Why Homosexual Marriage Matters For Straight Men

I’ve been seeing a lot of comments from men wondering why allowing homosexuals to marry in the United States in such a big deal. “Let them do what they want, it doesn’t affect us,” they say. I wish that was the case. Not only is the legalization of gay marriage a full frontal attack on heterosexual men, it is part of a larger war to remove legal rights and behaviors that you are currently able to enjoy without state or mob interference.

Legalizing gay marriage is one phase of a degenerate march to persecute heterosexuals, both legally and socially, while acclimating young children to the homosexual lifestyle. The Supreme Court ruling in June 2015 allowing gay marriage doesn’t affect your life one hour, one day, or one month after, but it is part of a long war that will eventually criminalize or socially forbid certain aspects of heterosexual behavior at the same time it over-sexualizes young children in order to introduce them to homosexuality. I absolutely guarantee that your life will be negatively affected from the fallout of this ruling within a 5-10 year timespan.

The reason for this is simple: the societal reorganization that is necessary to allow gay marriage automatically elevates homosexuals to a special class of citizenry. To hoist one class you must demote another, meaning that heterosexual men are by default the enemies and oppressors of homosexuals. It is a foregone conclusion that these oppressors, which includes both straight men and women, must be ordered to give tribute, benefits, and submission to the “victim” class. You will eventually kneel whether you like it or not.

Masculine and straight behavior will be more aggressively modified through social shaming and re-education in schools, where young boys will be enthusiastically taught the superiority of homosexual lifestyles and the shameful privilege of heterosexuals, especially concerning the types of relationships that lead to nuclear, stable families. In addition, straight men will be forced under the barrel of the state’s gun to pay taxes for the AIDS drugs of gays, their impulsive sex changes, their mental and medical treatments resulting from sleeping with hundreds of partners, and also the salaries of politicians that continue to vote against traditional family values and basic morality standards. Your tax money already goes to Planned Parenthood and pharmaceutical companies to sterilize the female population so what’s a few more billion more to empower gays to continue their bathhouse behavior?

I’m also certain that gays will be exempt from dystopian divorce laws. Men’s rights activists genuinely think that allowing gays to marry will somehow put the spotlight on straight men getting raped in courts by women, but nothing of the sort will happen. Instead, courts will use two separate books. Gay marriages will be dissolved in an equal manner right down the middle while straight men will continued to be screwed by the system. We’re already seeing this dual-book approach with yes-means-yes rape laws that are entirely focused on persecuting men for consensual sex while letting women off the hook for sleeping with drunk men (1, 2, 3). Theoretically, yes-means-yes laws should apply to women just as equally, but we all know it won’t, as any man who gets physically assaulted by a woman in public already knows how dangerous it is to fight back to defend himself. Due process was long ago eliminated to favor women, and now it will favor homosexuals.

The increasing limits on heterosexual free speech was clearly shown in my Berlin lecture this summer. I had to hide the venue until the day before to prevent the sort of left-wing censorship that a month later led to thousands of Canadians trying to ban me from the country. On the day of the Berlin lecture, one block away from the hotel, there was a massive gay pride parade where half-naked men under the influence of alcohol and drugs were dancing and humping each other like they were in a nightclub. They dressed up at least one midget as a gimp and put him on a leash. Their hypersexual displays was done out in the open, in full view of families who picked the wrong day to go for a walk in the city, while a group of forty men including myself had to conceal their own behavior and essentially hide in one room, even though the content of my entire speech was more family friendly that witnessing even one minute of the homo display.

Within all the work, school, or co-ed social groups you’re a member of, denigrating the nuclear family or masculinity will not get you ostracized or fired. You can make a comment about “toxic masculinity” at work and not get written up by human resources. You can make fun of “lame pick up artists” in your co-ed social circle and get pats on the back. But what happens if you say that homosexuals are degenerates who are spreading HIV to the general population? What happens if you say gay marriage is state-sponsored anal sex? What happens if you say that children should be raised in a nuclear family? You already know the answer. It won’t be long until you will be forced to declare your allegiance to the homosexual lifestyle to retain your job, to pretend that you’re a believer in social justice just to keep bread on the table.

Even more sinister than modifying our speech and behavior is that the homosexual agenda aims to convert children by sexualizing them at a young age. The media normalizes homosexuals as loving and lively characters by showing their lifestyles as exciting, adventurous, and fun instead of the disease-ridden cesspool of drugs and medical horrors that it really is. Millions of boys who grow up to experiment with “cool” anal sex thanks to the propaganda will grow up to lead sterile and disturbed lives because of it—if they’re lucky enough not to avoid getting abused through adoptions by homosexual men.

Child abuse and pedophilic sex rings will skyrocket, but I hope you’re not expecting this abuse to be covered by the media. Instead, they will push fantastical new rape hoaxes that try to portray straight men as evil. Crimes by homosexuals will be not be pursued or publicized while false crimes done by heterosexuals will be manufactured. Homosexual crimes won’t even be properly recorded by government bureaucrats—statistics on abuse will conveniently stop recording the family makeup of the abuse victim once it becomes clear that homosexuals perform abuse at greater rates than heterosexuals. You just need to close your eyes and remember homosexuals “love” just like heterosexuals.

Once heterosexuals such as yourself are persecuted and shamed for preferring vanilla sex, and children are converted to bisexuality or homosexuality with the aid of a gay and transsexual obsessed media, marriage will decline from its already pathetic rate, birth rates will plummet, and society itself will collapse… unless we find some third-world shithole where we can keep importing immigrants to further destabilize what remaining social fabric is left. Along with feminism, abortion-on-demand, and birth control for all healthy women, gay marriage is a necessary step for destroying American society, and so the man who claims that “gay marriage doesn’t affect me” is like the child who doesn’t understand that eating ice cream every day is a bad idea that will put his future health in jeopardy. It is already affecting your freedom of speech and soon it will affect your sex life and employment.

The dust from gay marriage hasn’t even settled before the establishment has begun forcing transsexual acceptance down our throats with ABC, ESPN, and Starbucks leading the charge. The media has also started attempts to promote pedophilia as a reasonable alternative lifestyle. While I don’t even want to think of what comes next, I do know that if this degenerate march is not halted, we will see a complete inversion of American society where most masculine behaviors are made illegal and the traditional family becomes a relic of the past. Homosexual marriage will only embolden the degenerate forces that have power in America today. Unless they are stopped, I fear great catastrophe, not only for us men, but the country itself.

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This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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467 thoughts on “Why Homosexual Marriage Matters For Straight Men”

  1. “We will see a complete inversion of American society where most masculine behaviors are made illegal.” So be it. I am armed. They can criminalize whatever they want, but the real question is can the enforce it? Let them come and try with their effeminate faggot army. Once men stand up and say “enough,” not only will this nonsense end, but all of those who brought it to us will end too.

    1. Do you have a militia backing you up? Then don’t talk about rebellion. Any number of individual men can easily be eliminated by a single platoon, if they fight it one by one.

      1. Ahhh, but you assume there will be a platoon willing to execute such orders. As a former Marine officer, I swore to uphold the Constitution, not the unconstitutional orders of some dictatorial president. If given an illegal order, I had no obligation to follow it. So if ordered to go house to house, I would have said, “fuck off” and taken my weapon home with me to join the insurrection. Many others will do the same.
        A platoon can eliminate an individual, true. But a well trained individual will not try to fight a platoon toe to toe. I don’t need a militia if I have marksmanship and an escape plan.

      1. So. How well has that worked in Iraq and Afghanistan? The little man in the tank has to pee sometime.
        Besides, who exactly do you think is going to pilot those drones and smartbombs? Is the military really going to kill its own mothers and fathers, or is it more realistic to expect them to say, “fuck this, I’m outta here, and I’m taking this drone with me”?

        1. ”Is the military really going to kill its own mothers and fathers, or is
          it more realistic to expect them to say, “fuck this, I’m outta here, and
          I’m taking this drone with me”?”
          The current military purges are a way of trying to resolve that.
          ”How well has that worked in Iraq and Afghanistan”
          If they are genocidal like the Stalin regime. Then it may have worked. But they only targeted the fighters and not the population that give rise to those warriors.

        2. What “purges” are you talking about? I served for ten years, and still have plenty of red pill friends who are serving. I’m not aware of any purge. If you’re talking about the infusion of homo and transexuals, I don;t think it will make much difference. There aren’t enough of these people to field a competent military, no matter what Hollywood and the media would have you believe. They are an extreme minority in this country, and an even more extreme minority in the military.
          The genocide you are talking about can work when you can turn factions against each other, but structurally, our military is set up to prevent that. First, most units (with the exception of reserve units) are not “local” units made up of similar people from one area. If you have a division made up of people all from on tribe, it is easy to order them to kill all the people from another tribe they hate. When the whole unit is a mishmash of people from everywhere that, by virtue of work together for several years, realize they don’t hate each other, no one is going to engage in genocide. Believe me, whatever the merits of our adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, if there was ever an opportunity for the military to engage in genocide, it was there. Nothing of the sort has happened. In fact, the only genocide that has happened in either place has been perpetuated by Muslims on their fellow adherents – accounting for roughly 90% of the casualties in either conflict. You could scour history and not find an example of an invasion force that has operated with more restraint and adherence to the rules than we have. If we aren’t going to commit genocide over there, we aren’t going to commit it over here either.
          Second, Congress controls funding for the military. You may not realize the significance of that, but suffice it to say that without food, ammunition or fuel, the fight will not last long enough for genocide to take place.
          Third, genocide is a very difficult thing to do logistically. For all that is made of the tens of millions that Stalin and Mao killed, it is important to remember that they didn’t do this with military force so much as with starvation that resulted from their own failed policies and unwillingness to change them. Both men sent significant numbers of people to prisons for execution, but this was a relatively small number compared to the masses that died from not having food.
          Finally, this country is armed to the teeth, which was my original point. Sure they can send a squad of cops down my street going house to house. But by the time they make it to me, they will likely have lost half their number. I would give confiscation two days before the effort was abandoned or they try to call in the military. When the call goes out to the military, some will stay, but the vast majority are going to refuse the order, desert with their weapons, and then you will see real political change in this country.

  2. Very well said, Roosh. I for once despise any man who call himself straight and comes up with this argument: “ohh it doesn’t affect me, they’re not harming anyone and they are consenting adults so why shoul I be against it?” yeah, keep patting degeneracy in the back you bunch of retards… that’s the exact type of behaviour that got us in this anti-straight PC madness and much more is about to come if these tolerating and supporting “men” don’t grow some balls.

  3. The only purpose of marriage should be to raise a family. Gays can’t reproduce so there is absolutely no need for them to get married. Even a heterosexual male or female that is physically unable to reproduce should not get married.

    1. I agree to a point.
      Often times widows and widowers with children would marry to have a 2 parent family. They dont plan on having children with each other however their own children would still have that influence that would have been lost by a deceased parent.
      You are absolutely right about the purpose of marriage and how a homosexual marrage cannot produce offspring.

    2. If a man wants sex, he should get a prostitute.
      If a man wants companionship, he should get a dog.
      If and only if a man wants children, he should get married.

        1. Prostitutes would be probably be cheaper, they would leave in the morning, and the whole rape argument could be avoided ;).

    3. This is where it gets horrific. In america, if gays are allowed to marry, then they are by extension allowed to adopt. They are allowed to raise their child to not only be tolerant of gays, but to experiment in the gay lifestyle. They can raise the child to be gay. Even convincing the child at 11 years old before puberty to get a sex change.

      1. First of all, single people are allowed to adopt. Second of all, your name is fact_comment but all you’ve written is a bunch of gay bashing opinion with 1 incorrect fact (see point one). Third, why is it ok for you to have kids that you can raise to be tolerant of the stupidity that you spew but not for them? Cuz you’re into chics? Well so am I and I think you’re an idiot. My kids will be raised to think such as well. Although since I don’t agree with you, you probably don’t think my wife and I should be able to adopt now. Get a life.

      2. There is simply no evidence that children raised in a gay home are in any way disturbed, or even are more likely to be gay. That’s simply not true. This caricature of a gay hyper sexual villain that you paint is simply not real. I’m sure there are gay people who would be shitty parents. Just as there are millions of straight people who are shitty parents.

    4. See this is the issue. Our society has developed and grown and evolved to the point where having children simply isn’t necessary. Hell, if we keep making babies at the rate we are, we’re going to have a severe overpopulation problem. So the idea that people should only get married if they are going to have children is simply outdated.
      Also, what about orphans? Do they not deserve parents? Plenty of couples that can have children choose to adopt, which is wonderful. But for those that can’t, whether it be a heterosexual couple that can’t for biological reasons or a homosexual couple, adopting is the only option, and it means that those children who otherwise didn’t have the chance of a loving family now get that.
      And before you get started on “Gays raising children! What will we have next, dogs raising children!” please just shut your mouth. There is absolutely no accepted study that shows that raising a child in a homosexual home in any way disturbs the child, or even leads to them being more likely to be gay. That is simply fear mongering and not true.

  4. The goal is to confuse children into thinking the perverted is normal. With the legalization of gay marriage even churches are not safe spaces as that would be descrimination.

  5. I was one of the earliest supporters of gay civil unions. The best man at my wedding was gay. For the simple fact that I am for the right of free contract between individuals. But forcing public recognition of marriage is forcing all of society to recognize an institution that has metaphysical roots for many. At the very least, using the word marriage is legislating social acceptance. Government can legitimately force recognition of legal rights but in my view oversteps its bounds when it legislates social acceptance.
    Civil unions ensure the rightsts of hospital visitation, inheritance etc without forcing the gay agenda upon individuals who do not approve.. Gay marriage forces a large degree of social acceptance by people who do not approve.

  6. Good article Roosh. The one thing to understand about Gay Marriage is it has nothing to do with gay rights and wholly for the feminization of men.
    The irony is I see women snapping against this because it would remove viable men to marry from the population. Plus the large hole to fill will be filled by cultures from outside the US who do value heterosexual relationships and reproduction.

    1. That is exactly what is happening as western men seek mates from the far east and slavic countries. The ideological reaction will follow as apostate Jews and true Muslims will find common cause with practicing Christians in rejecting and rooting out this mess. The natural order will be reasserted, hopefully without exacting too much violence on the innocent.

  7. I’m going to go against what I presume is going to be a high tide of approval and backslapping with regard to this article and state categorically: Roosh, you are losing your God damn mind.
    Let me qualify what I am about to say in that I am a heterosexual male who is married to an amazing Ukrainian woman. I believe that a strong marriage with both parents taking an active part inthe marriage is the foundation upon which all strong and lasting societies are built. That said…
    The leaps in logic you make in this article require such a lack of critical thinking as to make me wonder how you can publish this without ulterior motives?
    1. Homosexuality is not a choice, and neither is heterosexuality. If anyone here can remember when they “chose” to be attracted to the same or opposite sex, please speak up as you’ll be the first in history. If we acknowledge that fact, then we must acknowledge that those people BORN without any choice as to certain aspects of their being must be entitled to the same rights granted others in a true and open society. You can’t pick and choose who you discriminate against just because you happen to disagree with some aspect of their life. Even you Roosh have espoused this view before.
    2. Homosexuality is an OVERWHELMINGLY minority when compared to heterosexuality. To state that this minority group is suddenly going to effectively take over full control of mass media and most of political science is patently absurd because they don’t constitute enough of a voting block for politicians to warrant the effort. You’re stating that politicians are going to cowtow to their whimbs and suddenly everything in schools will be homo this and homo that. It won’t. Changes to school curriculum requires approval by elected officials. There aren’t enough homosexuals to elect a majority that would approve such measures.
    3. The laws will be different? Are you out of your mind? The whole argument for homosexuality is equality under our CURRENT laws. There is currently a veto proof majority in the Congress that, should the liberals attempt to pass such laws, they have no actual chance of being passed. Not only that, but organizations like the ACLU and the Center for Justice exist solely to ensure government doesn’t give favored status to one group over another.
    Lastly, Roosh, I think you need to take a hard look at whether or not articles like this help the cause. When you post these type of inflammatory articles, it allows the opposition to cherry pick certain passages and use them against us. All they have to do is point out “look how hateful/ludicrous/angry” these people are. And you know what? When you put out articles like this, that’s exactly how you make us seem.
    Discretion is sometimes the better part of valor. You have to be willing to lose certain battles to win the war.

    1. What you stated in point 2 and 3 is not what I see happening here in the US. I see this whole homo acceptance being fed to us on TV. Kids are learning in public schools that it is ok to have 2 daddies or 2 mommies. Laws are being changed to favor homosexuals like the recent marriage law. We already have see laws skewed towards favoring women.
      How can you be so blind?

    2. “When you post these type of inflammatory articles, it allows the opposition to cherry pick certain passages and use them against us. ”
      What a pathetic statement. So we govern our behavior using liberal paradigms concerning sexuality, race, and society in general? Because God forbid you are called a hater or become alienated from your progressive acquaintances.
      Good luck effecting any change with your liberal sensibilities.

    3. Homosexual Jews already control a good amount of the entertainment media. A tiny minority started a revolution in Russia that led to the murder of millions. Are you dense?

    4. 1) Homosexuality arises from improper child rearing.
      2) Ever hear of “mob rule”? Squeaky wheel gets the grease.
      3) You must’ve gotten the “babies come from storks” tour of law enforcement.
      Simply put, things are much more strange and complicated than you think.

    5. Dr cornflakes, if patently absurd helps you sleep at night, go with it.
      Some ppl can keep up with what’s happening, some can’t.

  8. If not for the children when does Western Civ rise up? It doesn’t. They are letting children (4,5,6 yrs of age) decide (after hours of indoctrination a day in school and TV) whether or not their sex and gender are the same. This means little boys are saying “Even though I have a penis I feel like I’m a girl.” If a little boy can decide he has the wrong privy member, and be respected for it, that little boy can decide if he’s ready to use his unit. Legalized pedophilia is just around the corner.

    1. What’s even worse are the fathers that are allowing their boys to become sissies. So many weak men are raising their sons to become extra weak.

  9. The overhauling of straight america by marshall kirk :
    by Marshall K. Kirk & Erastes Pill, Guide Magazine, November 1987
    The first order of business is desensitization of the American public
    concerning gays and gay rights. To desensitize the public is to help it
    view homosexuality with indifference instead of with keen emotion.
    Ideally, we would have straights register differences in sexual preference the
    way they register different tastes for ice cream or sports games: she
    likes strawberry and I like vanilla; he follows baseball and I follow
    football. No big deal.
    At least in the beginning, we are seeking public desensitization and nothing more. We do not need and cannot expect a full “appreciation” or “understanding” of homosexuality from the average American.
    You can forget about trying to persuade the
    masses that homosexuality is a good thing. But if only you can get them
    to think that it is just another thing, with a shrug of their shoulders,
    then your battle for legal and social rights is virtually won.
    And to get to the shoulder- shrug stage, gays as a class must cease to
    appear mysterious, alien, loathsome, and contrary. A large-scale media
    campaign will be required in order to change the image of gays in
    America. And any campaign to accomplish this turnaround should
    do six things.
    Talk about gays and gayness as loudly and as often as possible. The
    principle behind this advice is simple: almost any behavior begins to
    look normal if you are exposed to enough of it at close quarters and
    among your acquaintances.
    The acceptability of the new behavior will ultimately hinge on the number of one’s fellows doing it or accepting it. One may be offended by its novelty at first — many, in
    times past, were momentarily scandalized by “streaking,” eating
    goldfish, and premarital sex. But as long as Joe Sixpack feels little
    pressure to perform likewise, and as long as the behavior in question
    presents little threat to his physical and financial security, he soon
    gets used to it and life goes on. The skeptic may still shake his head
    and think “people are crazy these days,” but over time his objections
    are likely to become more reflective, more philosophical, less
    The way to benumb raw sensitivities about homosexuality
    is to have a lot of people talk a great deal about the subject in a
    neutral or supportive way. Open and frank talk makes the subject seem
    less furtive, alien, and sinful, more above-board. Constant talk builds
    the impression that the public opinion is at least divided on the
    subject, and that a sizable segment accepts or even practices
    Even rancorous debates between opponents and defenders
    serve the purpose of desensitization so long as “respectable” gays are
    front and center to make their own pitch. The main thing is to talk
    about gayness until the issue becomes thoroughly tiresome.
    And when we say talk about homosexuality, we mean just that. In the early
    stages of any campaign to reach straight America, the masses should not
    be shocked and repelled by premature exposure to homosexual behavior
    itself. Instead, the imagery of sex should be downplayed and gay rights
    should be reduced to an abstract social question as much as possible.
    First let the camel get his nose inside the tent — and only later his
    unsightly derriere!
    Where we talk is important. The visual media, film and television, are plainly the most powerful image-makers in Western civilization. The average American household watches over seven hours of TV daily. Those hours open up a gateway into the private world of straights, through which a Trojan horse might be passed. As far as
    desensitization is concerned, the medium is the message — of normalcy.
    So far, gay Hollywood has provided our best covert weapon in the battle
    to desensitize the mainstream. Bit by bit over the past ten years, gay
    characters and gay themes have been introduced into TV programs and
    films (though often this has been done to achieve comedic and ridiculous
    On the whole, the impact has been encouraging. The
    prime-time presentation of Consenting Adult on a major network in 1985
    is but one high-water mark in favorable media exposure of gay issues.
    But this should be just the beginning of a major publicity blitz by gay

  10. In general only few gays opt to marry anyway. The real agenda is that by redefining marriage, they are redefining heterosexuals. With the promotion of gay marriages the elite is trying to undermine the main function of the nuclear family – to raise well-rounded children. The “establishment” agenda is to destabilize and neuter us by encouraging homosexual behavior. This ensures we don’t propagate since homosexuals have sex but don’t have children.
    Unfortunately, the Manosphere plays into this agenda, perhaps without realizing it. It encourage homosexual behavior.
    The theory of Game promotes promiscuity – countless cold approaches, hump and dump, notch count, country flags, bang this country, do not bang that country. Essentially it’s all about sex for the sake of sex, which is a typical gay behavior.
    Unattached sex without the intention of reproduction is homosexual in nature. It is mutual masturbation as its only purpose is the bodily pleasure. It is sex without love and prior to a relationship when one at least gets to know the other person and can relate/love to them. Heterosexuality involves bonding permanently with a member of the opposite sex for love and usually procreation. Heterosexuality is monogamous and dedicated to rearing children; homosexuality is promiscuous and concerned with sex for its own sake.
    The principle of Game are based around the recent sexual liberation of women and as such it emasculates men as the Player tries to mold himself around the needs and wants of the female. To get in her pants he turns himself into a clown which is one of the theories of Game – Clown Game.
    Another fault of the Manosphere is that it advocates against marriage in principle as it perceives all women as irreversibly damaged – AWALT. It is no surprise that if one is only interested in sex, one is likely to come across slutty women and miss the less experienced and more humble girls.
    The Manosphere’s attitude to adultery is also homosexual. Men are advised to have a mistress or two if they are married or to have a harem of girls on rotation. Committing to one woman is considered a serious fault – ONEITIS. Statistics shows that gay couples always cheat on each other and rarely do they stay together in the long term. If heterosexual sex outside of marriage is acceptable, if we eliminate the procreative aspect from sex, are heterosexuals any different from homosexuals in regards to the sexual activity?
    Homosexuality is caused by arrested development and it’s curable in most cases. It is due to inability of young boys to relate with their fathers or due to an over dominant mother. It leads to inability to relate to the opposite sex later. In the same way, it seems that men’s inability to interact with girls might be due to similar development issues but I doubt the cure is the Game for its inherently homosexual nature as explained above.
    RooshV has recently shown signs that he is becoming aware of these flaws of the Game theory as his heterosexual clock is ticking. Problem is he finds himself in a very precarious situation. His business model was built around Game and he now relies on it financially. It will be interesting to see if he manages to come out of this Catch 22.

