35 Pretty Girls Who Became Fat And Ugly

It is a fact that thin girls destroy their beauty after substantial weight gain. The “beauty at every size” concept is a feminist fantasy that enables women to overeat and look unattractive without feeling guilt and shame. While I don’t believe in aggressively bullying women, I hope that the women below realize that they looked healthier and prettier when they had a normal human figure. There is no reason to present the worst version of yourself to the world.

Warning: the images you are about to see are deeply upsetting.




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If you are like me, you must be devastated at how easily beauty can be taken away from the world. Number twelve especially broke my heart. This is the saddest article I’ve ever had to publish.

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Most of the images were sourced from the Fit To Fat subreddit.

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1,076 thoughts on “35 Pretty Girls Who Became Fat And Ugly”

  1. Javelin chick is the saddest one to me. That girl is world famous for defining “fit and hot”. Or should I say “was famous”. Fuck.
    The rest are tragic. While many are clearly the same person with pounds added on, some are barely recognizable as the same human being but if you look close enough you realize they are the same person.

    1. Indeed. I recognized her immediately from a few years back. Shocked & saddened to see her on the list.

    2. Some of them are barely recognizable as human at all. That some of them furthermore seem to revel in their obesity is insanity, pure and simple.

      1. ha…when i was in college, i used to run on the indoor track during the winter. the women’s volleyball team used to practice there too. once my dad asked me how i could stand running around a track indoors, isn’t it boring? that volleyball team helped a lot.

      2. I hate to say it but there seems to be a pattern. Once that entitled attitude kicks in, they age a bit, hit Starbucks too often and keep eating…it’s all over.

        1. Make sure you emphasize “Women’s volleyball shorts”…
          You don’t want to end up on the dude’s team. lol

        2. That should go without saying, unless some evil genie is messing around with the wording of my wish. 🙂

      1. #9.. I didn’t think women this fat were “made”.. I thought they were born the size of couches and fattened up from childhood like Honey Boo Boo. This one to me is incredible. How could anyone see that change slowly happen and not realize that eating 10x what you used to is causing serious harm?

    3. Chick no.4? Yeah..sad. But i’d say she & possibly no.33 are still fairly redeemable. In comparison with the rest of the cast above.
      How natural beauty fails to overcome the swords of neglect, decay & entropy.
      I remember having a blue pill moment a few years ago when i caught up with my old high school’s ‘hottest babe’ when we were both 28. Mentally, I still had my 17 year old lenses on, lol. Until the actual meet up.
      That went according to script 😀 Reality smashed my 17 year old lenses to smithereens for all eternity..

      1. I noticed a blobbening up around the 10th High School reunion party, then they kind of stayed there for another five, then strangely by the 25th and later many of them had become thin again (in a healthy way). Not sure why, other than growing up GenX we were instilled with the traditional notion that obesity is unhealthy and unattractive? Or maybe not, but in any event, it was strange to observe.

        1. What you see is that women lose weight after a breakup. They start hitting the gym real hard. They’ll have to because they want to +1 you. And they know it’s not going to happen when they are overweight. You couldn’t mention her weightgain during the relationship, but she was well aware of her current appearance. But whatever. Once a woman finds a new partner she will go into idle mode pretty fast. Saw it more than once.
          Older women don’t drink as much alcohol. That could be the reason they are slimmer. They also have more money to buy healthy food instead of those hamburgers and ramen noodles.

        2. I have noticed this progress, and I think it’s part dietary (more people eating shit and more GMO and high fructose in the food) and part medical (more people “on something” and more women on birth control for more years as the “Sex and the City” lifestyle is so glamorized).
          It seems like people who had their heyday in prior to the 70s did not get fat until well into middle age or before seniority, the Boomers mainly. But not all of them got fat.
          Gen X it appears they didn’t start beasting it up until around mid 30s.
          Millenials it appears (and much to the benefit of young men) go straight to fatass by early 20s. I think this is good actually, because it’s best to be looking around at all these fat fuck women and saying “no thanks” than what we had, when they stay pretty long enough to want to marry, then surprise surprise 10 years later she’s a hambeast watching Oprah and wants a divorce and all of your shit.

        3. Yep. I have seen more than one case of women dolling it up just to look good in divorce court.
          And you know what, that kind of hatred towards a man, to witness it personally, fucked me up inside. Women stopped seeming human to me.

        4. Good observation. I’ve always made it clear to any woman that I keep myself in good physical shape and that I “next” any woman who let’s herself go. I have a standard and I expect her to have a standard. If she doesn’t, then it’s her decision but I will quickly tell a woman to “get off my bus” if she let’s herself go.
          So far, so good. Unless I run into a crazy, they’ve all kept off the weight.

        5. Fun fact that corroborates that: single people weigh less than others the same age. People in relationships weigh more, and married people weigh the most.

        6. Gene-modified food leads to weight gain now? Proof please.
          The anti-GMO crowd will just throw out any claim they can come up with, confident that no one will dare question them. Just like the anti-“racist” crowd, feminists and warmists.

        7. When you’ve even been in a relationship that lasted a couple of years you know why that is. Your lifestyle changes. You eat out more, surprise each other with chocolate (I got so much chocolate from her) And since I don’t waste food, I ate a lot of it. In the end I didn’t gain much weight, but the weight I did gain was all fat. Her and I broke up a couple of months ago. But I’m still busy getting from 19% fat to a more attractive 15%. It can go pretty quickly. 1% a month is easy.

        8. Ah yes, the usual “provide proof please” like I’m now going to spend hours providing this proof that you are going to brush aside in 2 seconds.
          How about BEFORE GMO you didn’t see 5 out of 5 women being fat everywhere you went?
          Not good enough?
          Here more:
          Go fuck yourself.

        9. I think the high school reunion is an underappreciated social change factor. I went to my 10 year and one of the absolute hottest girls ever, who made my week if she ever smiled and said hello in the hallway, looked absolutely trashed. Not as bad as the girls above, but nothing to turn your head at. When you see the hot, thin cheerleaders turned into boring bloated blobs, for men it can lead to the red pill. I think for women it can lead a few of them to realize they fucked up and they clean up their diet and hit the gym. Then 5 years later, some of them have improved.

        10. “Gene-modified food leads to weight gain now? Proof please.
          “The anti-GMO crowd will just throw out any claim they can come up with, confident that no one will dare question them. Just like the anti-‘racist’ crowd, feminists and warmists.”
          GMO food is banned in Russia, bastion of all that is good and manly.
          “According to official statistics the share of GMO in the Russian food industry has declined from 12 percent to just 0.01 percent over the past 10 years”
          Monsanto’s caterers ban GM foods (1999):
          If GMOs are so great, why does Monsanto serve organic produce in it’s cafeteria?
          “Great question. There is a belief that Monsanto won’t serve GM foods—or that we serve only organic food—in our cafeterias. It’s a myth that started back in 1999 and continues today. In reality, all types of foods can be found in our cafeterias. These are the same foods that we purchase at grocery stores for our families, and the same foods that
          everyone else eats. Sometimes we have special menu items that feature our products. For example, in summer 2012 we held a special event for employees to taste our GM sweet corn from a customer’s farm.”
          Notice the reply admits that they serve organic food, but claims that there is an unmentioned (thus probably tiny) amount of GMO food, and they “sometimes” have (clearly makred and announced) *special* menu items “that feature our products” like that one time in 2012.
          Monsanto employees know enough that they don’t want to eat GMO, anymore than they want to drink Roundup, even though their job entails telling others that GMO food is safe to eat and Roundup is so safe that people can drink it.
          Lobbyist Claims Monsanto’s Roundup Is Safe To Drink, Freaks Out When Offered A Glass:

        11. I would say that people who stuff their faces and don’t exercise get fat. If you eat a few thousand calories a day more than you burn of the purest super duper certified organic food grown by old hippies in compost blessed by druids you will still get fat.

    4. Yes me too. She was a collegiate pole vaulter I think for some Cali school (?USC) . Was an internet sensation there for a while. Tragic…..

    5. i think she’s a pole vaulter, actually. have you ever watched women’s olympic pole vaulting? for whatever reason, most of them are astoundingly beautiful. i remember a duel for the gold between two russian and icelandic female pole vaulters a few olympics ago that was just amazing to watch, two perfect beauties with perfect bodies in intense competition like that. it was one of those moments that makes me think there really must be a god.

      1. Sounds like I need to take up watching Olympic women’s pole vaulting.

      2. They’re beautiful because they’re healthy. They’re athletically thin as well, not just ‘dexatrim and celery thin’. All the difference in the world there.

        1. yeah, i love a lean, athletic woman. pole vault training must hit the female physique just right, kind of like ice skating. it’s interesting how some sports (like pole vaulting and figure skating) produce hotter women, whereas others (swimming comes to mind) tend to make them look a bit manly.

        2. Pole vaulters, skaters and sprinters are involved with explosive athletic acts, not endurance so they get a really full, muscular healthy look. Swimmers grind for 4-6 hours a day in the pool. Too stressful. Their bodyfat does all kinds of weird stuff. Those sprinter, hurdler, vaulter asses are so elite.

    6. Pole vault girl is doomed. No doubt she’s attracted a harem of fat fuckers who tell her she’s more beautiful at that size, and she should wait for a guy who thinks she’s attractive as is. Hopefully the next guy she comes across puts her fat face in the dirt and let’s her know where she belongs: in the mud with the other pigs.

      1. I used to be ONE of those pathetic beta pillow boys who would wait for hot 9 to turn into a 7 or 6 before approaching her. Like some low self esteem vulture or hyena, picking over the remains of what some Alpha male left behind. Now I rarely approach a chick who is over 25. Fuck that shit. I will never return to that existence.

    7. Agreed. I came across many threads on bodybuilding forums talking about how hot she was. Hell…there were even videos and interviews about her on youtube. Shame what happened to her.

    8. GoJ, I need to say it, and you will know what I mean. We’re in the older crowd. And the young bucks need to know this.
      Just about every one of those images, I can make myself, by taking my high school yearbook, and visiting the Facebook pages of every woman in that yearbook who has images on Facebook.
      Hence the women we drooled and maybe even wanked over we would not be so compelled to even poke with a borrowed 10′ pole.
      Meaning that, for the younger fellows, all that “crush” and oneitis is pure folly. I think the learned hopelessness (read: path to beta) starts there, in those teenage years. If only the young fellows knew of The Wall, Oneitis, and all that.
      And further, that when a women is hot and won’t give you the time of day, then as she has not given you her best years, you are not obligated to be there for her worst.
      You know (indeed you would know), but the young fellows should know, how grating it was for me as I progressed in years through my late 20s and 30s, to meet women past their prime, with “before” pictures in their past, and I’m ruefully looking at them in their present (suddenly they are in my life – but the ruse is not invisible to me) and wondering how I got shorted in life. Why do I get them when the lingerie and high heels are gone, as was the nice body? And now this fat load wants me to date her?
      Fuck that.
      The imperative for the young bucks is this: take the lesson of this article, that the worst part of getting older is having to fuck older ladies. UNLESS you are successful and up on your game. And don’t take “fat” for any answer. Make the bank you need to be the 35 year old fucking the hot 20 year old. Because if you do not, well then, the “after” images are what you get.
      If this message gets across, Fat Acceptance is dead.

      1. “suddenly they are in my life – but the ruse is not invisible to me”
        How can it be that these women are suddenly finding you? When I look around it’s like 40 year old woman are almost invisible. I don’t notice them, they don’t notice me. Maybe that’s what you meant, but how is that possible. I can’t imagine myself ever flirting with some 40 year old chick. Not now

        1. Jeez the fucking place is crawling with them. If it were legal I’d hire an exterminator.
          When I was in my 20s it was like women were invisible. There were none to be found.
          I guess the women were all “snatched up” by the guys with the smart mouths and the tats and the fast cars.
          Now those women are in their 40s, Mr Slick is gone. Everywhere I go women past their expiration date are all over the place.
          The women in their 20s are still not to be found.
          In my 20s I would have been happy to see an abundance of young women, now in my 40s I see all these expired post-wall hambeasts and start to wonder if a killer virus that only hit women over 35 would be a good thing for humanity. I think that virus is already here, we call it feminism. But then what came first, the virus or the victim?

        2. Too funny. I took at seat at the bar the other day to have a beer after work. One of these “over 40, hambeasts” tried to sit next to me and chat me up….I wasn’t having it. I told her ‘thanks but no thanks” and she was off to another bar stool to bother some other guy.
          I have a standard and I stick to it. I would rather talk to the good looking, thin 25 year old bartender versus the post wall hambeast..and I made it known that she could beat it.
          I don’t have time for it and I always have a standard. Never go soft on your standard in women, gentlemen.

      2. Oh, hell yeah. It’s insane thinking about being 16, 17 & thereabouts again feeling like a loser around hot young girls who simply have youth on their side.
        And then fast forward to a few years ago till present day when the tables have metaphorically turned. To be an in shape, more confident & worldly man in his 30’s having a more successful time with young women & life in general. And seeing the general wreckage a majority of these former young beauties end up becoming. It’s like a cosmic joke.

      3. I knew a couple smoking hot girls in HS that wouldn’t pay me the time of day until we were in our early 20’s. You know, well after they gained the freshman 15 (more like 30). And like a douche, I fucked them. I guess it was a mix of the high school fantasies and my beta-ness. I wish I never gave them a second thought ,like they did me. I only enabled them.

        1. Well if you didn’t end up married to them or having to feed their kids I’d say you have nothing to be ashamed of.

      4. More and more I realize how lucky I am. My wife was cute and petite at 18-21, same when I married her when she was 25, and still pretty damn good (and only a few pounds heavier) many years later.
        God, the degree to which the women pictured here went to seed is just tragic.

        1. “God, the degree to which the women pictured here went to seed is just tragic.”
          They aged worse than a jug of milk on a hot day.

    9. Allison Stokke was the pole vaulting girl. Have those “after” pictures been verified? Wasn’t she almost on the Olympic team back in late 2008? I can’t believe she fell that far, that fast!

    10. Did you see Star Trek’s Jennifer Lien in her recent mugshot? Damn, I used to wank to her all the time in my teenage years. Now she’s not even recognizable as female.

    11. Funny, I had the same thought. That was a hot little bitch. Then you see all the hard work she put into being fit destroyed.
      A couple of them went from thin to HUGE. Just disgusting.

  2. If feminists focused as much energy on health and fitness as they do on manspreading and candy corn oreos we wouldn’t have this epidemic.

        Fucking disgusting cow. Just look at her face! Even doing the old MySpace top-down angle trick and cutting her photo off at the boobs can’t hide the fact that she looks like a golf ball on top of a basketball.

      2. Lindy West is a writer for GQ magazine now. A MEN”S magazine for crissakes….How’d that happen??

        1. Half the editing staff, including the two senior editors, are women, and the editor in chief of their web page is a woman. That’s how.

  3. U shudnt judge women by their looks and weight. Judge them by their inner qualities. Of course, they gonna judge YOU by your looks..and judge hard !

    1. All of their inner qualities seem to include a boatload of doughnuts and ice cream.

      1. Yep, and you also can’t cop out with your height is a result of fabricated “thyroid issues” like a lot of them do. So if that’s the case, shouldn’t thyroid medicine alone be a multi-billion dollar industry with ubiquitous advertising? Hmmm, very strange that it isn’t!

  4. I have always held that it is a moral wrong to let yourself go if you have decent genetics. Many people sacrifice their health and finances chasing what lucky rollers have. To let it go… tragic. Worse still, some of these girls (the obese ones) have gone past the point of no return. Truly heartbreaking.

  5. I met a woman once at a lake party, I was in my early 40’s, she was 60. Her face was maybe a 2-3, weathered, harsh, but her body…was a 9.88 all day long. I immediately hit on her, discovered she was married, and I asked her how she stayed in such fantastic shape, with the body of a 18 yr old cheerleader. (She was a triathlete) She looked at me very seriously and said these words of wisdom that her father had told her when she was very young- “Honey, there are no ugly women, only lazy women”. She was telling me that her father knew her face was less than acceptable, but she could overcome this easily by having a hot body, and could attract a high smv male. This is why I only date serious gym rats and female bodybuilders, you don’t have to tell them, they already know, and make it a priority and part of their life.

      1. Lol, never heard that. And of course there’s the “Butter Face” – I like everything but her face.

  6. No 4 broke mine.
    Starting to think this “fat acceptance” push is a stealth way of killing some of us off faster….

    1. Killing us off is likely part of it, along with making money off of the services we’ll need and the increased food intake.
      #34 for me, before pic has every shared facial feature of over half of the girls I’ve ever had interest in, from red hair (prefer natural though) to freckles, to that particular curve in the upper lip and slightly upturned nose. The things we can’t un-see…

        1. This is actually something the feminists may have right. “total weight” scales are not a good indication of fitness. Of course the reason these cunts have is all the wrong reason, but they may be doing the right thing.
          You see the “total weight total calories” thing is “dieting against dieting” that fails to take into account muscle mass and density and the stupid dieting most people are led to is all about reduction of nutrition without understanding how metabolism works.
          In my own case for example, I used to get into trouble for being “overweight” in the military because I weight more than I should have been due to height, but I had (and still have) a 32 waist and wear medium sized shirts and pants. When I was dealing with people who understood that muscles weight more than fat I had no problem, but occasionally I dealt with some brainless fuck who retardedly stuck to the height-weight chart and would get me in trouble until someone with a brain would put a stop to that.
          I see stupid women all the time going with scales and then they diet and cut out the real healthy fats and protein, causing them to lose muscle density and lower their metabolism, and that makes it easier to get fat! Then they sit there like fat retards “I hardly eat but I can’t lose weight!”.
          (Of course those cocktails at the club and after club Pizza don’t count…)
          I know women who won’t touch margarine and use real heavy crème in their coffee who are not fat.

