What Will Be The Next Great American Perversion?

We’ve witnessed how the gay agenda was successfully pushed over the past 10 years by the Left. The gay lifestyle has been mainstreamed and popularized in the media. Gay marriage is now legal in every state by decree of the Supreme Court of the United States. The Left has been roundly successful pushing the gay agenda, so much so that I would wager you would be hard-pressed to find a woman under the age of 40 against gay marriage.

More recently, we’ve seen Bruce Jenner lionized as a hero for deciding to become Caitlyn. The Left is now closing the noose on the transgender issue and is mopping up resistance, excoriating those who refuse to recognize Bruce Jenner as female and refer to him as Caitlyn. So what comes next? What will be the Next Great American Perversion?


I used to believe that legalizing gay marriage would lead to legalizing polygamy. Many people in opposition to gay marriage used this slippery slope argument. On its face, it makes sense. It is a logically structured argument: if requiring marriage to be between members of the opposite sex is an arbitrary convention, specifying the acceptable number in the arrangement must also be arbitrary.

If defining marriage as between one man and one woman is discriminatory on the grounds that is specifies the gender of the parties involved, then it must also be discriminatory for specifying the number of parties involved. And if we are not allowed to question whether two men or two women can really love each other, then how can society decide that a man is incapable of loving more than one woman at a time?

Moreover, just as gay marriage advocates like to claim that homosexuals have always been with us and that they are just now free to step out of the closet, so too has polygamy been part of civilization since antiquity. It certainly predates monogamy. Gay advocates also like to cite the cruelties visited upon them at the hands of society (the Stonewall Riots in response to police harassment and Alan Turing’s suicide after being forced by the British government to undergo hormone therapy as “treatment” for being a homosexual come to mind) as reason for the importance of contemporary acceptance and tolerance.

The Mormons, on account of their practice of polygamy, were treated far worse than homosexuals. The Mormons lost their spiritual leader, Joseph Smith, to mob violence. They were literally banished from society: they were shunned and driven out. That is why they had to embark on a sojourn all the way to the Utah desert. The Mormons have a long list of legitimate historical grievances against American society.

mormon polygs1

But while legalizing polygamy might be logical, it will not happen. Why? Because polygamy is the personification of patriarchy. It is patriarchy on steroids. Polygamy involves a man who is so successful that he can sexually, emotionally, and materially provide for multiple wives. Polygamy allows a man to adopt the ultimate reproductive approach, combining the best elements of r- and K- mating strategies. He has the multiple partners and number of offspring consistent with an r-mating strategy, but has the resources and involvement (instilling his values, ensuring a religious upbringing, home schooling) to lavish on his offspring consistent with a K-mating strategy.

Moreover, look at how the polygamist lifestyle is portrayed in the media. Whenever a woman commits adultery, it’s always her husband’s fault: he worked too much, he didn’t stay in shape for her, he didn’t make her feel special, he wasn’t attentive enough to her needs. The media would have us believe that a husband is unable to sexually, emotionally, and materially satisfy even one wife. So how could he possibly provide for multiple wives?

The Lifetime Movie Network recently debuted a new series, “Escaping Polygamy.” Additionally, witness the general derision and scorn heaped upon the Duggars and the men of Duck Dynasty, who — while not polygamist (or even Mormon) — embody the core attributes of polygamy: a strong family patriarch, a large, self-sufficient family, and women (wife, older daughters, etc.) whose primary focus is on child bearing and rearing. The unequivocal message is that no woman would voluntarily enter into a polygamous relationship, and that if a woman does happen to find herself in one, she was coerced, is being held against her will, and desperately wants to escape.

So what is next?

So if polygamy isn’t the Next Great American Perversion, what is? There have been a few cracks in the firmament and a few rays of light have leaked through, giving us a glimpse into what the Left has in store for society. In the past few months, the Left has been testing the waters, gauging societal response to two new and exciting perversions: cuckolding and pedophilia.

On July 16, 2015, New York Magazine published Michael Sonmore’s article, “What Open Marriage Taught One Man About Feminism,” in which the author recounts how he is openly accepting and supportive of his wife taking other lovers while also insinuating that he is a better man for it and that if other men are not similarly accommodating of their wives, they are not as enlightened.

Then, on September 21, 2015, Salon published Todd Nickerson’s article, “I’m A Pedophile, But Not A Monster,” in which the self-confessed pedophilic author recalls – in a disturbingly fond and vivid manner – his molestation as a child at the hands of a trusted adult. He goes on to paint pedophilia as just another sexual orientation or preference.

My inclination is to bet on the Next Great American Perversion being cuckolding. I can see this perversion gaining traction, promulgated under the guise of female liberation. It fits the current cultural narrative perfectly: it empowers women while simultaneously emasculating men. Female sexuality is already celebrated, à la “The Vagina Monologues.” Women are already encouraged to sexually experiment in their 20’s to “determine who they really are and what they like.”

cuck 2

With females outnumbering men at university and out-earning them (through affirmative action and preferential hiring, retention, and advancement policies) in the workplace, more and more women will be the primary breadwinner. This will lead to more men becoming “house husbands,” staying at home with the children while Mommy goes off to her high power corporate job. Such a situation will naturally and inevitably lead to the wife becoming disillusioned with her husband and losing respect for him. And once respect is lost, so too is sexual attraction.

Some readers may raise the question why the next perversion will not be something more equitable like swinging (partner swapping). Why not? The same reason why it is already infinitely easier for single women to find partners for casual sex. Any single woman, whenever she wishes to, can have casual sex by going down the street to the local night club or by logging into a dating app like Tinder. The same can’t be said for the average single man.

And this dynamic does not improve with marriage. If anything, it worsens, as many men will find their social network greatly reduced in size upon marriage, while the woman maintains and even manages to expand hers. This means it will be the female who will be in a position to seek out and take lovers and it will be the already economically marginalized and emasculated male who will feel compelled to give his support.

While it is impossible to predict what the Next Great American Perversion will ultimately be, we can be certain that the Intelligentsia will not stop at gay marriage and transgenderism. There is never any rest for the wicked.

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526 thoughts on “What Will Be The Next Great American Perversion?”

    1. The agenda is really going full speed on the kids shows. More so shows with live actors as opposed to cartoons which also push the agenda but not as blatant. Fortunately my kids and a lot of other kids prefer to watch youtube videos rather than TV.

      1. My kids watch a few Disney cartoons, but I keep a close eye on them. Mainly Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Kind of dumb but haven’t noticed any blatant leftist bullshit. That problem is moreso with the live actor Disney shows, like you said. That shit is terrible.

      2. I think every public school classroom should have a video camera that streams live to the Internet so parents can “sit in” and view what their children are being taught (indoctrinated). Odd that we basically entrust our children and aren’t allowed to know what is said or goes on in the classroom.

      1. Not to mention the implied endorsement of race-mixing…oh no, that makes me a Nazi doesn’t it?

  1. The DSM V (or is it VI?) Already laid the groundwork for pedophiles to claim their disorder as really just a preference. Give it 5 years and you will see gushing comparisons to literary greats like Ginsberg, Burroughs and the rest if the NAMBLA crowd. Not long after you will see favorable treatment of homosexuals charged with sex with underage partners, then normalizing through legislation (or judicial fiat) will take place.
    Collapse, here we come.

    1. Overton Window…Perversion>Sickness>Disorder>Disability>Preference>Lifestyle Choice>You are a Bigot if you disagree.

    1. Hacker Factor’s Gender Guesser is supportive of the proposition, too: for informal writing, the article returns a “Weak Male” result, and for formal writing, a “Weak Female” result.
      That aside, there’s the fact that the article’s author, “Michael Sonmore”, is a ghost. He hasn’t written anything in public except this one article – and the article also does not indicate it’s a pseudonym to protect a real man’s identity, so the odds are on it’s just a woman pushing cucking.

  2. The next great perversion will be *male* pedophilia. Young women are tender snowflakes who need to be protected but 8 year old boys should be bent over the sink and sodomized by whoever happens by and objecting to this is being against “love” and its just you and your stupid sky fairy making arbitrary rules.
    This has all the positives the feminazis adore. Young men are seriously harmed, more homosexual converts for their political rallies, and another nail in the coffin for men. On the surface they’ll hail this as some sort of freedom or burden removed but off camera they’ll giggle and make jokes about some man who doesn’t give them tingles who think unworthy being “turned out – ha ha ha ha”.

      1. Not especially. He has a point; we already know there’s a solid proportion of homosexuals who are pushed that way because of “environmental” factors – hell, you don’t have to look far to find screaming lesbian harpies who say they turned carpetlicker because of unsatisfactory experiences with men earlier in life.
        Child rape — paedophilia is too kind a word for it — is like a nuke on a kid’s upbringing. It really is. Virtually every child rapist that’s been caught has a prior history of being sexually abused in childhood himself or herself, and so far as it’s relevant, psychology is strongly in favour of the idea that if someone’s ideas of sex are fucked with in childhood, it is more or less a permanent effect.
        It’s not a fashionable opinion, but I believe it has some force behind it: a sizeable contingent of homosexuals are not born gay but are fucked that way in their early lives. The problem being that this sort of change is about as irreversible as being born that way for the level of psychological damage that’s done to them in the process.

    1. The next great perversion will be *male* pedophilia. Young women are tender snowflakes who need to be protected but 8 year old boys should be bent over the sink and sodomized by whoever happens by

      That’s fucking sick, but then again, so are the people pushing faggot/tranny acceptance.

      1. FN: this is exactly what I keep thinking. Pedophilia? That shit is sick it will never happen. But how many things have happened that are just so out there. If you would have told me the whole Bruce Jenner story and how it isn’t just some fringe weirdo shit but is…well…you know…even say 5 years ago I would have said “no way…that’s the line….no way that will happen”

        1. “If you would have told me the whole Bruce Jenner story and how it isn’t just some fringe weirdo shit but is…well…you know…even say 5 years ago I would have said “no way…that’s the line….no way that will happen”
          Me too. Not only did this seem to happen over night, but it really sucks that it is Jenner. Back in the 1970’s I saw him kick ass at the Olympics. I was just a kid back then but this guy was my hero. He was a great looking guy, and phyisically fit, he got plenty of chicks. He was the man I wanted to be like when I got older. But now look at him; he’s a surgically altered male with a serious mental problem while sick lefty morons cheer him on. It’s depressing kinda. It’s one thing for some dude whose a nobody to put on a dress and call himself a woman, but Jenner had a strong impression on me when I was a kid, as well for many other boys during his stint in the Olympics, and a part of me gets the sensation that part of the fundamental fabric of my life and who I am was pulled right out from under me.
          One of the few things that keeps unplugged guys sane is remembering the people and things that represented pillars for us when we were young boys. Although Jenner was only one of several for me, it still saddens me a bit to see what’s become of him today.

    2. “The next great perversion will be *male* pedophilia. Young women are tender snowflakes who need to be protected” —- I disagree. The sickos who are promoting this also want to see adult male/female child “relationships” normalized as well. Their goal is the destruction of childhood innocence and traditional sex roles. So, anything that would encourage young girls to act out sexually will be promoted.

    3. You are probably correct, but remember the bad guys like a little more decorum than that.
      Think for a moment about that strange “sons as daughters” trend mentioned in Japan, where pre-teen boys are basically cross dressing. They’ll probably throw that in.
      And then they’ll make it seem like messing around with these girlboys as “not gay”. Of course we’ll say it’s not only gay, but sick too. But this is after all just one big exercise of the “true believer” useful idiot leftoids who love their movement so much, they want to get killed over it, and “death by pissed off nation that has had enough of this crap” is their ultimate goal.

    4. Male pedophilia and adult homosexuality have nothing to do with each other. They’re two completely separate attractions. Just like a normal heterosexual adult would find sex with with a 8 yo girl abhorrent, a normal homo is indifferent to a 8 yo boy.

      1. Yes but . .that is the next step.
        That is where things will go next.
        Personally, I have no problem with fags. I really don’t care what some misguided man does to some other misguided man, All of the gay men I have interacted with on a social basis were top notch.. Then again, they were not trying to fuck my son in the ass, eh?
        What the discussion is about is the normalization of pedophilia and how the gay agenda can be leveraged to normalize it.
        If anything, gay men should be outraged that pedophiles would use their issues to gain legitimacy.

        1. Gays HAVE been vocal in their rejection of pedophiles. Ties with so-called “boylove”groups were severed years ago. In fact, the political rise of gays were due to them publicly distancing themselves with pedos (to their great chagrin).
          Pedos are the most reviled people in America, on par with islamo-terrorists. As such they’ll never ever gain legitimacy and their public rejection will remain, as it should.

        2. “Pedos are the most reviled people in America, on par with islamo-terrorists.”
          You forgot the /sarcasm tag. Islam is the “religion of peace” in America, all non-Muslims must have their rights revoked because they are potential terrorists (fondle grandma’s breasts and stick fingers up that eight year old white girl’s vagina), but a Muslim can’t commit terror even if he goes on a killing spree while giving all the glory to Allah and (insert terror group name here): just workplace violence, move along, nothing to see here.
          “Gays HAVE been vocal in their rejection of pedophiles.”
          So naive. As if no group in history had ever denied the fullness of their goals in order to accomplish their immediate ones.
          In August 2009, President Obama honored Harvey Milk posthumously with America’s highest civilian medal, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, with the following citation:
          The Pedophile Elephant in the Gay Activist Closet:

        3. Ties with so-called “boylove”groups were severed years ago.
          Only because it started getting them bad PR. NAMBLA was a staple of San Fran pride parades back in the day. Even after they were kicked out because of embarrassing publicity, Harry Hay carried a “NAMBLA walks with me” sign the rest of his days.

        4. I read awhile ago the link you offer (“Pedophile Elephant”) and I re-read it again carefully now….. And my opinion is the same as it was the first time: it’s a sloppy article that oozes paranoia.
          The fact is that today gays want nothing to do at all with pedophiles. They’re scared pedos will ruin their image.
          It’s true that in the 70s they were attempts to unite the two groups but these efforts have been completely reversed starting in the 80s.
          Look, I get that pedophilia is a bad and icky thing but this hysteria over it, and it certainly has become a full-blown hysteria now, is unhealthy and counterproductive.
          Let’s not forget who fuelled the pedo hysteria back in the 80s… surprise surprise, it was the feminists activists aided by the mainstream media!

        5. Yes, ”back in the days” this was true but now pedos are considered by gays, and by everyone else too, to be radioactive.

      2. What would be your explanation for the Catholic priest boy rape scandal?? Those male priests all went for young boys. They could have gone to the gay bar and had all the legal consensual gay sex they wanted but instead all went for the boys…

        1. These priests went after boys and not after grown men because they were attracted to boys. They didn’t go to gay bars and pick up dudes because they weren’t attracted to them. Pedos find adult males repulsive! Men and boys are physically/psychologically different from each other so therefore homos are not going to be into kids and correspondingly pedos, by definition, are not going to court adults.
          Pedos have zero public support and they’re considered the scum of the earth. Even when they end up in jail, inmates hurry to kill them up. So this is why in my opinion I don’t think the next perversion to be launched by feminists/SJW will be pedophilia. Pedophilia Chic is unlikely to be a hit with the masses in the future.
          I do agree with the author that cuckholding, or some variation of this, has a better chance of succeeding as the next new perversion.

      3. What crack are you smoking? All homosexual males are closet pedos. Read that heartiste article where he examines okcupid and finds that for gay males, the younger and more boyish the potential match is, the more faggots want to fuck him.

    5. I think incest will be the next great frontier, but have no doubt that boy buggery is coming somewhere down the road. I even know how they’ll market it. They’ll have PR campaigns about how ancient Greeks thought molesting boys was essential to growing up, and you’ll see slogans like “Let us be wise like the Greeks!”.

    6. There is already a community of Lesbian women that revel in their ability to prey upon, and ‘convert’ underage girls…Google “Butterfly Kisses”

      1. Look at Afghanistan, with the “dancing boys”epidemic in heavily Pashtun areas… Have a friend who was stationed there for a bit who saw that firsthand and he couldn’t fucking believe he was seeing old men with their 10 year-old little boy “lovers” (pedo rape victims) walking hand in hand out in public, acting like married couples in some instances. Obviously an extreme example, but if our soldiers were prevented from their chain of command from stopping that evil in our most dirt-poor, godawful current province, then what does that say about America proper???

        1. I recently read that American soldiers were told to turn a blind eye to the Afghan custom of dancing boys. I guess US command regarded it as “a peculiar institution.”

  3. This is an absolute disgrace. The fact that women have outnumbered men in the workforce helps to illustrate the fact that the male gender is truly dying on a spiritual level. The traditional gender roles were once assigned to help designate our functions in society while at the same time, to keep us in line and to help to provide a true and divine purpose in this world. As I have reiterated on many occations, when you take away the ability for a man to out into the world and earn a living, in essence, you are taking away his dignity and above all, his function and purpose in this world.
    When you see these kinds of social engineerings take place in society and at a rapid pace, then you will also see the the cultural decline in our world accelerate at a higher speed. Men and women can no longer identify their true gender orientation and this itself, is contributing towards the destruction of the nuclear family. Say what you want, but I truly believe that it was the man who went out to work, while the woman stayed at home and looked after the house and kids. This maintained the structure and bonding of the nuclear family.
    Now that has gone down the drain. Families are being ripped apart through divorces (which are supported by the corrupt family courts) men are embracing the idea of becoming trophy husbands and letting their wives drive them around, while the woman is earning and is in control of the family finances. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. More importantly, it is the kids who then are influenced and moulded by what they see in their families.
    I no longer have any faith in this world, which is why I consider myself to be a misanthropist. Everytime you try to do the right thing by expressing your opinions on these matters, you will be shot down by your critics and be ostracized from society and villified by the use of attaching your character with pejorative labels. Again, which is why I always advocate for men to live by their own value systems. By choosing to do so, it will allow you to be truly be, spiritually free from a world of decay.

