ROK Hits Primetime With A Segment On The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show (Video)

On Tuesday night the Jimmy Kimmel Live show created a segment to ridicule the undeniable influence we’ve had in steering men away from seeing the social justice reboot of Star Wars.

The segment was in response to David Garrett’s article stating that we cost the Star Wars movie at least $4.2 million dollars in sales:

Fifty-five percent of respondents to a Return of Kings Twitter poll have said that online reporting of the social justice nature of The Force Awakens influenced their decision whether to see the film. Extended across our readership, with over 900,000 users accessing ROK between November 21 and December 21, this amounts to a potential direct impact of $4,219,456.54 (55% x $8.38 x 915,482) on total revenues.

Not only did Jimmy Kimmel misidentify us as a men’s rights organization, but the stereotype his writers applied to us has nothing to do with the neomasculine and self-improvement ideas (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) that we promote daily. Nonetheless, we appreciate the efforts of Disney, which owns both Star Wars and Jimmy Kimmel, in spreading the word of Return Of Kings. As an anti-fragile entity, any publicity will allow us to reach even more men.

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191 thoughts on “ROK Hits Primetime With A Segment On The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show (Video)”

  1. Disney owns ABC, and ABC owns Kimmel. He has no genuine thoughts of his own. Just another media puppet of the elite.
    Total waste of time/energy/attention to pay attention to MSM nonsense.

    1. All real people need to stop listening to puppets and stop taking them seriously. Puppets are not real people. They’re flimsy fake puppets. Stop taking orders from puppets whether they be elected puppets or spotlighted hollywood puppets. Puppets can’t lie because they’re puppets. Nothing a puppet says can be real. No puppet talk is valid. It is only entertainment like in the comics or in cartoons. People need to separate cartoons, stick drawings and puppets from reality.

  2. Yes, ridicule ROK however you want, Jimmy Kimmel. Just don’t come crying when you’re ripped off in your next divorce.

    1. “You know where to go when you’re ripped off in your next divorce.”
      Fixed. The hate will flow through him and he will succumb to the dark side.

    1. – Hates masculinity: check
      – Flirts with the gay lobby: check
      – Revels in being publicly humiliated by a slut for a few more views: check
      When his masters say “Jump!”, Beta #CuckKimmel says “How high?”

      1. See his interview with Conor McGregor? Just brutal.
        No talent / relies on fart jokes: check.

      2. Although not silly or funny, at least the website was mentioned and it will help with bringing more men into the fold of waking up.

    2. I hear only women and faggots hooting and cheering in the background of the video.
      Laugh now, cry later.

    3. She still looks good for her age. She probably cucked the hell out of Jimmy with everyone in the Studio. haha

      1. looks good for her age to bang…not to marry dude….at no age was she marriage material. If the Nazi’s tattoed her forearm her number would read
        U M
        P A N
        D U M P

        1. She could suck the life out of 2 SS battalions within a week, helping the Allied with the war effort.

      1. He is so bought and paid for. Remember he did crank yankers? Special Ed? YAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I have a computer YAHHHHHHHH
        Then this?

        Before being bought

        1. I doubt that. Simply to be fair, he clearly is very efficient in speaking comedy, most times, with what little air he gets from so much SJW cunninlingus.

    4. Yeah, I find it as such a struggle to find some, tiny, insignificant level of give a fuck what Kimmel thinks about me.
      Sadly, in my next life if I happen to be a strong, independent transsexual like most of his writers are in the future, fantasizing about “Caitlyn” reenactments; Ill be sure to try hard. Until then, thanks for the free advertisement sucker.
      Even a few months ago, these guys would not have even bothered with us. Now they are laughing at us. Next, they will try and fight us. Then people will be forced to read just what exactly the hell it is about us that keeps people coming but never to return. Then we win.
      I hope the PC police culture can handle it when we appropriate their positions and rarely if ever talk about them? Perhaps they will be on too many drugs in their own white padded room to notice.
      I care so little about the media anymore, and it’s dwindling relevancy. But I do find this “bad news” to be quite delicious.

    5. Wow, he must have been an upgrade from that dog she had sex with in that campaign video she made in 2012.

    6. Kimmel has to say these things. He’s owned by Disney.
      Gentlemen, let Kimmel be a lesson to many of you who decide to sellout and become a bitch to your employer (or woman…depending on the circumstances). I know many who used to watch (and respect) Kimmel ‘back in the day’ but like many he has sold himself out to the highest bidder. He is the highest example of a beta trying to play to his audience (more betas) and playing beta game to get with women. The only women interested in him (now) is because he has an attention platform (a show).
      He has no game.

    7. I love that Silverman built her career as a shock comic but now she’s suddenly turned around and saying that there are certain things comics shouldn’t be able to joke about. Nice….

  3. I feel bad for MRA’s. These guys are extremely honest yet they get beaten into the dust by the mass media. There is an effort between news groups to smear them, they even called Elliot Rodger. A fucking serial killer, an MRA without any proof. Some of these guys are divorced dads with no cash trying to help other men, and they get theirs lives ruined by the cult of feminism.

    1. They’re naive, but honest and good intentioned I’d say. They actually think they can use logic against the feminist cult controlling society.

      1. Not really. We MRAs understand that feminism is not about logic, but emotional hot button issues utilized for fear mongering, then leveraged in to tax payer funding into their salaries. Rarely anything ever goes to actual victims.
        So we do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are dealing with two faced, hysterical, hypochondriacs who will lie about their own fathers, brothers, and any one else for a smidgeon of attention.
        Because even a small amount of attention can be fanned into a flame of a media circus that ends with feminists giving crocodile tears to congress, and billions into their coffers.
        Rape victims, children, and obviously all males mean nothing to them.

