3 Reasons Why European Women Should Welcome More Migrants

Some have pointed to the recent events in GermanyDenmark, and across Europe and gently wondered whether Western women are under increased threat. Some have even gone so far as to say that women’s odds of being raped have surged as a result of allowing limitless numbers of men to enter their countries and enrich their culture. In this article, I will show why this is false and give three reasons why welcoming several million more migrants is in fact the best possible choice for women.

1. More Dating Options

They can't wait to meet you

They can’t wait to meet you.

The demographic make-up of the refugees is overwhelmingly male. About 62% of the 1.5 million migrants that have traveled to Europe in 2015 are young, strong, self-confident men. Is it any wonder why women should welcome them? A little under a quarter, 22%, are children and only 16% are women. That means that European women have an additional 1 million men for potential consenting sexual partners.

Choice is a good thing, and by urging more young men to voyage to Europe women will have more options.

2. Less Patriarchy

more women's rights 2

They do not support male domination.

In our free and open society, these migrants would fit in. They’ve proven to be fans of group sex not only with women, but young males as well. This sort of sexually libertine behavior is healthy for post-sexual revolution modern women.

It’s obvious that the patriarchy is a constricting system that suppresses women’s right to express their sexuality. The migrants have no problem having group sex in a public square with one or more women, signaling that they are not suppressors of female sexuality, but rather benevolent enablers. Allowing more sexually open migrants into the West will allow us to dismantle the patriarchy once and for all.

3. More Respect For Women

migrant 5

Respectful migrant courtship.

Of all the regions in the world, by far the most dangerous for women is the modern West. We have a problem, and it’s called rape culture. One in four women are viciously raped in college, which is why the enrollment numbers for female students is dwindling. At an Ivy League college a woman has a higher chance of being raped on her way to class than she does living to the age of 25. Compared to the only 6,000 reported rapes since the start of the Syrian civil war, our colleges are terrifying. The men coming from these lands will follow their religious code of peace and show women more respect, as they have already proven.

These men have never trivialized rape.

These men have never trivialized rape.

Over the last decade, Syria has experienced a massive rape crisis. One Syrian woman described how a group of Syrian army soldiers had come to her house in Homs, tied up their father and brother, and raped her and her sisters in front of them. The woman cried as she went on to describe how the soldiers opened their legs and burned their vaginas with cigarettes.

We should understand that this is the sort of violence from which migrants are desperately trying to escape. Islam, the religion of peace the migrants follow, is a well-known supporter of women’s rights. If you visit Islamic countries in the Middle East, you will experience a liberated feminist utopia that the West could only dream of.

Soon you won’t even need a passport to experience the benefits of this new and exotic culture.

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277 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why European Women Should Welcome More Migrants”

  1. This painting used to symbolize Europe’s unwillingness to be conquered and that even it’s nobles would go to great lengths to see culture preserved ….now I see it as Richard saying “fuck it, I’m out”

    1. Of course, we don’t expect Hollande or Merkel to shout out Deus Vult! And our politicians? Bickering like children. I truly can’t see Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio leading a charge of warriors on a Crusade when they can’t seem to take care of our vets. You’re better off starting your own Crusade.

      1. “You’re better off starting your own Crusade.”
        If you are concerned about you and yours, then you will have no choice. Of note, the crusades were a reactive force to islamic expansion, not one of conquest.

        1. Not exactly true. The original Crusades did take Jerusalem and did establish other kingdoms. But I’ll give the benefit of the doubt in that the Crusades didn’t go beyond those areas. It could be that those areas already had sizeable Christian populations. Also, marching all the way to Mecca or Baghdad would have been too much, assuming that the European kingdoms could work together, which in the end they didn’t. Too much bickering among themselves. Say what you will about Muslims, the bastards do seem to know how to work together, even if for mere convenience.

        2. Muslim’s had invaded much of southern Europe , the fist crusade was a reaction to drive them out . Muslim’s or just people from the middle east in general have been trying to conquer Europe since the Greeks

        3. At least, as I pointed out, the Crusades only stopped at the areas with Christians. Muslims just wanted to conquer. Heck, if it wasn’t for people like Charles Martel or even Genghis Khan and his hordes, history would be different. And in any event, Christians were more successful with missionary work.

        4. A big difference between Christianity and Islam, in my opinion, is, while say, the Spanish did want to convert the conquered to Christ, there were other reasons to conquer. With Islam, religion was and is the only reason to conquer.

        5. Recommend a book called, “Of Iron Men and Saints” by Lamb. It went ouf of print in the 30’s. Pope Urban the II rallied the conflicting kingdoms in Europe after the realization of the falling eastern Christian orthodox empire. IIRC it was 100 years to late. Long story short about the 1st crusade, the surving footmen soliders after 2 years of fighting and taking Jeruselum fulfilled their oathes and prompltly left. The remaing European christians fell out fighting amongst themselves and no reinforcements came. The goal was to free the holy lands from the islamic infidels.

        6. No they don’t know how to work together. They are currently slaughtering each other in Syria.

        7. Jerusalem, Spain, Southern France, North Africa were all former Christian lands, you idiot.
          And it became so peacefully, not by conquest as Islam did.
          They were retaken and J EWs AND Muslims were later expelled, the former were financing the muslim war parties in Christian lands.

      2. I was thinking of raising an army under the idea that I had money and then sack a country to pay for it . IE Constantinople by every country I could think of is in debt

      3. You are right about leading. We haven’t had a real leader (in the U.S.) for a long time. We’ve had a bunch of subs (bad managers) filling in for decades but it’s been too long since we’ve had a leader.
        Cruz and Rubio (and many other politicians) would be killed instantly in battle.

        1. No. He’d be the first American in history. Being intelligent and vital enough to avoid being duped into pseudo-heroism and ‘sacrifice’ for the lifeless collective is what America was founded on. Too bad there is not another empty continent for the people with balls to move to and start over.

        2. Smokingjacket, I understand you love western society. Indeed, at one time, it was the shining pinnacle of human achievement, and you want to keep it alive. But you have to face facts. What would you be fighting for?
          Fag marriage?
          Slutty women?
          A degenerate popular culture that seems to have no trouble in finding new lows?
          I don’t know what’s coming next, but I don’t think it’s possible to save western culture. The elites took away that which a man would fight and die for: a family. Those of us under thirty will likely be the last of our families’ lines, and those of us who do reproduce will likely have our children taken from us by the law. Maybe we can become somewhat like monks and try to preserve the best of western culture while we can, but even then who will keep it alive after we’re gone, when it seems people are getting dumber by the day?

        3. Very good post jz95. At this point, ‘fighting for our culture’ has been manipulated into being the exact same thing as ‘enabling the degeneration’. You fight and you fuel SJW’s and you fuel identity politics by giving them an enemy to grow against. You also PAY for a gov’t that is creeping up on 50% of our economy, no matter how much ranting you do into your own echo chamber of agree-ers online. Retreat or at least serious reassessment is a valid option when it is called for.

        4. I think there actually is one, somewhere below the Antarctic Circle. Now who among us is man enough to hack it there?!

        5. Good points, but, is it really that degenerate? I mean not all western women are sluts. Gay marriage, well, it doesn’t directly impact on me and besides it should reduce promiscuity. We have choices anyway, I can listen to trash talk on my car radio in the morning or turn the dial to BBC Radio 3 or 4 and feel mentally and spiritually in a different universe. I don’t think the finer aspects of our culture will ever really die out, there’s even a lot of liberal minded people who are obsessed with preserving our different languages, customs and heritage. The key aspect is liberty of choice, we all have the option not to partake in what we don’t like in our own societies, and we all likewise are entitled to keep the light burning in our own ways as private citizens. I don’t currently see these idea of liberty under threat in western nations.

        6. -Is it really that degenerate?
          Compare the pop culture of the 1950s in terms of music, cinema and television, to that which is commonly consumed today.
          -Not all western women are sluts?
          On this we are at least somewhat agreed. I find it a little hard to believe that out of 300 million+ people in this country that there are absolutely NO good women in the bunch. However, it doesn’t take much to turn a “good” girl into a raging slut. Even the biggest whore was a virgin once.
          -Gay marriage doesn’t impact us?
          Roosh wrote a good article on that. I suggest reading it. You can find both on ROK and his personal blog.
          Sure, we can tune a lot of it out and create our own personal bubbles. I for one don’t listen to top 40 radio, don’t watch much television and hardly ever go to the movies. But for every one person who listens to jazz or classical music, there’s far more who listen to the latest Justin Bieber single, and don’t know anything about Duke Ellington or Beethoven. The number of people who actually give a damn about culture, morality, and the like are a small number, and what’s worse, WE’RE NOT THE ONES WHO ARE REPRODUCING!

        7. Nice post. That’s the really sad part isn’t it, we’re not reproducing in sufficiently high numbers to outpace the Muslims who’ll redesign our culture in Allah’s terrible image. Additionally, your kids are so influenced by mass pop culture that they’re likely to rebel against a classic education at home. The only solution I’m beginning to realize is to send them to a traditional all male boarding school.

        8. We would be fighting for the reestablishment of Enlightened Monarchy. History repeats itself.

        9. Whose at fault that you are not reproducing and passing your values to your children? You, that’s who.

        10. be a slave to the government just to have a family that you can see when you come home from 8 hours doing repetitions like a dead machine. you are so tired by then you can’t enjoy your 2 hours with your wife and kids

        11. The problem is the cuckery of the anglo european males. I’m getting more annoyed when I speak with more european men and their loser attitude. The european women are even worse – but some probably fantasize about being gang raped by muzzies which is a whole different issue.
          It’s hard to fight for a culture when the very foundation of its survival – their men – don’t care anymore.

        12. ” The only solution I’m beginning to realize is to send them to a traditional all male boarding school”
          Do such schools even exist any more?

        13. In Britain, yes, but whether the products of these all male schools are actually custodians of masculine values anymore is a moot point.

        14. European men (western, not the eastern ones) are essentially self emasculating narcissists to the nth degree. Yeah, they work out, bang some chicks between doing their MBAs, but, essentially they’re wimps. Until their american cousins they can’t “do” anything like fix cars, go shooting, make things, they just wimp around their dominating chicks and go shopping with them on the weekends, and get a bit of bang with them on a Saturday night, if they’re “good boys”.

      1. “With no family or wife to protect, or respected role in society, I’m
        sure ‘fuck it, I’m out’ would be the attitude of most any modern day
        “I’m out of the closet, ” perhaps, given Richard’s questionable sexuality.
        Besides no Crusader can be a symbol of Europe’s “unwillingness to be conquered,” since the very existence of the Latin schism means they surrendered unity and membership in real European (Russian/Byzantine) civilization in favor of dreams of an earthly utopia under an infallible Pope.
        Now look at them (Catholic Catechism from the Vatican website):
        841 The Church’s relationship with the Muslims.
        “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.”

        1. I still don’t understand what is with people pointing out ones sexual orientation as a point to argue they weren’t able to defend cultures or be leaders .he didn’t go after Saladin with a rainbow flag . Alexander may have been bi but that has no bearing on his military prowess

        2. “I still don’t understand what is with people pointing out ones sexual orientation as a point to argue they weren’t able to defend cultures or be leaders .he didn’t go after Saladin with a rainbow flag”
          He wasn’t defending his culture. Orthodoxy defended itself and indirectly western Europe. When the Muslims would aggress we’d fight them and if possible even push them back and regain territory. Roman Catholicism was drunk with prelest (spiritual delusion), so Heterodox Englishmen went on “Crusades” to take Jerusalem, foolishness which culminated in the Children’s Crusade.

