Star Wars Lost $4.2 Million Because Of Our Reporting That Identified It As SJW Propaganda

Fifty-five percent of respondents to a Return of Kings Twitter poll have said that online reporting of the social justice nature of The Force Awakens influenced their decision whether to see the film. Extended across our readership, with over 900,000 users accessing ROK between November 21 and December 21, this amounts to a potential direct impact of $4,219,456.54 (55% x $8.38 x 915,482) on total revenues. $8.38 is based on the average cinema ticket price in the US, which is now an all-time high.


This figure does not include those men who haven’t visited in the past month but know to stay clear away from Hollywood propaganda films thanks to our previous reporting. They have been learning to question the narrative of popular culture, and many would have done so without reading ROK‘s recent commentary concerning The Force Awakens. The $4.2 million estimate also does not include future sales that will be surely lost from Star Wars DVD’s, collectibles, and other promotional tie-ins.

My review of the Star Wars sequel was not this site’s only take on this year’s über-SJW film release. Guest contributor Inigo Montoya also opined about its non-white and female agenda. Whilst ROK regards itself as a unique media outlet, we are not the only positive source of non-mainstream news, self-improvement advice, and cultural commentary. What happens when we add together the reach of BreitbartThe Daily and a host of other sources with our own?

SJWs and their sycophants can speculate all they wish about the veracity of the $4.2 million figure for ROK, but the fact remains that total revenues for The Force Awakens have been lowered in demonstrable terms by our balanced, critical reporting and those of our common sense allies. A fair estimate when all this alternative commentary is combined would be in the tens of millions of dollars.

Meeting the SJW retort head on

Irrespective of the power of the Galactic Disney Empire, The Force Awakens will sputter compared to the much more limited release of, say, Gone with the Wind or even the original Star Wars.

SJWs, including long-time critics of ROK, have been quick in trying to mock calls to boycott The Force Awakens. They argue the money the film has already made and will make before it leaves cinemas points to a “failure.” But is this really what they are saying it is? With hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees, large media conglomerates are able to saturate the airwaves, printed pages, and websites with fawning praise of The Force Awakens‘ feminist undertones. Possessing much smaller numbers of contributors and without the financial largesse of media tycoons or corporations, the manosphere and other voices have nevertheless successfully and markedly chipped away at the revenues of the film.

For those of you still wanting to laugh at such a proposition, remind yourselves that the world we live in is more populated, wealthier (due to technology and connectedness), and English-speaking than in the past. Film companies also flood consumers’ minds with exhortations to watch their works in ways unheard of in the past. Because of this, even Avatar, the second most successful film of all time after inflation (and significantly due to more expensive 3D tickets), is an underachievement compared to far less marketed earlier films released in the “smaller” world of old. Many more people were able to watch it and it failed to really streak away from its predecessors. Likewise, relative to 2015, The Force Awakens will not be the financially spellbinding piece of cinema it is being made out as.

Avatar, which SJWs pilloried as perpetuating “white messiah” syndrome, where a Caucasian appropriates an indigenous culture and then ironically saves them from fellow Caucasians, still made over $2 billion at the box office. So if leftists equate box office success—albeit success which is artificially inflated by a larger world—with being in the “right,” their logic needs some serious fine-tuning. By that standard, is the Transformers series a cultural and moral masterpiece because it made billions in ticket sales?

If SJWs didn’t fear the power of our message, they wouldn’t try to suppress it and spend millions promulgating their own

Armed with the largest bullhorns and supernova-level self-entitlement, SJWs still cannot drown out more thought-out messages like ours.

Compared, ironically, to the Rebel Alliance or Resistance, operating with less sophisticated equipment and a small number of audacious political pilots, ROK and its friends continue to strike blows against the bloated mass of SJW rhetoric. Even as SJWs meticulously use methods of doxing and attempting to get people firedto discourage free speech against their positions, their lies continue to be challenged (Thunderf00t, we salute you).

Multibillion-dollar film companies may acquiesce to SJW cravings, releasing films that don’t offend real or fictitious groups that include women, minorities, and hairier-than-usual Wookies. Yet the proponents of constant political agendas convince themselves they succeed through their grit and skill alone. When their millionaire and billionaire patrons are stripped from them, what are they left with?

The release of The Force Awakens will only increase the esteem in which our contrarian reporting is held. And many more men will act on similar advice of ours going forward.

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2,738 thoughts on “Star Wars Lost $4.2 Million Because Of Our Reporting That Identified It As SJW Propaganda”

  1. I watched it with the whole family on Christmas. I fail to see what all the fuss was about. Aside from Finn being the only Storm Trooper in the history of the Empire to ever actually hit something with a blaster, I thought it was a pretty terrific movie. Heck, men could take a lesson from Kylo Ren’s sniveling, entitled, bratty emotions leading to the Dark Side.

    1. I took issue with them casting minorities over whites. I wouldn’t care if everyone was given a fair shot and the minority people were best for the part but to intentionally exclude white people for no other reason than them being white bothers me.

      1. You mean besides Han, Leia, Rey, Kylo Ren, Poe, and General Hux? It was one black dude. Well, if you are counting the voice of Maz Kanata (played by an award winning actress), then I guess two. What did you want? Seems like the haters are bitching just to bitch.

        1. Seriously. Did we all bitch this much back when we found out Darth Vader was voiced by a black dude???
          I don’t think so.

    1. Yeah, I am all for not giving money to people that don’t like white guys but I think the math here needs some work.

  2. I should of listened to u guys. I regret giving my money to feminist propaganda. If I wasn’t with my girl I would’ve walked out.

    1. You should have walked out and explained to her why you’re doing so, you can get your money back if you do it early on.

  3. I honestly wish I would have waited till it came out on Redbox. Adopted son went to see it again and with his little brother and was mad that he saw it because it was more “grrl power” and “guys are dumb” as well as a bunch of poor story telling.
    John C Wright had a great article on it’s failings given the story let alone the SJWness of it.
    I honestly am getting to the point of just ignoring Hollywood all together anymore. Sure they have some good story tellers but at this point my dime is better saved for Redbox so I am not out the money when I see dearth like this.

    1. Yeah, my wife wanted to see it so we went about a week after it opened. I liked that it kind of went back to the original trilogy’s “feel” but everything was disappointing. They just rehashed the old story of a big Death Star with a small weakness that needed to be exploited. This time, the big difference was that Luke 2.0 was a girl. Where they really lost points was that, without ANY training in the Force, she was able to defeat a Sith Lord. Even Luke had to go through extensive training before even standing a chance against his father. But no, the grrl power demands that a woman must be able to do what men do even better. All in all, it was a lackluster, sad sack of recycled shit that I regret spending the money on.

      1. A. She didn’t defeat him. He survived. Plus, he was not fully trained either. Look at how many mistakes he made before that battle.
        B. He was already wounded by Chewie.
        C. Rey was shown to be a good scrapper early on. She grew up fighting to survive in the junk world. Combine that with a natural Force ability (whether known or not) and she could be formidable.
        D. Luke never had extensive training either. He had a few minutes in the Falcon. Then a day or two doing handstands on Dagobah before running off to save Han and Leia. Then he almost immediately goes after Han at Jabbas. He then defeats Darth Vader who had 20+ years of actual Jedi training. Stop reimagining the movies.
        D. My theory is that Rey is kind of like River from Firefly. A prodigy of sorts meant to save the galaxy from the Dark Side. Hence the Force Awakening…

        1. I posted a video above from TL;DR that covers all the flaws in more detail than I did. All in all, it was a very rushed story with a lot of holes in the recycled plot. It goes beyond the sword fight (btw – defeat =/= death) which I have still have issues with. Even if she had superior raw power in the Force, Darth Vader 2.0 had more training and was thus more refined in the Force AND in lightsabers. I have to call bullshit with her beating him, even with him injured.

        2. Vader wasn’t trying to kill Luke or he would have been dead. You are a pathetic fanboi.

        3. First of all, it’s freaking Star Wars, a children’s sci-fi space opera samurai movie, not a historical biopic or serious drama. Are you really questioning the veracity of lightsaber duels? If you want intelligent, logical sci-fi go watch 2001 or the Martian.
          Second, the first six were full of plot holes! Nobody cared because the point of the movies was the good guys kicking the bad guys’ asses. Reread what I wrote above about Luke beating Vader. Going on training alone, no way he could have.
          You seem like the type of guy who would unironically state that Godzilla could never beat Mothra…

        4. If the scriptwriters worked in a Kratom Mcguffin for Godzilla, he could take down Mothra in a quick round.

        5. I watched episode VI when I was 11. What is your excuse? Couldn’t miss a Disney Princess movie?

        6. Hey just as long as grrrrlpower! fanbois like you seem to be happy. That they are melding Frozen and Hoth for Ep 8 only has upsides for queers like you.

        7. So much hostility. I realize it’s scifi and yada yada and am willing to suspend a healthy level of disbelief in order to enjoy the movie. That being said it took Luke 3 movies and training from Jedi masters to finally beat Darth Vader and even that wasn’t without him suffering his own injuries/setbacks (hand getting cut off, being tempted to the dark side multiple times, etc). Meanwhile a girl with no training beats a trained Sith Lord by the end of the first movie and suffers nothing more than a bump on the head. Yes, every movie is going to have plot holes and deus ex machine moments, but the rate at which they happen in this ONE movie makes it looks rushed and forced. If you liked it, fine. I’m not insulting you for it so I would appreciate the same respect. My points are valid whether you agree with them or not.

        8. You don’t seem to have much of a point other than throwing out weird and misplaced ad hominem insults. I guess I missed the memo where peak masculinity is getting angry at children’s movies. You should maybe get a hobby or all this seething rage is going to send you to the Dark Side. Darth Pantiesinatwist.

        9. Not hostility, frustration. I apologize.
          Your points are not valid. You are creating plotholes where there aren’t any. Rewatch the originals. I just did. Luke had little training. Yoda specifically warns him that his training is not complete. Darth was trained from age 8 and up.
          Kylo Ren is not a Sith and not fully trained. The Sith died with Vader. After Kylo Ren is defeated, Snoke orders his training to be finished. Kylo Ren was a confused youngster who had to kill Han in order to fully embrace the Dark Side. I hate to get nerd factual, but if you are going try to point out plot holes, they have to match the plot.

        10. Fair enough points but Luke DID have at least some training while Rey started the movie out thinking that Jedi’s were just a myth and didn’t even realize that she MIGHT be able to use the Force until 3/4 of the way through.
          I liken it to martial arts. Kylo Ren isn’t a master sure; maybe an advanced student at best, but Rey didn’t know that there was even a martial art school, yet she is able to beat Kylo Ren at every turn (the mind reading pushback, etc). Like I was trying to get across earlier, raw power is only part of the equation, knowing how to harness that power is the other part and that’s where I have issues. She has less Jedi training than any other Force sensitive individual in the Star Wars universe (none) when she is ultimately pitted against her dark side equivalent and she somehow miraculously goes all Neo at the end of the first Matrix movie. It would have seemed more realistic if it turned out as a draw or Kylo Ren barely beating Rey and her fleeing to fight another day, but for Kylo Ren only to be saved by the ground splitting apart? That’s where I personally have to go “ehhhh”. To each their own, but it just seems a bit forced to do all that in one movie.

        11. that was one of the most thrilling things about ESB back when it came out, when i was a kid. i wanted luke to win so badly and it actually looked like he might for a while. then vader starts effortlessly tearing huge chunks of metal off the walls with the force and hurling them at luke. makes you think back to how luke had to struggle to “force” his lightsaber into his hand in the wampa cave and you realize vader has just been toying with luke the whole time. total despair for my 11-year old self. awesome movie moment.

        12. I agree that it was a bit forced, although I thought Finn was more forced than Rey. But it is a reboot and they are introducing new characters for future adventures (and Rey’s training under Skywalker), and I like those characters, so I don’t have any major complaints. It’s also just an escapist action movie, so I don’t mind a pretty young Jedi.
          I had only seen the first of the new three prior to this past month, and avoided all discussions or predictions about it, so I was going in with no knowledge or expectations. I think that is why I liked it and most other people didn’t.
          Really it was Kylo Ren that sold me. Having just watched the new ones, young Anakin was a limp bitch. How he became Vader is beyond me. Abrams did really good showing Kylo Ren’s uncontrollable emotions and the power of the Dark Side. The scene where he basically asks for a Dark Side fix like it was heroin was the best portrayal of it’s power in any of the movies.
          Thanks for letting me nerd vent…

        13. The main problem I had with Rey is that fighting with a lightsaber (essentially swordfighting) requires superior upper body strength, which she would not possess. No matter how much “force” or skill she had, she couldn’t overcome basic genetics. Plus she had no known training on how to parry and attack.

        14. It would have been more believable to me if Rey shot lighting out of her hands like the Emperor could do, instead of beating a Kylo Ren in a lightsaber swordfight. Then at least you could attribute it to the force, instead of grrlpower.

        15. Won’t see it but I understand Ren’s tantrums are more comical than indicative of a struggle with the Dark Side. This may come across this way on screen due to a bad director or a bad actor (likely both in this case) but my beef with the Ren character is scriptwriting of the climax. A better climax involves Ren beating Rey and while closing in for the kill spiraling into some kind of involuntary “force rage” giving Ren enough time to escape. But of course that would have required actual screenwriters. Oh and it deviates from the Bolshevism of the overall plot by injecting some reality.

