A Nuclear Test Women Will Throw At You And How to Pass It

Most men who know about game will be familiar with “shit tests” — a fairly unpleasant term for those niggly little test girls throw in to try to determine a guy’s fitness as a sexual partner. While they may be annoying, current game thinking posits that they are actually great opportunities to shine by smashing the test and proving your “alpha-ness” at the same time.

However there is one particular test that more experienced players are often exposed to that is particularly irksome, but that must be negotiated if you hope to progress in the higher ranks of game.

What Are Shit Tests?


To recap for anyone who wasn’t listening at the back, shit tests are those annoying little curveballs that women throw into interactions, basically to try to determine whether you are the rock solid player you’re trying to suggest you are. To guys who are just starting out it seems counterintuitive that a girl should start being deliberately obstructive when she actually otherwise appears to like you. But actually it’s entirely logical.

Girls want the highest quality partners that their SMV can attract. Therefore, when a guy walks up to her and does a pretty good job of conveying high value, she will be pleased but cautious. Is he really what he claims to be? To make sure, she will drop in “beta bait” questions like the following:

  • Are you a player?
  • Are you like this with all the girls?
  • Does this usually work?
  • Is that your chat-up line?

And so on and so forth. The danger for the newbie is to fold into the girl’s frame and say what he thinks she wants to hear, e.g. “No, I’m not a player, young lady. I’m a very nice young man who would like to wife you up and buy you a car and a nice house with a white picket fence in the suburbs.” Of course, this would be fatal. The girl is testing to see if you have the confidence of your convictions.

Generally speaking, the less advanced a guy is, the fewer shit tests he will have to overcome. Mostly this is because women tend to take pity on men they regard as weaker, and so won’t give them as hard a time. Whatever you do, never fall into the trap of imagining that not getting tests at all is a good thing — quite the opposite. In fact, it suggests that your game isn’t on point, your demeanor not sufficiently dominant.

If you are getting tests then that’s good — it indicates that you are in the game, at least. The best strategy is either to agree and amplify — “Am I a player? Hell yeah, you wanna join my six other girls back home?” — or simply to smile and ignore the tests by changing the subject.

This latter strategy is increasingly the one I employ and it yields good results. Plus it also has the advantage of not having any complicated lines to remember. There is loads of material out there on the best ways to get around these snarky little tests girls throw in, but sometimes the best policy is simply to do nothing and make her squirm with embarrassment for having been so gauche before your oak-like serenity.

The Nuclear Test

womna fight

There is one particular test that is in a different league to the rest though, and it is not a test that new or even lower-intermediate guys are likely to get on a regular basis. This is because it pertains to the direct expression of sexual desire for the girl and most men are simply scared stiff (and not in a good way!) of being upfront about what they want (sex) and thus hide their true urges behind a cloud of friend zone-worthy blabber.

I recall once reading on a blog that game nirvana for a man was being able to take an elegant young woman out and over a glass of wine tell her he would like to bend her over and fuck her. At the time, new in the game, such brazen honesty seemed entirely impossible — I could have more easily conceived of knitting a stepladder to the moon than of doing any such thing.

Gentlemen, time have changed. These days, after endless repetition in similar situations, I am able to be upfront sexually with women — and arguably perhaps I go too far sometimes. As horny as you can get a girl in a bar by whispering what you’re going to do to her when you get her home, it can backfire when the old anti-slut defence wall goes up, she goes home and you’re left holding your dick.

However, in my louche, late-game years, I tend to follow my horniness and tell girls precisely what I’m thinking — particularly if we’re on a date and the potential for sex is imminent. This practice has left me open to the nuclear shit test, though. It goes something like this:

“You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex”

Now, there’s something a little unfair about this, and not only because it’s not true — these days I am never “desperate” for sex as it can so easily be acquired elsewhere. No, it’s also unfair because the girl is calling me out in spite of the fact that what I’m doing is actually pretty alpha.

I’m willing to bet that most of the girls I’ve dated have rarely been with a man who has had the confidence to be so upfront with them right off the bat (in fact many girls have told me this themselves). However, that degree of masculine honesty is not enough — they still seek to destabilise me by aiming straight for the central pillar of my approach, undercutting the idea that it might be sheer balls that allows me to be so forthright and suggesting it’s desperation instead.

The female psyche is nothing if not clever.

Passing The Nuclear Test


The first thing to say is that if you get the nuclear test you are by no means at a disadvantage. I have slept with pretty much every girl who’s thrown something like this at me.

The number one strategy, as always, is simply not to back down. Whatever you do you can’t, at this stage, try to back-pedal and say that you’re not actually interested in sex. That would be ridiculous and counterproductive – and not true to your masculine self. What you have to decide is whether to continue on the course you’ve already set (i.e. rapid escalation) or whether to pull back a little and allow the situation to breathe.

Deciding this really comes down to calibration, something that cannot be taught through an online column. At the same time, if you are eliciting such a test from a girl then it is likely that you are pretty experienced already, so draw on that to decide whether or not you think she might be up for something that night. If so then proceed as before. If not, you need to apply the breaks. Here’s what you say:

“Of course I want to have sex with you. I’m a man, you’re a woman and I’m attracted to you. It’s only natural.”

Then you should lean back, ensure that you’re not touching her, and turn the conversation to more neutral topics for a while. In this way you will defuse the test while still maintaining your frame, which is vital if you are to pick up where you left off later that night or on another occasion.

Remember: shit tests from girls are never a bad thing — in fact, they indicate that you’re proceeding along the right lines. Keep going, and just be very careful not to bend your position to suit what you think she wants to hear. Doing so will mean you will inevitably lose the girl.

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153 thoughts on “A Nuclear Test Women Will Throw At You And How to Pass It”

  1. Great advice. I never thought that the lack of shit-testing was a bad thing, but it makes sense now. Good response and as always, never, ever look surprised or feel like you are reacting emotionally–this is what they are going for. I have made it a practice to mentally picture the girl doing or saying something absolutely insane–so that when she does hit me out of the blue with something nutty, it won’t phase me, as I’ve already mentally pictured her being crazy.
    It’s also important to remember to ALWAYS be on guard and be prepared for a woman to shit test you when you least expect it. This includes from your friends, family, mother, etc. The last time I was out with a guy friend and a couple of girls, neither of whom I’m interested in but good for social circle gaming and hopes of leading to something down the road, one of the girls called me out when a girl I briefly dated walked by and one of the girls said “Gross! She is anorexic! Do you like that?!” I was taken aback since I wasn’t in “game mode” and mumbled something like.. “we didn’t go out long!” when I should have not taken her seriously (always important) and remarked how it’s natural for a guy to like thin women, or joked “Eh, she’s a little big around the hips but she wasn’t too bad”.
    So now I am forced to picture even friends and acquaintances I am not trying to game, acting out, so that I am prepared when they do hit me with a shit test out of the blue.

    1. Nice post. Sound advice.
      Over the years I’ve practiced a genuine looking yawn (sometimes done with an arm-stretching motion) that I pull out in situations like the one you described. It does a couple of things. It shows disinterest and aloofness, but it also buys me a few seconds to stop and think just in case she’s done something truly ridiculous.

