15 More Reasons Why Toronto Sucks For Men

As I prepare to leave this city that I’ve called home for so long (too long, in fact), I can only look back and wonder why I didn’t leave sooner. Roosh immortalized the reputation of this city with his original article, 15 Reasons Why Toronto Is The Worst City In North America For Men. His reason #15 in particular hit hard for me. And it was only then that I finally made up my mind to escape from this hellhole for good.


And as my farewell present, I dedicate this article to all the men who continue to live and struggle here, hoping that they too can open their eyes and realize that they don’t have to bind their fate to this city.

The 15 reasons why Toronto sucks for men:

1. The Weather Is Lousy


This is what Toronto looks like four months of every year.

Among the major cities of the world, Toronto must have one of the largest seasonal temperature difference. The summers can be as hot as high 30’s with humidity (just over 100°F) while winters can drop to as low as -30°C (-22°F) with the frequent wind chills. You can adapt to either heat or cold with time, but not both if they alternate on a yearly basis.

2. The Transportation System Is Terrible


Biking in the snow is often more reliable and faster than using our broken public transit system—the TTC.

When people are not complaining about the weather, you can guarantee that they will complain about the traffic or the public transportation. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Pyongyang probably has a better subway system than Toronto.

3. People Are Miserable


Not surprisingly, Toronto is often ranked the least happy city of Canada. Everywhere I go, I seem to stumble upon broken individuals who have no energy, are emotionally unstable, have been cheated on, gone through a divorce, are desperately lonely, are depressed and on drugs, etc.

4. The Sports Teams Suck


The miserable people of Toronto can’t even rely on their sports teams for a bit of joy in life. These teams—particularly the Leafs—only torment their fans with disappointment after disappointment. It’s actually amazing that they never fail to sell out their overpriced tickets no matter how bad they play.

5. People Are Extremely Fake And Shallow


People here seem incredibly desperate to show off how happy and exciting their lives are. The effort they expend to demonstrate their coolness and importance, while obsessing over status, just goes to show how fragile and insecure they really are.

I personally know one chick who is miserable as fuck but can’t seem to stop putting up pictures of herself on Facebook that shows her smiling with gourmet food.

6. It’s Nearly Impossible To Connect With Genuine (And Normal) People


Following up on #5, good luck trying to make real friends or having any semblance of meaningful relationships. Even when you find somewhat normal individuals who are not freaks, you will be expected to deal with constant flaking, lying, broken promises, and back-stabbings. Here, other human beings are just objects to be used to feed one’s ego.

To be fair, I have met some truly kind and decent people here, but they are few and hard to come by.

7. Many People Are Afflicted With Toronto Syndrome


Toronto Syndrome is similar to post-purchase rationalization or Stockholm syndrome where people—when taken hostage to a city as awful as Toronto for a long enough time—start to rationalize and grow attached to the city that is clearly sub-par and outright degenerate.

This is evidenced by the rabid fanaticism of Torontonians who claim that their city is the “best” in the world without any basis whatsoever. These zealots will denounce you and bark at you for not sharing their rainbow delusion that Toronto is a utopia (I suppose it is if you’re gay).

8. The Women Are Bratty And Obnoxious


The Toronto feminist who got a man fired from his job, banned from the internet for two years, had his reputation ruined, with a possibility of a jail time. And all because he argued with her over on Twitter.

I’m not sure what makes women here think the world owes them royal treatment considering how little value they have to offer. Their snarky demeanor and entitlement complex is well known in the manosphere and there’s even an entire blog dedicated to the subject.

Many foreign girls from outside of Canada have much more pleasant looks and attitude than the harpies who were born here. But the longer they stay here, the more they go native.

9. Women Use Their Headphones As Shields


Headphones + Eyes on iPhone – Smile = “Fuck off, don’t talk to me.”

One of the most popular topics of conversation for women in Toronto is to bitch about how men would dare to approach them even though they had their headphones on. One girl admitted to me that she sometimes wear them even though she’s not listening to anything just so she could repel men.

I don’t know what’s sadder: men being so thirsty or women shooing them away like flies.

10. It’s A Hotbed Of Progressivism


Mass of immigrants, homosexuals, trannies, feminists, SJWs, the militant Left, and all the rest are all concentrated right here in Toronto. Toronto isn’t infected with progressivism, it is the disease. I live in constant fear of saying the wrong thing and facing a backlash for it.

11. It’s A Boring City With Boring People


Possibly due to the long winters, Toronto is an incredibly boring city where the only hobby people seem to have is to watch television shows, going to the movies, and… talking about them. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked whether I watch Game of Thrones or the latest Hollywood trash, only to have these people go talk to someone else when I tell them no.

12. The City Has No Soul


Toronto has no history and no culture, and therefore no identity to speak of. This is what happens when you flood a city with people from all over the world. Multiculturalism and diversity is like mixing food from all over the world into a single dish; the end result is always an unrecognizable pile of rubbish.

13. There Is No Economy


While Toronto has one the most highly educated populations in the world, there are no real jobs to speak of. The city only grows because of its continuous influx of immigrants who were lured in by false promises of prosperity. This is apparent from the fact that the only people making good money are those who build and sell the endless number of condos here.

14. It’s Full Of Entitled Crybabies


You would think that all the social programs here would make people feel grateful for what they are given, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Disabled people complain all the time despite the fact that they receive special treatment unseen in rest of the world.

Meanwhile, people of a certain colour lie about their income and social status to maximize their benefits and access to services. This may explain why a disturbing number of people are actively seeking their own victim status, with the more deranged ones purposely mutilating themselves by claiming to be ‘transabled‘.

15. It’s A Failed City


A ticking time-bomb…

Toronto is a failed social experiment. It’s almost as if the elites decided to flood the place with immigrants, introduce feminism and flamboyant homosexuality, and see how far things go before everything collapses—much like the mice utopia experiment done by John B. Calhoun.

People often think that Sweden is on its way to collapse as the first casualty in the West, but I disagree. Sweden is far more robust with its core European population who can easily turn things around should they finally wake up. The same cannot be said for Toronto and much of Canada.


I fully expect this city to bust once potential immigrants stop coming here after finally realizing that it’s a city built on lies with no future to speak of. As for myself, I have no desire to sit and wait for the shit to hit the fan. I have no reason to stay in this wretched city; I want to experience life in places with better climate and nicer women.

Adiós Toronto!

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360 thoughts on “15 More Reasons Why Toronto Sucks For Men”

  1. I’ve lived in Melbourne, Australia. Which is probably the SJW capital of the southern hemisphere and a horrendous place to be for red pill / masculine men. But Toronto apparently sucks the hardest of them all. “Solidarity” (or whatever) with my Canadian brethren suffering in that city. Thank goodness I got out of Melbs.
    Point of reference guys, the “worlds most livable cities” list (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Melbourne, Sydney, etc.) are actually the worst for people like us. SJW cesspools, overloaded with feminists, and friggin’ expensive to boot. AVOID.

    1. Melbourne is perhaps the most livable and fun “SJW” city in the world. Toronto, on the other hand, is perhaps the worst. There’s no redeeming quality in Toronto, there really isn’t. It’s expensive as hell (for absolutely no reason), jobs suck, people suck, women are ugly as fuck (especially compared to SYD/MEL), weather sucks..
      Yes, Australia, like all places, has it’s problems. But it’s not even in the same zip code with places like Toronto. Even Vancouver, another city I fucking hate, has some redeeming qualities. Toronto has none other than “it’s only a few hours on a plane to get to someplace nice in the US”. That’s a pretty shitty selling point.

  2. Reading this article I’m glad I got away even if iI lived in the suburbs. Then again I already know most of this.

  3. So happy I don’t live in Toronto. But from experience, the reason it’s shit in general is because of #7. They think they’re the center of the entire damn universe. Their bruised egos can’t handle being classified as anything less than a “world class city” (which they are far from).
    There is also a complete hatred of masculine activities (re: forced closures of all gun clubs).

  4. Forget Syria, if world war 3 really is just around the corner this place sounds like a prime candidate for any allied aerial bombing campaign

  5. I think it’s nearly unavoidable to have a large city in the modern era, chock full of “I don’t have to expend an ounce of effort” technology and heavy government meddling NOT go far leftist. Living in a city in 1850 didn’t fix you with a political leaning, but it sure as hell does in the 21st century. I suspect that material plenty AND huge amounts of devices or services which substitute for independent action (actions such as you’ll find in suburban and rural areas) create massive amounts of both boredom and entitlement. Once a person gets bored he can easily become detached from the realities of the cold harsh universe outside of his urban bubble and thus starts to believe the stupidest shit. He won’t know the name of the neighbor next door in his apartment building, yet he’ll get all weepy eyed at “universal brotherhood” and “socialism” and every other Leftist mental disease that substitutes for having a real life.
    Not a necessary thing per se, but it does seem to affect all but the most hard willed individuals, unfortunately. And I have no idea how to combat it. Cities simply have the hordes behind them, giant vast armies of snarling entitlement monsters screaming for our lives and money.

    1. I am inclined to agree. If you look at US elections, the maps tend to be large swaths of red with small, dense pockets of blue that just so happen to turn the tide in favor of the Democrats. What are those small, dense blue pockets? Why none other than your liberal run urban areas like Chicago, Detroit, and NYC.

      1. This is why voting for prez is an exercise in futility- only the swing states matter

        1. swing states don’t matter either. Buy a few million dollars worth of stock and then vote on corporate boards if you want your vote to matter.

        2. Yeah, nothing matters anymore. maybe I should commit suicide in Times Sq on New Yrs Eve

        3. Fuck that…times square is packed. Better option “suicide by bowjob” which is committed on a Caribbean island.

        4. ha.
          If any of the ways you read that lead to a dick being inside the mouth of anyone that isn’t female and under 28 then that would be an incorrect reading.

        5. haha.
          well, since suicide means you kill yourself, then suicide by blowjob could mean you blow yourself to death, which is disgusting but also alludes to being a subtle “size/length” commentary…
          And if it was akin to a suicide bombing, would that mean running into a random cluster of attractive females and whipping it out in hopes they would all go down at once? (who needs 72 virgins?)
          My mind is going weird places today, I know it, nothing I can do about it seemingly, so just going with it. 🙂

      2. NYC was run by (at laest by our standards) fairly right wing folk for a long time. Between Gulliani and Bloomberg, most of the girls I date aren’t even old enough to remember a time when NYC actually looked like Taxi Driver and was controlled by ultra liberal local politics.

        1. Bloomberg is the opposite of right wing. Dude wants to control everything about the people living there, from salt intake to what they drink to basically doing everything he can to deny them their 2nd Amendment rights. He may have mirrored some of the policies of Gulliani when it came to keeping the streets clean (metaphorically) but that’s hardly a right wing endorsement considering his overall agenda.

        2. I remember reading a crazy stat recently: about 40,000 people in a city of over 8 million pay like 38% of the taxes. what could possibly go wrong if they all move to the Caymans?

        3. I don’t see it happening any time soon. I don’t doubt that that is where the road ends…but Detroit, even at its best, was still a stupid lame ass city. there was never a point in time when people all over the world were clamoring to check out Detroit. There are Asian business men who file into NYC every day to spend the GDP on a small nation. There is just too much money being exchanged here and too much of a draw for tourists (I for one can’t see why anyone who doesn’t already live here would want to visit and take pictures of it).
          Detroit fell apart because it was built on a lie…Blue collar salaries were fair and those people built homes and spent their money etc. etc. But that is it. It was a one trick pony. At no point in the history of Detroit was there anyone who would ever believe that if they lost the auto industry that the city would somehow continue to prosper.

        4. He did believe in a bit of a nany state and on social issues was left, but he did continue with Gulliani’s position of granting the police a bunch of power and leaving them the fuck alone for the most part…which is what turned NYC into a very nice place to live. There are 0 second amendment right here, this is true. I have mixed feelings on this. People here are too spoiled to train themselves properly to use a firearm and would probably shot children while posing for facebook profile pictures.
          I know a lot of people were upset about he cut back on salt and sugar and the whole no 64 ounce soda thing. A lot of “you are infringing on my personal liberties” and all. And yes, I do believe that human beings are entitled to certain rights and should have choices. However, I was sympathetic to some of these things. People are fucking killing themselves with crappy fast food and soda. That shit is costing tax payers (me) a fortune. It also makes riding the subway incredibly unpleasant and, for that matter, looking at fat fucks is just disgusting.
          I wish there was some way to say that humans can have all the choices they want but first must qualify as humans. A 300 pound land cow who lives on federal assistance but still finds enough money to smoke a pack a day and thinks a supersized meal from mcdonalds is dinner really shouldn’t be allowed to make their own decisions. These aren’t people. They are animals who need to be tended to.
          The marked difference in the quality of life in this city the day this dingbat took office is so extraordinary. Not since the hostages were released the day Reagan took office has there been such a dramatic overnight change that I have seen.
          As a side note, there is a really great special on just how Guillini cleaned up the city and how the lynchpin was dealing with the bums. It is a fascinating look into his creative and incredibly successful approach to making this city nice to live in.

        5. As much as peeps on ROK will hate me for it but living in a city has a socialist side to it, meaning that you have to share your space with a large number of people.
          Everyone has to do their bit for the system to work properly.

        6. “land cow who lives on federal assistance but still finds enough money to
          smoke a pack a day and thinks a supersized meal from mcdonalds is
          dinner really shouldn’t be allowed to make their own decisions”
          Careful dude, thats a slippery slope…

        7. It is frightening.
          The girl in my office who answers the phone is in an apartment roughly the same size as mine. It isn’t as well appointed, but whatever. She hardly pays a thing for it because she makes less money and I get anally raped by the city.
          The problem is, the city is so expensive that unless you are making 7 figures a year you will never have a chance to put away enough money to run off to the Caymans. It is a really tough cycle. Also, NY is unlike LA in that there is something for every budget. I could spend 50k in 3 hours or 150 bucks during a 3 day weekend and have a really good time both ways. So even if you are making 7 figures there are options to keep you in revolving debt.
          Basically, once you are in the cycle it is nearly impossible to get out.

        8. It is a very slippery slope and not one that I am wise or informed enough to make anything more than casual observations about. However, even if I don’t know if and what a valid answer will be, I am aware that there is a valid question.
          At what point do we say that these people forgo their rights based on their exceedingly poor decisions which, by the way, are costing me a forture.

        9. I pay like 40 times the taxes of the vast majority of the people here. I do my part and the part of 39 other people. I feel no need to dig in and get my hands dirty. I am already making sure these animals have homes and food and public programs and all sorts of frivolous shit they don’t deserve.

        10. Not talking about you or me going there- imagine what would happen to NYC if those 40k people said “Fuck it, Im done with this.” Even Snake Plissken would be on the next chopper out of here

        11. The world’s citadels were always pestered with the poor and the unfortunate. They are an omnipresent feature and somewhat needed as they do dirty jobs that nobody wants to do. Reading Angela’s Ashes gives a good idea of what life in 20s and 30s NYC was like for them.
          Nowadays, it’s lunacy; welfare is crazy generous and single mums get a roof over their bastard’s head. Animals get a home?, fuck me that is something.

        12. But do you see the source of your questions and observations. You presume “socialist net” because that’s just how things work in your world (I know you’re not a socialist) because that’s the base presumption for most city people. “These people cost me $ through a shared resource, ergo, I should be able to dictate their behavior”.
          I have another solution. Allow insurance companies to reject bad health choices as private institutions, and stop with public assistance for anybody who chooses to live like a monster. The incorrect answer is restricting enjoyable things that most people can enjoy in moderation in order to cull out the “fat cows”, imho.

        13. Allow insurance companies to reject bad health choices as private institutions
          I have no doubt this is gonna happen, all these fitness trackers will be sharing your vitals with your insurance company…

        14. I understand the need for people to take care of the poor and unfortunately. That isn’t these people. These people are poor and fortunate and fucking entitled. Many, if not most, don’t work. Their full time “job” is working the system which, if done correctly, will get them so much shit that getting any job will be a down grade.
          Yeah, I wont balk on the bill that keeps babies fed but I would rather have the bill that sterilizes these idiots who keep popping out children hoping one of them is 7 feet tall.
          There are so many people who straight up refuse to work because my exorbitant tax bill means it is less profitable for them to do so. That is fucking annoying.