        1. of course, that’s where I’m hanging out at the moment. Czechs do have a (strange) sense of humour I think

        2. Well, assuming a basic unspoken law of reciprocity, they (we) likely find your sense of humor strange, too. Unfortunately, I have no connection to my Czech roots. I remember one Czech girl that I had known as a child. When I met her at an older age, she first seemed interested in contact and seemed to like me, then went cold on me. Meh. Fuck it.

        3. I’d like to spend some time in Germany. I find it fascinating that Czech / Germany / Austria are so close but so different language / culture wise.

        4. Never really cared much for culture myself.
          If you happen to pass by Munich, let us meet up. Also, in case you have not yet done anything like that, consider a nice demanding hike in the alps – although it is slowly becoming a little cold for that kind of thing.

        5. That would be cool, cheers. I’ve not been to south Germany / Bavaria. It’s easier to get to Berlin or Vienna, but it must be lovely down there

        6. I do not particularly like Munich. It is a bit like a big rural town, not really anything like a metropolis – compared to London / Los Angeles / Berlin / Frankfurt am Main. In my eyes, it is not even as magnificent as Prague. The city forbids to build higher than the steeple in the centre. Very provincial and conservative shit. I also do not particularly like Bavarian culture.
          But you will be glad to hear that I use to be an exception in these matters. Most people seem to really like the city – unless they are being polite.
          The closeness to the mountains is what I love. 100 kilometers on the bycicle and I am at a great lake with the possibility to climb a mountain. Although I have not done that for a long time.
          Are you on some kind of world tour?

        7. Shame it’s not your kind of thing. I keep seeing adverts for a film called ztraceni v mnichove – which I eventually worked out means lost in munich, so I kind of assumed it was at least a big enough city to get lost in. Not on world tour, just sort of taking some time out (from reality) in europe while I rent my place out – its just for a while and its comparatively cheap in eastern europe. I’d like to try Germany out one day but I don’t know german and its as expensive as the UK. German countryside is lovely, and so is Czech. I might try some walking in the Tatra mountains in the spring or nearer to prague. I like London and Berlin (don’t know Frankfurt, LA) but they can actually be depressingly big

        8. Then you may like Munich. Get lost in it, well, I doubt it. There is taxis and public transport everywhere.
          What I forgot to mention, there is a wonderful park through Munich along the Isar. You can walk alongside the river a whole day out to the countryside.
          Also a great place to stay is Bohemian Switzerland in the North of Czech. You can rent a hut there for around 400 Euros for 10 days and hike through the great landscape. Greatly uplifted me doing that last year. Here are some photos I took there, among other places: http://alive-photo.com

        9. There’s a tonne of cities I’d like to check out in Germany including munich & frankfurt and the smaller historic ones. Those mountain pics are fine. I actually didn’t know about those mountains, and probably only about an hour or so away. Shame its getting colder but still doable

        10. Still good. Alps are good to look at. Hills and big rocks are good to walk on. Worth doing

        11. I’ve avoided that one. Prefer my ultraviolence a little bit less ultraviolent to be honest

        12. as you get older Tom old fashioned off-screen volence becomes more alluring. Still I may make an exception for that upcoming Eli Roth SJW cannibal film

        13. Definitely. That is why I love my sparring so much. But I have no girls in my life whom I could persuade into some healthy roughness, so videos have to do for now.

        14. Healthy roughness lol. Plenty of girls out there who like that sort of thing. Just make sure they do first I guess

        15. Indeed. One technique I found out I adapted by my own fear. I noticed that when the opponent approaches, I instinctively go into defense from the sensation of approach. Led me to the following: Keep throwing simple punches while moving forward in a slow but steady strut. It feels totally harmless to do it, but it does something to the nerves of the other that just shuts off most people’s instinct to defend themselves as much as they would otherwise. Still test phase, but it works quite well so far.

        16. I often wish I’d discovered ROK / game in my 20s. At your age you still have loads of time. Just take your time and work on the skill set / managing expectations etc, maybe do some meditating to stop thoughts getting in the way, and remember it’s not the be and end all.

        17. It’s just the past getting in the way. Need to find a way to let go and forgive, I guess. People keep telling me that, so there must be truth to it.

        18. I used to do wing chun years ago. It’s quite rigid when you’re learning but when you’re sparring you’re free to work out what works for you. I only really ever had one move, really

        19. It’s ‘just’ thoughts. I came across a mindfulness the other day which said Buddhist monks group all thoughts that can trap you into 3 categories: 1) lust 2) hatred and 3) delusions. It took me aback actually but the more you think about it nearly all of our unhelpful thoughts can be slotted into those categories. In fact most of the helpful ones too. One of my main goals right now is to learn to manage my thoughts and emotions better

        20. Take the most boring aspects of England, take away the wit and relaxed attitude, and you have Germany.

        21. I have to say, my impression of Munich is that it is full of wankers. I’m not being glib.
          I have not been to Berlin (the world center of culture before the Russians ruined it for everybody). Have you? Do you recommend it?

        22. You’re spot on. “I think it’s hilarious” in this context translates to mean:
          “When i first heard of *insert atrocity* here, i was immediately disgusted, but then i thought, do i have the balls to do anything about it? Nah, so instead of sulking over what i think i can’t do anything about, i’m going to trick myself into thinking it’s funny so i don’t feel impotent.”
          The irony being you’re still sulking over it, but outwardly to poorly socially trained people, you appear to be indifferent towards the atrocity. So in turn everyone else will be convinced to treat your silent suffering as a joke.Cringe-worthy.
          Think about the common emasculated white man’s “joke”. “Gee willi-kers John! if i don’t get home by 7:30pm on the dot, my wife is going to put me in the dog-house! you know how women are! heheheehe GEEEE WILLI-KERS!”

      1. He’s a nihilist degenerate. A part of me likes him too though (the “might is right” part, the part that wants to rev up the flamethrower and go full 1488 screaming deus vult).

        1. I’m thinking someone will be the next William Foster at one of these freak parades.

      1. That second pic reminds me of myself when I lived in Long Beach, CA on 1st Street…the gay pride parade went by right in front of my apartment. I honestly don’t see how pride parades are legal. They are extremely obscene, degenerate and vulgar.

        1. I was joking with some friends about how I should attend the next degenerate parade with a supersoaker loaded with hydrofluoric acid.

      2. Amazing how quickly a society can regress in under 20 years isn’t it
        this is why all countries need a revolutionary nationalist culture, through good times and bad

        1. I’m hopeful that the bullets are for the degenerates outside.

      3. Time for a new cold-war. The more women are afraid, the more they will lookup and respect men. “Would you like to get nuked and then raped by Russians?”
        Women are really delusional. They thrive in the bubble we men created for them. Women feel safe and free, but it’s all artificial. If SHTF the bubble bursts so hard the only way women then can live in prosperity is if they are willing to prostitute themselves for a can of beef.

      4. Hahahah, you silly fools. As long as time passes, as long as we go from young to old, innocence to knowledge, we will always long for the “good old days”. Believe it or not, for those who grew up in the 2015 picture, that will become the good old days, and they will be old and jaded and cynical like you guys and reminisce about simpler times, when transgendered dildo-wavers filled the streets…

    1. I think this is one of the main reasons why the western economies are crashing. Even with all the technological gains we have made in the past, operator error (women are the majority of the workforce and control/spend most the economic resources) is killing the western economy.

      1. “Man’s wisdom is foolishness, but God wisdom will abide forever.” That is what Jesus told me, when I prayed.

    2. >it is the kids who then are influenced and moulded by what they see in their families.
      And like the kids growing up hearing their parents constantly fighting and screaming at each other, they will avoid the same situation for themselves like the plague.
      At least, that is my hope.

  4. This cuck stuff is so insane.
    So yes, homosexuality exists. I think it is a sign of sickness. However, there is something there. Pedophiles, the same as homos, are mentally ill. But I can understand. Some wire got crossed somehow and now they are turned on by kids or whatever. Great. Shoot them, castrate them, but even this I understand more than the cuck thing.
    So you have a guy who is ostensibly herterosexual in that he wants to have sex with women. However, he wants his woman to get turned out by other men? Does he watch this happen or just accept that it happens? Does it turn him on? Like is he watching some dude bone his girl and get a hard on?
    I met a girl who told me her ex was like this. This is just recently, I never heard of this before. She said that the ex would rent a hotel room, invite a guy he knew (possibly met online she wasn’t specific) and he would watch and video tape her getting totally turned out.
    I am so confused by this one. Ok if you are a man and you are attracted to another man, child, frog, rock or whatever…it’s sick, but at least it is something you could look at and say…ok this guy likes dick or falcon or who knows what. But I am so many miles from understanding what is going on in the head of a man who wants to watch another man fuck his girl that it is just mind boggling.
    If I would have only read about it online I would have had some serious doubts that it existed. I would think it is just something that is online. Having met someone who was with someone like this and participated in this is just crazy

    1. It’s absolutely disgusting.
      The problem lies with our divorce laws, once a man realizes that if he divorces his wife even if she is blatantly cheating on him, he stands a good chance of only seeing his kids every other weekend. He might wind up paying child support, alimony, and surrendering part of his 401k even if she makes more money than he. He will lose his house and car. Meanwhile this whore of a wife shacks up with an unemployed bad boy loser and the ex is stuck with the bill. So when the whore wife says she wants an open marriage, the poor man who is probably already emasculated from all the other abuse she’s hurled at him over the years, he just accepts her behavior, because he doesn’t want to break up the marriage and destroy his children. While watching your wife get screwed by another man is an extreme example, the whole part of women cheating on their husbands because the consequences are to much for the man, is a pretty common problem.

      1. This makes sense for one example for sure (disgusting, but makes sense) but what of the people who fetishize it. The example of the girl I met. She was with a guy who asked for this. It turned him on. He wanted to video tape. I put a stop to the explanation and was sorry I asked, but now I wish I would have totally debriefed her so I could have understood better. How can that be a fetish?

        1. I don’t understand the fetish, and I don’t understand swingers either. All I can say is these people are sick. There is no way a normal man should ever tolerate his woman being intimate with another man under any circumstances. The mere thought of sloppy seconds repulses me I guess some guys just don’t care.

    2. So much of this is created through the culture. Have any of you actually watched the clip of Bruce Jenner giving his “stunning and brave” speech? It came onto my youtube autoplay and I have no words….
      It’s far and away worse than just seeing a RuPaul dress in drag or think about amputating your dick or any of that. I alternate between laughter and mouth wide open. Listen to the first 10 seconds or so of this deep voiced man in a dress talking. It’s so stunning and jarring and just.. wrong! I don’t even think Jenner wants to be a woman. He wants to be a deep voiced dude in a dress with a dick. I always thought most trannies pretended to be more feminine, but this guy just doesn’t give a fuck.
      When people live in a society where people displaying extreme aberrant behavior are lauded and supported, they will push the envelope and mimic this behavior. So, it isn’t even a question of people “wanting cuckoldry” or “wanting to have sex with a horse” or whatever perversity. It’s simply a question of perversity being honored.
      Every time they report on a story of someone having sex with a kid or a baby, it normalizes it a bit. “Oh, look at that average looking guy that everyone says was really “nice and kept to himself”–he just raped second graders in the butt. If you keep talking about weird urges people have over and over repeatedly people tend to think it’s not weird to have crazy urges and they will start suffocating themselves while they jerk off, licking toads or drinking cat piss to get high, or whatever. You think the pattern of hot young female teachers having sex with their 5th graders just started on its own? No, one girl did it, the media covered it, and I’d argue all the others never had the urge to do it, but once it became *slightly normalized* by discussing it, they wanted to try it.
      The point isn’t the specific perversity. The point is society creates perversity in a population by broadcasting and reinforcing depravity and mental illness as normal behavior.

      1. Hmm…I’m not so sure about that. I see the news covering it as a shaming tool that would arguably discourage others. Who wants their mug on the TV screen for raping underage kiddos? Not anyone I can think of. I guess it also depends on how the news covers it, but I haven’t seen any anchors doing the slow clap for a pedophile yet.

        1. The actual perpetrator is still viewed as a bad person, yes, but it normalizes the behavior. This works in many ways. The first time you heard about a troop death overseas, perhaps you felt regret, looked at pictures of his family, read his story, found out what his occupation was, etc. Fifteen years later, you hear we are still at war in Afghanistan, and Joe Shmoe died today, and yes, it’s still a bad thing that someone died, but it becomes normalized and somewhat accepted because it’s happened thousands of times since then.
          Edward Bernays was a master at this. Prior to the 1930s, and throughout the centuries, smoking was universally seen as inappropriate for women. Women weren’t even legally allowed to smoke publicly in the USA. Bernays hired attractive women who were marching in an Easter Parade in 1929 to smoke cigarettes but to call them “torches of freedom”. Smoking was a bad, unpleasant thing to the lungs, and unfeminine to watch, but suddenly women everywhere developed a desire to do something harmful–smoke cigarettes. He normalized and created a desire to do something bad and harmful that the women never even wanted to do in the first place, but it now became acceptable and cool.

        2. I’m not seeing how your cigarette example makes your point. Even in the mainstream media (Fox, CNN, etc), we don’t have people applauding child molesters. While I see the point you’re trying to make, the cig example showed the act being applauded as something inherently liberating and virtuous, if not unhealthy. It wasn’t so much a slow desensitizing campaign. Rather, it was a show of “equality for womyn. Murica!” that caught on.
          Maybe I’m the weird one here but when I hear bad news on the radio (soldier being killed or mass shooting) I frustrates me further. I makes me want to speak out even more against what’s going on. Doesn’t desensitize me at all.

        3. It’s a difficult thing to prove because it’s so difficult to eliminate other factors (ie in the soldier example, do people care less because the war has now been uncovered to have been started on a lie? Or because the US has been committing war crimes? Or because they don’t see a reason to fight there after the supposed killing of OBL?)
          All I can say is social conditioning works. It explains how the Nazis were able to justify brutal acts against civilians, how more and more aberrant behavior is accepted in society, and it allows the bar to be constantly pushed lower and lower. The other day I heard Miley Cyrus is doing an all nude concert. In the past, I would have thought this was fake trolling, but this time, I knew it was real. More and more extreme behaviors must be adopted in order to be cool and edgy.

        4. No doubt social conditioning works, I just tend to lean towards the side that public shaming works in our favor.
          I shudder at the thought of Miley Cyrus performing nude. That girl needs to do some serious squats to get rid of that disgrace of a backside.

        5. Public shaming only works if the person has shame to begin with. When the person in question is already a tinder whore, had 5 abortions before graduating high school, and regularly performs on chaturbate, public shaming will have zero power over her.

        6. True and there are certainly people out there that are like that. However, the general populace would shudder at the thought of being shamed in such a way and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, even with the leftist narrative being crammed down our throats.

      2. Just wow dude. Fucking world. Dead on. I can’t watch the video though.

  5. I think “Gay marriage” will more likely lead to incestuous marriage. Since the marriage is no longer defined for the purposes of protection of offspring, and merely about “love”, then why should two siblings not be able to marry?

  6. What homosexuality and transgenderism have in common is that they both directly attack masculinity. So I doubt that the next perversions will be incest, pedophilia, bestiality, etc. They don’t really do anything to harm masculinity. In fact, in the case of pedophilia, it’s too good of a weapon against men to be socially accepted. Instead of new perversions being introduced, now that we have feminism, homosexuality, and transgenderism in place, I expect a full frontal assault on masculinity and male sexuality in the near future. They’ll do everything they can to shame and control male behaviour.

  7. The perversions will eventually cause a blowback. Society cannot survive treating everyone like ass holes. Those idiots start eating their own like just recently with Glamour’s Woman of the Year going to a man (Caitlyn Jenner).
    Or, ISIS will move in and you will have no choice but to submit. The first ones to be eaten will be those very SJW types.

    1. “The perversions will eventually cause a blowback.”
      One would think, but one look at the average millennial and you know the bottom hasn’t been reached just yet.

  8. Honestly, I think “they” are trying to get pedophilia, but, this is going to go way too far and as debauched as we think the population is, this will cause an uproar. I’m with Matt Forney in that I think the country is going to take a huge turn to the right. No, I do not think hil-dog gets elected, which means Ben Carson or Trump. Both anti-establishment and Carson is outspoken in that he does not think homosexuality is born in. Trump is outspoken against political correctness and has said he’ll protect Christians. As far as the stats on women above, here is a tale of two towns. A working class town and a very affluent town next door. I live nearby to both. Patriarchy is alive and very healthy and well in the very affluent town. Go there mid week to get a coffee at 10 or 11 AM and its mommy after mommy with kids in tow. Mommy after mommy standing at the school bus stops. Mommy has her yoga pants on and off to yoga afterwards. Another indicator is that you see more men running in the affluent town than women. Now, in the working class town you see no men running at all and only women, but, in total no where near the levels of total runners in the affluent town. And the sex disparity really isn’t observable during the day because people here aren’t really married with kids in tow. And if you do see a “family” its mom and dad at 2 pm mid week. Sure you see a mix of the sexes but there are no yoga pants on, rather sweats. The poorer town is more “liberal” with a spattering of lgtdisdsheadsqsjsdhs folks a la the occasional rainbow versus the affluent, which is overwhelmingly conservative.
    I also see that the recent revelations regarding planned parenthood is turning the tide too. abortion is instrumental to the sexual revolution and now its barbarism is in full undeniable display. That plus a move to legitimize pedophilia will rouse enough people to draw the line finally and say enough is enough.

    1. Yes – but where there was a shortage of men due to disease, deaths in childbirth, or war — which is to say, all of human history until modern medicine came into being and all of human history bar the past hundred years or so.
      The same does not hold in the present day. If anything it’s entirely the opposite: there are too many men, not too few. Polygamy is bad, bad news for beta if not all men in the West because it puts multiple women in the hands of an alpha under the bond of marriage rather than one.

