10 Things You Must Do If The Great War Breaks Out

Since last November, three words have been ringing in my head: “It is war.” What I hear around me is mainly about who will attack first. But the issue seems inevitable. It sounds just like the discussions at the eve of World War II, an elderly man told me. Add the recent Culture War Chat with its ominous forecast.

Then I hear about Baba Vanga, the blind “Nostradamus of the Balkans” and her prediction that “in 2016, there will be a Great Muslim War followed by the establishment of a caliphate, with Rome as its capital, in 2043.”

I don’t believe in psychics, only in what I see. But in these times of flag burning, tomb desecrating, and racially-motivated rape, better be safe than sorry. Islam is not my enemy, but the ones that attack me and my people on my soil are. It could be the Mongols, the Leftists, or The Vegan Front of Liberation for all I care.

So here are 10 things you will have to figure out in this eventuality:

1. Know what you fight for


Or if you will fight at all. This question kept me awake a few nights. Stay and fight for an ungrateful country or join a place where the lifestyle corresponds to what you envision and live an other day? You have to know if you have what it takes. Each man much prepare himself.

2. Determine your foes and your allies


The investigation on who you associate with should be thorough. Demand proof of their integrity. Not asking complete disclosure on the subject from your friends is taking a huge risk. See past differences with your possible allies and recognize the wolf in the sheep skin. Do not spend one more second of your precious time interacting with leftists, trying to convince them. They are lost, just burn the bridges.

3. Surround yourself with the worthy


Lead by example, reward faithful friends who uphold your values and cultivate their friendship. Weed out the paper tigers and keyboard warriors. Find a strong common denominator: faith, flag, freedom, neomasculinity, family, friends, the love for your land… The man next to you is what makes the difference between victory and defeat.

4. See your women and children as one of your most precious resources


Protect them physically and mentally. Educate them, now or in the future. Leave a legacy. No point losing your life in the struggle if the enemy will breed you out in a few generations. Roosh was right when he pointed out that “the future belongs to those who breed.”

5. Cut the sinews of war


Stop taking drugs. You are financing them and you are not in a state to fight. Stop eating their exotic fast food in street shops which are known to be easy ways to launder money. Stop financing corporations that represent what you fight against. Throw away your television. Stop buying global movies that promote the cultural decline. There are many more ways. Every dime counts

6. Remember that self defense starts with the mind


Quintus is right. You must detach yourself from the pre-digested information you have been fed with. Study your history and the one of your enemy. Investigate their goals and their social fabric. Know the odds.

Read books about the wars of old. History is bound to repeat itself. Get off social media, they know your every move. Unless it is for business, stay away from it.

One exchange from Merkel to Zuckerberg tells it all:

(To Zuckerberg) Are you working on this*? (*millions of anti-immigrants posts on Facebook)

“Yes!” – Mark Zuckerberg.

7. Perfect your physical shape and skills


Learn how to shoot, how to clean and disassemble a gun. Get an advanced first aid certificate. Study martial arts. Learn how to filter water and hunt. Survival techniques never hurt. Learn how to create improvised tools, weapons, and shelter. Examine and know your legal system. Develop your knowledge about the legislation on weapons of your country.

8. Realize that the enemy is everywhere among us


We have to resist on many fronts. The media and their brainwashed SJW lackeys, the government that does not want you to open your mouth, the footsoldiers… It is something that society has never encountered before. The enemy is disguised, all the laws of logics have been ignored and he walks freely among us. And he wants you dead.

9. Do your part

"A brute that walks goes further than two intellectuals sitting down." Michel Audiard

“A walking brute goes further than two sitting intellectuals.” Michel Audiard

Change the tendency. Act, write, expose politicians when they lie, bring people together, educate yourself, banish traitors. Do something, don’t wait for it to blow over. Yes, posting memes and sighing reading the paper shows your disapproval. But what does it actually do? Words are good, action is better.

The battlefield is everywhere. Stop procrastinating, time is one of our most precious resources.

While you post memes, Sergei is in Latakia, dropping Vladimir's Christmas presents to ISIS

While you post memes, Sergei is in Latakia, dropping Vladimir’s Christmas presents to ISIS

Want to get in the thick of it? Join the Russian army (they now accept foreigners) or the Peshmergas (Kurdish forces) instead of believing in the smoke screen “drone attacks” launched by leftists leaders on empty warehouses.

French volunteers fighting ISIS with the Peshmergas

French volunteers fighting ISIS with the Peshmergas

10. Understand that the Western elites will not help you


Their worst nightmare would be strong, nationalist, culturally homogenous societies with a common history. More migrants, muticulturalism, and gay propaganda equals more votes for the left. It stays in place with a divided population, easy to control.

Understand that they stand for nothing and would sell their mother (and even deliver her for a few more shekels).

I vow to do my part. Will you?

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225 thoughts on “10 Things You Must Do If The Great War Breaks Out”

  1. Excellent article from Jean-Batave Poqueliche. He has captured critical components of survival when the tides of the dark world roar into the crashing wave of war.
    The dark world is lit from age to age with the light of reason and progress, with technology and science, and our creature comforts are blinding. But the reality is quite different. Western civilization is nothing more than a teasing curtain, increasingly ridiculous and tottering, drawn over the dark world that remains as the base nature of creation.
    You must learn to see things clearly.
    You must learn to penetrate the veil of illusion and know the world for what it is.
    The half-dozen teenage girls twittering and chatting and giggling over their cellphones and taking selfies of their perfect clothes and bodies and hair are an illusion. The reality after the power goes out is that they are a huddled group of frightened, beaten commodities kept for the amusement of the warlord and any of his men he chooses to reward. They don’t giggle and take selfies and they don’t dare talk back when they are told to present their naked rears.
    The social justice warrior who scans every statement and conversation for hints of outrage against their progressive propaganda and who blithers and blathers about homophobia and gender normativity and white privilege and oppressive microaggressions and teachable moments is an illusion. The reality after the power goes out is that he is a filthy, crippled beggar who abandons his ideology and begs for scraps and his life as the men of action pass him by on the way to battle.
    The young man today who spends his time playing video games on the couch and masturbating when he’s not playing video games and has no ambition to stand forth as a powerful example of masculinity is as contemptible after the power goes out as he is when the lights are on. Typically he is shot quickly as he has no utility as a fighter and is a waste of resources that could be devoted to a man capable of swinging steel and using a rifle.
    Understanding the reality of the dark world is going to take some deadly serious changes in your thinking. It is not about fantasies of Mad Max or the Walking Dead or any other apocalyptic Hollywood story where somehow the hero makes it through to the end without being changed as a man and with a sorely impacted conscience from what he had to do to survive.
    Follow the guidance and absorb the lessons here from Mr. Poqueliche.
    You have a window of opportunity.
    It nearly always slams shut without warning. Don’t be unprepared when the pillars of the world come slamming down in bitter rubble around you.
    For you are responsible for your own survival, and that of your family and allies.

    1. I love reading your 3 examples about when the lights turn off. I find it quite amusing since it is 100% spot on. They think they are kings/queens now but they have something else coming.

    2. This is i think the 3rd time you’ve copy pasta’d that here. It’s great and all but what happened to originality?

  2. “Islam is not my enemy”
    Yes. It. Is.
    Wrap your head around the idea, otherwise nothing else you advocate will make a lick of difference.

