How Men Are Being Socialized To Act Like Women

It’s well-established that human beings are like monkeys when imitating and copying social behaviors such as mannerisms, speech, and even ideas. Birds of a feather flock together, so if you know one individual within a tight social group, you probably also know the others (this is why self-help gurus strongly advise you to choose your friends carefully). There’s nothing stopping this social mimicry from crossing gender lines, meaning that the more time males spend with females, the more they become like them.

My sister has three brothers who she has spent thousands of hours with. Without her even realizing it, she has developed a genuine sense of humor, giving her a personality that leans away from elegance and more towards entertainment, similar to what her oldest brother does when attempting to bed women and publish web articles. At the same time, my younger brother has picked up on a few of her mannerisms, making him less masculine in the process. This phenomenon is normal among mixed-sex families, but can you imagine the effect on people if they were forced to interact with the opposite sex not only in the home, but outside of it as well?

Thanks to feminism, and the penis envy it installs in women, men no longer have spaces where females are not present. They have invaded education and workplaces at all levels. They are present in coffee houses, formerly male clubs, and even barber shops. Not only are men no longer able to “practice” being a man around other men without fear of offending the opposite sex, they are unconsciously picking up female mannerisms and ideas at the same time that females are picking up on male mannerisms.

Because the sexes are not segregated, women are becoming masculinized and men are becoming feminized. This is greatly harming male development and creating a generation of feminized men who are confused about their identity and masculinity.

We need to ask ourselves two questions:

1. How much time does a male need to spend around females during adolescence to gain sufficient socialization ability to procure female mates?

2. After adolescence, how much non-intimate socialization with females is required to maintain his well-being and happiness?

If you look back to the generation of our fathers or grandfathers, masculine and feminine spheres were significantly more segregated than what we see today. Each sex kept to their own and were only brought together in a handful of situations outside of family. Even family, if you go back to agrarian times, consisted of men working the fields or engaging in hunts for most of the day while women (and little children) attended to household duties. They did not sit down together and watch movies all day or gossip endlessly about other people. That sort of business is too trifling for a man to endure.

In modern times, men are constantly forced to interact with women

Chemistry class, Dr. Susan Shadle, students using clickers, jk

Not only do men have to infantalize their speech and behavior to not trigger the ever-present politically correct police, but they are passively absorbing female behavior through chronic daily interactions. This assault on males begins from their first day in kindergarten, and continues without relief for the next several decades. By the time the average Western man is 20-years-old, he has spent at least half of his entire history of socialization with women.

Is it a coincidence that the increased visibility and flamboyance of homosexuals tracks with the social integration of men and women in all spaces? Of course I’m not stating that this integration is the sole cause for the homo-obsession we have in the Western world today, which has recently culminated with the sanctioning of anal marriage, but it’s hard to deny that men whose masculinity has been diluted since childhood find favor in behaviors that are decidedly feminine.

Even men who pursue casual sex with women have to be careful about being feminized


I spent an extended period of time talking to thousands of women in my life, trying to excite and please them through trial and error. I have come to understand women more than most men, so I wasn’t surprised recently when I caught myself speaking in a feminine uptalk cadence that only girls and manginas use. I was horrified. I’ve since become more conscious about blocking other female mannerisms that want to slip into my being.

It’s no shock that the most successful players I know are not ultra-masculine at all, but have many feminine traits that actually allow them to connect more easily with women who prefer a more cosmopolitan man than one who looks like he just came from the Siberian tundra. While masculine men have no problems getting a woman, I’m starting to suspect that men without feminine personality traits will find it hard to gather the ability and motivation to lay a lot of them in a playboy manner.

Every man should do a preventive check-up to see if his social interactions with women are actually making him more feminine, and if more masculine interaction is needed to tip the balance. Because humans adopt traits of the individuals they spend the most time with, we need to be more conscious about what influences we are allowing into our lives that take us away from masculinity and strength.

I personally see little need for a man to work with women, go to school with them, or even maintain asexual relationships with them, especially with women who don’t give him sexual access to her friends. While there are many problems in modern society that are difficult to solve, excising needless social interaction with females outside of sexual relationships is an easy one to fix. Choose to spend your free time with men so your masculinity remains strong and steady.

This article was originally published on Roosh V

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314 thoughts on “How Men Are Being Socialized To Act Like Women”

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: all men should be involved in the martial arts. Go to a Judo club that spars consistently and roll with those guys. Judo, BJJ, boxing, Muay Thai, JKD Concepts if your are interested in learning the way of the stick and blade Kali style along with striking and grappling. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. The nicest and most no bull guys I’ve ever met were at martial arts clubs that spar hard. Good clubs separate th male and female students and do women’s classes at different times. Teaches men a practical skill, teaches humility and builds character and discipline. Look into if you can because martial arts may be one of the last truly patriarchal institutions left.

      1. I will be completely honest, I’ve never even met a systema practitioner. I couldn’t tell you much about it. Are you a systema practitioner?

        1. I don’t like to judge without at least some personal interaction with the practitioner, but I get the bullshido vibe from it too. But then again I think that Krav outside of the IMF is pretty bullshido too.

        2. The problem with Systema is that a lot of kids growing up with their “structured activities” and remembering everything by rote and kata see Systema and think it’s some kind of BS. I have had training in all kinds of arts and underground dojo time (where everything you know is shit because every fight goes to ground anyway) and I can understand the jibe of Systema.
          I don’t know where the expectations of Systema come from, this mythical crap. Might be from the endurance exercises of Russian monks, from whence the principles of breathing and breath control are adopted into Systema. So people show up expecting to kick ass, find it’s an art that lacks a padded floor, and they make excuses to do something else.

        3. Like Krav, I think there is likely legit Systema out there. Sadly marketers and snake oil salesmen unscrupulously open McDojo after McDojo and the art gets completely lost in the marketing hype. I don’t have any real first hand experience with Wing Chun either, but I’m not going to judge the entire system based on this guy’s interpretation:
          A lot of charlatans out there in martial arts, for sure. But if they spar hard and make an attempt to engage with a wide variety of martial artists then it’s a good bet.

    1. Also, pussies and trouble makers tend to get weeded out very quickly. Pussies cant keep up and will get discouraged, and trouble makers will get beat on by a senior student to show them their place, and they either fall into line or leave.

      1. Yep. I was in good, not great, but good shape when I partook in Judo for the first time. Yep. Rhabdo and three days in hospital. Combat sports are a completely different level from just ‘going hard’ in the gym.

  2. You are right on the players having more feminie traits , most attractive younger women want a male who looks and acts like a boy . I did an experiment on tinder / pof using masculine photos ( hunting , shaved head , martial arts ) pictures vs more feminine ( well kept hair , nice dressing , obligatory nice car photo ) and the results spoke for themselves . I’m now trying a mix of both but it’s not working well . Women would rather sleep with a desk jockey pretty boy. At first I thought it was me being off-putting but now I’m thinking it’s more that women have this idea they are forever 18-21 and think they can act accordingly.

        1. I’ve been here in Atlanta for about a year and the dating scene is a complete mystery to me. My conclusion is that the extreme Christianity and sexual prudeness has conditioned girls to suppress their natural, instinctual urges. It’s crazy because I’m always sing I want to meet non-sluts but these girls are a little too reserved. Masculinity isn’t criteria for their choice in men and I still don’t know what exactly is. I see hipster, Metro sexual guys with 9s and 10s all the time.

    1. Good work, Monco. I love these kinds of experiments.
      Trolling the dating systems for data and running such tests can result in information that would help us all “crack the code”.
      I wish we could put together a science team

      1. Did you see the study on I think OK Cupid that someone posted here once, that showed the preferred age of the opposite sex? For men they preferred women aged between 19-22 no matter how old they were (up to 50s or 60s). For women it was more closely correlated to the woman’s age, although it wasn’t a simple pattern. But clear and resounding evidence that SMV peaks around age 20 for a woman.

      2. I was initially going to say ” it blows my mind that women say they want a “real man ” and when presented with one they turn away . But then I realized I was talking about women , they say man but want boy because in their minds.they still look like they did in high school .

        1. Yeah but I have seen a lot of women in their 40s still wearing the “fuck me” heels, but the minute they get a man, those shoes vanish into thin air.
          (along with the short skirts)
          I would expect that those in their 20s still think they look as good as when they were 17. You are very likely correct.

    2. …which goes a long way to explain the emo-fag look young men adopt. They dress that way to get laid but…sadly, it opens the door to ‘experimentation’ and that becomes a self fufilling prophecy.