      1. All men are not created equal. The current system, where most men are allowed to procreate, has dragged us down as a whole on a genetic level. Yes it has given us technology more advanced than ever before, but at what cost? Look at what is happening to the world. The west is being overrun by savages, and we are not only letting it happen but actively encouraging it. We are literally killing ourselves. This is the price for diluting our gene pool. Putting a man on the moon is not worth racial suicide.

        1. The claim that “everyone is equal” will go down in history as the single most destructive idea that has ever entered into collective human thought. But the Left is trying to re-engineer society and people. They want equal numbers of female scientists and they will legislate it into existence. It is often claimed that the Far Right was sick for trying to redesign humanity (Ubermensch) but the Left is doing exactly the same thing.

        2. That isn’t the point. The point is large numbers of unattached men always creates social unrest. It just isn’t a stable social order so a wise civilization won’t permit it. Either keep the one man one woman rule or find a way to eliminate a hell of a lot of men. There is of course one obvious way.

      2. But there are way too many homosexuals in the present day, and the male mortality rate is still way higher, so there is actually an extremely small pool of available good husbands. Might as well let the good alpha men, who can provide, have multiple wives. The fake alphas which are the ones promoted by modern society can never sustain a polygamous marriage. They are way too unskilled for it or too corrupt, deception will not work.

    2. Yea, but it was men who incited it, not women. Women with 2-3 guys living in same house is really fucked up mentality. Why? Men created everything. Women still aren’t creating squat, just bathing in men’s glorious creations and simultaneously exploiting them in ways they should never have had the opportunity to do in the first place. We’re giving the “emotional” gender control of way too much shit, and it will bring hell to Earth… already is.

      1. It was actually women who incited it. The platero principle of the 80/20 rule applies. 80 % of the women lust after the 20% of the men so the women congregated to share the men. Better to enjoy 5 minutes with an alpha than a lifetime spent with a beta.
        Monogamy was actually invented by alpha’s because the beta’s needed some sort of reward for their role in being useful drones/slaves

        1. Sure, well my angle there was it’s alphas that facilitate that capacity in women. Afterall, it is the man who asks the women’s hand in marriage, so for true “polygamy” to occur, there must be a marriage. I’m certain hypergamy and solipsism in women has existed since the Egyptian Pharaohs. The best “creators” are often alpha status in some sense, and hoard the puss by natural order..
          However, now women award alpha status to guys who are posers. Sometimes in that sense, in this virtual reality TV show existence everyone lives in, perception IS reality for many,.. especially women who are way to stupid to know better, and really DGAF.
          My replacement phrase for people who say “living the dream,” my response, “livin the look.” If we’re to say a man with a wife, and a mistress or two on the side.. well that’s gone on for years, but not likely in the numbers people suspect. It’s way too dangerous now to pull side pieces while married, you[ll get fucked in divorce. Frankly, if I marry a woman, I’m not going to cheat anyways.

        2. Marriage is a recent invention. Anything after the invention of agriculture counts as “new” from an evolutionary perspective. What humans want and are attracted to goes millions of years back.

        3. “Marriage is a recent invention. Anything after the invention of
          agriculture counts as ‘new’ from an evolutionary perspective. What humans want and are attracted to goes millions of years back.”
          Marriage predates agriculture, Adam and Eve merely picked whatever fruit they desired. There are no millions of years, no (macro) evolution of a species into a new one. There is soft tissue in dinosaur bones, we know that now that they finally began checking for it. Nobody bothered until recently, because “hundreds of millions of years” after all, so obviously there would be no chance of finding any such thing.

    3. Polygamy is not the historical norm. It has been practiced in multiple cultures at different times throughout history with varying degrees of regularity but the cultural norm has always been one man with one woman.

      1. Genetic evidence shows that 40% of males procreated while 80% of women did so. This means on average that each man had two women. Some had one, some two or five, and more than half had none. Again, science fact. Feelings and personal opinions on the matter are completely irrelevant.

        1. There was a recent study that 3 million people are descendents of an Irish King – Niall of the Nine Hostages

    4. Note: The Biblical perspective on polygyny (multiple wives) is one of my areas of specialty, so I’m going to try to clear up some misconceptions about polygyny. To preface, only certain men are attractive enough to pull it off and I doubt if there would ever be more than 20% of the male population who could get multiple women to go along with polygyny. In reality it’s probably less than 10% so the argument that polygyny is bad because betas won’t have wives is total BS. As it is now, betas can’t get wives because of the unleashed hypergamy.
      1. According to the Bible, polygyny is an acceptable form of marriage and nowhere in the Bible do you find the word “monogamy” or “polygyny/polygamy” but only “marriage.” You want one wife? Fine. You want multiple wives, God has given His rules on that. God does not regulate sin, He prohibits and condemns it, yet He gave His regulations for polygyny in the Law (example: Exodus 21:10, wives have to be treated equally, give equal food, housing, clothing and conjugal rights). Therefore polygyny is acceptable to God and there is nothing wrong with it.
      2. Polygyny is the only safe form of marriage today because it cannot be recognized as a marriage by the state due to public policy. Therefore, in a polygynous marriage there can be no divorce, no splitting the assets and no alimony. If a man with multiple wives has children by all of them and one wife wants out, in all likelihood he will get custody of those children because he still has an intact family, higher income, and there is a great reluctance on the part of the courts to separate siblings. That means the wife who wants out will get hit with child support. In other words, polygyny re-arranges the incentives to reward staying in the marriage and penalizes leaving.
      3. The structure of a polygynous marriage places the husband in a dominant position because the wives are competing for his attention. Wives cannot use all the standard bag of tricks they normally use (withholding sex, nagging, passive aggressive tactics, gaslighting, etc.) because the husband can simply ignore them and spend time with another wife. The only way a wife can compete for her husband’s attention in a polygynous marriage is to give him what he wants: a sweet, feminine, submissive and sexually available wife. Additionally, wives can meet their emotional needs with each other and the husband is free to remain aloof (alpha- more dominant and attractive).
      4. A marriage with 3 wives can have one wife as a full-time SAHM with the husband and the other two wives working outside the home. That provides a much higher household income than almost any monogamous marriage with the husband as sole provider and a SAHM. Additionally, job loss isn’t the instant crisis it would be in a monogamous marriage, thus providing greater economic stability and security.
      5. As stated previously, women compete. One of the major problems with monogamous marriage is the husband loses the power of “Next” the moment he makes the commitment to marry. Not so in a polygynous marriage. Part of the attraction of a man prior to commitment is the competitive aspects of the relationship and his ability to walk away, thus commitment usually results in a loss of attraction, but in a polygynous marriage the competition never ends. One aspect of their competition is having them all in bed together, because the competition results in really wild sex. Strip them naked and they’ll take an interest in how good they look compared to each other and try to improve their appearance. Not for you, but to try to look better than the others.
      6. Interestingly (again, this is strictly from a Biblical perspective), nothing that might happen when a husband gets all his wives in bed together is wrong or sinful. Almost all Christians are just about completely ignorant of what the Bible actually says about this, but here goes:
      Wives were commanded in Ephesians 5:22-24 to submit to their husbands in *everything* so the women always say “but he can’t command us to sin!” Is female-female sexual contact a sin? Leviticus 18:22-23 is definitive. Males with males was forbidden, males with animals was forbidden and females with animals was forbidden… and what don’t we see? Females with females. The Law is completely silent on that, so Romans 4:15 and 5:13 apply: where there is no law there is no transgression and no sin is imputed. There’s also the clause in the law at Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:32 that says you are not to add to the law or take away from it. Therefore, the “go-to” passage all the churchians use, Romans 1:26 (which they claim prohibits “lesbian” sex), cannot possibly prohibit female-female sexual contact because if it did the Apostle Paul would be guilty of violating Deut. 4:2 and 12:32. So, no matter what happens if a guy gets his multiple wives in bed, it ain’t a sin.
      7. Multiple wives also supply all the drama the wives desire and the husband can exercise leadership and control over the level of drama they generate. Arguments are normal, but they have to be resolved. A good rule is “you fight, I spank, so solve your disagreements between yourselves.”
      8. As another commentor has observed, polygyny is the definitive patriarchal marriage arrangement and I can say for a fact it will never be acceptable. I know of churches that will welcome an openly “gay” couple but if I walk in with multiple wives, before the day was over we’d be asked to leave and forbidden to come back. “Gay” marriage is part of the feminist agenda but a patriarchal polygynist marriage is anathema to churchians.
      I know this because a few years ago I and some lady-friends from a theater group visited over a half-dozen churches in Florida known for their tolerance and acceptance, introducing the girls as my wives. We agreed they’d defer all Biblical questions to me “Our husband will speak for us” but were free to have fun with anything else. Somebody would always ask about “sleeping arrangements” and the stock answer was “we didn’t get married to sleep alone. Did you?” Another was “How do you all get along living together?” One would roll her eyes and say “If we fight, he spanks.” The others nodded vigorously and one would say “Hard.”
      I always got pulled aside by older men who tried to take me to task for my “sinful” relationship. They didn’t realize what a mistake that was because it let the girls say whatever they wanted and they positively enjoyed opportunities like that. When they went to the bathroom they’re always questioned and they’d say the most outrageous stuff without any of the men present. The other women would leave in shock. Meanwhile I’m demonstrating I know the Bible better than any of the men and once they got frustrated the pastor generally politely suggested we leave because we’re “too divisive” or “argumentative” or whatever.
      That’s when I pointed out that Jeremiah 31:31-32 says God had two wives, Israel and Judah, so if God had two wives how am I doing anything wrong by having 3 wives? God took credit for giving David multiple wives in 2nd Samuel 12:8 and said if it wasn’t enough He’d have given David even more. That was usually when we were ordered to leave with the threat of the cops being called if we ever come back.
      Again, I’ve done this in different churches, in different denominations (Baptists are the worst but not by much) and it’s always the same. Sodomites will be received with open arms but a family with multiple wives who are submissive, obedient and deferential to their husband (we put on demonstrations of that- like one of them “slipping” and calling me “master”), wives that are genuinely friendly and loving toward each other, pretty, feminine and modestly dressed… it’s just way too much and they can’t handle it.
      Best of all, the liberal feminists have all their arguments turned on their head if the girls take the “we have the best of both worlds” approach and display a level of physical affection for each other that makes the straight women nervous.
      “We love him, he loves us and we love each other. We’re happy and we’re not doing anything wrong. What’s not to like about it?”
      “But you said he spanks you!”
      “So? That only happens when we deserve it, and there’s something about having to strip naked, get on your knees, confess what you did and then get spanked for it that I can’t describe. I get wet thinking about it. After that, hottest sex ever.”
      Feminists (both men and women) have zero response to that because an example of women cheerfully in submission to a patriarchal husband is way too much and they not only can’t handle it they realize what a threat such a relationship is to their anti-masculine male position. Even worse, given a bit of time around the girls other woman become submissive to me and that drives the feminized men nuts. We’ve been thrown out of every single church we’ve been to.

      1. Dude. Totally awesome!
        This would make a great mini-documentary or at least youtube video.

      2. ” According to the Bible, polygyny is an acceptable form of marriage and
        nowhere in the Bible do you find the word “monogamy” or
        “polygyny/polygamy” but only “marriage.””
        Off the top of my head, there were a couple restrictions:
        1) an leader in the Church could only have one spouse / be married / no divorcee [the Greek refers to all three] (1 Timothy 3:1-7)
        2) Old Testament kings were restricted from multiplying wives (Deut 17:17).
        #2 in context warned about diverting a man’s affection from God. If you can maintain focus on God, are convinced fully in your own mind and have multiple wives, to paraphrase Martin Luther, “go for it”.

        1. @shadowofashade:disqus
          For point #1, it doesn’t say what you think it says. The same phrase in Greek is used to describe the widows being put on the roster for care as being the wife of one husband. The passage is speaking to the moral character of both the men and women and the better translation to this slang expression is the men are not to be “ladies men” and the widows are not to be flirts.
          For point #2, Deuteronomy 17:17 says what it says, but what is the meaning of the word multiply? We see in 2nd Samuel 12:8 that God took credit for giving David multiple wives and said He’d have given David even more if that hadn’t been enough. We know the names of eight of David’s wives and he may have had more. In addition to that he had at least 10 concubines.
          Obviously God isn’t going to violate His own Law, so more than 8 wives isn’t “multiplying” wives. However, Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines and they turned his heart away from the Lord. Therefore, the command for the KING not to multiply wives means there is a line somewhere between more than eight and less than 700.
          The old rabbi was once asked what the optimal number of wives was. He reflected on that for a moment and said:
          One is insufficient,
          Two and they fight,
          Three and they take sides
          So four is just right.
          There’s no problem with Deut. 17:17 at all with my examples of 3 or 4 wives.
          The restrictions in the Law were that a man cannot marry a woman and her mother or or a woman and her grandmother. That was a death penalty offense. Also, a man could not marry sisters in order to vex one of them.
          Likewise, there were two restrictions on the marital bed in the Law. A man was not to have intercourse with his wife when she was on her period (uncleanness, they were to be cut off from their people) and a man was not to have sex with his wife for 40 days after the birth of a boy and 80 days after the birth of a girl. Those restrictions mean God chose not to say “only one wife in bed at a time.”
          Keep in mind that specific sex acts and/or positions are not mentioned anywhere in Scripture. What the Bible actually says and doesn’t say makes Christians extremely uncomfortable.
          The real problem for Christian men is sex is considered to only be legitimate within marriage, and there is the command to be fruitful and multiply (never rescinded, BTW). Yet, the reality of marriage 2.0 means the Christian man is putting his head in a noose if he takes on a monogamous marriage and violating the command if he goes MGTOW. As I’ve written previously and extensively, polygyny is the only form of marriage available today that offers any safety. We were commanded to seek wisdom and to be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves, so it seems to me that in today’s feminist environment the only way to go for marriage is polygyny.

        2. I’ll stand with Martin Luther (as I finished my previous comment with): “I confess that I cannot forbid a person to marry several wives,
          for it does not contradict the Scripture. If a man wishes to marry more
          than one wife he should be asked whether he is satisfied in his
          conscience that he may do so in accordance with the word of God. In such
          a case the civil authority has nothing to do in the matter.”
          PS: If you really want to make some heads explode the next time you go to a church, may I suggest asking them what they think the Scriptural grounds for divorce are. 🙂

      3. That deserved ten upvotes. Pro comment.
        However, one major problem with making it work compared to earlier times is money. In older times kids paid for themselves by helping around the farm or, in prehistorial times, by helping with hunting, fishing etc. Children have gone from being a source of income to being a financial burden. It will only work for men with a lot of money and the willingness to spend it, but other than that it seems like a solid plan.
        However, I am not sure how the courts view it or for how long it will remain a benefit to the man (if it currently is). Worth considering all the same.

      4. This. The West has truly jumped the rails. As a man, you could introduce your husband or your boyfriend to applause and societal delight but introduce your two wives and they would stone you. The would tell them to “blink twice if he’s keeping you against your will.”

      5. “Therefore, the ‘go-to’ passage all the churchians use, Romans 1:26 (which they claim prohibits “lesbian” sex), cannot possibly prohibit female-female sexual contact because if it did the Apostle Paul would be guilty of violating Deut. 4:2 and 12:32.”
        That’s exactly what Romans 1:26 means: sex between females is sodomy. However, Paul only explains explicitly to Gentile converts what Hebrews always knew was implicit in the command that declared sodomy to be abomination and other verses.
        Here’s a Jew asking a Jewish Rabbi why and where Lesbianism is forbidden in the Torah:
        Answer: […]
        The Rambam (Maimonides) (Rambam Issurei Biya 21: 8) says that to this conduct we apply the verse (Vayikra 18.3) “Do not follow the ways of Egypt where you once lived, nor of Canaan, where I will be bringing you.Do not follow [any] of their customs.”
        The Semag (Lavin 126, Sefer Mitzvot Hagadol of R. Moshe of Coucy [born 1200]) holds the same view as the Rambam, as well as the Tur (Rabbi Yaacov b’ Harosh) on Even Ha’ezer20.
        The quoting of the verse is to say that lesbianism is prohibited by Torah law. [See Otzar Haposkim on Even Ha’ezer 20, which quote many commentators (Levush, Tzofnat Pa’neach, Atzei Arazim) who understand the Rambam’s opinion that lesbianism is forbidden by Torah law.] The Rambam, Semag and Tur all quote Chazal in the Sifra- Torat Cohanim on Achrei Mot (this week’s Parsha) which brings an example of the “ways” of Egypt that a woman would marry a woman.
        Finally, the Shulchan Aruch Even Ha’ezer 20:2 that lesbianism is prohibited based on the verse in the Torah (Vayikra 18.3) “Do not follow the ways of Egypt where you once lived, nor of Canaan, where I will be bringing you.” and the other sources mentioned above. The ruling of the Shulchan Aruch is uncontested by any other sources in Jewish law.
        “We’ve been thrown out of every single church we’ve been to.”
        It would be interesting to see if you would be allowed to convert to Orthodoxy. You’d have to repent of the lesbianism, and maybe have to swear off bedding more than one of them at a time (Genesis 30:14-15), but it might be possible. Multiple wives were forbidden by the earliest Apostolic traditions, but that could be interpreted as only applying to those already Orthodox, and existing polygamous marriages could be allowed to stand by way of economia (leniency).

