All State’s Safe Driver Discount Commercial Illustrates The Inanity Of Girl Logic

All State’s popular ad for its Safe Driver Discount shows how a feminine-primary society is focused on eliminating risk, propping up fictional world views, and stomping out dissent. It also illustrates how when the rubber meets the road, women rely on men, not other women, to enforce the existence of their fantasy world.

The woman starts her attack with “remember when you said men are superior drivers?” The term “superior driver” doesn’t mean the same thing to men and women. When men imagine the best drivers, they picture precise high speed maneuvers. They envision hitting apexes on an F1 circuit and white knuckle NASCAR battles. They conjure the glory of the podium celebration. To men, the most superior drivers are those who take risks and reap the rewards.

To women, driving represents something else entirely. It is transportation, not competition, and success is measured by safety, not the checkered flag. When the man in this ad said at some point in the past that men are superior drivers, it’s doubtful he bragged about men’s talent for maintaining the speed limit with hands at 10:00 and 2:00, while the kids watch Dora the Explorer in the back. It was more likely in the context of discussing Danica Patrick’s career. So right off the bat, the woman misses the mark with her attempt to connect “men are superior drivers” to her safe driver check.

Minimizing Risk

In feminine-primary Girl World, safeguarding against risk is a matter of great importance. This is an extension of female nature wired to secure the survival of offspring, especially when offspring is young and vulnerable. In a state of nature where life is brutal and uncivilized, assuring continued survival for the present day is far more important than implementing a carefully thought out plan for achievement that enables a higher quality of life months and years down the road.

Furthermore, female nature is not so concerned with acquiring resources beyond those needed for immediate survival, or those provided by a male. The drive to acquire resources through risk taking behavior is primarily a male trait. To the feminine-primary psychology, risk taking is foolish because it can threaten the well-being and survival of a woman’s children. The man brings home the resources anyway so there is no need for a woman to jeopardize her safety trying to do the same. Therefore, to women, superior equals safer. Superior does not necessarily mean achievement or demonstrated excellence.

Minimizing risk taking behavior sounds good on the surface, but it leads to societal stagnation and collapse. Without risk taking, we would have little of the technology and creature comforts that exist today. When Girl World becomes overly focused on risk avoidance, it smashes the fruits of success by disincentivizing potential risk takers through onerous red tape and regulations.

This is a recipe for sharp decline. The underlying psychology of risk avoidance is a reason why feminine-primary societies fail to rise to greatness in the first place.

all state 2

The second fallacy of the woman in this ad is the idea that a single exception disproves a statistical probability. Without arguing the merits of whether men or women are better drivers on average, she presents her safe driver check as evidence that men can’t be superior, because if they are, no woman could receive such an award. It’s the equivalent of declaring victory over someone who says men are taller than women by producing Brittney Griner’s driver’s license showing she’s 6’8″.

Furthermore, the level of accomplishment that a driver must achieve to get a safe driver check is paltry. The woman in this ad carries on about six months without an accident. Does she expect that her male companion, or that most men across the country, aren’t able to meet this low standard? To assert that men can’t be superior drivers because women receive safe driving checks is the same as arguing men aren’t taller than women because look at all the women who are tall enough to ride the kiddie roller coaster at Six Flags.

When the man is about to stammer out his reply to the woman’s attack, she shuts him down by channeling the voice of the President from 24. Her own voice would be insufficient to abruptly stifle the response. This illustrates how when women find themselves in conflict, or if someone comes along who challenges their fantasy world view, the knee-jerk reaction is to get a man with authority to take her side, and use that authority to defeat the opponent. In this case, the authoritarian voice bestowed upon her is from a man who any viewer knows could physically crush her companion.

Rather than have an honest discussion about what “superior driver” means, and how her own situation doesn’t outweigh averages across an entire population, this woman chooses to present her meaningless evidence, declare victory, and shut down the conversation. This is the same mindset that leads to the “equal pay for equal work” cohort continuing to parrot the same false and misleading statistics that have been debunked time and time again. For them, it’s not about being correct, it’s about using rhetoric to advance their own interests.

Whether in the form of winning a fleeting girls vs. boys argument, or winning victimhood status as supposedly oppressed members of the workforce, this arguing tactic comes from the same underlying scheme. Win through rhetorical means, and at a minimum receive the good feelings that come from perceived victory.

In the more socially harmful cases, a rhetorical win results in lavish wealth transfers for the poor victims, courtesy of policies adopted and enforced by the predominantly male government.

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186 thoughts on “All State’s Safe Driver Discount Commercial Illustrates The Inanity Of Girl Logic”

    1. Well, in our species’ defence, Mr Lizard, it’s only the ones who have arguably more testosterone than the average male who do that. For some odd reason the massive majority of women choosing not to do the dirty, dangerous, high-paying work along these lines doesn’t factor into debates about whether women and men are paid “equally” for “doing the same work.”

      1. I was referring to any device larger than a home appliance.
        I’ve ridden with some females from your species. It was a bit challenging to say the least.

        1. If it is any consolation they tend to leave amphibians and serpentine creatures behind for felines around the age of forty or so – provided, of course, they haven’t managed to reproduce.

