3 Reasons Why Only Unmasculine Men Vote Democrat

Emasculation mixed with extreme masochism is the best way to describe those men who opt for Democratic candidates in local, state, gubernatorial, congressional, and presidential elections. By basically every measure, Democrats regard the most trivial issues for women (such as Twitter “abuse”, manspreading, and mansplaining) as more important than the most significant issues for men (male suicide, homelessness, overrepresentation as victims of violence and many others).

In objective terms, voting Democrats only benefits those men who can publicly capitalize on defining themselves as a liberal, including authors, public commentators, Hollywood celebrities and others who need clear and incontrovertible self-promotion. And this itself depends on substituting one’s own self-interest for the health of the American nation.

This all said, cuckservatives exist in growing numbers. They and even proper conservatives are not blameless, far from it, for standing by and giving declared leftists significant room to eviscerate society. The engine rooms for stigmatizing men, however, are Democratic electoral and legislative offices, Democratic rallies and all manner of other breeding grounds for the Democrats’ pathological hatred of masculinity.

Lobbied by SJWs, whose demonstrations attract a minuscule number of people, the DNC and its representatives continue to make decisions that unabashedly demonize 50% of the population, most notably heterosexuals of Caucasian descent.

1. Democrats blame men for the state of American finances but court female and minority votes with welfare programs and privileges

There’s no point taking a current photograph of the National Debt Clock. It’s always rendered outdated less than a second later.

America is broke. End of story. With debt at over 100% relative to GDP, all that happens every time Congress avoids a debt crisis is that the proverbial can is kicked down the road. Democrats conveniently blame men, the male leadership class or (male) Wall Street bankers, forgetting that the biggest accelerant of the gargantuan US national debt has been the debilitating welfare programs initiated by liberals. The zealous faithful following the DNC Donkey have mollycoddled for years entire demographic groups with the promise of an ever flowing welfare tap.

The problem is not just that the Democrats have sucked in millions over decades to try and pursue their catastrophic policies. They have also tragically primed many in multiple generations to seek the instant gratification of welfare and spending via massive public deficits. Democrats win elections on the basis of training their targets to never care about the United States in 20 years’ time. Much or most of the population is unwilling to forgo rewards now to escape disaster or ruin in the future. The teat must keep on flowing, they scream, and much like Pavlov’s Dog, they salivate when Democrats ring the welfare bell.

While women of all races can play the (single) motherhood, domestic violence, and workplace discrimination cards to claw many more advantages, men of color are institutionalized into thinking that the old white capitalist and patriarchal society is against them and only the government, not their own drive and skills, can save them from abject poverty. The juxtaposition of “we believe in you, black men of America” and “but you need our support all the time” has the effect of the latter dominating and then totally eclipsing the former. Democrats need victims and they must continually create them or maintain them.

2. Democrats treat every white male as a beneficiary of immense privilege and a potential violent oppressor

Or so SJWs say…

Ignoring the vast socio-economic disparities between different Caucasians in America, Democrats play the perennial race card of white privilege, particularly for white men. Many white people, especially young students, even get a kick out of constantly emphasizing how they are unfairly privileged. This may bode well for people happy to participate in the further regression of society (or those pursuing lucrative political or SJW careers) but it speaks volumes about a growing bigotry against individuals just because they have a certain skin hue and biological sex.

If Democrats feel this way about what is a majority of men, it says enough already about why only emasculated men vote for them. According to this narrative, girls like Malia and Sasha Obama are bigger victims and non-beneficiaries of privilege than a Scots-Irish-descended trailer-park dweller in the Florida Panhandle. In less dramatic comparisons, the daughters of the American middle-class receive a cut-out pass to label themselves as eternal victims while the sons of white blue collar workers who didn’t finish high school supposedly gained a winning lottery ticket at birth.

Hitherto untouchable white SJW feminists are already finding themselves on the receiving end of the “Shut up, I’m a woman who’s a person of color” slingshot. To cover their bases and maintain SJW unity after an overextension that is now biting them in the ass, expect that white and other feminists will shake off many of their previous inhibitions about drawing in larger numbers of non-white male targets. And this means you if you or your recent ancestors were named Jose, DeMarcus, Ming or something similar.

3. Democrats support finding a man guilty of rape by SJW academics without a trial

It is shocking to think that Democrats like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand have sons. They support the ability of universities to publicly find someone to be a rapist without a trial and have them kicked out of college, ruining their lives.

Was your neighbor accused of dodging his taxes last year? He had to face a court. Was his wife accused of shoplifting? She had to face a court. In countless American universities, however, self-congratulating academics and other officials have handed down rape “conviction” after rape “conviction,” fully supported by a vast majority of Democratic representatives in almost every state legislature and certainly in the US Congress. This legal anomaly, coincidentally, only affects men, at a time when responses to surveys are perceived as findings of fact about rape.

Despite men not being sent to jail over college “convictions,” the consequences for those caught in the web of Orwellian pseudo-jurisprudence are bleak. “Guilty” defendants are thrown out of their degrees and expelled for perpetuity, exposed to a lifetime of professional blacklisting, and constantly in fear about the next exclamation of “Rapist!” Time and time again, this reality is brushed aside by the Democratic Party.

The people who fill so-called college rape tribunals come from the same crowd of folks pumping out patently false theories that all women are oppressed by all men, that society itself oppresses all women and that all men are beneficiaries of rampant male privilege, from the Walmart cashier earning eight dollars an hour to the billionaire tycoon raised in poverty.

It is terribly unsurprising that Democrats would support this mob, as every faulty university craze from the wage gap myth to the idea of systemic police brutality against African-Americans is picked up by the DNC and used as a template for crafting their purported policies.

The modern Democratic Party is an existential threat to men and the United States

…or just avoid voting for them…

In their endless quest for an era of total dominance over the Republicans, Democrats have ignored any concept of national interest in favor of politics itself. Aside from a gated elite, men and male interests are regarding as pawns to be used in keeping their power.

When the race card is exhausted, guaranteeing the votes of black and Latino men and women, the DNC and its agents move to the gender card, knowing that their minority male voters and self-loathing white male voters have already been inculcated sufficiently and will not shift.

One of the easiest ways to practice using your masculinity is to not support the party constantly trying to emasculate you.

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224 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Only Unmasculine Men Vote Democrat”

  1. Glad to see this article also calls out Cuckservatives (aka false conservatives).
    White male Democrats and new-age Hispanic and Black Democrats are the most pathetic people I’ve ever known.

    1. Ricardo,
      One childhood friend of mine, who was a brilliant and handsome man, bought into the whole leftist utopia cool aid and his superiority to unbelievers such as myself. I told him he was throwing me under the bus for his beliefs and he told me I was being selfish.
      In the end, however, his girlfriend treated him like crap. She insisted he pay for everything and when he had financial problems, she threw him out and he literally lived under a bridge for half a year. Yes, like a troll. Now he has a job and she took him back and he lives like a serf and she spends his paycheck while he preaches that women are oppressed.
      He sought to throw me under the bus and when I left, he threw himself.
      If you think about it, that’s a totally fair thing to happen. It’s correct and just.

  2. The gender voting gap has changed to favor men. Yes. 54% of women voted Democrat in the last presidential election while 62% of men did. Even adjusting for population with women comprising 52% of voters, men have about a 6% lead. Why?
    Married women are going to vote in their husband’s interests. Getting him laid off so some other woman can get more pay for “equal” work isn’t going to help her any.
    And on the other hand, the welfare state doesn’t help women as much as one might think either. Most of the goodie bag that women get in Sweden such as 2 year paid maternity leave has not materialized while the welfare state is largely a burden on most professional and working class women. Sure, the “sisterhood” benefits when millions of women are on welfare, but a women’s own personal interests aren’t defined by the sisterhood. Their primary concern, if they’re good mothers, is their own families and children.
    About 2/3d’s or more of white males “got it” and don’t vote Democrat. On the “electorate college white male map” (google it), the only states that would carry a Democrat today with a white male vote are north of California and North of Pennsylvania. Even Illinois white males have fled the party.
    The Democratic party does have significant support and solidarity in their ranks because bashing white males is popular. It’s like everyone in school picking on the new kid. When the left says they are for “minority” rights, they define minority not by numbers but by race. Mexico is full of “minorities”. Ironically, they are against minority rights. But there is one critical flaw to their ugly, racist populism:
    When white male bashing no longer is unquestioned or taboo in the American political system as immigration is currently being debated, the left’s various splinter ethnic groups will have little else to bind them together. Single mothers, gays, Islamicists, Latinos have little in common with each other.