        1. OrthodoxChristian
          In response to my statement “because if it did the Apostle Paul would be guilty of violating Deut. 4:2 and 12:32.”
          You said:
          That’s exactly what Romans 1:26 means: sex between females is sodomy.
          You ignore the instruction of Leviticus 18:22-23 in which there is no law regarding female-female sexual contact. The Torah is completely silent on the subject. Then you slander the Apostle Paul, a Hebrew of Hebrews who trained under Gamaliel and as to the Law was a Pharisee (Acts 22:3 and Philippians 3:5), claiming he was in violation of Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:32 by adding to the Law.
          Then you pull in a strawman argument using the term “lesbian” and cite a bunch of rabbinical teaching as proof. In doing so you are claiming Paul is a lawbreaker by adding to the Law and he lied in saying (in Romans 4:15 and 5:13) that where there is no law there is no transgression and no sin is imputed.
          Nice try. The problem is you didn’t define lesbian and you’re trying to transmogrify the description of an unnatural relationship in which women are rejecting being wives and mothers (in violation of Genesis 1:28) into a prohibition on female-female sexual contact that does not exist in Scripture. The only way to interpret Romans 1:26 in which Paul was *not* in violation of the command not to add to the law is if “lesbian” refers not to sexual acts, but rather to a wrong and unnatural relationship in which the women have rejected God’s plan and are in violation of Genesis 1:28.
          Your exegesis (claiming Paul is a lawbreaker and a liar) calls into question everything Paul wrote. Given a choice between your perverted doctrines in which *you* add to the law by claiming something God did not prohibit or condemn is sin because of your tradition, I’ll go with God (Leviticus 18:22-23 and 20:13-16), who chose not to prohibit or condemn female-female sexual contact and Paul, who didn’t do so either. Paul, the same Apostle who wrote the Book of Romans cannot be in disagreement with himself in the few short pages between Romans 1:26 and Romans 4:15 and Romans 5:13, yet this is what you are claiming.
          This stuff worked real well for you guys back when the church killed people for translating the Bible into the vernacular so ordinary people couldn’t see for themselves what God really had to say, but it doesn’t work any more.
          In accordance with the praise given to the Bereans (who searched the Scriptures to see if what they were told was true) I invite you to show us from God’s Word exactly where God either prohibited or condemned female-female sexual contact. Don’t pull some church tradition out of your ass or cite a bunch of dead rabbi’s who weren’t Apostles, show us what God said. Oh- and don’t create an antinomy when demonstrating your fantastic exegesis, which is what you’ve already done.
          To be perfectly clear, the syllogism you’re trying to overcome goes like this:
          1. In the Torah, God prohibited and condemned male-male sexual contact, male-animal sexual contact and female-animal sexual contact. God was completely silent on female-female sexual contact and the fact He included female-animal sexual contact within the prohibition points to complete silence on female-female sexual contact.
          2. God chose not to prohibit female-female sexual contact and it cannot legitimately be described as “sodomy,” which refers specifically to actions by males that were prohibited and condemned in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.
          3. In the Torah, God regulated the marriage bed, proscribing intercourse when the wife was menstruating and for specific periods of time after childbirth- 40 days if she had a boy and 80 days if she had a girl. The fact God regulated the marriage bed means He chose not to prohibit a man having more than one wife in his bed at the same time.
          4. The Torah contains two commands not to add to the law or subtract from it (Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:32) and this was repeated in the last command in the Bible (Revelation 22:18-19).
          5. Paul, a Pharisee, trained under one of the finest teachers of the Law and as a zealous student of the Law, knew this.
          6. Paul was not in violation of Deuteronomy 4:2 or 12:32, and Romans 4:15 and 5:13 are the inspired word of God, so Romans 1:26 cannot possibly be a prohibition of female-female sexual contact.
          7. Romans 26 says For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions, for their women exchanged the natural funcion for that which is unnatural.” Notice there is no mention of sexual activity. The natural function of woman, commanded by God, is found in Genesis 1:28- “be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it…”
          8. The natural function of women is accomplished as a wife, in submission to her husband as it is the woman who receives the seed and bears the fruit of the marital relationship. This is further elucidated by 1st Timothy 2:15 which states “But the women shall be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with self restraint.”
          9. Romans 1:27 states and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman” In addition to rejecting the natural function of the woman (being husbands and fathers in obedience to the command of Genesis 1:28) the men compounded their error: and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committed indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error.”
          10. The phrase “likewise” or “in the same way” compares a like to like, and what was like to like in Romans 1:26-27 is the abandonment of the natural function of women on the part of both men and women. Paul carefully mentioned nothing about women’s sexual acts in such an unnatural relationship which means there is no like to like comparison to the men’s violation of the Torah in their behavior.
          Therefore, “OrthodoxChristian” your argument fails miserably and the teaching of your church tradition and your Rabbinical sources are completely contrary with what Scripture actually says.

  9. I think the author may be right, as women continue to outpace men in college degrees, soon the income disparity will change to the point that men earn significantly less than women. When this happens the rate of infidelity will greatly tilt in women’s favor as successful women will take on additional partners the way rich men have mistresses. If the rate of women cheating on their men hasn’t already exceeded the rate of men cheating on their women, it will change soon. As it is right now the number of male virgins under 30 exceeds the number of female virgins under 30. We may already be in the final clutches of total cuckoldry.

    1. Do you really think men in college today are going to wife up those slags? I certainly hope not after they have experienced “rape culture”…..

      1. I wish I had the right answer for what young men in their twenties should do in terms of marriage or bachelorhood. I would think most would want to have a family someday. only if we can’t change the direction of this country and the west in general, these men could be in for a very depressing future.

        1. I’m thinking it’s surrogacy but I expect to see it regulated or banned for single straight men in the next few years as a way to deny men options.

      2. Men in general do not want to swallow the red pill. Lots of them rather stay plugged in; they think pussy is made out of gold and have been indoctrinated with the notion that being pro-solitude is selfish and wrong. I am seeing lots of men settling for women that are older and less attractive. I’ve spoken to men in their 20s and 30s about the red pill and they look at me like I’m nuts. They default to the fairy-tales they’ve been spoon fed and harp on the idea of the “one.” There is no hope for men like this.

        1. Simply ask them what the latest divorce rates are, who initiates a majority of the divorces, and who comes out on top in said divorces. If that doesn’t open a man’s eyes, they need to be slapped in the face and left to their inevitable demise at the hands of the harpy he eventually marries.

        2. I hear ya! I tell them that approx. 80% of divorces are initiated by females. Of course their default response is, “well, they probably cheated.” the response is a ridiculous over-generalization. A blue-pilled guy I know is dating a woman who is 4-years his senior. He is a decent looking and fit guy (no homo) with a lot of potential. On the other hand, his gf is 33 years old and is a solid 6. He can easily pull 21 year old but he chooses not to because she’s the ‘one.’ HA! She’s the one alright, the one all over my dick 5 years ago!

        3. Nothing good comes out of any of the two. I try to enlighten these guys but don’t put to much time and effort. In the end, it’s just wasted energy and time. At least in my experience.

        4. I find it surprising that many men of the red pill have such a big lack of understanding for blue pill men. Most blue pill men are likely still firmly attached to their mother and red pill advice seems like a danger to that. They do not know the alternative – yet.
          It would require some rites of passage to fix this. And the legal possibility of doing that. And men willing to do that.
          It is not really about reason. It is emotional. But frankly, so is the red pill. It is simply the manifestation of a more mature emotionality. The task is not to force the red pill truths down a blue pillers throat. Does not work. The task is to help them mature emotionally.
          Although I am not quite sure how to do that myself.

        5. Even the ones who agree with me most of the time, complain about the same problems with women, are against marriage, etc. deep down they feel that NAWALT and out there somewhere is a special little snowflake for them and they can’t swallow the red pill. They go on apologizing to women, trying to appease their feelings, and drying up their pussies.
          For me it was the exact opposite, as soon as I discovered red pill writings, they resonated so strongly with my experiences I knew I had found truth.

        6. I hear ya, Tom. can’t disagree with you on that. I am guilty of trying to force the red pill down their throats. That’s probably because I don’t want these men to go through some tough times with women they should learn avoid. Not my call, though. we all learn, whether it’s the easy way or the hard way, eventually we all learn at some point.

        7. I’ve never been married or have any children so I’ve never been taken to the cleaners in that regard. After I witnessed a few things in my past relationship is when I knew deep down something did make sense. Eventually I found ROK and BOOM! eyes wide open! I read a shit load of red pill material and began to see the writing on the wall. Also, A lot of things I observed and experienced through out my life began to make sense.

        8. I figure that I always learn the best and quickest when I have a real heartfelt wish to learn. I have been conscious of the existence of PUA and similar stuff for years, but I would say that on a deeper level, my understanding has improved more in the past few weeks than in the past few years together.
          The logical implications only make sense with the underlying framework of experience and self-knowledge.
          Besides, it is disrespectful to force someone into a certain belief. Add to that that these men do not trust red pill men. I know I did not. In my mind, they were devils trying to distroy me with their radical ideas and shit.
          The smartest thing to do is to help those who ask for help and leave the others alone. If I felt mature enough myself, I would like to simply let them know that I am there for them if they ever feel like transcending their current state. And leave it at that.

        9. I dunno. I consider my relationship with my mother to be sui generis. My sisters, to a lesser extent. And just in terms of generational issues, I really love my mother but she has no relevance to dealing with girlfriends. I am 23 years younger than my mother and my girlfriends are 15+ years younger than me (my present one is 26 years old compared to my mother’s 71).

        10. I would be naive to draw conclusions about other men on basis of my own experience. After all, my mother was mentally ill on top of being female.
          But I read a few books on masculinity and quite a few of them make a big deal out of solving one’s mommy issues. And frankly, that is what did it for me. Kinda solved my extreme core shame and intense inferiority feelings. I also feel more trustful towards men now.

        11. There is a (modified) joke: how many red pill men does it take to change a light bulb?
          Answer: Just one, but the light bulb has to be willing to change.

        12. I have had a progressive red pill experience, beginning before I understood the term and even before it had a name.
          The Red Pill and Neomasculinity have brought a lot of things into focus for me: naming the unnamed and such.
          Because my experience was organic and not by revelation, I run into a lot of disagreements with various disciples of red pill theorists.
          Not here at ROK so much but I was banned from the Red Pill Reddit because I questioned the mods.

        13. Regarding your last paragraph, that is the approach I have taken after my experience with talking to blue pillers. I no longer offer any suggestions or advice unless otherwise asked.

        14. You can lead a horse to water. . .and then beat them over the fucking head until they smarten up.

        15. yea, the guy who was blue pill in the first place (as most are who get married), all the sudden became a giant lady magnet and cheated on her. Nada. Precisely the other way around.

        16. I think the most difficult part of disconnecting yourself from the Matrix and taking the Red Pill is that you can no longer relate to the vast majority of people. You see reality for what it is while they are blissfully ignorant. It is a bitter pill to swallow indeed.

        17. It’s always the man’s fault: if he cheats, it’s his fault. If she cheats, it’s also his fault for one reason / rationalization or another.

    2. There are institutions that give “women-only” scholarships to colleges but I’ve yet to see one that’s for men only.

    3. The corrective view I’ve established on the out-earning concept is that women are only as good as their lowest common denominator. Men however, are only as valuable as they’re greatest peak skillset. The reason why is a woman’s emotions will denigrate her down to that most lacking skill time and time again. They simply can’t mature as far as men mentally. And their most lacking abilities will weigh their value down in society. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t need all these entitlements to prop them up to the level we see now, they’d accomplish that level in the egalitarian sense they hypocritically preach so hard to maintain and progress, but the training wheels stay on until they die.

  10. “more and more will be the primary breadwinner”? Really? Numbers of men taking the plunge and getting married is tanking, slowly but surely. The trust between men and women has been irrevocably broken. At this point I really don’t see any saving male female relations in the west. It’s pump and dump time.
    I have witnessed a divorce rape up close. It is no way to lead your life. For quite a short marriage a man can loose decades of his lifespan to keep his kunt ex wife in shoes and handbags.
    I really try to keep the perversity I witness and experience to one side but find myself dragged in every now and again.
    Seriously thinking of ditching the SS Europa……

    1. The gender dynamic in the West is broken. I see how much healthier Eastern relationships are. Asian boyfriends / girlfriends or husbands / wives are partners and best friends and soul mates. In the West, the sexes use each other for sex, that is it. Go to any large public place. You will see Asian couples (1 male and 1 female) whereas you will see single-sex groups of Westerners (Whites / Blacks): groups of men and groups of women. I believe Western men are romantics and want a female soul mate. For Western women, there is no such notion. They get their socialization and emotional support from other women and do not need or want to get it from men.

  11. Will there be a red-pill men diaspora?
    Not every man is going to accept his wife going to bukkake parties. Not every man is willing to hand over his life’s work to the government for nothing in return.
    If such a thing does happen women will have their cuckold nation, and they’ll end up paying money for alpha men to entertain them.

    1. I think you are already witnessing it – the diaspora – in a narrow but obvious sense.
      Apex males (not alphas) will remain having either locked down a loving and/or ambitiously practical woman, or simply being content to engage in serial monogamy with supermodels.
      Your alpha males will remain to score hot poon, rich poon, any poon.
      Your cucked, beta’ed, blue pilled, zombies will remain because they don’t have the wherewithal to escape even if they figured out that they should.
      And then there are guys like us. We aren’t rock stars or captains of industry or drug dealing thugs with bling, but we have clued in to WTF is going on and are not content to suffer through it. We have something going.
      Me coming to China 4 years ago was a bit of happenstance. Returning two years ago was a conscious choice. You have a solid gig at OCAD and all power too you, but when we met I could tell you were seriously considering flying the coop.
      There are some older guys in the manosphere who have locked down a solid woman. Many others, however, are either ex-pats or players, or a bit of both.
      But for younger guys who have swallowed the red pill, I think they will opt out of the double game: deploying game to get laid while playing the game of being a monkey on a leash to feed the CRA or IRS while spouting politically correct bullshit so as not to be a social pariah nor face a hate speech prosecution.
      Fuck the Anglosphere, fuck Scandinavia, fuck western Europe. While it is only a matter of time, South America and the FSU still offer hope. Not my thing so there is Asia. Or if you are an Eddie Murphy fan, find yourself an African Bush Bitch. Hell, convert to Islam, get yourself 4 wives and keep them on permanent lock down.
      However, we are talking about a narrow segment of men. Still, those who wake the fuck up will GTFO, IMHO.

        1. Either super successful in their own right or they inherited money, or possibly they married into it. Bush, Romney, Kennedy, Trudeau, Stronach, Clinton, and a bunch of others may or may not be alphas in their own right, but their wealth and success give them a different dynamic than being lead singer in a B-list pop band who has banged a thousand chicks.
          Perhaps I am coining a phrase here, based on the “apex fallacy” that is what I call “penguin logic”: just because all penguins are birds does not mean all birds are penguins. Just because all the leaders in society are white males does not mean that white males are all leaders in society. For every black man living in poverty, there are two white men.

        2. These apex males have their bed feathered, so in business or politics they can cuckservative.

  12. I actually don’t think it’ll be one thing – it’ll be a deluge of multiple perversions at once: Cuckolding, incest, polyamory, pedophilia, necrophelia, beastiality and a glorification of increasingly violent BDSM as we’ve already sort of seen through Fifty Shades of Grey. The liberals have opened the anti-family flood gates they dreamed of prying open since they sought to destroy America, the family and Christianity in the earliest days of Marxism.

  13. This is precisely why, no matter what, I have side pieces. At any moment, I can give my unwavering faithful love to a deserving women, I just haven’t encountered a single one who deserves that yet. The full gamut too, lower middle class to upper class women, varying career paths and family upbringings, actively religious or not, and everything in between. For reference, I live in Ohio. Not exactly where you’d expect to have difficulty finding a worthy woman. I don’t do cuck, I don’t swing, I won’t accept either.
    It’s also why I feel no guilt at all having side girls, or no main girl in the first place. Every. Single. Girl. Is leveling-up in any aspect they can. Their “use” for men has become so objectified, so compartmentalized that there’s really no hiding it anymore. You don’t even have to be full red-pill to get it. Purple pill guys are on it now, just stuck in the disbelief stage and still getting burned, increasingly less as they’re waking up, the rest are soulless cucked fags.
    I actually had a girl I knew was banging other guys whose in and out of rotation “thank” me for “understanding.” Thanking me for nicely letting her know that I know she’s an untrustable whore? Yea, just shut up and bend over, here’s some bubble gum slut.

    1. I understand this, and kudos to you for keeping them all at a distance and using them for the only thing they are good for. But I just can’t be attracted to that type of women you mention at the end there, “thanking” you for accepting her sluttery. This girl is garbage.
      It becomes very dangerous for society when women deprave and devalue and damage themselves so much that men actually hate them. We are dangerously close to that today. What happens when a majority of men are disgusted and viscerally hate a woman they still feel some biological urge to fornicate with?

  14. The majority of jobs that women hold in the workforce are essentially meaningless jobs like HR, marketing, QA, or business analysis. Then you have government jobs, many of which are filled by women.
    So yes, it is an uneven market out there. But these aren’t productive jobs and many will probably be lost in the next collapse.

    1. If every man stopped working tomorrow then society as we know it would grind to a total halt and chaos and would ensue. If every woman stopped worked tomorrow then we would have hiccups, glitches and delays but we would still have a workable and functioning society.

      1. If women stopped doing the work that some idiot is stupid enough to pay them for, you wouldn’t really notice. However if women stopped doing their unpaid work, society would grind to a halt rather quickly.

    2. Western women are – as a group – pampered, lazy and unproductive. That is being kind because the alternate is to say that are stupid and incompetent.
      Just one example: my buddy’s sister is a doctor and her husband is a doctor. The thing is, he is an orthopedic surgeon and brings in maybe $400k a year while she is a GP. . or excuse me “family medicine” who runs a spa-type clinic on the side using a $200,000 laser to zap pussy hairs off her clients. She brings in perhaps half of what he does despite having basically the same education and experience.
      She is certainly not stupid or incompetent. However, a family practice and pussy laser clinic has easy hours, no emergencies etc etc.

