How The Viral Hashtag #WasteHisTime2016 Will Spectacularly Backfire On Women

The number one trending topic, one week into 2016, has turned out to be the charming hashtag of #WasteHisTime2016. If you’re on social media it’s more or less a given that you’re wasting your time, but it appears the lady philosophers of Facebook have decided to take the next step in bringing horrible men seeking companionship or sex to heel by…wasting their time.  Apparently the motive for this wonderful social innovation is “to get back at fuckboys” (i.e. for women to treat men the way they’ve apparently been treated when strung along for a while by a guy).

Le sigh. Not a sigh of exasperation, mind you — rather, a contented sigh from all of us here at Return of Kings, if not manosphere sites generally. This hashtag is likely to bring even more men to our cause. Why? In brief, the Law of Unintended Consequences. But let’s break it down for the ladies into five simple insights:

1. If he’s a player, you’re not his only partner


If you’re dealing with a “fuckboy” or, in more technical terms, a player, you should understand that he’s not just into you. He’s not so fixated on the prospect of sex with you that you’re the only one he’s trying to (or having) sex with. Odds are on that there’s any number of women he’s interacting with similarly in the hopes of getting into their pants.

Little sister @Ellsafriqa, above, suggesting that her victim is not the only one she’s contacting, gets this because that’s the exact behaviour she’s modelling. She just hasn’t thought through what that behaviour means. The reality is that while you think you’re causing the player a major inconvenience or a broken heart, you’ve at best caused him to lose a few text messages when he’s going after—and banging—other women than you.

2. A player doesn’t care if he doesn’t get to fuck you

alpha male

This is partially a consequence of you not being the only girl he’s fucking, but the sort of men you are getting annoyed with usually have what we call an abundance mentality. The attitude is similar to that taught to good salesmen: you don’t care about, or indeed you enjoy, the 10, 20, 30, or even 99 times you didn’t get laid because each failure gets you closer to a bang.

That being so, the sort of “fuckboy” you’re pissed at isn’t affected if you waste his time. He simply moves on to the next prospect. So: who are you inconveniencing, if not players? Read on.

3. The guy you’re deceiving is unlikely to be a player


The majority of Western men have been conditioned by thirty to forty years of feminist browbeatings not to escalate relationships with women — or if they do, to escalate it timidly and ineptly. Men have been screamed at over twelve years of their public school educations that they’re all rapists and exploit women by their very existence. And they’ve been given contradictory if not flat-out wrong information about how a woman wants them to behave that does not match up with how she acts.

They are conditioned to not take the relationship further because they’ve been frightened into incompetence. Simply put, most of the good men orbiting you on social media have no idea how to seduce you or even to escalate their relationship without making you feel uncomfortable in the process.

Never doubt there is an art to seduction, an art we teach here — but it’s hard to master that art or submit to it when you’ve been screamed at for decades (and still are) by feminist idiots that all sex is rape, the Ars Amatoria is Mein Kampf, and a relationship is more like an MMA bout than a tango.

The point being: the next guy you treat this way is not likely to be a fuckboy. He will much more likely be a guy crippled by years of indoctrination that he’s a sexual predator, consequently insecure about his interactions with you, and often unsure of himself or his masculinity. But worst of all – for you ladies – he’s still going to be a better prospect for a relationship than the player you’re trying to hurt will ever be.

4. If he’s not a player, you’re likely to hurt him


Despite what feminists will tell you, men are not, in fact, emotionless. The sort of man willing to put in the time to talk to you for weeks or months without escalating anything is often the sort of man who likes you and is praying that that somewhere in your solipsistic brain you’ll figure that out and maybe give him a chance to make you come. Or did you think all those likes and tweets of support were because he wanted to be nothing more than your friend?

When you fuck him over like that, he’s not likely to empathize with your rationalization that it’s justified because it was in payback to Chad Thundercock. What he will perceive is that you, a woman—supposedly the kinder sex—chose to coldly lead him on for weeks or months. And you didn’t even do it to spite him, you did it to spite a guy who fucked you and left you.

This is doubly humiliating for such a man, because not only are you rejecting him, you’re doing it because you can’t get over the guy who rejected you. 

5. When you do, he’s going to look for a solution

Return of Kings (square logo)

This is how you send that man to us. For all the attempts the education system makes to drug it out of them, men are solution-oriented. As a group we try to fix shit when it’s not working. The man you do this to won’t ask you how (he still has some pride, after all). When he gets this sort of stunt pulled on him, he’s going to turn to Google. He’s going to punch in search phrases like: “How can I succeed with women?” or “Why is she mean to me?” or “How to pick up girls?” or “Why do women behave like they do?”

That’s when he finds us, ladies. That’s when he learns the difference between what women say and what they do. That’s when he learns there’s a lot more to life than just a relationship with you. That’s when he learns the art of seduction. That’s when he accepts the principles of neomasculinity.

And that’s when he learns to treat low-quality women the same way they once treated him.

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450 thoughts on “How The Viral Hashtag #WasteHisTime2016 Will Spectacularly Backfire On Women”

    1. That you did. Loving to waste time is not that far of a stretch from loving attention.

    2. A man’s time and money are two of his most important assets. And women excel at wasting both!

      1. Time and money are one in the same. Money is simply the expression of the stored value of past time.

  1. Awesome read.
    I wouldn’t have called the proponents of this “ladies”, though. Females at best. . .

        1. True, they ‘could’ learn a lot — but the big question is if they ‘will’.
          Their past track record shows that they won’t.

    1. A “come over and kill this mouse” ho.
      A pity he couldnt get his diabetes under control

    2. Excellent point that a woman’s body gets used up but men always have more time (of course everyone’s time is limited but the point is if we waste a few hours going after a dumb ho, no big deal, but every dick she takes in her body leaves her more and more worthless to the next guy).

  2. I remember in the late nineties after graduating high school having shit like these women above playing me like the fool. You would go out, and they would try to con you into buying them shit then leave.
    Yet just a few years before, I would see a guy ask a girl out just like I did, and both the male and female seemed a little lost. It was more innocent. A girl would go out with you, and have the deceny to not take you for granted.
    But, I graduated in 97. A year before that the “Rules” came out and third wave feminazis were in full swing. The girls had buckled into the lesbo sirens call of male hatred and like busy bees, set about crasing the drones against the rocks.
    They could not distinguish any difference between an amazing male, and a bad boy.
    The response by the precursors to Roosh, Heartiste, and others was what I joined in on. The advent of the internet helped tremendously, but the science of it was not that well established. It also did not help that I was deploying so much.
    Women were so sure of themselves. Their “power” and “superiority” to men. The surety of feminine victory in all spheres of influence. It was what spawned Beyoncé’s “who runs this….”. Sad thing is, for women, men have responded.
    Now far more men than ever before are using the male version of game to turn the tables, and have no desire to turn back. These sorts of movements are organic in nature. In other words, they build up over long periods of time. So idiots like feminists, and the uber progressives of the late forties, fail to notice their downfall before it is too late.
    The future is going to be interesting.

      1. Now’s a great time to get laid. But I’m pretty sure the issue he’s lamenting is the breakdown of psychologically beneficial gender relations. Fucking everyone means everyone gets fucked.

        1. Can’t imagine being a teen nowadays. Forget getting laid. Smartphone technology killed the art of romance and seduction.

        2. I’m in my early twenties, but I don’t know any guy my age (other than my brother, who married a girl he met when he was sixteen) who is happy with the quality of women they’re dating/fucking. The girls younger than us are all mental because they’ve been brainwashed and beat down by the endless social media contest, and the girls older than us or our age are just dating for ‘fun’ until they’re ready to settle down (or until they advance to some unforeseen point in their career) which results in the slew of thirty year old career women on Tinder who own their own places, have a nice job, and are still terribly lonely and cry after sex.
          I only know one genuinely feminine woman and she’s marrying a guy who cheats on her habitually, so I think the prospects for both genders are absolutely dire. My best friend used to talk about being married by twenty and having kids before twenty four. He’s now twenty five and doesn’t want to have kids or get married at all. He fucks 6/10’s from Tinder every other weekend. All the while he talks about how we’re too young to get married and that people don’t really need to have kids until they’re in their thirties with a house and both spouses having stable jobs. My other friend, who called himself Red Pill, is now going to pottery classes with his reformed slut girlfriend.
          A girl from my secondary school (used to be thin and attractive) got fat as hell and got married to a total beta last year coming off of the back of a break up with an abusive douchebag (she had sex with him nearly every day and her husband every couple months) and filed for divorce (after cheating on him) less than six months later, and is now hoping to have kids with the guy that she cheated with (who already has kids and a wife, who he’s also divorcing).
          People are literally going to waste each other’s time until they end up dying of old age, broken and alone. Tragic.

        3. It’s the social fabric that is broken. People behave this way due to lack of prior consequences. Most people lack the intellect and diligence to practice true virtue and need some form of oppression for the sake of their own future happiness. That oppression was patriarchy.

        4. Yes, the bitter irony is that I don’t even *want* sex from a slut when it’s handed out that easily. Now, sure, testosterone takes over from time to time, and things happen, but I would never get involved in a relationship with any of the modern sluts, and that is about 98% of the younger women I meet.

      2. As a 90s teen, I had a wonderful time dating chicks. Yet I get where you’re coming from. I grew up next door to Mexico, and right away I noticed the differences between Mexican and American girls. How you could take a Mexican girl out to a movie then to the park and out for some ice cream and she would appreciate you. With American girls it was nag, nag, nag. And now Mexican girls have Facebook. Fucking Yankees.

    1. I love this one:
      Invite Her On A Double Date And Show Up With Your Girlfriend. Then Ask Her Where Her Date Is #WasteHerTime2016

    2. The ultimate proof of male superiority–even Bruce Jenner can win “Woman of the Year”…feminists must be gnashing their teeth

  3. Sadly, women are so delusional that they don’t realize that they are already little more than holes into which men throw time and money while receiving nothing in return. Their proposed tactics will only make them 0.01% more worthless.
    If we want character, conversation, humor, shared interests, we’ll talk to men. Women bring nothing to the table but vagina. And it is only a tiny minority of them that even have physical charms that haven’t been destroyed by fatness or age.
    And check out the photos of these girls. Obviously desperately in need of validation and to publicly brag about their popularity due to their lack of genetic gifts. Never believe the fairy tale that ugliness somehow results in a nice personality.

    1. There are some good women who good to hang out but they are generally more tomboyish. If a woman pays for you to hang out or do activities just as friends that ain’t bad lol.

    2. The part described in the article where a girl suggests texting a guy and then not responding to his text is pretty stupid. No man should be texting back and forth. Call, or make plans – tell her where and when..and that’s it.
      Texting is playing on her playground…you can’t have it. You have to be direct, tell her where you are going to meet and that’s it. If she doesn’t follow through, answer the phone or respond then you move on to the next one. Never let this texting nonsense get in the way. Too many women are distracted by “squirrel” (ADD) so don’t take it personally. It seems like they can’t breathe (live) with their phone attached to their hand, anyways.

    1. Hashtag…that’s Twitter, right? Doing without these crap “utilities” like Twitter and Facebook has been one of the first things I teach young males.
      Although, Roosh, I’ve also been on those so-called Men’s Rights sites that claim those of us that comment here are “shit wads” because a guy like me doesn’t buy into their specific SJW initiatives that give them power. (i.e. transgenderism, feminism = wrong, gay men = supporters) Same crapola democrats pull regarding immigration and refugees.

    1. It’s funny. I had this religious ed teacher who told me that pre-marital sex was like giving a small piece of yourself away. I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard and would sometimes regale my friends with an imitation of this teacher.
      But I’ve realized since then that she was right. Everywhere I go there’s women on the verge of insanity after being pumped and dumped by Chad Thundercock and men who aren’t able to trust or fully give of themselves after dealing with flakes and cheaters for years. Maybe our ancestors had the right idea pairing people off at a young age.

      1. what you’re talking about is something i still haven’t fully reconciled philosophically. my devout catholic wife was a virgin when i met her. i don’t have the massive notch count some of the true alpha players on here have, but i’d been with several women before her. promiscuity definitely damages women, but on the other hand, i have the impression that she wouldn’t have been as attracted to me if i’d been a virgin, which is technically what christianity would have wanted me to be, since i wouldn’t have projected the ability to get women.
        i know a lot of the players on here say that if a woman has had more than 3 or 5 guys, she’s forever lost and there’s no shame in pumping and dumping her, but that still seems harsh to me sometimes. not sure how i’ll advise my son to proceed, if i ever have one. maybe there are ways to project the ability to get women without actually pumping and dumping a lot of sluts before you meet your unicorn.

        1. My 2p, from my experience raising my son – just introduce him to the red pill. Sons are not mini-me’s, only he will know his own mind and the social milleu he inhabits (believe me it is likely to be markedly different from the one in place now) – do not try to take responsibility for his life choices, those are his to bear.
          Just make sure he is not running blind, make sure he understands the red pill so that he can make informed decisions. And be around to support him. You will likely be impressed by the choices he makes – men are good at this – provided they have the correct information. It’s the reason why the feminists and MSM devote such energy to obscuring and denying the truth about men, women and society.

        2. bucky, it’s in the data. Divorce rates begin to climb when the female reports 3+ prior sexual partners. Then it skyrockets around 8-10, and the surveys don’t even bother with women who report more than 15. At that point, it’s assumed that a woman can no longer pair bond, not for life.
          I used to think that this was judgmental, but after my divorce, I can unequivocally state that one ingredient for a long, happy, continuously sexual marriage is a woman who has had 0, 1, or 2 prior partners.

        3. Christianity had a great way to curtail hypergamy: if a woman divorced her husband or became an old maid, no one in her home town would talk to or look at her the same way. Since most women live to signal validity to other women, this was as close as could be to a sexual nuclear stalemate.

        4. i buy that. i strongly believe that one reason my marriage is going well is that my wife was never with anyone else. however, i sometimes wonder if by banging random sluts who are beyond the threshold where they can bond properly before we marry, we’re making them even worse for the betas who will eventually wife them up, thus aiding the decline of society. i’m not telling anyone how to behave, just musing on this. the fact that christianity teaches chastity before marriage for both sexes is another factor that makes me wonder.