    3. I talked about this on another ROK post
      Culturally we have had a big shift in the USA, where those given “appointed authority” seems to be trumping those that have “natural authority” more often than not. Since the early 2000’s I see MORE and MORE spineless Beta types easily surpassing people with stronger personalities, both in personal life and professionally. However, at one time, in the not so distant past, people displaying “natural authority” would have EASILY been the first choice of women and corporations and put in charge of most things, due to simply having real leadership qualities (I’d argue that Trump is facing this strange predicament right now).
      What exactly do I mean and how did we get here?
      Well it starts in K-12 education, where certain kids are publicly punished for being natural leaders and Beta Types are rewarded with leadership positions for being “yes men/women”. Other kids see this and then begin to develop an indoctrinated aversion to kids that have natural leadership, for fear of getting in trouble, by simply being around or associated with them. This mindset then gets extended into the workplace where “appointed authority” is the rule and no exceptions are made for “natural authority” to usurp the direction of projects, conversations or policies. Once people get past a certain age their “profiles” and “resume” begin to carry much more weight than their actual “manliness”.
      Sure, women don’t pine over Manginas once they meet them in the flesh, but they will pine over a “hidden mangina” with a perfectly crafted okcupid or Tinder profile.
      Do Alpha types still clean up?
      Of course they do, but a LOT of “hidden betas” are getting FAR more than their share, of “first looks and last looks” these days, on both the career and women tracks, than they would have received in the previous 50 years. Note, its not specifically that women standards have risen (they have not), its that women keep on adding to the list of “non essential” traits that their potential partners/hook-ups must have, at minimum. So while going over that “non essential” traits list, women unknowing eliminate what they ACTUALLY want and end up with something that they are ultimately dissatisfied with. This exact same scenario goes for employers as well. Real Men meet few, if any, of the “non essential” traits that women and employers use to “screen candidates”
      I always use the old comedy film “Revenge of the Nerds” from 1984 as an example of where we are as a society today.
      When the JOCKS were in charge of the “Greek Council”, parties raged, un-PC behavior thrived and everyone had a good time with few consequences for bad behavior (boy will be boys). Essentially when the JOCKS were in charge, people earned good wages, nobody was micromanaged (use your best judgement) didn’t get fired on a whim and life in general was good. Then one day the NERDS gained control of the “Greek Council” and parties started to suck, people had to kowtow to PC behavior, so as not to offend anyone, everyone became micromanaged (i.e. lean) and people started having less fun in EVERY aspect of life, while consequences where jacked up to the highest degree (i.e. zero tolerance).
      So I ask was “life” better for EVERYONE under the rule of the JOCKS or better today under the rule of the NERDS?
      Long live the “beta types” with “appointed authority, I guess (to our own civilizations demise, I might add).

  3. Choose to spend your free time with men so your masculinity remains strong and steady.
    Money shot. I endorse this without reservation.
    The only thing I’d amend it with, slightly, is ensure that the men you spend your time with are not effeminate faggot-imitating “straight males” or actual “who knows what he is” types. Stick with the traditionalists, even if it means you hang with carpenters and plumbers in your off time (despite being a stockbroker). If you can find a clique of masculine non-blue collar types, then that’s great too, but good luck with that. I know a lot of doctors and most of them are fairly soft handed and “fashion conscious”, I really wouldn’t want to hang with them in their off time.
    They did not sit down together and watch movies all day or gossip endlessly about other people.
    Indeed, this kind of thing needs to be avoided. Also avoid “sharing your feelings” as if you were your woman’s girlfriend. She has friends for that. That doesn’t mean don’t have feelings, rather don’t ape the way women “share feelings”, as it is emasculating.
    “Honey, share your feelings with me, puhleeeez?”
    (Correct)You: “Ok. I’m concerned that I may have messed up the miter joint I cut and that will really play havoc when I try to assemble my project tomorrow”
    (Incorrect)You: “Gosh honey, I was really just reminiscing on how my grandma would bake cookies, and how much it reminds me of you and how special you are to me…hold me…I need a hug”
    When they ask you your feelings, they don’t care, and will never care, except perhaps if your parents die and she’s being kind. Any other time, it’s a test. If you let loose in a torrent of female-esque emotional vomit, you do not pass the test.
    Her: “What are you feeling, sweety?”
    You: “Probably your ass in a minute or two”

    1. 100% on all accounts.
      I’m really looking forward to the International ROK Meetups for this very reason. Got a few guys in my neck of the woods who are interested. Due to living in a house with 4 females, I really enjoy getting out for some guy time.
      Also…the responses to “how are you feeling?”….golden.

      1. There’s an official meet up? Or are you day dreaming? If there is one, got info?

        1. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it for the international meetup the first weekend but do you have information on how I can find out which is the closest meetup area around me? I would like to contact the host and hopefully make it for the next meeting

        2. After a couple of successful meetings, a meetup will be added to the map. Roosh created a website for this; its in the article announcing the international meetup in Feb.

      2. The fact that you look forward to being around other guys shows how much of a fag you are buddy. Why don’t you suck on each others dicks while you’re at it, then you can all fantasize about having an orgie with jesus himself and his big imaginary dick and he’ll splatter all over your face just like bros. Don’t worry, no women present, just how you like it 😉

    2. “The only thing I’d amend it with, slightly, is ensure that the men you spend your time with are not effeminate faggot-imitating “straight males” or actual “who knows what he is” types. Stick with the traditionalists, even if it means you hang with carpenters and plumbers in your off time (despite being a stockbroker). If you can find a clique of masculine non-blue collar types, then that’s great too, but good luck with that. I know a lot of doctors and most of them are fairly soft handed and “fashion conscious”, I really wouldn’t want to hang with them in their off time.”
      You got that right. Probably the worst thing about feminization is you got dudes acting like chicks.
      Now, one thing I like to live by when dealing with women, when dealing with their “needs”, is I ask myself this question:
      “If she was a he (if there was no vagina), would I be putting up with this same crap?”
      The answer is always no. Heck I have helped dudes out at cost and time, because they were friends. But with women, aid to them comes from the gravitational pull of their pussy privilege, meaning that I have to check THEIR privilege and ensure I’m not being snared.
      So now you got a lot of men around being petty, attention whores, self-centered, and drama-queens and since there is no vagina involved, just sausage fest, it’s not something that I can tolerate. This is why I work alone and do many things alone. I’m not trying to be some lone wolf, it’s just impossible to get anything done with a bunch of mangirls and all their little needs.
      Imagine if all the real men could get together…

      1. What I like about my circle of friends is that sometimes I’ll kind of sense that they have some kind of issues going on, but they’ll shrug and say “Nah, nothing” and leave it at that.

        1. My “friends” and my “crew” are not one in the same for this reason.
          And I hardly have friends.

    3. Also, if your woman does not encourage (or actively discourages) you from spending time with other men, dump her immediately. A good woman knows that a man needs time with other men and that it actually improves him as a mate.

        1. That’s great for you 😉 Just tryin to find out how many are really doing this to form an accurate mental map of the world

        2. I cant imagine many do. I can’t count how often I see a guy get a GF and suddenly he doesnt have time for his male friends. there was a great write up somewhere on this site i think it was but basically it said “the 1950s and 1960s turned men into sharks so that when they see a woman they attack each other rather than knowing that their relationships are better than the one with the girl”
          essentially guys no longer tell each other “bros before hos”

        3. essentially yes….but with men the way they are today, forming and finding such a group is ridiculously hard because to many men are so pussy whipped it defies logic.
          that was I will say quite a fantastic read.

        4. Honey, you can go play with your friends as soon as you clear the dishes after the dinner you made.

      1. “Encourage you from spending time with other men”? Sorry, is this an English as Second Language site?

    4. “Also avoid “sharing your feelings” as if you were your woman’s girlfriend”
      Yes sir.
      This modern (Post 1990) tendency to think that we need to talk about our feelings is fucking insanity.
      QUestions like what are you thinking, what are you feeling, are you ok, etc. have been such an enormous emasculating force

      1. I agree but I think it’s more of the dynamic of what a man should be has shifted as opposed to emasculating or it’s perhaps that society has made us emotionally dull. Many civilizations before ours had no trouble expressing their feelings. Perhaps not towards women solely ,but in different avenues . Actually crusaders often expressed their feelings to their women to an extent, letters written from the civil war , ww1 , and 2 written to women convey emotion . Again all this is within reason but men don’t have to be robots to be real men . I’ve been reading letters Thomas Jackson (confederate) general wrote to his wife and their devotion to each other and I would trade the internet for something like that, granted it will never happen . But I think most of the men on this board would agree . We simply pump and dump because we know that rarely exist now

        1. An interesting topic. Aristotle points out that men should under no circumstance ever show even the slightest bit of emotion with the exception of when they are in the theater where it is perfectly fine to cathartically cry it out in public.

        2. That kind of emotion sharing isn’t what they’re asking for now though. If I pen a letter home describing the horrors of war and how we’re persevering but it’s tough, and that I can’t wait to be back home to see her and our son, that’s one thing.
          Quite another is to sit down and start tearing up over the color yellow making you sad.

          My wife loves this commercial. She really hates how effeminate men have become.

        3. We’re not quite that bad in our family. It’s fine to cry at funerals of family or very close friends. There is some allowance given for getting dust in your eye when your best dog calls in his chips. Otherwise, yeah, more or less what Aristotle said.

        4. Aristotle did feel it was important to get it out and that that is what the theater was for…..
          I have dust in eye exemption as well, but funerals are places I have always worked hard at keeping it together for.
          It’s not about not crying or something like that. It is more about who I allow myself to appear vulnerable to.

        5. Depends on the funeral. A distant uncle or something, yeah, not going to go to the tissue box. Father or grandfather dies? Different story.

        6. And ideas of what “feelings ” should be shared come with the societal changes from then to now . It’s just mind blowing how bad things have gotten within 70 years.

        7. Now I would see crying at theaters emasculating but it seems to vary from civilization to civilization. Perhaps your emotions are best expressed to a book .

        8. Did you have any masculine figures in your family? Your father, or uncles, or grandfather(s)? If so, did you discuss things with them, like real life things? When I had things to talk about with the men in my family, it always related to problem solving stuff, like figuring out why the girl was playing hard to get, or whatever, or talking about the boy down the street trying to bully me. Those were legit scenarios and I was expressing things like a frustration to figure it out, or anger at being put upon, etc. Those are valid male feelings, in the “express them” department, in my opinion. If your auto mechanic grandpa would have looked at you funny and said “Boy, stop talking like a girl” when you tried to share an emotion, then it’s likely that it’s the wrong kind of emotion to share with women as well.
          Women are not asking for men’s emotions though. They’re asking for “emotions” to be expressed that have no way of being resolved. Think Steel Magnolias kind of bullshit. “OMG, I’m such a victim! OMG, it makes me so sad that Jennifer didn’t like my outfit! OMG, I feel really vulnerable right now because I don’t have all of the answers to all of life’s questions! OMG!” or sometimes “Gosh honey, I feel so strongly for you that I can’t stand the thought of you being upset, you are my world and without you I’d be lost, sob sob”. Those are bullshit.

