4 Reasons You Should Consider Getting A Tattoo

The subject of tattoos and whether or not they help attract women comes up in the ‘sphere every now and again. By and large, most men don’t seem to feel strongly one way or the other.

There are the occasional “you don’t put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari” people and the “tattoos are an ancient art and a form of individual expression” crowd, but from what I’ve seen and heard over the years the vast majority of people fall somewhere in the middle.

Personally, I’m heavily in favor of skin ink and there are many, many reasons. This article, however, will cover the four that pertain the most to our readers.

4. It doesn’t hinder you professionally (if done correctly)

No, this doesn’t mean that if you have facial or neck tattoos you can waltz into a Fortune 500 Company and expect to be taken seriously as a candidate as a CEO or an executive.

But if you’re talented enough and good enough at your job, your bosses won’t think twice when you show up to the company picnic rocking a t-shirt revealing a few tatts.

Sure, they may do a double take and it may raise a few eyebrows. But in 2015 tattoos are more commonplace in the professional sector than ever. Employers have figured out that talent is talent regardless of a couple reasonable tattoos or piercings.

Eliminated from any white collar job

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can show up looking like this guy and score a six figure income and a cushy office job (though there are industries that couldn’t give two shits about how you look so long as whatever you bring to their company pads their bottom line).

But so long as you keep it reasonable and your skin scars are easily covered up with regular work clothes your employment prospects won’t suffer…

…in the white collar world anyway. As far as blue collar jobs are concerned, I’m fairly certain that we’re all aware that anything goes.

3. If you have a good artist they look great

There are many people who argue that getting tatted up ruins your body, and there are many examples out there that make it hard to argue against them.

If your tattoo guy is a dude who does this as a hobby and inks you up in his mom’s basement with second hand equipment, you’re asking for trouble. You could have the coolest tattoo idea of all time but it doesn’t do you any good if your artist sucks.

A good, reputable tattoo artist makes all the difference in the world. Hell, even silly tattoos look great if your artist is rock solid. Sure, you’ll definitely pay a lot more but like everything else, you get what you pay for.

2. It’s a rite of passage (of sorts)

There are plenty of skin ink detractors out there but I’d bet the farm that a lot of them are just scared of the pain. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

Tattoos hurt…badly. And anyone who says they don’t is lying to you. Going under the needle for any amount of time isn’t easy. People like myself who’ve spent dozens of hours in that chair know the sense of accomplishment (and relief) we feel when any given session is finally over.

Okay, so maybe enduring an American tattoo parlor isn’t quite as intense, painful, or as time consuming as other cultural ritualistic tattoos like the Yakuza. But that doesn’t make it a walk in the park either.

Getting through any period of time when a needle is penetrating your skin hundreds of times a minute is difficult and there are no two ways about it. Pushing one’s self beyond their normal threshold of pain could be prove to be a turning point in one’s life.

1. Tattoos arouse women

Notice I said “arouse” and not “attract.” The things that make a man attractive aren’t the same things that moisten the panties of females.

Women want to marry the man who owns a condo in the city, a house in the suburbs and drives a Mercedes. But they want to fuck the tattooed dude who rides a motorcycle, financial instability be damned.

Argue all you want but the truth is the truth. Hot chicks get soaking wet over men with skin ink and that’s just all there is to it. This doesn’t mean they don’t get turned on by guys without tattoos, but trust me when I tell you your SMV will spike when you go under the needle.

In today’s sexual marketplace tattoos represent edginess, fearlessness, and raw masculinity. Sure, there are a lot of dudes walking around with tattoos who are none of those things, but their presence definitely opens doors with the opposite sex and gets their attention.

The key is to learn game so that when a girl strikes up conversation about your tatt, you can capitalize on the opportunity your ink created for you.


I’m sure there are perspectives all over the map on this one, and I’ll be very interested to see the comments section.

What I’d really like to find out is how life has or hasn’t changed as a result of getting some ink. Did you get better with women? More opportunities? Did people treat you or look at you differently?

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427 thoughts on “4 Reasons You Should Consider Getting A Tattoo”

  1. Tattoo’s are just way to trashy and now a days they are a scream for attention, acceptance, validation, and are narcissistic. Ill take a girls beautiful natural skin over one filled with tat’s any day! I find them putrid and are they really for “cool” or “rebel” people anymore?

    1. Just like guys with earrings… Way over played – but it is a conversation starter for sluts that got ink.

    2. Yes. And I find that women with tattoos look like used up hookers. I want a slut but I want to imagine I turned her into one, not inherited one from a thousand other guys before me. Let me have my naïve fantasy. The tattoos wreck that.

  2. I spent a decade in the military. Some of the other guys would get drunk (before or after the decision) and go out to get regimental insignia or airborne or whatever on their shoulders.
    Years later I applied for JAG and the recruiter was completely surprised, on reading all my application, that I didn’t have a tattoo.
    I’m a guy who, until age 35, always wrote in pencil so I could erase it if necessary. I consider myself a complex person who cannot express their quintessence in a single, unalterable image.
    I did consider getting 我是加拿大人 over my heart (“I am Canadian” as rendered in Chinese) but given the majority governments of Wynne and Trudeau, I don’t want others to think I am that nucking futz.

    1. I figure that I would be more inclined to have a tattoo if it meant something, like your military experience. Perhaps some kind of brotherhood thing. ‘Let us all get that tattoo’

      1. Cattle with a machine gun are still cattle. As much as I love my country and the men I served with who swore to defend it, I just could not come to pigeon hole my self that way.

        1. I agree. Heard about a negative experience, too.
          But if it was a chosen and free bond between a group of men, I think it would be more worthy.

    2. Better to get a tat of Gretzky with John Candy and Jim Carrey in chokeholds

    3. Leave out the 我是 part, if you ever decide to get one. The chinese aren’t big on grammar, and using too much actually makes you sound like a stupid 老外. 加拿大 should be enough.

  3. Eliminated from any white collar job

    Unless it is a woman.
    An angry haircut is the temporary alternative.
    Have thought about getting a tattoo for some time. Even made a cool draft. But these days, I find it a bit silly. It means nothing.

      1. Maybe you’re thinking of Cirrhosis: The Hot New Trend That Gets Women Wet or perhaps the equally as interesting Asbestos Face Masks Make You Macho

      2. There was also that “14 ways to edge up your style” sponsored post. The comments were a hoot!
        Also, the author posted a pic of himself and he looked like a fag.

  4. It’s a rite of passage

    And as there are no real rites to pass through any longer except maybe earning your special operations status or becoming a member of the French Foreign Legion, the point of the tatt is lost on me.
    So many, nearly all, men and women below a certain age seem inked in some way or form. Hell you know a trend has jumped the shark when grandmothers are doing it, and grandmothers are getting tatts nowadays. *NOT* having ink actually makes somebody stand out to me. It’s non-conformist. heh
    Last, and most importantly, it will make me sound super badass when the FBI is searching for me and say “No identifying marks”. Makes me mysterious and shit.

      1. I can only thank God above that I wasn’t born as Mikhail Gorbechev.

        1. I once resided in a therapeutic living group. One of the girl had a big fucking dark brown birthmark straight across her upper chest. 10 inch diameter.
          Some people are truly cursed.

    1. Remember when you actually had to be a sailor who knew how to tie knots and sail thousands of miles before you could get those sailor tattoo’s.

      1. Shoot man, I remember when you had to know Morse code to get anything except a beginner’s HAM radio license.

      2. I remember when tats were for merchant marine, sailors, bikers, whores, cannibals, and elite groups (like SEALS) where the tattoo showed membership and was a sign that said “DO NOT FUCK WITH THIS INDIVIDUAL”.
        Regarding tattoos I see, is there anything more tired than a Pamela Anderson-esque barbwire around the arm?
        I see guys with flabby arms at the gym sporting these. It’s like one guy above said, being stuck with your 80’s Izod or Z Cavaricci Jeans and never being able to change them.

    2. “special operations status or becoming a member of the French Foreign Legion”
      I’m enlisting in one year, aiming for the special forces of my country. If you have any advices regarding military life, coming from your experience, I would be very interested.

      1. My experience is from 20+ years ago, so it may be out of date. That said, I suspect that it’s still true that you MUST develop a very thick skin to stupidity, because there WILL be a whole lot of extremely stupid people who out rank you that you will have no choice but to obey. Unless it’s changed though, you’ll get your best comrades from being in the field/battle. Garrison buddies can pass muster, but you never really know until you both stink like shit, are hungry, tired and are covered in mud for a week in addition to shooting at or being shot at by others.
        Avoid the women. Period. Full stop. I’d say this on a non-manosphere board as well. The women, especially in the military, snag you fast and hard, use your ass then divorce you; or smile in your face and sleep with all of your friends. You’ll see this when your buddy’s wife comes onto you when he’s at the store or in the field, and then all of her married friends do as well within the week if his whole company has been deployed. And townie girls, just looking to get that ring on the finger to cash in on prizes. If you want a woman in the military, then wait and meet one in a nice non-military base city while wearing your uniform and then ONLY if you are being discharged in a week or less time.
        Anything else I’m afraid is likely way too past its prime to constitute good advice. I didn’t serve in a military with women in combat and that accepted gays and trannies, I can only imagine the nightmares it is causing.

        1. Thank you very much.
          “I didn’t serve in a military with women in combat and that accepted gays
          and trannies, I can only imagine the nightmares it is causing.”
          That’s why I’m aiming for the hardest units, where this kind of P.C fauna can’t survive. If the regular French army doesn’t want me for some reason, I’ll try the Legion, if they don’t want me… to hell with me.

    3. ” *NOT* having ink actually makes somebody stand out to me. It’s non-conformist. heh”
      exactly. i’m too much of a nonconformist by nature to get inked in 2015. seriously thought about it back in the 1990s when it still would have been unusual though. decided against it on the off chance i ever get out of shape (as bad as tats look on everyone, they look much worse on a flabby body).
      i buy groceries at a local health food-type grocery store. of all the girls working there as cashiers, there is exactly one who doesn’t have any tats, funny-colored/shaved hair, or (worst of all) ear gauges. she’s about 22, pretty face, bright blue eyes, long brown hair, thin. reminds me of american women back in their heydey in the 1980s. i’d like to ask her what her deal is, but it seems like it would be weird. it will be a sad day if she ever cracks and gets gauges or some ink.

