4 Reasons You Need To Flake On Women Once In A While

98.5% of people reading this are not flaking on women enough. Flaking, a time-honored female trait, is one men of value must appropriate to take their sexual value to the next level. An imperfect science at best, as it can and does lose opportunities with women for the sake of getting more of them later on, it requires persistence, discipline, foresight, flexibility, and confidence.

Just over every ten days, on average, you need to be doing this. Flaking can include intending to cut off all contact with a girl after cancelling a meet-up, an intention to postpone or even just keeping your options open (and her heart beating). Do you have what it takes to flake? Here are the four reasons you need to be doing it very regularly.

1. You create your own mentality of abundance

Abundance (and feeling it!) is key.

Many people cultivate a subjective sense of gratitude and abundance by giving to a charity or others they know who are in need. They could be a moderately paid teacher, butcher, or bus driver and still feel this emotion. Likewise, you can conjure up a feeling of abundance by deliberately cancelling your plans with women, often at the last moment.

Instead of being a slave to some female-related opportunity, which oftentimes damages your more long-term priorities (see below), you can focus on the sea of women all around you, ready to be baited on another day (or an hour after you flake on the first girl).

Being tied to one woman, especially in the early stages of a courtship (or what you think is a courtship), is much more likely to create feelings of anxiousness or self-consciousness. Release yourself from the possibility of this tension and be willing to postpone, cancel, or plain ignore meetings, frequently on a whim. Then, obviously being careful not to court the same or neighboring social circles of women, start bantering with or trying to attract another five to ten women in the week following the flake.

2. You need to go beyond infield negs and lowering her value

Some aspects of game go staler than others.

I and many of you were using pick-up gambits like “The Question Game” long before we read about someone else explicitly advising it. Similarly, otherwise uninformed men everywhere have autodidactically realized the power of teasing, false disqualification, and other methods to snare girls.

The beauty of flaking is that it offers a wide assortment of reasons. No flake is really ever the same, unlike a conversation trick or game which the woman is fully present for, even if she doesn’t grasp the reasons for which you use it. She generally can’t see you when you flake and certainly doesn’t know every detail, whether you seek to explain or not. Flaking is powerful because the person flaked on usually imagines all manner of other reasons why you’ve flaked.

Flaking, at its heart, imitates life. We may have different social statuses, professions, or personal characteristics, but we are all united by the finite nature of our time. Flaking is about time and the unlimited ways in which we can choose to spend it. When employed appropriately, it appears spontaneous and is harder to call out as fake, even if the girl fears you’re playing her along. Constantly disseminated aspects of game may go stale, while flaking does not have a use-by date. It is ubiquitous.

3. You learn to set your other priorities right and learn discipline

A girl is never worth enough to let her unseat your life.

It is, despite appearances, healthy to rearrange some of your priorities or days to fit in with women (provided that at least three-quarters of the relative compromising is coming from her). With one particular girl I knew when I lived overseas, I temporarily forsook some non-essential, non-ROK writing work I had to do on my own time.

Yet I made her come to me on her day off, pay for half of the room rate for a Western chain hotel (on her wage of roughly US$3 per hour) and throw around her sleeping schedule because she was a night shift worker. What work I sacrificed here (and only temporarily) was nothing special and her greater efforts to come to that hotel despite having fewer resources than me meant I was treating it as much less of a priority.

Now contrast the preceding paragraph with what happened after. The next time I was due to see her, I flaked, citing the need to do some “hobby writing” (actually one of my previous ROK articles) and catch up on some stock market reading. It was at this point that my need to keep a generally airtight habit of writing regular ROK articles and monitoring financial forecasts outweighed her appeal to me for the post-sex meet up.

Like going to the gym, flaking to preserve and strengthen other (neomasculine) priorities is a skill we all need to hone again and again. I caught up with her some time afterwards, by which time she wanted me even more. Which brings me to…

4. You increase a woman’s attraction for you and fear of your absence

When flaking cuts, the wound is deep.

Again, I am consistently wowed by the lack of insistence in books about game or associated subjects that men routinely flake on women. It seems to come up almost as an afterthought. We hear about negs and other false disqualifiers in the field but precious little about using the ploy women unleash all the time on men, albeit for different reasons.