  2. I was shit tested a the weekend before last on a night out with a girl I had met for lunch the day before. She was blatantly interested in me and I asked her and her friends to come out with me for one of my friend’s birthday. About an hour after we met up, she starts flirting heavily with one of my friends while sitting next to me. I was ready to take a loss and find another target until I looked across the table at her friends. They were all staring directly at me, analyzing my reaction to the situation. I immediately got up walked to the bar where a few of my friends were standing and never looked back.
    A few minutes later I get a tug on my shirt and its her asking me where I went. She never left my side the rest of the night and I sealed the deal at her place not long after this. The next morning she asks me “did you get jealous when I was talking to Chris?” It was a group shit test and I passed it with flying colors. Had a hovered around her and shoeed insecurity or jealousy (I did feel it, Im not gonna lie), she would have disqualified me and moved along.

    1. Or your other ‘friend’ didn’t want to play with her so you got used as her fall back? I’d put her in the short term category.

  3. Don’t understand this. There’s bars in my city where I can go to (haven’t gone in a while) after work, especially Fridays, and after a couple of cocktails you buy for them, many women will say exactly what they want sexually later. You just say it, it doesn’t shock anyone as they’re just those types of girls anyway. I don’t think it’s a test? It’s what they want, of course, if it’s more sophisticated types of women in a fancy restaurant, will then that’s something different. When it comes to causal sex, I don’t think these are games, pre se.

    1. I disagree. Of course it is a game. No denial that they all want sex in the situation you described. That is what they are there for. But, like anyone, male or female, they want someone particular.
      For instance, my best friend and I are very different. He will always go for larger tits and I will always go for smaller. Makes us work well together. Another guy I know is crazy for asians, I am not.
      Those girls are in no uncertain terms looking for cock, but not from just anyone. If they wanted it from just anyone, they could have just called up one of their orbiters who would have taken them out, paid for the drinks and spent hours pleasuring them.
      No, they are looking for aggressive, confident men…men who give them tingles. And women are not stupid when it comes to social interaction. So when they see someone that is aggressive and confident and gives them the tingles they want to make sure it isn’t just an act. He isn’t going to get back to her place and loose his balls. So they will play a bit of a game to determine sexual worthiness.
      The funniest part is that for the most part being honest to the point of being rude and making sure they know (or at least sense) that if they get up and walk away it wouldn’t phase you in the least is the A grade and showing any form of care for anything but her hole is the easiest way to fail.

      1. Not sure I entirely agree. There are bars in my city that are dog rough where city boys can slum it after work and pick up certain types of ladies if the drinks are paid for all night long. This to me is similar to normal prostitution, it’s generally messy and sleazy, but there are men who get a kick out of doing this, as the whole thing is a transgression from their normal safe and respectable life. It’s not my thing, but what appears to work is straight up honesty and lack of BS almost to the point of rudeness which is read as confidence by these women.
        The same rule applies in the more normal after work bars- from what I observe the guys who get the chicks all the time are often the ones who give the appearance of “I don’t give a shit, take it or leave it” while the guy who’s all open and honest and talks about his life and dreams with the chicks seems to always go home alone (“I never knew you were so interesting…but honestly I have to go..I’ll see you on Monday”….and she’s off to another joint to get an alpha before the night’s out)
        It’s weird, as this technique is used by gays all the time, they’re completely honed into the whole sex “effrontery thing” when you come across them socially. You’ll see them with their mates in regular clubs and they’ll just approach heterosexual guys waiting at the counter for their drink, saying ” So what are you into?” Talk about confidence, foolishness or neck, hey! Ironically, the more you ignore them, just like chicks, the more they get interested in you…so you have to know when and critically with whom you use your techniques on.

  4. “Of course I want to have sex with you. I’m a man, you’re a woman and I’m attracted to you. It’s only natural.”
    Perfect answer, I’ve used similar back in the day. Had one girl call me out for staring at her breasts during a date (I actually wasn’t, I was looking down cutting my steak). Instead of deny I was looking at them (they were nice), even though I wasn’t, I said “Yes, of course, you made a point to draw attention to your best features, it would be rude for me to ignore your work”. Seemed to mollify her. I strongly suspect she knows I wasn’t looking and was doing a low level attention whore thing and wanted me to check out the goods, but eh, whatever.
    Shit tests never stop either, not if you get married, not if you’re married 20+ years, they still happen. Get used to it, or go Full Hermit.

    1. What if they exhaust you? What if you are genuinely weak and need to rest?
      I stayed with a girl for a week … it did not end well. How do you survive?

        1. Ah yes, the dreaded “carpet bomb” shit testing. I’ve also heard some of the OG’s refer to it as “fragmentation grenade” shit testing…
          Only one way to truly pass I’m afraid…

    2. I can only speak to being in a 3 year relationship (and I’m not sure how to phrase this best), but it seems that the best shit test shield is being desirable to other broads. My woman knows that if she ever calls it splits in the morning, I am going to be knee deep in some girl that evening. Staying in shape, doing activities outside of the relationship, flirtatious in life, etc.

      1. I believe Rollo Tomassi (married manosphere guru) refers to that as “soft dread”. And you’re right.

        1. I was living with a bitch who turned out to be psycho (yes, I know, two amateur mistakes right there). Well, the third mistake was knocking her up (she tricked me, of course), but she was so psycho I had to kick her out of my apartment. While pregnant. (The experience with her is what brought me to the red pill, a story for another time.) My current girl knows about this and I believe it’s one of things that keeps her in line. The ultimate dread game: I kicked a pregnant girl out so I’m capable of anything.
          I used to be such a mild mannered wuss until I got the red pill.

        2. Wow….if I was single and I met a man who bragged about kicking out his pregnant girlfriend, I would run far away from him. I think that it’s more than possible for a man to be alpha without being cruel. There is a middle ground between being a wuss and being a real man.
          That said, tricking a man into fatherhood is vile and monstrous. Too many women get away with this nonsense. I believe that many “unplanned” pregnancies are actually strategically premeditated by low class women. Those types know that they have nothing to offer a man except their fertility. A quality woman doesn’t need to stoop to such conniving machinations.
          I suppose I can see both sides of this coin.

        3. What is the purpose of dread game if you have a caring, faithful and beautiful woman?
          My husband and I have a traditional marriage. If he was always flirting with other women or reminding me that he could find someone else, I would probably divorce him because I will not tolerate antics like that since I am a great wife.
          My husband is my king and I am his queen…..no manipulation or disrespectful behavior is needed.

        4. Who said I was cruel? She was lying, stealing from me, threatening my friends and family and my livelihood. I make no apologies. Self preservation is a bitch, honey, go play over at Jizzabel or some other womyn’s site.

        5. Nobody was expecting an apology.
          If you read my post, you would have seen that I condemned your ex for secretly becoming pregnant. That alone is crazy behavior which I don’t condone. I was answering based only on what you shared initially. I had no idea that your ex was threatening your loved ones.
          I don’t like Jezebel because I am too traditional. Traditional wives do not belong on that website.

