French Train Hero Tries To Protect Woman And She Leaves After He Gets Stabbed

In August, American soldier Spencer Stone was amongst those who halted a purported Islamic fundamentalist’s attempt at a killing spree on a crowded French train. For his valiant efforts, he received the Legion of Honor from President François Hollande. Fast-forward mere weeks and Stone has now been stabbed in Sacramento, California after trying to help a woman he thought was being attacked by her boyfriend. In return, the hero suffered multiple stab wounds at the hands of other men, injuries he is yet to recover from in hospital.

The woman thanked Stone’s intervention by promptly escaping with his suspected attackers. In a move which should not surprise any person with a red pill even still stuck on their tongue, the female cozied up again with the same man Stone allegedly saw punch her. The lesson? By now, you should be able to tell it yourself: you can risk life and limb for a woman and she nonetheless goes back to the person she wanted all manner of assistance against only moments before. The fate of the poor sucker who desperately and bravely tries to help is immaterial to her.

White knights come in all shades

I’m sure Spencer is a great dude but if he keeps trying to save the world he’ll soon be departing from it. Repeated heroes usually end up dying.

Spencer Stone is not the sort of white knight I am going to ridicule like the regular variety. Truth be told, he probably does not and will never regret intervening to help the woman. The real difficulty, though, is making so many men comprehend their literal dispensability in the eyes of a gargantuan percentage of the female population.

Many women themselves do not realize this consciously, basically because they have never had to be “saved” by another man in a violent situation. There are hints, however, that creep out in daily life. It’s your responsibility to find them and act accordingly.

The flakiness and duplicity of women is well-known. Stone should consider himself a victim of one of the more dramatic examples of this behavior. The girl you made out with passionately on the dance floor becomes the girl ignoring you the next day. People talk about “tight game” and other methodologies as a panacea to this, as if it offers some sort of bona fide daily life insurance for any male user.

Try telling that to professional asshole and supposed alpha Sean Penn, who found his texts and calls suddenly ignored by Charlize Theron, or any man drawn from a litany of sex symbol celebrities who is left to the wolves by a previously “devoted” female.

Game and other honed skills will improve your odds and numbers, sometimes drastically so, but they will not make you immune to all the vagaries of women. Nor will being a burly, strapping young man (and actual hero) who comes to a girl’s physical rescue. Irrespective of whether you’re not expecting or even thinking about romance, you will regularly be bitterly disappointed if you anticipate an iota of genuine gratitude from her. Unless someone is in mortal danger (and here, too, it’s often dumb to get involved), is intervening to help a woman really worth the effort?

Be careful of your paradigm, white knights

Just as the white knight can imagine he has armor and a steed, he can also imagine or embellish the reasons for him saving a woman.

A number of the news stories about the Sacramento stabbing have pointed to a two-way physical exchange between the woman in question and the man who punched her. Of course, any man who punches a woman in public is stupidly stoking one hell of a fire. She could have hit you with a baseball bat from behind and you’re still seen as the aggressor.

Stone’s miscalculation seems to have been ignoring the woman’s participation in the physicality. This is significant, as a mental omission of her actions, like with many intervening men, most likely explains why he got between them.

Paradigms such as these shine a light on countless behavioral permutations in terms of not only white knights but how we usually define victims and aggressors. Men will not flinch to intervene to help a woman of the same general size as the male apparently attacking her, but may just look on when a refrigerator of a man attacks a proverbial male Hobbit outside a nightclub.

Likewise, violent or very suspect actions by a woman are deemed irrelevant for the purposes of a man deciding whether to “save” her. The problem exists on a continuum, so even we who see ourselves as inoculated against cultural lies need to be constantly reassessing our underlying presumptions.

Helping most women (or people in general) is a waste of time

Who do you really risk yourself for?

Save the vast majority of your charitable or Good Samaritan acts for actual charity cases: maybe the elderly, the disabled, or the casualties of auto accidents. Or, like Stone’s first act of bravery, stopping terrorists who stand right in front of you. You might opt for being the budding hero of a woman, only to find yourself dead, in a wheelchair, beaten up or otherwise all the worse for intervening, whether physically, socially, professionally or financially.

Sadly, chances are that something detrimental like this will happen very quickly. You’ll get more of a celebration amongst women by being aggressively violent, rather than aggressively defending someone else, including women themselves.

Risk yourself for a principle that you want to see live on after you’re gone (preferably in 50+ years). Never risk yourself for a woman likely to spite you in spite of all your attempts to protect her.

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235 thoughts on “French Train Hero Tries To Protect Woman And She Leaves After He Gets Stabbed”

  1. Spencer Stone
    Is not a white knight that we know of. He seems to have a strong protect-others personality. Had the attackers been attacking a man, I strongly suspect, based on his history on the French train, that he would have tried to help every bit as much. Some people are wired like that, we used to make them real knights and real warriors, not mock and ridicule them. In the future I suspect you’ll hear about him saving a man in a tight spot, again like he did with many men (and women) on that French train. I admire that kind of selfless duty to protect others, and it would be nice to see a rise of this kind of man again in our culture. His kind has practically been bred and shamed out of existence, the actual old school honorable warrior. Yes, he tried to save a woman, and he didn’t “take into account” actions which he *may well have not seen* on her part. We have no way of knowing. But again, if it were a small dude being beaten down, I suspect he would have jumped in with both feet to help him too.
    As to how the woman acted, agreed, zero surprise. THAT should be the message to *real* white knights. But they won’t listen, the sound of “I might get pussy if I just sacrifice more for women” is deafening in their ears.

    1. Right…he has a sheepdog mentality to protect the herd. Cops, soldiers, EMS, ER docs have this way of thinking and attract these type of folks. I guarantee the fems deride this behavior as “quaint” or as “toxic masculinity”…

      1. Beat me to it! Reading this article, I definitely thought of the sheepdog mentality, not white knight. I reserve the title of White Knight to those that interject themselves on frivolous matters (think internet arguments) in the hopes of getting female adoration. This clearly was not the case in this instance.

        1. To hell with hopes of getting female adoration and approval. You seek admiration, recognition, and respect from fellow men and form a brotherhood where we watch out for one another. Only men appreciate what men do for others.

        2. Indeed. And a bonus is that if other men lionize you, the women basically line up and take a number to be in your company.

      2. All is not lost, there is a subgroup of women who are really drawn to men in those fields. There is a website that i put a profile on just for kicks(I’m not military). Alot of southern charm and hot country girls saying there is just something about a man willing to lay down his life for their country.

        1. There’s also just something about his steady paycheck, all expenses paid life and fat pension. Officer’s wives have it good.

        2. Agreed. There’s also a lot of ‘cash and prizes’ to be had by the ex-wife of a military service member in the divorce.
          I was always glad that I never married nor fathered children.

        3. Plus that whole “die for my country” stuff screams beta provider chump. Women can smell a man that will work 50 hours to pay for her weekly hairdo and handbag. Women are sexually drawn to narcissistic men that look out for themselves first. They arent looking for alphas on the internet.

        4. Yep. I live in a military town (southern) and you can bet it’s more of the provider thing. Most of these “navy wives” have a good thing going (especially the officer’s wives). The husband is out on deployment half of their career (or at least some of it) and the check keeps coming in to their bank account. I’ve heard quite a few of them “gleefully” announce it (plus they’re only working some part time job that is pocket money).
          Be advised all of you young men seeking the military route that many of these women will see you as steady income – that’s about it.

        5. Don’t get me wrong, I’m only saying go after the women that are turned on by that. I was able to chat up some real hotties, even though I am not nor will ever be military.

        6. The real downside to all of this shit was the divorce that followed (when military men returned home). A couple of buddies found out when they got back how their wives fucked around on them. They find out that they married a whore after they married…and then there are the kids (it’s fucked up).

        7. Yeah its a hard deal for anyone in the military, distance and opportunity..and many women will take advantage

        8. Is there a problem with a wife seeking the financial security and family environment nurturing generated by her husband’s income? If the husband is away for long stints and she stays back, caring for the home and the children, like any wife is supposed to, shouldn’t she avail of the financial resources produced by her husband? Isn’t this the traditional way in which a traditional family is run, according to logic, tradition AND coincidentally, most men here on ROK?
          If a woman marries a man and expects him to provide- she’s a gold digger.
          If she has an education and works to supplement her family’s income- she’s a nazi, a ball buster, she’s masculine and is undermining her husband’s authority.
          If she doesn’t work but takes care of the home and children- she’s just seeking a cushy life not doing anything.
          If she works, relies on a nanny or a kindergarten for her young children- beware of feminazis who work, who are bitchy and feel like they have their husbands’ balls in their palms.
          So which one is it, guys? It’s getting a bit confusing. Please enlighten me.

