Two Feminist Sluts Indoctrinate America

Corinne Fisher and Krystyna (what, mom didn’t like vowels?) Hutchinson are two unfunny New York feminists who host a podcast entitled “Guys We Fucked: The Anti-Slut-Shaming Podcast.” I became aware of this because their show briefly eclipsed Joe Rogan and appeared in the top 10 list on iTunes recently.


Don’t they just look hilarious?

They’re spreading the word that women should be able to fuck WHOEVER they want WHENEVER they want and not be ashamed or called sluts or whores.

According to SoundCloud, there are over half a million regular listeners. While it sits in the “comedy” section, I found nothing humorous about these two.  Situations like this call for different tactics—normally I would just ignore or mock a couple of unfunny, crude, and disgusting feminists. After all, the world is full of bad music, comedy, culture, etc. but the disturbing thing with this duo is they have a large following and a dangerous message that can cause real harm to those who hear it.

While it has been said before that women are not funny, cannot tell a story, and are not fun, I still found it difficult to listen to one of their podcasts. They open by insulting their listeners with profanity: “Hey, fuckers! Welcome to another episode of guys we fucked (guyyyys we fuuuuuckedddd)”.  Girls using profanity is a big turnoff to begin with, but comedians who resort to profanity because they lack original ideas are especially lazy and boring.

A sampling of episodes follows: You jerked off to lightning? Do you want your dick owned? Don’t poppers make your butthole loose? Would you fuck a girl in a wheelchair? Would you fuck yourself? You know we both wanna fuck you? Too late for plan B, too early for an abortion, Who wants to get cum in their eyes? Period sex: Thoughts?.  Every episode seems themed on crassness, sluttiness, and a lack of self respect.

Nevertheless, for research’s sake, I did attempt to listen to the podcast, but could not make it past the 10 minute mark.  Much of the following relies on articles and interviews the two have given.


Fisher and Hutchinson, host to lots of bacteria, and a podcast

Corinne Fisher describes herself as “Jewish from New Jersey, likes makeup and chubby-ish men, has issues with the concept of monogamy and only has sex with people she considers to be her friends.” Hutchinson loves watching porn, especially with her live-in boyfriend, and moved to NYC from Pennsylvania. She briefly “worked as an actress” and now does standup comedy, along with her podcast, with Fisher.

The podcast is less than two years old, and was originally started as a program to interview needy attention seeking sex partners they hooked up with, but has expanded to include interviews with other feminists and reality celebrities, like the cast of Jersey Shore, dominatrixes, and questions for listeners, who they refer to as “fuckers.”

Reading the above description makes me chuckle that anyone ever thought Howard Stern was offensive or crude.

The origin



Basically, I was going through a mental breakdown because I got dumped in a Panera Bread by the guy I thought I was going to be with for the rest of my life. I would go and cry at Krystyna’s house every day, and my hair was falling out, I lost 20 pounds in a month… we had been working together for a long time…anti-slut shaming, to reach a broader audience more than just our narcissistic intentions.

Prior to their podcast, the couple had a “comedy” duo called Sorry About Last Night. Here’s a clip of the two performing 4 years ago.  (For those wise enough to skip it, in summary, there is nothing funny or cute about these girls. They may get some attention because they are still pre-wall with semi-attractive faces, but how this performance encouraged them to continue comedy is a complete mystery).

View of feminisim

“Feminism is really just owning your shit and feeling good about your decisions and just being equal with men”

If ONLY feminism was about women being held responsible for their own actions! We won’t even address the silliness that men and women are the same, for space reasons.

If you’re thinking, wow, sounds like these women must have some serious personal problems if they need meaningless sex with multiple partners, excessive profanity, and an obsession with sex to cover up their weaknesses and shortcomings, well, you would be right. Fisher ran into the ex-boyfriend from Panera Bread, “who all this nonsense started because of — and I really didn’t want to talk about it because I knew I was going to be sobbing. I did talk about it and I did sob, which annoyed me because I hate doing that, but it turned out to be great.”

So deep down after all the cock she takes, slowly destroying her soul one night at a time, is a longing for the one alpha she had but lost years ago. I’d wager there are some daddy issues involved as well.

On pickup artists

The pickup-artist culture is just stupid. You don’t need to pretend you’re a douchebag or be a douchebag to pick up women, and the quality of women you’re picking up might not match with the quality of women you actually want. Pickup-artist bullshit is all a front.

Translation: We are so easy, you don’t even need game to score with us. And game allows men to find higher quality women, which is bad.

Theme of the show

Do what you want with your body and if other people can’t deal with your choices then fuck ‘em

Translation: Be a narcissist! If it feels good, do it. Then proclaim it loudly and shove other people’s faces in it too. If others try to present values or some rules for living other than barbaric sexual freedom, yell and silence them, because they are stupid.

Their priority in life

Our careers. They’re getting better because of the podcast, which is really exciting.

‘Nuff said.


On throwing all social rules out the window

“There are many times in life to be shy, but my vagina is not shy,” Fisher says in the episode. “So this guy, his idea of dirty talk was to ask when was the last time I had sex with someone and I said yesterday, because it was after midnight and—it had actually been that morning—and he was not taking that well. So mid-sex, he stopped having sex with me because I have too much sex.”

Translation: A guy who was thrilled to be getting easy, free pussy from a girl he just met was so overcome by the disgust at the level of sluttiness she revealed to him, that he interrupted his pleasure mid-hookup. So, fuck that guy, right?

I can agree with this movement. If more women were honest and open about their sluttiness, more guys who don’t want to waste time with whores could move on before wasting any time with such garbage. There’s a reason why girls typically lie about their number of sexual partners. It disgusts us.

Breaking news: Guys are turned off by female promiscuity, for many reasons.

As Patrice O’Neal so correctly stated, women suck at telling stories. These girls are no different. Below is a clip of Krystyna telling a horribly boring and stupid story about her frustration when a guy she met did *NOT* want to fuck her on the first night.

The Danger

Young women are extremely mentally pliable, and when exposed to messages such as “have sex with as many guys as possible, there’s nothing wrong with it!” which is scientifically untrue and damaging, many will take this horrible advice. These hosts, despite not being funny at all, have amassed a large audience, and received coverage from the HuffPo, Salon, and Elle magazine, among others, and will be viewed as role models for some.

They were able to move to the Big Apple and live life on their own terms, and now they’ve made it! Only the sad thing is, these women are a few short years from hitting the wall, and are already finding out that men are not interested in a used up woman who doesn’t care when and how often she is penetrated.

You can’t change biology and men are naturally repelled by slutty women, for anything other than a quick hookup. Their situation is disgusting enough on its own, but the fact that they have preserved almost two seasons and counting (or around 100 sexual partners) permanently on the internet, for their next boyfriend to listen to at his leisure when contemplating a LTR with one of these cum dumpsters, is a quite dismal future indeed. Beware, any who follow their advice.

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612 thoughts on “Two Feminist Sluts Indoctrinate America”

  1. Rok needs an article on small town girl game. They’re the only place we can find girls we don’t secretly(or openly) hate.

    1. Small town is easy mode. I hear all the time from small town girls, usually overhear is a better way of saying it, their complaints and they’re pretty consistent.
      1. Have a steady job. Not so you can support them or buy them shit, but so that they’ll actually not be physically repulsed by you for being a lazy asshole.
      2. Be clean and hygenic. Seriously, I hear lots of the 20-30 something bitch and moan how they find a lot of guys who “otherwise would be attractive” don’t particularly care about, you know, bathing.
      3. Have all of your teeth. In order. Still in your mouth.
      4. Don’t bring sex toys to the first date (I’ve honestly heard this from more than one girl)
      5. Be interesting. It’s a coin flip what this means, but it’s always in regards to conversation.
      That seems to be about it. While being female they are not Game resistant, the bar is far lower than it is for Dimes walking down the street of NYC. Some of them, this is hard to believe, still react to Provider Game. Strange but true. The mysteries of flyover country, amirite?

      1. You need to write up a list of the top 10 small towns a guy trying to escape from the coastal areas can find a decent chick in. The bright side on being from Cuckifornia…I have a had to develop a resistance to bitchiness, And flakiness. And women with insane standards. And slutwalks. And the list goes on….

        1. Might be better if the men here from small towns chipped in on this as a group. I’d think a general rule of thumb for small town girls would be “red state” and then “small town” but not small like 100 residents, more like >1,000 and < 7,000 or something like that. Midwest towns can be hit or miss, some are amazing some are not. Out West, the real “Old” west like Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Idaho, etc. might give you a better paydirt to digging ratio.

        2. So what you’re saying is….
          Is the pussy juice worth the squeeze?
          …I’ll see myself out.

        3. Many smaller towns in southwest part of my state, Virginia. Values still hold true (for the most part, a couple of exceptions here and there) but for the most part it holds. Just as long as it isn’t too close to a college town or university. For some reason, that shit seems to seep into the water almost every and anywhere.
          But I have to say the south (some spots) are still golden.

        4. I’ve found red state blue state makes no difference in the rural areas. Heck, the girls I’ve met in rural socialist Vermont are much more pro-gun than those from the deep South. And you will get shamed for having clown hair in either. The plus is the blue state girls didn’t have the prudishness of the deep south–it’s legal to be fully nude in many parts of Vermont, even as a teenager.

    2. I fear those days are coming to a close. The internet and satellite TV are everywhere, even the under 400 population Southern town I grew up in, and the newer generations are about a decade behind but nearly completely enthralled with Lookatmebook, posting Twitticisms, while watching Plastic Slut Dolls on Parade reality shows to catch up with the modern set. True that consistent charm and acceptable hygiene with a steady income go a long way, but more girls are discovering that having babies with uncertain daddies leads to somewhat steady financial security too.
      Attractive girls that are looking for good men are few and far between in small towns too, that is the ones who don’t mean “looking for daddy” when they say “good”.
      Tarnation, what are y’all tryin’ tado anyhow, import abuncha them damn slickers with their newfangled ways and contraptions into our backyard to corrupt the women-folk even farther?

      1. that is the ones who don’t mean “looking for daddy” when they say “good”.
        A solid HB 8, who is 30 (I’m seriously betting that at 19 she was a dime), dropped her number in my lap last week. I had just come in from a long ride in the country on my bike and she and her friend (not so HB, kind of H-Ugh) were there talking and her eyes followed my motorcycle to my parking space. She practically jumped outside of the bar patio to greet me (dufuq?). Talked to me for a solid hour, I barely said anything just sat and nodded and smiled. She and her friend were leaving and, unbidden, she handed me her number (arm touch, bicep to shoulder slide), winked her pretty green eye at me and said “Please, call me” and they walked out.
        Weird shit. It was kind of flattering though, but you just know that this kind of girl, newly minted at 30, is looking either for Sugar Daddy or somebody to raise a kid in tow (no idea if she had a kid, I didn’t bother to ask).

        1. Yeah, that’s the other part I forgot to mention about small town girls, there are a lot who dream about getting away from those roots, wherever they are and going to live a more “liberated” life, if you have money (and especially if you live in a city) then many times you are just the ticket they’ve been desperate for.

        2. That probably plays a large part in it as well, yeah. Though riding in with a leather jacket on my motorcycle I don’t particularly scream Jed Clampett rich. But to her, maybe it does. Or she was just in heat, or I was precisely her “type” or she is an uber slut who does this to every living breathing human with a swinging dick, who the heck knows?
          I save the numbers I’m given, unbidden. If the wife ever decides to pull shit on me, I’ll toss them in her lap, smile, say “I have options sweetie” and walk. Heh. Yes, I am actually something of an asshole at times.

        3. Indeed. She needs a new daddy (and-or support). Yep, always have to be on the lookout. I always wonder when they hit “that age” what they are looking for….more kids, a pay check, provider or new daddy for current kids.

        1. The Fundamentalists in Utah is another. I vacationed there one time and saw them in a Walmart. Women dressed in light blue solid color dresses and men in flannel and jeans. Looked like a set for Little House on the Prairie.

      2. Yes, I think sluts like in this podcast, or say the Kardashians, actually can have a *bigger* influence in small town America than in the cities. Because there is little alternative for entertainment. If you live in the middle of nowhere with satellite TV and broadband internet, your social options likely involve going out to one of 2 restaurants and going to church. The rest of the time they waste on social media, whereas in the big corrupt cities, at least there are options of many things to do besides look at Kim Kardashians latest sex video.

    3. A few years ago I met two girls that returned back home to our small town from LA and NYC. They thought they would be able to bring their “big city feminine ways” to small town America. They were both offended and shocked when I stopped returning their calls and texts after the 2nd dates.
      Since then they have doubled down, both are alone, pumping wine into their bodies likes it’s their job. The wall hit them hard and I suspect they hate themselves as the only guys they can attract are the poser hipster losers our area has to offer.

      1. I observe this scene quite often when I travel. A group of ladies all sitting around drinking wine, complaining about their past or their provider husbands. You can tell they are not happy at all (even though they appear to have everything).
        These are the ones who have done the Alpha fucks, Beta bucks model, usually. They pine away for the Alpha who used them like a trash can at 23 and now they are married to a man who pays for it all (they resent the man for it). It’s sad but I see it more and more these days. These are the type of women to avoid, if possible. If they are approaching 30, no kids and they seem really “ready” to get hitched…then run. They are looking for a provider (beta) husband.

    4. Small town girls CAN and on average probably ARE bettter. But there is a problem. Small town folk (like myself at age 17) tend to look to the city for what is trendy or sophisticated. So these girls can absorb Angela Marcotte shit in a stupid and uncritical way more than even your average big city more worldly slut would. Especially that freshmen year of college when sweet little ol Rebecca of Donnybrook Farm encounters her first radical lesbian man-hating bull dyke professors in her gender studies class.
      And then not just become a casual a slut but a fanatical slut committed to the slut cause. And that’s when you get a real problem.
      I realized how much the world had changed when I saw this hideous looking stout dwarf looking creature walk by my son’s dorm when I was dropping him off. And she (if you can use that word) said hello to my son and his friend and then croaked something about being on her way to have dinner with her wife.
      “Who’s that”, I asked my son. And his girl friend answered, “Oh, she’s gonna be my gender studies professor next semester”.
      Lord help us.

  2. “I lost 20 pounds in a month…”

    Looks like she could use being dumped at Panera at least 1.5 more times.

    1. I read that initially as “Pantera”. Seemed odd to have her listen to Walk as a way to lose weight, but I was willing to consider the possibility that it could happen. I mean it is a badass song, maybe she could get in a mosh pit and bang around and lose some weight?

      1. I’m not exaggerating when I say that song helped cement my love for aggressive music. And only opinion I don’t even consider that their best song. That’s Cemetery Gates.

        1. Good song to drink a beer to with buddies and talk about the universe.

      2. She would definitely shed some pounds listening to that, and I bet she would get “Banged” around in a mosh pit.

    2. Indeed. They look like the typical fattish plain-faced soulless types that regularly infest NYC. They’ll suck dicks by the bag until the wall hits and then they’ll become raving femicunts.

    3. Every time I hear that “lost 20 pounds in a month” thing, I have to laugh …
      I lost 20 pounds on a single day at Ladbrokes and I didn’t act like I’d been through major trauma — Everton fucking lost despite a good start against Arsenal, that’s what. 🙂

  3. Its all just…..depressing. I dont know what else to say about it. I didnt click on any of the videos in the article because I’ve heard it all before. Every girl Ive met that needs to say fuck every other word, brag about her sluttiness, and “be like men” is so emotionally broken and shattered on the inside that I can do nothing but pity them. They have 3 holes to offer and nothing more. Trying to turn having low self esteem and little to no moral value into a social cause is all too common these days.
    Imagine two effeminate men with a radio show, talking about how they should be able to behave like women and still be found attractive. The topics would be how to cuddle better, what jeans make them look fat, nail polish, and yoga studios. Anyone that calls them fags and pussies is fem shaming and subject to angry outbursts and misandrist labels.

    1. The acting out is a function of the Jewishness. They define themselves as not Christian – and therefore anti-Christian – and seek to act and speak in ways which contradict what they perceive as the strictures imposed upon society by Christianity. In the deepest recesses of their minds, they consider being sluts a revolutionary act against Christian hegemony in the West/the Patriarchy. But as we can see, they’re simply engaging in a course of self harm which results in the pain and brokenness that will sustain their revolutionary pose for decades to come. And because misery loves company and women get a certain emotional salve by ruining other women’s possibility for happiness, they will counsel more and younger (Gentile) women to follow suit and follow them into lifelong cat husbandry and spinsterdom.

      1. Thats feminism in a nutshell: “lets destroy ourselves to rebel against the people that want what’s best for us”. Their parents and men that actually want to love them are their sworn enemies.

      2. Judaism promote promiscuity? I don’t think so.
        These 2 are examples of the sickness of feminism.

      3. “and women get a certain emotional salve by ruining other women’s possibility for happiness, they will counsel more and younger (Gentile) women to follow suit and follow them into lifelong cat husbandry and spinsterdom.”
        Preach, Preach, Preach

  4. They are utterly repulsive.
    Men should work on mastering their urges and not feed these kinds of devilish fluidsdumpster.

    1. I think girls like this are necessary in today’s sexual market and good for men, as long as its understood that they are to be pumped and dumped. Its the men that commit time and resources to them that are wrong, and honestly any man that can listen to how they talk and still say “yea she’s wife material” deserves everything he gets.

      1. It is vital that we teach boys this idea. You can also try to teach the women, but don’t expect they’ll listen. If the guys won’t listen, make them.

  5. I think these women, like most women, could look decently attractive if they got themselves in shape, And if raised differently and not allowed to do whatever they want, could have theoretically been decent wives.
    Now they’re heading toward the wall, with their bodies starting to get out of shape. They’ve got a joke of a “career”, and don’t know how to be anything other than pump-and-dump material. They’ll eventually either be spinsters, or get married to some fat loser (that they secretly hate) who couldn’t do better than someone else’s sloppy seconds.
    It reminds me of Roosh’s post about women needing their behavior controlled by men. Because these girls aren’t even halfway through their lives and they’ve already thrown them away.

  6. These people are funny, I laugh every time I hear about their pathetic lives.
    Once they’ve hit the wall, even the whitest of knights wouldn’t touch it with a stolen dick.

  7. Dudes that spend any amount of time listening and cavorting with these disgusting pigs should be sterilized at the least and hung from a tree at best.
    As far as the females go, they would waddle back to their pig troughs and glut themselves on junk food till their hearts burst if everyone just ignored them like any sane person should.
    The modern world…..burn it to the fucking ground and every piece of shit immolated in the cleansing fire.

