Watch The State Of Man: A Speech That Thousands Of SJW’s Failed To Stop

As I mentioned earlier on my blog, today I’m releasing the transcript and video of my State Of Man speech that I delivered in six cities this summer. It’s the same speech that three Canadian mayors, countless politicians, and degenerate SJW’s failed utterly to stop.

Transcript sample






Here’s a review from an attendee in Toronto:

As for the lecture itself, it was very wide-ranging. The lecture was representative of how broad Roosh’s views are. He spoke honestly and candidly. There were parts of the event that were hilarious (Roosh’s recollection of midget gimps in Germany comes to mind), and all of it was extremely enlightening. His extensive experiences following the path of game, location independence, and social awareness were very apparent. Being a pioneer in self-improvement, and following the path of game to near its conclusion, he had a lot of helpful things to say. It was especially helpful to young guys like me who would otherwise have had to take the path and learn the “seasons” of game and manhood the hard way. Roosh has been there and explained clearly and directly how life tends to play out.

The downloadable video features the speech I gave on July 18, 2015 in New York City. It’s 1 hour and 8 minutes long. You also get the PDF, MOBI, and EPUB format of the 22 page transcript. You will have the option to download all the files to your hard drive or view them through your browser.

Special Weekend Deal

This weekend I’m selling the entire package for a discounted price of $7. The price will go up to $12 on Sunday at midnight.

You can also buy a limited edition USB card that contains not only the lecture package but also all of my previous books. The 4GB card is re-usable and has my signature on the back. The price for the card is $53 (shipping included to anywhere in the world). Only 36 cards are available for sale in this weekend’s promotion. A total of 150 of the cards were made, meaning that it will probably be worth millions after I die.

usb1-200 usb2-200

While you wait for the card to arrive in the mail, you will receive instant access to the lecture online along with downloadable links to all my books.

Order The State Of Man

Click one of the following links to continue:

I’ll be online all weekend so email me if you have a question or a problem with downloading. A special thanks goes to everyone who came to the lectures this summer. Maybe we’ll do it again next year.

62 thoughts on “Watch The State Of Man: A Speech That Thousands Of SJW’s Failed To Stop”

  1. Excellent – I had been wondering if you would release this. I’ll be buying a copy straight away.
    Anyone who has ever gained any beneficial knowledge from ROK (which I would guess is everyone reading this) should pick up a copy and support Roosh.
    After I listen to it I’ll have to check out Roosh’s forum to see if there’s a topic dedicated to discussing specific ideas in the speech further.

    1. I would buy it myself, but I’m only 16 and it wouldn’t go well with my family;

      1. Uh, you have a bank account right? It will just show up as a paypal purchase for $7, no other details (at least that’s my experience every time I’ve used paypal to buy something). If you still can’t get it, ask your dad or cousin to buy it for you.

  2. I’ll definitely buy this since i couldn’t attend in person.
    I would buy it even if it was 68 minutes of a test pattern with your insignia on it.
    Anything of yours that pisses off the feminists is something which i inherently support.

    1. Do you think it will apply if I want to become more of a neo-masculin man?
      I’m looking for some material on that….?

    2. If I lived on my own, I would buy it myself; however, I’m 16 and live with my parents, and they don’t know I’m a part of this community.

      1. I didn’t know you were so young. Kudos to you for making reasonable arguments even at that age. I’ve been exposed to too much emo inspired pussylanimous mangina arguments from tweeners in general to remember the last time i came across a Man in the making like yourself.
        Keep at it. Lead your peers to the masculine promised land.

        1. Thanks. I used to be more liberal when I was younger, but as I got older, it was easy to see that quite a bit of people are liberal because it’s told to them that it’s “hip” and that conservatism is “down with the times”.
          A prime example is my country’s recent election; our former leader, Stephen Harper (conservatives), lost because of this huge “Stop Harper” campaign which mainly had people calling him a Nazi, dictator, etc. without much to back it up :/
          Justin Trudeau of the Liberals (I prefer to call him Justin Zoolander) was voted in mainly because of girls loving his hair, his dynasty (his dad, Pierre Trudeau, once ran Canada-it’s said you either loved him or hated him), and of course, the campaign against the conservatives.
          Harper wanted to continue airstrikes against ISIS and ban the niqab; Justin is going to pull our troops out and keep the niqab. Harper wanted to keep our gun laws; Justin wants to tighten them (I don’t know if you heard of the shooter in our capital, Ottawa, who was connected to ISIS, but politicians in the parliament building were sharpening flag poles to use as weapons in case the guy came in-I do believe that guns would have prevented that).
          I assume more people than I know think similarly, but it’s not something you can really be open about.

        2. People like you have to operate in the shadows so as not to be reported to the secret police in Canada.
          You have the direction and the sense, you merely lack the opportunity to effect the change that your country needs.
          Until you can link up with your masculine peers, you may have to operate as a movement of one, slowly climbing up the ranks of the political pecking order in order to work your way into the system and destroy it from within.
          The infernal machine must be destroyed, one cog at a time.

