Dan Bilzerian’s Cuckolding Of Bodybuilding.Com Founder Shows No Man Is Safe From Female Infidelity

The internet exploded this last week with news that Instagram icon Dan Bilzerian slept with the girlfriend (not wife) of Ryan DeLuca, Bodybuilding.com’s mega-wealthy founder and, until recently, CEO. In the most nauseating way imaginable, Bilzerian humiliated DeLuca by posting a photograph of Ashley Soule handling a gun that nearly dwarfed her on a bed, all while sprawled in very tight lingerie.

Bilzerian’s caption made it clear that he had had sex with the multimillionaire entrepreneur’s girl. The eternal shaming of DeLuca is captured here, in a now deleted Instagram post:

“I fucked your bitch in my Gucci flip flops” is now the odds-on favorite for being named the verbal bitch slap of the century. Bilzerian then rubbed pounds of salt into DeLuca’s rather global wounds by posting a behind picture of Ashley Soule in the same pose and a close up of his legendary flip flops.

Even with decent looks, one of the fattest wallets in the fitness world, and a very affable personality, DeLuca found himself cuckolded for the entire world to see. So what does that say about the prospects of a woman investing her loyalty in a man who belongs to the mere 99.999%, including yourself?

How did this happen?

Even a titan in the fitness industry can be publicly cuckolded.

The popular theory is that DeLuca and Soule had actually broken up prior to the latter being consensually ravaged by Dan Bilzerian. The pair then reconciled, after which DeLuca found Bilzerian’s number in Soule’s phone. Correspondence between the two men ensued and Bilzerian, feeling disrespected (or just malevolent), promptly aired what amounted to a savage final say.

Skeptics may say that because of this temporary break-up Bilzerian’s revenge isn’t nearly as bad as the Instagram and other posts make it look at first glance. I beg to differ. The esteem, or lack thereof, in which Soule held DeLuca, other than as a gargantuan meal ticket, is demonstrated in her close to immediate bedroom coupling with Bilzerian.

And once she reunited, if you can call it that, with DeLuca, informing him about the tryst obviously wasn’t one of her priorities, until her beau stumbled upon the shocking sexual connection himself. It’s a cuckolding in anything but technical name. DeLuca was a lovable, disposable loser, multimillionaire or not.

Following the heart-exploding revelation chuckled and gawked at by half the world, DeLuca issued this admirably delusional response:


When girls can’t help but sacrifice their meal tickets

Ryan’s initial public profile was far less suave than it has been in recent years. Was his new alpha-ness really just a facade, a facade Ashley Soule compulsively wanted to discard for the real thing in Dan Bilzerian?

With Soule’s Tesla P90D now slated for some pimply Midwestern teenager, we can start drawing up some answers to the question of why girls put their meal tickets at risk. This is all the more mind-boggling when we consider a woman dating Mr. Ryan DeLuca, before any non-prenup marriage could deliver her a lifetime meal ticket of settlements and alimony.

The reason is that, compared to Bilzerian, DeLuca is still a nerdy Bill Gates. Yes, he’s self-made, as far as we know, innovative and, according to most people rendering opinions about the two men’s aesthetics, better-looking than Bilzerian. But what DeLuca couldn’t give is the alpha-laced thrill of being around the King of Instagram. That, his much higher public profile and his buffer body are the only advantages Bilzerian seemingly has. Yet, in this context, they count for everything.

If anything, Bilzerian did DeLuca a massive favor before he put a ring on it. Sure, he could have done it far less publicly. But having someone point a loaded shotgun in the form of a slutty, gold-digging female away from you is always a good thing.

Face reality and improve yourself to limit the chances of straying

Each and every day, are you coming close to your own personalized and non-famous version of this man? If not, some other man is likely to grasp YOUR girl away from you.

“Limit” is the very key word here. One of the sad but true realities of the modern age is an aspect Roosh has touched on before: mobile phones and other devices give a woman access to 10,000 (and then a whole lot more) men after only a click or two. Your mission, especially for your own sake, is to improve yourself to a level where such finger-tapping or something like it in the real world is less likely to ever take place. And then go for the next level. And the one after that.

Pay careful attention over the coming months to the continued development of neomasculinity as an actionable philosophy for men. Revise those elements you have already been exposed to and make full use of whatever other resources you have at your disposal. Nonetheless, the key to your masculine development is constant and focused effort, each and every day, to better yourself and your experience of life.

And for God’s sake, if you think you’ve met an Ashley Soule, walk the fuck away.

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269 thoughts on “Dan Bilzerian’s Cuckolding Of Bodybuilding.Com Founder Shows No Man Is Safe From Female Infidelity”

  1. Some women are just sluts and no amount of game can save you from being cuckolded. DeLuca’s mistake was marrying this skank in the first place.
    And, seriously, fuck Dan Bilzerian. There is almost nothing lower than a man who would mess with another man’s wife. I don’t care how big of a slut she is. There are millions and millions of single girls in the world — don’t bang, fool around with, or even flirt with another man’s wife.

      1. She was going to suck another man off anyways, might as well have been his. The woman was the one branch swinging here, not the man.

      2. Maybe. I’m not sure. Everywhere else I’ve seen this story it’s referred to her as his wife.

    1. If they’re married or have a house or something important together, leave her alone. If they’re merely dating, and she’s keen to stray, she gonna stray. Might as well be you.

      1. I agree. “Girlfriend” doesn’t really mean anything. It either means she doesn’t want real commitment (i.e. marriage) or she’s still shopping around to find the guy she wants to marry. But, I’m not going to step in between an oath made to another man and to God, no matter how little it means to her.

    2. “There is almost nothing lower than a man who would mess with another man’s wife.” — How about a married man with kids that goes out banging sluts?

      1. Still not as big of a scumbag as a guy who tries to get with another man’s wife. I don’t approve of adultery either way — if you make an oath to be faithful you honor it. But, the guy who cheats on his wife is ruining his own marriage — that’s his choice he will have to answer for. Messing with another man’s marriage is far worse.

    3. Do you actually take this seriously?
      Marisa Miller is married. Jessica Alba is married. Are you saying that every man who would “mess” with them is lower than anything on earth?
      The principle is great, but not very red-pill.

      1. Not very “red pill?” I don’t even know what that means in the context of my point. And, why does the attractiveness of the married woman affect the immorality of sleeping with her?

        1. In red pill context, there is AWALT. Sluts cheat, and marriage sucks. 99% of these men wouldn’t do the same for you, believe that.
          I mentioned the celebrities to show you the difference between them and the married women you might be running into. It might be easy to pass up a married 7, but tell me right now, if single you had the opportunity for Alba, would you pass it up just to make sure a stranger gets a chaste bride? You might be a saint.

    4. Let the lessons of this article sink in deep and learn from the mistakes presented here. On both sides. This is the circus that people imitate.

    5. This depends on your individual moral code. I wouldn’t bang someone else his girlfriend, even if she’s a slut. Because in the end, she is still someone’s slut. You don’t steal prostitutes from their pimp either…

  2. This is terrifying; most of what I knew as a teen about exercise, gender and race relations, and sexuality came from BB.com.

  3. Very well written and concise article, especially the conclusion. Awesome work!
    People need to realize that an online persona is just as important as the real you. Many unfortunately do not have these two realities aligned, and this causes confusion for followers.
    The ultimate sweet spot would be to have both your outside social media reality, and online presents congruently aligned and lead by example.

    1. Or just dont have an online presence. A little mystery with high social status is equally effective.

  4. Embarrassing. Not the fact his girl cheated on him with a far better looking, high social status, party animal…but that the business owners response to all this was to post a meme pic on social media saying…”I’ll have more followers than you one day.”
    I can see now why she wanted to get banged my another man.

      1. Yes.
        If dans girlfriend cucked his ass in the same manner, dans media update would be a picture of him getting ready to leave on his jet, not giving a damn.

  5. I feel that when these supposed men settle their “beef” through social media they are just acting like little bitches themselves.
    “I fucked your bitch in my Gucci flip flops”
    Like this makes you such a man/tough guy when you post an insult on twitter. Say it to his face, like a man..

    1. What point is it to fight over a gold digging slut? That’s what she yearns for. 2 men fighting over her. Don’t give her that pleasure. Just say whatever to both of them and move on.

      1. Yeah, that didn’t reflect too poorly on Ryan to me, just on Dan for being a narcissistic internet whiner and the sloot for being a sloot. It’s not like this girl was virginal or wife material…

        1. yes. i could have saved myself a lot of pain back in my 100% beta days if i’d know that “slutty is as slutty does…she’s your problem now” is the proper response to this kind of thing.

    2. Right. It’s attention whoring and its for women – men don’t do social media. It’s similar to gossiping at work…women do that shit, not men.

  6. This is one area where I disagree with “game”. According to some proponents of “game”, if you simply “game” your woman hard enough she will stay loyal.
    The truth is people are by-and-large shady, untrustworthy, and disloyal. If your girl comes across a Chad in the course of her day, there’s a strong possibility she will stray. In the land of thirsty/desperate betas (America) your girl has almost unlimited choice in men. Even in a relationship or marriage I bet most of these women get dozens of online messages/offers a week.
    If celebrities, pro athletes, rappers, politicians, CEOs, billionaires, etc get cheated on, “game” is no safeguard for us commoner/peasant types.

    1. True. And, men deserve some of the blame for that. I can’t think of any girl I’ve ever dated who didn’t get hit on constantly — fb messages from random guys, guys asking her out at work, guys who had her cell # for legitimate reasons (work or school related) but who sent flirty messages constantly, etc.
      I understand that guys want to get laid, but use some discretion and quit inflating girls’ egos. If you know the girl and know that she’s single or if a girl is sending you IOIs, then go for it. But thirsty guys who indiscriminately hit on any girl they find attractive, without knowing or caring if they’re married or in a relationship, need to just cut it out.