    2. I say let em do it. They can blame MRA’s as much as they want but in reality we’re manosphere. They do similar things to Gamergate and it bounces right off of them because it’s so hilariously wrong and inaccurate, eventually it bites them in the @$$

    3. MRA’s, ultimately, are weak in the face of their enemies, and do not hold anyone accountable. What punishment is there for you right now if you attack them? None. What punishment have they levied upon the reporters who misidentified them? None.
      Their niceness and civility is their undoing. You have to be a savage barbarian to go up against an establishment that wants to remove your rights and control your behavior. If you’re not a fighter, you will get smoked. MRA’s are the kids in school who keep getting their ass kicked by bullies but ignore you when you try to teach them how to fight. I sympathize with their cause, but this is a war. Either pick up your weapons and start attacking the enemy or get out of the way.
      What happened when SJW’s attacked us in Canada? They were humiliated, frightened (enough to call the police and file reports), and had their names ruined in Google, forever. Even a cafe that came after us had lost business. I still get salty messages about it.

      1. As an father’s rights activist, I disagree. I have seen your arguments before. But you have no dog in the fight.
        The forces you face have no legal leverage on you, and you travel a lot. For those of us who have kids, it is not that easy. You have to fight an entity that is far more powerful than even you and your blogs, videos, and writings. Easily more powerful.
        They can dismiss you as easily as they dismiss coffee at a restaurant.
        That said, many MRA sights have made a real difference. They are part of the reason the media is attacking you! Because the media perceives you to be a likely target to link to us for the unknowing public.
        They, and their feminist taskmasters, strategize that by linking PUAs that they assume most will abhor to MRAs, they can delegitimize MRAs. Guys like me, who piss them off face to face every day.
        It is so easy for you to talk this way. But the fact is, the real work done by AVFM, National Parenting Organization, and numerous college groups are making huge inroads. Even getting legislation passed.
        I won’t say that you are not helping. Your many platforms to wake many young men up to what is raised against them. And in the few cases where, like in Canada, they did attack you it was awesome what you did.
        But you’re not getting legislation passed. Your not getting Assistant DAs outed in the public eye. You’re not pushing shared parenting legislation in so many states.
        Your teaching young men who, when, where, and how to fuck. And perhaps broadening their horizons. I appreciate it, why I still come here.
        However Roosh, there is a reason the media is coming after you and not Paul Elam, or Dr Holstein. You’re an easier target to try and silence the main threat that is coming. MRAs.
        Your arguments are more akin to feminism, and fly in the face of others with more hostility to be sure.
        But your impact will not be as long lasting.
        Real change comes from the hearts. And a player at fifty is called lonely. Men are going to want more than just dating and banging later in life. They will also want kids.
        Not everyone wants to travel as much as you do, and deal with as much drama as well.
        At some point, the paradigm must be lifted. But far from believing marriage as an institution is dead, I think it is merely changing. Feminists had a major impact on that. Yes, I think they will pay.
        But men are not going to stay players forever. I appreciate your work an writings. But you lack the substance in my book that will make the biggest change which I feel is coming.
        The media has shown it’s colors. But you’re the appetizer in my opinion. MRAs are the main course.
        They have more to fear from us, then a bunch of men working, and trying to sleep with feminists en mass.
        Those who threaten them with actual equality they claim to want, or a more balanced set of traditional roles are something many don’t want to hear. They fear masculine men, which is why they attack you. But your site is nto the threat you think it is.
        There is a reason you stay out of family and therefore the courts. You know what we face. But you don’t ever want to deal with it yourself. Many men will take the risk. So the risk has to be mitigated.
        I don’t see any real hard evidence of an actual marriage strike. I just see cohabitation. People want marriage, and kids.
        Your writings don’t offer that.
        Something else is needed. And that is a long hard road that has had progress. So take it or leave it. But your accusations to MRAs are lacking in my opinion.

        1. Yeah, these PUA guys are upset about being considered less serious than MRA.
          I hear a hell of a lot more anger and determination from the MRA than the PUA.
          Try as he might, Roosh cannot escape his PUA origins. It appears he does not have the fortitude to appreciate Islamic fundamentalism nor does he have the fortitude to appreciate Fascism. I’m no religious devotee, yet I approve of both.
          This kind of extremism which is really patriarchal and traditional, is not for playboy types who allow themselves to be jewed by the Feminists.
          A lifestyle of fornication is not enough! I would prefer to risk my life for extremism than languish in squalor as a PUA.

        2. So go blow yourself up in a truck bomb as an islamo-fascist then. What are you doing here?

        3. I’m not totally sure where you are going with that?
          On the one hand, PUA is literally feminism with a dick. They preach empowerment through keeping fit, eating well, intellectual pursuits, and achieving status and dates. Similar but different from feminists. Who teach the above like trying on a fashionable blouse, but craving the ability to keep it in the closet when convenient. It is not so easy as saying PUAs preach a three piece suit to a woman’s one piece power blouse. But intellectually, there are far more tenets in the PUA camp than in the feminist single mind set.
          That said, your claim that traditional, patriarchal values like extremism is not for playboys I have no idea what to say to that. What do you mean? That there is a difference between a “playboy” in Syria and ISIS tricking a teen girl into religious fervor. And a PUA learning how to speak to a woman and get her on a date of her own volition? What are you getting at?
          To me, a PUA is far more preferable for any future daughter I might have as he will only pump her and dump her. An extremist, will rape the shit out of her, and brain wash her to blowing herself up in a crowded public place when he’s done. Probably tell her that it is the only way to avoid divorce. LOL

        4. ISIS is a creation of the Zionists. Islamic fundamentalism is undermined by terrorism, such as what ISIS espouses.
          The real extremism of Islamic fundamentalism is best expressed by strong marriages, and this is the primary reason for which I approve of Islamic fundamentalism – the marriage of Mohammed to his youngest bride, Aisha.
          THIS is one kind of extremism for which it is worth risking your life as a man. However, it has to be tempered with racial extremism embodied by Fascism and the Third Reich. This is the Holy Grail of extremism!

