An Open Letter To Two New York Times Writers About The Future Of Masculinity

I happened to come across this article in the New York Times recently, and realized immediately that I had to respond. The article (“Men’s Lib!”) was written by two individuals, Richard Reeves and Isabel Sawhill, who are described as “senior fellows” at the Brookings Institution.

It is so full of lies, misstatements, cowardly delusions, and deductions from inadequate premises, that my response here became something of a moral obligation.

This article will be an open letter in response to the authors. I hope you’re listening, Richard and Isabel.

For those who harbored any doubt, the article represents nothing less than a declaration of war against the last vestiges of masculine virtue in the United States. Essentially, the idea here is that “men need to become more like women.” In the words of the authors:

The old economy and the old model of masculinity are obsolete. Women have learned to become more like men. Now men need to learn to become more like women.

The article drearily chronicles the marginalization of men from many sectors of American social life, such as the workforce and higher education. It continues with this bit of preaching:

More men ought to be doing what women did historically: improving their economic prospects by marrying well. With apologies to Jane Austen, even a man who is not in possession of a fortune will still be in want of a wife — ideally one who has a fortune of her own.

The problem is that many men and women, disoriented by the shake-up of gender roles, are not marrying at all — less-educated adults, especially — resulting in a class-based marriage gap. Marriage rates among men under 35 have dropped by 23 percentage points since 1980.

Of course, the authors never pause to consider that the reasons why men are falling behind in so many fields is not because they won’t “get with the program” but because their very nature and strengths are derived from things that a feminized society no longer values.

The falling birthrates in the West, as the authors see it, are simply due to male failure to “man up” and get with the new androgynous future.


Also shockingly myopic is the article’s lack of historical depth. It purports to make grand, sweeping conclusions about the nature of gender roles based on the limited experience of America in the past 40 years.

But what about the past 100 years, the past 500 years, or the past 5,000 years of history? Have the authors surveyed that span of human history, to see what lessons might be there for the taking? Of course not. Because that would bring inconvenient truths to the fore.

What truths?

First, that societies built on traditional gender roles have been the unquestioned norm throughout all of history. Did you ever consider that institutions which have stood for thousands of years must have some merit? That they must have evolved for some valid reason?

What?  Do you believe you can pit your own pathetic experience of 40 years on this earth with the cumulative wisdom of 10,000 years of human history?  Do you not see this as the acme of arrogance?

Did it ever occur to you, authors, that your Brave New World of coming androgynization might be the last gasp of dying society, rather than the future?

Did it ever occur to you that stronger, healthier, more masculine societies might be the wave of the future, not sickly androgynous ones?

Did it ever occur to you that your destruction of your own men will open the gates of hell for you?

Did you ever stop and consider the reasons why men (and women) are growing more and more restless, and radicalized, as a result of your cruel suppression of their natures?

Who will be left to defend your pampered, effete, spoiled, androgynous existence when the masculine barbarians come to take what you have?


Who’s going to defend you when your world begins to crumble? Well, who? Kaitlyn Jenner? Miley Cyrus?

Societies cannot long survive with falling birthrates and a denigration of traditional gender roles. Women need men as much, it not more, than men need women. If you destroy us, you bring down the entire building on your head.

Yes, you can use your rigged system here, your little charade, to steal jobs from us.

You can cook the books and pretend that men and women are equal. You can push us out of higher education. You can marginalize us from the military. You can insult us, denigrate us, lie about us, and call us obsolete.

You can do all of these things.

Instead of considering for an instant that the war against men has been a disaster for society, you want to double-down on the war. You want more androgyny. You want the complete eradication of male identity. Did it ever occur to you that the way forward might be a return to traditional roles? How is this “impossible,” as you claim it is?

It is only “impossible” because it threatens your spoiled, soft way of life. You can’t conceive of anything outside of it.

But I can.

Did it ever occur to you that the only reason this society has what it has, is because of the hundreds of years of traditional social structures that made it? Did you ever think that what you believe to be the “future” (androgyny) is only the last gasp of a dying society?

There will be a price to be paid for what you have done. And the price will be the end of your pampered little world. Oh, will there be a price!

No, you’re not going to turn us into women.  We’re not going to be what you want us to be.

And I smell desperation in your pathetic little article. Your world is falling apart. And you know it. You want to get rid of us, but we’re not going anywhere. The one doomed to extinction is you, and your pathetic world. 

You know that men are opting out of your bullshit program. We aren’t going to be slaves for your corrupt Orwellian society. Find someone else to hew the wood and carry the water. Let all these androgynous freaks that you love so much do the dirty work of policing the borders, defending against ISIS, and paying child support.


Without men, without real masculine men, this society will crumble and fall. America and Europe achieved what they achieved because of the thousands of years of traditional social structures which gave them life. Look now at Europe: decades of feminization of European men has left them totally demoralized and confused, and unable to resist the foreign attacks on their societies. This is your future, too.

And you know what? We will sit back and watch what happens. You wanted this world. You wanted this. You ignored our warnings. And now you’re going to find out what it really means.

The family will fall apart. Marriage will fall apart. The martial virtues, which are the exclusive domain of men, will atrophy from lack of use. And what will happen to you then?

Do you not see, that by hurting us, you are sowing the seeds for your own destruction? No society, no civilization, has ever long been able to exist without being able to defend itself. By dismantling the traditional structures that gird the state itself—church, military, education, family—you have essentially destroyed the society itself.

The warning signs are all there, right before your eyes. You noted them all in your article. It should be a call to action. Men are being hounded into oblivion.

They are checking out of society. They are moving abroad. They are not reproducing with the sickening monstrosities that pass themselves off as “women” in this society. If necessary, they will revert to primitive tribalism. Who will be the slaves to run your factories then? Your precious advanced society will be no more.

You are cutting your own throat.  If men go down, this whole society goes down too.

But the truth is that masculinity is coming back. Androgyny is not the wave of the future. Just the opposite. It is going to be seen for what it is: a degenerate ash-bin of history.  There is an awakening around the world, and it is spreading. It is the realization that the past 40 years have been a complete disaster for both men and women.

Go preach androgyny to the hungry, aggressive mouths of the Third World, who are breeding people like you right out of existence.  See how they laugh at you, before rolling right over you.

Women are miserable. Men are miserable. And it is because “senior fellows” like you at places like the Brookings Institution have no understanding of history or biology. You have tried to force us to be what you want us to be.

And we will not be this. We are coming back.

Masculinity of the old school is on the rise, in a denatured, more barbarous form.

Just you wait.

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236 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Two New York Times Writers About The Future Of Masculinity”

  1. We should keep the lists with the names of these Leftist degenerates. The Reckoning is coming, each if them must pay the price for their actions.
    I suggest sending them off to an isolated island along with 250,000+ Syrian refugees, feminists, radical LGBT freaks, black panthers, and other egalitarians. One way ticket of course. And make a reality show out of it.

    1. Normally, I would make some comment about cruel and unusual punishment but in this case I think I’ll go you one better and say we should put it on pay-per-view.

    2. Like I said before, there is nothing worse than selling out your own tribe and your own kin, which is exactly what these kind of people are doing by relentlessly promoting all sorts of degeneracy and opening the gates of society to barbarians. When shit hits the fan, I won’t be going quietly into the night. I will be going John Wick on these assholes.

    3. Would be fun to watch how nicely the Syrian refugees and LGBT freaks get along with each other..

  2. I have long said that a group of egg-heads with advanced degrees sitting around a table can’t come up with social systems developed by centuries of practical experience. Being one of those advanced degree holders myself (hard sciences) and able to synchronize a pair of SU carburetors I think I am qualified to make this judgement. Unfortunately, most graduate degree holders, especially in the social or soft sciences, have little to no actual experience dealing with the real world.

    1. And little to no humility to understand the limits of their totally academic experience.

    2. I have a strong suspicion that the EU leadership in Brussels is much what you describe, egg-heads with advanced degrees running a destructive social experiment at our expense.

    3. Haha, happens all the time. I spent thousands of hours working in factories, both union and non union. I have first hand information about what these people want or expect.
      Then I have some academic wannabe telling me that none of that experience counts, when they themselves have never stepped off campus.
      No different then the amazing white guilt crowd that lives in a suburban lot in the country taking about how the inner city is just not well understood.

  3. The best that can be said of the absolute mockery that Reeves and Sawhill make of themselves by publishing that pablum, is that it will end when the Islamic State hacks their heads off. They certainly do not exhibit the warrior fortitude that built the West and that sustained it against the onslaughts of the ages.
    Academic feminism culminates in the self-hatred of culturally emasculated eunuchs such as Reeves. Disgusting, unforgivable and ridiculous.

  4. Great open letter against the dumbass anti-male author.
    “The old economy and the old model of masculinity are obsolete. Women
    have learned to become more like men. Now men need to learn to become
    more like women.”
    I laugh my ass off reading that statement. No country and society had benefited by the old economy and the old model of masculinity than the United States. Now this society now mocking it and asking men to be more like women. There’s a price this country will pay for this anti-male foolishness. As one of those masculine men they mocked, Ill say to society, there on their own, they cant afford it and must realize it.

    1. I’m not sure I’d say no country has benefitted more than the US… I’d say every country throughout history got where it was precisely through patriarchy and masculinity. Indeed, it was only when the ultimate patriarchal system–monarchy–was overthrown, did these societies weaken and diminish. Every society in the world peaked under a monarch (excepting US–it never had a monarch and was only around 200 years so we cannot see how it would have behaved under a monarchy).

      1. Its true every country and empire grew under patriarchy and masculinity. In the US case it grew under so many ways never seen before or since in history. The freedoms given by and to American citizens, capitalism and mixing patriarchy and masculinity leaped the US become a super power. The crazy thing theses days is that people and the US government are going the opposite and paying a huge price.

    2. not just asking. “men need to become more like women”. To me that is authoritarian in nature. Sorry, but that kind of talk just wants me to pursue even more masculine interests. So NYT, keep up the good work, you are digging your own grave.

  5. Great post Quintus. Hey if the future is to “be more like women”, then why haven’t they walked on the Moon yet? Yeah, that’s what I thought.
    Watch from a distance and weep with joy as men are doing the amazing shit.