      1. “I understand that guys want to get laid, but use some discretion and quit inflating girls’ egos. If you know the girl and know that she’s single or if a girl is sending you IOIs, then go for it. But thirsty guys who indiscriminately hit on any girl they find attractive, without knowing or caring if they’re married or in a relationship, need to just cut it out.”
        ^ This.
        In the manosphere we rag on women a lot, and usually for good reasons. But at the same time, I feel men are 50% of “the problem” because most men are manginas/simps hitting on every woman in sight, inflating their egos, buying them shit, giving them free money, “Liking” all their internet crap, or otherwise white-knighting for them.
        The “women problem” wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad if it wasn’t for the 80% majority of (beta) men. That’s a fact.

        1. With the increasing popularity of sex dolls (and eventually sex bots) most of that problem should go away.
          Why blow up some bitch’s ego when all you want is a nut when you have high quality 10/10 nut catching tech back at the house?

        2. I agree except on one point; it’s more like 90%, at least. That is in your last paragraph.
          I see it all the time.
          I am 50. I haven’t had sex with a woman over 25 in a couple of years.
          AND I HAVE NO GAME. HaHaHa…
          How do I do it?
          I listen to Roosh and Troy Francis, then I do what they say.
          Other than that, I don’t care if a bitch likes me or not.

    2. I think you have the concept of “game” wrong there, Omega.
      We say “never let your game down” not as some excuse to, as the cuckolded man did, dump a hot and loyal wife for some slut. That’s not game. That’s being a fucking idiot. Dumping a well-trained (evidently) and fit wife for a gold-digging slut is actually a very beta desperate-for-pussy thing to do.
      So nobody here really thinks that gaming a woman keeps her loyal. The baseline knowledge around game and women is to know the nature of women, and that nature is such that it’s foolish to expect loyalty from them. So nobody who practices marital or relationship game is going to expect loyalty, which is why they are gaming it in the first place.
      So game will deploy some measures to some modicum of “loyalty” such that, as least, she’s not going to suck a dick on the most immediate whim like getting up to go to the restroom at a restaurant. But game won’t ensure that a mere shadow of a thought of a fantasy is not going to end up with her fucking Raul the six-pack having Mexican landscaper.
      It’s only a matter of time. And the infrastructure against womens’ promiscuity collapsed long ago. A gamesman does not expect to get stationed overseas for some months or a year and expect a good looking spouse or SO to go fuck someone else (this is why a lot of soldiers hook up with hambeasts that nobody else will fuck). A gamesman (no true gamesman) leaves himself wide open to be tricked or cucked without any bulwark of defense against it or whatever hamster and laws she might deploy. As Roush once said, no man can be harmed when he has options. Many men take the option of not getting married mainly as a means of defending themselves from the slutty nature of most women, even such that when a fellow takes on a “steady lay” in the form of a relationship, he should know better than to share leases and bank accounts with her and not to be surprised when she succumbs to her whore nature. A fellow can move on with little impact.
      Shitty way to live? Yes. But we didn’t create it. But we’ll surely make those who did regret it in the long term when we have had a life of self-improvement and wealth building while they have an apartment smelling of cat piss and their expertise in filing TPS reports amounted to nothing.

      1. Until their pussy funding runs out and they decide to forcefully take your money/assets from you.

    3. This is why you don’t offer commitment to any of these bitches.
      PUMP & DUMP is the way to go.

      1. “This is why you don’t offer commitment to any of these bitches. PUMP & DUMP is the way to go”
        Romances is dead. Loyalty is dead. Virtue is dead. It’s pick up culture today and nothing more.

    4. “If celebrities, pro athletes, rappers, politicians, CEOs, billionaires, etc get cheated on, “game” is no safeguard for us commoner/peasant types”
      Exactly. If the rich and famous men will always be at risk of their women always upgrading, what chances does the sverage guy have? Answer: none. And even the rich and famous men who go out of their way to find a decent female, and NOT wife up a piece-of-shit whore, the decent female becomes undecent when she realizes half of her husband’s assets now belong to her.

      1. Not every wife will become predatory after marrying a rich husband. This man didn’t choose a life partner in his girlfriend, he chose a plastic doll to fuck and nothing else. He didn’t dump his loyal wife, mother of his children, for more loyalty, better cooking skills, a more supportive, nurturing and encouraging woman. He most likely dumped her for this girl’s tits, ass and blowjob skills. That’s all she had to offer.
        CEOs and other famous and/or accomplished men usually pick up whores because that’s what some rich men with the minds of 19 year-old boys do- buy the thing they most desired when they were poor, but couldn’t afford. They don’t dream a stable, normal relationship with a loving, loyal woman. They dream big tits, the peroxide-haired, dick-sucking, cock wrangling Pamela Anderson lookalike. And this is exactly what they get. They don’t look for ‘decent’ in the woman they choose, on the contrary. Of course these women will behave like they know best.

    5. People need to take money out of the equation (for keeping a woman). If that is the only reason why a woman is around…then you have a gold digging whore on your hands (not a wife, girlfriend, etc…). A man knows how to keep a woman (money or not).
      There are too many examples of worthless, out of work, no money (or job) men who can keep women (they don’t stray). Some are even in jail and their women don’t stray.

      1. Well money attracted women since the dawn of time. And in this climate where women have unlimited choices, even the ugly one, you need money more than ever to differentiate yourself from the average joe. Remember, average joes are despised by hot girls.

        1. A fair point. I think the problem with most men is that they put themselves second and they cater too much to women. How many men would bend on a decision to where a woman wants to eat dinner? Here is what you do…you tell her where you are going to eat and she can join you if she would like to go…that’s it. She says yes or no. Too many men give in to compromise with women.
          If I feel like eating a steak that night, then I simply tell her where I’m going for dinner. I don’t ask and I don’t bend. Too many men put themselves second (or last). Women want a man to lead.

        2. Driver – I totally get your point. But, as you, I and every man on thread knows, men will do just about anything to get laid. We’ve all been there, so men jumping thru hoops will continue.

        3. Yes! This!! Everyone needs to understand and take this to heart!!!
          Always dominate bitches and never give a flying fuck what she thinks about it.
          Afraid of being cut off from pussy when you have to prune your harem? RealDolls and all their alternatives are great substitutes. It will go miles toward you never catering to women ever again.

  7. When I was in high school I had a buddy who had one of those cool dads who talked to us about girls and let him stay out all night etc. Anyway, I was very early to the no-LTR game and only dating here and there and “getting lucky” which usually involved boobies and MAAAAYBE a Bj, but my friend was one of those serial daters. He would have a girlfriend for a few months, break up, be all torn up and go right to another girlfriend.
    One day we were watching TV with his dad and my friend was talking about his new great girlfriend and someone, musician or actor or whatever, was on tv and his dad turned to him and said “100% this guy, with less than 5 words, can get your girlfriend to blow him………and lolknee here could probably do it in 20”
    Hearing that from his dad totally rocked him. Eventually that relationship went south and he didn’t get into another one at least as long as I knew him — until we were through college…just hooked up with some, kept some on regular rotation.
    I am sure he didn’t like hearing it, but it was for his own good.

    1. I didn’t hear a backstory, but I sincerely hope he didn’t do anything….that smug “ill be a nice guy” bs shows me his very existence means his girl should be boned publically.

    2. He was repeatedly texting Dan from her cell phone pretending to be her. Bitch move. Dan had enough and ended it.

  8. Ryan Deluca had a wife that was with him when he wasn’t shit. She gave him three kids and stayed in phenomenal shape — he sold her out for a piece of young pussy; a piece of completely slutty young pussy that did exactly what slutty young pussy does: slutted it the fuck up.
    Deserved it.
    And that shit about having more Instagram followers than Dan by June? Jesus fucking Christ. Whatever happened to saying something like: “How did my cum taste?” or, “Sorry about her asshole being so loose.”
    As for Blizerian — he isn’t worthy of admiration, either. He’s the male equivalent of a Kardashian whore, and a failure at everything he’s done. The dude flunked out of BUD/S, has had several heart attacks, and has never been seen actually winning any of this so-called professional poker money he claims to have; dude’s nothing special, and gained notoriety because of attention whoring on Instagram — the home of women who take Dubai doo-doo baths and have electric eels shoved up their asses for a few grand. If getting famous on Instagram isn’t a feminine profession — then I don’t know what is.
    What’s more: there’s nothing “alpha” about posing with hookers on boats and property paid for with his father’s illegally procured funds; there’s also nothing “alpha” about fucking a slut that is simply fulfilling her role in this world: being a fucking slut. I have no doubt that he gets mad ass just from being who he is at this stage, and I certainly wouldn’t mind pounding out some of the hot skanks he’s had around — but I wouldn’t trade places with him. He lives the life of a guy who’s never had to earn anything he has. If he lost all of his money tomorrow morning — he wouldn’t have a friend in the world by noontime.

    1. My thoughts exactly. “Social Media Personality” is not a job title befitting a man. The guy is a tool, and exactly like the Kardashians or other worthless female media whores, except he’s a man who constantly gets seen with (hired) sluts so he must be some hyper-Alpha male venerated by hordes of vicarious idiots on Instagram. Please.

      1. Have to disagree here.
        Like it or not, Kardashian and Hilton are winning the game. They’ve taken their privilege and multiplied it through smart business moves. Both of them have created multiple business ventures on their own worth 7 to 8 figures each. They are capitalists, entrepreneurs, and job creators, regardless of your opinion of them.
        If he wants, Dan can go down this path and create his own empire. He’s in prime position.
        Modern day entertainment is not intellectual or classy, but this is where the eyeballs roll. Maybe you don’t respect Bilzerian because he doesn’t “work,” but this is how you build a celebrity empire in the modern day. If I wanted to become a famous media personality, I would do nothing different.

