Why Is Ronda Rousey Allowed To Get Away With Beating Her Boyfriend?

If you’ve ever doubted that there’s one set of rules for men and another for women in society, just look at the case of Ronda Rousey. In her recent autobiography My Fight, Your Fight, the UFC fighter and movie star admitted to physically assaulting one of her ex-boyfriends after he purportedly took nude photos of her without her permission:

“I punched him in the face with a straight right, then a left hook,” she writes. “He staggered back and fell against the door.

[Expletive] my hands, I thought. I can’t hurt them before a fight.

“I slapped him with my right hand. He still wouldn’t move. Then I grabbed him by the neck of his hoodie, kneed him in the face and tossed him aside on the kitchen floor.”

The fight ended when she walked out to her car and he jumped into the passenger seat, asking her to hear him out. “I walked around the car, pulled him by the neck of the hoodie again, dragged him onto the sidewalk and left him writhing there as I sped away.”

Despite openly bragging about her vicious assault in a book, not only has Rousey not been arrested on domestic violence charges, there’s been virtually no mention of her violent behavior in the media. This wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the fact that leftists and the mainstream media maintain a blatant double standard when it comes to domestic violence.

For the past few years, male athletes and other professional figures have seen their public reputations destroyed and their careers derailed due to accusations of domestic violence. Despite the fact that these allegations are sometimes unproven or have already been dealt with by the justice systems, SJWs and feminists have taken it upon themselves to ensure that any man accused of battering his wife or girlfriend will forever wear a scarlet “A.” At the same time, women who abuse their partners are virtually ignored.

Ray Rice vs. Ronda Rousey


The most glaring example of the difference between how male and female domestic abusers are treated is the case of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. Last year, Rice was indefinitely suspended from the NFL after a video of him punching his then-fiancee Janay Palmer was released by TMZ. This is despite the fact that criminal charges against Rice for the incident had already been dropped by the time the video was released. Additionally, Palmer herself married Rice not long after the attack.

These facts didn’t stop feminists and social justice warriors from launching a campaign against Rice and the NFL, alleging that the NFL has had a “history” of ignoring players who beat their partners and declaring that they would ruin Rice’s career. Rice’s indefinite suspension from the NFL effectively did the latter. While he was eventually reinstated and became a free agent following an appeal, the incident did an incredible amount of damage to his life.

The fact that feminists and leftists were so eager to destroy Rice’s life over this incident shows how much more severely society punishes men who commit domestic violence. The fact that Rice’s fiancee—the woman he punched—was able to forgive him for what he did (as shown by how she married him) didn’t matter; neither did the fact that the justice system saw fit to drop the charges against him. In their minds, Rice had to be punished for a “crime” he had purportedly committed.

Why Do Women Get A Pass?


Ray Rice is far from the only example. Throw a dart at a wall and you’ll hit a male UFC fighter or other athlete who was on the receiving end of public outrage over domestic violence accusations. Athletes such as Travis Browne, Anthony Johnson and others have seen suspensions and numerous other punishments for even being accused of domestic violence, without any proof.

Conversely, Ronda Rousey’s blithe admission of committing a violent assault on her boyfriend has gone almost unnoticed. As of this writing, Rousey is in Australia preparing for a fight against Holly Holm. The irony of this is that two months ago, Australia denied singer Chris Brown a visa due to domestic violence charges after he attacked his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Despite their claims that men and women should be treated equally, it’s clear that on the issue of intimate partner violence, women are allowed to get away with it. As long as the media continues to ignore Ronda Rousey’s violent attack, their moralistic bleating over domestic violence in the NFL or among male athletes should be laughed at.

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505 thoughts on “Why Is Ronda Rousey Allowed To Get Away With Beating Her Boyfriend?”

  1. Whats the point of complaining that women are treated differently? Victimhood status works well for women, but the same tactics don’t work well for men.

    1. We’re not claiming to be victims or bitching and asking for reparations. We’re pointing out that liberal faggots and feminist cunts and filthy liars deserve to get their asses beat for being hypocritical pussies.

  2. I’m on her side in this incident–sounds like that guy deserved to be hit. It’s not Rousey’s fault that society has a double standard… oh wait, it kind of is–she has said she’d never fight a man because a man should never hit a woman under any circumstances. Basically, she’s full of shit, which is disappointing.

    1. Would society gladly give a pass to a guy for beating up a woman that “deserved to be hit”? I think only getting physically attacked justifies violence.

      1. You’re combining two discussions. No, society would not give a man a pass. And, you’re entitled to your opinion, but if someone of either sex took nude photos of me without my knowledge, and, say, posted them somewhere, they’d get hit. I don’t care what society or the law would think.

        1. You assault someone, you can get arrested by police. They wont go: “Oh, sorry, she posted nudes of you? Go ahead then”. And when a man beats up a woman and society condemn him, let me know when society asks what did she do for him to get angry at her.
          If a woman posts nudes of you and you beat her, fully expect to go to trial and be labeled as violent monster. While you are doing your time in prision you can tell the guy studying your case how much you don’t care what society or the law would think.

  3. And after he got beaten, he came after her and wanted her to hear him out.
    Come on, people, do not be such wusses. Everybody likes a beating now and then. Domestic violence. Ridiculous.

  4. We are living in a cuntocracy, where everything is now about women. Women are oppressed, women must be given freedom blah blah blah. I believe that men need to escape the West. All of the propoganda such as the wage gap, rape culture etc, are being used to systematically purge and destroy men.
    Its getting worse over time. Men are now afraid to even smile or look at a woman in case she interprets it as sexual harrassment. Its fucking sickening, and it will never stop. Look out men, I have posted two examples of where men are subjected to false accusations.

    1. In regards to escaping the west, where would you suggest? I’m thinking Japan, korea or brazil. Traditional gender roles without but still relatively first world

      1. Anywhere where rampant feminism hasn’t destroyed society.
        Feminism is a toxic poison that has essentially destroyed families, fatherhood, jobs for men and everything that was once healthy for men. I have given up on securing a good life in the West, which is why I am soon going to escape.
        I’ve heard good stories about Brazil, but then again, I don’t know that much on it. Just go anywhere, where men are still men.
        Yes, the Middle East is fucked up, but at least they kept their women in line. What did we do here in the West?

      2. From what I heard, Japan or South Korea would not be a good idea. Latin America, South East Asia, Eastern Europe or Russia would be better. I can vouch for Latin America. I have to find some way to move their permanently/long term. Great environment and the girls down there treat me very well.

    2. Stop being a Cunt and start acting like a bloody man. Are men really discussing running away and surrendering to bitches? What’s wrong with you fools. Let’s take are god damn country back already.

      1. Keyboard warrior cunt. Where were you and guys like you for the last 10 years? I’ve seen no fucking progress being made by keyboard warriors like yourself.
        Instead, I’ve witnessed the decline of masculine men and the pussification of the West. Henpecked simps, manginas, captain save a hos and white knights everywhere.
        The reason why guys cant speak out, is because of the ramifications of the legal system. You can act all tough as much as you like, but the moment you get arrested for something that pisses off HR and the rest of the feminazi cunts, its game over.
        Thats why men are now simply going their own way. A rational response to an irrational world.

        1. I get that sometimes, but I aint leaving the country nor am I afraid to speak up off the internet to women. Now I don’t say shit at work or on my social network apps, but I don’t take no lip from them in my private life or in the public square. I will point out their hypocrisy and make them feel uncomfortable. That is why they shame you for it , to make you feel uncomfortable and give up, that is why they use that tactic, because they got nothing else. It’s why they operate in mobs or resort to guilt.

        2. The most any of us can do is maintain control in our own lives as best we can. This is obviously a fine line because, as you spoke about, the chips ARE stacked against us in our personal, romantic and business lives. Overstepping in any of the aspects has disastrous consequences in all of those aspects. The art is knowing where that line is and walking as close as possble to it without touching it.

        3. I disagree, figure out the way to say ‘fuck-you’ to laws..there is always a loop-hole. I got nailed by an asshole cop in my home for a complete bs ticket(they give out more tickets than any state to gain revenue). My response? I’m now going to register my car in south dakota, which doesn’t require me to even go there(maybe eventually to get a drivers licence). I get a net savings of money after registration and insurance. I got a fix it ticket once that I didnt want to fix. I told the clerk I couldnt fix it because I sold the car(he has no way of proving I didnt). Ticket dismissed. Don’t fight them where they are strong–fight them where they are weak. Government isn’t a meritocracy, its a mediocracy. Be the 1% they don’t want to deal with.

        4. I’m learning (though have fits of resistance) to keep lowering the bar; expect less from my fellow men. You are correct, the risks and the real losses are no joke. But at the same time there must be some point in which men make their stand. Out in the everyday real world there is no HR. Yet men still rollover and show their soft underbelly as soon as something gets a little real – or there is some chance of a poosy inviting them in.
          Sadly, I think the time of the average man living through his actions will not return until the illusory life implodes and the jungle laws peel away the facade to reveal truth. Not the least of which is that violence is the arbiter of all.
          Which is part of why I have visceral disgust when it comes to women co-opting the fighting arts – and the soft men who would put such a mockery on a pedestal.
          The reason Ronda is some ‘thing’ to be celebrated is because in a time of bread and circuses, men are no longer the stewards of the physical dimension and the natural hierarchy it supports; when strength, mastery, and courage are culled from what binds them to reality, all we are left with is the entertainment-distraction industry to parade the empty carcass of violence and strength around like some pinata from which saccharine soaked soma pellets spill into the mouths of the masses.
          Thus a mediocre poosy ripping some other high T female apart is celebrated as Progress, an ideal that does indeed represent where our cultural values reside.
          But I hold a line with the men in my life. And I’ve lost acquaintances over it. I wont feed the beast with one hand and wave a sword with the other.
          Those men with whom I invest my time and resources must have three fundamental qualities. First, they must believe in something, a set of values that instructs their lives. Second, they must have the courage to openly state what those values are and how they manifest. Third, their actions must mirror these beliefs – and must do so when those beliefs are challenged. Without these, I cannot trust him. Without trust, he’s just one more drone.
          I can accept people who are wrong about the world but I detest those who lack the courage to have principles they stand behind. The half-measures are what allow this system to incrementally constrict what remains of masculinity.
          And if we can’t hold fellow man to some standard, how the hell do we expect to lead women into a life we desire?
          Its like those men who won’t quit facebook because of FOMO, so they tout their manly wisdom of “I only use it for x, for poosy”, but they belittle the millennials who are all-in on social media and complain about how FB is ruining women. Have some fucking principles. Everything else is just mental masturbation.

      2. He has a point, though. It is one thing to prepare and go into a fight. It is another to go into a fight completely unprepared.
        Now, you may say ‘do not abandon the great USA to the feminists’, but then again, there is nothing great about it anymore. It is the past. Now they are ruling here. The only thing that connects today’s US with the past is their geography.

        1. It’s time for subterfuge. We are just going to have make it into our world again , one step at a time .

        2. You said it, man. People need to hear this, especially the right wing “my country right or wrong, love it or leave it” types. The American flag stands for sluttery, trannys, buttsex, war crimes, immorality, and political correctness. Proud to be an American? You can be proud of many things, but when you wave that flag you just look like part of the problem these days.

        3. Aye, we gave up the flag outside the house after the Patriot Act and never looked back. It stands for nothing now except hypocrisy.

        4. Theres pretty much no where else to go. Europe is being Muslimified as we speak. Canada is SJW/ regressive liberal central. Mexico is a warzone with the drug cartels. South America?