    1. This is true. The twin track agenda for societal subversion involves the promotion of hyper masculine promiscuity. The proliferation of pornography erodes value based sexual expression to the point where gender is irrelevant and might is right. Sex becomes a function of dominance and control. This is contrary to our natural predisposition and is destined to fail but we have already seen the intergenerational damage done by the Satanic cabal. It is designed to destroy entire nations and cultures. Just read the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion to understand the end game.

      1. The twin track agenda for societal subversion involves the promotion of hyper masculine promiscuity.
        Very well put. In essence, the ultimate goal is a homosexual society controlled by sex clues. As they failed with the class war between labor and capital, they are now waging a war between the sexes, where women (the proletariat) fight the white heterosexual oppressor (the capitalist).
        The biggest red flag is that the first Game theorists were from the Jewish Mafia. Names like Neil Strauss – with his book The Game he marked the beginning of the enormous growth of the PUA community. Ross Jeffries, once “the father of the PUA-movement,” now a filthy old man. David deAngelo – real name Eben Pagan. Mystery, pseudonym of Erik Horvat-Markovic. Robert Greene, author of The Art of Seduction, is also well-known for his 48 Laws of Power book, where he instructs people as to how to manipulate others to gain influence.

        1. Mafia? really? You do realize game works, right? If anything learning game leaves you better off than not. The biggest red flag is that by pointing that they are jewish, it somehow alludes to a jewish conspiracy, but where is the proof that game is (another) jewish conspiracy?

        2. He’s right though, a lot of Khazars in one field even if it is just a coincidence. I would not be surprised if some or all of those men are working some sort of deep cover op for JWO. But if it is an op, its not reaching enough of an audience to have a significant impact, IMO. Say you spawn a few hundred expert PUAs and a few thousand medium to low level skill PUAs, what have you really accomplished in terms of ripping of societal fabric? Have to be at least 75 million women 18-49, you’d need to crack the million PUA mark to see any large impact. Might be as simple as some Khazars cashing in on degeneracy, their stock and trade.

        3. Greene is part of the tribe? Wow so many name changes among these chameleons.
          Also I agree about the gender war but that is only one front of the battle. Let’s not forget the race and culture wars.

        4. They’re using the old Hegelian dialectic, and it seems it works. The more I dig Jewish chronicles throughout history, the more I believe in the God of the Bible.
          Note that Israel was once the nation chosen by God with the intention to make a center of spiritual knowledge about Him. They were promised the reign of the world. Unfortunately, their decision was to worship idols and crucify Jesus Christ. After God removed the grace from the nation and delivered the charge to spread the gospel through specific individuals to the whole world, they were continually sought international dominion.
          This fact is unquestionable. We see strong male personalities when we look backwards as in the past as today. The first European chain bank system was set up at Frankfurt by Mayer Amschel Rothschild. We see today that the world is almost controlled by them, because they’re intelligent. This trait was inherited from his ancestors, the most mentally strong patriarchs from Adam to Solomon, the wisest and wealthiest man on the damn earth.
          Satan likes to copy God, so he was not hesitating to catch the jews immediately after their divine rejection. Beware who the enemy really is, and what instruments he uses.

      2. “Just read the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion to understand the end game”
        This should be a required reading for everyone. I first came across it during my own research on the J$wish Question and I found it shocking as to how accurate it is you when think about what’s going on in the world,and who the string pullers were in major historical events such as the French Revolution, the Bolshevik movement, WW1/WW2 and the recent ‘War on Terror. This is why I’m quite critical on the articles on here that report the major events that have happened in the world e.g. Paris terrorist attacks without addressing the J$wish Question. Don’t get me wrong, there are as many Goyim perpetrators as the Chosen(TM) but the role the latter plays in proportion to the numbers in their host countries is astonishing..
        I’m not going to play victim either, we get what we deserve. If the populace is ignorant and apathetic at who the string pullers are and how they go about doing things than I don’t blame them at all.
        Its one thing to point out the things that are going wrong in the world but if we aren’t doing anything about it and being action orientated than its counter productive. The questions we should ask ourselves is ‘How can we fight back/How can we stop whats going on?
        From my analysis and my observations from historical events, it can only be stopped through blood.
        Sic Semper Tyrannus

        1. Henry Makow, himself Jewish modeled his entire view from his website based on the thesis that the Protocols are real because everything has played out like it said.
          Agreed on your sentiments. Blood is the inevitable conclusion.

        1. Something is kind of off about your comments. If I’m with a feminine woman who looks good naked then my mind is on her, not my own Conan alter ego or whatever you’re on about. Weird.

        2. If you believe sex is the only device for displaying dominance and “has always only ever been”, then you have long road to travel.

    2. Homosexuality is an attack on patriarchy, and this is why femnists and “equality” proponents love it. It tears down a man’s place as leader of women and children in a family and community, and it builds up an unnatural societal order. We need to always keep conscience in the Manosphere, and with everything we see, ask whether it builds up a man’s rightful position or tears it down. I agree with you on clown game. I have found myself doing it and stopped because I felt degraded and disrespectful toward myself.

      1. As authors here frequently comment, the feminists and leftards don’t really care about gays, lesbians, blacks, muslims, rape victims – all these are only exploited to further their sick “equality” politics. Can see a parallel in how elevating the status of both muslims and homos is a general “phuc it up” gesture from the left that tears down and pollutes what is left of the healthy natural order of things.

      2. certainly every guy here knows clown game is just an act…and too much of it gets you labelled as just that, a clown… not to say our counterparts would do anything like an actor such as put on make up and such..

    3. Marriage is just a flat out stupid thing for a man to do today.
      70% of divorces are initiated by women (more likely 80%, but we are going with official numbers here). Women want to marry, but they don’t want to be married.
      Of those who don’t divorce, if we assume an even split between unhappy couples, happy couples, or couples who could take it or leave it (a big assumption, but for a lack of reliable statistics let’s just go with it), that leaves just a 15% chance of any given marriage being an improvement in a mans life, a 70% chance of worsening your life and a 55% chance of losing half of what you own, your kids, and a portion of your future earnings. Those are goddamn awful odds and you would be stupid (or mathematically illiterate) to even consider it. It would make far more sense to bet half of everything you currently own on red and spin the wheel. At least then you had a chance of gaining something.

      1. Lies divorce rates vary drastically among demographics. The Amish, hardcore Catholics, those who attend weekly service, and the Orthodox Jews have very low divorce rates. In fact amongst the lowest are the Amish and practicing Catholics with less than 5% this is even lower than the general divorce rates of the 1950s. You can’t just look at the general pop you have to look at the groups of people who have strong marriages and mimic them. What are the Amish and Mennonites doing? The Orthodox Jews and so forth? Things to note these people encourage modest dress in women, discourage fornication and all pornography sexual immorality etc.. Do not drink a lot, arrange their marriages (not forced but all dating is overseen by parents) and aschew contracpetion accept for health reasons they also shun divorcees and shame the sexually immoral. All of these oractices greatly reduce divorce. The rise in divorce began AFTER the sexual revolution so it’s not the original design of marriage that is the problem but the culture of sexually immoral degenerates with no self control. The attitude that sex is “casual” fosters dovorce and broken families. Eschew that mentality and the resulting behaviors and one’s marriage can be greatly protected from divorce and adultery.

      2. Obviously this “Св. Йоан Кукузел” guy is in complete lack of charity towards his brothers. He says, “just go around marrying ramdom bitches, the strong will thrive”. That’s obviously bullshit, and un-christian.
        You are right in this and he is just an asshole.

      1. These are good intentions but the books will still be available to be read by unsuspected young men (and some women) and steer them down the path of promiscuity.
        Having said that you have done a lot of good to men by promoting self-improvement, travel and less materialistic way of living. So I pray for you to find a way to revise your whole philosophy and come clean on the other end.
        Yours Truly,
        Pet Troll

        1. While these books were clearly written to help people have sex over and over with multiple partners, they can be used simply to avoid the pain and misery of being shit on by aggressive feminist women by nice guys who play the role of the submissive beta, to realize rules in the game of sexual mating, and to become a more confident, masculine guy. In other words, you don’t have to use them to become a man-whore.
          Perhaps a future chapter or prologue could explain these revelations–one needn’t go through fucking a hundred easy sluts to come to the conclusions that Roosh and others have. But the truths in these books stand. A moral backbone and sense of purpose by the reader allows him to do with this information what he wishes.

        2. I kind of see Roosh as trying to square the circle. Because there are no easy solutions. As a young man he wrote about getting pussy primarily. As he gets older, he looks more at spirituality and society. He is doing this in a context where the media is anti-male. I think a good way to see this is as a gnostic.
          His early books and PUA stuff was written toward teaching the lower nature how to deal with feminism. His newer stuff is about the higher or spiritual nature. (While there are moral problems with PUA, at least one thing is positive. Pussy getters aren’t queer.)
          The spiritual and carnal can never be reconciled. Except in the soul. gnostics saw the soul as mediating between the body and the spirit.
          I do not know the answer. Today, I was talking with a 35 year old cousin living with a pretty hot and I think cool girlfriend (except that they are both extreme liberals). He was criticising an extremely religious cousin who required that they sleep in separate rooms when visiting her home. As they are not mariied.
          I actually defended the religious cousin as saying it was her home. And agreed with her religious principles. But then went on to explain how I had also lived with my girlfriend as a young man. And if I were him, I would probably shack up for good and never get married so as not to leave myself vulnerable to divorce rape.
          Sure, a huge contradiction. Hard to sqUARE the circle.
          But buy a house and shack up with a girl. You own the house as co-owners. Marry her and she can use divorce laws to throw you out and make you pay for the house.
          I love the Lord. But I think God understands that the burden of marrriage can be too heavy to bear for a young man.

        3. “The spiritual and carnal can never be reconciled”
          Sure it can.
          YOU can’t reconcile it. Because you believe in Christ.
          I don’t. So I’m free to believe what Conan said (who was paraphrasing Genghis Khan but whatever).
          “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.”

        4. Most men who read Bang/Day Bang use it to get relationships. I don’t command them specifically to dedicate their lives to sluts, and most men who I meet have not gone down the same road as me.
          Regardless, men today need game to maintain relationships with modern women, so game books are required reading for all men, whether they like it or not.

        5. That thinking is part of the problem.
          Objective evil and good do not exist. Morality is completely subjective.
          This is why Islam is very probably going to destroy Christianity. Only ONE culture has ever in a thousand years successfully liberated itself from Islam, and that was Spain, by means of the Spanish Inquisition.
          Islam understands one thing that christianity does not and that is the subjectivity of good and evil.

        6. “If men give up on marriage, we are finished as species”
          Not sure if I agree due to the advances in nano medical technology. They can produce human sperm from bone marrow which means now lesbian couples can now have children without any male donor. Supposedly Japan has developed an artificial womb; damned if we do not see the first Human-like baby popped out of a blender in our lifetime. I’m not condoning artificial means of procreation, but the technology is already here, and Humanity is stupid.

        7. Completely agree Roosh. Shitty relationships brought me here, a good one will ultimately lead me away someday, due to investitures, armed with priceless knowledge. Until then, the wisdom accumulates and hones my own definition of “what I want” out of life.
          Consider this: What’s the #1 reason relationships fail, and what is the #1 form of infidelity (physical, financial, or emotional) that KILLS heterosexual relationships? Sexual incompatibility & physical cheating. It’s a natural progression to get the “sex” part and “game” down pat, needed to navigate the minefield of dating FIRST. Does anyone really want to live a life without falling in love and staying in love? In the scope of natural biology, love is most definitely the precursor to “planned” procreation, the most stable type of family.
          What’s homosexual in nature in limply going along through life – your own experiment of existence – not learning from historical mistakes of society and others, jumping into situations with NO experience and expecting them to work. Also known as the definition of insanity. No thanks, I tried that one personally and its a deluxe quagmire.

        8. The West is finished, which was the point. I doubt men in the East have completely given up on marriage… or have they?

        9. I don’t see how that shows me to be “wrong”. I agree with you that it has a political element to it, because Islam as a faith rejects secularism.

        10. The universe was created.
          That’s… it. That’s literally all I need faith to answer, the one question that theoretical physics cannot answer within the universe.
          Beyond that, I don’t need anything else. Darwinism is sufficient to construct a moral system; one which allows me to make accurate predictions of behavior of not only other humans but other creatures as well (which christianity cannot to; the lion does not coexist with the lamb). What is “right” is what serves the continued biological perpetuation of myself via progeny.

        11. And in the UK around twenty-five young women who have never had sex with a man have given birth using in vitro fertilization. It reminds of a centuries-old prophecy about the Antichrist: He will be born of a virgin who is not a virgin.

        12. “the lion does not coexist with the lamb”
          So the ‘is’ is your ‘ought’? Will your spirituality be as rich and fully flavoured if you ‘lose’ according to your darwinian scheme. And what’s to say that evolution or natural selection won’t branch off in a different direction, Christian or otherwise. After all we get to do some of the selecting ourselves these days?

        13. Death is the only escape from game. In life, you are either the chess piece or the game maker. When everything in today’s world is stacked to favor women, men must do everything at all cost to stay afloat or sink to the bottom and die out. It isn’t just wanting to get laid (although that is the primary focus), it’s also way of staying alive.
          Imagine this. You use game to game women and better understand you can risk yourself with labels of rape and having police called on you with fake rape charges and have your ass thrown in prison. That is some serious shit and this has been happening right before your eyes.
          The game that teaches men how to understand true nature of women and text game may save his life (literally).
          If a man wants to get laid 24/7 then that choice is on him. People’s self responsibility lies on them even though they may be influenced, no one is forced to make a choice.
          Some people use game to get ahead of life and there is nothing wrong with that.

        14. Islam may be used as a tool to control and put fear in the western mind. Islam is not compatible with the west. The ones in power and at the top will always find ways to bend the power to their favor. Look at the Saudi Royal Family. They use wahhabism Islam as a weapon and tool. But look at the hedonistic lifestyle of Saudi Royal Family. Do you think that is so Islamic?

        15. There are some areas of the globe where the Feminism virus hasn’t spread, but it’s like the last few scenes from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” at this point.

        16. “So the ‘is’ is your ‘ought’?”
          How something is, is how it ought be. If something changes, then it changed because that is how it ought be. There is no objective morality. If an individual feels “this ought be different”, that is subjective.
          “Will your spirituality be as rich and fully flavoured if you ‘lose’ according to your darwinian scheme.”
          Everyone dies. Nothing matters to the dead.

        17. Right now Islamic State fighters and Taliban are blowing each other’s head off and beheading each other in Afghanistan because they both want to control the poppy fields that generate a lot of money and profit. Add to the fact that, USA armies are still over there. It’s like triple threat match.
          Not much different from Drug cartels (Los Zetas) and Narcos killing each other in Mexico in gruesome ways like skinning face off and cutting off balls, and because they want to control the drug supply profit and they want to take over each other’s profitable territory. It’s like gang tribal killing.
          So bottom line is when it comes to money and profit, even the most religious nut cases will throw their religion out of the equation to get more power, money and profit.

        18. I’ve been with woman for years but never married on paper. Children bear my name and property is mine. Marriage is a covenant you and your spouse(s) make with God only. Fuck and DOUBLE FUCK the state. Mine is more than a protest against the system. I’m blood sworn against the divorce raping system ever hauling me or my clan into a courtroom and slinging my name over their altar from hell. It is not my alter. It is their altar and their chopping block. My family is a strong one. They couldn’t pry my clan apart with a crowbar. Though years back I laid my trust in a weak and ‘used’ turncoat woman. I learned my lesson to ‘never marry a whore’ from her. I’ve been preaching patriarchy ever since. Keep it virgin. Keep it young. Breed breed breed. Never divorce. Work your shit out OR work your shit out. Those are your choices and that is the reason to choose your wife with great care. Obscess over the virgin issue. Many do but precious few preach it which is why I bullhorn it. ”ONLY BRAND NEW WILL DO!!” ‘Only brand spanking new will do’ my good men.

        19. I noticed that a lot of people want to redefine things on their own terms, particularly women, feminists and.. gays :
          You care about your appearance ? you’re gay.
          You work out too much ? you’re gay (and the bonus : you have a little dick too).
          You don’t like gays ? that’s because you are gay and you don’t even know it.
          you like girl’s ass more than tits ? you’re certainly gay.
          And now
          you like sex for the sake of sex ? you’re gay.
          you chase too much girls ? you’re gay.
          So tell me, it is really the omega of red pill ? becoming monogamous with a virgin you have to marry before you can fuck only to make children ? that’s too red pill for me.
          Anyway, Св. Йоан Кукузел’s post is interesting because it is revealing a kind of hiatus in the manosphere. I look forward to see how of all of this will evolve.

        20. “Objective evil and good do not exist. Morality is completely subjective.”
          And the stench of nihilism fills the room.

        21. Relationship Game is different from the Game you teach as the former considers the woman too. Her needs and her world in general. The emphasis is on the exchange of power and love, not sex or ” the bang”, as you call it.
          Your Game teaches mean how to trick women. The emphasis is on sex for the sake of sex. Even good advices such as weightlifting and healthy eating are promoted in the context of getting sex as it makes men more physically attractive to women. Emphasis on outward appearance is gay.

        22. “Regardless, men today need game to maintain relationships with modern women, …”
          That’s the problem right there: chasing “modern women”. “Modern women” (and also many “modern men”) care nothing for devotional, long-term relationships; going after them is suicide. Every man on this forum would be better off going to their native country, getting in touch with second/extended cousins back home (for leads on suitable women) and marrying a traditional, village girl with “old-fashioned” feminine, motherly and religious values.
          Going after the wrong women is the biggest mistake most men will make in their lives, one that will cause them much pain and sorrow.
          “… so game books are required reading for all men, whether they like it or not.”
          Not ALL men, just those who are chasing Western women and haven’t realized there’s better, uncorrupted options out there in developing/third world countries. I haven’t read a single book on “game” or anything related, I’ve never been on a “date” and the only women I’ve ever had in my life (we were both real virgins upon marriage) is my wife and I can assure you (I say this not out of ego) I’m ahead of most of the men on this forum.
          As I learned, the only “game” worth playing in life is pursuit of Truth and God; with those, you will get everything else.
          Pursuit of all other “games” (women, fortune, fame, etc.) is falsehood.