    1. While you’re busy fighting the Islamic boggie man, your real enemy is just preparing another one for you to fight.
      Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis

      1. You mean the self. Dialectic is not a mechanism that operates according to a constant, supersensible, lawlike generalization. It is rather the basis of all organic activity, underneath which lies self-consciousness in a perpetual state of self-differentiation while remaining in identity.
        Synthesis antithesis thesis is a Fichtean term, not Hegelian. It does not allow for the implication that dialectic involves real world activity, such as the desire to preserve oneself as an individual (eating) or as a member of a genus (reproduction/sex).
        The self is the ultimate cause of its opposite, i.e. feminism (unfeminity) is a product of male selves being weak and unmasculine on a societal level. Neomasculinity (the seeds of patriarchy) is a product of female selves being strong and unfeminine on a societal level. This dialectic is a simple binary where the self generates concepts about itself and its relation to the objective world and other selves.
        The enemy is within. Self-conquest demands war.

        1. Synthesys distills to conthesys when its bass matter conflicts with its confines
          T+A/war = C (squared)

      2. True. The military industrial complex [whose stocks are openly traded on Wall Street] need new wars to stay profitable. Sad but true. Notice how just mere months after the Soviet Union fell, radical Islam became a thing? There is always a new boogey man at the gates-and money to be made.

        1. “Notice how just mere months after the Soviet Union fell, radical Islam became a thing? There is always a new boogey man at the gates-and money to be made.”
          The Jihadis beat the Communists in Afghanistan (1979-1989) and quickened the fall of the Soviet Union (1991). If you defeat the top contender to the world champion, then you are the new top contender, and you’re eager to fight the champ.

        2. So that clown on the net can pull conspiracy theories out of their asses about them? Really, though, Islamism was around since much longer.

        3. Since 622 A.D. of course. I think Orthodox Christian summed it up well. Radical Islam took a back seat until the Soviets fell.

        4. We were selling Iranians Northrop F5 fighter planes during the Iran Iraq war. They were fighting our allies [Iraq] at the time. We were playing both sides. There’s money to be made in war, hence why we are so hated.

        5. The Jihaadis were financed by the West. In Afghanistan and then again in Syria. Without the US they would never have gotten of the ground I would think.
          The disgrace in Syria is a result of efforts by the US, UK, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel. Not even a secret or conspiracy theory, you can see the admissions by pentagon on you tube before congress or General Wesley Clark(Retired).

        6. Agree. You can always bet that many countries play both sides if there is money to be made…somehow or in some way (short term or long term).

      3. “Islamic boggie man” I guess Boggie men are responsible for the terrorist attacks in recent months.

        1. ” ‘Islamic boggie man’ I guess Boggie men are responsible for the terrorist attacks in recent months.”
          Fun fact, “Boggie Man” or “Boogeyman” (and other variations) comes from the Bugis, the Islamic pirates of Indonesia and Malaysia.
          Ikaika Ramones of Forbes wrote: “These colonial invaders encountered raiding parties across what is now modern-day Indonesia. The Bugis people of South Sulawesi were mentioned in European sailors’ accounts of pirates in Indonesian seas. Many speculate these attacks gave rise to the English word “bogeyman,” a nightmarish figure in Western culture. Even the traditional ships they used, phinisi, and their signature black sails became symbols of piracy in the Western world.” [Source: Ikaika Ramones, Forbes, August 12, 2013 *+*]
          Bugis and Piracy
          The Bugis also have a reputation for being pirates. The expression “the bogey man is going to get you” can be traced back to the first Europeans that came to this part of the world who like every one else in the region feared the Bugis. The Bugis still have this reputation today, as well as one of the last great sailing fleets.
          European mariners greatly feared Bugi pirates. Both Conrad and Melville mentioned the Bugis. Today, Bugis are associated with the rise of piracy in the waters around Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Newspapers have reported Bugis who invaded atolls, burning the villages an make off with an entire year’s worth of their cash crop, copa (oil-bearing coconut husks).

        2. It’s a bit of a dual-pronged issue. Yes, ISIS is a problem, but they are only as big of a problem as we let them be. Due to our weak politicians, ISIS can just walk right into our countries knowing we can’t/won’t do anything about it. ISIS are the killers but our politicians are the enablers.

        3. Its worth looking at the book “Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American History”
          “This is the little-known story of how a newly indepen­dent nation was challenged by four Muslim powers and what happened when America’s third president decided to stand up to intimidation.
          When Thomas Jefferson became president in 1801, America faced a crisis. The new nation was deeply in debt and needed its economy to grow quickly, but its merchant ships were under attack. Pirates from North Africa’s Barbary coast routinely captured American sailors and held them as slaves, demanding ransom and tribute payments far beyond what the new coun­try could afford.
          Over the previous fifteen years, as a diplomat and then as secretary of state, Jefferson had tried to work with the Barbary states (Tripoli, Tunis, Algiers, and Morocco). Unfortunately, he found it impossible to negotiate with people who believed their religion jus­tified the plunder and enslavement of non-Muslims. These rogue states would show no mercy—at least not while easy money could be made by extorting the Western powers. So President Jefferson decided to move beyond diplomacy. He sent the U.S. Navy’s new warships and a detachment of Marines to blockade Tripoli—launching the Barbary Wars and beginning America’s journey toward future superpower status
          ·Lieutenant Andrew Sterett’s ferocious cannon battle on the high seas against the treacherous pirate ship Tripoli.
          ·Lieutenant Stephen Decatur’s daring night raid of an enemy harbor, with the aim of destroying an American ship that had fallen into the pirates’ hands.
          ·General William Eaton’s unprecedented five-hundred-mile land march from Egypt to the port of Derne, where the Marines launched a surprise attack and an American flag was raised in victory on foreign soil for the first time.
          Few today remember these men and other heroes who inspired the Marine Corps hymn: “From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli, we fight our country’s battles in the air, on land and sea.” Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates recaptures this forgot­ten war that changed American history with a real-life drama of intrigue, bravery, and battle on the high seas.

        4. If you do more reading, you’ll find that Obama’s advisors are the ones that helped create ISIS in the first place, as part of their neocon inspired dream of removing all ME/NA ‘strong men’, starting with Qaddaffi and Saddam. One wonders how much Obama – whose father is Muslim, and Obama was schooled for ten years in 90% Muslim Indonesia – actually dislikes the idea of an Islamic state, given the poor job the US military has done confronting it. (The US never bombed the oil truck pipeline that finances ISIS, for example, until the Russians got involved and showed them how it’s done.)

      4. Some say choose to fight the elites/jews.
        Some say fight islam.
        I say fight both. I choose europa!

      5. You should always be realistic about who your fighting (and the tools used in that fight). The government (your own possibly fighting in the background) plus the foot soldiers up front.
        You should be aware of both at all times.

      6. I’m just curious, who are those bogie men raping the women in the suburbs of Stockholm???
        During a trip to Paris, I was presented with the cold hard truth as to whom my enemy was and it wasn’t the French guy walking down the street.
        Take a walk through a suburb of London at night alone and you’ll see that Islam is your ENEMY.
        If you live long enough to write about that it is….

    2. I think what he meant is that it is the leftwing policians who are enabling Islam in our own land and thus they must be stopped before we can attack Islam in its lands.

        1. Courtesy of the j ew. They were expelled together in the Inquisition. J ews financed Muslim war parties, took part in tax collection and subversion et al

    3. Half of Hezbollah’s fighters are Christian; I don’t want to hear how Islam is my enemy when a major component of Islam is the one helping us against the genocide wrought by the Jew.

