Is It Racist To Celebrate Columbus Day?

Every single year on Columbus Day and Thanksgiving, people blow up my Facebook feed with anti-Columbus and anti-white posts and comments. The general message that is relayed is tantamount to “White = Bad” “Natives = Good”. It’s ok to have an opinion, but we must point out that often that opinion has rose-colored lenses and completely ignores history.

I know that some of you reading will completely shut down and call me a racist and a bigot. If you are one of those that are easily “triggered”—this essay isn’t for you. This essay is for the intellectually and historically honest person that wants to put Columbus Day into a historical perspective….

In fourteen hundred ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

He had three ships and left from Spain;
He sailed through sunshine, wind and rain.

He sailed by night; he sailed by day;
He used the stars to find his way.

A compass also helped him know
How to find the way to go.

Ninety sailors were on board;
Some men worked while others snored.

Then the workers went to sleep;
And others watched the ocean deep.

Day after day they looked for land;
They dreamed of trees and rocks and sand.

October 12 their dream came true,
You never saw a happier crew!

“Indians! Indians!” Columbus cried;
His heart was filled with joyful pride.

But “India” the land was not;
It was the Bahamas, and it was hot.

The Arakawa natives were very nice;
They gave the sailors food and spice.

Columbus sailed on to find some gold
To bring back home, as he’d been told.

He made the trip again and again,
Trading gold to bring to Spain.

The first American? No, not quite.
But Columbus was brave, and he was bright.

523 after the fact, people tend to believe that the Americas was a beautiful land full of rainbows, love, happiness, and peace-pipes which the Europeans ruined, but what was actually happening in the Americas in and around 1492?


The Aztecs believed that all the gods were appeased with human blood and sacrifice and hundreds of thousands of men and women were ritualistically sacrificed in this belief. What is more troubling is the mass graves of very young children and infants that have been found to have been murdered. Victims hearts were cut out, disremembered, eaten and skinned with priests wearing their victims freshly flayed hides in gory feasts and festivals. There are ample written records of every form of torture having been performed by the Aztecs on their Captors. [source]

Aztec Temple Heart Sacrifice

Scholars estimate that upwards of 50,000 people a year where sacrificed at the temples.


The ancient Inca chose children as young as 6, but also as old as 15, “fattened them up” for a year and sent them on a sacrifice pilgrimage….. in the moment of the sacrifice children were semiconscious. Some children may have been left to succumb due to exposure to the cold. But others had a horrific death: scientists found vomit and diarrhea on their clothes, pointing to a violent death. The vomit contained the hallucinogenic drug achiote, also encountered in the stomach and feces. They were likely to have been asphyxiated, the body being crushed by their clothes, so strongly that the ribs and pelvis were sometimes broken. The bodies of the sacrificed children were mummified by the dry cold of the Andes, including hair and inner organs. In fact, Inca children represent one of the best naturally cold preserved mummies. [source]

13 year old Inca Child Sacrifice Mummy

13 Year Old Mummified Inca Child Sacrifice


The deliberate taking of a human life was deemed necessary to sanctify certain ritual occasions, such as the ascendancy to the throne by a new ruler or the dedication of a new building…The usual method of such a sacrifice was decapitation in a public ceremony. Aside from decapitation, the favored method in Postclassic times was a trick acquired from the Mexican cultures to the north, the removal of the heart. Women and children were sacrificed just as often as men The intended victim was stripped and painted blue before being led to a courtyard or temple where the victim would be placed face-up over a convex altar-like stone also painted blue. The arms and legs of the victim were held by specially designated priests while a fourth, called the nacom, would penetrate the victim’s chest with a flint knife just below the left breast. Reaching inside the chest cavity, the nacom would pull out the still beating heart and hand it to another priest, who would then smear the blood on that idol to which the sacrifice had been made. If the sacrifice had taken place on the top of a pyramid, the corpse would be thrown to the courtyard below where priests of lower rank would skin the victim except for the hands and feet. The skin would then be worn by the officiating priest who would solemnly dance among the spectators. If the victim had been an especially brave warrior his body might be butchered and eaten by the nobles and other spectators. [source]

Pawnee People

 The Skidi Pawnee practiced human sacrifice, specifically of captive girls, in the “Morning Star ritual”. They continued this practice regularly through the 1810s and possibly after 1838, the last reported sacrifice. They believed the longstanding rite ensured the fertility of the soil and success of the crops, as well as renewal of all life in spring. The sacrifice was related to the belief that the first human being was a girl, born of the mating of the Morning Star, the male figure of light, and Evening Star, a female figure of darkness, in their creation story. [source]

The Comanche

The Comanche were considered one of the most violent and aggressive Native Tribes in all of North America, routinely practicing slavery and torturing their victims should they be so unlucky as to be captured or lose a battle:

S C Gwynne, author of Empire Of The Summer Moon about the rise and fall of the Comanche, says simply: ‘No tribe in the history of the Spanish, French, Mexican, Texan, and American occupations of this land had ever caused so much havoc and death. None was even a close second.’ He refers to the ‘demonic immorality’ of Comanche attacks on white settlers, the way in which torture, killings and gang-rapes were routine. ‘The logic of Comanche raids was straightforward,’ he explains. ‘All the men were killed, and any men who were captured alive were tortured; the captive women were gang raped. Babies were invariably killed.’ [source]

They were infamous for their brutal and inventive tortures, a favorite was to “stake out the victim”

He was stripped of his clothing, laid on his back on the ground and his arms and legs, stretched to the utmost, were fastened by thongs to pins driven into the ground. In this state he was not only helpless, but almost motionless. All this time the Indians pleasantly talked to him. It was all kind of a joke. Then a small fire was built near one of his feet. When that was so cooked as to have little sensation, another fire was built near the other foot; then the legs and arms and body until the whole person was crisped. Finally a small fire was built on the naked breast and kept up until life was extinct. [source]

Comanche Torture Victim

“Native History” an untold story.


The reason why I bring this up is because I am a first generation American. I have had nothing to do with America’s Past. I didn’t own slaves. I din’t oppress anyone. I didn’t sacrifice anyone. And I didn’t march in any anti-minority rallies. However, because I happen to be white, minority groups immediately assume I am guilty of something—and believe me, I’ve experienced my fair share living in Alaska.

Fact is, America is a country of immigrants, most of whom were never slaves, never oppressed anyone, and do not owe anyone any apologies. Yes, Columbus and other Europeans did bad things.

So, has every significant other cultural group in North and South America.

The reason why Columbus Day should be celebrated is that he represents an ideal and an inspiration for allowing the creation of a country that worked hard, shed hundreds of thousands of lives to unite people and give them a better life.

The United States of America no longer has slavery, no longer has human sacrifices, no longer discriminates blatantly against minority groups, and by every arguable standard represents a better and more equitable society than in 1492.

So, in the future, celebrate Columbus Day with pride and remind those that have rose-colored glasses to kindly take them off.

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240 thoughts on “Is It Racist To Celebrate Columbus Day?”

  1. Racism’s old meaning – the ascription of behaviour to heritable biological difference
    Racism’s new meaning – class oppression, ie Marxism. Trotsky is credited for this more modern Newspeak semantic.

    1. 100% – I often think of this.
      It’s forbidden to think that when the blacks and other races split about 120,000 years ago it resulted in differences in behaviour and abilities after this long period apart. Every race apart from blacks also have Neanderthall DNA present (2.5%-4.5%)
      Dogs all came from a common ancestor 15,000 years ago but no one would suggest that there were no differences between the different breeds of dogs.
      Does no one question why every race created multiple examples of great cities and civilizations, writing and other progress. Every race but one – the blacks.
      The blacks didn’t invent written languages, great civilizations or even the wheel.
      Let’s be honest and recognise there are great differences between the races.
      The lack of Black inventors, scientists great thinkers and explorers is down to genetics. Genetics that were then compounded by a culture where intelligence and learning is frowned upon. But while we have to pretend the races are identical it leaves only the excuse of racism as the reason why blacks fail and fail again in so many areas of modern life.

      1. “The blacks didn’t invent written languages, great civilizations or even the wheel”
        I always find this amusing. Some of you whites have your head stuck up so far up your ass you enjoy the smell of your own shit. Every race has had their moments of a great prosperity and a great decline
        African Empires
        – Axum Empire(100-940AD)
        Was a rival power to the Romans, Chinese and Persians.
        -Kingdom of Ghana(750 AD-1078 AD)
        Ghana was said to possess sophisticated methods of administration and
        taxation, large armies, and a monopoly over notoriously well-concealed
        gold mines, they were also a great military power. the king
        had at his command 200,000 warriors and an additional 40,000 archers.
        -Mali Empire
        After the fall of the Kingdom of Ghana, the Mali Empire rose to
        dominate West Africa. Located on the Niger River to the west of Ghana in
        what is today Niger and Mali, the empire reached its peak in the 1350s.
        The Mali Empire was founded by Mansa (King) Sundiata
        Keita and became renowned for the wealth of its rulers, especially Mansa Musa. He was the grandson of Sundiata’s half-brother, and led Mali at a time of great prosperity, during which trade tripled. During his rule, Mansa Musa doubled the land area of Mali; it became a larger kingdom than any in Europe at the time.
        The cities of Mali became important trading centers for all of West
        Africa, as well as famous centers of wealth, culture and learning.
        Timbuktu, an important city in Mali, became one of the major cultural
        centers not only of Africa but of the entire world. Vast libraries and
        Islamic universities were built. These became meeting places of the
        finest poets, scholars and artists of Africa and the Middle East.
        The Ethiopian Empire
        They successfully fought off Italian, Arab and Turkish armies and made fruitful contacts with some European powers, especially the Portuguese, with whom they allied in battle against the latter two invaders. (Remember how the Turks where kicking European states left right and centre?)

        1. Abu bakri a Sahel prince also discovered the Taino islands and Tainos even said they met black people hundreds of years before columbus.

        2. The Aksum were small feed compared to those empires. Nowhere near the same level, scale, or power. It’s like looking at Germany, England, and France, and as a counter going “Behold! The Greatness of Moldova!”.

        3. Almost all of these were founded by Semitic groups or north African (non-sub-saharan aka “black”) people (Tuaregs, Berbers, etc). Afrocentrists like to claim them to feel better about themselves.