      1. Ensure you compliment her for being “clean” of ink. Simple, nonchalant “Hey, I see you’ve opted out of this insane ink craze. That’s really cool, non-conformists are a fantastic thing!” or something like that.

        1. definitely. i don’t envy guys your age (i think you said that you’re a younger guy, in your early 20s if i’m not mistaken). back when i was in my 20s, american women were among the most beautiful and feminine on the planet, but now hideous tattoos, ear gauges and obesity are the norm.

        2. American women are usually hideous, on the inside and out.
          That’s why I usually go for young Latinas or other foreign women most of the time. I am done with American women.

        3. Whether tanned or pale, one of the worst aspects of a girl with tatts, is on naked appearance, it takes away that silkiness look which is so fucking hot. Dumb sluts, trying to push hypergamy and polyamorous shit yet as most women do, shooting themselves in their own foot on attraction.

    4. Now when I think about it, every “super-cool” and “super-fashionable” trend can be used to make the job of governments easier. Tatoos, Facebook, every single shit that can give you 15 minutes of fame, credit cards over banknotes etc. It’s funny how all these things would be illegal if they had the opposite effect.

    5. “*NOT* having ink actually makes somebody stand out to me. It’s non-conformist. heh”
      Kind of agree with that statement.
      One girl mentioned the morning after…that she was surprised I did not have any tattoos.

    6. You have a good point about the rite of passage aspect. Soldiers and sailors and bikers got them as a signifier of being a member of a manly tribe, of doing something that not everyone could do: jump out of airplanes, go through a keelhauling during your shellback ceremony, etc. A tat was a membership badge. Still looked like crap if it got out of hand, but at least that anchor or jump wings on your arm meant something. Now it’s a damn fashion statement.

  5. I don’t doubt the author is right. But I dislike the idea of pandering to women to this degree, especially since women’s sexual proclivities are largely shaped by trendy media bulls*it. In five years, if the trend is that women get “aroused” by transgender men, should we all become Bruce Jenner?

  6. Like I said on a thread yesterday: I would get the screenname of “Tessio is always right” plus abe vigoda’s picture tattoed on my neck…

  7. Tattoos are a perfect representation of social degeneracy. I believe it is a product of the social decline which we are witnessing in our world today. So many young adults, who are choosing to embrace the lifestyle of a teenage kid, by gravitating towards the teenage hipster fashion and now, getting their bodies covered with graffiti known as tattoos, can only provide us with an indicator as to how strong the societal degradation really is.
    Tattoos do not show or illustrate as to how “independent” an individual is. It only displays conformity and how much low self esteem one posesses. Whenever I go to the supermarket and see the security guard covered with tattoos all over his arms, it reminds me of how many knuckleheads there are today, thinking that they look tough, when in reality, the tattoos are reflective of how much insecurity these people have in their lives. So many young kids that you see trying to justify the destruction of their bodies with tattoos, shows how backwards their mindsets have become, thanks to all the brainwashing and indoctrinating that is promoted by the low life degenerate celebrity culture.The tattoo culture is something that clearly is a result of how much society has broken down in terms of what is considered to be moral in this world.
    What was once seen as being repugant and disgusting such as having bizarre
    haircuts, wearing awful clothes and destroying one’s body with graffitti, is now embraced by the public and seen as the “way to go.” These so called social trends are strongly encouraged through the means of the media, by what is portrayed in the garbage pop culture that is erroding the minds of today’s young adults. The hipster lifestyle and obsession of technology and social media, is a sad testament of the times in which we live in, and goes to show you how much humanity has
    declined in terms of personality and ambition.
    Rather than wasting time and money on ridiculous tattoos, one should learn to divert that energy and time into something more positive and one which helps
    to create and influence a more positive environment, rather than contribute towards the decline of our world.

    1. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I saw a stormtrooper with a tattoo of a barcode on his arm at the gym…pretty sure he didnt know the meaning of irony

    2. Nothing against a little healthy conformity:

      But yeah, it was one of my most insecure phases of life that made me consider getting a tattoo. To have a piece of man on me.

      1. Sexy.
        Have you seen Russian or Israeli female soldiers? Hot!
        Why don’t our military women look hot?

    3. I see very few people at my gym, male or female, that don’t have tattoos. I think it will soon reach a point where it will be weird to not have any. Like frosted tips and button down-shirts with lots of vertical stripes in the early 2000’s, we will probably look back on this time period when everyone had tattoos, beards, and “hipster youth” hair and laugh. Think of the guys who looked like Mark McGrath. It’s hilarious to look back on them and laugh at how lame that all was, but those guys DID get laid a lot. But unlike the early 2000’s Mark McGrath look, the tattoos are permanent. I’m very afraid that the bearded, tatted up guy with the stylish “hipster youth” haircuts are going to be stuck with that look. Fashion is not permanent.
      This guy would get lots of attention from women now- but what about in a decade? http://www.tattoolove.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/neck-tattoo-guy-with-beard-and-rose-tattoo.jpg

      1. Due to his permanent fashion statement, he very well may have trouble with chicks in the future. Think about the cliche of the old guy with a bad, dated wardrobe and comb-over. Hopefully for his sake he will have developed good game to overcome his poor decision because the tat will be a hindrance, no doubt. Young chicks will see right through it.
        I think we are reaching peak tattoo. When grandmothers get them and post it on Facebook, we are close. The next fashion trend will likely be towards a more clean, put-together look, because fashion tends to be polar and cyclical.
        It will be hard to pull off the clean look with trashy, shit tattoos all over one’s body.

        1. Some parts of the hipster look are clean though. Like the comb over or hitler youth cut.

        2. Having a clean haircut and trashy clothes/tats are part of the hipster look. That’s the whole point of their style; to be ironic.
          It’s stupid and lacks class.

        3. Yeah the really lame thing about hipsters is the “irony” they are trying to invoke.
          Consider this…emo’s, metal heads, grunge kids…hell even that faggot fred durst, all repped an image that at least said SOMETHING about them. It may be something facile, like their taste in music but on some level it represented an identity, real or imagined.
          This hipster shit? Not even. It doesn’t say “I like ___ music” or “I stand for ___”. It doesn’t represent shit other than “Look how ironic i am!”
          It’s an anti identity.

        4. You nailed it- fashion is cyclical & polar. Can never go wrong with being well dressed & in good physical condition. It is sad that the military allows all these tatted up fucks to stay in & join, I think we have really began creating a force of lower quality personnel in the last ten years.

        5. Funny how brave honorable men don’t want to commit war crimes, eh? 15 years of murdering bridesmaids and electrocuting the testicles of goat herders will do that to a military.

        6. What was the image Emos were going for? Hey! Look at me I’m a cry baby fucked up moron with no friends!?

        7. Yeah, pretty much. I’m not saying any of the above was the pinnacle of fashion sense, just pointing out that hipsters are even gayer since they don’t represent anything.

        8. I understand, it just seemed like a good opportunity for me to say that EMOs have to be the biggest pussies I have ever heard of. I still have a hard time picturing them surviving high school looking like that. Back in the day they would have caught enough hell they would have gotten their act together I think.

        9. I think raver kids were worse. And the worst part is THEY’RE STILL AROUND, AND THEY’RE EVERY-FUCKIN-WHERE!

        10. When enough of the tattooed generation gets old, tattoos will (finally) be out because the young, especially women, will want to put the maximum beauty distance between themselves and the ugly, old tattooed hags.

      2. My hairstyle is this (photo under the text). Never changed it in the last 30 years and I was mocked when people liked afros. Now, I mock those people and they agree with me.
        Maybe when my hair turns white I’ll change it a bit.
        As for tattoos…
        Not even a second I have seen an advantage in doing one.
        1. Health reasons. You can get AIDS, heptatitis, any sort of virus the needle conveys. And then, it’s up to you to live to regret it. And you can have serious future allergic reactions to the paints.
        2. I have enough self esteem in me to know noone can draw anything prettier than what is being hidden. The aesthtetics of the human body are a supreme value for me.
        3. It’s too definitive. What if I don’t feel any connection to the image in the future? I mean, I have (valuable) paintings and photos in the walls of my home, but when I get tired of them, I simply unhang them and replace them. And I don’t like to see them every moment of my life or to be known for having them.
        4. The kind of people they link me with. Don’t get me wrong, but I am not a truck driver, a convict, an aborigenal or a frustrated kid.
        5. Professional reasons. I am a doctor and I don’t think I can be taken seriously if I am covered in low self-esteem/marginalizing propaganda. (takes me back to #4…). Same thing must apply to judges, military personel, anyone with power in Society -> tattoo people (people with visible tattoos) are irrelevant.
        5. Old people look disgusting with tattoos. I plan to be old, one day.
        6. It is a passing thing. As afros, as stripes in shirts, as ruff collars. Actually, if you are getting a tattoo and thinking how you will feel about it in the future, take a picture with a ruff collar instead and you’ll have the right perspective.
        7. It must hurt. I only like pain when gain is there for me.

        1. Ahaha I never saw my hair goose stepping or burning the Reichstag, but, indeed, they had the same good taste for those matters.
          Now seriously, I’ve only chosen this picture because clean cuts get a beta “goody goody” propaganda, and it’s up to you, not up to your hairstyle, to be or not like that. And Ralph Fiennes is a decent look alike of mine.
          I had also a goatee for some time, and Lenin would be a good example to show it. Am I a comunist? lol
          Anyway, I live in present day Europe, so, please, don’t be hard in judging me. Half of the day I see muslims with Osama beards and the other half of the day, I see weird looking feminists and hipsters…

        2. My dad was assigneed a doctor with a tattoo. He didn’t trust him and asked his insurance company to give him a different doctor.

        3. Exactly! He did the wise thing. It’s just not trustworthy. You can’t say you both don’t care about people (in general) and care about them in a specific situation.

        4. A Nazi hairstyle and a Leninist beard? Dude you confused!!!! LOL! j/k
          But just don’t get a Hitler mustache!

        5. One of my uncle’s has one.
          My grandpa had one too.
          You can’t let one blurp in history destroy a good mustache option.