  6. I think ‘Days of Broken Arrows’ said it best on the rooshVforum;

    “The old economy and the old model of masculinity are obsolete.”
    Is anyone else here besides 2Wycked a fan of the old show “The Twilight Zone?” It often had surprise endings. A lot of times the main characters got what they were hoping for, but with some unexpected twist.
    I’d like to see this writer in an episode of that show.
    The first 15 minutes would depict a world that she wanted — where old-style masculinity would be declared obsolete. We’d see her laughing and carrying on with her dream fem-boys, happy in a new, liberated world. She’s dressed in pink; so are they. Everybody’s giggling and happy.
    And then one day her town is hit with a massive hurricane like Sandy.
    All of a sudden there is no power. To her dismay, there is no one around to fix that. The *new breed of men* she demanded are unskilled in manual labor. And, besides, they’re afraid to go down into the sewers to make repairs. There might be mice down there. And rats. OMG! Eek! OMG!
    The episode closes with her looking horrified at the girlie shrieks of the men afraid to open the city’s newly-declared “personhole” covers. Instead, they skip off to an Ariana Grande Dance Party.
    And that new economy? It’s called the barter system. It’s what you get when you can’t power up cash registers.
    Rod Serling’s Closing Voiceover:
    Meet our New York Times writer. She got what she wanted. But never thought about losing what she had. She now sits in a room without electricity. Her new occupation? Consoling a generation of non-masculine men who are afraid of the dark. It’s tough job but it needs to be done in…”The Twilight Zone.”

  7. Preach! I read this same article and it got my hackles up as well! I’ve been meaning to write a response as well. Yours is terrific and absolutely necessary. Great work!

  8. “But the truth is that masculinity is coming back.”
    And it scares the living shit out of them. The screams of a dying enemy get louder the closer the knife pierces the vital organs. Prepare for more leftist articles of this nature, they are getting nervous in real time.
    Another fantastic article Quintus, we rely on your vigilant gaze.

  9. Anthropology teaches us that every matrilineal society collapses when it comes in contact with a martial patriarchial society.
    Every social movement of the last 100 years was made possible by the comfort that capitalism provides. Heaven forbid the market crashes and females are faced with real problems like famine, rape, genocide, etc… instincts will kick in and she will seek a strong male protector to follow-or she will starve.
    This notion is why gender roles remain strict in 3rd World countries I’ve visited, because famine, genocide, rape are all possibilities and they don’t have the comfort of political correctness to protect them.
    It’s very ironic they criticize the same class that gave them the highest standard of living in human history.

  10. When I started reading the NYT article, I thought I was going to agree with it. It starts out describing feminism as not a movement for “equality” but a movement to benefit only women. And there is a marked lack of support for men.
    As a friend who works in public health pointed out to me years ago, while society has done a great job of telling women it’s fine for them to be airline pilots, accountants, or doctors, there has been no effort to help men achieve success in fields like education, nursing, etc. At the time there was a shortage in nurses, and one could actually make quite a lucrative income as a travel nurse, which sounded like a pretty fun lifestyle, although working in a hospital is not for me. Society would indeed benefit by having more male teachers, more male nurses, hell, more male anything.
    But then I read the next paragraph. They are not talking about opening doors for men, helping men to get ahead, encouraging, supporting, educating and training men. No, they are talking about turning men into women. What the hell!? They go on to say that embracing masculinity leads to violence and misogyny. I am personally a pacifist and misogyny “dislike of or contempt for women” has never been in my thoughts–on the contrary I am obsessed with interacting, thinking about, and being with women much MORE than I would like to be.
    And do not misunderstand criticism of bad behavior for “contempt of women”. We want women to be chaste, virtuous, kind, and loving precisely because we have a desire to be with women! Otherwise, we would leave them alone and game would not exist.
    Then there were the unsupported broad claims: “[in the classroom] greater success being enjoyed by girls results not from superior intellect but from better study habits. Girls typically demonstrate more focus, effort and self-discipline.” So men are mentally lazy and need to become more like women in order to be more productive. Talk about pulling facts out of the arse! Again, history provides plenty of evidence of the accomplishments of male oriented societies.
    The authors then bring up the wage gap.. since it is illegal to pay different wages for the same amount of work, and almost all of this wage gap has been attributed to women working shorter hours due to pregnancy and child-rearing, sickness, and mental health issues, does this not contradict the fact that women are naturally more successful than men, and men should emulate them??
    The authors state that one reason women are more successful academically and intellectually is that “Boys and young men are more likely to be distracted by video games, or even derailed by drink or drugs”. I don’t work for the NYT, but in less than 5 minutes, a quick google search revealed that women are more likely than men (67.9% vs 64.4%) to have tried alcohol in high school
    This entire article sickens me. They directly label certain jobs like “teaching” as female, and go so far as to call certain sectors the “pink collar” job market. The idea isn’t that men should be encouraged to do more and varied work. No, they should become feminized and accept more female traits, behaviors, and workstyles.
    Then they go to the language (of course), lauding the change from “stewardess” to flight attendant (I guess they forget there was ever such a thing as a steward?) and call for more revisionist linguistics. They then quote some stats on domestic labor, saying men need to do more of this “female” work. Guess what, there’s no female in my household, so I do 100% of domestic labor like cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, repairs, lawn maintenance, etc. I wonder if these single MGTOW households are counted in your stats, or if it’s only important that in married households men do more of the household cleaning (are women in these households out cutting the grass, or do we expect men to do all that AND pick up household chores?)

    1. THe BPA in plastic containers has done a bang- up job feminizing men. The first noticeable drop was in the mid 90s when compared to the mid 80s- who knows how much worse its gotten by now?
      My friend, who just turned 40, had the damndest time getting a dr to prescribe him T injections. At 39, his T level was in the 440s(dr said below 440 was a problem). Based on that study comparing T levels of men in 1985 vs 1995, he has the same T level of a man in his early 60s (if this was the year 1985). Men on the cusp of getting social security had higher T levels 30 years ago…

  11. The authors want men to become more like women. They want us all to be “Lorde”
    (Ya Ya Ya)

  12. “Martial Values” seem to be a topic that Return of Kings stays away from. While the DoD was testing for integrating women into combat roles (and the failure of every single female from Marine Infantry Officer training), ROK seemed silent.
    I would recommend to ROK readers a few military figures to read up on. Their personalities are good examples for men to follow:
    Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington – Calm and collected under pressure with a very even head, he didn’t embrace the showy nature of his opponent, Napoleon. He was alpha and in charge, and didn’t need pomp and circumstance to reinforce his ability to command.
    Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson – The flipside of the coin to Wellington, but still a great leader. He shared the risk with his men and was an inspiring figure to the Royal Navy.
    Martial Values uphold the ideas of discipline, calmness under fire and individual initiative in the most trying of circumstances. I hold men such as Wellington and Nelson in the highest regard, as they not only had to show the traditional virtue of masculinity, they had to show them while people were actively trying to kill them while making decisions upon which the lives of thousands of men (and in a few cases, the existence of England as a nation) depended.
    It’s hard to exercise masculine values from the comfort of hearth and home (or a keyboard). It’s harder to exercise it while both under fire from the enemy and with the enormous responsibility of the lives of their entire armies at stake.

    1. I always thought ROK should recruit veterans and former SOF guys to write about masculinity. I’m sure those guys would have a lot of wisdom to offer the readers.

        1. Quintus-How do I become a part time contributor to ROK? I’m writing a piece on Galvarino, the Mapuche warrior that had his hands cut off by the Spanish. He ends up replacing his hands with swords, leads a resistance army and sets a permanent autonomous boundary that the Mapuche still enjoyed up until the late 1800’s. I think it would be very inspirational to the readers.

        2. I was checking out your blog. Nice work. Was Army myself, learned a lot about how society doesn’t value martial virtue in its truest form.

        3. No worries, I didn’t forget ROK’s resident Marine. I believe it would be valuable to explore martial values and lessons in masculinity through military service from vets such as you and possibly future writers.
          SOFREP, a site run by former SOF guys puts out a decent article about martial values and masculinity from time to time, even if it’s not their focus.

    2. I would also add Teddy Roosevelt to that list. His autobiography is truly a must read. From a sickly childhood to heading the Rough Riders the man was an exemplar of masculinity. Hell, the guy gave a speech after being shot.

      1. Teddy was a great president and Army Officer. Progressives try to embrace him due to him being a “progressive”…in 1908. However, things like the Great White Fleet and the conquest of the Philippines are quickly omitted in the pop-culture history of the left.

  13. “The article (“Men’s Lib!”) was written by two individuals, Richard Reeves and Isabel Sawhill, who are described as “senior fellows” at the Brookings Institution.”
    Ah, the Brookings Institute another think tank that is dedicated to the social engineering of men and women. Well that’s all I need to know about the intentions of this article’s authors.
    edit: I’m talking about the New York Times authors not Quintus.

  14. I honestly had to stop reading at “girls are more focused and more disciplined” in school, while boys are “more likely to be distracted by videogames” nonsense.
    The authors clearly recognize challenges that modern boys and men face, and yet place the blame solely on masculinity.
    You know what I agree, it WOULD be nice if there were more male elementary school teachers. I was a rambunctious kid, like MOST boys are, and even though I was CLEARLY bright, intelligent, and eager to learn, I was often singled out and punished by my female teachers.
    It wasn’t until I hit grade SEVEN that I had a male teacher, and it was awesome. In 8th grade my Algebra and English teachers were both men, and they knew exactly how to connect to me and encourage me to push myself. These authors clearly have NO concept of how boys are fundamentally DIFFERENT from girls, and instead assume that girls are BETTER at disciplining themselves.
    And in a culture where little boys find themselves suspended for making pop tart guns, and facing sexual harassment allegations for writing love notes to their crush (true story, happened down in Tampa, FL), are they SERIOUSLY arguing that boys are the problem? In a culture where men in the company of children are presumed to be pedophiles, and where even college professors are now REFUSING to be alone with female students, is it any wonder that less men are entering the teaching profession??
    Seriously, FUCK these fucking people and their one-sided, narrow-minded bullshit.
    I am not “retreating” to masculinity, I am EMBRACING it, at age 33, after DECADES of being made to feel ASHAMED of it, thanks to editorials just like this one.
    FUCK this.

    1. Men are kept in check through many means, financial being the most effective. Without financial independance its risky to assert one’s masculinity. I feel like a eunuch at my job. One “wrong” word/opinion/comment, and you’re jobless.

      1. My ambition is to build several passive income streams and combine resources with my family until it’s established. Going back to the tribal routes of family and close friends. I believe this will be a foundation for rebuilding the West. Once I’m financially independent I intend to speak out with a loud voice!

        1. Buying property with family to live in, rent a room out, build an annex/apartment or convert a garage on the side, rent that out. Key to current plan is keeping family contributions to mortgage low, rent at a reasonable price, then save the difference. Buy somewhere else, repeat. Then my other plans involve self employment, but they’re more hobby jobs.