        9. Yes, the slutty ones. The ones you guys swoon over, looking at their tits and asses and nothing else.
          Perhaps when men learn how to correctly choose a wife, a life partner, a reliable other-half, a normal human being and a woman who is exactly what a woman should be, and not just a doll with orifices to be penetrated and nothing else, perhaps then these divorces, ass rapes in court and all this male abuse by awful women will stop. Until then, enjoy your ‘hot pussies’ and keep paying through your noses.

        10. Sorry man! I’m just a ‘dudette’ who’s trying to pick up men’s brains so to speak, and I’ve read ONLY such stories on this website- ALL men who’ve had serious troubles in their relationships have had it because of shitty, slutty women/girls. Why on earth don’t they give the time of the day to other kinds of women, instead of wasting their time on hoes?
          Sorry ’bout my ‘angry’ tone again….it does sometimes piss me off.
          Then, women like myself, who want a normal family and a normal husband will naturally wonder ‘where are all the good men’…they’re on MGTOW I suppose.

        11. Why on earth don’t they give the time of the day to other kinds of women, instead of wasting their time on hoes?
          Answer: For the same reason women prefer bad boys more than other guys!

        12. Your an idiot that’s the whole point there is no perfect woman or wife in life. The issue is who has the upper hand in the relationship you or her? If it’s her your fucked if it’s you then great. You only live once and it’s a war out there claiming that people need to find better women is a fools errand. A girl will mask her personality to your desires and you won’t be able to see it till it’s too late like ugh at marriage or divorce time.

      3. The police attracts bullies and cowards. Not sheepdogs. No cop will die to save you or your family. A sheepdog will.

        1. I wouldn’t go throwing the baby out with the bath water on this though.
          There are officers who sacrifice their safety to help others. I don’t know what the percentages are but we rely on these people to maintain some semblance of civility.
          You’ve going to have bad apples in a bunch from time to time.

        2. I agree, certainly the 70 odd cops who died in 9/11. Generally I think it is the institution of the police that is the issue rather than the participants.

        3. I’ve definitely seen that trait, and need to be a part of a ‘don’t mess with me or you mess with my homies’ attitude prevalent in cops. Nevertheless, this story from Ireland resembles the one above to a tee. Girl with ‘dark triad bad boi'(tm) eventually runs to cops to make domestic abuse claim. Leads cop to house. Bad boi starts shooting. Cop lays down his life to protect girl who perhaps should have informed cop that tingle-generating bad boi is armed to the teeth. She was critical condition, 3 days ago. Cop & badboi dead.

        4. I expect my servants to take a bullet for me otherwise they are worthless. Disband all cop forces because I personally don’t need them and have never once in my life needed one.

      4. “I guarantee the fems deride this behavior as “quaint” or as “toxic masculinity”…”
        And the betas who know they don’t have the minerals to actually do something like that, deride him for being a fool or acting on some hidden motivation (eg. impressing the chick).

      5. Pretty much. I’ve tried explaining this to the patriotards, but to no avail. Might as well reason with a brick instead. At least the brick doesn’t pretend to protect my freedom. Case in point, when I bring up the red herring of military blaming politicians for not protecting the constitution, instead of them actually taking action against said politician for not defending our freedom they shut down and blame politicians. It’s always the blame game with those assholes.

      6. Soldiers sometimes do.
        The others you mentioned really don’t.
        Especially not in modern culture.
        Cops in particular.

    2. I like this a lot. I feel it is a sad referendum, however, on the state of the news, that despite the french train story being ostensibly uplifting and inspiring, I can’t help but think that there is something more at play that’s being covered up, hidden, ignored or just phased out to make for a better story.
      It is sad that I have become so cynical that I hear about a hero like this and instantly think “what happened here” or I hear that a girl was raped and I immediately roll my eyes and think “sure she was.”

      1. It is sad that I have become so cynical that I hear about a hero like
        this and instantly think “what happened here” or I hear that a girl was
        raped and I immediately roll my eyes and think “sure she was.”

        I’m right there with you. Even express the words “Need evidence before I’ll believe” usually. It spurs a lot of interesting discussions with other men actually when that happens.

      2. My cynicism sensors went off at “Two way” physical exchange involving a man and woman. That can ONLY mean that the bitch thought she had carte blanche to maim some guy all she wanted (and these cunts are getting big, no more adorable chest slaps from 110 pound waifs) until he finally was forced to defend himself. When a guy taking a painful beating from a 180 pound modern female finally has had enough and fights back, that’s like catnip for beta males. They just CONVERGE at that point, with flying fists and eager cocks.
        If it were any other type of exchange it would have been painted as ‘violence against women’. A drunk slut thought she was a first class citizen (she was correct) and that gives her the right to beat down a second class citizen (male). Once again, she was right. But the mistake was that she chose a non-white millenial who would have some dying embers of masculinity in his upbringing somewhere. I would be shocked if this episode had no element of female on male simple assault or beta-male, heroic overreaction.

    3. Stone appears to live by an archaic warrior code — yet this situation still played out like the cynical White Knight scenario we warn about in the manosphere. Stone may be admirable, but the warning against aiding women is still completely valid.

      1. That’s more or less what I was saying. I just don’t think his motivation was “Hey, a girl in trouble”, I strongly suspect it was “That person is being beaten”. Just a hunch.

    4. This man is a true hero not doubt. However, he needs to (and I hope has) learn discretion about when to step in.
      There is a basic rule that most men know instinctively. Never come between a man and his woman. Never. You will not win.
      I have seen this play out and its always bad. Saw a guy beating his woman. A friend of mine tried to step in. He got beat by both the man and the woman. Her anger at being beaten by her man was superseded by her anger at seeing another man beat her man.
      We need to keep in mind that some women either think they deserve to be smacked by their man or even (in some cases) desire it.
      If you want to take down a terrorist nutjob, I’ll be with you side by side. You want to sort out a domestic? You’re on your own. I’ll take my chances with the terrorists.

      1. I agree with this statement. men like Mr. Spencer ( a true hero) need to assess and adapt, after all, we live in a femcentric world–things are not always as they seem. In theory, it is noble and righteous to help any human being in matters of distress, just have to pick and choose your battles…wisely.

      2. Have to agree with you on this one. You never know what’s going on with that domestic situation. I, too, have seen many of these situations and you find out (after the fact) that the woman was a nut job…a flake.
        Maybe it’s a good lesson for the man in this situation. Terrorist…jump in and fight. Man and woman fighting….stand back and watch.

      3. Word. Domestic fights ain’t nobody’s business at the end of the day, unless you’re the CPS or police.
        If there’s a woman walking down the street having her purse snatched or threatened with a knife or something, that’s another thing.
        But a dude beating ‘his woman’, she probably deserves it.

    5. This is why I have an issue with the superfluous use of the word Alpha. In any other environment this guy would be the ultimate Alpha. But in our hypergamous reality of today, he is a Chump!

    6. He is just a more masculine white knight.
      The question is: where is the state when you need it?? Maybe president Hussein is interested in spend cop funds in welfare. The social contract is broken. The state doesn’t protect us from physical attacks but protects socialist voter with our money, and meddles in our sentimental life. I propose, secession and restoration of the US Constitution.

        1. Why? Is US Constitution a libertarian text?? Do you say it by the laws originated from the amendments???
          “these united states” that means are other united states which were successful despite its constitution, or what.

        2. The Constitution was a shell game used to mollify those who wanted to avoided a powerful centralized government. It was written by Alexander Hamilton who was a firm believer in strong government.
          “These united states” refers to individual states with their own powers of governance, who were united solely for the purpose of defeating the British Monarchists.
          The Constitution began the process of weakening the states’ rights.

      1. No, I really don’t think that’s true. If this were the first act then yeah, probably. He seems to have a protector impulse that extends to all human beings. That’s not “white knight”.

        1. From your words I think be a white knight implies defend only women. Ok, that guy isn’t a white knight but he’s still a pathological altruist.

    7. well he had to “save” those people, if he did nothing he himself would die too,since hes also on the train. It wasnt a complete selfless act. You fight for number 1 first. the only time you risk it unnecessarily is when its your friends and family. Risking injury for strangers aint worth it.
      When you your friends and your family(your tribe) isnt in danger just mind your own business.

    8. Agreed, A strong masculine confidence to protect others is just part this man’s nature and he not deriving and judging his worth by validating women ( aka the white knight ) that I think that is the difference here.

    9. Agreed. He’s a warrior. They risk their lives to protect the weak, even when the weak are thankless cunts who don’t deserve it. It’s just the right thing to do. What separates a man from a white knight is the reasons for doing so. I highly doubt he expected thank-you pussy. He just did what needed to be done.
      Dude is a hero. Heroics are simply rarely rewarded in modern society.

