Why Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is A Social Justice Propaganda Film

…you look around that room and you see the whitest fucking room in the history of time. It’s just unbelievably white. And I just thought, we’re casting this show and we have an opportunity to do anything we want, why not cast the show with actors of color?

JJ Abrams revealing how he chose actors for the color of their skin, not for who he thought were the best actors or actresses. These preferences flowed into gender as well.

Spread my warning across the galaxy, Padawans.

The Force Awakens is spectacularly replete with the handiwork of the avowed Social Justice Warrior JJ Abrams. So where can I possibly start in my criticisms? From the casting, which puts minorities and women incessantly and ridiculously in your face to make a political point (not tell a story), to the laziest of all space battles, the problems with the Episode 7 are more than numerous.

Let’s make no mistake: Abrams is a capable filmmaker, when he wants to be. Parts with General Hux, especially his speech and the destruction of the Hosnian system, are glorious. The visuals, not just those with CGI, are stunning. Abrams’ mission, though, is to distract viewers with impressive scenes and some chunks of capably written dialogue so as to implant his take on “girl power” and safe spaces for non-whites.

The Mary Sue of all Mary Sues

Is there anything she can’t do after reading a third wave feminist tract?

The female Rey, who it is heavily implied is Luke’s daughter, is the most underdeveloped character yet in over 14 hours of Star Wars films. Her story arc is practically-speaking non-existent and only the veneer of her sadness about her family leaving her on Jakku is painted over it. Whereas with other major Force-wielders in the series their abilities have previously developed or are developed over years, Rey seemingly does it in less than 12 seconds, rather than parsecs. Her whole trajectory in the film reeks of “god mode”, which for non-gamers like myself refers to the cheat codes that make a game character invincible.

Big question: did she fart in the wind on Jakku and the blowback from the desert winds grew her Force powers to monolithic proportions? That’s the only possible explanation.

In the case of Anakin Skywalker in the prequels, by contrast, we learn that he is the only human pilot to engage in pod racing. His mechanical know-how has been honed over some years, culminating in his construction of both his own pad racer and the droid C-3PO. And when he destroys the droid control ship above Naboo, it is largely as a result of his good fortune, not just long-acquired skill. A decade later and with continuous training, he additionally fails to best Count Dooku on Geonosis.

Two hours into the first film, with no training, Rey beats Kylo Ren. Four hours into the original trilogy, and with the training of Ben Kenobi and Yoda, Luke loses his right hand. Go girls!

Cast your mind back to the original trilogy, too. Aside from a little kid’s play with his father’s lightsaber at Ben Kenobi’s hermit pad and onboard the Millennium Falcon, Luke does not wield the weapon at all in A New Hope, let alone in combat against the likes of a Vader. He does destroy the Death Star as a very novice X-wing pilot, but this is after years of him taking out his stuck-on-bloody-Tatooine frustrations on womp rats in his T-16. Moreover, Luke would have been burnt space toast without the intervention of Han Solo and the Falcon. Oh, and in The Empire Strikes Back, after the tutelage of Yoda, he still gets his hand cleaved off by Vader.

So I am meant to believe that Rey could savage and nearly kill her presumed cousin Kylo Ren, whether he is injured or not? Ren is not yet a Vader in his powers. That much is clear. But this is the man who helped slaughter, as a boy or teenager, basically all of the talented pupils of Luke Skywalker. Luke then disappears and Kylo Ren is given more or less free rein, only to be wounded once by Chewbacca’s crossbow, once by apparently non-Force-sensitive Finn (“This is for slavery, whitey!”) and three times by Rey (“Fuck the patriarchy!”). Fuck off—that’s a plot fueled by meth.

To boot, Rey’s piloting and mechanical skills, to the point of knowing everything, is mind-boggingly “get more women in STEM” in its motivations. When she starts teaching Han Solo about the Falcon, things become breathtakingly contrived. It’s as if Abrams was paid by a female science scholarship foundation to drum up some public service announcements via film.

The plot is IQ-damagingly dumb

They put twenty times more effort into the parade than organizing the base defenses. And they didn’t learn from either the first or second Death Star debacles. Or Abrams and his writing team were too busy making Rey a goddess.

I take no issue with some of the artistic license Abrams uses in The Force Awakens. How the First Order managed to create a sun-sucking super weapon on a preexisting ice planet can be explained one day by some talented PhD graduate from the University of Coruscant. So, too, can the appearance of the Starkiller’s death beams and the destruction of the Hosnian system in the sky above far removed Takodana.

What matters, though, is the plot. Scientific ambiguities and inaccuracies can be tolerated if the story functions. But it’s entirely lacking here. For a start, the film borrows from or plain copies so many elements of A New Hope that I lost count. A non-exhaustive list would include a girl being held captive at the flagship facility of a military junta, a space battle to prevent the noble guerrillas’ base from being obliterated, and the death of an older character just as the younger infiltrators are about to leave for home. For the sake of free words, I cannot mention them all.

Beyond just the formulaic plot, here are a few of the frankly stupid elements of the story:

  • Finn just happens to be an ex-sanitation worked at Starkiller Base, in a galaxy where the First Order forces are now so numerous and powerful that the New Republic has to use the Resistance as a weak proxy to fight it. So he knows where to find the oscillator, which will destabilize and then obliterate the planet if destroyed. Makes perfect sense!
  • Both in its size and complexity, Starkiller Base makes the two Death Stars look like plasticine renderings. Yet there is no fleet to protect it? And a paucity of very ineffective turbolaser batteries and TIE fighter squadrons? A Resistance member at their headquarters light years away mentions them losing half their X-wings during the battle, as if that was so hard when they launched about, um, three and a half of them.
  • The amazingly overblown female character Captain Phasma is held at gunpoint and forced to lower Starkiller Base’s shields. These shields can be lowered so easily and without the immediate knowledge of General Hux or someone else? Oh, please, spare me.
  • Han Solo exits hyperspace no more than a few hundred metres from the surface of the Starkiller planet. And he announces it with “Now!” Hooray! Base infiltrated with common sense!
  • Finn is likeable but nevertheless a glorified white knight. Trained from just after birth to be a fighting machine, he does nothing relative to Rey and devotes the whole film to trying to protect her.

Tick the boxes with plenty of female and non-white characters

Game of Thrones’ Jessica Henwick was a cast a female X-wing pilot. Again, cast for her race and gender.

You can sniff out Abrams’ leanings from the start. As First Order troopships prepare to land to take out a village on Jakku, the first villager who pulls out a a blaster in defense is a woman. And it is some sort of big, mounted-looking one! This girl power is really paralleled in our world, where millions of young Western girls are so keen to protect their village or country that they won’t even join up, as their male contemporaries are forced to, in places like Finland and South Korea during peacetime. Or make the slightest squeak about the double standard. Well done, JJ.

Captain Phasma is given command of the First Order’s elite stormtroopers but she has the same biology as in our world, where no woman has ever passed the Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer Course. Another female stormtrooper reports to Ren about the failed attempt to locate Rey. And, after years of pretty much male-only recruitment, the New Republic’s affirmative action policies have been copied by the First Order, with large numbers of female military panel operators, technicians and officers.

The same goes for the racial choices. Insert a token female Asian and black male pilot. Black and Asian pilots were actually first done long ago (in Return of the Jedi) but JJ needs more, more, more! All while the plot suffers. Funny how an overwhelmingly male military combat force in a film is considered “unrealistic” when it is almost a carbon copy of our own reality in 2015.

Do not watch this film (at least by paying)

Pretty much sums it up.

Somebody has to watch it and for ROK that person is me. Our proprietor Roosh has refused to and all power to him and anyone else who has abstained. It helps when a limited few of us view it, to pick it apart piece by piece. An understanding of how entertainment is being used to propagandise acceptable social narratives is important.

It’s laughable how critics can butcher the revelation in the prequels that the Force is just the interaction of symbiotic organisms called midi-chlorians and other living things but laud The Force Awakens as a piece of sophisticated, “progressive” filmmaking. Some outlets have even resorted to naming and implicitly shaming critics who disliked this new addition. For a good parody of the pro-SJW obsessions of The Force Awakens, see Steven Crowder’s recent takedown.

For the time being, when it comes to deciding whether to see this film, take evasive action. It’s a trap.

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1,707 thoughts on “Why Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is A Social Justice Propaganda Film”

  1. Just another brainless PC/SJW sermon from another Leftist High Priest. No thanks. I’ll skip it.

  2. Not Star Wars, but one thing I liked about Jurassic World was that Bryce Howard’s character actually showed some femininity and wasn’t portrayed as a badass who could do everything a man could.
    If Abrams directed it, Owen would have likely been a woman.

    1. Funny how Jurassic World is also the highest grossing film of 2015, just a coincidence I guess…

    2. “who could do everything a man could”
      A woman can do anything a man can, and even better… with some help..

      1. Maybe society will invite something that will assist these women in working all of the messy jobs that men do to keep our society running on a daily basis. All of the dangerous jobs that men do (the ones where they are hurt or killed on a daily basis).
        Then, we can have a real debate on “wage inequality”. Until then, fuck them (with that Go Girl device even).

  3. I had a vision during my battle meditation that this would be a bullshit girl power film. Follow the path of the dark side goy…

  4. Amen to that. It is a shame though because it is the type of movie I would have rushed to see in the past, but now I just refuse to support with my $$$ the Hollywood social justice propaganda.

    1. That female stormtrooper Captain was the gayest thing ever. I mean why didn’t they just put a pink ribbon on her helmet to finish the look.

      1. That was the most bothering thing for me. The sense that even the bads are politically correct… suck
        At least bad guys could have been sexists and guys.

        1. It really doesnt matter. The point is not to make sense of the composition of the army . its to put the visual out there so that we are slowly desensitized to the images. The real purpose comes together when we no longer question what we have been exposed to over long periods of time. 10 years from now you may not question that the army consists of gay transexual midgets.

        2. Knowing the sexes conscription would be men-only. There is no reason to believe the empire buys into egalitarianism.

        3. Aren’t the fascist army supposed to be all-male?
          Many movie makers would make it that way. But since they have now hammered the point home countless times they like to vary the composition a little. That way they get some novelty, and they can claim that “Look, we don’t do any propaganda, we vary things in every direction!”
          This is something people often miss: The movie makers don’t ALWAYS use propaganda, and they don’t always agree on which methods to use either.
          Unfortunately most people can only accept a black-or-white picture of the world, or one where everything is the same nuance of grey. They can’t imagine different shades of grey. So if they don’t see total propaganda in movies and TV series, they think “Huh, that must mean there is no propaganda at all.” That is the value in not having all-pervasive propaganda.

        4. Funny thing, the clone army. They couldn’t use a White man to clone from, since the rule is that you must NEVER see a White crowd. Especially not one that is good or morally neutral, like the clone army was. But they couldn’t use a Black man to clone from either, since that would have been too obvious.
          What to do? Ah, yes! Use a light-brown guy who people can’t place racially. So they picked a Maori actor.
          In the old movies however, where the Empire and thus the stormtroopers were decisively the side of evil, all imperials we saw were White men. While the rebels were mixed both in race and species.

        5. I don’t think your assessment of their motives are accurate given their other alterations to the star wars franchise.

      2. On the bright side, I hear that the female stormtrooper captain (although she makes 200,000 a year in her executive position for the empire) lives alone with three cats in an apartment near the Degobah system.
        Hypergamy is a bitch – even in outer space.

    2. I agree!! I’m a science guy who’s big on sci-fi, but even before I heard of anything having to do with SJWs in this film, I already knew it was going to be an SJW film. Do you guys really think they would miss the opportunity to hijack something so big for their political leanings?
      And if you call them out on it, you look like a mad man!

      1. Disney is all about women after all, and their latest cartoons are feminist characters for the most part. there is no room for boys in a Disney universe…

    3. I can’t watch any of these movies (even though they belonged to a once great series). In this movie, similar to the Mad Max movies, they’ve taken a series and it’s been watered down with all the SJW and feminist bullshit of today’s society. Some of the other (and older) movies had plenty of minorities or women in them but the levels these producers and directors go to these days to eliminate white people (especially men) is ridiculous.
      JJ Abrams should be called out for being a racist. Anyone who wants something (anything) to be diverse is a racist (diversity is code for exclude white people..especially white men). People like this director seem to get a pass because they use different language but in the end it appears he is a racist by his comments on “how white the room is..” in the older flicks.
      The problem, today, is we”re no longer even looking at putting the best people (based on skill) into roles. We’re looking to make everything “equal” or “fair” so no feelings are hurt. That means women, first, with all minorities, second…and fuck all of the whites (men).
      It will be the downfall of our society.

      1. I think you miss the point. JJ Abrams is no different than the other hollywood shills who push an agenda. They are people pleasers. Whatever is rolling in the big money is what is going to translate to the screen. Competency for the roles has EVERYTHING to do with the choices made. If you read/heard any of his interviews., he stated that those roles were written to cast for a black rebel stormtrooper and and a girl power lead. He wanted to shake things up. White men had no chance , at all , to compete for the roles. The qualification here was being female or being black. Just in the same way, blacks have never been considered to play James Bond or Batman. Strictly white male is the qualification. Correct me if Im wrong , but by implying that JJ Abrams is a racist, would you consider this an example of white men term “reverse racism”. I personally don’t believe in that concept or that it applies in this situation since it is a white man making the role decisions. When blacks complain about racism the oppressor is not another black. Are you saying that it is “racist” for a white man to chose to employ a black or female over a white man, even in this case where the selection meets his casting requirements?!

      2. Imagine JJ saying something like “This was the motherfucking blackest room ever.”
        I dont think so..

      3. It makes no sense to make an effort to make star wars “racially” diverse. It’s fan base is not racially diverse.

        1. What? That is probably the most ignorant comment I’ve read
          on this post! Where do you get your facts? Movies like Star Wars don’t make 500
          million dollars (in a weekend) worldwide because a “niche” market watches them.
          Star Wars is now 38 years old and as been enjoyed by a large diversity of races
          for almost 40 years now. It’s funny that
          there’s a stereotype of what a “real” Star Wars fan is, but the fact is that
          you don’t become a multi-billion dollar franchise without EVERYONE liking it.
          Star Wars is not a Woody Allen movie, it’s a global phenomenon. It’s also
          hilarious to me that people are questioning a Black actor getting a prominent
          role in the new movies. The whole series of 7 movies is filled with robots, wookies,
          green women, goblins and monsters, but a black guy gets a seriously prominent
          role and people have to question it? As if space in the future could only be
          seen through the eyes of English speaking white men? People love Star Wars in
          Harlem, Compton, the south side of Chicago and beyond. We Buy the DVD’s, the
          toys, the T-Shirts and the posters just like everyone else. I don’t understand
          why you think we’re all so different…

        2. A niche market? Lmao
          No ones questioning why he got the role. We know why he got it. Because he’s black. Much like the girl got the part because vagina.
          Rest easy, every character in that movie was a joke. Even the white people. They simply recycled the characters (and the plot) from a new hope.
          It’s really hard to like characters that fall in the “minority” category when it seems they are incapable of creating any that are original

      4. All the star wars movies were social justice pieces. It just was’t as in your face in the 70’s and 80’s because social justice wasn’t as in your face then.
        Princess Leia (Warrior leader princess whom the bad boy feels like he must tame) and Lando Calrissian (reformed Harlem pimp it would seem, who went straight and kicked ass in the cloud mining business.)
        Plus the fact that the good guys had lots of aliens, women, asians, blacks and whites on the extreme multicultural team both in leadership positions, warrior positions and pilot positions. Think of Mon Mothma. There didn’t seem to be a more powerful person in the rebel base than Mon Mothma.
        Yet the badguys were 100% non-alien, white and male. So even George Lucas was calling his own group out as the bad guys from the beginning. So if the original trilogy was in line with the social justice propaganda at the time, it isn’t a surprise that this one is upping the ante.

