Why The Response To Paris Attacks Will Only Destroy Europe Faster

French President Hollande’s tough initial response to the ISIS attacks on Paris gave me hope that this time it would be different. This would mark the first time that Western governments acknowledged that multiculturalism was a bad idea—that replacing ethnic Europeans with third-world Muslims was a recipe for disaster.

However, subsequent events have demonstrated that my hope was misplaced. The events in Paris will join all the Islamic terrorist attacks that have been explained away as being a result of the “hijacking of a peaceful religion.” Nothing of substance is going to change. Even worse, it appears that Western elites are going to use the events to further their own goals that have nothing to do with curbing terrorism.

Islamic immigration will not only continue, Europe will be destroyed even more quickly

French President Hollande at the National Memorial service for the attacks. Let’s defeat terrorism with music.

In the words of American humorist Will Rogers, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” To solve the problem of Islamic terrorism, the first step is to stop increasing your pool of potential terrorists.

Halting all Islamic immigration into the West will not prevent all future attacks because Western nations already have sizable Islamic populations, but at least it would minimize the number of people that security agencies need to track on the “watch list.” While the usual suspects would call this policy “racist,” it represents the only sane course of action.

However, Hollande did not opt for stemming the tide of Islamic immigration. The borders remain open. France even announced that it is taking yet more “Syrian refugees.” Instead of commonsense measures, Hollande is repeating the same tired tropes. At a memorial service for the Paris victims he said:

Music was insufferable for terrorists. We will multiply songs and concerts, we will keep filling stadiums.

And the ISIS terrorists will gladly attack those stadiums as you sing and hold hands.

Ottoman Turks Redivivus


Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been gradually bringing back Islam to the country.

In Germany, Chancellor Merkel is starting to feel the pressure of her deeply unpopular open door policy towards migrants. In response, she has reversed her initial position on admitting an unlimited number of migrants and now talks about having quotas. But her solution to the problem will only hasten Europe’s demise.

Merkel’s solution is to pay Turkey $3.4 billion to temporarily keep two million refugees in Turkey. This deal only slows the tide of refugees—those migrants will still be allowed into Germany eventually, at up to half a million per year. More importantly, in addition to the money Turkey would also receive fast track status into the European Union and Turkish citizens will be granted the ability to travel to Europe without a visa.

But admitting Turkey, a nation of 77 million Muslims, to the EU will only cause more problems for Europe. Turkey has changed dramatically over the years. It is no longer the secular democracy that it was when it joined NATO in 1952. Rather, with the election of the Erdoğan government in 2003, Turkey is returning to its Islamic roots.

The recent downing of a Russian jet by Turkey demonstrates where Turkey’s loyalties now lie. Ostensibly, the reason Turkey shot down the Russian jet was because it violated Turkish airspace for several seconds.

But Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated that there was more to the story. He accused Turkey of illegally importing oil from ISIS:

At the moment we have received additional information confirming that that oil from the deposits controlled by Islamic State militants enters Turkish territory on industrial scale. We have every reason to believe that the decision to down our plane was guided by a desire to ensure security of this oil’s delivery routes to ports where they are shipped in tankers.

Opening what remains of Christian Europe to an Islamic Turkey will deliver the final coup de grâce to European civilization.

Coopting Terrorism


The late Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi. He convinced President Bush and the neocons that Iraqis would greet American “liberators” with flowers.

President Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel is famous for having said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” What he meant was that when people are scared, it is a good time to advance your agenda, even if it doesn’t really have anything to do with solving the crisis itself. The Obama Administration has not been shy about using this principle to reward supporters, punish its opponents, and implement the President’s vision for the country.

While Emanuel is famous for having popularized the concept, all governments throughout the ages have used it. The Bush Administration’s response to the terrorist attacks of 9-11 is a good example of this. Rather than focus on hunting down al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, the administration fell under sway of neoconservative political theorists who led us to believe that Iraq would be the ideal place to begin democratizing and liberalizing the Islamic world.

The ill-conceived invasion of Iraq and toppling of Saddam Hussein didn’t lead to American soldiers being greeted with girls throwing flowers. Rather, it destabilized the entire Middle East and ushered in the chaos and bloodshed that we are witnessing now.

ISIS attacked Paris—So let’s take out Assad!

Asma Bashar_0

Assad, pictured here with his wife, is probably not a nice guy. But he is better than ISIS. US allies would disagree.

In the wake of the Paris attacks, President Obama has called for the elimination of ISIS. But he also called for the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The reason that this is strange is that the Syrian government is actually an enemy of ISIS. By removing Assad, the US would be doing ISIS a favor, as it would allow them to capitalize on the power vacuum.

The US campaign against ISIS, which started in August 2014, has been amazingly weak and ineffective. This is mainly because the interests of US allies are at loggerheads with destroying ISIS.

Broadly speaking, ISIS formed due to Sunni disenfranchisement after the toppling of Saddam Hussein. As a Sunni Muslim organization, ISIS is a natural ally with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and it is an enemy of the current Iraqi government and the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, both of which are part of Shia Islam.

The Assad regime is also an enemy of Israel so it is in Israel’s best interest to see him ousted. Although ISIS is no friend to Israel, it is better for Israel if all of its enemies are toppled. A bunch of bearded fanatics riding through the desert in pickup trucks looking for 9-year-olds to rape poses less of a threat to Israel than an organized state like Syria.

Thus, US policy has been half-assed in its approach to eliminating ISIS. The US’s real goal has been to remove Assad. Syria poses no threat to the US so this will be sold as a way to appease Sunni Muslims and end the Syrian civil war. However, in every case where the US has toppled an Arab dictator, the result has been bloodshed and further Islamic radicalization.

The other factor in removing Assad is that Syria is allied with Russia, which has begun heavy bombing of ISIS targets. Any direct attack on Assad risks engaging Russian forces. Is the risk of starting a war with Russia over Syria really worth it? President Obama and his men seem to think so.


Far from forcing European leaders to confront the Islamic invasion, the Paris attacks have enabled those leaders to proceed even faster with their project of fundamentally remaking Europe.

Generations of European men laid down their lives fighting Muslim hordes to preserve their families, their faith, and their land. Right now it appears that the current batch of European leaders will allow to happen in one generation what those Muslim armies could not achieve over the course of a thousand years of aggression.

Meanwhile, the conflicts of interest that the US has over the Middle East are putting us in a very real danger of war with Russia over a country that poses no threat to Americans. As much as I disagree with President Obama, his general distaste for armed conflict in this case is a good thing.

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  1. Ten percent of the French population is Muslim and they gladly harbor terrorists and participate in their attacks. Bombing a desert a thousand miles away is a laughable reaction.

  2. As for so many think of this kind….The CCTV was not working at this moment exaclty and they where exactly making a stress test of the urgency about the same even as it was happening..
    We also know now that the law for establishment of the present martial law was made and presented in front of the French parliament BEFORE the even of Friday night :
    We know also that an Israelite corporation is in charge of the security of the Eiffel tower.. May I guest what will be the next target of the Islamist ?

  3. Halting immigration would indeed limit the number of people intelligence services need to track but then how in UK for instance (I’m sure France is the same) would the government justify the extra billions being spent on recruiting thousands more spooks, something that was announced just after the Paris attacks. When the elites want something they get it and its disloyal to question that apparently.
    Again in UK it’s interesting to see how quickly Corbyn has been isolated thereby enabling the airstrikes. He might want to give up his support for those pro-Palestinian causes if he wants to survive the next few months

    1. It is far more economical and sensible to deport them on large barges back to their hellholes of origin.

      1. More likely they’ll be given a luxury river cruise while the finishing touches are applied to their swanky new apartments in charlottenberg or wherever.

        1. It’s not costly at all, hell I’ll bet you could hold a fund raiser on the internet and raise a couple of billion to pack these fuckers on barges and set them adrift back in the direction of the ME.

  4. The only viable option for Europe is:
    1. Stop the immigration.
    2. Star sending back the refugees and the muslim population immediately (I do not like Christianity, but islam is worse)
    3. Start remigration as much as possible for all foreign immigration groups after 2nd world war.
    4. Remove US/Zionist occupation, especially the cultural one.

    1. I would start with no. 5: Hang the banking cartel from lamp posts. That would make your no. 4 good.

  5. In the face of adversity of this nature, we can all rest assured that the worst demons of our nature will show themselves.

  6. Very good article..all good points. Most of which require no further comment.
    In reality it has made everyone see that we have far more in common with Russia than some of our so called allies such as Turkey.
    Two points:
    1. Israel is making a grave mistake if they think an IS dominated Middle East will give them more safety. Sometimes you need to look ahead. With Syria under IS control what is there to stop Lebanon, Jordan and even Egypt and Saudi heading that way too. IS are already operating in Sinai and Libya, as well as Syria and Iraq.
    2. There is a chance that the Right will make big advances. They have led the polls for 6 months in Austria, are due to win 2-3 regions in France for the first time, the UK is likely to leave the EU, Sweden’s leading party is anti immigrant and the Freedom Party in The Netherlands has led by up to 19% over second place. Already the Eastern European Countries have governments that are willing to defend their interests and resist Third World and Islamic Immigration.
    History rarely travels in straight lines.
    It’s rarely as predictable as it looks at the time and also with hindsight.
    Before the Battle Of Tours in 732 and the Siege Of Vienna in 1683, you would have forecast the Islamic conquest of Europe.
    History can change very quickly and suddenly, and in any direction.
    Have hope, and help make it change.

    1. Something’s coming. I don’t know what exactly, but something is definitely coming. As my uncle said at Thanksgiving dinner, “the worm is turning.”

    2. We are in the midst of a Cold War with Russia. In fact, perhaps it is a shooting war since we (NATO) just shot down one of their planes. What is happening in the Middle-East is part of the war with Russia.

        1. Me too, will see in the coming months/year if it looks safe for tourism. I already went once didn’t get to see Moscow.

        2. I was in Russia twice. 2nd time was a little tough, someone took my passport and had problems. The girls are beautiful and feminine yo but mind games and stuff. I’m still considering going there for a while and find a serious LTR.

        3. How was Moscow ? I haven’t been there outside of the airport, I assumed saint Petersburg was better

        4. Gotta learn the alphabet for my next visit and perhaps a few crucial words.. Couldn’t communicate with anyone in St Petersburg when I was there with

        5. I learnt russian beforwe I went there plus I stayed in Ukraine and Georgia. Russian alphabet is not too hard to learn, it is like Greek plus Latin plus some extra alphabet

      1. ‘We’ didn’t shoot it down…Treacherous, duplicitous, ISIS supporting Turkey did. Besides f*ck NATO.

