6 Questions You Must Answer Before Preventing The Downfall Of Your Society

Many readers here at ROK have been asking the same questions. Questions regarding what can be done about the state of our world, what are options are, and how we should go about resolving the challenges that we face.

And I think before any of these questions can be answered, you—the reader—should be aware of your own motives, desires, and goals that you wish to achieve.

What Brings Us Here Together?

First, let us review why we’re here.

As diverse as we may be in terms of our background and political beliefs, we are all here for three main reasons:

  1. Feminism and its toxic influence on women have disrupted normal relationships between men and women.
  2. The progressive movement in our society that is leading social and cultural decadence must be stopped.
  3. We have seen the disenfranchisement and the systemic emasculation of men as a result of the above mentioned forces.

So, it is clear that most of us here want just about the same thing: To have normal relationship with women in a normal society that doesn’t treat men like garbage. But how are we to achieve that? Well, that depends on how you want to get there.

Here are the questions to consider:

1. Do I Focus On Self Or Society?


Are you leaning towards taking care of yourself or do you prefer to change the society? They’re not mutually exclusive, but it will be much more difficult to accomplish both. Maybe you’re a nationalist who wants to defend your land, or maybe you don’t feel any connection to the place you live in and couldn’t care less should the ship sink.

2. Should I Stay Or Go?


Following up on the first question, should you stay or should you leave the West? Most of you currently live in the decadent West and have a front-row seat for the freak show that is feminism and progressivism. Will you stay and try to make the best of it or will you try to venture out to foreign lands that are quickly becoming infected as well?

3. Should I Get Married?


Assuming you’re not under the contract yet, will you take the plunge and marry or opt out of it? I’m going to assume that many of you at least want to start a family eventually. But with whom? A “reformed” Western slut? A foreign chick who’s going to pop out a baby that doesn’t even look like you?

Or will you eventually find that unicorn? Maybe you can even get a surrogate mother so that you can have a child without marrying a woman.

4. How Do I Make Money?


And what will you do for living? Will you work in some feminized PC environment where you have to constantly watch what you do and say? Or will you go Galt and tell the System to shove it?

Would you consider joining the army or do anything to contribute to a society that treats you as a second-rate citizen? Or will you not care and suck it up for the financial benefits? In the manosphere, it seems to be every man’s dream to start his own business. Will you be the one that makes it?

5. How Can I Help Society?


All of us here detest what we’re seeing in our respective societies. But what will you do to change it? Resort to activism and vote strategically? Is democracy the way or the obstacle?

What if Trump doesn’t get elected? What if democracy is hijacked already and will never lead to any practical solutions? Are you willing to revolt and resist through violence if it follows your moral code?

6. Should I Care About Politics?


Politically speaking, who are the enemies? Feminists and the progressive left, or the elites (governments, banks, media, and corporations) who control them? What are you going to do about them? There are some of you who think the two are one and the same, but I disagree. The Occupy protests have shown that the left has beef with the Elites as well.

Are the Elites keeping their power and control over us by employing a divide and conquer strategy with the left and the right? If so, are you willing to make a temporary, unholy alliance with the left?

Are you going to relax and enjoy the decline or will you try your best to accelerate it? Is collapse the only way for a real change or is it possible to turn things around peacefully and smoothly?

What Are The Next Steps?


I won’t pretend to have all the answers, but I know two things that must be the case for those of us who are looking ahead:

First, you must be independent, resilient, and be ready for anything.

You must be independent of anything that might hold you down. Don’t get trapped in college or some soul-sucking job and don’t put yourself in debt-slavery. Have a savings cushion and try to be as financially secure as possible. Remember: those who are free are those who have options.

It goes without saying that you should take care of yourself and keep yourself in shape. But if you want to take it to another level, arm yourself as much as you can while you can. Do not rely on the government and keep as much distance away from Big Brother as humanly possible.

Second, men must mobilize and form groups in real life.

It’s not enough to take refuge online and engage in bitching sessions about how screwed up the world is; that’s not going to change anything except make you feel validated about your situation. Instead, it is essential now for men to take things beyond the internet to pave the path for practical actions. It’s time to form real-life groups where men can congregate and support one another.

The importance of male-bonding is severely overlooked today, where all-male groups are systematically being attacked and injected with female presence. Even if the group doesn’t lead to any political movement, I think it’s important for a logistical platform to be created for future actions. If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out the International ROK Meetup, which will be on February 6th.

Until then, keep in mind that we are at war. Some of you may think that you’re not part of it, but the war has already chosen you. We did not bring this upon ourselves, but we sure will fight back with everything we have.

