New Forecast Says 160,000 Immigrants Will Seek Asylum In Sweden This Year

With every day that goes by, thousands of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East pour into Europe. So far, there seems to be no end in sight to this record-breaking refugee crisis. And the crisis is hitting Sweden hard.

According to a new prognosis by the Swedish Migration Agency, 160,000 immigrants will seek asylum here in 2015, more than double the amount that was estimated a few months ago. The lowest estimate is 140,000, while the highest is 190,000. 29,000 to 40,000 of the asylum seekers are “unaccompanied children.”

To give some context to these numbers, Sweden has around 9.8 million inhabitants. The total number of asylum seekers yearly is steadily increasing, from 43,887 in 2012, to 54,259 in 2013 and 81,301 last year.

asylum applications

Total number of asylum seekers, from 2012 to October 2015. Chart made by the Migration Agency.

So far this year, about 100,000 persons have come to Sweden to seek asylum, more than ever before. This number surpasses the forecast made in July, which predicted that “only” 74,000 would come during the whole year. This is due to the vast increase of immigrants entering the country since the end of summer. During October, the Migration Agency has registered over 9,000 asylum applicants per week.


Magdalena Andersson, Minister of Finance.

Staggering costs

More immigrants means the Migration Agency will need more money. Comparing with the July prognosis, the funds needed for next year has nearly doubled, from 31 to 60,2 billion SEK. For 2017, immigration will cost the treasury 73 billion SEK.

The new prognosis forces the left-wing government to prioritize. Some of its goals will likely not be achieved—like Sweden having the lowest unemployment rate in the EU by 2020.

“This growth in costs is not sustainable,” said the Minister of Finance at a press conference this Thursday. The government will plug the holes in the budget by cutting expenses in other programs, taking loans and increasing the national debt, and using funds that would otherwise go to foreign aid.

Immigrant homes burning


While the immigrants keep coming, their living facilities are under attack. Several homes for asylum seekers have been damaged and set ablaze this year.

It’s difficult to get a good overview of how many fires there has been. One news outlet counts to fifteen different incidents connected to these facilities between March and October. But new fires seem to be erupting every day.

On Thursday, another building that was supposed to become a home for refugees was torched. The police found that someone had broken a window and poured gasoline into the cellar. This incident and several other fires are being handled as arson cases, perhaps set by some of the more militant individuals who do not wish to see others enter their country to leech off of the government.

“This is not the Sweden we know. Not the Sweden I’m proud of,” says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

Building tents

The Migration Agency is having trouble finding housing for the immigrants. The situation is getting desperate. By the end of the year, between 25,000 and 45,000 accommodations will be missing.

Immigrants have already been placed in churches, warehouses, and gym halls. Now the agency is forced to set up camps with tents for the asylum seekers to live in, while also considering turning some of the 65,000 bomb shelters in Sweden into living quarters.

Next fall, tents will be ready for 30,000 immigrants or more.

“If this development continues month after month then we will reach a point when we cannot longer manage it,” says the Minister of Justice and Migration.

Unsustainable development


Time for Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to face the crisis.

The minister said it best: this development can’t be sustained in the long run. If this trend doesn’t turn around soon, the system will collapse at some point.

It could happen sooner than one might think. If the latest prognosis showed double the number of immigrants as the previous one, who can say that the next forecast won’t double the number again?

The left-wing government seems to be waking up now to the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees, and houses don’t build themselves. Immigration costs, and a lot of immigration costs a lot.

It’s actually pretty simple, and everybody can understand it regardless of political preferences. But leftists have been able to fool themselves for a very long time. Now the results are in, and the politicians are getting desperate.

No easy way out

But there are no easy solutions to this issue, at least none that can be considered realistic. Getting into this mess was easy, but getting out will prove much harder. Populists on the left want the borders to be completely open and all immigrants to get help, while the far right wants borders to be shut entirely. The first option is obviously not financially viable, while most Swedes still see the second alternative as morally repugnant.

Reality is hitting the government hard now, and the situation is spiraling out of control. We can only imagine what this may lead to.

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195 thoughts on “New Forecast Says 160,000 Immigrants Will Seek Asylum In Sweden This Year”

  1. I wonder how many refugees are the retreating members of ISIS claiming they are victims of one pissed off Putin?

    1. Swedish women love black and brown penises though. I’ve met a few Swedish women and they prefer non-white men. They’re not getting raped. It’s consensual and they’re loving it.

      1. There is a drive in humanity to seek a mate of significantly different background to yourself. I think this is a way of diluting the possibility of passing on genetic flaws. Just my guess.

        1. This is 100% true I think.
          I remember an irish girl once telling me that she didn’t like my boring blue eyes. However, hispanic girls after seeing my eyes can’t get their clothes off quickly enough.
          People tend to be sexually curious about different people — especially in a homogeneous place where everyone pretty much looks the same…even if the “same” is a “perfect.”

        2. “There is a drive in humanity to seek a mate of significantly different background to yourself.” — Actually, the opposite is true. People are genetically hard-wired to seek out mates who are genetically similar to them. This is one of the reasons why there are so many distinct ethnic groups in the world — selected breeding over 1000s of years resulting in certain physical characteristics becoming predominant in certain groups.

        3. Its like this for me. I have to beat white girls off with a stick but black girls want to make me work for it.

        4. Dude, if you are using a stick you need to go figure some things out 🙂
          Srsly though, yeah, absolutely. A high smv black man will have all the white tail he wants I am sure (marriage prospects might be different but who cares).
          You and I could prob go to a place and run the full UN gamit.
          Everyone likes the unfamiliar.
          I think it is why guys want to try anal. Once they do it, at least for me YMMV, I was more inclined to hit a self lubricating hole.
          Same with Asians. They seem all exotic but as it turns out not my cup of tea.
          The first time a British girl told me she loved my American accent I was aglow.

        5. British girls love American men. They were all over them at school. I guess that’s why British guys can’t stand American men…

        6. Ha! Maybe. I’ve traveled a little — vacations mostly. My experience with people from other countries (I’ve only been tO England, France, Germany and Caribbean vacation spots) has always been positive. Women like fucking something new and people generally have been super friendly.
          Not sure why Brits would not like Americans based on their women loving them. Isn’t it an old saw that the reason that Brits conquered the world was to find better women?

      2. It’s because most Swedish men are the epitome of cuckold betas. Their Viking ancestors are rolling over in their graves.

        1. The propaganda and social engineering have done some damage. But everyone should remember that those Viking/Berserkr genes are still in there, waiting for the right environmental conditions to manifest.
          Blood. Rivers of blood. Muhammadan blood. It will start in the East — Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia et al.
          It will spread and Muhammadans will be sent either to hell or back from whence they came.
          Spain has a town called “Matamoros”. Named after this guy:

          You’d be foolish to believe that the potential isn’t there and that these sleeping warrior genes won’t be awoken.
          The muslims and their semitic cousins hope their propaganda will prevent it but I think they’re wrong.

