My Experience At A Religious Retreat In America

Recently I attended a multi-day religious retreat with over 1,000 other members of a traditional, simple, old fashioned religious organization. Personally I do not believe in the spiritual, but understand the importance of the institution of religion, and am able to learn insights and experience stimulating thought and discussion from certain such groups, not to mention the possibility of doing a little unicorn hunting on the side.

The Setting

Similar College Setting

The event was held in a small town college, and with classes out of session, we were housed in the dormitories. My building was constructed several decades ago, and was named after a woman, and I examined the plaque dedicating this multi-story institutional structure to her, which towered over anything else for miles around, and was pleased to see she was honored for being a “devoted wife, mother, teacher, active in church and community.” This was at a public university, and I cannot imagine any such woman being similarly honored today.

American Gothic

Typical older attendee

The attendees were a mix of traditional, plain spoken and plain dressed people, with lots of knitting and crocheting by the women, traditional folk music, shape note singing (quite an amazing experience), a plethora of board games, traditional dance, lots of homemade items, which one could either learn how to make, or purchase, and good old fashioned fun.

There were attendees from all around the nation, and I was exposed to a wide range of people from different backgrounds. The bookstore offered a great variety of selections, and one title which caught my eye was “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle,” written by Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges about the depravity of our current society.

One of many interesting titles from the fantastic bookstore

The Positives

Overall, the experience was positive, and in particular I would single out the shape note singing as an amazing spiritual and emotional experience. About 30 people gathered in a room, and would sing in four-part harmony a cappella, beautiful pieces of music, much of which dates back to the 1700s.

Shape Note Singing

Not only is the music beautiful, but the words instill a sense of simplicity, focus, sacrifice, and meaning. It is also amazing to think that shape note singing today sounds basically the same as it would have in the 1700s. I was disappointed, but not surprised, to see that almost all of the singers were several decades older than me, with the exception of one college age guy I had met earlier. Later, a couple of younger women joined us. I moved over to the first and began a conversation with her between songs.

1. The First Woman

She was thin, feminine with shoulder length hair, wore a dress, and had an interest in the traditional art of singing, plus she seemed very receptive to my conversation with her. We talked for a bit between songs, until eventually she reached across me and grabbed her cell phone, as I had lost out to the endless supply of Facebook clowns in entertaining her.

She then told me that her “partner” was at a shape note singing class right now in another state. At this point I dropped her and moved on to the last remaining possibility in the room. What “partner” meant did not matter to me: either she was a good, traditional, woman, as she appeared, in which case her partner was someone with whom she was in a committed dedicated long term relationship, or she had a girlfriend. Either way, she was no longer an option.

2. The Second Woman

The other female was a little old for me, appeared to be in her 30s, but still friendly and feminine, and I began chatting her up. She was nice enough, until a guy from across the room said “Honey, you should pick the next song”—she had a husband (incidentally, this group is unlikely to wear much jewelry, including wedding rings, and often skips the government marriage, so it’s not always easy to tell who’s available).

I was only slightly disappointed, as women were not the focus for me— the shape note singing was for me the highlight of the retreat, with one of the songs so beautiful and lyrics so moving that it brought tears to me eyes. It was also nice to see a group of various ages and backgrounds coming together to practice an ancient art and creating something beautiful together.

The Millennials

Typical younger attendee

The younger generation, however, are not following the same path as their elders. One of my first premonitions was upon leaving the dining hall on the first day, hearing a bunch of young teens say “Yeah, I hate that fucking song…” and my heart immediately sank, fearing that this group would be not that different from the typical American millennial.

My suspicions were soon reinforced when I attended an introductory meeting of young twenty and thirty-year-olds. The group numbered approximately 80, and out of these I counted exactly 8 women who were thin and cute enough to have ANY level of attraction. Out of these 8, almost all of them had unnatural hair coloration, multiple piercings, or tattoos, which are typically deal-killers for me.

A Scary Sight

The millennial generation has been deeply infected with social doctrine that normalizes the abnormal, and I soon learned that traditional religious millennials are no exception. We went around the room introducing ourselves, and were instructed to give our name, where we were from, and our Preferred Gender Pronoun.

At this point, I was tempted to get up and leave. But I would be around these people for the next several days, so I decided to sit through this exercise in silliness. When my turn came around, I said my name is Mr. Roscoe and I prefer to be referred to by the “Royal We.” There were a couple of quiet snickers, but I have to imagine most were shocked that I would make light of such a serious, important question.

Out of everyone in the room, I counted at most three masculine men: One answered “I prefer to be called Brian,” another “I am masculine.” Everyone else was somehow able to keep a straight face and say things like “I’m Tom and I prefer he/him/his”.

Much confusion in this group

I was wondering if there was even a point to this ridiculous exercise when finally one guy did give his birth name followed by his new female name and said he preferred “she/her/hers.” So basically we wasted 10 minutes of time just so everyone knew one dude who saw Bruce Jenner’s photo shoot and now thinks he’s a chick.

TransJenner Has Infiltrated The Church


Now, the silly exercise in pronoun choice was not only disturbing, but it was also completely out of place. Recently, I was attending a philosophy group with some friends, and an out of town visitor joined in, and kept injecting things about his sexuality that were completely irrelevant such as “Well, since I’m bi, I have a different view of agricultural policy…”

Of course, no one knew or cared where he liked to stick his penis, and this was completely inappropriate, but he continued several times offending us with inferences to his sexual adventures. I did not offer a countering opinion by stating “Well, since I typically prefer to bang thin Latinas with long hair, I think we should remove farm subsidies,” because everyone would have realized that was absurd and inappropriate, but signaling that you are bi or gay communicates that you are a good, trendy, progressive person, that should be listened to, and so no one objected.

The retreat exercise in Preferred Gender Pronouns was similarly out of place. It would have been only slightly less appropriate for us to give our name, age, and which other person in the room we wanted to bang.

Rejection Of Sex Roles

Indeed, the millennials no longer have any idea of traditional sex roles. During one of the evening dances, a fun activity and great way to meet new people, an elder came over to correct a couple dancing opposite to me—we were dancing French Contra style, where four people will dance in groups of two couples together in a circle.

The millennial couple dancing with me had swapped the male and female spots, and were instructed to correct them to match everyone else in the room. Their response was “Does it really matter? It doesn’t matter. We’re gender neutral here.” I don’t think they could comprehend that the dance has different moves that the men do together, the women do together, or the couple does together, and they are all planned for a reason and have different effects. Mixing up your location and letting anybody do anything ruins the whole idea of a planned group dance.

Contra Dancing—created for two sex roles

Out of the remaining women, the only option worth pursuing was a long-haired, thin blonde girl from the northeast who wore ankle length skirts and enjoyed traditional dance, but colored the tips of her long blonde hair blue. I suppose this was not quite as bad as dying one’s entire head purple (I saw that) or shaving one’s head like Miley Cyrus (as several younger girls had done), so I reluctantly accepted her as the only option that remained for me.

The only female with some unicorn ancestry

Four Lessons

“You haven’t had a good night until you’ve had a Mennonite” — It’s gotten this bad.

What are the lessons to be learned here?

First, out of a traditional, religious population of 1,500, if the only real option is one woman who has partially died her hair a neon color, then unicorns must be declared extinct in North America.

Second, men are to blame for allowing things to get where they are today. While there are certainly cases of extreme hateful feminists, I think the source of the movement of acceptance and inclusiveness comes from a good place. Caring, loving people, especially women who naturally have a nurturing side, want to include and love others, and not make them feel uncomfortable.

And indeed, Jesus welcomed whores and thieves alike, and did not judge them. But he didn’t hold slutwalks and pretend that what they were doing was a “brave independent lifestyle.” I honestly believe many of the people here, including the women who hosted the “Check Your White Privilege” workshop (NB: I did not attend), are coming from a good place, but are severely misguided. Women certainly can contribute to society in a positive way but they need to be led and have their actions directed by men towards productive goals.

Third, I do not see what can save the future society in America. I know a lot of talk on ROK is negative, but after seeing how a traditional conservative upbringing failed to counter the negative effects of societal corruption on these youth, how can one have hope? Even if the movement for Neomasculinity succeeds in creating more masculine, strong, leaders, we will have no good local women to choose from.

Fourth, there are some good role models among the elderly in these types of communities, so consider seeking them out for your own personal betterment. But don’t expect their granddaughter to be of value.

And while it was refreshing to be around strangers who would smile at you, and women who were never sarcastic or condescending, it’s nothing you can’t find on any street in South America, with far more attractive and higher quality women. In the end, the retreat felt like taking a trip in a time machine back about 15 years ago, when fat girls were super friendly and had great personalities, people were more social and happy, and approaching strangers was easier.

But 15 years is simply not far enough back in US history to find quality women.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, Max, what were you expecting to find? Most people are exposed to pop culture the majority of the time regardless of their religious beliefs. That being said, the religious microcosm shouldn’t really differ from any other microcosm in their vulnerability to the various stimuli and temptations our modern society holds up as the norm.

    1. I disagree. I would expect that if a girl came home with blue hair, her Dad would make her shave it off and send her to her room without supper.

      1. These days both her dad and mom are likely to have a tat or two and possibly piercings. Blue hair would be a walk in the park in that household.

  2. great article, assuming it’s all true. Possibly a little exaggerated or made up, though. I doubt a religions retreat would actually have a “check your white privelage” workshop, and I can’t beleive everyon at the retreat would go on and on about gender neutrality and trans-acceptnce, or that EVERY bangable girl there either had piercings, tattoos, colored hair.
    also, the author didn’t mention where in America this took place, the name of this retreat, what denomination of Christianity it was, or any other information about it. which, in my opinion, there would be no reason to hide since the author is already anonymous. i have my suspicions as to how true this article actually is.

  3. Good write up. Encouraging and depressing. I used to work with a guy who was really involved with his church and he had sleeve tattoos, piercings, was in a metal band and banged a decent amount of chicks. He was also straight edge (except for the sex part!), very cheerful and friendly – the most social person I’ve ever known. He seemed to know someone everywhere. The few times I met other people from his church, they were similar and I kind of wish some of what they had rubbed off on me.
    An ex girlfriend from Europe used to snicker about religion in America, and I tried to explain that since we don’t have a state church like the Vatican or Church of England or Church of Denmark, you have churches in America where tattooed guys bring their band to play during service. Religion adapts more quickly here so it retains appeal. But she already decided: religion is stupid and that’s the end of it.
    I see that attitude a lot (then again I’m in heathen LA), but then it seems there are signs that America is about to enter a religious revival as we do every few decades or so. Maybe it’s more accurate to say a Christian revival. America is still very, very religious. It’s just that the dominant religion is Leftism in the Church of Equality.
    My cousin is a priest in England, but he is of the “Jesus was a Socialist” bent (I want to slap people who say that dumb shit) and his Leftism trumps everything. I don’t know how he manages to fool himself. But I’m rambling now…
    I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school. I went through an atheist phase when I read some atheists and thought I was all that and a dime sac. What turned me around was reading the section “A Parenthesis” in the unabridged Les Miserables. Later on it was books like “Rage Against God” by Peter Hitchens. I hope the millennials in the story above will have similar growing experiences.
    I can’t bring myself to accept certain theological articles of faith, but I do believe in God. If you are a know it all atheist, pick up those books.
    Oh and great music! Very uplifting.

    1. “But she already decided: religion is stupid and that’s the end of it.”
      Europeans abandoned faith a long time ago. I had a German girlfriend once and she used to make snarky remarks about my faith. She admitted she was an athiest, but man did she WANT the big catholic wedding. When I asked whats the point of a church wedding when you are not a believer, she simply stated “cultural tradition.” Dodged that bullet, but I learned then that for most women weddings are all about “her” and being the center of attention– not taking vows and upholding them

      1. Maybe because Western countries don’t have a real and authentic culture like for example Indians. We (Indians) are one of the few people who have preserved our ancient culture, religion and traditions. Almost all the other ancient cultures are destroyed and replaced by Christianity or Islam.
        In Western Europe most people make fun of religion and they see it as something stupid, but like you said, they still want to keep traditions that originate from Christianity. It’s hypocrite. But on the other hand, it’s the only cultural stuff they have, so I can’t blame them.

        1. Europe was always a battle ground so hard to say what “culture” was preserved and what was myth.
          Indian culture. Hmmm. Nice self promotion. Were your parents brought together by an arranged marraige? Thats tradational for India– is it not?

        2. i’ve always thought that it’s weird that a middle-eastern religion completely replaced the native cults of zeus, odin, perun, etc. in europe. seems a bit harsh to say that this equals a total lack of real culture, though.

        3. What’s weirder is that Jesus never fought back, never conquered, never conquested, never ‘achieved’, never qualified and was laughed at, spat upon and outlawed during His life and for hundreds of years after. He was a carpenter in Galilee 2015 years ago – During the reign of the Roman Empire.
          That man who was crucified at Calvary, and His small following in Galilee, who were scattered, persecuted, outlawed and murdered, their movement conquered the entire globe peacefully. Before you say it Catholics are NOT Christians. Neither are Protestants really.
          There are Churches of Christ everywhere and christians all over the planet and in great numbers 2015 years later…

        4. Indian culture has inherited the sweatshop culture that England kicked out as it advanced in Society levels.
          The Empire grows upwards whilst passing the manual work down to the poorest most desperate subjects – nice for the English population after hundreds of years of exploitation, but not very civilised when it’s just being outsourced to India.
          Also doesn’t hide the fact that the british Empire is alive and well today it’s just got different PR.

        5. All courtesy of the roman empire.
          It either persecuted christians into running away to dpread the religion, or it did the spreading itself.
          When the empire died, the catholic church was right there to carry on.
          Here is some more weirdness, islam has grown almost as fast christianity, but people do not like say anything good about its founder.

        6. Catholicism becoming the Roman state religion was simply the devil attempting to hijack Christianity and pervert it. Even Donald Trump see’s the power in using religion to win people over. Trump is a great candidate, but he is lying through his teeth when he talks about his ‘faith’ that he does’t like to share with people – how very Christian… Christ obviously never wanted Trump to be a ‘fisher of men’…
          Islam is being used by God to contrast Jesus with Mohamed.
          Compare the two and the spread of their message – how was it done?
          What did they tell people, how did they ‘win people over’.
          One was a man destined for riches, authority, respect and power amongst an established religious order. He was crucified on a cross after stopping His disciples from shedding blood to protect Him. He died lonely, poor, broken and laughed at. He never hurt a single hair on anyones head. He never broke a heart. he never lied, never boasted. he never had sex, never married, never had any children. His family watched as He was mocked, spat at and killed.
          The other was a piss poor desert urchin, who was married to an older but rich woman. One day he entered a cave. The first reports are that from his own mouth he has seen a demon. he then attempted to kill himself by jumping off of a cliff. He was then convinced (by a woman which is important because God has a place for women in Islam) that it was the Angel Gabriel who had made him want to kill himself.
          This man then, allegedly with the power of God, went on to become one of the worlds most successful, ruthless, murderous, warlords and pedophiles. Hundreds of thousands if not millions were murdered and tortured to spread the religion of Islam. Mohamed was poisoned by two Jewish women whom he had just conquered, despatched of their husbands, then ordered to prepare food for him… truly a man with God on his side…
          The two women dispatched of Mohamed the one and only prophet of Allah the God of all creation by poisoning him. Mohamed boasts that God will save him.
          Mohamed dies and the rest is the history of the middle east.
          Jesus never harmed anyone. Yet His message has shaped the dominant half of the world and been accepted by people from every corner of the globe. He knew that Israel would be reestablished as a nation – it was not when He told us.
          Chose which God or ‘god’ you want to believe seeded creation. Both of these being exist I assure you, one is the True Living God and He does not force His message on anyone. He respects His own gift to us of free will.
          According to Mohamed, God’s one true messenger, the world is on the back of a giant turtle and the only way to guarantee an eternity in Heaven is to kill others in the name of Allah. And semen is produced in a mans lower back.
          One of these men had the wisdom of the Lord of creation.
          One was a worldly fool, full of jealousy, selfishness and stupidity. he was truly a king of this world built on a pact with the demonic.

      2. A non Christian who wants a wedding is no more twisted than a Christian man who wants a non Christian girlfriend…
        Have you thought about it from that perspective young Disciple?

        1. Your snark and condenscending BS reveals more about you than you know. Back under your rock.

        2. Wow what a dark and brooding response you must be a deep guy. I’m intrigued by your charisma and authority… possibly attracted well done budding Alpha.
          But it had nothing to do with the point I was making that you were not intelligent enough to pick up on and so responded with an attempt at e-domination.
          Any response to me highlighting your hypocrisy ‘christian’ friend?

      1. The most ironic part is that Jesus never said that. He doesn’t exist. So, people who think they’re get ahead of game by yelling and praying to hot air, so cute!

        1. If you do not see any evidence for Jesus existing then you do not see any evidence for the Roman or Greek Empires to have existed…
          There is more solid evidence for the existence of a man named Yeshua, referred to as the Christ and who’s followers called themselves Christians, who was in Jerusalem/Galilee and was crucified, than there is for many historically accepted figures, places and empires.
          The discussion for most of the time following Jesus crucifixion was not on wether He existed but whether He was the Son of God.
          The idea that Jesus never actually even existed is a modern western idea exploited by atheists who play on the general amnesia of the modern western world.
          The hard proof of His life and existence has never been disputed by anyone who is serious about the facts.
          Richard Dawkins has been put in his place a few times over this.

        2. Jesus really did live, and really was crucified by Pilate for rebellion, see Tacitus, I do not feel like looking it up right now.
          This does not make him the son of god, but just another jew who was stupid enough to piss off the romans.
          There is almost no information about jesus outside of the new testament.
          You cannot use the bible to prove itself, that is crooked.
          I am sure there is a fancy term for this but I cannot remember it right now.
          There are two passages in Josephus, but one is well know to be a forgery, that one passage from josephus, and one from tacitus, not much to base a creating a new god from.

        3. You have only scratched the surface…
          The Bible is not a single book – it a collection of many books written at different times over the course of thousands of years (there is a missing part between Genesis and the Ark which we have no really solid idea as to how much time was not recorded)
          When you factor in that these books were not all written in the same lifetime, but over several, with much time between many of the books (say genesis and the Gospel of John for example – whoever wrote Genesis died many thousands of years before John) and often two books were written at roughly the same time but the two authors were on other sides of the planet fro each other.
          Then you have all of the mathematical patterns contained within – meaning you can work out whether something has been removed or added or is missing because the patterns get broken.
          Statisticians and mathematicians and all manner of ‘rational’ minds have addressed and studied this collection of books/diaries.
          They can only tell us that the chances of it being forged, made up or simply false – are virtually impossible.
          In fact many agree that the patterns within the Bible prove that it’s content originates from outside of the realms of time and space.
          This sounds out there, but when you look into it yourself, you will have moments when you think,
          “OK, I should be really blown away by what I have just realised, but it just makes sense and is not that alarming”.