You will certainly burn some potential bridges with women by flaking. But the law of averages, buttressed by your own brand of solid game and judicious, sufficiently discreet courting of women, dictates that you will be able to mine for quality girls well into the future simply by cranking up the value you give to your time.

Flaking does not guarantee an individual girl will be wrapped around your finger. But it does dial down any vibe you may give to her of awkwardness, neediness or clinginess. Meanwhile, it often ramps up those same reactions in her, leaving her pining for you and desperate to know you have or have not rejected her wholesale.

The fact is that her fears will probably be based on reality, as you really have learned to treat individual opportunities with women as being thoroughly dispensable. And that makes you attractive in her eyes, even for girls who you want to pursue for more lasting relationships.

Some warnings

Receiving advice always implies the use of your own common sense in applying it.

A combination of logistics, female ego and other hurt feelings can present problems when you flake. Different girls have different psyches, however identical some of them may seem. Flaking may result in her legitimately moving away from you, rather than trying to act her way through punishing you. There is the chance you may be caught out playing multiple women. In and of itself, this is not fatal, but the life of the outed player in a small or connected community is not always as problem-free as you might think.

Nonetheless, you can minimize the bridge-burning by having plausible reasons for flaking. If you deliberately decide to go and visit your grandmother at the time you’re meant to meet a girl, text it to her. You’re there with your parent’s mother, aren’t you? A bitch might argue the point, but that’s not the girl you want to be spending time with in the first place. A healthy injection of reality, even if you’re wantonly aligning chances to flake, makes any complaining she does look worse.

Use your head, and not hard and fast rules, and flaking can become one of your most powerful sexual assets.

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89 thoughts on “4 Reasons You Need To Flake On Women Once In A While”

  1. Flaking is a woman’s game. Articles like this belong in Cosmo not a site instructing men to BEHAVE LIKE MEN. Men flaking only reinforces it as acceptable behavior. As a man you are the standard in society. So keep the bar high. Women flaking should be responded by nexting, end of story.

    1. Hear hear!
      Unless the woman if a hambeast with low SMV flaking on here will work for 2 seconds.
      Nothing has changed: it can take a man up to a week to get laid if he’s not an Alphalord but just about any woman above a 4 can get laid in several hours if she wants. She needs only to lower her standards. A 7 will have at least 4 simps in orbit at all times and a 4 or less needs only go to the nearest dive and flirt with the drunkest ugliest dude.

      1. Flaking on girls may work time to time in practice, however, accept the fact next time you see her, other men’s seed have contaminated her since last visit.

    2. Yes. 100%. I don’t know what happened to traditional manly qualities, but they’re often held in low regard around here. It’s surprising.

      1. That’s rather generic. Define manly qualities. I’m not saying you’re wrong nor right, but it’s rather difficult to make such a claim without more than a single example, per Ivan.

    3. Most of the tactics employed in game in general are taken from a woman’s playbook.Infact, there are lot of commonly employed strategies that work on both sexes. Get over it.
      Some of us only care about results.
      Pickup is an art.
      I personally use flaking as a strategy every now and then and it works great.

      1. I dont know what material on game you are reading but I believe having Inner Game or Core Confidence is emphasized. The first bullet point the author mentioned is “Flaking increases your sense of abundance.” In other words flaking will make you feel good about yourself. If you need to play these girly games merely to increase your sense of self worth then you have a mentality of a woman my friend.
        “I’m going to reject him before he rejects me” is the reason gender relations in the west are in decay.

        1. Maybe he’s playing these “girly games” because they work, not to increase his sense of self-worth.

        2. If you look at it from a different angle you’ll realize that it’s not a girly game. Generally speaking, absence increases value, not just in a male-female dynamic. In business for example, if you flooded the market with a certain item, its price will go down, on the other hand, if you introduced an item with “Limited Edition” written on it, it will expensive. Why? because only a few can get it. In the war between the sexes there is a difference. Women, have lots of options and if you’re going to flake on her, despite the fact that you’re crushing her ego and self-image of a princess who has the world at her feet, she’ll not cry you a river, and will pickup her smart phone and text a beta who will restore her self-image for her. In theory, flaking should work its wonders with you. In reality, it won’t.

        3. What u have to understand is women know their betas and they would massage their ego, they want the their validation from the man who is not giving it to them for whatever Reason, it becomes obsession, to find out why u don’t find them beautiful like everyone else

    4. Yes. Real men have integrity and good moral character. Women will flake on you as a shit test. Confident men with abundance mentality would next her and not give her a second chance. She will cry and beg to have you back, but you must cut her loose.

