How Left-Wing Activists Tried To Shut Down This Year’s NPI Conference

Last week I traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the National Policy Institute’s conference “Become Who We Are.” If you don’t know what NPI is, it’s an identitarian think tank run by Richard Spencer, best known as the founder of Alternative Right and the former editor of Taki’s Magazine (both of which I’ve written for in the past).

NPI’s conference was focused on inspiring whites to rise above mainstream consumer culture and strive for greatness, featuring rousing speeches from the likes of French New Right figure Guillaume Faye, Way of Men author Jack Donovan, Radix European editor Roman Bernard, and many others. Return of Kings publisher Roosh also dropped by the conference for a couple hours.

While I’m no stranger to identitarian gatherings, having attended this year’s American Renaissance conference, NPI’s conference offered a distinctly different experience from that event. The National Policy Institute is a relatively young organization, having only been founded in 2005, and the location of the event—just one block away from the White House—gives the conference a more intimate and urbane atmosphere then AmRen’s big tent.

It also makes NPI easier for leftist radicals to attack.

While anti-racist activists tried to protest at AmRen, the conference’s remote location and the police protection provided by Tennessee state troopers deters the worst offenders. In contrast, mask-wearing antifas actively swarmed the National Press Building and tried to physically assault NPI attendees. While they failed to shut down the conference, I had my own run-ins with these thugs and things nearly got ugly.

Here’s what happened.

NPI Is Here To Stay


The inanity began literally as soon as I stepped out of my cab. In front of the National Press Building, a group of crusties who look like they believe that bathing is capitalist oppression started jeering my friend and I.

“You here for the National Policy Institute?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

They immediately started with the heckling: “Fuck off, Nazi scum!” “Racists!” “Neo-Nazis!” “Get out of my city!”

I wasn’t in the mood for diplomacy, so I flipped them off as I was walking into the building. Inside, I linked up with another group of attendees that included speakers Kevin MacDonald (author of The Culture of Critique) and Sam Dickson, as well as Red Ice Radio’s Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff (full disclosure: Palmgren interviewed me for Red Ice Radio a few months back), where we joked about the antifas’ thrift store rags and lack of hygiene.

After registering, I had to leave the building to link up with a friend of mine a couple blocks away. As I walked out, the antifas’ took notice of my name tag and yelled out, “Nice to meet you, Matthew!”

“Racist, sexist, anti-gay: NPI is here to stay!” I chanted at them as I dashed up to F Street.

After meeting up with my friend, we took a wrong turn and walked into the National Press Club’s parking garage, where we were cornered by a cute blonde reporter from The Daily Beast. As she grilled my friend and me on why we were attending the conference, I realized I had seen her before.

“Are you Olivia Nuzzi?” I asked.


“Oh yeah, I recognize you from your work at NSFWCORP.”

“You read Not Safe for Work Corporation?” She seemed shocked that an evil racist recognized her.

After a few more questions, Nuzzi thanked us and walked off. She didn’t end up using any of our comments in her report.

My friend and I realized we couldn’t enter the building from the garage, so we went back outside. As we went up to the front doors, a particularly unclean-looking protester tried to physically block us from going inside. Whenever we tried to lunge for a door, he would slide in front of us, like a school bully who waves his hand in front of you going, “I’M NOT TOUCHING YOU! I’M NOT TOUCHING YOU!”

“Whatcha here for?” the syphilitic antifa asked.

“I’m using the bathroom,” I snapped sarcastically.

“Oh? Well, you can go right here.” His lips curled into a smug grin.

“We’re here for the National Policy Institute,” my friend piped up.

“Oh, the National Policy Institute? So you’re fuckin’ neo-Nazis, eh?” Behind us, the other five or so antifas were jeering us.

Suddenly, one of the security guards opened a door for us, saving me from losing control and snapping the antifa’s dime-stack neck.

Shit Gets Real


The antifas had planned two anti-NPI protests; one for when the conference began in the morning, and a Halloween-themed costume protest for seven at night. I was hanging with Roosh, F. Roger Devlin and a few other attendees at a bar down the street when we came back to the conference around 7pm. No protesters in sight. Roosh had to leave early, so the rest of the guys and I went inside.

Roughly an hour later, I’d stepped outside of the conference room to stretch my legs when one of the guys came up to me.