  2. Well, as GhostOfJefferson stated, this guy is not a white knight. He’s just a guy wired to act with bravery. But too sad this time, he acted for a useless bitch. Red pill lesson for us all.

    1. Indeed this is an important lesson we must all internalize.
      Do NOT save these hos!! They don’t wanna be saved.
      It could’ve been a red pill man touching up a ho for gettin outta line. Are you gonna step in the middle of that to save this piece of shit whore?
      I say let them take their fuckin lumps. Superman ain’t savin shit.

    2. acting with bravery could also involve breaking up the fight, not picking the “poor helpless female” to save.
      acting with bravery and white knighting is a very thin line.
      Unless he knew what hes doing and did it cause he likes to throw down and needs an acceptable pc excuse
      but honestly no sympathy, you know the danger to hop into a quarrel that doesnt concern you.
      best to mind your own business…in the west this mindset has been forgotten

  3. Context is key, obviously. From what I understand about the train incident, I suspect he acted on instinct. Seems he had a little time to observe this chic situation for a few moments. He should’ve called attention to it and called 911. I know it’s easy to analyze after the fact, but self preservation was a factor on the train. He wasn’t protecting his squad in this chic incident. One of the first things they teach you in EMS is that you must be your own first priority. No good to anyone if you’re out of commission. I’d like to here his rationale in regards to this incident. Cheers

    1. It’s also not the same situation as a guy with an AK.
      The woman was in no where near as much risk nor was anyone else.
      He’s probably still buzzing off the high from the train debacle.

  4. Most likely, the girl in Sacramento crave this kind of drama and instigated it. The idea that 2 men would fight each other over her is the ultimate high. She could care less about either one of them.
    Now both men’s lives are fucked up over this cunt’s obsession for violent drama.
    Remember, most women would NEVER appreciate what you do for them. More so with women in the Western culture.

      1. Had to look it up. Never heard of this tale.
        This sounds more like greed and not being content with what you have (material). While it is good to strive to do better to achieve goals, greed in the story appears to be the theme. I thought the story would’ve ended with the golden flounder turning into a prince and she dumps the poor old fisherman after he risked his life to fulfill her wishes.
        The moral of the tale is to never try to appease your wife. She will never be happy.

    1. The ultimate thing you could do for a woman is kill yourself. They love this shit. Reminds them of how awesome they are.

    2. If this happened in 1945 instead of 2015, his actions would be justified. Today it’s just stupid to try and save a woman.

  5. He’s that rarest of rarities, the old fashioned, decent, good guy. He’ll step in to help anyone out who’s simply vulnerable. Men like this restore something of one’s faith and hope in humanity.

    1. Give it a few years, and Stone will have racked up more medals than Rambo. He already has the airman’s medal, the purple heart, and the legion of honour.

        1. Well, let’s hope he gets the right type of ladies swarming after him. It would be a dam shame if a sound guy like this got hitched to a publicity shrew who’ll dump him with a hard bang after the glow has gone. Guys like this tend to always see the best in other people, and despite their bravery and honesty, often they end up like play dough being manipulated in the hands of a shrew. How our virtues get the better of us in our dealings with women, time and time again.

        2. Nah, he needs a felony record, a chopped hog (preferably a stolen model) and a dark triad personality, along with a pocket full of dope and then he would surely get a lot of play. Of course, at this point, why would he want the attention of lame-assed female groupies?

        3. He already has tons of French women at his disposal. I don’t know why in the hell he’s not over there now. I guess he’s still in the military and can’t do that though.

      1. yep…he’s in the air force however which limits your prospects for heroism. He should switch to the Army/Marines/ Navy and try to get in some sort of special ops unit…

      1. Well, he was attacked by a cur and an ingrate. The fact remains that he responded initially in good faith, putting aside any concerns about his own personal safety, to do a good deem on behalf of someone who was vulnerable and needy. Both sets of behaviors responded exactly to the two opposite sets of character types, cur/delinquent and warrior/protector. I don’t think the fact that he got attacked should negate our faith in the world, as without the attack, we’d perversely have never known about his subsequent good deed. Theologians like Saint Augustine would of course describe his actions as justifying the acts of a righteous man in a wicked world.

  6. He was playing the white knight, sure and the woman’s actions are horribly predictable, but at the same time I imagine he may have been unconsciously motivated to continue the hero role. If he’d subdued the man not only would she have been likely to have changed sides but he would have likely consolidated his reputation as captain America. I don’t mean to be cynical – he seems like a genuinely heroic and selfless individual – but he had a lot more at stake than being a white knight. Indeed the other side of this is that if he had failed to intervene he could have lost his status as a heroic individual.

    1. White knight means doing it for women in hopes of getting some pussy for being such a simp. He seems to be wired for heroism, I strongly doubt he would have acted differently if the “victim” would have been a man. Not a WK in my view, unless future incidents prove this to be the case.

      1. The guy is clearly geared to heroism, whether its his military training or temperament. I’m not suggesting for a moment that he intervened to get in her favours, although to be honest there is also displacement in being white knight (otherwise your internet white knight probably wouldn’t exist). We don’t know the details here, but I suspect that he probably did strongly feel a sense of either duty or an inherent instinct to intervene to save the damsel in distress and that does seem like a kind of white knight reasoning unless he would have done it for any party whatsoever – difficult to know but his former actions make the latter quite possible. I do think though that the need to maintain consistent with his reputation may have played a part as well

    2. “Indeed the other side of this is that if he had failed to intervene he could have lost his status as a heroic individual.”
      Our society would’ve shamed him for not intervening and risked his life rather than putting the other prick in jail. She ought to be shamed for for her actions rather than us just saying it’s no surprise.

  7. What happened to Stone’s white knight attackers? If I’m not mistaken, they were referred to as “asians” by some media outlets, and we all know “asians” is the go-to euphemism for muslims. Asians or no asians, pity he didn’t manage to kill at least of few of them. Call it self-defense.

      1. Never met a lot of Indians (dot, not feather) who were worth their weight in even minor fisticuffs. Conrad is onto something.

  8. There is a lesson here to be sure, but the lesson says more about our depraved culture than it does about this real-life badass.

    1. Yes and no. Women are free of cultural and legal sexual limitations for the first time in… ever? So now they are reverting to their true nature. Which is to seek out the sperm of warriors and hunters who take down bears. Thugs, murderers etc., the sort of men who make them afraid for their life. Not the sort who makes them feel safe.

      1. This dude IS a warrior and likely would make a great hunter as well. Thugs are not warriors, they are violent sociopaths who are generally quite cowardly. They are hunters though, hunters of the weak.

        1. Yes, but he made the mistake of looking out for a woman he hadn’t already claimed. If he had nearly murdered the guy it may have been different, but then he would be in jail instead.
          Forget modern cultural concepts of right and wrong. They have no bearing on female animal instinct.

        2. Yes, but I hold it was a mistake, not some willful “I shall save the princess!”. His “outdated warrior code” doesn’t play favorites. All I’m saying is that the lesson can be taken from the woman’s horrible actions without having to impugn his judgement. Now he knows. Hopefully he moves forward and applies the lesson to his future actions.

        3. Agreed. Everyone has an inborn disposition towards certain behaviors. It’s just that the ones we currently consider to be positive are the ones women are repulsed by, and the ones we jail people for are what women want but are not able to admit.

          And it’s the hot ones that want the most violent assholes.
          Then there was this guy:

          Peter Lundin, murderer and clearly insane. He married this blondie after he killed four people:

          The real question is whether post-agri cultural rules were a mistake in the first place. The constant rise and fall of civilizations at least indicates that how we live is not stable.

        4. I don’t disagree with your main point (that women get turned on by savage men) but this dude from the article is no common weakling… He just believed in a world worth fighting for.
          If we can avoid it I’d rather not live in a world where the only option is to be a psychopath. One can argue that “civilization is not natural”, but I still think it’s worth fighting for.
          With that said though… Do I help random damsels in distress??? Unfortunately the risks outweigh the benefits…

        5. It’s not about how strong you are, but what you do with it.
          Recall the following article:
          Mere physical ability is not enough. You need a mind to drive it. And women happen to prefer aggressive men over defensive men, even when she is the one being defended.
          This makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. In the age of rocks and sticks it was the aggressive men who got most kids because they raped the women of defeated tribes. Nature only cares about procreation, the rest is commentary.
          The problem here, of course, is that we went and invented ways to fuck without producing kids, and the men most desirable by women are the ones least interested in raising them in a stable environment. I suspect that in tribal societies warriors and top hunters were out doing their thing while softer men spent more time within the tribe and made sure it stayed functional. Would explain why women see nothing wrong in the alpha fux beta bux strategy.