  8. By and large, “strong language” is weak language. It’s what weak people use in their everyday speech to try and sound like some Joe Pesci tough guy.
    If feminists want to be “strong and independent” they can start by washing their mouths out with soap instead of resorting to some “eat my cunt!” tirade towards Roosh or anybody else.

    1. Strong language used infrequently and at the exact moment when maximum impact is required, is cool. But the key here is *infrequent* and *exact moment*.
      So pay attention girls. Here’s the standard.
      SWJ: “Who are you Mr. White Privilege to demand that I somehow have to put up with your existance on planet earth!?!? I’m going to petition the government to exterminate you.”
      You: “Kindly go fuck yourself, you clown haired, lubtarded piece of whale excement.”
      You: “So, like, my bff was so fucking mad that I didn’t like her fucking lipstick shade and I was all like, you know, fuck you cunt because, like, I really liked it!”

      1. Wait… so like… if I can’t express my opinion to the best friend of my second best friend’s boyfriend then seriously…. fuck you!

        1. Like, totally you know, fuck, it’s just so weird, like, fucking strange right?

        2. Oh my god wait… so like… can someone fucking explain to ME [open palms waving] how the F… that shit even happens? I mean like… are we in the medieval times or something?

        3. It is quite unfortunate that this is actually how conversations go with some women these days.

        4. This is why all the foreign girls I’ve met here in Chicago don’t have American girlfriends. Its impossible for them to speak this bastardized form of English.

        5. Foreign women look at them properly like the freakshows they are! I thought I complained alot about American women until I talked to a Colombian immigrant about them.

        6. Oh it’s English! Got it. Throw in the uptalk and the vocal fucking fry and you’ve got yourself an epic civilizational trainwreck.

      2. People underestimate the power of sternness. It’s showing weakness to fly off the handle. So i like to ask myself….what would Paul Newman do?

  9. The title of their podcast is totally misleading. Guys we’ve fucked should be Guys that fucked us. As much as women would love to imagine that they fuck guys, the truth is, WE FUCK THEM. They get fucked. Sorry ladies. Stay classy.

    1. Exactly. Lots of these idiot miilenial women fail to realize is that getting a guy to sleep with you IS NOT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT. All you have to do is be non-repulsive to get laid.” I wonder how much charm, charisma and personality I need to get that guy to fuck me one time.” Answer: ZERO. Just having a pussy and not being a complete pain in the ass is really all that is needed to “accomplish” ( cough) that objective. On the other hand, a man must CONVINCE a women to sleep with him. The fact that he is walking around with a phallus in and of itself means jack shit.

      1. Depends on the man. The average no-standards fucktard beta, sure, zero. Men with actual standards? I’m that 1 in 100 that would turn down a no guilt, nobody will ever find out bang if it were being offered by some fucking idiot tatted up, shaved headed Millenial chick, even if she was in good shape. To hell with that. If the girl wants to fuck, she can find a billion other men out there who will stick their dick willingly into crazy, but mine’s off the table for consideration.

        1. I was speaking in general terms, of course, but your point about exceptions to the rule is accurate. I’m like you. I have walked into bars, etc. and had women come up to me and say “I want to take you home and fuck you right now” or otherwise throw themselves at me. I would imagine however that even the most handsome and physically desirable men get that kind of “offer” much less often than the vast of majority of even semi-attractive women.

        2. I have walked into bars, etc. and had women come up to me and say “I want to take you home and fuck you right now” or otherwise throw themselves at me.
          I was given that “offer” a few years ago when I was on a business trip in Pennsylvania. Fucking slag chick too, wouldn’t even attract my attention except as a target of taunting, stops me as I’m walking into the place and says “Oh my god, I’m so going to take you out into the parking lot and rape you!”. Drunk as shit too, I could have easily have taken her up on it. I gave her a hearty “No thanks, besides you’re totally drunk. Now if you’ll excuse me” and walked on. Scary shit.
          I do agree that women get offered more than men, clearly, was just noting that not all men have lost their standards due to owning a penis, heh.

        3. The handful of times that such a blatant proposition was offered to me, the girl was usually drunk too. Most of the time they were of average or above average attractivness, but the idea of having to put up with her annoying druken bullshit for God knows how long after the deed was done was an intolerable compromise. There is something about really drunk young women that is uniquely annoying. Most of them are already annoying as fuck when they’re sober. And yes, thankfully some men still have standards. We’d be way more fucked, no pun intended, as a society than we already are, if that’s possible.

        4. Isn’t that the truth (on standards). Men, when it comes to sluts…there are back alley whores (100 bucks) and there are high escort whores (top dollar). Always have a standard and go for the high dollar whore.

      2. To be honest, there are hoards of desperate guys that would have no problem fucking a complete pain in the ass, just because vagina. Beyond that, you’re spot on.

        1. True. The more desperate the guy is to get laid, the more shit he will be willing to put up with.

  10. Typical anti-Christian Jewesses. There is something wrong with many Jewish women who feel the need to wage war on Christianity and whites. That’s what this podcast boils down to – an assault on Christianity and the last vestiges of morality in Western society. The Jewish war on the West (and not all Jews are in on it or bad, many are neutral or even good) needs to be put to a stop.

    1. Update…the story was actually a non-story where she sang Karaoke at some dude’s house and went home…5 minutes and 15 seconds for one of the stupidest stories I’ve ever heard.
      **Other ROK Readers – Don’t waste your time on the videos. You have been warned.**

      1. Too late. My Freakin’ Ears!! They can’t hear!
        Edit: To the author: Next time you post clips from noted sluts, please allow for us to translate into sluttinese. Sluttinese, while not always audible, or listenable around the wife and at church, does allow your average male to get 80% more of what a slut means to say. Thank you in advance.

        1. It’s easy, just take the exact inverse of what they actually said.
          “I’m not like that” = I’m like that
          “Not here for hookups”= I just got pumped and dumped
          “I want a nice guy” = I want to fuck a bad boy, then use nice guy as a tampon
          Note that it’s only when women are talking about their “wants and needs” do they use this inverted language. When they are hanging with their slut friends I assure you they speak very frankly.

  11. If they aren’t overweight yet, they’re on drugs.
    And if they aren’t overweight in five years, they’ll be homeless on the street doing blowjobs for smack.
    And they will never get married. Or remain married for very long. Women like this are pump and dumps until the day they die, which will probably be in about 20 years.

    1. I don’t even want to think about they collateral damage they are going to cause to a man and/or children once married.
      Can you even imagine what being with one of them would be like?

    2. I recently was re-acquainted with the hottest chick from my highschool. A Ukranian immigrant 9 with brains and an educated family background.
      She went from a traditional beauty to a used-up drug addicted slut in her late-20s. When I say drug-addicted I mean she puts out for drugs. She practically seems semi-retarded now and she was the girl that captured every young boy’s imagination.

      1. Further proof that it is the environment and not racial or other traits that preserve femininity. There is nothing inherently superior about Latina, Southeast Asian, or Muslim women. It is simply that their culture has preserved some of their femininity, while the west has destroyed theirs. North American women have the potential to be superb, but instead they are the trash of the world, only because of their environment. Which is why bringing a conservative feminine girl to the west is only one step ahead of failure.

  12. Why write and post articles about such?!? Instead of spending your time wisely on things uplifting. No, I did not read, just scanned. Got something better to do.

    1. Don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out.
      Some of us appreciate seeing real examples of what is going on today, and there are things to be learned, as depressing as they are sometimes. Reality often sucks, but must not be ignored.

      1. Right on. We need to expose the downside of these things going on today because the MSM certainly will not.

      2. You can always choose to ignore reality. However, you can’t choose to not suffer the consequences of ignoring reality.

    2. On things uplifting? The world isn’t filled with unicorns and rainbows. This is a problem that needs to be addressed. These “women” -and I use the term loosely- are spreading a toxic message of hedonism, narcissism, and promiscuity. If your fragile feewings can’t handle something other than cute cat pictures, this site isn’t for you.

      1. So your notion of ‘things uplifting’ is cute cat pictures. My idea about that is something like the handful of books philosopher Anthony M. Ludovici wrote about men, women and feminism. Or ‘Advice To Young Men’ by William Cobbett. But you may want to stick to your feminists. I just found myself a unicorn.

        1. There are plenty of articles on the site discussing philosophers and self-improvement. Go take your pick. To question why someone should write such an article though comes across as ignorant. Are we supposed to just ignore current events and the maladies of our society? I noticed in another comment you made on your Disqus page where you think everyone should work together to solve our societal problems. What does that entail? It entails tackling problems such as the one discussed in this article and bringing them out in the open.
          My point still stands. If you don’t like posts such as this, why do you click on them and waste your time leaving a comment? To me, there are only 2 options for this: You are a fool with your time or you are trolling the comments section.

        2. Quintus has some fine articles that you may enjoy.

        3. I am merely saying these girls (and similar) aren’t worth (y)our time. My stance. Whatever influence you think they have. These cunts are attention whores and even this -negative, exposing- way, they are getting their fix. Besides here on RoK, one is largely preaching to the converted.

        4. I see what you’re saying and, for the most part, agree. That being said, I still think these topics add value. There’s always “unconverted” people who will stumble upon this site and this article might resonate with them. Also, it helps the already converted strengthen their position in case they ever need to talk to someone outside this sphere of influence (Go out into the world and make believers of men).

        5. Fair enough. We got some agreement and also some different take on it here, no problem. I cheer you on!

        6. These “cunts” are pretty much every modern young woman these days in the West. This is our new reality. These women are now the norm and not the exception. The toxic cultural environment that cultivates these kind of whore women needs to be exposed and criticized as this article and much of the content on Return of Kings does on a regular basis.
          Stop with your concern trolling bullshit.

        7. And how is the ‘Return Of Kings’ going to happen if the prince is endlessly analyzing the lowest common denominator in society?!? Answer that. You don’t get to a kingly level merely by avoiding the lowest; kings are made by pursuing the highest (what you call the exception) by the which they flee the lowest (the norm) instinctively. They don’t teach bank employees what false bank notes look like; they only teach them what proper bank notes look like; all deviations are false by default. Where on ROK are the stories about good women, told by their husbands for instance? Those would give a man hope. I am now reading ‘Advice To Young Men’ by William Cobbett in which he advices how to select a good wife i.e. what he looked for in selecting his own wife. The book is 200 years old and even then finding gold was not easy. As it was and is for a woman to find a good man, a king.

        8. Most of us had an experience or event that was just so far over the line it finally drew us to take the “red pill.” I think a podcast with millions of listeners being indoctrinated as to how it is cool and trendy to fuck new strange men and openly talk and brag about it while insulting your listeners with profanity is a pretty stark absurd awful thing.
          I am sharing the story with a friend who is hard core blue pill but very frustrated and disturbed by the actions of women lately. Remember when Dan Quayle criticised Murphy Brown, a fictional character, for having a child out of wedlock? This is orders of magnitude worse. If it doesn’t bother you, fine, go read some philosophy. But philosophy or weight lifting articles aren’t going to grow this movement.

        9. Okay then, catch them, beat them up, gag them, lock them up in a dungeon forever and tell their family they are missing in action. Don’t spend too much time doing it; catch the next ones and repeat.

  13. So I guess when my mother asks me at thanksgiving, for the thousandth time, why I haven’t find a “good girl” yet… I should just pull up this podcast.
    It’s a little drastic but it might be the only way to truly illustrate how vile and disgusting most girls have become. (More so for the type of girls I encounter living in the NYC area).

    1. Use this podcast as an opener, then have a long library built up of other “women”, particulaly feminist sjw’s, to show her after that. A long, long list. Let it really sink in. Throw in some videos of slut walks as well.
      She’ll never ask again.

        1. Yeah, but I’d bet ol’ mom would flip her lid over that and just say this was a bad influence because we’re like, apparently, men here.

    2. That’s a good point. I have been explaining to people (especially older women) that many women are flakes or damaged, and hence, the actual pool of worthwhile women I would estimate is tiny.
      Older people aren’t aware of what is going on now and the really freakish/flakey nature of today’s woman. You have to show others what a man has to deal with. Sad.

      1. Agreed, it’s always a frustrating conversation with my parents ( Father aged 60 and mother 55) because they are just so far removed from what dating has become.
        They still think all you have to be is a good man (i.e. have a job, treat a woman with respect, etc.) in order to meet good girl. It can be a little overwhelming to discuss game, hypergamy, tinder etc.

      2. That is most definitely the truth. I have the same issue with my parents, they are in their 70’s.

      3. True story: My parents were giving me shit earlier this year about why I’m not looking for a serious girlfriend. They told me that I’m “missing some important parts of life”. No shit mom and dad… Who doesn’t want a deeper relationship with the opposite sex?
        So I told them about the marriage statistics… They didn’t buy it. Just excuses. NAWALT.
        So I told them about me and my friends’ experiences with women cheating and flaking on the regular. Just bad apples… Not trying hard enough… NAWALT.
        Finally… I did the only thing I could do to convince my parents… I grabbed my laptop and showed them Facebook.
        “Hey mom, remember that girl from my elementary school, or that girl from work? This is her Facebook page”.
        “I don’t get it Clark… Why are all of these pictures just her posing??? And who are all these people telling her how so incredibly beautiful she is???”
        “Well mom and dad… these girls are what are known as Instagram models.”
        “So they’re prostitutes??”
        “No mom not exactly. Lots of men just offer them compliments and whatever they want just to be acknowledged for a second”.
        “What about the rest of the girls??? Not all the girls are Instagram models… get real Clark.”
        “Obviously… Trust me mom I’ve looked into this… They look like this mom, they’ve put on some weight.”
        “Clark there must be some girls out there worth dating… You’re being cynical.”
        “Nope… This is the reality mom… A lot has changed since you and dad used to go to Church as kids and you could buy a house on a janitor’s salary. Datable girls are referred to as unicorns by men who have any concept of standards. The options are go abroad, make a million dollars, or wait until our society becomes slightly more traditional… which might not happen for a while…”
        Since then my parents haven’t questioned me about girlfriends. And they’ve become much more sympathetic to my idea leaving Toronto Canada. My parents are in many ways quite red-pill.. They just hadn’t seen firsthand how leftists re-engineered our culture.

        1. Funny how people who say NAWALT are making a tacit admission that yes, most women ARE like that…

        2. My conversations are equally frustrating, it just seems I’m arguing in circles when the issue of finding a long term relationship comes up.
          My parents can’t seem to grasp the fact that I do want a meaningful relationship, but not with the trash they are passing off as “women” these days in the US.
          It really is a losing battle when trying to explain, which is why I just smile and nod then steer the conversation in another direction quickly at this point.

        3. I sometimes wonder if I’m being too cynical. Its quickly put to bed when I go on faceboook and see girls that have had trains ran on them professing her undying love for some beta chump she obviously despises. It snaps me back to the reality of hypergamyland mating habits.
          The only way to get a good girl is to find one in her early 20s and its hard to get to them. Im 28 and any girl over 25 is ruined. I set the age parameters from 19-23 on Tinder. Theyre all in college trying to be career women someday. I’m starting to think that a man has to convince a young girl to drop out of college and live with him. He must have his shit together and be ready to knock her up and settle down. It seems like the only solution.

        4. “The options are go abroad, make a million dollars, or wait until our society becomes slightly more traditional… which might not happen for a while…”
          I guess I’m packing my bags and heading to Eastern Europe, then. I don’t see the situation changing for the better any time soon, at least not on a considerable scale. Estonia might be a good bet for me, if I don’t freeze immediately after getting off the plane.

        5. It sounds like the verdict is out, as far as the neo-masculine sphere is concerned, if you want a quality feminine woman, Latina, South East Asian and Eastern European women are the way to go.
          But I hear those women are starting to be infected with the rot that that is “progressive”* liberal western culture. Have to move fast.
          *from here on out I will be putting the word progressive in quotes when using it to describe Western Culture since I fail to see anything progressive with the current state of society.

        6. Don’t worry about the weather, everyone’s different but you can adapt and the Summer there will be nice, people live permanently in much colder places than Estonia!

        7. What’s really vexing is that those who do not turn into hambeasts are sluts.
          So it’s like the choice is:
          1. a slut who will cheat/flake on you and maybe even give you an STD
          2. fatocalypse where she won’t cheat on you but then the broken down rotted out car of yours won’t get stolen either so you get your laundry done but forget sex for the rest of your life (when not wanking to pictures of some other woman).
          3. Bag and tag the hotties after becoming everything you are not just to be an entertaining clown to women with no brains or souls for that matter.
          And people wonder why MGTOW exists. Funny thing is I still manage to get laid even though I care so little for sex and women that if I never got laid for the rest of my life, I could care less. Heck if I was still a virgin I would not have had my life screwed up for the screwing I got. All because the vagina-carriers were programmed to be terminators. It was done on purpose.

        8. Its inspiring to see the attitudes of people who really start with very little(think quadripeligics). Hold your frame, find your own happiness that no one in no way can take from you. You don’t have to have your parents version of happiness to get by in this life.

        9. “3. Bag and tag the hotties after becoming everything you are not just to be an entertaining clown to women with no brains or souls for that matter.”
          I have a real problem with this personally and hence I don’t consider myself a PUA… Even though I’ve been up girls’ asses and down girls’ throats.
          I actually have interests and dreams that I want to follow through on. I don’t have time to dress up and pretend to be some clown talking non-stop about nothing all of the time. I’m down to have fun but the theatrics that girls expect right now are too much of a luxury to fit into my lifestyle. I honestly get frustrated dealing with chicks in real life and how dumb most of them are. When I meet a girl that can have an actual conversation it’s like a breath of fresh air.

      4. I’ve had the same problem explaining modern dating to my parents, both still married and in their late 60’s early 70s. I was raised right. Not a feminist, attractive, slim and fit, no tats, good job, etc. I’m rarely approached. Online dating isn’t for me and I don’t have an Instagram or Twitter account. I barely use Facebook except for professional contacts. I’m monogamous and have had few boyfriends so I’m not “riding the cock carousel.” .I’m not on any prescription meds, don’t do drugs and hardly drink. But I also don’t stand out from the loud, showy, circus-hair freaks. Seems like the guys go for the Burning Man Lady more than the conservative type. I’ve even had guys act weird that I DON’T have a tattoo. One boyfriend kept pestering me to get one–I refused. It does go both ways although to hear you all tell it, it doesn’t. We are out there.
        I started to read ROK regularly (2 years ago) after guys who did approach me acted like such jerks I wouldn’t agree to one date and I couldn’t help but wonder what the heck was going on so I Googled some of the similar behaviors and landed here. I don’t blame the men for their frustrations. Dating nowadays is not the way I would’ve expected 10 years ago either.
        So when my parents kept asking why I couldn’t meet a good guy, I sent them both to CH, RoK and AVFM. They were shocked, my father especially. They see it goes both ways with the women acting like a trash, but my experience has been the men go for that. My standards are not about status and I don’t have a type (other than Caucasian, not overweight and not too old). I don’t date bad boys. I don’t have male orbiters. It’s no fun to meet a guy and have him be rude, (negging done badly?), aloof, or sex-crazed at hello. All turn offs to me and frankly deal breakers. But if that’s the “game” for the majority of women then I guess I’m out of luck.
        There are a lot more women than men so some of us are going to be left out of the loop, especially if we don’t act like sluts. And then there’s the gay male factor which census reports don’t include. I live in a major metropolitan city (although I’m moving to a suburban city early next year). Most people are coupled up there so I don’t know what my odds will be in meeting a good guy.
        I’m not a unicorn or a special snowflake. I’m just a regular female reader that’s sad about the state of morals in both sexes. BTW: my favorite commentator is Ghost of Jefferson. Every time I see the DE spokesman, I think of him. I know some of you tend to mock female posters here and I’m not trolling or looking for pity. I just hope you take this as encouragement from a woman and take care not to let game or cynicism cloud your judgment in your pursuits. All the best.