“Just so you know, Matt, don’t leave the building alone. We got into a scuffle with the antifas.”

“What the fuck?”

“Yeah, I stepped outside of the building. The antifas have guys posted at every entrance and a couple of them began stalking me. I had to lose them by going through alleys and I even had to duck through a restaurant—went through the kitchen, they didn’t follow me in—but they kicked the shit out of one of our guys.”

“Holy shit!”

“Yeah, his face is all busted up. It was four of them attacking him. These guys aren’t fighting fair. They’ll gang up on you, sucker punch you, attack the elderly; we’re gonna have to figure out a way to leave without getting attacked. We don’t want them going after our elderly or following people home on the Metro.”

At the end of the final segment of the conference—a performance by neofolk musician R.N. Taylor—Richard Spencer called us all in and explained the game plan. We were all going to leave the building simultaneously through one of the back entrances, scare the antifas away through sheer numbers. Spencer advised us not to fight back if one of them tried to hit us, because we’d end up being tarred as the bad guys if we tried to defend ourselves.

Assembling in the lobby of the building, we emerged in one great mass of shitlords. There were only about four antifas at this particular exit: three masked men and an elderly hippie with a megaphone talking about how his grandfather “fought in World War II to rid the world of Nazi scum.” No one took a swing at me, but I later found out that one of the antifas kicked Sam Dickson, who is nearly 70 years old.

Fighting Intolerance With Violence


The sheer irony of using physical violence to deter people who you think might engage in physical violence (based on nothing other than your own prejudices) is lost on the left. As both the response to Roosh’s speeches in Canada and the antifa attacks at NPI show, the blind emotionalism and Manichean morality of the left leads them to believe that they have the right to use any means necessary to shut down “racists” and “misogynists,” even means that are illegal and/or immoral.

The left’s accusations against NPI in particular and alt-rightists (or neomasculinists) in general have no grounding in reality. Without exception, everyone I met at NPI was cordial, well-dressed, and intelligent. Indeed, I was recognized by a huge number of my fans, many of whom told me that my writing was what turned them on to the alternative right. Not only that, a good majority of the conference’s attendees were young, easily identified by “Millennial” written on their name tags (NPI offered discount tickets for those under 30).

To believe that your ideas are so righteous that anyone who disagrees with them deserves to be fired from their job, hounded on social media, and even physically assaulted makes you far more of a “fascist” than anyone associated with the National Policy Institute.

Overall, despite the antifas’ attempts to shut it down, “Become Who We Are” was a rousing success. If you’re on the fence about attending one of these conferences, stop thinking about it and take the plunge. The speakers are fantastic, the atmosphere is convivial, and the experience of being in a room with close to 200 guys (and gals) who are on the same ideological wavelength like you is an experience you can’t pass up.

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77 thoughts on “How Left-Wing Activists Tried To Shut Down This Year’s NPI Conference”

  1. You should bring tasers and pepper spray next time, so you could defend yourselves without getting in trouble

    1. possession of a taser is illegal in DC, not sure about pepper spray, maybe if you have a knife stuck in your neck you wouldn’t be charged for using it

      1. The lengths one must go through just to protect oneself. You must do yourself physical harm to prevent from being harmed. What is this world coming to?

        1. *Women
          But yes go back to the old way,were you needed land and pay significant amount of taxes to vote

      2. Soft martial art styles, like Aikido, would be ideal. Granted, it takes a higher level of training than a hard style would to be proficient, it would be perfect for situations like this. You can lock down aggressive antifa’s without actually causing physical harm (even though it’s incredibly tempting). With the media playing nice with scum like this, it would be perfect for preventing a scene.
        My $0.02

    2. Bear spray. A big can that shoots a stream. Then you beat all of them an inch from their lives.

      1. Just so you know, “bear mace” that’s based on oleoresin capsaicin (OC) is usually lower strength than OC made for the purpose of incapacitating human attackers …
        If you want a fire extinguisher-sized sprayer of OC for crowd control purposes, I suggest finding a police supply shop that doesn’t mind selling one to you.

