Twitter Feminists “Convict” Singer Kesha’s Music Producer Of Rape

For some time now, self-styled bad girl pop singer Kesha has been locked in a civil legal battle with her long-term producer, Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald). Among other things, such as claims he forced her to take narcotics, Kesha alleges that Dr. Luke raped and abused her over a ten year period. “Rape culture” hysteria being as it is, many have rushed to take Kesha’s side, adamantly calling the respected producer a rapist. Coincidentally, Kesha is contractually unable to record or generally perform outside of her commercial partnership with Dr. Luke.

Already a multimillionaire (unless she spent it all), Kesha’s legal representatives are imploring a New York court to issue an injunction to speed up the case. She has already failed at having the suit heard in California, as her contract with Dr. Luke stipulated that disputes must be dealt with in New York. Anyone with a semblance of legal knowledge is aware that civil cases are usually protracted and, above all else, costly. Kesha is thus looking to do what few others can, as she says her career will be “ruined” if she can’t rid herself of her obligations with Dr. Luke and quickly find someone else to work with.

Twitter feminists are now bemoaning the financial loss to Kesha from speaking about her “rape,” without anything so much as a thimble’s worth of proof against Dr. Luke. Here’s an example:

The media is abandoning any sense of journalistic ethics

It’s very fitting that Anna Silman has worked extensively in Salon’s entertainment section. Legal niceties like the presumption of innocence and the effect on someone accused of rape (without a criminal arraignment) don’t gel well with focusing on poor multimillionaire Kesha’s possible financial situation.

Salon‘s Anna Silman is representative of those writing for a wide number of media outlets (although overall ownership of the outlets themselves is much more concentrated). These writers are repeatedly focusing on what the suit costs Kesha. Completely forgotten in this context is the gargantuan cost to Dr. Luke, who has been accused of rape, a serious felony, in a civil court. Make no mistake, the civil nature of the suit is designed to a) make it much, much easier to brand Dr. Luke a rapist without the need for a higher criminal standard and b) excuse Kesha from her contractional arrangements with him. As for the branding him a rapist part, thousands of online feminists have already taken Kesha’s allegations as Gospel truth.

Silman’s use of title (“People are demanding #FreedomForKesha: Here’s what accusing a powerful producer of rape has cost her”) removes any doubt as to her partiality. Of course, Kesha is contractually obligated to work with Dr. Luke and therefore does not earn as an entertainer without him. No one challenges this.

Yet in an unresolved civil court case, why does Kesha alone matter? In our lifetimes, aside from occasional, heat-of-the-moment journalistic attacks on Sabrina Rubin Erdely UVA-style pieces of fiction, mainstream media outlets have not ever made a scene about emphasizing what a rape accusation, still to be resolved, costs a man.

Anna Silman and others have not been free to write anything they wish, but if you desire a report and not a semi-opinion piece, you won’t find one from them.

Where lots of money meets rape accusations

Plenty of people have used the word “rape” without explaining how exactly rape occurred in this story. Where’s the evidence, folks?

The largest elements of Kesha’s earlier court filings concern not rape accusations, but contractual disputes. In the same suit in which she alleged rape, she claimed that Dr. Luke had reneged on a promise to renegotiate her exclusive business relationship with him. Because of the lack of any substantive evidence to even suggest rape, all we know for certain is that this is an argument about money.

And although Kesha’s contract with Dr. Luke predated these legislative changes, many states have now amended laws so that contracts can be nullified in the case of “sexual harassment” or similar situations. Making an accusation of rape in a civil court is now a ready-made vehicle for getting out of a contract, all with a much lower standard of proof than a criminal court.

Kesha is also not making any real sense in her choice of a co-defendant to Dr. Luke. Having repeated ad nauseam how Dr. Luke supposedly controlled and gagged her for ten years, she has gone to the trouble of suing Sony, which is the larger entity to which Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records belongs. Sony skilfully slapped down her allegations against it, questioning how it could have enabled Dr. Luke’s alleged behavior if she didn’t come to them. So, if in doubt, don’t just sue your label, sue the whole damn corporation.

If Dr. Luke is a rapist, show evidence and not Twitter rhetoric

People rushed to believe Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s Rolling Stone piece on the UVA rape hoax as much as people are believing Kesha’s court filings. Both were/are accusations without any accompanying proof.

“I believe women” has become the catchphrase of a generation (or three) of feminists to navigate around the distinct lack of evidence accompanying most rape allegations. Even when these allegations crop up in disputes over millions of dollars, the woman just has to be believed and those supporting the accuser do not need a court decision, especially a criminal one, to swiftly label a man a rapist. Presumed innocence is as dead as Kesha’s career might soon become.

Social discourse in the United States has become so retrograde that people will moan about the potential loss of income to a vainglorious celebrity singer and not the rush to judge a man as a criminal when he hasn’t even had an arraignment for a felony, let alone a criminal conviction recorded against him.

It is par for the course in our sad world that the person in this dispute who wants more money for herself, Kesha, is the one being believed. In the meantime, thousands are calling a man a rapist, despite the vast majority of them not even knowing his professional name, not to mention his legal name, before they read some feminist opinion piece masquerading as a courtroom news report.

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172 thoughts on “Twitter Feminists “Convict” Singer Kesha’s Music Producer Of Rape”

  1. So you can use rape to nullify a contractual obligation? Now how can I say my mortgage servicer raped me? I mean, they do financially rape people.

  2. Keisha seems to like occult stuff
    For example her video die young is occult themed.
    “According to Billboard, the video is a shout-out to the Illuminati.[48] Occult symbols ubiquitously associated with the secret society such as the all-seeing eye of Horus, inverted crosses, pentagrams, and triangles pervade the video.”
    Probably means nothing, but it could have a bearing on the means she’s prepared to use to achieve her ends. On the other hand its the music industry, and dodgy exploitative sex is pretty standard. The point of the article is sound either way: historically allegations that someone is a witch (pretty much what I’ve just done) were the easiest ways to pursue a grudge or acquisitive desire. Nowadays witchiness is socially approved and the equivalent is the levelling of a rape allegation. The politics of the thing and the incentivisation of false allegations (for rape or witchcraft) needs to be kept separate from justice, which means as is often pointed out here: report the crime at the time to the police, or don’t expect to be taken seriously

  3. Does “rape” need to be re-defined as something not necessarily sexual, but as a definition of power from any (male/masculine) source over a woman which she decides, usually far into the future, that she regrets/doesnt like any more?