        23. Well first off when feminists do this they are attempting to shame men into silence. These feminists are not trying to make a point or seriously discuss anything.
          What was just stated by the orginal commenter here is that the NATURE of heterosexual promiscuity is similar to that of homosexuality which is a valid point. The reason why homosexuality is perverted is because it is serile in nature. It is a misuse of the human body and of sex. One of the primary functions of sex is reproduction, that makes all homosexual sex perverted in nature. It’s like eating, sure eating food is enjoyable but if a person were to eat only for taste and pleasure and completely disregarded the foods role in nourishing their body they would begin exhibiting and defending harmful behaviors such as over eating and bulimia. See sex like food is not simply about pleasure and women are not tools to get sexual pleasure. Any man who promotes such views, which promoting promiscuity does, is inadvertenly promoting homosexual behavior. No these men are not gay but they think like gays. It’s very difficult to call out the perversion of homosex if one is promiscuous, in fact adultery and promiscuity are perverted as well in nature, they are an abuse of human sexuality that typically demand sterlization of the individuals and abortion on demand. Oh and also it will be impossible to change the culture to be more family oriened and promote women to be modest and chaste while simultaneously promoting promiscuity.

        24. It’s not the burden of marriage that is the problem its the secular laws surrounding marriage. God’s design for marriage was perfect man and the state corrupted it. Biblical marriage does not allow no fault divorce and all these other laws designed to make divorce appealing to women. If a man marries a woman before God and his Church without the state and performs his duty as a husband and father he is not sinning. It’s adultery, promiscuity etc… That are the sin not forgoing secular state marriage laws. Heck in early American history all marriages were performed by the Church and the state simply kept records there was no state liscence for marriage so really the state is not necessary except to keep records for stats and parental rights etc… Otherwise she is irrelevent concerning sexual morals.

        25. Yea because for the years proceeding our current times marriage was non existent right? Lol. Where marriage is in decline birth rates are low belowe replacement level, see Japan and Germany as primary examples. At this point it looks like those Muslims will surely outbreed the West as they still marry and their women have like 4-5 kids on average.

        26. Shitty relationships did not bring you here, sin did. Stop fornicationg and you won’t be used and abused by whores. It’s very simple men, you feed the whores by merely messing with them. A wise man would overcome his flesh desire and avoid whores all together he would not try to play into their lifestyle by learning tips on how to fornicate with them. It is as much a sin to fornicate with whores as it is to be one.
          The Bible says: Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. (Heb 3:14).
          Hmm see that? Whoremongers, as in a man who chases after whores. It’s truly sad how many men actually invest in “banging” whores and then complain about the state of affairs concerning family and culture. They profess themselves to be wise but they actually became even bigger fools than they were before. They feed the very culture they claim to hate. Do you actually care about fostering healthy relations between men and women or do you just like the women you hate want to be selfish and get out of a relationship whatever benefits you (ie casual sex and no responsibility)? Do what’s right no matter what that’s true wisdom, let the swine roll in the mud.

        27. No no, that’s a twisted view of simple things.
          Homosexuality is perverted because of the wrong choice of the object of desire :
          People searching intercourse with the same sex is perversion. period. No need to redefine it by including recreationnal sex.
          And the more I think about it, the more I think that this thesis
          (heterosexual promiscuity = promoting homosexuality) is just the lastest bullshit feminist will use to shame men soon :
          “you like recreationnal sex with your girlfriend ? ok so you’re gay friendly”.

        28. hm, sure you never had to deal with flaking and friendzoning. Don’t try to talk about something you can’t understand.

        29. I do understand, you all think it’s not equally as frustrating for “good girls”? Men run away from girls like me because most want sex right away and I am waiting until marriage. I also make a huge effort to dress modestly, I do not wear skirts higher than the knee or show any cleavage. I am 23, 5,5 and weigh 109 pounds so no I am not fat or old or any other thing that would make a man flee. I have no acne, (pure genetic luck) and generally take good care of my appearance. But I don’t dress slutty or “get wasted” which is what actually attracts men these days. Also I stay away from bars, clubs and online dating where most girls meet guys. I rarely ever go on a dates and when I have the men of course wanted sex and I had to say no and end those situations. Stop acting like it’s so easy for good women to find good decent men, out here. Stop comparing every woman to whores you find at night clubs because plenty of girls do not go to clubs or bars. I am not perfect (no one is) and of course I too had take the “red pill” which for me was basically accepting the Gospel (the true red pill) and realizing that sin is destructive and that I would do best to repent and stay far away from it even if it means being celibate and single for a long time due to the utter depravity of our culture. It’s a hard fight for girls like me, it’s tempting to give up and just “whore it out” since those girls get all the attention, the instagram likes, the dates, the money from guys and free stuff etc… but I have to remember that in the end it’s not worth it. I refuse to be a victim of sin, to have my children (God willing) denied a father and stability or worse killed (I am pro life). I feel therefore that it is better to be patient and accept God’s plan for my life I would ratehr never have children than have multiple “baby daddies” and put my children through hell.
          Good girls suffer as much as “good guys” in terms of dating. Also most “good guys” are fornicators who chase whores and IGNORE modest women completely. They arent really good guys at all they are just mad that they cant be “alphas” who use women for sex. They actually desire to be abusive and callous not to love their wife and cherish her like the Bible says. If you ignore modest women who dont drink, while investing time, money, effort and resources on chasing whores (buying PUA material and going to bars counts) than DO NOT dare complain about the “lack” of good women because you are no better and feed the very culture that created those women.

        30. Islam is a perversion/heresy of Christianity. It came to be as a mad pedophile’s reinterpretation of a religion that had existed for nearly 800 years. Why do you think Mohammed banned Muslims from reading the actual Old and New Testaments? His heresy and “edits” would have been apparent. Islam appeals to the base natures of man.

        31. Are you kidding me or playing the victim here ?
          There’s no comparison here between your own situation and situation of mens on this forum : Your own situation is the result of your own choices and beliefs. But us men, don’t even have such a choice, because sex it’s our natural drive. And we just play the shitty cards this society forced us to play with.
          For your information, there’s plenty of good men (but before we must agree on the definition of a “good man”)
          But, fact is, even all good men need and want sex (and not necessary with “whores”). And it does not make these men evil or whatever.
          “, it’s tempting to give up and just he a whore it out since those girls
          get all the attention, the instagram likes, the dates, the money from
          guys and free stuff etc…”
          ” I would ratehr never have children than have multiple “baby daddies” and put my children through hell. ”
          wow wow, you don’t have to go from an extreme case to another. There’s a lot of girls who can manage a decent life (understand : not dressing slutty, not drinking, not partying too much etc.) while meeting men and having some partners. That does not make them bitches or whores or baby killers or whatever.

        32. Just discovered the internet? That’s a real hot take there….I never knew Japan had a declining birth rate. You must have some real high level contacts in the Japanese government to get access to that kind of hard to find information.

        33. Um I dont get your sarcasm. My point was proven low marriage rates tend to coorealate with low birth rates mainly because having children and raising them is a whole lot easier when your married than not. Where birth rates are “high” and marriage rates are low crime abounds see the hood for more on that.

        34. Un what? Where did I say men don’t “need” sex? Pointing out that there is an appropriate time and place for sex, marriage, is not the same as claiming that men should never have sex.
          You think women don’t need sex? Last I checked we are half the whole reproduction process so I am pretty sure we also have sex drives and most women now a days do not make any attempt to control theirs either. And yes I have made choices, good choices and if more men and women did the same we wouldnt have all these social problems. Most “good men” are not in fact good at all, they do not make any effort to prepare themselves to be husbands and fathers they just try to get sex outside of commitment from girls but being fake nice. It’s disgusting. These men then get mad that some other more attractive man is getting more girls and then blame the girls. Well women “need” “alphas” as much as men “need” sex. So keep complaining about how awful it is to have to hold out, than imagine being a woman with a beta loser when she could be getting some from an alpha it’s probably a similar level of torment. You manosphere guys need to get out your own head, many of you sound like outright narcissists the only perspective that exists to your own.

        35. “Relationship Game is different from the Game you teach as the former considers the woman too. ”
          They both do this. There is no difference between the two types of game, in principle – you always have to be switched on.

        36. You are mistaking some stuff about red pill and guys here.
          First, I did not suppose that you said men don’t need sex, I was pointing your opinion :
          “Also most “good guys” are fornicators who chase whores and IGNORE modest women completely”
          No, They (red pill or not) don’t ignore modest women, they just don’t want to loose time, youth and money, waiting for something isn’t worth of it and whose value diminish over time. THAT is the red pill philosophy at core.
          “These men then get mad that some other more attractive man is getting
          more girls and then blame the girls.”
          Not at all, just blue pill guys blame on the girls. red pill men understand that all social dynamics between men and women are schemed. They learn it (because no one told us the truth and the society told us bullshit) and improve themselves to be better than the average chump. A red pill doesn’t blame on somebody else, they just call on the society’s bullshit which is completely different than whinning.
          ” Well women “need” “alphas” as much as men “need” sex.”
          Exactly. Most women need/crave the best men. And that’s fair that men crave the best from women too. don’t you think so ?
          “You manosphere guys need to get out your own head, many of you sound like outright narcissists the only perspective that exists to your own. ”
          Ah shit, what a joke. And tell me, wasting time, precious youth and worse, making somebody else waiting and forced to commit, settle and being a father without experience (of life, of others… in two words, taking a blue pill chump and direclty make him a beta provider) is not a female narcissitic way of leading things ?
          Most women think they are gold plattered, thus they have to be won. thus reserving for marriage… That’s just a little disney princess syndrome clothed with religious stuff.

        37. No, it isn’t Scriptural. It’s from the sixteenth-century Nilus of Mount Athos: the Antichrist will be born of a woman, “but without the sowing of a man’s seed.”

        38. but you could also say that power, money, and profit are a necessary medium to pursuing their end goal – global conquest, which is not necessarily oriented in materialism. They need to gain control of the poppy fields so that they can acquire the weapons, equipment, and capital needed to accomplish their ultimate goals of world domination.
          You could argue that the intentions of the Mexican drug cartels are entirely profit motivated. ISIS’s are more ideological/passionate

        39. White people are on their way out. Out of 8 billion you have almost two billion East Asians, a billion or so East Indians, over a billion Africans and half a billion Arabs. The populations of Europe and the Americas are becoming less and less white with mass immigration trying to make up for domestic fertility rates as low as 1.1

        40. OR rather ISIS’s primary goal is PROFIT; they are using ideology as a mask. Just like they put on a ski mask while beheading captives. You never know who is behind that mask or more like who is behind their funding and operation.
          It’s just another business day for rich bankers though. Business is itself is war. You can wage a war in a lot of different ways by putting on ‘different clothes’. A street vendor selling oranges might not go knife attack on another fruit vendor in the same street (assuming it isn’t a third world) but they are both competing to get more profit and more customers. They might not kill each other because law confines them to act proper so they must put fake smile and “co-exist” but try to make as much profit as the next guy.
          Now take out the law and replace that with power and subtract human morals out of that equation. This is what ISIS and Drug Cartels are doing. Not much different. To them, it’s just another profit business. Why do they kill rival gang/operators and claim territory? Power? Yes. Profit? BIG YES … why killing? laws don’t apply to the ones with power. A rich psychopath businessmen need someone to do their “dirty work”. So who is doing the “dirty work” for the rich bankers? Answer is obvious.
          Laws only apply to people without power and average citizen. History has always shown that whoever became powerful will abuse it and bend the law to their own means.

        41. You are being ridiculous. You cant choose an object of desire, you either desire something or you don’t. That’s like saying that I am going to make a conscious choice to choose not to desire BBQ chicken wings, you either desire them or you don’t.

        42. I share most of your concerns but you are disconnected from reality, as well as Св. Йоан Кукузел. Whether you like it or not your worldview of relationships only worked when women were dependent of men and had no options (no 500 guys hitting on her in FB, tinder et al, let alone dozens of men in the street and her office).
          I am not defending Roosh but he wrote about this. The only realistic way to get a beautiful woman who is virgin or something “close” to it and with some potential to be a wife is in the 17-23 age bracket. Beyond that she has rode the carousel or was twin sister of Quasimodo and hence a virgin.

        43. Somebody is testy, why the insults already? No how are you doing? no happy new year? What point am i missing? You stated that homosexuality’s pervertedness is derived from it being a choice, a wrong choice to be precise. Then I show that your statement is irrational.

        44. it is a subconcious choice (refering to psychoanalysis, which i used the term “object of desire”), ok but consciously reinforced. And if, according to most religious people here, sex is for birthing only, it is, in the end, a wrong choice, deal with it.
          The point is that in that tread people are overthinking simple things thus resulting in intellectual bullshit. Homosexuality is intercourse with same sex partners. period. Attempts to redefine this is (by twisting and expandings meanings : ie : you chase girls too much, you care about appeareance, you like sex for sake of sex and so on = promoting gay behavior) just plain bullshit, or a try to legitimate some people’s gayness here.

        45. My friend, you are clearly Russian Orthodox. I used to be Greek Orthodox, so I actually agree with “most” of what you wrote.
          First of all, one mistake the religious make in regards to sex is that to have it strictly for pleasure is “stealing from God” what it was meant for. The problem with that is that we don’t have sex for pleasure: We have sex for relief.
          I can eat an ice cream for pleasure, but I don’t need to. As long as I’m eating regular food, the need for ice cream is very low.
          Not so with sex. Try going without an orgasm for a week or two. It takes a lot of self control to be able to do that. Why? because of the natural withdrawal symptom the lack of the chemicals released during orgasm is essentially turning you into a junkie. We are all born “hooked” on those drugs.
          So if anything, it’s God’s way of forcing people to reproduce. But there are huge consequences to just popping out babies. Most people nowadays can’t handle the responsibilities that come with it. Too bad we can’t turn off our sex drives and not worry about it (at least not without some chemicals that will completely mess us up in other ways).
          As for Roosh, I think he’s a product of the resistance toward Feminism, and what it has done to society. I don’t agree with the methods. (I too, would have been ecstatic to have had the opportunity to only have had sex with one woman who would be my wife for the rest of my life. I’m willing to bet a large portion of Roosh’s followers are the same).
          And I love the ruckus he is causing the establishment. Sort of like a mini-Donald Trump for the manosphere.

        46. I hope you find a good strong man.
          I believe your patience a virtue and will repay you with happiness and contentment ultimately.
          Take it from someone who is 35 and worked the nightlife for a long time. These women who get all the attention now, the likes, the money, the cadre of orbiters. They end up miserable when their looks fade. Some manage to snag a chump but they are still miserable and always have that empty look in their eyes which no amount of boundless consumerism and hedonistic pleasures could ever fill.
          Stay strong in your faith and trust in God the Father.

        47. Agreed. You can’t be in a relationship unless you get a girl, and you can’t get a modern girl without game. That’s one of the underlying pinnings of the MRM and the gripe of most guys. Game sets the stage for a relationship based on the man be masculine and not maleable, and isn’t about faking it. As opposed to female game, which is mostly about manipulating and facade.

        48. I disagree. “Game” books are not required reading, but Mein Kampf is required reading.
          Also it is unnecessary to accommodate the anti-Islam sentiments.
          I’m no devotee of any religion, yet I have a more favorable view of Islam than the PUA scene.
          Finally, I would change the graphic substituting a hammer and sickle in place of the swastika on that fag banner.

        49. damn straight…since we’re speaking of the nature v. nurture argument…in nature, it’s normally the female who determines the actions of the male, it’s true from species to species.
          However, because humankind has developed intellect, women have become more deterministic in their willingness to forego the natural process in favor of the more individualistic process. Furthermore, they’ve turned themselves into willing sexual organisms without a dramatic increase in a demand for quality.
          They’ve swapped quality for quantity, and when males adapt, they bitch, complain, and attempt to legislate. Males are forced to adapt, or die; survival of the DNA is the driving force as to how we behave, especially with women. This whole Roosh “thing” isn’t a phenomenon, it’s an EVOLUTIONARY step, and as “natural” as our fundamental need to procreate. All that’s changed is the feathered “dance” we now use to attract the female.
          That’s not even CLOSE to being homosexual in nature.

        50. I hear you. I also think its its rather grandiose for the player types to complain when the virginal good girls dont want them. Those types of girls are not going to marry those alpha types because they care about morality and virtue. They might find them attractive but they will override that urge. You sound young. Most guys go through the stage of trying to get pussy anywhere after a few years of trying either successfully or failing they become either bitter or more open to good girls. I personally think that having one or two small scale relationships before marriage should be the formula. Because most people learn by experience and marriage when your a virgin with no relationship experience is full of high expectations. Expectations need to be correctly managed in ltr or marriage. Otherwise failure ensumes.

        51. “Regardless, men today need game to maintain relationships with modern women, so game books are required reading for all men, whether they like it or not.”
          Unfortunately you are correct.

        52. “Relationship Game is different from the Game you teach as the formerconsiders the woman too. ”
          It is still “game” which means not a moments rest.

        53. My perspective on all this changed when I had a daughter (now 4) and ponder how to help her live a happy life in a world that makes the wrong choices seem easiest and best.
          If I can offer you any advice on that it would be to speak to the higher nature of a man your male relatives recommend and be useful to him. My wife used this approach with tremendous success.
          All the best Eve.

        54. As usual your type ignores female bad behavior and I know why. One time I attended a church service and when they were passing around the collection plate I saw the woman in front of me put a twenty in the collection plate. That is the church’s customers. They don’t want to piss offf their customer base. Rich Zubaty covered this in Surviving The Femination of America.

    4. I agree with 99% of the content of this article. However, I still am ok with gay marriage. And it’s precisely because, unlike the quote above, nothing in this ruling is redefining marriage.
      I am ok with gay marriage because the institution of marriage, as it has historically existed, has already been altered or “redefined” to use the conservative talking point, to where it bears little resemblance to what it once did.
      Marriage has traditionally been a union of two families, who pledge to join and support each other for life, as two young members of these families share a house and raise children of their own together. Historically, men were the head of their households, and subservient to the men. Men had certain duties, which typically included providing a home for the wife and children to live in, and providing for their basic necessities.
      The woman, in return, would nurture and care for the husband, giving him emotional support, sex, and providing care of the home and children. Divorce was not an option, except in rare cases. The vows of marriage were sacred, and taken in a church or religious institution, and the state played no role in marriage.
      ALL of this has changed. What we call marriage today is nothing more than a state contract between two parties and their government, that can be broken by one party, and the other party can be forced to financially compensate the oathbreaker. None of the above features of marriage exist today.
      Married men I know have little to no sex, and their wives, far from providing them emotional support, are often sources of criticism and emotional pain. Marriage today is nothing more than a “civil union” which grants certain privileges like visiting your civil union partner in the hospital, inheriting your civil union partner’s pension, etc.
      Allowing gays to have civil unions the same way anyone else can is merely accepting the fact that the west has given up on traditional marriage already, the same way they have given up on other institutions like patriarchy, family values, religion, a moral code, etc. It is merely removing the last vestiges of hypocricy that lay over what we call marriage today in the west. And I value honesty over hypocricy.

      1. If the agenda was not directed towards the erosion of the heterosexual marriage, they could have simply given gays the option to have a similar in status but still separate type of marriage. Instead, they’ve bundled them together in order to hammer the last nail in the coffin of the traditional marriage.
        Marriage is designed to create a stable environment for raising of well-rounded children. By allowing gays to marry through the same ritual they undermine its function and reason for people to pursue it.
        What other options are available for raising of children if the couples are not bound in a Holy Union?

        1. But my point is that marriage is no longer an institution that creates a stable environment for raising well rounded children. Not when the majority of marriages end in divorces, the vast majority of which are done by the woman, often in cases where she has broken said vows herself.
          A boy raised in a single mom household has the worst chances of any group to come out ok. And this is what our society is pushing for. I imagine the majority of boys growing up today will be raised by single moms, considering the stats.

        2. Do you know if marriage always tied to government? An issue of civil court?
          As you mentioned above marriage was firstly considered an issue of importance between families.
          Now when I think of marriage I immediately think of the implications related to the state.

        3. It can be done. I’ve done it (in a Western country).
          These women still exist, they are still women willing to give up their powers to a man in exchange for his love (if his love is big/masculine enough). In fact, any woman deep down inside her wants to be a wife and a mother. Nothing else makes her happier.
          But if you buy into the paranoia that AWALT, you’ll not be able to give her the love she craves and she won’t be able to surrender to your powers.
          Having said that, one still needs to be smart about it. Test the woman, see if she is willing to be second in command. Don’t waste time with “strong and independent” women, do not engage in sex with them either.
          It’s all up to you. Finding a life long partner and having a family is the ultimate Game.

        4. Your advice will only lead to more men getting divorce raped by the unicorn of a wife they thought they’d found and vetted. And you won’t be there to help them

        5. Really? Well since the Darwinian survival of the fittest is obviously your bottom line, you should have no issue with players sport-fucking women

        6. Marriage was tied to the church throughout much of history, although some would argue that the church was more powerful than the state, and therefore could be considered the “government” at the time. If you research geneology in Europe, you will pretty quickly have to hit church records, because these marriages were recorded in the local church house, but never in the governmental records or any centralized database. I’ve read some interesting books on the history of marriage.