        6. Lol my usual bartender has a Charlot/Adolf moustache, too. It’s impossible to look at him without thinking of one of these figures of the past.
          The man is surely not a Nazi, he’s a 50 year old regular family man, but somehow, being discrete and very formal… he’s a total Adolf.
          And even respecting the idea, it’s not for me, to grow such a moustache. Sorry. lol

      3. If that guy doesn’t get attention from women in 10 years it will be because he got old and fat, tattoo or not.
        That said, even with the tattoo he looks soft to me.

      4. Nursing homes are going to be scary as hell in the future with all the inked up wrinkled old people. They will not grow old gracefully.

      1. This month: “Why every man should lift weights”
        Next month” “Why lifting weights are for losers”

    4. I have to agree with this one. There used to be a time when it really did represent something. Today (like all the young men we see growing these beards) it seems to be like the female “herd” mentality…the latest trend. I don’t want to be a member of the herd…I don’t follow.
      I actually get comments about not having tats and how too many just follow along to be “one of the crowd”. I’m not trying to blend in with the rest just to “have a tat”. To each his own, but I have my own path (and it’s worked well for me).

      1. I agree. While on vacation many cute Latinas have made some nice comments about me not having any tattoos. I think a beard or some facial every know and then is pretty manly…easier for a woman to get a tattoo than grow facial hair…LOL!

        1. Yes, this happens to me also. But it’s just as important to always publicly call out cute females who have not defaced themselves with shrapnel or graffiti or clown hair, especially in front of their feminist friends.

        2. A friend of mine complemented a hot girl for not having tattoos and she loved it. She was sincerely flattered. I could tell she never heard that before.

        1. and those god damn hipster beards. Like I said, if you had any before this hipster period (tats, beards) you’re golden). If you just started growing one (or getting tats), then you’re part of the herd (and the problem). Men need to cut their own paths. Women do the following (herd thing).

        2. A child hood spent using the phrase “Weirdy beardy” about people that looked like these twats seems to have been wasted

        3. When I was in the Navy, many moons ago (pre-women on combat vessels), guys all around me were getting tattoos in the PI, Hong Kong, etc, and when they asked why I wasn’t getting one, I’d tell them the truth. “See that guy with the panther making bloody claw marks in the bicep? That’s going to look ridiculous when he’s 50 and balding and fat”.
          There’s never been a tattoo made that looks good on a man… or a woman for that matter… into middle and old age. And very very few that don’t look like a total mockery. If you’re going to get one, do what former SecScate George Shultz did: get a small one on your ass cheek so no one ever sees it but your wife.

        4. Add Fedoras. Fedoras used to be a manly style statement. Now they’ve been hijacked by nerdish wankers who couldn’t get laid without going to a prostitute. I’ll never forgive them for destroying the fedora as hatwear for men.

        5. I don’t like them on women, it detracts from them, they have enough beauty as it is. A little one is acceptable. I guess that’s why I infer that they aren’t attractive on a man.
          One thing I find bizzare is the tattooed anklet. Why not wear a real one, it’s far sexier?
          The worst place is the arms for a woman, it thickens their appearance and makes them more masculine. If you are a man then you better keep those Pistons pumped if you draw attention to them.
          Of course the tattoo is a kind of signalling. Some people I think feel compelled to fit in to be part of the cool crowd.

        6. Humphrey Bogart, Charlton Heston, Frank Senatra, and Harrison Ford are feminine? Most men in the 1920’s to 1950 were feminine?

        7. It’s my opinion. You’re comparing boys with men. The nonsense going on today in our society with these boys is something that women do…..it’s a herd mentality. Men lead they don’t follow trends like getting tats and growing beards (that is following). Women do it (they color their hair, tats, etc….). You see too many of these “men” pea cocking out in public and on social media. These boys are not men.

        8. Spot on. I saw it happening as well and, again, I would shake my head. So many of these trendy boys wearing these hats to help them feel like men. It’s sad and it’s sad to watch. No wonder the U.S. is no longer respected in the world.

        9. Frankly, beards became “popular” after the embedded warriors of Afghanistan and Iraq were allowed by the US Military to maintain their beards while on leave in the US. They look “badass,” because the MEN who wore them, WERE/ARE badass.

        10. Those goddamn fucking fedora hats. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed this trend. I would always see those stupid hats being worn in nightclubs by those emasculated pussy whipped manginas, not to mention that it was promoted heavily by stupid tv shows like American Idol. Those fucking hats and coca cola glasses you’d see on the show.
          Fuck fedora hats.

        11. I can see that…it’s a good point. It’s another example (like the tats) of these hipster boys trying to copy to look like a bad ass while sipping coffee on their couch watching a feel good movie. Boys versus men.

        12. So was there a heard mentality in the 19th century? How about when facial hair WASN’T popular in the Roman era?

        13. From wikipedia because I am too lazy to find anything else, if you want to cry about it go find a “better” source that says contrary to what I am stating: “The word fedora comes from the title of an 1882 play by dramatist Victorien Sardou, Fédora being written for Sarah Bernhardt.[4] The play was first performed in the United States in 1889. Bernhardt played Princess Fédora, the heroine of the play. During the play, Bernhardt – a notorious cross-dresser – wore a center-creased, soft brimmed hat. The hat was fashionable for women, and the women’s rights movement adopted it as a symbol.[5][2]After Prince Edward of Britain started wearing them in 1924, it became popular among men for its stylishness” So yeah, I am right!

        14. What I was talking about what half a decade before any of your people were of any consequence…

        15. The DoD encouraged men to grow beards to better fit in with the Afghan locals, who thought men without facial hair were effeminate and unworthy of respect.

        16. So, you shouldn’t be like everyone else. But that’s the essence of hipsterism – trying so hard to be a special snowflake.
          Goddamn, I just… there’s just no winning.

        17. I’ll give way to your “trend” point if you’ll concede to my point on the herd mentality seeming to take over, today. We can agree that tats used to be something that was earned, right? Today, everyone is just getting one because of (pick a reason).

        18. I thought I might start sporting my Herring Bone Jacket and a Dicky to prove my uniqueness.

      2. Exactly. I rocked a beard in the early to mid 00s in my 20s when it wasn’t fashionable for white guys and I stood out then. Now beards are so common and women are far more accepting, but there was a genuine novelty for many back in those days and it helped me get laid.
        Now that I’m heading towards 40 a beard isn’t a good look.
        No interest in tatts. They look trashy.

      3. “Today (like all the young men we see growing these beards)” Facial hair goes though cycles. Before the Victorian era, it wasn’t popular to have facial hair. Then it was during the Victorian Era, For the first 60 or so years of the 20th century it wasn’t popular. It popped back up again during the 60’s-to mid 70’s (that just so happened to coincide with the hippy movement). It became less popular after that, and now it’s back again. I don’t see what you would have a problem with facial hair though…

        1. I don’t have a problem with facial hair (in general). I’m stating that men should lead and not follow the herd (like women do). It’s what separates men from boys (and women). Social media and feminism has done nothing to help these young men. It’s only poisoned them into believing that they should act more like women (follow trends) and less like men. Growing a trendy beard, today, doesn’t get you one step closer to being a man…it’s the decision to walk your own path and not follow society. I shake my head because I see many weak “men” following women.

        2. Also theres a difference in having a beard/ facial hair and having the trendy beard. We all know what the trendy style looks like and there’s lots of other ways to rock facial hair without following that exact style.

      4. Traditional tattooing is timeless, the trend will die out soon enough and the people who love the art form will still be doing what they do.

        1. Yes, the attention whores will go away….some new shiny object will get their attention. Then, the traditional tattooing will resume.

    5. Na, they just get you laid more. Heck, I’ve banged 3 birds in the month or so since getting mine. You can tell I’m not lying, because if I were, I’d have said 10.

    6. I don’t have any tattoos and it isn’t because of the pain. I have been living with pain for twenty years. You get used to it.
      I don’t have any tattoos because I simply don’t think they’re a good idea. I will say though, to anyone thinking of getting one, put it in a place that simultaneously looks good and can be hidden easily.
      Most important, do not get a fucking bathroom graffiti-looking doodle just because you wanted a tattoo, any tattoo, and that is just what popped into your head (like these silly pointless scrawls and stars women put on their feet). Get something that has deep meaning to you and is also a great work of art that you and others can admire. And do not go Lewis “Full Retard” Hamilton with your tattoos.

    7. “Tattoos arouse women”
      GTFO and don’t turn back.
      Speaking about comics, Batman never supplicated to Robin. Batman NEVER did anything because Robin would like it. Imagine Batman started wearing a red cape because Robin liked it. Pretty faggotty isn’t it? Replace Robin with a woman in this case and guess what? You still come out as WEAK. A woman is our Robin in life.

    8. Well said, brother, very well indeed.
      I would give this post 1.000 likes if that’d be only possible.

    9. How can any writer here recommend getting a tattoo when tattoos are part of the plan that the Global Elite use to destroy our society.

    10. It’s funny how poor people seem to always have money for ink. Sometimes I wonder how much taxpayer money is spent on tattoos.
      When I see people from the trailer court or section 8 out and about sporting them I just think what a waste of money. To me it just shows a lack of proper judgement and financial discipline.

    11. >Tattoos are a perfect representation of social degeneracy.
      You could get a nice wholesome christian cross tattoo or whatever.
      >Tattoos do not show or illustrate how “independent” an individual is.
      Do they have to? You could also tattoo your family tree on your back.
      >should learn to divert that energy and time into something more positive
      A motivational tattoo symbolizing the virtue of good work ethic? As a reminder to yourself and others?

    12. I have a few. One is was rather obligatory at a time in my life as a paratrooper. They can’t be seen unless I’m in swim trunks. I would agree for the most part. In retrospect, not a great idea.
      “This one? It symbolizes a time in my life when I was fucking stupid. That one? Oh I was drunk as shit and did it on a dare.”

    13. Yeah, its tattoos ruining the world. Never mind all that war profiteering going around. One great big eye roll at you, sir.

    1. Hey Tim, this is 2015. No one says “Gay” these days. I just came off a rig job and the new term is “You gargle cock” it’s less pretentious and more to the point.

      1. I have made a note. Thanks, DM!
        I will be using “Gargle Cock” the next time I tune into “The Big Bang Theory.”