        2. Most of the good Viking blood probably emigrated to what is now France and Great Britain (possibly Kievan Rus, but the E. Europeans would be quick to disavow that).
          Interestingly enough, I can pass for a local in Russia / Ukraine / Sweden / Denmark / Finland until I open my mouth, but that’s just one data point.

    2. The worst part is the media and police didn’t want to report any of the crimes for fear of the natives seeing the illegal immigrants in a negative light. How ridiculous does that sound?

    3. And the same idiotic women clamor against white privilege and for more rights for refugees. This is what happens when you give them the right to captain the ship that is the state’s government straight to the fucking cliffs.

      1. Careful with the language though, sometimes its best to blame feminists or radical feminists. Taring all women gives them an excuse. Left wing feminists have been organised and receiving funding for decades. Their ready with shit heap of furphies to take advantage of the slightest language mistake.

        1. So be it, it is better this way so there will be an open fight for once instead of them slowly taking away ours over so many years. At this point it is so bad that the majority of them are feminists and hence the enemy to me and I hate them all with a passion. It’s win or lose now, you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet.

    4. It all seems terrible, but if Swedish women are anything like all women which, likely, they are…..if 160 thousand rapes were reported it was probably more like 159,998 women fucking people their fathers would hate and then lying about what happened and 2 rapes. Not saying what is going on there isn’t terrible and that the country isn’t getting a metaphorical raping, but I don’t trust rape statistics…not even there.

      1. No, not really. Real rape — like having a knife held to their throat and being threatened with death rape — is an everyday occurrence in Sweden.

        1. I don’t know anything about Sweden so I won’t say you are wrong. I do, however, know some things about women and as such take rape claims, wherever they come from, with a grain of salt.
          That said, why is this allowed to happen. Has “multiculturalism” become so strong over there that they aren’t arresting rapists. I am not being facetious — I am really curious.

        2. “Has “multiculturalism” become so strong over there that they aren’t arresting rapists”— In many cases, yes. There are many immigrant neighborhoods in Sweden that are no-go zones for police and emergency personnel because it is too dangerous for them to enter. So, the inhabitants of these neighborhoods can, literally, get away with murder.
          I’m sure there are “regret rapes” in Sweden like there are everywhere else. But, violent, forcible rape is an increasingly common reality in Sweden. It’s not hard to figure out why: immigrants who hate Swedes + sexually repressive Islamic culture + the belief that Swedish women are whores = large scale rape of Swedish women.

        3. That is really nuts.
          Are the no-go zones with no police where the rapes are happening or is the problem that these animals come out of those zones, commit crimes and then retreat back to them. If the former than people need to stay the F out and if the later…they really need to be dismantled.
          Because of this I did a quick googles. I read about one girl who had her bike stolen by a somali muslim. she chased the guy to get the bike back and then when she got to him he brutally raped her by knife point, bashed a bottle over her head and then raped her in the pile of broken glass from the bottle.
          I really don’t know squat about Swedish poltics or culture. Why aren’t groups of people grabbing weapons and just going into these no-go zones and randomly making life very bad for these people?

        4. I don’t know a lot about Sweden either — just what I’ve heard reported. But, I would assume Swedes also avoid these no-go zones. The criminals come out at night and attack women walking home from the clubs and retreat to their neighborhoods from what I’ve read.

        5. While I do believe that Swedes should find their viking sack, go burn these neighborhoods down and make axle grease with the animals that survive the fire….what you say hits a point in my head that is a bit of a raw nerve.
          You say “The criminals come out at night and attack women walking home from the clubs and retreat to their neighborhoods”
          This would mean to me that girls who avoid clubs, have respect for themselves, marry young and dedicate their lives to their husbands and children wouldn’t have this issue. Don’t want to take blame away from the animals committing this crime, but maybe if the girls would stop going out to whore it up they wouldn’t run into this problem.
          Same thing in a lot of places. NYC can be very dangerous if you are in certain areas at certain times, but I’ve never (or rarely) heard of a story where someone went out to the supermarket in the afternoon, came home, put groceries away, cooked dinner and then was brutally beaten and raped.
          Even people who go out for dinner or entertainment at a decent time have very few instances of bad things. Of course there is always the random instance of a maniac that can’t be helped. But crime stats really need to show specific area and time.
          Oh, you were robbed, beaten and raped at knife point when you were coming home drunk at 330 am through a seedy neighborhood? Find someone else to give a fuck ’cause it ain’t me babe.

        6. Like most western countries the authorities go to great lengths to avoid releasing statistics that show high crime or rape rates for certain racial, religious or cultural groups to avoid the alarming fact that its often 20-30 times higher.
          The last study was by a university, I think 2009, and showed 23 times the rape rate as measured by 2 year or greater sentences. Multiple studies around the world show Blacks and Muslims have higher rape rates. These stats are probably diluted by counting the law abiding fins.
          Of course Blacks are often Muslim and Muslims are often from retarded parts of the world.
          Verse 4:24 of the Koran—I refuse to capitulate and spell it “Quran”—states:
          And all married women (are forbidden) unto you save those (captives) whom your right hands possess.
          Allah’s divine brain fart here instructs believers that it is inappropriate to have sex with married women unless they are infidels and you’ve taken them as your slaves by force.
          Mohamed’s warriors were also worried about getting their female captives pregnant thus devaluing their possible ransom and asked Mohamed if they should practices coitus interruptus. Mohamed says don’t worry, Allah decides on pregnancy. Rape away.
          A 12-year-old Yazidi girl recently told reporters that during her rape by an ISIS member in Iraq,
          I kept telling him it hurts—please stop. He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God.
          (copied from a Jim Goad article from
          Here we have a real rape culture and the left wing feminists ignore it.

    5. This ends in blood. Rivers of blood.
      Hear the voices of your ancestors European men!
      Quit being cuckholded and stand up before it’s too late.

    6. If you raise this statistic with Social Justice Warriors they will create a fog and use the following excuses.
      1 Most of the Immigrants to Sweden are Finnish, so its Finnish causing the rapes. (Yeah, Finland is worse than Nigeria and the Congo)
      2 A definition of rape which includes “unwanted touching” has lead to the increase. (In fact the increase in rape is nearly 30 fold for migrants as measured by the number of 2 year sentences handed out. Even in gynocratic Sweden unwanted touching doesn’t get 2 years)

  2. They should just declare a Death of Europe day/week/month. Everyone can celebrate all the great art, music, science, philosophy, etc. produced by Europeans and after the celebration everyone just recognizes the place is dead. Europe has largely been out of the civilization business since WWII in any case. A day to formally recognize the death of Europe would provide some honesty from the politicians about the consequences of their philosophy and policies, provide a fitting tribute and farewell to a great collection of civilizations and provide a sense of closure to whatever remnants of the native population may still remain.