      2. i don’t think ren is a full sith lord. seemed like he’s a wannabe emo darth vader. i took that and the fact that rey is “strong in the force” and has a bit of help from fin as why she was able to sort of defeat ren in the light saber duel.
        i agree that the dark side really needs to come up with something other than a death star at this point.

        1. i actually liked ren. i’m a sucker for tortured, conflicted characters like that. probably a throwback to my 100% beta days.

        2. I guess you are more in peace with your beta days than I am, then. Remember the scene where he bows over her and she looks away in revulsion and almost cries? That hurt me quite a bit.

        3. A movie can only be as good as its villain is bad. The conflicted Ren was not totally bad, and therefore brings the movie down.
          Rey had problems with believability as noted by other comments, but that’s hardly endemic to Star Wars alone.

        4. Think how cool they could have made the storyline if they slowly developed Rey’s skill over time. Like if in this first film, they only showed Ren’s inexplicable failure to read her mind.. then we would all be wondering and speculating over the next year why she could do that, and if she had some mysterious force powers, what would she do with them, is she related to Skywalker, is she a jedi, etc. Instead, she’s just made invincible and thus easily written off as complete fiction.

        5. yeah, there were many annoying things about the ren character. the reoccuring joke about her objecting to fin’s taking her hand was annoying, although i guess you could argue that fin is pretty beta so she’d naturally be against that.

        6. Im no expert on being an alpha male but I think experts like heartiste would say that a tortured personality indicates poor frame control and is therefore inherently beta.

      3. I’m angry that they chose to make another copy of Star Wars: A New Hope, instead of choosing some original material for the story (like Thrawn trilogy for example)

    2. I honestly am getting to the point of just ignoring Hollywood all together anymore.

      I don’t know why you people haven’t started doing that already. I’ve done it for many years. We’ve got better things to do than give our hard earned money to leftist political preachers. They’re not interested in entertaining their audience anymore anyway. They just want you to follow their leftist cult.

  4. It wasn’t just the stuff surrounding the MCs that kept me back from this. Kylo Ren’s character and motivations, at least to me and beyond The First Order being a paper-thin allegory for the Third Reich, screamed “skewered depiction of Star Wars fans.”
    This 16 years after Galaxy Quest so perfectly poked fun at Trekkies and Star Trek culture is quite a testament to Abrams, if not the whole of the writing team.

  5. I think the movie sucked, not because it featured a female lead but because the role was a dull and unrealistic Mary Sue type with a poor actress, and because the plot was full of gaping holes. It’s possible for female characters to be strong, interesting and semi-realistic but they tend to be ‘matriarch’ types rather than teenage male fantasies of women who are basically superior versions of men (ie can do everything a man does but better, which as we all know is complete bullshit).
    I don’t think the manosphere should get so wound up about this film. A new Star Wars film was always going to make big bucks and therefore its success is hardly some triumph of leftist propaganda. Unlike the originals the movie seemed to be primarily aimed at children, and I think it’s pathetic the way grown men have been squealing about it.

    1. Yea the female character was a bit of stretch. She’s a scavenger from a run down hell hole and somehow she has immense knowledge of advanced technology? Yea right

      1. Anakin constructed C3P0 (who has knowledge of over 6 billion forms of communication) and pod racer at 8 years old…

        1. “But in the prequels…” is not a recommended defense.
          The prequels are generally hated not presented as film masterpieces like the Force awakens is.
          Anakin had to build C3P0 so we could enjoy effeminate Asperger bot and trash can ex machina for three more movies.

        2. I’m not presenting Force Awakens as a masterpiece. It was a good silly space action movie just like the others. And we can’t pick and choose from the movies. The first three were made and they are Lucas’s original backstory, like it or not. That’s like the SJW’s who refuse to acknowledge the new Harper Lee book and that Atticus Finch was actually kind of racist.

        3. And he got his arm cut off during his first major lightsaber battle after years of training and adventures as a padawan.
          Meanwhile Mary Sue is using Jedi mind tricks after being given a vague 25 second pointer that the force exists.

        4. Something else just occurred to me. The real problem with Rey as a character is that she has pretty much no character flaws in addition to being good at everything. Not only is she hyper-competent at everything (combat, using the force, engineering, piloting) despite apparently little training or experience, she’s also a fuckin’ goody-two-shoes. I didn’t like how the prequels dealt with Anakin but at least he had personality flaws and thus was relatable. His abilities were offset by his arrogance and he was beaten in combat twice, and his exceptional abilities kind of made sense since it was established in the original movies he was some kind of prodigy who became darth vader. It doesn’t seem like Rey’s character has any room to grow and she’ll always be miss perfect.

        5. That’s a valid criticism. Even Luke was a petulant little shit. Still not enough for me to not like the movie. I think they are setting her up to be a River from Firefly type character, but yeah, even River was a freak who was bad with people.
          As I said in a different comment, the reason I really like the film was Kylo Ren. Abrams is finally doing a good job of making the Dark Side characters have more depth and explore that side of things. One dimensional bad guys make films boring.

        6. “Anakin constructed C3P0 (who has knowledge of over 6 billion forms of communication) and pod racer at 8 years old…”
          Anakin (Lord Darth Vader) = Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, virgin born, omniscient (He’s God incarnate after all), “the Chosen One” (Messiah), rejected by the Jedi Council (Jewish Elders), storms the Jedi (Jewish) Temple, essentially dies and is resurrected and then is seated at the right hand of the Emperor (God the Father) to rule the Galactic Empire (Kingdom of Heaven).

          The whole original trilogy is about flipping the script, showing God as evil and rebellion (evil) as good. The prequels were still needed to fully establish Darth Vader as Jesus Christ, but filling in that backstory completed the original occult goals, and all future films are just about $$$ and pushing SJW/PC agenda.

        7. Anakin was made from the force number 1. Racing pod at 8 years old and building a computer. Isn’t the same as being an expert at everything you do with no training and no experience. Rey is the equivalent of Luke pulling a light saber away from Darth Vader after he killed Obi in a new hope and beating him in a duel.

        8. Emo Darth Vader wannabe was a ludicrous villain.
          JJ Abrams sucks as a filmmaker. He is incapable of creating original movies.

        9. He is trying to be like darth Vader so saying he is a copy is dumb. He is trying to be a copy

        10. Emo Vader was a villain who is all talk behind his anonymity, idolising a stronger male figure due to his own inadequacies and who is revealed to be largely ineffectual and petulant when his anonymity is removed. I can see why you’d hate him.

        11. Anakin fought a Jedi.
          Rey fought a wounded emotional mess who were under orders not to kill her, and hadn’t completed his training. Try again.

        12. She also beat him in a force-tug-of-war for Anakin’s lightsaber. Having only recently discovered that the force was actually a thing.
          But yeah, sure, carry on believing, I know I ain’t gonna rush to see the next one. Very disappointing film.

        13. Have you ever see a trilogy where they had all the if reveals in the first movie? Open your mind a little, she’s Luke’s daughter and got her memory released. The force is starting to awake in her

        14. Except it wasn’t a tug-of-war. He had no reason to think that someone else was also “pulling the rope”. Her powers interfered with his, but it wasn’t as if they were pulling in different directions. He found it weird that the lightsaber didn’t respond exactly as it would, but it isn’t like he felt someone strong enough to even consider taking a look around.
          By all means, try to invent more ridiculous “logical mistakes” that shows you didn’t pay any attention, instead of just saying that you didn’t like a woman being the main character.
          If that’s too hard for you to handle, I don’t think the next one will be aimed at you either 🙂

        15. What character flaws did Han Solo have in the first movies? That he was confident? A quick shot? a great pilot? That he trusted his new friends?

        16. So u say their is a difference but when someone calls u out on not having one u don’t say anything

        17. I’m glad you assume my issue is with the main character being a women, I expected nothing more of you.

      2. i think she gets a pass because the force is strong w her. that’s how i’m retconing it, at least. same with her being able to hold her own against emo darth vader in a light saber duel.

      3. She is literally spending her life scavenging the same advanced tech that you are surprised she knows about. Like, literally her entire life is to crawl through the hulls of the empire’s most advanced war machines, finding and extracting the most valuable pieces.

        1. The people who works at junk yards should be hired by all the OEMS due to their unparalleled knowledge of cars from picking through scrape for parts.

        2. Ur Comparing working at a junk yard to scavenging wreckage from advanced mitiltary tech in ships that hold 100s of thousands of ppl. Maybe go to a trump ralley that will better support ur iq level

        3. You’re going to need a much bigger shovel to fill in the plot holes of that movie other than the deux ex machina of “her entire life is to crawl through the hulls of the empire’s most advanced war machines.”
          If all it took to possess a technological prowess was crawling around decaying machinery for years then Afghani kids who scavenge downed US military hardware must be the most tech savvy kids on earth and MIT is probably losing out by not sending brochures to Afghanistan.

        4. We don’t leave advanced tech their so that makes no sense.
          And she is selling valuable part so she knows what tools are valuable and what they do. It’s really simple. You know they make it so kids can watch

        5. I saw all the other ones. Anakin was gifted yes but he at least worked in Watto’s shop where he had access to all sort of tech components on which to tinker with.

        6. If she is selling it don’t u think she needs to know what it is what is does in order to know how valuable it is ? Wow this is simple common

        7. She had a star destroyer in her back yard.
          I have one question
          Who had more advanced tech components available to them
          Anakin in a broken down parts shop or Rey in one of the most advanced warships ever created

        8. So every vendor out there especially impoverished ones operate by this noble selfless principle? This is news to me lol

        9. Yeah and compare that to how much more absurd her powers were compared to Anakin, then get back to me.
          Not having seen the movie i can’t comment as to what is actually in it so i will thank you to refrain from being too detail specific.

        10. How many people sell stuff their whole life but has know idea what it is.
          How does she know what to look for? How does she know what is valuable.

        11. When anakin was her age his powers where far beyond anything she was able to do.
          I assume u will say he had training which I agree makes a difference. But then u can’t compare her to 7 year old anakin who had know training while Rey’s past is unknown. She very well may have been trained by look until she was 7 and was then mind wiped and left in hidding after Ren killed all the other student
          So how can u say that if anakin grew up in the same situation as Rey we wud not be just as powerful or vice versa?

        12. So u have not seen he movie?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

        13. So in other words, you will just use an assumption here to defend your position…correct?
          Anakin wouldn’t have grown up in the same situation if Sithlord Abrams was in charge of telling his story 😉

        14. Very very very few if any. so Rey is like idk everyone that u learn about the products u sell

        15. so if you come across a gadget in the desert, you’re telling me you instinctively would know its potential selling price adjusted for the black market…correct?
          Oh wait…let me guess. You’re going to use the deus ex machina of “the force” to excuse this now, aren’t you?

        16. I am not assuming anything I’m giving an example of how her powers are both plausible and nothing beyond what we have seen from Luke and anakin .
          So what was my assumption and assumption is not a possible explanation . Assumption is having a possible explanation and taking it as fact .
          And since you know so much about the movie since you have seen it so many times.
          Let me ask u a question
          Can u name one time that Rey showed abilities we have not seen before?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

        17. So how cud u possibly know if Rey’s powers were to strong ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

        18. U made my point. I would not know. But if I needed to sell that stuff to survive for 10 years I would spend all my time becoming an expert. Thanks for making my point

        19. This is an assumptive remark:
          “She very well may have been trained by look until she was 7 and was then
          mind wiped and left in hidding after Ren killed all the other student”
          If you are not saying you actually believe it, then that’s fine.
          Your second remark is meaningless, i already stated i haven’t seen the movie. Pat yourself on the back for your meaningless victory in me being unable to answer your question. Why don’t you ask me the same question that Bilbo asked Gollum and ask me what you have in your pocket? It’s essentially the same thing lol

        20. I didn’t make your point, you’re just reaching. You’re assuming that Rey is an expert simply because of a “correlation equals causation” belief that just because she came across tech she must have known its worth, its use etc because she was around it enough. Nice try.

        21. Ok so whats one thing u read about Rey’s powers that anakin was not able to do?????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

        22. That is not an assumption it’s a theory that was heavily implied in the movie. All of u said Rey could not have those kind of powers which actually is an assumption
          Do u understand the difference between and theory and an assumption?
          Assumption is when u take something for grated ie idk Rey cud not be that powerful or she has no training
          A theory is when u come up with a explanation based on fact but acknowledge its not a given

        23. I’m referring to your remark, not anything quoted in the movie. Stop moving the goalpost.
          “Do u understand the difference between and theory and an assumption?”
          Since you don’t understand what the word “imply” actually means i’m not going to take a definition from you in either case 🙂

        24. I do statistics for a living and have an Mba in it as well. I never once here mention a correlation in any form

        25. The remark is about the the movie lol
          Imply means u hint at something but don’t actually say it.
          So yea I did not imply anything.
          you said I made assumptions about the movie. I talk about the movie and u say that u were my talking about the movie?????