    1. Rape has already been redefined. It used to be a violent attack, typically perpetrated by a sick man, against a woman. The woman would often be left shattered from the assault and never able to restart a real life. The man would go to jail, where he belonged. Once there, he would be raped often by other male prisoners.
      The problem with this narrative, of course, is that it almost never happens. “Real Rape” is about as likely as a lightning strike for people who have even the slightest situational awareness. The other problem with this definition of rape is that it’s almost certain that more men than women suffer this crime (because rape in prison is a very real threat for men).
      Sooo.. We just redefine it to be sex “whenever you don’t feel like it”. A totally different “crime” (if it can even be called that). Now, suddenly, we find there are 1000’s of rapes every day. Fuck, with the current definition, there are probably 1000’s of “rapes” a day in most mid sized towns. Of course, we don’t change the penalty for this; we consider a “I was drunk and he’s not hot” rape the same as a “I was in the prison shower, Tyrone knocked 6 of my teeth out and then skullfucked me with 5 of his best friends”.
      “Real rape” is a problem more for men than women. It’s a crime of power, not sex. You don’t rape someone because you’re horny, you rape them to shatter them, to take away their identity and to break their spirit. This is the motive in about 0% of “date rape” cases. It’s a totally different crime, might as well couple “He shot me with a water pistol” with “He unloaded a .357 into my chest” into the same category. Makes about as much sense.
      Of course, there are a lot more people shot with water pistols everyday than those with .357’s. So, if you want to “create a problem” with “gun violence” and can somehow link water pistol shootings and bullets, you have much more compelling statistical garbage to spew (1 in 2 women raped; or whatever the current bullshit narrative is, for example).
      BTW, this is coming from a man who was, by the current definition of the law, absolutely “raped” by a group of women when I was about 13. You know how my “trauma” I had to deal with? Well, let me tell you, it took me at least 20 minutes to get over it. I was mad at myself for getting into the situation and made sure I would not let it happen again. Then I got on with my life. The “bawling their eyes out” over a drunken sex escapade that, in all likelihood, they CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER is so ridiculous it makes my head hurt. They are sad they got “caught” having sex with someone who’s not up to their standards, not sad they had sex, but sad because others KNOW they had sex.

  4. Being a “victim” of a crime means both power and sympathy to the “victim.” After all, in a world where the media has to create interesting stories, and interesting stories always means there is a “good guy” and a “bad guy” the “victim” is always the “good guy” and the rapist is always the “bad guy.” The media also is in a rush to be “first.” The new mantra is “better to be first and wrong and apologize, then to be second and right.”
    Being a “victim” also means any failure on the part of the “victim” in real life can easily be excused with “well, she was a victim.” I don’t know if Kesha is good at her job or not. Her music does not “speak” to me. When Bruce Springsteen had his issue with his producer, he lost a lot of money, but eventually his talent was heard (again) and he has done quite well for himself.

  5. A friend of mine once worked for a real old school editor at a Midwestern newspaper who always said, “If your mother says she loves you, check it out!”
    Journalism isn’t dying because of bloggers, it’s committing suicide. The one advantage they supposedly had was superior fact checking. You might read something by a blogger, but a journalist was supposed to have corroboration, even if it was confidential.
    These jokers get one source and run with it straight to hell. Maybe the producer’s guilty, I don’t know, but then again neither does Salon. Used to be reckless disregard for veracity was a matter for libel.

  6. Stop paying attention to Twitter users. Just stop. If someone can’t take the time to be an actual advocate for something and do more then type 140 characters or less they are simply irrelevant. Period.

  7. “I’m a pansexual male to female transgender that identifies as black and a practicing pagan who is passionate preserving the rights of all people. I am a social media advocate and speak for those oppressed by white male patriarchy.”
    Social Media. Giving a voice to the people who would have formerly been institutionalized.

    1. “I’m a pansexual male to female transgender that identifies as black and a practicing pagan who is passionate preserving the rights of all people. I am a social media advocate and speak for those oppressed by white male patriarchy.”
      Nope, you’re just fucking off your rocker crazy. Do us all a favor and either shut up or off yourself. These SJW bullshit statements are jumping the shark more and more on a daily basis.

      1. It’s a crowd of very unhappy and sad people who need to party hard every week in order to bear their own pathetic existence full of depression, anxiety and self-loathing.

      1. That is a fantastic representation of the modern SJW.

        1. Best way to combat this is to just become the BAD GUY they want us to be.

        1. Nahh.. She’s just an ugly dyke !
          Would any man dip it’s doodah in to her ?? That would be a horrible fate….

        2. UGHHHHHH! I bet it’s communist brain cells are really butt hurt when it buys several boxes per day of Costco pizzas on it’s welfare dime.
          And we are forced to pay taxes so this asylum escapee can run amok. Thankfully, they only loiter around those who actually believe their Dumb-ass drizzle splooging like the incoherent drug addict rambling that it is.
          Living proof that depression pills and binging are keys to getting wifed up by a loser beta with literally no other options and the gelatinous spine required to both fail carrying it’s blobular mass across the threshold, and stand up to it at the same time.
          That is what feminists call a man who multi-tasks.

      2. Rape isn’t all on their minds. Apparently feminists are upset about the Pioneer probe (the one with the man and woman on it in case aliens find it; apparently the apparent straight man and women are offensive to the LGBT community, and he’s holding his arm up, which must be a sign of dominance.
        Instead, we shall use this plaque of diversity.

    2. lmao. brilliant. You know, the really sad thing (scary, maybe) is that you could probably walk in to almost any major US corp sans resume or experience, state your ummm … gender/race/sex/? like you did above and then demand just about any job and pay rate – you would be hired in an instant. and then you could do literally anything on the job and never be fired. golly, I started this as a joke … but … crap … I think it’s true … what the hell has happened …?

      1. Now they are being competitive with who can outdo self-righteousness and indignation. They all strive to see how many labels they can attach to themselves to become…
        “The worlds greatest victim of injustice by the white male patriarchy!”

    3. Yep and I agree. We need to bring back the short bus and those nut houses. The nut houses may have went away but the nuts are still here, wandering around looking for a home.

    4. IN my totally delusional, and patriarchally possessed mind, I up voted your comment one billion times. And fuck you very much, it made me break my computer while I am still typing this you bastard. Thank God I wasn’t drinking anything.

  8. Raped “over a 10 year period”. Yet through all this rape she was able to travel the world, make millons, do glamorous photoshoots, get hit singles recorded and produced for her. This man gave her everything and now she wants to take even more by falsely accusing him of rape. Damn this society to hell. There’s no limit to an American woman’s greed. She is probably upset he is producing youngr hotter talent now.

    1. yup. you want to know what a girl looks like when she has been raped for 10 years ask Ariel Castro to show you pictures of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus. Didn’t see any of their european tours? That’s because they were tied up in a basement being raped for 10 years.
      Keisha should have to apologize to those girls in person.

      1. Tell him about it, he’s the father of his own grandchildren and raped his daughters over a period of 24 years while holding them hostage in his cellar. That’s real rape.

      2. Real rape victims don’t want to make their experience a social media viral movement or hashtag. You are exactly correct. Wish I could upvote a hundred times.

  9. While I am skeptical of rape claims, it would not surprise me in this case due to how the major music industry works. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if Lady Gaga banged her father, given how she dresses around him.
    Still, if he did indeed rape her, then charges need to be filed and evidence needs to be presented, if possible. At this point, eye witness accounts are the only thing that would convict him.

  10. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the word “rape” has absolutely no meaning whatsoever. “rape” is the same as saying ramalamadingdong or mmmbop

        1. ha. I actually have a t-shirt that someone bought me that says “I fucked The Chick From Hanson”
          Say what you want about those little wierdos. That song was pop gold.

