What Will Happen To Western Society In 2016

As we approach the end of year, the media typically gives us a rehash of what happened over the past year. While that can be a fun exercise, at ROK we like to be different. Instead of a look back, here is a look forward as to what we can expect in the New Year.

Donald Trump


As we go into the end of the year, Donald Trump is dominating the race for the Republican presidential nomination. He leads the field with 39% of the likely Republican and Republican leaning voters.

Trump has a double-digit lead over his nearest competitor, Ted Cruz, who polls at 18%. Mark Zuckerberg’s Senator and GOP establishment darling Marco Rubio only rates 10%.

Prediction: Assuming that Trump doesn’t make a major mistake, he will become the Republican nominee for president. And he will easily defeat the corrupt, unlikable, and low-energy Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States. Contrary to the prevailing opinion, Trump will draw unprecedented numbers of black and Hispanic voters to his side.

That is unless the Establishment pulls something to prevent the democratic process from working.

The Establishment


It is no secret that that Trump ruffles the feathers of America’s ruling oligarchs. As Roosh pointed out in this insightful essay, we are ruled by a powerful elite. While voters do have some clout with their elected representatives, it comes second to the interests of the big money donors who keep the politicians in office.

Trump upsets this dynamic. He is self-funded so the oligarchs are not able to buy him. Trump also opposes illegal and uncontrolled illegal immigration. This strikes at the cheap labor that many of the donors rely on.

For this reason, the Establishment has been trying to figure out a way to railroad Trump without appearing that they are being undemocratic. For example, the Virginia Republican Party recently implemented a rule that would require voters to sign a loyalty pledge to vote in the primary. This is intended to undermine support for Trump who polls well with voters, such as blacks, who do not traditionally vote GOP.

Meanwhile, GOP political analyst William Kristol suggested that if Trump wins the Republican nomination, it would be necessary to start a new party. Of course, a third party candidate from the conservative side would mean that Hillary Clinton would win by default—but that just demonstrates that the Establishment prefers a candidate who will color within well-defined lines, even if that candidate is a progressive.

Prediction: If the Establishment does something to derail Trump, and does it in an obviously unfair way, there will be civil unrest as it dawns upon Americans that they do not really control their own government.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a movement that started as a Twitter hash tag in 2012 after the shooting of Trayvon Martin. However, the movement really exploded onto the national scene as a driver for the Ferguson protests in 2014.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is ostensibly about calling for police to treat blacks more fairly. In reality, it is an enormously polarizing movement. It seeks to agitate rather than to find real solutions to the black crime and police violence.

The “black brunch” protests from earlier this year were a good example of BLM’s desire to incite anger. Protestors targeted restaurants that had a largely white clientele to enter while people were eating brunch to read off the names of black people who had been killed by police. Imagine if you were eating brunch with your small children—would you feel threatened if a large group of angry people stormed in and started chanting about unjust deaths?

If BLM really was concerned about black lives, one would expect that they would also protest black on black violence, which accounts for significantly more deaths of blacks than does police brutality. But they are silent on this point.

So if it is not really about black lives, what is the reason for BLM? The biggest reason is polarizing blacks and whites. This has several benefits. First, Hillary Clinton needs the black vote to capture the White House in 2016, but it is doubtful that she could generate the same kind of ardor as that Obama did in 2007. By making blacks feel like they are under attack, they are more likely to get out and vote for Hillary.

A second reason is that if blacks and whites are battling each other it keeps them from noticing that their political representatives are not particularly responsive. At the national level, globalist concerns seem to always take priority over the good of the nation.

Prediction: The agitation produced by BLM (and by extension George Soros) will result in unnecessary loss of life in 2016. Blacks and whites who are incited by the movement will lash out at innocent victims.

To minimize the damage from this movement we should remember that this is a deliberate attempt by the people who are funding BLM to keep us distracted by fighting each other. Don’t fall for the deception. Instead, focus on the puppet masters.

Migrant Crisis


Apart from a few countries like Poland and Hungary, Europe shows no signs of reversing its suicidal policy of taking in hordes of Islamic immigrants.

Prediction: Europe will have to experience several more Paris-like attacks before its inhabitants realize that candlelight vigils will not stop Muslims from having a desire to conquer the continent.



Feminist philosophy is now deeply ingrained in every aspect of our culture. All women seem to be infected with it to a greater or lesser degree.

That said, I’ve spoken to several young women who will identify as feminists even though their views are quite traditional. The new development is that some women are now openly rejecting feminism and embracing patriarchy. They are still a minority, but they are vocal. They will gradually influence their peers.

Prediction: Feminism has reached its maximum expansion. 2016 marks the year when it will begin to lose ground, but it will be a slow battle at least in the early stages.


When we look back, 2016 will represent a turning point in the culture war. It will be the year when progressive forces are halted and traditional values begin to return. It will not be easy and it may even become unpleasant in some places. One thing is certain though, 2016 will not be boring.

Happy New Year to the entire ROK community!

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157 thoughts on “What Will Happen To Western Society In 2016”

  1. I think you’re being overly optimistic about Trump winning. The only people that are going to vote for him are non-pozzed white men. EVERYONE else is going to vote for gibsmedat.
    Evangelicals are going to shun him too because he’s not burning The Origin of Species while molesting a rattlesnake and speaking in tongues at the podium.

    1. If Dirty Sandals goes independent, Hitlery Clitdick will lose some of her votes. That might be enough to win the election for Trump, but it’s hard to say this early

      1. is there talk of sanders going independent? would be great, but this is the first i’ve heard of that idea.

    2. I was thinking that too. Isn’t the Northeast and the West Coast something like three-quarters of the electoral votes the Democratic candidate needs to win?

    3. He has the legal immigrant vote, female vote is a split, men… males, rather, are probably the group most likely to vote against him, sad as that is. I wouldn’t bet money either way right now.

    4. To be honest, I suspect you’re right.
      It’s hard to see where his loyalties really lie, considering that he married off his daughter Ivanka, any father’s most precious possession, to the J-tribe elites.
      I think he’s just dangling the bait to ban Muslim immigration to get into power, but will ultimately just settle with lowering the amount of Muslims entering the country from existing levels (if not do a U-turn and dismiss the whole ban idea as “unfeasible”) once he gets into power, if he wins.
      For the sake of America, I hope I’m completely wrong about all this.

      1. Don’t trust this Wisdom Seeker men. He is a Sikh, a SJW in disguise, a Deceiver. His whole religion is based on peaceful communistic social justice of “Equality” for everyone, especially women. But really they are Thuggees, Deceivers who kill travellers on the road. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thuggee Why do you think they own so many hotels in America and so many people disappear without a trace? When you discover who and what they really are and begin to resist their plans for society they become violent and kill all who stand in their way.

        1. For those who are interested and aren’t sure what Sikhs believe in and have nothing better to do, please see our exchange on:

          12 Methods America Is Using To Turn France Into A Globalist Nightmare

          “His whole religion is based on peaceful communistic social justice of “Equality” for everyone, especially women.”
          Actually, this is completely false and the Sikh Gurus specifically warn men from feminism. Here’s a direct quote I know off my head among many others straight from our holy book:
          “In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, O Nanak, the demons have taken birth.
          The son is a demon, and the daughter is a demon; the wife is the chief of the demons. ||1||” (SGGSJ, 556)
          Another scripture, the Dasam Granth, contains the Charitropakhyan (literally the Wiles of Women) is an entire litany of the various tricks some unscrupulous women use to deceive men among many other moral messages with warnings for men to keep your head up.
          Otherwise, please disregard “Sgt. Barnes” and anything he writes/pictures, as he is a KKK NWO/Globalist sympathizer with paranoid schizophrenia who got angry and started talking shit about Sikhism just because I happened to (respectfully) disagree with his idea that we should sit around and do nothing as the NWO/Globalists implement their plans.
          Any ideas of “Social Justice” in Sikhism was in relation to uprising against the Mughal Empire and other oppressive governments when Sikhs were facing existential threat. Today, for a few misguided Sikhs (just like some Christians, Muslims, etc.), as the result of Western influence, it manifests itself in the West for whatever nonsense that passes off as “social justice” today and has no bearing whatsoever on Sikhs or Sikhism in the Punjab, where most of us reside and tribal patriarchy rules.
          ‘Why do you think they own so many hotels in America and so many people disappear without a trace?”
          Thank you.

          Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal!

        2. Happy Bunny had resolved to be nicer to trolls this year.
          3 days: a new bunny record!

        3. I am no NWO sympathizer and I am not a defeatist. This Sikh here is just pissed off because I originally said that his “Plans” for isolating himself on a rural farm were too little, too late. That we are facing Full Spectrum Dominance. Suddenly I am a defeatist. We ARE headed for a showdown of monumental proportions but to think at this point that the family farm will somehow save you is just naive stupidity. The NWO will fall but this asshole wants to replace the Elite/NWO with a communist society where everyone is Equal! That shit has been tried and fails miserably every time.
          Social Justice from a Sikh Perspective

        4. You find an American citizen trying to alert his fellow citizens of a potential terrorist threat right under their own noses and in their own country to be annoying? WOW! What a traitor!