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82 thoughts on “6 Questions You Must Answer Before Preventing The Downfall Of Your Society”

  1. 1. Do I Focus On Self Or Society?
    2. Should I Stay Or Go?
    3. Should I Get Married?
    4. How Do I Make Money?
    5. How Can I Help Society?
    6. Should I Care About Politics?
    1. You can’t begin to help society if you haven’t mastered the self. The problem we have today is mentally ill, confused, and lost people thinking they know what’s best for society when their own lives are in chaos. When you look in the mirror and see little to improve, the world is then ready for your wisdom.
    2. The city you live in right now… is it worth saving? Does it allow you to be a man or are you being persecuted? Are you hated? Do you see a long future within it? Do you see signs of hope?
    3. If the laws are stacked against you, no. If the laws are not stacked against you, the decision should be focused on your desire to have children.
    4. Find something that suits your nature and doesn’t allow outsiders to destroy your livelihood through frivolous complaints and denouncements. Corporations have long since become a women’s playground.
    5. Start by helping your family and your tribe (friends). They make up the society that you aim to help. If you can’t help your own immediate circle, you won’t be able to help society.
    6. You may not care about politics, but politics sure cares about you.

    1. Great points. I think in relation to point 1, many of us will always see lots to improve when we look in the mirror. I think that will never stop will it? One of the ways to improve is to help others.

      1. Help others when they want to help themselves. Trying to help when they don’t want to improve is futile and they won’t appreciate what you’ve done for them. They give you feelings of contempt.

        1. Indeed. I have stopped helping others when they don’t even want to help themselves long ago. It’s frustrating and demoralizing for you and only serves to piss the other person off. If someone is complaining how bad life is, but I know they have never made an effort to improve their situation, I shrug and say “That sucks. Sorry.”

        2. Rather than saying that sucks, say, “Stop bitching like woman and improve yourself to change it! Otherwise just STFU!”

        3. I tried unplugging a male colleague but like you said it’s frustrating and demoralizing. You can clearly see how bad they want to stay plugged in, it’s outright pathetic. I don’t even bother to try to help anymore. I too take the same approach and use the same line when he talks to me about his GF..”bummer, dude….sorry to hear that.”

    2. “You may not care about politics, but politics sure cares about you.”
      Best line. I am stealing it.

      1. The line is a mild reinterpretation of the great German military philosopher Clauswitz, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”
        The western left may not be interested in going to war with Islam, but that won’t stop Islam from going to war with the western left. History is simply repeating itself. And it looks like this time around Islam will win.

        1. It’s also funny to watch a death cult (Islam) go to war with a suicide cult (liberalism).

        2. +Sgt POG If pushed too far the Viking warrior cult will probably give both of them what they want.

    3. For #3, yes, you definitely should marry and make lots of babies (4 to 6). This is long-term trench-warfare. The current mess that is Europe took many years in the making, things will not get better overnight.
      Having many children puts you at a huge advantage compared to the childless liberal. Copy the strategy of the Muslims and nullify one of their strongest advantages.
      If the laws, culture and customs of your country are not traditionalist-conservative religious, then you should get a girl from a country where they are.
      Then, after marriage, move to a semi-rural environment or small town, start making babies, homeschool or private religious/red-pill school them, start a small business or run a farm to become self-sufficient and tell everyone you know to do the same.
      Marriage with traditionalist conservative religious wife and making lots of babies, homeschooling/private religious/red-pill school and self-sufficiency are the “Holy triad” and the most powerful attack you can make against the establishment.
      There’s no silver bullet.

      1. Indeed. Also take steps ahead of time to protect yourself from divorce. Do not own any assets you cannot easily hide or move. That includes a house.
        Also, learn another language and get another passport. If she threatens divorce you threaten to leave. Always keep the leverage in your favour.

        1. Yes. Be careful who you marry and breed with. I have said it before and I will say it again.
          Why should I be entitled to give the best years of my life (mid 30s to mid 50s) to a woman that has not given me the best years of her life (late teens to early 30s) to me?

      2. I’ve always been a big city person but find now a tiny openness to the semi-rural / small town existence you mention

      3. “Having many children puts you at a huge advantage compared to the childless liberal.”
        i really hope that’s true, that the liberals will die off eventually. most of them do seem to be childless, or have one kid at the most. right now it seems hopeless sometimes, and i’ve been getting down about it lately, even daydreaming about moving to russia. every goddamn day the headlines on yahoo.com and FB are variations on:
        -“so-and-so came out as gay today, isn’t that so awesome and brave?”
        -“if you don’t believe a man who says he’s really a woman is as much a woman as your wife, you deserve to lose your job.”
        -“aren’t men awful for wanting thin, beautiful, feminine women?”
        -“it doesn’t matter if every last high-profile rape story not involving muslim refugees turned out to be fake and a cynical attempt at revenge or a money grab. believe women!”
        -“support letting millions of refugees from an entirely alien culture into your country all at once or you are a horrible racist, don’t you know?”
        -“look how evil the russians and eastern europeans are for wanting to preserve their culture and protect their national interests. why, the russians even ‘invaded’ a region where the population considers itself russian and enthusiastically welcomes them.”
        and so on.

        1. They know full well that the childless leftists will die off in a generation so they infect the young with their sick doctrines. You see it in public schools and pop culture that the youth likes.
          It’s like Darth Vader trying to persuade Luke to join the dark side of the force in Empire Strikes Back.

        2. good point, and a good argument against sending my children into the public school system.