        9. I grew up in a VFW hall 1988- 1996 . I was told that the 3 things a man has to be good at is “fighting , fucking, and fixing shit” or the 3 fs . I understand and embody the stoic man I’m not talking about sharing feelings about depressing things or whining about this and that but conveying positive such as the enjoyment of a friends company or maybe the beauty of a mountain range . As Pericles said “our love of what’s beautiful does not lead to extravagance. Our love of things of the mind does not make us soft .”

        10. agreed about that, but it is an interesting topic looking at different civilizations and where the appropriate outlet for emotions for men were…of course in our civilization, and I use civilization looser than a Kardashian twat, facebook become the place where men let emotions out… confession in a world bereft of a God, privacy and masculinity.

        11. Ah, nothing wrong with that then. Expressing joy, triumph, happiness are all fine, as long as done in a masculine way. Men are the best poets in history for a reason, wot?

        12. R Lee Ermey reminds me of my no nonsense, old school grandma. She once saw me with my hair bleached Eminem style and straight out called me a maricon. And yet, I do miss her. She died age 100. RIP.

        13. LOL. is that how you spell it? “Maricon”?
          First time i heard that word I was like “Why did he just call that guy marty cohen? He doesnt look jewish to me.”

        14. That’s right. And for you gringos out there that have no idea what we’re talking about, my own grandma called me a faggot.

        15. I never cried when my mom passed, and I will not when my dad will but I tell you Gof, I will be a fucking mess when my dog goes.

        16. I can relate to the VFW experience. My dad spent many hours at a bar in town that was pretty much men only except for the barmaid.
          One of the regulars, Jimmy, was going on about the only reasons he ever even wanted to have a conversation with a woman.
          1: if you’re fucking them
          2: if you’re fucking their friend
          3: if they’re going to introduce you to someone you can fuck
          He also used the word “broad” a lot which I picked up the habit of using.

        17. Broad is a great word, well worth using in certain circumstances.

        18. R Lee is a very cool fellow. I’ve hung out with him a few times and went motorcycle riding. Down to earth Kansas boy, but I love it when he cuts loose like he does…

        19. This is golden stuff right here I grew up in a 11 member family in Nepal with grandparents, parents, uncle and aunt, grandmother’s branch family and all that. Grandpa was an army man, uncle was doing mechanical stuff, dad was police and grandpa taught electronics to dad and uncle. Moving to Canada (Toronto) and coping with PC culture and feminist bullshit in grade 8 was the most terrible crap I’ve ever endured… and the worse thing is, my parents (me, mom, and dad moved to Canada) seem to be taking it up somehow. Mom’s stuck in smartphone 24/7, dad’s just watching tv, and I’m here commenting. I miss the days with a seperate kitchen and women bringing food to the table, and the men leaving the dishes there like a boss for the women to take it back and wash the dishes.

        20. have you seen Steel Magnolias even? because that’s an example of women being better able to weather life’s storms than their male counterparts.

        21. It was awful, yes, I endured it.
          It’s a movie. If that’s where you need to get your examples of women being stronger than men, well, I understand that. In fiction, anything can happen.

        22. Who gives a fuck?
          You’re here to sneer and jeer. Your opinion is irrelevant. Enjoy posting obscure snarls on a blog that despises you.
          Welcome to irrelevance.
          Later, chick.

      2. Very easy to not fall into that trap. All you have to do is think of them as lesser humans. Would you talk to your dog about your feelings? Actually, my dog KNOWS when I’m upset or I have something on my mind..

      3. Do agree. I dislike being asked those questions. I dislike even more how I am expected to share everything with those questions. I will say what I will, nothing more.

      4. God YES!! The last thing I want to hear is YOUR feelings…like you HAVE any. Get back into the kitchen, boy!

    5. Hey Ghost, please forgive the completely unrelated question but while I was reading your comment I remembered something that’s bugging my mind for a time now, and since Disqus have no option to send inbox messages, here it goes: About Village People’s “YMCA”: here in my country that song has always been known as “that funny song with a bunch of gay dudes doing those funny hand gestures”.. but as I grew up and my knowledge of the English language increased, I realized that the lyrics basically consists of those dancing faggots inviting young men to do gay stuff in a Young Man’s Christian Association… my question is.. is this interpretation of the lyrics accurate?? Is the song a complete mockery of Christianity and Christian institutions? Do you consider it an insult to Christians? As I said, I know it’s completely unrelated, but I would like to read your take on it, if possible.. thanks!

      1. Yes.
        The 1960’s installed the virus that was incubated from the 1930’s – 1950’s in the dark recesses of America (thanks, Soviet Union, for the help). By the 1970’s it was the first “coming out” time where the push first started in open. You couldn’t have played that song in 1965, but only 10 years later people were in the discos dancing to it.

        1. FUCK, FUCK AND FUCK… oh, thanks for the answer, by the way!
          Damn it I knew it…. time to alert my peers.. and to think that almost nobody here knows the true meaning of that pile of garbage song and they just play it on events and parties just to make it sound all fun…. thanks again for the insight, Ghost.

        2. A whole lot of music is counter-culture in a bad way, especially from the late 1960’s forward. They were dead set on destroying all of our institutions, whether they realized it or not. Not all artists, by a long shot, but more and more as time passed.

        3. If you ever need someone to explain the meaning of lyrics from “Too Drunk to Fuck” by The Dead Kennedys, I am your man

      2. To be precise, the YMCA in the song refers to YMCA hotels (a place you can stay, when you reach a new town, and are short on dough (money).
        Besides the ubiquitous gyms and swimming pools, a century ago, the YMCA built hotels and even colleges — e.g. Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

    6. Being a rider of the two wheels, I think you’ll see the wisdom in this.
      HER DIARY:
      Tonight, I thought my man was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a nice restaurant for dinner. I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment on it. Conversation wasn’t flowing, so I suggested that we go somewhere quiet so we could talk. He agreed, but he didn’t say much. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “Nothing.” I asked if it was my fault he was upset. He said he wasn’t upset, that it had nothing to do with me, and not to worry about it. On the way home, I told him that I loved him. He smiled slightly and kept driving. I can’t explain his behavior and I don’t know why he didn’t say “I love you too.” When we got home, I felt as if I had lost him completely, as if he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. He just sat there quietly and watched TV. He continued to seem distant and absent. Finally, with silence all around us, I decided to go to bed. About 15 minutes later, he came to bed. But I still felt that he was distracted and his thoughts were somewhere else. He fell asleep – I cried. I don’t know what to do. I’m almost sure that his thoughts are with someone else. My life is a disaster.
      HIS DIARY:
      Motorcycle won’t start…can’t figure out why.

        1. And for you fellows who read this: who wants to cater to the line of female thinking exemplified? My OL read this and said, “Exactly.”
          Now when she gets whiny and starts that “What are you thinking?” bullshit, I say, “Motorcycle won’t start…can’t figure out why.”

      1. That’s a golf joke! Her diary reads the same…his: “Two foot putt, who misses a two foot putt?!”

      2. Holy shit, that is golden. Story of my life. She knows now that when I’m wrenching to stay far far away.

        1. Chilly…I know you don’t speak english so well so Come….here…you cook…dinner…for me…now.

        2. Excellent. Send photo of steak. Boys often brag about their steaks when what they’re actually offering are hairy little wieners. From your photo with your dog I can only assume you are not one of these x

          Just kidding.
          I promise to ignore you when you’re cleaning our my septic tank.

        2. His Diary
          “Me want fuck ass. Not gay, though, OK?? Just fuck ass!!”
          Her Diary
          “He’s so gay but he’s been trying real hard since joining Return of Twats. Personally, dear diary, I think he gets more action there than on the porn sites. As Shakespeare said “Me thinks thou protests too much”.

      3. This is the difference between women and men in a nutshell.
        Men thinking about fixing things, solutions, etc.. Women thinking about themselves (self centered) and their damn feelings.

        1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Get your whining ass over here and scrub my bathroom floor before I take away your toys, boy.

      4. Recommended: The Diaries of Adam And Eve (‘translated’) by Mark Twain. Diary entries are true to sex (his are much shorter and more factual, hers, well, the darling creature), historically proven, often hilarious, and therefore a good and amusing short read. Then, Twain had a downright happy marriage (and so he was not bitter in his attitude toward women) and he was in the know, showing profound insight into the nature of the two sexes. Did I say the book is a gem? It is a gem.

      5. Yawn! Yawn! LOL!!!
        If we keep on holding onto old stereotypes we will not find a resolution. The first step in problem solving is letting go of weighty pre conceived notions. Lets be free thinkers and not sheep!!

      6. Lovely….a loving woman is unfortunately throwing her pearls before a self involved and not too smart swine. Lack of enough emotional intelligence to engage another…is not masculine…’s just an indication of…..lack of intelligence.

      7. If he told her what was bothering him, she would have gone to the Flying J and blew every trucker walking out. She left out the part about her wet panties in the diary. It isnt rocket science.

    7. I moved away from friends I’ve known since I was a kid. At the point were I’m content being by myself. Not in some I don’t want to socialize way.

