Saudi Arabia Wants To Help Outbreed Non-Muslims By Building 200 Mosques In Germany

Refusing to take in his own brother Arabs, the newly crowned King Salman of Saudi Arabia has offered to build 200 mosques in Germany for the latter’s new “migrants.” For years, Saudi Arabia has blatantly refused to accept any public profession of the Christian or Jewish faiths. It also readily clamps down on the practice of allegedly deviant forms of Islam, including the minority Shia denomination.

With the Saudis as the migrants’ magnanimous spiritual benefactors and the self-hating German government housing them, what could possibly go wrong?

The offer by Saudi Arabia to fund mosques in Germany is part of a calculated political and religious mission to keep Saudi Arabia purely Islamic, while exporting Islam to infidel countries in Europe. Riyadh is well aware that from Israel to England, Muslim populations continually outbreed reproductively stagnant indigenous Westerners.

By offloading its co-Muslims to Germany and other self-euthanizing societies, the Saudi Kingdom avoids importing Syrian and other Arabs less amenable to their historical narrative of divine rule and can increase its significant influence in expatriate Muslim communities abroad.

It does not matter that the German government has rejected the proposal of Salman. They have already, for years on end, done the work that should have fallen squarely on the shoulders of Middle Eastern leaders: dealing with their own regional problems and hatreds, rather than passing them onto Europe.

Thanks to its plain ludicrous admission of anyone and everyone, fueled by an illogical guilt complex because of what some people did between 1933 and 1945, Germany has built the equivalent of 2,000 mosques, not 200, to make itself feel better and exorcise the long non-existent spirit of Hitler.

SJWs will defend the protection of every local culture except Western ones

The late Saudi King Abdullah attended multiple inter-faith dialogues, including this one with the former Pope Benedict. Funny how a Saudi monarch can talk about tolerance when they have all excluded wholesale the practice of non-Muslim religions and other Islamic denominations.

Detractors will again allege that ROK is sponsoring xenophobia by criticizing the migrant invasion of Europe. And, again, they will structure their so-called arguments so that inconvenient truths like Saudi Arabia and a menagerie of other grossly xenophobic and racist countries are cordoned off from any and all discussion.

For decades, Middle Eastern states have had opportunities to correct their political and social climates of dictatorial rule, religious exclusion, arbitrary administration of “justice” and other maladies. The problem is that many of these intolerant views are actually espoused by large sections of the people, many of whom claim to flee oppression but simultaneously believe in their own form of it.

The simplification of the SJW narrative knows no bounds. It’s very easy for Western do-gooders to paint a blatantly anti-Western portrait without ever touching on the non-Western reasons why asylum seeker influxes into Europe occur. If we look at Saudi Arabia, just one of many local examples, it has created its own massive stream of refugees from Yemen, streams it refuses to take any responsibility for.

This year Saudi forces have indiscriminately shelled and air-raided civilian areas in Yemen. Yemeni rebels pose an intrinsic threat to the stability of the Saudi regime, which could be unseated by the sort of mass rebellions seen in its smaller neighbor. It is exactly this sort of appalling behavior, using non-combatants as pawns, that leads to Middle Eastern crises in the first place.

The Middle East is a fireplace of self-immolation

These don’t look like Syrians to me, but such a distinction is never raised by SJWs. Salient events like the Syrian Civil War are only conjured up to increase further the flow of migrants, whatever their origins.

The Middle East is, to put it bluntly, full of basket case regimes and poor excuses for civil societies. Admittedly, many are dictatorships. But if you topple one dictatorship and replace it with another, or with a democracy, do you really think a real civil society will blossom? In Iraq’s “democracy,” even before the onset of ISIS, a Shia-majority electorate only had the effect of isolating and even punishing the large Sunni Arab and Kurdish minorities.

As I will explain in an upcoming article about the need for Europe to take almost exclusively Christian refugees from the Middle East, the overthrow of the Mubarak regime by Islamists and then the overthrow of the Islamists by the military have done nothing to improve the plight of the country’s many persecuted Coptic Christians. Regime change matters very little in the present Middle East because any substituted set of elites that take power are not fundamentally different from those that they threw out.

Nazi Germany occurred more recently than much of the rather benign European mandate system which oversaw the Middle East from the time of Napoleon until the 1940s. So why is the Middle East’s self-immolation suddenly Europe’s problem and one which should be solved by resorting to “the white man’s burden” and its corollaries?

There is zero causality in terms of Europe being obligated to take in people better suited for other countries because European nations did xy or z in the past. Arabs and Muslims killed each other or minority groups much less in the past than today. The barbarity of local individuals and groups is to blame, not historical European colonialism.

Why is the social engineering of “intolerant” countries reserved for over-tolerant Western states?

Before the CURRENT migrant crisis, Chancellor Merkel said multiculturalism had “failed.” Why the change of tune?

This paradox is never addressed. SJWs rally in the streets to yell “Refugees welcome!” (forgetting to investigate whether many are indeed legitimate refugees) and sit idly by as opportunity after opportunity arises for them to actually try and make the world better. And making the world better involves expecting and enforcing just 2% of the tolerance found in the West in the countries that call Western states xenophobic or Islamophobic.

Due to the population explosion within Middle Eastern societies, the acceptance of hundreds of thousands of migrants into Europe does nothing to combat the systems and mindsets in the Middle East itself that enable and propel such emigration in the first place. Meanwhile, European societies are expected to bend over backwards as their communities, already shellshocked from one-way demographic change over decades, suffer the additional burden of housing, clothing and feeding large cities’ worth of migrants in a period of sustained continental economic recession. Where is the similar support for Ukraine and Greece?

It’s easy to see nowadays how an average German can feel like a peasant. Whether King Salman, Chancellor Angela Merkel or someone else, a monarch, hereditary or elected, is trying to shove something down the throat of them or their country.

And usually it’s something bad.

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279 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Wants To Help Outbreed Non-Muslims By Building 200 Mosques In Germany”

    1. Won’t happen. Might be another Hitler, tho this time instead of death camps it’ll most likely be an arms race of super-viruses.

      1. It’ll happen..but only after several decades of social subjugation at the hands of minorities and their white political catamites. Whites will have to regrow their balls again, and for that to happen we need to start having kids and all our silly delusions need to be shattered. The colonisation will leave its scars tho, culturally and genetically.

        1. The EU is a de facto federal dictatorship, and it’s already well on its way on being ruined by those in power.

    2. The Moors were invading at the Battle of Tours. In 2015, Europe is welcoming them in. If Arabs and Muslims want to assimilate and become patriotic, Tory, Britons who will fight for the Empire, that’s fine.
      It does not appear that many of them have that goal.

  1. Of course they do. It’s called winning. Something feminists don’t believe in. What do you think will happen to feminists after the fall of the west? Mass executions. You don’t think the Islamic women will permit anything less, do you? And as for those taken as slaves for breeding stock…..well, tongues aren’t necessary. Does this sound brutal and unbelievable? Straight up historical.
    You see, feminism has destroyed our culture. Islam says we’re the Great Satan. Sadly, that’s true. We kill our babies, they don’t. When it comes down to it, masculine men will not protect baby killers. Selling baby parts? Practicing vivisection? It’s all true. So, tell me, what’s worth fighting for?

    1. Yea we’re fucked up in the west. But so are they (muslims). I believe there’s a middle ground found in Buddhist countries. There’s still family values and morals without sharia law.

      1. No, women have to be controlled. What’s happened is obvious. Societies that control their women survive. You may not think much of Islam, but that doesn’t matter. Masculinity will have its revenge.

        1. What has that to do with what I said ? In Buddhist countries like Thailand there is no feminism and it still has all the values that we in the sphere crave. And without sharia.

        2. No, there’s a running fight against Islam in Thailand. Sharia is a tolerable alternative to infanticide. You see, Humanity as a whole, as I call it, the genome, will destroy any society that kills its children. Thailand is small, and they’re going to lose.

        3. I have. Thailand is irrelevant. They’re not knocking at the door, so why bother with it? You may not be interested, but that, too, is irrelevant.

        4. Are you fucked in the head? If you think whites are bad just fucking wait until you live under Sharia. Bro, you’re fucking tarded. I suggest you do even the most cursory research and gain some insight into the absurd shot you’re saying. Have you ever been to a muslim country?

        5. I thought your point was: Feminism is bad and Sharia law will destroy it. Therefore, sharia law is good. Is that right ?
          My point is that there are (much) better cultures that kicks feminism’s ass just as good.
          Sure. Thailand is not knocking on our door so nothing will happen there..but I prefer to live in a country I can leave when I want to (to thailand for example) than a backwards country that will burn me alive if I watch MTV.
          Anyway, a sharia law regime will not last long. They are like Mormons, just more extreme. They ban all modern technology, and their population gets incredible stupid.
          Because of their intolerance and stubbornness, and illogical believe in Allah’s protection, they will soon get into conflicts with other countries. And they will lose those wars.

