Study Shows Young Women Are Twice As Likely As Young Men To Be Mentally Ill

In a joint report issued by the Black Dog Institute and Mission Australia, it has been found that young women are twice as likely to be mentally ill as young men. Conveniently, the adolescents and twenty-somethings of today comprise the first generation to have lived their entire lives within the shadow of third wave feminism, which is consistently thought of as starting in the early 1990s.

Women gained the vote and joined the workforce en masse in the 20th century, yet the newest cohort of adult women or soon-to-be adult women appears to be the most miserable and emotionally ill-equipped female bunch of all time. Why? How?

Blaming the patriarchy for the mental woes of young womanhood would be an approach as moronic as it is predictable. By that standard, women should have been slitting their wrists in unison during the 1890s, before the suffragettes launched their biggest campaigns, or in the 1970s, when radical feminism told women about their so-called extra shackles and how every morning every man woke up for the express purpose of oppressing them forever.

With men being the gender actually targeted as a sport in modern Western society, it speaks volumes about the parlous state of feminism that women are the ones most in need of serious emotional intervention.

The higher proportion of female mental illness reflects the warped theories of feminism

Yes. Oui. Ja. Sí. Da.

For years and repeated ad nauseam, feminism has promulgated schizophrenic theories emphasizing cabalistic patriarchal “superstructures” designed to keep women down. Forgetting the massive diversity in human beings’ family backgrounds, educations, incomes and social standings, gender-obsessed SJWs continue to focus on male privilege, thereby assuming that a feminist’s garbage collector, paid $5-8 an hour, is part of the same secret conspiracy of prosperity as someone like Mitt Romney, whose net worth is $250 million. Instead of pointing out the basic flaws of this paradigm, feminists have raised it to an inexorable physical law.

In the meantime, feminist ringleaders have taught women two highly contradictory precepts: 1) you’re capable, much more so than the boys and 2) you need gender quotas, female-only STEM scholarships, female-only mentoring programs and the elimination of corporate salary negotiations. However many women may agree with the self-promoting privileges of being female in the workplace, a great deal of them sense that the system is unfairly geared in their favor. Feelings of unworthiness, pressure and uncertainty are bound to emanate from society-wide circumstances such as these.

What’s more is the paranoia that feminism requires to sustain itself. Feminists take the make-up of Fortune 500 companies, which still elevate a number of women, and assume that these are the command centers of some monolithic patriarchal conspiracy more all-encompassing than the energy-producing lies created by the machines in The Matrix films.

Can you imagine having to live like this? As claimed even by mangina male feminists and white knights, all men must have rampant unconscious biases against women and switches of oppressive behavior that simply cannot be turned off. Many women who do not describe themselves as feminists are already impacted by this supernatural climate of apparently always being undermined and victimized. It’s a wonder many of them even leave the house every day with so much for them to rage spiral about.

Women are having their femininity pressed out from them, starting in childhood and leading to mental illness

No shit, Sherlock.

We live in a world where Caitlyn Jenner can supposedly transition from man to woman because it’s “natural,” but young girls are taught that the way women usually behave is actually a gendered construct. Despite the presence of two X chromosomes compared to a male’s XY combination, somehow women have to behave like men. Constant SlutWalks, exhortations by phenomenally privileged pop stars like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, and all manner of other feminist devices are used to command women to rise up from their “oppressed” state.

And guess what? Womankind is more depressed than ever before. Beneath the facade of liberation and self-love advertised by media outlets and mainstream commentators lies an unrecognized truth: women are acting in ways they do not like. They are told to worship their bodies but almost all of them want the body of another girl.

The chasm between their furious affirmations of happiness and their subconscious impulses to be something else is only widening. Combined with the serious factor paranoia, this is bound to lead to hatred of oneself, masked by an over-assertive and bitchy personality.

Rehabilitate the girls with moderate symptoms but forget the truly toxic fatties and SJWs

Never do this to save a woman from either her own feminist conditioning or conditioning she has regularly accepted.

You might be surprised about how many girls have only a moderate exposure to feminist ideas. Well, exposure is a bad word because all people are now constantly accosted by feminist mantras. But many girls have not absorbed this poison or may even have rejected it. A great proportion of these women do not require any form of rehabilitation, whereas some others do. And rehabilitation, at least in the way I am using it, is not the big, bad, white knight concept you may know it as.

Do not go out of your way, pretty much ever, to save a girl from herself. Good luck with that one because it’s a waste of your energy, time and resources, no matter how much you “succeed” at it. What I mean by rehabilitation is implicitly reminding a woman why, beyond the SJW cultural conditioning she has had peppered past her, she wants a man in the first place. And that reminding takes the form of being the man ROK is teaching you to be.

In between the menagerie of women emotionally and cognitively enfeebled by feminism, you can find enough other girls of sound or close to sound mental constitution. In a nutshell, this means girls who actually want to be girls.

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361 thoughts on “Study Shows Young Women Are Twice As Likely As Young Men To Be Mentally Ill”

  1. I knew there was going to be trouble back in the mid-1990s when women were having “cry parties” over that Titanic movie.

    1. Or during the Twilight craze. I’m embarrassed to admit, but my wife dragged me to one of them, forget which. Anyhow, werewolf boy takes off his shirt in one scene and EVERY woman in the audience goes ape shit crazy, cheering, hooting, etc (my wife excluded). I just thought to myself “and we men are the animals…”

      1. My ex-wife started talking about some book she was reading that was one of the Twilight novels.
        She spoke of the relationship dynamics in that saga and started to cry, being so “touched”.
        Notice I said “ex”.
        Of course last I heard from her 6 years ago they were going to put her on super-strong anti-depressants. The need to get/keep crazy bitches out of your life cannot be understated. I can tell stories of my past LTRs that would have most young fellows seeking caves to hide in for the rest of their lives or volunteering for one way trips to Mars.

        1. there is an unexplainable lure that crazy bitches have. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it is just me. I’ve fallen for it before, several times, and one day you say “holy shit this is fucking nuts” and realize that the last x amount of time was wasted and are realizing you have to game plan your way out so she doesn’t kill you or something.

        2. I think I snapped my wife out of it with this statement:
          “So a high school girl is torn between vampire and werewolf lovers. If I’m understanding this correctly, the vampire is committing statutory rape, the werewolf is just a beta chump pining for some girl he’s never gonna get, and the girl is into necrophilia and bestiality. Do I have that about right?”

        3. Lure? At one time I thouht I was psycho magnet. ROK needs to have a thread about “Dating in your 30s” with the content coming from experiences of the commentors. Bet it could fill a book.

        4. Likely, your ma or dad was in some way similar and you keep craving that experience over and over again, trying to control it this time.
          Was like that for me.

        5. At first I thought I was a magnet then that I was attracted to it. It took me a long time to just seperate myself.
          But the crazy ones, the liars, they are good at it. They don’t have souls. OP gave important tells j think

        6. I blame my “white knight” persona and took a sabatical for awhile. Did me good. Dodged some bullets and began to “see.”
          The soulless chicks you speak of
          .. I occassionally see them when I am out with the family in public. Those women truly are the Walking Dead, but they don’t now it yet.

        7. Strange coincidence. I watch 3 twilight movies with my EX fiance. I felt… empty after each one.

        8. On occasion, when it gets too much, I tell my wife that novels, movies and TV shows are just shit that someone made up and that they aren’t trying to expand your mind but manipulate your opinion. They aren’t real experiences and they have little value beyond high school. They certainly need to be treated with great scepticism. So much more can be done with that time.
          A man can produce a ‘sensitive’ beautiful novel, certainly not beyond us.

        9. Nevertheless that vampish look they do with lots of red lipstick and black faux Victorian corsetry is very sexy. To a degree its just an excuse to play dress ups and display that body of theirs.
          I recall reading a survey which ascertained that women that liked bodice ripper romance novels had high levels of happiness and good marriages. Romantic ideals aren’t always a bad thing.
          There is worse kinds of fiction than ‘paranormal romance’ (the title in my book shop). For instance there is that politically correct stuff.

        10. Lmao!! Yup..That pretty much sums it up…But you can’t reason with the unreasonable..Especially that emotional and self-deceived creature.

      2. Those were some horrible movies. The Mystery Science Theater guys did a voiceover for them, which made them watchable. The werewolf boy is a teenager, and it goes without saying that grown men would be shamed hard, and called out as perverts and rapists for similarly cheering a teen girl’s body.

        1. MST3K is among my favorites as well. I particularly loved their commentary on “Eegah”, an absolutely terrible film from the 60’s about a desert-dwelling giant (Richard Kiel) who falls in love with a high school girl. Glad to see that the show’s makers are still active.

        2. Nah, they would mess it up too. They would have to make the astronaut a black lesbian female fighting the white patriarchy from space.

        3. There is a kickstarter or gofundme to bring MST3K back with Joel going on now. Last I saw, they were at something like $350k.

    2. And when the men finally got their mentally unstable girlfriends away from them for those 3 magic hours, they were all like…

    3. But never fret, those same girls that were in the cry parties are over qualified for the Navy SEALs and Delta Force. Everyone knows that crying parties makes for incredible killers.

      1. Our soft language that we use nowadays really detracts from what Rangers, SEALs, SF etc. all do: kill people. It’s “eliminate targets” or “take out the enemy,” those phrases really take away from the reality of being a ruthless killer. That is always something that seems to get glossed over, and it shouldn’t be. These dudes are hardcore. It takes a special kind of individual to put two to the body, one to the head, and then get eight hours of sleep that night.
        That’s not women, never has and never will be. Feminists like to talk about how violent and evil men are — they are admitting that men are better at committing murder. If that’s the case, then leave it to the men.

        1. Has anyone notice lately in t.v shows and movies acroass the board despite women can do anything a man does and how empowered they are. woman are consistently portrayed as the poison , the downfall , and usually the villan that is the undoing of a solid male character in a show. The Walking dead usually has a female as the shit stirrer or the source of turmoil. Homeland’s main character is a bi polar C.I.A agent specializing in middle eastern terrorists has no problem with fucking/ manipulating any guy or boy as long as the end result is getting the bad guy. The men are usually the ones to bail her out of violent situations in between bi polar manic depressive episodes. As much as women are pandered to on t.v or the movies, I got to admit they’re not portrayed very well.

        2. Per your last two sentences, I know, but that is yet another contradiction within feminism. IMO, the people behind the new policy with women in front lines and this whole media push of women warriors etc especially in the context of what you wrote above just shows the extreme ignorance at work here. And that’s about as deep as this whole thing goes, which is sad because its actually manifesting as policy. You see, there is no acknowledgment of the feminist to the realities of spec ops, the infantry, combat arms or war in general. Never mind the killing aspects these people never went to a VA hospital to a crazy ward or the men paralyzed since Vietnam. No. So what’s behind all this? Ha! The same blind hysteria women show for another women’s handbag…”oh no she didn’t…get the first kill”. And worse it amounts to childish petty ego. Alas, we’re seeing the same ignorance on full display in the NY Fire department that disregarded standards and now, viola, miss independent can say she’s a “firefighter”. Yeah, you, um, “go” girl? Like go as in barely go or not able to keep up? And as of today apparently women police officers don’t have to be held to any physical standard? But, to hell with those standards…what matters is feelings and ego burning people and chasing down suspects, pfffff, what’s that anyway.

        3. Here I disagree… I think women make the best sociopaths and thus women, in terms of hitting that button that will take thousands of lives, would make the better recruits.
          I have observed through experience, that no one can explain away something better then a woman can.

    4. I knew back in the 90s when tupperware parties turned into dildo & vibrator parties the trouble had arrived.

    5. Yeah but I don’t remember any of them talking about championing equality & denouncing male oppression when the women were all getting to the lifeboats first.