        26. And i have a PH.D. in pharmacology. Are we all done waving our figurative dicks around yet?
          Fyi the remark about the correlation was about you, not her. Do you use glasses?

        27. Because i deduced it from having seen Anakin’s powers in addition to reading the remarks about hers. Duh.

        28. Correlation is a statistical term. Not a pharmaceutical term. If we her talking about insurance covering prescriptions and u said I have a Ph.D. In pharmacology I obviously would not say well I have an Mba in statistics

        29. No, right now you and i are exchanging personal philosophical viewpoints about the movie unless we specifically cite from the movie which wouldn’t be the case with me since I’ve already stated at least once before that i haven’t seen it.
          “Imply means u hint at something but don’t actually say it.So yea I did not imply anything.”
          Umm yeah you did. Your solipsism is showing.
          I said you were making assumptions about the deus ex machina plot holes in the movie.
          Do you suffer from some neurological issue that impedes your brain’s ability to properly interpret information from your eyes? Horner’s syndrome maybe?

        30. Although you do realize the article i just posted for you is referenced in the article we are posting on…right?

        31. How do you expect me to answer a question on a movie i’ve never seen? Pat yourself on the back again, sherlock 🙂

        32. I never said i could. I said multiple times i haven’t seen the movie so i wouldn’t be able to make a detailed comparison. Now ask me what’s in your pocket lmao

        33. It described her powers as “god mode” in nature.
          Anakin didn’t have those kinds of powers in the first movie of the 2nd trilogy.
          It’s called inductive reasoning. Try it sometime.

        34. the article assumes she has had no training. Yet the overwhelming evidence implies she has had training . The article is reliant on an erroneous assumption
          Do u understand that

        35. Yes I read it and it assumes she has had no training which I a guess .
          And it’s a guess that goes against the hints in the movie

        36. You made a statement about statistics and it was wrong. So when telling u that I pointed out that I have a degree.
          Wow just wow

        37. Not having seen the movie i can’t verify as to the authenticity of your remarks, but given that you will ignore facts that don’t support your premise you will excuse me if i disagree, especially given you yourself said that there might have been reasons for her knowing what she knew (“she might have…”

        38. I never made a statement about “statistics.” Strawman.
          How old are you? I’m starting to think you are a millennial. They tend to debate with this kind of affinity for solipsism.

        39. Come back in 6 months when i’ve seen it by then and i’ll answer you personally. That is what you want isnt it?

        40. No it doesn’t it looks like soldiers standing at attention while their superior gives a speech

        41. 1: I never said “correlation is not causation” i said “You’re assuming that Rey is an expert simply because of a “correlation
          equals causation” belief that just because she came across tech she must
          have known its worth, its use etc because she was around it enough”
          Meaning, i was describing the opposite and obviously informally. You would understand this if you actually had a functional brain.

        42. How can u devate something now if when anyone asks u something I say o I have not seen it but I was talking about it anyway but I really did. Know what I was talking about I just got if from some article

        43. Way under maybe? 15? If you don’t want to tell me your actual age that’s fine. Are you old enough to vote and drink?

        44. Ok so what power was god like. If u disagree that she had no force powers then u must know of one that is

        45. They are the same Thing just stated differently. I said its wrong to assume correlation = causation I said correlation is not equal to causation both are the same premise and are statistical terms
          No way u have a Ph.D.

        46. What the hell is “devate?”
          If you mean “debate” then again i refer you to deductive reasoning. Again you seem ill prepared in understanding what that actually entails.

        47. Parades move they did not move. Is anytime. When problem are in the stands at a sports game are the having a parade ?

        48. You’re twisting the wording around. I referred to “god mode” which you would understand doesn’t literally imply being a god, only showing powers which are invincible in nature which a god tends to use.

        49. Yes the article said her powers where too strong for someone with no training. That’s a fact. Her having no training is a guess that’s a fact

        50. I just said that. I have not said its a fact that she had training but I said she may have. The article says it’s a fact that she doesn’t

        51. a public procession, especially one celebrating a special day or event and including marching bands and floats.
          Every single definition mention it being mobile.

        52. You just said in a few sentences earlier that “yes I read it and it assumes she has had no training which I a guess .
          And it’s a guess that goes against the hints in the movie”
          So here you are disagreeing with the article writer’s remarks about no training because you believe that the “hints” in the movie speak to the contrary; a belief which you are directly alluding to here in your latest remark but a belief which nevertheless fails to substantiate the running specious narrative of your remarks about the hints being factual. That sums it up i think lol

        53. So if she may not have then you can’t actually prove the article writer as wrong…can you? You can only disagree.
          And where did the article writer state his remark as “fact?” Screencap it for me.

        54. I’m not twisting anything. U are saying she had powers that are like some powers a God uses. But u don’t know one example. So how can u argue it

        55. Because of inductive reasoning. Read up on it since you’re obviously unfamiliar with it.
          The solipsism is strong with you. Good. I enjoy exposing it 🙂

        56. No it doesn’t.
          “Correlation does not imply causation” does not mean the same thing as what i used to describe your position on this debate (correlation is causation)
          They actually represent the opposite, and i just showed you how they can be used as part of everyday casual conversation, and not just for strictly logical “stastistical” endeavors.
          Would you care to try again?

        57. No let me make it simple
          I don’t know if she has had training and neither do they. The are making a guess and presenting it as fact

        58. No, that’s your words but since you want to be a smart ass post for me something from an online dictionary or wiki resource that isn’t open edit.

        59. Saying I mistyped debate is not an answer
          I’m done with u you are full of it. Hating on a movie u never saw

        60. I said more than that but you choose to ignore that as well.
          If by “it” you mean intelligence then you would be correct for once. Thank you, don’t come again 😛

        61. Since you couldn’t prove them wrong guess you weren’t presenting facts either lol.
          Good. You are a bore.

        62. Good enough answer since i’ve told you multiple times i haven’t seen the movie. Now are you going to ask me what’s in your pocket Bilbo or not?

        63. You are when you say that the “hints” in the movie exist to prove the article writer wrong.
          I thought you were done…should i add the charge of “lying” to your other crimes against intelligence?

        64. I used it to disprove the contention that Rey not having training is a fact.
          Is it a fact that she has no training ?
          Give me a yes no answer pleae

        65. You haven’t “disproven” anything you merely disagreed.
          I haven’t seen the movie, i told you this already. I can’t speak to something (the training) i haven’t seen.

        66. So I’m wrong but you can’t tell me why bc u don’t know ? Can u remove the American flag ur embarrassing us

        67. And if ur going to see the movie theirs something u shud know
          The new republic was blown up
          Han gets killed by his son Kylo Ren
          Luke only in the movie for the last 30 seconds
          Finn was taken from his family as an infant and does not know who his prents are

        68. You’re wrong because you ignore points that don’t conform to your solipsism.
          Why dont you just remove yourself from here and spare us from the embarrassment of your ignorance?

        69. I’ve been asking you to provide points and ur answer is I ignore them. Ur running from the question so I’ll let u go

        70. I run from nothing I respond head on to everything. You are free to indulge whatever fantasty you like your solipsism will no doubt support it.

        71. You on the other hand ran from actually having to prove a military parade can’t be stationary, ran from having to prove she has training, ran from proving the article writer was stating a fact and not an opinion, couldn’t understand the word imply, couldn’t understand the difference between correlation is not causation and its opposite, and so forth.
          Since you saw the movie some of these are things you could actually prove. Yet you didn’t because you can’t 🙂

      4. She spend her life scavenging old tech but newer then the tech on the falcon. Also she has force powersTry again

      5. I know. She’s almost as ridiculously knowledgeable about tech as the 8-year old slave boy Anakin, and farmer boy Luke. It’s like she’s almost equal to them, or something.

        1. Can’t wait for it to be revealed that she’s Luke’s daughter and got her memory erased after the massacre at the academy , and the force is awakening in her, thus making all the people look like fools

      6. Or maybe it’s because she’s Luke’s daughter and got her memory erased recently

    2. Princes Leah was a fine, strong female character. But she didn’t battle Darth Vader with a light saber. She was a strong leader of her people, who motivated and united them. This new girl, who can beat a trained jedi with a lightsaber when she has never even seen one before, is absurd. The movie was overall good, especially compared to the last 3, but the social justice nonsense and plot holes were laughable.
      This stuff has huge psychological effects. All the “light versus dark” stuff we were exposed to as kids through the Empire versus the Rebels (notice how today the government would be the Empire yet they portray it as if they would be the rebel alliance) has huge effects on our thoughts, ideologies, and motivations. This movie will help further the agenda that women are superheroes who can easily defeat men who have trained and studied in a discipline, merely by entering the room.

      1. remember how the word on street used to be that ronda rousey could beat anyone in the world, men included? i’m hoping that now that she’s very publicly had her face rearranged by another woman that will put the lie to the idea that women are a match for men in physical confrontations.

        1. Good point. If not, then we can always replay the scene where she gets her ass handed to her by another woman.
          Yes, women think they are comparable to men…especially in battle..
          until shit gets real.

        2. Yeah. She might still have a better chance of that than anyone keyboard warrioring about a sci-fi geek movie.

        3. it was so delusional. consider how weak the field is in women’s MMA compared to men’s too. there must be at least 100x more guys who want to be professional fighters than there are women.

        4. Most probably. But she would get her ass handed to her. I mean, she couldn’t grab Holm, so how is she going to grab Mayweather, who will be smacking her with much harder counters when she misses.

        5. Bc holm trained bjj and wrestling. Nobody is saying that if Floyd trained for 6 moths he wud loose

        6. i don’t know. who’s this u guy? has he trained much in MMA? if he has, i’d say he has a good shot at beating her.
          having a little fun with your subliterate text speak, forgive me. you’re probably an emotional guy and may have truly missed the point i was trying to make, which is that in spite of what grrl power and the warrior princess plague in recent movies would have us believe, women can very rarely beat men in a fight. i’d guess that rhonda could beat most men who haven’t trained as fighters, but she’s easily in the top 1% of all women in the world as far as fighting skills.

        7. Yes in general women will loose a fight to a man. But u said women are no match which is untrue. In general yes you are right but you are saying it like its a universal rule that all women will loose a fight to any man

        8. Nah. Not saying that at all. The strongest human fighters might be able to beat a very old and sick lion in a fight. Its still accurate to say that people are no match for lions in a fight.

        9. We are not talking about sick. I am saying if you take Ronda rousey or holy holm or Chris cyborg and have them fight a normal healthy man who has not trained mma they will win.
          And if you are about to say but they had training then just stop bc Rey has force powers. So u would basically making the case for why Rey makes sense

        10. Given that you can’t be certain, she may or may not. But is is highly unlikely she would.
          Holm barely had to use bjj. Just had to stop a few shitty takedown attempts. She was able to keep her distance, so imagine what Mayweather could do with his superior footwork and counter punches.

        11. Yeah, Bucky, I’m sure you’d say that shit to Rhonda when you meet up with her…on the street. Lots of talk behind little avatars, I’d love to see you take on some of the women I know from the streets on Long Island. Theyd probably wipe your smirk off thru the asphalt.

        12. guys, you’re missing the point. how i would fare against rhonda in a fight is irrelevant. the point is that she is one of most elite female fighters in the world, and she used to go around saying she could beat mayweather and any other elite male fighters. this added to the ridiculous impression holywood movies give, with their endless warrior princess characters, that it’s anything but extremely rare for women to be able to defeat men in physical confrontations. i think everyone else got that.
          as an aside, i would never “take on” your women from long island. fighting a woman is a lose/lose proposition for a man. in more than 99% of the cases, i win and look like a dickhead who beats up women, and probably go to jail too. if she’s in the tiny elite group that could beat me in a fight, i get my ass kicked by a girl and look ridiculous. this is the same dynamic that let rhonda rousey go around talking about how she could beat male professional fighters. none of the male fighters were going to take her up on it since it’s a lose/lose proposition for them, so she got to run her mouth and be increasingly delusional until holly holm came along and beat her to a pulp in front of the entire world, which is a good thing for those of us over here who are fans of, you know, reality.

      2. “who can beat a trained jedi with a lightsaber”
        Kylo Ren wasn’t a Jedi. He never became one. It’s also made clear near the end of the movie that he hasn’t even completed his training with Snokes, so he is still technically a padawan.
        Additionally, he was under strict orders not to kill, AND had been hit by Chewies BOWCASTER, which the film literally shows as powerful enough to kill three stormtroopers with a single shot.
        Pretending that Kylo Ren was an undamaged, fully trained jedi, is to really show how little attention you paid to the movie you claim you saw.

        1. The director did make it a point to show two or three times Kylo Ren grimacing in pain and bleeding from his injury. This moderates his defeat somewhat. However, it stretches incredulity to believe that Ms. Girl Power could pick up a saber and beat him, never having used a saber or fought with a sword or whatever. She wouldn’t even know techniques on how to parry, strike, or disarm.
          I’ve never really handled a sword. I would not expect to be able to fight off a trained swordfighter the first time I picked one up, even if the other guy was injured. And that doesn’t even address the upper body strength issue in men vs. women. If they showed how she used to spar for fun, or throw spears at swamprats or something that would give us a hint that she had *some* type of skill or practice at physical fighting or arm strength, it would have been much more believable.
          Remember how Luke left Yoda before his training was complete? What if he had been defeated by a female who had zero jedi training but was just really good with the force. Wouldn’t that have seemed silly? That’s exactly what happened here.