      1. Are you drunk or something? Hezbollah (The party of allah) are all shite muslims. The Christians just had a bloody civil war against them while being helped by the israelis. And how claiming that half of Hezbollah is Christian has to do with the terrorist attacks and rape war being wage all over Europe by muslims? What genocide are you talking about? Do you know what genocide means?

    4. All true Muslims are bounty hunters. Their religion promises them rewards for killing nonmuslims. All nonmuslims will do well to remember that. No amount of PC will change that.

    1. But if they conquest us again the first thing of all we should do is ensure that all feminist and others traitors get their little and lying minds beheaded by our new lords

        1. Most pirates-black beard, red beard et al were j ews. They knew all the trading routes and profited from it. You don’t learn this in your public fooling system

  3. Detach yourself from your financial, worldly accumulations. They, like you, come from dust and return to dust. What matters to a man is integrity, honour and loyalty, not the moral relativism that the boomers’ 60s flower generation ushered in.
    There will likely not be the calls to battle like the Great Wars I and II, but rather a continuously-morphing theatre, where alliances form and reform quickly.
    So take comfort in your own mind that you are not here to live the live of the shallow sheep but rather one who is carrying the torch for those who sacrificed before you.
    BTW, I am Christian and have many things to thank Him for. The time is coming, however, that I may have to put aside his pacifist teachings and upturn the system.

  4. “Sergei” is helping to keep the butcher Assad in power for his country and his Iranian buddies. Sergei doesn’t give a fig about ISIS per se.

    1. Yes you’re right lets remove the arabs of syria’s own leader and install “democracy” american style, it worked so well in iraq.

      1. Most Syrians hate the Assad clique with a passion. If they had their way, Bashar al-Assad would be hanging from a gas station sign like a meat piñata.

        1. Do you know any syrians personally?. Most americans hate obama these days but that is none of my concern, you americans need to learn to stay out of other peoples business.

        2. Obama is not my cup of tea but most Americans don’t hate him–he was elected twice. Bashar was never elected to anything. And if he wasn’t hated by the bulk of his people, a 4 year long civil war that has killed at least 500,000 Syrians would never have happened.

        3. There are some people there who will do it for free, so yeah, they’re that stupid.

        4. We need to get out and stay out. We’re hated because we impose some of the most brutal regimes [Saddam for example] to uphold our business interests. When said dictator no longer uses our currency, we go to war against him. This explains almost every American war since WWII. The good things is that more Americans are catching on to this.

        5. Al-Baghdadi looks like half the male population in the Middle East. Unless some forensic investigator tells me all the facial features match up, this image is nothing more than pure fiction.

        6. Saddam? Elaborate that one. I am sure you were told repeatedly we gave/sold him weapons, but that was proven to be another leftist lie spun around the world.

        7. Gladly.
          In the 1950’s the Iraqi Monarchy was toppled by a pro Communist named Qasim. He paid for the poor by nationalizing oil [a big no no] and being anti Pan-Arab. He was assassinated, the Ba’athists [Saddam’s party] comes into power. By 70’s the Ba’athists evolve into more nationalistic, pro market party and align with the U.S. Iran goes the other direction as pro Communist and aligns with the Soviets.
          Why is this important?
          The 1980’s rolls around and Iraq[allied with the US] goes to war with Iran[aligned with USSR] and the superpowers get indirectly involved as part of the Cold War. Walter Lang was the senior defense intelligence officer at the time and later testified to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations that “We were desperate to not see the Iraqis lose” and “The Reagan Administration did not stop aid after seeing reports of poison gas being used on Kurdish civilians.”
          Of the Geneva Convention condemnations-only one country rejected the edict the US for obvious reasons.

        8. Say what you want about Reagan, he was very much in favor of armaments of brutal [but pro market] regimes. Iran Contra is another example.

        9. I say Reagan was the last great leader the US had. Arming people who don’t want to be apart of communist dictatorship is “brutal?” If we didn’t have so many democrat congressmen attempting to assist installing soviet puppets in CE by denying the contras funding, Iran-contra would have not happened.

        10. “By 70’s the Ba’athists evolve into more nationalistic, pro market party and align with the U.S.”
          I have never seen evidence of that. Could you direct?
          “The 1980’s rolls around and Iraq[allied with the US] goes to war with Iran[aligned with USSR] and the superpowers get indirectly involved as part of the Cold War”
          Never seen or heard evidence of that and I doubt it is true. The US did engage in a proxy war with the USSR in Afgahnistan, but we did not support Iraq besides minimal materials and intel reports on Iranian troop movements. Lang is a bit lose with his insight and from his bio I would think he would be a bit suspect. What “aid” was he referring too?

        11. Newsflash: All politicians are suspect. Reagan never turned a budget surplus in his tenure, resorted to astrology, gave amnesty to millions of illegals. Yeah, true patriot. Full of tough words though.
          I quoted the senior military intel advisor in Reagan’s cabinet saying they did sell Iraqi’s chemical weapons as evidence. If he was shit, he would’ve been relieved so he must’ve been doing something right.

        12. Oh, you mean the Contras? Who as a fear tactic, would cut off the heads of rural peasants not sympathetic to their cause [similar to ISIS today]? Real good way to win people over. You wonder why the world hates us.

        13. My problem with this is that if they were fighting for our cause, they’d be called patriots. If they were doing the same exact thing and fighting against us, they’d be called terrorists. Either way, associating with people like this is why we’re hated. We need to get out of the middle east and stay out. As for the oil, give Americans jobs and allow mass drilling here.

        14. You regurgitate every smear ever said about the man with nohting backing it up. I will pass on that one Tony. One intellenge advisor’s testimony— who has a checkered past –isn’t much. What did the others say? Not much.

        15. We get it, you like Reagan. He never turned a surplus, gave amnesty to 3 million illegals, signed abortion into law while governor of California, signed the anti 2nd Amendment Mulford Act, and used tax money to fund brutal regimes. Good job.

        16. You’re off your rockers dude. l’ll ask some local Chilenos in my neighborhood that came here fleeing Pinochet’s torture camps if he was a good guy or not.

        17. Cryptic comments are blue pill. The kind of shit bitches do on Facebook. Tell us what you really mean without trying to be cute.

        18. Asking for evidence is ignorant? You a holy man Tony? I should take your words on faith alone?

        19. “Pinochet’s torture camps”
          Who, what, where, when? Honest questions, but I surmize you will dismiss that and provide more leftist BS.
          I know some Chilenos as well. Hence my question. Pinochet biggest downfall, despite all acqusations, is he didn’t kill enough of those communist bastards. Cuba’s little bitch Allende was a pussy … but you knew that when he shot himself, n’est-ce pas?
          You show alot of sympathy for a totalitarian system Anthony. How did Venezuela turn out after the socialist litte dwarf conned/bought his way to the top? He is definitely smelling sulfur now, but his family are billionaries. Argentina and the Peron dynasty? Yeah. Where you living these days Tony? Why did your family immigrate? Evil America made them do it? Heh.

        20. Yes I like Regean. Read his works as well and have a perspective why he did the things he did. Working within the system requires you to be astute to what you have, the structure you are in and how to best achieve results with the finite resources at your disposal. It takes intelligence and wisdom to pull it off.
          “..and used tax money to fund brutal Regimes.”
          Proxy wars are a bitch. Pol Pot was a communist who learned his twaddle in Paris in the 20’s… came home an murdered off a fourth of the population according to his “socialist dogma.” Did you see anyone claiming Pot as a champion of socialism? Besides Noam Chompsky of course.

