10 Ways To Fight Back Against Feminism

We’re all justifiably sick of feminism, but at some point men need to either put up or shut up. It is true the average man must be careful in how he fights back due to the harsh legal realities of living in a world that promotes Girl Power, but where being a “misogynist” (the male equivalent of a feminist) can get you publicly tarred and feathered or even fired from your job.

However, if all men followed these simple guidelines, we’d be happier, healthier, and the quality of women and relationships would dramatically improve.

1. Quit Social Media And Online Dating

nerd selfie

Need any more evidence that testosterone levels are plummeting?

We must play the relationship game on our terms, not theirs. Smartphones have their place, but spending all day on them gazing at social media and taking selfies is about as unmanly as you can get. Unless you are making money or following breaking news, social media is for chicks. There are a million more productive ways to spend your time, so get off the damn thing.

Women are gluttons for attention and compliments and the smartphone brings out the absolute worst in their personalities. Every time you praise women on social media, you are inflating their egos and making them even more unbearable than they already are. It’s time we bring back the stigma of online dating: it is only for losers. Plus, meeting women in person will develop your character and social skills, so even if you are rejected you will be better placed to face future challenges in virtually every aspect of your life.

2. Don’t Vote For Political Parties That Support Feminism


A fundamental goal of communism was destroying the family unit and replacing it with the State. If you vote for left-wing parties, you are supporting high-taxing, high-spending organizations that want to replace the traditional family unit with Big Government and will repeatedly bend over for feminism and political correctness. Things like quotas, victimhood, gay marriage, and man hate speech become part of the daily vernacular, and you will see insanity such as hundreds of millions of dollars being borrowed to pay for feminist “foreign aid” programs.

To keep the baying mobs of feminists happy, leftist politicians won’t merely be content with maintaining the status quo on blatantly misandrist divorce, alimony, and child custody laws. They’ll extend it to include things like Australia’s “mistress laws,” where sluts are given financial incentives to become homewreckers.

Sure, right-wing parties are far from perfect, but they are nearly always the lesser of two evils. In Australia we have “Emily’s List,” the official feminist arm of the Labor Party, steadfastly committed to taking money away from productive sectors of the economy to prop up women and get them financially and emotionally invested in the government. This voting support bloc has become so large it is almost impossible for a sitting government to unwind unaffordable extravagances and not get voted out. Next stop? Greece.

3. Hire Men Only

Two businessmen shaking hands, side view

Give a fellow man the break the feminists in the HR Department won’t

The modern man is up against quotas and feminist-stocked HR departments, which will push for undeserving women to get jobs at his expense. Something needs to be done to address this injustice, so help your fellow men out and hire them instead.

There are also entirely practical reasons. For example, if you are a business owner, why would you fork out for expensive maternity leave when you can pay a man to be there instead?  Not only that, your workplace will be happier and more efficient as you can openly and honestly discuss issues without everybody constantly being on edge about upsetting people’s feelings or a trumped up sexual harassment charge.

In my experience, the presence of women makes for a toxic workplace somewhat resembling high school, cannibalized by cliques, gossip, jealousy, undermining, sucking up and passive aggressive behaviour. Despite protests of rampant sexism in the workplace, women tend to treat each other far worse than what they receive from male bosses and colleagues.

Millennial women in particular seem to see nothing inherently anti-feminist in sleeping their way to the top. On more than one occasion I have seen an airhead rapidly rise through the ranks to a position beyond her ability purely because she polished the right knob. This causes widespread resentment, but even if the boss grows tired of being serviced he can’t get rid of the greasy pole climber as they have become a “protected species”—firing them would risk a sexual harassment accusation.

These are all problems best avoided, but never openly state that you don’t hire women because in doing so you will almost certainly be breaking the law.

4. Don’t Bail Out Women For Their Irresponsible Spending


This is exactly the kind of behavior that puts women into debt

Most women are terrible at managing money. In part this can be explained by evolution. Historically, women relied on men to take care of them, and feminism definitely doesn’t promote foresight and self-responsibility. You would be absolutely shocked at how many single women in their 30s have very few assets of real value and are up to their eyeballs in debt, even supposedly smart, savvy career gals on high incomes.

If they get a pay rise or promotion, they don’t pay down their home loan or credit card debt, they increase their spending on shoes, handbags, dresses, makeup, luxury apartment rentals, partying, expensive wine, and restaurants. For all their bravado about being “strong and independent,” women never truly appreciate the value of money, and assume some chump will save them when they finally decide to settle down.

Don’t be that chump. Making a long-term commitment to these women is fraught with danger. Ironically, far from being grateful for salvaging them off the scrapheap, these are the women most likely to be horrible wives, cheat on you, and divorce rape you.

5. Don’t Bring Your A-Game For Sex With Feminists


Roosh has advocated a hard line position of not having sex with feminists, but if you go down this path you are taking easy lays out of the equation: feminists wear being a slut as a badge of honour. However, with the market already flooded with these types of low quality girls, we should not encourage their degenerate behaviour. Due to the ongoing thirsty dude epidemic, your generic feminist can easily get quantity, but that doesn’t mean you should reward her with quality.

You should be selfish in bed so they don’t enjoy having sex with you too much and are left unsatisfied. Definitely don’t go down on a feminist, for example. Instead, you should be cold, methodical, unromantic, nut as soon as you want and leave immediately after. Certainly don’t let them stay the night at your place.

Feminists are easy for a reason: they are deeply flawed individuals. Like most things in life, what comes easily is rarely rewarding. You should therefore view feminists as “slump busters,” something you partake in reluctantly whilst biding your time for something better.

6. Ignore Mainstream Media Feminist Commentary


Most feminists are white, middle class women who have grown up in comfortable surroundings and never experienced any real hardship in their lives, so as professional victims they can’t be taken seriously. They definitely do not have your interests at heart, and worst of all, they don’t even mean what they say.

For example, they’ll tell you they love feminist men but they are only kidding themselves. These wimps are the only men they can get which is why they must pretend that dating them is a “choice.” Even more galling are the multimillionaire feminists like Sherryl Sandberg who act like they are heroes, while a man slaving away for 50K per year is somehow more privileged than they are. With this in mind, you can safely disregard 99.9% of what they say.

7. Say No To Mediocre White Girls


Modern Western Women: all class!

We can’t all jet off to Eastern Europe, South America or Asia to find our dream woman, but an alternative is targeting women of relatively recent immigrant background to our home counties. These women are no silver bullet, but they are still much more likely to be attractive and have decent values.

As the proud owner of a lovely buxom girlfriend of Eastern European origin who detests feminism and puts family first, I can assure you going back to a “strong, independent woman” would feel like dumpster diving.

8. Show Displeasure When A Girl Mutilates Her Looks


You’d have to be mentally ill to look to livestock for fashion inspiration

How unattractive a feminist is tends to correlate with how extreme their misandry is. A key part of this toxic ideology has always been demonizing female beauty and trying to create guilt in men for finding some women more attractive than others, and feminists are clearly thrilled at the current trend of young women mutilating their appearance with ugly piercings, tattoos, blue hair and so on.

For us men that means less desirable women, so how can we fight back? Personally, my approach varies from indirect to in-your-face. I say things to girls like “It’s a shame she got those piercings. She looked so much hotter without them!” Sometimes I just look disgusted, or put on a micro frown or confused look and ask “Oh. Why did you get that?”, insinuating that they are crazy. If I see the dreaded bull-ring, surely the most unattractive fashion trend for millennial women to date, and I am feeling particularly facetious I let out a deep bellow to signal my disapproval.

9. Reward The Few Good Women


There is no doubt women of quality, honour, and virtue are becoming highly endangered in the West, but this only reiterates why men cannot afford to mistreat the precious few decent ones remaining. If you treat one of these diamonds in the rough poorly you are a piece of shit, and worst of all, potentially driving them into the ranks of the feminists.

Therefore, it is your duty to positively reinforce their desirability so they don’t become part of the pro-slut cultural tsunami. Don’t pump them up on how “hot” they look, they hear that all the time anyway. Instead tell them how much you love it when they make you a nice meal or wear a tasteful feminine dress. Say that you are attracted to her womanly charms and family values, and how much you prefer this to the average uncouth female who acts like a man and has had more pricks in her than a second-hand dartboard. Tell her that not checking her Facebook every 30 seconds make her stand out from all the other girls. Even if you are ending a relationship with them, make sure you do so respectfully.

10. Be A Real Man


In the end, it all boils down to this. You can complain all you like about the “modern, empowered woman,” but if you aren’t a masculine man, you don’t deserve a feminine woman. You should constantly strive to improve yourself, be strong, command respect and be able to handle yourself in a crisis.

A key component of this is how proficient you are with practical skills. Can you do handyman work? Lift heavy things? Change a tire? If not, start learning. The way society has changed for the worse makes me wonder if feminism is just one giant shit test for men. The worst thing is they are winning. The fact that testosterone levels have plummeted during this timeframe is not a coincidence. Everywhere you look there is irrefutable evidence men have lost their balls.

They can deny it all they want, but the reality is women crave a strong man who will stand up to their bullshit. Never forget that if you are a weak mangina you truly deserve nothing more than the most masculine, unpleasant feminist out there.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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533 thoughts on “10 Ways To Fight Back Against Feminism”

  1. Forget the voting thing. Elections are rigged and candidates are selected by those above them, not elected by us. It’s all theatre.

      1. …or those votes can be manufactured out of thin air. Again, it’s all theatre.
        the book VOTESCAM by Ken and James Collier, and there is also a YouTube video interview of James Collier on this.
        the website and videos under the header BLACK BOX VOTING.
        Also, if you read the book THE HISTORY OF TAMMANY HALL by Gus Myers from the turn of the 20th century, a book which has never been factually disproven whatsoever, then you find that widespread voter fraud and corruption was occurring in the U.S. as early as 1820. The Powers-That-Be just have streamlined the process now, made it more sophisticated.
        But if you want to buy into theatre, if you would rather expend the useless effort of going outside on election night, when George Carlin tried to tell you that even staying at home and masturbating was a better use of your time, then don’t let me get in the way of your ignorant bliss. Have at it.

    1. Democracy is a joke, and its getting more and more obvious by the day. We had elections recently in Canada, the choice was in electing between an extreme Leftist, a Leftist or a moderate Leftist party. All of them filled with feminists up to their eyeballs.

    2. The parties effectively have no say at all. The power is in the hands of the media. Why? Because the media sets the trends and makes sure that everyone thinks that everyone else thinks what the media present. The media controls the thoughts. And a political party can only be elected if it harmonizes with the thoughts of the masses.

      1. The mainstream media is controlled just like the politicians are controlled. You don’t get it.

        1. Thank you for asking. Most people don’t.
          For starters, I would recommend the book THE MEDIA MONOPOLY by Ben Bagadikian. They guy’s a liberal prof, and I sure wouldn’t agree with him elsewhere in life, as I sure as hell ain’t a “liberal”, but in this book he nails it with all the documentation. I think the book has been updated several times by now, as the manifestations of the owners of the media keep consolidating.
          That would be a good place to start, if you really want to follow down that particular rabbit hole.

        2. Indeed. The media 10-15 years ago seemed to do actual investigation. They now pump out a liberal narrative. It strikes me the change came courtesy of falling revenue for newspapers and various other media outlets. Desperate to survive, they’ve given in to big liberal donors who ensure they stay in business.
          PMSNBC is a prime example of this. They have ridiculously low ratings yet all their shows keep on trucking. How could that be? Because they’re subsidized by Comcast.

  2. My black thought for the day: There’s a small part of me that thinks all men should black-knight and vote for the most socialist candidate we can (to theoretically collapse the country), but I get a feeling the desired end would not be achieved.

  3. 1.If you’re 27 and under, you won’t be very successful with women if you don’t have facebook or instagram. You’re a potential creep and social media is your dating reference of good behaviour.
    2. Hire men only……meh….only if he’s good enough as I’ve employed women over men simply because they were the right candidate for the job.

      1. Believe it or not I’ve come across over a few case where women were just better at what they did and the men were up their own arses applying for positioned they were not qualified for.
        I can’t remember the number of times I’ve been rejected for retail jobs becasue I wan’t a pretty chick or some skinny jeans twat. Women have an advantage if they look good.

        1. We live in a gynocentric society, where women with the help of the government, are now the breadwinners. Its sickening. My sister is the breadwinner, while her husband is a stay at home, part time working, trophy husband.
          Fucking insanity.

        2. If he works part time should not be that bad. Maybe he’s happy that way. I know that these type of relationships don’t last the test of time.

      2. I have always thought that this was a fallacy. At least in bars. Many men will hire a hot bartender thinking it will bring in customers. But those dudes are playing checkers, not chess.
        You hire a young, socially adept, physically attractive male bartender…one who isn’t a simp. He will bring in the women who, in turn, will bring in the men.
        The young hottie behind the bar will bring in a couple of guys. The attractive, intelligent, game-wise male bartender will bring in men who enjoy his company, women who want to bang him and then more men who want to bang the women he brings in.

        1. I dunno.. I mean, yes the game aware bartender can be a boon to the atmosphere and is usually considered situationally “high status”. But I don’t see women going to the bars with the “hawt bartender” for that reason. Some of the most popular bars in my area have old guy bartenders and ugly chicks. And people still flock to these spots. Don’t ask me why

        2. Good point.
          I’ve been to trade shows where companies hire models to stand at their booths to attract visitors. When trying to ask her questions about their company and what they do/make, she could not respond. Instead she directs me to one of the other guys who knows. All she’s there for is to attract attention to their booth.

        3. Can never make rules for everyone and every place…but I think that a nice looking upscale place with a high value male who has an easy way about him does bring in the happy hour rose drinking whore crowd. Those career gals are just looking for the next cock and so men flock in after them. Never fails…at least not that I see.

    1. Yeah you don’t need to worry about social media. For one, its the modern way of communicating and two, its not going anywhere. Better to join the modern age and learn how to use it than to stubbornly refuse and wind up like that old guy who doesn’t understand mobile phones.