      2. It’s the pushing an agenda part that doesn’t set well with me. You’re taking the mass of people, and forcing acceptance nationwide. Does that make sense in a Democracy or Republic?

      3. I agree gay marriage is a symptom not a cause. I think Christians shoud boycott marriage and just marry before God in their churches with their families. People outside of church are screwed with no culture or community to foster healthy family restoration.

        1. with the new laws on cohabitation, marriage in church or otherwise like the fact a man lives with a woman in certain states and countries make it the same thing as a marriage under the law, so men should shun marriage completly or marry in a country where its still okay to stay with your husband or wife for life

    5. This is the most intelligent commentary I’ve ever seen on this site from its inception. Well done, sir, and “hear hear”!!

    6. That’s bullshit logic. The more women a man has sex with, the more gay he becomes? Sounds like a traditional conservative male who wifed up the first woman he had sex with, and trying to rationalize sitting on the sidelines as a beta male.

      1. I tend to agree. Seems like if you are hetero but not having sex on a regular basis, you may start to develop unhealthy tendencies and even may start to consider homosexuality since your needs aren’t being met by the opposite sex.

        1. This is fear mongering and superstition.
          I haven’t had sex in 7 months and I don’t masterbate either.
          I love women and am still deeply attracted to them but I choose not to reward whores any longer. None of my time, no effort, no dick.
          I chose to walk this path for my own self mastery and because I love real femininity. The kind that results in family when the masculine generative force penetrates it.
          If I never found that again it makes no difference to me. I am on a mission.

        2. In my own experience I was most depressed those periods of my life that were sexless. If you are not fulfilling your biological imperative, nature has a way of telling you to get your ass in gear. Well, at least thats been my own experience. But if I had to guess, a lot of these mass shootings are caused in part, by the fact that the shooter wasn’t getting laid.

        3. I’m good and congrats. Have you been strengthened in your beliefs and resolve because of it?
          Personally the thought of fornicating with sluts makes me feel disgust at this point. Even though I could easily indulge if I were to give in.
          I remember there was a commenter on here who practiced a form of celibacy based on Hindu tradition. He said that after a year of unbroken celibacy if you were to impregnate a woman that the child would be guaranteed to have genius level IQ.

        4. You must be in your 20’s and I can completely understand as I’ve been through it all.
          After running through a bunch of sluts and then having a somewhat decent girl fall in love with me(whom I treated kinda shitty) I don’t feel like much of a better man though I’m wiser to their games.
          Giving dick to a worthless pathetic, baby murdering, homo loving whore does not make me feel like more of a man or that I even accomplished anything like it used to.

        5. Sure but the point is that you were having sex through the most hormone filled time of your life. Imagine if you weren’t getting laid. How would you reflect back on your life if that was the case?

        6. Bio imperative? Um man was designed to have sex with his wife and multiply not whores who will proudly murder his ofspring in the name of rights. Please wake up you’re so close.

        7. But you see, that’s the catch 22, only 1% of women are actually wife material. So you tell me, what are men to do. My prediction is the suicide rate and mass shooting rates among men will continue to rise. Yet no one will discuss the true cause.

        8. Same could be said about men. How many are husband material really? How many are willing to marry a woman before having sex with her? Our culture is terrible, full of degenerates males and females.

        9. “I’m good and congrats. Have you been strengthened in your beliefs and resolve because of it?”
          Yes indeed, I don’t think I’m ever coming back. Although I’m staying vigilant.
          Now I have the feeling I can distinguish between what my soul wants, what my biological being needs to survive, and what the devil tries to lure me into.
          It is the same for me : the idea of fornicating revolts me.
          “I remember there was a commenter on here who practiced a form of
          celibacy based on Hindu tradition. He said that after a year of unbroken
          celibacy if you were to impregnate a woman that the child would be
          guaranteed to have genius level IQ.”
          Lol, well I guess I’ll never know, because I don’t think I’ll meet a woman worthy of reproducing with any time soon.

        10. Actually biologically speaking, women were supposed to have sex with as many guys as possible. When I say were I mean thousands of years ago. You know, when biological urges were the main driver of human actions. The idea being the more guys that had sex with her, the more chance there was of a pregnancy, and expanding the tribe.
          Of course I think that in today’s society the “it’s biology” argument is ridiculous, because our society has evolved in such a way that many of our biological urges are redundant. But the more you know 🙂

      2. Uh yea. Big difference here. Cocks goin in female orifices versus homo assholes… which by chance are incredibly more disease ridden. Funny how “God” engineers this shit ain’t it?

      3. “That’s bullshit logic. The more women a man has sex with, the more gay he becomes?”
        The more hedonistic and given to sexual sins a man becomes the more likely he is to become a sodomite or other type of advanced pervert. Thus, Charlie Sheen (adultery, fornication) , Bruce Jenner (double adulterer, etc), and other men throughout history that nobody would expect to get drawn in.
        So, you’re married but you commit adultery with a married woman, then you divorce your wife, abandon your children, and marry the married woman whom you were cheating together with, then you go to swing clubs together, then you’re watching her get banged by other guys, then you enjoy being degraded and shamed by being cuckolded by another man, now you want to experience a man’s dominance over you directly (or you over them), you become a sodomite.
        Nobody is born a sodomite.

      4. That wasn’t the claim. It was pointed out, rightfully so, that the nature of promiscuity and homosexual behaviors are similar. And that the former justifies the latter. That doesnt mean heterosexual promoscuity is the exact same as homosexuality it just means that they have similar justifications and therefore one cannot critique homosexual acts while promoting hetero promiscuity. At the end of the day in both cases sex serves no function but immediate self gratification. Both are perverted and immoral but with homosex the act can never be right while hetero sex is perfectly good even required in marriage. So homosex is still worse.

    7. Sure, on the surface, learning game principles and spitting game are about notch count, etc.; however, you know that it is a realistic/rational (i.e., male) response to womens’ cues about what they want. Everything in society, including mens’ sexual strategies are essentially subservient to the feminine imperative. Sure, contraceptive aided sex is essentially mutual masturbation, whether hetero or gay in nature (although, like Roosh pointed out, gay men are essentially nasty disease vectors due to the nature and partner count of their sexual activities). You give too much credit to men deciding to learn/practice game, ignoring the supposedly “non-slutty girls”, etc. While women are the passive sex in virtually every area of life and tend to lack any real agency, in the realm of sexual politics, reproductive strategy preferences and the like, the present state of affairs is obviously exactly what women in general prefer, disintegration of the “family unit” and destruction of society be damned. The feminine imperative tends to get what it wants in this regard, although sometimes massive organized male pushback can forestall the trends we currently are witnessing (in hyperdrive) for a period of time.

    8. “it’s all about sex for the sake of sex, which is a typical gay behavior.”
      “The Manosphere’s attitude to adultery is also homosexual”
      “Unattached sex without the intention of reproduction is homosexual in nature”
      “Heterosexuality is monogamous”

    9. Quote: “Another fault of the Manosphere is that it advocates against marriage in principle as it perceives all women as irreversibly damaged – AWALT. It is no surprise that if one is only interested in sex, one is likely to come across slutty women and miss the less experienced and more humble girls.”
      This line of thinking pops up here every so often, usually by a female commenter who is incapable of acknowledging the she is, in fact, irreparably damaged, or by a recently awakened dude who married some strumpet and now feels the need to defend the fact that his children’s alleyway into this world was a hole that had been stuffed with the cocks and cum of God knows how many previous men.
      This shit is tedious, and most of all — completely useless. Men who have found supposedly decent women, instead of saying shit like “stop looking in the bars or clubs!” need to actually inform men of how they found their supposed “less experienced and more humble girls.” Because not once — not in a single fucking instance — has one of the men (or women, for that matter) touting this shit ever said how they found their so-called good woman (or if they are truly good women themselves, where their men found them). It has never happened, and I suspect it has never happened because these so-called good women are in fact turds that got wifed up without being thoroughly vetted.
      Most men want a good, decent woman to have kids with. And this idea that they’re just overlooking these women is a load of disingenuous bullshit. Additionally, many men will take the plunge and get married if — and only IF — they find a woman who is worthy of such a commitment.
      So, my question to you is this: Where are the good women in the United States; where did you find yours? I look forward to your eye opening and informative reply.

      1. I’m not sure I can give you an eye opening advise but in your case think of women as the planes you fly and you’ll recognize which one is suitable for a long flight.

        1. yeah he’s right. where are these good women? I know statistically sure they exist as no statistic is 100%. but seriously where are they?
          my only guess and answer is this is why women shouldnt have rights and shouldnt goto school past 5th grade. they need to be tied down in pre-arranged marriages and then married off by the age of 15 or 16(when they become physically mature). this prevents them from becoming ruined.
          but beyond that….where are these good women?

        2. Here’s the answer, I already know it, I just want someone else to actually fucking say it, because no one will acknowledge the truth of the matter. Here it is: you have to get lucky.
          That’s it. That’s what it boils down to — luck; being in the right place at the right time and seizing the opportunity if it presents itself. There is no one place where you will find them because they are so few and far between. Maybe church, maybe at the checkout line at the grocery store, maybe at a social event.
          I will be expanding on this more in a future article here, but the short version is luck; plain and simple.

        3. Wait, so you mean game, running the numbers, and putting yourself out there instead of Oneitis can increase your chances at getting “lucky?” Well I’ll be damned. lol.

        4. Crazy shit, right? Being a player is how you optimally position yourself for finding a worthy woman. The more poles you have in the water, the better your chances of catching a keeper.

        5. True yet there are things you can do to improve your odds. Never in your favor but it does give you a fighting chance.

        6. Perhaps. I don’t calculate luck though in any of my decisions.
          In the meantime I think our best bet is keep improving ourselves and seeing things from the right perspective.
          A man with no attachments can be a very dangerous man. I’m highly motivated because I know who my enemies are…….nearly everyone at this point.
          I like to fight and being surrounded by enemies just means I have way more targets.
          We need to become more aggressive in general not just acquiring women but in setting goals and achieving them.
          I think that down this path you maximize opportunities to encounter a chick that may be worth scooping.
          Remember our mission is more important than any girl. Knowing your enemies gives you great purpose.

        7. Luck presents itself through a combination of the choices you’ve made in your life. Nothing happens without a reason.
          You didn’t just wake up one day and became a pilot. You decided you were going to follow that path. You worked hard, I bet that more than once you felt like giving up but you didn’t and you made it to the end. Now when you push the right buttons the plane obeys your command because you’ve spent a lot of time with her and you know how to navigate her, and you know what she needs to be submissive. Because she has certain needs too. She needs to trust you and obey not like a slave.
          So people now say: You’re lucky to be such a good pilot. But you only know, it’s not just luck (or do you?).
          Game encourages men to look for short cuts in the sexual interaction with women, in result they spend a lot of time and energy chasing tail, resources which otherwise could have been spent in building of skills set and looking for a life long second in command.

        8. It’s not luck it’s about the type of man you are. It’s all laws of attraction if you are a PUA you are pretty much training yourself to attract whores that is who the tactics are designed to work on. Then you go on about how “all women are whores”? Really? Um you made them whores also you sought them out.

        9. Game trains men to attract whores. And by whore I mean any woman who has sex outside of marriage. Game cannot work on woman who is waiting. However very few girls wait so perhaps men have more of a struggle than I realize. If it’s any consolation girls like me who are waiting actually have a near impossible time dating very few men want to wait especially until marriage to them it’s a waste and with so many girls out here giving it up for nothing well let’s just say the competition is fierce.

        10. Are you actually serious? Women should be property? Slaves essentially? I think all the good women are busy spending time with guys who treat them as human beings, and I doubt that treating them as a slave will win them over.

        1. They will be found where life is the hardest for them. I’m nobody but a woman who has struggled and suffered will be the woman you want. But unless you have suffered more than her, you will not understand her, and you will fail her. If you are not stronger than her you will fail her, and she will be dissapointed in you. If you do not love more than her, she will notice it and move on. Just my 2 cents.

      2. I come from a very conservative, religious community. I married my wife when I was 20, she was 21. We were both virgins. REAL virgins. Both of our fathers are still married to our mothers and are red pill to the core.
        I think that’s the key. Find a girl with a red pill dad and you’re set. My wife doesn’t give me any of the flack I read about here. She cooks, cleans, cares for our children, and rolls in the sack like she should. She dresses modestly (outside of the bedroom) and conducts herself modestly.
        Maybe me being raised by a traditionally masculine father and a feminine, submissive mother helps with this as well. It probably sounds like a pipe dream to some, but I’m surrounded in my church family by men and women who follow the ONLY way to raise healthy families and it seems to be working fine. no homosexuals or deviants, women respect men and vice versa. Happy children with clear guidelines.
        I know some here don’t believe that religion helps, but if you could see what we have, you would know it does. hfcbrookhaven.com

        1. Amen! I go to a very conservative church, women and girls only wear skirts and dresses the men and boys wear actual shirts and slacks. It’s very nice, pro life, pro family, pro traditional gender roles etc… As a woman I am much happier whereas in the world I felt very depressed and self conscious I have never desired to be “over” a man that’s just very unattractive to me.
          But let’s not forget the Gospel, Jesus saves that means that even if you were a wicked sinner (we all sin) you can be redeemed and live an abundant life. Turn to Jesus it’s the only way!

        2. Okay, why are you here on Return of Kings slinging the typical overly emotional female mud instead of hanging out with your wonderful Christian boyfriend/future husband that you met at your very conservative church?
          You said in another post that it’s hard for you to find anyone to date — aren’t there plenty of potential suitors right where you’re at? I don’t expect a reasonable answer from you, but I figured it’s worth a shot; so do try to be somewhat reasonable in your response, and I’ll grant you the same courtesy.

      3. Stop making lame excuses if you sleep around you don’t deserve a good woman instead of asking where all the good men are become the type of man a good woman would be attracted to. That goes for everyone actually men and women.

    10. “Committing to one woman is considered a serious fault – ONEITIS”
      false. oneitis is to get obsessed about a girl we can’t have.
      By the way, promiscuity with female, adultery, notch count and seeking sex has nothing to do with an homosexual trend. It’s just the natural impulse for us males to procreate, spread our genes the most we can do.
      It’s a animal instinct, and it does not have any common ground with promoting a degenerate lifestyle.

    11. While you make some points I don’t agree with, since I started reading RoK a few months ago I have noticed some of the contradictions with the philosophy touted here, mainly the “pump and dump slutty girls” but “value virgins/classy women.” Sometimes I wonder if we are just playing the roles our current culture has provided for us or if we are a bigger part of the problem than we realized. I think it’d make a good subject for an article

      1. I don’t think there’s such contradictions here.
        There’s a lot of bitches out there and men need to gain experience from seducing and having sex with girls (read : the more you fuck girls, the more you’ll become aware of their manipulative nature). These girls are perfect for a pump and dump.
        On the other hand, if one find a good girl, not a typical 20-30 slut, who is feminine, nice, caring, intelligent, non feminist and have more interesting things to share with you except her body, one should value her, because of her rareness. and keep her naturally.
        it’s just that, with aging, men’s needs change.
        And don’t be mistaken, girls put men into classes too, mainly the good-for-the-friendzone-guy and the good-for-fucking-guy.

      2. That’s the point however, some girls are clearly slutty and nothing you do is going to change them, especially in the immediate future.. thus you read things on the “red flags” threads to help avoid their lack of class in a girl for an LTR or marriage. If I opened a liquor store, should I feel shameful for selling a weekend alcoholic booze? So when I bang a tried n true slut, it is what it is.
        Social acceptance of “female freedom” otherwise known as feminism, along with legislation protecting women from just about any offense except murder (including divorce & family child laws) has created this climate. If we’re to consider what was occurring in the era when almost NONE of this b.s. existed, the LAWS backed our asses up when looking for a quality mate, as well as No FEMINISM. In just 1930, in the US, women were literally being sent to mental health facilities as invalids for committing adultery. Typically they were locked up, doped up, and forgot about. You think THAT would change the game? I sure do.
        As far as philosophy and behavior, much of what’s happening is men learning, and practicing the very methods women have used for the past 4-5 decades to quell men. Know the opponents methods thoroughly, then use them to reverse the very problem we allowed to happen. It’s simply sad that we’ve allowed women to become an “opponent,” quite literally sleeping with the enemy, both gaining notches with sluts, or when married in “holy” matrimony. This level of opposition is what is unnatural. I’m certain most guys didn’t want it this way.

      3. I think you don’t understand mechanics. If a woman opens her legs she will be fucked. When it comes to sex, it starts with the woman. I can go on, but I think I will be wasting my time.

    12. Excellent points you raised. The game theory along with the widespread use and acceptance of pornography are exactly the same types of linear projection along the homosexual sexual imperative. It’s interesting, that heterosexual pornography and the now almost “anything goes” sexual combinations it uses were based on the gay porn template that pushed every natural boundary back in the name of objectified sexual gratification. Homosexual desire unlike heterosexual desire has no subject in which its desire is ever sated, it moves from object to object trying to get a high from the pure experience of sex as a thing-itself. Without the notion of a subject, which is not a thing that can be made into an object, in sexual relationships, means that the heterosexual practice of game is exactly the same type of desire the underpins homosexuality.
      This, as you suggest, is a very important issue that I think the manopshere has to address. I can’t condemn a practice that it essentially endorses on terms that are very similar.

      1. Homosexual desire unlike heterosexual desire has no subject in which its desire is ever sated, it moves from object to object trying to get a high from the pure experience of sex as a thing-itself. Without the notion of a subject, which is not a thing that can be made into an object, in sexual relationships, means that the heterosexual practice of game is exactly the same type of desire the underpins homosexuality.
        Eloquently put, as usual.

      2. They live hard lives, I’ve heard its not easy being gay, probably not lesbian either.. Can think of a few I have known, there were a number of sicknesses and drug and debt issues.. Of course it’s not going to be the rule but that “no subject in which it is ever sated” leads them to live their lives like an over-revving engine, meeting in bushes in parks late at night for random hookups etc…

        1. I agree. You must be understanding, in a sense homosexual desire is the unfettered male impulse given full force in a certain aspect. It has no endpoint and gay men can be constantly subjected to this force their whole lives long. I think, nevertheless despite all our talk of love we have to teach young people who are gay how to love. This will be difficult as the whole left wing ethos works against this most basic of human needs, whether a person’s straight or gay.
          If this isn’t done, then the self destructiveness and loneliness that is the hallmark of so many gays will continue, as, this ironically was created by radical “free love” and feminists movements of the 1960s.

    13. I just want to thank you for your great post “Св. Йоан Кукузел ”
      the article here was an extreme niche and you hit an even more rare extreme niche. As great as the red pill is, it is as you say a promotion of bad sexual behaviors. granted many men don’t want to marry because of the bad deal that is marriage, but it does as you state create a problem. the answer isnt spinning plates till the ends of time. there are more than one article of a red pill man finding a golden unicorn of a woman, but dumping her because “real men don’t commit” or some other BS. I get it…I really do….but we need to solve this problem somehow.
      red pill men, we are just not reproducing and creating that all elusive often dreamed about nuclear conservative family meanwhile fucktard liberal down the street from you is raising 5 more fucktard liberal children because the wisened red pill man sees marriage as doomdays rightfully so but ignores the fact that we need to pass on this wisdom somehow. going sterile and never having kids isnt the answer either.
      look i know marriage is a bad deal today….but we red pill men need to somehow figure out how to avoid the trap that is marriage and still recreate the nuclear family or we’ll be the ones that plays the fiddle while rome burns.

        1. Im not saying have legalized marriage. Im saying how do recreate the nuclear family without because as was pointed out, spinning plates till the end of time with no intention of having kids if homosexual sexual behavior. and is a huge problem but the manosphere rarely brings it up because OMG LETS GET SOME PUSSY GUYS!!!!
          MGTOW will fail because we arent reproducing with a stable family meanwhile your liberal fucktard of a neighbor is.
          its one reason Islam kills whatever country it invades now days because Islam is a religion that has families that breed like rabbits.

        2. Amen why should one need a state liscence to marry? The liscence the state provides for marriage is not even binding, marriage is the only contract that can be absolved for any reason without penalty that renders it meaningless nothing but a tool for destroying families when originally marriage was deisgned to establish and protect them. And now “gay marriage” has rendered marriage useless altogether accept to attack heterosexuals and their children. I actually think Christians and other conservatives need to boy cott marriage and have their pastors/priests draw up marriage contracts ones that actually make sense and cannot be abused so easily as the state ones. That will really push the culture in the direction it needs to go before it’s too late.