        2. Yeah Doktor I know. I just liked the kids comment under the photo that they could break them by stepping on the them.

        3. Because in Femlandia, a province of LIberalandia, facts don’t matter… only feelings.
          Those warpigs ‘feel’ pretty. That’s all that matters to them.
          What’s next, trans-beauty? Warpig identifies as beauty, so must be treated as one?
          I can see it coming. Hell it’s already here.

      1. I worked in an office with a woman who was very similar to the before and after of that pic (#34). I only knew the fat/mom version of her, until one day she brought in a photo from her wedding day and put it on her desk. All I could do (when she wasn’t in the office at her desk) was look at that photo, with this thin beautiful woman with long reddish locks, and then try and see that girl in her, and it was difficult to say the least.
        That poor bastard she married really got sold a bill of goods. I can absolutely see what he saw in her…then. Today? Yikes.
        On the bright side, they did manage to pump out 5 kids, so I guess there’s something positive from it, she has good genetics so those continue forward. Such a shame about her lack of impulse control (she eats fast food and candy…a lot).

        1. That sad sorry sonofabitch. He still has rocketing SMV, and there she goes just chubbing up without an ounce of self respect. At some point though some of this has to come back around to him for not enforcing standards. Just a little blame on him though, she’s an adult and married to a rich high SMV male, she should be working out three hours a day to keep him from straying.

        2. Before you start a LTR with a woman, make it point to meet the parents (or these days the single mom). It is as close to a crystal ball you will ever get regarding how she is going to turn out.

        3. I met a woman last night who has 9 kids. I think that is borderline OCD but she was perfectly thin and attractive. Easily a 7+. Which is even more rare considering I figured she had to be at least 30 years old. Kids are no excuse.

        4. I used to always look at the grandmother, because I was more focused on LTR and wanted to see where this would really end. Was the grandmother still active, happy, intelligent, thin? Then the girl should be.
          However, these days, due to out of control rapid spawning, it is a requirement to look at least to the grandmother to see the effects of age. I met a nice hot 9 who was part Bahama(nian?) and part white. She was maybe 28 and had a 14 year old daughter. A guy dating the daughter would need to look at the great grandmother in this case.

        5. Good point. I would also say watch how her mother treats the father. That is where she learns how to behave in a relastionship, but of course this isn’t 100%. The current culture has shaped women into being default misandrists, so if the parenting isn’t there the void is filled with something else.

        6. one of the many depressing things about working a standard american office job is that if you survive with the company long enough, you pretty much always get to watch most of the thin, attractive women there gradually plump up over the course of time.

        7. I learned that lesson the hard way… The mother lived on the opposite side of the house and vocally assaulted the father on the regular. I chose to ignore it, because she looked great for late 50’s. Told my ex to get her shit and get the fuck out it just before year 3 of marriage. This is such an important aspect overlooked and a mistake I’ll never make again.

        8. Don’t be hard on yourself. Overlooking the red flags when you are getting laid is a common mistake.
          It’s amazing what some people think acceptable or normal behavior means in a relationship. Ages ago I was invited to dinner by a young woman I had a LTR with. The parents were there and they were screaming at each other over the table in a foreign language. When I asked later what were they fighting about she said, “they weren’t fighting. Thats how they converse.” Criminy.

        9. So true. Free now and painless ending – thankfully no kids. Thanksgiving 2013 – Her father drops a dot of cranberry sauce on the table cloth. She starts screaming at the top of her lungs. I look across the table and ask her mother “Isn’t the purpose of the table cloth to protect the table from spills?” I was ignored and she continued to yell at him for another 30 minutes. He sat there in silence eating the rest of his dinner. I can’t express to any man considering any LTR that the parents are PARAMOUNT in how their daughters will act down the road. Her mother’s traits didn’t emerge until after we were married and we got a place of our own. Ironically she hated her mother and when she would act out, I would tell her to stop acting like her dumb cunt mother. She didn’t like that at all. I congratulated on her finally becoming what she hated the most the day I kicked her out.

        10. Congrats on escpaing misery! Most guys suffer till the grave and it’s painful being a bystander watching it all play out. (Hence my aversion to familiy reunions.)
          I went to a few more dinners and the scenario never changed. Her mother would antagonize until he shouted back at her. All the guy wanted to do is eat his meal. After awhile I told my girl, “if you would speak to me they way your mother does your father, I would slap your face.” We parted shortly after.

        11. Just about every married fat woman I ever known has a wedding picture where you wonder “what the fuck?” and I’m not talking “old” and fat. It’s like “this wedding was 5 years ago”.
          Solution: do not marry.

        12. My ex gf’s mom would treat her husband like crap at times. He busted his ass off and hardly received the appreciation he deserved. But then again he’s a beta so it’s partially his fault. That was one of many BIG ASS red flags and why I dumped her.

        13. Agree on that point. And if the father isn’t present (especially if she doesn’t know the father at all) then you will have problems with her. This fact is not discussed enough in every day society (or the media) enough.
          Women who do not have relationships with fathers (or don’t even know them) are all problem children. You will have a problem with them some time down the road so find out, first, if she knows her father and if they have a good relationship. That will tell you everything you need to know about her.
          And for god’s sake…all of you men out there who are taking on a woman with kids….stop. Rule number one should be: if she has kids, then find another woman (who doesn’t have kids). Too many problems, too much money spent…not enough “return” on investment.

        14. If any of you observed my parents you’d run for the hills. Damn. What a mess. Many years of therapy later I’m having. To monitor myself all the time so I don’t end up like them. They split when I was young thank God.

        15. “Women who do not have relationships with fathers (or don’t even know them) are all problem children.”
          I learned that the hard way. Look for their mothers, you know– the one that is still single and bitter, to be passive-agressive towards you.

        16. Sometimes a woman can take after her father.
          My wife’s physique is tall, slim and fit like her father, not short and dumpy like her mom.
          She favors her father and that’s a good thing from an ‘aging well’ perspective. He’s in his 70’s, looks much younger and still active and fit. Her mom is late 60s and looks 80.
          To his credit, they’re still married. His daughter at 46 looks much younger, still has long hair and slim.
          Females don’t always take after their mothers.
          My daughters take after me, physically as well.

        17. This is true in some cases regarding physical attributes– my wife takes after her father as well (slim, blond, etc…). When I wrote that, I was envisioning her behavior or conduct as well.

        18. Temperament, or baseline personality, is also heritable IMO.
          Her dad is calm, friendly, and confident. Her mom is a bit high strung.
          She again favors her father’s temperament or I would’ve looked the other way after a few dates 20 odd years ago.

        19. Ach so. German. Where all the verbs fall at the end of each sentence like so many empty cartridges.

        1. That’s disturbing. So, that’s a thing these days huh? Just put fat in front of another noun (whole or in part) to try and make it less hideous.

        2. It’s worrisome to me that their narcissism is so deep that they still take selfies once they go blimpo.

        3. What is deeply troubling to me is that something with the word “fat” is considered beach wear.

        4. They still get ample attention from thirsty betas left-and-right all day, so they have no reason to not smile and continue to balloon up. One need only check out fubar.com to validate this.

        5. That bothers me a lot too. WTF is wrong with these “men”, besides being Millenials I mean? Or maybe that’s the proverbial self-answering question.

        6. My prom date from the 80s who, afterwards, basically left me with my dick in my hand for a reason that to this day even she won’t say, is a big fat hambeast now.
          Funny thing is when she’s posting images (not really selfies but still, she should not be wearing shorts) I do click the “like” button but not because I like them, but because I take humor in the train wreck.
          Also, as a “friend” on social media, I know she’s seeing what I post, and I have indirectly made her quit the internet. I’ll post something, she freezes her FB account for a few days, and comes back. It’s hilarious. She won’t confront me directly or block me (she knows I can call her out and I, the “dumped one” is still in the same shape now as I was back then) but I can tell she’s being deservedly hate-fucked by the manosphere stuff I post..

        1. I seem to remember reading a few things, one may have been Bill Gates, but the gist was that in order to “save the planet” there needed to be a mass culling of the “lesser” people on the planet. Could be wrong, but I thought it was a stated objective among some circles.
          Also, very amusing comment, a little black humor, a little sardonic, nice.

        2. That started out as a fringe position in the 1970’s (I think? In any event that’s when I first heard about it) and has become a near universal platform for most Leftists these days.
          Odd really that we can’t seem to convince people that the Left is encouraging them in their self destructive habits in order to cull them out of the gene pool. I guess that’s why gluttony was a sin, because it’s hard to resist.

        3. The Population Bomb by Ehrlich found its way into my reading list as a kid.
          Little did I know…

    2. Fat people are good consumers. They consume lots of food, medication, and other health care. They make many people rich.

      1. I never thought it that way. American corporations are the epitome of evilness.

  7. Some sad shit here.
    I noticed several (11 & 12) ended up looking like lesbians. A few others ended up with fat men. Not sure if it is cause or effect.

    1. Yes. They either are dressed in masculine type clothing, Walmart slutty, or Omar the tent maker moo moo dress. Several have dyed crazy hair and one added leg tattoos. Notice how quickly the heels leave.

  8. What is especially sad is that these women are young. It’s not like these pictures are decades apart. How can anyone gain that much weight in a couple of years?
    These women don’t realize how they are setting themselves up for a lifetime of physical problems. I’m not talking about sexual attractiveness, I’m focusing on the health aspect. No one can look in the mirror and feel good about themselves when they have morphed into a blob.

    1. “How can anyone gain that much weight in a couple of years?”
      Their “inflationary epoch” usually is a matter of months, not years.

  9. Fat acceptance/body acceptance is just another rung on the depraved ladder of Leftism. It’s easy to define these people as mentally disturbed, but it seems to me that it goes deeper. Check out the seven deadly sins. Whether you believe in religion or not is irrelevant, these sins are more or less accepted worldwide in a secular way throughout history as being bad by cultures that have advanced past inventing the wheel.
    Pride, Avarice (Greed), Envy, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth (Laziness)
    Now, look at those and compare them to modern Progressives/socialists.
    1. Pride – Narcissism, a defining trait of the Left
    2. Avarice (Greed) – Wealth Redistribution
    3. Envy – See “Avarice”; also found in “Thin Shaming” and a clear hatred of beautiful people expressed nearly non-stop
    4. Wrath – SJW
    5. Lust – Sexual deviancy as promoted by the Left with it’s weird obsessions over nearly inhuman sexuality aka Trans-whatever, LGBT, etc.
    6. Gluttony – Fat Acceptance/Body Acceptance
    7. Sloth (Laziness) – Unions, Fat Acceptance, Welfare
    They are literally the antithesis of everything good.

        1. Read The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics.
          I think you, of all people here, would be able to understand it.

        2. Just looked it up on Amazon. I’ll grab a copy, looks interesting, thank you for the recommendation.

      1. I’d go further than that, in that it’s no wonder that they hate any set of standards that apply to the whole of society at large. They are literally anti-life in the very meanest sense of the word, they loathe their own existence and want to bring the rest of the world down with them on their quest for nihilistic suicide. As I said, evil.

        1. “I’d go further than that, in that it’s no wonder that they hate any set of standards that apply to the whole of society at large.”
          No, they eagerly embrace Islam as “the religion of peace” even though Islam will destroy them in generation (or two) with Sharia law. They are like parasites that compel their hosts to seek out predators that will consume the host, so the parasite can complete its life-cycle within the predator.
          Lafferty and Kuris (2002) came up with a really nice dichotomous key for classifying natural enemies. They used four dichotomies, but I’m only going to use the first three:
          1. “Does the enemy attack more than one victim?”
          2. “Does the enemy eliminate victim fitness?” (‘Eliminating
          fitness’ could be killing the victim or sterilizing the victim so that it cannot reproduce.)
          3. “Does the enemy require the death of the victim?”

        1. 11 & 12 of those pics. Especially 12. Look at the decimation courtesy of Womyn’s Studies. Formerly hot chick absolutely destroyed by feminism — fat, unattractive, thick bitchy glasses.

        2. LMFAOOO!!! I replaced lovers with losers in my mind lol!!!
          Desperate spineless fucks like this give ALL men a bad rep…

        3. LOL I didn’t understand at first I thought he was walking around with that shirt trying to find fat people to make fun of? He has to be able to do better then that. Even I can do better then that hambeast isn’t even the word, that, that gristlewarg!

    1. Lust is dramatically displayed on TV. I can’t find a TV show where the main character and/or other characters don’t turn gay. Note I said turn gay. This is an important emphasis because while many of us accept that for whatever reason there are gay people, we reject that we are all latent homosexuals. There are those working in the media who are determined to convince us that this is the case.
      SOA, Hannibal, Aquarius, Black Sails and others are recent offenders. Next Walter White and Jessie will be banging each other. I am about to cancel my satellite subscription. I’m tired of it.

      1. The majority of known serial killers were gay. I still think it is a mild form of mental illness, like the disproportional amount of lesbians who have bi-polar disorder, but that topic is verbotten these days.

        1. All of the biggest sluts I’ve ever met have had gays in their inner circle or even as their best friends. There obviously seems to be a deeper reason for that, it’s just not a coincidence. Maybe one of the reasons is that they’re both deeply mentally disturbed types of humans so therefore they bond easily since they both share the same unstable mindset. And of course – the love of cock.

        2. Some of the biggest sluts I knew from back in the day went lesbian. There is a psychological issue there, but it won’t be touched.

        3. I have never seen the gay-killer connection shown, but I am open to any statistics that you have.
          While men might be psychopaths, women will be borderline.
          Fuck me, they have mandatory anti-rape sessions for freshmen college guys but they should really spend a couple of hours on Borderline Personality Disorder: how to identify it and how to avoid her psycho ass!

        4. Statistically gays are more schizophrenic than straight men
          This correlation lies in how mentally disturbed gays have made themselves that they turned gay.

        5. I know there is a correlation between homosexuality and mental illness but the causative link really messes with the leftists.

        6. I read a while back that 46% of known serial killers were gay, look at the most famous ones, bundy liked little boys, dahmer liked dudes, gein didn’t have a father and mother raised him to hate women so he killed them

        7. Last chick I boned was just that…total fag hag. Had numerous queer-o-sexual friends, all guys, no real girlfriends. Fucked her and chucked her. That’s all she wanted anyway though.

        8. Real lesbians are few and far between. Most self identified “lesbians” admit to having fucked a dude in the last 2 years.

        9. In college, the hard core butchies call the casuals “baby dykes”, because their dykedom ends as soon as they graduate and go off to seek a respectable husband. Same thing with a lot of the girls that date black guys in college. They graduate, move away, and guard their past jealously from potential honky husbands.

        10. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit, why be mentally ill in only one aspect when you can go all out and collect them all. I dated a girl who had a few gay friends and they all seemed a bit throwed off, maybe not killer status but just not right

        11. Sorry but mentally putting myself into the situation of putting my dicka into some guys poopa it seems batshit insane to me.

        12. Women are more flexible about sex, they’ve done physical tests(blood flow to sexual organs) on what turns on men, and its usually very specific and what you would expect. Then women, everything turns them on, animals mating, gay sex(explains the popularity of Brokeback Mountain), straight sex nude men, nude women, a fight. Usually women would state that those things weren’t turning them on. Life experience says women often don’t know what turns them on, which is why its best for you to figure that out through theory and trial and error.

        13. These days that might involve a trip to the plastic surgeon for some strategic ‘tightenings’

        14. Gay men are more likely to have Schizophrenia than straight men, so maybe homosexuality should go back in the DSM.

        15. “Honey, why are you so loose?”

        16. http://www.adherents.com/misc/hsk.html#source
          Gacy had sex with guys as well. There were a few others like this guy in Wales who owned a movie theatre, he was gay. The article seems to dismiss the claim that gay people are more likely to become serial killers, but given the small percentage of the population that are gay and the fact that around half of serial killers have had a homosexual experience I think it’s a strong conclusion to make.

        17. Ted Bundy, BTK killer, Green River Killer, etc. etc. etc. all went after women exclusively so you’re actually wrong. The majority of male killers went after women. While you can give me plenty examples of famous homosexual serial killers, your statement is wrong and if you think there’s a relation between the deranged thinking of serial killers killing and non-violent homosexuals then that’s a pretty non-intelligent assessment

        18. The killers vicitims isn’t the issue, it’s his sexuality that was variable. You want a list?
          Jeffrey Dahmer, Andrew Cunanan, Randy Kraft, Michael Swango, Andrei Chikatilo, Fritz Haarmann, John Wayne Gacy, Patrick Wayne Kearney, David Hill, Wayne Williams, Dean Corll, Donald Harvey, Juan Corona, Adolfo de Jesus, Huang Yong, Dennis Nilsen, Marcelo Costa de Andrade, William Bonin, Henry Lee Lucas, Ottis Toole, Vaughn Greenwood, Richard Speck, Cayetano Hernandez, Eleazor Solis, David Bullock, Vernon Butts, Paul
          Bateson, Marc Dutroux, Michael Terry, Orville, Lynn Majors, Charles Cohen, Arthur Gary Bishop, Michael Lupo, Peter
          Moore, Westley Allan Dodd, David P.
          Brown, Charles Manson, David Edward Maust, Bruce Davis, ,David P. Brown, David Edward Maust, Bruce Davis.
          Thats some of them. Feel free to research the names and the victims. I await your unintelligent reply. Fag.

        19. I met a girl like that once. She was telling me that she is married to her gay best friend because his intolerant parents wouldn’t pay his bills if they knew he was a queer.
          She said she really loved him. So I asked why she didn’t get a surgery to give her a cock. She was so pissed at me that she grudge fucked me.
          Women are so strange. She hated me so much that she decided to fuck me out of spite.

        20. You look at this comments here, and it is starting to look like “doctorYJ” is a troll of some sort, and no doubt a gay one.