      2. I see that pointing out his connection to the Chabad-Lubavitch faction (or merely alluding to it by calling it J-list) brought out a professional troll,. You must be on the right track ;0
        How can a SJW be religious or a religious be a SJW? lol

        1. “How can a SJW be religious or a religious be a SJW? lol”
          Exactly! I couldn’t have said it better myself.
          Trump certainly is well-connected to the elites of the J-tribe, who are largely responsible for the mess Western civilization is in right now (along with other elites) and will eventually answer for their crimes against society; he didn’t just give his daughter away to them for nothing.
          That’s why I advise everyone to be cautiously optimistic. Trump, if elected, will hopefully slow down the NWO/Globalist agenda. At the same time, he’s an elite himself, let’s not forget.
          Where his loyalty really lies is the billion-dollar question. Only time will tell. Hopefully, it lies with the average American who’s fed up with Islamist extremism.

        2. Sgt ? Probably not Mossad
          My hope is that trump is a nationalist america firster who will side with a concerned subfaction in the US government, without overtly descending into full fledged totalitarianism, while being forced (if only by convenience) to scale back these disastrous ME adventures. But he is probably going to win in a landslide, so this is what we should expect to work with.
          Which is why the association with the aforementioned faction is so disturbing. The immanitization of their eschaton actually REQUIRES the destruction of at least 2/3s of all Israeli Jews. (zech 13:8-14:4)

    5. i’d vote him if i didnt live in canada
      ironic that the american right’s sole saving grace may be ruined by its own old fashioned, conservative purists

      1. Problem with the ‘conservatives’ is that they think they’re ‘right-wing’ when they’re really just moderates.

        1. Moderate would be a compliment. They are insane, dangerous, and sneaky. The mainstream “right” includes lunatics like “nuke everyone” sissypants Lindsay Graham, his nutty boyfriend John “bomb bomb Iran” McCain, W Bush, who gave us the TSA, homeland security, and banker bailouts. There is nothing moderate about them. They are subversives, but since they are not a member of the left wing party, they are never correctly identified as such.

        2. Three and a half international has become aligned with the neo-politburo , now we get to see what would happen if Stalin Trotsky Strauss and Nietzsche all got to work together.

        3. That’s why I find it hilarous when the psychotic left calls “conservatives” far right extremists. Give me a fucking break.

        4. It’s because “GWB believed in God”. Makes it all better. /snark
          (disclaimer: yes, I did vote for that ‘person’, and that is one vote I wish I could take back).

        5. All American Presidents say that, don’t they (even if they don’t believe). I’m sure Hillary will say she’s a devout believer.
          I think American conservatism is a complete misnomer anyway. How can a set of values that are about persevering the defining values, customs and traditions of your Nation, be, in the same breath the cheerleader for big corporate business that’s in favor of globalization, mass immigration for cheaper labor costs and outsourcing American blue collar jobs to India and China.
          I understand for social reasons why most red pill men won’t vote for the Democrats, but, likewise I can’t see why you’d vote for the Republicans who don’t have the spine or perhaps belief to address this clear deficiency in your democratic system anyway. I can’t see Donald Trump been the great panacea who’ll address this underlying sickness in your political system either.

        6. With trump, there is maybe a 25% chance the little guy may do well. With anyone else, its 1% or less. The fact that the media and both parties are doing everything they can to destroy trump should be proof positive the establishment is worried he will change the system.

        7. They are also called Neo-cons. Paleocons haven’t run the Republican party at the top level in decades.

        8. Perhaps, my one concern with him would be his style which is autocratic and direct. It’s refreshing during a campaign, but, as President this would be the wrong approach as you’re liable to piss off members of both Houses who you need to work with. I’ve no doubt he’s smart and much of his hyperbole that the chattering classes scream about is cleverly thought out by his team in advance. It’s possible he’s very clued into the different style he’ll need as President and he’ll grow into the role with more confidence and leadership than any of his previous Presidents, or, it’s possible it could be a real disaster for the country too! It’s just too hard to tell at this point.

        9. I don’t think he’ll work that way as much behind close doors. He’d never be able to have successfully led very large corporations if he was completely autocratic. But who knows? Worst case scenario he’s a lame duck one term president with a 30% approval rating which probably isn’t different than anyone else. Best case scenario some good things actually happen for the middle class.
          A few of Sanders ideas I’m fine with – mainly curtailing the banks and the superlarge MNCs – but the rest of his ideas are as likely to destroy the middle class and the non 0.1% upper class as anything on the table – mainly socialism.

        10. If Trump intends to fulfill the promises he has made, there’s is simply no way he will be able to work with Ryan and McConnell. I have no idea how this will play out.
          For example, a vast majority of Americans want a wall built on the southern border. That was authorized in(I believe) 2004 yet here we are over 10 years later and no wall.
          Republican leadership knows we want it yet they will not authorize funding.

        11. Yeah I wouldn’t trust McCain … you can’t spend 10 years in a bamboo cage and not emerge as a Manchurian candidate

        12. Don’t forget Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” spend-o-rama that was the most equalist, collective legislation ever.

        13. Whenever referring to an American election, never use the term “majority of people”. Not ever.
          For example, it took the votes of 65M Americans to install the usurper. That;s approximately 20% of America’s population and less than half the voters.
          The scary part is that 20% of us get to decide what is good for the rest.
          Trump sounds great.
          What’s interesting to me is how at first the MSM and their shills constantly repeated “he’s unelectable”.
          Then we were treated to a succession of Red Team boy wonders who were ‘taking the lead’, who then faded into the Donald’s shadow, and rightly so.
          They will use Diebold to make sure Hitlery gets in. I don’t doubt it for a second.
          THe problems will start when the majority who did vote for Trump start questioning results.
          If TPTB try to off Trump with a dindu, wetback, or mohamedan, then the gloves will come off.
          The gloves need to come off. There are a large quantity of people that need to be culled if America is ever again to be a bastion of liberty and human rights.
          Any funny business around Trump will hasten the inevitable glove drop.
          Let’s get it on.

      2. You poor, misunderstood Canadian. Try speaking English and try writing it correctly. Terry, you need to UP and REVAMP your understanding of the English language, if you’re Canadian.
        Run-on sentences (such as “Japan could easily reconcile with China if it took the right steps, our forms of government has nothing to do with it”) are indicative of your limited education. You just can’t seem to stop running sentences together so that they look like twisted noodles in a bowl. That’s another horrible example of your inability to express yourself properly in English.
        In addition that sentence also demonstrates your lack of understanding of syntactic coherence, because “our forms of government has nothing to do with it” is incorrect. It’s not “has” which would correspond with a singular subject. The correct verb form is “have” because the subject of that second-half of your run-on sentence is actually the word “forms” and not the object of the preposition within the subject.
        You obviously thought that “government” was the subject. Only children and the mentally defective in America misunderstand that relationship. As you’ve been instructed by your teachers, the verb form has to correspond with the subject. Why haven’t you learned? Were you too drunk at the time? Were you partying when you should have been learning?
        All of this indicates to me that you were probably educated in an American school but in the lower registers. These are maintained for foreigners who have no hope of learning correct English. Such foreigners often appear on these posts and flaunt their low mentalities with substandard English. You’re beneath contempt for wasting your opportunity to get a good education.
        So, get up off your dead ass and get me a bowl of noodles, boy. Hop to, HopSing!

    6. Trump has plenty of room to maneuver into a gibsmedat platform. The only candidate that has a chance of beating trump is bernie , because both are cast as outsider candidates.
      But with Trump’s opposition research / alt media team Bernie would be recast as an insider within a few months, and those polls would flip.
      Meanwhile Trump pulls off the impossible, getting conservative republicans to vote for single payer under the guise of repealing obamacare, and the gibsmedat independents (a majority of the electorate now) are not threatened enough to vote for the insider bernie.
      If Hillary is the nominee vs Trump. Thats a landslide. Hillary can’t out single payer Trump, and republicans (especially older ones) care too much about having a strong masculine leader to protect them to notice. The older ones are probably secretly relieved that they can have free healthcare without having to admit they want it or giving credit to the democrats.

        1. 1. A shame for my family name (not my relative).
          2. A marxist jew from the ’68 stock.
          3. Someone with the potential to mess up the world to unimaginable levels.

        2. Watch one of his campaign rallies. I did with the Mrs last night, 12/29 in Vegas. Listen to what he says, and note the people they seat behind him. I don’t believe there was a straight white male in that audience, nor anyone in the audience who was either not a government employee, dependent, or student.
          IOW, not a single tax PAYER present (I don’t count .gov employees as tax payers,as their salaries are paid by taxes).
          Compare and contrast that 1 hour appearance (the burn I felt was increasing taxes and more hands in my wallet — YMMV), with the Donald’s in Biloxi.
          look at the numbers of attendees, and who makes up the audience.
          The shitlibs don’t stand a chance if not for the media and diebold working hard against truth and the will of most Americans, particularly those who are footing the bill for the ‘berners’.
          Watch both, Compare and contrast what’s being said, and who’s there in the live audience.
          Sanders will be a disaster, as will Clinton. Trump?
          He is saying the right things mostly. What will he do? Will he be allowed to survive until the election? Will they ‘Perot’ him?
          2016 looks to be real interesting.

    7. Trump can and will win. The Liberal Media think that if they report he will not win, then it will not happen. As this is what they have been able to do for years. The MSM has now lost power to Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, and as they bluff and lie, and then get found out to be bluffing and lying they will lose even more power. Trump will win the nomination and then win power.
      Black Lives Matter will try and use their aggressive and bullying tactics from when Trump gets nominated onwards, and this will drive more people to Trump, as he will be seen as the only one with the guts to take them on.
      Once Trump wins it will have an impact on Europe. They will see that they don’t need to take on all the junk that comes across the Med and eventually the tide will be stopped and reversed, but unfortunately we will be forced to use force to make this happen. As a European I have never had the opportunity to vote for Third Immigration in a Referendum, and so we have every right to return anyone that has arrived at least since the end of the Soviet Union, and possibly WWII.