      2. This. The higher your SMV, the lest she’s going to test you out.
        How often do you think pro athletes and famous actors get shit tested? Very little if at all.

        1. As in, “Buy me a BMW for my birthday, Honey.”
          Or even “Here, hold my purse.”
          No one is immune.

        2. Of course, nobody is immune to a punch in the head either. That doesn’t mean you’re going to achieve much by giving one to a professional boxer if you catch my drift.

        3. Maybe not in the acquisition phase, but when they’re dating them, or in a serious relationship, still happens. Remember that NFL player last year who knocked out his nagging bitch wife in the elevator of the hotel?

        4. Hannity and a bunch of other white knights fucked with Ray Rice over that even though his wife started it. Hannity is such a white knight wuss.

      3. Yes, it never does end. I’ve been married 8 years. On a date night a couple of months ago my wife was buying movie tickets while I parked the car. When I met up with her she said, “The guy at the ticket booth was smiling at me and asking me if I had somebody to see the movie with.. I think he was flirting!”
        I told her, “Cool, you should have flirted back and gotten us the tickets for free and maybe some popcorn, too.” She laughed with a big ol’ smile and hugged my arm closer to her.
        The tests never end.

    3. The shit test (if you can call it that) that irks me the most is what I name the “low intensity nag”. I was driving the fiancée to dinner at mums place. My windscreen was a dirty. She starts up: “please rinse the windscreen, it’s giving me a headache”. “It’s fine”. “But I can’t see out”. “You don’t need to see out, I’m driving, as long as I can see”. “Ok. Fine! I’m going to have to look out the passenger mirror for the whole trip”. “Ok”.
      She looks out the passenger mirror for 2 minutes. “I’m getting a neck ache from my neck being turned”. “So look forward”. “I can’t it’s giving me a headache”. “You’re acting like a child. Learn to accept ‘no’ as an answer”. More and more and increasing complaining. I eventually got sick of it and rinsed the windscreen.

        1. Didn’t give her a ring. Told her I wasn’t going to spend a few grand on a sparkly thing that just sits on her finger when I can use the money to grow my business, invest, buy a house, hell even buy a tv.

        2. Man I’m being serious. If she is already acting like this over something as simple as a dirty window that has NOTHING to do with her, she will act a million times worse with serious things. this IS NOT a shit test. It’s her giving you an unconscious warning NOT to marry her.
          You WILL regret marrying this woman. And i’m sure if she’s doing dumb shit like this over a dirty window, she has been doing similar over other trivial things. Luckily u have no real obligation to her…yet. YOU CAN STILL WALK AWAY.
          Once married? She WILL fuck up your life.

      1. Tell her if she doesn’t like it being dirty, she can clean it. If she won’t, she can STFU and enjoy her free car ride.

      2. and you’re going to marry this woman? Nope…I won’t have it. You stop the car and tell her to get out.
        Frame…you have to have it.

      3. best response to this is to do what she wants, but do it to the extreme so she can see how ridiculous what she’s saying is. in this situation i’d say something like, “oh, you want the windscreen clean? ok.” then clean the windscreen. 5 minutes later: “i think the windscreen is dirty again. let me clean it for you!” then clean again. then 5 minutes later the same thing. then 5 minutes later again. and so on. the key is to do it in a joking way though, not an asshole-ish way. works wonders.

      4. Invite her to get out and clean it, is where I would have gone with it.

      5. Yes, I agree with some of the other replies. Not sure you handled that well. If you don’t lay down markers now you’re done before you even start. Seriously my friend it may seem painful at first but you must do it, and it gets easier, and when you see it work it’s like the clouds parting and the sunbeams shining down on you. And if she doesn’t get the message after a while you should break it off because she’s not proper material. Take it from a guy who learned the painful hard way.

        1. Mate you’re 100% right, I did drop the ball here. I’ve been dieting hard over the last month and instead of being on top the situation I just let it go because it was easier. Just goes to show how quickly they will turn on you if they can sense any weakness.
          I’ll incorporate some of the strategies above so that even when I have no energy it becomes more second nature.

      6. okay, seriously though, it does make some people, myself included, carsick (motion sick) when they can’t look forward out of the car.

        1. Man up, son, the barf bag is in the glove compartment, under the 1911, throw it out the window when you’re done.

        2. lol. hell no, i’m puking all over the car, so you guys can smell it all the way there… we can all “man up”. Hell, i’ll probably aim for you when i projectile hurl that acid/bile/beef jerky stew across your clean car seats 🙂

    4. Well, actually to this kind of broad, asking me stupid question like that, I always answered by saying.. Of course I want to get in to your knickers, this is why I’m speaking to you ? What else do you think I would be interested in you??
      Humm.. Work about 50/50…

    5. Cutting your steak? Good one!
      I have never been given this shit test but it would seem to me that it has its roots in the female lack of self-esteem. She’s essentially saying that all you want is sex and any girl will do. She is not special.
      So you need her feel like she is special. My answer would be I’m not desperate for just anyone, I just really want to get with you.
      Like I said though, I have never had this test put to me, so I would suggest it is a result of coming on pretty strong. My own approach is to get the girl desperate to have sex with me. Then things just flow. Touch, insinuate, flirt. This stuff drives women crazy.

      1. Actually I was cutting my steak, she took me totally by surprise. It was weird.

        1. On the flip side, a girl was telling a about a guy she met who had a foot fetish. He kept looking down at her feet while they were on their date. I said “It could be worse, he could have been staring at your tits the whole time.” She thought about it, smirked and then agreed.

        2. She, seeing your bladesmanship and eating technique at work on that rare hunk of dark pink flesh got her worked up into a hot lather.
          Don’t tell me you didn’t end up boning her shortly thereafter.

    6. Great point. But here’s a shit test only a few people have probably ever heard of: you’re talking with a girl, and the conversation occasionally becomes sexual in nature. One day, out of the blue, she says, “why are we always talking about sex?” or “is that all you think about?” as if to try to shame you. I normally just grin and change the subject. Anybody got a better response to that? I’ve had this happen to me on at least three occasions.

      1. Point out that she is the one raising the issue of sex. . . again! Then normalize that by acting like it’s natural and completely expected.

      2. My successful answer to that on many occasions was, “less talk more doing, now get naked.” Never failed.

      3. I like “agree and amplify” in this situation. E.g. “you’re right let’s not speak of or have sex ever again.” Then turn her around and bend her over.

    7. Oh yeah, she knew you weren’t. But that’s what they do. I’ve run into a lot of women who use that strategy. I don’t know if it’s related to their idea of self-worth, daddy issue, or just crazy. But they seem to need to throw the concept of their sexuality into it all the time. Like it’s their only feature.

    8. When I get this, I always put it back on her. “What? You’re looking for a fag or a monk? Maybe another girl? Yes, I’m a virile male – like it or lump it.” She damn well wants you to be a virile male or she likely wouldn’t have gotten this far in the conversation.