      1. And then there is the mandate that medical schools MUST admit women and, it could be, a proportional amounts. Turns out to be a huge waste of resources. My sister has been through half a dozen of GP’s because, and understandably so, she prefers women, but, trouble is, those women don’t prefer being doctors. And many of those women who must be admitted and therefore displace others (men) also find that this isn’t for them.

        1. “Society blind by color
          Why hold down one to raise another?
          Discrimination now on both sides
          Seeds of hate blossom further.
          The world is heading for mutiny
          When all we want is unity.
          We may rise and fall, but in the end
          We’ll meet our fate together.”
          One by Creed. Just replace color with sex.

      2. So together they are bringing in more than half a million gross per year. But how many children do they have? What we are seeing is reproductive Marxism where regardless of resources, a man is limited to 1 or 2 children. Bill Gates could have had a million children by surrogacy. But he has not. The Russian oligarchs who own Gazprom don’t have large families either. The most successful men usually have fewer children than an illiterate bricklayer. So I do not see how financial success is turned into reproductive success. They have monetized their education / skills but stopped before the last and most important transformation / exchange: that of using financial resources to reproduce.

    3. Whenever relying on a collapse conceptually as solvent, always ask yourself (privately) “How do I help this collapse come?”
      If every man in silent desperation started to think like that, and find every little way to fuck the system over in creative little ways, the weight of said system trying to protect itself from that would crush itself merely on its own account.

      1. True, as Mark Fox said, essentially as I put it, all the female jobs are institutionalized or gov’t associated. If not actually gov’t jobs, it’s education, healthcare, some systemized institutionalized bullshit. Even the larger blue chip companies employing women operate on a similar relative basis. I will lmfao if a conservative gets in and starts chopping away at all this shit. You’re punished for being a truly effective hard worker nowadays. You’re a threat, and pushed out. How ass backwards is that?

      2. You can’t bend the system, but you can break it. The best way to do that is to accelerate what is already causing the collapse.
        Unfortunately, much of this involves going on welfare (difficult for employed white cismales) and buying up homes on dubious mortgage plans.
        Feel free to take the risk. I prefer to make money regardless of how the system is progressing.

      3. Aaron Clarey’s “Enjoy the Decline” has the same message: anyone who can get that ebt card or get on medicaid should.

  15. Another note on this “female breadwinner” bullshit. Bottom-line: its so fucking expensive to have children today you have to have two breadwinners just to get by. It has less to do with feminism and more with stagnant wages and steady inflation, which we’re told is minimal. As a consequence, people aren’t getting married or delaying it and delaying having kids. And then you have to go back to school for a mba etc, usually mid to late 20’s, which only furthers the delays. Also, note that although women might be getting more degrees today, when adjusted for the degrees that matter such as STEM or finance, men outnumber women. A man could drive a garbage truck a generation ago and have a stay at home wife with 3 kids a small house but a big back yard and maybe not a European vacation but a week at the beach if not his own beach house. Today to do that you either own a business (rare) or work as an executive (rare) or in a highly paid industry such as financial services (again rare)…want a beach house and a primary house? Hedge fund manager with assets > 100 mm and the talent to product a huge bonuses or investment banking managing director, because you’re not going to get house on the water for less than 1mm. These so called female breadwinners at 65 to 70 k can barely support themselves let alone a family. So, the numbers really don’t add up. More than ever if you want a family you need two people to work so therefore you need to be married.

    1. Yea man, that’s why the gov’t steps in and breaks your arm through child support, to make up for that 70k she makes not being quite enough. Know that most women who are single with kids likely weren’t cheated on. They threw a mega-bitch-fit for the purpose of trash-canning the marriage for a steady gov’t mandated pay stub at a man’s expense. There’s some pretty alpha-ish guys I know whose life got partially, if not totally flushed down the toilet victims of modern female long-game hypergamy.

    2. I think it is only seen as cost prohibitive to have children because parents want to have nothing but the best for the children: private school, tutors, expensive clothing, yearly family vacations to Disneyland. I grew up wearing second hand clothes. And a library card was free. The costs of having children have been grossly inflated as a deliberate attempt to drive consumption and fuel the economy.

  16. America is descending into madness and extreme sexual perversion simply because the God fearing and masculine man of yesteryear that held political power have been replaced by the atypical mangina GenXers(Obama) and Babyboomers(Jeb Bush)
    American President(1912)- Delivers a 90 minute speech after a life threatening assassination attempt.
    American President(2015)- Praises a fucking 65 year old tranny for being courageous.

    1. American politics is at a crossroads. If Hillary gets elected president, it will signal a tipping point in the electorate in a way I don’t think a guy like Trump will have another shot at the presidency in quite some time.

      1. I can’t see Hillary not winning. I can only see straight white males voting for Trump and they make up, what, < 30% of the population?

        1. Many older folks will vote Republican, even if it’s Trump. However, many seem to like Carson or Rubio the most. There’s many offsetting demographics that can make this a close race. IF Republicans win, it won’t be a giant spread.

        2. Quite telling that a straight white man is not electable in the United States anymore. It will be our black candidate versus their black candidate.

  17. Idk why women earning more than men is bad. If i was married to some high power exec who made more than me i’d do exactly what women have been doing and drop her the whole “i need to be free to go ‘find’ myself and you need to pay for it” as soon as the sex dried up or i got bored. Then i’d throw a fucking fit in court because i only got 20 million and not the 30 million i felt i was entitled to.

    1. Sorry that’s simply pathetic. So, you’re contempt with being a leach? A parasite sucking off of another person? You’re no better than the advertisements, tv shows and movies that portrayal men as dolts and useless. Finding yourself, ha perhaps, given human nature you’d smoke grass and never improve, so that when the sex dried up, you’d be left with no marketable skills and no work experience. And then what? Can’t get a job worth shit. So you’d be left to find another host. Guess what, age works on you too. Maybe you start balding and that middle age persistent fat layer comes in. What then? Going to find a 65 year old widow and clean her pussy as she egg fart blumkins you? No thanks. This site is about virtue. Sigh, go to amazon and buy a copy of “Meditations of Marcus Aurelius”. Read it and then come back.

      1. Hey I worked hard for that 20 million I’m getting! I know i didn’t contribute to actually earning it in anyway but i still deserve it because I occasionally washed some dishes and cleaned stuff and kept the kids entertained in between binge watching netflix and glasses of wine. Single fatherhood is the toughest job on the planet and god damnit I’m entitled to free money i didn’t earn because reasons.

    2. While working as a divorce lawyer I never had a case like that, But I suspect that there is a built in bias.
      Take a look at the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” where a relatively successful woman gets divorce raped by her layabout, wannabe writer husband. Not a bad movie overall but the setup is pure fantasy.

    3. I don’t think manimony / malimony will catch on. There is no problem with double standards. Why are still only men required to register for selective service? The court system is not about justice – it’s about conflict resolution. Lady Justice now only wears a blindfold in the bedroom when she’s living out 50 Shades of Gray.

    4. Because women are the natural gatekeepers of sex. If you let a woman become the keeper of the finances as well, you basically have zero leverage and will be tossed to the curb without a moment’s notice.

  18. “…the author recounts how he is openly accepting and supportive of his wife taking other lovers while also insinuating that he is a better man for it and that if other men are not similarly accommodating of their wives, they are not as enlightened.”
    Yeah, this guy needs to cease to exist.

      1. What the fuck does he mean “enlightened”? If you don’t let your wife run amok with tatted-up or cool accent-having dudes from “exotic” countries that you aren’t a supposed “real man”? Christ, who raised this moron, nobody??

        1. What is that saying about there is the distinct difference between not knowing something and knowing something that just aint so? The latter is what defines his type of “enlightenment”.

        2. As truth said in his comment, shit like this is what makes people misanthropic. There simply isn’t very much (if anything at all!) TO like or respect about most people anymore!

  19. I don’t think we will see too much institutionalized cucking going on. If you go through online dating sites like OKCupid you find women who are openly “polyamorous”. That seems to mean that they get their choice of dick and their boyfriends/lovers/partners or whatever you want to call them share the squak and pray to get something on the side. Why would they get married? There is neither alpha nor beta motivation in this scenario. They have all the alphas they want and their own income exceeds that of prospective betas.

    1. No need to institutionalize cucking. It happens now without the help of the state.
      What will happen is the 5’s and under will battle it out with the 6 and up for the alphas.

      1. What I mean by “institutionalized” is that the couple in question is actually, legally married before wifey decides to cuckold hubby.
        5’s and 6’s will always be cum dumpsters to alphas. If an alpha is bored, he will dump his cum there.

  20. I read an article this week about how more and more extreme things were being throw up against the wall just to “see what sticks.” The author asks some good questions, and rightly disqualifies polygamy, which is not a perversion, nor incongruous with the history of marriage. But I’ll tell you what I see: Polyamory.
    Polyamory has all the features of any other sick fringe perversion of the past, and it fits the pattern of mainstream social adoption by third wave feminists. Polyamory is an extension of the belief that since men and women are completely identical and interchangeable, let’s take something men do, apply it to women, and take it to extremes. Hence women in the workplace, women wearing male business suit attire, women in sport, women cursing like drunken sailors, etc.
    If men enjoy having sex with more than one woman, polyamory teaches that women should be free to enjoy sex with multiple men (or women or llamas) whenever they wish. Basically removing what few sexual and social rules which are still present in society today for controlling women’s sexuality. Virginity (excuse me, female virginity) is so rare in western culture that it would be hard to find examples of women being shamed for hooking up, even from their own parents or churches. The only few rules that women must follow today are don’t cheat on your husband, don’t have sex in public places, and be sure to give some token LMR and say “I never do this” right before doing something perverse and disgusting with a complete stranger your grandmother never did in 50 years of marriage to her husband.
    Polyamory teaches that there are no rules or bonds between two people, and that sex is reduced to basically dual masturbation. All the existing movements.. the slutwalks, the female hookup culture, the blowjobs in middle school, tinder, etc. all lead to polyamory. Gone is even the girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, much less husband and wife, prerequisite for sex. Sex is now something done on a whim, with anyone or everyone.
    How are the sluts of today going to handle life when they hit the wall? The only way is by preparing an even worse dating pool in the younger generation. By poisoning the well of youth to where anyone millennial or younger will be a loose cum dumpster, men will be forced to accept the nominal amount of emotional support that a post-wall Gen X woman will provide. This poisoning will occur through polyamory.
    I know of polyamory only through one girl (much as I know one tranny–Bruce Jenner–it is a sign of things to come). She is a younger girl, raised in the south in a traditional family, who saved herself for marriage. When her first marriage failed (to a neckbearded fatty who played lots of video games and didn’t provide) she dated a guy who opened her mind to the idea of polyamory–they were both to be free to screw whoever they wanted, while still maintaining a “relationship” together, in name only I suppose.
    The effect was shocking. Suddenly this kind, gentle, loving girl became an angry, loud, crude feminist, blogging about feminism and polyamory and moving these insane ideas into the mainstream. Just wait, polyamory is coming. Actually, I think a lot of girls already practice it, fucking multiple guys on tinder and in clubs after “girls night out”–they just aren’t open about it. Women will love justifying and celebrating their depravity together openly.

    1. sex in public aint taboo anymore.
      Theres a park here in nyc(and I assume it goes on in other parks too) where the locals got pissed, told them to stop it, and these young lovers get angry- tossing cigarettes and beer cans at em.
      Complaints have been made to the local precinct, but how much manpower can you dedicate to a nuisance like this?

      1. Well, shit.
        Yeah last time I was in NYC I took a walk through the awesome elevated High Line Park and it passes directly under this hotel that is famous for voyeurism. It’s basically having sex in public, except that you are inside a hotel room, but the glass windows face outward for everyone in the park passing by to see, and there were several guys there with telephoto lenses when I went by.
        Then if you think about it, women don’t really have any sexual rules. The only one left is don’t cheat in marriage, which only exists because without the “don’t cheat” commandment marriage itself becomes utterly meaningless.

        1. The only one left is don’t cheat in marriage
          And they can’t even manage that, most of the time these days, as I hear tell.

      2. I have heard that the cops in Vancouver are now patrolling Wreck Beach (the nudist beach next to the University of British Columbia). Off to the one side there was a terrible problem with gay sex in the bushes.

        1. You ever see the original “Wicker Man” movie? The one from the 70s? These instances remind me of a scene, everyone is out in the fields banging, much to the horror of a hard core Catholic constable sent to the island to solve a murder- they all looked at him like he was the lunatic

        2. I saw it back in the day. I saw the Nick Cage remake a few years ago. I don’t remember that scene.

      3. Have you ever seen the 1980 Al Pachino movie “Crusing?” It depicts how homosexuals in NYC would meet for liaisons in the public parks at night.

        1. There was even a book on the subject written in 1970 called ‘The tearoom Trade.”

    2. They will also be able to contain bisexual relationships within the wider relationship framework, thus subverting the ‘dominance’ aspect of one to one heterosexual relationships (patriarchy). The whole thrust of feminist campaigning has been to make gay and hetero ‘equal’ which can easily be done within polyamory: two straight women in polyamorous relationship can claim to be absolutely gender neutral which is what feminists want. I read about one polyamorous relationship that consisted of two gay men and two lesbians. The left have big plans for marriage

      1. I think there could even be an attack on language for “patriarchal phrasing.” They will claim that words like “thrust” that you used above should be prefaced with trigger warnings or be expurgated altogether. Next: Webster’s Newspeak Dictionary

        1. definitely, aggressive, patriarchal language is already under attack. They will re-build brick by brick, but first they have to pull the old edifice down completely

    3. All of what you said confort me in my life of fully abstinent celibacy. I’ll soon celebrate my first year of it. Fuck this world.

        1. Voluntary, yes.
          One year ago I went on the field to prove myself that I wasn’t choosing the monk mode just to save the face, and that I was really capable of getting what I decided to reject.
          I succeeded within two days of approaching, with a woman picked up in a library.
          Since then I have stopped women, porn and fapping altogether, read more books than ever, started pistol shooting and mma among other things.
          Not the worst decision I made, I think.

    4. Check out this adaptation of Huxley’s Brave New World from the 1980s.
      The point of the book is that it has become exactly as you described… Sex only for the pleasure of sex, completely divorced from any deeper significance.
      But the movie just wasn’t able to depict the kind of degeneracy we’re seeing today. I bet it just wasn’t in the public consciousness the way it is today.

      1. I read the book. That scene is poorly adapted, probably the book was too outrageous to be shown visually. In the original, she openly invites him to sex after he tells her he likes her. He almost goes mad over it. This movie adaption is ridiculous and prude and stuck with some kind of gentlemen stereotype. ‘No, I mustn’t.’. Haha.

        1. That’s what I’m saying though.
          The book is far more brutal, but there were sensibilities in the past. An awareness that some things were taboo.
          The modern landscape (just turn on the TV for five minutes) is far more idiotic and degenerate than what this film (where the main theme is cultural degeneracy) is even able to show.

        2. I threw my TV away about a year ago. Have no regrets about not being able to participate in discussions about the media landscape.
          The book striked me as the honest attempt to make that horrible vision sound nice. Really skillful writing.

        3. Brave New World is a great book.
          You might also like Huxley’s The Doors of Perception.
          Not a dystopian novel, more of a meditative account on being.
          More specifically it’s a journal report of Huxley’s experiences on mescaline.

        4. I threw my TV away about a year ago. Have no regrets about not being able to participate in discussions about the media landscape.
          It’s a great feeling isn’t it? I did mine a long time ago and today I honestly, for honest and true, have almost zero knowledge of who is famous and what they are famous for in entertainment. You could put me in a room with 100 modern celebs and I would not even realize it nor would I care if I found out. The names I see occasionally on the web of the moderns are utterly without any kind of mental association. The only modern celebs I do know are due to their infamy more than their fame, they’ve acted so badly that they hit the news constantly (Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, etc).
          It’s fucking fantastic to not be hooked to that monster any longer.

        5. Fucking A!
          You also kinda lose the sense for ‘important people’, do you not?
          Was a photographer at a convention and my boss wanted me to take a photograph of Merkel. I did it, but could not help but think: Why exactly am I taking photos of some old hag that does not even have anything to do with us?
          Then there was some rather confident seeming man. I asked somebody who it is. They looked at me with surprise and said ‘But that is the boss of XX!’. I wondered for a second why that is important, then shrugged and moved on.

        6. You also kinda lose the sense for ‘important people’, do you not?
          Without question. The Fame Culture really rather dictates how you receive “important people” in your consciousness. Without constant exposure to Fame Culture, it happens just like you said. I have a DILLIGAF attitude now towards so called important people and have for a while.

        7. Haha. Sounds like the thing I would do, eh. But I needed the money, unfortunately, so I sold it. No doubt I would have taken my bayonet and beaten it to pulp otherwise, though.

      2. Have you seen the commercials for a new line of lingerie called “Soma?” People can’t even see the irony in labeling something intended for sexual titillation the name of the drug from a brave new world. It’s like that saying; “There’s no safer place to keep a secret than completely out in the open.”

    5. What you describe there is pretty dark. But as something of a “technician” (I’ll use no other word as a means to protect myself) I read that and start to wonder “What little breakout of tech could throw a monkey wrench in this shit?”).
      Sexbots comes to mind. If men and women are “interchangeable”, well then..

      1. Interestingly, feminist groups have already started lobbying lawmakers to make the use of sexbots illegal. As if they sense the rise of sexbotts could destroy female power….

    6. I agree, spicynujac, as much as I hate to play the optimist.
      Child porn / rape, as logical an extension that may seem, is still a bridge too far for most people (even criminals hate the ones who practice such, or so I hear). But the ‘definition’ of marriage has already been cracked from normality, so why not start there?
      ‘Marriage’ goes to ‘marry your llama / computer / whatever ‘ and/or ‘open’ marriage goes to no marriage.

