25 Tweets From #BringBackThePatriarchy That Show The Tide Is Turning

When I first started writing for Return of Kings less than a year ago, I thought that we were in for a long, hard battle against the corrosive forces of modern society: feminism, socialism, multiculturalism, and the social justice warriors that make it all possible. The indoctrination is so entrenched in every level of society that I believed it would take a lifetime to knock it out.

I still think the battle is going to be a difficult one, but some amazing things have been happening on Twitter recently that make me feel that the battle will not be as long as I had initially thought. The latest example of this phenomenon is the #BringBackThePatriarchy hashtag.


The hashtag started trending on Twitter on October 25th. The earliest tweets emphasize how important fatherhood is to children:

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.24.54 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.54.30 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.26.55 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.37.55 AM

Other tweets point out what happens when fathers become weak or when they are absent:

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.18.20 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.29.18 AM

Feminism’s Effect On Women

Western girls are indoctrinated with the belief that feminism is a good thing because it provides women with choices that they lacked under the traditional patriarchal system. Thanks to feminism, we are told, women now have the choice of whether or not to be virtuous, whether or not to become mothers, and whether they become worker drones or stay-at-home moms. How could anyone oppose feminism? It seems so reasonable.

However, the people who were tweeting under #BringBackThePatriarchy pointed out the dichotomy between what feminism promises on paper and how it actually affects the lives of women.

For example, there have been some changes in dating:

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.47.29 AM

Feminism has also had a tendency to make women less attractive and less feminine. Ironically, I think the best example of this was a tweet that was posted to criticize the supporters of patriarchy. I think you will agree that it inadvertently provides yet another argument in favor of patriarchy:

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.56.40 AM

This tweet nicely captures what feminism means to women in one picture:

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.49.25 AM

When women are diverted away from their natural instinct to nurture children, they end up nurturing animals in their place.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.18.06 AM

Beautiful Girls

Many of the tweets highlight the differences between the ugliness of most ardent feminists with the beauty and femininity that is associated with more traditional girls.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.02.49 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.05.37 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.03.28 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.04.31 AM


Other tweets brought out the deleterious effects of feminism and progressivism on men and issue a call to return to true masculinity.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.23.21 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.24.43 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.25.14 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.21.14 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.12.26 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.40.14 AM

Reaction Against Migrants

Along with the criticism of feminism, the #BringBackThePatriarchy tweeters also came out against the plans of Western leaders to replace their white populations with third world immigrants.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.22.18 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.38.53 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.37.16 AM


While #BringBackThePatriarchy was just a Twitter phenomenon, it is still important because it indicates we are in Stages 2 and 3 in the process of bringing back patriarchy. Campaigns like this reach out to men and women who might privately question feminism, multiculturalism, and the progressive narrative, but who are afraid to step out publicly for fear of being called misogynists or racists. It lets them know that there are other people out there who share the same views.

It can also lead them to discover the existing networks like Return of Kings and RVF, and begin implementing the principles of neomasculinity, thus further weakening the current system.

The existence of the campaign means that men and women are beginning to wake up. They are beginning to see that the progressive narrative that we have been fed for the past 50 years ultimately leads to unhappiness. Our progressive elite leaders believe that this is a fad that will eventually burn itself out. I believe they are wrong. Once a person sees the tissue of lies that undergirds the progressive narrative, it is not possible to go back to believing them.

There has been a small crack in the edifice of the prevailing narrative, but it is only a crack. It doesn’t mean that we have won or that we can relax. On the contrary, we have to take advantage of the opportunity by recommitting ourselves to living the principles we hold dear. We have a lot of hard work ahead, but it is gratifying to see that glimmers of light are appearing so soon.

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490 thoughts on “25 Tweets From #BringBackThePatriarchy That Show The Tide Is Turning”

  1. Meh. Personally, whatever happens in the future, I’m going to sit it out. I’m going to make myself a small den for myself and whether ‘society’ is in the grips of a feminist shitstorm or a nazi king dick shitstorm, I’m conserned with my own well being.

    1. “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.” William Shakespeare, Julius Cesar.

      1. I don’t know if you are a brave man but you are not smart enough to tell the difference between cowardice and neutrality. If you so believe in patriarchy, then go be a hero for patriarchy.

        1. Well, that’s the point, the world needs heroes. The world does not need men who hide in small dens they have made for themselves. I am a hero by being married to and living with the same woman who is the mother of my children. Not really heroic is it? Or is it in today’s world? I am a hero to my children, I suppose that will have to do. The question isn’t whether I am smart enough to tell the difference between cowardice and neutrality. The question is do you? Only you can answer that.

        2. It’s a “quiet fight” that goes on behind these scenes of protests, twitter campaigns, blog articles, and news stories. While both sides duke it out verbally, men like you and me are diligently doing our part by teaching our children what’s right and wrong so that they may then teach their children.
          I have no doubt that we will eventually win this fight because what the left is doing ultimately goes against the will of nature. Nature breeds strength. If you are weak, you die off. The only reason the progressive left has survived for so long is because they are being propped up by the media and government. Much like a liberal college professor, they cannot make it in the real world.
          It all boils down to one fact: We will eventually outnumber them due to their own weakness (abortions, simply not having kids, converters to the truth, etc).

      2. Patriarchy asked Black guys to die in the white man’s wars (WWI & WW II) and then get back to the ghetto.
        I think SJW are a disease even for the people they pretend to protect. However, it doesn’t mean I’d rather go back to a system that would consider me as hardly more than a chimp.

        1. What this world (meaning USA) needs just about more than anything else is proud black men, with the courage of their convictions, willing to make hard choices for their families. Your reading of history is correct. But the fact that today, 70% of black children are being born to mothers who have not married their fathers is something I think the African-American community should be ashamed of. If you were to learn about African culture, and the traditional role of black men in America (before this disease of liberalism), black men were proud of their families. Now, we have already lost one or even two generations of young black men, and I blame fathers (or the lack of fathers.)

        2. “Black guys” were free to leave for Liberia or Sierra Leon if they didn’t want to participate in THEIR nation’s wars. If you want to live in a nation and partake of its benefits and citizenship, then you’re going to be tasked to fight for it from time to time. It’s not as if the vast overwhelming majority of men sent by the U.S. in WW1 and WW2 were not white; they asked the same thing of those white men. Additionally there weren’t many “ghettos” prior to LBJ, so the “get back to the ghetto” is incorrect, the black family was intact and generally conservative until the Great Society eviscerated it, so stop your whining.

        3. Actually, you are asking Black men to function as White and Asian will get you nowhere.
          In my opinion, Black men subconsciously use a basic principle: fucking as many women as possible is the best way to genetic immortality. It sucks from a societal standpoint but it makes sense from an individualistic evolutionary one.
          Taking the red pill is understanding the world AS IT IS opposed to AS IT SHOULD.

        4. See I thought “Americans” were asked to die in wars our Nation took part in?
          How did “the ghetto” ever become the ghetto anyway? And that is a unique cultural experience to Black people? A lot of past immigrants might disagree.
          At one time the entire country was wilderness, even metropolises like New York, but a bit of difficulty and hard effort changed it. Maybe hardened veterans returning from years in battle could come home and put their new found discipline and skill set to use, I don’t know, building something better? Some communities did so, others didn’t.
          For instance where I grew up there had been what were considered Shanty Towns, and they were all white people who liked to drink moonshine and lay about.
          Nearby, other white people built up more modern towns, infrastructure, and wealth from their own sweat and blood. Both were previously “dirt farmers,” but only one group stayed that way willing to take a welfare check rather than work.

        5. There was an anthropologist that I read as part of a college class that speculated that this was an evolutionary adaptation to life in Central Africa. I have no clue whether he is right or not, but it is an interesting theory.

        6. Agreed. And the world is falling apart. What can you do to change it? Or are you going to just fuck the world and leave your children a world that is in shambles. I thought I was talking to a man. Turns out, I was talking to a selfish child.

        7. I wonder then how black families stayed together and seemed to be doing (relatively) fine between the Civil War and the Great Society? The black illegitimacy rate used to be pretty close to whites at one time, and the marriage/divorce rates the same. I think we’re too quick to jump to “evolutionary forces” insofar as it seems to remove both cultural changes and individual responsibility. Just my two cents anyway.

        8. Maybe I am not making myself clear. I’m talking about subconcious evolutionary strategies, not something people are even aware of.
          Caucasoids and Asian chose the “Mother and father” models to build their society. “Hunter gatherer people” chose the “extended family” model where the kids is raised by the entire (small) community.
          Slavery and colonisation put Black people to adjust to the”Mother and father” model which is impossible for most pure black people. The only way it could work would be extensive race-mixing of the Black race which you probably don’t want either.

        9. If you can find his name, post it to me please.
          I’m tired of people insulting black people without even trying to understand that we are not like you.

        10. I have to say there comes a turning point in any society where it’s time to become personally responsible. Many people in the black community (usually the elders) talk about how they saw a future once civil rights were established and how things actually went down hill (after it). These elders talk about how it’s time for their own community to step up to the plate, take responsibility, etc…there is no one else to blame. Too many black people have become successful in this country to use excuses any longer. Using excuses, today, is just the easy way out.
          It takes hard work (for anyone) to become successful but it starts with personal responsibility and accountability (for any man).

        11. I don’t think black were really considered as Americans before the 1960s. I don’t think you forbid a white american to use the toilet as you or to sit next to you in the bus

        12. We already talked about his. White should have sent us back to Africa when it was still feet to our nature, i.e after the Abolition of Slavery.
          Now is just a shitty version of the West. What sense does it make to leave a tolerable hell for shitty one.

        13. It still boggles my mind that some people want to claim that blacks are oppressed when there are so many successful blacks out there. You have black musicians, athletes, businessmen, and even politicians. For crying out loud, we have a black president and, judging by the current GOP polls, we might have another one in 2016 (if he can beat Hillary).
          In this day and age, if you aren’t where you want to be in life and you live in the USA, you have only yourself to blame.

        14. Perhaps, but that doesn’t change my rebuttal of your comments. There was free passage back to Africa for quite a while after the Civil War, financed by whites. Your ancestors chose not to go. Have a beef, go talk to them.

        15. Good points. It’s up to individuals to take on personal responsibility and accountability (become a man – no matter the color). That is step one (today, it’s easier versus the past). Anyone making excuses, today, in the US is doing that…just making up excuses. There is too much support (government) and programs to improve anyone’s station in life but it does take hard work. Those not wanting to do the hard work, take advantage of the time and those programs are not looking to get ahead (and are making excuses for doing so).
          We have too much opportunity here in the US and people (men) need to step up to the plate.

        16. What are you talking about? These guys were uneducated slaves. How could they even understand these notions. They should have been deported for their own sake.
          Now it’s too late.

        17. Africa is a very large continent with a very long history. Not all Africans are “this way” or “that way” either historically or today. I understand why leftists want to group (and control) African-Americans to make you think you are homogeneous. Whites are definitely not homogeneous (Greek v. Scandinavian) and Asians are not homogeneous (they are the most racist of all, talk to a Japanese about a Vietnamese).
          What I’m talking about is you and the choices you are making for yourself and for your family. One thing we all have in common (regardless of race) is we are sinners. I like fucking women as much as anyone else and it’s a constant struggle for me. But I choose to be with my wife and children.

        18. Okay, I will rephrase it: Black are different from Asian and Caucasoids. Most of us are NOT meant to live in that thing you call civilisation. We are meant to live in small tribes and hunt. Your crazy system where people have to come to a website to learn that women need strong men to behave is NOT FOR US. Do you get it now?

        19. I said Black not Africans. Pure Black comprise hardly two third of the African population.
          “What I’m talking about is you and the choices you are making for yourself and for your family.”
          As I said, at a subconcious level, the word “family” doesn’t have the same meaning for Black people. To us our family = tribe. In a tribal system, our kids wouldn’t have any problem.
          I spent part of my childhood in the French Island of Mayotte which still relatively untouched by the White man. These Black people didn’t have these problems … at last not back then

        20. So “it takes a village” to raise kids? The nice thing about that thinking for an individual male is you can fuck as many women as you want, have as many children as you want, and it’s someone else’s responsibility to raise the children. In the USA, we call that liberalism, and it’s failing . . . badly. Maybe there is some utopia on some island somewhere, but we don’t live there. (Now who is talking about the world as it is vs. the world as it should be). I raise my children, with my wife’s help. Together, it’s our hope and prayer that our children will inherit a world that is better than the one they are currently living in, and that they, in turn, will make the world better for their children.

        21. White women can’t use the same toilet as us then, or now. ??

        22. That’s a hell of a great responsibility evasion philosophy you have going on there Mike. The problem with it is that there are too many outliers that demonstrate differently than you claim they should demonstrate, and the only difference between them and thug type blacks is environment (aka accepted philosophy/politics).

        23. The whole “it takes a village” saying has two inherent flaws from what I can tell:
          1) Every village has its idiots, fools, and scoundrels.
          2)The village is significantly larger now than it used to be. This has caused a disconnect between the “villagers” and a decrease in the overall caring of other families’ welfare. To put it simply, the village is no longer a village and no one cares.
          I will rely on my wife and myself to properly raise my kids, thank you very much.

        24. Your post has two problems:
          1) You only listed one flaw

        25. Racial differences are a reality. While I don’t consider myself superior or inferior to you, I think we are just not biologically the same.
          In a perfect orld, we shouldn’t live in the same civilization. At least, we shouldn’t be judged on the same standards.
          Pure Black men are not meant to be fathers. There may be outliers as you call them but blaming people for following their nature doesn’t solve anything.

        26. No woman can use the men’s restroom (unless the whole gender neutral Tranny bathroom takes hold). What has that to do with racial differences?
          And besides, of course there are differences. That doesn’t mean you use them as an excuse for dismal failure in a society. It’s not like you were just brought here on a ship two days ago, at least then it makes sense. Trying to blame catting around on genetics instead of *selection theories based on environment* is absurd.

        27. I don’t think anything absurd about that. I’m a real redpiller. I take the world as it is no matter the consequences: Pure Black shouldn’t live in that strange thing you call civilization. It’s not meant for them. They need a tribal lifestyle where they can be themselves.
          These ideas may be a little premature since African American are still buying the Christian and leftist narrative of “we are all brothers”.
          However, I hope someday, Black and White will understand that they can’t live together.

        28. Im no expert on african culture but i believe many of the kings and chieftains of pre colonial africa ruled their people with an iron fist yet still caring and face to face, that would also explain the failure of the european system when it comes to black people. I believe early black leaders such as marcus garvey never intended for assimilation with white culture and our system, education etc. but to create something exclusive for the black man (separationism) and if i remember correctly thomas jefferson himself had some similar ideas.
          Correct me if im wrong, i’ve never even been to america.

        29. At least somebody who gets my point.
          I don’t know about Jefferson but Marcus Garveywas the one who made the concept of separation popular. Malcolm X and the first Black Panthers took it to another level.
          However, the US government was afraid they were linked to the Soviet Union. Therefore, the system supported Martin Luther King who was more in tune with SJW. That’s why we have these delusional society where we pretend Black can live like White and Asian which doesn’t make sense:
          – Most pure Black people live in shitty conditions. It may better than present day Africa but it’s still shitty.
          – There are indeed outliers. However, most of them are somewhat mix-raced. Besides, they often don’t feel they fit in the white man’s world. I used to be one of them.

        30. Whites lived in small tribes just like blacks before civilization. Black Africans would’ve developed same type of civilization by themselves if given time. I believe it’s something programmed into all humans. You are not given that that kind of intelligence just to hunt and build traps..when you are capable of traveling to other planets..

        31. Yet, many of you stayed after given the opportunity to return (as someone already pointed out). It’s our system…not mine, we’re all included. If you want to stay in this civilization, then learn to be responsible adults with accountability (like all men should). Otherwise, the next plane, ship, etc…can take you to another land.
          Thanks for visiting us “from the almighty above” to shed some wisdom on all of us. We were lost until you showed up.

        32. I thought after President Obama was elected (plus the long list of names of other successful black men in our country) we would past this point of pointing fingers and continuing to blame for lack of success in life.

        33. Return where. Africa died during colonization just like the West died in the 1960s.
          We need to live in small tribes where we can be hunter gatherers. Present-day Africa is just an ugly copycat of America and Europe. We would be worse-off there.

        34. Personally I think “progress” and “civilization” are a scourge that destroy basic human nature. White chose to embrace it fully. That’s why their women walk down on them, their daughters sleep with more men than hookers and their sons are trannies. Black should never have been put in that system.

        35. I’ve lived all over and home is where you make it. I’m for anyone who wants to be responsible and accountable in the current “system” where they reside (be it a community, tribe, etc…). But the bottom line is responsibility and accountability wherever you live….we don’t have that, today, with many Americans. You want to live in this country and have the rights (and freedoms) of being a member of this society then you have to take on some responsibility and accountability (goes for everyone). You can’t “kind of” live here in our system (one foot in, one foot).

        36. Dude! White people can’t even control their women. How are you gonna control Black people.
          For some reasons you guys think I’m trying to engage in a petty debate about the attitude of Black men.
          Actually, I’m trying to educate so you can understand that we are not the same and we will never be.
          Now if you don’t wanna get it, I will stop this tiresome conversation here. Bye.