        3. But political leanings are partly determined by our genes. Right wingers beget right wingers, libtard cockroaches beget libtards, so since libtards are sterile, their causes are doomed to extinction.

        4. I don’t think so. I think it’s more influenced by your social circle more than anything.

      4. >Having many children puts you at a huge advantage compared to the childless liberal.
        This is only true if you have the ability to educate them in isolation. Public Edjewcation is insidious and powerful liberal indoctrination, starting from day 1. Feminist and anti-white Liberal Revisionism is growing increasingly mandatory even in the “best” of colleges, even for STEM fields.
        They will quickly turn your own children against you. You will be the racist old man who doesn’t realize “it’s 2016!”
        It takes a wealthy and self-sufficient man to afford to support a growing family and his stay-at-home wife- and it’s increasingly rare to find a woman both educated, red-pilled, and capable of the role herself. Meanwhile your taxes will only continue to increase to afford the children of blacks and immigrants… who will continue to vote for liberal policies while making it harder and harder to raise your own.
        The system wants your children thrown into the grinder. It’s how they keep power.

        1. If you raise them right, they will agree with your points. I went through the indoctrination training we call the public education system while keeping my negative views on the left (which however the vast majority of my classmates did not).

    4. Powerful, thorough list Roosh.
      At the moment you do not classify as a Men Rights Activist. But if this is the direction of the new year, as it seems to be, I may have to say otherwise. You are not, nor will you ever be, until you start to work on legislation, a Men’s Rights Activist. That said, you focus on the core right of all men, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. At the core you demonstrate everything America held dear and what has brought so many immigrants to America in the past, present, and future. I applaud you on your continuous resolve.
      At the moment I do foresee a year filled with real solutions and meeting other like-minded individuals will be of great help. The biggest fears I hear a lot of are with regards to finding a partner and game addresses quite a bit of that, but then there is long term goals which to some extent must switch from game and become a powerful component of who you are. Either way, none of this will be easy, but no one said being a man was easy.

    5. I find that by working as a freelancer or entrepreneur gives a man the best options in life. Develop skills or a business that allows one to be mobile globally. Learning another foreign language is critical. Like you Roosh, I learned several and currently working on my Russian, German and Portuguese languages as future skills after mastering French and Spanish.

    6. I’m a formal Social Worker who quit because of its extremely biased feminist, gynocentric work environment. I now work for a small start up business and am working my way up, it’s far less pay than I was used to, but I have my dignity.
      I now volunteer with C.A.F.E. which is addressing the issues of boys and men from a MRA perspective. Although, we haven’t caused much change, feminists hate us, so I know we are on the right track. Weight lifting is very important to me, and building positive relationships with other like minded men as well. I really want to put my music talents to use in terms of starting a band whose sole purpose is to completely offend and anger the extreme left and feminists. For me, I want to use the tools the left used for decades to promote its agenda through pop culture. Things such as punk rock music, clothing that states you contempt for the feminists and the left ( I had a t shirt made that says right across the front in black and white ” I am Patriarchy .” It seems small, but it gets the message out there to the public that things are changing I think. At the end of the day, I just don’t want to lay down and let the extreme left get away with it’s sexist, racist, prejudiced and totalitarian agenda.

      1. You’re correct. The problem with the feminism and leftist platform is that as soon as they are the status quo younger generations in about 20 years time will rebel against its sterile, conformism mediocre “correctness” in the same way which happened in the 1970s but of course, the other way round.

        1. The right has always had a problem packaging themselves as political movement. That’s because they never had musicians, actors, film makers championing them the way left has had. That’s what I want to change, it’s punk rock to say fuck progressive leftist ideology it’s racist, sexist and evil. As of the year 2015, that has all changed, the left are the fat old ” establishment” clutching their dollar bills between their fat gluten free feminist fingers. There is nothing dangerous, or sexy about being part of the left, they are the establishment, they just refuse to paint themselves that way. However, the right is the new counter culture trying to avoid being destroyed by violent, ignorant, fools.

        2. It’s like the left has no energy or passion, only, self righteous slogans and condescending nannyism, as if it’s removed from the dirt, grim and realness of what makes us human and alive in the first place?

        3. I’ve come to find the same thing. Women are constantly drawn to the so called “dark side” which the conservative right has since become. I believe it we stand our ground it will illicit a sort of reverse psychology within the feminist movement. On the topic of Hollywood there are some small glimmers of hope out there, for example, did you see the new Jurassic park? What I saw in that movie was the greedy feminists silly empire crubling around her while the ex special forces guy ( who was portrayed as the bad boy with traditional values) saved the day. Although there were some white knight attributes in our hero, I believe it constitutes a good start for a move in the right direction.

      2. ” I really want to put my music talents to use in terms of starting a band…”
        I see a bright future for you, a record for sure. A criminal record.
        See you in the clink bro!

        1. I know what you mean, I have thought about the risk involving pissing off feminists intentionally. I could very well end up in jail for spreading hate speech through music. It is terrifying when you really think about the reality. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing how far we could take it before incurring serious life altering consequences.