    7. That’s exactly what was done in Weimar Germany in the 1920s. The problem was the change was too rapid and caused a huge backlash (the rise of fascism). Pretty much everything we’re seeing today (and more) was common in Berlin in the 20s: homosexuality, crossdressing / transgenderism, leather, bdsm, even pedophilia (mothers and daughters working together as prostitutes).

      1. Hey Waldemar, did you get my message? I cannot access my burner (password lost, lol) in case you tried to contact me through it. I’ll delete this message in the next couple of days.

    8. I used to joke that polyamory was Latin for “I’m a whore”. My California friends started becoming angry at that a few years ago, when they would have laughed at it in the 90’s. The Left is growing ever more humorless, to the point where the only acceptable targets for mockery and laughter are the Right.

  21. As far as I know, I have never been cucked. On the other hand, I have never had a threesome or moresome or done any swinging.
    I did have one girlfriend who discussed this sort of stuff with me, although ultimately we never acted on it. She had a fantasy about having 5 men: one in each hole and one in each hand. The thing is, the way the discussion went, it was not her cucking me but rather me pimping her out.
    Roosh has had some stuff about 1930’s pimping techniques.
    There is a vast difference between your wife or girlfriend deciding of her own accord that she want to blow/fuck one of your friends, and you telling her to suck you buddy’s cock as a favour or a lost poker game, or to secure a business deal.
    Alpha, beta, night and day. Again, no personal experience, but just something to think about.

  22. The next perversion will be the normalization of pedophilia. It’s already happening. In addition to the article cited in this post, I have seen 3 articles in the past week along these same lines. One was an article by a woman talking about she saw no problem with her 9 year old daughter wearing a “sexy” halloween costume because it was “normal” for kids that age to explore their sexuality.
    I then saw an article on Huffington Post arguing that it was paternalistic for fathers to worry about their teenage daughters having sex, and that it was “normal” for even young teenage girls to engage in sexual activity. And, I just saw an article on an entertainment site yesterday about a female pop star talking about how she dated a 26 year old man when she was 14 and she didn’t feel like she was exploited because she “wanted it.”
    Step 1 will be to desensitize the population to pedophilia. This has been happening for years with jokes on television about pedophilia (see for example the old pervert on Family Guy).
    Step 2 will be to characterize pedophilia as a “sexual orientation.” This is what’s going on now.
    Step 3 will be to lower the age of consent with the argument being that if a 14 year old can be criminally charged as an adult, they should be considered to have the mentality to engage in sexual relations with adults. I predict the age of consent will be lowered to 14 in most states within the next 20 years.
    From there on, I don’t even want to think what is next.

    1. Not going to happen. Even in Canada they raised the age of consent from 14 to 16, although we will have to see what the Boy Prince now Prime Minister does.
      You have to get your terms straight. Pedophilia generally means under the age of 12 or 13, and that doesn’t really fly anywhere. Back in my 30’s I took a lot of needling about dating teenagers (18 or 19). The term ephebophilia refers to an attraction to 15 to 19 year olds. What could be called “non-paraphilic ephebophilia” is the non-exclusive attraction to teenage girls, but you might think 20-somethings or older are hot as well. That is called “being a normal man”.
      We have been programmed for the last million years or whatever to get with teenagers and knock them up.

      1. Yeah I don’t see how people arrive at this conclusion when a hypothetical 40 year old man with an 18 year old woman would get called a ‘pedo’,

        1. People throw that around, along with “cradle robber” and the like. Good god, they are old enough to vote.

        2. Society shames older men who date younger women. that is why many men do not seek younger women. It is a ploy to keep men from completely abandoning single mothers and post-wall females.

        3. Thankfully, IDNGAF. I think I have bagged my unicorn and she is 22 years younger than me, Actually, I am a year older than her father which is going to create all sorts of problems.

        4. Maybe Asia is not your thing, but WTF are you doing hitting on sluts in bars in North America?

        5. I do not have the resources at the moment to make a significant move to Asia (or any other country for that matter). I’m in CA and know the “game” is rigged. However, I do know how to “wet my beak” from time-to-time. I don’t waste my energy, time and money on sluts either.

        6. Not everyone can reasonably make the transition. You either get your employer to post you there or find another job. The latter will be a teaching position or else “location independent” if you have some entrepreneurship going on.
          But any young guy with a degree, an IQ over 110 and some basic social skills can teach ESL.
          It’s better to get out of that racket if you want the highest quality Chinese women, but that can get you into the country and into the game, such as it is here.

        7. Do chinese women cover their mouths when they laugh, or is that strictly a japanese thing?

      2. I’ve got my terms straight. My point is that the normalization of sexual relations between adults and teens will be the first step — with the eventual goal being the normalization of full-on pedophilia.

        1. I don’t see the progression. A very base expression is “old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”. Society will not pass that moral event horizon such that it is acceptable to diddle kids.
          The thing is, it is not guys like me who are leading this charge (I am 48 and my girlfriend is 26. . going on 16 but that is another story) but rather the middle aged fags who want to fuck teenage boys up the ass.

        2. “Society will not pass that moral event horizon such that it is acceptable to diddle kids.” — And, 50 years ago people would have said the same thing about same-sex marriage.

        3. First point is that I only have another 35 years here, so if it takes 50 years for us to be diddling kids, then I won’t see it. Second is the most fundamental argument which is that minors simply can’t consent to these sorts of things. Miscegenation, SSM and polygamy (as well as BDSM, swinging, polyamoury and all sorts of other crazy stuff) are based on “consenting adults”. That is a hard barrier I don’t think we will cross.

        4. I get it. You’re a hedonist and you don’t care what happens to society as long as it doesn’t affect you. But, for those of us who do care and who have children (and will have grandchildren), what the world will look like in 50 years is a concern.

        5. Yes, sometimes there is a “sky is falling” argument made by reactionaries. Kind of like the people who blame Obama 100% of the time on every issue, when he’s probably only wrong about 90%. We’re not going to see child sex, people marrying alligators, incest, or anything like that. Feminists are pushing agendas that benefit them. If something is evil and sick, but doesn’t benefit a feminist, they’re not going to push for it.

        6. Why are you focused only on feminists? Feminism is just one of the aberrant ideologies under the broader umbrella of cultural marxism.

        7. What was it? Plague of locusts, rain of frogs, dogs sleeping with cats. . . It’s bad but maybe not as bad as some like to say.

        8. I have a teenage niece. I do not agree with my brother in law on anything except that we may have to thump out any number of her paramours.

        9. I suppose because I follow the philosophy of always questioning “Qui Bono?”
          Who benefits?
          Who benefits from a certain policy and why. At the end of the day, feminists are not pulling the strings running planet earth, but that goes down deep dark areas where I am not very knowledgable. Is it jews? Lizards? Ufos? A pseudo-royalty of rich elitists? I don’t know. But I do know that the USA has been turned over to the feminists to do with what they like.

        10. I will give you an even coarser / more vulgar rule of thumb: “If there’s grass on the field, play ball.” But even if an egalitarian lowering of the age of consent (for both males and females) occurred, there would be media spin to shame older men while simultaneously congratulating women as empowered. Notice the complete lack of outrage from women whenever a female teacher is accused or convicted of sexual contact with her students.

        11. I’ve heard that attitude expressed by other males too. Something to the effect that they are almost relieved they won’t live to see how weird and twisted the future will become. There’s a Youtuber – Heartbern – who is 40 and says he feels he is just beginning the second half of his life and that he intends to live to be 120. I think that is the right attitude. You can’t let these twisted times bring you down. We should be encouraging our ideological enemies to partake of every sin and vice and shorten their lives while doing all we can to extend ours.

    2. I don’t see this at all. Throughout history, the natural order was for older men to be attracted to younger women. Many from our own grandparents generation married at 14. They are not about to bring back the past patriarchy. Frankly, I’m surprised that older men are legally allowed to have sex with girls 18 or younger (its 15 or 16 in my state) in the west. I could see them moving the age requirement older, not younger.
      However, I could also see them super-sexualizing children at the same time, dressing up elementary school kids Jon Benet Ramsey style to trick men’s brains into being attracted while then causing them mental aguish and confusion for feeling this way towards a child, and meanwhile implementing new laws to punish men who act out these desires.

      1. “I don’t see this at all. Throughout history, the natural order was for
        older men to be attracted to younger women. Many from our own
        grandparents generation married at 14.” — This is one of the arguments people will make when they try to lower the age of consent. A 25 year old man in 1875 getting married and making a life-long commitment to a 16 year old girl is not the same thing as a 40 year old man preying on 14 year old girls for sex. This is not the “natural order.” The natural order is for fathers to protect their daughters’ innocence and to try to maintain their chastity until they find a good man to marry.

        1. First of all, this was happening in the 1940s. Second, one must always ask “how does feminism benefit”? Feminism benefits from women in the workplace because then women have more financial resources. The fact that they are displacing men is just a consolation prize. So how would feminism benefit from an older, mature male taking a younger (presumably, god help us all at 14 she is still a virgin?) woman as a wife?

        2. “So how would feminism benefit from an older, mature male taking a
          younger (presumably, god help us all at 14 she is still a virgin?) woman
          as a wife?”
          Feminism wouldn’t benefit from that at all. But, that’s not what we’re talking about. The people pushing for this do not want to see a return to young girls being married off to older men. They want to see children being sexualized.
          And, 14 year olds getting married was not the norm in the 1940s. Regardless, again, that’s not what we’re talking about.

    3. I’ve made this point before, and I’ll make it again. Pedophilia isn’t going to be normalized overall. Just for under-aged boys. Why? For the simple reason that when it comes to the hamster wheel against the “elite” the hamster wheel wins. Women don’t want younger, more attractive competition. If you as a man have sex with a 17-year old, you’ll still end up in jail for rape. But if a woman has sex with a 12-year old boy (or a man with a boy even younger) expect them to cheer for it. Expect there to be 2 difference ages of consent. For men, it will drop, for women, it will raise.

      1. Not de jure but rather de facto. The laws on the books will be the same but there will be a bias in the minds of judges, prosecutors and jurors.
        But really, if we acknowledge that men and women are wired differently then we can acknowledge that we deal with these situations differently, and perhaps the moral and legal implications are or should be different. I would suggest to the peanut gallery here that such an acknowledgement would be rather red pill, and we shouldn’t be up in arms every time a high school boy fucks his love-bunny teacher.

        1. Fair enough. In that case, we’re already almost there, since college-age men get charged with rape even for refusing to have sex with an ugly chick. And female teachers who sleep with students get slaps on the wrist.

        2. “The laws on the books will be the same but there will be a bias in the minds of judges, prosecutors and jurors.”
          Good point. Just like the law in every state is that judges should make no distinction between fathers and mothers when deciding child custody but women still end up with custody over 80% of the time.

        3. Personally, I never fucked any of my teachers. I had a weird encounter with a baby sitter, but that or teacher fucking never registered with me as being “abuse” but rather being “damn fucking lucky!”.
          It’s a guy thing.

        4. Then again, had you been a teacher and had sex with a female student, you would have the book thrown at you. It’s not a guy thing, so much as a double-standard thing.

        5. Well, ya. . .that is my point. I have hit on more than one student after they graduated, but professionalism otherwise kept me in check.
          In July I had to give intensive ESL training to a 17 year old girl preparing to get her Ontario high school diploma and then apply to a Canadian university next year. We spent 6 to 8 hours a day together for a month. Then we met up in August and I showed her around Toronto.
          It was a supreme act of discipline to not make a move on her. She’s tall, slim – but not skinny – whip smart, and has a great sense of humour.
          But the geography was all wrong: she was in Canada and I was going back to China.
          If something had happened, I would have to imagine what sort of backlash would occur.

        6. I remember in high school the German teacher (late 20s, married to another teacher in the building) always wore inappropriate attire, once even a black leather miniskirt. In her husband’s class, one student started to talk about how one of his teachers was wearing “hooker boots” and the teacher interrupted him saying “you better not say it was the German teacher.” Funny but sad.

        7. Very nice. This is my type. Asian women have great facial structure (high cheek bones). How are you regarded over there? I’ve always thought Asian girls judge men superficially and tend to associate masculine physical traits with being unintelligent / blue-collar. Usually when I see Asian girls with White guys, the White guy is an effeminate twiggy nerd. Being physically masculine, do you find you have to prove yourself (as intelligent, articulate, etc.) with Chinese women? Interested to get your perspective.

        8. If guy pulled off a teacher fuck in high school, that was bold alpha. Mad props would ensue. No one at my school did. However, I believe after the fact, when a few guys were in early college years they might have tagged this one teacher. She was known to have hanged a famous rock drummer.

        9. Our 10th or 11th grade English teacher was a Playboy Centerfold. Or so the rumor started, until it was legitimized when my friend went through his dad’s entire Playboy collection and finally found her spread.
          He tore out the pic and put it in the roll down projection screen one morning. Class started, she rolled down the screen not even realizing it was there, the entire class saw it and started laughing super loud, and she ran out crying and went home for the day. Hahaha. Fucking hilarious shit. She was probably in her mid 40s, but surprisingly good looking at that age. WB.

        10. I have a light-hearted attitude. I can’t bring all that outside stress into the classroom so I use energy and humour. The program I am teaching has not got down to hard core grammar and such yet so mostly it is me going on about everything from how to make tacos to The Big Bang Theory. The little teenagers generally treat me like a rock star and want to get pictures and autographs. My colleagues tend to be in their 20’s and I have a good, professional rapport with them. Not much to prove, although it is funny how I will solve simple problems and they will tell me that I am “clever” (cong ming 聪明).
          If you want to talk women rather than girls, then the biggest thing is to have a modest nest egg and a decent job. Chinese women are not gold diggers but they want some stability and do not tend to go for starving artists or bohemian bad boys. (In some cities such as Shanghai, you will find the same bullshit dynamic as in North America, however.)
          Convincing their parents is a different story. It seems that Chinese parents who are in the same age bracket as Baby Boomers don’t like the idea of their girls marrying a white guy. A sample size of 2 is not statistically valid but that is what my experience has been.
          And if you think that girl is nice, then there are some of my previous students https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/06333c87d7118e4bb6b75b44740b0bff71399085f8b8f3f6033495b1e82f4a62.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/23c6cdc512e0c8cf0dbc3d4293ddf7cb94c371ec5d734aac5b1f8f3f8260a471.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e3127f0e0f2eaf70853b552abedf769aef2f5007614b55401f332912a21297bc.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2657b5a556d40c7a2c087e41a791aa9652b710e734a7f2d6592159b37a355c68.jpg in Canada: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a25ebf37e349fca8acedb7f08ec11deddfa3007bc6c1ab8c715d7f4e5103648a.jpg
          It’s a fucking miracle I stayed out of jail!

        11. What’s with the German teachers? When I was in grade 10 I took a course in German and that teacher was a complete hottie. No leather mini-skirts or CFM boots but it was not just me having some impure thoughts about her.

        12. In that case, we’re already almost there, since college-age men get
          charged with rape even for refusing to have sex with an ugly chick.

          I’m going to need to see a cite for that one, man. Never heard of such a thing.

      2. I disagree. The ultimate goal of cultural marxism is to undermine the traditional family structure — one man, one woman, biological children, no sex before marriage, etc. Normalizing young teenage girls having sex completely undermines traditional sex roles and family structure. There is no reason why the cultural marxists would draw a distinction between under-aged boys and girls.

        1. I would argue that when the marxists go up against the hamster wheel like I suggest, they lose. Ultimately, the marxist require a willing participation from the female half of the population. It’s a matter of picking battles, and women do not like competition, so having younger and younger women being able to consent skews the sexual market even further against post-wall women.
          By making it so pre-teen boys are viable, they are able to flood the marketplace with potential thirsty betas that they can groom from a younger and younger age. At the same time, men who are interested in younger women will be ever-more-loudly denounced, ridiculed, and nailed by a one-sided justice system. But since gays are the protected class, no one will raise an objection when they fuck children, they’ll just argue that the “Greeks and Romans did it first, so stop being such a mouth-breathing neanderthal and get with the times.”

      3. Exactly: it’s about providing women (the major voting bloc and those who are eager to be good little worker drones for Corporate America) with more options. You will not see any action to increase options for men. Witness the crackdown in Sweden on men bringing their Thai wives. Feminists are making the absurd accusation that the Thai girls are being exploited. In reality, they want to deny options and choices to the men.

    4. “Step 3 will be to lower the age of consent with the argument being that
      if a 14 year old can be criminally charged as an adult, they should be
      considered to have the mentality to engage in sexual relations with
      adults. I predict the age of consent will be lowered to 14 in most
      states within the next 20 years.”
      They will first lower the age of majority and the age of voting.
      Then after a while regarding the age of consent they’ll just have to ask “why not lower it?”.

    5. I read the same article:
      According to the mother who wrote the article, “Tweens are supposed to experiment with their sexuality. It’s normal.”
      So according to this poor excuse for a mother, it is normal for 11-12 year olds to experiment with their sexuality? It is a sign of how far things have changed in just the past 10-15 years: when the Bill Clinton / Monica Lewinsky scandal was in the news, I remember thinking as a 12 year-old boy that oral sex was the same as phone sex.

  23. I actually think celibacy is going to become very hip and chic in the future. The detached yawn at all the bed hoppers mouthing on about their exploits will be seen as a bit too seedy and common for the urbane hipsters et al. Besides couples are only having sex (in the EU) on average twice a month in comparison to 6.5 times a month in the 1990s.
    Apparently, the box set, pizza and una bottella del vino rojo are more popular things to do in the evenings.

    1. I have had this thought before. I can’t imagine how not getting laid can ever get popular…but that wouldn’t even round the top 10 of the list of shit I can’t believe has become popular.
      As for couples sex, I can buy that. Those first two weeks are really the money weeks. Then it becomes that restaurant you really liked when you first started going, but never changes the menu so you only go there like once every few months because it is effortless.