    3. right on, these guys whine about some make believe crap, no wonder they struggle to get pussy. that is just as bad as the Georgia redneck I saw in Minneapolis trying to get laid talking about the civil war with a white girl. she could care less bout that bullshit.

    4. Love how they promoted the black guy like he was the main lead in all the trailer when he was just the bumbling, cowardly inconsistent side-kick for the feminist propaganda lead of Rey MAry Sue Skywaler

    5. Anything with laser canon that has recoil and need to be manually aimed is rubbish to start with.

    6. >> “It’s possible for female characters to be strong, interesting and semi-realistic but they tend to be ‘matriarch’ types rather than teenage male fantasies of women who are basically superior versions of men”
      In a nutshell: Ripley type.
      Amazingly good sentence, by the way.

    7. I see your points, but it’s important to see the bigger picture. Cultural icons, media entertainment, and more are being “appropriated” in order to push the SJW-type narrative.
      It’s a grim indicator of things to come, and multiple examples exist of this.
      Honestly I’m surprised there wasn’t any negative media because no gays or trans people were “represented”. Ugh.

      1. What’s going to happen? Ur afraid of the world changing. Guess what it already did. If you have a problem with women’s and other minorities u are basically like isis and other terrorists. So do us a favor rethink ur life or go jump off a building

        1. The world is changing, but for the worse.
          The reset of your comment is so badly written I can’t even take it seriously. Good grief.

        2. What’s worse?
          The economy uses the whole population not just 50%?
          We don’t force people to join one religion or die?
          We don’t make people different then us slaves.
          We don’t see women as property?
          Are any of those and issue for you?

    8. Just saw the movie on internet (and happy for not having spent money for that !), and i confirm : it sucks.
      the actress is ugly, always seems upset for no reason (while the frowning all the time ?) or constipated, the stormtrooper renegade reeks betaness and the “evil” not charismatic sith (ugly btw, with his marylin manson’s look alike face) is just showing that new generations of males are always weaker than the previous one. How can a trained sith can be defeated by an inexperienced girl, just after she takes the “magic moment” to relax, closes her eyes and then, boom, gain years of experience in a glimpse ? Bullshit. that’s a romantic pov to think one can beat experience just because one want it (see greene’s book mastery). Was afraid that sw7 was the new disney’s stinking and steaming pile of shit. Wasn’t disappointed at all.

  6. I also think in a few years we’ll see audiences start to push back against being force fed this SJW crap. I think it’s only tolerated now because it’s still relatively new, but the political undertones of such movies will soon start to get boring and movies with strong white male leads will benefit from a new novelty factor. Unless Hollywood takes note then we could even see the rise of rival studios prepared to give the public something new and interesting. Remember that it’s always the underdog and those who are against the established order who are considered daring and cool. Just as the hippies rebelled against a conservative establishment so will the youth of tomorrow chafe against the sclerotic leftist establishment of today.

  7. It’s a huge leap to extend a 565 sample size to a population of 900k+ which is likely not homogeneous, and thus the 565 twitter sample is likely very biased or not representative

  8. The movie has broken all records, making over a billion dollars in twelve days. And it hasn’t even opened in China yet, which is the second largest movie market on the planet.

  9. Frankly I didn’t think The Force Awakens was that bad. But when I read the synopsis of Mad Max, I was driven to utter rage and nearly tore my laptop apart with my bare hands. That movie truly made me hate the feminist SJW narrative in Hollywood more than anything else. So yes, I can only imagine what the Ghostbusters remake will do to my state of mind…

    1. Agreed. I really like Star Wars (hence my nerd rage in the comments). I fucking hated Fury Road. That movie sucked for any number of reasons.

    2. i’m with you. the first two mad max movies are among my absolute favorites, but when i heard that in the new movie max was getting sidelined so another generic warrior princess could star, i felt sick. didn’t go see that one.
      don’t even get me started on the all-female ghostbusters.
      did go see force awakens though, and it was quite good. would have preferred a male luke 2.0, if only to see a major movie buck the trend of every action/fantasy movie having a warrior princess, but other than that and the fact that it was a bit too derivative of the first movie, i enjoyed it. it was cool to see han and leia again, and a little bit of luke.
      hopefully they’ll bring back lando for VIII. maybe he’ll kick rey out of the falcon. wonder who the more hardcore commenters here would cheer for, the warrior princess or the black guy.

    3. What, you did not enjoy the narrative of the peaceful tribe of women that survived totally without evil male aggression? I found it quite profound and socio-critical.

    4. I wonder if the Ghostbusters remake will be subversively conservative like the original. Yes, it was.
      – A government worker, from the EPA no less, was the villian.
      – Dan Ackroyd’s character points out how at the university no one expected anything, but in the real world people expect results.
      – Ernie Hudson’s character is willing to believe in anything for a steady paycheck. He’s not the kind to whine about racism, he does his job.

  10. Hollywood is just going to churn out more and more garbage and will continue to rake in serious money in the process. You just don’t have to willingly give your money to the machine. If you want to watch it, just wait until you can watch it for free; remember, this isn’t a necessity. You probably know it will suck anyways so why waste the money and time now when you can waste just your time later.

  11. Definitely SJW even though I did not see it. Radical leftist sister-in-law let her 11 year old daughter go see the movie. Afterwards, she came home, ran in house and said to her mother
    “Mama, they had a strong female character”.
    Parrotting of mommy was amazing. And chilling.
    I am more determined not to see it

    1. “Mama, they had a strong female character”.

      The problem here is not a “strong female character”. I don’t know why people say that. First, one of the problems is that she’s portrayed as masculine not feminine. A woman can be strong without being a cartoon version of masculine. It just looks so forced and ridiculous when they try the she-male silliness. Heh. Imagine if Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 ran around in a pink tutu, put on make up, and acted all girly throughout the movie. If the filmmakers intended it to be taken seriously then it would be incredibly eye rolling.
      Also, these girl power, SJW type films are not really entertainment but political preaching. This is the problem I have with it. I want to be entertained not preached to by some director spouting his chosen secular religious cult.
      That’s how I see it.

      1. I did not find it that bad in Star Wars. The Terminator Femisys thing was much worse. In the Star Wars movie, she actually is feminine in some parts. Also, she grew up in a kind of shit situation, so it is somewhat believable that she has a somewhat rough character. The only thing that does not make sense is her superhuman / superfemale strength.

        1. You may watch it for shits and giggles. My favorite scene is where they have to get naked for the time machine and he kinda tells her that he loves her – for whatever reason he loves her – and she is totally smitten by it.

        2. It might be fun if you look at it as a comedy I guess. But I’ll be watching it for free not paying them any money. Maybe I’ll check it out at my buddy’s house sometime.

        3. Ha, yeah I know. It’s just not worth my time is all. If it happens to be on at my buds house then I’ll watch it. Other than that I’ve got better things to do. But I hear ya.

        4. Have you ever thought about the ironic fact that nobody on earth can ever know what the best movie on earth is? The amount of movies that get released in terms of duration / playtime far exceeds the continuous time. Even if you wanted to, you could never watch all movies there are. It is absurd.

        5. I liked the last terminator movie. The girls is hot, and aside all the badass female facade, at the end of the day it is Arnold(like always) and Kyle Rheese the ones who save the day, not her.

        6. Rey was the worst character in any movie ever made. As bad and annoying as Sarah Conner was in the new Terminator Rey was worse…. What was wrong with the Sarah Conner in T1 and T2? Why did they have to wreck her…. Seriously… this movies are becoming unwatchable

        7. That’s analagous to the fact that it is theoretically impossible for humans to fully understand the Universe because there is more data in the Universe than there is capacity in our brains. I think if we could understand the Universe it would cease to exist.
          So stop trying to understand Tom, you’ll get us all killed.

        8. Yes, I was talking about her. Well, I would have given her an 8, but yeah between 7-8.
          I think she is the type of lass I’m a bit hard-wired to consider hot. Consider that I live in Argentina, so the pettite, brunette, white skin type is very common here, so I do think they’re hot.

        9. Sorry Tom, but real life shows us that when women grow up in rough circumstances they don’t accomplish anything and end up worse manipulators and cowards than their better-treated counterparts.

        10. Name one example please? Bc it’s not true. And what have u accomplished in ur life bc I’m sure it’s nothing since ur trolling women on a basically a nazi website

      2. “she’s portrayed as masculine not feminine”
        – No…she’s portrayed as confident and competent…but men seem to misinterpret that as masculine.

        1. Intelligence, confidence, power, dominance… All male characteristics, female is caregiver and submissive dick blowjobing

        2. I didn’t get much confidence at all. She initially appeared to be beggar/scavenger. Then the Finn character appeared to rescue her from a group of hooligans stealing her droid. After hooking up with Han Solo, she goes into a sob session with the ancient wisewoman before picking up the lightsaber. Most of the time, she was rescued by the male characters. Watch carefully.

        3. Yep, Finn really saved her from those folks trying to steal her droid. At least, I suppose that’s what must have happened in the special edition version of the film that you got to see.

        4. Women love to give a man some head. Makes them feel like real women.
          Shame blowjobs are depicted so negatively on TV whereas going down on a woman is A-OK.

        5. Finn didn’t save her she kicked his ass. Watch more carefully brother…
          And it wasn’t her droid… it was Poe’s… bitch stole it.

        6. Yea she rescued Finn multiple times. And she was never saved once. She escaped every time on her own or led her group out of danger. Name one time before u talk out of your ass. Use real facts if u want to try to spread these nazi views

        7. You are the bitch buddy. The leader of the free world is black and the next one will be a women. So why don’t u do urself a favor go to the top of highest building nearby and jump.

        8. Sure I will. Ren knocked out Rey by using the force to knock her out into a tree and Finn came to her rescue and was wounded. It was Chewbacca that then came and rescued them both from dying on the planet before it exploded.
          Although Rey escaped the cell on her own, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Finn came to her rescue (in yet another way the the plot was similar to A New Hope) after she got herself captured by Ren (how this makes her a hero, please explain) while Finn, Solo, and Chewbacca stayed behind to fight.
          The real hero of this film, of course, was Han Solo whose death (again, a nod to New Hope) was similar to Obi Wan who sacrificed himself in a noble gesture. Without Solo, the rebel base would have been destroyed and Rey recaptured later.
          Finally, nazi? Really? Isn’t that a bit of an exaggeration?

        9. Finn fought and lost for 5 second Rey ended up winning against Ren. Finn was maybe a distraction but did not rescue her at all. I guess for you when a women carries a man out of danger and into safety she is bein saved by the unconscious man she is holding right ? I guess you could argue that technically chewie saved them but what every character in Star Wars is rescued/ picked up by a ship. So I don’t understand your point other then u hate women. Leia literally rescued look I guess in ur opinion he is a women. Emperor rescued anakin after anakin rescued him so both women right? Han Solo helped obi wan and Luke the empire in episode 4 so I guess in ur opinion everyone in he movies is a women.

        10. Nazi was directed to the thread overall when ppl were taking issue with women and minorities and sorry the message was directed at u and that was an accident.
          But Rey escaped the cell on her own so just bc Finn chewie and Han were there does not take away from that. Had she not escaped herself they would have had no time to rescue her and destroy the base in time.
          And it was not that similar to the sacrifice in a new hope.
          Han Solo didn’t intentionally let his son kill him like obi wan let Vader kill him
          Obi wan died to show Luke the power of the force Han was trying to bring his son back to the light side

        11. In general your argument holds no water. You say Han was the hero not Rey bc he is the reason why they were successful. But Rey had just as big if not larger impact in them being victorious.
          Without Rey Han would never find the MF and thus never be involved in finding look and saving the resistance. Rey was actually the one that fought off the bad guy( Kylo Ren )
          Rey found and retuned bb8.
          Rey and her flying got her and Finn off of jakku
          Without Rey saving Finn and betting him off jakku the resistance would have no idea how to destroy star killer base
          Please let me know if u need more reasoning or if u see that your arguement is flawed

        12. Let’s try some simple facts (tell me if you’ll disagree): If Han Solo and Finn hadn’t gone to the base to save her, would she likely still be alive? Ren knocked her out against a tree. Finn wasn’t just “maybe” a distraction, he bought her critical time to come back to consciousness (keep in mind, he did this without the force.) Chewie then picked her up in the ship. At best, this was a team effort.
          Let’s compare and contrast Rey’s performance to that of another force neophyte: Luke Skywalker. Luke also had a force awakening and in the 2nd film, The Empire Strikes Back, is rescued by… Chewbacca and Solo who bring a ship to pick him up. If not for that, he’d have been toast. Nothing anti-“man” about it at all. He was a developing character (literally) and the audience was invited along with his growth path.

        13. Hahahahaha! The Han Solo death not similar to Obi Wan’s in New Hope? It was so similar that movie reviewers are criticizing it for being a ripoff and in some ways, they’re right. Both characters died at the hands of the 2nd Sith Lord while their friends looked on in horror and then fled. One deliberately allowed himself to die while Luke ran off while the other one put his life on the line to bring his son back.
          Which sparks this observation: Sure, feminine superheroes can have magical abilities such as super smarts or the force or magical fighting powers to beat male opponents twice their size but… taking a sword hit for a noble cause or getting their hand cut off in a battle. Let’s see whether this “Mulan” style Disney character is going to be interesting or… as boring as Aniken Skywalker in the prequel films.

