Why Russia Is Becoming A More Attractive Place For Neomasculine Men To Call Home

A man who (wisely) chooses to leave the Western world today for greener pastures in the east has to be conscientious of the likelihood and timeline of their new home inheriting the pernicious and debilitating cultural Marxism and feminism of the west. A man moving to a place like Poland (or even Western Ukraine) today moves with the knowledge that these countries are on the trajectory towards Westernization and will very likely one day become unhealthy and hostile for a man to live and thrive in.

Due to their history and a variety of current cultural factors, places like Poland will still take a number of years to get anywhere near the DEFCOCK levels of America or the UK. One who chooses to live in an “on the trajectory” nation like Poland today does so by making a calculation that it may be, say, 5-10 years behind the levels of feminism in Western Europe and that it is still worth it to enjoy the particular benefits of this society during the decline, while they still remain. It is a temporary reprieve rather than a long-term fix to the problems men face in the west.

A Possible Solution?


Enter Russia. Russia presents intriguing future prospects for the modern neomasculine man because it is perhaps the only developed nation that is not “on the trajectory” towards Westernization. In fact, not only is Russia not on the trajectory Western feminization, but it is actively making strides in many areas to become more traditional and neomasculine than it is already.

Much of the credit for this resistance to Westernization can be attributed to Vladimir Putin – a strong, masculine, and intelligent leader who appears to be primarily interested in advancing the interests of the his nation and people rather than being firstly loyal to the lobbying interests of large corporations and other dubious groups that are accelerating much of Western cultural decline.

The intention of this article is to analyze how the recent policy of the Russian government in three critical areas – food, demography, and debt – is contributing to making Russia hold out from cultural decline and how emerging policy in these areas offer hope that Russia will be an increasingly attractive place for modern neomasculine men to call home.



Russian policy envy on Twitter.

The question of how to sustain and nourish oneself is an important consideration for the modern man, as the prevalence of real “food” in the West declines and is replaced by chemicals, additives, and other garbage made in a factory. The regulation of what food is “safe” and recommendations on diet makeup that come from Western governments’ food agencies can seldom be trusted because these regulators and researchers are bought off by large agri-food corporations that are pursuing a specific, profit-driven agenda for our food.

While the industrial food system continues to expand its reach over virtually every aspect of the Western diet, Russia has taken steps to implement meaningful food policies that protect its citizens from some of the pseudo-food now so commonly found in the west. Under Putin, Russia has completely banned the cultivation and import of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) for at least the next ten years so that the impact of these foods can be more properly studied before becoming part of the diet.

While the long-term effects of GMO consumption are unknown, there are already studies which link consumption of GMOs to tumors, birth defects, endocrine disruption, cancer, and obesity. Russia is prudently erring on the side of caution and not allowing its citizens to consume this new form of food which we do not yet know enough about. By contrast, in the United States, GMO foods are not only allowed but also need not be labelled. Even aware American consumers who want to avoid them have no easy way to do so.

Russia is also moving towards an increasingly organic agriculture system and the government has begun banning the use of many of the harshest, most unnatural pesticides and chemicals. The growth in prevalence of organic food in Russia is the highest of any nation in the world right now. For those men who dream of a simpler life living on an organic farm with a Slavic beauty and starting a family of healthy, half-Slavic stock, it is worth noting that Russia has immense amounts of beautiful vacant fertile land and women.

Even the centre-left Guardian acknowledges that “Russia is a haven for would-be organic farmers as land is relatively cheap and abundant, negating the need for many intensive agriculture inputs.” While in America the government often bullies and disadvantages small producers in favor of large food conglomerates, the Russian government has in place incentives and assistance mechanisms to create more small-scale food producers in rural areas.



Slavic farm girl.

Much of the western world has not had a sustainable fertility rate for at least several decades. The population growth occurring in Western countries can be attributed almost entirely to immigrants, and once inside the country these immigrant groups often have a much higher birth rate than the native population.

This has strong implications for the preservation of the culture, values, laws, and traditions of these nations. While multiculturalism and the idea of having different distinct groups and nations (sometimes even with their own laws and territories) is now commonplace throughout much of the West, Russia is going against the tide by strictly controlling inflow to Russia, forcing assimilation rather than allowing multiculturalism and is taking steps to increase the native Russian birthrate to sustainable levels.

Putin is steadfastly in support of integrating immigrants through assimilation. It is expected that immigrants to Russia will give up many of the cultural elements of their former home and adopt Russian culture, language and traditions. Russia does not make accommodations for the holidays, celebrations, traditions and rituals of non-Russian ethnic groups in the same way that most western nations do.

Multiculturalism “elevates the (idea of the) ‘right of minorities to be different’ to the absolute and, at the same time, insufficiently balances this right with civil, behavioral, and cultural obligations in regard to the indigenous population and society as a whole,” Putin argues. Russia is intent on protecting its current culture and is even embarking upon ambitious civilization-building projects to unite ethnic Russians of various different nationalities under the banner of being “Russian” before all else.

Putin’s leadership in protecting the culture of his people can also be clearly seen in his response to the recent migrant crises. Russia is not accepting hordes of migrants who won’t assimilate well and promising them ridiculously large social benefits, as many countries in Western Europe are.


Russian nationalists demonstrate.

Finally, Putin has introduced a number of pro-family policies such as a benchmark expectation that Russian families have at least three children. Putin said that “for Russia to be sovereign and strong, there should be more of us.” The Russian government has bonuses in place that act as incentives for families to have more children and relieve the financial burden that children can pose to a family.

Russia has also shown its support for the traditional, nuclear family by refusing to adopt the same pro-LGBTQ-LMNOPQRS delusional agenda for degenerate families that is commonplace and quickly evolving within the Western world. Nontraditional sexual relations may not be promoted to minors in any capacity. Compare this to most western nations where sexual education curricula for kids as young as five and six are quickly being adapted to include confusing messages about a range of deviant and dangerous sexual behaviours that the state now sanctions and promotes as normal and healthy.

Russia is protecting the traditional family in a way that other modern nations are not, because Russia knows that the family unit is an important building block to the construction and preservation of a stable society that maintains Russian values. The policy of most Western nations, by contrast, is to destroy and destabilize the family at all possible junctures in favor of the state.


Putin hands out the ‘Order of Parental Glory’ to families with more than seven children in a special ceremony.


Western nations – particularly the United States – have come to acquire crippling levels of debt that pose a threat to financial health and an extremely unfair burden on future generations. Money has been wasted by left-wing and right-wing governments alike on inefficient bureaucracies, useless social programs, welfare schemes, and numerous unnecessary wars. Politicians and the elite continue to make off with immense amounts of wealth while ordinary tax-payers find it harder and harder to get ahead. Today, most Western governments cannot possibly meet all of their self-imposed obligations and self-made promises without spending well beyond their revenues.

Russia, under Putin, is the only modernized nation which appears to have at least some understanding of the harmfulness of racking up unsustainable levels of debt and has taken some actions to correct this. When Putin came to power in 2000, Russia had over $50 billion in debt owed to external banks known to be controlled by some of the world’s financial elite. Putin took immediate action to pay off this debt by diverting profits from the Russian state-owned gas company during a time when it was thriving under an environment of extremely high oil prices.

By 2006, Russia had rid itself of owing anything to international, elite-owned and controlled banks. The financial elite that controls much of the money supply around the globe was none too pleased about this, and have since attempted to employ a variety of financial and media-narrative methods to try to cripple the Russian economy, currency, and the reputation of its leaders.

This is punishment for Russia’s lack of participation and cooperation in letting elite-controlled banking exerting influence over its nation-state with the intention of destabilizing Russia and turning its people against its current nationalistic government, which the elite could help to replace with an internationalist regime that would be friendly to the interests of the global financial elite.

Even though recent economic tough times have forced the Russian government to incur more debt in the last year or so, a comparison of key financial metrics between the United States and Russia for 2014 shows some important differences that definitely diverge from the common media narrative about the health of the Russian economy:

  • The United States has 25 times more external debt than Russia in absolute dollars and 15 times more on a per capita basis.
  • The United States has 47 percent higher unemployment levels than Russia (8.1% vs. 5.5%).
  • A greater percentage of the population in the United States (15.1%) lives under the poverty line compared to Russia (12.7%).
  • According to the IMF, Russia has approximately three times as much in official reserve assets and foreign currency assets ($357 billion vs. $121 billion) as of the year 2015.

These statistics, although only a sample of the vast amount of comparative economic data available, surprised me a lot because they paint a different picture of Russia’s financial health than that projected by the Western media, the ownership of which is concentrated in the hands of a few interests which happen to be tied to the global financial elite.

These interests would prefer Russia to foster a debt addiction similar to that of the United States and other Western nations. While the economy in Russia is far from perfect, the situation economically – especially when it comes to debt and providing for citizens – is not nearly as bad as it is often made out to be.

Russia under Putin appears to have far less of a debt addiction than the USA, more savings, and has shown a willingness to eliminate borrowing from the elite internationalist financial overlords. He has even issued standing arrest warrants for members of the Rothschild family and George Soros – widely known to be figures of the global financial elite – for their well-documented efforts to deliberately interfere with Russia’s currency and economy.


There are a lot of reasons to be hopeful about the path that Russia is currently on. It is well-positioned to hold out against the most culturally destructive forces in the world today and is making meaningful policy decisions that will ensure its society may be a good place for the next generation of masculine men to live.

I’ve decided that I’m going to spend two months in Russia in 2016 to get a better sense of how my quality of life there stacks up to my current living situation and more accurately gauge the cost of living on a more permanent basis.

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478 thoughts on “Why Russia Is Becoming A More Attractive Place For Neomasculine Men To Call Home”

    1. Agreed – I would like to know how those two months stack up to two months here. The more detail the better.

    2. I love Russia, speak Russian, and have spent time in several Russian cities and towns as a traveller.
      I’d recommend that you people visit the country because you need to see for yourselves what it’s really like. This article paints it as some sort of utopia, which it is not. I would guess that after only a few months of living there, most of you pampered millennials would be begging to come home. Guys like Roosh, and perhaps a few of you could make it work, but most of you not. Don’t just take my word for it. Give it a try.
      What I truly take issue with in this article, and in other articles previously posted on this site, is the glorification of Putin. Yes, he is masculine, but he suppresses opposition and dissenting views with a ruthlessness that would shock many of his western admirers. After the US, the Russian military under Putin is the second most aggressive in the world, occupying four new territories (if you include Syria) since 2008. Why would you hate it when we behave like that but admire Putin for it? Don’t be fools.
      One final thing: the only time I have ever been banned from this blog was for criticizing Putin, which in no way violates the ban terms of this site. That should tell you something, and be a nice preface for how your free speech will be respected in Putin’s Russia.
      Again, I love Russia and I would recommend that you travel there and experience the friendly women, awesome churches, beautiful St.petersburg, etc… But have no illusions as to what type of government you will be dealing with (or you might have to find out the hard way).

      1. “Yes, he is masculine, but he suppresses opposition and dissenting views with a ruthlessness that would shock many of his western admirers.”
        It is the duty of masculine men to suppress stupid ideologies with naked and shocking ruthlessness, so that such ideologies don’t spread and contaminate others, and so that copycats would see, and learn. If our feminized leaders had done that America would not be going to the gutters. Your criticism actually supports the intent of the OP.

        1. Left alone stupid ideologies spread fast, as they promise an easy way out of the problems of life. The reason why the middle ages managed to remain patriarchical and traditional, for a 1000 years, was due to the efforts of the holy inquisition.
          The holy inquisition was hunting and dealing with the equivalents of modern SJWs, back then called heretics, in the ancient times in Greece they were the kinaethee: the ones who move the public morals, although the city-state and the people used to hunt them down.
          Putin may be tackling some opposition but in the end he helps save his country’s spirit.

        2. Putin promotes left and Nazism to destroy the west, but keeps good stuff in Russia. He likes to promote neo Nazism to discredit the right so people are forced to accept the SJWs he and his ally Iran promote on the left.

        3. Took the words right out of my mouth. When you look at all the disgusting and ruinous ideas being peddled to our youth in the West, it’s clear that what we need is someone who isn’t afraid to break the skulls of these evil media producers and run them out of our country.

      2. Wise words and spot on, especially regarding millenials.
        That being said, I imagine your warnings are lost on guys who don’t care about freedom of speech so long as the government is going in the direction they want (that’s 2-way street…).
        For some, Russia isn’t a paradise, but something to fight to preserve and strengthen in the hope that it will outlast the decadence of the West… without ultimately succumbing to it.

        1. Russia is sadly decadent, girls typically lose their virginity at puberty in Moscow. Ukraine is much better. I married a Ukrainian, though I am half Russian.

        2. With all due respect, some of the worst whores I know are Ukrainian girls 20-35 years. In Ukraine, russian people are usually middle class, while ukrainian natives are the poorest of the poorest. In the end, when they migrate out of the country, russians are increasingly demanding some respect and dignity. Ukrainians will settle for anything.
          Historically, you would have nailed it. I was in Yeltsin’s Russia and russian women were promiscuous and deeply tormented people. Back then, at least…
          Actually, I support Putin not for the reasons most would applaud in the West, but because he gave Russians their country back (and in a way, new soul), after decades of marxist desolation.

        3. The second most popular party in Russia is the communist party and Putin is promising the return of the USSR. It’s a mismash of the return of communism, monarchy, icons of Stalin the church… it’s a mess.
          Russia is still marxist… we just export the worst of our failed experiments to the west to destroy it, and keep the best for ourselves. This is why living in the west as a Canadian citizen, I don’t support Putin as a patriot of Canada. I guess it depends with the circles you hang out in Russia and Ukraine. The women I know are deeply religious and support the war effort. In Russia the women I know in Moscow and St Petersburg are different, St. Petersburg is much better place for a relationship. Moscow… it corrupts the way New York city corrupts… I know too many good girls gone bad, attracted by the bright lights.
          I like that religion is back both in Russia and Ukraine. It’s a healthy influence on society, we need to bring that to the west. You have got to remember Russians hate you for the 1990s and export the worst version of their system to you in revenge for the west exporting the worst version of their system to them. Supporting someone who wants to kill you is somewhat weak. You have to fight them, and that starts with tracking cultural marxism of Russian failed social experiments in the west, and countering it as well as countering any infiltration of the right.

      3. Right on. For the west to be bad does not require Russia to be good. It is not.
        For all Putin’s attempts, Slavs in Russia are still not close to reproducing themselves, and on his watch Moscow has become 25% Muslim.
        I’ve cast my lot with Ukraine. European multiculturalism and pan-sexuality do pose a threat, but Ukrainians are properly skeptical. They are also skeptical enough of Russia to have coalesced as a nation and held off the Russian invasion remarkably well. Don’t give up on Poland and Ukraine!

        1. Those currents are certainly present in their society, but they hang onto their traditions. Catholicism survived communism. I would still much prefer Poland or Hungary to Old Europe, the US or Canada. Wouldn’t you?

        2. I would but bored with them now. I agree that the culture is still intact however that might be due to relative poverty more than anything else.
          I lived in Budapest in the 90s. I paid peanuts for a place just off Vaci Utca right by the Danube. Piss poor place then. Back then, most Magyars would die to sip pezsgo.

        3. Though you and I have disagreed elsewhere, I too am going to be “casting my lot” with Ukraine. I am putting my faith in the common folk, who mostly don’t like Putin (nor Porky, for that matter), but are not virulently anti-Russian. I am also trusting in the good common sense of the people to resist the cancerous cultural disease that comes from the West. I am betting the future of my wife and children on it.
          I spent 1997 in Warsaw, and liked it very much.
          My single complaint with Putin is the Islamization of Moscow. He’s been downright accommodating, and I don’t much like it.
          Let’s not get into the “invasion of Ukraine” here. I think we both know where we stand on the subject.
          All the best to you and your family. Maybe you’ll come look us up in Осокорки.

