Canada’s Gamergate-Hating Prime Minister Learned Feminism From His Gold-Digging Mother

The things we see online, whether it is issues like Gamergate, or video games misogyny in popular culture, it is something that we need to stand clearly against.

— Justin Trudeau, the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada

In yet another sign that we may as well replace many democracies with monarchies led by champagne socialists, the liberal, extraordinarily privileged, and “I can be anything to everyone” son of a former Canadian Prime Minister has now become Prime Minister himself.

Justin Trudeau has a truly atrocious ideology, including taking potshots at Gamergate as he talks about how his unaccomplished, famous-by-spreading-her-legs mother raised him to be a feminist. With promises of huge budget deficits and making up for nine years of his Liberal Party being out of government, Trudeau’s win marks the most diabolical political shift in Canadian history.

For nearly a decade, Canada had put its trust in the Conservative Stephen Harper, an affable half-technocrat, half-kind uncle with an economics degree. This was an achievement, as Canadians have been fed a leftwing political diet of “The government can give you everything you want” for about a century. Now they have reverted back to Canada’s traditionally dominant Liberals, led by Trudeau, whose former profession as a high school teacher says more about his ability to excite a kind of national classroom (especially with his appearance) than actually build the school or run it.

His mother, a tabloid-seeking, leg-spreading gold-digger and drug smuggler, taught him about feminism

Yes, Yes. I am a feminist. Proud to be a feminist. My mom raised me to be a feminist.

— Justin Trudeau describing the woman most famous for marrying a Canadian Prime Minister and talking about how she cheated on him with Ted Kennedy.

Rocker Mick Jagger once described Margaret Trudeau as a “very sick girl,” alluding to her pathological interest in high-status men besides her husband Pierre.

I have no personal animosity towards the mother of this new Prime Minister, who is also the ex-wife of the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. But Margaret Trudeau is no one to celebrate. She perfectly encapsulates how women marry into fame, wealth or status and then derive everything they have from that marriage (and the man they marry).

Trudeau junior’s mother met his father when she was just 18, a few years before his first stint as Prime Minister. She married when she was 22 and her groom was 52. Pierre, a notoriously hard worker regardless of what you might say about his policies or ideology, had spent his life eking towards the profile and station that Margaret could reap the rewards of immediately. Exactly what Margaret could teach Justin about feminism is a complete mystery, other than fucking your way into high society.

Befitting her complete lack of experience in life, Margaret hated how her husband had to work so often, as if she was somehow hard done by with the life of privilege virtually no one ever gets and those who do must spend their lifetime waiting for (after their own hard work, too). She hid drugs in the Prime Minister’s travel bags, destroyed a piece of artwork she didn’t like in Pierre’s official (and publicly paid for) residence, and fucked Ted Kennedy, among others.

It is impossible to find anything about her remotely worth emulating. Tragically, she makes Princess Diana look like a self-made heroine of the ages. When the Trudeaus finally divorced, Margaret discovered (shock horror!) that she didn’t have the requisite skills to forge an alternative career. So, instead, she gave exclusive interviews about her domestic life and juicy details about her adulterous and other sexual liaisons. She repeated this high-brow process by becoming an author, not about female trailblazing but female sexual activity as a means of social mobility.

Justin Trudeau also threw two uncharged and non-convicted male colleagues under the bus

“Is it time to pander to the female vote by throwing two uncharged, non-convicted guys out yet?”

Those familiar with my earliest ROK articles might remember my excoriation of Trudeau for his white knight expulsion of two formerly Liberal members of the Canadian House of Commons, Scott Andrews and Massimo Pacetti, from his party. Both men were roasted over the fire of an unparalleled witch-hunt for months and their political careers have been all but destroyed.

Two female members of the left-of-center New Democratic Party claimed they were victims of sexual assault at the hands of Andrews and Pacetti. In Pacetti’s case in particular, the stigma he faced was truly Orwellian. The female politician he had sex with had handed him a condom.

Of course, if this tidbit of providing a condom had not been known, there remained no objective evidence to even possibly quarter-prove that the alleged assaults took place, undermining Trudeau’s shocking decision to expel. Unsurprisingly, Andrews and Pacetti, who have not had the most basic police report filed against them, let alone been convicted by a court (including those observing a watered-down standard of proof–aka female testimony–never found in other categories of criminal trials), had their names and supposed actions paraded across the Canadian media.

The accusers, however, were granted typical anonymity and conveniently said they were “re-victimized” by having the story go public. As usual, this is another way to avoid proper, objective examination of grossly unchallenged claims.

When perpetuating a dynasty means more than governing the country

Trudeau’s trying to be this guy.

It’s no secret that enough Canadians hated fiscal rectitude for Stephen Harper and his friends to have the reins of power stripped from them. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau has appealed to every clichéd or mainstream leftwing ploy (most notably the wage gap farce and supposedly entrenched Canadian racism) and then some of the even battier SJW talking points, such as Gamergate.

Throughout it all, he has raised his heavily sluttified and now thankfully mummified but living mother to some kind of feminist sainthood. She has no personal achievements worthy of national mentioning and nothing but a lifetime of fame only by marriage, sex, and pregnancy with high-ranking men.

Like an D-grade version of the already discredited Camelot fantasy of JFK in the United States, Justin Trudeau will project any image he can to paint himself as Canadia’s liberal savior. And for that reason Canada should be deeply, deeply scared.

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231 thoughts on “Canada’s Gamergate-Hating Prime Minister Learned Feminism From His Gold-Digging Mother”

  1. Trudeau is no Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy, War Hero, statesman, and Alpha who actually stood up for America against the onslaught of Communism in the east. While he had some SJW tendencies (like black people voting), universal male suffrage is a far cry from the liberalism today.

    1. He’ll be more like LBJ than JFK. There’s a big difference between equal opportunity and equal results, something SJW just do not understand. Their idea of equality, is an insult and a slap in the face to anyone or a family that has achieved even if they were poor or faced discrimination.

  2. These big-mouthed fools. Instead of preaching tolerance, they should start leading by example or shut up.
    Some men have very good reasons to hate. To not hate is then like to amputate a part of yourself.
    Where are the people who listen to the angry voices?
    A Voice for Men? Nope. Banned me for using the word ‘slut’.

      1. They do have some good articles, but they are equalists and thus ridiculous fools. Lots of cognitive dissonance like in that video from ‘Judgy Bitch’ where she talks about why she would not object to a man being beaten, but feel it wrong if a woman was beaten. She starts to rationalize it over the course of 20 minutes, using concepts like neoteny et cetera. Really funny.

        1. Told you, they let the devil in, now they’re being whipped by her. personally i despise them 100% they’re invertebrates who feel they could’t get anything done without hauling women on board, as if that’s not gonna lead to infiltration, all men’s spaces must be guarded by men who police the ranks.

        2. I am having pretty much the same thoughts. They are spineless. Instead of giving advice to men to actually improve, they try to change the world – or rather expect it to change. A lot of righteous pain on that site, but little hope. And as you say, they feel the intense need to be equal to the women, so it is likely they end up debating every little bullshit sentence they say to each other. Myself got banned by an ugly duckling female. My intuition tells me that she simply enjoys the power those fools give her, and also the self-mutilating attention they give her in the attempt to make her equal. She can also feel like a ‘better woman’ for being on the men’s side. It’s like these people have no sense of identity, neither the male nor female.

        3. This is why it’s been said that any institution or group that is not defined as right wing eventually gets co-opted into becoming left wing. They are experts at infiltrating and changing the narrative. The first step is always concern trolling, followed by policing the language. Once they’ve established that there are certain “bad” words they can then “other” you for using them, all under the guise of what is “right” for the “community”.
          This happened to /r/theredpill as well. Some of the mods there tried to stop the poisoning of the well but ended up being banned, all basically because of the head mod there wanted to inflate his ego… convinced himself that it was “his” sub and anyone who wanted to keep the infiltrators out was banned. I was banned by him for calling him out on this.
          This is why the manosphere must keep the discourse “toxic”.

        4. I think that this is not about politics. I think it is about mental illness. People project their childhood abuse into the world and on other people. I know I did.
          The cause is irrelevant. They just need any reason to be a victim.

        5. “I think that this is not about politics. I think it is about mental illness.”
          You’re not wrong, after all , the rabbit R types are always the ones looking to police the language and filter out any potential competition. They also just “happen” to be leftists.

        6. “Instead of giving advice to men to actually improve, they try to change the world”
          Exactly, it’s the same folly as what feminists & SJW’s fall for, it’s a Don Quixote fallacy to think the rule of nature is going to bend to accommodate their lofty vision of what ought to be. They fail to see that as men, you must take what you deserve, not ask for it. That’s their biggest idiocy they’re looking at women, asking them to do something about their predicament, they’re like a dog looking at you with a pity-face in hopes of getting the leftover chicken scraps, eagerly awaiting approval from their master, they’re plagued by a follower mentality, bereft of leadership, and balls.
          AVFM is pretty much a club of eunuchs, eager to let in those fugly women in hopes of getting into their good graces, utterly failing to see the real rawness and ruthlessness of the sex market, they’re beta’s with dreamy visions in their heads where women fostered love for floppy invertebrates like them, Do you read CH ? … the Beta Of The Month contest from a few days ago featured “Johnny Tampon” who won, he’s a perfect example of the type of “men” who run AVFM.
          “My intuition tells me that she simply enjoys the power those fools give her,”
          And intuition… are the communications of the supreme intelligence of the subconscious faculty’s of the brain that process reality, communicating their findings through the medium of emotions… It’s God’s supreme language, It’s Nature’s sublime intelligence.

        7. I am half sceptical, half convinced about intuition. Not quite sure. But be it true or false, I know that I trust it to guide me and that is enough for me.
          Johny Tampon is hilarious. Reminds me of my motorcycle teacher. Super shy and nervous, but as an instructor he was a total ass. I bet that Johny Tampon is just a venomous viper waiting to spit down at somebody who displays weakness.
          Pretty much agree about that puppy thing. It is what it is. I do have compassion for them, but they should solve their own lives instead of pretending to speak ‘for men’. For which men, exactly? I came, expressed myself and got exiled. So for whom are they speaking, with their ‘Voice For Men’?