        1. Shops, but not if you are a woman and your husband is working somewhere remote. It’s quite a problem for some families. They have plenty of fast food joints and air conditioned shopping malls to drive you. At certain times of week they have family only days when single men aren’t allowed. The craziest thing you see is a 13 year old driving illegally his proud mom to the shop. The roads are good but dangerous due to bad driving. Saw driver, probably Pakistani, in late model Mercedes truck driving while squatting on seat under cruise control.
          On the aircraft some women won’t sit next to men, cheeky daughter may stir up aunt by sitting next to you. More educated women, English language skills, often like to sit next to White or other buiness male but avoid Pakistani worker peasants, that do most work, because of their crudeness and smell. They don’t often follow seat allocation. They perceive westerners us as polite and safe.
          It’s quite nice in some ways. Advertisements mainly feature a man and a son doing things together like going to a book shop, no snarky Ads that belittle men (or women). Women do feature in Ads with face uncovered (though dressed fully and with hair covered) sometimes alone but mostly within family settings.
          Saudis are really bad drivers, other Arabs in say the UAE stay away from them. The speed limit seems to increase in proportion to number of passengers in the car as far as we could tell that’s why the did 180kmh in the 120kmh national speed limit.
          Petrol is about 9c per litre there.

  1. The reason why statistically women are in less accidents than men isn’t that they are better drivers (as the commercial suggests). It’s because no sane man lets a woman drive when they’re in the car and the insurance companies know it!

    1. Or because men get into accidents trying to avoid what a woman on the road is doing to jeopardize everyone.

    2. The only time Mrs Gavin drives when we’re together is in the rare event that I get shitfaced. I can count on one hand how many times that’s happened in 20 years.

  2. How about just not teaching women how to drive in the first place?
    After my father died last year, I spent some time putting together the pieces of what I knew about his early life because I could see that he had a troubled relationship with his mother, yet he covered up something about this and kept it from me, apparently because he found it shameful. Then I realized: Oh, I get it! Grandma was a slut!
    That would explain a lot, like her separation and divorce from Dad’s father when Dad was 3, and why she handed Dad off to her parents to rear him so that she could sleep around as a divorced single woman. (We’re talking rural Arkansas in the 1930’s here.) Dad’s grandparents were his real parents in a psychological sense because they took care of him when his father didn’t want to be involved in his life, and his mother neglected him.
    I can see now the signs in the family stories about Grandma’s behavior which support the slut profile. She must have seemed like a scarlet woman by the standards of her time because she did the kinds of things the “liberated” women of the time did to signal their rebellion against patriarchal authority: She cut her hair, she got a job, she divorced her husband – and she learned how to drive.

  3. Don’t know much about the stats and I wont give praise for “good drivers” because they can rush between traffic lights, but the tone of this commercial is unbearable.
    Reminds me of why I don’t watch television.

  4. I’ve had those same thoughts watching that commercial. It’s on constantly. It’s amazing how many levels of flawed logic you can stuff into 30 seconds

  5. Liberty Mutual commercials always strike me as the ones most obviously written by women. “They’re raising my premiums just because I had an accident! Don’t they know I’m already shaken up?!” “They are only going to pay me 3/4 of the price of the new car I totaled?! Do they want me to drive on three wheels?”
    Baby tantrums in an attempt to avoid responsibility, i.e. emotional blackmail + a sense of entitlement where their feelings should take priority over business realities, i.e., where is the daddy figure to absorb the costs of my stupidity.

    1. I have no love for insurance companies of any kind, but as I like to say, retarded decisions lead to retarded consequences. You Liberty whiners think about that next time you hit a pole.

  6. What’s funny is that every accident I had been in, the other driver was a woman. Never was another man.

    1. same here and so true. I can never forget the broad that did a U-turn in front of THREE oncoming lanes of traffic on Northwest highway in Dallas, winding up right in front of me and I whacked her and her stupid minivan at 55mph. I should have beat her senseless

    2. The only time I was almost in an accident was with a woman. She ran a stop sign then slammed on the brakes giving me a few seconds to figure out how not to crash into a car in front of me taking up 2/3 of the street. Good times.

      1. I saw a drunk woman blaze through a red light and T-Bone a car halfway through the intersection.

  7. It is my white male privilege to talk about which people suck at driving. I myself have an impeccable driving record, no tickets, no accidents, no nothing.
    Women are bad drivers, universally, almost always they are either distracted always texting and focusing on one million other things. Especially if their foreign, they are almost always 10x worse at driving, because staying in the lines of the road is probably oppressive. Foreign drivers are usually overall pretty bad though. If I had to cut out all of the near accidents (ones I avoided from other people by paying attention) from either foreigners or women, it would probably be about 2-3 close calls. As opposed to dozens from those other groups.
    American Blacks and Hispanic males is sort of a mixed bag, most are good, especially as they get older. White men are generally the best though, with the fewest amount of close calls.
    I’m entirely convinced we need better driving standards in the U.S. though, so many atrocious drivers. I swear though, women are by far the worst drivers, I don’t care about any damn stats.

    1. Frankly, I’m always surprised that there’s so little useful research on the subject.
      Women are involved in something like 70% of reported collisions, despite driving about half as much as men. That factor does not account for other forms of vehicle accident, which anecdotal evidence would suggest is even higher.
      By way of anecdote, the only accident I have been in (in something like 45,000 road miles) was a woman who T-boned my driver’s side at about 25 mph.