    8. Let us now go hunting
      We men of modern time
      Retake our means to gather
      And end this cloying clime
      No more dainty tortures
      Will assail us ‘til we fail
      Bolstered instead by comrades’
      Cry: “No sin to be born male!”
      Take it back from silly distraction
      Be it noise or be it devices
      Guard what’s ours against all foes
      And to the feminine deny it
      Keep a close reign o’er your feelings
      When she pleads the why and where
      For quickly shall all be lost again
      Should ever we choose to share

      1. That was great! I’ve always loved this one:
        “If—” by Rudyard Kipling
        If you can keep your head when all about you
        Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
        If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
        But make allowance for their doubting too;
        If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
        Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
        Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
        And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:
        If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
        If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
        If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
        And treat those two impostors just the same;
        If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
        Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
        Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
        And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:
        If you can make one heap of all your winnings
        And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
        And lose, and start again at your beginnings
        And never breathe a word about your loss;
        If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
        To serve your turn long after they are gone,
        And so hold on when there is nothing in you
        Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’
        If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
        Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
        If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
        If all men count with you, but none too much;
        If you can fill the unforgiving minute
        With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
        Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
        And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

    9. If your parents die, a woman’s only real concern will be how soon she can gain access to your share of the inheritance, so she can squander it on herself.
      “What are you thinking about, honey?”
      “How I wish my mother hadn’t spent every penny dad ever made and then some. We could have really used the money. That reminds me—is that a new top?”
      “You like it?”
      “How much did it cost and where do you get off spending my money without asking my permission?”

      1. That’s more cynical than even I can be. Women are still human beings, and end of the day if she actually cares about you (seriously, it can happen), when your parents die she’ll try to console you. One of my high school friends who is a girl, who has no material or romantic interest in me, also showed the same tendencies when close relatives passed away.

        1. Yeah, I had a cold heartless ex who showed some caring emotion when I lost an important family member. It was one of the only times she ever showed any strong feelings to me. So, I’m not quite that cynical about them either.

    10. Well said, pal; truly well said. A man, a real man, **never** expresses his “feelings”, whatever faggoty definition that term has. Okay, the only permissible “emotion”, if you will, is anger and rage when it’s warranted, as in living for double-fisted skull crushing vengeance against the scumbag who has done you wrong … but other than that, none of this pussy nonsense of “opening up” about one’s “feelings and desires”. “Men” or effeminate sissies who engage in such travesties are an utter disgrace.
      A man, a real man, lives according to his principle motto: “Deeds. Not words.”

      1. Right. I don’t mind triumph and happiness either, properly framed of course.

      2. I prefer W. C. Fields take on revenge; “I never carry a grudge. I get even with the son of a bitch, then I forget about it.”

    11. Her: “What are you feeling, sweety?”
      You: “Probably your ass in a minute or two”
      Nuff said.

      1. The only proper response is horny or hungry, as in if you see me without a hardon then make me a sandwiche.

    12. Funny you should mention stockbrokers. They’re about the most politically incorrect white collar workers you’ll meet. Unlike the investment banker and consultant types ( who tend to ne more “prestigious” types) stockbrokers curse constantly, brag openly about their sexual conquests, and are usually alcoholics.
      Stereotypes exist for a reason.

      1. On Wall St. of old, the stock brokers (think floor traders, trading pits, etc)., were traditionally the “blue collar” types and were typically Italians, Irish and other “ethnics” of the time, whereas the “upstairs” investment bankers and consultants were the white collar WASPy types.
        There was no love lost between the two cultures. In a telling antidote from a number of years ago, the then head of the NYSE, and former high level Goldman Sachs exec, Duncan Niederauer, was forced to apologize for a statement dissing the floor traders: Niederauer said he wanted to limit or possibly eliminate the specialist system, where humans rather than computers make markets in stock, because he didn’t “want five guys named Vinny executing my trades.”

        1. True, and that’s still somewhat the case. There’s also now a lot of aggressive and opportunistic tech types in the mix. Also the IB and research types that I’ve met so far are, for the most part, still very straight shooters… opposed to the F500 types and consultants who are very much the kind of inept, “workplace equality” preaching bureaucrats we all love to hate.

    13. Woah, if you’re straight, even if you’re surrounded by 1000 effeminate faggot-imitating “straight males” (how did you even come up with that?), etc., you will still be straight.
      Your masculinity is so vulnerable.

      1. You have zero idea what I was talking about. My guess is that you’re a chick, which would explain it.
        I know you don’t care and don’t get it, but men need to socialize with other men in a camaraderie inspiring kind of way. Hanging with fags or chicks is just not the same thing no matter how you slice it.
        Now go toss your ad hominem somewhere else troll.

    14. Then bring those super-straight boys over to mine and do some work on my house. Wear short shorts. I like a boy in short shorts xxx

    15. Isn’t hanging around and enjoying male company the definition of a “faggot”? You are literally one beer away from fucking your life partner : the guy who you laugh with, spend time with, bond with. Sounds pretty homoerotic.
      I think all of you are either gay or misguided. If women are so unpalatable, why not just take the final step and just fuck men? They’ll appreciate your rough handedness, selfishness, and shit behavior more.
      An ass is an ass, am I right?

    16. Since men are better off hanging out with carpenters, farmers, and other traditional, masculine men like you said, then what kind of women in society are considered the most feminine?

    17. “You have zero idea what I was talking about. My guess is that you’re a chick, which would explain it.
      I know you don’t care and don’t get it, but men need to socialize with other men in a camaraderie inspiring kind of way. Hanging with fags or chicks is just not the same thing no matter how you slice it.
      Now go toss your ad hominem somewhere else troll.”
      Ad hominem? Do you even know the definition of that word? Like I said, if you’re a man, you’re a man, no matter where you are and who you are with. Your rant only proves that you have sexuality issues and your masculinity can wear out anytime. Poor you.

    18. “The only thing I’d amend it with, slightly, is ensure that the men you spend your time with are not effeminate faggot-imitating “straight males” or actual “who knows what he is” types.”
      You seem to know a lot about “not effeminate faggot-imitating straight males”
      I guess you’re the type who brainwashes himself whenever you try to meet someone from Grindr.

  4. I can support this notion. Not all of it is subconscious. Let’s face it, young fellows are so thirsty, and so conditioned to think that if they don’t pedastalize pussy they’ll wake up gay/trans the next day as if by some magic, that if hot women wanted men who dressed up like women or simply some girlish “mode” of fashion, you’d see a lot of these thirsty boys in skirts or wearing the “plunging neckline” shirts or something in that direction.
    I think it’s an engineered need to be feminine to get a “mainstream” woman. I look at them all dressing and acting the same. It’s almost like a checklist: cubicle job, check. Straightened hair parted off to one side, check. “Practical” shoes, check. Anti-depressants, check. Subaru or Kia, check. Boxed wine and ice cream over reality TV every night, check. Getting fatter every year, check. Cocks by the bag until 30 then looking for a sperm donor with a wallet to divorce rape, check.
    So of course it would seem, or there is a pattern, that they all want the same kind of guy, but since everything else about their style is controlled, the same forces that make women so cookie-cutter also having the goal of destroying masculinity, the kind of guy they want is not going to be very masculine, if at all.
    For manly men, or even men who are not necessarily he-manly with Dudley Doright jaws, just not “looing mainstream” (read: not following the look that woman are programmed to want, and the attitude too), it’s INCEL City. I’m not the most he-manly sort to come down the road. This is genetic, but I could not pass for a fag either. I look more like a Viking. The mainstream women cross the street when they see me coming.
    It’s grating though. I think a lot of what helps other fellows pick up a game controller and give up, is this need to become entirely something you are not. Yes it’s good to go to the gym when you do it for yourself and your own health. It’s good not to be a slob (having been a slob and well groomed, the latter instills more confidence). But for a lot of guys with self honesty, changing yourself over simply to fit some mold that smoky backrooms in Hollywood and academia conjured up with a goal of destroying masculinity makes being the “right man” a fucking chore.
    That is, for a lot of fellows, living under delusion and becoming something they are not is a feminine trait that they simply do not have.
    In my past I have know some very capable and interesting fellows decide they wanted hotties and ….. they sold the muscle car, got mainstream haircuts, ditched the motorcycle or leather jacket, got rid of their guns, etc. Of all that, the worst thing they did was ditch their friends. Yes, they gave their friends the heave-ho because they were not helpful (how, in any way, would anybody guess?) to this goal of fucking hotties.
    And for what? To fuck some stupid cunt raised on Sex and the City? And it’s not even automatic: you still have to entertain them like a clown.
    (On the other side, it’s kind of sad that all the effort a woman puts in only amounts to being good-looking enough for a few hours just to get fucked, until such time comes they can’t look good any more. No wonder they are popping anti-depressants).
    Some of you might say “Ok then if you look like Mad Max deal only with women who like that shit”. But I have found that the women who do are just as batshit crazy as the mainstreamers. They also have the same streaks of feminist thinking that are instilled in other women. So in the end, there is no escape, unless you want to pay for pussy, go INCEL, or MGTOW.

    1. Chicks want to date a guy that fits into society somehow… Even as the rebel against that society…
      Not a true rebel of course, but some archetype that they’re accustomed to.
      In the 80s it was the leather jacket type, nowadays it’s the pretending to be poor hipster type.
      But it’s gotta be something established…
      Lots of chicks don’t want a risk-taker, they want the image of a risk-taker.

      1. correct. it doesn’t matter how fringe or strange your social status is. as long as you have some sort of group approval, women will fuck you.
        that’s why a skinny goth kid, a broke hipster in a band singing feminine music, the frat guy, etc all can get laid..

        1. Well I think Walmart is proof that anybody can get laid.
          This is why I don’t understand that “incel” stuff. Anybody who thinks they are incel should just go to Walmart and look around. If that does not convince them, they are surely lost.
          I’m surprised we never hear the refrain “You couldn’t even get laid at Walmart”.

        2. Seeing Walmart customers makes me not want to get laid. It’s like visual saltpeter.
          Which I why I shop Target.

        3. Target? The French company that sneers at and prohibits guns in its stores and is a butt buddy of Michael Bloomberg? That Target?

        4. So?
          I’m just not of the mind to support stores that actively try to destroy my freedoms. But maybe that’s just me.

    2. It’s not even that hard to go without them (well it is hard at the beginning but not impossible)
      I’ve abstained completely (not even doing it with the hand) for more than a year now, mostly for religious reasons. And I’m in my early 20s.
      Every single aera of my life has improved since I decided to get out of the pool.