        5. If your future son is a virgin and has his head filled with the teachings of Christianity, he won’t project the ability to get women. It’s practically guaranteed

        6. in a nutshell, that’s what i’m worried about. up until i was in my mid-twenties i was very religious and still technically a virgin (i’d go to about second base with girls, but no further). i still had plenty of interest from non-religious girls, who would get frustrated when i wouldn’t put it in them, and from religious girls who wanted to marry me. (i’m tall, have always been fit, and even though i was pretty blue pill, i had a lot going for me.)
          i stopped going to church eventually, sewed some wild oats (as they say), dated a lot of goddless women and eventually married one. i wouldn’t recommend that either, marrying a woman who doesn’t believe in god (roosh is an atheist and concurs with me here). after that debacle, i met my devout catholic wife and started going to mass with her right about the same time i found the red pill. the red pill/neomasculinity were actually key to my understanding why she was superior to the women in my past and deciding to marry her. things are grand now.
          so again, we’re back to christianity=good for finding a good wife (especially the harsher central american version my wife adheres to) but maybe not so good for building a young man who wants to be attractive to women. maybe the key is to “give in to temptation” with the non-religious temptresses, then drift back to the church eventually, but actually planning on going that route seems pretty cynical.

        7. I’m telling younger men to avoid women who have children from a previous relationship or marriage. My buddy was seeing a girl (short term) and he found out she has two kids from two different dads (she’s only 23, living at home with parents). I told him to get out and avoid her.
          Too many of these women have no trouble riding the cock carousel and then they want you to play daddy (pick up the costs or spend your time). I say find a woman with no kids (if you want kids) and then have kids. It’s always a risk but never shake up with a woman with kids.

        8. Public shame seems to be the only deterrent to female hypergamy. Individual integrity and self control are non existent for women when it comes to men.

        9. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who has thought this. I’ve been struggling with this now as a matter of fact. I am not a game denialist, but I have been unable to reconcile certain tenets of game theory (mostly banging as many sluts as possible) with my Christianity.

        10. since discovering neomasculinity, i’ve definitely come around on the idea that you shouldn’t get into an LTR with single moms. “nothing wrong with dating/marrying single moms” is one of those things society hammers into you (like “diversity is good for society” and “it only matters what someone is like on the inside,” i.e. fat acceptance) that i always doubted and thought maybe i was some kind of heretic or idiot because almost everyone else seemed to accept these mantras unquestioningly.

        11. yes, game works. any guy who looks at it objectively can see that, as you and i do. however, christianity also works, at least in the sense that it produces women like my wife (“unicorns” as we like to call them on ROK). as far as how to reconcile the two, i have no idea. seems like it would be a good article topic for our resident monk.

        12. I can help you with this. What I can’t do is bring about Equality Before the Law,for Men. I.e.: “The Three Reasons Women Shouldn’t Vote” &/+ “Regarding Equality” (by TFM on YouTube)
          Even from an atheist prospective,these (“Biblical Egalitarianism”,not to be confused with standard or gender egalitarianism!) ……Relationship Dynamics contain a Structure,that could be a called “soft patriarchy”. i.e.: “MGTOW: Life History Cycle” (YouTube)…..which produces NAWALT/NAMALT. I.e.:
          “How Complementarian is the Bible” (on YouTube) The Bible teaches Mutual Submission in marriage! i.e.: (NIV)
          20″ …always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
          21 Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.
          22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.”
          -Ephesians 5:20-22
          ,while also accounting for a man’s natural Role,as leader of the family and the woman’s role, is also clearly defined.
          As for game,the natural method is the most potent. I.e.: “TFM’s Guide to Being an (Asshole) to Women for Profit” (on YouTube),has a well rounded prospective. Side note: please excuse the crude language.
          The “Women are Wonderful Effect”(Wikipedia) can illustrate a solid overview,especially the parts about female In-Group Bias”. As for the premarital sex,I won’t reconcile them,so I’m staying out of it. The legal danger is the main problem.
          What’d do you think?
          P.S. I have monk in my name 🙂

        13. That would be a great idea. I’m sure there are many young Christian men like myself hanging around ROK who are not entirely comfortable with the concept of “pumping and dumping.” An article like that would be a godsend, pun very much intended.

      2. I don’t know. From what I’ve read on The Rationale Male there are plenty of women who got married young, had the kids (and a good life) but are “unhappy” so they divorce (taking plenty of cash and prizes with them. They are usually in the neighborhood of 40 and they are “making up for missing out”
        These women go through all of the BS that many 20 something year olds go through because they were married for so long. You see many of these women out and about dressing like they are 24, going out to clubs and bars (again or first time) to regain those “lost years”. They usually end up being part of the cock carousel (pumped and dumped) and become even more bitter. That’s why you’ll see a group of these 40+ year olds out, drinking wine and faking like they are all happy (it’s bullshit). They’ve made the decisions, they’ve carved out their path in life and they are so pretty miserable bitches. The “good men” are staying away from these types.

    2. It’s a shame but that’s why more of these “nice men” need to get it together. There will always be women out there who will use a man (for time or money, favors, etc…) or to even take out their wrath on an ex who did them wrong (i.e. all men are…).
      Men need to stop being so nice to women (especially the ones who damn sure don’t deserve it). Too many of these bitches act like they are entitled to something. These men need to let them know that they are busy (no time – so don’t waste mine) and next her if she starts to act up. Men need to give up the “oneitis”.

    1. Yea its so retarded how they try and advertise something everyone already knew…at least they are just saying what everyone is already thinking they must be some really sad lonely whales out there crying for attention which they will never get..except maybe from a bunch of cats, I had the balls to look at my first girl friends facebook page the other day who I actually fell in love with when I was like 17 I really liked her but she dumped me for some asshole who would spend money on here and buy her treats, she is literally now a cat lady and in a way she actually done me a favor because now she’s fat and ugly not like before, meanwhile im getting rich as hell and I have a constant rotation of nice Asian girls, my bed looks like thousands of girls exploded on it.

  4. It’s so cute how they try to spin flaking, a power move that makes them feel popular, as some sort of revenge on the “fuckboys”.
    One of my big RP moments was a woman I considered a friend telling me she was “on her way” to my birthday dinner. I had a dozen other friends there and I cringe to think about how I kept them waiting around a half hour before I gave up and ordered. It turned out she had no intention of coming and was in a different city three hours away, finding herself(she just up and abandoned her apartment three months into her lease, tee hee). I realized she was never my friend. My friends were the men who showed up for dinner and bought me drinks all evening.

    1. Men make great friends, women sometimes make great bed pals, at least short term and usually when they’re drunk…

      1. “…usually when they’re drunk..”
        Just watch out for STDs, as well as her charging you with ‘rape’ because she sobered up and had regrets.

      2. Honestly, my life has been so much better since I stopped pretending women were my friends. No more attempts to pull me into drama. No more calls at 2 AM to complain that Chad Thundercock cheated.
        Maybe it works out if one of the people is gay or they’ve known each other since childhood and are both happily taken, but for every platonic friendship like that there’s a thousand exploitive associations where the woman is milking the man for attention and resources.

        1. True. I have one, but we have known each other since we were 3 years old, plus she rarely brings me into her drama. She has girlfriends for that.

  5. But doesn’t this hashtag essentially waste the woman’s time as well? Why would anybody consider taking the time to waste someones else time?

        1. Considering that in modern society they let 15 year old females have phones do they can take sexy selfies and still consider them children legally, it makes sense to keep calling them girls. Unfortunately, that also applies to Western males.

        2. agree, and its these Western males you speak of are the ones who will get hurt by this hash tag..see #4

        3. Let’s use womyn to describe these types because I still want to fuck many girls in their teens…

        4. Just don’t call them “ladies” anymore unless they have earned the title.

    1. It all makes perfect sense in the mind of females. If they can’t change the behavior of alphas, then they celebrate the disrespect of beta males.

      1. its sad that this is what gets females off now a days….instead of trying to trend a hashtag like “best wife/mother in the world” or “have the best husband ever” they see men as a waste of time. Once they turn 35 and have 3 cats and realize they can not have children they will see how wrong they were.

        1. “Once they turn 35 and have 3 cats and realize they cannot have children they will see how wrong they were.”
          Not really. Even then, they just blame men for their own bad choices.
          If it’s one thing that women do well, it’s avoiding responsibility while denying culpability for their own actions.

        2. Very true, they will end up blaming men, although I have heard that the girl who started the Jezebel web site is now about 40 and cries her self to sleep because she now realizes how badly she messed her life up.

    2. That was exactly my first thought! Their wasting time in order to supposedly waste a guy’s time…?? I don’t think so. They’re just attention seeking and playing hard to get because they think they’re a prize.

    3. Correct. And the irony is that compared to women, it is men who HAVE the time to waste. Women’s use-by date will arrive much sooner then men’s and instead of making the most of it, they are wasting it on stupid shit like this. As much as they are hurting decent men, in the long run they themselves will pay the highest price.
      Despite 6 years of studying all things red pill, I continue to be amazed how female lunacy always manages to pull yet another ‘masterstroke’ out of the bag.

  6. This confirms RPT. Third wave feminism plus smart phones have turned women into commodities. Women have done it to themselves. Men are just responding to the changed social landscape.

    1. “Third wave feminism plus smart phones have turned women into commodities.”
      I would disagree. Flipping threw history books will reveal that women were always commodities. Those guys jumping off the ship in the middle of night to pillage and plunder or foreign invading armies definitely deemed women as assets to be acquired (and dispatched at their leisure). The veneer of civilization is thin, but most have forgotten that.

    2. Women were always commodities, civilization allowed for some of them to become more in stable families. Even in the age of knights and ladies there were prostitutes and peasant women literally for sale. We are simply losing the civilization part and moving toward an all sexual commodity based society similar to life before Rome.

  7. Marcus Aurelius bobs and weaves.. and oh, a vicious hook to the liver! The feminist bullshit puts a knee on the canvas. Ref starts counting…
    Spot-on article.

  8. What these stupid bitches don’t realize is that their SMV will come crashing down on them and they would have nobody chasing them nor noticing them when they get older. They built up that cuntish attitude and behavior and continue on when they are old, fat, and ugly and turn even the omegas off. Then they’ll try to change and it’ll be too late.

    1. As the saying goes… men are waiting the women on the other side of the wall with a sledge hammer. All you have to do is picture that in your mind,and then you’ll pull up a chair and laugh at them.

      1. “As the saying goes… men are waiting the women on the other side of the wall with a sledge hammer…”
        Instead of ‘men’, it should be ONE man: Father Time;
        and he should be “waiting for women on the other side of ‘The Wall’ with a BIG Ugly Stick”.

    2. The funny thing is how the beta orbitors will ignore a post-wall woman. That is the true justice.

    3. Ever meet a 30s-40s single broad who talks with a voice about 2 levels too high, and 4 levels too sweet? Don’t get me started on appearance. Those are the ones. Why the fuck are you acting so cutesy there wall-crash? That spinner bait lost it’s spoon shine.

  9. Sorry but this hashtag gives me a schadenboner. Delusional chickies getting mad because Chad won’t commit.
    Sorry ladies.
    We’re not owed sex.
    You’re not owed a relationship.

    1. “We’re not owed sex.You’re not owed a relationship.”
      Exactly. There is a sense of irony, however, in the fact that women have a guaranteed ‘use by” date (unlike men).

      1. “We’re not owed sex. You’re not owed a relationship.”
        Modern Women’s favorite quote (which is meant to be an ‘in your face’ misandric insult) — “men are not ‘owed’ sex” — also happens to be based in fact: women do NOT ‘owe’ men sex. And the ironic thing is that the vast majority of men would likely agree with that.
        But the reverse is ALSO true: women are not “owed” dating, relationships, commitment, marriage, or a family. Yet what is surprising about that is the same women who arrogantly spew their misandry also conveniently ‘forget’ that fact.
        And they continue to have the delusional idea that they have a ‘right’ to those same things when they have said that they didn’t want them*, their own actions prove that the VAST majority of them are incapable of handling and maintaining serious commitments (like marriage), and that they don’t even really deserve them.
        * “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”; women are “strong and independent”, “don’t need a man”, etc.

        1. The irony is that the women says they don’t need a man but are the ones desperate to get married…especially after 30. ??????

        2. Hopefully we can get to the point that post wall women have no options whatsoever. Then the younger women will turn back to the patriarchy to avoid that fate.

        3. “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”
          We all know that the above statement is false. Women need men…..Period.
          But this is as true as it gets.
          “A man needs a relationship(with a woman) like a fish needs a bicycle”

        4. That makes things easier. When a leader of theirs emerges, we only have to put down the leader to get them all in line. Sun Tzu saved China from rule by the royal harem by executing the top two women in the harem. The white knights need to decide they have had enough and stop being pathetic first, though.

        5. Men also do not owe women protection. The events in Germany right now is bringing that to the forefront.

        1. Nah some men look nasty still. Only white and some latin women age like milk. The rest age pretty well. Especially black women 😋

        2. It depends. Only if they stay in shape. Black women can have a tendency to put on the pounds and early. Ive seen a few black girls at 17 with a nice figure and before 20 gained 50 pounds.

      2. And they get to understand it when it’s too late and they are left without a partner and no one’s interested in them. Then the regret and self pity sets in……….it’s victim hood all over again…….

        1. I think you obviously completely miss the point, AGAIN. You really have poor, very poor reading comprehension. If you notice I say it HASN’T affected me, which (wait for it) means I don’t have any adverse problems. This means we engage in the activity for me to know this, bozo! But, bizarrely, you somehow equate this to not getting any? How sad. Is this because this is how your life actually is? I mean, don’t you even HAVE a girlfriend? Are you gay?
          You’re more than welcome to dig up and read all my posts, which you gradually seem to be doing. I’m pleased, for obviously I’m significant and interesting enough for you to feel the need to do this. That you should want to so avidly plough through old posts of mine should prove not only interesting, but more importantly, instructive and educational for you. The more you read, the more chance that something WILL brush off on you. That is good news for humanity, as it’ll enlighten you, educate you, and broaden your knowledge a bit.
          So, roll on. Keep reading, and then posting. The joke’ll be on you, psycho.

        2. Aw, poor lonely, sexless ian. I’ve heard people say that having less sex than they want doesn’t bother them before. Yet, here you are, an angry, ranting old man on the internet. You obviously don’t have disqus on your phone, or you wouldn’t have told me to ahem ‘go outside’ hahahahaha rather than being on here. It’s easy to say there’s no problem, our compromise is fine… heard it a million times before. Poor ian.

        3. So, let’s imagine for a moment that I am angry, and mentally ill, and those are my reasons for arguing… what are YOUR reasons for arguing? Not because you’re not getting any from your wife, by any chance?