        37. and all black man can control their women? Give me a break. I’ve been around for a bit and you’re talking out of your ass, now. Black men (not all, but some) are just as easy to lose control of their women as some white men. I know we’re not the same but saying that black men can control their women (versus white men) is a joke. It’s all about the man, young man. Now, you’ve learned something.

        38. I’ve read your post(s). We’ll just have to disagree friend (there is nothing wrong in it).

        39. Then, why are you talking about White or Black men not being able to control their women which was not my actual point?
          My point was that telling Black to adjust to Western societies or leave doesn’t make sense since you can’t force them back to Africa.
          Maybe after a few decades, you guys will realize that we are too different to live together and then we can have accetptable divorce.

    2. You receive from others only what you’re willing to give. Come bad times I know who my neighbors are who help me now, and I know the ones who attend to your philosophy. With that knowledge I know who I will help come a bad time, and whose fate I will not give two shits about even if they show up at my door begging for help.
      The funny thing is that while you may believe you can be neutral, you can’t, society won’t let you no matter how hard you don’t want to take part in it. Unless you’re literally hundreds of miles deep into a forest with no human life around you, you’re going to be forced to some extent to deal with society and other people. Given that you’re posting on the interwebs, I’m going to assume you’re not hundreds of miles deep in a forest.

      1. Right, it is impossible to stay neutral in this culture which is steadily moving downward. Doing nothing to resist only means one is part of the masses that are being led by the nose.

      2. Unfortuantely too true. “You may not be interested in war, but war is definitly interested in you.” (Lenin?)
        You won’t even have to “pick” a side as it will be done for you.

  2. I really like your work Michael. It’s articles like this that show what a man is supposed to be and what a man has to offer the world. There are other articles on ROK that I fear portray men very badly.

  3. Great article
    Some great quotes.
    In particular the one about how previously the man would work and the woman stay at home and they would have 5+ kids.
    Now both work and can’t afford any.
    Plus even the ones that can afford would rather update their car or buy a new kitchen
    The spiritual hollowing out of the middle/productive classes is in progress, and is potentially civilisation ending.
    All that’s left for future generations will be bastardy, debt, inflated real estate prices, sit-coms, cubicle jobs, cheap booze, dating app swipe screens, casual sex, porn, processed food, and suicide.
    Our legacy, unless we change

    1. Its a myth that women didn’t work in the past. It was very recently and for a very short time, that a small group of people in society were wealthy enough to afford another cost center in their home.

      1. Indeed social reformers worked very hard to allow women to leave the industrial workforce, mostly unwound now.

    2. So basically you are claiming people had more money to spend in the 1920’s -while having to feed 5+ kids – than they do now.
      I understand not everyone can have a science degree, but even the least intellectually gifted in our society should understand how ridiculous this claim is.

      1. If you can spend money to raise 5 kids, then you had more money in absolute economic terms than you do now. Try and birth and raise five kids on even two incomes today, you’ll need a pile of cash (or a really, really generous Welfare State, which is the same thing once removed). Having boatloads of kids has become almost prohibitively expensive unless you’re either a really rich person or you’re some Appalachian or Inner City Teen who doesn’t give a fuck how many kids he leaves in a trail of destruction behind him.

        1. “Absolute economic terms”…No idea what you mean by that, but I’m guessing you mean disposable income. Disposable income has increased vastly over the last 100 years, there’s absolutely no comparison.
          ..It is meaningless to discuss this further. Read any scientific paper on the subject matter, instead of forming personal opinions based on what other sheep post on the internet.

        2. The number of dollars has increased. The value of that dollar in terms of purchasing power has fallen off a cliff. A dollar today is worth around 2cents in 1930.

        3. I like how you basically ignored my post.
          Today as a middle class person you are hard strapped economically if you have five kids, even with two incomes. In 1915 you could support 5 kids with one income and still have left overs for the occasional luxury, trip to the circus or a day at the fair. The only way you’re doing 5 kids without huge debt nowadays, which they didn’t have in 1915 by the way (no credit cards, a loan was as hard as performing brain surgery to qualify for, etc.), is to be rich or so dirt poor that the kids become the State’s problem.
          There’s just no getting around it, Jack. If 1915 Dad could manage fine and be middle class, and today 2015 mom and dad both can’t manage the struggle without huge debt and lots more cash, guess who actually was “richer” in examination?
          ..It is meaningless to discuss this further.
          Yes. Flee Mr. 14 post…flee like the wind!

        4. I’ve always read real wages peaked in the 1960s in America. And this doesn’t take into account that things simply cost less back then as a relative percentage of income. As just ONE example, the average water bill in my city is $75 a month. The median wage here is about $2,500 a month. People weren’t paying 3% of their income on water in the past–in fact they didn’t even meter for water here until 20 years ago–it was just a free city service like garbage pickup. You might as well call that a tax, because you can’t live without water. So go ahead and lop 3% off whatever you earn today when comparing to the past, and we’ve only looked at one thing: water.
          This chart shows basically level wages since 1960 (about $1.40 higher today), but I’ve seen others showing real income peaked in the 60s, and again, once you adjust for the higher cost of living now, people are much further behind today.
          Housing costs for one, have more than doubled *in dollars adjusted for inflation* since 1960, primarily due to increased financing which inflates prices (unadjusted, they have gone up 10 times). Source: https://www.census.gov/hhes/www/housing/census/historic/values.html

        5. Not to mention that I remember traveling as a teenager abroad with American dollars, you were RICH. Now, when travelling abroad, your dollar gets you a sort of good deal, but you are no longer living like a king. I remember going to Mexico as a teenager prior to 2000 and my part time grocery store job paycheck gave me enough money to not care what prices I was being charged for anything.
          The best you can do today is in Latin America or Asia maybe find a place where you can stay for $30 a night, which is only slightly below USA motel 6 prices. And in Europe you’re going to feel poor. You’re not going to retire like a king just because you have American Dollars anymore.

        6. Dude, I really don’t like name calling and I think I never did on ROK…..but you are one dumb fuck.
          Aahhh, so much better.

        7. Only because we buy a lot of things we didn’t back then such as cell phones, tvs, internet, cable, 2+ cars, organized traveling sports, cruise ships, second homes, eat out all the time, etc.
          Very, very few families in 1920 did anything that significantly added to their cost profile besides a roof, food, and very cheap forms of entertainment.

        8. That is a true statement, but remember that new housing makes up a small fraction of the total housing stock. I have owned two houses, one built in 1953 and one built in 1924. Both were around in the 1960s. So while new homes affect a small minority of the overall housing market, financing affects a relatively large, possibly even a majority, of *all* housing purchases, so I’d say its effect is much larger.

        9. Yes, but many older homes have been expanded and/or remodeled. Instead of cheap tile many now have granite. Instead of basic appliances, luxury stainless steel. Nearly all old homes have AC/Heating units (while they didn’t previously). Many have had additions added over the years as well.

        10. My father was a factory worker that never made more than $17,000/year. He had a non-working stay at home Mom wife, seven kids, and a house in the suburbs. We pinched pennies but we lived in quality areas with good schools. We also had a new car every three years as my dad knew nothing of how to fix cars so he needed reliable transportation. We only needed one car as my mother never learned to drive. Try and do that today solely on a factory worker’s income.

        11. Not only that, but I have another fun observation I made to feminists/leftists that drove them nuts:
          Feminism caused traffic jams.
          Think about it. When you double the number of people in the workplace, so to speak, you deflate wages (not just due to the dollar) but also double the number of drivers doing to work, dropping off kids at daycare, and private school (because the left has packed the public schools full of gang bangers.)
          In the 1960’s, my old dog could sleep on the road and the traffic went around her. OK, that’s an exaggeration. Now, the roads are heavily congested with Tokyo style traffic with nearly everyone outside of the home for one reason or another.
          Also, in the bad old days, women could share babysitting. On my old block, there were usually about 2 or three mothers within a few houses of each other who could split babysitting if they were working part-time. “daycare” was walking distance and effectively free. It wasn’t much more work to look after 2 or even 3 small kids as one during the day. Now, career women have to spend a half hour getting the child put into a car seat, taking it to daycare, checking in, and then driving to work. And another half hour to pick him or her up. Good going! You’re SOOOOO liberated!

        12. Helpful hint from the cheap Pollak: You needn’t spend a lot of money on a cell phone. Don’t use the big major brands of AT&T or Verizon. You can get on the same networks with H2Owireless or NET10 for about $35 a month. All in. The status iphone is expensive, but other decent android phones can be bought cheap on craigslist for about $200 or less.
          Internet can be had by splitting. Find a neighbor whose in your ethnic group and next door and arrange for a bill split. But a wireless repeater and locate it between your two zones.
          Cars are a major money suck. Always have been. A gift from our oligarch masters.
          I agree that eating out is usually a waste but with coupons, I can find plenty of great deals. Boston market emails coupons that can get us an amazing deals. The smart phone coupons have lots of deals for many restaurants.

        13. I’m personally affected by this and the government is now effectively subsidizing housing to prop up the second housing bubble. The Fed has an interest rate they share with their banker friends at zero percent. Read that: zero percent. They can then go and reinvest that money into some treasury bond and make money risk free.
          There’s even talk of them going with NEGATIVE interest rates to prop up the dying housing market. The government would pay you to buy a home. Pretty amazing, eh?

        14. Work pays for my phone / plan but I had my wife for years on Virgin Mobile for $25-$35/month. Her amazon prime phone wouldn’t work with VM so I switched to T-Mobile. It’s $50/month so far we’ve been happy but if rates creep up beyond $50/month I’ll go back to one of the discount carriers.

        15. I’ve pondered VM as well but the trick is finding a quality phone my wife is happy with that will work on their network. Also, sometimes VM, Sprint, and T-mobile doesn’t work in our areas we tend to be in.
          For $35 ($32 with autopay), H2O wireless is pretty amazing. Works just like AT&T. My wife is telling all her friends.

        16. Sprint network (Virgin mobile) can be very spotty. Fortunately it worked well for texting which was 90% of the functionality my wife used and was decent where we lived for calls (data was mostly through wifi)

        17. THIS!
          Everyone keeps forgetting that basic fact. I have two kids a house, and 3 cars (two long since paid off) and my wife has not worked since 2008. The only time money gets “tight” is when we get a little carried away with spending it on frivolous entertainment. Like going out to eat once a week, movies once a week, once a month family outings, cable TV, “i’m bored, lets go somewhere” road trips and the like.
          Once I cracked down on the “luxuries” of American-style money bleeding. I realized the kids weren’t even a factor in my financial shortfalls. Classic mismanagement of the money was the primary culprit.

      2. Depends how you look at it. One argument I’ve heard for that claim is the fact that the workforce was basically half the size it is now since women stayed at home. Basic economics covers the whole relationship of supply and demand. When the supply of workers drastically increased due to women entering the workforce in droves, businesses could get away with paying them less.
        I also have a theory as to many needless jobs have been created to satisfy the demand (HR, marketing, etc), but that needs some fleshing out before I make any definitive stance on it.

      3. Apparently your science degree doesnt cover things like ‘devaluation of the dollar’, increases in the cost of living (inflation), or tax rate changes. Which is too bad, because if it did, you would see that people today indeed do have much lower purchasing power than their fathers and grandfathers.
        But im guessing you are fresh out of college, and thus always right, so carry on deluding yourself.

        1. Also to mention, immigration was frozen in 1924, and would remain mostly static (not counting refugees from Soviets and Nazis). The beginning of the end was when the floodgates were opened in the 1960s (baby boomers fucking the dog as usual)

        2. Use your head. In 1930, the US dollar could be traded at 35 dollars per ounce of gold. Now, gold is 1200 dollars or so per ounce. That alone should be enough to demonstrate my point, but apparently, youre too ‘smart’ to know when youre wrong.
          Each dollar buys more. A LOT more. Therefore, disposable income goes much further, as does income toward necessities. Just accounting for inflation, to match the average salary in 1970, you would have to make approximately 85000/year today. Is that about the average salary today, do you think, or is it more like the average household income?
          Seriously, its basic math even a photographer can do. Whats your degree in, Biology?

        3. Ted Kennedy wasn’t a baby boomer, he was the one who wrote that 1965 immigration “we hate white people” bill isn’t he?

        4. Gotta agree with this based simply on personal experience. I remember when a combo meal at a fast food place was half the price that it is now. I also remember gas being $0.97/gallon. Is this conclusive evidence by itself? No, but it does support Factory’s claim.

        5. Actually doesn’t that *support* factory’s claim?

        6. M.Sc. in Economics..thanks for asking.
          What you wrote is completely meaningless. You have indeed done “basic math even a photographer can do” and have thereby failed to account for a host of variables. If you honestly think the average salary in 1970 was 85,000$ in 2015-dollars, you need some serious help.
          I shall therefore provide you with some: here are some very basic graphs of median household incomes. If you do not understand how to interpret them, please just ask.

        7. Good info Mikael. It seems that wages kind of stagnated after the (Bretton Woods) gold standard was dropped. That’s been my understanding and your charts seem to confirm that.
          What do you think?

        8. Msc. In Economics ???
          Economics is mostly voodoo nonsense….specifically economic taught in most places of higher learning in the US.

        9. I’m thinking that boomers were hitting voting age at that time. As I always say, the only thing worse than politicians are the people who vote for them, so for me the age (and other features or aspects) of a politician matter little. The demographic of who votes for them is way more important.

        10. You wrote it is not affordable for people to have kids nowadays, while the truth is that it is more affordable than it has ever been.
          It is, however, true that people have less kids now (and that they wait longer before having them) in America.

        11. It’s quite affordable to simply *have* them, as any stroll through the local housing project will show you. The American taxpayer will ensure there is a roof over your head, and you will obtain subsistence level food for the child raising period. However, raising a child properly, having the mother look after him, paying for his health care, providing his education needs and eventually sending him to a decent university (yes, I know that is often unneccesary but it is required for so many careers and in the future a college degree will be all but required to work in the future police state) is incredibly expensive.

        12. You are making a political argument – and I am not disagreeing with your points. I am just trying to clarify the facts.

        13. Those graphs all start in 1950, and end in 2000 (before 700 Billion in bank bailouts, and 4 kicks at ‘Quantitative Easing’ read:dollar devaluation. And even at that, look at the trendlines at each end of the graph….
          Sure, 45000 a year is average in 2000 adjusted dollars (before the world economy collapsed)….what is it now, 15 years later?
          Not to mention none of that data addresses purchasing power, only income in ‘inflation adjusted dollars’ (methods? Unknown).
          So yeah, you sure schooled me, mr degree.

        14. So now your big argument is the USA is doing better than other countries? Are you on the Fed payroll or something? Because the shit youre saying is pure propaganda you cant even back up with weaponized statistics, and everyone knows it. Why do you cling to The Narrative so fearfully?

        15. Look man, youre full of shit, just like every other asshole trying to blow sunshine up the publics ass. There are more people, percentage wise, receiving basic food necessities via government/welfare now than in the Great Depression. Millions of bank owned houses sit empty while millions of americans go homeless. And poll after poll shows regular folks sinking, while the tippy top of society rakes in the benefit of all that GDP activity (you know, like Divorce), and all the while ‘economists’ try and convince everyone to buy stocks that are prepped to crash (short selling their way to even more money).
          Nothing you offer as proof even addresses the subject, let alone proves anything, and thats without even addressing the source, and the blatant bias involved.

        16. In a world of globalization and automation, the bottom half will continue to stagnate in the US. Can’t compete with with $1/hr overseas or automation plus with welfare in the US at the level that it is, most of the lower class doesn’t have a huge incentive to work.
          Best way to get juice the middle class would be to setup wage, environmental, and regulatory import tariffs that would approximately add the cost placed on US companies on other countries (ie Europe, Canada would have no tariffs while China, etc would have huge tariffs), lower the corporate tax rate to encourage keeping cash/production in the US rather than in tax havens overseas, and add additional tax incentives to either hire more people or keep exec comp to average comp at a certain ratio. That and deport all illegals and build a huge border to the south.

        17. Did you miss where i copped to that? My excuse is I’m Canadian, and was in vegas three weeks ago, and got raped by the exchange rate.

        18. “My “big argument” is that the USA is doing a lot better than people seem to believe ..”
          No. That loaded lie is too big for even pigressives to swallow. What +90 mllion out of the workforce; $17 trillon debt and rising; hordes of illegals draining local tax base; socialized health care (increasing costs), etc… that’s better?
          I would gladly have 2007 back.

        19. Once again a millennial not understanding who or what the baby boom was, certainly not when. The baby boom was from 1947 to 1963. So, some of the boomers hadn’t been born yet, and the rest were wmall children in 1960, but clearly they should have been able to prevent these horrible happenings.

        20. And you would be 100% wrong. The leading edge of the boomers didn’t hit voting age until the end of the 60s and it wasn’t until the late 70s or early 80s that all of us were of voting age. And like now, reaching voting age does not result in a transfer of power between the generations. The first boomer transfer of power was probably in the early 90s with Clinton the male.

        21. I have you beat. I remember buying gas for my first car at $0.25/gallon and McDs were $0.15.
          The percentage of income spent on housing has gone up steadily. My father’s generation at 30 paid <25% of their take home income on housing. My generation, boomer, spent 40%.

        22. I’m not a millennial.
          Once again, another troll who thinks he has facts. Let’s see… Oh if you were really knowledgeable on the subject, you would know that the birth year spread of baby boomers changes with each article about them. I have seen the cutoff year range from 1961 to 1970. I have seen the start year range from 1946 to 1950.
          Let me guess, you are a boomer born in 1964 but you want the cutoff year to be 1963.
          So go read up, “junior”.