        15. I love your suggestion about insurance companies rejecting illnesses resulting from bad life choices but, as you know, that will lead to draconian rule of those insurance companies (more so than they already have).
          I do understand your point and know that the socialist ideas and the built in presumption also can’t work.
          Like I said, I do not know the answer. I do know, however, that there is a problem.

        16. What if the insurance companies do reject bad health choices, wouldn’t that be subjective in it’s nature. What’s considered bad and what’s acceptable? Insurance companies are out there to make a buck and to do so, they might tailor a policy for the uninsurable.
          Here’s a nightmare scenario: the ins. companies do as you mentioned above and reject certain clients. What if a clever up and coming politician promises to provide subsidies to ins. companies to insure the uninsurable?
          It’s a lose-lose situation where the state ends up wasting people’s money.

        17. There were cases here in England where people were worse off by working and paying taxes than staying on gov benefits.
          That says something about how the country is ruled.

        18. don’t worry, it’s a short time horizon between the worlds of Giuliani, and a Dinkins.

        19. I have no problem with that. I mean, it isn’t ideal…but if it means my insurance rates are better because I got my cardio and my weight lifting in 6 days this week, ate a healthy diet, supplemented with vitmains, drank water, stayed active and it means that the pigs who are smoking and clogging their arteries are gonna have to pony up their actual fair share or just let that heart attack kill them..sure, go ahead.

        20. 1. Nobody is entitled to insurance.
          2. If you want to pool with healthy people, then the onus is on you to choose to be healthy. Your choice, rather than imposing bans on things other people can enjoy without being a glutton. If you want to live like a pig then you get to pay the associated cost to be in the pool with others who live like a pig.
          3. The point is to remove politicians entirely, not to institute socialized medicine *on the same exact premise that somehow people need to be controlled* under the guise of “compassion”
          4. See #1

        21. Exactly. And it results in zero bans or “mandatory reductions” on anything. I’ve always been of the mind that if you want to consume resources at glutton levels, then more power to you BUT you have to bear the cost of your choices yourself. Rationing (via government) or banning things is exactly the opposite of liberty.

        22. You’re making enough sense GOJ, but my scenario is more REALISTIC. You know the political trends in big cities, don’t you? German style of economic SOCIALISM!
          NY is almost like a country in it’s own with statute and politics specific to it’s nature. Do you think that if it works in your small town in Ohio, it will also work in LA or NY? Of course not.
          I’m in not any shape or form advocating for an common health system but you have to be realistic about big cities.

        23. Insurance works the same everywhere, actuary tables predict risk factors and resources are pooled accordingly. I mean look at auto insurance, it’s the same wherever you go, and the standards are the same: If you’re a safe driver you pay X premium, if you’re some Sir Crashalot you get to pay X+N-Infinity premium if you’re considered for coverage at all. Same should hold true for health insurance.
          It would also help, immensely, if insurance could sell across state lines (in the U.S.), which would open up the markets and broaden the pool base and likely drastically lower the rates everyone pays.
          My point is, being “realistic” does not mean that we have to cater to “ban item X!!!!!!!”. That’s just tyranny. While my ideas may or may not work in specific, in general the presumption should be to *not* ban things in free nations.

        24. I am not sure where I stand on liberty. I mean it…I just haven’t made up my mind. I am a big fan of oligarchy. I think Peter the Great was a fantastic leader. Democracy, I often feel, is an asinine system which lets uninformed, ignorant, stupid people have the same weight and value as people who are in better position to make decisions.
          I do see the downside to the other side of course.
          Honestly, I just don’t know. Geneva was an excellent democracy (one of the few one person one vote actual democracies). It was small. It had closed gates and it made sense. But if Honey BooBoo’s mom and I have the same value then there is something horribly wrong.

        25. But why not go a step further. If you want to live like a pig you have the same rights as a pig…which is to say, they end where the farmer says.

        26. Liberty and democracy are not the same thing. You can live a very free life under a King or another “less than democratic’ form of government. For example, when we were British subjects here in the States, we lived far freer than we do now under “democracy”. Shoot, I wouldn’t even wager against us having less personal and economic freedoms now than your average Anglo-Saxon free man in the year 800 A.D. before anybody even hinted at “democracy” in those parts.
          I agree with your point about democracy sucking hind tit though, for exactly the reason you do; that some illiterate, government largess mooching imbecile in Harlem has the same power of vote that I do should not happen in a just society.
          That’s why we tried to be a Constitutional Republic, but apparently that was subverted at least a century ago and now we’re basically a “democracy” in every bad form you can imagine.

        27. Because I do not endorse taking of human life except in self defense. I mean real self defense, not “I don’t like him” types of “self defense”.
          Now letting them die from lack of medical care when nobody insures them and charities throw up their hands and say “You keep making horrible choices, you’re on your own” I have absolutely no problem with at all.

        28. Not all of these colossal failures(constitutional republic) have been bad ideas. It is always hard to see how these things will play out once they are put into practice. No one could have accounted for how stupid people would be on average, least of all the kind of people that went and sat and listened with interest to, say, the Lincoln / Douglas debates. And forget about the wild card technology has thrown us in the last 2 decades.

        29. And in your system this would make sense. However, in the current system this doesn’t work. Gluttons and smokers and alcoholics and drug addicts are taking money out of my pocket.
          This is why I say that while Bloomberg’s move to do things like ban 64 ounce sodas or certain other foods or making smoking pretty much equal to child molestation in the eyes of the law, may have not been the best policy, it is a very sensible and sober reaction to the facts as they are. It isn’t an ideal solution, but it is real and implementable and I think that the attempt, even if it was a bad one, showed that he was making an earnest effort to address this problem which is more than I can say most of the other dry cunts who are supposedly ruling this country.

        30. I’m just not going to cotton to his brand of fascism. “Doing something!” under the auspices of some bizarre socialist mindset, which results in banning things in a free country, is not how I roll. The proper response is to address the cost directly and through means that leave individuals the freedom to make their own good (or bad) choices without penalizing people who do in fact make good choices. The insurance model worked just fine and it wasn’t “rule by insurance”. Now that government basically “owns” everything in that industry in fact if not in deed, isn’t to me justification for starting to ban everything.
          Using “health costs!” to justify a ban will ultimately end with all of our very basic freedoms taken away, including every single one in the Bill of Rights. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can’t be rationalized away as “It costs me something!” in the long run.

        31. Nothing wrong with what you say here. Like I said, the ban shouldn’t have been. It was a bad idea. But at least it was an idea which acknowledged that a problem exists.

        32. Yup.
          As you said, before that death-thing and all:
          “A democracy is nothing more than mob-rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” – Thomas Jefferson (unless you are Jefferson Davis or Jefferson Airplane or something in which case I apologize.) 🙂
          And mob rule isn’t the only way to do this, so long as a “vocal minority” can get a “voting majority” to empower representatives to go to Congress and undermine the Constitution. Like you said, subverted at least a century ago and made into a democracy, which we were never meant to be according to our Founders and their writings.
          It’s why words and the concepts they convey are crucial. “…And to the Republic for which it stands…” Not to the democracy. We were all supposed to pledge allegiance (on our oaths/by our troth under penalty of dishonor and possibly damnation) to the idea of our Nation, not sell-out for free toys.

        33. I actually spoke to someone who left NYPD last year. The boys in blue hate Blasio with a passion and the union is having a hard time covering it.

        34. That would sink costs more than anything.It would also help, immensely, if insurance could sell across state lines ”
          That would sink costs more than anything.

        35. Detroit didn’t die because it lost the auto industry (in fact it’s still there). The unions and corruption busted that town. After the race riots in the 60’s the corruption sky rocketed and the middle classe and small businesses fled. Detroit is the poster child of the democrat party. NYC will take longer, but it is on the same path.

        36. A completely realistic and do-able idea, that nobody seems to get around to actually, you know, making happen.

        37. No doubt it is the same path, but it will look different. Still too much tourism money, old world money and enormous business here. I have no doubt things will change, but NYC is a different animal all together.
          Every place in the world has corruption. But NYC is a real city and there is enough money to sustain itself through the bullshit corruption.

        38. “But NYC is a real City..”
          So was Carthage.
          “..and there is enough money to sustain itself through the bullshit corruption.”
          No. There isn’t. NYC would need to change course and get another Giuliani and some City fathers who gave a f*ck. I remember the 70’s — it sucked.

        39. when we were British subjects here in the States, we lived far freer than we do now under “democracy”.

          I always make a point of telling people this on the 4th of July.

        40. The main problem with health care *IS* insurance.
          In 1960 when average health expenditures were $147 per person, the average household income was $5,600, it took a week and 2 day’s worth of wages to pay your medical costs, and insurance wasn’t needed and rarely used (I think you could buy a “hospital plan” for $6 a quarter that would cover hospitalization).
          In 2010 with medical costs of $8,402 on a household salary of $53,000 it takes 8.25 weeks to pay for health care. Since most people don’t have 8 weeks worth of savings, most are forced to fund health care expenses with insurance, which further inflates the pricing.
          If health care costs weren’t so expensive, insurance largely wouldn’t exist, and certainly wouldn’t be required for medical care, and we could all just ignore those who whined over whether it was ‘fair’ to charge the modern day equivalent of $6 or $7 for a hospital plan.

        41. What you’re describing is the silly argument “conservatives” made in regard to Bloomberg’s salt and sugar policies. “Freedom, Freedom” they cried. But genuine freedom isn’t without limits, or consequences. Yes, back in the day, you were more responsible for the consequences of your actions than you are at present, but while the government didn’t necessarily “judge” your personal dietary choices, your family, your community, your school, your church, and the broader culture, sure as hell did. These other institutions told people “no” when they needed to told no; when people wanted to make selfish choices that were detrimental to themselves and to others.
          That’s what’s missing now. There’s no longer anyone around to tell you “no, don’t do that,” when you need to hear it. All anyone says, Right or Left, is “Freedom!” If people always made the right decision, (back when we believed there was such a thing as the right decision), if we never acted selfishly, then “freedom” is enough. But people do make selfish choices, so the government must do what no one else will.

        42. yeah, I get that, but here is how it is in NYC:
          avg salary of someone living in public housing was around $30,000
          avg rent in a public housing bldg was a little over $400/mo
          a 2 bedroom apt in the outer boroughs(meaning not Manhattan) could run you $1800. Maybe someone in the projects is paying $600 for a 2 bedroom, and you have two struggling 20 somethings making $45,000 each paying market rate- how is that fair? No one gets ahead anymore(probably the plan)

        43. I can’t stand public celebrations on the 4th any longer. Others around me are celebrating something very different from that which my ancestors fought for. I see no cause for jubilation.

        44. Universal male suffrage. The mass democracy of the Jacksonian age opened the vote up to the masses. Everything went downhill from there, capped off by the 15th Amendment.
          In 1820, we elected a gentleman agrarian, James Monroe.
          In 1840, we elected a gentleman agrarian William Henry Harrison, who had to pretend not to be a gentleman, but a cider swilling log cabin dweller.
          In 1860, we elected an actual cider swilling log cabin dweller.
          It only got worse from there. Party machine hack, after party machine hack, until women got the vote, and then we had to start caring about whether the candidate “cared about people like me.”
          According to wikipedia….
          “Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky were the three states to have full adult suffrage for white males before 1800. New Jersey allowed women’s suffrage for landowners until the early 1800s.
          By 1830, the vast majority of states, including all states in the
          West, had universal male suffrage, regardless of property
          ownership or class. Poor voters become a huge part of the
          electorate. In the 1820 election, there were 108,359 ballots cast. In the 1840 election, 2,412,694 ballots were cast, an increase that far outstripped natural population growth. There were few nations in the world that had a similar level of suffrage for white males at this time.”

        45. I wish I could give you two ups for Kentucky fried movie. Didn’t even need to play the clip to know exactly what it was.
          I too remember the 70’s and I agree with you about it’s suckatude. People who walk about how NYC lost it’s “charm” with Guiliani are fucking idiots.
          I seriously don’t think the blas is going to be in for another term. It *MIGHT* have actually been a very good taste of what the city could turn into for a lot of people who don’t remember a Koch/Dinkins NYC

        46. Actually, it’s government involvement. Your chart starts in 1960, and Medicare/Medicaid started *very* shortly after 1960. That makes up over 50% of the “payer” in medical circles these days, and accounts for 90% of the burdensome paperwork and laws.

        47. Yeah, it doesn’t make many friends to mention it. A good chaser is to follow with “And after we separated from the U.K. we had even more freedom than them at the time! Can you imagine?!”
          It’s depressing how little people understand of basic liberty and how much of it we’ve lost. They figure that if they can wave their Chinese made cheap flags and salute some “veteran who sacrificed!” then they’re free. Meh.

        48. I made so much more sense before I bought the farm.

        49. Tyranny is making other people deal with the consequences of your actions, while claiming the “freedom” of not having others tell you how to live.

        50. Income tax – did not exist
          Forced union participation – did not exist
          Market – nearly unfettered
          Could correct your kids without social workers descending on you.
          No war on drugs
          No standing army of any size
          Money was based on commodities and NOT on debt
          Man’s home was his castle
          No such thing as “warantless roadside searches” or “checkpoints”
          Government didn’t keep a record of all of our dealings
          Your financial transactions were not reported to government
          No licensing required to ride your horse or drive your wagon
          Not forced to buy products (Obamacare)
          And much, much more…

        51. Well, for one there’s taxation, which is the main source of any and all government oppression: The Boston Tea Party was organized around a 3 pence per POUND of tea. I had trouble doing the math, but a pound of tea is a LOT and even back in the 1700s 3 pence wouldn’t have made much of a difference. Plus most Americans even then shunned the drinking of tea.
          Compared to the 50% tax rate we pay today in America, the British colonies where all government was funded by land taxes, poll taxes, and import duties, was far less onerous.
          There was no such thing as property zoning, sign or zoning ordinances, business licensing, firearm restrictions, income taxes, overtime rules, mandatory insurance, the DMV, the TSA, the IRS, the ATF,CIA, NSA and you were free to send and invest your money wherever you wanted, free of regulation or taxation. Perhaps GoJ can chime in with some others.

        52. You assume the collectivist mindset. I disapprove of government “helping” anybody, including myself, if they fail.

        53. Which is why I state that people should be accountable for their own actions in a free market, and not some bizarre socialist “The Collective forces you to participate, you do things the Collective does not like, the Collective will thus dictate the circumstances of your life”.

        54. Odd how those things you list are not only spot on, they have all suffered massive government intervention and degradation over time.
          Family – one parent is fine, two dads is cool, nuclear is dead and “antiquated.”
          Community – can’t speak your mind or disagree with someone (a woman especially) lest you trigger someone, are persecuted on social media, and accused of bullying or “terroristic threatening” before being blacklisted for employment.
          School – all our ancestors were white, straight, oppressive, racist, patriarchal closet homosexuals, and women/minorities invented a lot more things than they actually did despite the facts showing otherwise. Oh, and America is a tyrannical, Imperialistic war-mongerer.
          Church – There is no God or Jesus, though there is a Muhammad and maybe a Sheva, who knows which all deities really, but definitely not the Christian one. All Priests are pedophiles and all Christians are sinners therefore who are they to judge morality?
          Small wonder.

        55. The one follows the other. We didn’t start with the “let’s manage people’s lives” part of the equation. We started with “anyone who tells me no, is being oppressive and crushing my freedom of choice.” Given that, it’s useless to complain out government tyranny. We, as a society, want government tyranny, provided it allows us the illusion of individualized selfish autonomy. That’s the root of the problem.

        56. The perfect argument for tyranny. You’ve just justified the complete repeal of the entire Bill of Rights if it ever happens. Congratulations.

        57. You’re equating free choice with tyranny, and transmuting government tyranny into “responsibility”.
          That’s confusing atomism with individualism, and it also allows any kind of tyranny as long as you can muster some justification of “Them kids, they just don’t have the ability to make good choices any longer”.
          Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll take a re-establishment of virtue and civic spirit, even if it takes a long while, rather than submit to banning everything under the sun in order to “put people right!”

        58. As John Adams said, our system of government is fit ONLY for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. We are no longer a moral people.
          Remember the words of Edmund Burke…
          “There never was for any long time a corrupt representation of a virtuous people, or a mean, sluggish, careless people that ever had a good government of any form.”
          The problem isn’t the government, it’s the character of the people.

        59. You posit yourself as the sole arbiter of morality, it appears.
          Look, I get that many people have lost their rudder and have no virtue. That doesn’t mean that you get to bring down the ban hammer on society on the whole and harm those of us who still have and act on virtue. That’s collectivism and frankly, not of interest to me. These atomistic fools are just that, fools, but I won’t use them to excuse bringing down human liberty once and for all, thank you very much.