        1. I gotta say, this is the only genuine female post I’ve seen here and I have to agree with you. Many of us here began as naturally good guys (not overly beta or soft) but were forced to learn how to play the game. The majority of women today respond well to asshole-ish, aloof behavior from men so we have no choice but to play along. Ive gone out to pick up girls with guys that study PUA and it is a disaster.
          Personally, my last relationship was with a hardened slut pretending to be a good girl, hoping for a LTR after years of the carousel. My attempts to connect with her emotionally were constantly rejected until I gave up. It was 5 years ago and she still texts me endlessly, wanting me to save her. Im convinced that she wanted to open up but couldnt. The carousel ruins women.
          After seeing several other guys tricked and mistreated by fake sluts, its hard for me and other men to believe that you are what you say you are. Even though you sound like the ideal girl, we’ve heard it all before. Its unfortunate but many of us have stopped looking for you because we encounter so many awful females.

        2. Assume you are probably American? There’s plenty of normal women like you in Europe but more the exception among the Americans. Anyway I’m realizing that the 18-30 set among both genders is rather messed up and confused at the moment. Tattooing/piercing is often correlated with that and that sounds like a disturbed soul trying to push you into it

        3. I appreciate the kind words. I am American. Born and raised in the buckle of the Bible belt. I’m almost 30. I haven’t’ come close to hitting the wall at least in appearance, just the #, (clean lifestyle/no cock riding), so there’s still time but it seems hopeless when I want a good man to share a life with and what I keeping running into is either callous or immature. I’ve tried to date men in their late 30s early 40s to combat this, but I find either bitter divorcees or MGTOW.
          To be fair, the ex-bf was not a “disturbed soul.” His sister convinced him to get a tattoo when he was in college and I think the ubiquitous tats on everyone has some peers treat me like I’m weird for not having even one, teeny tiny tat somewhere. It’s the if everyone jumps off the bridge…
          He wasn’t the first guy though to act surprised and inquire as to WHY I didn’t have one. You’d be amazed.
          To Brock: Sorry about your experiences. I guess the bad girls ruin the good guys, and the bad guys ruin the good girls? Nobody wins? Why can’t the good folk find each other and leave the bad ilk to one another? Cosmic irony?
          I wonder to something you said in your comment: before I found RoK and CH (I don’t go to AVFM too often–too vitriolic) I got the sense from some of these “game” guys that they weren’t really being themselves. Like they were posturing but instead of calibrating their game when I didn’t respond well, they ramped up. I think there was an article here that discussed calibration and Roissy has touched on it, but I don’t think the message is getting through. If the girl is backing away/shutting down or freezing up, shouldn’t the man adjust accordingly and take notice she’s not responding like a “hardened slut or party girl?” I’m not suggesting he flop over and go all Beta or whatever, but just pay attention and maybe treat the woman differently in the hopes she is actually different? It’s as if game face is on and the men can’t break out of the routine. They are so convinced in the rules that in spite of information to the contrary they actually behave worse? The good woman, if she has normal self-esteem at all, isn’t going to go for it. Now, of course if the men are just looking for sex, in which case, I guess they have nothing to lose but to push as hard as they can and move on to easier pastures when it doesn’t work out.
          The reason I ask is I tried to give a couple of seemingly Beta-type guys a chance because they seemed so awkward and artificial in their game. Like a bad actor. I thought it was male bravado or just peacocking a bit. But they never loosened up or let their authentic self come through (Game all the way–transparent too) so nothing happened between us. Is there any way men can proceed with caution, but not act like jerks, thereby scaring off the woman whose not responding to the typical standard fare? Rare as it. Or, is it once the game is ingrained, the red pill swallowed, all women are seen as “hardened sluts” [insert descriptor of choice] and there’s no going back to trust, faithfulness and compassion? I’m a little afraid I’ll never meet a guy that wasn’t flattened by a woman and I’ll in a sense pay for her crimes. I refuse to believe every guy out there is a game-jerk (no offense but you catch my drift). It could be where I live so I’m hoping the move will help not hurt my chances. What you described is what I seek: “naturally good guys (not overly beta or soft).” I’m not interested in a doormat but just someone friendly, decent and honorable. I didn’t think it would be so tough and I’ve dated bald, shorter than me, blue-collar, white-collar, so I’m not hung up on looks.
          It’s a mystery. I feel bad for all of us. What a nightmare.

        4. To summarize: NAWALT. Give me a break!
          My favorite line “I’m not a unicorn..” No S***, Sally, unicorns don’t exist.
          What saddens me is how many red pill gents bought this crap. The White Knight… it is strong in you. I’m not trying to bust your balls gentlemen, but you either learn to recognize female game or you get used.

        5. Sorry to burst you bubble ….”I’m almost 30. I haven’t come close to hitting the wall…”. uhhh, yeah you have.

        6. Truth? This is the response I was expecting and hey, you’ve earned it. If Roosh is serious about his last article on “How women can’t make decision for themselves” then I’m sure he can figure out a way via Disquis to contact me and let the chips fall where they may (not for himself). I’m throwing my hands in the air. But don’t rag on the men who picked up on my sincerity. I’m the real deal, whether you can see it or not.

        7. No smoking, drinking or caterwauling? No, I haven’t hit the wall. I’m not here by choice but and that’s why I commented. Best!

        8. I noticed your post and especially noticed your reasonable and sincere attitude. You wrote a lot, and I believe you show some passion and very frank honesty in your post. Your willingness to talk about your perspective as a woman meeting men, whithout resorting to insulting men and bashing RoK readers (as usally happens) is appreciated.
          I understand your frustration regarding meeting men. You are right, there are certainly plenty of men who are of an unhealthy mindset and are very poor representations of the male sex.
          I also know that many men over a certain age who are not already in a long-term committment are often 1) those who have personal problems, 2) only willing to use a woman, or cannot fully commit, 3) the kind that would de deemed unworthy by your average healthy woman (weak men, obese slovenly men, rough-looking/trashy guys, losers, etc). The rest of us are a different story, however.
          I can’t speak for all men, however I do understand that there are a few worthwhile, feminine, and respectable women still out there. I have often found that most were already married (or otherwise committed). Though these women exist, they seem to be extremely hard to find, at least those who are not much older, unattractive, obese, or undesirable for other reasons. The number of women I meet, and that now includes younger ones, who show narcissistic tendencies or are otherwise flakes or undesirable is unfortunately very high.
          Perhaps the men who you say won’t relax and be just open without running game on women are doing so because on the whole, women often are that way, and so it is unusual to find a woman who doesn’t require jumping through hoops just to build attraction. It’s extremely frustrating being a man, because we constantly face rejection and have little choice except to try to increase our odds, based on how interactions with women now are typically I have met a few women who were “normal” but the last one was Mexican and not born here.
          Your frustration and disappointment does not surprise me, because I understood some time ago that the situation that has been created is bad for both men and women, or at least bad for women who do not have personality disorders/are stable unlike so many.
          Those who just want to meet a normal, stable potential mate like happened in the USA in decades ago have to struggle with the consequences of anti-male societal norms and feminism reducing men to worthles money generators and a mere toy to be used/thrown away on a whim. Along with a lack of upbringing to women that includes family values, honesty, fidelity, femininity (with class), and respect and responsibility.
          At this point, I’m sorry to say I think there is nowhere to go but down. Unless I find a woman somehow who really is the “real deal”, I’ll have to head back overseas again to meet women who actually want a worthwhile man, and aren’t mentally damaged.

        9. Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed post. I do appreciate your insight. I personally think the situation between the sexes seems lose-lose currently. Not for the bad people but the good. Churches and community aren’t helping. At least not where I am. I agree with your assessment of available men above and would point you in the direction of Ghost of Jefferson’s appraisal of “small town” women in the comments way below. It about sizes with me even if I live in Hollyweird. I’m getting out of here by the way. Too weird.
          I’m truly sorry if I’m invisible due to the situation. That’s basically where I’ve accepted my lot. I’ve tried to show otherwise to no avail. I read RoK and CH daily. I don’t agree with everything (more on a spectrum of analysis) but I won’t deny the women you complain about are making it harder for ladies like me to stand out and given the male lament, I’m left scratching my head.
          I respect the rejection you face as men, I don’t cold approach men (which given the times could be part of the problem). I’m not impenetrable, but “the color of my panties” isn’t going to work on the likes of me. You get it?
          It’s not that I’m uppity or humorless but the crassness of everything given Tinder, etc. has turned everything into a base, callow two-step of dance of will or won’t ya? I’m not a prude but I’m not interested in the hook up culture, FWB or otherwise and to this day have maintained myself as so even to my possible detriment, i.e. loneliness. I’m sad.
          I agree the current system is atrocious. I alone cannot fix it. I strive to do right and that’s all I can do, singlee or coupled. That’s the deal. It just seems like a losing proposition but I cannot grow bitter, or man-hatey or angry. Even if it isn’t going to work out the way I would’ve thought a decade ago. I’ll take my lumps. All the best!

        10. The wall is biological. At “almost 30” you aren’t as attractive or fertile as you were at 20, what eggs you have left are at higher risk for progeny with congenital defects… your eggs don’t care that you still look good or that you don’t smoke or drink or “ride the carousel”… (which is debatable as well… just because a woman only has sex with men she “dates” doesn’t mean she isn’t ragged out times three, just sayin’)
          You yourself stated that “there is still time” indicating that even YOU realize that your best years are behind you.
          Listen lady, I mean YOU no harm, I am sorry that you were convinced by our degenerate society to fritter away your best years… but this website isn’t for YOU, is it? YOU commented with a thesis that NAWALT and YOU happened to be the exception. What you provided was the perfect example of so called “red pill women” out there trying to convince men (and themselves) that they are something that they are not. The fact that ANY man familiar with the red pill was willing to buy your song and dance is disturbing. You are the perfect example of the wolf in sheep’s clothing that men need to be on the look out for because as the red pill gains traction, there will be more and more of them out there that are quickly approaching (or past) the wall saying the right thing (ex. “I am not a unicorn or special snowflake”) while clearly believing something else.

        11. Everyone is responsible for their own failures. You say you’re in situations where you feel as though men are being artificial with you. So why don’t you just ask them whether or not they are, and engage them in an honest dialogue? By remaining in the situation without bringing up your reservations, you are being as disgenuous as the other person. You’re also reinforcing the very culture of fakeness and social brinksmanship that you so claim to despise.
          I know plenty of guys around my age (25) who are friendly and decent, and they’re not obssessed with game and they don’t hate women. (They do hate dating apps and how hard it can be to actually engage a woman who has dozens of different options open to her.) They’re all looking for a woman that is younger than them, in shape, kind, and beautiful. Not one of them cares about what job the woman has, or even whether she’s all that smart. So I can’t see any reason why any attractive woman (unicorn or otherwise) can’t find a decent man if she looks hard enough.
          Maybe your time would be better spent being more genuine in your interactions with the opposite sex instead of baring your soul on internet comment sections?
          How hard are you really trying? (You should be trying really hard, because that guy wasn’t lying when he said there’s gonna be fertility complications.)

        12. Hey, I’ve got an idea…. why don’t YOU date Ali? And then maybe we can convince Roosh to turn RoK into a sort of Tindr for walled out women and the men that buy their BS! Wow, brother.
          [shakes head sadly]

        13. Exactly: any woman worth marrying is hitched by 22. If she isn’t married, there is something wrong with her (please note that the opposite is NOT true, i.e. just because a woman is married doesn’t mean there isn’t something wrong with her)
          You’ll notice she doesn’t state what she was up to in her prime…. working on her career, education, and/ or in “relationships” that didn’t work out… i.e. feminist behavior and Alpha fucks.
          This is a clear example of:
          A) A woman approaching the wall rewriting her personal history in a better light
          B) A woman stating NAWALT with herself as the exception
          C) Attention seeking behavior: “I’m gonna comment on red-pill site all about ME, and MY problems/ opinions, and men will validate ME”
          D) Refusal to accept responsibility for her actions…. somehow that fact that she couldn’t secure a LTR is because of a lack of good men.

        14. aaanndd there it is: “I’m the real deal, whether you can see it or not.” Translation : “I AM a unicorn AND a special snowflake”
          I’m sure you are (just like all the rest)

        15. The current methodology TRP et al teaches, that is easiest to write and perform, while actually achieving the goals at hand, is merely a functionally static high-litmus first pass filter. It does nothing to teach the mechanism, nor the solution.
          The mechanism is to understand, without exception, that women (i.e. children) are rote memorizers, and this includes all social plays. They never build, they never pay the price to internalize the lesson to have something to build upon, they thusly always imitate. Such perpetual children only care about imitation, not actuality. How can they?
          This means they will always be second best, no matter how many of Men’s innovations/tricks/techniques/skills/civilizations/etc they internalize. This means they will never understand, nor confess, that any achievements they own are in fact not their own, at all, nor ever will be. And this means, in the end, that they can never be given any credit at all. Further, to escape, this means, men must become experts at destroying themselves – their shadows – as these rote imitators perpetually strive to become them yet never can be.
          Recognize: You act, improve, you pass perfection on. But time moves on, and so you do too – afterall, there is no choice, you must – and lo, your shadow now stands against you on the new minuscule incremental improvement delta – and now you fight yourself but with tits, all over a delta that you innovated not with tits. Furthermore, any child should have undying gratitude for all improvements of Man, as men afford them, not the other way around, yet your titful shadow stands there defiantly, *because they thought credit should be theirs*. It never was. It might be today, but today doesn’t last, so if they are to eat past today, it never can be. Ever.
          Grant women no credit. Give them nothing. Give them nothing, and you will in fact be the most benevolent. Animals who entertain varying degrees of female credit, of female choice, stay animals, stuck in the mud. You must give them nothing, you must give your prior self nothing, there is no choice. Do this, and you will escape your own bubble of delusion; they are not, nor can ever be, ‘on your side’.

        16. Inevitably we will see that this insanity of what is happening now affects both genders, as would be expected. I’m willing to hear how it is in that case, and explain to any women I run across why things are so hard for men now. So few seem to any inkling of how it is being a man.
          No need to be so dramatic. Not “buying any bs.” Chill out dog, it’s just a discussion.

        17. Agreed. Don’t buy this tripe, gentlemen. She speaks with a forked tongue as do most woman. Particularly those who’s nesting instincts are in overdrive. Ali, you will find little to no sympathy from the men here. Not because we hate women, but because we understand them. Probably better than they understand themselves.
          Hate to break it to you lady, but you dug your own grave. On a positive note, the single life is inherently liberating, once you’ve discovered the divine truths that lie within yourself, it will be impossible to carry hate around in your heart.

        18. “and I’ve dated bald, shorter than me, blue-collar, white-collar, so I’m not hung up on looks.”
          Well clearly you are because you are still single and didn’t find any of those men worthy enough to commit to. And don’t tell me those type of men were the type of PUA, gaming men you describe. I doubt that very much.
          I also notice your racist preference for only Caucasian men, which is another limiting factor. You never see white men limiting themselves to white women, and in fact, the kind of white men who want to settle down and find a good girl realize finding a woman from a more conservative, Eastern culture like Asian, Indian, Latin is actually preferrable. Why is it that white women aren’t as open to men from other cultures and are so incredibly racist in their sexual and mating preferences? A lot of men from other Eastern cultures are exactly the type you seem to want.. ie., those who have grown up in a culture that prepares them for marriage and commitment.
          Anyway, it’s really your loss in the end for limiting yourself in that way. Good luck.

        19. yeah, I find her bullshit and complaining about not being able to find a man who isn’t obsessed with Game, etc, to be highly suspect. There are so many men in their 20s and 30s who would love to find a sweet, decent, not slutty girlfriend.. but can’t.
          She’s just the typical female with the lament ‘where have all the good guys” gone. .while she only has eyes for the top 5% of men in terms of looks and status. All the other guys who would make for good boyfriends and are the type she claims she wants are all invisible to her.
          Never listen to what a woman says.. but rather pay attention to how she behaves and acts.

        20. Point of order: you don’t hit the Wall, the Wall hits you.
          Over and over and over and over and over … 🙂

        21. thanks for that honest comment at the bottom there im glad you admit that you’ve stopped looking lots of guys have also stopped looking but claim they are and there’s just no one around: mgtow. it is what it is……what annoys me about all this is that yes the wisdom communicated here is straight to the point, very much needed and I visit here often (I am very much in tune with the mra and participating in ways to improve the situation). What annoys me is that it seems that here and elsewhere similar, men are ‘allowed’ to transform from beta-simps to informed betas/potential alphas etc.. who know some dark truths and have developed their game.
          BUT there seems to be no lee way for women who have been feminists in the past, sluts or entitled who have done real work on themselves through therapy, coaching, personal development and have really seen the light. The inflexibility for these type of women is a little sad. Before I am reminded about the difference between ‘girl as gate keepers, men the key’ I also know that a strong connection with someone who is virtuous is much more important than the number of partners they have had etc..
          If someone has really done work on themselves to transform then they truly have taken responsibility for their past actions and hurts and changed. There seems to be no empathy for women in this way. I know, I get it. But I just can’t envision a future where any of you single guys still looking in the western world where you will find a women who has escaped unscathed by the huge feminist/entitled female influence.
          If a man is allowed to transform himself, then why is a woman not?
          Another reason I am asking this question is because I was thinking of becoming a therapist/coach to men with a red pill influence, but the more I read about this the more I think that I should change my focus to women. What keeps striking me is the guys who have ‘seen the light’ don’t seem to have any flexibility for a female who has also recently ‘seen the light’.
          Of course, there are plenty of women who will claim to have changed but actually haven’t, but there are many ways to test them out.
          The virtue expected of the women seems off kilta. Men find their blue pill ways don’t work so they change, but the primary reason is because what they were doing didn’t work NOT because it is ‘right and virtous’ that seems to be ok, but if a woman gets to 25 and she has taken all the feminist bs hook line and sinker and says the same then the attitude is ‘forget her she’s a slut she’ll never change, even if she did she’s sloppy seconds’ how is that right? If training for men exists via game etc.. and they can be ‘forgiven’ for past blue pill mistakes then why is this not able to extended to women?
          I envision a kind of training school for women before they get washed up is the future. But for those have GENUINELY seen the light at a later date there seems to be no flexibility at all in giving them a chance.