      1. The election will be pre-determined, if it hasn’t been determined already. Whomever can carry out the dominant agenda will be selected.

        1. It has already been determined. I think TPTB see how the next 18 months go and will 2020’s election already decided.

      2. The leftist media is playing up Trump because they know he will not win. The votes won’t be there. Women? Latins? Blacks? Outside of the well-publicized pods of women and minorities who support Trump, he will not get their votes en masse.Vegas odds have Trump equal to Rubio right now (despite his 39 to 8 percent advantage in surveys, hmmm…) and hardly a better payout than Bernie Sanders. The left is happy to lead this Trump parade to keep decent candidates like Cruz and Rubio minimalized. For the record, I want Trump myself, badly. But it’s not happening.

        1. In polls for Trump v Clinton he has moved from being 25% behind to sometimes be ing level, occasionally ahead but mostly within 5%. And this is even before he turns his guns on her directly.
          Also events will all go his way for the next 12 months, every terrorist attack and every Muslim atrocity will prove him right.
          Finally, Trump hasn’t had much chance to talk about one of his strongest cards – the economy, bring jobs back to the USA, removing the illegals – all of this will help working class people, black workers, hispanic workers, women workers and white workers. They have the most to gain by the bringing back of jobs that have been exported to Mexico, China and other places over the years. And the removal of illegals will also see an increase in wages.
          Also I think the tough line on Islam could actually go down well with the Catholic Hispanics, Religious Blacks and whites. You make the mistake of grouping all ethnics and minorities together. He doesn’t need any Muslim votes as they make up just a few million people, but the Muslims are not loved and generally hated just below the PC surface. If someone says what everyone thinks, there are votes a plenty available from all the other minority groups. Remember that many of these groups have been victims of Islam from their original homelands. Sikhs, Hindus, those that have a Spanish connection, Christian Africans and others all know and have witnessed for themselves the horrors of islam.

        2. Polls, media…meaningless. Whatever poll or media source you look at is just lobbying. Vegas knows. I’m a Trump supporter myself but Hillary is next.

      3. Trump is being set up to fail. Did you notice how the liberal media has kept him alive, even when he was sinking in the polls? They give him unlimited free air time. Their hope is that he will be the Republican nominee, and lose the election handily to the Shrew, because, no matter how you cut it, Trump cannot beat Clinton.

    8. Nah dude, as an “evangelical” I can gladly say that in terms of how to approach libs, more evangelicals are waking up to the idea that you can’t be nice and “loving” towards libs, but rather take seriously the commandment “Do not give what is holy to dogs or throw your pearls before pigs; otherwise they will trample them under their feet and turn around and tear you to pieces.” Most other evangelicals I know gladly welcome Trump’s smash-mouth, show-no-quarter approach to the left. And even those that aren’t totally on board would never ever vote for a democrat once Trump gets the nomination. No need to attack those who are on your same side bruh.

    9. I have to agree im Australian so im looking in from the outside and even I really want to see America finally have the leader it needs (Trump) but at the end of the day the only people who will support him are people who think like all of us the people who see the world for what it is and not disillusioned by the leftist ideas and unfortunately we are outnumbered (for now) we will turn the tide but much to my disappointment and disgust i don’t think that we can do that before the presidential election……..Having said that if Trump wins it will mark a major victory for all of us non SJWs and i plan to rub it thoroughly in their stupid self righteous oxygen stealing faces.

  2. You’re entirely correct about BLM. If there’s some sort of judgement after death the journalists who are helping to stir this shit up are going to answer for every rape and murder committed in retaliation for the latest dead criminal. A guy just went all Dexter on two teenage thugs in Indianapolis but no one gives a shit because he wasn’t White.
    The police-bashing has even spread to the Libertarian and Alt-Right communities, sadly. These are people who risk their lives, work weird hours, miss holidays with their kids, and start at a scant 40k/year. The least we can do as a society is treat them with respect and not throw them under a bus whenever they’re accused of wrongdoing.

    1. The Police is not on the people’s side. The Police is the enforcing arm of what has become an oppressive Government and judicial system.

    2. The few of us here are wolves living in a world of rabbits. Cops are neither. They are dogs, smart enough to obey their masters but not smart enough to question the orders. They are not on our side.

    3. Yeah well as we all know it has nothing to do with black lives and never did. If they actually cared about black lives they’d be protesting against gangstas in the ghetto. The left is motivated by only one thing – hatred of success. Since America is the most successful country ever to have existed they hate America the most, closely followed by the rest of the first world. Any movement which weakens western society they’ll get behind.

      1. Just like the fact that they still bitch about slavery 150+ years later. If they actually cared about slavery then they’d be protesting that 17 nations knowingly still allow slavery–oops, but ALL OF THOSE NATIONS are in Africa and the Arab areas of the Middle East–go figure. The peoples who first invented and practiced slavery are still doing it to this day.
        PS:: some facts you won’t read in textbooks or the liberal media…..
        Democrats were the plantation owners, founders of the KKK, fought for 100 years to block the Civil Rights act, wrote the Crow laws and voted 70% against the civil rights act.
        Only 7% of white americans even have any direct ancestry to slave owners as the vast majority of European immigration occurred after the beginning of the industrial revolution of the late 1800’s.
        The United States has one of the GREATEST records of anti-slavery in the history of the entire world. Yes, you read that right. The founding fathers were almost universally abolitionists however the first objective HAD to be to win freedom from Britain first and then we could write our own laws. England finally recognized and accepted the USA as a separate, independent nation in 1815 ( after the war of 1812 ended). In just 50 years the Civil War started and slavery was ended–name another nation which abolished slavery within 50 years after their country’s legal formation?

        1. When I tell my African-American friends the Democratic Party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan, they seem flabbergasted.
          I then tell them to read history of the KKK.
          Carpet baggers, Negroes, and Republicans, were the top three enemies of the KKK in it’s early years.
          All of this info is easy to find.

        2. Al Gore’s father voted against the Civil Rights Act and Democrats as a whole only voted around 64% in favor while Republicans voted in Favor by around 85%. I’ve never been sure how the left has been able to keep so many blacks on the “democratic plantation” for so long when they’ve never actually done anything to help them.

        3. Blacks are more fiscally conservative than whites so it affected the the most. Notice how the welfare state was created after the voting rights act was passed?

        4. Interestingly, this is all on Wikipedia, although you can tell they try to soften the blow by adding in terms like “Conservative Democrats” so people see the word “conservative” first and immediately think it’s the right who did all this. I’ve been in arguments with people on Yahoo (the cesspool of intellectual conversations) about this very topic and they’ll use every intellectually dishonest tactic in the book:
          -CONSERVATIVE democrats (see? it was them dirty conservatives all along)
          -The good conservatives actually switched to the democrats to help abolish slavery (If you read history, that makes absolutely no sense)
          -LBJ is a saint who single-handedly stopped discrimination and he was a democrat (nevermind the fact that he said “We’ll have those niggers voting for us for the next 200 years.”)
          -The KKK wasn’t actually started by democrats because….reasons!
          The list goes on….maddeningly so.

    4. There is a stigma against criticizing the police, under the guise of “it makes their jobs harder”. What people fail to realize is, when you give ultimate deference to any entity, it’s only a matter of time until that deference is abused.
      A cop shot a man 16 times, about half of those shots were after the victim was already on the ground. Why would a cop unload all his ammo on a man on the ground? While there is no definite answer or answers to this, the fact that he probably thought he could get away with it was a huge factor.
      Why did six Baltimore cops throw Freddie Grey into the back of a van, bounce him around mercilessly inside while they went back to the precinct, and then wonder why he died? Because they thought they were untouchable.
      Michael Brown was not a “gentle giant”, but why did Darren Wilson shoot him EIGHT times? Because he knew he could get away with it.
      BLM is shooting itself in the foot by not calling out the wackos in their own ranks who call for police murders, but in the end they do have a point.

      1. It’s true that if you give people authority many will tend to abuse it, but I still feel sympathy for cops in the US. Unlike in Europe many cops in the US face a real daily risk of being killed and disabled. They also come across the same kinds of thugs on a daily basis who are always screwing up life for everyone else. Even those who may have been wrongfully killed we are probably all better off without. And then you have to consider that cops are generally not the sharpest tools in the shed but still try to do the best they can (if you want people who always react quickly and appropriately at the same time you’ll need to pay more and let people with an IQ of over 120 into the force).

        1. You can’t even become a cop if your IQ is too high. That’s why they are generally not too bright. It is built into the system.

        2. Truth is – its about the safest its ever been for cops (murder rate is at all time lows) and they don’t come close the top of most dangerous professions. IMO TV shows have given the perception that being a cop is dangerous.

        3. Built in the System = quotas to meet departmental hiring preferences (aka. women and blacks)
          There is a correlation that when a department pursues this route police corruption and abuse rise, but they got diversity.

      2. You had me until you started prattling on with your SJW tripe of “Cops treat black people very differently than they to do white people.”

        1. Yeah, that was a little too preachy. Rather, I should have focused on seeing the situation for what it is, rather than taking the polices’ word because “Well, their cops! They must be telling the truth, right?”

      3. Freddie Gray was well known for resisting arrest and faking injury to avoid jail. He was also a well known dealer in the neighborhood. The driver of the van and two of the arresting officers were also black. Michael Brown had just got through with brazenly robbing a convenience store at gunpoint and on camera then boldly walking down the street and attacking the policeman who told him to “freeze”. Neither of these deaths were as influenced by the race of the perpetrators or police as much as by the actions of the criminals themselves.

