3 Ways To Cultivate The Discipline Of A Neomasculine Lifestyle

While some men have to work less at their goals because of innate talents and abilities they were born with, work is a significant equalizer that allows one born with a lower stock to raise himself up to those men born above him.

— Roosh on the hard work ethic intrinsic to being a neomasculine man.

All men can achieve great things, but few men do. Why? They lack the discipline to work hard, challenge and then eliminate their fears, and constantly extricate themselves from the always present contagion of personal complacency. It is a good bet that most ROK readers will not go further than a week or two in applying the kinds of measures I will describe here to increase and consolidate their discipline. Even amongst self-described neomasculinists, the red pillers of the red pillers, the majority will fall short, indeed far short of the mark.

You must treat your life like that of a professional athlete. The difference is, though, that you’re your own coach as well. And your life extends well beyond the domain of sports. Your life is your discipline and how you apply it in all facets of your life. Consider your neomasculine beliefs as the rocket and your discipline as the fuel. Use the following three strategies (and adapt your own) to ensure that the ideology you know and love on ROK isn’t just a pipe dream you live out on the internet several times a week. You must live what you support, not passively read it.

1. Write down what you do… every day

You need hard, documentary evidence of what you do in life, not selective and deceptively rosy recollections in your mind.

People regularly convince themselves that they did a lot more than they did in reality. Men will say they went to the gym, forgetting the five or ten minute intervals each and every time between different machines or weight stations. They’ll mentally cast aside that the dumbbells they use feel more like doing an aerobics class than an attempt to add size and mass. Or they’ll ignore entirely how they should be writing down their weights, sets and repetitions for each exercise without fail.

It is your job to get yourself a sturdy notebook (to survive being used across your many neomasculine activities) to record your pursuits, successes and, yes, setbacks. If you went to the gym, were you training like a teenage girl in spandex or like a prospective Arnie? There’s a difference. Likewise, in your studies or career, did you push yourself? And for how long? Instead of just punching in your hours, did you work towards something bigger and longer-term?

At the end of every week, your aim is to have a list of activities across seven days that demonstrate you are dedicated to a never-ending use of your masculine energies. Of course, rest and relaxation are an integral part of this masculinity, so do not forget it. Yet the biggest problem for men is a lack of hard or sustained work, not an absence of idle time.

The litmus test for whether you are doing enough is to imagine that a friend with similar interests shows you the same list of things they did in a week. Would it impress you? If not, you need to do more (and be recording it).

2. Turn positive, conscious actions into easy, unconscious habits

So long as your habits serve you, there’s nothing wrong with cultivating automatic behaviors and programming.

One of my favorite routines is heading to the gym at almost always the same time. Urgent work and travel commitments obviously change things from time to time, but by and large I am always going to the gym in the same three hour block of time, aside from my rest days.

As my obligations change across the year, sometimes I substitute mid-morning sessions for what used to be evening ones. Nonetheless, the general consistency I maintain makes going to the gym simple and close to addictive. My neural pathways are basically geared to being at the gym at a particular time. Instead of casual willpower dictating things, habitual programming does it for me.

In a sense, habits take you beyond discipline to more automatic behavior. The trick, though, is applying the discipline at the very beginning, when a habit is still to be formed. If your goal is to learn a language, try my habit of choice: practicing your language with a simple computer program or application every morning, immediately after you wake up. It is not unusual for me to practice for 20 to 30 days in a row before I miss one (and I know this because I record what I do, which takes only five minutes cumulatively per day).

There are simple techniques for you to harness this principle. For example, I had iPhone and iPod alarm reminders set for five minutes after my wake-up alarm (“Practise Russian and Italian for 10 minutes each.”) until I no longer needed them. To make sure I kept my gym program going, I asked three friends to question me about how many times I was going to the gym every week (illustrating the power of social circles in achieving your goals).

How you program yourself is your prerogative, but there’s no excuse for not being programmed. It’s effectively a cheating form of discipline because your unconscious brain handles most of the work.

3. Make a $1,000 bet or just burn your goddamned bridges

You’d burn your bridges with a terrible girl, so do the same for any mediocre parts of your life. Aim for glory.

I regularly bet my friends or girls that I will do something when they say I won’t or can’t. It brings out my most competitive spirit and it should do the same for yours. Ideally, life is a competition with yourself so you can then outcompete others. Nevertheless, sometimes you need to jostle your ego somewhat and make it a winner-takes-all battle with someone else.

Often the bet is just for pride, although putting money on the table can be an intense motivator, especially if the wager is one-way (i.e. if you win, you get nothing and if you lose, the other person gets the cash). Of the 50 or so two-way bets I have made like this over the past few years, where the sums were on average about $50, I have lost just two or three.