        1. When you have the family $$ they come from, and the methods for which they latter amassed more money, you can delete all their “hard work” because it was insular from the start. When “start Up” and “seed” capital is covered by default fame and baby coddled family connections, almost any jackass can come out the gate, using economies of scale and muscle their way into any industry.
          Moreover, when you review WHAT industries – on top of everything else I just mentioned – they’ve made millions from “on their own,” their successes are lesser than a guy who created a solid landscaping business starting with a single lawn mower. I’ve personally witnessed my own version of being unfortunately associated with a family with Hilton level $$… and it’s boiler plate the exact same bullshit, and same quality of person.
          Capitalist. Smh. Clowns rather. Dumb fucks could pull off what they’ve done. All their important decisions were fabricated by others that they could afford to pay for due to the luck of being born into that $$ in the first place.

        2. That depends on what “the game” actually is. Would you — could you — cope with your every move being watched, your every decision thought over, every day having to go out knowing millions and millions of men and women are waiting for you to fall, to fail? There is no way a Kardashian household is ever going to produce a well-adjusted child or that “North” West is going to get out of his teens without a major alcohol or drug problem. Fuck, the house contains a guy who wants to chop his own dick off more or less for the attention. The smartest Kardashian is Rob who wants nothing the fuck to do with it.
          It’s cliche, but money isn’t everything. The Kardashians and the Hiltons are everything that is *wrong* with the West, and it is no achievement for any man to want to be succeeding at that game.

        3. “Would you — could you — cope with your every move being watched, your every decision thought over, every day having to go out knowing millions and millions of men and women are waiting for you to fall, to fail?”
          I’ve never been in those shoes, but probably.
          Look at Scott (the guy with the combed hair) Fucked his way into becoming an international celebrity, sex symbol with young girls, hot wife, millions of dollars for doing essentially nothing.
          I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t switch lives with him.

        4. Hilton comes from wayyyy more money than Kardashian. Kardashian was a trial lawyer. Hilton was a hotel billionaire.
          Start up capital is often covered by family, but I doubt any of them needed start up capital for their ventures.
          “Capitalist. Smh. Clowns rather. Dumb fucks could pull off what they’ve done. All their important decisions were fabricated by others that they could afford to pay for due to the luck of being born into that $$ in the first place.”
          Sounds liberal. This is how capitalism works.

        5. I don’t know much about this guy but based on what I can observe I would say that he is poorly disciplined and exhibits excessive risk taking behaviour (actually signs of a mental disorder).
          For example, two heart attacks in your twenties screams cocaine abuse. Maybe he has that under control now but based on his other behaviour, I doubt it.
          Not only that, his behaviour appears impulsive and wild, Unless these are carefully constructed schemes designed for entertainment value (and he is being paid for it) its suggestive of a man who is burning up his fortune. This is not unusual for a man who was born into money rather than having to earn it (like DeLuca). They could be constructed behaviour but I am not sure of that because he was acting crazy before he got famous and when there was no obvious benefit to him. His behaviour while attracting women, attracts a certain class of woman. The kind that you want to fuck rather than marry. Will this guy have the game to pull off a marriage without getting burned? I doubt that.
          Last, the public and immature humiliation of another man, in this fashion is suggestive of an immature and insecure personality.
          So is he making money or burning money? Without access to his accounts I could not say. What I will say is, I would not be surprised to see this guy dead before 40.

        6. I agree to a point. These types of businesses are built on a foundation of sand, if you will. They are great for short term gain but we’ve all seen how they can, also, crumble in a second. It’s similar to how many great names in manufacturing have left this country bound for China (now, they are junk).
          I’d say for quick cash, yes, you’re correct. But for the long haul these “business models” don’t (or aren’t) going to last. They are only solid until society (and morals) deem them unworthy…and then the stock depreciates.

        7. “Last, the public and immature humiliation of another man, in this fashion is suggestive of an immature and insecure personality.”
          Very weird for a 35 year old to throw a tantrum like that.
          He is burning money. He spent 600k in one weekend on bottle service. Unless he is vastly understating his wealth, he can’t afford that.

        8. It’s entertainment. The public is fickle with a short-term memory.
          Kardashian is really killing it. She’s been on TV for almost 10 years and she’s not even hot anymore. I doubt she’ll be going anywhere. She was much smarter than Hilton, who never married a power player to keep people interested.

    2. Heart Attacks? Several?
      I just looked up his age, and he is only 34!
      I do, on some level, admire, the things he gets away with, of course it might not be that great if he doesn’t make it to 40.

      1. A combination of Trenbolone, cocaine, and Viagra probably isn’t the best thing for the cardiovascular system.

    3. Flunked out of BUDS? Given the shitwaxed personality you describe, it wouldn’t surprise me if he pulled some Stolen Valor in the past. Fuckheads often pull that shit.

      1. Given the SpecOps style beard, the constant wearing of camouflage (no matter where he goes), and the obsession with always having firearms in every photo; combined all together with his BUD/S failures — I think it’s safe to assume that he has started a few conversations with, “Back when I was with Team 8 off the horn of Africa battling Somali pirates…” or, “During Arctic Warfare training with Team 2…” etc.
        Remember the movie 300? Remember the hunchback motherfucker that was all deformed looking, and how he desperately wanted to fight with the Spartans, but was a mongoloid retard so he didn’t make the cut; yet that didn’t stop him from showing up in the Spartan attire with his shield and sword ready to go? That’s what Bilzarian reminds me of when he takes all of those try-hard pics. It’s so lame, but people fall for it hard.

        1. I read the details of his BUDS washout on some special forces board I can’t locate now.
          If I recall correctly, he started the BUDS course & was dropped for injuries twice. The 3rd time around he got a late-stage cut by the instructors for some safety violation at the firing range. The real reason was supposedly that the instructors felt like he wasn’t a good personality fit for the SEALS.
          Given his 2nd act as an staged photos Instagram celebrity asshole, it looks like they made the right call. I don’t get the impression that special ops is looking for vain, tryhard, show off fakers.
          Still, he did get 99.9% of the way through one of the most grueling selection processes around & seemed to at least have the physical goods to handle it. Credit where credit is due.

        2. “The real reason was supposedly that the instructors felt like he wasn’t a good personality fit for the SEALS.”
          I cannot speak for BUDS, but I saw that during SFAS. Even if you complete the course, they still might not select you.

        3. Heh, that reminds me of an axiom I discovered during my first deployment: the more “gear queer” crap (laser sights, extra grips etc…) on the soldier’s weapon, the less likely the soldier was actually in a Combat Arms branch, and more likely the with a custom EOTek, 2 pistol grips, 3 laser sights was in a battalion S1 shop.
          What little I’ve seen of Special Operations personnel is that real SEALs or Army Special Forces rarely run around on Instagram trying to tell the world how cool they are. This kind of compensation is the activity of a beta with penis size issues, in spite of who he may have cuckolded (even fools get lucky).

        4. All good, but please drop the dick size thing. That’s wrong. And being wrong is for females.

    4. Just signed in so I could up vote your comment. You’re completely right : Bilzerian is a subhuman unworthy of admiration.

      1. Dude also looks like a half-retarded bulky neanderthalian. I honestly cannot see what any normal functioning woman would find attractive in him.

    5. Word. That ‘Ashley pussy’ is obviously a cum rag, by her looks and the position she assumes on the bed of a one-night stand. Bleached roots, checked. Puckered lips and slutty facial expression, check. Perky tits and ass in trashy lingerie-check. He was obviously into slutty-looking bimbos with nothing else to prove for themselves.
      The girl isn’t representative for all women in the world, she is representative for all sluts in the world. Maybe if such an accomplished, self-made successful man would’ve considered her background, her parents, her family and education, past relationships, any abortions or STDs and her current ‘career’, he wouldn’t have been humiliated like that. He chose a slut, and he got a slut who spread her legs because that’s what sluts do.
      He could have been the Sultan of Brunei or Joe the bus driver- the outcome with this girl would’ve been identical.

    6. “Instagram — the home of women who take Dubai doo-doo baths and have electric eels shoved up their asses for a few grand. If getting famous on Instagram isn’t a feminine profession — then I don’t know what is.”
      That, my friend, is the line of the day. A more succinct analysis of Instagram I have yet to hear…

      1. i mean all remember the dubai porta potty hottie thread, but i dont remember the eel stuff, where was the source for that?!

    7. Oh man, you just said everything I was about to say.. you are not cool..
      Now really, I never got the hype about this Blizerian guy, and how can any man honestly admire him is beyond me. Dude is just as much of a fucking attention whore desperate for external validation as the biggest and most pathetic female attention whores of Instagram. He is just the type of asshole that will be left alone by both his “bros” and his bitches once the money ends.

    8. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…A.V. Yader and Roosh have the best writing styles on ths site. They cut to the truth efficiently while keeping it vivid.

    9. Posts like these make me long for the good old days when AV8TR and Lance Christopher would post on a daily basis.

      1. I don’t know what ever happened to Lance, but the dude was something special. He could spit some of the most articulate venom I’ve seen, and once you coupled that with sprinkles of humor and added his exceptional recall for historical facts (only trumped by Quintus, in my opinion) — you had an unfuckwithable red pill machine. It’s a shame he could never be convinced into writing for the site. There’s no trace of him to be found here anymore, quite sadly. He’s one of those guys that can’t be imitated or replaced.

        1. He had some major balls. He was using his real name and photo. Prolly doesn’t want to get in trouble anymore, if he hasn’t already been fried on the HR stove.

    10. Nailed it. Neither of these “men” are what I would call a real man. Remember, Karma can be a kind mistress….but, she can also be a very cruel mistress. Deluca got his…..Blizerian will get his too

    11. Yes that is the state of the so-called “top 1% of all males” to where the sexual market place deregulates to. Inheritance used to be something to pride oneself on to where you could build the future for your lineage and family to continue, now it is all going to waste on sluts and cars and parties. Think of what you could build with that kind of money, what you could fund, even what you could manifest with your own machinations.
      These whores will not inherit the earth, even long after the cathedral has finished in its attempt to destroy the potential of man.
      What kind of criminal was his father? I read about him once but didn’t care much to go into it, now I’m wondering.