      1. “…I don’t remember any of them talking about championing equality & denouncing male oppression when the women were all getting to the lifeboats first.”
        That’s because “there are no feminists on sinking ships”.
        Remember the “Costa Concordia”? And how angry all of the “strong, independent” women “who don’t need a man” were, when the some of the crewmen and some of the male passengers were ignoring the unwritten “women and children first” rule (a relic of the ‘bad old days’ of Teh Patriarchy)?

        1. Yeah, it’s fun to go back and read the different articles about that, and especially to read all of the comments. The women’s/white knights’/and mangina’s comments were overwhelmingly full of outrage about the men ignoring the ‘women and children first’ tradition, and the men’s comments were of the “SCREW ‘women and children first’, we’re ‘equal’ now” and “what’s the matter, don’t you like the EQUALITY you wanted?” attitude — a laugh riot!!

        1. I would bang only the first one.
          But indeed, if you have to take one for the team, the third one is preferable. At least, she is not from Area 51

        2. Indeed she looks like the woman who stands on peoples chest when they get sleep paralyzes

      1. yuck. I mean, they are all the same on the inside, but at least the first one is better where it counts, on the outside.

        1. Exactly, Rest of the world loves to copy America.
          Feminism is infecting other parts of the world too.
          My recent trip to South-East Asia confirms this.

      1. Rest of the world loves to copy America.
        Feminism is infecting other parts of the world too.
        My recent trip to South-East Asia confirms this.

      1. YES! Until all those chromosomes are made XX, he is just a self-deceiving/deluded, hormonally and surgically altered MALE!

  2. On a related note, studies show semen is good for women’s mental health.
    The benefits include:
    1. Natural anti-depressant.
    2. Natural anxiety reducer.
    3. Improves quality of sleep.
    4. Increases energy.
    5. Improves concentration.
    6. Improves memory.
    7. Improves mental alertness.
    8. Assists with pregnancy maintenance.
    9. Increases female-initiated sexual behavior.
    10. Reduces pain.
    And correct me if I’m wrong, but the method of semen intake does not matter.

    1. “5. Improves concentration.
      6. Improves memory.
      7. Improves mental alertness.”
      So pornstars are all genius then ?

        1. The honesty of a porn star, stripper, or prostitute is more honorable than a suburbanite whore who is essentially that, but in disguise.

      1. Maybe semen from random dudes fucks them up. I mean when sperm stays in women for life and alters their genes having a hundred competing DNA strands working on you can’t be all that great.

        1. I think the terms are telegony and microchimerism. The dna absorption and transfer into the woman’s dna… literally becoming part of every man whose semen she has blown into her. Roosh did and article on this….repulsively fascinating

    2. I think this study is flawed. It means the subjects in the study were having sex (enjoying it). That alone is good for mental health, not the semen.
      A true study would be to collect the semen in a bottle and have the women consume it without having sex and measure their mental health. I could use the assistance of a cute nurse to “give me a hand” in providing the specimen needed for their testing.

        1. Regardless. They were having sex. That’s what prevents depression, not the jizz. You brain releases dopamine and endorphins after sex.

        1. Your subjects would need to be the fat neon haired, tattooed and pierced post wall harpies who are perpetually pissed, hard core feminists. This way, regular sex would not invalidate this study because they can’t get any.
          Give one group the elixir, the other with bovine nasal drippings I guess? My theory is both groups would be equally pissed.

      1. Perhaps, but that could be HPV or other environmental factors brought on by modern living (I would really love to see non-modern / non-First World cancer rates)
        I’m not endorsing unrestrained sex, I’m simply stating a ‘study’.

    3. So that’s why my girlfriend sleeps like a drugged up baby, has a great memory, sharp as a tack, also initiates sex and can handle rough sex. I thought she just loved feeling like a glazed donut and swallowed like it was the fountain of youth. You learn something new every day!

    4. While the method of semen intake does not matter some studies show that when absorbed ocularly there is an immediate heightening of the overall pleasure in the room.

  3. And in other news, there’s this:
    American women now outpace men 38.3% to 34.3% in obesity, and while we already know the connection between fat and crazy, one wonders how the world might respond? Must be the impossible standards set upon women to be “unreasonably” thin, and nothing to do with lounging around in sloth and cupcakes all day with the kitties, right? Of course, Mr. Perfect Hardbody should still come along and pump the stuffing out of the entitled marshmallows though…because that’s how life is.

  4. The fact that so few men and so many more young women believe in (fall victim to) all the new agey mumbo jumbo crap about “twin flames”, “manifesting”, “time jumping”, “being present”, “goddess energy”, and whatever other crap is testament to this.
    A person of sound mind and in tune with logic and reason (masculine traits) would not follow such nonsense and take it with a whiff of seriousness.

  5. Screen heavily to ensure, to the best of your ability, that you don’t get involved with these depressed bitches. Depressed equals insane 9/10 times — always look for…
    Previous rape claims; ‘abusive’ ex-boyfriends; so-called ‘stalkers’; hypochondria; body mutilation through piercings/tats; daddy hatred; mom’s a loser/whore; filthy living conditions; poor hygiene; job hopping (if the bitch has had 15 jobs in the last two years, then she’s more than likely had 15 cocks in that same time frame); check the medicine cabinet — have a basic knowledge of prescription drugs and what they’re used to treat; smoking; illicit drugs; excessive alcohol consumption — cheap Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay seem to be their favorites; moonbat political views; veganism; hardcore atheism; abortions; fake tits/plastic surgery; a history of cheating; small faggot dogs that she treats like children; fluctuations in weight; single motherhood; constantly changing appearance: hair color, length, clothing style etc; strong social media presence — if a person has 1,000 Facebook friends, then they don’t really have any friends; a history of crashing cars or getting speeding tickets.
    I can keep going, but this alone has already eliminated 95 percent of all American women under 30.
    Women aren’t going to help you: sluts aren’t going to tell you that they’re sluts because they don’t think they’re sluts; crazy bitches don’t think they’re crazy, and loser women don’t think they’re losing.
    What do losers do? They fucking lose, and they’ll bring your ass right along with them for the ride if you let them.
    It’s scary out there, fellas. No one is going to protect your ass except for you. Be discerning and always watch your back. It’s getting worse by the day.

    1. That’s a fantastic list you have there, I can relate to most red flags you mentioned. Any man that stays with a girl after identifying any ONE of these traits deserves anything that happens to them

      1. That is too much.. any one of those? So if a woman who passes everything but has several speeding tickets is awesome in all other areas… you as a man, deserve everything bad that may come from her? Ehhhhhhhhhhh, you might as well look on the moon for that perfect woman then because you will NEVER find her on planet earth my friend.

        1. Its not about finding a girl that has none of the traits. The guy has to be able to manage her. Every girl crazy, not in the psychiatric aspect but in the sense that she make decisions based on emotions and not logic

        2. ‘not in the psychiatric aspect but in the sense that she make decisions based on emotions and not logic’
          Yep, that is pretty much every woman out there… get yourself a space shuttle, your gonna need it! 😉

        3. “Manage her”? What do you mean by that? That could easily be manipulated into “abuse” / “Domestic Violence” by her or her poisonous feminist friends, and you could easily be falsely charged and end up in jail for awhile.
          Women have made themselves toxic (with the full acceptance and support of society, the government, the media, and the legal system) to the point that they should be avoided for a man’s health and safety — men need to accept that fact.

        1. Swedish? Ouch… you just may be the one place that has it worse than we do. At least they’re still thin over there, though.

        2. We actually still have a lot of relatively good women here believe it or not, especially up north were they are still quite traditional and reject alot of the stockholm culture wich they call fjollträsk (faggot valley)

        3. You also have Meshuggah, In Flames, and several other great metal bands — such a small country to produce so many great musicians. Snag one of those good Northern girls if you can, that’s what I would do if I had the option.

        4. Yes i will do that. If you like scandinavian metal then check out this finnish band its kind of the opposite of mehuggah, very dark and moody, it takes you directly to the north emotionally.

        5. What would be the punishment for blasting that song towards one of the refugee (military aged, well fed, muslim invader) camps? Would you get thrown in jail for not respecting their culture?

        6. Oh man, that subject has so much in it that i dont know even how to approach it sometimes. Lets just say that the psychotic politcians who has caused the problem in the first place are now starting to take the words system collapse in their mouth.
          We have ISIS allready infiltrated into western europe, people are arming themselves and nationalism is on the rise, there is a war brewing, no doubt about it.

        7. Disgusting. Your local boys wrote the battle cry — get pumped up and fight for your own if it comes down to it.

          An even strobe, a pulse of flashing hatelights
          of synthetic souls – mass produced: hammered into shape
          A sign of the times, dreams turn into systems
          A new way, a new breed implanted in our minds
          Here I am in the hand of a sterile hate
          The new control I cannot wake, I’m not asleep
          New intelligence arise in emptied bodies
          Turgid flesh tested through eternal spastic fits
          Through not known codes mother machine in genocide
          Now scorn a dying race
          Evolution in reverse
          Now it’s time for me
          Changing: what am I to be?
          Contorted: an eternity!
          Programmed to appease you, we’re symbols of perfection
          Humanoids run by your laws: Destroy Erase Improve
          Lesson first: Submission, we’re docile servant dogs
          Our leashes are your limbs computed deep within
          Remolded minds controlled our thoughts
          No more doubts, the new way is here
          Disgorged: another thousand fakes
          That obey to a circuit skein to vacuum
          Mechanical thoughts I now conceive
          No longer me, always to see inanity
          Millions to be units like me eternally
          Human patterns copied, dissected, distorted
          Completed to fit the machine
          The nerve fibers give in to chords to the unknown
          See me, be me
          Same contents, same machine
          The currency of ours no more
          Flesh and bone we are to be
          Unaware of what we have been before
          Evolution in reverse
          Now it’s time for me
          Changing: what am I to be?
          Contorted: an eternity!
          Defeated: by the new machine.

        8. Meshuggah is my favorite metal band. Friend of mine designed their guitars, and has been taken under their wing and moved to Sweden.

        9. Awesome stuff, man. Meshuggah is one of my favorites, too. Tomas Haake is just… so fucking good. No other way to put it. Keep on rocking, brother GRock. And good for your friend — lucky bastard.

        10. Yea, one day he’s working at a pizza shop inside a bar in Cleveland, next thing you know he’s flying to Sweden and getting rock star treatment. No shit.

    2. You know AV you put this so well that people might read it and laugh and just say “yeah, right on” whatever. But you seriously, and I mean 100%, hit every nail on the head and struck true. Even the fucking cheap pinot grigio.
      Every single warning on your list needs to be heeded and any combination of 3 should put on the do not fly list….combo of 2 do not date and even just one tread carefully. This shit should be a public service announcement read over a megaphone all day every day like “you are not special” during project mayhem

        1. In my defense, I did say I could keep going, but I figured it was already getting a little too depressing for most of the guys reading it, lol. If I carried on, it would have easily made it to 99%.

        2. Ha thats why i love brits, you have the perfect amount of cold realism without being too sardonic like the french

        3. I am a Czech. My father said that he regularly had to explain himself to Americans after he replied ‘Oh, everything is shit’ to ‘How are you?’. Seems to be the way my kin goes about these things.

        4. I like it, at least its honest. When you ask swedish people how they are doing they respond: Its moving forward, its rolling or its working.

        5. Ah. Well, it is not that honest in the sense that it is just another kind of standard response. So we may say ‘ah, you know, all is shit’ even if everything is cool. That is what confused the Americans. They started asking ‘Really? What is the matter?’
          Guess each culture has its own customs.