        8. “I am not completely opposed to the left”
          Well, you should be. Understand where you fall on the political spectrum…on the right. Now also understand anyone to the left of “center” hates you. Now act accordingly.
          Don’t make the same mistake as those gamergate folks. Some of them “identify as left wing” and yet despite that they are constantly being attacked by people to the left of them. They cling to their identity as leftists and like you have said above “aren’t opposed to the left” because muh identity politics.
          Don’t be afraid to call yourself right wing… because
          1. You are
          2. Cozying up to leftists never works, they just see that as an exploitable weakness.

        9. Intuition is what makes a critter fight to defend itself, i’m writing some pretty comprehensive stuff on the driving mechanisms of lifeforms, which is biochemical command, which in the experience of the creature is emotion and instinct, in the world of insects, where neurological circuits are small you can see a myriad of amazing mind-control by insects over other insects, our brains works the exact same way, and in fact emotions of creatures are the same across the board, fruit fly’s feel everything we feel, anger, joy, jealousy, contempt, desire, etc. etc.
          Anyway, yeah Johnny Tampon is on the leash to put it mildly, tho from seeing that video i’m pretty sure he’s anyone’s doormat, doubt he’d have it in him to bite.

        10. I do not cozy up to anyone and I do not care for my political ‘identity’. I am concerned with solutions, not with parties. Nobody has to agree with me. Everybody is free to hate me.

        11. Oh, he’d bite, if only he was convinced someone was weaker than him.
          What is that shit you are writing exactly? Something worth looking into? Can I look it up?

        12. Not yet, a few months ago a number of realizations sank in and i started to put together works i’m going to be sending to science journals, and publish on a website i plan on launching at some point, but i’ll be sure to put links here in the comments on RoK to draw initial readers when i do release stuff, still gonna be a ton of work, plus laying out plans for everything, buying a .com property and make a proper site.
          But once i got things up and running i’m pretty sure manosphere guys are gonna find it interesting.

        13. Fair enough, but the point I was trying to make is that your ideas of what the left represents have been replaced by social justice authoritarianism. The days when the left represented freedom are long gone , which would de facto put you on the right . Forget about the special snowflake “I transcend the right-left spectrum” nonsense

        14. That’s the same rationale that Julie Borowski recently made about why men shouldn’t hit women if they were slapped, hit,etc. But went on to say that if a woman was in full charge that then there would be okay to hit a woman in a limited way.
          One person on her FB page made a great comment about if an average dude took a swing at an MMA fighter, would any of us help him or rationalize it away. No, we’d collectively laugh our asses off after he was pounded in the ground.

        15. Jeez, that Julie Borowski bitch has a strange personality. Silly and snarky without apparent reason.
          Frankly, with all my own history of emotional pain, I do not give that much a fuck anymore about hurting a woman. I wonder if that even is a biological thing as opposed to a cultural.
          Girl at the gym wants to prove she is tough and spar with force. She gets it back.
          Old hag at the street talks back at me. I put her in her place in front of everybody.
          The rage is just under the surface with me.

        16. Your comments about women getting rough and unruly is inline with what I recently blogged about two incidents that I witnessed where two women were knocked out for being violent and no one came to help them. And that is what I don’t understand about men from the MRM and MGTOW who claim that ” . . . it’s a man’s genetically programmed instinct to protect women.”
          Personally, I’m still looking for this gene that says, “men protect women.” Also, I’ve never had this need to protect random women whom I know nothing of or want anything to do with. I’m not risking my body for them. Fuck that.
          Here’s my post about the two incidents I witnessed.

        17. Yeah, I am not sure. I used to be quite that kind of white knight, but then again, that was more a result of my Borderline mother making me into a little codependent pet. These days, I do not feel that shit at all.
          I will have a look at your post later.

        18. Which is what makes America great. You know, so much as questioning corrupt officials in some shitholes can get you the chop?

        19. I read research that suggested that the Chinese have the most dialectical approach to life, embedded in their language.
          But yeah, America is probably a lot better than the lordship of some brainless African mini-dictator.

        20. In this we are alike. Once you understand the passive level of malice and violence that women are allowed to flippantly use against men then reacting with decisive aggression towards them is nearly always justifiable.
          Though this was ultimately the fault of other weak men who seething with jealous and otherwise impotent rage for the strong, collectively agreed to make women their equals.
          Thus the bloated Jabba the hutt caricature that is democracy has been exposed. At best it is a form of the lowest common denominator voting away anything that would remind them there are those stronger, better and more noble than themselves.
          At worst it is an easily manipulated political system subverted by a smaller but allied group of oligarchs.
          Back on point there needs to be more men willing to put women in their place when they break rules of civility. Violence or the threat of it is what will change their behavior, nothing else.

        21. I did not even plan to do it. It happened automatically as I learned to connect better with my own feelings. Learned to feel the difference between respect and insult. She treated me bad and it came up like an automatic defense system.
          Teach a man self-love and all this shit will cease to be.

        22. I don’t believe you should call yourself anything but a man. You’re going to have some left views (or liberal) and you’re going to have some right views (or conservative). Men find solutions…it’s who we are and it’s the reason why you don’t give any power to women. It’s in our DNA to problem solve but you can’t be all one and not the other….it’s about having a balance. You need all of those tools in your tool box to problem solve.
          The political parties (the establishment) want us to label ourselves….to divide us. That’s how they stay in power. There are more of us versus them (and they know it).

    1. I’ve been a casual observer of the comment section over on AVfM and I can’t help but notice that the ban hammer comes down quickly for some the smallest slights. I recall one person was banned for saying the following, “. . . women have a [INSERT BEHAVIOR HERE].” Yet people make generalizations about men in the comment section without any repercussions.

      1. Yeah, well, I myself do not feel all that hurt about generalizations about men. Everybody has their own reasons to believe what they do. It is interesting that when these people correct you, they do not do it in the form of a discussion, to help you and themselves reach a better truth. They shame you into believing just what they believe. Brute force. Then again, I guess that that is the instinctive thing to do when you are fully immersed in a follower mindset. And you kinda have to be with such an organization. Christians fear hell and damnation; AVfM members must fear prosecution for speaking something evil. What kind of life is that?

    2. “Some men have very good reasons to hate. To not hate is then like to amputate a part of yourself?”
      Agreed. Anger and hate are natural responses, and part of the human condition. In of themselves, most if not all emotions are neutral; it’s how we choose to process / control / express them that makes ‘good’ or ‘evil’.
      “Where are the people who listen to the angry voices?”
      Too many idiots on the left and right think that by silencing the opposition in favor of ‘goodthink’ will make a utopia, when in actuality censorship would prompt more of their opposition to begin acting rather than talking.

  3. Canada is finished.
    Trudeau is the epitome of a mangina, 100% the complete opposite of Vladimir Putin. Even his voice sounds gay. Some even speculate he actually is gay.
    With him at the helm, Canada will quickly become just like Ontario: a Marxist paradise with insurmountable debt.
    Legalized marijuana, full abortion rights, higher taxes, the list is endless.
    O Canada!

      1. I’ll never get how a man can say he is a feminist- reminds me of that Chappelle Show sketch where a blind black guy is a KK clan member

        1. In the sense that he may be against “rape culture” or abuse of women. Such men generally have the characteristic of not being interested in checking the facts e.g. or good reasoning ability e.g. rape rates of feminist surveys are 50 times greater than possible.
          Gullibility is a side effect of betadom, They are just so interested in poon they compromise their honour intellectually and as a man.

        2. Self-proclaimed feminists have poisoned the term. In private company with people who have half a brain among them then I can admit to being a feminist: I think that men and women have a certain equality about them and that everyone is entitled to a base level of dignity as well as respect that they earn in an unbiased manner.
          But in general, NO, I AM NOT A FEMINIST. They are stupid, evil or deluded or some combination.

        3. People who don’t have their facts straight are fucking annoying. Those who lord their inaccuracies over you are completely detestable.
          The thing is, leftist chicks are easy so guys – especially college guys – will parrot leftists, feminist nonsense to get into their pants. Conservative chicks tend to be a lot more challenging. If they are social conservatives then you might have to find religion to get near them. If they are fiscal conservatives then you have to be on the fast track to making more money than god if you want them to suck you dick.
          The path of least resistance is to play the white knight.
          I am just musing about college. Night game and such would be different.

        4. I’m an ok guy who believes that people should have equal opportunities, but self-proclaimed feminists are airheads who wouldn’t know a victim if one fell on them.

        1. So half of his cabinet will be competent, but only half of the other half because it is a rather shallow, affirmative action pool to draw from.

        2. They fail to grasp that equality means giving them an equal chance, not sacrificing the best of both sides to make a perfectly even split. That’s not natural and actually doesn’t make any sense.
          I have a feeling that our new government is going to operate a lot more on feelings than facts.

      2. Most women, at least those that skipped university, are ignorant of the inanities of the dominant forms of feminism in the universities and are merely influenced by dumbed down women’s magazines such as Cosmopolitan.
        They think its only about not getting discriminated against as proven by the fictional and misrepresentational series “MAD men”. The man blaming man hating ‘gender studies’ types are truly delusional women, or most soon will be after doing their courses. Unfortunately many do obtain jobs and are however ‘marching through the institutions’ in areas such as media, law, HR and even school education (where they monster little boys playing pirates) and slowly gaining influence.
        Their only defeat so far has been #gamergate apart from banning successfully the sale of Grand Theft Auto V from a few department stores.
        Women did have an issues at work but no more now than men might have these days.
        The breakdown of marriage has probably left a lot of the less attractive women without a man, at least one that will commit, and these women are both unhappy, angry and indeed so angry they direct destructive anger at our civilisation. Its called Referred anger and by remaining irrationally angry it gives a certain amount of power.
        Tradeu’s appeal is sickening in that it is a sign of degeneracy.
        It would be worth trying to understand why he was successful. I suspect his appeal to young people who and young women promiscuous women who seek a big daddy in the form of the welfare state. Then there would also be hefty loads of environmental angst with impractical solutions that just are not affordable in the short term that he nevertheless pretends to promises.
        The writer “Anonymous Conservative” says Societies that have a surplus of production develop parasitism to feed of that surplus capacity as it requires less effort to be a parasite than a producer.
        Parasites invariably are deceptive, using camouflage to seem friendly or benign. In other works expect a parasite to lie. We see a lot of lying in welfare and refugee immigration.
        The parasites tend to work together to overwhelm the producers and they are also natural ‘traitors’ a kind of cancer that will destroy the body.