      1. True story – I hooked a 7 on OKC who said “beards are a major plus” in her profile. My opening message was a link to an article posted on Google news proving nearly 100% of all beards contain fecal matter.
        She got grossed out – I’m clean shaven… head and face (started graying early so…) – she changed her tune (for me anyways). And to get fecal about it, I banged her in the ass the second night we fucked. I stared down at my dick after pulling it out of her ass and said:”Does it need a beard?” She almost died laughing.

    12. I saw Dan Bilzerian up close at work over this summer. Was working in the back of Cabana Poolbar in Toronto and Dan Bilzerian showed up with his bodyguards. The dude was just standing around in his flip flops and short shorts.
      I didn’t know who he was at the time so my unbiased impression of him was that he was a short but ripped dude with a big beard and a glazed look in his eyes. He looked like every other sketchy drug addict that passed through the daytime club. I didn’t realize he was a big deal until all my co-workers peed their pants trying to get his attention. When I asked why he was such a big deal they told me “He’s the most famous guy on Instagram!!! He has lots of money!!! He is good at poker!!!”. Their excitement left me completely baffled… This was around the time I attended Roosh’s summer tour in Toronto and my head was just so far away from worshipping some random idiot with money. Made no sense to me at all… Horny sloots going after a rich guy makes sense to me, but all the young guys were literally star-struck. Wtf?
      Two other big names I encountered this summer working at this club were Lebron James and Will Smith. Lebron James’ crowd game was nothing special but the man is a gigantic monster from hell. Will Smith was the real deal though, all-around cool guy alpha. Knew how to work the crowd, always had his cool-fresh-prince smile, and the man was taller and fitter then I realized.
      Compared to Will Smith Bilzerian was a short guy with lots of money and no talent. He seemed like a stoned big kid. I bet he’s living a very interesting and unusual life, but he is no king.

      1. I can’t stand Will Smith! That guy has a serious Messiah complex. But I hear you on the rest.

        1. When I imagine it as real life, it takes balls to laugh at the military guy for his ‘You seek the best of the best of the best, sir!’. But it really is the appropriate and honest reaction.

        2. I’m with you. There’s a video (don’t have time to dig it up atm) where he talks about “Will smith is not a person…will smith is a philosophy!”

        3. hey, if you had his fame and money how would you handle it ? I think Smith is a straight shooter and works his ass off to get where he has been.

      2. Interesting. My brother played againt Lebron in the state finals in HS. He said he was a normal guy. Nothing out of the ordinary (at least before he went pro).

      3. Males who have never grown into men are basically women with dicks, in a lot of ways. Just as a feminist is a man with tits.

      4. I have never been star strucked with a celebrity figure. I see someone famous out in public, I just think to myself that’s cool. I don’t rush towards them all excited and flustered. I’m sure they get really annoyed with people like that, too so I don’t do it. I feel happy for them they are famous and wealthy yet sad for them for having no privacy. They get followed by fans just going out to get a bite to eat.

        1. I don’t think people really get the fact that being famous is like being in prison.
          Your jail cell is the world.

      5. The takeaway as far as I can tell is that fame is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I’ve maintained that WHAT you are successful at is more important. For example, a man making his billions in the cracker business has lower sexual value than an MVP player. My net worth could be hypothetically greater than Bilzerian’s but ‘King of Instagram’ trumps wealth.

        1. IN the eyes of whores. Which is why gold diggers are the biggest threat to a man of wealth with no kids, or a wife who started with him at the bottom.
          Literally, any woman he dates, has him second guessing her every motivation going forward. “Is this woman for real? I really like her, but is she for real, or going to date me till she can kill me in a divorce?”

      6. Dudes like Blizerian were big dumb ass jocks back in the day with very little between the ears and even less between the sheets. From my own personal observations over the years to hearing it from ex’s of Bilzerian types, the women tell me they are only legends in their own minds and they suck in bed. In fact every showman / stud muffin / Arnie type when I talk with the women tell me they did not just suck, they were horrible in the sack..(which initially surprised me)….. I have no idea who Bliz really is but guys like Dan are terribly insecure, living on mommies or dad’s cash like big man on campus. Any guy with Deluca’s money will have no problem whoring it up with a bus load of sluts that will surely arrive by the boat load once he is a free agent..If he did have a good wife with a rocking body and 3 kids then he deserves what he gets and he is a fool for leaving that….Glad you did not get sucked into the hype. Its laughable. with any luck, Dan is on fentanyl patch just to get through the day hence the drugged up look….

      7. Knowing that Will Smith recently proved himself to be no more than Jadas excuse making snivelling little bitch concerning the oscars,is your opinion of him still the same?

        1. He definitely has alpha status and stature.
          I think his son is making a fool of his legacy and he’s caught in a very very awkward situation. He can’t call his son a fag because the media will destroy his family.

        2. His Alpha status was destroyed when he turned excuse making little bitch when his maggot wife whined about the oscars not having enough blacks without telling him she was going to say what she said.

        3. I don’t pay attention to celebrities.
          I was just going on my encounter with the guy, and there was no doubt that he controlled the space.
          But from what I’ve seen of him lately and his son, it seems like he’s not sure what the fuck is going on.

    13. You’ve got Bilzarian right. He is basically a loser rocker dude with no class.
      Bilzarian also had Soule right. Bitch. Just looking at her you can see what she is. A money grubbing hoe. That’s why she was with DeLuca and why she got fucked by Bilzarian. As such, DeLuca lost nothing her and can replace Soule on his next night on the town but this time he’ll be smarter about it.
      DeLucais a rich guy with no game. As such, unless you have the same profile, you don’t need to worry about this happening to you. Maintain your frame and you’ll be fine.

    14. Some very good points and straight talk, here. The part about social media being a thing for women is dead on. Anyone doing any kind of attention seeking or peacocking on social media is a damn woman…get rid of it if you have it.
      Also, it’s easy to pick up sluts when you have money. Men need to keep that in mind. The more money you have the more sluts are going to come out of the woodwork. It’s going to be the money that attracts them or the center of attention (depending on the career of the man at that time). We’ve all seen the women that jump from famous actor to famous actor once their time has passed.
      A sad reality but neither one of these guys are men – don’t strive to be either one of them. Cut your own path, be that man…your own.

    15. I’ll be real pissed off if I ever meet you, find out I know you already and don’t like you. You said the exact same thing I was thinking when I read this and it’s spot on.
      Some fellow corporate pilots were talking about Dan one day. I had no idea who he was. I looked him up on FB. I followed him for a couple weeks. At first it was kind of entertaining. My older son saw I was looking at his page and asked why. I said it was mildly entertaining. He said “the guy is a trust fund brat, highly overrated, he’s a lousy poker player, washed out of BUDS and he skips leg day”.
      I’ve always said that if you want to know how a famous person really treats people, ask the people who fly them. That’s as far as I’ll go there.
      After a couple weeks the entertainment value wore off and I dumped his page.
      Ryan Deluca broke one of the big rules we always talk about around here. He took back a girl he broke up with. Had he just said get lost after she went out to “find herself” none of this would have ever happened.

      1. Quote — “I’ll be real pissed off if I ever meet you, find out I know you already and don’t like you.”
        Got a laugh out of that one, my friend. I can just about promise you we would get along quite well — both inside the cockpit and out.
        I’ve seen photos of Bilzerian getting into a Flexjet Challenger and also a G-IV, so I’m not sure if he goes the fractional route or if he outright owns his own bird with a full-time crew. I could see him being a real pain in the ass to work for, though — that’s for sure.
        As for Deluca: he had the type of wife that most of us wish we could find to grow old with. She kept herself hot for an older woman, and from all appearances seemed like a decent person. And he didn’t even have any of his fortune when they got together. The dude fucked up a good thing to chase young tail, and then he got cucked. Not an ounce of sympathy in me for the guy.

    16. I dont think he “flunked” out of BUD’s, I heard he was dropped because the instructors thought he was a tool and pounced on him for a relatively minor infraction. They recognized he was an idiot … now why cant the rest of the world.

    17. I’d say you’re absolutely right except for failing out of BUD/S being a point of shame for him. BUD/S fails somewhere around 70-80% of people on average. Just trying is fairly impressive in my opinion.
      Totally right about DeLuca trying to brag about having more Instagram followers though. Who, besides vapid teens and twenty something women, gives a fuck about how many Instagram followers somebody has? How does having more more people click on your bullshit pictures uncuck you or make you a better or more complete person?

  9. “But, but, not all women are like that!” – Churchian / Cuckservatives
    “To the woman [Eve] he [the Lord] said, ‘I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.’ – Genesis 3:16
    Yes, all daughters of Eve are like that (unless they are claiming to be offspring of Lilith, which is much worse).

    1. The only “good” women that I consider relationship material, are true born-again Christian women, that are virgins. All other types of women are trash.

    2. Also, 1 Timothy 2:12 (KJV) “I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

  10. In a Westernized/feminized country like USSA, “game” doesn’t protect the man from much if anything. If she wants to cheat she will cheat. No amount of “game” will stop her. If she gets pregnant, “game” won’t stop the courts from coming after you either.
    “Game” makes a man stand out somewhat amongst the hordes of thirsty/desperate betas, but that’s about it. It offers no protection against cheating, as is often implied around these parts. If a passing Chad catches her attention, there is nothing stopping her from giving into her urges and climbing on his dick.
    Women hold all the cards in USSA, and have unlimited choice in men due to social media, Facebook, etc. The culture also openly promotes female sexuality and promiscuity. There is no way to “prevent” them from cheating.
    I think it would only be possible to keep a woman “on a leash” if the internet didn’t exist, there were no cell-phones, and everyone knew their neighbors etc. And even then there is no guarantee, I recall reading stories of men getting cucked as far back as the 1800’s.

    1. That’s why you should not marry. Unmarried men can have a DNA test done before accepting parenthood – married men cannot without the approval of their wives.
      And voila – Red Pill awareness saved you. Game also saves you in other ways. Being good with women makes you much more aware of her desire to cheat and also by far more emotionally independent of her.
      Men should have children, but marriage is just a very raw deal for them that I would not recommend it to anyone.