    1. Maybe we’ve produced a civilization that doesn’t care about philosophy, history, music, art, unless it’s made sterile, dry, harmless, and essentially boring. Entertainment is much easier, you can suck it straight it, it demands nothing, only your passivity and perhaps your tattered, diminished soul.
      Beside aren’t they just the products of an elitist, privileged, white culture anyway. The same crowd that gassed all the Jews as they listened to Schubert and Wagner every evening. Your’re right, European culture has never, and I suspect, will never, be allowed to bloom again.Because the Nazis once used the Arts for nefarious intentions, this doesn’t in any shape or form, invalidate the original meaning and essence of the Artwork in question.
      However unfortunately, these arguments are too subtle for the left wing propagandists and ideologues who insist, in fact, demand that a universal guilt, or plague, must be put on all white cultural historical artworks, because the Nazis decided to use a few of them for crude,narrow political purposes.
      This is how the left wins- by using historical guilt and then by backing it up by generalizing every case based upon one very flimsy specific example.

      1. can you really see a civilised nation of millions listening to Wagner & Schubert every evening whilst people are being gassed and nobody saying a goddamn word against it? Its the same old nonsense as ‘why didn’t the ordinary german civilians stand up against it? You’d think someone would in a population of Wagner-listening millions.
        The answer is obvious, there was nothing to stand up against because it never happened. That’s why they could listen to & enjoy Wagner every night..nobody was getting gassed so why shouldn’t they enjoy the music?
        Think about what youre doing right now and then finding you’ve just lost a war and are being accused of ww2 type soviet/jewish propaganda.
        That would easily explain why youre merrily typing away on ROK whilst ‘people are being gassed’. And why shouldn’t you? nobody is being gassed. Its f–g obvious.

        1. Well, I don’t agree. I’ve visited one or two of these places, and they are a grim reminder of when things go seriously wrong in civic society. When you see these places in reality, it’s not like reading about, the evidence is clear and only a delusional person in complete denial would say otherwise.
          The point I’m making is that despite want happened, and despite what Adorno said about “no more poetry after Auschwitz” life has to move on, lessons have to learnt for sure (and they have), but, you cannot continuously make the German people, especially since the generation implicated are now mostly dead, to continue ad-infitium to feel a paralyzing guilt for crimes that were done in their names, even before they were born. It’s crazy to expect the burden of guilt, remorse and paralyzing self-examination to continue beyond the original generation.
          Germany needs to make peace with this issue and move on with the confidence and energy it had in other historical eras that created some of the highest points in western civilization. If it doesn’t, it’s likely to make poor public policy decisions, like Merkel recently did on the emigration issue, that was based a sense of misplaced guilt and the “past” rather than about the realities of today’s Germany. The German national guilt trip has to end….before it starts repeating the errors of the past again

        2. I’ve been to Auschwitz too…its a complete joke. why are they still trying to pass off a large chimney stack that isn’t connected to anything as the real deal? did they show you the theatre, swimming pool, red cross offices, brothel, the hospital, and the maternity unit where over 5,000 babies were successfully delivered? pretty impressive healthcare during wartime, esp for a ‘death camp’.
          People are being conned by this ‘holocaust’ nonsense. its just soviet/jewish propaganda.
          All this ‘look what can happen to a civilised society if we’re not careful’ is classic lefty fearmongering.
          How can so many millions of civilised germans allow this to happen in their midst and live undisturbed lives. All this scratching of heads over it. Its laughable.
          Its easily explainable too. accept that the holocaust is a hoax and everything falls into place…civilised societies do run along undisturbed and normal lives are enjoyed when theres no gasfests going on.

        3. Well, why didn’t the people return after the war? Where did they go….oh yes they never existed in the first place. Do you know how silly that sounds, even the Nazi transportation documents clearly demonstrate these facts, in black and white starkness. Trains went in full, out empty….even on an empirical level when the camps were liberated there was hardly anyone left alive….so where did the other 80% go?? Please, don’t be dumb, a defining trait of a real man is knowing the truth about things and not going off into never, never conspiracy land, because you can’t handle the truth.

        4. No need to resort to merely shows youre a blind adherent to a dogma. I’m not a ‘nazi’ nor one of those conspiracy theory nutjobs. I can recognise a work camp when I visit one though and I don’t fall for jewish/soviet wartime propaganda.
          Those lampshades made of jewish skin were in fact goatskin, and those bars of soap made of jewish fat contained no such thing.
          And why would an ‘extermination camp’ have ‘caution electrified fence, danger of death’ signs on them. ?
          You’ve been conned. simples.

        5. 2+2 sometimes does make 4. Occam’s razor shows that the simplest explanation, when all the others have been tested, is generally the correct one.

        6. My Occams razor tells me the holocaust is a hoax and Merkel is a childless commie hag still gleefully pushing soviet/jewish ww2 propaganda to screw over Germany & punish it by flooding it with brown people.
          And food for thought..if it actually happened, why are people who try investigating it sent to prison? Nothing to hide, nothing to fear is how it usually works so why ban investigation? Nobody has or will ever get imprisoned for investigating WW1, Vietnam or Napoleonic or any other f–g war in history. except for the holohaux. Wise Up.
          and don’t hold your breath waiting for an autopsy report confirming a jew body gassed by zyklon B because there isn’t one. all the autopsies, of which there are hundreds, conducted by western military medics confirmed death by typhus.
          Which is highly ironic, as zyklon B is used to combat typhus infection

        7. Man, I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing, you said it so well! They’ve apologised and made up for it now, it was a product of a specific point in history, even if you look back at the rhetoric and history from the 1930s you can see how the whole thing happened, completely different Zeitgeist to 2015, and the various gassings which hog all the attention were only one part of Germany’s attempt back then to conquer Europe from France to Russia to Scandinavia, driven by an ideology about filling the region up with a master race etc.. But man like you I wish they’d get over it and stop ruining and risking a fantastic country with such a rich history and culture..

        8. Guilt has to have a statue of limitations. Applying what their grandparents did to today’s generation is both ridiculous and excessive. It makes no sense.

        9. I’ve had a few further thoughts on this topic. WW2 ended in 1945 which is already 70 years ago.. I know a few people who are of Huguenot background. It’s some kind of protestant who were chased out of France between 1500 and the 1920s as I understand it. They settled in many countries including Germany. Is a bit hard to believe that two sets of people who were both into Jesus should have such nasty problems with each other, but then, as I understand it there are various sets of people who are into Allah who don’t like each other much either. Anyway, point is, “statute of limitations”.. Why are these people still banging on on 70 years later.. or 95 years later.. or 300 years later about who killed or who gassed who. So long gone, should not be influencing anything anymore in 2015.

  3. The higher the number of immigrants, the bigger the chance that the native Swedes will wake up and do something about this madness. Otherwise… well, quck death is usually less painful than slow death.

  4. Remember folks, according to Barbara Spectre, without Jewish leadership in the multiculturalism push, Europe will not survive!

  5. To run civil society as a social experiment for your pet ideologies is akin to treason and treachery. Sweden and Canada are the best prototypes in this type of social engineering, that values the minority, the exception, the peripheral, the extreme, the freak-show, the banal, in fact every value that’s antithetical to the host society. This is what’s called social reconstructive engineering, it’s not merely about changing civil society, but, rather it’s about destroying it by replacing them with a set of global, yet paradoxically alien values in societies that undergo this “transformation”.
    The left has one agenda, but, so does the right, and guess what they’re working for the same common goal, and, it doesn’t have peoples’ interests at its heart. That’s why you can never rely on the State and the whole supporting apparatus, including the education and media systems, for anything truthful about these events. Perhaps those with eyes to see, will realize this when they see that the social experiment called Sweden isn’t exactly working out. Let it be an example of where not to go.

