What’s The Difference Between SJW Witch Hunts And Racially Motivated Lynchings?

In one of the bigger ironies of modern times, SJWs pursuing unsubstantiated rape allegations are resorting to the same tactics and lowest common denominator politics as Southerners and others who once took “justice” into their own hands against black criminal suspects. The only distinction really is that modern do-gooders on university campuses especially have not (yet) resorted to killing those accused but not convicted of rape. Well, at least in the West and there’s always a first for everything.

Of all the race-based lynchings recorded in American history, the 1930 deaths of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith in Indiana are the most infamous. Shipp and Smith stood accused of involvement in a robbery, rape and murder incident. Townsfolk from the town of Marion removed the duo from the local jail, viciously beat them and then gruesomely strung them up for all to see. SJWs, along with plain regular people, have rightfully decried this appalling outcome many decades later. Most tellingly, neither of the men were ever convicted.

Yet fast forward 85 years and SJWs believe that one doesn’t need firm evidence and a proper, fair court process to “convict” someone of the crime of rape. The testimony of a white person in Marion would not have satisfied a finding of guilty against Shipp and Smith in the eyes of leftists (or anyone with any sense of due process) but nowadays a woman accusing a man of rape constitutes a finding of rape.

Seriously, what world are we living in?

In 1930 and 2015 people “convict” just as quickly

Just because the Duke lacrosse players weren’t lynched doesn’t make the mob that attacked them any less virulent in their hatred of due process.

Look what the lynch mob mentality, sans execution, has wrought upon fairness over the past decade alone. A lynch mob identical in its virulence to the pack in Marion sought to paint a group of Duke lacrosse players as rapists just because an unbalanced, drug-addicted black stripper said so. Unproven accusations of racism and sexism converged to produce a miscarriage of justice of truly shocking proportions. The fact that none of the innocent players died is somehow meant to mitigate the disemboweling of common sense and, to boot, the need for an impartial investigation.

But did those quick to judge learn from their loss of control? Of course not. Along came a carbon copy accusation at the University of Virginia, courtesy of the supremely sadistic Jackie Coakley. With the same opportunism of the mob leaders in Marion, “journalist” Sabrina Rubin Erdely strove to make a name for herself in the eyes of her peers and ideological drinking buddies. And all this was at the expense of even a half-hearted research process, let alone a responsible facts-based appraisal.

Due process is a buzzword that SJWs apply based on ideological grounds alone. Members of a UVA fraternity do not deserve it but Shipp and Smith did. Supposedly, because the former group were both white and male, there cannot be a question of unfairness in labeling them rapists based only on hearsay. Similarly untenable justifications for perpetrating the spirit of the Marion, Indiana conviction standards have appeared in other incidents ad nauseam.

As long as they don’t kill them, SJWs believe they can ruin non-convicted men’s lives as much as they want

Did SJWs have any more basis for calling Paul Nungesser a rapist than the mob at Marion had for calling Shipp and Smith rapists?

From the Duke lacrosse players to Paul Nungesser, reputations and livelihoods have been sullied for life because SJWs are beyond trigger-happy in branding men as guilty. In many cases, police have had no evidence to even detain these men, unlike the booked Shipp and Smith. Yet that doesn’t matter when, like a series of 1930s show trials, something resembling a quota system is initiated by zealous leftists. “Not enough convictions! More!” they bellow.

Usually, SJWs take the uncompromising approach of never admitting their mistakes. When both Emma Sulkowicz and Jackie Coakley were exposed as malicious frauds, for example, professional retrogrades like Jessica Valenti still clung to the idea that the men they accused of rape were still guilty. When such a position fails, Stalinist legal observers like Ezra Klein seize upon notions of utilitarianism, accepting that innocent men will be caught up in the net to ensure that the “rapists” are rooted out, typically through unapologetically woeful kangaroo courts.

They may not wear the everyman clothing and have the same genial rural manners of the Marion mob participants, but SJWs are just as committed to undermining social and legal civility.

A fraud of a movement dedicated to conviction by social media and demagoguery

SJWs decided “War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength” weren’t convoluted enough.