        21. I have zero reverence for leaders using my tax money to fund regimes that torture unarmed civilians, regardless of ideology. That’s where you and I differ.
          You know Chilenos huh? Tell me then. What is the Chileno Spanish slang term for “Bro?” All the Pinochet era Chilenos used it. It’s not on google. Guess this wrong and I’ll know you’re full of shit.

        22. It takes 3 milliseconds to research Reagan’s voting record as California Governor and POTUS.

        23. Those same proxy wars entangle us in ancient rivalries ultimately making us the bad guy. Hence my original criticisms.

  5. Excellent article, really.
    I thought about joining the Russian Army, but they have a history of butt rape that kind of put me off.

    1. Sounds like Sergei and Ahmed have something in common. I guess being queer in Russia is OK so long as you’re butch.

    2. Old russian saying: “Good parents don’t let their sons go to the army.” The 90’s were pretty herrendous in the Russian army. However there have been alot of reforms over the last decade– down sizing of the professional officer corp, better weapons, more training, reorginazation to meet current threats, etc…
      Also from events in Syria, the Russian army’s offensive capabalities have definitely shown improvement since Afgahnistan.

  6. I’d love to find a nice young fertile Russian girl and then get a farm deep in the countryside.

  7. I reckon Bush is saying to Rothschild in that photo where they’re all cracking up: “two lesbian nuns in a bath…..how can we create such a society as part of our New World Order”
    Albert Pike predicted it all in his “Morals and Dogma” – can’t decide whether to join the Russian army or the Satanic Freemasons
    Baba Vanga – never heard of her. So muslim caliphate in Rome eh?

  8. I’m staying. I love Russians and I’d love to go to Russia but my ungrateful country is more than its government and its degenerate citizens.
    There is the blood of our ancesters in the land.
    Someone must protect the French cathedrals.

    1. Feel the same way. I won’t retreat. I considered it, but I can’t. Better to fight, and perhaps die, free under the vast clear Canadian sky.

      1. I’ve met a few Canadians who were awaken to the truth, but I’ve met many more who were beyond redemption. With this insane third-world immigration intake Canada has, coupled with Canadian complacency – in a decade there will be no one willing to put up a fight.

        1. Oh, they’ll put one up alright. By replacing the friendly acceptors into their own country.
          I’m no white supremacist. I know many of you here are. I also won’t stand by while idiots in power stupidly let murderers into our countries just to gain votes.
          I reject pretty much all of what you supremacists say except the fact that the elites are so distant from us, and convinced that their way is best for all, that they will get us all killed or enslaved before they admit how fucked up they are.

    2. Well said. I, too, would love to go and stay in Russia but I think America needs my help. There are too few of us left who are willing to fight the good fight.

    3. D’accord à 100%. I had a disturbing image in my head the other day. A man with a long beard and a tunic with his smiling wife under his arm. It is summer, his many children are giggling and playing in the grass. He is sitting against one of the apple trees that my grand father planted and eating one of its apples. While he watches the sun above the hedgerows and the green grass, the call of the muezzin echoes in the far, as it replaced the church bells.This is why I will not stay idle.

  9. How much time you reackon till we go to war? And please do NOT say vague answers like “soon” — best to answer this question: “by (date & year) we will be at full blown combative theater”.
    Answer please.

    1. Observing the case of western european nations, decline started from 1950-1968, 1st wave of immigrants after the decolonisation wars. The next generation started the hostility against integration. The generation of our children will maybe see the last relatively peaceful times. If the narrative carries on at the same (if not increased) speed, it is our grand children (~2050 to 2065) who will have to pick up or drop the sword

  10. Everything that happens today is because of 1945.
    The greatest mystery yet to be revealed is the Second World War. Who was Hitler, who was behind him? Who was Churchill, who was behind him? Who was Mussolini, who was behind him? Who was Stalin, who was behind him?
    I doubt anyone of you here knows the answer exactly.
    The truthful answer to those questions will blow your mind and will help you in a total physical war, should it ever erupt, which I doubt.
    The Cold War was followed by the Invisible War, you can’t know your enemy.

      1. Sorry to disappoint all the Americans here but America is just a pawn.
        Here’s a clue:
        The disappearance, the apparently deliberate erasure, of Dollersheim is one of the most peculiar aspects of the deeply tangled Hitler-genealogy controversy. The tiny village was literally blasted off the map and out of existence sometime after Hitler annexed Austria.

  11. This whole narrative needs to be destroyed. Here’s how it’s going to go down from their plan: weaken western society with sick liberals, socialists, gays, miscegenation, lack of identity, religion-bashing, the guilt-shame cycle, and make it SO ridiculous that people have no fucking idea what is going on and fear to speak on anything because hush hush its “wrong to say that!” Once the western states are in this confusing disarray, in comes the jihadis. The muslims are the physical force the ruling fucks are using to wipe out the rest of the non-muslims, namely Christians and Whites. When that is over, the ruling fucks and their zionist banking cartel friends will have no problem sowing further seeds of dissent to divide/conquer to destroy the muslims until there are no muslims left enough to stand up to them. Once that happens, there will be no one powerful enough to take out the ruling fucks and their 1000 year reign of darkness will be complete, and the gateway to shittiness will then be open until an asteroid comes and destroys the earth or some other unlikely statistically insignificant event wipes out the human race in its entirety.
    Fuck it, all or nothing fellas. Throw your balls in a sack and tie it good. Get ready for war. Make a stand and fuck the traitors and sellouts, the time to push back has already passed us, the time to start fucking with the agenda is now.

    1. My thinking pretty much concurs with this. We are being destroyed and enslaved by a tiny fraction of the population known as the elite. Either they are destroyed or the human race becomes something akin to an ant colony.
      Interesting to think about how many times a drama like this has played out in a galaxy of 400 billion stars. Is this the fate of intelligent civilizations to the 99th percentile? Technological advancement until an elite uses said technology and economic system as a force multiplier then destroys their own people. Interesting to ponder when one considers geological time.
      In any case, unless something drastic happens in the next 10 to 20 years to change the course of human events, I do not see a good outcome for those who don’t want their entire lives taken away from them.
      It’s damn late in the game and the social engineering has been going on for some time. Most of the population is hopelessly lost, brainwashed by various systems of social control.

      1. Yes, such great cosmic events, clashing forever in the darkness and emptiness of space, and here we are, microscopic little beings, vying for control of one rock.. but all it takes is one person in the right place at the right time to, ‘press a button’ so to say, and everything could depart their favor.
        They think they are masters of schemes, but in their constant success, their arrogance blinds them. They have no idea how many people are waiting to depose them, people who know how their media works and know not to fight them on that front because you can’t.
        If I had to guess, yes a majority of the public is dumbed down by the entertainment and culture bullshit, but there are a lot of awakened individuals, and elderly who pass on knowledge from before the great brainwashing to their offspring about the truth behind world events.
        It’s a pity I can’t post how they are going to fall on here, because I’m sure they have some shill or lackey reading all of our comments here.

        1. As usual, the human race is once again fucking up big time. I hate to see my people in such a mess. This, in my opinion, has the potential to lead to the greatest loss of life/population bottleneck since Toba nearly wiped out mankind 70,000 years ago.
          When reproduction is controlled by a tyrannical elite through coercive measures, in my opinion the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. That is the plan, and Roosh recently wrote a fantastic article about this depopulation agenda.