        3. “Orthodoxy defended itself and indirectly western Europe.”
          The first Crusade is a response to Alexios I Komnenos’s call for help. That means Catholics going to defend Orthodox Christians.

        4. After work to establish a unity in Gaul, Charles Martel’s attention was called to foreign conflicts, and dealing with the Islamic advance into Western Europe was a foremost concern. Arab and Berber Islamic forces had conquered Spain (711), crossed the Pyrenees (720), seized a major dependency of the Visigoths (721–725), and after intermittent challenges, under Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Governor-General of al-Andalus, advanced toward Gaul and on Tours, “the holy town of Gaul”; in October 732, the army of theUmayyad Caliphate led by Al Ghafiqi met Frankish and Burgundian forces under Charles in an area between the cities of Tours and Poitiers (modern north-central France), leading to a decisive, historically important Frankish victory known as the Battle of Tours(or ma’arakat Balâṭ ash-Shuhadâ, Battle of the Palace of Martyrs), ending the “last of the great Arab invasions of France,” a military victory termed “brilliant” on the part of Charles Martel.

    2. Doesn’t that depict the crusades – Europe’s invasion of the muslim world?
      Or is it to do with Spain?

      1. The crusades were defensive wars.
        East and west has been at war for 1400 years. The arabs have taken more slaves, black and white, than africa and america did combined. And unlike us, they primarily wanted sex slaves, not labor slaves.

        1. Seems to be a re-write of history. The Crusades were largely about taking control of Jerusalem because that’s the Christian holy city. That was the cover story anyway.
          Its the same thing today, war and refugees being displaced due to western intervention in the mid east.

        2. How did the Christian holy city of Jerusalem become muslim, when that religion was founded 600 years after Christianity?

        1. Didn’t go to college.
          The crusades were sanctioned by various Popes and kings. It was really about wealth accumulation, and taking the holy lands “back”. Which is odd because the origional holy lands were populated by middle eastern people, the white people that were there, were roman invaders.
          Aside from a brief occupation of the tip of spain, there were no invasions of europe.
          What sort of books are you talking about?

        2. The Crusades are a response to Orthodox Christians from the Bizantine Empire calling for help against muslim invasion and a reaction to Muslim slaughtering and ransoming of Christians pilgrims.
          You’re the one rewriting history with your ignorance.

        3. The muslisms occupied territory from what is now turkey , all the way through north Africa , up to Spain and Portugal . They were bent on driving all Europeans or none believers out . Europe was surrounded on all sides and the noose was tightening , the Crusades were a reaction to this .Read “Islam AMD the Crusades ” or any other book that contains scribes accounts of Saladin’s actions throughout the crusdaes also the middle eastern countries have had a history of aggression that predates the rise of Islam , greco Persian war and even after the Crusades they still tried , ottoman empire .

        4. The christians were occupying the Mid East. Christianity and the christian bible is taken from sections of the Koran.
          Christianity was invented by Romans.
          When you are taking about “defensive”, you are really talking about defending a European offensive. Christianity was the invaders ideology.
          In popular history, we are taught that christians were “defending” the Holy Lands, but Christians were invaders form Rome, and various Catholic European Countries.
          So I am taking the actual history, and you are taking about the propaganda that was taught in european history books.
          The christians were european invaders, not local middle eastern people.

        5. Right, so they were driving European invaders out, this is defensive, not offensive.
          The holy lands were occupied by christians, christianity and the bible were invented out of sections of the Koran, which the Romans put together used as a means of ideological warfare.
          The Jesus Christ figure, was a middle eastern man, who was opposed to the european occupation of the mid east.

        6. Driving invaders out of land they took from the Jew’s ? Christianity and Judaism predate Islam . It’s funny that you are arguing that it was ok foe Muslim’s the conquer vast amounts of land that wasn’t theirs but as soon as someone counters and does the same thing back it’s not ok. I take it your Muslim or some altruistic yuppie

        7. Ok what you’re spouting is so baseless I’m going to stop the conversation right there.

        8. Christianity was invented out the book now known as the Koran.
          >It’s funny that you are arguing that it was ok foe Muslim’s the conquer vast amounts of land that wasn’t theirs but as soon as someone counters and does the same thing back it’s not ok.
          Ok so we are in agreement about Christians and the Crusades being invaders in the middle east.
          >I take it your Muslim or some altruistic yuppie
          No I’m not muslim or a yuppie, this is a blog run by a muslim selling non secular muslim ideology.
          Westernized women are are low value sluts because they don’t cover up and treat their bodies like a property to be locked up – and because they don;t they are asking for it etc.
          I posted here because I was critical of the muslim ideology being promoted here..

        9. The Europeans were being invaded so they went on the counter offensive , counter offensives are defensive tactics , IE a breakout . which has happened numerous times throughout history but you seem to be hung up on the Crusades . You seem to miss the point that the Crusades was a reactionary move in response to Muslim aggression, who at the time and at various points throughout history have tried to occupy Europe. Because I’m on this site does not mean I align with all of its creators teachings . I do believe that women who have copious amounts of sex are over lower value , that’s not Muslim teachings but simple economics , supply and demand .you would not want a wife who had fucked an entire football team by the time she was 25 would you ? I don’t think they should be raped but I also don’t respect them, they allow themselves to be degraded and don’t mind being treated like cattle so be it . I’ll wait for a woman who is the opposite of this and steer clear from the rest .

        10. To be more accurate.
          Christians were middle eastern, they were disciples of Christ.
          They were persecuted by the Roman invaders.
          Constantinople the great decided to adopt Christianity as the official Roman religion, then it became the religion of the invaders of the Middle East with Crusades being run from Rome.
          In the Koran, Christ is considered one of the prophets.
          The Koran is the continuation of the story, christians call the bible.

        11. “Christianity was invented out the book now known as the Koran.”
          So there was no Christianity before 610 AD?
          Come on, even the Irish were Christians then.
          Stop trolling.

        12. You realize Muslims controlled the Gothic empire of Spain for almost a thousand years? Sicily for hundreds of years was the capital of the white slave trade under moorish control, the Balkans as well once the Christian capital of Constantinople fell to Muslim aggression

        13. “The Koran is the continuation of the story, christians call the bible.”
          Some would argue with that and say that the sequel is “the Book of Mormon” (not the Broadway play). The only similarity between it and the Koran is that both are the creations of manipulative, deranged polygamists.

        14. No. Christ was middle eastern, he appears as one of the prophets in the Koran.
          Revisionists then made him white, wrote the history in Latin, the Roman christian church was created and it was revised again under King George.
          Christ and his followers were opposed to roman occupation, before the Romans appropriated Christ.
          Muslims, continued to be against the occupation after Christ has been appropriated, just as Christ originally was.

        15. Christ was middle eastern.
          The Koran contains the old testament, Christ appears as one of the prophets and continues the story.
          The new testament as we know it, was originally an appropriation by Roman occupiers, written in Latin. A second re-write of history was done with the King George bible.
          Christ appears as white in all western christianity. In reality he was middle eastern and he was opposed to the Roman occupation.

        16. The Koran contains the creation story, the characters from the old testament, and christ as one of the prophets.
          The Roman occupiers appropriated Christ and created the Roman church after rewriting the history in latin. The christian bible was again re-written under King George.
          And now most westerners think christ was white, when in reality he was a middle eastern man.who was opposed to the Roman occupation.
          Crusades were then run in the name of christ and christianity.

        17. So musims fought back … and invaded europe after the Roman occupation and after the romans appropriated Christ.
          It was like todays problems, a response to occupation.
          The war between christians and muslims was created by the Roman occupation. The crusades were invasions to defend an occupation.
          Christ was in reality a middle eastern man who opposed the Roman occupation.
          Later, the Christ figure was appropriated, that’s why most westerners thinks he was white.

        18. The bible was full of polygamists. Because the characters in the stories were middle eastern people that practised it.
          The roman version, and the later king james version, are manipulations.
          Now most westerners think Christ was white.
          He was a middle eastern man who opposed the Roman occupation.
          Middle eastern people continued to oppose the occupation, after Rome had appropriated Christ.
          The crusades were offensive, not defensive.

        19. There was no response to an occupation, Islam was created in the 7th century by the 10th century they controlled an Empire bigger than ancient Rome. Sheer brutal expansion, kill or convert. The Christians responded a few times whenever the Pope could get them off each others throat

        20. Christ and his followers were middle eastern men opposing the Roman occupation.
          Later Rome adopted “christianity”, so opposing the occupiers meant opposing Christians.
          The Pope and King George were running crusades for western control of the holy lands, profit and because the occupiers were being thrown out.
          The same is going on today, every group of lunatics and crazy regime there today, has been created or backed by the western forces, with the intent of destabilizing the region to extract more wealth from it.

        21. The what were romans, roman christians, and crusaders doing in the middle east in the first place?
          What is america doing in the middle east today?
          Why is american creating groups like ISIS?
          Its about theft and imperialism.

        22. You better believe US involvement in the middle east has everything to do with Jewish interests and nothing to do with Christian interests (the Christians of Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Iraq are being genocided Israel couldnt care less)

        23. The crusades were western imperialism, under the christian flag. The Iranian regime were put in power by the west over an oil pipeline. The various groups attacking Syria were created to topple the syrian GOV. Gadaffi and Sadam were refusing be in the central banking system, I think there is more to it than Israel.

      2. You must realize that the Crusades like all other history taught today is a giant anti white lie. This lays out the timeline from the creation of Islam to the Crusades

    3. Even its nobles would go to great lengths to see culture preserved …?
      First and foremost its nobles.

      1. Agreed , but that idea has been lost over time . The Greeks had the right idea , each Hop lite had to buy his own armor so hoplites came from nobility . The nobility also realized that had the most to lose when war broke out

    4. Richard the Norman would backflip in his recumbent statue if he saw the headlines today.

        1. They might have stunk . But smelling like sweat and chain mail oil is better that curry , goats , and little boys tears

  2. Make no mistake these women can’t wait for these men to arrive.
    Western men have been emasculated by the feminists and the left. Migrant men are needed to restore the balance with structure and testosterone.

    1. “Make no mistake these women can’t wait for these men to arrive” The treacherous sex, they’d sell you down the dump shoot for whatever satisfies the ephemeral passing whims of their minds or wombs. They’ve no center of gravity and are blown around the place, falling for Arab cock one day, and the next day, complaining that they feel used and oppressed by white men, while, still bitching on about all white men being “not real men. What a bunch of dumb cows. Apologies for being so blunt in my language, but, millennial women with their soft grey matter brought around the collective feel up that their sisters got in Germany on New Year’s Eve.

    2. …and beatings, and rapes… Wait a minute.They probably like that! Except when they spot a white male from a mile away.

    3. Nice theory. Too bad Muslims are 2 millenia deep into homosexuality. Just wait until they discover San Francisco, Miami etc. This canard of “Here come the alpha studs to bang away at our ladies who just love armpit sweat and hummus burps,” is not the case.

      1. Their order of lust, that of wild-eyed Abdullahs and Mahmouds, is … goat and camels, other men, then women at a distant third. I wish I were joking or exaggerating; in the deserts of Arabia, Bedoiun fathers introduce their sons to the earthly pleasures first through “Latifah” or “Leyla”, the family camels.

        1. Arabic maxim;
          “For children, fuck a woman”
          “For pleasure, fuck a boy”
          “For ecstasy, fuck a melon”
          What a bunch of apes. Why not bring in millions of (literal) orangutans and give them free run of our urban centers?