        4. Not with the racist element on ROK, but all those empires are insignificant compared to the British Empire. None of them could boast a quarter of the world’s land mass and 444 million population, or a gross imperial product surpassed only by the United States.
          All African empires did, especially during the Scramble for Africa, was get their asses kicked by the Germans, the French, the Dutch and the British.
          Cetshwayo managed to defeat Lord Chelmsford at Isandlwana, but it was more due to Chelmsford’s mistakes than the Zulu Chief’s skill. In fact, winning the battle (and subsequently being defeated by the British under Lt Chard at Rorke’s Drift) was actually a strategic error: if the British suffered a defeat at the hands of a savage tribe, we were more likely to crush the Zulu rather than negotiate to preserve the national honor.
          The only non-white Empires that could have competed would have been the Chinese of the 15th-16th centuries or the Japanese from the Russo-Japanese War to the end of World War II.

        5. I actually lol’ed. Your use of examples in your mockery is quite accurate. It’s like watching your friends all get new Ferrari’s, then bragging about your Toyota Camry.

        6. You do know that north Africa is part of Africa, The greco-romans empires were far ahead of their time compared to other Germanic, and other anglo-saxon states. This is what Europeans never comprehend. In fact ancient Egyptians were mostly of Nubians descent(sub-saharan blacks)

        7. Prosperity, progression and are advancement relative terms. Just because we didn’t build castles doesn’t mean we didn’t have a monetary system,medical and mathematical practices, social hierarchy, agricultural development, international trade and other elements that are consistent with a thriving civilization.
          This myth that Africans were simply barbaric people living in mud huts waiting for white people to save us is a remnant of pseudo-science colonialism

        8. “Cetshwayo managed to defeat Lord Chelmsford at Isandlwana, but it was
          more due to Chelmsford’s mistakes than the Zulu Chief’s skill.”
          Actually, that strategy WAS skill. In fact it is one of the war strategies identified by Robert Greene in his book 33 Strategies of War. Surrounding your enemies and annihilating them. It was the same strategy used by Hannibal Barca in the Battle of Cannea when he defeated a superior military force.

        9. No reputable anthropologist argues that Egyptians were sub-Saharan Africans. Why hasn’t Africa prospered since de-colonialism? Indeed, what is it one big basket case wholly dependent on western charity? Oh, yeah, because racism.

        10. Africa was in the stone age, literally, when Europeans started colonizing the continent. Agricultural development? You have got to be kidding me. Africa till can’t feed itself, one big charity case.

        11. It ain’t worth it bruh. The growing white nationalist sentiment on this site overshadows any attempt to foster discussion that does not conform to the “white is right” ideology. That said I commend your response. People often forget just how vast the African continent is and how many empires and civilizations have existed there. They also forget that “advanced” ancient European civilization was essentially limited to Greece and Rome. The “barbarian” tribes (to use terminology applied by the Greeks and Romans themselves); i.e., the Germanic peoples, the Celts, the Slavs, etc. constituted the majority of the population of Europe.

        12. Africa has not prospered since de-colonialism because Western power have used military and intelligence services to undermine African nations. The elites have assassinated every intelligent African leader that arose. For example look up Thomas Sankara and Patrice La Mumba. Both were killed by the Anglos. Libya was a highly developed nation better than most European nations. What happened? The Anglo Elite bombed them. So please check your biases before you speak on Africa. Its easy for a person to subconsciously believe their ethnic group is better than another. We are all the same bruh…

        13. Are you being serious or are you trolling. Because if you are serious please educate yourself. I can prove objectively that you are wrong. Africa can feed itself. And Africa does feed itself. Western powers actively hold Africa down. Read Economic Hitman. Look at Libya pre Ghadafi. You are ignorant on the history of the continent.

        14. If Africa can feed itself then the Western governments and NGOs can stop all aid wasted on Africa. Please “prove objectively that I am wrong”. The floor is yours.

        15. “Come home to roost soon enough”? Are you referring to the invasion of Europe by low I.Q. Africans? The fact is most of Africa is still in the stone age and what pockets of civilization exist are a result of colonialism.

        16. Libya had a higher standard of living than most European nations? Yeah, maybe Albania and Moldova. What wealth Libyan had was derived from oil. It’s too bad the u.s. meddled in Libya, it was Libya that was preventing the invasion of Europe by Africans.
          All the same? So race doesn’t exist? So there are not different breeds of dogs, cows, horses, ect.?

        17. yes we want the Western governments out of our issues. We have been asking that for a while. When Burkina Faso was able to feed itself under Thomas Sankara what happened? The Anglo elite killed him. So if the West left Africa, Africa will be able to recover and feed itself. How come you are not acknowledging that Burkina Faso was able to feed itself under Thomas Sanakara’s regime. How come your are not talking about how Libya had no debt and fed itself and others?

        18. “Libya had a higher standard of living than most European nations? Yeah,
          maybe Albania and Moldova. What wealth Libyan had was derived from oil.” Yes Libya had a standard of living higher than many European nations.
          It had a lower poverty rate than even the Neatherlands. You try to find every way to discredit Africa. The Mali empire was at on point the worlds richest empire. This was a West African empire. This is a fact. Look it up. Most nations would be doing pretty well if the Anglo elites were not destroying it. The same thing that was done to Africa is being done to America now. Learn your history.

        19. I did address Libya. Libya is a northern African country, when speaking of Africa not being abler to feed itself I was referring to sub-Saharan Africa. Libya’s wealth was almost wholly derived from oil. Other than oil it practically exported. I don’t view that as an economic success.

        20. Quite interesting. Everyone deserves to take pride in their heritage, race, father and mother both Black and White. It is healthy. The Axum empire is most interesting as it seems to have established itself in pre Islamic times (eventually converting to Christianity) so we can attribute its existence to Africans themselves.. A characteristic of African empires seems to be that they are subject to incessant war. Unlike Christianity (I am a ware of Venetian slaving in the Balkans but it was limited) the continent seems to have been pillaged of slaves by Arab and Muslim slave traders for centuries longer than that practices continued in Europe. I don’t blame the USA “old South” for this as barely 10% of flows went to the USA.
          Unfortunately a thread about Columbus has become one about Africans. This is because of the process of blaming and demeaning Whites for every indigenous American and Black problem there is to the point of absurdity. If Whites reject some of these absurdities we often do so by pointing out the failings of Africa, the Black White achievement gap and so forth. The power blacks achieved by consensus has now also hurt their ability to self regulate. It don’t know the answer to this problem.

        21. I don’t know much about politics, especially ones in totally irrelevant parts of the world, but it occurs to me that I would much rather spend a night in Paris than anywhere in Africa.
          I still can’t believe that anyone considers anything outside of Manhattan “civilization” but that said, I can see that some people might want to live in London. Paris, Berlin and maybe even Tokyo. The only way I would ever step foot in Africa is if that pirate from Captain tom Hanks kidnapped me and I more than likely would just instigate and hope he shoots me before we got there

        22. This is all quite true. There simply aren’t vast intellectual differences between the races since the actual differences are based largely on climate.
          Some afrocentrists have made black people, activists at least, look ridiculous, however, for example by claiming that demonstrably white people were “really” black. Just document the real civilizations and achievements of Africa.

        23. I always laugh when I watch the Olympics and realize that some of these rediculous countries have national anthems? What the hell are they singing about? That one time one person wasn’t raped by their uncle?

        24. You should measure the empire by the % of the known world. If you do this, although the British Empire was by way the largest of recent times – dwarfing the French and Spanish Empire for example – there are others that you can compare. The Roman, the Mongolian, Alexanders Empire, Persia’s….

        25. Which invention has come out of africa? What have they contributed to the world? Name one thing. Besides aids.

        26. The dude was murdered for wanting to switch to a gold based economy. His country was also the most highly developed on the continent, by our standards, as per the Human Development Index. Not sure where it stands now, would be interesting to compare and contrast.

        27. Take the world back 500 years and magically move a dozen million africans to scandinavia and they would all be dead in the first winter.
          Do the same with scandinavians only move them to africa, and they would prosper like never before.
          The difference in IQ, and survival ability in general, is a direct result of being forced to survive under quite literally deadly climate conditions. The very air is deadly to us up here. Only the strong and the smart survived in the north, and these qualities have been passed down through the ages by way of genetics. Northerners are quite literally genetically superiour to africans.

        28. If it was strategy and skill, it was a strategic blunder on Cetshwayo’s part. As previously mentioned, decisively beating a British force sent into Zululand was the worst thing he could have done: it would force the British hand in utterly crushing him (as Chelmsford later did at the Battle of Ulundi) rather than negotiating.
          When the British Army moved into Zululand, the best strategy would have been to fight a delaying rearguard war of attrition, slowly destroying Chelmsford’s army and eventually negotiating a settlement in which he got to keep his power.
          Cetshwayo’s strategy was terrible; the only major battle the Zulu’s won was Isandlwana, they were decisively defeated at both Rorke’s Drift and Ulundi.
          Cetshwayo does have the distinction of being the only savage tribal leader in Africa to win a battle against the British Army, but in the end, he lost the war due to poor strategic thinking and even worse civil logistical planning. There was no way the Zulu’s could economically field a large Army for years at a time.

        29. If we measure by % of the known world, we also have to measure by % control of the high seas and control of trade routes. In which case, the Royal Navy wins again.

        30. Everyone holds everyone else down. Being an abject failure and impoverished stone aged shit hole only means that you couldn’t deal with the exact same adversity everyone else did. England and Germany literally bombed the fuck out of each other. The US reduced Germany to rubble. Hundreds of thousands of Americans were killed in European wars and the American North and South tore each other to shreds.
          Holding them down? The Germans did daily air raids on fucking London.
          Yeah, everyone is holding you down. Everyone holds everyone down. Just because Africa hasn’t been able to deal with a moderate amount of adversity caused by other nations doesn’t mean it would have been a blooming flower without.
          Adversity builds character — or crushes. If you get crushed you just weren’t up for the challenge. Enjoy your international aid and the celebrity ass kissing you get because it’s trendy and stop yacking about your greatness if only things were perfect.
          That would be like me not going to work because it is difficult and then saying if I was born rich I wouldn’t be homeless.

