Two Finnish Girls Allegedly Raped By Asylum Seekers This Week

Two teenage girls were raped this week in Finland. The alleged perpetrators are both reported to be asylum seekers, and the tension is rising between the Finns and their new neighbors.

Is it racist to be concerned that more rapes will be the outcome when immigrants pour into Western countries? Well, if you look at the statistics, it doesn’t seem to be a very far-fetched idea.

Immigrant rapes cause outrage

A Finnish 14-year-old girl has allegedly been raped by an immigrant man. The crime took place in Kempele in Finland, at 10:30 pm this past Monday. The police arrested two suspected teenage men. One of them has been released while the other, a 17-year-old, is still in custody. The interrogations have so far shown that the suspect and the victim knew each other in some way.

News sources claim the alleged perpetrator was an asylum seeker and that he was arrested at a refugee camp in Kempele. The police has been reluctant to reveal which country he comes from. Cases that involve foreigners, and particularly asylum seekers, are kept secret, says one police commissioner.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä gave a comment about the incident on Tuesday. Connecting the crime to immigration policy, he said that it should be discussed “if the convicted in these kinds of cases should automatically be deported.” According to Sipilä, the staff at the refugee camps have tried to inform the asylum seekers about how to behave around women in Finland.

The rape has caused an outrage in social media, and the police have called on people to calm themselves. On Friday, the police revealed that another 14-year-old girl was raped on Tuesday. This time they didn’t shy away from saying that the suspect is an asylum seeker, who arrived in Finland a year ago.


Sweden is no exception

Although mainstream media won’t mention it, immigrants in Sweden are engaging in these sexual crimes as well. In March, a woman was robbed and raped by two immigrants after meeting them in a bar. One Iranian is now being prosecuted, while the other man is still at large.

In another recent case, an African boy is accused of raping a Swedish girl behind a bush in their schoolyard. Swedish girls had been harassed by immigrant boys at the school for a long time, but the faculty didn’t want to intervene. The principal told a concerned father, “you shouldn’t divide people into us and them.”

The case is now under investigation, and the boy, who’s under 15 years old, is still allowed to go to the school.

Imported rape culture (?)

So why make such a big deal about immigrants committing crimes? Ethnic Scandinavians do it too, so why put so much focus on immigrants? Isn’t that racist? Well, if immigrants are committing crimes on a scale disproportionate to their numbers, there’s a reason to be alarmed. Rape culture has been non-existent in the West, but maybe it can be imported.

Ingrid Carlqvist is a Swedish journalist who’s lately written extensively on the subject of immigration. One of her articles, co-written by Lars Hedegaard, has to do with rape and immigration. The authors make the case that immigration has caused an enormous increase in crime in Sweden, with the number of rapes increasing by a staggering 1,472 percent since 1975, a time when the number of immigrants also started rising.

But you can think of many different explanations for that. One is that third-wave feminism has taught women that basically anything a man does that they don’t like can be considered rape, and we know that their accusations might well be lies.


Immigrants are over-represented

Carlqvist and Hedegaard counter that by referring to studies showing how immigrant men are over-represented in rape cases. During the 00’s, immigrants committed rape 2.1 to 19.5 times as often as Swedes. In 2002, of those sentenced to at least two years in prison for rape in the court of appeal, 85 percent were foreign born or second-generation immigrants.

The authors write:

One possible explanation is that, on average, people from the Middle East have a vastly different view of women and sex than Scandinavians have. And despite the attempts by the Swedish establishment to convince the population that everyone setting foot on Swedish soil becomes exactly like those who have lived here for dozens of generations, facts point in an altogether different direction.

Maybe the most telling fact about all of this has to do with what the Finnish Prime Minister said after the alleged rape in Kempele; the staff at refugee camps have to tell men how to behave toward women in Finland.

It says a lot about what these immigrants have gotten used to in their native countries. One might wonder how willing they are to give up their old ways (this writer’s guess: not very).

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271 thoughts on “Two Finnish Girls Allegedly Raped By Asylum Seekers This Week”

  1. Well remember. Since there is no actual rape culture the feminists need something to bitch about. So they think, why not just import rapists then we can continue to bitch. And this way they don’t have to invent rape situations. Problem solved!

    1. The swedish feminists deny the fact that immigrants rape very very much, they will deny it even if you throw the indisputable evidence in their faces, it doesnt fit the narrative since brown people are only innocent victims.

      1. Deep down, these feminists just want to be desired, to the point that a man would commit such a heinous crime and risk being incarcerated. So they bring these immigrants in with a rape culture and turns out that these guys STILL would not touch these feminists.
        They need to just release one of these feminists into a male prison so she can get her therapy. Would be funny if the inmates still rape each other and avoid the feminists.

        1. “Deep down, these feminists just want to be desired, to the point that a man would commit such a heinous crime and risk being incarcerated. …”
          That just shows how delusional the feminists are and their religion of feminism is.
          As George Carlin said, “I wouldn’t f*ck one of them with a stolen dick…”

        1. And if they cant deny it then its because of “structural racism” and social exclusion, but these are mostly the extremists that went to university and had their brains scooped out though.

        2. Yup. And they came out brain dead zombies. As if they were in some kind of death cult. But then again, feminism is a death cult.

  2. Feminists are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for reasons to resent Western men(“manspreading”, video game damsels, et cetera) but remain silent on rapes, forced marriage, and FGM among Muslims.

    1. Thats because the non-issues they whine about require no effort beyond manufactured indignation and rage. In the hamster mind of the feminist, simply screeching loudly over an imagined offense is sufficient enough to maintain the illusion of “standing” for something.
      It’s like the morbidly obese woman who earnestly believes that she’s being “good” by ordering a diet coke with her two Whoppers and extra large fries.
      In fact, that actually summarizes feminism perfectly. The Diet Coke of social movements.

      1. Two whoopers?

        whooper (ˈwuːpə) or whooper swan
        1. (Animals) a large white Old World swan, Cygnus cygnus, having a black bill with a yellow base and a noisy whooping cry

        Greedy bitch!