        5. You’re exagerating. I live in France which has the biggest Muslim population and I wouldn’t call it “muslimified”, at least not for the next 20 years.
          Your best bet could be Estonia: far enough and will probably fall back into Russian hands.

        6. I like Latin and South America. Weather is far superior to the US, as well, unless you are in California. The problem is wages are low. I’m still in the US earning good pay, socking it away, and travelling to new countries whenever possible. But quality of life is bad in the working phase.

        7. I have to ask, honestly because this issue has been festering in some manosphere blogs over the last few years:
          Where do men escape to that, if nothing else, will allow us the basic principal of self defense as a god given right? We won’t be taking our gun collection to Japan.
          Where will men run to that has not or will eventually in time be overrun with feminist ideology?
          Do men understand that trying to gain citizenship in another nation is not as easy as showing up and exclaiming “I’m here”?
          I agree that post 9/11 American corruption has been fast tracked and hypocrisy is the rule of the day. But America has a longer history of exceptionalism in almost every aspect of human ingenuity. Do we allow our enemies to claim our symbols and institutions without at least initiating a scorched earth policy?
          I ask this honestly from more established ROK commenters because I see the argument as becoming a divisive point as the cultural collapse ramps ups.
          For what it’s worth, I believe we stay and fight. The idea of letting the enemy win doesn’t sit well with me. We may lose, but if we run, our problems just follow us. If I’m in a fight, and I know I might lose, at least the enemy will know they were in a fight as they reset their broken nose and wonder how much blood they just lost.
          Humbly submitted for ROK readers consideration.

        8. I’m staying and fighting. Or more accurately, we’re moving to Wyoming or Montana and grouping with like minded, liberty type folks.
          My thoughts on it is that if I flee to another nation, the U.S. will eventually mess things up across the globe in such a way as to get the world seething mad at all Americans. If I’m living in, say, Costa Rica in that case, I go from being the amiable, pleasant tall gringo expatriate into “one of them” and will likely be hung in the town square.
          So stay at home it is. Plus, I, like you, won’t give up my guns for anybody.

        9. As a gen Xer that had his rough journey to redpill ideology, I encourage our Gen Y and millennial brothers to gather up the testicular fortitude for the coming skirmishes.
          To give into, or admit defeat to, or run from feminism and corruption is capitulation to evil.
          It is our combined generation’s duty to hold firm in one of the few free nations left that can be a FOB against the globalist agenda. I will see you in Montana.

        10. My thoughts exactly. I’m not leaving the US, but I’m not going to go around like a typical lib shooter just so i can end up on the news as a “right wing terrorist.”
          I’ve already moved within a few States in the US and i may move again, but NEVER outside the US. I’ll be in the shadows until the time is right, until the conditions are met, until these bastards start openly hunting for Men like myself, and then it’s on like pong…

        11. Don’t let the flag fool you, it’s a reminder of what we were supposed to be, not what we actually are.
          I’d need a flag that resembled the inside of a gas station bathroom to properly convey what the US has become.

        12. Step into celibacy. It’s the first and the most important step. Men have done that before. It’s time to do it again.

        13. What do you mean by ‘fight’? Guns in your home are for self-defense, that’s another issue. The only way to ‘fight’ in this massive bureaucracy is by voting and you only have one. The “Braveheart” style posts, while adorable, are just fantasy. The best fight is to detach yourself from this culture quietly. Don’t pay for your own demise when you can avoid it. Remove as much of this culture’s social paradigms from your brain as possible, minimalize, move away from cities if possible and withdraw your energy from ‘culture’ and ‘country’ and transfer it to yourself. The whole patriotic element in America is bullshit anyway. It was supposed to be the anti-nation nation. INDIVIDUALS. So flag wavers are full of shit and haven’t read enough early American writing; TJ, Emerson, Melville. We are supposed to be a bunch of selfish dicks anyway. Not a bunch of collective ninnies chanting oaths to some colors on a cloth. North Koreans do that well enough. Go fishing, freeze your catch, start a garden, and do it all quietly. Sell your TV.

        14. I actually think that if you are a few years in in some foreign country, speak the language, have friends, have always been polite to the locals etc that you wouldn’t be singled out for American transgressions, eight times out of ten.

        15. Its a myth that people around the world hate Americans. Or if they do they don’t show it..so who cares? Most people will view you favorably just because you are different. I remember someone telling me when I was in Argentina how much Americans were hated there according to a poll. My response? Yeah guys here lie to women saying they are American just to pick up some poon.

        16. It would have to be some Arabic or really backwards country..and you could always claim you are Canadian or Swiss or something. I’ve been to 18 countries and have only been given shit by a border guard in Brazil.

        17. Voting doesnt mean much when you no longer have a big enough legislature. New Hampshire does it right.

        18. I love South America, but you really need an independent source of money because their economies are chronically fucked(except maybe chile).

        19. I’ve been around a bit myself (not Europe) and find that if you’re a polite Westerner who takes an active interest in their country then you will be quite well-regarded. I’m American and I honestly feel like the world has treated me like a king. It’s been enough that I feel guilty about how I haven’t deserved such decency. True story.

        20. won’t be suprized, if all these SJW’s demand for our flag to be changed to this in the next 5-10 years.

        21. “The “Braveheart” style posts, while adorable, are just fantasy”.
          Just because you can’t imagine a collapse of America does not mean it cannot happen. I understand your fear however, when events across the globe move this fast some minds retreat to their “happy place”.
          I still believe in culture and country…by detaching, as you suggest we return to tribalism….tribes don’t send men to the moon and invent vaccines. Tribes are overrun with shear force and brutality by NATIONS and FLAG wavers with patriotism and purpose in their minds.
          I hope your armchair nihilism continues to serve you well.

        22. Okay “League of Shadows.” (With a Mad Max icon, no less). If there’s a collapse, there’s a collapse. That’s a different issue. Guys talk about storming back and pillaging or something, in this current culture. And it doesn’t work like that.
          If you think it does, then grab your broadsword and storm your local IRS office or something.

        23. Who’s got a mad max icon?…look again fool.
          We won’t have to storm shit..the change is coming to us whether we like it or not. Read up on The Trans Pacific Partnership, or the Strong Cities Initiative. Pay attention to the increasing rhetoric on gun control, or watch the steady collapse of the petro-dollar, read some news about the European invasion. These things are happening NOW.
          Shit is getting deeper than just feminism and “MGTOW”. China is building islands in the Pacific and we’re testing ICBMs over California.
          Our current culture is due for a very rude awakening. Our global elites are preparing us for WW3. So discussing “Braveheart style posts” is very relevant. I hope you have something more significant in your house besides fishing poles.
          Oh, and if you think voting does anything you need to read more and comment less.

        24. Sorry I’m not up on your steampunk icons. Any fool who’s scared of China just lost my respect. They couldn’t even mobilize their army successfully during their own earthquake. And all the other things you talk have nothing to do with my point.
          Voting in a nation filled with so much garbage is insignificant, I agree.
          The proper play is to minimalize, disengage, and live as an individual, preferably in flyover land. Withdraw, stop funding this bullshit if you can, certainly stop paying for anything outside of necessities. Movies, cable, excessive housing, possessions, get out of that game straightaway.
          The Conan stuff has no place right now. Maybe it will in ten years, but I wasn’t discussing that.

        25. “Any fool who’s scared of China just lost my respect.”
          -Its an example of escalation that in turn create geopolitical destabilization…not fear. And you do realize that China does not need an army to harm us?…they own our debt and they have embraced digital warfare like no other nation. Once again you demonstrate that you can’t keep up with a conversation that requires creative thought and understanding of our rapidly changing modern world.
          -Disengaging, withdrawing, living as a hermit…..all forms of cowardice.
          “The Conan stuff has no place right now. Maybe it will in ten years, but I wasn’t discussing that.”
          -If you weren’t discussing that why comment on my thread to begin with? So you can win points with your sanctimonious posturing? What was the whole point of our back and forth if you came in to disparage my original comment? Because you think collapse will be in 10 years not 7? You make no sense.
          The way you write and comprehend others written words you sound young and not well read about the world around you, human nature and history.
          Your comments on my post have wasted my time and other readers time on this forum. You are an agitator…simply to see your words on the screen. Goodluck.

        26. I’ve lived in China, fuckwad. You stay in your bunker in Idaho and keep being told what to think by the internet. I’m the one out in the world. I’m no hermit, just not going to pay for stuff that has me in the crosshairs. Twenty year expat, not exactly withdrawing, imo.
          I’m not well-read? I’ve been a bibliophile for twenty years now. I’ve likely read 1500 more books than you.
          Slay that strawman, Thor!

        27. “I’ve lived in China”
          -Whats that got to do with anything?
          “Twenty year expat, not exactly withdrawing”
          -Its the definition of withdrawing, you left your country, ran from it, cause “girls were taking over.”
          “I’ve likely read 1500 more books than you.”
          -Not by the way you compose your sentences and paragraphs. Flex your dubious internet muscles in another direction.
          “Slay that strawman, Thor!”
          -I don’t think you know what a strawman is.
          Like I said….goodluck, I don’t have any homeopathic remedies for the butthurt I just caused you.

        28. I’ve actually lived and worked in China. That’s why I don’t need some prepper kook who’s never been there to tell me all about the place.
          Going out into the world is the dead opposite of withdrawing. It’s becoming very obvious you’ve never had the balls to do it. Stay in Boise, pay your taxes and play Conan on the internet.
          “Dubious internet muscles” says a guy who calls himself ‘League of Shadows’ with the viking, steampunk Mad Max icon.
          Keep tossing away years, soon to be decades of your own time to pay for all these things that marginalize you and lessen your life.
          Every comment you made was building me into a strawman.
          All I said from the outset was that the “Grab your broadsword, stand and fight!” sentiments are completely useless right now. There are smarter ways to deal with what’s happening.
          Got that, League of Shadows?

        29. Your responses have become increasingly crude and simplistic. You have no cogent argument to make.
          Anyone can be anything on the internet…so your “accomplishments” are ether here. We base our comments on knowledge described and proven by research. You provide only emotional outbursts and a resume that cannot be proven.
          You are dismissed.

        30. Sounds copied and pasted from your internet war clipboard. That last one seriously has nothing to do with me at all, even further than the other ones. And your diction is starting to get a little bit ‘Visigoth of the Woodland Temple.’ Might want to come back to earth a little.
          Fight on Lothar!

      3. You could have made your point without resorting to internet insults.
        Real Men don’t need to be slapped into becoming real Men, we already know what needs to be done and we are just waiting for the right time and place to do it and by “it” i mean creating a new society on top of the decaying dead one. Save that shit for the manginas who come here and plead for feminist pablum.
        There are those who want to fight right now and those who want to wait until the collapse. Both can work together when the time and place is right, not before. Fighting openly now is just going to get us branded as “right wing terrorists” and give the masses an additional layer of indoctrination and progressive inoculation against the red pill.
        No great movement succeeds with only a margin of society, even the Founders relied on the help of countrymen for food, supplies, etc.
        We can start the fight but if we don’t have the numbers to finish it, it is a foolish fight.
        Let this contemptible society fall apart at the seams, let the moronic gimps who slave to their feminist overlords wake up out of necessity once their privileges get taken away or let them die in the process. Let the veneer of civilization finally peel away to reveal the totalitarian infrastructure they’ve been building brick by brick for years now. Once the full masses are oppressed some of them will finally realize what’s going on. Those are the ones we want.
        Then and only then can we emerge from the shadows to fight against these fascists and bring other Men into the fold.
        Every one of them we save is one less we have to fight.