    1. I disagree. I don’t think mothers even care about the interests of their own sons. They honestly care more about some “oppressed” girl they aren’t even related to 10,000 miles away. I think American women care more about ensuring Afghan girls can go to school than about the education of their own sons or what the specter of false rape accusations means for the college experience of their sons. Women have a hive mentality.

      1. One thing about reading this forum, and being in the dating scene, is that it provides a disproporate view of humanity and femininity.
        Most women and men are probably apoliitcal and think about different matters. They got married early, have kids, and get along and we don’t “see” them. One big issue with most of them is immigration which Trump has tapped into, for example.
        The sisterhood type women more often than not wind up single because they drive away good men and go after bad boys. That’s why there are so many of them out there.

  3. How about not voting? Seriously, anyone who still thinks voting counts for something, is a moron. I repeat, a moron. The entire politcal and economic establishment is corrupted, that there is no actual distinction between political parties. All of them are the same- lobbying, campaign donations, serving the interests of Wall Street, the Bilderberg Group etc.
    You think its bad now, oh boy, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The Central Banks are now implementing negative interest rates. Thats right- legalised theft of your money. Here are some articles for your reading:

      1. Exactly. George Carlin was ahead of his time. He spoke the truth about politics and how it all really worked.
        Yet, there are still people going on about democrat this, and republican that, as if any of it matters. Well here is something for ROK readers to ponder about:
        -Over 100 MILLION AMERICANS OUT OF WORK!!! That is a third of the nation’s population!
        The economy has collapsed and we are now in a DEPRESSION! The banks are going to implement bail ins, negative interest rates and eventually, the abolition of cash.
        People need to start waking up.

        1. Yeah. 100 million out of work, almost as many as those who voted (around 125 million) last time. And yet over the next two years countless resources and time will be devoted to discussing the election, while nothing substantial will be done to end the depression.

        2. You’re gonna have a tough time convincing anyone on this article. There are still so many dumbasses who still believe in voting, elections and democracies, that it doesn’t surprise me why the vast majority of society are fucking stupid.

        1. You do know that he was a Liberal and dedicated many segments of his stand-up to bashing right-wingers? I thought people on this garbage site considered Liberals, and I quote from an above comment, “literally mentally ill.”?
          With another wonderful person chiming in “I prefer “evil”. Makes it so much easier when considering how I will treat them come any major nationwide catastrophe.”
          I’m sure Carlin would love the great people around here. Pining for social collapse so you can kill(rape?) your ideological opposites. That’s some family value stuff right there.

        2. Carlin bashed many people (including right and left). You’re entitled to your opinion..we just don’t see eye to eye on it. He was for free speech so he’s good with me.

    1. Because people in the Orthodox Church of the Left will get out and vote and do more damage than they do already.

      1. “Because people in the Orthodox Church of the Left will get out and vote and do more damage than they do already.”
        Which means that the collapse will come that more quickly, and the rebuilding process can start that much sooner.

      1. Voting is the single biggest, dumbest waste of time in th world. Also, voting disqualifies you from discussing or complaining about the issues.

        1. Voting is the culmination of a process that a citizen should be engaged in at least a few days per month throughout the cycle. Of course, that is not the way it works because it has become simply an extension of slactivism where you show up, tell the world what you want, and then sit on your ass for another 2, 4 or 5 years (depending on the jurisdiction) while complaining about shit in your blog posts.

        2. Which is insane because no one who votes, imho, has any right to complain about the system.

        3. Generally, I would agree with you. The major problem is that you have these gigantic media corporations – and in Canada one that takes a billion dollars a year from the taxpayers – who almost unanimously pitch for the leftist, liberals, socialist, progressive agenda.
          I have not looked at a lot of studies here in Canada but based on exit poll data from the US presidential elections a few sobering thoughts come to light. Barring the idea that Democrats would actually change their tact (an unrealistic assumption if they were facing losing power) Republicans would win every election on the following terms:
          1) Only men voted
          2) Only whites voted
          3) High school drop outs could not vote
          4) Post graduates, PhD candidates and others over educated and far to clever by half could not vote.

        4. Unless the terrible new ideas are brought in by someone you voted against-you can then say you fought them. I can’t vote yet in my country (Canada), but if I could, I would’ve voted in the Conservatives, who wanted to ban the niqab and continue the fight against ISIS; they were tough on foreign policy.
          Instead, the Liberals were elected, and they’ve already pulled our aircraft from the airstrikes against ISIS and wants to let in more refugees.
          When people tell me we pulled out because we shouldn’t be involved, then I’ll say that taking in refugees is getting involved. I’m not xenophobic, just big on border defense.
          If you don’t vote, then you help that other guy you REALLY don’t want to get in.

        5. I don’t believe voting helps or hurts anyone. It is like pushing the elevator button 100 times. It doesn’t make the elevator come any faster. It is just one more thing to distract morons. I like the term “participation in the scenario of power.”
          Meanwhile, I don’t think that people who vote have any right to complain. They are too personally involved to have valid opinions. Like parents of murdered children commenting on a child being murdered. They are too close to the crime, too emotionally involved to have a valid opinion.
          By stepping back and not participating in the whole bullshit system you allow yourself the distance to see things with objectivity and validity. It is a no brainer I would think. On the one hand you participate, have zero impact, do nothing but make your self feel better and loose all ability to objectively see the situation for what it is.
          On the other, you have the same amount of direct impact, that is to say none, but maybe more indirect impact by gaining a better understanding.

      1. You’re an idiot. He mentioned exactly what is wrong about this country- buffoons like yourself who still believe in the system.

        1. You’re an idiot if you honestly think it doesn’t matter. I don’t believe in the system. Government should be cut down immensely. You jackass.

        2. Dumbass- it doesn’t matter. Do you still believe in a democracy? Jesus fucking christ. Get your head examined.

        3. It doesn’t matter who is in charge or what the size of government is you jackass. The elites at the top (the Central banks, bilderberg group) are the ones who control the world.

        4. It does. I believe in liberty above all. That means smaller government and getting rid of the left that plagues this country.

        5. “It doesn’t matter who is in charge or what the size of government is you jackass.” So you are one of those little shits that scream, it’s all the same. First level thinker.

        6. You fucking idiot. You still think there is a difference between the left and right in politics? They’re all the same you fucking asswipe.
          Wall Street has bought and owned all of them.

        7. It does matter whose in control. Last I heard real conservatives can still get elected and still make changes. The shity part is that most republicans are really liberals.

        8. Locally and at state level you’ll find a lot of right wing GOP. Once they hit national level a lot of them are filtered out or quit before they can get anywhere due to the strong leftist Establishment GOP power brokers.

        9. There is a lot of truth in that. I’ve watched Ohio polticis for years and it was always the case when the new guys went to DC they would go native within a drop of a hat.

    2. “How about not voting?”
      There is a cynical part of me that desires to hear on election night, “And [X state]’s electoral votes go to…[write-in candidate]”
      My immediate choice for this strategy would be Beelzebub, because
      1) it might actually work (through human nature), and
      2) it comes in with a handy built-in slogan:
      “Vote Beelzebub: He’s not the lesser of 2 evils”.

        1. ” back a couple of decades ago”
          That was in my blue-pill ‘nice Christian’ days. Didn’t hear of it.
          There was also “General Zod For President” in 2008 and 2012.
          Whatever would get the electoral votes would be fine by me. I’m thinking the most likely guinea pig for this stunt would be the Left Coast (Washington, Oregon, California).

        2. I am still considering taking out a membership in the Canadian Rhino Party, but as a expat it doesn’t make a lot of sense to carry the card.

    3. Dude, just because it’s corrupt doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote. Do you seriously think that there would be no difference in our society if Romney won? Or McCain? No Obamacare is a pretty big difference.

      1. “Do you seriously think that there would be no difference in our society if Romney won? Or McCain?”
        Romney or McCain would have meant that instead of taking the bus to Hell, we take the handbasket.