        1. And that is where my last statement was a lost cause for my entire argument, so I’ve since edited for clarity. The fact is, the police could have avoided this entire incident if they had just strapped Freddy in the van, like protocol says to do. Why didn’t they just do that? Does having a rap sheet negate the right to a safe ride?

      4. Cops treat anyone who acts like a thug that way – white, black, asian, etc. There just happens to be a lot more black thugs between the ages of 15-25 than any other race due to culture. My white brother has been in prison since 16 (early 30s today) and still has several more years left and his ilk all were treated the same way by cops. Dress and act like a thug and do “hood rat” shit, and cops will likely treat you badly.

      Police are at heart Sadist. A Sadist is a person who enjoys being cruel, they receive pleasure through inflicting pain upon others. It is a medical term and an oppressive reality that we all live with daily however it is seldom, if ever, mentioned by the Government, Religious Institutions or the Media and it is an absolute necessity in the Military.
      A study in the United States, by National Surveillance of Police Suicide Study (NSOPS), showed 141 suicides in 2008 and 143 in 2009. This yields a suicide rate of 17/100,000, a figure that holds up under scrutiny and is consistent with CDC/NOMS data and is one of the highest suicide rates per occupation. It is not clear whether police suicides are the result of work stress or the consequence of other variables, such as the influence of a subculture of violence. However since their jobs do NOT fall into the Top Ten most dangerous jobs and never has the question must be asked. What is there to be so stressed out about???
      Police officers are much more likely to experience interpersonal relationship problems. Relationship problems are most dramatically demonstrated by the high divorce rate among police officers, which is usually reported as being the second highest of all occupations. Police officers also seem to have relationship problems at work, typically with superiors or with political oversight which means they have a problem with authority figures, but you and I have a “bad attitude” if we do.
      The statistics show that clinically treated alcohol addiction rates are usually calculated to be about twice as high for police officers than for the general population in the United States. Often they become drunk and abuse their spouse who has nowhere to turn for fear that their partner will use their job and The Law to hurt and/or destroy them. Women married to police officers are some of the most abused spouses in America.
      1. Fish-Related Workers
      2. Logging Workers
      3. Pilots and Flight Engineers
      4. Heavy Construction Workers
      5. Farmers and Ranchers
      6. Coal miners
      7. Mining machine operators
      8. Roofers
      9. Refuse Collectors (garbage men)
      10. Driver/Sales Workers and Truck Drivers
      1. Police officers
      2. Corrections officers
      3. Cab drivers
      4. Security guards
      5. Bartenders
      6. Custodians
      7. Special ed teachers
      8. Gas station workers
      9. Junior high teachers
      10. Convenience store workers
      Most common cause of officer deaths? Automobile Accidents or Heart Attack from chasing a suspect. Officers always talk about stress in their job. First, prolonged stress causes people to regress. Their psychological growth reverses, and they become more immature. They rapidly become more childish and primitive, much like a person being sick for several days becoming more irritable and childish in its demands on other people.
      Second, chronic stress numbs people’s sensitivity. They can’t stand to continually see human misery. They must stop feeling or they won’t survive. The mind has this defense mechanism so people can continue working in horrible situations. If they kept their normal sensitivity, they would fall apart. As they become insensitive to their own suffering, they become insensitive to the suffering of others. When treated with indignity, they lose not only a sense of their own dignity but also the dignity of others. The pain of others stops bothering them, and they are no longer bothered when they hurt others. However most police probably do not suffer from this because they are naturally violent, sadistic and are probably Psychopaths. Psychopath Behavior is listed as: Frequent Lying – Decietful and Manipulative Behavior – Lack of Remorse or Shame – Poor Judment – Incapacity for Love – Loss of Insight – Unresponsive in Personal Relations – Frequent Need for Excitement – Inflated Self Worth – A Need for Power – A Need to Dominate Others. According to Dr. J. Reid Meloy’s book, The Psychopathic Mind, although psychopaths don’t feel emotion in a normal sense, they do experience boredom, envy, exhilaration, contempt, sadistic pleasure, anger, and hints of depression.
      Just a Typical Cop?
      by Michael Wasilewski and Althea Olson
      Created: May 5, 2010 http://www.officer.com/article/10232697/just-a-typical-cop excerpt
      “ So, as a whole, cops tend to be assertive, self-assured, intelligent, empathic and sound-minded, at least at the onset of their careers. But these are characteristics and not necessarily a police personality profile by any means.
      What has been found, however, is that over time, and in response to the job’s demands, revelations and perspectives, a distinct personality does form within most of the otherwise unique individuals engaged in policing. What Jerome Skolnick describes as the police working personality is what many people, and police themselves, often describe as the police personality.
      1. distrustful of outsiders
      2. cynical
      3. conservative (not necessarily politically, but rather resistant to change)
      4. suspicious
      5. pessimistic
      6. pragmatic
      7. prejudicial
      8. and holding other widely-shared attitudes about and beyond the mainstream view. (ref. 7 & 8)
      If there is, in fact, a characteristic police personality, it is likely this is termed the working personality. To a great extent, we believe the working personality is a necessary part of the working cop but our concern is when it overrides or supplants the officer’s primary personality. The personality traits the officer brings to the job are those that seemingly suit him or her for police work, and that are sought by agencies. How unfortunate, then, if those traits are lost to the officer, his family and friends, the agency and the community. How much better if your primary personality, the one you have formed through a lifetime of experience, can meld beneficially with your working personality, so both are tempered and made stronger. Our concern is always a holistic approach to officer survival, and that includes urging you ensure the dominant personality you brought to the job coexists with the one you have had to build to be a successful cop; bring your best self to the job, and take care to never lose that best self doing the job.
      We are interested in your thoughts about personality and policing. Does law enforcement require a certain type of personality, or does it create the personalities that populate it? Do most cops develop a working personality in addition to the one they came in with, or does it replace it? Or is the working personality a myth, after all? Are there any dangers cops face because of their on duty personalities? Can a police officer’s off-duty and on-duty personalities coexist, or will one always dominate? “
      Woman in Blue – 427 days ago
      I read this article while conducting research for my masters degree. I am a female and have been a cop for 9 1/2 years. In order to do the job such as deal with child abusers, sex offenders and see the many dead bodies and ways human beings are absolutely cruel to one another it is imperative that an officer turn off their emotions while at work. If not, you will not last in this line of work. The problem is that while turning off one’s emotions is a good way to handle all the difficult calls it becomes the norm. You get used to shutting off your feelings and barking orders. After a while before you know it that’s how you relate to everyone. I find that not watching cop shows, not frequently going out with other cops off duty and immersing myself into family and hobbies helps balance my “personalities”. We really do have a work personality and home personality.
      Tyshaghn – 786 days ago
      Great article, dead on. A good amount of us (LEO) have problems combining the two personalities and the working personality definitely takes over, destroying households, friendships, and cutting off old hobbies just like Gilmartin described in Emotional Survival For Law Enfircement. But now I’m starting to notice that even new hires, are beginning to exhibit the work personality faster than usual, maybe they’re just trying to look tough or fit in, but the FTO’s have to check that. This line of work definitely takes a toll on one’s personality and outlook on life, we just have to learn how to combine our work life with life on the job. Minus the negative side effects.
      JeffS – 927 days ago
      Great article! Raises many interesting questions. I believe pre-employment psychological testing is geared more toward screening OUT candidates, than screen IN a “type.” I’m surprised to see “psychological mindedness” as a trait. I’m a cop and a mental health professional in private practice, seeing mostly cops. I do not see us as psychologically minded. Of course some are, but mostly…not so much. Ask a group of cops standing around how they “feel” about something and see what happens. Unless it’s anger (which we have no problem expressing) you’re probably going to get a lot of uncomfortable reactions.
      Police work absolutely changes us, and usually not for the better. I thought your best point was at the end. How to maintain your core personality through a career. How to retain it for our family and friends. This is a very tough one. I think we have to work very hard to keep our personalities from changing in an undesirable way.
      Thanks again.
      There are Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Good, Neutral, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil – moral / ethical personality types.
      The LAWFUL EVIL Personality
      A lawful evil person methodically takes what he wants within the limits of his code of conduct without regard for whom it hurts. He cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity, or life. He plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion. He is comfortable in a hierarchy and would like to rule, but is willing to serve. He condemns others not according to their actions but according to race, religion, homeland, or social rank. He is loath to break laws or promises. This reluctance comes partly from his nature and partly because he depends on order to protect himself from those who oppose him on moral grounds. Some lawful evil villains have particular taboos, such as not killing in cold blood (but having underlings do it) or not letting children come to harm (if it can be helped). They imagine that these compunctions put them above unprincipled villains.
      Lawful Evil is sometimes called “Diabolical,” because devils are the epitome of lawful evil. Lawful Evil people consider their alignment to be the best because it combines honor with a dedicated self-interest. Lawful Evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents methodical, intentional, and frequently successful evil. People of this alignment are great respecters of laws and strict order, but life, beauty, truth, freedom, and the like are held as valueless, or at least scorned. By adhering to stringent discipline, those of lawful evil alignments hope to impose their yoke upon the world. Obviously, all order is not good, nor are all laws beneficial. Lawful evil characters value the allegiances that they have with their cause, government, religion, or other organization. They also value those individuals whom they call allies. Betraying a friend is just as much a transgression for the lawful evil as it is for the lawful good.
      Lawful evil people always try to work within the law, since it’s the safest way to ensure your own success. Breaking the law results in possible punishment and forfeiture of both wealth and power, and the lawful evil is loath to give up what he has attained through his own determination. These people also like to use the law to destroy their enemies. If a lawful evil can find devastating evidence of a rival’s wrongdoing, you can be assured that he will use this information to his own advantage. Examples of Lawful Evil people are Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and even the fictional charcter Darth Vader. Just remember that everything Hitler did was 100% LEGAL. He never broke any German Laws. It is the same with the others listed.
      A lawful evil person will keep his word if he gives it and will never lie, although he may mislead or withhold information. He will attack and kill an unarmed foe and will harm an innocent. He will use torture to extract information, but never for pleasure. He will kill only to advance himself, never for pleasure. A lawful evil person will use poison. He will not help those in need without a reward and he prefers to work with others. He responds well to higher authority, is trustful of organizations, and will always follow the law. He will never betray a family member, comrade, or friend.
      Lawful evil people respect the concepts of self-discipline and honor. Here are some possible adjectives describing lawful evil characters: cruel, vengeful, proud, callous, hostile, taciturn, malevolent, calculating, plotting, merciless, domineering, severe, tyrannical, commanding, organized, and respectful of authority and power.
      Never call the police, they are Evil and Godless Creatures who will hurt you more than help you.
      Police Reject Candidate for Being Too Intelligent
      A U.S. man has been rejected in his bid to become a police officer for scoring too high on an intelligence test. Robert Jordan, a 49-year-old college graduate, took an exam to join the New London police, in Connecticut, in 1996 and scored 33 points, the equivalent of an IQ of 125. But New London police interviewed only candidates who scored 20 to 27, on the theory that those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave soon after undergoing costly training. Mr Jordan launched a federal lawsuit against the city, but lost. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York upheld a lower court’s decision that the city did not discriminate against Mr Jordan because the same standards were applied to everyone who took the test. He said: “This kind of puts an official face on discrimination in America against people of a certain class. I maintain you have no more control over your basic intelligence than your eye color or your gender or anything else.” He said he does not plan to take any further legal action and has worked as a prison guard since he took the test. The average score nationally for police officers is 21 to 22, the equivalent of an IQ of 104, or just a little above average.
      This story says that the average I.Q. for a cop is 104, if that is accurate it means there are thousands of police with I.Q.’s in the 80-100 range. Is it any surprise then that incidents of police brutality and abuses upon citizens (as well as the Constitution) are now so frequent?