        5. Dude. Get the hell out. You are either a mole, hi kimmel. Or some sort of wacko.
          My grandfather fought in both theatres in WW2. MY uncle kept the bridge against the Panzer offensive. My neighbor and uncle both fought with Patton. I am a vet wh did three tours.
          You and your Naziesque BS can kick Jupiter sized rocks whoever you are.
          You have a BS moniker too. Leads me to believe that you are either flabby tits futrelle, limp dick kimmel (wave at Adelson as he slaps himself over your ex), or some low life nutcase.
          Get lost.

        6. Before I realized I was a Fascist, I volunteered for the USA military. This was at recruiting stations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Thank God they declined my offer!
          Today, I seek recruits for a Fascist militia, so that we can deter the aggression of and Israel, and accelerate the demise of and Israel.
          Our Fascist martyrs died for our freedom. The holocaust is a fraud and you are sadly mistaken in your worldview.
          Israel cannot endure for even 100 years. The ruin of Israel would be well deserved as payback for WWII and decades of holocaust fraud!

        7. I find it quite amusing that my extremism riled an MRA-affiliated guy into sputtering anti-male insults. You sound just like a Feminist PUA now!
          The military service of your grandfather and uncle accomplished nothing good. You won’t get any praise from me for your own pro-USA stupidity.

        8. One of my principles for militia recruiting is that all men should volunteer to risk their lives so that no men should feel the need to volunteer to die outright.
          During WWII, some German Wehrmacht soldiers and Japanese pilots were motivated by the desperation of their circumstances to undertake suicide missions and they were not wrong for doing so, however this is not the ideal.
          All men should agree to some risk of death so that no men must agree to the certainty of death. This is what I tell the cowards who do not even agree that we need Fascist militias.

        9. “Real change comes from the hearts. And a player at fifty is called lonely. Men are going to want more than just dating and banging later in life. They will also want kids.”
          You obviously don’t really follow the work of Roosh V. He has changed his tone over the last few years and has laid out some excellent plans for men to follow to begin restoring Western Civilization. This site is absolutely deplored (by people like the ADL) because we have touched on the “Jewish Question” (which is the roots of feminism) unlike the MRA. ( ).
          There is a bigger motive behind feminism than some cunt trying to steal your money and kids in court. It is an anti-White institution.
          I appreciate your hard work in the legal realm, but understand that ROK is becoming part of what is known as the “Alt. Right” in this country. It goes deeper than feminism, and had you been closely following this site for the last year you would see that it’s not all about “muh womynz” around here.
          There’s much more to it than that; and with all due respect, I can tell you that there is some *very deep thought* and discussion that takes place on ROK. The awakening is happening in 2016, and soon we will all be thanking each other.
          EDIT: Another ROK reader has informed me you’ve been an ROK supporter from the beginning, so please excuse my underlying accusatory tone in my above reply to you.

        10. I think I can see where you’re coming from, and indeed Roosh has changed his tone. However, Jesse James has been a supporter of ROK from the beginning. Your qualifications allow for this, I suppose, but I want to explicitly state it here.

        11. I lose track of the names and the faces, but yours I definitely recognize. At the expense of sounding somewhat snarky, I had to just “lay it all out there”, so to speak.
          I am thrilled that MRA are fighting the legal battle. In an article I wrote for this site (under a different name, “Harlan Blackwood”), I recommend to ROK readers that anybody with legal knowledge would be incredibly useful in these times. It was in the article about Sun Tzu:

          How We Can Use Sun Tzu’s Strategies To Implement Neomasculine Principles

          My overall point, and motivation for posting, is that I’ve watched as Roosh V really “went down the rabbit hole” in his more recent articles on His work has no doubt motivated thousands of men to learn of the true nature of women, which will significantly help both MRA and men in general.
          It has also inspired many men of the Alt. Right to explore the roots of feminism and seek to address its underlying school of thought, and then strategize to destroy that school of thought.

        12. Keep arguing these points! The nationalists and the MRAs have more common ground than not; it is through this public debate that these differences are ironed out.
          I, too, am a father and I have every bit as much skin in the game as anyone.

        13. Excellent! I agree. I remember that article too (heh, bet you can’t guess which articles I wrote under a pseudonym). Best regards my man; I’m about to go re-read your Sun Tzu article.

        14. Suicide bombing is asymmetrical warfare, and only becomes terrorism if used to attack non-combatants. As I said, it’s not the ideal scenario to sacrifice any soldier and I never would target non-combatants.

        15. Don’t mention it. I respect Roosh’s work. At least most of it. I enjoy a good portion of the site.
          It appears that Roosh and Paul Elam have had the little email dance being the operators of their individual websites.
          That said, anyone who sees through much of what I have said on this site and others will realize very quickly that I laugh hysterically like a madmen when people peacock. I don’t get offended by much because of it.
          I actually take the insults given, and enjoy twisting them like the Joker twisting a baby girl’s favorite dolly right in front of their ego, then shoving the shiv.
          In regards to what you wrote, no offense taken bud.