  5. Yes! This is a huge problem today, especially as feminism has infiltrated every arena, every media, every type of entertainment. Consider even the clothing we wear. I bet almost everyone here takes more of an interest in grooming and creating a “cool” image in order to impress women. Whereas past masculine types like Sean Connery or John Wayne, or, say, my avatar Steve McQueen, put little to no thought into their wardrobe beyond functionality.
    I have some friends from SE Asia who live in the US. They invite me to parties every week where they get together with a big group of a few dozen people, have tons of food, get smashed over one beer (they have ZERO alcohol tolerance) and play pool. Once the meal is served, the sexes are completely segregated. The women have an area they all go to, and the men go to another area. Years ago I guess this struck me as some odd anachronistic sexism from Asian culture, but this is how basically every culture in the world operates except the west. And it works. This lack of any female free arenas in our life (save ROKs) is destroying masculinity. And femininity.
    The part about hard core PUAs becoming feminized is very true. When I see the Mystery types, and even Goldman, who I read semi-regularly, they definitely have a feminine style in some of their mannerisms, speech, etc. Hell, Mystery dresses like a woman with all that jewelry and flamboyance. The bottom line is: monitor and minimize your time around women.
    An observation I have: My blue pill friends will become visibly *more* blue pill when I see them around women–they act more silly and clownish, and, well, gay. I also act different around women, but become more laid back, cool, standoffish, with a don’t-give-a-shit attitude that I don’t normally have, basically becoming less fun and silly. I think my subconscious is putting up some sort of bitch defense to prevent bad women from undermining me like in the past. Whereas these guys are just opening up their hearts and their wallets to buy women free drinks, waste their time, and engage in stupid banter with them.

    1. I’ve started to dress well at work a few months back not to impress women, but to give myself a better positive image. Dressing up in a button down shirt, slacks, tie, and sportscoat is what men wore to work in decades past. I’ve noticed that people (men and women) respond more positively and with more respect out in public. I’m hoping I would lead other men at work to do the same and not view dressing up and looking good as a burden, but to create a better atmosphere/environment.

    2. “I also act different around women, but become more laid back, cool, standoffish, with a don’t-give-a-shit attitude that I don’t normally have, basically becoming less fun and silly. I think my subconscious is putting up some sort of bitch defense to prevent bad women from undermining me like in the past.”
      Story of my life. (slow clap)

    3. i don’t know what you consider “west”, but it definitely doesn’t work like this in Russia lol. Russian men want to be surrounded by beautiful women wherever is possible – and the more the better.

      1. They sound like pussies. Not that a man should surround himself with men all the time either. A perfect proportion is 5% of time with women, 15% of the time with his pals … 80% of the time alone with his German shepherd out in the woods, along with his poetry and philosophy books, and assortment of rifles, hand guns, and shotguns … so that between breaks reading poetry and Plato deep in the wilderness, he’s unloading his HK45 and various Sigs into tight, tight target clusters.

    4. Excellent points, pal; truly excellent. I fully agree that a man ought to absolutely minimize his time spent around women, lest he become a lame sissy, imitating the feminine ways of speech and expression, engage in gossip, and explore his “feelings” … in short, lest he become a disgrace to manhood.
      On the clothing issue, I slightly disagree with you. For a man, a real man, the only permissible colours in the wardrobe are black, navy blue, and shades of gray. Now, while adhering to those colours, one can still dress with class *and* functionality. Dressing not with the sissy objective of “attracting the opposite sex” like some lascivious and horny goat, but out of self-respect, and deference to the high principles of badassery.

    1. So if I spend some time reading Homer’s The Odyssey, that’s wasted, is it?

        1. I was asking a question pertaining to the whole of your comment. If “any time spent outside her vagina is wasted” doesn’t that mean that, well, if you’re not fucking then you’re wasting time? If so, then reading, art, hobbies, etc. all become “wasted time”.

        2. No, it only refers to time spent with women. How would you re-phrase it to avoid confusion?

        3. Ah, I see. Any time spent *with a woman*, outside her vagina, is wasted.

      1. To paraphrase the great Groucho Marx: Outside of a vagina a book is man’s best friend. Inside a vagina it is far to dark to read.

    2. If you, my friend, are impugning blow jobs then I will have to challenge you to a duel.

        1. I see your Schwartz is as big as mine, now let’s see how well you handle it.

  6. Use to go fishing with some old school buddies, at first it was fun always hit strip bars go out drinking meet some girls even though we were married one guy would always ditch the wedding ring before we would go out. Then later couple of guys would start bitching about the wife’s and go on and on about it for hours and over the weekend running the fishing
    later it just got to be to much for me and I stopped going all together, I rarely hangout with my old buddies anymore.

  7. We need our own masculine spaces — and women need to respect that need.
    I went to an all-male Catholic school for seventh through twelfth grades, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.
    If you don’t understand this idea yet, just wait until you get burned by a bad woman. Then you’ll realize how much men need one another, even though we pretend that we don’t.

    1. No, they don’t need to respect that need. BUT, you need to demand it and take no shit, sexual warfare or whining.

    2. I sometimes wonder how my life woulda been if I had gotten accepted by the most prestigious all boys Catholic HS here in NYC(I passed the written exam, failed the interview, I was nervous and cracking jokes, they thought I wasnt taking it seriously, free tuition too). Instead, I went to a “prestigious” public HS; this was the 90s, and the faculty catered more to the girls than the boys.

    3. The problem causing the continuing decline of “all-male” spaces is Millennial men, PERIOD. First, they don’t understand the need for such a place and would also wonder why women can’t join the “club”. Second Millennials, in general, do not believe in the concept of “local clubs”.
      I personally have seen HUGE declines in local dog club memberships from AKC clubs (conformation) all the way to Schutzhund clubs (bite-work) because millennials do not volunteer to help at club sponsored events. They only want to attend, they do not want to help set up, nor pitch in money or donate items to support the event.
      Here are some sample articles outlining the phenomenon:
      Rotary Club membership declines:
      Sailing Club membership declines:
      Country Club membership declines:
      Millennials ARE KILLING local clubs and there will be NO chance for recovery because once the old timers are gone, there will be no one left to pass on the knowledge needed to keep certain types of specialized clubs going

  8. And while we’re on the topic of minimizing our interactions with women outside of hooking up, turn off that TV! The programs nowadays mimic interacting with women with their feminized programming.

  9. I mustve been the last generation to play dodgeball co-ed in junior high.
    you could even throw at the girls’ heads and no one would say shit. it was fun. nowdays that’d get me expelled or mandatory Ritalin’d

    1. They should remake the batman villain as the Ritaliner
      I miss dodge ball. I don’t think a society that doesn’t teach competition to it’s youth can possibly be expected to survive, much less prosper.

        1. the best strategy was to get 2 balls, lob one up real high like they could easily catch it, then when they’re distracted by catching the easy one, drill them with the other In their head. worked most of the time.
          this was considered innovative and high level warfare

        2. Hah, we had a few kids that would attempt this technique. Very seldom did it work, but when it did, it was brilliant. High level warfare indeed.
          Don’t forget the psychological warfare of mocking the other team. I would sometimes get as far away from the other team’s line as I could and simply sit down, Indian-style. It was nearly impossible to hit me which pissed the other team off immensely.

        3. ideally you hold the second ball behind your back so they don’t notice it. it depends on how dumb they are

    2. We had a game called steal the bacon in high school during the wrestling section of gym. Knot a pair of jeans and put it on the mats in the middle of two rows of guys numbered off. Call a number(s) and its a free for all to get it back over the line. That shit turned violent real quick.

        1. I was a little shit. When the end of class all numbers free for all happened I’d pause slightly until the dog pile formed and then dive in both knees forward into the back of whatever fuckwad I was currently beefing with. Hearing some jock asshole’s lumbar crunch is a lovely sound…

  10. Football and the military used to be American men’s institutions, but even those have been degraded over the years.

    1. I believe westpoint didn’t allow women up until the 90s. now in their annual boxing soiree they have a separate division for the girl cadets lol. the idea of a woman leading you into combat….your instincts won’t allow it

      1. I know of a female LT dropping her rifle and running in the face of fire in Iraq. A SSG bringing up the rear had to tackle her to get her down. She was given a bronze star instead of a court marshal despite the protetst from the men she “led.”
        These are not isolated incidents.

        1. That’s not surprising. I had a female soldier break out in tears during an exercise over blanks being fired.
          Fucking blanks.
          Edit: She’s super lucky she wasn’t in the old army. I spoke to a few family members that were in Vietnam, and some mentioned how that happened and it wasn’t uncommon (especially if the platoon daddy had been in Korea or even WWII) for the senior NCO to shoot them on the spot.

        2. dude any time an officer survives an IED in the middle east they get decorations. for doing nothing but living.

        3. Why was she even there in the first place?! If she wasn’t fit enough to be in the military then she shouldn’t even be joining. Proof that most women are not suited for even military training.

        4. All the bronze stars handed out in my unit went to the HQ platoon who never left the perimeter (especially at night). When they started to hand out ARCOMs to some of the line platoons, the soldiers refused them. Told them to keep it. Bad blood all around. And they wondered why no one re-enlisted.

        5. This is what happens when you have an all volunteer army during wartime. Recruits are rubber-stamped through basic and their advanced schooling. Recruiters are given numbers and they’ll take anyone who can pass the minimum requirements.

      2. As a former soldier, it all depends on the leadership but I only had one, just one female leader who was worth a damn. More often than not, they were not up to standard for remote communications setups that I specialized in nor were they capable leaders. For example, my BC in Korea was a female and one of the first to graduate from West Point, therefore she had a chip on her shoulder about all males and gave them an extra hard time. Her being an obvious dyke added fuel to this and general Honorae would chew her ass almost on the daily. My LT at my first unit broke out in tears during a rec day during a volleyball game, and we were supposed to expect her to lead us during a deployment?
        In light of the recent demands by feminists and the current administration to add females into combat roles, I’ve simply said, “Just ask a few guys who weren’t combat arms and served with females to you’ll discover how many vets feel about this.”