      1. Marriage isnt a bad deal its a great perfect plan from God. State marriage, civil marriage pseudo marriage is a bad deal. Before no fault divorce laws were passed, which rendered marriage a “glorified boyfriend / girlfriend” situation anyways, marriage actually meant something and benefitted men women and children. The promotion of Fornication isn’t helping either marriage means nothing if you can sleep around with whomever before hand without being shamed. Screw state marriage and marry before God keep your vows and raise your kids. And libtards are not outbreeding anyone, Muslims are. They will be the ones taking over after the West collapses libtards are to busy aborting their children and selling their organs for “research”. All western nations have low birth rates and low marriage rates but look at those Muslim countries producing future jihadis out the whazoo and of course the libs want them all imported here since our population is low literally watch John Oliver defend muslim immigration using the low birth rates of the west. http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2015/11/23/watch-john-oliver-bashes-gop-syrian-refugees/
        I am glad the manosphere is waking up finally men are realizing that “banging chicks” is futile and actually feeds the beast of libtradom. Those Duggars and other conservative Christians got the right idea they have many kids their daughters are not whores etc…even the one son who is a screw up has 4 kids and his wife stands by him (let’s hope he stops chasing whores as well for the sake of his fam) that’s a whole lot more than a manosphere man is contibuting to Western future.

        1. your explanation is what I mean by marriage is a bad deal because today that is literally the only kind of marriage there is. even churches cant marry you independent of the state.
          my statement about libtards outbreeding stands for the simple reason that MGTOW arent breeding, at all. libtards while they might not be outbreeding muslims(and really almost no one outbreeds muslims except maybe mormons and mormons while they are appear to be conservative, their religion like most is extremely liberal once you get past the basics) but as I was saying libtards might not outbreed other folks but they do outbreed MGTOW because MGTOW by definition do not breed.
          the red pill for all its greatness is not producing fathers and its lets get some endless pussy attitude is actually adding to the problem of slutty girls which red pill writers will rag on till the ends of time.
          so in essence the one group of wise folks that could fight the insanity isnt breeding which brings us back to the original point….how do we recreate the nuclear family outside of marriage because there is only one form of marriage today and that is state sanctioned marriage.
          I also dont think the manosphere is waking up….I think am one of the few that see this. not to many red pill writers see this, at least I havent noticed it.
          I am glad for Duggar there, he seems to be doing the right thing if what you say is true. but I am very weary of “conservative Christians” and I say this as a fellow mormon Christian. most Christians I’ve interacted with, will say they are conservative, but the reality is most of them actually arent. and if they had to actually fight for their beliefs they’d lose terribly. I agree Muslims and the entire middle eastern religions are a nightmare for the west, but those fellows have balls….even the most loud mouthed of “conservative Christians” in the west doesnt have the balls do a damn thing. They claim to believe in Jesus but dont actually believe Jesus and wont actually do what He did.
          its why I dont goto church anymore even if I am religious.
          as an example go look at Christian polls about gay marriage….a large chunk can’t even admit gay marriage is wrong and that is straight out of the bible. and in what can only be called irony since you are named Eve go ask some so called conservative Christians about the bible when it says women should be silent in church. if you are actually a woman, that will make this question even more ball busting.
          my last point is then….most Christians arent Christian cause they havent read their damn scriptures like at all.

    14. Very, very, very good; this is an enlightened analysis of the problems we face. The sword of truth is sharper than any blade.
      It is evident over the last year Roosh is starting to realise things are not as simple as he may have once thought. And yet, every cloud has a silver lining, and opportunity is often presented in the form of an initial setback – Roosh could be a shining example of someone who completely dedicated and believed in the player lifestyle, and yet even he of all people found the path of righteousness – of tradition and religion. Afterall he is sounding more like a Christian sage with every passing quarter.
      Prediction: articles exploring the wisdom found within the book of Proverbs within 12 months.

      1. I have seen this transformation in Roosh as well. In many ways it parallels ways in which my thinking has changed.
        We are near same age so could be that.
        I’ve heard more honest truth from Roosh than many “Christian” pastors.
        The church both Protestant and Catholic should be fucking ashamed of themselves.
        Perhaps Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy were right about redemption for Christianity that will come from the east.

    15. While you raise good points, having game is a key component of neomasculinity – that which takes you from a beta male to an alpha.
      Men who can always get the girls have high status – success with women reflects a strong frame, dominance, confidence – all masculine values.
      So, in a way, it could be perceived as a contradiction.

    16. A concise post, however it was game-over society the minute the authorities adopted the Bolshevik concept of no fault divorce starting in 1969. You “do the right thing” you lose, you play “alpha fuks beta bux” you still lose as there is no future.
      From Wikipedia (my emphasis):
      The earliest precedent in no-fault divorce laws was originally enacted in Russia shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution. They were legislated in the series of decrees that issued in early 1918. The decrees included nonjudicial dissolution of marriage by either party and mandatory provision of child-support.[2] The purpose of the Soviet no-fault divorce laws was ideological, intended to revolutionize society at every level.[3] They were the subject of significant revisional efforts from World War II to the 1960s. Major revisions were concluded in 1968.
      In the 1925 Soviet conference to draft the Family Law of 1926, people debated whether marriages should even be registered. Nikolai Krylenko, a chief architect of the Soviet law of marriage and leading theorist of “socialist legality” in the 1920s and 1930s, ***described the purpose of divorce without restraint as a step toward the ultimate goal of the abolition of marriage***, thereby establishing the socialist transformation of society.
      Of course, if living together and not registration is taken as the test of a married state, polygamy and polyandry may exist; but the State can’t put up any barriers against this. Free love is the ultimate aim of a socialist State; in that State marriage will be free from any kind of obligation, including economic, and will turn into an absolutely free union of two beings. Meanwhile, though our aim is the free union, we must recognize that marriage involves certain economic responsibilities, and that’s why the law takes upon itself the defense of the weaker partner, from the economic standpoint.[3]
      California was the first U.S. state to adopt what are now called “no-fault” divorces in the United States in 1969.[4] California’s law was framed on an earlier and roughly contemporaneous effort, of the non-governmental organization, National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, which began drafting a model of no-fault divorce statute for states to consider in 1967.[5] The Soviet 1968 and California 1969 no-fault divorce laws bore many detailed similarities of terminology, substance, and procedure.[2]:50–57[verification needed]
      Just a coincidence though, right?

    17. Like any tool, you can use it for good, or use it for an empty shell of an existence which ultimately hurts yourself. I may be the only one here to say I don’t really care if procreation halts to the point of just replenishing the existing population. Do we really need 9 Billion people? Isn’t 7.5 enough? Are resources suddenly “unscarce” and I missed the memo? I’m one in the manopshere who would not cheat on my wife, and I’ve never gone into an LTR thinking “well can’t wait to nail this one down solid so I can rebuild my side piece harem.”
      I do however believe the cultural differences between groups is worth preserving. As far as AWALT concept. I’d argue that MOST are, not all. However, women are so damn easily influenced en masse, that with the right stimulus or lack of thereto, a large chunk may find value in changing their cancerous, immoral westernized ways. The primary issue is gov’t has chain weighted society to favor homosexuality and non-traditional, progressivism. For many women, it’s a herd mentality act that they justify because, well, everyone else is doing it. Basic band-wagoning. What’s feminine and gay is to jump on dick riding trends in behavior that don’t contribute to the happiness and stability of a society. What I don’t see in men in the manosphere is herd mentality, but rather individual social experiments with shared compared / contrasted results. Most are trying to find a way out, not out of the manosphere, but out of a society that exudes a broken social contract.
      I also don’t feel shame or regret for having learned a skill set of bedding hot women when my life isn’t currently at a point of preparedness to take on an LTR or marriage. Are all college boys sewing their wild oats faggots? No way. Although the Yes Means Yes laws would like to make them that it seems. It was men that led conquests and pioneered everything. Dragging an immoral destructive AWALT type harpie along with me would ruin it all, which sure as hell would only add to the divorce rate. Lets be pragmatic here. Game provided that suit of armor which can and will be taken off for the right women when I find her. The risk of losing your life’s finite time, your conquest, and everything you’ve worked to build has never been greater when considering marriage in this climate. Game gives you the tools to avoid that nightmare, or minimize it occurring in a cyclical format, which is obvious as hell, occurring all around us.
      You know who it isn’t obvious to? The enormous majority who haven’t even nibbled on the red pill, and remain blissfully ignorant stuck in a 9-5 existence and technological party escapism.

        1. Some parts weren’t meant to be occupied without substantial strife. Go ahead and move to Siberia, north or south pole, I’ll stay here in a climate friendly zone. Tkx. Where do you grow food? For every 1% covered in people, how much land is needed to grow just one person’s food? How much of 7.5B live in poverty? Does quality of life mean nothing? Guess so.

    18. I was in Berlin that day and passed those gay activites on the way in, was loud.. Yes, Roosh hiding up in a hotel and men on parade celebrating man on man physicality, cocksucking, poo-pumping.. Used to be classified as a personality disorder in the DSM, is not
      normal, and should remain in the fringes of society be tolerated but not celebrated by the mainstream. Sure if we heard about Roosh and Mrs Roosh and junior we’d give our blessing and should that really stand in the way of campaigning for conservative thought and neomasculinity.

    19. Thats why i always say anal sex with women is a homosexual tendency, why would you want to consciously fuck arse, if ur not gay 🤔

    20. What the fuck are you talking about? Homosexuality clearly is the word used for sex with the same sex.
      You may be talking about an otherwise plausible concept here, but stop this moronic redefinition of words.

    21. Finally someone points put the truth about manospehres promotion of promiscuity and the damage that does and how it feeds the homos. Remember young men homosexuality began being promoted around the time of the “sexual revolution” which is also when modern contraception was introduced and sex became a mere recreational act rather than a functional one. The real attack on heterosexuality began then, you see the elites will have us all believe that the very nature of sex is wrong not our sexual behavior. So that homosexuality almost appears more “virtuous” because it does not result in “unwanted children”. I have very literally heard people claim such. Utter perverts the whole lot of them, if a man is not promoting or fighting for abstinence before marriage and monogamy then they may as well swim with those gays y’all are going in the exact same direction anyways. All of adultery (aka sex outside of true marriage between a man and a woman) attacks the family, men, and children.

      1. Well said, sister!
        The promotion of homosexuality started with the sexual revolution and once they turn us all into hyper-promiscuous zombies, the feminist will be thrown over board. Men lose, women lose too.
        It is no surprise that phase one feminism as a tool of the financial oligarchs originated in communist Russia. It was implemented by the Jewish mafia on behalf of their sponsors – the Rothschild, Rockefeller, J. Schiff, to name a few. Feminism is one of their tools.
        To win this war, we mustn’t exclude women as Eve here, traditional and feminine women who see through the smoke and mirror. This an attack on both men and women and unless we stick together, their divide and conquer tactics will prevail.
        Which is another weak point about the manosphere – it is not interested in a dialogue with women. Such a dialogue is absolutely necessary because women’s voice needs to heard too. Otherwise, they will get wooed to the dark side.

    22. You sir are sincerer without intelligence.
      ”Unattached sex without the intention of reproduction is homosexual in nature”
      What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard..

    23. You want to save Western Civilization or something? News flash: Your efforts to resurrect it fail, it is dead already. There’s a… thing walking around, wearing its skin. Been for a while. Doesn’t really matter if you have a huge prole or die childless.
      And yes, all women are damaged at this point, barring a few mentally-resistant outliers, people raised properly in very religious familities, and women from third world countries – and by third world I mean hardcore third-world, like Central Asia, Southeast Asia or African countries. The ones that aren’t will soon be because feminism is creeping everywhere.
      Might as well go chase a unicorn.
      The Manosphere and the Alt Right are the barbarians that will plunder SJW Rome, not the guys who will build the next civilization. Those will be our sons and grandsons, if they can make it. We are the precursors.
      Its over, folks, its over. Get over it, there’s work to be done and possibly not enough time.

    24. Another religious fool. Dude,I see the church becoming more feminized than it ever was. Gynocentricity is rampant everywhere. If you can’t see that you are a fool.

  11. Gay men out in public can do any of these like any other people.
    Drink in a public water fountain.
    Work out in a gym with sweaty bodies laying on machines and seats.
    Using public bathroom toilet (like if they have to sit down to take a shit).
    Touching doorknobs (everyone does it).
    I may sound like a germophobe but now hear this.
    Possibility and I’m sure this already happened; with gay men petitioning to want to donate their blood and this is allowed and doctors get mixed up with their samples along with other straight people’s blood samples or the public cry foul and “homophobia” so their samples are accepted without any labels on the testing tube.
    And other men just tell me… “I have no problem with gays as long as they don’t try shit on me”. Well no shit but gay people’s impulsive behavior threatens the whole society.
    It’s usually easy to identify gay men in public but some are less conspicuous.
    Lately there has been an inappropriate things gay men have done in public spa baths and when the owner of the spa bath tried to deny gay men because of their inappropriate sexual behavior (which is not allowed), they try to sue the owners for discrimination. Their practices discourage other customers from wanting to enter public spa bath because people with families do not want to go to such places where filthy people openly and proudly display their raunchy behaviors.
    To any straight men saying, “let them be who they are”. Think again, until it affects you because soon as their numbers increase, their vile and disgusting behavior is going to affect the society as a WHOLE.

  12. That graphic is blasphemous. Those men died fighting against communism, homosexuality, and all the other evils this blog is supposed to be against.

        1. Well, not sure. He was an odd one. He couldn’t relate to women in a normal way, but, perhaps you’re right, that doesn’t make him necessarily gay of course. It’s a shame what he did to Germany, it had the capacity to be a great Nation, but he blew it.

        2. That is something I didn’t know to about a decade ago. There was a book out called “The Pink Swastika” which pieced together alot about Adolf. The four women in his life, all attempted suicide (2 succeeded) and his old roommate in Vienna was murdered after a few days of German occuapation. Adolf and he shared a room in a flop house known for homosexual prostitution back in the old days. The Austrian army physcian who examed him after his “supposed” gas injuries was murdered as well. The doctor pointed out that he did not have any physcial attributes of gas attack victim, but was suffering from hysterical blindness and tried to get him back to his unit.

        3. Yes, I’ve heard of that book, but, I never got around to reading it. In the early days in Munich he was a key member in Rohm’s SA, and, Rohm and most of the men involved in this outfit were avowed and practicing homosexuals. In fact, if I can remember, I think Rohm modeled the whole outfit on the spartan idea of paired male lovers. Hesse and Hitler become very close friends during this period and the former was instrumental in stoking Hitler’s interest in the occult and pseudo scientific studies like phrenology (the study of skull shapes) and alternative mythologies pertaining to the Aryan/Nordic creation of civilization.
          Again from memory, I think after the establishment of the SS by Himmler around the late 1920s, the order was given from the very top that the old SA guard had to be liquidated, not because it was a political threat (it was a small Munich baaed organisation) to Hitler’s Nazi party, but, rather because of the “homosexual dirt” that the old guard had on him. Rohm, was assassinated in “the night of the long knives” along with his gay lover while in prison about July 1934.
          There’s strong evidence at least as a young man that Hitler had homosexual leanings which wouldn’t be unusual in 1920s Munich which was a hotbed for occultism and all type of esoteric groups of the right and left. I suspect after the mid 1920s, he tried to establish normal relationships with women, but, it seems that he was unable to ever have a proper sexual relationships with women. His relationships with women seemed, mostly paternalistic and platonic. Despite stories about his having bizarre sexual tastes none of this has ever been attested and most likely his was celibate the majority of his life.

        4. Rohm and the SA were homosexuals.. night of the Long knives found alot those guys in bed together. Rohm also liked to have the Youth Corp trolled for some boy love from what I read. I read that Hitler couldn’t get the General staff of the army on board until the SA was dispatched as part of the agreement.

      1. “Unfortunately they gave everybody an excuse to bash nationalism and masculinity.
        But in the end…”
        World War II was a civil war between three types of socialism.
        Two are gone, the welfare state of FDR is the living undead, and it is time for Putin on the Ritz until Mystery Babylon burns, the Antichrist is revealed, and the Lord return.

      1. Yes, and if they had won we would hear the same thing about… oh, everyone else. Especially the russians. Rumor has it they raped or shot every woman they found when they took Berlin, depending if they tried to run or not. The winner is always right and the loser is always wrong.

        1. Soviets did a lot of that and they didn’t exactly discriminate they even raped Jewish and Russian women who had been captives of the Nazis along with others.

      2. “Even Conservapedia?” If you look at the world through a lens handed to you by the establishment it’s no wonder you’ll believe anything.

        1. You mean Conservapedia and those liberal heathens at Huffington Post are controlled by the establishment? Those fucking Jews amirite?

        1. That was hilarious. Too bad I’m almost out of data And a winter storm has not allowed me to go and leech McDonald’s WIFI, or I would have seen it whole. Just sayin, a guy named Fisto with a giant fist surrounded by men. That is all.

        2. Barbie is a dumbass who can’t even fix a computer without males helping her out, even though she’s was supposed to be an engineer. They also put her in a Marine Corps uniform. Would you trust her with your life? Probably not. Besides, isn’t it what ROK is about, denouncing attempts to put women in the military? Also, Moschino Barbie.
          As for HeMan, why so mad? And screw you, you’re the one telling me to stop making fun of a cartoon man. Who sounds like a feminist now?

        3. What about the gay subtext in Thundercats, where Lion-O’s phallic sword gets longer when he needs to fight Mumm-Ra’s minions or something?

        4. I feel bad for the boy actor recruited as the Barbie Twink in this degenerate commercial. Someone will have a really, really, really rough time in middle school . . . .

        5. In that case why complain about the current culture at all? Why be bothered about a boy in a barbie commercial?
          The cultural values we receive as children shape who we are as adults. The cartoons of the 80s and 90s helped countless kids become worthwhile people. Never give up, always fight against evil, those were the messages of the time. While today we have, well… this guy

        6. Personally, I learned squat from 80s and early 90s cartoons, or at least, Western ones, except from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Pizza is awesome. I learned more from anime like Dragonball, Captain Tsubasa, and Knights of the Zodiac. Things like the value of physical training, friendship and camaraderie, and making sacrifices whenever​ necessary. Also, the fact that death is part of life, something that you don’t get from American cartoons too much, even from GI Joe.

        7. Right you are. When people drive 30 minutes for Chicken McNuggets, then they wait another 30 minutes on the drive thru for their order instead of getting out of the car, that sums it up.

      1. I played with Barbies only to chop her head off and had Ken or my Michael Jordan doll have sex with her once I saw a sex scene in HBO. In fact, Barbies did not used to be little girl’s toys. They used to be toys for adult men. I guess it isn’t a coincidence that I enjoyed playing with them aside from my toy cars, legos, video games, and guns. Too bad most women these days would probably want some fat Barbie made so the fatties can feel good about themselves.

  13. I was fairly liberal in the 90s and at that time was sympathetic to one of the main advocates of homosexual marriage the journalist Andrew Sullivan. The idea was that homosexual marriage would make for a more conservative, less permissive society. I imagine Sullivan was / is sincere about this, but I’m afraid I no longer believe that the gay marriage issue was ever primarily about ‘marriage’ in any recognisable sense. There was always an argument for certain civil rights, like inheritance rights, that marriage ordinarily conveyed being extended to gay couples, but since in the UK for instance civil partnerships covered this, the practical / legal side of thing very quickly gave way to the gay marriage campaign as a symbolic rather than practical demand. The sad truth is while people like Sullivan may well have wanted marriage for reasons of ‘inclusion’ such voices were only elevated and amplified for strategic political reason. I’m afraid Roosh’s assessment about the political utility of gay marriage is exactly right: it was always advanced as a weapon against heterosexual men (and women) and traditional / Christian society.
    Personally I have no animosity against gay people and have known many who I consider decent people, but in this issue they have been used. It is not, and will never be in the interests of gay people, individually or as a group to allow themselves to be used as a battering ram to hurt or destroy wider society. Most are still too intoxicated with their own rights to realise that many of them, perhaps most didn’t even want such rights of marriage or even imagine that it was a possibility. I make a distinction between gay people and lesbian feminists here, since the latter have often been knowing enemies of the institution of heterosexuality. One only has to look back to Kate Millett’s sister’s description of the the radical marxist and radically revolutionary feminism of the 60s and 70s to be reminded that the goal of radical feminism – which was in subsequent decades to become indistinguishable from both mainstream feminism and queer theory – was always to destroy the family. Its purpose was always destructive and if some conservative gays had a more pro-social understanding of what gay marriage might want to achieve they should know that that their agenda to the extent that it was real was the never the real one.
    One caveat here though. Gay men are easy targets, but they’re for the most part merely enthusiastic fellow travellers. The real goal here is and always has been matriarchy. Feminist gender theory has always been about destroying sex / gender roles, and what has very rarely been spelled out, outside of radical feminist / queer circles is that this means an end to ALL sex roles, i.e. men acting sexually as men and women acting sexually as women. Eliminating sex roles doesn’t make things equal, it makes thing matriarchal and feminist as gender neutral values are simply disguised feminist, matriarchal values – which was the sleight of hand that queer / post-modern feminists achieved by denying any kind of ‘essential sex characteristics’ while ensuring that they advanced only those sex characteristics associated with women: hence man, fathers, male partners, were always encouraged to emulate behaviours traditionally associated with women (but which of course were actually gender neutral values). In this way, gender experts managed to argue for the inter-changibility of male and female parents (there was no longer any essential need for a father or a mother – meaning in practice 9 times out of 10 there was no longer any essential need for a father). With gay adoption and gay parenting thus justified on the basis of gender neutrality / gender neutral parenting all that was necessary was to attack the one thing that remained exclusive to heterosexuals however damaged it was as an institution: marriage.
    Campaigns against ‘rape culture’, and for ‘affirmative consent’ simply underline the reality that feminism and the new order of things is fundamentally opposed to hetersexuality at the most fundamental levels and wishes to do everything to damage and prevent it, by targeting in particular everything that women find attractive in men, and men find attractive in women.
    There is nothing that is not intentional about this. While the main impetus here is feminist / queer with the intention to create a primarily matriarchal and state controlled familial structure the secondary purpose is to create a brave new world of ‘upgraded’ human beings, de-sexed, almost post-sexual, androgynous and ultimately trans-human. Humanity 2.0 is being designed in the elite laboratory, to be wholly the creation of those men who would be our Gods. Problem is, it all looks kind of silly and so do they. The aesthetics are all wrong

    1. “There is nothing that is not intentional about this. While the main impetus here is feminist / queer with the intention to create a primarily matriarchal and state controlled familial structure the secondary purpose is to create a brave new world of ‘upgraded’ human beings, de-sexed, almost post-sexual, androgynous and ultimately trans-human” In the future we won’t have bodies, we’ll be identical parts of “One World”, the supreme interface of man/machine that already exists in the 25th century and currently monitors its creation through our IT systems.