    1. The social experiment in parts of the UK and France is also a good example of what not to do.

    2. Yes they don’t have THEIR people’s interest’s at heart, perhaps just feeding and watering their ideology and possibly adding to the pool of voters. They run their experiment and search for an outcome but it’s not there.. so just to be sure, run it a few more times with different variables. Of course a few lab rats suffer in the process, same conclusion every time. But eventually, they are just so desperate to prove a point that isn’t there. Looking for the undiscovered genius, talent or other positives that the hordes of migrants from the third world and war torn countries are supposed to bring. Of course no selectivity for qualifications or religious affiliation or whatnot. That would be common sense. They get out a magnifying glass, look for evidence to support their case which just isn’t there, but still keep mindlessly repeating the experiment while we all powerlessly resign ourselves to the inevitable consequences.

  6. I think I’m becoming desensitized. I look at those numbers and think about the implications and it’s like I’m reading a cooking recipe. It’s too normal to care much.

  7. Got to love the diversity! Everything about its so great! Islam, welfare dependency, snarky liberals, debt, community disfunction, rape, crime, violence.
    I wish the Marxists had told us sooner!!!

  8. No need to imagine what it may lead to. The preliminary skirmishes are already beginning.
    This is especially true when the diversity is so incompatible as that of Swedish radical progtardism and hardcore, old school Muslim rapeculture.

  9. Europe’s “leaders” held a summit this week to pat each other on the back, and talk about how they are going to get these third worlders to vote for them.
    While across Europe conservative, anti migrant/refugee parties have been sweeping elections: Swiss People’s Party (Switzerland), Law and Justice Party (Poland), Freedom party (Vienna elections), and Danish People’s Party (Denmark).
    The Establishment is scared, and needs these third worlders to prop them up, the natives can’t be trusted.
    (Just by and by, in Poland tonight, it’s the first time in Poland’s post-communist history that NO left wing parties were elected into parliament!)

  10. To give some perspective Sweden’s population is about 9.6 million, this makes 160,000 a frightening number. I imagine there are three possibilities:
    1) Close borders immediately, this would involve a good deal of backlash but in the long-term would have the least amount of pain
    2) Keep Business as Usual (BAU) plan: Have fun with your country being completely destroyed and unrecognizable in 10 years or less. Have fun becoming a third world nation.
    3) Go Even Harder: This will only ruin the country even faster
    It’s Sweden’s choice, I’ll give them some credit at least the SD seems to be doing better with every election. But all of the other parties seem to team up just to stop them. I believe the SD should now propose a bill to put immigrants and refugees into the homes of pro-immigrant politicians. Perhaps, right in there very bedrooms! Have them feed and take care of them if they want them so badly.

  11. Pardon my schadenfreude but how can you not love to see the feminazis of Sweden fall into this irony? They spent decades beating on decent, passive, chivalrous Swedish males who had too much respect for them to even fight back. Now, through machinations that would require a whole other post, they are basically trolling the globe to invite into their home the most heinously chauvanistic males available. Rape culture? Ha ha. Be careful what you wish for.
    Elephant in the room (or elephant not in the room, I guess); Where are the feminists now? Where’s their outrage and defiance at hundreds of thousands of woman-hating Muslim animals coming to drop deuces on their chests? And the ‘drop deuces on their chests’ is not a euphemism, either.

    1. Nature abhors a vacuum. most white guys aren’t interested in standing up for themselves, crushing feminism stone dead and defeating wifey the family terrorist, so the muzzies will do it for them.

  12. These are not “refugees”, they are welfare seeking opportunists gaming the socialist system…Never forget, Diversity + proximity = War

  13. Most of the world is a pretty terrible place to live. If you let unending numbers of people from those places into the few good countries all you will accomplish is turning the few good countries into places as horrible as the rest of the world. Why anyone would want to do that I have no idea.

  14. These ‘migrants’ could be setting fire to the houses to get a bigger house and rustle up sympathy from a mug gullible public. such things have been known to occur.

  15. The Swedish men are a bunch of pussies. They need to open up their history books and read about how their ancestors. Maybe then, they’ll start to act like men and do something to preserve their heritage.

    1. I assume you’re talking about the Vikings? The Vikings were just simple farmers and craftsman. Yes, they raided sometimes, because their own country had a very bad climate and wasn’t very suitable for agriculture. But I wouldn’t call them great.
      They were one of the last people of Europe that converted to Christianity and this religion turned the barbaric and warlike people of Europe into humble and god-fearing people. So you can imagine it was easy for them to steal from Christians, because Christians had no warrior culture.

      1. Sometimes? Vikings made their way across all of Europe and even over across to North America (Vinland). They were notorious pirates and played no small role in steering Western civilization onto the path it took that brought us to the modern age.

  16. I’m from Western Europe and we have those fuckers too. They are not real refugees, because the real refugees will stay in Turkey or the nearest safe country. They come all the way to Western and Northern Europe, because of the welfare.
    The main problem with them is their religion and culture. Sorry guys, but you can’t come here with your fucked up and illogical culture and religion and expect that we adjust our customs to yours.
    The other thing is their retarted mentality. They somehow feel entitled that we MUST help them and give them free food, clothes and money. And if they don’t get it, they will simply take it.

    1. but you can’t come here with your fucked up and illogical culture and religion and expect that we adjust our customs to yours
      Buts that’s exactly what they’re doing.
      ‘ GRADE SCHOOL GIRLS in Germany Ordered to Cover Up – So As Not to Provoke Muslim Refugees’
      If you insult a muslim what’s the worst that can happen to you? It’s not as if they’ll try to chop your head off right?

  17. Let Sweden fall. Let it be an example of what happens when ultra left wing policies, feminism and plain idiocy run a country. There’s no point in saving Sweden at all.

    1. I’m afraid this is the best option from here forward. No point trying to save those countries that are in a downward spiral. Let them hit rock bottom and hopefully the spiritual awakening can happen from there.

      1. It is the best option. Once Sweden descends into the level of a stone age existence, other European countries will wake up and start to realize that they are going down the wrong path.

  18. Mass immigration is a catastrophe BOTH for the indigenous white European population and for the immigrants themselves.
    Do you honestly think they are happy about this situation?
    Want to stop this? Here is an action plan:
    1. Focus on the refugees last.
    2. Tell your Imperialist government to stop bombing people (non-whites) back to the stone age.
    3. Tell your Imperialist government to stop bombing countries that have NEVER directly or indirectly attacked a SINGLE Western country.
    4. Put the Western war criminals on trial for war crimes.
    5. Help restore political/financial/food stability in the countries your government has been hell bent on destroying for months/years. Do this at any cost as it will allow you to focus on the last point.
    6. Tell the refugees you are truly sorry, your government was run by out of control satanic pedophiles and it was not your intention to kill their friends and families and destroy their countries (Do the same with the population of the countries they originally come from). Tell them you have now cleaned the house and it is safe to go back to their countries. Set in place means of transportation that will help them go back as soon as possible.
    This is a plan that will obviously take some time, but it is a plan nonetheless. Bitching about mass refugee immigration is like bitching about a bomb that has fallen on a village. It’s not the bomb dude, it’s who decided to drop it there.

