Why You Should Boycott the NFL

On Tuesday, October 19th, Cam Heyward, a player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, will be appealing a fine he received for violating the league’s uniform policy. Heyward wore the words “Iron Head” on his face (with eye black) to honor his deceased father, Craig “Iron Head” Heyward. His father was a former NFL player who died in 2006 of a brain tumor.


Tries to call attention to his father’s death from cancer…gets a fine.

The NFL has strict rules regarding player uniforms, and players routinely face a fine if they violate these rules.

However, Heyward’s fine comes in the midst of the NFL’s breast cancer awareness month. Fans of the NFL have been bombarded with nonstop displays of pink: pink pieces of uniforms, pink ribbons painted on the field, pink goal posts, pink banners, and so on. During this time, players have been free to make a litany of changes to their uniforms: pink shoes, pink gloves, pink wristbands, etc.


To the NFL, the only cancer deaths that matter are women’s.

Naturally, if the NFL is trying to draw attention to breast cancer, then they will be concerned with all forms of cancer! They will be sympathetic to the men who die of cancer, as well as the women! Right? Er…wrong.

Given the fines being levied against Cam Heyward, this is clearly not the case.

So then, why would the NFL honor breast cancer, yet refuse to honor other forms of cancer? And why would the NFL go so far as fining players for honoring a former player that died of cancer?

Cam Heyward Speaks out

Heyward, in his naivety, thought that the NFL would want to honor his dead father:

“A lot of people are struggling with cancer and that’s what my message was,” Heyward said Monday afternoon. “It’s not just about me and my love for my father. There are a lot of people out there struggling. In a month when breast cancer is honored I think every type of cancer should be honored as well.”

Heyward faces more fines if he continues to wear the message. By the time all is said and done, Heyward could collect up to $100,000 in fines. Heyward has tried to be diplomatic about the situation, using logic to plead his case:

“I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes or upset the league office, but I want to continue to do it at least for this month,” Heyward said. “I would love to be able to [do it] this month and make an awareness for all types of cancer. I’m very sincere when I say I’m not trying to be someone who is a rebel against the cause or someone who is against everybody. I care about this league, but I also care about people who are struggling. I understand the struggles they go through. My dad went through that struggle, and I saw it every day.”

Heyward has shown great restraint. As the preceding quote shows, he does not just want to honor his father; he wants to honor all people who suffer from this horrible infirmity.


This is one of those stories that speak for itself, if you have eaten the red pill. The NFL is another arm of society that has been overtaken by feminism and the social justice warrior brigade: another domino that has fallen in their quest for social supremacy. The once noble game is now serving the agenda of Team Feminism, where the lives of women matter more than those of men.

The fact that these incidents are occurring in the NFL is significant. In a country that has virtually lost its testicles, the NFL has remained one of the last bastions of American, Alpha male behavior: a place where socially-engineered androgyny has not gained a foothold. This fact infuriates Team Feminism.

Remember that feminism relies on fictional representations of superior, female strength (i.e. Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, Charlie’s Angels, etc). The NFL is weekly proof that men are, in fact, stronger than women. No million dollar Hollywood budget can change this reality, and the NFL is a weekly reminder of this genetic difference. This infuriates the feminist brigade, who have made it their lifelong goal to highlight male weakness.

Consequently, the feminists have set their sights on the NFL–they will not rest until the manhood has been ripped from the game, and hurled to the street like John Wayne Bobbit’s severed penis.

Summary And Recommendation


I will white knight for the NFL – I give you my pledge.

The point of all this is simple: The spotlight must always be placed on woman’s victimhood. If this spotlight is removed—even for a second—then men will stop working for the feminist cause. Acknowledging a man’s death from cancer—even one—is a threat to the feminist attempt at a month long grievance campaign.

The NFL, and particularly commissioner Roger Goodell, have turned into the ultimate white knight in this regard. They have allowed women to turn the NFL into an SJW platform, moving from one tabloid topic to the next. Goddell is like a beta male provider, rushing to meet a woman’s ever-escalating demands regardless of how insane they are. Roger Goodell and his associates are ruining a great American sport.

Sadly, I am recommending a boycott of the NFL. This is particularly difficult for me. I am a lifelong fan, and I was an all-league player in high school. I have watched football for close to forty years, and it is my favorite sport. It runs in my blood.

However, I have to acknowledge that my support of the NFL at the moment is a form of tacit approval. By tuning in every Sunday, I am giving the NFL permission to be overtaken by the feminist brigade. I am saying that it is ok for them to disrespect the millions of men who have died of cancer. I am saying that female lives matter more than male.

Well, let me say what the feminist proponents love to claim—equality matters.

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  1. The fine is a load of shit but the 1 Best reason to boycott the NFL…..It’s not a real sport.
    There are guys who never touch the ball, never tackle a guy with the ball, but tackle a guy trying to tackle the guy with the ball. What a joke.
    Watch rugby instead. Or just don’t watch sports fullstop.

      1. It’s more a pageant, a play, or a production. And I enjoy some of that. All the pomp and circumstance, the cheerleaders, the announcers. It’s very similar to the Hunger Games, just the dress and the content is not quite as extreme yet.

    1. Wrestlings a legit sport that what linemen do.
      But Football is not sport it’s war over a ball.

  2. Oy vey I thought these schwartza were supposed to toe the line and be easy to control this truly is another shoah for breast cancer

    1. …are…are you honestly trying to argue that the team from your part of town, composed of people who weren’t even born there, is BETTER than the team in MY part of town who also weren’t born here? You’re just crazy. Don’t you see my jersey bears the local sports team? The *superior* local sports team? This number? That’s the top player of my local sports team. By wearing his jersey, I imply that I am a member of a strong, identifiable group. You better watch what you’re saying, or we – yes, I use “we” even though I’m out of shape and of no use to anyone in a fight and am not involved whatsoever with the team – will beat your *ass*… on the field next time we play.

  3. Don’t you dare raise the issue that there is no light blue ribbons, headbands and sport merchandise being passed around all september for prostate cancer awareness month.
    Even though 100% of their athletes are male, and Prostate cancer kills a higher percentage of men than Breast cancer kills women.
    Listen, I’m with Heyward here that cancer is a terrible disease and we should acknowledge and raise awareness to all of its forms and all people affected by it. But this push to make a female specific cancer into the spotlight while ignoring male specific ones is infuriating on a good day.