        31. They’re certainly better adapted to that climate. However, European whites made little headway in subsaharan Africa except South Africa until past the mid 1800s when technology and medical progress began to make giant strides. The slaves were usually captured by other Africans and sold to whites for barrels of booze and gunpowder because of the disease barrier.

        32. Should we mention the Egyptian Empire? Can we get past the whole PC and actually say Egypt because it is in Africa? I mean, I’m sure that Egypt’s fall had a big impact on the African culture. But who knows. Fact remains that Africa hasn’t recovered from the last empire’s fall.

        33. And just in case there is an issue with saying that Africa deals with only a moderate amount of adversity please remember that Japan had two nuclear bombs dropped on it and US dropped anchor and ran the show for some times. Rather than whine about it and wait for Bono to give them money and Modonna to adopt their kids they became the word leaders in electronics, automobiles and cuisine. They have contributed to baseball in a serious way and are an economic force to be reconed with all in like one generation. What’s Africa’s excise again? Colonialism? Bad weather?

        34. Most white settlers of Africa in the period of colonialism died of tropical diseases and so did their animals and crops. It took a ton of adaptation to overcome the climate. Look at the experience of the white tribe of Africa, the Boers.

        35. You do know Africa is a diverse continent with over 50 countries and 2,000 languages and you just spoke for all them please stop watching your morning infomercial.

        36. Correct. But cultures all over Europe, North America and Asia took their tragedy and made themselves relevant.

        37. Sheeeeit! Dat be it, muhfuggah! Gibsmedat! Ooga Booga! We be space now! Sheeeit! dat be why Dee-troit be such a success! Sheeeit!

        38. Eh, you know that Northern Africans are completely different than Sub-Saharan Africans? All the empires you mentioned are created, influenced or built by Semetic and Berber people.
          Ethiopians for example are Semetic people and most Northern Africans are of Berber descent. They are totally different than Sub-Saharan Africans when it comes to language, culture or genetics.

        39. I’ve read some of your links and find them interesting and accept a fair bit of it. I think however that they
          1 Place far too much emphasis on blaming European Colonial Disruption.
          2 Ignore the effect of Arabic Slaving.
          3 Ignore the large scale seemingly despotic nature of the African empires. A guy that travels to Mecca with a retinue of 60,000 is likely a despot.
          4 My observation of modern African failure derives from 48 years of seeing starving Africans on TV starting as a 6 year old watching black and white TV to working in Africa for 1 year.
          The problem is that the regimes of places like Ethiopia have policies which dole out land in such a way that subsistence farms are the main food growing entity in order to keep populations out of the city. Subsistence farms have little surplus and can not create or accumulate surpluses to save money for when a crop fails or to educate themselves or invest in equipment. This is why Zimbabwe starved after the hideous Mugabe’s land reforms (which killed more Blacks in black on black ethnic cleansings than ever). Sth Africa under the rule of militant and corrupt Zulu’s may head down that path as well.
          Western aid is ever worse: it empowers and funds an corrupt and incompetent elite who deserved no influence. Only Africans that produce wealth deserve power. Western aid money gazumps them with aid funded skimmers.

        40. The Zulus gained their experience fighting and conquering other African tribes, large parts of Africa were depopulated to the edges of the Kalahari due to them.

        41. “I don’t know much about politics,”
          you dont know much about politics. I agree. How can you have an informed opinion on the economy of Africa if you don’t know the politics of it. Politics directly influence the economy. So you are speaking from ignorance my friend.

        42. I don’t need to know how a toilet is made to know that that is where the shit is—likewise, Africa
          Are you African?
          Because you are African asshole!

        43. I can tell by your very intelligent ad hominen reply that whites are vastly superior to all other races. Thank you for enlightening me. You are the epitome of white intelligence. Sorry for just being a dumb monkey.

        44. You do know that this is bullshit. North Africa is basically an extension of the Middle East, culturally, ethnically, and linguistically and has been for thousands of years. The “Nubian” nonsense is Afrocentric wishful thinking as well. You are right about Rome being far ahead of the Northern European tribes, though.

        45. North Africa was more an extension of Mediterraneanand Iberian culture. There was far now cross pollination of ideas between Europeans and the Berbers than the Arabs.

        46. If Africa was truly to be left alone by the West, then Africa could prosper as long as the African leaders don’t take advantage of their own people. The problem is NWO and UN won’t allow Africa to be truly free. It’s much easier for the globalists to take advantage of gullible Africans than it is to take advantage of well aware European. It’s easier to start and cause riot in Africa than it is in Europe. There are A LOT of money that can be able and profits to be made which is why upper elites and globalists and bankers cause a lot of havoc and chaos in Africa. Another thing that hinders Africa is Islam. Islam is not compatible with any local traditions of Africa. Not all is to blame on the “white man” or the “system” because part of it is also on the lower intelligence of Africans and ignorance with dogmatic and ridiculous superstition culture along with voodoo and other shit they believe is real. There isn’t much reliance of science. Africa is and will always going to be fucked which is sad reality because there are a lot of potentials and natural resources in that land.

      2. Ask the race flat earthers if they also deny that there exists different breeds of dogs, cattle, ect. Apparently humans are the sole exception. Funny, these people are the same ones that ridicule creationists.

      3. EXACTLY. Ask these race flat earthers why there are different breed of dogs, cows, ect but they make an exception for humans.
        Yes, culture is simply a product of a given set of genes.

        1. It’s an age old problem. Humans always think that they are different from all the other animals on Earth. They say that 120,000 years of separation plus the lack of the 2.5-4.5% of Neanderthall genes in blacks makes no difference. They say 120,000 years is not enough time to create differences.
          I am not saying that all humans are not of the same species.
          But they were well on the way to being sub species of each other.
          It’s also not saying that one race is superior to another.
          Each race adapted to its environment and filtered out those that were not successful.
          The races that came out of Africa had to not only cross mountain ranges, seas and deserts, but then had to adapt to living in harsher climates where more intelligence, inventiveness and social cohesion was required to successfully survive. In the end it was these qualities and characteristics that resulted in the advancement of science, education and then the industrial and other technological revolutions. None of this happened at any stage or at any time in Africa.
          The characteristics of strength, speed and being good at one on one violence took the blacks along a different route. These advantages were advantages, and even now those who originate from Africa are strong and healthy. One reason why they were used as slaves was because of these characteristics.
          You can see on any football field, sports field and boxing ring the outcome of these characteristics. But you can also see the same characteristics and their outcomes in the prison populations, crime stats, IQ stats and lists of the great intellectuals – and those lists lack of blacks.
          No don’t get me wrong. i am saying we should just be honest. I am saying that once you don’t have to pretend all the races are equal it becomes easy to explain things that remain quandries while you don’t recognise the differences. And this is not about saying white europeans are the best – just the best at some things – but not others.
          Jewish people – who get a lot of flak on this site – have always scored very well in IQ tests and have a culture of education. Is it then any surprise if they make up a big % of bankers, business people, journalists, politicians, doctors and political campaigners (like feminists).
          People from the far east have a similar IQ to Europeans, but they do better in the logical sections than whites. So is it any shock to see Far Eastern Asians do so well in technical areas, and are so well represented in high tech industries.
          Whites seem to do well in inventiveness and organising themselves to create successful countries and societies. Is it any surprise that when you list the top countries in the world they are usually dominated by Northern European Countries and their colonised lands (USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and white South Africa.)
          Blacks are more physical, healthier than many other races and tougher. Is it any shock that they dominate the fields where this counts – sports, security guards, boxing etc etc.
          None of this goes to say that your most intelligent inventor can’t be black or a great boxer cant be white. but they are general traits. Averages. Typicals. Not every Asian is great at high tech nor is every Jewish person a wealthy business person. But it explains why some races are over and under represented in different fields and endevours.
          You also have to overlay culture and systems over this. Remember its possible to have two genetically identical peoples living under differing systems that result in completely different outcomes. look at North/South Korea and East/West Germany to see this.
          Every nation can benefit by being fairly and transparently governed. Every nation benefits from freedoms that allow people to do as they wish. In Africa Botswana is a good example of a successful country. South Africa’s switch from a European system of rule to an African Nepotism system also provides another good example of how systems have an impact.
          Also remember that every nation/region has its ups and downs. For a long time India was easily the biggest economy in the world, then China took the lead, great civilisations were thousands of years old in the Middle East while the Northern Europeans were struggling to survive the difficult environment they chose to live in.
          But my point is that while every region had its up and downs, Africa has never had a golden age. I talk Sub Saharan Africa not the Caucasian North. Even taking into account Great Zimbabwe, Nubia, Ethiopia and maybe Mali – there was never a civilisation on the scale seen in every other continent.
          Saying all this. Everyone should be treated equally and given equal opportunity. But don’t look for hidden racism when you don’t end up with many Korean Boxing Champions, white sprinters or Black scientists.

        2. Blacks prior to the 1960’s were not disproportionately criminal. They were actually good citizens. It was the govt smuggling drugs into the black community that destroyed black America. Children of African immigrants hardly ever get locked up. Children of African immigrant also do very well academically. They even do better than Asian immigrant children. If you want proof of this i can provide links. Africans are peaceful family oriented people. The point i am trying to make is that you are confusing causation with correlation. The state of black America is becuz of environment. Actually meet Africans and you will see that they are just as intelligent as Europeans. It is easy to make up and evolutionary biology reason to justify innate racial bias.

        3. I have heard something like this before. Someone said that before the civil rights movement many blacks were successful in business etc. Where are the sources for this? Or a book covering this period.?
          I have met many blacks and i am afraid rarely are they very intelligent, often rady to play the race card and play the victim at the first opportunity. I found them unreliable, lazy and untrustworthy on the whole. More than any other group i have ever met. And this was in London and the South of the UK.
          I am very open to gentic and biological reasons behind this. Open, as you should be to anything. Its logical there are probably differences between the races. This leads to some races being less intelligent, more physical in their approach to problems and lazier. I dont say this to be controversial, i find it amazing that even discussion of the possibility of racial differences bizarre, especially when you consider the observational evidence all around us.
          Anyway…back to my main point..where is the evidence of black success pre civil rights. And if true, why the need for the civil rights movement?