        1. LOL. “We” meaning you and I, no. But “we” meaning NATO, including Turkey, the US and UK, etc. did. Turkey was following orders when they shot that plane down. Who do you think ordered the hit?

        2. I didn’t mean you or I nor did I mean the UK….I have no loyalty /liking for NATO and even less for Turkey.I doubt it was the Mulatto’s decision…Edrogan is a snake.

        1. There’s also this bullshit of inviting Montenegro to join NATO like wtf now? ..and renewing sanctions against Russia. Why? Can’t they limit the scope of this war to closing the European borders and snuffing out some islamic extremists. It’s just warmongering / Kriegstreiberei It’s petrol on the fire at every opportunity. I wonder if the US is driving this or who it is. Who stands to benefit. I’m suspicious as Germany could be friends with Russia but it seems the US doesn’t want that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFmfwqzWmHk Russian is the second biggest foreign language in Germany after Turkish.

      2. This whole ISIS/Muslim business shows that Russia is a more natural ally than any Muslim country ever will be. It still frustrates me that we have the ability to wipe out most of these Muslim countries in one day if we just chose to do it.. If Cromwell or Richard The Lion Heart were around, they would do it in a blink of an eye, and also ride into Tower Hamlets with swords at the ready. We live in weak times and we will pay for it.

    3. here you go.
      The end goal is the destabilization of the middle east allowing it to be colonized by Israel/NATO. hence the creation of IS shortly after the American public shot down Obama’s plan to go to war in Syria, supporting Al-Qaeda linked rebels to topple a “dictator” they had never heard of whose only relevant crime had been opposing Israel and not kowtowing to US/NATO interests, in a war the US had nothing to do with.
      They had to create something so cartoonishly evil that no one could oppose Western intervention.
      Basically they tried to pull the same narrative they used to justify the iraqi invasion in 03 to topple Saddam when he threatened the petrodollar system.
      As a convenient side effect, the mass exodus of refugees will serve to depopulate the region and remove the potential fighting men who could oppose the plan, (Did you not find it odd how the vast majority of these migrants are young men ?) while putting an enormous burden on the already bankrupt and unemployment-ridden EU, creating a situation which will result in either economic collapse and/or massive civil unrest, thus justifying further centralized authority and the growth of the police state, while decimating national/ethnic identity in the individual European states, a goal of the Kalergi Plan (look it up) for a global government.

      1. How is Israel going to colonize the Middle East if it can’t even colonize its own backyard? lol

        1. They are in the process of committing ethnic cleansing on the Palestinians without raising too much attention on themselves, otherwise their global deception will be discovered, so they’ll use proxy armies instead.

      2. Had a look at your link, I wonder if that is part of what is driving it. Clearly someone has thought of that before.. Also fear the Saudis maintain a friendly facade but are up to no good behind the scenes. The correct western/european/christian response is not to care what these sand niggers are up to and just to fiercely look after and defend Europe.

    4. If Israel was smart they would allied with Iran. Iran is Shiite and is an enemy of the Sunnis the main players being Turkey and Saudi Arabia. If Europe goes Sunni Muslim and Syria falls to ISIS, it would not long before Iraq falls and Iran
      is left weaken and isolated. Israel would then be surrounded by Sunni
      Enemies, waiting their time to strike. Would it not be better to have
      stronger Persia who would be continuing to fight Turkey and Saudi’s
      in proxy wars while Israel does not risk their solders lives and
      trades with all.

      1. I think lots of the anti Jewish rhetoric is on the wrong track – as if Europe and especially USA becomes more Muslim, then Israel will find itself alone and doomed.
        I agree, Israel can work with Russia – acting as a bridge to – Iran and other Shia countries, to counter balance the Turkish, Egyptians and Gulf States…

    5. The right wing Alternative für Deutschland pushing 10%. Unfortunately with all their gas chamber guilt, Germany is the slowest to wake up and take action

        1. FYI had another look for you, throughout the country it’s actually 10% ahead of the Grüne 9.5%. Can’t believe Die Linke also have 9.5% damn left wing radicals. To put it in perspective, the ruling union party CSU/CSU is on 35% and its coalition partner SPD is in 23.5%. Anyway hopefully the recent gains of the right in France will make it more socially acceptable (“salonsfähig”) to vote AFD..

        2. The best hope for breakthrough is in France, Netherlands and Sweden; Trump in America and a Brexit – UK leaving the EU. All of these things would have a big impact on the scene. And remember with multiple Islamic Terrorist Incidents over the next few years many people will finally smell the cheese.

        3. Yes, exactly. For a while there after the Paris thing I thought that something was going to change, but unfortunately our struggle against cultural decay, one manifestation being islamification is not won, the powers that be are still somewhat intent on trying to defend the “narrative”. In case you’re not aware might bring you some cheer to know that Poland, Switzerland and Austria have elected various right wingers..

  7. It is often said that being made to experience the bad outcomes of poor decision making is supposedly the best teacher.
    And sadly both in Europe and the USA, we see, over and over and over again, the same narrative played out, especially involving these “new arrivals.”
    The problem is, politicians seem to be doubling down on failure, and their supporters want to swing the floodgates open even wider. What gives?

    1. Absolutely zero democratic accountability. Who paid for the Iraq fiasco? Noone, so why shouldn’t they do it all again. If it all goes terribly wrong it all goes incredibly right

      1. 100% correct. While 0bsoleteMan is right that the “bad outcomes of poor decision making is supposedly the best teacher” there have been no bad outcomes. Like coke and hookers on Wall street in the 80’s….all written off.
        Did someone suffer for those decisions? No one that fucking matters. People can get riled up for one side or another, but in the end everyone that matters was totally isolated.
        Let someone carpet bomb New York or Paris or London and maybe MAYBE shit would change….if it was all three at the same time (remember, if it is just one then the other two will only muster Instagram hastags of well wishing). But until there is daily air raids ala London during WWII no one will fucking care. Once every single person in the western world has some family member that has been raped and or murdered maybe something would happen.
        However, we don’t have an enemy with the fire power for that and 50/50 pick’em and choose em, even if they did they are too smart to do it anyway.

        1. Both bush and Obama should probably be impeached and face jail time. That would never happen though. Maybe if like Clinton he started pawing his (probably male) interns Obama might get into trouble but not for foreign policy deceit. In UK we’re still awaiting the chilcott report. They are making sure everybody who matters is protected or anonymised before its published hence the delay

        2. I have to be honest here, I don’t know a lot about politics. I do know something about human nature in general, but not so much about particular politics and policies. When Obama was first elected it was almost a week before I even found out.
          I will say that I will give Bush and Obama the benefit of the doubt that if they fucked up, even if they fucked up colossally, it was good intentioned fuck ups. Should they be sacked? I don’t know. You say so, some say no. I honestly don’t know the details. But even if they should, not sure they should go to jail. I am sure they make impossibly difficult decisions with far reaching consequences under the control of (often conflicting) pressures and powers, some of which are invisible to them.
          That doesn’t mean that when they fuck up they shouldn’t be ridden out of town on a rail, but prison sounds harsh.
          As for fondling interns…it seems a silly thing to get in trouble for. If you work 20 hours a day you should be able to get a little intern now and then. There should be a rule that they have to be attractive. No Fatties ought to be straight up policy or law or something.

        3. Obama has no good intentions, he was quite clear as a youth that he hated these united States and proudly upheld Alinsky as his preferred mentor and model to tear us down.

        4. I think you might be being over generous. I don’t doubt its a fantastically pressured job and none should be impeached for an honest fuck up, but leaving aside conspiracy theories etc it’s still the case that both Bush and Obama appear to have deceived the public about respectively Iraq and Syria etc in the latter case with respect to US actions / inactions that could have been predicted to make the ISIS situation worse. It is immensely damaging to have such colossal errors – if that is what they are – just ignored and forgiven. There are potentially millions of lives at stake here, not to mention those that have already been lost

        5. agreed, which is why I have no problem with impeachment — but prison seems like awfully high stakes for a fuck up. It will set a precedent where no taking any form of risk will just be unthinkable

        6. You are right. Do they have guillotines across the Atlantic? The punishment is not the issue though. Just that there is demonstrable accountability to the electorate and not to corporate lobbies etc

        7. Yeah, I can see that.
          I don’t participate in our republic. I refuse to be party to these shenanigans. However, accountability is always a good thing. The problem is, to whom are you accountable? That is a very easy to abuse power. The people that gave Louis his haircut are the people who created the system that says they will sing away the terror.
          Louis may have been a shit king….but lopping off his head actually caused more problems than it solved in the long run.
          I find it hard to say that Kings should be accountable to the masses. But yet they still ought to be accountable. Another one of these quandaries I don’t have a solution for.

        8. You can’t compare lives to money, but there have also been *TRILLIONS* of dollars squandered over the last 15 years with nothing to show for it. Well, nothing positive anyway.

        9. I’m still holding out for the broken clock theory to give us one good thing in the Obama presidency. I said the same about W, and he finally revised daylight savings time to give us more daylight. Call me a crazy optimist, but Obamas gonna do something good before he leaves, just you wait!

        10. I agree with all of that – at least so long as that question becomes a starting point for considering what real accountability might look like. The situation as it stands though seems to make the world less rather than more stable – assuming of course that stability is what is actually desired. We are old enough – on both sides of the Atlantic – to know that replacing divine right with mob rule can be a recipe for disaster, but equally it’s a rum situation when that mob is told that it is sovereign yet noone actually believes that. People sense things and ultimately you can’t completely fake trust. Democracy today seems increasingly virtual in character and that’s probably not healthy for business

        11. Well said.
          Democracy is increasingly virtual. But it is in being virtual that it becomes more and more powerful. As long as democracy is an illusion it will last indefinitely. I wonder if Foucault is in his grave thinking “I told you so”

        12. I scoffed a lot at the thin foil cap crowd, but I’m starting to think Obama will never leave or if he does in the end, he’ll make sure the U.S. will be utterly destroyed.

        13. You are probably right. It used to seem benevolent though. All these useless wars, and now they are escalating it. It doesn’t feel quite so benevolent anymore. Those at the helm seem to have lost control of the wheel or worse are deliberately letting it spin. I do think trust / confidence is at a nadir right now

        14. Well I guess you’re not part of the military industrial complex because I imagine they think it all went swimmingly

        15. They say that about every bad president. There is no need to keep Obama in office, they will just replace him with someone slightly worse. It happens every time. Just wait.