        4. Love to. If we are talking about the same Осокорки, it is a bus ride away from Русановский Сад.

        5. I am half Russian from Moscow, born in Moscow, but was raised in the Middle East, half Arab. I married a Ukrainian. I agree with you about Poland and Ukraine, that’s were the last bastion of western masculinity stands. After Maneyska, Putin emasculated and defanged the nationalists. But Right Sector and Svaboda are alive and well, and jews and Muslims get a long well with Ukrainian nationalists even fight with them sometimes. I am always amazed at Muslims volunteering to fight and die for Ukraine. The respect for Ukrainian masculinity is that high.
          The last healthiest country in the west is Ukraine. Then Baltics and Poland. Also Ukrainian -Arab, Ukrainian -Muslim marriages are common and very successful. Both Muslim women marrying Ukrainian men ( I know an indonesian Muslim woman marrying a right sector Ukrainian nationalist) and the opposite Ukrainians marrying Muslims – because they have similar cultures, similar high levels of masculinity in men and femininity in women. Generally most Ukrainians marry Ukrainians. Low level of foreign migrants unlike Germany.
          Like Muslim women, Ukrainian women are fiercely loyal to their men. They’d lynch a Merkel before someone like her can run for office rather than elect a traitor like her.

        6. Being half Russian, born in Moscow, I cast my lot with Ukraine, Baltics, and Poland. I met amazing tough Lithuanian men with my husband, we wished them the best luck and they had amazing strategies to fight SJW sabotage. Ulkrainian men have genuine faith in God and country instead of going to a state sponsored church because Putin said so.

        7. Ukraine, even though it is westernizing, is still masculine. In the dance of daily life, men are expected to make the first step. They protect their race by not allowing mass immigration of Africans and Middle Easterners.

      4. I would never call ANY place where the most common recreational drug is called “Crocodile” (due to the fact it makes your skin reptilian) as any type of ‘paradise’ ; Russia is a different culture and needs to be understood & accepted as such.

      5. The writer is led by his JT. Heard the one about a British banker that ended up in a gulag due to weed detritus in his pocket? lol

      6. I agree with your thinking. I think its odd that the article promotes backwards timetravel as a Utopia. Surely a strong alpha does not need to uproute himself to an ex-communist country? Does the writer need the Russian government to provide his livelihood? Does writer also say that in the USA, a country of close to 320 million people he cannot find even 1 female to have a lasting relationship with? Not even 1? Woah!

      7. I see you are trying to slowly peel readers away from Russia. You are a stupid schmuck. You know absolutely nothing about the history surrounding these conflicts. These military actions you idiotically label as “aggression” were done in order to return stolen land. Not to take away land from innocent people. This is something that’s very simple to realize, but TV-watching chumps like you always poop their pants and get jumpy. Crimea, for example, was apart of the Russian SFSR until 1954, when President Hruschev personally decided to attach it to the Ukrainian SSR. The reason being, Soviet policy called for all SSR’s to have strong infastructure. The policy was for the USSR to be a nation of nations, so to speak. Working together but capable of being standalone, if need be. The original Ukrainian SSR was determined to be too weak. It had many farming areas but not enough in the way of industry. Therefore, the eastern regions were added in 1922, and Crimea was added in 1954. Both these places are industrial giants. Agriculture + Industry = Strength. So these lands were given as a gift to Ukraine. But Putin felt that gifts can be taken away, if the recipient begins to act like an arrogant asshole. But regardless of who acted like what – these lands are Russian to begin with, so they ought to be returned as soon as possible. A reprisal for transgressions of the past. And to those foreign schmucks moaning about “Aggression” – mind your fucking business little boy. Got your dirty hands all over Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and other lands. Most of all, you are sitting on land soaked with Indian blood. I don’t hear any moaning about THAT land getting stolen. Get your head out of your ass.

      8. “This article paints it as some sort of utopia, which it is not. Iwould guess that after only a few months of living there, most of you pampered millennials would be begging to come home. Guys like Roosh, and perhaps a few of you could make it work, but most of you not. Don’t just take my word for it. Give it a try.”
        My thoughts exactly. The Winters in Russia are long, dark and miserable as fuck. And try getting a job there as a foreigner. And Russian women have been waaay overated for years in terms of their attitude. They sure as hell could care less that the expats there unless he’s a multi-millionaire. I admit that there are a few things that make Russia superior to wasteland USA, but the vast majority of men lack the fortitude to even consider living there.

      9. I am half Russian and I love your politically incorrect realistic view on Russia. Also the sight ignores that Russians didn’t care for Kadirov and his ilk to assimulate – some Muslim immigrants are so embarrassing from Chechnya, they do whatever they want.
        In 2010, in Maneyska activists demanded after a Chechen Muslim stabbed a soccer fan. When Putin saw 5000 angry white men protesting without permission in the Kremlin, he realized it was a threat to his power, so he send their leaders to all die in Ukraine and emasculated the rest, now led by Maltsov, the hipster.
        Many of us hate the west because of family we lost in the 1990s. Myself I only hate Jeffery Sachs and Larry Summers, and think they should be tried for crimes against humanity and hung, and I want reparations for those their policies killed in my family. Most Russians want all westerners dead, see there is collective guilt. I come from a Muslim background, so that’s a sin in religion.
        I also recommend beautiful St Petersburg over Moscow as a Moscovite.
        Also people forget Putin does have some good pro family policies home, but pumps the opposite for the west, in the Soviet tradition. Soviets exported their failed social experiments to weaken their enemies while keeping the best for themselves.
        For a good strong Neo Masculine role model country, I hate to say it, but Ukraine is better – their men kick our butt, and they have a much stronger church and faith community, less corruption the church. Ukrainian nationalists aren’t hipsters in coffee shops nor emasculated nor Nazified to be discredited. As Russians, sadly we were slaves for many years, had serfdom, so have the master slave mentality. Being half Arab half Russian, growing up in the Middle East, I had slave mentality to the smallest extent growing up – but nobody else had it – so I could feel it. I felt like the weird one out who wasn’t as extroverted but I got over it.
        Slave mentality is being shy and kissing up to the strong, being mean to the weak. “Farewell unwashed Russia, land of Master, land of Slave” -Leermentov. Ukraine is the land of the Cossaks or the Free Men.
        I married a Ukrainian not a Russian because I can’t stand slave thinking, I want a free man, as a Taizi woman, I am free woman of the mountains. I prefer that side of my Yemeni father than the years of slavery that shaped my Russian side’s thinking from my mother.

      10. Russia is not occupying Syria. They are there at the invitation of the government of Syria to fight ISIS, a terrorist group supported and promoted by the US among others.

      11. Agreed. I haven’t been, but most of these types of articles cherry-pick a few factors for comparison and contrast, elevating some above others to justify their point of view. It makes for interesting blog fodder I suppose.
        I’ve been working on not just traveling to, but relocating to other parts of the world. Yes, some things are better than here in the US, and some, sometimes many, things are are worse. It’s simply a matter of determining what problems are most detrimental to the individual man as to what countries suit him best.
        Of course, most of us follow sites like this because of women troubles here in the West. And if that is in the top 3 problems that make a man misearble here in the the US, then perhaps Russia is the place to go, as are many other places in the world. But, going to Russia because of Putin’s leadership over, say Obama, or possibly Clinton’s — well that’s not reason to go. I for one find weather a much more important factor that I deal with daily. It affects my life constantly, whereas the latest acquisition of Monsanto, while troubling, doesn’t. I mitigate the risks of GMO’s here much easier than I can change the weather.
        So it’s good to keep things in perspective. Russia is still a communist police state with an “elected” dictator in the driver seat. He’s no one to be trifled with. And his regime is not a panacea for what ails us here in the west.

        1. It’s been one year since I resigned from my last job and I never felt so good in my life… I started working from my house, over a website I stumbled upon over internet, several hrs /a day, and my income now is much bigger then it was on my office job… My last month payment was for 9000 dollars… Amazing thing about this is that now i have more time with my kids… http://chilp.it/728813e

  1. I currently live in California and since I recently graduated, I’ve been seriously considering in moving to Texas. However, I’m not so sure how long Texas can hold out as a conservative state within the next 20 years or so. Granted, I’ve yet to visit the state but the way liberal California is right now, it’s hard to imagine how the infection won’t spread to other states. This is why I started to teach myself the Russian language because if the situation becomes unbearable here, I’ll be able to pack up and move to Russia and having a head start in integrating myself within their culture.

    1. Easiest solution is to stay out of the dense urban areas. That where the liberalism plague seems to breed the most. I live in Tennessee and while metropolitan areas, such as Memphis and Nashville, are becoming increasingly liberal, the surrounding areas remain peaceful.

    2. I too live in CA (LA). and I have been thinking about moving out of state. Not sure where you’re located but the people (liberals) here are just like zombies. and the women are shit!

        1. Glad to know there are other SoCal ROK members. I’m thinking about Austin, Texas and Delaware, Ohio. Where in SoCal are you located?

        2. I’m in orange county. As far as Austin, from what I hear lots of CA people have moved there in recent years and it’s become infested with hipster faggots. Might want to look into that. I too was thinking of texas, and possibly Nashville.

        3. Depending where in the OC, you might be in a predominantly conservative area, unless youre in Santa Ana. Well, that’s unfortunate for Austin. Definitely will have to expand my search to include conservative areas.

        4. I live in central OC in the relatively conservative T-Town. Most of OC’s older residents are not as left leaning as LA or SD, however the schools down here as just as infected with socialist professors so the younger generation here is incredibly liberal.
          Also, OC’s population has been on the rise in the last decade, it’s probably going to become a metropolis in the next few decades…there’s been an exodus of people leaving LA county in recent years, many of which take up residence here and they tend to bring their leftist beliefs with them.

        5. I see! I’m surrounded by leftist where I live and at work. It’s difficult being behind enemy lines. I’m allergic to the liberal logic that I experience on a day-to-day basis. It’s ridiculous.

        6. I know how that is, I’ve been surrounded by leftist groupthink down here also. It really doesn’t even matter that I live in a conservative area…the leftist dogma rules the day and as such, you can’t openly oppose it without risking your job, and even your safety.

        7. It’s difficult not to give these leftist a piece of conservative logic. Every now and then I let them have it at work, but I am very careful now. Plus, the people that surround me are very PC, thus they don’t talk about the issues that currently plague our society (in reality we should be talking about the underlying issues, but that will get you labeled a racist, bigot or misogynist).

        8. I used to do the same. Trust me it’s not worth the risk. Not because it’s dangerous, but because it’s pointless. Check out this video (and this guys channel) it will clarify and elaborate on this point

        9. Nashville has a lot of hipsters now too. It’s where Austin was ten years ago. I’m not saying that’s good or bad, just what I’ve seen.

        1. Good read. This part is especially true: “women who’d rather be set on fire than smile at you.” LA women constantly confuse kindness with flirting. They walk around bitterly thinking that everyman wants to fuck them.

      1. I live close to San Francisco and it’s pretty much the same here. Some of the women here look good but their personalities are shit

        1. Definitely the same. And you are right about their personalities. They simply cannot hold a conversation about current events or anything for that matter; it’s all very superficial.

        2. I live outside NYC in NJ. Women are solid looking but man I keep my mouth shut with my positions. Then when the deed is done no hard bars. They love me even more. Guys don’t stop fighting and if they disagree; NEXT!

      2. Leftists pretty much tend to take over the most desirable and scenic states. Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New England. Conservative states tend to be way less desirable. The south, midwest, Texas, Arizona, etc. Maybe Alaska is the only exception of a beautiful red state.

    3. Texas will become increasingly more blue if nothing is done about the illegal immigrant population in the southern region. El Paso is now more Hispanic than ever, and the population trends suggest that is continuing.

      1. Texas is already 40% Hispanic. Hispanics are more conservative than the typical American. However, America doesn’t really have a liberal party, nor a traditional one. So these parallels cannot always be drawn to Democrat or Republican. However, Hispanics would tend to be drawn more to the Republicans if it wasn’t so xenophobic.

        1. Regardless of social conservatism they vote Democrat in droves, and the Democrats are becoming increasingly more liberal. The same argument was made by Republicans about Italians, Irish, and Jews. Today these groups overwhelmingly still vote Democrat.
          The fact that you would use the term “xenophobic” implies you subscribe to liberal paradigms in the modern world. America is a white country and must remain one to preserve the traditions of the Constitution. No one seriously believes a majority Hispanic country will respect the Constitution; most of them have already proved that by supporting illegal immigration.

        2. Hispanic does not refer to non-white. I suppose perhaps to the stormfront crowd, anyone who is a shade darker than a Scandinavian is fair game to be lynched, but Hispanic refers to European heritage originating from Spain / Portugal / Italy. All white, Christian, European countries.
          America is not a white country. It is currently about 3/4 white (only if the “Hispanics” are included), but this is only because the older population skews whiter. In fact, white babies have been in the minority for several years http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-06-25/american-babies-are-no-longer-mostly-non-hispanic-white
          So America today is irreversibly non-white at this point. The younger ages are majority non-white, and the older population is majority white.
          The whites running things now do not respect our Constitution. I have no opinion as to whether Hispanics will do a better or worse job.
          Many people vote Republican because they hate Obama, and yes, many vote Democratic because they hate the Republican positions. In reality people often vote against their best interests, based on wedge issues. In a 2 party system, a vote does not necessarily mean support of a certain position, but often means they are trying to prevent another worse event from occurring. Besides, the vast majority of Hispanics don’t vote anyway.

        3. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/255606a74698a10c0d222df4936b7948f1ffff604bc3f54f1ebbbb85d0f64809.jpg
          Yeah, Hispanics are definitely white. Your broad definition of Hispanic stems from an inferiority complex with its appeal to “European blood.”
          Try reading the entire post. America is still white and conservative whites have high birthrates. Those forecasting the demise of whites are looking only at the birthrates of white leftists.
          “Irreversibly non-white.” – More defeatist nonsense. Men evolved to fight for their own, not complain about liberal platitudes and reject all forms of tribal and national allegiance. There will be resistance.
          Most Hispanics endorse illegal immigration and do not practice their civic duty. That shows how they would respect the Constitution. I’m not saying Hillary or Jeb are desirable, but things have gotten increasingly worse with the growth of minority populations to pander to.

        4. America is still white and conservative whites have high birthrates.
          Those forecasting the demise of whites are looking only at the
          birthrates of white leftists.

          2+1=3/2=1.5, that’s an example of why your math doesn’t apply and why in spite of your claims, white babies in USA are no more than 50%.

        5. Non-Hispanic white is a contrived term that considers Cubans and those of undiluted Spanish descent to be non-white. If a white mestizo and a white person have a kid, that child will typically be labeled in these studies as non-white, even if they are whiter than they are indigenous American. Same with half-asian kids who look and are culturally white.

        6. My response was in reference to the average birthrate and my claim was that unless the white conservative have beyond 5 children per woman, they cannot compensate the losses by the millions of whites that are in the sub-replacement territory.

    4. i love texas. great food, friendly people, and the women are as close as we get to russian women in the US. your plan of moving to texas first, then russia seems spot on to me.

      1. I’m hoping to visit Texas sometime next year. I got a degree in accounting and was thinking places around Dallas since I read it is like a financial center. I’m all ears to any other places

        1. texas is big and i’m not familiar with all of it, but san antonio is probably my favorite of what i’ve seen. easygoing, genuine people, and a lot of it has a very mexican vibe, if you’re into that kind of thing. no one seems to have anything good to say about houston. dallas would probably beat most of california, but it’s always struck me as somewhat generic and as having less character than san antonio. northern texas can get cold in the winter too. i also like austin, but it’s very liberal and is supposedly full of SJWs.

    5. Living in Russia as an American will make you an outcast for the rest of your life. They don’t like your kind there.

    6. “..I’ll be able to pack up and move to Russia..”
      Bit of advice. Learn to fight. You are going to stick out like a sore thumb.

    7. “I’ll be able to pack up and move to Russia and having a head start in integrating myself within their culture.”
      If you had spent any time in russia you wouldnt be sayong that.