      2. The parable of the talents remember, is a parable.
        It is about the spiritual gift from God that is faith – faith in what God has given you/shown you, must be put to use and maximised upon and watch that faith grow and multiply.
        If you sit on those signs from Heaven, doubt God’s power, grace and wonder, for fear of being wrong, laughed at, rejected etc…
        Then your faith is not really faith and does not therefore grow in power and impact – because doubt in God cannot be faith in God.
        Faith that God loves you and has only the best in His will for you.

        1. i agree that it’s mainly about faith, but it’s got valid points that are totally secular too, that even an atheist can admire. that is, bury your talent and make no effort to progress, and you will ultimately suffer. the first two servants both received the same reward, although one achieved much more. the point in life isn’t so much how much you can achieve, but achieving all you can.

        2. When Jesus spoke in Parables He was not talking about the things of this world – He was very clear about this when He explained to the disciples why he spoke in Parables when he spoke of the things of Heaven.
          There is some ‘spill over’ into the things of this world, but they are circumstantial and not ‘true’.
          For example, in this fallen world, people are born into riches, blessings, gracious circumstances, etc… with zero talent, zero contribution, zero productivity etc…
          And can live great and joyous lives being absolute vacuous, vain, self absorbed arse holes.
          I see the parallels to Capitalism, which has played out to mean ‘money makes money’ or ‘you need money to make money’ which is very true within a Capitalist system, and money certainly attracts value in many forms, but the parable is not really about this world.
          In my opinion, sorry to patronise.

      3. they also fail to show in the bible where jesus said to tax the working class to enable bums. Paul said if you do not work, you do not eat.

        1. ohhh… Paul said a few things that contradicted Christ Himself…
          Paul is a tricky one…

    2. The whole Jesus is a socialist concept is easily batted down – Jesus believed in Monarchy.
      God the King of the Kingdom of Heaven.
      A reason many Christians do not enter into politics in the same way as seculars IF AT ALL, is because Christians know that no system of government without Christ and Christ alone in charge will do justice to the individual human desire for peace, prosperity and purpose. They also know it IS coming when the time is right.
      I think Christians can lean towards leftish ideologies because those ideologies are SUPPOSED to put people first before profits ($ not + kind of profits).
      But in reality many left leaning ideologies rob individual freedoms and obligate some significant portion of an individuals life to ‘the collective’ whether the individual agrees with or likes it or not.

    3. I had a similiar Athiest phase like you did…that point when you are in the teenage to college age and think you know everything. For me I think my slow ‘turnaround’ came from the song ‘God help the Outcasts’ from (of all places) a Disney Movie (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)…It made me see religion (and Christianity) wasn’t about accepting the world but rather creating a way thru meditation and contemplation about making a better world and being a better person.

      1. Interesting, seems Victor Hugo has changed us both for the better!
        That movie is probably the best animated movie Disney ever made – very big and deep themes made accessible to kids but not dumbed down, and great music.

  4. i’m a tall, light-haired, blue-eyed guy of mostly scandanavian ancestory. my wife is a dark-skinned, mostly indigenous latina. i imagine the hitler fans on here would call me a race traitor for marrying her, but what am i supposed to do? pass up a loyal, traditional, sexy girl who saved her self for the guy she would marry, is a joy to be with, and just wants to stay home and take care of the houseand kids for the kind of women you describe here? my ex was flaxen-haired, blue eyed, as aryan-looking as they come. a white separatist would probably cream his pants just looking at her. she was also a lying, shallow, materialistic cheating tramp. granted, had i known of game and neomasculinity when i was with her, i might have been able to prevent some of that, but still. i guess my point is: latina girls who go to church for the win.

    1. I just believe in freedom of association. If people dont like each other for reasons I dont happen to think are fair then I dont think there should be a top down solution to this. I mostly enjoy the company of whites that doesnt mean I hate other people. I question the good will and motives of activists who believe that banning intelligence testing is a remedy for historical grievances as though there havent always been historical grievances but instead the latest incarnation of the poppy syndrome. The civil rights movement has become a total racket.

      1. i’m basically with you there. i find the idea that some races are inherently more intelligent than other intriguing, but i haven’t seen much evidence for it myself. anecdotally, i’ve worked with blacks (seems like most white nationalists single out blacks as the least intelligent race) who are far more intelligent than i am. i’ve always racked up any apparent difference in inherent intelligence to culture. e.g. american black culture seems generally anti-intellectual. that is, taking an interest in science, philosophy, and so on is seen as “trying to be white,” as a black podcaster i used to listen to once complained.

        1. Every dog breeder understands this. I dont want to shove race realism into people’s faces but I find it hard to believe in evolution except for humans. Everything is racism. Opposing obamacare was racist. Opposing transgender normalization is racist. A half black man shooting up a school is white supremacy. Research South Africa and Zimbabwe after white rule ended and tell me they are better places to live now? If anything is just as good as anything else then why is racism so horrible? Everyone is equal except the civil rights leaders who are alone able to dictate the correct views on race, gender, class, intelligence, property rights, credit risk and much else besides.

        2. I think there is a good reason why sub Saharan Africa really didn’t have a written language till the white man and arabs started to show up. Of course, these are the same “peaceful” people who were more then willing to literally sell their kin into slavery.

        3. If you dont have race realism then any disparity in income, status, health will be attributed to white racism.

        4. By every objective standard, those of mostly African descent are less intelligent. But, they have a talented tenth that can compete with members of any other race. It doesn’t seem fair, though, to allocate blame to some one because they were born stupid, as if it were some how their fault and they need to fix it.

        5. But its not our fault either though. They were born that way but so was I. When you have social agitators such as Jesse Jackson insisting the only reason that there are not more black programmers is because of structural racism and therefore insisting that the system needs changing you have to defend yourself somehow. The purpose of work is to produce wealth it is not a status game like throwing dice in the alley. It really does matter how well the work is done. I think you should research how South Africa is being run.
          Nelson Mandela’s successor, the president of South Africa, addresses a crowd of — according to the Guardian — tens of thousands, in a giant stadium, and calls for the murder of what amounts to about 10 percent of his constituents. Among the audience, uniformed members of the military dance.

        6. This dude knows what’s up. I’ll never claim to live in the hood (does Newark count?) but I’ve had the pleasure of knowing quite a few black people (a navy vet, a grad student, an aspiring rapper, a single mother working security, etc), some of whom were exposed to the hood as children.
          It’s very refreshing to hear black people talk about black problems. I’ll take their opinions and life stories over the talking heads on tv any day.
          Great video; very refreshing.

    2. Friend I have to know what a ‘dark-skinned mostly indigenous latina’ is…?
      Is she actually from the fabled land of Latin or only partly…?
      The ‘mostly indigenous’ part has baffled me…

      1. latina=shorthand for “woman born in or having lived most of her life in latin america.”
        “mostly indigineous” refers to the fact that she appears to be of mostly natively american decent, probably mayan and/or lenca in her case. she does have some european blood, but her facial features suggest that her ancestors were mainly native american.
        if you struggle with “dark” and “skin” please try

        1. “latina=shorthand for “woman born in or having lived most of her life in latin america.”
          You have a deviant interpretation of the term Latin/Latina/Latino.
          Article in evidence 1a,
          “”mostly indigineous” refers to the fact that she appears to be of mostly natively american decent, probably mayan and/or lenca in her case. she does have some european blood, but her facial features suggest that her ancestors were mainly native american.”

        2. Did the Native Americans you mistake for ‘latina’s’ call themselves latina’s before anyone from the Latin world contacted them?

        3. no, but i’m with her in this century, not the 1300s. women in this part of the world most often refer to themselves as latinas.
          i think you may be more comfortable over at an SJW forum.

        4. So it appears she is more ‘native american’ (what a stupid label) than latina. I too prefer this type of woman. I can also sometimes be attracted to Asians, and of course my own European background is pleasing. But otherwise that’s it.

        5. i’m not a fan of “native american” either, but i couldn’t think of a better term (i’d hate to be called “scandanavian american”). but yeah, it can be a nice look, or not, depending on how the woman takes care of herself. i’ve never really understood guys who go exclusively for asians or blonds, or whatever. i don’t care about hair or skin color, i just want her to be feminine and traditional, have a banging body, and be all about my cock and my cock alone.

        6. The best non-PC term for it I could come up with was ‘tribal Americans’. It’s not great, but better than any of their other shitty labels.
          Yes, agreed, I would be attracted to any feminine woman, but the cultures that support and encourage femininity (latino, perhaps Asian? Haven’t been) trigger some tribal sexual instinct in me. A natural 5 in latin America is more attractive to a 7 or 8 in the USA because the latina will be wearing a dress, heels, long hair, walking in a sexy manner, won’t have any shrapnel or graffiti on her body, will talk in a fun, playful way, etc.
          I had more sex in a week my last trip to central America than I did with my white ex gf of 2 years who I couldn’t even get aroused for some times, and had a dry pussy she had to apply lubricant to. Latina girl, we hit 10x in one day at the peak, typical 6x the other days. I wasn’t using any Viagra or anything either. I honestly didn’t think that much sex was physically possible haha.

        7. ” native american” what a stupid label.
          Thank you sir for not being politically correct.

        8. i don’t know what to tell you, man. maybe learn spanish and come to latin america yourself to see what people call themselves here. maybe weirdly-insistent-that-latinos-are-not-in-fact-latinos game could be your thing.

        9. good point about the latina 5 being sexier than the gringa 7 more often than not. that’s a point that the neo-nazis and white separatists on here might not concede, but damned if it’s not true. while i obviously still find white women attractive, after three years with my latina the thought of being in an LTR or, god forbid, a marriage with a white woman just doesn’t excite me much.

        10. You are a boy whom uses whatever language is most convenient or cool in the moment.
          Language exists so that we might understand each other. When this breaks down, we are talking nonsense.
          So that we can stereotype ourselves, our girlfriends and others in a desperate attempt to appear ‘Latino’ or ‘christian’ in order to join in a discussion we have zero to contribute otherwise.
          What fool say’s, “my girlfriend is latino – I say this because I am sure she is mainly native american – cherokee etc…”.
          Where does the Latino language come from…? How many Greek Native Americans can you count on your eleven fingers? Are you trying to deny the Native American existence?
          Or is she transracial like Rachel Dolezale?
          For Mexicans to call themselves Latin American’s is to acknowledge in no uncertain terms that your ancestors started the slavery of blacks, wiped out the other half of your family, all at the behest of the European monarchy, and now they fester in the poorest most shitty communities rolling around desperate to be seen as more black than the white these ‘latino’s’ really are justifying their own use of the term Nigger that they invented when they wanted to demean the blacks they were enslaving. You know that the word Nigger comes from the spanish who founded these spanish speaking south american countries you recommend I visit?
          The Latino’s you refer to started the slave trade and ended up the poorest brokest people in the US.
          They are not ‘Latino’ they are white Europeans.
          When the Portuguese first created a sail that could traverse the seas off the coast of West Africa and they arrived to take slaves, the Black people who lived there didn’t see ‘latino’s’ coming to get them.
          They saw white men from Europe, who spoke a Latin dialect, many of whom were Jewish.
          And when Columbus (Jewish) encountered the Native American populations, he was not encountering ‘Latino’s’.
          In your post’s, you have no idea how ignorant and foolish you sound.
          Your girlfriend is not really a Christian. If she was she would follow Christ.
          Not yoke herself to an unbeliever as any Christian will know is about the worst thing you can do for your family. Ye must be born again.
          I fear for people who call themselves Christians but who clearly have no idea what that means or who they are representing when they say they are Christians.

        11. relax, dude. you’ll find yourself a happier man with more friends and more women in your life.

        12. The prospect of more women in the life of a Christian man is abhorrent.
          But you demonstrate exactly why I have been chastising you over your professed Christianity.
          My genius is lost on the young.

        13. i guess i’ll have to accept that i don’t meet your standards of holiness and get on with my life, somehow.

        14. Forget my standards – both you and your girl are falling way short of God’s most basic of standards whilst telling the world that you are Christians. I don’t think you understand the impression a person gives when they say they are following Jesus but are dating an unbeliever and critics another Christians attitude because it will not bring the maximum amount of women into his life… I mean it’s like your just parading around half naked draped in this new christianity garment you picked up cause the other girls have got one and it’s fashionable.
          Which is your right as a free will possessing human being don’t get me wrong.
          But I will highlight the disservice you do to yourself and challenge your association with Christ – which I think is more like a new fashion item you have put on but are now a little confused by because you didn’t actually understand what you were associating with.
          Before you invoke the name of Jesus Christ, take a look at who you are to be claiming leadership from Christ.
          Misunderstanding about dating non believers has decayed the Western world. This is a basic calling from Jesus Christ to seed Christian families raised in His honour.
          Your supposed to have faith that God will lead you and another true Christian together at the right time.
          This is true faith. Not grabbing the first ‘christian’ who doesn’t put up a fight or fart in front of you.
          You are a human man. Not a Christian – who are spiritually Jewish.

        15. seriously man, relax. it’ll do you a world of good. if you’re married, work on your marriage rather than my life. if you’re not married, meet women (hint: you can meet women and avoid fornication…i used to do it myself when i was a young churchgoer). if you’re not into women, i don’t know what to tell you. maybe find a hobby or something.

        16. Hey thanx 4 the advice bucky.
          I will relax.
          For eternity in heaven with God.
          “hint: you can meet women and avoid fornication…i used to do it myself when i was a young churchgoer”
          Which is why you are on ROK learning ‘game’ young Beta.
          I actually made myself laugh with that one and am very proud.

    3. No I think its great you found a woman you love…and its great she is a woman with traditional values…the so called ‘Third World’ are laughing their asses off at the cultural suicide of western, Euro-North American society and values.

      1. that’s so true. we’re working on immigration papers for the US, but the more we talk about it, we’re leaning toward finding some way to live in central america. it’s a region with many, many problems, but at least men are men and women are women, and it seems like overall a better place to raise kids.

        1. I’d probably get the immigration papers, just because you never know when the xenophobia will get to the point where you can’t give your wife automatic citizenship. But if you are at all able to live abroad, I would strongly suggest doing this. Even though they are much ‘poorer’ when I talk to foreign women they laugh at the corrupt culture of the USA. Sure they may want to come here and find a guy to buy them a bunch of stuff, but the high quality women I’ve met abroad, have ZERO interest in living in the USA. They see it as an evil, corrupt country. No morals, no connection to family, no passion, no energy, no soul. And these are girls with less than $1,000 to their name.

        2. i’ve spent several years in the former USSR and in latin america. learned the language in both places and spent most of my time with locals. it sounds like you and i have had similar experiences. i’m down here in central america visiting right now, and i’m loving it. it’s gotten to the point that while i appreciate the comfort and security of the US, i find it hard to live there, for reasons that you state. it sucks, because i used to love my country intensely, but yeah, “evil, corrupt, no morals, no connection to family, no passion, no soul” as you say. when i see my US coworkers with their fat, shrill, unhappy wives i truly pity them. i try to talk the younger, single guys with money into learning russian, spanish, or portuguese and getting out while they can and meeting women in their natural state. yes, if my wife and i can make it work we’ll probably end up somewhere down here permanently. it’s not without its challenges (the crime problem, for example) but it will probably be worth it.

    4. I’m right behind ya buddy. And I don’t care about the packaging, its all about the quality of the woman inside.
      But Latinas are basically European. Hispanic is not considered a different race, it’s an “ethnicity” whatever that is. Latinas just have some southern European heritage, and Spanish and Italian people have darker, olive skin. But they are still European.

      1. met her through friends while working in central america a few years ago. i had formerly been a churchgoer, so i understood her reluctance to jump into bed with me right away, actually respected it. that’s one hurdle that i think most guys on here are going to find tough if they ever want a woman who is really wife material. women like that tend to be religious and are unlikely to have sex with you early on, so guys with good game tend not to have the patience.

  5. The unicorn with the blue tipped hair screams ”DOMINATE ME” from the best I can tell of her pic, provided she’s virgin and the bottom half of the pic isn’t that of a mineataur. She truly beckons to be broken, tamed and slung upon the boards of motherhood. Her pure and innocent petite loins thou shalt pummel and wreck, her vain modeling dreams shattered with her fine wasp waist being SACRIFICED for her progeny and the golden age in her life where she’s indentured and indebted to those fat ballooning MILKERS. THIS IS YOUR DADDY saying ”SMASH THAT THING BOY”. An easy and natural decision to make if it weren’t for all the mangina enforcers in the room. Man you can barely walk around a church these days without stepping in MANGINA SHIT. Sheesh

    1. Yes. But my thought on the manginas is just dominate them like women too. Don’t be afraid to get violent on these limp wristed fagotrons.
      Assert your will over them. They deserve to be brought to heel. Every time they open their fucking mouths they should fear a fist knocking their goddamn teeth out.

  6. Sounds like a fairly liberal church organization. Not sure if I’d consider that group a traditional old fashion group. I’ve been to a church camp before where women couldn’t even wear jeans and couldn’t show any leg skin whatsoever and rock music wasn’t allowed among a myriad of other “sins.” Granted, that was 15 years ago and I haven’t been involved with any religious organization in nearly the same amount of time.

  7. Most churches divorce Jesus from his other name Jealous, or the Jehova the man of war. They skip verses of Jesus taunting the Pharisees to their face and John the Baptist getting his head chopped off. The truth is if the real Jesus walked into half the churches and preached as he did they would be ready to crucify him themsleves.

    1. That’s why Jesus said he wonders if he will still find faith on earth on his return.
      I believe in Jesus. I’m far from perfect, but I’ll be glad to scream it out loud, JESUS IS LORD and GOD BLESS AMERICA..

      1. That’s why Jesus said he wonders if he will still find faith on earth on his return.
        See that’s exactly the problem. If he would FINALLY return after 2000 years people would start believing and praying like crazy again. Sadly, nothing happened.
        2000 years, dude!!! 2000 years without the slightest sign of a God or a Jesus. No wonder people losing their faith. You can’t condemn them.

        1. It’s the hatred and intolerance for the church that is unacceptable. Im not religious myself but my family is and I’m tired of the left and the government telling people what degeneracy they have to accept. Since when does the fucking government tell me what to believe?

        2. A lot depends on your perspective of time.
          In the vastness of Time that God inhabits, 2000 years is NOTHING.
          I believe this.
          God Bless America.

        3. Yeah buddy.
          Its incomprehensible. I mean, why hate the Church? Why hate God? The world is not perfect but so what?
          Why look on any vestige of the Christian Faith with animosity?
          I can understand if the dislike is directed towards the islamic faith, because I do too , and I believe Islam is against modern life, Liberty and progress especially In America.
          But why the Christian Faith?

        4. What different believes does the church spread? The same leftist bullshit.
          Church always did what’s in their own best interest and never gave a fuck about the mob. They have the same agenda as the government and that’s the only reason why they’re still around after all this centuries. Brown nosing the kings and the powerful pays.
          That’s why the roman-catholic church has a net worth of 300 billion dollars now. Church is a big business but certainly not a selfless one.

        5. You don’t think that the ever increasing amount of new Born Again believers is a sign? You should listen to some testimonies!
          Or all the accurate full filling’s of prophecy in recent years? The Bible talked of the nation of Israel before it even existed!
          Remember this all started when a man was crucified and His followers started talking of what they had seen.
          Nobody was forced or coerced and Christ became THE most famous person ever throughout human history, with more followers every minute and the entire Western calendar now followed by the entire globe (due to globalisation of industry and markets) is based around His birth, life and death.
          This is no small achievement for a man who didn’t kill anyone or rip them off!

