invasion. Sweden is lost. Germany too

    2. The swindler need the dumb to be successful, multiculturalism wouldn`t be possible if the stupid western goyim didn`t absorved the pc propaganda.

      1. To take in so many, without background checks, passports, and other checking their bags…. is not a wise idea.

    3. This is why I intended to answer myself. This is why for sure. This BARBARA SPECTRE should be kept responsible for what she did with a country, a beautiful people she came in with a sinister goal .She came in a beautiful country to turn it to ruins. She shouldn’t be let there anymore.
      She and her movement destroyed not only Sweden but the whole Europe .
      Because of here there are now people dying all over Europe, because of her there is so much crime in the streets.
      She realized that their little space there vis avis to the Arabs is too little. They needed more; they needed to bring their problems with settlement over here, in Europe. They wanted to give a taste to Europe of what it is to live next to Arabs.
      The problem is they attacked our religion because they hate Christ? Really they do. I never knew it before.
      Now’ they realized that Arabs on Europe ‘streets started to burn not only US or other westerners flags but their beautiful white and blue flag.
      So it is too much now, they started to fear Arabs even here, In Europe where they pushed them from the Greece’s islands, or some other parts. That so called humanitarian organization is the root for some genocides on these very lands of Europe.
      I feel so sorry for this beautiful country. I saw it once just little bit of a clean Malmo and of a nice, perfumed railway station of Goteborg; I saw lots of luggage left there with none to look for them and lots of expensive merchandise stores open to the station. I saw a little town of Alvesta, with its smilling welcoming population …I remember Sweden as a beautiful dream. I saw those beautiful little kids white –golden hair and dark blue eyes as their fiords were.

  9. My only explanation is because they enjoy rape and want to experience it. I mean, feminists speak against rape constantly, to the point of being an obsession. I think it’s obvious that they actually want to be raped and like it. By accepting mass immigration of single 20 year old men coming from countries that are notorious for producing rapists (like Afghanistan), the obvious result will happen : a massive rape wave.

  10. Haha…funny listening to whitey squirm…like hes losing his country and identity because of a precieved innundation of immigrants. The fact is that migration especially in a smaller country like Sweden is long term a positive boon: to the economy (because migrants tend to work harder and do the jobs locals dont want to), and to the cultural enrichment of a country (in terms of ideas, practices, foods etc). Australia and the US are two example of countries made great because of immigration.

    1. Are you retarded? Something like 70% of these muslim immigrants are on welfare. They contribute nothing. Raping women and being criminals is not cultural enrichment. Stupid troll.

      1. Some people. Pull yourself away from Fox News or whatever you feed your knee-jerk brain, and get a broader perspective on immigrants and immigration. Dumbass.

        1. please stop commenting here. you are making everyone dumber. literally please stop making us stoop to your level. LePatriote1980 just stated a fucking fact and you tell him he has a “knee-jerk brain”????????????????????????????????????? sweet lord what is happening to this world. People like you are ushering in the apocalypse.

        2. Not at all. Im just apalled at the retarded logic of – some immigrants are causing a problem today…therefore all immigrants and immigration is bad period… Seriously…from one guy to another…wake the fuck up.

        3. if you’re not just a troll (and any mention of Fox News usually indicates teenage troll), you’re pretty fucking stupid. You talk about all immigrants throughout the world as if they form a monolithic group. An “immigrant” can be an HIV+ illiterate African who wants to rape and live off any government foolish enough to let him in, or a Swiss engineer who wants to set up a business that will employ hundreds, among many other varieties of people. Unfortunately, most immigrants to Western countries simply want to be parasites. This is not being xenophobic, it’s just reality.

        4. No…most immigrants to the West don’t want to be parasites…they come here to have more opportunities and better lives. Unfortunately the media (your beloved Fox News) focuses on the rats. Meet with more immigrants. Read more widely dude…then you’ll get it.

        5. Wrong again. Worked in construction as a superintendant for 50 years. Taught me well and truly what it means to be a man…part of that being standing my ground with arrogant racist dumbshits like yourself.