        6. There is likely a time and place where each strategy will have its day.
          Sometimes psychopathic men will rue the day, and at other times men of character will be the only real option for survival.
          It’s a bit of a crapshoot, take whatever path you think is to your favour.

        7. The problem with the evolutionary argument is that it front loads the whole argument by saying nature only cares about procreation? We have absolutely no idea what nature “thinks” or “want” out of us, if anything. All we know is what a theory made by us “says and thinks” it knows about something called nature.
          Even for a strictly Darwinian viewpoint, men who’ve the best genes and are physically in their prime (in their 20s), often display behavior that manifestly puts the propagation of their genes being transmitted to females at peril through risky behaviors (early death through road accidents and suicides for example are highest when men are in their biological, but, necessarily mental prime) which raises question marks about the absolutism of the blind gene theory of evolution. I personally think genetics merely gives certain potentials to the structure of the world and it’s up to us, the inheritors, to figure out how to “add value” to what we’ve been given.

        8. “The problem with the evolutionary argument is that it front loads the whole argument by saying nature only cares about procreation?”
          This is the case. “The fittest” is merely whoever can best replicate their dna through future generations. And it is not a problem except perhaps to you personally, it is merely how nature works. Your socially programmed ideas about right and wrong and moral justice and fairness is found nowhere in nature outside of the human mind.

        9. Hard to argue with this.
          I guess the only point I’ll make is that this savage behaviour is but one strategy man has devised for survival and mating.
          Different physical conditions and different time periods might make more viable different sets of traits.

        10. The argument I’m making is broader than that relating merely to the theory of evolution.. We all, including the Scientist construct our theories and ideas about reality and how it works from the human mind with all its cultural and subjective viewpoints. The Scientist no more than the rest of us, can only theorize from the subjective viewpoint of being a “human being” with a partial, limited, view of reality that’s shaped by our human biology, history, and culture. Science is an integral part of this shared culture out which we theorize about the physical world. In theorizing, no matter how objective, we still cannot step outside our own frame of reference and say this is what Scientific theory A says the world definitely is….this is impossible to do. It’s similar to Godel’s problem of reference in his incomplete theorem. There is a certain arrogance and hubris in scientific atheism which ignores this basic observational consideration, which is indeed a very humbling one, which they cannot accept for ideological reasons.

        11. I like you man, but I honestly believe that sometimes your “innate justice” wiring gets in the way seeing the truth. I know a few thugs, they most assuredly are not – as a general rule – “cowards”. In fact most every dictator, despot, Imperialist, Mafia man, and etc was at his heart a thug, or even a true “Alpha” if you will.
          The difference between them and us? They either were exposed to harsh realities early in life or were in touch with a strand of latent Psychopathy that allows them to act in the interest of self and self only…no matter the cost. The end. Nothing more nothing less.
          Most times it isn’t anything more that whats simply at the surface.

        12. Agreed. The more I read about and observe mankind, the more I am convinced that “civilization” is an inherently unnatural state for humanity. It is in practice, a pursuit and labor of love for the privileged and inspired. As for the rest? Just dumb apes who merely go along till thier base instincts compel them to tear it all down.
          Wash rinse repeat.

        13. I contend that “nature” is confused and changing based on the simple premise of “fish-tank” scenario. It’s pushing us back to less civilized times via “biological recognition.” More fish in a tank, get more territorial and aggressive, some don’t make it… that goes for both genders.
          1885, 1B people on mother Earth.. introduce gasoline and it’s industrious results for farming, creature comforts, and merely 130 years later there’s 7.4B people. That idea alone can account for much of the behavior we see in society, both sexual and socio-economically. I’ve said it before, stop breeding mother fuckers, this world has finite resources.

        14. Every predatory species targets the weak to avoid injury while harvesting it’s prey. The young, the old, the infirm. It’s a natural instinct and survival strategy. It’s the same reason the military of the industrialized nation that this white knight serves targets banana republics.

      2. ^ This.
        After she has taken his sperm donation, the warrior/hunter is no longer of use to the female. She does not care if he winds up dead or (in the modern era, prison) because the point is he survived up until the time she met him as a badass. Translation to the female limbic brain: Good DNA.
        Truth is, she’ll have 10 Beta providers lined up to take care of the bastard offspring so they can have their perceived chance at dribbling one of their own spawn into her womb.

    1. It happened at the pointless Mardi Gras riots in Seattle 14 years ago. Black thugs starting randomly beating people. A group of males started beating down a white female and a young white guy stepped in to save her. Got killed.
      I guess you can’t tell twenty somethings not to go out at night but I wonder what kind of club this was in Sacramento. I’ve heard Sac town is getting pretty gangstered out. Maybe he was somewhat trolling around in a shitty place for some hero action. Maybe not.

      1. America is turning ghetto. Not sure if even Trump can scale this type of plague. Feels like it’s terminal for the American empire.

        1. That’s how I see it. Rural America is being overrun with drugs and whiggers. Suburban America is going whigger. Crappy brown neighborhoods are spreading like fungi, just overtaking land by the day. Normal, decent, two parent, T-Ball America is being relegated to high-income islands here and there. If you’re not upper class financially, you won’t make it into those islands and then your children will have to grow up with real trash. Maybe small towns in flyover America still have some decency. I’m West Coast. The I-5 pipeline has turned into a sewer. A river of brown.

  9. He was intervening in a situation – that she went off with the guy has nothing to do with it.
    He wasn’t trying to win her heart was he.
    Stupid to stand up for someone you don’t know – they could be a cunt and deserve it.
    If you have some understanding of the scenario then fine, but your not a hero if you protect someone that deserves harm.

  10. Nine times out of ten, if a woman is around a man who will hit her, she deserves it.
    Rarely is a woman involved totally unawares. Sometime’s but not much.
    It’s easy to think a woman is victim in these scenario’s, but there is usually a history of stupid decisions she hasn’t noticed because someone else took the hit or stepped in.

    1. I rather agree with you on this. If a woman hangs with bad boys, then let her have her bad boys. I do draw the line when they draw knives on a human being and attempt to cut her (or draw guns and shoot) but that’s a hen’s tooth situation I’ll likely never see.

      1. Yes. By the time there’s a fight in public or etc., there have already been several instances where she’s seen how he behaves. Yet she chooses to stay with him….

      2. Naw, if she gets shot or stabbed, she deserved that as well.
        I’m amazed that even after all this “red pill” philosophizing, we still make excuses for these women. A woman who swims with sharks – more often than not – is actually THE main manipulator of said sharks. It just happens that when she miscalculates, the consequence are far higher than just “making him sulk, or stopped talking to her”.

        1. You stole my thought. Hate to say it, thug or not, it’s almost always the girl’s fault. She knows dangers she choses to remain close to, or she causes all the insanity that gets her beat whether the guy’s a thug or not.

  11. While I agree with most of your comments, there’s another key dynamic you guys conveniently missed out. Yes, she may be a horrible shit for leaving her hero, but if you were in her position, you would do the same thing. You’re fighting with your bf. Let’s say you don’t know he has a weapon on him. White knight intervenes. You feel a lil sense of hope. White knight gets stabbed. Are you then not gonna go with your attacker? We don’t know if the attacker would have stabbed her too for leaving but I think she made a safer bet going with the attacker. Not defending her, but if the villain just killed batman, I wouldn’t try as hard to escape lol

  12. 30 years ago (or more; memory failing…) I attempted something similar. Big man beating on little woman. Little woman screaming. Confronted big man. Fight starts. Holding my own just fine; about ready to put little woman-beater in the earth. Little women jumps on my back, clawing at the eyes and all the p*ssy girl-fight stuff. Needless to say had my azz handed to me. Royally.
    Never, EVER again. Damned females can just go ahead and get their faces smashed in. Hell, it was probably cuz they was runnin’ off at the mouth in the first place. Wymen are good at that.

    1. This is a hard but vital red pill truth here.
      I could see a woman getting fucking curb stomped now and I might just laugh. Beat that bitches brains out for all I fuckin care.
      Give them nothing but take from them everything. Women are not helpless in our world now. They are empowered, liberated and vicious to prove they are better than you.
      They are not companions not friends and not kin. They are bloodthirsty competitors that should be completely dominated and thrown to the garbage if they have no uses for you.

      1. Sadly, in a sane world, you would be wrong. But, since (as you more or less stated) wymen just had to be “equal” with men, it’s game on. Also, sadly, wymen bring an added vindictiveness to the fray, making it all the more brutal. Once the gender role lines began to be blurred, all bets were off. So ashamed of my world right now…

        1. Nice Avatar name. You described my hidden modus operandi called;”out bitch the bitch.” Oh, she’s gonna threaten to call the cops? Fuck that, get just out of ear shot, and call them first. If they already have a record, even a minor one, that’ll shut their asses up pronto.