    1. It is about the elevation of women at the expense of men.
      Wearing pink does not prevent breast cancer.

      1. Hijacking a male invented & dominated structure makes these SJW femmies feel good. Too much work to invent their own breast cancer awareness platform I suppose.

  4. I hate this breast cancer awareness crap of the NFL.
    Forcing 300 pound freaks of nature to wear pink is a crime against nature.
    Will wearing pink reduce breast cancer? No!
    How about an anti-smoking and obesity campaign targeted at women?
    Shame them for being fat beige drinking smokers.
    Now that would work.

    1. They should start putting land whale pictures on all the fast food packages. Like they put black lung photographs on cigarette cases. Imagine how quickly the appetite would fade. Perhaps.

      1. It will be utterly ineffective, just like those pictures on cig cases. No aversive pictures or sky-high prices is going to prevent them from getting their fix.

        1. It would be effective because you can eat something else whereas a smoker craving a cig would not give a shiny shite, ergo crack heads sucking dick.

        2. Adult smokers are at an all time low percentage of the population, and it is still declining. So, yes, it is working.

      2. Maybe if they also banned advertisements it would work, they would also add plain packaging. They do it to cigarettes in Australia so all you get is a plain greenish-brown box with standard printing telling you the brand and number of smokes in the packet, with a giant anti-smoking message on it.

    2. “Will wearing pink reduce breast cancer? No!”
      It’s all part of a money-grabbing scheme based on emotional blackmail. How much money do you think organisations like Pink Ribbon International actually donate to research?

      1. Would be great if women knew how much mammograms can contribute to the development of hooter cancer…

        1. A CT scan is like getting X amount of chest x-rays(dont remember the exact number) and mammogram was even worse.

      2. Unfortunately not many sheeple are astute enough to realize this. I’d wager as much as 66% of the populace think it’s a legit cause.

    3. “I hate this breast cancer awareness crap of the NFL.”
      It’s a corporate thing. Delta has had their employees wear pink (ties, shirts, etc.) all month.
      Thankfully the place where I work employs mostly ex-Navy people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, so the PC crap is kept to a minimum.

      1. Reminds me of the boss of a company I once did a project for. The employees were encouraged to wear horrendous chump sweaters with the company logo. And, funnily, all the hired people were smaller than the boss – and the boss was more than a head shorter than me.

      2. “Delta has had their employees wear pink (ties, shirts, etc.) all month.”
        The last few times I flew Delta, I noticed the encroachment of feminism in the “Delta Sky Magazine.” The cover story was on some new female CEO who broke the glass ceiling of the aviation industry, or some such nonsense. These words were on the cover, so that the casual reader would be forced to read the socio-political tripe. Then, the next few issues all had stories on the inside about women battling sexism, etc.
        So I am not suprised that they are making all the employees wear pink throughout the month.
        You literally cannot avoid this shit anymore.

  5. I have one theory, and oddly enough, it has to do with the main focus of this blog: manliness.My best guess is, Mr Heyward’s father was a manly football player ergo if he had cancer, well, tough shit. You’re a man, grab a pair and tough it up. But since women are women (Caitlyn Jenner excepted) and social convention dictates that they’re weak ergo whatever cancer afflicted them matters more.

    1. Imagine me saying this with a very dramatic and sad fatherly voice: In this world, if you want to be respected, you gotta cut off your balls and have a penisectomy.

      1. Penisectomy, lol! Unless it’s Bruce Jenner trading his penis for a vagina, nobody cares. Still, say it with your best Morgan Freeman voice.

        1. Unfortunately, my voice is not very dramatic.
          Do you know that thousands of men were castrated once in the name of art? There are a few (or many?) preserved orchestral works for eunuchs. Mothers wanted their children to become stars, so they let the barber cut their dicks off.

        2. Also, I’m given to understand that eunuchs were coveted as advisors by Chinese emperors on the simple fact that they could be trusted with not engaging in hanky panky with the courtesans because they didn’t have the tools to do so.

        3. Actually, I think some mistresses liked to have intercourse with their eunuch slaves. The key point may have been that they could either not enjoy it or make babies. But I am not sure if that was in China.

  6. Then again, football is homoerotic by nature, what with big men tackling each other and sacking quarterbacks and having wide receivers and tight ends. Also, players can get a tad too emotional it rages on hormonal. So meh, let them wear pink.

    1. Fighting is for me the male counterpart of sex. I love the intimacy of a good fight, when both want to see each other bleed. Call it homoerotic, but it is one of the few brilliant joys in life.

        1. Eye contact is important for me, but my trainer forbids it. And he is right. It takes away your focus from fighting well.
          That fear of eye contact is not unknown to me, but I think it is an unnecessary aspect of unhealthy homophobia. That said, I usually only make long eye contact when I see that it is not a big deal for the other man. It is also a cool challenge to see who will look away first or nod first.
          On occasion, with strangers, we both start to laugh. An unexpected reminder of our savage natures.

        2. I found out that not making eye contact is a good way to show disrespect towards others, not just men. I’ve done that to ex girlfriends when I’m mad.

        3. Maybe. Frankly, I have grown tired of doing these kind of things on purpose. Controlling others is so tiresome. I did a meditation in complete darkness and at some point, I realized that I had been projecting all my emotions and values into the outside world.
          It really does not matter how others react or how I make them feel. I just want to be one with my body and live with a peaceful mind. Sometimes that involves eye contact. Sometimes it involves looking down in humility or bowing down to god.

        4. Do you ever listen to Mike Cernovich of Danger and Play? He’s big on meditation, particularly active mediation.

        5. Yeah, I love his work, but this particular bit is not something that fits well with me. I prefer to get in touch with my badass emotions.

  7. I think Deangelo Williams wasn’t allowed to wear breast cancer paraphernalia for the rest of the season even though his mother died from it. It is just another example of cooperate unreasonableness. If God spared criminals who deserved death, surely the nfl can allow players to honor their deceased parents

  8. Oh, that’s the reason to boycott the NFL?
    Football combines the two worst things about America: it is violence punctuated by committee meetings.
    -George Will

    1. That and the group of “men” that play it with names like: Deray, Meshawn, Deshawn, Lejacques, Shawnray, LeBron, and whatever other syllables ghetto momma could fold together. Never had a dad, never behave like men, paid like they do something important for a living.