      1. I use Instagram, but nothing else. I won’t say I am staunchly anti-facebook….mostly for the reasons you say. It is silly to pretend that this huge and all consuming thing simply doesn’t exist.
        However, using it responsibly would be a good step. Setting as a particular time to check it. Not existing in social media real time always responding, commenting, liking as it happens.
        I don’t feel facebook adds anything to my life. However, if I lived in a less population dense area that might change. The point is to use it like a tool and not make it the mark by which reality is judged.

        1. Yeah I rarely use FB and others because for me they add very little value. I prefer more direct communications like WhatsApp and specific SNs like Linkedin, which for me are very useful.

      2. Fuck that, you can be a “dumb fuck” as zuckerburg says and trust him with your info. I’ll pass.

        1. Even if you gave a fake name and such, he is still collecting metadata on your web activity, ect.

        2. Are you saying he has installed spyware? Does this occur even if FB is not running on my phone or I am not logged in to FB on a PC? Serious questions, thanks.

        3. From what i understand, the facebook messenger app itself on your phone is riddled with spyware, and can in fact turn on your microphone, and listen in without you doing anything. or knowing. They also have the “full rights” to all this info. It’s all in the agreement.
          Other than that, facebook is a known govt spying tool. If they can track your interests and suggest content, what makes you think it stops there? All of us, on this corner of the internet are probably on some list somewhere in the NSA’s database. I just don’t want to make things any easier on them so i don’t use FB.

      3. I don’t see why I should leave Facebook or refuse to use WhatApp! Far too many times have I relied on its services to find other services. It s the status quo and it’s up to the individual to use it appropriately.
        I may not be fond of people whose lives revolve around social media but who am I to judge.
        I dare say that social media is merely an electronic business card.

    2. Bullshit. When I was under 27 I had no facebook and was getting plenty of pussy. Going to the bars, friends of friends, women at work. It wasn’t very hard.

      1. Women at work are always on the menu and I have had my fair share of conquests without relyin on Facebook. But you have to be above average not necessary in looks but personality. The average joe is still at a disadvantage though.

        1. The average joe is at a disadvantage because he thinks he is “average” and every bangable woman is “above average”. It’s all in your head.

        2. If women at work are on your agenda then it won’t be too long before you’ll be on the agenda of your ballcutting all-female HR department. Good luck with that.

        3. Simply enough, there is no such thing as out of your league. They’re out of your league because you put them there. All red pill men can attest.

        4. Haha I know, you are one of the red pillers that can testify. I have a tendency to repeat myself.
          And sometimes, I notice I repeat myself.

        5. The average joe has to work harder and would have to go through the screening process that women have. He does not habe presence or the sweet talk to make the deal on the spot and swoop the woman they are trying to pull.
          I, for example, have wide shoulders and good frame and at 6″ ill use that to my advantage. I’ll throw in some suave talk and I have her guard down. Phone number exchanged and game is on.

        6. Depends on how you get along wih he gals. I worked in a kitchen once and the waitress were hit on bit everyone in the kitchen crew.
          In an office environment you will face a hell of a lot of hurdles, ranging from jelous dudes to the angry fat fem who is hell bent that you “treat her well or otherwise” type of person. Corporate world is full of sharks and you will leave yourself open for blackmail of you engage females.

        7. You can include all areas of the public education workplace. It’s even worse than corporate world. I can vouch for that. And in the restaurant biz, you must have worked for some mom and pop restaurant. Work for a big chain restaurant and you’re still dealing with an all-female HR. Females gravitate towards those ballcutting HR positions of power the same way that females gravitate towards “marriage counseling,” “marital law,” and “child custody worker”. All positions where they get paid to emasculate men. If they were more honest and decent and open about their perversions, they’d just become dominatrixes like the rest of dominatrixes. Haven’t felt the wrath yet? Keep it up. You will. Just wait till you get just a little older and start becoming “creepy” to even one of them. Then you can grovel and beg, or you can start looking for other work, and even there you might have to end up groveling at the feet of some other all-female HR department elsewhere.
          Rosy picture, ain’t it?

        8. There are 10 types of people in the world:
          1) Those that think in binary, and
          2) those that don’t think in binary.

    3. A facebook page with a ton of selfies/food pics/you in your room is worse than having no facebook at all. Just don’t be that idiot who brags about not having a facebook.

      1. True about bragging about not having Facebook like a vegan dies about his habits. All you need have is a few good pictures and not make yourself look like a twat with silly statuses. I use Facebook to keep in touch and for amusement. That’s all. You don’t have to go overboard and be a total selfie cock wobble just look normal.
        Anyway, Facebook is slowly dying or stagnating since Instagram is providing the raw esential, that being a vessel for narcissism.

        1. I meant a ton of selfies of you in a dimly lit bedroom vs pictures of you with your good looking friends at the beach. It’s better to not have a Facebook than it is to have one with a bunch of creepy pictures.

  4. There’s a lot of talk about “quotas” but most countries don’t have them. If you find yourself blaming quotas because you didn’t get the job its probably because you weren’t good enough.

    1. ” If you find yourself blaming quotas because you didn’t get the job its probably because you weren’t good enough.”
      True, but the quotas introduce the element of doubt into the equation (especially if the job is government), even if the woman is competent in her own right.

      1. That’s works both ways. I could easily say I didn’t get the job because I’m black. But that’s the thinking of a weak man. I just double down and work twice as hard in the future.
        Btw, why would you want to work for the government?

        1. I work for a federal contractor (it’s in a hard science position). I’m pretty much the only white male where I work, and although my colleagues are competent, I’ve got to wonder if they are just filling quotas.
          “Btw, why would you want to work for the government?”
          It’s not by choice. I had a operator’s license (and maintained it through college), graduated top of my engineering class (from the University of Missouri system), had references from former employers and professors singing my praises, and it still took me getting a master degree (and 2 year later) to get one job offer, while my female classmates were getting multiple job offers from their graduation with a bachelors.

        2. Well government is a little bit different. My father worked for the government and he told me that hard work was punished and being part of the in-crowd was rewarded. The departments were run by black women and if you fucked up you just got promoted into a new position in another department.
          As a contractor, not so bad (I’ve done that work as well) but actually being at the government? Horrific. I think there you are more likely to see discrimination against white men and men in general.

        3. This sounds about right in my experience. One person I know of has actually committed two minor felonies while operating in the official capacity of a government employee (both times outside the limits of her job description and authority, which is to be a resource).
          Her superior (the elected official) settled the one lawsuit out of court, covered up the other, and gave her a few raises while publicly promising she had been put on administrative leave (she never was) and was now on a “tighter leash” even though since then she has only expanded her range of activities/interference. She is also fifty and claims to be lesbian and lives with another woman.

        4. I’d want to work for the government because they don’t expect results from their workers! I could a supervisor! Which reminds me, it’s almost time for my next break!

    2. There are quotas. For example 50/100 seats reserved for women at medical school. While men have to complete with a lot more other males to earn those male seats

      1. Like I said, “most countries don’t have them”. You are debating a statement I never made.

        1. Maybe you should have been more specific. Western countries like Canada US Australia have quotas. By most countries I’m guessing you meant non-western countries that most of us don’t live in?

        2. The UK doesn’t have gender or racial quotas. The US does not have gender quotas. There are non-Western countries that do have quotas (in Africa and Asia). I hope that’s clear enough for you.
          I have worked in the US and outside of the occasional complaint in the media I never came across a single quota. Most the companies I worked for employed mainly white men. So, like I said, if you think you didn’t get the job in the West because of a quota, its probably because you weren’t good enough.

        3. englishbob,
          Most companies in the west are mandated by law to have diversity and affirmative action policies enforced. But worse, you have the HR deparments, who are well known to be discriminatory against men and would prefer hiring women.
          I applied for many jobs, only to be rejected, and funnily enough, when walking past one of the companies I applied for, looking past the window, every employee was a woman.

        4. A policy is not a quota.
          The rest of what you said is anecdotal.
          I’ve applied for many jobs only to be rejected and when walking through the office every employee was white. Racism? Or was I just not good enough.

        5. A little from column A, a little from column B. Each office has it’s own culture and will shoot to continue that regardless of the look of the outsider. Another thing to consider is who interviewed you. Most interviews are like dates where you make it in by factors unknown to you.

        6. Virtually everyone that interviews me is a white male. This is interesting for two things. For one, I can (as I said earlier) make an argument that I am not being hired because I’m Black, and two, if there are quotas and just about everyone that works there is a white male, clearly the quota for blacks and women is set pretty low.

    3. Most Western European “democracies” are bringing in quotas for political parties. In Ireland the quota system has been brought in and 30% of candidates in the next election have to be female otherwise political parties will loose funding. At least a male candidate is taking a case against the state as he believes such quotas are unconstitutional. It is not about the best candidate for the job in this case.
      In the next election my first question to a female candidate will be did she get the nomination due to discrimination and mediocrity.

      1. Are you talking about a law or just the rules set by that political party? I can make a party which only allows headless dwarfs if I want, its my party.

        1. Are you sure? I looked it up and found that it is parties setting objectives for “diversity” but it was all voluntary.

        2. If it was voluntary why would they deduct funding from parties and why would the individual in question take a case that it is unconstitutional?
          “Gender quota LEGISLATION introduced in 2012 requires parties to ensure that 30% of their general election candidates are female, with parties that fail to reach the quota losing half of their state funding.”
          Maybe you should do a little more in depth research…..

        3. Maybe you shouldn’t be an ass. It’s up to you to provide research to prove your point, not for the other person to do this for you.
          And you have provided secondary evidence. Newspapers are notoriously inaccurate when reporting stories. Not saying you are are wrong but they are being vague. Does this refer to Republic of Ireland only or all of the EU? Is their assertion correct about the legislation? You were saying something about in depth research?

        4. I pointed you in the direction. If still won’t accept what I’ve told you that’s the end of discussion. Want me to hold your hand? I didn’t stoop to calling names. Just told you to look into it. From what I gather you are quite the vague insecure one. I don’t know your story and not particularly interested either.
          If you want to find out more go to gov.ie.

        5. You stopped short of actually calling names but you were presumptuous and rude. You have no idea what research I have done or what my background is. Furthermore, there is a real irony in you telling me to do in depth research and then you reference an obscure and vague news story.
          Again, he who asserts must prove. It is quite ridiculous to make a weak argument and then tell the other person to prove you right. This is lazy and foolish.

        6. The article I quoted is not from some “obscure” website. It is one of the main news sites in Ireland. Lazy and foolish? Ha ha…. more name calling. I know nothing of hour background but it seems to me you doth protest too much. As the saying goes “better to be thought a fool and say nothing than to speak out and remove all doubt”. Am I name calling now? Or maybe you would prefer some derogatory term more race related so you can play the victim card?

        7. “Lazy” and “foolish” are adjectives. Not names (i.e. nouns describing a person place or thing. So am I name calling or not, since you want to split hairs? Pot calling kettle black here, since you started with the insults. If harsh words offend then you should avoid confrontation my friend.
          Sorry but yes, a news site in Ireland is obscure.
          The rest of what you said is…. nonsense. Clearly, now that your argument has been eviscerated you are falling back to where you started. Insults. And frankly, yes, you are lazy with your argument and your approach is foolish. This much is clear since I have given you the opportunity to back it up and you still have nothing.

    4. In every developed country an “unrepresentative” workforce will attract activist and regulatory scrutiny even if no minorities or women applied. While white men don’t have 0 chance, the lower probability of hiring is real if small, and as a matter of principle it cannot be ignored.

      1. And yet everywhere I work, the vast majority of employees are white men, particularly at the professional level.
        What is this regulatory scrutiny you are refer to? What’s the name of the ruling body?

        1. It’s a social pressure rather than a regulatory body. Or it can be written into the company’s documents (I’ve actually dug around in my company’s hiring goals, and their explicit goal as a company is to hire X% of women and minorities.

        2. OK but that’s up to the company. The owners of a company can (still) hire who they want. If they want all women that’s up to them (good luck with that).
          But otherwise you can write that in and then ignore it because frankly, certain jobs are just not popular with women. But that is different to a legally enforced quota.

    5. In the US you have to fill out an Affirmative Action survey with every application. Your hires are tracked. Companies large enough to be on the radar (usually over 50 employees) are most definitely pressured, if not outright threatened, for not keeping up with quotas.
      Just because you don’t get audited the first year you neglect to pay your taxes doesn’t mean they won’t hunt you down later.
      >If you find yourself blaming quotas because you didn’t get the job its probably because you weren’t good enough.
      … yet if you’re gay, or a woman, or black, and you don’t get hired? Clearly discrimination, and you should sue. :^)

      1. I get you with the pressure but this is the not the same as a quota. Quotas in business have always been staunchly protested in the US. So you have the softly softly approach of “tracking”. Your last part about being black? I have had occasions when I knew I didn’t get the job because I was black but my feeling was basically “well why the hell would I want to work for a racist? Fuck him I’ll work somewhere else”.
        My overall point is that racism, diversity policies etc. will not stop you getting a job and not be the reason you don’t succeed. This will be down to you.

        1. Arguing that there isn’t a quota in business is the same as our police arguing that their isn’t a quota in traffic ticketing. It’s the type of dishonesty liberals cling to to obfuscate reality.
          “Quotas are illegal, so we don’t have quotas. We just have mandatory minimum amounts of revenue that we have to collect if we want to not be fired as failure to meet these minimums is used as an argument that we are failing to our jobs. But we don’t have quotas, because quotas are illegal.”
          Government agencies absolutely have a quota in their hiring policies. That means that majority applicants, even vastly more qualified ones, are regularly denied employment because the business desperately needed a flavor-of-the-month hire.
          Anyone who does business with the Government will be blocked from Federal contracts without quotas…
          … or just sued for not pandering…
          “Sure, businesses may do this willingly because their is a constant looming fear of frivolous lawsuit or the Federal dick up your ass… but quotas are illegal, that’s why we don’t have quotas…” :^)
          >My overall point is that racism, diversity policies etc. will not stop you getting a job and not be the reason you don’t succeed.
          … of course it won’t stop you from getting a job, or getting that scholarship, or getting accepted in that top school. Unless you’re asian or white. Then it might. Which makes the whining from minorities and women even more laughable. They’re given a handicap and priority status on every application and still can’t keep up!