    6. Abusive policy happens in all societies, but it’s a relatively minor phenomenon in the west
      the reaction to it has been completely over the top, probably because the media has brought race into it

    7. “If there’s some sort of judgement after death the journalists who are
      helping to stir this shit up are going to answer for every rape and
      murder committed in retaliation for the latest dead criminal.”
      Thus sayeth General Sherman: “If I had my choice I would kill every
      reporter in the world but I am sure we would be getting reports from
      hell before breakfast.”

    1. Coming to a bank near you. Pension funds, 401Ks, IRAs will all be raided. It will all end soon.

  3. I don’t think Trump will win because he’s just too polarising (I like that he speaks his mind but it’s like he’s gone out of the way to alienate certain voters). Clinton is somehow scary and boring at the same time but she’ll take the moderate vote. However, in the long term it might work out for the best. The more degenerate and unstable western society becomes the stronger the eventual reaction will be – like a dam bursting. If the Right wins only modest victories then this may enable the degeneracy to be scaled back but continue for longer. After 4 years of Clinton people will be begging to be saved.

        1. Demographic ruin is the least of my concerns with Hilary. If Hilary wins, our future is nuclear winter.

    1. I don’t think he’s gone out of his way to alienate voters as much as the mainstream media and the two parties have gone out of their way to convince some voters he’s alienated them.

  4. If you want to get things done in 2016 its important to set specific measurable and attainable goals.
    Having said that my new year resolution is to fuck up the matrix

  5. Good article. I think perhaps more Americans will begin waking up to other threats as well. The Sikhs are the Indian equivalent of modern Neo-Con Trotskyites. Just like the Neo-Cons they are violent and war mongering but push a basically Marxist agenda of social equality. What does it say on: http://www.sikhs.org/philos.htm ?
    Sikhism rejects all distinctions of caste, creed, race or sex.
    The Guru’s stressed the full equality of women,…
    They are communists and anti-American terrorists in disguise. Sikhs are Deceivers. They side with America against the Muslims presently because it is in their best interests to do so, but in 1860 they would have been violent abolitionists willing to fight and kill for Negro slaves that would have been freed for economic reasons without violence or bloodshed within the next 50-80 years anyway, as was in Brazil. 100 years ago they would have been on the Progressives side fighting for Womens Rights and Social Equality. They would have wholeheartedly been for Womens Suffrage and all of the social programs that promised to make everyone “equal.” They are simply a Marxist Sikh Khalistani terrorists, nothing more.

    1. Sikhs are anti-American and liberal leftist terrorists. Their values are Marxist and they stand for communist social leveling where everyone is “equal.” This IS Social Justice! Don’t be deceived America! This is the same ideology that killed over 1 Billion people in the 20th Century alone!
      Sikhs are Social Justice Warriors. They are Thuggees, Deceivers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thuggee
      Sikhs eat off the floor like dogs! Don’t trust them America!

  6. I also have some predictions. Crunched some numbers and analyzed social conditions:
    Jan/Feb: Victory for Syrian Migrants. Possibly related to housing due to winter weather.
    Aug/Sept: Another victorious anti-establishment/manosphere action (similar in nature to gamergate/Roosh’s Battle of Montreal)

  7. I think ISIS will be defeated in its entirety by about May/June of this year. The new role of Russia, not just in Syria, but across the entire middle east will be very interesting as it signals the end of US dominance in a region they believed they “owned” for the last 50 years
    The potential for some type of serious civil conflict between the two different branches of Islam across the middle east region is very high. How the west and the US in particular can be seen to back up a regime (Saudi Arabia) that produced the terrorism in the first place and beheads captives in an equally brutal manner as ISIS will be interesting for US politics, especially for Hilary Clinton whose fingerprints are all over the region.

    1. Saudi is also the weak point in the official 9/11 narrative. The line between conspiracy and the mainstream account, yet they can’t even investigate that.

        1. Don’t generally believe in them but there’s never been a stronger case for a colour revolution.
          House of Saud should be a house of cards, yet somehow it seems to stay up

    2. US really needs to be kicked out of the middle east.
      This will end any upcoming wars due to the greed of our nation’s leaders.
      Plus it will save our soldiers from the shit they have to go through killing more innocent people in the middle east.

  8. Amen sir I agree, 2016 is our year. We cannot becoming complacent though, and we have to work at utterly destroying all leftism without ANY hint of mercy.

    1. Women themselves will destroy feminism. Hard to believe, but that’s what’s going to happen. When they will see their sons being ripped apart by the society and the divorce courts, when they’ll see their daughters (turned whores.. check out backpage.com) not finding a suitable man to marry because whatever is left will either not want to have anything to do with it or whoever might be left were ruined by the courts and left to be half a man… Then they themselves will ask for it to all end.

      1. They won’t want it all to end. Just to end for the people close to her that are negatively impacted.

      2. “… When they will see their sons being ripped apart by the society and the divorce courts, when they’ll see their daughters (turned whores) not finding a suitablr man. Then they themselves will ask for it to all end.”
        The problem is that women are simply not capable of thinking logically. They are hormonal driven beasts that act like children.

      3. millennial women are the first generation to be fully indoctrinated into feminism, as such they will suffer the most when they can’t find suitable husbands in their 30s.
        even in the 70s and 80s, the women had a large selection of men with good jobs to choose from, who were more conservative and stable. but the millennial cunt has sound rejected – and laughed at- the notion of needing a man.

      4. Not at all. Part of the perpetual motion device of feminism is that nothing is ever blamed on them. That’s the very foundation and is written into the whole belief system. So when their sons and daughters have crap lives, men will be blamed even more vehemently. Remember, they were attacking and vilifying men in response to the late 20th century lives handed to them on a platter. To think that they will blame feminism (themselves) instead of males for the future disintegration is erroneous. Check out this ad of a woman hating on her own son for being a little wussy. Here is a boy immasculated by feminism and she doesn’t give a shit at all for starters, and certainly she would never point the finger at herself. Yeah, it’s just an ad but a lot of ads are crystallizations of the culture;
        She’s like “Fuck this loser” Then the boy is portrayed as a stupid femme twirling his mouthpiece. “Maybe he can wear suits and have a catch phrase” iow, ‘What a fag.’