    2. Feminism is about complaining to men to fix men. They simultaneously claim that men are misogynist patriarchal rape machines, and then appeal to our good nature to do what they want.
      It only works in a culture where men generally care about and respect women.

      1. “It only works in a culture where men generally care about and respect women.”
        It only works in a society that has gone insane.
        A sane society cares and respects women and children, but does so by treating them like what they are, women and children, and the property of some man (usually father or husband).

      2. Here is a real ‘rape culture’ but because feminism is so hopelessly intertwined with leftism the feminists won’t voice up on it.
        When is rape OK? When its by an asylum seeker.

    3. Its aimed a western men and extracting resources from them.
      ”remain silent on rapes,”
      A minority does. Apparently a “Muslim” Feminist exposed the Rotherdam rape scandal. Which helped wake Western men up.

    4. The fake “outrage” over “manspreading” has got to be the most ridiculous thing ever. Ladies, we have these things protruding from our loins that make it rather uncomfortable to sit with our legs together or crossed. I don’t care if your gay friends keep their legs crossed, they’re simply mimicking women. Real men give their boys breathing room, get the fuck over it.

      1. Actually, it’s more than that. Men store more mass in our shoulders. Women store more mass in their thighs and asses. This makes men far more top heavy. Due to the moving train, we spread our legs in order to better stabilize ourselves. Top heavy objects are easier to push over. It’s physics.

        1. You’re absolutely correct. Either way, it’s a ludicrous thing to complain about, much less start some sort of campaign movement over. Women these days will find ANYTHING to complain about, we just “trigger” them so much, lol.

    1. it is required for survival
      I said something similar to someone recently. Being ‘racist’ has its roots in evolution. When we lived in tribes we had to determine very quickly who was friend or foe. It would meant the difference between life and death. Being a different skin colour and appearance triggers to our evolutionary brains that this person is different to me and therefore a possible threat to my survival.
      And when we look at the behaviors of third world barbarians then being ‘racist’ is justified.

      1. I believe it was karl marx that really popularised the term racist.
        Turning natural human instincts against your enemy, thats effective psychological warfare.

        1. “I believe it was karl marx that really popularised the term racist.”
          Supposedly, it was Trotsky who coined the term “racist” in 1930:

          Much of what is thought of as “racism” is just normal in-group behavior, so normal that the first known use of the word “racism” was 1902.

          The Oxford English Dictionary’s first recorded utterance of the word racism was by a man named Richard Henry Pratt in 1902. Pratt was railing against the evils of racial segregation.
          Segregating any class or race of people apart from the rest of the people kills the progress of the segregated people or makes their growth very slow. Association of races and classes is necessary to destroy racism and classism.
          Although Pratt might have been the first person to inveigh against racism and its deleterious effects by name, he is much better-remembered for a very different coinage: Kill the Indian…save the man.
          “A great general has said that the only good Indian is a dead one,” Pratt said. “In a sense, I agree with the sentiment, but only in this: that all the Indian there is in the race should be dead. Kill the Indian in him, and save the man.”

        2. Thank you, much appreciated, good articles. So it was one of Lev Bronsteins tactics, its incredible thats so many people dont see the red thread in all of this. Wasn’t it Trotsky that riled up the mongols as well?
          Every time i see his face i get the impression that there is a demon looking through him.

      2. “I said something similar to someone recently. Being ‘racist’ has its
        roots in evolution. When we lived in tribes we had to determine very
        quickly who was friend or foe. It would meant the difference between
        life and death. Being a different skin colour and appearance triggers
        to our evolutionary brains that this person is different to me and
        therefore a possible threat to my survival.”
        No not evolution:
        It was God who confused the languages which forced a diaspora. The physical separation over time resulted in the three bloodlines from the three sons of Noah becoming three distinct races (Caucasian, Asian, and Negro).

      3. What SJW’s call racism, I call a survival instinct.
        Try walking around downtown Baltimore (or pick your hive) at night. See if your survival instinct doesn’t tell you to avoid the urban youths.
        If it doesn’t activate and motivate you to GTFO, you’re probably dead anyway by that point.
        As I said, a survival instinct.

      4. Just look at the native Australian’s. Whether they live in the suburbs or in the bush, they’re all barbarians.

    2. Foreigners in your country, is like salt in the soup ?
      A tiny dose improve the soup.?
      Too much will spoil the soup ?
      Horst Mahler.

    1. At the same time, feminists declare it’s their bodies and they should be able to wear what they want.
      So which is it?

      1. Exactly. Every last feminist can walk around naked as far as I’m concerned. No skin off my back if they want to let their guards completely down. Maybe their survival instincts/common sense will kick in after the rapist has anally fisted them for the fifth time. Rape the feminist right out of them, if you will. To paraphrase a famous quote: a conservative is a liberal who has been anally fisted by a third world, 6th century asylum seeker.

  3. “Is it racist to be concerned that more rapes will be the outcome when immigrants pour into Western countries?”
    As long as we have the SJW handcuffs on ourselves this problem will get worse.

  4. The feminist branch of the diversity inquisition is more concerned about the behaviors of white males that dwell in submarine like man caves playing video games that involve scantily clad elves. They’re the ones more likely to rise and reestablish patriarchy. (LoL) They show no concern about unaccompanied immigrants from cultural backwaters. That would be racist and might offend Muslim sensibilities. The worst possible crime you can commit in Western Civilization today.
    Being called intolerant by some pimple faced progressive or some bearded, swivel eyed muppet with a chip on his shoulder the size of a mosque is worse than being raped in their mind.

    1. This would not sit well in Virginia (in my part of VA, anyways). If the police didn’t handle it, then a group of us would take care of this problem.
      This guy wouldn’t make it back to his homeland. He probably wouldn’t see the light of day, again. Any father (here) would take care of him if their daughter was raped, abused, a victim, etc…. We call it Southern Justice.

      1. Thats how it should be, i have some hopes that that attitude will come here as well, it allready has with the burning of all the asylum centers, but there is more to come.

        1. Alot of asylum centers has been burned to the ground in sweden, up to three a week for the last month or two.

        2. Nobody caught yet. I guess swedish nationalists dont find another way to combat the migrant invasion. I support them fully, good initiative i think.