        6. I mourn for the white race. It’s pussies like you, the whole world either overtly or secretly resents. Men are strong, courageous and protect their own first. You are a pathetic, self-righteous cuckold. No one is inspired by you and no one takes you seriously. You can’t take care of your own problems so you look to be the savor of another. Your weakness and insecurity is plan to see.

        7. Dribble dribble. Want a tissue whitey as you have a sook?
          The fact of the matter is…you cant stop the tide of immigration anyway. We are human…its part of what we’ve always done..moved from A to B cause we didnt like A.
          Your ancestors were black, and your descendants will be brown. Shove that fact up your white ass.

        8. I have me alot of Europeans who criticize Fox News even though it is (1) not broadcasted here and (2) they have never watched. Bizarre, but they mouth what their told.

    2. it’s like everyday I see a comment that dumbfounds me more than the previous one. you are literally retarded if you think that immigrants are what made those countries great. these immigrant savors you speak of came from shit holes.

      1. You are an ignorant racist twit if you cant appreciate the contributions made by immigrants. The stupidity of some people…

        1. HA HA HA HA AHA HA HA HA HA HA It’s official folks, we are all living in the twilight zone…

    3. Big difference between the immigration that built nations like the USA & immigration in the form of economic refuge..
      If these current day “immigrants” were restricted to not accessing welfare and benefits then they would almost certainly stop arriving. In fact an Australian report on the problem indicates that these “refugees” don’t in fact intend to work at all, ever.. Less than 7% had found employment after 5 years of resettlement, thats 93% who remain unemployed and living off the welfare state paid for by someone else’s money..

      1. Great. Finally getting some rational discussion instead of name calling. Interesting stats and certainly a cause for concern. Do you have a source for the stats?

  11. There are two types of people who talk as Miss Thunberg: people who have gained vast wealth for themselves and now seek to prevent others from doing the same, and people who were born into wealth and can’t understand why. Neither of these two groups should be in charge of a country, as demonstrated by what’s happening now.

  12. Looks like I need to stop shopping Ikea and give up those meatballs. I’ve collected too many of those Allen wrenches.

    1. I hear their meatballs are affordable, actually ‘cheap’ like their furniture. The place is laid out like a multi level maze similar to a large casino. I’m amazed at the cost of marketing and retailing with their large stadium sized structures. I’ll have to wear my reindeer pajamas and Nokia goloshes next time I’m in there running game. Old Swedish mating was blunt and to the point: ”Welcome to IKEA, may I help you?” . . ”Why, yes you can. There’s a stray goat in my sauna. My saab is parked right over there.” . . kino on her hands & wrists. Swedes like that. & get her to write her # on your arm if you can. Hand/arm kino will seal it for later.

      1. Have you ever been to one of these? Your description is point on except you wouldn’t want to game the girls there that much, at least here in the US. They are local folks here and they are like your local Walmart employees. Don’t fool yourself. They are not the hot Swedish blondes.

  13. It’s marxism 101.
    These refugees will become life long welfare dependants, this has been proven as fact time and time again. Once the state has you reliant on welfare, you are a guaranteed vote for the left because every other aspect of the political spectrum threatens your very existence.
    Political polarisation becomes a sheer numbers game and refugees will always only benefit one side of that political spectrum. Every additional refugee that becomes a citizen becomes a vote for the political left. That means that each and every refugee immediately nulls a conservative natural born citizen. This simply shifts the entire spectrum left, so what would have once been considered moderate conservatism is now viewed as extreme conservatism and so on and so forth.

  14. The left wing international Marxist policies of Western European countries- the key one being the replacement of their white, European native populations with hordes of the poorest of the poor Middle Eastern, Asian and African people.
    All sold to the population as creating a “New Multi Kulti Society”, when in actual fact it is a cynical ploy to keep the left in power, as the need for more state intervention and state benefits becomes greater, and to increase the power of the EU as nation states will cease to exist as we once knew them.

    1. heck just quote some Rockwell and put it to music and have Swedish kindergardeners singing it, over and over again. Play it again Sam.