        2. I like the idea of coverting a garage on the side into a rental property. I knew someone who did this with the 2nd floor on a detached garage. Seems like you get the best of all worlds; you still get a garage and you rent what is essentially separate house from your own (privacy & security).

        3. It’s men like Roosh, amongst others, who inspire me to take control of my life. Getting there slowly and steadily. Dave Ramsey’s a good one to listen to, I’m roughly trying to follow his 7 baby steps.

        4. 1. Leads on (check
          2. review products/affiliate marketing
          3. course or class on
          4. Write small eBook
          5. Buy cheap stuff and sell via Amazon
          6. Flip cars via
          7. Sublet via
          8. rent your car for someone to use it on Uber
          9. rent out a music instrument
          10. renovate a website and take a commission of the profits
          11. consolidate blogs into eBooks, share profit
          12. rebuild a website brand on social media, charge commission on profit via that platform.

        5. But beware of those “income streams” as when everything collapses it simply won’t matter. Better to at least have an iota of an idea of what it takes to become self-sufficient and you will sleep much better at night!

        6. I just discovered Ramsey last weekend. I’m an atheist, but unlike most Liberals (and I…well, I USED to consider myself a Lib, skewing more toward Left-Libertarian at this point) I don’t give a shit where good information comes from, as long as it’s useful. Ramsey is on fucking point, bible-thumping or not.

        7. Awesome idea. The idea that we need to ‘make it on our own’ has been planted and suggested that we’re less of a man for not doing so, yet the richest families in the world don’t do that. Did Murdoch or James Packer start out on their own? No.
          They trick us into believing we need to start from scratch with each generation and hope we get some kind of inheritance, but we’d be better off carrying the baton further rather than starting at the same starting line.

        8. Well chosen real estate is always a good option, and you have a maximum of control over that investment.

        9. Great point, I’m also an atheist libertarian and have gone so far as to buy Ramsey’s book as a gift for some family members. His lessons are just basic common sense but he says it with an authority and simplicity that seems to resonate with people. But unlike Ramsey’s ultimate goal of giving it all away, I think men should use their wealth and independence as a weapon against the economic and political forces arrayed against them. Men should humbly learn anyone’s tactics and tools, while sticking to their own objectives.

        10. I have a difficult spiritual background, listening to Ramsey softened my hard line anti theism, I’m much more open to Christianity again now.

        11. My intention is to start a dynasty; my frustrations come from knowing that men like myself should hold key leadership positions in a tribe, but modern society works against that. I’m going to be my own chieftain, of my own tribe and raise a family of Kings….

        12. For me that’s further down the line in terms of my evolution and personal development; I remain all ears to people’s thoughts and suggestions.

      2. Very true.
        I have always wondered what the world would look like if everyone had financial independence.

      3. And yet many men put on the shackles themselves. It’s them who sign the dotted line on the marriage contract, it’s them who buy a house together instead of alone. Shared bank-accounts…anyone?

        1. millions of people have them. “We are married, what’s mine is yours” blabla.
          The additional cardholder to the CC-account. I hear that American men do/allow that shit all the time.

        2. I worked in a bank once, I remember an ex wife or a husband calling and trying to outfox the other party or just do something bad to him/her, like moving the funds or blocking the account. The problem is once its joint, its the whole other can of worms.

        3. If you can’t trust your old lady with $, there is no reason to be married. Whenever I meet buddies who have the separate account thing going, I think to myself, why did you even bother to marry her? Hidden accounts are legit, but if you put a ring on someone so stupid that they would squander your money, the death wish is signed. Having separate accounts really sheds a “fucking my roommate” light on the relationship. Maybe it’s just that I married a girl who saves $ and values a buck.

        4. I knew a guy the wife stole all the cash from the biz then divorced him. While his biz descended into chaos he had no ability to defend himself in court. Shit you may not even want to tell her that you have an account!

        5. Exactly. Why did you get married if you’re going to keep separate accounts? The separate account thing is for broke asses making car payments etc. & with no real assets anyways, so their checking accounts are guarded. I’m married, but could care less about the petty cash in our joint checking account. The meat & potatoes is in retirement, stock trading account, house etc. & she doesn’t know dick about stocks, can’t withdraw cash from the assets mentioned above, and saves money better than I do. If she was going to clean you out, and you have anything, it will be done through splitting of the serious assets. So, back to my point, it is laughable when married people have their bullshit little separate accounts….illustrative of a pissant relationship. They probably still fuck with rubbers too, once a month.
          EDIT: All men should have a slush fund though, that’s is another story. Fall back fund etc. Women wouldn’t know wtf you just said if you said you just have some cash from selling a few options etc. so no need to explain those things.

        6. You probably just married a rare gem. But even if she’s great, what is the benefit of having a joint bank account?

        7. Yup, if your going to get cleaned out its going to happen in court. All a separate account does is make managing finances more difficult, and increases banking fees.
          As an added bonus it’s an implicit fuck you to each other. A bedrock issue setting up a marriage for disaster from day 1.

        8. Shows we trust eachother, easier to dish the money out of to other accounts and pay for petty stuff like groceries etc. bob bob nailed it with his response too. It looks so pathetic when we go out with other couples and they are paying for their drinks separately or going to pay twice just like they are separate customers. What are you going to do when you vacation somewhere? “Okay honey, I bought my ticket online, now you need to also. Then we’ll split the hotel.” Grow up idiots, your checking account money won’t even cover a divorce lawyer.

        9. Joint in the sense that we spend from the same checking account. Beyond that, she isn’t really going to comprehend the investing or question it. Or more bluntly, her checks are also deposited into my checking account, and we both spend wisely.

        10. You just password protect the account when in the opening salvo of the divorce. I worked finance too.

      4. PEOPLE are kept in check via finances. Don’t pay your taxes, your property is seized, you are threatened with jail time!

      5. This is very true and things will get worse before they get better. I’m here in Thailand learning all things necessary in regards to going off-grid so financial independence is within reach. Building your own house, growing your own food being two major functions to that effect. Also learning Thai boxing while maintaining my yoga practice.

        1. Im thinking too leaving North America, just gotta come up with a feasible plan. I feel like part of my soul dies off here with every passing day.

        2. I live off-grid here in North Carolina, relying on solar and rainwater harvesting. It’s amazing how little you really need, and learning to harness what’s already around you and bend it to your will is the ultimate masculine virtue, in my opinion. Not to mention the money saved, clarity of thought, and improved health from working outdoors and living off the land. Hopefully it will be a bit cheaper for your initial setup than it was for me. Wishing you the best of luck my friend…

        3. “Building your own house, growing your own food being two major functions to that effect.”
          I agree that having your own home is a good idea.
          But growing your own food?
          Growing enough food for yourself is W – O – R – K.
          There’s a reason farming has always had a rep for being hard work.
          Would be much easier to just live off pasta, tap water and vitamins (these are very very cheap).
          Modern ag has an economy of scale that can’t be matched by growing yourself.
          Hell of a lot easier to just forgo fast food and expensive stuff in favor of canned beans and etc.
          Same with utilities.
          Don’t live off grid. That just plain sucks.
          BARELY living on the grid is better.
          Efficient lights. Minimal lighting. Motion detector lights that only use energy when needed.
          Surge protectors for all devices with AC to DC transformers so you can turn
          off the surge protector instead of letting the transformer run (the heat you feel touching
          that power adapter is money out of your pocket).
          Use less water. Shower instead of bathe.
          Even taking fewer baths is better than stinking ALL the time cuz you got little or no clean water.
          With such minimal expenses you won’t have to work so much or so hard.
          Oh, and if you’re going to do anything like this do it for yourself NOT to save the fucking planet or any such b.s.

        4. good points but I’m not really suggesting that the best way is to go completely off grid and I’m not planning on doing it. Really just being mostly self sufficient so you don’t have to rely on the system so much. The overarching point here is that when the system is corrupt and broken, you don’t really want to be reliant upon said system. There is a large amount of freedom to be had in disconnecting from the matrix. I’m not trying to save the world either, but I would like to build a community of people who have taken the red pill and are not willing to play along in the current societal structure…i.e. rebels with a cause.

        5. Oh and as for gardening, you don’t necessarily have to look at that as work (and really we are talking about 30-60 minutes per day). Exercise, sunshine, satisfaction, fresh air are all benefits to growing your own food. So that also equates to a longer, healthier life.

        6. after i graduate uni next month, i am going to asia for a few months and because the currency exchange helps a lot I am going to try and learn as much as I can such as cooking, martial arts. Anything else that one can learn in Asia for cheap?

      6. Its always good to start with what you want and work from there. So if they would fire you for stupid shit, that probably isn’t the place for you. Construction is and always has been an excellent place where money is under the table and you don’t even see the client 7/8 of the day. I’ve known plenty of contractors who actually drank/smoked weed on the jobsite!

        1. I’m sure, unless you are the leader of that office(and even sometimes if you are) its leave your balls at the front door.

    2. Women do better in school. That’s no lie. But that’s because women like doing small potty tasks. Our western educational system is largely focused on girls. Boys want to do, not to sit on their asses for 8 hours a day. And that’s me, a teacher saying that.

      1. I’m well aware of that fact; I’m pissed because the authors don’t even mention it, instead shitting on young men as if they’re predisposed to delinquency.

      2. Agreed, it’s also because they’re more passive and obediant by nature. Kids who are leaders by nature challenge the predominant rules and ideas by speaking out of turn, drawing attention to themselves, leveraging relationships to gain status and influence within their peer group not, as you said, sitting on their ass all day saying “yes, ma’am”. And boys are the ones who act this way. In other words, boys exhibit more raw leadership potential at age 8 than adult women with years of “leadership” training and 1000s of leadership for women books available. That’s why 60+% of college grads are women, but only 5% are Fortune 500 CEOs. They’re secretaries and bean counters, not visionaries and leaders

        1. If you watch closely to which studies women are doing you will also notice it’s not the things that are really valuable for the advancement of society.
          On my campus we have thousands of women who think they are smart because they study Psychology, HR, retail sales, Pedagogics or something different related to children like being a teacher. There are women who do valuable studies like medicine or surgery, but those are a minority. Tuition fees are largely paid for with tax money, that’s how it works in socialist Netherlands. After they graduate they usually make a world trip to Africa for instance. Building some school in the middle of the jungle, bush walking with Mufassa. Then they come back and start pooping out kids with a beta-male. They’ll never return back to full time work. 3 days max. Letting women study is one of the most costly idiocy our society does.
          So it costs a lot of money and on top of that it makes women mouthy. We have thousands of women who complain they can’t find an equally “educated” man, or preferably somebody who is more educated than them. Unwillingly to “date down” these women grow into spinsters. During their college years they ride the cockcarrousel like there’s not tomorrow, but they generally wait too long to have children. I sometimes read these stories in womensmagzines about 33 y.o old women having IVF treatments. All because they waited too long. What’s really astounding is that women in general think that society has an obligation to pay for their IVF treatment. And that is also what happens. The Dutch healthcare companies refund those treatments.
          Women think they can have it all and their dreams should be fulfilled when they themselves are ready for it. Whether it’s children or a man that should present himself the moment she wants commitment. They torment nature and feel pity for themselves when things don’t work out they way they expected things to turn out. Then it’s usually men’s fault i.e: “where have all the good men gone”.
          Good men have been there all along. But many of them are now mature men smart enough not to fall for the commitment-trap. The longer a girl/woman waits to snare a young man, the tougher it will be for her to do so later in life. Women shouldn’t think we will hand them over they keys to our heart and wallets 5 minutes before the last egg dries out. Because usually it comes down to that. Just check any datingsite and you’ll see women age 30-40 fighting over established single men who only intend to pump ‘n dump them.