  3. Roosh, before i die i hope to see you and Gloria Steinem in a one on one debate regarding feminism and how truly beneficial its been to society.
    I’m sure you’d mop the floor with her. It would be epic.

        1. In case you didn’t know, but Obama is an Idiot and needs a teleprompter to help him brush his teeth.

        2. Or John Tory (mayor of Toronto).
          I’m Canadian, and just a few days ago we federally elected the Liberal party, thanks to misinformed voters and a LOT of potheads. I think Trudeau is a feminist himself, and he’s said to be pretty clueless in plenty of matters (only got in because his father, Pierre Trudeau, was once prime minister), so I think it would be pretty interesting to debate him.

      1. You should watch the “debate” between some feminist hole vs. Milo Y. He, as gay man still pursues to tear her a new one

      2. Jewish third-wave feminist Naomi Wolf attempted to debate anti-feminist YouTuber Karen Straughan in the following video. Wolf was destroyed. Pathetic, considering Wolf is essentially the spokeswoman for third-wave feminism.

        1. The first girl Karen is anti-feminist. The second girl Naomi is anti-police state and pro civil liberties. (She does imply that women make 80% of men’s pay, which of course is not true, but mostly seems reasonable and says that female on male violence is just as bad as male on female). The third girl in the black says that men don’t have enough rights. The host seems not to care about women’s suffrage.
          The whole thing was put on by the libertarian Free State Project. I did not see anyone representing the traditional feminist view, at least not the insane third wave feminism. The debate seemed to be do you believe in first/second wave feminism or not (ie should we pass laws banning spousal domestic violence). If this was the real spectrum of feminism we faced in society I’ll take this any day.

      3. And the moment Roosh started bringing up valid points, the feminists being debated would get “Deer in the Headlight” look, and focus their gaze on the closest white knight in the room.

      4. Watch some videos of Marc Rudov. He always holds frame and stays on point. And all the women can ever do is pull faces and shriek “AWWWW C’MON!!”

    1. This is the video that Valenti tried to get removed from youtube so comprehensively was her argument for the existence of “rape culture” destroyed before she even got a chance to speak. And best of all it was all done by another woman. Rarely will you see a moronic feminist like Valenti so thoroughly put in her place. Worth watching – Valenti was so rattled she was reduced to giggling, strange hand gestures, encouraging students to libel legally innocent men and vandalise private property (“radical action”) and her opening argument is that she is really tired of people daring to disagree with her. Her argument is essentially based on the story of Emma Sulkowicz (the mattress girl) which tells you all you need to know really. Enjoy:

      1. Another argumentum ad passiones argument, given in the guise of a logical debate. I watched the video and the claps that she received from that remark (“i’m tired of..”) demonstrates how little in the way of fact she actually has and worse, how little reason and understanding some in her audience actually possess.
        Mcelroy made the stronger argument…it would have been nicer to see her go after Valenti but, sometimes going first is ideal if you thoroughly obliterate the competition before they even have a chance to rebut (like Eminem did in the 8 mile movie against the final rapper)
        Valenti is a social justice twat too solipsist in nature to think clearly. She is pathetic.

  4. This is a young man’s game…until the young man’s no longer youthful. Carl Jung said that over the age of 35 in a man’s life these ideas become much less important. He’s right in many ways, with hindsight you look at your younger self chasing after women, investing so much time into something so ephemeral with a degree of contempt and amusement. The world moves on…so must we.

    1. Can you recommend a good first book by Jung? I have man and his symbols on my wish list. So many people I respect, like Jung but I have never read him.

      1. With Jung, I would begin at the end. I think his autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections which I read years ago is an excellent place to begin.
        Parts are very amusing. Other parts are disturbing and surreal, especially his series of mental breakdowns in his 20s and 30s, where he eventually begins integrating these elements through the process of individuation in his middle years. A significant challenge with Jung is that he’s very much a deep sea diver who works on the subterranean levels where little light usually penetrates. He doesn’t offer easy solutions or self help and he makes it painfully clear that the task of individuation in a man’s life never reaches completion.
        He developed the whole notion of different archetypes within every human psyche and the fascinating aspect about these insights, is that we are essentially clueless about who we are in essence- as this essential sense of who we are in the “great sense” is largely obscured by our conscious everyday self. Indirectly, Jung says the only way we acquire this knowledge is through individuation, our dreams, psychoanalysis, aspects of the Arts, and through death.
        I’d begin as I said with his autobiography first. His books on Christianity make for good reading too, especially the book he wrote on Job, which he disliked himself, despite the fact that his exploration leads to a very perplexing and complex relationship between God and man.

        1. You sound informed enough to submit an article on this topic. I would certainly enjoy it, and you would likely convince others to become interested in his work.