    2. Is “game” about protection against cheating or about knowing how women operate/respond/manipulate?

      1. Definitely the latter. Nothing protects you from her cheating. Game may help reduce her likelihood of cheating.

  11. I see already guys complaining, that hoes like that can cheat on anyone. True, but:
    1. Game makes you a much more aware and attractive man
    2. Red Pill & Game teaches you to always keep the Alpha frame in a relationship
    3. It also teaches you to never ever want to wife up or enter a LTR with a hoe like that
    4. In addition even if you were tricked by a hoe, then you should be thanking any man who fucks her and proves her inferior LTR-worth to you
    What a Red Pill Game-aware man would not do:
    1. Attack any man who has fucked his girl, because the one who has wronged him was her and not the other guy – she certainly was not raped
    2. Double down on the Blue Pill and try to be a BETTER NICE GUY
    3. Complain about the world and women being more interested in more Alpha men like Bilzerian (yes – he pays girls, but he could have likely a few for free, but prefers to have his balls licked by a constant changing flow of 5-20 girls – that kind of lifestyle cannot be achieved by Game & Alpha state alone. Even famous A-list actors would have trouble keeping 10 model-looks girls happy in their houses – all without any money whatsoever.)
    As I told one girlfriend of mine once: “Sweetheart, I am not concerned about you cheating on me. If you do, then we are done and I am going out and will be fucking a hotter younger girl the very next day. I will be happy as can be.”

    1. This is why each one of you guys should consider that you are better than 99% of the guys out there.
      The fact that you are red pill itself puts you ahead of everyone else.Value yourself more than anyone out there.This serves a great lesson for all the guys starting out in game.

    2. I agree. If you have enough going for you and you have the confidence (plus options) then you will not be worried about a woman straying on you. This works both ways because the woman will sense it in you thus she will stay loyal to you as well.
      Many men screw this one up. It’s not hard and it doesn’t take much effort. Men need to stop jumping through hoops for women, live their lives, improve their lives and let women know they are only along for the ride. Having the mentality of having options can always be sensed by any woman and she will stay…because she knows it to be true.
      If you don’t believe me, then flirt with women or say hi to women when you’re out with your girlfriend or wife…just watch her reaction. She knows that if she screws up then you’ll be snatch up, so to say, but other women and in a hurry.

      1. Yup. Jealousy is a female trait. It leads to destruction. A sign of insecurity. Women can sense your jealousy and play you with it. Women are constantly jealous of one another for the most stupid shit and despise one another. As a man, you don’t fall under that spell. Same with envy.
        Men aspire to be something great and lead by example.

  12. DeLuca should have just shut the fuck up, dumped the bitch and go and enjoy his lifestyle. Whole thing would be yesterdays fish n chip paper. Instead like a typical pussy he feels wronged so he takes the supposed high ground, “being a good person for the world”. Nobody gives two fucks you prick. Go to Vegas and go nuts with a key of Charlie and a bunch of hookers……John Entwhistle style….. just don’t get a heart attack.

    1. It’s just so embarassing for him. He can’t just “shut the fuck up.” He’s a semi-public figure who was humiliated by a very public figure.

    2. DeLuca must had a case of oneitis for this slut. As you said, he should’ve just dumped her and not even contact Bilzerian. Jealousy is for women. Bilzerian should’ve given DeLuca some red pill truth about sluts. If DeLuca doesn’t shut up, then consider him hopeless and move on.
      What Bilzerian did bragging fucking her was uncalled for. That was not alpha, but beta.

        1. Same as Alpha but with no fucks given when it comes to open displays of social dominance/hierarchy.
          After googling all the definitions, I’d say Sigma = an introvert Alpha.

  13. This is why you have to marry into religion, and I don’t mean the “oh I go to church on Christmas” kind.

  14. I don’t care for either of these knuckleheads. That being said, Dan is smarter because he doesn’t date, he just fucks hot sluts. He makes it very clear as to what they are there for; they are his cum dumpsters. He pays them, they tag along and get fucked. Why would you want to date anyone if you have that kind of status?

  15. Here’s the “kicker” behind this whole fiasco:
    The world needs more people like Ryan DeLuca, people who create jobs, start companies, create products, are “pioneers” in their field, etc.
    Meanwhile people like Dan Bilzerian and Kim Kardashian are for all intents and purposes, useless in the grand scheme of things. They contribute nothing to society, and yet they are elevated to the very “top” of the societal “food chain”?
    This is a civilization in decline.

    1. Really? A guy that ditches his wife (who was with him as he built his empire and gave birth to his three kids) for some younger skank? I’m sure he worked hard creating his company but his behaviour in this situation is proof he is a shit heal…… the woman with the gun is pure jailbait…..pump n dump…..

  16. Face reality and improve yourself to limit the chances of straying.

    You guys sure all that effort is worth a chance that she might stay with you in today’s uber-gynocentric society? No thanks. Lol! Glad I’m MGTOW.

    1. Is mgtow like being vegan? U absolutely positively must Fucking tell everyone?
      If ur mgtow why u reading and commenting on an infidelity article. If u have gone ur way y u still lamenting bitches u can’t get

      1. Calm down there killer. Sometimes you guys sound like feminists. Lol.
        I read a lot of different stuff. Why do I have to read only the things I agree with? Besides, who says I disagree with everything posted here? Plus it’s a legitimate question.

        1. U really that fucking pathetic to pull the feminist card to defend ur post whining about gynocentry .Like Jesus Fucking Christ ur lack of awareness is astounding. Seriously son we get it u like Fucking ur hand cuz u are incapable of attracting decent females. Real mgtow just Fucking ghost they don’t tell everyone and their Fucking dog how done with women they are .

        2. It’s always about “you can’t this or that”. Like I said, you sound like feminists sometimes. Lol! Man, I say it one time out of so many posts and someone gets all bent out of shape. Ha.
          Anyway, “Real mgtows”? Heh, I just read what I wish, go where I wish, post what I wish, and do as I wish. That IS mgtow silly. There’s no central hub telling us what we can or can’t do. And as I said, who says I don’t think you guys have some valuable input on this or that subject?
          Some mgtows fuck chicks, some do not. Some of us work out some not, blah blah. It’s not a universal thing (different people do it for different reasons).
          Heck, it’s always interesting to read many of the posts by, say, someone like GhostofJefferson.

  17. “Even with decent looks, one of the fattest wallets in the fitness world, and a very affable personality, DeLuca found himself cuckolded for the entire world to see. So what does that say about the prospects of a woman investing her loyalty in a man who belongs to the mere 99.999%, including yourself?”
    Excellent, man.
    “Face reality and improve yourself to limit the chances of straying”
    Lame, man.
    Females are always looking for the bigger and better deal. Essentially there is no having a decent relationship with any of today’s women.
    “Pay careful attention over the coming months to the continued development of neomasculinity as an actionable philosophy for men.”
    Again, if one wants a female to behave, its going to take a collapse of society where there exists more females than males, and a condition of society where she cannot afford be thrown out on the street where she will have to eat sewer rats in order to survive. This is why unfortunately women behave their worst in societies that prosper economically.

    1. Good point.
      The more I think about it, the more I think this whole feminsim thing, and the matriarchisation of our society in general, is due to one thing and one thing only… Supply and Demand.
      Its economics baby!
      Nature is organised for more men to die, through warfare, hunting dangerous beasts, whatever. In fact, for every 50 babies that are born female, there are 53 or so baby boys born. That’s just nature.
      But in our modern western world, we’ve “ended wars” and we factory farm our meat… Men aren’t dying! And that doesn’t even include all the sex-selective infanticide/abortion of female babies/foetuses etc in China and by muslims in rich countries.
      So there is a disturbance in the supply and demand, with far more demand for women than supply. Its just basic economics.

      1. “So there is a disturbance in the supply and demand, with far more demand for women than supply.”
        Succinct observation. Women are a resource, hence the scarcity guarantees war.
        I read foreign publications and read a russian journal a couple of years ago about Chinese men going to the backwaters of Siberia to wife up those lovely (pics were included) Russian girls and have offspring. Funny thing about life. It will always find a way (with or without your consent).

    2. It wasn’t DeLuca’s wife, the mother of his children, who got him cuckolded for the entire world to see. He actually divorced that one, threw her in the trash when she lost her appeal, for a whore.
      It was the whore who exposed him to cuckolding. It’s a good lesson for him to learn what kind of women to associate himself with in the future.

  18. I’ll say this as a man who has come into the first stage of success in life (although nowhere near where I want to be) in his mid twenties: as soon as you begin to achieve some success in life bitches will come out of the woodwork wanting a piece. It’s like they feed on it, like a leech needs blood. I think this man is in part a victim of his own success. If you are starting to achieve success in life or already have, congratulations! But I wouldn’t advise letting a woman you are dating in on the fact that you have some cash. Taking money out of the equation is a good initial shit test to give a woman. Gold diggers like the whore in this article will be sniffed out pronto as soon as they realize they can’t treat you like an automated bank machine for free dough.

    1. Women are really parasitic.
      I was speaking to my mom about a family friend who was recently widowed. “He’s a good catch,” she said. “He’s retired, he has a good career, a nice house, disposable income.” She literally listed 5 things that were the same in essence.
      This man is as beta as beta gets but since he has a 401k the 50+ crowd considers him a “catch”

      1. Truly. Available and sane men over 50 are very scare. Most have a lifetime of drug and alcohol problems combined with numerous bad relationships and spawn that hangs around like a bad smell.
        Funny enough, most interested women are married.

        1. Bull. There are plenty of “available and sane” men over 50, it’s just that women don’t recognize beta males. If you’re not expecting anything financially, there are so many 50+ males who are intelligent and articulate, tons on this site.
          “Bad relationships and spawn.” Yeah, but that’s the red pill for you. You marry a few times, pop out a few kids that may or may not give a shit about you, screw yourself over financially.
          Funny, this same guy told me that “dating is a man’s world,” As if! I don’t count women past menopause, bud.

        2. Baloney. A used up tired man is of no use. Main interest is farting in their chair cushion and going to bed at 8pm. No thanks. Been there, tried that, got the t-shirt.
          I don’t count men past manopause.