        60. Well, I’d say government involvement is the cause and insurance companies are the means to that end. I read a great book on this over a decade ago on health care I could dig out, but one of its main points is that the reason employers pay for our health care in the USA (but not our auto insurance or haircuts, or tennis shoes) is that the federal government froze wages (I believe Nixon) and the only way certain businesses could attract better employees was to pay for some of their expenses, since it couldn’t pay them any more salary. They could have chosen to pay for their employees housing, or gasoline, or clothing, but they chose health care. This started out just at big firms who needed bright people .. IBM, big banks, etc. but eventually spread to all corporations and now most employers.
          The feds subsidize and encourage this because money paid to an employee for wages is taxable but a health care benefit paid to an employee is tax free, so it’s financially better to have employers pay for insurance than employees.
          But the reason I say insurance is the problem is because even if the government got completely out of health care tomorrow, the situation would not improve, because government has pushed insurance companies between patients and doctors and that won’t change unless government makes an equally powerful move reversing its earlier error.
          The root cause was a classic case of the seen versus the unseen…the government wasn’t even thinking about health care–they were trying to freeze wages to combat an economic problem, and in doing so created this awful health care system dominated by for profit insurance firms that we have today. They contribute nothing to the administration of health care, other than jacking up our rates and controlling access.

        61. Man isn’t an island. We live together as a society, like it or not, and the good get punished with the bad. That’s why these things like the culture, the schools, the churches, matter to EVERYONE, and why it’s so damaging that the Right has paid no attention to the Left’s march. The Right has lived a delusion that the Left can win over everything, destroy every traditional institution……..and yet…..life will just carry on as it always has. It doesn’t. But we were too concerned with “freedom” and our tax rates to care. Well, this is the consequence of a century of ignoring problems around you.
          Sorry, but you have to live with people around you who make selfish decisions. You have to deal with them, and their children. You don’t get to exist by yourself. It’s the people themselves, who approve of what the government’s doing. Eventually, that will touch you. That’s why genuine conservative was concerned about faith and tradition. Because it mattered. It was the basis of everything else.
          And I think the general consensus on ROK, is that we live in a deeply immoral society. Do you suppose otherwise?

        62. I’m not arguing for increased government oversight. I’m in favor of a rebirth of virtue and civic spirit. But to bring that rebirth about, takes a concerted effort, and requires more from us than parroting “freedom, freedom” as the solution to every problem.

        63. I just noted that I’m against atomism, which means I reject “every man an island” thinking. I’m stating that the solution is not to go totalitarian, the solution is to re-establish virtue and morality as a civic expectation. It’s not an instantaneous feel good solution that makes you fell all powerful, like banning everything under the sun, but it is far more effective in the long run. I think long term, not short term, so while a bit of guilty pleasure at banning sugary coffees (or whatever) might be fun, it’s ultimately self defeating. Once you go down that path you have set the stage for your own preferences and proclivities being “banned” when the “wrong guy” gets power.
          The entire neomasculinity movement seems centered on building a new set of masculine virtues and morals. The notion of banning everything is anti-ethical to that notion.

        64. An open heart transplant costs $1,200 USD in the free market.[Compared to the $100,000+ under Obamacare]. An Indian Surgeon named Devi Sheti [Mother Teresa’s ex-surgeon] has made over 1 Billion USD owning hospitals that provide medical operations at free market costs by cutting out the politicians and insurance middlemen. He’s tried multiple times to open hospitals in the states, but is rejected every time because he threatens the profits of the insurance companies and politicians that submit to them.

        65. Quite so. Eventually that rot takes a toll on the health of a society. A lot of people were convinced that it never would.

        66. Great example.
          Another example is Veterinarians. Dogs/cats are mammals and basically just like us from a medicine/surgery standpoint, especially regarding knowledge and skills. Nobody is losing their home when they have to take Fido to the doctor to get a minor operation.

        67. I’m not particularly fond of insurance, fwiw. I mentioned veterinarians above. Same basic knowledge and skills required to do regular human medicine as to do any other mammal medicine. They don’t have any real insurance net or government support, so you can go to one and get Fluffy Kitty operated on, even for cancer, for a few hundred bucks tops.

        68. I agree. But people have to see that that’s the trade off. That either you choose self-regulation or governmental regulation. At present, most people think they can have their cake and eat it. It’s a delusion, so how to you break a delusion, if not with real consequences smacking you in the mouth? What I’m suggesting, is that people have to be brought around to see that before they’ll do differently.

        69. Our family pet was treated for cancer at an out of town clinic for something like $1,000. He was treated successfully, returned, and the doctor called to follow up and check on him afterwards. I can’t imagine this happening to a human. And yet the treatment procedures for this form of cancer are identical to that of humans.
          Imagine a doctor fixing your cancer for a grand.

        70. I understand the realities of it, I’m just not fond of paying the price for those without control. If I want a fine cigar with friends a couple of times a year, I would be quite put off and upset if cigars were banned because some people can’t control themselves. Same for anything else. That’s not a trade off for me, insofar as I do have virtue and am also being punished for those that do not have virtue or self control. I gain nothing, lose everything and am held accountable for passions and uncontrollable appetites that I do not posses. Do enough of that against men who still have virtue and soon you’ll have a real revolution on your hands, we’re rather put off by being lumped in with the degenerates.

        71. Treatment, procedures, medicines, all of it, likely 100% identical. You know the ol’ country boy ruse of heading to the Vets to get anti-biotics for pennies on the dollar (well, they do that around here, heh).
          When I use the veterinarian as an example of a true, affordable medical solution with Leftists their heads explode.

        72. Few people actually know what freedom actually is. Which is why I make the distinction between true individual liberty, as opposed to atomism (license).

        73. We seem to be on quite the same wavelength today…hah..
          Anyway I made friends with the local vet and told him in the case of apocalypse he is coming with me and going to be well protected and taken care of, as he will be my source of medical care. I think a vet is much more able to think outside the box as well.. ie do a Macguyver type procedure whereas Billy McMD won’t know what to do without the $100,000 heart monitor beep machine.

        74. Ah, I get you are saying. Thought you were advocating a sort of constitutional monarchy

        75. Thats horrifying- how much money would these pharma cos lose, permanently, if there was an alternative cure to cancer?

        76. Nor I, but a majority of the country does. That’s the problem, not the government regulation on sugar. But instead of focusing on the horrible values of the majority of people, we go hoarse talking about the regulation.

        77. The resultant regulation is not the solution to the bad values of the majority, it’s the crashing “boot to the balls” that Yuri Bezmenov spoke about. It’s the unfortunate result of a selfish populace, but it’s also the necessary wake-up for the same. We’re not going to correct this decline comfortably.

        78. America has the cheapest and by far the best cosmetic surgery practice in the world. The reason it’s so cheap? Government doesn’t regulate the cost of procedures so private practitioners have to compete by driving down the price [free market principle]. Anyway GOJ, I’m preaching to the choir.

        79. I wasn’t talking about welfare mate, I was talking about sharing the limited space and common resources ie. Subway.

        80. Yes. It gets a little ridiculous when a someone wants to control the size of your cup (drink). They have plenty of things to fix and this one of their priorities?

        81. I do, just wasn’t advocating it in this instance. The idea of America was great, but when you realize that the UK today is basically as free as the USA today, and that if we never rebelled, life in America would probably be very close to the same as we know it, most people become enraged and can’t accept it. Of course the US and UK were both freer under kings than they are today under democracies. I understand why it’s difficult for people to accept that.

        82. Perhaps, but is universal insurance any different than private for profit insurance in this respect?

        83. I believe if we had a truly free market for insurance, healthy lifestyle decisions would be rewarded immensely while bad choices would be heavily penalised. Eat half your meals at MickeyDs? Couch potato? Drink excessively? All of this would be taken into account and premiums adjusted accordingly. We have nothing like this as it stands today? If I were able to start an insurance company I could make a fortune guaranteed because I know how to identify healthy lifestyle traits. But alas, the powers that be would never in a million years let a free market insurance concept like this take off.

        84. It makes sense, but the problem is logistically, the people who are making the poor health decisions are the poor, and they wouldn’t be able to pay the high insurance costs they are charged. So I see 2 solutions: Either go full free market, remove insurance from health care at all and let people pay for their own health care with their own dollars, and see prices plunge to 1960s levels, or universal health care for all.

        85. Just a short comment, “Why are the “Priests” not labeled “Homosexuals”? That would be do PI…

        86. Equality is an Ideal, None of us are truly “equal” in all situations and to maintain the liberal’s narrative that we are, they must enact limiters because all are different with different abilities and potentials. But the government must treat us all equally. Unfortunitly, the government has perverted and turned the frame on that fact into an excuse to hinder the progress and accomplishments of the talented and gifted among us, (is it fair that you inherited some genes that appear to be superior, you do not deserve them.) This is easy to sell to the mindless and self absorbed over esteemed that populate the masses now. Their only recourse is to regulate (limit), all of us to the lowest common denominator in the name of equality, fairness or some other SJW egalitarian ideology. In their minds, “surly freedom is a small sacrifice for fairness.

        87. The American revolution was about the wealthiest, business class, land-owning Americans who didn’t want to pay a tiny – an frankly very fair tax – so that the UK could defend the colonies.
          Greedy merchants riled up the stupid plebes on a revolution of ‘freedom’ – when most of them were slave owners (not so in the UK) and they kept slavery around for 100 years pas the point most other rich nations did.
          The American revolution was not political, it was business.

        88. The main problem with healthcare is that we are living very long lives now and past 80, you need to go to the doctor every bloody month to have something fixed, and our ‘later years’ healthcare costs are massive per capita.
          Basically, you need to save up $200K over your productive years to pay for your healthcare for your last 20 years.
          It’s unsustainable and a real quandry. That’s why it’s a problem.

        89. “An open heart transplant costs $1,200 USD in the free market.[Compared to the $100,000+ under Obamacare].”
          This is such a blatantly stupid lie, stop posting.
          Putting a cast on broken arm costs $15K in the US minimum.
          Most ‘free market’ prices for healthcare in America are 2x what they are in the rest of the world.
          They are this way for a variety of reasons, particularly because people become very price inelastic when it comes to their health. How much will you pay to keep your body alive? Answer: your entire net worth and all of your future earnings. By the rules of the free market, the doctors could charge you a million dollars for heart surgery and you’d still pay it.
          Healthcare is not like other economies for so many reasons.

        90. “Nobody is losing their home when they have to take Fido to the doctor to get a minor operation.”
          That’s a ridiculous comparison.
          The safety standards are considerably lower for animals.
          Most people opt to just let their pets die.
          There are tons of ailments we don’t treat in animals that we do in humans.

        91. “And yet the treatment procedures for this form of cancer are identical to that of humans.”
          Totally false. Totally different set of standards and requirements.

        92. “America has the cheapest and by far the best cosmetic surgery practice in the world. ”
          False. Korea.

        93. It’s true that people are living longer and spending lots of money in their final 5 years. However, other countries are managing this problem (albeit with difficulty) without using insurance companies. They are at best completely unneeded and at worst actively harming us financially and physically.
          There does need to be a discussion about how to handle end of life issues, but we also must eliminate insurance firms from the health care system.

      3. “If you look at US elections, the maps tend to be large swaths of red
        with small, dense pockets of blue that just so happen to turn the tide
        in favor of the Democrats. What are those small, dense blue pockets?”
        Blacks, illegal Hispanics, Jews, and Muslims.
        The more diverse a population, the more it needs monarchy.

    2. People in general are psychological masochists. If they don’t have any real reaons to be dramatic, they will seek them elsewhere, even in the smallest things.

      1. Which is the microscopic example of why the macroscopic idea of democracy is such a bad idea.

    3. As a big city resident I think you are dead on, even if just as generalization. Of course there are plenty people who aren’t that way and if you associate with them you forget that the insane, entitled, lefty faggot group is actually out there.
      Right across the street from me there is a new Condo building. There is a 3 story sign up that says “Condominum Ownership Now In reach. Prices starting at approx. $900,000.
      I understand that due to the area and the market and the investment that that sign does actually make sense in context. I am also, however, acutely aware that it is absolutely absurd to pretty much the rest of the entire country. That later understanding is lost on a lot of people.
      And yes, GoJ, you are right. The fact that I have to put zero effort into things goes a long way.
      Groceries: picked out online and delivered
      Drug Store: Delivers
      Seamless shows over 10k restaurants just in my delivery area.
      Laundry? Leave it with the doorman in the morning. Next day someone brings it to me. I don’t even know who or how it happens.
      Then there is postmates. An app where I can say I want a saw from a hardware store and a double espresso from Starbucks. Someone will be by in the hour with that sir. Payments all done through he app.
      Oh it’s Christmas time. My building has magically sprouted Christmas decorations. That’s taken care of.
      Hell, even booze is delivered.
      All of this has given me a sense that I am totally in charge of the universe and everyone else is some crazy peasant who does things for themselves like animals. I find myself falling into thinking like that sometimes and really have to stop myself.
      I don’t (and never have) voted. I refuse to play the game. But if I was convinced to vote, convinced it mattered, one thing is for certain — I would never actively vote away the things I like. People walking around Manhattan having everything done for them and thinking that 900k or a 500 square foot studio is “affordable” tend to believe in causes which, followed through to their logical conclusion, would eliminate the privilege that allows them to have those beliefs in the first place.
      I really think that it is only by the power of consumerism that they can put their head down and just run blindly in this insane direction.

        1. I don’t use any illegal drugs but I have no doubt that if I decided to start I would get delivery.

        2. Wasnt implying you did, just saying you dont have to get off your ass anymore. There is no risk in scoring drugs here

        3. what a wonderful world. It’s funny, before I went corporate when I was still teaching there was a debate about making drugs legal in my class. I said to the class….raise your hand if you can call someone right now and have drugs within the hour….like 3/4 of the class raised hands. I said “does anyone really think the law is keeping people from getting high”

        4. That’s a really interesting point.
          We always hear (from the Gov’t, shocker!) that the answer to problems is more laws. Guns = more laws, immigration = more laws, education = more laws, etc.
          The law is not preventative or proactive.
          It is protective and reactive (when employed properly).
          It is punitive (when it is applied and enforced). And preemptive (in that hopefully the threat of the punishment will act as a deterrent).
          Laws on the books are like blankets on a wintry day. Warm, comforting, and useless when it comes to stopping bullets.

        5. Agreed. The NYC law requiring a mandatory minimum jail sentence for possession of a fire arm did drastically and immediately reduce the amount of fire arms. But other than that…yeah…I can get a gun, drugs, hookers…whatever I want…I can get it delivered…on sunday morning at 830…by multiple people so they are competing against each other for price…..but with the MM on gun possession there is literally no way I would even touch an illegal gun.

    4. Good post
      It splits certain people. I spent time in the centre of a large city living the bar and restaurant life and bcame suicidally bored after 4 months. No-one plays sport (no space) no-one reads anything not on Twitter (apartments too small for bookshelves), no-one drives (nowhere to park), no-one cooks their own food (kitchens too small in their shitty overpriced hipster condos)
      These people think they’re the cream – in reality they’re fucking slaves

    5. “..armies of snarling entitlement monsters screaming for our lives and Money.”
      Stay liquid and give them nothing but contempt.

      1. We really could solve a lot of problems with that method. If they venture outside the city us more sensible types could take them down and then make coats out of their hides. I’m not sure if I’m talking about the wolves or the fleeing city people, actually.

    6. Good points here. The problems I see with living in a large city is the disconnection with a community and the lack of drive or no real hard work done. Connecting with your community and hard work are cornerstones to a healthy live (in my opinion).
      You must have balance and these two things keep you balanced. A large city with too many people from too many different regions is a recipe for disaster. Everyone is disconnected (no real community) and everyone wants a high dollar, comfy job (no real hard work).
      These things give someone purpose in life (it’s the very reason why many of these people live empty lives on Facebook, appearing to have a full life). Most don’t have one and their Facebook posts couldn’t make it any more obvious.

    7. New York City is good. Many foreigners (including foreign ladies) never really assimilate to western culture, which is a good thing. You can find authentic Latinas, Arabs, Chinese, Russians, etc. in NYC.