        4. Check out Tulsa Oklahoma. There was a community known as Black Wall Street. It was an affluent city made up of all black doctors, engineers, stock brokers etc. Whites came and burned it down. Blacks used to be very respectable before they were brainwashed by rap music. Rap music was corrupted by corporations to keep blacks constantly in a state of ignorance.

        5. The Harlem Renaissance was another example of blacks making extraordinary cultural contributions. The Harlem Renaissance was limited to the arts and scholarly pursuits. Black Wallstreet was not replicated in other places because the conditions were not conducive to this happening. Blacks were actively suppressed in other places. Blacks were afraid to reproduce another Black Wallstreet for fear that it would be burned down again.
          The point that Tulsa Oklahoma shows is that if given the opportunity, blacks can and be very productive scientifically. Look at pictures of black people in the 1950s and 1960s. They are dressed very well. They are wearing nice dress slacks, top hats and dress shirts. Do they looks like savages to you? Do they look unintelligent? No. They look like white people with black skin. No different than you.
          Some whites want to believe that they are racially superior because it makes them feel good. Its the narcissistic snowflake fallacy. We want to all feel special. No one is special. No race is inherently more intelligent than another.
          The differences you see in the races today is because of colonialism and racial injustices. If you take a black guy and raise him in a white neighborhood he will be virtually white. He will be just as smart as the white kids. Look at the test scores of blacks raised in white neighborhoods and you will see that they are not any lower than the kids in their neighborhood.
          There is not neurological basis for race. An MRI scan can not tell the difference between a black mans brains vs a white mans brain. Anyone who says otherwise is just trying to make themselves feel better.

        6. No this is not about making whites feel better. I don’t care which race does well or which not so well.
          I am an observer. Impartial.
          I observe the world around me. Which countries do well – which not so well. Which races do well and in what they do well, and also which races do worse than the others in specific fields. Which races are over or under represented in certain fields of endevour. Which races excel in some areas and which races struggle. I examine IQ test results by race and by country. I look at list of great engineers, inventors, scientists, writers and thinkers and note any discrepancies.
          Your examples are interesting. But amount to one small town in the whole of North America and that’s about it.
          I always come back to dogs. First domesticated 15,000 years ago. If you handed the dna results for these dogs to a scientist along with brain samples, the scientist would say they were more or less identical and unable to identify the breed of dog they came from.
          But we all know that certain breeds – despite miniscule differences in dna – have very different abilities and behaviours. Again and again certain breeds are picked out and used for their intelligence. Others are known for their aggression. Others are known for their lack of intelligence. But we don’t pretend certain breeds are more capable because of the culture they were brought up in. We are happy to admit there are innate and built-in differences of intelligence and ability.
          When it comes to humans – where blacks and the rest split 120,000 years ago. Then the rest seemed to have inter-bred with Neanderthalls and have 2.5-4.5% of Neanderthall genes present. And then the ‘rest’ seemed to excel in inventing, progressing, exploring and developing great civilisations, written communication etc while the blacks more or less did none of this. For some reason we are not open to genetic differences that effect ability, intelligence and other traits.
          All I say is lets be open. Lets be open to the possibility.

        7. And it’s easy to blame an establishment for the debauchery and failings of a people that had every choice to succeed but choose to fail.

        8. Iran Contra was where the US govt shipped drugs into the black community in the 1980s. Even before that Jim Crow laws held blacks down. Add to that thd drug wars that disportionately sentence blacks to harsher sentences. As a man its our job to be objective. Objectively speaking how is that being given every chance to succeed.

        9. dude you are so biased it hurts. You didnt say “damn thats very evil that the white elite finished off the black community with putting drugs in the neighborhoods”. Your response instead was ” they didnt have to do the drugs”. wow man.
          If your neighborhood is flooded with drugs, chances are quite high that you or a family member is going to take drugs.
          What the hell do you expect when you uproot a people from their heritage and force them into slavery (500+ years of brutal slavery). You destroy their identity and give them new names. You them grudgingly surrender them some type of freedom but still hold onto institutional racism (Jim Crow era). Then just to top it off you flood their neighborhood with drugs (Iran Contra).
          What race would survive all of that trauma and still be sane? None. Come on stop being biased bro. Being this biased is a female trait. You are better than this.

        10. you are still not addressing African Empires that were at one point the wealthiest in the World. Look up the Mali empire. Again it is easy for a person to say my tribe or race is better. We are all narcissistic. We all think we are special. The difficult thing is to admit to ourselves that we are not special.
          If you think that you are smarter than a black person raised in a functional intelligent environment, then you have some serious issues. I dont think any sane person with a healthy self esteem can believe this.
          There are thousands of black doctors, and thousands of African doctors and Engineers.
          Do you really think that if you took 5 black children and 5 white children and raised them in the same household that the black children will preform worse than the white kids?? PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION. If you believe this then you are very delusional lol.

        11. Don’t you ever impugn my honor I have fought in blood with the best of the United States has to offer black and white and I will never disgrace them by saying that they where weak and could not sustain every human element a white, Asian or brown man could. If you want to find the culprit as to why the black man in the US can’t step to the level I do then it’s a problem in yourself. Don’t ever insult me or the brother of mine I would gladly lay my life for and say he was not smart enough or he couldn’t do what was needed in his time of hardship. I do not sell the black race that short and will never. And your woman comment check your privileged boy

        12. Read of the southern states. It’s not the best history of whites but most of our gentleman where lost in the division and the occupation of the southern lands with taxes bred hatred on both sides. I’m not saying it was equal but there are accounts of very beautiful stories where the little freedom’s granted where lived to a magnificent hight and should inspire all

        13. ‘and I will never disgrace them by saying that they where weak and could not sustain every human element a white, Asian or brown man could.”
          You already disgraced them by saying the following.
          “And it’s easy to blame an establishment for the debauchery and failings of a people that had every choice to succeed but choose to fail.”
          You called the black man “a people that had every chance to succeed but choose to fail”. Now that is an incredibly disgraceful comment towards blacks. I just wanted to explain how they didnt have every chance to succeed. It was quite the opposite.
          Look i dont know you or your story. I should not have resorted to the ad hominem attack. That was bad taste. I apologize. All i ask is that you question yourself when you say “every chance to succeed”. Its frustrating when white supremacist (not saying you are included in the white supremacist group) act like blacks were given a fair chance in America. I will repeat, it is easy to feel like your own tribe is the best. Humans will come up with every way to justify their narcissistic tendencies. We are all the same.

      4. It is true Blacks in Africa never bothered to invent the wheel (though they made toys with wheels, like pulling toy-carts and tops : some say they didn’t use wheels for adult appliances fearing all wheels to be animated by a malevolent force) but they have been knowing how to make fine cotton dresses and batik and dye them in all ranges of vegetal hues for dozens of millennia before any other part of the world knew about indigo (with the exception of pre-Aryan India maybe) : the Western world would be able to make as colourful garments as affordable for the common people only with the advent of industrial era. Another field where Black Africans enjoyed a definite technical advance over all other Bronze and Iron age people is the artisanal making of steel implements, which on the other hand remained of a very modest scale since it was seen more as a kind of initiation into alchemy and magic rather than a way to produce goods. As for devising writing systems, there has always been in Africa incipient hieroglyphical systems based on the use of sacred symbols, gradually evolving into syllabic systems as by rebus-puzzle logic, but the religions and civilisations developing these coding systems were generally too short-lived for them to grow really indispensable. More contemporary Africans have always been known to invent fancy systems of writing as a kind of play, the only problem being that it remains a play.

        1. You more or less back up what I said…thanks
          However you look at it the world moved forward and Africa stayed behind. They now blame everyone but themselves for their poverty and backwardness, and they will follow closely on the heals of the Muslims as a danger to the world. The African population will quadruple before the end of the century and their poverty will stay, even if the economy manages to quadruple, they will stand still. This will cause a destruction of the natural world in Africa and a pressure to migrate to Europe and in effect pass their problems onto the civilised world, and the crime, poverty and victim card playing that tends to follow blacks everywhere.
          I had high hopes for Ebola, maybe something else will come along – naturally or man made – that could make sure we don’t face this nightmare situation.

  2. Columbus had little to do with European Colonialism (and even less with the British Empire). Other trips to the Americas were made before him, and he was a general failure at colonial management. He did, however, inspire later explorers and adventurers to build the British Empire, and was probably second only to the GBP in doing so.
    The United States and the UK needs more Empire builders, conquerors and adventurers like Cortez and Morgan. Columbus Day should be renamed “European Colonialism” day and celebrated with even greater fervor.

    1. I dont understand how anyone can fault Europeans for conquering the natives when natives had been conquering each other for millennia. Is war, conquest, and slavery only bad when whites do it? That’s how empires — both white and nonwhite ones — rose and fell. Either you were strong and you conquered or you were weak and got conquered. Natives were weak and got conquered. What happened to them (death, loss of culture, loss of sovereignty) sucks, but it was no different than what happened to thousands of other groups throughout history. Why is no one weeping for the poor Negritos, Khoisan, Berbers, Tocharians, Basques, or Adivasi who suffered the same fate? Its all political.
      Furthermore, something like 95% of all Amerindians died not from Europeans, but from Old World diseases for which they had no immunity to. The diseases spread faster than the Europeans. That’s why Europeans found it so easy to conquer natives. By the time they reached most indigenous settlements, the Indians were already dead or dying. In other words, if Old and New Worlds were to ever come into contact, if humanity was to ever realize Earth’s geography and our position in the universe, then natives would have died. I guess some people would rather makind remain ignorant of one of its greatest discoveries. I guess some people would prefer to give up modern civilization (a direct result of American colonization) and be 500 years more primitive than we are today. Hell, with the unprecedented chain of events that Columbus’ voyage caused, most of the people complaining about it would even be alive today.
      What’s funny is that in the face of recent Western dominance, some others love to lay claim to advanced societies like Egypt, India, China, Maya, Aztecs, Inca, Moors, etc. It is a way to show that they too built great civilizations. Yet they fail to realize that all of these civilizations partook in the same behavior they criticize whites for doing — war, conquest, slavery, oppression. You can’t have it both ways. Either you silence about whites and their history of colonialism, or you shame your own peoples’ glorious past. Which is it going to be? Because you can’t crap on European imperialism while pridefully asserting that you’re an “Aztec Warrior” or something.