  9. I agree with the criticisms of Black Lives Matter HOWEVER, it needs to be pointed out that BLM is based upon a lie. This is the lie that Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were victims of racism when, in fact, they are victims of their own criminality. Both of these fools attacked armed men without provocation and were justifiably shot and killed. This is the lie upon which BLM is founded.
    Additionally, another lie actuates BLM. This is the lie that “Black lives matter”. Black lives do not matter to these faux activists for if Black lives did matter then they would direct their efforts towards the greatest existential threat to Black life and existence, Black on Black victimization. Instead, BLM only focuses on acts of racist victimization in which Black people are victims. And in those cases to which they’ve drawn focus, the accusations of racism are incredibly shaky if not untrue.
    There is actually a reason for BLM’s misappropriated focus, a loathing of Black identity. BLM only makes an issue of Black victimization when either white folks or something that can be perceived as connected to whiteness is involved. It’s only in these cases where BLM is actuated. When the context is entirely Black (ie. Black on Black victimization), BLM is nowhere to be found. BLM’s protests at brunches occur exclusively at establishments patronized by mostly whites. You’ll never see such protests occur at establishments that are patronized by mostly Black people. In short, BLM only finds value in Black lives if Black lives are in connected to whiteness. In doing this, BLM places great value on whiteness while seeing no value in Blackness and Black identity. The best that can be said of BLM is that they are an organized collective of Uncle Toms.
    BLM is a direct result of the co-dependent pathology that the Civil Rights movement passed off as activism in their quest for integration. Black nationalists like Elijah Muhammad harshly criticized the Civil Rights movement for its penchant to seek an empowerment that was based exclusively on close proximity to whites. In this pursuit, the Civil Rights movement achieved success and, in the process, set in motion a massive transfer of resources and talent out of the Black community and into the communities that were not Black. The end result was the destruction of the economic base of the Black community. It is out of this co-dependent pathology that the Black Lives Matter movement emerged.

  10. “some women are now openly rejecting feminism and embracing patriarchy.”
    Not that this is a bad thing, but is there evidence of this? I think feminism will take a few more years to decline, after more people start to understand that feminism is a product of suburban white culture

    1. It’s happening in alt right circles. Interesting, it is from the political right, not Christians, who still seem to be thoroughly bought in to moderate feminism.
      How big is the movement? No clue. It is a small minority, I am sure, but they will work on their peers. Once you start saying forbidden things in public, it suddenly becomes possible.

  11. My shot in the dark is we might see a madman come out as a new leader, especially if Sanders or Hillary win. We’re all fairly reasonable here… The kind of people that can agree to disagree.
    But I think what Trump has revealed is that people want someone who inspires them in some way. Trump’s attitude compared to the other candidates is “We can do this! Who’s with me!?” in contrast to “We’ll babysit you! Now go wash your hands and brush your teeth.”.
    I haven’t reviewed any of the policy ideas of any platform in enough detail to have a real opinion (especially as a Canadian), but one thing is for sure… Of Sanders, Hillary, and Trump, Trump is the only one that inspires any real pride in me.
    If someone with nothing to lose can inspire that same kind of reaction in people, I wont be surprised if the floodgates burst open.

        1. The hosebags in Hollywierd should at least be cognizant enough of their own stupidity and realize it behooves these bitches to shut their mouths and just be seen, not heard from.

    1. “If someone with nothing to lose can inspire that same kind of reaction in people, I wont be surprised if the floodgates burst open”
      That’s a good point. Shit has become to the point that the presidential campaign alone, regardless of who is running and who wins could serve as a catylist to finally get things going. I think at this stage most of us here are preferring that the damm simply burst.

      1. I’m hesitant to go to the opposite extreme.
        Balance would be ideal I think.
        But I won’t be surprised to see it happen. And I won’t even be surprised if I get swept up in it.

  12. Western “society”? Western CIVILIZATION.
    What will be next, Western “community”?

  13. When I read the headline a few months ago “Hillary meets with Black Lives Matter.” I was in fucking disbelief. That anyone is actually giving these retarded apes the time of day instead of telling it like it is. For example, stop being stupid aggressive pieces of shit and attacking cops you fucking morons. They really exemplify the n-word better than any other generation of negroes in history. MLK would probably shun your average black person as valuing willful ignorance over education, violence over intelligent thought, crime instead of work, etc… Someone needs to put them in their fucking place and tell them they need to stop committing crime at a much higher rate than any other race, and to stop attacking cops, or your ass will get shot and I will fucking laugh at your dead body.

    1. Add in the fact that Lena Dunham has her ear too and it’s beyond surreal how degenerated our culture has become.

  14. I’m not so upbeat about Trump’s presidential aspirations. Even if he doesn’t scuttle himself with an ill-timed sound bite, the “if you don’t vote for Obama then you’re a racist” ploy which saw the Democrats sweep into power will simply become the “if you don’t vote for Hillary then you’re a sexist” ploy.
    BTW, in what world does anyone think an American billionaire is not part of the “elite”?

  15. Get a second (or third) passport, legally move a reasonable chunk of assets to different political jurisdictions, learn a second (or third) language, and create an option to earn a decent living remotely. Network with like-minded people. Then you’ll at least have options no matter what happens.

        1. It’s very difficult, if not impossible. Thus the need for the non-U.S. passport(s)

        2. which countries do I have a realistic shot at getting one of their passports? so I can get a foreign bank account

        3. There’s a lot of options if you have money. Otherwise there are still options but it’ll just take time. Panama is the easiest place to become a permanent resident, and five years after that a citizen. Many countries in Europe will grant you citizenship if you had a grandparent emigrate from them. Latin America and places in the Carribbean are good places to start your search

  16. Trump will get blindsided at the convention and Rubio will be the nominee. This will put Hillary in office because the Republican base will not turn out due to being so obviously betrayed. This will also be the death of the Republican Party. As the radical feminists begin to feel the backlash from other women, they will double down on their tyranny. Their male lapdog politicians will go along by passing even more Draconian anti-male legislation. The traditional women will not be able to organize due to a defunct Republican Party and Hillary will get reelected. The impending demographic and economic collapse will accelerate under Hillary and the possibility of reversal will become zero. Trump is the last gasp of a center right, white, Christian, patriotic shrinking demographic that sees the handwriting on the wall. Make a drink, sit back, and enjoy watching the collapse from your paid off, female free abode. Cheers.

    1. I am also a pessimist. This article thinks everything will go against the tide? Not likely. People hate Trump, and love diversity. BLM will win and so will SJWs.

      1. Read Death of the West by Pat Buchannan. It was published in the early 2000’s. It is all about birth rates and the fact that all politics is tribal. Western white women are refusing to have babies in sufficient numbers for replacement. Japan is already in a demographic crisis and if it continues the Japanese race will cease to exist by 2100. The white race is on a similar path heading for the same predictable outcome. Demographics is destiny. The future is Brown Islam in Europe and brown Hispanic in America. Generations past of white males would have taken up the sword to defend their race and culture. That is no longer an option as the current crop of white leaders are on board with their own destruction. Hence, MGTOW, making a drink, sitting back, and enjoying the show. Cheers.

        1. All true, John. As Vox Day has it, you have to have children to show up in n the future. I’ve been MGTOW for a long time, way before I knew there was a name for how I lived. :)) White women aren’t worth defending anymore. It’s going to be interesting to see feminists protest when men turn their backs. Yeah, just think……..Feminists having to deal with ISIS up close and personal. …..I’ve just decided to mind my own business, and let feminists have at their own defense. Probably be a good idea to get a CHL and learn how to use a weapon…….

  17. Trump is polling at about 42% now and I believe that that number is a deliberate underestimation. People like NeoFuturist apparently have no f*cking idea about the level of anger out here.

  18. I really don’t care about blacks and their stupid problems. Cuckservatives refuse to see the obvious here: Black + Democrat = Detroit. White + Democrat = Portland. Which city would white cuckservatives really want to live in?

  19. I can see 2016 as the year when Alt-Right, Neoreactionary and Dark Enlightenment bloggers enter the mainstream conversation and even earn some grudging respect. One, these guys talk about the problems the county’s white population really cares about. And two, they say the most radical and controversial things about these problems. Just for the shock and entertainment value alone in a noisy media environment, that gives them advantages. .

  20. I used to call myself a conservative but that’s changed, realities have changed – the only thing to conserve right now is feminism, degeneracy, and all those other liberal ‘values’.
    Leaning toward traditionalist or right-wing revolutionary.
    The time for conserving is long past – now we need to act to instill radical change like the liberal revolutionaries in the 19th and 20th centuries

    1. The Republican party is on its last legs. It will be interesting to see how things unfold if they do succeed in railroading Trump. “Conservative” is just a pundit created word of yesteryear.
      When I was younger, I found a good way to fill out my ballot. You… You should make a list of anything/everything you wish to see acted upon and your own personal ideal solution to each. Categorize these into what jurisdiction and position would be required to achieve your personal solutions. Compare that to the platform of each candidate across each office. You’ll then be more informed and actually know something about something in the voting booth.

      1. Seems like the proper way for a deep, informed analysis as opposed to the blather in the media which focuses on emotions and often insignificant, trivial information.
        Best would be to follow your ideas, now what should be acted upon, and then bypass the media entirely and go on the party platforms through Google – and there you have an informed, independant choice.
        Another issue is that there are no politicians that support everything I want acted upon (try finding a politician in Canada that is against immigration and multiculturalism for example) – but of course in these cases you choose the best, and if that isn’t enough then you enter politics yourself in that case.

        1. I don’t know anything about Canadian politics or government. I don’t think I have ever been sober in my excursions to Canada

  21. Can’t wait to see who Trump’s running mate is. Trump’s platform is ideology popular with cross-culturally among wage earning American although we have been stymied by the grossly implemented PC culture. I’m thinking of voting for the first time in my 49 years just to vote for him. Although, we know our vote doesn’t actually count for shit unless it’s a landslide and the numbers can’t be tweaked. This is “Our” moment, get out and vote, time for the pendulum to swing the other way.

  22. Can’t wait to see who Trump’s running mate is. Trump’s platform is ideology popular cross-culturally with the wage earning American although we have been stymied by the grossly implemented PC culture. I’m thinking of voting for the first time in my 49 years just to vote for him. We know our vote doesn’t actually count for shit unless it’s a landslide and the numbers can’t be tweaked. This is “Our” moment, get out and vote, time for the pendulum to swing the other way.