    2. There is an old saying, when you drive it is the 3 “O”s that are most likely to kill you. Old, Oriental, Ovaries. And combinations of them make it even worse.

    3. Nothing beats awfulness of driving than Indian (dot not feather) women. The last three near collisions I have had have all been with female Indians. Two were because the chick for some reason doesn’t know what a yield sign is. The third passed me on my left whilst I was in the middle of making a left turn. I had my signal on and she crossed a double yellow to pass me.
      Watching one trying to parallel park can provide up to an hour of entertainment.

  8. Big corporations in general have no problem with attacking the foundations of Western civilization in their quest for ever higher profits. It just sickens me to see all the feminist, queer and diversitarian propaganda companies insert into advertising these days.
    I can’t even stand to watch science fiction lately because of this nonsense. No telling what SyFy’s miniseries of The Expanse will show. If humans ever do colonize the moon, Mars and the asteroids in real life, this will demonstrate massive “disparate impact” because the people from the Orc tribes won’t have the cognitive ability to science the shit out of their survival challenges off-planet. The humans living on Mars will look more like the demographics of Silicon Valley, the National Security Agency or NASA in its glory days than the demographics of places like San Bernardino.

  9. This commercial has pissed me off for a while now. And note that they use the voice of a black man to shout down the white man. As if to say that women and black men are superior to white men, and white men should just STFU. After all, other than everything, what have white men contributed to Western Civilization?

    1. This site is supposed to be a place where men, regardless of race, come to share masculine, productive ideas and learn to improve one’s self as a man. I see that much of ROK’s reader base consists of a bunch of angry Neo-Nazi’s, not neo-masculine men. As a Mexican man who’s also proud to be an American, I’ll say this: feminism won’t be beat by hating on blacks and other minorities. Take that shit down to Stormfront.

        1. What precisely was the point of telling us your nationality (err dual nationality)? Does it somehow make your opinions and statements more valid? Sound like an SJWtard.
          So are you a loyal citizen of which country?

        2. You parrot these ROK terms such as SJW just like they parrot terms like cisgender and all that other nonsense. Think for yourself. There are some red pill followers but many readers, like yourself, are just a bunch of disgruntled frauds. Who the fuck are you? What are you doing to improve society? Nothing.

        3. Yeah, you still didn’t address the significance of you being a Mexican man. Identity politics.
          Did you have any point to add other than your nation of birth? Doesn’t look like it.

        4. So you admit you’re just a bahhhing sheep with no real thoughts of his own? I said that because I stand for masculinity as a whole, and racist bullshit has nothing to be with being a man. I’m not black but I’m with any man who’s for the cause. The red pill philosophy isn’t about hating other races, or even hating women. Its about self improvement and standing for masculine values like the men before us. Idiots like yourself aren’t red pill. You’re just a white supremacist riding under the banner of the manosphere because some bitch fucked you over and you lacked the nuts to grow as a man from the experience.

        5. Here’s the problem. You get to be proud of your Mexican heritage which is fine with me. But then you come here and inist that other people are racists for being proud of and wanting to protect their own. Shit move no matter how you slice it.
          Get your dick out of my ass or I’m going to assume (terrible of me I know) that you have no respect whatsoever.

        6. Get my dick out of your ass? That’s a rather homosexual statement. Its also funny seeing as you were the one who injected your needless input in the first place. You can be proud of being white all day for all I give a shit, but you were the one telling me to take my shit back to La Raza. Not once did I insult your white heritage. You’re not gonna hurt my feelings, that’s just fact. Did I once insult anyone of European descent? There’s where our statements differ. Now, to replicate the raunchy comeback you said(and you’d let another man stick a dick in your rectum to begin with?), get off my metaphorical dick.

        7. You started by saying the men here are neo-Nazis for objecting to a White man being depicted in the ad as being rightfully shouted down by a woman using the voice of a Black man. Cuck.

        8. Don’t misconstrue what I said. I didn’t say all men on here were neo-nazis. Undeniably though, a lot of people seem to mash racism and traditional masculinity together in the manosphere. If you’re of the opinion that a non-white person is less than your kind, that’s your opinion. You’re entitled to it. But I think I speak for all intelligent minorities on here that we have as much of a voice on here as you white guys. If you’re gonna try to put us down we’re not just gonna roll over, my friend. I have no problem against any other man regardless of his race but I do have a problem with disrespect and stupidity.

        9. Proximity + Diversity = war.
          IF you went to Mexico, you would still be proud of being white. I’m white and I”m proud of being white no matter where I go so why would you hate on Brown turd Mexicans for being proud of who they are…
          This is why Multiculturalism is a failure.

      1. Those two terms are not mutually exclusive. Besides, you want to be seen as an individual, but also categorize ‘Neo-Nazis’ as a group.

      2. “This site is supposed to be a place where men, regardless of race, come to share masculine, productive ideas and learn to improve one’s self as a man.”
        It is. When have you seen anything that indicates the opposite?
        “I see that much of ROK’s reader base consists of a bunch of angry Neo-Nazi’s, not neo-masculine men. As a Mexican man who’s also proud to be an American, I’ll say this: feminism won’t be beat by hating on blacks and other minorities.”
        I think you are exaggerating. I don’t know why men that live in the Us feel that threatened by blacks but any men should be able to stand a little criticism.
        I’m from Argentina, I speak spanish and much of what’s disscussed here is foreign to me and yet, a great amount of the problems raised to attention are accurate and particularly the comments section is very helpful, sometimes even more so than the article itself.
        So why don’t you relax a bit instead of eagerly jumping on the “you hate blacks and minorities” wagon?