    2. “What gives?”
      They would have to be honest withthemselves, admit error and work hard to correct by ceeding ground to their poltical opponents and resolve the disaster their actions and policies built. They would also need to do alot of soul searching and question what else have they been wrong about even afterwards.
      Being a pigressive/socialist/liberal means you never have to admit your wrong even as you crouch in your bunker pushing “ghost divisions” on a map with the faint sound of approaching enemy artillary in the background. The people who elected you failed to live up to your expectations, so they deserve their fate. This is how sociopaths rationalize the slaughter they caused.
      The West leaders are weak, feable old women and homosexuals along with corrupt men (without chests) and they are a reflection of the sick culture.

      1. Heh. When was the last time we’ve ever heard any politician say any bad thing they did was a mistake?

        1. And most of the public are dying to hear straight talk and an occassional “Mea Culpa” from a honest man.

  8. So many parties with so many conflicting interests. Has there ever been a larger geopolitical clusterfuck before in history? Let’s have a look:
    -US and Europe: I don’t know what the fuck they’re doing (and I don’t think even they know) except that they want to get rid of Assad and pretend fighting ISIS. Most likely doing it for the oil pipeline, to topple Russia’s ally, and for Israel.
    -Israel: Wants all Arabs and Muslims killing each other by involving US and Europe in wars that don’t matter.
    -Iran: Now that Saddam is toppled, wants to secure Shia hegemony in the region by fighting ISIS and allying with Iraq, Syria, and Houthis in Yemen. Competes with Israel and SA. *Interesting fact: Chalabi, the Iraqi PM pictured above, is believed to be a Shia agent of Iran. It explains everything.
    -Turkey: Wants to benefit from ISIS oil by secretly supporting them while using the conflict as a cloak to bomb the Kurds.
    -Saudis & Gulf states: Support Sunni regimes of ISIS and Yemen. Competes with Iran.
    -Russia: Wants to support Assad as he is their major Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ally.
    -Assad: I don’t buy the lies that he is a brutal dictator. He just wants his country back.
    -ISIS: Sunni tumour created by external powers to destabilize Syria.
    This is going to be one of the ugliest war ever since WW2. And of course, it’s the ordinary people who suffer all the consequences.

    1. As for Europe, unless something cataclysmic happens, like WW3 or complete economic meltdown, I think they’re done. Europa ist tot. Most people are simply too traumatized by WW2 to accept nationalism again. Europeans are sleeping in their opulence after being infected with American hedonism. The entire EU system needs to collapse before people rise up again.

      1. Lol u are German? Tod ist hier schon.
        Europe is already hugely in debt and mainly the Germans are doing ok. I heard the Germans are doing well partly due to the trade with China. Too many member countries are using the eu as a way to fund their economies but don’t actually produce that much. Eu is not looking good

        1. Germans are doing ok, because euro currency works just for them. Germany rules Europe, it´s that simple.

      2. This is the thing, you don’t get the required outrage like protests with 300 000 people or civil disobedience to alter the course of things yet because people are too comfortable. The most I’ve hear of was about 40000 gathered in Dresden a few weeks ago but that was rare. I know that there’s bad shit going down just 30 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours drive from where I live in Germany but I don’t see much evidence in the actual neighbourhood. Still, some of the scenes like from the Greek islands or the Austrian border, is not hard to think ahead to that being on on your doorstep soon.. Was just watching a few TV things from the 70s yesterday, and how much nicer the feeling of our countries was before this multicultural mess happened.. Even a decade ago it was not so acute and now it’s likely only a few more events away from war or major internal rioting. I read a comment by a Swiss person under a newspaper article today which asked why Germany must bring Europe into the shit for a third time and all people could answer was that it was their government not them. Even the scenes from Calais at the moment are frightening..

        1. “answer was that it was their government not them”
          i believe that. the governments of the world have become the enemy. they are all acting against the will of their respective people, and so i think they are all doing somebody else’s bidding at this point.

      3. We actually have a very long time before Europe ist tot.
        However things are not looking good. If nothing changes we will be seeing Lebanon-style countries.

    2. What is the simplest explanation? Consider that Russia and Assad are allies. ISIS and Assad are enemies. Assad and the West are enemies. The US created ISIS using former Iraqi military personnel. The West and ISIS are allies. Four years ago the West wanted to bomb Syria to get rid of Assad (similar to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya). They failed to get their governments behind it. ISIS begins a campaign of terror in the Middle-East, killing Westerners and Christians. France apparently (ineffectively) bombs ISIS. ISIS attacks France. In response, the West bombs Syria having achieved the political will.
      Who benefits?

      1. Who benefits? Well apparently Russia because it now has TWO air bases in Syria. The Chomsky reflex (blame the US for everything) is too easy. US supported the moderate opposition in the beginning. ISIS is the Qatari and Saudi army. They wanted to have their own men in the conflict/ seat at the table.

        1. I’m sorry.. How is having an air base a benefit? Seems like more of a long term liability to me.
          Who benefits is Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the military industrial complex for ramping up both sides.

        2. One can only speculate, but I think Putin is wiser than that, and has no desire to pay for permanent military installations. We will have to wait and see. I think he is in there to complete his mission and GTFO. Already he has made more gains in a few months than the US has in 15 years. I think he destroyed more oil tankers with black market oil in a week than the US has in that entire theater.
          But his actions appear to be more results oriented than long term. I mean think about it, if he wanted long term bases, he would have already had those S400 missile installations set up from the start and the jet shoot down wouldn’t have happened. He didn’t think they were necessary because he didn’t see Turkey as a threat. He actually thought NATO would support him in killing terist.

        3. I agree. Russia is the real winner here. They’ll emerge as the only military superpower.
          The West may have more equipment but it has a pussy mentality.

        4. I would say that increasing the force build up is a defensive move by Russia, not one they would have wanted to do.
          It is well documented the support of the US for ISIS. Plus their motivations are in line. Don’t forget that Saudi and Qatari are US allies.

        1. The vast Kratom mines of Syria are too important to be left in the hands of NATO. Russia is planning for a Century Of Awesomeness and will not let us get in their way.

        2. I am assuming that they will be using lasers which shoot electro lights

        1. “True Genealogy of the Jews”
          Judah, father of Judaism, married a woman who was a Canaanite which means a BLACK woman. That right there, historically speaking, makes all of Judah’s children BASTARDS (meaning ‘MONGREL’ or ‘cross-breed’ in ancient Hebrew language) but still rightful, LEGITIMATE heirs.
          Judah having been passed on the royal sceptre which shows lineage and inheritance, has only one son left after GOD kills his two other sons leaving one of their wives a widow. According to law, Judah’s living son must take his brother’s wife for his own- but doesn’t. This widow named Tamar sees herself losing out on the royal riches so she devises a plan whereby she dresses up as a whore and tempts JUDAH to have sex with her.
          She goes on to have Judah’s illegitimate twin boys and as Law would have it, the first born would be the one to claim the sceptre as prince. The first child put out his hand and the midwife placed a scarlet thread around his hand, becoming an emblem of the Zera branch of Judah (red hand, scarlett hand, etc. These emblems can be seen throughout history today.) This child is technically the true inheritor. But the other twin child fought the baby in the womb and pushed himself forth ahead of the scarlet-threaded child and therefore deemed wrongly to be born first. It’s important to note that both of these children are born of FORNICATION and illegitimate.
          Jesus descended from the twin without the scarlet thread. He was not a mulatto but instead blond haired and blue-eyed like Judah and Tamar, his ancestors. He was also descended from fornication making him an illegitimate heir in the eyes of the real Israelites descended from Judah’s living son who was a mulatto with a black mother. Another reason why there was much strife against Jesus in those times.
          Mongrels are not illegitimate and Illegitimates cannot inherit. All Israelites are Jews, but very few Jews today are Israelites.
          So who then are the Jews of today? They descend biblically from Esau and the Edomites, a racially mixed tribe of people who adopted Judaism later. These people believe they were jilted biblically speaking by Esau’s twin brother Jacob, who offered their ancestor a bowl of soup in exchange for the birthright and inheritance. Esau swore and accepted the offer heedlessly.
          The real (but illegitimate) Israelite Jews descend from both those twins mentioned earlier. The one line is sitting on the throne as Queen Elizabeth and the other line, the scarlet hand/thread/rampant lion symbolized peoples are the Scottish/irish people of today.

      2. Arms manufacturers and dealers benefit. First the sell weapons to ISIS then they get multi-million dollar contracts selling weapons to the US (among others) military to fight ISIS with. Just like Hussein, Bin Laden and Noriega, ISIS is another CIA proxy who will have to be destroyed once they’ve served the purpose (deposing Assad). It seems like the US government never learns its lesson until you ask the very question you did: Who benefits?

    3. Chalabi, the Iraqi PM pictured above, is believed to be a Shia agent of Iran.
      Almost 70% of Iraqis are Shia. So, it just stands to reason that the Prime minister is Shia.

    4. -Assad: I don’t buy the lies that he is a brutal dictator. He just wants his country back.
      My understanding is that the Syrian public wanted a democracy, and began protesting, then he began using chemical weapons on them. He should have stepped aside and none of this would be happening.

      1. Assad’s crime is that he’s allied with BRICS nations who are trying to cut the US Dollar out of their oil transactions altogether. The only thing giving the Dollar its value is the fact that oil is bought and sold in Dollars and that the US has the military might to topple any nation that dares sell oil in any other currency.

  9. They used 9/11 as a pretext to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. Now they are doing exactly the same with 13/11 and people still can’t get it – they still think that some terrorist boogeyman did it. Britain today has launched its own attacks on the boogeyman.

        1. Sheer blind hatred of their perceived “Crusader” enemies?
          Maybe not their elite tippy top leaders, but their hordes are clearly whipped up to take down the “Crusaders”.

        2. “Sheer blind hatred of their perceived “Crusader” enemies?”
          I will skip the socratic method and simply state the perpetrators were motivated by their islamic faith. Much like socialists are motivated by their ideological faith. For the leaders, well it is simply “divide and rule” as the power itself, as well as maintaining it, is their goal.
          Millions of people will vote for Hillary Clinton next year and yet no one will be able to tell you what good she had done or what her leadership will bring. The bank it all on blind faith.