    3. What you need to do is to get legal council hired for all attendees of the conference and have them research what rights of self defense the attendees have in the city they are in. Then make sure each person is well versed, that way, as soon as one of these protesters crosses a legal line, you’ll be ready to exercise your legal rights. The guy at the very end clearly assaulted the man trying to enter the door. Since the police were there, he handled it the correct way, but if police hadn’t been there, that guys likely would have ended up with no choice but to fight back.
      Camera’s are the most important part though. Every attendee needs to have a pocket camera to document every encounter they have with these violent and harassing types.
      Surely, getting in peoples faces with the camera and cursing at them crosses some form of legal harassment laws as well. Can you imagine how dumbfounded the protesters would be if any one of the members could start quoting statutes they were violating and then ask the cops to arrest them for violating said statute and then told the cops that I will have you on video for refusing to arrest a person whom committed a crime in front of your eyes if you don’t arrest them.

  2. “In front of the National Press Building, a group of crusties who look
    like they believe that bathing is capitalist oppression started jeering
    my friend and I.”
    Lol antifas are the same everywhere.

  3. I wasn’t aware they had been that vicious or numerous. Antifa are real scum. Two Greek patriots were mercilessly gunned down in Athens by them about a year ago, and I see their sh*tty stickers on everything near where I am based.
    The effectiveness of such conferences is debatable, but they sure make Liberals lose their minds and cease bathing activities weeks in advance. Also have to love someone saying “my dad fought in WWII!”. I very much doubt it.
    The best solution is to troll them just as hard offline as online. Peel off the skin of an Antifa goon and there is a pencil-necked SJW under there. Just trigger the hell out of him.

    1. Antifa are a cancer.
      In their diseased, small minds, they are fighting a holy war, and any tactics are permissible against their dehumanized foe.
      They reserve the right to use violence against “Nazis” or “Reactionaries” or “Racists”, and self-righteously try to shut down the voices of anyone whose politics is to the right of Mao or Che Guevara – get them doxed, fired, etc.

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    2. They are the followers & idolaters of the biggest XX Century psychopathic mass murderer going by name Leonid Bronstein a.k.a. Trotsky….. They do hope that one day they can emulate him & they will be able to mas murder Americans, like their idol did to the Russian people !

  4. They complain about “micro”aggressions.
    The SJW Menace perpetrates aggressions that are somewhat bigger and more genuine.

  5. While I understand the rationale behind the “don’t fight back, it will make us look bad” instructions, I wonder whether that is really true. It seems to me that one of the things that attracts people to the alt-right is that the alt-right is reclaiming strength and masculine vigor as necessary virtues. That being the case, I expect that beating the shit out of goons who physically assault you would ultimately draw more people to the alt-right, regardless of the negative media attention that would immediately follow such an episode.

      1. So what? Let them. Playing the victim card has itself become a sign of cowardice, weakness, and mendacity to many people.

    1. It’s also true that anti-nazi’s prior to WWII didn’t fight back and tried to refrain from violence, while some parts of the early Nazi party were marching around and attacking various peoples or groups of people. The Ambassador to Germany and his family just prior to WWII even witnessed some of these events, including violence coming against those that didn’t recognize symbols of German nationality and pride.
      The lack of action against the Nazi party in part led to it’s rise. If they had met with more violent resistance in return for their violence, there may have been a few more people emboldened to fight against the Nazi’s and there may have also been a few fewer people brave enough to join the early brownshirts. It’s just a theory as that’s not the way it happened and it can’t be proved as history can’t be changed, but it’s true that the Nazi’s employed violence from very early on it their existence as a useful tool, and their resistors for the most part did not.

    2. Obviously beating the shit out of them is the best solution. But it’s two things to say it and actually doing it. I got a taste of them once and I promised myself to use violence the next time they bully me.

    3. I concur.
      People are looking for strong figures to get behind to fight this thing.
      At this point that’s way, way more important than tripping over your own shoelaces to prove how harmless you are to people who are simply emboldened by perceived harmlessness.

  6. Yeah, essentially a collection of people I’d classify as ‘hoodrats’ who look like they just came out of a soup kitchen line, and some goth kids with broken teeth.

    1. I never have the urge to punch someone be so great after watch this video. If anyone of these idiots provoke me to defending myself, I make sure I someone going to need a send to a trauma unit. Unfortunately, being Indian man is one of the ‘races’ that the Progressives seen as being ‘White’ thus I be playing part of their narrative of evil white man.

      1. Ironically, most of the people I could freely talk about race with were non-white. And those who would completely flip when making observation about races, are almost always white college age kids.