        23. Britton woods might have been a contributing factor to the stagnation in real earnings since 1972, but I think the flooding of women into the workforce had more to do with it. The importation of illegal labor is a minor factor.

        24. There’s some focus that should also be put on the parents of the boomers who by now are in their 80’s, many rotting away in old folk’s homes. The parents of the boomers were for whatever reason called the ‘silent’ generation. They were war children from the 1st WW through the depression, but mostly depression era and 20’s boom kids.
          The new deal wasn’t welfare but closer to ‘workfare’ and silent gen’ers after the war could buy a home on their signature alone with the gi bill. Things were easier than the previous generation and the silenters questioned little and took the government for granted, trusting Johnson hook line and sinker with their sons in Vietnam and little was questioned. They even bought into the ‘duck and cover’ horse shit their kids did at school and women believed the snake doctors that pushed thalydamide on preg women until thousands were born without arms. Remember ‘flipper babies’ in the schools?
          And June cleaver with the pearls was a fad that barely lasted a decade. The government wasn’t supporting it. It was a media meme like Duck Dynasty tee shirts a couple of years ago. Cadillacs with fins came and went for more years than the June Cleaver look lasted. June only had two sons (minimum replacement rate) which was low for the 50’s and therefore had disposable income to afford pearls. Another media model projected. The real boom moms were chugging their asses away replacing the fallen from the war and Hollywood’s ‘Leave it to beev’ was imposing a ‘zero cap’ if you think about it.
          Then silenters sedated themselves watching Archie Bunker in the same way that millennials validate themselves with their profiles. There’s one word to describe the parents of boomers known as the ‘silent generation’. And the word is ‘gullible’.
          It is difficult to peel the average ‘silenter’ away from their blind faith in institutions (like OLD FOLK’S HOMES knock knock) and even harder to rouse them to action. Roughly half of the silenters are still around.

      4. In the 20’s, if you made 20K/year you were the extremely wealthy (worth between 270K and 3M today, depending on index).
        In the 20’s, kids helped cook dinner, took care of the house, and got jobs in middle school.
        In the 20’s, they knew the difference between a luxury and a necessity.
        Ad Hominem is not a logical argument, Mikael. This is.

    1. On one level you’re obviously right
      But you’re not taking into account emergent phenomena
      If all girls drop to their knees on the first date, it’s civilisation that gets fucked. Not just the woman

        1. When the bulk of women aren’t marriable, civilisation is screwed
          Each to their own but I wouldn’t marry a whore

        2. No stability in the family. Children being raised by single mothers. Men not being responsible for their children. Teenagers with no direction, no moral compass choosing the thug life . . . shall I go on?

        3. Is there conclusive evidence that in the old days, kids were not screwing around in secrecy? I find that hard to believe.
          Also, I hear that women were quite unsatisfied with their sex lives back in the days. Not to say that one should pander to their needs, BUT unhappy women do have a certain effect on society. As we can see.

        4. True, single mothers are a plight. But can one really enforce functional families through the law and shame? I doubt it. Sure, feminism is a very subobtimal solution, but pure patriarchy – if that even exists – has its own set of problems. If it did not, the current state of things may never have come to fruition.

        5. “But can one really enforce functional families through the law and shame?”
          They used to.
          It coincided with the greatest leaps in human history

        6. Well then the real proposition is hypocrisy: Act like it is wrong while doing it anyway.
          Maybe that is a good solution, I am not sure.

        7. I occasionally jerk off
          Not as much as I would if I didn’t consider it a lame thing to do

        8. But there is a difference between considering something a lame thing to do (internal value) and being afraid of other’s judgment (external value).

        9. Patriarchy means a society lead by men. Men is generally better at everything than women..

        10. Fine by me. But if it is led by men, it is even more nonsensical to consider old-school ‘dating’ rituals. A leader does not want to keep running after those who want to be led. Or…

        11. Playing around in the year 1955 generally meant stealing a kiss out behind the shed when ma and pa weren’t looking. There was of course real sexual play but it was primarily adults, not youngster types. There was a heavy social stigma to being a slut that kept women in line quite well, and it came directly *from* women so it actually worked. Add in that men would avoid the sluts as marriageable, and marriage was the highest sought after institution at the time, and you’d be taking a dire chance if you wanted to be Suzzy Slutalot.

        12. Ah! See, but then it was less the shame as a driving force than a desire – for marriage. So it is not the lack of shame as much as it is a lack of any value in the institution of marriage.
          So it was more like refusing to eat fast food in order to enjoy the good steak in the evening. Less like daddy saying that you are not allowed to eat steak because muh.

        13. The fact she probably wants to but is exercising restraint
          Women are the gate-keepers of sex. If they don’t guard the gate, humanity turns into a fucking zoo.

        14. Well, that is what condoms are for.
          Restraint for the sake of restraint seems nonsensical to me. If she is going to give it to you anyway – and knows it – what is the point of restraint? At max, to filter out the players without patience and will to commit.

        15. Not less, it was an equal factor I think. If you’re shamed for being a slut, others find out, then you get passed over as wife material. No way to know a girl is a slut until other girls (or a loose lipped guy) brought it up at the time.

        16. Well, based on hearsay. Actually, I am bringing forward arguments that support the way I want the world to be for myself. If that happens to be good for women, too, I want to use that as an argument.

        17. Filtering out unsuitable partners is what civilisation rests on
          And I mean genuinely unsuitable. Not “he’s not bad boy enough etc”

        18. Sounds a bit simplified to me.
          As implied in my last comment, she can use condoms with the unsuitable ones and just have fun. Then she can have kids with the suitable ones.
          Who chooses who the suitable ones are, anyway? Evolution thrives on variety.

        19. Yep spot on. Also, many women remained childless (back when) because a single woman with children was a black mark on her record (no man would touch her – remarry). A woman knew that certain behavior was frown upon by a decent suitor (and by society in general). Today, we have just the opposite.
          Society (feminism) tells women it’s ok to be a single mom and it’s ok to be a whore – they call it empowerment.

        20. That evidence shows a correlation, not a causation. That is, restricting a biological slut to a single partner may not make her more faithful.

        21. Biological sluts would have simply turned tricks instead of conning beta simps into marriage

        22. What I’m saying is, in the past biological sluts would not find it as easy to blend in as they do today
          That’s because even decent girls today are corrupted by culture

        23. You can, but do you want to live a life that you are being bullied into?
          History says (not sure it does, really) that nice guys can survive and procreate despite being miserable.

        24. Because after fucking all the bad boys and chasing men out of her league she’s unable to pair bond with anyone anymore. And she’s wasted the best years of her life giving them away for nothing but memories, memories of delusional fantasies, that no real man can effectively compete with.
          I did peg you as a troll a week ago. Seems I was correct.

        25. Calling me a troll is childish. I will not even bother to respond to that.
          As for your argument, I have pointed out above that I do not think that a healthy person finds that kind of behavior appealing. And I do not think that a person who does can be shoehorned into anything else unless she heals.

        26. You come off as an entryist.
          Nobody cares about what is best for you in the short term anymore. We are starting to care about the future and what is best for children.
          Radical concept, I know. Not being completely self absorbed and caring about the future for our children. Our parents generation certainly wasn’t like that. Voting for ever increasing debt and what can you give me right now? Well we have grown up in a society that only asks what can you give me right now? So we know how toxic and self destructive such actions are.

        27. Pardon, do you mean to say I am trying to convince people to join ‘my cause’? What makes you think that? My sole intent is to find the best way for myself to live. If you guys convince me, I have no quarrels adopting your ideas.
          Granted, caring for kids is not unimportant, if you choose to have them. Then again, may I ask how old you are? I believe that these wishes are biologically predetermined to kick in at a certain age. I am a mere 26 years old, so I naturally am somewhat self-interested.
          You may say that you grew up in a self-absorbed culture and now see the bad aspects of it. Well, I personally grew up a codependent pet to my mother and I can tell you that selfless life is bullshit, too. Both forms of extremism are harmful.
          I want to find out a way to live a happy and fulfilled life. Then, and only then, I want to have children and teach them to enjoy life as much as I do. How can I teach my children to be happy if the only joy in my life is making my kids happy? Sounds like pathological altruism to me.

        28. What I’m saying is that your questions are clearly not meant for yourself but to try to guide the conversation. I don’t really care why but it’s so obvious.
          Having grown up with a single mother do you not think your life would have been better had you been given the gift of a nuclear family?
          I’m mid thirties and already have at least one biological kid. They do not get to benefit from my fatherhood because we live in a matriarchy. It doesn’t matter if I desire to be involved in their lives or not. The patriarchy, the cultural and social institutions we use to create fatherhood and future time orientation, and that investment from men to children, has been removed. Patriarchy doesn’t necessarily mean anything except for those methods that we create paternal kin selection and bring men into future time orientation through the ability to invest into their own biological offspring.
          Without patriarchy men have no reason to move to future time orientation. Enjoy the decline and get what you can right now is a better strategy. In a matriarchy men have no reason to work hard or create for the future. There is no future without children we own, ourselves, that we can be reasonably certain are our own. In a matriarchy your best bet as a man is to be the best stud around. See any African shithole for example. Or black culture, now that we can observe the results of sixty five years of matriarchy.
          Roosh has clearly moved from being a red pill PUA to bring a neoreactionary. A transition I myself have made as I rarely post at TRP, despite being an EC for the past two years.
          I’m more concerned with the future of my tribe now. Perhaps that does come with age. I could go back to fucking all the sluts around me. I may do that. It’s not my optimal choice though.
          Take it from me. An older man with experience. Fucking sluts is pretty nice when you’re in your twenties but it will not lead to a fulfilling life. Roosh is an example of this. So am I. There should be more to life than just fucking sluts.
          Also be aware of your own black and white thinking. There are shades of gray in between complete selfishness and pathological altruism. Life happens in the gray. We are constantly being pulled into sloppy black and white thinking, though. It prevents critical thinking and real growth. Be aware of your own black and white thought patterns so you can become a better man.

        29. Interesting. I think that it is my openness to any idea that makes you believe I am guiding the conversation. But if you follow my comments, you will see that I do acknowledge good arguments.
          Frankly, what I do is to consciously pit my most banal and simple objections out to be taken apart by you guys. Sometimes these objections may be leftist ideas, sure. But I do not just want to blindly follow the way of men, I want to really understand it. So growing up will necessarily involve expressing childish ideas and learning their errors.
          Granted, it does take away motivation to work hard if you know nothing will ever come of it. I think I am pretty much in the phase of wanting to enjoy the rest of my youth before doing more serious stuff.
          I brought the age thing up because my own father – whom I meet on rare occasions – told me just that. He said that he noticed that during the course of his life, there were certain behaviors and interests that kicked in and then suddenly faded and there was nothing he could do about it. That is why I think it an error to consider one’s process as the process of growing towards the right thing. Rather, I want to see it as phases that you go through, that in the end make everything work. The old rule, the young protest.
          Also, even if you want to do something for the kids, the kids must have the sense of entitlement to be able to enjoy it while they are young. If nobody ever got to enjoy the fruits of all the work and care, life would be pointless.
          So, no, I do not think that fucking sluts is something I want to do forever. But on the other hand, my hormones / feelings are urging me to enjoy the innocent pleasures of sex while I am still somewhat young. Unfortunately, my own mental problems made that impossible before now.
          Yes, I am prone to black and white thinking, too. That is why I am trying to be more open to these kind of debates.
          Your sentence reminds me of a great movie that exemplifies black and white thinking. The protagonist is actually the idiot. ‘Clear and Present Danger’. Once, another character says to the protagonist: The world is gray, Jack.

        30. What is being portrayed in the picture is not true chivalry, it’s simply a more polite and formalized way to pedestalize the woman.
          Chivalry in its original form was a system of conduct in which the strong (the men) protected the weak (women and children). In return for protection, the weak submitted to the strong and acted like ladies.
          Then a bunch of noble women (eg Eleanor of Aquitiane) that decided to subvert the system and add in ways to have ‘discreet affairs’ (see also courtly love).

        31. No, that’s what you would do and/or what you imagine smart women would do
          Not what is actually happening, the ghettos and tax bill/debt is there to prove it

        32. Lots of women are not playing that game perfectly as you describe or seem to think they are/can, they are ending up a drain on society, stealing mens money, breaking up families, ending up single mothers on welfare.
          Are you some kind of pro-feminist troll? it’s really quite fucking simple actually. You are on the wrong site for that kind of noise kiddo
          I expect not to have to explain anything further, it for the most part is self evident

        33. Well, fuck your expectations. You do not get to engage in debate with me and tell me what to say or not. If you think I am not worth your time, please spare mine.
          Maybe what you say is true. You do not need to lay it all out for me, of course. I was hoping that you could point me to some kind of resource that helps me understand your claims.

        34. History and DNA show that only 40% of men were able to pass done their genes while over 80% of women were able to. And that was under Patriarchy.

        35. It actually means led by fathers not men. In case you failed to notice, not all men are fathers. I have 6 children and let me tell you that having children is a life altering experience. The life you live as a father is different than the life you lived as a man prior tobecoming a father.

        36. Yes, I hear that a lot. Much too early for me to become a pater, though. Besides, fathers often strike me as overly fatherly and smug, which is not what I want to be right now.

        37. Er, no. That’s what chivalry evolved into, but its origins are more complex.
          It actually originated, amazingly enough, in the east and was a conduct of war and commerce. Combatants realized that “total war” (much like WWII) made warfare risky. When someone lost and their whole country was destroyed, this meant that both combatants fought to death to the point where BOTH largely wound up losing.
          “Chivalry” was similar to the Geneva convention that later defined it in modern times: Combatants wold be treated as prisoners of war. CIVILIANS (of both genders) would not be killed. Soldiers were expected to protect the weak (of both sexes) rather than shaking them down.
          The priests of the time enforced this code of chivalry, and not the woman butt-kissing it is today, but taking holy relics to a common area and making the knights swear on them.

    2. Yes and now. I have no problems waiting a few weeks or even month if the girl is worth it because I don’t like to think about how many “first dates” this girl as been on.

      1. But why should there be any waiting? If there is no attraction, waiting is pointless. If there is attraction, why wait?
        It seems like such a pointless chump ritual to me. The charming prince running after the ‘lady’. Yawn.

        1. Waiting weeks to blow your load into a quality girl you really like is fucking amazing

        1. Nothing wrong with a blowjob. Something really wrong with a blowjob on the first date, if you’re thinking about looking for somebody to wife up or get into a LTR with. It pretty much guarantees she’ll slut out on you the moment your back is turned. If you’re not going to do anything in your life but ONS’s however, eh, I guess it wouldn’t matter much.

        2. Well, yeah, IF. I wonder if it is such an impossibility to compartmentalize between one night stands and LTRs. I suggest it is not.
          The only problem I see is the man who can not live with having a girl who has had other sexual partners before and will eventually have them later. I am not sure if that is what they use to call ‘ego’ or if it is a real biological male value.

    3. In a traditional society I would bring her flowers and get on my knees because it would be a normal thing to do. In Russia, where I grew up, guys do it a lot – bringing flowers that is. And girls expect you to be a chivalrous gentleman. They reward this type of behavior with their love and loyalty.

      1. I do not know. It sounds wrong to me. It may work, enforced as a ritual, but a man who actually wants to do it must have no male pride.

        1. You’re taking the actions outside of the context of the culture he’d be doing it in. When he snags that girl as a wife, he sets himself up as the unquestioned pater familia and master of the household. Getting a wife was not a matter of no male pride, it was the step necessary to establish yourself as a true patriarch. Being nice to a girl is not necessarily emasculating, no matter what some MGTOW may tell you.

        2. Kindness is one thing. Going on your knees is a symbolic act of submission. All you have to do to know that is to actually do it and listen to your body. I find it pathetic.

        3. In a Biblical sense, the woman submits to the man, and the man submits to the Family and God. Bowing on knee *in that culture and context* is simply noting that you’re able to put others before yourself, which is why it has charm. No man on his knee at the time we’re talking about thought himself inferior to women nor would entertain somebody telling him he was (he’d punch that person).
          This is all in *that time and culture* not today of course. A man doing it in a feminist culture is doing it to *deny* patriarchy and out of submission.

        4. My family is from Czech and I was often there as a kid, for all that means. I think I once had an Ukrainian girl interested in me. She was very feminine and sweet. Yet I would not consider going on my knees for her. The idea is silly.

        5. Meh, sounds fishy to me. I like to bow in front of god, all right. I would have liked to bow in front of my father, had he given me the opportunity. But I would not want to bow in front of a woman. Intuitively, it just feels wrong.

        6. Spend some time in Eastern Europe or Latin America as an adult, immerse yourself in their culture and I guarantee you will have a different perspective on the relationships dynamics.

        7. Ladies have a way of making men do crazy shit for them. Fighting wars, dying. Happily even. Like the best drug ever or something. Feminized women. They compete with toilet paper.

        8. Perpetual children? I agree with him on most points. Still, what else could inspire cavemen to leave their caves and harems?

        9. It’s not bowing as submission to her, is what I am trying to say.

        10. I agree. The traditional things might seem “silly” to some but in a more ‘normal’ culture men are still rewarded for traditional things, and women treat them accordingly as well.
          It isn’t one-sided like it is often so much here.