        6. Don’t know that I would pick Thailand as the example.
          Rampant prostitution, child-sex industry/slavery, the opium trade and all that entails, and ladyboys abound. Not disagreeing with the Buddhism part though.

      2. It doesn’t matter how fucked up they are, if we allow them to overrun us they’ve won. How civilized and intellectually developed you believe yourself to be is irrelevant once you’re in a cage with a lion, you’d better be willing to get down and dirty or your shit is going to get wrecked.

    1. Thanks for outing yourself a a Musloid, along with all your other fake Disqus handles you made today.

    2. I don’t feel western populations have any other strategy open to them – they are not able to organise without a leader.
      And all the leaders get killed/cut off by the jews.
      The holohoax didn’t happen. But one day its going to happen.

  2. We need another Crusade. Perhaps the Mongolian hordes would like some payback?

        1. Already am.
          So tell me, what did you do when the Muslims were taking over the world?

      1. Did you just make an account so you can reply to people with irrelevant jpegs?

  3. The Jews prevent white people from fighting back in any way! AND YES I AM BLAMING THE JEWS! If the white man was only free to wage war, he would utterly devastate his enemy. But by media, political and judicial systems he is blocked at EVERY turn! Whites would have to have a bloody revolution to regain their government, just so they could then spill more of their blood in an all-out war against Islam. Secretly as much as I hate white people I have always rooted for them. I am no fool, I know that they have done this world more good than harm. IT IS SO SAD TO SEE SUCH A NEUTERED PEOPLE.

      1. Hey you smelly shit, this is what happens when you’re a “real” warrior: Just speaking your mind in the real world, you’ll be charged with a “hate crime”. Little brown kid builds a “clock” that looks identical to a bomb and gets invited to the white house. White people are powerless. If they were let loose on people like you, you would be chased back into a cave in the desert.

      2. Keyboard warrior is not an effective strategy as it rarely translates into real-world results. Whites specifically need to become preppers en masse, and stop becoming PUAs/sluts. Their inability to do these 2 things means they will die out soon – that’s the plan of their ‘leaders’!

      1. The jews did WW2 to have an excuse to create Israel.
        All wars are bankers wars.
        The jews even ran US slavery of the black man.
        I hope you consider the implications of the above.

    1. Jews control the food supply. If the economy collapses, 90%+ of whites in most nations will die of starvation within 6 months. It’s that bad.

  4. Thing is, western feminism is a death cult. They actually practice infanticide. So, the Human genome will reject them. We call that war. Masculinity will not support feminism, seeing as how they’re butchering babies. Literally. Islam has many problems, true…..but they will kill any feminist they can. That’s called “winning”.

      1. The Jews are behind the abortion industry. And what’s the difference Muslims, stone their women, rape little boys and kill gays?

        1. Yep, they kill folks, no doubt about it. I don’t care about the women and gays. Tough shit. As for the little boys, well, karma. Islam is literally killing millions of babies, and selling the parts.

        2. I don’t think you understand the idea of karma. Or the one factor that always trumps karma – grace. A lot of western women have been brainwashed to believe that abortion is not only natural but good! It’s insane and they are responsibly for their actions but they were brainwashed into doing it (by people with very malicious intent). You must have compassion for these women. Sharia IS NOT a good alternative. Muslim nation are savage nations. Before the mid 20th century abortion wasn’t even a thing. Have some pride in your people and stop just throwing your hands up and saying “I give up”. If you;re not going to be a man about it do your western brothers a favor and leave. You can start practicing sharia on your flight to the middle east tomorrow! Bright and early!

        3. Karma is when the middle eastern folk and others move in because white girls are cucking themselves by having no children.

  5. Some speculation on the aims of the instigators/designers of the European crisis, all not mutually exclusive:
    – Stepping stone to the totalitarian EU state (republic becomes an empire scenario)
    – Push to homogenize the populations of EU member states in order to make it easier to rule over them (divide & conquer)
    – Immigrants as a proxy army against native populations (white genocide)
    – To divert attention from a major upcoming regional or global event
    – Power grab by the established Left
    – Power grab by big bankers
    – Power grab by conjectured shadow elite
    – Native populations of Europe are being “primed” by the “immigration experience” (i.e. rampant crime, economic hardship) for something bigger
    – Directed eugenics on the white population by deliberately introducing a selective pressure (violent immigrants) (i.e. succesfully fighting off a pathogen will boost host immunity)
    – Deliberate destruction of the economies of EU member nations with the goal of elimination of the EU as a global power
    Anyway, a war is brewing.

    1. Legitimate question – Why try to weaken the white gene pool specifically? So we can as humans regress as a species?
      And let’s say this is all a Jewish scheme (it is), what precisely is the reason for trying to take out whitey specifically? The Koran advocates destruction of the Jewish people. And yet Muslims are breeding like rabbits and proliferating all across the western world now. Is this not bad for everybody, especially Jews?
      I just don’t get who benefits from all this chaos?

        1. My avatar to yours, monkeyboy. Your name is an insult to England, and you will be removed from its soil in due time.

        2. i’ve been wondering the same thing, for quite some time. used to be women would get banned, as would we if we engaged them in discussion.

      1. The Joos do……they are trying to take out YT, because of I.Q., and critical thinking, blacks, Hispanics, most Asians, all rag heads do no critical thinking at all = easier to control and manipulate. It’s a world that they would like.

        1. Funny, but the last time I’ve visited an engineering faculty at some american leading university, I have not seen white studets at all, because most of them were hindus and asians (chinese, koreans etc.). So IQ has nothing to do with it because most of the whites are retards anyway without the muslim aid.

        2. sorry, but that’s affirmative action in play dude…think about all the Inventions IN THE LAST 1500 YEARS, critical thinking = using both hemispheres of the brain, crossing the corpus collasum, and inventing new things. Fact, Hindu’s and Asians usually don’t invent things, and….do you think they give a fuck about the constitution or your rights??, fuck no!

        3. there’s a lot of jewish trolls around, even spewing comical amounts of jew hate, trying to make people with real grievances against jews look bad. We all get tarred with the ‘nazi hater; brush, even though we have real reasons to say that the jew is a liar, thief and murderer.
          Free speech is drowned out by jews trolling non-jews and spreading misdirection and misinformation.

        4. Believing in differences between the races is not about white superiority…in IQ tests Jewish seem to come top, followed by east asians in technical tests especially, although less so in some other areas. Whites then follow. Southern Asians. and at the end of the queue blacks. In far East asia there is also a culture of learning and study which helps drive these people into high tech. But whites do seem to account for a massive proportion of inventions. Maybe because whites do well in inventiveness, original thinking and creativeness it makes up for the slight deficit in technical IQ.

        5. No surprise, given the affirmative action and favoritism going on in academics in favor of these minorities.

        6. “Maybe because whites do well in inventiveness, original thinking and creativeness it makes up for the slight deficit in technical IQ.” I’ll take that any day.

        7. Are you surprised? Google hasbara and then google Israel paying university students to post propaganda for them online.

        8. Correction my friend…I am an ancient Israelite, not one of the fake ones that call themselves joos.

        9. Their are quite a few groups who claim to be descendants of the israelites, wich one are you? only asking out of curiousity.

        10. “Maybe because whites do well in inventiveness, original thinking and
          creativeness it makes up for the slight deficit in technical IQ.” –
          Those parameters are strictly related to IQ. 20-30 years ago universities were filled by white students. These students are the creators you see today. Thus, the next creators will be asians and hindus.
          But the main problem is not IQ. The problem is that whites don’t have the same motivation as asians and hindus. That’s why jews are known as smart people: they just had more motivation and will than others. And trust me, motivation is very related to IQ.
          In the end of the day, you should not care about race. You should care about yourself and the present. If the representatives of your race are considered successful traditionally, but you are retarded then you are just retarded.

        11. 100% correct on a personal level…. but on a political level one of the biggest causes of grievance today is the fact that blacks are told they are just as intelligent as a group than other races. When they then fail to achieve the blame is laid at the door of institutional racism and then affirmative action/riots and ‘positive discrimination’ follow. I just ask that we’re honest about these things.

        12. We have two problems with blacks (or Muslims in Europe) as a group:
          1. They are lazy. They don’t have the same values of hard work as asians and hindus have. But it’s not only black folks: today a lot of young people of my age think that the world belongs to them. They think that without hard work or good education they can actually achieve something. I call it the “boss syndrome”.
          2. Traditionally, they are viewed as victims. As a result they have more social rights than any other group in our society. Thus, they have less motivation because money grows on the trees. This simple fact can easily explain why their IQ is so low. But don’t get me wrong, genetical factor is crucial for IQ too.
          It’s easy to see that 12.