    2. Good for the NPI attendees not hauling off and punching the camera man. The “I’M TALKIN’ TA YOU” guy was quite a pest.

    3. The police there were a damned disgrace. They just let those twats shove and block people, and did nothing until they absolutely had no choice.

      1. That’s pretty normal for police to want to do nothing until they have no choice. That’s what our culture is turning into in general.

      2. Wow at 8:00 the police are just a couple of feet away from this punk harassing and assaulting and preventing one of the guys from returning to the building, and they do nothing. Disgraceful! But forget to click your seat belt and they will write you a citation.

    4. That “My hands are in my pockets.” guy was a real class act. Hard type of guy to deal with. Without the police there that would have escalated where the only two options likely would have been fight or run. Can’t reason with a man like that, unless you are the police of course. Backed down immediately when the law told him too. That’s because he knows he was in the wrong and he didn’t care anyway.

  7. Their scum cannot slow the swing of the pendulum. The legion will return, risen from the ashes of their society that is this modern technologically-impeded farce.

  8. These emotionally unstable, drug abusing, unkept, violent liberals are the ones that are trying to take everyones 2nd amendment rights away. Do you want to be unarmed around these savages?

  9. “the antifas’ thrift store rags and lack of hygiene.”
    Huh, the thrift stores I frequent sell suits for $5-$10 apiece. Got a nice 3-piece grey pinstripe for $12.

    1. Even though the antifas can afford nice suits from a thrift store, it would greatly affect their image if they were to, say, dress nicely. Dressing nicely would then create confusion among themselves. They would then be victims of “friendly fire”.
      Which I can’t understand why Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton dress in suits, while saying that they represent the poor.

      1. Aye. Suits are the image of “the man” (in a myriad of ways).
        Although most people I talked with about suits said it would take too long to dress.

        1. “Although most people I talked with about suits said it would take too long to dress.”
          And this clearly demonstrates the difference between people who put in effort and reap the benefits from those who are lazy and demand to be given the same benefits. Socialism is toxic.

        2. It takes me five minutes to go from fast asleep in my jammies to a full 3-piece suit. The most annoying part are the buttons on the waistcoat.

    2. One of my favourite suits came from a thrift store; pockets still sewn shut. I spent more getting it fitted than on the suit itself.
      Thrift stores should not be underestimated.

      1. Pockets are sewn shut? Huh, learn something new every day.
        On a related note, I ended up getting some antique books with some of their leaf edges still uncut.

        1. Usually that’s how suits are sold, pockets loosely sew shut to maintain the shape during transport; if you find one at a thrift store like that, it’s brand-fricking-new, never worn.

  10. I’d suggest having an official videographer designated to document these ladies’ misdeeds. I don’t know DC law (yeah, I know), but in many locations, unlawful restraint (as practiced by these ass pies) is illegal. Kill them by a thousand, small legal cuts.

    1. Every self-respecting patriarchal white Southern man should own firearms. I have a couple of Taurus handguns and a Marlin 1894 CS carbine in .357 Magnum.

        1. I’d like to buy a 10mm handgun some day. I have a folder full of articles from gun magazines about various models.
          Because in science fiction, the cool people had 10mm handguns before the caliber went on the market in the real world. You find them mentioned in novels by H. Beam Piper and A. Bertram Chandler back in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

        2. Better work on your wrist strength and your shooting. Everyone agrees that .40S&W, .45ACP and 10mm are all much more badass than 9mm (in terms of ability to “stop” an opponent), but many government agencies stick to 9mm because a descent percentage of the agents can’t control handguns in these larger calibers well. If you can’t hit your target, it doesn’t matter how big the bullet is. The best thing to do is practice with several different guns in different calibers. Then you can purchase the gun with the largest caliber that you can put on target every single time.

    2. A gun is just another tool that all men should own. It levels the playing field. Much like a condom, you’d rather have one and not need it than need it and not have one.

  11. What will the social-justice scolds do when the racist-shaming stops working?
    After all, they’ve worked hard on de-shaming the word slut.

    1. The morality apostles has really done a good job in creating inflation of everything that is evil wrong and immoral according to their social justice religion. Racism and everything else the SJWs stands against has really started to lose its meaning and will inevitebly be let loose in an unhinged fashion, we are slowly but surely moving to that point.
      There is a certain irony when you realize that the fanaticism of the “good doers” is what ultimately leads to discord and everything they claim to stand against.