        1. Good point. But back then there was no social media which continuously pounded the SJW agendas on our heads. Like everything else their messages were slowly infused into popular culture. Now it seems like they use a battering ram. We’ve always been somewhat aware of the subtle changes . Im just wondering if maybe we didn’t notice because the screenplays and character development was better. It didn’t seem forced, like it does today.

        2. Good point.
          The original Star Wars was on the other night. When Han and Princess Leia meet for the first time, he (along with Luke and Chewie) rescue her from the Dentention Center. If you rmember, they are in a shootout in a hallway (next to the trash compactor).
          Immediately, Leia starts bitching at Han: “This is some escape plan, etc.” Then, she grabs Luke’s gun, blows a hole the wall, and yells something like, “Into the garbage, fly boy!” to Han. A few scenes later, Han is falling for her – because, as we know, what man cannot resist a bitch with power?
          The original Star Wars might be the first major feminist film in Hollywood (especially given that it came out in the late 70s).

        3. The difference was that you had warrior princess Leia and then you had no-nonsense, I-make-my-own rules Han Solo as a counterpoint to put her in her place and challenge her. I’m not referring to the softie Return of the Jedi Han Solo but the way he was portrayed in the first 2. (Carbonite reduces T Count I’m assuming).
          However, in Farce Awakens you have omnipotent social justice warrior princess Rey, and who is there to put her in her place or challenge her? Beta-ized Han Solo offers her a job, Finn kisses her ass and white knights for her the whole movie.
          I can see how you could have Leia falling for Han with his asshole personality and the way he passes her shit tests, but it will make me sick if I hear they contrive some romance between beta Finn and butch Rey.

        4. I think Leia in the original trilogy acts about as “strong” as what you’d see in a 1950’s movie with Maureen O’Hara. Not to mention she says “I love you” to Han first, NOT the other way around. (I always use the line “I know” when a girl I’m with tells me she loves me, which they always say first, not me).
          If you watch a lot of movies from the 40’s and 30’s though you’ll actually see quite a few female characters acting in a proto-feminist, take-charge manner. Look at any Katharine Hepburn movie, with “Philadelphia Story” in particular. However, these “strong” female characters usually are quite feminine and end up being put in their place.
          I think this type of classic cinema fiery woman/tough guy putting-her-in-her place romance is what George Lucas was trying to channel in his original trilogy, along with other aspects of Hollywood’s golden age movies. Look at all the Indiana Jones movie and you see the same dynamic of high-maintenance women getting put in their place by a man knows his shit. On a sidenote, I’d recommend watching McClintock with John Wayne.
          It has a lot of red pill truth in it, even if it is a goofy western comedy. Basically John Wayne’s bitchy ex-wife hears he has a much younger, pretty housekeeper so she gets jealous and returns home. The movie ends with John Wayne putting her in her place and publicly spanking her while the whole town watches and cheers him on. One of my favorite movie scenes.

        5. Films need conflict, so a romantic storyline is bound to have some back and forth. But I think today’s solio-political ballyhoo ends up bleeding into the storyline. I agree with you thoughthat this trend can be seen in smaller ways in previous films of the black and white era.

        6. Note: George Lucas wanted to make Han Solo an alien first, and then a Black man. And Luke Skywalker was supposed to be a midget, and Obi Wan and Leia were supposed to be Asians. And the Force was supposed to be magic and wasn’t called the Force. The movie as Lucas intended it was about chasing a magical artefact in space. A typical space opera.
          But the movie was pretty much directed by Lucas’ teacher from directing school, and he changed the cast to make it look less like an international show-and-tell. (Making Han Solo look White with a quarter-Jew actor; can’t have it too White after all!)
          Then, according to George Lucas himself, the media accused the movie of being too White. So Lucas sought a Black man for a “dashing adventurer and leader” in the second movie – and we got Lando Calrissian.
          And then of course he went all-out with tree-hugging Ewoks defeating the human, White empire’s elite troops. Note that those troops were the best of the best, the emperor’s personal guard. But no match for the forces of Diversity.

        7. That’s pretty interesting. I never knew Obi Wan and Leia were supposed to be Asians. I really miss the fun escapism of the originals and the sequels. It’s a shame this movie couldn’t live up to that but oh well I’ve been watching a lot of underrated old movies with no SJW crap and red pill realism lately to get the bad taste of Farce Awkens out of my mouth. Star Wars is great and I’ve always loved it but there are so many other great movies out there that most people aren’t even aware of that don’t have all this politically correct crap.

        8. There’s absolutely NO chemistry on screen between the two of them…NONE. It’s almost as though the director couldn’t decide what kind of relationship they had. I have no problem with a “color-less” society, per se. Classical liberal economics posits that the ONLY thing worthy about an individual is his abilities. However, since the whole movie industry is ONLY about making money, quickly, with the exception of socialist propaganda pieces that they fund, JJ Abrams didn’t allow the actors to more adequately blend. I think this might have been a problem in markets like Japan and China where social interaction between races is not as liberal as they want us all to believe.

        9. Maybe ‘chemistry’ is a subjective judgement?! To me there was no lack of a kind of vivacious charm between the two actors in their respective roles

        10. If you realize that in real life “strong,” bitchy women like Rey are only truly attracted to men who pass their rapid-fire shit tests and who are willing to deal with their awful behavior in the first place, you’ll know two things: 1. on some subconscious level, a romance between Rey and Finn will come off as contrived to the general audience (Anakin for all his whininess at least had that arrogant, narcissistic, moody, I-Slaughter-Innocent-Women-and-Children-and-Don’t-Care combination of dark triad qualities that women secretly love so much) and 2. it will be utterly unpalatable to anyone who has digested the red pill and learned what actually turns on a woman’s hindbrain.
          Fact is, Finn acts like a needy beta orbiter/white knight the whole movie. In real life, I have seen this weird dynamic between bitchy women and clueless betas play out so many times and it all ends the same: beta orbiter promptly gets friendzoned or strung along as a sex-starved “boyfriend.”
          Let’s hope for the sake of anyone interested in the rest of the trilogy (not me) Rey finds that nice job at Jezebel’s Coruscant office and Finn works at the Yoda Dagobah bootcamp to increase his T Count.

        11. “If you realize that in real life “strong,” bitchy women like Rey are only truly attracted to men who pass their rapid-fire shit tests and who are willing to deal with their awful behavior in the first place.”
          On of the goals of these movies is to train men to find bitchiness more sexy than sweetness. Tier one guys who, despite having an abundance mentality and lots of option, decide to wife up a scowling, damaged woman.
          It is, arguably, the most important subplot “message” of all “bas-ass chick” movies: not that “women can do whatever they want,” but that tier one men should choose these type of women for partners.

        12. “On of the goals of these movies is to train men to find bitchiness more sexy than sweetness.”
          This is so true.
          It’s alarming how many guys I know who gush about the latest major female action movie character and how “badass” she is, as if cursing like a sailor, acting like a bitch, beating up men in physical combat with ridiculously unrealistic competency and having some form of skrillex/shaved head hairstyle is tantamount to sexy.
          Cases in point: Scarlet Johannsson’s Black Widow character from the Marvel Movies, Charlize Theron’s character from Mad Max and now Rey from Farce Awakens.
          I suppose the brainwashing works given how many betas shack up “scowling, damaged wom(en)” in our society.
          While the Red Pill has greatly enhanced my skills with women to the point where I am basically running a harem now, I realize one of the biggest prices you pay is that you can’t enjoy the same entertainment everyone else does without being utterly turned off because of the lies and political correctness inherent in it.

        13. Good examples, and there are too many Hollywood examples to name offhand.
          This physical “equality” ends at the bedroom, of course. Someone has to be the dominant and the other the submissive. Note how even gay couples veer toward the top/bottom dynamic.
          This is why, ultimately, the “bad-ass chick” character will always be a failure for the women who try to embody its characteristics. They will be unhappy as either a dominant or a submissive. If they are dominant, the man is a pussy. If they are submissive, the man is a domineering asshole.

        14. “This physical “equality” ends at the bedroom, of course. Someone has to be the dominant and the other the submissive.”
          This is why I laugh whenever I see some “badass” chick being presented in a movie: I just imagine how badly she wants to be dominated and humiliated in the bedroom xD
          In my experience, the bitchier and “stronger” a woman appears to be, the more she wants to be spanked and be utterly dominated in the bedroom. I’ve seen this to be especially true with black girls, who seem to have higher testosterone levels and can be more bitchy than women of most other races: I’ve never once bedded a black girl who didn’t LOVE me making her call me master and spanking the heck out of her.
          Ah, the long paradoxical divide between feminist heroic archetypes and their deepest fantasies. Always good for a laugh.

        15. “This is why I laugh whenever I see some “badass” chick being presented in a movie: I just imagine how badly she wants to be dominated and humiliated in the bedroom xD”
          Reminds me of a friend who used to bang some woman who was a top executive of some company.
          The girl requested to be placed inside of a dog cage. She then blew my friend through the wires of the cage.
          True fucking story,

        16. Yeah that doesn’t surprise me at all. One of the girls I’m with right now was promoted to manager at her company. Ever since that happened I have established a master/slave dynamic with her in the bedroom and out of it (me being her master of course).
          It’s almost as if this is nature’s way of correcting female nature when women get too dominant: they want to be extra submissive when they’re with a man who knows his shit.
          Look at Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the ultimate “female badass” in the Hunger Games and feminism’s poster girl, who had pictures leaked from her computer of her apparently doing some very depraved things in the bedroom.
          It makes me laugh now whenever I hear Jennifer Lawrence touting herself as a positive role model for girls or demanding to be paid more xD

        17. Yes, I recall being repulsed by the unrealistic scene where Leia uses the blaster to blow a hole in the wall. I was around 10 years old and I knew then that the movie was attempting to brainwash me via desensitization to feminist propaganda. I remember arguing with my beta cousin, who was otherwise intelligent, that it ruined the movie for me, while he could not stop singing it’s praises.
          In my childhood I decided to put aside my distain and revulsion, since there was nothing I could do about it, and enjoy the parts of the movie that I could accept.
          I am happy to see men discussing this now and dragging it into the light.

        18. I was only 7 when the original came out, so the socio-political agenda slipped past me.
          No more, though.

        19. Have you ever seen Chuck? Read a plot synopsis. Rey and Finn will be red hot compared to that.

      5. What’s funny is that most of the actors in the film were white males but according to you they were excluded? Are you stupid or deluded? Being against diversity makes you racist. What does the race of the actors matter? If you say they should be white then you are racist. Plain and simple

        1. You can ignore the facts if you want but the director of this movie went out of his way to cast non-white lead actors to be more “diverse”. His own words about the room being “so white” is often ignored because everything (today) has to be “diverse) for some reason. We no longer go after the best actors because if we did go after the best some of these people in this movie would have not made the cut.
          It’s the same for many colleges, today. They want to make their schools more “diverse” so the purposely ignore white students (some with better grades) so that everything is fair, they can receive that “diversity” money from the government and it looks good on their resume. Now, on college campus you have stupid shit like BLM because going to those high tier schools wasn’t enough for this new “diverse” crowd.

        2. We have never had films go after the best actor or actress in the past. For one thing, “best” is subjective in the arts. The majority of film and tv roles in America are reserved for white guys. For example, Knight Rider. When that show was cast, I’m willing the only people allowed to read for the role were White men age 25 to 35. In fact, in the past, white was typically the default unless otherwise noted. White guys got the leads and most of the supporting cast and them they’d add a token minority as a boss or co-worker.
          It’s not much different then segregated baseball. Whites thought they were seeing the best athletes on the field. Once non-whites were allowed to compete on an even playing field they saw it wasn’t true. We’re beginning to see that on screen. Finally!

        3. The problem we have today is that we’re now swinging to the opposite end to make everything diverse – that means you’re being racist against white people (mostly white men) – finally. I’ve never had a problem with the best competing for the job. The problem I have is giving a director a pass on making an openly racist statement and our society giving it a pass -nothing said in the media, he kept his job, no apology.
          I’m for the best people getting the best roles. I’m not for hand outs, affirmative action, or “the level playing field” – which we both know isn’t very level at times. I know that racism existed “back when”…the problem I have now is the racism (today) that no one sees that actually exists (while still calling out white men for being racist). The hypocrisy is staggering at times.
          Black Lives Matter? Someone tell the black community because they are the ones killing the majority of black people.

        4. Yes but being for diversity for diversity’s sake is ALSO racist. Just as it is to use diversity for a third, yet unseen plan for social engineering. Pushing something at the expense of something else in terms of race, will always be racist towards someone. Just as it will be destructive to all, eventually. With the one pushing profiting and the one’s being pushed destroyed. Though it has to be said that even the one profiting will by natural law reap what he sows.

        5. Well physicality doesn’t translate to every other aspect of existence. In fact those last two sentences are racist in and of themselves. Due to your generalization.

      6. Truth.
        One thing that has me curious (and knowing that there is a definite agenda means my mind is just toying with this conundrum not taking it too seriously, I mean, we’ve even heard the new catch-all derogatory term for when racist, bigot, and homophobe are meaningless, xenophobe):
        This is in space like Star Trek and Mass Effect etc. there are countless planets and alien life, and yet the only alien in the “main” cast is still the man-sized bi-pedal dog side-kick.
        Come on, where are the Chiss, where are the Rodians and Trandoshans?
        Nope. Just a white grrl-power chick (not even a damn Twi’lek and that I also wouldn’t be surprised develops a pseudo-lesbian relationship with a hermaphroditic species so they can both look like women and get pregnant by the end of Episode IX) and pals shouting they don’t need no white man even in a galaxy far, far away.

      7. Congratulations. You have not only managed to be an idiot but you have also done a great job at being incorrect.

        1. It’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it (we don’t agree). If that’s all you have (the name calling) then I must have hit a nerve.