Black Lives Matter. Civil rights. Feminism. Due process. Meet the new (and old) euphemisms used to selectively champion the pet projects of SJWs. And it’s only going to get worse. After stripping these concepts of their common sense meaning and then polluting them incessantly, the opponents of decency and fairness will always move onto bigger and badder aims.

It’s sad indictment on modern society that we even have to wonder if 1930 was a better time for due process than a dystopian 2015.

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49 thoughts on “What’s The Difference Between SJW Witch Hunts And Racially Motivated Lynchings?”

  1. Great year of manosphere awakenings and push-back to this SJW nonsense. Let’s do it again and again until there’s no more reason.

    …And to all a good night.

  2. Most people don’t even buy into SJW nonsese until it’s repeatedly beaten into them. Exactly why the narratives are consistently pushed on to people, in particular, women. Women will be the first to conform then everyone else follows. Whenever I see SJW, I usually see white women at the head.

    1. “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
      ― Adolf Hitler

    2. I somehow feel that lighter skinned educated black women from the UK are some of the strongest proponents of it.

    3. Women love a tyrant. It’s rare for them to stand up against actual oppressors. Those that do, are a statistical anomaly.
      Unfortunately, most modern (Western) “men” won’t stand against the tyrants either.
      This is why the death of masculinity and reducing the importance that sexual dimorphism has on the human species is very important for the authoritarian types; you state that any dissenter is a savage, uncivilized beast and turn the general populace into amorphous blobs that would be physically incapable of putting up a fight.
      While I don’t frequent this site and other manosphere outlets (there are overzealous elements in the mix that seem to come from an emotional impulse rather than a rational line of thought), I think the core concepts presented do have merit and should be allowed a forum of discussion in public. The demonizing of those who even attempt to question the current narrative is outright immoral and totalitarian.
      The SJWs and their overlords do not want equality (in a meritocratic sense), freedom, or truth; they are antithetical to the existence of those ideas.

  3. I would actually argue that a SJW lynching is the functional equivalent of murder. After the SJW’s are done the victim is usually out of a job and has had their reputation to thoroughly trashed they have probably been alienated by most friends, families, partners, and even husband/wife. Also, thanks to the internet, their legacy as narrated by SJW’s now lives in perpetuity. Apply for a new job? Guess where the resume goes the second after HR simply Googles your name. The same if you meet a new set of friends or once that girl you went out with once or twice gets curious and starts poking around Facebook. This is even true if later on it comes out that the SJW narrative was a COMPLETE FABRICATION or OUTRIGHT LIE.
    Once a man is deprived of his reputation, his ability to make a living (that is probably beyond a job with menial tasks), and destroyed his social status to the point that they might as well have leprosy you have essentially taken away everything from him except his actual life. Given this, I really don’t see how a SJW lynching is anything all that much different from outright murder.

    1. Yeah. Hence, don’t put yourself at anyones mercy. Have an income that doesn’t require you to have a boss or direct customer contact, or make enough money to retire early. And don’t fucking marry. And if you decide to have kids anyway, be prepared to disappear at a moments notice. Have everything ready to set up a new identity in some other part of the world where you will never be found.

      1. I agree that men should live as independently as possible given our modern reality. But, this plan just sounds delusional. Disappear at a moment’s notice? Don’t you owe some sense of obligation and duty to raising children if you decide to have them? If you don’t want to have kids that is fine by me. That is your choice. But, if you do have a child, you at least owe it to them to give it a shot and not just randomly disappear one day because the going simply got tough for you.

        1. Not randomly. Never do anything at random. That is a woman thing.
          The option to disappear needs to be there because women have the option of dragging you through court to take half your money and future income. A lack of legal marriage is not a full protection against this, and future laws will likely make it even less so than it is now.
          As for kids, if she decides to fuck up my life then it becomes a choice between letting her ruin my life, or letting her hurt the kids. Either option is shitty and it is a choice that must be made when and if the time comes depending on circumstances.
          Always think about yourself, because nobody else will.

    2. “they have probably been alienated by most friends, families, partners, and even husband/wife.”
      If that’s the case, then fuck all that you enumerated… Don’t need any of them.