  12. Have any of these pesky liberal nutjobs actually succeeded anything worthwhile in their lives? Because otherwise, they wouldn’t spend so much of their energy trying to disrupt other events and people’s lives when they could have used that same energy for the sake of their own self improvements. It’s beyond pathetic if you ask me.

  13. You guys need to bring a crew of brawlers next year. Keep the easy targets away. I think you embolden your enemies when you let them get away with that type stuff. You guys also need armed security so one of these anti-fa types can’t go on a shooting spree.

  14. Dislocated joints missing eyeballs and permanent disfigurement is the best way to handle violent bullies.

  15. D.C. is their town. Absolutely wise not to engage them as they would own you. Metro PD might be sympathetic, based on their treatment of old vets and Oath Keepers during protests following Obama’s “shut down” of the National Mall a few years ago. A large crowd of men were staring down federales while Metro drove past them, honking their horns and waving to the vets and OKs. The feds backed off although, notably, the instigators were scrawny Latinos and two white females. All ended up with looks of impending mortality on their faces and no doubt had never been faced with even odds before.

  16. If the answer to anti-white “equality” isn’t white Supremacy then you nerds need to get back to your rudimentary math class.

  17. Not heard of Antifa before reading this post. It turns out that they’re here in Australia as well. This is part of their most recent facebook post:
    Innocent Muslim women and non-white people are being attacked on the
    street by deranged racists. The government is now joining the attack on
    Muslims by raiding their homes and failing to charge them. Muslims are
    the victims in Australia, and any true working class person could
    Poor muslims. How dare the police execute search warrants on the homes of those strongly suspected of being involved in terrorist activities.
    If you have a look at some of their facebook images you’ll see they really are deranged.

  18. These degenerates are the highest level of nauseating.
    As the
    article explains, sheer strength of numbers always wins against them in
    the end and I’ve seen the same occur at bigger anti-fa rallies in Europe
    where man-to-man they lack any real sense of masculinity and will lose
    morale in the face of an equal sized group.
    For smaller events
    like this, security really is the best way to route their juvenile
    bullying tactics. Never surrender and never lose courage.

  19. More and more, I see that the neomasculine group is going to have to seriously promote self-defense as a lifestyle. Aikido is a martial art designed for deflecting attacks without causing a lot of damage to the opponent and would be perfect for jerks like antifas who are quick to use the victim card.
    Now old arthritic farts like me are restricted to tai chi that when the movements are speeded up make excellent deflects and the user can still maintain a good center of gravity.

  20. There’s something about Forney that is unsettling sometimes. Like he’s half soulful, sensitive boy band member, and half murderer for hire.
    I bet it drives women wild

  21. I had to deal with this scum in Montreal… Basically there was a protest against a new law that restrict freedom of speech (bill #59). It’s basically a law heavily pushed by imams and islamists to allow to prosecute people for their opinions (like journalists).
    So this protest happened and had basically nothing to do with race or nationalism. It was for freedom of speech. Yet the violent antifa gangs attempted to attack us but there was a lot of police present. Old people among our group were scared. At one point the scumbags attacked a huge guy with a bodybuilder physique in our group by being 8 vs 1.
    They called us “nazis” and similar shit, while they actually support Jew-hating islamists that act way more like nazis than I do. At one point the numbers on each side was about equal, but this violent group came to fight, while we came in peace.
    I mean, these fascists are so intolerant that they will threaten you just for wanting more freedom of speech. This is how far they do. I am still pissed about it and there is no doubt I will meet this scum again one day.

  22. I’m becoming more angry as this shit continues. These “people” do not understand how bad things will get if they keep doing this crap.

  23. Those filthy jew thinkers are gonna run across a White Nationalist they wish they wouldn’t have if they keep it up

  24. “we’d end up being tarred as the bad guys if we tried to defend ourselves.”
    In other words the outcome would have been the same as if you didn’t defend yourselves……….except with more free publicity.
    When is the right going to learn to stop virtue signaling to people who simply interpret that virtue as an exploitable weakness?

  25. I don’t like what you say but I will defend your right to say it, as I would hope you would do the same for me.

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