  15. Why are Germany and Sweden being forcibly drowned AND PUSSYWHIPPED simultaneously? What do Germany and Sweden have in common? What separates them apart from other Scandinavian and Germanic/Anglo countries? They both MAKE CARS unlnke their neighbors. Ever heard of a fine Finnish, Norwegian or Danish car? The Danes make pastries, not cars. Finns, like Russians, are mathemeticians and can crunch numbers, but do they obsessively turn out perfectly balanced flywheels or turn a wrench? Look south to Germany.
    Something common in the mainland Germanic/Swedish blood differentiates them from their neighbors. The German/Swiss are known as the metal magicians of the west. The Swiss (high Germans) were making watches with their bare hands even before electricity. No one else in their right mind did that, not even the copycat Japanese. And the ‘low Germans’ (Dutch) make chocolate, that’s it. Ever heard of a fine ‘Dutch’ watch? Exactly.
    The Germans and Swedes posess a unique trait that has brought them under fire. The reasons these two particular countries are under attack isn’t so much determined by their location or who they are, but it is focused on WHAT THEY DO (or what they’re capable of achieving or doing). There is definately more to this than meets the eye.

    1. You might have a point. They are the kind of people that if kept ethnically pure can resurrect themselves from the dead and prosper again.
      Their genetic lines will be muddled now with the lowest quality genes in terms of the traits you spoke about.

    2. Uhhhh… I had a Saab I really liked. Then GM bought them, fucked it up so bad the company went bankrupt and closed the factory.
      They used to have a program where you order your new Saab, pick it up in Trollhättan, Sweden, drive around Europe for a while, drop it off at a port, and have it delivered to your dealer. Was going to do that with my next one before the GM fiasco.
      So no, Sweden does not make cars – at least not Swedish cars.

  16. Tavistock Institute for Global Manipulation | New World Order
    Posted by Wake up call on Friday, August 24, 2012

  17. Swedes just need to cut out the middle man, stop the pretence and let the Jewish intellectuals behind this ghastly social cleansing claim final victory through the mass conversion of the remaining Swedes to Islam.
    Then the multicculturalists puppet masters orchestrating this “refugee crisis” can move on to target each European country in turn until the final implementation of Sharia theoughout all the lands of Europe.
    “Allah Akhbar”as they say in the liberal/left these days.

        1. Yes, I can. No, the”www.pewglobal.org” url is not the source I’m asking for. It’s the original site where the drawings were first published that I want, and I’ve seen no indication of that. I hope I made myself clear.

    1. Is that why the Swedes led the way in forcing Israel to give away half her territory to her worst enemies, who then proceeded to beat, rape, and blow up our kids? Because we control them?
      Do you people even listen to the shit you spew out?

      1. That the “anti-racist” ideology backfired in some countries does not change the fact that it is a jewish ideology, promoted by jews in White countries, including in Sweden .

  18. So it will soon compete the left progressive globalist agenda of making European countries like non-European countries. Project EUrabia.Project Genocide

    1. Or simply put, get them to fight internally. Divide and conquer. The EU is in its infancy. The US was too in its infancy when European banks began bankrolling the Confederacy. France wanted the Louisiana purchase back. Gentlemen’s agreements wouldn’t work so Rothschild put a great amount into the Confederacy to give it traction. The EU leaders know they’re being played. Two faced politician slime.

  19. because swedes are the most faggotized, the most fembotized, the most atheistic and dildoized anti-Christ, and the least anti-kike. So they’re a mud shark nigger worshiping muz-cucked land.

  20. There’s another factor which is that Sweden has not been involved in a war in 200 years. It was neutral in WW2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_neutrality I was speaking to someone from the Finnish army about this… Finland had to be militarily strong as it shares a border with Russia, and endured a number of different conflicts in WW2. Norway has a long and strategic coastline it has had to defend. It was occupied by Germany in WW2 as was Denmark. I suppose countries are like people; if they are completely shielded from the problems others have to deal with they turn out naïve… Switzerland is also neutral but they’re not into all the social justice and dreamy idealism, they’re healthily selfish..

  21. Sweden will be a 3d world country within 20 years, unless forceful nationalists take over and start expelling the islamic scum.