      1. and if more men did that women would stop this immature behavior and grow the fk up quick. Instead thirsty betas feed this crap and it goes round and round….

        1. Absolutely. This is why prostitution should be legal to quench that thirst. Betas would then not feed this bad behavior from women. Women would then have to put in effort to get a man to have a fulfilling relationship.
          Women need a men in their lives more than men needing women. If women don’t think they need men, why would they put into such effort to try to restrict men’s options? Get into men’s affairs and how men should live. Women always want to be included into everything what men do.

    5. Nah I don’t agree. Women do this by nature not because they see it as acceptable behaviour. They don’t do it as part of a strategy they do it without realising it. When a woman flakes on you, she does it because she simply doesn’t give a shit about you. This is because for a woman, the world is not a real place and you are not a real person. She is the leading lady in her own movie and you are just an extra.
      Basically you are the pixelated character in GTA that she runs down in her car without giving a second thought while she drives to the next mission.
      When a man flakes it can be because of a strategy as detailed above or because you sense that a woman is not taking you seriously enough. For example, I was getting ready to meet a girl for a third date. We had not yet kissed and I was getting irritated. We arranged to meet on a Friday and she bumped me to Sunday. That was enough for me. I said I would call her to confirm and then left her hanging like her last name.
      I saw her later (we go to class together) and she looked salty. I just ignored her. Now she’s back texting me again.
      You got to let a girl know that you are the lead in the Hollywood production of life, not her.

      1. Agreed. Regardless of whether it would work or not I think the idea is solid.
        The main reason girls flake is because she has about 20 chumps a day texting her and your text is lost in a sea of loser texts.
        If I had a bunch of 2s and 3s texting me daily I’d struggle to keep up as well, to the point where I’d have so much scarcity I simply wouldn’t bother answering at all.
        Flaking on her though gives you a chance to stand out, no matter how small. If the girl is really interested she’ll text you again.

    6. Correct. Most women wouldn’t even realize you’re flaking. If you’re unavailable and out of her sight for a bit too long you’ll get nexted by her. Women have it so much easier on the sexual marketplace they hardly ever need or want a specific man. That’s just a romantic illusion. There are plenty of men like you out there. Nobody is a unicorn.

      1. Its much more effective after you’ve smashed, they feel like you owe them something. u can’t just leave, thats when u have a lot of control over them, especially if the sex was high quality..

      2. Spoken like a beta chump. If you are a man of means and manhood, your absence will surely be felt. While the women may have it easier in the SMV, it’s only for a time—until they hit the wall, and the tables turn very quickly.

        1. While the women may have it easier in the SMV, it’s only for a time—until they hit the wall, and the tables turn very quickly.
          Spoken like an omega chump. Enjoy your post-wall wrecks.

        2. Are you suggesting that women do not hit the wall? Or that men do not have an upper hand with age? Or, maybe you can’t read English?

    7. True if a woman starts flaking on a bloke then he should be saying “next” – a real man keeps his appointments / dates – No exception once the woman realises her bad behaviour wont be tolerated she will be forced to change.

      1. True, but you’re achieving little in terms of changing her if you next her after she’s flaked. If she’s flaked already means she already doesn’t give a single shit about you and therefore won’t even realize you nexting her. You’re nexting her because she’s not worth your time not because she needs to learn her lesson.
        However, flaking on her *after* she’s shown bad behavior (being flaky with texts, postponing dates etc.) can definitely help to send a message.

    8. I agree. Flaking is not a good strategy. You should make it clear you like her, but if she continues to say no you’ll consider other options pretty quikly. Your abundance mentality is what makes you more attractive.

    9. I have had MANY men pull this crap on me, I next them because I figure if you treat me like I’m disposable then I dispose of myself.

    1. Yep. Its either she’s on your bus waiting to reach your destination or she can always leave at the next bus stop. But one must always let her know that there will always be a new passenger.

    1. It’s usually when I’m doing my own shit, that I accidentally stumble across another female option..or an old plate hits me up. ironic really, natures forces at work.

      1. ….while learning how to use WordPress to maximize growth of your location dependent business..