        1. Thanks. For a moment I thought you might have discovered that lost episode of buck rogers. Not sure its been written yet

        2. Ah Bucky Rogers, brings back happy memories, maybe, it will be more like Logan’s Run. Thankfully, they never made a remake of the original.

    2. Reminds me of Mort Sahl’s one-liner back in the ’60’s: “Nobody wants to be married anymore, except for Catholic priests.”

  14. This happened while you dumbasses go out of the country to bang non American women. Partly it’s your fault. Murica!

  15. Hey Roosh. Good piece. Although I don’t think it will get that bad, I agree that all cultural rudders are steered to the directions you described. One thing that I agree on is that, for now, not just men but too many people feel that homosexual marriage is inconsequential to their lives. As follows, that must change. Remember this is still a very young thing, even the homosexual movement in its entirety is very young circa 1970s. So, it stands that most people, as yet, have not been sufficiently impacted, as in just the reality of homosexualism, ergo the current societal indifference. That will change and the proof comes not from the rise of alt right or nationalism et al, rather homosexualism itself. Indeed, it is homosexualism and “marriage” is a part of this whole. You see, by its nature homosexualism is tyrannical, thus, like all tyranny it will never be satisfied and will eventually Impact all people. With the exception of homosexuals, 1-2 % of the population, this impact will be negative. Consider how this whole thing with marriage went down, it perfectly exemplifies the inherent authoritarian spirit of homosexualism. It was always pushed down to us and with very harsh and intrusive tactics that continue to be used, with increasing ferocity! All referendums voted against this! Even in the two most “liberal” states, MA and CA, only to be overturn by one person, a fucking judge, and I believe at least one of them is a homosexual! Since then it’s gotten worse. At every turn homosexuals resort to the very oppressive, discrimintory and exclusive actions and polices they still accuse their opponents do to them. Again, this is because this is the very nature of homosexualism or even homosexuality collectively manifested as a political force. Now, it’s death threats, mass murder (the shoot up of a pro family organization), loss of employment, ostracization, bullying. If they will do this too a small Christain family they’ll do it to anyone and they are capable of everything. I think as thier true nature continues to be revealed their cultural influence will unravel quickly and show us all how fragile it always was. To just accept homosexuality, warts and all, requires a great deal of internal denial, we all know at some level that this is gerbils, enemas, shit eating, hundreds of worthless sex partners, sexualization of everyone and thing…and to those most informed we know it also is the harbor of pedophilia. As they go around and hit, spit and bully one group and person after the next they’ll expose these truths and rather than being buried away in the recesses of the mind the grotesque truth of homosexuality will be front and center. I don’t think homosexuality is born in, ref Ben Carson’s position, but it seems this things has been with humanity for quite some time. I think there was a very good reason why our ancestors discouraged this, on top of all the disgusting things listed above, it really only cares for itself and its interests will and can only reflect 1-2% of the population. Requiring both authoritarianism and the acceptance of a culture, which, for all societies of all time is radically alien.

  16. Most people are so stupid that they will fall for the false narrative of the homosexual and feminist agenda. Just wait for “Gay Lives Matter” riots, then you will know.
    Society has built into it a self-demise mechanism. It’s not actually a conspiracy to destroy society that is being conducted by the degenerates like gays and feminists and those that want to let in killers. It’s a spiral downward that always exists as a possibility among human societies. It’s hard to know why that is, except that somehow this was an evolutionary advantage for humanity at large.
    I suspect a large part of the reason this potential for downward spiral exists was because it simultaneously inspires the effort of strong males to protect society. One of the many ways strong males protected society was by driving out the degenerates and the perverted. Strong males and government were once one and the same. But the degenerate and the perverted always had a self preservation instinct. Government, now separated from the people, now drives out the strong males because the degenerates and the perverted have taken over government.
    Thus, the spiral into oblivion is already set in motion. It can only be stopped through revolution against the degenerate and feminist state. It is hard to say whether this will happen, especially at this advanced stage of decline.

    1. “..because the degenerates and the perverted have taken over government.”
      Astute observation. They are voted in usually with lies and false promises to begin with and are stunned when they loot the treasury and deliver nothing.

  17. This goes to show the problem with the whole “enlightened” way of doing things that started in the 18th Century. The philosophes in the Enlightenment, following the philosopher John Locke, emphasized experience instead of authority as the foundation of knowledge. But the people who came out of the Enlightenment with their minds on fire with the potentials for remaking the world ignored this insight and proposed all kinds of radical social changes that we didn’t have any experience with at the time – democracy, egalitarianism, feminism, secularism, cosmopolitanism, desegregation and so forth.
    After running these innovations for several generations, we see that at least some of them don’t work, and especially feminism. But even though we have tested these ideas against experience and found them wanting, we can’t undo and get rid of the dysfunctional ones because they have become locked in and institutionalized into new authority structures that we can’t challenge without facing social sanctions.
    And now we’ve started to make the same mistake, all over again, by normalizing homosexual deviancy. If we could use time travel to show those 18th Century intellectuals the monster they unleashed 250 years later, they might have decided to shut up and go back to the bosom of the church.

    1. I’ve heard it said conservatism (in the American sense) is fundamentally not a set of political doctrines, but a philosophy that values above all realism and experience. In contrast, progressive value idealism and theory.
      Progressivism can only function by insulating against experience and reality. The good news is that, at the end of the day, reality is real. In their utopian idealism, Europeans welcomed hordes of barbarians into their borders, and now they’re are getting a big fat dose of reality.

  18. Once great Rome fell in the hands of the degenerate, however I cannot tell if it was worse than the current hands that have their grip on the United States and Europe.
    The issue we face is our extermination. This false society cannot stand much longer, but when the dust settles there will be little to no organized Christian White (not inclusive) population left. So what does this mean? There goal is to exterminate us because we are the only thing that truly stands in their way of total world domination. On top of the soon-to-be manufactured World War III between the “free lands” and the soon-to-be muslim caliphate, you also have a race war, a censorship war, and a war on men. Four very specific battles in which we are losing on all fronts. The enemy has outsmarted us, and has manipulated the technology our forefathers created in a perverted manner to contribute to our demise.
    What is the problem with this? Well if there are no more White Christians left, and the Zionists rule the world with their fiat currency and dictatorial surveillance state and mindless shock troops, then Earth will be a dead miserable place where there is no real love or anything positive that humans can create. There will only be a bunch of brown people scuttling about, fighting, fucking, stealing from one another, forming their own sects, and killing off or capturing the rare white people who are left wandering the wilds or urban decays of former America and Europe.
    These people are going to pervert science in their quest for immortality, ever they seek to become like God by first killing God in society, then killing those who worship him, then replace the object of worship with themselves as the new gods.
    As much as I pray for divine guidance, I cannot allow myself to live a full life knowing the future and what these cowardly fucks plan is. They must be stopped, raise your voice, object to their degeneracy. Fuck with the agenda of the NWO and slow it down as much as you can, weaken it, and someday, someone will find a shatterpoint and be able to stop them.

    1. Enough with the bible thumping already. It is not a matter of religion but of survival. Your god will not save you.

      1. I believe in the rapture: I can see that Christians have already started to disappear, just not in the way shown in ignorant propaganda about the “end times.”

      2. Faith is different from religion Blindlo, organized religion will always be susceptible to corruption, but I do believe in Jesus and I do not care whether or not I make it through the coming war, because I have embraced the faith and accepted him, and yes it does give me peace of mind and a sense of connection to the world around me. The muslims do the same with their allah, but they will not stop until they have exterminated all of my kind, especially when they are being pushed by zionmongers. Question I have is, would you take up arms against the swarthy horde from the middle east? Would you fight and die for a cause or would you just go your own way surviving off the land, resourcefully yes, but cowardly, until old age and the ravages of time caught up with you, if you make it that far?

    2. 1) Christianity is independent of race. While America (and Western Civilization) has produced most of the technological advances, such is independent of belief in Christ.
      2) God has always promised a remnant. Not certain how He will do it, but God always keeps his promises. Personal survival, however, is not guaranteed (nor is a peaceful society).
      3) God is more powerful than the NWO or whatever earthly power has / is / will exist. He will avenge.
      Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

    3. the Zionists rule the world with their fiat currency

      I wish the Jews lots of luck in ordering the Chinese around with China’s emerging Yuan-denominated world currency. Jews never had any presence in China to begin with, and Abrahamic religions never got much of a foothold there, so Jews don’t have any spiritual authority over the Chinese mind, one way or the other.

      1. I would not be that sure. China has approved their first “gender” violence law today, just 20 years after the UN Women Pekin conference. NWO has gotten there as well.

      2. From all the conspiracy theories apparently one of the thirteen bloodlines of power is a Chinese family. The Li family, well connected to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. So they may yet have a foothold of a presence in China, but its sheer size and population will make it difficult to control, which is why it took the Bolsheviks nearly a hundred years to devise their sneaky usurpation of the Russian Czars. It is possible. The Chinese do have a hive mind, and once the jews figure out how to direct the hive they will do so with glee.
        Perhaps it will replace the USA as the main military force in the world to carry out their bidding and destroying any last vestiges of resistance to their schemes?

        1. I’d have to know much more on Chinese families in power from a genealogical perceptive, however power in modern China is held by many families and cliques thanks to Mao. The “princelings” for instance only contain one decedent of a Li (Li Xiannian). Even if several are closely or distantly related, there apparently is a list of up to 226. I think because of the 1949 Revolution, much new blood was brought into positions of authority which many not have been otherwise.

        2. Do you think wide scale abortion, gay marriage, game theory (not the John Nash type) in conservative circles, the wide scale availability of pornography are all elite polys that are being used to reduce the number of white people in the world. It would give credence to the idea of taking in migrants from the middle east and china to populate the diminishing indigenous populations.

        3. Zionism already controls China. It’s using China as a leverage against the US. They are just bidding the right time to use China the “right” way if you know what I mean.
          Why do you think Zuckerberg and other CEOs are desperately wanting to learn Chinese and marry Asian women?
          This isn’t done by accident. It was all orchestrated to infiltrate to Chinese powerful circles and then from then slowly take the power away. These $$$ “people” have been doing this shit since the beginning in history from being kicked out of all over Europe, to Russia in the 1900s, to USA, and now to China.

        4. Because Zuck and his ilk are desperate to kiss the ass of a nuclear power who holds most of the cards? I’m all for theories but sometimes Occam’s Razor applies better.
          FWIW I am also interested in their culture and history but more because there are 1.4 billion of them and the world we occupy will continue to involve Chinese people short of something like regional thermonuclear war or a worldwide epidemic which takes some of them off the table.

        5. Yes there is an assault on the white man. Why the JWO wants to destroy the inhabitants of the West it conquered -when they blend in so well- is beyond me.

        6. Well, it doesn’t make any sense to the JWO to have hostile Muslim elements in western countries. Muslims in western countries as well will not tow the line with regard to leftest ideas, so, it doesn’t make much sense ascribing this all to the JWO. I think the rationale is more pragmatic, Europe just needs more workers and tax payers and Muslims are as good as any.

        7. yeah learning about different culture and language is one thing but wanting to produce and mix your genetics with another race is different story.
          Do you want to release your semen inside Asian pussy in hoping to get a mix biracial hapa (white-asian mixed) children?
          Look at Zuckerberg’s baby today. Does it look anything like him?
          I find it odd to see some top rich Jews (mostly males) marrying interracially with Asian females and I don’t think this is by accident.
          Most Jewish men today look like any average white male (the ones who mixed in with whites for generation) to be able to produced a Eurocentric looking phenotype.
          Look how homogeneous and bland Asians look. In order to not stand out, some Jews have to end up marrying some of Asians to try to blend in and use subterfuge.

      3. Opium War on China by Great Britain long time ago. Guess who was the major power controlling Great Britain at that time?
        And how did you think Communism was able to get its grip hold in China? Communism isn’t Chinese by origin.

        1. Communism is authoritarian in nature and both the Russian and Chinese peoples were historically ruled by an autocracy. Dictators such as Lenin, Stalin, and Mao filled this vaccum in their times, what is interesting is what happened after those leaders passed on. The Soviets experienced an internal power struggled followed by a series of genetically unrelated political hacks (Brezhnev, Krushchev, Gorby) and KGB (Chernenko, Andropov), three of whom died in office, until their ostensible collapse. CPC was eventually helmed by Deng Xiaoping after an internal power struggle and after his eventual retirement China’s Politburo has calmed changed its Premier every so often in what appears to be a smooth transition of power. They are still even implementing Soviet style five year plans on an official basis.

        2. China was ruled by dynasty before communism took over. China was also perfect place for different western powers to exploit at that time. Jews already control China today. How does China come up with all these modern military tech weapon that look very closely to America’s? Who gives it to them?
          Soviets were largely Jews killing off native white Russians which is ignored by today’s historian. The Romanov families were savagely butchered by the Jewish “Soviets”.
          Today, China and Russia are just used as a “leverage” against USA and Nato but they are ALL on the same side.
          What really should be focus point is (and it always been).
          Rich and powerful vs Poor (average citizens)

        3. What are your sources on JWO controlling China today? I’d like to read up on the subject, otherwise I agree to your other points.

        4. Read my links and sources. Jews have already penetrated China. Have you ever wondered how China was and is catching up to the United States? Thanks to Zionist Jews!.
          Remember USS Liberty? look that up. Jewish orchestrated attack on America.

    4. Both Europe and the US are already in the hands of degenerate psychopaths. The world you describe is the world of the future and for reasons only Satanic purposes can explain, it is the world they wish to create. We should fight back but ultimately they have nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons they WILL NOT hesitate to use against us if they feel their power is genuinely threatened. The only moves I can see are a challenge from another major power against them, a genuine *uncontrolled* implosion from within they do not initiate, or if the armed forces turn on them. FTR I believe they will implode society in a controlled way at some point and break up whats left of the US and Europe into warring city states. If the MIC were going to intervene they would have done so by now.

      1. there’s more than one way to fight a war.
        Some wars are spiritual before they are about might or technology
        Argue your case that you may be proved right or argue not at all

        1. Some wars are spiritual… interesting. I could see this in WWII but fail to see spirituality in play in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Gulf War I and II. I look around the nation today and do not see spirituality among young people at all, just middle aged and older people for the most part. Maybe that’s part of it, maybe you can’t implode the nation unless its lacking all spirituality or morals? Just pontificating, you can contribute or complain but any viewpoint is welcome.

        2. I guess I meant that that some battles can’t be fought using force or conventional weapons, but need to be fought in terms of ideas, arguments, discipline. Obviously the 2nd world war was a ‘conventional’ military conflict, but in many ways ideas were just as important

      2. At this point the only real solution we could have is if some advance alien race happen to come across our planet and decide to make contact. That would definitely put a wrench in the elite’s plan.

        1. True, major unforeseen geopolitical events change the playing field but I wouldn’t count on it. Even if this scenario were possible, what are the chances they have already made contact with them and worked something out in their favor?

  19. I think we will see a serious clash between the straight men of color and gays. In Canada, there were already protests by non-white parents against sex-ed for their kids. It happened in Ontario and Vancouver. More to come.
    Only white Anglo-Saxons are swallowing any degenerate Leftist policy thrown at them, sometimes quietly complaining over the kitchen table.

    1. Well, this is it, surely. If parents don’t like the agenda being thought at a school on sexual matters, surely you can get organised, and say NO- if there’s a majority. I’m the PARENT, and I didn’t agree. If I was a MUSLIM parent, who’s son was being thought about the joys of gay love, I’d go through the roof with the school and, hey, they’d back down and the city authorities would apologize profusely. I feel, Christians and Conservatives, or just people who want their kids to be educated about these things at home, have let themselves but walked for fear of being shamed by the Jones next day. Make your case, tell them you’re being victimized, play them at their own game, and, get organised.

  20. Worst of all is the well documented correlation between homosexual marriage being recognized by the political authority and a sharp decline in birth rates. It appears that once marriage has been completely severed from reproduction, people lose interest in having children. The causal relations are unclear; the correlation is not.

  21. Fantastic column. This sodomy and wickedness must be opposed and denounced as what it is: Vile sin and abomination.

  22. Eh, I still think this has been allowed is because the DIC(divorce industrial complex) is in dire need of drumming up new business; straights arent getting married anymore, someone has to pick up the slack, someone, anyone, has to get reamed in divorce.

  23. More whinging about this and that with no alternative course of action to offer, besides buying someone’s new e-book. “Unless they are stopped…”, great, got it. So what’s that plan? The gays have parades and sh*t, you’ve got a comment thread.

  24. I think the issue at stake is the war for the nature of man.
    Men (regardless of temperament or personality) are born with the inclination to be leaders, warriors and world-changers. Rarely, however, does one man by himself affect change. Most great men, regardless of ability, had followers and companions: Jesus and the 12 disciples, Jeremiah and Baruch, Aristotle and Alexander, David and his “Mighty Men”, Leonidas and the 300, the 101st Airborne at Bastogne, King Henry V and “Band of Brothers”, the Founding Fathers, the monks who preserved knowledge from the Ancient World. Together, great men and their followers affect change in the world, and have the ability to stand together for a cause greater than mere reproduction. Alone, men are vulnerable. Together in common cause, they affect change and revolution.
    Homosexuality (by the fact it is recognized as ‘unnatural’ by normal men) is designed to drive men away from the ‘band of brothers’ that would cause a change in society. By redefining male friendships as sexual in nature, normal men will seek to stay away from that which is ‘únnatural’ and ”non-respectable”.
    The elite seek to preserve their hold on power by isolating the agents of change from each other. Where men lead, society (and women) will follow.

  25. The dust from gay marriage hasn’t even settled before the establishment has begun forcing transsexual acceptance down our throats

    No shit, Roosh. Over the last few days I kept seeing commercials for a film titled The Danish Girl, which looked like an unobjectionable, sexually appropriate love story between two white people, given that I didn’t know anything else about it. Okay, some kind of chick flick a guy could use for a date movie.
    Until I googled it and read about its premise. Gag. Transgender-acceptance propaganda, all romanticized up.
    This sex-bending nonsense has to stop. Orwell didn’t go far enough with his depiction of Oceania’s Opposite World. He should have added: Syrians are Germans; Islam is a religion of peace; and men are women.

  26. I serioulsy ask myself how can a butch lesbian couple, primarly bonded by the hatred of masculinity (no shit here. don’t tell me that’s love or something leftist like that.) , could raise a child normaly.
    If it’s a boy, I’ll seriously fear for him and his mental sanity. what kind of treatment should we expect from men-haters adults to a boy child ?
    And if it’s a girl, what kind of message the parent’s would deliver to her about men ?
    There’s nothing good to gain in both sides.

  27. Homosexuals are bigger spenders/consumers than heterosexuals, as usual the Corporate Matrix interests are over the issue. Forget about other theries, everything is focus in raising corporate profits.

  28. All this is true. Plus I always tell my friends, that when they will try to insist that their children needs their father…the judge will be able to point at a lesbian couple for example and say …No they don’t.

  29. Gay marriage is supported by Marxists, who in the same breath advocate the end of marriage itself. This is because at its core, this ideology is a method to separate bonds between people, or prevent their formation altogether. The exclusive homosexual accounts for just 1% of the population. Many don’t want marriages themselves in the sense of a binding monogamous relationship. This is readily seen in numbers of de facto homosexual relationships declared on tax forms and in the nature of male homosexuality itself, typically highly promiscuous. Gay marriage also becomes a vehicle for dismantling the border as well, through fiance visas. When the Soviet Union fell, I was young and impressionably trusted the MSM’s narrative of the end of communism. Eyes well open now, It is obvious that the MSM itself is saturating us in Cultual Marxism.