        11. I understand what you are trying to say. But it does not feel that way to me. It may be MEANT to mean that, but I think that the bodily gesture carries an undeniable inherent communication that only someone who is not one with his body could deny.
          It is a bit like letting a dominatrix penetrate my ass with a flying broom to demonstrate my leadership. A bit exaggerated, yes, but you get my point.
          Back in Czech, we had a ritual on Eastern as kids. Boys would run after girls with a stick and beat them on their asses. If they got them, they would be rewarded with sweeties.
          I did not understand it as a youth, obviously, but now it just seems so right!

        12. The word ‘traditional’ does not make things inherently worthy. I think that that is a conservationalistic mistake.
          Rituals are good and fine, but some may simply be misplaced. A ritual does not become good by virtue of being a ritual.
          In fact, this sounds like a ritual that subliminally sells a lie and creates a cognitive dissonance because of the double bind it contains: Bow and lead.

        13. You are simply reacting to the effects of of feminism. Feminism do not appreciate and reward a man to be chivalrous. Instead, they reward men with anti-social behavior and view chivalry as weak. It’s a sickness. In order for humans to survive, we need to adapt to our surroundings, hence the way people think that it shows no male pride.

        14. Try to go into that position. Go on your knees. Imagine looking up to a woman. What do you feel?
          I am not advocating anti-social behavior. I just find this particular gesture wrong. Why should not the woman bow to the man? Would that be sexist and disrespectful? Why? The concept sounds very feministic to me.
          Where is it from? Hollywood movies? I never saw this behavior in real life. Who says that this ideal of chivalry is even real and not just a myth?

        15. In 2015 you’re both right. In 1915 it meant something entirely different.

        16. Maybe so but it is 2015 now. Cunts already use the court system as it is to destroy men and in 2015 there is absolutely no way I’d ever take that posture with a women voluntarily.

        17. If that’s your take on it, that’s cool. I personally take a more balanced approach to it. If I’m wooing my women with flowers or the like then I don’t mind getting on one knee if the situation is appropriate. However, she very well knows that I got on one knee because I CHOSE TO and I can just as easily stand back up. She cannot ever force me to my knees.

        18. Right, but in the context of the article it was a “Then” and “Now” comparison, so that’s basically why it applies as I mention. If it’s all just “Now” then yeah, no question, to hell with the broads expecting that.

        19. Now: “Please take me mama government!!”
          Then: “It’s you and me against the world baby.”

        20. Yeah, that was disgusting. Hell, those hypocritical cunts were handing 15 year old boys white feathers. Who are they to talk? They didn’t have to do it?

        21. Yes, and if and when these snowflakes were exposed to the German “enemy” they were often far too willing to spread their legs.

        22. I would most heartily agree with you if the picture said 1915. But it said 1988, and what it means to me (at least) is going back to the days of ‘acceptable’ woman pedestalization.
          I bend the knee to God only.

        23. Or SE Asia. I married a 25 year old virgin Filipina. We dated for two years, with chaperones. I lived with her family for a week before I was given permission to date their daughter. This was a very traditional small village attitude, not the big city sluts you find in Manila. In the end I got a loyal, beautiful wife that looks at wife as a job title and not a retirement plan, and believes that she has responsibilities towards me as her husband. And also, she has never been trained to look at men and me as her enemy.

        24. Many young people seem to have this worldview that life was based upon our experiences today in western civilization. As little as about 200 years ago, most men were serfs and didn’t perceive they had much choice to NOT fight in wars whether they wanted to or not. Sometimes, it was necessary because not fighting meant you’d be killed and your family taken as slaves so you had everything to lose by not going to battle.

        25. Because the invaders will thank you for your pacifism. 200 years ago a man could’ve been pummeled for spitting dip too close to a “lady”. Now a days they fly to Dubai to get shitted on. Maybe the Men got smarter, sure.

        26. Not in Poland. In Britain and the USA that soon had a women’s suffrage movement start to extend “chivalrous” treatment of women.
          Before we laud the “good old days” of chivalrous patriarchy, perhaps we should ask if its flaws are what got us to this point?
          Consider the way that feminists like to claim that they, and leftism, represent “disadvantaged minorities” yet they are on a constant rant against “wolf whistles” in public which are mostly done by disadvantaged men and minorities. Feminism has put more minority men into jail than Jim Crow.
          I think hyper chivalrous pussy-begging started to rage during mid 19th century when the HMS Birkenhead went under and ***hole British Naval officers (the biggest ***holes around) decided to order their men to drown so the “ladies” could have the lifeboats to themselves. (Because as you know, British officers of the era treated their sailors like ****) So this set a new noble standard of male disposibility. A “real” man would jump under a truck so that a “lady” could be entertained. Feminists began to make outrageous new demands including for “equality” as defined by them.

    4. Tom, if you are willing to sell traditional western values for a blowjob, bringing back patriarchy is not really for you.

      1. Anonymous, I am no follower of any doctrine. Not yet. All I want is a debate with fellow man to see what their ideals are all about. Maybe it will show me errors in my thinking.

    5. You have to look at the big picture. Granted, short term pleasure is extremely appealing, but things on the whole are far worse in that kind of climate.
      For example, what about when you finally want a solid long-term relationship? If the bar is lowered so badly for women, that will make it very difficult to have a good future with a woman.

      1. I do not think that this is true for healthy people.
        Here is why:
        I think that healthy people will always want to be in some kind of meaningful relationship, independently or despite a little fling here and there.
        Only people who have no self-respect and suffered emotional or sexual abuse as children will be very prone to become sex addicts.
        Compare it to alcoholism. Do you believe that an alcoholic is made an alcoholic through alcohol or do you believe that it is his unhappiness that makes him seek out this simple pleasure again and again?
        I think that normal healthy people just get bored from casual sex eventually.

        1. Yes I see what you are saying. I meant in terms of the decreased availability of worthwhile marriage – material women. The impact and lowering of mores socially that would bring.

    6. Because nothing of value was ever obtained easily.

      1. Sounds stupid. Granted, sometimes hard work is necessary. But to not allow myself to enjoy something unless it breaks my back seems silly.

        1. Do you always act on impulses then? Delayed gratification is a virtue.

        2. Not always, of course. I learn from mistakes. I am learning to just let my intuition decide for the most reasonable action. Works quite well so far.

    7. Have your blowjob man if that makes you happy. But the increase of sluttiness is directly proportional to a woman’s sexual availability. when women become more traditional they would withhold any sexual activities until a long term commitment is established. Maybe you really do like the feminist women you’d probably deserve each other anyway.

      1. Hm. Feminist women makes me think of dykes with short colored hair. No thanks.
        But a pretty woman who knows how to enjoy herself? Sure.
        I do not see that my only choice is between strictly conservative prudes and gross feminists.

        1. Yes. Yes I am. There, I said it. I’d say it again.

        2. Remember, Wednesday is First Friday to me, and Friday is Second Friday. 4 day work weeks, especially working from home, is not a bad place to be in life.

    8. I don’t think girls should be giving blow jobs on a first date but I certainly won’t be dropping to my knees. Too submissive a posture.

        1. Yup. They already use the government to force men to their knees as it is. They should be on their knees begging forgiveness for what they’ve done.

        2. Not sure that is plausible. Who is solely responsible, anyway? It would have to be an army of 10,000 idiots bowing in apology.
          Funny thought, actually.

    9. I’m not into this blowjob thing. It’s just not natural to me. However, go on your knees in front of a woman is way more unnatural and awkward to me and it would hurt my manly pride more or less. For a man like me if situations like in the picture below happen to me on a daily basis at home, I’ll be grateful and feel my manly natures is preserved.

  4. Bringbackpatriarchy…so women can vote to get rid of it again? Is it an appeal to the Governments, or the people who cant even organize a successful boycott or tax protest? Lol, is it an “I told you so”?

    1. Don’t rely on gov’t to effect change. They typically respond to the marketplace. Attitudes must change first.

    2. My suspicious is that they want to bring back the benefits of patriarchy for women but just discard the parts they don’t like. It’s what women do. Once they start campaigning for things like repealing the 19th Amendment then my ears will open a little wider.

  5. Good piece. Also there is a hilarious link to “Horrendous Torture Methods From The Past.” That may be a little too much patriarchy for me.

  6. “Have you ever seen a happy childless women over 40”?. So true. I work/worked with quite a few of these aging childless women. They dedicate all their time to some Leftist causes and then book yet another Cuban vacation that briefly fuels their excitement. However, they all look miserable, I mean truly miserable.
    Those with kids on the other hand, might have dark circles under their eyes because of lack of sleep, but they look genuinely happy. My manager said once (she has two kids) that she could never imagine herself being a feminist.

    1. My manager said once (she has two kids) that should would never imagine herself being a feminist.
      Now there’s a bit of irony, heh.
      I work/worked with quite a few of these aging childless women. They
      dedicate all their time to some Leftist causes and then book yet another
      Cuban vacation that briefly fuels their excitement. However, they all
      look miserable, I mean truly miserable.

      You’ve described my wife’s aunt to a tee. Raised out in rural Ohio to a good German family, then ran off with a far leftist man to California in the 1960’s, they “decided” not to have children and she grew old and increasingly loopy doing exactly what you say, that is, adopting a million Leftist causes, travelling nearly monthly to other countries (mostly all far left or open communist at least at one time) and being in most ways absolutely fruity. She is extremely bitter if you cross even one of her “opinions” too.

    2. The only woman who was childless after 40 I knew who was happy was one who supposedly could not have children biologically. Though, she also never married and was backup child care for all of his nieces and nephews.

        1. No she was far from a SJW. I think deep down and sad that absent extreme medical intervention she could never bear children. (I understand her choice to pass on that because I hear that fertility treatment while not only being expensive it is horribly physically taxing).

    3. I had a colleague like that whom I befriended. She earned lots and liked to go to Cuba to fuck black studs. She had to retire early, ravaged by cancer. She now lives back at home with mom and her lesbo sister and a cat, became extrmely obese due to chemotherapy. Complains by Email that she has difficulty finding a boyfriend after having had both tits amputated. Sad case of a lost life.

      1. I don’t think of it as a lost life, necessarily. She would have gotten sick regardless of her life choices. Do you regret that someone like this didn’t marry you instead of going to cuba to shack up with studs? Would you want to be holding her hand at this period in her life?
        That’s one of the things about marriage that a lot of starry eyed kids forget to consider: It’s about for better or worse. Someone to stand by you when you need it and the good ones, men or women both, are there when we need it. Modern women have been trained to think of men and children as objects to satisfy their urges, like prada bags, to be discarded when it suits them. This is not new. The chivalrous western men of a century ago went down with the Titanic while suffragettes rowed away in lifeboats proclaiming that men were both disposable AND owed them “equality”. The problem goes back to that era.

    4. “However, they all look miserable, I mean truly miserable.”
      They were sold a lie which basically told them they could have it all, both a career and children.. The reality was that the pursuit of both resulted in neither, that leaves a large number of very bitter older women.
      I suggest that third wave feminism was born out of ego. By the time second gen feminists realized the flaws it was too late, going backwards they would have to admit that they were wrong and feminists like Greer were never going to allow that to happen..

    5. I see a lot of late 30 something obesoidal masses huffing and puffing behind their autistic toddlers.

  7. It is quite possible that the current flooding of Europe with savages is an abandonment by the left as a whole of their salami tactics in favor of one big push. Looks like with this atrocity they have chewed off more than they’ll be able to swallow.
    This alone may have pushed many people to reconsider their allegiance to the left and question leftist dogma and has diminished their power to censor unthoughts. As I see it, the left has long ago lost the people who are able to think and are able to solve problems and is now left with only a morass of power-hungry SJWs, some of which pose as “intellectuals”. As much is apparent when I look at the people in power in any western nation.
    When average people look at what the left has wrought, their conclusion is what can be seen on those tweets. So, really, why should these ordinary people continue following the destructive dogmas implanted by the left when that means being in conflict with women when we should go thru life together, killing your offspring instead of raising it, hating who you are in favor of people who hate you?
    There are still many people asleep in the old leftist dogmas. These pathologicals are in for an unpleasant awakening as they will at best be swept aside.

    1. Yep. Listing the left legacies we get
      Depression (including “depressed” kids on medication)
      Abortion on retail
      Government debt
      Debased education
      Broken families
      Doesn’t take a genius to piece this together

      1. True, no genius needed. Thing is, people have not been looking at them with the intensity I perceive people are doing now. The invasion may perhaps break Europe, but it will certainly break them.

  8. Yahoo is starting to post some articles geared towards men. For example, they posted an article about getting bangs.

    1. Are you sure that wasn’t regarding hair styling?

      1. You’re right. It’s about hair styling. When I first saw the title, however, hair styling wasn’t the first thing that came to my mind.

        1. What’s funny is that I *didn’t* see you graphics until I made the comment and refreshed Disqus.

    1. This picture is still feminist indoctrination either way. What we need is the mores of the 1900s or even earlier, not the 1980s.
      And as for me, I will get my future wife a ruby (as a reminder for her).

        1. So the question is: do I expect a ‘package’ in the mail, or a night-time visit from DeBeers?

    2. A big problem that is probably behind a lot of this is the idea that a traditional relationship is “oppressive”, when that merely depends on how one goes about it. If people want to live an alternative lifestyle, then go ahead. However, when you start attacking ours, calling for the end of the nuclear family (not even sure what the point in that is; the alternatives are essentially either polygamy or everyone engaging in homosexuality).
      Some of the hash taggers make a point of protecting white heritage, but this goes beyond white people; we all engage in some of these relationships.
      A wide variety of families have existed throughout the ages; a lot of my ancestry comes from the Celts, and it’s said that they sometimes engaged in polygamy and polyandry (sometimes one man per many wives, one woman, per many men), and some of the men may have had sex with young boys. A lot of stone age culture probably share these sorts of viewpoints on sex. However, they’re not really stable relationships in modern times, and if the stable nuclear family that raised most of these SJWs is “patriarchal oppression’, I wonder how stable their upbringing would have gotten in life if their mothers shared their beds with multiple males off the street.
      The Celts are an example of this “free love”, and I’ll tell you that it doesn’t apply to everyone, or even most people for that matter.http://www.tribal-celtic-tattoo.com/New_Folder/celtic1.jpg

    3. Remember this? This is what the reality is suppose to look like and much better in our private space.

    4. I988 was not such an innocent time as some might think.
      The sexual revolution started in the Sixties.
      You could get a BJ even without at date.

    1. Holy shit, that’s Bill Maher? When did he start making sense?

      1. He’s probably the public persona I agree with more than anyone. He’s been a libertarian for years, is very anti-Muslim, anti-PC (his original tv show was called Politically Incorrect) and attacks people acting stupid, no matter which party they are from. He’s also one of the few people open to listening to multiple points of view. The right loves to attack him as a liberal, and yeah he has some very liberal social views. If that’s all you’ve heard of him then you should give him a try. His show is one of the only things I watch on TV. If you don’t have HBO I believe you can listen to the audio for free via podcast / iTunes.
        The only beef I have with him is that he is utterly blinded and mesmerized by Barack Obama and thinks he is a good president who is leading a strong economic recovery, and he falls for a lot of the Keynesian economics nonsense. Then again, if I lived in a wealthy part of California where everyone is having a great time and the gays are all celebrating because they just got the right to marry, and all my buddies are multimillionaires, instead of living in the southeast US struggling for work more than I ever have in my entire life, I would likely see the same thing he does.
        I think it’s just part of the aw black people are just so cool I love having a hip cool black president thing, the same way people would say W is just a cool laid back guy, I’d love to have a beer with him. No, fuck both those guys.

        1. Since I don’t participate in media entertainment and haven’t for a while my impression of him is basically from the last decade and prior. No idea how he’s changed since then.

        2. I find him one of the few voices that talks reasonably without caring what people think. Trump is the only other public person who does this. A lot of his criticism is from people who can’t handle the truth and want to be told that America is the best most holy wonderful perfect place in the world and we should never change anything.

        3. Maher is a skilled, intelligent comic who clearly walks a fine line between being politically correct and rationalizing the position while pretending to mock it. Note how he always prepends his criticism of women with “Women have clearly suffered…” or “Women don’t have it easy…” That’s his politically incorrect show as well. He always kept a lid on it going too far.
          Keep in mind that he also carefully used the leftist spin narrative in describing Bill Clinton for being impeached for extra marital sex when the issue was him lying in a sexual harassment lawsuit because, as a matter of principle, he didn’t want to settle with the plaintiff. Bill took a personal pride in “getting rid” of anyone who crossed him.

    2. Mahr always starts his diatribes with morsels of truth that inevitably lead to his bucket of lies and distortion.

  9. I’m a bit skeptical about all this. I mean, if you break something, can you fully repair it to the point of being indistinguishable from the original? Time will tell. Too bad that I will most likely be an old fart by the time society comes back on track. “Lost Generation II”

  10. Outside of this particular topic and just as an observation, the slvelt young willowy blondes pictured by the lake and the one in the German bustier (no idea what they’re called) are ten shades of yummy. Even the blonde at the top of the article with the German themed ribbons in her hair. Wash them all up and send them to my chambers immediately.

      1. Odd really, because the indigenous white population here in flyover central Ohio all hail from one of two places, mostly; Germany and Ireland. The pretty blondes I see I assume are displaying their Germanic heritage, because I’ve been to Ireland and can state rather matter of factly that these features likely didn’t come from there, heh. Or perhaps both nations shipped out their pretty girls to Ohio?