  3. Reap what you’ve sown, cunts.
    I would sit there eating a ham sammich and laugh as Achmood and Mohammad gang raped some liberal white cunt.

    1. I don’t share your casual cynicism at the passing of what is the best set of values this world ever produced. Nihilists like you who “don’t give a fuck” about anything can be traced back to your hippy progenitors who despite their fuzzy, dandelion making credo of free love and tolerance for all, brought around the weakening of the patriarchal values that once made the west the only viable civilization on this forlorn lump of rock.

      1. Not even close. Things will not change until liberalism burns this world to the ground. You captain-save-a-hoes are propping up the system. The liberal cunts will hide behind conservative white men, who are willing to engage in violence, when things get bad and spit upon those same men when things are good.
        I’d love to see a blue haired, tattooed, white woman getting raped by a nigger. I’d call out “You need me like a fish needs a bike, remember”.
        As far as the credo of pussy liberalism, that originated with your jesus christ. While other gods slayed hydras and frost giants, fucked beautiful women, and fathered scores of hero sons, that faggot jew fed the poor, cured the sick and saved whores. There’s no obligation to “do for the lest of your neighbors” in Greek, Norse or Celtic paganism. Atheist Korea and Japan are not liberal and refuse to admit subhuman arabs into their countries. Even muslims do not feel obliged to help muslims. How many refugees has Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or the UAE accepted?

        1. You know nothing about Norse or Celtic mythology except from some type of bastardized program like Game of Thrones perhaps. I bet you’ve never even read the Ragnarok or Beowulf? Kids like you are like the spoiled narcissistic Nero, who wants to burn the whole world down and reduce it to a pile of ash because “what the fuck lets trash the place because it’s all going to hell anyway”. In reality you’re no better than the barbarians, perhaps even worse, because you’re one of us. I’m disappointed by most human beings, but, why should I find your boring nihilism surprising anymore, when it seems to be the default position of your unthinking generation.
          I’m neither a liberal or a practicing Christian so I’m not influenced by your faggot Jew boy Jesus. What, I’m speaking about goes back to the roots of respect and honor in the western tradition that represents a set of values which both leftists and people like your good self wish to piss all over, while never developing a set of values that can equal the greatest of what we once had.

        2. It’s not nihilism. It’s a rejection of the white-male role of being expected to do all the work. After that whatever happens, happens but most of these comments are about this;
          No longer being responsible to use huge chunks of your finite life to labor in repair of others’ folly.

        3. Your heroic values would be so welcome in most eras but not this one. Your excess heroism is what is being exploited via identity politics and you’re more to blame than you could ever know. You are as narcissistic with your traditionalist self-image as any feminist is. Thoughtless, pathological “I’m the hero here,” naivety has led to much of the decline.
          Your answer to this mess is; “More heroism then” and that’s ridiculously naive.

        4. I have read Buewolf as well as the Odyssey and Iliad. . I’ve also read every chapter of the New Testament about that pussy, virgin, socialist jew boy and yes it is the Wests Xain roots of being the ‘Good Sumarian’ that allows filthy little sand niggers into 1st world countries.
          Secondly, your account of Nero is wrong. He did not ‘fiddle as Rome burned’, but I will. You can spend your life trying to save a dying culture and be labeled as a [x]ist for doing so. I’m going to smoke a bowl, drink a beer and lub my AR15.

        5. “It’s a rejection of the white-male role doing all the work” That’s what the white man excels at. What do you suggest? Some type of collective “opting out” and hell whatever I want to do…sounds like the hippy lefty ideology of your enemies is alive and well in the Manosphere. Lol. You kids, you really don’t see to, do you! How you disappoint me, once more….

        6. You may think Jesus is a Pussy, but your “Other Gods” where are they? All of those Pagan Gods have been Defeated by Jesus Christ , and Christianity.

        7. ” Some type of collective “opting out” ”
          Yup. Call it a ‘slow down’ or a strike if you’d like. It makes no sense for Joe Average to put in one ounce of effort to support rich jews and poor minorities.
          I suggest that every man who can come up with a scheme to get “welfare”. If the government is going to hand out free money you’d have to be a retard not to stick your hand in the pot.
          You’re free to swim against the current but I wont waste my life doing so.
          “With your last breathe you shall bear witness to the end of days” Revelations something or other

        8. You’re the one not seeing how thoroughly duped you are. You are a bitch down into the depths of your soul.

        9. I’ve read the New Testament and I’ve Googled and Binged it, I also looked it up on my computers Dictionary, and it’s not there, did you spell it wrong?

        10. My soul. Don’t even go there child. A masculine man grows up and accepts his responsibility as a cognizant, sentient human being who uses his discernment and judgment. You call sacrifice to higher ideals that are not based on cynical self interest and nihilism as being akin to being duped. Values like hard work and fortitude that help rise a good solid family, work that adds to the traditional values of our society. I’m disappointed with how unaware your generation is, who became saturated with the left wing “opt out” ideals of the hippy generation.

        11. So you just want to be a fucking tool. Ok.
          “Xainity” is a misspelling. It should be “Xianity”. My bad, yo.
          Xianity is the religion were god impregnates a virgin who gives birth to ‘the son of god’. This Son of God is also God and a holy ghost- what ever the fuck that is- and a jew, all at the same time. The living jew god lives the life of a hippy pussy, feeds the poor and never gets laid. The Romans than tack the pussy jew to the wall like a Justin Beiber poster, But fear not; that’s what pussy jew wanted because he wants to save the souls of all of those who’ll suck his ass. He can forgive murderers and child molesters but damned are those who do not get on their knees. He never explains why an all powerful god needs to go to such great lengths to change the rules that he created, it just is. Jew boy then comes back from the dead and flys up to heaven.

        12. We lose our countries, cultures and homes if we opt out and don’t fight. What do we gain from fighting though? To not lose our lands and cultures? It’s all been watered down and is such a shit heap that there’s little point.
          We really are check mated aren’t we.

        13. Your generation have no ideals or values apart from self gratification. You lack self-discipline, passion and indeed love for the traditional values of our civilization. I know attacking and undermining fossils like me who still value these ideals is the trendy and sophisticated approach these days, but, quite frankly, I don’t really give a dam as I have an immutable, solid frame of reference in my the core of being, that I can revert to internally and know the splendor and greatness of our former masculine values.

        14. To what end? To fill your life with pointless pleasure? We wouldn’t even be here if our ancestors rolled over like we are.

        15. According to Bing Atheists make up about 2%-8% of the worlds population, Islam has 1.6 billion followers, and Christianity has 2.2 billion Followers according to Wikipedia, Doesn’t appear Christianity Is being Usurped By Atheism and Islam. Where did you get your Information?

        16. “be a retard not to stick your hand in the pot” It’s called having self respect. If you’re a man you go out and work, you add value to the world and it’s not just about money and status. It’s about having respect among ones male peers. Sticking your hand in the pot is the hallmark of a parasite and not a man.

        17. I’m a former Army Captain. I’m now a part time firefighter who makes about $20K per year plus $940 per month due to being 50% “disabled”. I’m fighting the VA for a 70% rating; about $1450 per month cuz fuck ’em, give me.
          I recently turned down a $72K job at Boeing. 6 month ago I turned down an easy do-nothing job with the army reserve as a U Washington ROTC instructor ; it would have paid $96K (O3 at 10 years) per year plus $20k signing bonus for 3 years. Not only that, but, I’d have likely been promoted to O4/ Major within a year which pays about 110K.
          My “male peers” kiss my ass because I’m a combat vet. I even get a discount at my weed store. But that’s besides the point. I’ll define manhood and masculinity for myself. I do not need validation from anyone else.

        18. Don’t know pothead. You see, like I said, I’ve got values apart from satisfying my dick.

        19. You do realize that your ancestors did not do a damn thing for you right?
          Do you think grandpa caveman went out hunting for his spawn 5000 later? Do you think your great great grandpa left Ireland/Poland/China/where-the-fuck-ever, so that you could get a $60k job shuffling papers?

        20. Not really. It was mostly a list of jobs that I turned down. Most Army officers are 22 when they commission. Captain is all most guaranteed unless you get a DUI or get caught fucking a private.
          The ROTC job was offered to me because I have the needed rank and a pulse.

        21. You mean the ‘Torah’? Sure did. While it’s a better story book than the NT, it’s still a steaming pile of shit. I prefer Tolken or JRR Martin.

        22. Your self-worth is predicated upon the opinion of others. You’re no different from a teenage girl who needs approval from her cliche.

        23. Now, now you’ve really upset me with that remark. I’m going to run straight up to my bedroom on cry on my pillow and wish it was all better in the world.

        24. Dude, pagan religions werent great, ok they were masculine but barbaric. Celtic and Greek religions enslaved people and sacrificed people. Druids burnt people in a wicker. The Norse
          Also sacrificed by burning and burial.
          Babylonians sacrificed children in a fire. Some of them even condoned homosexuality. They practiced dark magic and so on. At least In Christianity or Judaism, u don’t sacrifice people and there is moderation. Jesus was described as a good giving man. These polytheistic religions have fickle minded jealous gods. They murder and fight amongst their own kinds. Just read about Titans and Greek pantheons.

        25. I actually used to think like you.
          A few years ago I was in the commissary (army grocery store). There was a young negress; a Private 1st Class with a baby. I’d estimate that she was 19-20. You bought her groceries as she was paying with a SNAP card. I know because we all look when a young black mammy is paying with plastic, don’t lie. At that moment I thought ” what a stupid mother fucker —– I AM because, as she was spending her free government money, CEOs where flying private jets to get billions in bailouts. And here I was, working for a living, paying taxes, not sticking my hand in the free money pot.
          I’m going to use my VA disability to buy weed and 5.56. Thank you.

        26. “CEOs where flying private jets to get billions in bailouts.” The exceptions aren’t the rule, besides, as long as humanity has existed you’ll always have these types of users and abusers of the system. I don’t rate them as men, they’re the converse to every heroic masculine value I appreciate and esteem . No Sir, Bankers do not impress me one iota, but, I do understand why you’d see things differently now. Well enjoy your smoke.

        27. I’m not the one writing against Christianity. As I said in my response to another poster, I’m not a practicing Christian, but, I do have an understanding of Norse and Celtic mythology which is something different to believing in their practices. I’m not endorsing them, however, every religion “enslaves” people in some sense, surely that’s the nature of any belief system? Communism could equally be defined as a religion in this manner also, as indeed, up to 20 million people were scarified on its high altar.

        28. I will. Sour Diesel and a snowboard is next to nirvana.
          I own a pound of gold– 16.45 ounces actually. I just always wanted a pound of gold. Can you say the same? 405 ounces of silver. 250K in savings and investments, A gun collection that I’d wager is worth more than you car. You?
          You’re the type of useful idiot who’s willing to work his fingers to the bone for rich jews and poor niggers. That is the world that you prop up. Get back to your shit job, slave.
          I don’t consider you a man. I think of you as the horse from Animal Farm. “I will work harder” until the day your master carts you off to the glue factory.

        29. Validation? You are a willing parasite.
          You have my pity. Once you realize the bank account accumalation and your current dwellings doesn’t mean shit, you stick the pistol in your mouth toward the brain stem. Do it outside to spare your relatives for the clean up cost. But we all know you won’t.