    2. Men need to realize that women need drama in their lives. Many times, if the man is ignoring them or just going along with the flow, a woman will start an argument or fight just to bring in a little drama in their lives. All women do this to an extent. They need the drama (it’s why reality TV is so popular or soap operas…..drama, drama, drama.).
      Men jumping into domestic disputes is really someone who is interrupting that drama. Stay out of it.

      1. Buddy, that is a no-sh*tter, right there. I’m just thankful I learned that lesson early; before I suffered a bunch of hideous scars (or an untimely death…).

        1. Some men get out before any real damages is done (including the divorce, alimony, child support payments, etc…)….besides the physical stuff. Others are not so lucky, though.

    3. My child-bearing ex had the guy she’s now prego with his child, pop her square in the nose, breaking giving her 2 enormous black eyes… call it a black mask from bottom of her nose to her forehead.
      What’s funny, is that other than fact my daughter was in the house when this happened in the attached garage (mind you, they got back together and she’s prego by him), I could care less and am secretly giddy because trust me, she deserved that. In fact, she hit him first in the face, and he cold-clocked her back. Lmfao. She seemingly loves him for it. yep.
      She/they failed to report it as a domestic because she’s a nurse and would have lost her job, fucked up her career, and he has 2 kids from different moms before her. Ghetto is as ghetto does I always say. The truth of the story only came out when I contacted child services over the incident when my ex tried pulling shady shit with cops and child services on me… always have a hand to play.
      But do you think she lost custody of my kid, or he lose his, even though his daughter from a previous girl was in the car in the garage watching the whole fucking thing? Nope. Pussy pass.. and he minority status. unbelievable isn’t it?

      1. You got your daughter living with a psycho and ghetto thug? Get her out by any means necessary before she is raped, killed, or becomes a drug addict

  13. White Knighting is only legitimate when you are defending your younger sister or your daughter. In both cases, only when she’s not a legal adult.
    Every other women in Western society deserves no attention when they are attacked, unless you really think that she is either going to be raped (as in real rape) or murdered if you don’t do something. But you pull out a gun, not engage in fisticuffs in those extremely rare situations.

      1. And your mother and anyone else you consider family or tribe. It’s the ones not related to you that don’t matter.

        1. you’re right. Tribe/family is the only thing worth to defend/whiteknight for.
          Random bitches can just go f*ck themselves.

        1. Usually when women are in a position to be slapped by another man, it means they were messing around where they shouldn’t be. It is very rare for a complete stranger to approach a woman and try to do anything to her.
          So if she’s messing around where she shouldn’t be, she better be able to handle herself.

    1. You only protect what belongs to you.
      Your children, your woman, your friends, etc.
      If she wants independence, so be it.

  14. This example set by this woman now puts women who are truly in danger to fight on her own without the assistance of other men. Since she doesn’t value a man putting his own life at risk for her sake now makes us all indifferent.
    Just like false rape accusations puts real rapes in question.

    1. Maybe the values his folks and community gave him or perhaps he saw violence in his own home when he was growing up, and, feels compelled to act when he comes across similar cases in his later life. It’s very difficult to ever answer this question, I suspect most men who respond in such ways wouldn’t be able to give a precise and determined reason about why they jumped in to help another person in an altercation. Also, I wonder if the same person would react the same way if a similar occasion arose where nearly all things were equal as before? Besides you can never rule out the influence of the devil’s buttermilk in these events also.

    2. Your own sense of honor, our own dignity, the dignity of others. We can’t go amoral nihilist or we go the route that the feminists want us to go.

      1. Maybe so, but it seems the feminists just want to see men fight. They enjoy the show, but disdain the substance behind the battle. I think the feminists need more time to see exactly what they have done to the culture…….They made the mess, let them clean it up.

    3. Let’s look at this another way. Consider the case of the guy on the subway in D.C. who sat there (actually, cowered) and watched a little five foot and something street thug stab a guy to death with a two inch blade right in front of him and did absolutely nothing. Contrast with the actions of Mr. Stone, who made a conscious choice to, unarmed, attack a dude with a Kalashnikov in the hopes of buying enough time with his death for the rest of the people on the train to overpower the terrorist. Are you seriously going to argue moral equivalency between the two? Cause’ the way I see it, the first is a fucking oxygen thief and the second is a hero.

  15. Don’t get involved in domestics, because you are going to end up hitting the woman you are trying trying protect. Ask any night club bouncer, ask Cops who attend domestics. Most women are in violent relationships because they want they want to be, and it’s all they know from childhood. The minute you turn your back to deal with the man beating on her, she’ll strike. Call the cops, that’s what they get paid to deal with.
    Re: the medal ceremony photo: Easy to spot the guy who is not military. Take your fucking hands out of your pockets, this is an international press event, at least try to look like a man.

  16. Perhaps the hero type should ask the victim if they wish for them to intervene. As stupid as that sounds, it seems to be the best route.

  17. Help a woman fight her battles for her?
    Most likely, in such a scenario I’ll end up in jail for passing by and minding my own business.
    Figuratively speaking, I had no meal in my stomach to soothe the effect, nor water to wash it down when I took the red pill, and it stuck in my after a while I decided to open a bottle of Glen to down it with.
    Mighty hangover….but nevertheless now I CAN SEE.

    1. I don’t know where you live, but you can’t be charged for not helping (with violence or even negotiation to ease violence) in the States, last I checked. Thankfully.

  18. At this point, if I saw a woman or group of them pummeling another guy, I would mord tempted to intervene on the guy’s/fellow brother-in-arms and knock the skanks out instead. Like the author said, white knighting for anyone is dumb, but if today’s “empowered independent women” types step up to a guy and think they can act with impunity, well, depends on how drunk I am. Whether the “train hero” soldier acted imprudently or foolishly in this case, he is still better than 10,000 typical American women rolled into one.

    1. Not entirely sure if that’s the correct role model to emulate. Not helping dumb broads in their domestic violence disputes is one thing, but (for example) not stepping up and stopping a mass shooting or something at that level? No thanks, I’ll take the chance and step up. Life means something to me.

      1. Stepping up and stopping a mass shooting could be considered an extension of self-defense, as there is a chance you could die in the ensuing chaos.
        Of course, repetition without reward would lead to a jaded disposition… eventually.

    2. See…people watch too many silly superhero movies and start to take the silly tropes seriously. The world is not hero/villain or good/evil as those stupid movies make it out to be. There are shades of each in every body

  19. Women should only be protected if the man attacking her is unknown to her. As an adult, all relationships are voluntary, so if it is her boyfriend beating her, she wants it. Leave her be.

        1. You can tell and make a mistake but really you don’t know anything more than what you see in front of you for the duration of the time that you have been there to witness it.
          I guess it comes down to instincts.

  20. My take on this is that you should never get involved in a fight to help someone (man or woman) unless they are yelling for help (assuming they are not incapacited to do so or in obvious mortal danger, as in about to get stabbed from behind). Jumping into a fight just because a woman is involved and she seems to be losing against a man is asking for trouble.

  21. I applaud this man, as foolish as he is. I get that desire to protect the weak and be the shield for the oppressed. But at least metaphorically, I have been stabbed too many times by people I thought I was helping to do it again. I will protect my own interests but I leave other men to fend for themselves. And since all women are strong and independent now, they too can sort out their problems without my intervention. I simply don’t have the time or money to blow on lawyers if the person I am helping decides that my help was at fault for something. It’s sad to feel like this but unless I know a person, they can die in the streets before I put myself at risk physically or legally for their benefit.

    1. That’s not an unreasonable view either, especially outside a bar early in the morning with everyone drunk.

  22. Prime example of what altruism gets you in this world, at least in america anyway.
    I remember coming out of a bar downtown with a friend and coming up on a guy in an alleyway screaming “how the fuck could you do this to me!?” To some broad who was balling her eyes out so it was pretty obvious what happened. We stopped to watch the late night entertainment from across the street and after about 45 seconds of her pleading and begging for forgiveness he loses it and backhands the shit out of her. She spun around, bounced off the wall and fell down and started crying even more, it was fucking great hahaha. So Im laughing my ass off but my friend, wel call him mike, goes to step in and starts walking across the street and i grab his coat and pull him back and i say “mike men and women are equal now she doesnt need you to save her” and laugh some more.

  23. This right here is why it is vital to screen women for past relationships and walk when you hear horror stories and appeals to white knight for favors.
    It is well documented that women tend to defend their current and former abusers. The last thing anyone needs is a nut job ex in the rear-view mirror.