        1. Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement. If decent people don’t make a stand against the extreme left in some way we’re all stuffed. I also live in Ottawa Canada which is the nations capital. There is a lot of opportunity to bring awareness and change because it is a very politically active city. Many people who feel the way I do and might want to do some of the same things but lack the opportunity because they live in smaller cities and other places. I feel I owe it to them to take advantage of the unique opportunities I have living in the capital.

        2. Unfortunately Canada is more severely infected than the U.S. with the PC cancer, and I assume it would be much more of a challenge there to raise the consciousness. At least in the U.S., there’s a healthy and vibrant libertarian movement that’s allied with the “2nd Amendment” folk, i.e. pro-gun lobby, that has a long history of deep mistrust of government and resistance to tyranny. That type of cultural analogue does not exist in Canada. Per capita, there are definitely more pussies in Canada than the U.S., no offence or insult intended, though as consolation, the number in Canada is nowhere near the dangerous epidemic proportions in Europe where almost all the men are first-rate pussies … with the only exception being small pockets in Wales and Scotland.

        3. Men in Canada are so brow beaten it’s pathetic, and they just keep lapping it up and asking for more. So many feminists are out of control here and just raging with true power. A friend of mine at University just told me they installed advertisements in the men’s university washrooms above the urinals that have a picture of a girl with the words ” when she says no, she means no.” I’m not shocked by this level of misandry anymore, but I am no less angry about it. Can you imagine every time you go to the bathroom and clutch your penis in your hand and have to read over and over again ” you are a rapist and don’t belong here.” That is my interpretation of a sign like that in that context. The level of hate and mistrust of men in Canada is astounding.

      3. Honestly I can’t see Trump winning the presidency, if he loses then I am done with the USA. Either Eastern Europe or South America I guess as possible alternatives. I hope I’m wrong…

    7. This Earth it is a proving ground, hard and unforgiving
      Not a place to hide away but instead to fully live in
      Build thyself a kingdom carved with Blood into the stone
      And be proof against usurpation: Each man to his own
      Guard against the silver-tongued who lure out the young
      Else Men will fight the battles of their Fathers for their Sons
      A vow to save a City cost the sacrifice of kin
      Gaining for some other in the War which no one wins
      A Wife must be deemed worthy free of the haze beneath the sheets
      And have a care in naming friends for wolves lurk amidst
      the sheep
      Go along, if thou must, with others who travel a well-trodden
      But always prepare to Forge new paths before there’s a
      toll to be paid
      Riches, lands, and property all men should watch over jealously
      Yet nothing value of his Kingdom more than that called His family
      With the wisdom in his words he saves them in times after
      Of the earth he makes a Garden and through his life he
      nurtures the seed
      With heart stronger than iron and the will to sunder steel
      Man forges his soul into the axle, and fate into the wheel
      Naught of worth is easily earned and when he’s found the work is done
      Man, in twilight shade, should stand, proud Harbinger to the
      rise of his son

      1. RoK needs a poetry corner… you’ve inspired me to start writing my own poems again. Well done sir!

    8. My biggest dilemma:
      If society can be saved, how many people who are part of the problem just get to go sheepling along without consequences for their actions and votes?
      There is no reason to save society if, lacking any options left for a decent life, we get to at least watch the wailing and gnashing of the teeth of the people who deserve the pain and horror they voted for and brought upon themselves. Like how many women being molested by migrants in Europe were all for immigration and open borders?
      The only way people learn is by ending up in absolute pain and poverty in the end. Look at the difference in personality between a woman who was always cared for and protected from her bad decisions in contrast to any man who could end up homeless if he makes one mistake and gets fired from his job or gets arrested.
      To save society, this feminized solipsistic childish one, is to be a white knight.

      1. i see no dilemma, just an opportunity.
        a man must be aware of any chance to “dis-invite” anyone who is part of the problem to the preferred outcome.
        or, re: inglorious bastards, mandatory forehead tattoos for the problematic.

      2. Once again, I’m in full agreement with you. The West, today, is so thoroughly decayed, so thoroughly rotten to its very core that like an old, mold infested, wooden structure or a decrepit building, better to raze to the ground and demolish, and start anew, than to try to renovate the structure. Otherwise, it would be like putting lip stick on a filthy pig. What we need are “black knights”, at least temporarily: bold men of extreme courage and virtue, ready to smash the system to pieces.
        “Folks, close your eyes, put your hands over your ears, and turn around, because you don’t want to see this.” Let it get ugly and gruesome, then let’s rebuild afresh in the blood soaked fertile fields.
        “The Tree of Liberty must, from time to time, be refreshed with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.” -T. Jefferson

    9. great stuff, roosh.
      1. takes care of much of it, start in your own yard, then move to your neighbors yard.

    10. Well said, Roosh. Excellent summation of the most pertinent existential questions. It really does boil to these principal questions, and subsequently, how one answers them determines one life path toward either true Liberty or base and vile tyranny. Bravo for the sharp insight.

    11. “6. You may not care about politics, but politics sure cares about you.”
      Shit, that’s because I’m a player. It cares and I don’t.