  8. I never had a tattoo until 2 years ago. I spent a good part of 4 years and roughly 120K defending myself from a false allegation that also saw me drift dangerously into alcoholism due to the stigma that came attached with the allegation. I was initially convicted due to a woman falsely testifying against me but the charges were eventually dropped. One day after leaving the courthouse in Raleigh, NC I walked over to the tattoo shops, went inside and got a latin tattoo “tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito” Which roughly translates into, “Do not give in to evil but proceed ever the more boldly against it. ”

    1. Live in Raleigh as well. Sorry you had to deal with a false allegation and false testimony. There are crazy people all over the place right now. Glad you were exonerated.

  9. I’d only get a tattoo if I were part of a gang.
    Does anyone know where I can start an internship?

    1. Hell’s Angels has a workshop you can attend to learn the ins and outs of 1%’er culture and lifestyle. At that point you can apprentice with one of their many fine chapters for a while and, assuming you are not stabbed or shot in your sleep by rival gangs, you may well qualify for a patch and rocker. The important part is to have a really nice resume of course.

      1. “We’re looking for someone with 2-3 years experience in stabbing, loitering, and cross-country riding. Motorcycle maintenance or web design would be considered an asset. After a period of one year we will consider feeding you and giving you a leather jacket.”

  10. If an employer is interviewing you and knows nothing about you, you will be judged based upon your appearance. Your credentials could be true or it could be something you made up.
    You say it’s not fair, well, too bad. That’s how the world works.
    Edit: And for God’s sake, stop doing it for women.

    1. ” And for God’s sake, stop doing it for women.”
      That’s my main beef with some of these articles. Like the “chicks dig violent guys” article a few weeks ago.
      If you get down with fighting because it’s who you are, fine. But the point of the article was to engage in that behavior strictly because it attracts women. Same thing was said here.
      Stop pedastalizing pussy!
      In before I’m called a sexless MGTOW…

  11. Some people put all their Faith into tattoos, I don’t need Ink to make me feel secure, or a Man.

  12. Some of us just like to adorn our bodies with brightly colored things. I got a few as a kid that only people who see me shirtless would know about. Once I have disposable income and am even further secured in my career I’m going to get all inked up.

    1. Your body your choice.
      Not my thing. Conformity has always chaffed at me, even the kind where it really doesn’t mean anything of consequence. If tatts were still basically military and prisoners, I might have considered one, but GenX screwed the pooch and went ink crazy just around the time I was starting to wonder about them, and my anti-conformist instincts hit, hard.

      1. Yeah, I can see your point now that lots of ink is now pretty common place. I don’t live in an area where I see much flesh so it doesn’t really irk me. Besides, fuck those millennial assholes and their visa sleeves. I’m not letting them ruin something I like.

    2. There’s a difference between throwing a gold chain over your neck before you hit the sleazy club and permanently welding one to your skin. A tattoo is the latter option.

        1. You want me to be like your little pretty boy, Brian, over there? Then why don’t you make the minimum 37 pieces of flair!?
          You see, THIS…. *sticks up middle finger* is me expressing MYSELF!

    1. Well said. My mother has a saying about tattoos that I think people of color, especially those with black ancestry, should seriously consider before getting one:
      “My ancestors were tattooed to show that they were someone’s property. Why would I willingly do that to myself?”

  13. lol @ this article.
    You haven’t been in the game very long if you don’t know that tattoos attract the exact trashcan, cum dumpster whore type of women you shouldn’t want. You’re only feeding the fire of degeneracy in women, good job bro!
    Been there, done that. Learned my lessons, can’t wait for you to do the same!

    1. It’s interesting how some articles in this website completely contradict one another, some articles say tattoos are Bad, Some say tattoos are Good, I don’t mind difference of opinion, but it’s kind of confusing.

      1. Yeah, ironically, the article ROK wants me to “read next” is 5 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos And Piercings Are Broken
        This site isn’t very consistent in their beliefs.

        1. You’re only going to find consistency with the individual writers themselves. We all have our own opinions and ideas on things, and this site is definitely a melting pot of different views and experiences. Take what works for you and fits in with your ideas and goals; discard what doesn’t.

        2. It seems the community here is split between men who want a good woman for a life long relationship/family and men who want to game and fuck as many easy whores as they can. This article only caters to the latter.

        3. Well, I’ve done a lot of writing for this site, and from my articles you would think I fall into the “fuck as many whores as I can” segment of contributors. I would prefer a good relationship with a solid, feminine, chaste woman — but that has proven to be very difficult to find. So, the only real option is to chase sluts in the meantime and keep an open eye for a good woman should one come along.
          I think many of the writers here fall into that same category, but if we’re going to have any kind of a sex life — then fucking whores is what it’s going to have to be, I’m sorry to report. Since fucking whores is pretty much the only option, then we may as well share notes and experiences on how we do it so other guys can learn something. It’s a better alternative than rubbing one out to Pornhub every night and calling that a sex life. It’s tough out there, and we’re all just trying to carve out our own slice of happiness as best we can in these sick times.

        4. Speaking of which, AV, to this date your articles are still my absolute favorites. Looking forward to some more.. nudge nudge.

    2. A college buddy of mine — 10 years out of school, successful engineer, wife, 2 kids etc.
      Old HS hottie shows up wanting to cheat on her husband with him. See, she had friend-zoned him back in the day but now wanted to fuck. He couldn’t resist. I had met her as a college frosh, and yes she was a smokin hot tall blonde. Fast forward 15 years and the shine had worn off, but she still looked good for a post wall woman.
      This goes on for a few months, then he leaves his wife. He goes and gets this bitch’s name tattooed on his arm (beta as fuck).
      1 week after him getting the tattoo, she went back to her lawyer husband and left my buddy hanging, with her name on his arm.
      He tries to get it removed, spends around $5k. Says that doesn’t work, and hurts far more than getting the tattoo. Ends up having to get another tattoo over it.
      This guy later married a black chick who,when she left him, cleaned out his bank accounts, and had her boys come and clean out all the audiophile electronics he had collected over the years.
      Beta. As. Fuck.
      Haven’t spoken with him in over 10 years now, heard about the ‘cleaning’ from another friend who still hangs with him.

  14. Tats are a form of peacocking. It only works if you’re in a social environment where tats aren’t common. Where I am every schmuck in the gym now has tats. So they have no impact. Maybe even make a man look like a hipster wannabe who is trying too hard.

  15. Tattoos don’t arouse women. I was raised with tattooed lowlifes, and anyone who supports tattoos is supporting degenerating America.

    1. Tattoos do still arouse women. It’s the main reason any man gets one. That is indisputable. However, due to the ubiquitous nature of tats, the novelty is clearly wearing off.
      If women didn’t like tats on men, then why the hell do so many women project this by getting tats themselves?

        1. It seems there is no difference because most women are whores nowadays, but believe me, there is a huge difference between a woman and a whore. If you want to attract the latter, get tattoos.

  16. I always have a laugh when people say they get tattoo’s to “express” their “individuality”

    1. Exactly, it’s always the same skull, butterfly, coy fish, etc. And while a tattoo itself might be somewhat unique and customized, the tattoo in general is a sign of joining/following the crowd. Show me a person with a tattoo, and I’ll show you a person that really gives a shit what other people think, despite their protestations to the contrary, and their claims of doing it for themselves and in the name of “individuality.”

        1. I’m thinking a Bible verse instead — Leviticus 19:28…
          “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.”
          I’m edgy like that.

      1. My father has two, but he was a Marine in Vietnam and got them there along with his buddies. Way back before it was “cool” or a statement of “individuality”. Small, not garish and you wouldn’t know he had them if you saw him. I can accept that kind, especially from military men. The rest, eh, just silliness. As if ol’ Chas and William belong to some kind of important “tribe” that made that sleeve tribal tatt necessary.

        1. Vets are a different story. There’s a certain look an individual has that lets you know they deserve the tattoos they have. The 130 pound coffee jockey faggot working at Starbucks slinging lattes isn’t one of them. The chick working the reception desk at a doctors office who’s idea of a rough time is going a couple of hours without air conditioning isn’t one of them, either. There is a “dues have been paid” look that one must have in order to be suited for a tattoo.
          Military men, cage fighters/boxers, bikers etc., it works. Julie in HR, Bryson the Applebees waiter, and Lindsey the payroll clerk do NOT fit that profile.

        2. “Military men, cage fighters/boxers, bikers etc., it works.”
          I think “it works” doesn’t apply anymore. Tattoo’s have become way to mainstream and their entire meaning and symbolism have been perverted so badly that now even when I see a cage fighter/boxer or a biker etc. with tatt’s all I can think of is “this guy is trying way to hard to fit in”. Tattoo’s have lost all credibility.

        3. It’s hard to disagree with that, and you’re mostly right; however, there are some guys out there who you can tell would have ink even if we were living in the 1960s. It’s a small number, certainly, but then again, the number of men that had tats back in the day was quite diminutive to begin with. But yes, as you said, it’s largely just a bunch of try-hards trying to find a group to fit in with nowadays — that’s indisputable.

        4. “…living in the 1960s”
          Agreed, I guess I’m just so disgusted at what tattoo’s represent now . It’s hard to think that anybody today is getting them for the same reasons people got them back in the day.

        5. I’m sure that these vets seeing these hipsters with tats disgraceful. The vets tats were earned and a symbol of honor. It’s like in the past earning that college degree meant something. Now everybody has one because of guaranteed student loans and makes yours valued less today than years past.

        6. Julie in HR with a tat….
          Co-worker: “What’s that tat for on your shoulder?
          Julie: “That one I got for surviving work with no AC for 2 hours.”
          Too damn funny….you can’t make the shit up.

        7. I lift with a force recon marine who led his platoon in the charge to take the airport at Fallujah in Iraq. He’s got some solid military tatts, and force recon status alone pretty much gives him auto-badass status. Dude’s a brute. He pretty much walks around with constant look of disgust on his face at what he sees in people before his eyes.. and I don’t blame him.
          I heard him say once;”I wish I wouldn’t have got all these tatts..” surely in consideration of the ensuing hipster graffiti slathered on every schleb since he finished his tour. Not to mention – despite your personal thoughts on the necessity or reasons fed to us by the US gov’t for invading Iraq – watching Iraq fall after military extraction must really burn this guy.