      8. If you’re concerned about the exclusion of white malt characters in Star Wars then don’t be.. There’s a perfectly strong, heroic, skilful white guy in the latest Star Wars film, an ace pilot of the kind you’ve seen in dozens of action films. People are not discussing him here so much because they are up in arms about the presence of non-white, non-male characters in significant roles. This is not a film which demeans the white male, or excludes them. True, the heroes are not comprised entirely of white men. But ain’t that a good thing? Or rather, why is that a bad thing?

        1. We’ve seen plenty of movies with all kinds of action heroes…that’s not the problem. The larger problem is how the director got away with making a racial statement and then went about hand picking his actors in order for the movie to be diverse (which, to me, is code for racism). He goes about picking a cast to keep in mind that he needs to exclude more white people (white men, actually) and nothing is said about it.
          There is a larger problem in our society…it’s these types of actions not being called out for what they really are….racist or racism.
          Let that happen to another sex or race and that director isn’t working for long. Social media would tear that director apart with rants of sexism, racism, etc….

      9. All the other Films already had diversity, but it didn’t come across as an political statement. Mace Windu, the Jedi only second to Yoda at the time was SL Jackson, and no one ever questioned it.

        1. Yes, indeed. Both Sam Jackson and Billy Dee Williams had good, strong characters in the movie. The new one seems like it pretty much threw in the character Finn to back up the “strong female” narrative and to check all of the boxes on the cast sheet.
          Again, the real problem that the main stream media doesn’t cover is the racist statement made by the director. If he would said that about any other race, then he would have been called out on the spot…but it’s white people so it’s “ok”. That’s the problem we have today…the elephant in the room that many are ignoring.
          Being racist against or about white people (especially white men) is acceptable in today’s society.

      10. I see the death of Han Solo as a political slaying – a changing of the guard. Now that the white man is out of the way, the young goddess can claim his seat as her own, while flying off with his Whookie.

        1. It’s another movie (and example) of how women will think that they can do anything…except lift that heavy box at work (they’ll need a stronger man for that one). Every little thing you point out in real life (to them) just deflates them even more (or they’ll ignore it and continue in their deluded state of mind).
          Sure, you don’t need a man…lift that heavy box all by yourself. I’ll be over here drinking my coffee.

    4. To plain observation it is propaganda, but a closer analysis will reveal more.
      To hindbrains White dudes are the bad guys, who rule and conquer. Like in reality and all was going fine except when they defeated us.
      Do they beat us in the film like in reality?? That is, crying and claiming our recognition as equals instead of inferior beings??
      And us in a future-ignorant sign of mercy grant them our pardon???

      1. After watching the movie I was pleased with it, neither good nor bad. Besides the two most obvious things that got me mad (the sissy villain and the don’t hold my hand bit) something felt really wrong with the movie, something bizarre and couldn’t quite put my finger on it. This may be it.

        1. The actor for Kilo Ren is a sniveling pathetic looser, just like the actor whom played Anakin in the prequel trilogy was. Neither of them are worth the voice or acting abilities of James Earl Jones. Hell, they aren’t even worth the acting abilities of whoever the guy was that wore the Darth Vader suit and didn’t speak in the original trilogy. Neither of them are worthy of being Darth Vader, or being related to Darth Vader.
          Now the guy whom played Kilo Ren would be a good casting choice for some drug addicted rich kid from the suburbs trying to find his way through high school while being picked on and having his hot girlfriend refuse to put out to him while she puts out to one of the school jocks (or most of them) behind his back.

        2. Yeah, the villain was a huge dissapointment. At first, I thought he was gonna be like Darth Revan, a total badäss. His first scenes established him as constant threat for the unskilled and untrained heroes. Displaying some force powers, pumping us up for even more to come like those seen with Galen Marek obliterating people with the force. But nope, after he took his mask off, his character regressed dramatically, everything went downhill from that point on. His vulnerabilities weren’t even well portrayed.
          There were lots of stuff that they could’ve left for the second movie and instead focusing more on certain aspects. So much potential totally wasted. I hear people hoping the second movie correct some of the stuff, but even if that’s the case, this was a mediocre movie at best.

        3. It’s his face. He looks like a bitch. That’s why his appeal disappeared completely after the helmet came off.

        4. Yeah, you got it about the actor, and the storyline here was so weak…it’s like the Fountainhead description of a building built by a committee…Ayn Rand is never around when we need a real movie review?

        5. “Hell, they aren’t even worth the acting abilities of whoever the guy was that wore the Darth Vader suit and didn’t speak in the original trilogy.”
          That would have been David Prowse, a stuntman who wore the costume while JEJ gave the voice. In addition, David also got Christopher Reeve in shape to play Superman in 1978. Christopher wasn’t originally buff but couldn’t bring himself to wear pads so David Prowse was brought in and acted as a coach to get him into shape.
          The workouts were apparently brutal and Christopher puked at the end of pretty much each session. We can all see the results of their combined hard work.

        6. Kylo Ren was annoying.
          And he looked nothing like either of his parents.
          Total failure. Star Wars requires a good villain, and Ren seemed more like a character from te Twilight Series.

        7. Your description of who the actor should have played is exactly who Kylo Ren was- just with a mask and a light saber. His drug is the Dark Side. His riches where his inherited force abilities – coming from his grandfather the promised messiah having the highest aptitude for the force of all time. Not to mention his original master who actually beat this guy. His mother was a princess. His grandmother was a queen of a completely different planet.
          He thinks that’s he’s the rightful heir to grandpa’s Sith power but he’s insecure as fuck; going on wild temper tantrums and threatening officers when shit doesn’t go his way. ‘He literally asks Rey ‘Do you know I can do what ever I want’ while she’s strapped to a table and at his mercy. He may as well be a Saudi Prince at a palace orgy except that instead of squatting down and taking a dump all over this broad, he gets blown the fuck out by an untrained novice calling him the loser and faggot he is to his face. Then later on with the light saber she held for the first time ever, she kicks his ass too.
          The actor who played Ren actually embodied his traits well. My problem is with the fact that 1) the shitty writers thought that this would be an engaging main villain and 2) he looks nothing like Han Solo.
          Instead of Leia sending him off to Uncle Luke to be a Jedi, she probably should have sent to to his fucking father to learn how to be a man instead.

    5. Every hollywood film from the beginning was propaganda. The only difference the propaganda is different now

      1. You always have to realize this. All people in power are either trying to push their own agenda, or they are trying to push someone else’s agenda to please that someone else, usually in the quest for more power or money.
        So no matter whom you hear the news from, or a story from, you have to ask, what is this person agenda. You side with the people whom’s agenda fits nicely with yours. That is what a lot of people are doing here on ROK.

        1. Everyone has a perspective or agenda. Some people want power or money through any means. Some people want to know the truth and spread the truth. Yes people side with agendas that suits them but one should examine one’s view and agenda.

    6. I’m sure they are going to miss your 20 bucks. You’re definitely putting a damper in their income by not paying 20 bucks to see the film. Wow, you sure are sticking it to them!

      1. The only real voting power each of us has is to vote with our feet. Plus, he isn’t hoping to stick it to them with his 20 bucks. The reason this article was written is that the author is hoping to stick it to them with the 20 dollars of each person whom reads this article and skips this film because they read this article. And you’d be a fool to think that this article won’t have that effect on some people.
        Now, the total number is hard to estimate. And you would be correct to say that even if he sways a couple hundred people to skip this film, that’s not much in our current world. But that misses the point as well. The effect is cumulative and this website and this author are trying to effect far greater change, slowly, over a long period of time. This is just one small thing at one time point they can do to move toward their larger goal.
        So, You Idiot, I hope you can see the larger picture.

  5. Virtually every hard pressed militarized society begins using women and children as soldiers at a certain point. The Empire/First Order is loosely based around the Nazis, and they used children in the final stages of their defeat. There are some fair criticisms to be made about the movie but condemning the presence of females among the First Order is sort of nonsense.

  6. “This is for slavery, whitey!”
    Dear ROK Authors,
    Is it possible to make a cogent point on ROK without interjecting racial comments and inferred bias into your articles.?! Let me engage your sensibilities with commentary seen from the viewpoint of a non-white person. I too think that J.J. Abrams deserves a swift kick in the nuts for bastardizing this epic Sci-fi classic. It comes as no surprise to me that in this day and age that the SJW agenda proliferates throughout the media spectrum. So why do you seem so disoriented and overwhelmed by it. The ALPHA way is to prepare for it and write most of it off as trash. What really gets my attention is how threatened the white man feels with the mere insinuation that his dominant position is being compromised in anyway. This movie received overwhelmingly positive reviews on the review consolidation site , Rotten Tomatoes. 95% fresh/positive to date. I believe that once you see the film your apprehensions will be assuaged.
    I believe white men will be satisfied when the following info is revealed about the “threatening” black stormtrooper:
    – he’s there to represent the moral compass. He has the compassion not generally
    shown by whites when dealing with blacks. But despite that, he has a heart for saving white people. Just couldn’t pull the trigger.
    – he is non threatening. He’s Jar-Jar binks in human form. A Coon, cooning his way throughout the film, for the delight of your entertainment. You might even forget he is black.( a requirement for black actors these days) You know , in a Will Smith sort of way.
    – he is a feckless ,sycophant, without a dominant bone in his body.
    – He does not have the wit, charm, intellect or leadership qualities to lead a heroic rebellion or woo the intergalactic space-poon in ways that only an Alpha like Captain Kirk can do. Therefore , fear not the threat of his seduction of the cute white space-dyke lead who does not even notice that he has a penis. He’s like a cute cuddly ,loyal black puppy dog. Therefore he is the safe stereotype that you love. Put a black male in a space movie he must be dumb, sexless and a bit goofy. Preferably violent but only if it serves the plot narrative. Not here. Woof Woof , Good Dog!!
    – he never knew his family as he was taken and indoctrinated by his masters at youth( sneaky slave narrative. JJ thought he’d slip that oneby us)
    – his character is really inconsequential to the plot. He can be easily and favorably written out of the future sequels and no one would notice. But he’s such an entertaining character for white audiences (see reviews) that I’m sure there will be an encore.
    The proof of what Im saying is in those reviews that I pointed to. MUCH..MUCH more favorable AFTER seeing the movie. Get your popcorn and enjoy. This ones for you, white males!!!

    1. I saw the movie yesterday and came away thinking the same thing you’ve written. Finn has no purpose in the movie. The character is inconsequential to the overall story. This is a common theme with people of color in white created sci-fi. Be present but essentially a glorified background character. Finn’s desperate desire to save Rey made no sense to me.
      Either way, the white indignation at seeing a non-white character in their mythology is neither surprising nor unexpected. White sci-fi/mythology is always disturbing in its portrayal of a Universe with only whites, and only whites doing anything of consequence. It reflects their internalized beliefs that whites are the only humans that matter. Oh well.

      1. Finns desire to save the white poon tang makes sense if he were getting some. But when blacks are shown in some favorable light in these movies its because they are protecting white interests and assets with little reward. it doesnt have to make sense it just is. Every hear of the term “house ni…..r”.

        1. Yes. I have. What you wrote is why the white hatred of Finn makes no sense. He doesn’t in any way threaten the white domination of the story. In fact Disney made sure to play the ‘just friends’ angle between him and Rey.

        2. That was just their typical shock of seeing a black character , potentially “taking away” another white job in the movies they love. They sing a different song after they see the movie and find out he’s an entertaining coon. Look at the rotten tomatoes reviews. 95% FRESH!!

        3. It felt awkward and uncomfortable. She’s covered in sweat the whole movie, oozing not so subtle sexuality and yet we are forced to see this out of nowhere ‘friendship’. A young woman like that would instantly pick up on the sexual chemistry and would certainly not be so lovey dovey.

        4. Especially after he saved her life. Just more safe bullshit. Usually saving a woman’s life in the movies equates to a free pooh-tang pass for the hero

      2. Hey, I’m a star wars fan. i want to see black characters in the films also. But I don’t need an excuse for a goofy black stereotype character. Id rather they keep it all white than to go there

        1. We are on the same page. I too would rather television/movies be 100% white than have any silly meaningless stereotypical black characters

        2. Amen. Unfortunately “minority” actors and audiences are willing to accept any white crumbs that are tossed their way, to the detriment of the perception of their people.

      3. I’m glad someone’s addressing this. On a side note, I hear a lot of people saying, “If blacks are so pissed about how they’re portrayed in sci-fi, how about they come up with their own?” It’s like when Michelle Rodriguez said blacks should come up with their own comic book characters. Problem is, if blacks DID come up with their own movies and characters on a grand scale, would they ever achieve mainstream acclaim? Look at “After Earth” with Will Smith. Just about everybody on the planet said it was shit. Sure, it wasn’t the best movie in the world, but it wasn’t the worst I’d ever seen. Same thing with “I am Legend.” How many whites, Asians and Hispanics do you think are gonna come out to see “Black Panther” when it drops? One or two, perhaps…not enough to bolster the meager sales at the box office. A black audience alone cannot boost a movie’s sales enough to make it a success. So it looks like blacks are stuck with two choices: try to tell their own stories on a small budget knowing that they’ll never get a big enough audience to make it into the mainstream, or continue playing maids and field negroes in “The Help” and “Twelve Years a Slave.”

        1. Yes. It is a dilemma and it goes back to American society as a whole. In the case of movies, whites control the entire chain from idea to final product in the theater. Given the situation those blacks looking to integrate find only scraps and those seeking independence will be drowned out by movies with far bigger budgets. I truly hate black movies made by Hollywood but I don’t hate the blacks who accept the roles.

        2. Blacks also are part of that creation process. Directing (12 years) acting and writing. This is the shit they produce to the detriment of the perception of blacks. At least I could get righteous about that coon Ass “Django’ movie,because the racist, Tarantino wrote and directed it. But when blacks do it to themselves…..Lord Jesus

        3. I dont hate blacks that accept the roles. But I reserve my respect for their choices. Unfortunately they have to eat too and some coon-ass negro will always take the part.

        4. I agree. But let’s not be fooled…a lot of times, when you see a black face behind a camera in Holly-weird, what you’re actually seeing is a twisted-up, deranged individual operating under the guise of blackness. Look at Lee Daniels. He’s as gay as a three dollar bill (which matters here because gays, historically, have never been loyal to and have never really given a shit about anyone but themselves, as evinced by the lack of gay-owned charities), and he even ADMITTED, on national TV, that he knows he’s a “sellout” and that he’s cool with it because it pays the bills. He skips around and plays “hide the salami” with his white/Latino lover by night, and by day he’s filming detritus like “Precious” and “Empire.” People like Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry a/k/a “Madea” aren’t “black”; they’re just cogs in a wheel designed to keep the modern media machine running smoothly. I swear, it’s like you throw a rock at a tree in Hollywood and half a dozen coons fall out.

