5 Smells That Will Put A Woman In The Mood

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C’mon then chaps, it’s time to own up, we all know the feeling. You’re walking down the street and a woman passes you. Though she’s pretty, what really turns your head is when she passes close enough for you to get a strong blast of her scent. Some incredible mix of fruity coconut shampoo, body wash, or moisturiser will hit you and you’ll suddenly feel a very intense blast down below.

But, this sort of thing isn’t just exclusive to men. It’s easy for us to think it’s just because of our sex drives that we find the scent of a woman so incredibly alluring, but the truth is that there’s some genuine biological principles at work here. Men find the scent of a woman incredibly attractive, but it works both ways—women find the scent of a man incredibly attractive too!

Your scent is an absolutely vital part of how attractive your desired partner will find you, and it’s a factor that you should be loathe ignoring if you decide you want to pursue a certain person. Money spent on great clothes, hair products, and fancy meals won’t do you any good if your intended isn’t feeling that unmistakable biological attraction to you deep in the pit of her stomach. Your confidence coach won’t get you out of that one.

Picture of a blonde sexy woman looking away while holding her boyfriend close to her. The man is looking at the camera.

In your brain smell is a powerful memory trigger, so if you associate a particular scent with sex itself or memories of sexual experiences, the next time you come across that smell your brain will automatically stimulate you in response to your memories. Smell is directly linked to emotions and feelings. The incredible power of smell when it comes to the mating rituals of all species, humans absolutely included, has been scientifically attested for more than thirty years.

This is yet another reason for you to ditch that revolting rubbish they sell in big chain stores and catalogues that masquerades as ‘cologne’ or ‘animal pheromones’, when in fact it should be called ‘petrochemical, solvent, dye and alcohol ridden gunk’. We admit that isn’t much of a catchy name, but it’s certainly more informative when it comes to accurately explaining what those bottles of cologne actually contain.

So not only do you smell like a freshly varnished floor or a second hand car salesman, we’ll let you decide which is worse, in doing so you are actively sabotaging your chances of inspiring sexual interest in members of the opposite sex. Your natural pheromones are what she really wants to smell, so stop covering them up! Now we’re absolutely not saying you should just stop washing altogether, that certainly won’t help, but there are certain products out there that use only natural essences to enhance our natural aromas, rather than covering them up.

The natural scent

Generally speaking, women respond even more strongly to these scents than males do – favouring men with a strongly natural/musky scent. You could argue this is because they seem biologically more powerful/protective/likely to provide strong children, going by our deeply embedded biological instincts. Men too favour the scent of young women as they send of signals of maximum health and fertility – just another reason why granny’s perfume doesn’t do much for you.

Enter Elena Vepritskaya, Ukrainian-born sexologist and aroma-therapist now based in New York. She has concluded that one of the main reasons Americans seem to be having less sex than South Americans and Europeans is directly traceable to more fastidious grooming and hygiene habits.

Western culture, by and large, is highly focused on being hygienic and there are millions of products designed to make us ‘smell clean’. But this almost fetishist focus on being ultra clean is leading us to wash our body’s natural pheromones off every single day, leading to a massive dulling of this innate sexual instinct.

It’s for this exact reason that she has created her own line of attraction scents using only the most natural essential extracts from a variety of plants, flowers, trees and roots. For the last decade she has been advising her male clients on the best way to wash and use her products – shower with natural soap, free of fragrance, towel off and then place a drop of her natural scents on the neck and in the bend of the arms.


So, what top 5 scents make for the most attraction?

1. Lavender

Known for being and incredibly relaxing scent, it could be just the perfect solution to encourage your partner to settle and relax in your company.

2. Bergamot

A strong and citrusy scent that is already used in a massive amount of perfumes and colognes and extremely popular in aroma-therapy.

3. Jasmine

Has been found to be helpful in reversing impotence in men as a result of its ability to stimulate blood circulation in both you and her. Stimulated blood circulation is never unhelpful.

4. Black Pepper

Hot spices can induce sweating and lead to a marked increase in your heart rate. A similar response to what you may find during sexual peaks.

5. Sandalwood

Earthy, woody aroma and part of tantric sex rituals for thousands of years. The clear but not overpowering scent will help stimulate you both in all the right places.