        3. Yeah its quite exciting times to be alive, i actually welcome the storm with open arms, things must be destroyed if there is gonna be any chance to create something better.
          Maybe im naive and will come to regret that statment but it doesnt matter anyway because its coming wether we like it or not.

        4. Depends on whether you actually care to fight. Not the reality I want to partipate in. I have no stakes in society. I will simply leave it all to go to hell and find my peace in some form of solitude.

        5. Neither do i but i would like to fight anyway, for me and those i can work together with, i believe in tribalism, especially if their is ethnic kinship.

        6. Yeah, I would fight to defend my tribe. But I do not have a tribe. That is one aspect. The second aspect is that it would be easier to put that tribe somewhere where nobody cares about it.

        7. I agree with you, i think its more important to re populate the countryside with like minded people and become self sufficient because our states will collapse anyway.
          The reason i feel i want to fight is for no other reason than that i want to fight, stupid i know.

        8. I understand the sentiment, but I have come to learn that my own wish to fight was because of pain and anger I was not willing to let go of – or, to be precise, did not know how to let go of.
          I wanted to take control over something that is long in the past and thus no longer controllable. Now, the only thing I would fight for is something in the now, not past pains. But I would only fight to defend or have it. If I can have it without fighting, I will not fight.

        9. I will have to do some contemplation on that, i feel that there definetely could be an urge to externalize pain and at the same time i feel an urge just to merge with that darkness i imagine exists in war, that pure cold reptile state.

        10. Yup, that sounds like exactly the thing I wanted to do. Oddly, the wish is gone.
          You know, my whole life, I hated happy music. It just felt awkward and faux. Darkness seemed right. Now, for the first time since I can think, it seems kinda cool and relaxed. And darkness … starts to seem not wrong, but irrelevant. For now.

        11. I believe these things goes in cycles, i used to be more joyous when i was younger and im starting to get back to that again.
          I like being happy of course but at the same time i feel a need to experience all the different aspects of existence.

        12. One more food speck for thought: What if you have already experienced those parts of existence, but merely not yet allowed yourself to fully feel them, thus making you seek them in places while they are already inside you?

        13. Thats an interesting thought as well, i’ve had experinces on ayahuasca that was dark beyond words, horrible but yet so strangely intriguing those experiences.

        14. Yeah, think of it. Do you believe that the Ayahuasca gave you those visions? Or do you think it merely made available to see something that was already there?
          Does battle equate darkness with which you can merge? Or does battle merely remind you of the darkness inside you with which you want to merge? Possibly, you can do this without battle. And an even more radical thought: What if the battle you seek is in reality a distraction from the darkness, to make you feel good about it and having a good reason to actually AVOID merging with it?
          And is merging not a process that seems most plausible with something that actually can be merged? Namely, an existing part of your self? Think of the guys who want to merge with their girls. In reality, they want to merge with their masculine self or something else – which the girl merely reminds them of and which the girl awakens in them. But possibly also distracts from it.

        15. The ayahuasca definetely brings you into deeper things that allready exists instead of bringing an experience from the external, as human beings we probably have a need to externalize and play out psychological dramas, maybe to avoid them or maybe to give those immaterial things a body of sort, can definetely be something along those lines.

      2. This applies to many countries. That’s why the “refugees” always head towards specific locations they have in mind. Their shit won’t fly that much in Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Latin America.

        1. Actually, sex is a pretty big moving factor for Muslims. Many Turkish men visit the country I live in, and in many cases it’s mostly for sex (job or education takes second place in their list). They buy prostitutes, they try to pick up local girls (because Turkish girls require marriage before sex more often than not). So I bet that many “refugees” had one thing in mind when leaving their homeland: “I want to beat up and rape one of their unbelieving women.”

        2. Thats true, its the oldest trick in the book sex and money.
          You may not by any chance be living in the balkans? i know the turks are no strangers to that part of europe, met alot of them when i was traveling there some years ago.

      1. Stupid as well, its not like a body magically disappears just because you set it on fire.

        1. It is an intriguing question how to destroy a body completely. I have pondered how I would do it, if I happened to murder someone by accident. Cutting into pieces and flushing down the toilet was one idea, but rather disgusting. Acid seems to work only in movies. Letting animals eat it seems plausible, too, but where do you get so many hungry dogs from?

        2. Pigs man, in mafia movies they chop the body up and feed it to hungry pigs, they eat it down to the bones with their powerful jaws. I believe thats more than fiction, in midieval europe a common death by torture was to open up the flesh to the lungs and the let pigs eat them alive. They supposedly have very powerful jaws.

    2. A 17-year old girl? Why not a “17-year old woman”? Interestingly, the article also used the phrase “17-year old man”; in fact, the two alleged teenage rapists were called men.

  5. But guys we need migrants so we can have traditional brown-skinned virgins as wives! Stop turning ROK into a WHITE SUPREMACIST website! Race dilutes the redpill and helps feminism!

  6. Europe is dead, end of story. At least western Europe. If Eastern Europe doesn’t learn from this and reject feminism and leftism then they will suffer the same fate. And to be honest it looks like they will, it’s just a matter of time.

    1. We are having different fates to suffer right now, so we have no time for feminist bullshit. It’s almost non-existent here.

      1. Friend, I hope you’re right, but I have little hope these days. Lots of luck to you and your countrymen. You’re going to need it.

    2. What’s up with all the defeatists here? Just because a group of mentally ill people are in charge of EU government(s), doesn’t mean the entire population is worthless.
      There are still men there. Men with ethnic roots drenched in blood. Men descended from the most prolific killers on the planet. Yeah, those genes have yet to express. But as we’re learning, certain environmental condition can cause genes to express or manifest themselves. If an invasion and rape by hordes of foreign men won’t do it, I don’t know what will.
      The Paris attack is another straw on the proverbial camel’s back. Which straw will unleash proper retribution? We can’t say but I’d bet it happens before 2020.
      Remember: Roots, Bloody Roots. If you’re white, that’s you. That’s me too.