  5. nice job.
    Not too long ago I came across a great shit test.
    I went into a bar and ordered a drink. I sat 2 seats away from an attractive girl…not intentionally, just happened to be the seat i grabbed.
    We started talking, blablabla…I was doing well, on point….there was a natural lull in the conversation when I grabbed the bartender and ordered another drink and chatted with him for a few seconds. When I turned back she had her phone on the bar and was swiping through tinder.
    I felt like christmas came early. I smiled, made eye contact and said “put your fucking phone away” I kept a kind and smiling look so the forcefulness was present, but didn’t come off as rude. She put her phone back in her purse without ever breaking eye contact. 20 more minutes of chatting and we were leaving back to my place.
    In regular rotation for the last few weeks and she still mentions how sexy it was.

  6. I had a uncanny similar test one time. But my answer was way bold than the suggested in the article.
    Roughly translated from the original Spanish, I said something like this to her:
    “Actually I think its the opposite. You see, I can go out there right now, hire a pretty prostitute, fuck her brains out and sleep tight tonight. But, what are you going to do?
    I’m fucking smart, witty, handsome and have a good body, yet you still are putting barriers and making excuses to not fuck me. Your ego, your female pride is that big.
    What are you going to do? hooking up with another guy? you won’t even lower yourself to say hello first to any guy, let alone fuck him.
    I’ll tell you what are you going to do, you are going to go home and masturbate thinking over me.”
    ‘You’re that desperate’, I should’ve said to finish.

      1. Of course it didn’t. It’s too intellectual and a mood killer.
        Keep the response simple and alpha. Do not go into an over blown long response like this.

  7. “You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex”
    The correct answer is not.
    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo? (with sarcastic tonality)

    1. so many other great answers though.
      I like “who said anything about sex…where is your mind….”
      or “desperate for sex? look at me….do i look like someone who people say no too very often?”

      1. “We’re only part way through the evening and you’re already thinking of us having sex together? Damn girl, slow the hell down!”

        1. I love the whole throwing it back….”I really need to thank my barber…my hair must look great if you are already talking about sex”

      2. or… honey, you aren’t worth the trouble of getting out of these pants, but I might let you blow me if you pay for the drinks.

    1. Indeed, Who cares about shit tests. Just shrug your shoulders and laugh. And if you want to respond verbally: “uuggghhhhhh”. It’s all about frame. If your frame is that she said something stupid, then you don’t even have to respond. Responsive behavior = beta behavior.
      What idiot is going to remember all those lines that people wrote in this post. Who wants to be the “Mystery” of shittest responses?

      1. Right. I’m have early onset grumpiness so that is my standard response to any jackass wasting my time with their stupidity. Broads ain’t any different than some fucktard lawyer or idiotic staff employee.

  8. Aloofness is golden, must be genuine though, but that must be achieved outside of game also.
    Neediness dont translate to aloofness obviously.

    1. Absolutely. So much game comes from just being a worthwhile human being in all other realms outside of male/female interaction. If you are successful and educated, it takes little work on actual game tactics to be successful.

      1. And confident around women. That’s where a lot of “high achievers” in the financial and tech realm fail. Highly educated, successful without question in the financial sense, but shy as shit around chicks. For example, those rich smart boys in Silicon Valley who drive Porches but couldn’t buy pussy if they put fifty pounds of gold in front of her.

        1. Yep. Forgot about that. That is also not to confuse confidence with extroversion. I suspect a lot of (shy, introverted) dudes think they have to be Mr. Center of Attention and psych themselves out. While you have to at least have the jimmies to talk a little, there is nothing wrong with being quiet and stoic. Especially in group settings. The people who talk the most have the least to say theory.

        2. Right. I see it all the time on Wall St. Half of the so called masters of the universe are blue pill master-baters back in their fancy apartments.

      2. Really? “being Educated” has next to nothing to do with it…and it’s not so much success, but the self confidence of knowing what you are made off that does it.

  9. I have failed a nuclear shit test.
    Her: “A 56 kg sphere of U-235 constitutes a critical mass. If the sphere were flattened into a cow patty shape, do you think it would still be critical? Explain”
    Me: “Why yes, it would…”
    Her: (cutting me off) “No. If it were flat like a cow patty, it would be easier for neutrons to escape out of it. That is, its center would be much closer to its surface, making the path of the neutrons much more likely to take them OUT of the uranium”
    Me: “Aw, nuts!”
    Never saw her again.

    1. You lost it at the neurons man. Been there myself when I actually decided to bend her over the table in the restaurant on a first date without asking…the judge wouldn’t have it with me when I said I was merely demonstrating my ‘alpha male dominance’ and gave me three years.

  10. Nice article. I liked your response to the so called “nuclear test”.
    A few other possibilities for test day:
    Her: “You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex.”
    You: “Are you projecting your insecurities again, love? (while grinning)
    Her: “You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex.”
    You: *Grabs and/or smacks her ass*… “Let’s have another dance.” *LEADS her to dance floor.*
    Her: “You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex.”
    You: “I’ll take some head too.”
    Her: “You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex.”
    You: *Sarcastic tone* “I’m just so tired of being a virgin….” *laughs or grins*
    Her: “You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex.”
    You: “You talk like we’re married or something” *laughs or grins*

    1. Reminds me of Married with Children. I wonder if that can be parlayed into something? (thinking to myself here…)
      Her: “You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex.”
      You: “Hey, if I were only interested in sex I’d be hitting on that really hot girl over there, with the beautiful eyes, tight ass and gorgeous breasts. But I don’t want that, that’s why I’m talking to you!”
      Sort of a paraphrase of Jefferson Darcy talking to Marcy. heh

      1. Alternative approach I’m more likely to take
        Her: “You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex.”
        You: “Perhaps you’re right.”
        Turn away, pick up phone and start checking text msgs for the other girls who are on tap to bang.
        Her: “What are you doing?”
        You: “As you say, I’m hard-up. So I’m just seeing if these girl who’ve been lighting up my phone today are DTF. That’s what a man does when he’s desperate for sex.”
        Hold up phone with some saved pics of hotties ready to scroll through..
        You: “What about her? Maybe I should text her back. Or her. Oh look at that… tittie pic from this hot Latina. Perhaps her. Now can we dispense with the silly games and get down to what you want since I’ve already been honest and upfront with my desires. I just think that’s fair, yes?”
        (it’s pretty easy to create fake texts and messages to yourself from fake hotties on a regular basis if you don’t already have a few queued up)

        1. Wow that really is so lame xD “look at me! My boner is super important! Like me and my boner please!” Way to give in dude.

      2. Potentially good, but I don’t see that working for most of the guys on here, who by virtue of being on the internet likely aren’t in the top tier of looks and/or charisma. Your average dude is gonna get assed out if he tries that because she’ll quickly put them on the defensive.

    2. Her: “You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex.”
      You: Start flirting with her friend.

  11. Ive admittedly only come up against this a couple of times… i find something like
    “Was that a proposition?”
    seems to get a wry smile and they look away all embarrassed and shit, or an indignant “no” and then they shut up and change the subject themselves..
    Then you know its AWNNNN.

  12. “You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex”
    huh didnt know you were easy, guess its my lucky day, dont worry I dont judge.
    or a less cocky one
    yes and no, do I want to get laid, yes Im a guy its only natural. But desperate no then I would a picked an ugly chick….do think youre ugly?
    or if too long
    didnt think you only pull desperate guys
    what you guys think?