        5. Dont confuse the issue. Although black actors were cast in those roles they could easily have been played by actors of any ethnicity. They were not necessarily “black roles” . Is it a coincidence that the star of those two movies mentioned starred Will Smith.?”Mainstream” ( codified as white) Audiences love the Fresh Prince. He is one of the few ethic actors that can be cast in almost anything. There are roles where only a black would suffice . Those stories are not being heard ,sold or supported. Its not enough to put an ethnic in a role. The question I ask is, Does it make sense. The fact that there is a push for girl power roles and ethhic diversity does not enhance the argument for proper typecasting. Now to answer your question, about the typecasting. I would rather not see a role being cast for a black if he is playing a stereotype, like the stormtrooper in the new StarWars movie. If decency and dignity doesn’t enter into the decision making , then its better not to be involved. If you want to change the perception of the audiience, then make better choises.

        6. We’re actually both saying the same thing, but just going about it in different ways. If you notice, mainstream audiences only loved Will Smith when he was either a wise-cracking action guy (like in “Independence Day”), a smooth-talking pickup artist with dance moves who became a bumbling, goofy idiot when a hot Latina came around (in “Hitch”) and a homeless black man (“Pursuit of Happyness”). I mentioned “After Earth” and “I am Legend” because these were two instances in which he tried to transcend stereotypes and play a serious character, but they blew up in his face. So he’s really not as much of an integrationalist as he’d like to think. He’s only part of the mainstream when he’s being stereotypical.
          This leads to where I think you’re trying to go. Blacks should be cast in meaningful roles that make sense and have purpose. A good example is the agent guy in “Serenity.” He was smart, skilled, and played an integral part in the movie. Could any ethnicity of actor have played his part? Sure. But somehow, IMHO, Chiwetel Eljiofor added a little bit more to that role just by virtue of being who he was. Unfortunately, movies like this didn’t get blacks any closer to having a black James Bond or a black Tony Stark. Meanwhile, Danny Glover’s script for his Toussaint L’Overture project continues to gather dust and cobwebs.

        7. Ah, you do see the point. Danny Glover’s project will remain in that vault. No movie about a successful black rebellion will be financed for wide distribution. A Black rebellion has been feared by whites since slavery.

        8. It’s global now. Hollywood movies attract audiences all over the world. I doubt that Black movies would be very marketable outside of a few people with a fetish overseas, and maybe in Africa. Even then, the Black American culture seems to be more of an internal niche that Africans might not find appealing. We truly are on our own.

    2. Guy, you’re missing the point. That comment about slavery and “whitey” had everything to do with the way JJ Abrams inserted Boyega into the role, only to have him play a fundamentally weak character. He was there for cheap tokenism (a nod to some ill-defined discrimination of old), humor and to make Rey look better.
      He pines over Rey and, besides the silly lightsaber battle (where he suddenly finds his coordination), does nothing of real consequence. He’s there for wisecracks and to elevate Rey.

      1. dude , you just emphasized my point. Wisecracks?! What else do you think “cooning” is. I can read between the lines, I know what was meant by the remark. It was just unnecessary. White people don’t know how to make references like that without proper context.

        1. You are right. There is no greater curse word in the white man’s lexicon. You can take the most intelligent of them and bring that subject to light and it totally throws them off their game. They don’t even realize how these racial issues are constantly being raised because of their incessant need to make inferred references to it. I think their irrational responses to any racial discourse is a defense mechanism triggered by their inherent beliefs that “minorities” aren’t capable of decrypting their codified crosstalk.

        2. Most definitely an irrational response by the statement “a nod to some ill defined discrimination of old,” Of old? The film was just released a few days ago!!! To state Finn is there for wisecracks whilst admitting it was racist by the comment…”a nod to racism…” shows pure ambivalence on his part; anytime people are ambivalent they are uncomfortable with some reality. If these guys took a closer look they’d see the Rey to Finn juxtaposition is the sickest thing about the film because it’s using racism to empower feminism. If memory serves me didn’t the feminist piggy-back the civil rights movement?

        3. He shows his ambivalence by admitting it’s racist,”…nod to some ill defined discrimination of old…” then taking it back with the “…he’s there for wisecracks comment…” anytime someone has mixed feelings like this regarding race they are probably uncomfortable with the reality of racism; he was very careful to call it discrimination and not racism because discrimination could apply to anyone regardless of race. Yet the issue of race is central to the discussion because Abrams is using racism to empower feminism with the cooning juxtaposed to a 130 pound girl who can kick men into the air. Heck! I’ve trained martial arts do you know how hard it is for even a man to kick another man as far as she did? So yes I support you 100% in bringing out the cooning point unfortunately I don’t think it will get any real in-depth responses. I’ve continued to read your comments on it and find the responses either half-hearted or stoic blow-off comments. To reiterate it’s key to the conversation because the nerve to be pro-bitches whilst giving a nod to discrimination??? WTF!

        4. Richy,
          The intent of mycomments are to initiate/engage a discussion and gauge the pulse of the typical ROK reader pertaining to a given topic; such as in a typical debate. Ive commented on how the presentation of otherwise topical subjects of interest for ALL MEN are askewed by the random interjection of racially incendiary commentary , by the authors of these articles. I’ve given examples of how some white ROK authors have frequently inferred race in their commentary , where such remarks were unwarranted and often completely unrelated to the given topic. This common subconscious behavior can be especially unnerving to them when its brought to their attention. Especially if the conduit for its revelation, is the offended “inferior minority”. Their typical response is to sugar coat or outright deny their statements without apology. They then become incensed when the offended party is unaccepting of their lame and disingenuous rationalizations. Richy, what you have identified, ( i.e.how they’ve responded to my comments) is their typical defense mechanism when their subterfuge is exposed and confronted. This is where it becomes increasingly challenging to engage them in ciivil discourse on race because of their REFUSAL to accept ANY culpability for the current conditions. (especially when inferring the historical context of U.S slavery) I appreciate that you regard my commentary as more than vapid blathering, as it is occasionally conferred. ( or that of a an uneducated , pseudo-intelletual as others have accused) Most whites, have rarely been held responsible for their proclivities regarding race and racism as blacks have. Our passionate words have a consistency and flow as we relate from actual experiences. The facts of which never change . Frequently, Their response , is to make condescending remarks devoid of any objective considerations; unknowingly putting a foot in mouth, because they are so unaccustomed to being questioned on the validity of their fatuous statements. Who is going to challenge the whiteman when he proclaims his “facts” with such authoritative fervor!!. Conversely , “minorities” are consistently placed under the proverbial microscope where every utterance and action is measured for consistency and authenticity. That is why it is potentially a threat to them when they encounter “minorities” who have the the intellectual capability to examine , analyze and respond accordingly their illogical presumptions . For those of us capable of doing so, we respond with an apropos….Touche!!!

        5. F the space dyke and F F-ing Finn. But at least nobody called him…….
          Think this is bad?! Wait until you hear how many times Tarantino has his actors say nggr in his next movie.?!?!

        6. Well you’ve had a couple responses with a bit of a pulse–haven’t read them all– yet even those responses are diminished by them all jumping back on the trash Rey ferry ASAP as if Finn is simply an irritating fixture at most and for some a decorative fixture. That subterfuge you speak of needs a name how about white male dominance? Is it an agenda? Not necessarily yet for some it is a conscious ideology. The idea or feeling of white male dominance does not always come from a rational place yet must be protected as a matter of course. Therefore any idea that exposes their mentality becomes minimized and they will relate to us only when our ideas are useful to their cause much like their cousins the feminist. People like you and I are actually caught in the cross-fire, expendable, of a lower ring much like Finn. In truth people like you and I are the lighthouses because our experience forces us to see all positions. A white male has to choose to see all sides with no incentive to do so.

      2. I have to agree. The really sad part is they’ve had black people in main roles in the other Star Wars movies (strong characters) but not in this new movie. The guy is there for background noise (at best). He supports the female lead and he’s nothing but beta.
        That’s the really sad part that all men need to see in this example.

    3. If you check the ethnicity of the writer, editor, producer, and director, it will become very clear as to why they portrayed the black character the way they did, and also why there are subtle “Nazi” themes present in the film.
      Sure, a white man and a black man can have debates all day long about the particular purpose of certain actors and whether an actor is being a “coon”, but while we do this the Jews in Hollywood will kick back and laugh at the division they are causing.

    4. Never cared for Macho Maids and definitely don’t go for the Race Victimization lines. Maybe you dream of some muscle bound amazon sweeping you off your feet and carrying you off but that just will not do for me. History is full of Sad Stories. The modern word Slave comes from the word Slav which is where most slaves came from during the Middle Ages yet you don’t hear much from them about it. During the 1700s Hessians in Germany were rented out by their lords and sent off to die for foreign governments sometimes sent to apposing armies and told to kill each other. Every group has its sad stories and more often than not somebody of that group was making a profit back then at the expense of his fellows. Africa for example well the only reason Africans got shipped over in slave ships was because a lot of black monarchs were doing a lot of exporting of their friends and neighbors if not for their greed all those people would not have been so much cargo.

  7. Give liberal movie makers a good story chances are they will make a mess of it. More proof they’re more interested in Propaganda than story telling. Not worth spending on seeing, not worth seeing at all.

      1. Read it. Not going to waste my money. Irony is I loved the originals even after I realized what white male bashing they consist of when I was in High School the first Star Wars came out and I really wasn’t interested in it until I first read the book and then for reasons I forget I and my brothers saw it and we got hooked. Over time as the sequels came out my brothers and I with their friends would go out and see them. Really loved the prequel which I got the Video cassets on I must say seeing where Darth Vadar comes from but over time as Movies have become Liberal Propaganda and quality of stories keeps dropping like a stone well I must say my fondness for movies had dropped I mean look at the new Star Treks talk about awful and Politically Correct better is found on the internet done by ‘amatures’. However not all films coming out are awful I am thinking about Brooklyn though as it reminds me a lot of my old man’s stories of his childhood in New York but I plan to wait until the DVD come out. I like to be entertained when I watch something not Insulted or Indoctrinated.

  8. I’ve never been so depressed by a movie as I was when I went to see this Star Wars movie. (I actually had a date planned for that night but my brother said he had already preordered tickets for me and him so I canceled my date and went against my better judgment).
    Yes, it was very very well made (if the almost unanimous critical praise is to be believed) and had more emotional depth than any other Star Wars movie.
    However, I left the theater feeling utterly depressed.
    I can pinpoint it down to two things: the beta-ization and unceremonious shanking of one of cinema’s most beloved alpha male characters and the social justice hatchet job on all the “errors” of the original trilogy. (Explain to me how Daisy Ridley’s character, who lives a hermit’s existence on a desolate, alien-inhabited planet with no Tinder and no hoard of beta orbiters has the entitlement and bitchy attitude of a Toronto feminist activist???)
    The villain has a whiny inferiority complex with daddy issues (no alpha Darth Vader or Darth Maul here), John Boyega’s character is cringingly beta at times and Poe Dameron’s cocksureness isn’t nearly enough to cover up the bad taste left by the two main male leads.
    Han Solo’s character seems to have become quite beta since the original movies but he is still by far the most alpha character in the entire movie. With him gone now, the entire series is doomed to be a sickening exercise in female empowerment (Rey’s inevitable Jedi training and defeat of the male-dominated First Order) and Finn’s equally inevitable politically correct beta black man/masculine white woman romance with her.
    I can find merit even in a bad movie. I think the prequels were great and Jar Jar doesn’t deserve the amount of hate and griping he’s gotten.
    My fault isn’t with the movie because I thought it was very very well made, production-wise.
    It’s of the symbolism of the movie which clashes so violently with my red pill beliefs. Think of how many billions of people will watch this movie and have politically correct beliefs shoved down their throats on an insidious subconscious level.
    Han Solo’s death is a reminder of the absence of masculine role models in popular culture and the death of masculine ideals (and sanity) in society as a whole.
    As the critics parade it around as a masterpiece on par with the original, I can only lament the sickening downward spiral of modern culture.
    On a happy note, I watched “Cross of Iron” last night and enjoyed the refreshing presence of James Coburn’s badass alpha character. Watch it.

    1. John Boyega , cringingly beta?! Wrong adjective. Hes a goofy stereotype coon, tap-dancing throughout the movie.

      1. The actor, maybe not, but I was referring to his character who fails Rey’s shit tests and seems very beta.

        1. The actor, I don’t know, But he is playing a safe sterotype coon in the movie. White Audiences will LOVE HIM.

        2. Yeah his character was amusing but hardly the badass replacement for Han Solo reviewers like Leonard Maltin have proclaimed him to be.

        3. I think the next movie I’ll go see will be Roosh’s biopic 50 years from now and see how many rape scenes the shitlib producers of the future will put in to try and convince audiences he is (or was) an evil white misogynist xD

      1. Yes they are similar as far as the stabbing-people-in-the-chest, daddy issues, hooked nose and long black hair are concerned, but Kylo Ren is more like Josh Groban’s oboe-playing brother while Loki is a badass in his own right.

      2. “Darth Littlebitch”, more like. I’m pissed that they gave me a masked villain who can stop freaking lasers in their tracks, only to have his ass kicked by a non-powered stormtrooper and an untrained chick.

    2. This line struck a cord: “(The) defeat of the male-dominated First Order = patriarchy by a female.”

        1. Those movies weren’t directed by SJW JJ Abrams. The parallel stands still. A female and her PC companions destroying the First Order of things. According to some feminist the patriarchy was the first order, and we *must* shatter all of that imposed unto us.

    3. John Boyega’s character was Daisy’s beta orbiter pretty much the entire movie. That will probably be his function the entire series.
      Hollywood keeps telling us we need a female hero and they keep giving them to us (Hunger Games, Divergent, Mad Max, and now Star Wars). Yet, we keep hearing that we need more female heroes.
      Anyone want to bet against Wonder Woman saving the day in the Batman v Superman movie?

    4. SPOILERS (assuming you care…)
      I thought the Han Solo death was fitting. It said “Here dies manliness, at the hands of a simpering fop”.
      No wonder Skywalker ran away to a random-ass planet in the middle of nowhere.

      1. I LOVE SCARLET JOHANSSON. But she is starting to get a lot more ballsy in those Avengers Movies.

      1. Thats when we start talking about ending the franchise. I hear talk of a black bond. ‘Would that be worse than a female Bond

  9. I think the orginal Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back were the 2 best. Return of the Jedi was tolerable. It was where it started getting goofy, almost like a kids movie with the fluffy, Teddy bear like characters.
    The following 3 were flops. This new one would be floppiest of them all.

    1. The road map was already laid out (new Mad Max movie). They both had the same PC bullshit with the woman doing all of the extreme things and the men are just in the background.
      Too bad, in reality, it’s men doing all of the dirty jobs and heavy lifting while women get the office pass (literally working in office jobs) and complaining about equal pay.

      1. Actually, the first Star Wars movie had the feminist narrative already in place. Princess Leia was the bitch with the attitude. Then she saved them all when they were trapped in the holding cell by blasting a hole in the hallway and slid down into the garbage holding tank.
        I never realized any of this back then watching this flick. Now after reading ROK, I can clearly see it.