        4. There is no ‘imagine’, it’s real, kid.
          I’ve answered this in my other post, on another thread. I just hope it doesn’t make you blow a gasket. I’m sure my wife will laugh when I show her your latest posts. she’s already had a chuckle at your earlier ones. Her reaction? ‘Eeww’. That just about sums up your total impact!

        5. You see that’s the difference between you an I. You see it as a battle, I see it as educating you :-)))

        6. I guess if you were having more sex, you wouldn’t be on here. Thanks for the education on how to waste a lifetime. I’ll make sure I’m not an angry, sexless old man. What mistakes do you think have led to this point in your life? Hmmm… what else can you educate me on… how do you feel about RooshV saying that rape should be allowed on private property?
          Are you for it? I suppose you would get all the sex you want, then…

        7. I don’t let any aspect of life dominate an other. Hence sex is a great pastime, but not the only thing that’s important in life. It’s about balance – something that will elude you if you’re imbalance mentally, so I’m guessing you have never experienced it coming from such a poor background, and now manifesting itself with bitter resentment towards those who have been fortunate enough to have in theirs.
          So yes, I get pretty much anything I want, because not only I, but my wife have worked to get here. Neither of us are from a poor background like you were from, and we’re so pleased not to have been. Life sucked for you, and sounds like it still does, or you’d get out and about a bit more.
          What to educate you on? Wow, that’s an open question. I’d be here for many weeks with options, but I’d prefer to spend time on and with people I value more than low life folk. So, sorry to disappoint you.

        8. Yes. Because life has been so unkind to me lately. Pretty sure our tax returns would be the same, mate.
          SO, why are you arguing with me again, if your life is SOOOO fabulous?
          Oh yeah, i was distracted by your angry old man rant… it’s because you’re not having sex.

        9. How have you gone from insulting me for being over-educated, ‘mollycoddled’ and out of touch with the common touch, to being some sewer rat desperate for balance? You have no legs to stand on… maybe just stand on your poor, lonely stiffy.

        10. you’re right though, something DID brush off on me… it was the stench of arrogant, lonely old man-balls. Do you hate feminists so much because you’re not having enough sex? Is it all the feminazi’s fault, old boy?

        11. You have presumably HAD an education, and concentrated overly so on it, that’s what makes you ‘over educated’ (I’m talking input here, not output! You make too many assumptions mate). But the result (now we’re talking output!) is poor. You haven’t grasped or assimilated much, obviously, so the input versus output ratio is poor, hence a poor investment in education. Ever heard of leading a horse to water, but not being able to make it drink? Well take a look in the mirror and you have your answer.
          My life isn’t fabulous, but it’s certainly way, WAY better than the majority of people’s lives – including yours, I’m sure. But I feel no guilt, as both I and my dear wife have earned what we have. We’ve worked for everything we have, and not whined or moaned for everyone else to help us. We’re resilient and can stand on our own two feet.
          I VERY much doubt your tax return is in any way similar to ours. But that’s not something I’m going to be ‘giving away’ on a public forum. Some things are best kept that way. Finance certainly, but anything else I’m fine with. So research till your little heart’s content.
          So don’t be surprised to be likened to lowly things, given what you’ve said and how you’ve conducted yourself. So don’t harp and screech so. It isn’t going to improve your lot, buster. Put your effort into PROPER education, as in ‘real life’. Get out there into the wide world, kiddo.

        12. So you are learning? However, you’re AGAIN getting things twisted – a common theme in your damaged head……

        13. Oh I’m sure you did! But you can’t respond in a meaningful way, so you just pretend not to have read it :-)) Besides you’ve said it was ‘crap’ so you MUST have read it – ha ha!

        14. The funniest thing about ian c is that whilst he has been wailing about my ‘obsession’ with him, refusing to read my links or engage in any meaningful, rational conversation – all the whilst alternating between calling me poor+damaged / overeducated (???), and conversely crowing about his own pathetic, weak experiences as an unqualified educator/ businessman, he has not been on any other forums, or talked to, or about, anything but me.
          Whilst I’ve been having chats all over the place, he has been JUST talking to me. Let’s give the lonely, sexless old toad a clap for his dedication to the cause!
          He finds it impossible to ask questions, or have two-way conversations, so he still has NO idea what I do for a job, whether I have a family, whether my spouse is a feminist or not, and what other factors make me tick. Because he is CONVINCED he knows already. He knows everything… and he knows it so well, and so securely, that he needs to histrionically keep ramming his knowledge down my throat.
          The best thing about trolling him for weeks is that HE HAS BARELY BOTHERED ANYONE ELSE in that ENTIRE TIME!!!
          He still doesn’t know how the internet works…. hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha

        15. Mr Whiny Feminista
          What a lot of twaddle you write (each and every time too!). I have different entities/usernames for other accounts. So where else I contribute would be totally concealed from you. Clearly you don’t know about the Internet and how to use it EITHER! My oh my a pattern is emerging here where each time to make an assertion it’s clear you don’t understand how it works, or you’re talking through your hat, as you’ve not a CLUE about anything at all that you’ve tried to appear knowledgeable on.
          So, carry on in your blind, belligerent ignorance. It’s part of who you are, though you can’t fool me! You’re clearly so NEEDING to tell the world about how hard done by you are, when in fact you, yourself are the problem: your ignorance and irascible nature are a red rag to a bull, as people come to comment and educate you, but you then see red and have a go. You’re like the silly little yappy dog who sees its reflection in the mirror and starts to attack it. Hey it’s YOU, dumbass!
          Eventually you’ll tire your little head and THEN you’ll claim everyone’s ‘harassing’ you. A feminista for sure, if there ever was one.

        16. YES, Mr I’m so Thick, you have just restated what I was saying: Not THIS account. As I said (but you’re so slow to absorb) I have other identities. By default that means OTHER accounts, bonehead!
          Wakey wakey………you’re still in that comatose state…………..Mr Educated but Still Thick.

        17. Yep, mr can’t read, THIS account has been tied up with ME for weeks. So, sure, you have other accounts, but this one accunt has been too busy with me to bother others. I can’t change what you do with your other puppets, but this one account has been me, me, me, me, where usually you are off bothering others with it. Glad to be of service!

        18. I’ll correct that for you, dearie. You wrote: “YES, Mr I’m so Thick”
          but you fudged the punctuation a little.
          You meant to write, “Yes, Mr! I’m SO thick!”.
          Good try, though.
          Nice you’re starting to recognise what a waste of space you are.

        19. Hey, dude. Did it ever occur to you that YOU have spent as much time on here on this, as me? Irrespective of where ELSE you contribute or I, YOU have spent as much time on here as me, plonker!
          Why does it matter to you so? Does it make you feel somehow significant?
          So yeah, as much as you feel I have been ‘you, you, you’, YOU have been ‘me, me, me’. AGAIN you can’t see the irony! But best of all, I have rattled your cage far more than you have mine :-)) This is WHY you’ve been so obsessed with trying (‘trying’ being the operative word) to get even.
          So yep, I see it as a win for common sense as you’ve learned along the way, however little. So it’s been worth it, and I’ve helped lift someone from being a real low life, to one who’s less of a low life. You’ve WAY to go to reach the realms of normality though, as you have mental issues, as I AND another have said, that hold you back.
          So enjoy your little world and your little life, Mr Mangina. ;-))

        20. Ha ha! Glad you’re READING my comments!!!!!! It’s my way to PROVE you are!HA!
          You fall for my tricks every time, dude! SO gullible.
          Round 3!

        21. Um. dick hole, I said I didn’t read one long rant. Of course, if I reply, I have read your comment. Ha!
          Your language skills are brilliant, mate! You’re a beautiful, special being, aren’t you!

        22. Oh yes. You are buring with anger. Poor little lonely dick Ian.
          The constant, repetitive droning of ‘mangina!!! Mannnngiiinnaaa!!”, like you’re having some moral panic. Reds under the bedddd!!! Your droning, repetitive descriptions about how well you are teaching me. Teaching me to call others mangina, I am guessing. Oh! And teaching me how to call others flowers, and mentally unstable!
          Wonderful, sexually potent teacher!

        23. You have no idea what I wrote, or the joke I played. You are SO ANGRY you can’t even take the time to read my comments Ha, glorious!!
          So, you agree that my correction is, indeed correct, and say that it is your way to trick me into proving I read your comment?
          HA! Gold!!

        24. The irony in your message – ha…… I call you a mangina, because you are. As with everything else, I’m never easy to anger and just call people by the names I give them, or they give themselves.
          So yeah, a delicate, mentally unstable, mangina flower – ha! I say it laughing, but I mean it too. Whether you do actually go and get professional help is your call of course. The horse to water applies yet again. But I doubt you will, as you’re just in denial. But you’ll thank Jean and I if you do, as you may get a hell of a shock. You won’t be smiling (pseudo-smile) so much then.
          Just keep READING my posts dude! ;-)))

        25. Ha ha, such a hypocrite. You’re teaching me well, teacher.
          Hey, whilst you’re here, let’s have a look at something that might actually educate us both!
          On page 10 of the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ Homicide Trends In The United States, 1980-2008, the genders of those people who have murdered by poison is broken down.
          The statistics are surprising – 60.5% male and 39.5% female perpetrators.

          Now, you have previously stated that that the numbers of men who kill their intimate partners in domestic violence situations is balanced by great numbers of women who secretly poison their spouses and never get caught. You said these murders look like heart attacks, and other illnesses, and that we simply haven’t detected these murders.
          But men use poison more than women! You HAVE taught me somthing. I used to think that women would surely poison more than men, even though men murder more overall.
          But you taught me that men, indeed, are the winners in the murder by poison stakes. Thanks for that, matey!

        26. So, the mangina has FINALLY admitted he’s LEARNED something from me. There’ll be other stuff in your unconscious too, that’s been planted there, without your conscious mind knowing of course. ……Oh I see, you didn’t know about that? It’s okay, you’re still learning.
          You’ve ALSO just admitted that even YOU, the mangina king (who DIDN’T admit it openly, but only when he changed his mind – so doesn’t say much for all the other things you’re probably now thinking but won’t admit to) agreed with me about the poison thing.
          You keep going chump. You’re bottom of the class, so I don’t expect much from a straggler like you. But you hang in there, and keep that false smile going, and you might make it to first base camp one day.

        27. Yep. And you think i am crying into my little mangina teacup.
          There is this thing you learn about, when you learn critical reading skills, deary (educating you again). It is called the fallacy of authorial intention.
          This is where you learn to read not just what the author BELIEVES they are saying, but the huge amount of info they are giving away unintentionally. For example, when people say ‘no offence’, they are giving away that they know the info they impart is offensive.
          OR, if someone says, my wife and I have different libidos and I am OK with it, I just watch porn, and then they spend a lot of time on the internet arguing with people, and pretending they are educating these people, they are giving away that they are, indeed, not getting their needs met.
          Likewise, when someone consistently calls others ‘younger’, and ‘flower’, and ‘mangina’, they are giving away their insecurities about their own masculinity.
          What we write is never read in the way we intend.
          I am certain, as a self-aware human being, that anyone left reading this – although I am sure there are few, besides those invited – will reasonably thinking to BOTH of us, ‘oh, give it up already’. The fact that we are BOTH still talking is proof of the same qualities in both of us.
          Pot, kettle.
          The only differences between you and I are that I can actually go away and research something you have said, and come back with a reasoned counterargument, and you lack the ability to do the same, so your side of this silly argument must needs consist of ONLY attacks on my character.

        28. WOW, you can’t read.
          I believed, you moron, that women would POISON more than men. YOU believe that these NUMBERS ARE EQUAL. I know you’re taking everything I say out of context on purpose, so try again, silly billy.
          And yeah, I learned something. I learned the numbers demonstrate even more thoroughly that men are more violent than women.
          You should try learning something sometime.

        29. Also, yes, the things you have said, and others have said, I have researched. This is what responsible, clever people do. And, everything you have said is wrong. It’s funny, because occasionally, some MRA or anti-feminist types DO have some small points to add. But you, zero. Basically, I have learnt that whatever you say, to expect the statistics to prove the opposite – as demonstrated above. You’ve even demonstrated the instances where I have believed a stereotype, such as that the small numbers of people who have been caught for murder by poison would be women. HAha. Although, I have to thank myself. If I weren’t such a great learner, I would have never explored the question. I love developing my knowledge base, instead of being stuck in the same old rut, like you.
          Although, you did mention, along with the 100,000 other MRA types in the world, that workplace deaths for men are greater —- oh yeah, except mainstream leftwingers like John Oliver and his cohort have been on about workplace deaths for donkeyyyssss yeeearrrsss. And you know what? If whiny man-babies like yourself spent some time lobbing your aggression at the big businesses responsible for the lax safety laws and cost cutting measures which cause the deaths of men on the job, the numbers of deaths would diminish. So, yeah, you’re doing great on that front. Thanks, lonely old dick.

        30. Ummmaaahhhhh, good fight, brought popcorn. This dude ian just admitted his own writing is crap and the only way james knows is he read it.

        31. I do not think education means what ian things it means.
          Youre bad at bragging though.
          Thanks for the laff boys.

        32. I only read the first part (can’t say sentence of paragraph, as you have just written a whole diatribe, load of splodge) and dismissed the rest. Utter gibberish, nonsense.
          When are you going to say something sensible and credible for a change? Dimwit!