  30. The thing that I have observed about gay activists is that they are absolutely never happy or grateful with anything you give them. At first, in the 70’s and 80’s they promoted a message of tolerance; that parents not beat or kick out their gay children, that cops not arrest men just for being gay, that companies not be able to fire qualified gays, etc., and those are things I, and most people, can support. Right when those wishes were granted, however, they demanded that they have the right to marry just like straight couples, something entirely unnatural. They get that in most states, and then they start demanding that schools verse children in gay acceptance, that private businesses be required to subsidize gay weddings, and that pastors who preach against homosexuality have their First Amendment rights limited. It’s a particularly slippery slope with the gay movement because if you provide them ANY kind of advantage or privilege, they will simply demand a hundred more and call you a homophobe if you don’t grant all one hundred and one. The gay rights movement is a lot like the feminist movement in this respect; both groups insist they want equality, nothing more, but their actions at every turn prove this to be a lie.

    1. Gays, blacks, feminists. All the same. Never grateful for the progress they’ve made, and nothing you give them will ever be enough. Like little, petulant children.

      1. Progress? Depends what the aims were. They wanted power without earning it. Like a child who has had everything handed to him, he doesn’t know how to earn or build resources to procure the things he desires– he is dependent on others to provide. And he knows it. Thats where the dissatification and hate comes from. Look no further than Barry Obama. Does he look like a man content with his station in life?

  31. Given that marriage has largely become an avenue for allowing the state to financially destroy men, anything that makes a mockery of it is probably for the best.

  32. A look into our dystopian nightmare coming. The video tries to take the angle of “this is what gays have to put up with” at the very end credits, so ignore that. But the rest of the presentation is exactly where we are headed. “What If Gay Was The Norm”.

  33. this is real talk, and there are not to many places on the internet you’ll hear this. It’s niche even among the already niche MGTOW crowd.

  34. This is a real issue. Of course the fact is, the government should have nothing to do with marriage. This is a private contract between people. But of course the government has to interfere and once this occurs there is no end to the corruption. How long before people start marrying their pets?
    The media attack on heterosexual relationships is in full swing. Witness the final season of Hannibal where they turned everybody gay! You can nary find a TV show these days without people flipping back and forth from straight to gay and back again.
    I heard Bruce Jenner wants to be a man again…

    1. Well, with the “Queen” in England being head of not just the State, but, of the Church too, and you all being her “humble subjects”, the British Government is right in the bedroom with you. I suppose that’s what they mean by laying down and thinking of England when you’re doing it.
      Yes, the whole flip-flop gender fluid thing has ready taken off with the celebs these days- Robbie Williams luvs swinging both ways, he feels liberated apparently. However, is the whole phenomena just a fad? I wonder if most of these celebs actually practice what they preach anyway. For any bloke, not withstanding the fact that gays in normal everyday life are fine, it’s nevertheless quite another thing to actually do it. How a man can put himself in a submissive position like this has always surprised me, and besides the actual pain cannot be desirable in the least.

    2. How long before people start marrying their pets?
      Any minute now. Caligula installed his horse Incitatus as a senator.

    3. The idea that gays are overrepresented in media is laughable. Of the top 100 films of 2014, 86 had not a single gay character. Of 4,610 speaking characters, 10 were gay, 4 were lesbian, and 5 were bisexual. That is 0.4% of all characters. Only two of these 19 characters were shown to have healthy relationships. But yeah, Hollywood is over representing the gay community.

        1. Well you’re right, representation in tv is better. Of 813 primetime broadcast scripted regulars, 32 were lgbt in the 2014-2015 season. Or 3.9%. Man they are just shoving that agenda down your throat everywhere you go.
          And of course, because you only mentioned tv, the influence that Hollywood has on media as a whole and people’s perceptions and opinions is entirely irrelevant isn’t it!

        2. People watch TV every day. How often do they go to the movie theatre?
          The percentages are not important. It is the big shows that matter. Hannibal, GoT, Black Sails and so on. In any case, you misunderstand. It is not the “representation” that is a problem. It is the nature of the thing. People flipping back and forth between gay and straight.
          I don’t have a problem with a gay character. But don’t mess around convincing me someone is straight and then flipping the script three seasons in and making him gay. Not only is that unrealistic, it’s actually offensive because I know exactly what they are trying to do.

        3. So if a few shows have some gay characters, it doesn’t matter what the other 95% of shows are saying? Righto.
          Man, it’s almost like in real life, people can go for years thinking they’re heterosexual, or even being totally heterosexual, before realising that maybe they like people of their own gender. But no, that never happens does it. That is in no way representative of real life. That is not at all a common story from the LGBT community.
          What are they trying to do? Normalise a totally natural thing? Try and show that being gay is not only normal, it’s totally okay? That if you’ve grown up in a community where being straight is the norm, it’s okay to be something different? How dare those assholes try and tell you that.

        4. Yeah mate no one goes their whole life thinking that they’re straight and finding out they’re gay. Only a gay man would say this. There is a word for this and that word is “denial”.

        5. You’ve never heard of someone coming out of the closet when they’re an adult? Coming to terms with their sexuality after living their life as a straight person? People who’ve grown up, gotten married, have children, and then later in life accept themselves for who they are? It’s not exactly a secret this happens.

        6. “people can go for years thinking they’re heterosexual, or even being totally heterosexual, before realising that maybe they like people of their own gender.”
          You’re right, I didn’t say that.
          I am just trying to say it all as pragmatically as possible because I feel like it’s not even worth bringing bisexuality or any sort of fluid sexuality into it. Despite the real life existence of those things.

        7. Was it the specifying people might think they’re heterosexual, then realising later in life they’re not? Because that happens all the time mate. Then they come out of the closet. Some people know they’re gay, and pretend not to be. Some people have been brought up in an environment that taught them being gay is wrong, so they never even consider it, and truly believe they are straight, until later in life they realise that’s not true. You can say it doesn’t happen as much as you like, that doesn’t stop it happening. I can say gravity doesn’t happen, but I don’t float off the ground.
          Is it the idea that people could be attracted to both men and women that you don’t like seeing on tv? Because again, you can say it doesn’t happen as much as you like, but it does.

  35. ”OUUUUCH” – that’s a little rough on the hide wouldn’t you say?
    Western libtards are all the more sensitized seeing this kind of thing. Western libs now hyperventilate to not only save gayness but to throw gasoline on the fires of queer debauchery. I see a worrisome thesis antithesis gap expanding monumentally. It will be but another build up of the tensions leading to a conflict the likes of which we’ve never seen.
    Now to the ISIS men atop the roof, they have visions of sugar plums dancing while the guy below with the push broom rings in the new year. I know that gays in the west aren’t the real problem although they’re spotlighted, popularized in media and entertainment and promoted for advancing the population control agenda. The real problematic culprits in the west are the enablers of all degeneracy including the publicists that screenplay the gay lifestyle for all noses to be rubbed in. Gay lifestyle belongs in the closet where it doesn’t exist to the masses or below foot in the gutter where the rats screw as well. No one wants to watch rats screwing and the rain regularly washes them into the river. It isn’t a legitimate lifestyle in nature. It’s an anti productive and anti reproductive aberration.
    Sitting back and watching the video again, it begins to seem inconclusive and seems to miss the boat. Those ISIS guys sure have itchy or ‘throwey’ fingers. Sitting here in the west a typical man living alone, fumbling through his mail wincing over past due notices of his child support and alimony bills might with a ray of hope see his tormentors, the divorce rape industry cabal dealt with in such a slap stick form of justice as we see in the video. I’m sure the typical ‘divorce raped dad’ has had dreams of the fat feminist family court witch at least getting hit by a train. Come on, admit it. That ISIS video, it’s like watching road runner coyote when viewed through the right mental lense. Only in dreams . . and sorrowfull nostalgic memory of culture lost. The victims of the anti family culture fall to apathy and inaction . . depression. Pssst, wake up.
    So if you have a family intact, then gather the kids round and watch some ‘roof’ sports. I showed my kids the video last night and it was easier to narrate and explain to them how ISIS is allowed to target certain groups but they’re still co opted and on a leash. That was easier than deprogramming them from watching the Disney channel. Much MUCH easier believe me. And while watching, we finished the lovely 3 flavor popcorn tin we got for x-mas. Shit, we still got two more of those big popcorn things unopened.
    Merry x-mas ROK

  36. Why?
    Because it gives more people something to do and distract themselves with. The more fighting is done, the more the “Adults” behind us can focus on much more dangerous issues which go unnoticed.
    Its like we are all trapped within a a dark warehouse seeking a exit sign to find so we can escape. The moment we come close to finding it by working together, “someone” magically flashes a flashlight and distracts us all again to lose focus.
    This is why they want us pitted against each other and coming up with new gender descriptions for us to discuss. Its really all about the conversation in the end and keeping the energy following in a certain direction. Not one of peace or unity, but more so one of chaos. Dogs chasing their own tail if you will.
    By next year it will be some new “Big Bad” to fight ad rebel against. The system is not broken when it was always designed like this sense the beginning.
    We are all on the same team but have been put against each other to fight not only ourselves but women as well. They follow the herd mentally so its hard not to blame them but, it is what it is. If its not Gays it will be the Child molesters in the future. Especially when they find a new “Gene” that says they can’t help the fact that they like to touch lil boys and own all of Michael Jackson’s albums.
    But, its whatever in the end. The conversation is flowing and that is all that matters. The last scene in “The Dark Knight” movie when the Joker is hanging upside down speaking to Batman explains it all. When it comes to the energy of good and evil creating something that pushes things forward its all about progression. My parents will pass one day and, as much as I want to world to stop and press a pause button on it, it wont matter. Life will keep rolling through. Its a fight between logic and emotion. Scary thing is, the people on the emotional side seem to forget that they can’t be the only deciding factor in making decisions. Yeah, I would love to drop out of a plane and pray that GOD has my back BUT, the logical side of me is not leaving without that fucking parachute. Screw that noise

  37. The funniest thing I saw in California when the elitists ignored the voters… one… more… time… and a closeted judge in San Fransicko magically made Gay Marriage legal all by their lonesome. My gay neighbors got in a fight and the young guy finally realized he was being used by his “husband” and left because he didn’t want to marry one person.
    I still have my ancestors encoding where homosexuality is on par with incest, pedophilia, and cannibalism. Cultural and Human species self loathers all are for this because it’s suicide for the human race to embrace any of these deiventcies.

  38. The question of the Protocals reveals a complete deception as they were written by the Jesuits. The Jews that you speak of are Papal Court Jews and they are the front men of The Vatican. Every plan to bring the world into subjection is Satanic and in its earthly manifestation it is performed by the workers of Roman Catholicism. The Roman juggernaut is in every country in the world and they have the control because of their stealth over the last two centuries. Satan always waits for a more opportune moment in which to try another attack. Since their 9/11 false flag we have brought most of the Middle East into subjection and the USA is doing their best to stop any and all activity that goes against Papal doctrine, climate change, refugees and full Temporal and Spiritual leadership from the Vatican. If you dont know this yet, you had better get going so you can get out of her before it is too late. Jesus Christ is Lord, not the antichrist Pope. Maranatha!

  39. MEN will always be ok. No one gets in a man’s face and spouts their gay agenda. A MAN that’s in shape, runs his own business, keeps his women in line can’t be affected by weaklings. The whole problem is the men that used to keep this shit under wraps are gone. Homosexuals and feminism only manifest themselves in an atmosphere of weak men.
    If YOUR atmosphere is strong, if your frame, your business and YOU are strong and no-nonsense, there isn’t a reason in the world any of this shit needs to touch you except to laugh at it all on TV. My brothers, all the women I know, all my friends, uncles and cousins all laugh at these fags, it matters not to any of us. If you hate gay-fag-wannabe-women like Bruce Jenner, laugh at Germaine Greer who called a fag a fag when she laid some pretty severe insults on Jenner that would have gotten a man thrown in jail. True feminists aren’t going to take transvestites like Bruce Jenner claiming feminist privilege lying down.
    As for Bruce Jenner, when he was asked about Greer’s comments, he of course, had no comment. Maybe it’s because his quest for attention in growing tits and long hair has so reduced him to a cartoon character, plus the failure of feminism to accept his perversion, it’s rumored that he wants to “change” back, although growing tits and hair is easily reversed. He can never reverse what men know. Athletic circles, endorsements, all his old haunts are lost to him now because in circles of men, he’s lost all respect. He’s an object of snickers amongst the circles he used to travel in, cucked by society-fags and women.
    Interesting bit of game, this Bruce Jenner has. Turn yourself into a long-haired man with estrogen-titties, keep your dick, “identify” as a woman AND a lesbian and go bang chicks. Sheee-Itt, I bet Roosh never thought of that one!
    Bruce always knew he was a lesbian trapped in a man’s body and he was just TORTURED by it.

  40. You could have a point remember when “liberals” first introduced Single Mothers benefits so they could support their kids when unemployed or “dead beat” dads didn’t help – Now these benefits are being “abused” so certain women could use it as a lifestyle choice.
    Remember when mass immigration was introduced after World War 2 so all those displaced people had somewhere to go – now we have places like Europe getting swarmed over by “economic refugees” and terrorists.
    Now that gay marriage has been introduced do we kiss good bye to the reliable institution of marriage as they degenerate that – who knows but we can all guarantee in five / ten years things wont be as the deluded leftist fantasy wanted it to be.

  41. I have actually thought about it and came to a different conclusion. Gay marriage is only bad for the average beta male.
    Gay marriage as a whole will allow the open embrace of homosexuality. Not merely among men, but also among women. Meaning that women will increasingly dump the stigma of being attracted to other women. Given the right kind of game and with the right kind of alpha dominance threesomes and direct, unitary harems will increasingly become a thing.
    The insanity will only hurt if the manoshpere fails to pushes it over the edge, for the benefit of masculinity. Let the chodes take the fallout. Society is only our responsibility if it manages to provide some form of value in return.

  42. “while a group of forty men including myself had to conceal their own behavior and essentially hide in one room, even though the content of my entire speech was more family friendly that witnessing even one minute of the homo display.”
    This right here displays the utter hypocrisy. Heterosexuality is completely under attack especially male heterosexuality. If men and women did half of what these homos do in the middle of the street at their parades well let’s face it they wouldn’t.

  43. Faggots are born that way regardless how masculine/feminine and straight be their parents, not made by society.

    1. If that were true then homosexuality would be tested for objectively with tests like all other genetic disorders and not self professed. We would be able to test an infant for homosexuality but we can’t because teh behavior is learned. I am not saying that people arent born with certain personality traits or tendancies but homosexuality is definutely not inborn twin studies already proved this ages ago. I see homosex as any other pathology a mix of nature and nurture but a pathology none the less that should not be celebrated or in any way equated with healthy heterosexual behaviors.

      1. “but we can’t because teh behavior is learned”
        I would go so far as to say that learned is not the right word. More that the behavior is the logical conclusion one arrives at based on emotional deficits, or even emotional damage from a young age.

        1. Tomato, tomato. Many homos were sexually abused especially true dor gay men, so the behavior could be learned in the very literal sense as well.

        2. I won’t disagree with your statement, but there are some who turn to homosexuality who were not sexually abused. Likewise there are some who are sexually-abused but do not turn to same-sex attraction. That data is what drives me to arrive at an a different conclusion. Often times, the environment that allows for sexual abuse also set the victim up for sexual abuse via neglect or other forms of abuse.

    2. Not true. Catman, for instance, will tell you with a straight face and firm conviction that he was born a cat too. What we do know, but, ignore because it might be “offensive” is that early childhood molestation is one of many (or a couple) things that can lead to the development of homosexual behavior. Note, the common occurrence of victim turn predator with these kinds of cases, hence, the over representation of pedophilia in homosexuality.

  44. It should be illegal for children to be present at homo parades. That’s basically psychological rape for a child to have to witness all of the sexual inappropriateness. If a hetero man exposed a child to half of what is typical at these homo parades he would be arrested for sexual abuse of a minor (yes exposing a child to pornographic imagery is considered sexual abuse rightfully so). Just goes to show even further how the celebration of homosex is being used to attack all heterosexuals and their children especially hetero men and how homos are getting a free pass to abuse children.

  45. “Crimes by homosexuals will be not be pursued or publicized while false crimes done by heterosexuals will be manufactured.”
    Why is this is written in future tense? This stuff is happening already in the present.

  46. Marriage should not and is not under the purview of the federal or state government. Nowhere in the founding documents does it give the government any right to regulate the relationships between men and women. Where was the separation of church and state ACLU when gay marriage was being pushed through the courts ? When you acquire a marriage license you are basically a polygamist. There are 3 names on the certificate. Yours, your spouses and the State of ****…… The history of state sanctioned marriage is a twisted story worthy of its own article. Gay divorce is corporate welfare for state bar associations and lawyers. The war on marriage is in full swing and young men are not getting married, what better way to keep the lawyer mill running, with gay marriage, comes gay divorce. Gays with money pushed the court case forward over tax breaks given to married couples. State sanctioned marriage is a farce anyway. No where except in the tax code and a few statutes are the rights and responsibility of marriage codified. Basically adultery is the only responsibility. All states have adopted a no-fault approach except if infidelity or adultry is involved. Marriage is nothing more than a business arrangement in the eyes of the state.

  47. Perhaps, the logical and indeed christian response to prevent a lot of gay people from going down the road to self destruction which is probably fueled by their own self-hatred as a result of the hatred people in society have shown them, is to teach them how to love and respect themselves and others. I’m convinced that a lot of their promiscuity and destructive lifestyles are as a result of the hatred that people feel towards them. It’s morally wrong for us to hate people like this as “do unto to others as one would have onto oneself”.
    The whole gay marriage idea is OTT as you’re not comparing like with like, but civil partnership is a good idea, as anything that allows gay people to be less promiscuous and destructive of themselves and their lives is a good thing, and that’s why we should encourage all people how to love and respect others, even those who we may not always agree with.
    The moral with hating groups of people, like Jews and Gays etc is that you end up creating groups of people filled up with hatred against western civilization, and, the wrongs or injustices meted out to them, come back to haunt everyone. The only way out of this vicious cycle is to stop hating, then respect at least can mature and grow.

    1. The homosexual lifestyle in and of itself is destructive. Christian disapproval of homosexuality is not fueling any self-hatred. The self-hatred is a natural consequence of a lifestyle that everyone, on a primal level, knows is wrong.

      1. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Homosexuality has always existed and will continue to exist. Sexuality of all hues, should only be a facet of one’s entire personality. If sexuality, hetro or homo, becomes the defining and predominant part of a person’s entire being then it becomes very destructive. Teaching people to love and respect themselves, other people and indeed the world they live in is never easy, but, to me, it seems the only way of helping people escape from their own demons.
        It’s easy to hate, anyway can do that. Loving even those whom we do not approve of is a very difficult thing, and you can’t “force people to love” but perhaps the Christian idea of “turning the other cheek” is more acceptable than hating people, which I believe is never the right thing to do.

  48. The gooberment is loosing tons of money on marriage license fees so they are trying to open a new market niche. That is all.

  49. I can imagine this already happening in the near future. Also i have this question in mind for a couple of days now. Within regards of heterosexual behavior, i think it has already started in my opinion. For instance, now in days if a 19 year old guy tries to date a 16 or 15 year old girl, he is labeled as a pedophile. If a 22, 23, or 20 year old guy wants to date a 17 year old girl, he is labeled as a pedophile. Everyone knows that the definition of a pedophile is a person who is attracted to children (ages 8-12). However, in America a guy and a girl with 5 year gap is seen as unnatural when in reality in other countries, it is seen completely normal. Also 40 or 50 years ago in America it was so normal that a 17 year old girl would go out with a guy who is 20, 22 or 23 years old. How weird that now it is seen as abnormal and the guy is labeled as “pedophile” when we all know that women seek guys who are older than them?
    My final question is if all of this is just another way to persecute men and normal heterosexual behavior? We all know that we have laws already that condems 40 year old men having sex with 12 year old kids…..then why we came up with statutory rape if rape means having anal sex against the persons will?
    But now this and what Roosh says in this article is really showing the anti-male hate. why just why?

    1. There was a case of a 30 years old sodomite dating a 17 year old boy in facebook, they upload they lovely pictures of their “Normal” relationship, people celebrate them as “this is love” Stop homophobia, and of course sure this is not a sexual predator CAN YOU FUCKING SEE IS LOVE?!! and awwwn they look so cute comments. But a 30 years old dude dating a 17 years old girl, fuck hell, FUCKING DISGUSTING PEDOPHILE A HOPE YOU ROT IN JAIL BY ANAL INFECTION.

      1. really? a 30 year old 30 gay man going out with a 17 year old boy is seen as ‘love” and “normal” I’ve seen cases like this and the man straight went to jail for child sexual abuse…but this??? WTF man. While 19, 20, 21 and 22 year old guys are technically being persecuted for dating a 17 year old girl….

        1. well, in my country 10 years ago there was a law called abstinence law. if a teen boy whatever the age fuck a minor (-18), he went to jail, so a 16 years old boy can not fuck his 16 years old girlfriend. It was considered rape. for the boy of course. The law was abolished because well girls have the boys by the balls. all teens fuck, and all teens are horny as hell, boys and girls. There was several cases of black mail. and false rape accusations, and revenge rape accusation. If you were a whiny beta crying because the alpha is fucking your crush you can denounce him to the police. so teens hide to fuck, relationships were secret. No teen brag about sex anymore, There was a total chaos, so the law was abolish after months, the boys in jail released. It was soooo stupid. That was ten years ago, imagine if that law is implemented today, welcome to 1984 junior anti sex league.