      1. No kidding. The only difference between European Colonialism and Aztec or Maratha conquest is that people can bitch about how evil the British Empire was on their laptops, iPads ad smartphones, which we have today largely in part due to the British Empire consolidating stable, global, trade.

      2. Damn, this is the best post summing up my feeling on the issue that I’ve seen in a while. Everything I’ve been thinking in the last 2 years summed up in three paragraphs, great job! Best post of RoK I’ve seen in months.

      3. 100% agree… People attack and single out European Colonialism because it is the latest example. Africa is so focused on being Anti European Colonialism that it blinds them to the fact that they are now slowly being taken over by the Chinese – but they are blind to it.
        There is a saying that everyone is always fighting the last war. It’s the same with the anti-facist groups in the West. They really think the next fascist movement will be white and look and dress like Hitler and the SS. It makes them blind to the real fascist threats that can come from other sources.
        I also think you have the same issue with slavery…slavery was used by practically every civilization since civilization began. In fact it still continues today, largely ignored. People would rather focus on one element of slavery’s history – primarily the trans atlantic slave trade.
        Is is that Europe and the European World (USA, Australia etc) is just the lastest big example of slavery and colonialism? Is it that the European World is one of the only places that allows these criticisms and attacks? Or is is that in the European World victim status is quite a lucrative past-time?
        Maybe all three…

        1. There are, in absolute numbers, more slaves in the United States today than in 1860, the arguable “height” of slavery in the American South. Are the SJW’s complaining about human trafficking? Yes, they are, a little. But not nearly as loudly as they complain about “white privilege” or people baking cakes.
          History is full of empires, kings, wars, slavery, genocide and very little peace. The only difference is that the areas touched by the British Empire (and to a much lesser extent other European Empires) are now flourishing economies with increased standards of living and education.
          The self-flagellation that Americans and Europeans have about their colonial empires is quite baffling. If you live in a first world nation, you owe most of the way you live your life to European Colonialism: paved roads, clean water, your fucking computer and the paper you wipe your ass with are all economic and technological marvels made possible by free trade secured by the Royal Navy during the Imperial Century.

        2. Have you ever heard Feminists campaign for the white underage girls abused in their thousands by muslim men in England, or about the Yazidi girls taken by ISIS and married off to fighters, or FGM? Or the way women are treated in black societies and by black gangs?
          Feminism is just part of the new International Socialist Movement – they join the other special interested groups and their target is whites and white men in particular.
          It’s important to them who the victim and the victimizer is. If the victimizer is not a white man then generally they are not interested.

        3. “There are, in absolute numbers, more slaves in the United States today than in 1860…”
          Do you have a source for this? I would liketo read it.

  3. Is it racist to celebrate Columbus Day? My answer is a variation on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. It is “Don’t Know Don’t Care”.

  4. Oh for crying out loud. NO! Yeah, F Columbus, not like he did anything, oh, significant or something like that.

  5. “Every single year on Columbus Day and Thanksgiving, people blow up my Facebook feed with anti-Columbus and anti-white posts and comments. ”
    Yet there are no complaints from them about having the day off.

  6. My family tree has Johnny Rebs, Billy Yanks, and Bushwhackers (Kansas-Missouri).
    My Viking ancestors went on a ‘world tour’ of trade, plunder, murder, and rampage.
    I can therefore say that my ancestry and heritage is truly and totally indiscriminate.

      1. You would think that.
        The extended family is very small and spread out; on my father’s side (the Confederate and Bushwhackers) has very few offspring; between my 5 great-aunts, you have 4 grandchildren (including me). The mother’s side (the Union) is slightly better in terms of offspring, but my parents divorced (and most of both sides are Southern / Westerners), so family doesn’t get together.
        On the other hand, I’ve found an E. European lady who is interested in being Mrs. Shadowofashade and producing her own football team (she’s young, and the offspring have a good chance of being red-headed).

        1. “See, multiculturalism isn’t so bad.”
          I view it more as ‘getting back to my roots” (Kievan Rus was rumored to be founded by Vikings, even though the Russians and Ukrainians understandably take a dim view of that theory). And to marry a Western woman would be insanity in the current day and age.
          In any case, I believe Spengler’s Universal Law #11 applies: At all times and in all places, the men and women of every culture deserve each other.

        2. The same reason I’m going for a good Mexican woman. Fortunately, like Eastern European girls, they have little, if any, exposure to Western, or rather, American “values”.

    1. Yes because all conquest and cultural achieve is good except white what is a genocide and the result of rob the knowledge of blacks and Asians. It’s anti white

  7. Saint Brendan and his 14 monks in their little currach of wattle and butter set sail in 900 AD across the north Atlantic and discovered all these exotic peoples way before CC.
    The “White Brother” who’s the reputed one that brought peace to their lands and came sailing from the east was most definitely old Saint Brendan from the last parish in the Kingdom of Kerry.

    1. Clearly you are mistaken. I am Irish to the bone, but around here it is established fact that Leif Ericson discovered America. There is even a statue to him that states this fact on the grounds of the state capitol.

      1. Is that Erik the Red! I haven’t heard him called Leif Ericson in years. He only got as far as Greenland so if you want to call that North America then you’re right. Otherwise it was Brendan and the boys who discovered North America.

    2. It doesn´t matter if they reached America first, they were unable to do anything with their discovery. The same applies to the Vikings. No matter how you put it, their journeys, didn´t change the history, Columbus travel did that.

        1. And right before saying “Bugger this for a joke, I’m going back to Celtic lands where there’s white pussy to slay. Literally.”

  8. Very enlightening. Seriously, I think people are fucking annoying and gay as fuck when they say stupid shit like that. They think they’re being smart but they’re just being humongous faggots.

  9. Anti-white bias, in Alaska? No way!
    I’ve heard it said; “If you aren’t biased against Native Alaskans you just haven’t been here long enough.” Apparently you can only be a bigot if you are white.

      1. Racism is the natural condition of all human beings. We really need to accept that and structure our societies with that reality in mind.

  10. You forgot about the Iroquois, Pawnee, and Apache. Known for their unquenchable bloodlust and boundless cruelty towards captives (particularly women and children). All had practice of ritualistic and sadistic torture and murder.
    And for any of you wondering about the military prowess of the Indians… (Excerpt from a French Jesuit 1660 on the Mohawk Iroquois ” None [are] more courageous when no resistance is offered them, and none more cowardly when they encounter opposition”)

        1. Warden of the Wilderness. That sounds worse than Toll Booth Worker. I heard an Indian on TV say that the White Man will never own anything in America. His point was cryptic, but, he meant that the Indians never owned the lands across America before the Europeans came, so how can the White Man now own them. I thought it was an interesting viewpoint, almost Marxist without realizing it.

        1. Do they dress up in native outfits for the tourists? Play their part in the “Great Story”.
          I remember watching all those old classic American westerns when I was a kid growing up. I loved the duality of it all. The good guys, the Cowboys and the bad guys, the Indians. It was simple, easy, old world entertainment, I sometimes was up for the Cowboys and other times the Indians. There was no ambiguity in this world…..we have to get back to viewing the world as it.
          A series of fleeting events that one has the unique right to judge by the virtue that it’s me, and no one else, who’s viewing the show! Now that’s real liberty of mind and spirit.

        2. Yes, I saw several of them dressed up and performing at a steakhouse in Montana. It was depressing to say the least. I don’t particularly like the Indians but I have a weary respect for them.

        3. Yes, it must be a bit sad that they’re reduced to doing this. I’ve always a slight graw for the underdogs in life. You can’t help but respect their fearsome prowess from former times.

        4. Sociopaths like you are incapable of anything close to true sympathy or respect. Instead you attach yourselves to false idols to fill the void of conscience.

        5. Around these parts, birth place of AIM (the American Indian Movement), there are tons of Indians everywhere. And with the growth of the casinos they are doing just fine and aren’t reduced to anything that I can see. It seems to have evened out; whites gave Indians small pox and alcohol, and Indians gave us tobacco and gambling.

        1. Spaniard rape apes = Native American Aztec Warriors
          This is liberal logic
          You want to try again?
          You know what you get when Mexicans take over an area? Mexico.

    1. kind of like europeans and killing people for not believing in Yahweh and burning them alive while everyone watched?you miss the irony here.europeans tortured tons of people for not believing ina false skygod !lol

  11. The Aztecs did do all of the above. Let’s not forget that Aztecs had nobility, and after the Conquest, they married with the Spanish, who actually admired the Aztec hierarchy, which was similar to their own. Not only that, many of the conquistadors either were nobles but with little or no land, or didn’t have a title and wanted in. In fact, there is still a House of Montezuma in Spain. But the dipshit Chicanos at LULAC and MeCha won’t tell you that. Too busy bitching against Speedy Gonzalez instead of, I dunno actually going to Mexico, and then not to get shitfaced and pick up hookers like every other American. So yeah, fuck you PCfied brown bastards.
    From a proud fair skinned American of Mexican descent.

    1. Aztecs sacrificed people as a religious ceremony. That explains why they managed to adapt Christianity. You know, except eating a wafer that’s supposed to be the body of Jesus is less messy than pulling out hearts, not to mention the baking of the wafers, as opposed to actually hunting down war captives, even if Aztecs were good at it.

      1. aztecs (mexica,they were forbidden to call themselves aztecs they called themselves mexica) were a small group of bandits from northern america and they do not represent most natives as there were tons of natives with their own societies and lifestyles just like caucasoids have their myriad of different societies,phenotypes and foods,religions and cultures.I dont see how a Tlingit is the same as a carib . .

      2. most Honduran,guatemalan oaxacan natives were peacefull and created the civilizations that the Meshika bandits from uto-aztecan homeland took over..they were kind of like the arabs and the persian or byzantine empires….a group of bandits from the wastelands that ruled over a preexisting advanced people.most native societies were pacifist and egaliterian and also matriarchal,its a reason whites always cherrypick certain natives but never talk about native culture as a whole.theres a reason they dont mention the Tainos and the queen hero Anacaona .