        1. I think leaia’s character was far more realistic, we didn’t have to watch her beating up linebackers or fixing machines. We stil got to see plenty of strong male characters in those films.

    2. In the third one you could already see how bad George Lucas was at writing : trying to make a kid-friendly movie while putting Leia as sex slave and incesting the ambigues relationship with Luke.

  10. Haven’t seen this yet, but I do recall seeing the original Star Wars trilogy numerous times. Wasn’t that trilogy diverse in itself? And I am not just talking about the alien races themselves.

      1. of course , a lying deceitful thief. A black stereotype. White audiences love it when the black characters stick to their perceptions of blacks in real life.

        1. Kinda unfair, since Solo is a bit of a hustler himself and he’s white. He could be smuggling moonshine on the Millenium Falcon for all we know.Otherwise spot on. In fact, I’m surprised they didn’t give Carissian a mean Afro and a couple of hot hos.

        2. Lando was a liar, but it can be argued that he was looking out for his city that he was responsible for, sacrificing his friend for the betterment of his constituents. He came back and helped rescue Han, and destroyed Death Star 2, so I don’t think that he was that bad of a character.

        3. Not that bad of a character?! You just listed his offenses better than I did. He fit the “never trust those blacks” stereotype.

        4. I think you like Billy Dee more that you do Lando. Lando could’ve gotten Han Solo, His ‘ol buddy , killed!! Yea I know , the needs of the many outweigh ……….

  11. And for Christ’s sake, what’s with these beta-male fucks dressing up in costumes, waiting in line three hours, and then posting their location on social media? Fucking pathetic! Literally, it’s equivalent to me dressing like Hulk Hogan and going to SummerSlam – and then bragging about to coworkers.
    Let’s not pull punches – women know EXACTLY what the fuck is going on. They damn well know that this movie is feminist propoganda. But what they want to see is, do YOU know it is? Or, have your balls been sent to the Degobah system?
    I really believe this is another female shit test – a test to see who is a beta male simp (i.e. a guy dressed up like Han Solo, waiting in line and taking a selfie) from a guy who didn’t see the film (because he was too busy accomplishing shit). We know that women love all kinds of shit tests, and this movie was a big one.
    Hell to the no! I will be keeping my 20 bucks (or whatever the hell a movie costs nowadyas).

    1. Agree. The dressing up, waiting in line to see this movie is a big shit test. Women will ask you if you went to see the movie and if you dressed up (both are shit tests). She’ll gauge you on how beta you are by your answers.
      If you didn’t go at all or even see the movie…you’ll stand out like a sore thumb (one she’ll want to get close to..make no mistake). I hear young men in their 20s at work like these guys all of the time…talking about this new Star Wars movie and other shit (as if they were 12 year old boys). I shake my head and, at times, I’ll try to offer them some advice (no good most of the time). They are stuck being 12 year old boys and they won’t get it for a long time (if ever).

    2. ” a test to see who is a beta male simp (i.e. a guy dressed up like Han Solo, waiting in line and taking a selfie) from a guy who didn’t see the film (because he was too busy accomplishing shit)”
      It’s funny that you say that. I realized with the first trailer that this was a SJW nightmare in the making.
      In the time since I decided I was done with these new Star Wars: I’ve lost 18 pounds, finished 3 carpentry projects, bought a proper vehicle, and I’m starting my first introductory MMA session early next week.
      The new S(tar) J W(ars) helped me turn a major corner in life.

  12. Read a really stupid feminist piece on Rey, and the argument that settled the issue of her mary-sue-ness was ‘do the men have to worry about this? han solo luke skywalker blah blah blah’
    to put it simply, YES they fucking do. Those characters, though talented, acquired that talent through years of hard work. Luke couldn’t just win a lightsaber battle, he had to go train with Yoda first. Han had to fly for years and years to get his experience. So on and so forth. Unfortunately, some people just want to create ‘strong female characters’ to the point of absurdity.

    1. Anakin at the age of six was the only human who could pod race on Tatooine due to the force, so it’s implied that his granddaughter has similar abilities at age twenty.

      1. Dennis, he still trained for years and years before being able to win pod races, no?
        She won a battle with a far more experienced person, with no training at all. And it’s not like he is some force-less weakling either
        This is just classic ‘strong feminist character’ nonsense

      2. The purpose of Anakin’s character literally was to be “the chosen one” though so it’s a little different. His character is a plot device that drives the whole series.

  13. There’s 1 black person in the movie. He does basically nothing besides chase after Rey. Dear god. The horror! The horror! How dare they insert a black person, a male at that, in the precious white mythology/nerd porn. All the male characters who actually drive the story are white(Solo, Kylo Ren, Luke, Poe), but god help us if a non-white should dare to speak.

    1. chase after? well isn’t that what a good loyal dog would do. protect his master.He certainly didn’t want the poon.

    2. I kinda agree, sometimes I feel like everyone on here gets a little too riled up on here about this stuff. I personally liked Charlize Theron’s character in Mad Max. One of my main issues with TFA was the lack of recognizable alien races in the background from the previous movies (nerd alert). Granted, Rey’s “God-mode” skills had me shaking my head, but I imagine the majority of people who watch movies don’t really think to deep about that stuff. Been reading this site for a while, this is my first comment, cheers!

      1. Yes. Rey’s force abilities was a serious problem with the movie. I guess with no more Jedi somebody has to carry the torch. The movie wasn’t good, but it also wasn’t bad. It was a standard diet of liberal Hollywood fluff.

    3. There has been black characters in Star Wars since “back when”…strong characters, too. This is about this black character adding nothing to the movie but being support to a woman and playing a typical beta role. Many people loved Samuel L. Jackson in the last ones and even Billy Dee Williams “way back when”…because they added something to these movies (at least stronger roles).
      This guy could have been anything from a black female to any female to an Asian guy…for all it matter. His role was nothing but background noise and support (to feminism).
      That’s the sad part.

    4. He is just a bad character who is inserted to make the female lead look even more amazing. That is what pisses them off, not the fact that he is black. The movie is just bad, focusing on the stupid PC message, thus ruining it for fans that just wants to see a good SW movie. A character has to be there for a reason, a PLOT reason, not a political reason.

    5. It was tokenism and an insult to black people in the name of political correctness.

    1. Right, and Empire Strikes Back, which was the brst of the series was directed by a Jew.
      So whats your point faggot?

      1. There is no greater fool than a Jewish liberal. (I’m Jewish; I grew up with these people.)

    2. And what do jews love the most in life…money. There have been a few articles recently on ROK dealing with the shift in marketing by some companies as regards appealing to women or even LGBT . A few commentators on those threads imo picked up on what is really driving the changes more than it simply being another case of businesses catering to feminists and or having a social justice agenda. Its the bucks and increased market share.
      Women are 51% of the population and without doubt their share of discretionary spending is a fair bit bigger than that. We also have a shift in the global center of economic gravity towards Asia. If you are in a global business you would be a fool for your shareholders to ignore that. Shareholders by and large dont give a fuck as regards SJ if its at the sacrifice of their dividends, but if catering to SJ/feminism results in a boost to share price, they’ll love it.
      The market hollywood catered for its heydays with stars like Gable, Rooney, Crosby, Fairbanks, Flynn, Bogart, etc has changed. I still feel its just following the money, but cashed up market demographic has changed and global ticket sales are no longer over shadowed by domestic sales when it comes to the blockbusters. White males are not even close to being an endangered species in hollywood at the money/production end or at the film crew/actor end of the industry and I bet its decidedly more then their dwindling % of the US population these days
      Catering for more cultural diversification in a movie such as this is just matching up with their alien diversification in the Star Wars universe, and in the markets this is going to get distributed in. I have not seen the movie yet but I dont care if they have more central female characters or black or asian characters, but what will bug me if there is the ongoing trend in the movie of the elements that Monte_Cristo raised in his post a bit below..another kick arse, show the boys how its done, expert at everything know it all grrl type character

      1. Going on about Jewish people reflects poorly on your point of view, and makes you sound like a sjw.

        1. I very rarely go one about jews, and am not blaming them for anything unlike a number of people on this and other manosphere boards, and I hardly think those people that are not even close to being sjw’s, and neither am I (but I am certainly not hardcore the other way). Jews and money are pretty synonymous though and my point of view is that what people consider sjw agendas is often just capitalizing on the shift in socioeconomics. Greed is hardly a sjw prerogative. JJ Abrams is coping flak here, but he did not script this and as someone pointed out tried to change the story more to the ethos of the original SW he revered.

  14. Star Wars came out when I was 8 or 9 years old. I went to see it. It was cool. I stopped giving a shit about around the time they introduced and Army of Teddy Ruxpins* that some how defeated Imperial Storm Troopers with bows and arrows. It was ridiculous, other than George Lucas is a marketing genius, who has made billions off of the various paraphernalia, from toys to toasters, associated with his Magnum Opus.
    * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EshrR-xk2E

  15. I think the reason why this is being reviewed so well when it is not is the same reason as mad max was reviewed so well, there were comments/complaints about the film including women/people of colour to pander to the demographics, so the women/sjws will overrate the film to try and prove the original comments wrong, they want the film to be good to show men/whitey that girls/blacks can do it too

    1. It’s all about the film making money, first…but you are right with the comment about proving that everyone is “equal”.
      Well, I hope my check is in the mail (like so many minorities complain and so many women receive – from men – in alimony and child support). We wouldn’t want that equality train to run one way, now, would we?

  16. Regarding the part about the female main character knowing everything and being perfect to the point that it’s annoying is more than just femine naivety and obnoxious embellishment. It’s a statement: women are that much better than men and they want to rub that in our faces. Why do you think there are so many remakes? It’s dark and hostile. It’s evidence of hubris, and of the first order. What it’s all come down to, the rights, the equality, the activism, the crying…all of it was to get to this point. To have enough power to write themselves in as the heroes.
    The more you peel back the onion the uglier it gets. This is ego but not just any ego this is the inflated egos of outcasts. It’s bad. Of all the kinds of egos, or people, outcast egos are the darkest because of their expierence as an outcast. Truly no matter what they say they are, homosexual, trans, female, trans racial, They are first outcasts and no matter what “rights” they’re escapist persona has acurred they always get the shaft. Although not perfect, observe the grievance studies departments…it’s those people making not only policy but now they’re that powerful they can make “Star Wars”.

    1. The cool thing about being a Red Pill aware male is the clarity of knowing we can build from scratch. However, this comes married with the future pain of knowing the parasites will merely corrupt & co-opt our structures & inventions over time. An eternal cosmic cycle of us inventing the goalposts & the Enemy constantly shifting them to serve their own ends.
      I have to admit. I’m far from bitter about this at present. I just find it funny & amusing.

    1. was about to write exactly that, what were people expecting? the very existence of this movie is nonsensical and unmoving

  17. I still enjoyed it, and was able to ignore the SJW stuff, which was evident but not that bad (i.e. there were no outright anti-male insults).
    You guys need to take a deep breath and remember, this is fantasy. Just like there’s no such thing as Wookies, The Force, and lightspeed travel without serious physiological consequences…..there’s no such thing as an undernourished, early-20 something woman being able to “kick butt” left and right.
    In reality, a young woman raised in a harsh desert environment like Jakku would either be dead or knocked up in her teens.

    1. Sorry. I want to be entertained not preached to by some Leftist political preacher. So no thank you.

    2. Reminds me of a scene I accidently saw when one of those idiotic Charlie’s Angels movies was on TV. The scrawny little twerp Drew Barrymore singlehandedly taking down a bunch of ninja badasses in hand to hand martial arts.
      Beyond comical, beyond ridiculous. SJW fantasy bullshit.

    3. This passive aggressive leftist tactic does not work on us ROK allies. Take it some place else you mangina.

    4. Oh yeah, it’s all “Just a movie” and “just fantasy” until you come across a film that defies the SJW brigade and then suddenly it’s time for “action!” and “boycott!” and “protest!”.
      Uh huh.

  18. The shame of this also is that there are few major blockbuster movies that are deserving of IMAX 3d. Sometimes you just want to see advances in technical excellence without being bombarded by the bullshit messages.

  19. This girl power stuff is driving me nuts. By making her a Mary Sue, she seems like less of a person and more of a machine or something.

    1. Unfortunately the girl power stuff is pretty laughable. She’s physically smaller than everything in the movie. But kicks ass 10 times her normal strength. Maybe we call her Ant-Girl

  20. I totally hear you. But the reason I saw it today was so that wasn’t plugging my ears 24/7 from spoilers for the day I eventually were to have watched it. Although I liked the movie as an entertainment piece, this article is pretty accurate commentary.

  21. I guess this is why every last one of my friends is praising this movie to no fucking end. When this movie was first announced, I just wanted to find anybody who was ever involved with anything Star Wars and just start hacking limbs off. But of course, it’s so fucking popular that it made 517 million on opening weekend.
    Why do these people keep ignoring reality? And I want a real fucking answer, not just because they’re stupid. Being stupid as a precursor to ignoring everything around you.

    1. I agree with you. Yes, I enjoyed the movie, and it had great visuals and action, but if they wanted to be realistic, or “controversial” to modern day PC audiences, the script would look something like this….
      – Rey would have already had a kid, and the “Force awakens” in him
      – Kylo would have owned smaller, undernourished Rey, probably killed her, and taken her kid captive to be trained as a dark Jedi. Or, the kid would have been taken by Chewie and sent to Luke (who is likely his grandpa, or at least, grand uncle)
      – Despite his defection due to disagreeing with the massacre, Finn would have a much colder and harder personality, more like 80’s Mad Max or Kurt Russell’s character in ‘Soldier’ (1998)
      But that’s too dark for most people, and it may have earned an R-rating. And the “strong female character” had to be shoe horned, because “girls don’t have enough role models”

      1. The purpose of media is to program people. Their minds are like clay. They are filled with false ideologies like: men and women are different. Movies are there to reprogram us to the new truth: men and women are the same and interchangeable. If you believe you’re a man its because you were told that as a child. The media can cleanse you. Bruce Jenner is a woman. All the media tells you so thus it must be true. Also, there is no connection between Islam and terrorism. It’s just your bigotry showing.

    1. She-quel. OK, that’s really good, I’m going to steal it. heh

  22. Yep.. when I saw all the posters with the female lead character all over it, I had a really strong feeling that this movie was gonna be filled with lots of SJW bullshit, but I still had some hope..
    But the last nail in the coffin for me was when I stumbled across feminist reviews and articles with titles like “Why you should be glad that they put a female lead in the new Star Wars movie” (or something of the sort), rejoicing over the fact that the character is “strong and independent” and all that BS… then that was it for me.. no way in hell I’m wasting my money and time with that.
    If the feminists liked it then I’m sure that they have gone full goddess-mode with the character and turned her into an undefeatable know-it-all that kicks everybody’s ass and can master the ways of the Force by using her girl-power alone and doesn’t need no man… thanks, but no thanks.