        1. I remember seeing an Air Force technical sergeant almost died on us during PT. She had been in for more than 10 years. To this day, how she lasted that long is still a mystery. She could not pass her PT tests, she was incompetent at her job, and she was so ugly she made Rosseane Barr look like Scarlett Johansson.

        2. I know of female comms CO in Korea who was busted by CID for f*cking her female troops. The searched her quarters and found 100s of photos that she kept as evidence.
          The lesbians built little empires and command never blinks until there is IG request. Pathetic.

        1. I passed on attending the AFA strictly because of this. I was an appointee in 1980 and when I saw the resultant clusterf*ck, I enlisted.

        2. Wise man. Officers, unless they were prior enlisted, weren’t that respected to begin with.

        3. I wanted to go into the Air Force or Marine Corps, to fly fighter jets, when I was a kid. Time came when I was old enough to enlist and boom, I’m too tall to be a fighter pilot. Who the fuck knew there was a height limit? Ticked me off fierce. I went into the Army in retaliation. That learned’em, it learned’em good.

        4. Yeah, the old man was a Liaison Officer for AFA and about had a shit hemorrhage over that one.

    2. I used to think UFC was most masculine sport when it first came about, but now with women UFC…Geez!

    3. The military was the only American institution that I recall where you could make fun of say, a black man walking in with fried chicken or throw an incest joke at a chap from Mississippi, and their response would be more banter. I sense that is gone.

      1. “Ball busting” or “dogging” each other. To an outsider it sounded crass, but it usually meant they liked you.

        1. We still do that in my groups. But in normal society it’s gone away.
          I did bust my son’s chops about his shooting this last weekend. He laughed and took it in stride, then made fun of me for something else. This shit is still out here, but it’s all mostly back rooms stuff any more. Or “forbidden” areas, like bikers and such.

        2. It also taught you responsibility, like when you leave your phone unattended and ends up with pics of someone’s junk. Or when you left you Common Access Card in your computer only for it to end up with a Hasselhoff wallpaper. My favorite was freezing silly Airmen’s headsets in water when they got left out in the flightline.

        3. We bust each other’s chops quite a bit in our martial arts classes. I was practicing an Aikido technique and my instructor said, “That’s completely different than how you did it last time” to which I asked, “How did I do it last time?”
          His response: “Terribly.”
          Everyone had a good laugh at my expense, but you know what? I laughed too. It was hard not to because I walked right into it.

        4. Yep, that confirms your service to this country. Fucking hilarious! Only vets understand this shit!

        5. Yeah, I had cross trained from Security Specialist. We used to send n00bs out to count the rubber “doughnuts” that held the flight line ropes at Mountain Home AFB.

        6. The first week that my dad was a shoe salesman paying his way through college, his older coworkers sent him running all over the city looking for a Harvey Wallbanger, size 7, color blue. You know how that story ends.

  11. Yes, that’s a pretty good description of castration without surgery. Now, I’m headed back to the tundra…
    I get the gist of this being a “game” site, but I gotta say that just getting laid by women I don’t even WANT to talk to has shown itself to be lacking. There are few places (and I mean a FEW) that have not been invaded, but those that exist require you to own your balls and take responsibility for your actions. Those places are enforced by men who still have their balls and the more feminized version of man today just can’t hang. Sadly, they are being hunted and jailed.

  12. I think the area that this can be most harmful to a man is if he’s in a job surrounded by women. Even having one in the office can be absolute fucking torture when it comes to actually getting work done.
    When men encounter a problem we discuss how to fix it. When women encounter a problem they discuss how awful that there is a problem, and look for agreement from other women for how awful the problem is and then gossip about whose fault it is and how we really must get this awful problem fixed blah blah. Meanwhile you could have fixed the problem twice over.
    My male colleagues and I have learned to wear our headphones when the women gather to gossip, as it’s the only way to get some work done.

      1. Once a department is predominately women, it no longer focuses on the tasks and performing to what benefits the company, it becomes focused on what benefits the women in the department. Saw it with a past employer where the whole accounting department was female.

        1. I worked in Accounting with about 10 women. I was the only man.
          Lets’s just say…that experience is what made me realize how big of a blue pill mangina I was. After I got laid off, I swallowed the red pill and learned game. I took a year off work, kicked bad friends to the curb, learned game(ended a 6 year dryspell with the hottest lay I’ve ever had), worked out hard, and learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of.
          Everything, even bad situations, happen for a reason. I would’ve NEVER realized how bad a shape I was in if I had worked with all men.

        2. Similiar experiences. I had to remind a colleague after she informed me that “all men are shit” that I am her colleague and not her husband. Accounting is mostly a female dominated field (I know this, ask not), but I noticed the best places to work is where the team is lead by men. Everyone is happier that way– even the women.

  13. It’s bad when you go to Twin Peaks and families are there with little children. Can’t even hit on bosomy barmaids without some soccer mom staring at you while his beta husband stares not down at a nice pair of tits but down in shame.

      1. Oops, fucking Autocorrect. Meh, might as well. If anything, it confirms Roosh’s take on gender relationships. It’s obvious who’s got the balls.

    1. Twin Peaks – is that a Hooters type thing?
      We have Tilted Kilt around here. Used to be a merry place to hang, but yeah, more and more women with their “men” started showing up, and then bringing kids. The working women are nearly undressed, yeah hon soccer mom, bring the kid, great thinking. I don’t let it affect me flirting and relishing the goods, but it is disturbing that men would bring their wives there, and not in a “see what I can get” way, but more like you describe.

      1. Yeah, it has a backwoods theme to it, complete with mountains…get it, Twin Peaks? We also have a Tilted Kilt that just opened. The funny part is when they bring teen girls. Kinda hard to instill respect for oneself in girls when you got adult women in skimpy outfits making money.

        1. Not seen teeny boppers yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.
          Not a big loss, the hiring manager there is now a woman (big surprise), apparently is threatened by really hot white girls, so she’s been hiring a lot of minorities, and not even really pretty ones. The area I live is like 95% white, and we like our blonde/red headed girls, but she wants to hire Taniqua and LaQuansha, which is *not* a turn on. I’ve been going less and less these days.
          Don’t get me wrong, hire a really hot minority chick and I’m all in, but ugh, all of them and they’re inner city trash to boot? You have to really search for that kind of thing here. Thanks, but no thanks.
          All of our Hooters closed up a while back. Not a big loss either, this area is chock full of really pretty girls so it’s not like you have to go someplace special to find them.

        2. You can always open up a coffee shop with bikini baristas. Oh, and hire minorities, but only if they look like the chick from Slumdog Millionaire. No Nicky Minaj hos for me.

        3. The Tilted Kilt here are full of tatted up girls. They’ve got decent bodies, but all that graffiti is just a turn off.

        4. You forgot to mention that Delaqueshalondriafunkta and Latanianabovanashrianiqualiquanice also got the job…

        5. This thread reads like a bunch of golfers escaping their wives, getting ripped off by the beer cart girl showing a little cleavage. thanks fuckos!

        6. So you’ve done nothing here except sneer. Do you have anything to contribute of value?

      2. It always ends up that way.
        The only way we are going to get pubs that don’t get “infected” is to put them on mountain tops, in frozen wastes, with no roads that will accommodate a minivan, Subaru, or any SUV.

      3. These places are for complete dorks. Either take your money to the massage parlor and pop off, take it to the great restaurant and eat out, or save the shit. Spending money in places like this is like jerking off while letting the world write SUCKER on your forehead. Jesus Christ.

        1. Why would I go to a massage parlor? I’m married, I’m not looking for sex or physical contact at all, just scenery. Strip clubs are pathetic and rather gross me out.
          The food is good where I go, that’s about where I take it and leave it.

        2. A good bar where mature people hang out will have better food and scenery on the weekend. Twin Peaks reeks of the same desperation as Hooters and strip clubs. At least a strip club makes them throw it all out.

    2. Those TP gals are just as bad. They particularly don’t like it when I tell them, “Bring me my food hot, my beer cold and get your tits out of my face unless I ask for ’em.”

        1. Yeah, and then they ask, “Is that YOUR Harley?”
          And I have to tell them, “Nope, that is a Victory I customized in my garage. Did all the fender fab, cutting and welding myself.”
          Cause, you see, they have been conditioned too and equate HD = motorcycle. They can’t help it, they can’t hold that much intel in their heads.

        2. I get the same shit about my bike. It’s “Harley” or it doesn’t exist.
          No dear, it’s a Suzuki Boulevard. It’s like a Harley, except that it starts reliably and doesn’t require me to bring along half of the tools in my garage on long rides.

        3. Personally I don’t know much about motorcycles myself, yet I can’t assume that because a Harley is a bike, a bike is a Harley. What i do know, bikes in general, unless it’s a Vespa, seem to make awesome pussy magnets.

        4. lol you are the supreme loser for even stepping foot in that shithole and coming on here oblivious to getting played. Couldn’t even go to a strip club that serves steaks? BITCH!!

      1. Are you acting like Twin Peaks is worthy of money spent for food? Patronizing TP is only supporting girls from shitty parents who cannot muster the courage to accept employment at the local strip club. + enjoy your blue balls. You are supporting the gray area of attention whoring.