  2. No thanks.
    As much as I’d like to, I’d rather fight the battle at home and not abandon my fellow man. I’d prefer to move to a more rural community outside of the “Anointed” cities.
    Canada belongs to Canadians, otherwise known as the Scottish/French/British(EDIT:ENGLISH) settlers who helped forge this nation.
    America belongs to Americans.
    The West does not belong to Cultural Marxists.
    Food for thought: http://www.researchgate.net/publication/46474367_Is_the_Cost_of_Living_in_Russia_Really_that_Low

        1. I dont know. You’re an Anglo-Saxon now. I dont think you’d be happy long term away from the Anglo world.

        2. It doesnt matter where your ancestors were from. If you look white and speak English, you’ll be perceived as Anglo-Sax in most of the countries around the globe.
          If say in Mexico you’d get mugged and they’d say “Puto Gringo!” – saying “Oh no, Im half Norvegian and Half French” – wont help.

      1. Your anger is misplaced. The blacks are not the major problem of whites. As a matter of fact, immigrant blacks are much better than homegrown blacks in several respects. They are generally hard working, pay taxes, and they use less of government assistance programs.
        The significant problems of whites are 1. Jewish corruption of the culture; 2. Feminism, which encourages the shrinkage of the white population through delayed marriage, careerism, abortions, limited family, and no marriage. Lastly, 3. homosexuality which is claiming a lot of young men.
        Focusing on blacks is a big distractions, and serves the purpose of the elites.

        1. those immigrant blacks often come from rich familes also.plus they were nowhere around when the blacks here fought the racist bs in this country but benefit from those struggles.finally they grew up in countries free of white supremacy and its effects

        2. Actually, your premise is wrong. Most immigrant blacks are from poor families. Those from rich families tend to come here to study, and promptly return home to a better life. These rich blacks have tons of maids and assistants at home and they live like kings in their countries. The west is not attractive to them at all, except as vacation spots and places to get an education.
          Most blacks hate the cold and the do-it-yourself western lifestyles. Moreover, western societies have many laws which Africans find suffocating.

        3. ha ha ha Fear of a black planet. You should worry actually since you are paranoid 🙂 In the meantime, a grand clan breakfast might act as a salve 🙂

        4. That is not my blog, it’s the blog of Professor Duchesne, and the issue is of no concern of yours. You’re not White, and you’re not Canadian.

        5. How do you know what I yam Prof Calculus 🙂 Who wants to be Canadian! You are an immigrant in Canada like everyone else. Get it right. Inuit 🙂
          Any issue once aired is a concern of mine and I can bat it off as I deem fit.

        6. White Europeans created the nation state of Canada, before we arrived, it was a collection of ever warring cannibalistic tribes who had never discovered the wheel. All subsequent technology, agriculture, the system of laws, roads, Justice, government and so forth sprang directly form the European mind.
          I suspect you are trying to justify your presence on European soil. Enjoy your time there while you have it, you will find attitudes shifting very quickly.

        7. Obviously, you missed the term “Most”.
          Yep, some of the black immigrants who come here and stay are from rich families, but MOST are not from rich families. Is that clearer for you now?

        8. i did not realise this was a serious issue to be caned. I am doing a ton of stuff as I type, it’s possible I scanned and missed MOST. You are exonerated 🙂

        9. I hang out with a church of Pentecostal Africans (Liberians mainly) I would take any one of them over a ‘triggered’ SJW or a hoodrat

        10. The problem can be distilled down to Jewish control of the media and academia, pushing toxic ideas to vulnerable Americans. There is no way out but through the jews.
          Focusing on blacks and their crimes is like focusing on Muslim migrants rather than looking at who is responsible for them being there.

      2. Black folks are only here b/c rich white ppl didn’t want to work so they started something called slavery. If they weren’t lazy and were willing to labor with their own hands like a regular alpha male would you wouldn’t have any problems. Reading American history is reading about all kinds of laziness.

        1. Black were slaved by Arabs 1300 years before Whites slaved them. Arabs also cut the penis and testicles off their black slaves and made them eunuchs.
          Whites went to war with Arabs to stop slavery, for moral reasons alone.
          In America, only 2% of Whites owned slaves.

        2. Oh I would LOVE to flame you! Instead I will say you are uninformed. Blacks enslaved blacks before anyone else.

        3. You are correct, sir. Africans enslaved their own long before Americans did. The difference is Americans complain about Black folks being here even though the founding fathers are the ones who brought them here. If I lived in Africa and Africans were complaining about descendents of slaves being lazy I’d say the same thing to them.

        4. M y original criticism is aimed at the founding fathers not at whites in general. The differnce is people today seem to place zero blame on the rich aristrocats for bringing Africans here and simply just say “oh they’re all lazy and contribute nothign to America”
          Also Arabs are pretty gross for what they did. No argument there. If I lived in Saudi Arabia and Arabs were complaining about descendents of slaves being lazy I’d say the same thing to them. But I don’t live there, I’m an American who lives here in the US.

        5. And now whingeing lazy cnuts are moaning about folks that were forcefully removed from their land and made to work gratis. The world is barking and some of the whingers are on ganja

        6. They did not transport them to West Indies or Americas……You need some education, teacher 🙂
          Whites held whites as slaves also. Well, it still goes on……..white collar, blue collar 🙂

        7. Look up Ibn Battuta and next time in Chi, attempt a castration.I will send flowers and a poem 🙂
          You are no historian and have zero knowledge of the matter. Maybe my great great grandad owned some, after all, his trade was warring. What did yours do? …….you won’t know shit about that.
          If it came to it, I can still own you…..it’s in the blood.

        8. ha hahahah A Canadian telling a Brit he has problems grasping English? lol 🙂 Your limited knowledge is the reason you fail to understand 🙂 Do yourself a favour and google Ibn Battuta

        9. Somehow, I doubt you’re a real Brit, and strongly suspect you’re a welfare squatter in European lands. Just because a brown squatter was granted a passport, does not ensure his competency or adroitness with the English language.
          Allow me to hazard a guess, you’re a Pakistani, aren’t you?

        10. Looks like you are working very hard to whitewash history. Yeah, you’re gonna need more than a few snippets to clean the Augean stable.

        11. You’re right with “white collar, blue collar” slavery. It distills down to “Owners, workers” slavery.
          My previous post was to point out the fallacy of “…so they started something called slavery.”

    1. “No thanks”
      Good luck with that. It’s a battle you can’t win. But I think it’s admirable that you try, even though you will waste your life in the process.

    2. I would classify Canadians as anyone of European descent, as we’ve had Ukrainians and the like here for over 100 years.

      1. And of course the Africans who have been there just as long as the Europeans.
        Now, what about the people who were living there for millennia before the Euros and Afros. Are they Canadian as well? Or should they just fuck off?

        1. The point is about the rather limited definition of “Canadians” wherein he blithely writes off the other people who have lived in Canada for as long and longer than the Europeans. Obviously this makes no sense.

        2. kennewick man was australoid you dumbfuck,he is genetially unrelated at all to any european.any.europe belongs to native americans as the earliest skulls found in europe from 236,000 year ago look like makah indians .all euros have part native american ancestrY(ANE)and native americans are the truest europeans.

        3. Most native Americans (indians) have DNA that is absolutely proven to link to eastern Asia. Not Europe. So I submit to you that if the Makah tribe has skulls resembling those of Europeans from circa 236,000 years ago, it is most likely that the Makahs have some white caucasian/European blood, not the other way around.
          And considering the revisionist history and nonsense (“native americans are the truest europeans”) you are spouting, I think you should probably be careful when calling others a “dumbfuck.”
          And learn to use capital letters where appropriate. You’re not texting your boyfriend here.

        4. Thanks English bob. I was going to write the same thing. It’s the new leaches that are causing the problems, not the olde stock Africans, whites, and aboriginals.

        5. I support freedom of association and its corollary, freedom to not associate. If you are a white man and you don’t want to associate with black people, fine with me. Where I have a problem is, for example, for white person trying to stop other white people from associating with the people of their choice.
          But I certainly do not support forced integration. Force, in any context, is a bad thing.

        6. youre ignorant like most wns soits no surprise you would spout this crap.10,000 ALL humans were australoid in phenotype..ALL…you had cold adapted australoids in siberia and they looked like native americans and ainus etc later on one group went south to thailand and around 10 k yrs ago they becameneomongoloids or the slitty eyed paedomorphic mongoloids you see today,another group went WEST and mixed with khoisanids and created proto-caucasoids.
          BOTH caucasians and mongoloids descend from native americans not the ther way around.haplogroups dont mean anything as they change while phenotype doesnt and vice -versa.

        7. you do know a few days ago a new study proved he was genetically native american and phenotypically looked austronesian right?just look up kennewick man in google search lol its literally a few days ago geneticists established he was native american.

    3. Do you think America will ever be returned to Americans or will the Europeans and Africans continue their occupation?

      1. The so-called “Natives” are just a mixture of Russian-Chinese tribes who crossed over the Bering Land Bridge and thus were as foreign as the Europeans who ventured over later on. Due to their underdeveloped immune systems, most of them died out from diseases accidentally brought over by Spaniards.
        These “Native” tribes being predominately Matriarchal, and essentially communist, also led to their decline.

        1. Ergo, North America belongs to Europeans and Africans who came much later and were obstensibly responsible for the extinction of these natives? Sounds like specious logic my friend. Basically your argument is that America belongs to essentially no one.

        2. Africans have very little history in Canada as slavery was predominately an American problem and not a Canadian one. The Scottish and Irish who were fed up with discrimination from the English helped create this Canadian society.

        3. Well I didn’t mention slavery but blacks were in Canada from the early 17th century. But what does it matter? If a man legally emigrates to Canada and satisfies the requirements for citizenship that is the end of the matter surely?

        4. Provided they abide by the customs and practices of the dominant culture, pay their fair share of tax (like everyone else), abide by the law and wish to have a positive contribution for society.
          Unfortunately now with the spawning of degenerate identity politics, everyone wants to carve out their own new and segregated societies with special privileges separate from the host nation.

        5. thats a load of bullox.both europeans and native eastasians are direct offshoots from native americans.native americans are cold adapted australoids and a transitional between australoid and mongoloid.the oldest skulls found in europe look like makah indians from the pacific NW.europeans all have ANE ancestry.europeans are devolved native americans who mixed with khoisans and e1b1b1 niggers .eastasians as a race dont exist beyond circa 10 k BC…before that all eastasians”were australoid .natie americans are the same people as ainus and are the oldest race of man after australoids.even negroids are younger than them as negroids in their current form only exist around 10 thousand before christ.
          as for sickness,europeans died in masse from the black death and it was this immunity that led to the demise of native tribes.”accidentely”my ass,thats a bold lie and the spaniards are even recorded as saying the sicknesses broguht over by them was a act of their god .spaniards commited brutal slavery upon antives and lots of torture.natives welcomed europeans and you guys backstabbed them,but its oke we will take ALL of our land back and kick out white illegals back to eurabia soon you lying piece of shit.

        6. both europeans and native eastasians are direct offshoots from native americans

          Yeah! Sure it is. Nice try though: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_human_migrations

          as for sickness,europeans died in masse from the black death and it was this immunity that led to the demise of native tribes.

          That statement makes no sense. When did I say Euros didn’t die EN MASSE from the Black Death? For your information, it was predominately smallpox which killed off 95%+ of the population with other players being: influenza, typhus, measles, bubonic plague, cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, mumps, yellow fever and pertussis, all of which were unintentionally carried over by asymptomatic and symptomatic people. It was a Spaniard soldier carrying smallpox who gave it to the Aztecs. Similar in many other situations.

          natives welcomed europeans and you guys backstabbed them

          “Natives” also were killing off other “Natives” EN MASSE between tribes. The idea that “Natives” were all in peace with one another couldn’t be further from the truth. Same can be said about your point.

          but its oke we will take ALL of our land back and kick out white illegals back to eurabia soon you lying piece of shit.

          That’s cute, kinda like the “you go girl” attitudes. Good luck running the world without your welfare.

        7. Well, there was never any slavery in Canada so black immigration until the 20th century was limited.
          That being said, what I meant is the predominant identity of Canadians was people of European descent, and if 97% of the population was European up to the 1970s (and Pierre Trudeau), I would say that’s enough to classify as being a part of our national identity and history.
          However, I obviously don’t want to exclude anyone. We’re all brothers here, and anyone who was born and raised in Canada can consider himself a Canadian and belongs here.
          The point is, we are objecting to the immigration craze Canada is undergoing right now that is profoundly changing the country and its identity.

        8. I understand you point. I will say this. Coming from a country that has thousands of years of national identity and history, when I look at Canada I see a bunch of immigrants (practically everyone there). Likewise, when I look at the US. Again I understand your point of view but it does seem to be fairly ironic for one group of immigrants to be complaining about another.
          In terms of being concerned about national identity and history, what do you think the “indigenous people” of the area known as Canada think of the recent (from their point of view) European immigrants?

        9. Well fair enough, some of them could understandably be pissed. You could argue that it’s survival of the fittest (right of conquest). At heart everyone’s an immigrant everywhere if you go deep into history.
          But the native people can’t really do anything about it now lol.

        10. the point is is that europeans died en masse during the black death only 200 yrs before they robbed the caribbean.they were immune to it the same reason modern natives are immune to these diseases,longer exposure and the mass dieoffs wich helped the survivors become immune.europeans also died enmasse in tropical diseases found in southamerica,so it goes both ways.it has nothing to do withsome kind of inherent weakness.

        11. europeans and caucasoids have been wiping each other out for centuries until after world war 2 lmao if you count arabs and menas as white wich i dothen they are still going at the tribal skirmishes

        12. They generally don’t like them. Remember they also dislike/don’t trust whites and each other…
          Canada’s saving grace is their disunity and lack of organization and ambition..
          Other wise they’d cause a lot more trouble than they do and perhaps bankrupt the country…
          Same story in Auz, NZ etc I’m sure..

    4. Canada belongs to native americans,usa belongs to native americans(and mexicans,who are their direct descendants) .

      1. Nope. Canada and the USA belong to the group that conquered them, built them, civilized them, and created clean, prosperous societies. The same group that invented all the technologies that made Canada and the USA great countries and world powers.
        That would be the Europeans, brah.

        1. Native americans had a more civilized and advanced society than modern european society,especially the mississipi valley and the mexica empire but also olmecs and tawantisuyu people.but no,the land belongs to us,period.no foreigner decides who has anything,only thing you will understand is when white women are owned as slaves and we genocide your kids and burn your churches in the streets and remove european culture entirely.

        2. only the future will tell and only the sword and rifle will save us.you can panick and write 100s of brAVADO Wn articles but the demographics hold the future.your women can stay and be our concubines though,so white genes wont be entirely gone from the americas.we might even let you live and become plantation workers.

        3. Agreed the natives these days are actually standing in the way of the Energy East pipeline in Canada a national project of great national importance.
          They drain on the treasury and stand in the way of progress
          They can accomplish nothing else at present with the exception of small sucesses on indidual reserves..

    5. Unfortunately the West belong to everyone now. As a Canadian, when you go about you life – do you realize the kind of ethnic cesspool you live in today?

      1. It became a cesspool thanks to the wonderful legacy of Pierre Trudeau who declared Canadian Euro culture to be inferior to foreign third world cultures. Identity politics, Cultural Marxism and feminism are what’s leading to the demise of Western civilization as we know it.

  3. I left Russia when it was still weak, poor, demoralized, destabilized and in the grip of the Globalist Corporations. At the time I was so glad to live in the “progressive” West with its rule of law, clean streets, material toys and easy girls.
    Now, a decade later things have changed almost 180 degrees. The West looks bleaker and bleaker with every passing day, and Russia shines stronger and stronger. I’m thinking of going back while Im still relatively young and healthy. I dont want my future kids to be born and indoctrinated with all the filth we’re all too aware of today.

      1. My current GF is from Latin America. Even though I have Russia as my favourite destination coz I grew up there. Latin World is my second choice.

        1. Not that its any of my business, but please tell me you people marrying and procreating with “latin american” females at least do it with women of european descent.

        2. I’d rather procreate with a Latin girl with right morals than a white one who’s a Liberal, feminist whore

        3. I agree overall with you. Us, Europeans should produce more Europeans. And I want my kids to look more like me and my parents. If one day I’ll decide to live in my home country – Russia, I’ll have kids with a Russian girl. But since I live in N. America – a Latin girl is the best option for me.