        2. “Why the hell would I want to work for a racist?”
          I’ve never understood these people who sue to get their job back from someone who fired or mistreated them for some petty reason. They always hold near-minimum wage level jobs. I can understand if you have a union job making $40 an hour or something, but otherwise why the hell would you want to work for an asshole?

        3. I have experienced diversity quotas firsthand in the corporate asylum. I had to pass up several quality hires because they did not meet our diversity standards. The HR department made no bones about it and did not attempt to hide this from department leaders.
          Many of us left because we could not control the types of people we wanted within our departments. This lead to basically more work, less cohesion, breakdown of workflow and headaches all around.
          I now work for a company that keeps the organization under 50 for this specific purpose. Regardless if the owner is misogynist or racist he makes money and his employees work together great, are loyal and respect each other.

        4. Wow, how shitty. I think rule #11 should be don’t work for a corporation. For many, many reasons.
          The only place I have seen quotas come into play is in government projects. The US government likes to practice fascism, where the state and industry merge. So instead of things like the British hospital system run by the British Dept of Health, America has a few for-profit insurance firms which receive premiums from the government and from citizens under force of law (the Affordable Care Act) and pay for-profit hospitals to administer the health care for the doctors and patients, who have the smallest influence over the system but are the most important.
          In my experience there are many projects and jobs which the government bids to firms for completion, and it will always award them to minority owned or women owned small businesses if possible. This has accelerated in the past few years to the point where you will not receive a project award unless you are minority owned, because one of your competitors will be, and they will always be selected above you.

        5. “I think rule #11 should be don’t work for a corporation. For many, many reasons.
          The only place I have seen quotas come into play is in government projects.”
          The office/corporate environment is for women, and effeminate men at this point in society. It is unbearable for any redpill man to endure. I encouraged my younger cousins to enter the trade fields like plumbing and wielding…these jobs are harder to outsource and you don’t get into high debt after schooling. Repaying your loans for trade education is faster and after 10 years working for someone else you’re primed to begin your own contracting and be your own boss.
          I worked for a non-profit, I suspect, although can’t be sure, that they have diversity quota audits more regularly as a part of their non-profit status.

        6. If you can get in a smaller corporation, you don’t experience the same level of bullshit. I work for a small branch of a larger corporation and we don’t even have an HR dept in our building. We see the head of HR maybe once a year for an annual meeting but that’s it.

        7. >I think rule #11 should be don’t work for a corporation.
          That’s a stupid rule. Despite all the liberal college hate of big business, there are certain things a mom-and-pop shop just can’t do without a proper workforce.
          You even rule out Space-X and NASA with such nonsense.
          Go enjoy your free-range coffee elsewhere, hipster. While ironically updating your anti-corporate blog on your iPad…

        8. If working for one’s self, setting one’s own hours, getting paid on the basis of performance instead of on how many hours one sits at a desk, and never wasting a single second of time talking to an HR department are stupid and hippy, then I am guilty.

        9. Your argument is fallacious. Basically your argument is that there is a secret group somewhere enforcing an undocumented and illegal quota system. Essentially your argument can neither be proved or disproved. As such it is invalid.
          It seems to be an article of faith for irrational white men that there is this quota system (organized by the Illuminati perhaps) stopping them from getting jobs. Much easier to blame an imaginary organization than take responsibility for yourself like any grown man would.
          Frankly man, you’re acting like a little girl.

    6. Actually I disagree.
      Countries like the UK and Canada, are mandated by law to enforce diversity and affirmative action policies in the workplace, which in turn, has allowed feminazis to hire more women than men, rather than on who does the job best.
      The end I tell you, the end…

    7. In the modern workplace it’s because you’re dealing with a predominantly female HR department and increasing female-only management. They hire women at documented rate of 4:1 over men.

  5. Does anyone know if feminism exists in Greece? I imagine that the ideology would not survive in collapsed economies.

    1. It is funny but you are right. It isn’t that women aren’t capable of it, but the minute you notify them of this quality 100% of the time they will do something to shoot this idea down, cheat on partner, sell out friends, etc. It is like words like good, honorable, noble, automatically create a vile response in women where they must go back to being openly duplicitous.

  6. A minor dispute with #10:
    Men shouldn’t improve themselves because they want women. Men should be developing themselves regardless because they are men.
    Women should not be the destination or goal.

  7. Proverbs 11:22
    As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout
    So is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion.

    1. Our allegedly ignorant ancestors have a bad reputation now, based on the propaganda project against them that started in the Enlightenment. But we’ve had to relearn the lessons they taught us, the hard way, when it comes to dealing with women in the absence of traditional constraints. It turns out that our forefathers knew their business after all when when they shamed sluts, shunned bastards and made their daughters marry as virgins.
      Hell, even Roosh admits that now.
      I’ve also noticed the cognitive dissonance here, given how secular modern people use the theory of evolution to signal their hipness. You can’t say you accept the theory of evolution on the one hand, yet turn around and dismiss our ancestors as a bunch of “dumb fucks” on the other , as I saw someone call them on Facebook the other day. Our ancestors had to get a lot of important things right on average, generation after generation, to keep the human species in business in a harsh and dangerous world. We shouldn’t blow off the beliefs, customs and practices they bequeathed to us just because some recent philosophers can’t find “rational” justifications for them. The fact that we exist today shows that they knew what to do about female sexuality, even if their advice conflicts with modern feminism.

        1. I’ve noticed that it freaks out both atheists and Christians when I say that I admire the patriarchal aspects of Christianity, and I give my harsh examples regarding sluts, bastards and virgins. It makes many Christians uncomfortable, especially, because they have absorbed feminist thinking to some extent, and they don’t like the reminder of what their faith traditionally stood for.

        2. I think a lot of Christians have fallen for the PC crap. At the same time a lot of the denominations want to be “feel good” churches so that they attract people. By all means, we aren’t supposed to speak the truth because it may make people feel bad … waaaaa

        3. You’re right. Many have, myself included. We’re bludgeoned over the head with verses taken completely out of context (turn the other cheek, render unto Ceasar, etc) and made to believe we’re supposed to be meek little lambs that shrivel at the sight of adversity. There are still good churches out there that preach the virtues of strong men at the head of the household, but they are few and far between. I am lucky enough to have found one such church.

        4. I always say I admire Christianity for its patriarchy and Islam for its modernity (it was founded most recently of the major religions) heh.

        5. Women love the oppression of Islam. To be imprisoned and allowed out of the home only under cover and when escorted by a male relative makes them feel . . . like women, which is entirely appropriate. Islam would not have thrived all this time without the active support and approval of women. Even now, secular Europe is losing its young women to ISIS. We infidels should learn from this and be more patriarchal and oppressive toward the women we love, taking only what is good from Islam.

        6. If ‘christians’ do not subscribe to only men as leaders, then those guys are heretics.

        7. Exactly, there are movements in Saudi Arabia of women who are protesting against allowing women to drive there. They enjoy being treated like valuable princesses.

        8. I can’t speak for all women but I can speak for myself and say that’s where you’re wrong. I’ll never be a submissive or subservient person and that includes in relationships, but I understand the long term outcomes of that and I’m happy with it.

        9. You’re wrong about the fact that women are incapable of thinking of the long term consequences.
          It’s not “grrl power,” it’s self respect and having standards.

        10. Maybe you’re not paying attention. Women’s brains are similar enough to men’s that we are capable of functioning the same. Like men, women can think emotionally or they can think logically. It depends on which side of your brain is dominant. I am a much more logical person than my boyfriend is. Yes, I can be emotional at times too. But he acts based on how he feels, and I take a step back to evaluate the situation and all possible outcomes before acting. You can’t put people into gender binary boxes. They don’t exist.

        11. If you want to take only what is good from Islam then you should really take a second look at the Qur’an. There are so many good things you can take from Islam without restricting women. Muhammad’s wife Aisha was an important figure in early Islamic history. She was intelligent and inquisitive; she contributed to the spread of the word of Muhammad’s visions (his original word, before he and others changed it and added more to it). How is dominating women supposed to help anything?

        12. Dominating women helps to make the world a happier place, as women are liberated from freedom and allowed to fully manifest their femininity within the confines of their natural role. There is nothing in this world so beautiful as a submissive, obedient, subservient, thoroughly conquered woman.

        13. It’s not a woman’s natural role to be submissive. Many cultures celebrate a matriarchy and have functioned exceptionally well. To say that the Islamic world is currently functioning well and is a happier place, then you obviously have no idea what’s going on in the Middle East.

        14. Young lady, I will not engage you in debate, but I would ask you to understand that I sincerely have no respect whatever for your point of view.

        15. Alright dude, whatever. I can’t argue with people like you. You have your little boxed in mind and that’s not going to change. I’ll never fit into your misogynist views of a gender binary world. And yet, I will be perfectly fine.

        16. I will be. I hope you will be fine as well. I also hope one day you can change your opinion, but I can’t know that ever. And just because I disagree with your opinion does not make you any less deserving of a good life. Good luck to you as well.

        17. You won’t engage in her debate because you know you’re wrong and have no proof to back up your point of view. You won’t engage in a debate with a woman because you think she cannot be intelligent and that she shouldn’t even be speaking out against a “man”. You clearly have no respect for women at all unless they are under your control, and even then I bet you have no respect for that poor human being who is forced to be exposed to misogynistic people like you. Women chose to cover themselves from the disgusting eyes of men like you who only see women as someone to control and objectify. Women are human beings, same as men. And that’s something you clearly don’t comprehend.

        18. Women love being covered in ANY situation where a man is going to objectify her for showing any piece of her body.

        19. Which of his dozen wives was that? Did she contribute to the spread of idlam through war? That’s right, islam was spread through violence

        20. True. The patriarchal aspects of early Christianity and Islam are actually quite similar. The hijab was actually borrowed from the dress of Orthodox Christian women. Both passed the test of time, of war and peace. Modern secular feminism? Not so much.
          Notice how all the secular Muslim societies start covering up over time? War, hardship, secular feminism didn’t help and people turn to religion. War started in Ukraine, people began to rediscover the church.

        21. You’re too dumb for me to bother explaining the complex and intricate history of Islam and the Middle East.

        22. Lol a stupid little cunt thinks she’s smart because she took a few college classes and is now an expert on islam and the middle east

        23. I’m a Christian and I’m not offended in any way by your statements. On the contrary, I totally agree with you.
          The problem is that the real Christian Churchs are struggling to survive and maintain its values, being attacked by political, social and intelectual enviroments. The attacks have become so constant that the church began to be infected from the inside out.
          For example, The Presbyterian Church in America was one of the most important denominations of american christianism, having a national ministry of remarkable proportions, both socially and historically. Until the north side of the church became corrupted by feminism and liberalism and accepted gay marriage. Consequently, the church divide itself as north and south, having the south called the north apostates and heretics. The south remain loyal to the Holy Scriptures, but the North is a conglomerate of faggots and liberals. Almost all denominations suffered similar problems.
          It is almost like we need another Reformation.
          Jesus said: “[…] Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall.” Luke 11:17
          Christian Churchs are made of families, and because modern world are always trying to destroy the family unit, these christians have to focus on maintaining their families together, safe from the immorality of the enviroment that surrounds them. That’s why it seems that they are doing nothing to stand up for the real teachings, but that is not exactly the case. Right now, Real Christian Churches are turning all its efforts to keep the house united.

        24. Nah. Stupid little cunt think she’s smart. She understands how much more there is to know in the world. But also understands that her role in that world is not to be dictated by small minded men. Stupid little cunt has dignity.

        25. Unstable families lead to an unstable society. Find the arrangement that suits you but don’t try to force it on everyone else.

        26. No one is trying to force you into giving up whatever suits you, or trying to force you into being submissive or in same-sex relationship or what have you. All any of us wants is to have our relationships or “arrangements” be accepted by others.

        27. That people are belligerent about it and deliberately try to irritate people gives them the opposite impression. Besides, I’ve heard and seen people claiming they are. Plus forcing people to accept men who “feel like” women going into women’s restrooms: that, using law or “regulation” is forcing themselves on others.
          I’ve never gone about proclaiming that I was interested in females or yelling it to masses of people. I simply take it for granted because heterosexuality is the ‘norm” in that, like it or not, that’s what most people are. So I expect people who aren’t to go about their business unless there’s a misunderstanding, which needn’t be a federal case.
          There’s no way I’ll be duped into claiming that most people are not the norm or made to feel guilty because I’m one of them. While it’s best to get rid of teaching people to insult gay or others that’s not the same thing as reversing that behavior.

        28. Lol, im just an angry male right now, but i used to , because of feminism, be distraught at the statement of women not speaking in church. Wuth the way feminism is fucking everything up, i can see why the bible was onto something here

      1. The wisdom of religion past the test of time, centuries of war and peace. Philosophers were elite hetro-fags that sat around in the coffee shops of the day, and didn’t have to be a man, didn’t have to farm or fight. Just look pretty and sound smart. So they made fun of the less wealthy rural men who provided (by farming) and protected the cities (soldiers).
        If all the urban philosophers died out, nothing would happen. But if the farmers and soldiers stop doing their duty, we’d die. So why do we place the values of silly foppish urban philosophers who do not matter when it comes to staying alive over the largely Christian rural farmers & soldiers?

  8. We should also find ways to fight this sick synergy between feminists and gay men. Gay men who attract fag hags just degrade these women’s value further because they give women horrible advice about relationships based on the dysfunctional gay model of promiscuous, dehumanizing, alienating sexual encounters with strangers.

      1. I wish. In my lifetime I’ve seen gay men and sluts become the cool kids, while the male virgins with normal desires have become the freaks, weirdos and expendables. I feel like I live in Opposite World now.

        1. Men who don’t get any are not as respected by other men and women look down upon them.

        2. Unless these men feel a spiritual vocation. Catholicism and Hinduism have both carved out spaces for male sexual rejects to become respected holy men.

    1. I think the single biggest crime that fags commit on a regular basis is telling fat chicks they look good.
      For every fag there is a minimum of one fat chick that they tell looks hot and encourage to dress more revealing to show their “big boobs.” (fags, like Italians and black men, rarely can tell the difference between big tits and fattits).