        14. I will answer every question in order
          most likely yes bc if she can make a storm trooper remove her restraints she can tell one to sneak her on a ship
          2 if your arguement is ur not the hero if someone provides a distraction or helps at all then their are 0 heros in Star Wars. Nobody does anything all on their own so the fact that Finn was a good distraction and chewie was the wheel man means nothing.
          So I just don’t understand your point. Is it that their are no heros at all?
          And u said she spent the whole movie being rescued by men while she rescued them just as much if not more.
          She is just like every hero in Star Wars so yea u make no sense

        15. If you watch the film carefully, you’ll note that Finn LIED about knowing how to shutdown the shields and it was his intention to rescue her that got Han Solo to lead the rescue mission. Without Solo and Finn, Rey would have gotten knocked out by the crybaby Ren on the tree and then taken apart before she woke up. This was after she ran into the forest alone and got picked up by Ren.

        16. Let’s review what a “rescue” means. A “rescue” isn’t when someone is injured and you help them get to a waiting ship. Or you fight your way away from danger and bring someone else along. A “rescue” is when YOU put yourself into danger for someone else.
          Like Obi Wan and Luke. Or Han Solo going up to Ren. Or even Luke Skywalker in the first film where he convinces Han Solo to rescue Leia.
          Let’s review: Rey brought Finn along because she thought he had information on the resistance. She escaped bounty hunters on Solo’s ship. She got CAPTURED by Ren. Then she escaped. Then she got knocked out. Then after Finn took an injury to buy her time, she fought off Ren. Then she got picked up by Chewbacca.
          None of the above involves any rescue.
          Ok, she did “rescue” the android from a scavenger and then two hooligans (apparently, not very competent.) But the big heroics, again, were all with the men above. Ironically, even with all of her super powers, she was mostly just running away for the film. Like a Doctor Who companion. 🙂

        17. Firstly only 6% of critics disliked the movie so yea 6% of critics felt that way. Which means that it’s not a commonly held view. 6% means nothing plus when you look at the negative reviews most are from tiny unheard of media outlets. So that whole point that o it’s is a ripoff bc I saw a few reviews said that means nothing.
          For the deaths being the same u basically admitted that the sacrifices were different. So the only similarities you stated was one of the good guys was killed by a bad guy while the good guys watched.
          What does that mean?
          Exactly nothing they have similar themes but it is not close to a rip off. Bc if having those to themes makes it a ripoff basically every movie ever made is a rip off in one way or another

        18. 1 she fought Ren after he killed solo we have no idea if Ren would have ever found her if Finn and solo never came.
          2 yes Finn lied about knowing how to shutdown the shields but he knew where they were. He also knew where the week points were. So yes without Finn the resistance would have no idea how to destroy Star killer base
          The whole distracted thing also makes no sense bc that happens all the time
          remember Vader killed palpatine when he was distracted with Luke.
          Solo (ur boy) killed fett when he was distracted in the battle by the Sarlac pit
          Luke destroyed the death star when Vaders ship was shot and knocked away from the batter
          And that’s not counting all the times the “heros fought 2 against one bad guy. So by ur logic basically Star Wars has no legit heros right ?

        19. So what is saving someone’s life. What do they call it when a ship finds ppl ship wrecked on a deserted island. Oh yea they say they were fu*king rescued. And if the coast guard saves ppl on a deserted island they are not in danger. If a giant military ship saves a sinking fishing ship the coast guard ship is in no danger. But what do they call it? A rescue
          Are those not rescues?

        20. Oh no! The female wasn’t rescued by a guy? Not even once?? WTF!!! Guess it’s time to cut our nuts off. You fucking wankers.

        21. Han was trying to get written out of the franchise. He saw what was coming and it’s probably for the best.

        22. A critic can like a film AND still say it’s a ripoff. Did you read the remaining 94% of the reviews to see if they shared my opinion? I also love how feminists (side observation), love to claim that feminism is the mainstream view yet… women are oppressed by the evil empire, I mean, Patriarchy. In a way, they’re right: Outside of western chivalry, the “force” doesn’t exist. 🙂
          Seriously though, I’ll be happy to list all the ripoff points: Film starts out on a desert planet, has a space battle, and then winds up blowing up a big “base” (Episode IV). Crew goes to a bar filled with weird aliens (Episode IV). Beloved character dies at the end in view of his friends (Episode IV). Woman taken hostage and interrogated by Sith Lord (Episode IV). Father’s light saber passed down (Episode IV). Old, wise midget advising young apprentice (Episode V). Shield taken down to allow rebels to destroy base (Episode IV, VI). Chase through an obstacle course (Episode V). Robot has secrets that needs to be protected (Episode IV).
          Sure, you can say that the Robot “secret” is different because a map to Luke is different than plans for the Death Star or that Solo dying to try to bring his son back is different than Obi Wan dying to help Luke get away (note: A “distraction” similar to Finn battling Ren long enough for Rey to recover) but come on. Put all the above together and most fans, even ones who liked the film, were chuckling.

        23. Your final question: Does Star Wars have legitimate heroes? One of the things that made some of the films so charming was that the characters could be complex without whiney (especially the early films). Han Solo was NOT a hero. He was a mercenary who only rescued the princess for money and later decided to save Luke at the Death Star. This did not diminish Luke’s heroism to rescue the princess and go to the battle. Note that Luke didn’t start out as a hero either (he was a whiney farmboy knocked out by some marauders) and rescued by Obi Wan.
          Finn didn’t seem to know where the shield defense was so much as held a gun to a trooper’s head to shut it down (which Solo could have also done.) Regarding stuff not making sense, much of the film didn’t make sense as the RoK review points out but then again, a lot of Star Wars doesn’t make sense but that’s expected and ok.
          My opinion of the franchise, even before the New Social Justice Warrior, is that most of it wasn’t that great. Return of the Jedi was mostly cheesy and Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith were almost entirely AWFUL.

        24. So Chewbacca was the hero. Thanks for playing.
          Seriously though: Finn jumped in and got himself wounded protecting Rey and yet you claim that her helping him to the ship that Chewie flew in means she’s the hero? Yeah, sure.
          As I said, I give her credit for protecting the robot at the beginning of the film and being a great pilot AND technician (all out of nowhere) and perhaps these skills are magic Xena Warrior Princess or Buffy Vampire Slayer gifts (which we’ll see in later films).

        25. That’s exactly what I’m trying to explain. She is a Jedi her being s women has nothing to do with her powers

        26. How did Finn rescue her from the hooligans?
          He watched her fight them off single handedly. Then bb8 told Rey that Finn had poes jacket. Before Finn says or does anything he runs away until Rey catches him and hits him over the head with her staff
          So how closely were u watching. Like you clearly don’t remember the movie that well maybe just admit you need to re watch

        27. Show some positive reviews that use the word rip off. Similar sure but their are no positive reviews that call it a rip off. Also show any legitimate review from a legit paper or site that compiled about a female protagonist. Plus Rey was basically universally loved as a character. Most negative reviews were the movie was to similar but the news cat members shined.
          And every similarity you listed is basically in any space movie or show
          Blowing up a big ship in space lmao
          I guess Star Trek rips off Star Wars too. Same with battle star Galactica
          Their are aliens in a bar? Yes they are in space who else would be in the bars?
          Hero dying in front of his friends. Really is that something that does not happen in at least half of sci fi adventure films
          Alien giving advice is short. Well Star Wars has a lot of aliens some are short. Can only one be capable of giving advice in a 70 year period?
          knocking out the shields
          This one is funny. So what shud they have done just pretended like he empire forgot to use Sheilds to stop attacks? Or shud the resistance have said oh shields fuck it let go home ?
          Chase thru what obstickle course? I have no idea what u are talking about
          Do You remember Ren reading poes mind. Yes ppl with force powers can read someone’s mind. So if u need to have someone of something hold he plans wouldn’t using a droid he only logical option??
          Basically I’m impressed you wrote an essay without making any statements that make sense

        28. So Han risking his life to help Luke and the rebels destroy the most powerful weapon the galaxy has ever known does NOT make him a hero?
          You are hilarious

        29. So stopping the bad guy in a battle fate turnstiles are defeated then carrying ur unconscious half dead ally away from the battle does not make u a hero but
          Picking up your friends like a cab driver makes u a hero
          You just Love arguing. Unfortunately ur dumb as dog shit.

        30. US is not a free world. Obtain votes is not a credential for personal quality.
          The most you vote monkeys and women the less free world it is. At her end US will be Africa. You monkey/ menstrual subhuman troll

        31. I’m reminded of the Captain Kirk versus Picard arguments that some Trekkies get into fistfights over and break their inhalers. 🙂
          Listen, don’t take this too seriously. Apparently, the film is making a big white male owned company a lot of money so it’s a success. If I don’t agree with you, it’s not going to make a huge difference. They won’t shut down the franchise over this. So breath in and out a few times.
          I’m a fan of the earlier films and even apart from the SJW issue, I had a decent time but not great. It was “ok”. The character of Rey wasn’t that compelling and note that I often like strong feminine characters such as Ripley in Alien. If you want to claim that all the plot similarities don’t matter, even all put together (and mostly from the first film in the franchise), then fine. Enjoy. I found it pretty glaring watching the film and was amused about it. Sometimes, in your face ripoffs can be hilarious (like South Park.) I actually laughed out loud at the bar scene in Awakens (in a good way.)
          Regarding Trek and Galactica. Well, Galactica WAS a ripoff of Star Wars. The sets were similar and the battle scenes as well. It was a running joke at the time I was watching the series as a kid and it’s partly why the series never really took off and was cancelled after a few seasons. The reboot (feminized) was pretty good and actually has a bigger fan following. So sometimes, leftist SJW’s can do things pretty well. I think the leftist reboot of BG was one of the best series I have ever seen.
          Let’s compare Luke to Rey. Luke was a farmboy with a personality and backstory. He wanted to be a space pilot (like a lot of kids watching the film.) He studied in his spare time to learn spaceflight. He cared about his relatives, but didn’t like them dragging him down. He lacked basic fighting skills and later acquired them only after mentoring. His story, and character, was ‘real’ and therefore compelling.
          Rey’s a Buffy/Xena who basically woke up and grrrl power gave her all the abilities and even then, all the action happened around her. All the mentoring that Luke enjoyed in the first two films isn’t in this one.
          If you want a review that agrees with me, check out reelviews.
          And deal with it. And use your inhaler if you have to.

        32. Walking away from a battle, and taking someone with you, doesn’t make someone a hero. Defending yourself also doesn’t make you a hero (even if from a powerful foe you defeat using magical powers.)
          Hero is going INTO danger to help SOMEONE else (or a cause). By that measure, the only heroics Rey got involved in was defending the droid. Other than that, she was largely a secondary character.
          Get over it. Note that the Finn character, a minority, had some likable and heroic traits. Without magical force powers, he put himself into danger several times.
          All that said, it’s not just heroics. As I said, Solo was an anti-hero for most of films and this made him a likable rogue. Luke was a boy out for adventure (not to do anything good, but “see the universe”.) And that’s ok. I still LIKE both of the characters.
          Ironically, as you defend the Rey character as this superhero (literally), it makes her less and less interesting as a character. Kill her off and replace her with another supergirl. Who will know the difference or care as long as she kicks butt?

        33. Lol ur right . The us isn’t the leader of the free world at all. Where did I get that from

        34. Yea fighting one of the strongest ppl in the galaxy. Ur right she didn’t put herself in danger at all. I can’t believe ur not joking

        35. She ran Because the planet was about to fucking blow up. Wow r u dumb or stubborn.
          And what did she do when Ren fought up with her. Before she cud attack he knocked her out. She wakes up her friend is near death and she fights off one of the strongest warriors in the galaxy.
          And did she put herself in danger by going on this mission to begin with? Yes so yea she qualifies as a hero. U can argue Luke was a bigger hero in pervious movies but she was a hero.
          Just please don’t come back with another dumb response like Finn saved her when they tried to steal her droid. Which never happened

        36. Fine. She fought off someone to save her own life. She was so brave and heroic.

        37. Since when does Star Wars have one hero
          Vader at the end
          Obi wan
          Qui gon
          So what does chewbaca and Finn being heroic have to do with her.
          And she jumped in to save Finn just like he jumped into her
          And there are many more examples of her being heroic but instead of list a bunch I will cover one in detail
          When being attacked by tie fighter and being knocked over by an explosionRey goes to help Finn who is
          Still laying on the ground. So instead of running away while being chased by storm troopers and tie fighters she chose risk being shot to save Finn who she has known for 2 minutes.
          Isn’t that putting urself in danger to help someone else which I believe u said defines heroic

      3. Yeah, it came off as a little girl playing at being a big grown man. It was completely ridiculous. I rolled my eyes at the scene where she meets the robot, BB-8.
        Trying to sound tough and firm:
        Girl: “You can’t come with me”.
        *robot starts following her
        Girl “No! You can’t come blah blah blah”
        *robot keeps following
        Girl: “(*fake sounding exhasperated sigh) Oh, alright come on”
        Give me a break. Girls are sheep and hate loneliness. Realistically, in her situation she would’ve been all over that cute little robot. (Yes, I want realism in a SW movie when it comes to how characters interact).
        The entire movie was her acting like a man, or setting scenes up just to show that she doesn’t need the help of the male characters.
        Except Luke… and I bet they made Luke gay, just to make it OK for her to require his help.