        1. And what practical purpose does that serve?
          Zero value added. Net detractors. Epitome of consumer society.
          I’ve coached years of youth hockey. That has value. Team building, value education. Grown men playing games is good exercise, bad basis for an economy.

      1. At my school the punter was named Jack Daniels. He was damn good, too, not a joke

  9. Yeah you guys should be watching Rugby, 10 times more entertaining and it isn’t drowned by corporate advertising.

    1. I totally agree with that.After watching the RWC I couldn’t stomach the waltzing footballers in Arsenal vs Bayern.
      Rugby kept that gentlemen side to the game and despite the aggressiveness the players shake hands and congratulate each other.

    2. give it another couple years I’m sure it will filled with guys in pink tutoos soon enough.

      1. Saw a dude wearing a Scottish kilt today. Dude was jacked as f**k with a gnarly beard. Real men can make it work, lol.

  10. This whole “awareness” month was created by astra zeneca…Gosh, I wonder why?

  11. What’s truly ironic is all this show of how terrible breast cancer is and not a single pharmaceutical company is finding a cure. Only $$$ treatment.
    Reason? If they find a cure, they would have “killed the goose that lays the golden egg.” No more pink ribbons to sell. No more donation $$$ for breast cancer “research”.

      1. That’s why you never donate money to any organization or work for them as a volunteer.
        I was a paramedic for the red cross for more than 2 years. At the regional office where I was working there were about 65 people getting paid for their work (me included) and aprox. 4500 dumb volunteers.
        The red cross makes big profits every year (my small branch alone made about 22 million tax-free donation euros in 2012). If you work for them as a volunteer you’re a brainless idiot. Same goes for blood donations. Every blood donor brings them 1000 euros/dollars. They could easily pay you 10% and it would still be very profitable….but of course they don’t pay you anything.

      2. There was a huge scandal at the Susan G Komen foundation a couple of years ago, beginning with exposes on the gross amount of money they received (over $50 million / year from corporate “sponsors” who often did little more than plaster pink in exchange for free publicity), to the CEO’s salary of over half a million dollars, to sponsoring questionable items like plastic water bottles with cancer-causing BPA, to buckets of fried chicken, culminating to them actually stopping to support funding of breast cancer screenings for women!, at which point it looked like the organization would collapse. Somehow, they did a corporate turnaround and are doing fine today.

      1. What do you mean “let’s not go there.” If more people went there, fewer people would be getting scammed and butchered and poisoned. And yes, it is true.

        1. You don’t know for a fact that it’s true. It could be, it’s likely it’s true, but you can’t really know given the nature of cancer itself. I’m happy to just leave it at that.
          Also, this post is not about whether or not there’s a cure for cancer, it’s just not necessary to bring this up. It’s a whole nother issue, this post was about the state of the NFL, not conspiracy theories.

        2. When you parrot the phrase “conspiracy theories” without knowing whether something is a conspiracy or not, and whether something is a theory or if it is actually a fact, you’re just signalling your level of brainwashing to guys like me.

    1. Typical drug dealer. These large companies push the drugs to ease the pain of the diseases…not the cures. There’s no comeback (read customers) in the cure.

      1. Since women are too retarded to “get” this, they can enjoy their breast cancer.
        I won’t give a damn red cent.

      2. Im sure their will be a cure for cancer. Pricetag? A cool million(dont worry, financing will be made available)

      1. I used to have a gf that insisted I go to the hospital if I even had the slightest fever or cold…like I would almost surely die if I didn’t see a doctor immediately.

        1. The biggest cause of death in hospitals is from a infection you get from being in the hospital.

    2. That’s not the height of irony here.
      What contributes to breast cancer?
      Abortions contribute to breast cancer. Yank a baby out and what does that do to the body?
      Being on birth control too damned long. What happens if you take ANY hormone for years and years? How many women are starting it in their late teens and on it till into their 30s?
      Vaccines and junk in the food.
      You know what? They are laughing at us. The social(ist) engineers behind this, the cancer industry profiting off it, and the academics who see the statistics and lie about them.
      Breast cancer is a byproduct of the system that seeks to crush us and to them it’s probably a big joke to get the NFL in on this shit.
      The NFL should not only be boycotted, everybody into sports should be shamed. Get off the couch and do your own sports you neckbearded fanboy faggots living masculinity through another man like a fat bitch living sex they’ll never have through 50 Shades of Grey.

      1. They’re starting it in their early teens now. I know lots of girls who started taking birth control for “acne” or to regulate their period, or other b.s. years before they became sexually active.

    3. You can’t “cure” cancer, you ignorant twat. It isn’t a cold. All you can do is develop new techniques to more effectively treat and remove the mutated cells.
      Breast Cancer has made massive advances in that regard, to the point where dying from an early-detected cancer is uncommon.
      The idea that a pharmaceutical company isn’t interested in a magic pill to save the lives of the rich and famous (who’re still dying to cancers… and would be wiling to spend millions each to be rid of it) is conspiracy theory shittard that makes even feminism and liberals seem reasonable. A “cure” would be worth hundreds of billions of dollars to whoever discovered it. Put the Kool-Aid down.

      1. There is no cure for the common cold either if you haven’t noticed. If they did, then you would have no need for cold medicine and the companies that make the medicines would be out of business.
        Based on what you stated that you can’t cure cancer, then why do they keep pushing this “let’s find a cure”? Pour billions into research to find a cure that doesn’t exist?
        As I had said, they rather promote treatment than finding a cure. A company would make billions (one time) if they found a cure. Afterwards, you won’t have a steady flow of income and you’re out of business.