        33. Indeed. That James (we still don’t know if he actually is a guy, for his writing is often straight from a feminist text book) is one confused low life, he really is.. I’ve never met a sicker person online, truly. I say ‘we’ within the brackets because one other lady (yes lady) is pretty much savvy and on board with the men’s movement and how diabolically her husband, son and other male family members have been treated by women. Yet this douchbag is such a major mangina, and been following and commenting like he doesn’t have a life, has proved beyond a shadow of doubt that he’s mentally unstable. But rather than admit it, he’s in major denial and writes such a lot of bollocks it just keeps me laughing. He’s been entertainment, but he’s been seething with anger, almost from the first comment I made to him.
          He immediately asked me not to ‘insult’ him. He asked me to not call him ‘flower’. Then is was ‘don’t call me an idiot, it’s insulting’ etc. Honestly, when I just carried on regardless he REALLY got his knickers in a twist and went to town on me – which made me laugh even more. He took the bait and threw a wobbly.
          Now he’s pretending to not have been hurt or upset, despite having tried to upset me like I did him, to no avail! He’s just one big girl’s blouse, he really is. Then from showing his over-sensitive side, he starts using really verbose language, trying (being the operative word) to upset, as clearly he has been, or he wouldn’t be coming back in such a manner. REALLY talk about wimps and pathetic pussies. This guy is about the biggest wet drip of all. He’s hiding behind several different sign-in IDs, thinking he’s cleaver. But you can see it’s him right away (he’s so dumb to think he can fool anyone), and then he plays around with his avatars, thinking he’s cleaver. I roll my eyes. I guess it’s because he can’t fight head to head, that he dances around in fancy dress in order to make himself feel bigger than he really is. Just look at his comments and you’ll get a flavour for what kind of level of intelligence we’re talking about here.
          But of course he’s hidden his Disqus profile. One wonders why (not!).
          So yeah, your’e right, he can’t write or express himself in suitable manner, NOR can he ever understand, let alone perceive, the bigger picture, and how women and ‘men’ like him undermine the whole of humanity, as feminism is destroying social protocol globally, bit by bit. Blind, almost wilful ignorance. I’m glad someone else has noticed this intruder and imbecile for what he is. He;s lost the fight and he’s lost credibility in doing so. I just give him short replies now (to goad him of course, and it works every time – the idiot takes the bait!) or no reply at all. Everyone can see what a bozo he is, so just leave him alone. A madman on the rampage!

        34. It’s more that I do know what ‘he’ means, but more in terms of ‘real’ (real-world) education, mate.
          So what I ‘thing’ (sic) is more than what ‘he’ ‘things’ (sic).

        35. Haha. Insulting people who support you now. Good work. I see you took my advice and started using this handle to engage with others. That’s a bit healthier for you.

        36. Not ranting, you everything-in-life-is-black-and-white-to-me, drama queen. You are just obsessed and with a borderline personality. Can’t blame others for it! So man-up (though I know pigs will fly).

        37. I started talking about a real issue – do women poison men more – and what do you do? Go back to silly, baby insults because you have no intelligent counterargument.
          Weak, mate.

        38. He immediately asked me not to ‘insult’ him. He asked me to not call him ‘flower’. Then is was ‘don’t call me an idiot, it’s insulting’ etc.

          Most peeps dont like it if you say that sh**t

          He’s hiding behind several different sign-in IDs, thinking he’s cleaver


          I have different entities/usernames for other accounts.

          Your the one with multiple accts saying he has multiple accts.

          I just give him short replies now

          Your ranting to me about him and your replying to him.
          Im not on anyones side I just say it like it is. Thanks for the laff!

        39. He’s hiding behind several different sign-in IDs, thinking he’s cleaver
          I have different entities/usernames for other accounts.

          (we still don’t know if he actually is a guy, for his writing is often straight from a feminist text book) is one confused low life, he really is.. I’ve never met a sicker person online, truly. I say ‘we’ within the brackets because one other lady (yes lady)…
          Your the one with multiple accts saying he has multiple accts.

        40. I dont give a rats ass about spelling things properly if you use sic you look like the aged use disqus format.

        41. I can see where you’re coming from, but perhaps you’re not ‘in the zone’ as it were.
          The whole reason I ‘insulted’ him was because he was (and still is) an absolute dick. So I call a spade a spade especially when respect is lost. He asked for it, so I gave it to him. Most ‘guys’ do, but he seems more like a woman, or a delicate ‘flower’ of a guy, as I said.
          The point about IDs versus what I said, is quite different: He’s signing in under different IDs to address and and comment on the SAME threads. The purpose was purely to attempt to pull the wool – but he failed and we (Jean and I) sussed him out very quickly.
          The IDs I have I use for OTHER sites. I don’t ever use a different ID to address the same person or thread in order to try to be clever. Understand? These are completely different, and I’m sorry you didn’t pick up on this and understand the thrust of what I was saying.
          I’m ‘ranting’ to you (if you really must know) because you at least deserve more respect than that clown. I feel like I owed you and explanation (as I do here now on this). If he reads it then good, maybe he’ll learn from it (it won’t be the first time). So I was talking to you about him because it was pertinent at the time.
          So, maybe it’s not quite so funny now for you, now you hopefully understand a little more.

        1. You are no different. They’re also mad because they’re not as strong and independent as they pretend to be!
          Looks like the fish need those bicycles after all!

        2. Thanks for the link. It was fairly well balanced,for a “how to man-up” article. I know where the thousands of disenfranchised men are coming from. Males Lack legal protections and females lack legal accountability,from “our” (male) prospective. I.e.: “Regarding Equality” &/+ “The Three Reasons Women Shouldn’t Vote” (by TFM on YouTube) Side note: The premise of women not voting is not my concern,nor am I advocating for this,however the argumentation provided for in the video(s),are the focus of the recommendation.
          P.S. is it going somewhere,now? 🙂

        3. Where’s the list of things women must give up?
          Keep that link to yourself. I’m playing Crysis!

        4. ^^This.
          Went to post a similar comment on his site, but it made me jump through too many WordPress hoops.

  10. Another unintended consequence– fathers, brothers and friends will be referring the young men in their lives to sites like RoK and CH. I found the manosphere a few years ago after getting divorce gangraped (and it’s still not over) by a woman I never thought was capable of the evil she has since perpetrated (parental alienation, false violence accusations and the general emotional warfare only women are capable of perpetrating-like taking all the contents of the home-including every photo and momento of our children and refusing me access to any of it). This hashtag and in particular this article’s response to it, have brought me closer to introducing my 17 year old college freshmen son to RoK et al. I have been to frightened to do so up until this point because our relationship has been so poisoned by his mother’s influence that he already looks at me with such suspicion that I fear if it comes from me he will reject it out of hand whereas if he came across it on his own there is a chance he might accept the wisdom of the masculine ages. There is some hope for him and I hope he has a certain alpha certitude in him. But as I know from personal experience, with the wrong woman (like his mother) and enough cultural vilification of his innate biological programming, alpha can be beaten out to a man when his children are used as hostages in a woman’s battle to achieve total eradication of any resistance from her man. I hopeful because at 15 he was pulling 8’s and 9’s who were a year or two older than him. But I can see how the divorce fucked with his head and he has learned that only by going along with his mother does he get to see his father-who in her eyes is nothing more than a buffoon (yes unfortunately it did get to the point of her openly ridiculing me in front of my kids-and that’s when I decided to get out – as if I re-found my balls and got some clarity that I was being abused) I’m having lunch with him in 45 minutes and I’m struggling with the decision to introduce him to the manosphere. Wish me luck.

    1. My approach if I had a son(have daughters) would be to plant some seeds but let him discover the manosphere on his own.
      I always wished my own father(who like many pre-Gen X men is an Alpha-Beta hybrid) had told me things like “men have to play hard to get too”. I might not have listened at the time but it might have sped up my awakening.

      1. This is a good idea. It’s how I found it.
        I was subject to a decade long campaign by my mother to poison my mind against my father. It worked. At first.
        But as I grew, my father’s behavior and certain things he said were enough to lead me in the right direction. One of the things he told me all the time as I grew up is
        “Never listen to what people, especially women, say. Watch what they do.”
        Just small things like that really helped me get where I am now

      2. How do you educate your daughters? I have one myself(she’s still a kid) and honestly I am at a little bit of a loss as to how to deal with this societal mess. Any advice will be welcomed. Thanks.

        1. My girls are also still young but based on the experiences of older friends with daughters and how my sister turned out I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s important for girls to keep busy. Volleyball, music lessons, chores, et cetera. The worst women are the ones who were allowed to sit around being a princess as a child.
          Also, modeling masculine behavior. Women with a mangina or thug for a dad(or no dad) tend to gravitate towards low-quality men with alpha characteristics(ie gangbangers) instead of high-quality alphas.
          Still working on a game plan for Internet/TV. I don’t want the degeneracy flowing into my home 24/7 but I don’t want to make it a forbidden fruit either.

        2. I’ll tell you, and I’ve been successful with the process…1. Be the most important man in her life. 2. Sports, and more sports. (Hell, martial arts…she handled the first fucking asshole who tried to grab her tits when she was a freshman with a solid kick in the balls.) 3. Tell her no boyfriends while she’s in high school. NONE. I did this with my son, too. (They could date, but I read each young man the riot act and wrote his name on a shotgun shell…I never showed a gun, he got the message.) 4. Make her earn her own money. 5. If she has a brother, make sure he understands that he’s supposed to defend his sister, or it’s his ass. 6. Trust your wife’s instincts…I did, and she was right when I was wrong, and vice versa.
          This attitude might be hard ass, but, frankly, fuck these kids…their parents are fucked up. My kids went to private schools, the spoiled rich kids are worse than the poor kids who totally understand power.

        3. Could you elaborate more on trust your wife’s instincts? I think women in general are better readers of body language, emotional intelligence, etc. but I also see the mom as the one who thinks its fine for 14 year old daughter to date this 22 year old guy she just met, etc.

        4. A girl of 14 dating a 22 year old? Yeah, it happens…it’s the most idiotic relationship that could exist in the western world…there’s just no way it would have happened in my family. My wife was the one who caught my daughter when she wasn’t telling the truth…I’m much less subtle, and more direct. However, my daughter does have me wrapped around her finger, but I refused to spoil my children. However, what are you going to do? Affluence breeds spoiled children…I grew up in a partial ghetto, there’s NO WAY I would put my kids through that. We owned 5 cars at one time..who’s NOT going to get spoiled?
          My wife KNEW when we had a problem to deal with that the kids tried to hide. I didn’t pry into their private lives. Frankly, that was her job. My job was to confront the problem and mesh out pain, when necessary, and solutions if available. (She was good at solutions, too.) Hey, we’re not perfect parents…life isn’t fair, what would have been more fair would have been for us to be the kids and my kids to be the parents…I used that line all the time, and it’s true, today.

        5. This ^ When I was 14, my 15 year old girlfriend dumped me for a 22 year old guy. Her mom just loved him, until he got her pregnant, of course. 😆

        6. 🙂 she’s been practicing karate since she was 3 yo. I did this for her to have at least one thing in her life she needs to be disciplined about.

        7. Keep your TV but remove your cable subscription. No over the air channels either. Hook up your tv to your computer and now you can control what your kids watch. There are so many interesting/educational vids out there.. I don’t have a TV set, and when my daughter is with me, she’s on her lap top. Games, movies for children, on and on.

        8. I would not brag about my daughter acting like a reach for her tits demands extreme sexualized violence and I’m glad I’m not a dad because men seem to become simps with feministic ballbusting fetishes (literally) when they have daughters. If you can get her to fight like a man and to adjust her violence to the seriousness of the attack, that’s a real achievement to be proud of. Any piece of shit can launch a disproportionate sucker attack on a largely unsuspecting person and feminist types base their confidence on their ability on that kind of degeneracy.

        9. I’d bet ‘the Schadenfreude was strong with you’ — especially since you were able to enjoy the fireworks while also being able to stay beyond the blast radius.
          Or did the bimbo try to get back together with you after she got knocked up?

        10. I’ll bet you’re right! 😜 She tried. Fortunately, I was smart enough not to take the bait. Her church going, bible thumping parents had her get an abortion. Hypocracy much? After that, she tried again. I had long since moved on. That abortion did something to her head, or maybe it was just her true nature given freedom. She became a complete slut in college and caught at least one (curable) STD that I know of.

        11. What’s the beef Jake? She doesn’t just attack some random guy, she defends herself from some asshole. Does this mean she can beat the shit out of a guy? Not a chance. What it does is ward off a forward guy who thinks he can get away with pulling this crap. Now, if the guy were a rapist, the only thing she’s doing is fighting for her life. Her skill set might give her that chance, without that she hasn’t a chance.

        12. This is all just a joke at the end of the day. I highly doubt normal non skanky insta girls will actually do this stuff. Just let her be her. Most girls are fine. Its just the internet at the end of the day and your daughter will be who she should be.

      3. My approach if I had a son or a daughter would be to, without hesitation, shoot myself in the head with the largest caliber bullet i could obtain,.

      4. Add to that;”And playing hard to get son, means you’ll have to be in contact with many, many more women to find one eventually worth while.”

    2. Tell him to listen to what some of the r&b and hip hop artists say regarding ‘choosy women, and taking your girl’. He will trust your direction to the ‘degenerate artist telling RP truth’. Don’t corrupt him of course but give him perspective.

    3. Best of luck with your son, gent. Tell him he’s the light of your life and you’ll only ever do and say what’s best for him. The trick is convincing him how your recent divorce meshes with that. The quicker he understands what women are and capable of, the better.

    4. “openly ridiculing me in front of my kids”
      I have that as an item in the divorce papers. If she’s doing that, her ass will be brought back to court for breach of contract.

    5. The reason they do this is because they have never been hit. The cruelest warlords are spoiled daddy’s boys, the same is true here. A life without consequences leads to the belief that one can be cruel with impunity.
      Best of luck to you, hopefully he eventually takes the correct lessons from observing his mother’s behavior.

    6. EVERY YOUNG MAN should be required to spend two years in the military after high school graduation. This should be required, BEFORE college. While there, he should be required to learn and memorize the US Constitution, and understand why the US is worth fighting for. If we did this, all this shit would end, quickly. It’s going to come to something like this, eventually. The Left is going to destroy our society, and we’re going to be left to rebuild from the pieces. (We’re going to have to win first.)

        1. wtf? Let me tell you, half the bullshit we’re dealing with today is BECAUSE we didn’t kill enough people who deserved to be killed. Islamist terror? The Iranian Revolution who’s leaders decided that Jimmy Carter was a pussy, and proved it…the REST is history. Palestinians hijacking jets in the 1970’s? Killing Americans? They got away with this shit, way too long.
          Another example, one of many: China screwing with us in the China Sea? Look around? They purposely “bumped” one of our spycraft in International Air Space…I could go on and on.
          You think we shouldn’t waste people who fuck with us? All you get is more people fucking with us. Ask Reagan, he only had to invade one small nation to put the world on notice, don’t fuck with the USA. (even he messed up in Lebanon, the ONLY time you use Marines is when people need to die.)
          I don’t know where you live, but the reason people are still messing with us is, because of political correctness, and the reason political correctness is tolerated here is, because most people have NEVER read the Constitution, and have NO IDEA why it’s important to mankind, and hence why the United States (of old) is important to mankind.
          The government has screwed EVERYTHING up, and because of its size and inefficiency, we have a police state and we have failure after failure. If people, especially MEN, read and understood the Constitution, NONE of this shit would have happened, and the world would be a safer place. Women wouldn’t be all fucked up, and men would be RESPECTFUL men, because women would be more respectful to them.
          If you haven’t read the Constitution, don’t bother responding to me, because you’re not worth the time of a response.