        1. Funny. I was thinking that and literally couldn’t type the word. Queers have done to the word fabulous what hitler has done to that tiny little mustache.

  9. Under “Be a Real Man”
    Grow facial hair. I’m at a very liberal university in Canada, where the people just voted in a feminist as Prime Minister. I have found a strong correlation between how feminist a girl is, and how much she dislikes my beard.
    This by no means is proven. But in my experience, strong feminists dislike facial hair. It shows a difference between male and female that they don’t approve of.
    More down to earth girls like the masculinity of facial hair. I won’t say this is a hard and fast rule, but it’s interesting to note.

    1. I can agree with you to a point… but honestly I know too many feminists who like a man with facial hair to really agree. I also know feminists who dislike boyish men and enjoy ‘real’ men (laughs), as long as that real man allows her to color him.

      1. Definitely. It’s just an interesting observation that I’ve made, that is usually true. It’s definitely not a rule.

    2. FYI: I’m a feminist that reads these articles for a good laugh now and then. I really like facial hair on a man. Not sure that means you should cut it, but be aware individual women have different preferences (even us fat, ugly feminists). Feel free to unleash your internet wrath. I just wanted to let you know.

  10. Slow clap for #1, the quitting of social media.
    When I disappeared from Facebook, a former plate started sending me emails (something she had never done before). Where have you gone? What are you up to?
    A few days later, I was banging her.
    Your absense from social media is like a drug to some women. They sense that your absence indicates the completion of higher goals, your pursuit of greener horizons. This stimulates their hamsters, and the curioscity is too much to them. They have to learn more.

    1. Great comment!
      I agree with this one. I’ve always found social media to childlike and girly.
      Did you read the recent post on ROK about quitting facebook and social media? The post by “truth” was brilliant.
      I love this site. Keep up with the comments.

  11. While I completely disagree with #1 and some other points you made, 7 is on the money. Recent Latina immigrants are plentiful, beautiful and a great replacement for Kaylee as she dedicates her life to Smith and Co.’s HR department and their bottom line instead of faith and family. I married a Latina, and while white girls are often very beautiful, I find myself feeling little for any of them because I know from experience almost none of them are worth getting to know.
    To elaborate on what I disagreed with, on #1 I think Internet dating is great, and social media is simply a fact of life we need to learn to use wisely rather than not at all. On number 8 – well, I do prefer tattoos and piercings on a woman, that fits in to my taste and I don’t find it mutilation. I have full sleeves myself. Sure, many women who get tattoos and nose piercings and whatnot are slutty, and you can use it as a warning sign, but some guys do like that look and I am one of them. As for #5 – just don’t ever have sex with a feminist, period. #3 I disagree with because some of my best workers are women and I’d be hurting myself not to utilize female workers when they are the better worker. Recent female immigrants are especially good workers. They work hard, but also put family first.

    1. You listed some very interesting counter arguments, but just because you haven’t encountered the specific points in question, doesn’t mitigate their worth or consistency as problematic areas. Things like social media are more of a case by case scenario. In general they are best utilized as marketing tools as opposed to real displays of your nature.
      In the last 2 years I have seen the inside of a few companies while getting my footing. What I have noticed is, the more free or down time there is at any company, or the more competition there is at any company, the more likely things get toxic quick with females working there. I’ve seen women shove new employees out because they disliked them, blatant sexual harassment from women, consistent claims of sexual harassment when the low productivity levels showed, word monitoring, and high level secrecy. In environments with more men, there are still cowards looking to whisper in the boss’s ear, but more focus is placed on productivity than compliance.
      Feminists are disgusting so I’ll agree, limiting your sexual interactions with them only helps you. I have found a few talking points that seem to bring out the feminist without being confrontational. Things like intelligence levels, who pays for what, piercings, and the like all usually signify a feminist. The bull nose ring is big for feminists. I once heard a feminist say men shouldn’t be allowed to vote. She bought my drink before being dismissed but who is so callous to say something like that publicly? A feminist. And don’t forget open bisexuality. Nothing screams feminist bigger than a play dyke. Yes we all can get pussy when it is sold at bargain bin prices. No, it doesn’t make you hotter.

      1. I agree with a lot of your points. I think it would be nice to have a male-only environment – I was an Infantryman in the US Army for years so I know what that is like – but I find female employees to be manageable. Sure, there is cattiness, bitchiness, etc, but male employees come with their own issues too. The bottom line is if a girl is going to be a benefit for the company you hire her. If she’s causing problems you toss her, just like you would any man. I don’t have any problems with my female workers, they are an integral part of the organization. Any office politicking they do is mitigated by the fact that they are just about all part time and vetted before being hired, and pretty much all foreign and thus don’t come with American, feminist white girl baggage. I find black chicks to be particularly great employees, believe it or not, because a lot of them come from hard backgrounds and if they are working and not on the dole they are overcomers with their mind on success, and usually more traditional than white women.
        As for tattoos and and all, yes, they can serve as good warning labels. But, the look itself is not universally disliked by men. I do like tattoos, my wife has a lot and so do I. She isn’t slutty and has no past. She just likes that style. So, I don’t discourage tattoos or piercings and won’t jettison a girl automatically for having those things. Many feminists sport these things, but I would also say that most women who sport such things are not feminists.

        1. On tattoos we have opposing views only because that is what I’ve encountered. Recently I fought a shot with a woman I found cute because she had too many piercings. The bull ring, the nostril, the tongue, at least 5 per ear, and purple/blue hair. It was too much.
          I understand what you mean in regards to black women. My cultural background is Caribbean and by in large we find much of what America promotes as “black” asinine. My previous ex was Caribbean descent and built herself up to being a lawyer in 5 years. They have amazing work ethic and are pretty traditional so I can agree there. I’ve found American culture a strong indicator of whether the work ethic will be great or barely feasible.

  12. Its disheartening to see how fast the pool of normal girls dries up. Before, I was enjoying a flirty chat with some random chick, today, whatever comes from their mouths, annoys me by the most part. Thank God, I’m ready to settle down, so Im more than content spending time with my smart, feminine, loyal Latin girlfriend, and I dont have to go through the legions of rotten, shallow whores to get a random lay here and there.

  13. If Australia was serious about getting rid of feminism it would have to dismantle their socialist policies of welfare, Medicare, education, government backed student loans etc. Basically, smaller government kills off socialism which kills off feminism. Without big daddy government to rely on “independent” women will have to depend on men to survive.
    Australia will probably be one of the last countries to sever ties with socialism though.

    1. Politics lies downstream from culture. We have to delegitimize the idea that women deserve sexual freedom in the first place. After running this experiment for about three generations now, we can see that women can’t use this freedom in a socially responsible way.

      1. they have had the freedom to be sluts for 200+ years now. What’s really changed is how women have been allowed to not pay for any mistakes. The more socialist a country becomes the more degenerate women become. It’s obvious to me it has to go. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

        1. Well, yeah, the British Government did have a project to transport whores to Australia at one time, didn’t it? In the long run that didn’t seem to improve the moral character of the women who stayed on the home island.

  14. This was an excellent article to start my day.
    #11…hit the gym and follow a strict diet.
    #12…limit video game usage. Dont be that loser that calls in sick to play the new fallout game.
    #13…pursue a masculine hobby. I recommend target shooting. Nothing upsets liberals and brings fear to a criminal like a responsible gun owner.

    1. >Dont be that loser that calls in sick to play the new fallout game.
      Fug. (;☉_☉)
      Does it matter if I used a scheduled vacation day instead of faking a head cold?

      1. If this is the same Shaun King that fakes being black and is a top player in the Black Lives Matters movement, I doubt you have to worry about calling out sick. You would need a job to do so.

        1. Has to be a hoax account. Probably wants people on twitter reporting that he hangs out at ROK

        2. Its a fake account. If it is a real account, the man isnt mature enough to start commenting on here.
          Talking about taking vacation for a videogame and using queer emojis is the dead giveaway. Ive never seen a man use emojis on rok. The day it becomes popular to write like that, is the day i stop following rok.

      2. Actually what you should do is download it on steam while your at work, and come home with it finished and use it to cool off…

      3. DO WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY!!!! Bills paid, money in the bank, you don’t owe your job your life! ENJOY the game!!! 🙂

    2. Definitely recommend target shooting.
      Pick up a 22 and join a club. Even better if you have a property with no discharge laws.

    3. Awesome. I just bought a Benelli Black Eagle 2 for two main reasons.
      1. It’s a fun hobby that I enjoyed doing with my step dad.We used to shoot skeet, and eventually I want to go hunting.
      2. Liberals don’t like it. (bonus)

      1. The best part of buying a new gun is when i donate an extra $10 at payout to the NRA. I love seeing them make liberals suck a big one. I enjoy seeing liberals and moms demanding action cry when their legislation hits a wall in congress.
        Congrats on the black eagle 2. For picking a shotgun you chose a fine tool that you will be able to pass on to your grandchildren one day.

    4. #14 talk to many cute women every day — so easy in NYC (#13 not possible though – can’t have everything)

  15. As a man very proficient in carpentry, I can tell you that women love a man that can turn rough lumber into beautiful furniture and kitchen cabinets. She will never be able to go back to fiber board flat pack furniture again. Also encourages her to use the kitchen more. Guys these days can’t even build simple things that grade school lads built in shop fifty years ago.

        1. Almost all women view husbands as a tool to do shit for her. From fixing things to building things to ATM machine.

  16. Feminists just need a really good porking by a real man to bang that shitty attitude out of them. But most of them are just too fat and fugly to get a boyfriend so they’re mad all the time.

    1. Most modern women even ones that don’t loudly proclaim their feminism are quite detestable.
      The sheer number of random dicks that have been inside the random girl aged 21 in America is enough to make prostitutes of old blush. The level of female promiscuity is historically unprecedented. Going hand in hand with female promiscuity is the number of their offspring which they hire a contract assassin(abortion doctor) to murder.
      1 billion dead babies since 1980
      I’ve never went down on a woman. I used to not bring this up when I was younger but now it is a point of pride. When they ask why I simply say I don’t lower myself to women.
      Then the fireworks begin lol

      1. At least the prostitutes are smart enough to get paid and use protection. The skanks these days spread their legs for free and even swallow.

    2. I searched your ‘pic’ and most results were in Russian. It’s from some hottest young Russian pic contest or some teen Russian diva thing.

    3. You’re literally a child and know nothing about the world. Pick up a book, take a few classes, look at the world, and reevaluate your opinions in a few years.

      1. See? Like this bitchy broad that just replied to me. Any guys here wanna pork the attitude outta this mouthy cunt? She really needs a good hard banging.

        1. Why do you hate your own gender so much? Enough to say I deserve to be raped for having an opinion?

        2. Anyway, my boyfriend does a pretty bang up job of keeping me satisfied WITHOUT making me keep my opinions to myself.

        3. Cool. You’re a very interesting girl. I think you’d make a fascinating topic for a documentary. Godspeed, kid.

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        8. Kid, if you’re trying to make a point, or trying to make me think you’re tough, you’re really failing. A child does not scare me.

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        10. I DO have homework. I have a math question: if Kat has to blow 6 niggers an hour and she swallows nigger cum every 10 minutes how long before she stops flirting with me online since im not a lezbo?

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          You wouldn’t like me anyway, i’m White.
          Burn in Hell you dike

        12. So first I was a cocksucker and now I’m a lesbian? Interesting turn of events. What would be the problem with being either? Is there a problem with lesbians? Does that come from a deep rooted resentment of yourself? Is there a problem with people of other races? Why is it you hate your own gender? Why do you hate non-white people? Why are you so full of hate? Why do you want men to treat you like trash? Why do you think you’re better than other women? So many questions

        13. You look like an eight year old is this some sort of undercover sting ? Trying to troll the pedos? Perfect start. ..

        14. By your language I doubt who you say you are. If true you probably are a child prostitute. Which is very sad.

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        19. I think you need to learn more about AIDS. Stuff You Should Know does a great two part podcast about it. You could learn a lot from that series in general.

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  18. These are 10 excellent suggestions. I have to relate a recent event displaying how after taking the red pill, most women are incredibly insufferable. I was at a party this weekend, with an old family friend who was celebrating a marriage (this is enough for an article alone) and in the middle of having an interesting discussion with his father about a book I had read which related to an experience he recalled on a trip abroad, the women in the room literally interrupted us to show us how their dog will chase and retrieve his toy chicken.
    Now, I’m an animal lover, and tried to understand how this would be interesting to any of the other 7 people in the room, and I suppose if there was a lull in the conversation, it would have been cute or something, but the man I was speaking to mid-sentence literally had his wife cut me off and say “Hey look, wait, look at this, wait, no watch this” as I stood there in disbelief.
    Now, he’s in his 60s, and no doubt used to this behavior, so he just politely watched and then apologized to me and resumed the conversation a minute later, but it made me realize there were reasons why the men and women always separated to socialize in the past. You know, before they were “equal” and all. Is pussy really worth putting up with that?

      1. Nose rings denote slavery. Ancient Egyptian socialite women would lead around their castrate male slaves with a small chain attached to the ring through the nape of the man’s nose. The many nerve endings in the ‘nape’ of the nose makes leading the subject almost effortless. A small tug and the manboy does as he’s told. The sensation can be excruciating when the chain is pulled too hard.

    1. My reaction to her showing stupid shit would be “so what?” Who cares what that dog does.

      1. If it wasn’t for a rather large age difference, and the fact that I was a guest in her home, and live in the southern USA where there are still some politeness and social graces that one observes, I would have. Certainly if it was a dumb millennial. But it was such a clear example of how all women are children.

        1. It depends on the tone of voice, I guess.
          You can communicate this kind of thing in various ways, without even using words.
          I would likely have been confused, thus made a confused face and earnestly wondered what that is supposed to tell me.

        2. Oh do I miss that Southern Hospitality. I recalled about 10 years ago or so when you fill your tank at a gas station, you didn’t pay first. You pump first and then tell the attendant how much you owe and they take your word for it. Not sure if it’s still like that now.