      1. “If I was desperate you’d already have been about 49-and-a-half shades of grey by now.” Then slap her ass, once, smartly.

  13. I think the problem is that women have a tendency to act like sex is something dirty men dreamed up to trick them into something. If I’m not interested, I walk away. If she’s still talking to you, there’s a reason. You aren’t in a bar or a club looking to meet the man of your dreams. If you are, you’re seriously deluded.

    1. This very website mocks and degrades women that like sex… Women aren’t the ones that decided being a slut was a bad thing. That’s why you treat them with repspect and encourage them expressing themselves sexual and rewards will be better then not doing all that. Get rid of the stigma and shame and you have more women comfortable being frank about their desires.

      1. You simpering mangina white knight SJW wannabe-creampie-licker, acidpop5 is a woman, moron. A woman who “gets” male mindset and seems to revile bootlicking shemen like you.
        Just guessing, though, cupcake.

      2. I’m going to assume you meant that we should get rid of the double edged sword we use to judge women’s sexuality? That shame aspect tends to come from other women, and instead of the speech about being sexually responsible so you don’t end up a dad at 16, girls get the one about how your virginity is the greatest gift you have to give… In that case, my cat has more to offer than I do at this juncture, and she’s fixed.

  14. Btw. My favorite of these “tests” occurred to a friend of mine.
    She asked, am I the prettiest girl you ever dated?
    He responded, well, it really isn’t fair. My ex girlfriend was a model

  15. I’m 25, if a girl wants to thrownshit test, then she needs to start fuckin’ with dudes in middle school. I’m not old, but I’m too old to put up with that shit

  16. “No, I’m not a player, young lady. I’m a very nice young man who would
    like to wife you up and buy you a car and a nice house with a white
    picket fence in the suburbs.” – This might actually be a good reply if it’s said with a tone of sarcasm and the girl is perceptive enough to pickup on it.

        1. those settings make it very difficult; the comeback may get lost in the fray of the environment. I think that’s where body language, facial expressions and the way you carry yourself comes into play. Also, a great opportunity for some kino.

  17. different response, “yes and no” straight face, calm and wait to see what she says. when she asks what you mean say, “you asked two questions, two answers.” as her silence goes on, order something, start enjoying a drink, whatever. you can really play this one.

  18. It’s articles like this why I come to this site and actually learn more about girls/game – nice job Troy…
    Versus the other political articles that have a bunch of religious pussies in the comments crying about how liberals and atheists are ruining the world.

  19. I disagree there is always the option to go to the other extreme. I once told a girl I was a virgen. We farked like wild animals later that night.

  20. Obama is going to announce later today that he is formally changing his gender identity. He has already started taking hormones and will now be addressed as Ophelia. He is going to start wearing women’s clothes (he has already been wearing women’s panties for some time) and he will soon have his p enis and testicles removed. As Michelle used to be a male named Michael and has male g enitals, this will be a reversal of husband and wife roles.

    1. Holy shit. I know that’s a joke now but I’ve seen jokes become true. Always some joker out there ready to do as they saw on some roadrunner cartoon. If bama gets wind of that who knows. Thats how seeds get planted. Be careful. Who knows what he’ll pull next.

      1. “Who knows what he’ll pull next.”
        We know what he *won’t* be pulling next if they removed his dick-n-balls.

  21. Her: ”you just want sex, you’re desparate right?”
    Me: ”now that’s a ballsy thing to say. You sure you don’t have balls in there? This cowboy didn’t just fall off the truck. Show your hand cowgirl. Lemmee see what you got in there then.”
    At the least she’ll remove one item of clothing, maybe shoes. That means slow dance. Up close whiff your armpit aroma near her nose.
    If she removes her hat, remove yours and say ”oh yeah?” and throw your cap at her. Continue until laundry is exhausted.

  22. Once, I went out with a girl I’ve met on a dating site… So we chatted for a while about this and that, and she mentioned how one of her sisters will soon get married, and another sister is dating a guy much older than she is, and all of a sudden, she bursted: “That’s all men want!!!! Sex, sex, sex!!! I’m telling you straight so there’s no misunderstanding: you want sex, you go to a prostitute, there are plenty in this city, you got that????!”. I was simply left speechless, I had no idea what to say anymore…
    Anyway, I changed the subject and found out that she went out with plenty of other guys she met online, and told all of them the same thing, that if they want sex they should go to prostitutes, because she wants a serious guy, that doesn’t want her for sex, but for who she is…. anyway – none of the other guys called her back(Gee, I wonder why…).
    I’m still scratching my head, wondering what could have been a smart and witty reply, when she told me that I should go to prostitutes if I want sex….

    1. Tell her: ”now that you’re the one that brought it up, what’ll it be?”
      ”in the snatch or down the hatch?”
      ”so what’ll it be?”
      ”in your crack or all over your back?”
      (from comedian Andrew Dice Clay c.1986)

    2. there are plenty in this city??? where?Help me out, I am looking for a threesome. Are you bisexual by any chance? (with an obvious smirk on your face)
      Basically Agree & Amplify. She seems like a girl who is weeding out the beta boys by throwing this test. Ignore that and you’ll find she is a pretty easy lay(as long as you game her properly).
      Don’t listen to what they say….observe what they are doing.
      She brings up sex…..that tells you what she is thinking about it.She wants to have sex but doesn’t want to feel like a slut for giving it to you on the first night.

      1. Later in the conversation, I tried a little trick to initiate physical contact with her. You talk for example with a girl about something and point something to her with your hand and you “accidentally” touch her shoulder, knee, etc.
        She immediately pushed my hand away and said: “Please, don’t touch me, I can’t stand being touched!”. I never had such a negative reaction before, I really doubt this girl wanted sex….

        1. Yeah must be one of those brainwashed man-hating chicks who was pumped and dumped while being passed around the block.
          If I were you, I would drop all manners and chat up the next girl in my vicinity (right in front of her). It’s not in their reality to expect the man to do something like that…..that breaks their frame and you might see a complete contrast in her behavior or else you atleast find out that she ain’t worth it. The ability to walk away is very powerful. Most guys are too nice to stay.Your time is super precious bro. Spend it on someone who is receptive.

    3. Some situations, you hit the point of diminishing returns. “Ok, have a good evening” and walk away. Hell, you’ll probably do yourself a favour.. She sounds cranky.

  23. I have never experienced any of these specific shit tests but for me the answers are
    Are you a player? –do you like players?
    Are you like this with all the girls? –do you like how I am with you?
    Does this usually work? –is it working now?
    Is that your chat-up line? –what makes you think I’m chatting you up?
    Why these answers? Because at the root of these questions is the woman’s lack of self-esteem and need to feel special. She likes you but she’s scared of you. She is trying to get you to make her feel special. However, these questions are so loaded that the answers are “no” (then you’re a liar) or “yes” (then she isn’t special). Yes or no answers are bad, bad, bad. You turn these around and she starts to laugh (because chicks love flirtation) and gets turned on because you are forcing her to confront the fact that she really, really wants you.