        2. “lol”… My typing teacher Mrs. Hanson (in the 90’s when computers were “coming up”) was related to the Hanson boys… So naturally, she would play that bullshit during typing class… (I was probably 6-8 years old!). Small world…

  11. Can any of you older guys attest to the fact that feminism has been boiling towards a fever pitch in the last ten years?
    Was it always this constant thing that you encountered every day?
    I’m approaching thirty in a couple years and I can’t tell if I’m biased in thinking that feminism was not this monolithic thing just ten years ago.
    When I was younger I remember people just doing their thing… Living their lives… Not going on strike against reality because they were born with a penis or a vagina.

    1. I am a little more than 10 years older than you CK. I remember in High School girls all said they were “feminists” but it was kind of like the latest fashion. No one took it seriously. I mean, there was always some fat bull dyke who did, but everyone just made fun of her.
      However, in all fairness, while I see this insane fever pitch feminism and its effects on the world, I notice that the vast majority of people I meet locally (NYC) have very little to no traces of feminism (other than the “we are so empowered we can use our vaginas like an amusement park” type) and the ones that do drop it after 2 drinks and the right song.
      To be sure, the fact that I can walk into a bar and talk to a girl who will fuck me like a seasoned pro and she will tell herself that that proves she is equal to a man is a feminism I run into…but whether I just ignore it, choose my targets generally well or somehow repel them, I see very little of the nasty stuff.
      A few months ago I did have a date with one who was pushing serious political agenda on me and it seemed so crazy I thought Alan Funt was going to show up. Realizing that she wasn’t going to bang me and that, even if she would I didn’t want to, when she mentioned the “wage gap” for the umpteenth time I responded something to the effect of “honey, there is only one gap I am interested in and it’s the one between your legs.”

        1. No Fat Chicks flags and shirts were quite popular, and used without shame by a lot of men.
          We were the generation brought up to go to final nuclear war with Russia, being a pussy was not a desirable trait. Not coincidentally after the wall fell in the early 1990’s the music and culture started changing, like nearly over night.

        2. You’re right about the No Fat Chicks shirts.
          In the 80’s, the idea of a nuclear holocaust was there, but I wouldn’t say I was affected by it. We didn’t have drills or anything like what we see in documentaries of schools back in the 50’s and 60’s. I’ll admit I was oblivious to it not fully understanding the seriousness of it.

        3. I meant that the culture was really pushing the Macho theme from the mid 70’s through the 80’s in media and culture. I recall the very real dread that war with the USSR was imminent, and not just nuclear. It just seemed to me like the kind of culture you’d find in any warrior society, while they were not at war, especially a society trying hard to recover from a bad spell a few decades earlier (the 1960’s). The 1980’s brought out the hoo-rah military cheering and lionization and the idea that we could “Kick Ivan’s ass” a la Red Dawn. Hard to explain I guess, and it’s all in retrospect, clearly at the time we weren’t cognizant of anything except the moment we were living in.

        4. I’ve heard it’s in October, but don’t know the exact dates.

        5. it still is accepted by men and women…only problem is that back then there were more men and women….less of these whatever the fuck they are in between shits…..

        6. I actually saw someone wearing this shirt a month ago. I did not know what it was and had to Google it.

        7. Some stuff from the 1980’s. Notice the lack of lard and lack of ink/tatts/piercings, and the happy faces. This was my time, when I was a teen to very early 20’s. Some of the fashion leaves a lot to be desired, but you get the point. The 1985 one is good (for me) to sit and watch just to get a real feel as it seems to be more slice of life than promoting anything, but it’s a long watch.


        8. Yes nothing like knowing that any moment you could get notice that you were going to be burned to death from 11 to 40 minutes depending on where you lived and how close in the Soviet subs were.
          Imagine these special little snowflakes today trying to live under that.

        9. Air raid sirens tested daily at noon in the small town I grew up in. It’s something you really can’t explain to somebody who didn’t go through it, it was a bizarre feeling since it was all of our life to that point. Real people had real bunkers/bomb shelters out of the very real (at the time) fear of an impending attack or invasion.
          It’s funny because The Day After is viewed today as some kind of artistic/social thing, but I recall it seeming to me when I saw it like a blueprint for what was pretty much going to happen, kind of a preview/prep film.

        10. My first thought seeing this is how many American laws these people are breaking. Cruising down the strip at 10 MPH without a seatbelt? That’s a big fine. Improper dress code. Hanging limbs out the window. Alcohol being served in a non-quarantined area with security goons. Unlicensed possession of exotic pet. Illegal pyrotecnics. Climbing towers without a safety harness. Too many people around the swimming pool, and it has a DIVING BOARD. Playing on Bikes in the street. Sheesh. I honestly feel more free-er whenever I leave the US, where fun has not been regulated or outlawed.
          It was nice seeing people outdoors, being physically active, practicing a skill, biking, surfing, whatever. And the cars are sweet!
          I know this is a dumb question but.. they had tattoos back then right? Classy women just chose not to get them. Right?

        11. Yes, they had tatts, and they were for military and, as Bram notes, bikers. You accrued status back then by having a buff body, not by degrading and defacing yourself. Even non-classy women weren’t inked up. True story.
          As to the “laws”, heh, I’m not sure many of them existed at the time, or were enforced with the zeal of the religious zealot like they are today.

        12. No such animal at the time, of course, or at least nobody was rich enough to have one if they were around. We were “forced” to interact and be what historians refer to as “social” and, get this, “have fun” in each other’s company. Weird, I know, right?

        13. I was born in 1985 and I can attest that laws weren’t nearly as stringent back then. I don’t remember being forced to sit in those child booster seats until age 9 like it is now. Seat belts? Only if my parents told me to. Hell I even remember when helmets weren’t mandatory for motorcyclists and hostesses would ask you “smoking or non-smoking.” Freedoms slowly being stripped away.

        14. I graduated highs school in 1985, youngster, heh. Not only did I not have a child seat, we didn’t wear seat belts and would often sit in the back of a given adults station wagon in the Tail Gunner position (depended on the mom/dad of our friend) or even, get this, in the open bed of a pick’em up truck.
          We still don’t have motorcycle helmet laws here in Ohio, we at least have that much freedom (odd, we also can open carry, and boys still hunt..hmmmm).
          I remember smoking/non-smoking quite well, even in airplanes.

        15. Yep – Cops were different then too. There might have been a prick or 2 on each town force – but most were cool – there to enforce real laws and protect people from actual criminals – thieves, rapists, etc… Most didn’t give a shit if you were drinking or jaywalking as long as nobody got hurt.
          Now it seems the pricks have taken over.

        16. I have you beat. I am 60 and I remember when seatbelts did not exist. In fact, my first car did not have them.

        17. I am a little older and can remember quite clearly the duck and cover drills at school in the 60s. I had not thought of it but I agree that the fall of the Berlin wall was a turning point in our culture.

        18. My wife and I were talking about the 80’s and early 90’s, about how men were hairy, wore their shirts open, and women did their hair and wore heels. It was a beautiful time. Granted, we were very, very young, but we are able to look back and long for the simplicity.

        19. Remember the Subaru Brat with the rear facing bucket seats in the back bed? Don’t have those anymore.

        20. haha…no phones. Yeah, they had them but you needed a friend to carry it for you. It was a better time because you socialized with the people you were actually with (real life, in color people).
          Today, I see people hanging out in a group, on their phones socializing with other people.
          It’s really sad. Many of these people have no social skills beyond typing on a screen.