        1. Pretty girls in central Ohio? I lived in Ohio for several years and the women there are ROUGH looking compared to girls from the South.

        2. Yeah, pretty girls in central Ohio. I’ve been down South, and it seems to have a hell of a lot of the Landwhale brigade. There are pretty women, but not like it was in the 80’s and 90’s by a long shot.
          Ohio, central. I guess it’s a matter of what your preferences are. I can tell you that north central Ohio (think Delaware county and north) seem to have not undergone the general Pork-pocalypse that most of the rest of the state has gone through. The girls in the pictures below resemble the girls in the high school that my daughter attends, as well as OSU (well, yeah, duh, they’re at OSU).
          Southern Ohio sucks horribly though, they are very rough there without question (Portsmouth, Cincy, etc).

        3. Yeah. We have predominantly German descent and Irish, and then for some reason a smattering of Greek here and there. She appears to be a mix of all of the above.
          My daughter brings over friends to the house that look similar to this sometimes. When Prom or Homecoming hit and they all come over for pictures in their dresses I have to basically stare at the walls or look out the windows…a lot.

        4. The blonde next to the brunette looks like a girl I dated in high school, the cheerleader looks like most of the cheerleaders at most of the high schools in my county of residence, and the middle picture is not unusual to see walking down OSU on a nice late spring day or at an OSU football game. Especially at a football game.

        5. I keep preventing myself from posting real pics from my daughter’s high school football games. They are very identifying, it’s a very uniquely named school and I really don’t want internet weirdos showing up in my neck of the woods, heh. That said, Christ almighty, bazinga!

        6. the uh-pork-uh-lypse…it aint affecting fly-over country somehow…

        7. Well, not this neck of the woods. When I travel to South Dakota and Wyoming I see a few fatties but a whole lot more still in reasonable form. Maybe it’s just luck of the draw?

        8. honestly brother, you tell me- is it due to a proper upbringing, or shoddy wi-fi connections?

        9. Out in the Western states? Probably shoddy wifi. We have good wifi here though. Dunno. Guess people still have a bit of pride. The county I’m in seems pretty health conscious (it’s affluent, which likely explains it, higher income people generally are educated and watch their diets consciously compared to poor people).

        10. Oh hell no. I don’t like pro football at all, but if I was going to bite the bullet and choose, I’d go with the Bengals this year since they’re finally winning (for once).
          OSU football is fun to watch in person, I get off season tickets sometimes (OSU alumni right here), but I don’t go out of my way to attend.

        11. I assumed based on the implication there is nothing worthwhile in SW Ohio. In general I feel that way, but it sounded like something coming out of a Cleveland fan. Also being a Cincinnati sports fan is like asking to get kicked in the nuts daily.

        12. The Bungles? They play in a weak division and haven’t won a playoff game in 25 years. Tune in to a Patriots game and see how it’s done…..

        13. I seldom prefer blondes, but in that pair I do.
          There’s only one way to settle this: Taste Test.

        14. GOJ you’re doing the right thing. If it was any of us i would say that you wouldn’t have to worry, problem is we tend to have “visitors” with questionable motives who might have stalkerish tendencies.
          That being said, i wouldn’t mind seeing some of these beauties in my email. Email me the pictures at [email protected] if you don’t mind 🙂

        15. Hate the place. Hate Cleveland too, though to be fair, everybody hates Cleveland.

        16. Like I said, not a pro-football fan. Cincy, compared to their history the last two decades, is doing amazingly well.
          As to the Patriots, I really could care less. NY buys the best players and coaches for all the sports. I don’t really care one way or the other, I simply expect them to dominate.

        17. I lived in Cinci for awhile in the 1990’s, when they had their “Appalacian Urbanization” movement. Bringing tons of people from the hills and rescuing them from stone-age living. (Really! Not far off!) And it seemed to me that the huge number of near cave-dwellers had a degrading effect in general. When you introduce a certain kind of people into a population, slippage of standards becomes the norm. There was more obesity, less hygiene, more gobbling up of public services. . .And from what I’ve heard it’s only gotten worse over the years. I wonder is that’s why you don’t see many decent girls the closer you get to the border of Kentucky?

        18. I have a relative that lives in Cleveland and from stories I heard from him, the pretty women there are stuck up. Granted, urban regions tend to have a disproportionate number of stuck up women.

      2. are german women really that bad? i haven’t been to germany except for a few day trips over the border from switzerland and austria, but those two countries had tons of pretty girls. then again, that was in the 1990s so maybe things have gone downhill since then.

        1. Some yes, some no. They’be been race-guilted to death by SJWs etc. and basically taught to fuck anything non-white to ‘make up’ for their nation’s past. It’s sad, really. You see it spilling over in the the MSM in the US now.

        2. that i’ve heard (the white guilt on steroids part) but i figured there were quite a few attractive women in germany, like there were in austria and switzerland when i lived there. i’ve seen a few pretty cute girls speaking german not too long ago during my travels in latin america and EE.

      3. Agree. Every now and then you run across a German girl that is a stunner. The rest of the girls seem to be attractive but not beautiful.
        And I agree with GOJ. Girls of German descent in the US tend to be better looking than their counterparts who stayed in the homeland. Not sure why that is. Maybe a bigger emphasis on makeup.

        1. Indeed, I spent several months in Germany, you’re not finding knock outs, but you will find some rather attractive and lovely females.

        2. On the other hand, I didn’t see any really ugly ones either, but the US has plenty of those. If one of these days my son brings home a nice German girl, I would not complain.

      4. I was in Saarbrucken a few years ago and there were plenty of pretty women. Ofcourse the population is aging due to the sterile ideology imposed on her, you don’t see so many young girls anymore, the finer girls are often in the towns, like many western countries the centre of the cities are now dominated by crude 3rd worlders and the national character is lost there.
        The Anglo-US won the war and have turned the western world into a mess with their hegemony. Hitler nerver had a plan to exterminate the English but both the Labour Party and the Tories have policies that inevitably will. What a tragedy.
        They know what they are doing.

      1. Sir? Well then, it appears I’m moving on up, to the east side. I finally got a piece of the pie. It took a whole lot of tryin’, just to get up that hill.

        1. Yes, sir. Sir, if I may, we’re having problems getting the women to form an orderly queue, they seem to be rather anxious to all get through the door of your chambers at once, sir. I’m very sorry, sir, someone slipped up and told them you were the gentleman concerned, sir. Would you like to assign a number to each, sir, or may I use my discretion in deciding which appears most ready to jump your bones first, sir?

    1. As you command, captain.
      Shall we bathe them in the tears of our enemies or will fresh water be enough?

      1. I’d say the tears of our enemies, but have you taken a whiff of a SJW in real life? Nah, water, soap and a small touch of perfume suffices.

        1. Very well then.
          I’ll be sure to collect those tears when we are chopping their heads off.

        1. Very well good sir.
          Also, we have a “caitlyn jenner” asking if “she” could give you a “happy ending.”
          Shall we let this person in?
          What should we do with “her” m’ liege?

      1. Danny boy- someone told me Sen Cruz voted for the TPP b/c his wife would benefit financially from the deal- have you heard about this? Is it true?
        I only ask b/c you were singing his praises on an earlier thread- thanks

      1. Actually I like red heads. But blondes are a close second. End of the day though if a girl has long hair and is pretty I’m pretty flexible on any *natural* color.
        And why do you care? It’s my preference, I’ll have it as I please.

        1. Shit when I was stationed in Germany blondes with black lace brought out the dog in me. Woof woof.

        2. It didn’t make sense then. Who was being obsessive? Almost all of the actual pretty girls in the pictures of the article were blonde. There was one what appeared to be auburn/red head and she wasn’t really that attractive. So you go with what you have.

        3. Men have been conditioned to pedestalize blonde women (from movies, the media, etc. when good/innocent or “hot” character roles are mostly filled by only blondes.) Also, how much of this “preference” has to do with sharing a similar ethnic background to the blonde women, as opposed to actual appearance? People tend to chose pet dogs who look like them (or so they say), maybe it’s the same with the women that men find attractive? Ethnic narcissism and its relation to sexual attraction would be interesting to study.
          However, having brunette or dark hair did not prevent the majority of Miss Universe contestants from winning such a significant beauty competition. An obese Tumblrette would not magically be deemed attractive if she has blonde hair rather than red; nor does a feminine, thin woman look more attractive if her hair happens to be blonde compared to brunette, red, etc. On some women it’s a really bland look.
          A lot of average-looking blondes are very narcissistic because of the “hot blonde” media stereotype. Wouldn’t doubt some of them exploit this to get white-knighting from men, even if they many of them have the Germanic masculine/tall square body shape/facial features.

        4. When I think redheads, I think freckled faced irish girls with wavy orange hair and blue eyes. I met a couple italian birds with light skin complexion and red hair, actually more of an auburn; not the ‘orange’ redheads you think of automatically. One girl of these two girls was an aupair from Milan, a straight import, absolutely gorgeous.

      2. Ill take a stab at this.
        Men prefer femininity and being fair complexion is a sign of it hence the terms “the fairer sex” or “fair maiden”. In every culture the men found lighter girls more attractive perhaps through that they absorb more vitamin D during pregnancy for the baby.
        SO the same can be said for white culture. Blonde and redheads are fair as they come for European people.
        Like a golden brown black girl or olive tone indian girl or pale asian girl in their respective communities.
        Sure youth,features,tits,ass,etc all play a role, but complexion is also a factor. Like a man can still be handsome without being tall or muscled, but be an asset if he did have them.
        Plus assuming all looks are equal and you see a blonde youll want that more since its rare. I usually like brunettes since many blondes and redheads look masculine and man faced,
        but when you find a cute one ….DAM they look good then you see why they were the ideal back in the day like “tall dark and handsome”. It gives one the “blonde fever” or why we use to obsess over the “blonde bimbos” before.

        Top 13 Hottest Miss Universe 2013 Contestants

        I agree with the above number 1 miss finland and comment otherwise its the latinas that should win for me
        Worth noting testosterone actually darkens the skin so we are on average 10% darker then our female counterparts. They also did this computer generated faces for a survey and asked which of these androgynous faces was the brother or sister and people all picked the darker one as the brother.
        Also in iceland they found that females were more likely to have lighter hair and eyes then the males by 2%.
        Plus looking at someone the lighter features gives more of an innocent look.
        Its actually a cliche thing in hollywood too before it got pced.

      3. You clearly haven’t spent any time around blacks, Jews (the dewds with ‘Shiksa Madness’), Arabs, Indians or other Dark Folk.

    2. Stack those pictures up next to the disgusting piles of Feminist blubber we have to look at today and the comparison is shocking. I cannot help but think how many rational people can look at “then” and “now” photos and not ask themselves, “What the hell has happened?”

    3. this. Was thinking the exact same thing that they look so good in those traditional classic clothes. Wonder why they dont wear them anymore. No leaderhosen,wooden shoes ,berets its all american clothes in europe hell even in non western lands.
      the classics are classics for a reason.

      1. i lived in austria for a few months in the 1990s. you’d see people walking around in traditional clothes pretty often, and not just on national holidays. lederhosen for men, those ruffly dresses with flower designs for women, that sort of thing. it’s called “tracht” if i remember correctly. not just old people, you’d see teens and people in the 20s and 30s decked out in it too. it was about as common as seeing someone in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat in texas or colorado.
        i would guess that the austrians still do that. i hear that traditional clothes are making a comeback in ukraine too, now that nationalism is on the rise there.

        1. ” i hear that traditional clothes are making a comeback in ukraine too, now that nationalism is on the rise there.”
          A false nationalism. A bunch of Polish forest Nazis (annexed after WW II), pretending to Ukrainian, controlled by Jewish billionaires with the backing of the United States:
          I remember wondering about all the “Polish” jokes when I was growing up. Why were they singled out as the dumbest ethnicity among the white race? Well, no longer, now all the jokes seem to be about “Ukrainians.”

        2. I don’t see why not. Leather isn’t scarce, it’s plentiful and realistically should be cheaper than polyester or vinyl. Just look at the big yellow arches ”trillions and trillions served”. That’s a heck of a lot of leather byproduct right there. Public park benches could all be done in leather. Mickey d’s alone has leather coming out of the kazoo. Lederhausens for EVERY westerner is entirely possible. And car seats for sure. It shouldn’t cost a grand extra to opt leather over cheap vinyl seats. Someone is making a buck.

        3. thats good to hear and I hope other nations not just europe do the same. American fashion is degenerate and goes out of style every decade.
          Honestly those clothes look nice even an immigrant would wear them.

        4. I’ve flagged OrthodoxChristian as a Putin troll. There’s an article about Putin’s paid trolls in Saint Petersburg (who are paid quite well) to post the talking point narrative to justify Putin’s invasion of Eastern Ukraine that Ukrainian nationalists are nazis.
          For the record, Putin’s own nationalists admire Hitler. After all, Putin’s beloved USSR was an ally of Hitler until Hitler outsmarted the Soviets and broke the agreement first. Putin’s nationalists celebrate Hitler’s birthday. (Google Russian nationalists celebrate Hitler’s birthday). Unlike Ukrainians, Russians attack ethnic minorities on Hitler’s birthday as part of their ethnic cleansing operation. Remember: It’s Russia invading Ukraine’s territory and not the other way around.
          Tell Putin that I send condolences to the Russians that he gassed to death in a movie theater rather than negotiate with Chechnyan “freedom fighters”. Putin not only kills Ukrainians and other ethnic groups, he kills his own people as well.
          I hope this response gets you 10 rubles for your day in the office, “Orthodox Christian”

    4. I’m afraid I must insist that you share. I would suggest an actual “fantasy” fantasy draft might be in order….

      1. So? They clearly aren’t the clown haired, arm pit hair, tatted, pierced up unfeminine kind if so.
        Just saying.

        1. So you wouldn’t mind a feminist if she was beautiful?
          For the record, I also hate those pierced up clown haired fat women

        2. Feminism comes from a woman’s mouth. It’s not the mouth we’re terribly interested in.

    5. You would also do well to remember that it is the police and military who are letting in these third world trash with absolutely no resistance from any individual members. Just pointing that out.

  11. If you want to bring back the Crusades, go for it. Just don’t kill other Christians m’kay?

  12. Lets not be blinded by the righteousness of our cause and destroy it it with emotionalism and irrationality.
    1988? In 1988 teenage girls were getting pregnant and giving head in the bathrooms at my school.
    Hitler Youth? Really? I don’t think many of us want our sons indoctrinated by a totalitarian government and chewed up and spit out by the government war machine.

    1. 1988? In 1988 teenage girls were getting pregnant and giving head in the bathrooms at my school.
      It was still a mark of shame at that time though, at least the pregnancy part. I don’t know about you, but there was a standing rule that any girl who got pregnant was not allowed to attend high school graduation in my neck of the woods. Meaning, it happened occasionally but was basically shamed and punished. It wasn’t until after Murphy Brown and Dan Quayle here in the States that it became somehow wrong to shame single mothers.
      Agree with your third paragraph entirely.

      1. Yeah I remember that whole Murphy Brown thing.
        We had one 13 year old princess at my school who suddenly became “privileged” when she got pregnant, demanding people give her room, don’t you know “I’m pregnant?”
        My thoughts were “bitch that’s your fault!”

        1. Makes me feel bad for the dumbass who knocked her up. But to misquote Beyonce, if you liked it, you should have put a rubber on it.

        2. If your name’s not Enos, then wrap that penis!
          A great public service campaign except to people named Enos.

        3. Didn’t he and Daisy marry each other or something like that after the show ended when they all got back together for a final show? Looking back, it was part of the brainwashing on us youngings.

    2. I suppose the only difference was, no Facebook to record bjs back in 1988. Also, at least back then, people had more decency to keep their affairs secret.
      As for the Hitler Youth thing, I agree. The author should mention that these men left their families to please some fucking little Austrian corporal who ended shooting himself rather than face destiny like a man. Also, Goring was a fatass, Goebbels was old and creepy, and Himmler looked too Asian to me.

      1. Don’t forget that the top Nazi leadership were for the most part drug addicts. The entire Nazi army was on Meth.
        However, I would take issue with your assertion that we would not want our children taken away and indoctrinated in a totalitarian government phylosophy. We pretty much have allowed that in this country without a peep.

  13. Unfortunately we are at a point where I think a violent response to Islamic migration is unavoidable. Now is the time to make the necessary preparations for a great societal upheaval.

  14. All that really needs to happen to bring the patriarchy back is to stop having the state and all its closely related organizations i.e. special interest groups stop deliberately trying to keep men down. If for not the illegitimate and many times illegal (technically) actions of progressives to insist on controlling our lives and thereby forcing affirmative action and “theories” of equality etc…indeed, if we were free of this oppression then men and things like roles would come back in an instant.

  15. I like that a good portion of these seem to be posted by women. Even they are starting to get as tired of it as we are.

    1. There’s some other movement of women coming out against feminism as a meme as well, I think it’s on Facebook but I can’t remember what they’re called. I think there’s an article on ROK about that as well, but without knowing the group name it’s hard to search for I’m certain.

      1. He’s referring to the well known historical fact that the Founding Fathers wore skinny jeans and were hipsters. Or maybe he thinks Bruce Jenner the mentally ill deviant is a hero while somebody who saves the lives of others isn’t? It’s hard to tell, what, with a full six words of sneer and nothing else to go on.