        3. When gas topped $3 a gallon, that pretty much disappeared, replaced by some threatening stickers on the pumps that if you don’t pay for your gas, the coppers will track you down and git ya! But yes, those were nice times. I was talking with an older friend yesterday about how after he moved here, he went in to the dry cleaners and tried to pay for his shirt, and they were bewildered, they just extended a tab, took your word you would pay at the end of the month and sent you a bill, and didn’t know how to accept money. Ha!

    2. This is why back in the day men would go off to a different part of the house to enjoy cigars and brandy while the women would go off to the drawing room to talk. Kept the sexes separate.

    3. Separation of the sexes is not even a Western or cultural thing. If I recall correctly, almost all the tribes in the documentary ‘Tribe’ with Bruce Parry had some kind of divided roles.
      When I was in Peru, I saw kids play footballl in the slums. There are no feminists in the slums. All the kids were boys.

  19. So you pull down your profile for a month to focus on night game. But when you get inside the venues you see women looking down at their phones. You can leave online dating but it doesn’t leave you.

    1. Your best play at night game is to go caveman style. High energy, draw attention to yourself, and just grab women. If they are on their phone, send a wingman over first to tap her phone. She will get frustrated and put her phone away.
      If you want to avoid this, DAY GAME.

      1. Forget the wingman. Tap her phone yourself and mess up her text message. Hit the send button before she’s done. She’ll be pissed, but just put on your devious smile. If she smiles back, game her. If she gives you an attitude, next her. She wouldn’t be worth your time.

  20. +1 to quitting online dating. I’ve had 4 rounds of online dating in the past 8 years, and every time I sign up it just gets worse and worse. In June I signed up for OKCupid and Tinder and have had zero luck. I only got one date off either of them, and it was with a girl who was 30 pounds heavier than what she looked like in her photos. Meanwhile, a week before that date I fucked a model who I met in real life at a bar.
    Online dating used to be great for people who had approach anxiety or were just shy/awkward/weird/losers, but now that stigma has been taken away and everyone’s on these sites. And due to the volume of guys hitting on girls on dating sites it’s actually become easier to approach a girl in real life, flirt with her, get her number, or even take her home. Just this weekend I went to a bar with a friend where I just ended up approaching almost every girl I saw and having them hooked into our conversations and getting numbers. I never imagined a world where my text and online dating game would be absolute crap compared to my real world game.

    1. Online dating only works in large cities, where there is an abundance of women. When i lived in a large city, it provided me with steady supply of city girls who resorted to apps because they felt isolated. It was easy to get a date.
      When i moved to a suburb, online game was worthless because the women were so damn ugly or they were all single mothers.
      Of course, im talking about my experiences 5 years ago. Today, dating apps are not new. They are now the equivalent of the club going downhill that the pretty girls dont flock to.
      Its better to run game now. Preferably day game.

      1. My experiences are different. I live in NYC where women have way too many options. So if you don’t hook a woman right away, especially on a dating app where they haven’t even met you in person and there are thousands upon thousands of other thirsty guys, you’re screwed. So I find that in person game works the best because you can more easily get a girl’s attention and make things escalate more quickly. There are also theories that guys approach women less in real life because they have dating apps as a crutch, so you automatically stand out from the pack by approaching a woman in person.

        1. Every town has a slightly different market. When i was in the city, it was flooded with women. When i got matches, they tended to be far prettier and less likely to flake. In the surburb i live in now, the suburb 8 is thr equivalent to plain jane 5 city girl. And i only moved 30 miles out of the city.
          You definitely nailed it…approach on your own. Stand out, approach, and remove all social media. Dont let a woman “friend” you, spy on you, and determine if your online persona will boost her online persona. Make them play your game. Dont play theirs.

  21. Points 8 and 9 cannot be emphasized enough. They work in an echo chamber, so if you don’t contribute an alternate opinion they’ll continue to self-mutilate thinking that men find it hot. A lot of men don’t BUT they will say whatever it takes to get pussy. Be the guy that tells her differently. And compliment the ones who are truly still going against the mainstream “female” trends.

    1. I do not really mind them that much. Live and let die.
      But obviously, if they disgust you, you should show it. I do. Prefer to do it as an act of self-respect and self-expression rather than to shame or punish or control them – much too stressful.

    2. Yep. Also, tell many of them how you love the way a woman looks in a dress and heels. Too many women are getting away with dressing down all too often. I’m sure some of it comes from feminism but some of them may not know how to go about it.
      It’s a shame how feminism has done a number on women. There was a time when many women wouldn’t dare go out of the house dressing down like they do, today.

      1. Heels are counter-intuitive to survival. They wreck the ankle joint and knee joint, and they are a tripping hazard. Women who don’t wear heals are to be commended. Pumps are more efficient.

      2. Because all men dress to the nines every day right? Don’t piss and moan about women’s appearances when men aren’t right for the public eye based on societal norms from the past century.

        1. When you understand the relationship between men and women, how they compliment each other (not compete) and how a woman should value her appearance than you’ll understand why it’s should be a woman’s number one priority.
          You probably won’t “get it” until you are approaching the wall…but you’ll understand one day.

        2. Until I’m approaching the wall? Listen, dude, appearances are generally important to get by in the business world or other work areas. However, we most certainly do not need to prioritize how we look. We have other things that are important to us. My education, my family, my relationship, and my hobbies are all more important than how I look. Secondly, I am happy with how I look. I don’t wear makeup, and dress how I want to dress. I don’t dress up unless it’s a formal event, but I don’t walk around in sweats. Once you understand that women don’t need to constantly be attracting your eye, then you’ll really understand why we don’t dress up all the time. Many of us don’t care what the gazing male eye thinks.

  22. Just one opinion about all titles like this: “fighting against feminism”
    Ridiculously to think that feminism is a real rival, or women, wrong, Men treating girls like rivals as if they were males too ?. We are fighting against a system that use feminism as an excuse to control men, it could be feminism or gays or anything.
    Feminism is powerless and the manosphere is constantly giving it recognition for its stupidity. They have nothing that hasn’t been given to them by other men.
    The use of these words is contradictory and distracting of whom are the real culprits

    1. A commenter on my blog remarked that they should not be called feminists as they are not feminine. He proposed to call it the dyke movement. I think it fits.

  23. I was just thinking, the whole feminist victim narrative makes it very hard to work out who one should go back in time to assassinate.

  24. Having dumped social media over a year ago, I have to say that I’m way happier without it. Humanity has existed for how many years without social media? Yet now people defend it like it’s a necessary item to live. Give me a break. I’m 100 % on-board with # 1. If you can’t handle a social media free life, you should definitely give it some real thought as to why you have become so dependent on a useless tool. For myself, it feels great to just be free to live without the useless B.S. of social media. It feels great to no longer be a tool staying in contact with other tools.

    1. I know a guy that became a millionaire with instagram. Id say his time was well spent. But if you’re not making money, you are wasting your time.

        1. He started an instagram account just for fun where he would post southern memes and jokes. It got popular and his followers asked if he could make a few tshirts. The guy went out and found a supplier that would print the shirts his followers wanted and he started selling them out of his apartment.
          Two years later and hes a millionaire by selling tshirts and hats decorated with cheesy one liner jokes and southern memes. The guy now has a warehouse and a team of graphic designers coming up with new designs.

        2. That’s different from using social media to waste your time ogling and praising attention whores.

    2. These days everything is a “basic human right”. A few months ago there was a news story here in Aus that a politician was advocating a national wifi system because it’s a “basic human right”. Yesterday I read that someone wants marijuana legalised because it’s a “basic human right”.

      1. Internet has become a basic human right in countries that rely heavily on it. Australia, being a first world country, should consider wifi a basic human right. Without wifi, many people will not be able to survive in the internet heavy world.

        1. In order for wifi to have any use, you need
          A) a computer with wifi capabilities and
          B) internet connection attached to the wifi
          These are luxuries.
          Basic human rights include breathable air, clean water, nutrition, being safe from physical harm.
          Internet access is not a basic human right. Anyone who thinks otherwise has completely lost all perspective.

        2. Oh, my goodness. People in first world countries cannot properly function without computers and wifi. Unless they are living out in the wilderness, and have no need to be in touch. I need to use the internet and email all day at my job. And I need to be constantly reached via email when I’m not at work. People NEED the internet to be able to be productive in the Western world. And obviously basic human rights include being able to breathe and drink clean water and have access to proper nutrition. The world have evolved to need other things. Wifi included.

        3. There are a lot of so-called ‘necessities’ in life that no one currently labels “basic human rights.” Establishing that something is something of a so-called ‘necessity’ is not proof that it is a “basic human right.” Making this kind of argument firmly puts you in the ‘politics over reason’ camp.

        4. You’re too stupid and dramatic to be discussing political and social issues. I bet you are studying a useless field like gender studies or social “sciences”

        5. Lol this was from a YEAR AGO. Late to the party, idiot.
          And no, I did not get my degree in gender studies – which is in fact a great and important field. You’re just too simple to appreciate that.

        6. Yeah basic human rights are things you have to have innately or do for yourself. If you make healthcare a basic human right, that means you advocate for forcing doctors at the point of a gun to treat you against their will. Similarly if you make wifi a basic human right, you make the slavery of electricians, computer manufacturers, and a slew of others legal.

    3. Typing into a comment section is no different than typing a post on Facebook. You are STILL using social media, dear.

      1. Wrong, cuckster. People don’t spend 10 hours a day posting photos of themselves on comment boards.

  25. Saw a girl like in 8 on the street today. Actually had a cute face, but piercings and pink hair. I walk quite straight, so I think she looked at me with curiosity. I looked into her eyes and made a face of intense disgust. She looked away.
    As for 3, is that even possible these days? I have said it before: Would love to have a martial arts gym for men only around.

    1. It’s possible, just not in a commercialized setting. I have a group of guys that I play cards with. The wives can do something else. I could see a MA gym being able to get away with it if they market it just right. They’d just have to be sure to offer a women’s only class as well.

      1. Fuck that. I am an everything or nothing person. If I ever become a good enough fighter, I will open up a thing like that, whether they like it or not. Let them bring it on. What will they do? Beat me up? No, too chickenshit for that. They will sue me and denounce me and whatever. I will laugh and spit in their faces.

        1. I did Muay Thai for 6 months in the first half of this year. Then quit because of an injury and psychological problems. But I do wish to continue once all my other problems are solved. I love violence.

  26. Yup . gotta agree and I think (hope) it catches on that social media is for pussies. Unless its necessary for business, self respecting guys should opt out of facebook and all the other gay shit thats out there for social media. Snapchat,twitter, facebook,instagram etc.. Where does it end?! What are we supposed to subscribe to ten or more social media accounts just so we can be on top of everything. Neomasculinist/red pillers should quit any form of social media or not be on it in the first place. We know its for attention addicted bitches anyway. Set yourself apart with pride by saying no I dont have……… Im a man.

  27. You can just assume false accusations will happen, it doesn’t matter what you do.
    I ran 80 dollars in color copies at the UPS store from online. I walked in to pick it up and some she beast, with a jacket covered in safety pins and buckles, started yelling at me for no reason. She is yelling across the store saying “thats what white male privilege looks like!” She even had the stones to start asking me what was so important, and what do I do that lets me get special treatment.
    I was utterly speechless, “a what the fuck are you talking about, I go online” is all I could get out, this lady was just mentally gone. The guy at the front desk starts apologizing over the fact that UPS allows customers to purchase online and pickup without waiting, it was a site to behold.

      1. I would have enjoyed that, the shock factor is hard to overcome in the moment. Besides the harpy, I cannot stand when people apologize for things that they don’t have any reason for. It would have been better just to point to the online pickup sign.

    1. That’s insane having someone jump at you like that. Back in the 60’s many wild radical freaks did the same thing. They would ‘shock and awe’ anyone who they saw as traditional or status quo. Elderly conservative couples would get cursed at, mooned, and sometimes cis gender hetero families would get heckled when seen with their same race children in a radical leftist college area. Having children was ‘uncool’ in lefty areas if you were white. Continuing on into the ’70’s you had the SAME folks who hosted the bra burning parties also serving as the kingpins behind the counterculture scrappers and their demonstrations.
      The lady who shot out at you in the UPS store sounds like a millennial version of the typical old 60’s protester only without a cause but looking for someone to pounce on. What you need to do is find who is pulling the strings making that person go apeshit on random people in public like that. Who’s their CONTROLLER. They act like triggered manchurian candidates and they’re very much controlled but they’re not all well disciplined. Some can be dangerous. Most likely they’re being influenced by someone on campus who is in a circle or band of radical sjw’s and those folks in turn have some pretty dark shadowy associations. Work your way up the food chain and get names and faces and you’d probably run into some major power and money. They’re all either two faced shit or wind up zombies.

      1. She was probably mid 40’s to 50’s. So she probably was from the generation of crazy from the 70’s. It doesn’t help that I am in Seattle right now.
        Honestly my first reaction to this is fairly sever, but a typically decide that its never a good plan to feed the trolls.
        I wish I could say this is the first time I have had to deal with some type of display, but its not.
        I do a lot of work in the energy business. Around Washington state that means I am collaborating with Satan.

    2. Tell me you don’t let bitches like that get away with this kind of outrageous behavior. That needs to be squashed, seriously.

  28. Try to establish a relationship with a woman that’s also based on cultural, religious or intellectual interests. The most rewarding and stable relationships I had with women were through a shared interest in classical Spanish guitar music in one case. In another case, I established a really solid and sound relationship through a shared interest in classic European movies.

  29. Relevant to point 1:
    I have been playing with online dating, and with about as much success as I could hope. You know the drill: send 100 messages, start 10 conversations, maybe meet 1 in person, repeat.
    So I set up a female profile in my town. Basically empty, only 1 pic.
    In 24 hours, I’ve gotten about 30 messages, 175 likes, and 200 page views, without any profile information or replying to anyone.
    It’s worse than the nightclubs. Fuck that.

    1. Its well documented. Set up two fake profiles with model pics for female and male. Sit back and watch the female profile get 10/1 activity. Its fucking sick and getting worse.