        21. Tats…agree. You actually earned them back when.
          Also, the laws…nope. You didn’t need a helmet to ride your bike 2 mins (or 10 mph) up the road. You could even ride in the back of a pick up truck (no ticket). It’s too stupid, today, with laws. Kids look like they are going to battle to ride their little bikes in the court (neighborhood).

        22. Stationed in West Germany 1982 to 1985…not far from the border. Yep, you knew how close you were to the border and war at all times. Good times, though.

        23. Incredible. No lardos, no plastic tits, no tatts, no zombies staring at their cell phones. I miss the good old days.

        24. Ehhh. I dunno about that. An older friend gave me a box of old VHS tapes of porn and a VCR when I was a teenager. Both were becoming worthless but he didn’t wanna just trash his collection. I don’t remember tats being common even there. And this was post 2000 (though the vids were probably 90s).

        25. Retro 1970’s. Having a tattoo was taboo for a decent woman. You might as well give up having any man of quality interested in you. I remember the first time I saw a female patient with a tattoo. She was a stripper admitted to ICU.

    2. I’ll be 50 next year and you are right. In the early 80’s civil rights and feminism meant everyone having the same rights and being judged on merit. Women were more sane and feminine, my minority friends in the military and college would joke about race. Commies were the bad guys, not Presidential candidates. Everyone was a lot calmer and life seemed more fun.
      At some point in the 90’s all that went out the window.

      1. Didn’t see your comment until I’d written mine. It was the 90s when I started getting a sense of strange shit on the horizon. I actually think it had a lot to do with postmodern gender theory (judith butler) becoming mainstreamed. They completely changed their tactics and started working on image and PR, and distancing themselves from rad fems (at least on the surface). Gender theory became a total ideology like marxism before it (and of course its related via Gayle Rubin etc)

        1. A lot of weird shit rolled in with the Clintons. Meaningless phrases like “politically correct” and “social justice” started getting thrown around.
          I think once the Soviet Union collapsed, all the commies came crawling out with their bullshit.

        2. true. I’ve read some conspiracy theorists who think the fall of the soviet union was designed to ‘seed’ the west, and to lower its guard against communism – which is pretty much what happened. The defeat of communism, was actually its victory

        3. The Clintons also started numbing the public to the government going out and shooting people for sport, without even the excuse of being attacked first, from Ruby Ridge to Waco.

    3. I’d say it was still marginal in the 80s when feminists were still thought of as wearing dungarees, and Private Eye (A uk satirical mag) ran a cartoon strip every week taking the piss Something happened in the 90s, though. It broke out of the obscure departments in academia and mainstreamed. More than that there seems to have been a lot of behind the scenes and very organised planning, although its less clear that the mainstream media or political issues had picked up on this. In 2001 it went live. I’d identify two events: sept 11, and Ellen Degeneneres coming out. Not sure I could evidence why, but that’s when the campaign proper started.

    4. Yes. I’m approaching 40 and i can tell you that this feminist hysteria has gotten worse and worse especially during the obama age.
      It’s like his presidency opened up the floodgates for every kind of kook and sociopath to come out of the woodwork, including the militant feminists.
      Whether its codepink, NOW, or Planned Parenthood, they’ve all become emboldened because of the obama administrations complicit support.
      Nutjob groups like these were considered fringe by the presidency, even during clinton’s time. Nowadays they are treated as if they were legitimate groups and the real legitimate (and conservative) groups are treated as if they had the political equivalent of leprosy, so much so that the Southern Poverty Law Center (itself a far left group) has branded practically every legitimate one of these as a “hate” group.

      1. I honestly think that 9/11 was a big paradigm shift in this country. “Terrorism” became over-hyped. Loss of freedom began… (patriot act, NDAA, Bush AND Obama mocking the constitution essentially….). Feminism blew up into something completely insane (as if it wasn’t bad enough before). Smartphones came into existence and laptop computer technology also took off at a rapid rate. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tinder, Et al. all blew up (to our own detriment). In the last 10 years (in my opinion), shit has really gone downhill… FAST… almost EXPONENTIALLY it seems. As if by design….
        I agree that Obama is not good, to say the least… but Bush was also a tool, and the whole “left/right” dialog has become completely fake. It’s time that masculine men redefine the arguments in terms of “RIGHT VS. WRONG” (in my opinion) instead of silly, contrived, political bullshit.

        1. It’s always been about right vs wrong, it’s just a matter of determining how right one is when assessing how wrong these political kabuki actors are whenever they put their makeup and mask on for public consumption.

        2. Agree.
          I believe that men like the ones on this site (and a few others) are the only path back to economic and social stability. As you mention these actors wear makeup (enough to be applied and removed with a shovel). Most politicians today are serving a corporatocracy, not a constitutional republic. But Americans are duped by the same ol’ bag of tricks. The mainstream media are their enablers and are part of the sickness.
          I believe that we as men need to do it like we “run game on chicks”. WE take back and start controlling the frame. We talk about freedom loving people such as Ron Paul and the like. We talk about the constitution. We talk about the corruption of the Federal Reserve. We talk about the corrupted and politicized supreme court. To hell with what FOX, CNN, and MSNBC are talking about, let’s strategize and figure out how to minimize propaganda viewership.
          Notice how the MSM focuses so heavily on the presidential election to the point of obsession (ignoring the fact that we have this thing called the house and senate with 535 total members that used to represent us and legally approve things such as using military force via constitutional means). People are being manipulated into placing more and more emphasis on a president, and seem happier and happier to let one man use executive orders to “get things done fast!” and that to me seems to open the doorway to a dictatorship. And most people are so caught up in the drama that they can’t see the sickness.

        3. The President has become the unofficial parent of Americans today, and the media has only helped to perpetuate this view.
          Even when an R is president and the media attacks him, they stop short of actually reminding people that there is such a thing as checks and balances, because their agenda operates on a long term and not short term basis. They won’t attack the position of president or the misguided view of him as an all powerful figure, they simply attack the person who holds the position through ad hominems.
          I don’t much care for Ron Paul because in his own words he and obama’s followers “overlap.”
          Anyone who shares myrmidons with the muslim in chief is a person i find little inspiration to support.

      2. Im almost 40 too, and yeah, its gotten much worse since the advent of the smart phone. Almost everyone had one of these things by 2009(couple this with 24/7 “memememe” social media), so I’d peg that year as when this all started to get really really toxic.
        Hell, even the early 2000’s werent that bad IMO…

      3. True. They’ve branded MRAs a hate group while ignoring feminists, despite them saying much worse things (I’m not a feminist or MRA, but they’re still being ridiculous).
        It seems being a nutjob these days is trendy and your supposed to be full of some sort of ‘wisdom’ that needs to be shared (forcefully) to everyone else. Of course, don’t you dare resist, or you’re a close-minded bigot who has no place in this country.

      4. I’ve heard feminism wasn’t a big deal back then; it wasn’t being shoved into every aspect of people’s lives. Nowadays, people seem to act as if it’s a vital resource (eg. water, food, air, etc.)