Another way is to simply make a promise to someone, indicating you’re putting all your chips on the table and that a failure to accomplish something would mean a humiliation or a lowering of someone’s perception of you. Too many men presume they can immediately self-actualize and drive themselves based on personal willpower and desire alone. That is certainly conceivable, albeit unlikely for the majority of men with flabby discipline muscles.

Burning your bridges in a responsible way (preferably without second mortgaging your home!) harnesses your primal, simian fear of being embarrassed. You urge yourself onto more when you know others are watching.

For those who believe this is a shortcut to discipline, consider the case of the triple Olympic gold medalist in the 100 metres dash, Usain Bolt. Although undoubtedly self-motivated, Bolt’s performances are furthered by a pack of capable sprinters always just behind him when he wins, literally by mere milliseconds.

Would Bolt be training harder, aiming for better and better times, if his closest competitors took between 10.5 and 11 seconds to race and not under 10? Of course not. Bolt’s version of burning his bridges is that each and every time he competes, others are watching. If the 100 metre Olympic champion fails, everyone knows. It is more than healthy to be competing with a combination of both yourself and others.

Do you dare to have the audacity of Roosh?

Have the balls to face down your own life like Roosh faces down SJWs.

What you now know as neomasculinity did not simply start in someone’s mind, it was lived out in reality. As we saw in the vitriolic, hateful attacks on Roosh in Canada this year, it is possible to not only pursue a proud form of masculinity, but to wear it as a badge of honor as the most powerful and vested interests attack it. Compared to those like Roosh who are publicly lambasted for promoting healthy forms of masculinity, your challenges are mostly a walk in the park.

Your attitude and the way you conduct yourself must be unapologetic in your own life, just as Roosh is unapologetic in the public sphere. You have a short few decades to make a mark on yourself and the world. So seize it. Start today. What you achieve in the next day or six months may fade into time. The discipline you commit yourself to will not fade, however, if you choose to keep it.

Talk is cheap and neomasculinity demands discipline. So have you got what it takes or are you just a pretender?

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  1. 4. Do not let a smartphone rule your life as it does with women. It’s what they care about more than ANYTHING now.

    1. Heh, that’s funny, but that was her nephew’s phone that got dropped (and broken) when he was being chased by the T-Rexvelociraptor thing.

    2. I was telling someone at work just the other day “if you are dressed in a suit…use a watch to tell time…not a cell phone”
      Maybe it is just me, but I am obsessed with the importance of a classic wristwatch.

        1. Do you know the time or do you just identify as the time you want like a temporal Bruce Jenner 🙂 Sorry couldn’t resist.

        2. I miss a world where rappers announced their name, were “here to say” something and always let you know the time.

        3. MC (insert name of choice here) D. Seemed like that was the formula for choosing a stagename back in the day

      1. I have no watch and I leave my smartphone (without internet access) at home when I’m leaving…still I manage being on time everywhere.
        The inner clock is strong in me.

        1. You’re following this wise counsel
          You need to focus your decision-making energy. You need to routinize yourself. You can’t be going through the day distracted by trivia.”

      2. I prefer to carry around a sun dial. It’s just so old school classy. And forget a GPS, I just whip out the trusty sextant and compass and the world is mine for the taking!

        1. I launch devastating sarcasm torpedoes. Probably due to my tiger blood I guess.

        2. There is a hella amount of awesomeness in that bracer, sir.

      3. Seconded! Can’t believe how most people I meet don’t place importance on wearing a functional watch.
        I work outdoors mostly and a cellphone is cumbersome when used as a chronometer.

    3. Yup only bitches and betas are glued to their smartphones. Fucking pathetic how they cant do anything but have a phone in their face at all times. I cant wait till these weak lemmings come down with bulging disks in their necks or hunchbacks with no ability to be present and in the moment. Pure weak zombies trying to keep up the facade of being important or too important to sit still and see whats around them.

  2. Do I have the audacity of Roosh? I’ve walked in protests with a holstered, loaded sidearm directly in front of lines of cops, even in the days when that kind of thing would get your head slammed to the ground by fifty “men in blue”. So yeah, I think I have that part covered, from a “don’t give a shit about what others think” perspective.
    As to walking the walk when it comes to masculinity, definitely. It’s why I know that the men who go on about how “traditional masculinity is no longer what women like” are full of froot loops. I see the contrary every single day when they respond to my unapologetic displays of old school manliness (I like that word, so much less loaded with ambiguity than “masculinity”).
    Good article, great advice, make it so.

      1. Thanks. I considered “full of Count Chocula” but it really didn’t roll off the tongue well.

        1. also sounds like something that happens in a gay club for 80’s goth kids….

        2. Yeah, I wasn’t going to go there, but you’re right.

        3. Count chokula rules! im glad its in the stores now. One of my long time habits I havent given up. Sure it another G.M.O cereal from general ills but I dont plan on having kids anyway.