  24. I used to get shit tests from my old French girlfriend 30 years ago. I got humiliated on all of them as I operated under the feminist guidelines. Didn’t even know what a shit test was. There was no neo-masculininity, so the feminists were the only game in town. Spent five years trying to calm her down, especially in public. She enjoyed seeing me sweat. Finally had my fill and ran away to Japan from France. Better women and more money for English teachers.
    I was such a good liberal had endured the abuse. But that era had come to an end.
    I will say that I never got shit tests from my Asian girlfriends after moving to Japan. (other issues, not that.).
    Japanese women of my generation, however, would criticize the dude when she thought he was not making enough money. I got some of that early on. Refusing to take on debt to live beyond our means. Plus, the family will only respect you if you are providing a certain standard of living for their daughter.
    But when the bubble crashed, high fliers were losing their homes from debt, my conservative approach to spending, (and back in the USA my public service job salary had slowly climbed over the years to a living wage), I think she started to see the sense of my approach. We get along beautifully now.
    Even good women have to be kept content. The only time I had to be “alpha” was putting my foot down on some spending 15-20 years ago. Now, rather than a bunch of old Macy’s bags, we have a 30 mortgage paid off after 12 years.
    I don’t know how to deal with game in bars.Not interested. But I do know that you should keep a lid on spending. All said and done, the old style women were better. But they were more apt to value keeping up with the Joneses.
    Middle class men sometimes had to put their foot down on spending if they wanted to stay middle class.

    1. Chinese girls want a respectable standard of living. They don’t tend to be gold diggers but neither will they go for a penniless musician. Their shit tests are more passive-aggressive. They will do little things that annoy you, or refuse to do little things that would please you. So at one point you have to put your foot down.

  25. ““You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex””
    This. THIS!
    To me this tells me one thing: *** SHE *** is fucking wet down there right now. SHE is wanting to get laid and desperate for sex in this very moment this last-minute shit-test is fired.
    Best course of action: Take her hand and lead her to the bed room. Then lift her up, throw her on the bed and enjoy quality sex.

    1. I agree. Here’s my retort based on the assumption she’s ready to go:
      “You just want to get laid. You’re desperate for sex”
      “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”
      Shakespeare FTW.

  26. Very bad way to handle the “you’re desperate” test. I’m a man, you’re a woman…
    Wow lame-o.
    Try this with cold factual delivery: “desperate? Don’t flatter yourself honey, I’m interested (pause) somewhat”

  27. A good reply is also “You’re the one who brought up sex, not me…who’s the one looking to get laid???”

  28. I’ve actually countered that with “You think too much of yourself to consider I’d be dying to sleep with you.” But it was part of my game showing that I respected myself above all else. And I didn’t get in THEIR pants, but I did get tail from their freinds and co-workers who knew them and heard their bitching about me.
    When I was a kid there was a man that I respected a great deal. I told him I wanted to be a whole person and a real man. He flat out said that if you could put your dick in a girl, and then just pull it out and go home out of self-respect, then you’re on your way. I didn’t understand it untill much later. But it’s true.
    Getting laid, game, all that. . .It’s about you as a person and values. And yeah, there’ve been a couple of times I’d worked pretty hard to get into some pants, and then halfway through they’d play some shit (actually in bed!) and I’d got up and left.

  29. The second point to this test are the terms “just” and “desperate”, but other words or wording will crop up. So the test is two prong:1) will you waffle and back away from pursing sex and 2) is there more to you and your interest in her other than sex.
    Women want to get laid but they want the man to initiate it and yet they need some cover so as not to feel like a slut.
    Several years ago I was online in a chat room with a girl I had just met there. I was 32, she was 19. I convinced her to get off the computer and call me on the phone. After talking on the phone I told her to come over to my place and we can have lunch together. She said no and when I asked why not she said: “Because you just want to have sex with me.”
    “Why would you think that?”
    “What would a man your age want with a girl my age other than sex?”
    “So the only thing you can offer a man my age is sex?”
    “No! I have a lot to offer!”
    “Well then I guess you answered your own question.”
    “Ok, what’s your address? I’ll be over shortly.”
    Of course, the twin punchline are that I was not intending on seducing her but lunch dragged into dinner and she ended up sleeping with me that night.

  30. My husband just grabbed my ass while playing pool on our first date and said “this belongs to me now.” Lol.

  31. “Of course that’s what I want. I’m pretty sure that’s the whole point of this, but if you’re not into it…so it goes…” leave cash for drinks, get up, walk away

    1. And if really you want to do the world a favor, you will follow the call all the way through, and actually leave no matter her reaction.

  32. Women became useless, they can’t help raising children, they can’t cook or clean, hell, most today can’t even keep a conversation or be sympathetic, then they get mad when men only “use them for sex”. Give me a break.

    1. Now, wait just a minute… I made four triple layer cheesecakes with pecan shortbread crusts and ganache in three days last week. My mopping capabilities are only so-so, but I can effing cook.

  33. Wow. Im so happy im not part of the shitstained, disingenuous world of posturing bullshit described in the above article. Where the hell are you people from, planet dumbfuck? Grow up and get a goddamn life. Or at least learn how to pretend to be a well balanced individual that doesnt resort to misogynist claptrap at every perceived threat. Truly pathetic.

  34. Btw, alpha roles are determined by personality type not gender. Its about the brain. Not the genitals.

  35. Ive been shit tested before by an ex of mine. I was just relaxing at my apartment and she calls me up saying she got off of work, was in the area, and wanted to come over so we could get something to eat. I agreed, and she hung up and headed my way.
    She gets there, we head towards her car, and I notice that she was walking on the passengers side. Im like, “what is this, what are you doing?” And she stops, looks at me all innocently, and replies, “I left my glasses, and was hoping you could drive.”
    To that I said, “You hoped wrong. You came to get me, and not once indicated that you wanted me to drive.” She then exclaims, passive aggressively, “well you know I can’t see at night without them, itd be considerate of you to drive since I cant see.” To which I concluded, “you seemed to drive here perfectly fine, and it was perhaps a little silly of you to assume my being considerate. Had I known youd want me to drive, I would have said no to your invitation.”
    I got in the passengers seat, and she angrily got in the drivers seat. She was over it by the time we got to our food destination.

  36. I got this exact shit test but over text. It was late at night. I resounded the next morning “So that’s what you think about when you’re laying in bed at night”
    The result? Well, the girl lives in another state I visit every few months. She’s been texting me since asking when I’ll be back. Should be a week or two.

  37. As a woman, I can attest that your approach would work. “You just want to get laid” has the nuanced meaning that the object of your desire is unimportant, that she (the speaker) doesn’t matter. In naming the attraction to her, you personalise it and in doing so invite her to try it on for herself.
    (In other words, it’s not simply that you’re being honest – I’m sure that a “yep, I’m horny. Any one of you all would do” would completely fail.)