      2. Physicist Michio Kaku talked about this. The jump from Type 0 civilization to Type I civilization is the most dangerous because the rate of technological improvement is faster than our ability to evolve beyond our animalistic impulse.
        The bright side: he theorizes that if we make it past this pivotal leap, we will almost guarantee the advancement to Type IV civilization [a civilization capable of interstellar travel ala Star Trek.]

  12. I am not a big Stefan Molyneux fan but he did upload this video almost exactly as this article got submitted, since its on the topic…

  13. What about the russian army accepting foreigners?
    Anyone has more info or point me in the right direction?

    1. Putin made it official in Jan 2015.
      Foreign man, valid passport, no conviction, advanced level in russian, under 30. Need to present yourself to a recruitment office in russia only. The selection goes in 10 stages which include language finess, medical, intelectual tests. All in russian. Paid around 500 euros a month. Three months probation after your official recruitment date. More info on the website of the russian ministery of defense. You guessed it, no english version.

  14. “Do not spend one more second of your precious time interacting with leftists, trying to convince them. They are lost, just burn the bridges.”
    Indeed. I have taken this advice and it has served me well.

  15. Great post. If? It’s in the cards. Some would even say biblical.
    Since Obama has been elected, US citizens have purchased over 100 million (100,000,000) firearms in the last 7 years. Say what you want, or what your culture tells you to believe, but some Americans know bullshit when they see it and are preparing for the inevitable.
    The western governments have a huge problem. They are spinning plates on debt, inciting internal strife and most of the people no longer have any trust in them. We are in for violent times and a local insidous event will set the whole cultural dead wood on fire. But I have been of the opinion, “let it burn” for quite some time.

  16. Didn’t I get called a sadist in another article for leaving to join the military in January? Oh well at least people are now agreeing . For those interested in reading about wars of old read ‘history of the Peloponnesian war’ by thucydides , ‘the histories ‘ by Herodotus , and any memoirs of high ranking soldiers from old time periods . I prefer the civil war myself . Also if you are preparing for the military ,or just to defend what is yours if the tike come , I suggest ” book of the five rings ” by miyamoto musashi , “the art or war ” by sun tzu, and that you watch as many films about war both new and old . War is a brutal thing , make no mistake , and many people look down upon people who wish to serve for they will come back with ptsd or some other mental illness . But if you understand fully what you are getting into before hand I feel this negates this to some manner , though there are those who educate themselves but still succumb mentally . As for the physical that is a matter of following training and luck . To quote Pericles ” the bravest are surely those who have the clearest understanding of what is before them ,both glory and danger alike , and yet not withstanding go out and meet it. “

    1. Sound reading list. Join. Learn all you can. You will be with some of the best men you will ever meet your whole life.
      Don’t sweat what concerns the sheep. You are no longer of their flock.

    2. I would add “On war” by von Clausewitz. And Ernst Junger “Storm of steel”.
      Also if everythings goes well I would enlist in september, by the way.

      1. Clausewitz is on my nightstand as I still pick it up from time to time.
        I would also recommend a light read called, “The Forgotten Soldier” by Guy Sajer. I heard it is required reading at West Point for the cadets as well.

    3. Martin van Creveld’s “The Transformation of War” and “The Rise and Decline of the State”
      Also Lind’s “4th Generation Warfare” from Castalia House.

    1. I want to know why the fuck is this site so against islam. Wtf? In fact islam and sharia law will save men from this society. Should we not embrace it. I don’t understand. Why is this site pushing christanity so hard. Islam is supposedly the correction of christianity. It has similar values.

      1. allah is the babylonian moon god. and there are not many real christians around in the world. mainstream christians are not real christians according to the bible. God´s children are called the little flock, not big mega churches and their crazy babylonian imaginations. christians are those who do the will of the Father, not political correct hippies who do their own will.

        1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Coming to the realization that the pagan moon god is Allah and not what the liberal history texts want you to believe; he is the abrahamic God, so we’re all one big family bullsh*t..
          Also note the moon deity is historically the feminine and female goddess…so there is that

  17. Muslim colonisation is a symptom of a greater disease. To deal with the symptoms, we must cure the disease.

  18. When I declare myself as world dictator, you all are invited to my house for the celebration.
    At that time I will begin accepting applications for a full time guillotine sharpener as we shall be needing one because I plan on building the wall at the southern border with the heads of leftists/statists.

  19. “Quintus is right. You must detach yourself from the pre-digested information you have been fed with. Study your history and the one of your enemy.”
    Quintus’ writings have inspired me to seek out history of small conflicts and armed insurrections that normally go unmentioned in academia.
    I picked up a book recently: The Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI). Tactics and descriptions of a force in South Africa that was small in size and in territory but waged a commando type war for near 2 decades. Happened after the Vietnam war and was a colony of Britain that essentially left their colonists out to hang. It was a nationalist movement that kept the country going and forced a stalemate for a long time:
    The 1st Battalion, The Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI), was one of the most innovative and successful counter-insurgency units in modern history, developing and perfecting a range of tactics and operational concepts that have since become standard practise in modern military forces. Formed in 1961 and then re-formed in 1964 as a commando battalion after the dissolution of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, the RLI was an all-white unit that incorporated foreign soldiers

    1. Also worth reading about the Selous Scouts and Rhodesian SAS’ fireforce tactics.
      They had the faces of boys but they fought like lions.

      1. Interesting to note that RLI forces operated in squads of 4 man units most of the time. They had a ratio of 1 casualty per 35 inflicted.
        So when some liberal tells you that you can’t take on the government during a revolution, be reminded that history proves otherwise.

  20. If it all goes down in flames here in North America, as a Russian, I would like to join racially conscious white community either in Canada or in the States. The divide will be mainly along racial, not ethnic lines .

    1. I’ll be very surprised if some ethnic sentiments don’t come out during chaos.

  21. I guess all the race trolls are going to come out and attack me, but I have to ask anyway: What should mixed-race people like myself do? I hate the leftist agenda as much as anyone else here. But it looks like whatever comes next, there’s going to be some intense tribalism happening over the next few years. It doesn’t bode well for people like me, who don’t really belong anywhere.

    1. Saying “I don’t belong anywhere” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The fact of the matter is that everyone in North America is mixed race; we are all uniquely North American.
      Blacks are not Africans – in fact, it was the Africans who sold them into slavery. Vox Day is of Mestizo background, and he’s one of the loudest identitarians that there is. I myself am Scotch/Italian mix (and what a weird mix that is), and there are many interracial couples amongst my closest friends and relatives.
      My enemy is the Internationalist. The Muslim. The Satan Worshipper. The Feminist. Not the Black man, not the Red Man, not the Yellow man who has assimilated, or who remains a patriot in his own country. My enemies are Christ’s enemies, those who would destroy civilization, humanity, patriarchy, and culture.
      Which side do you want to be on? Because our side is pretty diverse.

        1. “we transcend race” you mean like the PC mantra of socialists, feminists and neo-cuckservatives, then?

        2. No, not at all. We transcend race for a variety of reasons, perhaps the biggest is that socialism, feminism and political correctness are hostile and toxic to all men (except for homosexuals). Therefore, we’re all in this together.