    2. Very good observation. As a Latin American man living in the US, I find the age stigma to be pervasive. You can be a “fluid” zoophilic crossdressing hermaphrodite transvestiste and be seen as the most normal person in the world. Dare to be a man who dates a woman 5 years younger than you, and you’re a degenerate monster. Age difference between men and women, like Houellebecq said, is the ultimate taboo of our times.

      1. i’m thinking how worst can it get? People have been taught to ignore their biological instincts and instead we are teaching kids things that are unnatural such as matriarchy, homosexuality, and feminism. From what i’ve learned from ROK when we interfere with nature, nature retaliates and it’s not nice. Of course, like i’ve said before, we should allow 40 year old men having sexual acts with children. We have laws that are against this. But what scares me the most is that most states laws define statutory rape if the guys kisses the girl or even hugs her if she is 16 year old. Of course the average age consent law is 16. If you look back 40 years ago, guys with their 20’s had their GF who are 18, 17, or even 16.

        1. Of course there should be limits. Nobody wants to see a 12 year old girl with a 40 something guy. But the shame associated with dating a younger woman in the US is pretty overwhelming. A woman dating younger guys, on the other hand, is “empowered”, ” you go, girl!”. I remember this girl I was dating. I was 35 and she was 26 at the time. She told me she felt like in an inter racial marriage in the 50’s, specially when she mentioned my age to her friends.

        2. it gets worst….I’ve remembered i’ve seen comments from a guy who was in his 30’s was going out with a girl that was in her early 20’s (maybe 21 or 22) and many women and even guys called him a “pedophile” Why just why?

  50. Roosh, thank you for all your work. I had long felt a sense of deep unease at such issues as feminism, homosexuality, mass immigration, political correctness, ever-increasing welfare handouts, and most importantly of all the one-sided, fawning attitude of the mainstream media toward these problems. It is only in recent years that this unease has become crystallised in websites such as yours and elsewhere on the Alt Right. Trump, the Tea Party, UKIP, Le Pen etc would indicate that I am not alone. More power to your elbow.

  51. Interesting read. Roosh can you provide additional info on the following statement?
    “Your tax money already goes to Planned Parenthood and pharmaceutical companies to sterilize the female population….”
    I myself am noticing an alarming amount of women not being able to get pregnant, intentionally within marriage. What the heck is going on here?
    I wonder if birth control has anything to do with it.
    Any good research or articles on the topic of sterilization in Canada / USA ?

    1. I myself am noticing an alarming amount of women not being able to get pregnant, intentionally within marriage. What the heck is going on here?

      Think about the contradiction here: Liberals and progressive say we should live in harmony with nature so that we can stay healthy, and they hold the pharmaceutical companies in suspicion. Look at all the affluent white liberals who refuse to vaccinate their children, for example.
      Yet these same people encourage young women to ingest artificial hormones, produced by pharmaceutical companies, to muck up their natural fertility cycle so that these women can engage in sterile, alienating hookups with men who don’t give a crap about them as human beings.
      Women’s bodies and minds didn’t evolve to handle this kind of abuse. No wonder so many women these days suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, permanent infertility, loss of sexual interest, an inability to form stable marriages and early menopause. And all because they followed the sex advice from degenerate do-gooders who claim they care so much about women’s health.

      1. I think that the difficulty in pregnancy lies with women who have multiple partners before marriage, the side effects of birth control, and waiting until they are in their 30’s to get pregnant. Many of these women catch various venereal diseases which render them barren. They may treat the disease with antibiotics but the damage is done. There is probably a number of other things at work that we don’t even know about. The best way to overcome this is for women to remain virgins until marriage and to get married young. It worked for our grandparents and it will work again.

    2. Millennial females were given HPV shots en masse. ‘Gardasil’ was pushed on 11-26 year old girls and the fallout is now being seen. It was a sterility shot disguised as a preventative against the ‘virus’. The shot unfurled in Planned Parenthood with campaigns to give everyone who walked through their doors the shot. The shot itself comes in three stages, each costing $200. Poor minorities were then offered the VAP (vaccine assistance program) exclusively through Planned Parenthood by the manufacturer Merck Pharmaceuticals. It was a total of $600 gratis from Merck to PP for each sucker sterilized. The vaccine was still covertly a sterilant but it immediately became a cash cow for PP. It was first beta tested on poor Blacks and Latinos. The first Gardasil ads were run on BET urging young black females to ‘get the shot’ and also the shot was promoted in PP’s ‘Pomodora’ clinics which were basically PP clinics set up in Latin communities. The barrio Latinos are taught that the ‘Pomodora’ center is basically the only place you go for health services, like a one stop ‘doc’ for hispanics. They beta tested millions of minority suckers with the covert sterilant shot.
      Then later, it went mainstream. Regular insured young girls, white black asian, all were now being encouraged to get the shot by age 12. Now 12 is pretty damn young to be having sex but actually the statutory age for marriage used to be 12 or 13 in many states previous to the mid 19th century (before first wave feminism). So if these ‘vaccine sterilized’ girls ever did became tramps at 12, they won’t bear children. Even if they were allowed to legally marry, they still would be ‘no nesters’ – STERILE. They will never bear children. Not at 12 or 22 or 32. NEVER. And that includes all groups white, black, Latino, you name it. The sterilizing effect isn’t 100% guaranteed but as the numbers come out, the shot is having its intended effect.
      Personally I can remember some family members of my own (who are white) during the 90’s, and they were pushing for their white daughters to get the shot. I had already heard of suspicions about the vaccine at the time and I told them not to get it. The government doesn’t so much push it on privately insured folks, no their goddamn ignorant parents push it on their kids because they believe in ‘good ol’ doc’ and they believe the state and they belive that mickey D’s is the food of the olympic champions. Not all fucktards are libtards. Stupid fuckwad parents that goose step to the eugenicist libtard state.
      These ‘relatives’ of mine were country folks too, conservative, guns on the wall, but they were like so many whites in being propaganda stupid. In this way they were flawed. They were state ass kissers. Brown nosers to the government. Boob tube watching retards. Greasy shit food eating redneck morons bound for cancer and sterility. Now I’m a gung ho Gadsden flag waving kinda guy myself, but I’ll still call spade or call bonehead retard when one of my tribe drinks the kool aid and sticks their blue tongue out at me like retarded patrick on spongebob. Damn I’d like to kick their teeth in. I told ’em don’t get the shot. And they’re like ”duuh the gubment told the school you gotta get it”. Schools were sending home xeroxed crap about getting the shots.
      Waking up your own tribe or relatives can be harder than saying screw them and spending the energy waking up a hundred others who will listen. White families seem to be overlorded by dumb bitch mothers that do whatever the school tells them. And dad drinks goddamn kosher fake beer that ain’t even beer. Shit budweiser uses rice now because it’s cheaper. The public schools are a scientific propaganda machine that affects not only the kids but the attitudes and behaviors of the parents as well. Pull ’em out and home school. And stuff a rag in mommy’s mouth so she can concentrate on cooking and sewing.

  52. It is already affecting employment. I work in a large professional services firm and the board of directors has decreed that diversity and inclusion is the top priority for 2016. The pro-gay propaganda pours out of the HR department. To get senior jobs, you need to demonstrate your commitment to diversity. The rainbow flags hang around the office and photos of pride events plastered all over the intranet. I keep my mouth shut and sure many others do the same, but there is no shortage of true believers around the office who would betray any thought crimes you make to HR in a heartbeat. I work because I have a family depending on me, but I’m genuinely worried about how long this madness will carry on

  53. I really don’t care if Gay people want to get married since I have zero interest in getting married anyway. Marriage is outdated and dead. Especially since all the laws coming out again are a war against men. Fuck it. Take a look at the UK divorce statistics. Up and Up since 1940. There’s not point in it. I think blackdragon has the right idea. Be a batchelor, and have MLTR AND FB’s. It’s all that makes sense.

  54. Gay marriage could finally be the camel’s nose under the tent for men’s rights. Marriage 2.0 (no-fault, automatic female custody, unlimited liability for men, none for women) is ripe for getting knocked over. The problem is how to do it and what to replace it with. It might be time for the State to finally get out of marriage all together. Make marriage 3.0 a civil contract with both concenting parties (boy-girl, boy-boy, girl-girl, whatever) to make their own agreement rather than have the government unilaterally decide what is fair.
    Don’t expect feminists to like this. They understand better than anyone that in this new environment, any contracts signed by men will look like a pre-nup on steroids. The golden days of lifetime alimony, sole custody, asset & paternity theft will be gone and with it, the power they had for a few short decades after the collapse of marriage 1.0.

  55. We just need to ban male pregnancy. Seriously, get Congress to prohibit implanting an embryo in anything other than a woman’s womb. Only women have a right to be pregnant, and only men have a right to impregnate women.
    Marriage is only for couples with a right to procreate together, for one spouse to impregnate the other. Same sex couples aren’t like infertile couples they are like siblings and other couples that don’t have a right to procreate together.
    So that means we will void all same sex marriages when we ban male pregnancy.

  56. Same sex couples make up less than 1% of the total and only something like a third of them are legally married – about half the rate of heterosexuals. It’s not like they will become the dominant family structure anytime soon. However, there is an agenda. It’s not about equal rights: civil unions, domestic partnerships and “common law” recognition have been on the table for years.
    Certain segment wanted to coopt the term “marriage” and further normalize homosexuality. A lot of gays never really cared about marriage anyways: why ape the breeders? As with white knights who have to show how pro-feminist they are, and white liberals pandering to people of colour, it seems to be a lot of heterosexuals out there making court rulings or passing laws to enable it. Cuckservatives like in Canada won’t make any honest critique because it is politically toxic and they can’t be bothered dealing with all the hate the SJWs would throw at them.

  57. Part of the answer, as in the so-called Dark Ages, is the fragmentation of Western superstates into smaller autonomous units where people are largely free from bureaucratic weight and can take more effective part in government. The more traditionally, effectively organized states will naturally succeed.

  58. Maybe. I’m honestly having a little trouble grasping this article, other than bits and pieces. And I’m starting to believe that marriage as a legal institution, whether gay or straight, is seriously messed up.

  59. Here’s the “funny” thing: there actually is a right and wrong. Right and wrong are judgments, of course they are, but to say that making sound judgments is somehow racist, phobic and wrong is different from judgment how?
    Homosexual and lesbian marriage is wrong. Transgenderism is wrong. Non-genderism is wrong. Genderism itself is wrong; we are sexually dimorphic. Leftist progressive thinking and actions are wrong. None have any redeeming qualities regarding the quality and continuation of life. OK, I said it.

  60. Great essay but I don’t get the Swastika on the queers” rainbow flag. The Nazi government locked up queers in concentration camps and they purged the Party of queers during the “Night of the Long Knives “; therefore that flag makes no sense.

    1. There were many homosexuals in the Nazi Party, and they weren’t all purged. Read the Pink Swastika.

  61. Will straight men ever understand that women control men by turning them against each other?
    Gay men are your brothers, plain and simple. Show respect for a gay man, and she will attack your masculinity.
    That’s because she can deal with another woman, but is totally weakened when dealing with another man.
    Yes, most gay men don’t have children. Gays are replenished by straight people.
    It’s funny how a civil right for gays makes victims out of straight men,
    who have the most benefits in society.
    Women don’t want equal rights, they want everybody’s rights.

      1. Y’all are either the most successful satirical joke in the world, or the lamest, actual joke in the world.

      2. Seriously that’s the best comeback you can think of? I’ve heard better ones from my 13-year old brother for fuck’s sake. Try something original next time.

  62. Okay Roosh, here where you kinda lose me. You say that gays are promiscuous and that’s why they have such high rates of HIV infection, but you are opposed to gay marriage the thing that could make them more monogamous and actually LOWER the rate of spread of HIV among them.
    Also human rights are not a zero sum game, just because someone else got the right to marry doesn’t mean that you’re going to lose the right to marry. It’s not like the world only has a fixed amount of human rights that we’re forced to spread unevenly, no everyone can have the same amount of rights as everybody else without having to take away from the rights of everybody else.
    Furthermore your insistence that homosexuality is a choice is incredibly baffling because I refuse to believe that ANYONE would willingly choose to be homosexual especially in highly conservative places that frown upon the sexual orientation at best and actively demonize it at worst. You can’t choose your sexuality more than you can choose your skin color, I can’t wish myself black and Zachary Quinto can’t wish himself straight no matter how much Playboy magazines people borrow him, sexuality is not a choice, it’s biology, the same way cancer and AIDS is biology and not black magic created by God to punish homosexuals.
    By the way Roosh I have no idea what kind of media you consume but I’ve never seen any work of fiction show homosexuality as in any way more desirable, adventurous or fun as heterosexuality. The media acknowledging that homosexuality exists is not the same as endorsing it, the same way as me acknowledging that sharks are a thing does not equal me endorsing that you swim with them (without a harpoon and a bat-shark repellent spray anyway).
    Also Roosh I have a question for you? How are gays spreading HIV to the general population if they’re only having sex with other gays? That’s like me saying that you can spread knowledge of an obscure indie film by posting information about it only on its fan forums you’re kinda defeating the whole purpose of spreading information. Or are you implying that gays aren’t always homosexual and do in fact sleep with girls? If that’s your point then you’re wrong because, as I said, being gay is not a choice. If it were we’d ALL be bisexual, I mean it’s logical right. If you can choose who you’re sexually attracted to then that means that you’re bisexual. That’s usually how it goes. You want further proof that you can’t control your sexuality? Just go to a gay bar and try to kiss someone, no really just pretend it’s a girl and kiss a man on the lips. You won’t do it because you can’t will yourself to like guys because sexuality doesn’t work that way.
    And before anyone get’s on my case for hating on your article, I’m not doing it because I’m some politically correct jerkoff but because I cannot fathom the logic behind it.

    1. “that could make them more monogamous”
      That *could* make them. You’re just speculating. The vast majority of them just want to run around having as much butt sex as they can. They don’t want love. They can’t have love.

      1. “The vast majority of them just want to run around having as much butt sex as they can.”
        And you know this how exactly?
        No I’m legitimately curious how you obtained such information Marc? It’s almost as if you know this first hand. I’m not making any implications here, I’m just saying that you give me no sources to your in-depth knowledge of homosexual behavior.

        1. Because statistics show that the average faggot has scores and scores of partners. That’s how.
          Now go grow a pair of testicles. So tired of explaining reality to faggots like you. You want to stick your penis in a bunch of assholes? You go right ahead. But don’t think you’re on some high and mighty crusade for justice. Because you’re just a pervert attempting to foist your immorality on the rest of us normal people.
          No, don’t respond. I’m not going to bother reading it. BYE!

        2. Okay, three questions:
          1. Can you give me a link to those statistics because I’d love to read them for myself.
          2. Define “normal person” for me please? Because being on the internet sometimes requires explaining things for other people, if you don’t do that you only have yourself to blame when others call you a homophobe because they find your arguments illogical.
          3. Why did you call me a faggot when I’ve shown no inclination towards being a homosexual and have done and said nothing to warrant being insulted.

        3. No, I’m not reading your stupidity. You can go google that stuff yourself. But you’re probably too retarded to figure out how google works and that’s why your asking me.

  63. The whole idea behind this is to DESTROY western civilization. It’s that simple. Destroy traditional marriage, the society WILL NOT SURVIVE…fine, when the civilization falls apart, people like me will hunt people like them…

      1. yeah, whatever, Martin. At the end, the Roman Empire was broken and gone within 40 years…you think we are immune from history.
        Let me tell you, I hope you’re right. You’re NOT, but I hope you are.

        1. 40 years IS a long TIME to wait Cap. Also CARE to EXPLAIN why I’m wrong IN this SCENARIO?
          And why DID you feel the NEED to capitalize the WORDS “destroy” and “will not survive”? IT’S really not HELPING to make your POINT.

        2. I like to yell! As to my point regarding your comment…Your statement seems to suggest that the civilization won’t end…as I said, I hope you’re right. However, given the history of Western Civilization, we’re closer to the end, rather than the beginning. Now I didn’t yell at you, but there’s not other way of emphasizing a word/phrase on these threads. I would normally use italics…however, in lieu of italics, I’ll YELL.

        3. Oh no, it will end. When another six mile wide chunk of rock hits us or when Yellowstone erupts or when a new ice age happens, or when World War III happens because Putin and whoever the fuck the US President is at that time is, can’t stop their dick measuring contests.
          I don’t think it will end because gays are now allowed to marry, not unless they decide to band in huge mobs and sack Washington like the barbarian hordes sacked Rome, which again I don’t see happening because married gays have better things to do with their times than making society go boom for no reason.

        4. I’m going to strongly disagree with your assessment…the basic building block to a tolerant western civilization is the family, which consists of a husband, wife, and their children. This is Western Civilization’s Fundamental Building Block…destroy the building block, you’ll destroy the civilization. The redefinition of marriage is a direct undermining of marriage.
          You can disagree all you want, but you cannot find a tolerant society that’s not based upon this structure. Wherever you find anything that’s different from this structure, you find intolerant, insular, and often violent societies. In fact, given that homosexuality is essentially outside of the bell shaped curve, most societies do not tolerate aberration outside of the bell shaped curve. We’ll be no better than Iran.
          But hey, you believe whateverthehell you want.

        5. Ignorance is bliss, Martin, but based upon the idiocy of your “email,” I can tell you’re just a SJW who’s staked out a voyeuristic position on Roosh so you can defend behavior which is statistically INSIGNIFICANT, except as to how the destruction of the society will be studied 2,000 years from, today. I certainly hope you’re armed, because islam will hunt people like you down and kill you for your opinion. People on our side will just laugh at your idiocy. You’re lucky you live in the Western world.

  64. This article is perhaps the worst and most poorly executed example of propaganda I have ever seen.

  65. People should’ve thought about getting marriage out of government instead of government in marriage to begin with. To say people brought this upon themselves is quite merciful; it’s more apt to state that the “anti-gay marriage” voters campaigned to make this happen. No excuses.

  66. Hi. Gay man here. I’d just like to set the record straight. Some of us are, shockingly, conservatives. Yeah. I do agree with you that our media is pretty bad. Masculinity is under attack. Hell, normal is under attack. But I don’t think that legalizing gay marriage cheapens the institution itself. Because there are people like me who just want to get married and live a normal life. Those degenerates you see in those God awful parades and on the news are just the most vocal ones and I suspect there are actually more gay men like myself, but they just don’t speak out.

    1. I agree it is just as much a mental illness as any other mental illness. But I also believe in freeing the mentally ill. Asylums are and always have been inhuman. So I think let them be free. But gay marriage is wrong.

  67. From what you`ve written here I can tell that you never actually met a gay man. I know some and they arn’t people who rape kids or sleep around. They are in a happy relationship and they really don’t cheat on each other because they love each other a lot. So please don’t make prejudices into facts when you can’t prove that they are in fact right. Sorry for any language mistakes English is not my mother tongue.

  68. I readed two of your articles and I think they are very funny. It’s really funny to see a 21st century person who thinks like you. You kind of remind me of Derek Vinyard. If you don’t like the society where you are living, buy a time machine and travel to the Medieval Ages. You should worry about your lack of knowledge instead of the love two people profess to each other, or the desire for equality. I know you don’t want feminists in your blog, but you don’t need to worry, man. I won’t be back here again. The only opinion that really matters for me is a rational person’s. Bye, and hope you won’t ever come to my country.
    Sincerely (not) yours,

  69. Manny Paqiou should be our spokesman!
    He’s not backing down on his comments either describing homos as “worse than animals” Bravo for a real man and fuck Nike the company of child labour and probably paedophilia!
    And fuck Twitter while I’m at it’s gay too as well!

  70. Too true.
    It is an expensive, months long process to bring your foreign sweety here, even if you are married. It costs thousands, takes many months and you have to meet requirements of two countries
    But gays? A week after the SCOTUS decision, the first gay couple was approved.
    Gays are now more than equal.
    At the time, I predicted this, exactly.
    Soon, you will be refused medical treatment for smoking, or riding your motorcycle without a helmet. Buy gays with AIDS? The sky is the limit, no expense spared. You saw it here first

  71. http://www.indiatvnews.com/buzz/life/indian-gay-marriages-real-life-stories-145.html
    Follow the links above to consequences of marrying a gay. Indian girls are notorious for falling in love with gays with the clean refined looks irrespective of his orientation. The underlying illusion is that they can change him with her love. She ends up changing her status from live to dead. My practical experience is that when you tease a girl about their gay tastes, it leads to violent backlash. These gay males are synonymous with the simps that get a girl presents, whiteknight for her and worship her. A truly masculine male with traditional family values is despised for he is bound to yoke her with discipline. What is ironical is the interpretation by the other blogges that had India to scrape of article 377 crminalizing same sex relations, the gay would not have been forced to marry just for the heck of it. Each gay is nothing short of a buffalo bill from the silence of the lambs. As one of the ROK authors stated, girls are notorious for self destructive choices.

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