  22. Sweden at one time was one of the greatest European powers. Now culturally they are the sick man of Europe willing to give up their future.

  23. I’m from Western Europe, but the people in Scandinavian countries are fucking weird. I think it has something to do with the past. They had warrior cultures and no structured civilization. After that they became fully Christianized and relied on farming. Their countries were very poor and only after WWII they became industrialized and open to international trade.
    Nowadays they are one of the richest countries in the world, but they have no culture, no identity and no sense of national pride. It’s like they’re ashamed of their warrior past. In Western-Europe you see the same. People are ashamed of their colonial past, because we traded in African slaves and colonized other people’s land. It’s like they have the urge to show how good and civilized they are, because we have a ‘bad’ history.

    1. Uh… you’ve obviously never visited as there is a very strong racial/national identity in the scandinavian countries, and also lots of culture. Sure the Labor Party betas try to peddle the white-guilt crap; but they are no longer in sitting government.

    2. After that they became fully Christianized
      I actually suspect this not to be truly the case. They were only Catholic for about 500 years before becoming Lutheran, which is a watered-down form of Christianity, and Lutheranism seems to be horrible when it comes to excessive humanitarianism and self-guilt.

  24. The worse thing the U.S. did was defend Europe during the cold war. If they were forced to defend themselves against the very real threat of a Soviet invasion they wouldn’t have had so much money to spend on the welfare state, It would have been good for their character, too. We have spoiled them, I’m afraid, and now they have the peace and cash to imitate, as they always imitate, the worse aspects of American political correctness and media bullshit.

  25. Ikea, Västerås, there was a Swedish media cover-up if ever there was one! A customer in the kitchen section of this Ikea decided to test out the knives on the other customers. It is sad.. The media tried to conceal that the attacker was an asylum seeker and the victims were Swedish. Also, the official media line is that two people were stabbed and died but that is probably a cover-up as it does not fit “The Narrative” to admit if someone was beheaded in Ikea which is worse than just “stabbed”. It links it to a certain cultural group that they so love to welcome in with a red carpet… Man, a few days ago it was September 11th and there was a MEDIA SILENCE in Europe about what happened in NYC in 2001..

    1. Wrong. Denmark, Norway and Finland have anti-immigrant political parties in sitting government. Sweden’s anti-immigrant party is slated to be the country’s biggest party in the next election.

      1. Norway’s is apparently not strong enough right now to prevent it taking in as many immigrants per capita as Sweden.

        1. You are right. They’re in a coalition government with a cuckservative party and two small liberal ones. FRP has the justice minister and he’s trying to deport invaders as quickly as possible but the cuckservative coalition party isn’t giving him enough police resources. You also have to follow the autistic EU asylum policies, even though norway isn’t part of the EU.
          I’m just baffled that working class ethnics keep voting for the labor party. Sure it’s one thing for some ditzy SJW who’s never had to interact with a paki on the daily to want “moar refugees”. The labor party imported a billion pakis and somalis that now have all the affordable housing and the few whites that remained are of course minorities in their own neighborhoods. White children are bullied and beaten at school by pakis and blacks for being ethnic norwegians. Walking around downtown; 80% of the people are niggers or muslims. Dreadful.

  26. “Today Swedes value democracy, civil rights, and equality.”
    Any entity who believes in equality are on the road to hell. Paved with gold of course…..

  27. Of course the other aspect is that this kind of mass movement of people and mass increase in populations isn’t very Green is it ?
    After all what would these people care about Environmentalism?
    Wheres the ”Green” Party, SJW on this ??

  28. Can Sweden not see the elephant in the room? There will be clashes between feminists and Muslims in the streets (not that I care). These two forces are on a collision course, they cannot coexist.

    1. Nah, the feminists will just lay down for the Muslims and the small fraction of anti-feminist Swedish men. Feminism (when done by women) is just a massive shit test.

  29. GOLDEN!
    Christ himself would have been astonished by the level of self-sacrifice displayed by the Swedes. But they don’t believe in him anymore. Instead they put their faith in socialism. For the original sin of white privilege, they will never cease to repent.