        1. The argument made back in recent years (and even now by morons on the so called right) was that yesteryear’s feminism was “better” because it only focused on giving Women the rights that they “deserved.”
          Never mind the fact that a lot of these pioneering feminists were also socialists who routinely sought to disrupt social order through a promotion of adversarial agendas designed to promote social unrest and a superiority of the female.
          I’ve debated against a few so called conservatives who actually defended “first wave” feminism as if it was somehow different from what passes for feminism now.
          It’s like saying HIV and AIDS should be judged in a different standard because the former is much less deadly than the latter. Smh.

        2. The first wave feminists were actually not all that peaceful-they even set off bombs, smashed windows and participated in arson (setting houses, car, etc. on fire).
          Nowadays, you would think they were saints.

    5. I have no real memory of the 1960’s except for a moon landing, which I can only see in dream like still frames in my memory now (I was a very, very small child in the late 1960’s).
      The 1970’s, that I can remember, had very little overt feminism, outside of the sexual revolution which I don’t believe was seen as feminism at the time, rather it was considered an offshoot of the hippies (which in truth actually came from the Free Love movement of the 1800’s), and some silly bints who burned their bras, which most men thought was a hoot. There were “feminists” but they were academic and not part of life as I recall it, except for the clinically incompetent push for the ERA, which failed. This was however the age when men were encouraged to start “expressing their emotions” and there was a lot of crying going on, upon which sprang up the Macho Man movement as a counter to these wimps.
      The 1980’s were the Golden Age. Women seemed to get more feminine, dresses came back in vogue (the 1970’s saw a lot of stupid nylon girl pants), big hair styles and long hair, high heels. Culturally I don’t recall anybody talking about feminism except as a joke, usually in a derogatory manner because of the stupid failed attempt at the ERA. Masculinity was celebrated and lionized, action films were fantastic, and if you weren’t trying to be a hero masculine man you were mocked and ridiculed.
      The early 1990s…steady state…then mid 90’s it seemed to change overnight. Especially in the music, which went from regular ’80’s stuff to some bizarre Grrrl Band/Pwrrrr meme, along with movies like Tank Grrl, female revenge movies, etc. Male emasculation in the media started up, in the form of shows and movies like Home Improvement, Friends, G.I. Jane, etc.
      The big increase came after Dubya decided to take us to war for no apparent reason, which then gave the Left the moral high ground and a very large and new platform to scream, the internet. From these anti-war groups arose most of the SJW’s, and their attendant snarkiness and evil, that we see today.
      The last nail in the coffin was social media, preceded only a few years by texting, and the ascent of the Perpetual Baby In Chief, Obama, who has given Feminists, and all professional victim groups, a huge amount of power, upon which they’ve become intoxicated.

      1. Pretty much that.
        The beginning of the trend actually started after 1992, after the LA Riots. That incident was treated differently for some reason, “banked on”.
        I was overseas from 1992 to 1996 and saw huge differences on my return, so that’s how I know.
        So it sort of started with “Clintonism”. The media was pushing feeeeeelings and unconstitutional laws “for the cheeeeeeldrennnn” – basically the media learned that women were the weak link so they sought to 1) make women even worse by making them even more emotional and 2) empower them at the same time so to put these converts against logic to use.
        The rise of the talk shows also occurred at this time, Oprah leading the pack. And the Clinton administration would take the political edge even further with guilt by association tactics and the OJC bombing to cow the right.
        Meanwhile, academia joined in for this was the rise of gender studies and touchy feely ism.
        The medical establishment added their salvo: they tossed the food groups and went with the food pyramid while the FDA colluded to sell off that subsidized corn in the form of high fructose (though the “anti-meat” hippies had been infesting the FDA since the 1970s already). The result: Prozac was introduced into the market while High Fructose was put into just about EVERYTHING. This made people fat and stupid and if they were unhaaaaaapy from that, well there was Prozac ready for them. For the kids, being raised on TV by fat “had them too late” boomers who lacked the health and energy to “deal with” kids, and being raised like little royalty, there was Ritalin because letting toddler do what they want wherever and whenever they want means they can’t sit still for two minutes. All through the 90s we would hear “kids are being put on that stuff younger and younger!”.
        You also had the rising taxes that we were all warned about as government became more and more bloated, started with Reagan actually. So school became day care but honestly, the “both parents have to work” bullshit was also occurring with the rise in materialism. So yeah, poor mommy and daddy have to work! Meanwhile two fully loaded SUVs sit in the driveway of the McMansion.
        So it was a multi-pronged attack carried out at the same time with precision. I suspect collusion. They have think tanks and “war rooms”. They knew how to play the boomers and gen x like fiddles. This was when “everybody is a winner” and “tell all the children they are special no matter what” started, the age of the “soccer mom” – that’s when you would see mini-vans and SUVs with a built in TV for every seat and you would see them from behind, cartoons blaring away, keeping the kids mesmerized and occupied while on their way to the umpteenth playdate, or sports or lesson or whatever.
        Those kids are the SJWs of today.
        Just about every warning that every “conservative” had in the 1990s has come to fruition. Those of us who have been watching all this see America like we see Wile E Coyote going off a cliff – just floating there for a moment before he realizes it..

        1. Good summary. And good call on the LA Riots, I had rather forgotten about them. Yeah, they were covered entirely differently, now that you mention it.

        2. What they did was hone what they learned when they covered Gulf War One.
          24/7 new had a strange and not-seen before effect and it’s even revealed now that CNN faked those terror attacks when they are sitting there with gas masks on and alarms blaring. They were actually on the roof of their building in Atlanta!
          So they learned from the first Gulf War actually, and put that knowledge to use when the LA riots hit. There had not been anything like 24/7 news before the late 1980s and cable.
          I see a pattern to all of this. You may not give the leftoids as much credit, but they have been weaponizing psychology since Freud.
          Want to know some of the most early tests?
          Remember “Plight of the Salt Marsh” and “Ethan Allen”?

        3. The Food pyramid and corn subsidies are USDA. The USDA is full of hippies, but they are mid-level guys. The top brass are money men who have deep links to Big Ag.
          The FDA role in the process is a bit strange. Unlike Europe where a product has to prove it is not harmful, the FDA mandates on proof that it is harmful (is Teflon cookware, BPA, HFCS harmful? Who knows! No longitudinal study!)
          If you want solid data on pharmacology in medicine read about the “Thud” experiment (very entertaining) and then when mental hospitals said that they couldn’t be fooled 40 years later some lady repeated the experiment exactly!
          It wasn’t materialism that sank the nuclear family. It was cutting taxes on the wealthy [most people, liberals especially, misinterpret what happens because they don’t understand Hauser’s Law] (yeah, I’m a commie, whatever) combined with monetary expansion. Thank Nixon.

        4. I’m 57, and pretty much remember it like you guys wrote. Looking back, Around 1990 or so is when things started to break bad.

        5. Two words: Clarence Thomas.
          The impact of those hearings, as much as it’s been discussed, is still underrated. I remember it vividly. Women were dismayed that after three decades of struggle, their voices were still drowned out by old white men in power.
          I am convinced that if Thomas had been rejected for the Court, gender relations would have been much improved. Women would have been glad that someone was held accountable for bad behavior, and they wuld have felt that they had at least won one battle. Instead, Thomas was confirmed, and since then every other man has been viewed as a potential harasser.