        2. “They’ll never return back to full time work. 3 days max.”
          Was there a susggestion in parliment about 10 years ago making those women pay back the tuition money as they were never going contribute to the tax base?

        3. I really like your intercultural view from the Netherlands. Indeed here in the US it’s famous for how the women like to work part time. I definitely would like to read more.
          Have you heard of this book that got some renown in the US, “Dutch Women Don’t Get Depressed.”?

          Although I lived there in the Netherlands briefly and have a great appreciation for those tall blue eyed specimens you have among your women, I actually spent more time in Germany. After 12 years there and spending almost half of that time studying at a university there, I concluded that in spite of any of their faults, the German female students weren’t quite as crazy as their Yank cousins. Sure they’re still all too human, but the media driven hysteria about rape-culture and other feminist bugaboos was almost absent. While doing my first degree in the states, I got all the “sensitivity” trainings from all the little professional intersectional victim types and was able to witness all the hypocrisy about phony empowered strong independent women who were too confused to know what they want from boys and too weak to be straightforward about it. Dumb girl games 24×7. The German girls at the University definitely seemed more mature and able to say directly what was on their minds and hearts.
          What’s more is so many of the students at my American university were under psychiatric treatment while this practically was unheard of at the German university.
          Reminds me of the old joke…
          Did you hear that a quarter of all American women are taking psychopharmaceuticals?
          No that’s really dreadful…
          But what really worries me is the other three-quarters who aren’t in treatment.

        4. The Netherlands is a socialist country. Even our most extreme right-wing party is socialist in a way. But culturally we are in a lot of ways the same as the US. Everything is smaller though: plots, houses, streets, cars, shops and in a way our way of thinking as well. We shrug our shoulders over the racismpanic in the States, but we also have our own ethnicity-related problems with immigration and folklore (google: zwartepiet)
          Western women overall are susceptible to depression and other mental conditions. They have so much and yet are so unhappy. Because they are under a constant bombardment of advertising and pressure to be hypergamous. Having a good man is not good enough, same goes for material possessions because keeping up with the Joneses is also a thing here, probably because of the American culture that infested itself so deeply in our day to day life. And that’s where I’m a bit afraid, because what happens in the U.S eventually will happen in Western-Europe. Only 20-40 years later. Our obesity rates for instance went up in the last decade. People eat more like Americans. They won’t go for take-out food every week, but our way of eating drastically changed in the last 30 years. Sweeter, fatter, more salty.
          But what’s more dangerous are some laws that could easily infest itself in our cultural realm: The “yes is yes” law. That’s a real gem out of a turdbrain. Something that only could originate from the U.S. When that idea gets stronger and nationally accepted in the US, European countries will likely follow.
          Dutch women certainly get depressed. That book is utter BS. The difference is, doctors won’t give you a prescription for anti depressants like in the US. Those pills do more harm than good. They only sponsor big pharmaceutical companies.

        5. “Women think they can have it all and their dreams should be fulfilled when they themselves are ready for it”
          That’s because they can have it all. Men allow it. Don’t ever think in terms of “women think they can…”, only think in terms of “what are men allowing women to do?”
          I don’t think i’m entitled to walk outside my house and punch a bitch in the face. Why? The law(AKA men) don’t allow it. Simple.
          You’re too scared to take action in public. Understandable, so am i, but always remember it’s you and I that allow this shit. In 6 months i plan to be in their faces, it’s the only way really.

        6. lol i mean i’m going to start saying the shit i say online, in person, in their faces.

        7. in 6 months.. Why not start now. But ask yourself why you should talk with women you work with. Don’t tell them more than they should know. Keep them in the dark.
          further more it’s always good to have a strong opinion about the intersexual relationship. At first it may look like women hate you for being old-fashioned, but they actually like it when they can’t influence you easily.
          so be bold

      3. Even if females learn more does that ever translate into them DOING more with it in real world?
        Female A students are usually little more than knowledge regurgitators (sometimes word for fucking word out of textbook!!!!). The internet does what they do a thousand times better.
        All they do is copy down every word the professor says (instead of taping him?!).
        If professor says “Excuse me I’ve got to go to the restroom.”
        they would WRITE THAT DOWN TO.

        1. ahahaha yes being in university, I see this all the time. All you hear is a noise of keyboards and its usually girls who are basically copying the exact same thing already on the slide in front of them ( since that is what the teacher is reading)

      4. “Boys want to do, not to sit on their asses for 8 hours a day.”
        Exactly why I quit college and joined the military. Stayed in for 10+ years. It was the best thing I ever did.

    3. I have a friend in Teach for America and he says that female students are doing much better than males. I wonder if it’s because public education is geared more toward female proclivities and strengths.

      1. Christina Hoff Sommers has written a book, and given some talks about this. Check her out on YouTube.

    4. Now men need to learn to become more like women.

      What the fuck for? We already have women! Can’t women handle the “women” part and we’ll handle the “men” part? Do these people want to eliminate gender completely? Who the hell would want that? Frankly, in my discussions with women, all they want is a man. A proper fucking man, who doesn’t whine, doesn’t lose his head, who just takes the knocks on the chin and gets the fuck on with it.

    5. The current system of anti-discipline in the public school system, where the most disruptive students set the standard, makes a career in elementary education extremely unattractive to men. The situation only gets worse when school administrators start bowing to entitlement groups.
      Young boys need male leadership: strong male leadership. This has been proven over centuries of history. The “New Socialist Man” has been a curse visited on humanity and no matter what sort of clothes he wears, he still is a failure that only further damages Western Civilization.

    6. “I honestly had to stop reading at “girls are more focused and more
      disciplined” in school, while boys are “more likely to be distracted by
      videogames” nonsense.”
      I fully admit that girls are probably more likely to obey their SJW teachers without questioning, whereas men are more likely to think for themselves. And, I’m okay with this.

      1. It’s more about how girls and boys behave; boys tend to be more physical learners and like to move, girls are not, and thus are more suited to sitting at a desk all day. As the kids get older, the reading material chosen for class is often of more interest to girls than it is to boys, who tend to go for non-fiction and action-filled work, like comics. Last but not least, there a fuckton of initiatives to encourage girls to do better in school, and to introduce them to fields that most of them don’t have any interest in (mainly STEM), while boys are left to fend for themselves.
        If more schools would just embrace the FACT that girls and boys are different, have different strengths, and learn differently, you would see a vast improvement in boys’ performance in school.
        The government really don’t understand that they are creating the achievement gap between girls and boys, which of course will have ramifications down the road.
        But hey, we live in a Patriarchy, so let’s take care of the girls, and ONLY the girls.
        Such bullshit.

    7. Well, grinding in videogames I see as a big thief of young mens time, grinding being games that require you too put in work to get certain items/weapons or something else. (Alternative often being paying for the same thing if it’s a free to play game). I don’t see many young men handling this well.

    8. But to even say that “boys and girls are different” goes against everything these people stand for. “Gender is a social construct, so all you have to do is change certain behaviours”. No. Sex is a biological construct, in the same way that biology dictates that arsenic will poison carbon based life. Ignoring biological drives will do the same.

  15. It’s my most common response to the Left: if they get the world they want, people like me will hunt people like them.
    The sheep dogs will guard the sheep until it makes more sense to become wolves. Then we’ll do to both the sheep and the wolves what we’ve needed to do, all along.

  16. I love the ferocity in this article! Keep shooting hot brass at these faggots.
    Let’s call a spade a spade. Feminism isn’t for men. Feminism isn’t even for women. It is for the banks. It is to boost the economy. It is to increase consumerism. If you are a woman and believe feminism is for you go ahead and look at your loving aunt who may be in her forties or older. If she has a high hatred for men, and a pet or two, or even a lesbian buddy, she has been affected by feminism. You think that fucker is happy?
    More women in schools. Great! The fuckers stay in school until 28 or maybe sooner, becomes someone’s boss, and make women into the new men. Great. They produce no fucking ideas. None. You know what that leads to? Stagnation. Previously, that lead to death of societies. When an economy stagnates, money needs to come from alternative sources. Wonder why they are including aggressive immigrants in your nation? Look no further than the banks and the current value of your currency.
    Feminism increases the self expression of us all right? More transexuals abound is great for expression. Except those fuckers reduce their life span by half through suicide, medication, or some person deciding to rub them out. They aren’t even wanted in women’s bathrooms yet we should all cheer for this glorified sex toy??
    So the suggestion is men should become trophy wives and opt out. Maybe we should watch more porn and play more video games while we are at it? The boomers must be having a field day with the money and pussy they are hoarding before they croak.
    Don’t forget to call a spade a spade. Look at all of the biggest figures of feminism and check their bank accounts. Fighting patriarchy is making them richer and regular women barren. Sounds like a victory to you?
    There will be ideas. There will be growth. There will be a return to patriarchy. Or all that will be left is fucking our lives away and enjoying the decline. I want to see what I can build before I go. As should we all.

      1. Exactly! We’ll keep up the fight on the ground as more women are coming around about the truths of feminism. The manosphere and SJW have even become colloquial knowledge in the liberal community. This will take months or even years but with enough people sharing information, and the seams showing as they have all year, we will beat them into a corner where they openly seek us out for our ideas. The writing is very clear, feminism and the banks are bankrupting America.

        1. It is too funny… Pretty much all my posts on fuckbook(I know, I know…) are red pill and designed to annoy my libtard “friends”. I haven’t seen a comment, one single comment… I only hear crickets. They are cowards, even in the realm of ideas. They don’t dare counter you. Nothing, complete silence. They are weaker than we think.