        1. I understand what you’re saying. The model pics were just to standardize the data, for comparing apples to apples.
          The conclusion is that online dating site is the most difficult place to meet a desirable female, even if you’re a male model yourself.
          Any approach in real life is probably more effective than online. Pull something out of your pocket and throw it down on the ground next to a woman and ask her if she dropped something. At least she has to respond to you. Online she doesn’t have to acknowledge your existence.

        2. ‘The note drop’ is a good one. If the girl is completely blocked, say with a private group or maybe a hottie in a cheerleader outfit having dinner with her folks, then whisper ”hey, you dropped something” and hand her a note with a wink face and your # written on it.

  30. Also:
    -Treat uppity women like men
    -Judge women, especially the white ones. It keeps them in line

  31. Mistress Law? I didn’t believe it till I looked it up. I just don’t know what to say. What next? Pre- infidelity contracts?

  32. Lol this article made me laugh. Good thing you guys have each other to rant to. Don’t see many women in your futures.
    I know anything I say won’t matter in your eyes but let me just say this. Feminism is not so that women will rise above men, it is so that hopefully men and women can be respected in the same manner. It’s called feminism because it comes from the oppression of women.
    If you choose to ignore the evident oppression of women then I’m sorry to say you’re blinded by your male privilege. So blinded by your “man pride” that you fail to see that women helped bring you into this world, yet you still don’t want them to live a life filled with fairness and happiness just because it threatens your “man pride”.
    Good luck to you all and your future endeavours. 🙂

    1. Women are way more privileged than men you dumb bitch. And why should we respect you? Do you respect us? No. So fuck you.

      1. Why are you so mad? And I do respect men, the ones that do deserve it though.
        Your problem is that you’ve had a bad experience with one woman and now you hate every single one. Grow up.

        1. I see.
          In the world of feminist double-think, questioning the dominant Cultural Marxist, Leftist and Feminist narrative equates to such things as “oh you must hate women!”.
          We’re sick and tired of feminism. Simple really.

      1. BJ, you obviously haven’t heard of the brutal tyrannical patriarchal oppressor known as the UK?
        Here, poor unfortunate wimmins have to deal with such tools of oppresion as air-conditioning.
        You’re obviously a filthy, small-dicked misogynist with Mommy issues who still lives in his Mommy’s basement, and you’re angry because you can’t get laid. Why do you hate women so much? Why are you blind to your air-conditioned privilege?
        So check your privilege you piece of CIS scum.

    2. Ah yes, the old “feminism is really about equality” horseshit. It’s just a pity for you that your weasel words don’t actually stack up to what feminism does in reality, does it?
      Because in the real world and not feminist la-la land, feminism is about first world “problems” like manspreading, how air-conditioning is “sexist”, hounding genius scientists for wearing “offensive” t-shirts and policing what people can and can’t wear for Halloween.
      “Evidence of oppression”, as you would put it. If you don’t think air-conditioning is sexist, then your “blinded by your male privilege”, aint that correct?
      I’ll believe feminism is for equality when they start campaigning to make women eligible for the draft, begin sticking up for men in divorce settlements and address the under-representation of women in fields like construction, mining, logging etc…and NOT just the boardroom or other cushy, air-conditioned environments where they won’t break a nail.
      You know, actual equality. Funny though how feminists don’t care about those things, isn’t it? So unfortunately for you as far as most right thinking, logical people are concerned, feminism IS solely for the advancement of women, and couldn’t give two shits about men.
      Disagree? Start doing something demonstrable about men’s problems (and don’t insult me or anyone else here by coming out with some “oh, the patriarchy hurts men too” bullshit. Just don’t. Me and others here will crush that nonsense ruthlessly if you go down that road.)
      So until then, keep your mouth shut Feminist.
      Oh, and great article by the way.

      1. Feminism is about equality.
        With women being “more equal” than men.
        Best explanation I ever learned!

  33. As a sidenote on #10, I’d also say it’s important to SPEAK like a man. I’ve noticed recently more and more that “men” (particularly those under 30; I’m over 40 myself, so maybe that’s why it stands out to me) seem to be emulating female vocal habits – uptalk, vocal fry, excessive use of words such as “like,” “literally,” “actually,” and beginning sentences with “Sooo…”
    Don’t speak their language. Don’t talk like a fucking valley girl. Don’t end every sentence like it’s a question – that’s the purview of the beta ally. Instead, TELL them things. Be Lee Marvin, not Seth Rogen.

    1. Very good comment. Men today are very effeminate and need a strong dosage of Steve McQueen and Sean Connery films to see how men used to behave. For modern films, id say liam neesons portrayal of oscar schindler is an excellent example of how a man should act.

    2. Lee Marvin – that’s perfect actually. Telly Savalis was also a great communicator.

    3. I’ve I’ve noticed the same thing. It seems that the majority of “men” I hear or encounter in public speak that way. Makes me sick.

  34. It’s not in our nature to fight women, but we have been pushed too far. Now the gloves are off. When you have feminist MPs openly laughing about issues like male suicide, you know their true colours. We can’t just sit back and get reamed by their strap ons anymore! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/11969823/Philip-Davies-MP-Political-correctness-is-damaging-men.html
    In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to worry about things like not hiring women. You’d just give the job to the best person. But in the current environment, with the meritocracy going down the drain due to feminism/socialism, I definitely believe that is a fair response. If you disagree, you have never been down to the final two for a job interview against a woman, and the final decision rests with the HR gals!
    There are still plenty of blue pill men who just don’t get it – feminists HATE men. So why help out women that hate you?
    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The growing Red Pill community is a logical response to the excesses of feminism.

  35. Great article. For me, a book that gave me a lot of insight into personally fighting back against feminism was “Manhood Redux: Standing Up to Feminism”, by C.H. Freedman. It’s among the best books I’ve read and though it’s a relatively old one (from 1985) it still holds very true and useful today.

  36. Ye shalt not inhale the caustic vapors of their menstruation any more than you would breathe the choking nitrous ammonia of the Venetian atmosphere.

  37. There’s an old saying: “Never stick your dick in crazy”. Ergo….
    Never date a feminist.
    Never date a feminist.
    Never date a feminist.
    Are we clear yet?
    Feminism is like veganism.. they’re not just about making life healthy choices and sticking by them. They’re about waving a blood-soaked flag in front of everyone’s faces and screaming ideological bullshit. They are all mentally damaged in some way. If you date a feminist, you’re not just dating a woman, you’re dating decades of accumulated man-hate.. the kind that could just as easily compel her to superglue your prick to your leg, and then call you a rapist. Chances are she’ll be believed, and YOU will be the one defending yourself against a terrible crime.
    I could go on with personal anecdotes. I’ve shared house with one feminist, and to this day I still feel sorry for the 2 poor bastards who dated her. I’ve also known several feminists socially. Half the time these ladies were quite amiable, and dare I say it, even fuckable. The other half of the time.. let’s just say, hope to god you get to see this half before you stick your dick in that particular brand of crazy.
    Don’t touch a goddamn feminist.. ever.

  38. I think one way to fight feminism is don’t be the ideal man the feminists SAY you got to be. In fact, if you do become exactly the ideal man the feminists tell you to be, they will hate you more. Feminists will say they like soft man who is “open minded” who also follow women’s lead and never question a woman. If you do exactly what feminists or any women tell you to become, they will DESPISE you for it.
    One of the biggest weakness for white men today are that many white males are becoming too soft and becoming overtly metrosexual. Many men are like that in today’s society but I notice white men are more prone to becoming like that faster compared to other race (with exception of Asian males). One thing that will save white male or hell with any males … IRON. Workout… workout more and do manly masculine activities. Don’t do typical feminizing shit like going to shopping with your female friends… Never be apologetic either. It’s hard though these days when you have to walk on egg shells trying not to offend the wrong people or you lose your job. It’s another reason why entrepreneurship should be the answer so you don’t have to rely on anyone and have someone determine your fate when it comes to making a living. Video games and other anime, nerdy shit kills the time. It makes men become weak with that shit. Be a hard ass man, engage in tough phsical sports. Ignore fat and unattractive girls, ignore bitchy girls and in fact, don’t even use your time to focus on girls UNLESS you did all your important priority done first. Most girls are big waste of time and I personally only spend time on girls when I”m extremely horny. Most girls don’t serve any long lasting purpose to your life anyways except with their tight warm pussy holes. Don’t watch porn, why would you want to watch another people having sex when you can be the participant yourself and just ask out a girl? Don’t be a spectator; be participant. This goes with even UFC and football. Don’t just watch those all day… it’s okay but what’s better is partaking in those activities. Play football with your friends, and take some MMA class. Be participant rather than spectator.
    Men are most happy when they are in their own natural habitat via immersing themselves with masculine activities. Anything that allows you to move your lazy ass off the couch, lift weights, go swimming, exercising, motor biking, anything that gives you adrenaline rush from reasonable risk taking sport activities, and achieving success through hard enduring work, building something worthwhile. When you are bored which translates to lack of direction and you are idle then that’s when depression starts to set in which decreases testosterone levels. Men were built to innovate. Let women, feminazi bull dykes and faggots complain and bitch all they want while men are busy creating.
    Now if you want to go further in details of men and how men are grouped, they are usually racial since men are tribal but the points that help men are always usually universal and transcend across all races and ethnicity. Working out for example helps you whether you are white male, black male, hispanic, asian, etc… Feminists don’t want to see you become successful as well as SJWs who envy and despise you. Those parasites enjoy seeing you fail. There is a German word for that, I believe it’s called “Schadenfreude” (harm-joy). These losers love seeing successful men fail but their presence should not stop you from achieving.
    Hell even your close “friends” might secretly harbor negative feelings towards you once they realize you are succeeding in life. Best revenge is with your personal success and then helping fellow (deserving) men with successful advice.

  39. $87 per hour? Fuck, dude, you could whore yourself out on the sidewalk and get more than that rate of pay. Try working for a living.

  40. Great article here and definitely the “Return of Kings” material I like seeing. Everything listed there should be natural and common sense. The brain-washing really has burrowed deep these past 10 years.

  41. The way I would sum this up? Guys don’t “settle” for less. If she’s not the right one, move on.
    40 years ago I married a women who wanted the traditional family. Accordingly, we raised our kids with full avoidance of the feminist movement. My daughter is now 30, been married for 8 years and her own family mirrors that which she grew up in. There ARE women out there, ya just have to look in the right places. But sadly, my son is in the same boat as many of you … struggles with the feminist women but he refuses to give in.

  42. I agree with Roosh about not having sex with feminists. In fact, go one better. Don’t have sex prior to marriage. I realize that sounds impossible, and perhaps a bit harsh, but it’s way too dangerous to have sex outside of wedlock for men, and I’m not just talking about STDs, which are not to be ignored. The legalities are way too weighted in favor of women. Heck, even in wedlock, they’re still weighted too heavily for women, which is why I advocate repealing all no-fault divorce laws. But at least, prior to marriage, you can assess the woman you’re seeing, and you can dictate the terms of the relationship.
    By taking sex off the table, now you’re in a much better position to deal with her. She’ll be confused about you, and she will feel vulnerable in a way she might not recognize because she’s been brought up to believe a lot of nonsense about men and sex. At which point she may decide not to hang out with you and pursue a relationship, which is good because she’s not wasting your time and money. But if she accepts this, at first, she may also attempt to seduce you, in which case she’s testing to see if you’re serious. If you’re able to rebuff her advances, or even put her in the doghouse for it (because she’s not respecting your objectives), she’ll know you’re serious (at some point). At which case she may try harder, or she may just give up. Plenty of chumps out there to fleece.
    But if she still wants a relationship with you, a man who actually respects both himself and a woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, now she has to conform. You tell her what you’re looking for in a wife. It doesn’t matter what she wants in you, because you have more power than she ever will provided you do not give in. If you want a wife that will cook, clean, raise the kids, fine. If she doesn’t like that, dump her. Don’t try to change her. Find another woman.
    Taking sex out of the equation also will motivate both you and her to not waste time. Dating has a purpose – to determine if a person is right for marriage.
    The biggest, most important thing to you, as a man, beyond cooking, cleaning, sex, and such, is loyalty. Testing her loyalty is paramount to your job as a man in finding a wife. One easy way of doing this is by saying her name to her using your surname. If she even so much as wince at this, or at all indicates she wants to keep her own surname, dump her. Don’t explain why, and never ever ever take her back. She’s intrinsically disloyal. Nothing you can do will ever change that. It doesn’t matter how hot she looks, how cool she is, how sweet and charming, how well skilled she is in the kitchen, even how religious she may be, if she is at all even minutely disturbed by taking on your last name, she is intrinsically disloyal, and if you marry her there’s a great chance she will eventually divorce you for whatever reason, mainly due to finances, especially if you end up making less money. It means she’s keeping her options open, and does not, at all, take wedding vows seriously. Which is why one of my criteria for judging a woman is if she takes religious faith seriously. It’s not the only criteria, as I’ve mentioned, but it’s important where loyalty is concerned.

  43. re point No 3. most guys will never be in a position to hire only men, but they can do their bit by always asking to be served by a man. same thing with medical care, always ask to be diagnosed by a man. in dealings on the phone with a company, always ask to deal with a man.
    Unnerve the bitches by simply stating you have had uncomfortable experiences with women. They pull this shit on us, asking for female doctors/police etc, so turn the tables and pull their shit on them.
    re point 6: Do NOT ignore mainstream media feminist commentary. Call these bitches out on their lies & give the media grief for broadcasting anti-male shite. No more free passes for purveyors of anti-male bullshit.
    See yet another advert portraying men as clueless buffoons? Tell the retailer youre boycotting their product/service and complain to the advertising standards authorities. Don’t just sigh or roll your eyes. Do something about it gents.

  44. I am 29 years old, and I recently started college. Most of my classmates are between the ages of 18 and 22. Needless to say, they are all a bunch of beta, metrosexual dressing faggots. Some of these pathetic excuses for a man actually believe that some girls in our class can beat them up……I go to school in hell.

  45. As we say down under, you can’t protect a stupid Sheila.. Just let them wallow in shit , step over them & continue your walk.. Only pose for real women. The one which are feminine & compete only with other feminine women for your attention. Not competing with men. Not sluts & two bits whores !