        16. That concept, MRAs and PUAs working together is sort of nebulous at the moment.
          I started reading game while on deployments back in 2002. I started with David DeAngelo, and then just regressed down the rabbit hole from there. Since then, and many flags, ass spankings, and broken hearts, drunken funny stories like any sailor that backs up what he says; I guess I bit the bullet and married a gorgeous foreign woman who could make me mister mom. I’m actually proud of her accomplishments.
          But I am no fool. I think even the staunchest MRAs acknowledge why guys like Roosh and others, write what they do.
          However, the big fish in the MRA movement are far more concerned with the big picture. Also, they are usually much, much older than most of you. I often find it funny the view times Paul Elam does comment on here.
          That said, most of the disagreements may appear on the surface to stem from trivial misinterpretations. However, that is not the case.
          The MRA crowd often disagrees with my point of view on PUA. I think the Venusian Arts employed by both men and women, are a natural extension of anyone who wishes to rise above their supposed station in life.
          The MRA movement on the other hand suspects the PUA of being a feminist with a dick. What I mean is all the negative of the feminist barby doll, wrapped up as a manly GI Joe figure. But still chasing pussy, and spending inordinate amounts of time on said pussy.
          There is much crossover between the two groups. Specifically the disdain, contempt, and intellectually superior arguments against feminist thought.
          But I think you will find when facing the MRA elites, that they have been doing this a long, long time. And like I said above, what do you call a player at fifty? Answer: Lonely. In most cases.
          Feminism allows for the PUA existence to flourish. So MRAs want an existence without either. Hence MGTOW derivatives that can radically depart from the original.
          But the main thing an MRA, at least one like me wants, is the removal of financial incentives the Federal/National governments of the US/World place on their lower governments to encourage the break up of the family. And stay out of our bedrooms.
          I think all of us could agree, even Roosh, that strong nuclear families are what’s best. As long as a small percentage is all that does not utilize that model.
          Best for kids, women, and of course us men. The fact that we no longer trust this model, and what to do about is something MRAs and PUAs will most likely never give in on. Nor give up fighting. It is the way men do things I guess.
          We fight each other, and hopefully walk away with at least a grudging respect.

        17. Dude, this guy is actually serious. I checked his Disqus profile, and only went back a week or two. This dude is insane.
          Most likely, this comment will be utilized by fat body futrelle to denigrate this site, then claim he is a regular at MRA sites.
          I really hope that one does not stick. LOL It shouldn’t, but you never know with how lazy people are in fact checking.

        18. This isn’t even exclusively a PUA website… not even close to that.. Have you seen all of the categories at the top of the page there?
          The context of this discussion is not about “PUA” and “MRA” working together. Most of the men on this website aren’t even PUA, they are just guys. There are single guys looking to marry, single guys looking to pump-n-dump, single guys looking to avoid women altogether, married guys looking for tips to rekindle their relationship, married guys here to give advice, guys looking to self-improve, guys looking to defend against SJWs, guys looking at ways to fight back against feminism, etc.
          Why are you so focused on PUA? Nobody is even talking about PUA here but you. The big names in PUA were basically all Jews ( ) promoting a degenerate lifestyle (as many leftist Jews often do). The tone in the comments section here is not the same as it is on the PUA forums (to which I haven’t visited in years). The conversation here is much deeper.

        19. Yes. Appear from nowhere, accuse people of shit, lecture people on other shit. Likely a disturbed retard. No biggie.

        20. I don’t disagree with you much. However, it is not about me. Roosh is a very well known PUA now, and the media has taken notice the way it usually does. Smear campaigns. They simply wish to use Roosh, label MRAs to those who don’t know as bad. I do not have a problem with it bringing traffic here precisely for the content you cite. Even his Roosh v forum.
          That said, undoubtedly, this site does talk quite a bit about PUA. The fact that it is high class for that neck of the woods does not change the overture to which it plays it’s intellectual bow.
          Again, if it was just a low class PUA site, I would not be here.

        21. I don’t get the “feminism with a dick” and “you can’t have PUA without feminism”. Are you referring to how feminism directly (and PUA indirectly) glorifies slut culture?
          I think most PUAs do want to pair bond. Many, like Krauser, find a really special woman and they’re done. Most, also, burn out on what they find going on between women’s ears.
          I discovered Game while married to a fine woman, and it made my marriage much stronger. It allowed my previous strengths, to which she had been attracted, to flourish. For me, it greatly enhanced my pair bond, and through it, I noticed that the comprehensive “game plan” ends in relationship game.
          Game opens the door to men finding MRA; I don’t think it goes the other way around, though. I’m pretty sure MRA is more likely to lead to MGTOW than game, because the starting point is women as adversaries. PUAs, on the other hand, view women as a resource.
          The common ground I wish both sides would recognize is the view of men as respectable and valuable.

        22. In some MGTOW circles you are correct. They do see women as adversaries. However, most MRAs, I think, just want the ridiculous double standards to stop. Some are insanely liberal, others conservative. Many like me, are everywhere in between. Many, like me, are fathers who got boned hard by feminists in family court.
          The big thing though, that I can agree is also in the PUA tool box, is that the game is rigged. Masculinity has been criminalized, and viewed as subject to feminization starting at birth.
          That said, I think both do. Invariably, also, they disagree on the how and why. Game theorists often accuse MRAs of being unmasculine and weak. MRAs accuse PUAs of being pathetic losers. Both have a tendency to miss the other for what they are trying to do in order show who can peacock better.
          There are some MRA types that are pretty weak. There are some severe loser PUAs.
          However, MRAs are often PUAs who got stuck. Many MRAs don’t see that PUAs are merely correctly recognizing the situation, and living it by their own terms. Literally, in the ealier sense of MGTOW, PUAs are “going there own way.”
          MRAs though are what many PUAs are going to become. Because let’s be honest, most men are not going to be “gaming” their whole life. Many will find one woman that they would rather take the risk with. So MRAs bring a lot of value that PUAs don’t see because they are typically younger, and feel bullet proof still.
          But I don’t remember many 40+ year old players at a club. Perhaps that has changed, but out of the thirty countries I have been to, with their clubs in each, I have not seen many old men there for anything other than buying their last drink before the young people started the gamer’s song and dance.
          I don’t fret, ultimately it does not matter to me.