        1. Then you are writing off a ton of cultures. Every culture had human sacrifice and ritual cannibalism, if you go far enough back in time. It is also a commonality of the human condition which thankfully we seem to be making great strides in overcoming in recent centuries.

      1. But not all the time. To be fair, can’t blame Americans for going overseas for sex though. With liberal feminist tripe combined with conservative moralistic bullshit, Americans getting blue balls (or ovaries) must be a bitch.

  12. I’m of significant Native American descent; my maternal grandfather was 3/4 Cherokee, and a lot of my aunts, uncles and cousins are registered members of the tribe. Nevertheless, I have no issue with Columbus Day/Thanksgiving at all, and celebrate these holidays without any guilt. I’ve never understood the PC hate brigade against these holidays, which mostly seems to come from college SJW types who are 100% white. That being said, plenty of the Indian tribes were quite admirable and civilized, and behaved very differently from the ones the author describes. The Cherokee of the 1800’s, for example, had their own sovereign nation in the Southeast with its own Constitution, its own courts, and a level of industry comparable to that of the rest of the country. When their land was annexed under Andrew Jackson, the Cherokee Nation filed a lawsuit against the federal government that made its way up to the Supreme Court, rather than simply fighting back violently or waging war. A lot of other Indian tribes experienced a similar standard of living. The history of both the early white settlers (most of whom were not directly cruel or violent towards Natives), and the original Native Americans should be celebrated and admired by Americans today IMO, rather than censored or ignored for PC reasons.

    1. It’s good to get a more balanced appraisal of Native American culture, especially if you’re a non American. Tell me this- do you have any resentment towards the dominant white culture for what they did in the past, or, do Native Americans now accept that what was done should be consigned to history?
      I only ask, as I’m curious as I was having a discussion offline with a German colleague of mine quite recently, about the need for Germany to come to peace with its own past, especially for those generations born after the war. I think a statue of limitations has to apply at some point for the historical wrongs done.

      1. I myself don’t hold any resentment towards whites of nowadays for what happened, nor do I think they have a responsibility to make amends or feel guilt. I feel very strongly that everybody should be judged by their own actions alone, rather than those of their ancestors generations back. Additionally, plenty of white Americans who I know don’t even have ancestors who lived in the country at the time of Indian Removal; European groups like the Irish, Italians, Jews, etc. came to the country well after most of that had taken place. I view the situation with Germany in a similar manner. I’ve met plenty of Germans and know a decent amount about their culture, and never had the impression that the Nazi period of the 30’s and 40’s has any influence or bearing on the German culture of today.

        1. as an actual native myself,youre full of shit…native tribal membership is maternal and youre not a native by any stretch..and most natives want full reclamation of the american continent and alot support the Mexica Movement.

        2. It’s strange fact that the people who want to make us feel eternally guilty for the crimes of our fathers are generally young female SJW under the age of 30.

        3. I know, it’s very ironic. It’s also funny how these mostly white SJW gals tend to express guilt over their “white privilege”, but at the same time portray themselves as victims of patriarchy. Cognitive dissonance at its finest.

        4. I live in an area with a large tribal population on Reservations and off. There seems to be a good deal of resentment, anti white racism, and desire to get back at whitey for the stealing of their land. Of course, in my area, the Chippewa stole the land from the Sioux, and god knows who the Sioux stole it from first.

        5. I suspect the only way they can feign a little bit of “mia culpa” over being White female is by pretending to be a victim of “male patriarchy”

      2. youre not curious at all,you just want a validation for your white bullshit.Yes most natives that live on reservations hate whites and see them as thieves(they actually teach this to children there ins chool)

        1. Just because it is a troll does not mean he is not telling the truth. I live next to reservations and he is stating their attitude accurately.

      3. “about the need for Germany to come to peace with its own past”.
        There will be no forgiveness, that simply doesn’t exist and wont happen. They will be subjected to withering shame till they loose the will to exist and wither away. You can see that in the collapsed birth rate, the demoralised lack of action on this and the ‘suicide by endless refugee’ policies we are seeing. Modern media allows this kind of thing cradle to grave. In some way’s the rest of Europe will follow.
        One reason I like ROOSHV’s work is because I now as a fifty year old man feel proud, guilt and shame free to be a male. Imposed Guilt and shame can ruin your life. It has to be cast off.

    2. it always cherokee isnt it?lol cant you be more creative?almost all whites and blacks claim cherokee. theres a reason the Iroquois called you guys the den of snakes .

      1. The Cherokee were the largest of the Civilized Tribes and the largest out breeders, they also owned slaves and the relationship between masters and slave women…..

    3. The Cherokees were known as one of the five civilized tribes because they were among the first to adopt European culture. They could be credited for that.

    4. “Cherokee” is about the most meaningless tribal identification there is. Google on that.. It proves almost nothing of your ancestry. Yes, the Cherokee Nation is entitled have their own ID rules; it is not entitled to have us NOT laughing it behind their backs.

    5. Let me add that like their white neighbors, the Cherokee kept black slaves. And as far as the court case they filed to save their land they won. Andrew Jackson defied the courts and enforced the unconstitutional Indian Removal Act. Of course, the act was all about forcing the Cherokee to assimilate or get out. They could have avoided the trail of tears by simply agreeing to become regular citizens of Georgia. But they didn’t want to serve in the state militia and possibly have to fight against other Indians so they rejected assimilation. In the end they assimilated. I have worked with people with significant Cherokee lineage and unless they told me I would not have known. They seemed like regular white Americans to me.

      1. Maybe because their “significant” Cherokee lineage is a made up lie or because they had a 1/16 Cherokee aunt they think they are somehow related to the Cherokee.

  13. Notice that when leftists attack Columbus Day, they say Columbus discovered America “by accident.” It was just a coincidence that he ran into Central America. His European culture was really no more advanced than any other culture… Their attack is part of a contemporary racial war that sjws rage.

    1. Yeah, European culture/technology was no more advanced than the stone agers in the Americas. Point out to the proponents of this argument that the injuns had not even invented the wheel.

      1. Rodney Starks “How the West Won” notes that in the 9th century that 1/3rd of the estates around Paris had Water Mills and there were about 72 on the Sein in Paris itself. The Domesday Book (1086) reported 6500 Water mills (one for each 50 families) in England. The fictitious “Dark Ages” Europe developed highly efficient overshot water wheels. Windmills were similarly dispersed.
        Europe had abolished most slavery by this time. It seems wind and water power did much of the work and the crafts in creating it must have encouraged farther technology. European wagons had axels that turned/pivoted (romans lacked this), brakes and harnesses that allowed vastly heavier loads.
        The African empires seem to have been despotic.

    2. North America was more discovered by an Italian explorer called Amerigo Vespucci. A group of German map makers at the University of Strasburg, then named it after him. Continents have feminine names so his first name was feminised.

  14. The Injuns were savage. But the whites were even more savage. Let’s call a spade a spade. The victors write the history books, so up till the last few decades, the truth about white savagery was whitewashed and Injun savagery emphasized. Sure, there is a trend going the other way, and I typically disagree with those folks, but not so much here. Hitler was correct in often pointing to the American genocide of the Injuns as precedent for his destruction of Jews. We should not celebrate what was done. We should tell the truth about both sides and be fair.
    And here is one truth that your Cowboys and Injuns John Wayne movies didn’t tell you: It wasn’t the Injuns that invented scalping their victims, it was the Whites. (Factual source: A LITTLE MATTER OF GENOCIDE by Ward Churchill).
    Another inconvenient fact: many if not most of the Injun rampages against White settlers were caused by greedy, super-rich, oligarchical Americans like John Jacob Astor and their fur-trading henchmen. First, these white bastards would go in, exploit the hell out of the Injuns, and then the poor Injuns would get PO’d and retaliate against any whites they saw, which of course happened to be innocent white settlers. But it was WHITE RICH men who constantly incited that process (Factual source: THE HISTORY OF THE GREAT AMERICAN FORTUNES by Gustavus Myers).

    1. savages?yet half of you fuckers will praise raw fish eating savages called japs and romanticize their history lol most eastern natives were agricultural and had complete egaliterian societies ,womens rights,womens government,and complex architecture.lets not get into the Central american civilizations wich were more advanced than any other people.europeans were burning people alive for denying a skygod for christsakes.

      1. And Central American civilisations were killing children in order to placate their own skygods. What’s your point?

        1. Asking a kok to do some serious thinking? Come on Marcus, you know better than that.
          Regardless of his name, if he hasn’t mastered grammar yet, he’ll never have a handle on critical thinking.

      2. Correction: The Papacy was burning people alive for not bowing down to the Roman Pontiff. Rome doesn’t care what you worship, as long as you give licit to Rome first.

        1. Yes, Christianity was bad for about 1400 years but overall has been a positive influence the last 200 years or so. Most religions never have a positive influence.
          <- Former Christian turned deist

        2. How was the Papacy’s genocide of a million and a half Orthodox Serbians during WWII, all of which was headed up by lynchmobs of Franciscan and other priests, a positive influence?
          It is high time you started differentiating scriptural Christianity from Papal pretensions. No wonder you got out. You never understood what you were involved with in the first place. Neither do you know history.

        3. I cannot stand the Catholic church and never was a Catholic. Wasn’t aware of that part of its history. I’m more aware of Christianity’s history than you think. A lot more aware. To be fair my last 100 years of history is more limited to the Protestant side of the church than the Catholic but from say the Council of Nicea until the Renaissance I’m pretty knowledgeable on the Catholic church’s corruptions (and they were numerous)

      3. “egaliterian societies” – False
        “womens rights” – False
        “womens government” – I guarantee you, if the empire or gov’t was worth a damn, it wouldn’t have been run by women.
        “complex architecture” – Partially true, depends on the empire
        “europeans were burning people alive for denying a skygod for christsakes.” – But when we kill people for our skygod, it’s fine.

    2. Good points. Also, most people don’t know Adolf Hitler borrowed the famous “Nazi salute” from the Americans, who were doing it first. I mean, it’s just a hand salute, nothing evil in that, but the history books would never admit it.. after the war the Americans quickly changed the salute from hand in the air to hand over heart. Although you can still find old photographs showing the original salute in American schoolhouses… Just goes to show the whitewashing that goes on with history.