        6. I did a poor job of answering. He was speaking about feminism in particular, while I was thinking about everything in general. Obviously, people can’t read my mind.
          I didn’t think about Clarence Thomas. If I recall, the evidence was pretty thin – testimony about pubic hair on a coke can, that kind of thing. I personally don’t think you CAN make feminists happy, no matter what you do. Why bother trying.
          I remember during the LA riots, and flipping through the radio and stumbling across “The Rush Limbaugh Show” and listening in. It was like a voice of sanity in a sea of media madness at the time.
          In a lot of ways, Rush Limbaugh was pretty red pill for that time and place. His chops are still pretty decent, although he focuses mostly on the “drive by media” these days. You can stll make feminists go off the deep end by calling them “femi-nazis”

        7. I don’t think it would’ve made any difference in gender relations either way if he was confirmed or not. Give them an inch and they want even more. It’s never enough.

        8. Nice post.
          But remember, even though the far left is quite sadistic in their thinking, the right/left paradigm is simply a means to force people to choose a side and control the dialog. (Notice how neither the “left” or “right” talks about the Federal Reserve, the wrongdoings of Israel, the prison industrial complex, the military industrial complex, etc.). The CNN terror attacks were indeed faked, just like the whole “babies in incubators” thing was bullshit… Same with the gulf of Tonkin, ad nauseam (unfortunately).
          The “left vs. right” rhetoric has become complete and utter bullshit (Since president Kennedy who was shot dead for disobeying, in my opinion). We need to get back to thinking in terms of RIGHT VS. WRONG. Until then, the elites and the government has most people divided into silly little camps who both claim they are “right”, even though deep down I sense many of them are just seeking the TRUTH.

      2. I agree. You started to actually see it “gain strength” midway through the 90s with Clinton in office, the media doing their part and Hollywood doing it’s part (to brainwash the public). You didn’t have much of that bullshit in the 80s. Yes, we saw female characters in great movies but they weren’t taking over for Mad Max…they were along for the ride (stupid shit).
        During the 90s and fast forward to today, it’s been nothing but a slow, steady war on the senses to “empower women” while at the same time bark “equality” and talk down (or about) men (in the open).
        They wanted equality, got it and then became hypocrites. Now, it’s all about power and control.

      3. Thanks for the analysis (I’m a younger fella, but have heard stories from family members of the awesomeness of the 80’s…).
        But just one thing though, sir…. It’s sad that the SJW’s arose from the anti-war groups instead of masculine men rising up and saying “no” to the mainstream lies (Weapons of “mass destruction”). I’m not going to go too far down the rabbit hole here today, but 9/11 was (in my opinion) a paradigm shift in this nation. Even me, being only in my mid-20’s, has seen DRASTIC changes since then; namely, more loss of freedom (patriot act, NDAA), mainstreaming of school shootings, more brainwashing tactics from the mainstream media, intense feminist bullshit, more societal smartphone “zombies”, and overall a huge decline in social awareness and world affairs.

    6. I am only a bit older than you CK, but do not feel as part of this generation and most of my music and cultural interests are from the 70s and 80s. When my grandmother was around I spent a whole lot of time with her and did things with her and her friends. I listen to a lot of 70s-90s music, comedy, etc. and you can see especially at live performances in the crowd, the way they talk, act, laugh, it is very different.
      One of the most shocking things to me is when I first discovered ROK someone posted a youtube, I think it was audio only, of this guy talking in the 1960s. I don’t even think it was a standup routine, maybe he was just a radio host. But they were making the point about how confident, nonchalant, laid back, happy, this guy was, and how the tone of conversation has changed since then.
      Basically how we try to define ‘alpha’ but not in the body builder way, just the confident, happy, in control way. I wish I could find it again but this was in my first month of ROK and it was all a blur. The best way to describe how he was talking was just he was so happy and entertained and having fun at what he was doing. There was emotion in his voice.
      I wish I could listen again because there is probably a lot more I would pick up on now, but I bet listening to some old George Carlin (I have his full box set All My Shit) from his early years would produce similar observations.
      Take whatever you are interested in.. philosophy, debate, comedy, music, go out and find an interview with someone in that field from the 60s or 70s and just notice how they talk and act. It’s night and day different from today.

      1. One thing I took away from that is that guys don’t even know what is masculine today. Sure, we instinctually know that lifting weights makes a man physically larger and that’s a helpful thing. But we have no masculine role models. Think about that for a second. Who would you name if you had to? Does this explain why so many guys are listening to the placate-your-wife be a submissive, wife up that ho, Dr Phil type stuff?

        1. Who I’d name that I looked up to growing up wouldn’t resonate with younger men. The only masculine men that I know of in this day and age are the semi-anonmyous guys who show up on YouTube every now and then. The man who made a pair of jet wings himself and who flies with them in formation with fighter jets (Swiss I believe?), he’s an absolute bad ass intellectually and in regards to courage and work ethic and drive. Outside of him…well…you make a very good point.

        2. I was trying, but of course couldn’t find that youtube clip I mentioned above. But I think this illustrates the “fun” attitude these guys have all the time. The confident, Sean Connery Bond always having a smile on your face, just enjoying life kind of attitude. The kind of thing I have to keep telling myself to fake because I don’t naturally feel it. This was not that long ago, several of these guys are still alive today.

          You want to see a guy today like this, look at any interview with Martin Short. He’s just confident, happy, and always smiling. By the way I loved Innerspace as a teen haha.

      2. The 90s was the last decade when we had different types of people. They defined themselves by the music they listened to:
        Straight Edge
        Hoodies(Rap fans)
        Guidos(liked dance music, techno, whatever)
        And you could add more to that list.
        Everyone seems the same now, shitty pop and rap listeners…shitty pop country too…

        1. Can anyone think of a new musical genre that has emerged since 2000? The last one I can think of was trance/trip hop, Massive Attack, Goldie, Ronie Size, Portishead…
          Even bad ass DJing fizzled by the early 2000s…no more Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadows, etc…

        2. There was that rave stuff where people trip on X and dance in underground raves all night.

    7. Can any of you older guys attest to the fact that feminism has been boiling towards a fever pitch in the last ten years?
      Yes, I can. BTW, it hasn’t been anything reasonable for at least twenty years.
      I actually took Women’s Studies courses (as electives in the early 80s just for yucks and to see what it was about; one course short of a minor, actually).
      My sense then was that it was truly about egalitarianism (for the most part). Today, as I tell my daughter, it has nothing to do with equality. It’s totally off the rails. It’s a supremacist movement. My daughter and her friends talk about feminism this and feminism that and haven’t’ a clue what they’re talking about. I’m aiming to set them straight on that.

      1. last night, I was trying to track down a buddy haven’t seen since college, I was on my old school’s website – and I just happened to look at the “english” dept. All but one freakin’ prof had as their #1 teaching specialty “Women’s Studies.” My jaw dropped. What the sam silly f*** ? The only one who did not was also there when I was there – and he had rep as total hardass when I was in school. I bet without a doubt these “new and improved” women’s studies classes are nothing like anything you would have found in the 80’s. Man, the younger men trying to find their way are just completely screwed unless they can find a RoK to throw thru the windows.

      1. The article itself isn’t very inspiring.
        The article isn’t about how unfair and constraining the office environment has become for men, it is instead about women being negatively affected because men are retreating from them. This article is not about injustice, it’s just women complaining and trying to undo the negative effect of making men less cooperative at work.
        As for the comments section, I guess so… There are definitely more and more guys waking up to how ridiculous modern feminism has become.