        4. The real question is why would I have kids? Where do I start? A nation spiralling into disaster culturally, ethnically, ecologically, politically, socially, technologically, financially. A government that not only doesnt give a fuck about its native citizens but also has a conspiracy on a multitude of levels to either incarcerate or make you sick from the corrupt branches and federal regulation bureaus like the F.D.A the E.P.A. Wholesale spying from the N.S.A an the F.B.I in conjunction with social media. If I did roll the dice of having kids.Id have to worry about the very real and likely misfortune of a fetal disease such as the skyrocketting autism epidemic. Other ailments that kids never used to have like crippling alergies stemming from The F.D.A and their corrupt racket of fast tracking fatal drugs that havent even been tested on human populations. Not to mention what having kids does to your female partner like turning from a fit sex kitten to a frumpy dumpy soccer mom that let herself go to shit just because she’s kad kids.
          Had enough? Fuck That! .Im not that much of a narcissist to think the world will be a better place if I brought a xerox of myself into this fucked up world.

        5. Its not all doom. cheer up man! the principles and rule of the constitution will always be as long as the earth endures(regardless of Fox, WNTV). As to the ethnic concern, i think, some of those guys, have stood up to massive odds, fought and come through stuff beyond the daily experience of most Americans, and when they find their way here, the patriotism exhibited often exceed that even of the native born
          I can see your concerns in not burdening your kid with things you consider disagreeable and I fully respect you for this. Big Ups Bruv.

    1. Today that will get you tasered.
      Unless there’s a lot of you with guns, in which case they will negotiate.

      1. Actually that’s incorrect. Today you can walk down the street without being harassed. The marches, you see, enabled not only the passing of concealed carry laws, but also caused police departments in Ohio to officially insert “You cannot bother peaceful open carriers” into their training and manuals.

        1. Concealed carry. That always makes me mad. Why should you need a special permit to keep your gun (your property) inside your jacket?

        2. I agree. We’re now working on removing the permit with legislation introduced to make Ohio officially Constitutional Carry. This has always been the end goal, we simply took a long range view and did it incrementally.

        3. Maine just passed the law in their state (no permit with conceal, now). Hoping to have it in VA some time, soon. Either way, I’m covered.

        4. We carry for the same reason a police officer carries (a gun)….we’re law abiding. I don’t expect the police to safeguard my house, family and property…that’s my job.

        5. Something so simple seems to be lost to so many. It seems some people actually expect the police to protect you…like the robber is going to sit there while you call the cops and wait for them to get to your house before resuming their nefarious activities.

        6. Perhaps because crime isn’t isolated to just drug dealers? If someone breaks into my house or tries to mug me on the street, I would like the ability to defend myself. If you do not want to carry a gun, more power to you. However, I have a wife and 3 kids and it is my responsibility to protect them using any, and every, means at my disposal.

        7. Really? Cause even your police can’t carry. And if you use it to defend your home they’ll send you to jail.
          A great story told by G. Gordon Liddy, the Watergate burglar who went to jail: he was in jail and his wife was a DC school teacher.
          A man broke in and walked into the living room. She was standing there with her four children around her and a .357 in her hand.
          She said, “Get…Out.” The guy stoof frozen in fear.
          She said, ” Watch children. Watch mommy make the bad man’s head explode.”
          The guy RAN! LOL!

        8. Im looking at it from the aspect of what could go down when kids lay hold of weapons when you’re not there. Most kids( thanks to TV) know to just pull on the damn trigger, and the statistics of fatalities from that is depressing.
          And most threats again can be resolved with a simple 911.
          I respect your decision and your protectiveness for your family, I’m only concerned about SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY.

        9. That’s interesting. I passed some cops armed with HKs the other day. Were they breaking the law?! Stone the crows!

        10. Well, that is news to me! The last stories I heard out of Brittain about guns was about an old man going to jail for killing a couple of guys who broke into his house and tried to kill him before he shot them. He was in jail!/
          And I know for a long tine your bobbies weren’t allowed to carry. When did that change? If it did, good for you.
          We’re these guys with the HKs like the polizei I saw in the Munich sirpot walking around with Uzis? Anti-terror cops? Or were they walking a beat?
          It’s your country, you would know. What’s the 411?

        11. You’ll frequently see them in the West End, the City, the airport and at the Houses of Parliament. Yes often walking a beat.

        12. Quora? Now THAT’S a reliable source!
          She’s a SJW. You know how you can tel!?
          She responded to something nobody said with an argument that didn’t address the point. Then, when even that point was shown to be false, she changed the subject again.
          But here’s the real Tell. She was IMPERVIOUS to both logic and reason!
          Seriously, what could be more simple to understand? In a dangerous world, for defending yourself, a knife is better than a fist and a gun is better than a knife.
          But SJWs don’t care about logic.