        30. Ooooh listen to big daddy. I’m going to walk you through some things smoking jacket;
          First, you’re giving yourself waaaayyyy too much credit for having grasped the masculine ideals of say, 1946, or so. Because you’re so far up your own ass with your John Wayne self-image you are incapable of realizing a few things. First, you don’t realize that the generation of males you mimic held values that were effective in a different time period. Then, guys like you adopted those styles and values for your own narcissistic end, not to be effective. You are just play-acting, maybe deer hunting in the woods or scoffing at anyone who doesn’t strop their jackknife on their boot or some silly, ultimately childish version of being manly. You buried your head up your ass with your ‘true grit’ etc and because of that, the identity collectives spotted a weakness in you. Yes, weakness. Your narcissistic, uber-heroism wasn’t necessary for the time in which you lived. It was just a weak point that was exploited. And oh how it was exploited. As you type here, you’re still 100% duped. You’re a fool and, yes, a true bitch. And yes down to your SOUL.
          Secondly, you think we here are simply unable to recognize or emulate those archaic ideals. Like we’re a step behind you on the manhood evolution scale. We’re actually two, if not ten, steps ahead of you, not behind. We’re the ones refusing to being shamed into bitch-hood. So when you go off into your banal rundown of traditional masculine ideals of sacrifice etc. WE KNOW THAT STUFF ALREADY. It’s what has made men so vulnerable. Your life of working 40 hours a week in a nanny-state is easy. Just because you do a few “Fuck Yeahs!” to Limbaugh on your way to work does not mean anything. Guys with the balls to try a new form of life; overseas, MGTOW, neo-masculinity etc are the real men here. You are the child play-acting, hiding behind roles carved out for you decades ago by real men. You’re no different than a lumbersexual. You are transparent.

        31. A good religion must portray reality, and guide humans to truth and righteousness using life as it is.
          I was raised a Christian and I never felt I could be happy by christian standards. I want to be a good man. But I want my reward for that, and in this life. If my reward for it is a cross and death, I want to be evil.
          On the other hand, I understand polytheism and find it useful to guide my life. The Havamal is a great guide to social and political life. And I can understand the sacrifice Odin made (his martyrdom) to gain power and knowledge (he was tortured and lost his eye in the quest for the runes). I cannot follow Jesus’s steps to the Calvary, to save “all Humanity”. I don’t want any happiness to be awarded to prostitutes, feeble-minded, meek and mournful, etc (read the Sermon of the Mount). Because Christianism promises heaven to those who repent (who disgust me), and not to those who change (who I find admirable).
          It is a sad religion, which weakened the European minds for centuries. I say this with profound sadness, as I was always someone on the conservative side, but Christ no more for me, please. If that bans me from Heaven, great. I will be better in the company of Plato, Socrates and the milllions of intelligent people who refused or have never known that religion.

        32. Although I subscribe your denial of a militant social nihilism “ballzout” proposed, I must admit he has some valid arguments. Namely, those who are trying to make tradition prevail, like us, have been played as fools by the ’68 liberal crowd. And Christianism (especially after the Scond Vatican Council) has left a philosophical legacy of mindless protection to those who work against Civilization (those unable to be rational, those unable to tame their own destructiveness, but might any day repent before dying), weakening and degenerating all the good things we could in the future evolve into.

        33. You come from a somewhat accurate diagnosis of our present situation to a dangerous nihilistic view of yourself.
          Are you ready to take on your shoulders the full weight of your “neutrality”? To let them fully change and rule this world while you watch? To live an old age of loneliness and fear (all dystopias lead us there).
          Are you ready for a present of irrelevance and pure materialism? I don’t believe you are, as somehow you still write us some things, as you still hope your words can make a change in at least A mind. I’m glad you do. It proves you human. Of course, idealism is a teenager’s creed, and heroism its mindless tool. But we all need our voices to be heard, to have company, to feel the warmth of a home, of a family (or friends, at least), of a God (or many, or a Supreme Ideal), even at the distance.
          In other words, life necessarily brings frustration to our purest ideals. But it also brings us the sense that some of them are better not to be sacrificed too soon. And that participating in their battle for victory is better than the more mundane pleasures.

        34. ♫”Fuck Bitches, Get Money”♫
          ♫”I smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints and then I smoke 2 more”♫
          ♫Well you can tell ev’ryone I’m a down disgrace Drag my name all over the place. I don’t care anymore…I don’t care what you say
          We never played by the same rules anyway.♫

        35. And when the bitches are made to wear a burqha, money is payed to a muslim overlord and joints are unavailable because you are too poor to buy them?

        36. Yea but I’m 33 years old. I’ll be dead by then; hopefully knee deep in brass with the bolt locked back.
          Besides, its the catholic spics that’ll overtake the US. While I consider them subhuman, they are far superior to the muzz.

        37. Either way, the days of hedonism will soon be over, and something tells me that if you are 33, you will probably see it happen.
          But this is all foolish. You are in a Messiah age (33), where you feel different, more powerful than a youth, although less restricted than “an old fart”. In ten, 15 years, you’ll seek the full experiences (of transcendence: maybe family, maybe religious, maybe other) or bath yourself in nothingness (which is earthly but soon gets transcendent too). If it takes you more time than that, it will hurt more… As Peter Pans always get hurt, as those who arrived death before a full life is over, lived the only hell I found in my experience (regret or repentance -> please, don’t be one of those).

        38. I hope to see it happen. I only hope that the twilight of civilization correspond with the twilight of my life. It would truly be something to die knowing that the world dies with me; that “the living will envy the dead”.
          If you’re unwilling to shove screaming niggers into the oven then you have no right to complain. The demographics will not change with whitey engaging in a birthing contest.

        39. The castle of cards is ready to fall at any moment soon, you can see it everywhere (in the promised dream China will never turn into; in the dwindling prices of every commodity of our economy, from gold to oil, from houses to banks, from £ to €; in the demography and geopolitics… everywhere, I said).
          If it has to fall as you fall simultaneously, let it be, then. But maybe you crumble before it does. Maybe you’ll come to say “the life I had before I met God had no meaning, I didn’t know how unhappy I was”… And that would be disappointing, for me. So, put some meaning in your life before you reach the point when your soul is easy to buy and any shouting fool can do it.
          As for my views about… ovens… I’d rather not share them publicly, but I can tell you this: I have ALL rights to complain. And if those who I find my equals had followed my warnings, this would never have happened in our lifetime. But they were too busy being hedonists, christians, atheists, etc. And I always found myself standing alone against the madness. The madness wins, but still… I STAND.

        40. The 20million weren’t ritual sacrifice, they died in labor camps or starved or purged, some died in wars.

        41. It wasn’t that long ago that men were shamed for for being fucking bums, now they attempt to go about advocating becoming one.
          Some so called modern “alpha males” are under the illusion that going around with a chip on your shoulder makes you a man, it doesn’t ,it just makes you an asshole. Ignorant and Mis-guided they are. They fail to see that they are only perpetuating the problems by being hedonistic heathens instead of having character and morals like respected men of years gone by.
          I’m glad I’m old enough to have grown up around such men whose shoes I can never fill.

        42. People can be as rich and successful as they say they are on the Internet.

        43. Norse mythology was still actively practiced in scandinavia until a few hundred years ago, side by side with white christ. Even today I draw more inspiration from the old tales than from anything that came out of the middle east.
          The fact of the matter is that the norse religion is better for men, while christianity is preferred by women and the sick and otherwise weak in society. Ancient pedestalization is part of why we allowed it to exist in this part of the world.

        44. Again, excellently penned, and brilliantly articulated with the exception of one important point: Christ is most definitely *not* the progenitor of liberalism, because liberalism is based on astounding hypocrisy and bigotry. Beneath the veneer of “diversity”, the liberal or left scumbags are the most intolerant pieces of turds. But I digress …
          You see, Christ is the perfect example of the “right hand” path for any true man; i.e. “I come in peace and harmony, and would never do harm unto anyone” … then a real man balances that with the “left hand” path … “but fuck with me or try to oppress me, and I will carve a nice flower vase out of your skull with my 12-inch Ka-Bar”. So Christ’s message is as essential as being able to empty the 44-Magnum into a target 100yrds away in tight, tight 1-inch clusters.

        45. The real war under the surface is between universalism versus thelema – the human will, egoistic and in a secular sense even satanic. The urge to return to paganism is thelemic, often driven by nationalism (just as it was under the nazis), and arguably it always mirrors the things it most hates: it sees invasions in forms that it despises, be it progressivism or multiculturalism and wants to wage war on the basis of an eye for an eye. But to go down that route the only victor will ultimately be the underlying principle of vicious blinded ego. Its just another route to self-destruction

        46. Regrettably, as much as I and no other sane person would want it, there is *no* other way forward but complete annihilation of the current system, so that it can be re-built afresh. Our current edifice of lies and deceit, our depraved society is so utterly rotten to the core than nothing less than an infernal fire set by hardcore badasses will destroy the cancerous core. It wouldn’t be pretty but one must discard all rules of civility and timid morality when confronting Evil. All good and real men live by two principal mottos: “Deeds. Not words.” and “Against Evil, all is permitted.”

        47. A gun collection, eh? Ah, yes, just down my alley! I’m an HK, Sig, and Walther “specialist” myself, though no man can call himself thus without his Model 29 44-Magnum, as well as the 629 Stealth Hunter. My philosophy is this: after emptying a magazine of .45cals from the HK Mk23 into a scumbag’s corpse, one gives him a last very special treat from the 629.

        48. You’re wrong on many levels. Firstly, a real man doesn’t sacrifice himself for some trifle social ideal of community in a nanny state, or a stable job, or to have the suv and the white picket fence. No. By “sacrifice” what is meant is living by the motto “Liberty or Death” or “Liberating the oppressed” which is the same as defending the barricades against the forces of Evil. There’s nothing narcissistic in any of that. A most important value and ideal on par with Life and Liberty is Loyalty: absolute loyalty to one’s own, ideally in the form of tight and highly secretive networks that work behind the scenes to shape the world according to one’s group’s will.

        49. Meek doesn’t mean weak, it means teachable. Cross is likely a pagan origin, originally the word stauros, translated as cross meant stake. Many polytheistic religions worship rhe cross, egyptian ankh, t cross in Aztecs. Christianity can portray reality and it gives a lot of guidance. People who are wicked and they truly repent should have another chance. Those who are not good and don’t change are stubborn and leading themselves to destruction or decline. Check out jw.org ! It can give more advice in life. You can also read other stuff and make a comparison.

        50. The problem with good men fighting Evil is that they can become Evil themselves through fighting this battle. The the idea of the just war is correct, but, we when our current crop of politicians started describing everyone from Hugo Chavez, Castro and the late Colonel Gaddafi as pure evil in order to justify the invasion and/or sanctions against these Nations it kind of says more about the evil at the very heart of our own western establishments.

        51. Are there as Many Norse God Followers, as there are Christians Today? I don’t consider Myself Weak. I don’t Consider the Christians who fought in the Crusades, who fought in WW2 and who serve today in the Military and in Special Forces as weak Men.

        52. It’s that sulky, churlish, don’t give a shit about anyone but myself attitude, is what I’ve termed as the “Counterfeit Alpha” which has its roots in the bad boy “tragic rebels” of the 1950s beat generation who then later morphed into the hippy, nihilistic types like John Lennon for example, which ironically they fail to see is a negation of the values that made us great once upon a time….
          I think the 1980s represented a welcome return to a more innovative and traditional set of values that allowed men to progress through a combination of hard work and creativity. Unfortunately from the 1990s onward we’ve seen this whole ethos undermined by the revenge of the 1970s hippy left generation who were middle aged at this point and in positions of power after the 1980s. One of the fruits of this process of the “Counterfeit Alpha” who thinks he’s a real man by poring scorn on everything and everyone that gets in the way of his/her selfish little hedonistic bubble. Unlike the yuppies of the 1980s, today’s “Counterfeit Alphas” don’t believe in the notion of working hard to get the girl, the car, and the condo, whatever you might think about yuppies, at least they worked their asses off, unlike today’s “alpha gents” who couldn’t be bothered doing a day’s hard work, instead they’d rather live off the State or run some stupid scam or other. I find this types of alphas very disappointing as they’re essentially a negation of patriarchal values that built the west.