        1. ” Once the full masses are oppressed some of them will finally realize what’s going on. Those are the ones we want.”
          I am starting to see this. There are signs men give away subtly, voluntary but mostly involuntary. You only have to pay attention and you’ll see.

      4. You are right. Yes they will take a few guys down. Life is full of risks. But if you let them tell you how to live. There will be rick of losing you have already lost

      5. our*
        But is it our country? You want it back, whatever that means, then be ready and willing to die. The political elites and ultra-rich plutocrats run and own this nation.

      6. So take your battleaxe, dagger and family crest down to a custody court, hr department or college admissions center and slay!!!

        1. Tell them whatever you want. Tell them no, tell them yes, tell them you’re the big, bad wolf, tell them to shove their Haagen-Dazs up their ass. Nothing will shake them from their solipsism. They own the narrative and never relinquishing the narrative is part of their narrative. Just discussing them is a waste of time. MGTOWEA. Men Going Their Own Way With Escort Access for the win!

      1. You cannot possibly be serious.
        Please tell me you’re not serious.

        1. Because she looks like a 15 year old boy, maybe?
          Did you see the unretouched photos I posted of her below? Chick is a dude in every way that counts short of having a penis. And even then, the jury is out.

    3. What you are saying is true. But really when you stand up and act fearlessly like a man you are respected. Most of the time they are a paper tigers. But if you show weakness they will take you down. Most of the time its the fear that takes you down. Keeps your eyes open, do not be a fool, but do not let them tell you how to live

    4. “I believe that men need to escape the West.”
      I heard grass is greener on the other side. EAST. More like snow is whiter on the other side… Russia? Eastern Europe. Depends what type (race) girls you are into. If you like it white then Eastern Europe or Russia otherwise if you have yellow fever, then Asia but I heard South America is decent too. There are tradeoffs though. As much as insane America is, America is still number one place to make a lot of money. Some foreigners literally risk their life just to come here … not for cultural reasons but for economic opportunity reasons but the downside is you get low quality girls and insane feminists.
      Now if you move to the East or other places (non-America), you might have hard time adjusting but if you have great social skills and game, it wouldn’t be hard for you to make friends, social circles and girls. The foreign girls are the better quality compared to American one, I tell you that but the rule doesn’t apply to every girl but just for general purpose. Just remember if you move to another country or continent, there is going to be tradeoff on something.
      Make A LOT of money here in the USA, and then relocate, convert dollars into foreign currency… spend it in bahts, pesos, etc…and enjoy life…. make A LOT of assets in foreign banks…… Take advantage of what the best USA has to offer and take advantage of what the best Asia/Europe/South America has to offer….

    5. It’s Victorian England all over again in the Anglosphere, complete with Jew blaming, sexual thirst, white knighting, exogamy, et al.
      I won’t find it hard to believe if the word “wanker” originally started as an epitaph towards British folks since Victorian England, out of condescension from Continental Europeans; and yes, I’m pertaining to the word wanker’s original usage in the same context as the N-word.
      Safe to say the UK is a gynocracy; heck, don’t find it hard to believe if Anglo women have no loyalty, all because they rather rock that Viking boat centuries before The Crusades.

    6. Even the laws of marrying a foreign woman are against men. They’ve made it so a woman just has to claim that a guy beat her and she’s gotten her citizenship(they arent even allowed to investigate). Now they actually are requiring men to fill out some form if they are meeting a woman on a site that caters to this(asking questions like ‘have you ever been arrested for domestic violence or alcohol abuse? ” Arrested..not convicted. Of course she has no obligation to fill out anything similar.

  5. Grasping at straws here. He took nude photos of her without her permission. She settled it without calling the cops. If a peeping Tom takes pics of your wife/girlfriend, any real man is going to beat the shit out of that dude.

    1. And any real man is going to be arrested for beating the shit out of the dude, right or wrong. It’s not the action, it’s the lack of consequences when it comes to the law in regards to women, I think.

      1. Right, but I assume most people here would say that dude who beat up the peeping Tom doesn’t deserve arrest. I’m not going to defend the system I disagree with to make a point about an unfair aspect of that system.

        1. Eh, I’m going to have to come down on “the dude would deserve arrest”, just like the peeping Tom would deserve arrest. Self defense, against violence, is the only justification for ass beating I’m afraid. It’s the libertarian in me, I suppose. That being said, the peeping tom would certainly deserve the ass kicking from a moral perspective.

        2. If it was acceptable to beat a bitch like she did to him then I’d say more power to her. But since it’s not her ass should be in prison for assault like any man would. Nude photos or no. I don’t tolerate hypocritical cunts or manginas.

        3. That’s basically where I’m at. Ray Rice had justification too, yet somehow he doesn’t get a pass. Shit, dude had way more than justification if you watch the whole tape, and personally I think he pulled so as to not really hurt her.

        4. He was definitely holding back (I watched that tape many times). If he hadn’t that skinny bitch would have been worm bait right now.

    1. Almost 50% of victims of domestic violence are men. Because of people like who mock them, their problem are not addressed. Shame on you!
      FYI Ronda Rousey holds a 4th degree black belt in Judo (5th being max).

      1. I’d carry pepper spray if I dated that bitch! Beta yeah, but easier than learning years of Kung fu shit and less likely to go to jail than using a gun.

        1. Why would you date her in the first place?
          I’d rather fuck a girl who is slightly uglier and still hold the pants.

        2. I wouldn’t ,but if I did I wouldn’t hesitate pepper spraying the shit out of that bitch if she tried some Kung Fu on me. Like I said, easier than learning Kung fu, and lot less likely to go to jail or even get prosecuted for that shit.

        3. In Krav Maga, they teach you how to fight people armed with guns or stabbing weapons. I don’t think your spray will be of any use against a seasoned MMA fighter.
          However if you get extremely jacked and learn to resist pain, no bitch can fuck with you.
          In my Krav Maga class, there is a woman with years of experience who couldn’t do put me down because of my weight (200+ pounds). With better fighting skills, I could have easily kicked her ass.

        4. I hear you buddy, but I’m just saying if you can’t learn no skills and don’t want to shoot , that spray is the best option. At 6’4″ 245 lbs., I highly doubt more than few women would be able to hurt me without a weapon such as gun. I doubt Rhonda could hurt me unless she used her whole body and got me in a some kind arm bar or choke hold. I don’t under estimate my size, in fact I know how much advantage I have over little dudes much less a little woman. I was just offering advice for any dude that dare date such a butch bitch.

        5. In the new recent Fast & Furious, Ronda plays a part where a rather slim short guy wants to have her. She totally owns him. And when he tries to impress her with his business skills, she cries how there is no man who can just want her and deal with her being strong.

        6. My dad said the same. Was in some Judo class and said that the average guys easily beat female champions.
          Also, from my beginning experience in BJJ, I can say with confidence that there is no way I (rather unfit) can beat a very muscular guy. He will just use his hand to easily push my head aside when it is in the way. I doubt technique can do much about it. Pure darwinism.

        7. Spot on.
          Hit the gym hard and learn the basics of combat. That’s the best way to keep bitches in check.

        8. In boxing classes I saw big muscular guys getting knocked off by skinny guys though.

        9. Well, on a technical level perhaps. But I doubt they made much damage. It was likely just light sparring, so the skinny guy with his good technique seemed to ‘own’ it.

        10. I am pretty weak, but whenever I spar against women, it is like throwing around a paper bag. And the trainer always says how the girls are ‘good technically’ and how they are ‘improving’, but I think it is all bullshit and mollycoddling.

        11. No no, I mean knocked out. In fact, that happened to me when I was 200 pounds and the opponent was 140.

        12. Ah, right. Well, a knock out is technical, in a sense. The weight does not change much about it. But I think you have to get lucky for that and it does not happen on a regular basis.

        13. Women who bitch about how no man wants them because they are strong and empowered are kind of laugh. First, they are usually just self-righteous narcissistic cunts, second, they aren’t talking about men as a lot of beta men dream about chicks like her and would worship her, they’re referring to how NO Chad and Tyrone billionaire thundercocks want them, Finally, Those qualities are masculine qualities and it is a big reason no masculine man wants them. Why would they want to date a little man with a vagina? They don’t, so she is pissed because only feminine men are attracted to her,that’s nature. People look for things in their partner that they lack. It’s why faggatry is on the rise, Feminine men are seeking masculinity to equal them out and the sad thing is even men who are feminine are more masculine than masculine women.

        14. Boxing? Are you sure? In 2011, light heavyweight Mormeck got his ass kicked by legit Heavyweight Wladimir Klitschko.

        15. “the trainer always says how the girls are ‘good technically’ and how they are ‘improving’”
          That’s what my coach says but I think it just sales talk.
          The problem is the girls think these girls can get killed by thugs in the real world.

        16. At equal skills, yes, more weight is an advantage. Bust most jacked off guys spend more time lifting than actually training to fight, I noticed.

        17. Huh, that is possible.
          I can say that I was able to do well in sparring against a quite muscular dude. But in a real fight, he would just jump at me and crush me.

        18. I know little to nothing about boxing, but a blow to the head can cause a loss of consciousness, no matter how much you weight. Yeah, being larger allows you to strike more blows to wear your opponent down / drop his guard, but it’s really just the one blow to the head that causes the KO.

        19. Truth. I’ve been hit by “black belt” females. It’s hard not to laugh, assuming they don’t go straight for the yarbles I mean.

        20. Yeah, it is just propaganda. It is one of the reasons I wish the gym was male-only.
          When I open up my male-only gym some day possibly, I will put up a copy of that ‘dogs have to stay outside’ sign, adapted to women.

        21. At my gym, the girls are on the elliptical machines or running the track. It’s something nice to look at. Occasionally they are on the butt or leg machines. They are rarely by the weight machines I use, and I see about one a month approach the freeweights, so it doesn’t really bother me. Eye candy from a distance, and they stay out of my way.
          But they do play stupid MTV on the TV, and the music has been getting shittier lately. I can see the advantage of an all male gym.

        22. You’re actually an inch taller and ten pounds heavier than me. I don’t find that often, cool.

        23. Right, I was just indicating that outside of the yarbles, and maybe the throat, there’s not a lot of pain to be had by some bint striking me.

        24. I aint nothing special, but size is an advantage. I still wouldn’t want to fight anyone as I’m in my thirties and realize fighting hurts and some injuries last forever. There is no safe fight, and I don’t feel invulnerable anymore like when I was younger, so I would rather make the other person the dumbass than risk my own body. I will stand my ground though and have no qualms about using weapons when the circumstances calls for it. I don’t punch fight people unless it is a last resort. Concealed carry all the time . You violate my safety and threaten my life, boom stick baby.

        25. 0.0% of the time on any given day. If you give me a good dose of Kratom I not only fear no man, but my aura causes the generals in the Russian army to quake in their boots, despite their being thousands of miles between us.

        26. They are both big, though.
          Truth be told, I can not talk about being big, since I am not. I just have the experience of sparring average girls, that is all.

        27. I was just joshing about the Kratom. It’s Friday and we haven’t had a Kratom sponsored post in a while, so I’m jonesing.

        28. I am not big anymore too. I started boxing with a powerlifter’s body and had to drop weight. I’m 5″10 for 75 kg now. I don’t regret losing the exceedance of muscles for more speed.