  14. The single moms chasing after alpha cock, while raising their son’s to become beta males who pedestalize females.

      1. They become thugs because the boys look up to the thugs as father figures in their lives because the mom need no man.

  15. The Ultra-Jews who refuse to sit next to women on airliners have gotten a lot of criticism. But to me it looks like they understand the logic of a healthy patriarchy, where men would control their women’s exposure to other men outside of the family or community. The Ultra-Jews want to show by their example their willingness to hold up their end of the patriarchal social contract regarding women they don’t know.
    And, of source, these Ultra-Jews also want to avoid the toxic effects of unwanted socialization by women. It drives me nuts to have to fly next to women and listen to their prattle. I’d rather sit next to an Ultra-Jew who hasn’t bathed lately.

  16. This is a good article. I was raised by my mother and my sister was the only other person in the household. Long story short, I have always know that due to how u was raised I could understand woman, and on a mangina level yes, that is true. When I went to college I decided that I was gonna be me, the person who I felt I could never be around my mom or sister. I had my share of women, but by time I was almost out I realized that, as you call them, feminine tendencies, prevented a number of occurance from happining. This thought has been with me for a long time. There is value in understanding women, but the most crucial values can never be taught by a woman. Only other men.

    1. There is value in understanding women. As Al Bundy from Married With Children so accurately stated, women understand women, and they hate each other.

  17. AHAH I banged the girl in the hooters costume. Can write down some FB chats for proof. I have now attained the WWW bang level yessss

  18. Believe me, as a now-fully grown man who grew up in a single mother home, I can confirm your points.

  19. 3 hours of fucking is what I consider quality time with women. Otherwise its long slog of boring nonsense.

  20. I feel sorry for those of you who work in an office full of females, I wouldn’t be able to stand the drama.
    My work is hot,dusty,dirty and we have cool stuff to drive. Sometimes I go all day at work and don’t see or interact with anyone at all.
    When we are all around one another though the trash talk and language would send “polite” company into seizures.

  21. I am the youngest of four, I only have sisters, and my Dad worked away for long stints. My mother was (and still is) a tyrant. Most of my teachers were female who had an obvious bias against their male students.
    Seriously, it’s not good for you. Women have this munted idea that it ‘teaches you how to treat women’ when it doesn’t. Women see boys and men as defective in female-dominated groups, and treat them accordingly. Your interests, hobbies, style of dress, attitudes, behaviour, everything is wrong, and never good enough. You ‘feminise’ or an outcast.
    And after all this, women wonder where the ‘good men’ have gone. They were there all the time, gals. You just screwed them up.

  22. I remember that there was some talk of a ROK meetup/chapter system in the works. I’m wondering how that’s coming along.

    1. From what I’ve read, Roosh will be creating a post around January 18th to provide us with further information.

  23. “Thanks to feminism,
    and the penis envy it installs in women, men no longer have spaces
    where females are not present. They have invaded education and
    workplaces at all levels. They are present in coffee houses, formerly
    male clubs, and even barber shops. Not only are men no longer able to
    “practice” being a man around other men without fear of offending the
    opposite sex, they are unconsciously picking up female mannerisms and
    ideas at the same time that females are picking up on male mannerisms.”
    One can catch hell from [men & women], just for being a Freemason, not because of the conspiracy tripe, but because a private organisation has the gall to admit only men for the purpose of bettering men.
    These people need real purpose in their lives. A good war, or economic upheaval, just to make them find real problems instead of inventing their own to be offended by.

  24. What makes me cringe is hearing guys or girls go on about how the bf/gf is their “best friend” or how that is what they want in a relationship. NO! NO! NO! Your best friend is the person that you complain to about your bf/gf/husband/wife/finance or whatever to help you figure out how to unscrew their head from their ass!
    Pulling double duty like that is just asking for trouble. There’s a good way to get feminized.

  25. Insightful. I DO wish it were possible to live and go through courtship without pre-marital sex. I am more and more convinced that the injunctions against fornication were safeguards in religions were for protecting our DNA. LGBT, the pill etc. have made things worse.
    But I would never tell a dude to not have sex before marriage. I certainly lived together three times before marrying. But decadence is destroying our civilization.
    I did feel like there was a point in the 80’s where there was a pretty good balance between patriarchy and feminism (at least in the USA hinterland).
    Dudes were more dude-ish. Ladies were cooler. I will even say stronger as they were not so fearful of things like rape culture.

  26. It’s great in europe women mix with men in public transport so I can grab those fat buns hahaha

  27. This is why one of feminism’s goals was to destroy or invade every “all male space” they could, from male clubs like the Rotary and Elks Clubs to high school and pee wee football teams to simple “bar time with friends”.
    Anywhere men and boys went to be with men or boys had to be wrecked. Boys hanging around with boys and learning to be men from the leaders would be horrible for the feministas. Men hanging with men talking about what was going on in the world would be horrible for the feministas.
    One day, one way or another, we’ll get those spaces back, though. If worse comes to worst, it’ll be after a major societal collapse when mere survival depends on the sexes resuming their traditional roles.

    1. Have you ever thought that perhaps a critical blind-spot in the manosphere is perhaps the exclusive of females in their totality? The argument is counter-intuitive but it’s partly based on the persistent and ubiquitous moan you hear from empowered women that there’s no decent, strong, masculine men left anymore. All the men in their narratives have become either nerds, jerks or gays (what could have caused this, one wonders?).
      So, surely there must be women, perhaps the silent majority who are beginning to wake up to the dark and lonely side of feminist fable, and I suspect that even if this is only a minority, it must a sizable one. To escape our critics that refer to zones like this as a place where “failed men” whine and complain about the evils of empowered women, wouldn’t, it make sense to put it up to them, by having occasional posts and articles by women who’ve rejected the feminist narrative? I don’t mean sites like this should be zones where women are given full membership to say what they want, as that would defeat the whole purpose of this site. There’s loads of female free zones on the internet and society, so male only zones are proper order, but, I think that to hear stories from women who are happy living with masculine, traditional men, unlike their lonely and griping empowered sisters, would be a very good to counter-balanced the constant one way traffic of feminism which not all women are enamored with.
      Additionally such a strategy would broaden the appeal to sectors of society who might not have thought about these issues before and it would also disarm the left wing media who be able keep discounting the site as a bastion of male only bigotry that has nothing to say to traditional women.
      It’s thought that has on the one side, the loss of integrity and unity of an ideal if not done correctly, however, the occasional support and endorsement from women who like their men to be traditional, strong, men in the true sense might be an idea that is coming to age as I feel that many women are emotionally pissed off and drained by its message at this point.

      1. that’s good that women are abandoning feminism but I still don’t think they should be allowed to post articles. they can figure out their own fucking problems. seriously. rok is MEN ONLY. we need iron conviction and rules to survive.
        finding reasons to help these poor wittle wonewy womynz and give them space on rok is a bogus idea

  28. Funny I was thinking how women act like men. Overall there is gender neutrality and gay agenda promoted by Obama to sexually confuse and pervert everyone that was designed by Jewish elites, most of whom are pederasts and pedophiles preferring little boys, especially for their sexual black magick sacrifice rituals one of which just occurred in Denver on the Winter Solstice.
    Problem is that many women will only hang out as friends with feminine men as because they only go to macho man for sweaty hot nasty sex. Blame Justin Bieber and Vin Diesel. The agenda has progressed too far for most women to turn back at so men have to make a choice: 1) Go to the gym, get on steroids, get six-pack abs and then bang whoever you want on your terms, 2) Stick with whores but it costs upfront or 3) Masturbate incessantly (not good) or 4) Give up on American women and try overseas (rather expensive) or 5) Stay put, be yourself and watch the law of attraction unfold. You may end up with no one unfortunately. I choose the last one. It’s better for your soul.

  29. “I personally see little need for a man to work with women, go to school with them, or even maintain asexual relationships with them, especially with women who don’t give him sexual access to her friends.”
    I came to this conclusion about fifteen years ago. To put it bluntly, “female friend” is an oxymoron. For a man to a female purely as a friend is a total loss to him. I base this conclusion on three recurrent observations………
    a) having a woman as a friend means a man has to put up with all the worst parts of women. These include bitching, wasting of male resources, crying, overdoses of emotion driven behaviour, Machiavellianism, selfishness and generally putting up with a child in an adult’s body.
    b) having a woman who sees a man as a friend means the man will never get any of the advantages of having her as a girlfriend. And by this I mean the ONLY benefit of having a girlfriend and that is sex. As we all know once a women sees a man as a friend, it is all over from there.
    c) Being a woman, a female cannot give a man any of the benefits of true friendship that men get from each other. These include camaraderie, empathy, acceptance and humour to name a few. Pretty much anything a man gets out of friendship with another man, he is not going to get from a woman.
    I suppose there is a fourth consideration. If other women see that a man is willing to accept friendship with woman in place of sexuality, then they will see said man as an easy target and deny him what he wants (and what pretty much all women in the modern world are only good for).
    In the fifteen years (or thereabouts) that I have sworn off having female friends, I have not suffered the least. If anything, I have prospered. My emotional state is more steady, I don’t waste my time doing pointless shit for females who will never return the favour and get more respect from women for the bargain. My advice for all men is ditch female friends for the bad investment they generally are.

    1. Came to the same conclusion myself. The problem is I can no longer tolerate any non-sexual or non-flirtatious interactions with women, which can be difficult and awkward around female family members and my long-term GF. I just don’t like their general company anymore. It’s tedious, banal, boring, repetitive, petty, negative and childish. Sad, but true.

  30. It happens especially if a woman is present for sure. I workout at home now because the gym environment has turned into a place of gossip instead of a place to lift. I don’t go to the gym to be buddies and take up useful space that someone else could use.
    Hell there is a Gold’s Gym that has an optional ‘female only’ section for fat chicks who are too self conscious and worried about “creepers”.
    Clown game + female enabling in male spaces + the “be a woman get a woman” strategy is just running Western Civilization down the tubes.

  31. It isn’t a two-way street. Women have various “safe spaces” such as gyms, women’s sports teams, shelters and women’s centres on campus. No men are allowed there but women have successfully sued to invade male spaces or block them from ever appearing in the first place.