        4. The best woman for any man is one of your own kind and kin.
          I agree with your sentiment about the “liberal feminist whore” (obviously) but dont become like one of these “red pilled” men we see all to often who see everything in black and white, example: all western women are liberal, feminist, whores. No, we have plenty of good women here even in the most “progressive” european countries, the strongest will dismiss the poison.
          By all means enjoy your latin females but dont forget where you’re from and where your loyalty lies at the end of the day.

        5. Pussy is pussy. This whole preservation thing is something hard-up white guys complain about because they don’t like competition.
          When your corpse is rotting in the ground no one’s going to remember you even existed.

        6. White guys have the pick of the litter everywhere else except for with white anglo feminazi women though. Latin America, Asian, African women all pounce on the chance to land themselves a white man. It’s a status thing.

    1. It’s funny, you’re defending Russia as “your country” while living somewhere else, somewhere better. Just like the Turks and the Syrians.
      Once you have forsaken your country, it’s not your country anymore.

      1. I have been on the Left for years admiring the West and loathing Russia. Only a few years ago I took the red pill and started seeing things differently.
        I deeply despise any Russophobe regardless of his nationality, sex, ethnicity, origin or religion. You seem like a Russophobe to me, thus I wish all the worst onto you and yours

        1. Fine, go home then. Why are you still here? Support your country’s economy, coward.
          I’m no Russophobe. You, on the other hand, seem to have a big problem with the west.

        2. at least I have a home to go to, where you gonna go when you gonna have Mexican dick up your culo – thats the question.

        3. Maybe I will, maybe I wont. It doesnt change my point that the Anglo-Saxon domination is a cancer for the humanity. And you will get old in the United States of Mexico where you will be treated like crap.

        4. No one gives a shit Ivan. You will spend your life pining for a motherland that doesn’t exist.
          Anglo saxon domination is where people flee too. I don’t worry about Mexico. Cut the benefits and invade (again) and it would end alot of problems.

        5. I dont give a shit about u either Pindos. But Mexican burrito up ur ass is real. Start working on ur Spanish.

        1. i’m exaggerating a bit. it’s possible to find a good russian/ukrainain/belarusian wife. especially if you are alpha and a man’s man and/or have lots of $$$. still, in most cases i would recommend what anon said. they make great girlfriends. hyperfeminine, savage in the sack (both of the ukrainiki i was with wanted it at least three times a day) and they’ll cook and clean for you. but once you marry the typical eastern slavic chick, she’s going to want tons of luxury items, expensive vacations, a ridiculous sports car, etc. as a female russian friend of mine put it to me quite bluntly “we do not love without material things.” they are not exactly known for their loyalty or fidelity, so if you can’t provide her with the stuff she wants, she’s probably going to look elsewhere. also expect “what you earn is ours, what i earn is mine” to be her philosophy about money.

        2. That is fucking retarded and not what I meant at all.
          Russian women make bad wives for a number of reasons. After 30 there is a major tranformation, where they go from sweet girls to frame-controlling cunts. The looks fade quickly and the personality gets worse with every year. Not to mention a divorce-happy mindset that leads to some of the highest divorce rates in the world.
          My advice is to catch them young, in the 18-26 age bracket, and keep them as a short-term girlfriend. That is where they truly shine. They do have that one advantage over Western women, as Western girls make neither good wives NOR girlfriends.

        3. pretty much all women’s looks fade as they get older, the few exceptions being the hardcore fitness girls, who are hard to find in any culture. anytime guys A says girls from country X are hot, guy B will respond “yeah, but they get ugly after 40” as if there is some mythical land full of hot, middle-aged women out there.
          i stand by what i said about materialism being a major problem with FSU girls. YMMV, but i’m not sure how you could have missed this if you have any experience with them at all. maybe you don’t speak russian and that causes you to miss things, i don’t know. sounds like we agree on their reputation for loyalty and fidelity (i.e. “divorce-happy mindset”).

        4. yeah, i forgot about asians. if they last until 60, that’s about all you can ask for. are most of them hot at middle age though, or just at higher rates than anywhere else? i have no experience at all in SEA.

        5. I just spent 5 months in Ukraine. Never married one but my short term experience matches up with yours. The super hyper-feminine thing needs to be experienced by all guys of the West. It’s awesome. Never had anything remotely close to it in Canada or the USA. They do love to bang too. The main girl I had never said no once. There was one time in the morning where I could tell she wasn’t horny but she let me fuck her anyway. F cup hammers on a small frame too. Ukraina!

        6. I have met them pre and post 26 and my impression is that they are all almighty ugly thundercunts.
          I have never seen a pretty one. Not saying they don’t exist but Russians and Ukrainians are pretty low on the pretty pole in my opinion.

        7. When your girlfriend is 40 or 60, how old do you expect to be? This doesn’t seem to be an issue to me.

        8. Aah I see, the materialism you described falls in line with what I saw. I come from a Russian family, and pretty much all of the women in the family are like that except my mom. Great housewives, but holy shit the amount of luxury stuff they buy is just off the charts.

        9. you’re in the UK, aren’t you? i’ve never been there but i’ve always had the impression that UK women are among the least attractive on the planet, even worse than what we have in the US. do you see a lot of hotties in the gym over there? by hardcore fitness girl, i mean the ones who lift and do other efficient exercise that translate into a nice body, not the ones who do the elliptical for 30 minutes while reading a magazine, then call it good and wash down a bucket of cream and sugar from starbucks.

        10. I have always considered British women to be quite beautiful but it depends where you are. Historically, women here have been slimmer and better dressed with better hair than the average counterpart in the USA. I have lived in both the US and UK and I have to say generally I prefer British girls.
          It depends where you are though. You can find some ugly trogs but certainly in London, Essex, Liverpool and Newcastle girls do their best to look good.
          In my gym you are spoilt for choice with hardcore fitness girls but actually very few of them are British. Mostly Eastern European.

        11. cool. i had a fling with a charming girl from leeds way back in the 1990s when i lived in italy. she was cute, feminine in a kind of blue collar way, and one of the few women i’ve been with who was genuinely funny. that was a long time ago though, and just one example, so not much to judge UK women in general from.

        12. meant to add that when i used to go to the gym it was over 10 years ago, in the US. there were definitely hot fitness girls there, but most were average at best, just doing the typical american eliptical-followed-by-starbucks workout and looking the same or gradually declining year in and year out. i doubt the situation has improved in my homeland. that’s cool that it’s better over there.
          i do a combination of free weights and high-intensity training at home, and fortunately so does my wife. got tired of the terrible music, waiting to use equipment, and putting up with people on their cell phones at the gym a long time ago.

        13. Sadly most women are average. 🙂 If you want to see the above average gym chicks you have to go to expensive gyms. But most of those chicks are Stepford Wives.
          Sounds like you have a good routine going there. I mainly do bodyweight stuff so people generally don’t get in my way. Also, they see me hitting the heavy bag so there’s a bit of an intimidation factor there! 😛

  4. “A greater percentage of the population in the United States (15.1%) lives under the poverty line compared to Russia (12.7%).”
    Excuse me? Under what poverty line? The US poverty line is $23,850 in income for a family of 4 or $11,670 for an individual. Russia’s GDP/capita is $14,000, and this is positively skewed because of the nation’s insanely high gini coefficient (because the billionaires essentially control the country). You can’t reasonably suggest that the average person in Russia has more financial means than the average person in the US. Hell, I’d say the poorest soul in the US has it better than an average person in Russia. That nation is an absolute embarassment.

  5. I have an Asian friend who married a blonde Russian girl from Vladivostok. They have a baby girl now who just turned one. From the looks of it, he coundn’t be happier. Even though he doesn’t speak a word of Russian. I have a feeling that if you want to get a hot Russian chick, don’t find the ones in Moscow. Find the ones from the other cities like Vladivostok or St Petersberg. The Moscow chicks are becoming more and more like their western counterparts.

    1. Even as a Black guy, I consider a Russian chick much closer to me than a Black woman raised in the West.
      This SJW shit goes even beyond race.

      1. It’s a cultural issue. The race paradigm in the US is a false contruct that is used as wedge issue– “divide and conquer.”

      2. Easy. Easy Mikey, first an Asian dude now you, a black dude talking about Russian blondes?!!? Nevsky’s gonna burst a blood vessel in his crystal blue eyes!! Xb

        1. I’m not particularly interested in blonde or even White chicks. These chicks are just more wife material than the junk pile we have in the West.
          My advice: if you want to be happy, don’t focus to much on physique. If a chick is above 5, that’s enough in that department. Look for qualities you will like in her even after she hit the wall.

  6. I agree with most of this article except for the multi-cultural aspect.
    Russia has always been multicultural and minorities have been part of its history: Rachmaninov, Lenin (who is still respected there), Stalin (who is not demonised there) and many others.

    1. In Russia we call it “milti-nationalism” – but it has nothing to fo with the Western concept and policy of milticulturalism.

      1. “Russian minorities are white people minorities”
        The Russian Empire expanded by absorbing territories occupied mostly by Turkic (i.e. Mongoloid) population.
        “Georgians look like black hair Slavs”
        And most Arabs look like Italians or Southern Spaniards but they are not Europeans.
        “Lenin was white jew and a little mongoloid”
        So you admit that he was not exactly White.
        Maybe you should spend some time in Russia (and not just Moscow night clubs) and you will see that she includes a myriad of indigenous non White minorities. See you.

        1. Arabs don’t look like white Mediterraneans Jews (Ashkenazi) are genetically clustered among Whites, and Chuvash (Lenin) are 90% white Slav. Georgians are absolutely Caucasoid. Although the neotenous traits of mongoloids girls are hot to me nothing bad with them.
          Most whites doesn’t want to live with some minorities. In Russia there is no one of that minorities.
          Georgian army

  7. Who would fall for this bait? Russia is one of the worst places to live, dangerous and without any bright future. Their army is useless without backup of nukes and it is most islamized “European” country.
    Their mentality is to drink and die before 40s.
    Seriously go live there even for a week and you will change your opinion. Or why do you think that their rich (yes Russia is 3rd world nation – without middle class) sends their kids to western countries and schools?

    1. If I didn’t know this site better, I would swear this nonsense article was sarcasm.
      How about Mongolia? Are they manly men? All you need is a horse and a tent.

      1. Well, they never got beaten by a bunch of goat herders. Unfortunately in Mongolia a lot of people are moving into the city (there’s only one), so there aren’t as many of their traditional rural herders. But yeah, I like Mongolia, haven’t lived there though, might be worth checking out.

    2. “army is useless without backup of nukes”
      Hmm. Somebody’s projecting methinks. I am referring of course to the USMIL. Unable to defeat religious fanatics in Iraq and goat herders in Afghanistan. Or rice farmers in Vietnam.
      We can argue all day long about the why, but that doesn’t change the fact the USMIL failed in at least 3 of their most recent conflicts.
      the USMIL hasn’t faced an aggressor with equal power since WWII, and if you ask me, the affirmative action division, the rainbow brigade, and the fem fighters don’t stand a fucking chance against a real enemy (IE not a ragtag bunch of untrained but brave guys with rifles and IEDs). An enemy with air defenses, armor, ELINT, and modern missile technology.
      An enemy capable of contesting air superiority. When is the last time the US had to actually fight for air superiority? When was the last time the USMIL saw its ground troops strafed or its tactical airbases bombed by enemy air power?
      A long damned time and I don’t think the leadership, both civilian and military, has the stomach any more for battles that kill thousands of troops in a day, or losing 50+ planes in one mission. Or seeing an aircraft carrier or two go the bottom along with much of its task force and thousands of sailors. ( Historical Reference: Saipan, Ploesti, Midway)
      Fighting Russia in their own back yard is a very bad idea, as many other arrogant nations have discovered.
      Don’t fuck with the Rodina and General Winter.

        1. Well we kinda had a hand in helping said goat herders with that one.
          It was a nice payback for all the help they gave the NVA

      1. “Or rice farmers in Vietnam.”
        Hmmm. Yeah, those chinese officers in the field, Russian pilots and billions in arms and material from the East block had nothing to do with it.
        The biggest threat to the US Military is the democrat party. Win the war and they will piss away the peace for a song.

        1. Doesn’t matter about mythical Russian pilots or arms from the Eastern block. Irrelevant.
          The US had a far better equipped military and still lost to a bunch of guys in pajamas and AKs. No wait, you lost because of the nooooooooz!

        2. Sorry Bob. Not sure why you extracted the gerbil from you sphincter.
          Russians and chinese were there. That was validated from people I know from both sides. In fact, if you so inclined, you could actually open a book and learn about it.
          I understand why alot of certain people like the “pajama boy” myth though.

        3. Mate don’t make me yawn. I have read books about the war and I have relatives who fought there. So yes, we both “know” people. That doesn’t meant shit. That’s an appeal to authority right there – logical fallacy – it doesn’t make you or them right.
          I have no doubt that the Vietnamese had assistance from the USSR and/or China. Not the point. The point is, the US had a superior military (regardless of aid sent to the Vietnamese) in the region and still lost. So you can make excuses or just move on.

        4. We actually won the Vietnam war… The Libertards in American gov essentially gave it back… Check the history.

    3. Nobody living in Western Europe has this opinion about Eastern Europe. It’s an American thing. They like dreaming about Eastern Europe as the last place for men on earth…but of course it isn’t.
      EE women are one of the most entitled cunts and gold diggers in the world. The economy in all of EE also sucks big time and you can’t earn shit there.
      You definitely don’t want to live in Russia or any other former eastern bloc country.
      Their women are great on the eyes but shallow, dumb and very sneaky. If the money stops coming you’re gone faster than with any western girl.

      1. You think every Russian hotty is wetting her panties about a Western Prince Charming like yourself? It was the case maybe 15 years ago.

        1. I was last there in 2009, but just Moscow which was pretty ambivalent about Americans. Thanks to the incompetent bafoon Obama, I heard things have changed for the worse.

        2. i’ve never been to russia, but i lived in eastern ukraine for years, over ten years ago. most russians were cool, but every time i got in a fight or someone threatened to kill me, they were always sure to let me know they were russian, and it was because i was american. that said, in time you mostly learn to avoid those situations.

        3. You will have people all obsessing with you just because you’re an American, but more often than not you will have people treating you with suspicion. Russians consider US (and Britain to lesser extend) to be their main enemy.
          If you want more chances of being treated nicely – go to Ukraine.

        4. yeah, 15-20 years ago most russian hotties would take their uncles dick out of their mouth long enough to tell you they love you and do anything you want for a pair of jeans. Now they realize that a plane ticket and a blowjob to a scheduler can get them working th, fri, sat night in a strip club in NYC, LA or Vegas where they can make a tax free 250k a year.

        5. If you want more chances of being treated nicely – go to Ukraine.
          …with a bag of cash and a nice, shiny Rolex to bait them.

        6. What’s the beef, don’t get all girly on me. Read my comment again, this time slowly and carefully, and you will see that I basically said I don’t give a shit about EE women. I don’t like shallow bitches. And girls in Moscow and St. Petersburg ARE shallow and entitled.
          Don’t know about Siberia, maybe it’s better there.

        7. You’re probably right, but lately most of the women you’d meet working as hookers would be either from Ukraine or Moldova.
          Russian women used to whore around the globe a lot, especially in the 90s. Not the case today though.

      2. Clearly someone has never lived in EE. Even a Kiev 10 isn’t anywhere near as entitled, status obsessed or fixated on gold as the average LA 6.

        1. I’ve spent my whole life next and in EE and we always had a lot of EEs living and working amongst us. So, technically, I grew up with them.
          I have been to almost all EE countries and you can’t name one EE country I don’t know people from. Real people, not second generation.

    4. Im glad you’re content staying in your neck of the wood. Anglo-Zionists have always been the main enemy of the holly Russia. Your rant just proves it.

    5. “Their army is useless without backup of nukes” — is this the same one that is turning the Islamic State into a parking lot while our own ‘high tech’ drone force is lighting up hospitals?

      1. my thoughts exactly. Its really mind boggling just how ignorant many people are about Russia’s military strength.

        1. I don’t know about their strength but the ruskies are cuckoos. During the WW2 many didn’t even have fire arms (I know this from people who actually fought against them first hand), but they were attacking in waves after waves (drunk as fuck btw).. The Germans were firing machine guns at them until the barrels were melting, and the russians were still coming while throwing their hats in the air.They’re still crazy to this day I guess…

      2. Turning ISIS into a parking lot? Did you read that on RT or TASS? The Russians are doing their best though to kill anyone who may be a threat to their boy Assad and his Iranian buddies. Sad.