        6. True. If my life is at a still point i will still say “its moving” swedes dont like unproductivity or anything as laziness, you must grind forward.

        7. I despise it, too. Thing is, I kinda feel like I want to despise myself. A reflexive kind of ‘Fuck your demands. I deny my service to you. I will fuck myself up before I will serve your pockets and stupid ideals.’ to the state and my father.

        8. Funny those feelings. I often find myself wanting to reject humanity as a whole, throw it to the side of the road and join the french legionaires and become a killer instead, but i tell myself i have watched too many movies.

        9. Throw it all aside, no. I still want to learn game before I do that.
          But yeah, being a killer would be quite awesome. I was recently to the ‘butcher’ and asked him if he would allow me to butcher an animal. Would really love that.
          Turns out, today’s butchers do not butcher anything. They just get the stuff from the factory. And if you want to work there, you need certificates and blah blah.

        10. Im Russian, we always had it rough (1000 years plus). I remember the 90s after the collapse of the USSR: violent crimes, ethnic conflicts, food was scarce, and so on. These memories are very recent to me. Some European countries like Sweden enjoyed peace and avoided wars on their territory for over 300 years.

        11. Yeah, TOO true! But those idiots in the EU have done it now! There’s nothing like inviting feral ‘refugee’ foreigners into your country. It strikes me as something like the Trojans ‘inviting’ refugee Greeks into the city of Troy.

        12. I blame everything on Europeans themselves. They embraced tolerance, diversity and humanism. Now, its tolerance all the way baby, till your erectum hurts.
          I spoke to some of these Euro Leftists, they are completely insane. As a Russian, I have no pity for them.

        13. As a conservative American, I have no pity for them, either. Now if we Americans can just get the same kind of Leftist lunatics out of power here before it’s too late…

      1. What’s a trip is that just ONE of these traits can key you in to many of the others which are very well hidden.

        1. Oh yeah, definitely. Psychiatry works because mental issues are predictable across the board. When a chick has some of the things he cited, you can bet the others are there too. And Facebook, man. It’s like heroin to most girls. When you start digging around about their use of it, you get an idea of how unstable they are. I don’t know if it serves to reveal their mental problems or is partial cause of them.

        2. “…And Facebook, man. It’s like heroin to most girls. When you start digging around about their use of it, you get an idea of how unstable they are. I don’t know if it serves to reveal their mental problems or is partial cause of them.”
          It could easily be both, with one feeding upon the other.

      2. That’s one way to put it. Another is that nobody’s perfect and some girls may have redeeming features that offset the bad. Warning signs are just that. Warnings. It is not a guarantee of a calamity to come.

        1. Fair enough. And while there are no guarantees in life, for me, and of course your mileage may vary, removing the possibility rather than simply avoiding the necessary calamity is preferable. An LTR adds nothing to my life.

        2. While I am not adverse to risk and, actually, prone to it….it is never without a potential upside. Population density and male to female ratio mean that steady sex from one woman isn’t necessary and my current position in life allows for such small luxuries as professional laundry, twice a week maid service and grocery delivery. Finally, with no desire to procreate the idea of an LTR is 100% losing venture. In the absolute best case scenario all I have done is limit my sexual options from nearly infinite to 1 and now have the responsibility to being strong and in command not just at work and while out in the world, but also at home. When even the winning scenario seems like a net loss the risk is never worth it.

    3. In fact this is going on my wall and that of any young male relatives.
      That was fucking surgical

    4. I wrote a poem a while back, dedicated to my mom. Enjoy.

      sad bitches get fucked in the ass
      sad bitches are in pain
      sad bitches are insane
      sad bitches are a mess
      so fuck them in the ass
      sad bitches are black and white
      don’t let them spend the night
      when sad bitches smile
      they make you want to cry
      sad bitches like to pout
      so you put it in their mouth
      but if they can keep it shut
      you put it in their butt
      sad bitches are depressed
      they need their asses stressed
      sad bitches are alone
      their asses need your fucking bone
      sad bitches are sad
      but sad bitches give good head
      sad bitches make sad kids
      but sad bitches have good tits
      sad bitches have gone mad
      when they are gone, i will be glad
      use them to take a piss
      but do think twice before you kiss
      sad bitches are everywhere
      sad bitches mud my spear
      sad bitches are out of luck
      but good enough to fuck

      1. you are the Ted Hughes to femninism’s Sylvia Plath
        I won’t ask where you’d have Sylvia stick that Bell Jar

        1. My friend, I have no clue what the fuck you are talking about. Unfortunately, my knowledge of contemporary culture is not quite the state of the art.
          But I imagine that your statement is one of respect and reverence, so thank you.

        2. Plath was a professional miserablist who committed suicide. Pretty much the literary Godmother of sentimental self-pity
          Hughes was her husband – a British poet lauruette.

        3. How Ted Hughes put up with the women, as mad as bag of cats, is an unfinished poem in itself.

        4. It’s not contemporary culture. Hughes and plath were famous poets, and players despite themselves in the gender war

        5. Ah, alright. I guess I have no excuse for not knowing them, then.

          ‘players despite themselves in the gender war’

          What does that sentence mean?

        6. The great psychiatrist turned writer, Theodore Dalrymple, actually considers Plath as a particularly awful landmark in western literature.
          The beginning of sentiment over truth

        7. He was a chauvinist. She had issues and topped herself. Feminists roped her into their cause and made an anti hero of her husband. He wrote a lot of poems about animals

        8. And the Iron Man
          A great children’s book that was later made into the film – The Iron Giant

        9. While I was in college, I had to read “The Bell Jar” for a literature class…Ye Gods, that woman Plath was DEPRESSING! And just as frequently, she was a victim of her own bad decisions.
          Knowing what I know about women now, I can understand how she appeals to feminists and feminism-influenced women.

    5. So damn spot on. A human being should be fine with being themselves, their pure, natural, normal self. Piercings, colored hair, tattoos, etc. just scream “I hate myself”. Im sure many men here have seen the self-loathing type up close and personal. They’re trainwrecks with 24/7 drama. They will most certainly drag you down with them with false rape, cheating, stealing, and its just another regular day for her.

    6. Agreed, A thin attractive women without mental issues here in the USA, good luck with that. My advice for all the men as plan B,( younger the better ) learn languages like Portuguese or Russian or an Asian language.

    7. Nice. I’ll just kill my self now shall I? (Kidding ). I’ll just take my 6 years of therapy and coaching that moved me from depressed to now and cry myself to sleep at night since everything I’ve done to ‘rehabilite’ is a waste of time? If dudes can recover from blue pill simp don then females who wake up from the madness have a chance to. Lovely how you don’t seem to have much flexibility to that possibility. Oh well

      1. If you’re a woman — judging by the tone of your post, I’m going to assume that you are — and you’re not completely unfortunate looking, then there will almost certainly be a sucker of a man out there that will be more than happy to sweep you off your mentally ill feet.
        Don’t sweat it, psycho, you’re going to be just fine. Seriously.

        1. Meh.
          Women are either:
          Have kids
          Are fucking crazy
          or a combination of the above.
          All the fucking therapy changes nothing. You know what I have seen in my 4+ decades?
          No matter how “cleaned up” and “fixed” a woman is, it’s only a matter of time before she decides to go back to hell, for whatever it was, being a nutball, drinking and drugging, whatever. And she’ll drag an entire family to hell with her. I have friends languishing in prison on false abuse charges, and their kids either living with their exe’s scumbag boyfriends or in foster care, because of those women. The despair is unbelievable. How these guys don’t just curl up and die amazes me.
          They are all like that.

        2. “They are all like that”.
          Yes, they are — either sooner or later.
          Why do they lie, cheat, steal, abort, divorce for no reason, and have illegitimate children? Short answer: Because they can! And all with the support of the government, the media, and the legal system.
          What has to be done is to take away the abundance of rewards for their poor behavior, and reinstate responsibility and punishments for their transgressions and poor behavior.

        3. Aww look someone took the bait! You think I’m a psycho how cute :p You really think I would do that or react in that way? looool
          My real point is actually serious, I do find that some of these posts and mostly the comments are so deterministic and inflexible, I worry about your actual ability to relate to people who have shown a rare ability to come back from dysfunction in their lives. Do you believe that everyone (women/feminists) are SO character flawed that they are never, ever able to take hold of their life and change for the better. As I said, I’d like an answer to this question:
          Why is it ok that a guy who used to a be simp/blue pill with loser ish tendancies that he can learn wisdom from the red pill and ‘recover’ but a women who also ‘takes the red pill’ and rejects her past feminist indoctrination is not able to ‘recover’? According to most of you, she is forever tainted.
          The reason I say this is because I agree our society is in deep doo-doo and I agree with most advice posted here. Men are the pilots, women are the co pilots. However, humans do have an ability to change and I don’t think enough attention is given fairly to women in their ability to do that. I think I might start addressing this issue myself in the near future. Just gotta work out some kinks. But I do think it is a fair point, one that you guys are not addressing. And yeah it is personal, if me and a few other females I know have done it (we certainly don’t see ourselves as special) then there must be more out there who can circumvent their journey and reject the gyno-entitled arm feminist BS.
          Thanks for your lovely response to my irrational comment, made me laugh!

        4. We really don’t care about your views. You should save your energy. This is one of the only male only spaces around and your comments, no matter how “insightful” or “clever,” just destroy the vibe. To me women’s comments here are like the adults talking on Charlie Brown cartoons. Wah, wah, wah.

        5. I generally skim or skip all women’s comments on male blogs; they’re generally all the same — either…
          1) the same old outdated feminist tripe out of the 1960s, or…
          2) shaming language, or…
          3) “I’m not a feminist…bla, bla, bla…” (What they DON’T say is how they’re ‘not a feminist’ RIGHT NOW. Women are overwhelmingly “not a feminist” not because of the injustices done to men, but only because these women have started to experience the negative effects of feminism in their own personal lives now.)

        6. Awwwwhhhh too bad not everyone agrees with you….wheres your private forum that screens for females? this is an open web page and if the creator left it this way then he knows that women will read it and comment. Looks like no one wants to answer a reasonable question. Smells a bit ideologue to me…dare I say reminiscent of a feminists fishy vag? Anyway, I;ve had some reasonable responses to my comments on here before so I’ll hold out and see if anyone does want to have a go. You carry on as you wish.

    8. What do losers do? They fucking lose, and they’ll bring your ass right along with them for the ride if you let them.

    9. The Ghost “Writer” has returned!! With nothing but stone cold truth with no punches pulled..A.v.yader, my dude, Wheres the next article bro? I know your schedule is demanding, but we here at ROK are all waiting.

      1. It won’t be long, Mr. King. My game plan is to start submitting one or two quality articles per month starting in December. If that doesn’t happen, then it will definitely be next year — busy travel season is coming up, so I might have to put things off until January if work is too much of a clusterfuck. But I will definitely be returning, so no worries there — I’m not “retiring” anytime soon and I’ve still got a whole lot to say.
        Also, thanks for the support, brother — it is appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed.

    10. The wine thing is hilarious; just about every single late 20’s/early 30’s woman I know is a borderline alcoholic, drinking wine almost every evening. Not good. That shit ages you.
      Lots of them post on Facebook about wine all the time like it’s the most interesting thing they have in their lives.
      At the age of 31 I don’t drink much booze, eat clean and exercise and I’m the ONLY one of my friends who is still as lean as he was at 18. Don’t join the masses on their slow path to self-destruction chaps. You’re smarter than that.

      1. “drinking wine almost every evening…”
        Just keep it moderate (a glass) and it’s not too bad. But eat healthy, and keep active (of course).