    1. The problem isn’t having a female lead character (old Hollywood had plenty of female lead characters but they acted like women instead of a poor imitation of a man) but one that is absurdly masculine. Worst of all it’s almost always SO forced that it’s eye-rolling and hilarious. It’s just more leftist political preaching from the Church of SJW/Feminism.
      They never get my money and never will.

      1. Exactly. No problem with lead female characters that act like actual woman… but when feminists start praising it, you know what kind of shit to expect..

  23. I must confess I saw the movie on Saturday (but at least give me the fact I only paid $5 because I went to a morning matinee special).
    The plot is going to be really hard for any red pill guy to swallow. Bias against men and whites is so blatant it is thrown in your face during the entire movie.
    1. The only major white male character (who is not a legacy character) is a bumbling First Order general that is made up to look like a space Nazi. All other evil First Order military supporting actors or extras (who are not storm troopers) are all white too. Although since presumably there was at least one black storm trooper we can assume that maybe they have some kind of racial diversity somewhere in their ranks.
    2. Star Wars canon was literally rewritten so that the storm trooper character could be black. Previously because the storm troopers were all clones they would have all been white. These storm troopers though are involuntary conscripts taken at birth. Lucas even had to dedicate 30 seconds of dialogue to the glaring inconsistency to address it. (And depending on the source this might have been inserted last minute).
    3. The female lead ends up being a top notch pilot without any real explanation on how she acquired her skills or somehow can just magically do complex things. The movie suggests that she is just a subsistence scavenger with maybe some kind of tinkering skills.
    4. Generally the women characters are portrayed as the leaders and the courageous ones whereas the men are followers, bumbling around, and would probably fail their task if it wasn’t for the fact that a woman was there to lead and save the day.
    The plot also isn’t very good. The story is strained at times to insert necessary plot points to the extent where at least twice in the movie I said “what is going on” in my head. It also left tons of open questions such as “why would the Republic allow such a huge paramilitary organization such as the First Order to even exist let alone seemingly allow them to fly around the universe murdering its citizens with impunity?”, “how did the First Order find enough material and resources to turn an entire planet into a giant deathstar?”, and “how in the world would have the Republic not have been able to find out that the First Order was building a weapon of such a magnitude?”
    If you can manage to look past the PC agenda and suspend reality when it comes to the plot holes the movie is OK. Actually, in parts it can be a little entertaining. But, then again most movies at least have a few entertaining parts.
    Wait for this to come out on DVD and rent it for $1 if you really want to see it.

    1. don’t forget the screen time given for entertainment value, to the black guy playing the stereotype feckless cooning character.

      1. Yeah that was pretty ridiculous too. Any time he tried to lead the female lead she would outright object. Then he bumbles around when he gets a romantic interest in her. He comes to save her like a good white knight and his reward is either getting seriously injured or killed (seemed unclear if he lived or not).

        1. He didnt even save her from the planet really. she escaped her restraints using her jedi mind trick she learned like what not even a day after learning she can use the force. Finn and the others taken any longer I’m sure she would have escaped on a craft she’d magically knew how to pilot. then when Finn goes to help Rey against Kylo he does good a minute then gets his ass whooped leaving him in a coma while Rey who since halfway through the movie became the only real important character goes off leaving Finn behind to be trained into an even more op female lead.

    2. I also saw it, It was boring. The original trilogy was gripping, this flick was terribly predictable. Unlike with the original 3, I didn’t leave the theater thinking “I gotta see this again”
      I do wonder, will Luke train Rey, or will she train him?

      1. Rey will train him, lecture him on being a symbol of the patriarchy and then write an article on Jezebel about how creepy it is he kissed his own sister.

    3. The girl Rey is implied to be Luke’s daughter. Since Anakin Skwalker, her grandfather, was shown doing impossible feats of piloting and force use at only six years of age, it is implied that she is similarly gifted.

    4. I can’t watch it at all. I had enough with the last few movies where they fucked it up with nonsense. This new PC bullshit (similar to the Mad Max series is enough to give it a pass). I won’t even watch it for free.
      There is too much PC propaganda in it and I’ve stopped watching TV (programming) awhile back. It’s the only way (take back your time and your money)..that’s how things will change.

      1. I have a broadcast antenna, been very happy with it. might try something new in the new year.

    5. Can you recall what the squadron leader says when the rebel fighters sweep in to save the people at that stone temple place? He said something like “Come on guys, don’t let them bully us!” It was quick.

    6. 1. I noticed a few racially ambiguous, I’m assuming mulatto officers in the First Order.
      2. After the Clone Wars, the Stormtrooper Corps. started recruiting regular people and taking on clones from other sources, so there is a possibility of having a Black stormtrooper. This is also the First Order rather than the Empire, so they may have other methods of filling their ranks.
      3. True.
      4. Also true.
      I have a lot of questions about the story to. I’m a Star Wars fan, I will admit. Read a lot of the books as a kid.

    7. Chewie got over Han’s death pretty damn quick. A 3 second shot of him moping into his palm, and mere minutes later as Rey is his new partner-in-crime he’s like “hey buddy, ready to fly?” with a cheerful smile.
      Jesus, the two were best friends forever for like DECADES

      1. He goes on a beserk spree, mowing down storm troopers left right and centre, then flies in and saves the rest of his team. Sounds like exactly what Han would’ve wanted him to do.

    8. The series always had it implicit that the stormtroopers stopped being clones before ep 4. And the problem with the stormtroopers isnt that there is a black one, the problem would be if the only GOOD stormtrooper is black.
      (Didnt see the film, so I dont know if that is the case)

    9. Ignoring everything else, you realise the original storm troopers were black right? Yes they were clones… of a black guy.

        1. Have you not seen the prequels? They are clones of Jango Fett, played by Temuera Morrison, a Maori actor. A black guy.

        2. Yeah it’s edited but it’s Obi-Wan meeting Jango Fett. Notice how he says “Your clones are very impressive, you must be very proud.”

          At about 3:56 you see the clones without armour or anything. Black guys.
          Temuera Morrison’s wikipedia page, where the very first thing says he was Jango Fett, and the second sentence in the personal life section says “He is of Maori, Scottish and Irish descent.”
          Sorry, what was that about lying?
          *Edit to correct the quote in the first video

        3. Wait, so now the prequels are racist too? Why didn’t you just say that before! There I was thinking you were wilfully ignoring the facts!

        4. That is clearly a white man of hispanic origins. Plus if the storm troopers were black why do they not sound like that when they talk or listen to rap?

        5. Firstly it’s not a man of hispanic origins, it’s a Maori man. A black man. Not African-American, because he’s not American, and certainly not a white man.
          How do you know they don’t listen to rap? Could you link me the bit where we find out their musical tastes? Of course this is ignoring the racism that’s implying that only black people listen to rap, and that all black people listen to rap.

        6. Yes he is clearly of ambiguous of white origins to please the PC gods. All black people listen to rap if the stormtroopers were black they would get down to rap. They would also wear black armor instead of white. By wearing white armor they are further asserting to the viewer that they are white. Traditionally, evil would be color coordinated with black. So why the white amor? Answer racism. Get with the program man. Clean your brain of the filth that has been dumped into it. See through the rabbit hole and focus on the end game that is the PC agenda. Out. Drop mic.

        7. No you don’t seem to understand, he’s not white. He’s Maori. The Maori are the native people of New Zealand. Pacific Islanders. Not white. I don’t know how more simply I can put that.
          Of course, we see them rock out to some good old white music all the time don’t we, that’s how we know they’re white and don’t listen to that damn black trash music. And since we never see them eat or drink or use the bathroom or sleep we know that they never do any of those things too!
          And how could I forget that as a white person I only wear white, what a silly thing to forget! Because of course, a director has never made visual choices based solely on how it looks, rather than their underlying subliminal messaging about the race of their characters.

        8. They are white. Stop being a race apologist. The PC agenda is full of subliminal messaging. If they were evil their armor would be black. Just like Darth Vader. It is implied they are some type of white space nazi.

        9. But Darth Vader’s not black, so why isn’t his armour white too? I can’t help it if apparently you haven’t seen the prequels, where you see the black man they are cloned from. That’s not my fault. I’m not being a race apologist, I’m just pointing out what’s actually in the movies, not what I want to be in the movies.

        10. You clearly need to take the red pill a little bit more to understand the nuances that are race and color. Once you do understand though it will be like discovering the force.

        11. Ah the old “I don’t have any rebuttals to the facts presented in the movies, but I still resent that they are portraying women and people of colour instead of just white dudes, so I’ll just tell them they don’t understand” argument. Nicely done my friend. Very nicely done indeed.

        12. You have no rebuttals. You just subscribe to the PC agenda and want to prove that “the narrative” is true. Tell me how many First Order extras were minorities (not women, but “people of color”). The answer is none.

        13. Mate, the only thing I’ve been arguing is that the storm troopers are clones of a black dude. Using some evidence like, you know, the movies. Where you see the black guy who they are cloned from. You’re the one trying to say that Maori people are white, that the storm troopers are black because the films aren’t full of hip hop, and that clearly they’re white because they wear white. Even though Darth Vader wears black. And Darth Sidious wears black. And the pilots wear red. Hell, I’m sure there are times some characters wear green.
          It’s okay, you were wrong. We’re all wrong sometimes, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The thing to do now is to admit it. That’s how I know you’re a real man, because men are logical like that. Otherwise I’ll have to assume you’re thinking emotionally, and are therefore a secret woman. (That’s how it works right?)

        14. Man, it’s almost like black means different things and has different connotations in different cultures… Does that mean light skinned African Americans aren’t black either? And black/brown/whatever you want to call it, he sure ain’t white.

        15. Yeah that dude took a pretty good licking. What a lying PC little punk trying to play off the guy in the pick as being black.

        16. What?
          He is Maori. From New Zealand.
          That is black.
          You are just making yourself look silly and delusional.
          It is obvious that you are just trying to twist FACTS to suit your agenda.
          It is pretty sad.

        17. Dude….no black people live in New Zealand. Everyone knows that. That guy just hits the tanning salon too much.

        18. I’m going to chalk this up to “John1 obviously knows he is wrong, but can’t bring himself to say so”
          Next you will be telling me there are no black people in Australia.
          Or Africa.

        19. Na plenty of blacks in Africa. The dude you show a picture of has clear Caucasian features. Just because his skin color is darker does not mean that the SJW intent is not be communicated through subtle means. Look beyond the obvious and you will start to wake up.

        20. Maoris are not black?
          Grow up. You are like a SJW trying to change the facts to fit your agenda.

        21. Or you can just not see that his features are not that of an actual African which clearly they are not unless you think skin color is the only feature that determines ethnicity. And if you do believe that then you are an idiot.

        22. Agreed……but ‘brown’ is diverse without being too far one way or the other. Welcome to the PC world we live in.

        23. There’s no chance it’s just that George Lucas and the rest of the creative team thought he was the best person for the role? It’s because of the PC agenda? Not because of his ability as an actor and performer?

        24. Oh i have nothing against the actor…..but I suspect they chose him because he fit the profile, not because he was the very best possible actor to portray a clone.

    10. I questioned the articles of faith that Phasma can lower the shields…but General Hux in the control room is completely unaware and doesn’t notice a thing. Furthermore…Ren and all his Storm Troopers can’t find the mighty and powerful Rey wandering their base……but fucking B1 Battledroids can find two of the most powerful Jedi ever, running down the Hall in “Invisible Hand” (Episode III) and capture them with ease. The Heroes find Rey…but not the Bad guys.

      1. Yeah you would think a big f-ing red alarm would go off if your planetary shields suddenly just got shut down. Any time we get even what might be a suspected attack on our company firewall IT gets calls, texts, emails, and if you are in the data center an actual red light starts going off.

        1. In Star Trek the computer sounds Yellow alert any time it detects a potential threat. Why oh why isn’t there a defense droid doing something simmilar in Wars? How hard would it have been to park a few scale up droidekas on top of the Oscillator ?? A base that size should have had thousands of fighters…droid or otherwise. Riddle me this Batman…. If the First Order followed the Recon flight back to it’s base… 1: why weren’t they expecting an attack? And 2: Why didn’t they dispatch Ren’s Star Destroyer to attack that base?
          At the very least this would have forced the Resistance to split it’s fighters between defending the base and attacking Starkiller.

    11. Oh you poor little thing, someone who didn’t look like you was in a movie as a good guy. Go cry about it.

  24. Star Wars is for nerds. I bet you nerds call out other people who have honourable hobbies!

      1. True. But Star Wars is super spergy. They’re the nerds of the nerds, worse than Trekies (well, maybe, the jury is still out on that one).

  25. I seriously wanted to watch it and I am still feeling urges. But whenever I honestly consider it, I am just annoyed about the idea of even going to cinema.

    1. If your a fan, See it for its technical excellence and pray those are its only acknowledgements at Oscar time.

    2. If you have the urge go see it. Just make sure to go to a discounted showing and be prepared to suspend your red pill knowledge (maybe freeze it in carbonite for 3 hours…)

        1. Bring your own soda and candy. At my theater they were charging $10 for a thing of soda (it came in a “limited edition” plastic cup though)

        2. Yeah, fucking ridiculous. Last time, I brought a Doener Kebap, a Turkish food, basically grilled meat and salad in a wrap. Strong smell. Two guys were sitting beside me and seemed annoyed. One said: ‘Enjoy, man!’ I said: ‘Thanks!’
          Male shit test!

        3. $10 just for you? Damn, for that might as well rent it on Redbox and buy myself a pizza instead.

    3. Dude I wouldn’t waste my money. Why make these leftist maggots anymore wealthy with your hard earned money? But it’s your money so your call though.

  26. I liked the lightsaber duels actually. For once, the main protagonists looked like they were truly trying to kill each other rather than flip around doing somersaults and just showing off.
    But yeah it’s true that J J Abrams and crew were definitely trying to turn this into a feminist movie. I do reckon however that Mad Max was far worse and I’ll tear my eyeballs out first before going to watch the ghostbusters remake.
    RIP Han Solo. One of the best alpha male characters to have ever graced the screen…

    1. They had to kill off Han Solo. He was the last remaining Alpha of the bunch and he had to go…no room in JJ Abrams “room is too white” future career films.
      I’ll probably opt out of watching anything by Abrams, now. The racism was probably there for a long time but once he spoke about it…I was done. More people need to call him out for being a racist with his “diversity” bullshit.

      1. Harrison Ford wanted Solo killed off because he doesn’t want to do the role any more. That’s why it was done. However, Han being killed by his own son perfectly fits into the Star Wars theme and will resonate deeply in the future movies.

        1. At his age and his place (in his career) he could have said no to the role, period. He didn’t have to have the role “killed off” to not do it any longer. It’s hard what to believe any longer because so much bullshit comes out of Hollywood so you’re never sure of the actual truth. Either way, I think it’s sad that they kill off the one “Alpha” in the whole series.