      1. Well, look at the way internet pornography has become the substitute for the real thing. Society appears to becoming more autistic, technocrat and asocial, so I definitely think that “pornography celibacy”, considering how demanding women can be nowadays, will become a normal and accepted part of society for the under 25s within a few years.
        In another 30 years, I suspect that they’re be at least 30%-50% of men in most developed countries who can’t or who’t date. I imagine that in around 100 years the options for cybernetic virtualised sex, programmed to a given man or women’s sexual desires and tastes will be commonplace. The sexual experiences will be intense and much more vivid than anything in the “real” world, with every type of fantasy, hetro, homo, bi, pan, trans, catered for. And of course it will be safer with no nasty diseases, whiplash or carpet burns. Of course, it will allow people to fuck with a clear conscience every night of the week, as you’re only interacting with a very life-like machine or simulacrum. Perhaps with the software can be refined so that users can even have relationships that appear human-like with them.
        Physical sex is on the way out. I think it happens to all civilizations who’ve gone ahead of us across the universe. When they get to a certain critical level of scientific and technological advancement, and when natural resources become much more scare on their worlds, these measures happen. Additionally, births will become highly planned by the best use of genetics and medicine in the future. The days of lifestyle abortions will no longer be necessary or tolerated (as a waste of resources) and every birth will be mapped out over future generations, according to intelligence, heath, skills and resources, and possible descendants.
        The world will go like this, that I’m certain about, and I suppose it has to if we’re going to develop and evolve as a species. I of course won’t see this “utopia”, but, that doesn’t bother me. I’m happier looking at the embers of this old-fashioned world, that’s going, going, gone.

        1. I certainly hope that Canadians don’t go all herbivore like the Japanese.
          Meanwhile, porn and increasingly sophisticated sex toys mean that guys do not have to put up with the bullshit that meat-sack women give them.
          Hopefully, that will bring bitches to their senses when they realize their skanky, diseased hole can’t compete with sterile android pussy.

        2. You make my point exactly. What if in the future people can actually have more meaningful, more fulfilling (with better sex) relationships with “machines” that could perhaps even have the capacity to love.
          I think it’s highly probable that the next stage in our evolution will relate to the interface between technology, biology, engineering and humanity. Every year, in medical science, in communications, in astrophysics the gap and co-dependency between ourselves and technology is getting smaller and narrower. Additionally, “our technology” that we developed will with time learn and evolve too and at the end of this process, perhaps in 1000 years, they’ll be a new form of humanity. At this distance it’s impossible to imagine what they’d be like (perhaps they’re the aliens people sometimes report, ourselves from our own future). It’s all a matter of time, but, it will happen. Yet, I’m honestly divided about whether I’d actually like such a place, but, on balance it could be a lot more rewarding, exciting and fulfilling from where we currently are stuck.

        3. We have Albertans and Newfies. If the Ontario-Quebec thing completely implodes then maybe the west and east can do the Malachi crunch to set things right.

        4. Yes, but, I don’t think this tendency can be stopped. As a species, I think we’re simply sick of our biological constraints and want to escape them and master ourselves and the world once and for all through the “second nature” that is technology. The new Eden.
          The same reactions can be seen to aging, physical beauty and death- they really don’t happen anymore, we are hell-bent on denying them and maybe with good reason, but, certainly our species is in a major transition at this point in history.

        5. You will see more and more incels and it will not take 30 years to see it. It will happen soon and be driven by mass immigration. Take Germany: population of 80 million. Say 10 million between the ages of 18 and 30. 5 million men between the ages of 18 and 30. It will be taking in 1 million refugees this year, the majority of whom are young males. So overnight there will be 20% more males between the ages of 18 and 30. Therefore, 20% of the males between 18 and 30 will be permanently alone. Immigration will be promoted as more domestic males refuse to marry (realizing it’s a bad idea). The idea is to give more choice and options to the females. You would see the women of Europe taking to the streets in protest if Germany were giving asylum to 1 million Asian women lolz

        6. You have much more faith in civilization than I do. For what it’s worth, I hope you are right and I am wrong. However, at this point I feel all attempts to set things right are just painting a latrine.

        7. Perhaps. I’ve never completely abandoned my belief that the world has a purpose that’s always just beyond our full grasp. I sense this. I don’t know who or what’s behind it, and what its ultimate purpose and design amount to. Yet, perhaps it’s just my own egoistical need to believe there’s something more than meets the eye. I don’t know.

        8. There has already been a book written on the subject: “Love and Sex With Robots” by David Levy.

      2. I’ve said this before: the greatest challenge for the 21st century male is to find a woman who is more interesting than his left hand.
        I think I have found one but I got posted to a new job a thousand miles away. It will take us another year to bring our lives together.
        In the meantime. . .left hand.

    2. I remember the straight edge (no drugs, no alcohol, no promiscuous sex) lifestyle was much more popular back in the early 2000s. But that’s bad for the economy hence why you see so many advertisements for alcohol, e-cigs, and of course for sex. Of course they won’t show the true face of alcoholism (a broken down wreck of a man with ruddy cheeks and a bulbous nose). Instead, it’s a young businessman in an expensive suit enjoying Tanqueray or Gray Goose. As tee-totaling is bad for the economy, so too is celibacy. I can’t see it ever being promoted.

      1. But you must admit that hard liquor, smoking and promiscuous sex combined with a “healthy lifestyle” are a quintessential part of what it means to be a real man, a tough guy, a dude, a James Bond, that pulls all the women.
        We talk a lot about Masculinity here, but, most guys are not into gyms or philosophical conversations. What they admire and indeed our culture has always admired are guys who are rebels and don’t give a flying fuck about anyone or anything in society (James Dean, James Bond, et al) who stick their two proverbial fingers up to everyone else.
        Love it or loathe it, this is what our society and their big corporations want and admire, everything from the drinks and entertainment industries says that a real masculine guy should be all about this. The question is, are they right, and, do we not all secretly admire their hard living, their sexism, their rough ways with women, and their disrespect for the conventions of the petty everyday world, that all the beta men can only hope to break free from through this myth.

        1. I think women buy into this big time: that is why they have adopted certain scripted, canned machismo activities. They took up these quintessential / stereotypical male habits (smoking, drinking scotch and whiskey, daredevil sports like bungee jumping and skydiving) because to them, that is all there is to being a man. Sadly, that is how women regard men.

        2. I don’t know. Men like risk and that’s how we’re defined. We die sooner than women, but, this inequality is never mentioned by anyone.
          The next Bond apparently is going to be cast as a woman. The times are a changing alright.

        3. Don’t get me wrong: I love alcohol, especially whiskey and slivovitz. But after drinking continuously for years, I recently stopped completely (almost half a year now). My mind is definitely clearer, which is both good and bad. In a recent video, Davis Aurini said it takes two drinks for him just to get sober. In a similar way, alcohol seemed to help slow my mind down and make it so I didn’t analyze everything around me, which is why I believe alcohol is pushed by the media: to basically keep us all drugged and in an oblivious perma-daze

        4. Good on you. It’s a difficult thing to do. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you say your mind is clearer and more lucid without alcohol. This is true, however our system, especially if you’re a man is not set up, in any real sense, for a person’s well being and contentment (man or women I guess).
          When, I’m away from work I rarely drink or smoke, but, when I return, these habits return, and this is what I mean about the system not been set up for one’s optimal well being in the first place. The sheer ennui, tedium and frustration with both one’s work and one’s sex life drives so many middle age men into the off work bars on a Friday night. And it’s not to pick up women anymore, well sometimes, I’m still lucky but, just to get some PEACE even for a while from all the bullshit in society.
          As I said, when I’m away from the politics and the petty intrigues of my well paid, but, extremely boring job, I’m a better man. There’s no need for any substitute in your life when you’re out hill walking around west Wales, which I did last year. Nothing like it. The quiet land with its patchwork of neat farms and fields on a late Autumn day, you feel normal and at peace once more. I’m planning on settling in a rural area when I retire, where some relatives live, as I’ve had my fill of big cities.

        5. I’m reminded of the Christopher Hitchens’ quote: “Alcohol makes other people seem less tedious.” It definitely makes them more tolerable. Alcohol never heightened my senses (as do other substances) but simply deadened them and provided some peace of mind.

        6. The next Bond apparently is going to be cast as a woman.
          Are you fucking kidding me? For real?

        7. Yes, I kid you not. Are the Bond films going to have lesbian bond girl schemes now. That’s to much fun. Instead they’ll have Angela Jolly doing all the male bond tricks while whipping some beta spy’s posterior around the bedroom. The world will never be the same again….and I’m never going to watch another Bond movie. Ever.

        8. Good. 200 mil budget, 100 mil at the box office…let the studios go down…

    3. I think you are right with this post and it is already hip in Japan. Despite how much the media and entertainment industry tries to coerce people to embrace a sexually “liberated” lifestyle and create the illusion that everyone else is living it, there are certain grotesque conditions we have created in our degenerated culture that prevent this from happening. Economic insecurity, diminished opportunities, a nihilistic environment, rampant feminism etc are all contributing factors that favor a celibate lifestyle more than one of sexual vibrancy.

      1. I agree. There comes a point were people will say there’s more wholesome ways to be. Although the sexual deviant may appear trendy, unconventional , different and even “vibrant” their inner putrefaction and rottenness can be sensed in the dark aura such people give off.
        There’s always something half-dead or void like when you read or thankfully very rarely met a depraved deviant, even if they look and act normal in the everyday world, they give off that vibe that you feel for sure when you’re a kid about certain adults, not to trust them, when your instincts were 100% right. I remember in school there was a bent teacher who liked to try touching up kids, how he was employed God only knows, anyway I always had that “vibe” about him that naturally repelled him. He knew it and he never even spoke or looked in my direction, because he knew, I knew what the fuck he was.
        Since then, I never doubted my gut feelings about people or situations, it should be natural to all human beings, but alas, it’s another thing that disappears in highly urbanized societies that relies upon empirical rationality for every judgment about our fellow man or women.
        Anyway, the point is that people who become sexually depraved have devolved into the spiritual abyss. They gone much lower than any animal. In a spiritual sense it’s hard to see how beings who’ve fallen so low can ever get back a semblance of their “prelapsarian” wholeness, integrity and goodness.

  24. I know this doesn’t go with the theme of the article, but to answer the question… GUN CONTROL is next.

    1. That way a man can’t shoot an intruder in his own home.. i.e. the cuck side piece his wife is fucking trying to sneak in at 3am while he snores away exhausted from his slave job supporting his whoring wife.

    2. Nah, not going to happen. We have proved as a community (in the States) that even the most potent piece of propaganda possible, a classroom full of little cute white blonde haired, blue eyed kids being gunned down, didn’t work on us. They have nothing worse to use for propaganda when it comes to tear jerking. We won.
      And nowadays we’re so polarized in the firearms community that nobody will be giving up anything at all and are saying so, and most of us are on the lookout for even one “knock on the door” to get the ball rolling on Civil War 2.
      There will be no gun control here.

      1. I think many see it as adaptation to the rest of the “west” (UK, Australia etc…) Gay marriage came (to a country where the currency says “In god we trust”) despite strong opposition and it seems only natural gun control will be next. Now, how big of a massacre we’re going to need for that to happen, I don’t know… For Australia it took only 35 deaths, so adjusting for population US will need at least 350-450 in one sitting?

  25. The jewish controlled media will stop at nothing to promote all kinds of sexual perversions. It is part of their cultural-marxists plans to destroy white, Christian, European civilization.

      1. That is exactly what they want you Americans do to. And from the looks of it, you seem to be doing it a lot!

        1. Country of origin is probably Chinese. I’d stay away from it if I were you. Good luck in China.

    1. This would be true if I saw a clear difference in what the Jews advocate for the Goy and what lifestyle they adopt for themselves. I do not see the Jews (by which I mean the mainstream, educated, powerful, secular Jews not the ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jews) living a different lifestyle. In my experience, Jewish women are sex-obsessed: their minds are constantly in the gutter. The secular Jews seem to be advocating the Goy adopt the lifestyle that they themselves have long embraced.

  26. As I’ve said, I think things are turning. This whole thing with “trans” is very misleading and we’re no where near to this really being “mainstreamed”. You say, oh but the media…yeah fuck the media. That’s the old media, which is dead. People are disconnecting, literally from it. Meanwhile there is this going on with the progressive ranks.
    Infighting, a great thing to see. But nice one Greer, she calls out bruce perfectly.

    1. Naomi Wolf, Greer, when we’re rooting for the feminists you know things have gotten really fucked up!

    2. I can only see women opposing the trans issue because, conceivably, it would represent increased “competition” for them and more choices for men (from the viewpoint of women). There are many more m2f transgender than f2m transgender. So if transgenderism becomes more popular, it will result in a skewed population with more “women” than men.

      1. Ah. You honestly think men will be indifferent to a tranny over a real female can go mainstream? Never mind the media, the media is obviously going to say yes, but, that form of media is also becoming obsolete. I can see an ideologue or severely conformist hipster engaging in such things, but, regular people…no.

        1. I haven’t heard any women putting down Caitlyn Jenner or saying the whole thing is absurd. However, I have heard several women wistfully saying he/she/it looks amazing for being 65 years old …

        2. Well that’s very sad to hear, because, he is still most definitely a he. It also goes to show just how powerful propaganda is in shaping people’s views. I’d submit to you that those same women if properly reared would just as well dismiss jenner as a freak. They’re followers, plain and simple. greer, on the other hand, is a key leader in feminism. All I’m saying is that this is an indication of in-fighting, which we should all expect going forward and welcome.

        3. He’s a fucking psycho case. Large hands, ugly face and slurry voice from psych meds or too much lip filler.

  27. It is sad but I have lost count of the number of wives I have slept with, although I would put the number in the mid 20’s to mid 30’s.(I have since instituted a no wives/fiancé’s policy).
    However, the number of men who were aware that I was dating their wives is what was truly disturbing to me and actually made me uncomfortable. I remember one actually excited that I was taking his wife out and met me at their house when I picked her up for our date. Extremely weird to say the least. I have turned down requests for outright cuckolding though.
    Just this Saturday I was out in the afternoon writing, sipping a few beers and a woman sat down next to me and we started flirting. Eventually we got around to me being single and she said she was married and called her husband over. Fast forward an hour and she’s asking me to go back to her place while her husband waits at the bar for us to come back. It is a weird, weird world.

    1. I think a lot of this is just the men accepted years ago they were in a failed marriage but they also know the divorce-rape would be even worse. Discounting newlyweds, I don’t have any friends who are happily married. Some will even say right in front of their wife “Spicy, never get married.”
      I dodged an almost-marriage to a horrible woman about 3 years ago before finding the red pill, and if I had kids with her and stuck around a couple of years, I could see a point where I could be so disgusted and sick of her that at least her having a date with someone would get her out of the house. Divorce isn’t always an option, especially if you have kids, she would steal half your shit, or for moral / familial reasons.
      One of the first experiences I had was as a teenager, I met a young married couple (I think they had a 2 year old) at a wedding. The husband and wife both very friendly with me. I ended up fingering the wife in the car, she wanted me to bang her but I think I was a virgin at the time and also really confused that this woman I just met an hour ago wanted to sleep with me when my girlfriends I gave all my money and time to didn’t. She was so drunk she actually thought we had sex, because of how I was on top of her and fingering her in the car.
      Later we went back to their house and smoked some pot with the husband. Yeah, really weird. She told me after the kid, he never had sex with her. She was maybe 24, good shape, maybe a 7. It seems weird but we all know women can do things to us to completely destroy any attraction we had towards them.

    2. It would help if there was an ethic of honour among men. I cucked one poor slob but maybe others here would understand it. Actually, I didn’t know the whole situation until I was in bed with her, but her husband was in a the navy and floating about the Atlantic. She was a fashion model: 5’10”, about 120, long hair, face of angel and the whole bit so I did not stand much of a chance.
      I kind of felt bad about it. Later I had a woman who decided she wanted to go all 50 shades of Grey. Apparently, her husband – who was totally vanilla – knew about it but I could not follow through.
      There are a number of red pill writers who have no such qualms. I have issues with that, which is part of the reason I got booted from the Red Pill reddit.

      1. I don’t believe I would go through with it either, but put me in the husband’s shoes, the person to be upset with is 100% his wife, and 0% the guy she is cheating with.

        1. I’ve had two that I know of, both older cougars, and maybe another couple that I was being lied to about. Each time I felt like shit afterwards, like I was going to reap what I’d sewn down the road in some bad luck.

        2. Yes, also I should correct myself–men do have some responsibility to respect the bonds of marriage, but the wife is the only one cheating, so it’s maybe 99% / 1%.

        3. The thing is, that attitude feeds players who think that your girlfriend or wife – in a moment of discontent or weakness – is a valid target for their dick.
          A common theme here is that men are the actors and women are largely corks in the water. They can’t have it both ways by then again excusing themselves for fucking another man’s girl.

        4. They rationalize it by saying if he had a condom on, it’s not cheating. But if the guy looks at another woman, then it’s cheating.

      2. It was in my younger years and there are two incidents that convinced me to stop. The main one being a young newlywed man blowing up my phone crying, completely unaware that his wife was unfaithful.

      3. I’ve stolen girlfriends but I don’t like the idea of fucking a girl who is cucking a decent guy who genuinely (although foolishly) cares about her.

      4. If you don’t fuck her, someone else will.
        So, there is no point in trying to follow ethics. The poor guys who got cheated on need to go through that, need to learn from his failure, to rise from his betatude.
        In my teenage days, I avoided sleeping with girls who had a boyfriend. Even if they were DTF, I didn’t go after them, trying to preserve the morals and ethics. This weakened my own game by denying me those early red pill reference experiences. Women themselves break all morals,ethics in the dating arena.
        Yeah, it does contribute to the destruction of family unit. But that’s gonna happen either ways. So , I believe men shouldn’t feel ashamed of sleeping with someone else’s girl unless you know that guy personally.
        Plus if she is ready to sleep with me……then it is safe to assume, that her relationship with that guy is already over.