        1. Even well educated women don’t know fuck all about feminism. My first week of law school I was at a meet-and-greet and mentioned something about “radical feminists”. A smug 22 year old cow who obviously considered herself a feminist commented “Is there any other type?”.
          Well yes, bitch! “Radical feminist” is a technical term, a term of art. There are liberal feminists, there are gender feminists, there are motherfucking eco-feminists.
          Ignorance abounds even among those who are probably in the top 5% of intelligence and education.

      3. whats wrong with a man being proudly masculine and a woman feminine?
        Is this the man now in charge of where Canada’s tax dollars go?

    1. Canada is one step away of becoming the Sweden of the American continent. The mindset is practically the same, they just need some “multiculturalism’” (heavy middle-Eastern immigration) and voilá! We got the all-new SJW shithole of the Americas!

      1. stupid people my age (college voters), progressive platforms are aimed at brainwashed kids in university.
        Apparently it was the highest student turnout in a long time

        1. Exactly. I talked to students who said I was the ONLY Conservative supporter they knew in their entire peer group!

        2. Back in the day (a quarter century ago) I was studying business and my peers considered me SOFT. When I got to law school, I was the fucking right wing devil by their standards.

      2. He got the votes for 2 main reasons:
        1. Pussy factor: This is THE biggest reason why. He’s considered “cute”/”handsome” by the pussy crowd, whereas the previous PM came across as “cold”/”ruthless”. Televised politics works in favour of such a person and works against the one with the rational mind.
        2. Anti-incumbancy factor: Previous PM has been in charge for about 10 years. The sheeple always need someone to blame as their lives are they’re exactly where they were 10 years ago. No politician can change your life. The only real way to improve your life is to improve yourself.
        That’s it.

        1. The pussy factor cannot be overestimated. I talked to so many vapid women whose only reason for voting for Justin Trudeau was “like, he’s so hawt and young!”. There is this fase and anti-male cliche about men thinking with their dicks.. but the truth is women are far more shallower. It’s all about what makes their pussies tingle. Women truly are incapable of any rational thought and deeper analysis.

        2. I live in Ontari-owe and I would add that this election result is due to not only the womyn of today’s Canada, but also the many manginas who dominate the younger generation.
          It’s the inevitable effect of indoctrination by the lib-left media, school system, universities, and private and public sector employer overlords. (Diversity, employment equity….)
          It truly is astonishing how many Canadians are brainwashed by the “government should control everything” mantra spewed by the Liberals and NDP (socialist party). Any attempt by the Conservatives to even DISCUSS getting tough on criminals or bogus refugee claimants is met with howls of protest by the Lib-left termites (with acknowledgement for that phrase to the late, great Alberta conservative columnist Link Byfield).
          One other thing those of you not living under this tax-the-productive, give to the lazy-stupid-do-nothing-welfare-addict, rainbows and unicorns government, is this: our voter results by province show Conservative dominance in the western provinces – self sufficient, get govt. off my back plain speaking, hard working individualists.
          Liberal dominance – Quebec and the east coast welfare provinces, and, sadly, much of Ontario now. Traditional regions of high unemployment, low initiative, government handout territory.
          Yep. It sure is sad how this could-be-great nation is going the way of Europe.

        3. This is why there needs to be restrictions on voting. Particularly ones that require an individual to sacrifice something for suffrage. People who have no skin in the game will vote like they are at their high school prom.

        4. It makes no sense. Someone who has to suffer to gain the privilege to vote will spend more time analyzing the candidates, while some airhead who apparently has the right to vote because they were born might vote for someone based on their hairstyle.

        5. Fuck that: if you are a government employee (hello Ontario teachers) you can’t fucking vote for you new boss who will give you millions of dollars!

        6. Most women knows nothing about politics and country leadership. I remember once, a friend said she thought Obama was a great strategist because of how well he speaks in public and how well he handles the audience’s questions. I was like “WTF !?!!”
          This is why women should not be allowed to vote. They vote with their pussies

        7. There was a time women tended to vote more conservatively, when marriage was common, for instance. I tend to think immaturity and lower voting ages has much to do with it. If you are inexperienced, immature insecure about a path in life one would tend to vote for a sugar daddy government and not look at the long term downside effects of largesse. Kindness can kill, I think the female tendency to empathy is one factor in the “suicide by refugee” policies we are seeing. There are other factors I suspect, women are now dependant on their jobs, if you tell them they are being discriminated against they may accept It without looking at other factors. Interestingly 2 female friends who had their career path interrupted had it interrupted by aggressive females.
          Switzerland worked fine until the 1960s without the female vote avoiding war and sustaining a very prosperous economy.

        8. I’m also in Ontario, and our premier was quite eager to push us to vote for Justin Trudeau, no doubt so he could give her the key to spend more of our taxes. Oh, and I do believe she said she wasn’t going to put forward Ontario Registered Pension Plan if Justin won, but she went ahead and did it anyways.
          The problem is that the Liberals gave prisoners the vote, let in lots of minorities, etc. so they could have more people obligated to vote for them, thus our country is becoming like Sweden.
          I feel like Harper had our logical interests at hand-now our emotion interests are at hand. Hell, I think they’re actually interested in lowering the voting age to 16 in order to get MORE votes-I’m 16, but a lot of my peers are potheads who are clueless about politics.

        9. That’s cultural degeneracy for you.
          Maybe a collapse will come and we’ll rebuild and have a fresh, better start-sort of like a forest fire.

        10. I’d rather subjugate the usurpers and lay their suffering bare for all to see. But I do have pretty violent viewpoints. I just find the idea of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen brought down by repulsive parasites the highest travesty of virtue imaginable.

        11. My viewpoints have been pretty violent at times, too, although I don’t often share them. I’d rather society doesn’t collapse, but maybe it’s just a cycle.
          Some of the reasons Rome fell include weakening of legions (Trudeau wants to pull out of the airstrikes against ISIS), increased migrations by barbarian tribes (Trudeau wants to let in more ‘refugees’), loss of traditional values (no explanation needed).
          Breaking the cycle would be nice, but it seems history repeats itself.

        12. History does repeat itself. When rome prized virtus above all else it was mighty, and when it prized hedonism it fell. Hard to get people blinded by addiction to pointless pleasure to take any real form of responsibility.

      3. Only because the immigrants in western Canada voted NDP this time around, if they had been split lib/con Harper may have still taken it
        Not sure what’s so great about the NDP

        1. I think the NDP is like an extreme version of the Liberals-kind of like how some people say they’re too cool for a six-pack of beer and go out binge drinking.

      4. The mainstream media savaged the Conservative Prime Minister and fawned all over his ass (actually, they fawned all over his hair – which even makes me jealous).

    2. Loved when the stupid Canucks were overjoyed at that schmuck election….
      Reminded me of the Greeks being overjoyed at Tsipras election.. & we have seen the result of it… The Greek people sodomized by Tsipras. Now we will see the result in Canada…
      Get the Vaseline ready Canucks !

    3. Minor correction, he was a high school drama teacher. He was elected to the head of his party because people knew his dad.
      I hope he gets elected again in 4 years. He is the leader Canada deserves and this will hasten the collapse. I won’t mind if the hildabeast gets into power in America for the same reason.
      the worse shit gets the better for men. Things can’t get any worse than the state we are in.

      1. I will stay in China and watch the collapse from here.
        As I have mentioned in some other posts, my only motivation to move back to Canada is to engage in politics to fix this bullshit.
        I will seek your $10 donation at that time 🙂

      2. Like a forest fire, right? A tree called the Jack Pine needs a forest fire to give the seeds the right conditions to germinate-they’re the forest fire, we’re the Jack Pine, correct?

    4. I’d love to see Trudeau and Putin in a boxing match. His skinny ass out-punched a beefy Indian senator. I think he would own Putin’s KGB ass.
      Which is not to say that he isn’t a mangina. And frankly, the average IQ of the ROK membership probably exceeds his by 20 points. However, he does display some manly virtues.

    5. In Alberta, we have been mourning for weeks with the NDP idiocy. Now that Saskatchewan has finally elected a Conservative party to the provincial level (and reaping the benefits of fiscal stability) they are miffed as well. The two/three (if you include BC, but they are fairly liberal, with the large amount of immigration, Native handouts, etc..) main provinces that create wealth for the nation from natural resources will be raped.

      1. I heard the NDPs went over your budget-sorry to hear that; if it’s any consolation, it isn’t much better here in Ontario.

    6. Putin clearly acts more gayer than trudeau, look at how much Putin enjoys running around half naked around men

  4. Genuinely mirth inspiring article. If the Canadian opposition parties weren’t all so pussy whipped they’d make sure this went viral. Attacking a politicians momma for being a hypocritical feminist leg spreading trollope could surely drive a new politician to distraction

  5. This guy is a typical brainwashed champagne socialist. He is very stupid and got where he is simply because of the upper class he is from. He has said many stupid things in the past. Now as a PM, I bet more people will write his speeches so he won’t look as stupid in public. Although he is in his 40s, he has the same mentality as activist far-left university students.