        6. I don’t know a lot about protestant church but the roman-catholic church is still losing members every year. There’s no rising going on there.
          Bad times = more religious people
          Good times = less religious people
          Fear of something is what makes people religious.
          btw, I am a believer myself. I just can’t blame people who aren’t and I’m not a fan of church.

        7. But the average human lives only about 80 years. If God wants people to side for him and believe in him he definitely needs to show up more often.
          If you want somebody believing in you (e.g. your children) you also have to be there for them. Otherwise they will forget about you within a couple of years.

        8. Leftist? Depends on who is giving the sermon. The catholic church has over 1 billion members and a bit diverse for even Rome to handle. The amount of direct aid it gives to the poorest regions of the world makes NGOs cringe and they do alot of good that is intentionally ignored. I am bit repelled with the current Pope’s love of socialist ideals, but he is from Argentina and a Jesuit — so no surpises there.

        9. “Fear of something is what makes people religious.”
          For Bible readers, it is pretty clear you shoud fear the Lord and uphold his commandments.

        10. Praise God the Catholic Church is losing numbers. It is thoroughly anti-Christian. But the Church is not limited to the catholic and Protestant labels. The true Church is of Born Again believers in Christ. And it is growing.

        11. I know plenty of born agains who still commit the same sins they did beforehand. Just because you go to church and pray does not make you a good person

        12. The church has hatred and intolerance for everyone else for how many centuries now ?
          I hate the left and the government to, but the church needs to stop telling everyone else how to live and what to do in their own bedrooms.
          Since when should the church have the right to use the government to force its beliefs onto others ?
          This the root of the whole problem, christians cannot mind their own business and keep their religion to themselves.
          If christians would stop trying to force their beliefs onto others, most of the problem would go away, but religious people cannot give that addiction to power, to always lord themselves over others, it is like crack cocaine to them.
          The intolerance you speak of is a backlash against what the church has been doing since at least the fourth century.
          Non believers are fed up with the churches attitude problem and persecution mentality.
          If you do not like being told what “degeneracy” to accept, stop telling people what religion to accept.

        13. “This is no small achievement for a man who didn’t kill anyone or rip them off!”
          Amen to that bro. Amen.

        14. Hebrews 10:31
          For it is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
          Whether it is fear, or love, or whatever floats anyone’s boat, no one should ever provoke the anger of God- Even America.
          God Bless America

        15. Yes compare Jesus story to Mohamed’s.
          To this day I am baffled that people can not see the fundamental difference in how Jesus spread His message, and how Mohamed spread his message…

        16. And no truly Born of the Holy Spirit follower of Christ would let you believe that being a Christian makes you any less inclined to sin than you were before.
          If you’re human you will want to sin – and it is important to point out that sin is not some breaking of the rules or some ‘bad behaviour’ that makes a person evil.
          It is simply missing the mark of Divine perfection. And God expects no man save His Son Jesus, to be able to do this.
          When one has been truly Born Again in the presence of God by His Holy Spirit, one will begin to really understand the nature and meaning of sin and begin to become uncomfortable with it.
          They will start to eradicate it from their lives, small bit by small bit, relapsing often but less frequently with time.
          The process is slow, painless and permanent.
          But they will also have the peace of God safe in the understanding that God always wants you to exercise your free will throughout your life and that this inevitably means that you will miss ‘get it wrong’.
          But all true believers will really suffer when they sin in a way you could not suffer before being claimed by God. God convicts those He is leading to Heaven. And it is a wonderful thing that He does!
          Something to think about is this,
          If Hitler, on his deathbed called out to God and asked him to save him, Hitler will be in heaven. As twisted as this sounds, I tell you because you need to understand that God accepts ALL who come to Him and will Eat with Him.
          Even if they continue to sin or have a life of the most serious sins you can imagine…

        17. You’re sadly misguided, friend. I have never heard of an incident where Christians were rounding up Buddhists and saying “convert or die!” In fact, Biblical teachings state for us to simply spread the Word and if the town you’re in rejects it, then we are to shake the dust off our sandals and move on to the next town. I’ve gone to MANY church retreats in my youth and quite a few different churches (including some of the wackier ones where they speak in tongues) and NO ONE has ever even brought up the thought of forcefully imposing our beliefs on others. We are to simply talk to others about our faith.

        18. The only twice-born Christian who doesn’t sin after being saved is the one who accepts Christ at the urging of the prison minister right before he’s led to the electric chair.
          As long as we live in fallen bodies and in a fallen world, we’ll engage in fallen behavior.

        19. Thanks I’m genuinely flattered. But I get it ALL from God by just trusting Him and having Faith in Him. He really does know best.

        20. This is where the leap of faith comes in Brotherhoodofvikings,
          When a person has come to the end of themselves, and out of desperation turns to God out of genuine regret for the pain they are causing themselves, praying in whatever words they call for God to save them, God WILL intervene in that persons life in no uncertain terms – there will be no mistaking – when God speaks to you, there is no voice that is heard with the ears. God speaks directly into your heart and you KNOW you’re talking to God – it’s a voice all humans know when they hear it. It is the voice of our spiritual Father.
          It is sadly dire circumstances that often prompt a person to turn to God – this is why Jesus said that He comes for the weak and the worn and that few rich men and Kings will see the Kingdom of Heaven – people don’t ask God to save them when everything is going well. It happens sometimes but rarely in my experience. However many raised in genuinely Christian families often do not have such vibrant stories of conversion I have noticed… maybe because the Idea of God is not so out there to them. It was to me. I walked into a room an atheist, and walked out a believer literally. In that room God answered my prayers for Him to save me.
          Once God has entered a persons life this way, that person will likely receive some clear signs from God to seed their faith.
          But it does not require Faith to believe in a God who just pops up regularly to perform miracles – we as free willed individuals MUST make a free choice moment to moment to continue to love God and have Faith in Him – Faith is belief in the absence of proof – I would say it’s actually ‘faith’ in the eyes of those who have not seen the proof.
          God does not hold our hand all the time and guide us – He gave us a free will and loves us to exercise it – He loves it most when exercising it worships His amazing Grace.
          God is the energy at the centre of everything we know. This energy created everything in reality and outside of it. Our world is not actually reality – God is and His Laws (think physic’s laws of the miraculous) are.
          He has given us his Human personification in His Son Jesus Christ so that we can know Him as humans and truly take Him as a Father in a way that means something to us.
          Without Jesus Christ, we can not possibly comprehend God nor enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
          I pray that I have stated this in a way you can understand!
          Humans have a limited time span to exercise their free will. Where we go when we leave the realm of space and time (life as we know it) will be to be Judged by the eternal Laws of God to determine where our eternal soul will live. Heaven would not be Heaven if one speck of problem existed there.
          Without the mature spirit of God within you, given (in immature form) during that Born Again experience I described above, one cannot enter Heaven for the moment one does, it is no longer Heaven. Light is not Dark.
          Study the character of Jesus Christ and rejoice that this man is the very spirit of God and the truth of our origins and our world. There is nothing to fear.

        21. Damn dude; you nailed it.
          To add my two cents I think admitting weakness, smallness, and realizing you need some help from above is scary. No one wants to admit they’re weak. No one wants to admit they’re not ALL THAT important. Surrendering to the big man takes humility and that is simply something this society does not emphasize.
          People mistake humility for weakness. When you’re humble, you’ll be a good student because you’ll never believe you know everything, which no one does.

        22. Exactly. For many they must get to a distant and dark place before they finally put their ego aside and say,
          “as powerful and in control as I want to be, it’s not working”.
          Many of us find places like ROK to better equip us to go and get the things we want.
          For a budding Alpha letting go and giving control to someone else is HARD and seems counter productive.
          It’s even harder to give control to someone you barely understand, may not even believe is real and whom your laughed at and called crazy for letting be in control.
          As soon as you got it all figured out, life will hit you with a curveball until you give it all over to God.
          Those who seem to have all the things we want for ourselves often do not want what they have for themselves as much as we want it for ourselves…

        23. The Church, and God, will never stop telling people what they can and cannot do in their bedroom because sex is a moral issue. Deal with it. Don’t cry about it.
          BTW, everyone is trying to ‘force’ their beliefs on everyone else. Everyone has religious beliefs whether they name them as such or not.

        24. Wrong on so many levels.
          The priests, popes, and Catholic laypeople who have spouted leftist bullshit have done so not only against reason and the Faith, but actually against official Catholic doctrine. See “Liberalism is a Sin” by Don Felix Sarda. Also, it was Catholic priests in Salamanca, Spain who developed what many consider to be the first Austro-libertarian economic and political theories of small government and private property. The list of things that the Church has done for the ‘mob’ goes on and on and on. See: Crusades, Battle of Lepanto, Battle of Vienna, not to mention hospitals, universities, mass education, the protection of the unborn, the protection of the handicapped and disabled, etc. Again, you’re so wrong as to be ridiculous.

        25. So wrong, on so many levels. And against 2000 years of apostolic theology, faith, and tradition. If Hitler cried out to Jesus on his death bed, it would most likely have been way too late, an empty plea to God, and seen as such by a God who takes actions very seriously.
          Read James and the words of Christ himself, who said we will be judged on our actions.

        26. Read your history. Protestants broke with 1500 years of Christian theology, tradition, and practice. The Catholic and Orthodox Churches are the only ones that stretch back to Christ himself. You’re way, way, way off, and in a prideful way. Have some humility. Go educate yourself.

        27. Catholic’s were a group of Christians – the average Joe Christians. They were very different then, than they are today.
          Talking about Christian theology is basically a dead end – that debate could go on for 2015 years with no clear understanding being agreed upon.
          This has been proven over the last 2015 years don’t you think?
          All that really matters is that Ye must be Born Again.
          One can read their history all they want – History is written by the victor – which in this case would be the catholic Church. Thats not to say I have not ‘read my history’.
          Please explain to me where in the Bible Christ approves of approaching priests and Bishops for salvation and forgiveness rather than just going straight to God?
          This is just one of the numerous ways that Catholicism doesn’t get off the ground with true believers.
          Any group that names themselves anything other than simply Christians, disciples of Christ, is a fraud. Beyond that, all true believers know they are saved by the promise of God, so arguing with potential brothers and sisters over things only God can judge on, is a waste of our limited time here.
          Also, the Catholic and Orthodox Churches are not the only churches that go back to Christ – the true Church of Jesus Christ, built of true believers born of the spirit, go’s back even further than these two impostors. That you are ignorant of this speaks much of your relationship with God.
          You also forget the Gnostic peoples and all the other various interpretations that did not get to write history because they were not victorious.
          Your way, way off, and in an ignorant Fox news kind of way.
          Go get right with God and be blessed with the knowledge of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

        28. If Hitler truly repented for his sins’s and responded to God’s call then we can trust the promise we have – FROM GOD – that hitler like any other sinner is in heaven. Yes there will no doubt be a ‘price to pay’ when Hitler gets to the other side, but that will be the case for all human believers who were born and raised in a fallen world. I suspect that we punish ourselves in alignment and accordance with God’s divine laws and principles having come to Christ able to see how horrific our sinful behaviour is…
          The doctrine of Salvation is the foundation of the Christian faith. Isn’t it wonderful to know that at any moment, any tyrant and dictator can be saved by God and shown the error of their ways? Our God is an awesome God who loves us unconditionally if we will turn to Him and have faith in Him.
          God forgives all sin’s and promises Salvation to all who come before Him repentant for their sin.
          This is highly, highly unlikely with Hitler, but it serves as a good example of how loving God is, how unconditional God’s love for us as individuals is.
          St Paul comes to mind….

        29. You have to be careful who you call ‘the church’.
          There is only one TRUE church of God.
          It is not based in Rome and in cooperation with the Mafia.

        30. I think because people have no idea what the Christian faith actually is…
          Satan pulled a smart move with the Catholic Church…
          Many will be deceived.

        31. Whilst it is easy to locate the scriptural basis for this with Islam,
          You will find it is impossible to locate the scriptural basis for this within Christianity.
          Any church with a history of this forceful conversion is a church ultimately run by satan.
          You will not find a SINGLE example of Christ converting (‘opening the eye of’ is a better term) by force.
          Mohamed did much of it.

        32. Again, fear is a translation from the Greek or the Hebrew.
          God fearing is not someone who is terrified of Judgment so obeys God to avoid a botty smacking.
          Fear is closer to respect in these terms.

        33. We have reason to believe that 2000 years on earth is 2 days in heaven. God has barely regained His 5 O’clock shadow since He created reality!

        34. Not Christian. Anyone can call themselves Christians.
          You will know them by their fruits.
          Actions speak louder than words.

        35. I am careful. I follow the words of Christ himself. The church was founded on primarily on Peter and then the other apostles, whom protestants DO NOT follow. They have zero apostolic succession, therefore they are outside the true church. Reject Tradition, reject Apostolic succession, reject the Apostolic Creed, reject the Nicene Creed, reject the Trinity, which all came from the SAME Church. Which never included Protestants.
          Hey, where did the Bible come from? Who put it together… wait. Catholics and Orthodox. Protestants weren’t around. Luther and the rest starting making up stuff out of pride and a rebellious spirit towards the Authority of Christ Himself, Scripture itself, and the Holy Spirit.

        36. Luckily for St Paul he was converted before lying on his deathbed, and had a lifetime full of actions showing his faith in Christ, proving it.
          You said if Hitler, H-I-T-L-E-R, cried out to Christ on his death bed, that it would save him. It would not, for his actions of his entire life proved his lack of faith and humility before God. Crying out on your deathbed after living a life as Hitler (HITLER!!!!, listen to yourself!!), is nothing but last-second fear, and not true repentance.
          This conversation is ridiculous. This is why so many say “I’m saved” and continue fornicating, having gay sex, boozing, etc. They believe what you say, they’re 100% ‘saved’ by their actionless ‘faith’ in Christ. Good for you.

        37. John 5:28-29, where Jesus says, “… for an hour is coming, in which all who are in the tombs will hear His voice, and will come forth; those who did the good deeds to a resurrection of life, those who committed the evil deeds to a resurrection of judgment.”

        38. Psalm 62:12 (NET)
          62:12 and you, O Lord, demonstrate loyal love. For you repay men for what they do

        39. Matthew 8:4 – And Jesus saith to him: See thou tell no man: but go, shew thyself to the priest, and offer the gift which Moses commanded for a testimony unto them.
          Matthew 18:18 – Amen I say to you, whatsoever you shall bind upon earth, shall be bound also in heaven; and whatsoever you shall loose upon earth, shall be loosed also in heaven.
          BTW, the Gnostics were evil. If you do not understand how evil they were, and the evil consequences of their denial of the full manhood and full divinity of Our Lord. Deny that, and you begin going down the wrong path in ALL your other theology. You can’t see or understand that, so you actually defend them, when their heresy was dangerous and evil.
          Yes, actually, the Catholic and Orthodox churches ARE the only ones that go back to the Apostles in history, theology, tradition, and scriptural interpretation. It’s not only about mere historical association (“hey, my brother-in-law played basketball a few times with St Paul, so even though we deny the Trinity, we’re apostolic too!”).
          When you break with Apostolic THEOLOGY (as gnostics, arians, albigencians, mohammedans, Mormons, and all Protestants have done), then you break with His One True Church. You can break it in many, many ways. Theologically, historically, bureaucratically, etc. There are a million ways to mess up a perfect piece of paper.
          Like it or not, Scripture and Christ (who is God), agree with me. Take it or leave it, at your own error and your own peril.

        40. Proverbs 24:12 (NET)
          24:12 If you say, “But we did not know about this,” does not the one who evaluates hearts consider? Does not the one who guards your life know? Will he not repay each person according to his deeds?

        41. Matthew 16:27, Jesus says, “For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and will then repay every man according to his deeds.”

        42. Revelation 20:12, at the great white throne judgment, “the dead were judged from the things which were written in the books, according to their deeds.”
          Revelation 22:12, Jesus says, “Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done.”

        43. Gnosticism (1st and 2nd Centuries)
          “Matter is evil!” was the cry of the Gnostics. This idea was borrowed from certain Greek philosophers. It stood against Catholic teaching, not only because it contradicts Genesis 1:31 (“And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good”) and other scriptures, but because it denies the Incarnation. If matter is evil, then Jesus Christ could not be true God and true man, for Christ is in no way evil. Thus many Gnostics denied the Incarnation, claiming that Christ only appeared to be a man, but that his humanity was an illusion. Some Gnostics, recognizing that the Old Testament taught that God created matter, claimed that the God of the Jews was an evil deity who was distinct from the New Testament God of Jesus Christ. They also proposed belief in many divine beings, known as “aeons,” who mediated between man and the ultimate, unreachable God. The lowest of these aeons, the one who had contact with men, was supposed to be Jesus Christ.

        44. The idea that Catholicism denies one’s ability to talk to, pray to, or have a direct relationship with God is a false claim. It is a gross oversimplification of the Biblical practice and sacrament of confession or reconciliation. It is a straw-man. You claim that Catholics believe we can’t have a direct relationship with God. Catholics and the Church have NEVER said that, anywhere, ever.
          Yes, reconciliation and confession must be done through a properly ordained priest. There is serious Biblical and historical justification for such a practice. God alone has Authority to forgive sins. As Jesus did. Jesus gave the Authority explicitly, in His own words, to Peter and the other apostles. Sure, of course God can forgive a sinner who is truly repenting and has no access to a priest. God loves us and His children. But when one has access to a priest, one with Apostolic succession, then as Christ himself said to the sinner in Matthew: “go yee to the priest.” It is an action which shows God that you are willing to be disciplined and humble, taking time and effort and care, to GO, to submit yourself to His Authority.
          Why would Jesus say ‘go to the priest’ when He was also criticizing those very same temple leaders, the Pharisees? Because even if the bureaucracy is imperfect and some of the leaders imperfect or evil, God set up the system, His traditions and manner of delegating Authority to help bless, save, and care for His sheep. He wants us to respect how he set things up, the structure, even if it has been made imperfect by those acting in bad faith.

        45. Please, prove your claims with historical evidence. Hard and persuasive evidence. The Catholic and Orthodox churches have buildings full of evidence that their traditions and the theology, beliefs, are those of the Apostles themselves and the very first Christians.
          The Bible itself, all that you base your Protestant faith on, is proof of that. Throw that out, and you know nothing of Christ outside of what you conjure up in your own head. Good luck with that. History is against your argument, overwhelmingly so.
          PS… know where the name “Roman Catholic” came from? We named ourselves that?!? Try again. Protestants did. Weak arguments and argumentation.
          At the end of the day we need to be friends and brothers in Christ and fighting against the forces of evil that are surrounding us and sharpening their knives… forces like Islam and Muslims, homosexuals and sexual sin and perversion, and on and on. Christ the King and I hope you grow ever stronger in the Faith, the Faith that stretches back to Christ Himself through Tradition and Scripture.
          Deus Vult.