        2. I’m Canadian, I agree with you but I think we should just secure our borders and stop interfering in foreign lands like in Iraq/Afghanistan unless we absolutely have to. In addition, we should be very careful with the people that we accept into our countries.

        3. There would be way less problems If the elites and their political puppets didn’t create the problems first place. There would be no Islamic terror of the Americans didn’t invade the middle east and didn’t supply Rebels to start wars there. But ofc they want oil and money and control in the Middle East and support israel’s control on Palestine.

        4. Right, its the Palestinians hi jacking airliners, that’s our problem.
          Nothing to do with, I don’t know, the moneychangers and pornographers hijacking western civilization.
          Its not about killing “enough” people, its about killing the correct people, or at least not letting them take the fuck over.

        5. That’s a demonstrably false narrative. Islamic terror has been around since Mohammed. If you’re interested in the long path to the wars going on in the Middle East now and why Islam is the aggressor – and why America’s role is pretty limited to non-existent in the breeding of Islamic terrorism – I recommend reading The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright and Marked For Death by Geert Wilders.

        6. We didn’t “interfere” in Afghanistan except to help the fuckers beat up on the Soviets. Hell, they did it to us in Viet Nam, payback’s a bitch.
          Then some fucking islamist whack job decides to hit the Great Satan and destroys the World Trade Center along with the Pentagon and a foiled attack upon the Capital…wtf are we supposed to do, roll the fuck over.
          I lost a bunch of college classmates on 9/11. My whole industry was attacked, my life (minding my own business) was dramatically changed. These people are lucky I wasn’t King, because I’d have nuked the whole country including Iran and Saudi Arabia. We have no friends in this area of the world. We’ve NEVER had any friends in this part of the world, and as far as I’m concerned, since the Founding of the Republic, we’ll NEVER have any friends in this part of the world.

        7. My comment to you is, “read a book.” Furthermore, you should read a book on history not written by Karl Marx. Islam has been the aggressor since its founding. If you don’t know this FACT then you’re just an idiot. Go the fuck away.

        8. Please. Get a life. Your libertarians aren’t any more qualified than mine. I’ll start purely with economics and let the argument develop from there.
          American power has been corrupted by politicians who have grown the central government against all rules and parameters established by the Constitution.
          However, the projection of military power became a REQUIREMENT after the Revolution when the Barbary Pirates decided our merchantmen were easy marks for slavery, exploitation, and ransom. The rest is history.
          I’m going to break this down so that even you can understand: Fundamentally, America is Right, the rest of the world can go fuck itself.

        9. Of course not. But attacking a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 (I.e. Iraq) is not the right way to go. Heck, as I mentioned in another post, Saddam was already hanging islamists left and right, so by taking him out, islamists gained power and momentum (such as ISIS and Iran today)
          Sorry for your classmates. Never forget 9/11– their lives were avenged when Bin Laden was caught.

        10. Iraq was a monumental mistake in hind sight…it should have been Iran. However, once the politicians voted for war they should have told everyone, we’re going to be there for 50 years after we split the country into three parts. We did the same thing in Germany and the people there were much more civilized than those poor sobs in Iraq ever were.
          Then the Democrat slime collectivists won Congress and the rest is history.

        11. Despite the host, that work is not “economic,” neither something you’d call “libertarian”
          It’s unfortunate because you’d probably appreciate Nisbet’s thesis and add something to the perspective of mere necessity of “The Constitution”

        12. Conscription is simply a euphemism for slavery. You should educate yourself on what the founders thought about a standing army. They would have strung you up by your chicken neck for suggesting such a thing.
          As far as the Constitution goes:
          “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist.”
          –Lysander Spooner
          There is a reason so many of the original founders were absent from the conspiracy in Philadelphia. Jefferson. John Adams. Samuel Adams. John Hancock. Patrick Henry (who rightfully “smelt a rat.”). As well — a reason why attendance among the 74 delegates was either non-existent or infrequent. Ultimately, there were only 39 signatures on the document.
          Before the original founders were in their graves, the tax burden imposed by the federal gooberment was several times higher than what it had been under Great Britain. By 1791, Hamilton had created an enormous Federal debt and the nation’s first (privately owned) central bank, which he had planned from the very beginning… which is why he promoted the Constitution. By 1794, the federal gooberment was crushing tax revolts.
          The conspiracy in Philadelphia birthed the tyrannical monster we are living under today. It was a betrayal of the revolution. The (misnamed) “anti-federalists” had it right. But then the notion that the feds would provide a check on their own power was always a silly one.

        13. “…it should have been Iran.”
          LOL! Sure. Would have made the strategic catastrophe in Iraq look like a stroke of genius by comparison.

        14. “The Iranian Revolution who’s leaders decided that Jimmy Carter was a pussy, and proved it…the REST is history.”
          The leaders of the revolution were obviously trying to prevent a repeat of the ’53 CIA-engineered coup against Mosaddegh that put the Shah in power. Unintended consequences (what the CIA calls blowback) are always a surprise for those whose history begins yesterday.

        15. I wonder about direct comment through Disqus v. going to the actual article…
          Look, the Founders had it right. Small government, minimal power, checks and balances at each level. I’ll provide the following, simplistic, framework:
          1. Federal government as originally designed.
          2. Reversal of the 16th and 17th Amendments.
          3. Repeal of the legislation which created the FED (and all legislation which follows)
          4. A new respect for the 9th and 10th Amendments.
          You don’t like large armies, don’t volunteer. You don’t volunteer, don’t complain about large armies, you have no right. The only areas the Federal Government are legitimate: Defense, Enforcement of Contracts, Foreign Treaties. That’s it. Back to the Future.
          Your last point about the “anti-federalists” is valid, please see the Bill of Rights, and the failure of the Articles of Confederation. Thank you.

        16. Islam has been aggressive and so has america. Muslims have conquering and converting lands since their beginning but there were some periods of peace.
          The American government has supported various rebel/ terrorist groups and regimes in the Middle East. America is slowly turning into tyranny. Look at these laws being passed and propoganda in colleges.
          Muslims are a problem, but not the biggest. If the system and society was good, there would be no need for all these refugees and solutions to these problems.
          This is ain’t Marxists lol. The elites and radical ideologists are greedy and power mongers. Who do you think funded Marx, engel and his rich connections. Gloria Steinem backed by Cia and cia connected friends. Lenin and Trotsky by Rothschilds and rockfellers.
          I sense real hate against Muslims, perhaps u fought them in a war like Iraq or afghan?

      1. We will. You think those fuckers are actually capable of fighting their own battles without the State or White Knights?

    7. teach him limits and boundaries on behavior a man should be willing to deal with , then , he should be ok.

      1. That’s my fault. I let her walk all over me and now he has no respect for me. I’m trying to regain my confidence but this whole process so thoroughly destabilized my confidence in myself and in the justice system, family loyalty and friends that I feel like I have to recreate myself from scratch because everything I believed in was a lie.

        1. It’s especially sad when your own family fails to back you, or even turns against you, because of her lies or their fear she will cut them off from the kids too.

        2. Some. The damage to my family relationships still hasn’t completely healed. I’m not sure it ever will.

        3. Sorry to hear it. My mother, after alienating me as a teenager from my now dead father during their divorce, has decided it would be better for her to act as continued confidant and friend to her son’s ex wife than to support her own flesh and blood through the darkest hours of his life. I still die a little every time I have to leave the emergency contact/next of kin space blank (my kids are too young to be put in that position and I really have no other family to speak of except a much younger brother who is so fucked up in his own set of ways as a result of our mother’s behavior during her divorce from my father that he is emotionally useless, god bless his soul.) Not sure that is a wound that will ever heal.

    8. Dude, introduce him to Terrence Popp on YT, or as I like to call him The Teacher. Every friday he brings out a video and has gone through divorce etc… You will instantly identify with him. He breaks it down in most occasion by Numbers something we like!
      Good luck with your kid. I hope you get to bond with him more.

      1. He’s the first person I found when I began looking to the Internet for answers. In some ways you could say he saved my life.

    9. I got out with just one box of shit,by chance including my child’s birth certificate, social security card, and all birth records. When asked numerous times by her and her lawyer for them, both in and out of court, I shrugged my shoulders and said;”Geeze, I don’t think i got those, I have no clue where they went!”
      You’d be surprised how big of a pain in the ass that made things for her. She even tried to get my child’s name changed to her last name. Alas, I get to pay a snarky cunt inflated child support, whose got millions in trust funds to her name. Did I mention never get engaged to a rich bitch? pre-game lesson ruthlessly learned here.

  11. My only resolution for 2016 was to use my time more wisely. And now I just broke it by wasting my time on that stupid hashtag.

    1. Don’t let it bother you, man. Learn from your mistakes by not repeating them — that’s what matters.

  12. Just another bit of social engineering to widen the gap between men and women but the teenagers aka. the new blood will face the brunt of shit test tactics of the feminist overlords.
    I was on The Tasteless Gentlemen facebook page this morning and #WasterHerTime was floating around so that’s a good start.

  13. I don’t even waste my time with American women anymore. They are just objects that I have to avoid during my day-to-day activities.
    Was at a local coffee place this morning. One was behind me, didn’t hold door open, she let out a disgusted sigh. When I went to put cream in my coffee, brushed past her with a curt, “Excuse me.” Suddenly, her tone was different, “Oh, I’m sorry…” Immediately started checking me out.
    Never ceases to amaze me how much they love abuse.

    1. That’s because they KNOW they’re sluts, and when somebody treats them like what they are, finally things make sense for them.

  14. Aimed at the same bunch of geniuses who posted video of them pissing themselves in protest of “rape culture.” It’s hard to tell the pranks they fall for from the bullshit they come up with themselves.

    1. There is a high incidence of mental illness and suicide in Colorado, especially among men. Given the type of women that live here, it’s no surprise.
      I wish the rest of the country understood that, Colorado isn’t a great place to live. Yeah yeah, the mountains that no one goes to. Whatever. Much of it looks like Kansas — flat, brown, dreary prairie land. Two seasons: Cold and Hot. Impersonal, angry people and lack of culture (the Broncos are not culture).

        1. I don’t know, but there is NORAD, Space Command, etc. There is a HUGE Federal government presence in this state, along with all of their private contractors. Lots of work with satellites is done here, as the 105th meridian runs through Denver.

        2. I was referring to something dangerous buried deep poisoning and sickening people, but yes, there’s a lot of government shit out there.

  15. A simple “No thanks, I’m not interested to date you” would be more than enough in most of the cases, but women like to make thing more complicated for absolutely no valid reason.
    #WasteHisTime2016 is nothing more than an act of vengeance on an Alpha who rejected them, but instead of taking revenge on the “culprit”, they target a poor guy who’s usually clumsy, but at least sincere.
    Then they say : “Where are all the good mmmeeeeeeennnnnnn???” LOL

    1. That’s why I laugh at them when women try this. Few years ago meet a cool chick, she gives me the nice guy speech. So I simply shrugged my shoulders and started seeing another within a few weeks. The anger in her eyes when she found out is hilarious to this day.

      1. Can you elaborate? Sounds like a good story but I’m not very clear on how you mean.

        1. I learned the hard way when I was younger that girls love to keep a guy dangling on a string if they can. Since figuring that out, whenever a woman says she doesn’t have the time in whatever fashion I simply move on rather than waste my time.

        2. IOW, you’re refusing to be her ‘orbiter’? Good! If she ‘doesn’t have the time’, then neither should you.

        3. Good move. Never let a woman keep you dangling. If she’s interested in you, then she’ll make it easy for you (to go out or ask her out). You’ll never get push back and if that night is no good then the next night will work just fine.
          Women, who are interested in you, will make it easy for you. She’ll climb up a three story building to fuck you if she’s interested.

        4. True!
          Maximus: [after swiftly dispatching another gladiator] Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained?!

        5. Sure, but I mean what exactly was it that made the “cool chick” so angry? I would assume she wouldn’t care if you were seeing a new woman? So the details are what I think would help paint a better picture.

        6. Not sure to be honest. For all I know I could have been a plan B that failed. Once I said next it was no longer my concern.

    2. or women will start to dive into feminism with man hating because they were pumped and dumped by an alpha. We see this happen all too often in society (or they say they are done with men). The other side of it…these women had plenty of opportunities with “good men” and they choose another route. That other “route” fucked them and never called…so now they are bitter at all men.
      I always laugh when I see these bitter types (they stand out like a sore thumb). They are so anti-men and my first question to them is always “So who didn’t call you back after sex?”.

    3. “#WasteHisTime2016 is nothing more than an act of vengeance on an Alpha who rejected them”
      — Which is exactly what happened to Jian Ghomeshi in Toronto. One woman accused him, and then a bunch of bitter ex-lovers from 10+ years ago (whom he had dumped) came out to try to destroy him (and get attention).

  16. The difference is that a man such as the one at the computer pictured in the article is a year or so of hard discipline away from remaking himself and fucking til he dies. Sign him up. The women, however, have a maybe decade. Tick Tock.

    1. Exactly. I’m mid thirties and doing alright now. But its amazing because I actually see a BETTER future ahead in terms of resources and women, quality of life. 99.9% of women my age are headed in the complete opposite direction and I can see how that would be depressing.

  17. Funny how they waste their own time as well in the process..despite the fact they have a lot less of it.

  18. Aren’t women wasting their own time by wasting those men’s time that they aren’t even interested in?

    1. You’re using logic to analyze bimbos. Won’t work. These girls probably routinely waste entire weekends doing bait-and-switch in clubs.

    2. They’re too stupid to realize it. Grab some popcorn and wait for the fireworks when they realize they’ve wasted their time.

  19. The precursor to this garbage was already well underway 25 years ago. Girls would lead me on for awhile, I’d ask for a straight answer, and get passive-aggressive abuse like, “I’m not the kind of girl to ask that kind of question,” or “you have no right to ask a girl for a straight answer.” Brutal bait-and-switch.
    My ’50s raised parents couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get a date. They thought the little twits would outgrow it. Nope. That’s why so many of them are now middle-aged cat herders.

    1. I had a hard time explaining to my parents how drastically the “market” has changed in the last 20 years. Being 40, I saw both world. So I know how It used to be. So glad I graduated from uni at the turn of the millennium. T’was the best of time when you had a bit of mojo and charm. Mucho notches. Now it looks like a gauntlet.