        13. Your advice is pathetic because Google (which includes Androind OS) was established by jews and it has a lot of research and development centers in Israel. You may rage, but almost any software or hardware (like the new CPU of intel which would replace i7. Sorry, I’m almost sure that even i7 itself was designed by an Israeli team) today have zionist or jewish traces. In other words, you are a parasite.

        14. Minorities? They are the majority today in your universities. You should favor whites because they are the real junior minority in the academics. Haven’t you heard the old joke about american universities? An american university is where the lecturers are jews and the students are asians. I know you believe in all this white superiority but the reality shows a different approach.

      2. It’s simple. Every Muslim country has a special fund for spreading Islam. They bribed your politicians so they would accept more immigrants. Spreading Islam means easier control over the herd (you can’t use a better word to describe a group of Muslims).
        As for the Jewish issue. Look, people have a tendency to blame the Jews, because they don’t want to take any responsibility for their fouls. It’s happened for more than 2,000 years. In the end of the day, we all know that modern native Europeans (even your lovely Russians whose whores are spread in every brothel in the world) are mostly consist of degenerative pussies. Wait… they were pussies even during ww2 (except for the Soviets and Germans of that time).
        Now let’s assume you are right. Indeed a couple of Jewish banker are running the world… alphas commanding betas what to do. Sounds familiar? LOL.

        1. Just like Western countries have a fund for spreading their own ideology which destroy traditional lifestyle elsewhere.

        2. Dude. Before the end of this century Africa will add 3 BILLION MORE BLACKS TO THE WORLD. There are barely a handful of whites in all of Africa. The white man doesn’t spread his ideology around the world. The white man goes to war for Israel and that’s the cover story.

        3. Yes, listen carefully to this wisdom, goyim! It’s the Muslims who are behind White Genocide, and their secret agents opened your borders. Apart from controlling every single mass media corporation, running the Fed and other central banks, running Hollywood and the music industry, and funding wars for Israel’s borders, Jews are just a persecuted minority, and have nothing to do with what’s going on. Speaking about those wars… how’s about taking some more of the refugees? We’d help out… but we’re G_d’s chosen, and the Holocaust, 6 trillion, lampshades, multicoloured incinerator smoke… so… yeah, you’d better take ‘em.

        4. i met a lot of whites who in the medical profession would tell me they liked mass immigration. I am nonwhite and remembered a time when nonwhites were few, so i kept telling these middle class folk (doctors etc..) how mass immigration was bad (i don’t want my friends race-replaced).
          I then read several books which made the situation clear for me. These people promoting mass immigration aren’t white, though they LOOK white. One in particular referred to a “Synagogue of Satan” who lied about who they were – then it all made sense to me and I became a hater of jew evil.

        5. THANK YOU for articulating exactly what I was just about to write. Chased out of every place they’ve inhabited and people fail to see the common denominator!

        6. “Before the end of this century Africa will add 3 BILLION MORE BLACKS TO THE WORLD. ”
          Fed by food supplied to them (under the banner of “aid”) by the West, no doubt.

        7. But I still don’t understand why the Jews are so subversive everywhere they go. Why can’t they simply respect their host countries, make their own contributions and live in peace?
          But throughout their history, the Jews tend to live like destructive parasites, sucking the life out of their hosts and being hated everywhere.
          Look at them in America for example. They own or control all the major news outlets, but not for good. They have a stranglehold on our elected leaders. They corrupt society through their push of hollywood and homosexual filth. Wouldn’t they still be able to make money if they had pushed for a wholesome society?

        8. Nothing stops the white man from spreading his seeds even here at home, except for his defective ideologies, which result in baby killing and limited families.

        9. Yes, this literally strains my mind close to it’s limits, trying to comprehend. People say stuff like “I respect the Jew’s tenacity” and things of that nature. But the gains they make are due to subversion and every unethical practice imaginable.
          Is it all just about money? Like, what joy do these people have in their lives? Why do they sow, so much discord? I must understand why. I need to understand why.

        10. ‘The white man doesn’t spread his ideology around the world.’
          Are you serious?
          The White man spread Christianism everywhere which destroyed traditional cultures. Now he wants to spread ‘Human rights’ and ‘liberalism’ which destroy the status of males and elders in traditional societies.
          Muslim coming to destroy YOUR culkture is just like the chicken coming to roost.

      3. You answer your own question…the end game is to weaken the white gene pool. For a look at how this can wind up, check out “Farnham’s Freehold” by Robert Heinlein.

      4. The White Christians and Arab Muhammadean Muslims are supposed to fight and eliminate each other, oftentimes through grabbing each other’s dwindling economic resources, exhausting each other. Then the jew sweeps in with his ‘solution’, enslaving the few who remain, until that unstable totalitarian society collapses.
        The jew wishes to be worshipped as God(they are Luciferians) and are re-creating the multicultural Tower of Babel as described in the Bible, where humanity rose against God to try and take his place. They did this in the past as divide-and-conquer and banking was their main way of subverting nations, along with ‘mind-control’ and brainwashing of populations.
        The Muslims are not in the west to be ‘controlled’ by the jew. They are merely there to die as whites and muslims mutually annihilate each other.
        It is the other races who are supposed to be the future slaves. But the jew has not as much control as he’d like to have, they will destroy themselves for they are that destructive. Plus, if you believe the Bible or the Quran, there will be a ‘special mystery guest’ who will be showing up before the end to put an end to all the evil kings, their ‘cucks’ who did their bidding without question, and will restore the righteousness of God and humanity to the planet. In fact, even the religions that pre-dated Christianity describe this, so it seems that this is pretty much the truth.
        Now that would be a future worth living in – its a shame we have to live in the present era, which whilst it may be heaven for the jew(his messianic era), it is hell for most of the rest of us.

        1. Few people actually see this aspect, a lot of whites think the influx of Muslims or ethnic minorities is meant to displace them from their countries but the truth is it is only meant to level the field so that the coming violence devastates both sides making neither capable of withstanding the designs of their real enemy.

        2. Another legitimate question: How come in the Bible, the Jews are spoken about as God’s people, and they will always be protected by Him? Does this not go directly against everything? Wouldn’t we then be on the wrong side? This is what I dont understand.

        3. Israel are gods people. The question is did the church become Israel after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ? Is the third temple the actual body of a believer (the place where the Holy Spirit resides), or a physical reconstruction of the actual temple in Jerusalem? Eschatology is a complex thing. Someone who like me is a believer has serious issues with modern Israel. I see it as the same as Saudi Arabia in that it can embark on the worst kind of aparthide, and interference in other countries, yet remains politically untouchable to the outside world. If you look at the US and British governments they are full of either ‘Friends of Israel’ devotees, or ppeople with duel nationality. For me that is a very big national security issue, and one that is seemingly swept under the carpet.

      5. If it’s a Jewish scheme it wouldn’t work…Israel will not benefit by Europe and the US becoming more Islamic and pro Muslim.

      6. Progressives, leftists, collectivists, oligarchs, monopolists, crony capitalists and career politicians, multinational organizations, globalists, etc. They have no loyalty but to themselves, if even then. They don’t care about the gene pool of commodities. Humans are resources to be exploited, then discarded when their usefulness has ended.
        As far as who benefits: the ones in power, their allies, and their favored toadies. They are in competition for control and growth of their own fiefdoms. Blame who you will, it is a part of the human condition. We all have little tyrants in us waiting for the right opportunity.
        “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.” – Lord Acton

      7. lol so you say it’s a jewish scheme and yet you also claim jews are the ones that benefit the least (which is true), makes sense lol

        1. It’s easy. Everybody was involved in that business. Whites who committed a genocide of native Americans and needed to fill the empty lands with cheap labour force, blacks, muslims who are traditionally supporters of slavery. Everybody. Do you think white folks wandered the jungles and captured slaves? Blacks and Beduins brought them.
          Saudi Arabia had slavery (including sex slaves) until the 60’s just like ISIS has today. I believe a lot of African and Asian countries have human trafficking too.
          As for the “refugees”. There’re thousands of Sudanese, Nigerian etc. “refugees” in Israel. But this country is not as dumb as Eurogays. Israel knows that letting those “refugees” to cross the border is similar to harakiri. Contrary to Israel, Muslim gulf countries closed their borders. Or maybe the jews told them to do so. Who knows 🙂
          I just wander. Do you actually live on this planet? Do you have any influence at all? Because sometimes after reading your comments (“all the troubles of the world are committed by jews”), I think that the only players that do change the history and move things are the Jews, while the rest are just passive spectators or keyboard warriors.