        1. >Based on what you stated that you can’t cure cancer, then why do they keep pushing this “let’s find a cure”?
          Scientists and researchers don’t bleat on about finding cures. They beg for money to continue research of cancer treatments, while the overwhelming majority of those funds are diverted or stolen from them by special interest groups.
          Simply put, those pushing for a “cure” are kikes and scam-artists bleeding 80-90% off the top of any donations for their “charity.” Since the vast majority of the planet are scientifically-illiterate morons, the word “cure” invokes far more emotional manipulation than “treatment.”
          Add in a few sob-stories about Grammy dying to a diseased pair of tits, and the cash just rolls in. (Never mind all the dead dads from prostate or colon cancer… asshole-cancer isn’t nearly sexy, nobody wants to wear the brown ribbon, and stronk women don’t need them anyway. #EndFathersDay )
          > A company would make billions (one time) if they found a cure.
          You’re appear to be one of those illiterate dipshits I speak of. You think once you’ve made all of the current tit-cancers go away they won’t continue to develop in the future?
          “We eradicated breast cancer, now future women will never catch it! Yay, it’s gone!” Now you’re talking about some sort of an anti-mutagen vaccine…
          You’re still thinking of cancer like it’s fucking polio; something that spreads from person to person that can simply be eradicated.
          Even in goddamn science fiction there would always be money in a magic pill making it go away. Not even in Star Trek or Elysium did their magic body regeneration machines prevent cancers… they destroyed the ones that appeared. Treatment. Not a cure.

        2. “You’re appear to be one of those illiterate dipshits I speak of. You think once you’ve made all of the current tit-cancers go away they won’t continue to develop in the future?”
          Well, that’s what a CURE is. It never happens again.
          Treatment is you make it go away, but it can return like when you break your bone. They treat it to HEAL, but you could break it again. Curing bone breaking is if they find someway to make the bones unbreakable like fusing it with metal or something.
          You do have natural defenses against cancer. It’s your own white blood cells. They need to be able to detect cancer cells as a foreign body and destroy it. There lies the problem. It can’t tell the difference.

  12. This is the same thing that is happening to the church in western countries. Rather than concentrating on their core audience, they try to pander to everybody else (gays, bisexuals, transvestites, feminists, muslims etc.). The people they try to pander don’t give a shit about them either way, and by shitting on their true supporters they lose them as well.
    The NFL is trying to pander to feminists and manginas who don’t care about football either way, while they ignore and disregard the men who actually support them. They will suffer for it.

    1. This. The institution that is the church is on it’s last legs in the West because church leaders across many large and influential denominations capitulated on core theological principles to pander to an audience they would never appeal to in the first place.

  13. I turned away from the NFL when they started to extinct white players.
    And then every off season was just a prime time drama of crime and debauchery every year without fail.
    The Aaron Hernandez crap was when I just said no thanks.
    I love Football, played it for many years and I really miss watching it but like most TV it’s overwhelmingly PC and racist at the same time.

  14. Stopped watching NFL when I was 15. Up until then it was quite entertaining. CH. 4 used to have cool coverage with the “Two Tribes” theme music. Somewhat giving away my age and location…..anyhoo then I got into poon and grew the fuck up…..

    1. Remember the fat guy who presented it with Mike Carson?
      He was cool.
      A house aint a home until you’ve watched Mike Carson talk about football in your front room.

  15. Football is a Man’s Game, or at least it was, this whole breast-cancer awareness thing is getting kinda silly, yeah cancer sucks and it’s not something fun to go through, but maybe prostate cancer awareness would be more appropriate for an all Man’s type of Game, or maybe no awareness and just enjoy the Game…

  16. Just turn off the TV and tune out
    Stop going to movies
    Facebook/Twitter/Reddit etc… (Social Media) are the ghetto of the internet. All slums all the time
    You are supposed to be men. Go act like men.
    Go hike a mountain
    Go ride a trail
    Go fishing
    Go camping
    Go lift
    Go hit on girls
    Go play a game of any sport you like
    Learn to cook
    Go bow hunting
    Go to a gun range
    GO CONQUER SOMETHING!!! And quit being idle.
    Learn, do, lift, travel, read, listen to wisdom.
    Do stuff to fill your time that enlightens you. Quit giving your energy to corporate/government shills.

      1. When the time-outs are timed so a corporate sponsor cal fill in the spot… It is time to stop watching.

        1. Oh don’t get me wrong, I haven’t watched it in awhile, in fact I never was much into it, but I can remember it being very masculine at one point, and it was masculine to watch football.

        2. What little television I watch is always prerecorded. That is I DVR it and them watch it skipping past all the propaganda in the ads. For most of TV you unfortunately still have to deal with the propaganda in the show itself. I Just don’t watch those shows. Old movies and some documentaries on the AHC and The History Channel are still OK.

        3. *some documentaries* is the key. I was over at a friends who has a mammoth television with lots of channels and checked out the History Channel on demand selection. It was full of Ice Road Truckers (reality show about truck drivers), Ancient Aliens (X-files inspired alternate history stuff), Pawn Store (reality show about a pawn shop), and similar programs. I couldn’t even find a show about Hitler for crying out loud!

      2. Spectator Sport has become mass media entertainment, part of the process of dumbing down and brain washing the masses. It’s only ok healthy when you go to an event with friends or better play a sport yourself.

        1. Food and Circus, Having the people focus on the unimportant while they work behind the scenes under the radar, I get it, I think watching sports is Ok, but it becomes an obsession with some, and they lose sight of what’s important, people then get lazy about their patriotic duty to stay politically informed, and then we wind up with the politicians we now have today.

    1. Exactly what I’ve done the last couple months. Turned off the talk radio, stopped flocking to websites. It’s amazing how much your life improves.

  17. Kinda reminds me of the whole Blacks lives Matter vs All Lives Matter debate, I think it’s obvious that all lives Matter, But the Lefty’s have a problem with common sense and finding a backbone.