  30. The Swedish altruism is paper-thin I think
    Would any of these women mentioned in the article be willing to give up their
    comfortable lifestyles. Eating out three times a week, drinking fine wine etc.
    If pressured they would cling to these “priveliges.”

  31. I found that last pic particularly poignant. Someone should remind Ms Thunberg of the old saw, “charity starts at home”.. I wonder how many homeless men on the streets of Stockholm she passed by, not even noticing on her way to the 5-Mitchelon restaurant? Like all other self-hating SJW/feminist hypocrites that Sweden is full of, I’d say the answer is “all of them”.

  32. The clash of cultures between Europeans, Arabs and Africans, the EU; Global Corporate Elites Oligarchic/Imperialists/Capitalists/Neoliberal-Internationalists, Zionists.. which aims to destruct the Nations & identities of Peoples, they have open Europe’s borders to a massive immigration of Africans & Muslims to annoy natives Europeans, (a replacement of population), also because of the low birth rate in Europe, so we can call this a genocide. Western Countries have to accept multiculturalism. They want replace the native European population by massive immigration destroying the culture of Europe, just like they try to destroy the middle East with their Nato puppets. They push to the Ethno-religious war between ‘Christians’ (White Nationalists) and Muslims to divide & rule, daze and distract people from the real problems/issues going on; to deflect the economic ‘crisis’ for the responsabilities of the traitors corrupted submissive ”in power”.
    More and more Nationalist Groups have emerged in European Countries, claiming a stop to a disproportionate immigration, stop immigrants who don’t work benefits tax credit, refuse to change the traditions, customs.. Refuse to miscegenate & destroy their genetic heritage despite deluge of Race-Mixing Propaganda. The Elites want more and more mixed-race or multiracial to better control them, that’s why they promote the multiculturalism as much as possible, as a result the humans are more and more acculturated in favor of a culture standardized, generalized, globalised; the New World Order.

  33. The Talmudist Ashkenazi Zionists ‘Jews’ despise all the non-Jews especially Black people, they hate Whites also, they want the White man Caucasoid Indo-Europeans, Aryan/Nordic -Mediterranean race; (Germanic, Celts, Slavs, Balts, Illyrians etc.) dissapear because they see as their most dangerous enemies. Which explain the massive immigration in all the White Countries, Multiculturalism, deluge of Race-Mixing Propaganda ect. (the genocides of White Russian Christian elite, middle & upper classes by the Chekist Bolshevik butchers, massacre of millions White Christians Ukrainians; the Holodomor Koulaks Famine/Genocide, the mass executions and deportations to concentration/death camps; in Siberia; Kolyma Gulag.. of Soviets, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians & Poles, The Bombing of Dresden ect.).
    The Zionists promote race mixing propaganda (commercials, political speeches, movies, porn ect.) to all races & ethnic-groups in all Western Societies to kill their affiliation to their own people, weaken their solidarity to their own race, divide the people for they are less unified in case of rebellion, these evil minds don’t want see strong white homogeneous nationalist group unified or any other race or ethnic group united, it’s not because you are a nationalist that you are a racist or a nazi, it’s because you’re a patriot for your people & nation, you love your race and for the respect for your ancestors and the future generations.
    These paranoid liars see fascists everywhere. In Israel it’s forbidden to marry a goy, Doublespeak. They have a ton of associations who protest against the mix & marriages with arabs and others ethnic groups and during this time they encourage the immigration and mix everywere in the ”White” Countries…
    They want Europe, North America, Australia.. to be multicultural, but not Israel.. Muslims or christians can’t become Israeli citizens. The muslims and christians are fucked. Everybody except Israel and the international Jewry, the only one allowing to keep their race, their identity, who have the right to refuse multiculturalism, the only one who are not called “nazis” because they refuse immigration of non-jewish people, the only one allowed to have a far-right government without being called “nazis”. Israel, a REAL far-right Country Apartheid Regime who drop bombs on civilian populations, is supported by all the medias and mainstream politicians, the same who call and criticize anti-immigration movments “fascists” and “nazis” when they are in their own countries.

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