        21. Probably, but that is not what disconcerns me– it’s his dishonety. In fact I would prefer anyone to be openly gay than in the closet. It saves loads of people alot of hassle in the long run (eg. the father of children who “discovered” he was gay).
          What this is all about in the end is money. Race (non-White), sex (female) and sexuality (gay). This is about privldges and establishing a classed society based on leftist terms.
          Wait a generation. Those of muslim faith will get hiring preferences in the US.

        22. I believe it, I think with the way things are today tho no doctor or shrink would openly make that connection out of fear of being lynched by the PC police but the article I read seemed to throw it all out there to let you make that connection. Just like another article I read about a laundry list of doctors who don’t want to be named but pretty much summed up homosexuality as a result from upbringing and not genetic in any sense

        23. Not so much arousal when watching the ape sex, but still some.
          All was different with the women. No matter what their self-proclaimed sexual orientation, they showed, on the whole, strong and swift genital arousal when the screen offered men with men, women with women and women with men. They responded objectively much more to the exercising woman than to the strolling man, and their blood flow rose quickly — and markedly, though to a lesser degree than during all the human scenes except the footage of the ambling, strapping man — as they watched the apes. And with the women, especially the straight women, mind and genitals seemed scarcely to belong to the same person. The readings from the plethysmograph and the keypad weren’t in much accord. During shots of lesbian coupling, heterosexual women reported less excitement than their vaginas indicated; watching gay men, they reported a great deal less; and viewing heterosexual intercourse, they reported much more. Among the lesbian volunteers, the two readings converged when women appeared on the screen. But when the films featured only men, the lesbians reported less engagement than the plethysmograph recorded.

        24. I understand hiding a bi past from a future husband but why would a woman hide dating men from a future husband? That makes no sense.

        25. “Then women, everything turns them on”
          So its women who are the horn dogs! Who knew? I wonder why they don’t rape more. Or maybe they do but men just aren’t reporting it.

        26. “get a surgery to give her a cock”- is that supposed to make sense? Also, that one little slut represents every female does she?

        27. Yes. And she even told me later that that is why she did it in a way that was like bragging

        28. In my experience, most “bipolar” women are borderline disorder misdiagnosed as the disorder of the day “bipolar.”

        29. Most serial killers are women. But since it is usually friends and family, it is not thought of as being so evil as when a man kills a stranger.

        30. “Gay people are more likely to become serial killers”
          You’re literally making shit up at this point.
          Most serial killers are men, what does that say about your sex? Shall we assume you’re all phsychopaths?

        31. “Most serial killers are women”
          I’m sorry, are you purposely living in your own reality or is it just a side effect of your massive ” IM SUCH A BIG MAN LOOK AT MY AWESOME PENIS” complex?
          You’re literally making shit up.

        32. That’s the thing, even if you give some idiots a direct link to knowledge, they won’t believe what they see. Hodgepig, how can a list of the actual events be biased… Go ahead and keep your eyes closed as you consume that garbage you enjoy…

        33. Motherfucker you gave me a direct link to a biased, propaganda bullshit site that panders to woman haters such as yourself. I gave you a direct link to actual facts and statistics. I could also give you links to rape and school shooting statistics, which are overwhelmingly men, and those are facts you can’t refute for shit. Do you sleep with that tin foil hat on?

        34. Here’s some advice, change your name to ‘troughtroll.” Statistics are not the facts but are filtered compilations. I am sure that you don’t understand the difference but, in stats with out knowing the criteria (filters) facts can be made to say anything. Even, “four out of five college women are sexually assulted.” I gave you a sight that has the actual accounts of the events. When you libertards read something that you don’t like, you can’t take it and blow a neuron or have an amygdala-missing seizure.

      2. I can’t find a TV show where the main character and/or other characters turn gay
        Clearly, you have never seen “Deadliest Catch”.

        1. The way things are going, Deadliest Catch will be re-imagined as a drama where young guys go to bareback parties trying to become “poz”.

        1. There is one odd correlation, the more male sons a woman has the more likely one is gay(so say the 4th male child has the highest chance while 3 girls and 1 boy is a normal chance. This kind of hints at some type of damage to the mother.

      3. Rainbow flags waving everywhere.
        The rainbow was God’s symbol of a promise not to go flooding the world again because people suck.
        When I see those “Pride parades” I take cover.

        1. Another great comment from the Doktor. Went to Hillcrest in SD the other day with a chick to grab something to eat at a spot she likes. Saw all the rainbow flags everywhere and asked her if this is a gay area and she excitedly said yes. I did a U-turn and took my business elsewhere

        2. If I was with a women who was all “accepting” on that, excitedly saying “yes!”, and did a U turn and she was to complain about that, I would drop her off right there.

        3. The rainbow is Bifrost, the bridge to Valhalla. It will last until Ragnarok, when it will break as the hordes of darkness use it to invade the home of the gods.
          The hordes of darkness are using it….

        4. Well, He did indicate that it would be fire next time around, so yeah, carry your asbestos blanket with you when transiting the parade route.

        5. I was there the other day too. With a chick as well. That’s crucial if you want to get out of Hillcrest with your manhood intact.

        6. If you three are so afraid to be around a public “gay” area, on supposed date with a girl, that you have to straight up run away once you find out – then you guys DEFINITELY need to use a website like this to tell you how to be a man.

        7. You three are seriously so afraid to be in a public “gay” place, on a date with a girl supposedly, that you straight up ran away as soon as you found out?

        8. No.
          The GLBT community is the most intolerant now and they and/or anybody catering to do not get my business.
          I was all for that live and let live thing, but now it’s they who won’t leave people alone. So they don’t get my money.

        9. Yup. Saw so many men that walked like they had a feather in their butt. Sad indeed. The chick I was with asked me what was wrong…told her my gay-dar had just gone off the chart.

        10. The girl I was with is all accepting. But she just laughed when I flipped a bitch in the middle of the street. Said I was funny.

        11. You ask that as if it’s a bad thing to do.
          I for one don’t want to be anywhere near you homos.

        12. I admit when I was younger I liked rainbow colored items…can’t anymore simply because of what the symbol is associated with now.

        13. Too bad the world is full of people with superficial differences you can’t stand.

        14. We cry when someone writes “vote for Hillary” in chalk in the sidewalk. We need segregated dorms and hate diversity lol

        15. I predicted the gay movement would do exactly the same as feminism and refuse to disband when they got equality and just continue fighting everyone but they didn’t listen!

        16. How’s it make you feel now that gay marriage is legal big fella? (;
          They won, you lost. Just take the L and move on with your life.

        17. Welcome to the new world honey. It’s never going to be 1954 again. Feminists and outwardly gay people are a thing. Might as well get used to it, you can’t change it (:

        18. Can’t you filthy little sodomites ever come up with more clever insults than this sort of crap? You tinkerbells are not just mentally ill, but absurdly unoriginal.

      4. With Black Sails it was an annoying reveal, but given “rum, sodomy and the lash” maybe not unexpected. Still, I take your point that every show needs to work a gay angle to be “inclusive”. Why do 2% of the population need to be included in 100% of the schlock that is put out on the idiot tube?

        1. Because the (mostly Jewish) media bosses bring in the homosexuals as trusted leftist allies, dedicated to spreading their hatred of normal, traditional middle-class society. Homosexuals are given roles and put in every level of the Hollywood machine. Naturally they demand in return that their mental disease be pushed in people’s faces in every single show, to which the media bosses eagerly nod their approval.

        2. Mate I felt like my football team threw away a 4-0 lead. You have the ultimate alpha male who turns into a pathetic lovestruck batty boy. To me, this was a deliberate political message. I.e. no matter how hard you are, you are all gay. But I say this, just because I am a sapien that doesn’t mean I’m a homo.

        3. It’s just a matter of time before Kermit gives Fozzy the Bear a reacharound on primetime. There’s not a single network worth a damn.

        4. Actually, I have to say, I got a real laugh out of the series premier of the Muppet show.

        5. Great. Not only are there a ton of women haters on here, but anti Semitists too. How on earth is the media “mostly Jewish” ? Live in Israel do you? Sad freak.

      5. Last month, my roommate from my junior year of college announced that he was gay.
        Despite the fact I had always known him to be a raging beta, this announcement genuinely shocked me. I am convinced he turned gay recently… (he lives near SF, no suprises there, lol).
        But on a more serious note, I am sure his homoness stems from father issues. His parents marriage, honestly is a sham, and I believe they remain married to this day solely for financial reasons. I know this had a major impact on my friend, because, without prompts, he was always very vocal and defensive of his parents marriage, which I found odd…
        Weak/absent dads = most likely homo sons. Fact.

        1. He is not really homosexual then – not born with the homosexual birth defect. He is one of those who fail at approaching women and fail at getting friends, so he joins a subculture where he gets insta-friendship, insta-sex with no effort, and where he can feel like a celebrity and a daring rebel with the media and authorities backing him up every step of the way. No one can criticize him now, because he is one of the Special Ones.
          Fact: Most of those in the homosexual subculture stay there only a few years. For sex, drugs and partying that they’ll always be invited to, and attention. Then they go back to ordinary life, damaged and used and crawling with disease. And we are supposed to pretend they are “born that way” and “respect their choice”. They would never have joined that subculture if the media didn’t make them.

        2. Yeah, I completely agree with your assessment.
          But the whole thing still disgusts me though. The worst part is there’s nothing I can do. Just another casualty of the culture war…
          P.S. Just remembered this. Once knew a guy from high school, who got into drugs in a serious way after graduation. Started small with weed, but moved into bigger stuff, like acid. He ended up getting raped by a dude when he tripping balls on acid. Then he got super fucked and thought he was gay. Anyway, it was a mess. Just stay away from the drugs guys. You can say this story was anecdotal, but for real, if any good has to come from this story, it has to act as a warning.

        3. A few years back I found out a friend I went to high school with turned gay and even got married.
          I’m not sure what his homoness stems from, but he was beta in high school yet always had a steady girlfriend, in fact the same one for all 4 years. I had not had any contact with him since, but back then he seemed beta and non alpha, which of course gets a man nowhere now that we know what it takes to get chicks.
          I’m guessing he went queer-boy because he was unable to get chicks. I suspect that many über beta men go gay for the same reason.

        4. “And we are supposed to pretend they are “born that way” and “respect their choice”. ”
          Good point. That and I do think that super beta guys who can’t get chicks simply pair off with other men.

        5. No one is “born that way”. Not a shred of proof. No gene, no hormone, no chemical found to account for it. Nurture, not nature. Choice, not fate.

        6. Homosexuality being a choice had been widely accepted as fact until the 90s. “Born this way” is also not supported by twin studies. I happen to know identical twins – one gay, one straight – personally. Trust me, I’m keeping a close eye on the situation. If they stay this way “born this way” is disproven, simple as that.

        7. “Men” who proclaim they are “transexuals” are doing the same. All their lives they see women getting attention, friends, favors, etc. and they want that too, since they can’t get it for being men or is too much effort.

        8. “Ryan Sorba Discusses The Born Gay Hoax” Part 1 & 2 on Youtube.
          It’s about an hour long lecture, but totally worth the time. Check it out.
          [ He also has videos where he went undercover at gay bars and found that many of them are gay because they were molested. They even went on to became molesters themselves. Those videos are hard to watch… ]

        9. No one is “born that way”.
          There are in fact those who have the birth defect – you can see for example the difference in proportions between ring finger and index finger due to the testosterone being skewered. And homosexual women born with the defect have inner ears shaped the same as in men.
          But today I’d wager the majority in that subculture are junkies and others who seek a protected subculture to escape the demands of real life. For example, 75% of “homosexual” women are obese. Obviously going to the only place where they can get a date. More than 40 – I think it’s 43 or 47 – percent of women in the subculture have experienced sexual assault. They are simply afraid of the penis, then. I knew one girl who turned to women after rape and then abuse by a later boyfriend, and another girl who turned “bisexual” after rape.
          Among men in the homo subculture, a large percentage have been molested or raped by other homosexual men. In their case it’s the same as those who have been burned and become obsessed with fire – they focus on and relive the traumatic event until they “master” it, so that it is no longer a trauma.
          But someone like Justin Raimondo at antiwar.com seems to be of the now smaller group of homosexuals, those actually born with the defect. Notably, he opposed homosexual marriage, and for this was attacked viciously by leftists. “I have never had any problems from paleoconservatives like Patrick Buchanan”, he wrote. “The slurs come from the Left whenever a gay man strays from the pen.”

        10. I had a friend who went from beta to gay to trans. Single mother and a weak father who he only saw on weekends. Also his mother was a massive feminist, full on Stronk Indipendint Womyn. So yes, Weak/absent dads = high chance of gay sons.

        11. It’s hilarious that anyone would take seriously a guy who volunteered to go “undercover” at a gay bar while claiming to be straight.

        12. You’re literally an idiot if you think that proves nature vs. nature. Twins don’t share the exact same neurological makeup, not do they share the exact same physical makeup. Your little study wouldn’t prove anything Mr. Frued.

        13. Yes. This. Always had poor fathers, or no fathers at all. Or were teased for being “gay”, aka sometimes ‘feminine’ as a kid in school, took it to heart, and had society, or even their own stupid ass mother, telling them “maaaaybe you ARE gay, it’s okaaaaay”. Confusion is sown into their hearts, minds, emotions. And once they ‘dabble’ or ‘give it a try’, the demons rush in. They open up portals of darkness into their minds, souls just by trying it once. Then it’s over for the vast majority.
          And if he EVER got a boner from a girl, he’s not gay, he’s bi. So it means he’s a liar too.
          Every homosexual I’ve ever met save one admits to having had sex with a woman. That means they are not “gay” but bisexual, being able to be aroused by women as well as men. So, they lie, to themselves and to all around when they say “I’m gay”. The entire homosexual community, homosexuals themselves, live, swim, and breathe deception.

        14. It’s called investigative journalism, man. Just because he posed as a gay man and talked to gay men doesn’t mean he wanted it to go anywhere. Actors pretend to be people they’re not all the time. Who says a journalist can’t do the same to get information they wouldn’t be able to otherwise?
          What the gay men told him was also completely in line with the information he gathered from gay publications, journals, books, etc.

        15. Take your pro-gay activism, typos (nature vs nature? Frued?), and ad hominem to some other site, brah.

        16. Look at your intermediate phalanges on the ring finger. If you find a hair or two there then you are not a homo.

        17. Dr Benway explained the origin and why homosexuality still exists today. You weren’t paying attention and he has no intention of wasting his time trying to educate you low IQ geeks again.
          –Maria Danilova, PhD

        18. First, I would like to see the study to determine if it’s a legitimate study. Homosexuality is about 1% in the general population (about the same as schizophrenia) but it does sometimes run in families. If both parents are schizophrenic you would have a 1 in 8 chance yourself rather than a random 1 in 100.
          As far as identical twins, they may not be 100% identical, perhaps due to environmental stress in the womb and after birth. Their fingerprints are not identical because they are ridges caused by stress in the womb and each twin is different in this respect. They may not even be 100% identical genetically. And btw, we still do not know what causes identical twins outside of the fact that they originate with 1 egg. The nazi Dr Mengele was working on this to see if he could get German females to produce 2 kids at a time and failed.

        19. Which may only mean that you’re born that way. Perfectly normal people with normal childhoods can suddenly develop schizophrenia at around 20.Perhaps it’s an error in the final development of the brain that you were genetically predisposed to (born that way)
          Some people may also be predisposed to homosexuality. They may be normal but then when they hit puberty and the hormonal changes find themselves being attracted to the same sex. Of course it can also be the result of classic conditioning. Horny boy meets another horny boy or older homo and they begin jerking each other off. The kid likes it and associates sex pleasure with the same sex. Sort of like an addict who may associate a hypodermic needle with feeling good while most people shy away from it.

        20. “Most of those in the homosexual subculture stay there only a few years.”
          And you know this how? All of the gay people I know say they knew from a very young age they were gay. They were just never attracted to the opposite sex. The bi-sexuals are another story. They often do choose same-sex parrtners on occassion.

        21. “I’m guessing he went queer-boy because he was unable to get chicks”
          Same here – I know an old high school friend who went faggo – he was as well quite beta, was raised to be the “proper type of man” which = getting married to your hand. I suspect he too decided to become gay because he simply gave up on the entire scene.

        22. Dream, on.
          Look, I agree with a lot of the criticism regarding the wave of gayness, but I am not so blind to simple truths, either, as you clearly are.

        23. I agree with most everything you write above, in particular the “learned” homosexuality, but there’s no need to be such an ass as to refer to born homosexuality as a defect. Your hatred does no one any favors, least of all you.

        24. I had a guy friend who told me that when he was younger stupid and doing drugs
          partying in college, he was drugged by some guy and the guy tried to rape him.my friend is a good looking guy and also an alpha personality so of course He got the fuck out of that place and never did that stuff again. I also have an ex who is allegedly bisexual who just happened to be raped by his grandfather when he was only four years old and his dad cheated on his mom and treated him like shit growing up. Combine that with the fact that hes also a sociopath with no morals and a lower iq and alcoholism and you have one messed up person. The left does nothing to fix a depraved and extremely sinful society and Im not even religious!

          My long clinical experience and a sizable body of psychoanalysis research tell me that most [homosexuals]are reacting, at an unconscious level, to something amiss with their earliest upbringing- over-controlling mothers and
          abdicating fathers. Through long observation I have also learned that the supposedly liberated homosexual is never really free. In his multiple, same-sex adventures, even the most effeminate gay was looking to incorporate the manhood of others, because he was in a compulsive,
          never-ending search for the masculinity that was never allowed to build and grow in early childhood…
          Charles W. Socarides, M.D

        26. Dr Mengele was a Doctor helping jews in the labour camps. 10 years after the war, the myth-makers in the jewish community got his record and decided to make some sick story about him, none of which is true. Please don’t peddle that jewish bullshit on here, it’s meant to be our one escape from kike lies.