        1. I get it. I’ve heard all those cliches. But Romney wanted to mandate E-verify, which would have made a lot of illegals self-deport, making our country a little bit better. Meanwhile, Obama does the opposite. He sues American companies for not hiring illegals and calls it “citizenship discrimination. Dems = SJW. Sure, Romney would have been in favor of tax cuts for billionaires, etc. I’m not saying Republicans are the second coming of Christ. But when ROK readers lament how shitty our system has become, they are mainly lamenting specific Liberal policies, whether they know it or not. Violence Against Women Act. Welfare. The ever-broadening legal definitions of “abuse,” “rape,” and “sexual harassment.” Colleges are going nuts over “rape” because Obama pressured them to “do something” about the rape “epidemic.” You want to see less of that crap? Not voting is not enough. You should vote for the other guy, even if he is also an evil, corrupt politician.

        2. ” But when ROK readers lament how shitty our system has become, they are mainly lamenting specific Liberal policies”
          The liberal policies come about because of the increased number of people able to vote (at the very least, a positive correlation exists between government size, budget, # of Democrats elected, and the ability of women to vote in the US – https://tinyurl.com/q42t5x7).
          Until the voting eligibility criteria of the country is changed, any attempt to ‘vote in’ change is roughly analogous to curing skin cancer with a Band-Aid.

        3. “The liberal policies come about because of the increased number of people able to vote”
          So the liberalism came about through people formerly unable to vote now *voting*. So voting does matter.

        4. “So the liberalism came about through people formerly unable to vote now *voting*.”
          Because the women nagged and complained and protested about how ‘unfair’ it was. And men, following in the steps of Adam, gave in.
          “So voting does matter.”
          It DID (past tense) matter. Now it DOES (present tense) not matter when every election hinges on which side generates the most female tingles.
          Edit: There is a semi-plausible way to restrict the vote without it coming out that it’s anti-female suffrage, but I’m not posting it here.
          The solution is go Solzhenitsyn (https://tinyurl.com/pyyh4ur):

          1. Survive, marry, have as many children as possible. Parasitize resources from the Revolutionary State in order to survive.
          2. Preserve the culture. Cling tenaciously to religion, custom, language. Assume “assimilated” disguise to avoid becoming a target of the Revolutionary State.
          3. Build non-institutional links. Form a separate, sub rosa civilization. Associate, do business with, give and receive favors to/from “our people” only, never “them.”
          4. Endure oppression, persecutions, pogroms in dignified silence. Plan in terms of centuries. “Next year in Jerusalem.”

        5. Once upon a time a racist with long established ties to the KKK was running for governor of Louisiana and the other party’s candidate was one that had been convicted of influence peddling in office. The campaign slogan of many of the second guy’s supporters was, “Vote for the crook, it’s important.” The case can be made that this is the typical situation in which the American voter finds himself.

        6. We need a revolution, and it aint on the radar.
          There was a comment that you can only be politically successful if you cuck and my comeback was that it is rogue men of means who move the agenda.
          I don’t think that any large numbers of the ROK readership will achieve Trump success, nor even that of the likes of Rob Ford. However, is it out of the question that in 3 to 5 years a few thousand of us can lock down low six-figure incomes and then run for public office on a completely disunited front (because seriously, red pill guys are like herding cats)?

        7. One wag commented that the end of democracy is when people realize they can vote themselves goodies; and Thatcher said something like the problem with socialism is that you run out of other people’s money.

      2. As a Canadian ex-pat I am two steps removed from this but . . .with a decent cabinet, even your senile uncle could run things better than Obama, which is basically what we could be looking at with McCain.
        I actually liked Romney. I suppose the biggest crock was leveraging his Mormon religion against him, given the company that Obama has kept.

    4. Well ignoring the situation won’t make it go away – that’s pretty logical.
      Republicans like Trump seem the best option, so vote for them. Or start your own political movement.

    5. I agree with you but it’s all we have (at the moment). Something will have to give and things will have to change (they always do).
      This country needed the fallout of 2008 to “right the ship” – so to say. You can’t have the good times without going through a few bad times. It’s what keeps society in check.

    1. Conflicted. On one hand, it would feel great if Trump wins. On the other, he is as unable to fix the economy and the coming cultural collapse as anyone else, and if The Storm is being engineered behind the scenes than his presidency would be a perfect time to start it for real.
      On the other, a Hitlery win would only accelerate the decline, bringing us that much closer to renewal.
      In the end it doesn’t much matter, the endgame is already decided one way or another.

      1. Hillary winning will change absolutely nothing. She is bought and paid for by Wall St, the Washington machine and the military industrial complex. Of all the past presidents she will be most similar to Bush the younger.

      2. What makes you think there will be a renewal or that your ancestors will be there to see it? Serious question not trying to be glib.
        Trump will buy time, especially if he can stave of the immigration of more Democrat/Liberal voters. During that time neomasculinity, Mens Human Rights can grow. Ultimately the purpose is to save not only young men but young women from what is a corrupted culture spiralling out of control.
        We are in a similar phase to the end days of the Roman empire. The plebians are angry, ignorant, unproductive and mollified by the perverse Circus Maximus and free grain they themselves did not produce

    2. Could I get free stuff too if I swore I had tits? I mean I really did a little while ago, they were right here in my hands…
      Of course, I was lending out my penis at the time…

        1. I prefer ‘The Rapist’, if you wouldn’t greatly mind, if I must be labeled at least let me be a stand out among the masses. Or at least the lead ass be in the pack of jackasses. 😛

        2. There’s a new kind of hero on the streets…
          Criminals live in fear of being apprehended and manhandled by this caped crusader.

    3. The fact that I hate Bill Clinton is no impediment to the fact that I respect him in certain ways.

  4. Great article. Conservatives need to realize that the real threat to Conservatism is liberalism, not moderate-conservatism (or “cuckservatives” as some fools like Matt Forney like to say.)
    Contrary to popular belief, most moderates never wanted to be far-right, and therefore didn’t betray anyone’s values. Conservatives just have to accept that some people hate the left, but don’t embrace the far right of the political spectrum.
    In politics, its better to rally allies against the left than to rally Conservatives against moderate-conservatives. Well all got behind Scott Walker in 2012 when the liberals tried to recall him (everyone from Tradcons to libertarians banded together to fight the effort). The result: we humiliated the liberals and made them look like asshats when Walker won the recall election by a greater margin than the general election two years earlier.
    Advancing conservatism is important, but actually winning elections is more important. To win elections, we have to make allies with the moderate-right.

    1. The left politicizes everything, so to be anti-politics is to be anti-left. Moderates who are apolitical are far right because the far right supports markets, law and order, etc. the things that make a society work. Cuckservatives engage the left in ideological debate and take issues like #BlackLivesMatter seriously, instead of treating it as a completely fabricated ideological and political strategy designed to sow racial division ahead of the 2016 election.
      The only way to stop the left is to pull the middle to the right. The only way to do that is to support the people who move debate to the right. Look at Hungary and Poland after this weekend’s elections. There are no left wing parties there and the opposition in Hungary is quite far to the right.
      Technically the far left never wins elections. If you talk to SJWs and these radicals, they always complain the government is right-wing, America is fascist, sexist, racist, etc. Even with Obama in there, gay marriage and trans issues. If you want to defeat them, you turn everyone against them, turn them into pariahs the way a full retard Neo-Nazi or KKK member is viewed today.

      1. Excellent idea, pulling the middle to the right. I’m sure they will be highly receptive to your ideas, after labeling them “cuckservatives” and questioning their sexuality. I’m 100% certain it won’t have the opposite effect of alienating moderates, because insulting someone always makes them more agreeable to what you have to say.
        The solution, as you said, is to make the debate between center-right and far right, rather than between right and left. Libertarians should represent the “extreme left” in American society, with crypto-fascist organizations such as the KKK/Birchers/Stormfront representing the “extreme right.”
        We’re going to have to start running game on moderates as opposed to publishing articles complaining about how they support child molesters over Donald Trump (who is himself the ultimate cuckservative due to his support of Hillary Clinton and a host of other liberals as recently as a year ago).
        I used to think I was a moderate, but apparently supporting the establishment of an Anglo-American Empire, ending all social welfare programs and transitioning to a Robert Heinlein system of who can vote is “extreme right wing” or “crypto-fascist.” Many moderates may not realize how conservative they are.