  2. Game/Pickup: A bunch of ugly, deluded fuckwits high-fiving and brofisting each other over things that never actually happen to them.

    1. OR….for fucking a bitch with more miles on her than the entire NASA program put together.

    2. Game and PUA are two completely different things. Game is necessary to have any chance with a high value woman. PUA is what you’re talking about. If you dont want to learn game, you might as well apply for ypur MGTOW license.

    3. Wow, how insightful. What a worthy comment, ad hominem attacks and all. Thanks for contributing absolutely nothing to our discussion. There is a hole in the wall called a door, use it. The grown-ups are talking here, lil’ buddy.

    4. Typical words of a loser that gets mad seeing other guys pulling girls while he’s standing on the sidelines twiddling his thumbs

    5. You have an entire life in the real world to attend to, and you can think of nothing better to do with your time than sneer and throw out ad hominem to people you’ve never met in real life?

  3. Author states::: “Flaking, at its heart, imitates life.” To women, any change of plans, no matter how legitimate – huge work project due, master’s thesis due, mom deathly ill in hospital, grandparent died, dog got hit and killed in road, child diagnosed with leukemia, breast cancer 5k run – they consider a flake. Yes that is how incessant the solipsism is. Sure most will play it off like:”Oh, Okay, that sucks but I understand.” They might understand, but they definitely do NOT give a fuck.
    All you have to do is have a life, and you’re auto-flaking most entitled princesses nowadays (in their minds). I just treat a spoiled bitch brat exactly how they act. Dropped my notch count by 25%, but the sex is better than before with existing plates, and prospects closed.

    1. What forced me to take the red-pill was what happened after I told my ex-girlfriend that my mom had fallen ill and my dad lost his job… Both happened at once… I told my girlfriend that I’d need to spend more time at home to look after my parents for a couple months to make sure everything would be sorted out.
      My ex-girlfriend explicitly said that she understood and cared for me and my family. I dated this girl for 4 years prior and my family had taken her in as one of their own.
      What did she do? Within a month she cheated on me with a close friend of mine that was also a co-worker at the time. When I found out I obviously told her to go fuck herself, and I made it pretty clear that I was going to beat my “friend” into the parking lot pavement.
      My ex then told our supervisor (she was working in the same office at the time as well) that I had been an abusive boyfriend to her and that she was scared for her safety. She got a full month paid vacation, my buddy resigned, and I had the whole department with a magnifying glass on me for an entire year afterwards. All the while I had to look after my parents who were devastated to hear this fucking retarded news.
      It honestly took me 2 years after all this went down to feel like a normal human being again. It’s only very recently that I am not filled with rage every time I recall this story. Watching how she was automatically given the pussy-pass when she had caused so many people so much misery (my “friend” was married at the time) made me think I had lost my mind and the world was an evil place. If I didn’t find the manosphere I think I can’t tell you how I would have reacted.
      In the last few years I’ve also seen feminism jump into high gear. It has become such an insane over the top rush for any power possible that it’s no wonder “progressive” cities like Toronto have such a large MGTOW movement. It pains me to say it but beyond sex there is really no reason to associate with the vast majority of women here. Guys are getting screwed by the system every day and no one talks about it. A friend of mine just told me yesterday how he lost his job because a female co-worker accused him of “harassment”. He was shocked and relieved to hear that such a similar thing had happened to me.
      Things have gotten really fucked up… And nobody is winning… Not even the women…
      EDIT: I typed you a book because I agree wholeheartedly that women’s solipsism just doesn’t give a fuck. And we’re seeing the consequences of putting women in an authority position regardless of social status or merit.

      1. One day Clark, I’ll provide a similar detailed background of mine when the article’s topic matches the key points as yours did this one.
        The only “one-up” I might have on your story is my nurse ex-fiance (have only kid with) was fucking the pulmonologist that SHE recommended for my dad WHILE HE WAS DYING FROM A.L.S. !!!! Yup, THAT fucking EVIL bro. I was shaking this guy’s hand, taking my dad to appointments with him every few months as he was dying (11 months to mortality for my dad), confiding medical and personal trust in him as a doctor, all the while he was bangin my fiance after she had our daughter. Right. It was MY fault my dad was dying and she wasn’t getting the attention she needed because of it. Throw a kid in the mix. I feel no remorse for any women I meet after that. I just laugh in their faces and humbly go on my way. It’s just one excuse-filled trail of manipulative lies and solipsistic disregard for anyone but themselves.
        Re. feminism in public. I just went to a Motley Crue show. One of their stage dancers was selling beer out front entrance of the arena. She was a 7 all done up. I said joking we’d throw things at her when the cage she danced in was over head so she knew it was us. She tripped out on me for saying we’d throw things at her. Since IDGAF at all, and her male compadre selling beer with her caught the fact she tripped uncalled for, I laid into this bitch saying:”I don’t give a fuck what you think, get the fuck over it, you’re not that special.”
        You think 10 years ago a used up Rock/metal slut would would feel so empowered to go apeshit over an obvious joke and turn it into an assault threat? Fuck no. That’s empowered feminism in action.