      1. We need those ‘special sunglasses’ to see the real enemy right now. Here, the local family court robo judge is known for being Methodist. Most non fem Methodists are good but that particular Methodist ‘christian’ anti family despot is an enemy. The guy running the local free legal aid/women’s advocacy services is a Jew. That particular Jew is bad. What confuses things worse is that there are many many more people who are non muslim who do hatchet work for the bitch system. People who fabricate lies and false witness, people who conspire as kept juries, people who turn in their neighbor for bounty, people who advocate siezing your arms. How thinned out will the west become once all the enemies of western culture get whacked or put into work camps? The west is in store for a haircut like never before in its history. Anyone who has been victimized by any of the above retains a shit list of the enemy. Factor in that still people change. People wake up and turncoat against their enemy cohorts or enemy sympathizing family members in some cases. The key is positions of power. Pro neo-masculine men must strive for power not for self aggrandizement but to deliver society/civilization from ruin. Feminism will ruin the west if the financers/elite aren’t contained. They can only hide on this finite earth. They can all be routed out wherever they be. We’re a bit frantic about Islam when it is women and zionists in power that are injecting them into the secular western countries. These are the weak and uneducated muslims interspersed with a 5th column of wind up toys with a ‘conquista’ program. It would be easier to grow the neo-masculine positions of power and clean out the western institutions of fems, globalists, anti-tribalists than it would be to push back and unroot the waves of immigrants.

        1. No, it isn’t; it’s a culture of violence, incest, ignorance, and scape goating. It’s barely a culture at all; men abuse women, women abuse sons, men murder their own daughters for being the victims of rape, allah looks the other way when you bugger each other on Tuesday, and most men are excluded from marriage because the Sultan wants a harem.
          That’s not patriarchy; that’s devil worship.

        2. “Why. Isn’t the Muslim culture a patriarchal culture?”
          They are, but that only makes them more dangerous. They’re everyone’s ancestral enemies, even before Islam.
          Genesis 16:11-12:
          The angel of the LORD said to her further, “Behold, you are with child, And you will bear a son; And you shall call his name Ishmael, Because the LORD has given heed to your affliction. “And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.
          So it has been for 4,000 years and counting.

      2. so your enemy is the internationalist you say yet you espouse the exact same leftist rainbow multiracial multicultural “diversity” crap that they’ve pushed on all of western society (with the aim of wiping out the white race – and only whites!) ad nauseam as they do? uh what? RACE is real bro, and it matters.
        if you are as you say, mixed italian / scottish ( scotch is a whisky btw ), you have two unique european bloodlines in you but you’re not mixed race. you are confusing ethnicity with race. not everyone in north america is a mongrel, although the elites are pushing that crap hard on white countries.
        USA, canada etc were built by the white man. not the negro, mestizo or asian just as most of the greatest societies and empires have been. it’s not a coincidence they flock to white societies and not vice versa because 99% of theirs are third world hellholes.
        i’m a white nationalist, so not interested in non-whites “assimilating” in white societies, its nothing personal, they shouldn’t be here. their presence is destructive, and most of all they do NOT feel the same way, race is important to them and their cultures, its only whites who have abandoned their racial integrity on a large scale, not just in north america but sadly in europe too.

    2. Buy an eye patch, a sniper riffle, trench coat and climb at the top of the highest clock tower. Snipe anyone who looks like Hilary Clinton.

    3. Its not a matter of skin color friend…its a matter of culture. Are you proud to be American? Are you a patriot? Are you a helpful member of your community?
      If you’re more interested in segregating yourself by adopting ghetto culture then you don’t belong. But if you love your country and have a real world skill to offer when SHTF then you’re welcome in the tribe of America.

    4. As I always think, what matters is what you have in your mind, not your skin color. But I’m not from USA, so my opinion doesn’t matter all this much…

  22. Do point 4.
    Yes, AWALT and all the other risks of modern marriage. I say to you that being a man is hard mode, that sure, enjoying the decline is ok as long as you don’t mind how you’ll end, and just because you get married and have kids does not mean you should ever stop gaming your woman. Those that do have a much higher chance of failure.

  23. I think the end of the American Republic will parallel with the end of the Roman Empire [slow painful decline due to apathy; with the provinces leaving the empire to form their own separate spheres of influence] more so than a head on collapse [see Aztecs].
    Famous historian Edward Gibbons said when Rome fell in 476 A.D. most Romans at the time did not notice as it made no difference in their lives. The damage had already been done the previous 2 centuries of decay.

    1. I think it’ll be a collapse with a bang. We live in an era where things change at an exponential speed. America from 10 years ago doesn’t exist anymore. Remember just a small hick up in ’08 almost blew off the lid.

      1. Yeah true. The Romans didn’t have to worry about a global economy or nukes. Good point.

        1. It’s the society, the economy, fucking facebook, human relations, family unit etc are degrading at a neck breaking speed.

        2. Instantaneous global communication and intertwined markets might change that equation Tony. Our collapse will be rather nasty I suspect.

        3. Considering most urban grocery stores are 2 weeks away from each delivery rendering them barren during an economic collapse, cannibalism is in the cards once the cats and dogs are boiled.
          Civilization is such a fragile thing when you step back and look at all the moving parts that could go wrong.

        4. Considering that the dogs getting boiled are teacup Chihuahuas and Pugs, then yes, we’re doomed.

        5. …or REALLY important things, like providing women with narcissistic supply via social media!

    2. I have the feeling that a lot of states would suceed before drowning with the rest of the country. Texas, Utah, and Alaska. Texas has enough clout and was once it’s own country before. The Mormons would love to form their own country and Alaska would form closer ties with Russia.

      1. I agree. The stronger states would establish “spheres of influence” over surrounding states in the same vein that ex Roman provinces rose to become powerful independent nation states. Texas, Alaska, and Utah [and any other pro-gun state] are definitely states I would pick.

    3. “Famous historian Edward Gibbons said when Rome fell in 476 A.D. most
      Romans at the time did not notice as it made no difference in their
      lives. The damage had already been done the previous 2 centuries of
      The Roman empire didn’t fall until 1453, and even then it didn’t really die, but continued on through Russia.

      1. Culturally carried on, yes. But entirely different people and political entities. The western Romans fell in officially in 476 A.D. and the mainly Greek eastern Byzantines fell in 1453 A.D. with the Ottoman capture of Constantinople.

  24. id much rather fight in the Russian army than in the Canadian army ( because Canada is USA’s bish,) and I 100% do not support the current agendas of the Obama administration. (A lot more could be said on this)

  25. America has never truly mobilized or fought a war of action (not attrition) since the civil war. Every campaign from that point forward has been one of national interest and not homeland preservation. America will probably go tribalistic but hey, America is fucking huge and not harsh like much of of Canada and Russia.

  26. If the Russians are our enemy and the Saudis are our friends, then I must say, better to have an honorable enemy than a dishonorable friend.

    1. Russians were the first in space and also have the largest space station presence, have numerous contributions to humanity, composers writers, scientists and apart from oil what do we get from Saudi Arabia?

  27. Good article except for the picture of Reagan laughing with his cabinet. Reagan would have kicked the ever living shit out of ISIS and bombed anyone who supported them into a glass parking lot. Reagan was a take no prisoners ass kicker to America’s enemies. yes, he was involved in Iran contra, but he backed down the Rooskies and won the cold war. Don’t compare him with the leftist psychos running Washington and betraying our country now.

    1. Oh please, Reagan backed Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist regimes. Reagan like other American puppets, was the front man for American corporate interests. He was just more zealous carrying out those interests. America fundamentally, as a system is rotten to the core, and don’t let B rated actors with duplicitous smiles convince you other wise.