        8. Yup, you see this one here on my neck I got after droning my first wedding party in Tikrit.

        9. Military men, yes, and bikers, and whalers who have hurled the harpoon in the seven seas.

        10. As a former military man myself, I couldn’t agree more, back when I was in the service several of the others got tattoos and wondered why I didn’t, I just told them “you faggots go ahead and follow the herd, I’ll just keep myself unmarked”. One idiot even took out a $2,000 signature loan to get a full sleeve on his right arm…what a moron.
          Anyone who gets any tattoos for any reason whether in the past or present are a complete joke.

  17. I just don’t like the mystery chemicals they are using for colorants hanging around in your body forever. I’ve seen a few pictures where people had immediate allergic reactions to the pigments…then what do you do? Its already under your skin.

    1. Precisely. I’m sure 200 years ago, a sailor getting inked on a Polynesian island was ok. That ink was non toxic. But now, I’m sure the ink all comes straight from China, arsenic, lead, and all. Put straight into your skin.
      Tattooing is not regulated by the FDA. Not that the FDA is legitimate anymore, but that still speaks volumes.

  18. I have always found it difficult to take people with tattoos seriously, especially men with tattoos. In the modern era, tattoos are the ultimate expression of being a sheepish, beta follower. Willingly getting branded with nonsensical imagery is a very telling glimpse into a person’s state of mind. It demonstrates to the outside world that this person is impulsive, insecure, and values style over substance; qualities often associated with modern women. The ubiquitous nature of tattoos are a sign of our feminized society as a whole.
    It used to be that men with tats were very rebellious. Tats were very rare in the Western world, and often associated with bikers, ex-cons, sailors, and other bad-boys on the fringe of society. Now, every hipster weakling is pretending to be tough by growing a beard and getting massive ink done, mostly all at once. It’s played out. Not all people with tattoos are stupid, but if you’ll notice, almost all stupid people have tattoos. It’s certainly not a cultural trend that I subscribe to or can identify with on any level, and I’m only 34 years old.
    Metaphorically speaking, the tattoo trend demonstrates the live-for-the-day, consequences-be-damned attitudes of younger Westerners. It really is quite scary when a whole generation of people trash themselves out permanently to make a social statement. One cannot help but think that the future looks bleak. Tattoos are the ultimate expression of social conformity, marketed as rebellious. It is the perfect irony.
    I read a study that suggests over 60% of young people with tattoos regret getting them. I don’t doubt this at all. People with tats are always very quick to justify why they have them. I can see the insecurity in their eyes about a decision they cannot reverse.

    1. “Willingly getting branded with nonsensical imagery is a very telling glimpse into a person’s state of mind. It demonstrates to the outside world that this person is impulsive, insecure, and values style over substance; qualities often associated with modern women. The ubiquitous nature of tattoos are a sign of our feminized society as a whole.”
      Ding! Ding! Ding! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner….

    2. Excellent comment. Speaking of irony I couldn’t help but notice that at the bottom of this article is a link to another article : 5 reasons why women with tattoos and piercings are broken.

  19. Only vets, convicts or pirates should have tattoos.
    Getting through any period of time when a needle is penetrating your skin hundreds of times a minute is difficult and there are no two ways about it. Pushing one’s self beyond their normal threshold of pain could be prove to be a turning point in one’s life.
    Yeah,all that terrible pain makes you a badass just like all those strong independent tattooed women.

    1. Actually, being a pirate would be kind of frigging cool. Gather a crew of strapping hardies, steal a missile cruiser from a port in Virginia, and terrorize the living shit out of people in the Mediterranean. Then drink rum and have your way with loose women because hey, chicks dig pirates. Outside of the U.S. Navy hunting you down and nuking you from orbit in the middle of the night, there’s not a lot of downside to this career path.

      1. “Actually, being a pirate would be kind of frigging cool.”
        I hear Somalia is hiring.

        1. Not that kind of pirate. The kind that used funny words and had that William Teach accent, and who said “booty” and “parlay” and meant it in a non-sexual way. And lots of really fun clothes.
          The Somali stuff, nah, they’re just doing it to survive. If it becomes work then it’s really no fun.

        2. That broad deserved a solid spanking. I suspect that if Her Majesty’s finest hadn’t located them he would have truly taken her to task.

        3. I am under the impression that joining the Somalian Navy wouldn’t be a great career path. It’s a long ways to anywhere from Somalia, and judging from the way they look on the news they must be a little underfunded and under fed so I’m guessing rum and women would be in short supply.

        4. They don’t have equal opportunity law unfortunately. GOJ is too white to be a Somalian pirate.

        5. The bad economy’s got Snag-a-Job advertising employment opportunities in the darndest places.

        6. Now see, you went and hurt my feelings. How can a pirate get by in this day and age when people keep hurting our feelings?

        7. LOL! You can take a page from Rachel Dolezal’s book who was the president of the NAACP Spokane branch. Eventually, your cover will be blown.

      2. There is a H.L. Mencken quote in there.
        “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

      3. I think the US Navy is currently more preoccupied with sanctioning their heterosexual male members for not being gay/transsexual,etc.
        They don’t have the time or inclination to hunt down pirates.

      4. It would be Friggin cool until Seal Team Six simultaneously .50 cal headshot the entire crew with a single bullet.

        1. I smell a burial at sea with no photographs or DNA evidence. Perhaps a site where the ship sunk, but with no visible evidence of any sort of thing having taken place.
          Would fit the previous pattern to a tee.

    2. I agree that certain subcultures– veteran, convict, biker or fleetmarines/ sailors tattoos are apart of tradition (unsavory or not). On the rest of the citizenary they look ridiculous.

      1. I have heard it said before, tattoos used to be the mark of warriors or slaves but, now it’s the mark of herd mentality.

  20. I dunno. Tattoos are like beards (IMO). There was a time when beards were reserved for outlaws, bikers, and woodsmen. Tattoos where pretty much the same but add in grunts, marines, and sailors. Today every faggot hipster dons a beard and ink. Sluts and feminists love to ink themselves up too, and I’m sure they’d grow a beard too if they could. To each his own, I guess.

      1. I’m guessing I feel that way because I live close to NYC and I see a lot of it. Maybe it is different in the Mid West? GOJ, any input?

        1. I don’t have a basis of comparison to go by, not being on the east coast as of late. We have people with tatts, sure, but is it worse or better than, say, NYC? No idea.

        2. No worries, that was resolved long, long ago in my mind.

        3. It’s no different here in the Mid West, except here, you’re not a cool faggot hipster unless you have a beard, tattoos, a jacked up truck, wear camo and listen to country music.

        4. I’ve not seen the truck/country music thing. Where are you at?
          We have country bars, but they are cowboy type things, generally the women are more clean of ink than you’ll find with hipster faggots, and beards on the “cowboy” men type are nearly non-existent.

        1. Or the brush/mop haircuts and the helpless, starry eyed selphies with an added dash of inspirational quotes.

    1. Wrong. Prior to the early 1900’s, beards and facial hair were the norm. It was only due to the mass advertising of the 20’s and 30’s that facial hair became unpopular.

      1. Ok, so then who was wearing beards in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and so on? You’re kind of making my point.

        1. Your point seems to be that because marketing/advertising deemed something socially preferable, society reverting to the previous acceptability is somehow wrong. As an analogy, for the longest time giant corporations were telling us that hormone filled beef and milk was good. Is reverting back to grass fed, hormone free meat bad? Is not smoking bad because it used to be the hip thing? Jeans? Long hair?

        2. Are you the type of guy that I was talking about? So is being a homo ok now that the feds say it is? Is it cool to be LGBTXYZ now because a guy on a wheaties box is doing it?

        3. You are totally missing the point. Homosexuality was never the social norm. Beards were at one point.
          Tattoos and homosexuality are similar in that they have only become socially acceptable recently. Frankly I have no problems with either as I don’t care what people do in their private lives, but that’s not the point I was making.

        4. And why would you think beards were the norm pre 1900? Do you think it was deemed socially cool or do you think it had to do with living conditions?

        5. I’d assume somebody figured out how to make razors on the cheap. They were another useless product foisted on the public by Madison Avenue in the name of consumerism. What’s your point?

        6. That more people having beards pre 1900 (your statement) had nothing to do with what was socially acceptable or considered cool. Which is what I was getting at, that beards NOW are considered cool mainly by the hipster fags. I’m still trying to understand what exactly your point is but I have lost interest. Although it has been great fun, I’m done talking beards.

      2. I collect antique photos, and you’re sorta correct. Mustaches were on every mug, but beards were hit or miss. Mustache usually connoted a military association, even, which is why to this day Amish still won’t wear a ‘stache.

    2. Not all people with tattoos are stupid, but most stupid people have tattoos.
      I’d personally prefer to not have the same fashion as feminist hipsters.

    3. Now you have a bunch of flannel-wearing lumbersexuals, with unoriginal tattoos running around.

  21. I run an enterprise sales team selling cloud based software up and down the east coast. Based on a substantial number of studies tattooed people exhibit a significantly higher incidence of negative behaviors including: alcoholism, drug abuse, promiscuity, psychological disorders, impulsiveness, crime and overall poor decision making. Based on this, I cannot in good conscience hire someone with tattoos as they aren’t worth the risk. Even though people can hide the tattoos they cannot hide the negative behaviors. Please don’t come after me with the “I’ve got a tattoo and there is nothing wrong with me argument” as I’ve heard it a million times. When you run the numbers its best to avoid these people in your professional and personal life.

    1. I would consider any position that requires personnel to meet customers or suppliers (outside of an industry where a tattoo is part of the trade, eg. motorcycles, long haul trucking, etc…) would make it near impossible to hire a person with a revealing tattoo. People would simply not take them seriously.

      1. Agreed that’s one of the many problems as well as the others I listed. If people want to hire others who have an increased chance of the issues I listed that’s your choice. However, with the number of outstanding candidates available it’s unnecessary. We meet customers at the C level and I can’t afford a potential loose cannon ruining a relationship.

    2. If you were working for me in my software company and I found out you were passing on talent based solely off of how they look, I’d fire your ass before you could even blink.

      1. I would never work for someone with a knee jerk reaction like yours. I would end up having to manage you more than my own teams. Been there done that. Also, there are plenty of excellent sales people that aren’t branded. As to how someone looks, people make choices to brand themselves. God given natural looks are just that and shouldn’t be discriminated against.