      2. My normal response to this is that their actions make their lives so miserable that just being them is punishment enough. However, there is such a disconnect between their minds and their realities.
        A woman, 40, single, working a cubicle job she hates, after a 10 hour day in the office comes home, stops in store and gets a bottle of wine, goes home and puts on kardashians, drinks wine, eats left over take out, falls asleep, repeat, repeat, repeat.
        My thought is that living like this would wake them up. But somehow they got it in their heads that this is good.

      3. There is a special place in hell reserved for these cunts. They will be condemned to an eternity in flaming tombs.

    1. Astute comment.
      Feminism denigrates not just men and not just women, it restructures society to remove a bastion of security for all of us: family.
      When our families and old social structures are broken we get single mothers and fathers, and guess what single parents do a lot of to fill the emotional void: shop. And to shop more they work more.
      So we get: increased competition in the labor market, increased productivity, lower happinesss and fewer children, eroding of social values and a ‘mercenary’ culture where everyone pays for the things they would before have got for free.
      Merchants, bankers, and entertainers will be the winners. But only in the short term, nature will always have her way in the end.

  17. These limp-wristed intellectual types just don’t get it. Society needs strong, tough, aggressive men to fight other foreign strong, tough, aggressive men. Society needs its warrior class. When the warrior class and its values are marginalized, then the hairy barbarians are will come in, kill all the males, rape our women, and destroy everything our ancestors have worked hard to build.
    I’d ask these intellectuals, “What do you expect us to use man, harsh language?” But shit, we can’t even use that.

    1. Not harsh language. They think by accommodating them and give them more free shit and tolerance.

    2. They are not intellectuals. Just try reading their vomit filled article with blatant lies and trash suggestions. They are severely deluded.

    3. “These limp-wristed intellectual types just don’t get it. Society needs strong, tough, aggressive men to fight other foreign strong, tough, aggressive men.”
      This reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s character, col. Jessup, in “A Few Good Men” when he says:
      “You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to. ”

      1. This is more or less basically it. Our society has become so opulent and powerful that the concept of war and the necessity of violence is lost on the greater population. Americans have taken for granted its warrior class and martial values (masculine tactical virtues). I’ve always viewed the military as one of the last bastions of American masculinity and even then PC stupidity is infecting it.
        The fact that many of us have to learn how to be more masculine means that there is something rotten in our society. In earlier times, our fathers would have imparted that on us and society would have reinforced it by expecting it of us. I curse these “intellectuals” for hamstringing men by putting out these poisonous ideas.

  18. Fuck, yeah! Great response, Quintus. More and more men have seen the scam for what it is and won’t be going along with it forever. That’s why these faggots are shitting their pants.

  19. The great thing about being a men, is that we’re simple individuals. Doesn’t take much to make us happy. Unfortunately for women, they find unhappiness in their misguided desire for happiness. Thanks feminism!

        1. I don’t want to get too deep into it; his form of cowardice and treachery makes me want to punch him in the throat, and that sort of wrath isn’t good for my soul.
          I covered some of the relevant details with Zarius on my podcast, though – the guy’s a fair weather friend, who’ll sell out anybody on the right if that’s what the crowd demands.

  20. Excellent – I thought of people like these NYT authors when my reenlistment deadline came. I decided that these liberals, feminists and gays should defend the degeneracy they yearn for instead of me. I look forward to watching their world burn.

  21. “Women have learned to become more like men. Now men need to learn to become more like women.”
    The war on men, in sum. And when I encounter people who scoff at the idea that such a premise is anything but Progress toward Equality, it strengthens my belief that this culture deserves what it gets.
    While it is often a test of courage to keep pessimism, defeatism, and cynicism at bay, the truth is there are plentiful, legitimate reasons the dark thoughts gather at the gates of a RP man’s mind. Once RP awareness becomes the dominant lens, one sees “stories” such as these as ever-present.
    It is as if a man becomes a stranger in his own land. The culture around him speaks a different language; one grounded in the premise that his natural state is the root cause of all ills and should thus be cut out or chemically castrated. And for those who fail the layered trappings of indoctrination, a conversion by the sword awaits.
    The destruction of masculinity at-large in our culture is a foregone conclusion. As for individual men, the RP may guide, instruct, and even optimize within this landscape, but the landscape is still scorched; it is a journey of survival in which hyper-individualism and competition over increasingly scarce nourishment breeds infighting and further disparity. It is “The Road” for the RP man.
    Preserving what remains of masculinity, be it of natural origin or even just one man’s ideal of such, has become an endeavor of self-preservation. While a few may transcend into self-actualization, this does little to move the culture-at-large off of its current trajectory.
    The slumber of the masses and the ease at which the elites trumpet the inversion of virtues will continue in earnest until such time as the culture collapses upon itself or men find cause to withdraw their support, however tacit, of those mechanisms of this war on men.
    I’m betting on the former, which is why my 401k is long on cat litter and psychotropics.
    And given most men are engaged in their own rationalizations of how they can game the system, caged in by the (purposeful) mindfucks of FOMO and scarcity-entitlement aka “Getting Mine”, I’m not inclined to see the increasing RP awareness as a meaningful movement toward starving the system, but rather a movement that makes for a more competitive environment at the tails of the curve.
    The crab pot is getting hot. Time to check your facebook feed, troll the tinder, catch up on sportcenter. If masculinity is to survive, it is going to require men to embody it, unapologetically, in every aspect of their lives.
    I see this article being possible – even normal or good, because men are still inclined to sell-out if it means they get a potential leg-up on the next guy. Next to killing the beta in you, killing the white knights, collaborators, and your own behaviors and choices that support these mechanisms is the only way to cultivate fertile ground for RP ideas to take hold beyond the mind of the individual.

    1. Basically realising our own true potential is the only way forward. And we cannot let society dictate what that true potential may or may not be. Much better to die on our feet than live a lifetime on our knees. However, the majority of Western men are “happy” to go on living on their knees.

  22. Thank you Quintus. Excellent article overall, I only see one flaw. You called the cathedral’s androgynous prodigy by it’s false name. Call it Bruce, don’t play into their game of acknowledging their delusions.
    I don’t expect the effete snobs who wrote the piece over at Brookings to respond to this because I don’t see any logical argument to counter what you are saying, at most they may cowardly resort to huddling in a corner pointing fingers shrieking the pre-recorded “racist sexist misahjuhnist homofobik bigot” trite.
    Keep calling em out fellas.

  23. I noticed NYT failed to put the level of happiness in women on the page. Here’s a hint, steadily going down.

  24. “And you know what? We will sit back and watch what happens. You wanted
    this world. You wanted this. You ignored our warnings. And now you’re
    going to find out what it really means”
    Vir Cotto’s wish is my wish (0:51).

  25. You probably could have stopped after reading “New York Times” and “Brookings Institute”. The fact that these people can have their articles read and analyzed as though they are reasonable and to be listened to is a far bigger problem than the content of these rags. The emphasis should be on silencing and shaming, not engaging in debate.

  26. Personally, I think there is no hope for the West. I live in France and people are still repeating SJW memes and I’m talking about a country which is under attack.
    White people whould consider moving to Russia and non Muslim Blacks should consider African countries like Ghana or Gabon.
    It’s easier said than done of course but …

  27. The Qatari government isthe biggest foreign donor to Brookings.
    Conveniently, the institution doesn’t take positions critical of the Qatar government, most notably its support of militants in Syria.

      1. We are focused on the “Jewish baksters” but, actually, Arab also know how to pla that game: they promote values they would NEVER accept in their own country.

  28. I am never going to get married. Not because of some straw man argument made by two beta Times writers about “gender role confusion”. I’m not getting married because the modern, Western marriage is a twisted, sickly shadow of what marriage ought to be. I have no interest in having my assets forcibly stripped by a gynocentric family court system when my “wife” decides its time to trade me in for whomever her pussy tingles for next.
    I have already dealt with the same court system as far as children and custody are concerned and in their deranged opinion, a woman who doesn’t work, does drugs, drinks, and is basically a worthless piece of trailer park trash ranks higher in terms of child care capability than a man who makes six figures and lives a stable, healthy life and can easily provide the same type environment. But they DO have no problem extorting a montly alottment from me under threat of imprisonment and asset seizure. None of which, mind you, has EVER been spent where it should be.
    Reeves and Sawhill can take their feminist approved doctrine and shove it up their ass as far as I’m concerned. I have made more than a few mistakes many years ago in my beta, NAWALT, Captain Save-A-Ho days and I have certainly paid for them. But I am not going to discard all of the knowledge I’ve learned and experience I’ve gained since then and make the Marriage Mistake because a couple of beta chump writers claim I’m “just confused about gender roles”. I see the modern, Western marriage for what it truly is, which is nothing more than legalized extortion of men and absolving women of any agency or responsibility.
    There is no benefit to a man to get married in the Western world. Period.

    1. I’m not marrying because I value myself quite highly. Why in the fuck would I ever consider these disgusting pigs in America?
      I’m glad they aren’t marrying and having children. They will die alone and miserable, never having been truly cared for by a self possessed man because they weren’t worth it. When they breathe their last despicable breath they will suffer in the bowels of hell for eternity.
      I will not extend one finger for relief nor utter one kind word of sympathy. You are beyond redemption modernized woman. You have lived in the toilet because you are a turd. Now you will be flushed down it.

  29. NYT is one of the most male feminist publications in the anglosphere. Same readership as HuffPo. All males who write for them must interpret news through the feminist lens or they don’t get published.

  30. Excellent response. And good to see the anger. Righteous masculine anger.
    Back in the 1930’s J D Ulwin (a British ethnologist and social anthropologist at Oxford University and Cambridge University) conducted a study of 80 primitive tribes and 6 known civilizations through 5,000 years of history. In every instance the rise of liberal policies, women’s sexual freedom and (to the degree possible at the time) female empowerment led to the destruction of the society.
    Not every society that has died has had female empowerment but every society that had female empowerment has died.
    There is a reason why we humans keep going down this same path, each time thinking we are sooo progressive, sooo advanced, the first to try this bold ‘new’ way.
    It’s because it always leads to a matriarchal society. And matriarchal societies are simply not viable. They ALWAYS get out-competed by patriarchal ones. We always think we are the first to try it, because matriarchal societies don’t survive long enough in reality or human memory for their failure to be remembered. And if they are, history, like the humans that write it, often has a blind spot in attributing any of the causes to the key role that female behavior plays in the decline.
    Eventually a ‘trigger’ event occurs that ends the nonsense. The trigger may be some sort of financial or social crisis, a natural disaster or a disruptive technology knows. Whatever it turns out to be, there will be a period of chaos and probably relative poverty before things stabilize. The period of chaos will be all it takes for women to drop feminism in a heartbeat. And what emerges will be some sort of patriarchal society.
    The winners as this unfolds will be strong self-reliant men and women who have a proven track record of being worthy of such a man.
    The anger is building. The effete progressives are starting to sense it. They fear it.
    They should.