    11. ” if a person has 1,000 Facebook friends, then they don’t really have any friends”
      “Women aren’t going to help you: sluts aren’t going to tell you that they’re sluts because they don’t think they’re sluts; crazy bitches don’t think they’re crazy, and loser women don’t think they’re losing.”
      You said a few things that resonated but these right here are so very true

    12. This is a nice list for your average borderline. Keep in mind if they have one psychological problem they are probably dealing with more like 3. Run for the hills these hoes are batshit crazy.
      Just a few of their symptoms:
      An intense fear of abandonment, even going to extreme measures to avoid real or imagined separation or rejection
      A pattern of unstable intense relationships, such as idealizing someone one moment and then suddenly believing the person doesn’t care enough or is cruel
      Rapid changes in self-identity and self-image that include shifting goals and values, and seeing yourself as bad or as if you don’t exist at all
      Periods of stress-related paranoia and loss of contact with reality, lasting from a few minutes to a few hours
      Impulsive and risky behavior, such as gambling, reckless driving, unsafe sex, spending sprees, binge eating or drug abuse, or sabotaging success by suddenly quitting a good job or ending a positive relationship
      Suicidal threats or behavior or self-injury, often in response to fear of separation or rejection
      Wide mood swings lasting from a few hours to a few days, which can include intense happiness, irritability, shame or anxiety
      Ongoing feelings of emptiness
      Inappropriate, intense anger, such as frequently losing your temper, being sarcastic or bitter, or having physical fights

        1. Glad to hear it’s your former self. Must have been tough to deal with but glad you were able to overcome it!

  6. Every girl is actually crazy, it just depends on the severity. Spiders and lions are both predators but you only fear one

    1. I like what you did there, but humans are the apex predators everywhere on earth and you should really not underestimate their(women included) ability to be evil . SJW seems to be creating whole generation of venomous woman with enough poison inside to destroy anyone.

      1. The only thing allowing their poison to have any potency is the legal system. Before women were put in their place, sometimes forcefully so. Hell, as close back as the 1930s women were put into insane asylums to rot for adultery. That’s right, cheating on their husband. Forcefully removed and exiled to the loony bin for sleeping around.

        1. Insane asylums have always bewildered me. Check out these insane asylums built in the US during the 19th century, state sanitoriums in Ca, Ten, Indiana. They’re such huge and magnificant structures. Where on earth did such pork barrel spending originate. These buildings could have served as great universities, but nooo, they were for the crazy loons, and some writers who were disliked by the state too. It just amazes me how much effort and resources they put into these structures that equal the archetecture of state houses and capitol buildings. Unbelievable:


          And what’s more amazing is what went on inside. All that spending of the public fund on ‘crazy houses’ and remember this was nearly a century before socialism or the ‘new deal’ even. This is another un reported on oddity within the halls of power. Explain if you can the amazing ‘treatments’ for the crazy and for the enemies of the state that went on inside these complexes:

          The looney bins don’t seem to be much more effective than the modern day flu shot. If a wife cheats, I think a whip would do upside her ass. Cured. But then she’d go down on the totem pole to somewhere lower than concubine. There’s a sura in the koran that calls for women to be ‘banished to the house’ for ‘lewdness’ in public. I’m not even Islamic and I look like opie, but I just love that sura. To have a totem pole system going, you’d have to have more than one ‘wife’ of course.

    2. Without a dominant male to lead them, women are completely lost and unstable. A woman’s emotional strength comes from the man she’s with, which is why betas are useless to them. They depend 100% on men.
      Feminism is cruel for lying to women about their independence and strength. They are simply not built to be independent in any way and it should come of no surprise that women today are crazier than ever. They’ve been disconnected from their feminine, submissive nature.

      1. The church and state both love the betas dearly. They are its bread and butter. The more beta that western males are, the crazier, sluttier and more entitled and gluttonous western women become. They’re unmanagable now, completely unmanagable. Try dread game but it’s not quite on target. Try and manage their crazy and their crazy wins at times. We’re missing something here. We’re forgetting that women have a clock. A built in time out episode monthly. Menstruation.
        Women are all basically crazy, just some are crazier than others. Women are all sluts, just some are sluttier than others. To get a handle on the crazy and the absurd, the secret is to manage them at the heart of their nature, to isolate the tiny bug up their ass that goes wild with stupidity and wrath. Like an eye of the needle, you get the bug every time when you implement the following practice:
        IT IS COMMANDED that a menstruating woman be put out and away from all others when ragging. For seven days she shall quell in solitude. If she quakes or lashes out in wrath, she is alone. She can swat at the air and scream at the lord.
        BUILD HER A SHED with necessities like a jug of water, bible and crackers, teddy bear and sea salt to replenish her lost tears. Make total apartheid from her during her mensing.
        IT’S TRUE, seriously:
        Leviticus 15:19
        And if a woman have an issue, and her issue in her flesh be blood, she shall be put apart seven days: and whosoever toucheth her shall be unclean until the even.
        Leviticus 15:20
        Anything she lies on during her period will be unclean, and anything she sits on will be unclean.

      2. The VAST majority of Modern women are “strong and independent” just as long as nothing goes wrong. Only very few don’t collapse like a house of cards and immediately go into ‘panic’ mode when TSHTF.

  7. One item that may have already been expressed in the responses is that for women who have multiple sexual experiences and partners also become incredibly neurotic.
    Men are, by nature, polygamous (polygynous?) though they can adapt, and effectively so, to monogamy. Almost no effective culture effectively practices polyandry. Women are hardwired to be faithful to one man for life. Screw up that biological programming and you end up with a woman swarming with all sorts of self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors. I do counseling for a living and in my profession, we call them train wrecks.
    In my clinical experience, female clients who jump from bed to bed outweigh the monogamous ones by such a high percentage as to be painfully obvious that sexual promiscuity is a mind killer for women. And once they start, it is almost impossible to break the pattern.

    1. It’s funny you bring up the ‘train wreck’. A wretched feminist ‘poet’ from the 60’s Adrienne Rich wrote her opus piece ‘Surviving the Train Wreck’ which was hailed and given awards by every lefty literature group. Adrienne was traditional at first. She married Harvard economics professor Howard Conrad in the 50’s and they had three sons. Late 60’s, Adrienne was bitten by the feminist bug. She abandoned her entire family and sons who were in grade school, then she publicly declared herself lesbian. Howard committed suicide in the year after she flaked. I try and look up their sons but find only dead ends. If only they could be located, they could give a real testimony of what a crazy bitch their mom became as a ‘feminist’. It’s sad about their dad though.

  8. Of course they’re depressed
    Cognitive dissonance will do that
    On a superficial level they believe themselves to be smart, independent yada yada yada
    But deep down they know it’s Bollocks.
    They’ve traded children for drugs and cock, and husbands for the taxman and daddy government
    Who wouldn’t be depressed?

  9. I’m not surprised. We’ve lost control over society and that’s just fucking depressing. Whether is culture, politics, economics, religion…life. All these things are now in the hands of a small elite. Who are the elites? Ask Voltaire, those that you cannot insult are in control. That’s quite chilling. Because its literally hyper homosexual males or lesbians who are both homosexual and extremely feminist. And here is the thing, when you get down to it, the homosexual “community” its “values” “traditions” “culture” are alien to normal people, period. Why are regular women being told to suppress their natural femininity and adopt masculine? Well, what floats the boat of a lesbian? 1-2% of the population, which happens to be among the most different of us all is making the rules, forcing us to be like them. Such conditions will make people depressed. Hopefully, it will start making them mad soon, because enough is enough.

  10. “Forgetting the massive diversity in human beings’ family backgrounds, educations, incomes and social standings”
    They take that into account now. It’s called ‘intersectionality’, yet the concept of male privilege lives on.

  11. “We live in a world where Caitlyn Jenner can supposedly transition from
    man to woman because it’s “natural,” but young girls are taught that the
    way women usually behave is actually a gendered construct”
    Lying to yourself on a fundamental basis about the nature of reality and your place within it, is indeed a good place to start off if you goal in life is to achieve chronic and florid psychosis (the definition of feminism for the next edition of the OED hopefully). The absolute divorce from reality and inherent contradictions of feminism aside there are actually a couple of other things which I think make young women reared on feminism particularly vulnerable to going gaga.
    1) The first is one is related to the above, and this is that feminism’s basic method of taking over the world involves (young) women faking it until they make it. The problem here is twofold because a) most of the time they don’t make it (hence they lash out and blame the ‘patriarchy’) and b) when they do make it they find they don’t like what they’ve made, or rather what they’ve become. An obvious example of this is young women racing ahead of the men to become doctors and engineers and then dropping out because its too hard and they want sell cushions and soft-furnishings instead or whatever
    2) the second thing is related to the first point, but applies to the whole of feminism as a response and critique of ‘the patriarchy’. It used to be a psychological truism that women were more prone than men to neuroses and hysteria (the latter term having been de-commissioned for I’d imagine primarily politically correct reasons). Feminism does a good job of converting female neurosis / hysteria and into something far more akin to what you see with psychotics (a poor grasp of reality orientation being exactly what you see with feminism and those prone to psychosis / schizophrenia). I believe the major reason for this is that feminism as a group strategy requires that a neuoritc attiribution styles (i.e. where one perhaps lacking in confidence is inclined to blame oneself for any lack or shortcoming) with an externalising attribution style. In the latter obviously any failures, problems, fears etc that are encountered, are blame on an external party. Guess what, that’s US. While it isn’t nice to be blamed for something, there are actually benefits for being held to be responsible for the world since an externalising attribution style, most commonly encountered with paranoia (where fear and blame of the other is the basic way of relating) actually is most likely to cause you to feel helpless and lacking in personal agency (I can’t do X cos patriarchy like). This is one reason why as men we have to be very careful not to end up blaming feminism for everything, or for that matter any other group: ultimately it creates paranoia, a sense of helplessness and destroys self-agency. In fact this is potentially one of the greatest dangers facing ‘the manosphere’ – if we are too successful in blaming the wimmins, etc we will end up the ones with the impoverish mental health
    3) the last point is a slightly lesser one but still important I think: its not just the fact that feminist women, as a group and individually blame men, and anyone but themselves (thus preventing themselves from achieving any kind of personal responsibility / adulthood) its also the way they do this. One of fairly reliable indicator of mental health problems in a family or social setting are poor communication skills, specifically with respect to expressed emotion. If you are blaming others, you are going to do with shouting, with tears, with tantrums, with strops, and all the other unique modes of communication we associate with feminist and SJWs. But expressed emotion in fact doesn’t just predict mental health problems. Understood discursively it constitutes mental illness itself.
    So, we have established that feminism and its feminists are acutely and floridly ill, but the question arises are there enough beds in appropriate high securithy units to accommodate them?