        13. G. Gordon Liddy’s “Will” is a must read relevant to this topic (masculine discipline). It was my vade mecum in High School.

    2. ” It’s why I know that the men who go on about how “traditional masculinity is no longer what women like”
      God, isn’t that the truth. I’ve witnessed too many real time examples of this one. Men still touting this nonsense are in doubt and need to be ‘reprogrammed’.

  3. Funny how the left encourages everyone to just ‘be themselves no matter what others think’ unless you are a confident heterosexual man. Agree with this article, be a bad ass and let them bitch about it.

    1. When I was a kid my mother told me I should always be myself. Within like 15 minutes she was telling me to shut up and within another 15 I was sent to my room.
      Being yourself is just fine once you have trained yourself to be excellent.
      In the Analects of Confucius, big C says (and I am paraphrasing rather than looking it up) to a pupil who asks how he deals with combating his urges to be a jackass…
      at 20 I had to fight all of my instincts so I trained my instincts vigorously. At 30 I had only to fight against some instincts so I trained them harder. Now I am 40 and I can do whatever it is I want to do whenever I want to do it and know I will never do the wrong thing.
      Not sure if the ages are right (might be 30,40,50) and I am positive the wording is off, but the basic idea is spot on…you can look it up if you want….but the spirit of the quote is there.
      The basic idea is…yeah i can be myself and follow every single one of my urges, after I spend enough time training my urges to always be good.

      1. “The Master said, At fifteen I set my heart upon learning.
        At thirty, I had planted my feet firm upon the ground.
        At forty, I no longer suffered from perplexities.
        At fifty, I knew what were the biddings of Heaven.
        At sixty, I heard them with docile ear.
        At seventy, I could follow the dictates of my own heart; for what I desired no longer overstepped the boundaries of righ.”

    2. Good point. It’s “just be yourself”…unless you are a successful man with wealth, good health and confidence. Then, you’re the bad guy.

  4. A great article. I especially appreciate how you began with writing everything down and pointed specifically to not the good highlights, but to everything. I really believe this is so important. Sometimes I may suck to write down that you dropped the ball, failed at something important or even didn’t make it through a trivial test as you wanted to. However, no one is going to go through life without some mishaps, faiures, etc. Taking the blame, owning up to where your mistakes were, writing them down for posterity…that is the stuff of excellence.
    Also, the act of writing daily itself is meditative and helpful.
    I will say that I do not agree with the idea of betting money for betterment or, especially, pride. However, I won’t go as far as saying that that is WRONG….I will just say that I do not believe that it is something that works for me.
    Again, well done on this article.

      1. Also true…but to a point. There comes a time with toxic people, be they men or girls, that you just have to make it clear that they are free to live their life so long as it doesn’t ever intersect with yours. I wouldn’t want to leave a job for a new job on bad terms, but there are some people that need to be totally removed from ones life at times and, in those terms, bridge burning seems ok.

      2. I’ve consciously burned one career bridge in my life. I came out of the military, then worked in a factory for almost five years. They had a college reimbursement program that nobody took advantage of, but I did. Some of the crusty older floor workers started calling me “Einstein” and mocked me because they claimed that I thought I was better than them, etc. Keep in mind I hardly talked at all, and rarely if ever spoke of anything outside of job functions, first because nothing good comes from that and second because it was just too fucking loud in the plant.
        So anywho, I attended college with a full time schedule, and worked third shift, which was exhausting. When I finally graduated I went to the HR person in the front office and asked if there were any jobs open that required a degree, what my chances were to apply for them, etc. I received a direct “We don’t hire into the office or management from the floor.”
        My supervisor, later, also belittled me for thinking that somehow I was good enough to do such a thing. The crusty old man floor workers, meanwhile, kept up the ridicule. One day after a proper dressing down sneer from one of the crusty old farts, I said, literally, “Fuck this shit”. I walked into the supervisor’s office, told him that I quit and that he could go to hell and kiss my ass, and I walked out. That bridge was burning bright with the gasoline I applied with my words and my middle finger.
        I knew all about not burning one’s bridges but I did so anyway. The reason was that I never, ever wanted to work in that kind of environment ever again in my life. I was rolling the dice and going for broke.
        Within two weeks I was working for CompuServe.

        1. Good stuff
          I left school without a single certificate and like you worked in factory jobs whilst studying, for a STEM degree.
          And yes, I got the “who do you think you are” shit too
          15 years later, who won again?

        2. Exactly. Never was sure why the old coots were so hate filled at the time, but later I figured out it was due to the crab in a bucket syndrome.