        1. I get it. You got a bunch of tats, and the red pill man in you knows that they are stupid. Now you have to defend the poor decision your entire life.

  22. I’m more of a man, in every sense, than nearly every person I’ve met, or know personally with a tattoo. There’s exceptions, and that’s not arrogance.. because most of them know it too, and subtly acknowledge it without me asking for attention (LIKE THEY DO). I’m a leader, not a follower. Clean will be the new dirty before you know it. Watch.

  23. Here are my four reasons:
    1) you’re a biker
    2) you’re a sailor
    3) you’re a musician
    4) you’re a convict
    Personally, I write off anyone with visible tattoos above the collar line as an idiot with poor impulse control. Especially all these retards with tear drop tats; fake tough guys.

  24. “Do this thing simply because women approve of it and it might not make you look totally trashy”

  25. Getting a tattoo now is a ‘herd’ thing to do. It’s pathetic because most guys do so to emulate a piece-of-shit ex-con in order to attract women. The truly rebelous thing to do is not get a tat since everyone now is getting them.

  26. Should be re-titled- 4 reasons you should consider getting a tattoo that you’ll regret in 10 years

  27. Don’t have one. Instead I’ve acid burns from two separate accidents I have from when I worked as a Chemist years ago, also a scare groove from a motorbike accident I got when I was 17. I’m completely indifferent about them, but, women are always curious, maybe because they’re only skin deep.
    Small discreet tattoos that mean something personal are cool. Walking Persian carpets are the epitome of making a statement that ain’t cool anymore.

    1. I have large oval scars all over my back and tear mark scars on my ankles, from being born premature. 35 years ago, neonatology didn’t really exist; adult-sized probes, needles, everything.
      Scars have a story and get more attention than tattoos ever will. Women want to touch them, it’s strange. CAN I TOUCH IT??? Sure, why not?

      1. That’s very true. Women see scars as authenticate signs of masculinity that they can touch. Women don’t see tattoos as authenticate symbols of a guy’s masculinity. They see them as counterfeit and phony, any guy can get one, so they’ve no interest in touching them. Also, tattoos really tell a story and women still love a yarn.

  28. Chicks getting tatts is gross. For guys, once past bikers and the vets of Vietnam, some of whom came back with tatts, who even has anything to commemorate with ink anyway? I love the Jap/Chin ink on guys that signify some sort of self-defense affect. Gimme a break. Ink is lemmings over the cliff. Tatts used to be the stuff of being different. Wanna be different? Don’t ink. It’s stupid.

  29. Think about the most succesful people you know, now think about how many of those if any have tattoos.

  30. I’m really conflicted because I think that tattoos seem sort of juvenile and generally just fucking retarded but there is no doubt that they help guys get girls. This just goes to show that women are dumb and in order to become the type of guy that gets laid easily you eventually run into some areas where you have to compromise when it comes to common sense, taste, and decency. It’s becoming more clear to me every day why societies throughout history didn’t let young women choose who they mated with. Women make dumb choices.

  31. In the next decade or so tattoos will no longer be trendy. Tattoo removal will be a booming business and those involved will be making a fortune.

    1. Not a chance. No way on God’s Green Earth wittle princess admits she made a mistake and gets her tat removed.
      “It’s part of who I am!”

      1. That’s good. Because when they hit the wall, they’re hideous even without the tats. The tats just makes them even worse.

  32. I can’t imagine anything I’d want to wear for 50 years! And certainly not something that’s going to get uglier the older I get!
    Now a tattoo that lasted just 5 or 10 years? Maybe.

  33. Back in the day…..I wanted to get inked…. wasn’t the pain that stopped me…I have a high pain threshold so I’m told, which is a blessing and a curse…..anyhoo after doing some research I was infromed that when you get older the tats become very itchy as your skin loosens and wrinkles. So I didn’t really fancy scratching and itching through my dotage. I know you can get them lazered but it still leaves a scar…..

  34. Tattoos are cool if they have a story behind them or they mean something to the individual. The problem now is that every faggot and their mothers get inked because “idk it looks cool”

    1. Couldn’t agree more. A buddy of mine recently got a tattoo just because he “felt” like he wanted one.
      For his first tattoo he gets “write a new chapter” written in italics on his forearm. Of all the shit you could get he goes for something that literally means nothing to him. Got it just for the sake of getting it but he really got it so he could fit in with the rest of modern society.

  35. Okay, I’ll give you a few reasons to not get a tattoo.
    1. Hiding it is impossible. There is no safe place to put a tattoo.
    2. Tattoos tell you what kind of person you are. So if you hate prejudice and preconceptions, it isn’t for you.
    3. Tattoos done wrong is more likely than not. No tattoo artist is perfect and no customer knows what they want out of it. It is more likely an impulsive decision. If not, then it still is a crapshoot.
    4. Tattoo acceptance is equivalent to a slut walk.
    5. Tattoos are fashion. Having one forever that you can’t change is a fashion fail.
    6. Tattoos do make you look fat. I’ve seen many fatties with them.
    7. Bad for your skin. You can get rashes and redness that never goes away.
    8. That new Apple Watch is malfunctioning because of your tattoo.
    9. Putting an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend on your body is just weird. This is just too common to ignore.
    10. Now that you done it. Go fast and do it again. Addicting and it doesn’t stop, yet you must. Before you know it, you’ll have 10 tattoos and some piercings too.

  36. Getting a tattoo is like signing up for Myspace. It was cool and a follower thing to do a few years ago, and now it’s lame, and, like not being on myspace or facebook, more of a statement not to have one.

    1. It’s more like signing up for facebook, because you can actually get rid of your myspace account.

  37. I am not getting tattoos… They used to mean something like 50 years ago. Only tough guys, bikers or criminals had them back then. It meant you were a bad boy. Tattoos were often feared or respected.
    But today, what is even the point of having tattoos? Literally everyone has one, from the poor to the middle class to the spoiled kids. It doesn’t mean shit anymore.
    There are people I know with tattoos that are some of the biggest pussies I have ever known, yet they are acting hard with their tattoos. Also several kids that I went to school with were complete weak crybabies, yet they got tattoos in their adult life and now they act hard. People like this are a complete joke.
    I hate wannabe hard people. I am a legit tough guy, not a fake one. So I am not getting a tattoo. Sometimes I thought about getting one but then I see all the losers who give tattoos a bad name and I changed my mind.

    1. “I am a legit tough guy, not a fake one.”
      C’mon man. If you have to say that, then you’re not a legit tough guy. You’re just a regular dude.

      1. You want to bet? I say it because it’s true. I don’t care if people don’t believe it.

    2. The point of tattoos is that you get to adorn your skin in bright colors and cool art and designs. Why do you have to read so much into everything?

    3. Anyone who gets any tattoos for any reason whether in the past or present are a complete joke.

    1. We need a tattoo-type slut labeling manual pressed for ROK. Precisely what does each tattoo provide, based on placement, overall style, and amount.

  38. There are so many IFs in this article.
    1. If one gets a good artist.
    2. If they’re hidden.
    3. If one wants to be a boy toy instead of an easily identifiable marriage prospect.
    Tattoos are low class, the end. You want to leave your mark on this world, then leave a legacy of strong children and/or do something worthy of being memorialized by plaque, statue, key to the city etc.

  39. Everyone and their mom has a tattoo nowadays. They do not arouse women. Any guy can get a tattoo. I pride myself in not having any tattoos. Today if you want to be a rebel, you do not get a tattoo. Getting tattoos to arouse women is just stupid.

    1. Exactly, (almost) everyone has one. It just shows that one is a trendy…. a follower.
      I’ll wait for the next trend that doesn’t put me at a much higher risk for hepatitis… as tattoos certainly do.

      1. “I’ll wait for the next trend that doesn’t put me at a much higher risk for hepatitis…”
        I know. Christ. How fucking stupid do people have to be. Tattoos are a losing proposition all around.

    2. Could not agree more….nothing says mindless conformist quite like tattoos. Roosh and whoever else he has moderating this blog have seriously dropped the ball with RoK.

      1. Its tough to produce daily content. This article probably got the OK just so that it could be eviscerated in the comments section.
        As far as I can tell, there is a strong consensus in the manosphere that tattoos are stupid and weak.

      2. Except that up until 10 years ago, no tattoos meant mindless conformist. Any clothing you buy basically says mindless conformist. Cars, motorcycles, etc. – guess what- you’re a mindless consumer conformist. Welcome to modern society.

        1. It was possibly about two decades ago that tattoos really jumped the shark. They were always trashy, but once frat boys started with the tribal shit, they became an exclusive domain for posers.

    3. No tattoo. Lift and get ripped. Be the natural bad ass and let them know tattoos do not intimidate you.

      1. That’s the thing, getting lean and ripped takes far more effort, dedication and sacrifice than getting a tattoo.

        1. Yup. As Kennedy said, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and DO the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard,”

        2. Tattoos are a “Saturday night special,” a very cheap and effortless way to set yourself apart or express your “individuality.”

    4. Finally I found someone that speaks with clear mind. I don’t know what’s up with the American men getting tattoos all over their body and thinking it’s cool. Maybe it has something to do with white Americans lacking culture and heritage roots.

  40. Tattoo are for sluts. I see more women with tattoos than men now. especially the young ones In about 20 years there are going to be some big time markers on the former carousel riders. My ten year old son will get this from his dad. “If she has a tattoo she is for fucking don’t buy her shit” Guys with tattoos will start to be seen as losers marking themselves up like a bunch of bitches.

    1. Exactly. Just like how the blood type tattoos betrayed who was in the SS, tattoos are going to be a dead giveaway on promiscuous women.

  41. I’ll go pretty far to get laid but to scar my body for life just to appeal to ( normally trashy ) women is a step to far personally .
    Unfortuanetly due to the masses of guys that ran out and got sleeve tatoos in the last couple of years to do exactly that I think it’s now almost beta in a sense that it’s just a bit desperate / try hard . For those guys that have old Skool sleeves from back in the day or are the real deal I feel sorry , their kudos has been partially eroded by dushbagary .

  42. I like what Dave Mustaine, the singer from Megadeath, said when somebody asked him why he didn’t have a tattoo:
    “You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.”

  43. Your unoriginal tattoos aren’t going to make anyone attracted to you, male or female.
    The barbarians are not at the gates, they’re already here.