  31. So let me get this straight, Reeves and Sawhill think the way to advance humanity forward is for men to start doing all the backward things that they think women were too good to do? The old ways are obsolete but men should act like old fashion women and “marry well”?
    Actually men marring women for their resources isn’t that new an idea. I believe George Washington was able to do quite well with Martha’s inheritance from her first husband.

  32. The Brookings Institute: last time I heard that name it was in relation to Victoria Nuland’s neo-con husband Robert Kagan, just after she’d helped organise a democratic coup-d-etat in the Ukraine. So, it turns out they support feminism and crypto-matriarchy as well? Who would have thought it?
    Turning women into men and men into women isn’t something you’d usually associate with Brookings, but unfortunately its all part of the same Humanity 2.0 project. Cultural and social hermapthodism is a big part of the project.
    These people are giving our dodgy elites a bad name

  33. Tell Zardoz the enemy has pierced the gates and their androgynous girly men are too weak and sterile to fight the virile and uncaring barbarians. We men of the West spit on you Zardoz. Your big stone head does not frighten us. Your women dream of real men who will grab them by the hair and drag them to the bedrooms for what they need and cannot get from you nancy boys. They will bake our break and make our sandwiches. One of us will come for you. He will look like a barbarian with a gun, but he will slay your sterile dying consumerist cult and drag your women to real men who will break them like horses til they will submit to being ridden by us. He will come, and he will lay waste to your false gods of the copybook headings and he will trod you all under his boots.

  34. The Iron Legion wrote that Islam was a solution to these problems, but one we don’t want.
    These guys haven’t seen anything. Either way, nationalism, tribalism, and sex roles along more traditional lines are coming back. The only question is whether it will be of the Western way that we espouse, or the third world barbaric way that they invite.
    They’re having a heart attack over Donald Trump, with their publication outright lying about him in a desperate attempt to stop him? He’s only the beginning.

  35. Honestly I almost want to say fuck it and let radical Islam win… almost. Think of what would happen to feminists, twats like Reeves and Sawhill, degenerates, the whole LGBT pedophile mess. I remember ISIS did a video of them tossing gays off buildings to celebrate America’s gay marriage win.

  36. I agree on more male primary school teachers. So many young men have no male role model, as we all know. But more male teachers isnt a solution to the problem. Neither is more paternity leave. Neither is Men becoming more feminine. For goodness sake even women are less happy since feminism and the removal of their “oppression”!!!
    I had to read the article to make a fair judgement and get perspective for your response, Quintus. And I feel upset that people genuinely believe more “equality” and less masculinity is the answer. How can you be so blind????

  37. I think the only viable hope for a survival of traditional, sturdy, self reliant male instincts in the future will be by the establishment of a Nation that chooses to turn it back on the majority of modernity. Become a hermit- and abandon all hope-

  38. Women in the western world don’t want to think about the work men do for them for one second. When the facts are shoved under their noses they won’t acknowledge it. But fact is that from dusk till dawn women use the inventions men created and use the services and utilities we maintain. Their jobs are desk jobs. They think that is “work”. But real work is often dirty, smelly, painstaking. It’s going under the ground to fix a sewer, dangerous work on an oilrig, fighting an enemy that wants to kill you. It’s not working for HR 3 days a week typing emails while drinking starbucks and going home early.
    Doesn’t matter if it’s a tv or the gas a man pumped out of the ground she is going to put in the car a man designed and built (and even maintains) Women don’t care about the safety men provide them with so she can walk her dog at 10pm without getting raped. Women don’t care about infrastructure or the ability to put laundry in a machine that will clean it for them. Western women take all this for granted.
    Until society breaks down and even the police and justice system can’t help them anymore, then they will feel their place nature intended them to have: physically inferior human beings that only can survive when they please an alpha man.
    Women now are married to the government. They are comfortable living without men because they can live of other men’s earnings without having to submit. It’s called the welfare state. An unnatural phenomenon that to a large extent also is anti- natural selection. Abolish this system, and marriage (so also alimony) and women will take the path of least resistance real fast: pleasing the persons who can do what they can’t.
    We are only one disaster away of the end of feminism. Feminists themselves know that. The days of chivalry are also over. There is no ship going to sink anymore where women and children will be saved while the men stand aside accepting their forthcoming death. That bubble has burst a couple of decades ago already.

    1. How ironic. I don’t have love for ISIS, for any extremist of any persuasion for that matter, but you gotta give them credit where credit is due. They know what they want and if we don’t adopt the same attitude, minus the beheadings and sexual slavery of course, they will dominate us.

    2. Islam is not an alpha doctrine. Muslim men aren’t free at all. They are even scared to shower naked among other men. Their whole lifestyle is based on submission, deceit, control, shame and fear.
      When I see a muslim man walking with his wife who is all wrapped in cloths. Does that radiates pride for his wife or fear that other men will pick her up? “You can’t put her in a small box” you must have heard somebody saying once. Well, Muslim men actually do that, sometimes these women are locked up inside the house for years. Islam is a beta-lifestyle by design. Praying 5 times a day, on your knees for some invisible deity. How masculine.

      1. “They are even scared to shower naked among other men. ” – – They respect each other’s privacy. It’s not fear, it’s RESPECT!
        “Their whole lifestyle is based on submission, deceit, control, shame and fear.” – – – This would be WHITE PEOPLE! o.O Shame on you for masturbating. Shame on you for not giving up your hard earned money to lazy f*ckers! Shame on you for not paying for women on the first date! Shame on you for complaining about child-support and alimony!
        “When I see a muslim man walking with his wife who is all wrapped in cloths.’ – – – she is practicing MODESTY. Would you prefer she walk around in yoga pants and draw the attention of other men?
        “sometimes these women are locked up inside the house for years.” – – – they are being protected. They can’t shop for groceries while being locked up dear. Muslim women tend to walk in groups.
        “Islam is a beta-lifestyle by design.” – – – LOL. Miss out on child-support and see what happens to the Western male. 😛 Adultery in the West is rewarded with alimony and/or child-support. In Islamic countries adultery is punishable by DEATH!

        1. It’s not about Islam being all bad, it’s the complete opposite of our western culture. Our culture is fucked up because it’s extreme, theirs is also fucked up because it’s extreme as well. That’s my point.
          I am for a society structured on the laws of nature. In essence that is a society without a lot of legislation. A more libertarian society. When you as a man can’t keep a woman around and she cheats, bad for you. Retribution by killing her? Surely your first thought, but it’s immoral. When you are sick there can be healthcare, but there must certainly not be a socialist welfare system to pamper the lazy and weak. Nature doesn’t want you to have children? No IVF for you. You had your chance to get a child at 23 or something, not now when you are 33. Bad for you. Does this mean you can’t have IVF? No, you can. But it shouldn’t be refunded by healthcare/society like it is in my country. You should be able to enjoy the fruits of your own labor. In my country you pay a max of 52% tax which goes to people that like to smoke joints after they get out of bed at 12am. Surely there are unfortunate people out of work, but there are enough of them lazy idiots who are nothing more than parasites. They actually should starve! And they would if there wasn’t socialists to give them other peoples money.
          I don’t know what strange motherf you are, but Islam is not the answer to our matriarchal society. Religion is not our answer, hate is not our answer. Science and laws of nature are. Because there is a reason why we have so much degeneracy, because natural selection is to a large extent non-existent. That is due to religion and socialism for the largest part.

        2. Islam is not the root of the problem, it’s Part of the problem but not the root. Problem is multiculturalism and white liberalism. Without those two, there wouldn’t be problem. But guess who controls white liberalism and multiculturalism? Zionism.
          Islam can be replaced by any group of people trying to further their interest. The main focus should be that multiculturalism doesn’t work in ANY place. There are different ethnic race for a reason.

        3. Death is the deterrent to adultery! In the West there is NO deterrent to adultery. The honest spouse, usually the man, can be forced to pay for children that aren’t his or go to prison if he refuses. That is rewarding the adultress! >:I NO DETERRENT in place.
          “In my country you pay a max of 52% tax which goes to people that like to smoke joints after they get out of bed at 12am.” – – – If they were in an Islamic Country, they would be BEATEN! Lazy f*ckers! >:I
          “I don’t know what strange motherf you are,’ – – – oddly, enough this same question came to mind about you, dear. 😛
          “That is due to religion and socialism for the largest part.” – – – Nah, it’s due to PEOPLE participating. That’s it. People willing to give up their own power to others! Can’t have ANY system without the people going along with it. Hey, even in the Kingdom of Saud, people are getting tired of the Moral Police walking around demanding beards and hijabs. I recall a bunch of girls were forced at gun point to go back into a burning building ’cause their heads were not covered. You think anymore bullsh*t like this has happened again after a large majority of the people were outraged! NOPE!

      2. Islam has dogmatic, limited thinking that prohibits thinking outside the box which is why they couldn’t surpass any other European power at the time. (similar to Asian but they are not that extreme like Islam)….
        They do have the right idea though when it comes to controlling women. As much as I hate to say, they have the right idea when controlling women behavior. Europeans and white people will NEVER treat their women like that which is ONE of the BIGGEST reason why Islam and white Europe are NOT compatible. Women in White countries and Europe are MUCH free than any other place but ironically yet they complain the most. Maybe Islam has the right idea when it comes to women? I think so. As far as science goes, The west will always beat Islam when it comes to that.

  39. Again Quintus you expose the fetid philosophy of mediocrity that is pervading the “intelligentsia” of our time.
    I am now watching a discussion about new laws implemented in Ireland that dictate 30% of political party candidates in the next election must have a cunt between their legs or the party will loose funding from the exchequer. There have already been cases of very capable and experienced male candidates being passed over for new female faces. There are no laws in the country prohibiting females from running for government. None. Again they need a helping hand to compete with men. The corralling of the males has stated in earnest.
    Perversely I hope this muslim invasion gathers pace so we can perhaps start again…..

  40. I’m so glad this article was written.
    Men invent civil society and government
    Men invent philosophy
    Men invent money
    Men invent democracy
    Men discover and conquer the new world
    Men invent electricity
    Men create universities
    Men design and build buildings
    Men invent and install heat and AC
    Men invent computer and OS
    Woman sits at computer in heated apartment doing cushy job
    and writes that men should be more like women.