        53. Yes, I do understand as you mentioned some of the reasons that have led to the development of the “ballzout” mentality, but the main culprit in causing this been a combination of relative affluence combined with a sense of natural entitlement in the generations that have grown up from the 1990s onward. When men from this generation start saying they want to live off women or have the same State entitlements as women, I find this very disheartening as they’ve essentially said more or less that they want to be “kept men” whether through the State or by a women. A man should always keep himself, especially economically, so that he’s independent and self reliant; giving this up so as to bum around one’s days so as to be at best a Flâneur is in my mind a negation of one’s inherent masculinity.
          The other critical component that’s missing in our societies is a sense of vision and excitement in the possibilities that earlier generations had. In the 1960s for example, the whole notion of space exploration captured the imagination of young males, and, I fear that in a world where egalitarian political correctness becomes the rule, especially with women making decisions in these critical areas, we’l all be doomed in the future to the law of diminishing horizons on so many different fronts.

        54. Is this a form of self satire? (1) I’m not American (2) I was born in the 1970s (3) I’ve never said “fuck yeahs” while listening to anyone on the radio as I drive serenely around the streets of Chester in the mornings.
          I think you’ve been duped by your own emotional self projection . You’ve got the wrong guy.

        55. I’m a wealthy man from the hard work I did at your age. I wasn’t smoking dope and getting State handouts when I was 33. These days, I’ve got leisure and time, I’ve been half way around the world many times, and lived in numerous countries and I’m only in my mid 40s.
          Smoking dope can rob a man of his best years, looking at a ceiling, dreaming about things that will never be.

        56. Of course you don’t consider yourself weak. It’s a sort of dunning-kruger effect. Dumb people don’t think they are dumb, weak people don’t think of themselves as weak, and for the same reason. Admitting personal deficiencies is painful. And the inability to do so is a weakness.
          On the other hand, smart people know there are tons of things they don’t know and that there are many people smarter than them – and are happy about it, because that means there is more to learn. And strong people know that there is always someone stronger, and are happy about it because that means that they can keep reaching for higher goals.

        57. This whole back and forth has been the best thing I’ve read in a while.
          I want Smokingjacket to be correct, but I think you’ve gotten to the crux of it right here.
          Civilization/society/virtue is a contrivance built upon the backs and sacrifices of beta/honorable men.
          Unfortunately we’re in the process of reverting back to the one true law; “might makes right.” Be it right, wrong or indifferent.

        58. Well said!
          Egalitarianism has now reached a reactionary state, which is easily observable in the political, scientific and even artistic areas (literature, architecture, music, cinema and painting seem to take refuge in simpler, often repeated models, never innovative, never adding actual value). Even Fukuyama’s historical perspective worked as a mirror of this narcissistic hopelessness.
          A Society where the citizens are denied their difference and thus their individuality, is a failed Society, both in body and spirit (as the Soviets have shown). And even when we know it’s becoming generally accepted as a failed recipe, the punishment mechanisms against dissent seem only to grow more severe and thorough. One can only ask if those mechanisms are not becoming more internal, rooted in the very own mind frame of younger people.

        59. But do you think the Crusaders are Weak, and the Men who Fought in WW2 are weak, and the Men in the Military and Special Forces are weak who are Christians?

        60. “One can only ask if those mechanisms are not becoming more internal, rooted in the very own mind frame of younger people” Conformism, fearful of offending someone with a genuine thought that you can see with “your friends” on Facebook combined with shorter attention spans through the use of smartphones has rendered this generation perhaps the most docile and least creative ever. And the news last week about the young lamenting the passing of David Bowie, how can such empty, tame and tepid minds understand him, I wonder, not that I was a huge fan, but, he was unique.
          It seems that the important thing nowadays with this generation is to be liked by your peers, which means you have to become a babbling, gossipy, mediocrity who talks about banal and innocuous nonsense mostly. It’s all really rather disappointing, isn’t it.

        61. You are no crusader. Simply calling yourself christian does not make you one. And besides that, most christians don’t actually follow its teachings.

        62. Listen, I will not bash Christianism, Christ’s example or the Cross as a symbol. They have a successful history so far and are better than most ethical systems we have nowadays developed and accepted.
          (if you are interested in a brief about my spiritual life, read the following lines)
          As I said, I was raised and educated in those values, I know the Bible very well, and I know what kind of life a man should live in order to be a good Christian. I fed and dressed and assisted the poor, I went away from my pride in humble joy, I honored my family and church, etc etc.
          I had never a problem with “faith” itself. Although I am a man of science, I recognize “faith” as essential in human life. “Churches” are also needed as we moral vectors in good functioning Societies.
          But two things are irreparably lost in me, and have driven me away for good: the idea of ONE God, when so much contradiction and competing wills are perceivable; and the idea of a forgiving, merciful divine message that I found based on my weaknesses and not aimed to grow my strengths. It can’t be. There cannot be a heaven both for sinners who repented and for those who lived their entire lives as almost saints. Same thing for hell.
          I keep doing “good” actions indiscriminately (as it is my job and I am even payed for that, but not only as part of my job), but I can’t accept we are all sons of the same God, equally loved by Him. Maybe I’ve grown unforgiving at some point. “As you judge others so shall you be judged”, I remember. But let the punishment come, if that is the price for wanting justice on this Earth. I know it seems too hard, but it actually works better for me and I can cope better with this mindset. I’ve brought wholeness to my earthly life and out of the ethereal realm.
          And then I was heavily influenced by Taoist philosophy and here I am, happy and healthy.

        63. Yea. You’re a sexless clown be your own admission. You worked like a bitch, never got laid and now you dream of an immaginary time in which you’d be respected.

        64. hell is very likely an inappropriate translation for Gehenna. Many polytheistic religions have concept of hell like greek Tartarus, Hindu naraka. Gehenna was a trash dump and where they burnt criminals ‘ corpses and a place of they sacrificed to Baal, and those burnt there were not memorized by the abrahamic god. Gehenna doesnt mean eternal damnation, it meant to have your body to be destroyed and no hope of ressurrection. The bible says all are born with sins, so everyone can improve. Your former christian beliefs seem to have a lot of pagan/nonchristian influences. . Taoism has some good things, but It is more of a philosophy.

        65. It’s not a contrivance as such. War and civilization have always gone hand in hand, especially when you’re defending values worth fighting for. The problem is that none of us are going to go out and fight and die for values that support abortion and gay marriage, values that destroy I believe the very foundation of our civic societies.
          West Civilization was built upon the shoulders of men who knew what they were fighting and defending. The Vikings, Normans, Greeks, Spartans, Gauls, Huns, Franks, Romans, Saxons, Celts etc. Today the people who would have once fought have given up and abandoned this idea, out of disgust about what they see happening all around them, but, who could blame them? It’s a classic Catch 22 and it’s very sad.

        66. Everything you say is right for a different era. It’s ideal for all eras. But in the current era, the excess righteousness, heroism, loyalty and duty are things that allow white males to be exploited by lesser demographics. We project those same traits onto lesser demographics when those traits are not there. This is the weak point. No matter how selfish lesser demographics are, white males still cling to those ideals and have it used against us. It has blinded white males to how seriously they have been manipulated.

        67. Nice solipsism on display there.
          And just throwing out the word ‘projection’ was a real internet nuclear bomb, mike-dropper in 2011 when the concept was first getting mainstream play. These days you need to explain why I’m projecting which you surely can’t since you pulled it out of your ass.

        68. Dude…sour diesel and snowboarding? Sounds like me for the past 4 years.
          Random question…ever listen to Ministry?

        69. Im 4 years into his plan, and exactly where you said he will be.
          Problem is, you have NO fucking solution.

        70. Those are some impressive mental gymnastics to prove your jew god isn’t a complete anti-white male faggot.

        71. If we could tattoo an F on every feminists forehead and then make the punishment instant death for raping a non-“F” women this might just work…

        72. funny like people try to link the jew and jesus when they hate him and try to erase his teaching from the world.
          the jews have chosen the devil instead of god there is no more connection with them and chris.

        73. “mental gymnastics”? Hardly, pal. So long as one doesn’t get sucked into the sheepish aspect of Christ’s message, it’s an excellent starting point of living in peace and harmony with others. Or at least always being the first to try peace and harmony … but not at the expense of one’s dignity and self-respect. If others don’t respond in kind, then get the Ka-Bar out, and start plucking out a few eyes.

        74. Well, it’s like this: the key is always to go in peace, wherever it may be, and whatever the situation, with the mind-set of: “I come in peace, and seek to harm none, and desire harmony. And, wish to be left alone to prosper, without doing so at anyone’s expense, or oppressing any other.”
          If others don’t reciprocate, then fuck any “christian” doctrine. Turn the other cheek if some scumbag does you or your family harm? As eye-talians say “get da fauk atta hea” … Seriously, what kind of a motherfucking pussy just stands there, turning the other cheek, while their 12yr old daughter gets gang-raped?

      2. If she has blue hair and pierced nose, I would watch and laugh. If she doesn’t, maybe I’ll lift a finger.

    2. That’s what poolside is all about to me, making the feminists sleep in the bed they made. I’m personally enjoying watching them get their just comeuppance from my perch outside the fire. I really don’t care if they completely wipe out Western Civ sometimes, it’s just so satsifying to watch the feminists get their poetic justice. I’m making my paternal investments outside the zone of liberal insanity (abroad) anyway, so I have absolutely nothing but spite for them and no sympathy nor consequences if every last one of them becomes a sex slave for Mohammed and his buddies. No, I won’t save them from themselves, Western women.

      1. Yup, poolside. It’s not only the best thing you can do for yourself but also the best thing you can do for the collective (even though you’re not trying to). The collective must learn that the middle class white boy cash cow can’t bail out every insane thing. It’s over. “Manning Up” and keeping things patched together only makes it worse.
        I get you on the ‘satisfying’ part too but my next move is to remove myself so completely that there is no satisfaction. I shouldn’t be that invested that I get an emotional reaction to it. I just want apathy which frees up my energy for focused activities and a sensual awareness of my day. That’s the next step, imo.

      2. “I really don’t care if they completely wipe out Western Civ sometimes” Until you realize one day that there’s no food in your stores, no internet, no electricity, no surgeons in the hospitals when you’re ill, no medicines etc. Jesus you people are so naive, you wouldn’t last a day if the system broke down. Think about.

        1. Mad Max sounds like a good time. Far better than working to see my money taken to prop up the wealthy jews, and worthless minorities.

        2. Because he was seriously talking about infrastructure and logistics issues when he said that, right? He wasn’t just making a point on social culture, right?

        3. When the bog paper runs out you can use doc leaves. They work better than manufactured paper and they’re also more environmentally friendly too!

        4. The beauty of living on a boat is that the entire coastal world is my home. I can move anywhere, any time, for free. There will always be somewhere less war torn and more civilized than the general world.