        1. As a matter of preference, I would like to live a long, fruitful (in terms of offspring), and productive life, after which I die in my sleep (or of sexual overexertion), without the SJW lynching.
          But the circumstances of my death (or life for that matter) are known to God, and if He chooses to glorify Himself in my life with suffering or pleasure, then His will be done, regardless of my personal desires.

  4. Well, while I appreciate the sentiment, the underlying problem with the comparison is that nobody actually wind up getting hanged by SJWs, although certainly that’s only b/c SJWs can’t actually pull it off. If they could, they would.
    Beyond that, while the parallel is true: rush to judgment and no concern whether the accused is actually innocent–you are guilty until proven innocent and nothing proves you innocent, according to Team Girl–the accused, in 2015, can fight back and in some cases be compensated for their trouble (see the Duke Lax case). I hope that the UVA guys do also, as they were subjected to the equivalent of mob justice while University officials stood by and did nothing. The worst part about the UVA case, other than the lying and the witch hunt, is that UVA is a public university, so the president and such are state officials. That means that things like due process and innocent until proven guilty aren’t simply quaint niceties of distant time.

        1. But the cops are being forced to the SJW side. And their guns will always win over yours in the long game.

  5. While back then it would have been lynching, hanging, castrating, burning and beating.
    Today it is more likely a crazy SJW will go after you and
    1) make you lose your job,
    2) SWAT (put false 911 on your homes so police can intrude) you,
    3) exaggerate and encourage false rape cases,
    4) make you spend time in prison (not something any men should go through; male to male rape is severe),
    5) blacklist your name to prevent you from being employed, and
    6) basically make your life a living hell ALL while doing this behind your back and they will exploit this even further if you show weakness like multiple hyena cowards on a wounded lion.
    This doesn’t invalidate what happened in the past because it was all tragedy but we’re in modern times where you SJWs love experiencing schadenfreude at the expense of your life going through hell.

  6. The difference is that lynching lead to actual death. The SJW witch hunts, and other witch hunts, including those that might come from the political right, only make life difficult. Extremely difficult for some, but one is likely to survive them, perhaps even thrive in them. Mike Cernovich comes to mind. Being realistic though, most targets of a witch hunt probably won’t find his level of success.

    1. What of a man who loses his job and ability to support his family because he thinks and voices that Bruce Jenner is nuts on Jewbook????

      1. Tell that to the people who tried to dig up the general in Charleston . I’m not a “south will rise again ” man but when your birth city was burned to the ground and everyone still thinks of you as backwards racist hillbillies you educate yourself

        1. Nobody living had anything to do with that war brother.
          Northerners and Southerners who love freedom and liberty need to stick together now more than ever. There are fools in every one of our states. It isn’t a regional phenomenon.

        2. I am standing with everyone , but my region also has its own history that I embrace . As I stated before it is over but it’s not me bringing it up

        3. So the guys who fought that war are still living?
          Holding an eternal grudge sounds like something out of the Talmud. I prefer the Gospel of Christ. Especially on Christmas.

  7. [email protected] “Black criminal suspects”. Is that what you tell yourselves they were, and the reasoning as to why many Black people were hung from trees? Because they were “criminal suspects”? Is this what happened to White “Criminal suspects” as well? Hung from trees? I don’t ever remember that mentioned in school.

    1. Obviously we get where you are coming from, but…
      Actually, yes, in the US in the past lynchings could be fairly common in towns (or outside of them) for cattle rustlers, bank robbers, claim jumpers and horse thieves, for example.
      So-called “criminal suspects” might very well have their necks stretched by individuals, mobs, or even entire towns for any number of reasons including skin color, where they were from, and even simply pissing off the local power broker(s) or some other person taking issue with them for a myriad other reasons out in an isolated location. One reason why due process is a critical right to preserve.
      History (and schools) serves an agenda just like most everything else and in that context only one subgroup has been allowed to own being a victim of hanging and continually go on about it despite never having seen or experienced it for themselves. You don’t hear Whites, Asians, Native Americans, and Latinos doing that not because it didn’t happen but because it has been marginalized and suppressed (sort of like how German and Italian-Americans were also sent to internment camps, not just Japanese or that America actually had a signed surrender from the Vietnamese until Democrats came to power and refused to honor our side of the agreement).