        23. The game is indeed rigged; I know this because I rigged it myself. You see, I have a son along with two daughters. I only now am recognizing that I subtly viewed him as a defective girl.
          it has only been as he has been emerging into manhood and I am developing a more realistic perspective on womanhood that I am nurturing all three more in keeping with their core identities.
          I can’t imagine what sons of single mothers face.

      2. i have hope for some of them man. i mean a good start would be for them to read Vox Day’s war manual ‘SJWs always lie’. That shit will make you realise moderates and fence sitters are the only people who fire more on the people on their same side than they do the other

      3. Paul Elam had a site called which is now no longer running. He was absolutely brutal and very inflammatory. In fact, I would credit him with the fact that the culture is now questioning feminism. I don’t really think you know what you’re talking about.

      1. I wonder why no sjw types call him out for the Juggies. Whose dick did he suck for his current job?

  4. Funny because reading and expanding your knowledge is talked about a lot on here. The irony being Kimmel actually didn’t read anything here, just talking out of his ass about what he heard about this site from some third party.

    1. That is the point. He read enough to know that many in his neck of the woods would write PUAs the same as MRA, and walk away from the movement altogether.
      Fact is, it won’t work. They fail to realize that even in their midst, are millions of men and women affected by frivorce and the mothers who destroyed their sanity.

  5. It wasn’t even funny, kind of bizarre they even did that segment. I don’t think in his delivery he was really into it as a joke either.

    1. Well, Roosh, you’ve perfected the formula–point out the cornball, half-assed feminist/sjw agenda in a blockbuster hollywood film, and the MSM will give you millions of dollars of free exposure. Well done.

      1. Bingo. I’m not sure how that Star Wars joke applies to ROK readers. It’s pretty much just a jab at white frat bros who speak like fucking idiots (I guess we’re all being lumped into one category to save some time).

        1. I’m telling you, Kimmel is becoming what he always mocked–he’s morphing into Leno. It’s like a bad episode of The Twilight Zone. Kinda sad, actually.

        2. I agree. And did you notice his ‘trendy’ beard…just like the rest of the fucking hipsters.
          Kimmel is about as funny as Leno and he makes a good substitute. Maybe they’ll find a real host one day to replace him. I don’t think it would matter. Everything that is on regular TV is shit, anyways.

        3. Well… I mean, I think he is to the hipsters as Johnny Carson with kind of shaggy hair and sideburns was to the hippies–just a bland, mediocrity, tryig to convince his bland, mediocre audience that he’s hip and relevant, but not, you know, “weird” or threatening.

        4. But Carson started out on regular TV (no cable channels back when). These guys, today, seem to sell out once they leave cable channels. The beauty of cable is that you have a little more creative freedom. If these comedians were true to their work, then many wouldn’t sell out to the big corporations for a lame gig on regular TV where everything must be PC.
          Also, Carson didn’t have to deal with all of the PC shit that we have now. I wonder if he were around today if he would have stayed on regular TV or moved to cable. This guy Kimmel, anyways, is another Jay Leno.

        5. Last sentence, agreed. Kimmel sold his soul and became exactly what he hates—a jay Leno for 2016.. He has to live with that, and nothing we can say would make him suffer more than he does every morning when he looks in the mirror.

        6. Kimmel, has always been an emasculated libertard that can talk… I saw one episode of his show several years ago. I thought it might have some residual “Man Show” to it… In the show he was bitten by an animal “guest” and he acted like a woman with pms… Complaining, “I told thems,” and fear like he was a little girl. That was the one and only time I have watched his cluck/cuck-fest.

  6. Made me laugh. Unlike ideological, political groups, you can’t be too righteous too laugh at yourself, not mattering whether the “joke”(key word here), is accurate or not. No reason to get defensive, brah…

      1. I wasn’t condemning Roosh or his article at all, just addressing some of the politically, self-righteous posters.

    1. I wouldn’t mind at all if it was actually funny. If I was anti-RoK I’d have been severely disappointed with it.

      1. I found it funny how ROK was given a frat-boy, surfer voice. The boobs got a laugh out of me, brah…

    1. Actually, you’re talking about bros–one of the only groups left that finds Kimmel remotely amusing.

  7. Kimmel’s job is to drum up random shit to mock and poke fun at.. nighttime talk shows have become incredibly stale over the years. His method of showing basic oppositions in society isn’t that funny. The best comedians always stick to delivering reality itself, which is funnier than fiction anyways.
    The truth is, reality is more of crying shame.. funny how that works in comedy.. people laughing at the sources of misery.

      1. Eh, not anymore. The biggest swingin dick(and only one worth watching) was Colin Ferguson. He was up for the Letterman gig but they gave it to Colbert instead. He walked away from his show, a pity, his female guests loved him- he was a bit too old skool masculine for the masses methinks

        1. I like the absurdism of Conan.
          He doesn’t pretend at all like you should take his show seriously.

        2. His NYC pasty- faced Late Night days still beat his current LA spray tanned show. Better suited for the 12:30 timeslot

        3. His old school stuff is the best.
          When I was a teenager his stuff blew my mind.
          Back then South Park made my head explode though.

    1. What I enjoyed was Johnny Carson or even Benny Hill back in the day. They were not PC. They hit on women like what women enjoyed. Somehow, what they do now is considered sexual harassment.

  8. There is a word for “anti-fragile”. It is resilient. It sounds a lot better than “anti-fragile” too. I recommend using it.

    1. They are different words.
      Anti-fragile means that the system gets STRONGER in the face of opposition and chaos. More chaos = more growth. And the system actually gets weaker without opposition. It’s like your muscles. If you don’t exert them, they atrophy. It needs strain to be strong.
      Resilience is just the ability to withstand opposition and chaos for an extended period of time until finally breaking, sort of like an airplane wing during high winds. It’s resilient, but adding more and more chaos will eventually cause it to fracture. It doesn’t prefer chaos. Read the Anti-Fragile piece I linked for the full explanation.