    1. Yeah, Sweden is going around bombing other countries willy nilly. They’re like total imperialists, dude.

      1. Dear GhostOfJefferson,
        Thank you for your unnecessary and arrogant comment. By arrogant I mean “Let me show you how I know everything and you know nothing you little philistine” type of attitude.
        I am here on Planet Earth to learn and improve myself. I am not afraid nor ashamed to make mistakes.
        When did I say that I was talking about Sweden? Where did I use the word Sweden? I said White Europeans and Western countries. Does Sweden fall under that category?
        Is Sweden an imperialist state? You seem to know that it is not. I suggest you google this someday:
        – Sweden ‘helped US bomb Iraq in 2003’: report
        – Sweden, while publicly protesting, aided US invasion of Iraq – report
        “Sweden: The Royal Swedish Air Force committed eight JAS 39 Gripen jets for the international air campaign after being asked by NATO to take part in the operations on 28 March.[130][131] Sweden also sent a Saab 340 AEW&C for airborne early warning and control and a C-130 Hercules for aerial refueling.[132] Sweden was the only country neither a member of NATO nor the Arab League to participate in the no-fly zone.” – Taken from Wikipedia “2011 military intervention in Libya”.
        “Sweden has been in Afghanistan since 2002 and has 900 soldiers there (February 2012). These troops are however NOT part of OEF, but are under the lead of ISAF. Sweden leads the PRT Mazari Sharif” – Taken from “Participants in Operation Enduring Freedom” on Wikipedia.
        These are just three quick examples. As a bonus, I will give you “List of wars involving Sweden” from Wikipedia (Check 20th-21st Century)
        If you did not like my comment, fine. But you could have just said that Sweden was not an Imperialist State in your opinion. That would have been too lame right? Your American exceptionalism is, as always, crushing and a bit out of touch with reality.

        1. You better think twice before insulting GoJ.
          I second his question, what did Sweden have to do with Syrian economic migrants?
          Afghanistan was fucked long before 2002. In fact, they’ve been fucked since the Soviet invasion. There are in fact 58 countries involved in Afghanistan, but you seem to place the blame on the migrant situation on ‘imperialistic countries’. Funny.
          As you stated, it appears Sweden had little to no impact on Libya.
          As for Iraq, all you have is a quoted ‘report’ with little to no evidence. A fact-check for Swedish involvement in the 2003 invasion of Iraq comes back empty-handed. It’s funny because your “List of wars involving Sweden” doesn’t involve the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

          I suggest you google

          Better yet, I suggest YOU google.

        2. I didn’t say Sweden did fuck any of those places. Just commenting on what you said. They fucked England in the Dark Ages though, those fucks!
          You are right with your second paragraph which is the true problem that people are missing while they whine about immigrants.

        3. Haha, yeah they did fuck over England for sure with the raids.
          My conclusion is that immigrants who wish to integrate and positively contribute to society while respecting the host culture and heritage are welcomed in my opinion.
          Sweden and Germany made this situation far worse by saying “everyone can come here if they want to!!!”.

        4. English Bob you’re wrong – the Vikings who attacked England were from Norway and Denmark.

        5. You and I both.
          I’m going to start burning down IKEAs until my demands are met.

      1. Really? Well that’s fine then, it’s ONLY 10% after all. I mean what does 10% of bombs dropped on your head can represent? I have no idea… But as always, Western Powers are free of any guilt in that case! Ok ok just kidding, they only have 10% of the guilt. Just one question: Is this included in the 10%?

    2. all the wars are being fought for Israel. and ALL OF THESE WHITE COUNTRIES ARE DISARMED. how do civilians revolt against an army OR drones? should they ask the government “please would you mind not bombing foreign countries?”
      don’t you see? these are the end times

  19. Since the time of the article the official number has been upped to 190.000, so who knows how many there will be.

        1. Who’s “we”? The UK has no problem of this scale at all. There are about 20,000 asylum requests each year in the UK of which about half are approved. That based on a population of about 70 million.
          Think about this. For decades immigration to the United States was not an issue and now it is. Why is that?

        2. Because it used to be controlled and managed in the interests of the nation. Today that’s not the case.

        3. The interests of the nation? National Interest? National Security? Are your interests synonymous with the State? I didn’t take you for a Centralist.

        4. Nice try Bob.
          Being a nationalist does not mean one becomes a neocon “National Security State”. It was meant in the vein of we used to control immigration, people used to have to have a sponsor (pre-welfare days) to ensure that they were not going to become a drag on the general public.
          Today even *legal* immigration is a horror story, and I’m talking about for those who are coming here. It’s pure lunacy. Then we have the borders being overrun from the south (and yes, it is real and well documented) and I’m supposed to just throw up my hands and say “Eh, ok, whatevs, hey, American Idol is on tonight!”?
          The one platform I do not accept from Libertarianism is the foolish open borders policy. There is no surer way to flush your country down the toilet than to open it indiscriminately to every comer.

        5. Parts of the UK already have “no go” zones where police and long time residence will not travel. It wasn’t that way not too long ago. We (western civ) all of this problem (and it’s getting bigger). It’s what happens when you let in immigrants who don’t want to adapt to the new country and it’s laws…they only want to move in and change everything to fit their needs. UK has a bigger problem then Germany at the moment (in my opinion).

        6. Some good points. There used to be a time when people would move to other countries for a chance at a better life for the family: they worked in the system, paid taxes, owned property, respected laws, etc…. Today, it’s just the opposite. Many want to move into a country, receive the benefits right away (and if not there is trouble), bring their own laws or rules (change the ones that already exist in the country) and some don’t even want to work (if there are jobs available).
          It’s very different, today, versus over the last several decades. What’s going on, today, is pure madness and it’s become a big welfare state in many countries. I say build the fences, walls, etc…man it and be ready to secure, protect and defend borders. It’s a matter of national security…for starters.

        7. Indeed. I’ve used that line of reasoning before. If you’re laying out sugar on the floor, you’re going to get ants. So stop laying sugar on the floor. Ants find someplace else to eat besides your floor. Meaning, stop our stupid socialist welfare net entirely (for everybody, period) and the bums stop drifting in with their hands out. If somebody *then* wants to walk in and actually support himself, great, we need more people like that. Doubt you’d have ten Mexicans a year coming to the States under those terms.

        8. Britain should not take asylum seekers who are Muslim. We know they are one of the worst immigrant groups – alongside blacks. There is lots of evidence to back this up when it comes to crime stats, benefit claimants, violent crime, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, intolerance of other religions and lifestyles — let’s be honest for once. the ones that need help in the Middle East are not Muslims, but everyone else.