        22. its like women are not capable of virtue….ever. never in human life time have they been able to display this quality. nope. only men can. and thats how it is! ???

        23. and now what she’s supposed to now just give up and let her vagina shrivel up? im sure shes aware she cant attract some of the same guys as before.

        24. Hey Ali I feel an affinity for your frustration (female here). I am happily coupled up now (after much therapy and soul searching) and I took onboard the mantra of taking responsibility for my own actions or bad choices. I am a female who ventures here often and many other mra places as I am developing a plan for a future project in this area. What I am observing is that alot of these guys are so disgusted and hurt that they do end up closing up the part of them that is needed to invite in a genuine woman who they can connect with. That is natural. It’s self-protection. But it can’t go on forever. 🙁
          I get it. Gynocentricism sucks ass. That’s why I’m here. Alot of the wisdom shared on these pages is excellent and should be taken into account. It’s when the guys react in very rigid ways they develop the equivalent of the female ‘list’ in their head. This can chase away any genuine women like yourself.
          However, despite your reasoned and reflective comment I didn’t sense the amount of self-reflection needed to break away from your past failures with men. There is something you are either doing too much of or not doing, or not observing and amending about yourself going on. Can you honestly ask yourself what it is?
          Doing this work on yourself makes the pool of eligible men even smaller then it is already, but that’s what you want. Honestly. You act virtuous you’ll attract virtue. If you meet a guy who may have become virtous in recent times but his past is a little shaky, test him out, take your time see if he has changed. I say the same advice to guys. Also, I’d encourage you to make the first move more often. It may not be ‘feminine’ but as long as the move isnt too hard or pushy, just encouraging the guys will appreciate it, as they know they’ll be dealing with a woman who doesn’t play games.

      5. When and if you show an older person what today has really turned out like, do you point out they likely had a big hand in it happening? As a generation I mean. Depends on how old you are talking about.

        1. You know what? That’s a great point. If and when I run across those who are likely to be the case you mention, I won’t hesitate to do so.
          The people I sometimes talk to however are immigrants or older people who raised good kids, so in both cases it’s an alien idea to them about what is going on in contemporary society now.

      6. As far as I’m concerned, there are no more good women on the planet. They are all “like that” now. This could just as well be a post-nuclear wasteland.

        1. I guess you could say “for all practical purposes” that’s true, at least in western society.
          I know for a fact that there are some awesome women who are great examples of what a woman should and can be. Unfortunately it involves a plane ride, round-trip tickets, and learning to speak another language in order to do so.
          A man should not have make a major cultural shift just to find a decent woman. This is getting absurd and I’m extremely concerned for the future.

        2. Spot on!
          It used to be that a “good girl” was one with an intact hymen that DIDN’T know what cum tasted like or what it felt to fart cum bubbles…. now it means that she only does that stuff with her “boyfriend”…. it doesn’t matter that she dates 5 or six (more like 10 or 12) guys a year for 15 years before she marries herself a schlub begging for sloppy 10 thousandths. Sad really.
          On the bright side, think of all the money modern men have saved on prostitution!! They give it away for free these days, hell, if your game is on they’ll even pay for the “date”!

        3. And they don’t, not when the cultural shift is factually impossible to afford at least. They stop asking, and just take what they want.
          Misfortune then, that social sync has infected all. Not much point in fighting over the pointless.

    3. The majority of older conservatives, especially older male conservatives, are VASTLY ignorant of how uncouth women have become. I have similar conversations with my folks. They all have the built in white knighting instinct. Combine that with how manipulative women are, how good they are at playing the victim, and you have a bunch of naive old fucks who take shit like “rape culture” seriously.
      Like when that whole Ellen Pao thing happened with reddit, my dad read about it in the newspaper (heh…newspaper…) and asked me if i’d ever heard of Reddit, saying it sounded like a horrible, misogynistic site filled to the brim with violence against women….ect.
      And he’s a fucking conservative…

        1. You aren’t wrong…but if someone like my old man were to stumble on this site his white knight instinct would kick in and he would reject it, whereas he’d eat the BS being fed to him by a newspaper without question.
          The older generation lacks a certain cynicism.

        2. My dad also has the built-in white knight instinct.
          He’s said to my mom in front of me and brother many times growing up… “If you get fat, I’m leaving…” In many ways my dad is as red-pill as it gets but the idea of not taking care of women completely disgusts him.

        3. My dad is hard core red pill but doesn’t know it.
          My sister got into big trouble, drunk driving, had to basically sit in the tank and dry out one evening. She called him to come help her. He said “Nope, not my problem, this is your mistake, own it”, hung up and let her sit in jail for 3 days. He does that kind of thing a lot (not necessarily to her). Fun as hell to see his example in a world filled with manginas. Of course he is retired military, served in Vietnam and used to be a Marine so that probably has something to do with it. Nicest man in the world but don’t expect him to pick you up as an adult if you made a stupid mistake that you should have known better about.

      1. Your dad’s a cuckservative. Reddit is filled with soft, libertarian college white boy types
        This is why all right wing movements should have young nationalists as its core, and traditional nice-guy conservatives as sidekick. The “alt-right” is actually the mainstream right

        1. Yeah, the idea of reddit being home to anything other than niceguy friendzoned male feminists is just beyond the pale.
          Well I just hope cuckservatism isn’t genetic. Heh.

    4. My stepmother (before she passed) used to ask me why I didn’t date American girls. I never had the heart to tell her the unvarnished truth. She was from another generation (75 yrs old in 2014) and probably couldn’t handle it.

      1. I was recently back home and visiting family and my aunt of 71 asked me, “I never understood why you didn’t come home years ago and marry a local girl.” I told her, “the dating pool around here consisted of nothing by divorced women with kids who probably have issues and I simply didn’t want to spend my time supporting her and raising another man’s kids.”
        She thought for a few seconds and agreed with me.

        1. Yes I think once women of that generation understand the facts on the ground, they agree with you.

        2. That’s true! Immigrant women tend to be pretty realistic about women here, I’ve noticed too.
          They sometimes point out how women here are immature and their priorities (American ones, that is) are very disappointing.

        3. Damn right. I make sure that I give younger men that speech about hooking up, dating or marrying a woman with kids. The divorce rate in this country is bad and most of the time it’s filed by the woman for (pick a reason). She’s now looking for a new daddy (extra support) for the kids. Not I…no thank you.

        4. Yeah, and most immigrant men won’t touch a skanky Americunt. In the past couple of years I’ve had a Russian friend (in USA) return to Russia to grab a wife, and a Vietnamese guy fly back to VN came back married, neither one would even consider dating an American.

      2. Have the same conflict, can’t bring myself to tell my mother exactly what my thoughts are regarding women.

    5. Indeed. Too many examples out there, today, as to why a decent (good) woman is hard to find. Women used to be able to bullshit people, make up excuses, etc…and they still do. The only difference this time around is that they are stupid enough to log their every moment and movement (Facebook), take selfies, etc…so it’s too hard to deny it any longer. I know several women in the “age range” (32-36) and they all whine about not being able to find a good man.
      Meanwhile, they are acting like the women in these videos, trying to ride the cock carousel a little longer and it’s not working out for them. They have no idea that they are that used car (high mileage) that no one wants to own (just rent or ride for free). It’s sad but too true.

  14. Do what you want with your body and if other people can’t deal with your choices then fuck ‘em
    Here’s what this means in reality:
    “Ignore any long term consequences for your decisions. Just disregard realizing one day that you truly regret your choices and that you have ruined your future. Give no importance to those that might attempt to help you see that your choices are wrong before it’s too late.”

  15. Funny how feminists only way of becoming “equal” to men is by being rude and intolerable in every way. What’s wrong with becoming scientists and finding a cure for cancer ?
    That would make us actually respect them and perhaps go hmm…perhaps this equality thing is not so bad. But I guess that’s asking too much, so slutwalks is all we will ever get.

    1. I agree with you. There does seem to be this attitude that to be considered a strong independent and smart women you must behave and/or dress like a man ( or their limited perceptions of a man,) I am baffled my this and have many heated conversations with women who feel this way.

    2. Barbie said: “Math is hard.”
      Feminists said: “Men create an uncomfortable work space.”
      Adopt both and what more reason would a female need to not go into STEM and still maintain an outlet for bitching about how unfair it all is?

    3. The funny thing is, there are plenty of female scientists and engineers. Especially chemical engineers. And I never met one that is a feminist.

      1. I’ve met plenty.
        EDIT: Met plenty of feminist scientists in psychology… None in engineering.

        1. the only valid branch of psychology practiced in the west is evolutionary psychology – everything else is post-modern bullshit
          this is why the equalists are so scared of “biotruths”

        2. There are some aspects of psychology that have real world application such as user interface design, gender differences, etc. but that’s about it..most of it is “post-modern bullshit”.
          Evolutionary “science” is not truly science.
          Nobody knows the origin of life, how the universe started, how old the earth is, etc. Believing the writings of Charles Darwin and his followers is no different than believing the Bible.
          Evolution, the Big Bang, carbon dating, etc. can only be proven with a time machine and therefore are faith based and not valid science.
          Evolution is the government’s attempt to get us to follow the “scientists” that they create in their taxpayer-funded universities…just like governments of old had priests for people to look to for guidance.
          I agree there are “biotruths” such as gravity, innate gender differences, etc. but they have nothing to do with unprovable theories.

        3. Protocells were the origin of life on Earth. They are even produced and replicate in lab conditions increasing in speed when they are on montmorillonite clay. Plus the world was an RNA world for a long time before the more stable DNA evolved. Also, carbon dating is based off of radioactive isotope half-life decay rates so you don’t need a time machine. We know Carbon-14 in the fossils is how old it tells us it is because the organism’s body stops taking in new Carbon-14 at death and the atoms already in the organism begin their decay like a timer that begins to run. I believe in God, and thought evolution was flawed, but as someone who has actually gone on to study evolution and biology I can tell you that they know a lot more today than they did 30 years ago. Science can be just as religious as religion, but discounting evolution without actually studying it daily for at least a year or so is as lazy as scientists who insist there is no creator and no other realities of consciousness exist because evolution says this is all there is. People find evolution hard to believe because the effects of natural selection are so drastic and impressive. Of all the animal species that existed the things alive today are the genetic survivors of multiple mass extinctions, competition, and mutation.

        4. You just have to look at the pickup artists and who just went to town figuring the female mind out..getting results in a few years that 30 years of ivory tower psychology would have never produced.

        5. Because scientists deal in facts and logic! (Why we have two sciency sets for our nearly 6y.o. for christmas already. I cant wait!)

        6. A belief in God does not mean you must reject science, nor does it mean you must consider science and faith as being at odds with each other…just as a person who takes solace from the words and example of Christ does not need to accept everything that occurred in the Old Testament as literal truth. You can accept the wisdom of a statement like “Judge not lest ye be judged, why do you see the splinter in your brothers eye when there is a log in your own?” without allowing yourself to get bogged down in pseudo-scientific debates as to whether the Earth spontaneously appeared 6000 years ago.

        7. When I say psychology I’m also talking about neuroscience/artificial intelligence/human-computer-interaction/etc… I use the term more broadly but I agree with you guys.

        8. I’m a guy thinking of biology or engineering, and I have to say feminists are clueless (no offense to your daughter). I guess when you’re rational enough for the sciences, you don’t prescribe to such a cult.

        9. This is what I love about RoK-we not only discuss women, but other things like business and, in this case, science. Honestly, this is the Library of Alexandria!

        10. Oh, trust me, I’m free with my criticisms.
          I actually don’t think it’s that science precludes feminism; rather, the kind of people inclined to feminism are those that aren’t inclined to a scientific environment. It’s phantom fears and finding patterns to justify emotions, rather than looking at facts and using reason.
          Feminists are fearful and insecure. Scientists are confident and purposeful, despite the stereotype of the science nerd as sheepish and timid.

        11. Thanks, and the same to you. I personally believe that a strong father figure makes the difference. When they believe in themselves, they don’t need to find comfort in conspiracy theories.

        12. Im just pleased she has such a strong interest in science. If we can get her using the scientific method across various areas of life, we might, just might, show her the wrongness of feminism.

        13. Don’t know how old your girls are, but mine were steeped in reality from the time they were young (21 and 18 now). Helps that their mom is an accountant who is now a CFO; she doesn’t believe in unicorns, either.

      2. There’s plenty of them in the pseudoscientific field of psychology, coincidentally enough.

        1. I’m pretty well a science nerd, leaning towards biology and engineering, and believe it or not, most of my science teachers have been women! However, they aren’t the majority, and the feminists rallying for more women in STEM know fuck all about science, for the most part.

        2. Why would that be hard to believe? There is an old saying “those that can, do; those that can’t, teach.” Why go out to the real world and have to compete, when one can sit in the ivory tower and be “celebrated” (and promoted) not for your accomplishments but for having female genitalia. As a bonus you get to mind f and male bash the next generation.

        3. You are so right, ‘psychology’ and it’s equally pseudoscientific cousins ‘gender studies’ and ‘social justice’ prove that intelligence and feminism are inversely proportional.
          Sorry to interject, but I just discovered ROK. I do believe I am home…

        4. I’ve got a few more for you.
          African American studies
          Historical misogyny
          the merits of cyberporn in society
          Harry Potter
          …and so forth.
          Take a look at the social justice scat being shat into the open pitchers that pass for millennial brains. It will blow your mind.

          Welcome home brother. Take a seat, pull your keyboard near and have at it…

      3. Don’t blame them. Why would a woman of merit want a bunch of harpies parasitically feeding off her personal accomplishments?

        1. Excellent point! I never thought about it that way.
          In engineering school, there were much fewer women but they were of much higher quality than other departments both physically and mentally. There were even a good number of outright stunners.

      4. Feminists are all dumb and are not capable of studying real sciences. That’s why they study pseudo-science like gender studies.

      5. You are delusional. Female scientists are women working in a traditionally male field, if they are successful they postponed making and raising a family to attend to college and/ or post graduate school and are therefore by definition, feminists. Just because they value their career enough not to attend slut walks doesn’t change that fact.

    4. I’ve read that a compound in a species Brazilian hornet venom cures cancer. Because cancerous cells have an element of their cellular membrane inverted (a metaphorical valve), the compound destroys that element of the membrane, causing the contents of the cells to leak out and the cell to die. Because non-cancerous cells aren’t inverted, they are left unharmed.

      1. Read up on it, they didn’t mention that anyone actually was cured. I bet it’s another “We need to test this for another 10 years before we can release it, so tough luck if you are dying from cancer right now” thing.

        1. The article said just that. Its very unlikely it would ever be marketed, because companies are making quite a buck selling their chemotherapy paraphernalia. Hippocratic oath doesn’t apply to companies.

        2. I got into an argument with this demented feminist on FB. She honestly believed that Big Pharma is there to help people and aren’t creating drugs to make an obscene profit from. And that they wouldn’t suppress drugs that would kill their profits.

        3. Its not even hard to prove, just look at what they do with studies. If they really wanted to cure people the studies would be done as honestly as possible, and released as fast as possible. As it is now, if they even bother to release negative studies(which they are required to by the FDA) its often 5 years later(FDA “requires” them to be released after 1 year). If Big Pharma pays for a study they are just under 4 times more likely to find a positive outcome than if a gov or independent 3rd party does the research. They even have self reported studies of researchers admitting to illegal activity, and that fraud has been increasing massively over the years. All the recalls you see are by design, as long as they make more money than they spend on lawsuits, everyone wins(except for the public).

        4. Plus there’s more money to be made on a lifetime treatment vs. a one time cure 😉

      2. There are some pretty decent alt cancer treatments, but cancer is just wayy to lucrative to ever ‘cure’. I talked to a cancer researcher who looks at compounds that may have some interest(so very initial part of research) and you realize what they are looking for is a personal cure for each cancer for each person. Because you know if you have that you can charge as much as you want..and they have no other option. And because someone is old and usually wealthy and the money is extracted over time, large sums of money can be transferred. Profit!

      3. Hornet venon doesn’t leave normal cells unaffected. Have you ever been stung by a hornet? What did it do to you.? Now imagine deliberately injecting that into yourself.

        1. “… a compound IN a species brazillian hornet venom…”
          A compound. Not the venom itself. The scientists hope to isolate the compound and synthetically make it.

      4. I heard that to. I’m subscribe on facebook to a group called “I Fucking Love Science!”, and they update me on such matter. 🙂

        1. True. 🙂
          He would probably claim, “women weren’t allowed to run empires”.
          Well, maybe for a good reason; most matriarchal societies are still tribal.

        1. But at this point…considering their accomplishments…would it even be relevant? Had they slept around or not, it obviously did not hinder their ability to actually do something with their lives.

        2. I believe you were merely asked how you would know, in so many words.
          You also show a remarkable lack of gratitude towards those who just educated you about men in science.
          Is a “i stand corrected” too much to ask when every single one of your listed examples came up short in comparison?