        1. Your fiance was banging the doctor that was treating your dying father? That is one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever heard.
          I wonder if on some level women are realizing that men are getting to the point of not taking them seriously at all whatsoever.

        2. Yes, man, that’s the truth. Don’t leave out the detail we just had our only kid together shortly after my dad died.. so the moral, financial, and intrafamilial implications were/are astounding.
          No less, her family is heavily intertwined with the local healthcare system comprised of 9 hospitals and over 200 doctor’s offices, facilities, clinics.
          My vision is so clear re. women now, that I can gauge how much a woman realizes what I know about her deceit/deception, just by how much 1) she hates me, 2) she wants to fuck me. They just don’t mature past high school level social development.
          So yea, THAT’s what sent me head strong into the red-pill. I was already on the right path before this cunt, but impregnating her was my only hardcore accident re. women.

        3. you had a kid with the cunt, its a mistake, but not marrying her wretched ass dodged a bullet

      2. You’re better off, Clark. Just think, you could have married her, had kids and then divorced – that would have been a true nightmare playing over and over, again. Consider yourself fortunate to have found all of this out about her (and found ROK).

        1. I do.
          For about a year now I still do the 3$ a month donation to ROK because I’m convinced this has more potential to help down on their luck and confused men than any public institution out there.

  4. Deliberately flaking is shitty behavior in my opinion, but after having been horribly flaked on by the past two girls I purused, I’m tempted to try it just for the sake of being a dick.

  5. Flaking, whether done by a man or a woman, is not done purposely. It’s the result of having too many different options.
    The typical girl you meet online that flakes on you only does because she has 29 guys texting her. If you as a man had 29 girls texting you trying to get with you would be flaking left and right.
    It’s much easier for a woman (especially younger) to be pursued by multiple men then it is for a man to be pursued by multiple women.

    1. The key here is that if you treat her as she would the 29 other men, it will likely perk her ears up. If “everybody” is demanding her time, but you take off without consulting her to go, I dunno, rock climb or whatever that makes you different than some mewing beta schlub.

  6. “This is because for a woman, the world is not a real place and you are not a real person. She is the leading lady in her own movie and you are just an extra.”
    englishbob is right on the money. Egocentric, narcissistic, myopic view of everything in our modern society has driven this behavior. Once we stop placing their “womanhood” on a pedestal and treat them accordingly will they “maybe” get the message. Probably not tho…

  7. Age old principle I’ve observed and used successfully for years. Women want what they can’t have. If you are always there, tell them you want to marry and have kids, always agreeing and being supportive, listen to their complaints and try to change for them………………….then she has you and will stop wanting you.
    Most of the above are things women do to test you, see how much you will put up with, are you a pushover? They don’t understand what they are doing but you must.

    1. A child wants what they can’t have. A grown woman isn’t like this. Of course, a grown woman doesn’t want to date you if you are childish like this.

      1. Many grown women — thank you feminism and social media — behave like and have the personalities of children … until they hit 30 and the ovaries start screaming, of course.
        At that point they grow up, a little, but retain the delusion that the same men who were hot for them at age 21 with a firm arse are still interested in them now that gravity’s kicked in.

  8. Have a life and don’t make her (or any woman) the center of your universe. That is where men go wrong. Keep your schedule, have your hobbies, hit the gym, a career, etc…do all of things that you do in your life (include her as the side dish, not the main meal…..so to say).
    Live for yourself and you can’t go wrong.