  41. If the muslim horde ever show up at our gates here in North America, I will not defend the so called “modern woman”. Rather, I will trade her for weapons and ammo…

    1. You are correct in this.
      The half-dozen teenage girls twittering and chatting and giggling over their cellphones and taking selfies of their perfect clothes and bodies and hair are an illusion. The reality after the power goes out is that they are a huddled group of frightened, beaten commodities kept for the amusement of the warlord and any of his men he chooses to reward. They don’t giggle and take selfies and they don’t dare talk back when they are told to present their naked rears.
      The social justice warrior who scans every statement and conversation for hints of outrage against their progressive propaganda and who blithers and blathers about homophobia and gender normativity and white privilege and oppressive microaggressions and teachable moments is an illusion. The reality after the power goes out is that he is a filthy, crippled beggar who abandons his ideology and begs for scraps and his life as the men of action pass him by on the way to battle.
      The young man today who spends his time playing video games on the couch and masturbating when he’s not playing video games and has no ambition to stand forth as a powerful example of masculinity is as contemptible after the power goes out as he is when the lights are on. Typically he is shot quickly as he has no utility as a fighter and is a waste of resources that could be devoted to a man capable of swinging steel and using a rifle.
      Understanding the reality of the dark world requires deadly serious changes in your thinking. It is not about fantasies of Mad Max or the Walking Dead or any other apocalyptic Hollywood story where somehow the hero makes it through to the end without being changed as a man and with a sorely impacted conscience from what he had to do to survive.
      While the gradient of the dark world may lighten from time to time, it is never the soft pretty white glow it is portrayed to be. The dark world recedes on the beach of humanity but its ocean does not evaporate.

      1. I just checked out your site, Ivan. Good stuff. Keep up the good work. I will be visiting regularly.

    2. throw all the traitors to the wolves. Modern women being one of them, the other being the males who also supported the rise of feminism/equality/homo shit/socialism.

  42. That almost sounds like a clarion call, excellent article.
    Arab Proverb – what do women want?…fried ice.
    I live in a little hippie town 10 minutes from the coast in Australia.
    On Sunday morning we had a parade for our yearly music festival. Brass band, drummers, mums, dads, kids, dancing, costumes, happiness, joy, grandmas selling biscuits, NO fear, 90% white form many backgrounds.
    At one point they played an old song, tears started coming out of my eyes, I had forgotten my sunnies, luckily i managed to somehow control myself and hide it a bit under the shop awnings but it continued.
    Friends, It was so fucking beautiful!
    What has taken thousands of years of struggle for individual liberty to be achieved was all there.
    I wept for the beauty of what is,
    for what’s coming,
    I wept for what I might have to do,
    and for all my dead friends.

  43. These fools title their article “Men’s lib” but it seems like they are totally unaware that men’s liberation is in full force, and that’s because it’s happening outside of the feminist echo chamber these idiotic “senior fellows” never leave. Men everywhere are taking the Red pill and becoming MGTOWs or some other variation. Ask the economists in Japan if that’s a problem… They want to paint this portrait of the slave plantation evolving and men having to adapt, and portraying that as men’s lib (what a load of bollocks), but what’s actually happening is that men are simply leaving the plantation because their hard work isn’t valued like it was in the past. The only men who are complaining about the plantation are the MRAs and frankly, even though I support what they’re are doing, it’s pointless in the long run.
    The only way to save western civilisation is for women to stay at home and make babies and for men to take back their masculine role and then praise both sexes equally for their respective effort! Is it sexist that it’s women who have to stay home and raise kids? Yes, but that’s just how nature works. I don’t see anyone complaining that they can’t fly and that it’s ‘flightism against humans’… The harsh truth is that societies who put their women at risk don’t thrive because they are the limiting factor in reproduction. It’s hard to imagine what that implies when the only thing you have to do to get food is to sit your ass in a car and go to the supermarket but that lifestyle obviously won’t last for much longer. When this is gone, women will realise that it’s much better to stay at home than going out to hunt and fight off enemy tribes.

    1. It wasn’t women, but men who embraced first-wave feminism. Free love and freedom from supporting parasite wimmin – yay! Some old men had doubts that feminism would usher in a golden age for men of increased freedom and decreased responsibility. These men warned that women would rebel against “doing it all” and divorce, careerism, and fewer or no children would result and women would go their own way. But, the times they were a changin’, even though few of age in the 60’s could have foreseen so much change that an op ed would opine that men should be more like women after decades of “women should be more like men”.

      1. Do you have any examples of these men who predicted how feminism would fail us all? Because I’d like to research that topic further.

        1. There are a few examples of anti-suffragist authors that I know of:
          Susan Fenimore Cooper (wife of the novelist):
          Harold Owen
          Molly Eliot Seawall
          The books are hard to come by; be warned.

        2. Pope John VI – “Humanae Vitae” is one. However, what worked on women won’t work on men. Women had millennia of being deemed inferior to men so being more like men appealed to them whereas fifty years of feminism will not persuade men to be more like women as can be seen from these comments. Men might pay lip service to equality propaganda in order to retain employ and/or get sex, but they’ll believe they’re better than bitches all the same.

  44. Of course any bad actions will result in reactions the instigator had never anticipated, Europe is the classic example feminists and socialists have done everything to castrate white men. With the hordes storming in from Africa who steps up to the challenge it wont be white men unless there are some major changes in their favour, it wont be socialists they’re only everybodies “hero” until reality appears, and lastly it certainly won’t be feminists or lesbians just take a look at how little commentary or actions in regards to the massive increase in rapes in Sweden committed by the African hordes.

  45. This is something that few saw and realized in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I’m so very glad that you see it now and talk of how everyone will suffer when you finally “do something about it”. Like what? DO what? Warrior attitude that built the West? This would be why a pantywaist like Obama is in office and men still cringe because they might be accused of sexual harassment?
    Most people and the police and government seek to destroy the last vestiges of free men in society. Telling folks they will be sorry when that happens does what? Bitching on a blog does what? God, I’m ashamed of my gender (or what’s LEFT of it).

    1. You are correct that the majority of the public, the power of the State and the uniformed enforcers that tie them together seek to destroy the last vestiges of free men in society.
      This is the result of two things.
      It is the result of the death of warrior culture that created the West and sustained it for generations. It is the result of the ambiguous, ambivalent gender roles and the stupidity that results from forcing ideological fantasies on a culture through the corruption of the teachers of the young.
      It is the result of the rise of the police state that coddles and murders, that controls and pervades, and in doing so cripples the culture and savagely debrides the role of free men of personal power, integrity and character.
      There remain certain reservoirs of this individual freedom and power.
      Veterans understand these things, and the reality of shrieking hot metal colliding with vulnerable human flesh and the consequences of courage and cowardice are their province. No amount of whining ideological stupidity can remove that understanding of reality.
      Motorcycle clubs understand these things, and the reality of the grotesque lies and manipulations of the police state and the cruelty and evil rapacity of its officers are their daily experience. No amount of feminine narrative of emasculation can lessen that hard earned knowledge.
      Is it odd that there is such confluence between veterans and clubs?
      Both are reservoirs of human power in the dark world, and both will survive the tittering, chattering, embarrassing stupidity of the self-castration party of the decline of the West.

      1. Ivan, well met. I already know your question about the confluence of veterans and clubs is rhetorical to me. Consider the events in Waco. The “system” so to speak, will only strengthen the resolve of men who desire to be truly free. These sorts of events serve to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  46. I need absolutely nothing that those authors prescribed. I paid off my house a few years ago at the age of 45. I am debt-free, don’t smoke/gamble/do drugs, am active in my community, and try to be practical with my money. I work out in the gym and keep myself in decent shape. No woman helped me accomplish any of that, not even my mother.
    Those authors are paid to lie to the public and to engineer society. It’s a total pity they get this much of a voice.

    1. “Those authors are paid to lie to the public and to engineer society.”
      That is exactly what they do and they are probably well aware of it.
      Инженеры человеческих душ = writers are engineers of human souls — Stalin

  47. Excellent article, as always from this writer.
    I see this article as a last gasp of the progressive/marxist/mentally ill left. They know their days are numbers. This sort of nonsense will be viewed with disdain in the future.
    What a horrible sickness these people suffer. You are right – there will be no men to protect these pathetic, weak, weak-minded, sick people when the hoards come to take what they have. ISIS is but a small taste of what is coming.

  48. All the nextgen innovation is being done (still) by men in engineering and men in silicon valley. Women what have you done for us lately?

  49. BE a man. Don’t talk shit behind other people’s back; rather say it to their face. Confront it. Have no apology for being a man. Don’t take shit from anyone but do respect people with courtesy and generosity if they reciprocate and be polite but do have firm back and never let anyone tread on you. Be a man of your words and be action taker. Don’t complain but if you don’t like your situation, change it.
    Have a goal, succeed. Girls are your side dish not your main course. Most importantly be filthy rich so you don’t have to beg for jobs and be a slave to companies. Be physically strong, fit and hold your own in a fight. Be loyal to your race, family, ethnic heritage, tribe, etc.
    Do not concern yourself to an opinion of average sheeps. Do NOT ever apologize to the lesser and take what is yours. The world is YOURS. Go conquer and take it because if you don’t, someone will.

    1. That is a very good line, “girl’s are your side dish not your main course”. I’ve luckily evolved in that direction over the last few years and it’s a good thing to remind oneself to make sure it doesn’t reverse..

  50. “With apologies to Jane Austen, even a man who is not in possession of a fortune will still be in want of a wife — ideally one who has a fortune of her own.”
    I would actually be quite content for years if not a lifetime with my own job coupled with never ending tinder whores and internet porn ( worstcase scenario ) , any man from any previous generation could only be so lucky to have so much access right at the push of a button. Best case I decide to perhaps make a bit more money and look for a wife, not a ” partner ” .Point is , if men can live in an actual federal prison and live without women for years and still be content , I think men as a gender will be able to cope for as long as it takes for women to realize men wont compromise on mannish bitchy leftist women when given the current alternative.

  51. We have not lost our memories or stories of men of past. Their ideal future cannot take form since everyone still remembers when men were men. Unfortunately for them, the Times are slowly becoming the paper for small cabal of liberal readers, not for society at large. Lets see if the Islamic State beheads them or common man burns them alive.

  52. The only way to defend against ISIS is to give us back our arms. Let men be men, put guns in our hands and we will handle our own security. Don’t leave us with our only option to cover our women and children with our bodies in the vain hope that they will survive.

    1. is to give us back our arms. L
      Excuse me while I engage in a moment of unfair gloating. heh

  53. So these people claim the birth rate will increase if men become more of feminized beta fags? Lol. This is beyond stupid.