  6. Nice Jagger quote about his mom. Lotta red pill lyrics from the Stones during their heyday…

  7. Men have been manipulated and exploited by women for centuries. Women expect men to bring more to the table than women do financially and physically – or they’re not “marriageable”; hence the provider and protector role with which men have been sadistically saddled.
    This sexist and exploitative role for men was socially induced and enforced by women upon men as well as by other men – meaning that society held men up to provider/protector role/standard to be considered marriageable or as a candidate for decent employment. What’s the most common theme on the internet for men and marriage these days? The lack of “marriageable men”. The message is – if you can’t provide money to women – as a man – you have no worth.
    “Traditional”, in the context of relationships between men and women, is a term used to describe the financial, legal, physical, spiritual and psychological exploitation of men by women.
    “Chivalry” is the social manipulation of men’s ego and sense of worth for purposes of encouraging men to sacrifice for women – even if the sacrifice means men’s deaths. Chivalry is gynocentrism and a women first mindset – AKA male disposability.
    Fortunately, marriage rates are dropping the globe over and women are having to learn to fend for themselves. For every woman that opts out of marriage, another man is saved from the life destruction of divorce. To counter men’s escape from this most misandric of institutions, many nations are now enabling de facto marriage – which essentially forces marriage upon men after X number of months of cohabitation and gives girlfriends the rights to alimony and asset division should their boyfriends dump them. In the UK – it’s called the Cohabitation Rights Bill.
    Rape culture is the latest of the hypergynocentric (feminist) inventions. Both progressives and conservatives can get behind ‘affirmative consent’ because it demonizes men and potentially stops hookup culture – all with the foundation of deeply fraudulent, almost entirely made up rape statistics. Such manipulation of statistics to push a political agenda should in and of itself be a crime. It’s mass fraud on a global scale.
    Affirmative consent is a very simple concept – yet people seem to want to make it complicated. It was never intended to stop rape. It was intended to stop hookup culture and give women the power to destroy the lives of men when women don’t get their way. Affirmative consent means that if you can’t definitively prove she said yes throughout the sexual encounter – all the way through the sexual encounter – then if she accuses you of rape or sexual assault – you get expelled and your future as a man is destroyed. Major backers have even admitted that AC was intended to make men fear sex with women. Hypergynocentrists (feminists) have been pushing to have ‘Yes Means Yes’ made a part of VAWA or a facsimile thereof ever since mattress girl and the Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax.
    Ever notice that adult women go after adolescent boys when they rape? Know why? Because young boys are weaker, less powerful, naive and are not yet able to counter adult women in sexual situations. Ever wonder what would happen if society drilled into these boys’ heads that these women were rapists in the same way they drill into women’s heads that drunken regret sex is rape? What happens instead? Women are given probation – not prison like men – and the boys are taught that they were lucky. As always, hypocrisy and double standards are the hallmarks of hypergynocentrism.
    Ever since white-knight Ronald Reagan enacted no-fault divorce (the divorce rape of men) in the US, marriage and committed relationships have become anti-male. There is no worse decision you can make as a man than to give a woman the ring of power – or any power for that matter.
    How is it empowerment for women to eschew marriage and traditional roles but weakness and misogyny if men act in kind? How did women imagine that they’d walk away from their traditional roles and not expect men to do the same? How is it that men suffering 98% of workplace deaths and deaths related to national defense isn’t cause for a gender based national outcry – but rape is considered the most horrific of crimes? Hypocrisy and double standards – that’s how. Between suicides, workplace and national defense deaths, tens upon tens of thousands of men, in the US alone die every year. Know why there’s no national campaign to stop this horrific exploitation of men? I think we all know why.
    It’s important to remember that women demand all of the special treatment and exploitation of men listed above – but it is other men that enact the policies and legislation that enforces male disposability, hypergynocentrism (feminism) and destroy men by the hundreds of thousands in divorce court every single year.
    When it comes to femsplaining and toxic-femininity, the hypocrisy and double standards are usually thick enough to choke a horse. You can find examples of femsplaining, discrimination against men, sexism against men, toxic-femininity, hypocrisy and double standards all throughout feminist discourse. The best way to stop this campus rape would be to have men and women only colleges – yet women demand more and more coed dorms and fraternities. Know why? The answer is more simple than you thought. Women can’t control men’s speech in male-only spaces, nor can they manipulate, exploit and/or destroy men’s lives without close proximity to their targets. This is why women are fine with women-only gyms and other women-only (safe) spaces but protest male-only fraternities and other male-only spaces.
    Most men have been so “indoctrinated” into a woman-first mentality since birth – they become anti-male (AKA – white knights) and enact legislation that is deeply harmful to other men in the name of women’s rights. These men are cowards and unable to defend themselves or others against the fallacy of female oppression. The more women complain – the more men are oppressed – especially by other men. This is another reason why women despise male-only spaces. They can’t force the social and financial ostracization of men that might expose the truths listed above unless they have the power to socially and financially ostrasize men that stand up for themselves.
    If you ever wondered why feminists wish to stop anti-feminist speech on the internet – wonder no more. It’s almost comical to see a man try to speak such truths in public. As a matter of fact – it’s dangerous for men to speak publicly (non-anonymously) against the supposed oppression of women – especially if you want to get elected/re-elected. To speak against feminists in this manner has been halted through a form of social and financial blackmail. “If you don’t support us – we’ll see that you’re fired, unemployable and hated by women everywhere.” This is the foundation of “rape apologist”, “stare rape”, “man spreading”, “man splaining”, boycotts and ridiculous claims of misogyny should you dare arrive at the possibility of an opposing view. A man that defends himself against the open hatred of men by women is equated with a rapist or murderer by women and especially by other men.

  8. Love how the chicks on my side of the pond over here in Asia are giving this dude attention for all the obvious reasons. Not a peep about his policies. Read a few of the other predictable chick comments from elsewhere around the world as well. In politics, the packaging IS the product. And now we’ll just watch the typical political life cycle of this creature play itself out.

  9. Imagine you can become a leader of a country almost as large as Russia and nevertheless have no real discernible influence in the world? This is Canada’s misfortune, very soon to be America’s too.
    How can any man, obey and be loyal to any of the leaders in our democracies anymore. Real loyalty to a strong, perhaps great leader is a mixture of respect, love and fear. We don’t create leaders that instill these sentiments anymore, instead we construct leaders in the west who are born followers, who are passionless ideologues, who are administers to their “cause” rather than to their country and people. They have no organic connection or abiding visceral feelings for their own country and this is why they’re willing to betray every single hard earned decent value in the land, because, their “cause” is not that of your country and people. It’s that simple.
    Still there is consolation to be gained from the fact that such “leaders” will never be players in the world. Putin will be written about in 500 years time as a great strategist and leader in Russian history… Trudeau…a mere footnote at best.

    1. There hasn’t been this type of “leader” in the United States for a long time. It’s been nothing but career politicians pandering to whomever at the time….to keep their jobs. There hasn’t been a real push back and it’s made us very weak.

  10. Trudeau Sr won custody of the children and did not pay any spousal support. Besides, Margaret had a difficult time earning a living after her marriage. So, somehow, this guy deserves some respect.

    1. My girlfriend is 22 years younger than me: that, and a law degree, are probably the only things I have in common with that POS who ruined my country.

      1. C’mon Scorp. Multiculturalism? Blilingualism – ensuring that francophones dominate the federal civil service? Charter of Rights and Freedoms – ensuring that unelected activist judges make the laws, not elected politicians?
        War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

        1. The fuck of it is that Canadians are actually PROUD of the Charter. They have been completely brainwashed by the establishment. Even once I got to law school the brainwashing continued. Law school seems to be filled with 180 of the most intelligent idiots you will ever encounter. The profs that teach courses on the Charter are raving leftists with Continental sensibilities rather than common law conservatives. I did not fare well in that environment.

  11. I am put in the awkward position of explaining to my Chinese girlfriend why I don’t want to bring her to live in Canada. With the Wynne Liberals in Ontario and now Trudeau at the national level, all I can think is WTF? Seriously. China is a communist dictatorship and yet I feel more free here than I ever did back home. If there was the level of corruption here that we have in Ontario they would have them taken out and shot.

    1. yes, for being such a free country, I would dare not say anything that is against the progressive status quo, unless I am ready to give it the fight of my life.
      Freedom of speech is dead in the West.

      1. Freedom of speech certainly died in Canada when our Chief Justice reversed herself. I don’t know if it is senility or legacy building at work but we need to get rid of her before she does much more damage.

      2. Well, you have free speech as long as long as the lefties (lack of a better term) agree with it.

    2. Really? My friend in Hong Kong says the exact opposite. That it’s so corrupt that it’s given that you’re gonna have to grease palms to get anything done.

      1. Hong Kong has its own particular nonsense. If you are wheeling-dealing with 9-figure numbers then ya, there is a lot of graft. The Commanding Heights are controlled by a bunch of party members and it is all about guan xi (roughly translated as “relationships”). I rub shoulders with a number of people whose net worth is probably in the millions (US dollars) but day-to-day I deal with working class, white collar citizens and generally, the government stays the fuck out of their way.
        The personal income tax rate is a flat 9.2%. If you want to set up a motherfucking lemonade stand in the park, you set up a motherfucking lemonade stand in the park and you don’t worry about some bylaw enforcement shithead coming down on you.

    3. Hey…they put bankers (high level, CEOs) in jail in Iceland this year for their corrupt practices (and bringing the economy to a near collapse in 2008). You’ll never see that in any other country.

      1. Iceland sort of got its head out of its ass in the wake of the economic collapse of 2008. They actually contemplated adopting the Loonie as their official currency.
        I hope that T&C cuts loose from the UK to become the 11th province (and my fucking place of permanent residence!), but Iceland would have been a great addition to the Canuckosphere.

    4. When I was in China I was also surprised by how much the government doesn’t really care about what you do do.
      Sure, there are a few no no’s but you could be as politically incorrect as you want and the Chinese would probably agree with you or laugh.
      My Chinese roommate once said, “I don’t get why our school has women security guards. What are they going to do? They’re useless.”

      1. Having lived here for 3 of the last 4 years, I make the case that your typical Chinese person (not Party members or political functionaries) is, by western standards, conservative. They have no concept of the first and second amendments, and only a small minority identify as being Christian, but in terms of their views on gender, family, sex, taxes, personal responsibility and a raft of other issues they would fit right in.

  12. Lol.
    I get what the article is about. But Mr Harper had to go. I personally believe they are all a farce and really can only do so much. But Harper did do some good things. He also mainly helped his elite friends. And the same will apply to the liberals. They will only help their elite friends as well
    As for trudeau throwing out the “rapists” that happens with everything. A man lost his job with hydro one for the eff her right in the wussy line. A conservative member was canned for saying gays can be cured.
    Justin is just a puppet. But one of the more interesting points, his looks
    A few news outlets have suggested it is reverse sexism. They are pointing out how women can go on about trudeau good looks, but men got lampooned for doing the same with palin.
    So I’m delightfully surprised. Maybe things are actually gonna change?

  13. The truth is Harper’s government was not fiscally responsible and had more skeletons in its closet than any in recent history. The Liberals, who had been in power before Harper had run almost 10 years of straight surpluses and paid off 150 billion of the National debt. Harper put the country back in deficit within a year, ran deficits every year he was in office and blew through the entire amount the liberals had paid off on the National debt.