        3. The devil you know versus the devil you don’t.
          I think most of these voters see a whole bunch of awful, manipulative, untrustworthy people and at least they are familiar with what they are getting with the Clintons. If I thought her husband was going to lead and control her as a puppet, I’d vote for her, but I think she is far more ambitious, vindictive, and evil, and it’s going to be a very scary 8 years coming…

        4. True. I agree. Bill was a lot of things, but he didn’t hate the Republic or the American people the way she and O does.

        5. Actually, I never paid her much attention before, just thought she was an opportunistic ambitious wife. Yeah I’d seen the “We came we saw he died” clip. But I have seen some video of her over the past week in various instances and she is downright vindictive and evil. You think John McCain or Ted Cruz would be nutty as commander in chief? I don’t want to use any Hitler analogies, but her callousness in the face of death and destruction, her complete lack of empathy, and her evil smile and cackle truly scare me. This smile and laugh after hearing warmonger and neocon James Baker push for more war is truly frightening.

  10. Europe needs to repatriate every Muslim and ban Islam from Europe. Destroy every mosque, and apologize to Serbia for harming them for doing what was needed in the 90s

      1. Aye, many are, but the trouble is Mohammed himself was a terrorist so it’s just a matter of time before one or more people in that group take Mohammed seriously and harm someone.

    1. A supermarket chain in Austria banned halal meat recently, a start, but people had to make a lot of noise for that to happen..

  11. The US wants Assad out of Syria so they can install a Central Bank. Look at all the leaders killed in the past few years. None of their nations had a central bank.

  12. The Koranimals murdered at least 14 and injured 17 last night. We are at war with these beasts and their Leftist collaborators. I suggest that you arm up, now.

      1. The media is the enemy at this point in time as well. Their spin machines are already trying to turn this into “workplace violence”, where last night they were cackling in glee when they thought it was “three white men, with long guns, in cammo” aka “let’s hint that it’s right wing militia”.
        Fuck them straight to hell.

        1. I don’t listen too much to MSM, but it seems like talk radio and the police dept. involved are not buying into this “workplace violence” narrative. Their names hint about the motives of these butchers. Also, a Yahoo headline where the muslim brother of one of the shooters came out against the attacks. My initial thought was “Aha..so they WERE muslims. Now we just need to determine if this was a terrorist attack or something else (I think we already know the answer).”

        2. I followed on the police scanner as I was reading the coverage on the web. It’s amazing how different the real story is when you hear it live, compared to what the media releases in controlled “nuggets”.

        3. Where can you get a police scanner? There’s been some increased activities in my area (nothing terrorist related) that I’d like to keep an ear on. Just the other day, we had a fugitive on the run from the police less than a mile from my house. I was at work and my wife was at home with the kids…not a comfortable situation to be in.

        4. Try it again, I had one too many “T”‘s in http

        5. Workplace violence, just like the Fort Hood Shooter.
          I’ve never heard of workplace violence involving getting AK47s, body armour, IEDs and your wife to wreck havoc on a Christmas Party before.

        6. There are applications for your mobile phone. Can listen to the whole country PDs, Fire, Traffic control etc…

        7. I agree..it’s too obvious what’s going on. Many men just need to turn their TV off because the “news” that it displays is no longer useful…and it’s actually harmful.
          It’s called programming for a reason.

    1. It’s interesting the calls for gun control yet again! Yet gun control didn’t help France.

      1. It’s their predictable go to. I really just filter that shit out since it’s a known variable. I know they’re doing it, but I always expect it, in other words.
        They’ll get no guns from us here, you wouldn’t believe how hard we’re battened down as a “gun culture” now. They pull any “executive order” shit and they’ll get less than a 10% compliance rate nation wide (likely only from New England morons with a vestige black powder musket that their grandfather owned)

        1. Battened down is right. Just today my 62 year old coworker who has not held arms since the military in planing on arming up. Even in ramdom conversation people talk about buying ther first. The Tru irony is that the left can’t even bother to look to our norther neighbor. They spent millions to enact national registration. The failure was so colossal they had to spend millions more to repeal that legislation. Say what you will about canadians, but they refused to register their arms. Even though arms are tightly controlled today, the older generation were not willing to give up their right. Sadly with the current generation I fear that war looms on the horizon.

      2. The left’s ultimate wet dream in the USA is 100% civilian disarmament. This is why they push “solutions” like those done in the UK and Australia over here.

        1. They will fail. They got England and Australia before their gun culture could solidify across their nations, before the advent of the www (with any real force). We’re far too organized here in the States now, they’ll get nothing from us.

        2. I hope you are right. The unamerican left keeps ramping up the disarmament rhetoric even louder with each of these attacks.

        3. Each time they scream they create more deaf ears. The last rally I attended had over 5,000 people, locked and loaded and carrying, on the Statehouse lawn, almost all carrying signs of “we will not comply”. The Left can scream and hold its breath all it wants, they mean nothing to us.

        4. Point.
          I also can’t help but notice that many unamerican leftist candidates went down in flames in the recent off-year elections. Part of me hopes the same leftists will “embrace and expand” on the disarmament rhetoric going down the pike and it will scare people into voting against them.

        5. I think you are right, I read an article on Breitbart yesterday that there were over 185,000 background checks for gun purchases on Black Friday. That’s just for one day! We have been breaking gun sale records for months. Apparently, Americans are not buying into this gun control BS.

        6. In the USA at least the left sees anyone who stands in their way as their enemy.
          Look at how angry 0bama gets when he talks about Republicans, but how ho-hum he is in the face of mass shootings and other terrorist attacks.

      3. I noticed that as well. The most laughable thing is the calls for more control when this occurred in one of the most gun restrictive states. What’s killing me about this is I had cousins in the area during Sandy Hook and one of my uncles was one of the first law enforcement officers on the scene; while it’s my cousins who are calling for more restrictive firearm legislation, my uncle has simply hardened his stance on teachers being trained in firearms to better defend students and concealed carry for the average person.

        1. Don’t California AR-15’s and similar semi-automatic rifles have state-mandated bullet buttons? How many more laws do they want to pass in this state?

        2. Don’t know about California, but Texas (where I live) is pretty loose on their regulations, and yet the civilian model of the AR-15 (to the best of my knowledge) is universal everywhere: Semi or Safety.

        3. Hell schools are just turkey shoots for crazed killers. A bunch of defenseless people all in one location. What more could you ask for. In my view, this is just one more reason to return the responsibility for educating children back to the people who care most about them. The parents.

      4. The government wants gun control to control the people. All of these politicians have armed escorts but they think it’s perfectly fine for the rest of us to turn in our guns because everything is safe or they’ll keep us safe.
        Paris is a good example of what happens when you rely on government too much (they fail). Government has become so big that they are out of touch with every day Americans. They don’t need guns (armed guards), they don’t drive (driven everywhere or fly) and they don’t even buy their own groceries (fill up the car with gas, etc,,etc…). They live in their own world..none of this stuff effects them at all.
        We have political leaders in Washington who live in their own little world. They spend money (our money) like their is no tomorrow so I expect more policies that are seriously “out of touch” with everyday Americans.

        1. If you need armed guards to walk down the street it is probably because you have deeply offended somebody. In the old days, a president could walk out of the White House, down the street and buy a newspaper. Today, he wouldn’t get ten yards before somebody did him in.

    2. every month the police run an active shooter drill at that same building. an employee even took a pic at the beginning and tweeted(i think) saying the drill started.
      swat team was “practicing” near by and got there in record time.
      coincidences , im sure.

      1. Are you kidding? You have a source for this? How many times are people going to fall for this same M.O.? Magically running a drill at the same time as the real thing happens….

        1. Same as 9/11 and 7/7. They’re always running “drills” and other real life military exercises when these things “just” happen. It’s called confusion and subterfuge. The genuine authorities don’t know if it’s real or not- delays happen- and the real objective is carried out in plain sight.

  13. The elites just want oil and keep the voters distracted. Syria conflict is all about getting oil pipes from Qatar through Syria to turkey. Russians and Iranians don’t want that but americans do. Isis was originally funded by Americans and now it is likely the CIA is still funding them. Assad is backed the Russians.

  14. Great article, Micheal. You touch upon lots of the problems in the response to ISIS after the attacks.The Left want migrants as new voting base and replace host’s country culture. The major decision markers of geopolitical scenes are insultated from reality and consequences of their actions. The only importance is the ‘Narrative’, not a nation’s history, traditions, and cultures. The Left wants the old world to be burn down for new world to built with enlighted ones in charge of society. Reality is going to remind them their goals are unattainable.

  15. I’m sorry gentleman but there are serpents in the garden, our leaders in the West have exposed themselves and shown that their citizens self preservation and futures are not top priority.
    These ingrates who lead us, at best, are incompetent fools who have been brain washed by current cultural marxist/sjw/pc culture and at worst are traitors who have decided to sell out their countries and heritage for monetary reward. A firing squad would be the only fitting justice if this is the case.
    It infuriates me to no end, the amount of hatred and aggression being shown towards Russia here in the U.S., from both sides of the political spectrum. A predominately Christian, white country who has committed 100% to fighting radical Islamists in the Middle East. You’d think it was the 1950’s, the way some of our politicians are talking about Russia.
    And then in the meantime, we are giving “secular” (HA!) Turkey the golden ticket into Western Culture while in the shadows they’re looking to reestablish the glory of the Ottoman empire.
    At least there are some European countries with some fight still in them, notably Hungary and Poland. Poland most likely still remembering the treatment they suffered at the hands of uninvited guests during the 20th century.
    Ah but yes, keep tweeting those hashtags and singing campfire songs, I’m sure the leftist’s new Muslim overlords will likely remember how tolerant they were when they’re cutting their heads off for blasphemy.
    These animals only understand one thing… strength. And until the west shows any, we will continue to see these egregious affronts to our people, culture and way of life.
    Wish we had a Pope like Urban II, he knew what needed to be done we Muslim ambition got too large.

    1. I don’t see a lot of hatred of Russia from the Right. The neocons who want war don’t like Russia, but neocons are not actually on the Right, they’re leftists who get a hard on about killing other people. Most Right wing people I know, myself included, respect Putin and Russia for the reasons you mention.

      1. The only place I see hatred of Russia is the American political class. Perhaps also journalists.

        1. Yep. The Left seems aligned against Russia (weird really, when you consider history) and the sniveling wardrum establishment GOP. The base of the right/libertarians though seem to recognize that Putin is the only one in the world defending what used to be our traditions and cultures.