      1. Proof or more leftist bullshit being spewn from your leftist indoctrination? The hatred of Regean is a hold over from him dispelling the intellectual and fiscal bankruptcy of communist ideology and the left will never forgive him for that. The US met with Bin Laden in the 80’s, and alot of other Groups, but the CIA contact who spoke with him deemed him unrelialbe. The US never supproted Bin Laden despite the smears.

        1. Next you’re going to tell us Oliver North never supported drug trafficker/dictator Noriega. Your boy Reagan is no different than Obama aside from tough talk.

        2. Clever Galt. You defend Reagan like Dems defend Hillary and Benghazi. I see both parties as puppets of the same corporate/banking elite.

      2. My favorite memory of Reagan: [besides the deficits, allowing 3 million illegals into America, and legalizing abortion in California] is being told to “hurry up” by the CEO of Merril Lynch. It tells you who is really in charge of America.
        Reagan is no different than Obama besides tough talk. For some reason old timers have a boner for him.

    2. Reagan’s Legacy:
      Never turned an economic surplus
      Signed Mulford Act, banning carrying of loaded weapons in public
      Sign Abortion into law as Governor of California
      Signed Family Law Act in 1969, legitimization no fault divorce
      Sold weapons to Iran to support the Contras
      Sold chemical weapons to Iraq to fight Iran
      Gave amnesty to 3 million illegals in 1986
      Supported drug trafficker/dictator Noriega through Oliver North
      Expanded Medicaid and Social Security[welfare for old people]
      Reagan was garbage.

  28. Please stop this incessant racist idea that Islam is our enemy. We must all join forces and fight the real enemy. The big enemy of the civilized world: Global warming/climate change! okay…attempt at sarcasm over.
    Yes, radical Islam must be wiped clean from the face of our world. Period.

    1. Wiping them clean from the surface of our world might be too ambitious. But we should definitely wipe them out from certain areas, especially the areas we live in. We should not tolerate muslims coming in non-muslim countries then making all sorts of demands assorted with death threats. Who the hell they think they are? They don’t belong in the vast majority of Europe and both North and South America. They should be sent back to their “homelands”.

  29. Manosphere started as a legitimate way for men to learn how to better lives- that is money-wise, women-wise and fitness-wise, but now I realize that it ends as a ridiculous Putin cult and the Russian army recruit wannabees (Seriously? Seriously?!)
    Do the retards here even know what Russian army is? Sexual violence, alcoholism, completely unchecked corrupt heads who can court martial you for anything. Russians are injuring themselves purposefully so they can dodge the conscription. Many say it’s better to end up in the Russian prison than military and keyboard jockeys here want to join them?! Yes, sounds like the paradise you need. Go ahead and do it!
    Meanwhile, if you truly value what Western world has accomplished, if you really care about family and friends, you will abandon these idiotic ideas and join the fight here in West. To fight ISIS, to fight Islamists, to counter Assad, Putin and China. That’s the fight.

    1. Russia is the only white country in the world that is not heading for cultural and ethnic suicide. So, yes, quite seriously.

      1. Hard to believe that those white Russians were deemed inferior by white Europeans. How times change.

        1. Man, in and prior to WW2 white people of all different European countries were hating and killing each other. Now there is no issue with Spaniards in Berlin or Italiens in London… If they had known back then how multicoloured it was all going to get…

      2. Um, Russia’s population is way below replacement rate. Even Putin’s “Go home and have sex” holiday isn’t cutting it. And despite recent declines, Russia’s abortion rate is still well above those of Ukraine, Belarus and especially the USA. At least Russia’s large Muslim minority population is popping out sprogs. Not sure that’s a good thing for the West, though.

  30. In the case of a global conflict joe blow and his wannabe militia is good for exactly jack all. How would a volunteer militia do against an air strike? Mortar fire? Not well. I’m sure as hell not joining the Russian military. Why would I? I’m not Russian and couldn’t care less about Russia. They want to fight ISIS? Good for them. I wish them well in that task. They can handle their business in their best interest and I will do the same. ISIS going to land invade Canada? Good luck.

  31. I would add to join or donate money to the NRA, they are fighting in court to protect your right to protect yourself. That’s why they are targeted after every mass shooting. They force the left to follow the law because they drag them into court. Support the NRA until it falls apart and then defend yourself and your family and worthy neighbors.
    Buy a gun, ammo, and zero it or learn how to shoot it. Then make them “Come and take it.” I think right before everything collapses they are going to try to use leftest progressive law enforcement to disarm civilians. Trust me, 90% of the military and police are smiling politely but will go pro-Constitution and Bill of Rights when the Progressive pull their mask off.
    Islam is a political system and a Religion. Most Muslims are critical thinkers and are like you, you leave them alone and they are willing to leave you alone. They are like Christians who have had their own unofficial individual reformation and are not willing to kill or die for a religion. But, in the official Islamic handbook ISIS, IS, or ISIL is following the official unabridged Koran Handbook to the letter.
    Putin touched on the correct response to ISIS. Nuke their “Capital” in Raqqa, Syria and though a lot of innocent people will die it will force the phony allies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Jordan, Afganistan, and Kuwait to realize the world is sick of their games.

    1. Thanks Quintus. A fortress is what our minds need to be. BTW saw the film “Far from men” set during the algerian war. Viggo mortensen plays there in 3 languages. He shows once more his talent. Check it, It is a must see for you.

  32. Point #10 is the most poignant. Especially in light of Zuckerberg’s comment above. Make no mistake: this new wave of millennial “caring capitalist” elitists is the biggest con since 3rd wave feminism. They are no more caring than the Rockefellas and Carnegies of last century, who would work their employees to death and make them thankful for having a job. Don’t believe the bullshit.. Zuckerberg and his ilk will likewise throw us under the bus if it means another dollar added to the stock price.

  33. Great article! Those are exactly my thoughts after seeing the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the Paris attacks. Let’s unite french people!

  34. IMO get weapons before the war break out, so you don’t end up a defenseless sheep when shit hits the fan.

  35. hunting is useless in my country because there are no wild animals around. so if the EU illuminati wants their people to starve they will in less than 1 week. the only reliable option for food is to dig a hole and pluck the worms out of it.

  36. The U.S. Military is going through some bad chances (such as allowing women into Special Forces), however it is still a good organization to join. Although we are not currently engaged against ISIS with conventional ground forces (we are only using Special Operations troops), it is a great brotherhood to become a part of.
    The perception of the U.S. military on ROK seems to be lukewarm at best, mostly due to the Obama administration. Men do not abandon their country or their flag because a President made some bad decisions. That stinks of “fair weather patriotism” that Thomas Paine chided in his pamphlet regarding the harsh winter of 1776.
    “The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”
    In spite of it all, I will still fight for the United States or Great Britain. The oath of office taken when joining to bear “true faith and allegiance to the same” is not something to be abandoned whimsically when we disagree with a national leader.

    1. It is not about a “President made some bad decisions”. It is about the pointlessness of giving your life in defence of a system. The idea of a country is the sum total of its values. The US and the majority of Western “democracies” have been infected by the progressives disease. The values of family, honour, freedom are being decimated by sjw’s, the msm and all the other libtards whom we mention here.
      Are you really going to defend a system that does not respect the sacrifice you make? Denigrates men and holds up “strong independent women” as the pinnacle of western achievement? I will fight for my piece of ground but those who would make my life cheap will not profit from my sacrifice.