  54. Solid rejoinder. The fact that endurance over time proves merit and that not all that is new is good continues to elude our mush-brained elites. Especially at Brookings, that progressive cesspit.

  55. NY Times, like all newspapers, is obsolete and desperately grabbing for attention. No one outside of hipstervilles even knows that it exists.

  56. “men need to learn to become more like women.”
    “Where have all the real men gone??”

  57. Hey, maybe the Brookings-Boys will see this note!
    Brookings Institute, a complete Fag-Shack. We used to install and service the phones there in Washington when I was with NorTel Systems. Liberal think tank of the most liberal, anti-man order and in the late 80s, it was mostly “learned” men there, little maggots that never did a days’ work in their lives. Hey, I suppose the only jobs left for men are law enforcement and the dirty work of construction, they’ll keep enough white guys around for drone work. The idea at this point is for them to eliminate the last bastion of white men in management, legislatures and corporations–the easy desk jobs, the women want THOSE jobs, not working jobs. Women don’t work. They steal, they and their sisters.
    Feminism is the greatest swindle there ever was and it’s mostly a corporate swindle. Enslaving women to a cubicle after tricking them into assuming hundreds of thousands in college debt was a very good move. It doubled the workforce, cut wages in half and the little morons with vaginal passages traded a home and family and children for a cubicle in an office owned by another man.
    Hilarious part is? Go to WashPost, NYTimes, (BDCWire), read the “love” advice columns. 99.9% are letters from dopey feminists that are bangin’ some guy who won’t “commit”. For all their whining in public about men, in private, they’re crying their bitch-stupid eyes out that the men they “don’t need”, but who they sleep with, won’t wife them up and cash these broads out of the working world the women wanted to join in the first place. More is the pity, Ladies, for we are wise. No kidding, ladies. Divorce-rape isn’t on most men’s menu of life-experiences and it’s a 60% sure thing to happen to them if they marry. Divorce rape for cash-money and prizes is the new accomplishment of the modern, over-the-hill feminist. Men, don’t do it. Single American women in the middle-age (28-35) are the worst.
    As we all know, but the feminists don’t realize we know is, few men anymore (the rates are falling by the day) want a 28-35 year-old hag of a woman, loaded with debt, that’s slept with 100 men (or more), that has a toxic, withering womb ruined by drinking, sexually-transmitted disease and 20 years of hormonal birth control. This is an aged womb in pre-menopause completely incapable of bearing children, possessed by a woman that thought she could, “you go grrrl” across half the men in their city and finally “settle down” with a nice guy (sucker).
    That the majority aren’t getting easily-conned marks to cash them out is really a shock for these women. Men aren’t suckers anymore, at least not the men these hags want, anyway. These men will sleep with them, adding to the “woman’s” (beasts is what they are) man-tally but a smart man will never marry them. So sure thing, Brookings, eliminate the rest of the men, the men don’t want the stale, picked over leavings of 50 years of feminist mating strategy. They’re going overseas. One day, I hope, these women realize, alone with their cats, if their cats will have them, they were sold a bill of goods by the exact same manginas and feminist harpies that could never attract a man in the first place (Dworkin and all her ilk). May they die alone and may their cats feed on their miserable, drunk, toxic-waste dumps of a carcass. And may the cats piss on the articles such as put out by Brookings. They have done enormous damage.

    1. Great post. Only quible I see is that they will always have a small group of men they “allow” to stay on simply because someone needs to actually do the work required or to blame when it all goes pear shaped. Want to see a corporation crash like a train wreck? Rocket someone to the top not through merit, but because they have a vagina. Someone like Carly Fiorina (who was forced out) and wanted to be POTUS.

  58. If and when our society collapses, masculine men will recognize other masculine men and band together. Feminists, manginas and the like will be left to fend for themselves.
    We are the silent majority. We are the people living in the shadows of a country and a society that has turned its back on us. We are the tradesmen, police, firefighters, veterans, active military, nurses, and everyone else on the frontlines who keep the fabric of this degenerate society together. We don’t brag, get any glory and little recognition.
    Great article. Masculinity is coming back. I live in SoCal (leftist capital of America) and I can sense a large pushback against the left here. People ARE waking up!

  59. “More men ought to be doing what women did historically: improving their economic prospects by marrying well.”
    Land whales complaining that hunks won’t marry their blubber for money or a subtle complaint about MGTOW?
    Or both?

  60. I was looking at comments on another site and the comments from the leftists was full of hate for anyone who was white or conservative or lived in the country or was from a southern state. It did reinforce in my view we as a country we are heading for another Civil War. I do agree a lot of us are going tribal I for one hold value of my immediate family, kin and close friends over that of my country.

    1. “I do agree a lot of us are going tribal I for one hold value of my immediate family, kin and close friends over that of my country.”
      Damn right. Same here.

  61. Let’s put this article into context.
    1. It’s the New York Times.
    2. Isabel Sawhill appears like every feminist cliché rolled up into a doughy, ogreish ball.
    3. And most disturbingly, Ms. Sawhill writes in-depth about the gender disparities, uses data to support her points, yet fantastically ignores the plight of young boys in our educational systems, and work places.
    4. Men acting like women, and women acting like men is not progressivism, it’s the synopsis of a farcical satire John Cleese would proudly direct.

  62. Western feminists and their collaborators are literally living on borrowed time. No sane person thinks that a “woman’s world” is the “new normal”. The only reason why women can “achieve” anything outside their traditional roles is government blackmail and modern conveniences mostly invented by men. Unbridled immigration over the last 30 years has helped too. Probably about 80% of the professional women in my office who work full time are essentially just transferring their salary to a spanish speak woman to watch their kids while they are at work. I asked one woman how much, after child care, her family nets a year. Her answer was “maybe 5,000 but it is not about the money it is about the fact I find work fulfilling”. Nice selfish answer lady. Your kids are being raised by a third worlder so that you can essentially spend all day feeling good about yourself. If that is not the definition of delusion I don’t know what is.

    1. plus, what kind of “work” is she actually doing that is so “fulfilling”? It’s not like she is developing free energy or inventing the next breakthrough technology. Unfortunately society doesn’t place enough value in a mother doing her biological duties. Perhaps if we changed our mentality in that sphere we could get back to the strong nuclear family. But I’m afraid that shipped has sailed a while ago.

      1. Women are decent at shuffling places and moving along workflows when it just involves inane processes. That is why historically they have been secretary, file clerks, assistants, and HR reps. They make decent supervisors of other women at lower end rungs of the org chart too. In fact, I would say in some cases better supervisors then men on the lower levels. That is because most other lower end workers tend to be women and a woman boss can better “communicate” with them, especially when that supervisor has a stronger male manager above her to which she must answer ultimately.

  63. The result of 70 years of relative western peace has been forgetting about the struggle to obtain stability.

  64. It’s no secret that White Men built Western Civilization. Without our contributions people would still be living in mud huts.

  65. Quintus… this open letter is GOLD. But don’t expect these “senior fellows” to understand or accept anything you’ve said. Fuckers like these two won’t understand until it’s too late and the fruits of their misguided labors become painful reality.
    Events in both America and Europe are going to get very real in the future, and these women and effete males are going to need guys like us.

  66. That New york times article made my blood boil. How is a more “androganous” man going to help? Young men need good role model now more than ever and women always want a “real man”. I saw the horrible huffpost video asking “men” what they think about masculinity and one pussy “guy” thought it should be done away with. WTF? Women are lauded more than ever my media and men are more ignored. How about doing the same for men, media? What about helping high school men understand college? What about promoting masculine men in Western society.? The authos is right though; men and women are unhappy. The more you push men down the angrier both genders will be and the end result will be bad.

  67. I guess my first question is whether these authors are fucking and how much does that compromise any objective statement that they make? Some beta moron nosing up to some feminist has no cred (and not a brain, IMHO)

  68. At one point they say: “men must adapt or be left behind.” I did not have patience to read beyond that, I have no interest in knowing what fagots and women think.
    But in relation to said I say, I get behind.
    Good trip. There increasingly many others who were with me.

  69. “Men must become more like women.”
    While it is often best to not pay any attention to effeminate faggots, as a general rule of thumb, whatever the modern world tells one to do, do the complete opposite.

  70. It must be this way. Even with no real, social or institutional barriers to female access and success in the schools, business, etc., we see that women cannot and will not create anything useful. It will just be more service-sector jobs, more jobs in academia, more busy work in offices and governmental bureaucracies, more media, more “journalism,” all financed by debt, debt, debt (since nearly none of it generates real wealth, and plenty of it hoovers up real wealth).
    It is an adamantine principle: men build civilization; men create; men innovate; men do the heavy lifting. What do women do? In a sane society, they make the biggest contribution they can make: they give birth to a few more men, they give mankind the gift of the home, of the hearth, and they win an undying affection for it. In our society, what do they contribute? The best description, in more ways than one, would be to insert a gigantic sucking sound here.
    If there ever was a time when men clubbed women over the head and dragged them back to their caves, I’m sure it was because that was when the light of reason first glimmered in the Neanderthal’s mind, and he realized that’s what was best for them. 2000 years of Christianity and Western civilization elevated women to the point where men thought you may be able to take them seriously; it has only taken a century of practical atheism and secularism for us to see their true nature again; we were fools to address them as equals, to think that they could take a role in public life without society degenerating into this passive-aggressive orgy of emotion and suicidal tendencies. They are incapable of sustaining power and authority; all we have to do is survive the coming catastrophe (which we are better equipped to do, anyway), and then the keys to the city are ours again. God grant us to survive as well as we may.

  71. As a German i usually do not comment on this forum, but i have to commend you for this excellent piece! It is rife with rightful indignation and it’s power comes from the place of giving voice to the true and real situation we – as a society – find ourselves in… we truly are at a crossroads. Very strong piece. It sparked the will in me to begin writing my own blog about culture, identity, gender and politics in Berlin, Germany and Europe. Thanks again – i am happy that i am not the only one seeing things like that…
    I wonder, what can we do to revive and further develop our positive cultural roots? It seems to me that this is the key not only to defend ourselves against looming barbarity, but to usher in a future worth living for all of humankind!

  72. All leftists need to speak the way these people write. Straight to the point. Because at least i couldn’t call them snakes using equality as a EUPHEMISM for “men need to be like women.”. I can look at what they’re saying and easily pick it apart for the public to see because they’re literally saying what they think plain and bare instead of trying to deceive people like most disgusting leftist snakes do.
    I’d rather a leftist say “men should sit there and let women run their lives so women can get even for all the years of “female oppression” they are responsible for. Men need to pay.”
    instead of : “we need more programs encouraging women to be in leadership positions for the sake of equality and moving society forward!”

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