    2. Hangings were actually pretty common . Alot of people also thing Jesus was the only person to be crucified but it was a form of execution that predated him by quite some time

    3. Of course, because schools are social justice cesspools….many whites were hanged without due process.

  8. The media bias is so heavy handed in america now. SJWs are always presented as being morally superior or the thought leaders, no matter how abusive their tactics.

  9. The SJWs are not far removed from the mentality and methods of the “Moralists” of the 1970s-1980s. Same tools: boycotts, rage mobs, etc. Same brainless approach.
    In the end, the SJWs need to be recognized as the secular version of bible-thumping fundamentalists. Parallels..
    – everything has to pass through a conceptual filter of being “of the Lord” or not. And anything not of the Lord is to be railed against.
    – every individual acting like they speak for everybody, like some kind of collective.
    – everybody is going to “pay” for their sins when the end times come.
    – a constant sense of doom about questioning their beliefs, as if devilry and sin are waiting around every corner to damn them and to such extent that anybody else who does not fit their world view must be shamed and their lives wrecked.
    – adherence to a “moral stack” where every individual is “scored” based on moral turpitude. For example, a person may be able to hold a steady job (good) but might be known to have a drink on New Years Eve (evil). Someone who married at 17 would be though to be more of an upright person than someone who married at 22.
    – everything has to pass through a conceptual filter of being politically correct or not. And anything not politically correct is to be railed against.
    – every individual acting like they speak for everybody, like some kind of collective.
    – everybody is going to “pay” for their capitalism when the results of climate change are in full effect.
    – a constant sense of doom about questioning their beliefs, as if to allow questions as to what makes someone GLBT or questioning black crime rates will have rednecks in pickup trucks appear on every corner waiting to drag everybody not white to their deaths. And they approach this to such extent that anybody else who does not fit their world view and raises questions must be shamed and their lives wrecked.
    – Adherence to a “Progressive Stack” where the standings of an individual are rated on how many features they have derived from “Protected” groups. For example, a white heterosexual CIS male is scourge of the earth, but a white gay male is OK. However, a white gay trans male is “higher” in stature, but would be beaten out by a black gay male. But the black gay male is lower than a black gay handicapped male. A black, lesbian, trans, handicapped, fat female with a lazy eye would score extremely high in the stack.
    In summary: they are the same people. We “listened” (or let them have their way) to the people who told us that if we push God out of the room then the constant irritant of the bible thumpers (who are not acting like real Christians, BTW) would all go away and we would frolic in the fields wearing loin cloths amidst rainbows and unicorns.
    What really happened is that religion is not what causes the problem, it’s the way people are that causes it, and when you push religion aside, a new “religion” takes it’s place. Thus religion is the way is it because of people, not the other way around.
    Nothing changes. Remember that on New Years Day.

    1. Agreed.
      Ideas are not dangerous on their own. Islam’s Sharia Law can’t hurt you if their isn’t a psychopath hellbent on enforcing edicts with violent zeal. Ideology is an intangible fuel source, which has the potential to be abused.
      History has shown the results of that.

    2. This goes with your comment perfectly… Fortunately there are some who are starting to catch up…

    3. We need to stop using the language of SJWs. By that I meant, referring to SJWs collectively rather than individually. It is doubtful that all people we consider to be SJWs think the same way. As such, if you attribute thoughts, actions and words to a vague group (SJWs) you will be open to the same criticism that you make of them.
      As such, we must identify individuals in this group and quote them directly rather than merely than attribute the same persona to the entire group.