    6. “why do you think that their rich (yes Russia is 3rd world nation – without middle class) sends their kids to western countries and schools”
      Good point. All the oligarchs children are sent to posh schools either in the UK or USA (ivy league usa) and thos is what the fortunate people living in 3rd world shit holes do.

    7. Thank you! At least someone understand what Russia really is. I’am russian and i live here all my life. And this article is a joke. First of all Russia is NOT a developed country… Its a fucking shithole in the polar bear ass. I dont even want to explain all the details about why, because it will take a hole day.
      I have a great example though: when you want to get driver license you MUST pay a bribe if you want to pass exam…
      So, i just want to tell to author of this article – just forget about Russia, you know nothing…

    8. You are absolutely right sir; the amazing female & transgender infantry of the United States stand ready to show those homophobic Russians how wars are won!

  8. While Putin fights the war of civilization against ISIS in Syria, Hussein Obama will make sure transgenders have their own toilets – He is the toilet policeman!

  9. I’m not a fan of most Russians any more than I am a fan of most Americans. In things like drug use, abortions, murders, corruption, et cetera, Russia does a lot worse than America or Europe. I’m still inclined to agree with General Patton:
    “The difficulty in understanding the Russian is that we do not take cognizance of the fact that he is not a European, but an Asiatic, and therefore thinks deviously. We can no more understand a Russian than a Chinaman or a Japanese, and from what I have seen of them, I have no particular desire to understand them, except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them. In addition to his other Asiatic characteristics, the Russian have no regard for human life and is an all out son of bitch, barbarian, and chronic drunk.”

        1. I know because they don’t have social benefits. You’re somewhere in the E.U. leeching off the welfare system, right?

        2. No faggot, wrong. Thanks for showing interest in my persona, but you’d be better off minding your own business.

        3. You yourself said that you’re living in the west. The west is: Western Europe, North America (except Central America) and Australia + New Zealand.
          Okay, so no E.U. and no North America…hmmm…let’s see:
          Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland or Iceland? If you still say no you’re a busted liar because there’s nothing else left.

        4. “The west is: Western Europe, North America (except Central America) and Australia + New
          Zealand.” … You forgot JAPAN.

        5. “The west is: Western Europe, North America (except Central America) and Australia + New
          Zealand.” … You forgot JAPAN!

    1. Yeah but, I see Patton’s statement as praise compared to our culture which lionizes a guy in drag that runs over people while texting as a ‘hero’

  10. What’s wrong with this picture? Russia’s current birth rate level is 1.3 live births per fertile couple, barely more than half of the 2.1 ratio required to maintain a stable population. If everything’s getting better there at such a rate, why aren’t the Russian people having kids?

    1. This info is outdated, current Russian birthrates are closer to 1.8. I’ve been there recently – I couldn’t believe the amount of young Slavic children I had seen in the streets everywhere.

      1. How about this, I’d like to live in a country with extremely low reproduction rate. Not everyone wants an overcrowded country with increasing population, overfilling schools, and politicians always raising taxes “for the children”. The fewer the children, the more precious and valuable your kid is. Compare that to China or Hong Kong where kids can be run over by cars and no one notices for an hour.

        1. Do you feel that US is overcrowded? Im happy to see Russian kids because they’re my kin. Seeing third world spawn doesnt excite me that much.

        2. If it’s below replacement level, you won’t live in that country for long.

        3. The kids in those countries (China, Hong Kong and many other parts of Asia) can be run over by cars and no one notices because their culture and ethos don’t value human life, never have and probably never will until they adopt such a value and integrate it. It doesn´t have much to do with “overpopulation”. And as GOF said, if it’s below replacement level, you won’t live there for long.

        4. I do. I have lived in the same town (not consecutively) for over 20 years. They are building multi story apartments for yuppie kids where there used to be open fields and parks. Parking downtown has gotten more difficult (they can’t really add any more street parking spaces, can they?) City services are strained. I don’t like traffic. I don’t like sprawl. I already had enough shopping and dining choices. My personal preference is for the population levels of 20 years ago.
          I’ve never visited Austin, Texas, but a good friend finally left there after 25 years. He said the city was designed to support is a great example of this. It was designed for a couple of hundred thousand residents, and indeed, in 1970, the population was 250,000. By 1980 it was almost 350,000. 1990 almost reaching 500k. 2000 650,000. And the current estimate is just under 913,000. The city has almost quadrupled in 40 years. It may still be a fun place for many, but it is a completely different community than the small town of 1970. It changes entire institutions. The old music and film festival SXSW has become corporatized and many are choosing to stop attending.
          There are many communities that feel this way. For example, I recently visited Montana, and all the residents there are lamenting over the fact that they may soon surpass one million residents. They do not want any more people living there. Sure, the state could support probably 20 million or more. But the spirit, way of life, clean water and air, mentality (along with the crime rate, cost of living, etc.) would drastically change. What are the benefits to having tons of people? What if there were only 100 million Americans instead of 320+ ? Would your quality of life be better or worse?

        5. I know you are a family man, and that may be down the road in my future as well. However, in all my travels, I have never encountered a nation that is dying out due to lack of breeding. I have never understood this argument that unless we produce more than 2 babies per couple humanity will die out. I’ve never seen a place where that was a real problem. And it seems absurd, as if the last couple on earth would just sit there and refuse to reproduce.

        6. I wouldn’t be nearly as shocked if the same happened in NYC as I would if it happened in Idaho.
          A higher quantity of an item leads people to respect it less. I remember walking down the street of a small village in Costa Rica one day, and a woman stopped another couple she did not know who were pushing their newborn baby in a stroller. The woman was genuinely overjoyed and pleased to see a new child brought into the world, and stopped and picked up the child and said something to it, smiling. In NYC if you see a couple with a stroller, they are one of probably hundreds of thousands, and you think get the hell out of my way with that thing.
          As for me living in a country with negative population growth, that is actually appealing to me. But it is a rare occurance. Japan is one country with declining population levels. Would I live there? Well, living in Asia is not very desirable to me, but if I had to pick a country, Japan would be at the top of the list.

        7. It’s just my personal preference. If you enjoy living in a country with surging population levels, and all the associated problems that come along with that, you have virtually every country on the planet to choose from. To each his own…

        8. I have never understood this argument that unless we produce more than 2 babies per couple humanity will die out. I’ve never seen a place where that was a real problem.

          Because you are an ignorant of history and human nature. Otherwise you would know that in normal times (we don´t live in normal times, we live in Pax Americana) ageing countries either fade away and are assimilated into greater entities semi peacefully and other take their place (immigration) or violently (outright invasion). Roman empire is the most famous example but many other empires suffered irreversible declines in their populations that led to their demise. In the past, many invasions didn´t take place because there were real natural obstacles that were insurmountable (mountains, deserts etc), however that’s not the case anymore.
          Moreover ageing societies normally are not healthy, couples in love, really in love (where the wife doesn’t have the thousand cock stare of ex-carousel riders and the husband is not a resigned beta) wish to at least have 2 or 3 children min, taking into a account a woman really in love, not some 30 something settling. Japan for example is a depraved country, with women apparently feminine but very enthusiastic when it comes to killing their unborn if it’s inconvenient and whose men consume and produce more porn than anyone else. In other words, they are not having children because they are sick.

        9. If that were a real problem, space exploration would be the rage. Since it’s not, one can conclude it is not…

        10. I agree with you, population growth is suffocating to say the least. If US will have a national liberation revolution one day – you guys can easily reduce population by 50 – 80 million by expelling all the illegals (30 million +), revoking citizenship from recent immigrants (another possible 30 million) and by stopping subsidies to single mothers (mainly blacks pop kids to get on single parent support gravy train). But, I doubt this day will come any time soon.
          And Yes – Montana is a nice place, very quiet and people are super friendly. That might change though with urban sprawl.
          Im not an American and I didnt grow up there, but I miss Old Good America I used to see in the movies with Steve McQueen, John Wayne and James Steward.

        11. That’s fine for those who think of nations and groups as important entities. While I am a member of society, and do require a minimal level of interaction with others, I’m not tied to any particular nation’s outcome and don’t really care if Japan, US, Israel, etc. is around. What I care about are the living conditions and opportunities available in a certain region. Kind of like how the founding fathers felt. They loved England, sure, but they realized there were more important things that allegiance to the nation state.

        12. That’s a great point. So many of those espousing expanding population rates as a great thing are also anti-immigrant, conveniently ignoring the fact that expelling immigrants would reduce the population by a substantial amount.

        13. Just take into account that in nations with declining birthrate it’s much harder to get decent ass, since there will not be surplus but a deficit of hot babes, and you will be fighting not only against jacked types and the like, but also against much older and established men, for a dwindling resource, just one of the many bad aspects of that curse.

        14. No dude overpopulation is a myth as it stands humans occupy less than 1% of the earth. Bad and incorrect beliefs are just that

        15. You see, that’s why there’s city life and country life. For those that are fine with decreasing food quality, not knowing your neighbor, having to lock your doors if you go to the mailbox, and living like sardines in a can, there is that lifestyle. And for those who don’t, there are wide open spaces. Why can’t we just let people find the lifestyle that fits them best? No one’s forcing you to the country. No one’s forcing me into the city. To each his own.

      2. This is good news, Nevsky! I was not aware of this improvement. I hope that this positive trend will continue.
        I have read that the Cossacks of southern Russia have large families with traditional values. What can you tell us about them?

        1. Im from a Cossack city, but I was rather young when I left so I dont really know, but traditionally they do have large families

  11. No one in their right mind would see Russia as a good place to be. The U.S. may suck, but it can be made better if these untermensch faggots stop insisting the only way they can feel like a man is to go abroad and live in a decrepit third world country.
    Moving to an economic dung hole and marrying a Slavic/Vietnamese/Filipino woman does not make you a great man. These women rest at the bottom of their country’s barrel and go with you because they have no better options. It is no major accomplishment, jibing more with the characteristics of a weak and insecure man than a conquering titan.
    Enough with the defeatist whining. Good men like Roosh are fighting, not retreating to the third world.

    1. What other option is there for an American man who wants to start a family other than finding a woman abroad? Marry a former carousel rider in the US once she’s tired of chasing cock? Doesn’t sound like a win to me.

      1. Exactly. Society is decaying, so you should run away to the Philippines and live with a village girl in order to feel alpha. This is what great men have done throughout history; flee from their lands whenever they are under attack. Feminism and liberalism are too strong, so you might as well throw in the towel and retreat. Being a real man is about pacifism and surrender. Be smart and follow in the footsteps of Leonidas, Charles Martel, and George Washington, who all scattered in the face of adversity. Fighting for your people and the greater good is bad; getting a dirt poor girl in Manila to suck you off is good, and makes you extremely manly.

      2. Huh? Eastern European women don’t have premarital sex? That’s news to me. That Russian wife you’re marrying might’ve been a prostitute in Dubai and you’ll never know about it.

        1. I’m not saying they aren’t. Clearly some of them are, as shown by Roosh’s experience in Eastern Europe and the various threads on the forum. I’m just saying you probably have a better chance of marrying a virgin/low notch woman overseas than in the degenerate west.

    2. “Good men like Roosh are fighting, not retreating to the third world.” Ha. I see what you did there 😉

  12. What young men of the west need to do is first to check what jobs
    are available,what areas are worth studying and go for it online.
    You will need basic russian so be warned,no language,no job.
    Halfway through your course write to russian firms online in your best russian(don’t bullshit),see if you can get a promise if you get the grade.Write to women online in that area and hope for the best.
    Have interests,be happy and leave the jerks who can put up with the west behind you.

  13. Russia will be dead in 2 generations. Eastern Russia will be gobbled up by the Chinese and Western and Southern Russia will be replaced with muslims as ethnic Russians would rather drink themselves to death and abort their future.

    1. Thats what many others were saying in the past few centuries about Russia. Yet, they’re all long dead and no one remembers their names. But Russia still stand tall and proud, just like it did in the past 1000 years.

      1. Communism fundamentally destroyed the Russian people. 7 decades of that shit nearly erased any cultural memory they had.

        1. Communism was horrible but Stalin turned things around and made USSR one of only two global empires. Dont forget that in the US along during great depression about 7 million people starved to death – where’s historic outrage about that?

      2. Yeah, if you by “stand tall and proud” mean “Remaining poor and backward and getting trashed by everyone but still managing to survive like a cockroach infestation, and even occasionally win through sheer weight of numbers”, then sure.

        1. Lines like that were said thousands of times as well even when we launched the first man in space or built the first space-station. The matter of fact is you will also turn into dust no one remembers. Russia will expand and re-bounce and emerge only stronger like it always did. Meanwhile, you can choke on your hate.

        2. Yeah, because comparing the existence and remembrance of one guy to that of a whole country is totally relevant.

  14. Here’s food for thought as well : Russia is a Eurasian, not ‘white’, nation, due to the fact the Russian people are a hybrid of both caucasian and mongolian/siberian peoples..as such, if SJW’s attempt to tell Russians proud of themselves to “Check your White privilege” they are being….drumroll please : RACIST! It’s something nice to toss in the face of the left as a Russian can demand they respect his language, religion, beliefs, custom and culture.

    1. SJW would get a few years in a Siberian colony to cool down. Just like it happened to “Pussy Riot” or Green Peace Activists who ended up in a Russian Jail. I believe it took only a day or so for them to start crying and whining and praising Putin to have them released.
      SJWs BS doesnt fly in Russia.

    2. Russian women seem to be assimilating into Indian culture fabulously. Last time I was there I couldn’t believe the amount of Russian ex-pats marrying Indian guys and even living with their Indian in laws.

  15. I’ve traveled there a bit. Nice to visit, especially around saint petersberg…but this is the only westernized part of the country, the rest is very Asiatic in outlook and temperament. Doing business in Russia is extremely difficult, corruption and kick backs are a part of the whole system, everyone is on the take. Under Putin it’s got better, but, nevertheless I would recommend a visit (the people outside of business connections were mostly proud and traditional, quite reserved, intelligent, curious and talkative once you know a bit of their language) but not to live there, at least not for me.

    1. Agree, US still is a great place. However, long terms things will worsen with a snow ball effect. Russia is catching up fast though. It has improved a lot under Putin, we’ll see how things go in the next 5-10 years.

      1. I think if you’re not of Russian descendant (or at least Slavic) you’d find it very difficult living there at the moment. It’s a tough country in a lot of ways- its climate, its systems, its government laws, its sheer size, the white nights. But honestly, I loved my time there, it’s one of those countries I felt, and I have no reason to, very happy exploring. I suppose I felt at home in it just for the time I was traveling through it. I can’t say why I had this reaction to it, although, as I said, I couldn’t live there, as I’m still a European to the bone.
        I agree about the Ukraine, I lived for a couple of months there a few years back, I particularity liked Lvov on the border with Poland…that railway station with its mosque like neo classical dome was quite something. Cool trams too.

        1. No but the last time I was in India it was staggering all the Russian women I met. There’s articles about it in the Indian newspapers and everything.

    2. “I’ve traveled there a bit. Nice to visit, especially around saint
      petersberg…but this is the only westernized part of the country, the rest is very Asiatic in outlook and temperament.” Right but that’s what the author of this piece and other commenters LIKE about Russia. The fact tht it is not “westernized” and is in fact “asiatic”. They are sick of the shallowness and materialism of the west are looking to live a purer, more simpler lifestyle.
      And the “asiatic” would explain why so many Russian women are migrating to India and marrying Indian guys. I did a yoga retreat last spring in Goa and was absolutely floored by all the Russians there. They’ve taken over the place.

      1. But, is there some type “Lost Horizon” where life is more pure, profound and brimming with meaning and purpose? You create these states yourself, surely? I don’t think they’re found in some far off mythical land located somewhere between Tibet and Nepal.
        I cannot imagine any women deciding to choose living an ascetic lifestyle in the foot-hills of Nepal over that of New York City, simply because the former would make her a more spiritual being. I don’t think women understand spiritual needs in that way at all . A woman’s spiritual calling is devotional and vocational rather than ascetic and solitary.