  5. The democrats via progressivism have inverted society. In a rational society that is free from outside manipulation whether from the government or cabals (special interest/ corporate) naturally finds itself orientated with merit on top and fault on the bottom, virtue on top and vice on the bottom…etc. We need to carefully examine what they really mean when they say “empowered”, because, as we’re seeing the democrats have effectively empowered those in fault and those with vice so that now they’re on top and those of merit and virtue are on the bottom. In other words, the losers are now the “top dog”, the “in-crowd” and the “cool kids” whereas the winners are the beaten and ostracized. That was difficult to write on the basis that it sounds so impossible and hopefully it was equally difficult for you to process too. Nonetheless, it shows you just how far we’ve really fallen.

  6. It has just been demonstrated with the big win of the Liberal Party up here in Canada. People (especially) women want something for nothing. Men do not for the most part vote for their interests in the long-term.

  7. A vote for the left is a vote against liberty, a vote against liberty is a vote against all freedom. Any man that supports the left is an enemy of men.

  8. Dammit Garrett! Another great article.
    Democrat men get a pass on really bad behavior. It seems that as long as they support “muh abortion” they are not held responsible when they treat women as semen receptacles. The Gillibrand family has nothing to worry about.

    1. Gillibrand is an example of a true cuckservative (unlike Scott Walker): she was a so-called “Blue Dog” Democrat while representing a rural NY district, but quickly became a prog after being senator for a liberal state like NY.

  9. Democrats get elected by promising handouts to just enough people to win a victory. Right now Bernie Sanders is doing better than Hillary in the primary because he is offering the biggest grab bag of freebies ever.
    The people who vote Democrat are short sighted in terms of who is going to pay for all this crap. More importantly how does giving a grown man a handout make him a free man? Handouts come with strings attached. If you take a handout then government becomes your rich uncle and you give up your freedom.

      1. It’s worse: oh you are a lesbian Marxist Native American who speaks nothing but Swahili? Oh and you identify as a goat? Congratulation, you are the new President of the university.

    1. “Give me somethin’ free Mr. Government-Man
      Can’t do it myself I need you holding my hand
      Small price to pay just my freedom and soul
      Give them away just to stay on the dole.
      Cook up the books; then feed me more lies
      Tell me its fine with a wink and a smile
      As long as I’m getting’ I don’t need to try
      A few silver more and you can have my pride.
      Laugh at me tired, and poor, one more of “huddled masses”
      I’ve no more will to rise, but why take any chances?
      Steal my dreams and beat me down
      That’s okay- I like my eyes on the ground.
      Give me somethin’ free Mr. Government-Man
      Demand to be hailed and I’ll raise my hand
      Tell me what to think and what I can do
      There’s no more I, there’s only you.”
      -A True Protest Song

        1. Thanks. I try to “unplug” more and more these days. One of the only sites I still check with any regularity. Got to see what GOJ, and you, and a few others (like our alien pal from Krypto…I mean Canada) have to say. 😉

        2. Kal is from canada…his fortress of solitude was located in northern Manitoba…

    2. What we’ve really seen through the last two administrations is that the two parties are really just one big party. With the exception of Trump throwing his hat in this time, both major parties have done exactly the same thing but in different ways. (It’s why Trump has such popularity…he’s not the established Washington insider.)
      Both parties spend like crazy but they do it in different ways. Both have increased the size and scope of the federal government (too damn big).
      Both have a welfare system that they support (any money or support received from the government on a regular basis should be seen as a form of support or welfare). I’m very surprised when I debate this one in particular with people how they only target one type of welfare (individual or corporate). A large corporation avoiding paying taxes in this country (but profiting nicely from using the system) is just as bad as that lazy ass person sitting on the couch, not out looking for a job and living on the government dime.
      The really sad part was watching how many “conservatives” have caved and started acting like Democrats over the last few decades to keep their jobs (stay in power) instead of standing up for what they believed in. All politicians pander for the vote but it was pretty sad to see so many GOP members abandon their values (for votes) to keep their jobs in office – even switching sides (R to D).
      Anyone should be able to see that where Bush left off, Obama picked up the ball and kept going to the disaster we see today that is America.

      1. In truth Obama is surrounded by people representing the same interests as the people who surrounded Bush. I can’t believe that people actually believe that Obama was going to change anything. What’s changed unemployment, trade, immigration, and debt? Nothing changes things only get worse.

        1. I’m just hoping that many now see that it’s all one big party. From Bush to Obama, no change…it just continued.

    3. where is the free shit at? poor black men would not be tempted to sell drugs if they were giving out free shit. that is stereotyping bullshit

      1. Democrats like to talk about expanding government to pay for the things that someone else has to work for. We have generations of women having children and no man around. These arrogant women say things like “I’m a strong independent woman I don’t need a man.”
        Well who do you think is paying for the free housing, free food, free education and everything else.
        Granted Republicans talk about cutting taxes and cutting spending, but they never cut the spending. I appreciate the tax cuts, in my opinion income tax is unconstitutional. The Republicans and Democrats keep expanding the government creating constituencies that are dependent on someone else’s on money.
        We wouldn’t have so many black men selling drugs if it wasn’t for several things; the destruction wrought on the blacks, by feminism and welfare, the shipping of jobs overseas in poor trade deals that no American wanted, and the flooding of the country with immigrants legal and illegal. If these issues are addressed black unemployment will end quickly and achieve parity with white unemployment. The standards of living will rise for all.

    1. I prefer “evil”. Makes it so much easier when considering how I will treat them come any major nationwide catastrophe.

      1. Evil’s an excellent description, applicable even if you have the catastrophic misfortune of running into a faggot on the street today.

    2. Liberal faggots are mentally ill by definition. They’re so self-loathing that they’re tired of their fucking faggot selves.

  10. The deep dark secret of leftoid leadership is that it’s very alpha. Just look at how they go about things, doing what they want and never apologizing. It’s why the term ‘cuckservative’ exists. It’s the GOP cuck watching the left rape his wife by the alpha-as-fuck but making sure the bills for the love-pad are played and the fridge is stocked with the alpha’s favorite beer.
    Leftoidism is very feminine, and yes even for the men involved. And it’s that kind of submissive feminine of “being taken” too. This is why pointing out to leftoids that the very policies they support will also hurt them.
    They want “it” to hurt.
    It’s nothing new really. Many of Stalin’s “useful idiots” were happy to die for the cause still. My equating this brand of leftoidism with femininity, it’s merely getting us to a kind of truth: feminization on a political level is basically a mass movement “Take me! Take me now!” effect.
    It’s going to be very funny with our open borders and the illegal invasion. The rapes will go up, and the same feminists won’t want anything to be done about it. In a way, having destroyed masculinity in the west, they dream of big strong men taking them.
    And for certain, rapists are probably going to be the only people who want them. I don’t care really, except when they try to institutionalize their own rape and have everybody bent over alongside them.
    As for the men, well the faggy leftoid men want to be taken too. Deep down inside, they too want to be dominated. If we could cleave out what kind of “woman” they want to dominate them, the “strong and independent” type, it’s basically men they want to be taken by.

    1. Getting over on others is not necessarily “alpha” nor is winning at the cost of becoming effeminate. The Left “wins” by being passive aggressive, snarky, full of female based “rage” and by lying and cheating. They are the definition of the soul of women. A better analogy is that the Dems are the shrill demanding feminist wife and the GOP is the browbeaten submissive cucked husband.

      1. I have exposed so-called conservative women as feminists. Not that they were pretending to be otherwise, but the feminism in women is so long and deep that women who do not see themselves as screeching harpy feminists still have the same values regarding women and commerce with men.
        It’s easy: ask them if women should give up the vote. And if they say no, ask them if women should give up the vote in exchange for not being drafted into the military. When contradiction hits, ask them why they think women should vote but not have to serve.
        I’ve had some of the most die-hard conservative women drop straight into the same name-calling “whatsammater, can’t get laid” mode as any leftoid femicunt would. “Conservative” enough that women should not have their equality of getting slaughtered for the much revered “God, Family, and Country” but not enough that women shouldn’t vote consider that the record of the female voter is dismal and indication that the founders knew exactly what they were doing.
        If the conservatives want to survive, it needs to go back to getting the femininity out of it. This will make, finally, a real difference between so called left and right.