        2. He’s our guest SJW. Not really worth answering if you read all of his other worming excuses.
          You’re exactly correct. Or Han could have simply retired to, oh hell I don’t know, some imaginary “Dgronba system” never to be seen or heard from again, but mentioned occasionally in retrospect. But of course, that would mean that he gets to live in the SJW universe, and that ain’t happening, skippy!

  27. Why would I spend money to see this SJW bullshit, when I can just rent the original trilogy from the library for free, and immerse myself in some good, old fashioned masculine cinema?

    1. The technical aspect always sucks me in. As a newbie , I had to see it in 70mm six track stereo. Now I must see it in IMax. Its one of those, I saw it in its most elite format kind of things. Once in a lifetime

  28. Why can’t they make female leads like Ripley or Sarah Connor? Call me beta, but I did like them two.

        1. I’ve never seen the new Sarah Connor. And it has nothing to do with SJWs. I’m done with remakes.

        2. get used to it or don’t go to the movies anymore. Download, stream and watch the shit movies for free

        3. Exactly what I did with shit movies like Showgirls and the Garbage Pail Kids Movie. All hail the Internets!

        4. Hollywoods idea of originality is called a “reboot”. Or , lets rewrite an original idea for the times. We are all inclusive so we won’t offend anybody. Wink,Wink.

        5. I see one first run movie a year. My sons and I go to one movie at Christmas. The new Star Wars one is their choice for this year. I tried to talk them out of it and will discuss all these issues with them after the movie. The red pill must be continuously brought up.
          Generally I don’t even watch movies made after about 1968 for free on TV.

    1. Yeah, those are well done female leaders. Because they were not trying to shove girl power down the gullible masses throat’s. Ripley never pretended to be something she wasn’t (a man). Ripley knew her world, her strength and weaknesses. The only cringe thing in Aliens was that stupid ugly midget tomboy “soldier”,

    2. The reason the Ripley & Sarah Connor female roles have weight is because there is still a sense of the maternal qualities in the characters. In a ‘lioness fights to protect her cubs’ sort of way.

      1. That last line is an example of how I view matriarchy. Simply, as a woman who takes over the male role of protecting her children, not of cultural or ideological reasons, but of sheer survival, even, as in Ripley’s case, if said children are not her own. Think Kurdish or Soviet women who took up arms and in the process refused to wait for a Prince Charming and have proceeded to whoop ass, kinda like a herd of pissed off female elephants.

    3. True. Those characters were far more believable. Most of the time they were scared shitless and at a loss, as would be the normal human reaction in those kind of situations. They eventually survive by their sheer will to live and to protect someone even more vulnerable than themselves, not by “look at how big my balls are” non-sense. Also, they are not made to look as if they could have survived alone (Ripley had a whole crew with her, and Sarah Connor had the rebel fighter sent back in time to protect her.)

  29. *** SPOILER ALERT ***
    Chronological compilation of trailers if you want to get the gist of the story in 7 minutes without having to go to the movies.

  30. I liked the movie from a pure entertainment standpoint. I tried to compartmentalize that from the clear pedaling of “acceptable social narratives” (spot on phrase). The leftist, progressive, SJW segment of society can’t even leave our beloved Star Wars alone, can they?

  31. Another great film hijacked by another ideology (sci-fi being absorbed by SJWs).

  32. After piecing together the plot from reviews and wiki, I am sitting this wretched pile of crap out. Who knew that my grandson would be whinier than Luke. The supersaturation of advertising has also turned me off. Watched The Wild Bunch in protest. Now that is a movie. Manly honor, whiskey, and titties. Hemingway would be proud.

  33. A leading female character in current Hollywood movies must always at the bare minimum:
    1) Physically beat up a man
    2) Outplay, disparage, scold or otherwise defeat a man in a battle of wits, in addition to other women in the movie also very routinely talking down to men and making fun of them at leisure without any repercussions
    3) Be presented in various situations and predicaments as unfailingly “badass”, “awesome” and “hardcore”
    4) Be an unparalleled master in a field which in real life has always been in the overwhelming dominance of men, be it physical combat, technology, computer sciences, business acumen, or whatever is relevant to the plot
    5) And above all never ever be portrayed as having a flaw or the slightest weakness of any kind, emerge victorious from any encounter with omnipotence…
    How can any of this mind-numbingly cliche and malicious social programming be called artistic license or creativity ??? And how can a country that was once the leader of the world in intellectual thought and innovation get so blind to the utter obliteration of everything that once made America desirable, including freedom of expression and creative enterprise…

    1. How can any of this mind-numbingly cliche and malicious social programming be called artistic license or creativity, and how can a country that was once the leader of the world in intellectual though and innovation get so blind to the utter obliteration of everything that once made America desirable, including freedom of thought and creative enterprise…

      It’s what happens when people allow the Idiot Left to dominate everything. They destroy everything they touch. Parasites all.

      1. It is worse than that. The socialist always murder the intelligent minds in the pop ultimately. Their evil philosophy requires force and murder to enact.
        The khmer Rouge is their fullest expression to date. The holodomor and red china’s killing spree following close second and third.
        If you are a man of the mind, who thinks, they will come for you or your children.
        It is only a matter of time.
        That is why the SJW and socialists have to be crushed. To preserve your own life and those of your descendants.

        1. Communism, or Marxist thought and beliefs are a death cult, just like Islam… Agree or Die, there are no other options, and even when you do agree you will still be on the hit list and killed off anyway.

    2. Good points. You can compare that list with any list from movies in the 70s and 60s. You won’t find one movie that fits that bill at all. Sure, you have moments where women were a little sassy but you didn’t find a woman beating up a room full of men built like middle linebackers.
      Today, it seems like a requirement for any film moving forward (a regular film..not even talking about movies such as The Avengers).

      1. White men use to slap the shit out of a woman if she got out of pocket. I don’t endorse beatiing on them but. As Chris Rock once said, “Every Man knows his boundaries, (now referring to women) No one is above an ass whupping”

        1. Yeah, and they got into duels, including a president, over disparaging words, so beating women was common (not). Not to mention they never had to deal with her family, those etc.
          Revisioned history is tuned like the movie to create a false belief in false reality as if X derived from G will be a certain way that X derived from R would not…

        2. Yes. The days when you could beat a woman because you didn’t like her attitude are sorely missed. By asshats everywhere.

        3. That’s not what he said.
          My youngest sister is a victim of this mentality. She grew up with Disney princesses kicking ass and taking names, STRONG, unbeatable sassy female leads who ALWAYS won…who could say anything, do anything and get away with it cuz…vajaja. Growing up we always let her win at sports, beat us at video games or stupid stuff like easter egg hunts. There’s nothing wrong with a strong female role model…but she was surrounded by them to the point that it made her feel invincible. There came a day when she was wrestling with my youngest brother over the TV remote and she punched him in the balls. Instead of instantly grabbing his crotch and falling over like she’s been conditioned to believe by Hollywood…. He threw her across the room where she hit the couch and lay stunned…and THEN he grabbed his wounded junk. That was her wakeup call…the first time in her life that Disney failed her. It didn’t sink in the first time and she had to learn the hard way through picking fights with people bigger and stronger than she was….but EVENTUALLY she learned that the real world wasn’t as forgiving as Cinema. You can’t mouth off to a guy who outweighs you by 80 pounds and expect to win the fight. Another one of her hard lessons was taking on a field full of men in a paintball fight. After years of playing her brothers…who were under orders from Mom to loose, facing down actual competition left her black and blue and bruised all over.
          Long story short, Han gives Rey a blaster and she’s almost instantly picking off Stormtroopers who’ve been training their whole lives. In the real world if she had tried that shit she’d have been shot dead in a heart beat.

        4. Wow, I facepalmed so hard it stung.
          It’s a movie, cockring. A fucking movie. It’s got magical space monks. Grow the fuck up.

        5. She’s a scavenger who has clearly used blasters before, we don’t know how many scuffles she’s been in- she’s quite handy in a fight already, lives a solitary existence and regularly rubs shoulders with scum and criminals, i don’t find it at all a stretch that she kicks ass, in fact since we know she is ultra force sensitive you could argue that some of that intuition has been helping her all her life.
          Now if she went through the entire movie like Kate Beckinsale’s character in Van Helsing- a super haughty arrogant bitch who knew she was a main character and immune to every trace of fear or weakness, but snarky throughout, THEN i would have hated her.
          But Rey wasn’t like that, she’s humble, she’s scared, she’s confused sometimes, she gets hurt, and she strikes me as a very authentic character. The complete opposite of Van Helsing, which made me laugh so hard. Kate’s character was UBER BADASS BITCH from the start, then tells us nobody in her town had killed a vampire in 100 years, so she literally had never done ANYTHING to help her people… so where the hell did all the ninja attitude come from? Oh because strongfemalecharacter.
          Rey ain’t like that. They did better with her.

        6. There’s a difference. Kate Beckinsale’s character in Underworld is a 600 year old Death Dealer who’s been training to kill since before Rey’s great great great grandparents were born. In Star Wars terms she’s fucking Yoda in her training and experience. Kate Beckinsale’s character in Van Helsing…again, decades of training to achieve mastery of her art… Her skills were earned and her backstory bares that out. As for Rey, no, we don’t know that she’s ever fired a blaster before in her life. Han gave her one and asked if she knew how to use it…she responded in a snarky “Point and shoot” and when needed…forgot there was a safety. Clearly she hadn’t fired it before….but magically hit every trooper she shot at. THAT…is unearned skill, learned on the spot…and THAT is why Rey’s character is overpowered.

        7. I was talking about Van Helsing not Underworld.
          Her backstory is bullshit, skills and training doing what? She had never fought a vampire until Hugh Jackman showed up. And again look at her attitude- total opposite of Rey, she is a regular mortal woman who has been watching the town sacrifice girls to vampires her whole life yet she walks around like miss arrogant ninja bitch because the writers want her to look tough- not because she’s ever done a damn thing to earn it. And don’t get me started on underworld that whole series is a joke, young vampires don’t kill their elders, period. There’s no reason for her to be “the chosen one” and be able to kill the most powerful vampires that ever existed. But she does anyone because hero. That series had so many holes if it was Swiss cheese you wouldn’t even taste it.
          Rey is actually realistic and vulnerable. And you’re still assuming her born-with-ultra force sensitivity doesn’t help her when she needs it, which it clearly does- so in my opinion it would even help her shoot. It helped Luke in an X-wing so it could reasonably help with blasters.

        8. the point is that political correctness has not just made its way into star wars, it is the main attraction. Oddly the only black guy that i saw was comic relief and his job in the film was a garbage man. Yea you know not racist at all. Liberal hollywood such racist dirt bags.

        9. i dont understand why orders from mum to loose , This creates a fantasy world for a child and thinks he/she is invincible

        10. No its not just a movie. Its a reflection of what happens when the PC police get their hands on the wheel and care more about diversity Than telling a good story

        11. Not really. Because the script would have been provisionally written before casting.
          Unless you think “character is woman” is somehow politically correct?

        12. You really need to pay more attention to sub text. Rey tells finn and han at every possible point that she doesn’t need a man. Reys unbelievably overpowered to compensate for all these years of no lead female. If you enjoyed this social conditioning tool of a movie that’s great good on ya. The people who have applied one facet of brain power to analyzing the character development and writing have realized just how bad it really is

        13. Making this star wars more diverse was an agenda from the beginning. If the story itself wasn’t pathetically cliche and shit i may be able to overlook it

        14. So now the basic trope of “someone who is an outsider initially rejects outside help but eventually realises their own power and the power of working as a team” is now political correctness.

        15. Well since that’s an assumption in your imagination, we can safely ignore it.

        16. You would have somewhat of a case If JJ didn’t explicitly express himself on multiple occasions that diversity and female empowerment are centre peice.

        17. Looking back at what you’ve written, I still can’t tell what you’re angry about.
          Look through the last 1000 action or sci-fi movies that have come out. Roughly what percentage of them feature a lead that’s not a white man? Are you so frustrated that one of them didn’t have a white man in the lead? Are you that insecure?

        18. I read an article in the New York Times. It said the Star Wars franchise had a ‘gender imbalance!’ It’s like we live in the Soviet Union. All entertainment must reflect the revealed truths of the party. And our dominant elites believe that they have the absolute truth. The Facts be Damned.

        19. It’s still a “if you can’t read the article where the point is succinctly made, the problem is yours.”

        20. I’m not reading all that. The man said women who get out of line should be hit. That is like saying slaves who get out of line should be whipped. The attitude is extremely sexist. It doesn’t matter if there are looney feminists around, there is still such a thing as sexism.

        21. You men are so strong, yet can never defend yourselves, it seems. Always sticking together, like aphids.

        22. “I’m not reading all that. The man said women who get out of line should be hit. That is like saying slaves who get out of line should be whipped.”
          No…that’s like saying, … if women want to be treated like men…they shouldn’t be surprised if they are treated like men. Women shouldn’t expect to mouth off and still be treated like they’re made of glass.

        23. ‘The rule of thumb’, don’t whip your woman with a stick ( twitch ) larger than the diameter of your thumb, you could render her ‘temporary’ useless. It’s bad for the overall well being of the village!

        24. In other words: “I wish to remain blissfully ignorant.” At least you admit it.

        25. You are the reason why “social justice” will die out soon enough. Enjoy it while it lasts libcuck.

        26. Aliens and Terminator II probably the two greatest sci-fi movies of all time have female leads. The reason people are criticizing Star Wars: Force Awakens is because it was casted based on profiling. It panders to political correctness, which is so obvious to see, and is distasteful, something confirmed by JJ Abrams.
          And there’s a reason most leads are male, because men are typically greater risk takers, and these lead roles demand a macho role. Women aren’t macho, and therefore you get ridiculous characters like Rey.
          If Rey hadn’t been coddled in the film and presented as invincible to appease SJWs, I would have zero problem with it. If you are Force Sensitive you can be a man or a woman and it would make little difference. The fact is, the original Star Wars movies were good because the characters were fallible and there was a great sense of development through the movie. The basics of an adventure story is a character going on an adventure, encountering trouble, and then overcoming the trouble when all looks lost. This does happen to Rey in Force Awakens however it is not believable as there is no build up – not even a single montage – making us believe she is worthy of the powers she possesses, which make a mockery of the original’s wonderful pacing.

        27. Rey is invincible in this movie. She uses a Jedi mind trick with ZERO training. She uses a Force Pull to receive her lightsabre from the snow some distance away with ZERO training. She beats the deadly Kylo Ren with NO JEDI TRAINING. In the original movies Skywalker gets the shit beaten out of him and fails like a jackass all through the first two movies. And that’s why it’s compelling and relatable. This is just pure lazy storytelling with a veneer of SJW.

        28. Look here everyone a whiteknight cocksucker mouthing off, I think he needs an asswhopping to set him straight.

        29. there was no plot, it was basically a new hope all over again with female characters this time. even a female yoda but she’s a hypocritical useless orange shit.

        30. men like you are part of the reason the world is so fucked currently, nice earrings, do you paint your nails too?