  44. In addition to all the great reasons not to get a tattoo the commenters provided, I can state without a doubt that I do not have the attention span to think of a design, choose the right artist, and sit in front of a needle for hours. Even if I wanted one, the process sounds worse than a stick in the eye to me. As for the discomfort (the supposed “rite of passage”), if so many women are doing it, it can’t be that uncomfortable.

  45. White people look like shit with tats, especially as they age. Doubt me? Just go surf the line up at near waikiki, where you can see old, muscled white surfers with no tats, hawaiians with tats and dark skin, and pasty aged white people with tats. Oh, and 97% of tats are shit art.

  46. I got my ink done about 20 years ago by a fantastic artist. Since I am an artist myself I designed the tattoo. Being an illustrator it seemed natural to me to adorn my body with something unique. It was for me and not for the approval of others. I do not regret my decision 20 years later and the design still holds the test of time since its not a “picture” of the tasmanian devil but rather lines and abstracts that help define my body’s natural muscle contours.
    I hired a guy once who was younger than me, an Iraq war veteran. His ink was visible during the interview. It was an image of Jesus on one arm and the crucifix on the other. He had a few names scribed above them, I asked him what those meant he said it was some friends he lost during combat. I don’t think I would label that man a degenerate or lump him in with New York fedora wearing fags.
    I see it this way: There are some bright guys, alphas and leaders with tattoos and beards, recognize them as individuals. There are skinny millennial, bi-sexual dipshits with tattoos and beards, recognize them as conformists.
    Lumping all men with tattoos as “people who make bad decisions” is a mistake and narrow minded. Now girls and women with tattoos is another matter. I will say outright that I do not think a female with any ink on her body is sexy. I am 100% biased on this and don’t care. Tattoos are for men, only skanks with daddy issues get tattoos.

      1. /shrug
        I will leave you to your purist ideology and superior insights into the current human condition.
        Goodluck rallying the Quakers in the near revolution….tattooed males need not apply.

        1. Then my apologies, its tough to discern subtle humor in print.
          I didn’t know you were Quaker, but its funnier than saying Amish.

  47. This article must just be a joke. Like a troll piece to stimulate controversy.
    However, as an old guy, quite successful, I would say this piece brings out the the dumbest reasons I have heard in many a year. And I have heard a shitload of BS in my time.
    I tell my sons (in their early 30’s) – the guys who don’t have tats always rule the idiots who do. They have no tats are are very very successful. Nothing says loser like lots of tats.

  48. A gent has got to be a total sucker to even think about getting a tattoo. The Buyers Remorse on tatts is off the charts..check it out for yourself
    The older a guy gets the more stupid he looks with tattoos, esp if its a macho type one. A retired feeble pensioner shuffling along with a massive skulls head & ‘born to kill’ type stuff on his chest or back looks a total arsehole, and he knows it.
    Police must luurve all these dickheads making themselves easy to identify and arrest.

    1. SS officers at the end of WWII tried to burn or otherwise get rid of their blood type tattoos to avoid being recognized / executed.

  49. Tattoos = skin graffiti. They are a sign of degeneracy. There’s a reason they so often accompany a drug addiction. Plus, if Johnny Law ever decides to “taze me bro” and arrest me on a whim, I am HELPING them identify my a##. No thanks.

  50. honestly i really wanted to get tattoos, most professional soccer players look really good with tats ( no homo).
    But then I went to America ( specifically LA) in August and noticed a huge portion of people had it. On guys im ok with, but on girls even 1 tattoo is a big turnoff.
    In Canada where tattoos are rare, I would get one but who knows, in 5 years it will be the same as in the USA.

  51. Attention whoring. Not really a healthy mindset.
    Plus, tattoo = positive I.D.
    You might be as clean as a new pin but you never know what life is going to throw at you. You never know when you might have to blend into the background.

    1. If you thought tatt trend was cool, wait till I open my own RFID implanting shop so people’s whereabouts are known by their smart phone.. Naturally, I’ll sell the malware removal tool so they can’t have their body & minds hijacked, through their phone.

  52. Just imagine all these female celebrities all had fake temporary tattoos all this time. 5 years from now, they peel it off and say they’ve pulled a fast one on everyone. Those conformists are then stuck with the tattoos.

  53. Another remarkably stupid article by Donovan Sharpe. Tattoos on men are like dog collars on women. They trumpet a man’s vanity and his submission to the feminine imperative. Nothing kingly about that. Singling out women of the lowest moral castes for rutting is not what kings do.
    Can’t Roosh and Co earn money some other way?

  54. Please. Please. Please. Get a tattoo. I just invested a lot of money into tattoo removal industries. How many self respecting men are going to want to marry a tatted up tramp in her 30’s? Yeah sure some beta chumps but most are going to be like “you are going to get that removed right?”. Tatted up chicks are socially deranged and mentally ill. Run from them as fast as you can.

      1. I talked to some dude who has been a friend of mine for awhile. His GF was bugging him about getting married. He said hell no until she had all of her tats removed (one on her arm and one tramp stamp). She protested at first then two weeks later had all the appointments scheduled. How many other guys are going to have the same experience?

  55. Wouldnt have minded one until, every single fuck wit on the planet wanted to be a rock star or biker or whatever without the background. I cant wait for it to go out of style so all these fuck wits look like fools..Me, im thinking about investing in laser tattoo removal and cashing in.
    as for females, nothing is more unattractive than a 40yo women with sleeves.

  56. So you WANT to look like every other hipster douche bag? Tattoos haven’t been cool or edgy for over a decade now.

  57. I personally have learned to test people by attacking or exalting their beliefs and than waiting for a response (responsible, reasonable, logical, etc.) or a reaction (irresponsible, irrational, illogical, etc.) to find the substance of their character, deeds, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, etc. Outward expressions of men an women are the lowest forms of human behavior like tattoos, earrings, clothes, etc.
    I have tattoos and they really have not socially advanced me in anyway, but are reminders of certain times in my life of where I was and where I am today. I don’t care about what you look like, what you wear, etc. but what makes you a man or woman from how you carry yourself, what do you stand for, what will you die for, etc. and not in words but actions.

  58. another piece of shit article…i should have stayed at TRP , but im keeping an open mind…just too see another article like this. just wow.

  59. I’m going to get a tattoo of a rose on my dick, that’s so I can tell my mother in law how often I give her daughter flowers.

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  61. I don’t normally comment here, but couldn’t help it with this article. I have quite a few tattoos, but I have earned them through military service. Getting tattoos with your brothers in arms is a bonding experience unlike anything else. Any kind of ink I have gotten has not been without meaning. Before my career change, having tattoos wasn’t really an issue. At my current job, it’s also a non issue. All they give a shit about is performance and making money. Not all men who are tattooed are sniveling, beta manlets.

    1. Yes, tattoos have now become an empty gesture. Physical scarification without the accompanying mental / emotional scarification. It used to be a Leatherneck would get a tattoo to commemorate holding his friend as he bled out at Dak To or something similar. Now, it’s the mark of a Swarthmore feminist majoring in theater.

  62. I expect women to do the “herd” thing – follow the rest of her girlfriends. I just cringe when I see men (or what are supposed to be men) doing exactly the same thing. If you didn’t have a beard (or tat) before this ridiculous stampede started then those men are part of that group (and the problem, in my opinion). Men are supposed to lead, be problem solvers, etc….that are supposed to lead (not follow the herd).
    Damn hipster beards everywhere…I just shake my head.

  63. I’m so glad I never got one now that they are unbelievably commonplace. As for standing out, I stand out more by not having one.
    When I was stationed in Korea in the mid 90’s, Koreans associated tattoos with low lifes. The young American soldiers used to think “Yeah that doesn’t mean the same thing in our country” of course what they didn’t realize is yes, it did mean the same thing. It’s just that we have so many more low lifes and low life wannabes in the US nowadays that we can no longer recognize the societal decline.

    1. The only exception I would make is if one is or was a member of a bona fide military unit. Otherwise it’s faggy.

  64. more garbage from ROK getting a tattoo just because you want one is one of the most pelbian things you could do. and women should never have tattoos at all.

  65. completely at odds with a previous RoK article, displaying a lack of consistency.
    meaning articles are incoherent, random thought bubbles, rather than a college of philosophical narrative.

  66. Tattoos are degenerate. Stop posting bullshit encouraging degeneracy. If you want to be a degenerate then fuck off to San Francisco, faggot.

  67. all these tattoo have been made because of the leftist influence, what will they do when the left will not be in power and the tattoo would not be cool anymore?
    there so many sheep in our society.

  68. I agree with the author 100%. I have full sleeves and an MBA and it hasn’t hurt me one bit in the white collar world. If, like me, you also have the condo in the city and the Mercedes, it is proof you are a full man too. You’re the man a girl wants to marry… and fuck. The full package. When I got my first sleeve my SMV did spike greatly, with every girl from club chicks to good Christian women. It’s also something that regularly opens women by itself – girls come up to me often and comment on my tattoos or one in particular they really like. Get tattoos, and don’t be afraid to go big. Just follow the Army guidelines – nothing on the hands, face or neck – and be willing to shell out the cash for a legendary artist.

    1. Side note – I even roll up my sleeves most days at work and one extends to the edge of the hand so even during job interviews it can be seen. I’ve never NOT been hired at a job I wanted, so I can say it doesn’t hurt you, particularly if you have everything else straightened out.

      1. I think the one demographic of women that tattoos will disqualify you from is Asian (from Asia not Asian-American). They seem to really not like them: they regard tattoos as the mark of the criminal class or very low / blue-collar class.

  69. I have to say disagree. There are much more meaningful ways to express your ideas and personality. Plus you aren’t the same person you were a few years ago, let alone a few months; so whose to say you won’t regret getting a tattoo?

    1. I’d go one step further and question this fucking OBSESSION with ‘self-expression’
      Is it narcissism?

  70. If you’re a high voice pitched, slumped shoulder beta who gets a tat, you are not going to pick up chicks like an Airborne Ranger because you still carry yourself like a beta male chump.

    1. It’s all about the image you are trying to present. Tattoos aside, if you are tall and jacked, people will not think of you as an intellectual. In the minds of many, particularly women, form follows function. If you are big and muscular, they will think you’re a bouncer or a security guard. A tall, lanky guy will be given more credibility as a thinker / intellectual even if he’s an idiot.