  9. I’m really sorry but that was actually quite funny. I’m a long time forum member and anti-feminist but the joke was really well executed.

      1. The stereotype was a bit off and not well researched, but the boobs at the end may have been an inside subtle thumbs up. They know it will send a little of their mainstream audience this way, like an indirect invitation. It could also be an invitation to go on stage and clarify the points and concerns of the movement. That tribes of men are forming will fall upon many ears.

        1. Perhaps we’re looking at this the wrong way. How do we know that Jimmy isn’t a secret supporter and he lobbed up a slow ball to knock out of the park? I mean, he has a team of professional comedy writers and that’s the best they can come up with? Seems pathetically weak if you ask me, especially for the resources available to him.

        2. The opposite could also be possible… that they are bank rolling ROK and ROK is just another tool to infiltrate and change the minds of men, hence free publicity veiled under a crappy joke 😛

    1. From the weak applause, most of the audience probably had never heard of ROK before. Some to them will find it on the net now. A few million people watch Kimmel so that’s a few thousand hits on ROK.

  10. What do you expect? He got his ass handed to him by that slag Sarah Silverman. He’s a professional asskisser, and the Star Wars franchise is where the whores currently go to worship. Hey, Jimmy, I’ve got a joke for you: what’s the difference between Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby? I don’t know, you’re the funny guy–you provide the punchline.

  11. Wow – this is pure gold! In spite of his woefully inaccurate stereotype of the ROK readership, it’s a windfall to the site. There is no such thing as bad publicity – thanks, Jimmy Kimmel – sucka!

    1. Give Silerman another 20 years and she will be Ruth Buzzi (so long as sarah Jessica parker leaves ruth buzzi status open when she actually becomes a horse)

  12. I dom’t know what is more depressing, Jimmy Kimmel turning into Jay Leno, or Sarah Silverman turning into Gloria Allred.

  13. I don’t know what’s more depressing, Jimmy Kimmel turning into Jay Leno, or Sarah Silverman aging into Gloria Allred.

  14. mainstream media is dying a slow painful death. ROK keep up the good work, I’ve enjoyed reading content from this site. Jimmy Kennel is about as funny as cancer

  15. When I clicked the Kimmel video I was expecting something slick and professional. Not only was this jab a phoned-in throwaway, it wasn’t funny — not even a tiny bit. Evidently, wit and a talent for entertainment aren’t job requirements at the Live Show.
    BTW, I think the attack on MRAs is deliberate, and not a simple mischaracterization of RoK. In the long run, MRAs are deeply problematic for the Marxist/feminist left. That’s because the MRAs are increasingly able to use the feminists’ machinery of “fairness” to secure human rights for men. It’s similar to the way men are using Title IX to successfully sue universities.
    Family court is another such feminist battleground. Feminists realize they will not be able to prevent husbands and fathers from using the feminist framing and rhetoric of equality to secure equal rights before the law. The stakes there are huge. When women no longer have a guarantee of winning the Divorce Lottery and keeping the kids, a primary payoff will vanish from feminism’s arsenal. Women are always asking — and have always asked — “what’s in it for me?” When feminism no longer has a cold-cash answer to that question, the jig is up. There won’t be any more sisterhood celebrations when there’s no longer a discarded, brutalized man to pick up the tab.
    Feminists realize the Constitution and the legal structure common to western nations will eventually render them unable to prevent men from securing human rights. So, feminists must demonize MRAs in order to position them outside civilized discourse, and human rights for men as outside and beneath the legitimate scope of the law. Conflating MRAs with the loud&proud gang at RoK is a smear intended to freeze and isolate MRAs as subhuman throwbacks worthy only of scorn and destruction.
    Let’s keep that in mind the next time someone says feminists don’t understand the difference between an MRA and a Red Pill man. Feminist thought-leaders are not confused at all. They are acting strategically, not stupidly. Let’s not underestimate the enemy.

      1. A girlfriend of my wife came over with her spindly boyfriend. We were make polite conversation and he noticed that in every room of my home there was something of mine in it. Music equipment, a home office, hobby tools etc.
        He asked me “your stuff is all over the place, ever though of converting a room into a man cave?”
        I answered “already have one, it’s called my house”

        1. Very well said. A mancave is where they send a man to rot. The modern mc-architects are only partially to blame. Pre WW1 finer homes had marble entrances with knights and swords on the walls. Every room was manly. These houses commonly had what was called a ‘mother in law’s apartment’. It was a small doghouse apartment waaay in the back yard above the garage. It had a kitchenette, a cramped shitter and RV sized showerette. It was always known that having the MOTHER of your spouse living in the same house as you results in an ongoing shitstorm that no man can survive. You have TWICE the bitch force in effect over every marital issue when her MOTHER sleeps within earshot. Having her way out back is always nice though. You visit gramma at your discression and she always has cookies made.

        2. Good response. I have stopped calling my area the mancave and have started calling it my study instead. It’s where I go to read, work, and workout. The wife and kids know to stay out. I eventually want to clear out and refurbish my shed into a secondary work area tailored more for woodworking projects. Perhaps this spring…

        3. Yep, got a study that is off limits when I need peace. Wife and kids have a hobby/playroom.
          Study has a reading chair and my good sound system.

        4. Nice. I’ve explained that to people (especially other men) as well. I own a whole house. Why would I gather everything that I own and place it in one room (man cave)?
          I think the light goes on with some men when they hear me say it.

  16. Way to miss the mark, did they assume ROK was a site identical to trash like Tucker Max or what? All they did is steer a shitload of people to ROK, who will then likely read the articles here backed up by sound judgment and reasoning, oh shame! Predictably, they tried to hint at white bro supremacy to undermine…must not have ever seen the founder of the site, have they?