  18. Just finished 6 months of chemo for colon cancer. At the chemo clinic I saw people struggle with lung cancer, leukemia, bladder cancer, lymphomas, brain cancer, etc. I saw people who lost their hair, their strength. There were people just getting started and people who knew the clock was ticking. But we all knew we were in it together, no cancer more “special” than the other. NFL is a sellout, all cancer can kill. Any fine collected needs to go to cancer research. Oh, and when I watch the game, I want to forget about cancer for awhile. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    1. I wish you the best in your recovery, but there are alternative treatments that could help mitigate the re-emergence of a tumor. Check out the booklet put together by Ty Bollinger. Also, instead of watching football you should use that time to exercise – outside preferably. If your body doesn’t move, your lymphatic system doesn’t move toxics to your pisser/pooper for excretion. Search ‘rebounding detox’. Fasting also helps as it initiates a recycling program in the body and down regulates the mTOR pathway. Essentially it kills the damaged cells and gives the good stuff to the strong cells. The body goes into a K-selected state – food shortage. SUGAR should be avoided like the plague, it’s rocket fuel for cancerous cells and up regulates mTOR to promote proliferation of darn near everything. So, not only does drinking lower your testosterone and turn you faggy, it also promotes cancerous cell growth. Finally, most pro sports teams are owned by Jews and they pay stupid negroids to crash skulls together. Save your hard earned money to buy some naturally raised animal products from an American family business that contributes to the well being of their community and keep it away from thieving kikes and violent monkeys…or better yet, make a donation on my behalf to a German Nationalist party to help fight the current genocide of the German people; so info like this is available in the future from the descendants of the high IQ European Neanderthals. Good luck, bud. God Speed.

      1. “Finally, most pro sports teams are owned by Jews and they pay stupid negroids to crash skulls together. ”

      2. “Finally, most pro sports teams are owned by Jews and they pay stupid negroids to crash skulls together.”
        “keep it away from thieving kikes and violent monkeys”
        This is exactly why I hardly come to this site anymore no thanks to racist, bigoted, pieces of **** like the above poster and rok is allowing this ****. ***holes like you talk about how the “monkeys” are causing all the problems in pro sports, yet it’s actually you white supremacists sacks of **** who are f$$$$$$ things up for everyone else due to your hate and ignorance. F$$$ you and your “scotianpride”, scottish prick.

        1. I understand your reaction, but it’s not ROK’s fault some people leave racist comments. Notice it has 0 upvotes.
          If ROK moderators deleted comments they didn’t like they’d be mimicking the same kind of thought and speech policing tactics that SJWs use, and then people wouldn’t visit the site because of its hypocrisy.

      3. Also, f$$$ the german nationalist party and their so-called genocide. There is no “genocide”, but if there actually was one, those bastards deserve it. Nothing, but a bunch of neo nazi punks. As far as “IQ” goes, you “european neanderthals” don’t have high IQ’s because 1) there’s no proof that white Europeans have higher IQ’s than other races. It’s all just bs white supremacist propaganda, and 2) IQ does not prove a high amount of intelligence. The only thing that you have right is that they all are a bunch of Neanderthals because they are nothing, but a bunch of subhuman, caveman filth.

        1. 1) yes there is a genocidal approach towards Germans and you are quite ignorant of this fact.
          2) you seem envious.

    2. One other point, only a fraction of that money that people spend on Pink Ribbon’s goes to Cancer Research. The rest goes to “other stuff”. Why do we need any kind of ribbon for cancer “awareness” anyway? I was aware of cancer from when I was a little boy. Five of the top ten causes of death for men in the UK are from cancer. So there is a very good probability that half of us will die from cancer. I should think that by now, we are all aware of it.

      1. Well, someone’s gotta pay for all the pink uniforms that will only be worn for 30 days, and decorations in every business all over town. I went in our (bankrupt) post office the other day and it was chock full of pink shit everywhere. Pink stamps, pink boxes, and little pink decorations as if they were throwing a party for the manager who was having a baby girl, and we were all invited. The P.O. is facing a budget crisis and looking to raise rates (again) 10% January 1. Perhaps they should stop splurging on pink shit that will be thrown away in 10 days.

        1. They lost my letter that I stood in line for 10+ minutes to submit a warranty claim for an $800 item and mailed 3 weeks ago.

        2. My work was filled with it. And posters. Oh God having to see these posters everywhere? “Celebrate women” they said. Worship the vagina.
          It all just makes me sick.

    3. While any diagnosis of cancer is unthinkably awful, isn’t breast cancer one of the most livable, because worst case, they can just remove the breast (which, while destroying a fundamental part of femininity, is different than removing a heart, lung, colon, brain)? Best wishes for a happy outcome for you. I’m just as scared of the treatment as I am the disease.

      1. To be fair, the worst case is a painful death from any form of cancer, but, absolutely, your basic point that a mastectomy solves the problem at early stages is well taken.

  19. I’ve been watching the NFL less and less. I sorta still keep up with it. At least there’s the CFL, which still keeps things about football.
    And I still have my Madden 08 for the PC…

    1. I’ve noticed a lot of people taking more interest in CFL, hopefully if it gets really popular it won’t get bombarded with the crap the NFL is experiencing now.

  20. On a side note, to my Canadian friends across the border, I’m very very sorry about a Liberal being elected as your PM, as if leftism wasn’t already bad in Canada and now this, maybe if Trump gets elected you can move south, God Bless.

    1. It’s going to be a shit show for sure…especially in Ontario where the leader Bumps Clam and is also a liberal.

  21. Fuck the NFL. They have no problem pushing the pink shoes, headbands, gloves, etc…. on the players but god forbid someone honors something else (like their father).
    Men need to realize that the NFL is no longer for men.

    1. Yup, pretty soon they’ll have rainbow gloves and shoes and headbands, and dildos on their helmets to bring awareness to Gay pride .

      1. They’ll have gays in sailor suits doing twerking for the halftime show with rainbow laser lights.

  22. Susan B. Komen is like a lot of “non-profit” corporations. It’s hitched its wagon to a victim class. The company’s main objective is to maintain this victim class, or at least the public’s perception of it. Susan B. Komen lives off of charity funding and tax advantages, and its executives are paid very, very well. These people have gotten rich from people’s misplaced compassion for breast cancer victims. It’s sickening.

  23. This is not the NFL. This is Amerika. Boycott Amerika. I will never go back (unless in an extreme scenario of a 180 degree reversal of this BS)

  24. I started my boycott years ago when I saw all of the women buying pink jerseys, the players wearing pink, and guys that played the game disappearing from the sidelines for 30 year old female commentators.

    1. Pam Oliver was the first female commentator on the sidelines for Fox in the early 90’s. Back then I was thinking WTF is with this chick talking about football. Women don’t understand the game. What could she contribute?

  25. Why shouldn’t the NFL honor the people who struggled and continue to struggle with all kinds of cancer. As a masculine sport shouldn’t their focus be prostate cancer? Why does the NFL feel it needs to appease women? What percentage of their revenue actually comes from women anyway? Absurd. Hopefully this man will win his case against the NFL.