    2. It’s unreal the difference between western women and more traditional societies. Before I travel, I will try to line up a few girls ahead of time through social media before I arrive in a country and sometimes I feel like a slutty bimbo–girls literally throwing themselves at me, asking to meet up, and all they know about me is I’m an in shape white guy with a few pictures doing some fun activities. The complete opposite of the dating experience here where the guy must do all the work and is constantly shit tested and stood up.
      The girls from traditional cultures are interested in engaging me before they even know anything about me.
      Girls in America won’t even look at me when we pass each other on the street, not even to judge and dismiss, they’re just not interested in anyone or anything but themselves.
      Which suits me fine because I feel zero attraction to the masculine, slutty, bitchy women of America anyway.

      1. Its a common experience. American male’s SMV increases with foreign travel. While an american female’s SMV drops. American women are generally perceived in other countries as big, loud and feminist bitch face.

        1. Living in Asia, I try to avoid western women like the plague. If I’m at a restaurant and two 30 something American women sit at the table next to me, I’ll immediately pick up and move. I’m pretty sure they know why I moved too.

        2. And sadly, guys who have never traveled abroad literally cannot see these big, loud, bitchy women for what they are. They think this is their only option. Be single or roll the dice and try to be as happy as you can with one of those. It’s really sad.

      2. In my dating website days, whenever I saw a picture of a feminine, fit, contented-looking woman, she was ALWAYS a foreigner. The American women, even the nice-looking ones, all had a tense hardness in their features. Femino-fascism has a lot to answer for.

  20. No man should be pressed over trivial bs. If there’s one thing a woman can’t afford to waste it’s time. Best part of it all, they only realize it when it’s too late.

    1. “If there’s one thing a woman can’t afford to waste it’s time.”
      IDK — they gleefully waste their time of their lives when they’re at their peak beauty and fertility, don’t they?

      1. And? By that time the only guys that want them are men that they resent. Meanwhile the guy they want is probably banging someone half her age.

    2. she still looks better at 39 than most women will. a better example would be Lindsay lohan

        1. She’s one of the reasons why Hollywood producers, directors, and agents should be fucking shot. They ruined this little girl.

        2. Soon she will be standing in a bikini trying to get drivers- by into the car wash on Sunset Blvd.
          Another casulty of the Mouse, no?

        3. fuck you melmoth…she was a little fucking girl. They took advantage of her, and you’ll never convince me that half the shit she did when she was of legal age wasn’t a direct result of the “nice” things they did while she was just a kid.
          You guys are all tough and all on women. puke.

        4. Tool. I suppose I should expect this from the fact that you can’t select commentators on a website without having to read comments from guys who are pederasts, and child molesters. Just remember, melmoth, you wiseass fucker, the guys in prison just LOVE to take care of guys like you.

        5. Looks like 45 y/o cougar from online dating site, with age set at 35, using pics taken at 25. Probably gives blow job after pizza date.

        6. I agree with you that sicko perverted Hollywood producers, directors, and agents should be shot, but stop ‘white-knighting’; she should held responsible for HER bad choices. I doubt that they held a gun to her head and MADE her ruin herself by boozing and doing drugs.

        7. Her mom pimped her out to hollywood as a child star. But you’re right, who wants to be captain save-a-ho and rescue her for a shot at some used up pussy? She is good example of what’s wrong with american females.

        8. I’m a child molester now? I’d sooner fuck three day old roadkill then mess with a kid. That’s the weirdest, most inexplicable crime in the book to me.
          YOU are the one who had apparently watched her career so closely from her childhood on, enough to know who did what to her. Watching that stuff very closely, eh?
          “They ruined this little girl,” you said, emotionally invested.
          I didn’t know who Lindsay was until she had that great pictorial as a 17 year old (below). You were all up in her childhood. Weird.

        9. That was one of the strangest, albeit scary, bad acid trippy things I’ve watched in quite a while. Tkx.

        10. I don’t doubt that there’s a point in her life where, of legal age, she continues with the lack of morality she “learned” while just a kid…she doesn’t have the best reputation, she’s her own worst enemy…we could go on with the analysis and judgement all we want. My subjective belief is that the assholes of Hollywood didn’t give a shit that she was a child who needed to be protected, nurtured, and educated. No, they exploited her for money. They did whatever they had to do to make her “act” accordingly, including spoiling, rewarding, and an upraising mired in pragmatism.
          Now, you seem like just another young man with no sense of compassion. Hell, I don’t care, it’s your judgement against mine. You want to be right? Perhaps justify your own beliefs that she’s gotten EVERYTHING SHE DESERVED…blah, blah, blah, that’s fine. I don’t care. Should she take responsibility for her current behavior at age 29? Yes. Absolutely. When you meet a woman like this do you participate and try to bed her, or do you just shake your head and walk away. Is there any fun in being the bully? Not from my perspective.

  21. Women always view you with this level of contempt, the only difference is now they’re more open about it. they aren’t even hiding how they don’t give a shit about the suckers who chase them.

  22. I am not a religious type, but I think I will say a little prayer that some thot tries this with me.

  23. One of the quintessential time wasters I and other men have come across takes place when I’ve asked a female for her number and she responds with the classic deflection of “give me yours.”
    The female, not having the intelligence or maturity to simply say “I’m sorry I’m not interested” will prefer instead to lead a guy on by making them think they’re interested when they’re really not. To an insecure female not only is this an ego boost but a means of setting a tone of control at the start of a potential relationship should she in fact be slightly interested but isn’t committed enough to follow through in the moment of truth. Remember, she has to weigh her options first since she’s probably fielding other requests from males and not just your own.
    Back in my beta days I used to fall for this trap often. Once I wised up and especially after coming to this site and understanding that other men were dealing with this b.s, I changed up my approach. I still asked females out but whenever I came across this nonsense I would give them my real number with one digit off along with a remark like “yeah ill bet you’re not really going to call me” and they’d either laugh or swear that they would. Sometimes on gut instinct I’d ask for their MySpace or Facebook etc and add them on there just to see the experiment through.
    Sure enough, at least a few times I’d get “hey I tried to call you but It kept going to voicemail” or “hey I tried to reach you but it was the wrong number” and after a chuckle or two, I’d either give them the right number or mess with them further.
    Eventually the ones I felt were no longer worthy of interest and kept toying with would stop responding or get so mad they’d curse at me and block me online.
    The moral of the story is: if a person is going to waste your time off the bat don’t let them, don’t get mad and take it out on the innocent, just play along and waste their time in the process. Give them a taste of their own medicine so they can see how it feels. It probably won’t penetrate their primitive minds anyway but at the very least you can show them some men out here are not going to fall for their b.s.
    No pussy is worth the sacrifice of your dignity.

    1. “…Give them a taste of their own medicine so they can see how it feels. ”
      One thing that I have noticed is how Western/American women very seldom have the experience of “being given a taste of their own medicine”. That likely explains their massive narcissism and complete lack of humility and introspection.

      1. It is an asinine moral indeed that makes it acceptable for a man to be found guilty and punished for shit that went down often eras ago and due to other persons while at the same time it is expected that same man doesn’t retaliate for what is done to him in the here and now.

    2. I have two fake numbers for this. Women are so dumb that they never figure out it’s an area code followed by ‘fuckyou’ or just ‘suckadick’.

        1. Instagram. How about Facebook? I have a FB account but it’s for trolling SJWs and feminists.

        2. Ohh ok. Yes i have Facebook and you are more than welcome to join.
          Look for me on there by the same namesake i use here. I have Ted Cruz as a default pic.

    3. Man, the reason women give blokes the run around is because they get nervous about all the crazies out there. My baby sister had an incident where she liked this bloke a bit, saw him at a party, and started chatting with him casually to get to know him better because she is a nice, shy girl. She went to get a drink… and he followed her. She thought that was a bit weird, but ok. She kept chatting with him. Her friend came over and she said she was going to go chat with her friend. The dude started following her. She went to the bathroom and he was apparently HANGING OUTSIDE THE DOOR. She started to get freaked, and went off to the dancefloor to get lost in the crowd. HE KEPT DANCING REALLY CLOSE and wouldn’t leave her alone. She had to call my dad to come pick her and her friend up because she was so scared.
      Shit like this happens to OUR women all the time. That’s why they are scared to tell you the truth man.

      1. Your story is anecdotal, dude! Just ONE incident too. So take your own medicine and shove this story. We can ignore it. Not scientific enough!!!
        What about the girls who are creepy then? Not met any? Nah, didn’t think so!

        1. Aww, babes! You followed me here. How sweet, honeysnookums. I know how jealous you get when I talk to other people, babes, but I gotta learn from other people too, not just big strong IanC. I promise I’ll be back for another lesson from you soon because your wisdom and your worldy strength, are just so big, so strong… so overwhelming!!!

        2. Aww, babes! You followed me here. How sweet, honeysnookums. I know how jealous you get when I talk to other people, babes, but I gotta learn from other people too, not just big strong IanC. I promise I’ll be back for another lesson from you soon because your wisdom and your worldy strength, are just so big, so strong… so overwhelming!!!

        3. No you haven’t wasted my time at all. It’s been fun trying to educate the uneducatable. But I’ve at least done my bit in trying….we can’t win them all…..but keep on trying ‘flower’! Careful the wind doesn’t blow those delicate petals off. When you grow up and you’re real man you can come back into the debate!

        4. Sure baby. I’ll show you my young flower at home tonight, honey sweetums. I know how hot and bothered it gets you debating with young, uneducated, innocent babies on disqus.

        5. Awww, but what will I do when I grow up into a real man with a real education from a proper place of learning, and Ian C’s gobbledygook no longer sounds like such special, special wisdom anymore? What will I do when I discover that the real world contains so much wisdom and edumacation, if I just look for it and apply myself? I will miss your words too much papi! I don’t wanna grow up, I think I will stay 15 forever, so you can continue to school me like a naughty baby. That’s the way you like it, isn’t it bb? xxx

      2. This does happen but it still doesn’t give them the legitimate excuse to mislead Men. One omega orbiter does not constitute every single Man out there. This is the equivalent of a Woman being raped and thinking every guy out there is a rapist.

        1. Meh. I was mugged once and robbed a few times. It doesn’t mean i think all people are muggers. No excuses apply for these females.

        2. Right. So… do you have friends who were mugged, in their own homes, by close friends? By teachers? Do you know people that were mugged, despite never walking anywhere alone at night? Do you know people who

        3. Right. Do you know many people who have been mugged or robbed in their own homes, by respectable and seemingly upstanding friends, or by their school teacher? It’s pretty rare, isn’t it. Sure, I’ve had a couple dodgy mates take some money off my fridge, and my ex-gf has had girlfriends steal clothes… we even had one burglar break in and steal an ipod. But women are often raped by people they respect and trust. Women AND men have been raped by church leaders and youth workers. Comparing it to mugging and robbing, for which there are easy fixes (usually, it’s just a matter of not walking in certain areas or at night) with the complex issue of rape – which happens even in PLACES OF RELIGION and learning – is overly simplistic.

        4. Daniel, the JamesDeanJohnson is a troll, take it from me. He’s a mangina, truly he is. He’s been trying to upset me by following and signing in under different names because he’s REALLY been angered by me telling him how things are in the real world, versus his gynocentric one. He won’t come back to you with a credible counter argument because he simply can’t. He talks like a feminist (and probably is one) so rather than argue logically or provide any evidence outside mainstream media, he’ll just side step the issue and come back with something else.
          So be warned, you’re pissing in the wind with this ‘guy’. But like a bad fart, he’ll fade and dissipate fairly soon. But other than that, thumbs up to what you’re saying. Don’t worry many people will support what you’re saying, including me, so hang in there 😉 Just ignore the little mosquito, and then zap him at an opportune moment – ha!

        5. Your argument is essentially taking the blame off the individual and putting it primarily on the shoulders of the public.
          Men don’t cause Women to be flaky, just as Women don’t cause Men to be assholes. That desire is always inside, looking for any excuse to come out. No one has power over you that you don’t naturally authorize. You are whatever you make yourself to be. A Woman can blame a Man all day long for doing what she does, but in the end she is fooling no one but herself and those ignorant few who end up believing the fabricated mythos she spins in her yarn of bullshit.

        6. Lol i’m already dealing with another fart troll by the name of Josh, so JDJ here won’t be an issue. Thanks for the forewarning though. So far he’s just been naive, i’m sure he’ll graduate to full blown obnoxious before the exchange is through.

        7. Well said, Daniel. I wonder if that mangina James twit will actually begin to realise he’s out of his depth. You know, that growing realisation that actually, other people clearly have a deeper, clearer understanding of life, living and world around us. I wonder what it must be like living in his sad little blinkered world? He has so MUCH to learn. The words ‘unconscious incompetence’ spring to mind – (shakes head). My oh my…..

        8. He went from naive, as you rightly say (funny though, that you already have the SAME opinion of him, which is the very crux of what I’ve been trying to educate about too, by me saying he needs a LOT of real-world experience, which clearly he lacks in abundance, talking the way he does. If he did that in a room of real men, with intelligence, he’d be laughed at behind his back – or even out loud in front of him!) he is ‘naive’! But he won’t become obnoxious as such. He’ll just give you some weasel links from the most spurious places, calling them scientific; at the same time he’ll ask you for links/evidence; you provide them and he’ll ignore them and just come back at you with OTHER things – just like many women do when they realise they are losing an argument or debate. If you’re digging a hole, stop; but then he’ll dig another hole; and then another one. Eventually when he realises he’s not getting anywhere and he’s unable to conquer your logic and reasoning, he becomes REALLY sarcastic, and will post a long, rambling, inconsequential, nonsense piece (really not worth reading – and I just ignored them pretty soon after), making him FEEL better, but looking even more like the idiot he is.
          If you want to see the kind of things he’s been saying (not that you perhaps are interested, but just curious), then search on my other comments on Discus and you can see him. He even troubled to sign in under different names. YES he really did! ‘Ian’s Flower’, ‘Ian’s Student’ to name but two. He must have been REALLY miffed – though of course denied it!! Ha ha!!!!!
          But he shot himself in the foot rather, as when he attempted to irritate me as much as I obviously had him, he had other people coming at him, saying similar things – including you here! So you speak for me, as you’re saying the very same kind of things, but in your unique way. I’m pretty sure he’ll be doubting his flawed thinking now – though maybe not if he’s really that stupid. We shall never know. But thanks for saying what you have to the idiot, for he’s really, really one ignorant, blinkered and pathetic a man. Let’s hope his armour is at least pierced. He’s wounded, he must be. Such ignorance must be difficult to live with, without forever questioning yourself and life. My oh my, what a pathetic individual.
          Apologies for long post, but I am known for them 🙁

        9. This is the same excuse i hear from people who say “oh s/he made me gay” or “oh i became a cheater because i was cheated on”
          While emotions can have a compelling effect on our personality, only someone with pre existing psychological issues dwells on that to the point that they become the very thing they swore to themselves they’d never become or hated for every moment it caused them pain.
          I see too much of this “him/her not me” mentality nowadays, i guess it sort of goes with the whole bernie sanders fanboy/girl addiction.
          Useful idiots especially tend to fall for all of this.