    12. Never in history has any tyranny ever ended without war and violence. We can’t self-improve and argue our way to victory.

    13. I am going to make babies with a gorgeous Chinese girl. When I return to Canada I have no fucking skills for any fucking job. I think I will get into politics.

  2. You must master yourself before you can change society. You must learn to make great changes within before you can make them without.

  3. How can i help society? Should I care about politics? How to prevent the downfall of your society? These questions are void and no longer valid since the cultural damage done to our western societies is irreversible. The majority of people are lobotomised and the powers that be are too powerful to be challenged. This site (however admirable it is) and its ideas are similar to the small fishing boat in the movie “perfect storm” which tries to get home through a cyclone. It may seem pessimistic but our societies NEEDS to collapse in order for a new order (yes, preferably a traditional patriarchy) to be established upon its ashes. Wether the collapse will come through a cataclysmic event such as a financial collapse or a world war, who knows. It ain’t pretty but i don’t see any other way of reversing the cultural and moral gangrene. People need to be kicked in the head and realise that what they have believed in all there life has led them to complete disaster and chaos. But even if it does happen i don’t place much hope in the “people” or “democracy” like some idealists do. History shows that civilisations have only really flourished culturally + economically through benevolent and enlightened dictators (or kings). Augustus, Peter the Great, Napoleon, the Medicis etc… That what i’m hoping for anyway.
    “People according to divine laws must be led, not followed ” – Alcuin

  4. The first two sentences of the last paragraph is what I wrote on another comment section prior to reading this post. Most people don’t realize they’re living a lie, or realize that there’s a war going on. But at some point in time, they’ll see it. I just fear that it’ll be too late by the time they do.

    1. Yes, there’s a war going on, even in this time of “peace”. Ready your body, your mind, and your life. In times of peace and in times of war, these steps are crucial. Every man worth their salt will be physically capable of defending himself and his family, mentally sharp enough to refute any accusations thrown his way, and have enough savings to not be reliant on anyone. When you think about this, it’s a tall order to fill and many, including myself, are still working to get there. If you are working your way to all three, you’ll fair much better than those who aren’t.

  5. There is no point in saving the western society. There used to be many great men who tried to save the Roman Empire when it was on the brink. They succeeded temporarily, but in the end the empire fell, because the system was corrupted beycond repair and needed to be recycled. If you are living in the U.S. – then leave the country. Go to South America or Eastern Europe. Because why not? Your ancestors had the courage to leave Europe and enter the New World without any assets or connections. You can do the same.

    1. “Your ancestors had the courage to leave Europe and enter the New World without any assets or connections. You can do the same.”
      That’s a very good point. We can also say the same for the Syrians and the Middle Eastern migrants entering Europe and US.

      1. There is a difference. Syrian refugees were directed to Europe by the U.S. They are not honest immigrants. They want to come to Europe and live off the welfare state. A good immigrant is the one who is ready to learn the language, accept the customs, and work hard.

        1. Correction they want to conquer the welfare state. They breed indiscriminately like rodents and intend to subjugate Western civilization.

  6. Is Montana still empty? I was about to say that a secession of Texas was a viable option, but I was there just this weekend & it’s only more of the dystopia that I have back home, just better food.

    1. Do not go to Montana! I speak from personal experience. Unless your are a fourth generation rancher you are considered an outsider and they hate outsiders. They actually have a system to divest you of your wealth. You know the best way to become a millionaire in Montana? Arrive with two million. You know why you can’t get a blow job in California any more? All the cocksuckers have move to Montana. These “jokes” were told to me by Montanans. I was seduced by the natural beauty and suckered in by the locals to be their next victim. I arrived there semi-wealthy. I left broke. Best advice is to go ghost (Galt) in your native geographic area. Don’t become a stranger in a strange land. The locals will separate you from your wealth in any way they can. “That’s just what they do”. Cheers.

      1. Ha! Noted, my friend. I have always wanted to visit, though. What’s the political spectrum look like?

        1. I could write a book but I’ll try to keep it short. It just passed 1M in total population. Billings is the largest city at just over 100K. Montana is huge geographically and the vast distances between any areas of population have resulted in political fiefdoms run by family entrenched xenophobes. The cops are incredibly corrupt. A cop from Great Falls under a murder investigation was quoted in the Billings Gazette saying, “You can’t break the law if you are the law”. Sweet, huh? In the smaller towns, the cops control the meth trade. The judiciary is even worse. You can have no more career training than a game warden and still be elected a judge. The Montana Supreme Court is the most overturned in the country. An amazing number of inmates, for such a small general population, commit suicide while in custody. Huh? If you must go for a visit limit yourself to Yellowstone NP and Glacier NP. Go during shoulder season after Labor Day when it is much less crowded. It won’t have started snowing yet and there will be enough tourist to keep you from attracting the attention of the local cops. Avoid the bars in small towns, especially in the mountains. When I found out what goes on at the higher elevations I felt like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm taken on a blind date to Studio 54 and Plato’s Retreat. Their favorite activities are not hunting and fishing, its sex and drugs. In short, go for a short visit but do not stay in any one place long enough to attract attention, do not interact with the locals, and definitely do not move there. When the collapse happens, you will know how to survive in your own backyard. If you’re a newbie in Montana they will strip your carcass clean.