        1. Shake my head in shame? I’m not from the U.S. I’m from Canada though, but I haven’t lived there in years. Heard the new Prime Minister is already practically a woman though. It’s disgraceful.

      4. I don’t know about fictional Star Wars female characters, but you’re certainly a cartoon version of something.

      5. How is she masculine in any way? She is attractive petite I don’t get it. Are you just making things up to complain about

        1. I mistyped so that makes me an idiot. Answer this question
          How is she masculine in any way? She is attractive petite I don’t get it. Are you just making things up to complain about

      6. Eh, it was a Star Wars movie and it was a sit down watch and have fun movie. Interpretations are brought by the audience, if you look for preaching, you’ll find preaching. I looked for fun, I found fun.

    2. That poor child- im sure she’s scarred for life after seeing a great female role model stand up to evil domineering men LOL

      1. Well if its realistic, and not full of Bullshit Girlpower, no one would care. But this little girl beating up grown men crap, is well…..Total garbage.

        1. I know its a movie….asshole.. You probably wish Rhonda would peg you….BTW, my dumbass is probably smarter than you.

    3. There were some definite contrived feminist moments, that in fact, would not have made sense even if a man was playing the role. For example, Rey was telling Han Solo how his own ship worked. Sorry not happening.
      Rey with no battleship experience and no familiarity with the MF outflies experienced Tie-Fighter pilots.
      Rey beats up not one but two men, trained from birth to kill. She has no training at all.
      Rey is able to do the Jedi Mind Trick, something she’s never heard of, even it took Luke years to master with training.
      And lets not forget the Brienne of Tarth moment at the end.
      EDIT: Brienne of Tarth was actually in the movie!!!! I didn’t pick up on that.

      1. She was probably trained and had her mind wiped. And she has force powers so she can probably kill dozens of storm troopers by herself. Did u ever watch the movie

        1. Says who? You are talking about stuff that wasn’t even in the movie.
          “…so she can probably kill dozens of storm troopers by herself.”
          Without ANY training.

    4. @skillet is that bc ur are a closet case? Just admit what u are and u will stop hating other ppl!

  12. Star Wars Lost $4.2 Million Because Of Our Reporting That Identified It As SJW Propaganda

    It’s a start.

  13. Dubious claim at best…this is just clickbait.
    I think the film presented a fairly realistic portrayal of a female in combat. Rey wins a fight early on where she is armed and her assailants are not (and they are also substantially shorter than her.) Later on she flees when she is told she must take a lightsaber and join the fight. At the end of the film, she is only able to defeat a man in one-on-one combat because he has injuries all over his body, including one that he’s been bleeding out of for twenty minutes.
    In comparison, I can think of at least five major male characters who are effective and heroic. Han Solo and Po Damurun in particular, who are both white as well. This claim that the film is some SJW propaganda is pretty absurd. The entire movie revolves around their search for an old, white man who will show them the way with his wisdom (Luke Skywalker.)
    Besides Rey, there is only two other major female characters, neither of which are shown in combat. There are plenty of movies that are clearly anti-man and anti-white. To pick on The Force Awakens just because it’s the biggest film of the year is clearly a reach for publicity’s sake.

    1. It’s all clickbait now. ROK authors think they’re on top of the world, while in reality, the media complex and the liberals look at them the same way men look down on ants.

      1. Of course they do look down like that… They have enough dumb asses like you to buy their garbage. This is not about making a significant impact on their bottom line. This is about standing by your ideas, something you know very little about.

        1. First off, I haven’t bought anything EPVII-related, jackass. Don’t presume.
          Second, I’m only making a logical assessment of the situation.
          Third, by “standing by your ideas”, I suppose it means “acting like a crybaby because there’s one female Mary Sue character” despite the fact that there’s other heroic men in the film who helped her, without whom she’ll still be some desert hobo picking out garbage for a living.

    2. i just looked up poe dameron, and to my suprise the actor is part cuban, part guatemalan. he would definitely be considered white in latin america, though.

    3. Took the words out of my mouth, Neal. You have to pick your battles, and this is not worth the time. I’m a red pill male and still got drawn into the movie, including Rey.

    4. How realistic is it for a woman to beat a man in a swordfight? Also, Luke Skywalker is not the focus because he is old, and white, but because he is the only living Jedi. The plot hints that Luke is going to train Rey and she will be the answer they need to win.

      1. A swordfight? Or a light saber fight? My swords/katanas are heavy, but they’re made of metal, not of LASER BEAMs.
        There’s no reason to believe a light saber would weigh anything more than its handle.

        1. “A swordfight? Or a light saber fight? My swords/katanas are heavy, but they’re made of metal, not of LASER BEAMs.
          “There’s no reason to believe a light saber would weigh anything more than its handle.”
          Not many women win knife fights (about same weight as a light saber handle) against men. Once those light sabers connect, then the male just needs to put his superior strength and weight behind it and the female would be on her knees, off her feet, or the light saber gets pulled from her grasp.

  14. “The release of The Force Awakens will only increase the esteem in which our contrarian reporting is held” May the force be against you, after all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  15. On a side note, if you want to see the complete opposite of this narrative played out in a film, go check out “Sicario.” Emily Blunt is portrayed as a strong, empowered female (complete with an African American partner/side-kick) who was hand-picked to make a TRUE CHANGE in the war on drugs. Everything is set up for the same tired-old narrative to play out, like clockwork. BUT… at the end of the movie, we realize she is nothing but an incompetent, useless pawn who gets completely owned by the REAL players in the game (Josh Brolin and Benecio Del Toro). It’s nice to see that the SJW agenda hasn’t reached every aspect of Hollywood, just yet.

    1. Hollywood will always change the script of they think it will make more money. Movie goers know when they’re being coned by SJW implants and if it’s not authentic they’ll vote with their feet. You cannot deconstruct the hero archetype for ideological reasons, it’s too deep and scared a myth in our culture.

  16. Last night I randomly picked a Netflix produced movie to watch. Seemed interesting at a first glance. Sure enough, it fucking turned into a fucking gay propaganda movie 30 minutes into it. I of course abandoned it. Can’t hide from this shit anymore. I’m so sick of it all. They should have a disclaimer on any movie: “Men sucking other men’s dicks” kind of warning.

      1. Yeah, I know man.. But why do I (a heterosexual man) unsuspectingly be subject to this fucking shit. It cost me 30 minutes of my life. Motherfuckers…
        On a different note, I went and saw “The Big Short”… Excellent movie btw. While walking out, there was this couple in front of me. He was trying to explain the dumb bitch what a Credit Default Swap was…. She of course didn’t pay any attention to that muppet… I was laughing my ass off. Watching the world through RP glasses is so fun sometimes..

        1. Yeah, I know man.. But why do I (a heterosexual man) unsuspectingly be
          subject to this fucking shit. It cost me 30 minutes of my life. Motherfuckers…

          I hear ya.

          On a different note, I went and saw “The Big Short”… Excellent movie btw.

          The times I have checked out new movies I make sure not to pay for it. If I go to the theater someone eslse will pay for it (and my concessions). Or I just check it out at a friends house. I don’t pay for cable since it’s mostly become one big vagina.

        2. No cable or TV in my home man. I do sometimes treat myself with hand picked movies. This one, I was interested in as I’ve read the book, and I know a lot about what went down in 08.

        3. That’s good advice, but, if you’ve kids, well then it’s not that easy to do. I watched two old classics over the Christmas, The Last Picture Show and Paris Texas- what brilliant films. Dry, smokey,desert dust and thumb-weed, strangeness, dislocation, reconciliation, arid key notes, big skies, and tin pot road stops…made me nostalgic for places I’ve never even been to. Great cinema, no more! (Yet another part of our culture gone)

        4. We should also have a reverse movies list. Movies we should go watch with our suns/daughters. I’ll check the ones you mentioned out..

        5. I here you. This royally sucks, however, I’m convinced things are going to change very quickly. Turns out, propaganda and all, most people still don’t want to watch two men having sex or suck their dicks…whatever. For that matter, most people would be perfectly fine and, perhaps, even more enthused about a Star Wars where the men are men and women women. Yet, we get nearly 1/2 of all characters portrayed as homosexual and feminist gibberish. ? What’s that mean to you? Indeed a whole host of things, yes, but have you considered what it really means, again, millions and millions of people being basically undeserved in a major global market.
          Its an opportunity, period. Think of it as a vacuum in nature…does it not correct?
          The media, right now, is going through a existential change and I very much believe what comes out of this change will be very good for ROK, Neomasculinity, men and the alt right etc. Here is the direction we’re going too. Mass personal customization of one’s entire media and, for that matter, cultural experience. The left can’t stop this, the only way they can is to outright ban or censor the internet and that means full exposure. Very soon, my friend, you can create your own profile that will stream content that you like and exclude what you don’t. Very soon we’ll all be able to self-censor, as opposed to be censored, exactly what we want and don’t. You like 98-99% of everyone else who isn’t a homosexual, will simply not select “lgdsjhasdsjsdhs” whatever that fucking stupid acronym is, and never again be bothered. Advertisements will follow suit and will play not to a marketing teams’ presumptions but your stored meta data vis-a-vi your customized profile. They want continue to insult men that’s fine, because, sooner or later, competition will reign supreme and one competitor will say…hmmm, maybe insulting our potential clients is not good marketing and they’ll adjust a more suitable ego-boosting adverts into your specific profile…but it won’t be systematic, homosexuals, for instance, will get the same customized treatment. No one is offended or excluded, because, we’re getting just what we want. You see, this is also a goldmine for advertisers and that’s the money.
          Roku, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu…that’s the future and even those applications are not complete. I think there is probably one more iteration until we finally have total control over our media. My friend, then it ends for the progressives.

        6. These tools can’t come soon enough. What worries me, I was having high hopes for Netflix produced movies or series. It turns out they sold out. All you get is homo/sjw/men humping men etc. WTF.. And it’s so damn insidious. Shit shows up in the middle of the movie. I am not homophobic but these guys should go suck dick somewhere else. I don’t want to watch that. At least there should be a warning there’s gay content in the movie. Pisses me off to no end.

        7. Not everyone is rooted into the financial times. That doesnt make her a dumb bitch. Not trying to defend the ho but I personally don’t give a shit what white men name their hoodwinking schemes.

        8. One single level of indirection will throw most women off. Two levels and you lost 99% of them. Talk about synthetics with them is just stupid.

        9. Don’t worry, this is inevitable. Don’t take this as condescending, but do you really think you’re the only one that feels that way? Shoot, the only people I’ve ever really interacted with in my life, jocks, some misfits, the Marine Corps and Wall Street (from football to trading)…I never run into fellas that would ever like watching men have sex. We fucking use it as an insult or joke…”hey man I saw you fucking a male horse the other day, what’s up?” Banter like that. Back to what I said before…my whole point is that there is a huge unaddressed, undeserved market, which therefore makes it a virgin opportunity. What you’re witnessing right now is the media in the throws of angst. Its fighting this change and the “fight” here is NOT people like us. Its comes from the real owners, the fucking soros’s of the world…its them and their leftist perverts that are resisting this as long as they can. They’re impeding progress. Look, we already have the technology and concept down, think iTunes or iTV…whatever. Its already here, the only reason why abc, cbs, nbc or msnbc or cnn exert any influence any longer is because its a fucking cabal! Ergo, why its baby steps for now, roku, netflix etc until they can get the business model settled out and maintain their political grip…but, you see, its impossible. Why? Because the direction is clear…its all about on-demand and viewer choice. Under that model pushing content that you want versus what the public is impossible.
          And that brings me to content. Its never been easier for a Church, High School Thespians, local playhouse or just a bunch of random people to create their own tv shows, movies, game shows, news…you name it. What once took 100 million dollars a huge studio with 1000s of employees now takes some cheap software and hardware. Even self made CGI is available. We can make our own Star Wars. The country leans right, so, as this true renaissance takes foot so will the kinds of content you like. And the beauty of it all is that homosexual only media will still exist and it will be consumed by…homosexuals. But, same goes for a neonazi. No one really looses anything in this new paradigm, except, that we’ll no longer be forced together against our will, such as, interjecting feminists theory into a space war or forcing straight people to interact with homosexuality.

        10. I’m sure those instruments were not created by women. I would be willing to bet my left nut over it.

        11. IMDB gives great Trigger Warnings about grownup stuff like sex or violent content or drug usage.
          It’s under “Parents Guide: View content advisory”.