So with this in mind, have a little further think about just how important your scent is when it comes to finding your perfect partner. The science of your scent has been in place for generations and is a powerful force you’ll do well to embrace rather than ignore.

Of course, we’ll say it again; this doesn’t mean that you can get away with just not washing!

You do still have to be clean in order to attract a woman; just don’t let yourself smell like you’ve just crawled out of a vat of petrochemicals.

If you’re interested in learning more about Elena’s natural scent enhancers, please feel free to visit this website.

So please remember; always keep clean, but let your scent do the real talking!

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121 thoughts on “5 Smells That Will Put A Woman In The Mood”

  1. I dab a bit of Kratom behind each ear and I become the target of insta-rape by HB10’s as I’m walking down the street.
    It’s got electrolytes, you see, that women crave.
    EDIT: Lavender? Seriously? Where do I apply that, my panties?

        1. How so? Is it cause no one takes sponsored products seriously anymore? I think the more kratom jokes we make, the more people will actually read these articles and take a swing at the products.

      1. You’re free to shove off if you don’t like my comments.

        1. I dont really care about comments. Nobody does. You are just parasite of ROK. You are male version of attention whores. You, englishbob are attention whores.

        2. Yes yes. Ok, run along, have fun, you got your insults in, yay for you.

        3. I’m betting this oxygen thief would never say these things to either you or englishbob in person…

    1. The smell of electrolytes really brings the ladies to the yard let me tell you.
      EDIT: It’s not panties, it’s manties. Keep the lavender in your European carry-all.

    2. I remember a commercial saying: “Apply perfume where you wish to be kissed.” That’s the dick.

      1. Doing that would only mess up the natural manly smell that makes her crave you in bed.

    3. LOL! Actually I use lavender candles… never fails. Plus it makes them sleepy so I can do them like my name is Bill Cosby…

      1. I found that the slight fumes from the motorcycle parked in the living room worked just as well.
        Unfortunately it should have been with a better bitch.

        1. He’s being accussed of being rapist, why would you even associate yourself with someone like that? What if someone rapes you? Men get raped, and it does not matter how big or “strong” you are.

        2. Well Princess, being “accused” of something does not make you guilty. Our justice system does still recognise the concept of “innocent before proven guilty”.

    4. “I dab a bit of Kratom behind each ear and I become the target of insta-rape by HB10’s as I’m walking down the street”
      I dab som Krantom under my balls – does wonders. Where’s Mike Chang? He’s gotta take a whiff of my balls.

    5. Yeah I don’t understand the lavender either. I read somewhere that lavender exposure to men has an estrogen effect – man boobs and decreased testosterone.

    6. I heard somewhere that the scent of baby powder gets women turned on, as it makes them think of making babies and thus: banging.
      But I could be wrong. Gotta test it.
      There’s also multiple studies showing male sweat contains pheromones that reduce stress in women and get them aroused. So just go get a work out and it’s 2 birds 1 stone for ya.
      I usually just work some powdered Kratom into my hair gel. Does the trick.

    7. I’ll be dammed! She’s right about lavender giving guys bigger erections… Just googled it.

  2. I would love to think that this will make much of a difference, but as a man putting it simply women in the west are too stuck up in there own inflated egos on tinder, instagram, facebook, digital & social platforms to notice anymore.
    The only thing that will put her in the mood is your knowledge of your own value, game, and making her invest more than you do, and not tolerating in bullshit, add a dose of polarity / alphaness and / charm and you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    1. this ad made me stop and think. while a feminist would almost certainly get bent out of shape about the women being “objectified” and probably try to argue that they’re “unhealthy” because they’re thin (come on) the underlying joke here depends on mocking the guy’s body. and i agree, his body is not good and should be subject to ridicule. hell, i’ll admit that i went to nearest mirror, took off my shirt, and tried to reassure myself that i look better. it psyched me up for tomorrow morning’s chest workout. got to avoid dad bod at all costs, can’t look like the dork on the beach.
      now try to imagine what the world would be like if 1) you could do a commercial like this with the sex roles reversed and 2) if such a commercial had the effect on women that this commercial had on me?

  3. *unrelated
    Last night at my gym was a total shit show like I’ve never seen before in my life. Part of that is month of January bringing in new member sign ups. But I’ve never seen it so bad. Every damn female in there… it was wall to wall ugly. I’ve never seen it that way before. The fat apocalypse is upon us. Back in the 90s, the gym used to be the last place you could go to see fit women who actually cared about their appearance. Now its the absolute last place to go for that. Is anybody else noticing this shit?