      3. “This site is supposed to be a place where men, regardless of race, come to share masculine, productive ideas and learn to improve one’s self as a man”
        “I see that much of ROK’s reader base consists of a bunch of angry Neo-Nazi’s, not neo-masculine men”
        -Technically not mutually exclusive
        “As a Mexican man who’s also proud to be an American, I’ll say this: feminism won’t be beat by hating on blacks and other minorities. Take that shit down to Stormfront.”
        -True again that the more men we have on one side the easier it is to beat feminism. That said, the same marxist/commie ideas, rhetoric and actions that are used to prop up feminism are the same that are used to suppress other groups and many minority groups benefit from these exact same politically correct mentalities. I don’t think a white man is far off to say that white men are currently the most discriminated against group of people in America. Maybe Asian men are more highly discriminated against as they are often naturally successful in as well. It’s like how colleges have the highest admission standards for asians, then whites, then hispanics, then blacks have the lowest standards to get into several colleges (Thinking of Harvard specifically here but they’re not the only one). Clearly in this situation, the blacks are the only group not being discrimated against at all while the asians are the most discriminated against for this particular policy. So the same ideaology that leads to feminism also leads to issues between the races that are easiest set straight at the same time or during the same process. After all, if we want to world to start running in a logical and reasonable manner, it needs to across all lines.

        1. As a real Mexican man with an American citizenship, I can tell you, I dealt earlier with this moron. Standard troll. Bet he’s the guy who only goes to Tijuana to get drunk and bang cheap skanks, yet he pretends to be the real deal by idolizing Edward James Olmos and driving lowriders.

      4. Agreed its very offputting and embarrassing to show other males stories on here. it discredits itself with the anti-jew, black, muslim etc comments and stories.
        even if they are true sometimes.

        1. Take your tampons down to the ACLU or some other liberal insitution, bitch. With such a victimized rant like the one you spilled, you sound like you could use their help. I’ll take everyone else’s comments and criticisms, but honestly you’re just a whiny snatch. That’s all I have to say about you.

      5. Sorry for have a country guacamole, we(they) are dismantling it so your feelings are no longer hurt!!!!

      6. You won’t be a minority in Mexico, you’re welcome to go back instead of whining about it here.

        1. I’m happy right here, guy. I never encounter any racism on the outs. Anti-hispanics such as yourself must a be passive bunch in the closet. I’ve never had anyone call me out on being the spic that I am.

      7. “… feminism won’t be beat by hating on blacks and other minorities.”
        Nor will equalism be defeated by pretending that Blacks and Mexicans are just as good as we herrenvolk are.

        1. They have a show like that in Japan already. Dunno what exactly their goal is (answer questions or perform a tongue twister perhaps), but they stand on a podium with their legs spread apart and if they fail their challenge, a stick swings out from the podium and slaps them in the junk. Cringeworthy to say the least.

    2. Specifically since Victorian England, THE THIRST and its aftermath.
      Yes, Jim, the same Victorian England that introduced the world to Jack the Ripper, while the modern-day equivalent of a false Jack the Ripper accusation is a FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION, which white knights endorse with gusto.

  10. That “na-ah!” rang through my head throughout the article. No damn way is putting up with her worth the occasional fuck.

  11. In a healthy patriarchal society, women wouldn’t learn how to drive, and we would have incentives in place to support family formation. Married men with minor children would receive discounts on their car insurance based on the reasoning that they would drive more carefully because they want to protect their own offspring in the vehicle.

    1. But then how is she going to be able to go to the store while you’re at work and have dinner on the table when you get home? Just a logistical question. Bus to the store for women?

      1. Easy, go grocery shopping for the week TOGETHER on one of the mans day off and buy food for the week, then thaw out meat or whatever the day before…..repeat the following week, etc. Pretty simple really.

        1. But isn’t that encouraging fatness? It’s kinda indulgent and fat to have all of your groceries delivered.

  12. This is one of the many reasons why I took my TV and incinerated it, after unloading a banana clip of 7.62×39 HP rounds into it.
    This commercial is like pornography for weak, effeminate, white males with a BBC cuck fantasy.

  13. Serious question: Does society even need insurance to begin with? If we put money aside ourselves in order to take care of whatever issue arises whenever it does, the cost should go down and therefore be affordable enough to handle with the cash we set aside. Right?
    But now, we have laws requiring we buy insurance, even here in small government proud Texas. That can’t be legal.

    1. It is legal. If you don’t want to buy insurance you have the option to not drive. What’s illegal is having to buy health insurance as there is no opt out there.

    2. The need for insurance
      There are two way to looks at it.
      1: A risk pool. If I go and smash up someone’s property/vehicle/person/myself do I want to be on the hook of paying for all of it out of my own assets/income. If an accident would wipe you out financially, then you would want to insure against such a disaster.
      2: Making sure everyone can pay for damages. In my state, as I understand it, the problem prior to mandatory car insurance is that there were many instances of drivers getting into an accident and then not being able to cover it, leaving the other person trying to someone cover the damage done to them. It is also why there under or uninsured coverage.