        3. Haha, I guess you are interested in youth as well. Being “used up and tired” is different than being insane though. I’d assume most 50+ men are somewhat in the former category.

        4. Not interested in youth. Perhaps rigid and set in their ways might be a better description.

      2. Especially the baby boomers. They were a very materialistic generation. There are still good women out there, but you can’t trust that they aren’t out for your portfolio.

  19. Couldn’t bring myself get involved with another man’s woman. If anything you got more to lose than she does.

    1. I tried it once and found out years later there was a guy with a gun around the corner waiting for me to throw the first punch at the father. A couple years later the guy with the gun killed himself with it.

  20. I guess surrogacy is the answer after all. Damn shame. Guess all there is to hope for now is that sexbot technology takes off in the next decade or so.

  21. Am i the only one that’s thinkings fuck it whores are alot cheaper. THat your energy can be spent on self improvement rather than chasing pussy.

    1. No, but whores are not easier if you are a top-tier man. You hardly have to chase women, and whores are illegal, sketchy and could get you arrested.

    1. I don’t know who they are either. But i suspect this is a good thing. It means we’re not wasting our lives with social media.

  22. So one of this douches is alpha because he fucked the other one’s bitch? Come on, this is like arguing you’re a better man than someone you dislike because his cat purrs to you. That’s stupid.
    We’re talking about prostitution here, perhaps not pay-first prostitution but prostitution nonetheless. We can’t even blame the slut because that’s her line of work. And he definitely can’t brag about a paying commodity.
    The only thing you have to remember is “context is king”.
    If I were the cheated guy I wouldn’t care a bit, I’d say ‘fuck it’, I’ll hire a new slut. What’s the problem?
    Too much drama in the fucking modern culture.

    1. That pretty much says it. He dumped his wife for a slut, then is shocked his slut was a slut. You need to remember what whores are for. You trade the in regularly. And no they are not virgins, they do fuck other men

  23. lol I can’t feel bad for the guy. The girl looks like a hoe from the second you see her. When he met her looking like a whore did he imagine she was a nice conservative girl that would be faithful and not cheat on him?
    And she was obviously a gold-digger or status-digger. So as soon as she found a richer and higher status man she cheated. Shockers.

  24. Not only did she sleep with another man who was guaranteed to fuck-and-chuck, she allowed herself to be humiliated with a photo-op and instagram post.
    Fucking loser. Good think she didn’t get married and will have to go back to admin assistant or HR generalist.

  25. My response probably would have been something like “Great! My plan worked, she’s your problem now buddy bwahahaha”

  26. Ok we have a nerdy guy, who married a hottie as a young guy, he was a lucky man. It seems she was that rarest of rares, a good beautiful loyal wife and mother to his children. Success left him longing for the sluts he never had. We have had them, we all know they are fun, but good lord do not keep them. No matter how good looking they are, you do not keep them. Sadly he did it backwards, dumped the good woman and then fell for a whore. He screwed it all up. Karma sucks and having that low life make a fool of you. Oh man the pain of it all. It doesn’t matter that he deserved it. Its gotta hurt.
    Now can we trust that a woman will not do that to us. Hell yes but not 100%. Nothing in life is 100% other than one day dying. If you want a family, its like everything else you need to take a risk. You can’t live a good life as a coward. Be brave but don’t be a fool ether. Pick your women well, never stay with a slut long enough to fall for her. Give her to much time and you will fall for her. Get the playing out of your system. Learn that there are a lot of girls on the girl tree. Learn that so you always keep that self confidence. The confidence that makes them want you. When you get that good woman, she needs to know she is lucky to have you. But good lord if she is good keep her. If you come into mass money, your position in life means you can have anything. And you have the morals of an ally cat. Buy a really good whore, buy a few. They leave and cause no problems. If you need to play and not pay. Make it far from home. Good ones are rare. And they do make us happy

    1. He only found out after they reconciled. If she was still fucking Bilzerian and he didn’t dump her, then that’s rewarding bad behavior. Stirring shit with Bilzerian was the foolish thing to do.

    2. Taking back a bitch, full stop, is a bad idea.
      Newsflash: guess what? If one person in a couple decides you aren’t right for each other, the simple fact is that they’re correct. Keeping a bitch around who’s bored with you is just too much fucking hassle. When SniperCunt said she wanted out, DeLuca should have held frame and said “There’s the door. But it only swings one way.” He should not have tried to “reconcile” or “fix” the relationship. A man with his looks and success should have had an abundance mentality about him; the lack of it (and a bad case of the Sunk Cost Fallacy) was the only reason she got her ass back in the door.

  27. And this is news how exactly? If hot chicks these days are willing to get shat on by an Arab sheik to get designer handbags and shoes, hopping from alpha cock to alpha cock shouldn’t exactly be a shock to any of us!
    Lesson: You can’t make a ho a housewife. Some men are very slow to learn this one!

  28. Question: Who would marry her now after she allowed the world to know she’s a cheater?
    Answer: Millions and millions of men. She will face no repercussions for this.

    1. Sad world indeed. Guess I’ll carve out my slice of fun before it burns to the ground. Self-improvement and self-protection is the name of the game.

      1. Looks like McDueche is into self protection as well judging from that fresh out of the box, never been fired, every gay accessory having, .308 the slut is holding incorrectly. He’s probably assuming he’ll use that to fend off the proles when they come for his head. It won’t work. We are coming for ya.

    2. She’s simply playing the game that the millions and millions of men allow her to play. The men need to wake up and treat her like the slut that she is.

    3. Well the solution to change the men is already being worked on, like your websites for example.
      I don’t think the women will change, but then, they have always been the same.

      1. A good solution (and I’ll leave the idea here for anyone interested in a startup). Men using this database could be informed before “wifing up” one of these women:
        A compiled database (like the FBI or NSA) with complete details of all sluts, whores, etc…
        I even think a pack of playing cards is in order for the top sluts on the list.

    4. Of course not, and with a society catered towards her hypergamous instincts, and with the legal system on her side she’s guaranteed a free ride even when she hits the wall.

  29. This guy has to be the most unattractive man on earth. There is nothing remotely arousing about him.
    I can’t even get wet for his money, that’s how disgusting he is.

  30. instead of acting like bunch of females here with their online drama like DeLuca and Bilzerian are doing, they should both fight each other (physical street fight or even controlled MMA match) in real life like a real man to settle their differences. No guns (Bilzerian, we want to see you fight one one one bare hands so no guns from you) with DeLuca. Both look jacked so it should be interesting match.
    This is all probably done to get attention and using this to get more viewers on their website. It’s probably all smokes and mirrors and even if she did have sexual relationship with him, then dump the bitch and get a new girl DeLuca and make sure you control your bitch this time. In today’s society where girls can swap out a man like changing pair of socks because there are rich men out there who will tolerate a girl (because she has a pussy) and a woman has a lot of choices, any men (even good rich jacked men) are simply just expendable. Therefore it’s no use to develop oneitis towards any girl.
    If Bilzerian is rich (whether he inherited or earned it), all powers to him. No hate… I mean rich men do what they do because they got money…. but the whole online drama comments and making passive aggressive towards each other. Why not just be old school traditional and fight eachother in a physical match like how good ‘ole boys and men used to do back in the days.
    I’m sure when cavemen had problems with each other, they would kill each other not engage in some sort of online drama fights like bunch of high school girls. Not that they should kill each other but probably like fight like a man. No point of fighting over a girl though, right?
    If Bilzerian really fucked that bitch then all powers to him… even though it’s just another expendable pussy…. For DeLuca, he should just get a new girl….
    I’m disappointed with modern men today.

  31. This was presented on heartiste earlier and I thought about ROK is above this petty shit. This is tabloid bullshit that is posted on fag sites like Buzzfeed. Who cares if the guy from bodybuilding.com lost a girl to some male version of a Kardashian.
    Guys get this through you’re head. No matter how much you have your shit together being alpha, your woman always has her eye out for a better deal. You could be Arnold Swartzenegger but if your not rocking her world in bed or your job doesnt pay enough or your not having fun together then she’s setting up for plan B. As much as my girlfriend says she loves me and this and that, I always know the bottom can drop out any time. Thats what women do now. Always looking to move up.Women want three things. 1. Fun and adventure 2.Mind blowing sex. 3. Emotional support. Those are the three basic things women want in a relationship. Try to cover those three along with general alpha characteristics and you should be o.k but always be mentally ready for shit to go south and you’ll move on much easier to another girl.

  32. Daaaaamn. The sad part is he is with her still. Why stay?
    Whatever. If what the top comment said is true, he deserved it. Why leave a good woman for a slut?
    The cuckolding continues…

  33. Men are so much more loyal.
    How many famous billionaires end up with 5s from their past?
    LL Cool J
    Steph Curry
    Please try to imagine a 10 female celebrity marrying an average guy from high school or college. No comparison.

    1. How many famous billionaires/millionaires end up with hot, young sluts, and leave their wives, sometimes of decades, for young pussy who’s only after their money?
      Roman Abramovich
      Putin himself
      Rupert Murdoch
      Sumner Redstone
      Kelsey Grammer
      P Diddy
      Salman Rushdie
      Adnan Kashoggi
      Mohammed Al Fayed
      Ernesto Bertarelli
      Flavio Briatore
      James Packer
      Henri Pinault
      Bernie Ecclestone
      George Soros
      Karl Wlasheck
      Arnaud Lagardere
      Jim Clark
      John Paul deJoria
      Kirk Kerkorian
      Joe Hardy
      David Siegel
      Donald Trump
      Russell Simmons
      Harvey Weinstein
      George Lucas
      …..and of course, let’s not forget Mr. Fuck-a-Skank Hugh Hefner himself.
      It seems that the majority of very rich and powerful men dump their ‘old hag’ wives as soon as they make it, to get a slutty arm candy to parade around. This is the pattern- not staying with their wives and families.
      Even Danny Moder, a normal dude who married Julia Roberts, left his wife and kids for her.