        29. … With the right lifestyle I think so too. Just hit 40 and I’m on a steady pr streak.
          Never felt/ looked better.

        30. It would cause another Singularity event and life would reset as we know it, only it would be re-birthed in an explosion of Awesomeness.

      2. Since Rousey takes steroids (no doubt), let’s just call her half-man, half-semi-ogre or whatever. But if the man trains extensively, he can have a chance. I’m no proficient or even expert BJJ or Jiu-Jitsu but I once submitted a woman who was apparently 2nd degree black belt in Judo and also she was amateur wrestler and was much taller than me. 6’0″ tall woman and similar weight. I’m not familiar with Judo though as if I’m not sure if there is noticeable difference between being 2nd degree to 4th degree.

        1. What’s your point?
          Mine is that Rousey’s ex-boyfriend is a victim and should be protected.

  6. I’m not sure about all this can’t hit a girl double standard. Hasn’t there always been a double standard in which a woman could hit a man without consequence or getting hit back? Even old Looney Tunes cartoons from the golden era of the 50’s house wife would depict this…the wife smashing the husband on the head with a rolling pin if he did not do his duty or he screwed up. They would never show that husband hit the wife back in retaliation. Just a thought.

    1. Yeah, it’s one of the few remaining vestiges of the patriarchy, like selective services. Embrace it, praise it, and use it to point out how much women need and should love patriarchy.

  7. I’d be willing to bet this didn’t even happen and she’s making it up to obtain some yougogurl validation. After all, what straight man would want to bang that musclebound cunt?

        1. To each his own. I’ve seen some attractive female body builders but not only is she too built but her face is hit too. Then you have her personality. Just my opinion.

        2. That brings up an interesting thought. With the kind of distortion of reality that leftists propagate, one day we will have to argue whether a dick really is a dick.

  8. Maybe it’s because she’s obviously white trash in every other aspect already, so her getting into fist fights with her boyfriend just goes with the territory.

    1. As a big fan of MMA I definitely respect her skill and work ethic, but I am getting increasingly annoyed with each video and click bait article that comes out about her. Yes she is dominating the female division, blah blah, but she consistently comes across as a petulant, whiny, naive, extremely insecure individual that has deep self esteem issues. Her persona is one of a 14 year old boy with a chip on his shoulder, always trying too hard to let people know how tough he is. It’s pathetic, if a guy acted like she does he would be heavily criticized and eyes rolled, we would all be saying “yeah ok dude, we get it, you’re sooo tough, here’s a pat on the back”…but Ronda saying the crap she does and everyone is “oooh wow look how tough she is, she’s such a strong woman and she could beat up heavyweight men!”…. Barf, get this shit outta here.

      1. Come think of it, why would any woman really choose the life that she chooses? She openly admits she does it so that daddy is proud of her.
        For a woman to go through this much pain, something has to be damaged.

      2. Her persona is one of a 14 year old boy
        So is her appearance.

      3. ” petulant, whiny, naive, extremely insecure individual that has deep self esteem issues”
        Like Mike Tyson in the 80’s…

        1. Yeah. To this day, I wake up with nightmares from listening to the cold and cruel heartbeat of the mechanical apparatus that kept me alive. Sirr. Surr. Sirr. Surr.

  9. What’s even more telling and what disgusts me even further about this is the way the incident is described in the book. Read the excerpt again. The tone in which the assault is narrated is one of braggadocio and pride at the apparent ease in which she beat this man and left him “writhing there as I sped away”. There was more before this as well in the book about her “cracking her knuckles waiting for him to come home” so she could lash out in violence. When you read something like this in a story about a celebrity or someone in the spotlight, it’s usually in a tone of “hey this happened, this is something I did and I’m not really proud of it, it just was..” Not here though, she is practically gloating over how she assaulted this guy and the media and feminist braiwashed cunts lap it right up.
    And to those saying he “deserved it”… please. I think only of the women who scream from the rooftops that a man should NEVER hit a woman, EVER, for ANY REASON!!!! But of course a woman can punch man, knee him in the face and what else because he took nude photos of her. Sure I can understand anger at that and things escalating, etc, but like I mentioned above, it was clear she wanted an excuse to be violent and is obviously very proud of this incident. The hypocrisy runs even deeper as she is now dating Travis Browne, the guy accused of viciously beating his wife.
    You can’t make this shit up..

  10. Rousey intentionally injures opponents by refusing to break her armbar when they tap out. Rousey also backs Bernie Sanders so she’s part of the leftist Jewish run Hollywood system. She’s Teflon coated

  11. I don’t find anything about this he-she attractive. LMFAO since they turned her into this femtard sex-symbol. What she needs is to get her ass beat, publically, by a man, which is what she really wants anyways. RR is just an extreme case of a women needing to be put in her place.
    I also find it difficult to believe the UFC can’t generate a female competitor that’d beat her ass hard. They’re insulating her to ride the $$ train for sure.

    1. She really does need to be smacked down, hard. Of course then she’d spout tears from her man jawed boy face, which would run down her wide shoulders and all of the white knight idiots who think she’s “hawt!” would be on you in a second. Gaurn-fucking-teed.

      1. Its funny when she called out Floyd Mayweather Jr. What a beat down that would be….but really, the only reason she is famous is because she is riding the back of a boxer to create publicity.

    2. I think a forgotten double standard here is that if this were a mans story he’d be kicked out of the UFC by that dumass Dana White and career destroyed. This will only enhance the $$ train for both her and Dana.

    1. I agree with what Bro_Camel wrote below, that some of the story sounds very exaggerated. I highly doubt it happened the way she claims, if it happened like that at all. I’m trying to wrap my head around how she as a 145 pound girl could pull a grown man out of a passenger seat of a car, unless he allowed her to do so. Shit, I’m 6’5, 245 lbs, and it would still be tough to pull a resisting man out of a car. Of couse she did it with ease though, and by his hoodie too….yeah I’m smelling a pile of go-gurrrl BS.

      1. Exactly. Shes 145 pounds, how hard would it be to get her off her feet and body slam her? Head first.

  12. admitted to physically assaulting one of her ex-boyfriends after he purportedly took nude photos of her without her permission
    Unless she sleeps in the nude I’m calling bullshit on this. It appears they are using the feminist definition of consent, meaning she didn’t verbally agree and acknowledge each photo that was taken. Which has never happened for any girl I’ve photographed nude, either, including models.

    1. “Violence is wrong”, but now add “unless someone took and shared nude photos of you.”

  13. Who is this teenaged boy with long hair, and why wouldn’t he be brought up on charges?
    What the fuck is it with this ugly cunt anyway, that so many “men” are fawning all over her? “Oh man, I love a woman who can kick my ass,” I’ve actually heard one say. Friggin’ pathetic.
    They have literally trained betas to find the teenaged boy look “sexy”. In the coming future when none of them can score an actual feminine woman they’ll now feel good about tapping their buddy’s ass after a few beers. Well done, handlers, well done indeed.

    1. I followed at least 3 life coaches on Facebook who posted her photos and said stuff like: Well man, if you are confident, you can handle a confident woman.
      Well. Maybe. What do I know. I find it ugly.

        1. Starting to think that’s true. I’m starting to think ‘confident’ means an overly narcissistic, self-entitled bitch.

      1. My fists can handle a confident women just fine. Mayweather can handle her too. I’ll pay $100 PPV for that fight.

        1. He’d knock her head off with a lead jab followed by a right hook over the top. It would last 5 seconds

        2. With the risk of coming of as a white knight here, but if she would be able to get him down on the mat im not so sure.

        3. Mayweather has too much power, and can take hard punches from men. The only damage she could do would be throat or groin hits, even on the ground. That dude would have her doing blood pirouettes across the mat with one punch.

        4. She would have no chance to get him to the ground..if she came in it would be a one – two and lights outs

        5. I agree that she would not stand a chance trading punches, but would she by any chance get into the clinch a takedown is possible.

        6. In my opinion he is too good of a striker to allow her to get inside so therefore no chance of a clinch and no chance of a take down.

        7. I didn’t disagree in the first place, i said IF she got a takedown im not so sure about the results.

        8. ok so lets say IF she did take em down. Do you still think that she has the skill, strength, and, technique to keep a man (especially a trained killer) down on the ground? Personally I don’t think so. Floyd would manage to escape before any harm was done.

        9. Not strength wise but potentially technically, im no BJJ expert but i think their leg locks and armbars are quite heavily relied on technique more than brute strength. So im still not sure how the results would be from the ground, i believe the technical efficacy of submision ground game carry its weight even beyond pshysical power at times, that is all im saying.

        10. No. He’s way too strong for any hold. Maybe if they both had to fight in gi’s (sp?) she could get some grip/friction and win one in ten fights with him, but if he’s slicked up and sweaty she couldn’t keep a hold for more than a second. One thing people don’t realize when discussing this hypothetical fight is that Mayweather could how to sprawl, guard, pass-guard etc.

        11. Even if there’s a takedown, he is not prohibited from learning (or already having) ground skills.

        12. I did wrestling for 5 years in high school, never once saw a woman win a wrestling match against a guy. Look at tennis, look at basketball, any sport that requires athletleticism…usually the best woman is matched with the 1000th ranked man. The only advantage they have is in fine motor control, like archery.

      2. There appears to be good money in the “life coach” business; it seems to consist of listening to a fat woman’s delusional Weltanschauung, and then praising it as outstanding. Then, you get her credit card number and schedule the next appointment.
        Maybe I got into the wrong profession.

        1. Ah. Well, these guys actually are muscular and fit and have girls and what not. They keep writing smartass notes on their facebook walls every single hour of the day, immediately liked by a hundred sheep.
          These people are like clones. There must be some kind of ‘heroic how-to-be-successful-in-life -and-own-shit-instructor’ factory somewhere in the desert.

        2. Fatties all have crushes on young, muscular men. It;s why we cannot take their “fat shaming” complaints as anything other than hypocritical nonsense.

        3. Reminds me of the fan community of Sam Vaknin. Seems like a big bunch of codependent grandmas who like to pick on their ‘mean evil narcissist’.
          Ah, and one more thing. Most of these coaches seem to be writing purely for other coaches, praising each other and stuff. Makes me wonder if they are actually helping anybody. On the other hand, I guess it has some merit.

        4. It may be fun. Narcissists have demons; I used to have them. Sam Vaknin also writes that he once saw dead people walking around when he failed to get his ‘narcissistic supply’.

        5. My first girlfriend was a BPD. She made me understand that the whole vampire mythos was based on reality, without the blood drinking of course.

        6. Thats probably an indication right there. Initiation by BPD women.
          Psychosis inducing to say the least, it builds good character though, when you get out on the other side that is.

      3. Sounds great, if your idea of a relationship, is constantly getting into fights with her.

      4. A woman should never be too fit. Too fit of a body can be just as bad as fat. If a woman starts looking ‘chiseled’ rather than ‘toned’ then she has a problem.

    2. I’ve heard the same shit about guys liking a woman who can kick their ass, and every time I do I throw up in my mouth a little. I wanna slap the feminist bullshit right outta them and tell them to grow a pair. Keep your cuck fantasies to yourself, I find nothing attractive about a woman who thinks she can kick my ass.

      1. The nice thing is that if they think a woman can kick their ass, you should be able to smack the stupid clean out of their soul with one punch.

    3. As Daniel Tosh joked “I’m sick of the media making female sports athletes into supermodels, when they’re clearly sixes at best.”
      I do appreciate her grappling skills though. Girl knows where all of her body is at any moment, is really good at momentum, and has some super smooth sweeps.