    3. In some states, e.g. Georgia, you can self-insure, but you have to put about $50,000 per vehicle in escrow. On the other hand, if when stopped by the cops you don’t have insurance or are past due on the bill, they may well make you come up with $1200 bail or spend a month or three in jail awaiting trial. Now that’s marketing.

  14. The ‘minivan’ is the most feminine or ‘she-est’ of all cars. It is the ‘woman’-est of all wheeled vehicles. I know men who wouldn’t be caught dead driving a seven or ten seated ‘mommy’-mobile. That would be like a guy wearing a papoose sling with a baby in public. Men like trucks and Jeeps, but still we see so many of the minivans everywhere and they’re frankly the best vehicles for carting around a large family. If only the west could start cranking out the kids to fill its empty minivans. Half the Duggar family could fit into a stretch minivan, but the problem is that the west isn’t producing.
    Minivans are everywhere like never before but white bitches ain’t puttin it out and most seats are empty. Hell the seats fold into beds in the rear. How much more comfortable and easy can life get for a western mommy? But noooo, they bitch and complain and divorce rape the man at record levels. And their pussies AIN’T PUTTIN OUT. The minivans were made especially for a baby boom THAT ISN’T HAPPENING. How very strange.
    Makes you wonder about the motive behind the van’s massive production. Perhaps an anticipated influx of high breeders from elsewhere is in the works. Notice how these minivans drive home to six bedroom mcmansions everywhere that have FEW TO NONE kids living there. Sprawling neighborhoods of empty mcmansions built in an over saturated market and then peddled to the consumer on interest only loans . . and for WHO?? An empty nest muh couple with faggott dogs?? Where’s the kids? Are they coming?
    Only Latins or Arabs produce at rates that could fill these oversized places. Is a mongol invasion forecast? Chinese banks you know hold the notes to much of the ‘glut’ of monster houses that the bitchy western bitches bitched for the man to mortgage himself up to the eyeballs for. So you wonder just who are these giant monster houses for and the glut of minivans, who’s families are going to vacate and who will refill them to the brim?
    It’s just that the minivans are so damn comfortable and convenient. A typical white loose caboose producer mother of babies from the 19th century had it harrd, REAL HARD, carrying water jugs on her head, a baby under each arm and with her teeth clutching a third baby by his diaper as he squirmed. Our great great grandmothers would have killed for something as wonderful as a minivan. It would be like a dream machine to them freeing up so much time and energy that a woman would have that extra gusto at the end of her day to give royal maid service to king dick. And the ease and convenience of such a machine would have resulted in a doubling of their historically high reproductive rate. They’d have to add side cars and trailers for the extra munchkins.
    Just a thought . .

    1. I am practical though. I wanted a pick-up. But pick-ups are over priced. You wlll never find a “deal” on a pick-up. Because a lot of dudes will drive their pick-up into the ground. A 20 year pick-up is seasoned. And their is a logic of hanging on until it is dead.
      A mini-van has to be changed every couple of years. Maybe female sensitivities. SO there was an unbelievable glut a couple of years back.
      So I got a mini-van for the deal. A Toyota Sienna with less than 70ooo miles one year old for 10ooo bucks. Sure, found it on Craig’s list but….
      My son told me it was gay, but I said, sometimes you just take the deal. I love our many van when I go help him move in and out of dorms. Can even bring the dog along.

    2. I had a minivan once due to my financial situation. Thing was a dirty old Mercury Villager who was owned by a car mechanic before me and an electrician before him. There was grease caked into the carpet. I tore out the back sets of seats so I could load up large loads of trash or stuff from Lowe’s. Called it the Mercury Pillager. It had earned its name. Manliest minivan I had ever seen. RIP Pillager…

  15. Additional chick logic: A bonus check!!!
    The insurance company could have easily charged less for the same coverage. A slight overcharge with a “bonus check” paid 6 months later makes the ladies feel special while providing the insurance company with cash “float”.
    The “bonus check” is really a refund for an overpayment for insurance. The insurance company gets to use the overpayment for six months. It may seem like a small amount, but this is how insurance companies create huge value for the owners. With millions of insured, the float turns out to be a huge interest free loan.

  16. Women are terrible drivers. They are always on their phones (texting) or fixing the makeup and hair. These corporations are just playing to women for their money.
    A side note: No real man would ever be caught driving a minivan. All of these commercials trying to convince men that driving a minivan is cool is ridiculous. Never drive a minivan if you are a man.

    1. Helps keep the women off. Also more room than a pickup and cheaper than an SUV. Offending the insensibilities of status whores is just a bonus.

      1. I have driven a minivan for years when I had children. It is emminently practical. I don’t tie my testosterone to what vehicle I am driving.

  17. I like media being analyzed like this. Not just ads, but TV shows, games and movies as well. I would like more articles like this one in the future. If FemFreq can do it for feminism, surely the writers of Return of Kings can do it as well for the “red pill”.

  18. Simple solution to female driving problem: outlaw automatic transmission. Some women will learn to drive….but they will be better drivers for having had to learn. Also banning power steering would be ok with me…but I’ll take what I can get.
    I would love to see stats on manual v automatic transmission in accidents even with total numbers taken into account

    1. I had a chick crash my manual. She tried to make a left hand turn from the middle lane! She hit a car over-taking on the left in spite of me yelling at her to “stop, stop, STOP!!!”