      When the men of Europe wake up (that awakening will start in the East), the invaders are fucked full stop.
      And likewise the governments who’ve done this to people they ‘represent’.
      The SJWs and feminists will either be culled or abandon their insane ideology once reality is kicking them in the face.

  7. These families are not going to get real justice from their governments (in Finland or Sweden). What you need is a father with a Glock dealing out his own justice for his family (the old fashion way).
    The government is putting citizens in harm’s way by covering up the crime, some of the facts or the whole incident, period. As a father of one of these teenage girls, I would go look for one of these attackers and deal out justice, myself.
    It’s a shame that these taxpaying citizens can no longer count on their government for safety or support. It will take the people rising up to deal out the justice that is deserved. All the government is doing is slapping these illegal immigrants on the hand and letting them loose, again.
    Not on my watch.

    1. You have some ethnic homogenous places left in the states, i heard parts of idaho is all white, at least i think it was idaho.
      They are now trying to make it harder to get weapons in all of the EU countries they even want to start to regulate hunting rifle certificates even more.

      1. There are places here (as I’m sure there are still places over in Sweden, Finland, etc..) that have not been affected. The sad part is that you see all of your citizens (as well as mine) trying to help these people and these same people would rather kill them versus accepting the help.
        Anyone who thinks these people are truly “refugees” are idiots. No refugee would refuse shelter, food or water (of any kind). These young men (almost all of these refugees) are here to cause problems. They are no escaping, they are opportunists looking to start trouble.
        The only difference in the United States (or at least parts of it) is that we’ll shoot them, first, and then ask for papers (or questions) later on (when they are down on the ground). We don’t fuck around… see if they are going to be rowdy, loud, rob or rape. We take care of the problem (these people), first…when we see them.

        1. The syrian refugees are such a small minority most of the invaders are just afghani thugs.
          More europeans are actually aware of the reality of the situation than one would think.

        2. No refugee would refuse shelter, food or water (of any kind).
          This has been demonstrated by the fact they won’t register for asylum in the first safe country they arrive in. Instead they go on to Sweden, Germany or France to suck on the taxpayer teat until it’s dry.
          If Sweden continues down it’s current path they are headed for economic collapse. They’ve already run out of houses for them and having to keep them in tents.

        3. Personally, I give Sweden less than a year before the whole house of cards collapses under its own weight.

        4. This is why I believe this move is more of a soft invasion versus refugees seeking shelter and safety.
          There are little to no women, elderly or children. Most of these “refugees” are men (military age), in good shape with mobile phones and they are only looking to seek money in certain countries (throwing away food, water and complaining about lack of entertainment) – these people are not refugees.
          If people want these refugees in their countries then they need to open up their own homes to these people (see how it works out for them). I’m sure many of them would become nationalists over night and see how they made a big mistake in supporting this cause.

        1. Can’t beat NH, I’d love to move there if the winters weren’t so fucking brutal. Live free or die, gotta love it.

        2. But isn’t portland the place ful of hippies? hippies are unbearable.
          You people should really strive to fill up those white communities with you and your friends and family (easier said than done, i know)
          When SHTF ethnic solidarity is the most reliable rock to lean against, that will become oh so clear in the coming future.

        3. Portland and Seattle had increases in their percentage of white people between the last census cou

        4. California does have a declining number of whites, even as California’s overall population grows.

      2. Meanwhile, these so-called “refugees” can come across the border with duffel bags full of arms and ammo, with no one bothering to check them.

        1. Its probably time for normal people to start befriend their local hells angel club, they could make good business out of this situation.

      3. Watch where the current administration will want to settle the ‘refugees’. A large number of Muslim ‘refugees’ were settled in central Tennessee, a previously homogeneous section of our country.

    2. I’d rather have a SW 44 magnum revolver than a Glock… A revolver doesn’t jam ! & a magnum 44 does nice damages !

      1. I read a report from a coroner who wrote that 9mm and in general smaller calibres are quite prone to fail in a real firefight, in the sense that they often do not penetrate bone. He recommended .357.

        1. Yup. I would want at least a 45 caliber round. I would want the pistol to be small enough to be snall enough to conceal, but large enough bullet to drop anyone with just one shot.

        2. They’re all lethal, and I’d prefer to never be shot by a round of any size. A general rule of thumb was that smaller caliber guns had mags with higher capacities. Some companies started to make .45’s with double stacked mags so it was comparable to a 9mm’s capacity. Not sure about that any more here in the states, I think 10 rounds is the most any gun/rifle can hold, at least in my state. Comparing guns is like comparing cars, you gain in one area, lose in another. It’s all about finding a balance that is perfect for you.

        3. Yupp… Heard of Canada… The scums crims are a protected species overthere, but cheer up I live in Aus & it’s the same thing…..

    3. I’m afraid it’s even worse than being unable to count on the government for safety and support. European elites are actively conspiring against the people whose interests they are supposed to protect. They even have their own Wannsee conferences (Bilderberg).

    4. I still find it amazing that not one angry father of the 1200 white girls abused by Muslims in Rotherham didn’t take direct action as you specify – either with a Glock, Magnum or even shotgun and knife.

      1. Most people think guns are the most dangerous weapons in the world, but if you look at what causes the most deaths, I believe the humble knife takes the win. When you think about it, it really makes sense.
        Knives are:
        -Easier to conceal
        -Never jam
        -Never need to be reloaded
        -Make it much more dangerous to disarm the attacker at close range

    5. According to the feminists, fathers are not necessary for families; instead, only the government is necessary.
      Which is now fine with me, since I’ve really stopped caring about women’s safety and welfare. If I happen to see a feminist or one of their Useful Idiot members of the female population being raped (or otherwise in harm’s way), I’ll just call 911 and let their Big Daddy Government take care of it.
      Darwin always wins, no matter how long it takes.

      1. Agree. Let the police (government) come to their aid. More men need to see this clearly and stop the white knighting. Women are only using one or the other (a man or government) to get what they need.