  6. Smaller cities in the mid-west are still OK, however most of the eligible women are married by the time they turn 25 if not earlier. If you want o enjoy any type of nightlife you have to get a hotel room in the city as no one actually lives in the city. And, once you get outside of the city 15 minutes in any direction there is literally NOTHING. I’ve had some fun in Des Moines, Lincoln, and a few other mid-west cities but I would never want to live there.

  7. “The Weather Is Lousy”
    A guy from Florida once told me: “Why would you live in a place where you would die if you slept outside?” Climate affects people more than you would think. People living in the South are usually more positive than those living in the North. Many other things originate from this.

    1. Maybe. I think people living in the north are stronger and less lazy because they have to do constant battle with the very air they breathe. I am sure there are arguments on both sides.

  8. #3, #5, and #6 are especially true with anyone in Canada or the U.S. under the age of 30. I think you’re absolutely right that given enough time and exposure, people start to believe their own bullshit.
    When dealing with other liberal losers, most people not exposed to the redpill or right-wing thoroughly goes this way:
    1) Yes these people (like the guys in #6) are losers, but they’re like a friend of a friend, they’re tolerable.
    2) I don’t hate these losers anywhere, hey look we watch the same tv shows!
    3) I hang out with them once in a while but just enough so I don’t become them, I don’t want to be a loser after all
    4) Now that I’ve disconnected from cool friends, I’m actually far more comfortable dealing with these guys. Afterall I’m like a big fish in a small pond to them, before I was equal to my cool friends if maybe a little less cool then them.
    5) I’m really good friends with them now, they make me feel special
    6) I’m now disconnected from any and all cool friends in the past, I’ve accepted being a loser.
    8) Suicidal thoughts, depression, and self-realization when you realize, “Oh wait these people actually are losers.” And that you’ve abandoned everyone that was even remotely cool in your past life.
    9) Try to re-connect with old cool friends, but they’ve already moved on, it is far too late.
    If I had to count the amount of times I’ve seen this happen to guys who go off to college or move to a big city it would make my head spin. Cities are great, full of a bunch of people and things to do, why anyone in cities with hundreds of thousands of young people chooses to hang out with losers is beyond me. Also don’t forget the men are also low test, don’t exercise, poor diet, and can’t even cook. It’s become a badge of honor to not know how to cook, or how to drive, it’s sad.
    Side note: I never really thought how weather played into that, I’ll have to think about that.

    1. Weather has a big impact. On a lot of social issues. Even health / feminine beauty. There is a reason Miami, Central America, SE Asia have feminine women and traditional gender roles and a good bit of it is because the climate forces you to be social and also forces you to walk and be active and fit.

      1. ^^^ This
        If you live in a place that places a lot of value on beauty, you will wind up with more beautiful people. In the US, places like S. FL (Miami/FLL) and S. CA (LA/SD) are probably tops for this effect. Places where you can’t wear a tank top except for 3 weeks a year are the worst for it (Chicago).

  9. Couldn’t even get a dishwashing job in Toronto. Left in 2006, making over 6 figures now. People I know are still unemployed after 2 years and are waiting for the economy to “bounce back.”
    Toronto’s economy shares many similarities with those of third world cities. Of course, Torontonians with their blinders can’t get past how they STILL live in the best country in the world.

      1. Australia. Currently in pharmaceuticals. I actually told a few torononians to go to Alberta if not willing to move abroad. Now with Alberta in tatters I guess they have to move down south.

    1. Any tips from going to Canada to Australia. I am trying to apply for a job in USA or another country but so far, I have not received a response from employers. I hate Toronto so much. I am crying inside. I am convinced that this city is the worst city in the world for men.

      1. Australia is actually even worse for men if you want girls. I only left because of job opportunities

        1. In what way? Do Australian girls stalk and harass good-looking and/or intelligent guys like Toronto girls do?

        2. The talent here is bad. Not many attractive women compared to TO and 80% of women are obese. It’s a winner take all situation here where the top guys get all the attractive women and the rest get scraps or nothing.
          When you look at the average couple in TO the men and women are of equal attractiveness. In Australia the women are almost always less attractive than the men they are with. Men here go to the gym and take care of themselves. You will see female 5’s with male 7’s or better on a daily basis. Even fat women have so much options here game has terrible ROI. Many men are flocking overseas to get women as a result.

        3. Is Toronto overall a better city than Sydney? Is social atmosphere better there? Did you find the people ruder in Sydney than in Toronto? Toronto people do not interact with each other and also, they are passive-aggressive. Did you find this behavior in Sydney? Thanks!!
          You should never date/marry Anglosaxon women or women who embrace the English language.

        4. My opinion but Toronto is slightly better. Both countries are bad. If you are Asian (which you presumably are) women see you as Asian first, then male. Europe is much better for you.

        1. I completed my bachelors in statistics. I am applying for masters programs in statistics in Canada. 2 are in Toronto and the remaining are outside of the city. If I get a good paying job,I will give up going to grad school. Thanks man for your help!!

        2. I have no idea what a good paying job means in Toronto anymore. It used to mean 50K/year in 2006, now I’m guessing it’s 80K/year? At least in your field wages do seem to go up with experience.

  10. I imagine Toronto will eventually become like Greece. The days of 5 dollar prostitutes can’t come soon enough!

  11. I always find it a bit curious when an immigrant complains about immigrants. Isn’t Toronto nothing but immigrants?

    1. Pretty sure many people were born there or in greater Canada, which would make them not-immigrants.

        1. If you are born somewhere you did not, by any definition, immigrate there. Your parents may have. You may still be a citizen of another nation however. Immigration, from Immigrate, which is an act of volition or at least, an act of existing to begin with. So if you’re drug over the border at age 1, you’re an immigrant. If not, you’re not.

          Word Origin
          verb (used without object), immigrated, immigrating.
          to come to a country of which one is not a native, usually for permanent residence.
          to pass or come into a new habitat or place, as an organism.”

        2. If one were to accept the Pangea theory, then how would anyone be an immigrant anywhere? Where is that arbitrary cut-off point?
          I share ancestry with peoples who lived on this particular land mass before and much longer than the later European settlers (and am a product of both groups), but even those “original inhabitants/indigenous peoples” came here from somewhere else.
          I was born here, ergo I am from here and not an immigrant in any capacity. But really, I try not to think about it too much.

        3. Yep, exactly. I’m a native of Ohio, and by extension, these united States. Somebody who was born to citizens of Canadians are native to Canada (legally, if not ethnically). There is no real debate here, and if somebody born and raised as a legal citizen of a nation brings up immigration, he is not “an immigrant complaining about immigrants” in any sense.

        4. “if somebody born and raised as a legal citizen of a nation”
          That’s why the USA is bankrupt and doomed. There’s no linkage to something real, not to religion, not to race, not even to culture, just a “legal citizenship” (with more burdens than privileges these days) that any baby that happens to be popped out within the borders gets.

        5. “Immigrant” is an abstract concept, defined by one group in reference to another. It is the modern version of the primitive “them and us” emotion. Immigration per se is not an issue. It is government that is the problem. However, politicians, knowing how easily the population is led by fear, redirect you from focusing on what they are doing to you, to what you think immigrants are doing to you.

        6. What’s silly is this constant whining about “bad” immigrants versus “good” immigrants, especially when you are descended from immigrants yourself. As I said in another post, if you are complaining about immigrants then you have fallen for the governments propaganda, hook, line and sinker.
          The government even wanted to blame the Paris attacks on immigrants! As if only immigrants commit atrocities.
          Keep your focus on the real enemy and do not let fear rule your thoughts.

        7. I was asking because you parrot jew talking points. Perhaps I am mistaken and you are just a simple handmaiden of cultural marxism.

        8. So basically I’m supposed to accept that any ol’ Joe can come in, suck welfare off of me, rape my women and hey, it’s just silly to consider that “bad”, right?
          Perhaps you have no stake in wanting your culture and people to continue, but I do Bob.

        9. It’s probably more likely that an American will do that to you. In fact, with respect to welfare, it is Americans doing that to you.
          When you say “rape my women”; do you have more than one?
          You are jumbling a lot of things up here. But frankly it is obvious to me that you are letting fear lead your thoughts.

        10. Yeah, all those dads in Rotterham probably thought their daughters were more in danger from the local indigenous lads than the “Asian” imports too. Turned out, they were wrong.
          Yes, I do have more than one woman in my life. Everybody does. Unless you’re some sort of test tube child conceived in an artificial womb and have no female relatives. I guess.
          Welfare, quite so, and I disapprove of welfare for anybody. Importing hordes of people who immediately go on the dole, at 11 million or more and counting over the last decade or so, is not helping matters much. The less on the dole, the better, putting more on only makes matters worse.

        11. It’s always a mistake to base your judgement on one extreme event. That will lead you to error. Following your logic, I should assume that all British celebrities are predatory pedophiles. A lot of Dads probably thought their kids were safe from Jimmy Saville.
          So you were talking specifically about your female family members? Didn’t come across that way.

        12. One extreme event? You mean 1400+ chicks all got gang raped on the same day by one guy who had access to a hell of a lot of Cialis and a vat of lubrication oils, then badda bing, crime over and things taken care of then?
          Or are we talking stretched out of a long period of time and involving many “immigrant Asians”?
          And we’ll go ahead and ignore the soaring rape rates across Scandinavia as well, all seemingly NOT committed by the local browbeaten, defeated laughably called “descendants of Vikings” men.
          You seem to want to sweep this under the rug. If you can’t acknowledge that there is a huge problem with a sudden massive influx of an alien culture into your nation, an influx of aliens who have been raised since day one to hate you and your culture, then there’s simply no hope.
          To your question, yes, all female family members. I value the safety of my sisters, mother, aunts, nieces, cousins and grandmothers.

        13. ” if you are complaining about immigrants then you have fallen for the governments propaganda, hook, line and sinker.”
          The government propaganda is the exact opposite actually.

        14. One extreme event: I thought we were talking about Rotherham.
          Recorded rapes in Britain are at their highest level for ten years. There has been no big increase in brown skinned immigration but there have been a lot of white people immigrating to Britain. Are they causing the rapes? Or are victims now more likely to come forward?
          Rape is a common “go-to” reason to hate “them” because “they” will take our jobs and our women. Can you believe you even said that? Of course the fear of “woman stealing” goes back 1000s of years. Fact is, your female relatives are probably more at risk from home grown American men than brown skinned foreigners.
          Again you seem to be arguing from a position of fear, almost panicking in fact. I would dial it down. Your grandmother is going to be fine.

    2. You have to discern from immigrants it attracts now (mobile; educated; white collar; services jobs) expecting a quasi-cosmopolitan city and those it attracted (mostly blue collar; genuinely poor) when it was an overgrown fur trading post.

      1. Fair point, although I would suggest that the immigrants being attracted are a function of the incentives being provided by the Canadian government. If you have a welfare state you will attract welfare recipients.

  12. Worst job in the western hemisphere: director of the Toronto Bureau of Tourism (good luck with that!)
    “Toronto- we have even worse weather than NYC”

  13. Nothing strikes fear in the heart of your opponent like a team being named after a tree leaf.
    The Toronto Pine Needles

    1. Ha. Reminds me of the family guy when Peter plays on the football team in London called “The Silly Nannies” They dance around and sing songs.

  14. 1. Weather shouldn’t be an issue and seems to be similar to the rest of Continental Europe (if you ever thing of moving there). I like the four seasons. Too much sun goes to your brain. I would hate to live in a place that is always sunny. ie. Miami
    2. Transportation system. Where can I start? As a aficionado of city planning and transportation systems I can say, by looking at google maps, that Toronto was and is caught in-between the scourge of Anglo world highway car city bullshit planning and the more rational Metro systems which are needed for a city of that size. After all, living in a city has a socialist side to it where you have to share the space with many others.
    Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow metropolitan areas in Britain opted to be car cities but that turned out shit and pollution and traffic are horrible. The need for a car, for a mid-low earner, in a city over 2 million is a portrayal of horrible planning and inefficiency of governing powers.
    In other words, highways should balance congestion on a subway and vice versa.
    3. Of course people are gonna be miserable, they live in the city,where anonymity and tribal instincts are not found. You need friends or you’re going to be really lonely. Also,a common feature of western cities is gentrification meaning that a significant number of trust fund babies will out price you of your favourite and mid favourite locations. You will be forced to pay shitloads in a shit area with single mums reminding you that you are an idiot who wastes precious time to pay his rent.
    4.Sport teams are not to be considered a criteria when judging the quality of a city. Sports is on TV, sporting clubs are there for you to join and get fit.
    5-15 yeah, I agree that the situation is pretty dire but these peeps will always be found in huge numbers in any city over 1 million. They are a permanent feature of cities.

  15. Struggle builds character, comraderie, and culture. Ever notice that the greatest leaps in scientific discovery and artistic expression were during times of revolution/upheavel? Old America and Europe had zero social safety nets so it motivated people to work together and strive for better. There is no struggle in Toronto because the welfare system is a massive opiate. Therefore, people do not take the time to get to know each other because they have government to take care of their every need; hence no culture, history, achievement of any kind.

  16. …and when a Toronto native moves to a warm climate, they bring their “superior” attitude with them…I really enjoy busting their balls, and calling them out on their bullshit. Fucking arrogant, assholes. Florida, unfortunately, has become a first and second home to these idiots, but at least they can only stay for six months…I wish I could say the same thing for the liberal new yorkers…

    1. New Yorkers in Florida are the ones who drive me nuts. I’m in Florida nearly every year and nearly every year I encounter some honking New Yawkahs who moved to Florida yet seem to feel compelled to let everybody in the vicinity know, loudly, how superior New Yawk is. So go back, I figure, but for some reason they don’t.

      1. Then they vote for people who will do to Florida what they did to NY, RUIN the place…

        1. Yep.
          That is always the problem with folks who move here. They love it here, they hated it there. Yet they want to change here to be more like there until it isn’t what they loved about here anymore and more like where they left.
          It’s contradictory on its face.
          Really, I think a lot of them just want to reset their lives with themselves on top and think they can move to some “backwards hick” town and take over. Thing is, we have our own powerful already and they aren’t going to share the reigns.

        2. That’s what happened to Colorado, except with froot loop Californians coming in, en masse.

      2. They’re slowly creeping into TN as well. I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the obnoxious honkers over the past 2 years; the ones that blare their horn because someone won’t let them into the lane beside them, don’t accelerate fast enough, and so forth.

      3. I also, unfortunately, deal with this all the time. I live in a big snowbird area of FL and, around this time of year, I get the invasion of people who drive/fly here for 4-6 months. And, once they get here, all they can do is tell me how much better NY is than FL.
        You know what, you dumb fucks? I’ve lived in NY. And, if you really think it’s that much better than some of the cities (including the one I live in) in FL, you are fucking retarded. You should see their faces when they start in “You can’t get a good meatball sub in all of Palm Beach; compared to Geo’s back home”. I’ll see their bullshit and raise it; ever fucking time. “Actually, I like the meatball subs here, but; compared to Mrs. Parmas in Melbourne; the subs at Geo’s are fucking shit”. 🙂
        People who act like (unfortunately most) NYers are just doing it to make you feel small. Like, you’ve never left the state of FL and don’t know a good sub/pizza/cheesesteak/whatever. Make them feel even smaller. “You want a good cheesecake? There’s this tiny place on the slopes of the Matterhorn that imports their cheese directly from a goat farm in Switzerland. They only make 5 batches a year, so you need to be in country for 2 months to get one, but, OMG, it’s SO MUCH BETTER than anything you can get here”.
        Fucking assholes.

  17. Never been to either, but it seems there is a parallel with Toronto, Seattle, and Portland being so bleak and depressing, ergo that explains the far left lean and the push to compensate by being seen as hip and cool. (Austin is more of an anomaly in this sense, and I’ve been to Austin. However, I’ve been to St John’s. That city is at extremes in all senses, yet the week I was there made me realize that in spite, or maybe because of, Newfoundlanders seem to have a more realistic view of life, yet have a better outlook on life, as seen on a stroll through George Street. They also show a bigger sense of identity, such as shown by the young lady who politely told me Newfoundlanders don’t see themselves as Canadian.