    1. Yeah, I hope he’ll stand up like Tom Brady did against the deflated ball charges. Nope, I’m not settling. Nope I’m not taking your ban. No, I’m not removing paint on my face.

  26. The NFL pink shit is driving me fucking nuts….refuse to watch it in October. ESPN with the faggot obsession with Michael nutcase Sam, and the Bruce Jenner debacle….I’m teetering on the edge of boycotting TV sport altogether.

  27. I don’t watch sports anyway because i don’t enjoy watching niggers. I think it’s pathetic and cuckish to sit back and watch niggers play a sport that one supposedly loves, but doesn’t play .

  28. Here’s how to trip up a do-gooder who supports the NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign:
    You: Players shouldn’t be wearing pink. It sissifies men and confuses children about gender roles.
    Do-gooder: But it’s for a good cause! It could save lives!
    You: Oh yeah? Well, I’ve got a better idea. Let’s make the cheerleaders go topless.
    Do-gooder: What!? You can’t do that!
    You: Why not?
    Do-gooder: Because children are watching and it’s offensive to women.
    You: But I thought you were determined to raise awareness about breast cancer. Cheerleaders exposing their breasts would certainly raise awareness; would it not? Don’t you want to save lives?
    Do-gooder: Well, uh…uh…
    You: Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  29. Sport’s suck. I liked them as a kid but the stuff you see today is trash. The NFL isnt for men anymore. Its for emasculated fags and women.
    I cant even watch the super bowl anymore. It starts with a bunch of interviews about the players feelings with a piano playing in the background…gay. Then you get solid consumer brainwashing where every commercial has a bitch of a man and a woman whos always right. Then the whore of the new year does a halftime show and lip synchs away.
    Ten years from now the nfl will have gay awareness month with rainbow colored socks and dildos for the refs to throw.

    1. “I cant even watch the super bowl anymore.”
      –Not to mention the Nuremburgian halftime shows nowadays.

  30. Anytime I see some sheeple talk about “breast cancer awareness”
    1. Ask them who the fuck isnt aware of breast cancer?
    2. A relative of mine was crippled due to cancer. A cousin died at 30 due to brain cancer. They don’t get a fucking month.
    The added problem with the NFL is this white knight crap has infested the game rules making the sport pretty much tag football. Its supposed to be a gladiator sport.
    Going to games are too expensive. Half of watching the game on tv is watching an ad for vagisil or viagra.

    1. Yea, ratings have been flat- I guess pandering to women wont make them watch sports, eh? Alienating your core audience in the process- nice job management

  31. My grandfather died of breast cancer. Yes, men can get it too. Is that ever mentioned? That’s how you know it’s tied to an agenda.
    BTW, no player is allowed to have wordmarks on their eye-black. He broke a uniform rule, not an anti-pink rule. But still, if you’re going to go to bed with a hypocritical organization, don’t be surprised when people call you out on it. Good for Baby Ironhead.

  32. The NFL, NBA, NCAA are but ghosts in our household. Not a single game this year, and maybe a half a dozen in the past three. Part of the Matrix…

  33. The NFL proved just how fake they are after last years canned superbowl fiasco. I got better things to do with my time than watch a bunch of fake cheaters play to the cameras with their fake smiles and fake play by play b.s.

  34. Anybody remember the Cincinnati Bengals player last year whose daughter had cancer, so he honored her by writing “Leah Strong” in his eye black? He was never fined or told to stop doing it. In fact, he had steadfast support from everyone. Which, for a father trying to support his ill child, is completely acceptable and the way it should be (at least in my opinion). Yet when Heyward tries to honor his father and draw attention to another form of cancer, suddenly it’s against the rules.
    To be fair, that article mentioned that the NFL also disallowed another player from wearing pink all season to honor his mother who died from breast cancer. Maybe they thought wearing pink outside October would dilute the message of focusing on women’s health.

  35. I always assumed that the NFL had an endorsement deal with the Komen Foundation, so I figure they’re fining this guy for infringing on that deal.
    Like if a team had an endorsement deal with Nike, and one of your players insisted on wearing Reebok, you’d discipline him.
    Is this not the case?

    1. 1) How is painting something on your face interfering with wearing pink socks or not?
      2) Just because some feminist bigwig wimp who “owns” the NFL makes an agreement with some other feminist jew to enrichen them both, does not mean the alpha men doing the actual work are going to bend over backwards and do whatever he says.

  36. I’m already on it. I gave it up a year ago. Let the feminists and the white knights have it. NFL has been destroyed. Move on to hockey, if you gotta do sports at all. But be advised: They’ll be coming for you there too. You cannot have a space to your own, to associate with other men. How dare you. You must have women around you at all times. At all times. At all times. At all times. At all times. At all times. Etc., etc., etc.

  37. Next cause they’ll have to support, Rape Awareness Month where players have to carry mattresses around and paint their hair neon colors.

    1. Nice, well done, and of course the cheerleaders will be bare breasted with Lipstick smeared messages written on their bodies saying ,MY BODY MY CHOICE!

  38. Well I will never give up college ball, but the NFL has to go. Besides, one day a weekend is enough. Two full days of ball for a 1/3 of the year is well into the terrain of idleness. But muh team and about another 8-12 SEC showdowns, UO vs UT etc. Can’t miss it. I’ve weaned myself off the NBA, NFL and MLB. Good enough. By mid-afternoon Sunday you have to wonder if you’re still being entertained by the game or just hypnotized. NFL…Now Females Lead. Fuck it.
    Don’t forget Ray Rice’s life being ruined for defending himself while you’re on the topic.

  39. An issue like this could start the sports equivalent of gamergate although here it’s a problem with management having sold out the fanbase rather than just the journos. This is an eloquent and persuasive case of injustice that makes it clear that men are supposed to care about everybody’s interests but their own. Time for a root and branch excision of the real cancer

  40. RIP Iron Head! I didn’t know his son played for the Steelers. I remember when Iron Head played for Pitt. My uncle would say of Iron Head “That ‘nukka” so big, it takes 5 or 6 yards to tackle him.”

  41. If you aren’t aware of “Breast Cancer” by now, it’s because you’ve already died from Heart Disease.

  42. Thank goodness I am a College Football fan. I’ll take the extreme and rampant corruption of boosters, recruiters, and sports agents over SJW corruption any day of the week.