        46. Your putting conditions on this hypothetical scenario that I have not implied.
          Who was St Paul proving things too? Do you really think that St Paul was required to prove to God that he had encountered Him and had seen the Truth? Or do you think that if there is ONE being in existence that KNOWS whether you know Him or not, it would be our Lord and Creator God? And is there any other being we need prove anything to? We are not saved by the evidence stacking up in our odd’s in the court’s of man – we are saved by the Grace and Mercy of God through Jesus Christ. Hitlers sin’s would have been paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ. Again – this is just theoretically speaking in my attempt to express how merciful and forgiving God is, I do not for one second believe this to be the truth of Hitlers end. Hitler committed suicide so I say the odd’s of this are 0. Hitler’s burning in Hell. Interestingly I understand both Hendrix and Marley are up there now… I can’t wait to get there!
          God knows who has seen the light and learned the good news. He spiritually birth’s us via His Holy Spirit upon our genuine repentance and request the He save us. This happens in a matter of seconds if that. We are seeded and sealed with the Spirit of God.
          If this happens after a life of sin and one then dies out of no fault of their own meaning that one never get’s to ‘prove’ to God that this has happened the Salvation is not compromised.
          God used St Paul to show us this and reinforce His message – the message of Jesus Christ – who Himself told the thief who hung beside Him that he (the thief) will be in Paradise shortly simply for believing with his (again thief) heart whom Jesus of Nazareth was.
          “This conversation is ridiculous. This is why so many say “I’m saved” and continue fornicating, having gay sex, boozing, etc. They believe what you say, they’re 100% ‘saved’ by their actionless ‘faith’ in Christ. Good for you.”
          No. Just No.
          You have construed my example of God’s capacity for forgiveness (as scripturally proven by the thief on the cross example above) in ways that are purely your own – as do those people who do as you describe above and say they do so in the name of Christ.
          We understand and describe God and the Law in different languages – it appears to me that we have the typical Evangelical (me) and Catholic (you) approaches.
          The Catholic approach seems to be more rigid and behavioural. What some might call works based – follow the rules and prove (too whom I don’t know, Pope’s maybe) you’re salvation. The books and ‘church’ structure are the first port of call.
          My perspective is based upon a relationship with God and the ever revealing knowledge of the Holy Spirit. Scripture is absolutely vital but contextualised by your personal relationship with God which itself is shaped by you’re own unique free willed agency formed personality, slowly conforming you to the likeness of Christ. God is the first port of call for the more Evangelical way. You are unique. The reason’s you turn to God will be unique, your walk with God will be unique, your role in Heaven will no doubt be unique. But none of this overrides what Christ demonstrated and immortalised in Scripture and those who TRULY walk with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour know this and begin the process of conforming to Christ’s likeness.
          This doesn’t happen instantly as I have seen serious drug addict’s saved by God and it can take time to clean up but it does happen.
          I’m struggling to say this without sounding like I’m telling you I think I’m holier than thou…
          We can trade scripture endlessly and this has been done for 2015 years. The most important thing is a relationship with God – this is after all what saves us.
          I will try to reply to your other posts one by one as best I can.

        47. Yes, just yes. Unfortunately, even though YOU may know the difference between having true faith, desiring and doing your best to avoid sin, to change and become holier, but failing occasionally, many other people without your clarity of thought, honesty of intellect, clarity of spiritual insight, actually DO think that they can do anything they like and STILL be saved. Because they so often hear the “Faith Alone” mantra, which is a lie.
          You are failing to put it into words here, not because you understand it better, but because are striving against common sense to come up with a convoluted and over-complicated argument to try and prove your point. Scripture and tradition are clear, your salvation depends on faith and action. “Work out your salvation with trembling and fear,” says St. Paul.
          Can God save the soul of a man or woman who has a last-minute ‘conversion’? Of course He can. Is it likely? No, not according to most of Scripture, which anyone can see is obvious. And it falls in line with logic and common sense too.
          Can someone be ‘saved’ at the last moment? Sure, but it is highly unlikely. And considering we’re talking eternal damnation and hellfire, it is wholly irresponsible to tell anyone that by Faith alone they are saved, and that true and deep change of heart and action, in style of living, in choices and actions, plays no role in that. That one can just go on “making mistakes” or “falling” as so many like to say.
          What they are doing is engaging in avoidance. An avoidance based on a false teaching of “Faith Alone.” They take comfort in indulging occasionally or avoiding real struggle for holiness by hearing the voice in their head say “well, I’m still saved.”
          No, you’re not. They need to hear that. That is the compassionate and merciful response, the one more likely to save them from hellfire.

        48. Those people who think that they can be ‘saved’ and still run around willingly and habitually engaging in the very sinful patterns that theoretically lead one to God I do not believe are saved in the true sense of the word.
          Why they believe that they are I do not know – but the Catholic church for one practices blatantly false doctrine when it comes to Salvation so there are many running around saying they are saved because they have said some words, ate some morsel’s, drank some wine and been sprinkled in ‘holy’ water. There are all manner of ways and denominations hiding true salvation from people – every creed has it’s merit’s and then it’s totally undermining blatantly false doctrine – seventh day adventists for example…
          I trust that the Sabbath falls on Saturday and see no reason to change this other than the Roman Empire meddling in their perversion of Christ’s message.
          But the whole organisation is built on a false ‘prophet’ and then continued by another ‘prophet’ who preached pointless unscriptural doctrine like loosing your salvation for not celebrating the Sabbath on Saturday…. we need only look to Jesus Christ to see that keeping the Sabbath was a, misinterpreted by the Jew’s and b, not the damnation bringing sin should it be uncelebrated by say healing someone on the Sabbath.
          My example of the thief on the cross besides Jesus proves my point if you would rather a shorter answer. God Himself told him he would be with Him in paradise that very day. Not much time to ‘prove’ himself ‘worthy’.
          Such is the Grace of our God!
          Jesus Himself prayed for his executers on the cross. He told us to pray for our enemies.
          I tell you it was such a relief when I realised this guy was THE most powerful and supreme being in existence, the master of the true Law, and that He loved me unconditionally having accepted His offer of Salvation.
          You can’t earn that stuff, this is pretty basic Christian understudying.
          It was “Paid In Full” by the carpenter from Nazareth who hung around with prostitutes and thieves.

        49. I wouldn’t call myself a Protestant. I don’t know why you do.
          I had an encounter with God the day after I prayed to him in desperation. It was not until a few days after that, that I recognised Jesus Christ as the very same God that had spoken to me during that encounter. I then acknowledged that I was a Born Again Christian as difficult as that was for me. God had Saved a friend of mine some years before, friends name was Chris Theodorou – Greek for Christ, God’s Gift – so make of that what you will… Chris was the first to preach the Gospel to me…
          “The Bible itself”
          Now which one would that be?
          “History is against your argument, overwhelmingly so.”
          History is written by the victors as we know. And the Catholic Church has been very victorious hasn’t it – I mean it essentially conquered the Roman empire…
          “Throw that out, and you know nothing of Christ outside of what you conjure up in your own head.”
          How very Catholic of you… wonder why the church is shrinking…
          “PS… know where the name “Roman Catholic” came from? We named ourselves that?!? Try again. Protestants did. Weak arguments and argumentation.”
          Ask me a question. I will answer it before you can reply. Then I will answer it for you, in order to immediately disprove the argument I just made on you’re behalf, then condemn your arguments that I made on your behalf as weak argumentation on your behalf…
          You forgot to scream that I will burn in hellfire for my sins Brother in Christ…
          You have a stricter and more enneagram type 1 style, that’s OK, it’s the message that some respond to.
          Check out the Enneagram – some think it’s utterly Demonic, some think it’s utterly divine. Traced back to the Desert Father’s in some opinions…

        50. Just know you have no real arguments, just complaints and whining about my “style”. You can’t respond with substance, so you attack the style or the messenger as being a “meanie”. Typical and reflective of a lack of any ability to refute what I’m saying or defend your un-Biblical and anti-historical positions on these issues. ‘Nuf said.

        51. Me too! Praise Jesus and all hail the Kingdom of God!
          ‘Reality’ isn’t so real after all….

        52. Paid In Full, by the blood of Jesus Christ.
          Very un-Biblical I know.
          Would you debate with the Lord Himself the doctrinal merit of telling the thief he would be with Him in paradise that very same day?

        53. “Catholics and the Church have NEVER said that, anywhere, ever.”
          “Yes, reconciliation and confession must be done through a properly ordained priest.”
          hmm… nuff said? How does one know if one is ‘properly ordained’? Please do answer that as a matter of priority.
          “God alone has Authority to forgive sins. As Jesus did. Jesus gave the Authority explicitly, in His own words, to Peter and the other apostles.”
          How have you stated that God ALONE has authority and then immediately say that He gave it to the Disciples, without having a seizure? Do you pray to Peter for forgiveness?
          Or is it Mary for Catholic’s…
          You have what we shall call a very Catholic interpretation of John 20:21-23. I have a different one and thus we come back to the Scripture Quote War’s that have continued for 2015 years with no end in sight. You can not take a piece of Scripture and forget the rest of the record.
          What Jesus said to the Disciples who stood before Him, God is saying to the Disciples who would Follow after Him – you and me and Paul and the others. What you are suggesting is that I as a Disciple of Christ (having received the breath mentioned in the referenced scripture) – no different than Paul or Peter, have the authority to forgive the Sins of whom I chose – this would effectively mean I Save them. No. God Saves a person at their personal and freely determined request. Not because I want it or because Pope Pablo decides it.
          “It is an action which shows God that you are willing to be disciplined and humble, taking time and effort and care, to GO, to submit yourself to His Authority.”
          Yes this is called Repenting, accepting Christ and being Baptized (immersed) in the Holy Spirit. It has nothing to do with anyone else other than you and Jesus Christ. No priest, no Deacon nor any Pope has any importance other than preaching the Gospel and guiding new Believers in the ways of the Kingdom when they are new to it all. You have said so yourself.
          In this way older Believers conform to the likeness of Christ and fulfil on His behalf in this world the role Jesus would fulfil Himself – the leadership and guidance of new Children of God. Those with eyes to see recognise a Pastor.
          “Why would Jesus say ‘go to the priest’ when He was also criticizing those very same temple leaders, the Pharisees? Because….”
          There you go again asking and answering questions with yourself…
          “He wants us to respect how he set things up, the structure, even if it has been made imperfect by those acting in bad faith.”
          He want’s us to discern with the aid of the Holy Spirit what He has set in place and what is of the Kingdom of Heaven.
          He want’s us NEVER to be wrong with God in order to be right with man.
          He tell’s us to suffer the things of this world in Faith, resting in Him and anticipating and recruiting for, the Kingdom of Heaven.
          What I have quoted you say above is EXACTLY what the Catholic Church want you to think about their pedophilia and corruption as well as the rest of their ‘god ordained’ authority and institution.
          Islam as well.
          Talmudic Judaism likewise.
          The moment you accept for any reason, the authority of any man above or before Jesus Christ – whom I quote and rely on as opposed to you – you have opened the way for the works of the Evil One. Muslims do this with Mohamed. Catholics do this with the Pope and the Catholic ‘church’.
          There are many Godly people who call themselves Catholics. But the foundations of this particular institution and it’s history clearly show a deviation from Christ’s teachings and intention for His Church.
          Understand that I am not arguing my Salvation or submit ion to the Will of God. Nor am I trying to prove that I am more Christian or more correct.
          But I do like to indulge in the back and forth as it excels my learning as a Christian and helps to correct people who are maybe not really walking with God but just need some guidance out of their deceptions.

        54. “Matthew 8:4 – And Jesus saith to him: See thou tell no man: but go, shew thyself to the priest, and offer the gift which Moses commanded for a testimony unto them.”
          Translation – go and convert the priest’s to the TRUE way of God.
          Matthew 18:18 – Amen I say to you, whatsoever you shall bind upon earth, shall be bound also in heaven; and whatsoever you shall loose upon earth, shall be loosed also in heaven.”
          Translation – What you pray for, you will get. What you expect from God, it will be. Pray responsibly and not for the death and destruction of others.

        55. “Just know you have no real arguments,”
          I have a relationship with God – you have not mentioned this once.
          Tell me your Testimony?
          What led you to accept jesus Christ as the God of all Creation?

        56. Anyone who has been born of the spirit is Saved. No need for apostolic traditions. The religion of Christianity is TOTALY dependant on the Evangelical awakenings that take place outside of any church or denomination.
          Ye must be Born Again. That is all that really matters.
          “Hey, where did the Bible come from? Who put it together… wait. Catholics and Orthodox. Protestants weren’t around.”
          No guess again altar boy – the Bible, to should we say the collection of books that we call the Bible, comes from… you guessed it – God.
          The Catholics and Orthodox churches didn’t exist whilst much of it was being written… it was being written and recorded by the Jews… this is pretty basic…
          You are maybe referring to the New Testament exclusively… how very millennial…
          In which case it should bother you at least a bit that in your view Only the Catholic and Orthodox churched contributed to the New Testament and that this makes it reliable.
          Wrong on account of the Catholic and Orthodox churches being insignificant compared to the Will of God and what He would have His children inherit – God did not leave this purely in the hands of His disciples or a group who ordained themselves to be intermediaries and the Holy Spirit has been alive and at work alongside and throughout God’s Children to bring us our Bible. Again, you fail to see past your Catholic masters dogma to put them and they institution above the work and Will of God. Worship them instead of God, sounds like something out of Babylon.
          “matter is Evil” was the cry of the Gnostic’s!”
          Should I take your word for that?
          And I’m not ‘Gnostic’ though I do see the value in Gnosis. Do you?

        57. Hey Kay I’ll happily be the first to just say it,
          Islam is a devil worshiping death cult that was founded and spread by a devil worshiping death cultist. And pedophile.
          Thankfully, most Muslims are terrible Muslims. And all can be Saved by the Gospel.

        58. Just wonder what a world without Islam would look like! Just think, if Abraham had kept his peepee away from Hagar, who bore Ishmael, the father of the Arabs?

        59. Wow, you have no clue about history. Good luck with your lack of respect for history or tradition.

        60. Th Catholic Church fought viciously to keep the Bible out of the reach of the “common folks”. To this day, the use of the Bible is secondary in the Catholic faith, to church creeds, which the bible calls “the traditions of men”.
          Mark 7:8
          For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.
          Such things as the issue of Apostolic succession, the Apostolic Creed, the Nicene Creed are all IRRELEVANT IN THE FACE OF the Bible’s central tenet:
          You Must Be Born Again.

        61. It’s OK I have respect for Jesus Christ, I no longer need luck.
          Care to outline your disagreement and what it is about my approach that you disagree with or contend?

        62. I genuinely believe that God used Mohamed as a demonstration to Believers of God’s wrath. Islam is just inside out man.

        63. Twas in the night that a Pharisee came to Jesus and spoke with him,
          “Master, how can one inherit eternal life?”
          Verily, verily I say unto you – one MUST follow the apostolic tradition’s and historical text’s”,
          And the Pharisee said unto Jesus,
          “But master, am I to crawl back up into my mother’s womb in order that one might follow the apostolic tradition’s and historical text’s?”
          And Jesus responded,
          The Apostolic traditions are like the wind – you know they are there, but one does not know where they come from, or where they are going – NAY – they may appear as though they have no value at all, but verily, verily I tell thee, one must study the apostolic traditions and history if one is to enter the Kingdom of God, no more questions now please…”

        64. “Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!”
          And He (Jesus) said to him, “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”
          You have other people word’s.
          I have Jesus word’s.

        65. “Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!”
          And He said to him, “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”
          Jesus Word’s. Not Paul. Not the Pope. Not Solomon.
          God’s words.
          It is for you to decide based on the evidence provided by God, just what ‘according to his deeds’ entails…

        66. “”Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!” And He said to him, “Truly I say to you today, you shall be with Me in Paradise.””
          Sounds like those work’s were not as compacted as you think…

        67. “Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!”
          And He said to him, “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”
          Yes He will repay each person according to his deed’s. Receiving the Life of Christ is a pass Go and collect the Kingdom of Heaven trump card though as Jesus explained throughout the new Testament.
          Our Sin debt was… Paid In Full by the Blood of the Sinless Lamb of God.
          Work’s just don’t cut it next to the sacrifice of the perfect Son of God. If we still had to ‘work’ for our Salvation it would neither be a gift from God nor would it be possible for someone like Saul of Tarsus to be forgiven.
          Praise the Yahweh.

        68. “Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!”
          And He said to him, “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”
          I’ll say no more.

        69. “Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!”
          And He said to him, “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”
          You must contextualise God’s words by His actions. Not by what the priests are telling you. What is ‘good’ or ‘evil’ in God’s heart, and to what degree, is likely very different from what is good and evil in your own, human, sinful and fallen heart.
          How many people were healed or had loved ones healed – and as witnesses were themselves Saved – simply for their belief in Jesus? This is repeated time and time again…

        70. Yeah, again, you’re arguing against a strawman. I never said that deathbed conversions weren’t possible or acceptable to God, I said it was highly unlikely. Then you point out that Jesus saved the man on the cross next to Him. That doesn’t disprove anything I was saying. It proves that this guy saw that Jesus was the Christ, and Jesus rewarded him with eternal salvation. Awesome, good for that dude. Doesn’t mean that what Jesus himself said earlier was nonsense and can be ignored.
          That guy on the cross was one person out of billions who have walked this earth. That is an extremely small percentage. For you to bank your salvation on faith alone, on your deathbed, and then go live however you want until then, is not logical, nor wise, nor Biblical.
          Again, you’re arguing against a point that I never made. You’re arguing against something you have created in your own head. I said “do not bank on faith alone and preaching ‘faith alone’ is not only incorrect biblically but dangerous for the eternal salvation of others”. I readily admitted that God can save souls on their deathbeds, but when taking the entirety of Scripture into account, actions are very, very important. One should never bank on a mere verbal expression of faith for salvation, as even our Lord warned. It doesn’t mean that those who truly convert near their deaths will all be rejected, it just means that for many it will likely be way, way too late.
          Goodbye to you. You’re bush league.

        71. I see you have moulded your argument to avoid my repeated crushing rebuttals.
          Very well.
          Jesus told Nicodemus – “Ye must be Born Again”
          I stated that it was in theory possible for even a sinner like Hitler to repent from his sins and be forgiven by God – even if this happened on his deathbed provided it was true repentance and a spiritual birth.
          You, lost in your works based salvation told me no way. One must prove their salvation through a life of works.
          I pointed out that that would make Jesus a liar – to the thief on the cross. The point being the thief simply recognised/acknowledged Jesus as the Son of God as prophesied and awaited by the Jews, and he was destined to heaven by the promise of God.
          God put this in the Bible for a reason – I call it the biggest secret nobody ever kept from us.
          There are no works that can bring about Salvation that man can perform.
          Yes, it is good to follow Jesus commands and Godly living as directed by the Law for the sake of Judgement but works are not the answer Jesus gave to Nicodemus.
          The conversation between these two is probably THE most important part of Jesus legacy.

        72. Correct about the bible. The texts we read today were all in common usage at least a century before the first of the great Councils took place. Also, the first “pope” didn’t come along till the end of the sixth century. Stick to the bible and we’ll be fine.