  8. I’m beginning to think that the reason Islam is so extreme in it’s beliefes is because it’s required to keep these sand savages in line. Western women (and girls more precisely) are not Muslim, so perhaps that’s an excuse to rape them. Why do Muslims cover their women? So that they would not be tempted to rape them? It seems that the laws of every religion get invented according to the situation they are required to deal with. Without Islam these Muslims would be just uncontrollable animals.

    1. “Without Islam these Muslims” and AUTOCRACY.
      They need a dictator. Democracy won’t work with them.Secular governments won’t and cannot work
      The recent incident of a US Uni Professor (libyan) beating his neice at her school (in Missouri) for not wearing a hijab’ at the school.
      He hasn’t been fired from his job yet.
      HE places his Islamic beliefs higher than US laws.
      IF you can’t abide by our laws and place our Consitution in higher importance than your holy book, then get the fuck out. There is no place for you in a secular republic who values liberty.
      Not one.
      Please see here

    2. Islam is a religion of the Arabs and Arabs have always been savages. They were the most despised people in the ancient world. The whole of the Middle-East and North-Africa is Islamized, Arabized or inhabited by Arabs. That’s the reason their lands are a complete shithole.

  9. I will continue to say it…
    I have sympathy for the little girls. No one else. These fools elected those officials that allow these monsters in to there countries.
    Let them eat cake…

    1. Settle down mate, its only an alleged offense. Lets wait for the truth to come out before we draw conclusions.

    1. You already have the privilege of marrying a post-wall single mother with three kids from two different fathers. No more privileges for you!

      1. It is according to chinese astrology the year of the cougar i believe… dear lord have mercy.

        1. That’s not a cougar. . . the differences between her and cougars is that a cougar can still naturally lubricate.

          I was eating dinner; no appetite now!

        1. Dont forget the the one tit hanging lower than the other.
          Ugh! i actually ended up sleeping with a forty year old stewardess once, shit what a strange feeling i had in my body after that mess, thats why i hunt for eighteen year olds now, i have to compensate.

        2. Haha, brilliant.
          I once went into the park and some old hag came by, surely around 50 years old. It was dark, so I figured it was okay. She was kinda slim, too. We talked a little, I put my arm around her, just some intuitive stuff. Eventually, I grabbed her, lifted her onto my thighs and kissed her.
          And man, I am not kidding you. That was, after Ayahuasca, the foulest thing I can remember having in my mouth. I was a little eager to prove I can score, so I kept kissing. I thought about bringing her home, but then I contemplated the idea that she will taste the same way down there and … you know, even putting my dick into that kind of smell seemed like a repulsive idea. So I ended it and told her I could not do it.
          Later I remembered she had been a smoker. Ashtray flavor, yum.

        3. Hehe I believe you.
          She had done some work though on her tits and pussy but still the after shower was bad.
          From this point forward its lamb meat exclusively for me.

        4. Yeah, lesson learned. It is actually curious that the manosphere talks a lot about looks, but no so much about taste, smell, touch and other sensory inputs.

        5. I go for slim beautiful women but one of the absolute best lays i’ve ever had in terms of comfort and pleasure was with a chubby arab girl.

        6. She had large breasts and i remember that she was very hot internally, that felt quite good actually.

        7. Damn. You know, maybe meditation can give you the ability to heat up your penis, too. My mentor says he can create an invisible energy ball hovering over his hand and many martial artists talk about a similar kind of heat point. Then consider those meditating guys who make snow melt and shit.
          The Lightpenis awaits.

        8. That is what I meant, yeah. No interest in doing it, though. I want to do some dark magic, instead, once I get to that point. Sweep away the heart of a girl with a mental wave of masculine violence and destruction. Demonic seduction.
          Ah, and if I can, I want to be able to throw fireballs.

        9. Im not so sure about the fire balls yet but that dark magic stuff i believe you should be able to do without even breaking a sweat.

        10. You have to be willing to give your money, your house, everything you’ve ever worked for, and in return you will recieve a bitching woman, who complains that you are not what her 50 exes used to be.

  10. People who do things like this are not humans; they are rabid animals, and should be treated as such.

  11. They’d rather be raped by foreign thugs than be looked at by emasculated native men. Once these girls get out of the hospital they will be serving food to the refugees and walking home alone at night

  12. Well, Western Europe including Scandinavia are FUBAR due to the invasion disguised as “asylum seekers” ! Sweden is on top of the list !

      1. I mean that the other lads at the school should kick the shit out of the rapey foreign kids. As a matter of responsibility to their people.

        1. Presuming that the other lads are not secretly fantasizing about the same thing. Pretending that our guys are innocent, warm-hearted Jesus-licking faggots.

        2. Rape is wrong. Period. I have never fantasized about rape, that’s just weird. I guess we just did things differently when I was a kid in school. Certainly a rapey foreign kid wouldn’t be back in school for long.

    1. Schadenfreude.
      The women treated their men like dirt for years, just for being men. Now it’s time to pay the piper.
      What would you do in their shoes? I know what I would do — keep at a safe distance and enjoy that schadenfreude.

  13. If feminists were to admit that Muslim men are more of a problem than European men then they would be admitting that their precious “patriarchy theory” is a load of crap and that “privilege” has nothing to do with shaping men’s attitudes towards women.
    They would rather allow these conditions to continue in silence and watch girls get raped than admit that they might be wrong. Their resentment of white men is more powerful than their love of their sisters.

    1. Your comment has hit the very heart of the problem: feminism is / was all about arrogance and pride (as recorded by some of the early anti-suffragists).
      Pride: it still goes before a fall.
      If I could upvote this a 1000x, I would.

        1. Hubris or haughtiness might be a better word; when I wrote my original post I was thinking of the proverb “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall”.

    2. I was going to write the same thing Mal.
      This is the product of a feminist society. A feminist society that is also unable to protect women, because the men are forbidden from doing so.
      We have exactly the same problem ongoing in all the Scandinavian countries and in the UK.
      A feminist society covering up for rapes and rape gangs by immigrants.
      The white patriarchy would clearly be a fairytale if these cases were given deserved exposure.