  24. The sad life of penis:
    i only have 1 eye, my hairs a mess, my relatives are nuts, my neighbours an ass hole, my best friends a cunt, my owners a wanker, everytime i get really excited i puke, and worst of all, my owner beats me

  25. I have a personal policy to only help close friends and family. Outside of the “clan” though forget it. There are institutions, both public and private, that can help them out. I would only assist a woman if she was a close friend or family and only because of that. Not because she was a woman.
    The only exception is that I think the general citizenry has some obligation to help maintain public order. If I could SAFELY intervene to stop something like a mass shooting I believe it is my obligation to society to do so. But, the course of normal human life I think this obligation may only get triggers one or two times if that.

  26. Women have no sense of justice I swear. Exhibit A is female support for Hillary Clinton. It’s not being a democrat vs liberal it’s that she’s a shitty person. She’s rotten to the core and she married a vile, rake, whoremonger, woman abusing rapist i.e. Bill Clinton.

    1. Hold on now. Let’s not go calling Bill a rapist even though you don’t agree with him. Don’t add to the narrative on rape culture. Lewinsky voluntarily went along with it.

      1. I see your point but there are multiple women who got abused /date raped by Bubba. There’s entire websites devoted to this. Most of his conquests were consensual but some were not.

      2. Monica isn’t the one who charged rape. There are charges (unsubstantiated thus far) that he actually forced himself on women. Enough to call him that? I don’t really know, I forfeit judgement lacking evidence, but I wouldn’t put it past him. He’s not one of us, he’s an utter psychopath and has a string of “unsolved mystery” dead bodies, some suicide by shooting themselves behind the left ear in the skull, behind him, so I’m wont to not give him a full pass on some things.

        1. That was my point. We don’t know if he did or didn’t so we we can not say until he undergoes a trial. We don’t want to judge the same way feminists judge any man accused of such a heinous crime. I certainly don’t think he’s all that innocent either.

        2. “We don’t know if he did or didn’t so we we can not say until he
          undergoes a trial. We don’t want to judge the same way feminists judge any man accused of such a heinous crime.”
          You’ll need to stop extending “in group” luxuries to enemies, if you ever want that boot stomping on your face to stop stomping. Clinton allows feminists and other political allies to attack his enemies with, not just lack of evidence but, obvious lies that are contradicted by mountains of known facts (stuff on the level of the Duke Lacrosse team rape allegations). Therefore, turn around is fair play, the “accusation is the evidence.” He’s guilty. Then keep knocking down Democrat politicos like that. That’s the only way the Left would ever stop using such tactics is if the tables are turned.

    2. What does Hilary Clinton have to do with today’s modern woman? How is she anything like a typical woman in today’s world? She is a politician, where very few women get past the assistant level positions in politics and she has found herself as one of the first and few female senators in the WORLD.
      Second, she is upper class. She is extremely famous, a household name that gives her rank over most politicians even other senators. She is her own rock star with a name that will get her into the most exclusive places without an invitation or reservation. She is married to Bill Clinton who was PRESIDENT. Most first ladies don’t step outside the lines of first class lady, but she is Senator of New York… enough said.
      If you’re going to compare all women to one woman, Hilary Clinton is so over- reaching and un-relatable to most modern day women, it’s not even funny. Her status and poise is what many women aspire to be but will unfortunately not ever come close to reaching.

    3. Most presidents cheated on their wives. Bill Clinton has a name that will get down any woman’s panties. The Clintons are considered a power couple. Without each other, they have seemingly nothing. If Hilary wants to pretend not to be lesbian and stay married to one of the most powerful men in the world that also happens to have cheated on her, that’s totally up to her.
      Without his name and his support, she wouldn’t even be able to run for president.

  27. I’ve commented before that a man 100 years ago you might reasonably step in to protect a female stranger because (a) you could reasonably assume other men would do the same for your wife or sister and (b) you could assume the woman was probably a virtuous person who deserved protection. Neither is true any more. I might white knight for an Amish girl. Thats it.

    1. Dear Lord. Women aren’t and have never been “virtuous”. They have had societal controls placed on them which are now gone. Women are humans. They are every bit as nasty as men

  28. Almost forgot to mention, proud soldiers are the ultimate beta’s, go look up the divorce rates in the 20th century, and witness the correlation with divorce spikes and the end of wars that take place, when the men come home, they find out about wifey, fucking the poolboy haha, it’s hilarious, proud soldiers are the ultimate lord of cuck, they go to war for leaders who despise them, wives who despise them, and they come home like a happy dog asking for approval from the master, … ultimate slave mentality.

    1. I’m prior service. Everything you said is truth. While in Iraq we lost guys from our unit. The gf of my buddy heard a rumor that he was the one who was lost. She bought a brand new car the next day. True story

        1. No my buddy wasn’t the one. However, another guy I knew from the unit wasn’t so lucky. May he rest in peace.

  29. I’m surprised Mr. Stone didn’t have charges filed against him by the state for violating the dirtbag’s civil liberties. America is a profoundly sick country. Do not stick your neck out for anyone.

  30. This really is one of those life lessons. You have to remember when you see a man and woman fighting in public she CHOSE him and this likely isn’t the first time they’ve fought and odds are it isn’t the first time he’s hit her. Plenty of women will go out of their way to provoke a man knowing he will hit her. You might just try to calm things down a little, but don’t stick your neck out, you likely won’t come out ahead.

  31. Why is this story all of the sudden turned around as an attack on women who take men for granted? He intervened in a domestic dispute between a woman and her boyfriend. This should really be another story about domestic violence and how women put up with it. Every article I have read thus far on this website has been anti-woman. Are all of your writers misogynist?

    1. Didn’t you read the title of the article? I would’ve said WTF if it turned out to be about domestic violence. That would not have been congruent with the title.

      1. Are you kidding? How is this woman all of the sudden the antagonist in this story? Did she stab the soldier herself? No! She simply ignored him when he stuck his nose in her business. If she is such an asshole, then why did he need to be violent in order to protect her and why are the guys who ended up defending themselves against the soldier almost never mentioned. Instead it’s about how chivalry is dead and women don’t care for men helping them out in ugly situations.
        When did women EVER choose a stranger over her man during a rivalry? When has the good cowboy ever gotten the girl? Why is this all of the sudden a “feminist” issue about women who hurt men? Women will never leave their man during a fight- especially when this so called stranger loses the fight. This is completely another story about how women don’t leave violent situations. Nothing has changed from the 1920s when women began the civil rights campaigns. Women are still attracted to the biggest and the baddest and they wont leave their big bad men even if it just might kill them.

    2. Irrelevant. If a woman wants to open her legs to a “bad boy” who smacks her around in public, that’s her bad luck. This article is a warning to the rest of us.. don’t bother coming to her rescue. You can if you want.. best of luck recovering from the stab wounds.

      1. But nothing is new. In real life, women don’t leave their big bad boyfriends/ husbands for the good cowboy. This has never been the case. The writer of the article is making it sound like feminism and the women’s civil right’s movements are the reason why chivalry is dead. They are making it sound like this woman was even responsible for the fight when really, the soldier stuck his nose in her business, got a little violent and her boyfriend stood up for himself. The boyfriend and his friends- who were the ones who stabbed the soldier are barely mentioned in this article. How can that be? What crime did this woman commit? She stayed loyal to her man. This is completely about domestic violence and how women are still attracted to the biggest and the baddest even though freedoms have liberated women from these conditions.

        1. Really? You best go back and read the article again, because I can’t find a mention of feminism anywhere. Rather, it sounds to me your in 100% agreement with the article.. “guys, don’t stick your noses in when you see a woman being abused”. Right? (I would say “anyone being abused”, but it’s not like anyone gives a shit when they see some harpy bitchslapping some poor bastard on the street).

        2. I guess you’re right, but it’s funny the author has to harp on the woman in this case when really the men who stabbed the soldier were more or less defending themselves (and the author barely mentions them.) The woman wasn’t with complete strangers, she was with her boyfriend. Seeing her boyfriend be confronted by another man wont make her admire the man or like him- just as men don’t like when strangers confront their women- (especially if it’s another man.) When other people intervene during a fight- it’s the man that says “Mind your damn business.” It’s the men that came up with this rule. It’s a man that intervened and it’s a man that stabbed him.
          The article wants to ridicule women who don’t appreciate men in these types of situations, and the real question is- why would we? No man appreciates it, so why should a woman?
          This article talks about women as if we ignore decent, good men and I did read the article again. It doesn’t mention feminism, but it discusses a woman’s flakiness. The woman in this story wasn’t flaky. She stayed true and loyal to her boyfriend- despite the circumstances. I’d say that’s far from flaky.
          If the situation has been that a man stepped in and she actually did stay with the soldier and went with him to the hospital, I bet the author would have written an article about how women always need saving and how weak and pitiful they are.