    1. But…but…
      We all have womyns heading failing companies as CEOs, placing the public in danger by doing emergency jobs beyond their physical capabilities, voting to pass harmful social laws and be sitting judges at the trials, single parent families are the norm, developing warped self-image standards wherein even a four can be an 8 if she’s got Prada and posts doctored images to MeBook, more womyns in the work force with skyrocketing unemployment, underemployment, lowered household incomes, and higher inflation, and men so fed up with it all that they are literally opting out…

  18. I just recently moved back to Atlanta and while the older women and ones out in the rural areas are more friendly to men. But the ones right around college age are complete cunts . They talk about how they don’t want the same old boring questions of getting to know someone and they want “adventure ” or have that “wanderlust ” bullshit. They’ll message you or text you first only to carry on a brief one word reply conversation. They have a pseudo vibe about them like they are gods gift to the earth when they work two shitty part time jobs (smoothie marker or coffee maker) to pay for a masters in some bullshit degree.

  19. I don’t see why people would want to move to or even visit big cities like Toronto or new York.
    I’ve never visited them and I don’t plan to either.

    1. You’re not missing anything. I’ve been to both Toronto and NYC and have zero, no, less than zero desire to ever go to either place again. I also lived in San Francisco while in the military (stationed there) and you couldn’t pay me to step foot in that fascist hell hole ever again. The only big cities I’ve even marginally enjoyed have been London, England and Paris, France. Even then, I wouldn’t want to live there.
      Nice sprawled out medium or smaller “big cities” can work well for me, but only as long as I’m not there all the time. Columbus, Ohio, or Cheyenne, WY or what have you. Everyplace else, meh, I’d much rather just not. Being a city boy was never in my cards nor temperament.

      1. I like living in my city of 1 million people. Once it reaches a certain number where I notice grand changes I’ll move go a smaller city.
        Just to travel from Edmonton to Toronto or new York is $500 but for that price I went to Costa Rica last month.

      2. Despite the lack luster politicians from Chicago, I always liked visiting. Most of the locals are still mid-west people in demeanor.

        1. For atmosphere, Chicago is ok to visit in short spells, for the reason you mention. I still wouldn’t want to live anywhere near there though, not only due to it being a big city, but also because of the huge anti-freedom coalition that seems to lurk in Chicago.

      3. Is Toronto worse than San Francisco? Do you believe Roosh that Toronto is the worst city in North America for men?

  20. As bad as the anglo-sphere countries are for local men, it seems that “non local” men still enjoy somewhat of an advantage with chicks.
    Last year I met an Australian dude who is in the states for college. According to him he never had much luck back home, but he said he was “shocked” by amount of attention he been getting from American sluts etc. He went to bars on weekends and had no problems chatting up women, apparently they found his accent “exotic” or something.
    I’ve heard similar stories from UK guys. I guess we are wired to find things that are different to be “exotic” and “interesting”, while at the same time we are wired to find what is familiar “boring”.

  21. I know Toronto sucks, but I live in Montreal and all these points (plus Roosh’s points) are valid for here too. Montreal is a POS city for men, quite possibly the worst in NA (Yes, it might be worse than Toronto). Plus we only have the NHL and nothing else. At least Toronto has MLB + NBA even if the Leafs suck. So I would say that Toronto is slightly better just for that aspect.
    Montreal is filled with entitled sluts who have 1000’s of dicks to choose from, immigrants who refuse to assimilate, white knights, feminists and barely any decent jobs. Scratch that– all decent jobs are taken by hot women (even though some of them had shitty grades in University, but that’s to be expected in this feminist world) How can you compete against a blonde with big tits that has the same degree as you?
    Stay away from Montreal, men. You can come here to party but NEVER live here.

    1. I never understood the hype for MTL when it comes to women…census shows that the singles ratios are worse than Toronto as you alluded to.

      1. Sorry for the late reply but could you show me the singles ratios for Montreal please?
        Well the hype is real. There are a LOT of beautiful women here. But feminism has corrupted them to the core. Their demands are ridiculous. In other words, only tall men with good looks + good jobs get them, or Montreal Canadiens players.

        1. From 2011 Census — Montreal — Never Married
          Age 15-19: M: 122,000 F: 117,185 (4.1% more males)
          Age 20-24: M: 110,490 F: 98,085 (12.6% more males)
          Age 25-29: M: 76,495 F: 58,455 (30.9% more males)
          Age 30-34: M: 51,365 F: 39,335 (30.6% more males)
          Age 35-39: M: 34,100 F: 28,300 (20.5% more males)
          Age 40-44: M: 30,625 F: 25,870 (18.4% more males)
          From 2006 Census — Montreal — Never Married
          Age 15-19: M: 112,515 F: 106,740 (5.4% more males)
          Age 20-24: M: 102,355 F: 89,620 (14.2% more males)
          Age 25-29: M: 73,630 F: 57,815 (27.4% more males)
          (I did not copy the subsequent age ranges when I grabbed the 2006 numbers rom the StatsCan website a few years ago).

    2. Are you referring to the anglophone girls or does your statement also apply to the francophone girls as well? One guy told me to stay away from the anglophone girls and the French girls who embrace the English culture; he told me the rest of the girls in Montreal are sweet and nice. Do you believe his statement?
      I lived in Toronto for 23 years and the girls are so bad here. They do they like to see men accomplish their academic or career goals; so they will abuse the law ( which only favors women) and manipulate the white knights to get what they want. Will I experience this in Montreal as well? Thanks man for your input. I do not want to go to a city like Toronto ever again.

      1. No problem– You might find “sweet” girls here and there, but in my experience they’re pretty rare, and that goes for anglos and french girls both. Even if you were to find a rare gem, she would probably have 100 guys texting her at the same time, desperate for her attention.
        However, if you’re tall, White and good-looking with a decent job, you might have a chance against the competition. If not, I wouldn’t bother chasing girls here unless you have very good game. The competition is NOT favorable for average guys.

        1. How about any other city in Quebec like Quebec City? I will have to learn French.
          So that means average and ugly guys will do better in Eastern Europe. I heard the girls in Eastern Europe are more attractive and better personalities than those in Montreal. If women in Eastern Europe are bad and cold as the Anglo girls ( girls raised and/or born in English Speaking Country), then I will have to be gay. I am convinced that being gay is a better option than being straight. In fact, you will see more homosexual couples in Toronto than heterosexual couples.
          I heard a lot of Anglophones from Montreal are leaving to go to another province or country for a better future. If you want to move, please do not go to Ontario, especially Toronto. The women in Toronto harass men and they hate men and they do not want men to accomplish their goals. The people here do not have a sense of morality and emphathy. I remember falling down on the sidewalk and nobody helped me. They ignored me as if I were dog shit. Also, people hate each other; people are afraid to talk to each other, people do not give eye contact here. You might want to consider going to Alberta or Saskatchewan. Stay away from BC. Ontario is the worst and BC is second worst.
          One American guy, Johnny Walker, from Roosh V’s Toronto Sucks Youtube video says that Canadian girls, especially Toronto women, are worse than American women and British women. He said feminism is worse in Canada than any other Anglo country.

        2. Quebec city is the same, mostly. Yeah I know man, I’ve been to Toronto a lot. To me, the women was similar to Montreal.
          Yeah I kinda agree with this Walker guy– american girls are way nicer in general, but I don’t have enough experience with brits to know if they’re better or not.
          To me, the best women come from South America. Most of them are feminine, respect men, and they are pretty on top of that.

    3. Do the women in Montreal hate, harass, stalk, and destroy men that are good-looking and/or successful like Toronto women do? You should read Johnny Walker’s comments on Roosh V’s Toronto sucks video. He mentions that Toronto women do exhibit this kind of behavior and they prefer ugly guys over hot guys. Also, are they comfortable telling other people that they have to poo/pee? Are they starting to become manly? Are they going to keep their hair short? Will they get fat ? Will they get trashy tatoos and piercings? Do they use men to get a high grade or money? Do they destroy a man? Do falsely accuse you of rape? Do they get you fired from you job? Do they pick their ear in front of you?
      So did women change after Roosh V made his Montreal video? Were they always like this?

      1. Yes to everything you said. Some stay feminine because their immigrant parents that gave them good values, but they get corrupted by Feminism quite fast here.

        1. So the french girls harass, destroy, and stalk guys as well? I thought french girls should be better than the anglos. So Montreal is a french version of Toronto. So basically, this is Canada problem. I heard Allberta women harass,destroy, and stalk guys they like.

        2. As I feared, this is a Canadian problem, but not so much a Toronto problem. I would argue that it started in Toronto but spread to other parts of Canada. This harassment, stalking, and destruction of guys is more amplified in Canada than in US and Britain. I think Canada has the worst women in the world; I heard Swedish girls are actually better than Canadian girls. The British and American girls I encountered were way better than the ones in Canada.

  22. No wonder. Toronto fluoridates its water .6mg/L whereas 95% of the world rejects fluoride now. It must be ‘something in the water’ as they say. The condos liken to the soviet style 13 story projects clustered together to form entire zip codes. It’s ‘cat box’ lifestyle and quite emasculating. Add gay genre and cumpulsory straight shaming and the depression of it all tops the misery. Immigrants of every stripe are enticed to live as useless eaters, pidgeonholed in the socialist utopia. If all the ISIS members were thrown in there, they too would in time become like sick processed mush. Just keep the sewer system operating in Toronto. Useless eater shit is the only ‘grose’ domestic product that the place produces.

  23. Having lived in Toronto for 2 years, I can toss my 2 cents in. (Full disclosure, I settled in Brampton and loved it…lovely city with lovely people. The Sikh’s and Portugese are heavily settled there. Very nice people.)
    First, expanding on the TTC, they are in LOVE with their trolleys…which in some ways isn’t so bad if you ran a few for tourists, but their big lumbering trolleys roll down the middle of the streets and clog up downtown traffic. When Rob Ford was mayor he (correctly) wanted to get more subways in the city…subways make perfect sense in a down town area as you aren’t in competition for road space…leave the trolley’s for the lakeshore or routes where you can exile the trolley rail to the side of the road.
    Second, the roads themselves…the city has your typical 19th century layout meaning cramped roads that don’t suit modern traffic (and the trolleys it must share) — the best solution is to do what Philly did with it’s downtown area : make all the downtown core roads one way to enable a faster flow of traffic…but that would make too much sense.
    Third, it is EXPENSIVE…maybe not Manhattan/San Fran expensive, but it is pricey…meaning even a dump of an apartment might go into 4 figures a month; and a house? Forget about it. And that’s just for housing…at last check the sales tax was 12.5%…think about that and it puts a damper on any big purchases.
    Toronto is Canada’s big multicultural experiment…the problem is that it’s trying to have both Canada’s welfare state with open borders for immigrants…and sooner or later there will be a breaking since, as Milton Friedman said “You can’t have both.”

  24. The US mid-size cities of the south (not too rural) seem to have less jaded, more attractive, and kinder/authentic people. As a native Georgian who traveled to various big cities straight out of college, I found some of the women to be more snarky and quite harsh. But most liberals migrate to the bigger cites while the less worldly stay in the South- Go Red States!

  25. I would say go to Dallas. It is everything that Toronto is not.
    The women here, for the most part, are decent and have morals. The cities economy is awesome and it’s big enough there is a lot to do. Cost of living is cheap. Weather can be hot, but it bearable.
    I will never go to Toronto, sounds like a Cesspool.

  26. Wow, I was truly shocked at the number of people in the slutwalk parade. But then again, that started in Toronto right? I would have expected a few dozen fat feminists with clown hair, but I could see thousands of marchers. I wonder what an appropriate response is if we ever get a slutwalk here… ignoring it, or joining in with “I love sluts” signs.. I think you could say some pretty controversial stuff on a sign and get away with it without anyone realizing you were trolling them, considering that glorifying a slut is such a twisted and bizarre thing anyway.

    1. “Nut your Slut.”
      “S- she’s, L-licking, U-ur (the way the kids spell it), T-testicles.”
      “Hump my leg if your a slut and proud of it!”
      “Tits or it didn’t happen.”
      “Sluts wellcum.”
      “Sluts ride 4 free.”
      “Real Sluts crave Sour Cream on their Tacos.”

    2. Do like that guy in Brazil did, stand on the sidewalk and pull out your dick and smile. Heh.

  27. Toronto sounds like a shit hole, but I have to take issue with number 9. This isn’t confined to Toronto, and is the norm in any liberal metropolis. Not just for women – for everyone. And for good reason: acting completely open and friendly will have you marked as a rube to be panhandled, exploited and otherwise harassed or taken advantage of.
    Sure it would be great if we lived in a world where every hot chick walking down the street made eye contact, smiled at you and spontaneously started a conversation. That isn’t reality, even in flyover country. Find me a solid 8 or above who does this to every swinging dick she passes, and I’ll confirm that you’ve found a unicorn-pegasus hybrid who farts rainbows while she flies and pisses lemonade on those she floats over.
    Ask yourself this – do you really think you can’t approach that woman because of her headphones? Do you really think that but for those headphones, your interaction wouldn’t result in some humiliating blowout? Do you really think that if she wasn’t glued to that smartphone, she’d be willing to call in late to work and sneak off to fuck you in an alley for the next half hour?
    If you think these things, you’re a fool. The guy that will be balls deep in her tonight doesn’t give a fuck if she’s wearing headphones and glued to her smartphone. Nor does he care if she’s buried in a book at the coffee shop, or reading a magazine in the waiting area. If he wants to talk to her, he will talk to her, and if he’s interesting, she will be delighted to talk to him. Read that again. If you are worth talking to, she will forget the smartphone in an instant.
    I hear guys complain about how they can’t compete with a smartphone. If you can’t compete with a smartphone, that’s pretty fucking sad. I have never – and I mean never – had some chick prioritize her smartphone over me. I’m not some Adonis who graces the species with my sex appeal, but I can be witty, funny, clever, cultured, well versed, and well spoken on a variety of subjects. Sure, she has the internet at her fingertips, but she doesn’t even know what she wants to look for until I expand her horizons. Sure she can play Candy Crush to pass the time, or she can laugh at my jokes and observations about real life in real time. And, at the end of the day, I have one thing the internet doesn’t have – a dick. Sure, she’s got Tinder, POF, etc… and an army of orbiters, but I’m still the guy with the dick standing in front of her moistening her panties, not some dancing, anonymous chump trying to play the odds of text game.
    If you think headphones/smartphones are the problem, I submit that you need to perform some serious introspection. Ask yourself if you’re just using this as an excuse not to talk to some girl because “she’s obviously not interested.” Are you masking your own cowardice and self-confidence issues? Ask yourself why you aren’t more interesting than a smartphone. Do you really have so little to bring to the conversation that streaming reruns of the Kardashians is more interesting? And finally, even if it is true that the headphones/smartphones thing is the real problem – I don’t believe that it is – and that this has effectively negated your ability to game women on the metro/street, ask yourself why you aren’t busy finding another venue to game them. You can arm yourself with all of the tools theoretically necessary to make a hunt successful, but at the end of the day, if your deer stand is in a shitty place and no deer pass by, you need to change your venue.
    Women are no different.
    Stop using headphones and devices as an excuse. Treat them as the shit test that they are. If you get blown out, realize that it wasn’t going to go any differently under any other circumstance. If you don’t get blown out, realize that you have passed a massive shit test – you are officially now more interesting than the electronic world of wizardry at her fingertips – continue to think fast and don’t fuck it up! And if all else fails, get your ass out there and find another venue to meet women where they can’t be glued to the device. Uncle Elmer used to recommend ballroom dancing. I could think of about 50 others pretty easily. If you can’t do the same, refer to my earlier point about why women are more interested in looking at their smartphone than in talking to you.

    1. Sure it would be great if we lived in a world where every hot chick
      walking down the street made eye contact, smiled at you and
      spontaneously started a conversation. That isn’t reality, even in
      flyover country.

      Well, they won’t (usually) start spontaneous conversations, but they do smile back and are not, generally, prone to rejecting you if you walk up and say hello. Plus, it does happen, that whole unicorn-pegasus thing out here, on occasion. I mentioned the HB8 who dropped her number in my lap, unsolicited, a few weeks ago. Girl couldn’t chat me up fast enough.
      Agree that a smart phone shouldn’t stop your success if you have charm. The problem of smart phones, to me, is physical insofar as people are simply driving while texting and trying to kill me, and psychological insofar as they boost the ego and expectations of an HB5 to HB10 levels through “validation”. But yeah, if she’s interested she’ll look up and put the thing away.