      2. “I believe in Jesus. I’m far from perfect, but I’ll be glad to scream it out loud, JESUS IS LORD and GOD BLESS AMERICA..”
        Jesus is Lord alright, but it is Orthodox Russia that is blessed and elected to destroy Mystery Babylon the Great Whore (Statue of Liberty = Ishtar, Babylonian goddess of whores).

      3. Jesus returned in 70 A.D. It’s called preterism and it’s the only eschatological view that makes sense of the Bible.

    2. They also fail to mention where Jesus was from the age of 16-32 (approx.)…. during this time frame in history, this was the normal time for a man to be married and have kids.
      All the saintly and divine things he may have done are not in question, but to jump through time like that without an explanation makes me curious.

      1. In the years you reference, h ewas completing his Rabbinical training. Ever wonder why he got such a large crowd the first time he spoke in public? If he started at sixteen, he’d have had Hillel the Elder as one of his instructors. For that reason alone, people would want to hear him.
        He didn’t marry for the same reason his fellow candidates for ordination didn’t marry – too busy just then. There were a number of itinerant preachers wandering about back then, some peaceful, some not – see Rabbi Gamaliel’s speech in Acts, which seems to have been takne down with particular care. Note also that Gamaliel was the grandson of Hillel the Elder.

        1. “In the years you reference, h ewas completing his Rabbinical training. Ever wonder why he got such a large crowd the first time he spoke in public? If he started at sixteen, he’d have had Hillel the Elder as one of his instructors. For that reason alone, people would want to hear him.”
          The Lord was working manual labor and never received and never needed formal religious instruction (rather he could teach the Temple elders themselves when He was only twelve: Luke 2:46-47). The crowds are recorded several times as being amazed at the way the Lord Jesus taught, as one who held Himself to be Messiah/God, and not in a manner that came from having being educated at religious school (“Rabbi Hillel’s opinion of this passage of Isaiah is blah, blah, blah.”) The Lord made a point of selecting disciples who were themselves mostly working men and not “educated” (by Rabbis or Temple authorities) so as to have clean slates to work with.
          Matthew 7:29
          When Jesus had finished these words, the crowds were amazed at His teaching; for He was teaching them as one having authority, and not as their scribes.
          John 7:15
          But when it was now the midst of the feast Jesus went up into the temple, and began to teach. The Jews then were astonished, saying, “How has this man become learned [in the Scriptures], having never been educated?”
          Acts 4:13
          Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.

        2. The quote from Matthew merely confirms that he had ‘Smichah’ or was one ‘on whom the hands had been laid’.
          every generation perhaps one or two were given that. The Tradition
          claimed that there was a direct line of descent from Moses laying hands
          on Joshua all the way down to Hillel. Thus, theoretically, those who
          were in this line of descent ‘sat the in the seat of Moses’. As such, they had authority to amend the Law. For example, Hillel amended the law about collecting debts in the seventh or ‘sabbatical’ year, by transferring ownership of the dept from the person to the court, who in turn could collect it from the debtor after the sabbatical year.
          was written to the Jews, in Hebrew for Hebrews, before the
          other Gospels were written and – most importantly – before Paul came
          along to declare that not only was Jesus the Messiah, but that he was
          God. Certainly not all the disciples who had heard Jesus in person
          accepted the notion that he was God.
          As for your quote from John, remember the prejudice people had against any one from Galilee.
          John 7:52, “no prophet ever came out of Galilee”. and
          John 1:46 “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there …”
          A double whammy.
          Can’t judge a cook by his brother, and they were all surprised when he showed the knowledge as one who had been granted Authority.
          That’s my take on it.
          Did you know that the Gamaliel mentioedn in the Acts is Hillel’s grandson? The intriguing notion that a very young Gamaliel met Jesus – pure speculation of course, but stranger things have happened. It might explain in part why Gamaliel seems mildly sympathetic to the Apostles dragged in front of his court.

      2. According to the Jews Jesus was a traitor. He used the knowledge of Judaism to start his own religion. Mohammed did the same thing.
        Christianity has btw more than 100 different versions. This is only possible if the texts are vague/incomplete and open for interpretation. Islam has the same issues. Judaism on the other hand is very clear.

        1. True about how Jews considered Jesus for 1700 years, but read up on Rabbi Jaconb Emden’s take delivered in the 18th century.

      3. If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all.”
        ― Michelangelo Buonarroti
        Lionel Messi, the great soccer player said something to the effect of him training daily for ten years to be an “overnight success”
        Same with Garry Kasparov, Fabiano Caruana, the book Mastery by Robert Greene, etc
        Demosthenes practiced his orations for endless years before he “suddenly” became the Greatest Orator of Classical Times.
        So Jesus trained 30 Years, to prepare for a 3 year Mission.
        The result. I quote Type 8 above
        “Nobody was forced or coerced and Christ became THE most famous person ever throughout human history, with more followers every minute and the entire Western calendar now followed by the entire globe (due to globalisation of industry and markets) is based around His birth, life and death.
        This is no small achievement for a man who didn’t kill anyone or rip them off!”

      1. If they love Jesus, why don’t they join the Orthodox Church that He Himself founded, rather than build their own little religious empires (+30,000 sects of Protestantism) which they justify in the name of “hating” (bigger) religion? The guy on the youtube video, no exception, 500 years of Sola Scriptura, and look at the chaos (doctrinal, practice, organizational, etc).
        Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the TRADITION which he received of us.

        1. I’m starting to dig Orthodox Christianity…the big question : Greek or Russian? I’m under the impression the Patriarch of Moscow is ‘leader’ of the Orthodox Church in general, but I’d like some clarification.

  8. I don’t get traditionalists’ idolatry of religion. Humans can screw up religion like they can screw up everything else, and even old religions can decline and go away. Harper’s magazine in the August issue has an article about the collapse of the remnant of the Zoroastrian religion in India, and that faith started in Persia around the time of the careers of the Old Testament prophets farther west.
    The same thing will happen to Christianity, eventually, even to its Catholic version. In a few centuries, the last popes could look as forlorn as this Zoroastrian priest in front of his temple.

    1. Seems about right. A dying old man overseeing the loneliness of his dead church.
      This needs to happen in America so we can rebuild again from scratch.

      1. If that astrazeneca temple were located in the US, it would be open no doubt, hosting bingo on the weekends and al-anon/narc-anon on the weekdays. I see a lot of old traditional bible thumping small churches which were the conservative norm but are now closed and collecting dust or leased out as such. The ‘big box’ warehouse style walmart assemblies and worship centers seem to be booming and they are very gyno-PC in comparison.

      2. You mean we need to wipe the natives out, enslave a population on the other side of the planet, and fight the English all over again…?
        All whilst saying we do so for the honour and glory of God whom we fail to identify as Jesus Christ…?
        I dunno man, you sound like your having an emotional moment and are not rationalising what you say… check your not bleeding down there man.

        1. Do you have reading comprehension problems? The picture in question is of a Zoroastrian temple…. as in not a Christian one.
          Troll fail.

        2. I was implying that you were talking about the US.
          Implying is more assertive and Alpha thats why.
          So not reading comprehension problems (is that a PC way of accusing me of being a moron?).
          Rather, an overabundance of sophisticated humour/politicaly/historically deep perceptions.

    2. You confuse religion for being a relationship with God the creator of all that we know and do not know. Religion is just an ever changing cult like fashion – it changes to suit the time and is very ‘profitable’ for those who dictate the direction it is going in – and please do not confuse Catholicism as being Christianity – it is not, not by far. Judaism is far more like Christianity (it is the father religion) – Catholicism has more in common with Islam believe it or not.
      You also do not understand that many of the different religions you speak of are the same religion – Zoroastrian’s were waiting for Jesus just like the Jews. many religions are different interpretations of the same prophesy.
      In fact it is widely believed that the three wise men (Magi) who visited Jesus upon His birth to tell Mary and Joseph the enormous significance of this little one, were Zoroastrian Magi from Persia.
      Be careful – this site is full of empty barrels making much noise.
      The religious misunderstanding here on ROK and the manosphere in general is embarrassing.
      Red Pill is attempting to rally around Christ… I can see the attraction and logic in this… but it’s no good taking Christ to suit a fleeting cultural anomaly (the need to teach men how to be men is a new likely short lived one).
      If one is going to associate with Christ, it is done at the individuals command and choice, but God’s rules are God’s rules and they cannot be bent to suit a movement of hurt and resentful wana be Alpha’s.
      The concept of ‘game’ will be laughed at by the true disciple of Christ.
      Faith is sufficient.

  9. Very good and entertaining article. I great great. However this morning while I was trying to read this on my andriod, I kept getting virus alerts and spam, taking me away from the article. I tried on two different web browsers on my phone and both times the site was hijacked. Anyone else getting that problem?

    1. Clear window & go back from an old window. Ad stays away for awhile. Spidey sense says don’t open ad to scan viruses.

      1. Hemant has blocked me, heh, heh. Shows that I must have done something right.
        And it also goes to show up these “New Atheists” as hypocrites and frauds. They say they promote “free thinking,” but only if you duckspeak the progressive-feminist-diversitarian party line.

        1. However, new Atheists by far more intellectually superior than any Christian of this era can offer. Thus better.

        2. Hm. Smart as Aquinas or Anselm? Didn’t think so. And the IQ level of the typical female SJW is probably not much above her cats’.

        3. to be fair, he did specify “this era.” nevertheless, i consider my wife’s priest the intellectual superior of pretty much every atheist i’ve seen online.

        4. Aquinas?! That old delusional coot? You know what? I like extra cash. I bet that if you test Aquinas and the SJW’s cat for an IQ test; the pussy would get the gold.

        5. Seriously, man? Science and *archaeology has give us reason to abandoned Christianity, Therefore, Athiesism is the more logical option.
          *Guys, Don’t bring up that B.S. about the Ipuwer papyrus, D.S.S., Imhotep, Tacitus, Josephus…All that shit is biased, fake and NOT Proof!

        6. Okay, I’ll stick my feet in the quagmire.
          When it come to nature (Reality) does Christianity have anything to present? Because the only shown is a prospective by religious loons about subjective things like morality.

        7. yep. her old italian priest is much wiser and more learned than your average internet atheist. “remember when you go to america, that feminism is the work of the devil as is not a good basis for family life” he told her before we got married. hard for me to believe the old man isn’t inspired based on that alone. there’s value in knowing the old languages like latin and greek and understanding greco-roman philosophy as he does that is impossible to explain to people like you who only know their native language (my apologies if you are proficient in any language other than english, but as is the case with most internet atheists, i doubt it). i agree that there’s no concrete evidence that my wife’s priest can use to prove the existence of god or jesus to you or to me (i’m an agnostic myself), but try this exercise: prove the existence of the color red to a dog. you can’t. the dog lacks the physical and mental capacity to comprehend the nature of red. nevertheless, red exists. i imagine that if god exists, his nature is incomprehensible to the human mind, as colors are to the canine mind. as st. paul said, in this life we see everything through a glass, darkly. based on my experiences i tend to believe there is something there as far as christianity goes, but what exactly that is, beyond having provided me with an awesome, loyal, feminine wife who saved herself for me, i couldn’t tell you.

        8. But wouldn’t be reasonable to state that God doesn’t exist because everything we know is founded on what we’ve observe?
          Using your example about the color red and colorblind-dogs. Even a dog understands what a color is, so the Notion of a different hue wouldn’t be far-fetched, likewise, we as humans can’t see UV, infrared light and Gamma-rays. But know how lights work and science proved the electromagnetic spectrum. in spite of our limits.
          We as humans has build technology which allows us to search beyond the senses and test the validity of ideas. Hell, I question there really any mystery left to find in nature besides the details.
          If there a God who created the universe shouldn’t there be a fingerprint or something that suggest that nature could only be active with God? Nothing could be farther than the truth, as science advances the more we can conclude that the universe is self sustaining.
          Fuck, Christians cannot even prove their book to be reliable history.

        9. i think it ultimately comes down to your not wanting to believe, and my wanting to, while admitting that there’s no real evidence (hence my agnosticism). the way i look at it, if christianity produced a unicorn for me, it can’t be all bad. could even happen for you, if you were to open your mind a bit. have you actually read any of the bible? if not, i’d recommend ecclesiastes. one of the wisest things ever written, and doesn’t require belief in god at all to appreciate. even if you don’t believe jesus existed, someone wrote down the teachings attributed to him, and there is great wisdom there too, for example, in the parable of the talents that i mentioned.

        10. Dude your ‘christian’ wife who has married an unbeliever does not sound very Christian.
          Jesus was very clear – do not be yoked to unbelievers.
          This is one of the most important foundations of a true Christian’s life and is only ever violated – in my experience – by pretend disciples.
          Any true disciple of the Lord and Creator of it all understands why you do not marry and start a family with a non believer.

        11. How about thousands of years of records from numerous authors spread throughout historical records…? we are talking eye witness accounts that have shaped an entire people, culture and future. From a time when attempts at conspiracy theories had no money in them and often a death sentence preceded by torture. Abraham wasn’t making stuff up for press coverage…
          You must ask yourself what has shaped the history and genetic legacy of the Jews – why did they wonder in the desert for 40 years, how did they survive…? Why not go breeding with every fine woman/man encountered…? How have the jewish communities throughout time and space maintained such well preserved culture and success..? Conspiracy theories aside for a second – what Jews have demonstrated in the secular world is a robust family unit and culture.
          When you start to approach these questions realistically, you will see that God – or the Creator if that sit’s more comfortably – has not hidden Himself from humanity and it is no big secret.
          God is real, He has worked with the Jews since the ancient times.
          He has been with us on Earth in the form of Jesus Christ and has made the way to our happiness, freedom and peace very clear, very accessible and actually provable for those who have attained the enlightenment of being Born of the Spirit.
          And its no secret either, nor is it complicated. Our entire time reference (calendar) revolves around the coming and passing of Christ even to this day. For a crazy man who was laughed at, spat upon and crucified He has managed quite a legacy despite numerous states attempting to suppress His message. And remember – Christ did not promote a single murder or hair upon a head damaged. He did not attempt to convince the world that He was God – He left the world to REALISE He truly was God through their own free will.
          When your heart is ready for God’s Will rather than your own, all one need do is ask and be swept up in the arms of the Lord of Creation.
          What that man in Nazareth achieved at Calvary was the greatest, smartest way to lead those amongst God’s finest creations back to their Father, back to their home and destiny. This man who was mocked on the cross has had a bigger effect on the world than any other factor and hardly anyone knows this fact…

        12. Yes Christianity has much to present to help you to understand the nature of reality – it’s in language that may not be so familiar to the average ‘true reality’ chasing student. I would direct you to consider why Paul told us (some 2000 odd years before we discussed quantum physic’s) that with the knowledge of the Holy Spirit we would understand the depth, breadth, height and length of God’s creation…
          Today we talk of the law of attraction – what one focuses on is materialised to some degree within the life off that person.
          This is a message that runs throughout the Bible though is never called the law of attraction. This does cover prayer in a small way…
          The law of attraction is basically a primitive and ignorant but legitimate lesson from Jesus Christ Himself – focus on crap, feel like crap, focus on good (the light) and feel good.
          There’s a lot more to it but I hope you get the idea…
          Christ can help you to understand anything and can, given time and co-labour, help you to answer ALL of your questions…
          But never forget that God did not give you a free will for Him to go violating it… you have to respond to God’s call in Jesus Christ… and then purposefully take each step he shows you for yourself at your pace.

        13. What you seem to be referring to is the undercurrent of the law of attraction that runs throughout Jesus message.
          This is one of the more modern concepts that has swept the globe recently but has been sitting in the Bible for 2000 odd years.
          Of course the modern interpretation of the law of attraction (in the Bible we read seek and you will find for example) is bent out of shape a little and missing the crucial ingredient – faith in God through His Son Jesus Christ – so comes through empty for many people.
          And you seem to have noticed that the Judaic-Christian culture is a great model for family, community and ultimately nation. All of which are built upon the dignity and trust Father and Mother have in themselves and each other and the divinely appointed order of male female relationships and conduct…
          This stuff was laid out to Moses a long time ago and has served the Jewish people internally very well as an honest look at Jewish communities in the western world.
          It has also served the western world well (used to be referred to as Christendom) for a long time but we have departed from it a lot lately even so far as to deny the Judaic-Christian heritage we have.

        14. i’m christian, yet agnostic at the same time. paul talks about spiritual gifts in one of his letters, saying that “unto some is given great faith.” it follows logically that some do not have this gift. i have always struggled with faith, always been able to acknowledge valid arguments that thoughtful atheists (a minority in my experience) make again christianity and religion in general. nevertheless, it seems like there is something there, and i agree with most of the principals, if not the more obviously man made aspects, like the nicean creed. i was very open about my beiefs with the priest (although i may not have used the word “agnostic”) and i “passed” the church’s test. we are happy, and god willing we will have a good family.

        15. i don’t know, man. you do come off as the garden variety internet atheist, smugly thinking you know christianity based on what you’ve heard on south park and in george carlin sketches, rather than actual experience with christians and the bible itself. it’s good to read things you might not agree with (i got a lot out of reading the communist manifesto, for example).
          i’d suggest that you learn a few foreign languages (and maybe even an ancient one or two), read more, go out in the world, that kind of thing, rather than inanely derailing threads between people who value christianity. for example, i can’t stand billy joel, but if i came upon a forum thread between two fans debating whether “new york state of mind” or “we didn’t start the fire” is the better song, i wouldn’t derail it with “hahhaha…billy joel sucks and you’re both a bunch of stupid fags for liking those songs” although i might think that. there’s no value-added for anyone, and although billy joel objectively sucks in my opinion, it’s highly unlikely that i’m going to talk them out of being fans.

        16. You can’t really be Christian and Agnostic at the same time sorry to sound like a douche.
          To be Christian is to be a follower of Christ and Christ alone. His first command is that you Love God with all your heart.
          How would this be possible if Agnosticism can coexist with Christianity?
          Agnosticism states that it is impossible to know God or the details of creation.
          Christ states that we can know God through Him (Jesus) and Him only, and we can know creation from scripture, namely Genesis which Jesus referred to many times being Jewish and a Rabbi.
          God willing you will have a good family – if you and your partner follow God’s commands there are no better commands to follow.
          But I am curious that your partner who you say is Christian has taken a non Christian for a partner, or a partial Christian as you describe.
          Again, I do not say this to be a douche, but one of the most important parts of being a Christian is that when you go forth and be fruitful it is within the sanctity of a God ordained marriage that is built upon solid faith in Jesus Christ by both people.
          So that when the inevitable storms of life hit the marriage both people turn first to God and seek the Kingdom of Heaven and there is no disagreement about this.
          With one part of the equation having only one foot in the Church that becomes dangerous.

        17. “lord i believe. help thou my unbelief.” i identify a lot with that guy. i think my situation is difficult to understand for people like you or my wife who have the gift of faith that paul talks of, although i do often envy you. passages like the one above or paul’s statement about seeing everything in this life though a glass darkly probably make no particular impression on people like you, but for those like me who struggle with the concept of faith yet see the value in christianity, they provide great comfort and hope. you may consider me unworthy of a good christian woman, or even a threat to her, but she doesn’t and nor do her priest and bishop, and that is good enough for me.