      2. A HETEROSEXUAL MALE solution for controlling media and damages to your
        entertainment expenditures.
        1. Disconnect from cable service
        2. Purchase least expensive internet package. ( no one really needs more than 15GB to handle any stream today. ( This will cost between $35-40 per month. THIS WILL LIKELY GIVE YOU MORE THAN TWICE THE REQUIRED MINIMUM BROADBAND CAPACITY)
        3 Get a HD video converter box and watch over the air broadcast tv. All the programming on cable is filled with reality tv and SJW network shows containing ant-male messages. Is CNN/MSNBC bringing you any breaking news that you can’t see on CBS and NBC. They are all part of the same conglomerate. BTW, the free retro broadcast programming isn’t nearly as offensive. You will get a reminder of what tv was like when it had dignity.
        4. Subscribe to a VPN tunnel service (look it up)
        5. Purchase an android box and install Kodi media center. Got to yoututbe to learn how to Install add ons for viewing free free sports/cable stations. (make sure vpn is running int the background at all times)
        6. Learn about torrenting , then download the bullshit for free to protect yourself when your masochistic tendencies kick in. If you find violating scenes of SJW morality and homosexuality in the content at least you won’t pay for it, just delete it. (make sure the VPN is running at all times)

      3. If you are going to stick to old movies and programming then why pay for streaming services. Retro programming is available free on over the Air broadcasts.

        1. I don’t pay for streaming services. Stuff I really enjoy I’ll buy DVDs or blu-rays when they on a big time sale. Other stuff I don’t’ mess with since I keep myself busy with other things.

    1. Thats your fault for paying for Netflix. Its not like you don’t know about the potential dangers of the available content. On a serious note; try to search the reviews for the pattern “homo” before you watch the program.

      1. 3 movies I picked : Sense8 (heavy gay), Suicide Theory(fucking gay), and even fucking 8:46 (one gay scene). Unreal… Any place one can get away from this shit?

  17. Refused to see Star Wars and Mad Max.
    Also hinted to all friends and extended family over Christmas that it’s a piece of anti-white and pro-feminist Jew-Jew Abrams propaganda. Red cross anti-Christ light saber, random black mouth-breathing protagonist, Abrams quoted verbatim saying he hates the room full of whites.
    Last film I saw in cinemas was Nightcrawler which was incredible.
    ROK please advise any future subversive films to avoid – I imagine there will be quite a few..

        1. eh, i thought fin was actually pretty good. if anything, shouldn’t the more racist among us take some satisfaction from the fact that the white pilot guy (cool character even though i can’t remember his name) was obviously more alpha than fin?

        2. Ok you see. THIS is the kind of reason that keeps me from paying any money to see these modern SJW religious tracks. He changed it up STRICTLY for political reasons. This proves it. I’m not paying money to be preached to by some feminist/SJW cultist.

        3. It’s all leading to a new Syrian lead actor. If you don’t like blacks and soon if you don’t like Syrians or other random refugees you are a “bigot”.. Fuck the SJW narrative and fuck J J Abrams

        4. Which makes no sense, considering incredibly powerful characters like Lando and Mace Windu were black. He has no real argument, and is just randomly declaring that we need to remove whitey.

        5. I don’t know. Where is the black fairy princess to give us movies with armies of homosexual heroes? Why don’t we just take every white person in the theater, march them to the front and kill them while they cry about how progressive they are and the crowd of fags and welfare queens cheer?

        6. Now imagine if Abrams would have said that about any other group of people. He would have been, literally, nailed to a cross and SJWs would have called to boycott this film.
          Our society is sad. We’ve gone from taking the best to make a movie to this new “diversity” standard (which is racism in a finer form if you think about it).
          Diversity, to me, means ‘don’t hire any whites’ or ‘hire whites last, if we have to hire any of them’.

        7. EXACTLY this. This confirms just how anti-white this film really is. If he went on record saying, “this room is so unbelievably black” he would never direct a film again. He hates whites and he’s not afraid to admit it.

        8. And he could have picked better actors for the roles. There are plenty of talented black actors out there who could have filled that role as well as the lead role for the woman. I’m for the best getting the job…not diversity so everyone can feel “great” about the decision.
          Alec Guinness (original Obi-Wan) was a Shakespearean actor…that’s how he got the role (being one of the best). James Earl Jones (voice of Vader)…another Shakespearean actor (one of the best). If you look up the history of many of the actors in the original you’ll find very talented (among the best). Today, we are settling for higher movie ticket prices for lower quality (acting)….just to be “diverse”?
          The really fucked up part about the whole thing was Abrams making the remark about ‘the whitest room’. He missed it. It wasn’t the color of the room…it was the quality of the acting in the room (mostly white or not).

        9. Poe (the pilot) will be the ‘new’ Han Solo. The Stormtrooper captain (actress Gwendoline Christie btw) will come back, possibly kidnap the ‘prince’ (Finn) for the ‘hero’ (Ray) save his ass, while she convinces the captain to join the Alliance. She’ll be the love interest of Poe, as soon as she shows how badass she is. ¬_¬
          So, we’ll have a more or less equal action couple (Poe & Phasma) to the ‘hero’ (Rey) and maybe, maybe not, friendzoned prince (Finn) as the main couple.

        10. Isn’t it funny, how the the most ardent supporters of a racially blind society see the world in only racial terms… Talent, be damned… appropriate character match, be damned… whiteness, be damned… all for the sake of “blind social justice.”

        11. Idiotic unprovable red herring. Everyone who disagrees with you is not a “closet case”. Faggot.

        12. Then why are u so worried about homosexuals. How do they hurt you? When someone is so worried about someone else who does not effect them at all it usually means some type of internal struggle

        13. Because they parade their degeneracy in front of children. I have to pay for their special privileges through taxes and their health problems. 40% of gay people have more than 1000 partners and most of them have viral STDs. They think it is funny to try to hit on straight men because their degeneracy knows no bounds. And now schools are going to imply through political correctness that it is good to be gay and wrong to be straight, which will corrupt our children and hurt first world birth rates even further while we import third world troglodytes in a desperate bid to pick up the slack.
          The fallacy you just commited is called asking a loaded question. You attempted to make me appear as something I am not by including a premise in your query/statement. Disliking a group of people does not imply personal struggle; Armenians don’t dislike Turks because they want to be turkish as the turkish government insists, but because of the Ottoman genocide against them in the past. Learn to fucking think.

        14. 40% of gay ppl have a 1000 partners. Wtf. Can I please see where u got that from. You just can’t stand ur world is gone. Gone forever. This country is pro gay and never going back. EVER so enjoy the ride

        15. It will go back, once it is destroyed. Liberals go on and on about how they are the future, yet theyhave .8 children per couple on average. Your ideals are an evolutionary dead end. Hispanics and maybe even jihadists will move in, have more kids than you, and you will go extinct.

        16. Except that the vast majority of youths are liberal. For the most part especially in this country each generation is more liberal then their parents. They are more openminded and grew up in a world where ideas are more freely shared the they were previously. Obviously this is not true for every single person or every single generation but the trend is undeniable. That trend is why the country and world have changed and thus y u feel the world needs to go back
          But over an extended period of time the world does not go back. It never has and never will. You live in this world so you need to find a way to deal with that

        17. It is not paranoia, they march through the streets of major cities half naked and people cheer them on. What message does that send to male children? That they should be ashamed of being masculine and live a confused life where they are constantly at war with their nature and have no sense of belonging to ironically fit in with a group of people that see them as a political tool?
          And don’t get me started on how women have been lied to by the LGBT/feminist mafia. More women than ever end up barren or single mothers, which are two of the most unhappiest demographics on the planet. Gloria Steinem gave her whole life to your activism and you hyenas just threw her to the curb for a slip of the tongue. You think degeneracy and irresponsibility are ‘individualistic’ and therefore good, and that actual virtue is wrong. You’ll get yours when you see the society that punishing the strong and rewarding the weak creates (one that dies).

        18. That isn’t true. The youth turned liberal in the late 80’s and 90’s, but more millenials are beginning to identify as conservative. Even if you brainwash the children, they will also have no kids and die off. You haven’t addressed my point, instead opting to mask your lack of an argument with condescension and childish posturing. You only get to lecture other people if your ideas are backed with logic rather than a subjective judgment that I don’t believe in or care about. The world going back is called a die off, something that happens all of the time in biology and to civilizations too. Of course, liberals think nature is all cuddly, so when a species undergoes a die off they blame industry rather than natural processes, typical of their shallow definition of knowledge.

        19. It was young people who protested the Vietnam war in the 60s and 70s. They were much more liberal then the older generation.
          It was young people who Protested against segregation in the 50s again much more liberal then their parents
          And today millenials are more liberal then the 18-35 demographic has ever been.

        20. They are turning back right. You wouldn’t know this, basking in the light you can’t see the shadows, but it is definitely happening. When you are screaming at the television in 10 years, remember you heard it here first.

        21. Um I am a millenial. So are all my friends. My sister is a millenial in Texas . They are almost universally more liberal then their parents with very very very few exceptions. Google almost any source liberal moderate or conservative all say millenials are more liberal. The conservative sources claim it’s bc of misguided reasons but none of them say millenials are becoming more conservative

        22. It’s my personal experience that many millenials pretend to be liberal in public because of in group selection. Just remember where you got this information, I won’t be around to say I told you so, because I actually do shit all day.

        23. It makes sense, considering that if they catch you saying something they disagree with they try to fucking decapitate you and cost you your job, family and social inclusion.

        24. Nothing, but watch a train crash a few times makes me not want to leave the platform. I remember the jewish girl in my lab saying republicans shouldn’t have any rights, and everyone laughed. Would anyone be honest about their political beliefs in such an environment?

      1. White men are freaking out. When they don’t dominate 100% of everything , they become insecure.

        1. If you had any balls you’d do something about it. Call up your elitist white friends and get it together. Oh…IM sorry . You are learning you are an ingredient in the excrement stew as the rest of us. They don’t want to know poor whites either.

        2. Keep in mind that most of Hollywood is still the old white male oligarch studio system. Leftists define as “developed” European nations, USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan. All largely white nations and Japan. Note, this is leftism.
          All that being said, I don’t mind seeing other non-white cultures develop and become successful in their own right. I think Hong Kong is fantastic, I’m happy to see Korea doing well, many South American countries are progressing, etc. How are non-whites progressing when they’re bringing whites down?

    1. I don’t think anyone could ever describe Star Wars as being subversive. You can see right through it.

      1. I don’t think you understand how many ppl don’t follow neomasculinity and who don’t understand that film guys are trying to tear us apart. My buddy saw new Star Wars twice. I asked him if he thought it was a bit anti-white, anti-Christian. He didn’t understand.
        I remember my local parish when I was in a Christian high school (I’m not a practising Christian) said not to see Harry Potter when it came out.. Magic spells, does shit that Jesus did in the bible. I can see why they didn’t want us to see it now.

        1. what about the pilot? going to have to look up his name…poe dameron…ok…heh, looks like the actor’s actually half guatemalan/half cuban. well, he’d be considered white in central america, at least. he could definitely pass for italian and italians are white, aren’t they?

        2. Sorry I didn’t see the film but Italians and Latinos are Christians. They have the same values as us. On the other hand there are Arabs and South Sudanese. They have multiple wives, frequently rape (Sweden 2.0) and tend to act like rock apes.

        3. Which is why they form enclaves of there own kind, right? Germanic white peoples have been brainwashed to believe other groups of people share our courtesy.

        4. my wife is from central america. she’s brown skinned and has a thick accent when she speaks english. a lot of the hitler fans on here don’t like latinos and would probably consider me a race traitor for marrying her (i’m almost pure scandanvian) but she and her family have a lot more of the traditional values that most of us here supposedly value than most north americans at this point.
          i find it refreshing to be able to freely discuss race here, but i honestly don’t dislike black people and latin americans as, it sometimes seems, the majority of those who post here do. not sure what to think about muslims. not enough first hand experience. whenever SJWs post about the syrian hordes, you get pictures of a dirty-faced little girl holding a teddy bear with a little tear dripping down her cheek. when alt right bloggers post about them, you get pics of young, angry men holding signs saying “islam will conquer the world” and “let us in or die” and so on.

        5. Yup. I found much the same while living in South America last year. Just because a group of people is different — or maybe even inferior, depending on the metric — isn’t reason to hate them.

        6. This is true and I guess that’s how propaganda always works, when ideological messages and constructs are perceived as entirely normal by the audience. The lack of understanding in your friend happens when there’s no other narrative to reference in the mind. However, I am surprised, considering the abundance and availability of classic “open view” movies and literature in the world that there’s youngish people around who wouldn’t get the meaning of your question? Or perhaps he thinks anti-white, anti-christian stuff is normal or then again maybe he’s one of those millions who just doesn’t care one way or the other?