        2. I don’t blame everything on “the jews”, silly boy.
          They are a profoundly weak ass tribe of honorless, sackless un-men.
          I blame white men for being such sellout faggots as to let them take over every institution.
          You either don’t get the concept of owning the mass media and government, and therefore all weak minds, or you are pretending not to.
          You try to berate me as a “keyboard warrior”, as if all the traditional means of (non-violent) resistance, such as talking to people at work, are still options.
          This is why they went for the culture first – so smarmy faggots like you can pretend there is some kind of even playing field.
          Not so – not even in the realm of verbal discussion.
          But that’s a-changing, schlomo.

      8. The white goyim has always been the enemy of the jew, who else tried to kill the jew on every square inch of a continent, jews were banned from spain, portugal, iberia, france, england, most of western europe threw them out, then germans cholocaust them and russians and east europeans pogromed them and spit on them and treat them lke trash.
        Jews truly have no problem with muslims and here is why. 1. The Muslim is and has always in modern period been under the thumb of the jew. The jew has employed the divide and conquer tactics that the euro whites used on them onto muslims. They buy out the poor muslim to turn against the rich muslim. 2. Look at the muslim world now, the palestinians, the muslims,t hey want in, Israel. If Israel opened its borders guess what? Muslims would be a majority.
        The muslims never had much civilizations, a few in west africa but that was about it. Typically the muslims destroyed the real civilizations. Muslims are destroyers not builders.
        And jews benefit from a weak white gene pool because jews are non-whites and white heteogenous gene pools have always turned on jews historically. Ie. western europe in the medieval period and early industrial period expelling jews, 1600-1900 east and central europe saw the same thing. Jews use to catch hell in America too before all the non-white immigrants come in. And jews hear whites open racism, because most whites speak badly of jews when they think none are around but cannot tell that a jew is a jew not a white.
        hence jews have a special deep hatred of whites, that only mixed race people can have. Jews don’t look non-white alot of the time, so people who are white mistaking the jew for white often slip up and bad mouth jews infront of them. This is why jews hate whites. Yes whites do this to every group, blacks, mexicans, even other white groups. But usually we know when they aren’t around.
        Only one race in the modern period has ever really managed to bust up the jews and hurt them, whites. Only a few white countries like hungary still stand against jews today.

    2. Its Simple
      1) invite. Incite. profit.
      You bring in hordes, incite them against the native population and profit politically. This is what the rad left is looking to do.
      2) Feckless naivety.
      The globalists honestly believe that they can use these people to achieve their objectives, and then the colonists will magically settle down and become dark skinned Europeans.
      3) Destruction of the nation state.
      You submerge the indigenous population in a horde of unassimilated colonists. Thus Germany ceases to be a nation state. It becomes an administrative zone in which the Germans are merely one group amongst many. Lebanon write large. The technocrats running the EU profit.

      1. Anyone who starts a comment with “Legitimate question. . .” is just trying to get a reaction, the longer the better.

      2. A common european strategy would involve:
        (1) Love God and love your fellow man (e.g. no mass abortions etc… the best way to achieve this is perhaps Christianity, as it worked in the past).
        (2) sadly, no jews, as they are destructive and cannot be trusted. They would track us via the mark of their beast, and humanity would always be under threat by them as long as they live. This would be the last thing on the agenda to be achieved, as it is the hardest.
        (3) Getting involved in self-sufficiency, the prepper movement in particular; this removes power from the moneychangers and makes them irrelevant.
        (4) A need for the community to self-organise and become more politically and racially aware, at the same time, communities need to understand that agent provocateurs are always trying to undermine real leadership and lead whole populations down the moneychanger’s dark path, where they are to be liquidated at the end (=killed).
        I believe we have passed the Rubicon in most nations and that all the above will be achieved largely after the jew has destroyed western nations, and then himself. However, should people be interested in a strategy, then the above would work best. The jew is just showing his hand and letting people know he runs things, that’s why there is less censorship now surrounding the jew – he is near his end goal and needs his slaves to understand they are subservient to him; if he suddenly sprang a totalitarian society upon them, most would reject it without the necessary psychological propaganda preconditioning.
        No one talks strategy, and by the time they do, it will be too late. Seeing as the internet is largely controlled by the jew and his various groups, like the JIDF, it seems prudent to mention a strategy that would work. However, I fear that considering the naivety of most folk, it is far too late and most strategies will devolve to being centred around the individual, as the society has already been destroyed – the jew just hasn’t pulled the trigger yet. So i expect lots of misdirection in the largely controlled media and alt media over the next few years, before the whole system suddenly collapses over a period of years – and this will come across as a shock and will destroy the naive, unprepared masses; who will be killed/destroyed in their entirety.

    3. war is the only solution….or europe will be swamped…firstly the break up of the EU…then war…then a Martel The Hammer type moment..

    1. Mercedes Muslims, kinda like their fake Christian adversaries. Selling out their own people to cater to their selfish appetites behind closed doors while practicing and imbibing in everything their religion forbids and cruelly punishing their own people for doing less.
      The Abrahamic religions and governments are polluted with wealth and serve no purpose to humanity but division and destruction. They are tools who only serve the financial elite.
      The House of Saud needs to be overthrown. Israel wreaks havoc on Muslims everywhere but Saudi Arabia. What does the house of Saud do? Nothing. They are complicit in inhuman treatment of Palestinians. Why does the House of Saud allow it unless they are Jewish?
      Israel is a failed Apartheid State that can only exist with US aid. Pull the plug, the state deflates. The Elite hide behind Judaism and use Zionism as a proxy nation to agitate and destroy opposition under the color of humanitarianism.
      Why would Muslims hate the west? Unbridled support for Israel, a controlled media that corrupts a country pushed to war against American interests. SJW’s and cultural marxists with a level of moral and ethical degeneracy that exceeds the day before. True people of character and morals, regardless of religion, would work together to pull the plug of this cesspool and join against a common threat.
      Someone warned the world this shit would happen 82 years ago and it was ignored.
      How in the fuck is abortion, homosexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism healthy and productive?

  6. The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of White people’s money. So Western governments will try and get third world money now.
    Practical politics and a consistent message is key. Those who disparage ‘keyboard warriors’ having got clue. They think you can take a gun against a tank. Sound is a weapon. Use it.
    People are waking up. Last month my co-workers laughed at the idea of White GEnocide.
    Last week they asked ‘why there are so few white people around in a lot of areas.’
    means, really, why are there so many non-whites–after all this is
    Canada not China) ‘Is there not a place for Whites just as China is for
    the Chinese.’
    ‘How come everyone working at the Mandarin is Chinese— often right from China??’
    They are waking up. But it is slow, and they want to keep their ‘liberal’ moral status as long as possible.

    1. It’s disturbing… Taking the TTC sometimes feels like going into the third world.
      I got nothing against immigrants but there is no stable white community in Toronto that I’m aware of (other than the Jewish community), and it can be a sketchy feeling.

      1. I used to live in Toronto too and it seems that we are thinking along the same lines. Why the “keyboard warrior” memes?

        1. It wont matter; HUD is looking to integrate areas they deem not diverse enough- the complexion of GOJ’s hood will be dramatically different in 10 yrs…

        2. No place to put them. The city was incorporated in 1951, but the actual city long predates that and the land is all sewed up, and most of the really desirable spots are designated historical areas.

        3. Low income housing will be built, whether you like it or not.
          There’s been some low level outrage up in Westchester county, NY(one of the most heavily taxed counties in the country). Paying 10-,15-,20,000 a yr in taxes, and they could have projects springing up here and there.
          The Feds are also pushing to centralize zoning rules down in DC- do you want a bureaucrats 100s of miles away deciding what you can/cant do in your town?
          Its getting serious, and the band played on…

        4. I’m Hispanic, lol. Just close the door after I walk in. I don’t mind integration but those being integrated should share the same values, culture, know the language, assimilate, and so on and so forth. But I know that is not the way it works.

        5. I’ve heard of this “plan” but it’s an Obama department directive, not “law”. The moment the GOP takes over the WH everything changes on that count. I’m not an eternal pessimist.

        6. This is basically the demographic breakdown of all of central Ohio, excepting Columbus (which is a bit more “enriched” by “diversity”) but even in Cols it’s pretty sweet, charming, laid back and clean. Our income is substantially higher than a lot of other places but otherwise it’s nearly homogeneous.
          This weekend we have Oktoberfest, the Delaware County fair and the Little Brown Jug going on. Last weekend we had the Delaware Horse Parade (it’s actually a big deal, as Columbus hosts the Quarter-horse Congress). Springtime we go to Dublin for the Irish Festival. Shakespeare in the Park is down at Schiller park in Columbus, which is a play troup that does free Shakespeare plays (and quite well) in a public park. Picnic with the Pops is just down the road, which is a classical music open air concert where a couple of thousand people show up to drink wine, picnic and listen to good music. Columbus has a German Men’s Chorus and Association, which sings traditional German songs and carols. German Village is about a 20 minute drive away in Columbus, with family owned restaurants and shops dating back to the original German inhabitants It’s a great area to live around here.