  17. Good Catch Roosh!
    I love how he groups ROK with MRA as if they are essentially male feminists. The biggest problem with male feminists is they are looking to others to solve their problem, while feminists are guilting men into solving their’s. Clear that the jokes were completely facetious but that’s what makes it beautiful.
    Everything they stated as a joke is the antithesis of what ROK is about. Why would they not mention anything of which ROK stands for yet bring up David’s article? While he appears a cuck and may very well be, nothing about his statement lead me to believe this was an attack. Or it was the shittiest attack I’ve seen levied.
    Think of what it this means for ROK. They can’t mention what we talk about because it hits home with truth. For the group of women who may have seen this any attack on men is appealing. To men who think, the question may become why did he mention ROK at all. To male feminists, this may lead them to troll articles to launch an attack. Every time they troll we always kick their asses with ease and gain new readers. Nothing but good things from this, especially since they both have to mention us and fear mentioning us means we are on their radar.

    1. Good points. We all know that the big corporations behind these shows (Disney on this one) is all about pandering to women for their money. They all have to play ‘beta game’ in order to side with women.
      We see it time and time, again, in commercials where they raise up the woman while beating down the man. It’s a way to say “fuck you” to the man and get the woman to spend her cash on their products.

  18. Hey Roosh, write a Thank you letter to Jimmy Kimmel for sending you hundreds, if not thousands of new readers 😉

  19. Olé Jimmy did a Good Job Advertising, A lot of Men who are sick of the Shit they experience everyday probably will type the Letters ROK into the Google Bar now after seeing that Episode.

  20. Make no mistake Jimmy Kimmel is a chode looking to improve his life who is a closet ROK reader & fan. He could have said worse, but didn’t.

  21. Never mind ROK being angry at this. If I was a feminist or an SJV, I’d be more offended. I hear that my opponent is being satirized, and that’s the best they can do?

    1. I’m really surprised at just how lame it was. It’s not tweeting any more, but there is a twitter account called @ReturnOfCucks that was a much funnier parody of this site.

  22. Wow.. the comments on the youtube video are more supportive of RoK than I would have imagined.
    Such a gigantic publicity completely free of charge.. I mean.. RoK was a grain of dust in outer space but now just imagine how many soon-to-be redpillers that are sick of the emasculated bullshit that TV is forcing down them throats will get curious and come here…

    1. Anyone who isn’t completely indoctrinated in the leftist kool-aid should be supportive of ROK simply due to the idiocy of Jimmy’s skit. Sounded like a cliche dude-bro gym jock was narrating Star Wars. Eye-roll worthy doesn’t seem to adequately describe it.

      1. Yes.. that idiocy seems like the only explanation as to why Kimmel would make such a naive and stupid mistake by giving free advertising to a site that he supposedly believes that should sink into oblivion. It’s like he didn’t even thought for 3 seconds about the possible effects of what he was doing..

  23. Nothing like a bad review to get the attention of the masses who never knew about this sight. Wonder how many new visitors are coming to see what is here. Some will come as critics and haters some will come as doubters while others will be just curious to know what the fool was talking about.

  24. Primetime? Who watches this stuff?
    I remember the “Man Show” when Kimmel was a chubby schmuck doing bawdy (funny) stuff; I remember Kimmel somehow getting a gig at foxsports where he got to make fun of the morons on Fox/NFL. This was good stuff.
    At what point did he turn in his balls and he adopt this stupid metro-sexual look?

    1. Fat paycheck, thats why.
      Imagine him doing stuff like this now? 15 years ago seems like 150 yrs ago today.

      1. Many of these shows had a good thing (small, on cable) until they sellout. Once they sellout, the show (and the writing) usually goes to shit. It’s because they’ve become well paid bitches to their corporate masters. Everything becomes censors so therefore everything on regular TV sucks. It’s even worse, today, with all of the PC bullshit.

  25. Its official, We are the counter culture now.
    We must use guerrilla warfare against sjws. In guerrilla warfare, you try to use your weaknesses as strengths. Here’s something to remember, if they’re big and you’re small, then you’re mobile and they’re slow. You’re hidden and they’re exposed. You only fight battles you know you can win. That’s the way the small armies did it against big ones. You capture their weapons and you use them against them.

    1. Ahhhhhh, twins. Hmmm, hmmm, one thing I did not cross off my list. Came close though. That’s a hard one to do.
      They can tease like no other combination. LOL

  26. Damn I was actually hoping the joke would be funny, but it was just a wall of text….
    Would be fun if they actually showed a very machoist version of star wars.

  27. The more you attack us, the stronger we get.
    That goes for all the usual SJ outlets in addition to the sackless mangina known as “Jimmy Kimmel.”

  28. Some say imitation is the highest form of flattery….
    Seriously though, what a fuckin little parrot he is, way to completely miss your mark in the process. I’d love to see who makes up his untalented writing staff.

  29. This is why Craig Ferguson was the last great talk show host. He was too busy flirting with his female guests and mocking everything else, including the company that owned his show and paid him, to care about some movie review. Kimmel, Fallon, Conan, are all pandering monkeys who wouldn’t dare rock their safe empty celebrity.Even Arsenio Hall welcomed controversy in the face of career suicide.

  30. “reading is a hella boring so here’s some huge jugs.”
    not that we don’t appreciate huge jugs on here, but this made me think of a recent matt forney podcast. quintus was on, discussing his recent translation of one of cicero’s works from the original latin. ann sterzinger, matt’s cohost, had recently translated a 19th-century french work that had never appeared in english before, so they discussed translation in general and the challenges in rendering a work from another age into modern english. i’m obsessed with foreign languages and have worked as a russian-english interpreter myself, so it was a fascinating discussion for me.
    on the other hand, i rarely meet an SJW or SWPL type who knows any language other than english, and yet supposedly, it’s us here in the manosphere who are lacking in culture and think reading is “a hella boring.”