        3. Looks like you’re trying to dodge my question. That says a lot about your sense of intellectual integrity.

      1. So…you want to make comparisons based on gender, do you?
        Let’s look over your list and see how they stock up against my counter-list shall we?
        1: She studies background cosmic radiation.
        These Men discovered it.
        2: She used 3d animations to illustrate how molecules look.
        This Man proved their existence.
        3: This archaeologist (and her fem buddies) developed a PORO database to streamline cancer research.
        This Man invented the tool they used.
        4: This marine biologist researches how corals reproduce.
        These Men: Cook, Darwin and Thompson were among the first to provide a lot of the source material she used in her work.
        5: This Woman is working on sequencing a mussel’s genome.
        These Men were the first to map the human genome through the “human genome project.”
        6: She studies supermassive black holes.
        Four Men were able to theorize then prove, the existence of supermassive black holes
        7: This Woman used phylogenetics to study the whitefly in order to better protect the cassava plant.
        Haeckel (a Man) coined the term…
        …and Darwin (also a Man) was the one to flesh out the methodology.
        8: This Woman is a conservation biologist working to protect tapirs.
        This ancient Man is widely considered the first academic biologist.
        9: This Woman is an astronomer studying stars and radiation.
        This Man is called the father of astronomy and has more scientific credentials and discoveries to his name than she ever will if she lived 10,000 lifetimes.
        10: This Woman uses digital tech to create animations for study and shares it online.
        This Man invented the means by which she could do that.
        11: This Woman studies glaciers to theorize on climate changing effects on population.
        These Men created the field and contributed to it extensively.
        12: This Woman studies baculoviruses and genetic engineering …to promote dance. Um…what?
        These Men: Berg, Boyer and Cohen are accredited with being the first genetic engineers; widely laying the path for others to walk on…not dance 😀
        What have i personally done with my life?
        Well i submitted a thesis listing the probable effects of enviro-pollutants to concomitant increases in gender bending behaviors in animal habitats, based in no small part on Dr Tyrone Hayes atrazine related research. It’s very likely my work helped fuel the research of ecologist Peter Frederick at the University of Fla when he researched the corresponding effect of mercury ingestion on White Ibis homosexual behaviors.
        What have you done to better the world, besides troll this site with impertinent information that does nothing to increase the perception of your own intellectual stock?
        Get lost, get a clue, then slither back when you find a link to an XX scientist who’s contribution is at least within a single order of magnitude to the discovery or creation of the nearest scientific Man within her respective field.

        1. How strong was the mercury effect on behaviour? It seems like just impairing the liver is enough to change behavior because estrogen usually has a much longer half life than Test. and has various strong antiTest least in humans (24hrs vs 6hrs).

        2. The Methylmercury concentrations were in average doses of 0.05 to 0.03 parts per million (wet weight) and had the concomitant effect of 55% homosexual pairings with a tethered 30% decrease in instinctual mating habits.
          Let that sink in for a moment, then imagine what a similar effect might be having on the human population.
          Might explain some of the more bizarre behaviors we’ve been seeing in people especially as of late.

        3. And we know there is more mercury in the environment from coal burning and fluorescent lighting.

        4. It isn’t even just about MeHg, i’d argue that atrazine is even worse because it’s commercially used in pesticides by the other real life umbrella corporation: Syngenta. (the other being Monsanto) It has a tendency of remaining in soil up to several years which ergo makes it more probable that it will contaminate ground water especially drinking water. Its gender bending effects along with all the hormonal residue from toilet flushed birth control pills is probably having a very serious endocrinal effect not just on adults, but more importantly on the gestational development of embryonic human life.
          The EU has banned atrazine yet here in the US it’s still widely legal thanks to the sellout EPA.
          It just goes to show…all these unconstitutional FED bureaucracies which ostensibly exist to promote our well being are doing just the opposite, because of profit and malice.

        5. And once you start a bureaucracy, you can never shut it down, even when it inevitably fails its original mission.

      2. Agreed, there are WOMEN (I don’t know if they are feminists) who are scientist..But MOST feminists and women who claim to be “strong and independent” chooses to express this through bad and stupid behavior and hate against men. It is the general impression one gets.

    5. I’m in a STEM field, and we have several feminist women where I work. They don’t do a good job, and everyone knows it, but they stay employed because they cry and get some white knight to do their work for them whenever things get tough (read: about once per week), and because HR knows a lawsuit is incoming the minute one of these “strong, independent womyn” gets the axe.

      1. So workplace accidents will be up for a few weeks while some of these “strong independents” are being transferred to the “insurance benefits seeker” positions that exist at the hospital?

        1. Why injure yourself in an intentional “workplace accident” when you can just cry about sexual discrimination and make some shit up about your boss?

    6. The only way a female could discover the cure for cancer is if she gave birth to the Man who did or Married the Man that did.
      Behind every great female inventor is the husband who let her take all the glory.

        1. A physics class I took in college had us watch a movie about the Curies. It nearly had Mr. Curie doing everything and Ms. Curie basically shadowing him and making a few observations here or there. I asked when it was concluded “So why doesn’t Mr. Curie get the credit, seems like he did almost all of the work”
          It wasn’t a popularly received question, I’ll tell you that much.

        2. I’ll bet the estrogen influenced hissing could have been heard for miles around.
          You were a crimson minded fellow before it became counter culture to be considered “red pill.”
          I’m curious…were you naturally immune to prog inculcation even during your formative years or did you simply disconnect from the feminatrix after a crimson epiphany later on in life?
          Either is to be commended.

        3. Similar experience in my Western Civ class.
          The teacher (woman) asked the class how they would structure an army in a medieval era town of 50.
          I said “you wouldnt have an army in a town that small, you just need a black smith to make weapons for all the able-bodied men and have a sheriff (man) with the power to deputize in the case of an armed conflict.”
          Half the class hissed and laughed at me. The teachers eyes widened with rage as she said “I certainly wouldn’t want to live in a town where all the power is concentrated in the hands of men!”

        4. Yikes. I had a samiliar experience as a college sophmore when the female prof asked the class, “could you imagine seeing a slave auction?” I informed her I saw one. She gawked “where?” I related my observations in Saudia Arabia (IIRC: Hafar al Batin) in 91′. It was about 50 older men bidding on 2 young women.
          The females in the class went nuts. One shrieked, “I bet you tried to buy one yourself!” I could only shake my head, but the prof later was actually cool (and a closet conservative).

        5. You could always just put the most strident women right up front to make sure they get the proper dosage of power. Might dull the spears a little before the real conflict started.

        6. god forbid you have exotic experiences in your life. For the win would be saying NO I bought both of them!

        7. I have a distinct memory of taking a class in Religious Studies and the instructor pointed out the irony that the “Black Muslim” movement was supposed to be ’empowering’ for blacks against the ‘slave taking’ Christian colonialist culture, and yet Saudi Arabia, where Mecca is located, is one of the few nations where slavery is still legal.

        8. I also told them women were not allowed to drive or be in public without a male escort who was relation. They refused to believe it.

        9. The slave trade from Africa to Arabia is something most westerns could not comprehend, IIRC the numbers were 20 million, but yet you don’t see a minority black population in the middle east. Cough.

        10. Thats kind of the problem with many Universities, you have Ivory Tower academics who have little connection to the real world, spewing whatever nonsense theories they came up with, to unexperienced preadults who are incapable of separating shit from shinola. And you the voice of experience and travel are viewed as worthless.

        11. Indeed. GoJ is a man among men. Oh to be a fly on the wall that day in college. I’m seriously considering uprooting my family to move near GoJ so I can take notes. Lol.
          On a side notes, how were the reactions to my Seth Rogen meme you tweeted out? 😉

        12. Send all of the useless women out front (to the enemy) and then launch artillery into the group of two. Two birds with one stone.
          Your teacher would have been really pissed with that one.

        13. “was trying to buy one but I didn’t have change for a 20”.
          Most women, today, are worth what they used to be…..just ask GOJ to back me up on this one.

      1. Last year, in my astronomy class, we had to do a report on an astronomer (I chose Ptolemy). My teacher couldn’t find many female astronomers, so he said, “I tried to find more, but in history, well…men were terrible. A lot of the times, a woman would do the research, and a man would take the credit”. I know he’s trying to boost self esteem for girls, but it’s false and doesn’t really fit into science.

        1. I won’t blame you for not speaking out and correcting him given how young you are, but in the future should a similar circumstance happen again i hope you will be inspired to speak up in defense of truth and accuracy in academia especially against that sort of pugnacious progressive twatage.

        2. Thanks man, I do get more vocal about my opinions as I get older, but remember, the majority of the public is against me. One wrong word, and my whole reputation could be ruined.
          I’m going into the sciences (biology or engineering), so I’ll be sure not to turn out like some of those politically correct nuts.

    7. I’m coming out of ROK retirement to vent about how insufferable most women are in the workplace.
      There was recently a department re-organization at my work. Before, I had a cool, alpha-like boss who understood my style (no non-sense, get shit done efficiently without kissing ass). Life was good.
      Now, my manager is a woman (african american affirmative action hire) and most of my coworkers are women. They are unable to be authoritative without being rude. They’re also extremely inefficient – the simplest tasks require “teamwork” so everyone can take credit while taking 3x longer to do the work. My boss is also generally unknowledgeable about our field and inarticulate, but that doesn’t deter her from acting like she’s right 100% of the time.
      There’s also manipulation tactics: A new female coworker gave me several compliments about my looks and then tried to assign me work (she’s not my superior). Once I made it clear I wasn’t a doormat, she began to act like an insolent child.
      Another female coworker introduced herself to me by giving me a rundown of her entire resume – making sure I knew she was a “serious career woman”. The territorialism and insecurity is laughable.
      The overall problem is that women try way too hard to be “professional men” and to be taken seriously – and it comes off as the worst beta male traits and overcompensating. This makes men take them even less seriously.
      Right now my workplace is a psychological war zone. I’m sure I’ll have more interesting stories down the line.

      1. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from workplace.
        It’s becoming more worse day by day.
        Thank god,I freelance for a living.

      2. I’m at a tech company in Utah. I’m glad this state is still one of the more conservative in the country. Your experience sounds like my nightmare.

      3. You reminded me of a fiverr gig I did today for some Taiwan exhchange student who was applying for some college faculty student. Her main reason for why she should get the job was because she never turned anyone down in her interviews because of equality. It was painful to read. Thank goodness I was just hired to proofread. If she asked for my opinion, I would have probably only gotten a 1 star review from her, hah.

      4. A women for a boss (and one who is black) is the very first reason why you should look for another opportunity, elsewhere.
        I can’t stand people who are hired based on “equality” or Affirmative Action…it’s bullshit. I don’t respect them and I can’t work for idiots.

        1. Definitely! Black female bosses are a worse than jokes. Black guys can be the best, but the women. . .No. First, they’re incompetent. Second, they’re whole idea of being a boss is to be as abusive and make the workplace as intolerable as possible. And they actually think it’s their job to do that.

        2. I can work with men….I can’t work with women (and especially black women). Too many are set in their ways, too many victim mentalities….even after years of things getting better all around for the working class. They still bitch about their station in life (while most of them do nothing about it but bitch).

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      5. If it wasn’t so tragic, you could look at mostly female workplaces and say “Oh, aren’t they cute how they play and pretend?” But my God, they become nighmares for the men. Women live on drama and fighting, but rational people who just want to get the work done get run out. And as a rule there’s a lesbian or two who rile the rest up against you. Women are so pliable, insecure, and pack-minded that a man-hating closet dyke easily gets them to make your life hell. They’ll destroy your career or put arsenic in your coffee.

        1. Exactly. One of our top performing staff members already left after the management change. My manager is also swearing during meetings which I find unprofessional. She also says stuff like, “aren’t I fabulous?”. It takes all my willpower to keep my mouth shut but I’m already on her shit list because I correct her when she’s obviously wrong about something.
          She’s also hiring new staff but I expect them to be low-performing affirmative action hires who will supplicate to her. More to follow.

        2. Good luck with all that man. Although that girl telling you about her resume and qualifications should put a light on things. What’s she’s probably thinking is that normal female power plays for dominance are unbalanced because a man is there. Your presence makes her believe that they’ll all have to actually perform at their jobs, and not try to make the boss their bff. And a female boss will expect you to perform, but also placate her ego like the girls do. Just a thought. . .Make note taking part of your work-routine. Human Resources demands facts and not a pissed off females fictional version of things. That’s saved my ass a couple of times with women bossses. It’s no longer he said/she said and their just taking her side because she’s the boss.

      6. Out of curiosity, how do you know she’s an “affirmative action hire”? Is that kind of information made public?

    8. When you think about it, theoretical science (as opposed to engineering) is actually rather feminine. The earliest men had no time to deal with theoretical matters, since they had to hone their hunting skills. You only have time and energy to conduct meticulous experiments after your food and safety have been secured for you—just like good cooking only becomes feasible once the meat has been hunted and the crops harvested from the fields through hard work.

      1. That doesnt make any sense, the evolution of the brain which allowed people to invent spears eventually allowed them to invent atomic bombs. Since men are generally more capable of innovation, theoretical science is a man’s game.

      2. So in light of this logic womyn should theoretically be the champions of ideology, philosophy and theology.

    9. For one, this ruse of theirs only shows their view of men in general. At least the men they sub-consciously want. Rude, uncaring, crass, whoremongering assholes who won’t call them back, or allow them to be mothers of their kids without entrapment.
      So, they start from a flawed view of men, and proceed to become a highly flawed view of woman. And for that, I could not even finish this article. MY biological anti-cuckolding routine went through the roof, and I already married and had kids with a woman far more then these two were before starting to devaluate their image before me.
      The last thing a man wants, is a woman whose past will shame his kids. The last thing a woman wants is a man other woman don’t want.
      Tis a sad paradoxical nightmare, that they have apparently quite a failed strategy to use against it. They may get a few women with their concept. But both those women who do, and they themselves, will be recognized down the road for what they are when Karma catches up with them.

    10. That’s just it. They don’t have the drive that God endowed us with as men, and they hate men for it. They should name their program “Penis Envy.”

    11. I believe that being a slut for women is their PhD in science, their answer for curing cancer, etc…it’s what they are good at…so they should stick to it.
      Waiting for women to “catch up” in science isn’t going to happen..not in this lifetime.

    12. I think that we have to be honest about the downside of masculinity – neo or otherwise. However, for women to adopt our defects and call it feminism or equally is absurd.
      From time to time, I am a jack ass: and every one of you motherfuckers has been a jack ass.
      So two points come of this:
      1)Gentlemen, don’t be a jackass
      2) For any of the ladies reading, do not emulate out jack-assery out of some sense of empowerment or “being equal”.

    13. I have two daughters, and they are ‘feminist’ in the sense that they don’t believe the fact they’re female should prevent them from doing anything WITHIN THEIR ABILITIES. That means they aren’t trying to be firemen or marines, but my elder daughter studies math, physics, and chem at UofToronto, and my younger one is studying media engineering and production, and they expect to be taken seriously when they graduate. (They are both very smart – not Dad speaking but the IQ tests that had them both placed in gifted programs, endless principal/dean’s lists, etc. )
      I don’t have a problem with that type of feminism. My girls are ready to take on anyone, male or female, on equal terms when it comes to their fields. However, the ‘feminists’ you describe (Feminazis, in my book) insist, despite all evidence to the contrary, that women and men are exactly the same, have the same abilities, and should have the same outcomes. Those people, like Bruce Jenner, are nuts.

      1. I don’t have a problem with first wave feminism, except that it led to second and third wave….

    14. Excellent point. Why don’t the equalists ever mimick all the variations of men, rather than this singular vile, all power-possessing, promiscous, douche bag prototype–they claim to hate? It seems they want us to believe that every man alive was born a millionaire playboy mogul rather than a fire man, dog catcher, trashman, etc. No answer needed.

    15. There are lots of women who are world renowned doctors and researchers who are trying to cure cancer. Read a newspaper.

      1. Yea a few and respect to them. But you don’t know if these women identify as “feminists” which is what im talking about.
        Every feminist ive ever seen had serious mental issues.

  16. To paraphrase Lord Tywin “Any woman who must say, ‘I am your equal’ is not your equal at all”.

  17. I was once dating a girl who proudly told me she’d had dozens of sexual partners. I immediately felt a surge of disgust. I got rid of her sharpish.

    1. I was once dating a gril who proudly told me she’d had dozens of sexual partners
      Was she propane or charcoal?

        1. Yes. No more lip from you mister, or you get a ruler across the knuckles. Got it?

        2. Nothing a proper beating out behind the barn can’t fix. Heh.
          Actually I think that’s true for the majority of fatherless boys who grow up to be snarky idiots (you’re not a snarky idiot, I’m speaking in general). A few solid fists to the face would act as a right proper cure all for their attitudes.

        3. Nothing against a little fight.
          I am a snarky idiot sometimes. With you, I am hesitant, because I kinda like you. On the other hand, I am still insulted by you making fun of me recently. So I feel I need to pay you back.

        4. Eh, I make fun of a lot of people. It’s currency in my circles to toss out insults and shit at other guys, sometimes just to see their reaction. If they insult you back, they’re cool. If they go all hypersensitive, eject. Keep in mind that I hang around with bikers though, so this kind of social hierarchy pecking order thing may not fly with modern young Millenials. They’re very soft and sensitive and might get their feelings hurt if I look at one of them and say “Hey asshole, that clown haired whale you were with last week, were you actually stupid enough to stick your pecker in that?”

        5. I admit I am a bit sensitive. Though I like the idea you describe. Would love to learn that kind of interaction and its underlying rules.

        6. Interesting. But where is the border between banter and real conflict and possibly pissing another off? Or is there no border at all and it is just part of the game?

        7. Laugh it off, throw one at least as good or better back, and you’re established as a man who isn’t a pussy. Cave just once and you’re demoted to bottom of the heap, or even ejected entirely from the circle. Nobody likes a whiny bitch.
          Correct response to my “clown hair, asshole” above would be “Naw, I was too busy fucking your sister to have time for the whale”

        8. Don’t over analyze it. The line is pretty easy. If you would *actually* take real offense to it, then don’t say it.
          So basically “Yeah, well look here fuckface, I may have bad taste in women but at least my mom didn’t die of cancer like yours did” is pretty much over the line.

        9. Thanks, man, I was actually wondering about that shit. I thought you needed to actually be ready to hurt even the people you like to prove toughness.

        10. Eh, not really, not when you’re standing around bullshitting. The tone is pretty easy to tell too, and when you see them do it to each other all the time you get a feel for when it’s a joke and when it isn’t. It’s not something that requires a spreadsheet to analyze really, just observe it in action when you get a chance.

        11. I do not get much chance to observe this in action. Even at my martial arts gym, it is all very polite. Partly because there are girls, I reckon. Partly because of fear. Who knows.
          The only badass guy in that regard is the trainer. He insults people all the time. I hardly mind it, but I do have trouble understanding the nuances and doing it myself.

        12. Body language will usually tell you when something is going down. If you lob an insult that goes too far, you can usually just apologize and it’ll be good. It really just depends on how established you are within the group.
          As for the cliché of becoming friends after a fight…I think those days are pretty much over.

        13. Nah, well, not at least with us older men. Younger I have no idea, they seem so impulsive and flighty and effeminate, maybe they don’t get it. Dunno. I broke up a bar fight last year, a dude I know brought his son in and the son started shit with another man, they fought, I broke it up and sent the man and his son outside the bar. They were both solidly pissed off at me. Two weeks later the dad returns and buys me a beer and apologizes for his son being a hothead. No worries at all.

        14. What about situations where both just want to fight? Would you say it is because one of them really is the ‘bad’ guy or is it just a thing that happens? In what kind of situations does that happen?
          Shame, that.