      1. That’s right. Feminists would rather invent a rape story about wealthy white frat boys than deal with a real rapes.
        One fake rape at UVA got more press than 1400 real ones in Rotherham because it’s better for the feminist narrative.

        1. Not sure about that. The Rotherham scandal got and still gets loads of press.
          That UVA “rape” got no press here.

        2. Allow it Bob, you know that details of the case and arguing that rape wasn’t acceptable within those communities is futile because it was acceptable, but mainly because the girls came from shit families.

    3. The only people who could defend the European women are the European men, but as the waves of invaders pour into European cities, the laws that clamp down on and emasculate European men remain in effect and are the only laws that remain as a priority to enforce.
      ”Yes means yes” complaints are processed against native European Men while immigrants get a ‘Islam’ pass. DV hotline calls are pursued against white households while ignored with immigrants over issues of sensitivity to their culture. A ‘DV’ bust where a household is depatriarched will be issued to a White household over an immigrant residence hands down. The white man is seen as more apt to take his walking papers and roll over like a cow than a firey Islamic tribesman who would justifyably go ballistic over the mere idea of such feminazi badgering of the tribe by the state. Law enforcement only treads where the people will take their shit lying down.
      The divorce rape industry is a waiting and loaded shotgun barrel poised in the face of every European man. And a white man who knights for his women, protecting them against immigrants while the state stands down on protecting them is prosecuted as a vigilante or threatened with absurd standards of liability.
      The system is set up only to proceed smoothly with prosecutorial action against European men, not the immigrants. The immigrants have a 30 year grace period to ‘settle’ and assimilate. Special interest figures and immigrants with their ‘sensitivity foregiveness’ status would jam the gears of the penal system and cases against them are avoided over the ease of a quick conviction of a White male who no one, especially the women, will defend.
      It’s up to us and us alone. We’re on our own. These are trying times but they will become exciting times soon. When the swinging begins and the smallest victories are tasted, the taste will become unquenchable and the times will become the most exciting times in decades . . or even a century. We’ll get Europe back, and we’ll EARN OUR ALPHA in the process. . and of course the women will about face to the alpha as they always do.

      1. There were some Black women berating some head scarfed Muslim women on the British subway. I assume they were Nigerians of Christian background who’d had enough of Boko Haram Muslims and were “triggered” by this flag of Muslim advance.
        The normal disorganised reflexsive White person went down the route of “Look they’re Just as racist is we are” instead of realising their anger came from. When black ladies in a White country have the biggest balls you known we’re in trouble.

    4. Aren’t feminists often bemoaning the way Muslim men treat women? I’m a bit confused here.

      1. Feminists try to shame both Western and Muslim men. The thing is that MUSLIMS DON’T GIVE A SHIT about Feminists.
        If white (and westernized men of other races) stopped paying attention to what these harpies say, feminism would disappear within 10 years.
        Unfortunately, there are tons of betas out there who would just be too happy to oblige.

        1. Indeed. Easiest way to dismantle a movement is to completely ignore it. Once these witches realize they aren’t getting any traction, they’ll stop. However, like you said, in a society of millions like the USA, there’s always someone who will listen. What has really exacerbated the situation is social media, because now these feminists can unite from all over the world in real-time.

        2. “these feminists can unite from all over the world in real-time”
          Just like men do through the manosphere in al fairness.
          Actually, feminists are just digging their own graves: soon enough, Muslims will take over the West and then they’ll see what sexism looks like.

        3. Feminism is making inroads in some Muslim countries such as the UAE but it is within tight limits of career.

      2. no..that’s the point Bob they don’t talk about how women are ill treated by Muslims or any other immigrant group…

        1. I guess we need to be clear on who we mean by “they” because I have seen a lot in the media about the oppression of women in Arabic countries etc.

        2. I think you are right. I note that it is presented as “news” of what is going on and that one needs to read between the lines to understand. It’s rather different than the kind of hard core critique we get in the Guardian of males in the west.

      3. Feminists are not bemoaning how Muslim men treat their women, far from it, they are not interested in criticising any ethnic group at all and in fact fight on their behalf.
        Some (I can think of Germain Greer) have gone so far as to defend the practices of female circumcision. One Swedish female minister stated it was OK because there is evidence that the women could have vaginal orgasms instead. They are total moonbats. You’ll only get sense out of someone like Ayaan Hirsi Al or Christine Hoff-Summers.
        If they do its in the context of “all men are like this”. Their main target is White males, which gets down to:
        1 A strategy of isolation ie Saul Alinksy of personalising the target and isolating it.
        2 Female anger, Western feminism is in essence irrational anger, is adapted only for small groups of females where there is a pecking order, family situations. At a higher political level it is irrational and self destructive.

        1. I don’t think we can lump all feminists into one category because there are feminists who are utterly enraged by FGM and quite rightly. There are also feminists who rail against the treatment of women in Muslim countries. In fact, how could a woman who thinks that the way that women are treated in Muslim is acceptable actually call herself a feminist? That makes no kind of sense to me.

  14. The immigrants can smell the weakness in Western Europe. Remember, they came from nations where punishment was administered with a noose and knife, not liberal courts of law.

  15. The great thing about Western Society before third (or second) wave feminism is that it had the best of both worlds, a predominate beta/woman marriage situation where most decent average guys would find a decent 5-8 girl as a lifelong partner. We also had a small number of cads, sluts, and (of course) prostitutes.
    Many muslim countries, because of their restrictive religious beliefs, take it to far and eliminate essentially ALL the sluts and prostitutes. So there are no “practice” girls or girls for alphas to fuck.
    Today in Western society we have destroyed the decent guy marries decent girl scenario and now have an overabundance of sluts. This forces many of us who are not natural, but “necessity alphas” [those who had to learn to be alpha] to game the sluts and avoid marriage.
    Sluts are great, but we have so many sluts that the young muslim men (completely sexually repressed in their own societies) come here with the image that all our women are sluts and this, coupled with a religious angle, is the perfect storm of real rape culture. Made worse since feminized culture excuses such actions by the immigrant men.