        3. I can’t even pretend to understand the shit I got
          But it’s now a great lesson in not giving a fuck what people who don’t matter to you think of you

        4. You got to work for CompuServe?
          I had an early account with them, but then they seemed to get ‘blown out’ by AOL when AOL started to send out thousands of the free disks in the early 1990s.
          I seem to remember that it was text based, and a monthly fee to connect.

        5. Yes.
          AOL – Sorta true as well. CompuServe wasn’t really started as a mass public consumption company, they originally shared computer resources with larger entities. Eventually they trickled down to the mass consumer market, where they were whopped not only by AOL, but also by the appearance of the Interwebs. AOL mass marketing really geared up around 1994-96 or so and it was too much. We had all kinds of meetings to try and figure out how to control TCP/IP in a manner that allowed internet access via the Compuserve client while still charging for time, but obviously it failed.
          Text based, yes. They had clients you installed that allowed you navigate via buttons however. Their forum format was very close to that of BBS’s, and basically set the standard for forums on the internet. Same with AOL, they were all in cahoots. Eventually CServe was bought by AOL, and the rest, as they say, is history.

      3. I’d agree but only in circumstances where a man’s principles are not in question. I had that with a former employer and I burned the bridge, also, on purpose. I had to burn it because I could not see myself going back and it’s something that has to be done, from time to time. Men need to make sure that they are leaving some bridges open for the right reasons.
        Other bridges need a good burning, never go back. To each man, his own. Good stuff to think about here, though.

  5. One way of keeping track of things that I’ve found works pretty well is to keep a giant white-board right beside my desk.
    White-boards cost hundreds of dollars so I just bought some shower board (i.e., melamine) and it works just fine. Can get the material at a hardware store. Not as glossy or pretty but for 30$ I’ve got an 8×4 foot section of my wall that I can write notes on, work out random ideas, etc.

    1. I just send out a daily FOIA request to the NSA and have them send me my detailed file.

        1. There is too much awesomeness, which keeps them from redacting it. They’re a very sentimental agency.

    2. It sucks when someone cleans it or uses a permanent marker.
      Or when your boss comes in and writes his complaints on it. That was the first time he came close to death.

      1. If someone writes on a white-board with a permanent marker they must be fired immediately.

        1. Put that coffee down lolknee- first prize was a car. third place was “youre fuckin fired”.

        2. Ha. I need to institute a policy that all references over 20 years old need fact checking prior to posting.

        3. See? Thats why I wont be giving you any Glengarry leads, they are for the closers

  6. This was one of the best articles I’ve read on here, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect for my own life. #2 and #3 were good reminders for me, but #1 is something I’ve never tried before but will be implementing immediately.

  7. Use the techniques listed in the article to *discover* things you can become passionate about — don’t just go through the motions to go through the motions.
    #3 – in 1999 I wrote on a piece of paper I would some day get my dad his dream car after achieving my business goals. I gave it to him and he saved it.
    I never forgot about that note – it was always looming in the back of my head.
    In 2014, we took him out for lunch for his birthday. When we went out to the parking lot to leave, he noticed a brand new red Ford Mustang parked in the back of the lot. As he was about to get into the Toyota with the rest of the family, I stopped him and directed him over to the car and handed him the keys and told him that Mustang is his. Probably one of the first times I’d ever seen him tear up.

    1. Well done Matt.
      Which reminds me, I need to start dropping hints to my son that I’d really, really like to own a Cessna 182 some day.

        1. He has an international number to call I hear. BR549.

      1. Cessna? My unlce has a piper cub he wants to unload. He said he will fly one more year and sell it as he simply doesn’t have the time (or eyesight) for it anymore.

        1. Cubs B Tiny, man. One person planes, or one person and one really, really skinny passenger, if it’s the standard model I’m thinking of. It is analogous I believe (haven’t checked, just going off of memory) to a Cessna 152.
          I might settle for a 172S, appointed with nice leather, but a 182 would be perfect since you can comfortably fly 4 people and luggage in one of those, where with the 172 it’s you and the passenger and luggage, and maybe a small child, tops.

        2. It’s a two seater with no trimmings (stick, altitude, speed, fuel). When I was a teen, we used to strafe lakes by chucking corn cobs out of the open door or throw a roll of toilet paper out, do a 180 and try and cut it in half before it would hit the ground. He’de fly it so low he would hitting the tops of the corn. Good times. Heh.
          He had the cub completed refurbished 8 years ago as it was built in 1940. Was used to train pilots during the war. He has a Cessna 4 seater as well, but not sure if he will part with it.

        3. you must be on a tight budget………used 172’s are a dime a dozen…..if that’s a goal, make it happen

    2. Way to go! I’ve had that same plan for years, but unfortunately haven’t fulfilled it as of yet. Hopefully continuing with such steps as outlined in this article, I’ll join you in paying back the old man in grand fashion. It’s inspiring to hear you pulled it off.