        1. 3 years ago an article in the mainstream media would not be mentioning the known flaws and negative effects that feminism has. It may not seem significant, but any change away from the narrative to date is going to be beneficial.

      1. I didn’t even know this bitch existed until this morning. What a way to give a first impression.

    1. Yep…another Britney, etc, etc, etc…of today. A new little tart will come along and she’ll be old news (and just old). It’s sad that many of them don’t see it coming. One day you’re allowed inside and the next day you’re standing outside, in line with the rest of the people.
      That’s when she’ll snap and we’ll see the fallout (like we have with all of them).

      1. The pussy privileges they get were given, not earned, early in their lives. They have no knowledge nor experience of what it’s like to have to earn the privileges. Then the well dries when they age and those privileges diminish. They think having things given to them is how the world works. This happens more so with the hotties. The 4/10 and below never had those and don’t suffer from the wall as hard.

        1. True. I believe that’s why many of them “short circuit” when they are approaching the wall. The lifestyle has been nothing but getting things (handed to them), job promotions (just because), and non stop compliments.
          The wall doesn’t care about any of these things and once she hits the wall it takes almost everything with it.

  12. Guys… it’s really hard for me to share this with you but… ok let’s go…
    Jessica Valenti raped me. It was 5 years ago, I don’t remember where exactly (probably because she drugged me #toxicfemininity) and how it happened but it totally did happen. Can we send Valenti to jail now?

    1. Poor thing. Do you have the underwear you were wearing at the time? If so, place them on your head and walk around to demonstrate your outrage at being violated.

  13. She was a one hit wonder with nothing really going for her except for some looks and a catchy tune. Over 10 years ? seriously it took her 10 years to cry rape ?She was no Katy Perry, or Taylor Swift.

    1. I honestly thought she was black. I always feel pleased when I am unable to identify a pop culture figure. I’m guessing she just sings to sound black, like Meghan Trainor.

      1. It’s all about that cake, about that cake….no salad (that Meghan Trainor?). Big as a fucking house.

  14. I hope Dr. Luke countersues Kesha for defamation of character and takes her for everything she’s worth. False rape accusations need to be mercilessly attacked and this would be a good case to make a public example because of Kesha’s fame. She should not walk away from this without suffering major damages.

    1. And let her suffer immensely as an example of the consequences of filing a false rape accusation.

  15. The only real rape culture that exists for females is in islamofascist controlled countries where a Man can do pretty much whatever to a female so long as it doesn’t interfere. Females have practically no rights whatsoever in these fundamentally stringent countries where they really are second class citizens or worse.
    Our selfie addicted cry rape feminist cunts should be grateful that they don’t live in these types of areas…otherwise they’d get a reality check in the form of a arabic phallus raping them in the ass, for instance.

    1. I’d say that male prisons also hold an actual real rape culture. Which is ironic, given the feminist narrative.

      1. True enough, i was just speaking with regard to females.
        I wonder if female prisons are as bad as the male ones…thoughts?
        Somehow i doubt it.

        1. I honestly have no idea, never been a question I’ve asked myself, or been asked. I strongly suspect “no”, but have no real way to validate that outside of a hunch, which is hardly evidence.

        2. I doubt it. Women don’t have the innate desire to sexually dominate someone.
          If anything, they may ostracize one another by fabricating lies.

        3. Doubt it. Was looking at a program about prisons in Bolivia recently. The men’s prison was a violent hell hole with a strict hierarchical structure. The women’s was very relaxed, open and they sat around talking about kids and making things. I know where I’d rather be….women can soften us in a very good way too…makes you think that a male only society would be hellish, unless, you could share it with guys who had the same values. Just a thought.

        4. I’d say it’s a bit of a stretch to base what a hypothetical male society would look like based off of prison populations. Men deviate in behavior and intelligence in a far larger range than women, and our criminal element are literally IQ 70 types (or lower) and prone to violence from the get go. A society of normal IQ and higher IQ men would work just fine. A military culture devoid of women doesn’t seem to disintegrate into pointless violence (when not at war, obviously). They do however have hierarchy, just like the low IQ male groups, so I guess that’s a feature of our sex.

        5. What you say about IQ is true. This is why there’s no females that are complete idiots or geniuses that you get with males. I don’t think there has ever been a totally male based society, even, sparta had women included as an integral part of its warrior ethos. Hierarchy and differentiation of purpose and objectives are a key part of male organisational skills, yet, I do believe that women have had an important part in civilizing certain aspects in our nature, but, for knowledge about the world, men generally learn from other men.

        6. Are you kidding me? I’d rather deal with 50 male inmates than one female. Females are crazy nuts when locked up. Ask any correctional worker.

        7. Don’t need to ask any correctional worker in an all female prison. Just look at women roomates living together.

    2. So true. It’s as if these women crying rape culture have never sat down and thought about what a true rape culture would look like. We have laws that punish rapists. Anyone even accused of rape loses basically everything, even if they are later proven innocent.
      In contrast, a true rape culture would be essentially where people would be giving each other high fives and bragging about who they’ve raped lately. No legal ramifications, no social stigma, nothing.

    3. Yep. That’s the response I give whenever I hear some femcunt babbling about the “oppresive” US Military in the middle east. She needs to know that if it weren’t for those “oppresors”, she’d likely be sucking a big Muslim phallus right about now. The cognitive dissonance they experience is a joy to behold.

      1. I wonder if the fact of Sweden taking in high numbers of muslims has anything to do with it?

    4. Makes it all the more ironic how much feminists hate Christianity and traditional American conservatism, but defend Islam at any cost.

    5. They only cry rape because they’ve learned that it’s extremely successful in Western culture, which is just too visceral about rape. Most people in the West can live with the “pay gap”, the “glass ceiling” or “objectification”, but as soon as it’s suggested that a woman is being raped brains shut off, outrage ensues, debate becomes impossible and laws are passed. In some cultures the death of a son is regarded as a far greater tragedy than the rape of a daughter. In contrast, with the Boko Haram thing the West was alarmed that the Muslims were raping the girls but practically no mention was made of all the boys murdered and forced into soldiery by these same Muslims.

  16. I actually think it’s the opposite. The feminism in the 1970s/80s was much more radical and extreme in it’s political and social objectives. It was so OTT, bitter, and radically extreme that it actually turned most mainstream heterosexual women completely off the movement. What’s changed over the last ten years is that the new form of feminism is spread through the whole social media apparatus, and this is mostly done by per 30 something girls. The whole movement is completely banal and juvenile and amounts to nothing more than unsubstantiated tweats in most cases. I think most men and women can see the wood from the trees in this whole “movement” and the more they shout this or that without being able to prove it through clear objective evidence, the more most main stream people ignore these things.
    The old feminism was at least pure in its intentions, while this current nonsense is just about “show me the money” dressed up as “social justice” in most cases, and normal people can see this straight off… let them at it as the more they shout..the more it completely undermines the credibility of their cause.

    1. It is true that academic feminism in the 70’s and ’80’s was very, very overtly toxic, but it was also ivory tower academic and nowhere in the real culture. I can’t really add to your thoughts, except to confirm that it turned people off entirely and caused the movement to morph and change tactics. Nobody was signing up to be on the same cattle car as Andrea Dworkin.