  10. I lived and worked right down the road from Duke at the time of the lacrosse players incident. I had spent a fair amount of time in Durham and the company I worked at was in Durham (where duke is located).
    I preface with that for this reason. This incident became my first experience with the SJW crowd. I came into work a few days after the allegation and NCCU (a historically black college) had just had a huge rally in support of the accuser and this campus was right next to where I worked. Everybody at work had basically picked up the energy from this rally and were amped up about how these “privileged white kids took advantage of a black girl”. The office was amped up about how these kids should get years in jail and how much proof do you need, whites have been abusing blacks for years.
    I should’ve kept quiet but they asked me what I thought and I said something to the effect of I think they’re innocent until proven guilty, to me I don’t understand why they would want to rape somebody. These are college kids at a prestigious school with good future’s, but who knows, I think I need to hear more facts.
    Coworkers started yelling at me, calling me a rape apologist, stating that I didn’t see racism, that I was a whitey, at that point the manager came over and asked everybody to calm down and she asked what happened. The other coworkers stated that I triggered them by stating we should wait on more evidence when it was obvious that these white kids had assaulted and raped a poor black girl. Two coworkers had to go home because they were too traumatized to continue work that day. I ended up in HR and was reminded to be careful about triggering my coworkers experiences with racism.

    1. I barely, well only occasionally, come into SJW’s of this description. Thankfully it’s not everywhere but have seen enough to believe it’s over there.. “trigger” now that’s one of those new words..

  11. If George Zimmerman is White then I am a Native of Japan, the pho black girl who likes to tan made me laugh and the sad part is that story is from my state. The sad part is that folks don’t understand that east and west washington is like Beverly hills vs East LA in a lot of ways.
    The sad part is that over the summer I have realized a lot of my friends are blue pill people and the sad part is trying to explain red pill to them is a lost cause. So I just spend less time around them. Full of Facebookisms of comparing things/ideas you don’t like to Hitler/Nazi/Racism. Gender pay gap bullshit, and white male hating crap. Talking about how ‘minorities’ don’t have enough handouts and need a leg up. I explain to them that it’s not my fault they don’t take advantage of what is available.
    Needless to say I walk away with them calling me an asshole and them, no I am an H-hole cost I speak honestly and some blue pillers can handle that.

  12. ROK needs some technical articles spliced in with its typical content. Much of the younger generation hasn’t ever hammered a nail but has an opinion about everything in social studies. Many live in apartments where they cannot put a tack in the wall. Their expenses grow exponentially as they lose confidence in their hands.

    1. What do you want to see? I do gun articles, and could do other things. Car maintenance? Home repair?

  13. The character value of the SJWs is similar in its crazed “vigilantism” to the lynch mobs. Thankfully, the results are not the same.
    Both are immoral and reprehensible. Even if the same results are not achieved by the neo-moralists, they need to dethroned for their destructive behavior.
    On that end, the SJW/progressive stack is unsustainable, as it turns into auto-cannibalize to become the biggest victim. Unfortunately, by the time that happens, the damage to society will be too severe to recover. They are termites, eating away at the walls of civilization. The West has allowed the infestation to go on for too long at this point.
    Moving on and rebuilding might be the only option at this point.

  14. whats the different between SJW witch hunts … and actual witch hunts?
    In both cases the crime is only a delusion of the accuser’s mind

  15. What a mess we have ourselves in.
    Trump is moving the Overton Window. That at least is the first step in reversing this crap.

    1. The Overton Window is an interesting thing. How something can go from “right” to “wrong” and back again based on what people think of it. That either leads you to believe that popular opinion matters over all, or none at all.

  16. “What’s The Difference Between SJW Witch Hunts And Racially Motivated Lynchings?”
    Just the time period, while everything else is the same.

  17. Equating “racially motivated lynchings” with SJW witch hunts IS Social Justice Warrior tripe! The whole “race doesn’t exist” or “race is a social construct” or “race doesn’t matter” bullshit is nothing more than SJW cherry picking. I am sure sometime soon we will see an article here stating that all racial awareness since the dawn of time was because of feminism. When MEN ruled race mattered, now that women and effeminate “men” rule suddenly race is no big deal. Brainwashed public school shite! I wonder why there were no Negroes in the Roman Legion?

  18. I don’t understand how u can compare BLM and feminism, the normal white argument of “but what about black on black crime?” The answer is u get life with no parole. White people seem to normally get off, is it that hard to see the unfairness or are ur right wing, white supremacy ideologies blinding ur impartial judgement 🤔

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