  46. you forgot about few important points;;
    Make all women wear burka: decrease laundry time of her fancy clothes, so she has more time to iron your shirts.
    Combine kitchen and bedroom for women; again more time for her to iron your shirts.
    Dont let women drive; more time for ironing your shirts while she cant drive around causing accidents (they terrible drivers the women)
    Mate seriously I have not read such a bunch of crap you have written for a long time. I am mental but what is your excuse? BTW I wish I had a harem and you would be part of it ironing my shirts.

  47. with my experience on dating sites like OKcupid, Tinder, and Hot or Not, i agree with number one. I mean you create a profile on OKcupid, write a nice bio, put the best picss you have and write catchy messages to girls and what is the result? mo replies. I got tired of it and deleted. I also deleted my Tinder account and hot or not app from my iphone too. Now there are new dating apps like Clover dating app and i won’t even bother to get excited anymore because i already know the outcome. Like i’ve read on other articles from ROK talking to girls in person is so much better. Here is a story, my mom took my cat with me as she took me to college campus. Once we’ve got there, i’ve decided to take my cat for a tour around campus and people started to approach me because of my cat being cute. So a pair of girls came to me and started to talk to me about the cat. Then minutes later i spot them and i approached them this time and talk to them. So then i decided to make my moved to ask for her number and she gave it to me. Then weeks later we have extensive conversations over text…although lately i havent texted her at all. So with that said, talking is much better than fucking online dating.

  48. Only in the US – look at the Islam world, Russia, China – women in these countries are not bashing men and trying to wipe out men, what gives in the US – we are in big trouble in so many ways – most kids are growing up with 1 parent, $19 trillion in debit and growing, 1% control 95% of the countries wealth, middle and upper middle class jobs have migrated to other countries or the 1% is bringing into the US folks from India who will work for 1/4 the salary – there is a reason Trump and Carson are riding high with the Republicans and Clinton with the Democrats – as I said we are in big trouble and it will not be long before the 1% is no longer able to keep as down and divided – it is starting at the Universities and Colleges and will continue to grown daily!

  49. I must agree with Roosh on this: reward the few good women.
    They are, in fact, out there. View them fondly, protect them when they are ladies and roughly penetrate them when they deserve it until they lie sobbing and gasping in slickened amazement. On rare occasion one will be worthy of marriage and you can grant them your name and title and your children.
    It’s true that there’s a difference between the females you bed and the woman you marry. Worthwhile women know this and conduct themselves accordingly.
    The feminist is not useful. No feminist would survive with her ideology intact after becoming a simple physical commodity like alcohol or cigarettes after the shit hit the fan, the power went out and government services collapsed. If you don’t believe that, read accounts from survivors of civil war. By contrast, the first type of woman usually survives the fall of civilization in the bed of the conqueror.
    The feminist ends up fluffing the auxiliary troops for food.
    The borderline woman is intriguing in her own right, at first. That is part of the mask over her horrifying self. The borderline woman is a female version of the Dark Triad Man but without the physical power or the dignity and purpose of men. They are dangerous as hell, sexually rapacious and maddening beyond belief. They don’t boil bunnies for amusement. It’s their job. And the fall of civilization is their ecstatic playground. They’ll have men gutted and wet themselves as they lick the edge of blood-soiled steel.
    Watch out for the borderline. Don’t waste your time with the feminist.
    Invest in the good woman when it is the profitable thing to do.

  50. Great article.
    Show Displeasure When A Girl Mutilates Her Looks
    Agreed, the idea that there is no social pressure to look decent is one reason some women will wear outrageous (in a distasteful, crazy way) outfits, colored hair, ugly piercings, etc.
    “men” in skinny jeans is definitely an indicator of leaning towards feminine traits. Note: skinny, not slim. And here I am now unable to wear my jeans because of working out now having bigger legs.
    It’s actually a problem now I have a harder time finding jeans that fit because of slender jeans being so difficult to fit athletic (read: more muscular, masculine) men.

      1. I ended up having to go up 1 or 2 sizes and having the waist taken in.
        I’ll remember your suggestion about the legs & tapering. I believe my dress pants are tapered slightly, and it looks good.

  51. “Tell her how much you like it when she cooks you a nice meal or wears an ‘appropriate’ feminine dress’”
    “You should be cold, methodical, unromantic, nut as soon as you want and leave immediately after.”
    “These are all problems best avoided, but never openly state that you don’t hire women because in doing so you will almost certainly be breaking the law.”

    1. Feminism does not equate to “women”. People are dismissive of the Millennial brand of Feminism because it’s just sexism wearing a mask of “equal opportunity”. Why do you troll?

      1. I understand that Feminism does not equate to women. It’s a call to create equality among all genders – all people. However, this article is staunchly anti-woman. All it does is paint women in a negative light unless they fit the gender normative category that has not been relevant since the 1950s.

        1. Nice try. It is a contradiction to say, “I understand that Feminism does not equate to women” and then immediate say, “it’s a call to create equality among all genders”. Since women are part of “all genders”, the second statement necessarily means it represents all women. Either way you are lying.
          While we are at it, Millennial Feminism in NO WAY is a “call to create equality (of opportunity) among all genders” at all. It’s all about creating advantage for women and pretending to be about equality. That’s been discuss many times on these threads, and not a single troll has come up with a reasonable argument to refute that.
          This article is about advancing against “feminism”. If anything it tells men to revere women as women. All this “gender normative” b.s. is about trying to selectively adjust a playing field while ignoring the obvious natural differences between the sexes. This too has been discussed many, many times on these threads. Not a single Feminism apologist has come up with anything but the usual false claims of Misogyny!!!! or a pile of insults and name calling.

        2. Some good points here. Society can openly bash men in day to day discussions, anything on TV, etc..but say one thing about a woman and the train comes to a screeching halt. It seems that on this quest for “equality” by feminists (especially this latest round) they’ve become more sexist.
          Most of these women are only looking for selective equality…not true equality. I don’t see women lining up to take that job to pickup garbage, work in the mines, construction, etc…they all want equal pay but only those jobs in a nice, clean (usually office) environment. I don’t see women marching to change our laws in divorce court or criminal courts to level the playing field (equality) – because women usually make out in these areas.
          Women are only bitching about inequality or the patriarchy on some issues, not all. They’ll gladly let men keep paying that settlement for alimony, child support or work the dirty jobs.
          Many of the real causes of inequality (especially the pay issue) has to do with women. Women take jobs for less pay (they negotiate for less) so they get less. Women cause many of their own problems but you won’t hear about it cause it would “divide and conquer” from within. Too many facts to handle, too much reality so they’ll blame men (it’s easier).

        3. Alright, buddy. There’s no point in arguing with someone who clearly has no idea what they’re talking about. Of course there is a difference between men and women. But that doesn’t mean women don’t deserve equal respect and opportunity. We are intelligent, thoughtful, creative, loving, and a plethora of other positive adjectives. Saying women don’t are undeserving of jobs is crass. Sure, some women won’t be right for some jobs, but some men are also not right for some jobs. I don’t want to be pegged as someone who doesn’t deserve the equal rights men get simply because I was born without the Y chromosome.
          If you can give me a reasonable argument against creating equality among all people, then I’d love to hear it. But there are no logical reasons to think that any one person is better than another. That’s antiquated and, frankly, evil thinking.

        4. —-Alright, buddy. There’s no point in arguing with someone who clearly has no idea what they’re talking about.—-
          First off, you have to earn my buddy-ness, and you have to be better than the typical know-it-all (but really know nothing) troll to get that. Yep. You clearly know nothing about what you are talking about.
          —-Of course there is a difference between men and women. But that doesn’t mean women don’t deserve equal respect and opportunity.—–
          More of the usual straw man arguments from Feminism 101. Where did I or any way women aren’t supposed to get equal opportunity? Your B.S. is typical of the victim-mentality of millennial feminists. Oh, and respect? You gotta earn that. You get basic civility as a default. But your flippant attitude towards people here means you don’t even deserve that.
          —–We are intelligent, thoughtful, creative, loving, and a plethora of other positive adjectives.—–
          That’s the problem with people like you who buy into the “weez all equal” crap. People are NOT automatically EQUALLY intelligent, thoughtful, creative, loving, etc… etc… etc… If that were the case, then freaking EVERBODY would have created works art, solved the Poincare conjecture, etc… etc… etc… One thing is clear. Most millennial Feminists are sadly lagging behind in LOGIC. You just proved it.
          —–Saying women don’t are undeserving of jobs is crass. Sure, some women won’t be right for some jobs, but some men are also not right for some jobs. I don’t want to be pegged as someone who doesn’t deserve the equal rights men get simply because I was born without the Y chromosome.—–
          Until you can justify how the physical requirements for FEMALE fire fighters is lower for MALE fire fighters in a lot of jurisdictions then you are Bullshitting. Feminists have already shamed some governments into making things less “equal” so women get an artificial boost. Nice try. But you are full of it.
          —-If you can give me a reasonable argument against creating equality among all people, then I’d love to hear it.—-
          Uh… the term is “Equality of opportunity” but you have already tried to mix that up with “people are all equal” – – – -Big difference between the two concepts, Oh wise one. LOL. Love to hear it? Bullshit. Lots of stuff has been put out on these threads. You should read before you invent a new sock puppet to troll. Your “argument” is called a “plea to ignorance” fallacy. Look that up before thinking that you know so much more than others.

        5. Lmao cool. Thanks for giving me good stuff to use in my article about misogyny. This is just amazing stuff, thank you so much. You’re one of my favourite people ever.

        6. You’re welcome. Too bad that anything I said is not a demonstration of “misogyny”. Incidentally, while writing out thoughts might sometimes be good therapy, writing out lies (like thinking that was “misogyny”) is just feeding that hungry demon called DENIAL.

        7. Lmfao the hungry demon called DENIAL. You’re quite theatrical. Maybe you should bring these comments to video??? People would LOVE that

        8. That’s just an attempt to deflect via ad hominem. The point is that you are trolling since you don’t really have a logical argument against the article.

        9. Who gives a damn about your stupid article? Who are you, the chief editor of the new york times? Here, use this: Swallow my shit, whore.

        10. At last! I found myself a real charmer! Finally my lonely days are over; I found a real man with a way with words that will just sweep a girl off her feet. I might even swoon. Xoxoxo

        11. No, that typically helps direct me to decent men. Not men with unappealing facial hair and a shitty attitude towards women.

        12. That would be an interesting thing if maybe I had an ex to be upset about. Instead of being in a relationship.
          A for effort!

        13. ” It’s a call to create equality among all genders – all people.”
          Think so? Let’s see what your fellow feminists have to say about that:
          “Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism.” – Catharine A. MacKinnon
          “We are, as a sex, infinitely superior to men.” — Elizabeth Cady Stanton
          “From ‘A feminist Dictionary; ed. Kramarae and Triechler, Pandora Press, 1985:
          MALE:…represents a variant of or deviation from the category of female. The first males were mutants…the male sex represents a degeneration and deformity of the female.
          MAN:…an obsolete life form… an ordinary creature who needs to be watched…a contradictory baby-man…”
          “Men are animals. Don’t you think so?” — Ireen von Wachenfeldt, radical feminist leader in Sweden
          “The care of children ..is infinitely better left to the best trained practitioners of both sexes who have chosen it as a vocation…[This] would further undermine family structure while contributing to the freedom of women.” –Kate Millet, Sexual Politics 178-179
          “The simple fact is that every woman must be willing to be identified as a lesbian to be fully feminist” (National NOW Times, January, 1988).
          “The institution of sexual intercourse is anti-feminist” — Ti-Grace Atkinson
          “Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice.” — Ti-Grace Atkinson
          “We must work to destroy it. The end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the liberation of women. Therefore it is important for us to encourage women to leave their husbands and not to live individually with men…. All of history must be re-written in terms of oppression of women. We must go back to ancient female religions like witchcraft” (from “The Declaration of Feminism,” November, 1971).
          “In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them” (Dr. Mary Jo Bane, feminist and assistant professor of education at Wellesley College, and associate director of the school’s Center for Research on Woman).
          “Being a housewife is an illegitimate profession… The choice to serve and be protected and plan towards being a family- maker is a choice that shouldn’t be. The heart of radical feminism is to change that.” (Vivian Gornick, feminist author, University of Illinois, The Daily Illini, April 25, 1981.
          “All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman.” — Catherine MacKinnon
          “You grow up with your father holding you down and covering your mouth so another man can make a horrible searing pain between your legs.” — Catherine MacKinnon (Prominent legal feminist scholar; University of Michigan, & Yale.)
          “In a patriarchal society, all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent.” — Catharine MacKinnon, quoted in Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women’s Studies.
          “The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.” — Sally Miller Gearhart, in The Future – If There Is One – Is Female.
          “If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males.” –Mary Daly, former Professor at Boston College, 2001.
          “Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience.” – Catherine Comins
          “All men are rapists and that’s all they are” — Marilyn French, Authoress; (later, advisoress to Al Gore’s Presidential Campaign.)
          “I feel what they feel: man-hating, that volatile admixture of pity, contempt, disgust, envy, alienation, fear, and rage at men. It is hatred not only for the anonymous man who makes sucking noises on the street, not only for the rapist or the judge who acquits him, but for what the Greeks called philo-aphilos, ‘hate in love,’ for the men women share their lives with–husbands, lovers, friends, fathers, brothers, sons, coworkers.” — Judith Levine, Authoress of My Enemy, My love
          Men, as a group, tend to be abusive, either verbally, sexually or emotionally. There are always the exceptions, but they are few and far between (I am married to one of them). There are different levels of violence and abuse and individual men buy into this system by varying degrees. But the male power structure always remains intact.” Message on FEMISA, responding to a request for arguments that men are unnecessary for a child to grow into mature adulthood.
          Another posting on FEMISA: “Considering the nature and pervasiveness of men’s violence, I would say that without question, children are better off being raised without the presence of men. Assaults on women and children are mostly perpetrated by men whom they are supposed to love and trust: fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, step-fathers.” Both quotes taken from Daphne Patai’s excellent critical work, Heterophobia
          And please. Don’t tell me the quotes are from 30 years ago. Show me any line of feminist articles that condemns this thinking or rejects it outright. And don’t tell me they were all “nutcases”. I haven’t even started quoting Andrea Dworkin yet, or Germaine Greer. All of these women were perfectly sane and set the agenda for feminism at large, and arguing otherwise is a No True Scotsman fallacy. Not to mention that you get much the same message in modern feminist typists like Jessica Valenti or Anita Sarkeesian. Your movement is misandrist if not genocidal.