      1. That’s terrible. I straight up refuse to be in a car when a woman drives. I say it in that “it’s a joke no it’s really not” way but there is just no chance.
        I gotta say bob, this one’s on you for letting her drive your car. There is really no excuse for that except youth. If I could draw I would love to cartoon the time when Rasputin was shot and beaten and stabbed and poisoned and then him saying “no baby, let me drive.”

        1. I was a youth at the time. This was 20 years ago. I have never let a woman drive my car again.

        2. The main thing is that you learn from your mistakes. Unfortunately we can’t know everything in advance.

        3. and face it…..some mistakes, while not advisable to repeat them…..were a bit fun.

      2. Any chick driving a M/T car passed my first litmus test. Mrs Gavin had one when I met her.
        Such a rare bird in the US at least, a woman that can competently operate a manual transmission and does so voluntarily.

        1. I met one (i.e. woman who drives a manual). I have to say she has pretty much destroyed my faith in women. Its a long story, nothing to do with her driving.

      3. When I was teaching my wife to drive I encountered the SAME problem. I am screaming stop, Stop, STOP!!! and she just keeps on driving and then gets upset with me for “Screaming”. I would not be screaming if you would simply press the brake the first time I “say”… wait for it… stop. It’s like watching a bunch of retards trying to hump a football.

    2. Not quite outlawed automatics, but here in the UK manuals are the norm. If you pass your test in a manual you can drive a manual or an auto as you choose but if you pass in an auto that’s all you’re allowed to drive. If you want to buy an auto, you’ll pay a fair amount more than you would for exactly the same car in a manual. Then there’s the fact that the fuel economy of a properly-driven manual is better than an auto and all in all not being able to drive a manual will cost you a lot of money.
      Apart from the financial costs, unless you have a genuine physical disability affecting your left arm, only being able to drive an automatic is a great embarrassment for men and women alike (more so for men, but not by much).
      Maybe this has something to do with the fact that our national speed limit is 70mph compared the the US’s 55 (I think) – and there’s occasional talk of raising that to 80, though it doesn’t seem like that’s ever going to actually happen.

        1. Good to know. I never understood why the US, with it’s long and empty motorways had a lower speed limit than the perpetually-congested and constantly-roadworked M25.

      1. USGOV is doing its damnedest to regulate the M/T out of existence.
        Their fuel economy regulations combined with their ridiculous safety regulations (making our cars weigh hundreds of pounds more than they should, thus reducing fuel economy) are causing the mfrs to put in the absolute worst kind of transmission in many new cars in the USA, the CVT.
        If I want to drive a car that reminds me of the 3HP centrifugal clutched minibike circa 1970, I’ll shoot myself first.
        They’re horrible. They make a good car into an appliance. Prime example: VQ35 powered Nissan Altimas and Maximas. Nissan used to have an ad campaign called _SHIFT because they still offered options for transmissions, including M/T even in sedans. Now it’s all CVT or nothing. Absolutely ruined some nice sedans and those things are a nightmare to drive.
        Next up is the 9 speed autos or the dual clutch boxes. Super high tech. Super efficient while new. Transmission failure in a 5+ year old car? Likely the repair costs exceeds KBB value of said car. And such failures are guaranteed due to the complexity of said transmissions.
        BTDT with a car I inherited. Sold that POS before it the trans completely failed.
        The M/T equipped car is getting harder to find but they are still out there. Chevrolet’s new SS sedan has an available M/T. Older Infiniti G37S sedans come with 6 M/T. That’s what I drive right now.
        Had an older Altima 3.5 M/T also. Quick and fun to drive.
        I will always go for 3 pedals regardless.

        1. Used to be the case that if you had the money you were better off buying a nearly new car – a year or so old, so you weren’t paying ridiculous money just because the car is brand new, but were still getting 95% of the life and reliability of a new car. Nowadays though I swear new(ish) cars are less reliable than old bangers because of all the unnecessary fancy electronics that inevitably pack in in intricately expensive ways.
          And what’s with used cars being advertised as having “One lady owner” like that’s a selling point? I know of cars which have genuinely had “one lady owner” that I wouldn’t pay any more than scrap value for having seen that lady owner’s driving.

    3. You can not make chicks interested in that stuff and really understand it. It is an illusion. They are rule followers. All they will do is learn more complex rules. They will never develop the fascination to understand. Trust me. I have been a programming teacher and out of 10 girls, maybe a single one was seriously interested in understanding any of the underlying logic. Most just wanted a tutorial and step-by-step guide to go from A to B.
      They seem to be somewhat good designers, though.

      1. I was an engineer for 20 years. I noted the same thing in female engineers. They want the step by step process for solving the problem but have no understanding of the underlying issues. And the amazing thing for me is that they don’t want to know or learn. They just want a cook book to follow.

        1. Haha, great. Yeah, your experience makes absolute sense to me. They simply do not give a fuck. They just want a more or less simple, repeatable, secure way to be good servants.

    4. Also, make parallel parking on a descending/ascending road a driving test requirement. That would weed out most of them.

      1. I used to live in Brooklyn many years ago and my neighbor who was also a buddy was dating a girl from the ‘burbs. Whenever she came in to town he would call me so I could look out the window and watch her parallel park. We would laugh our asses off.

        1. The auto manufacturers have eliminated this problem. My 2014 Ford Escape SUV has a parking assist that basically parallel parks for you. It does it very fast too. Scared the piss out of me the first time I used it.