  31. Hmm jimmy is on abc.
    Which is owned by Disney.
    Which owns Star Wars.
    I feel a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of stock holders cried out in terror of lost profits, and were suddenly silenced when corporate executives ordered their mercenary to run a hit piece disguised as comedy.
    At first I thought rok was overestimating it’s impact. Now I think it may have underestimated it.

  32. Adam carolla has hinted in the past that jimmy has to go along with Hollywood left wing politics in order to get the celebrity guests his show requires.

  33. HAHAHAHA! That was pretty funny. Seriously it was funny. As Roosh pointed out it had nothing to do with ROK’s values. It was a poorly aimed satire, and Im pretty sure that slang in that video originated with black people and was adopted and bastardized by “brahs”

  34. OT, but I reckon Roosh and Maddox are brothers. (although Roosh got the hair genes, LOL). miright?

  35. Disney bought the rights to star wars from lucas, and lucas said he hates what’s happened to it. Disney is going to fuck it more with each sequel. Its already unrecognizable.
    Kimmel doesn’t write his own material anymore. He just reads whatever the show execs want him to read.

  36. IS there any remote possibility that Kimmel is a splinter-cell RoK supporter? Ie. He’s like a RoK agent embedded in the mainstream media and even though he laughed at the propsect and mission of RoK, he still did give publicity to the site. Any publicity is good publicity.

    1. I’m surprised ROK even gets noticed. It was more entertaining a few years back. Older articles are much tighter. I keep waiting for the cool stuff to return… ha!

      1. Agreed. Definitely jumped the shark since the mess of religious nonsense started appearing.

  37. Thanks for the cred Kimmel! Honestly I felt like the figures were a bit high. Unless the RoK audience is larger than I think.

  38. There is the Narrative, “Dude, Bro, Man”. Men are just Knuckle dragger Idiots, that is why the Manosphere is Growing, playing the part of the Idiot no Man Likes.

  39. He used to be a man, until he split with Adam. Now he is totally a beta and has no idea what being a man is.
    Don’t watch his show and wont watch his show.
    His man card has been pulled. Adam still flashes his on occasion.

  40. I just sorta monitor you guys (and the stormfags). I don’t agree with you guys (but you make some good points every once in a while, and I like some of your more conservative-focused articles). I know they totally misidentified you. I realize that. But come on. It was pretty funny.
    On a side note: I wonder if they could mock a “women’s rights” website/organization and get all those women in the background to laugh. Make a few jokes about breaking nails, bitching about creepy guys, etc. and other stereotypes. I’m sure that’d be totally cool with the Kimmel audience, right guys?

    1. A good point about the women’s right website being mocked. The answer is no…it would have been scratched during the initial phase. You have to realize that these shows rely on dollars (and viewers) from women, mostly. They aren’t going to piss them off for fear of losing those dollars (or sponsors who rely on advertising) so they poke fun only where it is safe…that’s why these shows suck.
      All of the good shows are on cable because they aren’t censored and they aren’t trying to pander to just women.

  41. Baby boomer here. Went in to see the new Star Wars last night after all the Xmax crowds are gone. I had to walk out half way through. It was THAT bad.
    I have seen all the other sequels and prequels with mixed emotions, but this one stunk.
    It was so obvious they were trying to ring some old bells from the original. The only other movie I ever walked out on was “One Million BC” with Raquel Welsh when I was a horny teen. Even Raquel in caveman skins couldn’t save that one. And nothing can save the new Star Wars. Its over folks.

  42. Living proof that leftists can’t take any criticism at all. How many tens of millions has that garbage movie made…and they attack a website that cost them a fractionof that money.
    Boycotts are only ok if the left wing starts them.

  43. It’s horrible what they are doing to television shows and films. Just horrible. This garbage is all over the place. Check out the second Deadpool trailer. More strong women role nonsense, and rape culture propaganda. Needless to say, I will not be watching this one either.

  44. keep raising awarenes, the matrix is getting pissed. I like how you stated that this sites about self improvement. Pursuit of happiness etc etc.

  45. That was both entertaining and enlightening. The usual rhetoric from them of when you’re opponent makes a logical argument, belittle them in a personal attack. What else can ya do but laugh at their impersonation of us and lap up the free publicity.

  46. The main stream media is a joke. The new star wars sucked. Disney is one of the worst offenders in the main stream media. Keep doing what you’re doing and getting the truth out there ROK. Society needs you more than any of us realize.
    Roosh… you kick ass.

  47. Well, kick me in the nuts and call me Susan! Look at this finocchi doing his master’s bidding like some pup, just move along folks, new puppet, same puppeteer, new gag, same tactic. All these fucks have is control of the media.

  48. Of all the American talk show hosts, the only one I actually find funny is Craig Ferguson. Who’s not American and quit his job a year ago.

  49. So Kimmel is Mickey Mouse’s bitch?
    I’ve never been a fan and would rather watch a monkey in a tutu dance.

  50. Finally watched the bit…
    It wasn’t very funny, and the stereotypes are way off base obviously, but it wasn’t nearly as hateful as I expected.
    I get the impression Kimmel and his chosen pimps have to keep their blind hatred of white men in check now, otherwise it would have been much more over the top.
    It really wasn’t even that insulting. Kind of validating in an unintentional way actually.

  51. The screen-scroll represented teens and cucks (man cave?) – “The Man Show” he co-hosted w Carolla was stronger stuff than that. ‘Sarah Silverman’. Nuf sed.

  52. I can’t even bring myself to click play on this trash. It’s all brainwashing garbage with the sole intent on making a mockery out of men who want their masculinity back and to not be a social pariah as a result. History will not look kindly upon our times.

  53. Oh the irony…manosphere members probably read far more (and far more substantial) stuff than most of the pop culture masses that constantly rush out to blow their time and money on the latest flavour of the month of entertaining propaganda.

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