  16. Never thought I would ever see women (at least young ones) speak of men this way. regardless the reason it is a good sign and we need to keep up the pressure.

    1. Yes, I’m no big user of twitter, but if I was, I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable broadcasting such politically incorrect messages un-anonymously for the world to read. The fact that they are saying all this openly and permanently recorded on the web is quite surprising and encouraging!

  17. While I agree with the premise of the article, we need to be advised that the patriarchy, in the late 19th century form (of which in the American psyche is considered the height of it), would despise PUA and MGTOWs.
    PUAs would end up in duels with “suitors” (*snicker* *snort* – in addition to game, dueling would also be on the menu of “things to learn”).
    However, PUA is only seen as a “thing” now because the difference between a man who knows some level of game and those completely indoctrinated by the gynocracy represents an extremely wide gulf. It could be said then that every man under the old patriarchy knew game in such a manner that they learned early on that women were different, had to be handled in a certain way, had to be spoken to in a certain way, and what their roles were. Thus what we call PUA now was in the past a field of knowledge handed to young men in learning how to court the right woman.
    (How quaint and simple – makes me nostalgic).
    MGTOWs in the modern sense would be seen as eccentric freaks, but back on the days of olde, most men were MGTOW because the concepts were built into being a man: you didn’t let things like marriage detract from your objectives. You either married or you did not, you went your own way. The only reason why MGTOW has the appearance of eschewing marriage and family now is because women are so conditioned now to be a black hole of time and resources that even a man who might have a simple goal of getting a degree or having a savings account that gives him financial security is met with obstacles and derision when he lets a post-modern spoiled cunt into his life.
    So under the old patriarchy, every man had elements of both PUA and MGTOW. In the end I think these classifications exist now only because of feminism. Women want to be party sluts and waste their best years on “having their fun” when young so young men have to find every which way to be that guy who gets into their pants (can you blame a young fellow for wanting to get laid? I can’t. When I was young I wanted to get laid too).
    Of course as the women get older, they then think they can throw a switch and become wife and mother with some simp filling out the old patriarchy role of being the provider. But they expect to be able to get as fat as all hell, be the center of attention and the apex feeder of all time and resources. This is what breeds MGTOW. Men are way more capable than women of being able to say “fuck this” and build their lives around self preservation.

    1. “MGTOWs in the modern sense would be seen as eccentric freaks, but back on the days of olde, most men were MGTOW because the concepts were built into being a man: you didn’t let things like marriage detract from your objectives. You either married or you did not, you went your own way. The only reason why MGTOW has the appearance of eschewing marriage and family now is because women are so conditioned now to be a black hole of time and resources that even a man who might have a simple goal of getting a degree or having a savings account that gives him financial security is met with obstacles and derision when he lets a post-modern spoiled cunt into his life.”
      I think this represents MGTOWs well. They get a lot of hate around here and I don’t even really get why.
      When I think of MGTOWs from history I think of saints, philosophers, scientists, artists, wanderers, etc.
      When I think of MGTOWs today I think of what you say, single guys who realize that associating too much with women can fuck up their plans. Throw in the fact that relationships with modern women are wholly unsatisfying and it’s a no-brainer.
      Of course there are the incels… but there will always be incels. PUAs start off as incels.

      1. MGTOWs of late have not been “showing” well mainly because it appears some incels have taken up the cause or movement
        (pro tip: If you are in a “MGTOW movement”, you are doing it wrong. You cannot be going your own way and be in any movement).
        I think this is partly because there are some people interesting in making MGTOW a “thing” where the people in this lifestyle all have a consumer profile of sorts so a market can be directed at them.
        And once that “mainstreaming” happens, then things will get really stupid. The media will pretend to support it while at the same time parodying it. It’s a “learning against learning” or “fitness against fitness” move I already see in the media. For example, promoting fitness by making exercise look like a grueling, sweaty, and painful activity actually makes it harder (mentally) to get motivated to do and drives people all, all the while pretending to promote it. I’ve seen this around women’s fitness drives where the real goal (if you note who is behind it) is for women to get driven away so they can become fatter and eventually becomes feminists or cat ladies and vote leftoid. If MGTOW goes mainstream to the level of even being referenced in sitcoms or romcoms, expect it to be depicted as either stupid or extremely difficult.
        They don’t call the television schedule “Programming” merely out of coincidence.
        Lot of guys are MGTOW and don’t know it. PUA are MGTOW because the modern trope is for them to be simps and marry fatties and give them all their money. If society were to promote PUA as much as it promotes women being cum dumpsters, things would change. Note that society already promotes PUA but does not know it – and that’s a good thing.
        In the end though, I think it’s MGTOW who hated PUA first, and the incels infesting MGTOW are no help. MGTOW are not incels. They just practice a mindset of being immune to the power of vagina. To a MGTOW (and I know this well) seeing what PUAs have to go through just to get laid appears rather worshipful of Golden Vagina does not seem very alpha. MGTOWs are “sigma” males (but that’s not often addressed) . I usually point out that PUAs strike me as guys who claim to be immune to being simps but are chasing vag from the other direction, but I’m careful not to be a dick about it. IMO MGTOW is like a hallway between PUA and Beta/Omega simp. A beta/omega who revolts against his slavery will end up being “put out into the hallway” for his heresy, and an alpha/PUA who realizes “Hey, I spend a lot of time and money just to shoot a load into women I could care less about” also find himself “wandering in the hallway wondering what to do with his time”.

    2. Agree on the PUAs, although even Roosh says he’s not happy about gaming, game is just a system men were forced to develop because the state of men and women became so toxic.
      As for the MGTOWs, I don’t think they would be hated, maybe just seen as bizarre or eccentric, or perhaps even gay, because that’s what gay men did, just do their own thing quietly and occasionally get some man on the side. And you had whole accepted groups of MGTOWs back then like priests, etc.
      But I agree most of the MGTOW arguments would be pointless back then because it’s not like having a wife would stop you from any of your pursuits (including even side dishes if you cared to) and it was relatively easy to find a quality woman, even if she wasn’t your ideal choice in looks, she would be thin, feminine, and know her household duties.

  18. I’m black, grew up in Germany, speak fluent standard German and am proficient in the local dialect, went to German school, etc. And I find it interesting how many whites in America idealize Germany and German heritage as some beacon of whiteness. Because in Germany it really is not that big an issue, even among the old school farmers and other rural folks I knew. Just an observation as I noticed many of the women in these pictures appear German.

    1. To be absolutely clear though, you’re a newcomer to Germany, or your family is, from a historical perspective. Englishbob is black and is a British citizen, but his people didn’t originate in jolly ol’ England.

      1. Well, I’m actually a quarter white with German in the mix, and everyone considered me culturally German. But that is beside the point; I just find it interesting that in America, there exists this idealized version of whiteness, epitomized in German (and, to an extent, Celtic) peoples and culture, while in Germany no such “pan-white” mentality exists. As I said I grew up in a very rural area, and while there were people who did not like me because I was black, I never saw this idolization of all things Germanic like I do in America. One thing I have noticed is that America tends to colorize cultures, and while whiteness as a racial concept exists in Europe, one’s actual culture takes precedence over color; i.e., a German would never align himself with a Frenchman or Pole simply because of color. In fact I remember a distinct tension existing between the Germans, Poles, and Russians in my town.

        1. I suspect because they still hold onto the local prejudices that Americans got rid of about a generation and a half ago. Ever since the mainstream media and Hollywood here in multi-kult U.S. made denigrating white males as hobby and then an obsession, whites, men especially, came to stop calling each other “Pollack” and “Wop” or “Jock” “Welsh” or whatever out of some kind of general sense that we are all under attack. But when I visit Scotland I get to hear the English referred to as “Dumb Southerners”, and in England I hear Welsh/Taffy thrown about as derogatory statements.
          At least that’s what I think happened, because except for the KKK (who themselves were only talking about a few select whites, Anglo Saxons and Germanics mostly) the whole notion of “We’re all white and in it together” is pretty new. I clearly remember when it was not in fact the case, and it’s not like I’m 80 years old.
          Germans/Germanics and Celts stand to reason, since most of us came from England, Scandinavia, Germany and Ireland or Scotland. The Italian and Greek and other “one off” whites were smaller enclaves to the greater “Germanic-celtic” whole. It’s likely vestigial “national identity” or “folk identity” that transformed into nostalgic wistfulness.
          Well, that and hot Swedish women just trip the trigger of about every man on earth.

        2. It’s a trap! Nice try homie. White people like their own kind and that’s a healthy thing! I support them wanting sovereignty. Don’t spin this around. A white person is not going to move to Africa and be “culturally African”.
          The readers of ROK are smarter than you, and can read between the lines of your bullshit posts. Take your bs somewhere else Pharaoh.

        3. First of all, Africa is a vast continent with many different nations and cultures. What does it mean to be “culturally African?”
          Secondly, if a white person were to be raised in an African nation, let’s say Ghana for example, and grow up in a rural Ashanti village, he could most certainly be considered culturally Ashanti.
          Thirdly, if a black person in America can be culturally American, a black person in England culturally British, etc., a black person Germany can be culturally German, or practice certain aspects of German culture.
          Fourthly, I did not say I considered myself culturally German, only that many considered me as such, especially in contrast to the majority of Americans in Germany who were there for military purposes. I speak the regional German dialect of where I grew up, a feat which even many white, native-born Germans are incapable of; I attended German schools, etc. I am an American by nationality, black by ethnicity, and German by mentality.
          Finally, you missed my point. I’m just pointing out that people in Germany are not fixated on this concept of white Germanic nationalism like people in America are.

        4. “The Italian and Greek and other “one off” whites were smaller enclaves to the greater “Germanic-celtic” whole.” Ermmm……..no. They were present in greater numbers than the Germanics or Celts, until they bred out of control that they migrated to other areas. Lets no get ahead of ourselfves here. Germanics were, prior to Roman conquest and the subsequent Battle of Teutenberg, culturally inferior to the Egyptians.

        5. I am old but not that old. Yet, when my father from an Irish neighborhod married my half German (grandpa was a German immigrant) half Irish mother from the German side of town, there was a huge scandal. Parts of the family stopped talking to each other for 20 years or more

        6. The Boers moved in mass to Africa and set up a true new culture. Yet no one today says they are culturaly African. In fact they are in the process of being purged out of South Africa as outsiders, that is they are being forced out of the country they built.

        7. I’m talking about settlement in these united States.

  19. This is one of the all time great posts I have seen on this topic. Great work by Mike at ROK.
    The traditional roles worked best,
    and evolved over thousands of years.
    Society is in such a bad state now, because from the 1960s onwards those in charge lost a backbone and failed to stand up for traditional values.
    Its time to return to traditional values.

      1. ?? I cant think of anyone else on this board more brutally honest…

        1. If you are truly a lib, I assume you support gay marriage, yet when you want to denigrate someone you imply they are gay.
          Thanks for showing us how you really feel about homosexuals.

    1. He’s a decent and good thinking man. You may not like his questioning, but he doesn’t do it out of malice or to troll.
      Meanwhile, I’ve not seen you here before, Mr. 7 Comments…

  20. just to throw out there, the crusades did fail
    and germany was attacked and there are rebels back home fightin against/with assad and against isis, though a poor job of it.

  21. The Trans-Jenner freak show is just that and nothing more. Bruce is NO hero. He is a media whore and a poster child for the freaks out there.

    1. Don’t ever forget. He KILLED some chick in a car accident. Another point you can make against this tranny smokescreen artist.

  22. “I’d like to thank you, sir. Your daughter’s rules were very accommodating. Apparently, she loves anal, and considers sucking dick to be a ‘hello.’ C’mon… I’d like to buy you a beer.”

  23. Speaking of patriarchy, I wonder when bar bar of MGTOW will take his revenge on Bernard Chapin.
    Supposedly the official MGTOW book is nearing completion, but I bet when it’s done and on sale we will see an epic battle between the two.

  24. you know that there will be a whole lot less pussy when the patriarchy comes back? to me that is a good thing, but just don’t be shocked if it happens.

    1. there won’t be less quality p*ssy though…. just less skanks running around pretending they’re important because they get attention from a guy for about 2 days at a time.

  25. There was a time when a prospective suitor was required to get the approval of the father before he could even write letters to the girl, much less talk to her. Expectations for his behavior were laid out and the father had the final say in whether or not their relationship moved forward. Marriage required the fathers permission and blessing, and even then only after careful examination of the prospective suitors ability to provide for her security and stability. If the father felt that the would-be husband was a bad fit, he’d be sent packing regardless of how his daughter felt.
    This is one of many benefits I see in bringing back the patriarchy. The father, knowing full well that females are incapable of making any decisions based on logic and reason, safeguards the stability of the family unit making those decisions instead. If this system of courtship and marriage were resurrected, you’d see an almost overnight disappearance of these weak, effeminate boys with terrible Beiber hairdos that are produced today. And the “empowered” Western female (read: slut) would also vanish.

    1. If only the state could monetarily incentivize the pairing of young virgins with respectable patriarchs, then fathers would have added incentive to police their daughters and weed out unacceptable men. Arranged marriages can be miserable but if the girl is given three approved choices, she is happy to exercise her freedom in that respect and the men have the opportunity to demonstrate their strength, that they control their options and that they can stand down from exhibiting oneitis.

  26. I want to bring back the patriarchy as much as anyone, but putting Twitter at the forefront of relevance? Really? Everyone knows Twitter addicts are losers and represent the extreme view, not the majority. It is the chosen method of communication for SJW’s for God’s sake! We still have a lot of work to be done. Women love being indoctrinated by popular culture. Whilst channel surfing last night I had the misfortune to see an American TV show called “The Good Wife”. It was an awful show featuring feminist lawyers as “strong and empowered” role models for young women. They were disgusting, masculine creatures. If girls aspire to be like them, the future is bleak. In this episode some old feminist witch chastised a woman who looked about 30 “who hadn’t dated anyone in a few years because she had been so focused on her career but had met somebody online”, wondering where the priorities were for this generation of workers. She was happy to throw this woman’s happiness under the bus as long as she made money for people who didn’t care about her. What kind of message does that send? If women continue to be indoctrinated by this kind of rubbish, we will continue to see masculine women becoming spinsters. I’m convinced we are facing a cat woman epidemic in the near future!

  27. The article is wishful thinking. Nobody gives a fuck about men today. We’re just expendable fucking mules.

    1. Men don’t even give a fuck about themselves. They lie back & let themselves & their sons be crushed by feminism every time.

    2. Agreed. Many of these ”Anti-Feminist” women are simply here for either attention or because they know Western Vic is fucked and they want us to save them despite the raw deal we’ve been given. As soon as we do, it will go right back to the good ol’ status quo like that White Knight who got stabbed.

  28. The return of patriarchy will be hindered so long as the age of consent remains at 18 for a western female to wed an adult male. The many jewish feminists as well will have to be neutralized. Previous to 1st wave feminism orthodox Jewish males had more control over their women. Ages of consent prior to 1875 was around 13.5 yrs of age for females and an unmarried 20 yo was branded a spinster or defective. No adult unmarried jewish woman could wield authority in a majority non jewish community. With their bat mitzvah’s after puberty the jewish girls still married later than genteels who married away at 12-14 (pre 1900). The jewish women could never get a hold within the power structure when common women were all married away and domesticated as new mothers right after puberty. They’d be shunned just for being spinster or renegade. I’m beginning to think the whole feminist thing just MAY HAVE BEEN conspired by a clique of jewish women, a cabal or club of machiavellian jewish women with some extra gene maybe. Fugly ones with the broad shoulders.
    Jewish men will face hell on earth if they don’t rescind the covenant of circumcision SOON. Only a splinter of a branch of the tribe has to renounce dickchopping for their sons. Take wives of the tribe who have the narrowest shoulders. The nose doesn’t matter right now. Her beak may be so big that she needs WHEELS on the end of it just to get around corners, but we’ll worry about noses later. They’re only cartiledge, but the shoulders ARE HARD BONE. And BONE comes first. BONE also determines size and height. JEW MAN MARRY SMALL and with the narrowest shoulders you can find. Small frame jewish man avoid the pip squeek/roller derby queen set. Find a teeny tiny woman. Do it. If you can’t lift her with one arm, SHE TOO DAMN BIG. Scour the Earth if you have to. THE SPLINTER is all that will survive the great patriarchal wash that is coming, a ‘hedge’ if you will. ‘NO CHOP’ and NARROW SHOULDERS. Don’t forget it. It’s in THE BONE. And of course your unchopped DICK BONE that is ye ‘ROD OF POWER’ domestically and over your women. A circumcised dick is like a sword with a broken tip when a female intruder barges into your home and life

  29. If people want to live an alternative lifestyle, then go ahead. However, when you start attacking ours, calling for the end of the nuclear family (not even sure what the point in that is; the alternatives are essentially either polygamy or everyone engaging in homosexuality), then you get in my way.

  30. I wouldn’t put TOO much hope in the popularity of this particular hashtag. It comes from a certain internet imageboard known for occasional Twitter “raids” so to speak. Although they do sincerely believe the things they post, it is a small and relatively isolated group and not indicative of society as a whole, unfortunately.

  31. Гнилой фашистской нечисти
    Загоним пулю в лоб,
    Отребью человечества
    Сколотим крепкий гроб!