      1. It happens.
        I don’t know the percentage for men leaving their wives in reverse hypergamy, but if a woman rockets to the top of the status heap, almost 100% of them will leave.

        1. In women’s cases, it’s the classic ‘you don’t fulfill me anymore’, ‘we grew apart’ bullshit. Even if she leaves her husband to live on her own for the rest of her life (think Martha Stewart) or to shack up with the Brazilian cabana boy, it’s mostly due to ’emotional’ aspects and ‘issues’- of course, self-fabricated.
          It isn’t however the constant, almost-instant pussy hounding that men engage in as soon as they hit the jackpot. Women who make it to the top rarely hook up with boytoys, whereas ALL rich men ogle younger, hotter women at the expense of their families.
          I found it surprising when ROK praised Roman Abramovich for divorcing his second wife, a beautiful, slim and elegant Russian blonde who had kids with him, for a young ‘artist’ whom he later on married. Dumping his wife and breaking apart his family for steaming, young pussy. He did it because he could.
          I am not so sure that any man, given Abramovich’s wealth, wouldn’t instantly do the exact same thing in a heartbeat, divorcing his wife for a Playboy bunny who’s been rammed by everyone in the industry and most likely carries three strands of herpes.

        2. Wealth and power gives you options. If the wife is taking care of business in the bedroom, there should be no desire to slut it up. Bill Clinton comes to mind. His wife is a dyke, so I didn’t blame him for banging (ugly) interns. Women are lazy by nature and some arrive at a stage where “I don’t have to put out anymore” (at least for the husband) — that is the death knell of any marriage. Sacred or not.
          Case in Point: I have a male relative who was married for almost 30 years; wife stopped sex years ago and told him to find some else; he did; today he is re-married and happy; his ex is in a nursing home and will die alone and unmourned.
          Any female readers out there: Gratify your husbands. They will stick around.

        3. This “equality” debate falls short because of the different SMV factors in each (man and woman). – see The Rational Male for explanation (RT).
          Men’s SMV rises as they age – regardless of the success (money) factor whereas a woman’s SMV declines. Her best assets (or her success) are her natural ones when she’s younger. It’s why we rarely see older women with “boy toys” and younger women with older men. Men aren’t seeking women with money or success. It’s why men could care less if she has that college degree in “pick one” and she’s “successful”. If the best (prime) years have past (to actually start a family) then her success is gone.
          It’s not fair and it’s not right..it’s just the truth. It’s why the equality debate on this issue always fizzles out when you break it down.

        4. I am perfectly aware of this difference, which is totally fair in my opinion.
          My comment spoke badly of men who leave their wives and families for hot pussy, not of men who feel attracted by, or start dating a younger woman (whether single or after a divorce).
          A man who chooses to marry a whore, or to make her his girlfriend after having divorced a perfectly decent wife, deserves all that a whore is capable of inflicting onto a man.
          My previous comment responded to a poster who claimed men are more loyal and have usually stuck with their average wives throughout their success. They actually didn’t.

        5. I’ll agree with you on that point. If the man left his good wife of many years for a whore then that’s what he ended up with in the end…a whore. He was foolish and he should have known better.
          It’s hard to gauge the loyalty level, today, because so many factors have changed the game (socially). Many reasons why a woman was so loyal in the past was due to her own survival. A woman who was considered damaged or not worthy in the past was a woman over a certain age, still single with kids (or sometimes without kids). A decent suitor would not come knocking on the door of a damaged woman. That’s all changed.

  34. Here is the moral I’m taking from this story: Being jacked, and being rich, and being famous (and good looking) will all help you land bitches. They will not ensure their loyalty. In fact, nothing will. Think about it this way – when you consider the 10,000 year ‘history’ of humanity, you arguably got about 9,900 or so years where infidelity for a woman almost certainly meant death. If not by the male or his family then as the by-product of that truth coming. Hyper gamy was a very risky gamble.
    And they Still. Did. It.
    Today you have a situation where not only can women cheat with abandon and not be punished for it – they will be rewarded. It’s now majorly incentivized… Remember the story about the billionaires wife who fucked a teenager? She might have been exceptional in her stupidity – but not her impulse. Do not commit to women Gents. Refuse to. Don’t even bother lying to them – develop your body, and your game, and your finances, and avoid marriage and cohabitation. You didn’t ask for this. It’s the age we live in.
    The most rational thing you can do is take advantage of it by getting all the money and pussy you can while pursuing your own life and goals independent of genuine romantic relationships with women. All their emphasis on feelings and emotional connections are nothing but an evolutionary mechanism designed to get your resources, they dont even think about it – its automatic, the way an erection is for a healthy young male. Do not fall for it. The truth is before you and you can not plead ignorance. True loyalty to anything except themselves and their offspring (an extension of themselves) is essentially impossible for them, so take them for what they are and don’t try to put a round peg into a square hole.

    1. Only person that will never give up on you no matter how pathetic you are as long as you are honest, is Jesus Christ.

  35. Guy A fucks guys B wife, posts pictures about it all over the internet.
    Guy B responds with a promise that he will have far more Instagram followers by June than Guy A.
    ROTFLMAO ! I have never seen a weaker comeback !

      1. The fact that he says he’ll get more likes just shows how pathetic he is. The relevancy of his existence is measured by this metric. He seeks constant approval FROM OTHERS instead of from within. This is a sign of insecurity.

  36. “Bilzerian did DeLuca a massive favor before he put a ring on it.”
    That was my take. Had an acquiantance years aog bemoan the fact that a “friend” f*cked his girl when he was away and pointed out that he did a favour– he proved the bitch could not be trusted.

  37. Ryan Deluca is a weak beta bitch.
    Dan just exposed him for being the bitch made mangina that he has ALWAYS been.
    Dan did a favor to Ryan, Ryan should thank him for this!

    1. This is the dumbest comment I have seen this month.
      Ryan Deluca should feel bad because his girlfriend is a whore !?
      Get out of here with that bullshit and get back to me when Bilzerian is anything more than a cad with shady history and record of dropping out.
      Deluca made millions building something great, Deluca actually leads men, that is what an actual alpha male is, the leader of men. All Bilzerian leads is whores on instagram.

      1. Dan banged his bitch in his Gucci flip flops and put that shit on Instagram. Ryan must’ve pissed the brah off.
        Now thats some alpha male shit.
        Beta Ryan had to tuck his pussy back between his legs and be a “nice boy”, taking his slut gf back. The beta bitch took her back and cried “misogyny” to Dan lol
        Ryan can’t even lead his whore of a gf, forget about him leading any real men. He just runs some fucking website.
        Betas gonna beta.

        1. Whose the bigger beta?
          Dan who bangs Ryan’s gf and brags about it on instgram or Ryan WHO TAKES HER BACK?
          Also, Ryan is crying about “misogynist” Dan and how is he going to do “good” by taking her back lol
          Dude is beta negative.

        2. Beta and alpha has nothing to do with women. An alpha male is defined by his relationship to other men not his relationship to women.
          Men choose who to follow and who leads them. Alpha males are leaders of men and they use that to accomplish great things, such as building million dollar companies.
          Women being attracted to alpha males is not what makes them alpha, it is simply a symptom of it.
          Deluca is alpha and Bilzerian is not, he is a cad, someone that knows how to give of the signals and mannerisms of an alpha male in order to attract whores but with none of the accomplishment or ability to lead.
          As I said before the only thing that Bilzerian leads is whores on instagram, maybe that is why he appears to be so try hard.

        3. What men would follow a pussy whipped weakling like Ryan Deluca?
          Just because he has a bodybuilding website doesn’t make him an alpha lol
          Any guy who gets crapped on as bad as Deluca yet continues to go forward with that gf is a clown.

  38. Deluca is a beta fag. I saw him use the word “misoginy” in a post about Bilzerian. Only fags use that word.

    1. Betas gonna beta.
      Dan did the honorable alpha male thing to do. Banged his whore gf while in his guccis and put it on Instagram.
      Now that Dan is done with her, Ryan can have her back.

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  40. What has men come to. This bitch Dan is not Alpha..he is a posing bitch. 100 years ago this behavior would’ve led to pistols at dawn..today, he knows he is safe.
    You don’t bang someone else’s broad and stick it to his face. That is not manly. And to think that he he even gets millions of like over this..
    Western world is coming to and end. Or at least it will be interesting how the world will spin without basic principles of honor and morals.

    1. Absolutely. I think it’s time that we as men, especially red pill/neomasculine men, to make our positions firmly clear. Are we going to be those who cheer on such behavior as this and “enjoy the decline,” or are we going to be men who- even if we fail in the process- make our stand and fight to restore patriarchal values?

    2. What do you call a guy who takes back the woman who was put on Instagram getting banged by another dude (who was BRAGGING ABOUT IT)?
      If Dan’s behavior isn’t “alpha”, how would you describe Ryan?

  41. I think the words order is wrong and it should be like: “And for God’s sake, if you think you’ve met an Ashley Soule, fuck her and walk away.”

    1. Lets face it there is no down-side for slut behavior by females now. In fact it increases a woman’s social options. I don’t think slut shaming is effective in current social climate. Women just shrug, say whatever, turn on their phone and there are 100 more thirsty betas to laugh at. As a male you just tell people she was virgin when you found her, and after you fucked her she became a porn star. Then you walk and let somebody else solve her problems.

  42. The title is incorrect. Actually it more shows that the average fitness geek is exactly that, a geek. Didn’t know he dumped his wife for a slut, but Ryan Deluca truly is the archetype of fitness geek, insecurity and all.

  43. The substance, character, history, behaviour are what I look at and judge any deal breakers on.. Your reference to a man over 60 being a “codger” is very amusing.

  44. If she wasn’t anybody’s wife, then it is just two guys fighting over some chick. Not that big a deal.

    1. Dan isn’t fighting over her. He just banged her out and sent her back to Deluca.
      Dan isn’t interested in her anymore. Now Deluca can have her back.