      1. No, actually he’s not kidding. What he said was factually true.
        Conservatives like to prattle on about how they are better fiscal managers.. but the problem is that their ideology of lower taxes for the rich and supply side economics just doesn’t work in reality.. and so they end up running deficits and going into debt. You see the same pattern with the Republicans in the US.. Bill Clinton has a far superior economic record than did George W. Bush.

        1. Deficit and surplus talk is meaningless without tallying up taxes. Liberals raise tax, conservative (sometimes) cut taxes. At least they should.
          Harper only had a majority from ’11-’15, a minority from ’06 – ’11, where he had to appease the left wing opposition.
          Think Ontario – the Libs under McGinty promise they won’t raise taxes, then usher in all kinds of “fees” and de-list health services, eye exams, etc.
          Liberals are disengenous hypocrits. Yeah, they sure cut the GST didn’t they?

        2. Bill Clinton’s “economic record” was due to the GOP dominated Congress at the time. He bitched and moaned about THEIR fiscal conservatism *all the time* then signed their bills grudgingly. I saw it all happen in real time and in living color. He had no fiscal policies outside of tax and spend, and was denied his wishes so many times that he tried to co-opt his own surrender by smirking and saying “No, those are my policies” despite everybody knowing he was bullshitting.
          You can trust a Clinton, like that.

        3. True…watched it here as well. I think the worst part is when you ask Americans what they want and then you go to the politicians who are writing laws, enacting policies, etc….there is such a stark contrast. Most working Americans (regardless of race, political affiliation, etc….) hate someone who gets hand outs from the government – one example. If you polled Americans or asked them there would be (or should be) a good 80 percent of us who would say “Why am I working for a living while this person sits at home and collects a check?” Politicians don’t live in our world.
          Politicians love to distract and Clinton was a good “shit talker”. He persuaded the people with his “charm” but many knew he was full of it. He played nice (while in office) and made a very good living after he got out (a millionaire, today).

      1. It’s a matter of public record. Out
        of the past 27 fiscal years, Canada has run a surplus for only 11 years with all of them but two under the leadership of liberal Paul Martin as either Minister of Finance or Prime Minister. Canada’s best fiscal year was in 2000 – 2001 when the federal government ran a $19.891 billion surplus and its worst fiscal year was in fiscal 2009 – 2010 under Harper when the federal government ran a $55.598 billion deficit, erasing all of the gains that had been made between fiscal 2001 – 2002 and 2007 – 2008 in one fell swoop.

        1. Complex discussion. We hear arguments from both sides. But Harper had a minority govt. until 2011.
          Martin stole from Unemployment Insurance, benefitted from GST, Free Trade Agreement, which Libs campaigned against, to feed his bottom line, and he cut transfers to provinces.
          Surpluses are excess taxation. Should be illegal.

        2. Hmm. Don’t keep up with the Canadian politics but there are no lib/prog political parties on the planet that balance budgets or are fiscally responsible. Odd that Harper lost then given his profligate spending. I guess conservative spending bad , liberal spending good. I don’t think the mobs of potheads that voted Justing McDreamy Trudeau in did so for “fiscal responsibility”…

    1. What you said is all true.. but It’s also not true that this was the primary reason the Conservative government and Harper lost. I really don’t think most people were paying that much attention to actual economic policies and facts about deficits.
      Let’s face it: a lot of people were just tired of Harper and wanted change. He has a very secretive, nasty, authoritative streak to him.. like most conservatives tend to have. I’m conservative by temperment, if not necessarily by ideology so I get Stephen Harper and don’t fault him for not being “charismatic enough” or “warm enough” or whatever the fuck the media pundits keep repeating about him.. but the man has some serious personality flaws and too many years in power have made him arrogant.
      Having said all that, the author of this article is right on that Justin Trudeau is a shallow, vapid twit who won because of his “hopey, changey” message and because of his good looks ( don’t discount the “pussy factor” and huge numbers of women who were creaming their panties for a “hawt” young guy like Trudeau). And he kept repeating the progressive mantra talking points – gender equality, etc, which women lapped up.
      I’m glad Harper is gone but Justin Trudeau is going to be a disaster. He doesn’t have the gravitas or the experience.. and frankly, the manliness to be a leader. He is too eager to pander to women and feminism. He just doesn’t have the knowledge, the depth or the maturity yet to be a leader and Prime Minister. He’s also too eager to be liked.. but when you’re a leader sometimes you have to make tough decisions even if most people don’t agree with them, and you have to be willing to be unpopular if necessary.

    2. The same happened in the US until the end of the Bush administration and the beginning of Obama – in which it’s out of control, now. We’re now in debt (even more) thanks to Democrats in power. But let’s be honest (if you’ve been around for some time…they are both the same party).
      If you don’t have your head in the sand, then (like the US) you’ll realize that both parties – all spend – immediately or through policies (kick the can down the road). The trick is to make it look a certain way….but they are all one big party and they all spend.

  14. Feminism from the point of view of a man that thinks sperm tastes good:

    Personally, if this is the point of view of most gay men – I now understand my secret respect and admiration of these kock smokers.

    1. It’s true.. gay men not be enthralled by the Almighty Pussy like straights, and they can see straight thru women’s bullshit most of the time. Unfortunately for every queer ally like Milo, there’s another who’ll be grovelling at the Women’s Collective Annual Castration Drive, bawling about his innate male privilege. Feminism seems to attract fringe-dwellers like moths to a flame.

  15. I’m surprised there isn’t more being said about the incestuous media that proped Justin Trudeau in the first place. The guy is not only a freackin drama teacher but has been the butt of jokes for literally decades about his naivety and idiocy. Then one day he’s suddenly fully qualified and the face of hope and change and all that?
    Can you really blame him for hating Gamergate, this is exactly the kind of incestuous bullshit narratives the movement threatens.

  16. What I envy about America is that at the very least you guys can discuss politics in public. There is an understanding that disagreement is a part of life.
    In Canada (particularly liberal areas like Ontario) discussing politics openly can cost you socially and professionally. I’ve had to keep my mouth shut from asking questions about Harper vs. Trudeau because people are incredibly uptight about it.
    Nobody wants to get into any depth about economics… Nobody wants to discuss policies… Nobody wants to review any data. I spent all summer reading about politics/economics trying to make an informed decision and my vote counts exactly as much as someone who just voted “kuz they really should vote”.
    This election was literally about hairstyles and promises of free shit (or what they think is free shit). We’ll see what Trudeau can do with his experience as a ski-instructor and a silver spoon in his mouth.
    I gotta say this election really was the last straw for me. If Canadians want to live in Pleasantville then be my guest, but I don’t feel any true allegiance to this country anymore. There is only so much blue-pill non-sense a man can take before he says it’s time to go.

    1. Least he’s good to look at and has a rad tattoo. We yanks are going to elect a cackling, pant suit wearing ,postmenopausal hag as president here soon…

      1. If that does happen, many from North America will gaze towards Russia as the only country left with a leader of any worth.

        1. I don’t even know if I like Putin.
          But who do you instinctively take more seriously… Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, or Vladmir Putin??? Just the name itself has a sense of deeper character.

        2. I’d rather live under Putin and his man-hating ilk than Hillary and hers. Putin only hates competitive males – Hillary hates men in general. Trudeau is a moron that defies rational thought. I’d rather live under a Hillary regime than a Trudeau regime. At least Hillary isn’t a man-beeotch. Trudeau is a coward of epic proportions. He’s both a misogynist and misandrist simultaneously.
          Trudeau is the incarnation of the pretty-boy politician that all will come to despise. It must be great to be such an non-accompolised with powerful, wealthy family members – and the backing of the sexist gynocracy.
          Given the chance, I’d lop his head off myself. Is it any wonder modern politicians need bomb proof glass in public? No – it’s not.

        3. Don’t worry. Trudeau wants to get to the root cause of the Boston Marathon Muslim bomber’s motive. How did he feel so isolated from our mean society?

        4. Or..gaze towards that long, noisy “rifle” thing hanging over their mantle.

      2. I don’t think so. I think the Democrats thought they had a “sure thing” looking at all of the other possible candidates….before Trump threw his hat in the ring. Now, if those two shared a stage for a debate, it could get ugly (with a touch of common sense).
        Who doesn’t believe we need border controls in place (any American could agree with it)….whether for illegals crossing or national security?
        Who doesn’t see our spending is out of control? Anyone on a budget knows that if there is no money to spend then you go without it…even those who get that government check.
        These are good points being brought up by anyone (and everyone) in the past so many years that Trump is on national TV saying it. Other politicians would just dance around the real issues facing this country and then stir everyone up with “the wage gap” or some other bullshit (to distract from real issues).
        It’s the very reason why Trump is a serious contender (like him or not). He’s saying what all common, average Americans have been saying (or asking) for years.

      3. Or Bernie Claus. He has a TON of supporters on youtube comments-it’s like a Bernie fetish.
        However, I’m not sure youtube comments are a general indicator of the general population.

    2. When it comes to femsplaining and toxic-femininity, the hypocrisy and double standards are usually thick enough to choke a horse. You can find examples of femsplaining, discrimination against men, sexism against men, toxic-femininity, hypocrisy and double standards all throughout feminist discourse. The best way to stop the whole “campus rape” falsehood would be to have men and women only colleges – yet women demand more and more coed dorms and fraternities. Know why? The answer is more simple than you thought. Women can’t control men’s speech in male-only spaces, nor can they manipulate, exploit and/or destroy men’s lives without close proximity to their targets. This is why women are fine with women-only gyms and other women-only (safe) spaces but protest male-only fraternities and other male-only spaces.
      Most men have been so “indoctrinated” into a woman-first mentality since birth – they become anti-male (AKA – white knights) and enact legislation that is deeply harmful to other men in the name of women’s rights. These men are cowards and unable to defend themselves or others against the fallacy of female oppression. The more women complain – the more men are oppressed – especially by other men. This is another reason why women despise male-only spaces. They can’t force the social and financial ostracization of men that might expose the truths listed above unless they have the power to socially and financially ostrasize men that stand up for themselves.
      If you ever wondered why feminists wish to stop anti-feminist speech on the internet – wonder no more. It’s almost comical to see a man try to speak such truths in public. As a matter of fact – it’s dangerous for men to speak publicly (non-anonymously) against the supposed oppression of women – especially if you want to get elected/re-elected. To speak against feminists in this manner has been halted through a form of social and financial blackmail. “If you don’t support us – we’ll see that you’re fired, unemployable and hated by women everywhere.” This is the foundation of “rape apologist”, “stare rape”, “man spreading”, “man splaining”, boycotts and ridiculous claims of misogyny should you dare arrive at the possibility of an opposing view. A man that defends himself against the open hatred of men by women is equated with a rapist or murderer by women and especially by other men.