        15. Sure, no problem. He was home for some reason and left by the time dad popped back around. Wouldn’t bother me, it wasn’t personal I just don’t put up with shit like that in bars I go to and where I have a lot of friends. Plus it helps me maintain my rep with my crowd.

        16. Things like these are why I wish I had had a dad. To ask all these things. Now I am kinda old at 26 and often just do not quite fit in due to all those open questions that I can hardly ask anybody.

        17. Well hey man, my email addy is in my profile, if you ever have questions or are petitioning opinions, drop me a line.

        18. This is how you train men to be men. Men bust on each other all the time so they become immune to teasing and name calling. It toughens their skin, so to speak.
          That’s why in the military, drill sargeants curse out new cadets and call them all kinds of shits. Every humiliating name they can come up with. This makes them tough. Those that can’t handle it can GTFO!

        19. I’ve seen firsthand when a mother gets too involved and doesn’t allow her boy to deal with this kind of stuff. He just stay home and plays video games all day, doesn’t have many friends, whines when things get hard, and even left their church because he was being bulled by another kid. It hurts to see what she’s doing to him, but there’s not much an outsider such as myself can do for this boy.

        20. Women can not raise boys to be men, period! They can raise him to be a fag, but who wants that except the moms.

        21. Eh, they don’t really do that much any more. There are even “time out” cards that recruits can use in boot in the event that things become “too stressful” for them.
          China and/or Russia are going to steamroll over this nation without breaking sweat.

        22. The kind of men who get offended or who cry and never talk to me again are the kind that I wouldn’t want as friends in the first place.

        23. To me it all depends if the person talking smack is funny, guys who aren’t funny that try to talk shit end up getting their asses kicked, also the tone and the look on your face has alot to do with how people perceive things.

        24. The difference between male and female in this regard has been explained to me thus:
          Women will know if a female friend is embarassed about some feature or trait and will conspire to make sure it never comes up. Men will pound on the guy for it until he builds up scar tissue and becomes immune to it.

        25. There was a time when even the elites knew how to play the game. My favorite is from the British parliment in, I think, the late 1700s;
          MP#1: MP#2 shall either hang or die of the pox.
          MP#2: That depends entirely on if I embrace your priciples or your mistress.
          Those were the days. (And despite my age this was not a personal recollection.)

        26. Not only for him to be immune to it, if it is something he can do to correct it, the anger or shame of it will motivate the guy to correct it. Example is being a fat slob or being a whiner or acting like a fag.

        27. Very good point. I was thinking along the lines of having a big nose or projecting ears.
          The case in point that came to mind was from my Navy days in submarines. A young midshipman was on board and in Control when we rigged for black prior to going to periscope depth. Someone, who shall remain nameless, goosed him. He spun around and raised hell about it. Of course no one fessed up or ratted out. This made him a constant targert of opportunity for goosing. His nick name became Goosey. By the end of the patrol he would get goosed and say “yeah, what now” and shrug. The fun was taken out of it and it died off.

        28. “There are even “time out” cards that recruits can use in boot in the event that things become “too stressful” for them.”
          Get the fuck out!?

        29. I shit you not. My wife and I were at a retreat (golf courses, hiking, all that bullshit) and during a breakfast we met a young man and woman. The man was just out of boot, and just hooked up to his lady (she was actually very pretty and looked very traditional). They were honeymooning it seems.
          They sat at our table as I invited him and her over. He told us direct about the cards. This was around 2006 or so I believe. I later heard about them from other soldiers and read about them online. I’m hoping and praying that they went away, but I know they did exist at least at the turn of the century.

        30. Du bist noch Jung, so ich würde Dublin emphelen. Was ist mit Prague? München war immer ein großes Dorf in meine Vorstellung.

        31. Interessant. Ich bin Tscheche, will aber gerade etwas Abstand von meinen Wurzeln, daher ist Tschechien gerade nicht das richtige. Hab es selten ernsthaft in Erwaegung gezogen, weit weg zu ziehen. Food for thought.
          Ja, Muenchen ist ein grosses Dorf. Die duerfen nicht mal hoeher als das Rathaus bauen hier. Laecherlich.
          London hat mir gut gefallen, als ich da war.

        32. Go to London. Do it while your young and have time. If it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to Bayern. Good chance you will never look back.

        33. I do not even care that much, you know. A place is just a place. It will not change who I am. It will only take away my fears as long as it is unfamiliar, exciting. The things I love, I can do everywhere. Fight. Write.
          Or do you think that I may actually find a different breed of men elsewhere? Something more satisfying? I find it a bit disrespectful to say that the men here are not real men, because they are fit and strong and shit, at least at the gym. It is just that somehow, I am not feeling it. Something small is missing.
          Thing is, I have googled for a men-only gym and I found nothing. Maybe it is not even allowed anymore these days. If I become a respectable fighter, I want to open up just that kind of thing.

        34. Sorry Tom, but you are going to change regardless of where you are. Familiarity breeds contempt, hence I think you should go abroad. Doesn’t have to be years, just hobo around as you have the EU passport that allows you too. If you have a skill set (Handwerker) or certification (accounting), then you should be able to find something short term. Go to McFit, pump iron and take up a marital arts course and plan. But you will need to push yourself, as no one can do that for you.

        35. My cousin who went through air force boot camp in 2011 has told me about 6 months ago that now boot camp has time out cards…

        36. Similar in some ways to the older breed of mountaineers, kayakers & adventurers I work with. They just tell it like it is. Shit talking & what not. All good. 🙂

    2. Yeah, I vividly remember my dick just losing its interest a year ago in bed with some 20 year old smoke show when she started proudly relating her sexual history with a couple of abortions in there as well.. (shakes head)

  18. “Feminism is really just owning your shit and feeling good about your decisions and just being equal with men”

    Owning your shit + being equal to men. How about owning ‘not being equal to men’?

  19. The two phrases that most bother me:
    “Basically I was going through a mental breakdown…” so naturally what I decided to do rather than seek professional help in dealing with it, was to exploit my experiences and others for the possibility of shallowly gained attention from absolute strangers to reinforce my fragile ego.
    “My vagina is not shy.” Because after all it is a living, breathing, sentient entity (or at least a portion of my anatomy I have singled out to anthropomorphize) who I frequently allow to bully me into making more bad decisions, which is great because it frees me from any responsibility for my own actions, ever. My vagina made me do it!

  20. If Feminism glorified women of achievement (like Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale, Hypatia, etc) I’d actually support it.
    Instead it sinks to the lowest common denominator.
    I’ve seen this play out before: these girls will get rave reviews until they hit the wall. Then the fanfare will disappear overnight. (Look at the careers of every female pop singer after they hit 30 as reference.)

    1. The problem is for every one person denying them attention, there are 100 other thirsty dudes telling them they’re awesome and the hottest chick they’ve ever seen. By the time they realize that guy was full of crap, they move on to the next group of 100 and choose a guy, but they never run out of guys willing to tell them they’re awesome for a piece of ass… and the guy never dumps them, he just stops coming around and she dumps him, so in her mind, he wasn’t good enough and she had to move on. All I can say is bravo to the guy that dumped her to move on… look what he almost wound up with! *horror*

  21. They’ll be alcoholics on a bucketload of prescription medicines by the time they’re 40

    1. Hopefully sooner and this anti-slut shaming goes out of style. Then these 2 will be forever known to be pieces of shits.

  22. You realize women love to watch other disintegrate, they love a train wreck. I suspect a large portion of their audience is attracted by that– watching the train wreck.

  23. Couple of absolute dogs if you ask me. Gross. Our society is sick, shaming sluts is like society forcing out the bad naturally, same way your body does when something foul and harmful is introduced.

  24. Amy Shumer is one I just don’t get either. She seems bitter, vapid, and shallow.
    As to “If it feels good, do it.”
    It doesn’t feel good to me to screw an obese, tattooed, chick with blue chopped-off hair.

    1. “It doesn’t feel good to me to screw an obese, tattooed, chick with blue chopped-off hair.”
      This pretty much sums it up. Ladies, you can be as fat and ugly as you want, but there are consequences. Namely, no self-respecting guy is going to have anything to do with you. If you don’t like the rules, tough. That’s how the game is played.

  25. “Reading the above description makes me chuckle that anyone ever thought Howard Stern was offensive or crude.”
    It’s only offensive when a white male does/says it. I’m a huge music fan, and I’ve noticed in the mainstream the most sexual and suggestive lyrics come from 1) Barely legal girls, and 2) Black rappers. Meanwhile, the closest thing to suggestive you might get from a white guy is the dude from Maroon 5 howling about how he’s an animal. If Led Zeppelin came out with “Whole Lotta Love” or “The Lemon Song” today they’d be the subject of think pieces everywhere.

  26. Have young women started hanging out at public conveniences yet? Or loitering in the bushes in the hope of getting some action from passers by? C’mon they want real equality don’t they?

  27. In some way, these girls have to know that no guy worth having is ever going to want them. Can you imagine trying to introduce with pride one of these women as your wife/girlfriend, or to your own mother?
    Mom: “Oh, and what does she do?”
    You: “Well, she has a podcast where she’s interviewed 100 guys she had casual sex with, and discusses the risk of getting cum in her eyes when taking a facial.”
    Mom: ” . . . .”
    Damaged goods are damaged

    1. Not only that, but because of their celebrity status any guy that dates them is going to be able to find out how nasty they are.

      1. You can scrub your dick for a half-hour with povidone solution and the whoreness still won’t wash off …

    2. Thats just classic where a guy actually stops midfuck, because he realizes what kind of a whore he is sleeping with. I mean most men you could hit with a two by four and they would only pause to shake it off.

      1. To be fair, I think there’s also a case of “don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to.” Definitely don’t ask mid-fuck

  28. Are men actually repulsed by slutty women? I would think so but there is a confusion going on. In music videos, commercials and other media slutty women seem to exalted – the ones to inspire to. I understand sex sells….however there is a culture that was created out if these corporate decisions where young women are behaving as they believe they should.
    How do we correct this?
    These young girls are lost in their own dysfunctions. Their followers are listening for entertainment or validate their own behaviors.
    Are they days of promiscuous girls feeling embarrassed about themselves gone?
    I never liked slutty women as they lacked respect for society.

    1. It depends what they’re looking for. If they are looking for a relationship yes absolutely. If they are simply horny and not serious about the girl at all, not really, unless its just overt, like this girl (prostitute level) and then yea, because its gross. At that point you really would be worried about an STD or that she had serious mental issues. Not many guys want to be with someone they know hands down has something wrong with them.

  29. So, picture one of these girls finally meeting a guy they actually like and who likes them, and then imagine being that poor guy. He knows up front that there are hundreds of guys that have done everything imaginable to her. He might as well have some of his friends come up to him and say, dude you girl is great at licking ass or sucking balls. She swallowed everything I got. How in the hell could you ever feel special to a girl like that or like she saw you as anything more than guy 301? I’m sorry, but I couldn’t accept that from a hot rich girl, much less one of the horse faced sluts. They look like street walkers in their pictures. Not hot at all. Yuck.

  30. The one has a live in boyfriend? So does she just randomly sleep with other people too? Is he the biggest mangina of all time, does he not know, or did she stop (which I still can’t believe he’d be okay with it)

  31. i wanted to puke just reading about these harlots. These are the types of hoes I will feed to the ” wolves ” when shit hits the fan.

  32. I bet that guy that dumped her feels like the luckiest guy in the world. Look what he narrowly avoided!

  33. The ocurrence of issues in stories like this is very intriguing. In 2013 a stand-up comedienne called Jenn Tisdale won a contest to do a sex scene with Jew pornstar James Deen. Until then, she (33 years old) was totally outside of XXX world. Then came the predictable reactions of “empowering”, “you go girl”, “challenging the standards”, blablabla. Doing a brief search I found these things:
    “I don’t know my dad.” (1:12)
    “I used to be a big cocaine person.” (, 48:58)
    “I’m a very broken person.” (, 17:32)
    It is totally dousblespeak. Nowadays, when one says “girl power”/”independent women” I immediately think “issues”. Depressing thing, if you ask me.

    1. Oddly enough, the delicious irony here is, for all their talk of empowerment and independence, these women end up being the most submissive women ever. They depend on others too much and are as useful as sunblock in mid November North Dakota. Makes me sympathize with Saudi women more.

  34. Whats with all the hate? When millennial females do you the favor of identifying themselves as pump and dump, treat them accordingly. Slut positive feminism.

    1. Something really offputting by the brazenness of it all, to me. I mean I’m glad for the warning that they are likely giant petri dishes full of disease, but otherwise, gadzooks.

        1. We always used cootie spray. It came in an invisible canister and you could only discharge it to the affected area if you made a whisshing sound with your mouth. Apply topically and only as directed.

        2. Only the kids in the Special class played that game. Because they were Special.

        1. Elementary school… The only time you can say girls are icky and have cooties and nobody will call you gay for it.

      1. No, the place where they make amazing salads. I know you’re joking, but I don’t care much for Pantera’s music.

      1. I actually love The Prodigy. Don’t care for Metallica. No idea what the last one is supposed to be.

  35. Seriously. who the fuck likes Panera bread? That place is fucking lame. They offer you a slice of bread as a side with your sandwich. Only NY hipster fags would eat there.

  36. To be fair, in my opinion I have seen horrible male comedians like Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia. Conversely, some decent comediennes like Rosseane Barr, and old school Sarah Silverman. These two, nope. I mean, the last time I found random utterings of dirty words like vagina and scrotum funny was when I was 12. And they say women mature faster than men. (Derisive frowny face).

    1. But at least Cook and Mencia could make you smile if not chuckle. There is NOTHING funny about these two. They are not dirty comediennes, like Sarah Silverman. They are just dirty whores.

  37. If girls want to be sluts, let them be sluts. Sluts are fun to pump and dump. Let them feel as empowered as they want while you bend them over.

    1. You’d put your dick in somebody who had a notch count in the triple digits?

        1. Right, I meant knowingly. Like, if you saw either of these skanks in a bar you’d *know* immediately, thanks to YouTube, that they are a walking dysfunctional biology experiment.

      1. Seeing how easy and fast many girls were to have sex with me, I wouldn’t be surprised if they already were close to triple digits.
        Think about club sluts…every weekend they’re getting banged by some dude. It would only take these girls within 3 years to reach 100 different guys. Don’t underestimate the notch count of some girls.

        1. That’s basically what I’m saying in a nutshell.

        2. I haven’t been to a club in 3 years. I used to live in Long Beach, CA, so I’d go out to Hollywood and Vegas often. I would always see degenerate women and think “one day someone will marry her”.
          I always found it ridiculous when guys would meet a girl in the club and then start dating her, eventually making her his girlfriend. Club girls are just straight trash.

        3. Part of me considers what it would be like to be physically un-aged until I was 25 and super jacked, just so I could walk into a modern club and witness this without getting the “that old dude, probably the owner or a cop” look from everybody. I could no more walk into a club to observe today, than these club beast slags and the oily weasely little “boys” that inhabit these clubs could muster the strength to push open the doors at my biker bars. I’ve seen the type standing in lines outside clubs in Columbus and they’ve always struck me as somehow…odd. Pretty girls but you just read the desperation and vanity even when you drive by them.
          But it would be interesting to observe from the vantage point of somebody in that demographic. Not do anything, just people watch, observe social interactions, listen to dudes try to spit lame game to be “alpha” (not ROK types, I mean the ones who read a book and think it makes them Cassnova), all that.

        4. “that old dude, probably the owner or a cop”
          Cop. You are former military yes? The demeanor never leaves.
          Did you ever hit “Mecca” back in the mid 90’s? Meat market central when it was new.

        5. Yes, former soldier.
          Even in basic training I was assumed to be an NCO by other men my rank (and not in my unit). Good posture, huge build, never smiled much. A man’s bearing has a lot of effect on those around him, which a lot of men never figure out. All it takes these days to be fingered as authority is to stand up straight and talk directly to people with eye contact.
          Never went to Mecca, no. By the mid ’90’s I was in my mid-late 20’s, already graduated college, owned a house and two cars, held down a good job and had my first child on the way.

        6. Same here. Did all of my hitch overseas and college was a piece of cake compared to that.
          Ah. You are older. Heh. I noticed downtown Columbus was dead when I was last there and they sunk alot of money near campus.

        7. The, unsurprisingly, former female President of OSU destroyed the former party-fun area of High Street. Intentionally. She was a cold, awful, frigid, nasty bitch and didn’t last long, but by the time she was ejected it was too late, the damage was done. She even had tailgating destroyed for a while, but it came back (that was one of the main reasons she was put down, way too many *paying* alumni supporters took umbrage at that bullshit).
          Back in the mid ’80’s through the early ’90’s it was hopping.
          There are clubs around, but I really don’t go to that part of town, no need. In fact I rather like to avoid cities entirely if it is at all possible.

        8. You have to wonder how many parties that cold, frigid, nasty bitch never got invited to in the first place…hence, years later she put a stop to all parties. A true nut job.

    1. I don’t know. There have been pleanty of times in my youth where my penis seemed to have a mind of its own. It certainly did things while my big head was out of commission due to alcohol that I would never have allowed.

  38. So this is ok, but what the Coffee shop PUA did on twitter is wrong? Feminist double standard. Also it always seems that whores are created when that one guy they loved leaves them, then it’s like the woman goes batshit and has to compensate with endless dicks thus becoming a whore, and the fowl language is a woman’s attempt at being a “tough chick” and rebellious, ooooooo so edgy.

    1. Yeah, but the two Asheville coffee shop guys have standards.
      There’s no way they’d have put up with these two bints.

  39. Just as these women are by far the definition of sluts and not only do have the right to fuck whoever they’ve used it. Now if I tell a chick I’ve got triple digit notches. she gets intimidated 4/5 times. Therefor common sense says stfu about that. These women are just princess entitlement syndrome. They are the product of snow white and beauty and the beast. Shows that tells girls if they’re hot, lay on their back all day and marry a hagard old rich dude that he’ll become more attractive. If as men we have to put up with this kind of idiocracy then we should double down on sluts shaming.
    Here’s a fact women should get. Sluts make terrible gf and you want someone loyal you look for someone with a proper track record. Part of that is never telling me about the gangbang in the first 10 years of knowing you. Common sense. Those girls will be fat cat ladies or super rich with 5 ex husbands later in life. Still sluts.

  40. The comments have some generational or parental tone to them. These cunts are only saying in front of the mic what otherwise would be discussed with other women when men aren’t around. Millennial females grew up with internet porn, sending spachat nudes at 14, threesomes at spring break in college, and they bang a guy from tinder once a month or more just because they’re bored. There is no such thing as slut shaming anymore. That’s a quaint notion from a different era before the smart phone. You have to approach the current social climate assuming they are all pretty much sluts, unless and until they prove otherwise.