        1. “I cannot imagine any women deciding to choose living an ascetic lifestyle in the foot-hills of Nepal …”
          I travel through South Asia regularly. They are there. But I agree with you that its a state of mind. Most “red pill” guys would go bat shit crazy in Russia.

        2. Loads of Russian women in South Asia? Are there? They go there to escape the shallowness of western culture, it just seems a very strange choice, as Asia is becoming more and more westernized anyway. Would they not be better staying in Russia?
          Most “Red Pill” guys would go bat shit crazy in Russia. Well, I would contend that these guys are not sorted in the right way before they went there. It’s a form of escapism, which can be part of a legitimate rationale to settle elsewhere, but, if this is the only reason, it’s doubtful the project will work out. It always amazes me when I travel around the world and you meet expats who are having a “hard time” in another country like Argentina or Russia. In most cases these people are lazy and ill prepared, not even getting a basic knowledge of the languages or finding out about the legal and government systems in the countries they want to settle in. You have to do your homework in advance, and commit to the project for a certain period of time with a viable way of supporting yourself, otherwise it will go pear shaped.
          The other point which you always take for granted is the fact that they’ll be parts of your own culture that you’ll miss when you settle aboard, no matter what, and you’ll only realize and appreciate these given factors when you’re away from it.

  16. the USA still has one thing going for it, it is still the land of oppurtunity aka money, if you are willing to work for it. But even that is declining.
    I love how the government cooks up bullshit stats like USA has 5% unemployement. The unemployement rate is probably closer to certain European countries, considering the people who are no longer in the labor force because they are sick of searching for a job. And I also 100% beleive that a TON of Americans are living under the poverty line.

      1. ok fine let me rephrase, a ton of americans are just as effed financially ( or worse) now, than they were after the 09 crash.
        Most of the jobs that were created are min. wage type jobs and with rising cost of living, it only means youre one paycheque away from danger.

      1. “Whoa! Gorgeous long haired women with no outrageous tats, piercings or outlandish hair coloring”
        Yup. Definitely the prettiest hookers I’ve seen.

    1. Thank you for posting this video! Beautiful young women with beautiful voices singing a beautiful old song – what’s not to like about that? My parents (may they rest in peace) were both born in Finland but my mother was partly Russian, so this singing reminds me of her and brings tears to my eyes. You can hear the hard history of the Russians in the hauntingly melancholy harmony of that song. My mother’s family were refugees in World War II and her parents also had to flee from the Bolsheviks in 1918, so they got to experience that sorrow too. My father was a soldier in the Finnish Army in World War II and he heard how beautifully the captured Russian soldiers sang as they were being taken away into captivity, and as a result he was never able to hate them but loved Russian music and art all his life. He also respected the toughness and courage of the Russian soldiers. He viewed Russia as a very corrupt and dangerous country, but also as a country to be respected.

  17. Yes, Putin appears to be a great leader who looks out for his people and gives the middle finger to the global elites. But, if you’re seriously proposing Russia as a desirable destination for American expatriates, you are delusional.
    Russia is border-line even a developed country. Most of the country lives in poverty. The men are, for the most part, worthless and drink themselves to death by 40. Abortion rates are through the roof. And, the country in general is just a dark, corrupt, cold, and depressing place.
    Also, on a related side note, this hysteria about GMOs is nonsense. Everything you eat has been genetically modified throughout history. There is absolutely no link between GMOs and cancer or any other negative effect on health.

        1. Heh. The biggest russian nationalists I know are just like you. They don’t live there— and from your comments insinuate only russian men belong. Last time I was there, I saw mostly swirly muslim men from the Stans and their numbers seem to be the only population that is growing. Where do the oligarchs send their kids and keep their money? You know the answer. From one of the biggest russian expat community’s I live, no one is making plans to go back. Not ever. Once the MIL dies off I will probably never go to Russia again, but it really isn’t my concern.
          Despite all the the “Up Russia” rhetoric here and elsewhere, there are a number of deep, unaddressed problems that country has and all the sword rattling and Putin’s intrigue is not going to change that.

        2. Thanks for the answer. My point is Russia doesnt have to be “good” for everyone. It has to be good for the Russians, just like China is a good place for the Chinese. Me or you wouldnt survive there long.
          I’ve been always trying to understand where this vicious hate toward Russians come from on behalf of Anglo-Saxons like you (I assume u’re an Anglo-Sax). Before I used to feel bad for US turning into a third world cesspool. Lately seeing that the main source of Russophobia are white Anglo-Saxon men – I dont feel bad any more. I actually welcome it. Hispanic America will be of zero threat to the Russian interests. And what you experienced in Russia during your visit will seem like a decent place comparing to what a Mexican America has to offer to you.

        3. half of the so called us was french louisiana or mexico before the 1800s.the mexicans lost half of their nation because they provided free refuge to runway slaves and american slave catchers could not come to mexico.it was over this that the mexican war was started.imagine that,whites claiming land they took for fighting the right to uphold black slavery!lol anyway,all europeans belong in europe.america is a indegenous continent and we will take it back,every inch.i have no problem with russians in russia,but russians dont belong in the us,neither do anglosaxons or italians or asians or blacks.we will genocide whites living in america in the future if they dont leave .

        4. “America is an indigenous continent”
          Not sure what you mean by that… but if you want to get all historical, American Indians have 1/3 Siberian ancestry (Russian/Eurasian).
          Just wanted to throw that in because of the article topic.
          The way I see it, Russia and Northern America were joined by a land bridge… they’re right next to each other… they basically walked right across and strolled southwards.

        5. and the migration of ainus/cold adapted australoids to the americas happened way before eastasians,bantus or caucasids even existed lol read up on robertlindsay.wordpress.com,10 K yrs ago only heat suited humans who were dark skinned and lived in trh tropics along with cold adapted australoids who looked like native americans existed in the world.youre pretending like eastasians existed 30,000 yr ago or that europeans arent a triracial mutt race of natufians,ancient eurasian(thats native american)and e1b1b1 africans/levantine neolithics.native americans are as you know it,the oldest human race after black australids and the purest race before colonial contact unlike europeans who are mixed with everything under the sun,keep in mind

        6. Thanks for the link Johny, will check it out.
          There are so many changing variations on the theories of human evolution and movement that I’m always keen to get any new info to get a better overall picture.
          All I know for sure (according to theories relying on chemistry) is that humans began in Africa and and Europeans are some of the newest developments in human evolution. What went on between the start and now is really only guess work. Educated guesswork but guesswork nonetheless.

        7. No worries.
          “It has to be good for the Russians,”
          I agree. You have noticed the amount of Russians who don’t live there, yes? What would that indicate?
          “Me or you wouldnt survive there long.”
          My wife was more direct. “If we lived there, you (American looking all the way) would be in a fist fight before the third Metro stop.” She’s probably right, but it wasn’t that what stopped us from moving to Moscow when we had a chance. It was the high cost of living and the quality of life issues. Hard to raise kids there these days.
          “I’ve been always trying to understand where this vicious hate toward Russians…”
          Not Russians. Just you. (Thats a joke). I think it is a holdover mentality from the Cold War. The media in the West continues to paint Putin, and Russia, in a bad light. Distracts from the bigger domestic issues.
          I think you would need to go to Russia and take a hard look for yourself before making the leap. You will always have doubt if you don’t look into it.

      1. Are we on the same page? I’m not understanding your comments throughout this thread. You seem to attack anyone who says anything negative about Russia or who says that Russia would not be a good place to move to. But, you don’t live in Russia either and admit you wouldn’t want to live there. I don’t get it.

    1. Everything you eat has been genetically modified throughout history.
      There is absolutely no link between GMOs and cancer or any other
      negative effect on health.

      BS. Hybridization is not the same as Genetic Modification. Besides, sane people would rather not sign up for an experiment with unknown long term results (even though in rats, long term results are atrocious).

  18. Russia has very strict gun control; it’s near impossible to get a handgun permit there. A guy my wife knew in school (in Russia) was recently dragged out of his car and beaten to death by a gang of thugs. That sort of thing doesn’t happen in Texas!
    Feminism is a luxury good; every country has as much feminism as it can afford, or in Poland’s case, as much as the EU is willing to pay for. Wherever women can afford to spurn potential husbands in favor of Skittles Man, men can afford airline tickets.

    1. Yes, there’s more violence there. But overall its a safe place. I felt threatened more often while walking through “enriched” parts of N America.

  19. I’m getting sick of anti-GMO. GMOs have been proven scientifically safe, yet everyone blows up over them. Meanwhile, you can legally make a bag of popcorn with 4g of transfat, separate it into 5 servings on the label and claim it has no transfat. GMOs have saved billions from starvation. Processed foods have destroyed the vitality of this nation. You are encouraged to be anti-GMO to distract you from this fact, just like women are taught to embrace feminism to distract them from their biological clock.

      1. Bench 280, squat 420, deadlift 520 and 9% body fat. It was the junk food that made me fat when I was younger. Not the GMO plants I eat now.

        1. Cool man, great you working out. I honestly not that knowledgeble about the whole GMO issue. I just know when I travel to Latin Anerica – fruits abd veggies there taste whole lot better. Why’s that?

        2. Soil isn’t as wiped out, better climate for growing fruit. We try to replace the nutrients in the soil with fertilizer, but it just takes longer than our growing cycles for the soil to take the nutrients back up. France has the same problem, but worse; they actually have to dig up dozens of feet of soil, bury the old soil and put the deeper soil on top. One of the goals of genetic modification is to get plants to uptake and retain nutrients better to ease the fertilizer load our soil has to take to feed us.
          Many fruits grown in other parts of the world as well as grains have been genetically modified. All of the bananas grown in South America are GMOs, for instance, since real bananas are filled with seeds. Americans started getting fat when the government started telling them to put cheese in recipes as an extra ingredient to get rid of dairy surplus, and consumption of toxic levels of simple sugars such as in high fructose corn syrup became common.

        3. You are also closer to the actual farms. Those mangoes and bananas didn’t come from thousands of miles away.
          In rural New Jersey and PA right now, the apples and vegetables at the local farm stands are miles better than the stuff in the groceries.

  20. The article is biased.
    The Russian Central Bank (RCB) is controlled by the City of London. Make no mistake. The head of the bank is even a woman – Elvira Nabiullina. She was appointed by Putin but he can’t interfere in the day-to-day business of the central bank. He doesn’t have that right.
    Should the CBR wish to print currency, it can only do so with a corresponding change to its foreign currency cash flow, and can only buy US bonds for dollars paid for Russian oil. Russia is not even a ruble country de jure. Russia is a dollar country. The whole segment of investment is based on dollars and euros.
    Having said that Putin has plans to nationalize the CBR and the ruble according to his confidant Yevgeny Fyodorov – to raise money for his (armament) projects. As far as I know this has not happened yet.
    Nationalization of the Central Bank of Russia would be the first signal and mean the final breach with Rothschild´s City of London / the British Empire / the “British (banksters) Crown” and its tool, the United States.
    Russia needs to get over it’s inferiority complex and really kick the Rothschild Central Bank of Russia but in order to do that Putin really needs to become Stalin 2.0.

    1. I like Fedorov. He got some understanding of how global finance works but he is not an economist. He is pushing this idea that CRB isn’t controlled by Kremlin. Alex Jones called him a conspiracy theorist. That is saying something…
      Reality of the situation Kremlin controls all the major banks and corporations with a soft fist. It appears they learned something from Soviet past and planned economy. They are also seem to be sensitive to needs of the population.

    1. 1. Your propaganda piece on the awesome Russian army is all about aircraft and ships.
      2. By definition, top secret radar installations aren’t on YouTube.
      3. The Russian army for the past 60 years has always had a few very good front-line divisions and special forces, Backed up by a lot of half-trained conscripts equipped with obsolete crap. It has always been American / NATO strategy to be defensive with the A units until they are reduced, then slice through the rest like a hot knife through butter. Counter-attack was always the Germans’ favorite sport.
      The training, doctrine, and equipment of Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army was pretty indicative of all but the best Russian units in 1991. When American and British units clobbered them, it freaked out the Soviets and contributed to their collapse.

  21. Bullshit. Russia has the highest non white % out of all European countries. Putin is winning non white vote with 95%+ and the Muslim vote with the same rate as well. The nazis now face persecution they did not before Putin’s ascend to the office. The libertardians are also out of luck. Putin is anti freedom in every way. He is anti 1st amendment, 2nd amendment and also 4th amendment. Russia has little economic freedom and scores so on all possible rankings.
    It is rather intriguing why do the right wing retards in the West support Putin. Maybe they go by saying ”As long as they kill gays, I will support it”.

    1. well those muslims are native to certain parts of russia like the chechnians,dagestanis,tartars,etc.
      However think 2 of those groups are fighting to separate for some reason Moscow wont allow it, perhaps due to oil pipeline in the caspian sea.
      with them soon to be a majority in the military in 5 years I think they will eventually get Independence, those guys from the Caucasus are a crazy hungry n tough bunch even for russian standards.
      Russia may seem tempting to some but the country is very expensive to live in like it cost roosh 4000 a month there and not to mention the ruble crash.
      its too soon to make a jump there, look at the demographics, people are still having few kids and people are leaving in droves

      1. Yes these are either Natives or Russian speakers from the ex-USSR/Russian Empire. I am not a racist and though I oppose mass immigration, when it is from culturally and linguistically same countries I don’t mind.
        I was trying to address the racists who think that Russia is a ‘white paradise’. The fertility rate is the highest in non white southern and Siberian regions. Russia is getting less white faster than many other European countries.
        Also for a liberals/libertarians it does not seem like a good place either. No freedom of speech, no gun rights (and yes in Russia the criminals will always have guns), assassinations of opposition leaders, journalists and pretty much anybody influential opposing the Oligarchs or politicians.
        Yes Putin has done a lot to improve Russia but somehow I am missing how could Russia be a good place for an American right winger.

        1. to be sure which is the tradional slavic russian land and which is the non?
          I take it the caucas and siberia are the only non white lands while all that west of the volga is slavic russian?

  22. Your visit will enlighten you as to why the negatives will vastly outweigh the positives. Russia is oligarch mafia run, unemployment is extreme high. The Winters are shit, the russians dont take care of their infrastructures, they dont bother to use trash bins, aside from St. Petersburg and moscow most of the archtecture is fugly-ass soviet style dreck structures. Some of these dreck buildings use bathroom tiles on the outside of the structure – a whole building with the entire outside facia finished off with bathroom tiles [*BARF*]. The attitude of russian females are westernizing really fast, I’m speaking of the young russian women under 30. Oh yeah you’ll get a real ‘sweetie’ of a ruski bitch who is a single mother over 35 (she’s sweet because she has to be – because no self respecting russian man saddles up with a woman who has some other man’s cast off progeny) what else…. oh yeah, while it is true russian women may be quite pretty while young, have you noticed the old toothless babushkas pan handling on the street? (Hint: they didnt look like that at age 23) Russian females age horribly. Then good luck in finding a decent genuine russian friend. It’s difficult and you have to proceed with caution. So even if you manage to negociate these pitffalls and some how eek out a living there, you will end up, at old age with shitty russian winters, shitty bathroom tiled dreck buildings, and that once young and sweet feminine wife will turn into somethong that looks like a fire plug with cellulite, toothless, and maybe if you beg long enough she’ll give you a ‘gum job’ from time to time.
    Yeah this mental-masturbation fantasy driven article about russia opened up the gates of hell for me.
    I’m not justifying wasteland USA, but there has to be better choices than Russia.

    1. Agree, most of the Westerners wont enjoy it beyond a few days of sight seeing and pictures taking in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  23. “Yea Russian women suck, their looks fade after 30 and want me to buy them things like flowers/jewelry, bitch don’t you know I need that money for World of Warcraft!?!?”
    “You mean I have to learn another language, one that actually exists, Russian?! You mean that made up one on Game of Thrones won’t impress a Russian girl?!” (one that had grandparents/family members fight and die in World War Two)
    “Yea, it’s cold all the time in Russia, I can’t wear khaki shorts/flip flops/sports team shirt for half of the year?! Russia sucks!!
    ……says most readers of this site…..