      1. I am a Marine Officer, prior enlisted and have been in for 17 years. I am terrified of what I have seen in the last 7 years. Under the Obama administration we went from a well disciplined battle harden organization ready and praying for more war to a shadow of that. We have forced out many of our senior NCO’s who grew up on the battlefield, mid level field grade and company grade officers are taking early retirement and we are recruiting what I have been told is “a better Marine”. What I am getting is a bunch of fucking participation trophy winners. The only reason I will stay and fight is because some mother, father, sister and brother entrusted me with their sons life. I feel I owe them to see them properly trained and lead into battle. Mom and apple pie? I don’t give a flying fuck about that shit.

        1. Family and personal relationships are important. Getting a son home in one piece to his Mom and that apple pie cooling on the window sill is most admirable.

        2. Kudos to you.
          “What I am getting is a bunch of fucking participation trophy winners.”
          I have heard that from a few sources. Once the social engineering of the military stops, it can be rebuilt for its intent.

        3. Good luck, sir. Watch your back on the field. The real enemy isn’t the soldiers in front of you, but the liberal looking for an opportunity to stab you in the back while you are distracted.

  37. Excellent article.
    “10 Things You Must Do If The Great War Breaks Out”
    Not a question of if, but when. The current financial system and social ideologies being pushed by globalist elites are unsustainable and collapse is inevitable.
    I surmise this will occur in the next 20-40 years, if not sooner.
    These are things you must start doing RIGHT NOW. If you wait until the system collapses, you will be at a serious disadvantage.
    Marxists will learn Number 10 the hard way. When shit hits the fan, neither police, military nor government can save you.
    Only guts, guns and God can save you, and Marxists have none of the above.

  38. Join the Russian Army?! But you said to surround yourself with the worthy?
    The Russian Army, like the Soviet one before it, has a few fairly good units. Behind them is a big gaggle of poorly trained conscripts with shitty equipment from the 70’s. And most of them are stationed along the Chinese / Siberian border – enjoy the winters.

  39. An excerpt of “The Song of the Vermonter” (circa 1779)
    “Come York or come Hampshire, come traitors or knaves,
    If ye rule o’er our land ye shall rule o’er our graves;
    Our vow is recorded–our banner unfurled,
    In the name of Vermont we defy all the world!”

  40. You think Islam is your enemy? Wait till it goes down and you figure out it was the zionists the whole time. And that war is going to be between Russia (brics) and Nato.

  41. Yes, but winning a war is quite a different prospect to running an effective and unified State after the dust has settled. History also teaches us that despite the valor and courage of good fighters they are often wholly ineffective at this task. You need diplomacy, tact, nous and insight to build and renew a Nation to its rightful place after any conflict, this takes brains and not brawn.

  42. Move to Israel.
    It has all the attributes praised here.
    And yet, Israel is one of the mostly highly criticized countries on this web site.
    A paradox.

    1. “A paradox”
      It is. The only thing is the IDF doesn’t allow non-Jews in their ranks– unless you want to stuff boxes and other REMF duties.

      1. Even this has changed recently. I remember reading an article this year in which the IDF announced its first Christian Arab volunteers. And, as you probably know, the Druze have been combat troops in Israel’s army nearly from the foundation of the state..

  43. This is obviously a fluff piece meant to keep content fresh but the theme should not be undersold.
    If you live in the US by “The Great War” it probably means lots of civil unrest if not an outright de facto civil war. We have about 70 more million firearms in private circulation then we did 8 years ago. If that doesn’t tell you something, especially after years of declining sales, then you are just a fool.
    Have a plan and by that I mean an actual plan. Don’t just spend $1,000 on an AR-15 and some cool accessories then take it to the range a few times and think you are safe. You need an actual plan. What are you going to do when public transit doesn’t work? The roads are impassable with abandoned cars? The power is out? There are riots in the streets? That AR and a bunch of rounds of ammo aren’t going to do you any good unless you actually have a plan.
    There is plenty of good info out there on the net. Read it now. In fact print it out old school style. Because once the net goes dark it won’t ever come back up.

  44. Muslims, Mongols, the Leftists, The Vegan Front of Liberation?!! Damn!! Who knew.? Following what I hear in the news and occasionally on this site, you would think the greatest terrorist threat to america were “the blacks”. You mean the “Great Race War” is playing second fiddle to this?!?!

    1. blacks = 12% of US population yet 40%+ of all welfare recipients and prison inmates, lowest average IQ and highest unemployment rate.
      no need for them to fight a race war when they just leech until the host is dead.

  45. Gentlemen, Islam is a huge enemy in some ways bigger than what controls us now. It is a religion formed by thugs, that ruled by death, rape, pain and fear. It is diametrically opposed to Christianity & the teachings of Jesus.

  46. This kind of behavior is allowed, when US soldiers tossed a ranking official a beating for raping a boy the US soldiers were punished and court marshaled. These people are animals.

  47. Whatever you do, don’t be like those 1960’s boy scouts who were sent to kill a commie for Christ in the jungles of Vietnam, while the elite commies back home took over their universities and culture, banged their sisters and brainwashed their brothers. The issues that need to be addressed are right here at home. The counter-revolution cultural insurgency is just beginning.

  48. “…detach yourself from the pre-digested information you have been fed…” Invariably, once you do this and voice what you’ve learned, you run the very real risk of being called antisemitic. Might not seem like much but depends upon your career, social standing and what you seek to preserve.

  49. Damn. Even on a patriarchy website built by muhsoggynist shitlords talking about The Happening, women and children still come first…
    It’s our privilege.

  50. Is it really Islam that is the true enemy? Maybe, the Muz are glove puppets covering the blood red hands of Zealots. What is that special tribe chosen by their g-d to rule the world till it dies?
    Russell Bentley, American volunteer, fighting for Donetsk freedom: War Imminent:

  51. We can now join the Russian army as foreigners? I have to look into this.
    Edit: Looks like you have to speak Russian in order to qualify. Fuck. They should do like the FFL and teach the language, open it to all foreigners.
    I like this quote from the Russian Defence Ministry “No doubt, serving in the armed forces is not a fun ride, no matter where you find yourself serving your country, but being a real man is being able to take the pain and hardship.”
    As opposed to going to American service websites covered in women of different colors.
    God Bless Russia.

    1. i noticed that.
      russian military website emphasises becoming a real man, hardship, etc
      US, UK, etc recruitment sites talk about diversity & opportunities for women and faggots.
      oh and the US and UK have both opened up combat roles to women while the russians abandoned that madness after ww2

  52. The only best thing you can do is fuck islam, fuck war, fuck everything else and go live on a tropical island where there would be peace, vodka + bitches!

  53. The Great Muslim War? Is that anything like the race war which was coming to America from the 60’s to the 90’s? The race war never materialized because whites like fornicating with an inferior race they once dominated and enslaved. This Muslim War bullshit is the same. The Jews fear the Muslims and use de-moralized, de-Christized, homosexualized secular stooges i.e. Americans to do their dirty work.

  54. Seriously? Fight for what my friend? Look at the state of this world and look at the way people think and behave. Look at how they
    treat and insult you when you try and explain something to them with common sense and logic. Is your country or anyone or anything really worth fighting for anymore? Fuck all of it and damn them all to hell. Take care of your own, live your life best you can and try to be a better man than most. There is not much left to salvage on this earth.
    “Let no man deceive himself. If any among you think that they are wise in this world, then they must first become mad so that they may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is madness before God.”
    Letter of Paul to the Corinthians

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