  38. If a girl hits you with that shit-test and you respond with saying: “Of course i want to have sex with you. I’m a man, and you’re a woman and i’m attracted to you. It’s only natural” Then prepare for a lot of sexless lonely nights… seriously how the hell is this tripe even published on this website ?
    It’s the worst “game” advice i’ve ever heard of, personally i don’t need game but let me give this heads-up to recovering beta’s reading this, if you indicate your intent to fuck a girl in those literal words, you will drive a mile-long steak through the heart of her libido. You wanna try it? Go ahead and watch her pussy dry up faster than a jellyfish in the Namib desert.
    You say something more to the lines of, “hell yeah,.. i wanna fuck you silly, ….” accompanied by sexually tinted facial expressions after which you proceed telling her how you’d like to suck the whip cream right out of her pussy, but any line as robotic as what Troy advises you here is gonna kill your opportunity to bang her, remember men, women love men with a kinda feminine mind, not a robo-man mind, and only robo-minds would speak in such a way, You don’t talk about sex with a woman in a way that makes it sound like you’re discussing a result sheet with your co-worker in a laboratory. being a totally upfront asshole is indeed gonna work in your favor, But if you go down that road (which i recommend you do) you gotta stick to it and MAINTAIN YOUR FRAME, Troy insinuates here that you could steer the conversation away from sex after she trows this test without losing your frame, …YOU CAN’T … by steering away from sex even one iota, she will think of you as a whipped dog that’s quietly retreating to the corner with your tail in between of your legs after that whiplash. if she throws that test at you, you respond with something like “Women who push my buttons are hard to come by” which in one single line says “i fuck plenty, … but few of them really turn me on”.
    In one fell swoop you establish your alphatude by saying you’re bored with normal sex (for beta’s any sex is exciting due to their lack of having it, only alpha’s are bored by regular sex due to the abundance they have) and you balm her by saying she’s among the rare class of women who really drive a man with options crazy with desire for her hot ass, which is the fantasy women dream of the most. But more importantly, you avoided sounding like a beta-bot by talking about sex as if you’re talking about NASA’s latest space exploration project.
    Shame on you Troy… this “advice” was a beta as it ever gets.

    1. Sigh . . . it all depends on the delivery. You say it as though you are the adult and she is an unruly schoolgirl who doesn’t understand, or is effecting not too.
      “hell yeah,.. i wanna fuck you silly, ….” – the problem here is that I’d already been verbally sexually escalating hard, saying similar things to this. Chucking it in again would have made me sound like a one-trick pony. And indeed, a bit desperate.
      “Women who push my buttons are hard to come by” — this may sound good online, but wouldn’t really work in the context of a date where you have already been escalating sexually. What would you do after saying it? Sit back and stop moving things towards sex? If you did she would think you beta. And in any case she wouldn’t just meekly accept it and move on — she’d likely press you on the point.
      Let me ask you something. How many times have you used “Women who push my buttons are hard to come by” and got laid? Because I’ve got laid many, many times using the line I recommend here (including on the Saturday just gone). You should really only recommend techniques to other men that have been thoroughly field-tested, and I the one you suggest hasn’t been.

      1. Actually yeah i’ve used the “push my buttons” line a bunch of times, besides guys like you need to remember “lines” and only implement the ones you know word fairly well cause you’re all faking it. You’re learning to wear a mask to make you seem like a natural, i AM a natural, i don’t need to read “lines” and remember those, i just make shit up as i go, and if something fails… who cares, i move on to my next prey.
        You say in your article: “so draw on that to decide whether or not you think she might be up for something that night. If so then proceed as before. If not, you need to apply the breaks. Here’s what you say:
        “Of course I want to have sex with you. I’m a man, you’re a woman and I’m attracted to you. It’s only natural.”
        Then you should lean back, ensure that you’re not touching her, and turn the conversation to more neutral topics for a while. In this way you will defuse the test while still maintaining your frame, which is vital if you are to pick up where you left off later that night or on another occasion. —–
        Here’s the problem, if you push the conv to sex, and she scalds you, you agree and amplify, a tactic well documented in game, if like you suggest guys should do retreat the conversation away from sex at this point you WILL QUALIFY YOURSELF AS A BETA, who’s afraid the chick might think of him as a desperate loser, and thus backs off in the hope not to step on her tail.
        THAT is what will make her think you are a beta, you cannot fail to maintain frame, while still maintaining frame.
        Seriously Troy… your entire “game” thing is your attempts to artificially make you seem like a man of my breed.

        1. “a man of my breed” – lol.
          Gilgamesh, I think you talk a good game online. but I’m not sure how much real world experience of this you have.
          The problem with your argument is this — Yes, sexualise, sexualise, sexualise. I’m totally down with that. 100% agree. Trust me, my game is basically telling a girl I want to fuck her before the first drink’s arrived. But here’s the problem — it’s all push, no pull.
          And attraction is created in the pull.
          There should be ebb and flow in a date (and this is something I’d do well to remember). There should be ups and downs. Little moments when you take the pressure off, just for a few minutes.
          In my example, I’ve been telling the girl I want to fuck her all night. Then she calls me out and says I’m desperate. So I tell her very clearly that my desire for her is natural and show that I’m not ashamed of it. THEN I pull back, just for a bit.
          This isn’t ‘losing frame’ or being beta. How do you think she’s gonna react if she says I’m desperate and I keep on telling her I want to lick her pussy or whatever? I’m gonna sound like I haven’t got laid since 1995.
          Remember, you should aim for a bit of balance in all things.
          As it is, in the example I quote I took her home and fucked her five times and she gave me the same number of (excellent) blow jobs, which she was very enthusiastic about. So my advice is field tested, Yours . . . I’m not sure. I sense you’re playing the alpha card a little too hard.
          By the way, in terms of ‘just making shit up and moving on’ if it doesn’t fly — I do the same thing myself. I referred to “of course I want to have sex with you” as a ‘line’ for brevity’s sake. It’s not like I have it tattooed on the back of my hand or something.
          I don’t think we’re really that far apart in our views on this mate, but you’re being a little aggressive in your stance, which frankly comes off as a over-compensatory and weak. Still, it’s cool to share ideas.
          All the best and good luck with the gaming.

        2. You’re talking to the only man here who knows the origin of men and women, please Troy, you “learn” game because you need to. just another competitor with a mask on, don’t try talking to me about “the pull” … you’re not half as unattainable to women as i am, you never had half the no-fucks-given attitude as i have.
          You know why women so callously abuse and exploit you stupid animals like you men ??? Because of your grotesque arrogance and hubris, thinking you’ve beaten women in the game of life, as a youngster growing up in one of the disastrous single-mom households with a mother who only drank booze and starved us, i was never even remotely fooled by women’s pretentious purity, please Troy, understand that you’re dealing with a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a dark triad of the highest order. I am a traitor in the league of shadows.

        3. Besides Troy, if you read back my initial comment to your article, my criticism pertained particularly to your choice of words. Any man who speaks so upfront and in such clear terms is going to turn women off, remember to keep your canvas covered with plenty of splashes of mystery.
          And in the particular case you mentioned you SHOULD have sticked to sexualizing the conversation (and deliver yourself a la machiavellian style) and if she wouldn’t be up for it, you’d just drop her like a bag of bricks.
          That’s how you radiate non-desperation, by straight up abandoning her all together and move on with a “plenty of fish our there” smirk on your face.