        2. It’s very difficult to know where one would begin an article about Carl Jung. He was a prodigious writer throughout his life and his thought is so multifaceted and diverse that he’s very tricky to paraphrase.
          However, there’s a few points about his thought that are salient to note for modern readers.. (1) He’s deeply conservative and traditional in his conclusions about human beings, especially the key defining motifs that define the male and female (2) His explorations of human nature are highly speculative, insightful, and informed by a nascent Christianity that went back generations in his family. His father for example was a pastor and a theologian. (3) His temperamental outlook would be best described as pessimistic, without being morbid or fatalistic (unlike Freud) towards both the modern world with its technology and gadgets which he despised, as a failing to confront inwardly who we are. (4) Also, the conflict or schism he had running through every fiber of his being regarding his professionalism as a scientific and rational observer of human nature, and the numinous experiences and visions he had with the divine (including his dead ancestors) makes his insights particularly compelling and relevant. This conflict in his soul and the way he manages to navigate a path across this valley are both powerful and profound. (5) The fact that he came from a German cultural perspective (swabian) meant that his work is informed by a wealth of ideas, philosophical and literary touchstones that make his work resonate with greater force and deepness than for example a French or British writer who’d construct what they say through the stifling lens of the approved ideologies in their countries.
          I’m not in any way an informed or expert student of Jung who I came to through my interests in the Sciences and Philosophy. But, I believe he does have a lot to teach the man who wishes to develop himself beyond the state of pure homo economicus, of the man who gets and spends and lays waste his powers, with money, with women, and ultimately with life.

    2. I am 35 and agree with this. I chose not to marry or have children. Looking back at the time, money, and emotional energy I spent chasing women, I have to say it wasn’t worth it. Yes, I got laid, I had some longer-term relationships, but in the end, no keepers.
      My puppy is much better company and, he loves me unconditionally. A pro tip — if you have a dog, especially a puppy, take him to a dog park once in a while. You will attract women like flies to shit.

      1. That’s very true. I have a dog and I’ve met some good women through “dog talk” besides a chick with a dog means they’ve something of a nurturing instinct about them.

  5. Just finished watching the speech. It was excellent and exactly what all men, especially young men, need in this day and age. The blue hair slip-up was hilarious!
    I had booked a ticket for the NY speech but had to move out of state for dumb reasons a few weeks before the speech.
    Hoping you come to the West Coast at some point Roosh; America needs you there the most.

  6. Keep it up Roosh, hopefully I can get around to catching one of your speeches next time you do a tour, would definitely give a donation to see a congregation of real men once more.

      1. There’s something absurd about the magnitude of space we happen to find ourselves in….its sheer abundance and lack of a tangible frontier is something that humbles and mocks us at the same time.

        1. It’s a classic series. Sagan had a great sense of wonder and curiosity about our place in the Cosmos. He introduces this topic as an explorer rather than an academic or scientist who knows all the answers.

        2. I love the series. The music choice is fantastic. Carl seems to a bit of a pessimist, though, with all those dreams about the end of the world. Maybe he would have been even more at peace if he had had a connection to god. But yeah, he has that boyish curiosity about him. I even thought he was gay in the beginning, because he projects such an unusual amount of emotions.

  7. Wait, you mean that Roosh isn’t the crazed anti-woman rape crusader mainstream media has made him out to be???
    Who could have thought… /s
    Seriously, libel action anyone? I’m ready to chip in.

  8. You said in one of your videos that if they really wanted to disrupt the Canadian leg of your tour all they had to do was buy a ticket and they would get the final locations. I wondered myself as to why they didn’t just do that. I think it’s the following reasons.
    1) Despite the reasonable cost none of them were actually prepared to put their own money where their mouths and hashtags were.
    2) Despite the massive media coverage there were really only less than a handful of SJWs doing all the actual protesting. The rest were just useful idiots who hitch themselves to whatever outrage bandwagon rolls along.
    3) Perhaps deep down they never wanted to get the tour canceled? This allowed them to get the media attention that they so richly crave. This deludes them into believing that they’re living meaningful lives and have a purpose which they don’t.

  9. Interesting presentation but that t-shirt is awful.
    It is very important for red pill men to have the image of financially successful people if we want the message to be heard by many.
    In that t-shirt Roosh looks like a basement dweller and it makes him look too skinny.

  10. “A total of 150 of the cards were made, meaning that it will probably be worth millions after I die.”

  11. My mom heard the speech and completely agreed with it.
    I asked her, “What do you think of Roosh?” She replied, “Roosh seems like a nice guy. He’s handsome, funny.”
    lol. God bless traditional mothers.

  12. Went to supper with my boy, taking the time to teach him how to dress, got back, and the “life’s work” was sold out. You snooze, you lose!

  13. I attended the Toronto event because the stars aligned just right. I got my money’s worth and took copious notes. I paid extra to get Roosh’s books that I had already ripped off from the internet anyways. I could repost my notes so all you cheap fuckers could read them for free.
    This is what he does for a living and I support him,

  14. That quote featured in the screen cap is the boom that should be lowered on feminist women EVERY DAMN TIME. It’s that good.
    The look on the validation seeking career-grrl reporter’s face says it all.
    Roosh you da man!

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