        7. If you like laid back, quiet and lots of pretty young girls (Delaware hosts a rather large college), along with unrestricted open carry, the ability to buy silencers and machine guns without hassle, clean streets and neighborhoods, a vibrant home brew group, small town but high end restaurants and an amazing community spirit, well, this is your place.

        8. We might have something here…I’m pretty conservative in all aspects of my life (except when it comes to women). I work for a prestigious 4-year university and finding a job may not be too difficult. This town definitely sounds like my place!

        9. We have lots of colleges around here actually. In Delaware proper we have Ohio Wesleyan. In Westerville (a short drive) there is Otterbein University. And of course, a short commute down the road (especially compared to LA standards) there is THE Ohio State University. You can even look into OSU Marion campus, which is much closer to Delaware.

        10. I’m sure any one of those campuses will work! As a USC alumni, THE Ohio State University is very enticing (college football fan). thanks for the information Sir GOJ, I will seriously look into this. I may pick your brain later for more insight. Thank you.
          Side bar: I noticed the Obama propaganda in one of the photos from the link.

        11. Feel free to do so. My “throwaway” email is directly in my profile, if you hover over my icon it shows.

        12. Look for small cities and large towns with no University (community college is fine and will be mostly white if in a mostly white town). Bonus points if the town still has manufacturing jobs. That will get you more of the type of people you want to be around.

        13. Take a look again at my link. University present, 90% white.

        14. That’s the Democratic hq of the county. The building is deserted most of the time, and closed up a lot. The GOP hq of the county is directly across the street and is open daily and has people in it. Delaware county is so bloody red that it isn’t funny, in fact it has the largest concentration of declared libertarians in it as well. When the news wants to get an anti-tax/pro-gun quote from central Ohio, they hit a spot in Delaware and never fail to see one given to them. Very rich county, very well off people, on camera saying “Biggest issue? How about repealing the income tax if you want to solve things?!” I’ve actually seen this on the news, live from Delaware, heh.

        15. Cant stand Obama or his brain dead followers! Delaware sounds like it’s made up of a lot of rational and logical people who bleed red, white and blue!

        16. Wow…cool. Hope your way of life continues but Obeyme can drop a 100k refugees in your town anytime. Where Germans go there is usually prosperity. Back in my home state of MO there are these German towns like Hermann, Westphalia, Augusta that are all founded by Germans. Super neat and clean. We played them in basketball and everyone had Kraut names like Burmeister, Steinkuhler etc. Missouri’s predominant immigrant group was German in contrast to the East Coast towns like Boston etc were it was the Irish and Italians . In fact the German immigrants was why Missouri remained in the Union as the German immigrants were militantly anti slavery. Missouri contributed all German speaking units to the Union army called the Black Hats cause of the crazy black hats they wore. They called the Germans back then “the dutch” . Then of course Anheuser-Busch in ST Louis (Budweiser) was founded by Czech/German types….

        17. lol why the spike in arson in 2002? Did you go on vacation or something?
          Btw really cool website.

        18. Kids and outsiders, mostly, as I’ve been told. I’m not directly in Delaware, but just south of it in the same county, same demographics and we’re a bit more affluent than Delaware proper.
          Lots of interesting sites regarding statistical demographics, that are ignored by mostly everyone.

      2. Ever wonder why the jews have a stable community – it’s because THE JEW IS RACE-REPLACING WHITE PEOPLE!

      1. Liberia seems particularly devoid of whites for some reason.

        1. LOL! Even on the beaches?
          I jest but my neighborhood is majority White as is the majority of the UK. But people tend to focus on the ethic areas in the big cities as evidence of an immigrant take-over. I think Britain is about 5% Black but I am rarely concerned about the massive areas with few Black people.

        2. Britain has 21 million undocumented immigrants in a tiny nation with an official statistic of 64 million. This was proven by Tesco this year, a major food retailer.
          England become 49% white british this year, 10% white other, 41% nonwhite.

        3. I agree with 98% of what you write here on ROK, but these stats are nonsense. I am quite familiar with England, and visited as recently as a year ago. It is definitely majority white, but I cannot really estimate a %.
          No way are there 21 million undocumented immigrants, and remember many immigrants and guest workers there are white from other EU countries (like Poland).

      2. I hate to say it, but you sound like you don’t care about whites needs.
        In fact, your motto sounds like “Gimme den white girls.”
        You’re actually a closet racist against whites. You just want the goods.

      3. mexico and central america. admittedly, the few white people there are down here tend to be pretty high in the pecking order.

      Africa for the Africans? Are you kidding?
      Asia for the Asians? The Asian continent has been also inhabited by Russians, Arabs, Turks, Persians and Indians for millenias. Besides SEA and SA are also becoming multicultural.
      Actually, Europe is the most homogeneous continent. Even in France, over 80-85% of the population is still White.
      Outside, what is a ‘white country’ for you?

      1. aren’t the turks asians? arabs originate on the asian continent too, as do persians, indians (indo-european or not). slavic russians have not inhabited asia for millenias, just centuries, since about the 1500s when they began to conquer siberia.

        1. The Affirmatyion was Asia for Asians. The reality is that ‘Asians’ (a.k.a. Mongoloids) are, at best, a small majority on the continent.
          Originally, Turks were Asians but obviously there has been with Mediterraneans in Anatolia and Russians in Central Asia.

    1. Say something like Roosh is on his way to MGTOW and you’ll see them.
      Oi, oi, I’m joking, all right, joking … 🙂

    2. The holocaust was a lie – they don’t mention 100 million whites killed by jews and their Communism.
      Bring it on JIDF mods.

      1. Sorry bro but you’re kicking in open doors here, if you scroll down you’ll see the meme spammer i had in mind.

        1. i got trolled off this site and rooshv months back by jidf mods – I gotta be honest, they are only open with the whole ‘jews did it’ thing now, because the jews pretty much control it all. It doesn’t look good – expect some economic crash or major war in the next few years.
          We live in the jewish matrix of lies built upon lies.

        2. Indeed there is No doubt about it, imagine the look on the peoples faces that used to laugh at preppers and “conspiracy theorists” when they die from diarrhea drinking contaminated water.

  7. Kaiserin Merkel is shooting herself in both feet. When we will here about her grabbing the loot and scooting on out like Schroeder (GAZPROM’s bitch) did, Of note: childless, opportunistic old crows really shouldn’t have a say in politics as they are not vesting in the future nor care what becomes of others.

  8. Except that Christians are not banned from practicing their religion in Saudi Arabia, they just can’t promote it or proselytize.

    1. That’s like saying that sure, you can’t drive your car, and you can’t have it outside of your garage or seen by the public at large, but people are not banned from owning cars.

      1. Its almost like being required to have special documented permission to be allowed to freely drive your car with a jail term certain if you fail to maintain a valid document.

        1. Well, I wouldn’t say “almost the same”, but the entire permission thing is idiocy. That goes for licensing in general, regardless of the topic.

    1. Amen to that. It still amazes me how many scream “Iraq! Afghanistan! War on Terruh” yet have no real idea that 9/11 was basically a Saudi inside job (from a financed perspective).

      1. All the alleged terrorists were Saudis and who did we go after? It is amazing how dense people can be.

    2. Actually, its the other way around. Starting in the mid 70s, the US struck a deal with the Saudis- their oil profits would be ploughed into American Treasuries. The interest on the bonds was not paid out, rather, it was redirected in the form of contracts to preferred American construction companies, who, in turn, helped build out Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure.
      Im pretty sure Bush Sr. was involved in negotiating that arrangement.

      1. Yeah but all the big guns are pointed in Saudi’s direction. The Saudi Regime only exists because of implicit US military support. Bush Sr was undoubtedly involved but the funds going to America are payment for services rendered.

        1. The Ottoman Empire kept the radicals in check for the most part. Tolerant of Jews and Christians too- be a good citizen, pay your taxes, and it was all good. The Arabians were promised a regional caliphate by the Brits and French in exchange for their support against the Turks. They reneged on that promise of course.
          This has been brewing since the 1920s because of that raw deal…

        2. Yep. The British are the reason for Saudi having a “Royal Family”. Monarchy for them but not for us.

  9. This is a game Saudi Arabia has been playing for a long time. They target low-IQ minorities, give them tons of money, and then tell them to convert to Islam.
    And then planes fly into buildings.

  10. “Thanks to its plain ludicrous admission of anyone and everyone, fueled by an illogical guilt complex because of what some people did between 1933 and 1945, Germany has built the equivalent of 2,000 mosques, not 200, to make itself feel better and exorcise the long non-existent spirit of Hitler.”
    Bingo! So with all these people now who love to travel brag in any social setting and volunteer-overshare stories about going to Europe by taking any opportunity to interject them without you even asking, I simply chuckle. They have no idea what’s in store for their trendy continent laden with castrated pussies (oh, and that big bad Russian bully to the East!). Your cliche Eiffel Tower-selfie will be totally meaningless in no time fast!