        1. I don’t know mate, it’s like saying that if I don’t lie cheat and steal from you, then somebody else will. I used to be a divorce lawyer but I got out of the game. WhenI had a monied woman who wanted to put the blocks to a guy, if I didn’t do it then someone else would. Guess what? I didn’t do it.

  28. Given the fact that liberals are moral and cultural relativists, pedophilia acceptance (unfortunately) doesn’t seem quite far fetched. many Muslim men have taken young girls as their wives, apparently one of the EU countries (can’t remember which one) is granting exceptions to to couples where the wife is under age.

    1. While this example isn’t practical since we aren’t Hollywood stars, watching last years VMAs when Beyonce did her “worship my slutty empowered ass” bit in front of her 3yo daughter on billionaire husband JayZ’s lap really stuck me as a turning point in what is socially acceptable. Watching your parents do a virtual strip tease in front of the world.. can it get more f-ing perve than that? Only slightly.

      1. What about Toddlers and Tiaras? Parents trotting their pre pubescent daughters out in revealing and titillating attire.

        1. I was once in an ice cream shop in suburbia when a MILF walks in with her 2 daughters.. maybe 8 & 10. Nelly’s Getting Hot in Here is on the radio, and the oldest girl is dancing and singing the lyrics “I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off.”
          I looked at the girl I was with like WTFing fuck is this shit? The mother not giving 2 fucks the slutty provocations her misunderstanding child was spouting in public. Gross as fuck.

        2. Women don’t have any real desire to have children (in the sense of obtaining some form of immortality, seeing themselves live on, passing along their genes and beliefs): it’s simply their way of ensuring continued resource (commitment, money, attention) extraction from the husband. If women really cared, they would be deeply involved in their childrens’ lives and ideological upbringing. But women do not have any ideology to inculcate other than crass consumerism or some vague tepid endorsement of multiculturalism.

  29. I really do think that we are in the last decade or two of the Western World being the leading global power. Ironically it won’t be an invasion from the outside, that would at least provide one last chance for glory, but unchallenged degenerates at home.

  30. Moreover, look at how the polygamist lifestyle is portrayed in the media. Whenever a woman commits adultery, it’s always her husband’s fault: he worked too much, he didn’t stay in shape for her, he didn’t make her feel special, he wasn’t attentive enough to her needs. The media would have us believe that a husband is unable to sexually, emotionally, and materially satisfy even one wife. So how could he possibly provide for multiple wives?

    If that is true, I guess women are fucked! If one man is not enough to satisfy one woman, nothing can ever make them happy.

  31. Well, if women check out and go all gay, I propose that we push a little agenda on our own: Zoophilia.
    ‘You want to make me a cuck? So a goat is what I fuck.’

  32. Women will never be able to fully take over the workforce. Yes they can create a lot of “make work” jobs, and bash themselves into managerial and executive positions through affirmative action, but they lack the basic capability to 1) make real business decisions men have to make on a day to day basis and 2) produce as much work as a man can do. Number 2 is especially true if women ever want to have children. For each child you can effectively count that woman out of the workforce for 12-18 months.
    So even if your board room is 40% women as is being mandated in Europe now, the 60% of men left behind are still effectively running the show. Add this in with the fact women largely won’t enter the construction, law enforcement, or sanitation industries and they just don’t have the numbers or collective work power to take over anything.

    1. True. Most of the jobs women have are make-work jobs. I think Kurt Vonnegut referred to them as “cleaning bird shit out of cuckoo clocks.” But they are paid well for being Diversity Coordinator or Deputy Assistant for Community Outreach … probably as well or better than the White or Asian male engineers who make the company function. That is what is so frustrating.

      1. We hired a female “marketing director” – which is a position that if done correctly can notably increase revenue – but rather, her crowning achievements were to place QR codes on our marketing brochures, folders, catalogs, slightly change our logo, and make the website a bit more current (but still lacking traffic). Oh that bitch stomped around the office like her shit didn’t stink. Complete waste of a salary.

        1. Women delude themselves into believing logo design, color palette selection, and other meaningless activities constitute hard work. And they love to claim they work 10 hour days, which of course includes water cooler chit chat, a long lunch, after-dinner networking / happy hour, coffee breaks etc.

      2. Human Rights Specialist – that fat cunt screwed me over. I will forever hate that slut.

    2. Anytime we discuss the topic of lots of women in the workforce I think its very important to underscore that this didn’t really happen because women all of a sudden proved themselves to be worthy. Rather, they screamed and screeched resorted to accusing the system as being “unfair” and therefore discriminatory. Thus, they said – hire us or else and, schzam, affirmative action, quotas and lawsuits at the ready. That’s the real story. And they blamed capitalism, which is odd because survival under capitalism is so difficult a superior employee regardless of their sex WILL be hired, period, so, if anything women would welcome that? Yet, not only is feminism inherently socialistic, observe that under a purer capitalistic society there were less women. And its always the same thing. Not enough female board directors? Okay, mandated x amount must be. Not enough females in STEM. Done, mandated x amount must be. Not enough female doctors. Presto, mandated x amount must be. The list goes on and on and on. Oh and meanwhile Mr. Privileged not only has to play by the old rules and either put out or get out, but, now faces even starker competition and less opportunity because miss empowered must be hired. Oh and by the way she is very hard to be fired too.

      1. It can’t be said better than that. For Gods sakes don’t put yourself in a subordinate position to a mangina or a women, and simultaneously be forced to work with yet another woman on “your project” like I did for 2 years.
        And yes, that was at the 2nd largest Ohio commercial construction company. What a fucking nightmare. Eventually I literally got released because most everything I did alone, or with a small group of men, put us in bid consideration or front runner and got the project awarded. I was a threat to my mangina, feminist-involving boss.

  33. What is coming next is having pedophilia classified as a “gender identity”. Now if that is an acceptable gender identity that logically leads to “if the pedo wants to express his gender identity that means it must not only be legal for them to have sex with children, there also must be some sort of supply of these children available”.
    Next you will see children being able to “consent” to such sex because that is also their “gender identity” or for various other reasons such as they want to intimately bond with older people. That is when it is going to get downright and disgusting folks.
    These kids aren’t just going to have some sort of epiphany that what they really needed in their young life was a mentoring opportunity from a balding 40 year old man that just happens to involve the older man sticking his penis into the kids’ anus. These kids are going to be drugged, sent through thought reform camps, and essentially groomed for these sickos. It’s already starting with letting kids as young as 10-11 “select their gender”. The next step for these kids is literally going to be “bend over and spread ’em for grandpa”.

    1. 14 year-old girls already do not need parental approval to have an abortion or to get the Plan B pill from the pharmacy. So while 14 year-old girls can consent to having an abortion to end pregnancy, they can’t consent to having sex to get pregnant in the first place. The modern world is rife with double think and contradictions.

    1. That sentence could be interpreted two way. Of course it could turn out to be true in both possible senses.

  34. The next great perversion will the be the normalization of real-talk pedophilia and wide-spread cuckoldry. Those are the two nearest ones in my mind.

  35. There’s a certain PuA/Dating coach that has made it pretty public with his poly amorous lifestyle and the fact that he lives with his two girlfriends, one of which is mothers of his 2 kids. He’s even been selling products supporting the lifestyle and how more men should do it. I only wonder what the negative consequences of these actions will be.

  36. Speaking of cuckoldry, did anyone catch the new Supergirl show on CBS? That show was promoting feminism and cuckoldry pretty loud and clear. The best example of that was when Supergirl failed to notice that a short white guy in her office is in love with her, but she instantly crushes on the tall dreamy black guy Jimmy Olsen (who was white in the comics) when he starts working in the office. I personally have nothing against interracial relationships, but when they’re portrayed in such a stereotypical fashion, it can get really annoying.

    1. >she instantly crushes on the tall dreamy black guy Jimmy Olsen (who was white in the comics)
      That’s part of the Agenda, now. The hot, white blonde chick can’t ever bang a white guy anymore.

      1. Oh totally. Also many commercials that make the white guy look like a buffoon, which used to just involve the seemingly smarter, wittier, stronger white women, now involve a black guy in a protagonist role who the white or Asian girl strolls off with.

        1. It is a mainstay / canard of American television to portray the husband / father as a fat dolt, idiot, buffoon: Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Hank Hill, Stan Smith on and on

      2. You’d think black women would be pretty pissed off nowadays, basically being as excluded as white men from positive roles in shows and movies. I wonder if they are?

  37. “What Will Be The Next Great American Perversion?”
    Hmmmm… I’m guesing it will be shit eating. Anybody remember the big mainstream media hype over “Two Girls 1 Cup” ? It was fucked up to watch just how many people enjoyed it so.

    1. Depraved. The idea of taking early retirement and going to live in that cottage, down the end of that long grassy lane, down the end of that long muddy track, down the end of that shale gravelly road without any markings and signposts, down the end of a very long peninsula in the west of Ireland. A place without power, brandband, or TV (I’ll keep the wireless radio) reception becomes more appealing each day.

  38. “With females outnumbering men at university and out-earning them
    (through affirmative action and preferential hiring, retention, and
    advancement policies) in the workplace, more and more women will be the
    primary breadwinner. This will lead to more men becoming “house
    husbands,” staying at home with the children while Mommy goes off to her
    high power corporate job.”
    I disagree with this statement. For starters the more people who take bullshit degrees with the majority of those are women will have problems geting mates and children because of the student loan debt.
    In terms of house husbands only weak men want to be one of those but there will be less of them. There will be more single moms though.

    1. While women can have a baby on their own (via a sperm bank), by keeping a house husband, they would get free childcare, which otherwise they would have to pay considerably for (a nanny, daycare, etc). A house husband would mean more free time and more disposable income.

      1. Plus I think it would be a major feather in the cap of a lot of modern women: to be able to say they have a trophy husband or house husband. It would allow them to assume the ultimate power role, which so many of them highly covet nowadays.

        1. Few women respect the lap dog house boys. They turn-over and get rid of their ‘house mouses’ frequently, especially in societies where our species has adapted the institution of ‘STATE HUSBANDRY’. State husbandry is un natural and only mammals that are captive or live on a meat farm (chickens, beef, hog) live under total ‘state husbandry’ in the ‘farm’ sense of the word. No ‘flocks’, ‘roosts’, ‘ganders’, ‘prides’, on the farm, only stables, corralls, pens and artificial insemination and controlled mate selection.
          For humans, state husbandry isn’t the end game. It’s half way there. Think forced insemination, killing or scrapping for meat the defective offspring or cherry picking the keepers when refining a breed or pedigree bloodline. What goes on the farm or with the breeder where they breed, kill, breed, kill and refine, breed, kill, and so on . . we haven’t seen the end of the program on humans. We haven’t yet witnessed the end goal of state husbandry. When the ‘super soldier’ becomes obscolete, then perfect ‘sheeple’ are the desired breed.
          Mammalian species evolve in leaps and bounds. The next great leap for our human species will be when we summon the will to break from external control and cement a firm and autonomous patriarchy that will carry us through the next millennia.

    2. Single moms enable the system of ‘state husbandry’ which is unnatural in the wild mammalian world. Only on ‘Animal Farm’ do the animals live under ‘farm’ husbandry which is equivalent to ‘state husbandry’ in human society.

  39. The next great pervision will be changes in age of consent laws. Men will be punished for marrying young wives. College women will be off limits for a man in his 30s.
    Then they will go for pedophilia. But remember, nobody will touch our girls. Thats off limits. Its young men who will be abused by pedophiles.

  40. Believe me. Gender studies ethicists are already preparing arguments to explain how pedophiles are victims. Salon will be back at it

    1. I know a girl that’s doing a PhD on that very topic actually.
      She’s doing neuroscientific studies on pedophilia and is getting all sorts of funding and attention for it.
      Brought to you from Toronto.

  41. Polygamy will never be accepted in America because it makes females less equal to a man.

  42. Women don’t outearn men in the workplace, although they’d like to
    Universities only attract more women by acting as a hugbox/shelter for extended childhood

  43. Can’t say which one is next but it is a certainty the Sexual Revolution ain’t over until Roman Polanski comes home to the hero’s welcome he ‘deserves.’
    All of the prerequisites are now in place, just a question when they start the final push. Laws against sex between adults and children are based on, when everything moral (which of course has no place in modern law) is stripped away, the legal theory that a child can’t give consent.
    But of course children, younger and younger btw, are not only permitted to consent to sex with other children it is increasingly considered ‘weird’ if they reach adulthood without having sex with another child. So they can apparently consent to sex, just not sex with an adult. Uh huh, real defensible.
    Female teachers have sex with male students all the time and after a few were actually jailed we now just eyeroll. And now female teachers have sex with their female students and we are told we are just homophobic if we don’t equally eyeroll it away as nothing to get overly upset about.
    NAMBLA has had ‘sex before eight or it is too late’ as a motto for a long time. Mainstream gay culture keeps them out of the spotlight but has never actually disowned them. How long they decide the hour has come, until we are all told we cisgendered folks are just too uptight and simply can’t understand the importance of the ‘mentoring’ a young confused gay teen gets from an older gay man and should just shut up and stop the hate.
    At that point the only barrier remaining will be dirty old men getting the yng poon they crave. And Mr. Polanski comes home.
    Ten years or twenty, all these things come to pass in our lives unless we on the alt-right win. Nobody else is going to do a damned thing, of that you can bet the rent money, certainly not the respectable Acela corridor conservatives.

      1. I appreciate and cultivate my masculinity, acknowledge that in my heart of hearts I wouldn’t touch most modern women with a ten foot pole, then handle the rest of them carefully.

        1. How’s that different from being a normal man without a label?
          (My point is that the quicker you label yourself, the quicker you end up with a target painted on your back)

  44. What happen to “Submissive Wives”? I only saw that reality show once a and it seems to have disappeared. RoK did do an article on this program. Guess it died a quick death.

  45. “Alan Turing’s suicide after being forced by the British government to undergo hormone therapy as ‘treatment’ for being a homosexual come to mind”
    That is where you lost an important argument. You referred to somebody as “being a homosexual”. That is a fatal concession to determinism. Once you concede that homosexuality is a biologically determined “orientation”, rather than a chosen behaviour, in the exercise of human free will, you have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, when the logical inferences from that false premise rain upon you. You become the bigot, and your enemies become the liberators.
    Citation needed, for the assertion that Alan Turing was “forced” to do anything, by the way.
    You might as well sign my satirical petition:

    1. Good catch. We do have to be mindful not to employ revisionist language. Turing was convicted of committing homosexual / deviant acts / buggery. Not of being a homosexual. There used to be only the conception of normal and deviation from the normal. Now there is normal as well equally well regarded other orientations and dispositions.

  46. I think the SJWs and leftists have largely won on the social issues. I think pedophilia and bestiality would divide the left, so I don’t expect there to be a push there. Polygamy doesn’t empower women, it will be permitted for Muslims only.
    Of course, heterosexual males will be expected to pay for sex change therapy for LGBTs and fertility treatments for spinsters and lesbians. Making it illegal to have a foreign girlfriend or wife(aka travelling for sex). There is already a push for these.
    They’ll be a push to make men give up their 4x4s and Pickups(SUVs for Soccer Moms exempted). More making men pay for ‘our’ children or abortions if that is the woman’s choice. Employer provided on site nannies in the work place. Guns only for women that fear being raped. Misogyny as a mental illness/hate crime. Expect all this.

    1. thai women cant get a visa to the USA but can roam free in Europe while European men have their way with them. American men are getting fvcked.

      1. I think there is a strategy on the part of SJWs in Europe. Let men have access to cheap 3rd world prostitutes and men won’t oppose their agenda to flood Europe will all kinds of immigrants and provide them social benefits. Seems to be working.
        In the USA the strategy is to keep the price of pussy as high as possible. Control men by making them desperate.

        1. You would see the women of Europe take to the streets in protest and close down the streets with barricades like the Revolution of 1848 if European politicians were letting in 1 million Thai girls. But a million Arab and African men, not a peep from the women.

        2. I’m not so sure, they didn’t seem to protest at all the Russian and eastern European women coming over. European women seem to have given up on cockblocking men with foreign women.
          Their strategy would be to convince these Thai women they were victims of human trafficking and actually being raped. So then they sponge of the government the rest of their lives after they get used up as prostitutes.
          Meanwhile they get a desperate African or Arab man to bang and/or marry, but they are being compassionate to refugees, while men are rapists for doing the same.
          What do you call a prostitute when she becomes too old to make money anymore? A sex trafficking victim.

    2. They already shame men with pickups and SUVs, making snarky comments about how these men must be compensating for something. Because you know, it couldn’t be that they want to protect themselves and their families in the event of as traffic accident.

  47. I think the next perversion will be pedophelia. look at this article from last month:

    We’re Only Three Small Steps Away From Legalized Pedophilia

    it’s true. there are already “transgender” children as young as 4 or 5. I even saw an advertisement for a fake penis that “transgender” little girls could use to piss out of (which I would not link to even if I had the URL). Also, we have the normalizing of pedophiles who haven’t actually acted on their perversions, as the author pointed out when he mentioned an article titled “I am a pedophile but not a monster.” The only step left is to recognize children as “sexual beings” and allow them to make decisions about their own bodies…oh wait, we already have that with these “transgender” children making decisions about their bodies and sex lives. We’re already there! The only thing left is for leftists to start persecuting anyone who is opposed to this as “pedophobic” or some bullshit.

    1. Build a penis kit coming soon. You choose diameter and length for a custom pecker to call your own.
      Results not guaranteed.

        1. If you have a close look, this is a vagina turned into a penis. This is your F to M operation. Perfectly normal isn’t it? Yeah, perfectly normal thing to do to yourself.

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