        1. I liked it when women were self conscious about they’re appearance in them and at least made an attempt to shapen up. Now every fatass hops in a pair and think she looks good.

        2. they would not be if i were dictator. also, there would be beatings for whistling in public.

    1. Don’t worry, they’ll realize that exercise requires effort and quit after a bit.
      Not many have the determination to follow through with their New Year’s resolution.

      1. Great business idea: a gym that is only a gym in January, and a wine bar/cupcake factory from Feb- Dec

        1. If you could figure out the liability and disguise its true intent just enough like World Market*, that sounds brilliant.
          * sell cheap imported junk food in the back you ate while back packing around the world, sell cheap house ware from China in the front for you sig o to nag you to buy as you walk to the back.

        2. Physical therapy or muscle pain relievers in February because getting all pumped up and working out hurts like hell if you haven’t been doing it.

    2. I saw this really fit and toned chick on the elliptical once arching her back out every second so all the guys would stare and what not, and there were a couple guys on some treadmills behind her watching and laughing amongst themselves, and it went like that for maybe 15 minutes, and then some heavy she-beast came in after the other chick got off, and the guys IMMEDIATELY turned off their treadmills and went to go lift weights…

      1. I’m lucky to see one hot woman per month in real life these days. Otherwise I only see them on TV or internet. Its like men have to work harder at self improvement while women think up new ways to make themselves ugly. I almost never see american women as feminine anymore. They’re like short fat men wearing dresses.

        1. Yep. I used to treat women as men just to fuck with them and have a laugh. Now it comes far too naturally and tends to make me angry rather than humored.

        2. maybe you need to go to college towns. i was in boulder, colorado recently and there were nubile cuties everywhere. austin, texas was much the same last time i was there. almost as good as ukraine or italy, both of them.

    3. i hate going to the gym, but back when i used to go i would just take a break for the first two weeks of january.

    4. I hate the New Year Two Weekers too. If they stay they get my respect, but sure as the sun rises by the 14th of January they have all cleared out.

    5. Of course I have! Also, generally speaking I see very few attractive women at my gym. Nearly ALL are a 6 at best, not considering fatties (I don’t even consider them on the chart at atll).
      We have more upscale gyms where I live (outside of Atlanta) and those do tend to have better/more attractive/actually fit women.

  4. I rubbed this penis pump Obama care recently afforded me on my armpits and neck , combine that with the overwhelming smell of kratom that exudes from my lips and I’m a goddamned sexual tyranasarus

      1. You need to look back at the past sponsored ads for kratom. It’s some herb from Asia that they claim gives you energy and make you hung like King Kong. Double effective if taken with electrolytes.
        Also look up Mike Chang and “Six Pack Shortcut”. Read the comments and you’ll get why.

        1. No shit. I took some Kratom and balanced my electrolytes, and I can’t get my dick through the door and Chuck Norris won’t fight me.

        2. Kratom is actually well-documented as being exactly as you described. I bought some – it works. I didn’t sprout wings like in a Red Bull commercial, but it has usefulness.

      2. Nothing special. They just keep making kratom jokes cuz they dont have any idea about article.

    1. that cracked me up man. It probably would turn their heads as you walk by with them sniffing the air with a smile on their face. That would be her nickname for you. ‘come here my little cupcake, I need a foot rub’. Dabbing some maple syrup on your wrists and behind your ears will get them fat chicks worked up as well I reckon.
      Theoretically one of the best scents to have would be rubbing some Hawaiian Dictyphora fungus on you. It turns women on to the point of having involuntary orgasms. The catch…while its a turn on for women, for men its the total opposite.Smells like rotting meat to them, not that you would give a fuck when it comes to appealing to other guys, but it means you would feel on the verge of throwing up the whole time if you wore that odor.

  5. Stop putting dehydrating petro chemicals on your skin!!
    I’ve been making my own personal grooming products for about the past year or so – hair pomade/cream, mustache wax, beard balm, lip balm and deodorant. The only thing I buy is toothpaste and Dr. Bronners for soap/shampoo. I have a collection of essential oils so I can vary the scents – woodsy, fruity, spicy, etc. Stuff is all natural, works great, smells awesome, and saves a ton of money.