  11. “Islam is not a religion but a collective sex- and violence cult, giving born losers delusions of grandeur, but which, in particular, prohibits the sexual and existencial self determination of women.
    Its founder Mohammed wasn’t a prophet, but a warlord, mass murderer, con man and a lecher, a padophile who, amongst other things, married a 6 year old girl and fucked her at age 9.
    All rits, laws and prohibitions in islam serve the purpose to dehumanize every individual and to control the most intimate aspects of their lives, preventing the free partner selection of women in favor of a procreation system that promotes genetic degeneracy, and to force him or her into an emotional and societal surveillance system.
    During the last one thousand years no invention or discovery which enriched our life, created affluence, improved health, prolonged life or influenced western culture in any meaningful way came from any islamic country.
    In short, islam and all those who worship it, who ostentatiously bring it into the public sphere and demand special privileges for it, are shit and should be removed from our society.
    If that doesn’t happen the demographic superiority of the sons and daughters of islam will bring us within just a couple of years the hell of wretchedness, bestial violence, and in particular sexual violence against women, and the breathtaking backwardness which are the hallmark of islamic countries around the world. We will be their slaves.”
    -Akif Pirinçci, Turkish-German author

    1. It’s funny how to many people, the Koran (or Quran) states that Muslims should “do no harm to others”. The reality, however, is that “others” means “other Muslims”, not people of differing religions.
      (Or maybe it means the Others from “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Nah, just kidding.)

      1. “Muslims should “do no harm to others”. The reality, however, is that “others” means “other Muslims””
        Muslims have been fighting amongst each other since the day there were two of them.

    2. Good post, but there were quite a few Islamic doctors from the middle ages who had good advice and gave a lot to the field of medicine, health and such. This doesn’t mean that Muslims are automatically good doctors, and the rest of your post is pretty much spot on.

    3. Who cares if muhammad was a war lord who slept with 9 year olds, there was no age of consent law, once a girl hit puberty she was fair game. And biologically, this is what biology tells us, if a girl hits puberty she is sexually ready according to nature.

  12. The Swiss burghers in the old Saudi king’s real hometown had the right response.
    “You can build a mosque here if we get to build a church in Saudi Arabia.”

  13. The best thing the west can do is put these invaders on planes back to their homeland.
    @Roosh – what’s up with the ban?

    1. Plane, parachute, push.
      Some think the parachute is optional, but I have a big heart.

      1. I was about to give you my “Parachute?” question again, but I see you’ve covered that topic already. Heh.

  14. Europe is a tinderbox and will be exploding shortly. While many government officials are happy to go along with the plan to remove whites from Europe, not everyone is so keen to see their cultures wiped out.
    Hungary is already taking a stand. They’ve already fired tear gas on the “refugees”. They’ve also now approved military deployment and action to deal with the animals on their doorsteps. It would not surprise me if they are the first to fire on the invading army.
    Wherever it starts, the inevitable violence that ensues is going to spread quickly throughout Europe.
    Europe is in for some very bad years. Hopefully, we in the US learn from watching them and take the necessary steps to put an end to our problem before it reaches th level of crisis currently seen in Europe.

      1. Mexicans aren’t near as bad as muslims. other than the gangs and democrat voting habits they are nonetheless significantly better than muslim immigrants

        1. Yeah, which is why travelers must always remember to keep their sidearms handy in either their unlocked glove box, or in the armrest compartment.

        2. Isn’t “diversity” just a nice way of saying “high violent crime, poor school performance, and decaying neighborhoods?”

    1. Hungarians are weak, i know from personal experience…
      I give the rest of europe a better shot, the hungarian spirit has already been destroyed by communism, feminism and hedonism. They don’t really have a society where they care about each other, i have seen from personal experience too often…

      1. The fence and deployment of the troops in the clearly declared attempt to save European and Christian culture, by Hungary, says otherwise.

    2. The only problem is, EU citizens are disarmed. In most, if not all EU member nations, you can’t even own a can of pepper spray for self-defense. The legal apparatus comes down hard on anyone who has the guts to fight back.

    3. I don’t think so. After 9/11 the immigrant flood gates remained open and we allowed the rabid dogs into our yard. All immigration should have been immediately stopped but instead the enemy is within our gates. How much sense did that make?
      Kudos to Hungary for protecting itself against the hoards of future and current extremists. One day we will sit and discuss how “we should have done with Hungary did”.

  15. Consequences will someday cause an awakening in the European people, and all this multikulti pathology will have to be undone. But at that point, there will be much resistance, and every type of hegemonic pressure, including military invasion of Europe, will be on the table to enforce the destruction of the Whites. The rest of the world — all those without the Leftist pathology — will not just sit back and let the Euros simply stop their own genocide. They will want to see it through.

    1. So basically what you’re communicating is that you are a self loathing white. We get it. Thanks for contributing.

      1. Wow, and I thought feminists were logically handicapped, but your comment beats even the Jezebellers’ ramblings over Lindy West fat acceptance article.
        Where in my comment did you see any resemblance of “self-loathing whiteness”? Why did you even presume I was white to begin with? And even then, you did not even address the key point in my commentary:just ad hominem attacks of me being a “self-loathing white” for really stating something obvious.

        1. When somebody uses “Putin worshipper” they generally use it as an insult, one. Two, your name is Giorgi, which last check, is a Slavic variant of George, so I assumed that you’re white. Third, if I put “insults people here” with “white” then I get “self loathing” as a results.
          The math is sound, but the variables may be incorrect. If you didn’t mean it as an insult and are not white, then obviously the post doesn’t apply.

        2. “Giorgi” or “Georgi” is actually a Greek name, Means “farmer”, “plougher”. Also I am not Slavic, but do qualify as pretty damn “white”. What that means in USA, I honestly do not know-how “white” you should be to qualify as such? Are Romanians white? Are Turks and Caucasians white? Or brown? Or chocolate? Seriously, it is really stupid.
          Also, stating obvious facts, like Putin openning a goddamn mosque the size of a small football stadium, means I want to annhilate white race or something?! That is quite a stretch there.
          And “Putin worshipper” is quite real-the whole thing is turning into a goddamn cargo cult and the last time I checked those do not tend to end well.

        3. Just awaiting the headlines:
          “Officials shocked by mass mosque destruction in some European countries!”
          “Inquiry initiated! We will get to the bottom of this vow World Leaders!”
          “No one knows what happened! Aliens? Sinkholes? Old Russian warhead stockpiles?” “The world mourns the tragedy in the EU…”
          Of course, that’s just one possible outcome of many.
          “Putin marries gay Muslim, UN celebrates!”
          “Studies suggest half of EU is now Muslim.”
          “Christians in EU beheaded!”
          “Irish Catholics and Protestants band together for the first time ever to fight Islamic extremists!” etc., etc.
          My middle age may wind up more interesting than I imagined. (Hope I’ve got sufficiently reliable retirement plans).

        4. Georgian form of GEORGE. This was the name of several kings of Georgia.

          Used of course in variations across many languages, including many Slavic, although the Georgian language itself in the Kartvelian family.
          So basically, you’re white, and you used “Putin worshipper” as an insult, by your own words.
          Are we through here, or do you have anything else to add?

        5. You dont have to watch mad max again, you get to experience destruction of europe and post apocalyptical survival adventure… Who would have thought that growing up!

        6. Yes folks, you’ve played Fallout 1-4, we even started to bring it to you through the marvels of VR, but why wait for some future Armageddon, you can live in a dystopian reality today! Order your very own jihadist radical now!

        7. Was Fallout 3 the one in DC? I gotta admit, I stopped playing post-apocalyptic games a long time ago…ruined DC was disturbing..

  16. I feel the same way about Islam that many of the anti-semites/white nationalists feel about Judaism: Islam is a dirty religion started by a child rapist, slave-owner and murderer. Individually, Muslims can be patriotic Americans or Britons, just as individually some Scientologists are not shitheads. In both cases, it doesn’t negate the fact that their religions were started by lunatic child molesters.

  17. How much idiotic semantic nitpicking (read that smoke-screening) do we have to put up with? Islam has said again and again it will rule the world. You want that? There is no separation of church and state under Islam. There is no freedom of expression (as we know it in the West) under Islam. There is no freedom of worship. How about feminism/women’s rights? (You don’t have to like feminists to admit they have rights, too.) Gay rights? How do you feel about sexual abuse of boys? Slavery and sex slavery? Muslims have been trading slaves a hell of a lot longer than the flash-in-the-pan slavery period of the U.S., comparatively speaking. If you deny their prophet, you may find your own throat slashed in your sleep and no justice to avenge your death. In the U.S. attacking Christians and Christian symbols is a thriving industry. Who are the countries hearing demands that more Muslim immigrants be taken in? Not the Muslim countries. Islam is a force for intolerance and domination. Wake up, morons.