        4. Well I don’t feel abused and exploited, Gilgamesh, because after over a decade of doing this I have my technique down. But you’re right in a way — I’ve never claimed to be a ‘natural’. My skills are largely ‘learned’. So what? I still get laid. If I can pass some of that on to others, then surely that’s a good thing.
          Your childhood sounds terrible, but mine wasn’t a barrel of laughs either (parents divorced, bitch of a stepmother) so don’t think you’re the only one.
          But your stance is pointless — ‘game’ is in essence a codifying of the techniques that ‘naturals’ use in an easily digestible form. That’s all I’m doing here. If you disagree with the some of my techniques, then that’s fine — but I would never recommend anything that hasn’t got me laid. You don’t know my tonality or the wider context of the interaction with the girl I describe. You need to acknowledge that there may be more than one way of skinning a cat.

        5. Yup, and I have lost many lays by over-sexualising and the girl walking, so I’m with you. But I DID get laid in the case I describe above. And given that my entire demeanour is cocky and sexualising there was never going to be a danger that I would drop into a beta-ised frame and lose this girl, even if I momentarily held off talking explicitly about sex. Perhaps I could have made that clearer in the OP.
          I disagree about being upfront in this context — the way I did it was more like a massive frame-grab. Again, as you don’t know my tonality or general vibe, it’s hard to convey this in text. But, like I say, I fucked the girl, so I was clearly doing something right.

        6. “You need to acknowledge that there may be more than one way of skinning a cat.”
          I will acknowledge that, no problem, but with giving game advice on anything one must take into account the variety of men taking it, and that perhaps their tonality and eye contact, and basically the whole of their ability to be charismatic is perhaps not as apt as your own, in which case it’s better to advise being crass and raunchy in their terminology and lay off on the politeness a little, statistically that option win’s in most scenario’s given the ubiquity of mean sluts around today that was more of less what i was harking in on.
          It’s better for all students of ‘game’ to place their bets on the most likely winner in any random scenario, and mean beats nice most of the time.

  39. Are you a player? Yes! Shrugs shoulders.
    Are you like this with all the girls? Yes! Shrugs shoulders.
    Does this usually work? Yes! Shrugs shoulders.
    Is that your chat-up line? Yes! Shrugs shoulders.
    “Why are you still talking to me?!” I wasn’t talking to you. I thought you’re friend was talking. Wave at hotter woman in back of the room.
    Why be afraid to have a woman mad at you? If she doesn’t reciprocate, walk away. Shrug shoulders. Stop caring. Focus on what it is you do. Women who talk like that are usually interested in being the imaginary reality tv star in their own mind’s mental drama. Other than a quick bang, why would you want to be a part of it?!
    If she’s down to bang, fine. But invest less in basic bitches, and more in exceptional bitches. If you marry, she better not be a bitch at all.
    Tell her to kick rocks as silently as possible If BB.

  40. >“Of course I want to have sex with you. I’m a man, you’re a woman and I’m attracted to you. It’s only natural.”
    remove ‘natural’. remove all dependencies, apologies, concessions, and confessions. you are defining the truth. you don’t need an explanation.
    nor does she, for that matter. you think she knows? anything? at all? women only ‘know’ what they’re told. even when they pursue alpha, it’s the image they’ve been told is alpha — they have absolutely no ability to discover (e.g. innovate and test) what is or is not alpha. she doesn’t understand natural anyway, she only hears defensive posturing, as if there is a meekness in you.
    don’t defend. don’t be meek. don’t give excuses. your said it best elsewhere: you’re balls are your right, you have them, she doesn’t. reminder her of this.

  41. When the women reach the Wall in 30s and wonder where all the good men are, they needed to be reminded in their late teens/20s they played these games and tests to see which man was worthy of their presence. I know they want to screen wimps and beta males, but play head games have probably caused the player/pickup artist lifestyle to exist. These women should not be complaining that these players toy with their emotions, minds, and bodies. Women are addicted to drama so they need to take a hobby instead of leading guys on. Then they expect these guys to marry once their good looks fade unable to manipulate guys. I find that sad and funny the relaltionships are now psychological battles instead of a connection.

  42. How about “slow it down I need to be wined and dined first” or “it’s clear where your mind’s at” in response to this test? Generally I feel flipping the script works pretty well for tests like these but I am still new to Game. Thoughts would be appreciated.

  43. You don’t really seem to understand why you are being tested. Or even what’s really going on in the back of our minds.
    A woman who knows her true value won’t waste her time with you at a bar. Every man who’s attempted to “hit on me” at a bar, I’ve pretty much stuffed, mounted and left in the corner, crying like a wilted little child rocking back and forth with their thumb in their mouth crying and questioning their very existence. Here is why.
    Men to most women, are dangerous predators, until proven otherwise. Every woman’s first gate: Is this a creepy psychopath stalker who’s going to follow me to my car and rape and murder me? You don’t get a free pass, that’s the underlying layer beneath all initial tests. How safe and sane is he, really?
    Until you prove yourself otherwise, all we are trying to determine about you is divided between three basic categories: whether or not you are 1) creepy as fuck, 2) a safe one-night-stand boy toy or 3) potential LTR material. That’s it.
    You don’t get a free pass. It is dangerous in most parts of the world for a woman to walk alone at night. Think about that. Long and hard. Who made it dangerous? Men.
    Keep in mind, we have to filter through the average of 20-30 come-ons a day, endless hate mail and rape/death threats on our social media accounts. What you think about women is so far, far off base. We need verification you are sane and safe and not a psychopath where we’ll end up on the 9 o’clock news in the dumpster.
    This described in your email, my dear is not a nuclear test. That’s a woman’s way of straight-up telling you, “Honey your little Freudian slip is showing, you are acting creepy. Now get yourself to the bathroom and clean your act up. You are looking to me like a low value, scary, needy, creepy prick, so dial it back a notch because you reek of bad vibes. I like a little edge, but you just went too far.”
    Instead of saying this and damaging your fragile self-esteem and male ego, we kindly and politely say something to “test” you. It’s easier, takes less energy to put you back on your heels a bit, because we are trying to determine if you are sane, safe and worth spending time on or if you’ve got a room covered in plastic in your downstairs basement.
    Do you understand this? Please say yes, if you can wrap your head around this and not have your fragile egos damaged.
    A nuclear test… that happens when a woman is ready to see if you have what it takes to go balls to the walls and win at the game of life with her. Those are the nuclear tests. This is all just determining if you are safe, sane and then worth her time. You fail those, you lose the chance with her. That’s the society we live in.
    What you are talking about is just so low brow and pathetic. A woman has to vet you to determine whether or not to trust you with her life and possibly her kids lives… Now maybe you’ll see these tests a little differently.
    Honey, you are being vetted, tested and assessed every step of the way for sanity and safety. You need to be perceived as bigger, more capable and just dangerous / edgy enough to have it in you to protect her IF she needs it. We need to feel a) just risky enough and b) just safe enough to be hot enough for you to sleep with you.
    Women, live very, very scary lives. You have no clue what life is really like for the average woman.

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