    1. A lot of them are genuinely shocked when they find out that most western women aren’t interested in them (because most of these guys are skinny or pudgy, comparatively short, and have strongly asymmetrical facial features with no personality to make up for it). They think western women will fuck anything with a heartbeat, and when they find out that’s not the case they freak out.

      1. ‘A lot of them are genuinely shocked when they find out that most western
        women aren’t interested in them (because most of these guys are skinny
        or pudgy, comparatively short, and have strongly asymmetrical facial
        features with no personality to make up for it)”
        That is absolutely correct. The ones I’ve known (all smart guys) also were not fond of brushing their teeth, bathing, or changing/laundering their clothes.
        Maybe a cultural thing? Not sure. The guys I knew were all grad students.

      2. These Arabs have been watching white-girl porn all their lives. They think white women are such whores that they will spread their legs. Sadly a lot of women actually do for third-world thugs. I occasionally see it and it’s a disgrace. How fucked when you are a loving parent and you see your daughter wandering off with some Moroccan inbred mongrel.
        Btw, I’ve read a lot of your comments and it’s like I’m reading my own opinions. Oldboris, don’t know if you’re up to it. But we should meet sometime.

  16. r selected immigrants entering a more civilized society of k-genetic Europeans. It’s almost like two species of human being forced together. The more animalistic r-selected refugees will do what their genetics tell them. It’s a fucking mess made by the criminal politicians who are willfully destroying Europe. They should be tried and punished and all refugees should be expelled.

    1. When the k-selected go on the war path, R selected die by the millions.
      It can only be thus.
      Yeah, I’m radicalized.

  17. This post is very similar to what I’ve been theorizing on except it’s happening on a person-to-person level (with much worse implications) rather than internet. The concept is the same. When people login online, people have an expectation that it will be civil and similar to their culture. This is helped along b/c everyone uses English to communicate. The reality is that everyone is logging in all over the world, and one person’s standard of conduct might be completely different. You’re constantly being subjected to different cultures, attitudes, educational levels and so on.

  18. Sorry, I’ve run out of sympathy… and hope… for Europe. They’re suicidal, and brought this on themselves. We should reproduce every piece of good European art, film. philosophy, and writings while we still can. Because Eurabia is coming, and like the Bamiyan Buddhas, it’ll all be gone one day. Maybe sooner than we think. Europe will stand as a once great collection of civilizations that bought the liberal lie and began to hate themselves, hate themselves unto their own destruction. Europe is slitting its own throat, and it’s too late to save them.

  19. Are we sure these are actual rapes, and not just consensual sex? What was a 14 year old doing out at 10:30pm? Sounds like she was down for a 3some with 2 Arab guys.

    1. Your rationalization makes no sense for the following reason, it argues that the time of day at which a person is out affects the amount of rights they have. This is one of the reasons why legal codes designed to protect an individual’s right are not subject to the time of day and when the time of the violation of rights occurred. The time in which the young girls were out are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is that a crime was committed. If a convenience store is robbed in the wee hours of the night, no one says “it shouldn’t have been open so late.” If a person is murdered while on the wrong side of town, no one says “no crime was committed because he was on the wrong side of town.” Even in prison rape is a criminal act. While we all know that rapes occur in prison, no one says “He shouldn’t have gone to prison if he didn’t want to get raped therefore, this person brought the rape on himself.”

        1. The amount of safety is not and has never been a criteria. If that criteria were employed then persons who are victims of crime in bad neighborhoods would have less rights than victims of crime in good neighborhoods. Think about that for a second. The persons most likely to have full rights under such a criteria would be those able to afford safe situations in all cases. Such a criteria would endow the greater amount of rights towards persons who are wealthy than persons who are less wealthy. This is a situation where the rich have more rights than those who are not rich. Under this situation, equality does not exist.

        2. Rights are a human construct, and do not exist by any subjective reasoning. Yes, the time of day is a big factor. If I am mugged at 3 AM, there is probably some questionable behavior going on on my part (ie out in a dangerous area, drunk in public, etc.) whereas if I am mugged at 10 AM on a weekday, the blame can likely be fully put on the perpetrator. One can “claim” that I have the “right” to my own wallet, but that will do nothing to retrieve either the wallet or its contents.
          The fact that a young girl was out unsupervised alone with older boys who her parents didn’t know is an important fact in the case. A significant percentage of situations where young girls place themselves alone with older guys in a room late at night are going to result in a sexual encounter. That’s a simple fact.
          And yes, things like clothing matters. A short skirt where the guy can see skin, a tight top where he can see the outline of breasts, etc. all contribute to getting the guy in the mood for sex.
          Whether it was consensual or not is a he said / she said that cannot be easily known, but the truth is her choices and behaviors were strong contributing factors to this resulting in sexual intercourse. Hell, this is the fundamental premise of game–insert yourself into situations where the outcome for sex is high and you will score–it’s just a numbers game really.

        3. I dissent for the following reason: rights are a consequence of existence and are, therefore, inalienable. The basis of all rights is the right to one’s life. The right to life is the right to do those things essential to sustain one’s life. Crime is the act of depriving a person of their right to to their life. A person has a right of self defense when another presents a threat to their life. Time of day, style of clothing, and type of neighborhood does not negate a right natural to existence.

        4. It’s not that rights change anything, rights are a constant. Just because a person indulges in unwise behavior it does not mean that his or her rights are forfeited or waived.

        5. Parental engagement has no bearing on individual rights. If we were to make “parental engagement” a criteria that effects the amount of rights possessed by an individual then you open the door to the idea that individual rights can be limited based who and who does not have “good” parents. And this has the unintended consequence of rights being based on social and economic class.

        6. You really have no rights though. Ever dealt with a cop? They toss your rights out faster than they toss you out of your car. Rights are bullshit.

        7. Ok, you’re missing the point. However, much of Finland has curfew laws for juveniles. So, they may not have even had the RIGHT to be out in public.

        8. I’m not missing any point. Even if the girl was out after curfew, that does not negate her right of life. If I buy or sell cocaine, which is a violation of the law, and, after having purchased such, I am carjacked, the person who has carjacked me is still deemed to have partaken in criminal activity. The carjacker is viewed as having violated my right of property. My involvement in the cocaine transaction does not negate my right of property.