    2. 2nd wave Feminism was basically an offshoot of Marxism. It was just “class struggle” but with the sexes, hence the anger and radicalism.
      3rd wave Feminism is heavily influenced by Postmodernism (itself a result of the failure of Marxism). It’s basically “deconstruction” of sexuality (which is assumed to be, like everything else, nothing but an idea). In practice, it means to destroy or confuse all differences between the sexes. That’s why the movement seems so erratic, banal and outlandish: because the core belief is rejection of reality.

      1. And rejection of biology which is extremely difficult for even the most zealot like Marxist to make disappear. Although the substitution of gender for sex was one of their cleverest tricks in confusing things. Hence you’re absolutely correct, in the pure banality and erratic tautologies and oxymorons that’s their stock in trade.

  17. Rape is hard to prove, and rightly so. This generation has been watching too much Law and Order: SVU.

  18. Such a “bad girl”…assuming she’s right, and that’s a big assumption, but, what kind of a “bad ass” allows herself to be over taken physically and then raped? Oh, but, women are all basically qualified Navy SEALs

  19. I remember when I first heard Ke$ha’$ song I said: “this is the modern alcopop slut anthem!”
    It struck me as being social engineering somehow, the same as Rihanna’s hyper sexual songs written by men do.
    You have been too kind with those pictures too, Ke$ha is a minga.

  20. They are both rapists, Ke$ha was illuminati whore from day one.
    Millions emulate her, want to be her and her “daddy” handler is the usual type of scum.
    Seriously, DEATH to poo culture, as long as you are watching and listening to their shit you ain’t no red pill.

    1. Yes sir. The sheeple are listening to this bullshit?… I didn’t even know who the fuck this “Ke$ha” was, until I read this article.

  21. You’re right, he’s a victim of our judgmental, patriarchal society. They locked him away like an animal and now he will never experience the sensation of becoming the father of his great-grandchildren.
    How dare you, patriarchs!!!!

  22. I’m a misogynist because I dislike and distrust women as much as I do men. You need to be careful in your interactions with most people.

  23. It’s sad that a lot of Americans will automatically take the word of a crack whore over that of a well-respected producer.

  24. How do you rape someone for 10 years? LOL You would think that maybe after 1 or 2 years of getting raped you would think “maybe I should just stay away from this person?”
    How stupid can feminists be to believe this ridiculousness?

  25. Kesha went public with her rape and abuse accusations. Therefore we can rest assured that no rape or abuse ever took place. What we have here is a whiny cunt who signed a contract years ago and now regrets it. But instead of owning her mistake and taking responsibility for it, she’s out to try to ruin an innocent man’s life with lies and deceit.
    Maybe she could carry around the mattress she was “raped” on everywhere she goes. Or how about carrying around the mirror she was “forced” to snort lines of coke off of? After all, the discerning femicunt always knows how important it is to accessorize your false rape claims and unsubstantiated abuse accusations with props from the scene of the “crime”.

  26. It’s no surprise that a garbage woman like Kesha would resort to using such an incindiary accusation of rape to get what she wants. Heartiste touched upon this dynamic a week ago.
    “This is typically how 99.9% of false campus rape allegations go down: a
    mediocre girl with a major case of the tingles for a man strongly comes
    on to him, deliberately puts herself in a situation where sex is very
    likely to happen…the man, of course, is completely innocent, but the next day when the
    bitch realizes she will never be his Number One and has plugged into the
    feminist industrial waste complex the end of his life as he knows it
    will have begun.”
    The music industry is a flesh factory were the raw material are an endless legion of young nubile women who are willing to be tapped (Heh!) to become America’s next sweetheart singers. Producers like Dr. Luke are the masterminds and genius’ who are producing the actual product.
    Kesha is quite ugly stripped of her make up and provacative clothes. Google her bikini body on image seach; she’s built like a refridgerator with no ass. Sans makeup, with the body, she’s between a 4-5… but has lots of chutzpah. Dr. Luke probably picked Kesha thinking she was relatable enough (average looks, slutty go grrrl lifestyle) that young fans would be quick to embrace her. But Kesha isn’t as beautiful and talented, as a Rhianna or Taylor Swift, for her career to last beyond a couple of albums. Given the cutthroat nature of these music contracts, this false rape accusation is a way for her to take down Luke.
    BTW it’s worth mentioning that Lady Gaga threw veiled rape accusations at Dr. Luke as well. Is it coincidence that two of the ugliest pop stars are using the rape card against the Alpha?

  27. Absolutely no coincidence that the above mentioned Anna Silman, Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Lukasz Gottwald are all Jews. Although a little murky, Kesha’s mom is likely of Jewish heritage also (her mom was a polish immigrant), which makes her children Jewish by Talmudic law (albeit non-practicing apparently). We call them SJWs, Feminists, Marxists, Hollywood Liberals and Social Engineers, but why not acknowledge that the vast, vast majority of cretins who are tearing everything down all around us are Jews? And no, these are not the persecuted Israelites of the Bible, but psychopathic Zionist impostors once accurately labelled Khazars.

  28. I tend to believe her in this instance as there’s been something weird going on with her music for a while. Not to get too tinfoil on you but when she did the ‘Die Young’ video which was full of Satanic symbols and occult themes she claimed she was forced to sing those lyrics and never wanted to in the wake of Sandy Hook. Then she backpedaled which could have been because of threats. Sure, there are a lot of bullshit rape allegations out there, but if anyone is guilty of genuinely shady behavior it’s the wealthy producers in the entertainment industry. They’re the last people I want to go to bat for.

  29. The whole worlds economy is going to s hit in a hand basket, so many crisis issues at hand and people like Jerry Brown, Obama etc main agenda is passing f aggot t ranny tinky winkie laws for t rannys in jr high and high school.
    I swear to F ucking God we are becoming the Roman empire, corrupt at home, overextended abroad
    Satanic statues, Sodomy f aggots, N iggers and Jews and c ondoms, have replaced everything else that had any sense of morals or honor and decency.
    A commercial comes on TV and shows a hot steaming plate of Buttermilk biscuits on a old wooden table next to a checkerboard cloth napkin, in an old log cabin setting, children sit by the fire as a loving grandmother reads nursery rhymes.
    Than the jolly green giant, Brawny, and Hungry jack enter the scene in loincloths and frankie goes to Hollywood song starts blasting the intro of “relax” as the 3 commercial icons start rhythmically gyrating and humping the air in perfect sync to the heavy bass line.
    The 3 drop their loincloths, then what happens next cannot even be discussed as blood and seamen and excrement are shown hitting various parts of the log cabin walls. The grand mother tries to cover the childrens eyes but she is beheaded, and her head thrown into the fire as children scream. During the debauchery and melee, some scum bag politician with horns in his head (either side of the aisle) comes on and asks for your vote, and gloats about how far we have “progressed”, and connivingly convinces lemmings population to join the new age, and vote for him, and get free a nal warts ointment and a free selfie stick if you give him your soul.

  30. What I don’t understand is why Dr Luke hasn’t grown a set of balls and launched a counter law suite for slander and defamation – he doesn’t sound like he’s short of cash he should be slamming it back at her before more women like her play the same game.

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