    1. Nice try at attempted discrediting the criticisms, but Russia is simply a very rough place to live, and even more difficult if one is a foreigner.

  24. I didn’t have much of an opinion beforehand but when Putin had ‘Pussy Riot’ shoved in jail for their antics and feminist propaganda, I knew he was onto something.

  25. If it wasn’t for Russian expansion being a geopolitical threat to Poland’s interests and the corruption there ( as well as a historical reputation for brutality and cruelty), I would be wholeheartedly supporting Russia. Even so, I applaud many of their current moves.
    Keep at it, Slavic brothers!

  26. “as the prevalence of real “food” in the West declines and is replaced by chemicals, additives, and other garbage made in a factory”
    Real food is easily available in any chain grocery store, you just have to cook it yourself. Its your own damn fault if you develop diabetes after a lifetime of eating pasta and cake.
    Also, all of our food is genetically modified. Humans have been introducing new genes into our food for centuries. Maybe the method is different, but the end result is the same.
    The Russian birthrate is nearly identical to the rest of Europe (i.e. rock bottom): http://www.forbes.com/sites/markadomanis/2013/09/30/is-the-russian-federation-imploding/
    Russian infrastructure is abysmal: http://www.oecd.org/officialdocuments/publicdisplaydocumentpdf/?cote=ECO/WKP(2015)11&docLanguage=En
    There’s also widespread drug abuse and alcoholism, high levels of suicide, and so on.
    My point is that while Russia has some good aspects, it is not the paradise that some people think it is. The West has its problems as well, but overall it is still far better than Russia.

  27. Do not take any of this information seriously. Russia is not an easy or even desirable place to live, and the idea that Russia has food competing anywhere near the west is ridiculous.
    Yes girls are hot, however you better learn the language or you aren’t talking to most of them. On the plus side younger generation are more likely to speak some English. Additionally English-speaking foreigners are not an exotic commodity any more, and many Russian girls are pitching for rich Russians rather than wealthy foreigners.
    Nobody can accuse Russia of not being masculine, but like all things Russia does it is in the extreme. Beauty, Corruption, Alcoholism, Racism, Generosity; Russia has all these things to the point of absurdity.
    Russia is not a place for you to escape ‘the west’ easily. If you do not have decent money behind you or a network of contacts it can be very unforgiving. However if you have money, speak the language and know a few people it can be a great place to enjoy yourself and do whatever you want.
    Source: Spent my summer with a Russian friend.

    1. racism is a good thing, how can a nation be a nation without people, if you flood germany with turks, its no longer german. racism protects the nation

      1. They say racism is bad because it’s hate based on superficial characteristics. I can agree with that, however I think multiculturalism is extremely harmful. It’s fucking cruel to do that to people. Be it natives or refugees. It’s like putting a cobra and a lynx in a same box and make bets on who wins.

  28. “sexual education curricula for kids as young as five and six”
    What the-!?
    School didn’t teach my class the birds and the bees until 7th grade! It was hilarious to see on a blackboard though… Can’t imagine what it would be like with slideshows… maybe even some .gifs?

    1. Kids need to be taught about child molestation very young in an age appropriate manner. That’s what the curricula for 5 and 6 year olds is about. To protect them.

  29. Russia is an economic basket case, a one factor output economy. Strong military exports won’t compensate for $0/barrel oil. We’ve seen such posturing before from other dictator states in Italy and South America. It didn’t hlep them at all. While I grant that opposition to the Kultursmog is a good thing no matter who does it, I suggest that you bring your own basket if you goto Russia. You’ll need it.

  30. Doesn’t Russia have some difficult entry requirements?
    But meh, Russia doesn’t appeal to me, even though they are doing some things right.

  31. How ironic, that American men should flee to Russia to escape the cultural marxism that was foisted upon us by Soviet military intelligence. Well. that’s life, I guess.
    It is funny to see the world through the reflexively anti-Putin lens of the American media. Even the destruction of ISIS is somehow bad, in their eyes, if done by Putin – perhaps it is because Putin would then bask in glory rightfully intended for Obama, I don’t know.

  32. It seems the general consensus of comments here is that marrying a Russian girl is whack. So, how about a Ukrainian girl for wife prospects? Whack or better than a Russian chick?

  33. Russia has one of the highest differences in life expectancy, men live over 11 years less than women, doesn’t bode well for Men there, does anyone know why?

        1. Plenty of them probably do, but Russian guys tend to be especially heavy drinkers, from what I have personally observed. Women in Russia, who are more traditional and respectful of gender roles than American women, are often more responsible drinkers.

        2. That’s why the marriage and fertility rate is so low and abortion is at 60%. Russian women do not want to marry and raise families with violent drunks.

  34. One quick point about Russia: you can’t own land, only the building on it. If your house/apartment burns down the government seizes the land and builds what it wants and you can buy it again at market value. This is why so few Russians want to buy houses, one fire and you’re evicted from your plot of land.

  35. Yeah Putin sound like ‘our kinda guy’ but apart from tacky new-money Moscow and St. Petersburg where hot girls won’t sleep with you unless you push at least a S600 Benz, it’s a backwards shithole, almost third world, where people drink themselves to an early grave out of sheer misery.

  36. Russia has a traditionalist image, for sure. I like the idea of living in a country that doesn’t force me to accept poopdick marriage as “normal.” But there are a lot of problems with the place that people should be aware of. Corruption is high. No strong middle class. It’s arguably a 3rd world existence for most of the citizens. Combine those issues with long, dark winters and few prospects for work, and it’s no wonder alcoholism is so common. Beer was considered a soft drink there for a while! Just some things to think about before you fly over there in hopes of finding a neo-masculine utopia.

    1. Not to mention Russian is a really tough language to learn. Not impossible of course, but it takes a serious commitment. Until you’ve mastered the local language you can’t assimilate into the culture.

  37. Man, worked and lived in Russia twice. I can say it ain’t that easy if u are not European/ Russian looking. The place is corrupt and police sucks ass. The girls are hot, but definitely not easy on the street. It is better to meet them through a friend or in a dance class or at work. never let someone take ur passport unless for visa and get your employer register you as soon as possible or else u are looking at a fine and even worse spending time sitting in a place with migrant Uzbeks. Never get the police involved with anything especially stolen passports. Connections are really important. They can get you out really tough spots and make things easier.

  38. “…his response to the recent migrant crises. Russia is not accepting hordes of migrants…”
    it’s not like any of those migrants would go to Russia even you pay them anyway lol.

  39. A few points, not disagreements:
    1. Putin has a flaw: he is a blank slatist when it comes to different groups of people. And is not really an ethnic nationalist as a result (patriot).
    From Anatoly Karlin on unz.com
    2. Believe it or not, but even nations we make fun of here (Sweden, France, Netherlands) have very high birthrates for the developed world among the natives. Sub replacement but so far they’re doing better than Russia
    3. Global warming would be good for Russia. More useable land

  40. Even aware American consumers who want to avoid them have no easy way to do so.

    There is an easy way. Only eat food labelled non-GMO. If you are unsure, ask the manufacturer.

  41. Sounds like a bit of a rose-tinted view of Russia. I’m sure it has its problems. Not only that, if Russia is strongly controlling immigration, how do you expect to move there?

  42. You know the west is upside down when despite all the propoganda Russia starts looking appealing. I’m tired of the American pyramid scheme too.

  43. I wonder if Vladimir can turn around the fertility and divorce rates though? Will be a tough challenge I think.
    Maybe he has to do the honor himself.

  44. I like Putin and his “I don’t give a fuck” attitude towards the west. I don’t believe they are 3 great examples of policy however.
    Food – In a nation where the vast majority is tundra, growing organic to sustain a growing population is just ridiculous. GMO’s are an inevitable fact of life, they improve crop yield, disease resistance and improve environmental adaptation. Like any technology it will improve over time.
    Demography – The government should not need to incentivize families to have children by providing financial support. This is how our western socialism mess started, social engineering via the family tax benefit..
    All the government has to do is to maintain policy that supports the nuclear family. If a woman has no other way to access a mans funds other than to marry him and keep that marriage functional, everything else will take care of itself. The moment the woman has access to no fault divorce or social security it is game over.
    Putin is most certainly on the correct track with debt, but Russia is still not a very efficient government and taxes not low enough to develop an internationally competitive economy.
    Hopefully Russia and the eastern bloc having experienced the perils of communism first hand will help fend of the other marxist ideals well into the future. I would not hold out however, people have a natural tendency to be gullible, especially when politicians start making promises with other peoples wealth.

    1. “GMO’s are an inevitable fact of life, they improve crop yield, disease resistance and improve environmental adaptation.”
      GMO’s destroyed India’s crops.
      “All the government has to do is to maintain policy that supports the nuclear family.”
      Russian women always complain that their men are alcoholics who beat them mercilessly when drunk. No wonder there’s a 60% abortion rate there.

  45. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are over 185 ethnic groups in Russia, according to Wikipedia. So really, there might not be such a thing as a homogeneous Russian even if Russians compose over 85% of the population. Also, multiculturalism isn’t that bad. Look at Brazilian or Colombian women. Part of their appeal stems precisely from different cultures getting it on and mixing their best genes. Ditto Polish, Czech and Lebanese women. Also, that burger and pizza you might like? Compare that with Hitler and his acolytes, the fatass Goring, the frail and creepy looking Goebbels, and the decidedly Asian looking SS master Himmler.

  46. That Slavic farm girl in the picture looks a thousand times better than the tattooed unfeminine cunts floating around in the US.
    I am assuming its a model posing in traditional attire,but still She doesn’t even need to show extra skin to attract guys.

    1. She is a model. You’d see babushkas mainly on the russian farms. They probably were hotties but like 40 years ago

  47. Interestingly enough, I have an article upcoming on Russia, particularly where the Putin regime is taking the country.
    What we are seeing is an undercurrent from tsarist times re-asserting itself in communism’s absence. Russians are being slowly shunted towards a Reactionary State. It’s not happening fast enough for my liking, but I certainly think NeoMasculinists need to give credit to the philosophers, past and present, who are shaping Russia’s direction and creating a bulwark against the effeminate ‘Modern’ West.

  48. Some of these articles are starting to read like Pravda under the Soviet era. I’d really like to know how many of these Russian pie-in-the-sky folks have actually lived there for any extended period of time. Yeah, live on an organic farm in the middle of Russia and having hot young Slavic girls begging to have your babies. Yeah…and every third world peasant thinks American streets are paved with gold too.

  49. This article is so damn stupid. I’ve spent quite a bit time in Russia and trust me, they don’t want idiotic Westerners moving there to take advantage of their women or whatever the hell you’re proposing. First of all, you’ll have to learn Russian. In many Western European countries, English is commonly spoken as a second language – this is not the case in Russia.
    Russia is quite ethnically diverse. I mean you’ve got people from the Caucasus and Dagestan who are predominately Muslim, plus a whole bunch of ethnic groups spread out across Siberia – it’s a very big place after all. You admitted that foreigners aren’t greeted quite as warmly as they apparently are in the West, but remember, that includes you. Oh, and there are quite a lot of people coming in from Central Asian countries. Moscow is full of ’em.
    Just say you manage to learn the language and adapt to the culture and eke out a living for yourself in Moscow. I believe the average wage in Moscow equates to about $800 USD a month. Unless you’ve got some awesome contacts, you’re not going to get rich in Russia – Moscow is also rather expensive, more so if you want to live in a “nice” part of town. You could go out to the rural areas, sure. Russian roads are world famous, just look up some videos on youtube if you want to know why. And what will you do for a living? Maybe talk someone into letting you work on their farm for fuck-all wages? Live in some sad dilapidated building that gets seriously cold in winter? A lot of young people are bailing out of the countryside to get into the big cities, simply because there’s shit-all opportunities for them in the country.
    I love Russia, I spent most of my time there in Ekatarinburg, happily fucking over idiotic Western tourists. But I had family and contacts there before I ever left Australia, and I wasn’t there for a holiday. It’s not impossible for a Westerner to do quite well in the more West-friendly cities like Moscow and St Petersburg, especially if you’re comfortable in bending the law a little. One of my uncles is an archaeologist based in Scotland who does archeological tours throughout Russia, and he does quite well with that, but he doesn’t bloody live there. Even I still choose to base myself in Australia.
    In short, Russia’s great for the right sort of person. No country is perfect. It makes no sense to applaud their resistance to Westernisation and then to assume that they’d automatically accept you – a Westerner – just because… what? You’re somehow “different”? Heads up, you’re not.

  50. In Russia the Soros funded pro-degeneracy NGO pussy riot gets this treatment:

    In America commander-in-chief bare bottom would invite them to a “special showing” on the rainbow house lawn.
    Men are men in Russia. Not the pussy faggots we create here in diversityland.

  51. As a biracial african/euro guy from Aus, would Russia be safer to go for a vacation than Ukraine or Belarus?

    1. How about you and your bastardized genome stay out of Europe and all other White countries for that matter? What makes you think you have a right to live in Europe?

      1. What right did Vox Day and his bastardized genome have to marry a white woman and live in “white” Italy?

        1. And yet Vox Day is one of the stalwarts of the alt-right.
          What right does he have to be advising the master race on anything?

  52. The whole “Demography” section is a load of crap. Putin may make pious noises about the importance of population growth, but at the end of the day, Russian birthrates are abysmally low. The abortion rate is something like 60% of all pregnancies.
    Minorities and assimilation? Bitch, please. Russia is a federation that has several constituent autonomous republics, precisely for the purpose of accommodating ethnic minorities. They have their own parliaments and the ability to enact their own local laws. Heck, Chechnya has even been enacting sharia during the last years, and Putin is very much okay with that, as long as the Chechens recognize him as their supreme tsar.

    1. Russia is over 80% White(East Slavic European). The other 20% are the result of Russia’s former empire and continued occupation of the Caucuses+ some parts of central Asia. The Russians aren’t too friendly to the idea of “diversity”. Nor should they. They have the right to keep their country White and Christian.

      1. How the current situation came to be or what Russia might have a moral right to do is an irrelevant red herring. The article portrays Russia as some Nativist utopia that doesn’t make any accommodation of minorities. Which is objectively bollocks.
        Ethnic minorities in Russia, a significant number of which are Muslim, are given their own autonomous regions and the ability to pass their own regional laws. Supposedly SJW-infested, immigrant-hugging Europe has nothing of the sort.

        1. Sweden, probably has more muslims than russia. germany now too, has been cucked by its gov to bring them in by the shitload

        2. i would rather have muslims be given there own region to fuck up than to push everyone together with “diversity”

  53. What are an American’s choices regarding living in a nation that respects and understands the importance of Western Civilization? Feminism is simply one of the characteristics of Collectivism. The collectivists believe that once their dream is realized, we’ll have utopia. However, this isn’t further from the truth, because the destruction of the civilization can only lead to a Darwinian world of pure survival of the fittest. This isn’t good news for the politically correct elite. They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.
    Meanwhile, if Russia is the only place left on Earth where common sense reigns, I guess I’ll have to move there, if they’ll let me. Their tax rates make sense, and the attitude of the leadership, even if it’s reactionary, seems to coincide with survival of the traditional, PROVEN, structure of successful society. I know the opposition is harshly dealt with, but what TYPE of opposition? I mean, if it’s “we need more gay people…gay people are normal…GLBT is normal…” bullshit, I could care less. Immigrants who refuse to assimilate? So what, they shouldn’t be allowed to move here, either. Islam? It’s a damn cult, why should society be held hostage to a bunch of 7th Century whack-jobs?
    The more I see what’s happening here, versus the leadership of a Putin, the better Russia looks. Hell, I’m even cheering them on in Syria. I don’t like their friendship with Iran, but they’ve been dealing with the Persians for thousands of years.

  54. What a surprise, the cursed country which brought degeneracy and misery to the west is now the only place where masculinity is valued, what a fucking surprise…

        1. It most asduredly was. The vast majority of the leading Bolsheviks were Jewish. This isn’t merely my opinion. You can look it up for yourself.