        18. He did say of this era !
          I have been around christians all of my life and still have friends in the ministry.
          It has been my observation that the vast majority of them are mindless fools who cannot think, and can only repeat what some preacher told them to say.
          There are a few shinning exceptions like my old pastor and bible teacher, but they are few and far between. Even the students who studied under this brilliant man are mostly pharisees and hypocrites in the name of RELIGION.
          Christians and liberals are pretty much the same thing, clueless petty tyrants incapable of independent thought.
          All both groups seem able to do is blindly follow a rule book and viciously attack anyone who disagrees with them, even each other.
          I am not gay or liberal, but that is what I am labeled as when I remind christians that jesus said “love thy neighbor as thyself, and that the bible teaches to obey the law and be subject to the government.
          I am actually more conservative than most here, I believe in obey the establishment clause in the first amendment.

        19. If not for the roman elite liking it, and the resources of the empire to spread it, christianity would be just another forgotten eastern religion, and the world would be a better place.

        20. This is very true, the bible contains wonderful principles on how to run a family, city, nation etc. this does not make it the word of god.
          If biblical principles were followed the world would be much better, but christians always want the other guy to follow them but themselves.

        21. This is laughable. “…Jews wondering in the desert, Jesus Christ, creation… ” listen to yourself, how would you know that this ‘events’ happen without the bible?- Simple. you cannot. Bible archaeology is like searching in the sands of time only to find a broken hourglass.
          Oh, how ironic that Christians try to follow a fictional being in His words “Search for truth.” yet they create questionable, crude, unscientific, retarded, misleading, propagandistic, fabrications such as:the kalam cosmological argument, Egypt deity, The Ebla tablets, Plagues in Exodus, Dead sea scrolls, Cyrus cylinder, Josephus’s works, Khirbet Qeiyafa ostracon, the gospel mask and etc. It’s truly pathetic.
          “..thousands of years of records..” More like a thousand and a half. the bible first existed in 397 C.E. modeled after some tale called the Epistle of Clement in 96 C.E. which later evolved into a measure of controlling in the populace.

        22. Okay, Type-8, are you John Galt’s secretary? If not, buzz off. and let two ADULTS have a conversation.

        23. Can I be an olive garden atheist? In that case. Pass the garlic bread.
          Lets assume I did everything you suggested. I spoke in multiple tongues, huge muscles that I couldn’t move my neck and sell Chester Gould candy merchandise. So, more ladies can suck my Dick.
          Would that make the argument more or less valid? No, that not how it works.
          Our roles in a dispute as representatives is to be clear, say fully about the evidence and follow to our conclusion. everything else is sentimental.
          So, lets focus on the issue: Christianity.
          Both of us agree that there’s no worthy evidence for itself or other religions, but the people are making statements contrary what is found in reality. People who say shit of this nature find themselves in a tight suit, rightfully so. and now feminist learned religious control which got us in this predicament.
          You know what? Ask your priest if there any undeniable proof and he’ll be more silent then fuck-up old Yeller.

        24. actually, believe me, he would not be silent. admittedly he also wouldn’t provide anything that i would call undeniable proof. still, you should try talking to a priest sometime. i imagine you won’t, because like most atheists you don’t seem interested in learning or considering that there may be truths out there beyond what you can immediately perceive, but you should.
          while i don’t believe that there is undeniable evidence to support christianity, there is evidence that strongly suggests there is something there. i’ve been with a fair amount of women, from western atheists/pseudo-buddhists to my current devout catholic wife. across the board, the more the women i’ve been with adhered to christian principles of morality and culture, the more they have been happy and mentally and emotionally stable. the sex-in-the-city/eat-pray-love model that the secular world sells destroys women mentally and emotionally. i don’t know how old you are or what level of success you’ve had with women, but if you’ve only been with typical, broken american women, you can’t imagine how much better it is to be with a loyal, feminine woman in her natural state. it’s almost impossible to find these women in the west now, and sadly they are becoming less common in latin america and eastern europe too, and that’s largely because people are abandoning christianity or drastically watering it down with feminism.

        25. Firstly to address your ignorant claim that the Bible has only existed for 1500 years…
          The Bible is a collection of books – it is not one book. Ignorance fail. A real man would have at least spent some minutes Googling to be sure he does not look foolish. Do you know the names of those books…? They are not all called the Bible.
          Genesis – you know the one that speaks of the creation of it all – does that go back 1500 years…? If you had any understanding of Scripture you would be thoroughly embarrassed by what you have said. Only a pup wet behind the ears would be oblivious to such will full ignorance within himself.
          The Bible is a collection of books penned by some 40 odd authors, at times recording what took place in ancient Babylon (that was a little over 1500 years ago). A man should know his enemies otherwise his meeting them will surely result in defeat… do you think that Jews are only 1500 years old..? Do you think that God was invented by the Catholic church?
          Do you know the first basic things of Judaic-Christian culture and inheritance? The basic timeframe of known and recorded history?
          “how would you know that this ‘events’ happen without the bible?- Simple. you cannot.”
          From a personal encounter with the God of creation.
          But you may want to wonder a little more as to how the Bible has come to us in the form that it has… remember Christ was executed and His followers also. His teachings were outlawed, frowned upon and many attempts to pervert and corrupt His message has been made by people posing as ‘christians’ like the Catholic Church.
          Ask yourself how these enormously powerful organisations failed to suppress the Gospel. You couldn’t achieve any of this if you won the apprentice kid and one day you will be man enough to see what Jesus accomplished – even if you refuse to accept His divinity – is THE most remarkable achievement in all time – shadowing the Hitlers, Stalins, Ghandi’s and MLK’s.
          Go to the ends of the earth and ask if people know the name of Jesus Christ – they will know the entire story.
          “Oh, how ironic that Christians try to follow a fictional being in His words “Search for truth.” yet they create questionable, crude, unscientific, retarded, misleading, propagandistic, fabrications”
          You realise what you just said is,
          a, stupid,
          b, embarrassing,
          c, makes more sense when applied to evolutionary theory.

        26. It’s not that I consider you unworthy of a good Christian woman. You are worthy of all the treasures of Heaven should you so chose. And what I think of you truly means nothing in any event…
          It’s that I do not think that you have a Christian woman.
          And when you call her someone with faith, this jives with the fact that she is with someone who considers himself not a person of faith.
          One of the most difficult things for a Christian is NOT shacking up with unbelievers. This includes people who are not 100% sure of their faith, their Lord and their destiny.
          No Christian can ignore the fact that Jesus was VERY clear about this – and I find it hard to imagine that a person in-dwelt with the spirit of God would not understand in a very clear way why starting a home with someone who is not in-dwelt with the spirit will be a nightmare that should not be undertaken in the name of Christ.
          “Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief”,
          Who was ‘that guy’ you quoted?
          I think you and your girlfriend should get together in Prayer and ask God into your lives and see what happens…

        27. The Romans never spread Christianity. They spread Catholicism.
          Just proves how good a job the powers of evil have done to smear God’s message of Salvation.
          The Catholics do not follow Christ. To suggest that the Pope is God’s representative on Earth is heretical and thoroughly anti-christian.
          This alone confirms the devils work. There is MUCH more.
          I’m not saying Catholics are bad people. I’m saying the very institution is one of Satan’s proudest and most effective works. Islam is not far off either.

        28. Sigh, you’re not worth my time…
          Look, anything you said couldn’t persuade a primitive aborigine. Much less an intellectual. So, you’re wasting everyone’s time on ROK.
          “…at least spent some minutes Googling…” & vise versa, but it not my responsibility to prove your view point, so, if you have anything show us. You got your audience.
          In the mean time; I got science up my sleeve , Evolution, Age of the universe, first law of thermodynamics (which proves that the universe wasn’t-cannot be created) and all of history
          Do humanity a favor: get a vasectomy and Tell your shity pals to stop committing fraud.
          Believe what you want, man. Just do not tell anyone about religion. Let it die peacefully. We’re in a time where Science and reason flourishes and there’s no room for your superstition A.K.A. Christianity.

        29. Bucky, I don’t wish to be rude about your marriage or dating life. Could it be the fact you just found someone that who agreed to the Masculine/Feminine dynamic rather than her devotion to Christianity? Remember back to article on this site (couldn’t find it) that a Christian pastor got divorce by his wife. In which she as liberal as a fucking hippie camp.
          Both of us as skeptics should focus on the realistic things and avoid twat-inducing shit like this.

        30. it’s entirely possible. one thing i noticed with some women in the former USSR was that some of them had a puritanical streak that had nothing to do with christianity and rather seemed to be based in soviet culture. still, in my opinion, you’re going to have a tough time finding a woman who adheres to the traditional masculine/feminine dynamic without a lot of help from religion. an atheist i once chatted with put it this way: “this shit (religion) was invented to keep bitches in line.” i certainly can’t prove that’s not the case.

        31. “Sigh, you’re not worth my time…”
          Then proceed with time consuming lecture.
          Yes this is the way of Beta.
          “We’re in a time where Science and reason flourishes and there’s no room for your superstition A.K.A. Christianity.”
          A time when ‘science’ as you call it, still cannot explain the Cambrian explosion.
          A time when Scientists are still seriously pondering whether it was the egg that came first or the chicken… millions of years ago as life was evolving slowly from a mix of chemicals…
          OK Professor,
          How are humans evolving if Human DNA like all other DNA is actually degrading…? Evolution is after all a THEORY, whilst Mendel’s work on DNA has become pretty solid as we can actually study DNA.
          Why have we found dinosaur remains, that supposedly predate human existence on the planet, but still have not found ANYTHING even closely resembling transitional fossils that would evidence the slow, millions of years process of evolution, Darwin and you other professors tell us took place to create all the species of the planet…?
          Should we not have Billions upon billions upon billions of these remains?
          And just think for one second, what rational the modern and enlightened age of Science can provide, to explain why other animals have not evolved as humans have…?
          Just explain how our ape like ancestors HAD to evolve to survive the Ice Age, but the ape like ancestors of current apes – aka the apes that did not evolve – did not have to evolve but somehow remain today…? Did they just go hide for the entirety of the Ice Age for which there is no proof of either…?
          Just some basic common sense exploration of modern enlightened theories blows them apart. That’s not even going into the scientific and mathematical reasons Evolutionary theory doesn’t hold up.
          It requires more faith to believe that you came from a chemical accident millions of years ago and are essentially no more worthy or different from a high functioning animal than to look around and notice that there is an undeniable design and benign intelligence responsible for our mind blowing world and universe. It takes faith to think that 100 monkeys locked away with a load of chemicals, if given enough time, would create the entire universe all over again through random chance. It takes even more faith when scientists are telling you all this happened millions of years ago when there were no humans to witness it all. What proof is there – thats a serious question you will struggle to answer.
          But such is the opinion man holds of himself these days.
          ” but it not myresponsibility to prove your view point”
          No it’s down to your own sense of dignity and integrity to make an argument from a place you actually have some informing of if you are going to make one at all.
          When you make an argument (represent yourself) about something you know nothing about when all you needed to do was go and Google search for 2 minutes, you make it clear that you have no regard for your own reputation or standing.
          This is why you are Beta. Real men don’t put their name to something they actually have no information on because they look stupid.
          Even millenial Beta’s usually Google search before they attempt an argument. Nice attempt at slipping out of the humiliation of defeat at the hands of a superior male.
          Interesting that you state the first law of thermodynamics as proof the universe could not have been created.
          Firstly, understand that the SECOND law of thermodynamics disproves the first thing up your sleeve – evolution.
          Secondly, the first law of thermodynamics states that energy is not created rather it is transferred WITHIN A CLOSED SYSTEM. If you believe in the God of the Bible, then we are not in a closed system. Ignorance fail number two.
          “which proves that the universe wasn’t-cannot be created”
          It’s statements like this that betray your utter obliviousness to basic common sense. You’re saying that Science can prove that existence simply always was… because of the first law of thermodynamics…
          This is staggering in it’s stupidity and blind faith placed in science. Wow. Scary.

        32. Calling someone stupid to the point they are impossible to insult suggests that being stupid is not an insult to you?
          Have you no response with even a fraction of the whit mine had?
          women like sharp minded men budding Alpha… and you have a chance to practice on me now…

        33. The Word of God is not what you think it is.
          The Word of God, or, the Logos, is the very nature of reality at it’s highest and most perfect.
          In the beginning there was the word.
          And the Word was with God and the Word was God.
          The word of God is not simply word written about God.
          It’s much deeper than that.

        34. “… and you have a chance to practice on me now…”
          That’s gay as fuck, man….
          Your place or mine?

        35. Isn’t it a bit torturous to let someone become submissive to avert condemnation of afterlife which we both know that it’s not exist…And why would I want to settle when I can just pump and dump?
          Here is a tangential question. If your priest or/and wife wanted to evangelize would you rationalize with them to take a u-turn? and ask them why christianity is better than any other religion. if they respond anything like this. know that there are a multitude of sites to debunk these claims.

        36. The Romans didn’t spread Christianity – they spread Catholicism which was the Roman state religion.
          The Jews and the Romans will never know how much they did to bring the Gospel to the world – unintentionally.
          They thought they were defeating a mad man and a loser. they thought they were exercising their great power.
          Through their own wickedness and stupidity, they worked with God to achieve the greatest victory of all time ever. And they had no idea they were doing it. God used the devil’s nature against the him and to save the world.
          Jesus conquered the world by being spat on, beaten, crucified and disdained. THIS WAS GOD.
          Think abut what that says about our reality and our world and the true place we come from and are destined for.
          It truly is Good News that God wins with this strategy and that He has shown us that we can too.

        37. “Just explain how our ape like ancestors HAD to evolve to survive the Ice Age, but the ape like ancestors of current apes – aka the apes that did not evolve – did not have to evolve but somehow remain today…? ”
          Even a idiotic Christian who studied in biology can this: Natural selection, different environments favor different genes and depletes harmful/useless ones. No rational person would expect to find something alive like naked mole-rat in the Antarctic. Here an case:” Even millenial Beta’s usually Google search before they attempt an argument. Nice attempt at slipping out of the humiliation of defeat at the hands of a superior male.” if you disagree with natural selection you would’ve never have said this.
          “Why have we found dinosaur remains, that supposedly predate human existence on the planet, but still have not found ANYTHING even closely resembling transitional fossils that would evidence the slow, millions of years process of evolution, Darwin and you other professors tell us took place to create all the species of the planet…?” “Human DNA like all other DNA is actually degrading” ^–This is bullshit.
          The second law thermodynamics is necessary for life for example metabolisms needs it to creatures organs functioning. Plus we know from chemistry certain temperatures is needed to form chemical bonds which is also how proteins made in Primal soup. Apparently, you haven’t past that stage.
          It time for you to put down theStephen C meyer books and let intellectuals do science.
          If you fully believe your barbaric cult then go over to the comments on Is Atheism Good and answer them all. I’ve yet to be unmatched.

        38. “Even a idiotic Christian who studied in biology can this: Natural selection, different environments favor different genes and depletes harmful/useless ones. No rational person would expect to find something alive like naked mole-rat in the Antarctic. ”
          What does that have to do with anything – I appreciate that the knowledge and wisdom I have put before causes some frustration for you, but you have just repeated the tirade of abuse followed by HILARIOUS babble passed off as the logic so crucial to the Scientific process that I continue to encounter expecting solid arguments. Even an idiotic Atheist can take one look around at the fat feminist women, and the timid, shrunken dick men to know that natural selection has had little to do with human development.
          “different environments favour different genes”
          So what was the different environment that some of these apes’ were subjected to during the ICE AGE that covered the entire planet and lasted for thousands of years… allegedly? Theory thrown out.
          “if you disagree with natural selection you would’ve never have said this.”
          If you read my post managed to contain your but hurt rage you would have realised that no, I do not believe in natural selection as a significant influence on today’s human beings. One look at your fellow man and women will tell you this. The fat feminist self destructive women, the timid shrunken penis men, the religion that promotes incest… clearly natural selection has been at play for millions of years….
          It may be news to you that the concept of a superior specimen is not limited or reserved to the area of natural selection. You have a 2D brain function – this also supports my suspicion’s towards the natural selection theory.
          “”Why have we found dinosaur remains, that supposedly predate human existence on the planet, but still have not found ANYTHING even closely resembling transitional fossils that would evidence the slow, millions of years process of evolution, Darwin and you other professors tell us took place to create all the species of the planet…?” “Human DNA like all other DNA is actually degrading” ^–This is bullshit.”
          “This is Bullshit.” Wow if only I had seen the power of this argument I would have used it first.
          A simple Google search and links to the images of the transitional fossils would have sufficed. I know you seeked. I know you could not find. I know you couldn’t understand. I know you rationalised to protect your ego and sense of self mastery. Ask God He has the answers where men fail.
          “The second law thermodynamics is necessary for life for example metabolisms needs it to creatures organs functioning. Plus we know from chemistry certain temperatures is needed to form chemical bonds which is also how proteins made in Primal soup. Apparently, you haven’t past that stage.”
          It seems you didn’t even Google the second Law of Thermodynamics. How millennial.
          “It time for you to put down theStephen C meyer books and let intellectuals do science.”
          It’s time for you to stop with the potty mouth and start arguing like a Scientist… oh wait that’s what ‘scientists’ do…
          “If you fully believe your barbaric cult then go over to the comments on Is Atheism Good and answer them all. I’ve yet to be unmatched.”
          I’ll see you there soon. Have a Bible at hand.
          And have a support group near by. This is going to rock you to the centre of your being.

        39. It been almost half a day and you’ve yet to reply against any my other comments. I guess, I’ll get the crown for I am the better man between the two of us.

        40. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
          Any transitional fossil’s yet?
          Or does Darwin’s theory still require a stretchy imagination?

        41. Here’s the issue, one has to understand about the evolutionary tree before grasping transitional fossils. Organisms slowly evolve as a different species into (if successfully) a different genus, or even later perhaps a different class altogether.
          So, a “transitional fossil”or link is virtually every creature in existence. There’s a diagram at the bottom for a better demonstration.
          But lets say you want to see apparent “transitional fossils”. Archaeopteryx is a good case, mammal-like dinosaurs are another,Tiktaalik is great too and the Ambulocetus.
          I answered your questions, but why not any of mine in the other article? Can you prove the God exist, is there any proof for the bible, why Christianity and why do you believe it?
          Because you can’t.