      1. I can’t speak form first-hand experience in flyover country as I’ve only spent limited time there (nothing against flyover country, I actually prefer it, just don’t get out there often). So I’ll take your word for it, but I stand by my position that in major cities, this will not be the norm.
        To your point about you getting chatted up, I don’t think I’d say this is the pegasus-unicorn without further info. She chatted you up. But this could, and probably does mean that you are easily recognizable as a high-value male. She’s not talking to everyone – she chose to talk to you. The same is also true even in these urban-liberal dystopias, and I have had women drop their smart phones on occasion to strike up a conversation with me. It is important to realize when you are the exception and not the rule.
        To me, the smartphone ego boosting you mention is also overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree that it happens. But to what end? Some 5 I was never going to talk to now thinks she’s a 10 that I’m still never going to talk to?
        I was lucky to enjoy my 20’s before smart phones existed. Even then, a solid 8 or above knew where she stood, and had very high expectations – often unrealistic – for what you would bring to the table. I don’t know that this has changed much. Yes, you’re now competing with a larger pool of orbiters, but again, they exist on the smartphone. What are they providing, other than empty attention, that I cannot compete with? If some dude can beat my in person charm with a few text messages – my hat’s off to him.
        The only real issue I see is in the 7 range – my cutoff for any kind of sexual attention. These women have higher expectations than are likely justified, yes, but who fucking cares? At the end of the day, I know my worth, and I know hers too – she’s a 7. If I’m going to have to jump through all kinds of hoops while wearing bells and whistles, I’ll save that for a 9 or above. If little miss 7 wants to be realistic, we can chat, otherwise, it’s no sweat to me to curtly put her in her place and let her get back to her orbiter army. Part of my putting her in her place will be reminding her that most of that electronic attention she’s getting is coming from men of lower value than she is.

      2. Ghost, I always look forward to your comments, and I respect you more than just about anyone else around here, including Roosh. However, I have to call you out on this one.
        From what I have heard from you, you are tall, white, in good shape and confident. Ergo, you are an anglo ideal. You are every woman’s ideal man, and you would be receiving attention from them whether you were in flyover Ohio or in Chicago. You have access to attention from women that the average guy today, no matter how much work he puts into himself, will never be able to achieve. Considering that today status is increasingly becoming less important and looks everything, you will only continue to receive this kind of attention from women.
        Not trying to knock you down or anything. Just trying to clarify. Things are a lot different for the average man than for a man like you, regardless of location.

  28. As a Toronto boy born and raised, I have to defend my hometown a little here:
    – unless you’re involved in the drug trade or gangs, you are perfectly safe. I say this as a former resident of Moss Par Park. Very safe city.
    – Bay street. Finance Capitol of Canada. Full of alphas and hot chicks.
    – yeah, this is college-feminist central, but there is a non ending buffet of recent traditional minded immigrants on offer. As some one with chronic Yellow fever, the constant stream of young tight Asian students keeps me happy. The downtown cor where I work has been invade by Korean, Chinese a Japanese students flush with daddy’s cash

  29. I noticed that the young women have developed a sort of blank stare, a shield if you will to navigate the miserable streets.

  30. Toronto was cool when I was a kid in the 70’s. I visited in 1974. Visited again in 1986. Ok then too. Liked Montreal in the 80’s when I visited.
    But I have no desire to return.

  31. The author forgot a massively over inflated real estate market and ridiculous taxation, although much of that can be blamed on the province, and much of that can be blamed on the stupidity of the electorate. Female TO native here. I don’t agree with everything the author says, but a lot of it rings true. Frankly much of what he says makes life as unbearable for women as it does for men. People in general aren’t very open or friendly, I’ve no doubt that applies to women. Mind you, for much of the year we’re all walking around in freezing temperatures, which makes friendly banter tricky. It is a very safe city though, I’ll give credit where due. I only discovered this site because of the moral outrage your fearless leader inspired in the good people of TO this past summer. Heh. What a joke. I don’t have to agree with what he says (and I probably wouldn’t if I cared to really research it) but your boy’s got a right to say it. People in this city aren’t boring, they’re just really busy being morally outraged over whatever issue du jour makes them seem progressive. That shit takes time 😀

    1. Real estate in Canada is totally out of control. It will collapse (as did the US bubble) and, when it does, it may break the back of the country. But, until it does, if you MUST live in Canada for some reason, for fucks sake, DON’T BUY A HOUSE. Yes, you could miss out on some upside. But you could also miss out on the biggest collapse in real estate history. There’s nothing supporting those prices; no matter how much your RE agent wants you to believe “Everyone wants to live in Toronto”, allow me to be the first to say. NO THEY FUCKING DON’T. 😉

      1. You are so right. Real estate is being valued based on the cheap lending rates, as opposed to the actual value of the land/house etc….It also is a terrible investment. People love to tell you how much money they made from buying to selling, but they never mention the maintenance, property taxes etc…When you look at the total picture, they’ve never profited that much.

    1. “Ship A and C are closely behind us” Or something like that, if I remember the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy correctly.

  32. Hahaha, the yoga mat in photo #3. So perfect.
    The thing about #9 is, any woman who uses headphones to repel strangers from talking to her is probably going to be a massive bitch anyways? Seems like talking to that type would be a waste of energy. I know I’m splitting hairs here, but it does seem like a dumb thing to complain about, sort of like when fat girls get butthurt over guys who don’t want to date them just because they’re fat (If his personality is that “shallow” then those she-whales aren’t exactly missing out on anything, are they?)

  33. Most of these criticism can be thrown at almost any city, certainly in the west. I grew up in Toronto but I have lived in Vancouver, Melbourne, Changzhou, Jinan and now Shenzhen; I also spent a lot of time in Shanghai. I’ve visited a lot of other cities but, being literate, it is easy enough to read about just how bad all cities suck in one way or another.
    However, you can’t get around the performance of the Maple Leafs and the insane way they remain the most valuable franchise in the league, based on the support of the win-indifferent fans.

  34. We have to make a decision this year or next. Sell the house, cash out of Toronto and flee to another province. I just have to wait to see if housing crashes in alberta or bc. At least in BC in some spots it is white hippies, white homosexuals, white feminists, white retirees. Anyone see a pattern here?

  35. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I’ve lived here since 1960, when it was a small very WASP-y and boring city (you couldn’t even buy a drink on Sunday for decades). It’s much more vibrant and vital today. Tough that you don’t like winter; I’m sure you’ll find it much nicer in say, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, etc. Toronto has its problems for sure – and I rank the TTC among the highest – but we have six million people here in the GTA, and we have, on average, less than 1 murder per week. Chicago, by comparison, only recently dropped below 10 per week. Is the city full of fags and dykes? Yes, there’s a lot of them. Tell me a big city in NA where it’s different. I avoid Church St, and so rarely see them in packs. Finally, the women. Even old Hef said that Toronto had the best mix of women on the continent. Are there plenty of SJW/rabid feminists? Sure. Tell me a big city in NA where it’s different (again!). My GF is a family lawyer; who do you think I meet at parties? But, being an educated engineer, I can give as good as I get, and one of my favourite put-downs as we leave at the end of the night is to put my arm around my GF, give her a big smooch, smile at the SJW, and say “Say hi to your vibrator for me”. I lived in Detroit and NYC for brief periods (.5 to 2 years); I’ll take Toronto any day.

  36. I’ve been listening to a Canadian MGTOW named Sandman. He’s got a daily YouTube channel I listen to where he goes over manosphere topics. He from the Toronto area. I think a town called Mississauga. He’s mentioned a lot of the topics on your list. Especially all the damn the condos these women are buying in Toronto.

    1. That’s horrible!! Women owning stuff!! What’s wrong with this world ?? Sand man talks like a robot and has zero sexy appeal. He ain’t Mgtow by choice..

      1. Wow, you really don’t get the point of what the guy is talking about do you kid. Stay in school. Grade seven isn’t that hard.

        1. “aspie”? WTF.
          Anyways, you really are batting above your league here, dummy. You don’t have anything near a real argument and all your posts are just pejorative rants now. Go learn something instead of vomiting out the usual woman-power emotional wreckage.

  37. You have just described, our “FREE” western “DEMOCRACIES”…. Same everywhere in our “FREE” democracies…
    LOL… Too old to worry.. The generation, whatever alphabet soup you describe them have FUBAR their own country & the one thing that come to my mind, is that KARMA is going to bite their ass.. They will have to live & become older in their dream society… Like I see for them Soylent Green or Logan’s Run…IMO Soylent Green highly likely ! LOL !

    1. All of this is true about T. It’s a progressives wet dream. However, that is what makes it so interesting as a contrarian. Also, when shiit kicks off, lots of targets.

  38. The problem with Ontario girls is simple.
    The average man there is much more sexually attractive than the average woman, regardless of race and ethnicity. That’s why it sucks.

      1. …and if you are reduced to trolling sites with a hidden history, just how cowardly are you? Do you even know how lame you sound?

      2. Assuming this is not a troll, a woman, or homosexual (apologies to the mods if it is), in the sexual market place men are my competition and I would be remiss to ignore them. Toronto and Ontario are notorious for men dating massively down.

    1. Weed is everywhere in Toronto.
      If weed were to disappear from Toronto, half the city would commit suicide.

  39. So here are a few problems with this article.
    1) Toronto gets snow! Good for you! Did you take noticing in high school? In case you haven’t noticed, Toronto is located in the country of Canada – a country that calls itself the True North. Yeah, it snows there.
    2) If you can’t find people to connect with, that’s on you too. A connection is a two-way thing and not the fault of the other party entirely.
    3) Men approaching women on the subway is downright annoying. Some of us have boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, or are happy alone. Sometimes we want to listen to music or podcasts and not be bothered. Sometimes we want to think and have time to ourselves. We lead busy lives and don’t always want to be conversing with others – especially with those who think they have a right to our time.
    4) Toronto has an economy. In fact, it is the economic centre of the country. Perhaps the Canadian economy is not the best it could be, true. That’s not because Toronto is a failed city.
    5) Being a progressive city is a GOOD THING. Being able to accept all walks of life, is not a weakness or something to be shamed. It’s something to strive for.
    6) Toronto is FAR from boring. There are several different kinds of neighbourhoods to suit all kinds of people.You don’t like Kensington Market? Go to the Distillery District. Oh, you don’t like that either? Maybe head out to the Beaches, get some brunch. Although, judging by the sheer hatred this website has for basically all good things, you probably hate brunch too. In which case, yes, be gone. We don’t want you here.
    Especially us horrible music appreciating women who don’t want to waste our time on spoiled men.

    1. Well, if they want old fashioned women they should move a more conservative environment, starting with the Middle East..or hey, the Bible Belt.. Or invent a time machine..

      1. Wow. Another condescending exaggeration from a Feminist troll. The first thing to do on the time machine would be to go back seven years or so and stop you from being dropped on your head when you were two years old.

        1. I know. These but-hurts get stupider and stupider. It must be a side effect of being angry all the time.

        2. It’s actually not an exarceration. Roosh and company want women’s suffrage in the US to be reversed. Many of you feel our only thing place is in the kitchen- ridiculous.and that it is okay to beat a woman to put her in her place- read the comment here idiot. They are full of misogyny

        3. Sorry you born a century too late and you can’t beat and rape a woman or oppress her without legal ramifications. Move or go Mgtow baby. There is no place for you in modern times.

        4. Vivian,
          “Yup, another troglodyte ,,”
          Yep. You going on to grade school name-calling is kind of predictable. lol.

        5. Butt hurt only happens when you and Gary ” come ” together. You two are so fond of that word… It is kinda cute.

        6. Vivian,
          “Lol calling me a dumb ass isn’t name calling. Accountability ain’t your thing.”
          No, it’s not since it is easy to prove that you are the proverbial “dumb ass”. On the other hand, all this Troglodyte bullshit? That is just “name calling”. If you don’t know the difference, you are in way over your head here.

        7. Yeah well please stay in Toronto. Your exactly where you should be. Your weather, economy and culture blows as well as you. Toronto…….the shit stain of North America. You can keep it.

        8. Well then why the fuck are you even commenting ahole? Typical of a lib simpleton to join the fray. Wherever you are please stay cockbag.

        9. Well I realize she is special.. The only titty you ever sucked on and all- sorry I went there – shame on me ..🙄

        10. That was an ignorant response. Do you have an opinion on anything outside the home you live in.. Why is that? Who gives you that right ?

        11. Perhaps I used to live in Toronto. Perhaps I have spent a considerable amount of time in Toronto. The first amendment gives me that right ahole. If your going to spew shit I will call you on it every fucking time.

        12. Perhaps the Women sensed you were an asshole. Females are extremely intuitive. and if the women stink there.. Move ..

        13. Yes women are extremely intuitive and use emotion for their thought process. However, women are only a small segment of why Toronto blows.

        14. Well then good for you- you didn’t settle – realized it wasn’t your type of town. For other folks in t is..

        15. Vivian,
          “Call a spade a spade. You sound like a cave dweller to me”
          Fortunately, your “opinion” on who’s a cave-dweller and who is not is hardly the gold standard in opinions. Keep trying. You’re looking more the fool with each troll post.

        16. Vivian,
          “Lol.. I’m drowning. He he”
          Try to swallow, or spit it out. Take a break between tricks. It’s not a contest on who can blow the most in an hour.

        17. Vivian,
          “lol. Projection. You and Channing are adorable together..”
          Homophobic are we? I’m as hetero as they “come”, but you need to insult people to feel “special”. You’re intolerant and it is showing.

        18. Vivian,
          “Well then good for you- you didn’t settle – realized it wasn’t your type of town. For other folks in t is..”
          If idiots like you were the only people in Toronto, there would be no reason to not turn it into a smoking crater…

        19. Oh shoot .. You have scary thoughts.!! Really Gary my only thought lfor you are not to be so hateful.. You stink but I don’t wish you dead..!s

        20. Just thought that the two of you “coming together” was cute . Even the f it was an attack against my person- He he.. Don’t be paranoid

        21. Vivian,
          “Thanks for the advice – sounds like you have experience- that’s awesome!!”
          Experience on the receiving end, but not as one of a line-up like you are trying to take care of. You should charge more though. A dollar a pop is just too cheap even for a you.

        22. Vivian,
          “Oh shoot .. You have scary thoughts.!! Really Gary my only thought lfor you are not to be so hateful.. You stink but I don’t wish you dead..!s”
          What scary thoughts? How is that hateful? Your projecting your own vile attitude. Too bad you keep losing arguments and growing your own self-loathing.

        23. You just texted I should be killed by a smoking crater.. Re read your post. All cause I don’t agree with your viewpoint. Seriously .. You did..

        24. You had a Sodom and Gomorrah moment .. Ya lost it for a second .. That’s cool . Thank God you aren’t in charge though ..!whew!!

        25. Stop trying to put words in people’s mouths. I said there would be no reason to not turn Toronto in to a smoking crater. From that in infer that I “want you dead”? If you want to stick around while the cesspool is demolished that’s your own doing. Besides it’s not as if you wouldn’t get notification that it was being leveled. There’d be all sorts of signage. We’d even have guys approaching people on subways. If they are so wrapped up with themselves that the don’t listen, don’t go blaming others.

        26. Vivian,
          “You had a Sodom and Gomorrah moment .. Ya lost it for a second .. That’s cool . Thank God you aren’t in charge though..!whew!!”
          No. You are just projecting your intolerance and hate for anyone that doesn’t bow to your “holy” message. You’ve lost this argument just like you’ve lost all the others. Go invent a new sock puppet and try again, “Vivian”.

        27. Vivian,
          “Just thought that the two of you “coming together” was cute. Even the f it was an attack against my person- He he.. Don’t be paranoid”
          You seem to have a fixation on homosexual acts. Are you actually a closet case that can’t come to terms with your confused state? There’s help for types like you. Go check out the local social services website.

        28. Vivian the troll said, on Dec 7, 2015 (but as of Dec 20 has deleted most if not all of her posts) comment #2398861688:

          It’s actually not an exarceration. Roosh and company want women’s suffrage in the US to be reversed. Many of you feel our only thing place is in the kitchen – ridiculous.and that it is okay to beat a woman to put her in her place – read the comment here idiot. They are full of misogyny.

          It’s totally an “exarceration” (wtf? the freaking word is the post you are responding to you and you type that kind of mess?). If RooshV and company want suffrage in the US to be reversed it is not the same as a fundamentalist state and you know it. You then make up shit like, “many of you feel our only place is in the kitchen” to try to make it OK to be angry. You’re ridiculous. Yes. If anything, it’s “OK” for women to beat on men in the US. You see them getting away with it all the time. Read the comments, moron, and not just the cherry-picked ones that are responding to the attacks from woman-power types like you.
          Yah right. The expected “Misogyny” battle cry to rally the sisterhood. You’ve been defeated again. Time to create yet another new sock puppet there, troll. “Vivian” no longer has even one bit of credibility left.