    1. The seen and the unseen. College football is a huge tax free money maker for the #1 source of feminist indoctrination in the country. The fact that they have figured out a way to make people pay money to watch children play a game, and then use this money to indoctrinate future generations with feminism is truly disgusting.

    2. Also, I’m sure the bread factory on Sunrise Highway is closed but is the building still there? (Tip Top, if I remember correctly.)

  43. The NFL seems to be the MOST politically correct league, perhaps because it’s compensating for the machismo on the field. In American society, women must always be put first.

    1. Its sad, because the people behind the pc and all these changes are just fucking jealous and, if we didn’t live in a oppressive pc nightmare state, would willingly not watch football or even care. But, no, they’re little envious and jealous freaks who hate how there is competition and winners and losers in life. Nothing can break their illusion that they’re a special little snowflake. So, in an attempt to keep themselves feeling superior, i.e. to keep their delusion alive, they drag down those that truly are superior to them. Its perverse.

  44. Roger Goodell may literally, actually be one of the worst human beings ever and seems to be completely and utterly incapable of shame.
    However, people are not going to stop watching football. You know it; they know it.
    You can boycott sponsors of the NFL (most of the products are crap anyway). You can stop playing these ridiculous online FFB scams like Draftkings. You can cut the cord and indirectly eff with the NFL by denying the cable companies revenue.
    Getting everyone to not watch football is a pipedream.

  45. Rock solid article BL and 100% accurate. A local auto repair shop here is running a “brakes for breasts” campaign. I doubt we’ll see a “power steering for prostates” campaign any time soon.
    Great read.

  46. Broads don’t even watch football fer chrissake. The only broads watching are at the games because it’s the place to be (and they’re on their phones, not watching the game), and the dopes on the sidelines “reporting”. The NFL is catering to MAYBE 5% of TV viewers with all the PC horse shit. Breast cancer awareness campaigns could end this year and the NFL would see no loss in the number of viewers because women don’t watch the game. They don’t know shit about the game, it’s not in their nature or ability to play it and understand it. Why the NFL is crucifying itself over nonsense is mystifying. Even where there is no particular price to be paid for ignoring feminist idiocy (which is really, everywhere), the men of America insist on being pussies.

    1. I know, great point! How fucking greedy is the NFL? All this to get another couple percentages of growth? I’m a capitalist but come on. The fucking league literally prints money as it is. And, because men and women are different, catering to females works to disenfranchise the males. Here again, we see the lunacy of his notion that men and women are exactly the same play out…to review, the only reason why men, for now, watch more football is due to artificially imposed “constructs”?? ??? Oh come on, its this academic gibbersih that leads to a respectable american institution literally acting insane in front of us. They’ll loose males and whatever tiny gain they make with women won’t be close to offsetting the loss. Per your question why is the NFL doing this? Answer: because its a proxy of the state and here’s how the relationship works. A couple percentage higher is de minimus, however, what is not insignificant is the tax free status of the league. You may recall barry using PSA security, at first, to tug the NFL closer to the state. That was bull, “they” know that football is an American (with a capital “A”) past time. “They”, therefore, will use the tax free status to manipulate this bastion of pure meritocracy ultimately into something completely different. I’ve noticed the emphasis on “injuries” being underscored during the games themselves (talk about self inflicted wounds), which works to fawn flames of fear over having your son play ball. No, no,…let’s see, oh um, soccer is sooooooo much better. And that fucking promo add they play and they have that fucking girl on it…for crying out loud if a girl played on my high school team she would very likely have died and with out a doubt suffered serious injury! And this has happened, not to the fucking girl next door waif they had on the promo, but to a big momma from the inner city no less.

  47. Breast Cancer awareness… seriously,, if you haven’t heard of breast cancer by now, you’re either 4 years old or have been living under a freaking rock.
    Australian football league going the same way. A load of PC rubbish about racism, etc every five minutes.

  48. 1. Goodell is a HUGE douche.
    2. NFL fans are predominantly male and males are approximately as likely to die of prostate cancer as women are of breast cancer. Does the NFL do anything comparable for a disease that affects its core fan base? Does the NFL do ANYTHING AT ALL about a disease that will affect its core fan base?

  49. I’m an engineer that has built 3-D printers and now working on building a bio-printer. Eventually, I’d want to be able to build organs that can replace cancerous organs including the almighty breast.
    But of course, it must be 100% self-funded. The funds the NFL raise are only to raise ‘awareness’. Never a dime to pay an engineer to build a machine that can make new organs.

  50. NFL is SJW. The only reason Deflategate was a thing was because Goodell is a pussy and he is afraid that if he is seen punishing/ suspending Black player for things like wife-beating, dogfighting, and suspected double murder, he must punish Whites as well, even if he can only find minor infractions. If Goodell had any balls he would give Ray Lewis a lifetime ban and tell him to burn in hell for what he did.

  51. There are lots of good reasons to boycott the NFL. Solidarity with a nigga who can’t/won’t follow the rules or disdain for the pink ribbon ain’t them.

  52. If these guys object to females in their locker room, they’re also fined. Some players with wives have spoken out and they’ve faced stiff monetary punishment. It’s amazing how clothed women in a MENS locker room doesn’t equate to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

    1. “The question is this. Do the writers and readers here
      genuinely believe most of the stuff on this website?”
      Are males allowed in sports-womens’ locker rooms?

  53. The breast cancer phenomenon also provides insight into the nature of women’s activism – to whip up a storm of conversation for personal gain, finely coated with altruistic ideals
    The reason why breast cancer received so much attention relative to other cancers is the exact same reason the media went nuts over Boko Haram kidnapping girls even though they’d been killing men the whole time

  54. The idea of all of this “pink branding” in male sports seems to be to bring in female audiences. I have no problems with making the spectator grounds comfortable for women and families. We are now however seeing the imposed introduction of female coaches, medicos and so forth. These women sometimes don’t understand the male dynamic, get hurt feelings when criticised, aren’t respected if they got the job by some bizzare affirmitive action policy and end up on stress leave or crying discrimination when the can’t let go of hurt feelings.
    If women watch male sports it’s because they want to be around the physicality and masculinity of males. There is no need to create joke jobs for them.