  18. Abrahamistic religions are made by sandniggers and desertpeople. That garbage should stay in the Middle-East. Although, it was an enrichment for Africans and Europeans, since they were the only people who converted on a mass scale to Christianity. The rest of the world would rather fight to death then to follow some sandnigger who claims he’s the Son of God or a Prophet.
    I guess Islam will follow the same path. It’s spreading like a virus on the African and European continent.

    1. Start the video anywhere in the middle and you can feel the murderous intent of the entire audience! When the white guy speaks he looks like he’s pissing his pants. START WATCHING AT 8:00 minutes in 🙂

      1. I did start the vid where you suggested, and actually thought the white guy did a pretty good job.
        But WTF are these delusional blacks thinking? Beating up on Rhodes and the white colonization of Africa? Without the white colonization and influence, these fuckers wouldn’t even HAVE a university to attend. Or anything resembling formal education. Or even exposure to civilized society.

    2. Yeah well, if the room was filled with whitey and only a few brown people there those few brown people would probably be pissing their pants.

  19. would you prefer germany pay for those mosques then saudi?
    germany is only bringing them in cuz their fertility rates are dead.
    Im impressed with lebanon though, lil country but hosting 1.2 million refuggees and they have a high debt, turkeys got 1.8 million, makes germanys seem like nothing.

    european colonialism did play a role like iraq syria afghanistan were broken up along political ines not tribal lines like Lawerance of Arabia suggested it should be. Its the same story with africa. If every tribe has their own nation like europe or india then there will be peace otherwise one group is gonna fuck the other group.
    Think they dont want to help greece cause they dug themselves in it and screwed germany. After 911 middle east got really unstable when those dictators were removed.
    But Im curious how come ukrainians arent getting refugee status?
    Like russia isnt antion you mess with.

    1. Great, then send them all packing to Turkey and Lebanon.

  20. LOL. I live in Western Europe and most people here just don’t give a fuck. They only care about their own life and not about the nation or culture. The NIMBY mentality (Not In My Backyard) is very strong here. They will rather move to an other place or country then to fight for their own city or country.

    1. World War 2 and the subsequent decades long guilt trip really took the wind out of Europeans didn’t it? To the point that they no longer seem to even self identify as a people (by nation) any longer. How sad.

  21. Too many people on this site are hysterical alarmists. You behave like teenage girls afraid of the big bad boggy men with their beards and swords whom you watch from the comfort and safety of your sofa.
    Just because multiculturalism doesn’t work that doesn’t mean then that all the non interacting minorities are going to wage a holy war on the host societies. Arabs have never been able to form civil societies, the rules by which they work are alien to them and so are most other things about western societies. If you don’t understand the rules you can never play the game. If don’t play, well then you can’t win- it’s that elementary. Don’t let your emotions ruin a good hand…the Arabs would never understand this strategy.

  22. Saudi Arabia funding mosques, and madrasas is what lead to the spread of radical Islamic fundamentalism. So this is perfect, Saudi’s don’t want the refugees but will fund the centers to radicalize them.
    Great, kiss Europe good bye.

  23. Ever notice how similar in function muslims are to the fictional Borg collective?
    1: They all operate on a hive mind that promotes the violent assimilation of other races.
    2: They tend to congregate their beliefs around a cube shaped object.
    3: There is no such thing as a civilian among them, since they all represent their faith through different manners.
    4: Honor means nothing, so they can lie cheat and steal if it’s done to promote their philosophy.
    5: They destroy the relics of other civilizations and build their towering monuments over them.
    6: The crescent moon representative of islam and the borg claw representative of the Borg are quite similar
    7: The Borg are at war with the United Federation of Planets just as the Muslims are at war with the United States of America
    8: There is no way to establish even a detente, since both are undeniably hostile.
    9: They have been conquering territories for centuries due to a strict adherence to their philosophy
    10: Neither of them can be bargained with nor can they be reasoned with It. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead…or they are. (to paraphrase from the Terminator franchise)
    There are just 10 i can think of..perhaps Maurice Hurley and Michael Piller were prognosticating through cinema here.

  24. Islam is an antiquated system of thought, I agree.
    But in that it is no different from Christianity and Judaism – if you’re scared of an outdated doctrine becoming the majority religion in Europe, well I’ve got bad news for you. The old testament is no less violent than the Quran.
    I have a muslim background and I have seen formerly secular family members becoming religious fundamentalists. It is due to political reasons and, well, in that sense the west has brought this upon itself by gang raping the Middle East and the entire continents of Africa and Asia for decades, even centuries.
    There is no fucking agenda, at least not to the extend that you paranoid crackpots are assuming. It’s just human nature to look for and see patterns in everything, especially when you’ve been nurtured on fear and can’t analyze even the simplest of socio-politic events without looking for a culprit.
    And full of fear you are indeed. After all this is fucking ROK we’re talking about.
    You’re all a bunch of cowards, and your blindness will be the west’s demise(now this is me pointing fingers lol).
    Also, blaming Joozes for everything never gets old, does it?
    Only thing is, I can’t really see how Israel would benefit from an islamized Europe?
    What some idiots here fail to recognize, most of the social and economic problems in Europe are much older than muslim mass-migration.
    ‘Our’ ‘muslim’ ‘politicians’ in the islamic countries are far too concerned with furthering their own swiss bank accounts. Most don’t even care about religion.
    The Saudis are a whole different story altogether. Most Muslims, even most Arabs HATE the Saudis. It’s YOUR politicians that have their back. Without western support, Saudi Arabia wouldn’t have survived the first half of the last century, mark my words.
    Also FYI the Saudis are adherents of their own version of Islam – Wahhabism is a subgroup of Salafiyyah and, guess what, almost all the Islamist Terror Organization that your dumb ass has heard of are Salafi. Your most important partner in the middle east is the most important supporter of your(alleged) worst enemy.
    It is only with the economic stability that the west provides, that the Saudi camel-fornicators can propagate their preposterous ideas.
    No one fucking cares about the ‘white gene pool’. Why don’t you tards go back to Stormfront? Don’t you realize how stupid you sound, when writing this horseshit on a site published by a middle-easterner(Yeah, Persian-Armenian makes Roosh a middle-easterner)?

  25. This is a great article. There are very few places where you can have a frank discussion on the detriments of mass Islamic migration to western countries. Anyone who thinks that “diversity is strength”, is simply in denial about reality. Tribes (and even modern gangs) have almost always formed along racial divisions. This is not racist, it is not moral or immoral, it is simply more robust and more harmonious to work within a group of the same cultural values and identity. Once the identity of a country is destroyed, it is no longer a country, it is no longer worth fighting to defend. It is simply an economic zone. Whether the Jews are behind this or some other group of oligarchs, it is clearly with the intention of destroying western culture and Christianity. No one in a ruling position could possibly be stupid enough to think that anything good could come from importing millions of Muslims.

  26. Organized Jewry is behind this gentleman. Make no mistake. Just like organized Jewry was behind 9-11. The goal is white genocide. Accomplished by pitting the white Christians and Muslims against each other. All of the evils of modern society from the rampant corruption, extreme leftism to feminism have their roots in organized Jewry

  27. I get that this is a problem. Just like the invasion in the U.S, Canada, Australia, etc. Many articles have highlighted this problem. So what’s the plan? Assuming we’d like this to stop. Don’t tell me to just vote for the right person…

    1. The same BS that was used to justify amnesty for illegal aliens here in the U.S.: a supposed economic benefit. Never mind that the benefit, if it exists at all, all goes to the 1%.

  28. Islam will conquer the West without firing a single shot. It will be through infiltration of their populace and their government. Feminism made this possible. Let the feminists keep on killing their babies; Islam will replace them with Muslims more radical than Osama Bin Ladin. Give it about 40-50 years and non-Muslims will be a minority in much of Europe. We’ll have to look to China or Russia to save the world.