      1. 1 oz. beeswax
        2 oz. shea and/or cocoa butter
        2.5 oz. oils – jojoba, hemp seed, avocado are what I usually use
        20-30 drops of essential oils
        Melt first three ingredients in a mason jar in a double boiler, add you essential oils and then let cool. You can toy with the recipe from there. If you are looking for more hold, add more beeswax. You could also throw in some petroleum oil for more of a sheen.
        It’s not the fancy glycerol derived product you get in a store, but it requires no scientists and works really good. It doesn’t sweat out, so it’s good for activities too.

        1. Thank you Gundog, I’ll give that a try. Store bought pomade seems pretty unreasonably priced and I’m always interested in making things by hand/

  6. I’ve known alot of Colombian girls who complain about smelly German guys, but I always wonder if there is some that actually smell good to them. I’ve read a fair bit and it seems like it can be a way to find partners whose genetics are very different from our own.

  7. MONEY &£E and whatever the currency put me in the mood let alone women. That smell of money MMMMMMhhhhmmm will get any woman wetter than October.

  8. Cedarwood, spruce and fir are also good masculine scents. Cedarwood and bergamot go especially well together.

  9. It really depends on the time when she ovulates and you don’t share the same genes as her kin. Most times, she’ll find your scent repulsive, except only those couple of days in her cycle.
    If you’re related to her, she’ll find your scent repulsive due to biology. This was nature’s way of mating with your family and get a down syndrome kid.

  10. 1. Hot sweaty sex with chick # 1.
    2. Wring out the sheets into a spritz bottle.
    3. Apply
    4. Pull chick ## 2-10
    5. Repeat
    6. ???
    7. Profit

  11. Yupp.. Become an ALPHA man.. Take a shower once a year, don’t shave & drink lots of Bud to have the breath of a brewery going stale… That will attract lots of bimbos to you ??

  12. I can personally vouch for the “natural scent”. How many times have I caught a whiff of a chick who’s a day late for a shower on a hot day, and it’s driven me wild. Contrast that with some dumb tart who’s sprayed on perfume so thick it’s making the air shimmer, and giving me a fucking migraine. I dare say the au-naturale scent works just as well for the opposite sex.. although it’s a delicate balancing act. Going “full hobo” might work against you.
    Of course this assumes the male is exuding some amount of testosterone. If he doesn’t, like the average hipster or male feminist, he best hit the local Body Shop for some scented oils as outlined above.

  13. It works
    I have this in edible ky jelly form,and after I apply it in her pooper,every time she farts, it smells like a fresh ocean breeze by a peach orchard .

  14. As much as I was hoping to make the usual Kratom/ Mike Chang inspired joke here…I gotta say, this wasn’t a bad sponsored post at all regarding hygiene & scent.
    What really changed my life for the better a year ago was Roosh’s inspired baking soda revelation.

  15. I am not a fan of the sponsored posts. As a capitalist, I have nothing against advertising. However, I am always skeptical of anyone trying to sell me something.
    Mostly because the have a perverse incentive to highlight strengths and play down weaknesses, similar to a woman attempting to lure a man into marriage.

  16. In all seriousness, do indeed avoid petrochemicals hidden in hand wash, shower gels, bubble bath, deodorant, etc. I use only natural soap, natural deodorant etc.

    1. Yeah, I have some of that Bod Man body spray. I think that’s the last time I’ll be buying that. Back to real cologne in my gym bag.

  17. I’m curious…how many people here have made a purchasing decision based on a sponsored post? Or do we all just mock the sponsors and make awesome Kratom jokes? Which the rest of the world is missing out on by the way.

      1. I was just curious. It seems like open season on the sponsors every time one comes out.

    1. I’m going to do it this weekend based off of a sponsored post, as I hadn’t heard of that vendor before until I saw it here.

  18. Look this is getting ridiculous. Lavender, jasmine, black pepper and what not. All of this is just superfluous, the only scent a man need on him is the scent of Kratom. Kratom can replace toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo and even blood if you somehow get into an accident. Careful although if you put too much Kratom in your blood you might become like Captain America.

  19. There’s a good book about seduction here: theobsessionformulareviews.com/ If you’re interested…

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