        10. No, your post was well put and thoroughly accurate.
          It’s important to share from the vast wealth of understanding that we have for the benefit of even pitiable people like manginas, because once upon a time some of us were like them or possibly even worse than them,
          While we can’t save anyone from the ignorance they inflict on themselves as a result of their laziness, we can show them the door to help them save themselves. We all do our part in different ways and to different extents to bring back Men and separate the pussified fakes from those who have been emasculated but have the potential to be freed from the feminatrix.

        11. Great minds think alike, eh? I’m pretty sure he’ll not venture to contest any more here. He’s been overpowered alright. Good to put such people in their rightful place.

        12. You know, I just don’t get why so many men are upset when they get a fake number. It’s just the girl finding herself in an awkward situation which could result in her being verbally abused if she speaks with maturity. Lots of girls have had bad experiences, so they get frightened.
          Most blokes I know have only gotten a fake number once or twice, and then they move on to greener pastures. Maybe if you’re getting them all the time, you could talk to some women friends about how to change the story.

        13. These males get upset because they have not yet graduated to the level of understanding that a Man possesses. This is why i like to distinguish between males and Men because i consider the two the same in basic biological understandings alone, not the evolved psychological behaviors associated with the masculine gender. The former (male) is simply a biological male the latter (Man) is an evolved male; one that thinks and behaves as an orthodox masculine Man was once upon a time expected to.

  24. I hate the fact that I have started to not care about women at all and unfortunately I get far better responses when I don’t care if she leaves or doesn’t. Who cares, there are others. The abundance mentality is crucial
    I know the language and this is a great article but can we stay away from Reddit lingo. ie ‘Chad Thundercock’ and ‘Le sigh.’

  25. #tictkoc needs to start trending
    If she is hot #ticktoc
    If she is 18 #ticktoc
    If she is a bad bitch #ticktoc
    And especially if she is wasting someone’s time #ticktoc

    1. ticktoc ticktoc ticktoc…wheres my popcorn we basically just have to sit back and do nothing…they will hang themselves which brings me great joy.

  26. Women have been punishing the good and rewarding the bad with impunity for a while. Waiting with bated breath how far back the pendulum swings without an army of whiteknight incels behind them.

  27. great article. my only problem with it is that the tone is a little too vindictive. the author calles out women on twitter for picking on the nice guy to get back at the player who dumped her, but encourages guys to treat women like shit in order to get back at the bitches who wasted his time.
    now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with guys who are assholes to women in order to get in their pants. I just thought the tone of the article was a bit vindictive. I could almost hear the author doing an evil laugh when I read the parte with the ROK logo followed by “This is how you send that man to us.”
    you should never go into a date or a bang with the attitude “I’m gonna fuck this bitch dry and then never call her again, in order to get back at all the bitches who wasted MY time.” if you have that attitude, you’re just as bad as the feminists, not to mention you’re setting yourself up for miserable relationships and lots of resentment throughout life.

    1. Certainly what is taught here is the art of seduction. The purpose to which one puts that powerful, fun, and most natural of masculine arts is for the artist. That said, you generally don’t buy a gun without detailed instructions on how to use it, clean it, and store it safely, and you generally don’t keep a gun without getting a good education in the scenarios when you should and should not use it. That’s partially what neomasculinity teaches.

      1. true, and my comment pertains to this article only. I do ‘t have a problemas with ROK or game in general.

    2. Exactly If you’ve got some natural swag and experience pulling the good girl pretty chicks, sweet talk, humor & confidence works best for me. The super alpha is for hangin with the bros. Very feminine chicks are all I want anyway. No ugly feminist bitches for me.

  28. Fantastic mention of ‘Ars Amatoria’.
    “A woman sprawling along, and drenched in plenteous wine, is a disgusting object; she is worthy to endure the embraces of any kind of fellows. And it is no safe thing when the tables are removed to fall asleep; in sleep many a shocking thing is wont to happen. I feel ashamed to instruct you any further.” (The Art Of Love, Book III)
    Ovid for the win! The original player. The original “rape culture”.

  29. Cunts. I also find it interesting the second post is from someone with an Arabic name… when did Arabs allow for femnazism? Glitch in the matrix?

    1. It happens when they leave the middle east and get freedoms. And what do they do with their new found freedoms? Become moronic twats.

  30. I clicked on the FB profiles for some of the women who shared that story. As you can imagine, single land whales.
    It reminds me of the old fable about the fox and the grapes. After he jumped repeatedly, but could not grab the grapes on the trellis, he walked away and said, “Umph, those grapes were probably sour anyway.”
    These women are those foxes, and the grapes are Alpha cock.

  31. Point #3 FTW!
    Edit: Ok finished the article. 4 and 5 are equally true, and I’m working towards 1 and 2.

    1. The problem with minority women in this country is not that they don’t adjust to living here. Quite the contrary, they adjust too well.

  32. What women don’t understand is this:
    “If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.”
    -Galatians 5:15

  33. I’ve dealt with a couple of these cunts on Tinder. They will match with you and then foil every attempt to setup a date by flaking or simply dodging the question by being extremely literal. Had one respond to various questions by pretending: “‘I’m not into movies. I don’t like coffee. I don’t like restaurants.”
    I replied: “Alright sounds good. C U Next Thursday,” and unmatched shortly after.

  34. This is yet another example of how feminism backfires on women. They think talking shit and “being one of the guys” makes them more edgy, but in truth they make cunts of themselves by ruining their feminine nature and turning males off to them.

  35. in no time half of all men on the planet will be here, it is inevitable. I found this site after domestic insanity pushed me over the edge. Wish I found this site 25 years ago… but the internet was not around then…

    1. Me too. I wish had some idea, ANY idea of these concepts earlier. Better late than never.

    2. meh. This site lost a lot of its best writers. Pimping radical islam as a solution to feminism is kind of wack.

  36. Men also have a tenacity that women lack when pursuing objectives. However, that persistence does not pay off for the man with a case of “oneitis” when he’s trying to get a modern American female. Learning that from sites like this has saved men a lot of grief and wasted time in the dating market.

  37. Like a woman actually needs to try and waste a man’s time, it’s an inherent instinctual ability.

  38. The time wasting circle jerking can be circumvented and dealt with when the female is isolated and it’s one on one, just you and her. She’s not likely intentionally blowing your time away when she throws tantrums or fidgets. She’s compulsively and naturally doing that shit like a little kid. Little kids pull circle jerk shit on their moms all the time without trying to intentionally waste their mother’s time.
    With women who have a cadre of scheming friends, she then strategizes with her bouts of flakiness and her theater acts. The usual remedies don’t work and you have trouble working your woman through every turn when her mother is pulling her strings unbeknownst behind the scenes or if she has a giggling cat clavern of cat friends walking her through her time wasting ordeal with you.
    that’s the best you can do in the west

  39. If these women “waste” a Man’s “Time”, how will they know they are wasting the Time of someone worthy of that “Punishment”? How will they know the Man who is trying to Contact them is not the Greatest Man with the Best intentions and looking for a LTR? As Marcus notes maybe these women are hurting Men who have no intention to hurt a woman, so these women are Blindly attacking every Man they encounter without knowing who the Man is first. A serious Maturity retardation these women have and Lack of Consideration for the Man they are talking to, as they pile all Men together and assume the worst for each one, and all Men are Guilty in this Inquisition style Witch Hunt.
    Or Maybe these women know the Men they are Dealing with/Punishing, Maybe these women have had sex with a Man and are now looking to exact their Revenge, if that’s the Case, then the women using the hashtag #wastehistime, are admitting to a Fling that was not in their Favor and now scorned raise the Banner of #wastehistime, but in doing so Unintentionally Broadcast they are Sluts. If these women #wastehistime and they target a Man with Good intentions it’s a sign of their Insecurity and ignorant Stereotyping of all men into a single Category who they think are all worthy of Punishment, and if it is out of Scorn by a Man who Pumped and Dumped her it shows a Lack of awareness by how she is drawing attention to the Incident, with no shame or regard for reputation the #wastehistime is admittance to being a Slut. Either way, the use of #wastehistime is not an Intelligent trend women should follow.

    1. From the linked article:
      As a woman who has been abused & treated like crap in the past, it’s
      extremely important to me that I teach my son how to show respect.

      That sums it up. She projecting what she wants onto her son and in a twisted way is using him to get revenge on her past. Too bad she’s only setting him up to be taken advantage of by women who will use him for free dinners.

    2. Yeah, that incident taught me what the term “Covert Incest” means… and yes it’s a real psychological term. And it applies to her, wholeheartedly.

    3. Wonder if she told him about women that would take him to the cleaners financially and not have anything to show for it. Me thinks not.
      When he just gives up on women someday and satiates his desires with xbox and internet porn she’ll be sitting there wondering how her perfectly “logical” lessons didn’t land him someone as awesome as herself.

      1. Or why she didn’t land herself a good man. If anything, this kid might grow up to be the next Red Pill Neo. Roosh, beware!

    4. Holy shit! I feel so bad for this kid. His own mother is setting him up to get his ass kicked!
      “It’s never too early to teach your child how to properly respect others, especially women.”
      Especially women? What the fuck does she mean “especially women” and why is she singling them out from the rest of the populace?
      “As a woman who has been abused & treated like crap in the past, it’s extremely important to me that I teach my son how to show respect.”
      I’ll show you respect once you’ve earned it! One thing I’ve learned in life is that being nice or respectful to others doesn’t guarantee you shit! I think it’s more important to teach our daughters that there are assholes out there in the world and as a result, they should be more reserved, quaint, exercise caution, and do their due diligence before spreading their legs. You know, like women use to do in the good old days. Because of the lack of birth control women had no choice but to be selective in choosing a mate. But now as a result of the sexual revolution, feminism, birth control, and abortion, women are free to be as careless as they want to be with their bodies. The increase in the absence of consequence causes a decrease in one’s own self-discipline. In other words, the less consequence, the lazier and more reckless people tend to become.
      This woman has been with a lot of jerks and assholes in the past, otherwise she wouldn’t make such a statement. How many assholes and jerks do you have to fuck before you learn? A lack of judgement on the part of a women is not an attractive quality and a huge red flag. I’m sure the boy is either a byproduct of one of these assholes, or the progeny of some nice guy who was foolish didn’t know any better.
      Too many men these days have no idea how to treat women or how to take them on a nice date.”
      Too many women these days are complete cunts who don’t deserve to be treated well and taken out on nice dates. You never hear women talk about teaching their daughters how to be respectful of men, especially their own fathers. It’s just assumed that because she is a woman, that she will inherently be respectful of others. We all know this is complete bullshit, and when a strong masculine man is not in the picture, women grow up to become disrespectful little brats.
      Let’s face it guys, today’s women are not like your mother or your grandmother. They are not! Our mothers’ and grandmothers’ generation were legends. Contemporary women not so much. Hell, not at all. They are not nurturing, they are not supportive, they are not maternal, and they are not family oriented. So what’s left? Sex, that’s it. Men don’t care about a woman’s education, earning potential, or her overall intelligence level. If men did, our species would have perished a long time ago. Women might be more than just mothers and wives, but they don’t have to be, and that’s the beauty of it. Being a wife and a mother was enough for most men. Why would we as men want to burden our wives with so much responsibility? Unfortunately women can’t seem to understand this or appreciate it. Their foolish pride won’t allow them to. I believe that this is one of the primary reasons why women are so
      unhappy today. As a result of the feminist movement, they have chosen to overburden themselves, because you know, they can do it all. And why would you want to do it all? To prove some stupid point?
      “It’s nice to know my son won’t be one of them.”
      Better he be one of those than the alternative who gets his ass kicked with Stilettos. This kid is going to grow up thinking women are just like his mommy, and that they all deserve the same kind of treatment. When he gets older, he’s going to get a rude awakening. This is what happens when you let single mothers raise boys or you allow a mother to be the dominant role model for boys. Rather than teaching them how the world really is, you tell them how you’d like the world to be and instruct them to behave in a manner that is out of alignment with reality.
      I’m not sure if the woman is a single mother or not. I’m guessing by the photos and the age of the youngest one she’s not, but at this point it really doesn’t matter anymore. And if she is not a single mother, why does she talk so disparagingly about men? Does her children’s father treat her in this manner? And if that’s not the case, why is she worried about it? Why can’t she just accept the fact she made shitty choices in the past and leave it at that?
      “He learns the value of money and how to manage it.”
      I think this is great, but taking his own mother out and spending his earnings on her, a woman, is teaching him something else too. That men should spend money on women because they are worth it, and perhaps his mother is worth it. But that’s his mother. With the exclusion of a few and I mean a few, today’s women are simply not worth it.
      “He enjoys doing it. It makes him happy. I would never force him to do something he didn’t want to do. He prefers to spend his money doing something speical with me than to spend money on toys.” (comments section)
      Can you guys see a problem here? “It makes him happy. I would never force him to do something he didn’t want to do.” So if it makes him happy that’s all that matters? What the fuck is going on in this country? When did parents become so fucking spineless? If he didn’t want to clean his room you’d tolerate it? I suppose if her son wanted to wear a dress and become a princess she’d be okay with that too, because you know…it makes him happy and stuff.
      Hopefully this kid will figure out the truth sooner than later. And hopefully one day he’ll ask his mother the following:
      “Mom, if what you say is true about how men should treat women, why did you date men like that?”
      If his father is like that, “Mom, if what you say is true about how men should treat women, why do you pick a man like my father to to impregnate you?
      If his dad is not like that, “Mom, if what you say is true about how men should treat women, why did you date men like that and why should I be like my father? A man who has clearly gotten his ass kicked, has low self-esteem, and settled for damaged goods? I’m just saying, I love you mommy.”
      I would love to hear her response.

