ROK Podcast: Interview With Roosh About The Year Ahead

We’re proud to bring you the second Return of Kings Podcast, recorded January 12, 2016.

This episode features an all new interview with Roosh, as well as discussion of recent articles, recent events, and reader comments.

Tune in!

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15 thoughts on “ROK Podcast: Interview With Roosh About The Year Ahead”

  1. Good podcast. I could hear Roosh clearly. I could hear Quintus, but the man had some reverb going on, and, although my sound engineer days are at least temporarily lapsed, I believe it was from the interactions of the two sound systems/programs, although I don’t know Quintus’s setup. It was only present during the Roosh segment.
    Enjoyed the lineup, with current events, then Roosh, then articles, then comments. The comment section makes the article, sometimes, especially any sponsored post, so it’s good to honor and mention them. I think this tribe thing will go over well, and the important thing to do is, once the originals have begun, to impress upon them the need to make more chapters, in other cities.
    I have never heard of a reset button to make a culture right itself outside of hardship. Our culture has not been “righted” since the Depression and WWII. The 20s were decadent times, the 30s were hard times, the 40s were war, the fifties were utopia, and the 60s began the decline again, which we are now well on down the slope from them. There may be hard times ahead.

    1. Roosh needs to come up in volume, and an audio editing program to cut out the echo when Quintis speaks – OR – a cut off switch to kill that would help.

      1. Thanks for the feedback (no pun intended!). Roosh and I have done Skype interviews before with no reverb, so I’m not sure why it happened this time. I’m thinking of two possibilities: I had my cell phone on mute near my desk, and it probably auto-booted up to Skype when I called him, and maybe the mic there was partly the cause. Another possibility was that our speakers were too close to our microphones, causing some feedback.
        There may be some way to filter out reverb using Audacity software, and I’m going to explore that also.
        Regardless, we can and will improve. Thanks for the comment.

    2. I think we’re really at the turning point, it hasn’t turned so sharply since 1968 can see even in the MSM in Germany a sudden shift with things being printed that were never printed before.

  2. Penn seems strangely interested in Latin America. Venezuela and El Chapo.
    Wonder if he has ever been.
    I’ve actually been rather impressed with the Europeans I have spoken to about Cologne. Not only not accepting apologism but pointing out all the hypocrisy and nonsense that goes into them.
    Germans don’t seem willing to make the jump from: the migrants did this and it is inexcusable to ‘kick them out’ though.
    Oh well, Switzerland (ie the better Germans) have been drilling their army to intervene in civil strife.
    I think that the AltRight can be more easily persuaded to do a ceasefire frankly. A lot of is just personal acrimony, which doesn’t make it better, but it’s hardly an official condemnation whereas more high up MRAs and GamerGaters find you unconscionable.
    AltRight leaders may not like you but aren’t going to argue their teeth out over it.

    1. Was a good point they made in the podcast that we need to be friends with the other conservative movements and fight the enemy together..

  3. Re. Roosh saying at the beginning how stupid people don’t want to come to terms with the undeniable rational truth presented to them.. the term that applies to that is:
    CONFIRMATION BIAS. People believe what fits their live conveniences… very common to hard left or right leaning politically charged people.

  4. That was an excellent and very topical podcast. Your points on the hypocrisy of SJW’s and feminists on the issue of Islam were particularly strong. Thank you for making it available on iTunes.

  5. Interesting podcast; Roosh touched on the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy that lies at the heart of most of what politicians do, in this case it was with respect to ‘independent women’ – “I don’t need a man, all I need is red wine and antidepressants”.
    This is true, but the ‘divide and conquer’ thing works at different levels too. Where I live in the world, people are climbing over themselves to outbid others for the ‘privilege’ of a 30 year mortgage, i.e. half a lifetime of debt servitude to the banks. People blindly accept that their lot in life is to slave in this way, and house prices seem to level out at whatever the absolute maximum the plebs can afford over their lifetimes.
    The only solution I can see to this, if you want to live as freely as possible, is for productive, intelligent people to form some sort of co-operative. If you don’t like paying obscene amounts for a slave box apartment in a SJW city, then get together with a few other people and buy some land together, and for the same amount you could own mansions. Heck you could have enough land to grow your own food if times got really tough.
    Most people would disown such an idea as sounding like a ‘cult’, and it would have it’s dangers, but I think there exists some sort of mid-point where you can have an arrangement where people can protect themselves from the worst bits of society whilst remaining part of the state.
    SJW’s would intrinsically not be welcome as most SJW’s are essentially lazy people who don’t actually bring anything of worth to the table.
    As I say, I’ve not quite worked out in my head how we do this beyond ‘buy some land’. A work in progress if you will.

  6. I’ve had this raging in my head for a long time but I want to get a vote on this. If the global economy goes down into the doldrums, which of the following scenario’s is more likely.
    For Women
    Scenario 1: Women under record unemployment levels can’t keep living beyond their means, no way to pay for credit card bills, student loans, home loans etc… turn to men to bail them out.
    Scenario 2: Women under record unemployment push the career women delusion even harder to younger women stating “you can’t rely on men anymore”.
    For Men
    Scenario 1: Seeing women destitute and struggling, men try to pick up the shattered pieces of women everywhere and bring them under strong leadership.
    Scenario 2: Seeing women destitute and struggling, men, conditioned by years of propaganda, don’t know what to do. Higher suicide rates and family breakdown ensue.
    Sadly, I feel that it is a mixture of both, but scenario 2 for both would be more common.
    Does anybody else have any ideas of how this might turn out?

    1. Progressivism states that #2 would be tried as long as possible, because after all, if it’s not “change” it’s not good. Then after dismal failures where society is mostly broken beyond repair, both would resort to #1 IMHO.

  7. I’m enjoying these podcasts a lot, having an interview/discussion segment really draws my interest.
    To Quintus Curtius, thanks for the nod.
    Yep, I write all the poems/ballads generally after finding inspiration from one of the ROKers articles or in the comments section, just typing it off the top of my head.
    Perhaps I will submit some sort of compilation of the poems I’ve done
    It is interesting to go back and read something from some time
    ago and compare/contrast to current events.
    I use the hand print as part of my Indian/Native American heritage.
    Keep the podcasts and good work coming.

  8. on the Nicaraguan canal, of course the media covers it up , they are afraid of losing access to the Chinese markets . you will not hear anything that seriously offends the Chinese communist party. that will will anger the big net outlets like twitter, facebook, Microsoft whose owners fear net censorship of their web and software products in china . The MSM is way down on their foodchain. think MSNBC .

  9. The podcasts are a great idea and I have enjoyed them both so far. I appreciate the good effort in making them happen!

  10. Technically something has improved in the podcast #2, thanks, maybe the RSS feed got fixed up or something gPodder found and downloaded it this time..

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