  32. Perfect timing. Antenna TV has just started rerunning full episodes of “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. The difference between his speech patterns and mannerisms and that of Seth Meyers and Jilly Fallon is very evident. He comes off like a man’s man. This is funny because back in his day he wasn’t exactly considered macho. But it’s a different story now.

  33. It’s no shock that the most successful players I know are not ultra-masculine at all, but have many feminine traits that actually allow them to connect more easily with women who prefer a more cosmopolitan man…

    This is bollocks mate. In my opinion, women prefer real men (you know, like the way you prefer real women?). Without exception, they all at some point reference my “alpha-male” persona. Am I an alpha-male? You decide. But acting feminine doesn’t get you pussy, it makes you a pussy.

      1. Then why bother responding? Apparently it mattered to YOU. God, you guys are so easy to make dance.

        1. False premise you typical progressive white knight.
          But then your whole system is based on sophisms and fallacies and muh feelingz so it’s par for the course.

        2. It’s adorable that you grabbed your My First Psychoanalysis kit and decided to apply it to us all. My “feelingz” as you call them are hardly salient in any discussion. It’s just an attempt by people of low intellect to dismiss others outright. Great attempt bud, but as with many things in your life, a total failure. Ta.

        3. Guess I should cut and paste my 1st reply as a second reply since you did more of these things I said.
          “Apply to us all”? Well coming from you that’s entertaining. Maybe you could re read your comments first and then judge who paints who with a big brush.
          You came here not to debate but with a clear intent to dismiss people wholesale using the usual insults so spare me the lessons about this or that being low intellect debate methodology.
          Hinting at someone’s life being a failure because they cross you on a forum isn’t exactly innovative or clever and is one of the logical fallacies I mentioned. It’s a matter of logics, not “psychoanalysis” btw.
          Oh, and that proof-by-snarking procédé isnt cutting it anymore. After your 10000th debate with people of a certain sociopolitical persuasion who throws nothing but ad hominem attacks you get somewhat immunized. Shit someone on the net told me I’m a failure. Hoisting the white flag right now.
          Have an excellent day.

  34. Ive worked around men all of my adult life. (Timber Industry)The only women are those in the offices of the mills or the logging contractors. Im very rugged and masculine and look at most of the guys today and laugh at how fragile they look and act. Your point(s) about the advantages the PUA has versus masculine men when it comes to success in bedding women is accurate. When I was single I never had the problems finding women to bed like so many guys had. However my success rate as a “playa” was not what the hardcore PUA had. Playing the game seemed so contrived and pathetic to me. However if she was down to fuck – I was willing , I just wasn’t going to act like a clown for it.

  35. Kelly, you are worthless.
    You have made zero money online you are a part time prostitute and your father is ashamed.

    1. Right you are, Peter South. Now get over here and make my dinner. I like my steaks rare.

  36. You will find historically (meaning through history and in many cultures) most male only establishments were rampant with homosexulaity. Just think of prisons!
    You may want to rethink this article. From the ancient Egyptians, Romans, to male only Greek academies, to the Catholic Church, to other secret societies that ban women, men have engageed in ALOT of homosexual behaviour. Women are not the reason modern men are acting feminised. Could it be the xeno-estrogens in our food supply today including Soy based food. Who knows?

    1. First defence of someone paranoically threatened by masculinity is to allege all men are homosexuals without any evidence to back the generalisation. Thanks for showing us your glass jaw.

      1. For Marcus Aurelius. No I did not say that. I said that throughout history a lot of these male only establishments were rife with homosexuality. What proof do you need dude??? Are you living in a rainforest somewhere and haven’t heard about homosexuality in Catholic Church or prisons?? Lol!! You make call yourself Marcus Aurelius but you certainly come off as one ignorant fool. I have no idea how old you are but whatever your age you are defiantly to stupid for it!!!
        Subject: Re: Comment on How Men Are Being Socialized To Act Like Women

        1. I’ve heard about a lot of paedophiles in government schools, actually. At rates that dwarf the number of paedophiles in the Catholic Church.
          But again, given the way you’re losing your temper it does demonstrate you’re threatened by masculinity and seem rather obsessed with homosexuals wearing priests’ robes for some reason.

      2. Marcus Aurelius, I hardly think I am loosing my temper or obsessed. On the contrary, it seems that for some reason you have been ignorant to the media, textbooks and history the last 50 years or so when all they would do is expose these so called male only establishments being rife with homosexuality. Who hadn’t learned about these Ancient cultures practicing homosexuality openly? Unless you do not have an education, and I am thinking this is the case with you. Hence the name Marcus Aurelius to throw us off the scent!! LOL
        There is nothing worse than ignorance. Please go back to school!!

  37. “. While masculine men have no problems getting a woman, I’m starting to suspect that men without feminine personality traits will find it hard to gather the ability and motivation to lay a lot of them in a playboy manner.”
    Yes. It’s true. Especially the part about motivation. How guys can stand hours of stinking perfume (on themselves), talking (without any real content) and dancing (which is the most effeminate thing in the world) beats me. But I found other ways to get novelty and ride the pussy carousel. Maybe I don’t get thirty pussies per year, but five-six different ones will suffice, including the steady one. I just can’t take “the game”. It’s a game following feminine rules and I could never prostitute myself like that. Please feel free to e-mail me at kamakasse at gmail for further questions, anyone of you, because I don’t come back to check if there are any replies.

    1. I like a good manly cologne.
      Apart from that detail I wholeheartedly agree with your post.
      Edit : I believe too that shit is getting over codified.
      You still in the game . There is always a game.
      You just gotta learn to play your inner game.

  38. “Choose to spend your free time with men so your masculinity remains strong and steady.”
    I dunno, that sounds kind of gay. Just saying. 😉

  39. Ridiculous. I have great friendships with both men and women. If you are at all being changed by the people around you then you are a flakey individual. Being friends with a woman doesn’t make you less of a man, but you know what does? -Obsessing over how much of a fucking man you are. Stop whining like a bunch of pussies, go be friends with whoever the fuck you want, and stop trying to fit some other dudes personal image of masculinity. Dudes being so worried about other dudes is as gay as it gets.

  40. As a businessman… or woman your money is just as green…..I actually benefit from an ability to move seamlessly and effortlessly between social groups.

  41. I think men like you and of your ilk, SHOULD stay segregated from women. You are toxic neanderthals and we are way better without you in our midst. Just leave the civilized world alone and crawl back into your caves.

  42. Sounds like this guy is insecure and is afraid of losing his identity. Masculinity is being fought against, but this guy is just scared and reactionary.

  43. This article and comment section are satire, yea? Or is fragile masculinity really so fragile that you needed a forum to spew nonsense and beat your chests like apes?

    1. No it doesn’t, it just shows that enviornment can influence behavior and that our brains are malleable.

  44. Whats interesting here is im a woman and i am sick too of the current feeling orientated culture, and the over emphasis on the traits coded as feminine in anyone.

  45. or maybe it has something to do with the fact that 1 in 4 children today are raised single handily by the mother as their fathers would rather be out trying to systematically fuck anything with a pulse as opposed to actually raising their children? Maybe instead of lecturing men on ‘how to avoid picking up female mannerisms’ how about advise them to not be dead beats and ensure their children have a father figure in their lives?

    1. If women don’t want to wind up single mothers perhaps they could consider
      (a) keeping their legs at other than right angles around ‘bad boys’
      (b) putting up with the same level of shit from their husbands that their husbands put up with from them.
      Nobody believes the deadbeat Dad myth anymore. Indeed single fathers who gain custody of their kids are statistically better at it than single mothers.

        1. Well, seeing as you weren’t contributing anything of value to the thread, I thought I should say something.

    2. Hahhah, yeah maybe if our society wasn’t completely gynocentric and built to serve women , women would be easier to be around. Feminism brought us here, you have your equality now woman, enjoy it.

  46. If you dislike women emotionally, why not just find prostitutes/sexually “free” women? Why try to decieve a regular woman only for sex with “game”? Why is that morally okay for those who claim to be more rational and morally superior?
    Do you hate women that much that you only consider your own small gratification over how it impacts another person?
    If your daughter loved a guy, would you applaud him for busting a nut in her for kicks? No, no man would.

  47. Go to school with woman is important. School is usually the first place where you learn to interact with women. When you are a teenager Is important to maintain your small space with your friends, but it’s also important to hang out with girls, otherwise you will have troubles to hang out with girls in the future.

  48. The key to sanity and good character building for men is an all male work environment.
    Construction is that industry. No matter how hard SJW’s, Feminists try to make a case for women in the industry they simply can’t cut it and really are not at all interested in it.
    If you run your own company then you have ultimate control over the work environment and can make one where men thrive and prosper. As customers once the frame of the discussion of the work is set and controlled women really don’t cause trouble.
    Interesting enough I noticed at a Christmas party with these construction types, myself included, almost all had women that satyed at home with children.
    Construction is the patriarchy.
    The only trouble women can cause is in the office or at supppliers but contact is minimal.
    It’s really strange when I enter women’s environment like my sons soon to be kingdergarten and right away I pick up on the “fake nice” patronizing thing that women do.
    That’s a whole other to work..

  49. why on earth would you want to be constantly surrounded by men unless you’re a gay? it reminds me of a gay book “The Way of Men” written by gay Jack Donovan.

  50. If you look at native tribes people and how they live you see clear gender roles. The men are always together in a group ALWAYS. The women scold the men who don’t join in with the rest by insulting their manhood. They want their men to be masculine, because they understand its essential to the survival of them and their children. The very worst things a man can be in a tribal society is lazy and feminine. It degrades the tribe and brings suffering to all.

  51. With almost every article I read on this blog.. im more intrigued and delighted at these great insights. Thankyou.

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