  40. “This is how you send that man to us. For all the attempts the education system makes to drug it out of them, men are solution-oriented. As a group we try to fix shit when it’s not working.”
    There’s the hook. The best part is you never need bother explaining this to them. Let the actions, or lack of thereto, do the talking. Funny how you can douse some time-waster, only to bump into them again and nail them silly.
    Tricks are for kids.

  41. None of these women are bangable anyway. A true player will weed them out in moments. First one at the top: way too much makeup and way too much effort for a twitter pic. The next one, Arabic in twitter name but not actually Arabic means she is some looney feminist trying to get in touch with imaginary cultural roots (despite the fact that Arab cultures are patriarchal.). Third one, short hairy and fugly SJW glasses. All of these women were nexted for valid reasons by the last guy. Abundance mentality renders their hashtag irrelevant.

  42. To my marriage-minded guys who have their time wasted,in this manner: I got your back! I.e.: “Being rejected by an attractive man makes women cruel to other men” (Article on Daily Mail)
    ….in other words: make note of the ones employing “Relational aggression” techniques…… (Not to be Confused with the “Fitness Test”,which has a different way of manifesting itself…… And avoid them! (Wikipedia) excerpt: “”Relational Aggression”, also known as covert aggression, [not in citation given] or covert bullying [not in citation given] is a type of aggression in which harm is caused by damaging someone’s relationships or social status.”

  43. “This is how you send that man to us. For all the attempts the education system makes to drug it out of them, men are solution-oriented. As a group we try to fix shit when it’s not working.”
    I was just thinking this. Feminists complain about these websites existing but men wouldn’t be turning to them if they weren’t treated the way were. When the way I naturally am repeatedly resulted in getting to watch each girl choose someone else, and learning how to treat women from here results in a girl making it very clear to me that she’s interested in me, obviously you have to keep doing what works and trash what doesn’t. Girls were always telling me that there aren’t guys like me around anymore. Now that I’m no longer like that I suppose there aren’t any left.

  44. They bitch about guys who are “players”, but these chicks (and every one of them I’ve seen using the hashtag) all look like sluts themselves. The point about this cruel scheme hurting no one but the type of guy who would genuinely love and respect them (although fuck knows why), i.e. orbiting betas, is spot on.. although one might argue that #wastehistime is naught but “friendzoning” in hashtag form.
    BTW, the Tango traditionally represents a man taking a prostitute.. probably not the best allegory to use for relationships (or maybe it is 😉

    1. I went to it as an easily-identifiable example of a dance that is profoundly intimate while exemplifying masculine and feminine. In it the man is powerfully strong and leads; the woman is seductive and submits. And it is a dance: a fun activity which both parties are meant to be enjoying and in which each has a specific role. That’s a relationship in brief. 🙂

  45. every woman, girlfriend, wife, acquaintance, that screws over a guy ends up sending at least 3 of his friends here…in no time this place will be the epicenter of the internet.

  46. Women trying to become us in every way possible. They will never beat what is, that is nature.

      1. You must be unaware, so I’ll explain….the picture is from a video that has become a meme, where DJ Khaled (the guy with the beard) says “you played yourself”…..basically when a girl has intentionally wasted a guy’s time, she just played herself cause she also wasted her own.

  47. I have a daughter and I tell her all the time, the challenge for a man is to get women into bed, the challenge for a female is to get him into a relationship. And because it’s so easy for a girl to pick a sex partner men are envious and call her slut, but because it’s much easier for a guy to make a conquest his girlfriend women get envious and say all men are pigs. Funny how all humans are driven by conquest but they just desire different things. My son, I tell him that if he wants to have game with the ladies he can’t think in terms of what would excite him, he must understand that women are inundated with complements and advances, he needs to find a minor imperfection the woman has and exploit it, causing her to rise to the challenge to impress him. The next night he had a date, but was so excited he forgot to get her number. He’ll learn.

    1. fuck at least you’re giving them good advice.
      EVERYTHING I was taught in my childhood-
      from parents, priests, teachers, media about women was completely fucking wrong.
      Luckily I eventually found online resources to connect the dots….but it’s cruel to young boys to tell them fairytale fantasy bullshit about womens’ nature.

      1. Right. If adults were just on the up and up about the true nature of men and women without bashing it as “wrong” or “disgusting” (on either side) then all players in the game would have a fair shot at getting what they want and need. My son wants a wife one day, but once he asked me if he could “practice” dating first. My first thought was he’s going to piss off a lot of girls. But what I told him was, that’s fine as long as you tell them you’re not interested in getting serious from the gate. It wouldn’t be his fault if the girl thinks to herself “challenge excepted” and works to change his mind. Maybe she will, maybe she won’t. What’s important is that he keep his dignity. He’ll know in the end he was straight.
        But I gotta play both sides of the fence here because I got a beautiful 15 year old daughter I gotta educate too. So far so good! She’s never been on a date (or even alone with a boy) because she turns down guys all the time. She wants to date guys that are really smart, serious about school and “cute”. I tell her then only except dates from those guys. And if you meet someone like that, ask him out. I tell her look, you’re gonna end up dating guys who get bored after they take you bed and then they’ll be looking for the next girl. But you have the ability to narrow down the guys that have that opportunity based on what you think is important. So when she does meet a guy that just can’t bare to see her with anyone else and makes her his. It won’t be with a guy she bent her values for.

      2. When I was a lad – adult input was unnecessary – peer pressure to get laid was enormous starting at 11 y/o (w/in my group at least). They knew when one was lying. Game development was a Must. By mid-twenties I was bored w sport fu#%ing. Great benefits though: immunity to being strung along or played and extreme skill when I started coupling for LTR purposes.
        Important work is done here, re: teaching game to those isolated from hyper-masculine peer groups. Pussy is de-weaponized and society moved toward a healthy norm.
        Waste his time? No need for a hashtag campaign as most of us have female coworkers.

    1. Oh, I don’t doubt it. But the joke is on women, not men. Because women might be the gatekeepers of sex, but men remain the gatekeepers of relationships. The hashtag is an own-goal for women.

      1. I disagree their responses slayed. That is why you and the rest of the internet posted about it. No one cared about the original #wastehertime. Not a peep.
        Don’t take it too seriously I think it’s great to laugh about shared experiences. You live and you grow.

        1. The only reason their responses “slayed” was because they exposed women for the oft-vindictive creatures they are, not the pedestalised lovelies they’d like men to see them as. Plenty of women are taking the hashtag entirely seriously. Plenty of women behave consistent with the advice in the hashtag quite independent of that hashtag, mainly because a woman always has sexual options. Rather silly of them to drop the disguise like that; they simply send more men to us every time they do.
          No one cared about the original #WasteHerTime because women freely choose, under the explicit advice of Sheryl Sandberg no less, to freely waste their own time fucking bad boys throughout their 20s, chasing toy jobs, and generally playing chicken with the biological clock rather than go looking for an actual good man when they’re still relatively young and pretty.

        2. Oh, it’s a typo for the “weird part of the Internet.” Which is how most blue pill types regard the Red Pill when they first get a glimpse of it. Don’t worry. KissOfDanger will be back someday. Let’s hope it’s a somewhat less painful dose of the Red Pill than the recipients of these hashtags get.

        3. Most times when people describe things as “weird” it is often due to lack of understanding of a thing. The word acts as an acceptance that such thing can never be understood, blanketing it with all other things such mind won’t grasp. The word acts as a pill to the circumstance of poor critical thinking, a pill for a quick remedy of such demise, a blue pill.

  48. “I normally don’t do anything with womens unless I fornicate with them.” – Mike Tyson
    Words to live by.

    1. Had a laugh at this, but, money is the solution to all problems. The more of it you have, the more numerous and complex problems you can solve (or hire people to solve them for you). A man doesn’t change his own oil because he necessarily wants to; he’s doing it to save a few bucks.

    2. The actual verse says “love of money is the root of every manner of evil – and many, hungering for it, have been seduced away from the Faith and have skewered themselves upon many sorrows.” Also, your first premise establishes, not that women=time and money, but finding women, i.e., chasing women, =time and money.”
      So, your equation should come out to “chasing women = every manner of evil.” I’ll assume the mark of A+, which you received, evinces the growing problem of grade inflation. 😉
      For extra credit, one could also note: “the yen for chasing women = self-seduction to apostasy and self-penetration with sorrow.” I.e., “the yen for chasing women = folly, impiety and effeminacy.” Or, more succinctly “the yen for chasing women = eternal damnation.” They aren’t worth it!

  49. Seen many men getting very defensive about this. More so than women. Women can do fine without men completely but men tend to need a woman around. And deep down we all know this. Just let the ladies have their rant.
    Its only insta hoes making the comments at the end of the day.
    In regards to the article, same goes for men. Stop chasing the half nekkid hoe and try out the quiet friend for once. I did and ive never had any issues.

    1. ” Women can do fine without men completely but men tend to need a woman around.”
      The reverse is true.
      The myth of the Lonely Old Man is projection by women onto men.
      Although that said, the reason men tend to get defensive about it is because they’ve been conditioned to think women are not human beings but idealised goddesses who are ready to love “the right man” when he comes along. When a hashtag like this comes up, proving in explicit detail that women are in fact human beings and vindictive little teenagers at that, it rattles a (beta) man’s worldview. Said men are generally not content to take this shit. Instead, they go looking for solutions — which is when they come to us.

      1. Gaelic Meaning: The name Marcus is a Gaelic baby name. In Gaelic the meaning of the name Marcus is: Hammer.

    2. The reverse is manifestly the case.
      Men have always been more independent, and even when they are in a relationship are glad to spend plenty of time away from the wife/girlfriend. Men thrive on this independence. Women, contrarily, thrive on companionship and community, and yearn for a man’s presence in their lives… to the point where they resent the fact that their men have fulfilling interior and private lives, shaming them for spending time apart from them, with their guy friends, etc. A man will object to his woman hanging out with other men; but if she wants to go hang out with her gal pals, he is positively eager NOT to be included.
      A man gets some emotional enjoyment from his relationship with women; but he does not depend on them, or find fulfilment from them, in any substantive way. In fact, the greatest sense of emotional fulfilment men get in such relationships, is personal: the sense that he has done his duty by adequately providing, protecting and leading the women (and children) that look to him. It is not that they “complete” him, furnishing something he lacks; it is that he discovers the reserves of manliness and virtue in himself, as he provides for their needs. This fulfilling sense of accomplishment is personal, and is not based in the others’ opinion or approval of him.
      So, again: what you have stated is exactly the reverse of the truth, and we all know it… even you. So why bother?

      1. It’s always projection,with women. Rape Fantasy =”Rape Culture”. Insecure woman = “emotionally stunted men” etc etc etc…..
        “Let no act be done at haphazard, nor otherwise than according to the finished rules that govern its kind.” -Marcus Aurelius

    3. Rhys(doesn’t)Know – what are you on fellow? I’d like some of it, ass then I’d be as silly as you and possibly we might be able to chat on the same low level…..

  50. Funny how all the twitter posts are from trashy ghetto whores that only the lowest of the low would even bother to itneract with, let alone try to date.

  51. Well said Marcus. I was a product of this a few years ago. The tables have turned drastically in my favor since then.

  52. This reminds me of one of my favorite jokes: Why do men like oral sex so much? It’s the only way to get something straight into women’s heads. Because, honestly, chicks don’t seem to understand what a waste of their time playing these games has become.

        1. I’m flattered that I’ve moved you enough to come into the various forums under different names. BOY you must be miffed! You were a push over, kid!

        2. Hahaha. It’s the same disqus handle, silly. People are able to change their names at will! It’s kind of ironic, you following me here and then saying that I followed you! I know why you followed me to other forums and commented on my words, it’s because you missed me so much, you missed educating me so much, and I missed you too bb. Let’s do the whole thing again. I know you want more of what I got, papi.

        3. You’re just s trolling idiot. But I’m pleased I got under your skin with your mangina comments (oh wait a minute, you may not even know what that is! It’s a white knight, the other term you’d never heard of/didn’t know what it was before I informed you. Another little learning, eh?).
          It didn’t take much to incense you, and when I choose to, I can, much as I have with several other naive, gynocentric retards. But I’ve brought you up a peg and I’m SURE have burst your bubble somewhat. You’ve had your eyes opened, even if only a little. You have a long, long way to go yet though. But as they say, the greatest journey starts with the first step. We live in hope.

        4. You’re delusional, mate. Opened my eyes to just how blind mras are, sure. Shown that they have to make things up to fit their world view rather than relying on sound evidence.
          Go back to your twisted little world where evil, mighty, magic, women secretly poison their male spouses in the same numbers that men kill female spouses in DV situations.
          Your argument has been simultaneously that women don’t overall like non-STEM science, and that they are somehow so scientific that they are able to poison and secretly kill men in great numbers, undetectable to even our best cops, coroners and scientists.
          Being familiar with the rigors of good research methods, I am always interested in what both sides of an argument have to say. But you have been nothing but rude and obtuse, and yeah, got under my skin a bit as you aimed to, because that is what stands for your whole argument. You have none other.
          To put yourself in the same stratum as great teachers and mentors I’ve had is delusional, and can only come about because you’re not listening and you don’t have the skills to learn.
          Have a nice life avoiding proper social situations like the pub, where you would learn some manners, and insulting women and any of their allies from behind a keyboard, instead of going out and working with homeless men, or war veterans, or campaigning to end MGM, or any one of a number of courageous and manly things you could have been doing with your life. It’s not women’s fault you’re bitter, it’s your own. And before you ask, yes, I have done a similar type of job for years of my life, before changing careers.
          That’s the last from me, I won’t be drawn back in by any more of your ridiculous, irrational arguments.

        5. Hey, flower, I’m wasting your time here, for I haven’t bothered to read what you’ve said as it’s going to be drivel – so save your getting yourself hot under the collar you silly twit. Wake up boy! Hopefully you’ll be a man one day (but I feel sorry for your family mate).

    1. Too right! They moan like hell, expect us to kowtow to them, but if we don’t, then ‘there aren’t any good men out there’, which is double speak for ‘there aren’t any men stupid enough to be around my little demanding finger! Why not? I’ve always got my way with men, so I DEMAND that they serve me and my wants’.
      As feminists like to say to men, but I say it back to them: ‘I bathe in female tears’! If you poke a hornets nest, you’re going to get stung; if you keep abusing men, you’re going to reap what you sow. Well, they wanted equality, this is it – or at least heading that way!

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