        2. When I first saw a commercial for auto assist parking I knew the world was over.

    5. Amen. If it doesn’t have 3 pedals, and it’s not my bracket racing car or tow truck I don’t own it.

  19. Women actually have more accidents than men. The reason that men’s insurance premiums are higher is that when men actually do have an accident, its usually the accident to end all accidents. At least for that guy.
    Women are not better drivers.
    In fact, most fatal cycling accidents in London are suffered by women. This is because they have poorer reactions and poorer spatial awareness. The same applies to driving a car.

      1. The premiums are lower because women’s accidents generally are less costly. Usually bumps and scrapes etc. It only takes one idiot speeding down the motorway and causing a multi-car pile up to raise every man’s premiums.

        1. I have studied this too. Men are much safer drivers on a per mile driven basis. Even teen age boys are safer drivers than teen age girls, on a per mile driven basis. Insurance rates are higher for men and boys because we tend to drive more. When men and women are both in the same car it is almost always the man driving. Men commute much further to work than women do. It adds up to many more miles per year, hence much more exposure to risk. I am a risk analyst by profession.

        2. As am I Mike. We can do the secret handshake later.
          I actually find it weird to be in a car with a woman driving. My mother is the only woman who drives me (when she takes me to soccer practice).

      1. I saw a woman driver somehow contrive to drive her car into the wheel well of a passing semi truck. I could not figure out how she did it. She delayed traffic for hours.

    1. I saw that in the news some time ago.
      Obviously they showed it like a female victory. But they are so stupid and /or liars that don’t catch the whole thing.
      If males have less accidents but when they have one they are literally fucking, that implies women are driving slower but having more accident(soft accidents), and men are driving faster all the time without crash with their superior psychomotor skill until they crash and make a chain explosion all the speedway long.

      1. Explained perfectly.
        Also it implies that it is a minority of men causing these accidents since it only takes one lunatic to fuck up the averages for everybody.

        1. Yeah, a mega explosion by one guy cost most than 100.000 minor crash by 100.000 women,do you think that liberals can do some basic logical and statistical conclusion??
          No, why any reasonable man would vote a form of government that protects you from the free use of reason??
          I’ve just read that they can’t distinguish a doodle from a circle.
          Maybe there is a dichotomy between the two political sides on a cognitive level.
          Liberal vs libertarian
          Bald imagination (fantasy) vs inventiveness
          Laziness vs commitment
          Inefficiency vs Efficiency
          Society and feelings as a source of reliable data vs empirical and rational data gathering
          Bad economic decisions vs good ones
          Low self control vs high
          Unaccurateness vs Mathematical precision
          Low strategic skills vs great long term planning
          In summary:
          Female vs male
          That deserves a RoK article by itself, it’s something that I have been observed and this plain “cognitive task” has reinforced my view on their little minds and souls.

      2. “until they crash and make a chain explosion all the speedway long.”
        For some reason I lost my shit reading this!

  20. Man: Let’s take the driving machine to the apex of its ability.
    Woman: Let the car take me home safely.
    The funny thing is that if a man hadn’t been taking driving machines to their limits for more than a century she wouldn’t have a car to take her home safely.

    1. True. She damn sure wouldn’t have airbags, traction control, ABS, lane minders, backup cameras, seatbelts, and all that other mandatory bullshit on new cars.
      Those ‘features’ and the fact that we cannot buy a new car without said features are proof of the cuntocracy in action.
      Anybody ever read Eric Peters Autos? Nice libertarian car guy blog.

      1. My children were shocked to no end when I told them that my first car didn’t even have seatbelts, as no cars had them back then.

  21. In feminine-primary Girl World, safeguarding against risk is a matter of great importance. This is an extension of female nature wired to secure the survival of offspring, especially when offspring is young and vulnerable.

    It is a bit of a cliche. You are missing the main point here. Women are not safer drivers. They are more careful, yes, but that does not mean they produce less accidents. Now, they actually do produce less accidents, but that distracts from the fact that women actually drive less. If women drive less, it is logical that they will produce less accidents.
    In reality, the careful behavior of a female trying to do it all right and safe (which is only a codeword for ‘by the rules my attractive driving teacher gave me’) will end up creating danger out of a lack of intuition, immediate reaction and ultimately, skill.

    The second fallacy of the woman in this ad is the idea that a single exception disproves a statistical probability.

    Good point and unfortunately plausibly deniable. I mean: What viewer would assume that this is anything but an attempt to explain the product in a jokingly manner?

    In this case, the authoritarian voice bestowed upon her is from a man who any viewer knows could physically crush her companion.

    Why exactly? Because he is black, wears a suit and has a deep voice?

        1. You sure about that bud, you sure?? I’ve got a bottle of milk in my fridge from 5 yeas ago and can’t get it out coz it’s packing an uzzi.
          Gunz are bad! BAN GUNZ

  22. OK then. Alstate just made the list of corporations I will not buy from. Right up there with Firestone.

    1. Only in montages does American Football look cool. Can’t watch that 15 sec play and 3 of commercials.

    2. Unrelated? I am “silent” after that. That growth hormone in milk is makin’ those bitches be craaaaaazy!

  23. I think All State also has a commercial where the woman is investigating the torque ratios of cars she is interested in buying…that one made me chuckle

    1. Well….he was still technically a man when he smashed into and killed that lady. NO DISCOUNT FOR YOU!!!

  24. Most guys know damn well that a “rebate check” means you paid too much for the insurance policy to begin with, and we choose a cheaper carrier.