      1. I agree.
        What’s just as disturbing is when you can actually get away with saying what’s on your mind, but only for the reason that you’re a charming high-value male in the woman’s eyes.
        You can game your way into telling the truth or just saying politically incorrect things and women will be distracted by your social presence and charm.
        Thing is… women are fickle… What’s hot on Tuesday is what’s not on Thursday… And that’s all women care about. Whether what you said was true or not means absolutely nothing compared to whether or not you stave away their boredom.

        1. Women don’t love men. Women love what men can provide to women. Understand that – and you understand all.

        2. It’s all about feelings and being in that moment (for women). Once you’ve figured that out (about women), then the rest is easy. They are not deep thinkers…everything is pretty much on the surface (just push the right buttons).

        3. Just like what Roosh said in his speech. You can bang a girl and see her the next day at her workplace and she will treat you like a stranger.

        4. I think Roosh was referring to a girl he banged and then randomly encountered her at the coffee shop she works at.
          But yeah, I learned not to shit where I eat a long time ago.

        5. Agreed on the whole not deep thinkers thing. I’ve only met one girl who actually wanted to talk about literature.
          In my experience girls do not like talking about intellectual topics. Even the smarter girls barely have opinions on most issues. I legit met a girl who said that it was fun to act stupider than she really was.

        6. I think that many of them are so self centered that they truly don’t have anything to talk about…other than themselves or their phones. If not that, then they’ll start talking about some nonsense reality TV show or some new “thing” that they are going to buy. The conversation is akin to talking to a 12 year old girl.

        7. I don’t know if it applies across the board, but in my experience girls are pleasant to interact with from early childhood to adolescence. They can be quite smart, not socially retarded, and not terribly concerned with destroying the opposite sex. Then somewhere in their teenage years they just go…dumb.

    3. there is still a tiny bit of hope here in the AB, SK, MB where there was a sea of conservative ridings.
      Bad part is, even living in the sea of blue I experienced the same problems as you about keeping silent about my preference.
      Freedom of speech is dead

      1. I don’t think it’s as much a Conservatives vs. Liberal thing as much as a Canadian thing.
        But obviously liberals take that shit to the next level by making absolutely everything politically incorrect.

    4. Obama really ended most reasonable people supporting the Democratic party, and feminism and Bruce Jenner trannies and all the other changes have made political discussion so polarized, the only thing I have been able to discuss or debate is the pros / cons of Trump. On the other side, the Republican party is dominated by nativists, anti-environmentalists, and yes, racists. Most other topics are so politicized and taken to the extreme that you can’t have a reasonable discussion.
      Example: the environment– people will either want to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency or want to be 100% organic and vegan–there is no middle ground. Gay issues– either you hate fags and think they are sinners or you think that gender is a fluid thing that changes like the weather on a daily basis. The middle east – either the US should expand its empire, occupying most of the ME, after it nukes and murders hundreds of millions of people there, and then confiscates its oil and natural resources, or Islam is just a matter of what kinda building you wanna worship in. Politics in the US is so polarized and between the 2 parties, no one offers a message of reason anymore. But yeah, I used to enjoy watching Crossfire and The McLaughlin Group debate issues.
      The only political discussion I can have with a wide swath of people is Trump. Either they are able to laugh at his ability to put all these PC politician losers in their place, and dominate the conversation, trolling the media and saying whatever he feels like, or we can discuss how he could actually be a decent leader in certain ways. But really, any other issue there is very little reasonable view presented.
      You can even hear it in the media–I watched a Frontline documentary on vaccines and they played a clip where Rand Paul said families should be the ones making health decisions for their children, and the reporter, unable to accept a nuanced position, snarked “Did you REALLY just SAY that PARENTS should be able to decide whether their kids receive VACCINES or not?” There is no room for reasonableness. Trump himself proves this. He has been much more of a middle of the road guy all his life, but is talking up the more extreme views because they play well. My hope is that as a business man, he would know what is important and what’s not and govern accordingly.

      1. Some good points. I think it all comes down to having debates or discussions with actual adults. Society has turned many of these people into “this” or “that”. I’ve always found that you need balance in life. I’ve been liberal on some things and I’ve been conservative on other things. I’ve never been extreme because extreme is where teenagers (mentally) live. It shows others that you don’t have a developed mindset to deal in the world of adults (and it shows in many people today).
        This bad habit of “non discussion” has been picked up by many through watching TV. If you have two adults sitting down, having a beer and discussing life then it should be a conversation with respect to differing views, opinions, etc. We need to turn off the TV, tune our the media and politicians and get back to discussion among “the people”. That is where common sense and good ideas come from in the first place (not politicians – they have their own agenda to stay in power).

      2. “Reasonable people”?! Are you fucking serious? Maybe one in five people are “reasonable”. The key to political office is to appeal to the 80% who are gullible idiots.

    5. I don’t think anyone anywhere is the western world can discuss policies in public if you disagree with the pre-approved ideas set forth by our progressive overlords.
      Climate change. Muslim culture and multiculturalism in general. Feminist propaganda. Same sex marriage. Transsexuals. Economics and world debt.
      Here in Aus, I was chatting to my receptionist around the time of the last election, asking who she would vote for. “Labour” (the more left party). “May I ask why?” “That’s who my parents vote for”. Now I don’t really mind who others vote for but do a bit of homework please.

      1. In the US Southern Democratic voters say their preference is because Lincoln was a Republican. In the North they say it is because Roosevelt was a Democrat. My reply to both was I don’t believe those guys are on the ticket this year; and really not for quite some time. I even think they are both dead now.

    6. Great, there goes my plans to open a bank account in Canada as a hyper inflation protection for USD!
      I was planning in the next few months of opening a bank account in Canada, with at least one months worth of expenses, in case the USA starts to hyper inflate its currency sometime in the next several years.
      Now it looks like if Canada starts all kinds of spending, that it will be a race between USA and Canada, to see which economy ‘blows itself up’ first with government spending. The only good thing is that the USA is so far ahead as far as debt to GDP ratio that I do not think Canada can catch up to the USA in running itself into the ground economically. Of course, it would be better if Canada did not spend so fast in order to maintain the value of its currency.
      Oh well, I will have to look at opening an account in New Zeeland next as ‘a backup to the backup’ sometime next year. At least there is a way to open an account there without having to show up in person as long as the account is large enough.

    7. Yes, sir. It will be another Sweden once he decides to let in many of the illegals “fleeing from war torn Syria”. He’ll want to stay in power and needs to the votes (plus he’ll promise them more free shit like the EU is doing in Europe).
      The rub: once these illegals are in country and making Canada change all of their laws to fit them,then it will be too late. Many don’t want to see the truth or the writing on the wall but these types of illegal immigrants aren’t going to change to fit into your system…they want all of you to change to fit their system. It’s the ugly truth that the media and politicians don’t want to discuss.

      1. Trudeau is just the guy to let that kind of thing happen.
        Born into wealth and the opportunity to be famous. Is he going to make tough decisions that risk his public image? I doubt it. He’s already admitted that he’s going to intentionally run a deficit, and everyone cheers.
        Not much I can do about it at this point so I’ll give the boy-king a chance, but I’m definitely quite skeptical.

        1. As much as I hate political propaganda, the Tory meme of “Not ready” has so much truth behind it.
          I had the privilege of meeting you in person and can say that you displayed better leadership characteristics than the Dauphin.

        2. It was a weird election.
          I agree with the public that Harper’s majority government had to go… But Trudeau doesn’t seem like the brightest guy and I’m worried he’ll cave into crowd demands and foot the bill on the future.
          I think the most potential that Trudeau offers Canada is an exciting new public image internationally. What wisdom Harper might have had as an economist/leader/politician he absolutely lacked in representing the best and brightest minds of Canada. His anti-science stance speaks to this loud and clear, as well as his stiff appearance. On an international stage Trudeau has the look of a young enthusiastic leader on a quest while also sporting some celebrity appeal. Maybe he’ll be able to inspire people… If not he could also make Canada appear as a joke.
          I’m willing to give boy-king a chance, but I agree with you that the Conservative slogan of “he’s just not ready” seems pretty on-point.
          And thanks for the compliment. I hope we’ll cross paths again.

        3. Leftists on both sides of the border love to go on about how stupid Bush and Palin are. The fact of the matter is that they are both university graduates with IQs in the 120 range. I am willing to be much more magnanimous than my political opponents in saying that Justin Trudeau is not a complete idiot. On the other hand, I don’t think he is MENSA material. He doesn’t have the intellect of his father, the shrewdness of Harper, nor even the public speaking ability of Obama.
          He is a face – and hair – that has re-branded the Liberal image. He has a political machine behind him and a great depth of advisors at his side. My suspicion is that those “advisors” are actually running the show and that he is little more than a puppet but if we give him the benefit of the doubt, all that I can hope for is that he will listen to those people and pick and choose wisely among the options that they present to him.
          I’ve never met the man but his media appearances present him as being rather likeable albeit somewhat childish. While I would put him in a boxing ring with Putin I would not trust him to have serious one-on-one political discussions with that cagey KGB fucker where national interests were on the line.
          Obviously, I don’t like Liberals but realistically they aren’t going to move Canada towards the apocalypse much faster than the Conservatives were doing anyways. As long as JT realizes his limitations, defers to better minds that he has in his entourage, but otherwise leverages his celebrity appeal on the international stage, the next 5 years won’t be that bad.
          As for Harper, I think that his critics doth protest too much. He is a pragmatist, with a small “p” and in the worst sense of the word. The whole anti-science thing seems to be based on two points: 1) not whole-heartedly embracing AGW and 2) muzzling government scientists. Maybe you have some additional reasons but AGW theory has holes that you can drive a gas-guzzling truck through and we know from the experience in Ontario with teachers what can happen when you let government employees off a short leash so they can use their position to play politics.
          I hope everything is going well at OCAD.