  12. This comes as no surprise given the nature of the female human brain as i will shortly explain.
    The female brain as a biological standard is by far the more ergonomic of the two, meaning it is traditionally smaller in size than its male counterpart.
    Because of this, the innate neural circuitry or “information highways” that criss-cross each other within the XX brain have to be far more streamlined in order to achieve the same basic result as a Man’s: thought, memory, information processing etc.
    Now here is where it gets really interesting.
    Beyond that, a female’s brain is also distinct in that it possesses circuitry designed to process emotional flux at a far more sophisticated level within interhemispheric applications. In other words, a female’s brain makes emotions easier to delve into than a Man’s due to the greater abundance in gray matter that females possess over males. This likely contributes to them being able to multi task or consider far more avenues of thought than males.
    This is also the reason why they tend to get headaches more often than males, because so much of their brain is designed to “feel” that sensory overload practically becomes an inevitability the more strongly these emotions are felt and the more repeatedly these emotions are felt over time. The effects of such are cumulative and likely lead to the kinds of psychological disorders that the author has been kind enough to elaborate upon.
    Now Men by contrast possess far more white matter than females, which allows us to process intrahemispheric information in localized areas of the brain far more efficiently than females. To put it another way, we are better adept at focusing on a single task far more effectively than girls but they are far more capable of focusing on more than one task than we are. There are inherent drawbacks (and of course, benefits) to both: in the first instance the more we simultaneously process the far less likely we are to do so efficiently; in the second female instance the increases in multi tasking comes at the sacrifice of being able to see one specific task through to completion, hence the adage of female indecisiveness coming into play as they struggle to decide on which particular task to see through to fruition first.
    Now with regard to the sciences, whenever females have been under the auspices of a leading male scientist(s), their assistance has generally proven invaluable as they are able to function as a bridge of sorts helping to link a plurality of information from one test to another for the purpose of seeing an experiment through to the end. This allows the male(s) lead researcher to focus on one single task to its decisive end while the female functions as an assistant gathering up all the collected data for collective analysis. It goes without saying that the information age has greatly reduced their usefulness in this regard to the point that its modern day use should be considered practically nostalgic. Say for instance, if computers had existed during the age of the Curies, we might have heard more about the Husband and far less about the Wife, even with all the SJ historical revisionism 🙂
    It’s important to note of course, that i am speaking in general here. There are always exceptions, most notably whenever females are raised by males or males are raised by females. It’s my theory that whenever these circumstances occur certain psycho-physical factors come into play. In those less than common or less than ideal instances, both the males and females in question take on gender traits more commonly emphasized in the antipodal gender. Males show an increased propensity towards emotional outbursts sustained or otherwise, and females tend to behave as males by proxy by arresting sustained emotional outbursts caused by their emo instinctual cerebral design. These cause and effect circumstances however, do not provide a sufficient quantitative basis from which to reasonably extrapolate a belief that having every female raised by a male would invariably lead to females functioning as logically as males, since the emo instinctual predisposition can never be truly overcome (only impeded as such) especially with regard to the one undeniable physiological reaction they all succumb to once every month or so.
    This need not be considered always bad, although i would speculate that it generally results in emo mangina males (obviously bad) and females with atypical social interaction issues. Further study is required to confirm this as undeniable fact rather than suppositional application but my firsthand experience with the female of this type on a few occasions greatly leads me to this theory.
    At any rate, the brain as well as the social constructs (Men as leaders, females as nurturers) which have arisen from its gender specific bio-genetic applications are the primary reason why the patriarchy came into play in the first place, with religion functioning as an additional social adhesive aesthetic designed to explain the supernatural reason for “why” long before modern human beings like myself were able to speculate on the secular theoretical “hows.”
    To conclude: the next time you come across an emotional fit from your lady, female coworker or family member, bear in mind that they are already operating under an emo instinctual causality that their brains facilitate and their emotions escalate. Use your brain and the biological benefits it gives you in addition to the instinctual tendency to lead, to address it properly.
    Study the storm, don’t become part of it.

  13. The empty womb corresponds with woman’s lack of soul. A woman could only be content when a man is inside her or when her womb carries a baby. This does not mean that promiscuity will provide the salvation for women’s soulless existence, just on the contrary. Her vagina get populated by numerous entities and she becomes multi-polar. When her vagina is sealed during virginity she is protected and much saner.
    A woman without a man and one who has never experienced pregnancy is like a child lost in the deep dark woods. No wonder she goes crazy.

      1. This may sound odd but men should clean and “empty” their ladies often. Because women pick up odd energies through the vaginal opening on a daily basis. Men do not have this problem. The problem is worse for the women if they are out in the world, as opposed to staying at home, but it happens no matter where they reside and work.
        A woman’s husband or partner can clear these odd energies easily during sexual intercourse. Interestingly, it is a reason many women marry and want to have regular sex. In other words, it is not just about intimacy or pleasure, or distraction. It is about clearing certain energies from her lower organs.
        The way this is done, is you insert the penis fully, and then slowly withdraw it, using a sucking action as though the penis were a soda straw. Doing this about 5 or 6 times often – perhaps daily, if you and your partner want it this often – will remove these stray energies that really bother some women. Other women are less aware of them, but the problem affects them all.
        Preferably, do not have an orgasm during this procedure, and your wife need not and best not have one either. If it occurs, it is not a problem, but it is not related to orgasms at all. In fact, they get in the way a little with this cleansing procedure.

        1. Not odd to me i know very well what you’re talking about. The womans energy system is receptive or yin if you will, so its not strange they attract lots of shit in a world full of shit, but also i must add some women will be your destruction if you try to clean them, some people are too dark. Emptying out should just be for maintenance.

    1. A russian woman once told me, “a woman cannot be a real woman without a man or children. Taking care of a family is why we exist.”
      Some of them get it.

        1. Well, I wouldn’t use that old chicken farmer as a source, but the statement is true none the less.

      1. My ex-wife was just like that… and I dont regret marrying her. Just could not justify having children with her at such a young age (I was 23 at the time).
        Wish I had meet her when I was a good 5-10 years older. Things would have gone down diff.

  14. Lawrence Summers, President of Harvard University — 2005
    He went on to argue that boys outperform girls on high school science and maths scores because of genetic difference. “Research in behavioural genetics is showing that things people previously attributed to socialisation weren’t due to socialisation after all.”
    The femi-nazis howled and he was promptly sacked. Sceince is obviously the enemy of “progress.”

  15. Saint Augustine maintained that women would be endowed and blessed once more with their rightful “manliness” (meaning their lost penises) if they lived a virtuous life when on Earth. Maybe the loss of their inherent manliness is the reason for their greater mental instability as summed up in feminism.

    1. A guy whom I consider to be my current spiritual mentor posits that we as souls chose to live life as humans to experience the greatest possible amount of pain there is.
      What is worse than to be a man and get raped? To have no penis and want to get raped. Shudder. That must make you mad.

      1. Well, it was T.S Eliot who maintained we can only bear “so much reality” meaning we’re not made to handle excesses of pain or pleasure, or perhaps he meant the observe. Namely that the dullness and the routine of grey reality can propel us into states of pain and pleasure, because these states are more intense and vivid. I’m not sure what way he actually meant by this comment, perhaps it was made to be deliberately ambiguous.
        Perhaps your spiritual mentor is correct about our “en-souled” condition during our sabbatical here . God, the Divine Metaphysic, the Matrix, Cosmic Big Brother, desired, want and need human experiences of all shades, types and intensities so as to become a divine self aware entity itself. In such a scenario there would be no right or wrong with regard to our moral or immoral actions, something I don’t really favor, because to it, all types of experiences are of equal value with regard it’s consciousness. This is a possibility, quite Gnostic in its design which could be true.
        Saint Augustine incidentally saw femaleness as a punishment for various types of sins, having no penis was the penalty, so his God is obviously different to the Gnostic one, who tends to value everything in a ethically neutral way!

        1. Well, it does not necessarily have to be neutral. In fact, the concept of absolute good may just give rise to the absolute evil, in that the transgression itself becomes the experience, not the act that is being committed. Without the transgression and the knowledge that god does not approve outwardly, those experiences may very well be too dull to endure.
          Watched a movie yesterday. Think it was Road to Perdition. Someone in it says: Boys are there to trouble their fathers.
          My mentor explained his idea in this way: The Light (god) allows you to make all the negative experiences you desire and need to make in order to then finally be ready to accept Light.
          As for the quote of T.S. Eliot, it strikes me as the typical ‘we are not ready to see the truth’ cliche. I personally think that it is a matter of practice; like a muscle. You can not lift 500lbs the first time at the gym, but you can train and become quite a good ‘truth lifter’.

        2. you might not now the history. Few do, and those who do know it dimly, imperfectly, because it’s all hid in the shadows, despite the fact there is a lot of talk of light.
          Sabbatai Tzvi was the jewish (false) messiah. But the context and history was lurianic kabbalah, and perhaps the wider gnostic experience
          If you talk of transgressive experiences (remember so do progressives talk of transgressive sex: gay sex, transgender, etc, anything that is transgressive, ie. anti-nomian with regerence to the bourgeois christian mores, then that sabbateanism, is one of the main sources for that way of thinking

        3. Ah, I see. I myself consider Jesus Christ to be the false Messiah. Why? Because I do not believe in any kind of Messiah. For me, there is only god.
          Well, I do believe that there is a lesson to be learned in things like gay sex and transgender. Namely, pain. I think that the mistake that the ‘progressives’ make is that they try to explain the transgression in terms of obedience. They try to explain pain in terms of pleasure.
          I think that these people have their reasons to make these experiences, yes. It may take them a lot longer than necessary, because they do not know how to deal with them.
          What stand do you take on this?

        4. In a world of absolute goodness there would be no potential or possibility to acquire knowledge, so transgression, is the route to discerning the difference and value between what is truly good and evil. This is where Utopian societies always fail and become tyrannies, because they end up imposing their idea of goodness on people, and to do this they use violence and force or else they dumb people into a state of docile “happy” acceptance, through unlimited pleasure, like unlimited sex, happy drugs, and everything you want to buy. Essentially it would be world without free human beings who could radically determine their own spiritual destiny
          The fact that people, like in the Matrix movie, don’t actually want a pleasurable world is testimony in some measure to the metaphysical basis of our reality. Only the strong, tempered vessel can receive the light of God, and perhaps that’s what the world is meant to do. Essentially to make us tough, durable and worthy for the Kingdom of God.

        5. I’m still curious about your ‘theology’. You sound as though you’re quite influenced by gnosticism, or at least mysticism of a gnostic variety, yet you are I think broadly christian in your thinking, albeit it in a way that is doctrinally unorthodox.
          You mention ‘souls’ – do you believe in reincarnation? Forgive me for interrogating your beliefs. Feel free not to answer anything you don’t wish to be pressed upon

        6. I’m not sure you do. I’m not saying he was the false messiah and Jesus was the right one. I don’t evagelise. Judaism describes him objectively as the false messiah. Only sabbateans regard him as an actual messiah.
          You’re correct in thinking I consider the belief system to be ‘troublesome’. I’m not here talking about the actual metaphysical truth of those claims (and sabbateanism is potentially compatible with effective atheism as far as I’m aware) but about its effects. The sabbean movement is at least one of the main candidates for why we have a focus upon the transgressive within the realm of sexuality. one of the main reason for that focus – within the context in which sabbateanism occured (leaving aside the complexities of subsequent political machinations which are largely another matter and which are mixed up with political messianism) is the justification for a transgressive / anti-nomian approach: namely, that to reach the spiritual heights, one must first plumb the spiritual deaths, embrace all that is low and foul and degraded. Within a specifically jewish context that also potentially meant a specifically means of evoking the messianic return but that needn’t concern us here.
          The issue here is what does transgression achieve? Does it lead to ‘indirectly’ to catharsis (an upward sling from the nadir) or does it lead to the absolute void, with no return

        7. to answer your final question, I take a conscientious one i.e. we have to make our own minds up about it. With respect to me personally I don’t have much love for what I see around me, but it serves as a means of obtaining perspective if nothing else

        8. Good comment.
          The last question really entails the big fear, does it not. The place of no return. But is that plausible? Does your intuition tell you that you can be damned to suffering forever?
          Yes, I think you need to go through hell to come out on top. Why else do classical initiation rites into manhood work that way? Why is it such a big theme in mythology?
          There is no short cut, I believe. But there may be more and less effective ways to go through hell. Those who are lucky enough to enjoy a classical ceremony may absolve this stage within hours. Others, subconsciously craving it, may degrade themselves over a course of years, trying to reach it.