        3. So once again, you agree with the article 100%. And I believe the author was not saying women are “flaky”, but rather they are ingrates, especially when a man intercedes on her behalf when she is ostensibly in danger.
          Of course if the opposite happens, i.e. a woman really is danger but no one comes to her rescue, then watch the outrage and “cowardly bastards” shaming fly from one end of the Media to the other.
          “Mind your damn business.” It’s the men that came up with this rule.”.. Oh yeah, and who’s ass did you pull that one out of?

        4. Um, probably yours since you seem to hate when women comment on this article and disagree with it. I get it… I should mind my damned business. I shouldn’t stick up for women because I’m going to have someone like you insulting me for it. I should read the article again, because it totally says something like that.

        5. I’m sorry, I should have stuck a “doesn’t care about your feels” trigger warning on my post. BTW, you’re a woman? So I’m supposed to be psychic now. Anyway for someone who spent 3 posts telling men to “mind their damned business”, you sure are touchy about people telling you the same.. which, incidentally, no one was. Indeed, by all means, please continue.

        6. I never said I was a woman, but you obviously knew I was… maybe you are psychic or maybe you saw my name and seemed to be speaking for women as if I am one myself. You are full of yourself. Did you write this article or did something like this happen to you and a woman didn’t leave her boyfriend for you after you got the shit beat out of you? Either way dont be suprised. No woman likes arrogance.

        7. Your name is irrelevant. Actually your hurt feelings, histrionics and appeal to violence marked you more as the typical male feminist troll than a female. The kind of guy who thinks women go all gushy over white knighting… ironically because, as you yourself admitted, no woman likes that either. In either case, does imagining the shit beat out me give you a woody? Sounds pretty depraved, I bet you’d be quite at home at Jezebel.

        8. Oh you think your ignorant name calling is hurting my feelings. Just because a woman can actually debate an article about the typical female- from a female’s perspective, does your male entitlement and ego really feel the need to act like a lesser endowed individual than the “white knight” in the article. Grow some balls and stop being a complete dickhead to women you don’t even know. Im assuming you’re single. Get a clue, maybe my husband can teach you some manners while you’re at it.

        9. Oooohhh we got us a keyboard warrior. I bet your husband really appreciates you threatening some guy on the internet with proxy violence on his behalf. That alone tells me, and all men, all we need to know about the kind of female are. Enjoy growing old with a houseful of cats.

        10. Who said anything about violence? Once again you are taking something I said and taking it out of context and fitting it into your small pee brain understanding of how words fit together. This also shows how quick you personally are to think violently. I’m married to a man that actually treats women well- and has manners. Good luck to you and your insane understanding of women. I think you’d have better luck as a gay man.

        11. (sorry for the delay) So when you said your hubby could “teach me a lesson”, you meant for him to sit me down in a classroom with Powerpoint slides? Right. In that case, put your money where your mouth is: Get him to read this comment thread in its entirety. I’d be interested to hear his thoughts on it. Do that and I’ll consider myself “schooled”.
          ps. Maybe I am a gay man.

    3. So this can’t be a story about the male “victim”? It MUST be a story about the woman who DIDN’T get stabbed?
      Anyway, troll elsewhere, this isn’t about you and your problems. The site isn’t titled “Return of Queens”.

  32. This just in;
    The bar that he was at is called Badlands and it’s a GAY BAR. American media has seemed to leave out this detail, not the British media though.

    1. It happened *outside* the bar. As for what Stone was doing there in the first place.. maybe he bats for both teams. It’s not unheard of.

    2. haven’t you heard? Gay life is the new normal – nothing to see here – move along to next issue cuz this one’s normalized.

  33. you shouldn’t try to save a girl who is WITH another dude, getting beaten or whatever. But if the girl is WITH YOU, and another dude puts his hands on her or something, you knock him out. This is a big turn on for girls, and will make them be more into you.

  34. Mr.Stone is lucky to be alive. Hopefully he has learned a lesson about trying to be a hero. Preventing a terrorist attack is one thing. Jumping in between two drunk lovers is another. Unless the one person is about to be killed either call the police or move on and keep your internal organs intact

  35. Yo, how do we suggest interesting topics for the talented writers here?
    I’ll just leave this here: The Great Filter is Females.

  36. but may just look on when a
    refrigerator of a man attacks a proverbial male Hobbit outside a

    I intervened once like this, although the Hobbit was actually female. I walked into a bowling alley to find this crazy guy with his hand knotted up some chicks hair, repeatedly swinging her into the fixtures and fittings. Apparently she had said something smart about his hat (completely unaware that he was a known gangster and psycho) and continued to talk trash while he beat the shit out of her.
    The security guards (who knew him well) apparently had more important duties to handle at that moment. Not a white knight among them.
    I didn’t even think. I immediately stepped in. I was maybe 17 years old. Rather than attack him (like an idiot) I just spoke to him calmly and gently, and suggested he let me take the girl away. He calmed down and released her, and then left the alley.
    At this point the valiant security guards arrived to ensure everyone was OK. When asked why they didn’t tackle the guy the response was “because I don’t want to get shot!”
    There is a way to handle violent situations and it doesn’t always involve being violent yourself.
    I will say this, her gratitude lasted only a short while. I found out she was talking trash behind my back (because I believed in stupid stuff like getting an education). So at that point my association with her ended.

  37. My mom’s boyfriends try to go all white knight on me for throwing tantrums so the bitch would make me some food. They get up in my face and I just get my katana and they fuck right off. Mom is MY bitch.

  38. The general population is not trained in combat or crisis prep. It is the deer in headlights scenario. 2/3 of the population in crisis literally shut down mentally. I’ve seen it personally multiple times. Women are more likely then men to do this. It’s like COD but real. Most people have little situational awareness and saving them means they hardly notice and run away while you get blasted for giving away your location. Only in life there is no respawns.

  39. help people who ask for it. Simple as that. dont go looking to be a hero and get yourself killed. That man is worth more alive to humanity than the woman is.

  40. On those occasions when I see a woman getting bitch-slapped in public, I used to think “that guy is an asshole” but now I wonder what she did to deserve it. *shrugs*

    1. totally, I really don’t think most men that hit a women, get off on hitting women, but rather the women they’re with really pushes him so far to that edge he snaps. How many domestics stem from a guy taking back a cheating bitch, then as women do, the next big fight is a culmination of bringing back up the cheating saying some shit like:”He was a better fuck than you, he’s got a bigger dick, he’s more of a man than you’ll ever be…” and the guy fuckin loses it. Guarantee 50-90% of domestics have a basis in hypergamy and sexual sleeze.

  41. Yeah, white knight is probably not the right word. Or perhaps it is, but not in the deragatory way it is usually used, but what the word knight really means. Just a habitual hero. It sucks that he probably got stabbed for nothing, and I wasn’t there, but I do not think one iota less of him for doing what he did.

  42. next time you see a fight, man or woman,age ,zise what ever. Treat it like a school yard fight. Sit back relax call your buddy and laugh about it or put it on wshh.

  43. When a fight happens, never get involved unless you are directly endangered or its your friend or family getting beaten down.
    No sense of risking injury for someone you dont know. People dont fight for no reason. Just sit back watch and enjoy the show…if you really need to jump in just separate the winner if the guy/giirl is out cold. Fighting is natural, its what we are built for.
    You can street fight all you want young strong or weak men hell even with elderly or women, but keep in mind you will never take on one opponent, you will have to expect guys in the area that want to jump in. So be ready to take out the bystanders trying to play hero.
    So learn to box and be proficient before you start throwing down on the street.
    Doesnt matter if you are in the right or wrong or if your opponent is a big guy or lil granny, expect people around to jump you and be ready to try and take them down.

    1. Sounds like some good advice. And yes, you had better know how to fight. It is much harder than it looks. If you can’t strike others effectively it’s dangerous to get into a fight where others are ganging up on you.

  44. The same exact thing happened to my father 33 years ago. He witnessed some fag punch his woman in a parking lot and my dad naively intervened and got stabbed for his troubles (he lived). The woman proceeded to thank him by refusing to testify against her man in court and the guy walked free of assault and attempted murder charges. This was in 1982. Amazing this shit is still going on today but the lesson stays the same: let the bitch suffer, it’s not worth your energy.

  45. There most likely is a racial component to the story of airman Stone. The two assailants who stabbed him were a couple of Asian lady boys. Nasty little gooks. Of course this won’t even be looked at.

  46. He’s an Airman, not a Soldier. Get it right. Lucky for you he’s not a Marine. Also, it’s a downside of military training. Nobody gets left behind, even presumed sluts.

      1. Believe me. I’ve known a few Marines, and referring to them as Soldiers pisses them off. Must have something to do with both being ground troops, and also, past attempts by the Army to abolish the Corps and merge it with the Army. And yes, a bit silly, but oh well.