      1. I’m not criticizing her fighting skills, actually. Just the whole “dude, she’s hawt!” thing, which I find repulsive. It takes all kinds, and yeah some guy somewhere is going to look at the he-she beast and get a boner, but you expect that. The problem is he-she is being promoted as “hawt!” and lots of idiot men are climbing on board with it.

        1. Not only that but why is he proposing at another persons wedding…like buddy relax, is a wedding the best place to propose?

        2. God that’s an awful photo. Landwhale in back snagged her some beta, and landwhale in front is about to snag her a beta. Pathetic.

        3. I hope the guys landing the whales are immigrants looking for their papers pulling off a reverse scam!

        4. She’s going to need a couple of full pound Hershey bars to say yes I’m afraid.

        5. How can these dudes be smiling? Christ, it would be like me facing a death sentence if I was in that situation. Smile? Hell no, more like struggling to escape.

        6. That is so disturbing. I’m willing to bet that he is getting the “leftover”. Like when she was in her younger year, she fucked a lot of guys and now she is going to settle with this poor fella.

        7. Thats why when i hit thirty im going to get myself a nineteen year old good girl and let her start making babies from the get go.

        8. Good plan and totally plausible. At 48 I still have 20 somethings (admittedly on the other side of 25) and early 30 somethings hitting on me, hard, so at 30 you should have your pick from the latest graduating class from high schools I’d think.

        9. I dont think it will be a problem, Its only natural. It doesnt surprise me that twenty years younger women hit on you, if life blessed you with handsomeness and masculinity then things only seem to get better with age. Of course women like money as well but that you dont have to be born with.

        10. I’m naturally tall (6’3″), ~235 pounds, at the gym a lot, wide chest, narrow waist, and am told rather consistently that I look like a particular movie star by various women. So yeah, it helps, a lot. The money is just gravy and I don’t flaunt what I have so they probably don’t know that, or if they assume it they assume so without any real evidence. If you have anything like this you’re set for life, brother.
          Just keep in mind some of the old rules/wisdom from men of ages past once you get married and you’re golden.

        11. I have heard a woman say that men under thirty are not sexually attractive, they can be “cute” but not more than that, i believe her to some extent because i notice that the older i get and the androgynous features of adolesense become more distant the more attention from women i get.

        12. I’ve noticed that most young women just don’t have the guts to hit on you, no matter how attracted they are. Like, even if they are so attracted that they are playing with their pen, shaking their legs and constantly looking at you.
          It’s older women who hit more often, maybe out of desperation, because they know they are getting old and unattractive.

        13. Doesn’t seem to phase them around here. It’s a white collar town with a nearby major university (THE Ohio State University) so things seem a bit more, dunno, aggressive. Not only do we have OSU, there is also a major bank mortgage bank HQ down the road from where I hang, and all of the office broads with bad boy fantasies hit the bars where my type hang out (bikers) looking for their alpha fix. General ages are from 23 to around 40 or so, give or take.
          I have a friend who is a therapist and he’s mentioned to me before how women have become so aggressive (sexually) lately. I don’t know if that counts for much, but it seems to be the case around here anyway.

        14. I remember one of the first comments i read here on rok that really gave me a sense of justice in the midst of the crazy feminist times we live in “women age like milk whilst men age just like a fine wine” something like that.

        15. They are just sluts with more confidence. That’s why feminism is trying to make all the fat and ugly women believe they are beautiful, so that they will slut it up even more.
          We don’t have feminism in Eastern Europe, but saw a 14-years old slut (14 is the legal age here) during my last year in high school, and I’m telling you, it’s not pretty. She was proud that he lost her virginity at 12. You could say she was hot for her age, and I saw how she was turning all of her friends into sluts. The world just gets sluttier. Feminism only puts fuel into the fire, but I think the main reason for all that is the comfort of civilization, which makes the individual man a redundant part in the woman’s live.

        16. Bullshit. You spend way too muchtime around here to have anyone hitting on you. You guys are pathetic.

        17. That guy is lean, full head of hair, possibly military though the turquoise shirt is questionable. Turquoise and black pants. Now he’s canceled himself out; If you’re going to wear turquoise, at least be the kind of guy who knows how to dress. No socks. STILL, he is light years above her in SMV from an international perspective. I’ve had some drunken, thirsty moments and I discovered a link between having to fully extend your fingers to ‘hold’ a woman’s upper arm..connected to the penile shaft. It’s not a good connection. It’s a shutdown mechanism. If you get way more than a handful of upper arm, you should go ‘to sleep’ downstairs, if you will, and rightly so.
          Turquoise Man needed a passport so badly.

        18. And the other chubby-chaser mangina who just got hitched is so happy about his wife’s pushed up fatbags. Too bad her shoulders dwarf her double E’s. That’s not exactly how it’s supposed to work.

        19. And the local pharmacist just bagged a couple of new Viagra customers because they’re is no way they can crank one up for that stuff naturally

        20. I didn’t know there was a picture of Danny DeVito at the bottom of 2 gallon tubs of Haagen-Dazs.

        21. Its interesting, I get more looks now compared to when I was 15 years younger and ripped.

        22. I always wonder how many women actually believe they can beat the shit out of men because of the movies and TV. Then one day they try it with the wrong person.

        23. To any guy thinking of proposing at someone else’s wedding, don’t. That day belongs to someone else, don’t screw it up by being a total fag and doing a public wedding proposal in front of another wedding party. Also if she’s a big heifer and you are not, you can do better.

        24. I’m guuna wait till 36 then get an 18 year old virgin white preferably religious girl. Do the nasty and won’t stop till I have 10 sons.

        1. The guy to the right seems like a cool drinking buddy at least, he looks like he knows how to party.

        2. I’m honestly of the mind that this bullshit is to train stupid men to go gay. That “chick” is 90% man.

        3. That’s the real Ronda. Fucking dudes that are all about that, are basically declaring that they’re coming out of the closet as far as I’m concerned.

        4. She’s a good fighter, but that’s not what I look for in a woman. I just don’t understand these girls in MMA. I guess they get into the sport to meet male fighters. The thing about Rousey is she’s been doing this since she was a kid. She completely outclasses the other girls. She also comes off as a girl with a major chip on her shoulder, she can’t just go into a fight with her opponent and compete. She has to become enemies with her opponent in order to fight her.
          These pictures of her aren’t very complementary and there are some hot girls in MMA but why bother, they compete in a male combat sport. I don’t want anything to do with these manly women. You can’t look feminine in a fist fight and Rousey will never be feminine. Bragging about beating up an ex-boyfriend is not an attractive feature.

        5. You guys haven’t even addressed her voice yet. Damned low and masculine. Like she’s on stuff.

        6. “hot girls in the MMA”. Aren’t the 2 mutually exclusive?
          To be a female in the MMA, you have to be a super aggressive, butch pseudo-lesbo. To my mind, this excludes you from every being considered hot.

        7. Exactly so, Bill…further, who’s to say the boyfriend is not some type of masochist, who enjoys pain — frankly, how could he not be?

        8. probably not the best pics of her, to be fair. that said, i’m more of a misha tate/paige van zandt man.

        9. Well the girls are physically fit which I find attractive. The fighting and the manly behavior is a big turn off. Ronda is a little chubby when she’s not at a weigh in. I think she drops twenty pounds for a fight.

        10. “She also comes off as a girl with a major chip on her shoulder”
          This, accompanied by the media and beta males fawning all over her, will weaken the feminine nature of current women in the West and beyond.
          Remember that women are sheepish in their thinking.

        11. What? You guys are all pretty funny and interesting to read for a while. You guys seem to be trolling each other, unless, men really think this way? Carry on. I’m studying your species.

        12. Well she lost on Saturday, after a high kick to the jaw she was knocked unconscious. I think she’ll be a little more humble now. The whole women’s MMA does send the wrong message about what makes a feminine woman.

        13. That knockout was a major blow to the feminist media agenda. They have her streamlined for all sorts of movies, commercials, etc. Now they need to reframe their product.

        14. Actually, she’s not humble about it at all. Can’t find the link, but she condemned the head kick as a cowardly shot.
          I don’t follow MMA at all, but the kick was fair from what I know of the rules.

        15. Well then I stand corrected, I guess she needs to start training on how to defeat high kicks. It looked fair to me, the girl helped Ronda back to her feet turned her around and kicked in the face.

        16. Girls don’t care about men in the modern age because “Sisters Be Doin it Fo Themselves”!

        17. I can’t find a female fighter attractive no matter how she looks. Even if she’s objectively pretty, I can’t be sexually aroused by her.
          I guess what I’m feeling about women fighters is the counter part to how women feel about weak men.

      2. Female mma fighters are particularly ugly as having male physical characteristics (like muscle mass, testosterone, etc..) are requirements to be good at the sport.

      3. When she is boxing, she knows where no part of her body is. Did you see her running after Holm with her arms in every direction, chin up ?

        1. She knew where her face was during stand-up. It was the painful thing that kept getting punched.

    4. Your guess is as good as mine GOJ. I’m still scratching my head over all of this. I guess the girly boys just follow what’s popular like girls naturally do. It doesn’t help that being masculine is now considered not only illegal but some kind of social sin.

      1. Strangely enough, at least in my neck of the woods, it’s still respected and considered attractive to chicks. Throw on my Stetson after getting off of the motorcycle and I can sometimes watch the women vying with each other for attention. Same with other masculine men I know out here in flyover country, chicks nearly line up and take a number.
        If I were in NYC or Chicago though, yeah, I wouldn’t get much play I suspect. I have 0.0% metrosexual in me and I was charged with domestic abuse for beating my feminine side out of me.

        1. “I was charged with domestic abuse for beating my feminine side out of me.”

    5. I hate how the UFC attracted all these beta white knights as new fans since they added these bitches divisions. However they lost a ton of their true fans. Now you have fags in forums bragging about how Ronda Rousey would beat men up. This is the kind of trashy new fans the UFC has.

      1. “Now you have fags in forums bragging about how Ronda Rousey would beat men up. This is the kind of trashy new fans the UFC has.”
        True. You hear these pussies say things like, “she can put me in an arm bar anytime,” or “I’d live to get into the ring with her,” etc. It’s fucking pathetic.
        I don’t think there has ever been a generation of men in the history of the world who found a woman that could kick their ass attractive. We are on the verge of new territory here.

        1. I’m not surprised at all. Look at this new generation of boys (not men). They all bow to women (like Rousey) when they should be out there owning women. That’s what men do.

        2. Actually, if a woman was able to kick my ass legit and look hot doing it… honestly, I would have no choice but to think she is the shit. Reality is that I doubt there are 100 women in this world who could kick my ass and look good doing it.. so its a mute point.

        3. She may be the best female fighter in the world, but let’s put her ass up against the best male fighter and see what happens. I’d love to see her put in the cage with either Fedor or Anderson Silva in their prime.

        4. Yeah, yesterday I saw the bitch got served a taste of her own medicine. All that crossed my mind was: Weren’t you capable of beating any men?..
          The worst is not her attention whoring. The worst are the emasculated men(?) that buy into her and the media’s superwoman crap.

        5. I thought it was her, but maybe it was some other female champion who said straight out that she can’t roll with guys, even in her own weight class. ???

        6. Oh man, now you have the juices flowing: the thought of tying down Rhonda Rousey and using her as your bitch!
          Personally, the fantasy would involve seduction such that she willfully submits, but I can understand other measures.