        5. It’s a great way to be. I used to boat a bit myself and the idea has always appealed to me. Are you retired?

        6. Speak for yourself. I grew up in the country and we raised most of our own food up through the time I was a teenager. Vegetables were grown and canned for winter and cows and pigs were slaughtered each autumn, smoked, salted, or frozen and there was fishing in the summer. I come from a family well versed in living off the land. I’ve also relocated to a place where people still know how to live off the grid. Most food is locally produced, not shipped in. You really should travel a little more. Not everywhere is as dependent on the corporate supply chain as North America and Europe.
          I’m not saying it would be a pretty picture if the house of cards crashes, but neither is getting spit upon supporting the current system.

      3. Liberal insanity is everywhere, you can run but you can’t hide. Slowly but surely this spreads likes a virus.

      4. The only problem with that is that women didn’t do this. We allowed them to do it. It’s on us, and if we want to fix it then the solution requires that we identify and kill every man who supports the current system. Nothing less can do it.

        1. Well that’s certainly solution focussed but not really very practical.
          Why not just focus on slaughtering their arguments. It’ll be a whole easier, and more effective with it

        2. Words don’t work on them. Their entire psychology is based around lies, while we are generally more rule and honor bound. We simply do not have the mental capacity to stoop to their level. Their way of war is with words. Ours is with physical action.

        3. I’m not so sure. At least, putting yourself in the firing line may always be ready, but wars are rarely won that way. To win a war, you have to persuade that the war is just. You have to persuade that your cause has the greater part of right, and that means winning the argument, or at least – in a degraded world – winning the propaganda battle. Wars are moral contests just as much as they are physical. And if you win the former there may be no need for the latter. The art of fighting without fighting and what not… as bruce lee once said.

        4. A war is just if your side wins. That is why the nazis are the worst scum the world has ever seen. The only thing they did wrong was lose.

        5. there’s certainly truth in the idea that the victor gets to write the history books. So yes, if you get physically annihilated, and the annihilators do a good job, then I guess that side wins. But it is awfully difficult to do that kind of thing. The nazis found that out for themselves. But equally they lost and there are still nazis around. There are alternative ways. And if you choose a more violent option what’s to say that down the line that won’t become a pyrrhic victory

        6. It’s not a choice. Both the imploding economy and the ever increasing stream of hostile immigrants would trigger a civil war on their own. Together, it’s completely out of the picture to have a peaceful resolution to the coming shitstorm. The only question is what you will do when it happens, which side you will be on. Best to decide ahead of time.

        7. Its the most volatile and dangerous time that I can remember. Sometimes in history there will be clashes. Maybe its a question of massive techtonic plates that are going to throw up new mountains as one plate goes under and one rises above. But in a sense that’s catastrophising. It may be that it doesn’t have to be like that. One just has to be prepared and oriented towards an optimum result

        8. Any time you have a thought that could be started with “wouldn’t it be nice if…”, stop and think carefully about how realistic it is to implement in the real world.

        9. I see it as pragmatism rather than looking through rose-tinted specs. Over the last century wars have been catalysts for negative rather than positive change – at least where men are concerned, so why should we reason that it should be any different a next time. Besides which wars are fought by governments, outbreaks of violence can be snuffed out would be snuffed out with ease, and any argument presented in the name of that violence would be invalidated within public discourse

        10. The one thing no one can argue with is that if the NSDAP won WW2 we would not be worried about Feminists or Muslims right now.

        11. The world the nazis would have created would have eventually become raging progressive and cultural Marxist as it is now, maybe 50 to a 100 years later.

    3. I would join you eating that ham sammich, Unfortunately our women have been subverted against us. Bought and paid for by materialism, and feminist ideologies. They have fed women’s narcissism with “empowerment”, and Women are unable to see how they are being manipulated. I would have them fill a questionaire, and pass a visual test before I defended them.
      – What do you think about the family?
      – Do you think we are all equal?
      – Are you Pro-life, Pro- choice?
      etc.. any liberal answer that hints of Bernie Sandrs will be enough to throw her to the Enrichment Lions. My “White Knight” impulses will be disabled for her.
      Visual Test (Source: ROK articles)
      -Short Hair? Painted Blue, Silver. alternative color.
      – Tattoo saturation?(Tramp stamp)

      1. I don’t like the equal question. It’s worded so as to only elicit a yes response.
        I can guarantee like 99% of people would say yes to it.

      1. sub-text being “we hate white men” who protect us and enable our collective pampered princess existence

    4. 1000 years ago every idiot could see that this is an invasion. The subhuman scum from the Middle East are coming to conquer the lands. But they are laughing their hairy balls off, because:
      1) They steal the wealth and face zero resistance from white males
      2) They rape the women and face zero resistance from white males
      3) They Islamize the lands and face zero resistance from white males
      I think this is the first time in the history of mankind that the men of a country give their wealth, women and land away for free.

    5. Well, sounds like you’ve got your anger problem back under control. So you’ve got that going for you….

  4. We must welcome them. They come in peace to us western men bearing great gifts and wisdom from the east. We must learn to bend our enfeebled knees to their superior prowess and learn their craft for even our whores will be stunned in submission by the brutal, invigorating power of their raw dominating masculinity.

  5. Immigration without assimilation is a problem. Rome’s Danube border legions were annihilated at the Battle of Adrianople in 378. This allowed unchecked immigration of barbarian tribes into the the empire. The empire could not assimilate them fast enough and the Roman Empire vanished from history in less than 100 years (476 A.D.) after a half millennium+ run of greatness.

  6. I don’t buy the official story. I reckon its a fix up by match.com after their computer worked out the dating profile for European women was a perfect match for every man in the middle east and Africa with a hard on

  7. I just came from a private party with russians friends who were home for the holidays. They are saying the muslim brotherhood are behind the massive migration of miliatry age men into Europe.
    We all agreed the old, dodgering fools in European capitols are in denial because they know they do not have the honesty, resources, or resolve, to face up to what they have done or what is coming.
    *follow up: Valeri Jarrett is an intrical part of Obama’s team and has deep MB Connections. No evidence of coordination. Just throwing it out there.

    1. Why the Muslim Brotherhood in particular. They’re apparently one of the more “moderate” terrorist groups who are even fighting against ISIS in Syria.
      The doddering senile fools in Brussels were unfortunately indoctrinated with the once noble idea of a having a unified Europe that would prevent the rise of a power like Nazism from occurring again, however, this belief has actually produced a situation that is perhaps allowing a phenomena even worse than Nazism to come into being.

      1. I take the “moderate” term with a pinch of salt, as in, the Free Syrian Army is moderately less violent than ISIS.

      2. No idea. Muslims are behind it, but why bother narrowing it down.. Allah wills it and the Europeans are dupes.

        1. I doubt they’re capable of thinking out a strategy as such, most are coming for the easy life of the welfare State and another small minority are a disparate bunch of Arab malcontents, who are primed by a hatred towards the west that they don’t even understand.

        2. They have outside support, no doubts, but priming a bunch of illiterate Arab malcontents to flee to land that give them money and shelter would not take much inscentive as the willing dupes prostate themselves. The pay masters are funneling cash as well as active terrorist cells in operation who are accuing a huge internal recruiting pool already in the AO. In short, they have placed agents behind enemy lines to cause disruption and internal conflict. Straight out of counter insurgency play book.
          You underestimate them.

        3. I think you also underestimate the western intelligence services who’ve prevented a lot of these malcontents from causing trouble in recent times.

        4. Name them. I only know their failures and I believe I am not alone in that assessment.
          Besides, none of the intelligence services helped those people on 9-11, Paris, Baslan, etc…

        5. How can I name the successes? You can’t and yet the great unwashed moan constantly from the sidelines about how deficient our intelligence services are. Bullshit. For every one that gets through, there’s a multiple of others that are prevented from painstaking analysis and detection work….and yet all we hear are the usual grippers and moaners whose security is being looked after everyday behind the scenes by good people up holding the values of our civilization.

        6. Easier question. Do you pesonally know anyone in the intelligence services?
          I do. Sleep well.

        7. Smarter men than I have noticed that as well. Europe is being turned into an Israeli living life style (terror, gang rapes, security issues, etc…)and it is by design.
          Myopic old European socialists simply do not recognize the world as it is today and there will be a price to be paid for it.

  8. It is easy to say you don’t give a duck from the states but that is a lazy man’s stance. There is nothing honorable in it except for saving your own time on potentially fruitless endeavors. Women have never known what is best for them. Men have always been the ones to save them from themselves. For some reason men let them have too much power. White knights defend their bad decisions rather than correct them. The solution is simple and worth our efforts, not just for men but for women as well.
    Btw I’m those Muslim rapists in Germany are not targeting the liberal nutjobs for their rapes. If a good, honest woman is in the wrong place she can just as easily pay the price.

    1. Yes, it’s true that the women who were assaulted by on New Year’s eve were real victims and that they are the ones who’ve paid for all the nonsense of the extremist multicultural and feminism guilt agents.

  9. Ultimately men allowed this to happen, ultimately men will be forced to fix it. This shit will continously happen so long as men hold women to a higher standard than anything else on this planet.

  10. May want to include that allowing More immigrants in will help Dilute the White Male population, which is Primarily Responsible for all Rape.

  11. Why is Bill Maher the only person in mainstream media with enough balls to address the European immigrant situation as it is? He did a great job taming Cornell West on the subject last night.

    1. Bill Maher does have balls. I disagree with about 9/10s of what he says but he’s the only liberal I know of that will call out islam.

      1. he just can’t bring himself to ask the question why Obama and democrats want to bring more muslims into USA. he has a mental block that wont allow him to face that reality

    2. He’s on HBO. When he was on network TV, he said something controversial and got shitcanned. Best thing that ever happened to him. Now he can tell the truth without having to kiss sponsor’s asses.

  12. The issue with these guys is that they believe the same sort of ideology thats being taught on this blog – western women are low value sluts because they don’t cover up and have sex outside marriage. Womens bodies are like property and therefore they should keep it under lock and key, and of they don’t they are asking for it, and so on.
    Have a bit of self awareness.

    1. No one here believes an ideology that teaches men to rape thousands of women on new year’s eve.

      1. The beliefs behind what happened on NYE is that western women are low value sluts that don’t deserve any respect because they don’t cover up and have casual sex. They don’t keep their bodies locked like a property, and go out at night and drink, therefore they are asking for it. They hate on gay men too.
        Does that sound familiar?
        This blog teaches a secular version of their ideology.

        1. Nah. There is no shortage of people that would be able make the same observation I did.
          The blog owner is muslim himself, where do you think his beliefs came from? Its not just a coincidence that the ideologies overlap so much.

  13. It gives men plenty of options as well.
    Put a towel on the old noggin, grow a nappy beard (if you can) and say you identify as an arab/dindu or whatever…
    Then have it. Rape away. You will not get prosecuted…

  14. In truth… The r’s of society will not be able to defend against these brutes. And what is frightening is that some of those r-types actually want to see their women with the brownies. They are excited to be in a cuckold. It appeases them.
    Any “man” you see supporting that nonsense is most likely fantasizing about the negro shanking his woman with his man missile. These guys are the ones happy to get bent over and pegged. Maybe suck out the cream pie in shame. Everyone of them is a deviant and most likely happy to be dominated.
    The K-types (us) can not understand why anyone would want to be shamed. We can’t see anyone we love be harmed with out a visceral need to destroy the defiler. Us K-types will ditch anyone that has cheated on us. We are the ones that do not need laws because we have a moral code embedded in us to cause no harm unless in defense.
    We know what will happen in the long run. We perceive a danger and want to act upon it. r-types (those weak little perv’s) want a society that is dangerous to the K-types because it fits their mating preference. A society they can roll over and play good dog in.
    Let those weaklings eat cake. Protect your own. No one else. If you see a woman being attacked, chances are she was on the welcome wagon. If you see a group of monsters molesting a woman, either walk away or hide and record it so others can learn from you and let that recording serve as a warning to anyone that will listen to reason.
    No matter what… DO NOT HELP ANYONE YOU KNOW VOTED FOR THIS NONSENSE. They do not deserve your strength nor your calm nor your guidance.
    Let them eat cock (cake)…

  15. This is hilarious, tragic, but hilarious nonetheless. More satire like this please for a good schadenfreude laugh.

    1. Some sentences sound soooooo damn familiar: “We should understand that this is the sort of violence from which migrants are desperately trying to escape. Islam, the religion of peace the migrants follow (…)” -> this is European newschannels all day long.