        1. I agree, expunging feminism (and thus, white knight idiocy) from the Right is the remedy. When men stop being afraid of their women and confront them openly and without shame, then vote against them with defiance, then we’ll start seeing some *real* victories against the Establishment.

        2. I’m not sure there is such a thing as the “Right”. There is Kang and Kodos, and you either vote for one of them, or you run for office yourself.

        3. Women are fickle and it’s a herd mentality. The usually will blow with the wind (depending on which way their social circle is voting). I’ve asked many women the reasons on why their voting for (pick a politician) – especially if they tell me that they are a “conservative”. In the end, most women love feminism because of the freebies that comes with it (they just don’t want the ugly stigma that comes with being associated as being a “feminist”).

        4. Ha! I said something similar to my wife. “Women should still vote.” “Fine, go register for the draft and accept the fact you may deputized by either the Sheriff or Fire Marshal” “That can’t happen.” “Oh you didn’t know I’m subject not just to military conscription in this state? If you’re a man and don’t, you go to jail. That’s the cost of voting to us. Still want it?”
          Now she’s thinking more Heinlein about it. Suits me fine. Want to vote? Prove you care about things more important than yourself.

      2. And the bull is the state, who fucks the wife and makes the GOP lick the jizz out of her STD ridden, cavernous snatch.

    2. The women of Europe are about to learn that rape is not the blonde lacrosse player not calling you the day after, it’s a “refugee” with a knife to your throat muttering “Unclean, uncovered” over and over

    1. “So Why Doesn`t The GOP Work On Making White People Happy?”
      Because then they might actually have to do something.

    2. Because, at present, the GOP is fucked. Its fucked because its, best as I can say, off the mark. Its a small government rugged individualist party. Don’t do it for me I’ll do it for me…sort of thing. Try as it may that’s its base and it roots, but, current leadership has contorted and perverted this thing into something more like a socialist lite party. This is good for the democrats not only because its a lighter and therefore agreeable party of themselves but it also ensures the GOP will never win. Why? Carrots. GOP is trying to get in the game of government give outs. And it will never win because, per its roots, it will always give less than the democrats. That being said, there seem to be some seismic changes occurring within the party. So, hopefully it will un-fuck itself soon and, among many other things, start reflecting white married people once again.

  11. I wasn’t aware this was a ‘Whites only’ post. I certainly don’t base voting on the free stuff but c’mon man. you’re really just going to group all of us together?

    1. Your party steals from the productive and gives to “the poor”, which is effeminate emotionalism at its finest. It is based almost entirely on emotional rhetoric, it works on the principles of envy, passive aggressiveness and coniving and is in every way the embodiment of the female soul writ into politics.
      If you vote Leftist you are by definition explicitly supporting your own castration, and frankly I’m not inclined to feel pity when you take umbrage at people pointing it out. While there are good arguments to be made against voting GOP, at least some of their base aren’t nutless sacks of female debris. The Dems can make no such claim.

      1. I understand what you’re saying but that’s on the extreme one side. I can take the repub side to that same extreme and argue the other way with it as well. I don’t need anybodies charity or any one elses free shit.
        …and do you really believe the people at the top, our decision makers have your best intentions as well?

  12. Bill Clinton can get away with sexually assaulting women throughout his life because he had a D by his name on the presidential ballots in 1992 and 1996.

  13. A real alternative to the Democrats would have to frame itself as a traditionalist party instead of a conservative one. I’d like to see politicians who take a harder line on women’s sexual freedom and advocate rolling it back to the sensible standard we had in the 19th Century, when people shamed sluts, shunned bastards and made their daughters marry as virgins.
    Today’s “modern” women won’t like this, of course. But if the restoration succeeds, “modern” women in the 22nd Century will accept patriarchal restraints as the normal way to live, especially for the women who descend from current traditional mothers like Michelle Duggar.

    1. Agreed. When it comes down to it, ‘conservatives’ are really moderates (they preserve the gains of the progressives ala Chesterton).
      What is needed is pure reaction.

  14. There is plenty wrong with GOP, so don’t get me wrong. But, any and I mean ANY man who votes for a Democrat is essentially cutting of their own balls. Especially if you are a white the the Dems give zero, absolutely zero of an f*** about you. They will gladly take your vote then laugh in your face.
    This wasn’t true maybe 20-25 years ago when if you were a working class, union guy it still might have been in your interest. But, now they could care less. The old patronage jobs the Dems used to pass out now go to illegal immigrants. The decent public schools they used to channel funding to in the burbs are gone. The union job that might of paid you so mind of wage you could have lived off of has been outsourced.
    It’s not going to save our country to vote for the GOP. But, it will at least do you as a man some small semblance of good.

  15. Gentlemen, This whole idea of not voting because the system is corrupt,
    is far more consequential than you are making it out to be. Take it to its logical conclusion. If the system is so far gone that we shouldn’t
    even vote, then what are the implications?
    The only logical remedy is war. It’s
    true we are being invaded, oppressed, fleeced, emasculated enslaved, destroyed,
    etc.etc.etc. IF voting is so useless
    that we shouldn’t even participate, then as men of principle, we are morally
    and ethically compelled to take up arms and overthrow the tyrannical system.
    Moral defense of liberty is “soap box, ballot box, jury box, cartridge
    box, in that order. I for one
    don’t think we have yet exhausted all of our options. All of the above boxes are under assault but
    still in play. This is especially true
    at the local and state level. Keep talking,
    commenting and blogging. Get active in
    the local Republican party and drag it (kicking and screaming) to the
    right. Actively support the most liberty
    minded candidates for all offices, from school board to city counsel to mayor
    to legislature to governor. Know and publicize
    the records of local and state judges.
    If you can’t do any of this then at least get off your ass and vote.
    If you don’t actively try to take the country back through the system,
    then you have no moral footing on which to stand if and when the time comes to
    take up arms.
    If you truly believe that we have already lost on all other fronts, then
    what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you
    marching? Are you willing to surrender and
    just site on the internet and bitch? If
    you are unwilling to stand up and help when this fight at this point, are we
    supposed to believe that you will suddenly find the motivation and courage when
    the SHTF? The time is now. The current battle field is the Hearts and
    minds of the people. The means is the
    current system. The path to victory is
    to take the system back, and beat the enemy to death with it.
    If you can’t find it within yourself to get in the fight, at least spare
    us the “Tokyo Rose” defeatist B.S

    1. People who do the “don’t vote!” spiel generally are confusing the actual futility of voting on the Federal level, with voting on the local and state level, which is actually quite potent still (in the States). In my view anyway.

      1. Yes. The biggest changes will actually come from your local community. In essence, it is best to treat the government like a business. The larger it is, the slower it moves one way or the other. Using that logic, it only makes sense to enact change on the local level as a change of leadership can mean a quick change in the right direction (pun intended).

        1. I’ve seen local/state level voting have huge impact in real life in a positive sense, in a way that just doesn’t happen on the Federal level. Local/State elections may or not be rigged at times, but I basically think that they are at the Fed level and even if they aren’t you’re still dealing with hordes of people voting based on a “he’s so dreamy/she’s so new and shiny” factor than you’ll ever find at the local level. Local realities are real, people can control them or even walk to their Rep’s door personally and voice their discontent. It still works at that level.

      2. I can see your point there. Your vote might actually make a difference, and the outcome may actually affect you.

      3. Mike Pence passed the “Religious Freedom Act.” It went through the House and Senate. He could have vetoed it, but it seems he followed through on the interests and intent of the people who voted for their representatives that wrote and passed the law.
        The SJW’s don’t want a democratic process. They want to shout down people from another fucking state that doesn’t represent them. People from Oregon, Apple and every asshole outside the border had a problem with the way Indiana voted. Fuck them.
        When the shit hits the fan, they are finished, I only ask them to keep dying that hair blue.

      4. Under the Canadian system, federal elections are local matters: you don’t vote for the Prime Minister directly but rather for the local candidate who, by proxy, votes for the national leader.