        27. The mothers often have sexual fantasies about their sons, and, knowing its a dead end, deliberately manipulate their young boys to always look at the mother as a girlfriend (including innappropriate adult-child conversations). The boy grows up under a kind of hypnosis where he feels guilt for looking at other females. In families with multiple boys, if one grows up gay, its nearly always the best looking one. For women, gays are the conquest of the mother over the individuation process of the son…they just can’t bear the thought of their sons leaving them to bang/ marry another woman. Gay mens life expectancy is 20 years less than straight, i.e they die around the same age as their mothers. Female narcissicism is the cause of male homosexuality.

        28. People say all kind of shot to themselves and others in order to absolve themselves of any accountability.

        29. Our sole existence is engineered by our genes to spread our genes. Anything that gets in the way of that is a defect to our genes which is all we are.

        30. That probably qualifies as an argument in the world of disenfranchised males. However, the world doesn’t stand to improve from ignorant opinions.
          Mind you, the gay rhetoric is just as ignorant in insisting that all homosexual partners were born gay.

        31. Last I checked, I am more than genes and life altogether is much more than genes. “Rudi” and you are carrying on your own side discussion. Have fun.

        32. …I don’t think that you really understand what the word “probability” means. I don’t have any homosexual partners so I guess I’ll have to acquiesce to your life experiences. Gay rhetoric isn’t ignorant, it’s at worst slightly boorish.

        33. Snide insults spoken as an aside are no way to a better, more prosperous and dignified future are they ?

        34. You state that no one is born that way and then go one to (longwindedly) argue about majorities.
          Save your breath and try to be intelligent as opposed to belligerent. I know it must suck to be alone sleeping with your weapon cache, but anger is certainly not the way out.
          By the way, I can imagine, yet doubt, that in most communities (a large one such as SF being a possible exception) the majority of the homosexual population were not born gay. I believe it is more the case with females, for what it’s worth.

        35. That’s not how anything works. Do you just choose to be obtuse for the sake of being obtuse?

        36. I wouldn’t call it rape… it was simply your mom seducing me and giving me my first blow job. Sweet.

      6. I agree and I’m already a step ahead of you (canceled TV package awhile back). I could no longer accept the nonsense being pushed (programmed) through regular TV (from the shows to the commercials).
        You can see the herd mentality with people suddenly turning gay or bisexual (a trendy thing to do). I try to avoid these types of people in real life as well. They are the first ones who will sell you up the river to fit in with the crowd plus their mindset is a little off.

        1. Well this is true. And in fact, they will try to tell you that this is “reality” when in fact, I don’t know any gay or bisexual people. I don’t associate with them. Not because I have a specific problem but because as a straight man, I have nothing in common with a gay guy. But I am starting to resent having it pushed in my face.

        2. I agree on the point where they are trying to make it the “norm” for everyone. Not everyone lives in the same circles (gay or straight) but the media will make sure it’s in your face (again, it’s called programming for a reason). It’s the main reason why I dropped TV. I got tired of the media and society telling me what I had to accept and how I needed to act.

        3. well bob, there’s the difference. You resent having it pushed in your face. They think its “fabulous”

      7. Lust and sex are absolutely everywhere, it’s insane. There seems to be almost no family-friendly programming. Sex is treated as so innocuous. Characters are screwing almost as soon as they meet these days. And it wasn’t that long ago that things weren’t like this. Remember the movie ‘Hitch’? I watched it again recently and in it they say the third date is when you finally KISS. What a breath of fresh air in today’s ‘bang on the third date’ mentality.
        Also, when characters aren’t having sex they’re constantly talking about it or making sex jokes/innuendos.
        Back in the day, there was Andy Griffith, Brady Bunch, Leave it to Beaver, etc…
        Nowadays, we have the Office, Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine…. funny shows, but there’s no way I’m letting my little sister (12) watch them.
        They say they aren’t trying to poison and indoctrinate the youth, yet they push sex in almost all of their programming and cancel just about anything bordering on intelligent…
        …But, on a positive not, I’m very pleased with how the Marvel movies handle love and attraction. There’s almost no sex in those movies. Romance is not displayed through a sexual lense (look at Tony and Pepper’s relationship).
        Marvel provides a healthy view of love for young viewers.
        …and then there are the weirdo perverts that can’t stand that these characters are role models and won’t be satisfied unless superheroes are constantly humping on screen:
        Their obsession with indiscriminate sex and deviancy is creepy and gross. I can’t stand it anymore.

        1. Yeah sometimes I’m not sure if I’m watching a TV show or a soft porn movie. I am not afraid of a little sex but sometimes I feel that it is serving an agenda rather than being a material part of the story.

        2. Yep, No new stuff for me, as mentioned above. Forgot to add TCM to my list, but still, again, old stuff. Not new. Just glad there are plenty of good old flicks with guys like Gary Cooper.
          A Hollywood writer… probably known by name to you guys… has said in one of his podcasts that industry colleagues at so called family networks… like ABC Family, etc… they admit to him that they’re doing anti-family stuff, and with the blessing and direction of corporate. So yeah. Hollywood really does hate you, all while accepting your funding. So don’t give it to them.

        3. Yeah, I know it’s old news. Just felt like ranting, I guess. :
          Any chance you could give us the name of that Hollywood writer?

        4. Rob Long, runs Ricochet.com; he was a staff writer on Cheers, and recently was show runner for Sullivan & Sons on TBS. He talks about this stuff on his Ricochet podcasts sometimes.

      8. I stopped watching TV, with the ;imited exceptions of some college football and a couple of old series on Netflix (like Adam 12… RIP, Pete Malloy). I may even give up Netflix now they’re they’re doing crap like Sense8, which is basically a paid excuse for the Wachowskis to do their gay orgy fantasies.
        If Hollywood was firebombed, taking all souls with it, the world would instantly be a better place.

      9. I encourage everyone to disable there satellites tv’s, dish, direct, cable etc. It’s garbage and a waste of your income. 5-yrs strong no bs. I now put those hours into other better traits for my life. I’m a happier person.

      10. Homosexuality is not a mental disorder; it is pretty normal to be a homosexual, many species of animals are homosexuals as well so there is no need to deny its natural existence. You are an extremely homophobic person conditioned by the heteronormative culture. Please, do some valid research and enlighten yourself. Learn to accept and appreciate differences and to love your fellow human beings. Thank you

        1. Many species of animals suffer the same mental disorders as humans such as Alzheimer’s. Alzheimers is “normal” by your definition but that doesn’t make it good. But just because someone has a disorder, doesn’t mean I don’t love them.
          Anyway your comment has nothing to do my initial comment concerning the gay propaganda being beamed to us via TV.

        2. ” Homosexuality is not a mental disorder. All of the major medical organizations, including The American Psychiatric Association, The American Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics agree that homosexuality is not an illness or disorder, but a form of sexual expression”
          If a lot of people in this world identify as homosexuals then why shouldn’t they get any representation in the media?

        3. But in the past they defined it as a disorder. The definition of mental illness is governed by politics.
          I don’t have a problem with homosexuals being represented in the media. It just doesn’t need to be front and center in every TV show. That’s unrealistic and smacks of political agenda.

        4. Actually animals and humans have a similarity in homosexuality when you look at polygamous cultures, the lower ranked men resort to homosexuality because they can’t get access to pussy. Animals likewise resort to homosexual behaviour due to an Alpha getting all the animal pussy. There are studies showing that once the Alpha animal dies or is injured, the homo animals quickly revert to their natural preference.

    2. I am glad I am not the only person making the connection between the 7 deadly sins and the left. Their love of abortion, watch the chop shop vids about baby parts, and 24/7 hate is pure evil.
      It’s always a pleasure calling them out and living well. Drives thems nuts.

      1. Not to belittle your point, but the chop shop vids were proven to be heavily edited.

        1. Yeah, you kinda have to do that when you 100 hours of video and you need to put forward the best hour for a modern audience with a 30 second attention span.
          Editing is the main job in the newsroom, 90% ends up unused.
          Are you really this naïve?

        2. 1. The whole unedited source material is also available. If anyone had the iron stomach to actually watch that much pure evil.
          2. I’ll be sure to remember this argument the next time the your friends in the legacy media does a hit story. All news stories are ‘heavily edited’ and almost none make the full unedited raw footage available.

        3. are YOU really this naive or just stupid to think these people had NO AGENDA about how they edited the video?? i watched the edited and unedited and it’s so obvious that they edited it to say what they wanted it to say, that it’s embarraassing, not to mention unethical! all these people are speaking about these videos, but there are several politicians who have commented on these videos and they haven’t watched ANY of them! it is time consuming to watch the unedited, but if you’r going to comment, then you better have watched the thing you’re commenting about!!

        4. There’s a difference between editing for time and editing for content. These videos were edited for time, the content remained.

        5. There’s a difference between editing for time and editing for content. These videos were edited for time, the content remained. Oddly enough the people who are talking most about them as being fake are the ones who haven’t seen them. You know, your social justice warrior brothers and sisters. The kitchen called, it wants you back.

        6. uhhh, really? you keep saying that, but you DO realize that if you’re editing for time, you’re ALSO EDITING CONTENT? who said they were just editing for time anyway? the ones who filmed it? ohhh no, they weren’t there for any sort of agenda. have YOU actually watched the unedited videos? i doubt it.

        7. well, ms melanie…..if you’re defending the practice, just get out there and say it……otherwise you’re just arguing semantics

        8. Kind of like when MSNBC edited George Zimmerman’s 911 call and accidentally made it into a race-bait by double-accidentally removing an entire dialog to make him sound double-rayciss?
          It was for time. :^)

        9. As a documentary filmmaker I am well aware of editing. And when I chop out extraneous snippets that have no bearing on something it is called editing for time. When I intentionally edit something to remove the context to make it look like something else, such as the Rodney King video where it omits his attacking police, that’s called editing for content. Now run along back to Tumblr and decry the evils of the patriarchy, or, get the fuck back in the kitchen. Your choice.

        10. So you have a prized collection of coat hangers do you? And you champion the phrase made popular by the pro abortionists, to “keep it safe, legal, and rare!”
          Rare? They’re selling organs and body parts, you damn whore, they are profiting HUGELY while the taxpayer foots the bills for their clinics.
          Now go back to your protest of KFC and the way they treat chickens you feeble stupid shrew

        11. wow! bravo-yet another brilliant well thought out response to the topic at hand. there’s nothing like calling people whores and shrews, to show that in the world of the witless, the half wit is king! let me guess-your mom and dad are brother and sister? i will say it’s kind of amusing watching you try to fit your entire vocabulary into more than one sentence. don’t come to a battle of wits with no weapons, okay? though i and several of my friends have a had a good laugh at your expense! when you sprout a uterus then you get to say what women can and can’t do about reproduction. and having a tiny penis doesn’t count.

        12. When we live in North Korea you can and can’t say what comes out of other people’s mouths. Plus, if I do sprout a uterus I won’t treat it like a fucking express checkout lane like you more than likely do. Most people would rather not feel the need to suggest what you can and can’t do about reproduction, they’d rather you get a guy to buy a 50¢ condom (or got forbid you buy them yourself, with enough time you may even begin to recognize the brands by name instead of flavor like you do now) before you let some loser barrel inside you hoping he gets a prize for being the 500th customer and leaving you with your 3rd, soon to be murdered, bastard baby! Or at least that you would pay for said murder with your own money, instead of relying on the tax money of hard working men, who ironically, you seem to have a problem with. So, we shouldn’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t be able to do with your high mileage, poorly maintained, machete wound of what used to resemble a vagina, but when you get yourself into trouble you want someone else to be financially responsible for your bad decisions? Really? By the way, using lame ass old clichés like inbreeding and “battle of wits with no weapons” overused unimaginative shit, just opens you up for a phenomenal ass beating like the one you just received.

        13. wow, you were quick with the comeback, huh? ROFL. and you talking about my “lame ass cliches”, in the face of your tired and expected response that i’m just a big ol’ whore with a loose vagina, because i believe i should have a choice, is both hilarious and pathetic.

        14. “The kitchen called, it wants you back.”
          I doubt this one has the skills to boil a pot of water bud.

        15. This reminds me of Hilary’s evil Russia hacked us whining. Putin didn’t write those emails. Chopping up himan beings and selling their parts is evil but, it is the inevitable conclusion to denying human status to people.

        16. It’s common knowledge what that kind of language means. Do you believe that everyone gets a voice or just you ? Also… Everyone knows where baby’s come from, do you feel that you’ve “made a choice” pre pregnancy ?

        17. Once you sprout some testes then you can have 100% control of your reproduction. Until then, your body is only 50% of the equation. Fuck off.

        18. The editors didn’t kill that child, dissect it or profit from selling its parts. It’s one thing to be in a bad spot, it’s another to revel in it and not learn from your mistake. At best, this is extremely self serving and callous behaviour.

        19. Whew lad you got her good. If Hillary wins abortion rates will sky rocket and you and me will be paying for them. They really are death cultists and they are sacrificing their babies to Moloch. Contraception is so easy and cheap but they are obsessed with getting abortions. It’s truly sick. Women statistically consume more healthcare then men and Obamacare makes men subsidize women’s healthcare it’s BS cuckery all around.

        20. no, the kitchen wants YOU back. you know, cuz youre fat. i bet your bmi isnt even under 20. fatty

      2. Humanism has always been an explicit rejection of Christianity, and itself an embrace of the idea of man’s ability to cure the ills of the world, instead of relying upon God for salvation. It’s the devil’s own creed.

        1. “an explicit rejection of Christianity, and itself an embrace of the idea of man’s ability to cure the ills of the world, instead of relying upon God for salvation.” – Sounds great to me.

        2. Not so. Humanism grew out of Christrianity’s re-discovery of the best in Greek and Latin civilizations. Added to the Hebrew culture already present, it was the foundation for the rise of the West. Ask Petrarch if you don’t believe me.

        3. The Jesus cult is a Jew cult. It is part of the mid east death cults of Yehweh, Jesus,Allah. We in the West are from the Greco-Roman tradition. The Jesus cult invented and pushed by Saul of Tarsus was intended to undermine Roman civilisation and reduce it to that of the primitive Jew death cult and it did.If we had kept the temples to the gods we would have been in better condition today.The gods were either people who had once lived on earth; or just representations of the forces of nature and made a lot more sense than some story of a guy born in a donkey shed and turned into a god.The whole Jesus story is bs anyway. Some older guy, Joseph, had knocked up this young 14yo.it was very easy to get a divorce in those days so he divorces his wife which means that she’ll be ok and marries the 14yo so she isn’t viewed as a Ho.He must have got custody of the kids because Jesus had stepbrothers.

        4. Yep 100 million dead is just a drop in the bucket if you’re going to achieve “equality” in the end right Marx?

        5. Oh, shut up. Graveyards are full of devout believers in the big fairy tale. Bring your impotent god down here to face me in person.

      3. wanting people to be able to make their own choices regarding abortion =/= “love of abortion”? what kind of mental gymnastics do you even have to do to reach that conclusion? god, conservative and liberal SJWs like you are so goddamn retarded and delusional and hypocritical and unintelligent, i dont understand how you all are so dumb

    3. You know what?
      Whenever I saw pictures of German women from the 1920s, the era of the rise of degeneracy in Germany (which fueled the nationalist reaction), I could not help but notice that all the women had that “chubby face decadence” look. You know the look.
      It’s all happening again. The decadence. If there is any truth to American exceptionalism, I hope it can be found in routing the cultural Marxists without becoming the monsters.
      I still hold out hope for an all-cities-burning total collapse. It’ll be easier and less complicated.

      1. “Condemned to repeat it” is the universal truth of history. Degeneracy lead to Socialism, which led to war. The story of western civilization is one of cycles, but with each fall coming harder, and more violently than the one before it. This time, we have nuclear weapons.

        1. And the degeneracy came, chiefly because of the wanton, blind support by all of the traditional political, social and religious institutions for the blood bath of the Great War. That, and over two centuries of Humanist Enlightenment ideas corroding the values and morals of Europe’s leading classes.

        2. Speaking as a priest-in-training, one of the things that I’ve noticed is how, as society becomes more “enlightened” the less that it values human life. That was a key aspect in Communism’s fight against religion, and Christianity in particular. In order to be able to get people to go along with genocides, ethnic cleanings, and all-out mass-murder, you have to get them to believe that what is being killed aren’t people.
          We see that today, particularly in the United States with women and abortion. By Planned Parenthood’s own surveys, about 1% of abortions are performed due to medical need or due to rape or incest. 99% were some variant of “can’t afford to have a baby right now” for whatever reason.
          Whether it was slavery, the genocides in World War Two and after, or the current legal murder of our children, it’s always worth noting how they aren’t considered to be a person at the time of their murder. Unfortunately, that’s what you get when you take the cold, “enlightened” approach to life.
          Is anyone surprised that leftists are now talking about a solution to undesirable populations, and population control?

        3. You might enjoy then this exchange between Peter Hitchens, and an abortion rationalizer on just this point. Well worth the listen.

    4. Excellent summary. Liberalism is an almost perfect inversion of truth. It can’t be coincidental.

    5. “Whether you believe in religion or not is irrelevant, these sins are
      more or less accepted worldwide in a secular way throughout history as
      being bad by cultures that have advanced past inventing the wheel.”
      Well said, and an interesting breakdown of all 7 as they apply to our society. The 7 deadly sins match up well with (give or take) and even overlap with the precepts of many different world religions (Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) of both “old-school” eastern and western schools of thought. There are of course historical outliers, but as you implied, they most likely didn’t get past the wheel.
      As for the article’s pictures:

    6. It gets worse. Take out God’s Ultimate Listicle and compare it to the Platform of the Democratic Party. Tell me I’m crazy, tell you don’t see what I did, that they seem to believe that violating each of them is a virtue.
      Thou Shalt Murder, Covet, Steal, Commit Adultery, dishonor thy Father and Mother, etc. Perfect 180 degree inverted moral compass.