  16. I have a win-win-win solution to Europe’s immigrate Islamic problem. Why three “wins” ill explain. Islamic migrants marry their sweet submissive daughters to European men if they convert to Islam , accept and defend the sharia and islam. European men give up their detestable feminists to be tamed by Islamic men.
    Win #1. European men will finally have women who are women. Instead of fighting a unnessasary war they can instead have many babies and live peacefully.
    Win #2. Islamic men will have their religion and laws fullfilled. And they will no longer wage nessasary jihad.
    Win #3. The daughters of the Islamic men would be so happy to have a nice sweet European husband instead of a harsh mean, war hardened, Insatiable Islamic man.
    You Christian men don’t understand that your religion has failed. Islam prevails for a reason. Even in abrahamic religious texts, didn’t god support the righteous? Did those who followed the right thing succeed and those who followed evil fail. Christian men wake up and see the truth of islam. Study it and see for your self. It’s the same of what the Bible teaches. But the truth is that Christians no longer fear god. They have made idols of politicians and celebrities. Yoyr leaders have sold you out and have have “liberated” your women from yoyr rightfull authority. Your women have abandoned you good men for degenerate scumbags. When will you wake up and see that islam will do what’s good for you. All this talk about increasing notch count. This hedonism is sickness. It only will make what you have worse. It will make your women more evil. It will make them hate you more.
    Return of kings? Then be kings. Make your women submit as you submit yourselves to the god. Bring justice to society. Get rid of hedonistic pleasures and find pleasures in doing the right thing. Studies hard. Working hard. Having beautiful babies. Loving your sons and daughters. Being in harmony with your children and parents. Western societies have failed, just as Islamic societies in the past failed when they strayed from what is truth. Islam is not your enemy.
    The thousands of men who fled Syria are the worst of scum. They call them “islamic”.
    Here is the truth.
    1. These men left their women and children to pursue hedonistic lifestyles. That’s why they go to Europe to rape and do drugs and sell drugs and for gangs. When the Islamic state reaches them they too will be punished for their evils.
    2. Your government allowed these men to into your countries and betrayed you because there is a war going on, between islam and the world. They would rather these men terrorize you than to join the Islamic state and support the Islamic state. Not to mention their greed and need to support their corporate and Banking masters, who are the leaders of these affairs.
    3. You don’t need to give up your European cultures. Your beautiful cultures will be preserved under islam. If only you accept it. Or pay the jizya. If you become Muslim even better because then you can join the family.
    4. Why would thousands of men go to sacrifice their lives in Iraq and syria? So they can be evil and kill and donwrong. What a joke. A lie by the western media. The true evildoers love their worldly lives because it’s all they got. The American forefathers were just men. They gave their lives for good. The men who fought ww2 did it for good. Look at those who fight the Islamic state. They are terrified of fighting. They flee and escape. How else was the true Muslims of the Islamic state able to expand so quickly. Because of their fearlessness of men and their fear of god. They do not fear for their lives because it is their lives to fight and do what’s right.
    There is so much more but the truth is that you are good men and the real Muslims who fight to protect their land people and wealth are also good men. Help them and they help you. There doesn’t need to be wars between good men, only between good and evil, and those who are evil have no strength or truthfullness, because strength is a good man’s quality and nature. Men are only waking up now , because their women are being attacked. But still your women hate you, they are curropted by your leader and their man made laws just as even was curropted by satan. They Will lead you to your own destruction just as she did to adam. But it’s not too late. All men in europe. Find the true Muslim men and give them your women. And then turn to islam. In turn they will give you tier daughters. And peace will follow between the brother of faith. And evil and insecurity will follow those who continue in the ways of evil and those who practice evil.

      1. I’m not a Muslim, and I don’t know whether or not this guy is being serious or not, but I think we need to face facts. Unless a Putin-like dictator sets himself up in America, things are only going to get worse. We have to face the music. MOST LIKELY THE ONLY WAY TO RETORE PATRIARCHY IS THROUGH ISLAM. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but it very well might.

      2. I’m not the enemy lol. I’m just a person who isn’t affiliated with either side who is thinking of a solution. I just don’t want to see people kill eachother if it’s preventable.

    1. I’d rather not convert to Islam. Sure they are a masculine religion and would be a permanent solution to all the liberal faggots in North America but I’m not interested in a socialist dystopia ruled by a death cult.
      I don’t like following political correction so why should I live on my knees for some moon god followers?

      1. Who said anything about moon god? Wth? It’s the same one God that Christians believe in. Even if your not a Christian or jew and you believe in one creator or god. It’s the same. And it’s not a death cult. Live on your knees? Men are the leaders of Islamic society. You will be rewarded if you work hard as all men wish to. Rewarded with wives, and children and land and wealth. With responsibility for your future. They are against banks and interest. They are against the elites. They are against feminism. Against drugs ,alchocol. They are for science , learning, prosperity. In many ways they are same to their American Christian brothers who built America. Anyone can live under Islam as long as the pay the jizya.

        1. Allah’s origin can be traced back to the Arabian moon god Hubal who was worshipped during pre-Islamic Saudi Arabia. That Islamic moon symbol isn’t coincidence.
          Yeah men are the leaders of Islam but that doesn’t change the fact that Muslim countries punish those to death that speak against the religion or even those who reject the faith. Let’s not forget the fact that they make up 8 of 10 of the most dangerous countries in the world.
          I hate feminism and everything related to it but I’m not trading that for a tyrannical shithole with a convert-or-die system.

        2. It wasn’t until the Ottoman Empire that the crescent moon and star became affiliated with the Muslim world. When the Turks conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453, they adopted the city’s existing flag and symbol. Legend holds that the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman, had a dream in which the crescent moon stretched from one end of the earth to the other. Taking this as a good omen, he chose to keep the crescent and make it the symbol of his dynasty. There is speculation that the five points on the star represent the five pillars of Islam, but this is pure conjecture. The five points were not standard on the Ottoman flags, and as you will see on the following page, it is still not standard on flags used in the Muslim world today.
          For hundreds of years, the Ottoman Empire ruled over the Muslim world. After centuries of battle with Christian Europe, it is understandable how the symbols of this empire became linked in people’s minds with the faith of Islam as a whole.
          Based on this history, many Muslims reject using the crescent moon as a symbol of Islam. The faith of Islam has historically had no symbol, and many refuse to accept what is essentially an ancient pagan icon. It is certainly not in uniform use among Muslims.
          Source is from islam.about.Com
          Those countries are dangerous now, of course, because of evil and curroption. Is America any safer. We are desensitized to police brutality and killings as well as massive imprisonment.
          Yes if you speak out again islam you will be punished. But it’s the law. They are honest with you. It’s to preserve islam.
          In the west they say you have freedom of speech but it’s a lie. They use it against you.
          And again it’s not convert or die. Under the Khalifa system it’s pay the jizya. You can pay 40% to the irs and they use it to wage wars for profit. The zakat and jizya are not bad when you have guaranteed protection.
          Most “Islamic” countries are unjust and not ruled True to the Quran and sunnah.
          The Khalifah is the right way. Why have many men and women taken their children to live in the khilifah. There are Christians who left the Iraq government and went to mosul for protection under the khilifah.
          Don’t take my word for it. But look what what is just and right. I was an athiest. I realized I had a 3 choices. 1. Give up on life and live meaninlessly. 2. Accept hedonism and pursue mindless pleasure. 3. Search for what is just and true.
          The. I found islam. Peace and justice is all that I wish for.
          Would you rather your daughter be a instagram whore or a house wife to a good honerable man? Would you rather you sons be cocksuckers and femenists and “alphas” who seek nothing but the satisfaction of their greediness. Or would you rather they have masculine values, pursue honorable goal?
          Even if I was athiest still I would still support islam. I’m not chasing after paradise. Lol. I don’t care about virgins. I saw an old woman suffer her whole life but stuck by her faith. She could easily have given up. Abandoned her children, committed suicide. But instead she was strong. I know when she died she had peace. Because she did the right thing.
          I did some wrong things and I lost my peace. But I only wish to do good things so when I die I’ll have peace in my last moments. That’s my paradise. I don’t care for more than that.

        3. I’ll thank you not to mention that heresy here again about Allah and the Christian Trinity being the same God. It’s bullshit and insulting.

        4. “Rewarded with wives”
          In the afterlife no doubt.
          Well I got news for ya.
          Why? Cuz atheists don’t think that way.
          What WE want is to be left alone to live this one life as we see fit because it’s the only one we know for sure we have!
          Trouble is practically EVERYONE has a big problem with that.
          Whether it’s Christian fundies with their kree – ayy – shin sigh – intz that say well go to hell if we don’t subscribe to the asinine notion that the Grand Canyon was made in 6 days…..
          …..or spoiled, pampered femcunts that think oppression means not CONSTANTLY being the center of the multiverse……
          …..or 8th century camel jockeys like you that think the cure for sexual starvation is 72 heavenly virgins instead of fapping off to porn…..
          (…..OR certain ROK wingnuts that think the cure for sexual starvation is to make a prat of yourself in front of every pretty girl you see instead of fapping off to porn….)
          My point is there are a lot of folks that not only insist on making it through life the hard way but insist that everyone else do the same.
          And now it appears that those 8th century camel jockeys are on all our doorsteps.

        5. According to 100+ verses in the Quran, it’s a Muslim’s duty to fight for Allah and destroy the infidel. In fact, those who choose not to fight are considered disobedient. All those peaceful Muslims aren’t following the Quran and won’t admit to its violent content.
          You could say Christianity has had its violence (nearly all which were done by the Catholic Church) but they had a Reformation which prevented further massacres. Islam, on the other hand, has no such thing and they still doing their jihads to this day.
          America was once a decent country until it slowly rotted at the time of the 1960s when they banned the Bible from schools. It’s no surprise that crime rates started to increase and women started to behave promiscuously.

        6. I didn’t make up the rules bro Allah did. If Christianity had rules that allowed whorls and cocksuckers among you once it might happen again.

      2. “Sure they are a masculine religion and would be a permanent solution to all the liberal faggots in North America but I’m not interested in a socialist dystopia ruled by a death cult.”
        No point in burning down the barn just to roast the pig…..
        ….unless you’re Muslim, in which case you would probably want the pig to burn up anyway.
        And Muslims only control their women because they are so violent to each other that a sliver of that violence cannot help but ‘spill over’ onto the females.
        But at what cost?
        Violence and crime create poverty not the other way around.
        I say if females only respond positively to male violence and bad assery then it’s the females that gotta change not us!

    2. Interesting and unusual post. Sooo ROK’s fierce Internet warriors are being honoured with an IS recruiter:
      You obviously did your home works.
      But you’ll find few people here are willing to become the new janissaries.
      I’d rather struggle to find a solution to this mess with my kind than having the neighbour offering me an easy way out on his terms.