        29. Vivian the troll wrote comment #2398867556 on Dec 7, 2015 at 8:59 PM Toronto time. She has deleted most if not all of her trolling posts as of Dec 20, 2015:

          Sorry you were born a century too late and you can’t beat and rape a woman or oppress her without legal ramifications. Move or go Mgtow baby. There is no place for you in modern times.

          Who said anything about “beating” or “raping”. You’re pulling a rather low class straw man argument there. Then again, that’s what happens when a woman-power type gets her ass handed to her in a debate. It’s all about underhanded moves like that. Oppression? That’s so over-played it’s lost all meaning. Go full on same-sex relationship or celibate, dummy. People are sick and tired of you whiners and your lies.

        30. Vivian the troll wrote comment #2399075994 on Dec 7, 2015…. but deleted most of not all of her posts as of Dec 20:

          You just texted I should be killed by a smoking crater.. Re read your post. All cause I don’t agree with your viewpoint. Seriously .. You did..

          Gary never said that, dummy. You’re really clutching at straws there. Seriously, you’ve got no case. Time to put on the big girl panties and fess up to being pwned.

        31. His statement” if idiots like you only existed in Toronto, there would be no reason not to turn it into a smoking crater” Aka demolish it – killing all who existed there . That would be me,.. And others he does not agree with. Yeah pretty clear . No “exacerarion ” lol. Smart phones

        32. Vivian said,

          Butt hurt only happens when you and Gary ” come ” together. You two are so fond of that word… It is kinda cute.

          Awww… widdle Kat troll sock puppet mad? I don’t know Gary E. and what’s with the homophobic undertones?

        33. Vivian the troll wrote comment #2400722225 on Dec 8, 2015. She has deleted most/all of her posts as of Dec 20, 2015:

          His statement” if idiots like you only existed in Toronto, there would be no reason not to turn it into a smoking crater” Aka demolish it – killing all who existed there . That would be me,ll And others he does not agree with. Yeah pretty clear . No “exacerarion” lol. Smart phones

          The guy said,
          “If idiots like you were the only people in Toronto, there would be no reason to not turn it into a smoking crater…”
          Not only did you misquote it, you mixed the words up enough to change the meaning.
          You then go on to -ADD- a bunch of things that were -NOT- written by the guy, and only exist in your warped mind.
          Yeah, it’s -PRETTY CLEAR- alright. You are a deceitful little troll, that like most trolls resort to -LYING- when you get beaten in a debate. Go cry to your mommy. No one cares about your crying here.

        34. Vivian Said on comment #2415103693…

          Feewings … You can’t read can you?

          “Vivian”, you are a troll and probably the same poster as Kat, Sare Kumagai and a host of others. Deleting your posts now? What a coward.
          As far as accusing GaryE
          Oh… he -DID NOT-. You misquoted, changed the wording, and added a bunch of words there weren’t even there. You’re a little liar.

        35. So.. Trench..,
          Where are you currently living? I think it should be turned to a smoking crater cause people like you live there.. ( all cause we don’t share the am same viewpoint )

        36. Before you get on your grammar nazi high horse… The response below was somehow worsd – acked by my phone,. Heh!! Me Smart phone is stupid ..

        37. Vivian the troll said on Dec 10, 2015 on comment #2404309706 (but deleted most if not all her posts on Dec 20 after showing how childish she was the night before)….

          So.. Trench..,
          Where are you currently living? I think it should be turned to a smoking crater cause people like you live there.. (all cause we don’t share the am same viewpoint)

          Big deal. You can wish whatever you want. You SJW trolls are hilarious. You get your feelings hurt and it’s all attack, attack, attack. What a childish little moron.

        38. Vivian the troll said on Dec 10 (but has as of Dec 20 deleted this and probably all of her other posts):

          Yep.. He wanted me dead in that crator.. You can’t read can you? Idiot male ..

          Show -EXACTLY- where he “wanted [you] dead”. Your innuendo based on your biased “feelings” don’t count. You don’t have a real defense and you resort to lying. Typical idiotic dishonest Feminist troll. Come on…. Show us -EXACTLY- where.
          Vivian also responded to this post on Dec 17 but after making a complete fool out of herself about 14 hours ago, she has delete it:

          Lol.. Actually a conservative Christian.. …

          …basically that shows the kind of deflection argument that trolls like her use. She knows she lost the argument so she just tries to change the topic, or at least talk about stuff that is really unrelated. That’s the kind of lousy person who buys into feminism.

        39. “Vivian” the troll (who has now deleted her posts said on Dec 10, 2015″…

          Before you get on your grammar nazi high horse… The response below was somehow worsd – acked by my phone,. Heh!! Me Smart phone is stupid..

          You can’t use the “it’s my phone excuse” when you re-word things and basically change the meaning of a phrase.: There’s no grammar policing there, moron. You could have easily copy-and-pasted like -MOST- people do when quoting.
          No. You PURPOSELY changed what the guy was saying to fit your delusion. All the “mistyping” in the world doesn’t explain word order.
          Keep it up. You’re looking like the real idiot that you are.

        40. “Vivian” the troll (who has now deleted her posts said on Dec 17, 2015″…

          Bull poop read again.. If you can read ..m

          Read it, quoted it. You should try the same, troll.
          She then responded to this (and quickly deleted her response) with…

          Then you are completely devoid of common sense

          …to which I now say…
          Nope. You’re the troll and the cowardly idiot.

        41. I will quote you…. For the sake of the stupeed…. ” if idiots like you ( meaning Vivian) were the only people that n Toronto..there would be NO reason not to turn it into a smoking crater .”..
          Thus killing Viv and others who oppose Gary’s political views …
          Death by a meteor is not really a legal threat..so you are off the hook.. lol .
          I still think you need a psche eval..:

        42. Vivian,
          “I will quote you…. For the sake of the stupeed…. ” if idiots like you ( meaning Vivian) were the only people that n Toronto..there would be NO reason not to turn it into a smoking crater.”..
          Thus killing Viv and others who oppose Gary’s political views…
          Death by a meteor is not really a legal threat..so you are off the hook.. lol .”—
          While you “quoted” me, you still had to –ADD– in the supposition of:
          “thus killing Viv and others who oppose…”
          You added this in. I didn’t say or even imply that. It is your murderous intent that you project onto others. You’re a troll and definitely in need of a DSM-V run-through.

        43. That’s right. I never said that at all. Feminists are usually immature little people that resort to straw man arguments. Lying is all part of their game. They actually think that people can’t read the original posts for themselves. Talk about crooked.

      2. That’s true. They’d probably do well in where the Duggar family lives. Or in ancient Athens – keep the women folk inside.

        1. You might be right! The Duggar women have jobs and actually voice their opinions on television. They should be ashamed! Haha

    2. So here are a few problems with this article.

      Chuckle. Your hubris causes you to use emotional arguments as if they could stand up to even the most cursory investigation. You haven’t identified a single thing wrong. However, in the process you shown to all that you are just another one of those seriously hurt women that foolishly believe you can outwit those “Neanderthal” men.

      1) Toronto gets snow! Good for you! Did you take noticing in high school? In case you haven’t noticed, Toronto is located in the country of Canada – a country that calls itself the True North. Yeah, it snows there.

      While it is true that Toronto gets snow, and that most people know it gets snow, you are just deflecting from the context of the criticism. That’s a dishonest tactic that most past a grade 8 education will recognize. You might want to believe that all those “knuckle draggers” don’t have the acumen, but that is just your fantasy.
      The context, yes CONTEXT, was that Toronto had relatively bad weather. It wasn’t whether or not Toronto, has snow, has a winter, has rainbows, has unicorns, etc… In reality Toronto does have relatively dreadful weather by anyone’s standards. It’s too humid in the summer, can have torrential downpours year round, and has cold and unaccommodating winters. There are many other cities in North America that offer a much better climate experience.

      2) If you can’t find people to connect with, that’s on you too. A connection is a two-way thing and not the fault of the other party entirely.

      If there is one thing people can depend on, it is how trolls will always resort to the “straw man argument” to create a false sense of righteousness.
      Here you apply the straw man by purposely misrepresenting the writer’s criticism that a lack of connection is “the fault of the other party entirely”. You then bash that false position. In reality (there’s that pesky old reality again) the writer’s criticism is that it is relatively more difficult to befriend people in Toronto. To the reasonably minded, that illustrates how defensive, suspicious of ill intent, or haughty individuals can be to unsolicited dialogue. You should familiar with this in that you exhibit these very traits in your participation here.
      Toronto is definitely a place where there is an elevated population of self-righteous, pretentious and solipsistic individuals. This is likely due to the increased presence of “enabled” immature people like young persons who think they are special because they got a job in a big city, or that they got some degree (albeit one in some soft art). Part of the cause is that Neo-feminists have infected that lot of children. Regardless of the underlying reasons, the writer is right. Toronto is definitely more a place full of people who are full of themselves.

      3) Men approaching women on the subway is downright annoying. Some of us have boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, or are happy alone. Sometimes we want to listen to music or podcasts and not be bothered. Sometimes we want to think and have time to ourselves. We lead busy lives and don’t always want to be conversing with others – especially with those who think they have a right to our time.

      Arrogant people excel at mentioning how their time is so precious and that any unsolicited proposal is a travesty of social conduct and at the very least a nuisance. The irony is that, while you (and any other troll) are unwelcome here (or any other place where trolls apply their specious harassment), you seem to think that it is your privilege to do it because “you” want to.
      A big difference to is that practically all men approaching women on subways (or any other public space) do it with the genuine initiative to offer a mutually beneficial relationship or encounter. You, in stark contrast, are not here to offer any such thing. Instead trolls like you offer either the mute acceptance of your narrative, or if someone resists it, an attempt to punish refusers with personal attack or other forms of provocation.
      Take your own “advice”. This thread is for those who want to maturely discuss this topic and not an arena for you to vent your obvious frustrations (largely due to cognitive dissonance) and basically bash men. People here lead busy lives and here to discuss real issues. They generally don’t have the time field frivolous and fallaciously based false arguments like yours.
      Back on the subway, it’s not “all about you”. People don’t know whether any particular person is or is not open to a change in their life. They are asking. You only have to say “no”. Here, most you have encountered have basically said “no” to your emotional and illogical commentary. Yet you keep up the nonsense. What? Like you have special rights that no one else seems to have? Should men on the subway behave by YOUR example? As in, should they pester, call women names and insult them when someone says no? Your hypocrisy on “thread harassment” is showing.

      4) Toronto has an economy. In fact, it is the economic centre of the country. Perhaps the Canadian economy is not the best it could be, true. That’s not because Toronto is a failed city.

      Just where has the writer said something like, “Canada’s economy is not what it could be BECAUSE Toronto is a failed city”? You prideful Social Justice Warriors literally invent things to bash when you “feel” something and can’t any fault with those you “feel” you should blame.
      The reality (here we go again, with that emotional response busting reality thing) is that Toronto’s economy has been a remarkably poor performer in the past twenty years. The facts (oh, yes, those emotional response destroying things called facts) show that Toronto lags significantly behind in economic viability when compared to other North American urban centers.
      As far as municipal economy health goes, Toronto is looking more and more like a disaster. You can lie to yourself all you want, but lying to others is usually not as easy.

      5) Being a progressive city is a GOOD THING. Being able to accept all walks of life, is not a weakness or something to be shamed. It’s something to strive for.

      Neo-feminists are all great at using vague or subjective terms since such terms camouflage things that are usually somewhat optimistically (and speciously) categorized.
      While progressive attitudes generally mean a movement way from more closed-minded views, this purposely does NOT address whether or not the proposed view is a step in a more overall beneficial direction. Special interest groups selectively understand progress to mean, “more inclusive of their special narrative.” Rarely (as in practically never) do you see these special interest groups open to exploring why status quo is status quo. They ASSUME that their model is the correct model and if it not currently in wide acceptance, then the status quo is automatically non-progressive.
      The concept of “all walks of life” does not mean that being critical of certain behaviors is not appropriate. For example, society should not elevate the status of childish individuals to be equally respected as those who are effectively mature. Equality of opportunity (and the implied equal treatment) extends to things that are immutable, innate and otherwise not under the direct influence of the individual. That is not to be mistaken to mean, “Any permutation of human including that defined by the conscious behavior of a given individual”. Neo Feminists and other special interest groups conveniently side-step their own complicity to disingenuously claim that they are treated unfairly.
      Let’s be CRYSTAL CLEAR here. In a just society, we should be inclusive and understanding for innate and natural characteristics. However, that does NOT translate to “people are wrong for being intolerant of bad behavior.” It’s not being “this” or “that” that people don’t like. Its acting like “anything I do, regardless of how I disregard others, or the reasoning they are applying to their decisions, is my definition of me” that is reviled. Increased cases of solipsism is a product of the millennial special snowflake program.
      So, progressiveness is NOT to be mistaken for justness. Try to get an education. Whatever you have so far is proving to be rather inadequate.

      6) Toronto is FAR from boring. There are several different kinds of neighbourhoods to suit all kinds of people.You don’t like Kensington Market? Go to the Distillery District. Oh, you don’t like that either? Maybe head out to the Beaches, get some brunch. Although, judging by the sheer hatred this website has for basically all good things, you probably hate brunch too. In which case, yes, be gone. We don’t want you here.

      If the writer is saying that it is boring, he is probably reflecting on how the daily experience there lacks substance. That can be quite unstimulating and hence “boring”. The things you mention are just activities that, on their own, provide little more than satiating hunger, thirst or some other innocuous pursuit. They do not nourish the mind and spirit. If you add to that the mind numbing experience of watching superficial people be, well, superficial then it stands to reason that Toronto is effectively a very boring place.
      It is typical of neo-feminists, especially those who realize they have been out-classed and out-witted to resort to childish and unfounded insults. Just where is this “hatred” from this site or its advocacy? The only hatred is from trolls like you that spit fire and venom when they cannot post a mature and logical rebuttal.
      Incidentally, you do not speak for the citizens of Toronto, so your quip of “we don’t want you here” is specious and just more of your emotional and vapid response. In contrast, it is doubtful that anyone here wants to see you repeatedly posting fallacious arguments or pure ad hominem as it is just harassment. If you are so much into reducing “harassment” (like those ever-so-bothered women riding the Toronto mass transit), why don’t you practice what you preach, and get lost. You are not wanted here (and this speaks for most people as evidenced by the history of posts.)

      Especially us horrible music appreciating women who don’t want to waste our time on spoiled men.

      It is apropos that you end your little hissy fit with the usual straw man argument. In no way does the writer say that he is saying women who appreciate music are horrible. Also, you will have to provide some evidence that men, and that includes those who approach women on the subway, are “spoiled” in any way. Better yet, why not just admit that you are a typically egotistical, hostile and self-absorbed individual that realizes she has no foundation for being critical of this article, or men in general. It will go a long way towards curing you of this affliction better known as immaturity.

        1. Keep it even simpler, simpleton. If you don’t like what was written here, or this site in general, don’t come here…
          You’re just another one of those “womyn strong” types that can’t handle it when you don’t have a logical argument. All you do is try to insult people into silence. How’s that working for you?

        2. Vivian,
          “Keep ti simple stupid- don’t live in Toronto..”
          Keep up the name-calling. It makes your position ever so legitimate….. not.

        3. No that’s the man babies of the world..PLEEZE be objective. It’s men who cause most mayhem on the planet.. Wars murder rape. Abandoning pregnant women and their own children to welfare and abortion.

        4. Oh dear.. A girl called me stupid- you are a thin skinned pansy Gary.. I will get you a binky. And you called me worse so quit whining

        5. Vivian,
          “yeah.. Logic and men.. Check the prisons and jails.. Who fills em?”
          You apply a non sequitur innuendo as a rhetorical… and you suggest you are more logical?
          Do you ever get tired of being hoisted on your own petard? You aren’t just a dumb ass, you’re an amateur at trolling too.

        6. Well ..HIS story backs me. You really can’t argue. If it weren’t for women.. You’d self destruct. Face it baby…

        7. Vivian,
          “”Oh dear”..A girl called me stupid- you are a thin skinned pansy Gary.. I will get you a binky. And you called me worse so quite whining”
          “oh dear”… you don’t have a mature response so you resort to name-calling like a hurt child. No one called you anything you weren’t acting like, baby.
          Update: You’re a coward too, since you deleted your posts here as of December 20, 2015 @ 2PM Toronto Time.