      1. “Also, most people don’t know Adolf Hitler borrowed the famous ‘Nazi
        salute’ from the Americans, who were doing it first. I mean, it’s just a
        hand salute, nothing evil in that, but the history books would never
        admit it.. after the war the Americans quickly changed the salute from
        hand in the air to hand over heart. Although you can still find old
        photographs showing the original salute in American schoolhouses…
        Just goes to show the whitewashing that goes on with history.”
        After the victory of the Union over the Confederacy, compulsory education (indoctrination) of children spread nation wide (previously it had been limited to Northern states like Massachusetts). Children starting from age five were made to daily “pledge allegiance” to the flag of “one nation, indivisible.” Of course the socialist who came up with the Pledge thought the “one nation, indivisible” line was the really important part.
        Bellamy then reflected on the sayings of Revolutionary and Civil War
        figures, and concluded “all that pictured struggle reduced itself to
        three words, one Nation indivisible.”
        Which is the victorious Northern interpretation of all USA history. After all, they didn’t fight the Civil War to end slavery, but only to preserve the Union at all costs.

      2. Actually he borrowed that salute (and tons of the symbols used by their propagandists) from the Romans, as did the Americans at the time. He didn’t get that from us, we both got it from a common source.

        1. Ah yes, I had forgotten the Romans used that salute as well. But do we really know who Adolf took the idea from? I mean today, if someone does that salute, we assume they are copying the Nazis, who were the most recent in a line of copycatters. Was Hitler looking back to antiquity or was he adopting a pro-statist ritual that another strong government of his day was using?

        2. Given as almost his entire propaganda symbol portfolio was a direct rip off of Rome, I’m guessing he went with that for the salute as well. If it had just been the salute without adopting basically the entire Julius Casear Collection of art and symbolism and such, then yeah maybe the U.S. but otherwise, doubtful. Just a hunch.
          Now where he *did* copy Americans is in how he set up his rallies. He adored American football games and all of the brass marching band music and pageantry, so he incorporated a lot of that into his major rallies, or so I’ve been told. It’s rather erie too, if you go to college football games, because if you’re familiar with some of the old film from the Nazi rallies there is a creepy amount of similarity on some points.

    3. Let me summarize all of George Nada’s and Spicynujac’s comments for the rest of you.
      “White people bad. Colored people good.”

  15. What happened was the doctrine of conquest. Plain and simple. The more powerful civilization wins and the less powerful one is either integrated in the winning civilization, migrates to new lands, or is destroyed. You don’t need to tinker with BS terms such as “equality” when you realize the doctrine of conquest is one of the most basic elements of the human condition.

  16. I’m part American Indian (10%), and SJW’s who cry about Columbus Day forget about the Prime Directive: Survival at all costs. The American Indians were conquered. End of Story. And just like Might is Right says, Morality does not even figure into the equation. There has been, and always will be, conflict and strife for territory, resources, and sexual access. Sure enough as the sun will rise tomorrow. Mother Nature requires that the genetic code is upgraded and refreshed from time to time.

  17. columbus killed and enslaved all the tainos in the caribbean islands,raped the women,tortured them for shiny metals etc
    also killing thousands if not more of them by way of smallpox.
    this is what Christianity represents.I dont support columbus day but I do support kill haole day for eactely these reasons ;)almost all whites think like this,that the killing and genocide of our people is justified on a jewish skygod and the false idea of a white race.
    a few facts:
    the united states of america had one of the most advanced societies on earth,as most natives on the eastcoast ans east of the missisippi were completely agrarian and had cities,pyramids and complex societies.
    the olmecs and central american societies were more advanced technologically than any european nation at the time and had the biggest cities in the world at that time,if no european barbarism and piracy had occurred then they would have been a world superpower by now with hightech living found in futurama and europens would still be battling it out in tribal skirmshes like world wars and protstant vs catholcis etc

    1. Dear Troll,
      You should learn how to spell and use grammar correctly. You give the game up, so easily. Why do you bother?
      Thank You

  18. Ill try and give an honest view of most native american societies(not cherrypicked outliers like OP):
    most Natives were not opposed to european presence in the Americas like europeans are with natives in their own land today
    they traded and intermingled with them.many criminals and traders assimilate in native tribes.also many black runaway slaves.the natives had good relations with the French,they traded and treated tribes fairly even assimilating many times. Canadian nations had good relations with the french but hated anglos.the same in Canada for the most part.
    what europeans started to do was backstab and kill off natives with diseases and also seize lands wich had resources needed for a tribes survival,they did this always thru treachery as natives always helped them and many times out of naievity agreed with them on their terms thinking the other side would respect their deal.
    the spanish were outright murderers and also used native tribes against native tribes then enslaving them both etc but atleast they were a bit more honest.
    its not european presence that we were against froma racial standpoint but how you acquired that land and the genocides and murders wich you imposed .
    but of course no Haole will ever admit his people were in the wrong and if eh does rarely will he follow those empty hollow words with actions,like supporting indgenous centralamerican people immigrating and taking their land back.its all empty sympathy.atleast the commenters here are more honest,and I can thus be more direct about my full support for the Zionist plan for europe and white peoples.

    1. You hate the white man yet 90% of everything you consume on a daily basis comes from the white man — including the computer and Internet you are on right now.
      How do you rationalize hating someone you pretty much depend on? Because the white man’s ancestors conquered and killed your ancestors? Well I’m sure your ancestors no doubt conquered and killed someone else’s ancestors. So you are in no position to point fingers.

    2. “what europeans started to do was backstab and kill off natives with diseases”
      LOL. Because Columbus genetically engineered smallpox for the specific purpose of killing off native populations. Welcome to survival of the fittest.

    3. “I can thus be more direct about my full support for the Zionist plan for europe and white peoples.”
      But trust me guise, I’m like full-blooded native here! Certainly not some pos antifa or jidf bullshit.

    1. Ah, right, I see you’ve consulted the 1590 census data and then compared that data with the central database containing the recorded cumulative notch count tallied each time a white killed an AmerInd anywhere on the continent. As I understand it, whites were compelled by law to send their monthly notch count of killed Injuns to New England for tabulation. Good work that, we’d be nowhere without those numbers!

  19. Yes, many of the native tribes were brutal and violent. Many were not. The Europeans arrived, and for the most part, found different looking people and decided they wanted to kill them.
    Columbus was a brave man with an independent explorer streak in him, but I’m not sure he rises to the level of national holiday.
    Remember, ultimately, what the Europeans did was to introduce technology and advancement to a more primitive people, and therefore accelerate us to the stage we are at today. In my view, it’s hard to see that as a good thing.
    Of course, the delicious irony is that so many SJWs, in their blinded hatred of the heterosexual white male, claim to support the traditional lifestyle of the native tribes, where women had clearly proscripted roles, and no fatness or clown hair would be tolerated.

    1. It is SJW propaganda that Europeans arrived and “decided they wanted to kill them.” The East India Company very expertly manipulated the Indian nobles from the various factions in order to allow the Company to prosper. In North America, most colonists weren’t interested in fucking with the natives; they wanted to avoid them.
      In Africa, it was more about unlocking the secrets of the “dark continent” than deciding they wanted to “kill brown people.”
      While at times Europeans did mean shit, the natives were doing mean shit to each other long before white people arrived. Further, it was actually quite rare that Europeans just straight-up decided to start murdering brown people. Exploiting, quite often. Murder, almost never. In fact, the Indian Marathas were more ruthless when it came to slaughtering civilians than the Company or the Raj.

    2. Speak for the British’s. The Spaniards obviously didn´t mean to kill the natives, otherwise, most of Latinamerica would be white, not Mestizo or mulatto.

  20. Excellent article. This idea that there even existed an America before Columbus is silly. This idea that the Americas were some sort of Garden of Eden demonstrates an incredible ignorance of the history of the mongoloids of the Americas. The injuns should be grateful that Europeans colonized the two continents.

    1. Thanks. “Human History becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.”–H.G. Wells
      Despite a push for higher education in the Western World, Truth is losing the war against Ignorance.

  21. No one living today was involved in Indian wars or enslavement of blacks. There is no such thing as inheritable guilt.

  22. I liked this article but feel that publishing it at the end of October kind of missed the boat.

  23. There were white Europeans in the Americas before Columbus who conquered nothing and didn’t stay long.
    Today’s world is due to his being backed by an efficient economic and military organization that had already colonized Atlantic islands and lands won back from Islam and by people from the Mediterranean bringing diseases that weren’t prevalent in Scandinavia and less developed regions of Britain. The latter were beyond the technological grasp of anyone of the day to deal with effectively.

  24. They … brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks’ bells. They willingly traded everything they owned… . They were well-built, with good bodies and handsome features…. They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane… . They would make fine servants…. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want. – Colombus on the Arawaks
    Bartolome de las Casas describing the natives of Cuba:
    Marriage laws are non-existent men and women alike choose their mates and leave them as they please, without offense, jealousy or anger. They multiply in great abundance; pregnant women work to the last minute and give birth almost painlessly; up the next day, they bathe in the river and are as clean and healthy as before giving birth. If they tire of their men, they give themselves abortions with herbs that force stillbirths, covering their shameful parts with leaves or cotton cloth; although on the whole, Indian men and women look upon total nakedness with as much casualness as we look upon a man’s head or at his hands.
    The Indians, Las Casas says, have no religion, at least no temples. They live in
    large communal bell-shaped buildings, housing up to 600 people at one time … made of very strong wood and roofed with palm leaves…. They prize bird feathers of various colors, beads made of fishbones, and green and white stones with which they adorn their ears and lips, but they put no value on gold and other precious things. They lack all manner of commerce, neither buying nor selling, and rely exclusively on their natural environment for maintenance. They are extremely generous with their possessions and by the same token covet the possessions of their friends and expect the same degree of liberality. …
    Endless testimonies . .. prove the mild and pacific temperament of the natives…. But our work was to exasperate, ravage, kill, mangle and destroy; small wonder, then, if they tried to kill one of us now and then…. The admiral, it is true, was blind as those who came after him, and he was so anxious to please the King that he committed irreparable crimes against the Indians….
    Varies by tribe, but sound like good people to me

  25. Cultures are like biological organisms. when they encounter a more complex and developed one they simply get eaten.
    movement is the essence of life and survival, when the “white” arrived to america he had to do what he had to do in order to survive and expand. life and civilization is friction and blood. conflict is what gave us our modern world. you either understand the natural laws and live according to them or die trying to change the unchangeable.
    racial differences do exist like it or not. I was once a firm believer in the multiculturalism bullshit until one day I went to live in a neighborhood of mainly black people (as a white Berber) And I have seen what multiculturalism is supposed to be. and then I clearly seen that the greatest racists are black people.
    N.B : Stop claiming that Egypt was black. we don’t want some black duds living in america that have never set foot to north africa start wet dreaming and speaking about the people living there and that they have never met. Ancient Egyptians (the ancestors of modern Egyptians), Berbers, Greeks …. etc all belong to the Mediterranean race which is a branch of the Caucasoid race.