        9. That sounds reasonable and I can agree with that. I look at the world and am open to learning new stuff. If it turns out that Christianity – despite all doubts – is the absolute truth, then I trust myself to eventually embrace it. I also trust myself to reject it if it stinks.
          Regarding love, that is a bit of a weird nut to crack. To love something is not the same as to like something. Know what I mean?

        10. Knowledge is not a static state. It’s an interrelationship between a whole matrix of different qualities, states and attributes. Even at a minimum, these relationships flow between the physical, mental, empirical and the platonic “worlds” or domains. To be very brief, in a world defined by one static condition like goodness or whiteness we could never learn anything else but that one state, which would be a world of zero potential to acquire any other class of knowledge pertaining to any other qualities outside of this null set. It would be a dead domain, even if it were supremely good, it would be a useless good, a good that was never tempered through the mills of living knowledge as acquired by our unique human experience of the world we inhabit.
          I hope I’ve explained this concept without confusing you even more.

        11. I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil. I am Jehovah, that doeth all these things. Isaiah 45:7
          How could it be any other way.

        12. It terms of actually living – i.e. in a practical self, we can engage in challenges that we deem appropriate to us.
          To echo smoking jackets TS Elliott musings (though I’m not familiar with them) there is probably only so much most of us can endure and probably need to endure. Ultimately pursuing spiritual adventure that involves wild upwards and downward swings is an indulgence unless it is necessary, particularly if the consequence is that others get hurt in the process. Personally I don’t care whether someone becomes a richer more well rounded individual if the result is that others are trampled underfoot. With respect to what we do for ourselves and to ourselves, then we are our accountable principally and perhaps only to ourselves. There is a danger though that thinking like this can become biplar – if you experience ecstasy one moment, isn’t that going to be at the cost both of having to suffer the corollary at the nadir – suffering, degradation, pain and misery etc – as well as potentially missing those points in the middle that might give us some kind of personal continuity and stability. I’m in my 40s and am less interested now in limit experiences than I am in say the kind of stability a stoical approch can give me, but equally I don’t expect people in their twenties to think the same.
          As for being damned to suffering forever. A good an omnipotent god might be blamed for allowing such cruelty, but if we make our own fates then who’s to say

        13. it’s very different. It’s easier to say than to do.
          i have no idea what absolute truth is and don’t expect to ever find out. It’s probably not necessary. We’re just human, not Gods

        14. The ancient Greeks among thousands of other cultures in the world didn’t believe in Jehovah’s proclamation to the world. However, duality and knowing the difference between good and evil cuts across nearly all mythologies in the world. Besides, how can a God of light create “darkness”?

        15. Ah. I think that I somewhat understand.
          Had the thought today that truth is something that is constantly formed, exchanged, modified, something flexible. The moment you write it down, you make a snapshot and freeze life. And kill it.
          I got that idea, because I am coming to resent written communication in form of books et cetera. Also formal education where the teacher explains things the way he things they should be explained. The healthy model would rather be that students share their thoughts on a subject and a mentor is there to interact with them. Through this interaction, both may learn actually, which is why formal education is bullshit.
          And that process never stops. And it must not. Because each person has a unique perspective on everything. Thus learning can never entail listening to and adopting another’s perspective. Rather, to express one’s own axioms and have them challenged.
          Is that along the lines of what you thought?

        16. Oh im not a christian and dislike abrahamic religion, but i do like that passage and i believe there must be duality for experience to occur and i dont see why a god of light would not cast dark shadows as well. especially if he supposedly created the world and everything within it.

        17. That’s exactly it. And you’re right about so much formal education, it doesn’t allow for any active engagement or exchange.

        18. See, you are an old dude. Maybe that stoicness is simply the result of having learned everything that the extremes can teach you.
          As for others suffering from what you do, oh well. Life is life. Besides, if I decide to want to hurt somebody, what will I care about that person’s whining? I will not. It is a pointless argument.

        19. I was a teacher myself for some time and the best way to teach somebody is to listen to them and challenge their ideas.
          But the real problem ensues when somebody is not conscious of or represses their real beliefs, replacing his motivations with other, more acceptable ones. Rationalization. That person is unteachable, because a belief that is never expressed – due to shame – can never be challenged.
          In a way, the greatest hurdle to learning is to develop absolute shamelessness. When you do, a dialogue with a mentor becomes like a dialogue with yourself, only with a lot more information available.

        20. that’s an interesting conception of God, and I think Jung came up with such an idea as well. I am not that familiar with it but I think in some esoteric traditions as well oddly enough in Process Theology (or so I have heard I’ve not read much about it myself) God is still evolving.
          Within some version of jewish mysticism / kabbalah I think there is a specific notion that it is not the world specifically that needs to be repaired, but in a sense God Himself (this is a quite left hand path view potentially). At this point we find ourselves sitting on the edge because potentially we are repairing God Himself (and therefore superior to Him in being the vehicle of perception / improvement – something which is very difficult to distinguish from self-deification in some readings. Alternatively we can see ourselves as simply completing God’s Plan. This is probably compatible with versions of hegelian progressivism – i.e. the fulfilment of some kind of historical mission where we function as some kind of vehicle of perception for the divine itself.
          The question arises though whether such thinking is really about the divine or simply about human beings stepping up to fill a vacant throne

        21. The Divine in its manifold forms is universally always synonymous with the Light, not necessarily, the light of this world. I don’t think a true being of light would cast shadows, which poses another question about Jehovah perhaps?

        22. lol – I changed my mind about voting that comment up. The question is did I do that because I think you should care about people whining or because you called me an old dude! Returning to the issue as I said we’re free to do as we see fit, but that doesn’t mean we have to do everything for the sake of experience.

        23. I like the view you describe as Jewish mysticism. I think you got it wrong in your interpretation, though. It is not self-deification. It is a service rendered to god, just like a woman who gives her man a good blowjob.
          Indeed, if god were almighty and perfectly able to take care of himself, why would he have created us in the first place? Why, if not to satisfy a need he has? An itch he needs to have scratched? On his hairy back, where he can not reach with his hands?
          Also, I would not necessarily call it ‘repairing’. Why? Because that implies that the final state is already known. But it is not. So it is less of a repair and more of an exploration. Who knows, it may never even end.

        24. Haha, no problem. That is quite the appropriate reaction and I am honored that you give it to me.
          But, you see, what you do here – in a mechanistic view – is to shame me and punish me for behaving in a way that you find deplorable. But this can only be effective if I actually care about you and your opinion. See?

        25. Wether the original source of creation is the source of both good and evil has probably humans pondered on for a very long time. My question would be if the darkness did not originate with the creator with a big C then where does it come from, human ignorance only or is it universal wether with or without humanity, we probably wont find an answer to that question but your suggestion that Jehova might be an imposter, that would not surprise me for one second.

        26. From the Hagakure:

          Our bodies are given life from the midst of nothingness. Existing where there is nothing is the meaning of the phrase, “Form is emptiness.” That all things are provided for by nothingness is the meaning of the phrase, “Emptiness is form.” One should not think that these are two seperate things.

          I like the equation Nothingness = Everything. It seems plausible to me that Nothingness would decide to create Everything. That life should spring out of nothingness and return to it as well.

        27. Only supremely good poets, hackneyed philosophers and cheap whores are shameless in their everyday dealings. The rest of us must curl our civilized tongues up like serpents ready to strike our prey some, fine sunny day.
          And before you call me an armchair coward for my toadying to this world’s conventions, remember, none of us are just of this world.

        28. I didn’t say it was necessarily self-deification, but that there was a risk that that is what it comes. A great deal of modern spirituality effectively hedges its bets about God. In the tradition of esoteric mysticism / spiritual Man is seen as (mystically) partaking in the divine, and the purpose of ‘union’ is to enjoy the Godhead so to speak – which is why you’ll get new age yoga teachers calling themselves Goddesses etc. Now do those people actually believe in God? Yes and No, they make no distinction between themselves and God – or at least potentially with respect to achieving some kind of mystic union. Christianity also has its mystics who wish for union with the divine so it is not necessarily an ‘upstart’ position, but within modern schools of spirituality the focus does tend to be upon the human will, and sometimes when you scratch the surface that is all there is.
          As for repair, that’s a reference to the specifically jewish tradition – the christian equivalent is progress or possibly messianic progress. You are right I think in thinking that it that does assume a final state is already known. I intent to read up on both jewish mysticism and christian varieties including process theology when I get a chance, as both seem to touch on these issues

        29. I think that I am all three of those things. I literally have next to nothing to lose anymore. While I would not say that I am completely shameless, it is something I aspire to be.
          None of us are just of this world? What do you mean? That is the lamest excuse I have ever hurd, toad. But you know what? Even more lame the toad that is honest in order to be respected than the toad that decides to keep shame as an independent decision.

        30. “Besides, how can a God of light create “darkness”?”
          A valid question. Because he is all encompassing would be my answer, but that just leads to more pondering. No real answers.

        31. Well, but why would it be necessary to put the Divine above the human will? After all, the Divine created the human will in the first place. There is no reason to be ashamed of it or put it down.
          In this context, I am reminded of an article I read about authority. I am roughening it up a bit, but to me, the basic takeaway was that leadership or service does not put you above or below somebody. It is a relationship where each fulfills his function.
          As for people calling themselves gods, oh well. Nobody gets hurt.

        32. I haven’t shamed you or punished you have I? You think I’m crypto-evangelising? I haven’t been to church in a decade
          I’m not sure what it is you do that I would find deplorable. Personally I’m not that fussed about language, but yeah, I reserve the right suck my teeth about anything I don’t like. Don’t you?

        33. Well, you did not upvote my comment and you said ‘I think you should’. That is a mild form of shaming in my eyes. I realize that you were only being half serious, but I wanted to accept the proposal of that concept to explain an observation I think is quite valid regarding morality.
          I was generalizing. I can think of many deplorable things, but none of these are relevant in this discussion.
          Of course.

        34. as I’ve said people can do what they want but its better for all of us if they understand what it is they are doing – and by that I don’t mean you I mean everyone. My main objection to most of alternative spirituality or whatever it cares to call itself (and I’m not suggesting it is a single movement by any means) is that it hedges its bets, lurks in the shadows, claims to be one thing and another at the same time. I want these issues out in the open so people can make their own minds up – not reflexively, but with due care and consideration

        35. Well, does it really lurk in the shadows or is that the perception you have because of the stigma that is attached to it? Would you really have to look hard to find a group of people interested in this stuff or is it just that you never do look?
          As for the lack of clarity, yeah, I guess there are a lot of false prophets and dangerous people out there. I am a proponent of openness and transparancy as well. But I also see the whole thing as a process and do not believe in absolute truth.

        36. I was probably being half serious but phrased it that way because I honestly voted you up and then decided not to. Probably shouldn’t have mentioned it lol.
          Re. deplorable things – I’m sure we can all thing of many. It’s not a competition though

        37. Darkness and Light are states we perceive through the architecture of our brain. We name and label them as an absence or presence of this or that visual quality acquired through our empirical knowledge of the world. Through our cultural and historical intuitions we’ve transposed these terms onto certain moral and ethical states that most of us are rarely cognizance of. However, your question in its primal sense is probably unanswerable as we have no definitive answer to this outside our humanity, with its unique biology and with its equally unique way of “describing” the universe and its possible creator.
          The question you and indeed all of us want answered cannot be answered because it falls outside the complete descriptive response that limited beings like can ever hope to provide. Maybe there really is no darkness or light in the sense that we currently observe and know it? If there are other conscious beings throughout the universe it’s quite possible that have a completely, if also, impartial way of describing such phenomena.