        4. Good points. Thanks for the insight.
          I’m actually enjoying OCAD quite a bit so far I have to say.
          It’s giving me an opportunity to put theory into practice. My science, stats, and research background is translating very well into digital/robotics projects.
          I’m very happy I studied in a more scientifically vigorous field before transitioning. My peers don’t get the big picture of scientific research, and don’t even really understand how to read a research paper.. which at first is completely daunting. I bet it’s the same if I opened a legal document with no prior knowledge.
          If you’re interested check out this link… Me and my friends are trying to develop a robotics piece that is inspired by this famous installation from the 80s. It’s called The Senster, and it gives a powerful illusion of being “alive”. I definitely would not have the freedom to pursue such an offbeat project if I went along with the PhD path so I’m happy I went against the grain. Can thank ROK and commenters for some of that.
          There is definitely room for us to work together in the future. By the end of this degree I should be able to develop a broad range of prototypes, digital and physical.
          Ttyl homie

    8. I’ve encounteted this Leftist hateful intolerance in Canada many times. It is a truly Orwellian society. I too, just dont care any more. “Burn this b*tch down!” Thank God, I dont have kids, otherwise, I’d be very worried.

      1. What’s your angle?
        I’m late 20s grew up in Toronto and went through the entire kindergarten to graduate school education system… A system which gets gradually more beta white-knight the higher you go.

        1. Im a few years older. Lived in “La Belle Province” for longer then I had to. Had enough of their nationalist, whining, entitled attitute. Packed my shit, and moved out West. But it doesnt matter where you go, that Neo-Liberal ideology follows like a plaque.

        2. You know, I wonder…with all the Ontarians moving to Alberta (Ontario’s Liberal and Alberta WAS Conservative), do you think that increased the Neo-Liberalism out west?

        3. You certainly see less degeneracy here in the Canadian mid-West comparing to the East. But the trend is very obvious: unrestricted third-world immigration anywhere you look, LGBT propaganda from every hole and corner, male bashing, anti-white racism, mockery of Christianity.
          There’s absolutely no mainstream opposition to any of the above mentioned anywhere.

    9. I really don’t know. I suspect that American workplaces and family get togethers are not any more rough and tumble than what we have as Canucks.
      My sister has some bizarre leftist views and my mother found religion so I find myself trapped in the middle when discussing anything more than the weather.
      Are American families much different?
      I can’t gainsay you about the current office climate, but politics was not something discussed in the offices I worked in.
      The election was about the media elite and their anointed one. I have a list of criticisms of Harper that would choke our bandwidth. However, he is a smart and talented man who guided the country through the shit of 2008 and beyond. When you have the CBC, Global Media, The Star and damn near everyone else saying he is the fucking anti-Christ, is the election in doubt?

      1. You could be right…. But I’ve had much more candid discussions with Americans about politics than Canadians. Perhaps that doesn’t say much about “modern America” but I think their history gives them a perspective that Canadians don’t have.

        1. Canada’s history is that we ask nicely. America’s history is to take what they want at the point of a gun. I don’t know how much of that carries over to the dinner table.

    10. And how different was it the last decade or so under Harper? Same crap. He was a big corporate puppet who made people hate conservative values due to his hate of science, fear mongering and clownish behavior.
      Thanks to him we will now be under more degenerate social values.

      1. Totally agree. Canada has no truly enlightened leadership.
        I made the mistake of confusing my own brand of conservative values (closer to libertarian) with what the Conservative party represented.
        But it’s obvious that Harper needed to go… I grudgingly voted liberal to end Harper’s majority government.

        1. Same thing here, brother. It was a painful thing to do but I wanted this guy gone; he was going to make everyone despise conservative values.
          I think the conservatives have to split again. There needs to be a center right and a far right. Having both of them under one alienates a lot of libertarians, conservative immigrants etc.
          Sadly now it’ll be more taxes for hard-working people, more welfare leeches, more gay marriage agenda. How can a man live, let alone raise a family, here now?

    11. Im late to respond to this, but is it that bad up there? I almost cant believe its true…

      1. It’s not like someone is gonna shoot you or something.
        But can saying the wrong thing cost you your job? Yeah sure… Is that so unbelievable?
        There are whole ROK articles about it, and I was caught in a situation just like that.
        Women have a lot of economic and social pull in Toronto and the dudes are 99% manginas. What this means is that talking about something like politics, which often makes women uncomfortable, is strictly forbidden unless you want to risk your reputation.
        Upsetting women is forbidden and women are everywhere. All they gotta do is get upset and the mangina boss will white-knight in a heartbeat. It’s the closest thing to sex.
        The bottom line is that dudes are incredibly thirsty and white-knighting is everywhere constantly. Since women have so much economic pull combined with the fact that men are tripping over themselves to be nice guys it’s a hyper leftist city.
        And what do leftists love??? Seeing other people fail.

        1. I’m not worried about the thirsty faggots (those who trip over themselves to get laid)-I’m worried about the actual justice system that may get pissed off if I so much as annoy the nest.

      2. Clark Kent says some good points, but well it’s definitely liveable and pretty cool (ex. summer trips to the cottage up north). Canada has some great people and I have some awesome friends and chicks there, but overall it has a very liberal, leftist, feminist mindest – this narrative is repeatedly ingrained into our heads through high school and beyond.

        1. Definitely. I love our wilderness, vast tracts of land, history, etc., but our education system and media is based on a lot of emotion.

      3. These two long-time Canadian bloggers give a pretty solid glimpse of what living in Toronto is like as a regular straight dude.
        I’ve dealt with Torontonian white women… They actually are delusional enough to think that they’re being oppressed while everyone gives them everything they could possibly want every day all the time.
        The only way to describe their victim mentality and mistreatment of their fellow man is absurdity.

      1. I’m Canadian and if you guys got a good leader, I’d definitely think of coming over-a lot of SJWs have threatened to move to Canada if Trump wins (that scares me).

        1. Excellent 🙂
          The only thing I’ll really miss is the vast tracts of wilderness and great hunting. I suppose the US has good hunting as well though. I’ve wanted to skin and eat an Alligator.

        2. Great Hunting here actually. I’d recommend a southern or western or farthest north state for politics wise, I live in NY and it’s the Liberal epicenter aside from California(Illinois can’t make up it’s mind) but yeah if you want amazing freedom, walk into a gunshop and buy a pistol without permits it’s the south or west (Not to far west *Cali*) and Vermont and Maine are like that as well. Canada is beautiful by the way, been to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Loved the Fish an Chips!-Sharkey’s on Prince Edward had some good ones.

    12. I’m Canadian and you’re absolutely right-the problem is the Liberals gave the prisoners the vote, let in tons of immigrants, etc. so that they have a whole bunch of people obligated to vote for them. I think they want to decrease the voting age to 16, no doubt to get more votes (maybe it’s the NDP that wants that, but either way, it’s SJWs who want it). I may be 16, but a lot of my peers are potheads who vote based on being told, ‘Harper is a zionazifascistbaptistracistdictator’ and ‘Trudeau has nice hair and loves pot, just like you! Isn’t that neat kiddo’.
      I understand people voting Liberal to get Harper out, but those voting for Trudeau based on his hair are ridiculous. However, I do believe that he’ll improve the country in some way-I just don’t know where we’re turning. It’s a sharp turn and foggy.

  17. Things will be so effed up I’d turn separatist after all.
    If it wasn’t going to be even more effed up afterward…

  18. I was toying with the idea of going to Canada, as there is a big labor shortage in the oil fields and such. But now they’ve elected this clownish hypocritical simp, the closest I’ll ever come is Detroit. I bet the people are friendlier too.

  19. the most important election in Canada’s histroy will be the next federal one.
    Trudeau will start the path to demise but 4 years is too short for MAJOR things to happen. So if we elect another dumbass progressive in 4 years this country is utterly effed.
    Main thing for me is going to be the influx of Muslims and the rise of Islam almost identical to present day England, France, Sweden.
    (Canada is already a moral cesspool as it is, due to progressive ideas and feminism
    aka. Abortion, faggotry)

    1. The funniest thing will be to see Tru-blow and the Sanctimonius Socialists twist themselves into knots trying to appease their beloved jihad-cult freaks while rationalizing the women-equal, pro-homosexual agenda.
      It’ll be like a game of Euchre – they’ll have to decide the rules beforehand i.e. islam trumps feminism, feminist trumps homos, left-bauer, further left bauer…etc.

  20. Far stronger case for regime change than Iraq in 2003. Invading and stringing this guy up would be preemptive self defense.

  21. At least Pierre was somewhat manly (i.e. “Just watch me”); Justin sounds like a fresh recruit from the Castro District. Apparently his wife has already cheated on him.
    Given the leftist mentality of Eastern Canada it’s surprising Mulcair and the NDP did not win. I guess he isn’t good eye candy for millennial women.

  22. Well, shit. all I heard about this guy was that he was going to pull Canadian troops out of the Mideast and was for decriminalizing pot, so I thought perhaps he would be a reasonable leader, but he sounds awful. I’m just waiting to see if America ends up with Clinton vs. Bush again.
    Canada is blessed with natural resources and a relatively low population so they can take a considerable amount of waste and mismanagement before they face economic collapse, but based on what I see going on in Montreal and Toronto, I think Canadian society will be utterly destroyed at that point. What are most men there doing? MGTOW? Accepting feminism?

    1. Trump is screwing things up for Bush and Clinton (besides their bad records while in office). The people are getting tired of the “established” and I believe that is why Trump is moving along nicely. Clinton thought she had it all locked up and Bush knew (through his family name) that he would be the GOP nominee…but not so fast. People are tired of the royal families, here.

  23. Given the chance, I’d lop his head off myself. Is it any wonder modern
    politicians need bomb proof glass in public? No – it’s not.

  24. Another feminist ass kissing Canadian? Uge surprise! Canada needs to join the EU, Scandinavia and the Netherlands as the most feminist, most peggable, most gynocentic of @$$ kissers on earth.