  25. I used to think that “military intelligence” was the ultimate oxymoron. You have replaced it with “Girl Logic”.

  26. I think the guy in the commercial is spooked by the possibility that his girlfriend’s a tranny rather than some big black man’s possesion spirit white knighting for her.

  27. So this woman stupidly overpaid her monthly premiums for six months? Superior thinking indeed.

  28. Another retarded driver insurance commercials are the Liberty Mutual ones. I got T-boned and my insurance co. didn’t even replace my new car. If you got T-boned why would you file a claim against your insurance co. you moron? Wouldn’t you file a claim against the guy that T-bones you? Of course most stupid women would buy it.

  29. I lost it when I first saw that commercial. I told my 11 yr old son “This is what we’ve been talking about!” So to you AllState – my 4 motorcycles, 4 cars, and 5 houses will never (and I mean never EVER) be insured by you. Whats that?… Silence!

      1. I was politely told to “shut up” by their Customer Experience Expert. Of course – a woman. See Below:
        Thank you for your request via Your concerns are important to us and we appreciate the opportunity to address them.
        Please allow me to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your comments regarding our advertising messages.
        The advertising we create is based on extensive consumer research, which we use to determine the most effective message that will appeal to the widest audience.
        We realize our ads may not appeal to everyone, and we respect your concerns. We take consumer feedback seriously and will share your comments with our Marketing team as we discuss future advertising efforts.
        Thank you again for your feedback.
        I’m going to close your file for now but please reply to this e-mail at your earliest convenience if you have any questions. I can be reached between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

        1. What did you expect her to say? She has no stake in the company, she’d probably get a kick out of it if the whole placed burned down. And honestly, who could blame her?
          I think the only solution to this is to form strong bonds with other men in your community who share your views.

  30. yea
    firstly, did the man -not- get a safe driving check? for all she knows, he would’ve gotten one too
    secondly: i think safety is paramount while driving too. The issue is, because I’m good at driving, I can go extremely fast and still be safe. If that woman was cruising at 60 miles per hour changing lanes left and right, could she still be safe? That’s the question

  31. Ive always heard women are safer drivers and that they get cheaper insurance because of it. Im not sure if thats actually true or not, but they certainly cause more accidents that i see on my commute to and from work. its ALWAYS see some young chick standing on the side of the road with her wreck. its never just two guys. The drive into my work is 20kms of straight road at about 40kmh in traffic. and these stupid fucking bitches still manage to ruin everyones day by crashing into some poor cunt and making everyone late. They shouldn’t even be allowed to drive.
    Younger males would take more risks i guess.

  32. To be fair, where I live, men are, if not the worst, then then most reckless drivers. But women are catching up fast. Plus if you add the West Texas obsession with trucks, then it gets friggin scary.

  33. People need business cards that say “I didn’t say all members of a group have the trait we are discussing”. Then they could hand them out when people are poor at understanding what a generalization is.
    It happens in ever discussion.
    You said all Muslims are terrorists!
    You said all women are worse drivers!
    Scalia said all blacks are bad students!

  34. If I recall the statistics correctly, women drive fewer miles than men, which largely accounts for why women typically have better accident records over the same period of time.

  35. An excellent dissertation. But it is just a commercial. Shameless pandering to potential female customers using an easy male target, a popular modern habit. That’s not to take away a single point from the essay above. But I’ll bet a billion that the brain-dead ad-zombie that came up with it was just not thinking that deeply. Funny though, the idea that an entire gender can be tarred with the same brush, and today’s examples can be held accountable for allegations against antecedents, falls into the same kind of thinking we would otherwise call bigotry.

  36. One time when I was younger I observed men and women leaving a parking lot. The women had more collision damage than men on a 3:1 ratio. Whenever someone runs a red light or turns in front of me, there is a 90% chance it is a woman. Women get less speeding tickets because traffic cops are huge white knights. Don’t believe me, try calling the cops and saying your car died on the highway, and then have a femal passenger do it. Watch the difference.
    End of story.

  37. Actually a little disappointed by this article, because the real representation of the failure in female logic of this commercial is the fact that by over-paying the insurance company so much more, they’re convinced that by getting a pittance back, somehow makes them “smart”.

  38. I think superior driver being applied to racers is incorrect. When I think superior driver I think no accidents ever and I also think about truckers or anyone driving large or odd shaped vehicles into tight spaces.

  39. LOL… great article. I thought much of the same The Allstate guy needs to say as he’s handing her the check, “Congratulations, you surprised us so here is some money back!” Fact is they’re assuming she will have a wreck, as to the higher rates.

  40. Nationwide runs a flight of commercials showing the most idiotic examples of the demand for unaccountability from women I ever saw. So, the slut is standing there describing her car search, “I researched the engine, the options, the tires. I get the car of my dreams. On the way home, I crash into a tree and total my dream car. And the first thing my insurance company does is raise my rate!”.
    No shit.

  41. Yes, I’m sure 100% of female drivers can’t go a mile without smashing into something.
    And no male driver ever has gotten shitfaced and put the lives of everyone on the road in danger.

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