      2. They did a good job with Ripley in Alien(s). She was never physically stronger than anything in that movie, but she used what she had.

        1. Ripley was hot in Alien 1979. That monster didn’t want eat her. He wanted some of that fine poon.

        2. There were plenty of good (kick ass) movies from back when featuring females in lead or co-starring roles. It only got ridiculous about 2000 when studios started putting out the over the top feminist agenda in all of their movies. A woman at 110lbs kicking the ass of a room full of men (all over 220lbs)? No, it’s not happening. That’s when the industry “jumped the shark”.
          It was better when we had Ripley and Sarah Connor (back when). The stories were good, good roles, action, etc…. Now, it’s nothing but this feel good bullshit and women have to be in the lead role – even in a movie like Mad Max…where the lead character should be Max, the man.
          Too stupid (like the new Star Wars movie). I’ll save my money.

        3. What made Ripley and Connor believable was they we NOT portrayed as some grand warrior atop a pile of skulls…
          Each one was fragile, scared, and in their way feminine. Each one dealt with the stress and fear of the bad situation they were thrown into and allowed the men to guide or help them overcome the problem.
          The endless parade of Mary Sue we have now spend half the movie beating men down, and the other half showing off how awesome their girl power is.

        4. Sarah Conner was obviously a feminist heroine in Terminator 2. Consider her speech bashing men when she tried to kill the scientist blaming him for building the terminator (unintentionally acknowledging that women scientists didn’t make much contribution to the project.) At the same time, her insanity due to what she went through (the years of being on the run, not being believed, living in a psych ward, etc.) showed that her feminism was partly driven by insanity and lack of a strong male presence in her life (she and her son were abandoned by various men over the years.)

        5. I realize the later films went off the rails quite a bit, but my reference were the initial films and how the characters were developed. I agree that the follow up films pushed the girl power garbage way to much, but even that was not eliminating the male roles and what they did to move the story forward.
          The way they write men now, they are an afterthought, just a warm body to catch bullets for the majestic female who rides atop a cloud of double plus good cupcakes.

        6. I competely disagree about Ripley and Connor. My impression at the time was that they were too masculine. They were just trying to ease us in gently.

        7. I agree (to an extent)….I’ve been around for a bit, Bob. Yes, at the time, but they at least shared the spotlight. Today, they want to take over the lead, period (with no men..if they have their way).
          The older movies were good movies because it was a good balance with good characters (good actors). Today, these studios are casting (pick any actor) to fill the role of that “kick everyone’s ass female lead”. It’s too obvious (and embarrassing) with the new Star Wars movie.
          These movies have been around since the former round of feminism (see movies from the 70s). But you, at least, had a nice compliment to the ass kicking….the woman was normal (i.e. could bleed, get hurt, etc…or needed help).
          Today, they are all “kick ass, professionals who don’t need a man or training..for that matter”. Then, in real life, they need your help lifting that heavy box at work.
          It’s too funny, sometimes.

        8. Really, that wasn’t my thoughts with the originals, but I can see where you got that impression. By the second films it was certainly obvious to anyone who saw the changes that were made with both characters.

        9. I did think the balance was off in the Eighties. Remember Vasquez in Aliens? She made me sick.

        10. “Consider her speech bashing men when she tried to kill the scientist blaming him for building the terminator”
          Even more ironic when you consider the feminist’s insistence on abortion rights:

          Yeah, right. How are you supposed to know? Fucking men like you built the hydrogen bomb. Men like you thought it up. You think you’re so creative. You don’t know what it’s like to really create something; to create a life; to feel it growing inside you. All you know how to create is death and destruction…

          The scriptwriter must have been drinking or something.

        11. That is the way I felt about Sarah Conner, and she kind of came off to me as a bull dyke.

        12. you do understand that women are fighting in real wars while you’re eating Cheetos right?

        13. “Today, they want to take over the lead, period (with no men..if they have their way).”

        14. Interesting statement: she and her son were abandoned by men. Or said men didn’t want to deal with a crazy bitch and raise some other fucker’s son.

        15. And I think that John Conner as a kid acknowledged this: She went into full ‘save the world” mode and drove sane men away. Also in T2, she claimed to have these visions of families dying from atomic bombs being dropped that were entirely a product of her own kind of PTSD.

        16. One of the paradigms of feminism that’s amusing is that they’re all tough grrrls who don’t “need” men but then run to Bill Clinton to give them “free” healthcare because, otherwise, they’ll die and simutaneously, they’ll “free” men from the hero role but if the men don’t rescue the feminists, then they’re a bunch of loser man crybabies.
          Speaking of modern women thinking: The new Bachelor season is on! A room full of crazy career women fighting each other for the sole handsome guy in the room!

        17. But…even when she had those opinion…she was still a believable kick ass female….as in she bulked up and carried a big gun. She wasn’t a magic ninja and she wasn’t the gorgeous femfatal.

        18. Actually….. the father was killed protecting her. As for other guys that came along over time…she’s nuts. They didn’t stick around because she’s a hot mess.

        19. Vasquez was perfect….. a hard charging kick ass bull dike…. Who was likeable. She had snappy comebacks…just like the men and pulled her own weight in the Colonial marines…just like the men.
          THAT is the kind of woman who has a chance of passing the Marine Corp infantry officer School, not the 110 pound feminists proxies they deal with today.
          She wasn’t representative of the 80’s …she was respresentative of what the 80’s though the future would be like.

        20. She was believable as the kind of woman who would be working on a long range cargo ship in the ass end of space.

        21. it is not proving anything ,often male army personnel say women become a liability often unable to carry their gear for long distances

        22. I love in that speech there how that point of view paints women as these magical uber beings who create human life in the magical lab of their magical sorceress bodies that they somehow deliberately and consciously control the process of life making like some kind of magical sorceress engineer. They seem to forget that its the male that imbues their body with that power with sperm–and electrically charges their eggs so that natural body process can happen. I think the whole abortion monstrosity has also given them a sense of goddesshood because of their sickening ability to destroy life on a whim, but it brings with it a collective sense of overwhelming subconscious guilt that they have been projecting onto men, hence all of the misandric attitudes feminists and a lot of women in general display. Not all though just those types.

        23. funny if you replace that with a picture of a female baby, then you’d have a picture of exactly how feminist women have gotten to that lead role in the first place. And guess who took care of those babies and gave them their pacifiers? Men.

        24. Interesting that thats the image that popped into your head..you must be a girl under that sampson screen name

        25. well good on them! So whats your point? that thats the norm? or that that means that somehow the one percent of these honorable women mean that women in the west deserve to have movies made where all they do is kick mens asses?

        26. often men don’t either. these women are serious. an idea, why don’t you read about them instead of talking shit.

        27. even if it’s not the norm it matters. people are pissed because a ‘WOMEN” is strong in a movie, and that “it’s not realistic”.
          i just showed that women have and are indeed kicking ass not only today but in history http://mentalfloss.com/article/59287/9-female-warriors-who-made-their-mark-history
          why is it that some people have a problem with that? most, not all, sit behind their pc’s crying like babies about rey, when there are actual women at this moment looking down the sites of a high powered riffle killing men and are, feared by the opposing forces and respected as legit fighters.

        28. Oh for christ sakes you’re kidding right? On average women thought history haven’t been that. Men have earned the ass kicking title because as a whole they died for that representation (and its an accurate one)–much at the behest of women who have spurred them on and then spurned them if they didnt fight to protect them. Women will have to die in the millions over the next ten thousand years to earn that–not because a bunch of whiny feminists want to pretend their men. is that clear enough for you? I suppose if we had tons of movies of men staying home while all the women went off to war to protect men wed all be real comfortable with that too, but thats exactly what feminists would love…just so you dont have to feel insecure about your weaknesses rather than admire yourselves for your strengths–which isn’t kicking mens asses. Go kick womens asses in movies if your so determined to view yourself as ass kickers. Sorry to burst your bubble.

        29. there you go again, getting off of the topic. this debate is in regards to this article and whether a woman can be a fearless warrior. not the amount of women vs men. so please stop moving the goal posts. I showed without a doubt that women can kill motherfuckers in battle. so the fact that Rey is kicking ass isn’t a surprise.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w53rqaNDN5s what would happen if you tried to fight here hand to hand? don’t tell me, you would win cause you’re a man right?

        30. Goal posts yeah ok. There you go again missing the point. Just the fact that its such a big deal that there needs to be videos of proof like ufos exist or something shows how rare it is. Btw Did I say anywhere that women couldn’t be fearless warriors? Nope! But heaven knows they keep trying to convince them and everyone around them they are so there an obvious insecurity about it. Anyway, the argument here is about the constant eye rolling need for them to be portrayed in movies as kicking mens asses five times their size and this movie being SJW propaganda. Thats what this is about. And NO, no matter how much it pains you and pops your delusional bubble, in general women 135 lbs aren’t going to be kicking mens asses who are 200 –250 but that will never be tested because of the need society has to protect women from such a thing anyway because society itself knows women in general aren’t as capable . It doesn’t make women less than men its just a natural fact. They lack the physical structure to do it, period. SO no, Rey this waifey little girl isn’t believable no matter what delusional world you desire this to be . But you know what–go–run in your stormtrooper armor to your magical warrior Rey and bathe her feet in honey made from your deluded wannabe jedi saliva for all i care, lmao

        31. I’m actually sick of the idea that men do all the science stuff and that women aren’t to blame for the destruction in the world. Google women scientists of the Manhattan Project and you find there were indeed women making the atom bomb too.
          I am of course lefty feminist ally scum. But to pretend women are sweetness and light and men are strong and destructive is pathetic and reductive, and not a part of any feminism I want to be a part of.

        32. go back to wanking off to Rey pics you backpeddling idiot, didn’t mean to interrupt you.

        33. holy fuck you’re too stupid to realize I hadnt seen it? and here you are responding. get a life already.

        34. Conversely…..Hollywood needs to make realistic female characters. What do you think the chances are we get one of those 115 pound ass kickers, she gets in a fight with a 200 pound guy….and shockingly instead of throwing him across the room he breaks her jaw with his first punch.

        35. “Hollywood needs to make realistic female characters” in a world where children hop in a fighter and destroy a space station right?

        36. The guy who destroyed a space-station was 19, he had years of experience piloting and he managed to succeed because the entire squadron sacrificed itself to set him up for the shot. Anakin on the other hand got stupidly lucky, had R2 and an auto pilot for most of it and litteraly just pushed buttons like a kid till he blew up the control ship.

        37. i wasn’t talking about a 19 yr old that was only flying the equivalent of a bi plane on his planet to flying a F-15 in the span of couple of days = realism? lol not!
          Anakin beat the best pod racers in the galaxy and he was what? 10? let’s hear the excuses.
          i wonder how many blaster fights Luke had before shooting trained soldiers in A New Hope?
          the gunner position in the falcon didn’t need any skill at all. he just shot down two tie fighters even though he never used a gun like that before. a 19 yr old did all this? how realistic is that.

        38. “i wasn’t talking about a 19 yr old that was only flying the equivalent of a bi plane on his planet to flying a F-15 in the span of couple of days = realism? lol not!”
          Your lack of understanding here invalidates anything you say out of your sheer ignorance of the source material.
          “Anakin beat the best pod racers in the galaxy and he was what? 10? let’s hear the excuses.”
          Anakin wasn’t the best pod racer in the galaxy….. he only ever finished a single race.
          ‘i wonder how many blaster fights Luke had before shooting trained soldiers in A New Hope?”
          Who cares? Stormtroopers are bad shots and Vader had them under orders to loose.
          “the gunner position in the falcon didn’t need any skill at all. he just shot down two tie fighters even though he never used a gun like that before. ”
          You have no idea whether he’d ever used a gun like that or not. I could have figured it out cold in about three minutes.
          “a 19 yr old did all this? how realistic is that.”
          Much more so than Rey doing all of that, and doing Han’s job and filling Obi wan’s shoes for the fight, and defeating Kylo Ren.

        39. “Anakin wasn’t the best pod racer in the galaxy….. he only ever finished a single race.”
          yeah 1 race against the best in the galaxy and he won. he fixed his pod, he bult, mid race all by himself while still on the track. f-ing brilliant.

        40. Luke was only a farm boy from the outer rim, you know
          ” if there is a bright centre to the universe, you’re on the planet that is farthest from”
          Luke was a bored farm hand that did the equivalent of hunting rabbits in the hill and getting their with his four wheeler.
          the funny thing about all this is that you guys don’t bat an eye when a f-ing dude does it, and you know it’s true.
          I’m just so glade Disney is doing what no other studio is doing and that is diversifying their lead actors, even when racist woman hating white males cry about it. you most likely don’t understand because you are a white male. it’s hard to see thing from within i guess.
          and Anakin had full control of the fighter, age10, when he destroyed the station. R2 took it off auto pilot shortly after they reached the battle station.
          look at how silly this is, yet you think it’s ok.
          fantasy fantasy fantasy fantasy fantasy.

        41. “Luke was only a farm boy from the outer rim, you know
          ” if there is a bright centre to the universe, you’re on the planet that is farthest from”
          Luke was a bored farm hand that did the equivalent of hunting rabbits in the hill and getting their with his four wheeler.”
          If by you 4 wheeler you mean his T16 Skyhopper….. you know, the trainer the rebellion uses to teach pilots to fly X-wings….ya, one of those.

        42. 1 race against a bunch of chumps and Sabolba….the best racer on that part of Tatooine…you know…. that really important planet out of the Rim that nobody gives a shit about?
          ” if there is a bright centre to the universe, you’re on the planet that is farthest from”

        43. That’s the wittiest retort you could come up with? Sounds like a five year old

        44. Ooh, cursing and name-calling, LOL. It’s what happens when someone’s who’s not overly bright can’t come up with any counterpoint. FWIW, someone who represents the kinds of values you purport to represent really shouldn’t use insensitive terms like “retard”.

        45. What’s wrong with building an atomic bomb? And men were in charge of the world, get real. Women weren’t allowed the same educational or career oppurunities. Very difficult to become a scientist.

        46. I don’t understand what you are saying.
          The previous poster has deleted their post so my comment no longer has a clear context, but what I was saying was that men constantly talk as if women were at home being homemakers and doing menial jobs and men were out there doing the science.
          They talk as if women are these soft, sweet creatures and men are big and strong. But women can be just as brutal, just as strong, just as intelligent, and even just as evil as men. That to me is a part of feminism: to recognise that these differences aren’t inherent, and that there are plenty of examples of women being the above.
          Women were cut down and attacked every time they tried to join the men – and yet, some still did. Even on evil products like the atom bomb. (What’s wrong with it? I am sure you know already).
          Men WERE in charge of the world, mostly. And men made most of the wars, mostly. But the women involved are powerful examples of the intelligence, strategic abilities and talents of women. Even when used for nasty stuff like the bomb.

        47. Even if its men doing all the science, it still proves that women can’t do shit and live on the coattails of men while at the same time claiming men are evil and that society would be better if it was run by women.

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