  25. Justin Trudeau? How could such a gynocentric, butt kissing, weak, 1%er, with not only an elitist upbringing but an elitist family, with no personal accomplishments other than his ties to the elite, get elected to one of the highest offices on the globe? He and we should be ashamed of his election. There should be a worldwide onslaught of uprising among the commoners – but there isn’t. That tells you everything you need to know about our class. We’re bigger fools than the elite. We deserve to be impoverished and enslaved on Justin Trudeau’s behalf.
    Phucking morons you are.

  26. Excellent article – Harper had truly amazing policies, and even fundamentally an economics degree over Trudeau’s drama teaching career.
    Canada has absolutely zero truly right-wing parties, but the Conservatives were the best we had and truly did the best for Canada.

    1. Harper’s record on the economy was terrible as I already pointed out, so just what policies of his were amazing?

        1. If one of the big metrics of Canadian Conservatism is fiscal responsibility, balancing budgets and paying down debt, then they have consistantly failed. Regardless of what the Liberals did to do all to achieve all of the above, the fact remains they did what needed to be done. According to all economic advisors, dropping the GST was a great vote getter, but a very bad idea and largely responsible for putting the country back into a deficit position, a cost of 14 billion dollars a year. The TFSA limit to $10,000.00 was a good idea for those with the means, but I don’t think many Canadians are in that income range to take advantage of it . Fighting ISIS? Yeah that’s going really well? If Harper had had his way we would have been in Iraq after 911 for the full FUBAR that it was, the cost would have put the country even farther in debt .

        2. Just look at Ontario. Crippling debt and out of control spending. Trudeau will do the same to Canada. He has already said so. Our taxes will go up, our unemployment rate will go up and business will close its doors. He’s got great hair though!

        3. The point is Conservative’s in Canada being better at handling the economy or the country is a myth. If you were truly worried about economic performance and lifestyle, based on actual results the Conservatives fail. They’ve only managed to balance the budget three times since 1921 and under Harper Canada’s position as the best country to live has dropped.

        4. I believe that Harper did run a surplus in his first two years of office. It was only after the recession of 2008 that his budget was unbalanced.
          “under Harper Canada’s position as the best country to live has dropped”
          This statement is according to whom? As much as I am not a fan of our politics or our social ideologies and regardless of what any PM does, Canada is and will always will be one of the most desirable countries to live in the world.

        5. They were handed a surplus when they took over, that budget year for all purposes over. In 2006-07, the Conservatives inherited a surplus of $13.8 billion, which became a deficit of $5.8 billion within two years.
          Since the conservatives were elected the federal debt was increased by over $150 billion, wiping out the entire amount in paid back under Chretien and Martin. In regards to the quality of life rankings, it’s the OECD best country to live ratings.
          they went into deficit the end of the second budget year

        6. Still remember how the budget had a surplus in 2014-2015, and so far is (well, would be) on track for a surplus for the 2015-2016 year – the recession was the main reason for the deficit.

        7. No, it was cutting the GST two points that did it. Every economist said at the time dropping the GST was the wrong move, that it would not stimulate the economy to any great extent and exactly what it would cost…about 14 billion a year.

        8. Ok but you do realize the entire world was in a recession in 2008 – and don’t tell me that was caused by Harper lowering the GST in Canada

        9. I didn’t say that, I said the reason we went into deficit was not the Recession, but the cuts to the GST. Canada weathered the recession better than most because the banks were in much better shape, due to tight banking regulations that did not allow an American mortgage style crisis to happen.

        10. Well true, lowering GST decreased revenues, combined with forced stimulus spending to keep the economy going did create the budget deficit.

      1. Okay I admit I was a bit overenthusiastic, but keep in mind Canada went through the global recession and recovered best of all the G20 countries.
        Harper lowered taxes, created TFSAs, signed dozens of free trade agreements (most recently the TPP), supported the oil industry (a huge source of revenue), and overall was a pretty good leader – definitely more determined and grim than Trudeau – but that allowed him to face off the likes of Putin in the (G8 i think) summit in Australia, where he said something like “I would shake your hand but now I only have one thing to say to you: get out of Ukraine”.
        And, he succeeded in balancing the budget and the surpluses would go into paying down debt (unlike Trudeau and his stupid policy of running deficits even when the country is in a good, stable condition).
        Basically, he was stable and dependable and was the best of the 3 electoral options this year, despite obviously not being perfect.

  27. Meanwhile here in Australia…
    In sweeping changes that were more dramatic than foreshadowed, the new
    Prime Minister has named an expanded cabinet of 21 – up from 19
    – including Australia’s first ever female defence minister, the first
    female cabinet minister within the Treasury portfolio and the first
    Indigenous MP to be a member of the Executive Council.

    The little-known Marise Payne has become Australia’s inaugural female
    defence minister, replacing Mr Andrews, who had campaigned publicly to
    So we’re right behind Canada.

    1. and it’s the reason why Australia will be doomed as well. Too many “feels” in the cabinet…not enough problem solvers.
      I’m wondering how long it will take before the country starts to take in more “illegals” (I mean refugees coming from Syria).

  28. Any man voting for a male feminist should be automatically castrated at the ballot box. its clearly what they want.

  29. I’ve seen it (or actually read it) on here a few times that the only woman who can truly love you is your own mother or that the only woman you could legitimately pedestalize is your mother so I reserve all due respect for the true blue moms out there, the women who shine with the glow of their patriarch and master. They’re a breed apart from the ho’s and skanks. Their undying loyalty to their man, the patriarch, sets them apart from the rest. Only loyalty can redeem a woman from the world. Nothing less. Under the noble patriarch, the woman gives her service and becomes whole. She becomes as much a pillar of the tribe as he, so long as the totality of her being remains given unto him. His gifts fall before her as well thus making her worthy of defending. She becomes part of his treasury. All kudos to good women and mothers.
    But . . and this is a big BUT . .
    But what do you do if your momma is a ho?
    A ho like Trudeau?
    What on earth should Justin do
    when his dear mum’s such a shroo?
    Well I’m Mcgoo
    how do you doo
    I’ll try to make this shit rhyme
    how a champaigne liberal’s handshake
    ain’t worth a red jew DIME
    When a politicians handshake smells
    like your mama Trudeau’s crack
    means she already greased the deal
    You’re just her extended ball sack
    Can you confide in or seek comfort in the company of a ho mama?
    Is it her breath or does her thing reek like a barn with a llama?
    You can’t just crawl back IN,
    eek, what with all the places she’s BEEN.
    Where she’s been you don’t know where
    No way you ain’t going back to there
    She brought you in
    Can you cuddle with mommy
    with her kisses all gooey
    with the jizz of some guy named Tommy?
    oh the memories of lying in your crib with crap in your pants,
    while mommy’s adjoining headboard thundered like an African mating dance.
    When the hob knobbing and handshaking is done
    you wince with perplexed scorn
    when you itch your nose
    and your finger smells familiar
    It brings memories back, way back
    to the day you were born
    Oh Canada . . woe Canada . .

  30. There’s no major differences between main parties in Canada: they all support LGBT propaganda, unrestricted third-world immigration, pro or soft on abortion, hate speech laws and so on. Neo-Liberalism rules the West.

    1. The Conservatives did get rid of the federal hate speech provisions in the human rights laws. There are still criminal provisions at the federal level but there are so many checks on state power for those that the number of successful prosecutions can be counted on two hands.
      Stephen Harper was a policy wonk with a masters in economics, and he wanted to wonk away without dealing with any controversial social issues. However, his first concern was to stay in power and he would choose policies that went against the balance of economic opinion if they played well with the peanut gallery.
      He became a consummate politician, which is to say he is something of an asshole. Still, I am trying think back to any Prime Minister in the last 50 years who did a better job, and who else could have lead the country through the 2008 collapse? Hell, is there anyone who did a better job in the post-War era?

      1. To survive in the West one ought to be a cuckservative. Canadian CP sacked one ethnic candidate because of his anti-gay remarks.

        1. You either cuck or you have to be a man of independent means who just DNGAF. But the thing is, the media and the liberal elite will assassinate you. Look at Trump right now. Look at Herman Cain. Look at Rob Ford – a vastly flawed individual and yet a conservative of sorts who could get elected mayor of motherfucking Toronto. . .TORONTO!

  31. I never discount the effect of one vote: always exercise your franchise.
    Given that, I wonder what the effect is of people like me who say “fuck this”, leave Ontario or Canada because of the way things are going, and then can’t vote to set things right.
    That’s not exactly the situation. I came to China for work rather than to escape, but given the present situation, I have no motivation to return. So there is one vote for change that is lost next time around.
    I don’t really know what happens next. If and when I return to Canada, I don’t know what I would be qualified to do for a living. Maybe politics, but it would be a hard sell after years as an ex-pat.

  32. Remember that women base their political decisions on how the candidate looks – truly ironic when you consider how much they rail against being objectified. So the dashing, young Trudeau can steal their votes like he’s taking candy from a baby.
    This trend has its origins in the Kennedy/Nixon debate. Pundits like to cite Nixon’s swety lip as being part of the election outcome, but they overlook that the fact that there was an emerging nation of American female voters who were making political decision based on emotional feelz.
    This was, on some level, part of Obama’s “rock star” appeal – his physical attractiveness to young, female voters.
    One thing we can conclude from this is that Bernie Sanders has no chance in hell

  33. I’d love to look back on this article in a few years and ask y’all if you’re ready to eat your words yet.

  34. All I can Say : ‘ Vive le Quebec libre!!!”
    If you don’t mind, we will put back the english speaking SJW on your door step and give back Trudeau to his english speaking Mother in the process…
    Nah not a chance.. Nations does not exists anymore anyway. All those clowns are there to amuse us while they destroy any resistance like family and religion to there psychological/economical dominations….
    My only hope is that as I’m a member of a small community, we will be forgotten and pass under the radar while we wait for the storm to pass.
    Rosh wrote a very good article about that a few years ago….

  35. “For nearly a decade, Canada had put its trust in the Conservative
    Stephen Harper, an affable half-technocrat, half-kind uncle with an
    economics degree.”

    This is Harper, and what the soul of the Conservative party is:
    What a joke of an article.
    Rename this website to Return of Fascism for clarity.

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