        9. The #1 name for boys born in the UK is Mohammed.
          Rotterham had a child abuse ring that affected 1400 children..all raped and groomed as sex slaves by muslim men. No one wanted to do anything because they didn’t wnat to be accused of racism.
          A Chrstian school was shutdown for religious intolerance after a little boy said he didn’t know what a muslim was.
          White Brit’s are no longer the majority of the population in London.
          To think the UK does not share the same problem is a bit short sighted.
          The UK may be in a different boat, but you’re heading to the same destination even if you’re arriving a day later.

        10. Actually, during the height of the 2008 recession, when jobs were lacking, the illegal Mexican immigration was net negative. When they couldn’t get jobs they went back home to Mexico.

        11. Right. Anyone is welcome as long as they want to follow our laws, become a citizen the legit way, work for a living and raise a decent family. Others (i.e. criminals and bums) are not welcome. The border should be closed off and manned (we have the money, technology, military, etc…to do it.

        12. Britain is a cesspool of filthy Muslims and fat single white mothers. If I didn’t have some white friends in the UK, I’d cheer if it were nuked!

        13. Stop making stuff up. Oliver is the number one boys name in England and Wales (that doesn’t include Scotland which is that other country in the UK). Mohammad is not even close. Even so, Muslims are less than 5% of the population. Think about that.
          You think the only sex ring in Britain is run by Muslims? You are naive and ignorant. At least those guys went to jail. Ever hear of Jimmy Saville?
          Do you have a source for that Christian school?
          I do not “think” the UK doesn’t share the same problem, I know. Check the facts. First of all that 160,000 number of asylum seekers is a projection, not a fact. Secondly, Britain has about 22,000 asylum seekers a year and approves about half that. Hardly, the same “problem”.
          Anyway you are jumbling things up here. A large number of asylum seekers is not the same issue as a child abuse ring. There is no relationship. Here you are practicing the same illogical method as your typical socialist. The rapist was a Muslim. Muhammad is a Muslim. Therefore, Muhammad is a rapist. Fallacious reasoning my friend.

        14. Do we? We also know that that what you are talking here is pure superstition backed up by nothing but your own ignorant prejudices.

        15. You fell for that? Fox News were heavily criticized for their bullshit piece on “no-go” zones in the UK. Don’t believe everything you hear in the news.

        16. You’re a nationalist? Like Mussonlini (read socialist)? Or a patriot?
          You wouldn’t have open borders in a Libertarian jurisdiction because you wouldn’t have national borders. You would have private property. I will decide who enters my property and who does not. But Ghost, you want to violently infringe on my property rights by telling me who I can and cannot have on my property. That means war. 🙂

        17. ENGLISHBOB, I have been reading your posts for months. You are the biggest fucking troll on this entire site. With every sentence you out yourself further.

        18. No. Even the Equality Quango says that Muslim men are 50% unemployed, Muslim Women 75%, almost all terrorist attacks in recent years have been Muslims, there is intolerance of Jews, many cases where muslims intimidate people of other religions and where muslim men abuse underage non muslim white girls on a massive scale. They need to be removed. Also you just have to look at the average country with muslim minorities to witness the same issues. Then look at any Muslim majority country and see it gets worse, until you take a look at the Middle East today and see that the Muslims have committed genocide against all non muslim groups in many of these countries.
          It amazes me we like in a world today where at the flick of a switch the islamic countries could be destroyed for good, allowing us to get on with our lives without their threats and intimidation and violence. It amazes me that we just don’t do it.

        19. The United States would have the same crime/violence level as Finland if black crime was factored out of the equation.

        20. So all Muslims must be judged by the crimes of a few?
          There you go with stats again. So what? Should we just kill all Muslims? I’ve already told you about stats Chris. They are mere facts begging after interpretation.
          I’ve known plenty of intimidating whites. Should we kill all whites too?

        21. You don’t seem to understand your own personal anecdotal experiences compared with what is typical, average or usual.
          Most Muslims don’t cause problems, but 20% of muslims sympathised with the 7/7 bombers, 1 in 4 said they were justified, 31% of Turks support suicide bombers against western targets in Iraq, 32% of Palestinians supported the killing of a jewish family, etc etc etc see more here:

          Now I can see that in many cases the majority are against these things.
          But the minority is large.
          Now ask this:
          If Tescos found that 1% of their beef burgers had some virus in them would they continue to sell them on the basis the majority are ok? Or would they pull them out the shop and destroy them.
          If there was a breed of dog where only 20% were proved to be capable of killing people, would that breed be legal or would the authorities remove and destroy them?
          Personally I think Islam is a bit like a ferocious alligator. Only a minority make up the teeth – the terrorists and Jihadists. But the rest of the alligator is part of the problem, even if they claim just to be the alligators tail. The whole of the Islamic population allow the creation of the violent minority and they are equally to blame for what the minority do in their name.

        22. I’m sure a lot of good clean white people sympathised with the terror bombing and invasion of Iraq, an event which killed many more people than 7/7. Nearly 50% of Britain did. So what? Nobody will die because I “sympathize” with a killer.
          Is your survey sound? 20% of which Muslims? That matters Chris.

        23. The radical Muslim wants to kill all infidels. The moderate Muslim doesn’t, however he has no problem with the radical Muslim killing all infidels. Until the bulk of the Muslims start to oppose the radicals they share equally in the guilt.
          And as to your intimidating whites, The vast bulk of whites have opposed this trash for a long time and have actively fought against them. Maybe they haven’t fought hard enough in your opinion, but the laws of this country passed with white majorities declared race prejudice as wrong and unlawful.
          BTW I have been subjected to a few intimidating Blacks that absolutely hate whites. I don’t hold this against all blacks because plenty of Blacks I know have repudiated this behavior on the most Ghetto blacks (you what they are called by up scale blacks).

        24. It must have been Germany (or Germany as well). I don’t do TV or main stream media….and I’m very aware of “no go zones” in the US as well (places where the cops just don’t go).
          You can start dealing with the truth or you can keep you head in the sand. It’s up to you.

        25. It was Fox that put that bullshit story out there. Probably the German media picked it up. No go zones in the US? I’ve been to a bunch of them. Full of cops.

          What is truth?

          -Pontius Pilate

        26. My point is that there is plenty of evil to go around the Human race. It is not the personal reserve of Muslims. That said, there are a number of people on this website who can only see the evil of others.

        27. We’ll have to disagree on this one. Not a bad record because we usually see eye to eye on many different issues.

    1. Trends and politics in other Western countries are generally viewed as possible or even likely to spread to other Western countries. In that context things like what is happening in Sweden are quite important to observe.

      1. This is a bunch of alarmism. Asylum seeking is not the same a asylum achieved. The reason they go to Sweden as opposed to the UK or other countries is that a) the UK is a difficult place to emigrate to and b) the Welfare state has no more to give and in my understanding is less generous than Swedens.
        What’s happening in Sweden is probably a good thing if it sinks their Welfare State. Then it really will be a good reason to go there.

        1. It’s not alarmism, there seems to be quite a bit of resentment and increasingly, action, in regards to this trend. Taking the “fuck it all, let it burn” approach sounds great on paper, but in real life, real people are hurt by this kind of thing. Ignoring it or cheering it on will eventually lead to loss of life, the way things are going. Point being, it’s actually important to observe and not disregard.