        2. Interesting synopsis of that State.
          “any areas of population have resulted in political fiefdoms run by family entrenched xenophobes”
          Isn’t it uncanny the way that often the most traditional and conservative elements like these landed hicks can often be the most xenophobic against other good white folk? That’s the problem with the extreme right wing, you’d have to break bread with people who are backward yokels, who’d stripe an outsider white man clean dry on the turn of a greasy dime. No Sir, I’d say a man has to choose his company wisely. Your own backward is your own, and your own enemies are your own….and it’s best the devil you know.

        1. Roosh – Send me a private E-mail (you as moderator should have my address) to talk about the possibility.

      1. Dallas, H. I actually had a blast. Plenty of great breweries & eats but my God the hipsters. Probably didn’t help that I spent most of my time in Deep Ellum. If you live in LA, though, I can guarantee you ANYWHERE would be an improvement, aside from maybe San Fran or the coast of Florida. I hear Flagstaff, AZ is nice.

        1. Liberal headquarters, my friend. If you look at the voting polls you’ll notice that virtually the entire state is colored red aside from a tiny blue dot in the middle. That’s Austin. Lots of good live music, though.

  7. Coming together in real life and building local networks of like minded men is the most powerful thing we can do. Individuals can make criticisms but they can make few changes.

  8. It is very easy to put a whole bunch of wrenches into the cogs.
    Without a new philosophy though it would just revert to the same old shit.
    Emasculated, feminine men with their harems, collecting stuff, petulant whiny inbred warmongers against the rest of humanity fighting for scraps.
    Marriage is dead, a bloated crack whores bullet ridden, diseased laden corpse face down in a gutter.
    This new thing will not be called marriage, that word is dead.
    Fiat Money is dead, fuck Babylon money Magick!
    We need currencies based on something other than thin air printed by the unlit and loaned to us for our souls, used to be a pound of flesh, damn compound interest.
    Making money is the stupidest, most boring reason to enter this mortal coil. Again look to the unholy unlit and how they have enslaved you in this 3D realm with hocus pocus, abracadabra.
    We do not need to be working for money anymore, this is an illusion.
    Help society by learning how to do useful things, build a house, grow food for many, learn how to fix shit, make shit out of stuff, volunteer for your emergency services. Help everyday community projects.
    If you have genius in you DO NOT compromise, tinker away.
    Be kind to people/situations as a reflex, stop looking at everything with the mindset of what’s in it for me? How can I get the best out of every single interaction i have with humans or nature?, this is a mental disorder.
    Get the permanent drip feed of poison out of your system slowly, be it cultural or actual garbage.
    Actually accept that no matter how red pill you think you are, chances are you have many philosophical blind spots, rationalisations and would definitely need more study/silence/introspection to understand yourself and the political, financial, social systems around you.
    Uninformed people yapping away on either side of the political isle is part of the illusion.
    Find your relationship with the eternal Godhead, make it a daily part of your life.

    1. fiat currency is not the problem. central bank (fed reserve) manipulation of the currency is the problem. Or rather, fractional reserve banking creating inflated, false sense of value.

      1. No need to over complicate things with too many tricky labels, that’s what they are very good at.
        Usury or no Usury, that is the question,
        can we take the ashes of crumbling empires and
        try to re build columns for our new institutions from that dust?
        I think not

    1. Why should I be entitled to give the best years of my life (mid 30s to mid 50s) to a woman that has not given me the best years of her life (late teens to early 30s) to me?

    2. Selective castration and an embedded microchip to track your every words and moves.

  9. The biggest impediment to all these points is the state of personal resignation and indifference, is it not? So why bother as is so often replicated in the sentiments and mentality of many who post here whose world begins and end with their own narrow self interest. There are articles on this site about heroic men in our history, about their character and values, but what’s the point I sometimes wonder after having read some of the comments. If you esteem these values on a site even like this you’re often just ridiculed in the same manner as feminists belittle conservative values, like traditional marriage, the need to improve ones manners, comportment and Etiquette in society, the need to develop temperance of character in one’s self etc
    So why bother when it seems like the ancient crumbling masonry and debris are being scattered asunder by a shrill, hollow, cold, technocratic wind cutting and dissecting its way through the edifice that created us? Why not become resigned to the fact that there’s no escape from the ubiquitous decay and degradation we see around us? I often feel the only real option to apply, is to perverse these values within oneself, which today would be like a modern day Robinson Crusoe who actually intentionally finds an island to become shipwrecked upon, so, as to finally grasp what values have been lost. Maybe this is where western society will end up…on the proverbial rocks…which might be the start of our salvation once more.