        2. Amen, that’s what I was getting at although I got caught up in the anger of my rant post and didn’t convey that clearly.
          It’s always interesting to talk to old school conservatives too, when discussing the downing of the Russian fighter with my father (now 60) he seemed almost enthused by the situation .
          I tried explaining to him that Russia isn’t are enemy in this fight and the ensuing confusion from him was a little disheartening.

        3. “Putin is the only one in the world defending what used to be our traditions and cultures.”
          Isn’t that sad. What happened to us?

        4. Eeer actually Syriza party in Greece and Podemos in Spain lean towards Russia. Besides, I think that Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are more pro-Russian than not.
          Finally, you had Anarchists who joined pro-russian rebels in Ukraine.

      1. That’s because they’re being realistic about the situation. They know firsthand what is at stake after several wars in Chechnya and their time in Afghanistan. The time to take the gloves off with these fanatics is long overdue.

      2. Russian occupation of Syria should be supported by the international community at this point. Assad has failed. No other nations have working solution.

        1. Watch the Kurds fucking Turkey with a helping hand from Putin. Can’t wait for that to happen.

    2. This is the thing, exactly as you stay, strength. Not giving them cups of tea and cake at the border and as soon as they cross it a bank account, but putting up a fence and shooting anyone who tries to cross it. The world is not ready for this kind of cultural mixing yet, would take hundreds of years, many generations for it to evolve at natures pace without provoking another horrible war.

  16. Our politicians are fucking retarded. We need to ruling the middle east with fear, that’s the only thing that savages understand.

    1. We should simply leave them alone. We should stop taking immigrants from these regions, stop sending humanitarian aid and, most important of all, stop sending our men to die for people who don’t even care about humans rights.
      They built themselves a shithole to live in? Leave them to their problems. White people have been adressing issues of democracy since the ancient athenians in 508 BC and issues of humans rights since the Magna Carta in 1215 AD and no one had to swoop in and save us when the US seceded from the UK and when the French brought down the monarchy.If these muslim retards can’t do that, then fuck them.

      1. Totally agree. Get the fuck out of ME. No military, no contact, no commerce, no banking, no travel in and out of that shit hole.

  17. lol “thinking for change” right… our own governments are making moves that are endangering everyone and these hippie faggots are having circle jerks singing kumbaya around candle lights and “thinking about change” like it fucking means something. Use to be people got up in arms about this shit, now people are willing to let their own kin die AND refusing to do anything about it just so they can avoid being called a racist.

  18. Remember the good ol’ days when instead of “going Muslim” it used to be “going postal?”

  19. On the law and the facts, the decision for OIF was correct

    The attack and occupation of Iraq was completely illegal, end of story. Invasion of a sovereign nation requires certain protocols and a causus belli, and in the US requires a declaration of war passed by Congress, neither of which happened.
    As for the “facts” there was never any threat to US national security from Saddam Hussein, and the degree to which he was a threat to his neighbors was directly tied to the weapons he received from the US when he was their ally, up until the point he entered Kuwait (with US permission) to stop their slant drilling.

    Until President Obama changed course from President Bush and the terrorists resurged

    If only. Obama has continued and intensified war in the middle east, and tried to start a ground war in Syria, which was only stopped due to public and military opposition.

    More importantly, the Countersinsurgency “Surge” and Anbar Awakening in Iraq dealt a massive defeat to the al Qaeda movement.

    And this led directly to the creation of the Islamic State rebel movement, which unlike prior groups like the Taliban *IS* a real threat to the west, and is far more radical, dangerous, and immoral than any group that was there prior to western involvement. So yes, mission accomplished.

    we have crippled the organization that attacked us on 9/11 to the benefit of the United States and the world

    On the contrary, Saudi Arabia, which provided 17 of the 19 hijackers, and according to Bob Graham, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was financially and logistically responsible for planning and executing the attacks in the missing 9/11 report pages that he has read, but are censored from public release, is far, far stronger today than it was 15 years ago. Also, by bombing and killing poor Muzzies parents the US has created a generation that will be bent on revenge, and the people of Paris, among others, have the US to thank for creating this new group of IS rebels.

    How Obama Abandoned Democracy in Iraq

    Democracy in Iraq would be a horrible idea. The idea of liberating these countries so they can become more corrupt and religious (as the US has now done in every middle eastern nation except Syria and one other, and to the benefit of the most extreme religious nations in the region, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Israel) is incredibly stupid. If Obama is indeed abandoning democracy in Iraq, then good for him.
    This is what happens when a crumbling nation (US) with many problems at home that it doesn’t know how to tackle (poor infrastructure, high debt levels, declining morality, high taxation, inadequate access to health care, disappearing middle class, a “war” on savers and investors, and a violent police state, declining manufacturing base) decides it knows what’s best for other countries halfway around the world with completely different cultures. Fail.

  20. Things are rapidly getting out of control. If Turkey is really blockading Russia, we have a serious problem. Either they lift it or the Russians run it and if they run it (and I saw at least one ship do that already) fighting is highly likely. That means war with a NATO ally, so, in effect NATO is blockading Russia. Blockades are acts of war, period. I can’t underscore the severity of this situation, Russia has thousands of ICBMs and SLBMs. They modernized their missile fleet, the Topol M is a lot more accurate and is stealth. Its difficult to imagine any war with Russia without some kind of Thermonuclear exchange. And, worse, Russia has the moral high ground here. Elsewhere the Chinese are telling us to fuck off in the South Pacific with actual flotillas of naval ships. They can build skyscrapers in days. On the economic front, the IMF just gave them reserve status. Now, the Yuan, at present, is in no condition to unseat the dollar, but, what if its backed in gold? Iran is moving to take over Iraq, which has the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world, along with the Russian presence and slightly further away China, the sphere of influence over the middle east is trending to fall to Russia, China, Iran. The Saud’s are fucked. The petrodollar is already under great strain, this will kill it forever. Ergo no backing for the USD. You see, desperation is already setting in.

    1. “You see, desperation is already setting in.”
      You mean how western leaders focus on “climate change” and not the corpses in the street? Mystery that.

      1. western leaders are insane and they have nuclear weapons too. That, more than anything, is shitless scary.

        1. Not worried about that– they have no will to use them. Big Mo and the boys… different story.

      2. “You mean how western leaders focus on “climate change” and not the corpses in the street?”
        That’s by design.

    2. Agree with all that except the Sauds being fucked.
      It’s a pretty bleak picture for the future of the US though, isn’t it?

      1. It is and to get out of this situation requires an exceptional level of statemanship. And, at the most elementary level, that requires realistic and pragmatic people who are grounded in reality. The left and barry the potus’s administration are so far removed from reality its scary. Apropos to ROK, they don’t even admit that men and women are different, willingly denying indisputable empirical facts and data. And these fucking lunatics preside over our nuclear arsenal and decide what is done next.

        1. And every single one of the next presidential contenders are amateur chickenhawks who lack the statesmanship and grasp of reality to extricate America from circling the drain. Foreign affairs will bankrupt and isolate this country.
          While I feel so divorced from the USA, it’s still infuriating to see us willingly squander and destroy whatever we have left instead of salvaging the few good things remaining about this country.

    3. Hope and suspect that if such a fight breaks out that NATO abandons its ally.. Will be a lot of pressure to do so.

  21. I saw how supposedly the second Iraq war was merely a continuation of the first, and therefore somehow it should be legal. The first Iraq war was also not a declared war, and was also lacked causus belli. The idea that the US should be invading other countries decades later because they dare fly their own planes through their own airspace years after we told them they cannot is absurd.
    As to whether Bush lied or not, the article above, even if one takes it at its word, clearly indicates that Bush *DID* lie. If the above link is to believed, the real reason for the war is because Iraq was violating some prior rules placed on it at the end of Daddy Bush’s war, and W was only going in reluctantly to force them to follow the rules. In that case, W clearly lied, because the reason he gave for war was WMD, and not the “true” reasons stated above. Either way, lying or not, this was a stupid mistake and an abysmal use of a couple of trillions of dollars *EVEN IF IT HAD WORKED* which of course it did not–it has resulted in incredible blowback, and I think the worst is yet to come, sadly.

    1. “The idea that the US should be invading other countries decades later because they dare fly their own planes through their own airspace years after we told them they cannot is absurd.”
      You must be young. Those terms to which Saddam agreed too in 91′ in order to remain in power and later broke them along with many others.

      1. I don’t understand the logic here. The rationale that restricting planes from flying in ones own country is acceptable because.. it was agreed to over a decade ago? Perhaps you just didn’t explicitly state the reasoning.
        For how much time is it reasonable to expect a country to refrain from air activity and still remain a viable nation? You do realize that onerous restrictions that the losing side agreed to are not always reasonable or just, and in those cases often are the exact causes for further military transgressions? This was the cause of the Second World War after the Treaty of Versailles. Perhaps Hitler was too young to understand this, too.

        1. The no-fly zones were to restict the extermination of Kurds and other marsh Arabs. Saddam had exterimanted 1 million people upto 1991. Don’t take my word for it? Ask a Kurd. Saw one of the mass graves when I was there.

        2. The massacre happened in 1988, and it would have been correct and justified to intervene at that time. In fact, one can blame the US for those deaths, because the Kurds were acting under the impression that the US was going to support them in revolting, based on promises made to them.
          However, when you sit back for years, do nothing, say nothing, don’t even criticize the action, and maintain the perpetrator as your ally, and then years later invade and say oh yeah this is because of that bad thing you did years ago that we didn’t try to stop, it reeks of hypocricy.
          The fact that Americans believe that a no fly zone applied years after a genocide was doing anything to help the Kurdish people is truly appalling, and an insult to the memory of the Kurds left helpless in their time of need.
          Do you have a source for the one million figure? That is far, far higher than anything I have ever seen printed. Around 50,000 to 100,000 Kurds were killed, and they called it a genocide. Genocide means an extermination of an entire race, so I’m not even sure there are a million of them in existence to kill.

        3. You are so off base, I will simply leave you to wallow. The kurds were being exterminated not just in 1988. In was not a one-off. There were execustions before and definitely loads of repriasals in the early 90s for the uprisings during the Guld War. The source of 1 million is through his regin and info is there– Google Saddam Hussein Baath Party and read up.
          Justicifications for remoing your dear friend Saddam was more than justified. Shame it was not completed in 91′, but the US foolishly held to the UN Mandate to keep the coalition together.
          I take it you are an indoctrinated American hating leftist?