  16. Good post David, but if you are just coming around to the obvsious it is a bit late in the day. Millions of welfare seeking democrats are just waiting for amnesty and they will be the new generation of the democrat voting plantation that will keep the dems in power in the next few decades. And even if Hitlery doesn’t win, there is always Rubio or Bush who will allow it to happen and roll back nothing.
    The American “transformation” isn’t complete and “we still have a long way to go (ad nausem).”

  17. Leftists are anti-male, there is no question about that.
    The question is, where does bar bar and MGTOW stand on the issue of left and right? Also it seems MRA and Paul Elam lean slightly left, judging by their recent topics and allowing leftists on their site.
    Sometimes I wonder what happened to Paul, he used to “go hard”. But now he seems to have gone “soft” in recent years.

    1. Bar Bar seems like he leans left, that’s why I’m not personally a fan of his. He posts a ton of videos against “trad-cons” (whatever that means), and a couple of videos devoted solely to bashing Phyllis Schlafly, the conservative activist who defeated the ERA. He seems to spend more time criticizing conservatives than he does liberal feminists, despite claiming to be a strong anti-feminist.

      1. He has a point. The only thing feminists and traditionalists seem to disagree on is how to spend your money, you are supposed to work yourself into an early grave for pussy either way.

  18. I would like to request some assistance from the readership. Over on infowars there is an article titled “Why Are Men Frightened of Marriage?” that has gone viral, almost 5000 comments.
    Please go over there when you get a chance and leave a comment, we’re trying to get it to over 5000 comments. Need a little under 200 comments still.
    There is also a mangina/white knight whose username is “FNORD81” who is quite virulent and has been attacking/disparaging manospherians and neo-masculine men in the comments. Be sure to call him out if you see him.
    God speed fellow manosphere brothers 🙂

    1. I like that Alex Jones quote: “It’s designed to mess with your head” on the rampant contradictions, double standards, and doublethink in today’s society.

    1. oh man, I think Im gonna get your screenname and thumbnail inked on my neck

    2. Have to disagree, the Left want’s people to believe Voting is a waste of time , in 2012 3 million conservatives didn’t vote, and we got Obama again. I know Guys who used to say voting is a waste of Time, but 2 terms of Obama and they are voting in 2016.

      1. You must be a member of the Electoral College.
        “There is no Constitutional provision or Federal law that requires Electors to vote according to the results of the popular vote in their States. Some States, however, require Electors to cast their votes according to the popular vote. These pledges fall into two categories—Electors bound by State law and those bound by pledges to political parties.”
        Cause we aren’t.

        1. I’m not a Member of the Electoral College, I know that my vote counts, if people don’t want to vote that is their choice, but it’s Ironic to Me that people Complain about society and when they have a chance to change things and voice their opinion in the form of a vote, they choose not to.

        2. “I know that my vote counts”
          Only the people who count the votes matter; or, in the 21st version, the people who pay the programmers who write the software for the rigged voting machines.
          Ron Paul beat Romney in 2012, Romney beat Obama, but it didn’t mater, because the machines said Obama won.
          Clinton beat Obama in 2008 in the primary, didn’t matter, the people who controlled the machines wanted Obama.

  19. As an outsider, tell me why every facet of American life defined by politics. It’s so reductionist, you’re either a liberal or a conservative and that’s that, nice and neat.. Do your ever step outside that framework. Yes in Britain there’s politics, but, it’s there, it’s not center stage, life exists outside of being a Labour or Troy voter in wider society and cultural matters.
    You’d never say in Britain that it was unmasculine to be a Labour (left wing) voter, the party of the working man, the miner, the factory worker, the tradesman. They’d knock your block off if you said that to them in the working mans’ clubs in Liverpool or Newcastle.
    To an outsider the two American parties look and more or less say the same things. Both espouse to represent the average american, while both are supported by big special interest donors and corporations, both have dynasty families waiting in the wings (Clinton’s and Bush’s) with their sense of natural entitlement to run the country. I know the systems in most European countries could be improved but at least we have campaign corporate legislation where no big drink or drugs companies can bank roll the parties for their own advantages.
    Democracy in America looks more like a branch of business rather than a system to represent the people. If I was an American, I won’t vote under such a system as it’s essentially pointless.

    1. Both parties in the US are financed by big money. Both Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush have raised millions of dollars and will represent the money people first. The biggest contrast is the wording used by Democrats they have completely alienated white men from their ranks. I believe Republicans are now getting on average 60% of the white male vote in any given election. Donald Trump has tapped into the fact that our elected leaders don’t represent the people who vote for them. His message is simple he can’t be bought. He is the only candidate who is talking about the immigration problem in the US and the terrible trade agreements that the US has gotten into. It has been amazing to watch the Republican primaries and none of the Republicans mention immigration or trade. Now it’s obvious who these politicians represent.

        1. One step at a time people will see the truth. Words like Wall Street money, K Street lobbyists, and Hollywood values are subtle ways to the other red pill and find out who’s really pulling the strings.

    2. As far as I can see “NuLabour” has abandoned the traditional working class and is now the party of Social Justice Warriors. I wouldn’t call the leadership of Labour Beta because they can act decisevly but they are deceitful, traitorous and selfish and appeal to the beta mob. The Tories who are essentially ‘cuckservatives’ as well. Both sides of politics have shifted in most issues and the voter is not given a choice. Only the rate of privatisation and immigration varies.

      1. NuLabour is gone. It’s history. Old Labour is back with Jeremy Crobyn. He’s as far left as Trump is right in America. Crobyn’s shock leadership win of the Labour party has seriously upset the beta Blairite establishment in the British Labour party.
        What I like about Crobyn is that fact that he’s not some trendy, SJW lefty spouting all the superficial progressive stuff about minorities, feminism and gay rights because that’s the hip thing to do nowadays. He’s been a supporter of way out causes going back to a time when you’d be ostracized and treated like a total persona non grata by the establishment for doing so. His decision to invite Gerry Adams, a leading Irish Republican into the heart of House of Commons in the mid 1980s when the IRA were still bombing London at the same won him few friends; likewise marching on the picket lines with the miners during the 3 long months of the miners’ strikes.
        I wouldn’t vote for him, but, as a person and leader of the left he actually has genuine left wing principles and convictions based on real working class labour values, like improving the living standards, health and education of the poorest communities in British society. He’s not a phony and trendy new Labour SJW politician, like Blair, Brown and Clinton, who pretend to care about the downtrodden, about justice, about liberty, when in reality they don’t give a toss because they’ve no principles to anything or anyone, other than the preservation of their hold on power.
        So lets give Corbyn and old Labour a bit of respect, you don’t have to vote for them after all. I’d say the same about Trump in the States- but from an opposite angle- and both politicians add colour to the grey stage managed, managerial, highly scripted, slick, politics of Blair, Clinton et al that we’ve become so accustomed with. Christ they’re both almost 70 too https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/042172965949e6d8acd5ca17fef68eec0f6ab99bc3dd701c2da5bf10ac9d52e5.jpg

    3. you are fooling yourself if you think that business doesn’t bank roll politics in the uk as well

      1. Not to the same degree. It’the critical difference between influencing and determining events. That’s the stark difference between National politics in both countries.

        1. just because the transperancy isn’t the same and the structure is slightly different or even the level of influence is different, does not mean there is no influence. You may be able to show that the levels differ, but corruption is corruption…. Politics is not supposed to work like that, but thats what happens when power gets concentrated into a small minorities hands.

    1. Unionists, blue collar leftists and minorities vote that way because of self-interest, which is at least respectable
      What this article is describing are ideologues behind leftism. The altruistic, idealistic activist types – who are indeed basically women and children

      1. Right, im familiar with what a strawman is. The working class is blue, except the working class too racist or Jesus-stupid to recognize their own class interests. Theres nothing masculine about working on Wall Street. Republicans arent John Galt rugged individualists, theyve either been tricked or theyre a bunch of rich boy fratties that pay people to do the tricking.
        Labor leftists, like Sanders, want to protect Amercica’s industrial base. Good jobs, for men.

        1. Whats better for men in this country, internet “lectures” about how “alpha” it is to live in Ukraine, or good paying industrial jobs? Manufacturing is jobs for men, were not meant for the service industry. Which party do you think is really committed to rebuilding the industrial base?