  23. In 2016, I would like to see these 3 platforms enter the debate.
    1) Repeal of the 17th amendment (direct election of senators)
    2) Reinstate Glass-Steagle/punish white collar crimes (Non IRS) with state penitentiary time
    3) Term Limits
    I’d be interested to hear other’s concise lists of 3 directly political issues.

    1. glad someone else understands the horror that is the 17th amendment….though fat chance in hell that happens.
      I will add repealing the 17th amendment and term limits are redundant. as senators pre-17th amendment are appointed by governors of the states. as a result senators cant act independent of the state they represent or the governors will just find new senators that go along with them and governors are usually closer to being line with their states people.

      1. I thought the state legislator elected the senators pre-17th. If the 17th amendment were repealed it would not only make senators accountable to their states but also end the ridiculous bi-polar swings in the federal government.

        1. yes you are correct, i hadnt read it in a while. but either way its essentially the same point which is making senators responsible to their state rather than two heads representing their state and acting independent of each other.
          that said….Im not sure this will fix things even if it helps….the government is at this point freefalling off a cliff.

    2. Strike that one and the 16th and you might start seeing a better, more productive country.

      1. The 16th amendment has to stay to prevent economic implosion. If you are talking about rewriting tax codes and taking a hard look at how the system uses collected monies I am all for that.

        1. Taxes create economic implosion and stifle productivity. They are nothing more than mafia style tactics to fleece productive people of their fruits redistributing it to lowlifes or pork fat govt programs that provide zero value to the society. A “voluntary” tax that is enforced at gun point and jail time of not paid. Many entrepreneurs have gone MGTOW in the business world because of this. Why do you think so many companies move the fuck out of this country? It’s not just for cheaper labor as many seem to think.
          I think of gov as a modern woman, “give me your shit, because”. If you look at most of the “govt” it is modeled after the modern woman (govt is a reflection of it’s people, and look how big the reflection of degenerate fuckwits wanting handouts is). A manipulative bitch who provides zero value, repeat zero value to the relationship and greedily devours everything around her with an army of white knights to do her bidding.

        2. How would you support the non wealth redistribution oriented activities performed by the government? Things like the military, civil infrastructure, and required civil services (police, fire) specifically

        3. The same way it had always been supported before the cash grab 16th amendment came along and imposed alimony on every productive member of societys back.

        4. And which way is that? You think the miracle military machines will just appear? Nothing is free

        5. It certainly was not with income taxes imposed by the 16th amendment which is what we are discussing. The military, as well as the other civic infrastructure, existed and was funded long before the 16th amendment social programming came into play in 1913.

  24. Donald trump is a businessman, he sells what you want to hear. The elites don’t need to buy him, but certainly he would like to increase profut and Donald is part of the elites lol. It is questionable how much will he do if he gets elected

  25. Sorry about Trump here but if you want to know who will win, go check Vegas betting lines. Hillary is an overwhelming favorite right now. Vegas has no bias. They only want money. Vegas knows. Trump is not going to be president. He is just long-term click bait.
    Also, ‘feminists losing ground’ is wishful thinking and nothing more. Feminism is purely entrenched now. It’s in the culture’s DNA. It’s like hoping that ‘narcissism’ or ‘mediocrity’ will start losing ground. It’s who females are now and is no longer an ideology or movement so it’s not going anywhere and will only get worse. Enjoy the Decline.

  26. Trump, whether he wins it all or not has opened our eyes to the corruption of all DC. All other candidates on both sides answer to the Corp donors, lobbyists, and special interests- including the lying liberal media. Paul Ryan’s push of the spending bill approving Planned Parenthood in full, Obama’s refugee program in full, more free stuff to the Dem voters- along with his TPP and past corporate inversion for the big Investor class, has convinced me further. I will not be voting for anyone other than Trump or Cruz.
    Trump’s pro-business negotiating skills, cutting of waste & fraud, build-up of a non- PC Intel & surveillance will be a nice addition of a mover & shaker to counter the pandering, cowardly DC Elite.

    1. Trump is no where near being the all mighty Savior, he’s not going to end welfare, he not going to halt gangster rap pouring into our homes via television, he not going to solve the fundamental social problems which are at the core of our decaying society. And worst of all, he still ponders to the Jewish media. BTW, it’s not the so called “Liberal Media” as you just stated, it’s the Jewish Media.

      1. Who said he would do any of that. You missed the point of why Trump is appealing, rough edges and all. If he gets a qtr. of what he says he will, that’s a step in the right direction.
        The media is pretty pathetic, whatever you want to call it. They try so hard to dumb us down and brainwash us with lies and distractions from the real issues. And, unfortunately, it works on most people – Kardashian crowd (sheep).

  27. Return of Kings and The Daily Stormer are predicting 2016 to be the turning point. It’s hard to say, but I’m inclined to believe that both are true, to some degree. Not entirely, but each to a degree.

  28. I could be wrong….but i have a hard time thinking feminism ends until society collapses to a very severe point. what i mean is until quite literally all the useless workplace jobs women and betas often do are no longer around and it turns into “oh shit i need a spouse to survive” mentality….you know like 200 years ago you grabbed a spouse to survive and had kids who if you were a reasonably decent parent got some severe loyalty in the process.
    i mean really as long society is still functioning with any major economic rioting style breakdown….why should feminism or liberalism end?

    1. You sir are right on point, until the whole economy collapses to the point of hunting each other down for food, nothing will change. But I have hope, this artificial economy depends highly on people being able to consume and beta males doing the hard labor, since people are not having kids anymore, there will be very few consumers and betas and the whole house of cards will come down, but i see that happening in like 40 to 50 years when finally the whole world has stopped breeding. The reason being is that as long as immigrants continue to flow in, they will make up the lost consumers and betas. so if feminism creeps into the non-western world, it will be game over

      1. well you are more optimistic than I am. but that said immigrants cant keep feeding the system.
        for instance a society only makes forward progress if there is enough youth to take care of the elders. if the youth dont spit out reliable kids you end up with a whole bunch of “useless” elders. Japan and China are seeing that problem first hand with the one child laws…especially China and its disproportionate amount of males to females. i think something like a 9:1 ratio.
        these elders even if they work till the day they die will eventually stop doing certain kinds of jobs due to age at the very least.
        immigrants can only make up for that for so long and all it takes it for immigrants to be here for 10-15 years and you’ve got them being liberals and feminists and now the system is back right it started only this time with no third world country to bleed that and there are no third world countries capable of breeding enough to make up for China or Americas massive size.
        I know many think immigrants will keep feeding the system….I just dont think they will as they integrate into the system they will become liberal feminists not to mention a good chunk of them come from liberal feminist communist shitholes already. i mean how many mexicans for example mooch off our welfare system? thats adding to the problem, not helping. and if their daughters turn into feminists and get degrees….well there goes the breeding.

      2. Feminism is creeping into the non-western world. It will likely be as bad as the west within the next twenty years. Possibly even sooner.

  29. A few weeks ago I was contacted by a friend of mine on facebook. She was questioning why I had “Liked” Donald Trump and was following him. I told her that while I while I haven’t made up my mind on him entirely, I was also following other republican candidates too. I then told her that it was actually none of her business who I followed politically as I’m not the type that goes about boosting articles on my news feed. She got pissy with me and said she couldn’t be friends with someone who supported a sexist, racist idiot. I then asked her to prove to me that she was. She couldn’t. She just went on to regurgitate some left wing feminist garbage she knew and then unfriended me. I had actually seen this coming as her news feed was full of feminist articles complaining about male micro-aggressions, the patriarchy, etc in the tech industry (where she works). I had unfollowed her a bit ago, but kept her on my list for politeness as we’ve known each other for almost 14 years. This girl had pretty much personified the western woman. Moved to the big city, rode the dick carousel for all her 20’s and now early 30’s, lived alone with her cat, covered in tattoos, short hair and piercings. She’s still single, childless, and will probably remain so. It was a rather melancholy way to end that long of a friendship with someone. It was probably for the best as seeing after I discovered the manosphere I couldn’t see any possible future relationship with her. She later wrote me back and wished me luck in my career, but said she was at a point in her life where she only wanted to surround herself with like minded people and that my political beliefs weren’t compatible with hers. I told her good luck and blocked her from ever contacting me again. It’s amazing and rather frightening to see how left wing and socialists a lot of my friends have become. The race baiting articles, posts, videos etc popping up everyday. If it wasn’t for my business I would probably take off my account on there. Something I’m still considering.

    1. It’s mind blowing how brainwashed young white people are. Even when the evidence hits them in the face, it just doesn’t register in their brains. I don’t understand it.
      they do exactly 100% whatever their teachers and media tell them to do.

      1. Mantra of idiots.. I know what you are telling me it’s truth. But I still don’t believe you ? & Don’t confuse me with facts. My mind is made up !

    2. Your quote:This girl had pretty much personified the western woman. Moved to the
      big city, rode the dick carousel for all her 20’s and now early 30’s,
      lived alone with her cat, covered in tattoos, short hair and piercings.
      I see that like the black plague to avoid… Put at least a 100 miles distance btween you & her …Tattoos ?? Piercing ?? Yukk !