    1. Of course it can come back. Feminist women don’t reproduce, while traditional women like Michelle Duggar have lots of legitimate vigorous children who will step over the dead feminists’ ashes and restore a healthy patriarchal society.
      As Vox Day says, the future belongs to the people who show up for it.

      1. I know a lot of young women (and men) raised by very traditional and conservative mothers. Still the daughters (and sons) are far from being traditional and conservative themselves.
        Bring them to school/university and your fine children will be first class mentals within a year or two. All your traditional parenting gone to hell.

    2. That’s funny because in any sort of crisis or emergency situation the Patriarchy immediately reappears. Only when civilization and safety return do women become “strong and independent” again.

      1. Yes when luxuries abound the women graze the buffet and salad bar for the choicest most fattening morsels leaving you with only the yellow jello with banana slices. In really parched hard times they’ll slurp your doinker just to wet their thirsty palate if water isn’t available.
        I was with my gf camping once and my bitchy ex was in a nearby tent during a church conference. Suddenly the ex’s tent collapsed in the rain. She boo hooed and whined all wet but we only let her into our tent under the condition she got her wet stuff off and kept it out. She peeled down naked and stepped in. The warm pillow felt good to her spoiled rich girl ass and I was surprised to find her and my gf finally got along. I told my gf ”I fucked my ex 100’s of times and every which way to Sunday” My ex’s tent collapsed when me and my gf were in mid hump so we still had to finish. My ex gave her two cents on how me and HER used to do it so I dared her to show us and demonstrate. That night was as close to tapping into the primal alpha energy as I can remember. Seriously

  32. The real deal patriarchy didn’t have a load of feminist devised anti male & anti father laws ranged against it nor was it threatened by millions of unborn babies being slaughtered by abortion every year.
    If you want the real deal back you best get busy dismantling all the feminist anti male garbage & abortion crap.

  33. Feminism is yet another instance of how a war for equal rights became a war on all rights. “Experience is a dear school, but fools will learn in no other” – Benjamin Franklin.

  34. Patriarch
    PA’TRIARCH, noun [Latin patriarcha; Gr. a family, father, and a chief.]1. The father and ruler of a family; one who governs by paternal right.
    Until men have learned the aspects and root of the problem and what it is really going to take to come out of this system, not much will change. For example having a surname, which is more less a trademark that is owned by someone else and everything you have is not yours but is attached to that name. We have to learn law and how we have been enslaved through contracts, constitutions, compacts, etc.
    In order for us to have fathers that can govern and rule over themselves and their own family’s in righteousness, we have to take responsibility for our own actions and yes that of our neighbor’s or nothing is going to get better. Women need to be put in their place, support righteous men that have learned to mature by embracing hardship, trials, tribulation, pain, suffering, etc. and stop being cowards. It is time to grow up.

    1. With the trademark surnames, are you saying that in the coming restoration of the patriarchy, that men will cease to have passed down surnames as their primary name, but will have singular names, especially the chief patriarchs, with masculine names like ‘Conan’ or ‘Henog’ or ‘Testicles’? The names could then be passed down to sons to identify the patent seedline of the patriarch offspring. Sons would have names like ‘Vicar, son of Testicles’.

      1. It is not so much having an additional name, but having a surname that is a corporate status registered through a birth report (matrix) and being a subject to a corporate jurisdiction (citizenship) that gives you duties, obligations, privileges, rights, etc. through a persona or person (franchise, agency, corporation, etc.). It has to do with agency through commerce (intercourse) and puts one in the jurisdiction of the law of the sea.
        Ever wonder why the United States Corporation (U.S.C Title 28) is bringing millions of people from all over the world into America? Obviously there are many reasons, but one is to make them sureties through citizenship, so the Federal Reserve can continue printing debt instruments that are backed by our labor.
        Many people are becoming private citizens as a half way point to completely coming out of the US Corporation by way of declaratory judgement to challenge their status and proving that they were not abandoned (delivered) by their parents and that it is fraud for the state to assume that they are their parents.
        Anyway, we have been tricked into giving up our inheritance by using titles of nobility (surnames) that are not ours. We are in bondage through usury (employment), contracts, agreements, etc. We have literally sold our birth right for benefits like retirement, pensions, jobs, fire departments, police, social security, etc. and hired the state to keep us safe, tell us what to do, what to think, etc. and use them to force our neighbor to pay for it at the barrel of a gun. This is not liberty but is a franchise dominion (freedom).
        Surname: SUR’NAME, noun [Latin super and nomen.] An additional name; a name or appellation added to the baptismal or christian name, and which becomes a family name. Surnames, with us, originally designated occupation, estate, place of residence, or some particular thing or event that related to the person. Thus William Rufusor red; Edmund Ironsides; Robert Smith, or the smith; William Turner.
        Freedom: FREE’DOM, noun Particular privileges; franchise; immunity; as the freedom of a city. Power of enjoying franchises.

        1. Then there’s ‘death tax’ or tax on inheritance of a family estate. Still if bequeathed during life they call it ‘gift tax’ and still demand their cut. During the civil war, the first inheritance tax was imposed as war revenue but it was a small miniscule 25 CENTS per $100-$500 of estate value transferred. After 1916 the amount skimmed off of the deceased’s heirs rose as high as 40%. Bills rammed through legislature during wartime tend to not get much spotlight. Today 14 years of conflict abroad and the house and senate doors swing 24/7 practically where a nicely dressed vagrant could wander in there and fall asleep on the voting button console. And the coffee makers in there swirl with an odd scent. They’re all drinking FOLGERS WITH KRATOM. Yikes!

  35. Ohhhhh. I see. Now that western civilization is starting to collapse under the weight of diversity, let’s go running to the evil white males who we just spent the last 70 years shaming, imprisoning, medicating, divorce-raping, shit testing, cheating on, monkey branching, flaking on and lying to and demand they bail us out of this multicultural abyss. Get the fuck outta here.

    1. white female panic increases as the religion of peace looms ever closer on the horizon. 70 years of screwing over white men & destroying their marriages, families & homes etc leaves a lot of victims & angry white men in its wake. If these bitches think we’re gonna forget what they’ve done past 70 years theyre in a dream world

    2. white men were too lenient with white women to begin with, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened

  36. I have to really laugh at this and imagine it was written by some kid.
    For example, there have been some changes in dating:
    And she compares 1988 to 2015
    It just proves that kids are really dumb.
    I was around in 1988 and I wasn’t a kid either and can tell you that it was much freer sexually than today. That picture should be reversed because there wasn’t 1 time that I ever went to meet a female for drinks or just happened to meet her at a bar and take her home and didn’t have sex with her.
    There was no such thing as ‘date rape’ or would it even occur to any female and condoms were unknown among straight people.I knew of no one who contracted any diseases or AIDS from sex so it’s all bs made up by feminists and homos just as I believed at the time in the 90’s when they were pushing this condom bs. Also, no female ever got pregnant so apparently they were using some sort of birth control or got abortions without telling the guy. No respectable female would get knocked up or expect child support from the guy (it was impossible without DNA back then to prove it anyway)That was lower class and ghetto stuff that no higher class white girl would even think about.

  37. I have never been wrong about any trend or change in society in 40+ years and as I said Feminism is dead. We are now in the mopping up stage and many times these minority hard core types really have to be broken before they are finally liquidated.Sort of like the werewolves fighting on for a while after the Nazies were defeated.They would just find them and kill them on the spot.
    Now, are you going to actually see a collapse that’s quite visible? Maybe yes or no but personally I think it will be visible and within a short period (you don’t notice things that change slowly)
    The reason that I say it will be quick is that it takes a long period of time, sometimes more than 1 generation, to change a normal person with normal thinking and instincts, to accept, let alone really believe,unnatural concepts espoused by mutant feminists, gays and the other freak outliers. It’s close to impossible to change the million years of evolution and hard wiring of the brain so these perverted and unnatural ideas that were thrust on millenials and the last couple of generations despite looking like they are here to stay are in reality hanging by a thread.It’s hard to brainwash people and takes a great deal of effort but reversion to the norm is fast and natural.You can get a dog to accept eating a vegetarian diet and he’ll eat it if he’s hungry but then give him a piece of meat and see how fast his natural instinct takes over.Hard to train for unnatural things but easy to revert to normal things.

    1. I can’t wait for the day when a man can put down the law to his woman and she balks saying: ”I’ll take you to the cleaners, my mother warned me about you, I’m calling my lawyer.” and you respond ”where have you been? The divorce rape industry folded years ago. And the family court mobsters and your alimony chasing lawyer . . their heads are all on poles in the field adjacent to the great obelisk and the library. It’s allright pumpkin. Flashbacks will be common for at least a generation. The ‘feminist you’ died when the patriarchy was resurrected. Must be a little dissociative disorder imagining yourself as a non existant supergirl on the warpath or maybe just hallucination. Great reuben & swiss sandwich. We’ll have to doggie from now until you deliver child number seven. Mmm. Good reuben.”

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  39. We will not win this war until we do the following:
    1) Remove all cultural marxists elements from college education. I.E: Get rid of the Gender Studies, Women Studies, Cultural Studies and Critical Theory departments
    2) Reform marriage and divorce laws. Get rid of no-fault divorce and insane alimony laws that drive men to suicide
    3) Dismantle feminist organisations. They are to be considered equivalent to terrorist groups and must be taken down
    4) Put heavy punishment on false rape accusers. Minimum is a 3 year jail sentence for a woman found to have falsely accused a man of sexual assault
    5) Instill a sense of historical and national pride back amongst the population. Immigrants are welcomed provided they respect the law and culture of the host country and are willing to integrate with the majority population
    6) Cut back welfare. It’s a serious drain on public resouces and encourages more useless idiots and single mums around
    7) This is my own fantasy but here it goes anyway: Throw the likes of Anita Sarkeesian, Lindy West, Aurelie Nix, and male feminist supporters into a deep dark well. This is Sparta…
    Feel free to add to this list.

    1. All that must be done is to eliminate any state assisitance for single mothers, and this also includes alimony and child support. Men that have access to their children don’t need to be forced to provide for them. Without child support men would have custody and all would be well.

      1. Yep. That would fix this entire clusterfuck.
        Especially this: “Without child support men would have custody and all would be well.”

  40. Interesting article.. But having pics of the Wehrmacht probably isn’t the greatest accolade.

    1. The two boys pictured might well be from the same mother. The boy on the left she delivered when she was jailbait age while married to an army corporal. Her first set of eggs were cracklin’ fresh and you could hear the semen singing the national anthem as they scoured her insides looking for the delectable ovary.
      The other boy pictured on the right was the last of her lucky baker’s dozen, delivered at I’m guessing 45 years of age or so. The tinges of mongolism loom for the late bloomer and the gmo corn sweetner, the vaccines and brain screw take their toll on baby brother. Could very well be the same mommy. They both like marching.

  41. I hate to be a party pooper here. While this looks perhaps encouraging, talk is cheap. I’ll believe it when they walk the walk instead of talking the talk. That means that women must sweeten the pot as far as the marriage thing goes. Get rid of No Fault divorce. Shame their shameless cheating sisters to a point where they are such in social disgrace that they will virtually have to relocate.
    Now what I wrote above is never gonna happen. But it’s gonna take more than “bring back the patriarchy” or “Woman Against Feminism” types of internet clubs and all. They’ll actually have to LEGALLY reverse the tide. Until proven otherwise, I am skeptical and think that perhaps they are just attention whoring to some degree. Sorry to be a wet blanket.
    MGTOW for life!

    1. #the new domesticity . . is a meme going around in mormon affiliated circles and polys as well. The new ‘cool’ for these women is to start common interest groups where they compete and show off their cooking, sewing, baby juggling (yes that’s right, like Steve Martin juggling cats in ‘The Jerk’ lol) skills, and all while changing diapers WITH THEIR FEET. We won’t have to drag our women screaming . . NO NO, they’ll come DANCING into the new patriarchy doing the diaper wiper baby juggler omlette flipper DANCE. The interesting part is the openness of these formerly closed and protective groups. They’re cautiously open though, welcoming good pureblood inductees, no rif raf, trolls or traitors. I guess they’re looking for new blood to give the tribe a ‘shot in the arm’ so to speak.
      Women being somewhat of gatekeepers can sense when the bloodline needs fresh juice. Compare this to how the old northern tribes, when they became idle in creativity and waned for long enough, it was time to row out to the neighboring islands and pillage a little new genestock for the tree.

    2. I’ve said it before. The Patriarchy will not be brought back by men but by women themselves. It makes sense if you think about it. If no man wants to marry or the ones that want are broke after the divorce rape, well that’s not a good thing for a woman that wants children. And 99% of them want children weather they admit it or not.
      So this will end by the hand of women… Then the white knights will be activist for laws to be passed bringing back the society where it should be. How fucked up is that? Women and white knights bringing it all back, but I think that’s how it’s gonna be. It just shows how unnatural our times are.

  42. It’s true, what we’re seeing is at least the beginning of a strong reaction if not a permanent change.
    Just look at the recent election of conservative / nationalist parties all across Europe, from Denmark to Poland and beyond – migrant crisis is a good wake up call.
    Recently in a high school in Canada I found out that some of greatest stupidity has been curbed – a few years back math teachers writing problem questions had to use gender neutral names for whatever bullshit leftist reasons.
    And the more the dominant narrative is challenged, the more neomasculinity will begin to assert itself.

    1. have you lost your mind? The hotter a girl is the higher chance she is not feminist. Most feminist look like like science experiments.

      1. Radical feminists.
        If you ask most girls in my college whether they want to go back to 1950 and the times of patriarchy, 90% would say no

        1. That’s actually completely false also. Women in studies report being at the least happy since the 50s. Here’s the study.
          Do you have any studies saying this isn’t true? If you do, post. Basically that is the feminist narrative which isn’t true, but they want you to believe it so that you think things are actually getting better for women in terms of happiness when they aren’t.

        2. Did you actually read the study?
          Women who work and women who are housewives in traditional patriarchy are BOTH less happier.
          So the reason is something else, not the demise of patriarchy. I can assure you women dont want to go back to a time where we were considered property of men, had to put up w adultery and double standards.
          I’m going out for halloween. I’ll post studies l8r

        3. Basically it shows that all women, those with careers and those that stay at home are less happy. Basically, feminism has made men see women as objects and as nothing “special” like they used to, so that hurts the women who value the traditional role and want to stay at home and be a great wife and mom and women are now under increased scrutiny to perform in the work place and forced to put work above their life and family. This has basically made them both miserable. It’s funny, b/c the only ones that “report” themselves being happier with all this change is men.

        4. No.. men have always seen us as objects. You think before under coverture (that LITERALLY said in the law that you were your man’s property) that we weren’t seen as objects?
          Here’s what’s really happened. The women’s rights movement showed us that we had rights, so many women tried to be individuals. But many men opposed that, and many radical feminists opposed that. Radical feminists want us to be men (to work, to be promiscuous etc.) and conservative men want us to their property. So at both ends of society we face scrutiny about who we are. Meanwhile the media constantly bombards us with images of beautiful photoshopped women who make us all feel ugly and insecure.
          Men of course are happier. They get most of the benefits of a more promiscuous society.

        5. Women haven’t been “property” of their husbands in more than 100 years. Men also face scrutiny at both ends, we’re told to “be a man” and “provide”, buy dinner for your girl, hold open the door, let her go first, put your own happiness behind your family and don’t complain while at the same time we’re measured by our success. Literally men are judged by their ability to not complain about get crapped on. You’re nice to a woman, you’re needy, you’re indifferent to a woman, your misogynist. Women under 40 now make more than men under 40. Why? Society and programming have been focusing on bringing women up and in the process left men out and reverse discriminated against them. The latest study said a woman with the same qualifications is more than twice as likely to be hired as a man in a STEM field and is also more likely to make more than an equally qualified male peer. The media of course won’t stop pretending that somehow running around having sex with everyone you see like a farm animal is somehow required to be happy in life and that kids raised by single parents don’t have the most dismal probability of any special interest group (they do). The whole thing has gone to hell…. so remind me again why the 50s was so terrible?

        6. I’m pretty conservative and I have never wanted a woman to be my “property” and more than I want to be her “property”, but when I am dedicating my life to her and she is “saying” that she is dedicating her life to me that is what I expect. I will always put her needs above mine and I do expect her to put my needs equal to or above her own. That’s how it works. If either of us stops putting the other first, that’s when it fails. Unfortunately today many people, especially women, are being taught they need to always put themselves first no matter what, and that will not make for a great relationship long term. She’ll only stay while it’s in her best interest and of course that isn’t someone you can trust nor is anything ALWAYS in someone’s best interest. If you know you are only kept around while they “choose” to have you there, how long will it really be before you come up with a backup plan or at least resent them? You both need to know you are both there NO MATTER WHAT.

        7. But, John Snow, thats not true!
          You are believing the propaganda here.. Most women are not taught that. Some are like that sure, but many just want to marry and spend their lives with the man they love. NOTHING else. That’s what I want.
          Don’t believe this stuff… find someone you love and she will want to dedicate her life to you as well..