        38. “Would you really have to look hard to find a group of people interested in this stuff or is it just that you never do look?” Didn’t really understand that. You mean alternative spiritualities – I think its very popular and will probably become more so, so I think its relevant to discuss it
          As for absolute truth, I think that was your phrase rather than mine. I more or less agree with the idea of “the whole thing as a process” but depending on what you mean by that that could be a metaphysical assertion of (absolute) truth, or simply a pragmatic approach to discovery. It doesn’t do to be forcing beliefs down people’s throats, whatever their nature

        39. Well, I was pulling your leg a bit too. But, despite how honest, wild,and shameless we wish to be, there is also a law of diminishing returns in such behavior. Expression has limits, test them, know them, they’re the frame around your world- and it’s this frame- that has to interact in some coherent and conscious manner with the rest of the world. Compromise isn’t toadying, but, it is knowing your way around all the different domains we must transverse, if we’re to master ourselves over the course of our lives on this planet.

        40. “My main objection to most of alternative spirituality or whatever it
          cares to call itself (and I’m not suggesting it is a single movement by
          any means) is that it hedges its bets, lurks in the shadows, claims to
          be one thing and another at the same time.”
          I hate having to re-read what I wrote. I think my target here was less the run-of-the mill new age spirituality etc, which is pretty much what you see is what you get as the stuff which which developed from theosophy etc. Much of it was basically targeting Christianity / judaism (and islam) at a time when to do so was a much more serious thing than it is now (well you still have to be carefull with islam). I think those traditions are often mealy-mouthed about the implications of their beliefs. I’d prefer to have the debate on the surface

        41. Ah. I do not quite understand what they are mealy-mouthed about, but neither do I find this debate interesting. I do not find it interesting, because I could not care less about any fixed kind of religion or new age stuff. I just take what I like from everywhere.

        42. Expect revenge.
          Although, to revenge myself, I would have to understand the precise nature of what you did to me. I can not quite grasp it. You may have traumatized me.

        43. Revenge, the classic and unfortunately rare motivation in crimes these days, lamented poor Doctor Watson!

        44. Then you could say that darkness is a form of light beyond the human beings current capacity of perception, wich is quite an exhilirating concept wich leads to a more personal relationship with eternity and continuos growth.

        45. Sounds very Zen? Goes very well with the idea that all opposites are really not paradoxes but reconcilable complements. Nothingness=Everything

        46. If I may butt in here, remember that there are many kinds of ‘love’ — the love for God/divinity, the love that you feel for your parents/family, ‘friendly’ love, chaste love, erotic love, sexual love, etc.. The Greeks had many terms for the different kinds of love.

        47. Ah, yeah. I wonder if one should not actually divide them. The love I mean here is simply embracing everything, even the bad stuff. Maked the head calm.

    2. Interesting. Perhaps such a consideration is better suited when taken figuratively instead of literally.
      Perhaps a chase Woman on earth is rewarded with the type of Man (penis) tasked with leading her in heaven, as God intended, as nature designs and as she deserves.
      A supernatural patriarchy…the potential for a theological elaboration is significant.

        1. Indeed. Genesis 1:27 comes to mind.
          “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”
          Notice how “own” is emphasized in the beginning; how it seems to be used to distinguish the specific importance of the Man in the first place. While a female was additionally created, her creation has more to do with a secondhand incidental result from this original creative image.
          One can speculate that they (females) were created as a lesser glory derived from the full glory that God created when he made Man in His image, sort of like taking a picture of the Mona Lisa and appreciating the art displayed therein, even if the end result is far less monumental than having access to the actual masterpiece itself.

        2. I think that man in this context means mankind. Otherwise the paragraph seems a bit weirdly phrased.
          Actually, I like to think of females as representations of an earth religion while men are rather represented by the sky religions. There is a writer who actually contrasted these two and explained feminism and gender wars as a result of a conflict of these two forces.
          Shiva vs. God, so to speak.

        3. It does, but the verse is breaking it down where applicable.
          Interesting, although their affinity for female oriented religions that encompass both (wicca for example) tends to make me believe that it’s more about females gravitating to infantile religions that appeal to emotions rather than sensibilities.

        4. Well, are not both emotions and ‘sensibilities’ just two parts of a whole? I know that most of the bad stuff in my life came from rejecting my emotions and not acting on them, not listening to myself. Ever since I do, I have lost a lot of shame about who I am, my sexuality and my dark sides. I feel much more whole now, but still open to rational discussions – as much as I see value in them.

        5. If you look at all the symbolism you see the red thread is: marriage of contraries or unifying of paradox, reason-emotion etc.
          All the pagan religions have been made into the devil by the abrahamic religions.

        6. Yes, I like that!
          Exactly. Actually, I think that the devil is a natural subconscious and powerful symbol of those earthly and dark aspects of the human psyche. The difference may lie in how you treat it. Christians exorcise it and want to repress it, while I personally want to integrate it.

        7. The duality of humankind? Sure enough…the trick is to know when to tap into which in the most appropriate of moments. Faith operates as a means to that end i believe.
          ” Ever since I do, I have lost a lot of shame about who I am, my sexuality and my dark sides”
          Ok now you have to share more. This is intriguing.

        8. Have you read my articles about my Ayahuasca ceremony? That was a year ago. Saw the devil and panicked. Through further psychedelic trips and meditation, I have come closer and closer to realizing that that devil is really just a repressed shadow of myself. In a meditation, I brought up the courage to fight it and realized it had no face – because it was me.
          Other two aspects of that involve my relationship with my parents and my feelings to them; they were buried pretty deep. For instance, the narcissistic injury that came from my mad mother that was unable to love me when I must have been very young. That literally felt like dying there. I had carried that shit around for 26 years and I simply knew it as something that many before me have described as ‘inner deadness’. That is totally gone now, since going to that emotional place.
          It also involved reading ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ and a site called Both advocate being one with yourself and losing your toxic shame. Losing shame involves self-love and, naturally, revealing yourself. To others and, in my case, also to god. On one of the psychedelic trips – the one about the narcissistic injury – I found my connection to god, which manifests as a prickling sensation in my forehead, giving love and courage. I think I mentioned this in a previous discussion with you.

        9. On a related note, i think i should have used reason instead of the word “sensibilities.” I hope you can excuse the error but if not i hope you can excuse me for not caring lol.

        10. No problem.
          Thing is, I am not so sure these days that reason and emotions (intuition is a part of that) can really be separated.
          Why? Because logic entails the juggling of axioms and building your worldview on top of those. But how do you validate the axioms without intuition? It is impossible. You effectively become intellectually castrated and a blind follower. Which is what school and – pardon me – Christianity can do.

        11. Paragraph 1: Are you talking literally or figuratively when you say that the devil is just a repressed shadow of yourself?
          Paragraph 2: It sounds like you finally ended up loving yourself, would this more or less be correct?
          Paragraph 3: I believe you did mention it briefly, and you’re expanding upon it further here.
          Do you consider God to be a manifestation of your “higher” self, or do you believe God to be that which He is commonly interpreted as in the traditional scriptural sense?

        12. While they both function best when they both function in cooperation with each other, the cooperative relationship between both need not be equitable.
          In other words, a Man shouldn’t try to equally balance his reason with his emotions because doing so goes against his very nature. He is designed to prioritize reason OVER emotion, just as females are designed to do the opposite.
          Fairness in biology has no more standing than fairness in society.

        13. I am not sure about that, to be frank.
          That is, I am not sure whether it is reason that man prioritizes, or whether it is simply a different set of emotions. Or a different quality.
          For instance, self-respect, discipline, focus, craftmanship, dominance. Those are the things that man chooses because they touch him emotionally.
          No, I was not talking about fairness, that is child’s talk. Just putting my thoughts in here to be challenged and developed.

        14. Paragraph 1: Well, under the influence of psychedelics, frankly, the borders between metaphors and reality blur. It was the most real – and terrible – thing I ever experienced.
          Paragraph 2: Yes and no. I love myself in large parts, but foremost, I am pretty much unconditionally satisfied with myself now, no matter how miserable I feel. Even my darkest hours these days seem intriguing and I feel joy exploring them.
          Paragraph 3 etc: I am really not sure. I dislike the idea that god is my higher self, because I want to see him as a father. If he is really just myself, I wonder if his affirmation is valid at all. But that may not be a real problem. Maybe I am just not ready to accept god as a part of my self yet, just like I did not accept the devil as a shadow of myself. But I am still on my path and I am sure I will have more firm views on this in a few years.

        15. Yes, the almighty penis is woman’s pipeline to GOD! A dildo is but a tower of Babyl. It is a false idol. Only through giving herself over completely to her man, mind body and spirit, does she herself become whole. And only through his live pulsating johnson, her only true lifeline to the universe, does life beget life.

        16. History has shown males and men succumbing to both, usually because of outside factors and many of those due to the presence -and influence- of females.
          Whenever reason graduates to more than just earthly understanding, true wisdom is achieved and the Man operates as God intended him to: as a leader.
          It goes without saying that such examples are few and far between even in the span of human history.

        17. I would caution you to avoid delving too deeply into the realm of meditation…you run the risk of piercing realms of thought that the average mind is not prepared to understand, moreso if you’ve had some supernatural affections in the past.
          Just remember one thing: God is God, he is not a projection of yourself, you are a lesser projection of him. Beware of hermeneutics; these man made interpretations of scripture that tend to superimpose earthly perception on supernatural scripture.

        18. Huh. Well, there may be something to it. Without god, I always felt somewhat lacking of guidance myself. So I guess that when you have a voice that guides you, you become less dependent on people, thus making you more able to lead yourself.
          But that does not need to exclude earthly pleasures or that which Christianity shows as sins.

        19. Yes, the advice is appropriate. But I would lie if I were to tell you that that advice does not make me want to go deeper into that rabbit hole. It is precisely those realms that I pursue. They excite and intrigue me. They make me more complete every time I visit them.
          I think you are being too humble in regard to scripture, if not actually a bit cowardly. Why that orthodoxy and fear of using other interpretations? I reckon that you can only warn of that which you have tried yourself in vain, so my question is: What experience makes you give the advice you do?

        20. “But that does not need to exclude earthly pleasures or that which Christianity shows as sins.”
          Only if you don’t intend to represent the orthodox term of Christianity.

        21. I’ve been down that rabbit hole and probably stopped halfway. I wouldn’t advise anyone going as deep into the bottom as possible. You are never the same again. Some others on here shared their deeper experiences, you would be wise to look for the religious articles and see if you can learn from them rather than learning the hard way.
          Because these new interpretations tend to carry with them humanistic motivations which cause them (intentionally or otherwise) to read into scripture what the person “feels” they should mean instead of reading FROM scripture what God intends them to mean.
          It’s not cowardly, it’s cautionary. As a former atheist i dabbled with hermeneutical interpretations of the bible until i course corrected myself when i stopped allowing my ego to tell me what the bible “should say” as opposed to what God Himself meant it to mean.
          Perhaps this is a bit beyond your current spiritual station so i will give you a pass on it.

        22. That is true. I just had a short, but intense meditation about death. I realized that I will exist forever. The thought is almost unbearable.
          I need to learn the hard way. But I am not opposed to reading that stuff. Happen to remember where it is?
          Alright, maybe we can continue this debate someday. It sounds like an interesting concept.

        23. I see. Well i recommend more bible study then. Let God guide you to whatever destination He intends for you to arrive next. I believe you still have far more to understand about the faith but that’s left for you to discover rather than me to explain.

        24. It was on one of the more recent articles, where a few of us started sharing our stories about dabbling in the occult. If i’m not mistaken you might have chimed in on one of them.
          I really wish that you didn’t have to learn the hard way because that tends to leave scars, but maybe that’s the best way anyone truly learns nowadays. It worked for me.