    1. Notice the conversation I got into with the man below on this comment I made about the article being an attack on women. Case and point… Walker Texas Wanker certainly knows this website well.

  47. The worst kind of situation is the woman who is losing her man in a relationship and deliberately creates situations for betas, white knights, and the boyfriend of such women to come and “save” them from all to common contrived and manipulated events.

  48. Chivalry isn’t dead, but it should be. That’s real equality.
    And this is a real example of how we don’t treat men equally. Give an American woman everything and she’ll still complain.

  49. That’s just normal, people should stop sticking their fucking nose in things they don’t belong to, who do you think you are stopping a man from punching his woman? If she did not want to be punched she would have left him. Although yeah when people are up to no good by all means try to stop them but a guy hitting a woman???? Lol what is she in any real danger from dying there?

  50. This article made me think, at one point not so long ago, it wasn’t uncommon to see women physically fighting one another over an alpha male. His value is high, he’s banging both broads, it’s a fuckin stand off.
    Since ALL men have been devalued in some sense, as 3rd wave feminism had been indoctrinated by even our best quality women. Once mostly alpha guys, are now upper beta if they behave the way they once did, by yesteryears standards.
    It’s now more common to see these same two rival women, tell each other’s stories to one another, and gang up on the guy (varying levels of alpha may apply) to bring him down. Now I’m sure hardcore game gurus will state he broke his frame, yada yada wasn’t true alpha, yada yada. I say think again.
    But we need better methods to get women to fight one another over their borderline BPD bullshit, to reduce the risk on men. I’m not so sure a reversal seed planted in the trenches of the SJWs to cause them to fight one another could have a “trickle-up” affect, It has to be something, like some next level deep game concept.
    Guys in general can only get so “alpha” in a lifetime. A side-chain corollary to “peak slut,” is sure to become a resultant “peak alpha.” Granted we’re far from the full alpha response, but it seems reasonable.
    I’m all for giving a bitch some drama, but jail term risks of beating a woman – something I don’t care to do anyways – or getting killed protecting a girl who probably caused her own beating to occur, thus didn’t deserve the damn help anyways, isn’t worth it. Let the nutsos fight one another, preferably the most irrational of women.

  51. Almost 30 years ago I was returning home after an evening of training with the Militia (army reserve) in Toronto. This was back in the day when Canadians were less pussified and soldiers were not banned from wearing combat fatigues in public. At Warden Station I was approaching the bus platforms when I heard a female cry “No! Don’t!” Looking over I saw a girls backing away with her palms forward and out in a defensive posture. A guy was advancing towards her slowly.
    it was almost midnight on a Friday and the place was almost empty. There were a few gawkers but nobody within 20 or 30 feet of this pair and nobody who seemed connected to them. It took all of two seconds to figure this out and then I dropped my duffel bag and moved towards them. I puposely made as much noise as possible with my combat boots on the polished floor to get the guy’s attention and locked eyes with him as he looked up. I ignored the girl for a couple of steps and marched straight towards him. He stopped in his tracks and the backed away.
    I changed direction slightly to head over to the girl. If not a teenager she wasn’t much past that. Pretty, but she was a mess emotionally. Keeping one eye on the guy I tried to calm her down. The guy orbited at about 15 paces distance and then slinked away.
    I said I would escort her home but she said she wanted to go to her aunt’s place because the guy knew where her own apartment is. So I walked with with her to the platform, got on the bus with her and then walked her to her aunt’s aprtment building.
    On the way the story came out that it was her ex-boyfriend who had just got out of prison and wanted to get back with her. Apparently he was in for aggravated assault with a weapon. *gulp*. He was drunk or high or both when followed her to the subway station.
    At her aunt’s place she said thank you and goodbye. Then I spent an hour walking home because the buses had stopped running.
    I never laid a hand on her; I never asked her name: I didn’t care.

  52. Here in Brazil, the police sometimes prevents attend domestic violence calls, because sometimes the woman changes the story and says that her husband was beaten.

  53. An ex GF of mine once told me she had a boyfriend who beat the f**k out of her on a regular basis. Almost killed her, threatened her at gun point. Hospitalized numerous times, telling me how awful it all was.
    Next thing out of her mouth was how in love she was with this psycho, how she was addicted to him like a drug.
    Bitchez be crazy.
    Someone should send this article to Spencer Stone. This could be his red pill moment. Although, a white knight of his caliber, he may not have the eyes to see just yet. Nothing against the guy. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

  54. Hold on a second.
    Spencer Stone is a hero for having saved the lives of all those people on that train in France, and more men should adopt this hands on, proactive stance.
    There’s also nothing wrong with helping a woman being assaulted- if your mothers, sisters or daughters were cornered and threatened with rape at knifepoint, I am sure you would also be grateful to a man showing up and protecting them. Come on now, let’s be human beings and not ‘red pill’ robots.
    This being said, my hunch is that Spencer didn’t correctly ‘identify’ the woman he was trying to ‘save’, and ended up getting himself involved in a ‘domestic’ brawl of two cokeheads/bums/pieces of trash. I also have a hunch that the woman in question is one of those social rebuts with kids out of wedlock, blue hair and 32 piercings on her face only, who was bickering with her ‘man’ Lonnie Earl or Trayshawn over some other ‘ho’ giving it to him.
    His only mistake was thinking all people are alike, and do therefore all deserve to be helped in the same manner.
    Now, I am not implying that a woman who’s made mistakes, or a man who’s made mistakes for that matter, are no longer worthy of their own lives and we should shrug and keep walking when another human is facing a potentially life-threatening situation. I am just saying that for such people, there are police forces to be involved, and other such actors. Nobody should risk their lives, like this guy almost did, to protect a trashy person who wouldn’t understand, wouldn’t appreciate and wouldn’t give a shit about the outcome.
    See guys, I get this thing all the time on the ROK website. This episode is just one facet of it- men jumping in, putting on their Captain Save a Ho capes and armors and getting involved for women (I’m referring to the ‘metaphor’ here, not Spencer specifically) who are simply NOT worth it. These men will get screwed, and burned, and fucked, and then they’ll crawl back all boiling with resentment, that ‘all’ women are sluts and whores and don’t deserve a thing.
    This guy is worthy of admiration, and I sincerely consider him a hero, and I am happy he is safely recovering in the hospital and nothing worse happened to him. More men should be like this. Nevertheless- choose your fights, people. That’s all I’m saying.

  55. Women view male chivalry as an entitlement. No one is ever thankful or appreciates what they believe they are entitled to.

  56. Definitely white knight syndrome. He’s probably still high on the Paris hero kool-aide. Hopefully this will bring him back to earth a bit and he will pick his fights more carefully.

  57. This is why women MUST be second class citizens. When they are equal to us, we get used, they get used. Everyone gets used. Every single man from Donald Trump to the one-legged window-licking custodian at the elementary school must be socially ranked above every single woman.
    Then everything makes sense and works.

  58. Women screamed that men are all rapists and all oppressing them, and, abusing the great privilege of universal suffrage extended to them, have opted to vastly increase the size, powers, and coercion of the authorities in the interests of being ‘safe.’
    Therefore, having rejected the protection and kindness of strangers, let the government come to their rescue as they appear to desire. We will then see if they really are any better protected as a result of their misandry. Let’s find out exactly how well women do without “oppressive, patriarchal” attitudes to look after them.

  59. Not saying this man is one, but nothing is worse than those manginas that attack a man after seeing a man who is blatantly being struck and assaulted by a woman finally defend himself. Fuck that shit! The whole “a man should NEVER under any circumstance put his hands on a woman” rule is bullshit in fact at 18 years of age i fought some chump on the side of a highway exit who had four girls with him. They said fair fight fair fight because two of my boys witnessed the punk submitting in an arm bar on the sidewalk and when they started to kick me I got up with the aid of holding onto one bitchs hair and sent another flying on her ass with my hand holding Her face giving her a good throw by the head. Want some too bitch? As they screamed and took off. Good next time don’t jump a guy bigger than all of you hoez put together

  60. Woman can decide herself who to live with. Especially in France, a Western country. The cunt got what he deserved.

  61. No good deed goes unpunished.
    Especially when it comes to trying to save women from abuse.
    So many anecdotes of men being fucked up just because they saw a woman being abused and tried to do something.
    Don’t fucking bother. If a cunt is with a guy who abuses her she is a lost cause.
    A hero almost died because he thought the girl was a damsel in distress, and not a nasty cunt who runs with thugs.

  62. A few years ago a friend of mine was at the park when he saw a physical altercation between a man and a woman. The guy was beating her and he told him to stop doing it or kiss asphalt. The guy didn’t listen and got a beat-down. Guess which guy the girl called the cops on?

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