    7. Knew this for a long time
      One reason there were torches and pitchforks on religion for their means to discipline people into states they will be happy in

    8. Homosexuality can also be found under “pride” since it basically involves acting in contrary to all religious AND secular common sense.
      Homos don’t get AIDS as a punishment from God…but because Hiv gets transmitted in a non religious way from one fudge packer to another.

    9. Besides some religion……
      Someone get these ladies some Kratom!!!! Or Phenibut….. but some have enough butt already, so maybe more Kratom!

    10. Just curious, could you analyze the right from the 7 Sins perspective? Far-right, nationalists, the Religious Right, neocons, cuckservatives, whichever works for you (Personally I’m in favor of traditionalism, nationalism, and the abolition of democracy in favor of a benevolent Monarchy and/or aristocracy, basically a return to European pre-enlightenment values. The French Revolution and Bolshevik Revolution were two of the worst events in human history, they make Obama look like Jimmy Carter.)

      1. Funny thing with both of them is that people who were instrumental in bringing about those Revolutions were later killed by what the Revolutions created. Trotsky was killed by a Stalin supporter and most of the nobility and clergy who originally supported the French Revolution were either driven out or executed when they didn’t conform to the wishes of the inner-city workers. Even people in rural areas of France and Russia were trodden on by the leftist Revolutionaries because they were either more conservative or not extreme enough.

        1. Trotsky hated Christians more than Hitler hated Jews, and he probably liked sucking Lenin’s cock…so that’s karma for you…not many people deserve to burn in Hell as much as that man does…

    11. Along with the 7 deadly sins as eloquently stated by Ghost of Jefferson, we now have the “acceptance” of the large woman models, fashionistas! and I’m sorry to say the large amount of beta males who are admitted “chubby chasers” who have glamorized chasing buffarillas! If you know a chubby chaser straighten him out!

    12. Stop turning the cultural discussion into your personal political pulpit for retards (like yourself).

    13. nahhhh, man…chubby chicks are cute as hell! Gimme a cute little softie any day of the week.
      Poor old white man…is anything ok, sweetie? Anything at all? Or is all just “Grrr grumble, everything was better before, grrrr suppress all sexuality! Grrrr everyone is lazy but me grrrr! The left sucks, the right is 100% right 100% of the time (cough, Nixon, cough cough Bush’s illegal war resulting in new deficit and over a million Iraqis killed, government turning its back on veterans with PTSD, missing limbs, eyes, balls, legs.)
      Finally – “they” are not LITERALLY the antithesis of everything good. That’s an opinion.

      1. You can have all the lard you can handle. That leaves the actual hot fit girls for me. And I ain’t got nothing against that. Dig in bro.
        Good luck being a lard sucking leftist.

        1. Haha, Jefferson – you mean the hot fit girls you creep out at the mall, right? 🙂

        2. Hey, Jefferson, could you be any more pathetic, with your name denoting a great American President (Which you are not and will never be) and your profile pic of Don Equis, which you are also not and never will be?
          Let’s see you in a bathing suit, pal. Now THAT would be funny. 🙂

    14. I don’t disagree with you position in regard to the list but I would flip it around as it defines the conservative right in fact.

    15. Interesting, there’s one Russian public figure I follow who keep on saying that the modern Western values are those seven deadly sins

    16. “Gluttony” and “Sloth” do not mean “fat acceptance”. Sloth is just being lazy. Gluttony is over-indulging without purpose.

    17. Wow I never noticed but I think you’re on to something here! There are more examples I’m sure but here are some I could think of for your sin list:
      1 Pride – The left thinks they’re so much smarter then anyone who dares to disagree with them and they love to rub how “educated” they are in everyone’s face.
      2 Avarice – The left covets everything be it wealth, happiness, or even our “privilege” they want to take away.
      4 Wrath – The whole Anti-Fascist Movement and how it’s ok for violence as long as it’s against some Stormweenie or a Trump supporter.
      5 Lust – I wish they would stop at the trans and LGBTQAIs. Salon and others are openly trying to de-ostracize pedophilia and leftist controlled Hollywood is increasingly sexualizing minors in their “art”.
      7 Sloth Yes wow I never realized it the whole idea of them wanting someone to support them their entire life for generations now is literally sinful. You think they could at least be thankful to the people who pay taxes but no they feel those other sins towards us instead. Thank you sir!

    18. “5. Lust – Sexual deviancy as promoted by the Left with it’s weird obsessions over nearly inhuman sexuality aka Trans-whatever, LGBT, etc.”
      what? gay people and transgenders are as “sexually deviant” as straights and cisgenders. this makes no sense. all sex is the same: two humans pleasing the other and wanting self gratification. you think youre different? or special? stop being a snowflake.
      if anything you should fucking be grateful for gays and transgenders as they cannot reproduce, so they aid in slowing population growth. are you aware of how overpopulated this stupid planet is? straight people breed like goddamn rabbits. and im saying this as a straight person.
      guess what? theres NO logical reason for ANYONE to give birth to another child for at least a few decades. the only (illogical and insane) reason is “im a selfish fucking shit and think its my birthright to pop out 5 kids/get a woman pregnant 5 fucking times all just to carry on my shitty, worthless bloodline! i dont give a shit about anyone but myself, and i especially dont give a shit about the fact that having a child is the absolute worst thing you can do for the environment, let alone 5 fucking children! i deserve to be shot.”

  10. Fun fact: St. Josemarie Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, said that women who do not attempt to maintain the same level of beauty they had when they married, are guilty of a species of fraud.
    Don’t argue with me, he’s a saint.
    [edit: corrected misspelling]

    1. You know anything about that order? Do they really do that self-flagellation thing>

      1. They do. I did some research into the whole Dan Brown Da Vinci Code story (great book, but it is a complete ripoff of a story written years earlier by French authors). Not *everyone* in Opus Dei practices this, but there are hard core believers.

  11. Can we all agree that most of those chicks were pretty busted from the get, regardless of size? At that point I don’t give a fuck how much they weigh.

      1. I’ve never known a fatty with a good personality. They’re either outwardly hostile or passive aggressive self loathing types.

        1. It didn’t used to be that way, but in my day (elderly old “get off of my lawn!” codger alert) there were so few fat chicks that they *had* to be pleasant by default or be shunned entirely by the bulk of society (pun intended, oh yes, it was). You could generally count on the fat chick being super nice, sweet and happy.
          Today? Fuck man, I totally agree with you, they are some of the most shrill, hostile and angry people on the planet.
          If I were to transport the majority of men here back to the 1980’s they would think themselves on another planet compared to what the world has turned into now.

        2. Yeah logic would dictate that you’d need to make up for your fat-ness in some other way. But I dated a fatty only once in my life and she was the most chronically sarcastic passive agressive person I’d ever met, because she basically hated how she looked but lacked the willpower to change.
          The Fat Pride movement means the pendulum has swung in the other direction now; we’re living in a bizarro world where the morbidly obese 20-something woman will be even more confident and brash (though it always appears like a rather thin facade) than a woman who is slim.
          I often see guys who are either lean or are even muscular, hand in hand with utter landwhales. These are dudes in their 20’s. It disgusts me that they’ve settled on such creatures.

        3. I don’t live in the U.S., but of the four young women I have met who were obese, two were Americans, and the other two had lived in America for many years. Here you’ll see fat people, but they are generally old. Not young.
          Of the four fatties, two were obnoxious. Not a good ratio. We had an improvised Saturday lunch where one of the fat American women attended, and unfortunately she ended up opposite me. I looked left and right, couldn’t stand looking at her.
          She grabbed my beer can across the table, commented loudly on the strength and how I would get drunk, and turned it around to see the brand. Her fat fingers were at the top of the can. If I had wanted to drink directly from the can, I’d been forced to put my lips where those gross fingers had been.
          Reaching across the table. Grabbing my beer without asking. Loud, insulting joke about how drunk I would get. Zero manners. And later, she rambled on with a long, long story that no one really understood, and it didn’t concern any of us except her. About some club she had been in and how they made up funny names for each other – and she had to list all the names. The girl next to me escaped to sit at the end of the table. While the fatty talked I turned to that girl and she looked at me with sympathy in her eyes. We just weren’t used to fat, loud American women acting like butches.

        4. I am an expat. Whenever I encounter American tourists of this type I go silent or switch langauges.

        5. Today they still get hit on by an army of thirsty guys regardless of how they act. (to think of it, strange how Heartiste keeps insisting these hamplanets get zero male attention)

        6. Yes I vaguely remember the ‘fat girl with the good personality’ from my pre-dating years. It seemed to be more or less an unwritten law of behavior… you ain’t pretty to look at? Well then by Jove you WILL be pleasant and kind !

        7. It’s amazing how comedy created just a few years ago is no longer “funny”

          Younger people will grow up today wondering what’s funny about someone overweight eating? Or someone wanting to change his sex? Ain’t that normal?

        8. haha I loved Python – when they were in drag, they always portrayed women as shrill harpies lololol

        9. Truer words were never spoken. I remember as a kid even if they weren’t attractive, they weren’t insufferable to be around in the classroom. Now they carried their bitterness and “mad at the world” on their shoulders like a badge of honor. Well it’s all self-inflicted, so no sympathies here!

        10. I really don’t understand what they think they’ll gain by being bitter bitches. I don’t suffer that from pretty girls, sure as hell not going to give the time of day to a landwhale who gives me attitude 24/7.

        11. After traveling outside the US from a young age (thank you US military) I found this to be true:
          If you are in an international setting (tourist trap), any woman under thirty and fat has over a 90% chance of being American. Any woman over 30, and thin, has a 90% chance of not being an American.

        12. This is one of the reasons I count my speaking Spanish with a strong French accent to be a blessing.

        13. I am an ex-pat in a small mountain village in the Central Highlands of Mexico. For years I was the only NA in a 750 square mile region. Then a local loser brought a NYC wife.
          I have never met her, as far as I know. I thought I saw her in the distance one day. Yet, she told my doctor friend I was not very friendly.
          She also told him she wanted to give birth in the USA. In the USA, if she or the baby dies, the insurance company pays and the stupid doctor keeps on working.
          In Mexico, if a patient dies for any reason, it had better be an ambulance on the way to a higher tier government hospital. The medical protocol mandates the doctor, first thing, evaluate the patient to assure that he is equipped to deal with the patient’s problem. If not, he has to transport that patient up the ladder. Ditto for the doctor in each hospital.
          They not only take the license from those who let a patient die, but they also go to prison.

        14. Agree…with better manners as well. American women (all of them) are the worst – no manners. This stems from that entitled attitude.
          It’s why we’re starting to see a rash of YouTube videos where a man is slapping or punching a woman after she has been rude and punched the man, first. I always applaud these videos because it’s what is needed in society, today. Too many women walking around without the fear of god in them. Enough men putting women in check will change that attitude.

  12. I see this kind of ‘transformation’ happening all the time between the ages of 18 and 25. It’s a tragedy – women who are worn out and middle aged looking by 25.
    One of the transformations looks just like a girl I went on a date with who was stunning at 22, with porcelain skin and a thin figure, who had bloated up massively when I saw her a year later. I saw her again 3 years later, with her greasy fat boyfriend, and she was not only fat but had acne-ridden skin. She had destroyed herself.
    I maintained the same physique despite being 6 years older than her. It’s not difficult – you just eat healthy and exercise. But it seems to be too difficult for many women in this generation, in the same way that having a pleasant demeanor is too difficult.
    The question then is, if you’re fat and unpleasant to be with, what use are you to anyone?

  13. It’s inescapable, for 99.99% of women hitting the wall is the absolute end of them being attractive. It can happen almost overnight or it can happen over a couple of years, it can happen when 25, 29 or if she is lucky 32 but it will happen and it is incredible to see. Match it up with the way feminism breeds slutty and unpleasant personalities, the entitled feelings of western women, too much junk food etc and little wonder men don’t want to get married any more.

    1. There’s a difference between The Wall and getting blob-o-sized I think. A girl can remain svelte and take care of herself and make it to 40-50 without being repulsive (rarely happens of course). Most of these women, with maybe one or two exceptions, are literally one or two years from photo A to photo B and still quite young. That’s not The Wall, that’s just gluttony.

      1. I can see what you mean although some of the images are clearly a few years apart. But I have known the wall bring about a sudden change in a woman in a very short space of time; she’s hot, cute and alluring at 26 and then a different person at 27, suddenly with wrinkles, older, jaded and without any of that youthful innocence. Of course everyone is different.
        I’m not making excuses for them. Even post-wall a woman can be attractive if she works out and eats healthily and hasn’t been on the carousel. She won’t get an alpha male in a long term relationship since she is post-wall but can still be attractive.
        Feminism has a big part to play too, poisoning the minds of girls, making them believe it’s ok to be promiscuous and still hope to find a decent man later and that she can eat whatever she wants as a “lifestyle choice” etc.
        Ultimately the responsibility as ever rests with the individual. She should have used her prime years under 24 to find a decent man to give her virginity to and spend her life devoted to serving. So as I said it’s not to make excuses for them but the wall really can hit hard and fast with some women. And that can be contrasted with the fact that a cute innocent 18 year old who is very *slightly* overweight can still be attractive by virtue of her girlishness and cuteness whereas a woman over 21 who isn’t in shape is unlikely to hold any attraction for decent men.
        So yes I take your point, most of it here is probably down to gluttony.

  14. No 4 is Allison Stokke, “The hottest pole vaulter ever”. You can find a video on YouTube called Pole Vaulting With Allison Stokke, she looks even more fit there than in the picture.
    How could she let herself go? It angers me that these women – and obese men – think nothing of making the world an uglier place. People need beauty around them, it is a very strong instinct. When you push ugliness in people’s faces you make the world a worse place.

    1. There was a great discussion here a few months back about how modern design and architecture eschews beauty for ugliness and cheapness. This has incredible psychological effect on society.

    1. Lol. Maybe after half a bottle of bourbon…In the park on the way home to my place which she would never reach…She does have that certain look in her gaze…But she’s probably eyeing a doughnut.

  15. I met nbr 32 at the bar….she works at a radio station…at first I thought this list was fake but then I saw someone I fucking met!!!

  16. Good god!
    In some of the cases, you could see that the chick was always going to be fat but in others, the transformation is so dramatic you wonder if its a deliberate form of self mutilation.

    1. stretched earlobes, tattoos covering every exposed inch of the body, gaining ludicrous amounts of weight… it’s all self-mutilation.

  17. This is unacceptable. There is no reason that any of these women should gain so much weight in a few years.
    It is better that a woman marry when she’s in her prime so a husband can truly enjoy her beauty than wait for them to fall into self-loathing and become ugly both inside and out.

        1. A dude over at Heartiste linked it last year, I’ve been a fan ever since.

  18. I’ve had girlfriends who stopped working out for a couple of weeks. You immediately could feel they started to blow up. You know that feel, like their skin isn’t as tight anymore. Blubbery. This is mostly noticeable on their thighs. I’m still amazed how fast women actually can get fat.

    1. Yes. A little overweight I can understand – comes from people not working out, and eating bread and pasta and rice, and having some candy sometimes. Okay. But really fat? Obese? You have to work hard on it. You have to drink soda every day, eat pizza several times a week. How can people do that when they know it will make them fat, and they know they only have one life to live? How?

      1. The examples shown in the post are very extreme.
        I dated a fat chick once. The sex was great, and she had a cute face. After a couple of years of not seeing her she had lost almost all the weight. She was so hot, we continued dating for some months. Then years later I looked her up on facebook. She did put on all the weight again and then some more. The only lesson learned by this is: watch out with your commitment to fat girls. They will blow up again, the question is not if but when.
        I still check up on her once in a while because I’m very interested to see the female aging process described by various red pill writers with my own eyes on people I know. She nowadays is still overweight but as an additional thing she now has droopy eyes and crowsfeet. Her cutness is good as gone. What remains is a bossy 27 year old that loves riding horses and future catlady for sure,

  19. Many of these ‘transformations’ are caused by the adverse side effects of psychiatric medications. I know a woman in her 30’s who has undergone such changes herself while her sister has remained svelte. The fat woman is being medically ‘treated’ for depression, while her slender sister is not. In many if not most cases, psycho-meds cause obesity as well as unpleasant personality changes.

    1. I worked with a woman like that. Saw pics of her from a few years earlier, in shape. Woman I worked with had ballooned. Word got around she was on some heavy duty cuckoo meds(typical mean-spirited office gossip).
      Anyway, didnt see her for a few years, thin and healthy again, gotta be 40 by now. I bet she kicked the “medication”.

      1. I follow medical stuff on the Web, and have the same med books as used in medical schools. A lot of medical researchers are convinced that SSRI’s would not pass tests today. They accomplish no more than a fast 30 minute walk 3 to 5 times a week.

    2. And usage of these depression drugs is rampant among women. Why oh why, are women, who now, apparently, have it all, are having to take drugs?

  20. But, according to the tv set all those girls before and especially after are not only equal in every way to men but actually, as it turns out, far superior in all things athletic. In fact, every one of them could easily ace SEAL training. Or so goes the meme.
    I think there is a relationship between the tendency for women in the west to be slobs and there need to find self esteem by way of putting men down. We see it everywhere, the NCIS waif beating on the first string Georgia Tech Linebacker, two of them etc. Its as if for every unit of weight and ugliness these women take on the more they seek out these absurd escapes. And it fits hand and glove, after all, they can watch make-believe portrayals of some feminist ideal while stuffing their fat faces with food – double the endorphin.
    In light of the current culture that is hostile to males, I have very little sympathy for these pigs.