    1. And “they” create jobs out of “fairness” and “inclusion”. Think on that. Because sports, especially the NFL is, at least its suppose to be, the pinnacle of merit, which means its inherently NOT fair – there will always be a definitive winner or loser, period. Moreover, in keeping with nature of merit there will be some men included, as in a starter or on the team, and some that will not. Tom Brady got the call and Drew Bledsoe stepped aside. Bledsoe helped rejuvenate the formerly struggling franchise, indeed, he was instrumental. However, he literally took to the bench and eventually had to watch Brady and Co., win one Superbowl after the next. And, oh by the way, he did it with class and style. Was that “fair”? Was he “included”? To follow the essence of what puts females into these positions is the same as saying that its only fair to let Bledsoe still start, at least half the time, because obviously his feelings were hurt by being up-staged by Brady. Truth is, that in football people are cut, people are up-staged, Shit, MOST people, ahem boys and men, can’t even make the fucking team! To put women in because its “fair” and “inclusive” goes against everything this institution stands, or stood, for.

  55. I boycott the Negro Felon League becuz its full of enwards and i would rather stare at a blank wall than watch a bunch of enwards play with a ball.

  56. American football is a stupid sport that ruins players’ brains. No wonder Iron Head had a BRAIN tumor. I empathise with Cam and support his honoring of his father, but lets address how dangerous this sport is to mens’ brain health. Let’s ban it.

  57. The NFL is a cesspool of 30-40 something white faggots parading around in jerseys with the names of other men on them.

  58. I was over at one of my buds houses tonight and he turns on the TV. It’s on the NFL channel. And we both sat there for a moment and watched this. It was two women and one feckless beta having a discussion about whether Tony Romo was “better” than Tom Brady. Yeah seriously.
    And these vagina life support systems were comparing that model Brady is fucking with the fact that Romo one was fucking Jessica Simpson. And called it for Brady because where’s Jessica Simpson right now?
    And we both looked at each other and said, “what the fuck is this shit?” He changed the channel to some drag racing. It still had commercials. I just won’t watch this shit at home. I’m very choosy with what I watch. Old westerns on blu ray, mostly.
    Sometimes I think the NFL is being deliberately feminized. In the war against men. This is the first year I didn’t bother to play fantasy football. And I don’t even watch the games anymore. Seeing my favorite guy wearing pink gloves to further support these horrible busted harpies that surround me?
    No thanks. There are other things for me to do. Poor weak NFL. How about have them play in high heels?

    1. “I was over at one of my buds houses tonight and he turns on the TV. It’s on the NFL channel. And we both sat there for a moment and watched this. It was two women and one feckless beta having a discussion about whether Tony Romo was “better” than Tom Brady. Yeah seriously.”
      When have you ever walked into a room and heard two women having a heartfelt conversation about the NFL? Never, of course…
      With all the female “placements” in the NFL (sideline reporters, TV hosts, radio guests, etc.) women still do not give two shits about the game. When are we just going to give up this charade? It’s fucking embarrassing.

    2. Well heck, men giving a shit about women’s issues inspires me. What month and color should be promoted for testicular cancer? I am thinking dec and blue. Can you help me with a good slogan for bumper stickersand wrist bands? Here is mine. ” hey yawls, save the balls,”
      I am sure you could improve on that.😊
      Better than save the ta tas

  59. Been boycotting them since they claimed “non-profit” status and avoided paying their fair share of taxes

  60. As a man, I sympathize and empathize with breast cancer, because my grandma had it and ultimately passed away from it. On the other hand, I empathize with this NFL player they are fining for no reason. My grandfather died of lung cancer. And to be honest, breast cancer kills less women than other forms of cancer. Breast cancer is only focused on because it affects virtually only women. But if they were really concerned about women, wouldn’t they be concerned about raising awareness for all cancer?
    The answer is no. Because even though lung cancer kills more women than breast cancer, same for pancreatic cancer (which I had an aunt that died from it), colon etc, it affects men as well. So they’d rather see women die if it means helping men.

  61. My father died of cancer when I was 12. I always has a suspicion feminism was digging it’s lonely fingers into the NFL. How can they even crumble to these female dorks? Not every corporation crumbles to these losers…

  62. Stopped watching the theater that is the NFL long ago. Brain Cancer clinic in Texas, Burzynski Clinic using treatments for over 30 years. He is the real deal. Youtube him.

  63. When I was teen in the late 1960’s (the beginning of the super colorful years for clothing) I bought a pair of pink pants. I already had almost every other color; so why not pink?. Well I wore those pants one time and ditched them. Mind you not because I was being talked about in school or out because as I said that was a very colorful era; but because I just didn’t like them.
    I haven’t worn pink since. Now to see pink everywhere is very odd. I know it’s for a darn good cause. Both my parents and an aunt died from cancer and I support the eradication of this deadly disease wholeheartedly. Malignant cancer is cancer. No matter the form it is a killer.
    However I don’t like pink being rammed down my throat. If people want to wear pink to bring awareness to cancer then so be it but don’t expect me to acquiesce. Every year where I live there is a pink stripe painted right down the middle of a certain street and pink ribbons everywhere. Ok fine. But don’t tell me I have to wear this color to attend a given or particular event. I hold no ill feelings towards those that do. I applaud them. I just don’t like the color. I feel for players who, in any sport, are forced to wear this color when they don’t want to.
    I can’t remember what team it was or whether it was a professional game or not but one team’s uniform was almost entirely pink. I couldn’t take it; I turned to something else. As I said losing my parents was devastating. I hope one day the cure will be found for all cancers (that is if the cure isn’t already out there and the powers that be are suppressing it; you know? For power and money; the usual affects of greed.)
    As far as the NFL and other sports. For many years now I no longer watch pre, halftime or post game shows. However I am a little biased when it comes to my favorite teams on that wise. I turn the channel until the game comes on and when it’s over I’m gone. I really never thought about a feminist agenda but I guess it’s here to stay.
    As far as the kneeling for the anthem, just like any protest the message gets lost in the action of the initiator of the protest. One of the most unpopular things in the world to do is to protest a problem in an unpopular way. You are sure to get attention one way or the other. However your popularity or standing in the world’s eye will take a severe hit no matter what you are protesting.

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