        7. No issues here, I am in Colombia right now and they have some of the best Christian values I have ever seen. Although I am against marriage really, but along the lines of Roosh, you should definitely be with a girl who is brought up in a country where it is recommended to have babies at ages 19-24. You want a woman who is beautiful enough, with enough energy, with her parents and Grandparents still alive, all looking after your offspring together.
          Nothing worse than marrying an estranged 35 year old woman, birthing on borrowed time and not a single family member still in contact.
          Here in Bogota, only Westernized girls (VERY few btw) and maybe orphans were available for dates/sex over Christmas because the rest were with their Abuelas, their Grandmothers.
          Jezebel should do a reader Poll to see how many of their filthy reader base even gave their Elders a call on Christmas.
          On another note, having spent a few months in Arabia before (Doha and Cairo), they do have okay values but not the ones they send via refugee status or the ones doing jihad. Africa is another story lol (think Mozambique, which has an AK-47 in their flag)…

        8. I was in Medellin for two months last year and must take exception. There are almost NO good old-fashioned values in that city. Twenty-five years later, Escobar’s mentality has filtered out to the populace and now everybody’s trying to fuck everybody–literally, nobody stays faithful, man or woman. It was awesome for me, the extranjero, because the women were gorgeous, but I wouldn’t marry a paisa if my life depended on it.

        9. cool. never been to south america, but it warms my heart to hear that there are still good colombianas out there. i found much the same thing in central america. some of my american coworkers thought the local women were vapid sluts, but that was because they were getting involved with women they met at night clubs, and there’s a very blurry line between girls at clubs and prostitutes in that part of the world. the good girls are at church or at home with their families, like you say. i remember roosh saying that it’s much the same in ukraine.

        10. I think a lot of the race hatred stems from men being so frustrated and confused at the sick state of society today and not knowing where to vent their anger. Immigrants have been blamed for domestic problems throughout history.

        11. Haven’t been to Colombia, but rule of thumb in Latin America, whether looking for women or tourism, is to get out of the big city ASAP.

        12. good point. that, and the way leftists cyncially use “racism” as a weapon. i just can’t bring myself to dislike people based on the color of their skin, but even i get very pissed off when brain dead liberals go to accusations of racism by default because they have nothing else to go on. i can only imagine the rage in guys who already have racist tendencies. on matt forney’s podcast a recent guest said that it’s this kind of thing that finally pushed him into white nationalism.

        13. Also, sometimes the only groups that are speaking out in favor of things men can identify with like neomasculinism, family values, etc. are often coming from places that hold abrasive or ugly views (ie white nationals, Donald Trump, etc.) Hitler did do some good things for the German people, and since most of them were not horrible murderers, one assumes they simply supported him because he was the only one speaking out in their favor and was not a pc drone like the rest of the corrupt politicians.

        14. excellent point. another, related to it and often ignored by SJWs and hitler fans alike, is the “crabs in a bucket” problem that black people have. that is, how when a black guy takes an interest in getting a STEM degree, starting a business, etc., other black people will try to shame him for “acting white.” this video is long, but it’s one of the best illustrations i’ve seen of this (as an aside i think it’s not a coincidence that this guy looks so fit…fitness seems to correlate with a good attitude in any race, as obesity does with sloth and blaming others for one’s problems):

        15. Disagree on this one. I’ve got buddies in Medellin, Cartagena and Santa Marta who can’t get laid. I’ve pumped over 20 here (in bogota) so can’t deny how good big metros are. 13,000,000 ppl in bogota

        16. I don’t know about the rest of the guys here on ROK, but for me what’s important is not skin color, but what’s inside someone’s head. Latinos and Asians have a lot of Occidental values (can’t talk about Africa). Argentina and Uruguay like to think of themselves as an “Europe outside Europe” and Brazilians would love to be a “Tropical USA” (don’t believe in our governments, they don’t represent us anymore). All Latin America is Christian, with little pockets of sincretism here and there.
          And don’t forget that the worst SJW country in the world is Sweden…

        17. If you are constantly telling a guy that he is a racist or misogynist based on an unending stream of bogus accusations, it would not be surprising if they actually start to hate women and non-whites.

        18. There is no difference between conquer and immigration. Genomic dilution of the conquered and genomic expansion of the conquers

        19. Copernicus was burned alive. Did that hinder him from his discover??
          Brain is a computer and its materials and structure is determined by proteins and proteins are encoded by genome. And genome is hereditary.
          Brain is an hereditary computer.
          Aren’t whites in NBA because other whites shame them when they show interest in NBA?????

        20. wikipedia says:
          “Toward the close of 1542, Copernicus was seized with apoplexy and paralysis, and he died at age 70 on 24 May 1543. Legend has it that he was presented with the final printed pages of his Dē revolutionibus orbium coelestium on the very day that he died, allowing him to take farewell of his life’s work.[68] He is reputed to have awoken from a stroke-induced coma, looked at his book, and then died peacefully.[69]”
          i’m not sure i understand the rest of your post. can you state what you’re trying to say more specifically?

        21. Lol he burned is a myth.
          If you haven’t caught it at first I’m not going to try again. It’s very clear

        22. i honestly couldn’t tell if you are a racist, or were arguing against racism. my best guess is that you’re a racist, but i guess i’ll never know. for what it’s worth, if your audience can’t understand your writing, the fault normally lies with you.

        23. Let me let you in on a secret… “We are all racist”… There is a large percentage of our brains capacity set aside for the simple process of recognizing faces. It is so active in it’s pursuit to do so, that you can see faces in random things like clouds or the moon (look up “Pareidolia”.) But, and this is the important thing, we all, Black, White, Asian, all recognize the features of our race to a finer degree than the features of other races. So, that “you all look the same” sense, that will get you labeled as a racist, is universal…

        24. The US is the country of immigrants. So who conquered the US?
          Over 70% of white Americans?

        25. god damn…do you even realize how poor your language skills are? I’m guessing not.

      1. I enjoyed Mad Max a lot as well. It’s up there with The Raid 1 and 2 in terms of action films. I LOVED Furiosa. Tom Hardy was good as Max as well. I never saw the originals, so I had no issue with Max playing sidekick at times. At the end of the day, I felt they both had their moments.
        I haven’t seen Force Awakens, nor do I ever intend to. Judging from everything that I’m hearing, it is in fact SJW propaganda.

        1. I could never get over the fact that a model was not one of the brides. If I had to design her I would have had her with more muscle and generally look tough, rather than just a shaved head and make-up.

        2. That’s what they said about Mad Max you’ll remember, which you apparently enjoyed (rightly so!)
          Maybe it’s best to just make your own judgements for yourself ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    2. How is the movie anti-white? Everyone who has any value in the movie is white. All the heroes are white. The villains are white. The second in command of the first order is white. There is a single non-white person in the movie. He is absolutely useless to the story and in your head that makes the movie anti-white? I guess every movie, white males have to be gods in order to satisfy your ego.

      1. They don’t have to be Gods , they just need to have EVERY important role. And for them its ok if there is a non-white or female character as long as the non-white is a non-consequential peripheral character with no speaking lines ( he gets paid minimum per diem scale) and the female is a hot body for sexual consumption.

        1. What we want is a bit of realism. Look up what a Mary Sue is on tvtropes. This movie is SJW propaganda, and that is the only problem we have with it.
          As for black actors, I liked, and still do, Lando from the originals. Also a big fan of Morgan Freeman. But likeable black people are the exception, which is why they gain so much prominence. As a group, blacks ought to be thrown out of white countries. Willingly or otherwise.

        2. As I said , A bit of realism is a whiteman’s wet dream. It consist of a world of white superiority where all significant positions in life are manned by white males. Of course white males love thugs(Lando) and safe negros ( Freeman) that fit the favorable black male stereotypes. BTW, with the exception of the descendants of the original British settlers and Native americans, Blacks were in the US long before the rest of you immigrants. So if anyone leaves its last in first out.

        3. That sounds exactly how the mind of the standard ROK user works. Unless the white male is the end all be all, the movie must be anti-white.

        4. White man’s projection of their reality. Even at its worst its an excuse to contrast their own morality against the current SJW wave. In other words its an excuse to complain about their loss of 5% control.

        5. Doesnt that sound good . 100% control of everything. Even 1% loss of control throws white males in a tizzy.

        6. That was a great time. Can we return to that. Imagine, white men with balls! Get it together, my White Brothers!!

        7. “Doesnt that sound good . 100% control of everything. Even 1% loss of control throws white males in a tizzy.”
          ” Even at its worst its an excuse to contrast their own morality against the current SJW wave. In other words its an excuse to complain about their loss of 5% control.”
          Well, if loss of 5% control means that this happens…

          “In this footage, released 6 days ago, a Muslim immigrant in Germany brags about how he and his buddies gang raped a virgin until she was ‘full of dirt and sperm’ and ‘completely devastated’ on the ground until ‘she could go on no more’. His friend is very interested in the details, but is visibly disappointed because they did not violate her anally. They did, however, ‘spit on her like pigs’.
          “This man walks free while thousands in Germany are in prison for speaking their mind.”
          And the mainstream media doesn’t even cover black mob attacks on whites across the USA:

          Then yes, I guess whites do need 100% control (autocratic monarchy in synergy with Orthodox theocracy) and not just 95% that you claim that whites somehow have.

        8. If the media doesnt cover it , then how do you know about these fictitious black mob attacks . White men are always making up stories about blacks. Unfortunately it will never balance out the atrocities perpetrated on blacks by whites for hundreds of years. Try as you may, you don’t have enough stories to catch up. You are several hundred years behind.

        9. “If the media doesnt cover it , then how do you know about these fictitious black mob attacks . White men are always making up stories about blacks.”
          Here’s the link again:

          These events are captured by video, reported maybe once by local news, the racial element is downplayed or ignored completely, and the story described as “youths.”
          “Unfortunately it will never balance out the atrocities perpetrated on blacks by whites for hundreds of years. Try as you may, you don’t have enough stories to catch up. You are several hundred years behind.”
          Well isn’t that wonderful for you, you’ll always be justified then in whatever you do to whites, nothing will balance it out, so get your rape/murder/looting/genocide on.

        10. Keep in mind, while “white” people control most of the world, in reality 0.1% of the white people control the world and their agenda usually doesn’t match up with the 99% or even necessarily the 1-.1%. Combined with a lot of general SWJ and the perpetual victim class among a lot of blacks, and a lot of white people see race boogy man everywhere – although I’d argue less so than blacks. 95% of black deaths are caused by other blacks yet most of the black community focuses on the handful of white crimes on blacks. The media and the rest of the powers that be just plays people like a fiddle.

        11. Not so much “realism” (this is fucking Star Wars after all) but plausibility. A fantasy world has to have set rules and then stick to them. All the other Force Users had a long lead up time to being able to make any meaningful use of their powers.

        12. Yes, we white people are all of such ill will, that we should all be exiled to our own country… Wait… I think that that was done once before and we did such a good job of it that now everyone wants to live here.

        13. We don’t need to make things up. Just look at “Black Lies Matter” and the stuff in Ferguson. You my friend are the man to make up uninformed fantasy. Do you know what atrocities are… Wellfair? Not holding blacks to social standards? Affirmative action… You are the victim of your own ignorance. Not white atrocities…

        14. Most of North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand constitute “most the world”?

      2. All the heros are not anti-white. The stormtrooper traitor was black (silly plot hole here where he suddenly betrays his group without any reason–I can understand not wanting to kill innocent civilians, but to help a stranger escape and kill your buddies seems odd to me). I actually enjoyed his character being black, as it was a visual contrast between the white stormtrooper suit. But the reasoning by some is that he was just cast black for the sake of diversity. Truth is, probably that far in the future, there won’t be distinct colors left, we will all be an averaged hue.
        There was the weak female captain put in charge of stormtroopers, who quickly and easily shut down the shields when she was asked to and the absurdly superhuman Rey who was indestructible despite having no apparent skills other than scavenging junk for subsistence wages. These were clearly put there for the sake of diversity.

        1. I ask again, how was the movie anti-white? The only people who matter in the Universe have ALL been white.

        2. I never saw a storm trooper remove his helmet in any of the other 6 movies….until a Knee Grow one decides to rebel….maybe they’re all black right?
          Clear and obvious SJW motive…nothing else….plus he was really irrelevant….I could care less if the whole cast died…the movie stunk!

        3. What you wrote made no sense to me. I’m not going to argue with you. One “KNEE GROW” in a Universe full of whites is offensive apparently to the white male ego.

        4. Didn’t think the movie was anti-white. Just pro-female ra-ra. I still enjoyed the movie but it was really just a remake of SW Episode IV. I also didn’t like how they made Finn the kinda geeky guy who just blindly seems to white knight for Rey. Went and saw the movie with 7 other white dudes beside myself on the first Saturday. Not one commented on anti-white although 2 (not me) noted the strong pro-female vibe.

    3. Or find a way to watch them for free, if only to be able to denounce the films intelligently.
      People should read and watch stuff made by their opponents, in order to refute them.

      1. That’s what everyone did with The Sarkeesian Effect. Viewing parties were announced on craigslist to come see for free it on 60″ TVs at no cost.
        Jesus that effort was humiliating. It set us back a lot and made GGers look like laughingstocks. But anyway, that was a good way to see something for free.

      1. No, not really. Two of the most overhyped and over advertised films though? Yeah, sure.

    4. On the previews the “bad guy” cross shaped sword really jumped out at me. Lightsabers never had hand guards in the past, suddenly they look like Crusader swords, and to top it off, the entire point of the hand guard is defeated by making *it* out of destructive light-saber “material” (no idea what it’s called). Pure symbolism.

      1. I thought about this too, but do think there is a use for it. If a lightsaber slides against their opponents down the shaft, it will cut the arm off. The “guards” will stop it long enough for the opponent to pivot off.

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