    3. Matt, this was just great. I did something similar, but the story takes longer to tell…
      My grandfather was your quintessential Stoic workingman. He had a heart of gold, worked like a beast, never had much money but raised several children. He did not get an education when young, so at the age of forty he entered high school, completed it with the kids, then studied Law at college, and became a white-collar worker. This tells you what kind of a man he was.
      Well, he was of Italian heritage, and although he knew next to nothing about Italy proper (it was his grandfather who had immigrated), he was pretty sure it was paradise on Earth, and woe to whomever questioned it. The dream of his life was visiting the land of his ancestors. He was always saving money with this objective, but something always came up: a new child, unemployment, health, and friends asking for help. Since he always put others first, the funds were always drained.
      Finally, after he retired, it seemed he was going to make the trip. One winter, he told the family, “we’ve got the money, next summer we’ll be in Italy!”. Then….
      My grandmother got struck by cancer. She went to Hell and back several times for four years, but managed to win. Of course, my grandfather’s savings went up in smoke, plus a lot of debt besides. I was finishing college at this time.
      After I finished, I soon landed a good job. My first objective was: to save enough money to send my grandparents to Italy. I skimmed and saved for three years, then gave them a one-month, Sicily-to-Switzerland trip, all included. I will never forget their faces when I handed them the voucher, unannounced, and they gradually realized what it was. My grandmother had been cancer-free for about six months at this point, frail but capable of traveling.
      That was the exact right moment. Three months after they came back from Italy, the cancer returned with a vengeance. Only two months later, she was dead. She died in my grandfather’s arms. He was still strong and reasonably healthy, but he did not want to live anymore. I’m not guessing, he told me this. He limped on, stoically as usual, for four more years and died.
      The picture of my grandparents in a canoe in Venice’s canals, beaming like teenagers, is in my desk to this day.

  8. try my habit of choice: practicing your language with a simple computer program or application every morning

    This is a great idea and in fact I do something similar myself. However, I strongly recommend you establish a habit of speaking with a native speaker for about an hour 3 or 4 times a week. Your progress will be lightening fast.

  9. Conscious choices absolutely turn into unconscious habits. A few months ago I decided to do a rigorous set of pushups, sit-ups, and leg lifts first thing when I step out of bed. It took a while to get through the motivation, but now I don’t even think about it. In fact I feel sluggish and unhealthy if I don’t do it.

  10. 4. Have a long term YOU project that ONLY you know about
    5. Don’t do for others what you wouldn’t expect them to do for you
    6. Consistently operate out of your comfort zone. You’ll be fucking amazed the stuff you can get done
    Good article by the way

    1. 7. Unless it’s something truly fucking heinous, never apologise. Simply acknowledge and say “I’ll take that in going forward”, or something .
      Apologies actually piss people off even more

    1. How does that advance anything to act like that? What about the article is incorrect, or something you wouldn’t recommend to your son (if you have one)?
      Have and track goals, make good actions into good habits, and take risks. How is this undesirable?

        1. So basically you’re down to simply trolling now. In what possible way is it Christian to try and incite anger in other people who have done you no wrong?
          Oh well, I guess it’s not really my problem. Trolls gonna troll. Film at 11.

        2. Watch how many people agree with me that anything calling itself neo-masculinity is by default faggy. (come on guys vote me up lol)
          If the article (which I’ll probably read later) advises good solid things, it’s all just masculinity.
          The SJW’s are winning if we forget about masculinity or assert that the previous masculinity is flawed or defunct by promoting a new modern masculinity.
          Especially as modern living and the modern world is so much a part of whats killing our testicular integrity.
          I believe the article is accompanied by a naked Greek homosexual warrior king who somehow had no body hair even though he was Greek.
          This is neo-masculinity…
          It is a Metro Sexual on Steroids who didn’t have the cash for aromatase inhibitors….

        3. So calling people snarky names makes your case. Got it.
          Hope your day goes well.

        4. I wouldn’t call the term itself faggy but giving it a label in the first place is going to backfire when that label ends up being used as a shaming tactic… like metro-sexual. Or like what you are doing now I guess by equating neo-masculinity with faggyness.

        5. It should have no label so it doesn’t become a target or a tool to be used against itself.

        6. I’m equating any and all attempts to re-brand masculinity as faggy which is what you have failed to understand.
          You are responding as a classic well indoctrinated cult member by jumping to the protection of this farce of a term/concept.
          I predicted this in my earlier posts.

        7. Appearances can be deceptive.
          Why don’t you highlight what it is that appears stupid and what appears confused?
          You appear desperate and butt hurt.
          Exhibit A,
          “you appear confused or just stupid.”

  11. This is good stuff. A bit Tony Robbins with a testosterone shot. Of course in some ways neo-masculinity is lifestyle guru’ing tailored for men. (Actually Tony Robbins has a very deep voice but his advice doesn’t always reflect that).