      1. She recently moved from New York City to San Francisco to work in the tech industry. That lead her to reading all the leftist shit complaining about women in the work force. I knew immediately what was happening to her and she was falling for it hook like and sinker. What ultimately made me unfollow her was an article she posted about a tranny complaining about straight male micro aggressions against it in an IT department where it worked. Kind of shows me the brainwashing she’s had now cause she just throw away a 14 year friendship with me over a political figure.

    3. “..said she was at a point in her life where she only wanted to surround herself with like minded people and that my political beliefs weren’t compatible with hers.”
      Surrounding herself with like minded people who won’t make her feel uncomfortable by pointing out the fallicies and logical gaps in her personal beliefs which are not grounded in factual events or reality. You will eventually leave all your leftist acquiantances behind as you get older for you will have nothing in common (career, wife/woman, kids, responsiblities, hobbies, etc…). Been there. Look her up in 10 years and she’ll be in the same spot spewing the same dreck.
      You should get off FB and go with alternatives.

  30. Lets hope 2016 brings Donald Trump as President – The Europeans wake up and start dealing with the migrant crisis in a positive way.

  31. Trump is breaking party barriers because in the eyes of female instinct, he is a real Alpha Male, when compared to the other Betas and lone feminist that are trying to run for office. For example, Bush I and Bush II were also Alphas to some extent, when judged by female instinct, Jeb Bush however, is not and it shows.
    Also, minorities are for most part still tapped into their primal instincts and teach their kids the same. While most Anglo’s, on the other hand, try to deny instincts and teach their boys to become Manginas that only answer directly to feminine desire.
    Trump has none of these Mangina traits, hence the current wave of female adoration, which in reality, is a type of physical attraction that none of these women know how to articulate when surveyed.
    I also really don’t quite understand why some people think Donald Trump is a worse choice than “Clinton part II” or “Bush part III”, even Sanders for that matter.
    Trump is running a Presidential Campaign and a company with 22,000+ employees, that has billions of dollars in real estate holdings. People need to start giving the guy some friggin credit.
    In contrast, what other organization, WITH EMPLOYED STAFF, was Obama “running” during his initial Presidential campaign? NONE, just his Presidential campaign, with some skeleton crew staffers left behind, to autopilot his Senate duties, same goes for “Bush part II” (just replace “Senator” with “Governor”).
    Although Trump did grow up rich, inheriting money and property from his fathers businesses, the Trump Family is self-made for the most part and do not seem to be directly connected with NWO or Old-Money types (all the Trumps are Tax Dodgers BTW). Trumps grandfather did not process properly through Ellis Island, in the late 1800’s and had left behind many unpaid debts in Europe by the time he came to America and started his new businesses. What regular people don’t seem to understand is that folks like Donald Trump and Ross Perot are considered “trash” by the standards of the Romney and Bush clans types, with family members having held political offices, in the Untied States, as far back as the 1850’s. Note, Reagan, Clinton, and Obama also had no direct family ties to the NWO & Old-Money types, however, they were not nearly as wealthy, nor as independently bold, as Trump or Perot and eventually all of them did “toe the line”, following the orders of the NWO & Old-Money types.
    The reality is that Trump will NEVER be accepted as part of the true “Owners of Capital” club because he is the decedent of regular working class immigrants from Germany, that came to the USA via Ellis Island. Whether voters believe it or not, people like Donald Trump and Ross Perot before him, are truly, the best chance, regular people have to being represented by someone in office who’s family is not beholden to or part of the NWO & Old-Money types. Although I have not thoroughly checked, it does not appear that Donald Trump, nor Ross Perot, were ever invited to or attended the Bilderberg Conference. That’s a GOOD sign, not a bad one.
    Also there are some other things to consider, if Trump has a REAL chance at winning the republican nomination or somehow gets huge backing as an Independent, the “Owners of Capital” will simply do, to him, what they did to Ross Perot and once that process unfolds Trump will eventually decide to “willingly withdraw” from the race.
    Do people really believe, that if someone like Donald Trump wins the election, that he will be able to do what he wants, as apposed to, what the “Military Industrial Complex” wants him to do?
    Anyone who becomes President of the United States has to “cow tow” to the “Military Industrial Complex” and even Donald Trump is not immune to a guaranteed “CIA visit” once in office.
    Be assured they will pay him a visit, if he ever wins, and like Ross Perot, Jessie Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Obama (a former nobody from a poor family), Trump too will be told to “toe the line” and “play ball”, as they dictate. For example, why in the world did Arnold Schwarzenegger need to do ANYTHING along party lines? His fame and popularity COMPLETELY transcended political parties, yet somehow he was still “answering” to politicians whom “in theory” should have had no affect on his personal life, political career or personal fortune, all of which existed prior to being elected and was held COMPLETELY outside of the confines or influence of the “Military Industrial Complex”.
    Also consider this angle, there is a huge assets difference between someone like Mitt Romney, who has a $250 million net worth and Ross Perot with a $5 billion net worth (Donald Trump has a net worth of $4 Billion). Yet, people like Romney are a shoe in for party nominations. As I alluded to above, its NOT the money nor the popular vote that matters, people like Mitt, Clinton and Jeb Bush are government insiders and both come from families that always have been government insiders. That was not the case, at all, with Perot and the same goes for Trump, hence neither of them can be elected in the USA regardless of the popular vote or the public’s desires or how much money they spend on their campaigns.
    I have always believed that Ross Perot dropping out of the 1992 election was not happenstance either, nor simply about his daughters wedding:
    “Mr. Perot offered no evidence, only quoting friends and an unidentified “top Republican.” “I can’t prove any of it today,” he said on tonight’s CBS News program “60 Minutes.” “But it was a risk I did not have to take,” he added, “and a risk I would not take where my daughter is concerned.” Mr. Perot accused the unidentified C.I.A. employee of being hired to tap into his computerized stock trading program to prevent him from having the money to revive his campaign.
    Trump and Sanders, in my opinion, are the least likely, currently “visible candidates”, to be heavily affiliated with NWO & Old-Money types. Trump and Sanders weren’t “born into” the “right kind” of political families, in fact their ancestors were immigrants from the lower classes of Europe. Its actually really too bad they can’t be on the same independent ticket in some form, running as Independents, with Sanders and Trump as President and VP, with other political outsiders like Ralph Nader, Jessie Ventura and Ron Paul filling the various cabinet positions (pooling campaign resources, with the intention of actually trying to win, as a team and not solo).
    But if any of these people tried to pull a “hat trick” like that, I’m sure quite a few of them would QUICKLY find themselves at risk of being in a “plane crash” or on the wrong end of a “car accident”.
    In hindsight, I truly believe that Ross Perot would have done a much better job than ANY of the “good ol’ boys” that we’ve gotten as Presidents since then. Trump is the nations second chance to get that type of leadership.
    Again, Perot dropping out of the 1992 election was not happenstance, nor was it simply about his daughters wedding. He was likely threatened in some way, that none of us can imagine. Why has he been so quiet, for the last 20+ years? Donald Trump will be no different in the end, but, if he decides to run for President and he somehow wins, my prediction is, best case scenario, that it will be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronald Reagan all over again.

  32. Another possibility:
    Obama won’t leave the white house.
    Just before the elections something happens that will be so severe that “there’s no other option than suspending the elections”.

  33. Like Trump–like Sanders more because he understands economics better–but Trump’s in your face defiance of PC norms is great. HOWEVER, he needs to get off Putin’s jock PDQ.

  34. Pol numbers are entertainment, Diebold & Company will elect your next leader electronically. If Trump has that covered they will assassinate him with some disaffected minority group patsy he has insulted. Taco Tuesday as Mexican drug thugs, or special ops give Trump a heart attack with a microwave weapon or heart attack pellet. Or Trump himself is a plant by the Liberals to do another Ross Perot/George Bush I/Bill Clinton re;1992 with conservatives.
    Men are waking up, society smells the smoke. Over the top headlines of the crazy shit that has been going on make strong men and women look up and take stock on what is happening. Sites like ROK, Roosh, Rational Male etc will gain in popularity as the narrative here is the only one that makes any sense and provides a sense of sanity and hope for the future.

  35. Concerning Trump, the establishment will do exactly as you wrote. They will prop up a third party candidate from the Rep side so Hilary wins. And to think that there will be civil unrest if a Trump victory is derailed? lol, come on man, you give too much credit to those overweight retards that are the american people. There will be a little civil unrest from a minority just like that “arrest wall street” movement some years ago. But after a good dose of pepper spray and some shake downs they will quickly disappear back into the night. Believe me, as long as there’s the Superbowl, Justin Bieber, Marvel movies and Cheetos the average US citizen won’t give 2 shits or understand anything about how politics works in the US (just watch the Mark Dice videos on youtube). Even if he does win, Trump is a wolf without a pack. All other Rep candidates hate him and that senate room will feel terribly lonely to him. All decisions he takes will never be backed and instantly knocked down. They won’t let him rule. And who’s to say he’s not telling you what you want to hear. He was pro abortion and gay marriage not long ago now he’s singing a completely different tune to the bible freaks. He was pro immigration now that he’s running for president he’s anti immigration and the list goes on. Virgil once wrote “Beware of Greeks bearings gifts”, you can add Trump’s promises bro. The guy is a pure product of the elites and this consumerist liberal society all of us despise. Watch him empower feminists if he thinks it will help his agenda. And if by miracle he does try and change the status quo then they’ll just shoot him like they did with Kennedy and no one will give a shit because they’ll pull it off right before a star wars movie comes out. You want to save America in 2016? we’ll you can’t, it’s simply FUBAR. If you really love it, then leave it and keep all the good memories. All the best.

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