        4. I am an American, which has nothing to do with the facts at hand. If you provide stats showing a million Iraqis were murdered, I would like to see them. If you can teach me, and most importantly, the readership, as this is a public bulletin board and not a pen pal system between two strangers, something about the history of Iraq, then great, I would love to be enlightened.
          But let’s stick to the facts and stop with claims like if you don’t exaggerate the violent acts of a bad man then he is your friend. Saddam didn’t kill a million Iraqis and Hitler didn’t murder 6 million Jews. That doesn’t mean either one of those guys are “my friend” or that they aren’t bad people.
          Typical vague claims without evidence is not sufficient to change anyone’s mind. However, I am curious, if the US intervention caused more deaths than Saddam did, does that make them more evil or destructive than Saddam was? And if not why? I haven’t seen even any neocons still defending the Iraq war as a good idea, so I’d like an honest response to that question.

        5. It isn’t my place to educate you, but as you feel so flippant and dismissive, I would suggest the UN site, Amensty International, Human Rights Watch and a host of other goverment Websites. I can only convey what I have read over the years and my own first Hand experiences when I was there.
          Below is a start. Other sources have higher Counts.
          “..Hitler didn’t murder 6 million Jews.”
          He personally, no. Actually, his regime murdered 10 million of which 6m were Jews. That exlcudes the 3 million soviet POWs starved to death and host of other atrocities.
          “Typical vague claims without evidence is not sufficient to change anyone’s mind”
          I stand by statement and I care not if it changes peoples minds. I provided some sources so feel free to educate yourself from the experiences of what you find. I would also highly recommend making contact with the people who lived in the regime and getting it straight from them.

      2. I disagree with you. The rules are made by the more powerful. The less powerful must obey by said rules and so they’re not really “agreed” upon. They were imposed.

        1. “The rules are made by the more powerful.”
          Yes snowflake. When you lose a war there are consequences. You invaded a neighboring country, were asked to leave, refused, then you have a multi-coalition of military forces in your country with nothing between them and you but 300 km of desert. The terms were kind and you dismiss them when they are gone. If you want to be a Saddam apologist, feel free but that seapage running down your leg is your own credibility.

        2. You said that Saddam “agreed” to the terms, little bitch. That was what I objected to. Fuck you, and fuck Saddam btw.

        3. Yes, he agreed to the terms. If he declined, we would have ended the cease fire and resumed destroying the rest of his forces on our way to Bahgdad. Sorry if a sperm gurgling twink like you does not comprehend “terms”, “tough choices” and “suffering consequences”, but thats your problem.

        4. Fucking semantics, boy. You think you’re on the right side? No, you’re not. Nobody is. We had no business being there the second time. Not even the first time if I think long and hard. That’s when we actually acted as the lackey of the Saudis. Are you still proud?
          You’re such a beta army boy. Only an idiot would enroll and serve the psychopaths these days. You go over there thinking you’re doing the “right” thing while they make their millions on your back, fucking whores and living their life in luxury. All these while you’re being shot at by towel heads, that incidentally they armed in the first place. And you talk about comprehension. Thanks for the smile.

        5. ” You think you’re on the right side? No, you’re not. Nobody is.”
          How nihilistic of you twink. I enjoy seeing cowardly fags like yourself, the consiparcy kooks and storm front fanboys here do their continious cut-and-paste loop of bullshit. Like a car crash you cannot help but slow down and watch.

  22. All those angry ISIS kids and our politicians. They have disagreements and we have to sit the fucking shit out.
    Our politicians want to destroy them. They want to destroy us. Why the fuck is it our business? Let the hurt egos of ISIS and our leads fight it out among themselves, not with our lives.

    1. well, the argument is: if you voted for them (and in a democracy, the mobs did it), now you have to accept them as “your voice”, and the responsability of their actions is YOURS.
      The problem was that the majority voted for them or maybe that, as Brecht said, the good ones never candidated, instead.

      1. I do not accept the democratic paradigm. The choice is between two morons, not the choice to go to war. To accept their voice as my responsibility is an abomination of any form of rational thought and plain ridiculous.

        1. You are right about the end-result (“To accept their voice as my responsibility is an abomination”), but I was not trying to pass my opinion, but the general one. And you certainly understand that the main argument for representative democracy is exactly that paradigm. I believe it is nonsense, as it is easily noticeable that once elected, representatives are no more accountable before the electors, and, henceforth, are as “democractic” as any tyrant (and why our “democratic fascination” will be a historical freak).
          But we are dealing with mobs which are indoctrinated to accept these “democracies” and, with them in power, already well rooted doctrins and groups (namely this multiculturalist/genocidist bunch) are virtually perpetual (they can block alternatives and control public opinion through mass media and school indoctrination… as any dictatorship would, anyway).

        2. Okay, I just needed to point that out. The person you think you elected – unless you possess highly developed traits of intuition and telepathy – is not necessarily the one that rules you afterward. Also, even a well-intentioned leader could be tricked by some henchmen and thus ‘buy’ the voter’s voices with his honest well-meaning.
          What is your proposed solution? I have thought about a kind of online-based decision system. Then again, you really gotta wonder whether it is even plausible and good to have so many federal regulations and laws AT ALL.

        3. At this moment, I am not sure, and advocate it to be discussed more widely and that we try, as nations, to find out more adequate solutions.
          As for your idea… It’s really tempting, but I see at least three great problems:
          1. Necessary, but unpopular decisions (one example could be newer and much needed demographic/familiar policies);
          2. The need for stability in areas such as diplomacy, monetary rates (and inflation) or employment stimulus (direct democracy could bring even greater frictions between groups in the Society… think in middle-aged unemployed versus younger ones or between genders).
          3. The possibility that “brain washing”/subversion of public opinion by wealthy/influent individuals or groups could continue or even become more “efficient”, and, as such, even more hardly sought for…
          I would be more inclined to a distribution of central powers of the state to local powers (the “municipium” way of the Romans), where democracy could be more truthful to the people’s problems (and, in this case, direct democracy, as you suggested), with only major collective interest areas outside of it (military and financial policies). Socially, it would be interesting to revive some of the slower rythm of local life, which would decrease the space for “paranoias” as the anti-terrorism (both because it decreases the drive to be a terrorist, and because logistics turn to be much more difficult – in proximity environments, people know their neighbors, and what they do) or anti-spiritual animalistic consumerism (if you have a small market in your village, you don’t need to step on herds of new-iPhone-buyers each time it is released).
          The main idea is that we have gone too far with globalization, and we need to curb it a little, as once we went too far with the Industrial Revolution (employing small children and using shifts of 18 hours a day), and slowly we adjusted our industry to be more humane. The biggest difficulty I see is that any time we are in need for a change in History, inertia/laziness, “vanity of the present” (as Fukuyama, who thought we reached paradise and now History would “end”) and fear of the unknown become strong forces to be reckoned with…

        4. Your concerns are plausible, yes, that is why I said that the need for many federal laws would have to be considered.
          I very much like your idea of localization and it actually corresponds with an idea I have voiced here, which I call tribal capitalism. I read about studies that said that you can only truly have strong bonds with a limited amount of people, say 150. Animals even less. A lot of the problems, as I see it, indeed come from only superficial relationships with your 300 million ‘brothers’. So, create tribes where people know each other and in those you can have more socialistic dealings and maybe do sharing stuff, like tribes used to hunt together and share the results. But between the tribes, capitalism exists, and even among the inviduals perhaps. Have not put much thought into it, as politics is not what interests me at this point in life, but I like it nonetheless. Good thinking on your side as well.
          People ought not be afraid of the future so much. More precisely, the ought to be afraid of the moment less. What you describe is something of a ‘where to run now?’ panic. But why run in the first place? From what? From some ever unspoken collective subconscious terror no one has words for. Lost roots to our spirituality and what not.

  23. It is well accepted that Iraq lied and gave the impression that it had more powerful weapons than it had in order to intimidate its enemies in the area. If its neighbors thought Iraq had chemical or nuclear weapons, they would be less likely to attack it. The US government fell for this ruse, invaded, and a trillion dollars later, found out this was just a typical pokers bluff.
    Even if they had found a dangerous weapon, most Americans would rather have that trillion dollars and all the lost lives back here in America to fix America’s problems. But of course, nothing was found, so it was the equivalent of lighting all that money on fire and burning it, while sacrificing a few thousand of America’s youth on the alter of rich industrialist chickenhawks.

  24. Please don’t embarrass yourself further. The head of the Syrian Human Rights Committee which advises the British gov on bombing Syria doesn’t live in the country, instead he lives in the middle of England in a city named Coventry.

  25. Lets stop lying to ourselves. Israel controls the foreign policy of
    America and Werstern Europe..When Merkel visited Israel, they
    considered her more Zionist than conservative Israeli’s. In the US, you
    can’t make it as a Senator, Congressman, or President until you kiss the
    ring of your AIPAC overlords. Let me not even get started with British
    and the French.
    Its not about Oil, since Western powers have
    been significantly weakened economically after the proxy wars in
    Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Now get ready to bow down to your new masters, the Zionist supremacist that consider you Goyim to be nothing more than livestock, fit to be robbed in broad daylight, slaughtered like sheep and shed your blood in vain over wars that serve absolutely no interests except for the interests of the Chosen Tribe.
    You goyim fall for the exact same lie used to get you to wage war on Iraq. WMD’s, ‘Brutal dictators’, phantom ‘terrorists’ lol. The Nazi’s and Soviet use of propaganda has got nothing on the modern day mainstream media.
    So go ahead and be good goyim, blinded to see who the real enemy is.

  26. “This would mark the first time that Western governments acknowledged that multiculturalism was a bad idea”
    I haven’t heard any of that from François hollande and even Marine Le Pen doesn’t go that far.
    The only French citizens who have the balls to stand against the Arabs are Blacks and Pacific islanders. With a few exception, most White French are a bunch of pussies.

    1. To be fair, the blacks and Pac Islanders have an advantage, namely, being minorities. The SJWs are left handcuffed to attack a “racist” black person.

      1. “To be fair, the blacks and Pac Islanders have an advantage, namely, being minorities.”
        I beg to differ. Pacific islanders come from warrior tribes. They have alpha blood. As for Blacks, Arabs fear them because they are afraid of voodoo magic.

    2. I’m waiting for the day where someone comes out and says that indeed all races are not equal and mixing them together like this was a bad idea. For now we seem to still be stuck in the phase where anyone who questions the flat earth theory is burned at the stake.