        7. Back about 30 years ago I was a comic book fan and one of the titles I collected was the New Teen Titans. Among them was Wonder Girl. . . some relative to Wonder Woman who had the same Amazon powers and such. Then she had a mortal boyfriend who found out her identity. There was a brief exchange in one issue where she has some angst about the fact that she could hand him his ass at any time. The boy friend rolled with it and said he was fine and then something like “and with you, it is kind of kinky”.

        8. I would beat her til she loves me. We’d wear gloves and do it in the ring so it wouldn’t be wife beating. But something tells me she likes it rough…

        9. I doubt she can. I’ve fought female world champions before. You just have to focus a little more but you still have to hold back.

        10. I dated a girl who thought hand to hand combat was foreplay. I osotogari’d her ass and went for the pin. Frankly, that was hot.

        11. When I was younger I played D&D and such. I introduced a female warrior, trained from birth. She could kick major ass but her code was that if you beat her, then she was yours. She was mind-controlled by a villain but my buddy took her down. He was completely at a loss about how to deal with her after that.

        12. Eh, if the book of proverbs has any historical veracity, maybe not.
          Thousands of years ago, I suspect men wanted a woman who worked. Imagine a blacksmith with a wife who, except during and just after pregnancy, was too lazy to even carry water?
          Men have always wanted a strong woman. The uncharted territory we’re in now is that women can work, but are demanding they get all the lazy woman benefits of times past.
          I say throw the feminist revision of history under the bus for what it is, BS. And start demanding woman carry their own load like their ancestors did. And they better reciprocate like we do.
          Then gt on with our lives.

      2. Joe Rogan would be her #1 beta bitch. Yet Roosh (or was it Heartiste?) holds him up as mr. uber alpha

        1. I think most people like Rogan because he’s made money doing what he wants and has been very politically incorrect, not so much that they’d want to model their behavior after him. (That said, I’ve never listened to him talk for very long, so he could be a total toolbag for all I know.)

        2. On Rogan’s defense, it’s obvious he is forced to do this. The UFC tells him to hype Ronda Rousey to ridiculous levels. That’s his job.

        3. To be fair, Joe Rogan has been know to bash feminists and I can’t help but like him for that.

        4. His official job is to commentate. In no other sports are the commentators instructed to do anything else than commentate on what they believe they see. Problem with UFC is that everyone is in on the same job.

        5. Never look at someone and how they made money, and then emulate them in the hopes of making money. If this system worked, there would be no need for business schools.
          They did their thing, were successful, and now the river is not the same one they stepped in.
          Do YOUR thing.

      3. I have fought World Champion female fighters. You have a focus a little more but otherwise they aren’t much threat.

    6. For the life of me I do not understand this Ronda Rousey fanboy club. Something went awry in these guys’ development.

    7. EXACTLY. This mentally ill, gender confused creature should be in an asylum being treated with estrogen replacement therapy and electroshock. Those degenerates that find this thing attractive obviously have issues to deal with themselves…homos.

    8. “They have literally trained betas to find the teenaged boy look “sexy”.”
      Yep. This is a huge problem I have with a lot of “sexy” actresses — yes, they’re in shape (or underfed), but they got no feminine curves. There are also a lot of them with boyish faces. Then throw in 70s/80s male haircuts…
      Thanks, but no.

    9. No shit I was thinking the same thing ! What is this UFC shit . Ballerina bodies , yoga bodies , even gymnast physiques .

    10. Men with an inferiority complex toward women are nothing new, that is not the product of social training. What is new is that they can talk about it openly now without being shamed at large by society.

      1. Yes it is, when you are an incompetent man, you settle for whatever comes across, this whole “now it’s out in the open” thing is stupid, what next? most people are lazy with huge appetites but now they can indulge without being shamed? oh wait that already happens. If they think so or not is irrelevant, the point is,, a man does not submit to women, if he’s trained to be competent he will not. Things are by nature disorderly, order must be brought.

    11. “Oh man, I love a woman who can kick my ass,” I’ve actually heard one say. Friggin’ pathetic.”
      It actually goes deeper than that. You are now criticized as a sexist if you DON’T find her attractive.
      The Orwellain, twisting of the narrative never ends. That is why you have to call bullshit right out of the gate on these people, or else they will keep pushing the narrative until they have completely destroyed traditional femininity.

    12. God Damn fucking cunt. Lay one finger on one of these man-girls and you’re going to jail on felony domestic violence charges. And many states won’t consider dropping those charges because it’s so god damn un-PC to do so. That meas a man is easily looking at 3-5K in bail and attorney’s fees just get off the hook.
      This bitch should see the inside of a jail, then the inside of courtroom, then the inside of a prison for at least 3-6 months.

    13. I think your politics are clouding your reality-glasses. She is a nice looking woman with a rocking body. As I said above, what man would not want his woman if, encountering a rapist or robber, to completely fuck his shit up? There is obviously a lot there for men of all types to be attracted to. The point of this article is that she abused it and was not called out on it.

  14. There’s pushback starting on Rousey. Just in the last couple days, there have been stories published by Yahoo, USA Today, Washington Post, and others. It took a while for the Ray Rice and Greg Hardy stories to reach an audience and have repercussions, the next couple weeks will be very telling whether there’s actually a double standard or not

  15. Ronda Rousey Likes Her Foreplay “Rough” and Here’s How It Went Down
    “I punched him in the face with a straight right, then a left hook,” she writes. “He staggered back and fell against the door.
    [Expletive] my hands, I thought. I can’t hurt them before a fight.
    “I slapped him with my right hand. He still wouldn’t move. Then I grabbed him by the neck of his hoodie, kneed him in the face and tossed him aside on the kitchen floor.”
    The fight ended when she walked out to her car and he jumped into the passenger seat, asking her to hear him out. “I walked around the car, pulled him by the neck of the hoodie again, dragged him onto the sidewalk and left him writhing there as I sped away.”
    The End
    Article fixed. You’re welcome.

      1. Essentially true. There seemed to be a bunch of irrelevant stuff after Ronda’s story but I just deleted it.

    1. The more I read her account of what she did to her ex-boyfriend the more far fetched and ridiculous it reads. Seriously, just reenact that situation in your head, is that even plausible? Can that even happen? It’s laughable..it would make for a great comedy sketch or maybe this is the new Penthouse Forum for women. These crazy unimaginable scenarios that the writer dreamed up…its so descriptive…“He staggered back and fell against the door.” lol this is actually very comical

  16. Why?
    Why is not important. What is important is the conversation. That is all that matters.
    Ask the question and the distraction continues. Women will have nothing to offer to this discussion other than combating back to the question we are asking.
    Nothing logical. Nothing reasonable. Nothing of substance. The conversation will go in circles until she gets emotional and makes you as a man look like the big bad misogynist.
    The conversation is all about the conversation. Keep us talking until the topic dies down and they invent another one for us to chew on.
    Feminist power lies in men’s response. Without that, they have nothing. This is a game of attention. The moment we ask questions is the moment we lose.
    Women play the game of smoke and mirrors better than anyone because they are not raised on the strategy philosophy like men are. They will cheat and call it fair. You win the game by not playing. Once you pick up the ball she has already won. From there, It now becomes all about how long she can run you in circles until you give up. The link about the movie “Good Will Hunting” proves my point
    What Ronda did will not spark a genuine debate with modern day feminists.
    “Your a man and I have a pussy. I will win eventually no matter how correct you are. I will paint your statue that you created purple and call it a revolution”
    “A woman’s power lies in a man’s ignorance and imagination. What is a porn star without her fans? What is a feminist without men?”

  17. Rhonda Rousey has been shooting steroids, HGH, testosterone, for so long, can you even call her female anymore? Looks like female transgendering to male.

      1. She already does. Check out my photos of her below, when they haven’t applied ten tons of makeup to her and forced her boy-frame into a dress.

        1. Stop reminding me GOJ. Those pics are so “triggering”. Seriously though, I do wonder if she’s on Deca Durabolin or something. If so that can’t be good for a female’s endocrine system.

        2. She’s clearly on something, she truly does have the build of a muscular teen aged boy and that is utterly unnatural and impossible without serious amounts of artificial “help”. I’ve seen really fit women who lift all the time get nowhere near that, unless they’re juicing.
          But honestly, if it happens to her, then good. She’s a psycho white trash piece of debris that brags about beating her boyfriend, she can go pound sand as far as I’m concerned.

        3. She is mongrel trash her grandfather was a south american black and she has the makeup of a african.

  18. Its already happened. Woman can bludgeon a man in bed while he’s sleeping and claim the abused wife syndrome caused her to snap.

  19. As Ive mentioned before ,A girl I was dating once got violent with me….ONCE. It didnt go well for her.

    1. Violent women are tough nuts to handle, not physically, but psychologically they get most men hands down on the mat. It’s not pleasant to experience.

  20. That athletes should be suspended besides getting criminal charges should not be put in question. After all, they ARE public figures whether you like it or not. Plus, it’s not like they contribute anything meaningful to society besides a few minutes of prowess. But with that being said, if they’re going after Rice and Chris Brown, they should be going after Roussey and Hope Solo with the same vigor. As for Rice’s wife marrying him, well, she’s on her own.

  21. The guy was lucky she didn’t do armbar and break his arm. It doesn’t take that much strength to break someone’s arm while doing armbar… in BJJ, there are times when smaller and lighter guys make a big guy tap.
    If this guy fought back and managed to hit her and she didn’t like that and report it to the cops, he would be in prison getting gangraped by feral inmates.
    Tough choice. The guy got emasculated by a girl, (fighter). Whoever her boyfriend was at that time, I hope he made significant improvement and allowed this shit to never happened to him for the rest of his life. That moment of becoming a woman’s bitch should be a snapping point for him to never let that happen to him.
    Or if she exaggerated or made up the story, who knows.
    I think at one point, Rousey says she is attracted to Fedor but I think Fedor is a red pill guy because Fedor said women should not be in MMA and many Russians are not politically correct. I don’t think Fedor would give a girl like Rousey any time of the day.
    I think Rousey is dating a fellow MMA dude as boyfriend-girlfriend so if she tried this shit on him, I think the MMA guy wouldn’t tolerate and put her ass back in her place. Any guy who trains weights regularly and takes some class (assuming the guy is bigger than Rousey) could probably beat the shit out of Rousey.
    Why would a guy need a girl’s permission anyways to take a pic or not. Seems like Rousey likes to be the dominant one wearing the pants. These kinds of girls usually harbor secret rape fantasies involving getting tied up and whipped. Strange because I know some girls like that… Trying to be dominant with personality but deep down inside have the opposite trait of having fetish for being submitted (no pun intended) and beaten.
    Rousey may have secret fetish of being choked, submitted, beaten, and fucked violently by a real man. That would turn her on. Girls who are the loudest tend to have weird fucked up fetish for some reason. When I used to participate in BDSM events and activities, I met a lot of girls like that.

    1. She claims she did it in self-defense, so it doesn’t constitute as domestic violence. WTF !!!

  22. Is anyone else as sick of Ronda Rousey as I am? We get it, she’s a chick who kicks ass. She’s part of the group of women I like to consider as those who are only known for being women. Meaning she probably couldn’t even beat the worst male UFC fighter in a fight, and is therefore not even close to the greatest of all time, but because she’s a relatively attractive woman who is outspoken and acts tough people love her. See also Danica Patrick, who is far from the best NASCAR driver but is well known because she’s a woman who can “play with the boys”.
    You also see this a lot in the arts. For example, female musicians can have feminist messages about oppression in their songs, yet get more press coverage than any band of men ever will strictly because they’re women (Quality of the craft be damned). There’s a female-fronted punk band from a scene I was in for a few years who I don’t think are that good, but they’ve gotten tons of actual mainstream press because of their politics. The singer has actually made some decent money from her music and lives a good life, yet still complains about inequality……While male punk bands from the scene she came from who have been around longer than she has and are better in quality are still at the local level, hoping to get more than 30 people at a VFW hall.