        1. It makes him feel superior. He also calls himself a Christian, when it’s convenient for him, yet also seems to be able to incite anger in passers by, intentionally, ignoring this:

          Proverbs 6:16-19
          New International Version (NIV) 16
          There are six things the Lord hates,
          seven that are detestable to him:
          17 haughty eyes,
          a lying tongue,
          hands that shed innocent blood,
          18 a heart that devises wicked schemes,
          feet that are quick to rush into evil,
          19 a false witness who pours out lies
          and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

        2. I do think / agree he has a lying tongue. I enjoy some trolls sometimes but I can’t see the point of what he’s doing

        3. Who knows? He seems confused, and possessed of that odd combination of ignorance and arrogance that is usually reserved for the hard Leftist. What he gets out of snarking here is anybody’s guess.

        4. have you thought of taking a troll training course: help you meet the basic standards of your occupation?

        5. See now the constant use of the term troll is just cultish.
          But back to the matter at hand – why a homosexual warrior king with no hair on his greek body?
          Is this neo-masculinity?
          Remember that the Spartans used to fuck each other.

        6. Nah I read about trolls I’m not one. I’m quite good looking.
          Your just but hurt cause I criticised the article you wrote.

        7. I haven’t written an article.
          And it’s “you’re”. You’ve done that a couple of times now, so it’s not a typo. Also, you meant “butt”, not “but”. Please, attention to details.
          Normally I don’t go grammar Nazi, but sometimes it’s just too much to pass up.

        8. Why do you snark leftists?
          Do you hold them in contempt Ghost?
          I think I’ve made my point with that right there…

        9. Aha! But is it certified by the National Troll Council. I think he needs to do a UK national vocation qualification on Troll Science. Basic but he can progress to the higher stuff later on

        10. Of particular interest on that link:
          2 Don’t be obvious. Just going to some religious forum
          and posting “god is a fag!” really isn’t the best strategy. Everyone can tell you’re a troll. A good troll will spend time carefully constructing the perfect prank. Make them think you’re legit. And then mess with their minds.

          His first post on this thread:
          Neo Masculine Fags.
          Lots of work to do here.

        11. he’s a newbie. Needs someone to take him under his wing. Like in those kung fu movies

        12. I’ll see if I can find the master troll sensei, Hu Flung Pu, and get him set up.

        13. He reminds me a bit of a character in Kung Pow. There’s this shaolin monk who’s really dreadful at martial arts and says things like: “I bleed first, I win”. The grand master then reveals: “we trained him wrong, for a joke.”
          Maybe something similar happened to Type 8?

        14. I did think about going to church during a mess and shout out something like: God stinks.
          Unfortunately, I have matured too much in the past few weeks, so I suspect it will never happen.

        15. “You’ve done that a couple of times now, so it’s not a typo.”
          How much of your time has this taken up?
          “Normally I don’t go grammar Nazi,”
          No normally you do wrong history teacher and don’t know about the Celts and their Hebrew ancestors from the Iberian Peninsular.
          Kiss my teeth.

        16. from reading your posts I’d say you need to decide whether you want to have actual conversations or just wind people up, because you can’t really do both. Make a new account and try again

        17. Holy shit, is that real?!? Were they trolled, like for real, or is this a hoax video?

        18. Oh, no. They were trolled for real. Most news outlets (including mine) reported one of the fake names. But one particular station reported (and read out loud) all 4, and became the laughing stock of local news.
          Hard to believe they fell for Bang Ding Ow!

        19. “conversations or just wind people up, because you can’t really do both. ”
          This is just false.
          People get wound up over the course of conversations.
          This is a comments section not a forum but we do get into it sometimes.
          If my comments wind you up, just remember that they don’t mean anything and this is a free for all internet comment section and people WILL reply to your comments as you will no doubt respond to the articles and comments.

        20. I just don’t think you have the balance right. Now you’re making a serious comment. But other times you seem to be trying to provoke for the sake of it

        21. This example just shows you that common sense can not be taught. I don’t know how these “intelligent journalists” or “news reporters” could not read and think to themselves WTF? I’m not reading this on the air.

        22. HANDS DOWN my favorite thing ever. I didn’t see this live, but I did see it like 2 minutes after it aired and have been laughing ever since. There is an ROK user who comments sometimes name Ho Lee Fuk and I upvote all of his comments just because whenever I see his name I think of this and laugh.

        23. totally real. Great trolling job. Apparently, some college kid who was an NTSB intern fed the trolling info to news station and it made it all the way to air.