        8. Hahaha! I’m thinking of some naive feminists who said: “Before feminism a century ago, women couldn’t ride a jet airplane or use a computer!”
          Ok, they didn’t literally say that but it was close.
          Back in the old evil days of the Patriarchy, most men did not get high paying A/C office jobs and go to shopping malls to buy clothes they don’t need. Most women didn’t either. Most women did work in factories or farms or, if they were lucky, got to become housewives.
          Even now, I often dated young working class women who realized that 60 hour week shifts wasn’t the best way to live their lives and they wanted to squeeze out kids and go shopping in their spare time. The problem was that when they proposed this to me as an entitlement on their part and something I should regard as “their” sacrifice.
          The 90% figure is specious, but probably similar to the percent of women who instantly want the Patriarchy to pay their way on dates or provide them with comfy lifeboats the second disaster strikes.
          The fundamental problem with feminist equality is that most women don’t really want it. Even hardcore feminists are merely hyper vicitms looking for male politicians to rescue them from “unequal” treatment.

        9. Hahahaha! Feminists are constantly in a hysterical rant about how men are RAPING (always in caps) women or husbands expecting to have sex with their wives (that’s RAPE too!) and a man says good morning to her (that’s rape too!) There’s even a joke: Optimist sees glass half full, pessimist half empty, and feminists, half raped.
          I bring that up because you mentioning adultery is hilarious. Feminists treat sex with icky men as a burden and it’s really a dyke movement (women can only be happy if they’re sexless or lesbians) and regard sex with men as a horrid chore. Otherwise, why the constant fretting about rape? Do feminists ever fret that someone will put a gun to their head and make them go shoe shopping?
          Shouldn’t adutery be a blessing when her icky husband gets laid somewhere else and leaves her be? She won’t get raped then, yes?
          Additional humor is the “double standard” and being treated like property. 90% of women (actually, probably 98%) want men to “buy her” via expensive engagement rings, meals, etc. to demonstrate that he’s buying her and she wants a big tall man to dominate her and the biggest film for modern “feminists” is 50 shades of grey about a rich patriarch.
          If feminists tried to make a movie about a rich woman, it would be her going out and buying a bevy of lesbians to scissor with. Or a desert island filled with a shopping mall that only she can go to and that other women have to envy her purchases.
          Emily, the curse of being a woman is that it’s not just men who can’t figure out what’s going on in your head but you yourself. You’re irrational.

        10. The notion that feminism made women more slutty is a popular feminist defense and has some truth to it (even here) but simultaneously, it has also made them less attractive. I had a former (crazy) girlfriend who actually CUT HERSELF to deal with her guilt about sex.
          Regarding women as victims of photoshop. The adult material that women often complain about usually has women who are voluptuous (not fat) and shows that men are quite generous in their allowances for feminine beauty. If a woman doesn’t have a double chin and actually has a figure, she should have little problem attracting men. It’s women, on the other hand, that treat men like **** if they’re less than 6 feet tall much of the time. So men are by no means soley guilty about this.
          It’s women who cattily judge each other for being fat, or not dressing to the latest fashion, etc. Don’t blame the media. Indeed, it’s women’s INability to take responsibility for their decisions that I think justify taking away their right to vote.

        11. Before guys here think the 80’s were so wonderful and women were so great back then: Career women were taking off in that era and these women had the attitude of “what’s mine is mine and what’s his is mine”. They had divorce lawyers on speed dial. Single women back then often told me they were “traditional but modern” which meant that they were traditional when it suited them, and modern when it suited them.
          In general, I think that American women have largely always been selfish for much of the history of the nation compared to European women. I read a theory this was due to a woman shortage back during frontier times. Few women meant they could act like ****s and they did. After the supply of women was equalized, the tradition continued just as in China, there’s still much of a Patriarchy even as there are fewer women. Cultures often get set and don’t change even though economics don’t necessarily support attitudes. This is why many women in the states are confused when their feminist ideals don’t work out, but they don’t know where else to go.

        12. Emily, look at your own dogmatic beliefs that portray women as oppressed by men in the past. This is a feminist narrative to define “equality” in the present as MORE for women to “equal’ things out. It’s like me saying we’ll be fair by splitting things equally and me then adding, well, you owe me so “equality” means I get everything.
          Our culture bathes women in propaganda that teaches them to treat men like dirt. Commercials show women slapping men if the men offend them, material things men should buy women, and men begging for sex.
          Note: I don’t blame the women. It would be like men growing up in Saudi Arabia and forming their views of women there as well.

        13. Here’s the thing: If women really were treated like property 100 years and men didn’t allow women to express themselves then….
          How did the women’s suffrage movement do so well? How did women get all these right?
          Compare to say, Islamic nations that really do keep women down. Sure, form a march. And it will be busted up in about 10 minutes. Western chivalry treated women like princesses and princesses have time all day to talk about how oppresed they are that they don’t all have CEO jobs and their own private castle as if men all had such things at the time.

        14. totally agree. *if* some men looked at their wives as property they were also bound by tradition and their religion to put her needs first and provide for her needs 100%

        15. I’m amused as I said previously at the feminist screech that women were treated like property yet most women like to brag to each other at how much men “paid for them” on a date. 🙂
          Property is something that people tend to take good care of. How many women wish they were treated as well as men treat their cars? (A girlfriend of mine loved Knight Rider, the concept of a car that talks to a guy. It had a man’s voice, however 🙂
          Property is a burden, really. Our homes have stuff that break. We have to take care of our cars. Compare and contrast to how women often treat men: Like caretakers and even superhuman protectors and providers that should require little to no care, but provide them with everything they want. Would anyone dare treat property like that?
          I think many women live in constant fear that their man (or men) might “wake up” and suddenly decide, yeah, all the *** just isn’t worth the sex and even if she gets a divorce court on her side, it won’t mean anything if the guy doesn’t care about going to jail (and has nothing to lose.)
          That’s the world that most alpha men need to live in. If you don’t put all the cards on the table, you can’t use them.

        16. The problem is the literally hundreds of guys on social media that are constantly blowing up their egos. Even ugly 50 year old women are hit on and told they’re beautiful literally 10s of times a day on apps like tinder and match.com, not because guys really think that, but because guys are telling 100 girls a day that and then just seeing how many they can “hookup” with. Of course the women think the guys are all sincere and pick one or two guys at a time to date but before the guy gets tired of them 2 or 3 more guys have popped up on the girls radar, so she is just riding the CC of guys that could really care less. Makes it suck for a guy that really wants to find a good girl and settle down with her though.

        17. “Taking away their right to vote.”
          You sound angry and bitter. Understand this, women are free now and forevermore. We’re never going to return to the ‘good ol’ times’ of oppression.

        18. Hehehe. This would appear to be a new problem, but it’s not. Here’s an analysis from an old timer.
          Back in the old days, when to make a phone call you had to go up to a phone on a wall and dial a number by hand, there was Traditional Dating or street pickups. One article recently in RoK suggested going to gyms to hit on women. I laughed because around this time, “women only” gyms started popping up for women to workout while avoiding men hitting on them.
          Even as women back then, and now, complained about the men hitting on them paradigm, most women preferred it because they got their egos pumped up, avoided rejection, and could make demands. For young women, it’s like winning the lottery. Even a frumpy woman could go to a bar and get hit on by a half dozen guys. But what made the 1980’s and before unique was that women could get hit on at work. This put them in a particular advantage because men had to be on their best behavior. “*** where you eat”, and other women wouldn’t want to date you and you could even be embarrassed.
          There were personal ads, of course, but the male:female ratio was worse than even now, if you can believe that. So for women, it was a dating paradise. Men had to hit on them in person which made the men vulnerable. Being a PUA requires a special kind of emotional distance strategy to handle negative reactions that range from mere rejection, to hostility, and even getting physically attacked.
          Thanks to Anita “coke can” Hill, a lot of men opted to no longer ask out a lot of women at work. The young career women who loved the idea of “putting men in their place” ultimately drove men away from asking them out.
          So now, despite there apparently being a numbers game problem, the personal ads for young men, I think, is as good as it has been in years. Really. If I was a young man now, I’d see opportunity.
          Here’s what I like about the system: Even if a sea hag gets 10 compliments a day, she still has to put herself OUT there. That’s an important distinction than from the past where a woman could get 10 compliments from going out to a bar with friends and then pretending like she’s just there to dance. If she’s online, then she can’t play the “You’ll have to wow me to even get me interested in having a relationship” game.
          Personally, what I did when I played the personals 15 years ago was nullify my profile more or less. Women don’t have to put down their exact weight, why do we have to put down our exact height? So I set mine for 9 feet tall and got a professional cover photo made (that reminds me, I need a nice new cover photo for facebook and linked in. The other one is now a good 5 years old.)
          So sure, she gets hit on by 10 losers but so what? And keep in mind, those numbers quickly drop off after a few weeks or so. The numbers game means that the losers hit on a newbie girl by the hundreds on the first day. Perhaps a good strategy would be to wait a week or two, let her delete the initial flood, and then put a nice cover photo and intro letter showing you read her profile into her inbox?
          Here’s the bottom line: The ratio of men interested in a woman whose 20 to 35 is something like 3:1 (not as much as you might think) but the number of guys who aren’t losers or dorks is probably a fraction of that. It’s just a matter of getting through her filter.

        19. That actually makes a lot of sense. I don’t think as many guys are losers as you do, actually most guys I know are pretty solid for the most part. I feel like most guys I know have good jobs, workout, and are pretty decent and while they get their fair share, they don’t get near as many dates as a girl half their SMV, even in their 30s. Oh well, griping about it won’t help I guess. I just wish girls had to “earn” compliments and affection rather than it being constantly free, because girls thrive on that… if guys would simply not give it away freely, women would have something they actually needed from men that men could provide.

        20. I agree that men contribute to the prolem by being so damn beta. Flooding a hundred girls on a dating app with compliments and begging them for a date is like going to a fishing hole and running your speedboat around it and blasting your stereo while others are trying to fish. It totally spooks and ruins the commons.
          And by that, I mean “losers”. Even though you and these guys are probably cool, the beta blue pill “losers” are still out there ruining things for the rest of us and giving these women the IMPRESSION that there are 10 guys for every one of them. I’m reminded of the Ashley Madison website scandal where some women bloggers were paid to generate about 10,000 fake women “cheater” profiles to give the impression that there were women available to cheat with the million or so real male subscribers. Even now, even in the 21st century, men continue to dominate the internet. Women cheat at about the same rate as men (after all, it’s easier for them to cheat) but women don’t like social media as much as men do to hook up and that continues to contribute to the problem.
          If I had a son, the first thing I’d do is shoot him up full of horse steroids to get him to be at least 6′ 2″ tall. If a guy can be tall on the web, then the rest falls into place and the ratio reverses. I ran the numbers. It’s something like 4:1 men who are the height women want to what the women are demanding.

        21. It’s not that women don’t like social media to hookup, they just don’t have to pay for it to hookup, so they wouldn’t use Ashley madison. Steroids wouldn’t work though, you have to use HGH. Tons of teens here in Dallas prescribed by doctors to get “taller”. You can add about 3-4 inches total if you start taking it early enough.
          Women love social media “dating”. They don’t love social media “cheating”, but young girls today don’t commit, and don’t want to commit, they like to date and have lots of FWBs so it works well for them.

        22. I think men who use social media (rather than dating sites) to try to hook up are at a disadvantage because of “pre-selection” issues. I have a friend who hooked up with his neighbor down the street and he’s put all their dates onto facebook. Many of his ex-girlfriends are also on facebook. I told him this is amazingly ballsy since this puts his dating life out there for all to see.
          My wife, on the other hand, is amazingly private. She likes to view my facebook feed but doesn’t want one of her own. She views her women friends as catty and wouldn’t want to post all of her activity for them to gossip behind her back about her. I guess she’s old school?
          Even so, with facebook/social media pre-selection, if a woman uses this to hook up then you as a man can just go through their whole history after she “friends” you to see all the guys she’s shacked up with, what worked with them (what didn’t) and so on.
          I think Ashley Madison failed to attract women because “cheating” women prefer to not cheat with guys on Ashley Madison. It’s just the way their mind works. But like you said, when it’s so easy for a woman to cheat if she wants to, why bother going on a website?

        23. The main place women are hooking up using digital media are apps like Tinder and Match.com etc. Because the guy usually has to approach them, and guys pay for first dates, they are in a perpetual cycle of being ask out by a guy and deciding whether they choose to go out with him again. Even less attractive women will get asked out 4-5 times a week. Of course, this is by pretty attractive young guys just looking for quick hookups, but the girls don’t know that. Then they get a false sense of what type of guy they can actually land and are never satisfied with guys that actually like them.

        24. Hehehe. You’re absolutely right but it’s a little more complex than that. I have a personal (pardon the pun) question for you: Did you ever spam out invites/chats with ugly girls out of desperation?
          I remember reading that a pretty girl conducted an experiment and “bitchified” her profile. She was pretty but absolutely worthless to take out on a traditional date. Yet, she says, a lot of beta males chased after that persona. (Which I would define as losers. If they put up with that kind of treatment, aren’t they losers?)
          I’ll share an idea I had with you. It’s a gift. I have no use for it since I’m (happily) married. If I could go back in time, I would have put up the perfect profile and even “catfished” a little with a picture of a friend of mine who lives across the country whose male model material. THEN, I could have waited for the “bites” to come in. At least with those profiles, I’d know these women are not just stale accounts, or flooded so badly they have no realistic expectations (an unrealistic woman thinks not only is she entitled to the perfect guy, but that he should ride up on her doorstep).
          I’d then have a list of women to send my REAL profile to knowing they will be somewhat responsive. They might reject me, obviously (since I won’t be a match for the other guy) but since that perfect guy won’t be responding to her, at all, that should also help to lower her expectations. (Heck, I could even use that fake profile to dump her for being too “fat” 🙂
          My point is that I think a lot of guys are “losers” online and don’t think things through. Sure, the women have the advantage that the Pussy Cartel tends to be passive and there’s fewer young pretty women than there are guys to chase after them, but that doesn’t mean a guy should be so desperate as to be absolutely retarded.

  43. Why such a lengthy article about the return of patriarchy? The following scores so far should be sufficient:
    Mitt Romney, 18
    Bill Clinton, 1
    Michelle Duggar, 19
    Sanrda Fluke, 0
    (2nd game)
    Michelle Duggar, 19
    Lena Dunham, 0
    Say no more–nudge, nudge, know what I mean?

    1. The Romneys and Duggars grew up listening to quality music and singing songs like this:

      while the Flukes and Dunhams on the other hand find themselves too preoccupied and busy for kids:


  44. It is still some years in the future though. The plumpy, blue haired, man-hating, entitled feminazi brats aged 24-26 still have some years until The Wall truly hits. By 34 they will have more intimate action with an oxidized dildo than even with the worst of losers, and the women aged 14-23 will know that is not a decent way to age.

  45. Also, a lot of these pics seem to scream male disposability. Of course a lot women want to bring back “the patriarchy”.. they see it as re-establishment of the leisure class, aka. the “housewife”, with them as it. I mean, in these old timey photos homemaking really was a lot of hard work.. but now we have these things called “appliances” and “modcons”. Oh and “daycare”.. and if you think the neomodern housewife will stoop to looking after the kids full time, think again.

    1. So? Better that they get a bit of soap opera time AND actually do the housework, cook and tend to the children, than have them out being Corporate Pwrrrr Grrrrrls.

  46. I am very glad that the promotion of Patriarchal norms is going mainstream in the dissident male sphere. In Novorossiya, I watched a public service announcement being given by one of the commanders to a recently liberated town. He said plainly to the women:
    “A woman should be the guardian of the hearth, the mother. What kind of mothers go to taverns? What children can they raise? What kind of example are they giving? This is our female population? Prostitution or what! Patrols will be given special orders: all girls will be arrested who are found in taverns. Don’t like the way things are? It’s time you remembered that you are Russians.”
    One day, the West too will begin to slowly return to the organic order of things. Patriarchy is beautiful, it is divinely ordained. Man is charged over woman. Both have a role to play in this drama of life, and these role never change. They are baked into the fabric of our spiritual being.

  47. yeah, cause worthless broads tweeting will turn the tide of gynocentrism and misandry.

  48. That poster should say, Move into Stalingrad, Leave Women and Children in The Path of 8th Air Force

  49. Yet the women and most men do not realize that this runaway train of feminism was brought on by the banksters / liberals / democrats inflation, devaluing of the dollar…… Starting with deficit spending, social programs, Jimmy Carter & 20% interest home mortgage interest rates. Women WERE FORCED into the workforce. They are being forced to choose between between being mothers or being breadwinners / providers. Yet these same women will be voting for Hitlerary, and Bernie Sanders….

  50. Obviously, if women were 100% fulfilled being stay at home mothers, and happy within their “set gender role” feminism wouldn’t exist. This website also has an incredibly skewed perception as to what feminism represents, and it has nothing to do with sexual promiscuity. That’s just ad hominem. While I don’t think that anyone has any right to tell another person how to express their sexuality, if American men would stop jerking off to teenagers online, maybe they’d be capable of learning how to please a female. I’d have no problem remaining monogamous so long as the male actually knew what he was doing. If women don’t feel appreciated or sexually satisfied, they will leave you and find someone that knows what they’re doing. And instead of attempting to improve your bedding skills, you just look for girls who have kept a lid on their sexuality because you know they don’t have much to go off of (sexual experience-wise). That’s probably the entire appeal of the virgin; none of you want to actually try. Having sex with a misogynist goes like this; free dinner, dull and insulting conversation, and then you’re masturbated into.
    If men improved their bedroom skills, maybe American women would be more likely to remain monogamous rather than having to search for sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

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