        8. Vivian,
          “No that’s the man babies of the world..PLEEZE be objective. It’s men who cause most mayhem on this planet.. Wars murder rape. Abandoning pregnant women and their own children to welfare and abortion.”
          If men cause the bad, it is because then -can-. Crybaby womynz like you -want- to but you can only act tough on the Internet. You’d be committing all sorts of aggression if you only could. It shows in the way you go on with name-calling and insulting once -you- can’t get your way. Wahhhhh… oh poor baby.

        9. Vivian
          “Ps where’s Channing?You seem lost without him..”
          Charming can answer on his own. What’s the matter? You not getting enough attention from your battery operated boyfriend? Seriously, your trolling is proving once again how childish Feminists really are. Prove it some more!

        10. Vivian,
          “Well ..HIS story backs me. You really can’t argue. If it weren’t for women.. You’d self destruct. Face it baby…”
          Charming’s story backs -you- up? What kind of drugs are you on? You’ve been owned by everyone you’ve come across here, kiddo.

        11. Vivian,
          “And your stating the only sex I get is from an vibrator is mature? Really?”
          Just stating the obvious from the evidence and facts. “only” sex? Hey getting yourself off with other tools is your own business. Just stop doing it while you are getting owned by people here. Being dominated is a common fantasy, but hey, if not for anything, stop doing it to keep your keyboard clean.

        12. Vivian,
          “His name is Channing – not t Charming..lol”
          So what? Channing, Charming. It’s just a name. I’m sure if he thinks it’s a diss, he’ll let me know. Talk about nitpicking.

        13. Well you seem pretty close. He’s probably offended but I am sure you’ll suck up and make it right

        14. Vivian,
          “Owned in your own mind.. You can never truly own a woman.. That’s q funny thought”
          Just deflecting again, I see. Your attempts at both arguing, and then trying to harm the person that won is showing that you were owned and you know it. It’s not funny to you as you keep trying to retaliate.

        15. History.. As told by men- backs up my claim that males have created a huge proportion of misery on the planet due to their destructive nature … You can’t argue. It’s recorded and bragged about.. And you fellas are still doing now..read the paper.

        16. Vivian,
          “History.. As told by men- backs up my claim that males have created a huge proportion of misery on the planet due to their destructive nature … You can’t argue. It’s recorded and bragged about.. And you faellas are still doing now..read the paper.”
          Are you really so naive to think that women wouldn’t be even nastier if they had the ability to dominate? You yourself try to turn a discussion into a brawl when you “don’t get your way”. If you had the chance, you’d be attacking with whatever device you had at your disposal. We’ve recently witness the “gentle” nature of feminists at Mizzou.
          Feminists know nothing but “harm those who don’t agree with us”. Then you go and try to hide behind “all women” like the cowards you are. Go read the papers. That’s how you feminists act. You’re all immature bullies who can’t accept that you are wrong.
          December 20, 2015…… I see you, Vivian, the troll, have delete all your posts here. Run away, coward. You got your azz handed to you.

        17. Vivian,
          “Women ain’t got time for that. Men are stinkers”
          As a whole real women don’t and that is because they know enough that they wouldn’t win. Feminists? Like you, you spend a lot time looking for a fight, but still only do so when you feel you can’t be directly put in harms way.
          All you do is try to insult people in the hopes that it will “hurt their feelings”. It doesn’t work on guys, hon. You are projecting your own fragile ego onto others.

        18. Vivian,
          “Not so buster. Men are the cause of all societal misery..All of it -period- read books-“
          You should be the one spending time on reading books… and not just the ones with pictures, or fantasy stories about billionaires that choose the plain Jane either.
          Men are the main architects of all things good or bad. That is because they make it happen. Women in general cannot compete with men in general. Feminists are beneath women. The ranks of modern feminism are filled with angry losers just like you. They fail miserably at being women, so they try to force the world to change the rules of the game so that they win too. Talk about sore losers.

        19. Vivian,
          “Harming who Gary?? Really now!!”
          You’re trying to harm. I never said you had any success at it.

        20. Vivian,
          “Thin skinned men take everything as a retaliation..too bad”
          No. I didn’t say that. You are just trying to rationalize your hope that you -actually- harmed someone. Your hostility is not matched by any ability to hurt anyone.

    3. 1. Yes your weather sucks thanks for acknowledging.
      2. Yes a two way street which means 50% is on the other person thanks for acknowledging.
      3. See number 2 thanks for acknowledging.
      4. Yes Torontos economy isn’t the best it could be. In fact it’s embarrassing thanks for acknowledging.
      5. Being a progressive city because every North American city strives to be…….wait for it……Toronto…..thanks for acknowledging.
      6. So far from boring you offer 3 neighborhoods…..3…….really that’s the best you can do?
      Man Toronto sucks balls…….please stay in Toronto your doing a great job promoting your hell hole.

      1. Just acknowledging what the subpar author failed to. You want to know more great neighbourhoods? Leslieville, the Annex, Entertainment District, GreekTown, Little India, Queens Quay, Lake Shore, Leaside, Yonge & Eg, Fashion District… Want more? Anyhow, with a system similar to New York and Sydney, Toronto functions well. It’s listed as one of the top cities to live in in the world – it was #1 in 2014 – by the Economist. So, how does this guy have sway in comparison to journalists with a background that specializes in this?

        1. Lol a little too late honey. You only pushback on the neighborhoods when there were 6 items listed which is amusing. As for journalists…..I can get an article written tomorrow about how great Toronto is (99% of “journalists are liberals which means they will say anything) but I don’t see people dying to move to Toronto. The fact that you compare Toronto to New York and Sydney is rich yet only shows how off the rails you and your ilk are. Too funny.
          Please keep them coming.

        2. Lmao you’re right you could write an article. Just no one would care. Have you been to Toronto? Or New York? Or Sydney? Because I’ve lived in all three. As well as Philadelphia, Ottawa, Canberra, and Vienna. Do you want an in depth analysis of each city and what makes a good one? Doubtful. You don’t see people dying to move to Toronto? You’re not looking then. You’re probably just some guy who has been snubbed by a girl who wanted to listen to music instead of talk to you. Rub one out, get over yourself, and go to bed.

        3. Like I said keep them coming. Your doing a great job validating the article. Toronto is a shit hole.

        4. You’re*
          Good luck writing that article without knowing the difference between your and you are.

        5. Writer and editor, actually. I have a respect for language. And for women and people of other genders, specialities, religions and ethnicities. Which is far more than anyone on this website can boast.

        6. Nitpicking on spelling or grammar is just more of the usual deflective tactics applied by Neo-feminists when they recognize they have to concede a point, and have to abandon their illogical position (or look even more ridiculous). A quick scan of Kat’s history shows she applies this as well other deceitful methods to rationalize her inability to continue on topic. For example, she did the usual, “I’ll say you are too uninformed to argue with me” routine when she couldn’t counter the response in this particular conversation:

          10 Ways To Fight Back Against Feminism

          She follows up with the boast that she will use the material for her book on “misogyny”. That kind of hubris, based on an obviously false notion that she has “won”, is partly to remain in denial but mainly to save face.
          You’ll notice that these disengagement methods usually involve some element of ad hominem. That shows how important it is to Neo-feminists to try hurting those who disagree with them (They really can’t but they think they can). This is how the immature act when you dare to introduce them to yet another inconvenient encounter with cognitive dissonance.

        7. Writer and editor, actually. I have a respect for language.

          What an utter bit of condescending crap. You’re (oh, did I use the right homonym?) not only resorting to minutiae, but you are the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. You mistakenly used “here” instead of “hear”… here:

          And for women and people of other genders, specialities, religions and ethnicities.

          It is dubious as to whether you really have any respect for anything that doesn’t fit your version of the truth, but one thing is for sure: You have little respect for telling the truth. In fact, you are evidentially a shameless LIAR and that is typical of the feminist rally gang.
          You smugly claim that Toronto was voted #1 by the Economist:
          Kat, “Toronto functions well. It’s listed as one of the top cities to live in in the world – it was #1 in 2014 – by the Economist.”

          15 More Reasons Why Toronto Sucks For Men

          … but that is completely FALSE as the Economist did no such thing in 2014 (or 2013 and 2015 for that matter):
          This is good though. It shows everyone the level of dishonesty that millennial feminists use to promote their agenda. You can slither around here all you want (and talk to your sock puppet while you are at it) but you’ve lost any kind of credibility you might have had. It’s probably time to abandon “Kat” and try a new membership to peddle (or was that “pedal”… lol) your falsehoods. Oh and don’t try deleting or editing, I’ve taken screenshots and will post if you try to hide the evidence.

          Which is far more than anyone on this website can boast.

          That’s a laugh. You’re the one with contempt for everyone. You don’t even have the “respect” for you own character since you choose to tell lies to support your stories. Practically everyone you’ve tried to tangle (or was that “tango”) with has handed you ass back to you on a silver platter. Go on… what lies are you going to tell next… or is it just ad hominem and sock puppet dialogue now? You’re pitiful.

        8. Most excellent. Kat is outed as a lying troll. That didn’t take long. What? A couple of days. ROTFLMAO.

  40. It’s a hell-hole. I stayed there for 2 weeks and I’ll never get that time back. The prevailing philosophy is: Work 80 hrs a week – then escape the city on the weekend to go to cottage country to be around the very people you were trying to escape from since they are now in the cottage next to you so you can have lame conversations about your lame sports teams.
    The summers are intolerable between polluted yellow air that just sits there (thanks to all of the nearby industry on both sides of the border) and punishing humidity.
    The nightlife is just as Roosh has described it – expensive and pointless. Torontonians fancy themselves as the arbiters of art and culture for Canada but they are woefully delusional in both respects. Besides their Film Festival they really don’t have anything going for them.
    Attempt to say “hi” to someone and they look at you like you’re a serial killer. Did I mention that I don’t like Toronto? Avoid at all costs, you’ll have more fun In Syria.

  41. I guess even having tons of billionaire status money, power and looks and game won’t help you in Toronto?
    If so, I’d say that city is finished.

  42. Great analysis. Yes, Toronto has no culture, because it has EVERY culture. Breitbart rightly said that politics is downstream from culture, and so Toronto’s garbage culture means it is run by a garbage fire of SJW’s.

    1. ROFL. Don’t forget to close the roll-up truck-sized door that you came in through to post the usual trolling comment here, Troll-icia.

        1. Really, I’m happy that this author is leaving the city. It’s pretty exciting actually.

        2. Nobody cares whether trolls like you like that or not. Self-important flame-artists like you are irrelevant.

        3. Talking to yourself now? Not getting enough attention? Trolling is so empowering…. not.

        4. Nah. You are just trying to get people to insult you so you can justify your rage. Sorry, Troll-icia, your hate is all inside of you. Nobody cares.

        5. who’s raging? I’m doing a happy dance. Spread this article to as many of your buddies as you can, then they can leave the city too.

        6. Who’s raging? You are. If you have to *tell* people you are doing a happy dance, on this thread… and you are activating a many-month-old sock puppet to do so, you are “trying too hard”.
          You’re probably the same troll from a couple of days ago.

        7. Lol.. Nope- three unaffiliated women who think you fellas are ridiculous.. As does most of civilized society. Kay is cool -don’t know Sare….but I know for a fact you are an emotional retard..

        8. Look in the mirror Gary– and say…….” duh” when your image comes into focus.. Stupid men.. Illogical fucks….
          Keep on filling the Pens up.. Men create.. And destroy..create….and destroy.. Create and destroy … Over and over again..throughout history..
          Women only want stability. You turds mess it up with your vain ambition.
          Males- r ather than females make up the vast majority of the criminal element on the planet .. Your propensity for murder, rape , destruction vastly overshadows the female population..

        9. Vivian wrote…
          Lol.. Nope- three unaffiliated women who think you fellas are ridiculous.. As does most of civilized socieity. Kay is cool -don’t know Sare….but I know for a fact you are an emotional retard.
          Nope. You’re from the same gang of trolls. Kat got exposed for being a liar, so out you come to run interference. You’re just the troll sock puppet from the sock drawer of feminists.

        10. OK, Vivian,
          “Look in the mirror Gary– and say…….” duh” when your image comes into focus.. Stupid men.. Illogical fucks….”
          You’re seeing yourself if you are seeing a vacant hostile troll in the looking glass, Viv. Just who resorts to insults and name-calling when they can’t “get their way” here? It’s you. People can see it. You can wait 6 days (thinking that people aren’t looking anymore) and post up your cowardly responses, but it shows that you are just trying to get in the last word.
          “Keep on filling the Pens up.. Men create.. And destroy..create….and destroy.. Create and destroy … Over and over again..throughout history..”
          Keep filling your diaper up with your crap. Men create and re-create because men are the ones that make things happen. What you are really noticing is that men are adults and feminist women like you are CHILDREN. The adult women understand that men will be the builders and protectors. The children like you can’t handle it when people don’t see you as anything but entitled brats. ADULTS create and re-create. CHILDREN act tough on the Internet and by so doing show that they are worthless whiners.
          “Women only want stability. You turds mess it up with your vain ambition.”
          Nope. “VAIN” ambitions would be how selfish kids act. Men consistently create things for SOCIETY and not just for themselves. You can use the small percentage of the criminal element as representative of men as a whole. That’s a logical flaw and even dummies like you know that. Women want stability? Most humans want stability and that INCLUDES men. Selfish, self-righteous, angry trolls like you? You want YOUR way, or you’ll attack people any way you can. You’re proving this by your childish trolling.
          “Males- r ather than females make up the vast majority of the criminal element on the planet .. Your propensity for murder, rape , destruction vastly overshadows the female population..
          Males make up most of the seen criminal element because like in most things, men have the wherewithal to MAKE IT HAPPEN. You yourself are proof of the small, but existent segment of the FEMALE population with criminal intent. You also show that you are relegated to committing your criminal acts in relative safety. You want to be just as hostile in real life but know that you’d get defeated by ….. MEN ….. if you tried. Don’t kid yourself that your oh-so-tough. Women get away with even physically attacking men because society allows it. You wouldn’t try your “me big tough woman” act in societies that don’t give you that protection. Go ahead. Try it on the streets of some non-First World nation. I dare you.
          Anyways, you and your feminist warriors LOST the debate here and practically everywhere you stupidly think you can LOGICALLY win. All you are doing now is proving to a bigger and bigger audience that you are all spoiled children that have temper tantrums when they can’t “win”. Keep it up. You’re the best way of proving us MEN right about this.
          I see you’ve deleted all your posts as of Dec 20, 2015 @ 2PM-ish Toronto time.

  43. I’m a 24 year old woman lurking rok and I can agree with most of these points about Toronto. This city is gross and if I hadn’t had the luxury of being born in Montreal (an oasis of culture and identity compared to Toronto) and having travelled a lot in my short life , I might be gullible enough to buy into torontos own hype. This city really has nothing much to offer unless you’re a new money bumpkin from the outlying areas of Ontario who doesn’t know any better and sacrifices 3/4 of their life working a vile corporate job just so he can eat at mediocre and overpriced restaurants accompanied by equally vapid and delusional materialists. The dating scene sucks for women too if you’re a decent person who actually wants to spend their time enriching their life and themselves with meaning and positive experiences. This is the first time in my life I’ve met a man I’d remotely consider spending time with and he’s a tradesman, some of the last remaining g men with traditional masculine characteristics that is really hard to find In a homogenized, politically correct shithole like Toronto where people are so lost and spiritually bankrupt, anyone remotely empathetic and intelligent easily and tragically fall into ideological traps like feminism, Marxism and veganism. I just lost my best female friend to veganism after she saw cowspiracy 2 months ago and has completely lost her sanity and will no longer speak to me due to our “fundamental differences”. Can’t wait to get the fuck out of here!

  44. If any Torontonians reading this post please send me a message on here or add me to twitter @jadeaube . The wife and I are considering a move West but would be cool to have sane individuals to hang out with in the meantime.
    P.S. pretty much everything written in this article is correct. The people here are pure shit, over 50% of the population are FOBs. We’re lucky enough to live in the Annex which has highest white population in the city.

  45. Are you sure you’re not talking about Melbourne, Australia? The resemblance is insanely accurate.

  46. ….Ugh I’m supposed to be visiting but this sounds darn awful. Every. Single. Bit. Fortunately visiting is different from living there. If I see any “slut pride” marches I’m leaving though.

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