  45. If you know the back story, it turns out they are both extremely huge assholes. DeLuca tossed aside a nice, hot wife who married him when he was nothing, and had many kids with him so that he could hook up with a piece of trash like Soule. Having nearly everything simply wasn’t good enough for the selfish DeLuca. He can rot. Bilzerian is a hedonistic tool – a male version of Kim Kardashian. Just another shitty West Coast Armenian.

    1. I didn’t know about his former wife. Sounds like he messed badly and let a worthwhile woman go, if that’s what happened.

  46. Ryan DeLuca sounds like a typical rich hypocritical SJW faggot to me. The kind of guy to regurgitate SJW bullshit in public while doing the contrary in his personal life because he is an hypocrite. He got what he deserved.

  47. On the whole alpha/beta thing, I won’t go into Bilzerian, but Ryan has been the beta in this situation. First post: “I will shame all followers of douchebags, I’ll have more than Bilzerian.” Next post, shames him for “misogyny and promiscuity.” Next post, whole paragraph of butthurt. Next post: “I’m mad. i’m hurt. No one deserves this” Last post of him and his plane taking obvious shots at dan #daddydidntbuyitforme. Even changed his bio. When is this homo going to stop and get over it?
    On another note, pretty alpha of him to start choosing people he likes on instagram and throwing wads of cash at them.

  48. You can’t keep a bitch from straying. Been there tried that and it doesn’t matter what you do. Roosh mentioned something one time about a time long past before women used their vaginas as weapons. That’s what’s happening here, they had an argument and his stupid bitch decided to try and hurt him with her vigina. Deluca might be very alpha but he proved himself more beta than those of us on the street by the simple act of taking her back. Nothing is more alpha than telling a girl to fuck off. NOTHING!
    Simply put – improve yourself only because you want to, detach yourself from the women around you and do something great with you life. In these days there is no love. Learn that, internalize that and move forward for their will come a day when these bitches want love and there will be no love left for them.

    1. Seemed obvious it was calculated move by the bitch to humiliate deluca. Bilzarian was willing accomplice, but it was set up by the bitch. Deluca is fool.

  49. Any man who lies with another man’s woman is a reprobate and lacks any honor whatsoever. Any talk of rebuilding or sustaining a civilization, or masculinity, is short sighted without open condemnation of this behavior:
    Deuteronomy 22:22-28 NASB
    If a man is found lying with a married woman, then both of them shall
    die, the man who lay with the woman, and the woman; thus you shall
    purge the evil from Israel.
    “If there is a girl who is a virgin engaged to a man, and another man finds her in the city and lies with her, then you shall bring them both out to the gate of that city and you shall stone them to death; the girl, because she did not cry out in the city,
    and the man, because he has violated his neighbor’s wife. Thus you shall
    purge the evil from among you.
    “But if in the field the man finds the girl who is engaged, and the man
    forces her and lies with her, then only the man who lies with her shall
    die. “But you shall do nothing to the girl; there is no sin in the girl worthy of
    death, for just as a man rises against his neighbor and murders him, so
    is this case.
    “When he found her in the field, the engaged girl cried out, but there was no one to save her.

    1. You missed the best part: if a man lies with an unengaged virgin (it is implied that this applies to cases of genuine, clubbed-her-over–the-head-and-dragged-her-into-the-bushes rape, but could be interpreted as also applying to BS, buyer’s remorse ‘rape’ depending on how you read it) then he must pay her father the bride-price (30 shekels or something if memory serves) and marry her, and he may never divorce her.
      In other words: “You broke it, you bought it.”

  50. dude with money bangs chick. chick bangs other dude because he’s whatever……such is the world. yes, there is a point to be made here, but…..

  51. Dan Bilzerian is a complete phony. There is absolutely nothing alpha about Dan Bilzerian. The guy has done nothing but mooch off his dads money which he stole from hard working Americans. The guy pays hookers to hang out with him. Anybody that needs to go online and try to validate themselves by taking pictures trying to show how cool and rich they are needs some serious mental help. Both Ryan and Dan are pathetic. First of all no real man should have an Instagram account, Instagram is for women with a constant thirst for attention. No real man has instagram.

  52. I am a complete loss as to why some people hold Dan Bilzerian in high regard. As near as I can tell, he has never earned his way in life and fill his days doing completely useless shit that no one should give a fuck about. Ok – he bangs more women than most other men ever will but that says more about modern women than it does about Bilzerian. That fact that Bilzerian can cuckold another man and than humiliate said man on social media says a lot about Bilzerian. Basically, this was a dick move made by someone whom is complete dick. Of the two, I have significantly more respect for Ryan Deluca; at least he is a self-made man. Remind me again how Bilaerian got his money; that’s right, he inherited from his daddy. Seriously, anyone who considers Dan Bilzerian to be alpha has got their standards pretty fucked up.

  53. It seems that fucking 8s and 9s is only a sport. Would a 7 jump ship like this? Maybe the whole AWALT thing has to be taken in context.

  54. I look at that picture and see a great ass, a nice pair of tits, and a pretty face. However the whole gestalt screams SKANK. While some guys wax on about the FSU I personally gave up on dishy blondes a couple of decade ago. The few who are not complete bimbos are scheming bitches. Until Western guys get their head out of their ass as a group and stop fawning over blondes, they have way too much power over us.
    Q: What do you call it when a blonde dyes her hair brown?
    A: Artificial intelligence!

  55. Never heard of Bilzerian until now (I’ve basically tuned all pop culture out at this point, and don’t use crap like Instagram). After looking at the guy’s page, the overwhelming sense I get is “either he’ll die soon in a very stupid way, or we’ll see him on a reality TV show in ten years after he’s been broke and homeless”.

  56. This article – another piece of shit
    Fear mongering the beta fucks for there bux.

  57. DeLuca’s response was unbelievably pathetic. I’m pretty beta myself and I cringed at how pathetic it was.
    Never head of bilzerian before, but any man who has an instagram might as well have a vagina.

  58. ” Your mission, especially for your own sake, is to improve yourself to a
    level where such finger-tapping or something like it in the real world
    is less likely to ever take place. And then go for the next level. And
    the one after that.”
    Why put all this effort into improving yourself to raise your value for some whore who isn’t even worth it in the first place? I’m all for self-improvement but the goal of improving oneself should not be for the goal of earning the affection of sluts like these. Stories like this make me think MGTOWs may have been right all along. No man should get serious with that bitch again. Let her be a cum dumpster for the rest of her life.

  59. Every comment here about Deluca’s wife is implying she was this great woman who was dumped for a younger hottie.
    Do we really know that? Maybe she deserved it.
    Reminds me of the saying, ‘ no matter how hot a woman is, somewhere there is a guy sick of putting up with her shit.’

  60. Women who have a class-A meal ticket will cheat because of the lack of respect they have for the men. It’s like a form of taunting and shit-testing them. And it’s the men’s fault for not training them properly. And look at the example of this pussy. . . He took her back! Besides, most of those body-building types are too insecure and weak-minded to expect anything else but to be mistreated in their personal relationships.

  61. The thing is, you shouldn’t work out because youre scared of your girl cheating on you…. you should work out and better yourself so you can get any girl you want and time you want and you know it. If your girl goes out and cheats, consider her the slut she is and go bang 3 of your other hot chicks on call. If you are rich and in shape, a guy has as many or more possibilities in the long term than any hot woman… but you start “worrying” about her cheating and what you can do to make her not cheat, you’ve already lost.

  62. Yeah I think Ryan is an idiot. He got with a slut and what do sluts do? Cheat often. Sluts should never be used as long term partners.

  63. Bilzeran is not an Alpha, he is a trust fund Beta who is wealthy and famous enough to fake being Alpha. He happens to be good at poker as well. This guy is no role model, he is a spoiled brat.
    Sluts gonna slut, every woman under 40 these days thinks that somehow if they fuck someone Famous on Instagram they will somehow end up like Rianna or something. It is the Modern slut version of Cinderella.
    This woman gave up her meal ticket for the REMOTE chance she might end up with a slightly better meal ticket because she knew she will face no consequences.

  64. This is why you don’t wife up the instagram whore, or sluts who are fuck paper alphas on instagram.
    How much you wanna bet that this slut will end up pregnant, and Ryan will be the one she tries to reconcile with?

  65. As a MGTOW, I don’t need to worry about this silly nonsense. AND I do not need to knock myself out trying to lift my way to alpha-ness. Geez, get a life…

  66. I can honestly say that If I was over where he lived I would gun him down! I want to shoot that piece of shit until his skull and body are ripped to shreds. I want to see him screaming in pain as I destroy parts of him with a shotgun. Id like take to this bastard slowly with a knife. But here’s hoping one day I’l get to at least gun him down. Fuck you. You have no Idea the hate I have

  67. The moment you measure your worth by comparing yourself to a celebrity is the moment you have lost all perspective. Be the best version of yourself that you can be. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a mentor but choose a real life one, like a good teacher, a martial arts instructor or someone who has done well where you work etc. not a spoiled playboy with a rich Daddy. What a ridiculous and vapid world view. Plus, the article is written like some Tiger Beat gossip column for teenage girls, who gives a f**k about which ho-bag slept with which douchebag?

  68. “Shit. You catch a bitch with a nigga, you wanna murder a nigga, you wanna shoot on a nigga, you wanna kill the nigga. Nigga, you might as well put the pistol in ya own mouth, nigga. Yeah, sissy ass niggas be killin’ me with that, man, that’s retarded. You don’t bust on no real nigga man, what you do is, you catch that bitch, you put that bitch in her place! You heard me my nigga? Then, you shake a playa’s hand, and keep that shit cordial, keep that shit playafied man, know what I’m sayin’? You don’t murk no real nigga; shoot on no real nigga; get into it with a real nigga… about a snot gobblin’, weasel, dick ridin’, dick suckin’, ball lickin’ ass bitch!? Fuck is wrong wit’chu young nigga? Get’cho mothafuckin’ mind right.”
    Rap is the red pill the government didn’t expect. And you don’t hear shit like this anymore…

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