    1. Smokingjacket, your analysis is correct and it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while as well.
      The biggest problem is that there is a fundamental mismatch between the target audience of this website (young men who want to learn “game”) and what many people here are trying to get these same men to do (help prevent the downfall of Western civilization).
      The two require men of completely different mentality and it’s not possible for the same man to do both at the same time.
      The fact that game is even required for a decent man to find a suitable wife in the civilization in question in the first place means the civilization has already ceded too much moral agency to women and is in a death spiral that will be very difficult if not impossible to get out of. The very existence of game means the civilization is already in free-fall.
      What many people here don’t realize is that game itself is actually partly to blame for why we’re in this mess in the first place, and is not part of the solution.
      Leaving the many defeatists and cynics aside, the problem is that most of the men here simply lack the self-discipline and self-restraint required to make any real change because they haven’t been able to conquer their lust.
      The Truth is game should not exist in a healthy civilization: ideally, sex should only come after marriage, sex should not be possible outside of marriage and anyone caught doing so is punishable by death (both man and woman). Indeed, that is the case in rural tribal village settings in developing/third world countries around the world and how it was in rural Western civilization long ago. Any society that deviates from these basic principles will slowly and steadily decline to collapse and eventually be absorbed over long time by another that (all else being somewhat equal) adheres relatively more stringently to the principles outlines above.
      But these Truths will be too bitter for the men of this website to admit simply due to ego and the various financial interests involved.
      In the end, societies that give more moral agency to men over women (if all else being somewhat equal) eventually overtake over those that give more moral agency to women over men. That’s exactly what’s happening in Germany right now.
      This whole “trying to prevent the free-fall of Western civilization” is akin to saving a damsel in distress.
      How can one actually save Western civilization, when they haven’t even saved themselves first?
      Despite all my best efforts, sometimes I just think I’m wasting my time here.

      1. It’s like the proverb about putting old heads on young shoulders, which isn’t ever really possible, and, like yourself I agree that articles on self improvement and developing one’s virtues and temperament is mostly lost on men under the age of 35.
        Jung, stated exactly the same idea when he said that individuation doesn’t or shouldn’t begin in a man until he’s reached his mid prime (around 35). It stands to reason I guess from a biological and sociological viewpoint, unless you’re raised in a very traditional rural religious based community in Scotland, that inner development will be held at abeyance by younger men who want to experience the entire garden earthly delights before this time. But, your point about this mismatch on the site is very pertinent, as you’ll often get immature males here making very insulting and ignorant remarks about topics that they just don’t have a clue about because they’re too young. I believe trying to persuade these “men” to heroically somehow save the downfall of the west is as good as throwing a hand full of sand into the north wind.
        What I find disappointing at a general societal level in this era is the wholesale regression that encourages even more mature men in their late 30s, 40s and onward to remain docile, unthinking and immature at a stage in their lives where they should be developing their character. On this site because of this mismatch you can get completely contradictory messages from article to article which actually dilutes the overall idea of what the sites is meant to be about, which should be a realm where men can build and develop their character, frame and intellects.
        I think the site has become somewhat lost in its overall mission because of the contradictory ideas that the site now represents.

      2. You are right there are major contradictions in the articles posted on this site. “Game” was initially a way for men to get back at the modern woman and the establishment after 40 years of servitude, humiliation and castration. It was a skill involving psychology, eloquence and tactfulness. The ability for any man, no matter how ugly, to be able to manipulate a woman into sleeping with him and reveal his mental superiority over her. Now we have articles telling us to dress like Ken dolls, to wear this and that cologne and god knows what else which actually caters to the neo-liberal, consumerist and feminist agenda. The very thing this site is suppose to criticise. I think Roosh has gone full circle on game, even his articles testify to that for most of them are no longer about game. His criticism and analysis of the irrational society we now live in and how we got here is now the main focus and its all the more interesting. Game was fun but you realise after a while that the pursuit of sex is not as fulfilling or rewarding as the pursuit of intellectual enlightenment (couldn’t use the word emancipation, feminists killed it). Sex is good, healthy and fun but it won’t bring back the good old days of tradition and patriarchy.

        1. “Game was fun but you realise after a while that the pursuit of sex is not as fulfilling or rewarding as the pursuit of intellectual enlightenment”
          Yes, that’s exactly it. Game is mere child’s play compared to the pursuit of the Truth of God.
          In the end, God > Game.

        2. Yes but unless you were born as a modern day bodhisattva, you need to experience sex before you can elevate yourself beyond the grasp of sexual desire. So it seems like game is a way to get your necessary fix so you can then elevate your self to higher spiritual realms. Just my 2 cents on that.

      3. Scripture does call for people who ‘covet thy neighbor’s wife’ to be put to death but does not stipulate that the state has the monopoly in dealing the justice. The grand courts are platforms for deciding the finer points of order and resolve between leaders for forging ahead and keeping the civilization robust. Courts are no place for dwaddling in issues like ”who slept with who”. According to scripture, the man who’s wife has become estranged should have the upper hand in dealing justice upon those who violated her. No runaway renegade woman should be enabled to divorce rape her spouse. When a woman is given the green light to plunder and discard her husband at her whim, then many stones be gathered for it will take many villagers to do the job of making rockpile of the many culprits and agents who work against the divine law. A corrupt system and its purveyors will otherwise continue to grow and vent their tyranny and injustice upon innocents. The future has to be secure for the successive generations. Forebears make many sacrifices and ‘clear the jungle’ constantly to make a wholesome environment for their children and grand children to grow and move the civilization foreward. Civilizations don’t have to die after 30 generations. Dynamic rebirth does happen.