        25. Did I not tell you to fuck off half a year ago? On the other hand, I hardly care anymore.
          You have my permission to hail the penis. This once.

      1. Be careful what you wish for. If a man gets caught by the cops doing that, it’s called “urinating in public” and because he is a man, he will also be charged with being a sex offender.
        More than a few men whose only ‘crime’ was taking a leak in the bushes are now on the Sex Offender Registry.

        1. Yeah, more lunatic thinking and police who should be fighting real crime. Makes any registry a joke.

  16. When it comes to mental illness by definition virtually almost everyone has one. Pharmaceuticals are big money. I agree though that there is an uptick definitely in young craziness. I think it’s easier to understand mental illness if you simply think in matters of balance and how a person emotionally behaves. I see more people out of touch with themselves, reality and consequences really then anything. When it comes to dealing with delusions most the general population is delusional. It’s just a matter of perspective.

  17. I hate feminism as much as anybody, but you can’t deny the feminists have been stunningly successful in fulfilling their objective of making other women as miserable and unattractive as they are. What I just can’t get over is why women fell for it. How many feminists do you see who look truly happy? Who are in great relationships? Who on earth would have looked at a feminist and thought, gee, I want to be just like them?
    The findings of this study are not surprising at all. Women are turning their noses up at their biological calling of being nurturing mothers and loving wives. Instead, they are focusing all their attention on their careers, buying things, living their lives through social media and slutting around. Firstly, women seemed to think that work was this fantastic place where you would find spiritual fulfilment, but for 99% of men they only went there to provide for their families – not for fun! Most ppl work shitty jobs for horrible people. Now they can’t get out even if they wake up because the cost of living reflects a double earning household. No wonder feminists are unhappy. I also strongly believe that women become broken when they sleep around too much. I’ve seen too much evidence to support this. They become miserable, depressed, bitter, jaded – with slutdom at crisis levels, this surely must be contributing to the result of this study?

  18. Thousands of years societies laws, religons, and families keep women feminine yet once women are given near total freedom and granted more privileges then most men women show masculine traits. So is femininity a woman’s natural state or a social construct?

    1. Alot of the feminine trait is genetic. Females run the gamut from petite pixie toy ‘french poodles’ that are good for rearing but one or two offspring and then there are the more big boned, wide hipped women that roll out the numbers like a steam engine. Big and tall amazon queens with cro magnon jaws full of big yellow teeth are another breed of woman that tend to be dominant over smaller size males.
      GO SMALL, or at least smaller than yourself. If you can’t lift her with one arm, then SHE TOO DAMN BIG! Big dominant women result from men breeding by big dominant women. Men need to exercise more authority in the selection of a mate and in making the booty call. Making legal entitlements for big fugly feminist types will result in out bidding the feminine smaller females in the sperm wars. An added facet of feminism is to affect the evolution of mankind, to level the playing field where females are of equal or greater strength and size compared to males. I just oogled a women’s softball team full of 6 foot blondes. Slightly manjawed but DAMN they’re getting big these days. Hormones in the milk? The pitcher was the only tiny one though. She was a bitchy firecracker but the tall ones were super friendly, almost like chatting up chums.

  19. The ironic thing is that men aren’t designed to “oppress” women. In fact, most men will bend over backwards for a woman they deem to be high value. Have you ever seen how a man behaves around an extremely gorgeous girl? Their first instinct is to be really nice, give them things, or wait on them hand and foot.
    What men won’t do is expend energy and resources on women who they don’t deem to be high value, i.e. fatties, uglies, and the bitchies….Which perfectly describes feminists. I guarantee if the average feminist lost some weight, grew her hair out, and stopped being such a cunt then she’d suddenly have a much higher opinion of men.

    1. In other words women could have gotten everything they want from men and the fact that they dont get what they want and are unfulfilled is fully of their own making.

    2. We’ve proven across the board, that entitled lives seek to create non-existent problems. When everything is given to you with no effort, things are now being invented to complain about. Definitions of our worst crimes are being changed to involve non-violent acts considered as neo-violent acts. Stare rape. Cat calling now harrassment. The list goes on.
      We don’t have enough police or prisons to even handle the new state. They’ll be built however.
      Western women’s lives are really THAT easy. Add in all the other SJWs and review their bitch-basis, and you get the point.

  20. A little over 60 years ago, the common law in America, would have often sent a woman to the insane asylum and barred her from receiving any rights in property or an inheritance,if she spoke ever had the crazy idea to hate the whole other half of mankind. But now it’s applauded. It just shows you how quickly what would be considered insane in one generation, can be considered normal in the next.

  21. This article has ignored the reports findings that males are more likely to commit suicide.
    Also this is looking at teenagers, and the depression is self reported. What the findings actually indicate is that females are more likely to ask for help than males.

    1. That’s true males are more likely to commit suicide then women But more women then men attempt suicide every year.

      1. I think that supports my point further. Females tend to use knives and pills to ‘attempt’ suicide. Whilst males will use lethal methods such as guns and ropes.
        This suggests that females are seeking attention and not truly suffering from mental health. Whilst males are trying to kill themselves.
        I know this is a massive extrapolation but there is a lot of evidence that suggests the opposite of this article.
        I love ROK, I read it daily. And I think it’s the perfect platform to provide support to males that may suffer from mental health. This article isn’t providing that support.

  22. It’s the weak men who allow women’s bad behavior to go unchecked. This causes the women to behave in whatever she likes (depending on her mood) without any consequences. It’s especially bad knowing that these women know that society will whiteknight for her all day long. When you have women like that, it’s no wonder they will go mentally insane. Women by nature are innately made to be submissive and have a man control and make decisions for her choices and then later on when she gets married to a nice man (that man will control her). If women make their own choices without any proper guidance, the women will always bound to make horrible mistakes that cause heavy consequences not only on her but others around her who tolerate her bad behaviors.
    It’s similar for men. Men who can’t act like authority around women and are told what to do and scared of their own women, these men will develop what you call “depression” either from being a women’s bitch and lacking direction (goal) in life. Men who are surrounded by good homegrown feminine girls will feel attraction because these women will treat a man right as long as the man is also acting like a man and not a boy who asks for permission.
    Men who get bossed around by women and suck at being the authority at home most likely act passive-aggressive outside and act even overtly hostile towards other men because these men suffer from insecurity and the need to act like a real “man” outside the house since he can’t even act like proper authority at home.
    It’s not a rocket science yet because we live in a crazy society, where majority of people think political correctly.
    If Men behave like men and women behave like women, there wouldn’t be so much of mentally illness going around and confusions.
    These ugly, fat, unattractive feminists get no attention from a man outside so she does what she does best… troll online and get attention from thirty males who validate her actions and try to force herself into male confined spaces and get attention by flapping her gums and fingers on keyboard.

  23. So these women who attempt suicide to get attention are basically confirming what this article states that women are crazy.

    1. Quite true. I worked in the ER for years and women are manipulators. Usually their “cry for help” is to manipulate a guy. These guys come running every time these fucking moonbats yell, “I’m going to kill myself!”. A guy friend of mine was having a terrible problem with a suicidal bitch. I really had to sit him down and explain what she was doing and to not respond. She finally moved on to torment another guy, but every so often she tried to reconnect with him.

    1. Exactly. We must guard against adopting the language and conventions of the Leftists at all cost. Bruce is a he now, was a he then, will be a he forever, or at least until some wacky scientist figures out how to transmogrify the Y chromosome into an X chromosome across the human body.

  24. Feminism quite possibly is mental illness.
    Roger Devlin in his “Sexual Utopia in Power” asserts that the sexual revolution of the 60s was brought on by a certain group of women who wanted to be free to pursue the alpha male. The breakdown in monogamy meant no one was happy as not everyone could get an alpha and certainly not disagreeably angry females. In this situation women become irrationally angry. The anger does serve the purpose of giving a certain degree of influence and power for a woman to get what she wants. Irrational Female anger in traditional cultures does not directly effect society as women lacked direct political clout. However in modern society ‘irrational anger’ is now destructive.

  25. I guess the flip side of this is that it will be an excuse to funnel more tax money to programs for women because obviously it is society that is making them nuts and they need some sort of compensation or leveling of the field. Never mind that men kill themselves at a rate that is 3 or 4 times that of women. Why spend money on that? Some bitch with an anxiety or self-esteem disorder needs to be taken care of.
    Boys are over-diagnosed with bullshit ADHA simply because they are boys, and then they are medicated out of that. On the other hand, girls and women make up all sorts of nonsense disorders to avoid reality and responsibilities. Battered Woman Syndrome is a prime example. Invoking PTSD to put some triggered skank on the same level as a war-traumatized soldier is another.
    As a divorce lawyer I had one case where mom all of a sudden developed a raft of issues such that she needed to fly back to her Mom in Ontario, and of course take the kid with her. Never mind that she had been living in British Columbia for several years with her father (she was the product of a broken home) and was perfectly fine before the divorce, and no judge would accept the argument that if she is crazy and admittedly suicidal then maybe she should not have custody of the infant child. She got custody and judicial permission to move thousands of miles away. . .from the father.

    1. I have heard this same bullshit story time and time again… its just legal kidnapping and extortion at its finest. Anyone hear still think a father should pay child support no matter the situation?

  26. Feminists are 20% of the population. Mental issues in 25% of the female population. Straight math would say that 1/4 of feminists would have mental issues but looking at that subgroup I would say that there is a far higher percentage in that subgroup of females.

    1. There are declared feminists, and women who say “I’m not a feminist” while wearing their power suits in the corporate office while their kids languish in day care.

  27. “Study shows that young women are twice as likely as young men to be mentally Ill”
    Catalog this study as yet ANOTHER one to be added to the “Bloody Obvious” category. It HAD to be paid for by the government somewhere…nothing I didn’t already know years ago.

  28. Fun fact: a penis is the cure-all for all womanly cray-cray. The stipulation is, that it must be a committed penis, not hundreds of random penises that come and go.

  29. Someone needed to write an article to prove female mental health issues? Wow, the Internet must be starving for content. Sit in a coffee shop and listen to their chipmunk-like chatter for 30 seconds. Done.

    1. Or really torture yourself and watch “The View”. That program should be used to torture prisoners at Gitmo.

  30. ALL women have a certain amount of crazy in them Guys you have to understand any woman born after 1983 to present day has had an ungodly exposure to vaccines, chemicals, medications FROM BIRTH. They have had awful social programming via T.V, Movies, Romance Books, and practice ….watching mommy beat on daddy or the boyfriend… Kids pickup everything… even when they are not paying attention…Couple this with the fact that most women are unstable and crazy just from the fact they dont eat right starving their brains and bodies of essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals…..chasing Photoshopped illusions of the female form….and , at the DNA level love drama (most all thrive off of it-even the demure looking librarian geeky types…..) dont forget about the hormone roller coaster most months. Most women just love to waste a guys time and its just the way it is. Control your emotions. Be patient and observant. Set limits and boundaries EARLY on in the relationship, or suffer being the fool.

  31. Mental illness is a social construct, but what’s fairly recent is acronym soup to describe what used to be accepted as part of life plus demands for tolerance and acceptance from those not afflicted. When “mentally ill” people must be coddled, supported, and protected by so-called cisnormals, it’s all aboard the cray cray train. I mean no disrespect towards those who are truly dysfunctional and their physicians and caregivers.

  32. I have had a thing with one Swedish girl. She used to be a feminist till about 6-7 months ago. She turned into an anti-feminist, but her female mental illness stuck with her.
    The thing was a bust 😀

  33. Women are designed to grow up and have children. They grow up and immediately start taking powerful hormone pills to ensure that they don’t. Not surprising really.

  34. Well it’s hard to stay sane with men who stereotype is as whores and feminatzis in this world.

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