    1. I was with you until “relatively attractive”. Lots and lots of industrial grade work goes into making her a 5.5-6. Look at the real photos I posted of her below. Remember, if a woman is hot in a picture, she’s a 6 in real life. If a woman is a 5-6 in a picture, she’s an absolute dog in real life.
      Patrick pisses me off too. What’s fun is that some male NASCAR drivers are starting to make fun of her and her inability to go a race without crashing.

    2. I hate her. She is one of the most over-rated fighter in the history of mma. She is almost as overated as Kimbo Slice was in the EliteXC. When Kimbo lost a single fight, it was enough to destroy the entire organisation of EliteXC. They put all their hype and marketing into a single guy that was a terrible fighter. They lied non-stop to push him. When he lost to some scrub, all of this was destroyed. The same thing will happen with Ronda Rousey.

  23. The most unfortunate part is that this double standard is not just enforced by your Average Joes, but by our law and courts. Things like VAWA, primary aggressor laws, and the total absence of shelters/support for battered men are thanks to this mentality.

    1. How does a man let himself get battered by a female. That’s the ultimate shame and humiliation for a man.

        1. The law can be real bitch too. The same rule applies as in medicine, prevention is the best cure. If you’ve any doubt, even the slightest, that the girl you’re going to marry is a nagging, manipulative bitch, dump her without any hesitant. However, most guys will say “these issues will be worked out after we marry” …yeah, they’ll be worked out in a costly divorce or continuous mental and physical bullying.

        2. I wonder if he fought back, could he use self defense as a defense? I mean she is a black belt so that alone is assault with a deadly weapon.

  24. Thing is she wouldn’t even be a star athlete if she was in an MMA division with a talent pool deeper than the sidewalk puddle outside my house. WMMA talent pool is a joke. If an Olympic level judo athlete walks into a dojo full of yellow belts and kicks their asses, that doesn’t make them a great champion because none of the opponents were on their skill level. Rhonda rides into WMMA and destroys the shallow talent pool of nobodies and is hailed as a champ. I don’t get it.

  25. Any future discussions of Rhonda Rousey should result in, “Oh, you mean that domestic abuser?”
    Seriously, don’t let this topic get washed down into the storm drain of information overload. The media has been tongue punching her asshole for the last year, 24/7. As Matt pointed out, Ray Rice (and a littany of other men) have never received a morsel of sympathy and neither should she.
    It’s so clear that the media is heavily invested in her – she is the physical representation of their precious “warrior princess” character: that annoying character that is now mandatory in every action film (thus destroying the genre).
    Call bullshit on her and call it often.

    1. The media always seems to over saturate a story until everyone is so sick of it they eventually completely tune it out.

  26. I hate her and all the female fighters in the UFC. They have no talent and no athleticism at all. Their fights are always snoozefests. I am so pissed off that the UFC decided to go that route. The only way female fighters can be somewhat good is by taking male hormones to make them more manly. I watch UFC events, but I skip 100% of the bitches fights. It is much more entertaining this way.

      1. That mexican trannie was ragdolling the ladies pretty brutally, cant recall his name unfortunately.

        1. El Transvesto?
          Senor Senorita?
          Senora Hombre?
          El Guapa?

        2. How about Brock Lesner declaring himself a female and going all birserk in women’s competitions?

        3. Can’t help you with that buddy. All I can say is that while the west is going bezerk, Putin is kicking ISIS’ ass and fucking young pussy at the same time.

        4. Now that i want to see. “Brook” Lesnar poundcaking fat female heavyweights. Brook is a female name right?

    1. UFC is slowly being feminized like the NFL. It is a masculine sport for men. Now they let women fight. Next will be pink gloves and shorts in October.
      Wherever men congregate, women always want to be included. Boy Scouts, then Girl Scouts. NBA, now Women’s NBA. Men’s Health magazine, now Women’s Health magazine.

  27. At the same time what do you expect dating someone like Rousey. All should note that unless the person assaulted files charges the police will not make an arrest the exception being minors in which case the state acts on behalf of the assaulted.

  28. Unusual for a female celebrity to actively prevent her nudie pics from getting leaked.
    Maybe she has cock?

    1. Maybe she wished that she was endowed with one. I think that’s the subtext with many of these “chicks”….and even if they had one they’d still be betas on steroids.

      1. I’m sure that’s a motivation. I imagine at some point in her career she will also have taken steroids, so it’s quite possible she has a little clitty one

        1. Motivation is always the pivotal determining factor in any group or individual who display their supposed abnormality or inferiority as the victim made good. This type of motivation manipulates us by using our natural sense of justice and fairness by inducing that peculiar “sense of guilt” that says, despite the evidence of our eyes “these people are not really narcissistic freaks” but heroes that have come good, despite the awful, repressive, white, women hating culture we nurtured them in.

        2. It’s certainly something that needs a whole lot of scrutiny given to it. Ok, there’s the “women need to toughen up to be able to fight the patriarchy” bollocks, but ultimately that’s never the actual reason they go into this thing. Feminists want to beat the big boys at their own game, wielding their figurative ‘lesbian phalluses’ while society fixes the game so they can only come out on top. It’s bizarre, delusional and socially sanctioned wish fulfilment

        3. I was being ironical in my last sentence above. There’s certain games that you can never fix. Even if certain types of women could have the physical prowess of a man, there will always be that sense that they are the exception to the rule, and, the patent fact that the game is fixed for them to win just proves the point that their only values lies in them being mere “entertainment”.

        4. Real people understand that but there’s a massive disconnect with reality in the minds of a lot of young people, especially young women who see ‘themselves’ beating up men on screen with ease. They put that stuff on telly so people will believe it

      1. I think many women have these days. Rousey may well be inclined to rip one off in order to satisfy her manly urges

  29. A random thought: can a man avoid rape accusations by declaring himself a woman after the fact?
    “What? She said I raped her? Impossible! Im a woman too! After all, its only a social construct”

      1. Lot of feminists never got over the fact that ‘fist of fury’ turned out to be a kung fu movie

  30. Are they taking testosterone ?
    Their characteristics look abnormal, beyond what is possible through training.

  31. There’s an Emily’s list which helps women get political careers they don’t deserve and now MMA is all about giving women fighters equality they don’t deserve, so why not stick ‘equality’ on the front of the women’s division and call it EMMA.

      1. He’ll have a bulge in his crotch and be disqualified during the match. Unless he donates it to Rousey.

      2. A year ago that would have been a bizarre joke. Now I could actually see it happening. There would be objections, some people would object, but there would be no logical argument to be made so long as its ‘choice’ that defines gender identity. We need some seriously dedicated trolls

  32. This reminds me of how that fat chick wrote about molesting her younger sister and no one batted an eye.

    1. Now that was bad. Her sister was righteously screwed up sexually. She has no idea what she is and what she likes. Thanks to her perverted older sister and weird parents. But she is still so well thought of, that she mentored the presidents daughter

  33. We should note something here besides the massive hypocrisy in our culture.
    Her ex he never felt like he was in mortal danger. Despite Ronda Rousey being the toughest woman on earth. He never defended himself, he did not even try to get away. He came back for more right after the first beating, hoping to talk her out of leaving. At no time did he fear her. Likely he felt like he had it coming and she could not do much harm to him anyway. Yes that is how much tougher men are than woman. So long as they do have a weapon and you see it coming, as slow as they are, you usually do see it comming. They do not have much. Remember this the next time we see that bad ass, butt kicking woman in the movies. She doesn’t exist.

    1. I read it differently. He came across as your typical beta simp, especially if this part is to be believed:
      “I walked around the car, pulled him by the neck of the hoodie again, dragged him onto the sidewalk and left him writhing there as I sped away.”
      This guy deserves his ass kicked just for letting a girl kick his ass like that. If that was me it would have gone way differently. I dated a girl who knew karate and just for fun i had her kick me as hard as she could. I barely felt it and i was hardly in the same shape i was back when i was training in the USMC.
      I don’t give a shit if i have done you wrong, call the cops or sue me, DO NOT put your hands on me because i will go into beast mode and destroy you out of “self defense.”

      1. He was being a beta. No top guy would take that crap. Even if he had it coming, he would not stand there and take it. The guy was desperate to keep her. But she could not hurt him much and he had no fear of being hurt. You said it, you have see it yourself. Girls are so slow, you need to wait around awhile to be hit by them. And it doesn’t hurt much when they do hit you.

        1. Exactly. I knew krav Maga even back then and at 5″ 11 and stocky i could have seriously hurt her since she was only 5 feet something and petite with her karate training. If the shoe was on the other foot i could have killed her if i hit her as hard as i could.
          Speaking of Krav, I remember in one of my earliest classes the instructor taught me how to do a leg sweep from a supine position. He had me come at him while he was lying on the ground. The guy’s leg looked like a damn tree trunk. He said it was going to sting but even still I didn’t prep myself or anything. When he hit the first time the pain vibrated all up and down my leg and i never forgot the experience. I have a high threshold for pain but damn if that didn’t hurt like hell.
          The funny thing is, every week that passed saw less and less females in the class. I wonder why? 😀
          Sometimes i think that these bims take karate because they think it’s easier than some of the more specialized full contact training out there. No female, i don’t care how bad she thinks she is, has the heart and stomach to undergo the same kind of physical training a Man does.
          Cunts like Rousey would be utterly decimated by Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa or some of the other up and coming true MA’s out there.

        2. She could not take any normal sized man with average ability and some training. Her moves are too slow as are her reactions and she is not strong enough. Even notice that a girl can never catch a drink she drops, while half the time a guy catches his beer on the way down and spills very little of it?

  34. I almost wish Mayweather would take up this overhyped bim’s challenge of a fight so he could knock her pancake ass into the stratosphere and not go to jail for it.
    Either that, or have her stop ducking Fallon Fox so she can get the proper asskicking she deserves.

    1. They would stage it so Rousey would win even though we know Mayweather would knock her out with one punch.

      1. What would Mayweather earn from that? Other than people calling him a bully or something? Mayweather fights for money. How could a UFC fight organizer afford to pay someone of the caliber of Mayweather?

  35. On a related note, don’t anyone watch “into the badlands” which is set to premiere on AMC this weekend.
    It’s more feminist indoctrination passed off as action, similar to what they did with Mad Max.
    One of the cunt execprods even gleefully joked about it, talking about how “my personal crusade is to turn everybody into a feminist.””

      1. They’ve got it set to premiere immediately after TWD so they’re hoping the fans of the show will bleed over into the premiere.

  36. As you talk about this chick , in Paris there have been 4 TERRORIST ATTACKS just now. In the last hour. 18 dead so far

        1. 26 dead according to the guardian + hostage crisis. This is a lot worse than Charlie Hebdo

    1. Europe better wake up and get the savages out (by force if necessary) or they’ll be in for far worse shit.

    2. Looks like our friends from Syria have come home with more than a few chips on their shoulders.

        1. It’s like the film Alien when Ash opens the door and lets that which destroys the whole ship and crew in. Actually, I have to say that for a “Women” I really loved Ripley, if only, women could be as heroic as her.