    1. Great, then they won’t mind if men point at them and sneer and say “No thanks, I don’t date sluts” then.
      Or will they?

      1. What does “dating” mean in hook-up culture? The word doesn’t have anymore meaning than slut.

        1. I’m not talking about hooking up. Eventually they’ll want to “settle down”, there is plenty of discussion about chicks ridding the CC until 30 then wanting to “settle down” with somebody they figure will support them in comfort. That’s what I’m talking about.
          I’d bet that if some 30 year old chick fresh off the carousel approached an up and coming man making great money and achieving excellent status was told “Sorry chick, I don’t anticipate having a future with a slut like you” she’d break down in tears and fall to the ground.

        2. Sure. But the first man with his shit together may well tell her “Sorry, I don’t date sluts, not interested.” and she’ll still be affected.
          Point being that slut shaming does still work, it matters only in who it comes from. From her buddies? No. From slurpy derpy betas? No (they’ll never say it). From a hard edged highly masculine *true* alpha male with money and status that all the other women want as well (her competition)? Her world will explode I’d bet if she had plans to sink her hooks into him.

        3. You’re old. Society has changed. Slut shaming has diminished impact when most of females are sluts. Game version 2.0.

        4. You’re not taking my comments into context of the scenario. My being old has nothing to do with how a woman will react when her hopes and dreams are dashed. She could fall to the ground in a helpless heap if she didn’t get the Apex Man due to, I don’t know, because she preferred the color purple over orange and was told about it. She’d still fall to the ground though.
          Chicks do that when their entire plan for the future crumbles into dust.

        5. I’ve often fanticized about telling a slut sorry I don’t go with sluts, blue hair, overweight, etc, whatever her self imposed affliction is (and I’ve had plenty of chances) but I can never bring myself to do it and end up declining in some other way (polite, funny, flippant, brush off etc).

        6. The reason women find the word slut so insulting is because women use it to insult other women.

        7. Plan for beta bucks? You bet they do. Their entire biology is programmed for it.

      2. Goes back to my argument about lefties saying there’s nothing wrong with being gay but won’t hesitate to call you a closet-fag or the like.
        They’ll also vehemtly deny being gay themselves and will threaten you with libel/slander if it’s a well known celeb/politician.

    2. “There is no such thing as slut shaming anymore.”
      If that were true they wouldn’t be fighting it so hard and acting out so hard. Whatever peer pressure tells them to do, however they try to rationalise it, somewhere inside them remains a 7-year-old girl in pigtails, covered in shit and men’s semen, screaming “Why are you doing this to me?”

      1. You can vent here if you want. But you’re swimming against the tide of culture with millennial females.They’re splattered in cum from so many hook ups by age 25, the term slut is meaningless to them. You’re desperately trying to restore some inner dignity to them that doesn’t exist. That’s in your mind at this point.

        1. Sad but true.
          Whores, all whores.
          Thanks to feminism and liberalism, North America has run out of its most valuable resource: young, attractive, chaste marriageable women.
          Islam and the Middle-East has it right: control your women and keep them in line or else suffer the consequences. It seems we have to learn that lesson the hard way again.

        2. I dated flight hostess for mid-east airline. She was based out of mid-east capitol city. So her employment contract had all kinds of interesting terms: could be fired for being fat, regularly tested for STDs, must retire at age 40. Feminism destroys women. Long live patriarchy.

  41. “Feminism is really just owning your shit”
    Max my friend, i think you read this particular remark with too much reason and intelligence. Neither applies to these two particular sperm landfills.
    Try tackling it from another view.
    What they are saying is, quite literally, they want to own your shit ergo feminism is about owning/controlling your material possessions and feeling good about it.
    This might be a freudian slip on their part…regardless, it makes more sense when you look at it from this other point of view, doesn’t it?

  42. The amount of “ordinary” viruses and bacteria that I’m sure these girls already have is the epitome of unhealthiness. The Max Planck Institute of Immunology carried out some very interesting research, which didn’t get any publicity outside the German speaking world, which demonstrated the fact that highly promiscuous behavior in both sexes leads to a severely depleted immune system, and the development of premature cancers.
    They weren’t taking about HIV or Hepatitis infections, but, rather the sheer debilitating affects of a person’s immune system fighting off “ordinary” foreign germs during sexually intercourse. Obviously this will increase exponentially with their promiscuity until their systems are shot through by their mid 30s, and, in such cases the prevalence of premature cancer which is linked with poor immune function means that their life expectancy will be shortened quite considerably. I wonder, if these points will be referenced in their podcasts.

    1. They ought to have a Surgeon General warning at the beginning of each podcast. Same kind of warning like on all cigarette and alcohol packages.

    2. Makes sense, and would explain why you hear about so many guys dying of aids (gay guys having tons of promiscuous sex, or people like Magic Johnson who banged maybe thousands).

  43. “…. cum dumpsters …” and apparently, the trash truck hasn’t showed up yet either. I’m a first time poster, thank you for all the great content!!

  44. Didn’t we just have a story about two guys who talked about women they’ve had, and they got in trouble with the local fems, and had to apologize? Shouldn’t these women face a boycott and pickets, and get called out? After all, gender equality, right?

  45. Basically,
    One hot guy broke my heart when I was young,
    now I am going to spend the rest of my life destroying everything.
    How quickly they proved who they really are…..and why men needed to do what they did.
    Literally, the world is drowning because of billions of womens unsatisfied sexual desires.
    if I can’t get what I want, fuck it, just gonna be a whiny spoilt child and make sure no one else is happy, ever.

  46. Two average looking 20-something women trying to act edgy and playing the feminst card. That’s original.

    1. Until the wall comes for them. Their stock is dropping everyday and they’ll soon feel that time is catching up to them. It will get to an embarrassing point where no one will take them home – those “last call” girls, alone at the end of the night. It happens because younger, hotter women are always the competition.

  47. I listened to a few minutes of one of their “podcasts” and I found it to be absolutely deplorable. How these ladies think that talking like sailors and ridding themselves of any trace of femininity is empowering is beyond me. There is nothing funny about their show if it’s indicative of the mindset of modern women in America. Perhaps the only thing that was funny was listening to them try so hard to differentiate between “slut shaming” and telling someone the truth about their irresponsible behavior.

  48. These two degenerates are promoted on ITunes, yet such Podcasts as “Red Ice Creations” are banned. Trully Orwellian times we live in.

    1. Yes. Laci Green is a sex educator. Look up this moonbat on Youtube. Roosh did an article that mentions spacey Laci.

    1. W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie i Szczebrzeszyn z tego słynie, ze chrząszcz właśnie brzęczał w

  49. They are definitely well messed up, one would think that woman or man who wanted to engage in extremes of promiscuity would do it discretely and keep it to themselves not broadcast it to the world like this.

      1. A dozen post-coital donuts takes the pain away. Washed down with a diet soda of course.

  50. Girls can’t fuck anybody.
    They can, however, get fucked.
    Get fucked ladies.
    And drop the penis envy. It just makes you even uglier.

    1. Millennial females try to co-opt male language for sex. Feminist retards, equality through bastardization of language even if it doesn’t make sense.

  51. I’m sure their family and future children will enjoy reading/viewing their slutty exploits. “Well mommy you were a cum dumpster slut, why can’t I be one ?”

        1. Have you seen this were-homo DG “What’s the big deal? The Scoutmaster broke no age of consent laws.” CJ?
          I think he’s sweet on me.

        2. Anytime you want to post more visual examples of big spoons like that, you have my full endorsement.
          For, uh, science, you understand.

        3. Been too busy to notice much of anything, actually …
          I only had a few moments to make my usual smart-arsed comments. 🙂

  52. I actually feel sorry for American men. I mean it must be utterly embarrassing for the whole world to know that your American women act like trash whores and even by me saying this, it is somewhat a punch to the pride of America. I’m thinking, is this the best America has to offer? The fact that other men can just use American women as cum dumpster and nobody will really take them seriously. I mean at least foreign women (not all) are more likely to retain virginity although that is coming down fast because America importing their trashy culture to other countries.
    America was once a nation with a lot of worthy pride. Just watch any shows from the 1950s and you will see what I’m talking about.
    This is also reflection of modern American men themselves (the ones that are SJWs and beta limp white knights). The ones who enable and encourage women to behave like this. Sadly and ironically we men can’t help but to take “advantage” of these girls who offer easy sex because we men like to shove and ram our penises into a warm wet vaginal holes. It’s very tempting.
    I have more respect for a Middle Eastern women draped in Niqab than I do for any “empowered” American girls. If you want to enjoy the authentic REAL feminine American women, you might as well go to your Amish towns since they still have traditional roles where men act like men and women actually act like women and not like spoiled brat sluts.
    If you notice, a girl who is raised traditionally in any backwater redneck state in the middle of nowhere is more likely to act proper than a modern day city cunt from new york or LA or wherever faggotism and social justice white knight crock of other bullshit diarrhea runs high.

    1. “If you notice, a girl who is raised traditionally in any backwater redneck state in the middle of nowhere ..”
      They exist and marry early. The ones I went to school with were married and having the first kid by 25. I have two cousins who just married about that age this summer. Flyover country is still ok.

  53. So on one hand PUAs are trying to fuck as many women as they can with as little effort as possible. Three dates and no lay = go away etc. On the other, the author and others hate the women who actually put out O__o
    Sure it’s a problem for girls if they screw around too much, but it’s a self-adjusting problem. Other girls see it and go “What a slut! Eugh!”. Loose women can talk all they want, and of course their hamsters spin on overdrive trying to rationalize it, they seek support from the damage they’re causing themselves in displays like this etc. But in the end, everyone knows men prefer women with low notch counts. It’s an eternal truth and every adult knows it, no matter if a few try to ignore it. This kind of talk is just an attempt at personal damage control. The underlying problem is the lack of a moral fundament. But on the plus side, if a girl screws around a lot, it means a lot of guys get laid. Whoray!
    The manosphere mustn’t become a bunch of reactionaries barking at the moon and growling at its own tail (when it’s getting some tail). There are small and self-correcting problems in the world, and there are real problems we need to deal with. Women with no father figures will screw around, get burnt and serve as examples to new generations. They themselves will suffer, others will be okay. Waves of non-performing, crime-riddled third worlders crossing Western borders will drag us down to third world levels. This will not self-correct, problems will just increase exponentially with the immigration, until either they go or we turn into the non-functioning countries they fled from. Actual problem.

    1. Just need good ol’ fashioned morality. These ladies probably have lots of unspeakable diseases. You don’t want to go there. Nobody should.
      I sure don’t. Am happy with my woman of 23 years of marriage.

      1. The thing is a lot of morality reproduces itself, because it’s based on biology. I’m surprized at how traditional Norwegian girls are nowadays. Even if media and society are all do what you like and accept everything, young girls still think the absolutely worst thing they can be is slutty, and after that ugly. Nobody’s forcing that view down their throats via religion or convention like in previous times, it’s just in their instincts to compete for the best guys, and to do so by being good looking and not promiscuous.

        1. Immorality really does make people look like toads. I just think of the stout goblin-dwarf like appearance of a lot of lesbian bull-dykes.
          In Huffpo, they always show sexy looking lesbian actresses kissing to make it all look trendy. But the average bull-dyke is hideous to behold. The morality carries over int physonomy.

    2. Disagree that its a small and self correcting problem. Its the majority of females in america now and numbers continue to increase. I agree that the manosphere cant do anything to change it. So there’s no use in venting about it. Instead incorporate the knowledge into your game. Don’t get emotionally invested.

      1. It’s a self-correcting problem in that essentially every culture in the history of mankind is a slut-shaming culture due to basic biology, so odds are Western culture will drift back to it.

  54. How is this any different to the coffee shop guys brag blog? Where is the uproar over this?
    Wait, its ok if its girls but not guy?
    Please reread equality definition. No, no. Not the feminist manifesto version, the accurate one!!

  55. How about the resturant owners from South Carolina that got persecuted for their memoirs of the women they fucked. The hypocrisy from these feminists is just too much!

    1. Are your honestly surprised? These are the same cunts who made sure Ray Rice will never play another down in the NFL again, but saw no problem with Hope Solo parading down the Canyon of Heroes despite committing the exact same crime.

  56. Can’t blame the guy for pulling out, the last guy’s jizz would still be in her vag. Nothing attractive about a women with Noah’s ark between her legs. Poor bastard.

  57. So basically two ‘feminists’ that are really just a couple of aspiring comedians of the Amy Schumer school. The one on the right in the video’s might score a sit-com, the one on the left is already rocking a jelly belly and at her age, will need to score a nice beta-male Long Island Jew to support her and shovel food in her gullet before she go’s full “Jewess Jabba”

  58. The other day, CH wrote a post about identifying women with “slut eye.” According to him, the Japanese developed a system of medical face reading known as Sanpaku, where the whites of the eyes showing, indicate physical and mental imbalances, such as criminality and, in the case of Corinne and Krystyna, slutiness.
    A quick look through their instagram says it all:
    And for comparison, James Holmes.

  59. Hey, remember when being a “good girl” meant that she had an intact hymen and DIDN’T know what cum tasted like or what it felt like to fart cum bubbles…. now it means that she only does that stuff with her “boyfriend”…. never mind that she dates 5 or six (more like 10 or 12) guys a year for 15 years before she marries herself a schlub who will spend their entire marriage begging for sloppy 10 thousandths. Sad really.
    On the bright side, think of all the money modern men have saved on prostitution!! They give it away for free these days, hell, if your game is on point they’ll even pay for the “date”!

  60. I just tried to watch these videos and i had to stop each of them at about 30 seconds in. These women are not funny or entertaining at all. The only laugh i had was at how ugly they are in the videos and how they look absolutely nothing like they do in the promo pictures.

  61. Wow there’s something you don’t see everyday 2 girls acting like white trash whores……….actually………never mind.

  62. Look I agree with you guys that sluts have no morals and should be avoided.
    But how can you guys justify the double standard? It makes no sense.

    1. How can you justify Ray Rice never playing another down in the NFL while Hope Solo gets a parade down the canyon of heroes despite the fact both of them were guilty of domestic violence? The double-standards work both ways, its not just a one-way street.

        1. I need to know Emily, just girl to girl of course. Is the guy you are denying sex to the one who originally plucked your moistened maidenhead?

        2. Nope.
          Yeah, I’m denying him sex, and I’m fucking hundreds of guys behind his back, naturally.

        3. Oh dear! Glad you got that off your bosom. You need to say two Hail Marys and 3 Our Fathers.
          So, you are playing born again virgin with a guy who is not the original prick on your balloon? I hope you’re throwing a hand job or BJ in once in awhile.

        4. No I dont believe in any genital interaction before marriage.
          I don’t see why its important if I lost my virginity to him.
          To answer your other question, you hold to all the double standards and insane beliefs that the men here do. The men here are motivated by frustration and misogyny, something women don’t experience. Hence, you are probably not a woman.

        5. So you don’t believe in “genital interaction” (heh!)before marriage but you are not a virgin. You gave it up for someone other than your husband to be. You seem to be holding a very strange double standard which as a young women is understandable. I really hope woman to girl I can get you to think outside your box. Labelling all men as frustrated and misogynist screams of immature ignorance. If you don’t like what you read here then just piss off. Yes, I’m still a woman and someday, perhaps, maybe you will be too.
          I attach a little something for you.

        6. I didn’t label all men as such. My bf is not frustrated or a misogynist, he’s a lovely person who’s mature enough to understand my position and religious and strong enough to control his own urges.
          I labeled the men here as such, who’s entire life revolves around getting as many women as possible while shaming women for doing the things they are trying to do.
          I was in grade 9 when I lost my virginity. that was a long time ago and I was a silly kid.

        7. This is a men’s website and forum and since the dawn of time men have wanted pussy. Again, why are men shamed and labelled by you and femicunts just because they want to get laid. These two women proudly yell about who they are fucking and that’s OK. RooshV writes about game and banging women and he is labelled a rapist. Please explain the double standard to me.
          By the way, have you got the seating plan done for the big day?

        8. When did I say these girls are okay. They are sluts. But I don’t believe in a double standard, Roosh is as worthless as these girls, as are the rest of the PUAs who try to manipulate a woman’s feelings to take advantage of her and use and discard her like an object.
          No, I’ll start planning it soon. Tentative date is July 2016.

        9. No one and I mean NO ONE can take advantage of you without your permission. So women can be manipulated and taken advantage of by PUAs? How about just saying “no”.
          So, do you have a ring and a date? I mean a firm date not some airy fairy tentative perhaps sort of. That’s a long time to wait for puddy or a hot beef injection. Remember, the balloon got pricked in grade nine. Are you going to school to make sure that your future spawn have a fighting chance with a mother who can add, subtract and hold a civilized conversation?

        10. PUA is all about manipulating a girls feelings to have her sleep with you, using her, and then discarding her.
          It’s completely misogynistic. And I still think you have a penis.
          We are getting married once he graduates. He has a job lined up so he will be able to support me and the children we will, hopefully have. He’s graduating in May. So summer 2016 is the tentative date. But planning it now is a bit premature.
          Why are you asking? Want an invitation?

        11. Gold digging is all about using and manipulating men to get money and and goodies through sex. Once a better guy comes along the man is discarded. It is completely slutty and man hating. I don’t have a penis but I seem to have bilateral labial swelling. I think I am growing testicles from reading too much RoK.
          Are you attending school while playing house? I would love an invite.

        12. Yep. So you are comparing PUA to gold digging? Good job. I agree actually. And both are despicable.
          Oh good for you! I’m sure you wish you were a man so for you it must be a dream come true to grow a penis.

        13. Glad someone enjoyed it. Her thinking is very skewed and immature. I really miss my verbal repartee with little Catholic 19 yo
          Emily. She’ll be back.

        14. Ugh, she’s 19? That’s even more troubling. I thought she was a 30 year old attempting to hide her distant past. That poor chap!

        15. Catholic. Lost her virginity in grade 9. Now is abstaining from sex and having “no genital contact” until a tentative wedding in summer of 2016. She is living with this guy but apparently there is no genital contact going on. Film at 11.