        9. You’re really missing what I’m saying. Also, your car would be seized if you were caught with coke it in, even after the jacking if they connected it to you. So, you’d both get arrested if they found the criminal. You both would lose possession of the vehicle in the eyes of the law and in reality.

        10. But the person who carjacked me would still be arrested and, in the eyes of the law, seen as a criminal due to his actions which would be defined as criminal activity.

    2. I’m 50/50 on this one CJ. On one hand, I heard that coal burners and impressionable Sweedish teen girls go around the muslim parts of town and bang and in the words of a young Arab dude “….Swedish girls have sex all night if you have hashish to smoke”. Chasing bad boys and trap queen complex.
      On the other hand, someone coming from a bombarded shithole where a western dress code implies that the woman is a whore (and you being from where you are, know that they exists in the Muslim world) it might seem acceptable to rape.

    3. Exactly what I was thinking. If I had a 14 year old daughter she wouldn’t be out at 10:30 PM, or if she was it certainly wouldn’t be in a private area where sex could occur. Sounds like consensual sex to me, if it happened at all.

    1. Or teach White men how to kill Muslims. If Western Europe acted more like Russia, we wouldn’t really have Muslim problem in Europe.
      Teach WHITE MEN to kill Muslims PERIOD. We can’t have revolution without seeing the blood of Muslims and enemies of the white race.

    1. we should shower them with napalm, it’s because the west is too tolerant that they dare to mess with us.

  20. You guys are all homophobic, misogynistic, racist assholes. What is wrong with you. Do you actually believe these things?! Good god! I’m so appalled by all the disgusting and oppressive shit you MRA’s spew.

    1. But you have no rage and hate for the rapists of the girls?
      Interesting. Hope you get cancer.

        1. Rape is never ok That is why you don’t follow the policy of Scandinavia. Life is reality not some select what you like shopping center. You have a feminine taken care of way of viewing reality.

        2. Just as long as that “anyone” is a White Western heterosexual man, right?

    2. Red Pill =/= MRAs
      MGTOW =/= VirginTOW
      PUA =/= Rapist
      There’s a bit of Knowledge!!

        1. Then why look if you don’t have to? Are you just bored and looking for faux outrage? Go away, don’t look back, problem solved. Adios.

    3. Take your shaming language and spew it at someone who would care. We’re Western men — shaming language no longer works on us, toots.

    4. Ooohhh, “oppressive”…
      Rethinking my life right now.
      Now crawl back to your safe space whelp.

      1. Putin has kicked out and banned soros “open society institute” (OSI) from russia.

        1. Yup, He will be more and more black listed in the west hopefully, its about time.
          George soros currency speculations in the nineties has done harm to many nations economy.

        2. Nah, Soros has a pass on everything in the EU and that also allows him to bully other countries in Europe. For his financial gains of course.
          Don’t think he is welcomed in the UK after he engineered a financial scam which made the British Pound slump in value.

        3. Yeah you’re right there, he will probably continue to roam around freely without consequences for himself, but i think at this point its not about the money but the power exclusively, even though he is what he is, he’s probably one of those people that wishes global communism for the “unwashed masses”.

        4. He does want a global government and all the money he makes he donates to “worthy causes” in which he believe in, and also worthy of mentioning that these investments nearly always make him money because of the effects of the NGOs he sponsors have on the bets he takes.

  21. Just like in Quebec the “Language Police” loves harassing a European restaurant owners because the word “pasta” must be written in French. But they would never go to a Chinese or Arabic or African restaurant where nothing is with compliance with the language laws. Because then you’d have to deal with these “third world brutes”. Its easier to pick on an Italian-Canadian.
    Leftists are cowards.

  22. The majority of people that come from the Middle-East, North-Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Islamic countries are scum. At least, for Western standards they are scum, because they don’t think their own behavior is bad. For them it’s completely normal to rape and steal.

  23. What can you expect? You take a bunch of barbarians from primitive cultures and bring them in a feminized country full of blondes. Obviously it is going to happen. That’s like putting a wolf into a sheep pen then act surprised once the wolf is slaughtering them.

  24. My theory: ever notice that most of the women who support open borders do not look like anybody would ever want to rape them?
    Maybe they despise better looking women so much they revel in them being raped by smarmy immigrants. Leftoids secretly hate them and only use them for concern trolling and political pawns anyway. They despise their own countries, and culture too. So to that end.
    But why not take enjoyment in pretty women getting raped? These progs are very vile people on the inside and I would not put it past them that the typical fat blue-hair internally smiles when they hear of women getting raped by immigrants.

  25. People in Scandinavia should take justice in their own hands, because it’s obvious that police will not protect them. If my daughter was raped I’d make sure to find the guy and shoot him.

  26. The more rapes, the better at this point. In fact the bitches oughta ALL be raped multiple times. Might just open their eyes a tad.

    1. The swedes had it coming to them. The women voted in and keep in power the government serving them rapes. The Swedish men have obviously don’t care to protect women in a country that doesn’t give a shit about them. The stats should show an increase in muslims/immigrants getting fucked up. So what is happening is what is supposed to be happening.

      1. “The Swedish men have obviously don’t care to protect women in a country that doesn’t give a shit about them. …”
        I wonder if the Swedish men are having a lot of schadenfreude; if I were in their shoes, I know that I would. Stupid people both deserve and need to suffer the consequences of their stupid decisions.

  27. European women are the ones voting for liberal parties and holding “refugees welcome” signs. I don’t even care if they get raped or killed, to hell with them.

    1. Agree. They need to suffer for being willfully stupid. Making stupidity painful is the way to keep people from being willfully stupid.
      “Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

  28. These things have many downsides and are too cruel in general. Hypothetically, the only working solution is to abandon all technology and live like our ancestors 10,000 years ago. Thus women would not dare to stray away, because that would mean their survival.

  29. Give me your rapists, murderers,
    Your war criminals yearning to destroy freedom,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

  30. Race war and revolution are the only solutions. Insane liberals, evil jews and non-white subhuman vermin need to be exterminated, mercilessly!

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