  21. I scrolled down and saw the hot picture for #4. I had seen it before, I paused, not wanting to go further. Then I realized like watching a deadly car crash, I just had to see . . . I scrolled down, my head flew back as I screamed “ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSHHH! Why did you have to tell the truth to me!”

  22. #4 is Allison Stokke and the fat pics are not of her. She is still fit and hot, just check out her instagram.

        1. Also @conradstonebanks:disqus he means he doesn’t have to validate her by giving her a shred of attention, especially when armies of other desperate betas do with innumerable Likes and Comments. Plus, though I can’t “independently verify” this, there is a slight chance any pics on there are old ones she posts to feign as new ones. Again, I can’t say for sure, but women are known to spend an ungodly amount of time only posting pics on social media that show them at their best to get them the most attention and various other forms of deceit (top-down head and boobs only angle, hand on waist with fat pushed inward while sucking in gut, etc.).

  23. I am a newcomer to the world of ROK and its philosophy. At the tender age of 60, it is hard for me to not succumb to regret that I did not know this information when I was much younger, but better late than never, right? And the steps I’ve taken from being here have only been positive even in the autumn of my life.
    Anyway, for the past three months or so I’ve been going through the articles as fast as I can, but of all that I have read, this is the one that left me with my jaw on the floor.
    As solid blue pill as I was, even then I would not have been able to comprehend the mindset where a beautiful young lady would throw it all away for ill health and embrace a physical image that represents, as GhostofJefferson so well articulated in a post below this, the embodiment of the seven deadly sins.
    Roosh, you are correct. This is the most tragic and saddest article that you have written that I have read so far.

      1. No. As you can imagine, my name is a handle and not my real moniker, but I switched two letters so as not to be confused with one of Hitler’s main men. Heinrich von Geobbels is a salute to certain friends of mine with which the name has a history.
        Interestingly and just for trivia, Geobbels is a proper last name in Germany.

    1. I would say that you are correct, it is better late, than never. The advantage of being a man is that it is really never to late to correct some of the mistakes you have made, and live a better life going forward.

  24. Let this serve as a reminder that we must live a healthy and active lifestyle or else the results will be disastrous. In the end we must be held accountable for our actions and there is no one else to blame but ourselves.
    May God have mercy on us all.

    1. 80% diet. 20% exercise. All a young woman has to do to look good to most men is just NOT GET FAT. FFS!
      Meanwhile we men are expected to work our asses off to become something that women find attractive.
      Career, hobbies, muscles, personality, intellect et al.
      I relish self-improvement and seeking mastery in different skills.
      What I don’t understand is how so few women feel any need to even maintain, much less improve themselves.

  25. This is fucking depressing to read first thing in the morning. But it’s a story that has to be told. But please, can we run an article showing the opposite effect? I know it’s far more rare, but it is possible, and it would give us a slight modicum of hope.
    Guys, keep these images in mind if you ever consider marriage.

  26. It’s usually due to the passage of time that a hot girl goes to a fat girl.
    Show me a thin, attractive girl at aged 18 or 20, and 7 times out of 10 she is going to be overweight and unattractive aged 30 (regardless of kids or no kids).
    A bad lifestyle and bad diet is something that is a ticking time-bomb on women. If they have a bad lifestyle and like to party, and are thin and hot at aged 18, they are going to start to break down from aged 24 onwards. It’s just biology.
    The key for men out there who are single and this is from a man who is married now happily. Is for you to look for girls who are not massively into partying or getting drunk or wasted, these girls will almost always turn out to be bad news. You need to pick the types who are more serious girls and who will be stable characters and also keep their figure. You need to pick carefully and bide your time, because no man wants to end up married with kids and with an overweight unattractive women,
    Very few women will still be in good shape and attractive past aged 30 in the UK or in the USA. Its just simple bad lifestyle plus biology. So take your time, and as a man if you are successful in your career and in good shape yourself, you will have your pick of attractive women if you only start looking to be serious when you are around 27 or 28 and the target women are 25 plus. Aged 25 is always the age that women will start to show signs of being worn if they are just crazy party girls.

    1. Passage of time will not make a woman get fat. Only junk food will do this. Also, kids do not make a woman fat. This is an excuse.
      25 year old girls are too old if you’re only 28.

      1. Quite correct. There is no law that says you have to get fat over time, and it doesn’t “get harder to lose weight” because of age, but more accurately, because the person has already adopted so many bad habits that kicking *those* is hard. The fat chick on the “diet” who eats a salad at lunch…then munches on candy all day saying that it’s harder to lose weight, for example. If you stay healthy, you retain a higher T level, which means that the fat burns off just fine. When you bottom out your T due to weight gain and lack of exercise then yeah, it sucks trying to re-establish health, but this applies to any age, not just “old”.

        1. Theoretically and historically people would lose weight as they got older. This is due to an age-related loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia) and reduced diet as older stomachs struggle to digest food.
          As an example I met an old female college friend for dinner. She had the equivalent of three creme brulees for dessert. I had one. Later, she told me that couldn’t figure out why no matter how hard she worked in the gym she couldn’t shift the weight(!). She was obese but in high school was a track athlete.

      2. I’m becoming 29 this month and when I tell my age to younger girls they can’t believe it because I look years younger. How young would you go? I think 21-27 is the golden years for women. I’m not into women older than that really.

        1. Agreed. Women also think I’m a decade younger than I really am, and I’m not even in great shape (by that I mean not as muscular as I would like, and have a slight gut with no six pack). But I’m in shape, happy, healthy, and relatively stress free.
          As far as how young? The millennial generation is incredibly corrupted so you risk a lot of mental sickness if you go below about 23.

        2. While its cliched, the half your age plus 7 rule works pretty well generally. In your case, about 22.
          The main thing is that women your own age simply don’t respect you. They view you as an equal and as such resent your perceived lack of experience and ability to provide. Generally, women prefer a much older man. As such, both you and she will be happier with a significant difference in age (with you being older).

        3. Likewise.
          A good diet, and a broad set of shoulders will keep you looking young and attractive to younger women.

        4. Similar, although I’m in pretty good shape.
          Was talking to a guy at an event. He said “Man, I’d like to get back in shape like you are, but I’m 44 and way too old for that kind of dedication now, unlike you young bucks”. I answered “I’m 46”. The girl watching the conversation laughed at him and he said (in a nice way) “I hate you”. Heh

        5. Actually no, there are some men there that I’d estimate are in their early to mid 60’s and a handful of 50+ year olds as well. All men of course, the old women are nowhere to be seen.

        6. I used to work with a 72 year old guy who worked parttime for us (he was the only guy who knew how to work an old press) to fill special orders. He looked great. He was a widower and he said he started hitting the weights 1 hour every day to get out of the house. The old has been known to turn dates down as he says he doesn’t have time for it.

        7. When I was 29 I was matched up by friends with an 18 year old. At least I think she was 18. She was a senior in high school. BTW she was a smoking hot tall thin brunette.

        8. That rule is crap and is tainted by the modern concept of age appropriate. If you look back in history when women died young, mostly of child birth, men tended to remarry young teenaged or barely past it virgins and go on to have more children.

        9. Sounds good, but in most western countries there is a social norm not to date more than 3, 4 years older being a young woman. That’s the real problem. Biologically and historically it all makes sense and 10 years isn’t anything strange.

        10. What do you mean Mike? Its crap because it doesn’t work for relationships or its crap because modern society says its not appropriate?
          That said, I reserve a big “fuck you” and a middle finger for modern society. If I did everything “society” said I should, I would be a mess right now.
          In my experience, relationships where the man is significantly older than the woman work better than when the ages are equivalent (for reasons stated above). I actually think that the only reason people generally date similar aged partners is because of public schooling.
          Public schools force males and females together artificially, and implicit is a suggestion that you do not fraternize with younger or older pupils. I note that the Greeks had a system where an older man was partnered with a younger man or boy for purposes of education. And I note that boys have massive respect for older men who are prepared to teach them what they want to know. In schools however, boys are forced to learn “bullshit” from women who are fundamentally incapable of teaching them anything useful.
          Similarly, women want men who can guide them. They know intuitively that a man their age is not up to the task and they resent it.

    2. Most of these women aren’t 10 years later though, they’re like 2. These images feature radical transformations. I think #12, the harrowing and disturbing one took a decade to get that bad though.

    3. But these women are not 30. You can tell by the faces.. many of these are in their mid 20s. I would say the opposite.. the passage of time can be completely avoided until around 30. I’ve seen foreign girls who are 30 who look like teenagers. They keep their body in shape, and still have the pleasant fun outgoing personality that young girls have. Age is no excuse.
      Once a girl hits 30, once she is married, once she has kids, I no longer *expect* her to look hot (although it’s still possible). But I absolutely expect it from any young, single girl, obviously including every one of these pictured.

      1. I met a Romanian chick in a bar. I thought she was in her late twenties but she told me she was 35. She was beautiful, slim, big tits with endless legs. Every inch of her skin was beautiful, creamy and unblemished. As we walked down the street she turned every head. She was the archetypal Eastern European woman that we all dream about.
        We did the deed that night but later she admitted she was 42!!!
        And she had had kids.

        1. So then, was she really the answer to life, the universe and everything?

        2. once in Bangkok I was in a bar at midnight having my first beer after a long flight. The go-go dancer in front of me had long silky legs and the body any 16 year old would kill for, and I had seen it close up as she squatted down and put the pussy in my face. She and another dancer were competing to see who would pick me up. I turned them both down as all I wanted was to relax and go to bed. The dancer on the bar in front of me whispered in my ear as the bar closed that she would meet me outside, no bar fine. I met her and we went back to the hotel room. She gave a great massage and was very nice. She asked me to guess her age. Not being an idiot I refused to guess. She let me know she was 45. We had a very nice time talking about our grandchildren and comparing pictures.

    4. I may have pointed this out before, but in case I haven’t, look at Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. The show has been on the air for about 9 years. She was a smoking hot 21 year old sex bomb and it made complete sense that Leonard had huge oneitis over her. Now she is a short haired chubby not so hot yet they still try to sell her as settling for Leonard who is punching way above his weight class. Yet he is a professor of Physics with a PhD and she is a never made it wanna be starlet with a drinking problem and a history of 100s of bad boy exes.

      1. Now, she is punching above her weight. He is out of her league.
        And the difference was her aged 25 compared to aged 29 now.

  27. No Leah Remini? She’s the only example I can think of who went through this transformation while still on a hit TV show. She went from FHM gorgeous to disgusting cougar in less than one year.
    And the worst part is that the writers either didn’t notice or were ordered to keep writing scripts as if she was still hot. The pole dancing episode and the “I’m still sexy” episodes stand out in particular. In the latter, her husband was getting noticed by younger hotter girls when he tried a new cologne, leading her to “prove” that she was the sexy one in the relationship by getting younger guys to hit on her. Wardrobe did their damnedest to make it work but there’s only so much you do in the real world.

    1. From what I can remember, she started to have the attitude as well once she hit the wall (gained weight, got older).

  28. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a girl who thought the world revolved around her, blow up like an air mattress. If she’s an ex its near jubilation. Also, notice the betas in the after pictures. Only men with little to no self respect are wifing up whales.

    1. True. Seeing her fat after dumping you is very satisfying. But seeing she became a single mother living in some ghetto is even more satisfying. The best is of course when you bump into her somewhere and she sees you with somebody hotter than you. You can be sure that she’ll look you up on facebook to check what you do. Her seeing you are successful will cause pain.
      The funny thing is, most single mothers will also become fatties, before they’re 35. Single mothers deserve it. Couldn’t please a man, he didn’t leave without a reason. She was either unattractive or just a bitch. Then she started eating.

    2. “There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a girl who thought the world revolved around her, blow up like an air mattress.”
      Pole vault chick is a textbook example of this. Was she also that whole “NOT IMPRESSED” meme girl from Summer 2012?

    3. When I broke up with my ex, she moved in with some random guy looking for a housemate. In the year or so since then they’ve gotten engaged and she’s put on a good 40kg/nearly 100lbs. Best part is, she’s miserable and taking medication to “feel better” one bad cold away from a well deserved cocktail.

  29. Why aren’t married yet paedophile. You can lose weight roosh but you can’t lose ugly and you are ugly. No girl will ever want you.

    1. What evidence of “paedophile” do you have? Or did you just pluck a random ad hominem out of the air to use as a weapon like all of your ilk does?

        1. She would utilize the “Im rubber, youre glue, whatever you say bounces off me and stick to you” defense in court

  30. The future medical costs to society will be staggering. And soon doctors won’t even be allowed to recommend weight loss, whether for health or fertility problems.

  31. No!! Not the pole vaulter chick!? She was an internet sensation too. Probably coulda modeled ….Really shocking how shitty you look after gaining weight…

  32. Their outward appearance is a reflection of how they view themselves inwardly. My best guess is that they have engaged in so much sexual behavior in the past, that they try to hide their shame with food. When thirsty men tell them that they are beautiful, it merely reinforces the inward shame they already feel about themselves, and they add on more weight.

    1. Anything they don’t approve of (read: anything they feel slighted or compromised by) immediately gets labeled a “social construct” to help them allay their own feelings. It all sounds so comical that they might as well try selling Nigerian oil plot rights.

  33. Yeah, 12 was sad. But 35 was less than 2 years apart.
    My best friend, the wife of a friend, in Mexico showed me a pack of photos. One was a wedding photo of a slender gorgeous woman, In the same pack was a photo of a horrid obese creature. It turned out to be the bride a few weeks after the wedding. It was taken on the same roll of film.
    Her son said the groom should file for divorce. I suggested she must have ordered two cakes and ate the second cake by herself.

      1. Allegedly – it’s a very popular meme from last year showing the pettiness and entitlement of American women.

    1. Fat women entitled to tall men….classic.
      You can see the hamster working in the mind of these women when this kind of conversation starts with ‘how heavy are you?’
      The sheer audacity that these women have is mind blowing. They always deserve a tall man but does the tall man always deserve a fat woman? Ask that question any time you have a conversation with a woman and just watch the hamster spin.

      1. Nice post.
        It seems as though (in my personal experience) that in the last decade or so this problem has become exponentially worse.
        I believe the audacity is occurring for the following reasons:
        1.) 24/7 on-hand social media via smart phones is inflating the ego of ALL women, due to a plethora of beta orbiters and female enablers.
        2.) A large group of “men” are willing to have sex with just about ANYBODY if it means breaking a dry spell (ending the thirst). I’ve noticed that even men of seemingly higher SMV are indulging as well, which rewards the woman’s bad behavior.
        3.) The “big is beautiful” campaign is encouraging lazy lifestyles. But, even though they have low standards for their own appearance, they demand “respect” from everyone else and a “good man” as well. (A “good man” being 6’3” with a masculine physique and reasonable salary).
        4.) The fact that after marriage, many women gain large amounts of weight. The man may have had game during the attraction phase, but has since slipped. Daughters see this. Everyone sees this. It’s acceptable though because “mom and dad love each other”.

        1. Yes. Men with no discipline will take on these low value women. I have a standard and I will walk before I lower that standard because once you do, then you are rewarding that bad behavior. I tell men all of the time…if she’s fat or if she has kids, then walk away.
          A man with value should know that his time is valuable and he should not just give it away to any woman. You must bring that woman up to your standards or walk away. It takes discipline and it takes confidence plus knowing the value in yourself.

        2. A man of value wouldn’t be seen anywhere near these slobs.Once a fatty always a fatty. You shouldn’t have to change anyone and she must be slim to begin with. Fatties never stay slim for long anyway. They can diet, exercise etc and maybe lose weight but in 99% of the cases will regain it all, and more.Why would you take a chance of losing 99 out of a 100 times when you can just find a naturally slim girl with no headaches.Fatties are just like drug addicts and there’s a saying ‘you can get a separation, but you can’t get a divorce’.They can stay off their food gluttony for a while but will always go back to it.

        3. Not everyone overweight is from food.Look up risperadal.It is one of many meds that cause rapid weight gain.You will also see there are lawsuits against it.Also men and women who lose more than 2 pounds a week with crash dieting will most likely gain the weight back.Those who lose it slowly and do a lifestyle change do not.You are a judgemental *****.Stop judging cause you don’t know the situation.Stop assuming everyone overweight eats.Also having a baby/babies causes weight gain in women.I’m guessing you’re the type of man who would file for divorce when that happens.I only created an account to let you know you’re an ass***.

        4. In many cases yes, although I put on weight the second I went on a specific type of pill. I was a skinny and energetic kid, but from 20-24 I put on about 3 stone as I was constantly tired, hungry and emotional and just wanted to sleep all the time. The second I stopped taking it I got my energy back and the weight started to fall off. I’m back to being slim and energetic again. I wonder how many other young women are being wrecked by hormonal imbalances.

        5. What about them? When we (men) are fat, we know that we are fat. We don’t try to force women to accept us like women do. Fat women have formed alliances with feminist groups and got into this retarded “Body Acceptance” movement. They willingly ignore the fact that if they would just watch what they eat and how much they eat, and exercise regularly, they would be beautiful. They act like their fatness is not their fault when it is definitely their faults. They are lazy gluttons and so are fat men. But fat men understand why they are fat. They know it’s their fault and they know that women are not going to be attracted to them so they are more likely to burn off the fat and keep it off. Fat women will make themselves look like pigs and demonize men who find them unattractive instead of fixing themselves.

        6. But women don’t complain that much about fat men. You don’t see articles and forums discussing about how repulsive fat mend are. If you don’t like fat women simply don’t be with one. No need to write an article like some demented loser

        7. Every bit of fat on your arse came in through your mouth. You are lying to us and yourself.

        8. I agree but disagree at the same time cause there was a lot generalisation. Some men do think that its not their fault and some women do think that it is

        1. That article is utter insanity.
          “I resent the idea that I would have to somewhat alter my appearance
          physically in order to be a blip on the radar of a guy I liked”
          “It’s just a little unsettling to think of having to reevaluate my wants based on what I bring to the table physically.”
          It’s shocking to see how completely removed from reality you can be after a steady diet of feminism and equalism.