        2. The problem (in my opinion) is that people have had their head stuck in the sand for too long (similar to not speaking out against feminism). We’ve been fed nonsense by the media, politicians, our governments, etc….and so we remained quiet for far too long.
          Now, there is a push back and I don’t mind (there needs to be one). It happens, quietly, everywhere and grows. If no one points it out then you’re stuck with the outcome. Other countries have no problem doing it (Hungary is one of them). I applaud them for their effort.

        3. Are you going to be consistent with that approach? Are you going to concern yourself with each and every issue in the world?
          I’m tired of hearing about Sweden’s immigration issues, which when you scratch below the surface of these articles (which are thinly veiled racism frankly) are not that serious. There are worse problems in Sweden and worse problems elsewhere in the world. This guy isn’t fooling me even if he has fooled you.

        4. Well, I suppose that grenades going off in once nearly docile Sweden and buildings being burned down are nothing to concern ourselves with. Probably due to sheer chance and coincidence. That we should mind their policies obviously is foolish and we should resume closing our eyes and lay back and enjoy it. Or something. I guess.

        5. Proof of a negative?
          Those fucking Swedes migrated to the East coast of England in the Dark Ages but I’m pretty sure they left in the end.

        6. Guns go off in America fired by good wholesome white people. What about it?
          Crime happens and you don’t need to have immigrants to make it happen.

        7. How people integrate and mix, and how they become English or British or any other nationality is an interesting topic.
          It’s about how people separate themselves and whether they decide to mix in and adopt the culture of the place they settle in.
          A Polish or Hungarian or other white European settling in the UK or US today will have kids who are 100% integrated.
          The Muslims will never be integrated and English even 4 or 5 generations in. there are many examples of where even an earlier generation becomes integrated and then the grand children are off to join ISIS in Syria.
          Indian Hindu’s and Sikhs, Far Eastern Asians etc all seem to integrate and become English very quickly. Adopting accents, the mind and loyalties of the host.
          Others such as the Muslims keep their distinct religion, victim status and own ‘Muslim’ British accent even after a few generations.
          Some blacks stay separate with their fake street talk accent, bad attitude and victim status. But to be fair some do integrate fully.
          The jewish seem to manage their distinct religion, just as the Hindus and Sikhs do, while still becoming British.
          It’s a whole area of interesting study.

        8. LOL, mate I know white people who now affect the Black/Asian accent, and many of the Muslims I grew up around spoke affected Jamaican patois.
          Its a funny old world.
          But think about it. Do you care if people integrate? I don’t. I don’t think that non-integration = violence and crime. There are plenty of fully integrated white people in the UK who cause no end of problems. There is nothing uniquely racial about being a criminal.

        9. But it doesn’t get around the fact that some races and followers of some religions cause far more crime than others. That’s worth acknowledging and investigating.
          As for those white people putting on the black accents they should be lined up against a wall and face the firing squad.

        10. Depends what you call crime. Sticking up someone in the street – crime. Continued bombing of peoples in foreign lands for decades – war on terror.
          Take out race and religion and look at socio-economic classes. Some classes commit far more crimes than others. There’s your fact. Now what’s the solution? Execute them? Deport them all? Lock them all up? All of these “solutions” have been tried and found wanting.
          What’s your solution Chris?

        11. 1.I would identify problem groups.
          2.I would not accept anymore people from these groups.
          3.I would remove the problem groups out of the country.

        12. I’m a member of one your problem groups. Am I a problem? Where would you remove me to?
          By your logic and since we know that a proportion of white people commit crimes and sympathize with murder, are white people also a problem group? Where should we remove them to?

        13. You can remove those groups to wherever you chose.
          After slavery was abolished many ex slaves were taken to Liberia and Sierra Leone. If you could do it in the age of sailing boats then surely it can be done far more quickly and efficiently in the age of the airliner and train. Lincoln wanted to send all the ex slaves out of the USA. If he had, would the US be better or worse than today?
          Those of the Religion Of Peace could be sent to countries that share their religion. If none accepted then you could either take a chunk of Libya or Afghanistan and send them there or force the countries to take them under threat of punitive sanctions.
          It can be done. It has been done. It will be done.

        14. The US would be a better place if Lincoln had never existed.
          Yes this all sounds easy… except what do you do with the groups that don’t want to leave? And you propose to invade other countries and forcefully force them to take people who aren’t citizens? Doesn’t that sound like lunacy to you?
          And once we’re done with the blacks and browns of course we must start with the whites. An invasion of North America to force all those immigrants back to Europe. I’m sure they will be received with open arms.

        15. you created a straw man argument there. this isn’t about just whites staying. this is not about brown people. its about groups that can be proved to cause more trouble than theyre worth – through crime, benefit claims, intollerance to other religions, support of terrorism, victimhood culture etc…
          Sikhs, Hindus, Asians from the far East, Christians from the Middle East, latins, Polynesians etc are not problem groups. They are an asset.
          You force those to leave if required. I can be done. It sounds like lunacy because you are accustomed to a pc world that bends over backwards for these groups. It doesn’t have to be that way.

        16. No mate, be honest. You mean brown people. You have said as much. Otherwise, we need to include white people in your forced deportation plan since a proportion of white people are criminals and based on your logic if we find a group of which has troublesome members they must be removed.
          I wonder how your plan would work. You would put the army in the streets to forcibly drag British citizens to deportation camps and send them… to numerous countries you have previously invaded in order to force them to take on non-citizens? This is beyond Stalinist in its proportions. No it is not Stalinist. It is simply mad.

        17. If it takes that, it takes that.
          Not brown people at all. Some of those who follow the religions of certain trouble some groups will be white.
          Many of the people not part of troublesome groups will be brown.
          You seem to want to tell me who I am saying should be targeted. I have no problem being clear, but you seem to want to adapt my position to make it easier to defeat.

      1. I have loyalty to my family and people I trust. Not a bunch of faceless people who have nothing to do with me.

  20. “Populists on the left want the borders to be completely open and all
    immigrants to get help, while the far right wants borders to be shut
    Populists want the borders completely open? Open borders are the popular position in Sweden?

  21. The scale of the immigrant invasion is astonishing. This won’t end well. Truly, we live in interesting times.

  22. I say hold all of these politicians accountable for their “policies”. Let many of these illegal immigrants live in their town, cities, and neighborhoods to see how they “adjust” to their new home. These immigrants are not migrants (don’t let the media change the word or definition)…they are illegal immigrants and this is a soft invasion.
    But, let some of these illegals live in the Swedish PM’s house or Merkel’s house for a year…see how it goes.

    1. My Grandfather’s country finally gets it right.

    2. It’s interesting how quickly Hungary disappeared from the headlines once it was discovered that their fence actually works. I could feel the Leftist SJW’s just waiting for their Vibrant, Diverse hordes to storm the fences and pull them down. That didn’t happen, and blip, Hungary no longer exists in the news.