        2. Isis insurgents with photographic proof of their involvement in Syria have been outed by a Syrian source on Facebook.

        3. ÏIsis insurgents with photographic proof of their involvement in Syria have been outed by a Syrian source on Facebook.

        4. You’re right, there is an endless supply of evidence that they dont even bother to hide, yet the mainstream media try to keep it under the rug.

        5. Gets you thinking sometimes…….This was let to happen. I don’t believe this was at random

        6. I dont believe that either, there is way too many things working to create a disaster for it to be a coincidense. I see alot of george soros finger written all over this.

        7. Soros the fucking skum even admitted to chanelling the immigration.
          It’s a rat race between our governments to reduce our freedoms

        8. Not surprised. All these migrant men and very few women and children. Where are the women and children?

        9. The MSM, like the politicians, don’t want to be called racists. Sucking up to migrants makes everything warm and fuzzy.

        10. Very few of these people are refugees, thats the five percent that come together with women and children the rest are luxury and pussy seeking migrants and usefull idiots in general, just unknowing stupid fools brought in to destroy the welfare and cause a system collapse, and of course within those ranks there is also terrorists as the clip shows.

        11. I think their censorship and twisting of reality is because of more nefarious reasons, wanting to be warm and fuzzy is nothing more than a front.

        12. Sure. That nothing of this is a coincidence but that its engineered just like the so called “arab spring” or how the CIA trained and funded the mujahedeen in the 80s or ISIS for that matter.
          I believe that the “refugee crisis” is by design as well. Engineering civil unrest from within seems to be the prefered warfare of the twentyfirst century.
          George soros as an example has funded the “refugees” journey to europe at the same time he has also been lobbying for open borders.

        13. We can think all the Nordic wimps for their generous social benefits and willingness to be bent over and reamed. The progeny of Viking reduced to this-it’s pathetic. It seems like the only people in Europe with balls are southern Europeans and the Russians.

        14. Well i myself am a nordic man and i am not a wimp neither are many of my brethren but i do get your sentiment. I consider our politicians to be traitors that have declared war against its own people (unoficially of course)

        15. Indeed; and I hope you’ll pardon my painting you all with the same brush but those politicians are treasonous vermin as you correctly point out.

        16. It’s truly sad to see what the descendants of the Vikings and Norsemen have become. Their Nations becoming barren lands where aliens with values destructive to the host cultures are allowed flourish, while the indigenous populations are called racists by their own if they raise legitimate concerns about the Arab hordes in their midst.
          On another note, when I hear that Danish men prefer their women to be the active partners in the bedroom, I can but not despair with a very heavy heart at my forefathers memory, who although Norsemen, at least came from Norway.

        17. It’s a pretty sad debacle alright. The Norwegians I understand are the ones whom still retain their Nordic roots the strongest out of all-the Swedes have forsaken theirs for the sake of ‘multiculturalism’ and as you point out, the Danes have become emasculated. Just as well I’m Greek and we’re still fiercely masculine and always will be-the though of us forsaking our heritage and masculine virtues is enough to make us recoil in disgust.

        18. We are still here though and the last words havent been said yet, there are many people preparing themselves for whats to come.

        19. Europe needs to take a sharp right turn immediately and start protecting itself lest these stone age invaders kill off what was the beacon of civilisation.

        20. “Europe needs to take a sharp right turn” Oh that is coming faster and faster towards us my friend make no mistake about it.

        21. I traveled around Greece for the first time last winter. It was actually snowing in Athens when I was there last February! I thought I was in Scandinavia again. Your country, despite the economic turmoil that was developing when I was there, was a land that seemed to me to have never lost its original spirit.
          You’ve a indelible sense of your own past and what it has given the world, a world that would be greatly improvised without the wisdom and ideas of your forefathers. I know you don’t all pay your taxes these days, you retire at 55 etc, but, I don’t give a shit about any of that. None of that is important, that’s stupid north European petty middle class begrudgery about bailing Greece out. To me, bailing Greece out was never a non-option, as you gave north Europe historically so much that cannot be measured on an accountant’s ledger.
          I like your traditional but open society. I like the way Greek men are masculine without being macho pseudo vain glory sops like other Mediterranean races. The Greek men I met from different regions and of different ages were traditional, cultured, intelligent and hard working, everything a man should be. This fact impressed me greatly. I think the French and Swedish men could learn something at lot from you guys.

        22. It will. The east European response to the Syrian immigration trail into their lands was a welcome wake up call to the flabby Eurocrats in Brussels and not before time.

        23. Thank you-your post touched me deeply. It’s ingrained in our DNA to be such and we will never forsake that-at least I never will notwithstanding all the idiocy and political correctness and other sickness there is out there.

        24. Every crisis is equally an opportunity. The european welfare systems will collapse, rape and crime in general is epedemic so the european peoples are losing alot right now wich many people are bitching and moaning about, i for one are not complaining about that because people need to get shaken out of their complacency and apathy. all the nationalists, national socialists, fascists etc are organizing themselves and biding their time as well.

        25. I agree. I think the far right in France will wipe the boards in two weeks time in the French elections. I hope this starts a general movement to the right across all European politics over the coming years.

        1. It’s been called “tragic” by the French President. Tragic is something for the stage, not reality. How moronic and disconnected from reality are these idiots. French Arab groups have supposedly reported that these events have occurred because they’re disgruntled with the west. Well, if they don’t like the west, we should deport the cunts.

        2. The liberal pussies in Europe don’t have the balls to do it-the stinking Krauts either are importing muslims to get revenge on the rest of Europe for losing two world wars, or, as atonement for their alleged crimes against humanity in WWII. Either way they really ought to have asked the Balkan nations about what a good idea it was being they suffered for centuries under the Ottomans and know what they’re all about.

        3. They only have themselves to blame. Europe is run by idiotic self haters. The time has come for Europeans to say to Muslims in EC countries “live by our rules or be deported”. It’s that simple.

        4. France in particular is infested with disgruntled misanthropic north African Arabs that live nevertheless very comfortably off the French State. These people are parasites that should be expelled like sputum from the lungs of a flu patient.

        5. I was going to say irradiated through chemotherapy but your observation is apropos.

    3. Muslims are being savages? No fucking way!?!? If only there were signs of this happening…

      1. Not all of them I’m afraid.There is quite a big minority whose existence was well known by the security services but they chose to let it slide.

        1. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer don’t work eh??? Moderate muslims don’t exist.

  37. Actually MSN Covered this same exact story with Rousey yesterday, asking the same question about the Double Standard of Domestic Violence when women commit it, and Yahoo talked about domestic Violence against Men about a week ago, so the word is getting out there, personally though I think If a Man can’t control his woman he’s got other problems besides domestic abuse going on…Non the less the Double standard needs to be noted, especially if the genders are supposedly “Equal”, I just can’t believe she wrote the incident in her Biography, had a Male athlete wrote about beating his girlfriend in his Biography it would have been disastrous for him. I think Rousey thought nothing of it and the publisher’s probably thought is would be received as GO GRRLLLL justice by the Public. ABC news just Posted an article about it and of Course Rousey is Claiming she was the Victim saying she was Trapped and “Kidnapped”, the Response engrained in every woman’s brain when in trouble, play the Victim Card…

    1. Sure. She was trapped and kidnapped, broke away and didn’t file a police report to have him arrested. Fallacy number 1.
      Then she writes an autobiography that bragged how she beat him up. Fallacy number 2.
      Now faced with domestic violence charge, she says self defense.

      1. Woman’s Brain, Fallacy number 3
        Imagine if a Man used the excuse, “well officer she was Blocking the door way, so I kneed her in the face, I felt Kidnapped” Somehow I don’t think Public Opinion’s Got his Back, but a woman knows that if she Cries Victim, there is no shortage of White knights coming to her aid, Though maybe this will change, Really surprised that MSN pointed out the double standard, and equally surprised Yahoo Mentioned domestic Violence against Men…Though I maintain, if a Man can’t control his woman….. well…….

  38. Don’t care. A man who gets beat up by a woman is a pussy. I don’t give a shit if she is a professional whatever.

    1. I agree with you on that EXCEPT…. all it takes these days is one simple phone call from a girl/woman saying you “assaulted” her…. have police show up as fast as pizza delivery…. handcuff you, arrest you, throw you over in prison and once from there…. good luck trying to SURVIVE in prison.
      In the West esp USA, Men have to JUMP EVERY HOOP to make sure they are not going to get fucked up (no pun intended), there is target on you everytime… It’s literally every man for himself.
      If you want to go beast mode on the girl, you might as well kill her so she won’t report anything to the police. I don’t endorse killing but you get my point? … A lot of men even the so called “alpha” males are afraid of this because the WHOLE society is against them… whiteknighting for girls like crazy…. all it takes is ONE simple fuck up and you can be sued, thrown in jail.. not worth it man….. One simple call for police…
      People in America are trained to call cops on anything they see “suspicious” or “loud”…. once you realize everyone is out to go after you and you accept it, either you become paranoid or indifferent…. Be indifferent and be EXTREME selfish… Now if you do want to kill the bitch or beat her up, you better have A LOT OF money, back up, and EXIT STRATEGY. First and foremost if guys act alpha towards girls in the VERY BEGINNING, most of shit situation like this wouldn’t happen. It’s not only on girl’s part to blame, guys have to toughen up and act like a man. I suspect Rousey’s boyfriend beta-ed himself somewhere in the beginning… when he chased her to “explain” and she beat him up more, that was the part he messed up worse… In fact, even if you don’t intend to hit the girl, if you have enough strength to hold the girl down, wouldn’t that eradicate the problem ? Or would holding the girl down from assaulting you land you in jail to for “assault”? Crazy world we live in …. or crazy Western world that is.

      1. Don’t live with chicks like that. And “if” you are strong enough to hold the girl down? Don’t live with a chick who is physically stronger than you, and lift some damn weights.

        1. Exactly. Don’t be so quick to co-habitate with anyone. Moving too quick is a bad thing to do. It is difficult to hide crazy for any length of time. Always check out what happened with previous relationships. Domestic abusers (male and female) are rarely ever without a relationship victim.

  39. I have to call bullshit on this one and for once be a devils advocate. I saw an article on ESPN.com that covered the criticism that Rousey has received for admitting she beat the shit out of this guy, and if her account is accurate – and I don’t have any reason to believe it’s not – than she was justified in doing so. The real double-standard here is why is this woman who had justification getting crucified for her admission, yet Hope Solo – who by all accounts had ZERO justification for assaulting her sister – not only got a pass but got a parade down the Canyon of Heroes to boot?

  40. In regards to Rousey being in Australia:
    Chris Brown was denied entry because he was officially found guilty of domestic violence. Rousey has not; there has been no trial and no conviction. Even though she has admitted it and had that admission published internationally.
    And people scoff when we say the legal system is stacked against men and a joke.

    1. The silence though is DEAFENING. Turn your attention to the hockey player Greg Kelly. He was not charged but the google headline reads “…rape charge dropped..” Even though he was never charged.

    2. She claims, she did it in self-defense. So it doesn’t constitute as domestic violence……WTF !!!
      yeah and today she mentioned, He was blocking her path. Blocking someone’s path constitutes as kidnapping legally. This bitch has gone full retard. The fame has fucked her up mentally.

  41. Liberals at it again. In my opinion, don’t date at all by any chance. Society is slipping more into chaos.

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