        2. Pretty arrogant…i deserve who i want and I shouldnt have to do anything to get it because im a snowflake

        3. Yep and a good point. Too many men will take on a fatty because they’ll take anything. I say if she doesn’t take care of herself then why should she get someone like me who works hard at taking care of myself (regular workouts).
          There is no connection. If you value yourself (eat right, workout, etc…) then you’ll have nothing in common with a fatty. She doesn’t do anything to workout and she doesn’t eat right..so it’s a waste of time.
          Hold yourself to a higher standard if you live this kind of lifestyle. Say No to fat girls.

        4. Many of these women are disconnected. I don’t care if they choose to live that type of lifestyle (of a fatty) just don’t expect a man like me to look your way.
          I have no time for fat women.

        5. Yeah I’m sure they’re losing so much sleep over not getting your attention.
          Get over yourself dude.

        6. shhhhhhhh don’t tell Driver but most fatty’s prefer a guy actually attracted to them lol…

        7. I see anyone that cares if you like, in fact you are putting to much attention to this “fatty girls” jajajajaja

        8. Shhhhhh…. you are thinking of blacks. They can not get hot chicks so they accept fat hogs like you and pretend it’s “all about that ass”….and gut, and cellulite, and double chin, and diabetes.
          But don’t let me stop you girrrrrrrrlllll… diabetes is Sooooo “hot”

        9. Wow you really are a fuck wit. I am a larger woman and I can tell right now there are many out there who are attracted to fat! Not because they will go for anything! That fat women will throw themselves at them.
          News flash you arrogant fuck… some men prefer fat about say no to fat women. You fuck tard who are you to say that men shouldn’t go after them. Gosh if you was in front of me I would fucking put you down.

        10. I’m guessing you never heard of risperadal or other meds that cause rapid weight gain.Do a little google research.There is also severe vitamin d deficiency that can cause weight gain.Thankfully my fiance isn’t an ass like you.Once taken off and being prescribed vitamin d I have been losing 1 pound a week.Never ever judge cause you don’t know the situation.BTW I was gaining weight while eating healthy and exercising.I was also purging cause I was scared of the weight gain and doctor didn’t take me off risperdal until it was too late.Also my diet is gluten free cause I have no choice but to eat that way.

        11. Well, she is free to date an overweight, balding, short, ugly man then. Clearly, appearance doesn’t matter to her.

      2. Ha, well got news for ya. I like to fatten a women I take on, never a time wasted on thin one’s I just like the way they look with curves.. hey, if you get any of the anorexic ones you don’t like and not making the grade, send’em over for some deserts and pastries. Better yet, we should ask, no DEMAND your lady friend post a pic (hope she never reads this:) of your dick, manhood, schlong u know all those names and your wishful thinking. Men who bully (controlling men) and some of you tall fellers apparently have two belly buttons and I sure feel sorry for you’re lady friend. A fat chic can loose weight if she wants, god forbid, but for you, not much you can do with that. There is always photoshop but your likely to get a guy geek ogling your wanker and calling you out on crappy https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ef1f579cb628dd4bcb2fecad06910d2323db24fcc113f8610199507559a4d6b.jpg cut and paste, that would be bad to. Hey you could get a hate on for your parents on who short changed ya or better yet get a strapon….. no wait that would likely not go down so well with Stephen :0.. Back to the fatty vs the stick topic.. Find’em, fatten them and date them. A petite 5’5 frame on a women with some added flare sure is nice to hold and even better if she wants to be fatter. Yes, there are people who like to be fat and take it as a compliment . Seems they have more strength of will to “be how they are and not what you want” You are missing out and unfortunately so is your lady friend. I would like to see the tables turned on men like you Driver, take care

      3. Ha, well got news for ya. I like to fatten the women I take on, never a time wasted on thin one’s I just like the way they look with curves.. hey, if you get any of the anorexic ones you don’t like and they just make that grade, send’em over for some deserts and pastries. Better yet, we should ask, no demand your lady friend post a pic (hope she never reads this:) of the little man. Men who bully (controlling men) and some of you tall fellers apparently have two belly buttons and I sure feel sorry for your lady friend. A fat chic can loose weight if she wants, god forbid but for you, not much you can do for that. There is always photoshop but your likely to get a guy geek ogling your wanker and calling you out on crappy skills, that would be bad to. Hey you could get a hate on for your parents on who short changed ya or better yet get a strapon….. no wait that would likely not go down so well with Stephen :0.. Back to the fatty vs the stick topic.. Find’em, fatten’em and date’em. A petite 5’5 frame on a women with some added flare sure is nice to hold and even better if she wants to be fatter. Yes, there are people who like to be fat and take it as a compliment . Seems they have more strength of will to “be how they are and not what you want” You are missing out and unfortunately so is your lady friend. I would like to see the tables turned on men like you Driver, take care

    2. Of course there are two standard, given that men respond to visual cues. How could there not be?

      1. It’s a myth that women don’t respond to visual cues. In fact, we respond so well that we tend to respond to other attractive women as well! Look at the research.

    3. Alternative conversation ending:
      Him: What are the numerical digits that appear on the scale when you proceed to apply your weight onto it?
      Her: 105
      Him: Thanks for the info. I’ll pop round your flat at 6pm on Friday?
      Her: Great! See you then.
      (Cut to him arriving at her flat. Door is opened by a hambeast.)
      Him: *Gasps* You said you only weighed 105!
      Her: I DO weigh 105. Don’t you believe me? Here, come to the bathroom with me and I’ll prove it.
      (She steps on her bathroom scales and they do indeed read 105. He inspects the scales to check they’re correctly zeroed, no obvious faults etc. Then, it hits him.)
      Him: You never told me you were weighing yourself in KILOGRAMS!
      Her: The Kilogram is the Standard International unit for measuring mass. Why would I use the Inferior system? You’ll be asking me for my height in Hands next!

      1. what? 105 pounds is underweight for the average american female anyways. for a 5’4 woman (thats the average height for females) that would be a bmi of 18. if youre taller, you start venturing into “very underweight”, and your risk of dying prematurely becomes a LOT higher. not healthy. you know what happens when youre underweight? amenorrhea (no period), infertility, high risk of a heart attack, hair loss, anemia, osteoporosis, and being prone to infections. so sexy amirite 😂😂

        1. I never specified her height. She, like about 1 in 10 US women (so I’m not talking about a woman so rare that for all intents and purposes she’s hypothetical here), could be 5′ or shorter. Assuming she’s exactly 5′ tall, she’d have a BMI of 20.5, which is perfectly healthy.
          To translate the above from Yank English into Proper English:
          I never specified her height, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s a little on the tall side, say 1.7m (meaning only 1 in 10 US women would be taller than her). That would give her a BMI of 36, which is almost as fat as yo momma.

        2. no one cares if you die early either, what matters is you look good between my legs.
          see how retarded and self centered you sound? i bet youre fat and/or one of those male sjws. only fatties say shit like this. in fact, why dont you show me a picture of yourself with “fvccyou” written on your stomach so i know its really you.
          i bet your bmi is over 20. fatty. lel

        3. i know you didnt specify the height. just for arguments sake however, i assumed this hypothetical woman was of average height.

        4. You do a lot of erroneous assuming.
          That is a sign of low IQ.
          Are you a woman, because the correlation would make perfect sense.

        5. You know what they say about ‘assume’? It makes an ass out of u.
          (Fvcc You’s predicted reply: “And me.”)
          I already said ‘you’.

      1. dont pretend males dont do that as well! “im fat but i deserve a hot trophy wife”
        really, you arent special, you arent different. dont be a snowflake/SJW

        1. Petal, Anyone being sub par and expecting a partner above their level is seriously deluded, male or female, it just that men are more realistic and will step and do something about it, for the most part woman don’t, it’s easier to contort eat and sit with a group of Harpies and complain, feelings…
          On that contrary I do have some fat and obese acquaintances, with trophy wives most guys could dream of, magnetic personality or financial attracting?
          I have a realist view of myself, anywhere in the 6 to 9 range, depends on my mindset, 10 meh not with the bother, I don’t do princesses…

        2. Look snowflake, when a man is fat and has a trophy wife it is not a double standard. I say that as a ripped male. I say that, because it would be to my advantage if it was a double standard, but it is not.
          Men are judged on their position in the dominance hierarchy. Women are judged by their health, which means: their youth, good genetics – which means beauty, and obsequious supplicant behavior – as a good help mate to take proper orders and carry them out faithfully. All of this is geared to your ability to be a good baby making machine for the seed of a man that judges you worthy enough for his seed.
          A woman can not be fat.
          A man can.
          We are different.
          But wait there is more! In all ways that matter men are superior to women. Not all men and not all women. There are bell curves involved, but as a woman you have no idea how a gaussian works.
          It is better when a man is not fat, but he can be and still pick up a girl at my level if he is successful enough. That is the way it works. Now go somewhere and cry about how reality is “unfair”. You know you want to.

        3. I hate to burst your bubble, Macho Man, but fat is fat; you’re just as disgusting as any fat woman.

        4. Women will use fat or old guys for their money. The same as young guys dating ‘cougars’. Neither is in it due to physical attraction. Thinking otherwise is just kidding yourself. It’s just a more socially acceptable form of prostitution.
          Men and women (bar the tiny percentage with a fetish) will choose a mate they are physically attracted to if they want a relationship based on actual romance/love. Women just worked out early on that they can get additional things in return for sex, which is useful if you want kids or a nicer lifestyle.

  34. I heard that Sylvester Stallone once divorced his wife because she ate a handful of jelly beans. When cuckservative Sean Hannity confronted him about it, he simply responded that they had an agreement and she violated that agreement.

      1. Yeah, I’m going to chalk this one up to simply “Because he could” and for no other good reason.

    1. I could probably find it in my heart to take the girl on the right under my wing. Comfort her. Lightly stroke her hair. Impale her on my cock. Give her a hug.

  35. 4 and 7 went from damn fine to normal, number 12 turned into a different person.To hell with feminism.

  36. I see your list Roosh and raise you one Mischa Barton. I can not describe the sinking feeling of realizing my number one crush from television could sink to such levels. I can only imagine what it would feel like to have married this ticking chubby bomb. Like most have mentioned this transformation was accompanied by drugs/alcohol and overall depression (or should I say lack of accountability?) I say accountability because, as a man, if I do not take care of my sh** this world will literally take away everything I have and swallow me whole, (calm down Mischa) without blinking an eye. Just adding to the injury is these girls getting to behave like a protected political class. You had one job girls….one.

  37. One of my friends ex-partners and I share the same social circles and I’ve had to bare witness to her transformation from 9.5 to 2.2. Just tonight we were at a friends house and she practically squatted over the snacks table. The bitch that she is, every time I have to look at her I just think “have another bite pig, it’ll finish you sooner”

  38. It is funny because it is true. I am not willing to share the decent of my sisters from being model material to what they are now.
    Just a Chinese perspective since I am here: women that have a baby drop all their weight after the fact and there is HUGE social pressure for them to do so. Three of my colleagues have become parents in the last year and the mamas get real thin real fast.

    1. in rural Mexico, it varies. Mexico has become the fattest nation in the world in recent years
      But, there are many young moms with three kids who are lean and mean, they would be judged as too thin by many of you, It depends upon the diet and whether they nurse (breast feed) or not.

  39. So when these formally hot chicks become fat chicks do they still ignore regular guys or do they still think they can only date the most desirable men?

    1. Of course they do until they hit that wall or come close to it. Then the thought and stigma of being alone for the rest of their lives rears its ugly head and she baits some beta, but resents him still. The beta being clueless would have no idea why his Disney type fantasy crumbles, even when he DID everything they said to do to keep a happy marriage.
      Feminism is the biggest scam in human history.

  40. All this of course will spell the doom of the US, as more and more males turn to alternative means of physical and emotional satisfaction to satiate the need for companionship. More on that later.
    With the advent of “blade runner” type androids, more and more males will invest in the android of their choice custom made to satisfy their attraction guidelines. Gone will be the days of having to court a stupid bim..it will be much easier to simply clap your hands and have your pleasure droid service you. As these machines become mass produced and cheaper to mass market, lower income males will be able to access them as well. (Is it any wonder the hardcore feminists are trying to get them banned?)
    As we all know, females are extremely emotional creatures even if the degree of emotion varies from one to another. There will be females who will seek out more and more males because of a drop off in a high quality stock of Men for a fulfillment of their emotional needs, biologically related and otherwise. Whatever males they come across however will not be as receptive to cater to their Bs when it would be far easier to simply purchase a pleasure droid instead. Some of these females may not want to mate with what passes for an omega level male, so they may instead petition the government to initiate mandatory confiscations of reproductive material from all suitable males for the purpose of in vitro fertilization. It sounds absurd and orwellian, which is precisely why i believe it will become inevitable the more that males choose to “go their own way” and pseudo copulate with anthropomorphized machinery.
    These females will also likely resort to becoming lesbians in order to find a proxy for the types of relationships their feelings crave.
    This of course will add yet another nail to the coffin already prepped and ready for the US nation to occupy.
    Also, anti fat shaming laws will likely get passed because of feminist cunts in power and the mangina scum that serve as serfs. More and more females will only grow emboldened to lose control of their looks as they engage in the kind of pernicious gluttony Roosh highligted. Males will have little recourse but to either lower their standards significantly, or engage in radical alternatives to their wants and needs. As i mentioned earlier, pleasure droids will fill the vacuum in this regard.
    The progs have done an excellent job in lowering personal standards, most especially in the hamster minded cranial wiring of what passes for XX nowadays.
    While there will always be females who eschew these vices because of a fondness for another type of physiological vice (pride) these will become few and far between…as the US becomes synonymous with the word “land whale”
    Oh what a brave new world..that has such gargantuan fat asses in it.

    1. Have you watched the movie Wall- E? I think it was way ahead of its time…It’ll be considered a classic in the next couple of decades

        1. long story short: its the future, everyone is lazy, buncha fat fucks…robots do everything for the fatties..

  41. There is a way that women can “carry” their weight, but I think it is mostly genetic. A good long time ago I dated a girl who, a decade before that, was 100 pounds soaking wet . She was 5’2″ and packed on about 30 pounds (she had a thyroid condition so it was no moral failing on her part). The thing is, the weight went on her tits and ass and only a reasonable amount went on her tummy. She had a great, feminine, shapely figure.

  42. It is easy to focus just on the body in these pics. But look at the faces too? That’s the biggest difference- sagging skin, too much make up, wrinkles at 25!

    1. You get some skinny bitches with smoking bodies but 10 years of hard living and it just ruins the effect.

    2. It’s like, rather than waiting to hit the wall, they built one for themselves and smashed their heads into it years before their time.

  43. And we wonder why there’s an epidemic of grass eaters and thirsty men? A full 50% of the female population has committed “sexual suicide”. That mean’s that, for every 2 men, there’s only one woman available. And, unfortunately, the thin women know it; this fact dramatically inflates their SMV (at least in their eyes). Basically, if you’re thin, you’re at least a 6-7. The SMV curve, however, is all fucked up; with 50% of women a “0” (completely unfuckable without incredibly powerful mind altering substances), there’s not much room for anything but 5+’s for the other 50%. It’s a fucking shame, it really is.
    Unfortunately, this means that game will just become more and more important as so many women commit sexual suicide. Think of the dating market right after WWI, way too many women, not enough men (because they died in the war). The same thing is happening today, way too many men, not enough women (because they died at MCD).

    1. As much as I hate to belabor the point:
      Average American Woman BMI: 26
      Average Chinese Woman BMI: 22
      YMMV about racial features but if you are not on a buffalo hunt then why are you not in Asia?

      1. There’s still a few gazelles and antelopes among the megafauna, rare though they may be.
        A skilled hunter would quickly get bored if there was no challenge.

        1. I take your point and shudder at how tight my Game will have to be to get a similar level of affection compared to China.

    2. If you don’t lift weights, if your grooming is not perfect, if you have no game = no getting laid. It must be said. Former generations had it much easier. There they women where limited to their close surrounding area, but nowadays the pareto principle (80/20 rule) is no lie, it’s reality. Hypergamy did always exist, Tinder didn’t.
      Luckily there still are millions up on millions of men that rather play World of warcraft than put their dick inside a wet pussy.
      However. Young women 18-25 do have an inflated SMV, but after 25 the slope decreases rapidly! Of course it will take some time for the women to realize that themselves.
      graphic: http://www.therationalmale.com

    3. That’s why it’s so important for men to ignore this notion of fat shaming is bad…and keep on shaming. It’s exactly what is needed, today, to fix the mess that we are in.
      Shaming is needed in this world. Otherwise, people would continue down these destructive paths like everything was ok. My elders used it on me and it was passed down to them. It does work and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.
      Fat people need to get their shit together, eat better and start exercising…it’s that simple.

    4. That’s what I’ve been saying for years. But imo it’s not 50/50 so much. 50% have totally eliminated their sexuality with bodyfat. Another 35% are a quarter of the way or halfway there. Fit, sexual over 28’s…like snow leopards. It’s not one in two. It’s much worse.

  44. Another sad truth is some girls will never have a decent body. And I mean never! I went to a bank recently and saw a three year old girl. This girl will weigh more than me in 5 years. She didn’t look like a person. Instead, she looked like someone took a cabbage patch doll, inflated it with air, and then put in a battery that makes it talk. She was sitting in her mom’s lap (this woman was the size of a car) and the chair was shaking (how it didn’t break apart is beyond me). In the near future, we will have to go to museums and see sculptures in order to see what a great body looks like.

  45. Wow, there be some land whales here, matey! Get the harpoons!
    Seriously, the quickest way for a hot chick becomes ugly? Open her mouth and say something.