  10. Sarah Palin has now endorsed Trump. She is going to let Trump impregnate her daughter to prove she isn’t for abortion. Stay tuned.

  11. 1. Focus on Self/Society – My focus is on me. Health, fitness, finance, confidence, relationship, social life. From here I intend to build a tribe. First I need to settle and build a home for me and my family. Future and current.
    2. Stay/Go – I’m staying. I’m fighting for Albion, this sceptered isle. This is my land, my father’s land and his father’s land, going back generations. Only the implementation of Sharia, a huge decline in living standards and/or a failed resistance movement will cause me to leave.Currently thinking Iceland, though I know little about it; the people seem hardy enough and it comes across as being somewhat of a frontier for me.
    3. Marriage – My current girlfriend is a good woman. I still have work to do in leading her into a healthier and fitter lifestyle, but she’s a damn good woman. She’ll make an excellent mother. All being well and I can sort my life out in the next couple of years then I can see us taking this step.
    4. Make Money – Leave law enforcement (pay is the same for a basic 9-5 admin job without fear of injury, death, legal ramifications etc.) The shift work, more
    than anything, saps all of my energy. On days off I sleep and lie down. I do
    drag my arse into the gym and out for runs, but it’s no fun existence in my
    down time. I’ll get a steady job, which will allow me energy left over to
    exercise and plan my own self-employment and strike out, whilst working as a
    safety net. Something service oriented. I have a few ideas, but nothing
    concrete, struggling to experiment with my shift pattern as well. I will buy
    property with family. Rent out a room/rooms. Cover the mortgage – save what I
    would pay on the mortgage/bills – Passive income. Rinse and repeat until it
    becomes self-sustaining.
    5. How can I help Society? – I’m taking a break from helping society. I’m burnt out. I’ve spent just shy of 5 years helping those who don’t want to be helped. I’m focusing on me and my own. I’ll build a tribe out of that. From grassroots maybe this will impact society.
    6. Politics – Finding a nationalist party that is proud to be white European and also not filled with hatred and blind abuse to those from other backgrounds is a goal. I’m proud of my culture and background.You should be of yours, whatever it is. As far as I’m concerned there’s enough in common for different groups/cultures to be allies; as long as we can be distinct. That is true multiculturalism and I embrace it. Just don’t force any of it on me.

  12. 1. What brings us here to together is that we are facing an extinction event.
    2. Stay. If you go, they will follow, it is merely a matter of time.
    3. Certainly, as long as you understand the state and federal laws. If the marriage is not working, bail before she can invoke any punitive options. If your state has no such thing, marry in a state that does.
    4. Learn the financial markets. Learn to trade anything you can. Do this while you work your job. If you find your woman a financial strain, eliminate the source of your stress.
    5. Society needs to be defined, as there are many. My first instinct is to keep yourself uncommitted legally. See number three.
    6. If you are not into politics, then politics will be into you. You must be an activist. Do not forget number one.

      1. Yes, I am speaking from someone who has had a little bit of time. I would continue to stay to stay put because when you find yourself behind enemy lines, you will be vigilant and remain focused on your ultimate goal. If you move to Costa Rica, next year you may find yourself married to a beautiful young woman today, with a child on the way. You are happy, but in a decade of time, what was over there, is over here. What will you do then?

  13. Love the clip art in this article. But seriously, if we are heading for the End of Days as foretold in Revelations, why try to fight the inevitable. It’s in God’s hands now. And here’s the Cliffs Note version of this article: “Live off the grid.” Good luck with that

  14. This is the most brilliant article I have read yet on ROK.
    Every man in the West should read this. Any man that reads this and has no clue what the author is talking about should put some serious effort into evaluating himself and the society around him.

  15. Off topic, I have just been banned from AVFM by Suzy McCarley. I consider it a great honor. And Paul Elam expects me to support AVFM in any way, shape, or form? Give me a break.

  16. Even if you’re not Catholic, I encourage you to read the books by the previous Pope, Benedict XVI. He was a scholar who warned about relativism. Currently I’m reading one called Charity in Truth. He outlines how stuff like gay marriage, following fads and consumerism, and basically not having an understanding of what makes us human beings is destroying humanity at it’s essence. Ancient REAL Christianity was based on Greek Stoicism. And while the Greeks had female deities, they taught how men were men. Today the ideas underlying the seven Virtues have been watered down and the terms no longer mean anything. (The Virtues are actually from the Stoics. They’re based on philosophy and not religion.) But the seven Virtues are actually ways to live life as authentic Human Beings. Get works on the Virtues by Joseph Pieper. It’ll open your eyes when you realize what they mean, and how they’re not just religious crap, but real tools for being a man.

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