        1. Why did you have to put it like that? Do you think it is that simple? One superior, the others inferior? Why not saying they are simply different, and most of all, they are naturally driven to live differently? They have different abilities, different dreams, different pasts and, probably, different futures.
          I would literally punch anyone hurting (by actions or words) another because he or she is of a different race. But I also think that this way of trying to mix all races in one way of life, in one single biological entity IS genocide. Against whites, blacks, reds, yellows, it doesn’t matter. Their right to exist in the future and to be proud of it is in danger.
          If you are a proud black man, I think you’re totally entitled to be proud of yourself, your black children, your black culture. And being proud of it, making it better every day. Not, on the other hand, erasing the memory of them for ever.

        2. You said: “I’m waiting for the day where someone comes out and says that indeed all races are not EQUAL and mixing them together like this was a bad idea.”
          You are the one “putting it like that”. Stop backpedalling. If you think non white men are inferior, at least, grow balls and own your racism.
          The reason why ISIL folks are not afraid to come to your street at shoot you at gunpoint is because they sense how afraid and pussified you guys are.

        3. It wasn t me writing it, but ok. I still refuse that thing of superior inferior because I know History. Rome was once a colony of Greece, poor and somewhat stupid when compared to Greece. With time, they gained their independence and guess what? Being different, I mean, less democratic and even more barbarian, they conquered Greece. The same with USA and Uk.
          Would I call Rome and the USA inferior? That would prove soon to be a mistake. However, that is different from saying they Should never have existed, because “let’s all be a country together “.
          Which one is superior noone knows, only the future will tell. But it is best that they have the possibility to exist. That is the opposite of what is being said across the West today.

        4. Maybe this revolves about the word “equal”. Man, I don’t believe in equality even among individuals, how would I ever believe in it between families or nations or races? Like the rest of liberte, egalite, fraternite, it is a nonsense. Liberty is impossible to be pure, and is always a bargain, almost impossible to measure. Equality is an unicorn, father of murderers and of marxism, son of Christianism and of the instinct for survival of the meek. Fraternity is a pretty thing, but is the first to succumb to any form of narcissism or selfishness. These 3 shouldn’t be the upper values of noone rational.

        5. But answer me this. Is any sub-saharan African nation capable of building a civilization comparable to Switzerland?

        6. Personally, I hope African nations will never build civilizations comparable to Switzerland or any other Western nation for their own sake.
          Non black people have Neanderthalian genes than drive them to their own destruction due to low fertility rate and addiction to intellectual activities that make them physically weak.
          But answer me this. Is any western nation capable of surviving Muslim invasion, put back SJW in their place and have a high fertility rate?

        7. France still has less than a 10% Muslim population (highest in Europe), and many of those Muslims are from moderate places like Turkey, Morocco, and Tunisia. Typically only the first generation of immigrants continue the high fertility rates. It tapers off to that of native Europeans after a single generation. So Europe is still an extremely long way from losing its white identity. The low fertility rates are shared by all developed nations. In developed Asian nations, they’re even lower.
          No matter how much you hate the west, Switzerland is still a much better nation to live in than any shit reeking, AIDs ridden sub-Saharan African nation. Switzerland, a non EU state, has been adamantly against taking in refugees, thus have taken in very few. They have not disrupted their ethnic balance at all. And no, blacks will never be able to construct a civilization anything close to Switzerland or Japan.

        8. “France still has less than a 10% Muslim population (highest in Europe).”
          Eeer 10% of FRENCH CITIZENS are Muslim. However, there are definitely more than 10% Muslims in France.
          “Turkey, Morocco, and Tunisia.”
          Turkey is one of the key allies of ISIL and Tunisia has been experiencing a surge of extremism since the Arab spring. Morocco seems more resaonable but with ISIL transferring its HQ to Libya, that could change very quickly.
          “Typically only the first generation of immigrants continue the high fertility rates.”
          Most North African and black African I know start having baby in their late teens – early twenties and I know a lot of them. Maybe they haven’t heard about your theories.
          “The low fertility rates are shared by all developed nations.”
          Most Muslim countries are not developped and even the richest ones have a high fertility rate. so there is that.
          “No matter how much you hate the west.”
          I fought for the West back when I was in the Army. Have you ever put your life on the line for your country. If you haven’t maybe you should just shut up.
          “Switzerland is still a much better nation to live …”
          I live in Lyon and I visited most of Switzerland but thank you for telling me about a country I already know.
          “blacks will never be able to construct a civilization anything close to Switzerland or Japan.”
          Maybe you didn’t get me right last time so I will repeat it: I hope FOR THEIR OWN SAKE that black will never build any civilization even vaguely resembling developped countries. Economic and scientific development take away masculinty and lead a people to its extinction.

        9. “Eeer 10% of FRENCH CITIZENS are Muslim. However, there are definitely more than 10% Muslims in France.”
          France naturalizes everyone who walks through the door. It’s less than 10%
          “Turkey is one of the key allies of ISIL and Tunisia has been experiencing a surge of extremism since the Arab spring. Morocco seems more resaonable but with ISIL transferring its HQ to Libya, that could change very quickly.”
          The Turkish government has been buying oil from ISIS, but that has nothing to do with the general tone of Islam in Turkey. The Turkish people are very moderate Muslims.
          “I live in Lyon and I visited most of Switzerland but thank you for telling me about a country I already know.”
          So why are you living in the west if African nations are so much better?
          “Most Muslim countries are not developped and even the richest ones have a high fertility rate. so there is that.”
          But, 2nd generation Muslims in Europe do have roughly the same fertility rates as native Europeans
          “Maybe you didn’t get me right last time so I will repeat it: I hope FOR THEIR OWN SAKE that black will never build any civilization even vaguely resembling developped countries. Economic and scientific development take away masculinty and lead a people to its extinction.”
          Black Africans are generally weak. If whitey ever stops sending aid in the form of healthcare, food, and even homes, all African populations will go back to cannibalism and intra-tribal warfare (some do anyway). Yeah I suppose you’re right, cannibalism is so alpha.

        10. “France naturalizes everyone who walks through the door. It’s less than 10%”
          Did you actually study French law or are you just miking random guesses? My dad has French ancestry and it took him 10 years to get his citizenship.
          “The Turkish government has been buying oil from ISIS, but that has
          nothing to do with the general tone of Islam in Turkey. The Turkish
          people are very moderate Muslims.”
          Last ime I visited Turkey it was hidjab were commonplace but hey maybe you’re an expert on Turkey (actually, you sounds like an expert at anything).
          “So why are you living in the west if African nations are so much better?”
          There are no African nations; There are just poor copycat of the West. black need to cut ties with other races and get back to a hunter gathere lifestyle. Then, they will be africans.
          “But, 2nd generation Muslims in Europe do have roughly the same fertility rates as native Europeans.”
          Maybe you shoukd stop reading stats on the internet and actually visit the “Quartier Nord” (Marseille), the 93 (Paris) or Vaulx-en-Velin (Lyon). I think that will be a wake up call … or not since you’re an expert at everything.
          “Black Africans are generally weak.”
          You’re an expert in geopolitics, demography, French laws, Africa. WOW! There is no limit to your expertise.
          As for me, I spent 10 years in Africa and my humble opinion is that Africans would be better off if they didn’t have access to technology.
          Personally, I will stop these conversations because you’re too smart for me. I mean … being qualified in so many subjects put on such a higher level. What’s your next challenge? A PhD in Nuclear Phyisics. Are you going to cure cancer?

        11. “Maybe you shoukd stop reading stats on the internet and actually visit the “Quartier Nord” (Marseille), the 93 (Paris) or Vaulx-en-Velin (Lyon). I think that will be a wake up call … or not since you’re an expert at everything.”
          Visiting a highly Muslim-concentrated area of France may very well give you a tunnel vision effect. Data are more reliable.
          “You’re an expert in geopolitics, demography, French laws, Africa. WOW! There is no limit to your expertise.
          As for me, I spent 10 years in Africa and my humble opinion is that Africans would be better off if they didn’t have access to technology.”
          Would you be better off without technology? You seem to prefer civilization.

      1. Most Black French come from French overseas territories and are Christian/Animist. One of the policewoman killed protecting people from DAESH during the January attacks in PAris was from Martinique. Maybe you could show some respect.
        Besides, even those who come directly from Africa are either Christian or “relaxed” Muslims who are more into animism than Saudi-style Islam.

  27. Rather than focus on hunting down al-Qaeda and the Taliban in
    Afghanistan, the administration fell under sway of neoconservative
    political theorists who led us to believe that Iraq would be the ideal
    place to begin democratizing and liberalizing the Islamic world.

    No, they didn’t give a damn about “democratizing”. In that case they wouldn’t have been propping up the Sunni dictators in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, etc etc. The neocons, and the Left, prop up these regimes because they ignore the Palestinian genocide. That’s what the Israeli lobby wants, and as many have testified, opposing the Lobby in Washington is political suicide as the media owners are their racial kin.
    And Egypt being “a secular democracy”? Read up on this. They were controlled by the military that carried out constant coups. I am all for Erdogan’s party breaking up the corrupt state of things, it’s only bad that he is supporting ISIS. Which, by the way, Israeli officials openly approve of in order to destroy the Syrian pro-Palestinian president. And that’s why the U.S. has allowed Turkey to do this – and allowed rich Saudis, Kuwaitis and Qatari to finance ISIS in the beginning.
    When Obama pretended to support democracy demonstrators in Egypt, he and Hillary were secretly sending riot gear and tear gas to Mubarak’s police. They supported the dictator because he kept the border closed to the Gaza Strip in order to starve the Palestinians, thereby provoking them so Israel would get excuses to kill thousands more of them. (And some dumb GOPers believe that “Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood!” in Egypt, because the neocons tell them that. As if that would have been a bad thing. The Brotherhood, who are anti-al-Qaeda and anti-ISIS by the way, fought the globalist order.)
    The Egyptian military took back power together with the socialist parties that had lost the election. The military controls much of the economy and cut off power and fuel so people couldn’t get to work, and to tank the economy – their media then blaming this on the president. This sent people to the socialist demonstrations, which were purely for the sake of Western TV cameras. The Egyptian military’s helicopters dropped Egyptian flags over the demonstrators to use. They only chanted when the cameras were on them. Then the military took power, claiming that “the people” wanted it. They massacred 600 democracy demonstrators in one day after that, with not a word from Obama and the other Zio loyalists. Israel approved. The elected president Morsi had opened to border to the Gaza strip, and now it closed again, with more than a thousand Egyptians killed, and reporters imprisoned. And the White House sends the Egyptian military “aid” money every year as usual, despite U.S. law forbidding aid going to coupsters. (So they simply don’t use the word coup.)
    Does this sound like “democratizing”? The U.S. supported the coup in Algeria way back. They supported the Israel-funded Fatah illegally taking control of the West Bank when the resistance movement Hamas won the elections. The U.S. then hilariously calls Israel and Fatah pro-democracy, and the winners of the elections anti-democratic. That’s neocon logic. And it works because the media tell you to believe it, and you do.