        2. They are never the majority… anywhere or in anything, dumbass. But they always have the money, connections, power, and propaganda/linguistic/agitation skills to cause MASSIVE problems even when in lesser numbers.
          Exhibit A: The USA in the past 50 years.
          The tribesmen were the movers and shakers behind Bolshevik communism. In the National Archives (USA) there exist telegrams from 1916-17, from various US diplomats and military attaches in Russia at the time, that specifically spoke of the heavy jewish influence at the start of the Bolshevik communist revolution.
          No… I’m not going to provide a link or proof. Do your own research, as I did in the past.

        3. Hmmmmmmmmmm, lets take a look at the makeup of the contral committee in 1917:
          (((Vladimir Lenin)))
          (((Leon Trotsky)))
          (((Grigory Zinoview)))
          (((Lev Kamenev)))
          Josef Stalin
          (((Grigori Sokolinikov)))
          Andrei Bubnov
          Alexandra Kollontai
          Nicholai Bukharin
          (((Yakov Sverdlov)))
          Viktor Pavlovich Nogin
          Pavel Paviovich Ryabushinski
          Artem Sergeyev
          Vladimir Milyutin
          Felix Dzerzhinsky
          Leonid Petrovich Serebryakov
          Ivar Tenisovich Smilga
          Jānis K. Bērziņš
          (((Nikolay Krestinsky)))
          Stepan Shaumian
          (((Moisei Uritsky)))
          Vladimir Antonov-Ovseyenko
          As you can see, about 1/3 of the people are Jews, and keep in mind, many of the non jews on this list I simply didn’t have enough information on them to know.

        4. oh yeah? and how long did it take you to reach this astonishing conclusion, professor?
          every kid and mentally disabled bum in the street knows that Jews had a very strong influence during the revolution. you don’t need to read any “telegrams” for that. however, Jews comprised less than 2% of population in Russia. out of those only a small percentage had any kind of influence on the events. get a clue. the revolution succeeded in Russia not because it was Jews – but because it was Russia.
          but you’ve never been to Russia, don’t speak Russian and hardly know where Russia is. all your “research” is like reading pick up books without actually talking to a single woman in real life. you need to realize that you will never understand what exactly happens in Russia and why.

  55. ROK in a nutshell: Hispanics, negroes and other minorities trying to have sex with With White women and destroy White countries.

    1. pretty much nails it, ROK does post decent content against femmunism, but it suffers from “muh poor minorities” syndrome. and at times advocates degenerative garbage like watching porn for pick up “artist” skills, and miscegenation garbage as well

      1. I admit, I think the manosphere does plenty of good for redpilling men about sex. However, the degeneracy it promotes along with the tendency of the readership to be minorities make it no friend of European civilization.

        1. And the suggestion that Americans, Brits, Canucks, Kiwis or Europeans immigrate to Russia when Putin does not want immigrants, is ridiculous. This article glorifies Putin for taking a stand then advises us to violate that stand all in one go. Consistency is not their strong suit.

      1. People who…. i don’t know give a fuck about their culture, heritage and basic cultural values, i guess not cucks like you

  56. Russia is not a haven for non-Slavic refugees. The reason Russia is so awesome is because we Westerners are NOT there. If we go there, we ruin it.
    It’s the same phenomenon as the Californication of places.

  57. People are saying Russia isn’t the paradise that this article makes it out to be, and that is absolutely the case.
    However, one should not emigrate to a new land based purely on it being “better” than the old.
    The reason to support Russia in this world today is because it is the last, best defender of the Christian world.
    If Russia was as strong as it is today, the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Serbia and cuckification of the survivors by NATO murderers would never have been allowed.
    Russia is the last, best hope of the Christian world. Yes, it will be hard, but, especially if you are an Orthodox believer, what is right isn’t always the same as what is easy or comfortable.

    1. You forgot accurate as hell to. Go run to your Professor so he can teach you how to use a dildo instead of preparing you for the workforce.

  58. “Russia has also shown its support for the traditional, nuclear family by refusing to adopt the same pro-LGBTQ-LMNOPQRS”
    By passing laws restricting removing all protections to LGBT and brainwashing people to think homosexuality is a sickness, which gets them beaten on the streets by bigots.

      1. We could go into a long argument here if you want, but I’m ready to go out. It all started long, long ago, in the garden with the first man and woman…

  59. The short version. Russia already went thru this shit and knows better. But seriously I tried to learn why the rest of the world hates Putin so much and this is pretty much what I came up with. He doesn’t play the Globalists game.

  60. I think all of you “Russia has a lot of ethnic groups” people are missing the point. Those people were always there and have a right to be there. Putin is against the obvious takeover of nations thru modern, mass immigration. It is a war, period. We fought every war in our history to avoid what we are being forced to accept and promote now. The West is being forced to accept millions upon millions of minorities from dangerous third world nations and accommodate them in every way. At the same time they are promoting hatred between the sexes and a reliance on the state which has plummeted birth rates. We are being replaced, it’s that simple. In Germany it’s so bad (and please tell me the elite are not trying to end the German gene) that the state can no longer afford anymore immigrants but must keep taking them. They have resorted to shaming the populace to “adopting” immigrants and place them in your homes and care for them. Absurd! If you have a poor financial background or even a little misdemeanor on your record it stays with you wherever you go here. We know nothing of these people. They could be serial killers for all we know and are forced to respect, care for, and accommodate them.

  61. “For those men who dream of a simpler life living on an organic farm with a Slavic beauty and starting a family of healthy, half-Slavic stock, it is worth noting that Russia has immense amounts of beautiful vacant fertile land and women.”
    You’re not suggesting we immigrate are you? Putin doesn’t want immigrants.

  62. All the Russian ex-pats I know both here and in India have no intention of returning to their motherland. Why is that?

  63. If I was Russia I would not let western men in. I mean from our perspective yes we benefit a huge amount from traditionalist women and a masculine culture but for them and their perspective they’re looking at white western and turkish immigrants coming to take their women and breed into their Russian gene pool. If anything they need to be making more full Russian babies to keep a healthy resource abundant country. Especially against the degeneracies of Europe.

    1. What distinct traits do Russians have that need to be protected from other Europeans? If anything, the opposite is true…

  64. No offense but alot of other countries don’t actually want American migrants (Russia included).This is the harsh reality due to Americas international profile- post GFC especially.

    1. This is not from experience so I will defer to men who know more on the subject, but I feel that whether a person is accepted to a host country is a lot like getting laid: does that person bring something to the table that is desirable to the host?

  65. Catholic prophecy says that salvation will come from Russia. And that Russia is the final solution to the problem we face today. Yea I know I know….most of everyone on this earth is anti-catholic, I’ve heard it all “Oh you guys worship statues!!” “Oh, I don’t believe in your magical sky god!!!” “Oh, you guys worship mary!!”. Yea whatever. That is an uninformed Protestant viewpoint of Catholicism of which is the ONLY true church on earth.
    If Russia can convert to Catholicism, then Catholicism will be backed up by the most powerful nation on earth. Us white christian males can leave the feminist US and feminist Europe and move to Russia it live in God’s world. As we leave, all of western civilization will crash behind us. The purple haired feminist will be left screaming and knashing her teeth. She won’t understand why she doesnt have a $100K management position at a corporation any longer. The black female won’t understand why welfare doesn’t exist any longer. It’s because ALL OF IT is off the backs of white males that are debt slaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE are the ones that are fleeced of our jobs and management positions so they can be given away to stupid satanic females.
    Hurry Russia. Hurry Putin. Hurry God. White christian men are waiting.

        1. Depending on how much it might be worth it. I’ll give the monkey a buck to have him explain where he gets that the Catholic Church has a prophecy about the Russians saving the world.

  66. With the way Russia is sucking up to the Iranians it might soon be possible to simply go to “Dearbornistan”, MI and get the bulk of the Russian experience right here in the US of A.
    Putin’s economy is in the crapper. So is that of the Chinese and the USA, but Putin hasn’t been able to mask it nearly as well and there’s no nifty solution to fix it that he can propose, he has no equivalent to Trump’s NAFTA argument.

  67. Its not just Russia, whole Eastern Europe and even here in Balkan is widely regarded as “traditional” and more masculine societies. Although, here in Croatia I saw recently influence of foreign SJW movements and feminism. But its actually pretty moderate here, feminists are not like in US, actually they don’t despise men.
    Regarding Putin, I couldn’t not help shake the feeling of article somewhat glorifying him. While I certainly respect him, like I do Trump, you must be careful.
    Putin is actually top notch player in eastern establishment. This establishment is connected to jewish-russian mafia, which compromises of ex soviet military and intelligence men turned into oligarchs.
    This thing with arrest warrants for Soros and Rothchild bank is just a stunt.
    There are 4 establishments that rule the world, not one and not one “Elite”/”powers that be”/”illuminati” and such.

    1. The girl I was dating a few weeks back was from Siberia and she has wonderful things to say about the place. Apparently much of the upper class (read educated and land loaning) people who weren’t outright killed were sent there after the revolution.
      The result is a large cluster of anti communist, nationalist, pro tzarist people who care about art and music and literature and pass this on to their children and grand children.
      Despite being a high fashion model, this girl was very smart, shockingly well read for her age and genuinely amazing to talk to. Really one of the most fun to be with girls I ever dated.
      I had always pictured Siberia as the ice planet of Hoth but despite the climate, it is apparently a place where culture, art, music, literature all thrives and where being masculine for men and feminine for women is taken very seriously.

      1. My father in law comes from Siberia. Stout and good people.
        I understamd why Moscowvites mock them. Sort of like why people on the coasts mock those in fly-over-country in the US.

  68. Putin did not throw out the Rothschild Central Bank from Russia. Get you facts right. There have been only rumors that he is planning to ban it but the status quo hasn’t changed as of today.
    Under the Constitution, the Central Bank of Russia R belongs to a foreign State – the City of London – and is taking orders from London and Washington. This bank can only print money corresponding to its cash in foreign currency.

    1. for some reason I haven’t read the Russian constitution, but out of interest where exactly does it say the russian central bank belongs to the city of london? All I can find are one or two similar references on the web, which seem to be no more than unevidenced assertions

      1. In wikipedia it says:
        According to the constitution, it [CBR] is an independent entity (no citation).
        Which means that it’s like all other central banks under the cap of Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which in turn is controlled by the large banking families and used to be the Nazi’s favorite bank too.
        You will not have exact references pointing towards the Rothschild ownership as they operate through a complex web of numerous banking entities.

        1. So it’s another central bank, within the central bank system, however that works, and whoever / whatever controls it. Alleging the russian central bank is controlled by the city of london without evidence simply because it’s a central bank isn’t helpful. That would be the case even if it were true.

        2. That doesn’t mean shit. There is no evidence to suggest that it’s controlled by the BIS (which is in Basel, not the City of London fyi) or any other organization for that matter. All it states is that it’s independently managed.

  69. I’m not going to lump praise on Putin (nor will I vilify him like the US) but…
    I must state I highly approve of Slavic farm girls. I say this from experience. 🙂

    1. if there was a Slavic Farm Girl party I might consider finally registering to vote

  70. A benevolent dictatorship, that puts its own people first, and doesn’t engage in needless wars, is arguable the best form of government.

  71. ‘Democracy’ is not a good thing. It’s become very clear giving everyone the right to vote destroys countries.

  72. If only I could recommend putting effort in economically progressive India, but imitating the cultural ‘progression’ of the west has made it worse just as quickly. The minorities are demanding power to abuse, under the guise of equality. Sluts and false rape accusers abound, despite having below average looks.

    1. India would be a lost cause if continues to imitate the cultural “progression” of the west. It won’t take much time for it’s economy to regresse.
      Our country has this toxic fusion between traditional Indian gynocentrism ( heavily influenced by Hinduism ) and western feminism.
      And I don’t undestand the desire for Indians to pedestalize the Western Culture. I think it stems from most Indian’s inherit inferiority complex in regards to their own culture and a 200+ years of British domination. People here would regard you as an elite even if you speak fluent English. And people who do speak fluent English tend to have this obsession to show other people how westernized and “modern” they are.

    1. I would never live there, and as an American AND 10 year military vet, would not expect to be well-received there.
      But I respect Putin, and the toughness/nationalistic tendencies of the majority of Russian people.
      Any country that keeps a lid on immigration and gay nonsense, has my respect.

      1. it’s not too hard to “keep a lid” on immigration because nobody wants to emigrate there anyway. plus Moscow’s population is already 25% Muslim so you’re not going to like it there.

        1. I don’t understand how this logic works. If nobody wants to emigrate there, how did it become 25% Muslim?

        2. Moskovites are xenophobic. City even got a nickname of “Not Rubber” because natives always cry about migrants. Not only foreigners, they don’t even like people from other parts of RF. Obviously with such bias, they will exaggerate migration statistics.
          Moscow is my birthplace but I haven’t been there in a long time. Many who visit say it changed due to heavy migration from southern republics… It’s hard to get unbiased statistics. It’s probably less than 25% and more than 2% That also depends on how it’s counted. There are many illegals in Moscow.

        3. According to the 2010 census, 92% of the population is ethnically Russian, and as far as I know, Muslims in Russia really don’t consider themselves ethnically Russian.

        4. being originally from Moscow, i’m sure you know exactly what i mean. there’s no western-style immigration. there’s no german-swedish style immigration. “migrants” from middle east don’t want to go to Russia. hell they don’t even want to stay in Hungary. they want rich western European countries with generous welfare.
          migration movements to Russia are mostly from former Soviet republics with which it always had strong historical connections. many of them are гастарбайтеры. and for most of them Russian is the second – or first – language.

        5. I did, it refers to wikipedia, which claims that Moscow has approximately 1 million Muslim residents, or approximately 8% of the population. When going down to the citation, it turns out to be from slate, which has absolutely zero academic credibility.

  73. “The Russian government has bonuses in place that act as incentives for families to have more children and relieve the financial burden that children can pose to a family.” — But when Donald Trump suggests allowing working mothers to use Unemployment Benefits to pay for family leave…or allowing ALL child care costs be tax deductible (so as to encourage women to have babies) so called “Conservatives” scream like its Armageddon.

  74. The East is winning… Power and influence shifts between East and West, every 500 years, or so. It is definitely shifting East.

  75. Russia has become the world leader of a nation ruled by honorable Men. At least as far as the leadership goes, they will be the ones standing up to the western NWO.
    Respect and love to Russians and their Orthodoxy!

  76. Here is an article about the Russian Cossacks, who are the most patriarchal part of the Russian population:
    The article points out how in Cossack society the husband earns a living while the wife makes their home by cooking, cleaning and bearing children. Large families are encouraged. Trouble-makers, including drunks and disrespectful Muslims, are dealt with harshly.

  77. same as anywhere else in europe, if your non white, it’s not the place for you, it’s nice because your people are not there

  78. Here is a YouTube video about the resurgence of the Cossacks in Russia:

    It’s somewhat hostile toward the Cossacks but it manages to portray them somewhat attractively nonetheless (although probably more attractively than intended).

  79. I tell you why. Russians are not afraid of political correctness like Americans.
    Even though Russians are known for their abrasive and uncouth characteristics, they tend to be straight
    forward and blunt compared to Americans.
    They also have common sense when it comes to men and women differences.
    Also this article got recycled? because I remember seeing this article one year ago.

  80. Who ever wrote this article obviously has no fucking clue about Russian history.
    Yeah, go ahead, move into the country that developed masonry, bolshevism, genocide through starvation and the very first Big Brother Project known as the Gulag of the s. services.
    Starting to think ROK is just a common ground for intellectual wankers.

  81. It’s really cute how all the “neomasculine, traditional” men from the West think they know what they’re talking about when they say they need to move to Russia and how Putin is such a great leader. Putin doesn’t care, it’s all a huge lie – he’s a communist, just like the whole government – they steal from the people, they lie to the people; do you know the living conditions? The absolute absence of food control? You buy chicken from a supermarket, and you have a potential chance of dying. All the imported food is getting abolished, and all the private producers are getting cut down – my friend’s farm got looted and all his chickens got killed under the excuse of some disease so the communist bastards can control the food market better. You are blind. The wealthy run from Russia, the poor have to stay. The wages are falling, the official steal everything – Putin and his
    government bring death and chaos to Russia you ignorant American idiots

  82. No GMOs? No debt to international banksters?
    Now you understand why (((they))) who control our media are so eager to start WW3 with Russia.