        14. Every single time I read these quotes, I become increasingly furious with feminists and my loathing of them grows exponentially because of the sheer destruction they have wreaked on society, all because of their own selfish desires. I despise them and everything they stand for with all that I am. How can women and feminist men be so damn blind and/or utterly stupid to not see where feminism eventually leads? How do they reconcile the incongruity of their words and their actions? How is it that they have made peace with and embraced a doctrine that actively seeks to annihilate half the population?! Don’t these people have sons and male relatives that they care for and love? Are they seriously willing to literally sacrifice them for their cause? I swear I don’t think I will ever understand people and the way they think.

        15. I swear I don’t think I will ever understand people and the way they think.

          Feminists don’t think. They react. Their entire world view is based off emotion.

        16. It was relevant 20,000 yeas ago and it is relevant today. Quit trying to re-write the human species.

    2. We don’t hate women. We love women. Feminism, however, is a plague that is destroying their worth and making them unsuitable for relationships and starting families with. It has been said that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The manosphere and articles like this are the inevitable reaction to out of control feminism.

      1. So because I have self worth and respect, and believe that all people – women included – are entitled to a certain amount of respect, and believe that women are more than capable of doing respectable work for and in society, means that I do not deserve love from a partner? I’ll be sure to tell my boyfriend that the qualities he loves about me are what makes me unworthy of our relationship. You say you love women, but that love is superficial.

        1. The qualities he says he loves about you are not the qualities he actually love. Your talk about gender normative categories for example is not one of those qualities. We get it, you are a strong opinionated woman. If your looking for validation go gossip with your friends.

        2. respect is earned, not deserved, toots. Nobody is entitled anything. You want respect? Stop whining that you can’t have it both ways, do your responsibility, and help out.

    1. Any money you lose on the initial hire you’ll make back from the fact the man won’t suddenly have a mid-30s maternity crisis and run off to have a couple of kids leaving you to pick up the expense of training another full-time employee to do their job.

  52. As for our temperaments, watch the latest from the Middle East of men screaming, jumping around, shooting off guns, beheading each other. And you talk about OUR hormonal behavior???
    You’ve had thousands of years to civilize yourselves, and you’ve blown it. Time for a change.

  53. “The way society has changed for the worse makes me wonder if feminism is just one giant shit test for men” – This is exactly what i have ALWAYS thought. I have feminist friends, and because i don’t expose them, they have ALREADY admitted to me everyone likes a powerful man, that demands respect, takes care of himself WITHOUT needing the woman, and so on. They still accept you and like you, may even love you, if you’re not all you need to be but, my guess, and i believe i’m 100% correct, is that if you can take care of yourself alone and love yourself for who you are (and are loved for who you are), they will fall helpless to you and will BEG for your attention.

  54. I made a decision, I am against the bullshit feminism today. I also left Art of Manliness, I amsick of kissing women’s asses to get respect. I guess I have wisened up. Lol

  55. Ignore or deal with extremists (via reverse trolling). Spread awareness among potentials, especially adolescent boys.

    1. You’re not alone. My 20 lbs overweight, blue haired, loud mouthed 19 year old tomboy cousin is invariably surrounded by adoring male admirers. They think she’s “cool” and “real.”

      1. well i guess i should specify slightly.
        i meant only the blue hair…..not the landwhale aspect or tattoos or 454535 piercings.
        or even the tomboyish loud mouth attitude.
        but yeah as an anime fan…i know far to many are attracted to what you described as above for the very same reasons….though i suspect thats not only because of the beta situation of the world, but anime is filled with such females who are presented as desirable.
        i only find the colored hair and appearance and clothing easy on the eyes…not the attitude lol.

        1. I see. Interesting how media (not excluding this venue) influences what we consider desirable. I wonder if the scarcity of that female type men here consider attractive could be attributed to the scarcity of those men. There’s a demand for blue haired, tatooed, loud women, so women oblige. In other words, are men collectively digging their own grave.

        2. while your point is valid, i suppose i should clarify. i see you might have gotten what i said to mean something that was wrong so my apologies.
          in anime fat land whales are rarely a thing. also tattooed women are there, but arent common usually and some of the times it is usually due to some kind of supernatural plot where the tattoo is a marking rather than she hit up the local tattoo store.
          if we are basing anime to real life desire….terrible attitude although some have a sweet docile submissive attitude(though the males almost never make a move on anyone), hair color, and hair styles of all kinds….but the figure of the characters is often attractive and thin and an idealized shape and size otherwise. for instance a C-D cup women is often ideally attractive in anime, with A-B cups made fun of constantly.
          so no fat land whales in anime. body piercings are also very rare like the tattoos.
          so just want to clarify that as i see i didnt seperate those two before. you’d probably have to look towards other media to find attractive landwhales with body piercings.
          but your point is likely accurate. you just might be onto something with people watching shows that portray a certain type of person attractive, creating a false demand for that kind of character.
          i wonder if for instance amy schuner or whatever her name is and that fat chick in mike and molly and other such shows have created a false demand for fatties? or perhaps they’ve just revealed our inner fat fetishes?
          i mean the internet has given birth to some very odd fetishes. perhaps these fetishes only grow because of the internet?

        3. I think I understand. Anime females with blue hair have otherwise sexually attractive faces and bodies. And so eventually the blue hair seems attractive by association, yes? Whereas otherwise you would associate blue (or purple, orange, etc) hair with unattractive feminist types. Internet and fetishes … chicken and the egg maybe. Regarding Schumer and her like, yes, Im thinking men and women both are being taught to desire what was once undesirable. Traditionally feminine women are scarce in part because most men don’t want them? I can say with certainty that in the US it’s a trial of will for a more feminine girl to remain so rather than succumb to the pressure of not only the feminists and the sluts but also to the men who prefer them. At heart, women seek approval. So if a girl was eager to earn your approval she’d be wise to dye her hair blue.

        4. i believe that is likely an accurate summary of the situation…..though like fetishes, most of us wouldnt have to have a C cup girl or blue haired girl to find her attractive per say, but there is probably a preference there for a lot of folks.
          so having swallowed the red pill….im in a odd spot….that said, at least i dont have a thing for fat bitchy tattoo’d liberal multiple piercings land whales with 50 hair colors mixed together.
          i have my limits lol.
          but you probably are on to something….for instance the schoolgirl and nurse and secretary fetish for example probably didnt come out of nowhere….probably a result of TV programmings portraying such characters as attractive.
          in season 1 of game of thrones….danny is being taught by the slave how to sexually please her new husband….essentially the slave tells her, out there is king, but in here you are queen, men are like boys they did not know what they want until they have it. this is all in reference to how to perform at sex better as up to this point it wa basically, he comes in, bends her over and fucks her….all very shallow and loveless. the slave girl gives her this insight and suddenly her husband really starts to like her, it takes him a moment to go with it, but ultimately to use the analogy we’ve been going with….he sees the landwhale for the first time and realizes thats whats he wants or in the shows case, the dominate yet gentle woman in the bedroom.
          overall good conversation….i think we’re onto something here….manufactured sexual desires and fetishes.

  56. Most importantly:
    You do not want a woman to base your life upon, you find a woman to help complete it, with a family at the center of it. Any type of chasing after the contents of a skirt is a type of pedestalizing.

    1. good point but not easy. From the time you sprout a tooth; the feminine is the considered the center of the universe in our society.

  57. Nice article. There is a place for the crass “pussy getter” articles. I do not want to seem like an old dude who condemns the things that I lived for 30 years ago.
    But I am pleased to see more maturity and balance here. This is an article to bring out the best in people. And recognize quality women.
    It is interesting when I look around at work. The girls, even somewhat pretty, who are either psycho or covered with tattoos, are single. The ones who are pleasant and helpful to work with are married. The ones who seem militatantly hostile to me as a dude are divorced. (I work in a mostly female environment.)
    All so predictable.

    1. Sometimes I wonder whether nurture or nature.
      I’m an older guy too.
      too many of the women I dated are “off the clock” and didn’t have children. Even my baby-mamma had our kid at 40…
      And these are reasonably nice girls. Just deluded by the constant party…
      Some approached me as the “cliff” approached (40 years old) and offered cash and prizes(photos of beach houses in San Trope, the Hampton’s, etc), to have a kid with them…
      I had a 20 year younger girlfriend who wants kid (i do too), but she will not stop partying..lying, gas-lighting, screaming about her rights to drink and hang out in bars 7 nights a week…
      So is a deal killer.
      However, she will find a sucker to pay off her student loans and give her kids, and eventual monthly child support payments…
      There is no winning with a modern woman…

      1. I really like the old deal of the 80’s. Women could shift into old and new worlds, but so could men. My wife always insisted on her right to stay home or work. So I accepted the bargain but had to hold her feet to the fire at times.
        Women staying home is good. But so are women in the workplace. I always put down my foot financially and insisted that we live on one paycheck. As a two consumer lifestyle with a one worker expense does not add up. She protested when I put down my foot early own. And almost left me during one brief period.
        But we held on. And as time went on, this gave her the right to choose. When she got a job and insisted we move to a bigger house, I said fine, but that means you cannot stop working. Well, she worked 8 years, got laid off, was burned out and announced that she did not want to work any more.
        BUt she cashed out her 401K (my idea) and paid off all our debts, mortage so my salary was sufficinet. And to boot, have enough on my son’s college so he can go to school debt free. So she kept her bargain for work before being a homemaker again.
        But after a 5 year break from full-time work but cleaning, cooking (and me doing nothing at home), she landed that big job, making more than me.
        But it does seem that I get the respect as I have always been and continue to be the long term workhorse. I always thought of her as the wild-card. Unreliable income but a potential lottery ticket (paying off now). Women have the right to choose, men do not. ThaT’S just the way it is. Because a woman can rely on a man for support financially, but a useless man soon sees that humans share some DNA with the black widow spider. As the genetic code understands one thing. It can make sense for the woman to kill off redundant man, but the inverse is not true. Nature is a cruel master, but that is how the species works.
        Once the children have left home, women working is good. Now, I have the cash to buy my rural hunting retreat and bug-out shelter, guns, gold etc. I had to assert myself early on, but the discipline I imposed financially early on is reaping rewards.
        15 years ago, I told her that the young had to forgo luxury to enjoy their 50’s and later middle age. I was a hard-ass. But now, she is on board with my outlook. But men have to be smart.
        When she wants a Gucci bag (as young ladies do), suggest that she buy silver spoons, forks knives etc. Hopefully she will take the bait. As these things keep their value. So you will not have to send your hard earned money to the landfill when the bag is no longer fashionable. When you cannot impose your will, you have to you your head.
        As a result of some hard and risky decisions made early on concerning financial discipline, I looks I have been able to pay off my house, cars, expand my gun collection, buy gold, silver, etc. Yes, I have to wash a few more dishes now that she is back at work. But unlike her 20’s when she was into the department store mindset, she likes that we only put our money into things of value.
        I do not know if it is possible to pull that off wwith a young feminist girl of today.
        A dude has to know when to use the carrot and when to use the stick. When to give in, when to assert oneself. “The Taming of the Shrew” no longer worked, even in the 80’s. BUt at least, we were not yet into the age of “The Whipping of the Mangina !”

      2. You ask about nature or nurture? This is an excellent video series that goes into depth on the topic. About an hour and 18 minutes into video 2 he proves red pill truth in animal species. Hope this helps.

        1. Stanford really has some world class lecture series’ online…I thoroughly enjoyed parts 1 and 2 here as it deals with fitness, kin selection and gene expression. Thanks for the share. The comment at 20:40 or so (of part 2) highlights what we see playing out today in the often-backwards version of traditional natural selection that is afforded by modern Western society: We now see American women selecting for **maladaptive** genes in no-value or low-value compliant males (i.e., beta cucks, simps and weak-willed white knights) as they back their feminist agenda over normal/ancient survival-inspired selection expression. They’re pushing against best selection. Prof: “For some random, bizzaro reason the opposite sex likes traits like these.” The future hangs in the balance on fulcrums such as these.
          LOL “Battle of the Vervet Monkeys” (alluding to 25:00 in part 2) …explains a lot of the animal behavior of their fancy-brained cousins (aka, us). Nicely contextualized…

  58. The problem with the workplace is that most of the men in power are white knight simps who will favor hiring entitled, undeserving broads over qualified men. Me and my friends have been victims of this BS. On top of that, HR broads are most definitely feminist evil cunts.
    I don’t know how to counter this, women have taken over high paying business jobs and we’re left hung out to dry. Seems like the last resort would be joining the military, even as a college grad.

    1. Start your own start up. Then base it somewhere outside of the west, maybe eastern Europe as you grow. Keep the North American division small. Argue that it saves investors money.

  59. Roosh was 100% right. #5, all THIRSTY BETAS SCREWING FEMINISTS SHOULD BE SHAMED. Feminists use you screwing them as an excuse to shame good girls
    #5 – Is a recipe for a false rape accusation!!!! Don’t do it. Don’t screw feminists, obese women, and insane ones -> they shame regular girls as soon as you sexually validate them. DON’T TOUCH A FEMINIST – You validate her behavior. Then they virgin shame, thin shame us, model shame, pageant shame, religion shame. I get shamed every day by miserable slutty or obese feminists. I am strong, married. other girls, not so much. Screwing feminists reduces the pool of datable women.
    They say “we live in a post marriage society, marriage is outdated” when betas screw them and give me hell for caring when men think when I am happily married and they are single cat ladies. I am strong and have religion and tell them to go to hell. Young girls cave to feminists to avoid ridicule and bullying. Save your money and go and screw or marry girls outside of America who would appreciate it, if you can’t find a worthy one in your home town. Advertise that like Trump, you’d marry a foreign wife over a feminist/obese woman/ mega slut/promiscuous atheist or they shame “wife material”women out of existence. Don’t stick your thing in feminist

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