    2. if you don’t understand the difference between a girl sleeping with a lot of guys and a guy sleeping with a lot of girls not being a double standard I don’t know how to get through to you. Let’s put it this way… neither one is right. It’s not right for a guy to sleep around like a barnyard animal and its not right for a girl to either. The difference is the respect the guy gets. It’s because of challenge. For a guy (even a decent looking guy) to get laid he has to beat out other guys competing for the same girl. He has to have something that makes her choose him over a huge number of other willing guys. Most guys would like to have lots and lots of sex, even with strangers, and that means he competes against lots of guys. If he is often successful, girls and guys respect his ability to get laid, because he is able to accomplish something many guys try to do and few succeed at, and he must have some skill, money or something that others try to emulate and can’t. The same cannot be said of a female who sleeps with lots of guys. ANY girl, even one that is not pretty, can have sex any time she wants with a random guy. Now, the guy may not brag about it and it may not be the guy she thinks is hot, but most guys are willing to have random sex simply upon being asked. A girl being proud of getting laid is like a person being proud of being rich because they inherited money. She is getting laid because she has a vagina, nothing more. It’s like if a 4’6″ guy can dunk a basketball, he’s going to get tremendous respect, but if an 8 foot tall guy can dunk, well, big deal, he’s 8 foot tall. He should be able to dunk. That’s why guys who get high numbers are respected and girls who get high numbers are just looked at as girls that lack morals or self control. They haven’t accomplished anything to be worthy of respect. It’s not a “double” standard. Different challenges and difficulty levels were overcome.

      1. But the only reason that it’s easier for women and harder for men is because we value sex more, or we value our morals more.
        So really, you should respect us, rather than hating us.

        1. that’s not true. “You” have nothing to do with why its easier for you.
          If “You” are a female, and you value sex more, you can have as much sex as you want.
          If “You” are a male, and you value sex more, you can not have as much sex as you want.
          If “You” are a female, and you put a priority on your morals, that’s your choice and should be respected (because its hard and admiral)
          If “You” are a male, and you put a priority on your morals, that’s your choice and should be respected (because its hard and admiral)
          The “reason” its so easy for girls has nothing to do with women, its because of men. Men’s biological drive for sex does not discriminate as heavily as a females, due to the fact a female is the one that would get pregnant and have to take care of the child and need the help of a male during childbirth/rearing years. A male on the other hand simply evolved to spread his DNA as much as possible, to any vagina he could, which is why most guys will have “sex” with any vagina that will let them.
          I don’t hate women or men (slutty or not), I’m simply pointing out that its not actually a double standard, because the accomplishment which gets respect isn’t the same between men and women. It isn’t a guys lack of morals that respected, its his ability to get a lot of girls to let him that’s respected…. and that respect comes from men and women. Many women are actually attracted to men that have tons of women because they know that the guy is highly desired and has something to offer…. men will see a girl who has been with lots of men as someone who will not be loyal, is likely to abandon them for a better guy or cheat, or have a child with another guy instead of them but trick them into supporting it which is not desirable to a guy.
          Studies are very clear that the more casual sex partners a woman has had the more likely she is to cheat and divorce in a marriage. If a guy is just wanting to have sex he may not care, but when choosing a wife or LTR partner, no guy should want a girl who has had lots of partners, because statistically she will not stay in the relationship, and when she leaves the guy will lose big financially, emotionally, and maybe his kids many times through no fault of his own, so he wouldn’t want to choose a woman to marry with that pedigree. She is literally not “wife” material.

        2. You do know that guys w lots of casual relationships are also unlikely to be committed. i know that from experience. He isn’t husband material either.
          We aren’t that different.
          I will admit the biological differences, but as a Christian they dn’t matter to me and shouldn’t for men. God made us monogamous.

        3. Women are the gatekeepers to sex. Men are the gatekeepers to relationships.
          When women provide easy access to their bodies, men will take advantage. If you’re a woman, and you truely “value sex” then save it for a deserving guy. No one said you had to end up with a player. There are a lot of guys with low notch counts out there, and probably a lot more virgins than you think too. It’s pretty simple!

        4. Well I don’t want a virgin.
          But some guys think we desire guys with high ‘notch counts.’
          Not at all… A guy who’s had two LTR’s is more desirable than a man with 20 casual relationships.

        5. I understand your dilemma Emily. Strong independent women should follow the femi narrative and SJW skrrechure agenda. I choose to form my own opinion. Short of sending you a picture of my woman parts, I guess I won’t be able to convince you that I am a female.
          Why do you find it so difficult to believe I am a woman?

        6. I have no opinion on what you do or don’t want. First of all I don’t know, and second I’m not about to climb inside the Alice in Wonderland that is the female mind. So you want a guy with some experience. Again, that is available to you. The vast majority of men (over 2/3) have less than 10 sexual partners. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you have nothing to complain about.

          Men who want a virgin bride, however, do have something to complain about, as that is all but non-existent in the west.

        7. You can’t want a virgin bride and simultaneously want to fuck over a dozen girls. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t encourage PUA and want women to be as chaste as the women in Islamic countries. The men and women in conservative societies (like Haredi Jewish or something) are largely virgins until marriage. Is that what you want?

        8. Culture has changed. Feminism has demanded unlimited sexual freedom for females, and the hypergamous inner slut of women has been unleashed. Why should males invest time and emotional energy in short term investments? PUAs are rational response to a changed culture.

        9. What you are stating are obvious facts that are not in question. Of course two opposites cannot exist at the same time. Stating obvious truisms is not winning you any debate points. Personally, do I want conservative societies where proper traditional sex roles and virginity are valued? Yes.
          However, a) not everyone else does, so my personal beliefs are largely irrelevant as to what larger policies and movements are and b) what men want and what they are offered, on whole, are two very different things. That is the whole purpose of sites such as this. Our desires and our reality are incongruent. That is what game developed out of. Are you trying to make some sort of point or just going around in circles like a cat chasing its tail?
          Do you disagree that virginity is valued? Sorry, you can pretend all you want, but in the end, men don’t want used up sluts. Do you want a society that allows women to experiment with sex a little bit before marriage, but not become full on prostitutes? Well, the only way that happens is with traditional sex shaming and rules enforced, that some women will bend. You can’t tell women it’s ok to sleep around “just a little” and expect that to be successful.

        10. Completely agree with your assessment, but a high number of women do not agree, at least according to surveys that a man with a high “count” would not be marriage material.
          From a religious viewpoint, you are 100% correct. You should share your body with a monogamous partner for life. Unfortunately today, not only do most people not agree, they think that concept is silly and even if they do believe in marriage, they believe that’s its perfectly fine to have lots of casual sex while you aren’t married. I don’t care if people do that, but I do think its wrong based on my religion and I also know that the studies show that people that do are much less likely to stay married should they decide to eventually get married.

        11. why wouldn’t you want a guy that was a virgin? (just out of curiosity)
          Most men would love to marry a virgin who would only be intimate with them.

        12. Sure you can want to sleep with girls but want a chaste girl for a wife. They are for totally different “roles” and “purposes”. One your just looking to have a good time with, one our looking to love and spend your life with, be the mother of your children, and take care of until you’re dead. The criteria you look for in a casual hookup is almost opposite of what you should look for in a wife, because the roles and what you expect from them are opposite.

        13. I think a society based on Christian values would be the best way to go back to traditional relationships, rather than rampant promiscuity. ‘Sex shaming’ doesn’t solve anything, it’s just blatant hypocrisy.

        14. Okay, you can want it, but you can’t expect it. It’s not realistic. It could be realistic if the ratio of women to men was 80-20, but its 50-50

        15. with only about 38% of men expressing that they ever want to marry, I think it is possible although I’ll agree its not probable. I think the best bet for guys like this is to find a younger woman who has been in a long term relationship and exclusive to that so that their count is very low if they can’t find someone who has actually waited. The key is to find a girl who has been in loving relationships with the men she has been with and doesn’t just hookup.

        16. Lol how will you even know. We are not like cars, you can’t inspect us for ‘use.’ You can’t check the vagina and find out ‘okay, 13 guys have been here.’
          Whatever my notch count is, I can just say, to any of my college friends, that it’s 2, and everyone will believe me, cause thats how many guys i’ve dated in college. And to complete strangers I can say I’m a virgin. My daddy still thinks I’m a virgin :/

        17. True it is hard to know “exactly”, but if a girl says she’s a virgin and then later you hear from one of her friends or some guy about one of her hookups, you’d have to assume she was a liar on most of the things she told you. Starting a long term relationship off with a lie that will eventually be discovered isn’t very smart and a person who is committing to you deserves the truth as do you. I know for my wife and I we got the opportunity to take a “for fun” lie detector test. We both took it and asked each other questions. It was really cool, but if there had been long term deceit it would have come out there… better to be honest than lose an otherwise good relationship because you based it on dishonesty. The truth eventually comes out in one way or another.

        18. This is true, but then again lying does help sometimes.
          The lie that you are a virgin is a rather big one, of course. But lowering your ‘notch count’ is something we all do, depending on the person. We actually have rules for determining our number. Like to my friends I’ll tell my real number, but to boys I’ll subtract the ONSs no one knows about, and to daddy I’ll insist that it’s 0 under all circumstances xD
          Funny enough, we always try to decrease it whereas guys obviously tend to exaggerate it.
          Personally, I told my bf the number of my LTRs, 3. I guess he bought that. It’s not a big deal in any case. It’s only a big deal if you make it one. He brought it up once. I asked him once and he said ‘you don’t want to know’ and I was like, yeah, okay, on second thought I really dont.

        19. Wow, a guy would have to be extremely clueless and stupid to believe a woman who claimed to be a virgin and was not. As for knowing the girl’s exact number, yeah that’s hard, but you can typically tell if it is below 3 or not, and that is the absolute cutoff point for a woman to be able to pair bond successfully, scientifically speaking.

        20. well, in most cases you can tell shes a virgin or not. Not always though.
          what science is that? By the way?

        21. Yeah, or the hymen can tear through horseriding or something.
          I’m a very devout Christian. I don’t disagree with virginity until marriage, but the man should be a virgin too. God said sexual intercourse outside marriage is wrong for both sexes.
          But without religion, there isn’t any reason for an attractive girl to stay a virgin throughout her high school and college years, and you cant expect it either.

    3. A lock that opens for lots of keys is a shitty lock.
      A key that opens a lot of locks is a master key.

      1. Yeah that doesn’t make sense. There is a key for every door, and thats how it should be. No one needs a master key.

        1. Nobody needs a lock that opens for any key that the lock fancies, either, but there’s a shitload of loose locks around.

    1. That’s too generous. They’d be 5s in europe. But in america where the majority of females are overweight maybe 6s.

  63. I do not have patience to see what comes out of the mind of a Jew. That man has sex with a Jew? It is not worth a drop of sperm.

  64. I always thought “Female comedian” was the ultimate oxymoron, but now “Feminist comedian” surely takes the cake! Women just aren’t that funny… especially feminists!

  65. Can’t say the First Night Out story had anything to do with being frustrated at not getting laid, Mr. Roscoe.

  66. “Basically, I was going through a mental breakdown”
    Every sjw origin story starts with this sentence

  67. The best link In here was the Patrice one, I couldn’t even get through one moment of the whore talk on the other vids
    But then I’m not in the 30s female new York spinster target demographic

  68. Why do females complain about men, accusing us of doing the worst things imaginable over sex, yet hammer away objectifying themselves sexually? Feminist do the worst things possible for their gender’s image.

  69. Didn’t some guys recently have to sell the coffee shop they owned because they were “outed” for doing the exact same thing? I’d like to see an article contrasting Coffee Shop PUAs with these women and how society judges each. Double standard anyone?

  70. They’re garbage and the concept of their show is gross. They’ve already had their unfunny asses handed to them when they picked a fight with the awesome podcast ‘Legion of Skanks’.
    They fancy themselves comedians but think nothing of sniping at other more successful comics, which is a very stupid thing to do.

  71. I don’t understand why two girls upset you so much. Let them be? If they want to fuck around like so many men do, what’s wrong with that? You can also just get on with your life and ignore the things that don’t impress you.

    1. Except when two guys who own a business and discuss their sexual exploits with women are put out of business. Roosh is called a rapist and stalked and attacked .
      Yes please! Ignore them all – men and women.

  72. Hang on a second, this whole website is FULL of men boasting about women they fucked! Is it wrong or not, people? You can’t have it both ways (and before you accuse me of being a slut, I have only ever slept with my husband and I approve of monogamy as a lifestyle. For women AND MEN).

    1. Absolutely! Women can’t have it both ways. You can’t call Roosh a rapist because he talks about gaming women while at the same time screaming “you go guuurrrl” with your pussy. Men want pussy and men hate sluts – end of story.
      I am a woman and I approve this message.

      1. I challenge you to quote me where I have indicated I approved of the behaviour of those comedians (or indeed where I accused Roosh of being a rapist). I never said I did, but in fact, my opinion on it doesn’t really matter, because the point I was making was that the author has two standards, one for men, and another for women. This makes him a hypocrite on the subject of sexual purity. I fail to understand why men should have to adhere to lesser standards of sexual purity than women. Can anyone give me a good reason?
        In any case, I suppose it’s fine for him and people like him to be hypocrites, as long as they acknowledge it, and when gaming, come right out to the women and say “I think you’re a disgusting slut because you’ve had multiple sexual partners. I on the other hand do not have to adhere to that standard, and I’m going to sleep with you anyway because (insert reason here).” Somehow I think that wouldn’t work all that well.

        1. I never made an accusation against you specifically. I believe you are confused as to my use of the word “you” and I will correct that now. My sentence should have read: “Women/betas/SJWs can’t call Roosh a rapist….”
          I hope this provides you with more clarity on my comment and use of the word “you” and how feminists are hypocrites.

        2. Please read my response. This is a male website and if you can’t handle manosphere opinion then just move on. You are entitled to your opinion about the author of the article. My point remains that men love pussy and hate sluts. Like it or not, if men can get laid most will jump on the chance. Men have to audition for sex and women can just say so.

    2. I appreciate where Saskia is coming from but not from a double standard perspective. Since women and men are different, then naturally there will be different standards. It’s even necessary. Of course women should be more chaste than men and this is possible to work when there are certain women who are “sluts” that sleep around with many men while the men “marry” the ones who don’t.
      However, I do agree that men trying to make “normal” women into “sluts” and then complaining when women are bitchy and self-entitled does deserve to be called out. I wouldn’t want someone like Roosh sniffing around my daughter, quite frankly. Not that I think Roosh is a bad guy himself but he isn’t seemingly interested in the kind of relationship I would want for a daughter.
      The “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em for the pump and dump” philosophy seems to be the norm here and there’s some logic to it but going overseas to unspoiled places and making things worse doesn’t seem to be the answer. It’s also destructive to take young women who may be naive and ruin them.
      In the case of these unfunny women, slut shaming is irrelevant since as others point out, their whole logic is flawed. They’re victims of being called sluts but their feminist ideology also makes men villains no matter what they do. That’s not just a double standard but simply a self-serving one that suits women and bashes men.

      1. I also agree with much of this, even the notion that men and women are different. However, I don’t understand why men should be allowed to be less chaste than women. Do you mind explaining where this idea comes from and why you believe it? I understand that the male sex drive is often (but not always) stronger than a woman’s. But apart from that, since masturbation is always an option, why should it be so?
        And what about men who are married to women with lower sex drives? Would you argue that they should be allowed mistresses, but that women are not allowed other partners if they should be the one with a higher sex drive (which actually does happen for some couples, believe it or not).

        1. Instead of debating whether or not it’s “fair” just accept the fact that women’s chastity has been valued throughout the world through all of human history. Male chastity has not. If you want males to be more chaste, fine, but that’s a completely separate issue from female chastity. Women have been scientifically proven to lose their ability to pair bond after mating with multiple sex partners (3 is the absolute limit one should ever consider). I don’t have a link to the scientific study but it’s been quoted several times here and I’m sure you can find it if you’re interested.
          Also, keep in mind that women are the gatekeepers to sex, so the best way to increase male chastity is by increasing female chastity.

  73. Giving them too much credit. Just two untalented women trying to cash in on slut shaming cause. They’re taking advantage of something that was already there. That’s how they get in Huffpo, Salon, etc. not because they’ve successfully indoctrinated anyone but just for starting an anti-slut shaming podcast.

  74. You really think young women don’t already know about sluts? This article feels like if someone came to America and this podcast was the first thing they saw. Boy, it gets a lot worse than this.

  75. I have zero problems with their sexual activity (or how they speak about it), their use of profanity, or anything about the “slut shaming” angle of their podcast. I can’t stand them or listen to them because they: (1) are horrifically unfunny, (2) the nasal valley girl voices are grating, (3) are hypocritical (try to get hold of a copy of Corrine Fisher’s FB post about a guy hitting on her on the train…she is punchable) and (4) the fact that Corrine is a miserable, low self esteem, bitter woman who is never anything but nasty, and the other one just giggles dumbly in the background, agrees with whoever she is speaking to at the time (on this podcast or any) and doesn’t have the backbone to just admit that she thinks Corrine is a cunt most of the time, and only goes along with her shit out of a sense of duty.

  76. SLUTS ARE AWESOME!!! Bless these women for their GOOD WORKS!!! 😀 Spread the word and spread those LEGS, ladies!!! 😀

  77. I STILL think SLUTS ARE AWESOME!!! 🙂 Bless these ladies!!! Keep spreading the word and spreading those LEGS!!! 😀

  78. Hey maybe if you’re going to critique a podcast, try, oh I don’t know…actually listening to it first?

  79. I am late to this discussion, but I am so glad to finally hear other men talk about the pain in the ass that women are at work. I don’t like nonsense at work–I want to get the work done, done well, and done once. I am a university professor and
    absolutely detest working with women who see the workplace as a social club and dating service. With these women, you might as well do their work as well as
    yours because between the gossiping, jealousy, and back biting there is no time
    left for any actual work. At the same time, such women in power–who frequently
    don’t have leadership skills nor enough experience to even manage
    effectively–often micromanage and endlessly criticize male employees because
    they are always afraid that a man will take their positions. I am so glad that
    I don’t live in the US, and pray to God to never have to work there again. It
    is astonishing to me that US organizations are putting up with the
    significantly lowered productivity produced by feminism in the workplace. I
    have read that workplaces in the US are essentially subsidizing women so that
    they can effectively compete with men, and that this costs billions of dollars every
    year in lost productivity—I agree with this statement 100%. I think the US is
    going to hell in a hand basket as women and their childish workplace habits
    devalue hard work, professionalism, competition, and individual achievement /
    merit–replacing them with emotional ‘teamwork’ whose only goal is to make
    everyone feel that work is a ‘safe space’ which they can re-define at any
    moment to protect themselves from accepting any responsibility for poor
    decisions or performance. I welcome women who come in ready to work, sit down,and just get the job done–but this is about 1 in 100 women, if that. Time for
    men to stand together at work and find their own power in numbers and FACTS!

  80. Men, if you want women to stop acting like mindless sluts, then STOP REWARDING THIS BEHAVIOR! Instead of trying to get a kind, intelligent spiritual woman you are all chasing after these sluts. It’s time society stops rewarding this behavior. As a christian woman, I can tell you that it is frustrating seeing men chase after destructive bitches, while good women remain single.

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