        24. Glad someone else noticed this. Follower of Jesus, yet he is incapable of empathy…

    1. in the circumstances he did pretty well: there was no way he was going to win within the show format. He also demonstrated his own philosophy both in going on the show and afterwards in treating it as a learning experience, by being anti-fragile / non-reactive

      1. Had he been prepared emotionally, he may have slashed them with confidence. I personally imagine I would have laughed in their face and told the fatties to fuck off. But yeah, it is one thing watching it and a whole different thing doing it. It must be fun to be a psychopath.

        1. the thing is it was set up as an ambush. Its easy to be defiant when you’re blood is up – when you know you’re facing an enemy. He knew going in they were the enemy, but then they buttered him up, allowed him to think he was going to be given an opportunity to speak his mind, when in fact what they were doing were playing psychological games. If after all that he’d come out with a fuck you attitude would they have shown that? Ultimately they have complete editorial control. Fortunately most shows are that dishonest

        2. Very true. It reminds me of my recent incident with the cops. They put you into that shit situation and then they offer themselves as consolation, so you kinda are torn between defying and wanting to accept their kindness – which makes you dependent.
          As I said, he would have needed to know what to expect. Otherwise, it is quite diabolical.

        3. nothing bad I hope. Either way dealing with the cops has to be a learning experience. They really do do the good cop / bad cop thing I guess

        4. Do not even get me started. All my computers and projects gone. My old boss accused me of some computer crime that did not even happen. May take months until I get my shit back. If there was no law against it, I would murder him.

        5. That’s nasty. We’ve all been shafted by employers. They’re bigger than us so to speak. If you know you’ve got a rock solid case, and can prove it beyond reasonable doubt you can probably sue him / them for a malicious accusation or whatever. The sensible thing though is to move on and learn from the experience. Easier said than done but still a good opportunity in its own right to learn to become anti-fragile / non reactive. Maybe down the line you’ll get the opportunity to get your own back but you sound as if its too personal to even think about that yet

        6. I did sue him as well. And I got sued by the cops, for insulting them. Repeatedly. And I challenged those sheep to boxing duels, which they refused. These are the fun aspects of it.

        7. christ. You’re not taking anything lying down are you. I think the boxing duels or pistols at dawn route probably isn’t going to get you the satisfaction it might have done in a previous more noble age. I think the only rule which holds true in all cases in bad situations like that is evaluate your situation coolly before acting, even if you want to punch someones lights out. At the very least you want to walk away with a useful learning experience – sorry if my homespun wisdom doesn’t help much

        8. That is cool, brother. I just need to get that rebellion shit out of my system. Kinda have this rage burning inside, like many fatherless men do. Also, it is a good chance to learn to speak up for myself. They are assholes, even if assholes with badges. I call them that.

        9. go for it. Better than letting it stew inside of you. Just make sure you’re the last man standing so to speak

        10. kind of sounds like he (your boss) had connections (in the police force) that you didn’t foresee.

  12. I like how this article showed how to internalize concepts from meditation and deep psychology to improve life.

  13. This is neo-masculinity at its best. Compare it to the feminist propaganda which is all about lobbying the establishments to make life easier and more “pre-chewed” so their life as consumers will be easy.
    Little about how they can push “good woman-hood” to a higher level.

  14. Feminism appeals to older women because it raises their value. Feminism destroys youthful feminine innocence and transfers that value to old hags. It negates the virgin standard, steals their value and assigns it as added fiat value to nasty old wretches. The big old fish cannibalizing on the little ones. People who live by the same rules that govern the animal kingdom WILL BECOME just like dumb animals without souls. The churches have lost their discipline with man. Call upon the RULE OF PATRIARCHY to lift our species up from the lowly world of wild animal beasts. Feminism enshrines the subterrainean spirit of the wild BITCH MOTHER WHO EATS HER YOUNG literally.

  15. Easier version on how to be real.
    Do what you say you’ll do.
    Be the first man to a million tries.
    Always be ready for confrontation.
    Don’t sweat what you can’t do anything about right now.
    Write history don’t just read it.
    Have priorities.

  16. If men took the amount of time they take speculating and saying that they will do something and instead just do it, they would have a lot more free time. I sit in conference rooms all day listening to people talking about what they should do. I leave and just do it.
    I never understood why more people just don’t f-ing do it instead of just talking endlessly about what they would like to do.
    It isn’t just in business. I see it all the time in personal life too. I have a friend who complains endlessly about his lack of a girlfriend. I ask him how he tries to meet women. He just says “there aren’t any good ones out there” and comes up with a litany of excuses. I finally told him I don’t want to hear it anymore. I gave him resources on how to learn game and told him if he wanted to meet women and get a girlfriend he was going to have to invest time and money in it. It would be his project for three to six months. He finally got off his ass and did it. Three months later he is dating a solid 7. He finally thanked me the other day for giving his a$$ the boot and getting him out there.
    Always strive for action.

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