  71. American entrepreneurial spirit is now defined by either opening a tattoo parlor or a microbrewery. A frothy pumpkin spice Lager anyone? Extra hops 😀

  72. I believe the AB was responsible for the assassination of a prominent Jewish radio host in the 70s / 80s. They also robbed banks.

  73. Especially those. Yes, they’ll certainly win converts by looking like degenerates and hoodlums

  74. Tattoos don’t signal manliness anymore. The hipster with the sleeveand stupid beard doesn’t look manly. Now, if you’re already manly and have some muscles, tattoos might amplify that. I know a lot of guys with ink who just look like chodes with tattoos and I know a lot of guys who have tattoos that don’t look ridiculous. Don’t be the former and think a tat will give you some magical transformation. Personally, I’ll never get one and it’s not cause I fear the pain.

  75. With mad cult leader game, there’s no need for tats, i’ll tell you, your voice is so important, having a heavy ass man voice is an incredible turn on for women that goes beyond just getting them wet.
    So gentleman, smoke up smoke up, scrape your throat a little, and watch them melt in front of you when you speak to them in the lowest octave.

  76. I won’t even bother pointing out the reasons, as I think the comments section has already done a brilliant job, but this article is total rubbish. Donovan, you’ve written some outstanding articles before, but this is by far your lowest point. The fact that you have the nerve to recommend that we all get tattoos because it will turn on the trashy skanks of the Western world in this article, while pointing out that bowing down to a feminist’s will in other articles makes you a beta… dude, Donovan, do you not see the hypocrisy here? Wow, I see you in a totally different light now.

  77. Jesus Christ, what the fuck’s happening to ROK?
    Ball-less beta crap creepin’ in, that’s what I see.
    Man the fuck up and keep the focus brothers for fuck’s sake!
    Tattoos are a sign of a soulless human being and that’s all I have to say on that topic.
    Just don’t do it and do not accept it under any circumstances.
    Just don’t.

    1. I’m curious how you came to that conclusion. He wasn’t over the top and many of his arguments match the arguments others make to get them. There didn’t seem to be a tag on the end of his story in tone.

  78. Tattoos are a right of passage, of you are a navy seal or marine. But, Im willing to bet most guys getting tattoos today are just twinks that want to looks good with instagram filters. Tattoos today are the equivalent of a womans hoop earrings.
    I’ll continue to be a non-conformist and avoid tattoos.

  79. Tattoos to get women? LOL Might I remind you all that women have horrifically BAD taste for the most part and are followers. Many love dirty hipsters…I rest my case.

  80. Reason’s not to get a tattoo:
    1) They generally look stupid or ugly.
    2) They don’t personify western culture.
    3) It shows a lack of long term thinking.
    4) They look like sh!t when you are old.
    5) Oh, did I say they don’t even look good?

  81. I rearrange and reorganise my house too often to consider getting something permanently etched into my skin.

  82. Get a tattoo because it will make girls hot for me?? Sounds beta AF. Tattoos are the lazier and easier way to get trashy whores yes. But it’s so played out and every dude can get them to enhance himself but it reeks of attention whoring. Look at me world I’m so cool and edgy and artsy fartsy. Love me. Sheeple are stupid.

  83. I think tattoos are beta AF. I think guys who get them are a bunch of unoriginal attention whores who want to convey themselves as badasses when they really look like girly men. Seriously what real man would spend time doing something so girly like prettying up his body with paint? It screams look at me, accept me, love me. I’m so edgy/artsy fartsy. It’s like an easy way out. I know trashy skanks find it hawt but those ratchets can still get bent over by a guy with solid frame who doesn’t need to waste time prettying himself up with rotten ass tattoos. You’re not a bad ass you’re crying for attention. Weak.
    And to say “Derp, get tattoos cuz chicks dig them dood” is just sooo lame and weak of a reason. And that’s exactly why the majority of men do it. And now it’s so played out its ridiculous. Be a man. Be an individual. But don’t be whack and “express your individuality through your body art bro” because it’s been done to death. And it’s tryhard.

  84. There are only two groups of people who have “legitimate” tattoos. The first group, is the prison population. For most of these people, individualism can only be expressed by having a tattoo. Frankly, for the good of society, many of these people should be organ banked, at least they’re easily identified by their markings.
    The second set, is the military. In fact, they’ve earned the right to be branded as warriors. Within reason, it’s acceptable as a badge of honor. Unfortunately, many who serve haven’t seen battle, and they lessen the impact of those that have seen warfare, up close and personal.
    Everyone else, is a poser. Especially women.

  85. Sorry, but I have to take issue with this one. There’s nothing that’s appealing about defacing one’s body. If I want advertisements I can look at a magazine or a billboard.
    By the way, the Japanese in the photo — are thy Yakuza? If so, it’s not a good example as to why one should get tatoos.

  86. No tattoes! In a few years when this crap goes out of style people will look at you as one of those idiots who got inked for the rest of your life.

  87. That was face paint, not tats. When he wasn’t in battle there was no blue on his face.

  88. We’ve had multiple discussions and posts about that on RoK. Almost all men despise of tattoos on women. They are the mark of the whore and the sailor. This article to me is just as ridiculous as that article I read hear a few weeks ago telling how cool it is to smoke cigarettes.

    1. I know this fat assed cougar of 48 years who chain smokes, is covered in tattoos and pieced all over who thinks she is a goddess. In what reality? What man wants a smoke smelling old broad with tattoos, discolored teeth and a big fat ass? Tattoos are for drunken Marines and Sailors. Tattoos, piercings and smoking are for drunken Marines and Sailors who go on to join biker gangs.

  89. “Tatoos arous women”.
    The ultimate beta argument for getting a tatoo. “Because without one, I can’t get laid”.
    Just horrendous.

  90. Turned 51 in August, got my first tatt a month ago…chicks dig it. Also, I’ve had my goatee, which I keep closely cropped, for 19 years now. I grew it when my first son was born.Didn’t have time to shave for a few days, so now it’s a standing love for my boy.

  91. What a fucking loserish article. Guys should NEVER have any tattoos or piercings, period. Women can have their ears and perhaps belly buttons pierced, but that’s it. Maybe just maybe one small tattoo but preferably none. I dated one girl who got my name tattoed in small letters above her ass and even though it was a good job it absolutely ruined an otherwise lovely body. (God knows what she’s doing now, unless she found a new bf with the same name.)

  92. Pretty bad idea. In case you have not noticed EVERYONE is getting a tatoo these days. It’s all part of the sick brand of narcissism in America. I get a tattoo, therefore I am unique and special. Hey, if you want to be contrarian and not follow the herd don’t get a tattoo. You can prove your disdain for the mindless cattle by not doing what they think makes them special. Mindless meat heads get tattoos.

  93. Look it up dude. There have been Jews in the AB, high up in rank. The AB is not really at all about racial solidarity. Their biggest allies in the Joint are Mexicans.

  94. Meh still don’t want one even if it makes women wet. My granddads WWII tats turned me off forever. Even a good tattoo will look like shit when it ages.

  95. #2 is bullshit. If any drunk slut can ‘push through’ the pain to get a butterfly tramp-stamp then going through the pain of getting a tattoo does NOT make you manly.

  96. First and foremost, I must say all the squarish, obviously middle aged, cuckservative office drones commenting here are quite astonishing. You all talk about “lifting big” as if it’s not just as much peacocking as tattoos for the sake of aesthetics are. Then go on to talk trash about every guy with ink? I’d like to see you say that to the face of a biker. You all come across as whiney, insecure little fags.
    Actually, most of you are. This is my 3rd account here, as I keep getting banned. I guess real men are too offensive for your Internet alpha sensibilities.
    I’ve had tattoos since I was a teenager, I’ve played guitar in death metal and black metal bands, multiple convictions (never been good at doing what I’m told) oh, and have a dyna. You internet alphas are too busy whining about other men getting tattoos because you think they’re ugly (lol, talk about gay, you’re worrying about how other men look) instead of doing something. Oh, and how is donning some cheap suit every weekday alpha at all? Your suit is designed to make you appear just like every other drone. That is the entire point. You’re all a bunch of middle class cock guzzling cucks.

  97. I do think tatoos will impress the simple feeble mind of your average female but when I see a guy with tatoos I think impulsive, insecure and for the most part another lemming poseur trying to look bad ass. Yes it does reak of conformity now that everyone and their white trash grandmother has one. It’ll fool a dumb chick that these guys look a rebel and “edgy” but not me. The guys that havent bought into this trend, i respect.They are the minority that didnt cave in to all the other stupid shit that has come and gone and conveniently been forgotten. Now you have guys that have never been in a fistfight getting sleeved and covered like they were part of a biker gang or a member of a drug cartel . You know shit has jumped the shark when hipsters do it.
    As for women, this bullshit trend of women getting completely covered like the human spiderweb/dream catcher/ clusterfuck Kat Von D is a perfect example of a beautiful woman that has ruined the natural beauty of the blank canvas of the female form. Sure maybe a sleeve done the right way on a hot chick can look good but this random bullshit with no continuity like porn sluts like Bonnie Rotten is fucking horrible. The worst is when a beautiful girl with a great set of tits gets a chest piece done. Talk about putting graffiti on a Mona Lisa! HEY GIRLS…NEVER fuck with a perfect set of tits by getting your chest inked. Even if you dont have nice tits dont fuck with your chest,Its not feminine and it makes you look like a cheap pirate hooker. Keep the canvas blank ladies.Your body should be hot enough without it.

  98. I grew up around bikers & retired military folk. So tattoos were normal in my life, so when I turned 18 I started getting tatted up. The only time is was difficult for me was when I started waiting tables. I had to make a deal with them that I would just wear long sleeve shirts all year round, which sucked cause it was west Texas. But nowadays I have a white collared job & it hasn’t affected me none. I actually am glad I have what I have tattooed on me, it keeps the liberal pussies away from me, like I said, I grew up with bikers, cops, & military, so the majority of my tattoos are patriotic, which keep these liberal kids who had mommy & daddy pay their way through college so they could become socialists that I work with to stay away from me, which I don’t mind, haha.

  99. Men do what they want, if you want one because you think it looks cool. Go fucking ham. It’s no one elses business to give theory as to why you should or shouldn’t.

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