        2. Exactly. The white working class is rife with false-consciousness. Working class white guys voting for republican politicians who don’t give a flying fuck about their economic well-being. Not that most dems are much better. Sanders is different though. He at least seems to understand the plight of the American worker, and how the economic dialectic is working.

    2. Most southern union workers I know vote solidly republican. Truckers and railroad workers.

  20. Women and children lean left in every country. It’s a combination of unchecked feelings and general immaturity
    And likewise, grown men who adopt leftism tend to be effeminate or infantilized

    1. Simple explanation: Women favor security, men favor liberty (to provide that security if they wish).
      Effeminate men are like women, in that they are afraid (of everything) and wish to outsource the protection of themselves and their families to the blue heroes. Never a good decision IMO.
      I know two of them as ‘couple friends’. Cool guys who mountain bike etc. But their wives run their lives for the most part.
      One is a carpenter and likes to go shooting with me, but his boss/wife won’t let him get a gun. He also likes to ride off road M/Cs and used to race MX, but wife doesn’t approve of M/Cs. His mountain bike cost more than my XR400, XR250L, and Trek 7000 hardtail put together.
      The other one has a shotgun but thinks that’s all anyone should need. He says ‘why do you need 30 round magazines” and other inane shit. He’d be ok with major restrictions to the 2nd Amendment.
      I’ve tried to explain the purpose of the 2A to him, but him being a school teacher and product of a teacher college makes the brainwashing too hard to penetrate.
      I wouldn’t call those guys feminine in the sense of being a flaming queer or metro-sexual. Just blue pill betas swallowing the omnipresent bullshit. Pedastal-izing their wives (2nd guy has to get permission from wife to go mountain biking and first gun can’t buy gun or motorcycle).
      In contrast, Mrs. Gavin knew from our first date that motorsports were a significant part of my life and that if she wasn’t willing to get on board the S.S. Gavin (with me as Captain and Navigator) that I wasn’t wasting any time on her.
      Amazing how establishing frame from the get go can pay such big dividends in an LTR, and how not doing so can screw you 6 ways to Sunday, so to speak.

      1. Isn’t that terrible that some Men’s lives are run by their women, In my relationships I’ve established my needs and if there is a problem it’s best to not waste each other’s time, there is no way i’m going to ask permission from a woman to do the things I love, Establishing Parameters in the Beginning is very crucial, I agree. As for the shotgun friend, did you tell him the 2A is for arming the people incase of Tyranny?

  21. The consensus seems to be that bar bar from MGTOW has been part of the left all along, but misrepresented this for a while.
    It will be interesting to see how the Bernard Chapin / bar bar drama plays out, who will win? Etc

  22. Unfortunately they (leftists) have infiltrated the GOP party too. These people are known as RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only). You can count with one hand the representatives who one can trust. So we are technically left with one party rule with the illusion that we have to choices.

    1. Between RINO’s, existing cuck-servatives already among the ranks, and increasingly leftist populace, the right is under attack.
      This is “the darkest hour” with Obama having been in office for 2 terms (no racism intended).

      1. I guess in the manosphere they call them cuck-servatives, in politisphere they are called RINOs.
        Well the darkest hour will get darkest with Hillary or even Sanders who the young impressionable kids love.
        Trump hits me as a Ross Perot candidate. Anything is possible. He has been known to be a democrat before and even praised Hillary before. All of a sudden he says everything the right wants to hear. Shady at the least.

  23. Most black men vote Democrat.
    Overall they are also more masculine than white men in this country.

    1. Most people in the US don’t know what the fuck they’re voting for or against. All they know is a name but not what the candidate supports.

  24. I would say only unmasculine men vote for any politician in either major party. After all, Republicans fell over each other voting for the Violence Against Women Act. Republicans are no friends of men.

    1. I vote in every election. I can’t recall a single time that I ever voted for a politician. I have always voted against one or more candidates. You may think this is a difference with out a distinction, but I choose to disagree with that assessment.

  25. I see the same dirt on both sides… one benefiting the feminists/parasites and the other the corporate oligarchs like Trump for Trump and Co. who would not have had a prayer in the political climate of 10 – 20 years ago. Does anyone remember how in 2005-2008 everyone was railing about the how the rich are screwing the rest of the country? Guess what.. they still are and despite Obama’s socialist economy not many of them have lost a significant amount, most are actually far richer than they were 7 years ago. The middle where I suppose most of us are or were and aspire to be again is screwed either way.This so-called gender war that we are experiencing is largely a smokescreen for some groups to get their hands on some good old fashioned “easy” money.

  26. There is technically no difference in either major political party. they pretend there is but they both subscribe to violence to push their laws and their demands on society.

    1. Yup. Look at government spending during Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II. Went up a shit load. People blame the Bush tax cuts for the deficit but in reality the government’s income from 2001 to 2007 averaged about a 4% CAGR. However, spending when up nearly 7% CAGR. Obamacare of course has added cost to society. What do you think Medicare part D did? Massive military spending to prop up corporations? It’s a big party and you aren’t in it.

  27. Just saw a post on LinkedIn of a LinkedIn Engineering Manager flagellating himself for not being aware enough of his own “White Male Privilege.”
    Made me want to vomit.

    1. What’s the best part about fucking a pregnant chick? Getting a blowjob at the same time.
      And off to Hell I go 😉

  28. The national debt is at least as big a Republican problem. They spend JUST AS MUCH as the Dems, but they insist on lowering taxes.
    The biggest cause of the debt is not welfare, it’s the military. Our military spending is insane.

        1. Their whole world view is based on lies hence their hatred. I ditched all my liberal friends after 9-11 as I couldn’t stand the conspiracy theories and lack of reasoning skills.

  29. Any male who votes for Hilary Clinton should cash in his testicles right now. Make no mistake.. she hates men. Absolutely loathes them. Maybe it’s because her husband left his girlfriend’s buttprint on the Oval Office desk like a giant “W”.. or maybe she is such a vicious, loveless harpy that her husband was forced into the arms of another woman just to find a grain of affection. Whatever the case, Hilary’s hatred of men is on the public record.. again and again and again.
    Only the most nihilistic self-hating douchebags would vote for Hilary Clinton.

    1. From what I’ve heard about Hillary, she’s the biggest elitist on the planet. I heard the way she treated the white house staff was horrible. On a side note I’ve noticed that liberal women in office always seem so angry.

  30. All of that is well and true, but the Republicans do no better when it comes to the national debt.

  31. “White privilege” is a scapegoat for a liberals ineptness. Women and minorities have absolutely no clue how western civilization got here or how it exists (just how to leech off it). But they know who made it and who excels in it…..white males. Since white males made it then white males can function in it better. It’s our creation. White privilege is simply white ability. This is why it’s so easy for leftists to all come together against us. They refuse to admit their stupidity and are jealous of our abilities. Period. “White privilege,” the principle, is as goofy as me strapping on a loin cloth and taking a spear over to the jungles of Africa and when I realize I’m fucked and can’t survive I scream black privilege.
    What surprises me, as well, is the current “alpha male” in pop culture and sports is the black man and yet the black man constantly runs to the democratic party playing a victim. Chimping out/blowing their tops so easily in public because they feel like they are so oppressed. Pussies is what I call them.

    1. “White privilege” is about a specific group of white people (socialists) trying to control another group of white people (conservatives). It gives them cover as the illegally target them as well.

  32. You can extend this commentary to government at large. Government everywhere is an oppressor of people, regardless of party. And lets not forget the unelected officials in government departments who get to decide what you can and cannot do.

  33. I’m an ex-Democrat now Christian Conservative and from my own experience most Dems don’t know why or what they’re voting for, they don’t look at statistics, evidence, or facts. They just think Republicans are evil racists.
    But the truth is most people don’t want to go back to Family values. They view the times when women were rightly shamed for being sloppy homemakers, looking unkempt, or stigmatized for being promiscuous as oppressive. They view the times when men were expected to be mature, provide for their families, and be leaders as misogynistic.
    They’re running on raw emotion and they have no idea/or don’t care how selfish and destructive the decisions they make are on the rest of society.
    0 promiscuous women means:
    1. Women are valued instead of being viewed as a never ending stream of used up faceless body parts.
    2. 0 fatherless children. No unmarried parents and therefore no tax burden for welfare.
    3. A society of morals.