    1. But in this scenario, she’s not asking him to cancel plans to hang out with her. He is cancelling plans with her because he thinks she will chase him. The guy that posted this says he wants a “traditional” and “feminine” woman. Traditional women don’t chase men and this plan should back fire. If the woman starts calling a man after he disrespects her, she is probably all the things these men claim they don’t want.

  9. I’ve flaked on women many times. Usually I’ll masturbate before I planned on meeting up with her. Busting a nut first is a good test to see how interested you really are in seeing the girl.

    1. Just make sure that she doesn’t use it as mousse.

  10. Only if a girl flakes on you do you flake back, and then only to test the glue / attraction holding the relationship together. Flake if she gives you a shit test as punishment. Set limits and boundaries early in the relationship. If the girl is that immature or insecure that she must flake to keep interest, MOVE ON. Pull back and let her no in uncertain terms flaking is the fast way to the highway. Hit the road baby ! Even the best women will flake or shit test early in the relationship so have a plan when it happens. Shut down, pull back and let her go crazy when you go silent. She will cave when she finds out that one trick pony wont win any ribbons at the show. She will most likely NOT do it again, if she is into you.

  11. Flake? Weak sauce.
    Have a “girlfriend”. For some reason women go nuts to get a guy when they believe they are “stealing” him from another woman. The idea of destroying a solid relationship seem to be empowering to so many.
    I’ve never understood it.
    As soon as the guy is single, they’ll dump him or avoid him.
    But if they think other women want him or have him, they’ll go nuts to possess him.

  12. tend to agree with englishyob and Hunter P.
    Yes my own past rich experience has proved that flaking or a better term changing the plans, rescheduling “every now and again” with not much notice is more often then not very fruitful, and leads to more respect, (oh the irony…. 😉 and appreciation, but yea its a fine line, dont over do it, too much spice is not good but a hint works wonders..
    When a Woman flakes or pulls the “got family problems” card or had SUCH a manic day.. EVEN though the militant Alpha/red pill stance is to oh! just next them, if the truth be known, how many guys does it really make even keener to want to fuck them even more! (deny all you want) thats why the majority of guys just put up will put up with it, its makes your hornier for them… basic key stage 1 attraction pyscology, keep them on their toes from time to time.

  13. I have a better solution. Live a a full active life with many interests, both business and pleasure, then you can say you can’t make it due to alternate plans and really mean it instead of choosing to cancel out of spite.
    Then you parlay that activity by taking her to places you had business lunches and dinners and tell her you discovered that place and thought of her and that she might enjoy it to. End result, you have a busy life and time away from her with her blessings because she benefits from it as well.

  14. Very good advise if you want to attract following women; needy, psychos, losers. low-self esteem or desperate. Any normal, confident girl will not give a shit about your flaking, she will just dump your sorry arse. And for woman flaking, there are girls that like to play games or yeah it means she doesn’t give a shit about you.

    1. This one knows psychos, because by her own posting history she is one: Borderline Personality Disorder, specifically. In her own words:
      “I am a liar, I manipulate people, I used them and throw them away the moment they cross me. Because I am scared of people, because they hurt me, they don’t understand me and I don’t understand them. But I don’t see that I hurt them, I scare them and treat them like toys or carers that should, need, must take care of me.”
      So logically, she’s attracted by flakers. She probably can’t pass a comment on a normal, confident girl, though, cause she ain’t.

      1. Yes, I agree I would definitely be attracted by flakers and arsholes. Therefore, I am the best person to say. As for normal confident girls, mind you many of them are my friends and I hear what they say or do with guys like that. I have noticed that what works for all women is balancing it right. I mean do never be too nice, be bit mysterious, have your own life, dont make yourself too available etc. However, flaky is a no. Its annoying, off putting, and indicates insecurity. Yes, insecurity. A truly confident man does not need to be flaky to proof something himself or get what he wants.

  15. “If you deliberately decide to go and visit your grandmother at the time you’re meant to meet a girl, text it to her. You’re there with your parent’s mother, aren’t you? A bitch might argue the point, but that’s not the girl you want to be spending time with in the first place.”
    I did this once. Broad was bitching over the phone insisting that I was cheating on her because it seemed so unreasonable I wanted to hangout with my grandma for an hour. I put my grandma on the phone to put the broad in her place & instead of apologizing, she tried justifying her behavior by magically getting mad about another very old issue of no importance. I humped that broad one last time then dumped her on behalf of my grandma.

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