      1. I’m not an IS recruiter. I didn’t tell anyone to join is. I’m just looking for a discussion on solutions to problems. “My kind?” Your own “kind” are the ones who sold you out. Your “kind” gave you feminism. There is no my kind or your kind. All men are bothers. We shouldn’t fight eachother when there is a peaceful option. Don’t you see that we all are trying to fight the real enemy. The rich greed old men behind the curtains who wish to play god.

  17. In the dictionary under “idiot” it says see the three young cunts in the picture above holding a welcome sign for raping, murdering migrants. Unbelievable.

    1. if you’re a muslim in Germany you’re on cloud 9 right now.
      all the booze and pussy you can take. literally just take what you want. Noone will do shit to you.

  18. White Western males should fight these invading Muzzrats not for the women from whom they receive so much hatred, but for preserving what their male ancestors worked so hard to build.
    Let the ethnic war against the invaders be won first, winning the war against Feminazis will be easier.

  19. On an another note, just look at the way these stupid bitches have positioned their legs while standing. This may sound trivial, but the way they are standing, especially the first from the left and the one in middle, it says a lot about their intelligence.

  20. Women are women, they love been savaged, always have always will, they will destroy all civilisation cause they are bored of peace and prosperity, it’s not exciting, no tingles, it’s not like they had to build, fight, die or fix anything to get this privileged.
    They crave been savaged and owned more then all the silly nonsense that comes out of their petulant mouths about equality.
    It’s about the freedom to say fuck you and your stupid religion to both of these parasites. All that fucking oil money, “culture”. blah blah blah and not one country worth a piece shit..

  21. This is not immigration, this is a fucking invasion! We are witnessing a unique moment in the history of mankind: men who are giving their wealth, women and land away just for free.

    1. Because Tha Croosades, durr. Need to make up for that.
      Shame we didn’t flat out take the whole area.

      1. You mean take back? Considering Islam conquered Christians (being the reason for the crusades).

        1. Yeah, take back. The whole mess would be sorted out, just like Al-Andalus was taken back.

  22. I saw this first hand when I lived in Europe for a couple of years. Some immigrants, and specially people from the Ex-Yugoslavia were some of the worst people you could meet. They despised their host countries and openly mocked and antagonized their residents. I thought it was outrageous. Even though I can see its flaws, I have nothing but respect for the US for giving me a new take at life and opening a world of opportunities before me.

  23. Very funny article. Seeing that photo at the top, with the teenage girls welcoming men who will one day rape them, I can’t help but conclude that allowing women to vote and participate in the political process was a mistake. There are a small number of intelligent women but the vast majority of women are irrational, emotional and lack any logic. That isn’t to denigrate women, they have many good sides especially their ability to nurture children. They are not, however, rational in the way many men are. There is another difference too – men are often driven by or work for (or even die for) abstract ideas: justice, the future society, logic, reason etc. The lack of such a drive in women is the reason there has never been a great woman artist or composer. I really can imagine some women being driven by feelings of attraction to the invading men, seeing them as exotic and different, exciting them as they break laws and of course the idiotic reaction to photos of dead children – and the women will carry this emotional type of mindset into the polling booth where more men will try to set things in context. I suspect future historians will come to see women voting as incompatible with democracy as the women vote for things that undermine the very society that gave birth to said democracy.
    The men who built western civilisation understood well the danger of women getting out of control and made sure they could never vote; they were wiser than the modern man who often can’t think with any more depth than the 140 characters of twitter.

  24. We can only hope the German and Swedish people stand up and beat every single Muslim person they see, make them flee Europe as fast as they arrived.
    Stand up for Europe and your culture! Time is running out.

    1. But again, they will one be putting themselves in harms way. These women are not crying out to be helped and saved. Their minds are all-in on this stuff. They have been sculpted for decades and it isn’t cracking. You can’t have an ally that has contempt for you. 50k Swedish men could take to the streets tomorrow and all the women and media will talk about is having a man tax.

  25. I’m all for letting the Islamic rapefugees into Europe and the US. And, in the name of political correctness, I am all for not protecting women in the West from these wonder Islamic men.
    This is social justice. Feminists should get it good and hard.

  26. It won’t matter guys. I’ve meet beautiful Eastern European women who grew up in Communism and they never figure it out. They really don’t. They will blame and blame and blame and are rarely on target. We may have to just write these people off. Sucks, but its reality. Seriously, how many women have you meet in life who say I used to think this and this and this, but this and this and this happened and now…… Maybe 2.

    1. Life is the best teacher. If they don’t learn from experience, they are fucked…literally.

  27. I will give you one MAJOR reason not to welcome refugees: http://www.blindfoldnation.com/index.php/2016/01/17/migrant-attacks-woman-in-hungary/ that is the savage beating of a woman on the street in Hungary. I left my hometown Luton UK due to islam. These people are less than animals. They are evil to their core. Islam does not belong in civilized countries. There are about 20 other videos similar to that. Just go watch them for a while and you might understand why Germany, Norway, Hungary, Sweden and other countries are starting to change their minds about “refugees”.

    1. Looks like a mugging for her wallet/purse. This is what happens when bleeding hearts and SJWs stand there with their welcome sign. Time for feminine protection…

      1. Love the image! I carry a colt .45 some days but most of the time it is my Glock 17 Gen 4. The colt .45 is just a bit too heavy.

      1. I disagree with it being race. I have met many people from those regions who are the same “race” but different religion and are perfectly peaceful. It does seem to be the religion. How many terrorists lately have killed in the name of islam? How many in the name of Christianity, or Judaism, or any other religion?

        1. I notice you don’t put whatever region you were in….which makes it very easy for you. But I doubt in many of these Northern African regions that Christians and Muslims are of the same “race”. But anyhow, I do agree that Islam combined with low intelligence is a bad combination, but in the end it’s mostly a racial issue considering that East Asian muslim countries don’t have the same problems, most likely due to having a higher average intelligence. Also, I never said there were no “good” people of any race. But yeah, in the end, this problem is due to heavy breeding with sub-saharan Africans during the Arab slave period, that really took off after Islams Golden Age. Many of these muslims (arabs) behave just like blacks do, look at South Africas problem with necklacing as an example, these are not muslims but “Christians”. Cruelty entirely stems from low intelligence and other things, if you aren’t intelligent enough to put yourself in someone elses shoes, then you will ofc lack in empathy.

        2. I will agree that intelligence generally helps the situation with any religion, the reason, intelligent people tend to not follow religions as closely. Anyone that follows islam to the “T” most certainly will be evil and hateful toward non-muslims, that is what the book demands. Are there good muslims? Probably. The problem becomes identifying those which are good from those that are bad. We know that at least 20% of Syrians support ISIS which means out of the 1 million + Germany took in, at least 200,000 are potential terrorists, that is a number that is far too large to ignore, because of that percentage, I would argue that none should be allowed into civilized western nations.

        3. Well, now you completely avoided my argument though, about unintelligent “Christians” behaving with similar savagery. Many of the Middle Eastern economies such as Saudi Arabia etc, are entirely dependent on the export of raw materials for their economy, it’s basically their entire economy. Similar to sub-saharan African states. This is because their average intelligence is not high enough to create any other form of economy. Now you write that “intelligent” people tend to not follow religions, which I call bullshit on, the real answer is that intelligent people are intelligent enough to become empathic etc, they understand that torture might happen to themselves on a future date, they understand because they can place themselves in someone elses shoes, etc etc.

        4. I never said that intelligent people do not follow religion, I said they do not often follow it to the “T”. I do not believe that intelligence creates empathy, this is a human function which even most of the least intelligent people still have. I believe that certain religious beliefs remove empathy, specifically islam toward non-muslims. Most iIntelligent people do not follow religions to the “T” meaning they are smart enough to say, I do not believe this is the way something should work, in other words they question the teaching, sometimes that means they do not follow the evil hateful part. This is not always the case though, there are plenty of intelligent people who do follow Islam to the “T” and kill in the name of that religion. I also have not seen the same problems from unintelligent Christians living in western nations, not at all, every Christian I have ever met, even from the lowest IQ scoring nations (Ethiopia for example) have been perfectly fine and very kind. The only religious group I have ever had problems with are the muslims. I lived in Luton UK which now has a very high muslim population and that city has turned for the worse. Intelligence can help people overcome evil written in a book but it does not always do so. Remember that most of these muslim people are taught to hate infidels from a very young age, it is hard to overcome or unlearn something ingrained from such a young age, example: http://www.blindfoldnation.com/index.php/2015/12/21/3-year-old-muslim-hates-jewish-people/
          Now another example, this is of a Muslim living in California attending a UCSD who is likely intelligent but is for HAMAS which is the genocide of all Jewish people: http://www.blindfoldnation.com/index.php/2015/11/24/ucsd-muslim-supports-hamas-are-there-any-moderate-muslims/
          My point is: intelligence does help people overcome certain teachings and return to the normal “humanistic” thoughts, however, muslims are causing the most problems whether intelligent or not at this current time on earth.

        5. In a similar spirit, I think I wrote that intelligence is not *only* based in intelligence, but intelligence forms a large part of it. Take altruism for example, even in multi-racial countries like the US whites pretty much make up all of charity organizations. You forget that in Europe we have a high enough average intelligence not to have such problems, and if you are claiming that such savagery doesn’t exist in Ethiopia then you are wrong. You can basically find such examples in any black Christian state, and you also have to remember that in arab states they at least have some somewhat proper system in place to report crime.
          But in one regard you are right, Islam and Judaism are the only main religions that describe non-believers as non-human etc, although Islam also has teachings in how to treat non-believers for the better. But as said earlier, Muslim states with higher average intelligence does not have the same problems as North Africa and Arabia, so in the end, it’s a race issue.

        6. I believe there are problems in Ethiopia, I am saying the people from Ethiopia that migrate to Europe or America, at least those I have met that were Christian, were very kind people. Intelligence definitely plays a part, no doubt. The question now is if those who are less intelligent can be properly educated or are they actually less intelligent due to biological factors and thus we can not fix the problem?

        7. Well, often those that migrate (not refugees), are those best educated in their home countries, since they can afford to leave. But yes, it’s biologically determined, which is shown by basically all evidence, intelligence is inherited, and problem can’t be fixed.

  28. There is a lot of angry white men who troll these boards. The world is out to get them apparently, hence why they hate this, hate that, minorities this, gays that, yada yada yada. I guess that’s why they hide their insecurities behind all their guns.

    1. Guns win wars and protect families sweetheart. If it weren’t for guns you wouldn’t have the right to babble like an idiot on message boards.

  29. Poor white girls of Europe. They had images of being dressed in belly dancer outfits and eating unlimited interesting exotic food stuffs with their middle eastern husbands. Not quite the way it’s turning out to be huh Becky?

    1. I think (hope) it was intended to emphasize the impact these “refugees” are having on society and the danger they pose to everyone but more specifically women because that’s who the pencil dick cowards target.

  30. This is one of the best ROK articles ever written, not even kidding, this is too funny and genius.

  31. What a shame for Europe. They are being colonized by an inferior foe but the leftists call it, “cultural enrichment.” The only reason why this is happening is because the left has taught the natives to hate themselves and their culture. Go to Latin American and see how everyone praises European Culture. If I was a young man living in Germany today I would get together with friends and patrol my neighborhood. If the government won’t do anything them you have to take justice on your own hands.

  32. My ancestors are European, but those pictures are the wrong pictures to use. It’s like a joke. Quit being sarcastic and be honest with everyone. Immigrants like that are used to abusing women not treating with respect. They don’t have a respectable culture that their used to. No manners, no human decency. That’s why we are always at war with them. You can change the coat of a wolf, but never the wolf.

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