    1. Ancient Egypt ran down to sudan and there was ancient black pharoahs to with many wall paintings of africans also the sphinx nose is black that face looks like a black mans face white people cannot survive in that climate there was no sunscreen back then

      1. the problem with Afrocentrism is that it look like a big not funny joke that we are supposed to laugh at.
        saying that ancient Egypt was black like saying that america is a black nation because america have obama. nevertheless Egypt had some “black” pharaohs but mainly in the south and this was after the decline of the “grandeur” of egypt.
        ancient Egyptians distinguished themselves from blacks and other neighboring races (fig 1 : Berber, Black, Semite, Egyptian)
        another fallacy that black people try to convince us with is that they are one sole race that are united under the armpit of sheikh Anta diop, which is of course utter nonsense, black tribes used to butcher each other and sell there kins in the slavemarket, and until nowadays blacks are still fighting against each other and chopping each other with machetes (ex : the recent riots of south africa).
        anyhow civilization and culture are fluid and contagious: even after the fall of a great civilization and dynasty you can still find remnants of it’s grandeur buried under the layers of the population psyche.
        for instance the day Arabs and Berbers decide to throw actual islam for something like sufism or revised Islam you will quickly see them joining the west and the far east in there advancements( speaking of technology and basic human rights). and even with Islam they still manage to do well (knowing that pure Islam is a great handicap). and you can still wonder around in north Africa, Greece, middle east and see the landmarks of great civilizations of centuries ago. while in Africa you can still admire the mud huts and lip disks women 🙂

  26. Friendly reminder that racism is a good thing. It is required for cultural and more importantly racial survival. We have a problem with racism alright – we don’t have enough of it.

  27. Mark Twain once criticized James Fenimore Cooper for glorifying the “noble savage” (and being a terrible author, which is what made the piece hilarious). He made basically the same observations about, what, 150 years ago?

  28. I respect Columbus for all that he did. But the fact remains, you can’t DISCOVER a place when thousands of people already live in that place. That would be called “visiting”. Plus, there are countless artefacts of the Vikings coming to America way before Columbus. But they can’t be given credit because they didn’t massacre the native population, right?

    1. Actually the Vikings that established Vinland were none too fond of the Skraelings (indigenous folk) and had no shortage of problems with them.

  29. My Favorite part in Apocolypto was when the Main Character see’s the European ships, and Mel Gibson strategically places the Cross in the shot. Christianity removed a lot of the savagery in the Americas. Also, I got 10% Black-Foot Indian in me, and I’m glad I’m not livin in a T-Pee, I think this country is on a White inquisition because the Black President is getting his revenge or “Social Justice”, even though it’s on people who had nothing to do with Slavery/Black Oppression.

  30. Just read the wiki on Columbus, had to be a hell of a man to live through the sailing & exploring he did. From hood winking the Indians with astronomy to survive & gifting Carib dimes to his homies, we salute you.

  31. I guess we can celebrate ISIS leader Al Baghdadi He represents an ideal and an inspiration for allowing the creation of a country that worked hard, shed hundreds of thousands of lives to unite people and give them a better life

  32. This is just ignorant. No one said “natives=good” “whites=bad” (in fact non-natives made up that hippy perfect native stereotype) but what happened to the Native Americans was fucked up and can’t be justified on any scale, including petty tribal wars when in general many tiny native populations in North America existed for thousands of years and many became extinct only after the British came over. No Native North American tribe practiced sacrifice as a part of the culture. Also the American tribes from Mexico or Central America has nothing to do with the North American tribes who interacted with the British.
    I’m a native and my family celebrates thanksgiving as an excuse to eat good food.

    1. Yeah, those petty thousands and thousands of Aztec sacrifices. Sure.
      Don’t you have a sandwich to make or something?

      1. That was in Mexico. Stick to the part of North America where the British interacted in since thanksgiving has nothing to do with Mexico. And sure daddy.

    2. Fucked up? Probably. However, it existed in every culture in every land for as far back as we have recorded history. It’s only been in the last 100 years or so that we as human beings have been relatively peaceful with other races and other “tribes”. Not like Native Americans (of which I’m 1/16 Cherokee) didn’t war with each other all the time either. Besides, most of what killed NAs was disease AND the most recent heinous crime the US govt did was in WW2 when we put Japanese Americans in concentration camps and confiscated most of their valuable assets yet you don’t hear Japanese Americans (aka Americans) bitching about it. In fact, they out-earn whites now.

      1. The worst thing in North American history is what happened to the Native Americans, but Americans are generally ignorant about that part of history because schools don’t go into much detail about it and downplay what happened. And they fail to do the research for themselves. And no is bitching here.

        1. I disagree that schools don’t go into it. Mine did and all my sports friends schools did and we lived in the deep south. The thing is all of those things happened 150-300 years ago (aka 7 to 14 generations ago) AND was a common thing every where in the globe until the last 60-70 years which is why I don’t think they get a lot of sympathy (that and most were fighting themselves and if as we believe today – most died from disease – even just meeting Europeans would have killed 90% of their population even if the Euros were complete pacifists)

        2. Maybe it was enough for you. But i had a native studies teacher who admitted a whole semester of that class daily didn’t even scratch the surface of things to make the class understand the gist of native history.
          Europeans have a mindset of finding one “simple solution” to everything. But everything connects to a web, with multiple factors influencing each aspect.
          Anyway this trailed away from the main point i was trying to make.

        3. If the point of education is to better people and prepare them for careers and living, why does the average person need an entire semester on it? It’s pretty easy to get 80% of the overview out in a few days of how bad it was.
          Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? It’s referred to in business a lot but it also is true in most aspects of life. There are varieties but in general you get 80% of the gain on something with 20% of your time and spend 80% of your time on the last 20% of the gain. Unless you need to be an expert in something (like I am with finance/economics), the average person is better off with the 20% of your time for 80% of the gain.

  33. Isn’t it fairly obvious, even to the critics, that Columbus Day is celebrated for his exploration, not whatever he did to the natives?
    Butthurt for the sake of butthurt is a common leftist strategy to invoke group conflict. Since nobody is a saint, they can always find some issue about a person or work to use as excuse to tear down that person. Unless forced to admit the nuances, the left prefers to live in a very black-and-white, good-vs-evil world

  34. I suppose that colonial Europe’s model of pillaging other people’s land and raping their women was justified, since it compensated by establishing a more peaceful and prosperous society. I mean, contemporary America has very low rates of homicide and sexual violence. It never incarcerates its citizens in the interest of the state, and it certainly does not engage in any form of human sacrifice that involves young men being forcibly deployed into foreign countries.
    Thanks to the almighty Columbus, America is free of the Comanche-style “gang rape” that existed prior to his heroism. If you don’t celebrate Columbus Day, YOU are a racist.

  35. Why do they call it “white guilt” when most of the killing, stealing and raping was done by Spanish and British people? They are just a small part of the white people and totally different than other white people.
    I’m not sure why white people from Russia or Poland should feel guilty, because the Spanish and British went ape shit with their colonialism. Some other Western European nations joined the competition, but the Spaniards and British did the most damage.

  36. this is why nobody takes real neomasculinity serious. Look at the comment section… People are talking about africans when the article has absolutely nothing to do with that. we will never be able to be on one accord. The website is mostly for bitter white trash to post about how blacks are monkeys or whatever lol. The reality is we are all men intertwined in a battle to protect what little we can and tip the scale the other way, against senseless diversity, feminism, free government handouts, etc.. i don’t give a fuck about what color you are, i just want you to act american. not a ghettto loser, not a piece of white trash, not some camel jockey, not some beaner, but an american. some of you can’t grasp that.

    1. exactly. This is the most sensible comment in this whole forum. When you call other races inferior or monkeys you expose your deep seated racial insecurities. No one is ever objective about their own race. We must rise above our own innate tendency to feel superiors to others. We are acting as badly as women.

  37. The reality is that white people ended slavery before everyone and still we are the only demographic blamed for participating in it. Native americans were enslaving eachothers well before Europeans got there…

  38. Christopher Columbus’ original intention was to trade with India and even possibly with China and to find shorter cut to reach Eastern part of Asia without having to cross through the Middle East. Somehow he landed on western hemisphere and thought that he found India which is how Native Americans got the word “Indians” and hence we have words to distinguish differences of “west indies” (Caribbean) and “east indies” (Asiatic Indians).
    Native Americans have variety of tribes and if you want to get real technical, it’s weird calling them “Native Americans” because America is a continent named after Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. You have America (a continent of North America and South America) although in today’s terminology, America is just synonymous with United States (Americans). But there is another country in South America called Columbia and isn’t Columbia named after Columbus even though Columbus didn’t land on South America. Most countries in the world are named after European explorers and rulers. Even Philippines (Asian country) is named after King Philips (European). Most of nations in Africa was divided and partitioned among various of European power. If you look at the geography today and most of the country names, it owes a lot to the European explorers. Yeah sure there was killing, looting and raping but at the same time without the European explorers, we wouldn’t have been in what is today.
    What’s so racist about Columbus day? It wasn’t a big deal in the past until few idiots tried to make it a big deal.
    History should be taught exactly as it is with no emotions being involved because it hurts other people’s feelings. This whole “you hurt my feeling”, “I”m offended” is getting out of hand.

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