  29. The only difference between a moderate muslim and a radical one is:
    The radical muslim wants to behead you.The moderate one wants to watch the radical one behead you.
    As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. This is the case in:
    United States — Muslim 0.6%
    Australia — Muslim 1.5%
    Canada — Muslim 1.9%
    China — Muslim 1.8%
    Italy — Muslim 1.5%
    Norway — Muslim 1.8%
    At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs. This is happening in:
    Denmark — Muslim 2%
    Germany — Muslim 3.7%
    United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%
    Spain — Muslim 4%
    Thailand — Muslim 4.6%
    From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims.
    They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply.
    This is occurring in:
    France — Muslim 8%
    Philippines — Muslim 5%
    Sweden — Muslim 5%
    Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%
    The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%
    Trinidad & Tobago — Muslim 5.8%
    At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow
    them to rule themselves (within their ghettos) under Sharia, the Islamic
    Law. The ultimate goal of Islamists is to establish Sharia law over the
    entire world.
    When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase
    lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. In Paris ,
    we are already seeing car-burnings.
    Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam , with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam. Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim
    sections, in:
    Guyana — Muslim 10%
    India — Muslim 13.4%
    Israel — Muslim 16%
    Kenya — Muslim 10%
    Russia — Muslim 15%
    After reaching 20% , nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, such as in:
    Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%
    At 40% , nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare, such as in:
    Bosnia — Muslim 40%
    Chad — Muslim 53.1%
    Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%
    From 60% , nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and Jizya,
    the tax placed on infidels, such as in:
    Albania — Muslim 70%
    Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%
    Qatar — Muslim 77.5%
    Sudan — Muslim 70%*
    After 80% , expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:
    Bangladesh — Muslim 83%
    Egypt — Muslim 90%
    Gaza — Muslim 98.7%
    Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%
    Iran — Muslim 98%
    Iraq — Muslim 97%
    Jordan — Muslim 92%
    Morocco — Muslim 98.7%
    Pakistan — Muslim 97%
    Palestine — Muslim 99%
    Syria — Muslim 90%
    Tajikistan — Muslim 90%
    Turkey — Muslim 99.8%
    United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%
    100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace. Here there’s supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim, the Madrasses are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word, such as in:
    Afghanistan — Muslim 100%
    Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%
    Somalia — Muslim 100%
    Yemen — Muslim 100%
    Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons.
    But the point remains the same.

    1. Cool story bro. Whoever wrote that piece just took a bunch of countries, grouped them according to % of Muslims, tried to find some common characteristics in each group, and then made the entirely unsubstiantiated assertion that there must be some kind of progression between the different states.
      History disagrees. None of the countries in the 80+% category got there by going through the earlier stages.
      Also, some of the classifications are utterly absurd. Muslims are “for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens” in the USA? Wtf dude, Muslims have pretty much become a culture war issue between liberals and conservatives at this point.

      1. “History disagrees. None of the countries in the 80+% category got there by going through the earlier stages.”
        Talking about history: You are aware of the fact that Arabia, Syria, the stretch of land we call “Turkey” today etc. etc. ALL have been christian (and jewish) lands before Islam brought war upon them, aren’t you?!
        Now, go read a book.

        1. Exactly, which is why that list is utter bunk. That list portrays things like gradual increase in Muslim population coincides with the Muslims getting more demanding and gradually taking over society more and more, until they do the final push through a war of Islamic takeover of the state.
          Those areas you mentioned went exactly the other way. They were conquered first through external Islamic conquest, not through the local Muslim population reaching critical mass. The population becoming 80% or more Muslim came much later, after centuries of slow but steady conversion.
          Now, go read a book written by someone else than Robert Spencer.

        2. There was no “local Muslim population”. I am from Germany by the way and have never read a book by Robert Spencer.
          You have to admit that Lebanon is the perfect example for the mentioned population dynamics…

  30. I would support a Pearl Harbor-like strike on valuable targets in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and a few other locations with the help of Israel and simply make a deal with Russia over the scraps

  31. I have a grudging respect for Islam . Moslem men are given greater rights in child custody after divorce. Christianity has feminized most Western men. Islam will rule the world since it caters for the needs of men and their families.

    1. Never been to the Middle East, have you? It takes about 2 days to lose all respect for the men and their shitty religion. Worthless 2-faced cowards.
      Many of them are so scared of women they would rather fuck boys – as the reports coming out of Afghanistan are confirming.

      1. I live in the middle East and men there don’t fuck men or boys.
        Only in the decadent West do men legally fuck men.
        So which hemisphere is scared of women?
        Go figure!

    Today, Jews control vast areas of wealth in America. Estimates range all the way up to 70%.Whatever the figure, it is huge and immensely out of proportion to their 2% of the population in American society. Today, the U.S.A. is totally dominated by Jews. Virtually every newspaper or magazine is owned by Jews. Their self-serving propaganda constantly fills the TV screen. The Federal government is totally under Jewish control. US military forces are the pawn of Israel. The banks, the markets are theirs. They systematically denigrate our Founding Fathers and our heritge and our Constitution. Certainly, many non-Zionist Jews of America are waking up to the political and other manipulations they and most Jews are being controlled and influenced by. There are many, many wonderful Jews in American society but the facts are the facts…and monopolies of any sort aren’t healthy in any society. Such monopolies led to the terrible years just before and during during WWII. Let’s pray that never, ever happens again. Let’s also pray that non-Jews learn from their fellow citizens about how to achieve and to prosper in our waning American culture. Alas, most gentiles are content with their lower rungs on the ladder and that ‘content’ will forever doom them to second class status in today’s Jewish America.

    1. If a minority is disproportionately influential due to it being disproportionately wealthy, then the fault lies with the social order that allows wealth to buy influence. Not with the fact that some have managed to accumulate more wealth than others, something they have done with the full consent of a wider society starry-eyed by The American Dream (TM).

  33. The Wahabbis of the desert continue to besmirch the name of Muslims the world over. Even when they are not sending trained suicidal maniacs to countries to do their bloody bidding they are making stupid comments and suggestions that only further inflame passions against the common Muslim.

  34. Macho man Putin is bragging that Russia is building a really nice mosque in Moscow. This is actually quite farsighted, as Muslims are his nations fastest-growing (or only growing) demographic!

  35. What’s the endgame here? Once the German people is gone, who’s going to build BMWs for the Sheiks?

    1. Yeah, the types who come here can’t be counted on for continuity. They’re always all over the place.

  36. I wish I could do something about this, but eurocucks are just… worthless, the women demand muslim cock and the men say nothing so they don’t look “racist”. They deserve to go to shit, for being this castrated and pathetic.

    1. That the women demand Muslim cock and willingly subject themselves to Muslim patriarchal authority should be no surprise to the Manosphere. It’s a validation of the Red Pill. What should the eurocucks do, pray tell? White knight on behalf of the vaunted Western civilization?

      1. They should grow a pair of balls, put their bitches in line and stop being afraid of being called “racist”, start recking shit up, beating muslims, turn their life into hell, fuck their slutty women doggy style, that’s all.

  37. “Thanks to its plain ludicrous admission of anyone and everyone, fueled
    by an illogical guilt complex because of what some people did between
    1933 and 1945, Germany has built the equivalent of 2,000 mosques, not
    200, to make itself feel better and exorcise the long non-existent
    spirit of Hitler.”
    Nope. That guilt complex is the reason why Judaism is an officially recognized religion in Germany, while Islam isn’t, despite there being 4 million Muslims in Germany and only about a hundred thousand Jews.
    You speak of letting those mosques being built as if it were an explicit act, as if Germany went actively out of its way to make them, or the German state built them. It didn’t. It simply adhered to the notion of freedom of religion, i.e. let everyone can build whatever religious buildings they want. Happens German Muslims were more active at the whole building thing than everyone else.

  38. Western stupidity at its best doesn’t just happen to the Germans suffering from “war guilt”, the country town of Bendigo in Victoria Australia firstly the left leaning Mayor rammed through the application to approve a two thousand seat mosque despite opposition from the local population then he claims the reason a Mosque of that size is needed for “tourism”. Yep a country town with a muslim population of no more than two hundred out of a total population of one hundred thousand is needing a Mosque that seats two thousand people which is not getting funding from local muslim groups across Australia its those friendly Saudi’s handing over the cash.

  39. This is nothing short of a peaceful invasion. They breed like rabbits and the government just sends them with instructions. Go to this country, say this, demand that. Stay on welfare and have as many kids as you can.

  40. Nothing I’ve done in the past should have any bearing on how I’m treated today. When I was busy stealing, and raping the entire planet it was for the good of all humanity. My activities of the past were relatively “benign”. Please leave my beautiful white nations alone. -white man logic
    How about…no! History is cyclical. You did it to us, so we’ll do it to you.

  41. I’m not sure we should oppose Islam spreading. Feminism is a much greater foe and let’s face it, you get enough muslims in a country, you don’t have much of a problem with radical feminism anymore….

    1. Why you using Rodrigo Santoro’s pic, bro? He was awesome in that film where he played Jim Carrey’s gay lover, amirite?

  42. This is infuriating. I think they should send the migrants to Israel and build 200 mosques there. They need some cultural enriching and diversity.

  43. Why do folks immigrating to Western countries insist on changing Western culture? If I moved to another place like China I wouldn’t dream of changing their culture; it’d be an insult.

    1. Noooo, all of us have to buy wives from other countries, dummy. Maybe you like being virgin lifelong, but others are able to afford to buy a human from E. Europe or some other impoverished country.

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