        42. Use your common sense.
          Evolution takes millions of years.
          Darwin’s theory for the origin of the species states that all life forms trace back to a single life form.
          Your own words,
          “Organisms slowly evolve as a different species into (if successfully) a different genus, or even later perhaps a different class altogether.
          Were this the case, we would see millions if not billions of transitional fossils that show every single step of the evolution of each individual species, with maybe hundreds if not thousands of generations of that species with only the beginnings and incomplete, new, recently ‘evolved’ characteristics for every single stage of ‘evolution – a fish with the beginnings of one leg as a stump with absolutely no point and in complete hindrance to BOTH the original environment and the ‘new’ changing environment it is ‘evolving’ for. This would be found over many generations, all over the planet all throughout time.
          Here’s the issue,
          Why have you linked a computer generated image to support your argument?
          Are there no actual fossils dude? Have you contemplated this in your scientific and rational mind?
          Now answer me – why are you putting forth a computer generated image?
          I have proof that God exists – it’s a computer generated image does that bother you?
          “So, a “transitional fossil”or link is virtually every creature in existence. There’s a diagram at the bottom for a better demonstration.”
          So despite the millions of years of evolution between one species and the other we still only find the fossils of the one or the other – never anything in between? Did God sweep these specific fossils (which of course exist in abundance which is why I can show you Dinosaur bones but you show me a computer generated diagram professor Evidencia Maximus) under the rug so we wouldn’t believe all you logical, rational-scientific-empirical-phd masterminds?
          Tiktaalik has a POSSIBILITY of being a representative of the evolutionary transition from fish to amphibians – Wikipedia
          Yes there is a possibility that this dried tobacco leaf you have been told is a dinosaur is proof of evolution. There is just no proof of any evolution with this example is there Scorpio?
          In the same way as a book found in a cave in Israel has POSSIBLY been written by God.
          It’s also possible that followers of the cult of science will desperately grab at anything they can, and build their theories on the basis of VERY weak possibilities and circumstantial non-evidence all in the name of Scientific discovery of Scientific Truth. These guys should spend more time investigating 9/11 and less time trying to rationalise every piece of evidence that does not fit the preconceived theories that motivate their work in the first place.
          “I answered your questions,”
          No you did not. Computer generated image. Need I say more.
          “but why not any of mine in the other article?”
          I can see you’re shaken by what I have put to you.
          At what point will you believe me rather than yourself? Ask God if you are incapable of viewing the evidence objectively – you have been charmed by the religion of science – Darwin’s theory takes a LOT of faith and reduces you to a high functioning animal – the Illuminati are rolling in the isles at how dumb the Goy are to not only believe this shit, but to actively compete with each other to prove who is the fittest animal.
          I am under no obligations to trawl through your posts – had you given me something enticing I might, because unlike most scientists, I follow the evidence to wherever it leads because the Truth matters to me.
          “Can you prove the God exist”
          Ask Him.
          A thousand years ago could anyone prove that radio waves existed?
          But they did exist right?
          The atmosphere?
          Was the world flat until someone discovered it was a sphere?
          How scientific is it to assume that because YOU see no evidence for something at this point in time, it’s safe to assume it doesn’t exist? Atheist are doomed to fail on this hypocrisy and basic misunderstanding of ‘science’ alone. as a scientist you are exploring, recording and testing the natural world and NOT coming to any conclusions based upon an entirely incomplete body of research – this has been shown over and over again but each year there are now more ‘scientists’ attempting to now prove not what is real and true, but that science is superior.
          What Moron’s.
          You are a religious person, with a laughably misplaced faith in insanity posing as science. This ‘faith’ will keep you blind and I think you are beginning to see this for yourself. Fine, you come from monkeys, your loss not mine.
          Just keep trusting the men in white coats, they never do any harm and only ever speak the truth… how much fluoride medicine have you been taking?
          “Can you prove the God exist, is there any proof for the bible, why Christianity and why do you believe it?”
          What really matters is that YOU prove God exists. I have proven God exists – I simply asked Him and He answered.
          Is there is any ‘proof for the Bible’?
          Well yes it certainly exists otherwise how would you demand proof of it’s existence?
          “Because you can’t.”
          No, the millions and billions of people throughout time on this planet have all just been madmen, liars, fools and self destructive. The temples built were just for fun. The empires were all for nothing.
          The sacrifices made, the torture endured – all because nobody actually believed in the God they were preaching.
          The Bible was written by a Z list celebrity trying to get some youtube exposure and then sell a book.
          Saul of Tarsus was killing Christian’s but then decided not to because it was easier for him regarding the authorities of Rome not to persecute Christians.
          I think if you actually read the Bible with a rational mind you would be quite amazed.
          Computer generated images are still doing the rounds amongst evolutionist’s…
          Well I never thought grown men would be so stupid shame on me.

    1. I see you’re still getting replies for the deleted post. Damn, what’s the percentage of libtards on that site? A couple of moustache fag manginas are saying ”put him on a watch list. It’s that advanced athiest misogynist troll again” and ”digitally track the guy down”. Take a typical ROK post that spits a little man-o-game pointing how old church bitches rejected ugly guys by playing the (God forbids it) abstinence card and the WN’s try to hang you so as to win brownie points with the ho bags on there. That site must be wall to wall pink and purple shag. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy here on ROK where you can safely finish a truthful sentence.
      People reveal a lot more online than in real face to face contact, especially anonymous posters who break out with their true inner nature and intentions almost like they’re talking to God or like they have an illusion of privacy. If only you had the ‘special sunglasses’ to see the folks around you in the openness that they present themselves online, you could see right through the turncoat pussy and the backstabbing friends and relatives that are mangina betrayers. I bet the great beast motherboard whore computer has everyone’s most inner mind digitally crunched by now into a faux xerox like animated copy of every personna alive that interfaces with the monster bitch.

    2. Hemant Mehta was born to Jain parents and grew up in Jain culture. Jainism is an atheistic religion, yet he still felt the need to disassociate from it. My opinion is that he should be spreading Jainism like a missionary in the West because it is a philosophy with solid morals and reasoning that can provide succour to the suffering western masses

  10. True Christian faith is not an inherited genetic trait. Christian’s are mentored not birthed and to remain one is choice that is made daily. Matthew 13:24 speaks to this issue that is ever prevalent to the human conditon no matter race, creed or policy. This group would be stronger if they held the young accountable and did something that is difficult to do and “cull the heard.”

    1. That’s the idea so hard to accept. Christians are mentored not birthed. Its a deliberate daily choice. Our nation is sadly, not christian, and maybe that’s fine, but this effort made to divorce it from ANY semblance of agreement with the Christian Faith and Beliefs is a disaster.
      Obama inviting Gay activists to meet with the Pope, we disowning God etc
      Whatever we do, however strong we believe we’ve become, we must never forget

        1. And finally a True Disciple shows up… praise god in the name of Jesus Christ!
          Brother, I’m worried for this unbeliever who is glad of his ‘genuinely’ Christian wife (and indigenous latina whatever that means… I suppose she was born in latin…huh?)…
          She has married an unbeliever… he posts as Bucky below.
          Bucky thinks she is a disciple of Christ… who has married an unbeliever…
          I have posted to warn him of this…

    2. Amen on that. These old fucks, parents or not need to be held to the extremes of accountability for failing to produce in their children any semblance of decency and fortitude. Any group identity which set them aside from the world.
      They are absolute failures in their lives and failures in their weak ass faith. They need to be mocked, scorned, beaten even. One need only look at their fucking wastes of children to see my words are correct. Fuck these old assholes. They are dying and what genetic legacy they have left is some blue haired tranny freaks who will never reproduce. They deserve to die right this fucking instant and go straight to hottest, blackest pits of hell and fucking roast there for eternity.
      I fucking hate fake ass “religious” American fuck tards more than anything. They are part of the cultMarx death cult and yes these inferior genetic specimens need to absolutely be culled from the herd.

        1. It’s a diff guy at CH. I rarely post there. Too hard to reply to certain comments and then the mod shit.

  11. You can still find the odd “good” woman, but man you have to search far and wide. Relying on old institutions such as the church are worthless in the modern age. Most so called religious women think lying back in missionary position getting plowed by a lineup of guys counts as attending church.
    The biggest indicator if a woman is going to have any long term viability is her family background. IF her parents are still together and her Dad is an Alpha then you might, and I stress might, have a real chance of a successful LTR.

    1. Interesting thought. I can only think of one girl at the moment who has a well adjusted family. I’m not sure the dad is Alpha though. And she’s in late 20s already. That’s how bad the family has been destroyed in America.

      1. I find most broken women come from broken homes. The few good and decent ones out there come from homes where the parents are still together and the dad is more or less still an Alpha. This is becoming a rarity though.

  12. I like to tell God hating, bigoted atheists that tell me I am “on the wrong side of history” that I would rather be on that wrong side then on the wrong side of eternity.

    1. In other words, you have selfish beliefs about god. A logically possible god doesn’t have to arrange its creation for your convenience. He could have created human life without meaning, purpose, moral guidance, an afterlife or a guarantee of ultimate justice. You just project these wishes onto your idea of god like a child’s letter to Santa Claus.

        1. I don’t understand why Christians fear hell so much. If you go there, won’t you know for sure that your existence has meaning and purpose after all as part of god’s plan? You make that sound like a bad thing.

        2. Again, are you drunk and/or high? You make no sense. Do you even know what anything about Christianity or do you just like to spout random things you read off of a bigoted atheist website? Perhaps you are also just a troll.

        3. I used to be a nihilist, uncaring, unmoved by human struggle, not understanding that it was the struggle itself which propels us forward. I had a lot of otherworldly experiences in the wilderness and in violent areas, just things that made me question everything. I certainly believe in God, but I can understand why someone wouldn’t. We were made by God, but it isn’t just as simple as the good book says, there is unimaginable complex sciences and physics involved in the creation of life, one that humans are only beginning to scratch. There are also other higher mysteries that most humans should never have stumbled upon. You can make any kind of logical argument you want, but most atheists know God exists, they just struggle understanding what it is that creates purpose or meaning in life, and some choose simple things like hedonism, or self-convenience, which many religious people do too. There is only a difference in the end if you gear your life towards a purpose that you create and find meaningful.

        4. If the complexity of life on Earth is just merely the state of nature, the way things in our universe just happen, then why is it we can’t find any other example of it happening elsewhere? Our situation would not be as unique as it seems to be if it things just happened the way it does on this ball of dirt. When I pose this question to atheists they have no idea how to answer. Maybe God is some highly advanced alien race who once visited Earth, but you simply cannot deny that our existence is based on some sort of intelligent design.

        5. Have you even read the Bible?
          Because my experience has been when it comes down to it, the misunderstanding between atheists and Christians stems from atheists refusal to read the Holy book of the religion/theory/philosophy they are out to defeat…
          So usually are unable to respond their ‘adversaries’.
          See Born Again Christians have been on both sides of the argument and know atheism well, but that is rarely the case for atheists now is it?

        6. Hey dude I’m interested to know if you acknowledge Jesus Christ as God?
          Serious question, no trolling or preaching – you just mentioned God with no particular name.
          What you have said is very interesting.

        7. Because banging Bibles is generally a rough affair – they, unlike human females, have no orifice designed for penetrative sex or sex in any event.

        8. It is nice to see that jesus has entrusted you to keep the lambs book of life.
          I like to rant on christians quite a bit here, and the one like you are why.
          enjoy the hellfire yourself.

        9. A serious question Sir.
          How can born again christians be on both sides, unless they are former atheists ?
          How can they know atheism well with experiencing it or at least making a serious study of it ?

        10. Yes, I have come to accept that Jesus was of the same nature of God, for I have seen strange things happen in his name, shadows disappear, fear dissipate, not really sure how it all works, but Jesus must certainly be special. However, all of this runs deeper than you and I can fathom. The spiritual plane is a physical place, just not in the same sense of physics and laws that we have here. It’s all energy. God, or the creator/designer, is the source of all of this energy. There are many things I am unsure of in this life, but the idea that all things beyond human comprehension are ineffective enough to be rationalized is foolish, we are only humans, and no amount of science or technology will ever make us gods. There will always be things we will not understand, because we are not of their nature.

        11. You are correct in that man is limited in his understanding of God his father, creator and sustainer…
          But thats why God manifested as Jesus Christ – so that man might know God in the most natural and intimate way there is to man. As a brother, a father and a friend – whom we know was familiar with the human experience. For this reason, when you think about it, Jesus humanity was as if not more important than His divinity… His shit stunk and that can help us get off our ego high horse and back in line with God’s thinking… because He has lived and died as man…
          There is thousands of years of prophecy preceding Jesus and the evidence of what happened during His lifetime is overwhelming when you approach it with a clear and ‘un-westernised mind’.
          You sound like you have a good grasp of some of these concepts, I must say a am relieved and surprised.
          But not being born again in Jesus Christ and just hanging around the fringes of a Christian like philosophy is a dangerous place to be…
          I do not say that to be offensive or rude – you sound like your on the verge of learning the biggest secret nobody ever kept from you…
          But you have to invite Jesus Christ in and give Him authority over your life…

        12. “How can born again christians be on both sides, unless they are former “atheists ?
          Many Born Again Christians are former atheists. In fact, there are many testimonies from people who set out to disprove the Bible and ended up Born Again. Especially when they attempted to attack the Bible from a scientific perspective… when done seriously in the name of truth as is the only way to do science, this opens peoples eyes up big time!
          I personally was what I would describe as an atheist for twenty nine and a half years of my life. After praying to God in the middle of a very hard time, I witnessed God answer the next day and shortly after that, I come to understand the truth of Jesus Christ. I was very reluctant. Christians to me seemed like dawks of the highest order and seriously repressed. But suddenly I understood what repentance truly is, what sin truly is and what God truly is.
          I had built a career as a Health professional based off of Darwinian principles and methods of interaction with the human body.
          Sorry I’m not trying to preach I’m just giving a genuine if brief account of my personal reason for following Christ – which is a miraculous and amazing experience with God. And many following that…
          The more scientific and logical understanding came later for me.
          “How can they know atheism well with experiencing it or at least making a serious study of it ?”
          As mentioned above, many Born Again Christians have ‘experienced’ atheism for much of their lives. I did.
          Many people who are neither Atheists nor Believers, study the arguments of atheism and they just do not add up.
          Atheists can not prove that God does not exist, they can only argue that there is no rational reason to believe a God exists. This is a very shaky position that is almost impossible to define in my opinion.
          Faith exists outside of rationality – this is the beauty and the power. It is liberating to have faith in something or someone.
          But a concept atheists find hard to grasp. They are looking for a sure bet. But to demand this from faith is idiotic.
          To understand the value of faith in a tiny way I present this scenario,
          You know that your children will live a life of war torn brutality, fear and danger.
          You do not know what will happen when you all die.
          If you give them faith in God, will their lives on earth (the only thing you know they have for sure), however short they may be, be better if they live in faith or if they have no faith?
          Faith itself makes life better – and I know this sounds like I’m saying ignorance is bliss but that is not what is being said.
          What is true though, is that faith in anyone or anything other than Jesus Christ, can always let you down and fail you…
          It’s this faith that people place in all manner of places – in order to give life meaning and purpose – and the inevitable let down and disappointment that will follow,
          That lead many to turning finally to God and saying OK, none of my ways have worked, if your real, save me.
          When done when one has come to the end of themselves, this produces all the answers a person could possibly want.
          Few rich men and kings will see the Kingdom of Heaven.

        13. You are verifying something that I have wondered, but in what denomination? What is the correct path to accept Jesus Christ? Whether by dark forces or just stupid human nature, Christians have sectioned themselves into so many fragmented groups that continue to bend to the will of evil politics. Does the fact that God had saved me from death numerous times, one time miraculously, have nothing to do with me being in line with Christ as a follower and a believer?
          I look at like a finality, although I shouldn’t. Do you mean that if I do not literally do the bath water baptizing now that my soul is in a questionable nature? This I wonder.. I already accept Jesus as the only savior to mankind, but my thoughts are not the same as the simple Christian Man, I know too much about this world, about humans, about what is to come, that I cannot just sit idly by and watch it happen knowing that I’m saved. I have to make a difference somehow.

        14. Being saved by Jesus has nothing to do with a water baptism in my opinion.
          John the Bapstist (whom Jesus Himself told us there are none greater than John amongst humans) told his followers that one comes mightier than me (John the Baptist). I baptise with water, but He will baptise with the spirit.
          The word baptise comes from the Greek word that actually means immersion. When John the Baptist said I baptise with water, he was saying I immerse with water. The word baptism itself actually has nothing to do with water by default.
          So when Jesus baptises with the spirit as John told his followers, He is immersing in the Holy Spirit of God. This is what saves someone – a bit more impressive and meaningful than water!
          This is a very commonly misunderstood doctrine by SO many Christians – even true born again followers of Christ. I understand the confusion you have no doubt.
          Something in your heart is telling you “WTF does it matter to the God of creation that I do or do not plunge myself into water”.
          I say trust that voice as I believe strongly there is no biblical basis for water baptism/immersion. It does no harm and is not wrong, but we are saved and spiritually birthed by the Grace and love of Jesus Christ – not by any man made ‘work’ such as fasting, being baptised or resting on a particular day of the week.
          I myself have not been baptised and the more I study and walk with God, the less I feel the need to.
          Regarding denominations…
          This is a really complex area.
          True Christians are not surprised by the miraculous and the supernatural. We do after all believe in Genesis. And follow a God who came as a man who was killed and raised from the dead after 3 days.
          This is because for many true disciples of Christ, they themselves have witnessed the Miraculous power of God in their own lives and can from then on accept that God does not follow the rules and limits of the earth and man.
          For this reason, the more ‘aggressive’ and evangelical churches I feel are a safe bet.
          Anyone willing to get passionate about Christ, and put their social standing on the line by preaching to someone they do not know or by praying aloud with someone in the hopes that person will be healed of cancer, is probably a safe bet. This is balls on the line faith.
          I am relieved when churches talk of preparing new believers to preach the gospel and perform signs and wonders as God did. This tells me that church is familiar with God’s works and are pursuing the things of heaven on this earth.
          true christians pray to heal people, get wild when swept up by the spirit of God – to the point an observer might be embarrassed for them.
          Avoid the Catholic Church, Seventh Day adventists and Mormons.
          Trust what Jesus has said and demonstrated in the Gospel’s of Mark, Mathew, Luke and john.
          St Paul openly seems to contradict Christ sometimes so I am suspicious of his contributions… my mind is not made up yet about the books outside of these first four accounts of Jesus.
          remember, Paul was really no different than any other Born Again believer.
          I think God wants you and you hear His call Stack – I really do.
          You have to make a free choice to surrender your life to Jesus and let go of your own ideas, ambitions and way. Having faith that God will only produce in you the greatest possible produce, you must gently release authority over your life to God and trust Him.
          ou must pray to God and tell Him you are ready.
          To do this, I find people must be in a bad place unfortunately…
          when things are well, we do not turn to God to sort them out…
          God Bless you young brother, God is real, His name is Jesus Christ and i feel safe in saying that the quiet but consistent voices in your heart can be followed.

      1. So why do you give a fuck, anyway? You some kind of humanitarian with a self-assigned mission to save Believers from themselves?
        Go choke on your BFF’s cock.

      2. “He could have created human life without meaning, purpose, moral guidance, an afterlife or a guarantee of ultimate justice.”
        Could have’s really have no place in an adult male debate.
        Where do we stop with the could have’s?

    2. I like to tell them that I too was once an atheist and spouted Darwin’s Theory like they do without actually understanding how ludicrous it is like they don’t.
      But then I learned something they haven’t yet and may never.
      Thats why I’m a Christian. Because I know more than atheist’s and I know better than atheist’s. I have been open minded and rational enough to humble my former atheist opinions in light of the truth.
      Many atheists are stunned by Gods Grace and their lives are changed eternally.
      Doesn’t work the other way around though.