      1. What I like about Hungary’s new fence is it shows how a border can be controlled (not necessarily closed off completely like many in the media portray it). They saw a need for it to safe guard their own citizens against this “soft invasion” that the EU authorized (without much thought).
        Now, if only the richest (or once richest) nation on this planet could get it right.

        1. How often do you hear, “a fence won’t work”. From what I can tell it seems close to 99.9% effective in every application.

        2. Well here in Europe the Iron Curtain worked for about 60 plus years perfectly when communism reigned in the east. Hardly any communist could pass it.
          If you fail to uphold and protect your borders, you are a failed state.

        3. Plenty of fences with armed patrols work wonders. If people do not heed the warning, then you fire warning shots (first) to deter the activity of “border jumping”.
          Too many countries have become too soft. There are plenty of nations around the globe who have borders, fences, armed patrols, etc…and they deter this movement all of the time. Control of national borders is vital to a country’s security of its own citizens. The U.S. has failed miserably on this one.

        4. My grandpa built a fence around his garden to keeps rabbits, squirrels, and local pets from coming in and eating his food. Same principal applies there!

  23. “Populists on the left want the borders to be completely open and all
    immigrants to get help, while the far right wants borders to be shut
    entirely. The first option is obviously not financially viable, while
    most Swedes still see the second alternative as morally repugnant.”
    The third option is to maintain the status quo and in time the native Swedes will be replaced by the “immigrants” accelerated when the immigrants have critical mass to genocide the remaining Swedes. So in that sense the problem will solve itself.

  24. This is so crazy. When I was growing up I didn’t know any swedes. However, if you would have said “Swedish person” the immediate thought that comes to mind is either viking adonis or perfect bikini model.
    What the fuck happened?

    1. I live in an area of the US with the largest population of ethnically Swedish people outside of Sweden. We tell Swedish jokes. Believe me my idea of a Swedish woman is not an ideal bikini model. My idea is closer to what I call a Brunhilda.

      1. I believe you! Ha! Idealization of a culture you never experience is a pretty standard human trait.
        I’ll stick to imaging an entire race of bikini models

  25. I’ve written a bit about Sweden before because I live in the country. Anyhow, Sweden has just committed suicide! And I blame none other than the Swedish people themselves for letting their politicians and their Jewish controlled media tell them what to think. Basically Swedes have relinquished their power of rational thought. Everything on the media and on television is tainted with emotive language in order to stir up a sense of quilt and inadequacy in the Swedish psyche. Oh well, like some famous person wrote “People get the government they deserve”. Hej då, Sverige!

    1. If you look at the world wealth report from 2015 you will find interesting data if you care to dig deep enough.
      The time when europe and the US had a solid middle class are long gone.
      The biggest middle class in the world is now in china.
      25% of the US *combined* have a negative net value – that means they have more debt than assets.
      Lots of poor in europe too but thats not all.
      Both the US and the EU have a significant big chunk of rich people.
      A lot of poor, much-smaller-than-people-think-middle class (debt covers this up to the outside) and a growing rich elite.
      THIS is the reason why we get so many immigrants. The rich *EVEN IN SWEDEN* (got check the good places around stockholm and you will see!) have no problems whatsoever to deal with the hordes of IQ80 people.
      They stay far, far away from these crowds.
      It is them who are pushing the immigration (same in the US, make no mistake!) upon the majority to keep them better under control while the people standard of living is in constant decline. Again, more than you think because debt covers this up to the outside but it is there.
      Solution: Become one of the rich yourself or else you are fucked in the long run. I am not joking.

  26. I always love a good story where the stupidity and hubris of the left collides with the immmutable laws of mathematics and the basic principles of economics. No matter how hard the Swiss left tries to push their pro immigration narrative down everyone’s throats, it is ultimately an unsustainable ideology. There simply isn’t enough money to go around. The question now is how far into the red the Swiss government can go before total economic collapse.

  27. Roots. Bloody Roots!
    Who’s roots are bloodier than white europeans?
    Who are the world champions in slaughter, brutality, and inventing technology solely for the purpose of killing other humans; and in fact invented the most powerful killing weapon of all?
    Hint: It’s not the native sons of Africa, the Middle East, North America, or Asia.
    PS — just about every technological advancement we take for granted today was:
    1. Invented by whites
    2. invented to better enable killing of enemies — directly (firearms, explosives, aircraft) and indirectly (radio, comms etc).

  28. The Vikings must be rolling over in their graves wondering what the hell happened to their descendants.
    There has to be some group of people somwhere in Sweden where the viking blood runs true.

  29. It is always comedy gold to watch the stupidity and hubris of the left collide head first into the immutable laws of basic mathematics. Sweden’s ultra leftist government has flung open its doors and welcomed with open arms thousands upon thousands of these “refugees” with no hope of ever being able to support them. They’ll jump happily into the abyss of economic ruin and financial insolvency in this fools errand to save cause of their own demise.
    And these “refugees” are going to be the cause of Swedens downfall. Not only by virtue of the economic burden they represent but also their ideological differences. These people bring with them a belief system that never made the giant leap out of the Middle Ages. I envision entire sections of Sweden being turned into Shariah law zones. Radical Islam will take root and spread like a cancer and before long the Swiss people will be able enjoy regularly scheduled bombings and beheadings right in their own back yard while the weak, effeminate government makes flaccid “comdemnations” in response.
    Sweden is what happens when you let the mentally ill leftists run the show. Eurpoean countries that are interested in preserving their culture and long term stability would be wise to seal their borders against the tide of these invaders in refugee clothing. Better to quarantine Sweden and let them sink on their own rather than allowing this imfection to spread.

  30. This entire migration is a planned and well financed phase for the beginning of the dissolution of the European continent, it’s indigenous people, history and culture.

  31. The EU leaders are not incompetent. They just dont have your interest in mind.
    These immigrants help form the united states of europe. Believe it or not.
    In the US they had to capture and drag the slaves to the new world.
    These guys all come on their own. They serve the same purpose though.

  32. European cuck white men are no longer fighting for their right to hold a territory and their property and cultural inheritance

  33. Meanwhile in Central Europe:
    1. Record sales of small arms and other guns in Austria. More than 70 000 this year alone, primarily by women (check RT or Daily Mail)
    2. Elections in Poland are won by a hard right-winger
    3. In Slovenia, there was a social network leak that ‘sleeping cells’ for attacking these hordes are starting to be established (not to mention the all-majority adverse opinion among commentators in media outlets and blog writers). More and more of the public doesn’t believe the mainstream media anymore.
    4. Opinions are starting to appear even in the mainstream media that in fact the US-led anglo-saxon countries are the main culprits for everything negative happening in the Middle East (wars in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, etc.). An anti-US sentiment is sth that was considered a huge heresy even a few months/years ago.
    4. I’m sure there is plenty of other news I missed out in the last week.
    In any case, if Sweden ever ‘fails’, they’ll have to figure the solution by themselves. Burning immigrant accommodations is a sign that the native population is not overly ‘tolerant’ and it will get only worse. But, as history teaches, It will yet again be the Slavic (and Hungarian) ‘mongolian’ hordes that will once again give these imbecils, mentally stuck in the middle-ages, an efficient remedy.

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