  34. Wall Street is to blame, but only partly. I also blame the morons living on credit, buying houses they can’t afford, paying college for their ungrateful children, wasting their money on worthless women, etc. So Wall Street may be a monster, but it’s only as big as you feed it.

  35. To be fair, Hilary isn’t the only angry broad out there. Look at Nancy Grace, Michelle Malkin, or Ann Coulter. Never happy. So sad.

  36. ‘Democrats blame men for the state of American finances but court female and minority votes with welfare programs and privileges’
    Not true !
    The biggest item in the budget and most harmful to the economy has always been debts built up and to be built up by – past, present, and future ‘military’ spending, and the MIC, and the ‘War on Terror’
    The growth in this area is abound with waste, fraud, misfeasance, malfeasance, crony contracts, explosion of ‘ contractors’ for military, milItary affiliated, ‘security’, ‘ anti terrorism’, think tanks, studies, wars of choice, kinetic actions of choice, etc…..
    Its all a boon doggle and theft.
    The beneficiaries of this WELFARE- the largest welfare – is overwhelmingly WHITE MEN.
    Much of the government sector and MIC is merely an affirmative action jobs program for White men who cant or refuse to compete in the private sector…..

    1. I think you have a case to make, but I would like to see your numbers, links, references and such.

      1. You’ll be waiting a long time, but in the meantime her dump of lies will stink up the place.

    2. >The beneficiaries of this WELFARE- the largest welfare – is overwhelmingly WHITE MEN.
      A single-digit percentage of the population consumes as much- and in the last few years just slightly more- than the entire rest of the population.
      This lie has been bullshit for over twenty years, yet liberals still cling to it like gospel. Liberals literally cannot defend a single argument without lying.
      >every job paid for by taxes are welfare
      >especially infrastructure
      >but the Government should pay for all our health care!
      >yes, Virgina… liberals are this stupid

  37. ROK – stick to manosphere – engaging in partisan politics is exactly what the establishment wants. Men vs Women, Black vs White, Guns vs Gun Control, Abortion vs ProLIfe…………, everyone becomes a single issue voter. All the while not realizing massive amounts of wealth are turned over to a tiny few for the past 35 years.
    Makes me wonder who’s pulling the strings at ROK anymore??

    1. “Men vs Women, Black vs White, Guns vs Gun Control, Abortion vs
      ProLIfe…………, everyone becomes a single issue voter. All the
      while not realizing massive amounts of wealth are turned over to a tiny
      few for the past 35 years.”
      The pawns and all the other pieces have to be dealt with before you can get to the king (those “tiny few”). The pawns on their side of the board will never believe they’re pawns until the whole system collapses. You’re thinking in terms of “single issue voter” which implies you don’t realize that voting (democracy) itself is the problem.

  38. It’s “democratIC” not “democrat.” And since the economic interests the GOP supports are economically raping men, working class guys who vote Republican are being “unmasculated” in different ways.

  39. Funny how the “anti-family” Democrats are the ones who fight for family leave, health care, better wages, better infrastructure, etc… Don’t be a sucker. Question the side that you’re on. Democrats are no angels but the right wing doesn’t give a damn about the average man.

  40. I’m Democrat and am strongly Anti-Feminist and Anti-PC.
    I believe richer people should pay more taxes. Fucking sue me.

    1. your fundamental flaw is you think government knows how to spend money better than we do.
      whether its pork spending, Israel ‘aid’, bailouts, giving handouts to ‘refugees’, etc… in your mind that’s all justified as ‘paying your fair share’.
      we could cut the budget significantly and still preserve the core infrastructure needs. but to keep wasting money then demanding higher taxes is killing business in America

  41. Only the weakest of minds could find a connection between a rigged casino economy and masculinity. This kind of specious punditry is exactly equivalent to the Southern strategy.

  42. Generally speaking, if you support the Democrats, you are either a high school drop out or else a graduate type: grad student, MA holder, PhD, professor, lawyer, judge, and such. Republican supporters tend to run the gamut from high school graduates to bachelors degree holders. In other words, Republicans are “normal,” neither being elite nor fucking idiots.
    I’d have to check the exit polls regarding Obama’s disgraceful two-term run: it was not necessarily demographics as simple as this that got him elected twice, but if you look at the proportions it’s pretty clear who had which support base.
    For instance, “women” did not vote for Obama: I think white women actually supported Romeny, with married women being even more so. It was single white women and non-white women (apparently single or otherwise; I have never broken down the data) that wanted free shit like birth control and “Obama-phones”.

    1. My understanding is that there is research to suggest that incompetent people overestimate their competence. Plus from personal experience, rather intelligent leftists always think they know it all.

  43. Ughhh. This is ridiculous propaganda. Think for yourselves. Koch and time Warner own the Republican party, but they also would rather elect hillary then Sanders. Thats why they changed the reviews on cnn for hillary over Sanderz. In order to control the outcome of an election you have to be invested in both sides. The dollar is fiat currency and an illusion. We are the market. We equal the economy. Money is just a poorly distributed commodity for trade. Thinking based on the masses is subjecting you to mob mentality. Mob mentality is what gets stupid shit to happen and has no basis for a man’s foundation of thought. Party’s don’t matter candidates and policies do. It’d more important you vote in local elections then even presidential ones. Don’t take my word or any other word track bulls hit look for yourselves.
    This article is terrible in the realm of helping men. The true problem is the poor distribution of wealth creating less jobs. More men making money means more men have a voice. A man can compete with time Warner on a 6 figure income to start. He cannot as long as the opportunity for 6 figure plus incomes is terrible. Just like how institutions or corporation so set a ceiling on what you make based on what it would take to compete unless your upper management.
    Listening to anyone without thinking practically defines beta. Writing an article about this just shows me uneducated this guy is. Come on rok get some intelligent people to write not dumb rants best left for social forums.

  44. really? Really?…REALLY?
    What kind of article is that? So you just blame more than 50 million+ people for being “unmasculine” just because they didnt vote the political party of your liking?
    Now how unmasculine is that!

  45. Dems are the ultimate cuckolds. I love it when their pet apes and muslims attack them in their cities- it’s poetry in motion.

  46. as a black man why the fuck should I vote for the republicans ? ben carson he went from black hero to jackass talking crazy shit. where is the free stuff,welfare give me a fucking break! none of those dudes in the 1000 dollar shoes on wall street , give a fuck about you either no matter which party they vote in

  47. men of color are institutionalized into thinking that the old white capitalist and patriarchal society is against them and only the government, not their own drive and skills, can save them from abject poverty. The juxtaposition of “we believe in you, black men of America” and “but you need our support all the time” has the effect of the latter dominating and then totally eclipsing the former. Democrats need victims and they must continually create them or maintain them.
    and the rich white folks sold you the story of the big dicked black boogieman to keep you riled up and not watching them ruin this country. they have been running game on cats like you for 450 years. that is why you are silent when see these racist cops doing fucked up shit they would never do to white folks.
    here go your handout
    well-financed war on drugs, largely focusing on drug sales in urban Black and Latino communities, has led to a significant expansion of the nation’s police organizations, and a huge expansion of its prison population which grew from 330,000 in 1980 to over 2 million by 2000. To hold this new inmate population, state and federal government financed a wave of prison construction, much of which was concentrated in depressed, largely white, rural areas and those are mostly white cops that got hired, most who have no business being cops

  48. Come on now, the biggest welfare beneficiary in the US is the rich. Go on Youtube and look up John Stossel’s FOX News special – he says himself “we rich folks receive the most freebies.” Every President gets $1M/year for the rest of his life for doing a whopping 4 yrs of work. Congress gets a free private subway, annual payraises when their ratings are low, paychecks when the govt is shut down (while other govt employees dont), etc etc. Dems and Republicans both enjoy welfare and handouts like no other. Let’s not even get into corporate welfare for oil and agriculture companies.

  49. “raygun” a b grade actor started the destruction of the middle class. 2 draft dodgers were in charge when 9/11 occurred and tanked the economy. 3 types vote right wing millionaire/billionaires, their shills, and suckers. Which are you?

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