  28. Right, except the thing about that is that we won’t have to waste lives fighting them on our own turf if we don’t allow them onto said turf in the first place.

  29. “If European dudes of yesteryear had the firepower which current European
    dudes have, Muslims would have been genocided to a man.”
    You need betas to have scientific and economic progress. So it just stands to reason that these “European dudes” didn’t have this firepower

  30. The west has already been destroyed, but like the frog in boiling water, we are unaware of it. We can only watch and protect ourselves and the ones we love. We have spent our grand kids security to prop up an unsustainable system, we have bred a generation of youngsters incapable of looking after themselves and their own interests and there are very few tricks left in the bag to give our economic system the appearance of being stable. It was a good run while it lasted.

    1. OMG! You are soooo right! You almost made me cry (a man never does it, but it’s the end of our civilization…)
      You don’t imagine how I have come to understand it, and feel it personally, every day, the last years. I live in Europe, and I only wish I could discuss things as you’ve written with anybody. But even that seems to be forbiden and what’s left to me but watch, as Cassandra did, and suffer as she did. My life and the future of my family and friends, slowly, but consistently being destroyed.

  31. I’d like an honest answer to two questions. Saddam Hussein is responsible for :
    — 50,000 to 100,000 deaths in the An Anfal genocide where the Kurdish population in northern Iraq was attacked by the Iraqi military in 1988
    –around 140 deaths in the Dujail Massacre were killed in reprisal for an assassination attempt on Saddam in 1982
    –when he took power in 1979 purged the Baath party of 68 alleged traitors (numbers are vague, but claims of up to 500 dead are alleged, so we’ll go with that extreme number
    Saddam ruled from 1988 to 2002, or 23 years, during which he was responsible for around 50,640 to 100,640 deaths. Let’s split the difference and say 75,000, or 3,260 deaths per year under Saddam.
    Let’s completely set aside all the positive aspects of the Saddam regime (diversified, modernized, and grew the economy, implemented free universal education, established a program to eradicate illiteracy, established one of the most advanced health care systems in the region, including free hospitalization, expanded electrical service, bringing it to every area of the country, and established one of the only secular governments in the area, where Christian churches and Muslim mosques existed together in peace, expanded agriculture and accepted 2 million immigrants from surrounding nations to work the burgeoning economy)
    1) The US invasion cost an estimated $5 to $7 trillion (future medical costs and opportunity costs are estimated) and between 500,000 and 1 million lives from 2003 to 2008. Split the difference and say 750,000 lives that is 150,000 deaths per year from American intervention as compared to the 3,260 per year under Saddam. (And of course Saddam didn’t destroy all the infrastructure, economy, streets, bridges, hospitals, schools, and museums, and convert the country into a theocracy). Under what rationale could one justify an invasion that is orders of magnitude more bloody, violent, and destabilizing than the prior government?
    2) If one could identify a man who we could place in control of Iraq today, who would stabilize the country and achieve all of the advancements mentioned above, and ensure another 2+ decades of stability, but there would be a cost of 75,000 additional lives, would you do it?
    3) BONUS QUESTION: If war is justified to force countries to go along with international agreements do you support immediate invasion of Israel for violating nuclear treaties?

  32. I cannot believe that some people are just that stupid but it look to be a case. Why are we even still in NATO? Talk about being a rich uncle for a bunch of whining trust-fund babies who feels free to wreck their cars and hotel rooms because Uncle Sam will bail them out.

  33. LOL ! Europe is FUBAR… There’s no leader in Europe of the calibre e.g. Charles Martel & John III Sobieski……….To stop the moors invasion of Europe ??

  34. Local city paper had the headline, “Paris Climate summit defeats terrorism”. A yummy feel good story ensued. As if ISIS gives a fuck about the climate.

    1. Its depressing to say, but muslims around the world are embarking on a pilgrimage, just as christians did in the 16th and 17th centurys when the americas were discovered. The west has grown soft and is ripe for a takeover. Technology won’t compensate for our societys inherent weakness.

  35. In Germany, Chancellor Merkel is starting to feel the pressure of her deeply unpopular open door policy towards migrants. In response, she has reversed her initial position on admitting an unlimited number of migrants and now talks about having quotas. But her solution to the problem will only hasten Europe’s demise.
    How could anyone be so stupid let alone someone with so much power? it boggles the mind.

    1. Because she is a puppet put into a position of power by greater forces. Once merkel starts to take too much political flak, she will be replaced with another spineless figurehead.

    2. It’s all about an agenda to make the population beg the government to take their freedoms away. It’s not stupid. It’s treachery dressed up as stupidity.

  36. More sophomoric, MSM-driven Bush-bashing by a pompous “independent” thinker. Saddam Hussein was a major financial sponsor of terrorism. There was even a terrorist training facility with an airplane mock up in Iraq.
    Iraq and Afghanistan were less than stellar achievements because we didn’t fight to win. It should have been Germany/Japan ca. 1945. Instead we obsessed about thr religious sensibilities of the scum warring against us.
    Bush was a lousy president because he did what the French are doing: trying to be nice to your enemies (in Bush’s case, the Democrats) while crapping on your friends.

    1. Stop trying to poison the well with your debunked neocon BS. If you want to argue the point, then lets start with those phantom WMDs.

    2. I voted for Bush twice because I felt that he was the lesser of two evils. Even so, the justification for the Iraq war was pretty thin.
      I think Bush is a decent man, but he let himself be swayed by the neocons, who had other motivations.
      The reason the US didn’t “fight to win” was precisely due to the neocons. Bush fervently believed that he could win over the populace by building mosques and schools. Turns out they saw the US as Christian invaders no matter how much good the US did.
      And “MSM-driven”? Really? ROK is probably the least MSM influenced site on the web.

  37. The response to the Paris attacks was all lip service, ISIS has been getting hit with American (coalition) heavy bombers for a few years now. However, the media spun it like now that our Euro allies will drop some ordnance from their shitty little fighters, that’ll get vengeance! B-1B bombers loaded out & going Winchester daily obviously haven’t been causing much of shit, so what is a fighter with a quarter of that payload and range going to accomplish? Oh, made you believe we did something in return for the attacks. Not really. The largest American aerial tanker base is in the Middle East, and they fly the shit out of KC-135s from bases all over the nation deployed in rotation. These precise strikes arent doing anything, towns need to be decimated and conquered the old school way. Wipe them out and replace with the successor, least you lose at home when they migrate in & show you how it is done. Ala the Fate of Empires by John Glubb


  39. When I read history, I see that all the successful attempts to prevent Europe be invaded by muslims involved heavy violence. Tolerance and progressiveness was never used.

  40. Obama’s actions are in part due to his narcissism and incompetence, and in large part because he’s a closet Muslims who’s helping his fellow savages and is practicing taqqiya to do it.

  41. Haha. I think you live in a dreamworld.
    Besides, you don’t need to “finish off” the koranimals. Just stop doing business with gulf countries and Turkey. Then, ISIL will be defunded.

  42. That’s fine, and one can blame Saddam for causing what happened to Saddam’s country. That still doesn’t make it right or justifiable. The question was comparing the negative outcome, which is more unstable, with more deaths, more destruction, more theocracy, more violence, and more poverty, with the situation before. If one can criticize Saddam’s reign objectively, then I question one’s motives if they cannot criticize what followed it under the same criteria as being categorically worse.
    So, is it justifiable to replace a Saddam problem with a solution that caused more death, destruction and instability than Saddam did?
    And if a new leader could be installed to create peace and prosperity in Iraq at the cost of 75,000 lives, is that a good trade?

  43. The ONLY thing worthy of being discussed and urgently needing it to be tackled with is Europe’s fate. Because:
    1. Middle East is a distraction. Every place where Muslims are the majority and have the power is a hell on Earth. Now, 1000 years ago and a 1000 years in the future. It doesn’t matter to us. And it’s their choice (problem) to be a Muslim.
    2. If Europe falls, the USA will follow. If you want to know what is America without Europe, imagine the Great Depression and an international community of states where USA are no longer a reference, but an exception. There was a reason why USA was attacked by Japan but initiated war in Europe, 80 years ago. There is a reason why plan Marshall was conducted after the war.
    3. If the West is no more (I mean, Europe and the USA become irrecognizable), there is no point discussing politics, philosophy or even lifestyle “tips”. Those things only matter because we are allowed to have them. Now, in 5 years, there are estimates of 20 million Muslims living in Germany alone. The European Union will hold maybe for more 20 years. Is there any of you still thinking he (or she) must be discussing “game” and feminism and simply ignore these things as if they didn’t matter? As if they were in a land far, far away?
    Hannibal ante portas, the door to be knocked will be YOURS! Let’s start thinking and doing something. This is our future, here.

  44. Its amazing the amount of energy that has been expended to create racist stuff like this. Im glad that you agree that Tarantino’s favorite word is nigger. He didn’t pull any wool over anybody’s eyes with that coon shit Django movie.

  45. The thing is….Muslim terrorists never go far enough to incite massive decent….in fact…48 hours after muzzies murder innocent people….everyone is apologizing and genuflecting to Muslims…every fucking time!!!

  46. Europe needs milions of so called “migrants” because Europe’s native female populations refuse to reproduce and have babies. It is that simple. Who else is going to pay for future pensions and prevent the social security system from collapsing? It certainly won’t be the native population for they don’t reproduce themselves anymore, brainwashed as they are by leftist cultural marxism and bogus like that.

  47. While a lot of people would see this analysis as dangerous, I see it as a very astute set of observations and proposed solutions. To keep it short, halt immigration and let the good folks such as were in Garland, TX eliminate the problem as it surfaces. No, it won’t completely eliminate terrorist violence but it will eventually eliminate the terrorists already in our country.

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