    1. Heh. Unfortunately for most men, that’s quite true. I’m quite happy my wife has maintained her figure, and kept her long hair.
      She asked me one time, when we were engaged, what I would do if she put on a lot of weight. Most men would answer “I love you for who you are, you’ll always be beautiful to me!” I told her that I’d try to send the child support payments on time. Never asked again.
      She cut her hair semi-short once, not pixie but high enough that it was no longer considered long (kind of a young Meg Ryan cut that just scraped down to the collar of her shirt), and asked me what I thought. Another classic shit test that most men answer with “You look beautiful!” even when they can feel that sinking feeling in their soul looking at their new Suburban Minivan Mom. My answer “You know I don’t like short hair, why would you do that to yourself and then ask me what I think? You know I don’t like it.” It grew out after that and never again did she get it cut short. Why men can’t figure this basic crap out is beyond me.

      1. Married 8 years, wife weighs exactly the same as on our wedding day. She has started working out because we are going on a beach vacation with a group of friends and the women are all intensely competitive about their bikini bodies.
        Like you my wife asked what I would do if she got fat. My reply was cruder than yours. I said I would stop fucking her and find a new woman to fuck. Same went with the hair. I did let her cut it recently from down past her ass to middle of her back.

      2. “Why men can’t figure this basic crap out is beyond me.”
        Beta’s scarcity mentality? Most men who study game or self-improve will stop immediately with that the moment they land down a woman. But it’s then that you should continue to create back-ups. Women do the same right. They have orbiters you as a partner never will know about.

      3. Yep same here.
        I have told women I dated “If you get fat, you get dumped. I won’t expect to sit on a couch all day being a slob with a big hairy beer gut hanging out and get away with that. You should not expect to get fat and get away with it”.
        As for hair length, I have told women who had short hair or wanted it “not every woman passes the short hair test”. that test is, can she look like a woman with short hair or not? It’s very plain (I’m known in my circles for having this opinion)to see for the most part: when a woman loses her figure or gets fat and cuts her hair short, she’s two body parts away from being a man, only with more drama and aggravation.
        The “short hair test” is indeed significant. Some women can pull it off, that pixie look. Way to many think they can. I have known only of one woman who managed to look good with a Skrillex (but I learned later that she was surprised to find out that half the people she met at a party one day thought she was a lesbian – well duh! Read the internet lately, lady?)

      4. When my wife and I married in 1975, I told her if she would become obese it would be bad for me, because I was sure I would hurt my back when I threw her out the window.
        She weighed around 112 at the time at 4′ 11″, She got as high as 122,, and now at 73 is under 110,
        As several have pointed out, as a result of staying thin she is healthy. No knee problems; no wheel chair; no supermarket electric cart. No diabetes. No statins.

        1. Amazing isn’t it? So many “health problems” are little more than the net effect of treating one’s body like shit.
          I love it when I hear fatties tell me they have “knee problems” and walk with a cane. No injuries, just “problems”. Meaning, their skeleton can’t take their lard. I just chuckle.

        2. I have seen too many women in their 30s and 40s with knee, back or weight problems (using electric carts). I thought those carts were for older people but I see people in their 40s, too fat to walk but still eat too much.
          It’s a shame.

        3. Watch they will start getting handicap license plates and placards and taking up all the handicap parking spaces. The elderly that really needs it will have to suffer because these younger people are so irresponsible.

        4. Nothing like a cold, hard case of the truth. Who did your truth about her weight benefit the most? Your wife, for her health and self-esteem.

        5. I can only shake my head when I see these younger, fat people who can not get around on their own. It’s sad but this nation does really need a wake up call to correct our course.

      5. Same here. I was asked theses questions on a few occasions and the same answers followed. I don’t know what it is about some men who are not able to get their women in line. I told a couple of mine that I don’t date men (the short hair thing) and I don’t date fat women. That will usually do the trick…and no more questions.
        If any bullshit follows, then the bus stops and Driver lets them off at the next stop.

  46. I lost a bunch of weight in high school (around 15/16) and I had a lot of fat friends. Let me tell you something you probably already know, all my fat friends that lost the weight live happy lives with decent-looking, trim girlfriends and good jobs. Almost every single fat fuck that remained a fat fuck has a horrible fat girlfriend (if they’re lucky) and work shitty retail or other types of odd jobs. I’m so thankful I started hitting the gym but the big thing is diet! Only when I started my diet did I realize how fucking easy it was, it was stupidly easy. I just didn’t eat junk food or soda, ate maybe 20% less at meals, and in the first few months several pounds flew off. I felt infinitely better, had more energy, looked better, and had a new found confidence.
    This is all to say that fat people are 90% of the time fat because of underlying psychological conditions. That combined with a general lack of discipline and “eat whatever you want” fat fuck parents has spawned a generation of obese hamplanets. I had to own up to my fears which was insecurity around socializing and take it by the balls and fight it. And as I did, as I got more popular, as I got a long-term girlfriend and made new friends the feeling to compulsively eat or unconsciously eat started to go away. I never counted calories because I had a good idea of how much I could eat and what I should eat (not to say it isn’t a good idea if you’re struggling to lose weight).
    Listen ladies and gentleman, you have no right to be fat with the massive plethora of free health information available online. Ladies, having two kids is not a license to be obese and out of shape the rest of your life. And men, getting old is not a license to be obese and out of shape the rest of your life. My dad is in his 60’s and hits the gym 5x a week just like me, there is no reason why you cannot if you’re younger then him. These pictures are atrocious, just looking at them genuinely makes me sad, these women ruined themselves with the extra pounds.
    The most devastating ones to me are 2, 4, 26, 32, 34, and 35. I genuinely feel bad for people that believe the HAES (Healthy at every size) and I would say look at these girls. They look awful, unhealthy, and undesirable, it’s surreal looking at how terrible they look and how bad I know they must feel. The other thing that worked for me was fat-shaming, reading fat-shaming articles really inspired me to lose the weight and for 7 years to keep it all off (and get lean). So to Dr. Oz or whatever health “guru” psychopath wants to say it doesn’t work these people are delusional, it works great.

  47. This really was an upsetting list to go through; my curiosity kept me going to the end. 7, 9, 11 and 12 were particularly depressing to me 🙁

  48. Please tell me this is just an elaborate montage of girls who look alike… please…
    No. 12 even got the feminist official glasses and haircut. This is scary.

  49. My wife does this shit. She’ll diet and drop 20-30 pounds for her friends visiting from Europe to make herself look slim, and then when they leave she binge eats and gains its all back in like 3 weeks. Its going to kill her eventually.

    1. She drops 30 lbs. Give her attention. She gained it back, don’t touch her. See if she’ll “get the hint.”

  50. Number 14 makes me want to cry! That chick had SUCH a smokin’ body before, now she looks like Miss Piggy’s human sister!

    1. Isn’t that in the second week of October? That’s very soon. I can’t wait for all those great posts.
      Shame those fatties.

  51. What’s great is how this is the exact opposite of the Fat to Skinny posts you see on Facebook.. like people should be given an award for not being obese.

  52. I bet they all say it’s genetic too. Bitch pUT down those twinkies. This is what happens when people stop moving and roll around in dirt all day.

  53. Eventually what’s on the inside shows itself, in one way or another. And this is a great exercise for realizing that a perfectly cute, pretty face, even one combined with a bangin’ body, reflects nothing of the weakness, the brokenness, the neediness, fears, and lack of awareness of that human who “possesses” that beauty. They don’t possess it, they did nothing for it, God gave it to them. And if they don’t understand that, respect and appreciate it, humbly, it goes to shit.

    1. The woman is animistic, hardly evolved from the “primitive” peoples such as those living in hunter gatherer societies. She uses her body to gain material things. Once this incentive is gone she abandons the care for her own body too.

  54. Women are extreme narcissists, of course, and I have a theory that the anti-fat shaming brigade are basically saying “we have the right to still be narcissist!” This allows them to continue posing half-naked in a full-length mirror with ample gut hanging out, complete with duck-face, without feeling any shame – and you better find it attractive or else!
    After all, you don’t see pictures of obese half-naked men on the internet (or elsewhere) who demand you find them attractive lest you be a “fat-shamer”.

    1. “After all, you don’t see pictures of obese half-naked men on the
      internet (or elsewhere) who demand you find them attractive lest you be a
      That’s because of double standard.
      – Reactions for shy, anti-social girls: “What a cutie. I would like you to be my girlfriend.”
      – Reactions for shy, anti-social boys: “What a loser. Get a life.”

  55. 100% right..and in many cases they seem to then stop caring about everything else – such as their hair and make up etc

  56. When I was a lad, I once looked down from the top of a cliff to the beach way below. There were two very large, perhaps obese humans being copulating down below. Eight appendages like a gigantic starfish, great tits unbalanced, ungainly like a seaweed receptacles going out in the tide….and the other… wide….had a flat pancake posterior- a monk fish head without teeth, up and down he steadily went…until the waves washed both of them away.
    The moral of the tale- even from great heights, something, will always remain visible (although in my imagination I was sure the two were a new singular form of hybridized extra-terrestrial like brought in from the ocean’s great depths).

  57. I enjoyed this article. Im the vengeful nerd/fat kid from highschool. Got my shit together in college.
    I hope my reunion is full of fat bitches.
    That being said most of these girls were probably athletes. Once they graduate, they stop exercising.

      1. Dunno what Roosh is talking about 12. This was definitely the sad one.
        But its nice to see these women experience a little bit of the other side of the fence. I’m sure she still gets tons of attention, just not from types of guys she did before, or in the quantities that she did.

        1. Right. The ice cream man (with his truck) probably circles her block, now. But the attention has probably fallen off since she ate her parents.

  58. When a girl reaches 25 she hits what I call the “Soft Wall” where her SMV can either be increased or lowered dramatically. What I mean is this is the age where girls either give up on their looks or they begin to take them very seriously and maintain their visual value for years to come.
    The girls who hit the Soft Wall the hardest are usually party girls or girls who were always genetically gifted and never had to work out to maintain their figures. Because they’ve never had to exercise then all the years of drinking and bad food will catch up to them quickly when their metabolisms slow down with age. So sadly the hotter the girl, the quicker she’ll deteriorate.
    However, I’ve found that the girls who avoid this fate are the ugly ducklings. These are girls who blossomed naturally late in life, were fatties who lost a ton of weight, or learned how to make themselves more presentable. In my late 20’s I’m now paying more attention to ugly duckling girls my age than traditionally hot girls, because I know the ugly ducklings have a longer shelf life. In addition, these girls tend to become fitness freaks in their 20’s, be it running, crossfit, cycling, etc.
    Either way, the age of 25 is what can make or break a girl. But there’s nothing stopping the inevitable Hard Wall at 35-50, where afterwards no amount of makeup or sexy clothes can help them.

    1. The “yung ‘uns” can get by on the innate cuteness of youth. Some have an awkward stage where they look ridiculous but grow into their looks. That stage is usually pre-legal and can be safely ignored but for some it can extend into their 20s. My first serious girlfriend was a skinny thing with bug-eyed glasses and a bad afro hair doo who blossomed after a year of us being platonic friends. She sort of counts as the unicorn who got away as she looked stunning for the next 20 years.

    2. ng85, that seems to go with something I’ve always said, that women’s looks in the late twenties start varying greatly, as some of them fall hard. The ones who smoke, drink, go to tanning salons in the beginning of every summer, and eat a lot of sugar. Even if they don’t get fat, the skin turns bad and ages.

      1. And the flipside to that is many guys can remain youthful-looking well into their 30s. I’m 29 and recently uncovered some old photos from when I was 17/18. A friend of mine said I’m a fucking Highlander because it barely looks like I’ve aged in 11-12 years. Meanwhile, I know girls my age who are starting to develop full-on wrinkles and have tons of cellulite who were really cute 10 years ago.

    3. Good piece, but the hard wall comes at 30, not 35.
      The epiphany phase is also very interesting. That’s the phase where women start to worry and question their past. For most women this is a phase where they suddenly become born again Christians, want to get married, open up to the idea of having children, land down a beta guy etc. And they have massive competition anxiety which for instance can be noticed when they disapprove of men their age dating younger women. It’s a form of jealousy mixed with anxiety.

  59. I’ve seen #4, the hot track star chick so many times. It’s a god damned shame what happened to her. #17 is still pretty good though. All this is just motivation to keep working out though.

    1. SOME women have good bodies, intelligence, a personality, and a face of an angel that can melt a glacier. Basically none have all those qualities.

        1. The mental is physical. A sweet disposition goes a long way. In one case, I guess that tossing my salad counted as stirring me physically: she was a hoot but I would not toss her pics about as being evidence of my game.

  60. My youngest sister is 6 years my junior. Back when I was 18 her 12 year old friend had a crush on me. Once she was legal I made a move on her and we made out but didn’t seal the deal. The next time I run into her is on Facebook and she is a fat lesbian. People assure me that I did not turn her, lol, but post ex hoc eh?

    1. You dog, you! *HIGH FIVE*
      My younger sister wouldn’t like to bring her friends over because she knew i would seduce them.

      1. The two of them would come over and hang out in my room like a pile of kittens on my bed, which disturbed my mother to no end. Cripes, that was 6 years difference: my current girlfriend is 22 years younger!

        1. Key point: don’t “grow up”. My 49th birthday is in less than 2 months but I am routinely pegged for being in my 30’s, which grants me license to still date 20-somethings. Plus I travel the world and try to work less than 30 hours each week.
          Sure, get a good, stable job and take on a mortgage and such if that works for you, but the moment you “grow up” you put one foot in the grave.

        2. The term “man child” is meaninglessly derogatory here. My preferences and lifestyle are such that women my age are no attractive to me.

        3. No I will probably wife up someone 15 to 30 years younger than me. As an alternative, maybe I will die alone but while I am alive I will enjoy the company of many young and beautiful girls.

        4. Double standard implies that men and women are the sane, which is clearly not the case. The “reason” for the dichotomy is feminism. That is the evolving theme in what Roosh has been writing about recently.

        5. We’re all the same. Feminism fights for equality hence no dichotomy. The dichotomy is created by misogynists like you. Roosh is your jesus? He considers religion the opioate of the masses but fails to see the cult that worships faux masculinity he’s created.

        6. Feminism seeks privilege by gender. Women and men are not the same regardless if you are a Bible thumper or a rabid Darwinist. No rational system of human thought considers men and women to be the same. Feminism itself promotes ” substantive equality” where men and women need to be treated differently so they can be treated the same. On the latter point, I have a top 1% IQ and a law degree so I actually understand what they are getting at, but to the average bloke it is still complete bullshit.
          I was at the Toronto meeting and Roosh said straight out that if you agree with him 100% then there is something wrong. I don’t walk lock step with him but he is certainly on to something. I have never been a player but he is/was and the weird thing is that we have come to many of the same conclusions about gender relationships and why the world is as fucked up as it is.
          I am not religious. He is not religious. I am spiritual and I suspect that he is too. You are reasonably intelligent when you are not calling us misogynists, but I have gone toe to toe with far greater minds spouting their atheist bullshit.
          It’s not faux masculinity but NeoMasculinity. It is a new way for men to be and assert themselves in a world perverted by feminists and their white knight enablers.
          If Roosh or any other guys are following this, please chime in and upvote. I am not trying to feed a troll here but rather articulate an intellectual position to a mind that may be damaged but not completely closed.
          I am more working through my own mental process and playing to the peanut gallery to see if our eyes meet.

        7. Fools follow fools, i need not seek their validation. Roosh is like trump playing to the lowest common denominator. All who fail seek blame outside themselves, some may be on to something and if it’s systematic revolution is called for but everyone on this site is just seeking to blame women (and minorities) for their own failings. Women and men deserve the same opportunity, and deserve equal rule in society and the home. You will never convince me otherwise

        8. The ROK/RedPill crowd certainly do not qualify as the “lowest common denominator”. You are not paying attention: we are the exception. We are a minority among blue pills and white knights.
          Where does this “fail” shit come from? The articles on this site teach guys how to be successful in all aspect and own their decisions.
          Blame? You are a big blame machine for saying that guys are so evil for gaming women to have sex with them. JUST SAY NO, BITCH! Seriously, if women were not passing their vaginas around like a peanut bowl at a bar, then men would value them more.
          Women and men should have the same opportunities FOLLOWING THE SAME RULES. Guess what? You got that! So I don’t have to convince of you anything because we agree – -until you change your mind. . .woman’s prerogative, eh?

        9. There is an exception of people that believe in my people that does not make them intelligent. The articles on this site says to each man that they should control every facet of women’s existence and be able to legally rape them. Why can men have sex whenever they want when women cannot that is the double standard if a woman wants to have sex that is fine if a man wants to have sex that is fine however they should both be honest with each other about what they want. How are the rules different besides the fact that men on this site are idiots who can’t seem to get their shit together

        10. If we are all the same, why cant a woman throw a fastball 100 MPH? If we are all the same, why can a 50 yr old man get a 25 yr old woman pregnant, while a 25 yr old man cant get a 50 yr old woman knocked up??

        11. We have never ask a woman to throw a 190 mile per hour fastball nor have we created a system that nurtures that ability like we have for men, as far as biology is concerned one body nurtures the other is only seed. So I guess one gender is quite a bit more useful but is not the one you think.

        12. I tried my hand at a pitching venue. I could throw a 100kmh fastball into the strike zone. That is kilometres per hour, not miles. And after a dozen pitches my arm was about to fall off. Baseball has never been my game as much as I am fascinated by all the numerical/statistical geeking out that goes with it. It still stands that few women could do what I do, and no women could do what the professionals do. They are athletes and as men they are superior to anything women can do.
          We now have systems in place that don’t nurture anything but girls to pretend they can compete with guys.

        13. Just one thing before I respond, and I don’t mean to be a dick. . .
          Is English your second language?