    3. I like to tell all the hate filled bigoted christians that the bible teaches about the judgement seat of christ where you will explain the blood on your hands, the blood of those you drove away from the gospel by hypocrisy and hate.
      Remember. the bible teaches that we will be judged by the same measure we use to judge others.
      go ahead, cry, lord lord, I persecuted gays and atheists in your name, I preached hate and bigotry in your name, I set myself up as a judge in your name, and so on.
      The bible says that jesus will say he never knew you.

  13. I take it this was a Mennonite retreat?? If so holy motherfucking shit.
    Dear God please destroy this fucking country and every millennial eat each other.
    What a vile and thoroughly condemning description of the newest crop of death cult fucktards praising their incoming destruction. That Mennonite picture….what disgusting filth!!
    I was thinking of attending a baptist singles group in my area to see what gullible quasi spiritual girls I could pull in with the idea of reforming the bad boy but honestly I don’t even know if I have the stomach to see some of this shit without flipping out in an ultra violent rage on these fucking shit stains of lifeforms.
    You say the elders may have something to teach? Well what the fuck would that be? Look at their goddamn grand children! Fucking imbeciles!! And these old fucks bury their head in the sand and sing some songs while their daughters fuck boys off tinder and the boys talk about their fucking preferred goddamn gender pronouns.
    Fuck all these assholes and to hell with them where they fucking belong. The time for peace is long gone. You want change??
    Them time to start grabbing throats and beating fucking skulls in. Fuck these fairies and FUCK THIS GAY EARTH.

  14. I don’t know if anyone has come up with this yet: MRINLT = “My religion isn’t like that!” You could substitute “faith” or “church” for “religion.”

  15. Thanks for the field report on your trip.
    “And while it was refreshing to be around strangers who would smile at you, and women who were never sarcastic or condescending, it’s nothing you can’t find on any street in South America”
    Unless you go to Argentina where its Mousey Cunt-Face Central.
    But yeah the church is no longer a haven. Many institutions of religion are bending their rules for their own corporate self interests; they simply want to keep their membership strong and growing. That’s why some fag can show up to one of these retreats and talk about things like why his boyfriend does not give him ass to mouth and nobody flinches.
    When religious organizations are contaminated, truly that means everything is DONE.

    1. The church is where the resistance hear a radio transmission from the leader of the resistance an armed camp equipped for spiritual conflict not a place of safety.

  16. It is amazing how much this country has changed. The 1990’s are far gone. The 80’s really are another era.

    1. When historians look back and write the history of the 20th century I think they are going to view the 50’s and 80’s as golden ages. The 50’s era bled into the early 60’s and the 80’s really lasted until about 1992. But, I remember the 80’s and there was something special about that decade. And that is not just nostalgia. The 80’s had something that just the 90’s didn’t have. We knew America was going to win the cold war. Men could still be men. Business was booming. You felt proud to be an American. That feeling was lost when PC set in around 1990 and Clinton got elected. The 90’s were just a lot of partisan bickering and social stagnation. Yeah we managed to reclaim the cities in most of America during that time, but the price we paid for that was pretty high. I don’t see us having another decade like the 80’s any time soon unless something drastic changes soon though.

      1. I think that thing the 80’s had that is so hard to put your finger on was Toto – Africa. When men were men…
        Ah the good ‘ol days lol.

    2. “The 80’s really are another era.”
      Great times. You still had alot of WWII and Korean War vets around and Reagan was the POTUS. I’ll probably never live to see something like them again. I had an old friend who told me growing up in the 50’s was a golden time in the US. You had President Eisenhower, former Allied Supreme Commander, running the county and America was a force not to be messed with.

      1. MY dad used to tell me, when he was overseas, it was widely known to mess with an American for any reason was to risk war with America. Our men (and women) were safe because Uncle Sam was looking out for us, everywhere. And frankly, few of the world’s people were not our friends at that magical time.

        1. Was it Uncle Sam who wiped out the Native American cultures?
          Or was he the one who went over to West Africa and started that whole episode…?
          Do you know, my memory isn’t what it used to be…

        2. Native Americans were wiped out by smallpox, but nice try with the “shaming”. I love the “Dancing with the Wolves” historionics– Shows you didn’t bother to read up on the different tribes and their own history.

        3. If you read my post again you will see that I said ‘Native American cultures’.
          As in, replacing those cultures with Christianity for example.
          The Europeans, when they came en mass in what would lead to the establishment of the US, began wiping out the Native American cultures – thats why you don’t see many today in the US, even on the reserves. Not the PEOPLE as you have wrongly assumed I was implying (even though I used the word cultures). The ‘people’ as they exist today, do not exist that way because the European migration had nothing to do with it you fool. They live on RESERVE’S you twat how can you eradicate the European influence on this fact? Yes there was some mixing – as this would have made the true American’s immune within one generation and did in many cases – which would undermine your crap about smallpox wiping out an entire continent of people who were diverse in genetics and immunity.
          I’m well aware of the nuances of Native American history before major contact with Europeans and the problems our understanding of genetics present to your ‘we did nothing wrong’ remembering of things.

        4. And it would only be shaming if I felt it was shameful. You obviously do…
          Fail on the SJW label you tried to apply to me.
          Stop being a follow fashion. Be a man.

    3. The 80s were wonderful – as close as we ever got to a second go at the 50s, according to my own father. The country was White and decent and despite Watergate, most people believed we Americans had it good because we were good.
      I can judge that because I was a frat boy in the 80s and did my best to screw up my life but learned a lot of what passes here as game.
      I look around now and wonder how my boys will survive with their souls intact. Now I’m even straighter than my father and he was about as straight-laced as a former U.S. Navy Man can get.

      1. “The 80s were wonderful”
        Repent from your Homosexual sins and ask jesus for forgiveness.

        1. Repent from your sin of pride, judge not lest ye be judged.
          Ask your neighbor for forgiveness, you pharisee.

        2. I like the response but I was just joking with you and taking advantage of your ‘moment of campness’.
          Which used to be punishable by death… ha.

  17. I’m glade ive been able to hang out with men much older than me, I noticed that even men my fathers age. I’m 26 and he’s 63, act very emasculated. I’ve had to get up to the 70’s and 80’s were i get consistent, sure fitted, man-talk.

  18. Nice fucking article. Not what I expected. I can’t believe that things have changed so much in the last 10-12 years when I was in church camp every summer and in youth group. Too bad people are fucking idiots through and through and it’s hard to explain their own stupidity to them.

  19. The old world – including traditional religion – is passing away. There has never been an experiment like the mass indoctrination of electronic media which has meant that everyone born 1945 has had their minds shaped by executives in NY and LA more than by their parents and community. There is no old order anymore, just a hollow new one which will pass in turn when it is gutted by fire.

    1. and that as opposite to indoctrination by the church – which “experiment” lasted for centuries?

      1. That was part of the culture and organic, christianity became part of Europe and stopped being a middle eastern semitic cult like judaism and Islam. Persons like you are just manifestations of the disease the West has.

        1. I think we Europeans should have held on to our own indigenous religions and developed them further rather than convert to Christianity.

        2. There was nothing to develop. The religions of the Mediterranean were so decadent they tolerated the presence of Middle Eastern agan religions and were on their to becoming the Hinduism of the West, a synchretism-based cult where everything is valid and nothing is. the Nordic Etho prevented the people of the North from having anything besides thatched barns. Those peoples couldn´t defeat Rome until the Roman System collapsed. Should Europeans have followed your advice, Islam would be the predominant religion in Europe by now.

        3. “The religions of the Mediterranean were so decadent”… that they gave rise to Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and the great philosophical culture of Greece.
          “Hinduism of the West, a synchretism-based cult where everything is valid and nothing is.”
          That’s not Hinduism.
          ” Should Europeans have followed your advice”… they wouldn’t have to invent “neo-paganism” they could be practicing the real thing. They wouldn’t have had to convert to Buddhism to wed reason with transcendence and I might not have had to convert to Shaiva Siddhanta to experience devotion based on philosophical depth.
          Anyway whats done is done. Christianity is over in the West anyway and Buddhism is the fasting growing religion.

        4. Reading comprehension is not your forte. When Christianity arrived, the middle Eastern cults of Isis, Baal and co were rampant in the Roman Empire. Any religion was accepted as long as the Emperor remained the major figure of veneration. Had the Roman and Greek religions been strong, that wouldn’t have happened. Large portions of the populace were looking for something that was not offered by any religion known to them at the time. The pagan religion of the time of Aristoteles, Plato and Socrates was very different from what was practiced in the late Empire before its conversion to Christianity. An atheist good read about this can be found in the writings of Rodney Stark in Amazon.
          Budhism, a religion without reasoning and a godless faith, where humans are damned to reeincarnate forever in this world since they are unable to remember the lessons learned in previous iterations and where the civilizations spawned by it have never gone beyond the late Middle Ages without the Western influence. What a good bet. If anything, wicca is the number one religion in growth in your beloved America, alongside with Islam not good prospects, but unlike you, I don´t believe history is linear. If anything, the growth of a retrograde religion like budhism (whose weltanschauung was unable to produce scientific thought) is a mark of the Western moribund societies, a religion for slutty women looking for some excuse to put on yoga pants and men with no heritage to live by and no legacy to bequeath to their descendants…
          By the way reeincarnation was recognized by Aristoteles for the BS it is.

        5. ” If anything, wicca is the number one religion in
          growth in your beloved America”
          Nope, its Buddhism.
          ” a religion for men with no heritage to live by and no legacy to
          bequeath to their descendants…”
          Uh yeah, that was my original point.

        6. “Was in reference to those Westerners that have rejected their roots”
          Precisely my original point in my original comment! 🙂

      2. can’t step in the same river twice…each era of history is new. Christianity is over, the new era is young and headed to unknown territory. That doesn’t mean I’m optimistic. Just that you need to understand that we are experiencing a fundamental disjunction, not a brief detour which can be “corrected”.

  20. “…Jesus welcomed whores and thieves alike, and did not judge them.”
    False, Jesus judges all of us. Far worst then we could towards whores and thieves. However, He knows all our potential and allows forgiveness for our crimes, but only in/after repentance.

        1. Upon reflection, I may be expecting you to be a mind reader, my bad.
          Jesus still “judged” the woman caught in adultery after saving her life. To paraphrase and amplify the Gospel of John, “You screwed around on your husband. That was wrong, but you’re going to avoid being tortured to death for it. The public shame you’ve suffered today is going to be the extent of your punishment. Now internalize it, and don’t do it again.”

        2. God’s judgement is not the same as mans.
          It’s more like a natural law that simply cannot be defied.
          When the Bible speaks of Judgement it is not speaking of the you are wrong this is right kind.
          It’s more about whether God can exist with you in His presence.
          Because God is in Heaven, and heaven would not be heaven if there was one speck of sin/imperfection there.
          so it’s as if god does not Judge willingly or consciously. It just happens and all God can do is send His Son with a message and a guiding assistance and leave you to your own free will to make an informed choice as to where to spend eternity.

  21. Lol there might be still a few unicorns out there, just not too many and usually in immigrant families such as Polish families.

  22. So this was a Mennonite Retreat? I’m deep into the yoga scene and recently went to an Indian music festival at a Hare Krishna center and was shocked at how attractive the newer generation of Krishna women are. These aren’t your smelly hippies of yore no more. They generally had long hair, dressed in colorful Indian skirts and were thin with little to no makeup and no purple hair. Though I have to say the blue tips on the blonde pictured above does look kind of cool.
    ” When my turn came around, I said my name is Mr.
    Roscoe and I prefer to be referred to by the “Royal We.” There were a couple of quiet snickers, but I have to imagine most were shocked that I would make light of such a serious, important question. ”
    You “imagined” wrong probably. We tend to think we make more impact on people than we do. And isn’t the royal we used in reference to oneself? How could someone else call you a “we”. They’d be refering to their ownself.

    1. “I’m deep into the yoga scene”
      Is this a euphemism for being inside a skinny Indian mans anus?

  23. “Even if the movement for Neomasculinity succeeds in creating more masculine, strong, leaders, we will have no good local women to choose from.”
    True, but that would change if there were less beta orbiters. Women have to adapt if the Alpha decides to grow further.

      1. But how much longer will that be a viable option? According to Roosh, Eastern Europe is westernizing rapidly. How much longer til SEA and South America fall?

        1. I think that whilst people live in places where nature provides in abundance for them, they will never choose to turn that over to government’s and states and start the whole Westernising process that flips men into women and women into men and just fucks everything up royally.
          I see leaving the equator as one of the things that started the fall into modern western culture.
          People who live on the equator long for very little. Call it more primitive but it creates happy healthy people who are not obsessed with figuring out problems that may or may not exist at some point in the future.

  24. There are 5 ways churches can improve, and this applies to all religions:
    1. Patriarchal Priesthood – Women must never instruct men in any way. They will cry and whine that they aren’t being validated, but women simply cannot fulfill the manful role of priesthood, no matter how well meaning they are. One example is Bishop Myriel at the beginning of Les Miserables. His kindly female assistants disapprove of his radically charitable acts and he pulls out authoritative frame to tell them they are wrong. I guarantee you that it was a woman who insisted on the gender-pronoun nonsense at this retreat. “We need to be inclusive.” blah, blah, blah. Notice that Jesus, Buddha, and the rest had zero female apostles.
    2. Physical Ritual – The physical act of making covenants and realizing spiritual changes is surprisingly important. Spirituality is invisible and people simply need to act things out to understand what is going on. Why do you think feminists hold “slut walks” and other silly nonsense? They seek physical validation for what’s going on in their head. Look carefully and you see ritual everywhere. True enlightenment likewise seeks physical symbolism.
    3. Sacred Space – For me, nothing drains a religious service of meaning than two things: female preachers & a shabby chapel. The holiness that results from spiritual yearning for truth is manifest by your surroundings, whether at home or at church. Notice that when you let social justice in, like at those goofy hip-hop churches, the sacred building turns into a dry warehouse.
    4. Scripture Foundation – Female-led churches go for tear-jerker stories about the kid born in Africa who didn’t give up. But ever since early Sumeria, it was written theology that kept religion together. The ten commandments were written in stone. You can’t go crazy with the bible thumping or whatever, but always go back to the wisdom of the scriptures.
    5. Religion influences cultural structure – Not the other way around. Even harmless cultural ideas can corrupt a society if they become too influential. Yesterday, I read about a young boy who stabbed his mother to death. I wondered how a child could do something like that. Then I read that the boy was taken out of the home twice because the mother was a druggie loser. The father was not in the picture. The government at least did what it could in this case. But there is no replacement for a family. The gender-switching, the gay marriage, the feminist contempt for children, all of it is designed to remove religion influence on important cultural structures and replace it with their perversion.

    1. It’ll never happen because of the internet and science for retardation from religion. The younger generation are too expose to information that will help them.

    2. ‘Eyes to see’ is mentioned much by evangelicals lately. Agnostics and spiritualists talk of an ‘awakening’ or ‘paradigm shift’. ‘GAME’ is definately a part of this. A man who pursues and learns keen game can see in women and their nature what he likely couldn’t see before. This is very much an awakening. The impacts of game on religion will be massive.

      1. Hah!
        “The impacts of game on religion will be massive.”
        Was that a serious statement?
        I hope you understand that Game is just slowly unearthing, small piece by small piece, what God has ordered and put in place from thousands of years ago. Hence the red pill rallying point of what it calls Christianity – aka a religion for whites by whites. Which it is not.
        And that it’s the change in the human environment that has created an opening for game (AKA what attractive men and women have been practicing for generations) not a change in the human spirit.
        I mean these concepts are central to game theory after all huh?

  25. It sounds to me like you went to a WASP retreat, comprised of denominations such as Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and some Methodists.
    You wouldn’t have had the same experience had you attended a Baptist retreat and/or Orthodox.
    I’m not claiming the church isn’t dead, it really is, but in the mentioned denominations they only attend church as part of community development. They don’t actually believe in the bible, just the parts that support their secular humanist philosophy. They’re still puritans to their core, just without the Jesus.

  26. It cannot be saved. It must die in fire (as it will) and something else will replace it. Eventually the old values will return just as they have time and time again after “…the gods of the copybook headings with terror and slaughter return.” _ R.Kipling

  27. “Personally I do not believe in the spiritual, but understand the importance of the institution of religion, …”
    You’ve got the important part of religion bass ackwards. It is the INSTITUTIONAL aspect of religion that sets up inquisitions and witch hunts and book burnings. The spiritual aspect of any religion becomes corrupted once it is institutionalized. That’s why Jesus had nothing good to say about the institutionalized religious teachers of his day, and that has never changed.

    1. Yes. Jesus made it clear that nothing is to come between the believer and Jesus Christ. No man, no institution, no false god.

  28. “Second, men are to blame for allowing things to get where they are today.” Thank God, the sooner Men realize their God Given Responsibility as Leaders, and how Man is Responsible for societies etiquette and woman is subject to Man’s decision in society, the sooner we will get out of this Mess.
    “how can one have hope?” One can, in God.

  29. Sounds like the left have infiltrated this group as well as many least the old guard have some common sense. Not to mention the general fused teen needs to be smacked out of their trans stupor.

  30. Interesting article, but I think this was too small a sample size or representation of church goers , including young church goers, in the United States. Honestly, it sounds like a bit of a fucked up progressive church. I’m from the south and have to say, go to almost any church in my state and the people actually look normal. Most of the girls are not tatted or with dyed hair. It sounds like this was some church from up north or from one of the coasts. I suppose it was, perhaps people from all over the country, in which case you could say it’s a good sampling. My point, is that there are appreciably sized pockets and portions of the USA where young women , still look like young women and church goers don’t ‘go’ for this sort of liberal horse shit that seems to have been encouraged at this particular retreat.

    1. I attended a Methodist church in eastern Tennessee a few weeks ago (I live outside Chicago) and I made the same observation that you stated. People were very normal-looking. It was refreshing to see.

    2. It appears this was a Mennonite church retreat. I wrongly believed they were like Quakers and very conservative at one time but come to find out they are anything goes

  31. Whoa. Hold the phone. Jesus did not ‘welcome whores and thieves’ without ‘judgment’.
    Actually, he told them that if they did not stop whoring and thieving, and repent, not only would He not “accept” them, they would burn in hell for eternity. Heck, one woman he called a “dog” to her face, before she professed faith in Him, and then he accepted her profession of faith and repentance.
    There is ZERO acceptance without repentance. Repent, or get rejected by our Lord.
    Fact. Go read it.
    I enjoyed the rest of the article. But that comment was glaringly false and misleading, in the vein of shitlibs who desperately want to make Jesus out to have been some “tolerant” hippie. Which He was most definitely not.

  32. For what it’s worth, traditional religious populations definitely still exist, even if this one didn’t live up to expectations.
    I lived in DC for a year and was very active in the young adult devout Catholic community. We’re talking about an extended community of thousands of people. In this community, saying things like “Contraception is good” or “I’m having sex with my girlfriend” was cause for a righteous verbal beatdown.

  33. Thank you for the shape note singing video – awesome music. I never knew this type of music style existed. Sends chills up and down your spine listening to it.

  34. Great article, excellent writer. I thought I was the Last of the Mohicans. Evidently there are a few left.

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